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Personality, Characterization and Archetypes

The House of Personality was commissioned by Applejack in order to separate it from the House of Mentalism, because she's completely disgusted with the whole concept of backstabbing and playing mind games the latter House offers. Oh, and the fact that it was too dark. Literally.

This House comes with a personality test in order to determine the pre-established personalities of the Gods… however, if certain Gods lack of personality, this means they're flat as hell, and otherwise forbidden from joining the House unless they need to take characterization classes, as Kai is currently studying in said signature. Also, this house accepts non-philosophical concepts.


It's rumored that the Council of Cloudcuckooland is located inside of this House, because even the most crazy personalities reside here.

CM Punk considers this house as the Cult of Personality.

The House is guarded by the "Personal Four", which consists of Applejack, the House's founder, and the legendary Freudian Trio of Captain James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy.


The Personal Four

The Guards of the House of Personality

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Applejack, Goddess of the Era-Specific Personality (AJ, The most loyalest of friends and most dependable of ponies, Mistress Mare-velous)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her cutie mark (three red apples)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Dependable people, determined people, ponies with brutal honesty, ponies with green thumbs
  • Domains: Honesty, Farmers, Dependability, Family, Determination
  • Herald: Winona, her border collie and Big Macintosh (her older brother)
  • Followers: Bronies
  • Allies: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie (may or may not be her cousin), Spike, Starlight Glimmer, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Johnny Appleseed, Jack, Discord, Nico Yazawa, John Marston
  • Rival: Yosemite Sam
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, Lord Tirek, Napoleon, BROKEN Matt Hardy
  • Applejack was one of The Mane Six who ascended all at once when My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic exploded into being, earning her first spot in the house of food as the Goddess of Apples. After sealing Discord away, Applejack stepped down to be the herald for Johnny Appleseed.
    • However, after some debate, she has been given a honorary title in the House of Mentalism.
      • While none of her predecessors are technically allowed in her spot due to them not being "nearly as popular", for some reason, other gods like to tease Applejack with this song from her original counterpart.
  • AJ for her part was disgusted by the lack of lights in the House of Mentalism. "How can anypony do any thinkin' if it's so gosh darn dark?" As of such, she has gone about enlisting the help of Twilight Sparkle to install lights through the whole building at key points. So far, the only room untouched by her project is the council room, but that's to be expected.
  • Is both happy and dismayed at the ascension of her little sister and her friends. Happy in that she has family to talk to in the Pantheon now, but dismayed by the fact several irate gods and goddesses visit her temple constantly to complain about the Cutie Mark Crusaders' schemes in getting cutie marks. Needless to say, she and Rarity are frequent patrons at Moe's Tavern.
    • However, now that Applebloom has received her Cutie Mark, Applejack has never been so proud of her little sister, especially since the Cutie Mark Crusaders now reside in the House of Prophecy instead of Ambiguity (she thanks Ralph for keeping an eye out on them though). Things were different with Gangrel and Luna Vachon as she personally went to see them herself. There, she honestly stated that she was happy for the two for taking care of them and has offered them rounds of apple cider on the house.
  • She and Rainbow Dash try not to be in the same room as Hansel and Gretel. It's mostly due to the fact that Hansel sounds so similar to them.
  • With some support, Applejack is the one who commissioned this house, being unable to deal with the schemers in the House of Mentalism.
  • She politely declined an offer from Ryuk for a Death Note in exchange for a lifetime supply of apples, while resolving never to touch a Death Note again.
  • On her off-days, she goes over to John Marston's temple/ranch in the House of Ambiguity as it reminds her of Sweet Apple Acres. John was surprised to hear a talking horse, while his wife and son doted on her. She's always welcome there.
  • One day, a young calf named Arizona approached Applejack and, out of all things, asked the farmpony to train her. Though a bit befuddled by the request, Applejack decided to go ahead with it.
  • After the events of the Friendship Asylum came the Christmas many called the Darkness and Mirrors incident in which BROKEN Matt Hardy sent her little sister and her friends to Limbo once more. Applejack has stated that she is never going to forgive the wrestler for such a stunt, even going as far as to teaming up with Gangrel and Luan Vachon to set things straight. It ended up with her devoured by zombies due to ignoring a warning from Derpy and Apple Bloom traumatized from nearly killing a carnival of circus freaks

    James T. Kirk 
James Tiberius Kirk, Divine Balancer of Logic and Emotion, God of Deconstructing the Enemy (Captain Kirk, Jim, William...Shatner, Denny Crane)
Prime Reality Kirk
Alternate Reality Kirk
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Starfleet Logo
  • Theme: "Space. The final frontier..."
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Good Captains, Dramatic Pauses, Large Hams, Orders To Beam Up (And Down) from Scotty, Kirk Summations, Chick Magnet (Specially Of The Alien Kind)
  • Domains: Air, Cavern, Void, Travel, Community
  • Follower: Naoya Toudou
  • Allies: Spock, McCoy, Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer, Clark Kent/Superman, Commander Shepard, Luke Skywalker, Shido Itsuka, Optimus Prime, Gordan Freeman, Barbarella, Malcolm Reynolds, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Edward Elric, Thor, The Doctor, John Crichton, Samantha Carter
  • Rivals: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: KHAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!, Sheev Palpatine, Darth Vader, Nero, Tzentch, Judge Doom, The Cybermen, The Daleks, The Combine
  • Uneasy Relationship: Dr. Zaius, Honor Harrington, Commander Adama, John Sheridan
  • Admired by: Sheldon Cooper
  • Before the story of a galaxy far far away was published, there was another spaceship who were keen on exploring various new planets under the Captain's Log. The ship was known as the Enterprise and the most well-known Captain who commanded her was Kirk. A no-nonsense leader, he valued his teammates and did his best to keep them safe as they strive to go where no man has gone before.
  • Spock and McCoy are the only members of his crew who have ascended so far. The two constantly argue among one another over a number of topics. Here, Kirk serves as the mediator of the two; whenever the two argue about a solution to problems in any situation, Kirk always comes with an idea compromising theirs.
    • Him and Spock have been subjected to one of the earliest forms of Ho Yay in fiction. This increased exponentially with the death of Spock. Neither human nor Vulcan has commented on this development.
  • Acquired Seventeen Temporal Violations, the most of any Starfleet Captain As you can see, he's a bit of a rebel He even cheated on a simulation specifically designed to be impossible to beat.
  • Is famous for having *ahem* relations with at least 50 women from every universe in the multiverse (with a few exceptions), garnering him some punny but accurate nicknames that for the sake of good taste shall be omitted here. With that said, he isn't one to brag about his relationships. He just wants to find someone to love... and has horrible luck in keeping them alive.
    • When Lieutenant Mary Sue returned to the Pantheon proper, he respectfully nodded in acceptance but is still hesitant in keeping her in the Enterprise. She understood the hesitation and has decided not to pressure him into adding her.
  • His fanbase and that of Star Wars is one of the biggest rivalries among fans. That is not the case with him and Luke Skywalker, who are close friends. He even admitted that Luke would probably kick his ass, though ship warfare would probably be a different affair.
  • There was another space show that predates his own by a couple of years. While he and his crew explored worlds on the Enterprise, the Doctor and his companions travelled through time in the TARDIS. Both fell into hard times with hiatuses but are now benefiting from a renaissance of interest. The Doctor was appalled to see that many of Kirk's fans were mistreated and called 'nerds'. Fans of Doctor Who are held in much higher regard across the pond.
  • Was met by a rather enthusiastic John Crichton, who thanked the Captain for his guidance. The former astronaut felt that his adventures in space helped shape him to be a captain of Kirk's likeness. Kirk himself was a fan of many of Crichton's plans to get his crew out of sticky situations.
  • Part of why Samantha Carter likes working with Kirk is that he sees her as a co-worker and nothing else. She was getting tired of the praise she was getting, so getting into an environment that relied on her expertise was relaxing. It helps that the Enterprise is focused more on exploration than any military excursions.
  • Due to his 'Avatar', Kirk is known to either... put on... Dramatic... Pauses... or... speakthingssoquickly.
  • At times, he has used a younger avatar from an Alternate Timeline for covert missions. Wonder Woman in particular adores that version, and likes to assist in said assignments.
  • Both Kirk and Picard have become befriended a young god called Shido Itsuka. Seeing much of themselves in Shido, the two captains offer him guidance whenever he faces a moral dilemma. Kirk, ever the ladies man, also likes giving him advice in how to sweep girls off their feet, to which Picard delivered his trademark reaction. They can't help but let out a small laugh at Shido's occasional crossdressing, much to Shido's annoyance.
  • Many believe much of his story can be derived from the Space Opera. The two pioneers of the genre ascended and went over to greet Kirk. Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon may not have been able to be as popular, but they have no ill will with Kirk's success.
  • It's safe to say that no matter how much Kirk tries to say his missions are in peace, certain aliens will try to eradicate them and their planet afterwards. The Combine and the Daleks are common enemies that he faces.
  • Among the unusual friends he gathered are Edward Elric, who sometimes sounds like Kirk and who intrigued the Captain with his powerful magic, and Thor, who is also an explorer of worlds and reminds Kirk of his father.
  • Sheldon Cooper and his posse of friends regard Kirk as one of their favorite shows to watch. Cooper may be more of a Spock fan, but he respects the Captain and his prowess in leadership.
  • Has become a fierce opposer of Judge Doom, as in addition to him being Obviously Evil, Kirk has cartoon experience, and Doom reminds him of the Klingon who killed his son.
  • The God-Emperor of Mankind has offered sums of money to fund their excursions on multiple occasions. Kirk has rejected all cases, stating he knows that the God-Emperor only wants to fund his explorations in order to find threats to exterminate.
  • There was a time when his ship entered Dr. Zaius' world after tracking down some Klingons. Kirk and Spock were able to free the gorilla of the Klingon's mind control, but that did not mean that the two were friends. Dr. Zaius maintained his hatred of humanity and warned that if anyone in the Enterprise crew try to interfere in their planet affairs again, they would be shot on sight. To the orangutan, letting them go was their way of being evil.
  • Kirk has maintained his stance that the Enterprise is strictly for exploration purposes. The reason they get into trouble with other alien species is usually due to misunderstandings or outright hostilities from the aliens. While they appreciate Honor Harrington's military presence for making the area safer, he is wary about fully cooperating with her. The same goes for all the other militaristic space deities. Previous attempts to do so did not end well for them.
  • Is also found in the House of Quirks.

    Leonard McCoy 
Leonard McCoy, God of Emotional Responses (Bones)

Spock, God of Logical Responses

Alternative Title(s): Personality Overdeities And Greater Gods


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