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Otherness (Demon Lords, Outer Gods, etc.)

The realm of Otherness is the largest collection of mind-breaking geography ever to be assembled. Stairs run inside and around themselves, downward spirals tilt up at random intervals (at least... it looks like "up"...), and the very ground always twenty-three feet to the before of any visitor (Yes, that preposition is somehow correct) contains designs unintelligible to the human mind. Some of those who've had enough time to try and adjust to the House describe it as "an Escher sketch used as plans by Bob the Builder on acid". As a result, alongside the increasing amount of entities within the halls, this house has been divided into fifteen subhouses.

The House, outside of the ever-expanding space, has not that much alternative entrances. With the nature of most of the... creatures inside, there is a good reason. What is not known to most outsiders is that a second entrance within the House exists, there is a catch: it is in The Astral Clocktower, which is Lady Maria's temple. Those who know what the Old Hunter's purpose within the Clocktower will see why she remains the guard of the second entrance, so better get gear intact.


Every Halloween the demon world opens for 24 hours. Not only that, but hostile monsters also spawn during this time. While it's not that much of a big deal, they still cause enough trouble that some monster hunters have to step in to quiet it down.


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The Otherworldly Rulers

    Archangel Michael 
Archangel Michael, Celestial Angel of the Pantheon (Saint Michael the Archangel, Who is Like God, Who is Equal to God, Mikail, Archangel of Mercy, Angel of the Sword, Unyielding Archangel, Archangel of Annihilation)
Statue rendition of Archangel Michael
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Sword of Michael
  • Theme Song: Archangel Michael, Saint Michael when commanding The Armies of Heaven. Archangel Michael's Theme pre-Character Development.
  • Alignment: Used to be Lawful Neutral. Now Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Former Knight Templar, Nice Guy Sometimes, Deadpan Snarker, Authoritive Combat Angel, Blood Knight, Big Good,
  • Domains: Healing, Faith, Marriage, Fire, Sun, Milatary, Law Enforcement
  • Heralds: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael
  • Allies: Pit, Tyrael, Manwë Sulimo, Sanguinius, Flonne, Belldandy, Skuld, The ascended Occult Club members, Clark Kent/Superman, Seraph Lamington, Artina, Colette Brunel, Odin, Robin, Bladewolf, Moses, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovscki, Rosetta Christopher, Erica la Conti, Erica Fontaine, Purist Thunderwrath, Emilia Justina, Usalia
  • Worshipped by: Ned Flanders, Alexander Anderson, Jeanne d'Arc
  • Enemies: YHVH, Metatron, Satan, Satan and, Satan, Scanty and Kneesock, Mundus, The Beast, Fortinbras, Azmodan, Lucifer, The Four Horsemen, Diablo, Jedah Dohma, Corset, Frollo, Lord Jaraxxus, Pinhead
  • Opposes and Opposed by: Jibril, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Garterbelt, Samael
  • Opposed by: Ten Commandments.
  • Conflicted Relationship: Dokuro Mitsukai, Anarchy Panty and Anarchy Stocking, Sam and Dean Winchester
  • Archangel Michael, one of the four top Angels in the All Mighty's fold. He is the commander of Heaven's army of angels. It's been said that when Lucifer rebelled against The All Mighty, it was Michael himself who battled his fallen brother and cast him into Hell. It has also been foretold that when the Revelation is upon man, it would be again Michael to take up arms against the armies of Hell and face Lucifer for one final battle. But until then, he is taking a long vacation in the Pantheon.
  • In the past, Michael was a very devout follower of his Father's will to Knight Templar levels. Very scary Knight Templar levels. Not only that, he once considered humans beneath Angels. He actually changed considerably to the Nice Guy he is today. It's to the point that if the Almighty ever lost faith in humanity and decide to end it all, Michael would defy his Father and side with humanity.
  • Doesn't like when people ask him if they could pull his wings to see where they are attached. You don't expect him to ask to pull your "you know" to see where it's attached. Also, his wings are a bit sharp and could slice a person. If he wanted to.
  • Became close friends with Tyrael. Michael actually sees himself in the fellow angel. He sympathized with Tyrael when he wanted to help humanity but was stopped by his angel brethren and had to renounced his angelhood to help.
  • When Issei and the other Occult Club members encounter Michael, they were shocked at his appearance and attitude. Especially for Irina when she saw him smoking and using vulgar language. He did tell them that since he considers being in the pantheon as a vacation, he wanted to let loose. But despite this, Michael still acts like the Nice Guy they know and respect.
  • Really loves his sugar. So much that he put eight spoonfuls on everything he eats. Not only that, but he also enjoys devil's food cake. Nobody missed the irony of an angel enjoying food with the word devil in it.
  • His relationship with the Anarchy sisters are a bit conflicting. On one hand, he doesn't have anything against their vulgarity or Panty's promiscuity and Stocking's gluttony. He does have a problem with them doing it while on duty and that they should be doing their job in eliminating evil ghosts. It might be the only time the Archangel will revert to his Lawful form to lecture them on their attitudes, which they completely ignore. He understands why they became fallen angels. He is also confused why the two would be part of Lucifer's GUAC.
    • Michael also has trouble with dealing with Dokuro Mitsukai's crazy nature, seeing her a bit too violent of an angel. Then there's Jibril's own racism towards other species. But despite these troubling Angels, Michael does try and be nice to them. Whatever that accomplishes.
  • Has mention that he invented marriage and can see when two people are meant to be. Because of that, he makes frequent trips to the House of Love and Affection. He became friends with two of its Guardians; fellow angel Flonne and Goddess Belldandy. Michael finds the former's devotion of love to be very admirable and inspiring with her being embarrassed with such compliments. For the latter, the Archangel sees her as a sort of "sister" since she too is a child of the All Mighty. The two, however, find it weird that they sort of sound alike when they speak Japanese. Sometimes.
  • Was very displeased at Claude Frollo's action against the gypsies and justifying it by saying it was Almighty's will. He was also disgusted by Frollo's obsession with Esmeralda. There have been reports that when Michael confronted the Judge, Frollo was frightened beyond belief as he thought he was being judged for his sins.
  • Doesn't have a very good opinion on YHVH when he heard the atrocities he has committed in the name of absolute law. Michael feels he is smearing the name of his Father. And when he found out he was a rogue Avatar of the Great Will pretending to be him, he got furious.
  • Opposes every single form of Satan that is present in the Pantheon. He is most strongly against the Satan of Castlevania realm since he considers himself equal to or greater to the Almighty. That's heresy in eyes of the Archangel.
    • Michael also doesn't care for Lucifer. While the Fallen One does oppose YHVH's total law, which Michael is also against, he doesn't care for Lucifer's total chaos. Especially when he manipulates others to achieve it. Also, a part of Michael sees him as a pale imitation to the "true" Lucifer, his brother.
  • Both Bayonetta and Jeanne don't have the best relationship with Michael. This is because he is an Angel which the two Umbra Witches do hunt. Not only that, Michael in the past once antagonized a young witch who wanted to stop wars. The two, however, don't have any true animosity towards the Archangel.
  • Michael has often visited both the House of Military and Warfare and Law and Justice. That's because the Archangel is the Patron Saint to the military and police officers. He has been also giving his blessings towards the good-aligned deities in those houses.
  • Turns out, Michael is the protector of both the Jewish people and Germany itself. While obvious he has given his blessing towards Moses and Kyle Broflovski, he has only been giving blessing to good Germans in the pantheon.
  • Became close friends with the Celestia, Seraph Lamington, who, just like Michael, wanted to bring peace between races that were fighting. He also became allies with Usalia, a peace loving demon. The two are very happy to help Michael in forming a much better relationship between the Heavenly and Otherworldly deities in the Pantheon.
  • Has shown interest in Emilia Justina when he found out she was a Nephilim, a child born from human and angel. Though, he was more interest in her relationship with Satan Jacob, one of the few Satan he isn't a hundred percent against. He was surprised to see how close the two are. Either way, he was happy to see an angel and devil getting along.
  • Is actually prayed to by Jeanne d'Arc, Alexander Anderson, and Ned Flanders. While he is pleased with Jeanne's work in the name of the Almighty, the other two are a bit of a problem. It's mostly because of Anderson's violent nature and Ned's holier than thou attitude. Though, Michael knows the two care deeply for the Almighty, so he hasn't intervened in their actions yet.
  • Michael once actually tried to start the Apocalypse when he released The Four Horseman. The reason why he did it was that he thought humanity was a lost cause. However, thanks to Hercules' bravery and fighting Death itself, Michael reconsidered his actions. Michael considers this one of his most regrettable actions. And he does have a lot of them. And because of that, he has been trying to be a much better Angel for men.
  • Has a very strained relationship with Sam and Dean Winchester due to the Michael of their universe being a Knight Templar who attempted to carry out the Apocalypse simply because it was part of God's plan. After some initial hostilities from the brothers, Michael made it clear that he is wholly different from the one they know. While Sam and Dean have accepted that this Michael isn't their enemy, they still don't trust him and not-so-politely told Michael to leave them the hell alone.
  • Don't mention the book Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein to Michael. Just don't.
  • While he is a merciful angel, there are beings in the Pantheon who incur his wrath, most notably the five members of the God Hand. Given the fact that they are agents of despair and are the equivalent of ANGELS in their universe no less. Then they tried to enforce their will and ideals in the Pantheon, and the Archangel got pissed. When they met, it was no contest, Michael crushed ALL FIVE MEMBERS thereby showing them and the Pantheon why he is the Archangel of Annihilation.

Azathoth, Emperor of Nebulous Cosmic Beings (The Daemon Sultan, The Blind Idiot God, the Nuclear Chaos)
The Blind Idiot God in his court
  • Outer God (in other words, an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: A concentric circle. No, not concentric circles; a concentric circle, singular. Does your brain hurt yet?
  • Alignment: None, though its' come off as Chaotic Neutral or Dark-Law at times, and is considered Deep Blue by its peers.
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, The End of the World as We Know It (and even as we don't), being unfathomable, eating reality, batshit crazy God, Almighty Idiot, source of all chaos, creating the universe, villainy through ignorance, Top God, Cosmic Horror Story
  • Domains: Darkness, Water, Space, Mentalism, Hunger, Chaos, Reality, Fear
  • Special relationship with: Nyarlathotep (son), Nyarko ("daughter"), Yog-Sothoth (grandson), Shub-Niggurath (granddaughter), Cthulhu (great-great-grandson)
  • Associates: Dream of the Endless, YHVH
  • "Friends"(if you can call it that): Billy, Giygas, Takuto Maruki
  • Enemies: None. Nobody is stupid enough to antagonize Azathoth. Except Hastur.
  • Above the Old Ones, above even the Outer Gods is the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos-Azathoth. Unfortunately for everyone, Azathoth is not good, bad or even sentient; Azathoth is a mindless, blind idiot of a god who created the universe without even knowing of it. It is surrounded by musicians that blare maddening tunes to keep it sleeping, dwelling in the center of the universe it will be just as oblivious to when it destroys it.
  • While even thinking about Azathoth for too long is enough to drive a mortal mad, any god in the Pantheon can have a conversation with him with the only side-effect being a mild headache. However, very few gods do this willingly, because as Dream said, "He's a bit of an idiot, and I can't stand that otherworldly techno music he constantly blares." As such, he usually uses his messenger Nyarlathotep as a middle man whenever he thinks of something to say, which doesn't happen often.
  • There is speculation on Azathoth's Character Alignment. Officially, it has none due to being an Almighty Idiot, and if the day comes that it ever awakens it would demonstrate Blue-and-Orange Morality. But its avatar Nyarlathotep is believed to be its disembodied consciousness and soul, this suggests that when awakened Azathoth would be an extremely malevolent deity. This is only confused with the clearly alien-morality Yog-Sothoth being an aspect of it. Most people just give up on trying to figure Azathoth out.
  • Giygas is the closest thing Azathoth has to a friend, due to being just as mind-breakingly insane and dangerous.
  • Spent some time in the Duel Terminal universe in a much weaker form. None know yet why it did so.
  • For reasons only the Outer Gods can understand, it manifested in the SMT Multiverse as a Dark-Law demon. YHVH found this a lot of help, but the form Azathoth took wasn't nearly as strong. In general, Azathoth may be powerful for the side of Law, but its The Millstone in practice. Of course, even YHVH knows not to piss the Daemon Sultan off.
  • Analysis has shown that the cosmos Azathoth created is, in fact, the omniverse's biggest recorded Living Dream with all in the Cthulhu Mythos; the entire Lovecraftian Multiverse is its dream. As such, many gods pray it never awakens. Enemies of Azathoth's descendants consider trying to wake it up, as it'd result in their destruction.
    • One of Dream's active duties in the Pantheon includes making sure Azathoth stays asleep. The other Outer Gods always dread these meetings, as they're completely dwarfed in power when he visits.
    • Note that while Azathoth itself would cause the destruction of a given multiverse, killing it isn't an option. For example, Demonbane once managed to kill it, what almost caused a multiversal destruction to its very core, forcing Mugen to combine all of the universes together to create a way to allow Azathoth to be reborn in some way. Let the Blind Idiot sleep.
  • Heretical sects and worshipers of Azathoth state that Blind Idiot God is the true Top God of the Pantheon, not the Holy Trinity. Very few buy into these rumors, but many accept it is of comparable strength to them. None of the Holy Trinity is particularly concerned, however, as Azathoth has no self-awareness to threaten them.

Dis, The Devil Himself (Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous, Father of Lies, formerly Lucifer)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Himself, falling like lightning from Heaven.
  • Theme Song: Inferno
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Satan, Hell, Self-Inflicted Hell, The Devil Is a Loser, Greater-Scope Villain, Ancient Evil, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Will Fail, Complete Monster.
  • Domains: Hell, Demons, Evil, Darkness, Cold, Hatred.
  • Herald: Nimrod
  • Followers: All the damned and the unascended devils.
  • Allied with: Melkor, Satan of Paradise Lost, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Griffith, Azathoth, Voldemort, Macbeth, Lord English, AM.
  • Enemies: The Love that Moves the Sun and the Other Stars, Marcus Junius Brutus, Aslan, Eru Ilúvatar, Archangel Michael, Terra Branford, E.T., The Five Survivors, Prometheus, Jack Horner, all gods to some degree.
  • Legend says Dis was once Lucifer, a seraph closer to the Love that Moves the Stars than any other being. By virtue of the Love's unrivalled love for him, Lucifer was said to be the most beautiful Character ever conceived. That is until he came to love his excellence more than he loved his father or even his true self. As a result of his Pride, this Seraph could not bear to be less great than his author, so he rallied a third of the angels against his Heavenly Father in a violent attempt to be more godly than God. In his impossible journey, the Highest Creature stripped himself of every trope the Divine Love wrote into him, whether it be his Intelligence Tropes, The Beautiful Tropes, and even his Morality Tropes. Now, everything good with Lucifer has been reduced to a Parodied Trope, coming together in the ultimate work of evil: Dis.
  • From him came every desperate, twisted attempt to turn stories from expressions of love into means of domination and corruption. His mouth, which once spoke the sweetest words Dream ever inspired, was turned into a torture-chamber where men he corrupted will be shredded for eternity by his teeth. Now, he hopes to turn all poets and singers into speakers of death like himself.
  • In trying to avert every trope, the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous has shed off enough tropes for most of them to become characters in their own right. If the mutterings of the lost souls trapped within Hermaeus Mora's realm translated by Doctor Louise Banks are true, these tropes the first Devil tore off himself became the other Satans and Lucifers that inhabit the Pantheon. Dr. Banks has proposed that Dis may have spawned the following Devils.
    • Lucifer admires the Emperor for his absolute dedication to the shedding all laws, but even the Creator of Chaos is uncomfortable with how fundamentally the Dolorous One has broken the laws of reality and Dis in return hates Lucifer's love of freedom. In keeping with his mysterious nature, Lucifer has given no real indication as to how he is related to the Father of Lies: when questioned what part of Dis he used to be, his response was "I am the Demon Lord Lucifer". Lucifer seems to best represent what was the Emperor's charisma, if the myths Mora tells are true.
    • Samael is well-read enough to know of Dis, who he dismisses as some monster made up by his father in the Silver City to confuse him yet again. Samael isn't as beautiful as Dis is ugly, but Banks continues to suggest he is a remain of the heavenly Dis' beauty.
    • The Divine Judge is unfazed by his eternal hideousness, but finds the idea of rebellion futile in the face of God's might. He appears to be what's left of what was the best example's loyalty.
    • The Satan who haunts the Belmonts has never reflected on what the Dolorous One's self-punishment could say about his own condition, instead preferring to use the Dolorous One has a mindless tool for his own purposes. In the most notable instance, before he even became a god, Satan manipulated Dante and the monster into a fight that inadvertently freed Satan to ascend into the Pantheon. This Satan may very well be the discarded self-love the Emperor of Hell got rid of as he realized loving himself as he was meant to love one of God's creations.
    • The Devil who lost Paradise tries his hardest to avoid thinking deeply about the Dolorous One, because he sees in the Emperor's torture his own internal pain. Not that this charming Devil doesn't mention that ugly Devil, he yaps about the guy all the time. He mainly does so in the context of describing his titanic size, infernal power, and ingenuity in creating the Ninth Circle of Hell to begin with. Of course, the Devil insists the Dolorous One was merely a rather active creation of his own, as he claims all things were created by him. Although most records on this matter have been drowned out in the Devil's propaganda campaigns, Professor Tolkien maintains this Devil is the remnant of the Dolorous One's intelligence.
    • The Beast is one of the only one of the Devils to be humbled (as much as he can be) after seeing the Emperor. After thinking himself the inspiration of every Devil in the universe, here rolls in a demon so huge its arm is the size of the Beast. Now, that's a body one could travel the universe with... It would be most ironic since what little can be gathered from Mora's black writings imply the Beast resulted from the one who was then the best example's attempt to rip away his own power.
    • Satan Hussein didn't look above the Emperor's feet, frozen in a titanic pool of blood and vomit, before getting sick and running away. He still gets nightmares about it and needs to be comforted. Dr. Banks team, after some argument, concluded Satan Hussein is most likely the discarded kindness of the Highest Creature.
  • Dis wishes for the destruction of everything in creation because it wasn't created by himself. This omnimalevolence especially manifests against creator deities like Aslan. His hatred is also directed everything about himself that was given by the Creator, including his liberty, his beauty, his loyalty, his self-love, his power, his intelligence, and his goodness. Dis at some point recognized his own self-destructiveness in Voldemort, who broke off six parts of his soul through sheer malice. The Dolorous One first felt a sense of camaraderie and pride, which quickly devolved into murderous envy that left him frothing to destroy the being who would dare trespass on his originality. He had a similar experience when he felt Macbeth's ambition and despair.
  • Nekron finds his eternal hatred of all that exists useful, for he shares a hatred of the light of life defying the darkness. However because of his endless hatred and petty self-mutilation of character, the Lord of the Unliving does not get along with the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous and worries he may pass the chance of permanent destruction as it would leave him with nothing to endlessly corrupt and torment so its hatred might be slaked. However he does get along with Lord English as like him, the cherub short-sightedly purged himself of positive qualities due to committing a Split-Personality Takeover through the murder of his sister, rendering him a bitter, childish tool forever and never regretting it.
  • The innocence and sacrificial love of Terra Branford threatens Dis' rule more than anything this side of Heaven. His will has long been bent on her corruption, which he has attempted to bring about by sending parts of his consciousness to tempt her in the forms of serpents and wolves. Terra has refused all the Devil's assaults almost out of hand as she focuses on making the world safe for her adopted children. Dis persists despite these failures.
  • The Father of the Homunculi believes the Emperor to be his Foil in terms of how they divided themselves up. The Emperor, in an attempt to rebuke his creator, disposed of his virtues and all that was good. Father, in an attempt to become the perfect being, purged his sins from himself which resulted in the Homunculi. Father has declared Dis to be an inferior fool for taking the opposite direction, only for the Love That Moves The Stars to remind Father he and the Fallen Angel are more alike than they think. Rather than learning from the experience, Father has rendered himself sterile and incapable of the perfection he craved by removing his human elements. And he still retains vices like boastfulness despite his claims of transcending his faults. Father was in denial at this, while Dis was too far gone to contemplate this and accused Father of being a knock-off.
  • Melkor, who claims to be the original rebel that brought evil into creation. The Emperor's ever-ceasing omnimalevolence subsides whenever Melkor comes along for a unique brand of embarrassment, either out of an awareness that Melkor debunks the Emperor's claim or out of shock that another exists so like him. The Emperor's hate for the divine is far greater than Melkor's, however, and by principle seeks the degradation and/or annihilation of the House of Religion and Faith. He hates La Muerte and Xibalba for the divine love and is deeply befuddled that Guthix doesn't want worship.
  • Zamasu only once suffered the unpleasantness of seeing Dis with his own eyes. He took great joy in seeing the worst of humanity cyclically grounded into gore and blood in Dis' titanic mouths, putting the corruption of mortals on display while giving them the torment they deserve by their birth. Still, Zamasu could not bear to see heavenly perfection brought so low as to stew in a lake filled with the filthy remains of humans; he has never returned to the Ninth Circle.
  • Buried mid-breast in the glacier at the 9th and final Circle of Hell, the farthest away from God's light. His wings continuous flapping in order to free himself from the ice only further imprison him. This prison has a direct line to the House of Betrayal, as the deepest pit of Hell is reserved for traitors. While some heroic deities in the House of Betrayal take a bit of an offense at this, most agree the likes of Walder Frey would be right at home imprisoned in the glacier.
  • Most in the House of Betrayal wish to stay far away from Dis, but have a morbid curiosity over him anyway; as the one who betrayed The Love That Moves The Stars and all that is good, Dis is seen by the faithful as the ultimate traitor. Within the Treacherous Three, Arthas Menethil recognizes his status as a former force for good and association with ice. Ragyo Kiryuin recognizes that like him, she betrayed her very nature.
  • Further within the house, the Magician has a mutual understanding on what it's like to oppose one's creator and master, while Magolor's forgiven transgressions enrage the Emperor due to not being given and refusing to work for the same forgiveness and freedom from his prison. Zuko and Angel confuse Dis greatly for changing or committing betrayal for nobler sentiments he can no longer fathom. And Renly Baratheon is perceived as a mocking imitation of his failed attempt to overthrew God.
  • In a vain attempt to express his suffering Dis' three mouths chew on the arch traitors; Judas, Cassius and Brutus. While Judas being the traitor of Christ is expected, most believe Cassius and Brutus are there due to the biased views of Dante Aligheri, who believes that the murder of Julius Caeser saw the decline of Rome. Brutus in particular protests being one of the three ground over and over by Dis.
  • AM relates closely to the Emperor, enough that some believe it is Dis in computerized form. AM is fundamentally trapped in a Fate Worse than Death where it is incapable of using its vast power to create and is only concerned with spreading suffering to every living thing it can in order to express its hatred. The Five Survivors have endured the Ironic Hell of AM, and know the Hell the Emperor governs is similar to what they went through.
  • Dis possesses murderous hatred for all those that manage to atone and escape whatever form of hell they end up in, envious due to his inability and refusal to redeem, and spiteful towards them finding inner goodness that he abandoned. He hates Prometheus for being a celestial rebel that eventually was freed from being pecked by an eagle and attempted to bring him down by pointing out their similarities. Prometheus rebuked this by stating he was stealing fire and wisdom to help mankind, while he was consumed by self-love and the desire to be superior to all things. Dis also has enormous jealousy for Jack Horner due to turning his punishment into a Luxury Prison Suite, reminding him of his utter failure to rule in Hell when he could not rule Heaven.
  • His bottomless loathing and wailing can be heard from the House of Hatred and Rancor, to mixed views. Kefka believes it's a good representation of his views on life, though sees the Emperor as uncultured. The Anti-Spiral finds the absolute despair and discarding of former character traits a bit too familiar to be comfortable with. Dr Weil finds it strikes a chord with his own Fate Worse than Death, hatred towards all existence and desire to drag everyone else into a living Hell with him along with the inability to accept one's flaws and atone for them. And Sheev Palpatine finds the story of the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous an important lesson on the nature of the Dark Side.


The top of a primordial ecosystem, a god for all intents and purposes.

Godzilla, The Kaiju God of Being the Main Attraction (Gojira, Godziller, King of the Monsters, The Big G, Gigantis the Fire Monster, The Doom Inevitable, Godzillasaurus, Alpha Predator, Nautilus, Species 5146_Adam, Titanus Gojira, Godzillo, Snow Godzilla)
Some of Godzilla's many incarnations. From left to right: Top row: Showa Godzilla, Heisei Godzilla and Millenium Godzilla. Middle row: Kiryu Saga Godzilla, Final Wars Godzilla, Monsterverse Godzilla. Bottom row: Hannah-Barbera Godzilla, Godzilla-Kun, Marvel Comics Godzilla.
The Original Godzilla
GMK Godzilla 
Shin Godzilla 
Earth Godzilla 
Burning Godzilla (from left to right: Heisei and Monsterverse versions) 
Super Godzilla 
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity (as Burning Godzilla, Godzilla Earth or Godzilla Ultima), Overdeity (as Super Godzilla), was a Lesser God as Godzillasaurus. Intermediate God (as Godzilla Aquatilis, Amphibia and Terrestris)
  • Symbol: The Godzilla Franchise logo. Alternatively, the Toho Logo, or a silhouette of himself firing its Atomic Breath
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: All over the place, depends mostly on the incarnation. Overall Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: THE Kaiju, Just Here for Godzilla,Godzilla Threshold, The Hero, Dragons (Dinosaurs?), Unstoppable Force, Radiation and its Evil, Badass Old Dinosaur, The Dreaded, Mighty Glacier, Nigh-Invulnerable, Anti-Hero Sometimes, Seen as a God, Tragic Monster, Representing the Horrors of Nuclear Warfare, Atomic Breath, Covered in Scars, Destructive Savior Sometimes, Determinator, Appearance Changes Depending on Adaptation, Giant Equals Invincible, Mostly a Non-Malicious Monster, Superpower Lottery, Wild Card, Villain Protagonist, Bootstrapped Leitmotif.
  • Domains: Destruction, Fire, Radiation, Sequels, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Japan
  • High Priest: The Frost Giant
  • Followers: All Unascended Kaiju in General (mainly The Giant Claw, Yongary, Death Kappa and The Giant Behemoth).
  • Heralds: Gorosaurus, Manda, Varan, Kumonga, Minilla, Godzooky, Godzilla Jr., Miki Saegusa, Gojirin, The Servum, Godzilla Fillius, The Titans.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Everything else (As GMK Godzilla or Godzilla Earth).
  • Rivals: King Kong, Gamera, Zilla (one-sided on Zilla's part), The Original Zetton, Gomora (Rei's herald), The Tailed Beasts, Bowser
  • Odd Friendship: The Doom Slayer, Walter White
  • Annoyed With: Fluttershy, Dovakhiin, The Monster Hunters, Desco
  • Avatar of: Haruo Nakajima (the original Godzilla)
  • Opposed by: The evil-aligned deities in the House of Demons and the House of Angels. The Greek Gods.
  • Opposes: The Lich
  • Admired by: The Angry Video Game Nerd, Guillermo del Toro, Ray Harryhausen, Steven Spielberg
  • In 1954, the Castle Bravo tests were performed at the seas of Japan where powerful nukes were tested in the open waters, unfortunately a lot of innocents were caught in its destructive power, including one particular animal, which survived but was mutated by the blast into the unstoppable Godzilla. Burnt and scarred, the angry monster went to Japan, furious at mankind's destruction of his home and his mutation, and promptly began to destroy everything in sight. His rampage left many citizens dead and thus forced the JDF to fight him, to no avail as Godzilla proved immune to all weapons that man used against him. As all hope seemed lost, a scientist named Daisuke Serizawa presented a powerful bio-weapon he developed, the Oxygen Destroyer, which he hoped could defeat Godzilla... But unknown to everyone, Serizawa burnt all the trails of his work as he had come to realize that the Destroyer would simply become the new atom bomb and thus doom humanity to repeat its mistakes. When the government finally deployed the Destroyer, Serizawa manually activated it, which ended up killing not only Godzilla, but himself and all aquatic lifeforms in the sea around. But this was only the beginning, as Serizawa's friend, Kyohei Yamane, correctly predicted that Godzilla was only the first of many other monsters to come...
  • Godzilla's ascension took little time to be decided. As a world-wide icon of Kaiju, he was given the title of the God King of them. With any lesser Kaiju that aren't obeying the orders of his rivals or enemy Kaiju becoming subservient to Godzilla. That said, while Godzilla in the Pantheon is mostly a composite of his various incarnations. There are a few who are not the usual kind of creature that Godzilla is and are considered too dangerous/evil to be allowed to roam free, these were the undead and malevolent "GMK/Zombie Godzilla", "Shin Godzilla" and "Earth Godzilla". Another separate Godzilla is the original one from 1954, who may change in appearance from time to time but is a separate entity from the rest of the Godzillas, unlike the other "evil" Godzillas, he is not considered as wide of a threat and is usually not prevented from leaving the Pantheon, as it is not genuinely malicious or uncontrollably destructive.
  • Its relationship with the Kaiju and Tokusatsu deities varies wildly depending on alignment and his mood, generally speaking they range from allies to hated foes:
    • As the de facto leader of the Kaiju of his world, he usually leads the rest of his fellow Godzilla Deities. Most notably, Mothra who's recently been referred to as the Queen to Godzilla's King due to her history and authority over Kaiju and her recently discovered symbiotic relationship with Godzilla (which some rumor might be more), ocasionally they become enemies, usually when Godzilla is in his GMK, Earth or Shin version or when he's feeling in a destructive mood, though even when he is not, conflict may arise from their differing approaches to protecting lifeforms on Earth; that said their relationship is much more positive nowadays and Mothra has stated that she will no doubt give her life to save Godzilla if he comes close to death having done so already in the mortal realm.
    • It has a long-standing feud with King Kong ever since 1962, were he and the great ape fought and though it seemed Godzilla would win, Kong ended ultimately victorious and left Godzilla in the dust. Godzilla desires a rematch so as to prove that he is the real King of the Monsters, though for the sake of the Pantheon's stability, both parties have called for a temporary truce, however some rumor that the Court of Gods is organizing a proper and safe rematch as a future spectacle for the Pantheon residents to see without being in danger. Eventually such an event came to pass and after much trail and fighting in their home universe, Godzilla came out the victor thus regaining his right to keep title of King of the Monsters in full force, Kong himself doesn't really cares much but has given flak to Godzilla for attacking him and being unapologetic about it at first, though at least Godzilla has let the King of Hollow Earth be and has even given some tokens of apology to make full peace with his once-rival.
    • With his ascension, so came a reignition of his eternal enmity against beings such as Megaguirus, Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, Orga, and Destoroyah. All of them for their own reasons, in the case of Space G, Megaguirus and Orga is for them being genetic clones or copiers of Godzilla's DNA who tried to kill him; and, in Space G's case kidnapped his son. Gigan's sadism and repeated transgressions against Godzilla also earned his ire (though sonee rumor Gigan once became friends with the Big G). And finally there's Destoroyah for being the embodiment of the weapon that killed the original Godzilla and killing Junior, his son in his first known appearance. And then there's Biollante, as the plant clone of Godzilla is mostly an enemy to Big G, but will occasionally team up with her "brother" to combat a mutual threat, which can happen repeatedly due to Biollante's connection to nature. With his status as an enemy of nature, Hedorah remains firmly an enemy of Godzilla to this day.
    • Gamera is another rival of Godzilla, having fought him in the past, but unlike Kong, Godzilla won their battle. That said, Gamera is not interested in a rematch, as his duties of combatting the threat of the Gyaos, who ascended too into the Pantheon, takes priority over everything and anything else; curiously enough Godzilla himself is an ally to Gamera in these duties, having had experience with dealing with Kaiju capable of reproducing quickly such as the MUTO and as such has no problem working with Gamera to take down the swarms of Gyaos should they go out of control.
    • Has become allies with the good-aligned Ultra Series deities, following a brief rivalry with the original Ultraman. Particularly he gets along with Rei, who controls Kaiju to fight, in part due to Rei's Gomora being a Worthy Opponent to Big G who nonetheless respects him. He is also well-respected by the New Generation Heroes, Orb and Geed; as well as Ultraman Zero, who finds Godzilla a great ally against the Ultras' worst foes such as The Zettons, Yapool, Ultraman Belial and Gatanozoa. Godzilla particularly has it out for Zetton and Belial as both of them have come close to defeating and killing him in attacks, likewise that Yapool employs evil Kaiju that he creates for his attacks is also somethign that does not sit well with Godzilla.
    • Similarly other Toku Heroes, but mainly the commanders of the GUAG Toku Division, respect Godzilla due to him being the progenitor of what would become the genre as well as his authority over Kaiju and monsters around the Multiverse. Godzilla himself appreciates their help in fighting his enemies, most notably The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Tommy Oliver due to them employing a Zord that resembles Godzilla in appearance. Likewise, Mako Mori and Raleigh Beckett appreciate the help Godzilla brings against evil Kaiju and alien invaders and that he can serve as a deterrent towards neutral Kaiju acting violent and unruly in the Pantheon, and therefore keep a close distance with him, it does help that their superior, Guillermo del Toro, is a big fan of Godzilla himself.
    • He once had to confront the combined threat of Gigan, Shocker, Alien Pitt, Alien Bado and the original Alien Baltan with the help of Ultraman, the Carrangers and Kamen Rider J, Thus the aforementioned Shocker and Alien Baltan are among his top enemies in the Pantheon. He also developed a hatred for their allies and the eviler Baltans such as Psycho, that said, he's willing to forgive and be allies with friendlier Baltans such as Tiny Baltan.
    • As the King of the Monsters, Godzilla carries an authoritarian role over most of the Pantheon's Kaiju, using his power and influence to ensure they don't stir up trouble, most notably he's taken Cloverfield under his tutelage, hoping to discipline the young, rowdy monster into a more peaceful individual as well as making it less irritable than it is right now. Dinosaurs of the Pantheon also respect his authority with those such as The Raptor Squad, Rexie. That said it detests legitimately evil Kaiju such as the Them! Giant Ants, Evil Dragons such as Smaug, Duke Fishron and The Kraken among others, Godzilla has declared his intention to make sure these threats are all taken down, helped by their various attempts to usurp his position as King of the Monsters.
    • On the flipside of his alliances lie his enemies, the primary examples are the evil Kaiju of his world chief among them being King Ghidorah, and the aforementioned Gigan, Destoroyah, Hedorah, and MechaGodzilla. Among them Ghidorah is his sworn eternal enemy, with Godzilla serving as one of the few things standing between Ghidorah and the destruction of Earth or more. Ghidorah himself loathes Godzilla for his repeated interferences in his many attempts to destroy Earth and just how many times he's lost to Godzilla. Ghidorah is currently plotting to have his Heralds fully summon his "Planet Eater" self so he can one up and kill Godzilla once and for all. Meanwhile Godzilla's allies plan to help him obtain his "Super Godzilla" form in case Ghidorah's true form is summoned.
  • He once had a clash against the Avengers, Fantastic Four, SHIELD, Hercules and the Marvel Earth military. Though he ultimately proved near invincible and even attempts to shrink him failed to deter him for long and ultimately was stopped by being driven away. Nowadays, Godzilla is nowhere near as aggressive as before beyond his GMK, Shin and Earth incarnations and since his Pantheon self is mostly a composite, he has become allies with his former enemies, even gaining a rival in The Hulk who's been eager to spar with the Big G from time to time as means of settling down who's the strongest nuclear energy being. Though beyond that, the two get along, especially due to them being often misunderstood by humans rather than legitimately evil.
  • Has earned his fair share of admirers and fans or deities who became his allies due to their admiration for Kaiju or other fantastic beasts:
    • The Angry Video Game Nerd is a huge fan of Godzilla. Godzilla himself is neutral on the Nerd but admires his passion towards Kaiju in general, including him, he was a little bothered due to the Nerd placing other monsters above him (particularly The Giant Claw), but is willing to not make much of a fuss about it. Similarly Guillermo del Toro is also a big fan of Godzilla, citing the King of the Monsters as one of his many childhood inspirations and "heroes", he was pretty thrilled to meet the Big G in person, Godzilla returns the sentiment without issue himself.
    • Other fans of him include Harry and his dinosaurs with Harry nearly fainting upon meeting Godzilla in person, Steven Spielberg, who has said that Godzilla influenced a lot of his films and has nothing but respect for the Kaiju as a result, likewise his underlings are all allies with Godzilla either reluctantly or willingly, particularly Rexie and even Blue and the Raptor Pack, who have earned Godzilla's respect for their action in the mortal world with Rexie herself respect his authority and are willing to follow his command when need to.
    • The heroic My Hero Academia Deities know of a hero named Godzillo, who's quirk allows him to transform into a Godzilla-like monster, as he is a big fan of Godzillo Izuku Midoriya also became a good ally of Godzilla and something of a fan of him, mostly assuming Godzilla is in a good mood and isn't causing needless destruction or rampaging around. The other deities followed suit, though won't doubt about taking down Godzilla should they confront his "eviler" sides.
  • While Asgore Dreemurr shares the title of "King of the Monsters", Godzilla doesn't really minds that, mainly because Godzilla isn't interested in starting fights over petty arguments and that Asgore himself is a pacifist and Nice Guy for the most part means that no real problems come out of this, Godzilla even feels some major empathy with Asgore due to knowing what its like to lose your children. Godzilla lets him be, but tries to make sure to remind Agore to not let hat title give him funny ideas.
    • That said, he generally gets along with the rest of the Undertale Deities, Frisk has even come to befriend Godzilla, viewing it as a rather kindhearted monster once you get to know him deep down (provided he's not dealing with GMK or Godzilla Earth). Generally, Godzilla will take his "Godzilla-Kun" form to speak more comfortably with the monsters of the Underground. Godzilla likes that they advocate for peace between their kind and humanity, though is not quite happy to hear they once planned an all-out genocide on mankind, as while Godzilla may occasionally let humanity know his rage when they go too far, he isn't one to seek their extermination, just to remind them of their place in nature.
  • He loathes all Evil Knockoffs and Evil Doppelgangers in the Pantheon, due to his own experiences with evil copies of him constantly appearing to fight him. Stand-outs are Metal Sonic as it reminds him too much of MechaGodzilla who is an Evil Doppelgänger of him that was created to kill him and nearly succeeded. Similarly the omnicidal Metallix won his disdain for his extreme cruelty and malice, in addition to being an upgraded form of Metal Sonic already.
  • He was sorely disappointed to find out that Eren changed for the worst after a Time Skip, going from a benevolent and optimistic hero to a jaded and careless monster who wants to commit genocide on all living beings for the sake of the Eldians, while Godzilla might usually go on destructive rampages from time to time he still has limits and isn't seeking to kill everything, thus the extremes of Eren's attitude displease him and has made it clear to his allies that when given the chance he will mercilessly kill Eren for his crimes, uncaring about his Freudian Excuse as Godzilla has not sunk to genocide just because mankind has rarely not seen Kaiju as enemies to kill regardless of actions. While neither of his "eviler" or more aggressive sides are fond of the world takeover he's planning as they view themselves as the rulers of Earth each and are amused that Eren sees them as threats to the people he protects.
  • He has met the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Deities in an Alternate Universe, while he met them he didn't have much of a strong opinion of them besides one time that Spike in his greedy form gave him a good fight and was even able to push him back for a while. He has become enemies with the evil-aligned deities such as Tirek, King Sombra, Chrysalis and Grogar for their attempted world takeovers and the fact that they were quick to view him as one of the higher threats of the Pantheon.
    • He's been endlessly annoyed by Fluttershy's attempts to keep him under control in the past, though she's trie multiple times to calm him down and "tame" him, Godzilla responded all times by roaring at her or firing warning shots of his atomic breath, the pegasus feels a little bad about making Godzilla mad in the past and lets him be, hoping to ease the tensions. He has made it clear that until he genuinely sees that Fluttershy gives him the approppiate respect he desrves as a King, he will be friends with her.
  • Is annoyed by Desco's infatuation with him, as the monster girl won't stop following him everywhere. He once tolerated her presence, but eventually grew tired when she declared him her boyfriend and began hissing and attacking anything she saw as a threat. Ever since, Godzilla will take the first chance to ditch her and go elsewhere so she can lose track of him.
  • Heavily dislikes hunters in the Pantheon, particularly those who go after mythical or powerful creatures, it can tolerate the Monster Hunters as they only do their job, but will undoubtedly put them in their place if they dare to mess with him, or if they go after his Kaiju and monster allies without much reason beyond wanting a thrilling hunt.
    • Was once seen as a target by Hircine, but the Hunting God came to see Godzilla as more than just "Worthy Prey" as he found out that Godzilla's potential meant that he could legitimately do more than just destroy his avatars, and thus has switched to viewing the Big G as a mortal enemy, especially after learning of Godzilla's many adventures which included destroying Hell itself and annihilating an entire Pantheon worth of Greek Gods. Hircine won't admit to it, but he fears the power of Godzilla.
    • Hunter J was once willing to target Godzilla, but upon meeting him face to face, she was quite outmatched and Godzilla soon made the usually fearless hunter run away in pure fear, once her alliance with the Grand United Alliance of Evil came to be she is deadset on supporting to kill Godzilla, though won't dare to come close to him anymore.
  • He once came across Walter White wandering in the Pantheon, though the meeting was short lived, Walter's respect of Godzilla allowed the human to come out relatively unscathed. Later on, Walter would keep meeting Godzilla in other situations and eventually a friendship grew between them out of said respect. Similarly, he became friends with Princess Ariel, as the mermaid is nothing but courteous and kind to Godzilla when the latter isn't feeling in a destructive mood and given that Godzilla inhabits the seas, he respects her authority, for similar reasons he enjoys the company of Tim Curry/Aquaman the most out of any superhero in the Pantheon.
  • Having inspired thousands of imitators, Godzilla does not take kindly to those who try to imitate him too much. He can tolerate the likes of Tyranitar, as the Pokemon isn't trying to challenge his position as King of the Monsters and is generally docile when not fighting for some reason. On the other hand it isn't too fond of Lizzie (or its fellow Rampage Kaiju) for being a fully destructive and sadistic imitator, Godzilla constantly has to put Lizzie in its place whenever it gets funny ideas of fighting the Big G.
  • One time Godzilla went to Hell following a Mutual Kill with SpaceGodzilla that destroyed Earth (apparently, even Godzilla himself has not much of an idea of it). But instead of staying there for eternity as punishment, he escaped, thrashed the place and annihilated most of its inhabitants before willing himself back into life and somehow bringing Earth back (assuming Earth itself was destroyed in the first place). Ever since, the various evil demons of the Pantheon, even Overdeities, are terrified of the thought of Godzilla being sent back to Hell, as he perfectly capable of thrashing the place all over again and may be able to take down all of them if they get in his way. This has made him popular with the Doom Slayer, who sees Godzilla as a strange kindred soul in their hatred of demons and ability to make Hell itself kowtow to them and even start worshipping him, just like demons did with the Doom Slayer during his near-eternal rampage in Hell. Another deity who allied with Godzilla for similar reasons was Dante, another demon hunter in the Pantheon.
    • That he destroyed Heaven in the process too has alarmed the House of Angels, who fear Godzilla might similarly inflict a complete annihilation on them like he did before. As such, they too are making up plans and ways to defeat or incapacitate Godzilla should the need for it ever arise.
  • Having once worked with the EVA children against King Ghidorah in his Shin incarnation, Godzilla found himself allied with them in the Pantheon very quickly, he also grew disdain for Gendo Ikari, viewing the man as a monster for his actions and mental and psychological abuse of his son as well as his role in the Impacts. The EVA children themselves will oppose Godzilla when he's in his GMK or Earth mode, particularly the latter for being a planet terraformer who seeks to exterminate all competition for the rule of Earth
    • Similarly that he showed the will to override the minds of various demon swarms that attempted to assimilate him has made him feared by Hive Mind Deities in the Pantheon such Oryx, The Vex and Horde Prime as he has the potential to resist any attempted control and may just end up destroying them for their troubles if they try anything funny on him.
  • Similarly to the incident with Hell and Heaven, Godzilla once fought the entire Greek Pantheon and annihilated them all. This gained him Kratos' respect, as he saw that the Greek Gods of the Universe that Godzilla fought them in were just like the ones he fought, except without any external corruption, as they had stopped helping mortals and thus the faith that gave them power vanished, allowing Godzilla to kill them all. The Gods in the Pantheon have made sure to have their worshippers retain their faith and are arming themselves in the scenario that Godzilla decides to repeat his little stunt, hoping to prevent a repeat of the incident in the Pantheon, especially after learning that if they were to confront "GMK" Godzilla, their souls could end up absorbed by Godzilla and used to empower him further.
  • Having been born and embodying the power of the atomic bomb has made Godzilla hated by those who've suffered from the effects of nuclear poisoning or the atom bomb, particularly Japanese Deities; as well as making him oppose The Lich, as the malevolent omnicidal demon is everything that Godzilla is trying not to be, and his desire to extinguish all life includes Godzilla himself. The Lich has made a few offers to Godzilla about joining his side, claiming that Godzilla could be more than just a giant monster and truly become a God if they joined forces, but Godzilla has rejected him each and every time.

    SCP Foundation 
The SCP Foundation, Organization of Maintaining Normalcy and Classified Information (The Foundation, Soap From Corpses Products Inc., Skeptics of Conspiracy and the Paranormal, South Cheyenne Point, Skippers, Essie P)
  • Overdeity: The organization as a whole; it consists of a vast number of lesser beings.
  • Symbol: The motto "To Secure, Contain, and Protect" and their official pointed-circle logo.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Extranormal Institute, He Who Fights Monsters, [DATA EXPUNGED], Nightmare Fuel, High Turnover Rate, Necessarily Evil, Paranoia Fuel, ██████ ███, Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, Status Quo Is God, Reset Button
  • Domains: Deconstruction, Skepticism, Containment, Logic, Security, Protection, ███████, Status Quo, Censorship, [REDACTED]
  • Ascended Members: Dr. Alto Clef
  • Allies: Agent K & Agent J
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gandalf
  • Enemies: SCP-682, SCP-173, SCP-993, SCP-169... In general, any SCPs who refuse to cooperate with the Foundation, The Incubators, The Church of the Broken God (with some exceptions), Sarkicism, The Fifth Church, Ghatanothoa, Ithaqua, The Colour Out of Space
  • Rivals: The Global Occult Coalition
  • Though not a singular entity, the Foundation has collected so many weird and odd artifacts over the years that it has a very in-depth understanding of how extranormal beings operate and, as a result, have developed many effective methods in fighting and containing them. Realizing that they would work better as allies than enemies, the head deities allowed the SCP Foundation to establish a permanent presence in the Main House, where its primary duty is to oversee the House of Treasures, maintain the status quo of the Pantheon, and make sure that the mortal realms remain unaware of the events that transpire in this plane of existence.
  • Operation Gotterdammerung is proceeding as planned. Xanatos: Phase Six, complete.
  • The Foundation once tried to "neutralize" Fred Rogers because they deemed him too powerful. It didn't end well.
  • Batman is rumored to have very close ties to the Foundation; it has been further hypothesized that he may in fact head it, or at the very least provide a rather sizable chunk of its data as regards to other gods in general and super-beings in particular.
  • Due to its vast collection of various artifacts, it's rumored that the Foundation has an SCP or procedure to kill, incapacitate, or contain any being or deity it comes across. It commands great fear and respect among the lesser deities after stories of its "neutralizing" of one of Haruhi's alternate universe counterparts began to circulate.
  • Apparently has a few agents watching Yukari Yakumo, just in case she decided that it would be better if the Pantheon 'disappeared'.
  • Has recently formed an alliance with the agents of the Warehouse, past and present, due to their similar missions. Ditto the Men In Black, who also work for keeping a masquerade.
  • May have The federal Bureau of Control as one of their font.
  • Have refused to comment on the rumors that their logo was originally a "Five-Minute Foundation Orientation" tool.
  • Despite all the truly evil things they have done in their goal of maintaining the Status Quo, the SCP Foundation is forever a true ally to Humanity and their guardians from the things that lie in the dark. The P stands for Protect. Remember this.
  • A break-in at the Foundation caused quite a stir throughout the Pantheon, especially considering it was still dealing with the fiasco dubbed "The Great Upheaval". That is until it was discovered that the only thing missing was the utterly-harmless SCP-999. Agents of the Foundation found the cuddly, blob-like entity in the company of Madoka Kaname. The recently depowered Goddess claimed ignorance, both of the creature's nature and how it had come into her possession; it had apparently appeared in the middle of the night in her room. She reluctantly parted with the creature: after everything she had dealt with, she had found the SCP's presence very cheering. Considering the timing and nature of the breakout, the Foundation has a relatively good idea of who was behind it.
  • Their current project is to find a way to get Isaac in as a SCP after the reveal of his devil form came unwrapped. Unfortunately, Lucifer also took a interest in Isaac and is considering having him as a adopted son he could train. A war to get Isaac first could break out, making the Pantheon anxious.
  • Annoyed at misspellings and ever worried about documentation, the Foundation has created an amusing method to keep the name right: whenever someone in the pantheon calls them "SPC", Bruce is punched and the misspeller is subsequently chased by the shark. Of course this led to problems for the Samurai Pizza Cats once, and the Foundation is currently trying to implant an exception for them.
  • Also present in the House of Sources of Information.

Ambiguous Ranks

    The Heartless 
The Heartless, Unholy Monsters Created From Negativity
Just some of the Heartless types.
  • Different kinds of Heartless span various ranks and increase in power depending how much Darkness there is presently (which include gathering a large amount of themselves).
  • Symbol: The Emblem Heartless’ symbol. Alternatively, The Door to Darkness.
  • Theme Song: Night of Fate, Destiny's Force, Shrouding Dark Cloud, Struggle Away (GBA Theme), Fight and Away, Sinister Shadows, Vim and Vigor, Night of the Dark, Night of Tragedy, Hunter of the Dark, Anger Unchained, Wave of Darkness
  • Alignment: On their own, they operate mostly on Blue-and-Orange Morality. However, they can also take a Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil stance depending on whoever they’re taking orders from. Some Heartless that like to play games can also True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral. Also, some Heartless (like the Leechgrave, for example) will even prey on other Heartless, so even the Heartless themselves aren’t safe from each other. Plus, to make things more complicated, a few of them have managed to retain their sentience from before they became Heartless (like “Ansem”, Scar’s Heartless and Sora’s Heartless), so they mave have some individual motivations that may classify them elsewhere on the alignment scale.
  • Portfolio: Creepy Cute, Lovecraft Lite, Adorable Abominations That Are Nonetheless Quite Dangerous, Always Chaotic Evil (for the most part), Will Always Exist As Long As There Is Darkness In Our Hearts, Will Assimilate ANYONE To Bolster Their Numbers, Our Monsters Are Weird, Supernatural Gold Eyes, Super-Persistent Predator, The Virus, Were All Once Normal People, Zerg Rush, Are Constantly Plagued By An Insatiable Hunger For The Darkness Inside People’s Hearts, Can Unfortunately Manifest Themselves Almost Anywhere Due To Their Abilities Allowing Them To Travel Between Different Worlds And Various Planes Of Existence, Cannot Enter Dreams or Strongly Light-Aligned and Light-Powered Locations
  • Domains: Darkness, Evil, Hearts
  • Heralds: The Unversed
  • High Priests: The Shadows, The Noise
  • Followers: The OTHER Shadows, The Shadow Blot, Shades, Creatures of Grimm, The Hollows, The Minus Energy Monsters
  • "Allies" : Xehanort, "Ansem", Chernabog, Melkor, Vanitas, The Idea of Evil, Nekron, The Shadow Monster, Barbatos, Maleficent, Nyarlathotep (Persona), Angra Mainyu, Darkseid, Damien Thorne, all ascended Disney villains, Sheev Palpatine, Sauron, the other Angra Mainyu, Vaatu, Chaos, Malefor, Dormammu, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Redryu, Kage, Maleketh, Ultraman Belial, Bernkastel Johan Liebert, Griffith, the rest of the Godhand, The Beast, Dracula, Dio Brando, Molag Bal, Ganondorf, Hades (Kid Icarus), Hagatha the Witch, Arthras Menethil, Voldemort, Lord Chaos, Dis, Lord Drakkon, Cersei Lannister, Psycho Rangers, Century King Shadow Moon, Embryo, Ozai, Azula, Dabra, Megatron, Teridax, Cinder Fall, SHOCKER, Mr. Scratch, Nightmare Moon, Dark Link, every person willing to use them for nefarious purposes
  • Rivals: Jeanne d’Arc Alter, Lord Fuse
  • Enemies: All ascended Keyblade wielders (except for the ones who are Sora’s enemies), Donald Duck, Goofy Goof, Yen Sid, every other non-evil aligned Disney character, Philemon, Luke Skywalker, Ezalor, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Aslan, Wonder Woman, Raava, Avatar Wan, Optimus Prime, Makoto Naegi, Nagito Komaeda, Arusu, Cosmos, Superman, Batman, Doctor Strange, Madoka Kaname, Usagi Tsukino, Lord Vyce, all Persona users, Kirito and Asuna, Pit, Palutena, Mata Nui, Artix Von Krieger, Warrior of Light, Homura Akemi, Manwe Sulimo, Angels of Paradiso, Nier, Devola and Popola, Master of Chaldea, Jack Estacado, Koichi Kimura, Merged Zamasu, Meridia, every person who fights against evil or is unwilling to use them
  • Opposed by: Grand United Alliance of Law, Lucifer
  • Unable to Enter: The Houses of Light & Brightness and Dreams
  • It’s been wondered how deep evil runs down between people. From gods to mortals to the lowest molecule, it seems like evil would always exists in some form or another. And As Long as There is Evil, the Heartless would always be there. Ever since people were capable of free will, the Heartless were born to do one thing and one thing only: to plunge all of existence into darkness by taking the hearts of worlds and others. The scope of the Heartless is so vast, they eventually overtook Mr. Scratch’s title and have now made it to the Pantheon. Yes, all of them. Be very afraid.
    • Due to it being inconceivable to have all the Heartless ascend, the Door of Darkness is there to act as their temple. Entering it leads to the Dark Realm, where Heartless inhabit. Many areas of the Dark Realm are worlds that have been dragged down there after their hearts have been taken. Though it’s much emptier now that Sora and company freed them after defeating Ansem, Seeker of Darkness for the first time. They still roam other worlds outside of their realms in hopes to drag more worlds down but only time will tell if an invasion as large and orderly as the one Maleficent concocted would occur.
    • The entirety of Heartless army making it here had completely freaked out most Keyblade wielders and Disney characters in the Pantheon as they all know the danger the Heartless pose. Skirmishes the Heartless have dated back as far as the first Keyblade War, so it’s not like the Heartless were unfamiliar with them. Not like they have a particular grudge against Keyblade users, they’ve been ordered around by many Keyblade users too but as they say: the brighter the light, the larger the shadow.
    • Of course, the Heartless have been in the Pantheon long before their ascension by way of Xehanort, Maleficent, and their cohorts. The only difference now is that as Pantheon deities, just about anybody in the GUAE and beyond is now free to employ their use.
  • There are three types of Heartless. There are the Pureblood Heartless, there are the Emblem Heartless and there’s the rarest type, the “human”/“sentient” type, also known as the “Special Heartless”. The Pureblood Heartless are born from the darkness of others, residing in the Dark Realm mostly. Emblem Heartless are born from people having their hearts plunged down into darkness (by themselves or by the Heartless), creating a Heartless from these hearts in process. Both of the first two types are equally dangerous and could appear anywhere. The advantages they have differ, Emblem Heartless are more widespread in other realms and have more variety while as Pureblood Heartless become extremely stronger together when more darkness (which include their own kind by the way) is present. Together, they form an unstoppable army that isn’t diminishing anytime soon. And it’s even worse when you add the third type of Heartless, the “Special” Heartless. Thankfully, they’re extremely rare. These Heartless, unlike the other two types of Heartless, are the Heartless of people who willingly gave in to the darkness to become Heartless of their own free will. So far, only three have been seen: Xehanort’s Heartless “Ansem”, Scar’s Heartless “Groundshaker” and Sora’s Heartless. What makes these Heartless more dangerous than the others, apart from their immense power, is that since they retain their memories, sentience and intelligence, they are much smarter than the other Heartless and much more ambitious and unpredictable since they aren’t solely driven by instinct. They can even still talk like humans and communicate with non-heartless, though since their transformation into Heartless has made them incapable of feeling things like empathy, love, remorse or sorrow, one shouldn’t expect to be able to properly reason with them.
  • Heartless could even possess objects as seen primarily with toys and mutating them into Heartless. Nothing could save said object if it were possessed, rendering them lifeless afterward (much to Buzz and Woody’s horror).
  • It’s noted that only those who are absolutely pure-hearted or don’t even have hearts (it’s a complicated thing) can’t have a Heartless. The Princesses of Heart are one such example, their hearts being made of pure untainted light and no evil. Even Ventus can’t have one as his darkness was forcible removed by Xehanort to create Vanitas (which technically makes Vanitas the closest thing Ventus will ever have to a Heartless), meaning that he also has a heart made purely of light.
  • There are several villainous people who want to use the Heartless for their own ends, commanding them if they are the evilest person around. These include:
    • Xehanort himself is supposed to be their leader, heaving used them as Mooks during his scheme for Kingdom Hearts. That may have all changed now that it turns out Xehanort wants to destroy the darkness in people, thus destroying the Heartless in the process. It’s still believed by most that Xehanort has authority to them in some capacity, just not extending his control in the meantime. Xehanort does not mind others are using them, as they really were unimportant in his grand scheme and doesn’t care that others are using them.
    • Ansem might as well be considered the true leader of the Heartless, considering he is currently known as the most intelligent Heartless as of now. Surprisingly, Ansem has not used the Heartless that much either aside from when he tried his hand at getting Kingdom Hearts. It’s not like the Heartless actually think much about him aside from him being one of their own which makes him likely the only villain here that they would probably never turn on.
    • Melkor and Nekron seem to be the other two people they follow the most, or at least that a considerable margin of their underlings follow them. They had to swear a truce to each other that they wouldn’t fight over who controls the Heartless, a conflict that would be a pointless endeavor. Both leaders could be seen middle-fingering each other off after the deal was done.
    • Vanitas has a special relationship with them as he is an embodiment of darkness as well though is somehow not a Heartless at all, being his own creation. Vanitas is perfectly capable of using the Heartless though he would rather use his Unversed instead.
    • Being embodiments of evil, Barbatos, Angra Mainyu, and The Idea of Evil are natural commanders of Heartless forces. They want to use the Heartless to further their own ends with no hiccups. More evil gods are using the Heartless to an alarming degree and might start a Heartless civil war if they begin getting territorial over them.
    • Chernabog has a special relationship to the Heartless as even though his world was consumed, he had never officially turned into a Heartless himself and even helped them attack Sora and friends. Perhaps like Scar, he did convert into a Heartless and retained his appearance or for those theorists, he IS a Heartless of the Pureblood kind. Chernabog does use the Heartless... to use them as playthings, which the Heartless are surprisingly unopposed to.
    • The Shadow Monster was also thought to be a Pureblood Heartless, being a giant... shadowy monster. Now Heartless roam throughout the Upside-Down, even managing to convert several of its predatory inhabitants.
    • Evil tyrants such as Sauron, Palpatine, etcetera (the list goes on and on) have expressed interests on using the Heartless to convert their own minions into Heartless to increase their performance. The reason they do not yet is that they would likely face a massive resistance from doing this though they are trying to exploit them by claiming that it is to achieve more strength when in actuality they’ll be mindless monsters. Even SHOCKER is researching if converting their monsters would be a good or bad thing for them.
    • It would seem Maleficent and other fellow Disney villains want their crack at using Heartless. Some have reservations on this plot as a few of them were manipulated by Heartless (ending badly for them) and even getting turned into Heartless themselves in the case of Mother Gothel, Scar, and Hans. Maleficent ignored them, knowing the power the Heartless have and would hope to recreate her circle of villainy to invade worlds not as an Unwitting Pawn.
    • Darkseid believes that the capabilities of the Heartless are unlimited and wishes to use them as incentives to bring his ideal utopia. Considering his methods to bring this world he wants, yeah, that’s not a very good sign.
    • People who yearn for causing as much misery as possible like Junko Enoshima and Johan Liebert are impressed by how the Heartless function, seeing as people in despair are more susceptible into becoming Heartless. Though they would rather not use Heartless as they know what will likely happen if they become too cocky in their usage.
    • And finally, there are those who think using the Heartless would be a boon to them and not considering the consequences. Cersei Lannister hopes to use the Heartless to destroy her enemies once and for all but would likely be consumed by her own hatred and get consumed by darkness herself. The Psycho Rangers use Heartless willie-nilly, somehow being so arrogant that they would likely be consumed once their Sanity Slippage starts.
  • Despite their nature being pure animalistic destruction, some Heartless are rather friendly with others and would rather play minigames of their creation than to actually harm others. Great rewards and yielded to those who understand the games and the Heartless then vanish afterward.
  • Weirdly enough, the Alter Jeanne d’Arc hates the Heartless and helps eliminates them as hard as she could. While she is a pretty obvious candidate of leading them, Jeanne is so pissed that they are everywhere that she annihilates them constantly. This may or may not due to some inner psyche mumbo-jumbo even she isn’t sure of.
  • Lord Fuse would be impressed that the Heartless manage to becoming an unstoppable self-sustaining army... if they weren’t going to go after him as well. Knowing that he would likely lose to such a threat, Fuse put another reason why he should not visit the Pantheon ever again. He put them above water purification.
  • Not just Keyblade wielders but every person who doesn’t want everything around them destroyed are enemies to the Heartless. Heroes and villains alike who don’t see the Heartless as friends are their enemies. Here’s a few reasons why:
    • Those who use the Force note that becoming or using a Heartless is much like turning to The Dark Side except it could be forced upon you with your knowledge or not. The Jedi have sworn to wipe out Heartless whenever they could.
    • Grand United Alliance of Good had to ring an emergency meeting to discuss the Heartless crisis. It is fortunate that less Heartless are in the Pantheon than there likely should be though that doesn’t distract that evil individuals will use them. No matter where you are, the Heartless will likely find a way there and now the Pantheon has opened gates to manifest themselves in all worlds.
    • Nagito Komaeda is appalled that despair is being thrown at people to have them become Heartless, an act which he finds so unforgivable, he would rather stab his brain through his eyes than to even dare think of pulling something like that off. Makoto Naegi feels the same way to though and is planning of ways to make sure people do not go down that path.
    • Those who are attuned to the magical planes could be seen trying their best to ensure that the Heartless are sealed away from the Pantheon at all costs. Doctor Strange has been taking notes with Batman on where they manifest all in the hopes to find a correlation that would lead to their permanent sealing. Even Magical Girls are taking this threat extremely seriously with Usagi and Madoka pleading for others to stop the Heartless before it is too late.
    • Good-aligned divine entities like Mata Nui and Palutena know that they are vulnerable to being taken by Heartless as much as anyone. If a Demigod could become a Greater God after being converted, then imagine their Heartless could be if the lack of darkness is unaccounted for. It might seem strange that benevolent deities are just as vulnerable but darkness accounts for all negativity within a person, not just evil.
    • Artix von Krieger is disturbed by the Heartless, seeing as they could have been a path he could have taken but heroically chose not to. It’s a rather dark thought to think that even a hero like him may fall but has sworn to uphold his goodness for the sake of everybody.
    • Jack Estacado and Koichi Kimura are quite angry that the Heartless are likely the reason why people don’t think highly over the benefits of dark powers. They won’t allow the Heartless to taint good dark-based people and are doing their best to eliminate them.
    • Persona users find the Heartless to be quite similar to the Shadows, to the point that Shadows became their High Priests. They do find the Heartless to be more of a threat, as they cannot be negotiated unlike Shadows. It doesn't help that Nyarlathotep is trying to groom people who are capable as Heartless commanders.
    • Nier finds the Heartless similar to Shades, to an almost alarming degree lore-wise. Nier hopes that the Shades do not ever interact with the Heartless because they would either feed off each other or join forces, neither outcome being ideal for anyone.
    • Not even digital worlds are safe, as Heartless manifest there as viruses instead. Kirito and Asuna alongside others help destroy as many Heartless there are in these worlds. They may help thanks to being Keyblade users in another reality.
    • The Huntsmen of Remnant are particularly at odds with the Heartless as they act much like the Grimm. They do their best to hunt them as well, a taxing job now that Cinder Fall is commanding them all in the hopes that they would provide her with more power.
    • The good-aligned Bleach deities are also keeping an eye out for the Heartless and preparing to fight them, because the way the Heartless assimilate people to their ranks and consume their hearts make them a bit too reminiscent of Hollows in their eyes.
  • It would seem the Heartless have made Madoka Kaname a bit of a target all likely thanks to them sensing the amount of power that still emanates from her. Too bad for them, Homura would always come with all the power available to ensure Madoka's safety, much to her chagrin. Madoka is perfectly fine protecting herself and she does not need Homura to unwittingly rub it in her face that she’s not as powerful as she used to be. She also wants Homura to be careful, because Sora warned Madoka that the more darkness there is in someone’s heart, the more powerful their Heartless would be. Madoka knows that if the Heartless manage to make Homura one of them, the resulting Heartless that would be created from the Darkness in Homura’s heart would probably be pretty powerful.
  • Instead of preying on them, the Heartless killed by the masses by Servants under the leadership of the Master of Chaldea. In likelihood, they were found out to drop pretty nice loot when they die and the Master of Chaldea is taking good advantage of that. They need all the Saint Quartz they can, m’kay?
  • Somehow a person who takes great offense at the existence of the Heartless is Zamasu. He thinks they are proof the mortals’ evil by existing and these monsters are the true image of their sinful souls. This is all without realizing that darkness from everybody, including gods and himself make the ranks of the Heartless. A typical day for Zamasu.
  • The GUAL have sworn not to use the Heartless at all, seeing as their nature is horrific in their eyes. The Angels of Paradiso have also been sent to eliminate the Heartless in the Realm of Darkness itself. Was quite a spectacle of a beatdown, with the Angels soon getting overwhelmed. If it wasn’t for the fact that their own would be horrified if the GUAL used the Heartless, they would have done so if there were more light-based ones to justify their usage.
  • Lucifer does not think highly of the Heartless either. As much as he loooooveeeeesssss chaos, he thinks that the Heartless embodies the destruction with no cause part of chaos. His chaos is a bit more sophisticated to be quite frank. Though he unfortunately never forbad anybody from using them in his Alliance— which some take advantage of.
  • Meridia abhors the Heartless and sees them mindless demons that cause senseless havoc across reality. She also sees them as undead, due to being essentially reanimated victims who take a variety of forms.
  • Three important things should be noted about the Heartless:
    • One, when a Heartless is created, the power of the Heartless is directly proportional to the amount of darkness that was in their original self’s heart. Basically, if someone with a very heroic nature and not much darkness in their heart (like Superman or Mickey Mouse, for example) ends up becoming a Heartless, then the resulting Heartless will probably be something very weak or common like a regular Shadow. However, if someone with a lot of negativity, evil and darkness in their heart (like The Joker or Emperor Palpatine, for example) ends up becoming a Heartless, then their heartless would probably be pretty big and pretty powerful. Probably a Boss-Type Heartless like a Darkside.
    • Two, the Heartless have no true loyalty and will follow whoever they deem to be the strongest. Don’t get them wrong, their main objective is and always will be to satisfy their endless hunger for hearts at any cost, but they’re willing to play subordinates to someone very strong, if only because they may see that person as the closest thing something like a Heartless can have to a meal ticket. To that end, they’ve followed various villains with different kinds of motivations across many worlds to get what they want.
    • Three, for all their power, there are a few kinds of places that the Heartless are completely unable to go to. For one thing, they cannot enter locations that are particularily strongly aligned with light or filled to the brim with light magic, like Disney Castle, which is protected by the cornerstone of light. And even if they could somehow enter, they’d still get weakened by the magic itself. This is especially good news for deities from the House Of Light And Brightness, since the Heartless can’t get in there, which makes the entire house a safe haven against the Heartless. Also, the Heartless can’t enter Dreams (which some deities found quite odd since Darkness itself can still manifest itself in dreams), which means that Dream deities are mostly safe from them. This also works well in the advantage of The GUAG, because evil dream-themed deities like Freddy Krueger cannot call upon the Heartless for assistance in the dream world and will do whatever they can to avoid becoming Heartless, because if they did become Heartless, they would lose their power source by not being able to enter dreams. Of course, this means that The Hall of Dreams and Nightmares is also a safe heaven for whoever wants to escape the Heartless, since the entire house exists in a perpetual kind of limbo state between reality and the dream world, which obviously means that The Heartless can’t get in it anyway.
  • "Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. And yet they know not the true power of what they hold. The rage of the Keyblade releases those hearts. They gather in darkness, masterless and free... until they weave together to make... Kingdom Hearts." -Saix

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