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Greater Gods

    Android 16 
Android 16, God of Bruisers with Soft Centers (Artificial Human #16, C-16, The Red-Headed Step-Child)

Asura, God of Unstoppable Rage (Asura the Destructor, Primarch of the Angry Marines)
  • Greater God, Overdeity in his Mantra form, [[spoiler:Overdeity in his Destructor form
  • Symbol: His Mantra Halo from when he was a member of The Eight Guardian Generals
  • Theme Songs: "In Your Belief", "Asura Unleashed" (When REALLY Angry), "One Who Destroys the Ring" (When transforming into his Destructor form)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Vengeance, Rage beyond all comprehension, Rescuing his daughter, using multiple arms, having Higher transformations than just his multi-armed form, Ungodly Strength, Energy Projection, Destroying Planet sized objects with his bare fists, planet-sized final form, Punching out a creator god.
  • Other Houses: Legendary Figures, Emotion
  • Daughter: Mithra
  • Followers: Ahria (Asura's very first), Bakumi Moriyama (a devotee of indomitable fury).
  • Allies: Son Goku, Dante, Other Combat! deities, Yasha, Augus, Naruto, Shizuo Heiwajima, Jin Kazama, Pit, Fred Rogers, Joel, Lucifer, Twilight Sparkle, Issei Hyodo, and assorted companions, people that are sensible enough not to make him angry in general.
  • Enemies: Deus, Chakravartin, Kratos, Relius Clover, Kazuya Mishima, Ghetsis Harmonia, Sasuke Uchiha, Needless Kane, Lu Bu, Gendo Ikari, Raynare, the GUAE Trollkaiger, basically anyone who manages to piss him off and isn't repentant about it.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nagi Sanzen'in and Hinagiku Katsura (both one-sided on their part)
  • Good Counterpart to: Raul Menendez
  • Ascended after everything he went through was shown to the other members of the Pantheon, in which almost everyone nearly SHAT themselves at his raw power.
  • Has a major fatherly instinct, and really wants his daughter Mithra to ascend to the pantheon to be with her. Is also pissed off at abusive parents, and has at one point almost destroyed the House of Family with the aid of Devil Jin, intent on destroying Relius Clover after witnessing the latter attempting to "experiment" on his son Carl. Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima weren't spared from Asura's tremendous anger, either.
  • Is often compared to Akuma. The two had a fight so massive that it took 500 years to conclude. Who won the fight is still up in the air.
  • Recently took Sweeney Todd's place as the God of Vengeance and Rage. To this day, no one dares to speak about it, as it was not pretty. Even most of the other violent deities in the house hid in terror after it happened.
  • Despite similarities between the two, Asura despises Kratos with a passion for his carelessness towards humanity in how he kills them with no remorse, even if they are innocent villagers. It brings to mind of other Demi-Gods that he had fought before ascending to this Pantheon.
    • In more recent times, Kratos has learned to greatly temper his rage, and most of his violent actions are now almost entirely for the protection and wellbeing of his son. Asura has not forgiven Kratos for causing his own apocalypse (Kratos has neither apologized nor shown any significant remorse for his actions), but there is some grudging respect between the two for now.
  • Since Asura has had less than ideal encounters with gods in his life, he rarely visits the Pantheon or even his own temple. Although he does go to the House of Combat every now and again to keep his skills sharp, and he has another temple there he uses to rest up.
    • On multiple occasions Asura has been seen with another fighter, Yasha, when visiting the Combat Pantheon. Although he hasn't ascended (at least not yet) and he looks more calm then the raging Asura, the gods tend to give him space since he seems to be the only one on par with Asura. This thought has given Melkor much to worry about.
      • Unfortunately for Melkor, Deus's ascension ultimately led to Yasha becoming part of the Pantheon as well.
  • Asura gives his blessing to anyone who has been betrayed and seeks revenge. But this blessing comes with a warning, as he tells those who follow him that they should always be careful managing their rage, lest it consumes them. This doesn't mean that he accepts followers, due to his stance against gods.
    • He keeps a watchful eye on Guts, who almost lost himself to his own rage and vendetta against Griffith, for this very reason. This is also why he utterly dislikes Sasuke Uchiha, because he thinks he's not worth carrying the torch of 'revenge' since his mind is too weak to handle it. "A whelp who doesn't know his place does not deserve to fight for rage and revenge!"
      • His opinion of Sasuke has softened recently, however, since he now has a wife and daughter which he protects fiercely much like Asura. He wishes the young man luck and gives him his blessings for being a protective father...even one that wasn't around for a long time. Sasuke in return promised to protect Mithra whenever he can. Asura is also giving his support in getting Sakura(and possibly Sarada) ascended, so the Uchiha family can be together again.
  • It is common knowledge in the pantheons that Asura, in the rare instance that he visits, should be given a very wide berth, since an angry Asura is very bad news.
  • He's formed a strange friendship with Pit of all people. Probably because both of them actually like humans and have fought the entirety of their lives to protect them, plus having to fight some really Jerkass Gods in that effort. Some have also compared Asura's father instinct with Pit's desire to protect his goddess.
  • Making Asura mad has been voted "The most idiotic thing anyone can ever do" by the House of Mentalism, Asura has shown no objection since he knows that meant having more time to himself and his daughter. Even Hazama refuses to troll him, after a mere attempt caused Asura to use Hazama as target practice for his Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs for three whole days. Hazama was forced to apologize to prevent a bigger beatdown, and the two have agreed to never speak of it again.
    • There is also an incident regarding Lu Bu mocking him for his theme. The end result: Asura delivering the biggest No-Holds-Barred Beatdown the Pantheon has ever seen. And thus the universal agreement that pissing off Asura is a really bad idea.
  • Cell once attempted to absorb Asura in order to obtain his powers for himself. The result was a massive No-Holds-Barred Beatdown in which Asura completely floored Cell. Cell even used his Solar Kamehameha in an effort to kill him, and it looked for a moment it would work, but even that failed against Asura's Mantra form.
    • Cell apparently did receive a MASSIVE power boost afterwards, when he recovered from near death. Whenever Asura appears, however, he immediately leaves for the safety of his temple.
  • Asura is one of the few beings to take Mister Rogers head on. They ended up tying and became good friends afterwards.
  • Is actually pretty chill in regards to Lucifer, especially because they both share the same ideas about giving any asshole from above a good ass-kicking for trying to mess with them or those under their protection, and since one of Lucifer's similarly named generals fell trying to oppose YHVH, Asura offered his help if Lucifer decides to take on heaven again (presuming Naoki Kashima isn't around to lead Lucifer's armies) and put his knuckles across the Great Will's face.
    • Which he will soon be doing as YVHV provoked Asura's wrath by targeting Madoka. He was amongst the first to sign up for the Pantheonic Rebellion.
    • Also has high levels of respect towards Luka, Lucifer's son, for both his desire to protect the innocent and his efforts to make coexistence possible between different races, something he is keenly aware of the problems of ever since the Seven Deities and humans. He doesn't even mind his official position since Mithra's not the type of girl he attracts. When he learned about how the boy fought and killed Ilias, a Goddess not unlike Chakravartin, his respect only grew further, to the point he doesn't mind letting him hang around his daughter...provided he always keeps his hands to himself. He's also close to Luka's wife Alice because he reminds her of her own mother, and he feels sympathy for Alice having to watch her die in front of her. Given her nature, though, he keeps a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't "corrupt" Mithra though.
  • Several Evil deities, thinking they can defeat him while he's armless, have sent entire armies' worth of mooks. They taunt him, saying they'll take Mithra away from him again. Armed with only a shard of his master's sword, he eventually got so pissed off that this happened, resulting in a giant arm that wiped out hundreds of millions of minions like rice paper. Even armless, it shows Asura shouldn't be fucked with.
  • Has learned to suppress his Berserker/Wrath form by meditating with Cosmos. That being said, he has a MUCH easier time in accessing his Mantra form, terrifying almost everybody in the Pantheon.
  • Upon learning of the ascension of Gohma Vlitra, Asura has decided to form a task force in order to end it once and for all. Aside from Yasha (who helped him slay the beast), Travis Touchdown, Ryu Hayabusa, Kratos (albeit reluctant), Goku and Augus (just to be able to fight Asura after all is done) have joined him. Incidentally, Deus has been amassing the other Seven Deities for the same purpose.
  • Despite acknowledging they're all very good guys, Asura originally refused to be on friendly terms with the Chick Magnet Quartet, thinking that they could "corrupt" his daughter. He has even made the Quartet's leader, Hyodo Issei, promise him to never pursue Mithra, and beaten up Hayate Ayasaki when he stumbled onto Mithra after mistaking her for her Ojou-sama, Nagi Sanzen'in. The latter event, however, landed Asura on Nagi's shit list when she ascended to the Pantheon, and also earned him the mistrust of Hinagiku Katsura. Since then, Asura has decided to befriend the Chick Magnet Quartet and apologized to Hayate for his beatdown. Surprisingly enough, Asura has also given his blessing to Issei, for how he gets enraged whenever his harem is hurt.
    • After learning what Issei's ex-girlfriend Raynare did to him to give him self-loathing issues, Asura was imminently reminded of what his own former comrades did to him and is ready to support Issei in any way possible.
  • His absolutely gigantic Destructor form has piqued the interest of the Mecha piloting gods to try to take on said form. He has yet to respond to the challenges but notes it as being interesting.
  • His reputation as the most Badass member of the Pantheon was cemented with his battle and victory against The Golden Spider (AKA Chakravatin).
  • Asura, despite his overwhelming power, has no real political power in the Pantheon, like Flandre Scarlet. Unlike Flandre however, this is mostly out of choice. We use the word mostly because whenever he is asked for a solution to any given problem, he always answers: "Punch it". Granted, this solution worked for most of his problems but the Pantheon's problems are a little more complicated.
  • It was noted by the Pantheon that when he and Evil Ryu did a Shun Goku Satsu against each other, The Kanji for "anger/hatred" popped up during the fight, which translates out to "Ikari". Some have wondered what would happen if an angry Asura and an angry Shinji Ikari fought (although Shinji's name is written with a completely different kanji)…
  • When asked about his opinion on Shinji Ikari's most recent actions he stated that although sacrificing the rest of the world along with himself was not the "right" thing to do he then admitted that if he and Mithra were in the same positions that Shinji and Rei were in he would have done the same. He then said that hoped that if Shinji decided to use his newfound power to protect those dear to him at all costs then he would have Asura's full backing.
  • Occasionally lends his strength to the likes of Yu Narukami as the leader of Sun Arcana. Asura said he's going to need it, especially in his upcoming battle against Nyarlathotep.
  • Has been seen speaking with Caius Ballad a few times. Asura has shown a level of respect to Caius for his concern over Yeul, though whether or not he's aware of the lengths Caius took for her is unknown.
  • Gets along well with Eren, considering the two have a few similarities in losing a loved member of a family, being easily angered which is hardly a good option for an offender and being able to increase in size and power.
  • Asura absolutely loathes Sweet Tooth, both for the fact that he's a gleefully unrepentant serial killer, and that he happily killed his own family.
  • Both he and Kenshiro have expressed great respect for each other due to their similar family relations, morals and fighting styles. Although neither has vocalized it out loud and since Ryu and Akuma have fought Asura to standstills, every member of the Pantheon (including some knowledgeable mortal combatants) secretly wish for and dread the day both Asura and Kenshiro will cross fists.
  • Just as many wish to see an epic duel between Asura and Kenshiro, equal interest is for Simon the Digger and Asura to challenge each other, what with their ability to become ever more powerful, attain planet-sized forms, and destroy creator-gods of their respective universes. Some whisper of a prophecy that the resulting explosion from their fists making first contact will create several new universes made of awesome and GAR (but result in an unsatisfactory draw).
  • Is happy that Twilight Sparkle visits Mithra whenever he's away, giving him peace of mind that his daughter won't be lonely. Though he tries to stay out of the same room with the pony at all costs due to her sounding eerily like his late wife Durga.
  • He is one of the few people outside of the God Emperor of Mankind who has earned the loyalty of Space Marines. In fact, one specific group even sees him as their Primarch. They are known as The Angry Marines
    • This has begun to worry Asura to some degree. Not only because those marines are a group of completely uncontrollable berserkers, but that it also creates the possibility that he might be one of the sons of the God Emperor.
  • Is somewhat wary of Bloody Marie. While he completely understands the lengths she would go to get revenge for herself and her best friend, he is worried about the item she used to achieve those goals, especially with the risk it presents to Mithra. However, Marie promised him she would do everything in her power to keep Mithra from becoming a Skullgirl, to which he was grateful for.
  • He has recently gained respect for Might Guy after the latter went so far as to activate the Eighth Gate to protect his student Lee. He was doubly impressed by his god-tier physical abilities as well as his appearance. As such, he helped defend Guy's position after Guy was left a cripple, which had caused some members to question his belonging in the House of Power.
  • Befriended Niko Bellic after hearing his past as a soldier in the Yugoslav Wars. He immediately identified with him after hearing how he was betrayed by a comrade similar to Asura. He occasionally joins Niko and his cousin Roman to go play some Bowling.
  • Has learned that there exists an opposite of himself within someone named Raul Menendez, who like Asura lost everything he loved. However, while Asura sympathies with everything that has happened to him, he cannot accept the fact that Raul has decided to take out his anger on over one else. Asura swears that he will put a stop to Raul's madness.
  • Also has a spot in the Main House and the House of Emotion.

Augus, God of Odd Mentoring
  • Greater God (Being able to fight on par with Six-Armed Vajra Asura without even using his blade makes him this by default).
  • Symbol: His mantra halo
  • Theme song: New World Symphony Fourth Movement
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Old Guys, big and loud warriors, Cool Old Guys, Dirty Old Guys Blood Knights, EXTREMELY huge blades, The Hedonist, shameless display of manliness, baretopped guys, seeing with blind eyes
  • Allies: Asura, Zaraki Kenpachi, Master Asia, Waldstein, all the other Combat deities that can give him a good fight or have similar enthusiasm when it comes to fighting, Esdeath, Jack Rakan.
  • Ascended upon his defeat from his former pupil, he decided to join the combat house after hearing that there were fighters there. Him and Kenpachi got off to a good start. In spite of Kenpachi being defeated every time, Augus says he always has fun with the strong deities of the combat house, and usually spend his time there exclusively.
  • He understands the fact that his blade is in Maximum Security, as they wanted to make sure no one could figure out the secrets behind the blades extending capabilities. He says that he never really uses it unless he's serious, though, and has only ever unsheathed the blade twice in his whole lifetime.
  • He's so strong that he can make Goku and even Bruce Lee sweat in a fight of pure martial arts with no ki attacks used. Their strength earns Augus his respect.
  • Being Asura's former mentor has its effect on the many evil deities in the pantheon, as they tend to try to avoid him whenever possible, due to the fact that he basically taught Asura everything he knows.
  • Due to just how big his blade can really get, he was offered the possibility of taking over Cloud and Jack Rakan as the God of Swordsmanship, but he declined, stating that while they use blades regularly, he only uses the actual blade when he finds an opponent worthy for it. When he does bring it onto the battlefield, he never unsheathes it unless in those circumstances; the sheath alone is enough to kill massive mooks with just a swipe. He does find jack Rakan to be a rather interesting character, and thinks he might actually be worthy of his own blade.
  • Accepted a challenge to a fight from Flandre Scarlet. He was able to defeat the poor vampire effortlessly without using his blade, though he found her nature of having immense thrills for fight to be rather complementary of his own, which earned her his respect, and that he's ready for a rematch anytime she wants to. Most of the pantheon fears the day it happens.
  • Many other deities swear they can hear the New World Symphony Fourth Movement by Dvorak playing whenever he gets in a fighting mood with a worthy opponent.
  • Augus refuses to fight for either the GUAG or GUAE, as their missions run contrary to his belief of fighting for the fight's sake. That being said, Lucifer had no trouble inviting him to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos.
  • It is once said that the swordsman Gilgamesh wanted the Wailing Dark as part of his collection. Augus responded by unleashing the sword and impaling him through his head. Augus would later clarify that he did not think of Gilgamesh as worthy of his blade, but thought of him as an "annoying little wannabe".
  • Whenever he isn't fighting in the House of Combat, Augus can be found drinking as much of the best wine as he can in the House of Food, or until they run out of wine, which is usually what happens. He has been spotted quite often in the House of Love as well, doing… stuff with the many beautiful females that inhabit it (although he's more prone to sparring with the more powerful Action Girl members like Bayonetta).
    "You fight, then you eat good food. You fight, then you drink fine wine. You fight, then you sleep with beautiful women. Hell, fight with beautiful women! That's what it means to live!"
  • Despite being blind himself, Augus has made no indication of joining the other Blind Weaponmasters. Augus himself has never felt particularly blind.
  • Also present in the House of Power.

Intermediate Gods

    Jean-Pierre Polnareff 
Jean-Pierre Polnareff, God of Fighters Showcasing Emotions (Polnareff, Pol, Jean-Pierre Eiffel, Jean-Pierre)

    Sir Lancelot du Lac 
Lancelot du Lac, God of The Battle Frenzy (Sir Launcelot, Lancelot of the Lake, Sir Lancelot The Brave, (Zero) Berserker, Saber, The Knight of the Lake, The Black Knight, Dadcelot, Sir Lances-A-Lot-Of-Married-Women)
Lancelot, without Mad Enhancement
Lancelot, with Mad Enhancement 
Lancelot as Saber 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Mad Enhancement)
  • Symbol: His sword Arondight
  • Theme Music: The Berserker and This Battle is To The Strong (when Mad Enhancement is activated); His Name Is Lancelot during his sillier moments
  • Alignment: Lawful Good. Lawful Madness as a Berserker
  • Portfolio: The Shining Knight Who Turned Dark, default Berserker, Upgraded From History (in most cases), Error Prone Bravery, Too Powerful to Live, Eternal Arms Mastership, Fallen Hero.
  • Domains: War, Knighthood, Chivalry
  • Allies: Arthur Pendragon, Artoria Pendragon, Shirou Emiya, Sakura Matou, Shadow the Hedgehog, Arthur, Merlin
  • Rivals: Cu Chulainn, Benkei
  • Friendly Rivalry: Hercules and Arcueid Brunestud.
  • Enemies: Mordred, Gilgamesh, Kratos
  • Whenever Lancelot is in a battle, it's best not to come anywhere near him. Once he gets into a fight, his bloodlust takes over and he won't be able to tell the difference between foes and allies.
    • This has an unfortunately darker side as even innocents can come into his crossfire. Once his bloodlust subsides, he is wrecked with guilty at the innocents lost.
  • Even though Lancelot does battle with his trusty Arondight, he can use any weapons he can take his hands on, even his enemies, and use it like he trained with it for years.
    • It's not limited to weapons; phone poles, shovels, machine guns, fighter jets, mechs, and even the kitchen sink have all been use as his weapons.
  • Is said to look brutish and a bit ugly but his worshippers always make him look rather pretty. He doesn't put much care about it, just as long as he gets to show some chivalry.
    • Some say he got even more prettier when he got his new title.
  • His relationship with other Berserkers differs; he is friends and sparing partners with Hercules and the two bonded over having their bloodlust causing innocent lives to be lost and feeling guilty over it.
    • He doesn't care either way with Cu Chulainn, but the two have crossed blades with one another.
    • Was absolutely disturb when he heard the atrocities Kratos committed in his life and feeling no remorse whats so ever.
    • Much like Hercules, he is friendly with Arcueid Brunestud. The vampire seems to remind him of Arturia somewhat.
  • Crossed path with Benkei once in which the weapon master tried to take Lancelot's Arondight. After the two battle for an hour, in which Lancelot used Benkei's weapons against him, the two fell into a draw and each consider one another their rivals.
  • Was not pleased to learn of Mordred's ascension. He has since swore he will never let her lay a finger of harm on his King again.
    • Their confrontation came sooner then expected as the two battle one another on an open field, with both blaming the other for the fall of Camelot. Before things got too out of control, the two combatants were separated by a golden beam of light out of nowhere, stopping their fight. Neither one of them knew that the beam came from Arturia herself, who was sadden at her two Knights fighting.
    • Their rematch promptly ended when Mordred prepared to use her Noble Phantasm, revealing her face in the process. Upon recognising her resemblance to Artoria, Lancelot almost had a heart attack as his own experiences with his son flashed before his eyes, and he ran off into the knight, heedless of an angry Mordred shouting at him to come back and fight her. Kicking himself for not wondering about their relationship sooner, especially given Mordred's position in the House of Family, Lancelot has refrained from challenging Mordred again, knowing all too well the issues that come with family.
  • There were rumors that at night, Lancelot dons a black armor and black aura and reduces himself into The Berserker state. Nobody knew why he did that, some speculate that he really hurts himself over a certain crime he did for the King. One thing remains for sure: He became so powerful that he could beat Greater Gods at that time.
  • Was once portrayed by the God of Angst himself, Shadow the Hedgehog. Well, an alternate universe doppelgänger of him, who is more honour-bound than him, though Shadow doesn't really mind Lancelot.
  • Has nothing but hate for Gilgamesh because his treatment of his King, thinking her as nothing but a posession. It got to the point that Lancelot went into Mad Enhancement state and nearly beat the King of Heroes.
  • After spending months trying to avoid Arturia, the King of Knights finally confronted Lancelot. After telling her how much of a failure he was as a knight, he asked Arturia to kill him so he may atone. She did no such thing and told him that she never blamed or hated him and Guinevere and if things were different, the two would have had her blessing to be happy together. Lancelot could only weep as Arturia held her knight, finally finding resolve.
    • However, when the male Arthur ascended, it was a different story. Because this Arthur actually loves Guinevere, all the ugly emotions came back to haunt him. When he finally had the courage to confront King Arthur, the king couldn't seem to find it in himself to completely forgive Lancelot, though he praises what a brilliant and loyal soldier he is and agreed to let him rejoin the newly reformed Knights of the Round Table.
  • When he saw Wolverine, he felt some sort of familiarity. Related, he has gotten closer to The Beast, as apparently they share a connection.
  • Given his well-known interest in Guinevere, Lancelot doesn't understand why some people like to say "...Bet you're gay" to him.
  • Thanks to that one time he and Sir Tristan had to work with Cleopatra during Halloween, he now tends to stay away from married female deities in the Pantheon; the nickname Cleopatra gave him spread like wildfire, and he had to put on his Black Knight helmet for some time.

Lesser Gods

Gnar, God of Destructive Temper Tantrums (The Missing Link)
Mega Gnar 

    Saeko Busujima 
Saeko Busujima, Goddess of Orgasmic Combat


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