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The House of Cultures is the melting pot of the Pantheon. Nowhere in the Pantheon will you find a greater variety of peoples, societies and ways of living. All the temples proudly show off imagery of the cultures they are meant to represent, so it's one of the more colorful places in the Pantheon... and it also looks rather chaotic, but that's only in appearance.

While it's not absolute that all the members will get along, they do always show respect for each other's culture. It should go without saying that racism, xenophobia and any other form of intolerant behavior are unacceptable around these parts.


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The Anthropologists

America, God of American Stereotypes (Alfred F. Jones, United States of America)
  • Theme Music: His versions of "Marukaite Chikyuu", "Hatafutte Parade" and " Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo" . Also, "Hamburger Street"
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His flag.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable Attention Whores, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Idiot Heroes (He wishes to be), Unassuming badassery, Friend to All Living Things, Love Freak, A nice dude with somewhat douchey moments, Keet Manchild, Large Ham, Genius Ditz, Big Eater, Justice Will Prevail
  • High Priests: Roy Fokker
  • Allies: Flonne, Maximillion Pegasus, Wailord, the entire House of Heroes (especially Cosmos, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!, Dr. Thomas Oliver, Captain America and Superman), Simon the Digger, Yoko Littner, Kamina, Viral, Nia Teppelin, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Estonia, Guile, Iowa, Satellizer El Bridget, Bob Belcher, Sanji, Death of the Endless, Regular Show!Death, Trunks (Both), Jason Lee Scott, the entire House of Beast, Indiana Jones, Jaden Yuki
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Evil and the House of Villains for the most part, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Steven Armstrong, Solf J. Kimblee
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Belarus
  • Opposes: "Bandit" Keith Howard
  • Odd Friendship: LittleKuriboh
  • One day, America went to the Pantheon to get a position in the House of Heroes. Being pretty a walking example of American Stereotypes, it wasn't very difficult for him to be deified for that. It's not the position he wanted, but it's a start and he gets to hang out with them.
    • Of course, it could be argued that the Court didn't give him any Hero-related title since he would start acting all bossy with the other inhabitants of the House.
  • Was a former follower of Flonne until he ascended of his own right in the Pantheon. The Original Love Freak waited for him at the Pantheon's gates to greet him and congratulate him for his ascension.
    • She presented him to Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! in one occasion. Goes without saying that they get along with very well, especially because the latter is american and they have had experiences with evil aliens.
  • He instantly became the most popular of all the characters of his universe to have ascended to the Pantheon, thanks to his hard-headed yet truly heroic personality. As such, he immediately made friends with gods such as Captain America, Superman and Kamina. Especially Kamina, as they also sound a lot alike. He also gets with the rest of the Team Dai-Gurren for that reason and because of his Hot-Blooded-ness.
  • Upon hearing of the presence of the House of Food, he immediately stormed down there to eat as many burgers as he possibly can. He has a bit of a friendly rivalry with Satellizer on such a thing.
    • He often goes to eat at Bob's Burgers with Satellizer as well. America also happens to be a regular customer of Bob.
  • Many were surprised to hear that he used to be a big brother figure of sorts to Belarus. He wasn't that fond of that since he saw her as an Annoying Younger Sibling, though he was freaked out when he heard that she was involved in Vienna Burning.
  • Tends to get lost around the Pantheon a lot especially in the House of Travel, as he doesn't like any maps that aren't of his own (other maps give him headaches). He still tries to go there as he is somewhat experienced as a pilot. He isn't too fond of the House of Otherness since it hosts a literal house of ghosts which freak him out a lot.
    • Ironically, the House of Life and Death is fine by him, as he once saw The Grim Reaper and didn't mind that much. He is somewhat chummy with the more benevolent Deaths, even if said Deaths happen to be british-influenced (Though Death of the Endless did scold him for celebrating England's "death").
  • Not very fond of Bandit Keith, as America sees him as one of his worst representations. He also got very pissed off at his using his american image for popularity points (especially since that abridged version of Bandit Keith was actually Canadian!)
    • Despite being the origin of the meme and the guy being British, he actually agrees with LittleKuriboh's opinion that the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series is very offensive towards him so he likes to hang out with him. It helps that he finds Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series to be very funny.
    • With that said, he has forgiven Pegasus ever since he stopped being a villain and started aiding the heroes.
  • Sometimes goes to the House of Technology to try to get someone to make his crazy ideas (like the robot to defeat global warming or the gun to make soldiers fall in love) a reality.
  • The Trollkaiger managed to troll him in one occasion. It involved Dora the Explorer and marmite. America has sworn to take down those villains in the name of justice!
  • He was very happy to know that there was a whale in the Pantheon in the form of Wailord and befriended it immediately.
  • Obviously, he is against all of the villains in the Pantheon since he is a hero!f He is particularly disgusted (and weirded out) by Solf J. Kimblee, who sounds like him. That simply won't do since America thinks his voice is heroic! He is glad that Sanji and both of the Trunks share the same voice and are good guys.
  • America was super happy to learn that there were Power Rangers in the Pantheon, as he always wanted to be one. He admires Jason in particular since it's the Red Ranger position the one he wants to be.
  • Was instantly drawn to Jaden Yuki, who has a similar energetic personality and love of comic book heroes. Though America is weirded by how Jaden tends to talk to himself (actually spirits) like England does.
  • Occasionally seen with Indiana Jones, whenever he wants to have an adventure and he also loves archaeology. Indy usually has to be careful to make sure that America doesn't get lost due to his refusing to use maps.
  • He is very friendly towards animals, even fantastic ones. America loves going to the House of Beasts as a result.
  • Estonia was glad to see him ascended. They don't normally hang out much but he is still grateful for his aid against Russia's trolling hacking.

Hokuto, Goddess of Traditional Japanese Women (Shirase)
Her appearance in EX/EX3 and EX2
Bloody Hokuto 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess if Seal of Blood is broken)
  • Symbol: Her archery glove (her lucky charm)
  • Theme Music: Sakura Mankai
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Traditional Japanese Woman, Practitioner of Kobujutsu, Including Kyoudou and Naginatajutsu (And Fan Combat), Canon Foreigner, Impalement, Lady of War, Beware the Nice Ones, Send to Specifically To Kill Her Brother Through Seal of Blood
  • Domains: Ladies, Personality, Naginatas, Fighting
  • Allies: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief, Alice Cartalet, Ikaruga, Tomoe, Kaguya Houraisan, most good-aligned gods in House of Family, Kallen Kozuki, Domon Kasshu, Momiji
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Vega, Akuma
  • Opposes: Any creepy "womanizers", antagonizing siblings, pranksters (such as the Trollkaiger, Lol Ranger, Itazura Griefers and Loki)
  • Hokuto is a woman born in the Mizukami family, and was raised in the head family. In a lot of senses, she symbolizes a lot of traits of an ideal Japanese woman: noble, calm, and mature with elegance. However, her becoming the "seiden" of her family's hand-to-hand art style also enforces the toughness aspect of such ideal woman.
  • It took her quite some time to make other Street Fighter gods to remember who she was due of her status as Canon Foreigner.
  • Besides her calm demeanour, she cannot really stand some womanizers. Especially if they are as bad as that narcissist Vega. She also hates pranks. She doesn't have any time for them.
  • She shares close ties with House of Family due of her relation with her younger sister, Nanase. However, she has dislike to any antagonizing siblings due to the fact that she was send to kill her long-lost brother Kairi practically against her will. And by that, we mean the elders placed a cursed called "Seal of Blood" what would trigger when she gets near Kairi, transforming her into a merciless assassin.
    • Fun fact about her lineage; she was born out of adultery between a mother from the main family and a father from a branch family. She was raised in the head family to hide it, but the hatred from the branch family runs within her, what caused her one day to almost drown Kairi out of an impulse.
  • Is interested in Momiji due of her being another fellow naginata wielder. She is also rather amused how one of few goddesses who use them, Hata no Kokoro, also uses hand fans like she does.
  • Her ascension was greeted by Alice Cartalet, as she has been wanting to meet a proper Yamato Nadeshiko. Unfortunately for her, she really cannot tell much to her.
  • For surprise of some, she seems to have an interest of impaling her foes. With her bare hands. Metal Face is amused.
  • She has a Super-Powered Evil Side in the form of Bloody Hokuta, where she becomes a deadly assassin with increased power. However, only way the Seal of Blood can activate is if she gets close to her brother, Kairi, as the Seal of Blood was placed on her so that she will kill him. She can tap into that power on her own, though.
  • Might be Kallen's mother. And the father was Domon. Though that is a joke. She does sound a lot like Rain and Kallen's mother, though.
  • At one point, her Seal of Blood had fully awakened, transforming Hokuto completely into Bloody Hokuto, now taking her previous name of Shirase at heart. Unlike past instances, Shirase seemed to have overtaken Hokuto completely with no way to revert her back to normal as she begins her hunt of Kairi.

    Mace Windu 
Mace Windu, The Bald Black Leader God (Text How Big)


    Shinobu Oomiya and Alice Cartelet 
Shinobu Oomiya and Alice Cartelet, Goddesses of Interest in Foreign Cultures (Shinobu: Shino)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Pair of hair chopsticks and a red, white-dotted ribbon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Interested in Foreign Cultures, Nice Girls
  • Domains: Interests, Japanese (Shinobu), British (Alice)
  • Allies: Aya Komichi, Youko Inokuma, Karen Kujou, Ana Coppola, Liechtenstein, Rapunzel, the Yuyushiki girls, the GochiUsa girls
  • Enemies: Nui Harime
  • Shinobu was born in Japan, and after meeting a foreigner, she wanted to become a interpreter and grew an interest in England (and France). When she went to visit England once, she met Alice, who in exchange started to grow an interest in Japan's culture.
  • Their antics together are regarded being so sweet, they are sue to melt anyone's heart. Make sure to bring insulin with you.
  • While Shinobu has a general interest in England, her biggest interest is those with blonde hair. She loves girls with blonde hair so much. Though she seems to be fine with blue hair (she blames Yui Ichii for it).
  • While Shinobu might not be a ninja, she is still really good at hide-and-seek. Some gods wonder if she really was a ninja in a previous life.
  • Shinobu is noted being really bad at most school subjects to the point you wonder how is she even in high school. However, she is extremely good at sewing, and is known to go to House of Craft to practise her skills.
  • Alice does have some problems with her height, combined with her petite figure (she is short by Japanese standards). Though she rarely brings that up unless someone provokes her to complain, even if Alice hardly holds any grudges.
  • Alice is bit sad that she couldn't find a goddess for Yamato Nadeshiko, because she wanted to meet up with a proper Japanese woman. Though she still likes any Japanese god who can help her know more about Japan.
  • Shinobu loves to wear western clothing any chance she gets, even when it be very inappropriate to wear.
    • Turns out, all those clothes were actually made by her. Many think that she should be a fashion designer. However, she still aiming to be an international translator, even if her English is less to be desired.
  • Despite being British, Alice most speaks in Japanese. She is so use to it.
  • The two thought they heard and saw Shinobu's sister, Isami. Turns out, it was Nui Harime who tricked the two by pretending to be her. Luckily, the two escaped with no harm towards them. Though, Nui might be one of the few blondes Shinobu actually hates.
    • Thankfully, the two did meet deities who sounded like Isami and who were actually nice in Kaoru Samura and Nanoha Takamachi. Shino really likes to hang out with the latter because she is also a blonde.


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