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Greater Gods

    Kroq-Gar & Grymloq 
Kroq-Gar and Grymloq, Saurian Gods of Mounted Combat (Last Defender of Xhotl)
Foreground: Kroq-Gar, Background: Grymloq
  • Greater Gods when Together (Individually Intermediate Gods)
  • Symbol: A Golden Totem embedded underneath a Carnosaur Footprint
  • Theme Song: The Fallen Gates
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral With Traces of Orange (Kroq-Gar), True Neutral (Grymloq)
  • Portfolio: Mounted Combat, Fighting Partners, The Last Remnants of the City of Xhotl, Covered in Millennia Worth of Scars, Very Affectionate for One Another
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Mounts, Combat, Rage, Loyalty
  • Heralds: The Lizardmen of Lustria (Gor-Rok, Chakax, Tehenhauin)
  • Superior: Lord Kroak
  • Allies: Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Rexie, The Raptor Pack, Rampardos, Speckles, The Dinobots, The Other Dinobot, Doctor Fate, Reptile, Kotal Kahn, Grøh, Velvet Crowe, Night Raid, The Doom Slayer, Rexxar, Thrall, The Nameless King, Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Karl Franz, Tyrion, Teclis, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Settra, King Arthur Pendragon, Arturia Pendragon, Optimus Prime, The Four Magicians, Guts, Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Power Rangers
  • Enemies: Archaon, Nagash, Melkor, Griffith, The Beastmen, Malekith, Bernkastel, Pokemon Hunter J, Twitch, Mr. Burns, Mesogog, The Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, Deviljho, Spinosaurus, Riptor
  • On Speaking Terms With: Eliza Thornberry, Bowser
  • Respected By: The Lantern Corps (Hal Jordan, Atrocious, Thaal Sinestro)
  • Opposes: The Four Chaos Gods, Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi, Alan Grant
  • Complicated Relationship: The Gang of Seven, The Monster Hunters, Regina
  • Feared By: Numerous Beast Deities, especially those in the House of Beast, The House of Commerce
  • Among many of the Lizardmen born in the city of Xhotl, Kroq-Gar was destined to be a warrior for his race and was marked with greatness by his kin. His birth also coincided with a brood of Carnosaurs, one of the most feared predators of the New World, with Kroq-Gar claiming the biggest one for his own, naming him Grymloq. Fighting against the general onslaught of Chaos for centuries, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq took refuge in Xhotl with the Slann erecting a magical barrier to enforce defence before it wore off, causing the Daemons to pillage and wreck the city to ruins and killing anyone they came across. This enraged Kroq-Gar beyond all belief, fighting and slaughtering his enemies before leading his army out of the now depopulated Xhotl. Over the centuries, Kroq-Gar travelled around the dense forests of Lustria, his army slowly dying off until him and Grymloq were what's left of it. He was then found and approached by Lord Madzamundi in Hexoatl, who took the Lizardman warrior under his wing and unite as many of the Lizardmen as possible. Enlisted in leading his race to carry out the "Great Old One's Plan" Following this, Kroq-Gar has led several battles with Grymloq and the Hexoatl troops over the centuries to ensure his race's ultimate goals. It's only a matter of time before the End Times begin to coincide with the task.
  • Like nearly everyone from his world, Lustria included, Kroq-Gar entered the Pantheon after the End Times. The last report of his sightings were his escape from Lustria via a series of spaceships designed by the Lizardmen in case the Great Old Plan had failed, and as shown, the New World, alongside everything else was destroyed by the machinations of the Chaos Gods and the heralding of Archaon. Turns out, it took years for Kroq-Gar to make his way to the Pantheon, given that while he did manage to find a ship, unbeknownst to most, he didn't keep contact with anyone and was unaware of Lord Kroak's position of Greater God. His arrival did little to faze him though, given that he's already experienced enough. That, and the fact that the Chaos Gods have settled for conquering new worlds, one of which he and his race have recently begun to colonize has gotten him riled up and ready to battle once again.
    • If there's one sort of compensation to be had in the entire situation, it's that Kroq-Gar was reunited with Grymloq after the Carnosaur was fatally poisoned and dissolved to acid by the Skaven Lord Skrolk. Additionally, having new lands also means Grymloq has a new opportunity to carve out a territory for him and Kroq-Gar to patrol.
  • The Lizardmen, in general, are some of the most mysterious races of their world, and it still remains in the Pantheon. They are vicious, brutal and unforgiving when it comes to their demeanour and each and every Lizardmen is born to be a warrior and serve their leaders with utmost dedication. However, despite their perpetually raging nature and being rather solitary, they are not evil, but rather have a very skewed perspective of morality. They don't hate other races (In fact, their mind cannot process the idea of malice), but they usually don't understand much about the other races anyway. They do, however, have a select list of enemies on their hit-list, namely the Skaven and the Forces of Chaos. To the races they don't care about, they'd let them be and even form an alliance if there's a form of convenience and common goal (The threat presented by Archaon was enough for the Lizardmen, the High Elves, Dwarfs and Human Civilization to form the banner of the Shield of Civilization in one alternate timeline). To their enemies, they would commit outright genocide towards them because they are simply not mentioned in the Great Old One's plan. Kroq-Gar is no different from a typical Lizardmen save for the fact that he is among the greatest warriors his race has ever produced.
    • And even with the Shield of Civilization, the Lizardmen alliance is tense and difficult at best. They can be too aggressive to negotiate with and it's normally best to not approach them when their natural battle instincts are hit. That said, they are reliable warriors and having common goals means they can be trusted upon to some extent. The Dwarfs, however, are not over the fact that the Lizardmen heavily damaged their kingdom by literally moving a series of mountains where the Dwarfen strongholds were built under were moved, destroying them. That said, the Lizardmen had no idea that the Dwarfs would have fortresses in these mountains as they expected them to be someplace else according to the scriptures of the Great Old Ones.
  • As a very skilled, experienced and powerful warrior that would impress most individuals in the houses of Combat and War Kroq-Gar comes equipped with two special pieces of equipment that have highlighted his talented prowess, excluding Grymloq of course:
    • Hand of Gods - A mechanical arm device that is implemented into Kroq-Gar's amputated left-arm, this allows his to conjure spheres of light in his palms which he can use to launch onto his foes.
    • Revered Spear of Tlanxla - A legendary weapon once believed to have been wielded by the Old One deity Tlanxla. It has ancient magical energy coursing around it and whatever enemy it strikes causes them to sap away their will to fight via projecting them with visions of doom.
  • Kroq-Gar is one of the most resilient and determined beings in the entire Pantheon. How so? The poisoned plague censor wielded by Lord Skrolk that killed Grymloq is stated to instantly kill anyone upon contact. Kroq-Gar was stabbed by it... and he resisted the effect by nothing other than sheer willpower. No healing magic, no advanced immune system, just plain determination. And no matter what sort of obstacle comes across to intrude his path and goal, Kroq-Gar will simply not back away and plough through, wasting no time to do what needs to be done. It's a relief that he isn't evil, although calling him good can be a bit of a stretch.
  • The Carnosaurs of Lustria are said to be among the most terrifying beings of their world and one of the undisputed apex predators of Lustria. They were so feared and successful as predators that there were no dragons in Lustria. Carnosaurs were able to hunt and kill dragons effectively in spite of simply being animals with no elemental attribute. Add to the fact that the Lizardmen and their mounts both get Stronger with Age and you have a duo that could intimidate beings from ever coming to their hunting grounds or cities which they defend. Considering the fact that Grymloq is just as old as Kroq-Gar...
    • The Carnosaur's position as apex predators are mainly due to the fact that they are inherently so good at taking down their prey, which also includes large monsters. In fact, Grymloq, being a Carnosaur with millennia worth of experience and getting Stronger with Age like his companion, manages to inflict even more damage than usual when attacking monsters. For this reason, numerous animals and beasts are downright terrified of him and only a beast of Intermediate God status or higher are able to properly rival Grymloq and there are some dragons who are capable of matching up to or even defeating the Carnosaur in a fair fight. At least Grymloq isn't evil is that's worth a compensation.
  • Immediately reuniting with Lord Kroak, Kroq-Gar had to quickly learn about new customaries that were established in the Pantheon. Given his age and the wisdom he has earned from this, he was able to adapt and learn faster than his fellow Lizardmen which he bought forth as his Heralds. However, Kroq-Gar does have a very skewed way of understanding regarding other races. While the Great Old One's plan may not exist anymore in this literal new world, some of his beliefs are kept in check, mainly his hostility towards most races that don't belong to him. He's beginning to mellow out, but that doesn't wash away his ruthlessness in any way.
  • Understandably, Kroq-Gar is not over the fact that Archaon destroyed the world, effectively ruining the Great Old One's plans and rendering the Lizardmen's thousand-year efforts meaningless. Now that they're both in the Pantheon, Kroq-Gar is more than willing to pay him back. That, and potentially slaughter the Chaos Gods too while he's at it. The problem is, the Chaos Gods are way too powerful beyond his comprehension. That might be mitigated given that Kroq-Gar and Lord Kroak can find potential new allies to work with.
  • Kroq-Gar works with Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, given that Lord Kroak secretly covers for them and offers them magical support from time-to-time. However, working with such a new alliance proved to be difficult as Kroq-Gar is rather vicious and brutal. That said, the Chaos Gods are aligned with the Grand United Alliance of Evil and Kroq-Gar and his race are infinitely opposed against the Forces of Chaos, so he and Lord Kroak would need an alliance with others fast.
    • As Lord Kroak is a secret benefactor for the Puella Magi, Kroq-Gar feels as if it's his duty to provide aid for them in battle. He and Madoka turn out to have no difficulty working with one another as her position as the Pantheon's mascot Hope Bringer seems to be something that the saurian warrior can rely on without issue. He's also assigned himself to teach Sayaka in how to better her fighting performance. If he's got thousands of years of experience, then it should be of value in Sayaka's perspective. Again, while all this is likely because of Lord Kroak's guidance, Kroq-Gar can be a very reliable ally to those not of his race, provided he has the motivation to carry it out.
  • While Lizardmen don't really have much concern regarding Commerce, one should really think twice if they're wanting to steal their gold. No, Lizardmen don't value their gold because of wealth, but because it's in their gold that the Great Old One's plan and messages are inscribed into it. That was one lesson Mr. Burns learned the hard way when he tried to steal some of the Lizardmen's goal. Nevermind Kroq-Gar himself, the Lizardmen are insanely dedicated to their cause. It might be considered luck that Mr. Burns survived with his life and the House of Commerce outright fear the Lizardmen after this situation.
  • Eliza Thornberry has managed to establish a decent relationship with the Lizardmen in general. It helps in that she could translate the race's foreign language and Eliza can use this to hopefully make people understand the Lizardmen somewhat better. She's nice enough to respect the Lizardmen's needs and interests and is very cautious about their gold, unlike many of the more greedy gods in the Pantheon. Kroq-Gar, in turn, has no ill will against Eliza due to her hospitality and occasionally would allow her to visit his domain. Still doesn't allow her to touch gold though.
  • The Great Rebellion was an outcome that not only affected the Pantheon but also further complicate the Lizardmen's goal of trying to maintain law and order. With the rise of YHVH and Lucifer, one would assume that Kroq-Gar and Lord Kroak would leave the GUAG and instead join the Grand United Alliance of Law. Instead, they saw YHVH as being far too restrictive regarding carrying out orders plus the GUAL's overall goal is simply subjugation for the sake of an egocentric god. At least Cosmos is respectable and understanding enough to let Kroq-Gar and the Lizardmen to operate freely, though there's the occasional penalty if their actions come off as too extreme.
    • He hates Lucifer for representing Chaos and for causing mayhem and a schism in the Pantheon during his establishment for the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Furthering this animosity is him grooming Homura to be one of his top generals, an idea that Kroq-Gar finds insulting towards Lord Kroak. While he clearly doesn't understand Homura's love for Madoka, he also feels that Homura is being forced against her will. That and the fact that Lord Kroak himself doesn't have any ill feelings towards Homura's defection to Lucifer means Kroq-Gar feels obligated to bring her back, regardless of the consequences.
  • Being dinosaurs, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq very frequently visit the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House and find it to be a very suitable hunting ground and place of solace. Their presence caught the attention of the many dinosaurs that dwell here. It seems Rexie, Own Grady's Raptors and Rampardos don't object and get along. The Gang of Seven is a lot more complicated. Chomper is on good terms with Grymloq, but the other members, particularly Littlefoot are outright terrified of Grymloq given his destructive prowess and fearsome appearance. That said, Grymloq doesn't see the Gang of Seven as prey as they're too small to really fulfil his diet anyway and Kroq-Gar doesn't seem to mind their presence all too much either.
    • Speaking of dinosaurs, Grymloq is named after the leader of the Dinobots. Grimlock (The Dinobot) sees this as a sign of respect and admiration and has gotten along pretty well with the Carnosaur. The other Dinobots also see Grymloq without much concern and the other Dinobot (The Raptor) will often think about working with Kroq-Gar and Grymloq when it comes to dealing with threats. Grymloq himself is also one of the very few dinosaurian beings who can take on Deviljho in a fair fight. Then again, this is a beast that terrifies dragons, so Monster Hunters have taken some kind of interest in it.
    • Alan Grant was curious about Grymloq's physiology and seeks to study about the dinosaur at some, provided if Kroq-Gar would even allow him to do so. And given the Carnosaur's reputation, it's very easier said than done. Regina, however, tends to keep her distance, given her experience with dinosaurs but has seen that Kroq-Gar wouldn't pose her a threat if they happen to have a similar threat to deal with, namely beasts like the Sharptooth, the Spinosaurus and Riptor.
  • Kroq-Gar's indomitable will and his controlled rage were seen in a very favourable light by the Green and Red Lantern Corps. The Sinestro Corps were also impressed given the fear factor Grymloq possesses and how Kroq-Gar manages to make this more effective. Each of them has had a small quarrel over which Lantern Ring will Kroq-Gar take up. The Lizardman hasn't said anything about the matter.
  • Despite their solitary behaviour towards other races and civilizations, Kroq-Gar is not without having some allies from that side. He gets along pretty well with Thrall and Rexxar, especially considering that the latter was able to pet Grymloq, much to Kroq-Gar's surprise and it was nice to have a pair of Orcs that weren't outright hostile for once. Velvet Crowe is another solitary figure, though she notes that her and Kroq-Gar use their hate very often, though, in Velvet's case, it's more offensive whereas Kroq-Gar's is more tied to his willpower and goals. And regarding assassinations, Kroq-Gar can usually rely on Akame, Night Raid and Kiritsugu Emiya in getting tasks done. With Velvet and Night Raid all being more ambiguous heroes, Kroq-Gar doesn't have to worry too much about disappointing them.
    • With their Aztec influence, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq have no problem in making accomplices with Kotal Kahn, with Kotal being rather pleased to have a dedicated warrior as a confidant and ally in critical situations.
    • He has some form of respect towards The Nameless King. It helps in that the king himself has a very close bond with his dragon, The King of the Storm, similar to how Kroq-Gar and Grymloq are more-or-less Bash Brothers. Thankfully, Grymloq and the King of the Storm don't fight one another as their companions already share some form of camaraderie.
  • In one possible timeline set after the End Times, the Lizardmen have taken up the name of the Seraphon and are among the factions of the Grand Alliance of Order. Kroq-Gar is not happy with the fact that he and Grymloq don't get to appear in this new world, though at least his race is still continuing on the fight. That said, he doesn't like the notion of the Seraphons being labelled as "Daemons of Order", given that he, Grymloq and his race did everything they could in keeping the Daemons of Chaos away from destroying the world.

Intermediate Gods

    Kamui Tokinomiya 
Kamui Tokinomiya, Goddess of Iaijutsu (The Millennial Guardian, burned by destiny, Kam-kam, Miss Kamui, Black Lady)

    Ryuji Yamazaki 
Ryuji Yamazaki, God of One-Handed Fighting (Wicked Heretic)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbols: His knife and white fur coat
  • Theme Songs: "Villainous" (Arranged version) (Outlaw Team Theme), "C62 - KOF XIV Ver." (his theme as of KOF XIV)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil most of the time
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Animal Motifs (particulary the Snake), Badass in a Nice Shirt and Vest (in most cases), Also Seen in His Fur Coat, Beating A Dead Player, Blood Knight, Watched as His Boss Died in Front of Him, Can Go for Three Days Without Sleep, Refused Yashiro Nanakase's Offer to Join The Hakkeshu, Psycho for Hire, Doesn't Give a Damn About His Orochi Heritage, Has an Exploding Headbutt, With Great Insanity Comes Great Power, Maniacal Laugh, Combat Pragmatist
  • Domains: Yakuza, Violence, Knives
  • Allies: Sadira, Darius, Kazuya Mishima, Harley Quinn, Juri Han
  • Rivals: Kano, Bane, Vega, The Joker
  • Enemies: Terry Bogard, Chun-Li, Asuka Kazama, Black Orchid, Kitana, Kazuma Kiryu, Cody Travers
  • Odd Friendship: with Deadpool
  • Ryuji Yamazaki. Gangster. Assassin. Dojo buster. The knife-wielding fighter found his way into the Pantheon. How he managed to earn his ascension is unclear, but some people say that Orochi was responsible for his being made divine. Either way, things are going to be a lot more interesting...and violent.
  • Yamazaki wasn't always so bat-shit insane. He grew up in Okinawa as an orphan, and as a kid, he idolized the local Yakuza oyabun, Sorimachi. Yamazaki found purpose in life, left his hometown, and joined the Yakuza, working his way up the ranks, until he found himself working under Sorimachi himself. For Yamazaki, life was good under his mentor. However, during a business trip to Osaka, Yamazaki's hesitation had ended with the torture and death of his boss at the hands of a rival gang. This is what cause Yamazaki to snap (and develop his violent alter-ego), and he proceeded to murder Sorimachi's killers. In the aftermath, Yamazaki fled Japan, relocating to Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City, where he made his living as a drug trader, arms merchant and broker. At one moment, he's calm and collected. On the other hand...
  • There is an ongoing debate over who is more crazier: Yamazaki or Vice. So far, the debate it still ongoing, and will not reach a conclusion anytime soon. No one is dumb enough to approach Yamazaki to ask that question.
  • Aside from his usual activities, Yamazaki is surprisingly enough, friends with Deadpool. Not because Deadpool buys some of his weapons from Yamazaki, mind you, but the friendship came following a two-day brawl which had ended in a draw (and damaged the Power Dome). Since then, both men have been seen together drinking sake, trading stories over chimichangas (for Deadpool) and horse sashimi (for Yamazaki).
  • Ever wonder why Yamazaki keeps his right hand in his pocket? It's a tic he had subconsciously developed following his late boss once complimenting Yamazaki about the power in his right fist. His right hand is also the same one he uses to slash and stab with his knife, or use some specific moves such as his signature Guillotine and Drill attacks.
  • Speaking of knives, he has his eyes set on some of the Pantheon's knife fighters, particulary Leon Kennedy and Cody Travers. The idea of testing his own skills against their own makes his blood boil.
  • When he's not busting heads, Yamazaki is seen at the House of Food. Even a madman like him has got to eat.
  • For a complete psychopath, he wants nothing to do with Orochi and the Hakkeshu. After all, if everyone else is dead (as it is Orochi's goal in an attempt to save the planet) then there would be no one left for him to stomp on. He is also able to resist the Riot of the Blood, due to own sheer will and stubbornness that would make Doctor Doom proud.
  • His given name is subjective to the "Ryu" issue as well in terms of spelling; the "Ryu" in his name also has a long "u" vowel, so one non-lazy way of typing his name's romaji is "Ryuuji".

    Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 
Samurai Sentai ShinkengerMembers , Battle Deities of Samurai Epics (Takeru: Shinken Red, Take-chan, Tono (My Lord). Ryunosuke: Shinken Blue, Ryu-san. Mako: Shinken Pink, Mako-chan, Nee-san. Chiaki: Shinken Green, Chiaki, Sharpened Green Samurai. Kotoha: Shinken Yellow, Kotoha. Genta: Shinken Gold, Gen-san)
The Shinkengers in their civilian forms. From Left to Right: Genta Uemori, Mako Shiraishi, Chiaki Tani, Takeru Shiba, Ryunosuke Ikenami, and Kotoha Hanaori.
Clickhere  to see their transformed state.
  • Intermediate Deities as a team, Lesser Deities individually, reaches Greater God status whenever one of them uses the Inromaru or the Kyoryu Disk
  • Symbol: Shiba Clan crest
  • Theme Song: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Combat, Samurai, Loyalty, Teamwork
  • Heralds: Kaoru Shiba/Princess Shinken Red, Hikoma Kusakabe, Toshizo Tanba, and the Kurokos
  • Followers: Bushinyan/Shogunyan
  • High Priests: Power Rangers Samurai
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Oda Nobunaga, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, the Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia and Enter), Ragyo Kiryuin, Monokuma and his Mastermind
  • They are the 33rd of Super Sentai team, responsible of staving off the attack of the Gedoushuu and protecting mankind from it. Their battle 'concluded' after the ultimate defeat of its leader, Chimatsuri Doukokuu, and later called again to battle the Zangyack Empire during the Legend Wars, and sacrificing their powers to halt their armada. But thanks to the efforts of the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, they regained their power.
  • And... for some reason, their epic tale caused a certain big boom amongst the world. Regardless, they fought truly well and worthy of their placement as a Sentai.
  • Their counterpart are the Power Rangers Samurai. But know this, regardless of the misgivings of the 'audience', not just Takeru, but the rest of the Shinkengers abhor notions of ridiculing them. So long as they are fighting to protect mankind from demons, they are worthy of defending the Earth and an ally to them.
  • They are very honest to say that they're surprised seeing various historical figures of varying personalities in the Pantheon. Their closest colleague amongst them seems to be Azai Nagamasa, who channels the spirit of Super Sentai (close enough) whenever he fights.
    • Though they get rather curious when Nagamasa mentioned that he used to know a squad similar to them in his time: the Gohon-Yari.
  • The length of this section would be usually cut down by Takeru because he thinks it's 'too long'. He's advised against it and agreed.
    • Takeru used to be the head of the Samurai division of Toku Base, without ever getting saintified. He has since left the house on the care of his Power Rangers counterpart Jayden.
    • What people might not know is that for all of him being called the Head of the Shiba Clan, Takeru was actually a Kagemusha for the real head, Kaoru Shiba. They made amends about that, and she lets Takeru take the head of this throne, she stays at the Toku Base to advise Takeru from afar, and Jayden closer.
  • Ryuunosuke is known for many things: That he is a gigantic ham in everything he does that gets annoying after awhile, that he's completely Takeru's bootlicker, and that he is also a VERY competent field sub-commander that dealt the finishing blow to Chimatsuri Doukokuu. Just don't call him a Father/Mother complex.
    • Ever since he appeared, he's been asked to do some Kabuki performances, especially with Kyoshiro Senryo, who saw his battles against Gedoushuu similar with his battles against Ambrosia. He thinks it'll make a BIG hit.
  • The House of Food is usually shrouded in complete terror whenever Mako enters it and trying to cook. Her cooking, even if she's trying to improve, is just so traumatizing it rivals the horribleness that is The Mystery Food X. And before you ask, no, she is not related to the goddess in that House known as Chiyoko Shirashi, but it's easy to see why you can be confused since they have a similar creator.
    • She is also well known as one of the most level-headed Big Sisters in the Pantheon. She often makes passes to the Children House to care for them, and is absolutely livid against those who dares abuses children.
  • Back in his life, Chiaki loves playing Tekken in arcades. Then he enters the Pantheon and finds himself side-by-side with the characters he played. He quickly learns to adapt with the surrounding and if a character he played turns out to be a bastard (e.g: Heihachi), he will show no mercy.
    • Chiaki is also happens to be friends with another Chiaki, named Nanami, since her status as the Ultimate Gamer reminded him of his life as a gamer before he became a Shinkenger. The two Chiakis were often playing video games in the House of Gaming whenever Tani is free from his duties.
  • Due to her rather simplistic and clumsy nature and yellow color, Kotoha seems to be the Shinkenger closest with the Pretty Cure Toku enthusiast, Yayoi Kise, who's also familiar with her accent. Of course, she gets embarrassed whenever Yayoi eggs her to 'confess' to Chiaki.
  • These are the basic things you need to know about Genta: Scenery chewer, Sushi-seller, Iai-master, Self-Made ranger, Mecha-maker all rolled in one. Underestimate and die.
    • Also he used to apply for being the God of Sushi, but he kept getting rejected because his sushi is 'too average' (and he'll get more luck if he tried for a Curry God, but it's just not his passion.). He settles that this position is good enough, with his friends and all.
  • Much like their Sentai senior, Gai Yuki, the team has been receiving ill omens, with Ryunosuke flip-flopping between being stoic or being overly and unneededly weepy, Mako being stagnant in her cooking horribleness and started embracing it, for instance. Chiaki, Kotoha and Genta wasn't that much affected, but the vision still horrified them just like those two. But the worst to get this is Takeru, who saw himself belittling the Power Rangers Samurai as they are worshipping the ground he walks and say they are 'not exactly Samurai'... and on top of that, is kind of 'silly lovey-dopey' with Mako, with the latter also being gunned down and lusted in an over the top way to a certain member of the Demonic Legion. Takeru could exactly quote Squall Leonhart about this vision of him: "I visioned that I was a moron..."
  • They became enemies with Ragyo Kiryuin while they mistaken her for being Usukawa Dayu at first due to her familiar voice, however her actions of siding with the Life Fibers are far worst than Dayu's and Mako is very furious of Ragyo's abusive actions towards her daughters as the Shinkengers will try to stop her schemes.
  • Like many Toku Heroes before, they became furious of both Monokuma and Junko Enoshima after they heard of their actions of being the mastermind of their murderous game the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy. Because of this, the Shinkengers were determine to stop them if they try to reenact their schemes in the pantheon.
  • They gained an ire towards Ryoma Sengoku after what they heard of his actions including his backstabbing nature and his agenda of grasping the Forbidden Fruit for his own research of becoming a living god. They also had the same reactions towards the Trollkaigers for their reputation of committing evil deeds in the pantheon, this gets worst that Basco was part of this group since they knew his actions of taking child hostages for his amusement and he steals every Greater Powers of the Super Sentai.

    Tokugawa Ieyasu 
Tokugawa Ieyasu, God of Barehanded Hero-Fighters (Matsudaira Takechiyo, Lord Happy, Eastern Savior, Irdene)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Crest of the Tokugawa clan
  • Theme Songs: In It to Win It (vocal version), Naked Arms (English version)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Heroes Who Prefer Not To Use Weapons But Their Own Fists, Public Domain Characters, Patience, Bare Fisted Monks, Taking Levels In Badass, Messiahs, the Power Of Bonds, Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, Honor Before Reason; formerly Distressed Dudes
  • Domain: Patience, War, Friendship
  • Allies: Date Masamune, Kenshiro, Captain Falcon, Nanoha Takamachi, Adell, Makoto Nanaya, Honda Tadakatsu, Oichi, Tidus, Ashe, Stahn Aileron, Yasuo, Kisuke Uzuki, Hattori Hanzo, The Saber Marionettes, Sanada Nobuyuki and Inahime, Azai Nagamasa
  • Friendly Rivalry With: Sanada Yukimura, Chosokabe Motochika, Shobu Kirifuda
  • Enemies: Ishida Mitsunari, Oda Nobunaga (A former ally, now a foe after Ieyasu witnessed his atrocity), Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Yuuki Terumi, Otani Yoshitsugu
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa, the third of the Three Conquerors, was well known for his patience and his desire to unite and form a bond with everyone. He used to reign as one of the main rulers of the Friendship house until one thing was noticed. In process of him trying to bonds with others, people asked 'Why do you fight with your bare hands?'. His answer: He fights the way he does just so that he ALSO feels the pain of those he hits. A well done answer in the eyes of the Pantheon, which got him a new house. Ieyasu is kind of worried that the Friendship House will lose one main guardian, but he has faith it will be resolved.
  • Spent a good chunk of time being distressed during his youthful days as Takechiyo Matsudaira… and then he grew up, changed his name, took some weekend courses in Hokuto Shinken, and became a proper god.
  • He's made it his mission within the Grand United Alliance of Good to obliterate the borders between less-then-moral teammates and their morally-upstanding allies, as well as rescuing all the more virtuous members of the GUAE, with the power of the bonds they have forged, and will forge.
    • That being said, he's aware that there are good bonds, and bad bonds... He's mostly against bad bonds, but came to realize that sometimes, a bad bond could become Necessarily Evil that had to exist in order to help people where normal good bonds and methods just won't do.
    • He sees the GUAG as living proof that the power of bonds exists. Ieyasu is deeply impressed by the wide spectrum of beings that make up the GUAG's membership and how they are all selflessly united by a single cause regardless of their individual origins and beliefs. Because of this, he sees Cosmos as an inspiration and is now doubly determined to demonstrate the power of bonds to all.
  • Has been seen sparring and trading punches with Adell, another notable, powerful hand-to-hand brawler. Adell was a bit worried, since Ieyasu's hands look like they're about to bleed everytime his fists met with the Vulcan Blaze, but Ieyasu always assures him that he fights that way purposefully, to feel and empathize with his opponent's pain. The fact that Ieyasu's particular style seems to mesh well with Adell's own particular style just boosts the strength of their bond further.
    • Makoto Nanaya, herself a fist-fighter of some reknown, once got herself mixed up with one of said sparring sessions - one philosophical debate later, and all three have come to accept each other's company.
  • Makes a point to, if he's free, spectate any sparring or duels between Tadakatsu and Lu Bu. While such violent conflicts would seem like something he'd detest, Ieyasu knows this is how the two grow closer together.
    • Speaking of duels, has a few with Yukimura, Motochika and Keiji... the ones who formed part of his Arch-Enemy's army once. They left the army by breaking their bad bond with Mitsunari.
  • Since Oichi's breakdown, Iyeyasu has done his best to care for her, praying for a day that her mind might heal. However, to his surprise, she has not apologized for subduing her brother Nobunaga. Later, he was relieved that Nagamasa Azai had ascended to protect Oichi. He visits her house often whenever the Azai daimyo is away.
  • According to Nico Robin, he's the one who unifies Japan (through the power of the bonds he's forged, of course) and kickstarts the Edo Period by reinventing himself and becoming a well respected Shogun.
  • Rumored to have a relative in Yoshitora.
  • Due to their shared philosophy and love for a united nation built on bonds and peace, Ieyasu became fast friends with Ashe and often offers to provide support for her in battle or helping her quest for unification. Ashe's only comment on him, aside of the mutual respect, is that he sounds like a certain Ionian wanderer she met in Runeterra. That wanderer, Yasuo, eventually made it to the Pantheon and Ieyasu also at least tries to form a bond with him and promises to clear his name.
  • Was deeply shamed by the fact (or the idea) that one of his descendants, Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, would turn out to be an evil bastard. Where the ninja Kisuke only told him about this in the possibility that the spirits of Tsunayoshi's ancestors would come after him for killing the shogun of Japan, Ieyasu forgave Kisuke for whatever he had done, as he did it for a good reason.
  • Is not a historical Assassin, though he's in good terms with Ezio.
  • He's quite surprised that his aide Hanzo has risen and has thanked him for his escorting at Iga. Though with Hanzo's more 'down-to-earth' look, Ieyasu himself wonders if he'll one day meet his 'fat gentleman' counterpart as Hanzo described.
    • Because of Hanzo, he witnessed how Tadakatsu 'copied' himself, creating one who is more humanoid and speaks. Ieyasu is still impressed with this Tadakatsu, and values both of his mighty spears greatly, but something piqued his interest: "Did you say you have a daughter? When can I see her?" He did not have to wait long for his chance, and quickly formed a bond between himself, her and her husband Nobuyuki, also noting that maybe he'll get the chance to meet his own 'alternate form' soon.
      • He's since noticed a few things about others from his era. He noticed that Yukimura has toned down the shouting, and that Mitsunari is mainly more cold towards him than angry. Even though he's not very happy about Keiji's increase in ambiguity and being less straightforward, Ieyasu is happy to encounter the more noble counterparts of those he knows in his home universe. However, he's embarrassed about one of his devoted retainers getting quite of a bit of spotlight nowadays, one Ii Naomasa, a warrior in the same league as Tadakatsu. One thing, however, is that Ieyasu, after FINALLY meeting and interacting with his counterpart, seems to be one of the few Sengoku deities whose versions work in tandem in perfectly good bonds.
      • In the case of Mitsunari, both Ieyasus seem to lament over the bullshit that happened at Sekigahara, though they all wish the katana-wielding version would just stop fuming and screaming in their faces...

    Zato-1 and Eddie 
Zato-1 and Eddie, Gods of Puppet Fighting (Zato-1: Zato-ONE, Technical Shadow Wielder)

Lesser Gods

    Bounce Man 
Bounce Man, God of Bouncing Battlers (DWN-088, Rubber Man, Elastic Fitness Instructor)

    Elena (Street Fighter
Elena, Goddess of Dance Battling (Capoeirista of the Wind and Earth, Warrior of the Savannah)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Silhouette of a Rhino
  • Theme Songs: Tomboy (Huge Side or African Voice Mix when going out), Beats in My Head (The World is My Stage when showing off her moves)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: In Harmony with Nature, Tall and Beautiful School Girl, Energetic Female, Wishes to Make Friends with Everyone, Fights Using Only Her Legs, Very Tall and Friendly, Can Heal Herself, Tomboy Princess
  • Domains: Healing, Nature, Friendship, Dance, Travel
  • Heralds: Her family: Jafari (father), Amina (mother) and Marcus (older brother)
  • Allies:
  • Commonality Connection with: Sakura Oogami
  • Friendly Rivalry: Sakura Kasugano, Christie Monteiro, Lei Wulong (moreso on the friendly part)
  • Odd Friendship with: Akuma (Don't ask how that happened), Dudley Dursley
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Takatora Kureshima (they have since buried the hatchet)
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Balrog, Urien, Tira, all gods in the House of Hatred and Villanny.
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima
  • Conflicting Opinion: Vega, Juri Han, Gill, Kolin
  • Elena was a capoeira user in Kenya and lived a happy life until her father asked her to enter the SIN tournament to protect their village. Elena agreed and had a wonderful time exploring the world and meeting other people, particularly one Sakura Kasugano, that she decided that she would enroll into a school in Japan and have a desire to befriend everyone. Then, she was given a letter from her father sometime later, that invited her into the Pantheon so she could make friends from different worlds. She wasted no time racing off to the Pantheon and making her enrance to a round of applause.
  • Her desire to make friends makes her a frequent visitor to the House of Friendship and she befriended (although many say "fell in love") the god powered by friendship, Gentaro Kisaragi. Jokes are abound that when Gentaro finally confesses his love for her, they won't kiss, but instead do his handshake. The two have admitted that they are friends, as Gentaro's heart is for Nadeshiko Misaki (who serves as his hearld).
    • She also loves traveling in order to find new people, thus she also enjoys going to the House of Travel, travelling with the likes of Kino, Bartz Klauser and Wander.
  • Elena has the ability to hear the thoughts of trees and learn their secrets. Thus the GUAE and the Council of Shadows ensure that there are no trees in the vicinity. The House of Nature adores her though, the Lorax especially.
    • Once used her hearing abilities on Jack and Annie. The two kids were amazed at how Elena could hear the "Good magic" that dwelled deep within. She's given instant access to use their Magic Treehouse to venture into various books.
  • Also loves studying in the Academy where she likes making more and more friends. Alongside Gentaro, she also befriended Pinkie Pie, and decided that the three would become the Avatars of Friendship and befriend everyone in the Pantheon. They were quickly followed by the likes of Steven Universe and Bayley and the group swiftly became the welcoming committee for any and all ascensions.
  • Was very happy to find her good friend Dudley establishing his own temple, after having met up with him to find the whereabouts of Pandora's Box. She surprised him with a large get-together alongside Gentaro and Pinkie Pie. Then she found out that Alex also made it, and now she is helping Dudley and Alex on their quest to bring the Street Fighter III characters into the Pantheon. When Remy emerged, many gods thought that he would shut her out. They were surprised to find the two having a pleasant conversation in French.
    • Has actually befriended nearly every Street Fighter God in the Pantheon (except for those who work for evil since she dislikes evil). The LOL Rangers once dared her to befriend Akuma. She did...and took a selfie with him! The results of this caused the LOL Rangers to laugh for days on end.
  • She has been teaching Kai the art of Capoeira in order to improve his abilities within the handstand style.
  • A few gods around the pantheon claim to have noticed that she sometimes sounds a little like Hatsune Miku, but none of them are sure if there's a connection.
  • After the fall of Shadaloo, Elena has no idea what to feel about her former enemies: she was shocked to hear that Vega really desired a friendship with her, and she's seen Juri Han slowly warm up to a friendship with Cammy White. As for Balrog? She had no words for him after she learned how he spilled Shadaloo's secrets for cash but upon learning on the separation between him and a young boy named Ed, she has decided that even he can feel something other than greed in his heart. She is comforted upon finding out that they did reconcile in the future.
    • Was not happy to learn that Gill and Urien were in the Pantheon, though. While she understands that Gill's intentions are pure, his actions are something she cannot condone. Even if Gill returned Dudley's father's car back, she's still keeping an eye out on the Illuminati. As for Kolin, she does feel sorry for what happened in her past, but the fact that she sides with Gill means that Kolin will have to be her enemy if they have to fight.
  • Teamed up with her fellow Street Fighters during the Darkstalkers crisis and made an enemy out of Lord Raptor after she used her healing abilities to turn him into a human so he could subsequently get his ass kicked.
  • Was happy to find a friendly African capoeria user with Kofi Kingston, since he hails from Ghana. She was jumping in joy when she learned how he became Universal Champion and quickly became friends with him and with fellow New Day members Xavier Woods and Big E. It helps that, not only are they very upbeat and friendly, but they also have a good friendship with Bayley (one of the Avatars of Friendship).
    • The New Day and Elena were saddened at Bayley's Face–Heel Turn, however. In the meantime, Elena has found K.O as a good substitute as Bayley's position of The Heart but hopes that Bayley can return so that they can continue spreading friendship.
  • Waited a long time for Christie Monteiro to ascend as her High Priestess, but then she heard that Christie was already in the House of Gaming and decided to celebrate the occasion with a friendly fight. It helps that the two already met during a search for Pandora's Box.
  • "Hello there! Were you called here by the wind?"

    Hwoarang and Steve Fox 
Hwoarang and Steve Fox, Gods of Extremity Extremists (Hwoarang: Blood Talon, Boy on Bike, Free-Wheeling Kicks | Steve: Stinging Hook)
Left: Hwoarang | Right: Steve Fox
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Hwoarang's own Feet, clashing with Steve's Fist
  • Theme Songs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good for Hwoarang, Neutral Good for Steve
  • Portfolio: Limb-Specific Combat, Button Mashing Mechanics, Stance System Masters
  • Domains: Combat, Rivalries, Nationality
  • Allies: Ling Xiaoyu, Asuka Kazama, Julia Chang, Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Lili Rochefort (for Hwoarang)
  • Rivals: Each other, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, Juri Han, Jin Kazama (Hwoarang), Little Mac, Ippo Makunouchi (Steve)
  • Enemies: Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, Bryan Fury, Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, Balrog
  • Special Relatinship: Nina Williams (Steve), Kim Kaphwan (Hwoarang)
  • Two limb-specific martial arts, the Boxing and the Tae-Kwon-Do, already have many representatives, and then there's this odd pair. Hwoarang and Steve Fox ascended to the Pantheon.
    • The pairing was so popular that they even teamed up in a crossover with the Street Fighters. They may be complete opposites, but they work pretty well as a team... when they aren't trying to one-up each other.
  • Neither are big players on the grand scheme of things, but they have some connections. Steve was greeted by Paul Phoenix who was always impressed with his punching power, claiming only he could come close to his own. Meanwhile, Xiaoyu met up with Hwoarang to discuss Jin. Oddly enough, he's fond of the Chinese girl despite her insistence to give Jin some slack.
  • The duo join a small group of partners who are rivals with each other. They have gotten advice with Kyo and Iori on how to handle their single temple. They also challenge the duo on fights when they want to let loose.
    • They are at least thankful they are better suited as partners than Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri, who people who often want to kill each other. The elf and assassin hope to at least get the same level of cooperation.
  • It was inevitable that the two will receive challenges to the title. Balrog was unimpressed with the duo and demanded that they stepped down so that he could claim their temple. This was where sharing a title becomes advantageous as neither want to give it away. Thus the boxer and taekwondo expert quickly dispatched the Shadaloo agent.
  • Both have encountered the sadistic woman known as Juri Han. She finds the Korean to be an amusing boy who needs to be put in his place. Juri is also interested in Steve's relationship with Nina. She wonders how the assassin would react if she were to kill the boxer. Both guys find her to be annoying at best and want nothing to do with her.
  • Exclusive to Hwoarang:
    • Is eager to renew his lifelong rivalry with Jin Kazama, even though the later has his mind on other things. The Korean remains skeptical that he has truly made a change for the better and hopes they can settle their rivalry once and for all. It's not that Hwoarang is to be taken lightly. When the two faced off in the 5th Iron Fist Tournament, he almost one, only losing when the Jin's Devil Gene kicked in.
    • He would eventually get that rematch in Fated Retribution... and won. And lost an eye in the process. The rivalry has simmered down a bit since then, even though he still sees Jin as a jerk for giving him no credit for sparing his life.
    • Would like to reminder that you shouldn't ship him with Lili. He doesn't like to be associated with her spoiledness, save for some occasions where they must team up.
  • Kim was initially overjoyed to finally have another Taekwondo expert who wasn't a murderous psychopath. He hoped that the newcomer shared his sense of justice. Hwoarang was not that kind of person. He isn't evil or anything, but does not care much about the fight between good and evil. He is interested to see how good of a fighter Kim is.
  • Exclusive to Steve: Ever so often he felt like he was being watched by someone. It didn't look like a guardian angel, but it seemed to have helped him out. It has revealed to be Nina Williams, and it didn't take long for him to figure out why. She is his mother. Needless to say, the reunion in the Pantheon was rather awkward.
    • Among those who want him dead it the Widowmaker. Not that she has anything against him; she was merely collecting a contract on his head. One she would have gotten if she hadn't been interrupted by Nina Williams. Not too good at close quarters combat, Widowmaker fled using her zip line.
    • Has a more amiable rivalry with his Boxing Battler friends Little Mac and Ippo. The later is impressed with his use of the Dempsey Roll and likes to see what it would take to hit through that. Little Mac was willing to help Steve gain back the ability to ko opponents with one punch.

    Ikki Kurogane 
Ikki Kurogane, God of Fighting Like A Normal (The Worst One/Failure Knight, Another One/Uncrowned Sword King, Kuro-bou)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God while using Itto Shura)
  • Symbol: His sword Intetsu
  • Theme Song: Identity, Worst One
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being one of the strongest blazers despite being an F rank, Master Swordsman, Multi-Melee Master,Determinator, Going Through Intense Training In Order To Better Himself Black Sheep, Iron Woobie, Itto Shura/Itto Rasetsu
  • Allies: Stella Vermillion (His girlfriend/fiancé), Shizuku Kurogane (His younger sister), Tohka Todo, Rock Lee, Naruto Uzumaki, Touma Kamijou, Zuko, Benkei and Shigure Kosaka, Hinata Hyuga, Iroh, Roy Greenhilt, Toka Todo. Kirin Toudou
  • Friendly Rivals: Kazuto "Kirito" Kirgaya, Yuuki Konno
  • Rivals: Kenpachi Zaraki, Jetstream Sam
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Relius Clover, Atoko, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Uneasy relationship with: Satan Jacob, Vali Lucifer
  • He was thought to be the weakest blazers at Hagun Academy. As he is the only F-ranked Blazer. He first gained notoriety after crushing the Hunter a blazer who a Long-Range Fighter with Invisibility. He gains even more notoriety after defeating Touka Todo better known as Raikiri in a Single-Stroke Battle despite the latter being exceptionally skilled at iaijutsu.
  • He also ascended to join his beloved Stella.
  • His ascension came after the fact that his special ability, Itto Shura is Explosive Overclocking which he can only once per day for about a minute also it leaves him extremely fatigued afterwards. He also has a more powerful version call the Itto Rasetsu which allows him to concentrate his power in a single blow. However after using this technique he was bedridden for a full week. It should be noted that this was after he was drugged and tortured by his father's goons.
  • He's befriended Naruto, as the god of determination. They found a common ground in how they won't allow anything to stop them from accomplishing their goals.
  • He wants the acknowledgment of his father. Unfortunately, he'll never get to due his father philosophy. He befriended Zuko, who went through similar circumstances. As he too was exiled by his father and Shinji who like him will also never get his father's approval. Not to mention having an evil sibling. Zuko later introduce him to his uncle Iroh. Ikki notes that Iroh reminds him of his grandfather with him being powerful and kind.
    • He's befriended Hinata Hyuga as she too was viewed as a failure. She sympathizes with him as his father isn't as understanding as hers is.
  • During one of his training he encountered and later befriended Rock Lee, who also lacks the ability is also a bit of a anomaly. He can be often seen sparring with his new friend in order to make sure their bodies are in tip top shape. Also he's rather skeptical to wear the might suit that Lee gave him.
  • He doesn't know what to make of Vali and Satan despite the fact that they sound similar.
  • He's befriended Touma thanks to their similar bad luck and both are essentially Almighty Janitor due their abilities not be properly measured. As well as their determination.
  • He's also form a friendship with Kenichi, who also went through Training from Hell in order to become stronger despite their lack of talent. Kenichi's jealous of him and his relationship with Stella. As he knows he can't move forward with his relationship with Miu because of the latter's grandfather who he has to defeat and let's just say that isn't a easy task. Of course he was happy to hear of his friend finally managing to marry his beloved.
  • He can be seen training with Kirito. They were both thinking of introducing their girlfriend in a potential couple sparring. Intially he was worried because he initially confused him for Kirihara because they sounds similar. After hearing about Sugou from him he's gain a dislike for the finding him to be cowardly scum.
    • He's also been challenged by Yuuki after hearing about his mastery of the sword.
  • He's impressed the likes of Shigure and Benkei with his mastery of various weapons and on occasions gave him advice to further improve his training.
  • He has an ability call Blade Steal which allows him to see an opponent's technique and replicate it. Though some are immediate other take time and occasions he can replicate a technique he never saw before.
  • He surprised people how quickly his relationship with Stella went. Compare to most of the wishy-washy guys in the pantheon. They tend to further their progress with every major tournament battle he wins. After he defeated The Hunter, he confessed and they started dating. His successful victory over Tohka, he proposed to her and she accepted and after their fight at the finals they did the deed. He made a few people jealous because of this. He's also attracted the likes of Atoko who plans on breaking them just because.
  • As a skilled swordsmen, he has created a seven original techniques. He has only revealed six of them and each are as impressive as the last.
  • He has garnered the attention of Kenpachi and Jetstream Sam. After hearing about his exploits especially after facing the strongest swordsman, Edelwiss and surviving. Sam is especially interested to see if his quick draw is faster than Ikki's Itto Rasetsu after hearing how he defeated Raikiri in a Single-Stroke Battle. Even more so after hearing how he was drugged and mentally fatigued at the time.
  • Has become friends with Roy Greenhilt, given their similar issues in trying to prove the validity of physical strength in universes where Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards is in full effect. However, Roy was also shocked to discover how horribly Ikki was abused by his father under the excuse of family honor. Since his own father was an insufferable jackass at worst, Roy was not happy when he found out the extent of Ikki’s suffering. At the very least, Ikki has his great-grandfather to look up to, much like Roy’s admiration of his grandfather. For his part, Ikki is grateful for finding someone who has so much in common with him and has offered to give Roy a hand in defeating Xykon.
  • It should go without saying but you shouldn't harm Stella. One unfortunate soul did that and well he lost his hands.

    Joe Baker 
Joe Baker, God of Fighting with his Fists
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God with the AMG-78 equipped)
  • Symbol: His fists
  • Theme Song: End of Zoe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Fighting the Molded with his raw strength, Combat Pragmatist, Determinator, Eats insects and bugs to boost his strength, Hot-Blooded, Improvised Weapon, Papa Wolf, Rated M for Manly, Roaring Rampage of Rescue, Looks a lot like Jack, Wrestler in All of Us
  • Domains: Fighting, Family, Swamps, Hunting, Weapons, Rescue, Survival
  • Herald: Zoe Baker (his niece)
  • Allies: Chris Redfield, The Doom Slayer, Bryan Mills, Chuck Norris
  • Enemies: Eveline, Albert Wesker, Doomfist, The House of Insects, King K. Rool
  • Opposed by: Vector the Crocodile, King Gator, Feraligatr
  • Complicated Relationships: The Bakers (Particularly his brother Jack)
  • Joe Baker is the older brother of Jack Baker and lives alone in the marshes not that far from his brother's family. Came into prominence after discovering that his niece Zoe's health was deteriorating and her body started to crystallize, prompting Joe to beat up two Blue Umbrella soldiers (who had nothing to do with Zoe's condition), interrogate one of them and then set out to fix Zoe. He eventually succeeded and took care of his niece ever since.
  • He was confused when he was found wandering around here. The last thing he remembers was blacking out and waking up in this strange place, and given the high of amount of strangers observing him prompted Joe to retaliate to anyone who gave him a funny look. All was cleared when the Court of Gods told him that he was ascended as a deity and that he was assigned a temple, which confused Joe but nonetheless he went along. To him, this is not that different from the strange voodoo magic that helped him during his adventure.
  • He quickly learned about Jack and his family being around, in fact, Jack personally went to see his brother after hearing the news of his ascension and not having a decent conversation with him. We said decent since the last time they saw each other Jack was a molded monster from the swamp with barely any human features. Joe thought to himself that Jack being normal looking again would at least allow them to be on good terms again but the first thing Jack did was punch Joe in the face for betraying him and taking away Zoe. A fight between the two brothers ensued; this time Jack being much more lucid allowed him to keep up with Joe but ultimately his brother was able to overpower him shortly before the Pantheon authorities stepped in. Before leaving, the only thing Joe remarked is that Jack is still a pansy like he used to be as a kid, pissing him off even more.
    • After learning about Eveline being the reason his family got turned into murderous psychopaths, he wanted nothing but to punch the little girl into the ground. He was restrained since Eveline was a very dangerous creature to approach unprepared, but some believe that Joe could handle her no problem.
  • Joe is a bit of a loner and a recluse, rarely leaving his temple and preferring to be left alone. That said, the man really values his family above other things and that's why he went through a molded infested swamp just to save his niece Zoe. His Papa Wolf tendencies is what got him become friends with Bryan Mills, another deity who is very protective of his family, and even though Joe doesn't trust a member of the special forces like him, he still respects him.
  • Well respected by the manly community in the Pantheon for his sheer display of badassery at combating the molded with nothing but his fists and the occasional tool. Has been compared to Chuck Norris as a matter of fact, something that brought the aforementioned man to approach Joe and greet him. He also has been seen hanging out with the Doom Slayer, probably exchanging tips on how to brutally tear down their opponents with their bare fists, and the space marine thinks Joe would be an excellent demon slayer.
  • Given that he lives in the swamp, Joe often hunts alligators who roam near his home. After the whole molded infestation began, the gators became larger and more feral but Joe had no issue dealing with them with just makeshift spears and other tools. That alone makes him a contentious figure among the ascended crocodiles and alligators, but thankfully he has only directed his rage towards the more evil ones like Renekton and King K. Rool, who are much larger and more sapient that he expected.
  • Has an habit of eating bugs, mostly grubs, centipedes and crawfish. Some find this disgusting but at least it allows him to heal, although the one that are not thrilled about this are most of the members of the House of Insects who fear they might be eaten by Joe.
  • Kept in contact with Chris Redfield after he and his squad helped him cure Zoe, although he is a bit bothered by the fact that he got two of his men needlessly killed (although considering that Jack later wiped out an entire base of operations, maybe it was inevitable). Nevertheless, Chris has warned Joe that besides his brother's family and Eveline, he should be very careful of Albert Wesker, who after hearing about Joe's adventure has been interested in using him as a guinea pig for how well he would fare against other type of infected.
  • Before finally putting his little brother down for good, Joe found a Power Fist that was essential in doing the deed. For some reason, Blue Umbrella let him keep the thing as a reward for helping defeat the last of the remaining molded and it has enhanced Joe's combat prowess by a lot. Doomfist took interest in the strength of Joe and considered him worthy of joining his organization but Joe turned him down saying he's done being involved in some nebulous organization's bullshit. That statement got him Punched Across the Room by the Doomfist but he was able to take it and then retaliate with his own punch. The match was left inconclusive after authorities got involved but the Talon leader was left impressed by Joe's display.
  • Some people have wondered where he'd been in the three years his family got infected and why he didn't save Zoe earlier. It is believed that Joe and Jack weren't in the best of terms and that's why he was unaware of his situation, even if he was dealing with molded infected throughout the years.

    Kazuma Kiryu 
Kazuma Kiryu, God of Curb Stomping (The Dragon of Dojima, The Fourth Chairman, Kiryu-chan, Kazzy (by Majima), Kazuma-kun (by Pocket Circuit Fighter), Uncle Kaz (by Haruka), Dame Da Ne Guy)

    Lady (Devil May Cry
Lady, Goddess of Long-Range Fighters (Armed Hunter for Hire, The Walking Arsenal, Mary Ann Arkham)
Click here to see her during the Fortuna job 
Click here to see her back on Temen-ni-gru 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her rocket launcher "Kalina Ann"
  • Leitmotifs: Lady's Appearance, Vengeance (Lady Battle)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good before meeting Dante, and later on Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Normal human of the group, Using a whole lot of guns, Mechanically Unusual Fighter, Starting cold and getting better, Having less impact after her first adventure with Dante, Rocket Jump, Being happier as time goes on, Cute Bruiser, Killing demons without magic, Having to kill her father, The daughter of Arkham, Still loving her father after all he's done
  • Domains: Good, Weapons, Demon Hunting
  • Allies: Dante Sparda, Nero, Trish, Sparda, Kat, Ryu Hayabusa, The Hunter (Bloodborne), Leona Heidern, Ruby Rose, Seras Victoria, Jane Doe, Meliodas, Bayonetta, Morrigan Aensland, Irene Lew
  • Enemies: Mundus, Father Balder (actually Loptr), Ten Commandments, Scanty and Kneesocks, Corset, Satan, pretty much any abusive parents lot as a whole
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Lucifer, Demitri Maximoff
  • Opposes: Vergil Sparda
  • While Dante, Trish, and Nero were busy eating up more pizza, off in the distance was the sound of gunfire throughout the Pantheon. Many demonic deities were confused, worried, and running scared as one female was raining a storm of bullets with all of the weapons in her arsenal while Dante and his other buddies looked on in amusement. "Guessing she needs to let off some steam." Nero quipped before eating another slice of pizza while Dante and Trish smirked at their fellow demon hunter.
  • Originally, she worked alone as just one hunter of demons seeking out the demon known as both Arkham and her father, because he killed his wife in order to gain power through the legendary Demon Sparda. At first, the woman formerly known as Mary despised all demons like Dante because of that; however, over the course of their journey, she began to see there was humanity in those like himself and eventually began to mellow out.
    • It is because of her interaction with Dante that she finds herself unsure how to feel about the war between angels and demons. Lucifer while cruel in his methods does seem at least willing to let humans feel and think for themselves, even if she does not agree that only the strongest humans truly deserve to survive.
  • While Lady can utilize many different weapons, her signature one is a rocket launcher "Kalina Ann" that Dante enjoys seeing go kaboom in the faces of demonic foes. While Lady is only a human fighter, that doesn't limit her capabilities in the field of gunfire, which has impressed several other hunters in the Pantheon.
    • Both Wiz and Boomstick have used Kalina Amn as a counter to the validity of Vergil's Yamato's feats, something that she is comfortable with so long as they pay her back if the weapon gets damaged in the process.
  • Being at the top of her shit list in terms of asshole deities in the Pantheon were both Mundus and Vergil. The former likely helped inspire maniacs like Arkham into committing atrocities like killing innocent people, which she assumed was the work of the latter's manipulation only to be soundly corrected, while the latter's fault came in showing Lady how vindictive demons could be towards humans, even if she could understand why he was obsessed with gaining power in the first place. She also doesn't exactly approve of how he treats Nero considering her own relationship with her father.
  • While he isn't really an actual demon hunter per se, Hayabusa does have quite the resume regarding his supernatural kill count, something that Lady can respect much like her business partner Dante. After introducing her to his wife Irene, Lady admits Irene has quite a good taste in her firearms and her Super-Bazooka. The Hunter also recognized her skills and happened to partake in the slaying of otherworldly creatures as well.
  • Leona Heidern didn't know much about Lady at first, but after speaking with Nero she earned her respect since they both were forced to kill their fathers, albeit for entirely different reasons.
  • Ruby Rose, who got the chance to see Kalina Ann in action, fawned all over the special rocket launcher wanting to try it out herself as Lady merely smiled at the young huntress.
  • After learning about Bayonetta's personal enemy and the Umbra Witch in general, she quickly familiarized herself with her weapons supplier Rodin, meeting Bayonetta personally as they both visited Rodin at the same time. After Bayonetta explained her whole story, she felt empathy for both the witch and Balder for being under the control of someone else, but she couldn't forgive the actions made considering her own past with Arkham.
    • Lady and Bayonetta's conversation turned to the subject of Dante and Vergil, which also reminded them that they'd heard about a witch named Kat who'd been hanging around them. After going to seek her out, it turned out she knew the brothers' counterparts in an alternate timeline universe in which the human world was covertly overrun by demons. She came to empathize with Kat through their issues dealing with demons as well as Kat having had to kill her demonic stepfather. Given her antipathy towards Vergil, she finds it strange how Kat gets along with him especially in light of the Red Grave incident, even though the witch doesn't try to defend his actions there; what surprised her far less was that his freedom fighter counterpart in Kat's world was actually a treacherous usurper.
  • At first, the former police girl-turned Hellsing vampire killer Seras wasn't sure how Lady would react upon meeting her. Turns out, they both got along well admiring their love of explosives and killing the undead and demonic forces.
  • Lady isn't unfamiliar to the concept of different worlds crossing over, as such when meeting up with Morrigan and Demitri once again she remembered how Morrigan loved to play with men and why she isn't exactly fond of vampires along with most demons.
  • While she was an ally to the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lady wasn't exactly a fan of his, likely from him trying to sneak a peek underneath her shirt to compare with Elizabeth's chest. The both of them at least were willing to fight against Meliodas' former allies in the Ten Commandments.
  • Was offered a position in the Night Hand by Maya Fallegeros, yet Lady hasn't reached a decision on that for the moment.
  • During the time Dante was stuck in the Underworld with Vergil, Lady and Trish were offered a job by Dante's booking agent Morrison in order to pay for the rent on Dante's shop. The job? Help Bayonetta, Jeanne, and a kid called Loki free Bayonetta's father from the corruption of Loki's "other half", a being called Loptr, and fuse the two back together into the original God of Chaos. Despite this plan coming with a high cost of failure in that it could've ended up with the evil half claiming the fullness of the god's power for himself, Lady was moved by Nero's determination to save his father instead of killing him and wanted to help Bayonetta do the same for Balder. Thanks in part to a rocket from Kalina Ann providing a critical distraction, the job was completed successfully, and the hunters for hire were compensated with enough cash to pay for several months' bills in full. Dante would come home thereafter and find the lights still on.
  • Got to actually meet the legendary Sparda himself once he finally ascended to the Pantheon. He recognized her as a descendant of the priestess who helped seal the Temen-ni-gru, and pitied her for the depths her father stooped to in his attempts to obtain his power by undoing said seal. He also admired her remarkable physical strength for a human, and thanked her for forcing Dante to learn to manage his money even a small bit better.
    • During this conversation, it was finally discussed how she'd implored Nero not to kill his father as she had in the past, describing it as a wound that can't ever fully heal. While everyone involved was fortunate that had never crossed the young man's mind, Sparda still suggested Vergil should thank Lady for this act of consideration. Vergil was surprisingly fast to comply with this, which allowed her to see that even he had changed for the better at least a little. She still watches her back when it comes to him, but is no longer as hostile.

    Ling Xiaoyu 
"Prepare youself!"

Ling Xiaoyu, Goddess of Feminine Fighting (Xiao, High Spirited Girl, Dancing Phoenix)
Xiaoyu's most commonly used design
Xiaoyu in Tekken 8 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The logo of her old outfit
  • Theme Songs: Carnival (Cute, Spirited, Has Panda... Will Travel), Xiaoyu Stage (Watch Your Back)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good; acted as Lawful Evil during the Pandora's Box Incident
  • Portfolio: Chinese Girl, Ordinary High-School Student, Badass Adorable, Cute Bruiser, Rabbit and Phoenix Motifs, Dogged Nice Girl, Genki Girl, Jin's Morality Pet, The Only One Who Believes That the Mishimas Can Be Saved, Girlish Pigtails
  • Domain: Chinese, Fighting, Friendship, Perkiness, Loyalty, Amusement Parks
  • Heralds: Panda, Wang Jinrei, Miharu Hirano
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Chun-Li, Cammy White, Pai Chan
  • Enemies: Ogre, Nui Harume, Ragyo Kiryuin, M. Bison, Juri Han, Killer BOB
  • Opposes: House of War
  • Pities: Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima
  • A perky Chinese schoolgirl trained by her relative Wang Jinrei, she arrived at the yacht owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu, hoping to meet her idol Heihachi Mishima and convincing him to build her her own amusement park. Having been discovered by his security personnel, she defeated all of them one by one until she is discovered by Heihachi and accepts her challenge of building her an amusement park if she won the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Becoming his ward, she attends Mishima Polythenic School, where she befriends Miharu Hirano and Jin Kazama and getting her own pet panda who is also her bodyguard. After Jin disappeared at the end of the tournament, she was given an email of a mysterious sender whom she knew is Jin warning her of the dangers of Heihachi. Participating in the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament to reconnect with Jin, she was saved by Yoshimitsu and discovers the horrible deeds committed by the Mishima Zaibatsu under Heihachi and Kazuya’s leadership. Although heartbroken, she became determined and her goals on joining the tournament have changed that into saving the entire Mishima family, believing them to be capable of redemption and have participated each one of them ever since to stop the eternal conflict afflicting the Mishima family.
  • While having a racing competition with his rival Hwoarang, Jin hears a ruckus going on that results all the men beat down like insects. This is when he saw Xoaoyu, who proceeds to hug him and told him that from now on she would be watching over him so that he wouldn’t be in danger all by himself. Although this frustrates this, he is secretly glad to see his dear friend once again and allows her to do so as long as she doesn’t screw up his plans.
  • After having ascended, she decided to appoint Panda, Miharu Hirano and Wang Jinrei as her heralds, being extremely closed to them one way or another. Of course, all of them are glad to see her once again and have promised her their aid if she ever needs it. Wang usually stays in her temple, training Xiaoyu for her to face immediate danger confidently and not wanting to see her die in the Mishima family feud, Miharu decides to attend Elysium Academy along with Xiaoyu to keep up with their studies while they’re in the Pantheon, and Panda stays by Xiaoyu at all times due to being her bodyguard.
    • Seeing Alisa with Jim, she proceeds to hug her, clearly missing her dear friend. Of course, Alisa is happy to see her again and decides to introduce her to her partner, Lars. Xiaoyu teases Alisa and Lars’s relationship due to how close they are to each other and hopes that they’ll get together eventually. Hearing that Yoshimitsu is in the Pantheon, she went to his temple and thanked him for saving her and telling her the truth about the Mishima family, even if it saddens her. She eventually sees Hwoarang, horrified to see he loses his left eye after saving Jin and asks him if he’s all right, who told her to stop worrying her already and to move on.
    • She’s not that happy to see Heihachi and Kazuya, knowing how they affected Jin in the long run that causes him to be what he is today. On the other hand, she pities them more rather than on hating them, for continuing the family feud and hopes that she could eradicate that, which irritates Jin. She’s not that happy to see Ogre, for what he did to Jin’s mother and to the other contestants in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.
  • Having met Mako while attending Elysium Academy, she befriended her, bonded over the fact they supported their closest friend while the rest of the world are against them and doing their best to help them. While uncomfortable with Mako’s perverted attitude, they became closer over their good-natured innocence and being carefree.
  • She’s one of the many people who stopped the merging of two worlds twice. That said, she’s happy to see Ryu and Ken Masters, whom she and Jin Kazama have befriended and started getting catch up with them over what happened to them. While she has respect of Chun-Li ever since they stopped reminding each other of the Pandora Box Incident, the two view each other as rivals being Chinese women who uses speed and acrobatics as they’re fighting style and the same goes to Cammy due to being Chun-Li’s best friend.
    • She also gets along with Akira Yuki pretty well, whose no-nonsense attitude usually reminds her of her friend Jin and wishes he would lessen it. Similarly, she developed an another rivalry with Pai Chan, an another Chinese woman whom she respected and is happy to hear that she and her father have reconciled, something that she wishes would happen to the Mishimas. Pai Chan thinks that Xiaoyu’s goal of saving them is insane.
    • She is against M. Bison and Juri Han ever since they met while searching for the Pandora Box. She doesn’t like the former for wanting to dominate the world and the latter for her enjoyment of the suffering of others. She is much more horrified by M. Bison thanks to his Psycho Power being pure negative energy filled by the evil desires of the people, since she advocated for the peace of the world.
  • Speaking of the Pandora Box Incident, she became a bit of a Yandere who only wishes to give the Pandora Box to Jin. She became regretful of that experience and has since opposed any kind of yandere as they remind her of her former behavior. She hates Nui Harume for this reason being a psycho girl devoted to Ragyo Kiryuin’s cause and hates the latter much more so, horrified by how she treated her own daughter.
  • Excited at the prosperity of meeting another panda so that Panda could have an another friend of her own species, she befriended Po for this reason and is excited to see that he can talk and has mastered martial arts. She loves how he uses his chi, seeing how it can help others and keeps asking him to train him in the art. Po has accepted it as long as she’s serious about the tutelage.
  • Being a woman who advocates for peace and was affected by the global war Jin has caused, she hates the House of War for this reason and tries to convince them that their ways of finding glory in it are wrong. Of course, the majority of the people in the House don’t listen to her and tell her to stay away from it.
  • People find her goal of saving the Mishima family as suicidal, considering how fucked up they are individually and as a group. They think the entire conflict between the Mishimas prevents them from finding peace in their own world and that they have no chance of redemption. Xiaoyu of course doesn’t listen and becomes much more determined to achieve her goals as she wanted to prove them wrong.
    • However, Rushuna Tendou and Wander have since then supported her ambition, being entirely optimistic and wanting to make her happy, telling her that there are people that support what she is trying yo do. Xiaoyu is happy to see that she could find people who believe in her goals and has since then befriended them, finding comfort in each other for their optimism and advocating for peace and hatred of violence.
  • When she heard what Killer BOB did to Jin when he possessed him, she was horrified and proceeded step into his temple unannounced and punch him silly until Alisa held her back, fearing she may get possessed as well. Ever since then, she started hating the entity and has stayed by Jin’s side in fear he may get possessed again. Jin doesn’t like it as you can tell.
I’m pretty strong, you know

    Pai Chan 
Pai Chan, Goddess of Graceful Fighting (Pai Chen)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Polygonal Face from Virtua Fighter 1
  • Theme Songs: Star From H.K., Ai ga tarinai ze
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Graceful Fighting, She-Fu, Stance System, Anime Chinese Girl, Braids of Action, Odango Hair, Lady of War, Frequently boasts about the strength of her Kung-Fu, Is determined to defeat her father, and prove herself worthy of carrying on his legacy
  • Domains: Combat, Fighting, Training, Action films
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: Chun-Li, River Tam, Ling Xiaoyu, Mai Shiranui
  • Enemies: Dural, M. Bison, Heihachi Mishima, Sigma
  • The only daughter of renowned Chinese martial artist Lau Chan, Pai Chan was specially trained by her father in martial arts from a young age. However, while Lau obsessively strove on with his training, Pai's mother worked so hard to support the family that she died of overwork. Devastated by her mother's death, Pai blamed Lau and devoted her time and attention to her training in the hopes of surpassing and beating her father. As an adult, Pai also became a successful movie actress and a leading star in Hong Kong action films. After learning of her father's terminal illness, the two rekindled their relationship and Pai subsequently entered the Fifth World Fighting Tournament to prove that she had the emotional and physical strength to succeed his legacy.
  • Following her ascension, Pai was happy to be reunited with Akira and the two subsequently challenged Ryu and Chun-Li to a two-on-two battle in order to improve their strength.
  • When not training, Pai frequently visits the House of Theater to star in more action movies. During these visits, she often hangs out with Fei-Long, discussing plans to co-star in a movie together.
  • She often trains with Makoto at her temple, having developed a mutual respect due to the fact that Makoto had successfully succeeded her father after his death and managed to elevate her dojo back to it's former glory, something that Pai strives to achieve as well.
  • Pai was not particularly pleased to learn of an alternate universe in which she started off being noticeably less competent. This convinced her further to focus more on her training.
  • She gets along well with Killua Zoldyck, although he's rather weirded out by the fact that she sometimes sounds like his mother. Similarly, both Yoh Asakura and the Heart Catch Pretty Cures were slightly alarmed upon first meeting her due to her voice sounding like Hao and Dark Pretty Cure respectively.
  • During the occasions when she teamed up with X and Zero, Pai expressed an interest in joining the Maverick Hunters, but remarked that she would first have to learn how to use a gun. She decided to seek out X and Zero in order to receive training in gun use. They decided to assign Axl as her instructor, partly because they found it amusing that he and Pai sounded alike.
  • After participating alongside Akira in a fighting tournament filled with a large variety of powerful and unusual fighters, Pai became acquainted with deities such as Shana, Emilia Justina, Celty Sturluson and Mikoto Misaka. Fascinated by their strength and abilities, she often visits each of them to hang out and have sparring matches.

    Tokita Ohma 
Tokita Ohma, God of Complex but Ultimately Worth it Fighting Styles (Tiger's Vessel, Ohms, The Asura, Kelp-thulu the dark one)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His own given namenote  and epithetnote 
  • Theme Song: The Animal Fighter
  • Alignment: Originally Chaotic Neutral, slowly becomes True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Learned and mastered a difficult but a reliable and amazing fighting style called the Niko Style, Grew up as a unnamed orphan in a lawless district., Gets the name "Tokita Ohma" after being taken in by his mentor which is meaningful, The Stoic, Incredibly rude but he does care for the people that support him, No Social Skills, The Advance, actually referred to as Possessing Spirit actually cause fatal internal damage and the core part of why he is amnesic all the while turning him into a berserker unable to use the Niko Style's techniques., Expy of Soji Tendo, Incredibly conditioned and skilled by human standards, Blood Knight, Has memory loss by the start of the series, it only affects his mastery of the Niko Style and some details of his master's death, Arrogant Kung Fu-Guy, Gets more wounded each fight but still keeps going on regardless, Honor Before Reason, Regains his full mastery of the Niko Style but excessive damage because of the Advance and the fights he has been through are severely hampering his performance, More respectable towards others and relaxed than ever, Can control the lowest level of Possessing Spirit and combine it with the Niko Style despite both being incompatible with each other, Ultimately passed away due to the excessive damage but also accomplishing his goals and in peace
  • Domains: Combat, Honor, Determination
  • Heralds: Yamashita Trading Co. members (Kazuo Yamashita [his manager and second father figurenote ], Kaede Akiyama, Rin Kushida)
  • Allies: Honorable marital artists but Ryu, Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso, Mr. Miyagi, Kenichi Shirahama, Terry Bogard
  • Enemies: Practically every depraved marital artists but specfically John Kreese, Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein
  • Conflicting Opinion: Akuma
  • Respects: Soji Tendo
  • Friendly Rivalry: Ryu
  • Stays Away from: House of Love and Affection
  • Ohma was once a orphan living out in "The Inside" and has been surviving for 12 years there before being taken in by his master, Tokita Niko who saved his life after being impressed by his will to survive and taught him the Niko Style while also giving him the name "Tokita Ohma. In the next several years, Ohma began extensive training to learn and master the techniques of the Niko Style and even eventually learned it's true secret technique "Demonsbane". Ohma would eventually encounter a guy who called himself Tokita Niko who bestowed the forbidden technique, Possessing Spirit on him while knocking him out. Ohma eventually woke up and searched for "The Other Tokita Niko" before encountering his soon to be rival Setsuna Kiryu who activated the Possessing Spirit on Ohma causing him to go on a berserk rampage, nearly killing Setsuna in the process and then his master arrives shocked that Ohma now has the Possessing Spirit and proceeds to subdue him causing Ohma to faint but not before he sees his master and "The Other Tokita Niko" battle. Eventually, Ohma wakes up with a portion of his memories gone and sees his master dying on the ground inflicted by Kiryu's master, Genzan and seeing him and Kiryu overlooking. Niko says his last words then Ohma for the next decade sets out to find and kill Genzan.
    • 10 years later, while Tokita Ohma starts to fight with a certain fighter who sides with the Nogi Group, after defeating the man he meets a normal salaryman named Kazuo Yamashita. Ohma and Kazuo would encounter each other again and Ohma proceeds to defeat three notable fighters then proceeds to participate in the Annihilation Tournament with some struggles to get in the tournament. Ohma proceeds to the tournament defeating up to the way to the finals facing extraordinarily powerful and skilled fighters suffering extreme damage throughout each round. After the second round, Ohma eventually regained his memories and full mastery of the Niko Style. All while the tournament is going on, Ohma would form a close relationship with Kazuo and helps him with his struggles and helps him to gain confidence. Ohma with his initial goals to find his master's killer switched to Setsuna after learning that Setsuna killed Genzan all the while trying to prove he's the strongest. Ohma, after regaining his memories would now feel pity for Setsuna and proceeds to subdue, him finally avenging his master's death. In the finals Ohma would lose but he is content with what he has done passing away due to the damage done.
  • Ohma would later ascend to the Pantheon, after somehow randomly walking in specifically to the House of Fighting and Combat regardless it doesn't matter to him as he wants to prove himself to be the strongest but only on his tier since he is aware that there are opponents he couldn't reach nor even beat but he will still attempt to do so. Also, he is shocked that he is fully recovered but he will still not risk himself to use the Advance in a reckless fashion again, well aware that he might lose himself once again. Regardless, now Ohma is just training and refining his techniques and attempting to gain better mastery of "The Advance".
  • He has formed a rivalry and a friendly one with Ryu helps that they share similar backstories being orphans taken in by masters, having berserker forms and having a drive to be the strongest fighter. The only big difference between them is that Ohma had a much rougher backstory and more tragedies than Ryu. Ohma not only did he have to survive in a lawless district before being taken in, but has also truly lost his master/father figure and went on a ten year search for his killer, only to find out that he got killed by his student rendering it meaningless, but he did manage to avenge his master eventually. Regardless, both fighters tend to be cordial with each other and take the time to talk about their backstories. Also, the two are interested in each other's styles so that helps.
    • With his time with Ryu, not only does Ohma have knowledge of certain fighters in Ryu's world that he likes to fight one day, but the one that has the most attention is Akuma. Ohma isn't sure about what to think of Akuma, the only noticeable thing that he can think is that Akuma is less malicious than "The Other Tokita Niko", who did far more depraved things that Ohma while not actually aware of the things that he did but, has experienced a noticeable one like getting given a random secret technique that causes far more harm to him than good. In terms of what their demonic abilities are really there's a clear difference, Akuma intentionally embraces the Satsui No Hado losing the more human traits of him whereas Ohma's while he did embrace the Advance was due to losing his memories during the event, losing his knowledge to use some techniques of the Niko Style in the process.
  • Ohma while not fighting, is seen usually eating in the House of Food and a huge amount of dishes rack up luckily for the chefs there, Ohma isn't that much of a big eater as the other known Big Eaters. Ohma likes doing eating contests with others, also helps that he can hold his own and can use Possessing Spirit to quickly boost his already high metabolic rate, though he has to avoid using it at it's peak out of fear of causing havoc and can only use it for a short amount of time.
  • A lifetime of fighting and survival in a lawless area, caused Ohma to not get a grasp on the more peaceful and societal outings of a normal life. This is extremely debilitating for him, considering that even by the end of Ashura, Ohma remains illiterate and his time at the Annihilation Tournament didn't help. Ohma barely grasps the concept of living life outside of being a fighter. Although he is slowly attempting to get a better grasp of a normal life, he still is dependent on somebody to explain stuff to him.
  • Ohma typically opposes corrupt and depraved marital art masters thanks to a bad experience with "The Other Tokita Niko". He won't attack them directly unless if they attack him first partly because he has no need to start a fight as of now.
    • While walking down one day in the Pantheon, Ohma encountered John Kreese and accidently bumped into him, Kreese being the guy to land the first hit attempts to land a punch to Ohma, who easily blocks it and used Weeping Willow to promptly knock down the corrupt karate sensei. Kreese tried to call his students to get the drop on Ohma, Ohma single handedly beats up the Cobra Kai students without injuries much to Kreese's horror and shock. Kreese then tells Ohma that he will "declare war on him", Ohma rebuffs saying that he didn't show his full strength and he better run.
    • After the encounter, Ohma meets up with those who opposed John Kreese specifically such as Nariyoshi Miyagi, Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence. All three was surprised that, Kreese got taken down so swiftly. Ohma simply explains in the situation that he simply attacked in defense. All three are not only surprised by Ohma's strength, but his fighting style. Ohma explains that his fighting style doesn't rely on just fighting moves but on functionality and adaptability. On the topic of mentors both Daniel and Miyagi pity him due to losing a father figure who not only helped him get taught in fighting, but guided him throughout the several years, Johnny on the other hand, envies Ohma since he only had abusive father figures, but nonetheless pities him. Johnny in the case of putting his students in extraordinary rigorous training, wants to compares Ohma's training their conservation is like...
      Johnny: I put my students through cement trucks and running dogs what did you put yourself into.
      Ohma: I was on a certain forest where all my master's closest peers got slaughtered. I had to endure there for ten days while being beaten down by my master to the point I am surprised that I wasn't permanently damaged to learn the Niko Style's ultimate techniques.
      Johnny: Damn you really are a tough fighter, I wish I can put my students through that.
      Ohma: I like to see you try.
    • Has met Kenichi and is well very surprised by the latter's usage of techniques and Ki but is nonetheless impressed by the kid's gut. While Kenichi would freak out due to Ohma's own past being a lone orphan in a lawless district he would pity him considering the circumstances after The Other Tokita Niko gave him the "Advance" technique. Ohma has told them it doesn't matter at all. Considering both of them are just normal fighters and have gone through hellish training to get what they are and make up for the lack of unique traits, its obvious that there's a mutual respect between both of them. The two would often help each other fight their own adversaries.
  • Being based on Soji Tendo, The two nonetheless sees the resemblance with both of them having messy hair, near superhuman physical abilities, and a very calm and reserved personality. The only difference aside from their obvious roles is that Tendo is actually just a normal man forced into a situation after the Worms murdered his parents whereas Tokita is a unnamed orphan who got in a random situation with The Other Tokita Niko who is possibly affiliated with the organization with the same name. When the two first meet each other, both are surprised though their similar appearances and situation. Tendo is annoyed by Ohma's lack of knowledge aside from fighting but nonetheless understands why Ohma is like this. While Ohma doesn't get the concept of protecting others that much unlike Tendo, he still cares for the people that support him. The two tend to have a mutual respect for each other despite their differences.
  • Many wants to know why Ohma doesn't put his master Tokita Niko as a herald, Ohma says that "Tokita Niko" is a epithet to those who have trained in the Niko Style and that he is afraid that some others ascend "The Other Tokita Niko" the man who ruined his life. Also, Ohma doesn't know his master's true name and that further complicates the situation. On a personal note, Ohma thinks that he's better off with his current friends since there is largely no need for him to be on "survival to the fittest" and is mainly focused on fighting others for the sake of proving to be the strongest fighter and to refine his skills even further.
  • On the topic of him being a Chick Magnet, Ohma stays away from the House of Love and Affection due to fear of causing problems there. This is due to a certain incident with Karla Kure that caused her great-grandfather and patriarch of the Kure Clan, Erioh Kure who called an order to eliminate Ohma despite Karla being the one to go after him. Even if that hatred died down, Ohma still avoids the House out of fear of getting a girl hooked on him and causing problems.
  • As typical Ohma came to oppose the likes of Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein the latter even more so, since he has no honor and is very sadistic. For Geese though Ohma had a hard time fighting him thanks to his usage of ki but managed to force him into a attrition by using several techniques to a draw but they are interrupted by a random man named Terry who attacks Geese. While Ohma is briefly surprised by the disruption, a brief interaction between them smoothes things out and they went to defeat Geese. The two would form a relationship due to their similarities. He would encounter three more people after this.
    • Sometime after that, he looked upon Rugal Bernstein looking at his trophy collections that are actually corpses. Ohma was somewhat disturbed and Rugal sensed him forcing a fight. At first Ohma tries to land a Ironbreaker but slowly realizes that Rugal can copy moves so he decides to somewhat trick him by hiding his other moves and using his usual moves. This tricked Rugal for at least a little while. This ends up with Rugal trying to use one of his signature moves which ends with Ohma barely able to avoid it. Ohma decides to finally go out and overwhelms Rugal with his Niko Style techniques beating the latter down to the point he loses his composure. This ends with Rugal trying to activate the Orochi's eye but he gets knocked out.
  • At some point during his time in the Pantheon, unaware that his reputation has been noticeable. He has encountered Kazuya who attempts to kill him which actually nearly succeeded due to his Devil Form being too overwhelming. The encounter would somewhat terrify Ohma as he admits he's nothuman but he just simply moves on learning that there are monsters he can't beat. He would've also encountered Heihachi with him cockily stating that he can beat him with ease. Ohma states that it's not gonna be easy for him with the fight starting. The fight was extremely close to the point of a draw, with both of them stating that they will have encounter once more to see who wins.
"You wanna fight, too?"


Ayra, Goddess Who Delivers Death of a Thousand Cuts (Ira, Aira, Sword Demoness, The Sword Princess of Meteors, The Proud Female Swordsman, The Princess of Isaach, Astra's Wielder)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Divine Blade Balmung, symbol of Isaach, and Ayra's Blade.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Descendant of Odo and Isaach Royal Family, protective of her nephew, Shannan, Proud Warrior Race Girl, Astra, Hyper Speed, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl
  • Domains: Multi-hit, Combat, War
  • Heralds: Shannan (her half-nephew), Larcei, Ulster (her children)
  • Allies: Sigurd & Seliph, Tailtiu, Chrom, Lucina, Owain, Marth, Samus Aran, Kamui Tokinomiya, Scáthach
  • Enemies: Arvis and other evil deities who betray others, Grima, Illidan Stormrage
  • Ayra, descendant from the crusader Odo and princess of the Isaachian Royal Family, have wielded a skill that only her family learns, Astra. The ability that allow the user to attack with five consecutive strikes should it activate. She, along with her nephew, Shannan, and her children, Larcei and Ulster, have wielded this ability during Sigurd's and Seliph's crusade. Though reports has shown that in Leif's liberation of the Manster District, a mercenary named Galzus was seen using Astra as well as a girl named Mareeta who learned it druing his war, despite them not having any relation to the Royal Family though she heard rumors of a man escaping from Rivough after it was besieged and overthrown by her father and the rumor of the girl being the man's daughter with possibilities of them possessing major Odo blood.
    • She believed that the art of Astra were taught in many other dojo in different worlds as they aren't related to the Isaachian Royal Family, with Owain as proof.
    • However, those dojos did not open in realms like Elibe or Magvel, it was only after Ike heard the rumors of the Sword Demoness that he creed that every swordmasters of the Greil Mercenaries better start learning the arts (and eventually all of Tellius). Needless to say, Ayra was... 'miffed' at the likes of Roy, Lyndis, and Ephraim and Eirika, for forgetting her arts.
    • Though she doesn't like to give her family's secret art to any strangers, with many evil beings in the Pantheon as well as the creature Grima, which reminds her of the ultimate enemy Loptyr, with even threats of his return, she decide to teach other in performing Astra in case this crisis may happen.
  • One of the "scariest" lady in Jugdral. Don't double-cross her or she'll hunt you down then place your head on a pike, even if it takes her to Hell for it.
    • She is contested with Samus with the award for Nintendo's most badass lady, though Samus has the edge with popularity.
  • Though she is the mother of the bladesmen who would fight alongside Seliph, Larcei and Ulster (AKA "The Murder Twins", they really learned well from their mother), whom their father would be are different with each telling or interpretation. Most agree, however, that their suspected father were Chulainn, a gladiator from Sophara (not related with the spear-wielding Irish demigod Cu Chulainn), Lex, a nobleman from the House of Dozel, or just a normal soldier of Chalpy (who's rather homely) named Arden.
  • She is often reminded of the Scarlet Fencer, Navarre, in terms of her fighting style and archetype. Though some noted that she is never seen wielding a Killing Edge, one of the staple that makes them deadly, though she practically has Astra in order to make up for it.
  • To this day, nobody has ever known what happened to Ayra after the disastrous Battle of Belhalla. Some say she perished like the rest, some say she was captured by the Loptyr sect and then turned to stone, or some think that she survived them all, but faded from the pages of Jugdral history. Regardless of the theories, Ayra still made it to the Pantheon and meet with her allies. But unlike Sigurd, she probably hasn't forgiven Arvis for his stint.
    • Another theory which might only happen if her husband was Lex was that she took refugee to his brother Danan, only to be backstabbed and killed. However due to how uncertain who her husband is, take it with a grain of salt.
  • Also to note, despite her symbol being the Balmung Sword, Ayra cannot even wield it, that was reserved to Shanan as she lacked the Major Holy Blood of Odo. Still, give her a sword and she'll still hack things up like a pro.
    • Much like Tailtiu, several sword-based Gods acknowledged her deeds and granted her a temporary boon that allowed her to wield the Balmung sword and raising her into a Lesser Goddess status. Ayra seemed okay with it, but only on one condition: She wants that boon removed forever from her in any event that Shanan makes it to the Pantheon.
    • Eventually she has been seen using a personalized weapon, simply titled 'Ayra's Blade', and keeping Balmung out of sight for awhile (she's just safekeeping it for Shannan). She makes up her lack of force with a new Astra technique that can only belong to her and made available with hyper speed to execute the Death of a Thousand Cuts: the Regnal Astra.
  • Want to win her heart? Here's one possible method: Survive her Astra. Using skills like Nihil does not count. One of the few who has accomplished this feat is the aforementioned Arden, but he's stacked with armor and protection. Good luck...
    • Some would say that Kellam would make a good suitor for Ayra in this case, since he is very tough on his own. The problem is that Ayra can't seem to even spot him even when he's nearby.
  • Try not to show Sain to her as she had to tolerate an idiot named Alec, whose appearance and personality is almost like him. And since Sain doesn't have Nihil, as far as we know, she'll probably use Astra on him if he tried to hit on her, and he might not survive because his defenses might not be enough.
    • Though she would tolerate Stahl, a green knights who is not a flirt. Though he should still be cautious of pissing her off since he doesn't have Nihil.
  • She once named Ulster as 'Skasaher', which was derived from Scáthach. When the Witch of Dun Scaith visited out of curiosity of the naming choice, she ended up acknowledging Ayra's battle skills and potential.

    The Bonanza Bros. 
The Bonanza Bros., Gods of Opening and Closing Doors for Damage (Mobo & Robo, Mike & Spike)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their airship
  • Theme Music: Bonanza Bros. Stage 1
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Family-Friendly Firearms, Bash Brothers, Fat and Skinny, One-Hit-Point Wonder
  • Domains: Criminals, Duos
  • Part-Time Assists for: The Capers, Henry Stickmin
  • On Generally Good Terms with: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Rivals: Nack the Weasel, Kaito Kuroba
  • Enemies: Manny Pardo and most corrupt officers in general
  • Distrusts: Amanda Waller
  • Mobo and Robo, collectively known as the Bonanza Brothers, are a pair of criminals who go around robbing banks and other fancy establishments for money before escaping on their airship. In order to navigate the buildings, the brothers can use doors to stun the guards that are patrolling the building, but the guards are capable of using that technique against the brothers. Mobo and Robo can also use their guns to stun the guards temporarily and get the treasure. The pair aren't very durable and all it takes is a good hit on them to knock their lights out and arrest them.
  • As the Pantheon was going around its daily routine, multiple reports have been going around of various valuables being stolen from banks and other high-end buildings. Law enforcement later identified the criminals as a pair of yellow-colored shades-wearing figures known as the Bonanza Brothers. It didn't take long before it was discovered that the pair were robbing a casino in the Pantheon and the officers had to rush to the scene to try and capture them. By the time they arrived, the brothers were boarding an airship and used it to make their getaway. Since then, law enforcement has better prepared themselves and others were told to look out for the Bonanza Brothers if they wanted to protect their valuables from them.
  • Knowing that the pair aren't the strongest criminals around, some measures have been put in place to knock them out cold quickly. Once such method involves setting up fake doors on walls that, when opened, slams a brother onto a wall, stunning them in addition to showing a wall upon opening. This has thwarted a handful of the brothers' heists, though sometimes those doors are never "opened" by the pair in a few of their attempts. With how many buildings there are in the Pantheon, those fake doors have only seen use in some of them, mainly places where Mobo and Robo are likely to strike.
  • Compared to many other criminals, the default weapons that the brothers carry around aren't fatal in any way. Their stun guns allow them to bypass guards without causing any fatalities during their heists, something that's become noticeable whenever the brothers are active. Unsurprisingly, this means that they'll likely have a harder time going up against guards with more advanced weaponry, though the pair has generally been doing their best in trying to avoid outright killing anyone in their heists.
    • Kaito Kuroba, who goes around engaging in non-fatal heists as Kaito KID, learned about this and after finding out that the pair was going to steal a valuable jewel, decided to get involved and make things interesting. Just as the brothers bypassed the guards of a building and got to a jewel, Kaito KID appeared and took the jewel from them, prompting the pair to chase an air-gliding KID on their airship. After KID found out that the jewel he got wasn't the specific one that he was looking for, he returned it back to where it was the following day, well after that chase. Mobo and Robo think that Kaito KID is too much of a show-off and Kuroba thinks that the brothers aren't that extraordinary compared to other adversaries he's encountered in the past.
  • Mobo and Robo tend to visit the House of Crime, where many other criminals tend to hang out, and saw it as a much more elaborate version of Badville, the crime-infested city where the two originally came from. There are some denizens there that they like talking to and they like visiting the Thieves sub-section in particular, but they've also learned that criminals are capable of actions much deadlier than just stealing things and getting away with it. Mobo and Robo do have a penchant for breaking in to various places, but they've made it a point not to resort to anything deadly, or worse, cause extensive psychological damage to anyone in their way.
    • It was during one of their visits that they learned about some crooks who have had a history of pulling off some outlandish capers, feats much more crazy than what the brothers can normally do. They were two separate groups, with the PAYDAY crew being one and Michael DeSanta leading another. When they learned about the Bonanza Brothers, both groups wanted to see just how well they can fare working for them for a bit and found the idea of using an airship as a getaway vehicle interesting. During that heist to test Mobo and Robo, the brothers were used as distractions whilst the others broke stole the valuables. Since then, Mobo and Robo sometimes get involved with both crews' heists and some later capers had the brothers enter the building to incapacitate the guards before the others enter and commence stealing.
      • Hanging out with the PAYDAY crew also led to the brothers learning about another part-time member named Jacket and they were surprised to learn that Jacket has also used doors as a means to stun his enemies. Jacket even told the duo that he sometimes gets a mask that lets his door slams become much more fatal and has asked them if they would like to try and see if it improves their performance. The brothers declined the offer and aren't really interested in the other masks that Jacket has used, but they still meet with each other whenever they're working with the PAYDAY crew together.
  • There are some who believe that the brothers were a pair of retired criminals who were recruited by an officer to test out security and recover items from shady institutions. They have sometimes used this to put themselves in a better light, but it hasn't changed the fact that they are still thieves that are roaming through the Pantheon stealing anything that they deem valuable. Some of the more morally unscrupulous officers sometimes take advantage of this and have tried used them to recover items that are deemed necessary for investigation.
    • Even if the pair are willing to do jobs to raid places and steal things for others, they're at times wary to work with certain law enforcement officials, with Amanda Waller being a notable example. Her ruthless and unforgiving nature is something that unnerves the brothers, but what makes them not want to be near her a lot is how she often sends dangerous criminals to carry out equally dangerous missions. Waller doesn't really see the Bonanza Brothers as anything worthwhile, but it hasn't stopped the pair from keeping their distance from her.
      • While there are some officers and law enforcers that the duo don't trust, there are more than a handful of members from that field that also aren't willing to accept any kind of help from them. High levels of animosity is something that can sum up how both the brothers and Manny Pardo feel about the other. Most of law enforcement and criminals already don't like Manny to begin with and it doesn't help that Manny might end up interfering with a mission carried out by the brothers just to get more attention to himself.
  • Sonic was able to recognize the duo as a couple of contestants from a kart-racing contest that the Hedgehog arranged with his friends and other Sega characters. Sonic was aware of reports claiming that the brothers steal items on their own terms and that they sometimes accept help from officers in recovering important materials and decided to meet up with Mobo and Robo. Sonic does acknowledge that the pair aren't really dangerous compared to many other criminals, but has suggested that they should at least, steal from people far worse than them. The brothers have taken the request into consideration and they have mostly behaved better whenever they're with Sonic.
  • One of their regular heists ended up taking an unexpected turn as they were escaping from their airship. When their getaway vehicle came crashing down, they ended up encountering Nack the Weasel, who claimed that he was targeting them for money. The two didn't take kindly and what resulted was a shootout between them. Nack went on his motorbike and the brothers went on their car and kept shooting at each other during the drive. The pair learned that Nack was a rival to Sonic and that he was willing to go after the hedgehog with enough motivation. The shootout ended with Nack and the brothers on bad terms with each other, with the latter willing to stop Nack from attacking Sonic whenever possible. Nack is still willing to interfere with the brother's heists as part of different jobs he takes up.
  • The pair learned about another criminal named Henry Stickmin during another visit to the House of Crime. Although Stickmin is capable of some outlandish feats, he has also suffered a number of equally catastrophic failures as well. The pair decided to tag along with Stickmin for another heist and although it didn't go perfectly (for Stickmin at least), Mobo and Robo are more than willing to let Stickmin join them for additional capers.

Murasame, God of Combat Failures
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His chain-sickle with the weight end wrapped around her family heirloom sword Hien and the sickle end wrapped around a (repaired) portrait of Ikaruga
  • Theme Music: Power of 6th Place
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Martial Arts Failures, Being A Joke Character (If A Bit of a Lethal One), Promoted to Playable, The Failure Child, Hating His More Talented Adoptive Sister, Hiding His Insecurity, Smart Businessman Who is a Twit, Trying to Bridge The Gap Between Himself and His Sister, Becoming More Handsome Because of That, Not Buttoning His Shirt, Chain-Sickle, Jerkass Woobie, Unintentionally Sympathetic
  • Domains: Combat, Weapons, Siblings, Development
  • Allies: Ikaruga (his adoptive sister), Dan Hibiki, Kurei, Hilda, Noah Kaiba
  • Rivals: Scharlachrot, Seto Kaiba
  • Enemies: Shinnok, Raynare
  • Commonality Connection with: Issei Hyodo
  • Fears: Azrael, Asura
  • Murasame had it rough. He was born as the sole true heir to the Houou family of business and shinobi. However, his really questionable skills as a shinobi made his family really displeased with him to the point where they adopted Ikaruga, a distant relative to them, to continue with the Path of Shinobi with the heirloom sword Hien. Murasame was less than pleased and had antagonized his adoptive sister ever since. Unfortunately, he still lacks much of skill, as he commonly trips up while using his chain-sickle.
    • However, as time went on, he started to mellow down, coming to a conclusion that if he can best her at something (which is being smarter than her with him inheriting the business side of his family and all), he is okay with her taking the thing he never really had. Where the gap hasn't been shut down completely, he is at least in much better terms with her than he was before.
  • The first person to congratulate him was Ikaruga, obviously. However, when she asked if he was fine with his position, he said this to her.
    Murasame: You know what? I don't care. For my entire life I had to settle with petty titles. So this is hardly anything. As long as I have something to make claim to, fine. Of course I will make sure that I will gained something much grander than this and best you. But for now, I suppose this will do.
  • He used to be a really notable "unnamed follower" of Parsee Mizuhashi due to his fierce jealousy forwards Ikaruga. However, ever since he started to calm down on her, he has made sure to stay as far away from her as possible.
  • Issei was rather... displeased with him, not only for sounding like Kokabiel, but also sounding like himself. However, after Issei started doubting his motivations, Murasame said this:
    Murasame: Alright, boy. Let me ask you something. Let's say that if one day, someone came up and stole something what should belong to you because you aren't "good enough". Your fancy gauntlet, your harem, whatever. Now, what if you had to deal with the fact that not only do those things belong to them, but you had to accept them as your family. Now, would you be fine with that? Well, would you!? Be glad that you are the only son. Because if you had a sibling, its either you or them.
    • Issei was silent at first; he then admitted that he could understand where Murasame was coming from, as he himself doesn't think all that highly of himself either. Still, he stated, being good at something was good enough. And after learning that there really was someone after his gauntlet, Shinnok, Murasame offered Issei his support. He did also apologize to Issei on the last part after hearing that his mother had miscarriage twice.
  • He was informed later that he sounds like a "wimpier" version of both Azrael and Asura. He fears both of them, though Azrael thinks that he is too weak to be bothered with. He also personally promised to Asura that he stays away from Mithra just in case.
  • He has attempted to improve his skills ever since he ascended. One of the people he tries to test his skills against is Scharlachrot. She tends to ignore him.
  • He tends to sympathize with Noah Kaiba due the fact that he also fell out of his father's favor for an adoptive child (then again, Noah's father never had true favorites). Noah seems to be willing to help Murasame in his business career, but Murasame seems to prefer not for now.
  • Just a warning: Clothing Damage applies to him as well. Then again, he ain't that bad looking.
  • There might exist a female version of him. Whenever or not she is Murasame, who gained power by transforming into a girl (like Souji Mitsuka), she is Murasame from an alternate dimension, or its just a cruel prank, no one knows.
  • Besides what many might think, he is far from being utterly incompetent. If he really puts his best into it, he can easily wipe out everything between normal mooks to Elite Mooks en masses.