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Greater Gods

    Toshinori Yagi/All Might and Izuku Midoriya/Deku 
Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya, Co-Gods of Passing the Torch (Toshinori: All Might, The Number 1 Hero, The Symbol of Peace | Izuku: Deku, The Absolute Madman, Green Naruto)
Izuku (Left), All Might (Right)
  • Greater God, Quasideity in his depowered form (All Might), Lesser God, training to be a Greater God. Now may be bordering on Intermediate God (Izuku)
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Music: The Day, You Say Run (All Might) or Jet Say Run (Deku) plays when they get serious
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Not So Different, Passing the Torch, Super Strength, Empowered Badass Normal, Super Empowering, Explosive Overclocking, Game-Breaking Injury, The Paragon (All Might), Awesome, but Impractical, Hour of Power, Big Good, (Izuku), The Determinator, Awesome by Analysis, Nerd Action Hero
  • Domains: Heroes, Legacies, Strength
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The super-villains of the House of Villains, Enrico Pucci, Number 96: Black Mist, Adam Taurus, Lord Tirek
  • Worthy Opponent: Stain (one-sided and only on his end.)
  • Although All Might still retains the scars that he sustained from battling the wielder of "All For One", he no longer has the time limit on "One For All" that the injury inflicted upon him in the mortal plane, and his strength was restored to its prime by the GUAG.
    • They have even offered to give All Might a replica of "One For All" once Izuku fully comes into "One For All". All Might appreciated the sentiment, but he feels that Izuku should be allowed to fully come into his own.
  • Izuku was ecstatic to see many of the superheroes that once existed in his world's comic books actually existed in the Pantheon, and All Might feels that Izuku will further grow as he interacts with the super-heroes of the Pantheon.
  • All Might often visits the House of Heroes to strike up conversation with Superman, a fellow Paragon of Justice in his world, as All Might is in his own. One can always know when he is about to arrive by listening for his catch-phrase: "Fear not! Why you ask? Cuz I'm here!"
  • He is rarely seen when he reverts to his true form, and anyone who does is generally shocked that he's even the same person - he changes from a towering, buff super-hero to a scrawny, shriveled up man with sunken eyes. This is due to having wasted away from after-effects of injuries done to fix his wound.
  • All Might is a paragon of heroes, and he is himself the eighth wielder of "One For All", a successor to a long line of bearers of this unique Quirk. Izuku Midoriya is the ninth user of "One For All", and was chosen by All Might after putting his life on the line to save a friend when no one else could (or would).
  • While normally always with a smile on his face, All Might does not smile whenever he thinks of Enrico Pucci or Grahf. These two individuals remind All Might too much of "All For One"'s wielder, as they use their powers to either empower villains, take the powers of others, or worse
    • Enrico Pucci concerns All Might because of his Stand, Whitesnake, because he's worried whether or not it can steal powers other than Stands.
    • Grahf's ability to empower villains into new forms also reminds All Might of the artificially created Nomu and its creator, "All For One".
  • All Might is a firm believer in hard work, having trained Izuku until his body was strong enough to be able to handle the power of "One For All". This makes him appreciate the similar efforts that Uzumaki Naruto put forward to achieve his dreams.
  • Izuku is often daunted by the fact that he's standing alongside so many individuals who are great heroes and powerful indivdiuals in their own right, but he vows to continue working hard and honing "One For All" so he can one day become a great hero in his own right.
  • Izuku is happy to see many of his friends ascend onto the Pantheon and feels confident in what they can overcome.
  • Due to an alliance with Stain the Hero Killer, Izuku and Allmight are pitted against the likes of Adam Taurus from time to time.
  • Many in the Pantheon were shocked to see Izuku explode in black tendrils of energy. It's revealed that this is because One For All has grown strong enough to utilize the six Quirks of its previous users, now amplified by One For All's power. As such, Izuku has become a larger threat to the forces of villainy and many are debating that whether he can now be considered an Intermediate God.
  • Deku found out about Atsuko "Akko" Kagari's life and how it sort of mirrors his own. The two bonded over the fact they were fans of superheroes/witches, how they wanted to become one but faced harsh obstacles, looking up to and actually being mentored by their idols. The more cynical would point out the one major difference: while Deku gained his Quirks thanks to his idol, Akko's magic potential was accidently stolen by her idol.
  • While not magic users themselves, upon hearing about Lord Tirek's ability to drain magic, they immediately took him as an enemy. For All Might, it reminds him all too much about All for One's ability to steal power, while Midoriya was horrified since it reminded him of the Quirk-Removing Bullets that took out Lemillion's Quirk when they faced off against Overhaul and his goons.

Gandalf, God of Barring Adversaries from Bypassing Him (Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White, Olórin (his birth name), Mithrandir, Incánus, Tharkûn, Greyhame, Old Greybeard, The Grey Pilgrim, Stormcrow, White Rider, Láthspell, Gandalf the Wandering Wizard)
Click here  to see Gandalf the White
  • Greater God (formerly Intermediate God as Gandalf the Grey)
  • Symbol: His wooden and white Magic Staffs, crossing each other.
  • Theme Song: "Gandalf: The Wizard"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Doesn't Let Anyone Pass, An Eccentric Mentor to the Fellowship, A Badass With a Beard, Becomes Nicer as Time Progresses, Erudite Stoner, Capable of Stopping an Omnipotent Creature, Angel Disguised as an Old Man, Interspecies Friendship with the Baggins, Willfully Weak, Classical Wizard, Light, Nice Hat, Becoming Gandalf the White After Returning From the Dead in an Awesome Way
  • Superior: J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Heralds: His trusty steed Shadowfax and the Great Eagle Gwaihir
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals With: Albus Dumbledore, Merlin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Beerus, Alucard (Hellsing), Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Loki, Victor von Doom, the SCP Foundation, Io
  • Enemies:
  • Commonality Connection With: Erik Lensherr/Magneto
  • Respects: Raoh, Christopher Lee, Terry Pratchett
  • Respected by: Dr. Stephen Strange, Harry Potter, Zatanna, Doctor Fate, most good-aligned deities of the House of Magic
  • Opposes: YHVH, Lucifer, Ar-Pharazon, the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, Fused Zamasu, Yuuki Terumi, Unicron, the Dementors, Dolores Umbridge, Big Brother, Nekron, Euron Greyjoy, Cersei Lannister, Char Aznable, Anavel Gato, Giovanni, the Joker
  • Feared by: Anyone who has provoked his wrath, such as Agatha Trunchbull
  • Pities: Smeagol/Gollum, Hodor, and to an extent, Jean Grey
  • Conflicting Opinion: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, George R. R. Martin, Present and Future Zen'o, Daenerys Targaryen, Illuminati, Dr. Manhattan
  • Gandalf the Grey, later known as Gandalf the White, (birth name Olórin) was an Istar sent to combat the threat of Sauron. He joined Thorin Oakenshield and his company to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug, gathered the Fellowship of the Ring to destroy the One Ring, and led the Free Peoples in the final battle of the War of the Ring. A living legend of Middle Earth, Gandalf joined the Pantheon for his iconic speech against the Balrog (not that Balrog) as Gandalf the Grey, which resulted in a temporary death:
    Gandalf: You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Sacred Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the shadow. YOOUU! SHALL NOOOT!! PAAAAAAASSSS!!!
  • His position was challenged when a dissenter made a statement against his speech to the Balrog as a Memetic Mutation that influenced his ascension. However, he managed to give a good argument against said dissenter, that his sacrifice because of it was pivotal for the Fellowship to continue on their journey to destroy the Ring, meme or not. So it was that the three justices decreed that Gandalf remain in the Pantheon, especially Captain America. Many breathed a sigh of relief.
  • Suffice to say, many good-aligned deities rejoiced at his ascension, and his good friends, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins promptly held a party for him in their Bag End-esque temple to celebrate. Many tears were shed, especially by Bilbo, because he had passed away before truly savouring time with his fellow wizard in the Undying Lands. It was here that he first met Dumbledore, who Gimli had invited on the suggestion of someone from the House of Magic he asked in passing, and the rest is history (not really, see below...)
  • As one of the most important and influential people in the Pantheon, Gandalf has so many relationships and alliances that to list them all would take another Age. So only the highlights are listed here.
  • Years ago, he and Saruman used to be friends, that is until Saruman betrayed him and joined Sauron's cause. This further stings as Saruman was once a staunch opposer to the Dark Lord, but fell to evil upon witnessing Sauron's true power. Nowadays, they're bitter enemies. Because of this, he is naturally wary of anyone who is similar to him, becoming a bitter enemy of Count Dooku, for obvious reasons.
    • He has made an exception for Saruman's actual actor, Christopher Lee, greeting him merrily when he ascended into the Pantheon full-time after his passing. Though they don't meet often, with Gandalf's duties as a protector of the Pantheon, when they do, they share a good meal at the House of Food and break bread. Gandalf has to respect Lee's acting pedigree.
  • This opposition to Count Dooku and the Separatists led to him meeting Master Yoda in his early days in the Grand United Alliance of Good. Both pride each other on the fact that both are mentors to the protagonist. Probably one of the few deities who know Yoda's true species. He also has a friendship with Obi-Wan Kenobi when the Jedi Knight was in the House of Defense, He directly opposes the Sith as well on how they are motivated by giving in to passion and evil, especially Palpatine, who currently leads the active forces of Melkor's Alliance Of Evil. He blames him (correctly) for causing the fall of Obi-Wan's apprentice, Anakin, to the dark side.
    • In fact, Gandalf met Vader himself after answering a distress call from the House of War and arrived in the midst of a terrorist attack which injured the entirety of the 501st Legion. Had a conversation with the Dark Lord of the Sith whilst carting the soldiers to safety, with Vader telling the White Wizard in an aside that he had renounced the GUAE but was now serving as a mole. For Vader to immediately trust Gandalf with this secret before he joined the GUAG was proof enough for him, and now Gandalf has a (publicly) tenuous alliance with the Chosen One. Said terrorist attack turned out to be Anavel Gato's explosive ascension and subsequent attack on his sub-house after his brief disappearance from stealing the Gundam GP02A Physalis from the GUAG Robot War Division containment facility.
    • A few months before, he just happened to be passing that exact facility when Robot War Division commander Bright Noa was making a routine perimeter check, and was present to see Gato steal the Physalis from its vault, again dealing heavy casualties. He became a friend of the Eternal Captain this way too while dealing with the fallout, though Bright's straight-laced attitude does not mesh well with his chummy, Cool Old Guy demeanour.
  • Oddly enough, despite his righteous nature, Gandalf did not associate much with anyone in his first few months in the Pantheon other than his fellow LOTR deities. For those few months, he met with fellow White Council member Elrond to get his bearings. The elf very graciously brought him to meet many prominent members of the Main House, the head honchos of the Pantheon, particularly the Holy Trinity (before it was disbanded), where he met his creator, Eru Ilúvatar, for the first time. Other interactions can be seen as follows:
    • After meeting his creator god, who commended him for his stalwart protection of Middle-Earth from the evils of Sauron and turncoat Saruman, the god elected the wizard as his representative to the Grand United Alliance of Good. He rose through the ranks of the organization, becoming a prospective member of the Command Division, though he was passed over in favour of recently-ascended Manwë Sulimo, Melkor's brother. He does not take it personally, and frequently collaborates with the Maiar. With the re-organization of the Alliance, it looks like Gandalf may get his command seat after all.
    • Like Philemon, he used to be an insufferable jerk before meeting Bilbo Baggins. Currently, he's one of the nicest Gods in the Pantheon. They have bonded greatly over this shared characteristic, but Gandalf is a little sceptical as to how the Living Embodiment of All of Humanity's Goodness could not have spared a bit more purity to humanity to prevent their corruption by the One Ring. Naturally, this makes him a enemy of Nyarlathotep, the Living Embodiment of All Evil in Humanity's Heart.
    • True to his title, Gandalf doesn't allow anyone to trespass the Main House, serving as a primary guardian, believing that the gods inside have a good reason to keep things private from the rest of the Pantheon. The only times he failed was when The Spy, who managed to enter in disguise as John Carmack, evaded him. A LOT. It took The Spy changing disguises out of boredom for O-Haruhi-sama to catch him masquerading as her, and ever since, Haruhi has been more than a little sceptical of Gandalf's usefulness. Nevertheless they are still allies. Every now and again he serves as a mentor to her from improperly using her Reset Button, even back in the days of the Holy Trinity before she advocated for the group's retirement. Then there was that attack by Arktivus Brevon, but that's another story.
    • He met with Cosmos to discuss his entry into the Grand United Alliance Of Good, and believes her a fine lady deserving of every ounce of respect she gets, comparing the Goddess of Good to the Lady of Lórien, Galadriel. They parted on good terms and maintain a close professional relationship in their war against Melkor.
    • Was made a Pantheon Protector for his stellar service protecting the Main House. As a result, he has camaraderie with his fellow Protectors Superman, Goku and Valvatorez. He serves as a mentor to the fight-hungry Goku, and has more than once reined in his more fiery tendencies. He stifled a chuckle when Goku's wife Chi-Chi lectured her husband and Superman after one of their boss fights. He also got to know of Hellsing's Alucard through Valvatorez, and when necessary, fights alongside him whenever he catches wind of a Millennium plot. The Major is obviously laughing hysterically at how such a powerful wizard is now targeting him. Similarly, he is not a fan of Goku's friendly rival, God of Destruction Beerus and a Pantheon Caretaker, disparagingly thinking him lazy and sloppy, though he's too polite to say that out loud.
  • A bit displeased that the One Ring has re-materialised in the Pantheon and is now in storage in the Vault under maximum security. He wonders why they don't just teleport to Mordor and chuck it back into Mount Doom, along with every other dangerous artifact in the Vault. He has since acknowledged that such reality-warping and destructive items are needed to maintain equilibrium in the Pantheon, and has abandoned the matter. As of late, he has cultivated ties with Turaga Whenua and the SCP Foundation to triple security on the One Ring.
    • Via Whenua, he got to meet Pantheon Caretaker Mata Nui, whom he holds in high esteem for being a supporter of the abundance of life in the Pantheon. This has put him on Teridax's enemy list. Simultaneously, he got to know Primus this way, and has since become a staunch ally with the Autobots, whose leader he finds very similar and a honourable soldier. Optimus looks upon Gandalf as the pinnacle of beings who fight for 'the freedom that is the right of all sentient beings'.
  • While he does not outright antagonize high-ranked gods of the Main House (except Melkor and Sauron), Gandalf is against quite a lot of the evil-aligned ones for their unfairly extremist views.
    • Gandalf opposes Darkseid and Zamasu for their domineering outlook on mortals and that they should be subjugated for their own good. Zamasu in particular is a sore subject for him, given he had a brief duel with him on the argument of how certain deities in the Pantheon shouldn't be there given their non-godly status in their home universes. Zamasu's ally, Yuuki Terumi, also provokes his utter hate.
    • His biggest hate, however, like nearly everyone else in the Pantheon, is directed at the Anti-Monitor for his desire for wanton destruction of EVERYTHING, so nothing can exist ever again. He is willing to use the power of his true form against him, and as an Istari, that's bad.
    • Had it not been for Melkor and the GUAE taking precedence, YHVH might have been a full-on enemy of his, as he believes that freedom is beneficial and that the world should be happy with this, not under a regime that controls and monitors everything for law. He's Neutral Good, not Lawful Good for a reason. He is against Big Brother for this reason too, but is even more shocked that his regime is run by ordinary Men.
    • He is against YHVH's polar opposite, Lucifer, for corresponding reasons.
  • His relationship with J.R.R. Tolkien, his other superior, is warm. Gandalf treats the author as The Man Behind the Man to Eru and complimented him on the expansive fictional world he has created, the Legendarium. Nevertheless, he feels just a little bit cheated at the fact that said literary world was meant to enthral and educate book readers considering the trials the Free People had to endure in the War of the Ring. Through Tolkien, he has gotten to know plenty more literary geniuses, such as Terry Pratchett.
    • Through Terry Pratchett, he got to know Deadpool. Isn't quite sure what to make of the Merc With A Mouth yet, given how absolutely meta and nonchalant he is about everything.
  • Has jokingly remarked that if he wasn't so busy attending to GUAG and Main House duties, he would constantly be going on walk-around tours to meet new deities. When he's (rarely) off-duty, this is a favourite pastime of his.
    • Met Iroh on one of these tours, and as such, Gandalf is a regular at his tea shop, the Jasmine Dragon in the sub-house of Meals. They are fond of sharing and recollecting experiences from their war days (Iroh more as his war days are in the past mostly). As such, has met many from Team Avatar, particularly Avatar Aang and current Fire Lord Zuko, Gandalf has gained the enmity of his usurping brother, former Fire Lord Ozai for this. Ozai may be eyeing Gandalf's ring to further enhance his (restored) firebending ability.
  • Speaking of Gandalf's ring, it is called Narya, one of the Elven rings of power which is thought to give the wearer immense control over fire. Not surprising why Ozai covets it for himself, for it would boost his power immensely as one of the Three Rings of Power to the point of being able to challenge Sauron himself, minus the One Ring. Gandalf has reportedly never used his ring to such an extent, possibly due to fear of being called a hypocrite for trying to destroy the One Ring while wearing the same type of ring. One wonders why he doesn't chuck that ring into Mount Doom as well. Because of this connection, he has some affinity for the House of Fire & Heat, especially some of the good-aligned deities there, Alexstrasza, Hestia and Recca Hanabishi. Molag Bal is an enemy of his on account of his Balrog-like soldiers and his utter depravity.
  • Many parallels have been made between his world and that of George RR Martin's creation, Game of Thrones. Gandalf doesn't like to admit it, but that world's near lack of a moral centre where peasants starve, incest abounds and corruption lurks in every cranny (even in the royal houses) pretty much puts in on a whole new level compared to Arda, where evil originated from one single being and spread to others (Melkor, then Sauron). As such, he has high hopes for the new Lord of the Six Kingdoms, Bran Stark, to usher in a new age of peace and prosperity. Gandalf has also learnt a lot about balancing honor and pragmatism from the folly of his father, Ned, who reminds him of Boromir. He warns him to not always rely on that alone, for it makes him look stupid in the eyes of other Houses and led to his death. May have been the one who introduced Ned to Aragorn in an effort to change his worldview. He has a similar respect for House Tyrell but is aware that their care for the common people is a farce to boost their PR and get in favour with those of King's Landing. The Houses Lannister, Frey, Bolton and Greyjoy?
  • Got to know Albus Dumbledore, his most well-known counterpart and contemporary when he was still a headmaster of the Elysium Academy after having a good conversation with him on his first day in the Pantheon. There was a moment when he and Dumbledore rapped each other. For his bad luck, Dumbledore won. Now both serve as guest speakers for magic-based seminars at the Academy, butting heads in front of the students for laughs. Whenever he can, he talks to Dumbledore's protege, Harry Potter, and has taught him spells not in the Harry Potter universe for greater versatility, what with the boy's responsibilities as one of the Four Magicians of the House of Magic.
    • First heard of Lord Voldemort from Harry's account of how his parents got killed, and silently swore to avenge the boy by defeating the dark wizard. Upon further research, Gandalf's discovery that Voldemort had abandoned humanity and sanity in exchange for immortality, killed his own father for being an unworthy Muggle, and most of all, scorning the idea of love has propelled him to the top of Gandalf's (non-LOTR) enemies list. With his appointment as leader of the GUAE Malum Magia, this has gone Up to Eleven.
    • Views Voldemort's horde of Dementors with utter disgust with their ability to feed on people's happiness and soul-sucking abilities, seeing them as parasitic abominations worse than the Nazgûl.
  • One time after leaving a seminar, Gandalf caught teacher Agatha Trunchbull dressing down a student for her bonkers hairstyle and threatening to put her in the Chokey or worse. Obviously, the White Wizard was not happy and almost gave her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, but stopped just short of doing so. The sheer power emanating from him at that moment scared the Sadist Teacher out of her wits, and she retreated back to her office in fear, despite trying to look unperturbed. One would imagine he would do the same to Dolores Umbridge.
  • As seen above, it takes a lot to get him angry. When he is.... well, start running.
  • Reminds people that he's obviously compared with Magneto due to the fact that both have the same portrayer. Until Michael Fassbender. Gandalf meets with Magneto in the House of Nature sometimes to discuss the oppression of mutantkind back in the Marvel Universe. He is glad that Erik is taking a more neutral approach to the humans oppressing mutants. He fears for mutant Jean Grey as a result, seeing the Overdeity-level powers as too much for her and a liability to her safety, though he can't do too much about that.
  • He is an ardent supporter and compatriot of the indirect inspiration for his character, the Norse god Odin. Both share a friendly rivalry with Classical Wizard Merlin. From this alliance, he is an enemy of Ragnarok-bringer Surtr. He naturally has tense connections with Loki, the god of trickery, despite his apparent Heel–Face Turn.
  • Met the Doctor whilst he was in a sticky situation with The Beast. The Time Lord is grateful to him for getting him out of that sticky situation in the House of Demons. Given the Doctor's time-travelling hijinks, they don't meet terribly much. Even more so due to his constantly changing faces.
  • Also has a seat in the Main House.
Courage will now be your best defence against the storm that is at hand-—that and such hope as I bring.

Intermediate Gods

    Asbel Lhant 
Asbel Lhant, God of Sworn Protectors Post-Failure
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A meadow of flowers with a giant tree
  • Theme song: White Wishes
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Good as a child)
  • Portfolio: Failure Knight, Kung-Fu Wizard, The Power of Friendship, Declaration of Protection, All-Loving Hero, Oblivious to Love, Bishounen, Dark and Troubled Past, Chronic Hero Syndrome
  • Domains: Leadership, Friendship, Combat
  • Allies: Sophie, Cheria Barnes, Malik Caesar, Pascal, Richard, Gaius, Marth, Ike, Lucina, Roy, Kazuto Kirigaya, Suzaku Kururugi, Jurai Andou
  • Enemies: Pazuzu, The Lich
  • The lord of Lhant, Asbel Lhant has devoted most of his time to protecting people so they don't experience the same sadness that he did when he thought Sophie had died 7 1/2 years ago.
  • Asbel highly advocates making the most of ones time with their parents, as they never know when they'll pass away, leaving their children filled with regret. (Unless their parents are massive dicks.)
  • Due to their shared status as lords as well as all of them using swords, Asbel is good friends with the ascended Fire Emblem lords.
  • Ever since he mellowed greatly when it come to the people he protects, Asbel become good friends with Gaius.
  • Asbel quickly became good friends with Kazuto Kirigaya not only because of their shared voice, but also because they adopted a daughter. However, he's not fond of the "waifu rejection" issues that Kazuto had to deal with, as either they remind him of himself, or that Kazuto's rep makes a bit justified as to why some don't like him.
    • He also became good friends with Suzaku Kururugi as well as he too shares a voice but Suzaku also wears mostly white and has a friend who was once really nice but became evil after obtaining a weird power.
  • A frequent visitor to Asbel's temple is Jurai Andou as he hopes to learn how to make his Dark and Dark flame even better from someone with a black flame that can hurt others.
  • If you're an evil god who loves to possess people for evil, you should stay away from Asbel as he'll be relentless in getting you to stop. Or depending on your backstory he'll try to befriend you and try to make you stop peacefully.
  • There have been several occasions where Asbel tries to do say "We are awesome!" with his party, but will usually fail because everybody's unable to coordinate.

    Neville Longbottom 
Neville Longbottom, God of Heroic Stories Not Focused On (Navel, Dracola)

    Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue 
Power Rangers Lightspeed RescueMembers , Divine Team of Rescue Workers (Lightspeed Rescue Rangers; Carter: Red Lightspeed Ranger, Red 1; Chad: Blue Lightspeed Ranger, Blue 2; Joel: Green Lightspeed Ranger, Sky Cowboy, Green 3; Kelsey: Yellow Lightspeed Ranger, Yellow 4; Dana: Pink Lightspeed Ranger, Pink 5; Ryan Mitchell: Titanium Ranger, Titanium Lightspeed Ranger)
From left to right:Ryan, Joel, Dana, Carter, Kelsey, Chad
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue 

    Ramza Beoulve 
Ramza Beoulve, God of Unfairly-Punished Heroism (Ramza Lugria)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A medieval white lion facing to the right.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heroes Who Are Unfairly Screwed Over by Karma, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Doomed Moral Victor, Strongest 'Weak' Class, Beating and Slaying Demons, and Angels, and Gods, Iron Woobie.
  • Domains: Good, War, Protection, Suffering
  • Allies: Marona, Cloud Strife, Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, Balthier, Ren Amamiya, Sigurd & Seliph, Artina, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Enemies: Ultima & The Lucavi, Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  • Is blamed for nearly everything good he's done. Still, Ramza would always take that full front as long as he's doing the right thing. Whether some other people restored his status or not, that's second matters to him.
  • As a mortal, the Church of Glabados declared him a heretic after his death, but the Pantheon knew better and instead acknowledged Ramza's heroism by ascending him... after setting the historical record straight and dealing severe punishment to those who continued to tarnish his name.
  • Became furious after the death of Artina as a result of circumstances even more unjust than his own. After personally killing her murderers, Ramza condemned their souls to Limbo (via an agreement with Virtuous), forever barring them from reincarnation and rebirth.
  • Ramza was shocked to discover that Ultima and the Lucavi had become members of the Pantheon, as the Glabados Church that they lead from the shadows was responsible for him being branded as a heretic when he was mortal, in addition to manipulating a civil war to cause thousands of innocent deaths so that Ultima could be revived. Ramza swore to once again stop them before they can hurt or manipulate anyone else.
  • Is one of the members of the GUAG Sacred Knights, and was recently promoted to an official Warrior of Cosmos. Overall, there is one particular detail he's fond for with the boon of it: Back in those days, he literally had no nose. Now he has a nose!
  • He actually has met a time-displaced Balthier in the past, and was introduced with Princess Ashe this way, when Ramza met her, she was close to crossing the Despair Event Horizon because of the realization that she was responsible of bringing forth Ultima and the Lucavi into forming the Church of Glabados and ruined Ivalice further. Ramza, however, managed to assure her that if it wasn't for her acts, he wouldn't have the power to thwart them in the first place, and so asked for the help of a senior Ivalice legend to fight the Lucavi once again, something that Ashe accepts.
  • While hanging around the House of Crime on one visit to Balthier, he met up with the leader of the Phantom Thieves. Ren Amamiya turned out to be a pretty decent dude, even sympathizing with him over what it's like to be called a villain for trying to do the right thing. After deciding to look for more such heroes, he ended up meeting up with Spider-Man and Batman.
  • If it's any consolation, in the events of Vagrant Story, there is mention of the Zodiac Brave Story, naming most of Ramza's allies as well-known heroes. Therefore, the "Lost" reports of Alazlam Durai, which contained the truth of the War of the Lions, was eventually accepted as historical canon, even though it was too late for Ramza.

Lesser Gods

    Asuka Kazama 
Asuka Kazama, Goddess of Gang Mediating (Gang Mediator, Kansai Peacemaker)

    The Bard (Wandersong
The Bard, Divine Bard Of Jumping at the Call (Lil' Bard, Lil' B, Bardling, Bardlet, Kiwi)

    Beck (TRON: Uprising
Beck, the God who Takes Up the Mantle (The Next Tron, the Renegade)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Identity Disk with a stylized "T" in the middle
  • Theme Music: Lightbike Battle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Stoic, Badass Biker, Legacy Character, Highly Visible Ninja, Le Parkour, Stealth Expert, The Cowl, Deadpan Snarker, Fragile Speedster, Nerves of Steel, Weak, but Skilled, Doomed Moral Victor
  • Domains: Revolution, Cyberspace, Parkour
  • Allies: Tron (his mentor), Kevin Flynn, Sora, Riku, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Otacon, Radical Ed, Bentley Turtle, Alucard (Lords of Shadow)
  • Enemies: Master Control Program, Sark, Clu, Penelope Mouse, Courtney Gears, Vanitas
  • Ascended to the Pantheon as it was in need of another god who represents a legacy trope. Although his revolution didn't seem to get anywhere, something that views as his greatest failure, he took the mantle.
  • Tron is quite happy to see his ward appear as they had much catching up to do. He was also able to tell that Beck is guilty about the flopped revolution. Tron assured Beck that he did all that he could and shouldn't expect to much of it, as well as the fact that everything managed to turn out alright in the end, albeit in a bittersweet way.
    • Beck was rather devastated to hear what Dyson did to Tron while he was in the Pantheon, but is glad to hear that, due to being banished, he won't do anything again. At least as long as Courtney Gears is under the watchful eyes of the Court of the Gods.
  • Met with Sora, one of his mentor's oldest allies and friends, and heard how he help Tron protect the system from the Master Control Program. In fact, he was rather surprised to see that Tron made some unique friends and allies. Beck was also not happy to here that Clu was also in the Pantheon, even more so after learning that he made Tron his slave at one point and intends to do so again.
  • Is often lurking around cyberspace in the shadows, spying on potental threats and making sure that his friends are safe. This is how he discovered a disturbing plot shown below...
  • Is the first to discover that Vanitas is after Sailor Moon to forge the X-Blade, him targeting Madoka being a distraction as her hatred of Lucifer gives her heart enough taint to keep her from being used instead. After letting Tron know this, he explains that making a full scale alert would cause Vanitas to take precautions. The best thing to do was to let Sailor Moon's fellow sensei know one by one. And just in case, they enlisted Alucard, the former Trevor Belmont, for help.
  • Being the protégé to Tron, Beck is often seen helping the Hacking Quintet out, whether insuring the hacking games are success or busting them out of jail if the Master Control Program or Clu catches them. He even symphonizes with Bentley over how his ex-girlfriend, Penelope, is working for Clu.
  • Is ready to defend the weak at anyime. After all, he's Tron.

Braum, God of Protection by Standing in Harm's Way (The Heart of Freljord, 'Angus the Puncher')
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The ram head on his belt
  • Theme Song: "Braum"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Heart Being The Strongest Muscle, Great Defense, Bald of Awesome, Manly Support, "STAND BEHIND BRAUM", Great Mustache And Making People Grow Mustaches, Luckily My Shield Will Protect You And Me, Gentle Giant, A Nice Person, Spirited Competitor, Boisterous Bruiser
  • Domains: Protection, Shield, Good, Combat
  • Allies: Champions of Runeterra (especially Ashe), Major Alex Louis Armstrong, Kanji Tatsumi, Baine Bloodhoof, Musashi, Kellam, Twitch
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients... also, if you're in his rivals list, then it's a Friendly Rival. No exceptions! Though Purist Thunderwrath is probably 'the best one'.
  • Enemies: None! ... So far.
  • One of the nicest amongst nice Gods. Braum absolutely has no enemy to speak of, always treating most like competition opponents, or some of the gloomy ones are just like icy hearts in need of warm smile. However, as of late, seeing many Gods that are just absolutely vile, he's been considering to put some exceptions.
  • No matter where you are, if you call for him, he'll jump out and stand between you and your threat to protect you with his shield. You can always trust Braum!
    Say, good pal! You feel like taking (insert anything here, but mostly... bot lane turret)?
  • Many mistake him as the shiny muscle God Major Armstrong. Braum certainly doesn't sparkle like him, but he certainly enjoys the major's company.
  • While he didn't say much, he's usually stationed next to Queen Ashe. Turns out, he's standing by until her husband Tryndamere returned. Even after he returned, both of them asked Braum to continue the good work, and he happily obliges.
  • Likes milk and often challenges other Gods for a milk-drinking contest. Even if they like beers.
  • He is also impressed with Baine Bloodhoof, and also considers introducing him to his cow at home, Agatha. This was unfortunately turned down by Baine because the name just reminds him with someone he disliked.
  • Amongst many many of his Friendly Rival, he'd consider Purist Thunderwrath, regardless of his status as a Defender of the Ancient, the best friend ever, because they agree that Real Men Support Each Other. Heck, right now, Braum is trying to find out what kind of drink Purist likes best, so they can share a drink later (He's personally hoping milk).
  • There are many theories as to how Braum has lived for as long as he has. The two most popular is that: He's an Iceborn; Or he is a manifestation of the people's ideas and general hope in the Freljord. Thus on some level making Braum immortal so long as people continued to listen and believe in the stories of him. The latter theory essentially makes him Runeterra's Badass Santa.
  • "The Heart is the strongest muscle."

    Elphaba Thropp 
Elphaba Thropp, Goddess of Misunderstood Heroes (The Wicked Witch of the West, Elphie)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pointed hat, next to a bottle of "green elixir"
  • Leitmotif: "Defying Gravity"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with neutral tendencies (nearly became Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Tragic Hero, The Snark Knight, Knight In Sour Armor, Reality Warper, Dark Is Not Evil, Green-Skinned Space Babe, Hollywood Homely, Hollywood Nerd, Word Of Bi, Badass Bookworm, Not Good with People
  • Domains: Magic, Travel, Fire, Chaos, Good
  • Heralds: Liir, Fiyero
  • Allies: Queen Elsa, Anna, Steven Universe, The Grinch, The House of Beast, Sabrina Spellman, Kiki
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil
  • Annoyed by: Dorothy Gale
  • Opposed by: Everyone else in Oz, Maleficent
  • Feared by: Oscar Diggs
  • Pities: Quasimodo, Edward Scissorhands
  • Special Relationship: The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Here lays one of the oddest contrarians in the Pantheon. A woman who is exactly like the feared Wicked Witch... only not nearly as evil as she appears to be. She also has a name: Elphaba Thropp. A character from a different version of the Wizard of Oz, her tragic story gained enough popularity for Cosmos to revive her as a deity to those thought to be evil. Only that's not how it truly happened. She actually faked her death with the help of her lover Fiyero. Cosmos agreed to transport them into the Pantheon and cover up this part of the story.
  • Her herald shares a rather confusing history. Liir is her self-proclaimed son... but not of her world. There is indeed yet another version of the story that aligns more closely her hers. This version of her truly perished in the end. Elphaba took pity on the boy and took him under her wing. Though disappointed she wasn't his true mother, Liir is grateful for the selection.
  • Spends most of her time for herself, reading, practising sorcery, and researching various combat. Is generally a misanthrope, and on the occasions she is forced to interact with someone, her attitude often drives them out of her temple.
    • The one exception happens to be Steven Universe, who has been trying her best to improve her attitude. Elphie can't help but appreciate his efforts.
  • She hardly steps out of her domain, as both heroes and villains constantly want her either dead or alive.
  • Does not like Dorothy, though it is more of an irrational annoyance of the girl. She may not have taken part of the her witch hunt, but she still holds the ruby slippers Elphaba wants so badly. She claims they belong to her dead sister.
  • Was disappointed when she found out Glinda the good hasn't ascended into the Pantheon. Even if she knows it probably wouldn't be the one who would recognize her, she still hopes to see her again..
    • Many believe that the two share closer relationship than she lets on. Her usual response is to hurl fireballs. She won't even let anyone else call her Elphie... which hasn't helped her case.
  • Oscar Diggs has a very uneasy relationship with her. This is mostly because he accidentally created yet another version of the Wicked Witch of the West. It didn't help that Elphaba enjoys stalking him on occasion. Though she still holds a deep resentment for the wizard of his world (not that this one is much better), Elphaba doesn't hold the same grudge on him.
  • Is a good ally to Queen Elsa and Anna, due to the fact that they have similar backstories and voices. Elphaba loves "Let it Go" and Queen Elsa also finds Defining Gravity a beautiful song. One of the few gods welcome in her temple, the two would sing karaoke together. They can't help but notice they share the same voice.
  • Was glad to see that there were at least others who had to go through similar situations. She was supportive of the Grinch's decision to give back all the presents he stole. Of course she could understand how the holiday may annoy him.
  • She also feels a duty to protect those who were shunned out of fear due to her look, a situation she herself endures to this day. As such, she is often the first to hurl retorts to anyone who dismiss the likes of Quasimodo and Edward Scissorhands.
  • Elphaba has always advocated for animal rights (especially those who can talk), a sentiment she continues in the Pantheon. Her efforts were recognized in the House of Beasts, allowing her entry whenever she wants to visit.
    • It also made Cruella look both ways before enacting animal curelty. She may never know when she has to dodge fireballs from broomstick-wielding witches.
  • The teenage witch would visit Elphaba's temple on occasion, hoping to lift her spirits with some mischief. Often suffering from boredom, the green-skinned witch would agree. What usually follows is many confused deities seeing the Wicked Witch siding with the usually good-aligned teenaged witch.
  • As someone who uses a broomstick as her main mode of transport, she shares a bit of her domain with Kiki, patron saint of the Flying Broomstick. Elphaba for her part wants to help Kiki dispell the myth that witches with broomsticks are inherently evil.
  • When news broke out about an alternate story what depicted her in a better light, Elphaba took a brave face and visited her temple. The Mistress of Evil was impressed in her ability to break in, but would hear none of it. A fight broke out instead, with the witch only barely making it out. In fact, Maleficent blames her for the spread of villains shown in a positive light. Her capture and eventual Face–Heel Turn may be what it takes to quell any coup attempts on her.
  • It was inevitable that her evil version would enter the Pantheon. The two confronted each other at her own temple. At first Elphaba sympathized with her, thinking that the citizens misjudged her as they did to her. That was rebuked when the Wicked Witch wore the moniker on her sleeve, saying she only arrived to convince her counterpart to change sides. The conversation got heated, but the Wicked Witch of the West left on her own accord.
  • "And nobody in all of Oz, no Wizard that there is or was... is ever gonna bring... ME... DOWN!"

    The Firefly crew 
The Firefly CrewMembers , Divine Deities of Niche-Show Avoidance and Big Damned Heroism
From left to right: Jayne, Kaylee, Book, Simon, Inara, Mal, Zoe, Wash and River
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Serenity logo
  • Alignments: Chaotic Good (Mal, River) Neutral Good (Wash, Kaylee), Lawful Good (Simon, Book) True Neutral (Zoe, Inara) Chaotic Neutral (Jayne)
  • Portfolios: Big Damn Heroes,
  • Followers: Dick Gumshoe, Arnold "Ace" Rimmer
  • Allies: The Doctor, Captain Kirk, Indiana Jones, John Crichton, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Jean-Luc Picard, Maes Hughes, Hawkeye Pierce, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Crew of the Rogue One, Leeloo, Winry Rockbell (Kaylee)
  • Rivals: Samantha Carter, Lobo, Miss Fortune, Commander Shepard, Honor Harrington, Commander Adama, Starbuck
  • Enemies: Admiral Thrawn, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Judge Dredd, Boba Fett, the entirety of the House of Lust (Mal)
  • Opposes: Dr. Wily, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Johan Liebert and Areal (River)
  • Odd Friendship: Cyclops
  • Not to be Confused with: Richard Castle (Mal)
  • Domain: Space, Glory, Luck, Freedom (River, Simon, Mal), Charm (Inara), Artifice (Kaylee), Good, Chaos or Law depending on the deity.
  • The presence of the Serenity was first felt... with a few falling debris of the ship coming down on the ground before the rest of the ship made a decent landing. From there came the crew, led by a former military man called Malcolm Reynalds. Together, the crew decided to perform smuggling in protest of the ruling government. Mal had long held the title on his own for those who bring the cavalry in the nick of time to turn the tide of battles. It was only recently that he decided to grant divinity to the entire crew, even those who died in the course of their stories. There was much rejoicing, to the crew and those who were fans of their adventures.
  • Despite being the closest things to being heroes in their world, the crew are not welcomed by many, making them natural fits in the House of Ambiguity. In fact, Star-Lord jokingly stated that their crew may well have been their high priests despite never having that role. Mal would rather not be considered in a position that would be under anyone's authority. Nevertheless, the two groups generally like each other.
  • They still manage to find allies in space. Namely, the Serenity's ability to save the day in the nick of time has save many a team from disaster:
    • Mal and his crew can't seem to stop bumping into Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. In all cases it was due to coincidence. Still, Kirk is one of the few captains that Mal can trust, given both of their aversions to military excursions. That and he can always count on Kirk to find rare items to sell to the black market.
    • The Doctor finds the position of the Serenity to be an interesting one. As such, she pays no mind to helping them out. After all, many of her incarnations distrust the military as much as Mal does. With the rest of the crew, she is happy to listen to Kaylee's engineering tips as well as help River with her memories with her limited telepathy.
    • Crichton and the Moya were practically made to be allies with them. The entire crew had nasty experiences with their own corrupt government ironically named the Peacekeepers and Crichton himself has been known for enacting insane plans that just happen to work out. It was a match made in heaven for Mal. The crew members can be seen hanging out on multiple occasions.
    • Kaylee discovered another stowaway on the ship, a red-headed girl named Leeloo. Before Mal ordered the crew to dump her, the woman proved to be talented in a number of skills. Thus, he allowed her on board for the time being. She turned out to be a great crew member and became friends with a lot of the crew members. Shortly after the left, they found out that she has ascended. Mal reluctantly allows her stay when she has the need to.
  • More often than not, most ships he come in contact with eye him with suspicion. The crew have a way with escaping any bit of authority that tries to take them in:
    • In any other case, Commander Shepard would have welcomed them in with open arms. Yet Mal himself would neither trust the Executive Officer nor would he ever let Shepard Commandeer his ship. Good thing villains, because any time the two teamup, they are capable of laying waste to vast swaths of enemies.
    • Honor takes a more direct approach, regarding the Serenity as subject to capture. Unfortunately for her, Mal has made it difficult for her to find him. He usually meets up with her whenever there is a crisis her Space Navy cannot defeat alone. Even then, she is bound by Judge Dredd to take them in afterwards.
    • Samantha Carter is more conflicted in doing so. After seeing the good deeds that they have done over the years, Samantha is more willing to tolerate their presence and letting them go... in exchange for confiscating any counter-band she finds in their ship.
    • Usually, Commander Adama would rather focus on taking on Cylons than dealing with petty smugglers, but he follows through with trying to arrest them. Starbuck made it more of a friendly rivalry, even teasing Mal with innuendos. Mal obliges b to a point but knows better than to leave his crew vulnerable for capture.
    • Surgeon Pierce is the one place in the House of War that they can have safe passage. Mal and Hawkeye both experience sorrow during their time of service and do not wish to do so again. It helps that Hawkeye makes a mean bootleg drink and serves them to the Serenity in exchange for contraband from the smuggler.
  • While they are critical of their Lawful Neutral government, they are more than happy to stick it to more authoritarian governments. This is especially true to the likes of Emperor Palpatine. He does not take their destabilization of Galactic Empire style dictatorships lightly. As such, he has sent many Dark Side assassins after them over the years. When that didn't work, he employed Thrawn to lay a trap on them. It would have suceeded if not for a rescue made in part by the Skywalters. This was supported by Han Solo, himself a smuggler over the years.
    • After the initial problem, Thrawn solved the problem with a series of equations; by mapping when the Serenity may pop up at any time, he has learned how to completely avoid and Big Damned Heroism that may come his way. This isn't 100% Mal proof, but it's enough to no longer worry about that factor in his plans.
  • Given the nature of their business, it was only natural that they would take on a number of bounty hunters over the years. Usually they are after Mal for smuggling, but River's head has an even high price tag. It's just that she's a much more difficult target to capture:
    • As the head of Bounty Hunters everywhere, Boba Fett is responsible for managing the various attempts on the Serenity. After various failures on their part, Boba has decided to take up the bounty himself to receive the glory of detaining the elusive smugglers.
    • The crew wishes they have Lobo as the god of Bounty Hunters. The Czarnian may have been impossible for them to defeat, but Mal was able to bribe him out of their bounty. Afterwards, Lobo allowed them to continue their business. Besides, the alien has taken a liking to the crew. He thinks that River his a natural badass with a future ahead of her and even checked out Jayne's arsenal to see if there's anything of interest.
    • Miss Fortune's specialty is piracy, but that didn't mean she wouldn't dabble in that of the space-faring kind. After a couple of skirmishes, she considered him to be less bloodthirsty than most and abandoned the bounty for now, though she does appear now and then to keep the peace.
  • Mal couldn't help but feel like he would have gotten along with the crew of Rogue One, the unlikely crew that went on a Suicide Mission to send the notes on the Death Star to the Rebel Alliance. In fact, Mal stated that they were a lot like the crew of the Serenity... if they were run more incompetently run and all died in the process. Jyn viciously shot back, stating his last big plan led to the deaths of some of his crew-mates as well. It's safe to say that the two Protagonists aren't to keen on making amends with each other. At least the other crew members were willing to bury the hatchet over the two hot-heads.
  • Exclusive to Mal:
    • Has fallen into hot water with the subhouse of Lust. They didn't take to kindly with his remarks on Inara's profession. As such, he receives the cold shoulder whenever he arrives there.
    • One of the odder relationships among the gods has been with Scott Summers. The God of Eye Beams can't help but be reminded of his father whenever the two meet. It helps that the two of them became space pirates.
    • When there was a case involving some missing merchandise, Mal ordered his crew to find a detective who could find some clues. Jayne came back with a man with a bag over his head. When the bag was removed it turned out to be Richard Castle, God of Mystery Writer Detectives. Despite the distressing introduction and the fact that the two looked eerily similar, Richard agreed to help them out... on the condition that he gets to write a story about the adventure. Once the items were found (and Jayne was given a tongue lashing), Richard waved them off. The subsequent book made him a decent amount of money, part of which was given to Mal.
  • Exclusive to River:
    • Prior to moving in with Mal, River was the only other member of the Serenity who had ascended on her own. This is due to her memorable defense of her crew members against the Reavers. It's also due to her ability to improbably dispatch large swaths of enemies despite being 90 lbs soaking wet. That and she can totally kill you with just her mindShe is by far one of the most popular Action Girls in the Pantheon.
    • Will attack any mad scientists on sight. Anyone foolish enough to be in her way will wish they were treated more humanely than the Reapers in Serenity. Dr. Wily and Ryoma are at the top of her hate list. That also includes people such as Arael and Johan Liebert, though she's more cautious with the later. Delving into his mind alone is enough to give her shivers.
    • Is noted to almost never wear shoes. Her symbol is a constant reminder of that to her followers. Most theorize that shoes remind her of the tortures she endured during her experiments at the Academy.
  • Exclusive to Simon:
    • It was a jubilant scene for River when the two siblings met each other for the first time in years. The two have been together ever since he helped her escape a government facility. He even vouched for the two when Mal threatened to kick them out. He has since stuck around in order to protect his sister. Which ended with his death.
    • The resident healer of the Serenity, Simon is polite to every person he meets... almost to a fault. It did him no favors towards Mal who felt his politeness to be off-putting. In fact, all of his teammates treat him with a bit of disdain except for Walsh and Kaylee. As for her, the two promptly proclaimed their love for each other.
  • Exclusive to Zoe:
    • As the saying goes, for every man there's a woman working from behind. Or in this case, she's the Straight Man to counter the more chaotic aspects of Mal. As such, she is seen as the voice of reason.
    • Like Mal, she has a military background, an aspect that was more difficult for her to shut down. To this day, she has to catch herself from calling Mal "Sir". At least that helped quell down those who tried to ship the two. Regardless, her demeanor has deem her The Reliable One of the crew.
  • Exclusive to Wash:
    • When the crew of the Serenity was asked who would be considered The Conscience of the show, everyone pointed to Wash, the pilot of the crew. He is by far the nicest resident of the ship and has a playful side in him. Yet there is no one who can stay calm under pressure as this man.
    • It makes it all the more unusual that he and Zoe became a couple.
  • Exclusive to Inara:
    • Inara is a Companion licensed by the Alliance, helping clients seeking sexual and psychological healing. Her work is well regarded in the House of Love and she is welcome within the House for as long as she likes. She even has her own unofficial temple within the area. She hopes that more of her ilk make their way into the Pantheon.
    • A Buddhist at heart, she makes sure to bring such items along with her at all times. Sadly, she was unable to find any other of her faith in the Pantheon. Still, she hopes that Confucius himself may make his presence known here one day.
  • Exclusive to Jayne:
    • The weapon's expert of the crew, he keeps a wide assortment of guns and knives in the ship, a stash so large he needed a separate room just to keep it all. It was so massive, he gained a large enough following to be considered ascension on his own, namely for his habit of naming his weapons. His favorite in particular is Vera. Alas, he was too lazy to follow through with things and waited until Mal decided to ascend the entire crew.
    • Out of everyone, Jayne's loyalty is by far the most fragile. This is on account on the fact that he is almost entirely motivated by money. He has betrayed Mal on a few occasions on the whim of making more money for it. And yet he keeps coming back when it counts. He may not admit it, but he sure has a way to show his affections to his teammates.
  • Exclusive to Kaylee:
    • Made her debut in spectacular fashion: solving a critical engine problem in mid coitus! She became the new engineer ever since. She was even considered the position of Wrench Wench, eventually losing out to Winry. When Kaylee herself ascended later on, the two became fast friends. Kaylee loves to talk about her ship and she couldn't think of a better person to talk to her than Winry.
    • As stated above, she has a rather colorful view of sex. She is perfectly happy to have such a conversation with someone in that regard. With that said, her heart is taken for Simon. With his returned, the two committed to sticking together.
  • Exclusive to Book:
    • The one who spends the least time on the ship, Book is content to explore the Pantheon to experience new worlds. He sees a lot of good in the Pantheon, more so than in his own world. He wishes that no one else will have to experience the horrors he and Mal faced during their service in the military.
  • Can also be found in the subhouse of Unpopularity

    Gai Tsutsugami 
Gai Tsutsugami, God of Willingly Taking the Blame (Triton, Adam, Mason)
Gai after being revived 
  • Lesser God. Intermediate God borderline Greater after acquiring the Power of Kings.
  • Symbol: The Funeral Parlor logo. Alternatively, Mana's cross necklace.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral moments. Briefly Neutral Evil as Da'ath's puppet.
  • Portfolio: Badass in Charge, Designed a really complicated plan to bring down Da'ath and worked, The Charmer, The Chessmaster, Formerly a Child Soldier, Rebel Leader, Seeks to save Mana , Long-Haired Pretty Boy, Briefly turned evil, Killed by Shu in the decisive final battle
  • Domains: Rebels, Test Subjects, Evolution, Determination, Love, Leadership.
  • Allies: Mana Ouma, Lelouch Vi Brittania, Beatrice the Golden Witch, Commander Farsight, Litchi Faye-Ling, Raiden
  • Enemies: Yuu, Makoto Waltz Segai, Ryoma Sengoku, Mesogog, SHOCKER, Ragyo Kyruin, Alex Mercer, Dr. Neo Cortex, Arcturus Mengsk, Steven Armstrong, Sundowner
  • Complicated Relationships: Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha
  • At first known as the elusive leader of Funeral Parlor, the rebel group that went against the GHQ that controlled Japan, Gai Tsutsugami fought for liberating his country whatever the cost, but deep down he had other more personal motivations for going against the GHQ. He seeked to reunite with Mana Ouma, the girl who saved his life as a child and even died with her in order to stop Da'ath from unleashing the apocalypse. Gai seemingly sided with Da'ath after he was revived, but in reality he only followed Da'ath's order simply because he wanted to revive Mana so Shu could finally defeat him and her and destroy the Apocalypse Virus. He willingly took the role of the bad guy to motivate Shu in order to twart Da'ath's plans and surprisingly he succeeded.
  • The sole reason he ascended is just to be with Mana and keep her away from Da'ath reach so they can't bring the Apocalypse to the pantheon. Gai was glad to learn that Mana is no longer a puppet of Da'ath and often spends his time alongside her.
    • On the other hand, his relationship with Shu and Inori is a little more strained, since they didn't forget his time as Da'ath enforcer but nonetheless they understand his situation. They are one of the few people that really know what happened to him after he died for good after all.
  • Has found a kinship with both Beatrice the Golden Witch and Commander Farsight who also took the blame willingly for their peers knowing full well that no one would remember why. Although they do believe that Gai could have done that in a much better way.
  • When he was young Da'ath intended Gai to be a test subject for how resistant he was to the Apocalypse Virus and if he was worthy of becoming Mana's partner. That's the main reason he despises the Mad Scientists who study evolution for their own evil purposes.
    • He has special disdain for Ryome Sengoku, mostly because he is aiding Yuu and Da'ath by trying to create an artificial Kamen Rider who would posses both the Apocalypse Virus and The Power of Kings. Problem is, they need Mana to succeed and he won't allow that to happen. He is also not afraid of SHOCKER, since he is used to deal with evil organizations and they are not different from GHQ.
  • Being a Rebel Leader, he sympathizes with Lelouch since he basically went through a similar crusade like his and both were motivated to save an important girl for them. Lelouch also noticed the same similarities, even comparing his friends Shu with Suzaku.
  • One time to break out a captured member of his rebel group, Gai pretended to be Shu's lawyer whose names was Mason. While it was never stated before, some believe that he actually got the idea by watching Perry Mason.
  • He also heavily opposes corrupt politicians since those along with GHQ (And Mana) were the main cause why he created Funeral Parlor. Arcturus Mengsk is also a reminded of what happened to him after Da'ath revived him and doesn't think highly of him.
    • On the other hand, he doesn't like Steven Armstrong either but the Senator has expressed admirition about his cause, saying that it's very noble thing to fight for the ones he cares and also believes Gai fights for the strong and that's why he succeeded. Gai however doesn't trust his words and considers him a lunatic.
  • Has heard about Mana's "alliance" with Alex Mercer given that he is also another deity tied to a destructive virus. However, Gai believes that Mana is being deceived by Mercer and believes he actually is interested in absorbing her. He has made it clear that he doesn't like him but willing to tolerate him so long as Mana does it.
  • Said to look really nice with a suit. So nice in fact that he can be photoshopped anywhere and still look fancy.
  • Apparently used to be a Child Soldier during his time in Africa of all places. He initially befriended Raiden since apparently he also fought in Liberia but never heard of "Jack the Ripper" but is willing to let Raiden's past not cloud his judgement. This in turn made him enemies with Sundowner who believes that children make excellent killers.

    Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld 
Julis-Alexia Marie Florentia Renate von Riessfeld, Goddess of Protection of Orphanages (Petalblaze Witch)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Song: Julis' Theme (Piano Version)
  • Symbol: The Seidoukan Academy symbol
  • Portfolio: Tsundere, Action Girl, Fire in Magic Personality, Combined with Fencing, Impoverished Patrician, Royal in Love with a Middeclass Boy For His Good Character, Excellent Cook, Good with Chilren, Pink as Identification, Shaped Attacks, Modest Royalty, Royal Rapier
  • Domains: Royalty, Independence, Academics, Combat
  • Allies: Ayato Amagiri, Kirin Toudou, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Hayate Immelman, Lisesharte Atismata, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Lois Lane, Optimus Prime, the Tenno, Mana Takamiya, Weiss Schnee, Mitsuru Kirijo, Orie Paladia, Hayato Kanzaki
  • Friendly Rival: Stella Vermillion
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Lex Luthor, the Corpus, Megatron, Arcturus Mengsk Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious
  • Conflicting Opinion: Emperor Calus, Heinz Windermere
  • Born in a small European country named Lieseltania, Julis became the heir to her homeland and the fifth top-ranking student at Seidoukan Academy. Along with Ayato Amagiri, Julis succeded in winning the Asterisk Festas in favor of Seidoukan Academy. It was Ayato who recommended Julis to join in her Pantheon and her ascension proceeded without issue. Ayato felt very glad to learn of her ascension and the sentiment was returned, albeit Julis couldn't feel but feel jealous Kirin Toudou had ascended before her.
  • Her motivation to join the Pantheon, and the trope to match, was to gather enough money to save an orphanage in Lieseltania thanks to all the friends she had made there when she was a child. This obviously makes her very welcome in the House of Family as, despite her standoffish attitude, she actually very kind and patient with children. She even earned an ally in Hayato Kanzaki, who became a bounty hunter for the same reason Julis is competing in the Festas.
    • Ever since her friend Ophelia Landlufen was horribly experimented on and turned into a depressed and fatalist magical fighter, she disapproves of intrusive genetic treatments towards children, something that earned her the loyalty of the Tenno, Mana Takamiya and Mitsuru Kirijo, who endured similar fates. This obviously got her some bad attention from the Corpus, who not only oppose the Tenno but also are business partners with the IEF.
  • As a princess, Julis became friends with Princesses Peach and Zelda, who are very protective of their kingdoms and subjects. Watching their relationships with their respective guardian heroes reminds Julis of her own relationship with Ayato, not that she would care to admit it openly, of course. She also sympathized with Lux Arcadia and Lisesharte Atismata, who have suffered greatly in their endeavors to earn the favor of their subjects.
  • Has found friends with deities with similar skills with the rapier, such as Weiss Schnee, who a lot in common with Julis in personality and background, and Orie Paladia, who has earned Julis' respect due to her determination to protect others.
  • In her quest to save Lieseltania, she became acquainted with Lois Lane, who had managed to earn an interview with her, despite Julis' reluctance towards media attention. Julis expected Lois to be as obnoxious as Eishirou Yabuki, but they actually bonded over their shared determination and the fact that Lois convinced Julis that fostering a positive reputation with Festa viewers would ultimately move public opinion towards her favor and raise awareness for Lieseltania. Needless to say, Julis and Lois have been very good friends since. Lex Luthor, Magnificent Bastard he is, is seeking to turn this to his advantage.
  • Thanks to a chance meeting between Ayato and Ikki Kurogane, Julis became acquainted with Stella Vermillion, who was similar to her in certain things. Whatever conversation the two princesses shared quickly degenerated into a fight, to which Ayato and Ikki were quick to evacuate everyone in the area and leave the two girls to their devices. The fight ended after several hours and both girls were found injured among burnt rubble and slashed marks across the area. Taking a cue from Lux Arcadia, Ayato and Ikki arranged for both girls to be on the same room in the House of Health and Diseases, hoping they would settle their differences like civilized people. They actually found some common ground and settled on becoming sparring partners and rivals in upcoming tournaments. Apparently, that was the best possible outcome.
  • Any deity that oppresses others in the name of power and wealth will immediately become Julis' enemy, such as Isaac Westcott, Megatron, Arcturus Mengsk and Darth Sidious. She initially dismissed them as stereotypical corrupt politicians, much like the IEF from her world, until she took a closer look to their actions and realized they were worse. Dismayed by such discovery, Julis steeled her resolve and trained herself to face them should a confrontation take place. Fortunately, Optimus Prime and the Autobots stand ready to assist her, having already fought Megatron countless times across the galaxy.
  • Despite her misgivings towards businessmen, she understands not all of them are greedy and evil. She has gained the support of Bruce Wayne and feels sorry that Peter Parker sacrificed his company's assets to stop HYDRA. Surprisingly, she has also befriended Hayate Immelmann for his nobility and refusal to kill, despite being a mercenary, and admits he reminds her of Yabuki.
  • Doesn't know what to make of Emperor Calus. At first, she dismissed him a simple hedonist driven only by his basest desires, until getting to know him as a benevolent ruler driven to extremes by the harsh circumstances faced by his people, not to mention he was just as fond of children as she is. Then again, he also loots planets to sustain his decadent lifestye and has as an unhealthy obession with combat, so she is not considering an ally anytime soon.
    • Faces a similar quandary in regards to Heinz Windermere. Her sympathy to him for being a child forced to lead his people in times of war and being manipulated by his dishonest chancellor is hampered with his war crimes, especially what he did to Mikumo Guynemer. For now, she is content leaving him be.

    Kevin Levin 
Kevin Ethan Levin, God of Offscreen Face Turns (Kevin 11, Kev, Muscles)
  • Lesser God in his normal state. Depending on how much energy he absorbs, it jumps to Intermediate or Greater God.
  • Symbol: The lock chain he wears around his neck.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good, although he has been all over the place. Many in the Pantheon are wary of him due to his tendency to switch sides.
  • Portfolio: Distressed Dudes, The Worf Effect, Always Having His Car Blow Up ("MY RIDE!"), Sacrificing Himself to Save The World, Going Crazy from Energy Absorption.
  • Domains: Revenge, Atonement, Energy, Power, Good/Evil.
  • Followers: Rufus Shinra, Alpha, Barbossa, Pintel and Ragetti
  • Allies: Ben and Gwen Tennyson (He currently dates Gwen), Batman, Cyborg, Nightwing, Guts, Kain Highwind, Inigo Montoya, Andre the Giant, Charmcaster.
  • Enemies: Izaya Orihara, Deathstroke, Kyubey, Joker, Deadpool,
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after discovering the position of God of the Face Heel Revolving Door would be given to Raven (Teen Titans), stole it from her and tried to sneak in, only to be caught by Batman. Gwen vouched for him, and he was allowed to stay in the House of Ambiguity.
    • He eventually gave up the title upon discovering that his friend Kain already had the title of Heel–Face Revolving Door but Kain found a position that allowed him to join the House of Heroes: Heel–Face Return, because of his becoming good offscreen.
  • Has become irritated by Deadpool after he is informed that he will become evil, again.
  • Stomped Edward Cullen’s face, blaming him for the Darkfall Books that were the equivalent to Twilight in his universe.
  • Has been trolled by Izaya Orihara after Izaya pinned the words “Distressed Dude” on the back of Kevin’s shirt. Kevin has since tried to run over him with his car on sight. He's still looking for Izaya Orihara with help from Shizuo Heiwajima.
  • Makes fun of Sasuke Uchiha for sounding like Ben and calling him the “Emoest of them all.”
  • Looks up to Guts for being such a major badass, and sympathizes with his quest for revenge. Wants to hear Kevin's when there's some downtime.
  • Empathizes with Gwen's rival Charmcaster, who is second only to him in his own universe when it comes to the Heel–Face Revolving Door.
  • Is currently being mentored by Batman, accepted in the hopes that he will be able to take the Batmobile for a joyride
  • Has a mechanics shop in the House of Technology, but his car has constantly been crushed again...and again. It's become such a betting game in the House of Commerce as to when he'll start screaming out, "MY RIDE!!"
  • Gets along well with Cyborg, often asks him to upgrade his ride but wonders why he laughs whenever Kevin calls him “Dude”.
    • And there's even more confusion since he sounds similar to one version of Michaelangelo.
  • Has visited Nightwing in the House of Love for relationship advice, won't give specifics when Gwen asks him about it.
  • Has been seen in the House of Food eating Flean cake with Mulder and Scully.
  • Upon learning that Kyubey offered Gwen a contract to become a Magical Girl, he ran over him with his car. Homura approved of this.
  • Often visits the House of Travel to look at the Cool Cars. Once again, his car can usually been seen smashed into smithereens.
  • Has been approached by Deathstroke with an apprenticeship offer. Flat out refused and was able to hold him off until Gwen shot a shard of mana through Slade’s empty eyesocket. Deathstroke has sworn revenge on them for reminding him of those two brats.
  • Was interested to say the least when he saw Inigo Montoya in the Pantheon. He doesn't admit it, but he actually grew up reading the Princess Bride and even got to say Inigo's most famous phrase. It helps that they've both defeated the men who killed their fathers.
    • Nearly had a fanboy moment when he found Andre the Giant was in the House of Combat, as Andre played Fezzik in the movie. He denies that he wanted Andre's autograph.
  • His Energy Absorption powers make him super dangerous. One, he can absorb powers of Greater Gods and bring them back. Two, he himself can become downright insane with the absorption, and if not taken down quickly, he'll start going on more and more of a rampage.
  • After his dealings with the Rooters, Kevin has begrudgingly admitted he might just empathize somewhat with The Joker, as he now has no idea just what the heck his own origin story truly is.

    Kim Possible 
Kimberly Ann Possible, Goddess of Heroic Multitasking (Kim Possible, KP, Kimmy, Princess, Kimmie-Cub, Coach Possible, Red, Fraulein Possible, Sheela The Leopard Lady)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Kimmunicator
  • Theme Song: "Call Me, Beep Me"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Academic Athlete, Action Girl, Called "KP" by Ron, Bares Her Midriff in almost every outfit she wears (at least she used to), Buffy Speak, Maybe a cheerleader, but doesn't have the negative traits, Go-Getter Girl, Extracurricular Enthusiast, Fiery Redhead, Grappling-Hook Gun, I Know Madden Kombat, She-Fu, Naïve Everygirl, Part-Time Hero, Tomboy with a Girly Streak
  • Domain: Heroism, Fist, Chaos, Good, Cheerleading
  • Followers: K.C. Cooper
  • Allies: Ron Stoppable, Buffy Summers, Juliet Starling, Claire Bennet, Sabrina Spellman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Hal "Otacon" Emmerich, James Bond, Dipper and Mabel, Phineas Flynn, Lilo & Stitch
  • Enemies: Dr. Drakken, Shego, The Baroness, Destro, Jack Spicer, Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Katarina
  • Rivals: Libby Chessler
  • Just as broken clocks are capable of telling the time twice a day, Drakken actually managed to devise a plan that nearly worked. Buying out a taco chain, he dished out thousands of toys to various Houses, little did they know that they could transform into giant killer robots. It was the intervention of a red-headed heroine that managed to destroy the control tower that deactivated the machines.
  • It was then that the gods decided to hand her The Cheerleader title…only to be challenged by Juliet Starling. The gods decided to put the two to the test to see which one had the acrobatics to deserve the title. Just as a winner was about to be announced, one particular cheerleader denounced the contest; Libby declared neither of them fit the title because they do not match common cheerleader traits of shallow ruthless AlphaBitches that Really Get Around. The Court of the Gods agreed with the ruling, but thanks to Buffy Summers and Claire Bennet, compensated by giving the two other titles. Juliet would get the Teenaged Speak title.
  • When she was denied the cheerleader spot, she was met with a surprising ally. Although wary of cheerleaders in general, Sabrina would have preferred her to whatever Libby and her posse would choose for the title. Afterwards, she, Sabrina, and Juliet egged Libby's temple in a fit of revenge.
  • As one of her inspirations, she holds Buffy to high regard. The two teenager gods may have different professions, but the similarities cannot be denied. Expect these two to work together whenever super villains are using vampires to take over the world.
  • As someone who had to deal with school as well as crime-fighting when he was younger, Spider-Man has tasked himself with helping Kim deal with stress. He has had far less luck with Ron, who has a debilitating fear of bugs. A shame, as many gods thought the two would have been great friends.
  • Many evil gods made the mistake that a teenaged girl would be no problem to crush. Jack Spicer thought his army of Jackbots would be enough. The fight lasted two minutes.
  • There are many other villainous gods that are competing with Drakken for Kim's hate list. Among them is the Baroness and Destro, as the couple have proven to be a tougher nut to crack than she previously anticipated.
  • There was one time where Ron was much more competent in fighting crime than usual. When Kim confronted him on this, he attacked her. At first she thought he had turned evil again, but as the fight continued on, 'Ron' revealed himself to be the shapeshifter Mystique. When the assassin found out she couldn't defeat Kim that easily, she backed away. Kim's now employing countermeasures against future breaches.
  • However, no villain has pestered her more than Katarina, Goddess of Dark Action Girls. It's to a point that Kim can expect an ambush from the Sinister Blade whenever she's in a mission. Thankfully, she's been able to fend her off with a few close shaves. She suspects that Katarina is doing this for her mortal enemy Shego. It may only be a matter of time before Kat figures out a way to ascend her.
    • It didn't take long, but Shego gave her a rude awakening with a punch to the face. Shego's back, and Kim how has to deal with one of her most dangerous foes in the Pantheon as well.
  • While her source of intel Wade has been reliable, she had to get a new one in the Pantheon. That role went squarely on Otacon. He fits the role perfectly to the point that he and Ron constantly discuss anime. Kim merely shakes her head at their antics.
  • Was quickly greeted by the God of Spies himself. It takes a lot to impress James Bond, but saving the world multiple times when only a teenager can sure do the trick. Thankfully, he's refrained from putting the moves on her, respecting her relationship with Ron. That doesn't stop the sidekick from feeling jealous whenever he's around.
    • Things were made worse when he ascended, making sure to keep close to Kim at all times. Still, she's glad that he has his own temple now.
  • Was greeted along with her fellow original Disney cartoon gods as a well-deserved addition. Their numbers have been small compared to the Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network deities. They hope to remedy that problem soon enough with future ascensions.
    "What's the sitch?"
  • Also has a spot in House of School.

    Knight Gundam 
Knight Gundam, Paragon of Heroic Second Winds (Sir Knight, Knight, KG, Naito Gundamu, Medieval Gundam, THAT %&$!ING GUNDAM)
Knight Gundam's normal form
Knight Gundam in Full Armor mode
His Mobile Suit form
  • Lesser God in standard form, Intermediate God in Full Armor mode, power level unknown when in Superior Dragon form (possible Overdiety)
  • Symbol: His sword, his shield, or an outline of his head
  • Theme Song: Knight Gundam Theme or Battle of Giants normally
    • However, upon reaching Full Armor mode or Superior Dragon form (or if he's doing something particularly heroic), Daikessen (aka Great Battle) will play
  • Alignment: Neutral Good personified
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Locker of Rooms, Super-Deformed, Flaming Sword, The Fettered, Type 3 Unfettered, One-Handed Zweihänder, We Help the Helpless, Hot-Oiled, Knight in Shining Armor, Literal Split Personality, Almost Always uses Close Combat Weapons, Jousting Lance, The Hero, subverts Spikes of Villainy, Robot Knight, God Slayer, Magic Knight, Made of Good, His Name is His Job
  • Domains: War, Defense, Knights, Combat, Honor, Sentient Robots
  • Allies: Musha Gundam, Vulkan, The God-Emperor of Man, Asura, Jeanne d'Arc, Centorea, anyone that will defend others until their last breath, all Good-aligned Gundam deities, Master Chief, Madoka Kaname, Pantheon, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Roy Mustang, Fresh Pretty Cures, Clockwork
  • Odd Friendship: Alucard
  • Enemies: The Chaos Gods, anyone that kills, hurts, or oppresses others for fun or their personal gain, all Evil-aligned Gundam deities, the Trollkaiger, Gul'dan, Black Doom, Yoshikage Kira
    • Especially hates Nurgle, as he looks exceptionally similar to Sieg Zeon, the god that he killed in Lacroa.
      • It has been speculated that this was actually Malal as the modus operandi of the two were the same (causing as much chaos as possible)
    • Ali Al-Saachez has made his shit list as he is the God of Villainy for the Hell of Itnote 
  • Ambiguous Relationships: Char Aznable, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Commander Shepard (depends on his/her alignment)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Beerus
  • Herald: Priest Guntank
  • High Priest: Wizard Nu
  • Arrived at the Pantheon in a ball of light immediately after the events of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, having fulfilled his goal of uniting humanity. His arrival was spotty, to say the least. He was immediately confronted by the 501st and 3 legions of the Imperial Guard, under the impression that he was an attacker. Knight Gundam, for his part, put his weapons down and stayed exactly where he was to show his peaceful ambitions.
    • After careful inspection, he was granted ascension in honor of all he had done before his arrival to the Pantheon.
  • After seeing how everyone treated Madoka, he naturally assumed that she was the queen, and pledged his undying loyalty to her on his honor as a knight.
    • Upon finding out this was not the case, he still stood by his words, saying he had only given that pledge once before, and that he had stood by it.
    • Many are afraid of what would happen if she were hurt or even killed when he was unable to help her.
  • He rarely uses his magic in battle, but when he does, beware. He has a confirmed control of fire and lightning, and it is unsure if he also has control of air and earth.note 
  • He currently has a spot in the GUAG Sacred Knights, since he is the pinnacle of what at least a few knights are trying to reach: unwavering bravery, great power, the ability to continue getting up no matter what, and the willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of peace.
  • Was enraged once he learned Beerus' "job" and nearly went on a rampage to destroy him. He calmed down significantly when he was eventually convinced that he didn't stand a chance against him. Afterwards, the two had a heated conversation about the morals of destroying a planet. After this, they got along fine.
  • Understood Homura's reasoning for what she did during the Great Upheaval and has joined Master Chief's defense of her.
  • Has struck up an odd friendship with Alucard, due to their commonality in meeting one of their greatest allies (who just happened to be women in trouble) during a "vigorous walk through the woods."
  • Has made very good friends with Jeanne d'Arc and Centorea, as they are all knights with strict codes of honor.
  • After learning Asura's backstory, he approached Asura and drew his sword for no apparent reason. He then held it at chest level with the sword at the middle of his body, swinging it off to one side. He then sheathed it and walked away. Absolutely baffled, Asura asked Jeanne what had happened. As it turned out, it was a knight's salute, one of the highest honors a knight can give.
  • Has two different sizes: a "standard" 6-foot-tall height (his SD size) and a 20-meter height (his Mobile Suit height). He prefers his 6-foot-tall height for obvious reasons.
    • Can only emote in his SD form, and only through his eyes. In his MS form, it is nigh impossible to tell his emotions.
  • Several who have seen him fight say that he seems like he is under the effect of a permanent second wind.
  • A few people hope that he and Saitama never face in battle, due to the resultant Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object paradoxnote .
  • Has offered to help Setsuna F. Seiei with killing Rau Le Creuset
  • His temple looks like a Christian church, complete with pews, a papal, and an organ.
  • Some Hot-Blooded characters were initially unsure what to think of him, since he is a hot-blooded robot, but they eventually got used to him.
  • Upon meeting Sei Iori, the latter literally passed out due to excitement.
  • He became depressed when he learned from Trunks that he only got humanity to work together in the timeline that he created, and that he had created shattered timelines through what he had done, causing more harm than good. He's come to grips with it, though.
  • Due to being sentient, does not have to worry about being stolen by Anavel Gato. However, when they're in the same general area, the Knight Gundam will almost always be in his SD form unless they're fighting.
  • Lately, it seems that he and Zero sound similar to each other when they speak English.
  • Also, when he and the Fresh Pretty Cures ran into each other, they were suspicious of him at first due to him sounding like Westar. After he'd told them about his heroic deeds, they were touched by his heroism and have worked together as allies since then.
    • He is also good friends with the Elric brothers and Colonel Mustang due to the fact that Jean Havoc, a friend of those three, sounded like him at one point.
  • When asked who he would like to fight if given the chance, he recalled something he'd read in the Pantheon's (large) library about a sword-wielding mecha called Escaflowne. He is currently pestering Wiz and Boomstick for such a matchup.
  • Openly threatening someone in front of him is a bad idea, but threatening someone that he likes and has made a point to help (especially children) is tied with making Asura angry on the list of dumb things to do, as [REDACTED] of the Trollkaiger found out the hard way.
    Knight Gundam: I WILL FUCKING MURDER YOU!!!
  • Has gained infamy among the House of Gaming as being one of the hardest final bosses ever. In most games, the final boss could be defeated in a few tries, but in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, even the best among them took a minimum of fifteen tries to beat.
  • Often found sparring with others in the Arena. He forged a friendship with Pantheon this way due to their commonality in preferring to engage in honorable close combat.
  • There have been rumors of him secretly hiding a set of centaur legs under his cloak due to events in a different world. This was quickly disproved by him, but several people in the House of Technology built him a Centaur pack to wear on his back.
  • When holding Aghanim's Scepter, he is able to be in his Full Armor mode indefinitely, and does need the magic tablet to trigger it.

    Miaka Yuuki 
Miaka Yuuki, Goddess of Selfless Wishes (Suzaku no Miko)

    Naofumi Iwatani 
Naofumi Iwatani, God of Shielding (Hero of the Shield, Hero of the Kitchen, Devil of the Shield, Savoir of the Heavenly Fowl, Shieldbro, Loli Magnet)
Headbutting Heroes: Most of U.A. academy
  • He and his company come to the pantheon from time to time (time is relative to whatever dimension he's in) to take vacations. (sometimes by leaving fragments at the Pantheon.)
    • That's the official reason. In reality, he came to the Pantheon in order to monitor the many world-destroying deities that live there.
  • Like mentioned above, his companions can be seen freely roaming around the Pantheon due to them being under the protection of the Shield and being Overdeities themselves. They're currently trying to find a way to ascend into the Pantheon proper.
  • His legendary shield has the special ability to adapt the properties of other shields it encounters into itself. For this reason, Naofumi has visited the House of Weapons in order to get the most out of said ability, which has drawn the ire of some people, given the means by which the Legendary Shield gains new abilities.
  • While visiting the House of Food (diguised as a bird), he was invited to a drinking competition. In the end, all of them were kicked out for emptying the House's alcohol reserves without determining a winner, so Naofumi took out the Lukor fruit for everybody. It's said that only the most hardcore alcoholics managed to avoid passing out that day.
    • Incidentally, that fruit has been planted for alcohol and future challenges.
  • He's also stopped by various Blood Knights fairly often, as they want to test their strength against the strongest shield of all. He refused them each time, saying it was a bother, so some of them decided to just randomly attack him. There has yet to be anybody who has succeeded in damaging him.
  • He's allied himself with Captain America, for obvious reasons. Although Steve has repeatedly spoken about his notably less-than-heroic acts. Naofumi's response is typically that he did what he had to in order to survive.
  • Although Issei Hyoudou reminds him of the moronic Hero of the Spear Motoyasu (With whom his relationship is strained), the two are on good terms, as, unlike Motoyasu, Issei isn't an idiot, despite his Harem Seeker tendencies. This has resulted in Naofumi being invited to to the Chick Magnet Quintet, although, due to his trust issues regarding women, he declined.
    • Incidentally, Atlas, his shield's spirit, has shown interest in joining the Special Lovers Squad. Due to not being an official god, though, she can only be there as an Honorary Member.
  • Upon learning about the way Raynare tried to take advantage of Issei and noting the similarities between that and what he suffered at the hands of Malty (whose nickname 'Bitch' is very well-deserved), Naofumi has offered his assistance in dealing with Raynare.
  • Naofumi became curious about Overskills, so he has been seen talking to Shiroe about it. In turn, Shiroe asks about Naofumi's fighting style, and how he gets by with only defensive and supportive skills and his shield.
  • Naofumi is naturally liked by animals, so sometimes, when he's seen in the House of Beasts, many of the animals there would gather around him and show their affection (much to his dismay).
  • On the rare occasion that he comes across hostile monsters, after slaying them, he would often cook them. This naturally attracts the attention of many hungry deities, causing these cooking sessions to turn into full-blown feasts, often with Naofumi as the only chef.
  • Naofumi in his exploration of the Pantheon found other people that sounded similar to him such as the Cyborg [[Pantheon/Emotion Genos]] who he gets along with fine, and Tenya Iida who at first irritated Naofumi for his prattle on proper heroics reminding him of Itsuki but later found that Iida was willing to change and learn but Naofumi got a bad reputation at U.A. not that Naofumi cares.
    • Related, Naofumi once mistakenly believed that he had seen and heard Ren, Hero of the Sword, in the Pantheon, and tried to greet him (as the only one of the Cardinal Heroes whom he had respect for), but was instead greeted by a very confused Kirito. This wasn't helped by the fact that they sound VERY similar when speaking Japanese, though the mistaken identity was eventually cleared up. The two are on fairly amicable terms, although Naofumi isn't exactly comfortable with the large number of females Kirito is often seen with. He's also made this comment in regards to Kirito's story, at one point:
  • Naofumi has objected more than once to being placed in the House of Heroes, but each time he's tried to get his house changed, many gods are quick to point out that, at least out of the Cardinal Heroes, Naofumi was the most heroic, despite the way he goes about it, and it's for that reason that each attempt has failed.
  • Naofumi typically tries to avoid the House of Anger, for fear that it may cause his Shield of Rage to act up. Given that the Curse Series shield runs the risk of consuming Naofumi in pure unfiltered anger when used (Which can result in him lashing out at those around him, including his closest friends- only Raphtalia can snap him out of it), this is probably for the best.

    Sunset Shimmer 
Sunset Shimmer, Goddess of Actions Proof-Worthy of Heroism (Raging She-Demon, Sunset Satan, Sunset Seraph, Daydream Shimmer, Sun-Shim, Flanksy)
Pony Sunset 
As Daydream Shimmer 

    Team America 
Team Americamembers , Deified Organization of Americans That Save the Day
Left to right: Sarah, Joe, Gary, Lisa, Chris
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their logo, depicting an eagle posed against the backdrop of an American flag with a globe clenched in its beak.
  • Theme Song: America! FUCK YEAH!!!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Affectionate Parody of Blockbuster Action Movies as well as Supermarionation, Destructive Saviors, Eagleland, Heroes with Bad Publicity, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!
  • Domains: AMERICA!!!, Patriotism, Puppets, Satire
  • Allies: The South Park kids, Broforce, The Basterds, America, The Soldier, Good-aligned G.I. Joe deities
  • Enemies: Wild Dog, Lelouch, Khaled Al-Asad, HYDRA, Cobra Commander, Guinea Creatures, Joffery Boraethon, Ramsay Bolton, Andrew Ryan
  • Avoids: Any ascended film actor in the Pantheon, any cat person in the pantheon (Chris), all gorilla deities (Gary)
  • Head Butting Heroes with: Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Team America: World Police is an organization that exists for the sole intention of stopping terrorists from performing evil deeds (Kim Jong-Il and a group of film actors are also other foes that they have faced). With a home base located within the structure of Mount Rushmore, the team comprises of Lisa, a young psychologist; Sarah, an alleged psychic; Joe, a typical all-American jock who is in love with Sarah; and Chris, a technological and martial arts expert who harbors a deep yet mysterious mistrust of actors. Later, a popular Broadway star named Gary was also recruited in joining the fight. The team is led by Spotswoode, a United States government agent, and the team's information is received by I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E., a highly-advanced supercomputer.
    • Before Gary joined the team, one of the group’s members was Carson, who was Lisa’s love interest. However, he was killed by a terrorist before he could propose to her.
  • Another peaceful day in the Pantheon was interrupted when a gang of terrorists had hijacked a small area and attacked several bystanders. Although several heroes could have arrived to help them, they were probably busy with other things. Suddenly, a group of vehicles decorated in American stars and stripes arrived in the scene. Team America jumped out of their vehicles and brought out their weapons to fight the terrorists. However, in the process, they ended up destroying more temples in the area than the terrorists would. Despite this, they managed to take their foes down. After the incident, the people who have witnessed the attacks aren’t sure on what to do with the team, with some of them protesting against Team America’s actions. In the end, however, the Pantheon decided that they will stay with the trope America Saves the Day. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to protect the Pantheon from dangerous threats.
  • Their temple looks like an exact replica of Mount Rushmore on the surface, but inside it is their headquarters. Usually, Spottswoode would stay in the temple to monitor the team’s activities. Given what happened to their original headquarters, several security guards have been placed in the temple to prevent any intruder from destroying the place.
  • With their ascension comes new foes to look out for. In particular, there is Wild Dog, who has a history in aiding many terrorists around the world. There’s also Lelouch, whom the team doesn’t like for fighting against an alternate history empire that includes North America. The team also frequently goes up against HYDRA as well as the Cobra Commander. Khaled al-Asad is another notable enemy in the team’s radar given that he was partly responsible for nuking and caused the death of 30.000 of U.S. Marines.
  • The team gets along pretty well with the Broforce given that they have a similar manner of Patriotic Fervor as well their tendency to cause huge amounts of collateral damage. Mr. “Jane Doe” is also interested in working with the team given that he’s also a dedicated American with a knack for utilizing explosive weapons. On the other hand, Steve Rogers aka Captain America doesn’t share the same chummy relationship (despite their shared disdain towards HYDRA) as he’s not fond of their amoral tendencies.
    • They were surprised to learn that the personification of America also resides in the Pantheon. America, in his part, thinks that the team would make him look good and has taken an oblivious attitude to their penchant for accidentally destroying stuff.
  • Being creations of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it’s inevitable that they would meet the South Park kids, who are no strangers to being involved in government shenanigans. While Stan and Kyle don’t entirely approve of their destructive actions, they at least understand that the team has been trying to defend their home country.
    • One day, Team America received reports of a group of giant guinea pigs attacking somewhere in the House of Food. Immediately, they rushed their vehicles towards the place of the attacks and tried to attack them with their arsenal, but the creatures turned out to be more dangerous than they appear. It wasn’t until Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny came to the scene playing Peruvian flutes, which led the Guinea pigs to retreat. Stan and Kyle explained to the team that besides being a threat to the planet, their leader, Guinea Pirate, posed as an American secretary of Homeland Security and devised a plan to capture all the peruvian flute bands in the world. Because of this, the team doesn't appreciate someone giving America a bad name.
  • Given their bad history with the Film Actors Guild, who opposed Team America’s violent actions, they have avoided any ascended film actor or actress in the Pantheon (though Gary sometimes visits the House of Theater to perform several of his Broadway songs, such as “Everyone Has AIDS”). While Chris himself has especially held such a grudge, he has come to believed that Gary is the finest actor that he has come across. In particular, the team has been avoiding Samuel L. Jackson given that in their home world, he served as one of the members of F.A.G.
    • Chris’ distrust towards actors stems from a memory he had when he was younger. When he was 19 years old, he was raped by an actor who was in the Cats musical. As such, he gets traumatized whenever he encounters various cat people in the Pantheon, like Ichigo Momomiya.
    • Likewise, Gary has been avoiding any gorilla deity due his memory of the day when his brother fell into the gorilla enclosure in the zoo and pummeled to death because he had blueberries in his pocket.
  • Gary believes that there are three types of people in the Pantheon: dicks, pussies, and assholes. In his words, "pussies don’t like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks, but dicks also fuck assholes that just want to shit on everything". Among such irredeemable assholes that they have learned about, they are disgusted about Joffrey and Ramsay’s actions back in their home universes, and the team is willing to go after these folks if asked.
  • Being seen as one of the worst aspects of modern America, Team America has been banned from most Dominions given their bad habit of blowing up famous landmarks (although the Pantheon could make an exception with those two Nazi bases). Among the top of that list is Rapture; Andrew Ryan considers the organization to be one of the biggest threats to the city and among the worst of America’s “parasites.”
  • Also present in Nationalities.


    Calem and Serena 
Calem and Serena, Gods of Celebrated Heroes (Calem: Calme, Xavier, Calem Xavier, d, Li'l D, X | Serena: Yvonne, Serena Yvonne, Y | Both: "Looker")
Calem (Left), Serena (Right)

    Dudley Do-Right 
Dudley Do-Right, God of Unnecessary Acts of Good Deeds
  • Theme Song: His Theme Song
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: His Mountie badge
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: One of the most morally upstanding heroes in the Pantheon, Can be dumb at times, Idiot Hero even to the point of Lawful Stupid, Is in love with Nell
  • Domains: Good, Law, Honor
  • Herald: His horse "Horse"
  • Allies: The Houses of Heroes and Justice (to an extent), The Lone Ranger, Miko Miyazaki, Smokey Bear, Inspector Javert
  • Enemies: The House of Villains in general, especially Snidely Whiplash, Molag Bal, General Tarquin, Crow (Nefarious)
  • Oppooses: Yogi Bear
  • Observed by: Wander, Raiden
  • Odd Friendship: Dr. Evil
  • Good Counterpart to: Dick Dastardly and Mutley
  • Snidely Whiplash had thought he place enough traps and complications to prevent his arch-nemesis from ever ascending. He had hoped that his opponent's absence would give him ample room to make a name for himself. When he went through a routine exercise with Nell by laying her across a rail track, his worse fears were realized when he was quickly subdued by a familiar man with a red suit. It was indeed Dudley Do-Right with a paper officially allowing him access to the Pantheon. Snidely groaned as he was taken away by the authorities, realizing that their antics will now carry over to the Pantheon.
  • While the GUAG celebrated alongside him for his ascension, many of their members were privately groaning at the prospect of working with the man. Many have heard horrifying stories of how far Dudley went to honor the law when it was more convenient to just do the right thing. Not even Nell herself is immune to his interpretation of the law as she was arrested one time for using the wrong stamp for her letter in her plea for help. As such, Dudley finds it difficult finding people who are willing to work with him.
  • It didn't help that the person who most appreciated his meticulous respect for the law was Miko, the Goddess of Lawful Stupidity. She claims to have always admired the Mountie and believes he is justified in every thing that he has done. The only thing that gets her worked up is why he gets to be Lawful Good while she couldn't. The GUAG stated that while Dudley can be... annoying at times, he still does it out of the hopes of doing good. That and his antics are merely annoying while she remains unrepentant for murdering her boss.
  • In response to Dudley's ascension, Snidely turned to an old friend for some help. Dick Dastardly may well be the polar opposite of Dudley. For every act of good Dudley does to someone who didn't ask for it, Dastardly ends up undoing it when there was no need in the first place. He was more than happy to make Mr. Do-Right's life miserable. What followed was a battle of wits to see who would give up first. It shows signs of stopping as the two unwittingly undid their own plans.
  • Word of his ascension reached the ears of underlings, who came to those of Molag Bal's. Though ultimately he finds that the do-gooder wouldn't be much of a threat to him in the grand scheme of things, nonetheless the Daedric Prince finds his dogmatic heroism and virtues disgusting. As such, he tasked some of his lesser minions to go after Dudley however the GUAG was quick to notice the God of Scheme's plot and take action.
  • The ascension of a Canadian Mountie was a long time coming. There has been a lack of rangers in the Pantheon proper, so for Smokey the Bear this was a pleasant surprise. He tasked Dudley to watch for any suspicious activities. That order had to be revised after several complains emerged from Dudley arresting people for crimes as innocent as walking off the designated pathway.
    • He personally sought to take over the role of finally bringing that pesky Yogi Bear and his partner Boo Boo to justice. Unfortunately, the two bears turned out to be smarter than he realized. Mere Paper Thin Disguises were enough to throw him off their trail for a long time. Afterwards it was the issue of finding where the bears would strike as the duo has been highly effective in eluding him.
  • The Lone Ranger sees a lot of him in the man... in certain areas. He made it his life work to make sure others will have the justice he was initially robbed of. With that said, he is worried about Dudley's Lawful Stupid tendencies. He is also weirded out that he names his horse "Horse". Besides giving the horse a better name, Reid hopes that some of his more tender moments would rub off on Dudley.
  • For Javert, it allowed for another person willing to go to the ends of the earth to hunt fown Valjean to aid him on his quest. The two work well as a pairing as they work to adhere to the law, even though Dudley insists in helping people outside the law. The Mountie felt bad with Javert's fate and hopes to help the officer achieve redemption.
  • Tarquin has made it his mission to teach villains throughout the universe how to get the advantage over their heroic foes. He even wrote a book to minions on how to handle common heroic tactics. A person like Mr. Do-Right only causes him to shake his head on how he could succeed in anything. Even with his advice, Do-Right manages to succeed with sheer force of ignorance and determination.
  • Crow has considered using his own successes to defeat Dudley Do-Right once and for all, but has decided not to. He figured that Snidely wouldn't want others to help him without his own permission, and doing the deed himself would diminish the mustache-twirling villain's presence. For now, he decided to give Snidely closes as to how he can prevent Dudley from winning.
  • Dr. Evil stated that he would have probably taken a liking to Dudley, even during his time as a villain. He could tell that the Mountie was the perfect person to test his death traps to see of the do-gooder could escape. Nowadays, Dudley considers him to be a friend, happy to see the former villain turn a new leaf.
  • Unknown to the Mountie, he has been under observation from two polar opposite deities: Wander and Raiden. Wander represents the Chaotic Good goal of happiness for all while Raiden represents the Lawful Good goal of seeking justice for all. Dudley is more aligned with the cyber ninja, but he heeded Wander's concerns about the do-gooder's tendency to disregard other people's circumstances. This he allowed Wander to tag Dudley around to show him he doesn't always have to adhere completely to the law. It remains to be seen if any of it has had an effect.

    Eight DigiDestined 
The Eight DigiDestinedMembers , Divine Saviors of Two Worlds (The Chosen Children; Taichi: Tai Kamiya, Goggle Boy; Yamato: Matt; Koushiro: Izzy; Jo: Joe; Takeru: T.K.; Hikari: Kari Kamiya)
Left to Right, top to bottom: Kari, Tai, Joe, T.K., Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Matt
  • Demideities (their Digimon go up to Greater rank)
  • Symbol: Their respective Crests
  • Theme Song: "Butter-Fly", "Brave Heart"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chosen Many, Trapped in Another World, Breaking the Fellowship, Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, Contrasting Concerns Between Mission Progress and Team Safety (Tai and Matt), Ambiguous Love Triangle (Tai, Matt, and Sora), Ship Tease (Izzy and Mimi), Like Brother and Sister (Mimi and Joe), Punny Name (Matt and T.K., in the original Japanese), Living With Different Divorced Parents (Matt and T.K.)
  • Domains: Mons, The Internet, Teamwork, Good, Light
  • Heralds: Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Palmon, Gomamon, Patamon, Tailmon, Meiko Mochizuki
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities (especially Wizardmon and Numemon), GUAG White Hats, many Pokémon deities, Sora, Shin Megami Tensei heroes, Lyoko Warriors, Pretty Cure and Tales Series teams
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities (especially Millenniumon and Diaboromon), Grand United Alliance of Machines, Agent Smith, Nobuyuki Sugou, Teseo, MCP, Sark, CLU 2, Missingno., all Pokémon villains, Chernabog, Light of Destruction, Monokuma, Light Yagami, Lucifer, YHVH, Thaal Sinestro, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Nekron, Parallax
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Life Entity
  • Oppose: Wiz and Boomstick
  • Complicated Relations: Red
  • On August 1, 1999, seven kids in summer camp went on the journey of a lifetime when they found themselves thrust into a strange world inhabited by creatures called Digimon. The kids befriended seven of them and searched for a way to return home. They discovered that the reason they were there was that they had a destiny to fulfill, which was to save the Digital World from the powers of darkness. As their adventure continued, their world was endangered by those same powers, and the team acquired an eighth member and Digimon. After facing many more enemies and some instances of the team splitting up, the gang faced their final foe with all they had and were allowed to return home for good, albeit leaving their Digimon behind. But it wouldn't be the last time they'd see each other.
    • Months later in 2000, they had to stop Diaboromon from causing chaos on the web. With things escalating to the point Diaboromon was about to launch a nuke, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon fused into Omegamon and dispatched the multiplying Digimon. Then in 2002, the gang, stripped of their Crests, had to take the back seat and mentor a new batch of DigiDestined (though TK and Kari were still able to join them). They were put in the frontlines again in 2005, joined by the new DigiDestined Mei and her partner Meicoomon as they unveiled the mystery behind a virus that caused Digimon to go berserk. When they succeeded in saving both worlds again, the Pantheon decided it was high time they were given a spot in the Pantheon to celebrate their deeds.
  • Their arrival had good timing as a conflict between the White Hats and the GUAM was raging on. XANA's ability to possess living beings had evolved to the point where it could now take over creatures from Monster Hunter, which were then sent to wreak havoc in several universes, and the White Hats were having trouble responding to them. But the DigiDestined were used to adventuring in strange worlds and their Digimon were up to the task of subduing the monsters, which most found impressive, especially XANA's archenemies, the Lyoko Warriors. After this feat, and given their established responsibilities as the DigiDestined, they often work with the White Hats to protect both the organic and the digital realms from those who'd seek to do harm to either of them, of which the GUAM is a prime example given their goal is to replace organic life, which is not unlike some of the enemies the DigiDestined have faced in the past.
  • Once things settled down, the DigiDestined went around the Pantheon to greet the other Digimon deities already present, starting with their 2002 successors, who'd ironically gotten in before them as they weren't as busy (to say the least) at the time. The original eight were rather anxious to ascertain that they were alright after their bad experience with Alphamon. The 02 DigiDestined just told them not to worry and that they'd been training hard in the Pantheon to make sure they're not burdens to their seniors. They also congratulated the whole team on achieving Mega level and told TK and Kari not to hold back as Yolei and Cody could fend for themselves.
    • Were surprised at the presence of another Omegamon in the Pantheon, and nervous when they learned it was a Royal Knights member, who they haven't had the best relationship with. However TRON interceded in its favor, explaining how the Royal Knights had been protecting him from CLU for a long time. The 02 DigiDestined also put in that Omegamon had helped them a lot when they'd first arrived. This put the eight's fears to rest.
    • Were absolutely astonished at Wizardmon being alive and well, with Kari and Gatomon being particularly affected; many tears were shed at their reunion. Wizardmon can now usually be found at the DigiDestined's side when they go on missions. Some of the Numemon also took Kari and Mimi's ascension as cause to celebrate, much to the latter's disgust.
    • Abhor the deification of their old enemies Millenniumon and Diaboromon, though were surprised that the former seems to be relatively chill compared to how it was. Of course, part of this is that Millenniumon somehow found a partner in the kooky hacker Radical Ed and it doesn't really resent the arrangement. Though definitely finding the partnership odd, the eight won't protest since without it Millenniumon would probably the worst possible threat they could contend with. So they focus their attention on the more immediately dangerous Diaboromon, who's been visiting Teseo of the Seven an awful lot...
    • They at first believed Lucemon was good given his angelic appearance and the fact that their universe has a fairly rigid dichotomy of good light and bad darkness. Lucemon approached them affecting to be friendly, only to get shot by Beelzemon, whom the eight turned on thinking he was Obviously Evil. At that point the Royal Knights intervened and explained to the eight that Lucemon actually was one of the worst villains to ever come out of their multiverse, while Beelzemon was alright, despite appearances. The eight then apologized to Beelzemon, though he just left without a word. Nonetheless, they are friendly to him whenever they cross paths, especially Kari who often takes the initiative to go find him.
  • Because their Digivices and Crests are activated by emotions, the DigiDestined have become acquainted to the various Lantern Corps from the DC Universe:
    • To the suprise of no one, Tai became good friends with Hal Jordan, finding they are similarly brave and determined. Hal sees much of himself in the boy and even thinks Tai would be worthy of a Green Lantern ring. Unfortunately, this brought some unwanted attention from Sinestro, who hates Tai for reminding him of Hal, and Parallax, who thinks that breaking Taichi's will would be very satisfying. Since then, Hal has done everything he can to keep Taichi safe.
    • Sora was initially creeped out when she learned that the Star Sapphire Corps encase their recruits inside crystals so they can feel nothing but love, but she is glad that Carol Ferris is at least trying to improve things. She also genuinely hopes she can fix her relationship with Hal; at the same time, Carol wishes her the best for relationship with Matt.
    • T.K. admires Saint Walker for embodying the virtue of hope and constantly inspiring others to always believe in hope, even in the harshest of times. Walker, in turn, sees much of himself in the boy and has promised to keep him safe. Unfortunately, this brought some unwanted attention from Atrocitus, who took notice of T.K.'s hidden dark side and believes he could corrupt him with a Red Lantern ring. TK has done his best to keep away from the Red Lantern, especially after seeing him fight Seraphimon to a draw. He does at least feel sorry that Atrocitus lost his family to the Manhunters but that as much sympathy as he is willing to give him.
    • Kari feels strange whenever she gets close to the Life Entity, reminding her of Homeostasis, the strange digital entity that took possession of her body. Although she and the other DigiDestined respect the Life Entity's dedication to maintain the balance of life, they were disappointed to learn that the Entity only cared about cosmic balance and was willing to use the living as pawns to further its plans. Unfortunately for the DigiDestined, Nekron developed an extreme hatred for Kari, thinking her affinity to light might ruin his plans. Kari is completely terrified of Nekron, even having flashbacks of the Dark Ocean whenever she sees him, forcing the DigiDestined to cooperate with the Life Entity to keep her safe.
    • The DigiDestined got into some trouble with Larfleeze, who wanted to collect their Digivices and Crests, especially Taichi's for being orange, but considering the huge amount of enemies they have garnered in the Pantheon, they know Larfleeze is the least of their problems.
  • August 1 is celebrated by them as the Odaiba Memorial Day, Odaiba being where most of the DigiDestined live. It's also widely celebrated in the Pantheon with the alternate name of Digimon Day, extending into August 3 (that being the end date of their adventure), with such things as a marathon of all the Digimon anime and movies happening at the House of Theater, and all the Digimon deities receiving gifts from the House of Celebration.
  • Whether some like it or not, Matt and Sora are pursuing their romance even in the Pantheon. Some deities wonder why Sora wouldn't go for Tai, thinking they'd be a better match. Other deities, mostly from the House of Love, counter that there's no sense in asking why and what's important is that Matt and Sora are happy together. The couple themselves pay no attention to the whole debate and Tai wishes them the best.
  • Deities wasted no time in contriving a meeting between the DigiDestined and Ash Ketchum, given the many comparisons between their two universes. Wiz and Boomstick have also theorized that WarGreymon would trounce Charizard in a fight and they were eager to see if it would be proven now that they're in the same plane of existence. The fact is, the DigiDestined can't really wrap their heads around the idea of mons fighting for sport, since all the times they had to fight, it was for their lives. They've also seen how destructive Digimon can be and the bad rep they get from it. Ash doesn't fully get it and thinks a friendly match wouldn't do any harm, but has decided to respect the DigiDestined's wishes. Whenever they meet, it's to hang out peacefully, and their Digimon like to play with Ash's Pokémon.
  • Then there was Red, who was the opponent Tai was pitted against in Wiz and Boomstick's simulation. Red unfortunately has been brainwashed by Missingno. into believing the duel really did happen and that he was incinerated by Tai and WarGreymon. Upon hearing that Tai got into the Pantheon at last, PTSD kicked in and Red nearly attacked Tai (no mons involved) but was held back by the rest of the DigiDestined. They demanded an explanation from Wiz and Boomstick, who told them about Missingno., and given the glitch's nature the DigiDestined easily went and beat the crap out of it. Unfortunately that by itself wasn't enough to snap Red out of it and the DigiDestined are looking for a way to do so.
  • Hearing the crimes that organizations like Team Rocket and many others committed against Pokémon really struck a chord in the DigiDestined as they imagined how they'd react if Digimon got targeted in such a way (something that's never really happened in their universe as the Digimon's existence was unknown). Unfortunately it's already happened to the 02 DigiDestined as Team Rocket tried to steal V-mon, so the original eight are extra vigilant, though the Digimon themselves are quite confident they could kick those teams' collective butts without breaking a sweat.
  • Among the other types of mons they've met in the Pantheon, it's the demons of Shin Megami Tensei that they find the most striking. For one thing, Digimon also tend to be based on mythology and folklore, and for another, the heroes of that universe use computer technology to summon them. On the other hand, the relationships between those heroes and demons also tend to be a lot more dangerous, and the DigiDestined were appalled at how they treated each other and there seemed to be very little in the way of genuine friendship. But then, the SMT universe runs on dog-eat-dog logic much more than the Digimon one, a fact that became clear to the DigiDestined once they were told about the GUAL and the GUAC and who leads them. While the DigiDestined accept the differences, they also think the SMT universe would be a better place for both humans and demons without those two around, so they've pledged to help take the Overdeities of Chaos and Law down.
  • While helping TRON in a battle against the MCP and Sark, they met and fought alongside his friend Sora, who felt awed at all the Digimon in action. After defeating the evil programs they acknowledged each other as warriors that fight for the light (though the eight think Sora gets awfully abstract about it sometimes) and who saved multiple worlds, so they've pledged to help each other out in the future.
  • One time, Sora asked them to fight Chernabog, as he had overpowered all the benevolent dark deities keeping him in check, and Sora thought it was appropriate to fight giant monsters with giant monsters. The DigiDestined couldn't help but be reminded of their confrontations with Devimon and VenomMyotismon while fighting the evil god. As he is the top god of evil darkness which the eight oppose, they have no objections to beating him down again and again.
  • One digital villain they find particularly vile is Agent Smith, due to his goal of destroying all of existence and being motivated by self-hatred. All this reminds them of Apocalymon, the final enemy in their first adventure, who pretty much wanted the same thing for the same reason. Just like with Apocalymon, the eight think Smith is pathetic and that he has no right to drag everyone else down with him.
  • Given their title, they are paid respects by several deities who've had to save two (or more) worlds as part of their quest. It's a common goal among Precures and Tales teams, for example.
  • Tai and Kari were once questioned as to what their relation to Light Yagami was. They've heard of no one with that name in their family tree. When told about him they were shocked to learn about his actions of killing criminals to create a world where he's revered as a god upholding an absolutist law. Needless to say, they want nothing to do with him.
  • Hot-headed and impulsive, Tai is nevertheless in possession of charisma and drive that caused the others to follow him as their leader on instinct, to the point that when he disappeared for a time, the rest of the DigiDestined disbanded. He often confused recklessness for courage and at times put everyone in danger because of it, but eventually learned to discern when he had to be cautious from when action had to be taken.
    • Bearing the Crest of Courage, Tai has a lot of affinity with the deities of the House of Courage and Cowardice, especially Guy Shishioh, who rules over bravery in general and thinks Tai is a fine example of what it means to have courage. Through Guy he also formed an unlikely friendship with a talking bunny called Ruby, the Jewelpet of Courage. Guy hopes that Ruby can learn from Tai that there's more to courage than acting thoughtlessly.
    • Pretty well-known for wearing goggles for no real reason, starting a trend for future Digimon heroes. When Naruto first met Tai he commented on how it brought back memories from when he didn't have his ninja headband yet. They bonded quite well given their impulsive and determined natures.
  • Matt is The Lancer. Matt appears to be more coolheaded than Tai, but his temper flares up more violently when pushed. They often fight due to their clashing personalities, but consider each other best friends. His parents are divorced, a fact which has left some emotional scars on Matt and led him to push others away and become overprotective of his little brother TK, but he learned to come to terms with it and leave TK to grow up. He bears the Crest of Friendship, which may seem odd given his aloof exterior, but he'd do just about anything for his friends, something he came to realize during the DigiDestined's first adventure.
    • His strong connection to The Power of Friendship, evinced by his unshakable loyalty to his friends, has gotten him a lot of allies in the House of Friendship. He's probably not about to join the Avatars of Friendship, though, because for one, he finds quite a few of the members (like Gentaro or Pinkie Pie) to be overbearing, and for two, he's not the type that goes out and easily makes friends with everyone in sight and he doesn't particularly want to be. But once someone has earned his friendship, it's a true one, and that's enough for the Friendship deities.
    • Out of all the Toku heroes he probably gets along best with Takumi Inui, aka Kamen Rider Faiz, due to how much they have in common as they both started as jerkish loners who actively avoided getting close to people, but truly care that their friends are safe. Also, both have wolf motifs, Matt through his partner Gabumon and Takumi through his nature as the Wolf Orphnoch. Granted, looking at their relationship from the outside, they both come across as huge assholes to each other, but they got each other's back in a fight.
    • He's in a band, so he can often be found at the House of Music rehearsing. Most members find it disappointing that he'd drop such a promising career to become an astronaut (not that that's a bad profession). For now, he still plays music as a hobby and often shows up at concerts at the House of Music to play either the guitar or his signature harmonica.
  • Sora is probably the most down-to-earth of the DigiDestined. She often steps in Tai and Matt's quarrels, looks after the younger ones, is relied on as much as Joe and generally keeps things in perspective for the team. She was a tomboy when younger, to the chagrin of her very traditional mother, who Sora had a hard time understanding. The pivotal moment in her self-growth came when she realized her mother was just acting out of love for her, and that it was no different from how Sora took care of Biyomon and the rest of the DigiDestined. From that point she became more secure in herself, and grew up to become more feminine.
    • Sora has chosen fashion design as her future career, so she spends time at the House of Costumes learning the craft, especially from House leader and goddess of the profession Rarity. She also plays tennis (used to be soccer in her tomboy days) and does flower arrangement (her mother's occupation) in her spare time.
  • Izzy is the brains of the team. He used to avoid social interaction in favor of losing himself in his laptop, which was a way to cope with a recent discovery that he was adopted. Thanks to knowing his way around a computer and doing lots of research, his knowledge proves to be vital several times throughout the journey. He also learned that some things can't be learned without the aid of people and to open himself up to them.
    • His adoptive parents are very kind and loving people, and he learned to unreservedly love them back after working through his issues. The DigiDestined's frequent work with Kirito and Asuna under the White Hats allowed him to become acquainted with their adopted daughter Yui, who managed to rise above being a program thanks to the love of her Papa and Mama. Their similar feelings for their adoptive parents made them close friends, and Yui often visits Izzy in his laptop and plays with Tentomon.
    • His innate curiosity causes him to spend a lot of time at the Houses of Knowledge, Science and Technology doing research and studying. Many of these Houses' inhabitants praise his strong interest. On the other hand, Izzy is sometimes embarrassed by how he ignores everything else when he's deeply into something.
  • Mimi could be considered as "the annoying one" of the team when they were starting out, always vocally complaining about their situation and not wanting any part of it. As their journey went on, she learned to think of the others as well and shed a lot of her initial spoiled behavior, though she never lost her will to speak her mind (which sometimes causes friction with others).
    • Her dream job is to be a cook, so she often works at the House of Food to learn. It turns out that Mimi's outspoken ways allow her to hold her own very well under the fearsome mentorship of Gordon Ramsay, who's come to admire her sincerity when everyone else seems to shrink before him.
    • Nobuyuki Sugou once took notice of her and attempted to claim her for himself like he once did to Asuna. He grossly underestimated what even a Rookie like Palmon can do to a puny human like him (seriously, she didn't even need to evolve). He got hospitalized after getting paralyzed from her Poison Ivy. Mimi and the rest of the DigiDestined think that ought to show him not to mess with any of them, though Kirito and Asuna tell them not to get their hopes up as Sugou never seems to learn...
  • Joe is the oldest of the team, so he feels he has to be responsible for the rest of the DigiDestined. He has problems living up to this since he's pretty weak-willed and neurotic. Nevertheless, he is honest in his intentions and tries his best. In later adventures he tends to be the most absent of the team due to studying hard to fulfill his family's wish to become a doctor. His relationship with the rest of the team is often strained as a result, but when things are really dire, he'll choose to help his friends.
    • While Joe respects his family's wishes for his future, he's also put in his own twist by wanting to become a Digimon doctor. The bearer of the Crest of Reliability now trains with other doctors of non-humans such as Iwashiro Tessho and Jayfeather (the latter of which likes to take potshots at Joe when he messes up) and working alongside Brock, himself an aspiring Pokémon doctor, to have a better shot at achieving his dream. He's also encouraged by the team's ally Emu Hojo, a doctor himself, to work hard.
  • TK is Matt's younger brother. Originally a coddled crybaby who couldn't do anything by himself, he matured to a great extent thanks to his digital adventure, becoming a more levelheaded and witty Nice Guy, especially when compared to his abrasive older brother. He's also part of the 02 DigiDestined.
    • Angemon's death to Devimon was traumatic for TK, and he's become particularly hostile to those who use darkness for evil as a result. A lot of people exaggerate this into TK hating anything to do with darkness, but that's not really true. But it's caused even benevolent darkness deities to tread carefully around him at any rate, most importantly fellow DigiDestined Koichi Kimura, who has a past as the corrupted warrior of darkness before being purified.
    • Being the Crest of Hope's bearer has led him to get along with various Hope Bringers in the Pantheon, like Makoto Naegi and Hajime Hinata. Though if we're honest, TK hasn't shown much in the way of Hope Bringer tendencies; he's more of a "won't lose his own hope" type of person. Monokuma hates him at any rate, because he's another element that makes it hard to bring absolute despair.
  • Kari is Tai's younger sister and is TK's age. She was a belated addition to the team since she missed out on going to the fateful summer camp due to illness. She has a gentle demeanor, always puts others before herself and seems incapable of hating anyone. As she grew older, she became healthier and more self-confident. Like TK, she was also a regular member of the 02 DigiDestined.
    • Kari's status as a Mysterious Waif has allowed certain abstract, light-based beings to use her as a conduit in the past, like Homeostasis so it could speak to the DigiDestined. She doesn't exactly enjoy this. As it happens, the Light of Destruction can also use her in this way, which it does to troll the DigiDestined by making them hear awful things come out of such a sweet girl's mouth. Kari is trying to develop enough strength of mind to be able to expel it at will.
    • Used to be an Ill Girl, causing no end of worries to Tai. However, as she grew up she also grew physically stronger. For this reason she became friends with Wally, who's also a kind boy that managed to overcome his health problems to become a strong and independent person.
    • She's quite the All-Loving Hero, able to show genuine care even for widely reviled creatures like Numemon when she found a bunch of them slaving away for Machinedramon. As already alluded to, the Numemon in the Pantheon adore her for this. It also got her the friendship of Nausicaa when the princess heard about it and was reminded of her own relationship with the Ohmu.
    • As one of her dreams is to see a world where humans and Digimon live together, she's the most interested in the partnerships that certain Digimon have formed with other deities in the Pantheon. She often goes to meet such deities to ask them if they're happy with Digimon and how the partnerships happened.

    George McFly 
George Douglas McFly, God of Averting Date Rape

    John Hartigan 
John Hartigan, God of Heroic Suicide


Alcestis, The Goddess Who Chose To Be Taken
Alcestis in the Underworld by Albert Edelfelt
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A woman with a veil cover her face standing in the Underworld
  • Theme Song: "Alcesti"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Love, Sacrifice, Life & Death
  • Portfolio: Gives up her life so Admetus can live, asks her husband to never remarry, victim of Balancing Death's Books, got Rescued from the Underworld by Heracles and/or Persephone
  • Allies: The House of Love, Hercules, Jean Grey-Summers, Death of the Endless, Discworld's Death, Phoenix Ikki, those who had performed similar act, including but not limit to Belldandy, Edward Elric, Roronoa Zorro, Belle, Katniss Everdeen, Harry Potter, The Doctor, Giselle
  • Enemies: Final Destination's Death, both Hades, any and all Wicked Stepmother including the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine
  • Opposes: Ariel
  • Opposed by: Regular Show's Death, Dhuum
  • Followers: Lily Potter
  • Pities: Snow White, Cinderella
  • Ascend because of her famous offer to sacrifice herself so her husband Admetus can live, one of the most heart-wrenching scene that is one of the oldest examples of the trope.
  • Is a constant source of admiration and jealousy from Greek mortals considering her story is one of the rare ones from mythology that have a happy ending.
  • She and Hercules are very glad to see each other again considering that he rescued her from the Underworld. After Hercules apologized her for his disrespect at her funeral for not knowing that she died, Alcestis forgives him and feels sorry because one of his wife Megara's backstory is similar to her own but ended tragically.
  • Because of her heart-wrenching sacrifice, she is a source of admiration among the House of Love. Alcestis is proud of this because she is one of the rare couples in Greek mythology that is both Happily Married and has a happy ending.
  • Alcestis doesn't particularly like Ariel considering the fact that the mermaid put her father to a tough position to sign away his power and kingdom through her impulsiveness, even though Alcestis can understand that Ariel did that our of love.
  • Despises any and all evil stepmothers in the Pantheon because they are the very fear that Alcestis fears would befall on her own children after Admetus got remarry. This led her to feel pity for children who had to endure them like Snow White and Cinderella.
    • On the other hand, she is fine with good stepmothers, especially with Giselle and enjoys the dance routine she can throw.
  • Because of her experience with the Underworld, Alcestis has a... complicated relationship with the House of Life and Death as well as various versions of Hades.
    • Many of the more humanized and good deities from the House like Jean Grey-Summers, Death of the Endless, the version of Death from Discworld and Phoenix Ikki are touched by her action and declare that they would instantly let her go like Persephone.
    • On the other hand, Dhuum doesn't particularly like her because she disobeys the rule of death. She respects his opinion and tries to avoid him as much as possible.
    • The version of Death from Regular Show also doesn't like her but for different reason: Alcestis never really wins back her life but instead was either let go by Persephone or got rescued by Hercules, which he deemed as cheating. The Final Destination version of Death outright DESPISES Alcestis for escaping Death and cheats the Underworld out of a soul. That Death is determined to hunt her down and re-balance the death book.
    • Was at first excited hear that Hades has ascended into the Pantheon because that would mean Alcestis can now thanks Persephone for letting her go but was severely disappointed that not only both Hades isn't married to Persephone, both of them are evil to boot and one them is responsible for Megara's tragic backstory.
  • Harry Potter once visited her temple in one of his off time and broke down crying in happiness once he saw his mother Lily is among of her followers. Alcestis let the two of them meet as much as she can from that point forward, something Harry is grateful for.

Rango, God of Becoming the Boast

    Sophie Zawistowski 
Zofia Zawistowski, The Goddess Who Made The Sadistic Choice (Sophie)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her concentrated prisoner suit
  • Signature Song: "Love Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Parents, Love, World War II
  • Portfolio: Chose which of her children to die, got taken to Auschwitz for stealing a ham, got caught in a Love Triangle, Driven to Suicide
  • Allies: Many Jewish deities in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: Any Nazi in the Pantheon, Medea, Eric Cartman, Magneto
  • Pitied by: Many good parents in the Pantheon, Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers / Captain America, veterans of World War II
  • Pities: Liane Cartman
  • Complicated Relationship with: Shylock,
  • The mother who was faced with an incredibly painful choice of deciding which of her child to die in the concentration camp, Sophie was ascended after her suicide because the gods heard about her painful choice and how influential it is to the cinematic world.
    • After her ascension, Sophie fell to her knee crying when her request to see her children alive again is denied because the Court of the God argue that bringing them back would deny the purpose of her ascension in the first place. Let's just say that day the entire Pantheon got a little sadder.
  • Her difficult decision to choose which kids to live made her a VERY sympathetic figure to many parents in the Pantheon. Even the evil / more neutral ones who love their kid also feels sorry for her situation.
    • For her reputation, Sophie has turned her temple into a place where parents lost their kids to share their story.
  • Despises Medea with a passion due to the fact that the woman WILLINGLY off her kids.
  • Being married to a Jew and a victim of the Holocaust, Sophie has good relationship with many Jewish deities while despises any Nazi in the Pantheon. While only a civilian, her temple is always welcomed to any Jew and any Nazi dare to come close to it will receive a dose of cyanide in their food.
    • However, Shylock has a mixed reception of her despite being a Jew himself due to the fact that Sophie being Catholic married a Jew reminds him too much of his daughter Jessica's marriage to his enemy.
    • Eric Cartman usually goes to her temple and harass her for her marriage with a Jew. This led Sophie to hate his gut and feels sorry for his mother.
  • While sympathizes with Magneto for being a survivor of World War II, Sophie cannot bring herself to be friend with someone who is so careless about his children and draft them into his terrorist group.
  • Veterans of World War II feel sorry for Sophie as being one of the many victims of the war. Captain America and Peggy Carter especially sympathetic with her since they both lost important people during the war.


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