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Hit, Revered Assailant of Pressure Points (Hit the Infallible, The Flawless Hit, Never-Miss Hit, The Legendary Assassin of Universe 6, Heat)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Shards of glass from his time dimension
  • Theme Songs: Living Legend of Universe 6, The Power to Resist
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Exploiting Pressure Points, Master of the Time Skip, Professional Killer in a Single Hit, The Stoic, The Dreaded, The Ace of His Universe, His Name is What He Does, Another Shadow Archetype of Goku (but Not So Different), Purple Is Powerful, Badass Longcoat, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Dark Is Not Evil, More Skilled Than He is Strong, Internal Frickin' Laser Beams, Fires at the Viewer, Over 1,000 Years Old
  • Domains: Assassination, Time, Striking, Combat, Respect
  • Heralds: Saonel and Pirina
  • High Priest: Neji Hyuga
  • Followers: The Hyuga Clan
  • Clients: Whis (through Vados), Ezio Auditore, Night Raid
  • Allies: Toph Beifong, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Kenshi Takahashi, Dante Sparda, Malcador the Sigillite, Hinata Hyuga, Ty Lee
  • Odd Friendship: Deadpool, Spike Spiegel, Radical Ed, Faye Valentine, Jet Black
  • Worthy Opponents: Son Goku, Kenshiro, Coyote Starrk, Saitama
  • Rivals: Vegeta, Jiren, Pikkon, Esdeath, Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva, Agent 47
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Frost
  • Enemies: Merged Zamasu, Envy the Jealous, Shay Patrick Cormac, Yuuki Terumi
  • Good Counterpart to: Frieza, Cooler
  • Respects: Trish, Nero, Kat, Buffy Summers, The Hunter, Mana Tatsumiya, Maya Fallegeros, Eric Brooks/Blade, Lina Inverse
  • Conflicting Opinion: Vergil Sparda
  • The Legendary Assassin of Universe 6 has never missed a target. Everyone he has ever run up against or been sicced upon has been killed quickly. At least until he entered a tournament set up between two Gods of Destruction. The rules forbade killing in that match, plus he met Son Goku and Vegeta. While he trounced the worn out and overly proud and analytical Prince of Saiyans, Goku gave him a much better fight due to being fresher and more instinctive as well as having a trump card. That said, they both earned differing measures of his respect.
  • At some point after this, Hit traveled into the Pantheon one day to kill Goku on commission from Vados. Though he didn't really want to, Goku wouldn't back off when offered the chance, so he did the job as commissioned. Luckily, Goku miraculously revived himself just in time through a supposedly-hapless beam of energy he shot into the sky specifically to come back to him. Hit then took to slipping into the Tides of Time, a dimension grown and raised by his constant Time-Skipping, to dodge Goku's attacks while still getting to hit him with energy blasts. Goku figured it out and staved Hit's assault off anyway. He then learned the truth about his commission: Goku asked Vados' brother Whis to hire Hit, which he passed on to Vados (thus enabling her access to the Pantheon as Whis' Herald). Also, there's no time limit on this job. Hit has declared that he will take his time killing him. Even Vegeta was shocked at this.
  • Hit's been in the Pantheon ever since the above fight, but focused on building the Universe 6 team for the multiversal Tournament of Power, moving quickly and using Time Skip to not let anyone else see him. His presence was finally detected by Toph, Daredevil, and Kenshi, who all happened to be conversing in the House of Power as he went to visit Goku's temple at some point following the tournament. Toph complimented him on being badass enough to hold Jiren back for several minutes, while he tested out the skills of all three and was impressed with their skills; even though his Super Speed and Time Skip gave him the obvious advantage, they actually made him have to think fast with how well they moved and reacted.
  • After watching him and Super Saiyan Blue Goku fight on more or less equal terms via GodTube, Zamasu promptly condemned him because he's a paid killer traversing on divine tiers of power. Hit's retort?
    Hit: I only kill those who someone wants dead enough to make my pay grade or who challenge me to kill them themselves. You're out to kill everyone else for not being you. You're supposed to be a creator, but I'm the one who actually values my universe. Plus I improve myself through my own skill, whereas you resort to stealing Goku's form for increased power. Pretty crude and lowly for a god.
    • Many others wonder how effective Present Zamasu would have been if he took his body instead of Goku's, or if Goku Black ever fought him in the future timeline. Hit chooses not to entertain such ideas.
  • Envy tried to recruit Hit to High Command using his supposed jealousy towards Goku and desire to kill him. Hit corrected that scoop quickly, informing the homunculus that he respects Goku and wants to beat him at his best before killing Envy several times over. He considers this a Mercy Kill for the about 100 souls he freed from Envy that day.
    • Esdeath and Starrk both expressed interest in fighting him as well. He took on both of them at once, and though he had the upper hand more often than not, they managed to survive his time skipping tactics by working together and using most of their arsenal, including Starrk's Resureccion. While intrigued by both fighters, he refused Esdeath's invitation to join either the Jeagers or High Command. Both look forward to fighting Hit again. Esdeath hopes to kill him someday.
  • In terms of fellow assassins, Ezio has great respect for Hit. His code of honor, never killing or attacking anyone he's not contracted or otherwise obligated to, as well as his incredible prowess and "assassin's pride", makes him a great ally for the Assassin Brotherhood. Night Raid were also impressed by Hit's skills, and were very glad to know that he couldn't be manipulated by High Command when he flatly rejected both Envy and Esdeath. Both Ezio and Najenda have contracted him for their causes, as a mentor for the Brotherhood and an emergency trump card for Night Raid respectively. He's not counted as a full member of either group, though. Not that it matters to Shay Patrick Cormac. The "assassin's pride" part alone would've earned him Shay's enmity, let alone associating with Night Raid and the Brotherhood.
  • Vergil Sparda doesn't understand or think very highly of Hit for his concept of an "assassin's pride". Jiren, after all, was Vergil's High Priest. However, he does respect his solitary pursuit of strength. Dante shares the second opinion but not the first. Hit appreciates both brothers' abilities and convictions but gets on better with Dante, whose compassion and love of humanity despite being a half-demonic showboat is very similar to Goku's love of humans and all innocent mortals despite being a Saiyan. While this respect extends to Dante's allegiances with both Devil May Cry and Night Hand, who strive to protect humanity and the Pantheon from the assault of monsters, especially after the ultimate revelations surrounding the Tournament of Power, Hit still primarily chooses to work alone.
  • Was pointed in the directions of Hinata and Ty Lee by those who've noted their graceful movements and skills at attacking pressure points. Is actually proud of them both for making something of themselves both on and off the battlefield. As a token of respect to Hinata he's even taken on the Hyuga Clan as his followers, with Neji in particular serving as High Priest. During his visit to Ty Lee, she expressed surprise that he ended up with his title instead of Kenshiro gaining it. Because of this, Hit finally decided to pay a visit to the 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken.
    • The avenger and the assassin took turns hitting each other with pressure point attacks, and ended up having to escalate the strengths of their hits in order for either man to truly feel it. Before they could begin to actively spar with each other, a small army of Meta-Coolers were breaking into the House of Emotion. Hit and Kenshiro decided to take them all on, finally getting to see each other's killing techniques in action.
    • It turned out they missed one Meta-Cooler, who turned out to be the true Metal Cooler and used the distraction to go in alone after Vegeta. The Prince of Saiyans told them both to stay out of his fight. As they both walked away, Hit declared that he would accept no time limits or interference if someone hired him to kill Kenshiro. Ken in turn vowed he will have Manly Tears for Hit when that day comes.
  • Aside from the above incident, Cooler has expressed honest interest in a real match with Hit, seeing many similarities between the two, especially in how their methods contrast from Freeza. While Hit is somewhat interested as well, he knows not to trust that it will be a fair match, given how Cooler is still a galactic conqueror who becomes bitter at the thought of defeat much like his brother and Frost.
  • He's also previously met Frieza, though was under the impression Frieza used poison needles like Frost does. The tyrant actually promised to make him wish for death. Their first battles with Goku went very similarly as well, so hearing that Frieza actually respects Goku underneath all his evil and hatred comes as no surprise to the Assassin.
  • Compared to Universe 7's Frost Demons he gets along much better with his world's imperial changeling, whose Engineered Heroics do at least have a few genuine events peppered in prior to his fall from grace, and who he's teamed up with twice on behalf of Universe 6. Still doesn't trust Frost much, though.
  • His desire for a powerful challenge is akin to Saitama's. They ran into each other and fought once, but not much was seen beyond Hit trouncing Saitama with punches to the head (though it was very clear they were both horsing around at that point). What happened after the fight got serious? Who knows? Both men expressed that they'd like a rematch, though.
  • Will very occasionally hang around fellow merc Deadpool. His quiet wisdom tends to counterbalance Wade's comically insane mouth, with several memorable moments already.
    • Given his appearance in the Universe 6 Saga segment of the DBS opening, Deadpool has wondered aloud what he knows about the Fourth Wall. Hit refuses to say a word.
    • Because of the odd shape of his cranium, Wade has taken to calling him Dickhead. He's told the Merc to nip that joke in the bud. Repeatedly. DP only relented on this upon seeing Hit beat Terumi within an inch of his life in virtually the blink of an eye for mocking the shape of his head.
    • At one point while the two sparred, Deadpool suddenly called out "This is the Stance!" and fired off a barrage of energy-bullet gunshots and flash-step Katana strikes, Hit blocking or dodging every single one. Taskmaster suddenly showed up during this and said, "No, this is the Stance!" before targeting Wade with a similar assault but quicker. DP lost an arm and gained many holes in his chest and ribs, but survived to regenerate from the assault. Then Hit corrected course.
    Hit: You're wrong, both of you. This is the Stance!
    • Cue Taskmaster being knocked straight unconscious by a Molotov of punches he didn't see coming.
    Hit: I continue to improve.
  • Lady Shiva once came after Hit to send a message to Ezio and the other ascended assassins. While his powers ultimately left her outmatched, he took fast notice of her pure skill, as it was among the best he'd ever seen. She won't be rolling over and letting him take all her jobs.
  • Being something of an old-school space cowboy, he can sometimes be seen among the Bebop crew. No one's exactly sure what to make of that.
  • Some gods in the Pantheon mistakenly believe Hit is a mentor figure to the Universe 6 Saiyans. While the Saiyans (especially Caulifla) have great admiration for Hit, Cabba keeps his distance, as Hit could be paid any day to kill the King of the Saiyans.
  • His Time-Skip is even more ridiculous online. This infuriates Vegeta. Shiroe is trying to figure out how this works, or if it could be exploited somehow.
  • Learned that Goku had already combined Super Saiyan and Kaio-Ken much earlier once before in a slightly different continuity. Specifically while he was dead, in the Other World Tournament against Pikkon, a warrior said to be fairly similar to him with their confident cool-customer attitudes and unique fighting styles. Eventually Hit ran into this warrior and tested his skills, finding himself intrigued by the West Quadrant U7 warrior's unique techniques, who returned this sentiment in kind. Aside from that, the heroic-minded Pikkon doesn't particularly like Hit because he's a paid killer.
  • "Time to make the donuts."

Intermediate Gods

Adell, God of Fist Fighting (Battle Maniac)

    Swords of Justice 
The Swords of Justicemembers , Battle Quartet of Horn Attacks (Legendary Musketeers, Sacred Swordsmen | Cobalion: The Iron Will Pokémon | Terrakion: The Cavern Pokémon | Virizion: The Grassland Pokémon | Keldeo: The Colt Pokémon)
Virizion, Cobalion, Keldeo, & Terrakion
Keldeo's Resolute Form 
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Their horns crossed together
  • Theme Music: Battle! Cobalion/Virizion/Terrakion
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Genderless (though Cobalion, Terrakion, and Keldeo are often identified as males and Virizion is occasionally referred to as a female)
  • Ability: Justified
  • Movesets: Sacred Sword (shared between all of them; the other three moves that they have below are different)
    • Cobalion: Metal Burst, Zen Headbutt, Volt Switch
    • Terrakion: Stone Edge, Poison Jab, X-Scissor
    • Virizion: Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Stone Edge
    • Keldeo: Secret Sword, Surf, X-Scissor
  • Portfolio: Badass Crew, Horn Attacks, Lightning Bruisers, Shout-Out to The Three Musketeers
  • Domains: Horns, Quartets
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Aegislash, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, GUAG Sacred Knights
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Cruella de Vil (especially for Virizion and Keldeo), Mr. Burns
  • Opposes: Ali Al-Saachez, Zoran Lazarevic, Millennium, most of the House of War (especially the more aggressive humans)
  • Additional relations: Kyurem
  • A group of Pokemon that bring to mind musketeers (especially four certain ones), these four are known for using their horns as swords. Three of the members, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, function as something of the core of the team, and Keldeo serves as arguably the honorary member of that group. By learning another sword-based move, Keldeo is also capable of changing appearance, but it's Resolute Form will only show as long as that move is in its usable repertoire. The Resolute Form seems to be more for show than anything.
  • Cobalion, Terrakion, & Virizion had fought in a war against humans to protect Pokemon. The three, Cobalion in particular, grew a dislike towards humans as a result of that. Though they've possibly softened their stance since then, they still are wary of humans who have less-than-noble goals in mind. Even then, the three have no interest in associating with those who detest humans entirely.
    • It was roughly during that time of war that the trio met Keldeo, and they served as surrogate parents for it while teaching it how to survive.
  • Given that they utilize their horns as swords, they are often seen as some of the more unorthodox swordsmen of the Pantheon (even if they aren't physically carrying one traditionally). All of them also have their own distinct ways of battling besides just using their horns.
    • They have become friends with Aegislash given that they are sword-themed Pokemon (Aegislash being an actual sword) that are capable of using Sacred Sword.
  • Aside from physical combat, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo are capable of other elemental powers. They are sometimes seen with other heroic deities that are capable of using the same powers as them. Naturally, these Pokemon are also opposed to those who use these same elements as them for less-than-noble means.
  • Things are rather complex when it comes to them and Kyurem. Keldeo, wanting to prove it was strong, tried to pick a fight with Kyurem, but had to flee when it was overpowered. Kyurem, however, wanted to finish the fight with it no matter what it took.
    • Virizion also had some interaction with Kyurem at a different point in time. It was during that time that Kyurem was being used as a pawn by The Bittercold.
      • Even Keldeo got involved with that adventure as well. It was a friend of Virizion that time and having found out about what happened then, he tried to protect Virizion from trouble. This ended up making Virizion bitter, though that Pokemon did get better later on.
  • Unsurprisingly, the quartet all hold contempt towards Ghetsis due to his low opinion of Pokemon and how he embodies some of the worst aspects of humanity that made Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion resent humans initially. Somewhat more surprising is that they and Keldeo are more incensed with the fact that Ghetsis tried to use Kyurem to freeze over Unova.
  • All of these Pokemon have an intense hatred of those who are willing to cause war just for the fun of it. Even if it's not clear as to why the war the four got involved with even happened, the fact that there are warmongers in the Pantheon is enough for the quartet to remember the bad memories of that prior war.
  • Since one of the presumed causes of that war was Pokemon being at risk, the four have become wary of humans who are willing to harm creatures for their own sake such as Cruella de Vil.
  • Having heard of a group of musketeers, Mickey, Donald, & Goofy, decided to see what it was all about, especially since they played the roles one time. Although it wasn't what they were exactly expecting, the three are on good terms with the Sacred Swordsmen. The four also have a level of respect for that trio due to that particular adventure.
  • Due to their connections with swords and having a sense of justice (it's in their group name after all), the GUAG has expressed interest in getting them to join their Sacred Knights division. Although they haven't said much about being permanent members of that group, the four do sometimes work with the members of that division if possible.
    • Virizion has taken quite a liking to Astolfo of that division. It may be because they look and sound feminine, yet are male (technically, Virizion is genderless and could be addressed as a female).
  • How Artoria and Cobalion came to become fellow allies stems from the fact that as leaders, they are bound to serve and to protect, no matter the cost. The two of them met when Cobalion ventured into the forests of Bretonnia and monitored the surroundings. He saw Artoria at the gates of a dilapidated castle, her scabbard Avalon, housing the legendary sword, Excalibur, perched on top of a pathway with her owner clenching it tightly and overlooking the fields and forests. Interested at her royal looks and steely demeanour, the Legendary Pokémon slowly trotted towards her as Artoria quickly noticed her presence. She calmly asked who he was and what was his intentions. Cobalion whinnied with authority and bowed before her, stating that he ended up in a strange world and was surprised to see a figure stay in a ruined settlement. Artoria replied that she, too, came by accident, but upon learning of Bretonnia, she decided to matters into her own hands and look after its settlements until its rightful rulers are ascended into the Pantheon. Enthralled by her chivalry, Cobalion bowed towards her again and a softer snarl stated that he would like to be in her company and act as a fellow comrade and supporter of her. Artoria accepted the offer, with two renowned warriors establishing a pair that will fight for what they believe is right and just. Ever since then, many have revered Artoria and Cobalion as divine overseers of what was left of Bretonnia and as honourable leaders who will do anything for their comrades and friends.
  • Maya Fallegeros met Virizion during an expedition in the House of Nature when a series of pollution left much of the greenery damaged and animals hurt or kidnapped. She suspected that Hunter J was behind it. The two initially pursued their aggressor independently, that is until they happened to eye on Hunter J's ship. Maya leapt as high as she could, attacking Hunter J's ship and catching Virizion's attention. Impressed by the Jungle Princess's action, the Legendary Pokémon reciprocated with a Sacred Sword, doing enough damage to catch the poacher's attention. Maya and Virizion then decided, in the heat of the moment, that it was best to fight alongside one another and charged through Hunter J's ship, rescuing any Pokémon they came across and dueling against the poacher. They eventually managed to defeat and drive Hunter J away to yet another defeat, whereupon the rescued Pokémon bowed in relief and gratefulness towards the jungle princess and one of the Swords of Justice. Formally, Virizion recognized Maya as a worthy hero for the Pokémon and the forest and offered itself to be her human partner. Seeing Virizion as a fellow comrade who is dedicated to justice and the safety of the forest, Maya obliged, with the two of them overlooking the fields that they govern over and punishing and driving away any who dare to threaten it.
  • Keldeo and Melody met by circumstances that were set up by the latter's mother, Ariel. Ariel herself met Keldeo and the two became friends as Ariel herself has had her experience of naivety and trying to prove her worth while ignoring her senior, much like how Keldeo did towards the other Swords of Justice. Given that she already had Quilfish as an ally, the mermaid decided if she can introduce Keldeo to a new friend as a gift, said friend being Melody. When the two met for the first time, Melody told the Sword of Justice her experience as a rebellious girl when it came to Atlantis, which endeared Keldeo for similar reasons. They also admitted that their recklessness has been problematic and that it'll take some time before they can get over it. Eventually, they decided to stick around for a bit longer, whereupon Melody and Keldeo had a large understanding for one another to the point where they affirmed a tight partnership for one another. They will hang out in shores and lakes, playing and watching over the water's fauna and Keldeo is ready to defend his partner at any moment, while Melody is eager to have Keldeo explore around the Pantheon for a nice little adventure for themselves.
  • Many have noted that Keldeo looks like someone that could have come from Equestria, minus the Cutie Mark, of course (though what kind of Cutie Mark Keldeo could have had isn't that hard to guess). Nevertheless, it likes to hang out with the Mane Six and their friends every so often.
    • Because of that, the Swords of Justice got involved when the Cutie Mark Crusaders were sent to Limbo, allying with the Crusaders' personal friend Gangrel (no, seriously). While weirded out by the connection, the Swords helped the vampire wrestler in his trek to Limbo to save his dear friends, and now hang out together.


Lesser Gods

Ayane, Goddess of Spinning Attacks (The Killer Kunoichi, The Female Tengu, Kunoichi with Murderous Intent, A Kunoichi's Impulse, Good Things Come in Small Packages!)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: A purple butterfly and a swirling storm of iris petals
  • Theme Songs: Tehu Tehu, DoA4 Remix, Dimension Remix, Warriors Orochi remix, Shade, Stylish SHADOW
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Ninjutsu (And Being Rather Noticable) Spinning A Lot, Having An Unusual Hair Color, Having a Rather Abrasive Personality, Kicking ass with her back-turned, FANSERVICE, Fiend Slaying, Breakout Characters
  • Domains: Stealth, Combat, Fanservice, Spinning, Family, Popularity
  • High Priest: Levi
  • Allies: Kasumi (her half-sister), Ryu Hayabusa, Hayate/Ein her half-brother, Ayame her mother, Shiden her Uncle, Taki, Kokoro and Eliot, Mai Shiranui, Temari, Jin Kazama, Hinata Hyuga, Yagyuu
  • Rivals: Suzaku, Garren, Yunero
  • She heard of the Pantheon during her pursuit of her rogue sister/cousin Kasumi but she paid it no mind and just settled for being a follower of Mai Shiranui. After making up with her sister, she decided to find a way to join the Pantheon for herself. After all, whatever Kasumi can do, she can do better.
  • She has a habit of spinning a lot while in combat but for some reason she doesn't ever get dizzy.
  • She is noted to be rather abrasive and is rude to most gods. Not even Hayabusa is immune when that one time he decided to take the easy route. She ended up wrapping a fluffy purple bow on his head all while viciously snarking at him. She is only one who is known to have gotten away with this. Otherwise, she is very much a loner who prefers solitude to socializing.
    • Of late, she has been seen spending more time with her sister Kasumi and talking with other people, a mark contrast from her earlier years.
  • She apparently has a time machine or some type of time traveling ninpou as she could be seen in numerous area in Ancient China, giving out daggers to those who would help her out. She later would joined those warriors and the ones from the Warring States in order to stop the Orochi.
  • Prior To her ascension, she had finally made up with her sister after a few years of misplaced hatred, and they have made peace with each other. As a result, they tentatively form one of the more dangerous Sibling Teams the Pantheon has ever seen.
  • Has gotten into a small rivalry with Suzaku, Yunero and Garren on whose spins are more effective in combat.
  • Being the result of a rape and having known the accompanying stigma, she joins Jin and his crusade against evil parents. Not to mention she hates rapists moreso than most gods. The betrayal of her father figure also dealt a huge blow to her stability but thankfully her birth mother Ayame gave her the strength to keep going when she needed it most.
  • She is at a slight loss as how to deal with Hinata Hyuuga since they've been introduced, especially since the Hyuuga girl reminds her so much of Kasumi. When she gave a scathing remark about Hinata's shyness, the girl just smiled and said that Ayane reminded her of her own little sister, to which Ayane blushed, embarrassed. She is, however, intrigued by her powers and she and Kasumi offer a spar every now and then.
  • Her love of beauty treatments (spas, pedicures, etc) lead her to seek out Ichika Orimura to test out his massage skills. While she did tease him a bit after she saw how easily he blushes, Ayane did give him a few pointers and deemed him as being 'good enough'. She is thinking about how to set up a neutral ground hotspring/spa resort for the Pantheon.
  • She was briefly kidnapped after she was distracted by the news that Honoka the mortal she was watching over happened to be her sister. They were both used to resurrect their biological father Raidou. They were eventually rescued after she sent a distress call to her siblings. She then teamed with her siblings vanquish her accursed foe once and for all.
  • She has been seen borrowing some clothes from Yagyuu, of all people. After which it turned out that she managed to sneak into her universe to be part of the "Kagura Millennium Festival".

Bonk, God of Headbutts (PC/FC/GB-Genjin, BC Kid)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His comically oversized head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Angry Eyebrows, Bald of Awesome, Eyes Always Shut, Gender Bender, Interspecies Romance, Power-Up Food, Punny Name, Purposely Overpowered, Sizeshifter, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity (Not even close to at the same time)
  • High Priest: Ristar
  • Allies: Yellow Heart, Popeye, Mario, Johnny Turbo
  • Enemies: Riptor
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: Krillin
  • After “hanging” with Neptune and The CPUS for a while in the House of Gaming, Yellow Heart suddenly felt like something was missing. She did not need to make Johnny Turbo Her Herald. She had her very own mascot, and He hadn’t even ascended. So, She summoned the Council and requested that they ascend a certain caveman with an oversized head. They heeded Her request, after showing some leg, and when that failed, begging really hard. - Ascension, 19:89
  • Bonk, after he found himself out of bed and under the arc, proceeded to make his way to the House of Food. He was met by Popeye, who, seeing an opportunity, offered him some spinach. No one is really quite sure what Bonk transformed into afterwards, but either way Popeye finally found someone who liked it.
  • Soon afterwards, Bonk decided to say hello to Mario. The two got along rather well. While Bonk is the PC-Engine’s mascot, he's been on Nintendo systems far longer than that. Besides that, some of the more scientifically minded in the Pantheon want to see him eat a Super Mushroom.
  • Bonk can occasionally be seen with a Slasher Smile. if you see him with this, note that he’s not dangerous... unless you provoke him, as one of his enemies found out. Krillin got fed up with constantly being confused with Bonk and decided to challenge him, but soon afterwards he found that he wasn’t willing to listen. Bonk ended up repeatedly jumping and headbutting Krillin in the face.
  • Bonk, however, when outside of this form, is rather friendly. This backfired on him when he tried to be friends with Riptor. He soon found that she's not the kind of friendly dinosaur he often met back in 1 Million B.C.. Far from it.
  • Despite Johnny Turbo's acrimonious relationship with the Gaming pantheon, Bonk remains friends with him to this day due to him being an old ally at NEC during the console wars of the early 90's.

Guile, God of Simple but Practical Combat and Charging Attacks (William F. Guile, Major Guile, Soldier of Justice, Military Man, Air Slasher, Circletop Soldier [by Edward Elric])

    Johnny Cage 
Johnny Cage, God of Groin Attacks (John Carlton, Uncle Johnny - by Jacqui)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Sunglasses; alternatively an Autographed Photo of his Face, with the words "To my greatest fan, Johnny Cage"
  • Theme Songs: The Storm Ahead, Prepare Yourself, Johnny Cage's Theme by LA Riots
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Nut Cracker, Those Back from the Dead Too Many Times, Arrogant Kung Fu Guys, Crouching Morons, Hidden Badasses, Fake Ultimate Heroes, Cool Shades, Casanova Wannabes, Awesome McCoolnames, Unfazed Everymen, Small Name, Big Ego, Getting Caged, Took a Level in Badass, Uppercut Decapitation, Torso Rip, Action Fathers, "Heeeeeeeere's JOHNNY!", Counter Plans
  • Domains: Kombat, Movies, Power
  • Followers: The Cast of Porkchop 'n Flatscreen!
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Syzoth/Reptile, Captain Falcon
  • Enemies: Goro, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Zeref, Mileena, Kano, Tanya, Ermac
  • Opposed by: Vegeta and Son Goku
  • Johhny Cage joins this House after seeing him perform the famous Nut Cracker on Goro in a movie he starred at. Not only that, he could also use a Nut Cracker many into a complete fatal attack, it becomes a Fatality, for both men and women!
  • He once got killed two times, once by Motaro, and then by the Deadly Alliance. When there was a reset, he survived, but to his bad luck, it got a side effect to cause the fall of his mentor Raiden. And seeing his bud Liu Kang became extremely shattered in faith also can't fail to get Cage sad.
    • After discovering that Raiden's actions were what caused his friends' avatars to be enslaved by Quan Chi and subsequently sent over to the GUAE Re-Education Facility, he severed his ties with Raiden.
    • He respects Thor, despite the fact that he's occupying Raiden's role in terms of the God of Thunder. Also with Rachel Alucard, especially since she began working with him, Liu Kang and Sonya to free Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Jax, Kitana, Stryker and Smoke from Quan Chi's control the GUAE Re-Education Facility, despite the fact that she's now occupying Raiden's role in terms of being the Big Good to the Mortal Kombat characters in the Pantheon.
    • After hearing Raiden exhaust himself to the point of near-death to cleanse the Jinsei and save the world, Johnny's willing to reestablish his alliance with him.
  • He always insists that his fighting sequences in all of his movies aren't fake. This is the reason why he visits the House of Theatre and Spectacle to show that he's the special effects. He also makes movies, some of them good... some of them so bad that Kurtis Stryker stated he would rather go back to Netherrealm than see Cage get chosen as the actor playing him. (He was only exaggerating about the 'going back to Netherrealm' thing.)
  • Hates Quan Chi, as he's the cause of the enslavement of his friends' avatars... and alongside with Sub-Zero, Jax, Kung Lao, Kitana, Smoke and Stryker, he's finding a way to reduce the influence of Quan Chi in said avatars. Reason, he's making a collective "Screw You!" to Quan Chi's machinations (and that time Quan Chi killed him).
  • According to a certain event, he used to be a Power Ranger. Len (although a Kamen Rider) is not pleased.
  • K' took his sunglasses and threw them to Shao Kahn in order to deliver the Chain Drive on him. Cage is not happy with this.
    Those were $500 sunglasses asshole!
  • As part of the 25 years of Timeline X, it seems that he's literally a cool daddy, proven by the presence of one Cassie Cage. She even inherited his jovial personality.
    • However, during the events of Timeline X, Cassie (at the time a teenager) tried to call him, but he never responded. There are rumors that he ended up missing in action after the Netherrealm War… which have been debunked by his appearance in the Outworld Civil War, speaking on good terms with Kotal Kahn. Later, upon hearing that Cassie and Jacqui were captured by the Black Dragon mercenaries Jarek and Tasia under supervision of Erron Black and then by the Blood God Cult composed of Havik, Reiko and Skarlet, he and Sonya did find them, only for the fact that they once got brainwashed by the Cursed Kamidogu.
    • He's extremely proud that his daughter basically saved the world by beating the crap out of Shinnok after he absorbed the power of the Jinsei and hulked out into a giant bone monster. He and his ex-wife congratulated Cassie for the quartet's ascension.
    • That said, things with Liu and Kitana have gone plenty sour. It's bad enough they embraced being wraiths and became the rulers of Netherrealm, but they had to go and insult his daughter too. Fortunately, things were repaired after Kronika's arranged crossover between their Midway and Timeline X selves resulted in Liu and Kitana returning to good as the main architects of the Korrected Timeline.
  • Some people says that he has the potential to become the greatest human combatant to ever live and/or that he became immortal. While he is flattered by this rumors, he has yet to confirm (or deny) them.
  • Very prone to cheesy one-liners, he's an actor after all. Whenever he does so (or does something humorously stupid), even when not in a movie, expect this sound to blare: Waah-waah-waah-WAAAAHHHH.
  • While doing a shoot at the Big Blue, Johnny Cage proclaimed that the upcoming Captain Falcon film will star himself as the titular racer/hero. Said racer/hero provoked by the actor's choice of words describing the role, insists that Cage show Falcon his moves; to bear the honor of even pretending to be the Falcon, he must first defeat the real deal. Cage decided they would duke it a simulated battlefield arranged by Wiz and Boomstick; both being heroes, there was no need for unnecessary deaths. Johnny lost the battle, and was forced to recant his claim.

    Sonya Blade 
Sonya A. Blade, Goddess of Crushing Legs (General Blade, Aunt Sonya, Mrs. Cage, Future Ex-Wife, My Better Half [by Johnny Cage])
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Special Forces Badge
  • Theme Songs: Bring the Hype, Special Forces Desert Command (Round 2, Final Round)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Kiss of Death, Action Girls, Those With Missing Fathers, Lovable Blondes, Backflip Grab (and Using it to Rip Her Foes in Two), She's Got Legs, Baring Midriff, Heroic Willpower, Sometimes in Distress, Tomboyish Ponytail, Action Mothers, Colonel Badasses, Choosing her Military Job Over Johnny and their Daughter Cassie and Working with the Ex, Having Three Variations in MKX (Special Forces, Covert Ops, Demolition)
  • Domains: Miltary, Combat, Technology, Family
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The House of Combat Wrestling (outside of Jax) and several other Wrestling deities
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Spawn
  • Fears: Deities made of paper or related to it
  • Lt. Sonya Blade was a military officer of the Outer World Investigation Agency sent to capture notorious criminal Kano and bring him to justice but her team, most notably her superior Jaxson Briggs, were all captured by the owner of the mysterious island that Kano was hiding and said owner, Shang Tsung, forced Sonya to participate in the Mortal Kombat tournament in order to save the lives of her squad. However, she got caught up in the event that lead to Outworld invading Earthrrealm and suddenly she became one of Raiden's finest kombatants. While the original timeline ended with the Armageddon, Raiden's actions caused several changes in an alternate one, where she eventually went on to marry Johnny Cage and conceive a daughter with him, but her dedication to her job following a promotion to General strained her relationship with both Johnny, who she later divorced, and her daughter Cassie. Things eventually got better until Sonya eventually had to perform an Heroic Sacrifice to defeat Reventant Liu Kang's army in the Netherrealm and so she was later awarded with an official ascension to the pantheon.
  • The reason for her ascension was simple, given her fighting style is mostly kick based and how brutal she can get using her legs, she was given the title of crushing legs, which she is proficient enough to crush her enemies heads to a pulp and even literally tear folks apart. She was initially dissapointed she wasn't given a position in the House of War but she wasn't really complaining either and she gets to spend time with her daughter and catch up with Johnny on some "unfinished business".
    • Turns out she missed a lot after her Heroic Sacrifice, like the fact that Kronika decided to step in the moment she died and that a past version of herself ended up meeting her daughter mere moments after her death. Past Sonya is really proud of her accomplishments and of her daughter, even if she has no clue how she ever got to sleep with Cage but Cassie makes up for it.
  • Sonya is well versed with the DC Universe ever since both it and her universe collided. Her hard work and dedication earned the trust of the Justice League and several other heroes who don't mind working with her. She also despises the Joker for making Kano look somewhat reasonable by comparison and the fact that he even managed to sneak into her universe doesn't amuse her in the slightest.
  • Sonya if often praised for her beauty, even in her early fifties she is still quite the looker and one of the reason Johnny became interested in her was because of her looks. Don't let her beauty fool you though, if you do so, this means you're already dead and unfortunately for Sonya, her looks have attracted the attention of some unsavoury men like Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn (the former has an uncharacteristic crush on Sonya, considering his nature) or some annoying attention (the aforementioned Johnny Cage, though you know how that story ends).
  • Good friends with Chun-Li not only for both being in the force but also for their similar fighting styles. It helps that Sonya also has a beef with M. Bison after he tried to brainwash her daugher and the rest of her team and she wouldn't hesitate to ham on his ass the moment she is able too. Chun and Sonya have been working together trying to bring down Shadaloo for a while and they made significant progress ever since.
  • Alongside Johnny, she has been keeping tabs on Raiden and started to lose her trust on him after he slowly became his dark self, which would eventually prove her doubts when his plan to cripple the Netherrealm led to her death, at least in the main timeline. For a while she worked under both Rachel Alucard and Thrall because she couldn't bear to trust Raiden anymore but after the whole time merger and the reveal of Kronika's existence, she forgave the god of thunder and is willing to work with him again. Helps that Rachel and Thrall are also working to help Raiden to stray away from his purpose.
  • Kronika's actions led to several other realms getting involved in her own universe. She was happy to meet Robocop even if at first she was a bit bothered by the fact that he was after Kano since she is the one that wants to catch that fucker but nonetheless is content with working with Murphy. Spawn is a bit rude and condencending towards her but the only reason she at least tolerates his presence is because they share a common enemy. Lastly, her encounter with a Terminator led her to learn about SKYNET and the wide-array of units present in the Pantheon, considering that the unit she met destroyed itself after having important information regarding his universe timeline. SKYNET is interested in getting ahold of the Hourglass and Sonya and her team is not going to allow the AI to achieve their goals.
  • Several deities found her to sound very familiar and as a result have invited her to join the ring whenever she wanted to. She finds the sport to be very laughable and not worth her time but she is not above throwing down with a few of them whenever she has time to kill. Plus, she and Jax make a killer tag team.
  • Work as a military advisor and a general to special forces in the GUAG, fully suported by Raiden and endorsed by Cosmos herself. She gets along with several other generals in the House of War given her position but many have also found her to be too stern and stubborn to negotiate certain conditions. But they do respect her commanding authority nonetheless.
  • Believe it or not, papercuts are one of her greatest fears (something she shares with Cassie) and it's one of the many reasons why deities that are either made of paper or can manipulate it scare the shit out of her, an uncharacteristic side considering Sonya is usually tough as nails and no-nonsense when it comes to everything else basically. This is what the Joker usually likes to bring up when confronting Sonya, which usually ends poorly for him.
  • Can also be found in Body Parts.

    Yagyu Munenori 
Yagyu Munenori, God of Simplicity's Effectiveness (Jubei, Sword Saint, Ryutan, The Lion Who Bore No Fangs, Peerless in Swordsmanship, Saber Empireo, Yagyu Tajima-no-Kami Munenori, Guardian of the Tajima, Sitting Master, Historically Accurate Old Man)
Munenori in his younger days 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His historically accurate black armor
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Yagyu-Shinkage-Ryuu Swordsmanship, Power In Simplicity, Action Politician, Zen and Sword As One, Cool Old Guy, Life-Giving Sword, Victims of Historical Villain Upgrade, Iaijutsu Practitioner, Fighting With Pure Swordsmanship Instead of Fancy Powers
  • Domain: Combat, Style, War
  • Allies: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, Hattori Hanzo, Sanada Nobuyuki and Inahime, Tomoe Gozen, Okita Souji, Bruce Lee
  • Rivals: Miyamoto Musashi, Akechi Samanosuke Hidemitsu
  • Enemies: Fortinbras, Amakusa Shiro Tokisada
  • One of the heads of the Yagyu Shinkage Ryuu school, a sword style that emphasizes in less flashy style, but extremely accurate and dangerous. Munenori is one of its heads that has reached zen state with this style, known as the 'Sword Saint'. When the throne became vacant due to reasons, this throne was handed down to Munenori, who displayed historically accurate, non-flashy but dead effective strikes with his style.
  • Aside of being a Sword Saint, Munenori also dabbles in politics, and for the most part, he was actually one of the few good politicians, dedicating his life and guidance for the people and teaching that swords are meant to give life, not kill. Of course, the bad rap of politicians overall made him ripe for Historical Villain Upgrade, especially when his son Mitsuyoshi was kicked out and then became one of the most romanticized swordsman in history, and he's often being cited as really jealous at his son. In reality, Munenori never held it against him, he taught everything he could, and that accidental strike on the eye also shaped him up as a great swordsman too.
  • As he guarded the generations of the Tokugawa Shogunate until his time to depart from the mortal realm, he had the gratitude of many Tokugawa supporters.
  • One of Munenori's hidden desires (well, everyone can have that...) is to be free from all worldly desires and just fight properly as best as he can. This is how he got into a rivalry with the swordsman Musashi, not just some 'heroic Musashi vs slimy Munenori' like many believed.
  • In his younger days, it looked like he was often seen just fighting with his scabbard. Drawing swords will have to force him to a more complex style, and he'd just do it when there's no other choice. Also, it would have a higher chance to kill, scabbards will let him not kill unnecessarily.
  • He heard the legendary phrase of Bruce Lee "I fear not the man who practiced 100 punches once, but I fear the man who practiced one punch 100 times.", and was immediately impressed. He agreed that it's the surest way of victory.
  • To his utmost shame, it seemed that there was another version of him which was the culmination of every villainization he got, where he's instead a sleazy, sadistic, evil swordsman with his own overly high ambition. To cleanse this, Munenori personally hunted down this evil self, and eventually struck him down in a plains bathed in moonlight.
    My mind is idle. But at the same time, it also needs to achieve freedom. This is known as reaching the state of being free from worldly or worthless thoughts​. Kenjutsu Musou - Kenzen Ichinyou.
    • After clearing the misconceptions with the resident of that world, Akechi Samanosuke (who then became his rival in a more friendlier way than before), Munenori learned about the being that made that world... the demon Fortinbras. After awhile learning about him, for Munenori, it doesn't matter if it's a demon, or he made that disgraceful version of him. A threat to mankind like him... will be cut down.
  • And if you ask what's his most dangerous position? Sitting. His sit level is on EX rank. He can manipulate the surrounding by just sitting down and getting up.
  • After hearing the turmoil of historical people involving a certain Shimazu Toyohisa, Munenori has once wondered. If he was summoned there, he would've likely been put amongst the Ends, as mankind seemed to hold him more as an Evil Politician rather than his honest-to-God self-penned book "Life-Giving Sword".


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