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Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Good

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The Grand United Alliance of Good, first initiated by Cosmos, but later joined by other paragons of Good to form a united council for the sake of cooperating for none other than the greater good, the end goal of this Grand United Alliance is to ensure all domains and mortals under their banner a just and peaceful life, free of excessive evils and malice. While they mainly focus on their own territories within the boundless expanses of the Pantheon, some seek to lend a helping hand to those in need of good company or a chance to turn over a new leaf, even in other Alliances' territories, whether it directly benefits them or not. Whether it be by stopping villains from getting away with their misdeeds or giving emotional support to the seriously distressed, all genuine efforts to make the world a better place are invited.

While the leaders of the Alliance's council are active and dedicated to their guidance of other gods, they realize that while their goals in seeking good for everyone are like, methods and ideas for reaching said milestones can vary so much, and bound to end in conflict that may demand conclusive resolve. The council may be understanding and patient with others' work, but it is not to be mistaken for leniency or tolerance for those who would undermine or degrade their cause, and its members are more than willing to put their foot down against those who think little of the goodness in their or others' hearts.

With divine conflict behind them all and inter-Alliance hostility turning into mere tension, the Alliance has been a little more strict on explicit members of the Alliance, accepting only those with sincere desire to help the side of Good in one way or another, with little need to get too attached to those with powerful but less morally stable individuals in the new times, still keeping them close but prepared for the worst just in case. They may not try to go after other Alliances, but injustice and cruelty is difficult for the GUAG to tolerate, and inevitably will be there to see it resolved.


  • GUAG Protectorate Union: For staunch defenders of the innocent and the helpless, saving the day when villains intrude upon their denizens of the Pantheon.

  • GUAG Ambassador Fellowship: For deities dedicated to creating mutual friendships, amending tensions, and peaceful communication with outsiders when viable.

  • GUAG Ministry of Atonement: A sanctuary for former bad guys who genuinely desire to walk on the path of Good, and those who help such people find redemption.

  • GUAG Psychiatry Of Hope: Home to those who actively seek to instill hope in others, or to aid those with mental burdens and traumas, setting them on a well-intending path for them and those around them.

  • GUAG Deus Ex Salvator: A support group that focuses on carrying missions for aiding those in medical need, assisting recovery from devastation, and ensuring that no deity is left behind in desperate times.

  • GUAG Solution Sleuths: Not only do they counter the dirty business that can go on in other factions, they watch the watchers, investigate what evil tries to hide from them, and look into mysteries and anomalies to resolve.

GUAG Leadership Council Members

Cosmos, Goddess of Good

  • Symbol: Her personal symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Role as Council Leader: Experienced in the summoning of heroes, Cosmos watches over the domains that are to be protected by the GUAG, and seeks out those who are great need of their support, and organizing the proper deities able to fit the task at hand. Being the most support-oriented of the leadership council, she ensures as best as she can that followers and allied deities are in good hands and proper protection for when things go very awry. Always trying to choose what's best for all within the GUAG, her duty holds much stress and responsibility.
  • Cooperation Ability: Due to her responsibility to keep the GUAG's heroes and supporters connected, it is necessary for Cosmos to understand and work along with many deities and situations that she holds little familiarity with, and in order to be at her best to ensure allies' safety in their pursuit of justice, she does her best to either keep up to date with members of the GUAG that would need her help the most.

Superman, God of Superheroes

  • Symbol: A shield with an "S" on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Role as Council Leader: Having been one of the founders of the Justice League and one of its greatest leaders, much of Superman's experience in such organizations applies especially when guiding the members of the GUAG. Whether it's other fellow superheroes like himself or even mundane people that want to serve the forces of Good, Superman knows well how to both bring people to the light and overcome their inner darkness through being the better example of the man he aspires to be, and encourages others to be. Even when protecting and saving innocents from various evildoers, Superman always has time to help those within the GUAG to dedicate themselves to a better tomorrow, one way or another.
  • Cooperation Ability: Superman not only holds extreme power but the responsibility to always use it fairly and to what he believes to be the best for everyone, an incredible feat that has warranted much respect for the Man of Steel as a leader of the GUAG. While dedicated to his moral code, he is more than willing to cooperate to the fullest with those who envision a world better suited for the likes of justice and goodness. Even considering that, his reputation as a paragon and his charisma make it easy for people to work alongside him as well, making troublesome teamwork with Superman a rarity among those that don't have an Anti-Hero reputation among the GUAG.

Sigmar Unberogen, The Divine God-Emperor

  • Symbol: His Warhammer, Ghal Maraz, the Shield of The Empire and the Symbol of the Grand Alliance: Order
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Role as Council Leader: Sigmar's leadership has proven time and time again to be a beacon of hope and motivation for when the GUAG is in a tough time or in dire straits. Whether under threat from the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, or from an independent monster or villain, Sigmar is more than capable of bringing the people of the GUAG through its darkest moments. His ability to unionize the many into a force to be reckoned with even for the biggest doom-bringers in the Pantheon isn't unnoticed, and when the GUAG is threatened big-time, Sigmar will be there to show how unyielding and unstoppable the forces of Good can be when pushed to their limit.
  • Cooperation Ability: Even the likes of barbarians have been inspired by Sigmar to follow his lead for the sake of fighting for their lives and fighting for what's right in conflicts against villains that have tried to cause trouble in GUAG. Even with tensions settling down between Alliances in general, Sigmar's influence and leadership demands respect and acknowledgement among the GUAG. As a leader, his ability to bring people together and unite under one powerful force is nothing to scoff at, and no matter what, is always determined to work alongside other members of the GUAG if it can secure a future for his people and other like-minded allies.

Alternative Title(s): GUAG