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Personality and Behavior

The House of Personality was commissioned by Applejack in order to separate it from the House of Mentalism, because she's completely disgusted with the whole concept of backstabbing and playing mind games the latter House offers. Oh, and the fact that it was too dark. Literally.

This House comes with a personality test in order to determine the preestablished personalities of the Gods… however, if certain Gods lack of personality, this means they're flat as hell, and otherwise forbidden from joining the House unless they need to take characterization classes, as Kai is currently studying in said signature. Also, this house accepts non-philosophical concepts.

The House was initially guarded by the "Personal Three", which consisted of the legendary Freudian Trio of Captain James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy. The trio however left to join the rest of the USS Enterprise in representing Wagon Train to the Stars, a new group of representatives would take the helm and rechristened the guardians to "The Emissaries of Selfhood", consisting of Alm, Celica, Bojack Horseman, Captain Haddock, and Daria Morgendorffer.


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The Emissaries of Selfhood

The Guards of the House of Personality

    Alm and Celica 
Alm and Celica, Gods of Masculine Aggression and Feminine Intuition (Alm: Arum, Albein/Alpine Alm Rudolf II, Saint-King, the Other Hero-King, Hero of Prophecy | Celica: Anthiese/Anteze, Caring Princess)
Left: Celica, Right: Alm
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Brand of Duma on Alm's left hand and the Brand of Mila on Celica's right hand; alternatively, the Falchion for Alm
  • Theme Songs: March to Deliverance (Echoes arrangement) (Alm), With Mila's Divine Protection (Echoes arrangement, Brawl Remix) (Celica)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Alm), Lawful Good (Celica)
  • Portfolio: Heroes of prophecy to save Valentia, Bear the Brands, Ruled Valentia together known each other since childhood
  • Domains: Foil, Gender, Aggression, Intuition
  • Allies: Marth, Ike, Robin, Lucina, Corrin, Roy, Palla, Catria, and Est
  • Enemies: Grima, Slaanesh, Sauron
  • Opposed: Bacchus, Dr. Frank N. Furter (Celica)
  • Pities: Aerys Targaryen (Celica)
  • Alm and Celica were the two children that were destined to save the continent of Valentia. Alm was a warrior who led a war against the Rigelian Empire while Celica was a priestess of the goddess Mila who went on a journey to seek answers behind her disappearance.
  • The two have completely different opinions of dragons, based on their experience of the gods of Valentia. Alm is very intolerable of the dragons because of the gods' influence in the continent which drove the Rigelian merciless and ambitious and the Zofian lazy and hedonistic and brought an end to the age of the gods in Valentia. Celica, on the other hand, was grateful of the things they have done for humanity.
  • After their reign of ruling the One Kingdom of Valentia, it would later become the Valmese Empire, with the continent of Valm named after the first king of the unified empire.
  • As their continent is a sea away from the continent of Archanea, they greeted Marth with the intent for friendship for both lands.
  • Alm has an odd place in regard to the House of War, mostly because of his association with the War Father Duma and Rigel. He has no love for war but he fought valiantly because he wanted to protect the people of Zofia from the aggression of the Rigelian Empire, not knowing of his heritage or the scheme planned by his father, Rudolf. As such, he doesn't care much of the house as long as their warmongering goes too far and harm the innocent.
  • They were the first to discover the Creation that would later terrorize the world as Grima when exploring the depths of the Thabes Labyrinth. They vow to destroy Grima once again upon hearing the Fell Dragon in the Pantheon.
  • Celica has a strong faith as a priestess of Mila and blissful of the deities that nurtured humanity.
  • Celica sometimes act out of self-sacrificing because she cares about the wellbeing of the people and disregard for her own safety.
    • Considering her self-sacrificing nature, Alm is wary of the deities within the Faith like YHVH and the Divine Powers that would abuse such nature and manipulate her to do their biddings.
  • Celica was happy to meet the three pegasus sisters from Archanea once again. The three hoped that she rules her land with kindness as their Lady Minerva would.
  • As a ruler of magical prowess, Celica showed some respect with Jaina Proudmoore.
  • Celica respected Gaea because of her providing the bountiful earth much like the Earth Mother Mila.
  • In spite of her faith, she doesn't like Judge Claude Frollo who tried to justify the evil acts he does in the name of his faith while lusting over a woman against her judgement.
  • Celica has many issues with hedonism to the point of being apathetic to everything around them as it reminded her of her father's poor ruling of Zofia. Though Celica is tolerable of Bacchus as a god, she doesn't exactly approve of his domain being hedonism and how his followers kill out of drunkard violence.
    • She pities King Aerys Targaryen as his decadence reminds her of how she come to view her father as a sad individual due to the way he lived. However, it won't stop her from opposing him for his tyranny.
  • Alm once had a disaster in the hair salon at the House of Personal Appearance. When he looked at the mirror, he noticed that he had blue hair rather than green hair. He had it fixed later and insisted that he never had blue hair in his life.
  • Alm was quite surprised to learn that Berkut, his cousin, had ascended, and went to try and talk to him in the hopes of patching things up with him. He was horrified to see Berkut lash out at him in danger, retreating so no further conflict could occur. Celica reassured Alm that he will eventually get through to him, though Alm is conflicted on if he truly can.

    BoJack Horseman 
BoJack Horseman ,The God of Being His Own Worst Enemy (BoJ, The Horse, The Horse from Horsin' Around, Mr. Peanutbutter, Secretariat, John Philbert/ Philbert, Chadwick Boseman, BJ Novak, BoJangles, JockJam DoorSlam, Hambone Fakenamington, Piece of Shit, Henrietta, BoBo the Angsty Zebra, Professor Horseman, Dead Body #4)
  • Quasideity
  • Theme Song: BoJack's Theme and "Back in the 90's"
  • Symbol: Him looking up from his pool
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, but can be True Neutral, Chaotic Good, or even Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: His Own Worst Enemy, Washed-up 90's actor, Coping with alcohol, Deconstructing character types, Very Cynical, Being really depressed, Celebrity Is Overrated, Being a very cynical rude person with a sad past
  • Domains: Horses, Alcohol, Depression, Deconstruction
  • Herald: Mr. Peanutbutter
  • Allies: Robert I Baratheon, Krusty the Clown, Jay Gatsby, Al Bundy, Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Donkey, Danny and Sawyer, Rose Quartz
  • Enemies: All Abusive Parents in the Pantheon (Especially Lady Tremaine), Napoleon, Mr. Burns, King Sombra.
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Pities: Balthazar Bratt
  • Pitied By: Sayaka Maizono
  • Complicated Relationships: All Equine Deities (but mostly All good-aligned Ascended MLP Deities, Epona, Maximus, and Black Beauty).
  • Avoids: The House of Alcohol, All Ascended Dragon Ball deities
  • Back in the 90's, BoJack Horseman was the star of the hit sitcom Horsin' Around. However, once his 15 Minutes of Fame came to pass, BoJack became a complete mess, becoming a selfish, alcoholic and drug-addicted jerk. He tried numerous attempts at recovering his lost fame, but in the process found himself unintentionally thrust into a journey of self-discovery, leading him to begin questioning himself and his actions and trying to mend old fences, which tended to backfire due to his tendency to make things about himself. After a long struggle and even going as far as losing his half-sister's, Hollyhock, respect and being cut by her out of her life entirely, he seems to be finally on the way to recovering and improving as a person. Even if he's not completely sure about having truly changed even slightly.
  • He was ascended once many deities heard how he really feels about himself and seeing how self-destructive he can, but all portrayed rather realistically. Feeling that it's for his best health he was ascended to make sure he has the help he needs.
  • Many deities have mixed opinions about him, particularly due to his extremely complex character. While few will say that he's truly detestable as he's done his fair share of good and selfless deeds, not a lot will say he's a good guy as his actions towards his friends can attest to.
  • What many deities saw in him is that being a celebrity isn't as glamorous as it seems, and what can happen when one puts fame above personal relationships and when fame eventually runs dry. He posed as an example to the younger celebrities in the pantheon as someone they want to avoid becoming and caused them to see being a celebrity in a different view. If anything the lesson one gets from him is that fame and fortune doesn't equal happiness.
    • Jack Atlas saw him as a possible version of what he could have become. While they both betrayed their friends for fame, Jack was able make amends and rekindle his friendship with Yusei and the others, while BoJack's apology was rejected and wasn't able to have closure with Herb. It made Jack see that he was thankful to have forgiving friends and being able to stop himself before it was too late and he'd possibly be like BoJack.
  • Due to his own upbringing, BoJack absolutely LOATHES Abusive Parents of any kind. The existence of the Child Abuse Supporters makes his blood boil with rage like nothing else has before.
    • He holds a special hatred of Lady Tremaine, as she reminds him a lot of his own mother due to her verbal and psychological abuse of Cinderella.
    • For similar reasons, Ghetsis, Ultraman Belial and Ozai are also some of his most hated enemies of the Pantheon due to their actions towards their own sons. None of them view him as worth paying attention to, as they're too powerful for him to handle anyway.
  • He sometimes visits the House of Family in hopes of finding assistance for his emotional issues. While most women and children are made to be wary of him, some are willing to help him out, seeing as he appears to have genuinely changed his ways.
    • In one instance he believed he had heard Sarah Lynn in the House of Family and was afraid she had ascended too and would feel in the mood to get payback for what he did to her. However, it turned out to be Mabel Pines who has a very similar voice. BoJack even noted that she reminded him a lot of Sarah Lynn when she was a child and therefore did his best to avoid her, fearing he might repeat his past mistakes.
  • He's found himself having a surprisingly good friendship with Krusty the Clown, as both him and the Clown are cynical alcoholic kids' show stars with several parental issues, the two constantly hang out as a result. That said, BoJack has long since quit drinking and therefore tries his best not to backtrack when hanging with him.
  • His interactions with other Equine deities have been rather uneasy both ways. Mainly because of his subconscious hatred of horses and the Ascended Deities' knowledge of his past actions. BoJack tends to avoid most contact with horses, although his interactions with Hollyhock made him much more capable of not being too afraid to interact with other equines.
    • Oddly enough, despite finding Discord annoying due to the latter's attitude and tendency to mess with him for his amusement, the Lord of Chaos himself feels a lot of sympathy for BoJack, as his experiences with his redemption and subsequent backtracking are similar in nature to BoJack's own, especially in regards to backstabbing people who gave them a chance and disappointing/hurting them as a result.
      • For similar reasons as Discord's, Starlight also has various levels of sympathy for him, even if she is warier than Discord around BoJack due to his past actions.
  • Like all horses, he became an immediate target of Napoleon's hatred. BoJack himself has nothing but contempt for the pig in return, especially after the pig sent some attack dogs to try and kill BoJack, though he was saved by a timely intervention of the MLP deities.
  • Some people have claimed to have seen BoJack in an alien planet on the Marvel Universe. While BoJack himself hasn't said any word on the matter, he's been curious about whether or not that horse is an alternate version of him, and how that horse lived his life compared to him, even if the state that the horseman was in didn't give him too much hopes of it being any different from his own life.
  • BoJack also avoids the House of Alcohol like the plague, as he has fully gotten over his alcohol addiction and fears relapsing back to his old habits. He doesn't have much to say about it's frequenters and patrons, though, as he himself isn't too interested in getting to know them.
  • Upon hearing of BoJack's ascension, the good-aligned Dragon Ball deities mistakenly thought that the alien conqueror of the same name from their Universe had ascended and went to confront him... Until they actually saw BoJack in person and realized he was just a normal humanoid horse, who happened to share a name with the other one. While most of the Dragon Ball deities left quickly afterwards, Goku and Gohan chatted with him for a while, but not much came out of it, all that is known is that BoJack tries his best not to encounter any of them nowadays, mostly because he is afraid of their power.
  • Oddly enough, he's made friends with Donkey of all equine deities, mainly because the donkey's persistent optimism and ability to see the good in him has reminded him of Mr. Peanutbutter, who is the only person in his Universe that is completely loyal to him no matter what.
  • BoJack saw in Balthazar Bratt a way he, and several child stars like Sarah Lynn, could have ended if he not only had not let go at any point of his 15 Minutes of Fame (Which he did not, as he clung on to his old fame for a long time) but had gone further and allowed said desire for fame to turn him into a monster, Bratt himself had tried to recruit BoJack at some points to get "revenge" on Hollywood, but BoJack turned his offer down without a doubt.
  • BoJack's therapy sessions in the Pantheon have noticeably been easier for him everyday, though this does not mean he's 100% overcome his flaws, as he's still rather rude and cynical, but at least can control some of his impulses now. At the very least he's relieved his therapists and those helping him are far more reliable than Dr. Champ was.

    Captain Haddock 
Captain Archibald Haddock, God of Alcohol-Induced Idiocy (The Old Drunkard, Addock, Capslock, Kapok, Bangkok, Bartok, Fatstock, Drydock, Hopscotch, Stopcock, Hammock, Paddock, Hassock, Havoc, Maggot, Bootblack, Balzac, Bedsock, Padlock, Hatbox, Stockpot, Harrock, Hemlock, Hoddack, Haddad, Capock Hatpin)
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  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat and a bottle of Loch Lomond
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Amusing Injuries, The Berserker, Boisterous Bruiser, Breakout Character, The Drunken Sailor, Flowery Insults, Good Is Not Nice, Grumpy Bear, Hair-Trigger Temper, Hurricane of Euphemisms, Older Sidekick, Punch-Clock Hero, Seadog Beard
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Sailing, Alcohol
  • Avatar: Andy Serkis (through motion capture)
  • Herald: Professor Cuthbert Calculus
  • Allies: Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Cayden Cailean, Popeye
  • Rivals: Hercule Poirot, Jack Sparrow, Steve Austin
  • Opposed by: CM Punk, Mayor Richard Wilkins
  • Complicated relationship: James Bond
  • To be honest, he never thought he would ascend. The Pantheon was just begging to put him into crazy messes. He was hoping to stick with being Tintin's herald, or maybe a minor sailing position at best. That all changed when he first arrived at the Pantheon... completely drunk. His drunken adventure led him throughout the House of Food, making a complete mess of it. When he sobered up, he profusely apologized. But instead of angry faces, there was a thunderous applause. He was promptly given his own temple for that amusing stunt. So much for making a quiet impression.
    • It should be noted that he hasn't gotten drunk nearly as often, even trying to curb his drinking problem. Of course, he can only last so long. And when he does get drunk, it's almost always a memorable experience, both for him and for anyone in his way.
  • He is also known for his... colorful swearing. Many gods wonder of some of the words he spouts out even exists. Many are well known for having a dirty mouth. Haddock can name virtually any insult in a dictionary... and use them in a single rant.
  • Shares a drink with Lucky Luke once in awhile. He at least appreciates that the cowboy doesn't go too hard on him regarding his alcoholism. Asterix also counts as an ally, though one not to be tested. Haddock avoids taking a drink whenever the Gaul is around, or else he would get a pounding for disturbing the peace.
  • He may not be the most reliable sidekick, but Haddock will always be at his side. So it was no surprise that when Poirot criticized Tintin, Haddock held on to that grudge, even when Poirot apologized. Poirot himself is not a fan of the sailor's boorish nature.
  • Waking up from one of his many intoxicated adventures, he was surprised to be face-to-face with one of his favorite gods. Cayden invited him to a bar, eager to hear of his adventures. Afterwards, the God of Blackouts advised him to go easy on the adventures. Haddock's luck can only go so far before he gets killed.
  • Gets called by Indiana Jones whenever the archeologist needs sea transport. With that said, he isn't thrilled with working together. Any item that Haddock finds gets confiscated by Indy and his insistence in putting artifacts in a museum.
  • Popeye hoped to convince Haddock to eat some spinach. Haddock agreed... but only if he tried some of his whisky. Little did he know that Haddock was already drunk before eating the spinach. The results were a level of destruction not seen in the House of Food. It was for the sake of the Pantheon that Haddock never mixes spinach with alcohol ever again.
  • Ever since he appeared in a motion capture animated film, Haddock is fond of Andy Serkis, who portrayed him there, and likes to send him a bottle every once in a while. Given Daniel Craig portrayed the villain there, Haddock has problems trusting James Bond (who also likes to drink, but is seemingly less hindered by drunkenness).
  • Is not a fan of pirates as they have hounded his sailing. Their patron is admittedly more amiable (and is more than happy to share a mug of rum to boot), alleviating his concerns for now.
  • Even when he has limited his drinking, he still has his detractors. CM Punk enjoys taunting the sailor. It helps that Haddock's blood boils easily. This is no joking matter though; Punk has publicly despised Haddock for popularizing drinking as a fun experience. Punk hopes to expose him as the loser he thinks he is.
  • Another wrestler paid a visit recently. Steve Austin offered him a can of beer to drink. Haddock wasn't a fan of American beer but decided to give it a sip anyways, sadly setting him up perfectly for the Stone Cold Stunner. Once he woke up in the hospital, he cursed up a storm before swearing to get revenge. With that said, their animosity died down to more of a rivalry... especially when teaming up against Punk.
  • Is becoming hounded by propaganda under Mayor Richard Wilkins, calling him a horrible role model for readers. Tintin warned Haddock against a direct confrontation, as it will probably make things worst. Ignoring him may well be the best strategy against him.
  • Has a tendency to laugh at any ridiculous ideas or proposals when drinking. Many a conspiracy theorist walked out dejected afterwards.
  • Also present in the House of Food.

    Daria Morgendorffer 
Daria Morgendorffer, Goddess of Sarcasm and World-weary Snark (Diarrhea [only called that by Beavis and Butt-Head], The Misery Chick, The Weird Kid)
  • Quasideity (she's not really in on the whole god thing)
  • Symbol: Her coke-bottle glasses.
  • Theme Song: "You're Standing On My Neck"
  • Alignment: True Neutral with shades of Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Brainy Brunette, Brutal Honesty, The Comically Serious, The Cynic, Deadpan Snarker, Emotionless Girl, Informed Loner,Jerk with a Heart of Gold, sane amongst complete loons, Teen Genius
  • Domains: High School, Snark, Sanity
  • Heralds: Quinn Morgendorffer (her sister, much as Quinn wants to admit it), Jake & Helen Morgendorffer (her parents).
  • High Priest: Enid Coleslaw
  • Followers: Veronica Sawyer, Kim Pine, Katerina Stratford
  • Allies: Jane Lane (her Best Friend and Only Friend), Kyon, Alfred Pennyworth, Peter Parker, Rachel Roth, Mafalda, Mandy, Malcolm Wilkerson, Stan Marsh, Liz Lemon, Lisa Simpson
  • Opposed by: The Trollkaiger
  • Complicated Relationship with: Beavis and Butt-Head
  • In the community of Lawndale, Daria Morgendorffer is a girl who stands apart. Smart and cynical with a studied cool reserve that compliments a perceptive eye and a razor sharp sarcastic wit while hiding her strong personal identity, she goes through teenage life as a proud outsider in a world of mainly idiotic adolescents and condescending adults.
  • Some believe that she and Mafalda are the same person. But those who do those comparisons say that Daria is a grown-up Mafalda, for obvious reasons. They aren't (the most logical reason is that Mafalda would have 30 years of difference to Daria) but both of them seem to get along with each other, possibly because of their similarities.
    • She also hangs out with Mandy due to their similar snarky, cynical personalities as well as Lisa Simpson due to both of them being girls isolated by their intelligence, though Daria gets called out for her antisocial behavior.
  • Her relationship with Beavis and Butt-Head is a bit complicated. Back when she had them as classmates, she was the only one who could stand to be around them, mostly because their stupidity amused her (and hanging around them probably freaked out her parents). She wasn’t above taking advantage of their stupidity either; at one point using the duo for her science project. Why she kept talking to them when she didn't like them was never stated. although some suggested that Daria, being friendless, was seeking out the company of Highland High's other big outcasts out of desperation.
  • The Trollkaiger hates her with a passion—she reacts to nothing that they throw at her and she either ignores them or comes up with a snarky reply that leaves them pissed off. Daria hangs out with Alfred Pennyworth for that reason, since the Trollkaiger can't make Alfred react to their tricks either.
  • Doesn't have a big faith in God; she's not an atheist, but she just states that she needs proof. Of course, now that there are multiple Gods her opinion hasn't really changed but she accepts that there are higher powers up there.
  • To her surprise, she was visited by Stan Marsh. He understands her situation of being an Only Sane Woman who is Surrounded by Idiots just as he was dealing with the same thing when it comes to his friends. The two seem to be on good terms with each other.
    • She also gets along with Liz Lemon for the same reason as above. Some see Liz as a grown-up version of Daria.
    • As of late, the two are offering her to join a future group also consisting of Leonard L. Church and Malcolm Wilkerson to help temper the crazier personalities. Malcolm, in particular, shares her situation of being a Teen Genius in a Dysfunctional Family.
  • Not much is known about her future after she graduated from Lawndale High, although it may be known that she might have moved to New York where she’s grown up to be the only female writer in a late-night talk show. Some speculate that she would one day return to Lawndale to take part in a high school reunion. According to her creators, she would eventually have her own flat in New York and she has a pet cat. She and Jane — who is a successful artist — visit every now and then.
  • She was grateful that her friend Jane has arrived in the Pantheon. The two can be seen having conversations over a slice of pizza in the House of Food.
  • Wasn't sure how to react about her show being rebooted, especially since she's going to have a new best friend instead of Jane.
  • "I don't have low self-esteem. It's a mistake. I have low esteem for everyone else."