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Vehicles and various objects are not the only way to get from Point A to Point B. Things such as running, flying, or even teleportation are other ways for people to get to various destinations. Like the vehicles, there is a risk for error and the stop may not always be the desired one.

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Intermediate Gods

    Barry Allen/The Flash 
Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen, God of Super Speed (The Flash II, The Fastest Man Alive, The Scarlet Speedster, The Streak)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when he lets loose or taps into the Speed Force)
  • Symbol: A yellow lightning bolt.
  • Theme Music: The Flash Theme or The Ballad of Barry Allen
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Super Speed, Legacy Characters, Powers Granted by Lightning as a Result of a Freak Lab Accident, Meta Origins, Time Travel, Legacy Implosions, Silver Age, Heroic Sacrifice, Coming Back from the Dead, Recreating the DC Universe Continuity Through The New 52 (partially).
  • Domains: Sky, Time, Travel, Speed, City, the Speed Force.
  • Heralds: Bart Allen/Impulse/Kid Flash II/The Flash IV
  • Followers: Quicksilver, Conduits with Neon powers (Delsin Rowe), Abigail "Fetch" Walker)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Rainbow Dash, Dash Parr, The Scout
  • Enemies: Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash, Lex Luthor, Tenjuro Banno, Enter, The Joker, Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah, Vril Dox/Brainiac, The Dahaka, Dr. Gero/Android 20, Merged Zamasu
  • Friendly Enemies with: Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, Thaal Sinestro, Erik Lensherr/Magneto
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto
  • Supports: Son Goku, Vegeta
  • After finding his mother murdered as a child, Barry Allen's father was wrongfully accused of the crime. Determined to prove his innocence, Barry became a forensic scientist. An incident resulting in Barry getting struck by lightning and exposed to chemicals created the Speed Force, an extradimensional energy field that Barry generates that spans across time and space that speedsters can tap into and use to move at incredibly superhuman speeds and alter reality using said super-speed. As the second Flash, Barry's top speed is well over the speed of light. As such, he has occasionally been seen in two different pantheons at once due to his fast reaction speed. Although he typically runs slower than this to keep his mental sanity, no god, even the evil ones, dares get in the way of his Infinite Mass Punch.
  • The prophet of Barry is Jay Garrick (The Flash I), the wise old master who mentored him. Jay has had the opportunity to ascend to a higher state of being, but because of his humility he chooses to remain mortal. His other prophet is his grandson Bart, although a certain cosmic reboot whom he unwillingly caused has had him forget this fact.
  • Barry Allen was once obliterated while defending the universe from the Anti-Monitor, and his herald Wally West took over the role for about 23 years. Barry Allen later returned and Wally conceded the role back to him.
    • As of recently he time traveled in order to bring Wally West back in continuity, but not in the way he wished. As a result, Wally West came back as an Afro-American with a rough attitude. Turns out Dr. Manhattan messed with the timeline. Fortunately, the real Wally West returned while the Post-Flashpoint one is retconned as a relative of the original. Barry arranged for Wally's ascension, and they frequently visit each other to reminisce about old times.
  • Rainbow Dash sometimes says that she could outpace him, but when she does, it's one of those rare occasions when her tone becomes somewhat less than confident. Usually she just keeps quiet on their subject. She greatly respects him, though she does envy his position as the god of Super Speed a bit.
  • The Scout was once one of his followers, but he grew tired of it and decided to register himself in as the God of Double Jumps.
  • Quicksilver once challenged the Flash for his title. Wiz and Boomstick were quick to arrange it into a Death Battle. Barry showed him just how out of his depth he was with the Speed Force, though he wished he didn't have to end it with his opponent impaled into a statue's sword. Once the battle was over, he immediately had Quicksilver revived, and the latter hasn't challenged him since.
  • Has made friends with Shinnosuke Tomari due to their commonality as members of police units who are also red-clad superheroes, and has helped out against Shinnosuke's main enemy Tenjuro Banno. These things only became stronger when it turned out Tenjuro is Shinnosuke's gold-clad villainous knockoff just like his own arch-rival Eobard Thawne.
  • Found out that the Reverse-Flash had ascended to the Pantheon and was absolutely displeased with this. Before very long, he and Shinnosuke have had to deal with Thawne and Tenjuro teaming up to try to make them miserable. Future Trunks soon came to him and divulged that a group of time-traveling demons called the Time Breakers helped Thawne ascend. To counteract this move, Trunks had the idea of bringing in his boss, the Supreme Kai of Time, to establish their Time Patrol organization in the Pantheon proper. After explaining to her the situation, she used her powers to head straight to the Court of the Gods and file a petition to enter the Pantheon, which was later interrupted and then joined by Sailor Pluto via the Door of Space-Time asking for her temple to be reinstated. Both time guardians were approved into the Pantheon.
    • Like Pluto and her friends Saturn and Chibi Moon, Barry has become an occasional ally of the Time Patrol, if only because of Thawne being one of the Pantheon's most frequent time criminals ever since he got there. While things have gone well with Chronoa and Trunks, Pluto isn't so keen on trusting him due to the horrible results of what happened when he sped back in time to save his mother and caused the disastrous Flashpoint Paradox. That said, he still readily came to Pluto's aid along with Android 16 when she was threatened by the Reverse-Flash, which eased things up somewhat.
  • Is wary of The Dahaka, since it reminds him of the Time Wraiths and especially the Black Flash. He's fully aware that creature will come after him someday for his transgressions with the timestream.
  • At his absolute fastest, he can run a lap around history in a matter of seconds.
  • In his downtime, he's gotten fond of practicing singing with his "super friend," Kara Zor-El.
  • Barry was one of seven deities approached by Chibiusa Tsukino and Ajani Goldmane about contributing to the creation of a soul that could infiltrate the Dragon Ball world in order to discover the secret surrounding yet another Red Ribbon Android. His contribution allowed the Soul to travel through time as he could via the Speed Force. Keeping up to date on the Soul's journey since it contained a piece of him, he was privy to the revelations surrounding Android 21.
  • Following this, Barry paid a visit to Dr. Gero with a very scathing critique.
    The Flash: Really, Doc? Your wife?
    Dr. Gero: What!?
    The Flash: First you make a Terminator to replace your dead son. Then you abduct two kids and turn them into your lab rats. Then you not only create a monster like Cell, you turn your wife into the same thing too!?
    Dr. Gero: [growling] And what's any of it to you!?
    The Flash: I don't know if you've really gone machine supremacist or if you just lost your mind out of grief, because I've never seen such a brilliant scientist be such a dumb person at the same time!
    Dr. Gero: So claims the fool who once punched his way into nearly destroying his own universe because he missed his mother!
    The Flash: [zips right in front of Gero] Low blow, Doc. I learned from my mistakes. Next time I catch word about some synthetic memorial project of yours, you're going to see the League, and you're going to explain everything you've done. In cold. Hard. Detail.
  • Was happy to learn that 21 had made it into the Pantheon, but wished that their first meeting had been under better circumstances. He and 16 had to team up again to rescue her when Zamasu's decision to torment her with the truth about her connection to Dr. Gero as an "example of humanity's failure" causing her hunger side to briefly take control in a fruitless fight against the rogue Supreme Kai.
    • They formally met later, when she discovered the truth behind the Earthling Soul and decided to go around and thank the ones who helped her and the others so much. She was surprised to learn from Whis that the Soul had indeed traveled back in time twice in order to ascertain the truth of her situation. Like Pluto, the Angel of Universe 7 thinks Flashpoint was a terrible use of time travel, but otherwise notes that Barry has far more often used his power for good, including his addition to the Soul. Barry, remembering Son Goku's last words to the Soul, gave his support should Goku or Vegeta ever need speed training.
  • Once spent a day training with a young hero with engines in his calves. While Allen outclassed him in terms of speed, he admired his dedication and heroic resolve. The two deities exchanged contact info and promised to stay in touch should either find themselves in a jam.

    Hiroshi Tsukuba/Skyrider 
Hiroshi Tsukuba, God of Sky Diving (Skyrider, "Kamen Rider")
Powered Skyrider 
  • Theme Song: "Moero! Kamen Rider", "Otoko no Nawa Kamen Rider".
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Skyrider Symbol.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cyborgs, Badass Bikers, Phlebotinum Rebels, Karate Practitioners, Scarf Of Asskicking, Received Upgrades from his Predecessors through Intense Training, "Sailing Jump!".
  • Domains: Combat, Cybernetics, Hang Gliding, Flight, Heroism
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, HYDRA, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Gihren Zabi, Millennium, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia), Ghetsis Harmonia.
  • Hiroshi Tsukuba is a young man who had lost his family in a car crash three years prior, he loves hang gliding as a hobby and a practitioner of karate when he was studying it during his younger days. However, his life changed when he got critically wounded by the kaijin Gameleojin of the evil organization Neo-Shocker, after he tries to protect Keitaro Shido from them before he was converted into a cyborg after Shido convinces the organization to do so due to his overall potential. Luckily, he managed to escape from Neo-Shocker with Shido while embracing his newfound powers as a means to crush the terrors of Neo-Shocker once and for all. As Skyrider, he is the first Kamen Rider with the ability to fly and he is known as one of the few Riders who managed to survived from the devastating Rider Kicks by his predecessors during his intense training.
  • Upon entering the pantheon, he had quickly cross paths with Superman as the man of steel was rather impressed with Tsukuba's heroic actions a Kamen Rider, while Tsukuba also respects the former too as he also sees him as a inspirational figure among the superheroes. The two were had started to work together to fight their respective enemies in the pantheon ever since.
  • Like many Riders from the Showa era before, he also started to associate himself with many good aligned cyborgs in the pantheon like Victor Stone, Raiden, Genos, Androids 17 and 18, and Cyrax. Upon learning their respective backgrounds, he became sympathizes with them because of their unfortunate pasts while he was glad too that some of them embraces their newfound powers while they use it for greater responsibility.
  • He also became associates with Son Goku, Iron Giant, Astro Boy, Danny Fenton, and the Powerpuff Girls, since they were also had the ability to fly in the sky just like him. He can also be seen having a aerial combat training or doing aerial race with them as a means to train with them rigorously.
  • Having studied karate during his younger years, Hiroshi has made an alliance with Hitomi and Jin Kazama, due to them using the same style of martial arts as him as they often seen practicing intense karate training with him ever since.
    • He also became sympathetic with Jin due to the fact that how mess up his family was.
  • He absolutely despises HYDRA due to their ambitions for world domination and their similarities with Neo-Shocker. Not to mention that both HYDRA and Neo-Shocker were maybe the same. This also extends to other fantastical Nazis like Gihren Zabi and Millennium due to the fact that their stint reminded him of his old nemesis General Monster.
  • Has earned an ire towards Monokuma, and to a greater extend, the Mastermind, due to them being a bunch of psychopaths known for their actions of pitting 15 students of Hope's Peak Academy trough driving them to despair and murder each other in their murderous game "School Life of Mutual Killings". Upon hearing their plans to recreate the same actions in the pantheon, he joins with other heroes who also shared their hate on them in order to stop their madness.
  • Due to his experience of being a Doting Parent at some point, he has earned an outright hatred towards Basco of the Trollkaiger and Ghetsis, as the former often dares to use child hostages to take advantage for his own gain and the latter is known for abusing his own son for the sake of his evil plans.
  • Like many Toku Heroes in the pantheon, Hiroshi is not pleased that SHOCKER has finally made their moved into the pantheon as the terrorist group has started to continue their plans for world domination, this time, to conquer the whole pantheon. Because of this, he, along with all the Toku heroes and most heroes has started to combat the forces of SHOCKER in order to prevent their plans.
  • Some say that he proclaimed himself to be "Amazon", in fact, this is one of his Berserk Button list due to his misnamed counterpart from a certain Americanized show.

Pantheon, God of Mighty Jumps (The Artisan of War, Mantheon, Panth, Sparta, Arteus)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Crest of Mount Targon, with a freshly baked cake in front of it.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Revelling In Combat, Proudness As A Warrior, Spear Fighting, Shield Bash, Empowered Badass Normal, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Manliness, Grand Skyfall (Mandrop), Secret Dream Of Being A Baker, Sculpted Physique, Sparta-style Training
  • Domains: War, Combat, Training, Leaps
  • Allies: Ares, Champions of Runeterra (but especially his childhood friend, Leona), Leonidas, Kanade Minamino, Urdnot Wrex, Worf, Kain Highwind, Zaraki Kenpachi, Riven, Knight Gundam
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients (especially Balanar), Diana.
  • Once, he was the most trusted High Priest of Leonidas. Pantheon ascended when it was proven that his jump from the Grand Skyfall can strike many foes at once, and slow them down so they can be killed next, not to mention reaching absurd distances, that not even Mario can reach. Coinciding with Kain's move to the House of Profession, Kain made an agreement with Leonidas to ascend Pantheon in place of his jumping portfolio.
  • Due to his name, it's imperative that when you want to refer to the verse of the Trope Pantheons, you should always use the word 'the', or else you would instead call forth the Artisan of War and the Jumping God. Usually with a gigantic jump that stomps right in your face.
  • Pantheon will absolutely deny that he's looking forward for any events that his childhood friend Leona would make it to the Pantheon. He's in the Pantheon for one thing: To show them the true art of war and whatever Leonidas has taught him! He certainly likes fighting certain Gods.
    • In fact, that is exactly how he expressed himself when Leona was inducted to the Pantheon. Even so, deep down Pantheon was actually glad that there's a fellow Targon dweller near him. But... he also knew that Diana has also ascended and now looked forward to cross blades with the ones who slaughtered the Solari elders.
  • HIS PROFESSION!? You know, now that he thinks of it, he's always wanted to be a baker. Yes. A baker.
    • And thus Pantheon often makes a pass to the Food house, training under Kazuma Azuma about baking breads. He also occasionally makes a pass to the Music house and visits Kanade Minamino to learn more about how to make cupcakes.
  • Has a particular rivalry going with Sven, being that both are amongst the manliest amongst their original realms. Well, the rivalry might be a little friendly, seeing that Pantheon also occasionally goes into Sven's 'pumping up' program.
  • Has been training with fellow League champion Riven ever since both of their ascensions. Her dedication to strength is something he respects, and her refusal to bow to those who would pollute it just reinforces this notion. Not to mention, she's basically challenging the whole Noxian Empire alone, and it's the tradition of the Rakkors to participate on wars where their side is outnumbered ten to one. This one is basically hundreds to one. Pantheon likes these odds...
    • To prepare himself even better, once he learned about the arrival of Balanar from Leona, Pantheon decided to hunt down the Night Stalker and challenge him (and if he met him at day, he'll beckon him to turn day to night). They say the odds of victory is one to ten, but he relishes on the low chance and say that his training is not one to be underestimated.
  • As time passed, Pantheon has made visits with Ares, who wants him to participate on some sort of 'war project', which would boost his power, but make him more distant towards his former Targonian friends, like Leona. However, it was admittedly 'to quell a threat against the Pantheon'. It was a tough decision, but Pantheon eventually sealed the alliance with Ares, becoming an Intermediate God and choosing someone called Atreus as his 'host' in the mortal world. When all's done, Pantheon was surprised to see that there's a baking room in his House, courtesy of Ares. Dream achieved.
  • "They are privileged to die at my feet!"

    The Prince of Persia 
The Prince, God of Wall Running (King of Blades, Dark Prince, Sand Wraith, Dastan)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dagger and Medallion of Time
  • Theme Song: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Beard, Half-Persian, Half-Indian, Cool Sword, Deadpan Snarker, Dual Wielding, Knight In Sour Armor, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Screw Destiny, Set Right What Once Went Wrong, Time Master, Warrior Prince
  • Domains: Time, Royalty, Combat, Destiny,
  • Allies: Ezio Auditore, Link, Shulk, Raiden, Team Dai-Gurren, Lucina, Marth
  • Enemies: The Dahaka, Jafar, Scar
  • Acquiantanced With: The Pantheonic Time Police
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • This is the tale of a Persian Prince who accidentally released a curse into his people after being tricked into releasing the Sands of Time. There he would dedicate the rest of his life in undoing all of his mistakes all the while fighting countless monsters and horrors, destiny and even himself. He arrived into the pantheon after he finally suceeded in his quest and wanting to settle down peacefully after being recognized as an accomplished fighter who can skillfully use the art of Le Parkour. However, peace was the last thing the pantheon had to offer to the persian prince.
  • Turns out that mere minutes after being taken to his temple, the Dahaka ambushed the Prince, wanting to correct the mistake of never actually having caught him and make him pay for good. The Prince was pissed that the Dahaka was back at chasing him, since he had to flee the monstruosity for 7 years straight and he wasn't in the mood for going through that again. Thankfully, the Pantheonic Time Police quickly intervined and decided to protect the Prince from the Dahaka, trying to rationalize with the Dahaka and convince it to forgo chasing the persian prince. Unfortunately, the Dahaka wasn't convinced but he was driven away since he could actually get to him and swore to return. The Prince was grateful that this four strangers defended him from the Dahaka but they weren't really trying to do that, instead they intended to talk things out with the prince about how his reckless use of the sands of time and how he should try to not avoid his fate like he did in the past.
  • His particular Parkour skills is what got him into the pantheon, although he is much more well known for his usage of the Sands of Time. He gets along with Ezio Auditore because of that since both were the made by the same company and Ezio could be considered a Spiritual Successor to the Prince.
  • Hates any type of Treacherous Advisor since his experience with the Vizier has made him wary of them. More or less why he despises Jafar, who happens to be a royal vizier like the one the Prince had to deal with that seeked immense powers while manipulating anyone in his way.
  • Gets along with Link given they are both swordsmen who had to adventure in dangerous quests, Link even had to manipulate time in many of his adventures not unlike the Prince, although his methods where vastly different. (And without the consequence of a bigger entity going after him).
  • Heard from Trunks about many deities who have been targeted by the Dahaka and felt terribly sorry for them. One of those, Lucina, actually ended up being friends with the Prince since she is also a time traveller from royal background and it's also worth noting that her ascenstor Marth is also a Warrior Prince just like him.
  • Many of the deities of the House of Prophecy don't hold a high opinion on the Prince given the lenghts he went to change his fate but respect him from suceeding. Team Dai-Gurren on the hand consider him an example that effort and opposing fate can give you the freedom you so desire and so have a lot of respect for the Prince.
  • The Sands of Time are also very useful in combat, since they allow the Prince to preemptively know how to avoid certain dangers and prepare properly. In that sense he is very similar to Shulk, who also like him had to fight higher entities with a god complex.
  • While he may have been reckless with the use of the sands of time, he doesn't have the highest of regards for Homura Akemi, who tried to play the Not So Different card with him. Homura called him an Hypocrite since he had rewound time to save people dear to him not unlike her, but he responded that at least he wanted to save them, not imprison them like she did with Madoka.
  • Would prefer if no one brings up the Dark Prince, his Superpowered Evil Side that almost took control of him but thankfully he eventually defeated. He had a nice chat with Raiden about that since he also had problems with his Jack the Ripper persona before he accepted it and both remain good allies.
  • He is merely known as The Prince, with no official name ever stated. Some people like to call him Dastan but he clarified that person is an alternate version of him.

Sparky, God of Lightning Travel (Experiment 221,note  Sparky Jookibanote )
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A lighthouse with the number "221" painted on it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (used to be Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Ride the Lightning, Psycho Electro, Oddly Adorable, Weak to Glass, Breakout Experiment, Retractable Appendages, You Are Number 221, Sparky Can Breathe In Space, Unique Physiology, Mons, Shock and Awe
  • Domains: Electricity, Mischief, Experiments, Monsters
  • Herald: Zap/Experiment 603 (fellow experiment and Spiritual Successor)
  • Followers: Laxus, Maxwell Dillon, Pulseman, Megavolt
  • Allies: Lilo & Stitch, Reuben, Angel, Felix, Nosy, Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Bright Man, N, Ampharos, Mikoto Misaka, Cole Gareth, Thor, George, Nibbler
  • On good terms with: Good-aligned members of the House of Family
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Rotom
  • Enemies: Dr. Hämsterviel, Leroy, Experiment 627, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon, The Grand Duke of Owls, Barroth, Darth Vader, Sheev Palpatine, Count Dooku, XANA and Trazyn the Infinite. On a more general note, anyone who opposes or abuses family.
  • Observed by: The Men In Black
  • "Sparky" was 221st of Jumba Jookiba's illegal genetic experiments, produced through funding by Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel. Designed for mischief by short-circuiting technology and causing electrical surges, Experiment 221's pod was re-activated by Lilo and Stitch in order to rescue Jumba. Though antagonistic at first, they were able to befriend 221, dubbed him Sparky, and find his one true place; powering the inactive Kilauea Light. Now, he finds another home as the God of Lightning Travel. Lilo considers it rather fitting that the second experiment she redeemed is also the second experiment to become a member of the Pantheon. He chose his cousin and Spiritual Successor Zap (a.k.a. Experiment 603) as his High Priest, leaving her and Stitch just 619 more experiments to get in (Reuben, Angel, Felix, and Nosy have since joined them—and so have Leroy and 627).
  • Asides from the grab-bag of flight and electric bursts, Sparky is capable of shorting out almost anything electric, so long as it isn't too big (and if it is, he can help power it). He is capable of traveling through electrical currents and fly as a lightning bolt, which he used to hijack the communication lines of the Pantheon and arrive here in the first place. However, he is unable to do anything against non-conductive substances, such as a glass container. This led him to be at the mercy of Trazyn the Infinite, who is interested in collecting the experiments. Hates being around Barroth, due to covering him with mud and wrecking his electric abilities.
  • Like Lilo and Stitch, he truly believes in the idea of ʻohana and will defend the House of Family to his death. Much like Stitch, he's also offended at the accusation that he's left Hawaii and Lilo for Japan; he's not going to leave her or his job. He still goes on holiday there, as he's popular there. He likes to hang out with Shigeru Jo here, kicking ass with a fellow heroic electric user.
  • The Child Abuse Supporters' lives were made more difficult with Sparky's arrival; he wrecked on Ghetsis, Heihachi and Relius Clover's technology, and gave both Scar and Lady Tremaine awful static hairdos. Things went awry when he attacked Darth Vader, only to be intercepted by Luke Skywalker; he explained away the situation, and warned him not to harm his father. Darth Vader has not forgiven Sparky for the humiliation 221 inflicted.
  • As in Hawaii, his one true place in the Pantheon is to power an incredibly costly lighthouse. It's been an enormous help for both the House of Travel and the House of Water and Ice, particularly whenever the evil darkness users cause trouble. Bright Man and Ampharos quickly became friends due to their occupations, becoming known as "The Lighthouse Triad." Opposes to mad schemes of The Grand Duke of Owls and Nightmare Moon to get rid of the Sun, as among other horrible consequences it will force him to spend 24/7 running the Pantheon's lighthouse. Also opposes the evil Emperor Palpatine, as he believes the Sith Master gives electricity a bad name. His ability to short out electrical equipment has proven a nightmare to the Galactic Empire, and especially Count Dooku's droid army. He tried to do the same thing with XANA, only for the AI to try and hijack him. Lilo and Stitch were forced to dehydrate him into an experiment pod for a time, in order to save him.
  • Has spent time in the Pantheon getting to know the other gods with electrical powers. Inside his houses, he befriended Barry Allen due to his associating with lightning and speed. He was in awe of the power of Thor and was impressed by Cole's wide array of electrical abilities. Given his biology, he avoids Noriko Ashida and Eneru. Outside his house, Sparky ended up meeting Pikachu, whom he mistook at first glance for Zap. The two ended up fighting in the confusion, and while Sparky put up a tough fight, the Mouse Pokémon was victorious. They would leave with a mutual respect and friendship for one another. Ash Ketchum is curious as to whether Lilo named him from his friend Ritchie's Pikachu, or if it's just a coincidence.
  • Though Pikachu is one of his closest electro-pals, he gets along with George and Mikoto Misaka because of their proficiency with electricity and ability to Ride the Lightning with him.
  • Back when he and his creator were still evil, he caused some problems for Terra. They've since made up.
  • Like his cousin Stitch, Sparky is still mischievous at heart. Though he plays with electricity for constructive purposes now, sometimes he can't himself and short-circuits it. He takes pride in his original function, so when he learned of Rotom, 221 immediately saw a challenger. Has been considered an honorary member of the GUAG Lol Rangers, which has made him an enormous help against the technologically-inclined members of the GUAE.
  • Said to sound like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Nibbler, Fred Jones and Scooby-Doo. He gets along well with Nibbler, as they're both Ugly Cute creatures of great power.
  • Like Jumba's other experiments, Sparky is under the watch of the Men In Black.
  • Can be found working in in the Electricity sub-house.

Lesser Gods

    Ethan Hunt 
Ethan Matthew Hunt, God of the Cable Drop
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The IMF insignia
  • Theme Song: We all know what it is!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Accomplishing Impossible Missions, Anti-Hero, Guile Hero, Manipulative Bastard, The Ace that stumbles later on but keeps on going, Nice Guy, schemes reliant on his rivals, The Chessmaster, laying out the plan but can come up with one on the fly upon it being counteracted, reckless gambles, employer of the Kansas City Shuffle, Made of Iron
  • Domain(s): Spy, Cables, Planning
  • Heralds: His team (Luther Stickell, Benji Dunn, William Brandt, and Ilsa Faust)
  • High Priests: the crew in Topkapi
  • Allies: James Bond, Nick Fury, Roger Thornhill, Solid Snake, Jack Bauer, Kim Possible, Chuck Bartowski, Jason Bourne, Han Solo, Judai "Jaden" Yuki, Justy Ueki Tylor, Nathan Drake, Austin Powers, William Cage, John McClane
  • Rivals: Arsène Lupin, Tintin
  • Enemies: Terrorist organizations like HYDRA and SHOCKER, many non-good deities in the House of Crime, Raul Menendez, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Revolver Ocelot, Dr. Drakken, Shego, Cobra Commander, The Baroness
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Deities that value trust and teamwork (one-sided on their end)
  • Somewhere in the Treasury, there is a computer that contains a document describing all of its contents. The room it's in his technologically protected on all sides and had a lot of sensors, with the exception of a ventilation duct in the ceiling. From there came Ethan Hunt as he descended from there while attached to two cables to lower him to the computer. He proceeded to hack it to acquire the information. In a few minutes, Hunt was finished with the hack, except he and his team have already tripped a magic-based system on the way in. As a result, the guards were onto them in ten seconds flat and had everybody contained.
    • Turns out the whole thing was a Secret Test set up by the Court of the Gods to see if Ethan still had what it takes to perform the cable drop, which he had been nominated for, and he has passed. As a reward, Hunt and his team have been given a temple in the House of Travel, and were recruited for the GUAG Intelligence Division. And thankfully for them, there will be no disavowing of their actions in case of a mission failure.
  • Under the GUAG's employ, he and his team often infiltrate and battle the likes of terrorist organizations like HYDRA and SHOCKER, as well as take on classical villains like Dr. Drakken, Cobra Commander, and the Baroness. Of course, the team has to learn to handle differently powered individuals.
  • Whenever he has to disguise himself during a mission, Ethan always uses latex masks. Of course, given the Pantheon's residents and the abilities they have, this is significantly less successful than it was before, but sometimes it still works. This drew him the attention of Arsene Lupin and Tintin, both of whom are proficient with disguises as well.
  • Hunt has touchy relationships with deities of trust and teamwork (like Wonder Woman, Applejack, Nia Teppelin, and deities that form teams) (not necessarily antagonistic, though), since he has a habit of only having one person in the loop at all times — himself.
  • Hunt gets along well with deities in the House of Luck and Fortune, particularly Han Solo, Judai Yuki, Justy Ueki Tylor, and Nathan Drake.
  • As someone who's as much of a Chessmaster as he, Ethan has come to blows with Revolver Ocelot plenty of times.
  • As with almost all spies with the Pantheon, he gets his intel from Nick Fury. The Spymaster has impressed with his skillset and hopes to use them to his fullest.
  • Is as much of a friend of James Bond as it's possible in the business. The Brit prefers to work alone (while occasionally paired with a female companion), only needing assistance when in serious trouble. Oddly enough, Ethan has had better luck with Austin Powers who he respects as a capable spy despite his quirkiness.
  • Treats Kim Possible like his own daughter. He has high hopes for the teen, believing she can be a great agent someday. He even gives her advice on how to handle Ron Stoppable.
  • Unlike the other spies, he has a more amiable relationship with Jason Bourne. It's probably due to the time when he was on the run from the US government. He even admitted to taking a couple of strategies from the runaway himself. As such, Ethan refuses to be involved in his capture, only meeting with him when he is needed for a greater threat.
    • Turns out it's an older story than he thought. He was greeted by Roger Thornhill who just happened to have had a similar experience… only he wasn't even a spy in that case. Ethan can only hope that the Pantheon's spies aren't this incompetent.
  • While Ethan at first was startled with how William Cage looks exactly like him, both eventually bonded, and Cage envies how in contrast to him dying over and over, Ethan survived some ridiculously dangerous stunts.
  • Ethan and John McClane have gotten along for being some of the most indestructible heroes in the pantheon, pulling off unbelievable things on the fly, and being heroes in spite of the pain it causes (including collapsed marriages).
  • Has exchanged weird looks with Superman. When asked, Ethan said the Man of Steel looks like a clean-shaven Walker.

    Faith Connors 
Faith Connors, Goddess Of Parkour (Faith, Faithy, Effie, Phoenix Carpenter)
  • Potential Houses:
  • Theme Song: I Am Faith from Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Knapsack And Eye Tattoo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (used to be Chaotic Neutral in the Catalyst timeline)
  • Portfolio: The Best Freerunner In Glass, used to be self-centered before mellowing out, The Determinator, Dark and Troubled Past, talking about her dead parents or insulting her mentor sets her off, Break the Haughty, Good Is Not Nice Or Soft, Caucasian Father, East Asian Mother, Tattooed Crook
  • Domains: Family, Parkour, Rebellion
  • High Priest: Kaku
  • Followers: Roy Harper, Buster Keaton, David Belle
  • Allies:
  • On Good Terms With: Most of the good-aligned ninja deities in the Pantheon.
  • Opposed By: James Bond
  • Enemies: Big Brother and other deities in the subhouse of Tyrannical Figures,, Nemesis (Resident Evil), Rosco Coltrane
  • Leon Kennedy, Ezio Auditore, The Prince, and Cole MacGrath were tasked in tracking down Faith Connors, said to be the best freerunner in the city. After a lengthy chase along the city's roofs, the four men manage to corner her. To say that Faith was chosen as the Goddess of Freerunning was a humbling experience for her, and given her somewhat haughty attitude, Faith showing humility was something no one expected. She accepted the offer…and made four new friends that day.
  • The elder daughter of a musician and his scientist wife (both of whom were active in the Libertas movement), Faith grew up in relative peace. Then, came the November Riots, in which her parents were both slain alongside her younger sister (in truth, she survived). Faith survived and as a result, has an intense hatred for any kind of dystopian authority figures.
  • James Bond is not a really big fan of hers. Not because Faith refused his advances, but rather he had a rather bad experience with a freerunner in the past.
  • Faith is seldomly seen at her temple. As she is employed by the higher-ups as a messenger for the gods, she can be seen freerunning along the rooftops of the Pantheon.
    • Being a messenger has drawn the attention of others with similar professions such as the Courier, Mercury, and Derpy Hooves. The Greek God sometimes invites her over with the other messengers for drinks and is impressed with how she can keep up her speed while navigating other obstacles that would otherwise slow down most runners (unless they have heightened reflexes like The Flash).
  • Has long since soured on guns. It had something to do with killing a non-hostile cop. Other pacifists have noted that she had no problems with hurling people over buildings. Faith pointed out that it's possible for people to play her game without killing nearly any person in the game.
  • Back in her Academy days, Faith's free-running class was quite popular. Her students have since become her followers upon hearing of Faith's ascension. She continues this tradition in the Pantheon to those who want to learn the art of parkour.
  • Has something of a friendly rivalry with the Scout, due to his running speed. In turn, the Scout is very impressed with Faith's parkour skills. While Faith believes that the Scout can tone down on the trash-talking, she's pretty cool with him.
  • Parkour is often a useful skill for a speedster. Running at high speeds, it's possible for one to jump off of and even run alongside walls. Sonic incorporated this in his later games while the Flashes run along walls on occasion to get by. All of them sometimes ask Faith for her blessings.
  • Faith is also pretty friendly with the defied (good-aligned) ninjas. The fact that they can keep up with her freerunning may have something to do with that.
  • Some scientists have questions regarding not Faith's parkour skills, but her endurance as a runner; can hours of parkouring on end be possible? Even discounting sidequests, her entire parkour journey in Catalyst isn't impossible. Provided she gives herself enough rest.
  • Virtually ever Assassin who say the creed has made use of parkour to get around. To them, her ascension was a welcoming gift. The group was hoping that a free spirit would take the role. Ezio even offered her a chance to became part of the Creed.
  • While free-running in the House of Gaming, she came across a horrifying monster. The being was relentless in its pursuit of her despite being able to climb out of reach. She thought she had left it be, but when she returned, he was there to chase after her. It appears that Nemesis will continue to pursue her any time she sets foot in the area.
  • She is wary with any sort of cops given that the police in her world almost hunted down people of her profession. She reserves much of her hatred to Rosco, God of Corrupted Cops. Thankfully, the patron himself is not nearly as competent as her equivalents. Regardless, she does have a few cops that she trust

Hakan, God of Slippery Skidding (Oil-Covered Daddy)
  • Theme Song: Oil Power!
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Large Oil Barrel.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Dark Red Skin and Turquoise Hair, Parent Who Loves His Children, Happily Married To a Beautiful Woman, Sliding Across The Floor, Large Hugs, Relishing in Fights
  • Domain: Combat, Wrestling, Oil
  • Allies: E. Honda (his best friend), Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Zangief, Sagat, Abel, Crimson Viper
  • Rival: The Iron Sheik
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Balrog, Vega, Juri Han
  • On his way to becoming the (Cooking) Oil King in the world, he found himself in the Pantheon. He was originally going to head for the House of Food, but upon finding his old friend and rival E.Honda in the House of Sports, he decided to make his house here.
    • He has gone to the House of Food, showing off his cooking oil to the chefs. Many of them have actually tried it in their cooking. Gordon Ramsay however, gets annoyed when Hakan starts showering himself in the oil and making a huge mess whenever there's a huge fight in the House.
  • Many are wondering how the hell Hakan takes care of his hair, particularly because his seven daughters also follow in their daddy's fashion sense. The House of Craft has given up on trying to replicate it.
  • Sometimes sports a fez while in the Pantheon, The Doctor approves.
  • In case there's a Cat Fight between two Goddeses... Hakan uses his cooking oil for a good "mud fight".
  • When he found about Rey Mysterio's ascension, he went to him and laughed. At first, it was to assume it was due to Rey's height, but Hakan was more amazed at how great it was to see a fine wrestler such as Mysterio in the Pantheon and decided to fight him in battle. It got very messy when Rey started slipping on spilled oil and the collision between him and Hakan soon spiraled out of control, bringing in Zangief, King II and The Murray into the escalating brawl. It ended with the five sprawled out in the House of Combat and laughing at the impromptu fight.

    The Hounds of Tindalos 
The Hounds of Tindalos, Deities of Unusual Movement
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Smoke leaking from an angle
  • Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality, translating to Neutral Evil for time travelers
  • Portfolio: Beings That Hunt Their Target Through Time and Space, Travel Through The Angles of Time, Have Existed Before Space and Time, Hellhounds (In Behavior, Not Appearance), Do Not Like Time Travelers, Use Their "Tongues" to Help Feed Oneself, Eldritch Abomination
  • Domains: Hunting, Angles, Time and Space, Travel
  • Chronicled by: H.P Lovecraft
  • Allies: The Pantheonic Time Police (very begrudgingly), the Dahaka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Weeping Angels
  • Enemies: Time travelers and monster killers in general, The Vex, The Sleeper
  • Fears: Lord English
  • Feared by: Hasta
  • Hounds of Tindalos are a weird species. Partly known as being manifestation of foulness, this creature has existed since ancient times and said to be descended from angles as oppose to most known life, who have descended from curves. Existing in the "angles of time" outside of human dimensions, they can manifest into being from any angles in order to hunt down and feed on any prey they so choose.
  • Their persistence comes from the fact that they can travel through time to find their prey and can manifest from any sort of angle to find their target. If you see smoke pouring from an angle, it means they are after you. Only way to prevent one from leaping onto you is to isolate yourself into a space without any angles.
  • Since they exist outside of usual reality, the chance of having an encounter with one is really low. However, even trying to gaze into their dimension an result them spotting you and seeing you as their prey. This is especially if you are a time traveler as you might accidentally step into their dimension. Even Mental Time Travel isn't a safe option, as one Halpin Chalmers would attest if he wasn't dead.
  • Speaking of which, many have tried to figure out why they appeared in the Pantheon in the first place. Most assume it was because of The Doctor, and while he doesn't take any responsibility, he does admit it probably being the most likely cause. He believes they may be related to the Reapers. Time Lord society is good at chasing away the Hounds, and Rassilon wishes to exterminate them so Time Lord dominance is not threatened.
  • Hasta seems to be rather paranoid of their existence for reasons, which probably are justified. Of course that would end up enraging Hastur, who wouldn't normally care for the Hounds.
  • Those who have somehow survived encounters with them seem to recall seeing a werewolf amongst their ranks. When people were trying to figure out who the werewolf was, Mugen Yogoruma basically gave away the answer and said that it is possibly whatever remains of the nameless terrorist leader of Aku Shin Kage who was corrupted to become one with them. Though she isn't sure if the beast has any memories of his former life or if he's just a beast like the rest of the Hounds.
  • While technically tameable if they are summoned as familiars, they are not to be taken lightly and should be handled by professionals. The Pantheonic Time Police has been trying to direct them to a more positive end, which was initially difficult since they instinctively attack any time travelers regardless of alignment. Fortunately a goddess of time was on the case and they have become the "police dogs" of the Police.
  • Mostly kept in the House of Otherness Abominations when not used by the Pantheonic Time Police. They are much more at home there, and aren't usually provoked. While they exist to keep some sort of order in the time stream, they aren't helpful, they just are. The Dahaka, as a being very similar to them, actually gets along and treats them like pets.
  • There are some gods that absolutely nobody has any trouble with the Hounds of Tindalos hunting down with impunity. Zamasu was assaulted by them and angrily ranted that he never messed with time, it was all the mortals' fault. Eobard Thawne ran. Lord English, given his experience with other cosmic horrors, decided to hunt and destroy them. He may be the only time-traveler they feel fear towards.
  • Somewhat similar to the Weeping Angels, due to how they feed on people and are involved with time travel. The Weeping Angels would rather the Hounds stay out of their way, but figure they're convenient for picking off those they send back in time since either way they get to eat on the potential life energy.
  • For their frequent exploitation of time, many members of the Vex are frequently pestered by them. Though they view them as a threat, the Vex just opt to Teleport Spam away. In areas where the Vex have free reign over reality, such as the Vault of Glass in their temple, they outright get rid of the Hounds. Permanently. And though the space around the Sleeper makes distorts temporally thus making it a big target for the Hounds, they could hardly faze the Sleeper itself. Though the Hounds do cause trouble for the people frequently sent out to deal with the cosmic comet and its spreading corruption.
  • For some reason, they are associated with the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Knuckles the Echidna 
Knuckles the Echidna, God of Gliding (Knux, Knucklehead, Nipples the Enchilada, Stage Clear, Niggles, Knuckles the Feminist)
Sonic Boom design 
  • Theme Music: Unknown from M.E.; Alternatively, Pumpkin Hill
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his head
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Beware the Nice Ones, The Big Guy, Determinator, Dreadlock Warrior, Good Old Fisticuffs, Red Is Heroic
  • Domains: Echidnas, Dreadlocks, Gliding
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Team Chaotix, Amy Rose, Mighty the Armadillo, Roy Mustang, Guile, Azir, Cu Chulainn (leaning towards Friendly Rivals), Axel Almer, Carol Tea, Zack, Billy Hatcher
  • Rival: Donkey Kong
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Black Doom, Mephiles the Dark, Infinite, Relius Clover, Souther
  • Odd Friendship: Ike, Swampert
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Rouge the Bat
  • Conflicting Opinion: Guts
  • One of Knuckles' notable traits is his dreadlocks and it is even stated that they are what allow him to glide in the air. It sounds weird, but then again, so is a speedy blue hedgehog and a yellow twin-tailed fox that can fly who is also a skilled mechanic.
  • Knuckles' earliest encounters had him in conflict with Sonic. Said conflicts were the result of Eggman tricking the echidna. Since then, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have been working together to thwart the doctor.
  • Doesn't really like to go near the House of Love as he tends to be awkward around girls.
  • Gets along well with Roy Mustang, Guile, and Azir for a certain reason. It's that same reason that Knuckles has made an enemy out of Relius Clover.
    • Some deities have noticed that there was a time that he sounded like Yugi Mutou. Knuckles is also disturbed with how he sounds like Mephiles the Dark, despite having that adventure erased.
  • Is enjoying the respect he gets by being the leader of his world's resistance, but he admits that he would have preferred that Sonic didn't get kidnapped and tortured by a psychotic jackal so Eggman could take over the world in the first place.
  • He is not entierly sure why mortal followers in the VR realms claim that he is from Uganda and that he is trying to show the way for the Queen.
    • It seems that a few of them have taken his form and invaded his temple. Sometimes, they wander the Pantheon in search of the Queen, but most of the time, they just follow Knuckles around, babbling incessantly. He knows they'll leave as soon as they find someone else to annoy, but that could take months.
  • Just because he's a meathead, doesn't mean he's not a feminist. Floored many gods when he brought upon the idea of females breaking the glass ceiling and all of them wondered where that intelligence came from.

    Miles "Tails" Prower 
Miles Prower, God of Heli-Critters (Tails, Fox Boy, Shorty, Shrimp, Titan Tails, Arms)
Sonic Boom design 


    Wander (Shadow of the Colossus
Wander, God of Gigantic Creature Climbing


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