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Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Good

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"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others."

Currently little is known about this Alliance's early history except that it was created by Cosmos and that many of the gods in the pantheon who could be considered good have joined it, Some because they were promised to have their fondest wishes granted, others simply for the chance to create justice and peace. Their minimum goal is to protect the Pantheon; their maximum goal is the destruction of evil.


Most members here trust one another. However, some think to prepare themselves for the off-chance their allies will go rogue. Many members of the Grand United Alliance of Good (GUAG) are loyal to Cosmos and happily work with her knowing that their ideals are hers as well. Cosmos' leadership is generally laissez-faire, with her only collective rule being that all members of the GUAG must sincerely pursue the cause of good.

The GUAG functions as a multiversal N.G.O. Superpower governed by Cosmos and the Command Division. Under this are Divisions organized according to specific purposes such as Combat, Engineering, Intelligence and Support. The largest and most diverse of these is the Combat Division, the GUAG's armed forces, consisting of hundreds of heroic deities and billions of their followers, with Cosmos as their commander-in-chief. All of the Divisions coordinate with each other and share resources when necessary. In addition to fighting their enemies, the GUAG works to promote peace, cooperation, justice, freedom and livelihood for all throughout the Pantheon and every universe in existence.


The influence of the GUAG extends far beyond the Pantheon and to countless planes of existence. Affiliated organizations such as SHIELD, the Green Lantern Corps, the Jedi, the Fairy Tail guild, the Hellsing Organization, Overwatch and many galactic federations serve GUAG interests in their respective universes.

It also should be noted that many members aren't really all that good. Many people in this Alliance identify as an Anti-Hero and many Anti-Villain characters who can't stand the idea of working under Melkor. This sometimes even extends to characters with few redeeming qualities compared to others, but such occurrences are rare. However, the rise of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos and the Grand United Alliance of Law has given these less-savory gods a couple of potential new homes...


While the GUAG is diametrically opposed to Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, it also fights other Pantheon alliances and deities who promote conflict, injustice, suffering, tyranny, murder and destruction. The GUAG has established working relationships with Grand United Alliance of Nature (GUAN) and the Order of Humanity. The GUAN sees the GUAG as the Pantheon alliance most considerate to nature besides themselves and the Order of Humanity's goal of protecting and improving the virtues of humankind meshes well with the GUAG's goals. The Order's leader, the God-Emperor of Mankind, is also a member of GUAG's Command Division. Because of differences in ideals and priorities, the GUAN and the Order of Humanity don't always get along with the GUAG, but they are generally on good terms nonetheless.

In Cyberspace, the color of the Tron Lines for deities aligned with the GUAG is Cyan.


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