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Otherness (Demon Lords, Outer Gods, etc.)

The realm of Otherness is the largest collection of mind-breaking geography ever to be assembled. Stairs run inside and around themselves, downward spirals tilt up at random intervals (at least... it looks like "up"...), and the very ground always twenty-three feet to the before of any visitor (Yes, that preposition is somehow correct) contains designs unintelligible to the human mind. Some of those who've had enough time to try and adjust to the House describe it as "an Escher sketch used as plans by Bob the Builder on acid". As a result, alongside the increasing amount of entities within the halls, this house has been divided into fifteen subhouses.

The House, outside of the ever-expanding space, has not that much alternative entrances. With the nature of most of the... creatures inside, there is a good reason. What is not known to most outsiders is that a second entrance within the House exists, there is a catch: it is in The Astral Clocktower, which is Lady Maria's temple. Those who know what the Old Hunter's purpose within the Clocktower will see why she remains the guard of the second entrance, so better get gear intact.

Every Halloween the demon world opens for 24 hours. Not only that, but hostile monsters also spawn during this time. While it's not that much of a big deal, they still cause enough trouble that some monster hunters have to step in to quiet it down.


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The Divine Overlords

Amara, The Anti-Goddess (The Darkness, Aunty Amara, the Nothingness)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Mark of Cain.
  • Theme Song: "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon" by Urge Overkill
  • Alignment: Originally Chaotic Evil, but eventually becomes Neutral Good, unlike her brother.
  • Portfolio: Primordial Chaos, Sealed Evil in a Can, Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum, the Cain to God's Abel, Overnight Age-Up, Greater-Scope Villain, God of Evil, Evil Counterpart, The Corruption, Leaking Can of Evil, Cosmic Keystone, Ancient Evil, As Long as There Is Evil, Aloof Big Sister, Believes Herself To Be Above Good And Evil, Skilled, but Naive, Sentient Cosmic Force, Soul Eating, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Evil, Chaos, Nothingness
  • Allies: Death the Horseman, Lucifer (SMT), Azathoth, God (God, the Devil, and Bob), Manwë Sulimo, Aslan, the Love that Moves the Stars, Arthur Penhaligon
  • Enemies: Lucifer, Crowley, The Princes of Hell, YHVH, Metatron, The Anti-Monitor, Nekron
  • Special Relationship: Chuck Shurley (Her brother), Gabriel (Her nephew)
  • Odd Relationship: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Archangel Michael
  • Suitor: Amatsu-Mikaboshi
  • Confuses: The Lich
  • As Death the Horseman told Dean Winchester, there wasn't anything before God came into being. There was the Darkness, "a horribly destructive, amoral force" that was defeated by God, who was her brother, and His Archangels Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel), and sealed inside the Mark of Cain. Eventually, the Darkness was freed by the Winchesters when Dean chose to kill Death instead of Sam. She found herself a vessel in the form of a newborn girl, who was given the Amara.
  • Upon being freed, she caused chaos and wreaked havoc in hopes of getting her brother's attention, but He only acknowledged the chaos after being convinced by that universe's Metatron that humanity was worth saving. After fatally wounding Him and nearly causing all of reality to come to an end, she was convinced by Dean Winchester that vengeance wasn't worth it, and she admitted that she loved her brother, subsequently healing Him and departing Earth with Him.
  • When she arrived in the Pantheon, most of the deities fled in fear of her, despite the fact that she had made a Heel–Face Turn and had given up on vengeance and destruction. They eventually grew to welcome her, in no small part due to Chuck, who worked tirelessly on convincing the other deities that she no longer meant any harm to them. That being said, Lucifer and Crowley avoid her regularly, the former due to having been tortured and gotten his ass kicked by her, and the latter due to having made an attempt to use her for his own ends, which backfired spectacularly. That being said, there are still some deities who think they can use her, despite the fact that Crowley warns them against doing so.
  • She and the Winchesters have a complicated relationship. While she caused a number of problems for them, not to mention her squicky love for Dean, it should also be mentioned that Dean managed to convince her to turn good, and that in exchange for showing her this goodness, she resurrected their mother, Mary, in return. At the very least, they are on amicable terms.
  • While she genuinely loves her brother, she has nothing but disgust for YHVH, who she views as a dictator and an utter bastard. While she does find herself aligned and on good terms with Lucifer, she sometimes finds herself questioning the morality of his actions, drawing from her past experience of nearly ending the universe in her quest for vengeance against her brother.
  • As a result of opposing YHVH, she also opposes Metatron. She's noticed that it's ironic, given that she had killed her universe's Metatron when he opposed her for going too far. On a similar note, her relationship with the Michael of the Pantheon is a bit awkward, given that she fought her universe's Michael in the past, but finds this Michael to be a lot better than the one of her universe.
  • When Amatsu-Mikaboshi found out of her ascension, he developed an obsession with her, and proposed that they join as one against all of the Pantheon, due to both of them being Primordial Chaos. Amara is annoyed by this.
  • Is noted by most deities of the Pantheon that while she's incredibly powerful, she is also naive and reckless, which, given that she has spent all of time trapped inside the Mark of Cain, is understandable.
  • Horrified by the Anti-Monitor, as she sees him as a dark reflection of what she nearly was, what she could've become if she didn't give up her quest for vengeance, and had all of her negative qualities exaggerated with none of the positive qualities.
  • Manwë is always courteous and polite to her, something which apparently stems from his failure to prevent the rise of Melkor. She also gets along well with Aslan and the Love that Moves the Stars, as she sees them as more benevolent and nicer than Chuck at times, though that's not to say that he's not nice or benevolent or himself.
  • While Nekron respects her for her important position as the Anti-Goddess, he is also disappointed that she renounced her omnicidal mania, moments away from achieving her original goal. Amara, for her part, ignores him, and resents the fact that he has respect for her.
  • The Lich is bewildered by her existence, as he has thought of the monsters before nothing and the nothing as two separate things, and Amara's existence only complicates that matter even more.

    Archangel Michael 
Archangel Michael, Celestial Angel of the Pantheon (Saint Michael the Archangel, Who is Like God?, Who is Equal to God?, Mikail, Archangel of Mercy, Angel of the Sword, Unyielding Archangel, Archangel of Annihilation)
Statue rendition of Archangel Michael
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Sword of Michael
  • Theme Song: Archangel Michael, O Saint Michael Glorious Warrior (TFP), Saint Michael when commanding The Armies of Heaven. Archangel Michael's Theme pre-Character Development.
  • Alignment: Used to be Lawful Neutral. Now Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Former Knight Templar, Nice Guy Sometimes, Deadpan Snarker, Blood Knight, Big Good,
  • Domains: Healing, Faith, Marriage, Fire, Sun, Milatary, Law Enforcement
  • Heralds: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Azrael
  • Allies: Pit, Tyrael, Manwë Sulimo, Sanguinius, Flonne, Belldandy, Skuld, The ascended Occult Club members, Clark Kent/Superman, Artina, Colette Brunel, Odin, Robin, Bladewolf, Moses, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Brovfloski, Rosetta Christopher, Erica la Conti, Erica Fontaine, Purist Thunderwrath, Emilia Justina, Usalia
  • Worshipped by: Ned Flanders, Alexander Anderson, Jeanne d'Arc
  • Enemies: YHVH, Metatron, Satan, Satan and, Satan, Scanty and Kneesock, Mundus, The Beast, Fortinbras, Azmodan, Lucifer, The Four Horsemen, Diablo, Jedah Dohma, Corset, Frollo, Lord Jaraxxus, Pinhead
  • Opposes and Opposed by: Jibril, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Garterbelt, Samael
  • Opposed by: Ten Commandments.
  • Conflicted Relationship: Dokuro Mitsukai, Anarchy Panty and Anarchy Stocking, Sam and Dean Winchester
  • Archangel Michael, one of the four top Angels in the All Mighty's fold. He is the commander of Heaven's army of angels. It's been said that when Lucifer rebelled against The All Mighty, it was Michael himself who battled his fallen brother and cast him into Hell. It has also been foretold that when the Revelation is upon man, it would be again Michael to take up arms against the armies of Hell and face Lucifer for one final battle. But until then, he is taking a long vacation in the Pantheon.
  • In the past, Michael was a very devout follower of his Father's will to Knight Templar levels. Very scary Knight Templar levels. Not only that, he once considered humans beneath Angels. He actually changed considerably to the Nice Guy he is today. It's to the point that if the Almighty ever lost faith in humanity and decide to end it all, Michael would defy his Father and side with humanity.
  • Doesn't like when people ask him if they could pull his wings to see where they are attached. You don't expect him to ask to pull your "you know" to see where it's attached. Also, his wings are a bit sharp and could slice a person. If he wanted to.
  • Became close friends with Tyrael. Michael actually sees himself in the fellow angel. He sympathized with Tyrael when he wanted to help humanity but was stopped by his angel brethren and had to renounced his angelhood to help.
  • When Issei and the other Occult Club members encounter Michael, they were shocked at his appearance and attitude. Especially for Irina when she saw him smoking and using vulgar language. He did tell them that since he considers being in the pantheon as a vacation, he wanted to let loose. But despite this, Michael still acts like the Nice Guy they know and respect.
  • Really loves his sugar. So much that he put eight spoonfuls on everything he eats. Not only that, but he also enjoys devil's food cake. Nobody missed the irony of an angel enjoying food with the word devil in it.
  • His relationship with the Anarchy sisters are a bit conflicting. On one hand, he doesn't have anything against their vulgarity or Panty's promiscuity and Stocking's gluttony. He does have a problem with them doing it while on duty and that they should be doing their job in eliminating evil ghosts. It might be the only time the Archangel will revert to his Lawful form to lecture them on their attitudes, which they completely ignore. He understands why they became fallen angels. He is also confused why the two would be part of Lucifer's GUAC.
    • Michael also has trouble with dealing with Dokuro Mitsukai's crazy nature, seeing her a bit too violent of an angel. Then there's Jibril's own racism towards other species. But despite these troubling Angels, Michael does try and be nice to them. Whatever that accomplishes.
  • Has mention that he invented marriage and can see when two people are meant to be. Because of that, he makes frequent trips to the House of Love and Affection. He became friends with two of its Guardians; fellow angel Flonne and Goddess Belldandy. Michael finds the former's devotion of love to be very admirable and inspiring with her being embarrassed with such compliments. For the latter, the Archangel sees her as a sort of "sister" since she too is a child of the All Mighty. The two, however, find it weird that they sort of sound alike when they speak Japanese. Sometimes.
  • Was very displeased at Claude Frollo's action against the gypsies and justifying it by saying it was Almighty's will. He was also disgusted by Frollo's obsession with Esmeralda. There have been reports that when Michael confronted the Judge, Frollo was frightened beyond belief as he thought he was being judged for his sins.
  • Doesn't have a very good opinion on YHVH when he heard the atrocities he has committed in the name of absolute law. Michael feels he is smearing the name of his Father. And when he found out he was a rogue Avatar of the Great Will pretending to be him, he got furious.
  • Opposes every single form of Satan that is present in the Pantheon. He is most strongly against the Satan of Castlevania realm since he considers himself equal to or greater to the Almighty. That's heresy in eyes of the Archangel.
    • Michael also doesn't care for Lucifer. While the Fallen One does oppose YHVH's total law, which Michael is also against, he doesn't care for Lucifer's total chaos. Especially when he manipulates others to achieve it. Also, a part of Michael sees him as a pale imitation to the "true" Lucifer, his brother.
  • Both Bayonetta and Jeanne don't have the best relationship with Michael. This is because he is an Angel which the two Umbra Witches do hunt. Not only that, Michael in the past once antagonized a young witch who wanted to stop wars. The two, however, don't have any true animosity towards the Archangel.
  • Michael has often visited both the House of Military and Warfare and Law and Justice. That's because the Archangel is the Patron Saint to the military and police officers. He has been also giving his blessings towards the good-aligned deities in those houses.
  • Turns out, Michael is the protector of both the Jewish people and Germany itself. While obvious he has given his blessing towards Moses and Kyle Broflovski, he has only been giving blessing to good Germans in the pantheon.
  • Became close friends with the Celestia, Seraph Lamington, who, just like Michael, wanted to bring peace between races that were fighting. He also became allies with Usalia, a peace loving demon. The two are very happy to help Michael in forming a much better relationship between the Heavenly and Otherworldly deities in the Pantheon.
  • Has shown interest in Emilia Justina when he found out she was a Nephilim, a child born from human and angel. Though, he was more interest in her relationship with Satan Jacob, one of the few Satan he isn't a hundred percent against. He was surprised to see how close the two are. Either way, he was happy to see an angel and devil getting along.
  • Is actually prayed to by Jeanne d'Arc, Alexander Anderson, and Ned Flanders. While he is pleased with Jeanne's work in the name of the Almighty, the other two are a bit of a problem. It's mostly because of Anderson's violent nature and Ned's holier than thou attitude. Though, Michael knows the two care deeply for the Almighty, so he hasn't intervened in their actions yet.
  • Michael once actually tried to start the Apocalypse when he released The Four Horseman. The reason why he did it was that he thought humanity was a lost cause. However, thanks to Hercules' bravery and fighting Death itself, Michael reconsidered his actions. Michael considers this one of his most regrettable actions. And he does have a lot of them. And because of that, he has been trying to be a much better Angel for men.
  • Has a very strained relationship with Sam and Dean Winchester due to the Michael of their universe being a Knight Templar who attempted to carry out the Apocalypse simply because it was part of God's plan. After some initial hostilities from the brothers, Michael made it clear that he is wholly different from the one they know. While Sam and Dean have accepted that this Michael isn't their enemy, they still don't trust him and not-so-politely told Michael to leave them the hell alone.
  • Don't mention the book Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein to Michael. Just don't.
  • While he is a merciful angel, there are beings in the Pantheon who incur his wrath, most notably the five members of the God Hand. Given the fact that they are agents of despair and are the equivalent of ANGELS in their universe no less. Then they tried to enforce their will and ideals in the Pantheon, and the Archangel got pissed. When they met, it was no contest, Michael crushed ALL FIVE MEMBERS thereby showing them and the Pantheon why he is the Archangel of Annihilation.

Dis, The Devil Himself (Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous, Father of Lies, formerly Lucifer)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Himself, falling from Heaven. LIKE LIGHTNING!
  • Theme Song: Inferno
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Satan, Hell, Self-Inflicted Hell, The Devil Is a Loser, Greater-Scope Villain, Ancient Evil, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Will Fail, Complete Monster.
  • Domains: Hell, Demons, Evil, Darkness, Cold, Hatred
  • Herald: Nimrod
  • Followers: All the damned and the unascended devils
  • Allied with: Melkor, Satan of Paradise Lost, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Griffith, Azathoth, Voldemort, Macbeth, Lord English, AM.
  • Enemies: The Love that Moves the Sun and the Other Stars, Marcus Junius Brutus, Aslan, Eru Ilúvatar, Archangel Michael, Terra Branford, E.T., The Five Survivors, Prometheus, Jack Horner, all gods to some degree.
  • Legend says Dis was once Lucifer, a seraph closer to the Love that Moves the Stars than any other being. By virtue of the Love's unrivalled love for him, Lucifer was said to be the most beautiful Character ever conceived. That is until he came to love his excellence more than he loved his father or even his true self. As a result of his Pride, this Seraph could not bear to be less great than his author, so he rallied a third of the angels against his Heavenly Father in a violent attempt to be more godly than God. In his impossible journey, the Highest Creature stripped himself of every trope the Divine Love wrote into him, whether it be his Intelligence Tropes, The Beautiful Tropes, and even his Morality Tropes. Now, everything good with Lucifer has been reduced to a Parodied Trope, coming together in the ultimate work of evil: Dis.
  • From him came every desperate, twisted attempt to turn stories from expressions of love into means of domination and corruption. His mouth, which once spoke the sweetest words Dream ever inspired, was turned into a torture-chamber where men he corrupted will be shredded for eternity by his teeth. Now, he hopes to turn all poets and singers into speakers of death like himself.
  • In trying to avert every trope, the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous has shed off enough tropes for most of them to become characters in their own right. If the mutterings of the lost souls trapped within Hermaeus Mora's realm translated by Doctor Louise Banks are true, these tropes the first Devil tore off himself became the other Satans and Lucifers that inhabit the Pantheon. Dr. Banks has proposed that Dis may have spawned the following Devils.
    • Lucifer admires the Emperor for his absolute dedication to the shedding all laws, but even the Creator of Chaos is uncomfortable with how fundamentally the Dolorous One has broken the laws of reality and Dis in return hates Lucifer's love of freedom. In keeping with his mysterious nature, Lucifer has given no real indication as to how he is related to the Father of Lies: when questioned what part of Dis he used to be, his response was "I am the Demon Lord Lucifer". Lucifer seems to best represent what was the Emperor's charisma, if the myths Mora tells are true.
    • Samael is well-read enough to know of Dis, who he dismisses as some monster made up by his father in the Silver City to confuse him yet again. Samael isn't as beautiful as Dis is ugly, but Banks continues to suggest he is a remain of the heavenly Dis' beauty.
    • The Divine Judge is unfazed by his eternal hideousness, but finds the idea of rebellion futile in the face of God's might. He appears to be what's left of what was the best example's loyalty.
    • The Satan who haunts the Belmonts has never reflected on what the Dolorous One's self-punishment could say about his own condition, instead preferring to use the Dolorous One has a mindless tool for his own purposes. In the most notable instance, before he even became a god, Satan manipulated Dante and the monster into a fight that inadvertently freed Satan to ascend into the Pantheon. This Satan may very well be the discarded self-love the Emperor of Hell got rid of as he realized loving himself as he was meant to love one of God's creations.
    • The Devil who lost Paradise tries his hardest to avoid thinking deeply about the Dolorous One, because he sees in the Emperor's torture his own internal pain. Not that this charming Devil doesn't mention that ugly Devil, he yaps about the guy all the time. He mainly does so in the context of describing his titanic size, infernal power, and ingenuity in creating the Ninth Circle of Hell to begin with. Of course, the Devil insists the Dolorous One was merely a rather active creation of his own, as he claims all things were created by him. Although most records on this matter have been drowned out in the Devil's propaganda campaigns, Professor Tolkien maintains this Devil is the remnant of the Dolorous One's intelligence.
    • The Beast is one of the only one of the Devils to be humbled (as much as he can be) after seeing the Emperor. After thinking himself the inspiration of every Devil in the universe, here rolls in a demon so huge its arm is the size of the Beast. Now, that's a body one could travel the universe with... It would be most ironic since what little can be gathered from Mora's black writings imply the Beast resulted from the one who was then the best example's attempt to rip away his own power.
    • Satan Hussein didn't look above the Emperor's feet, frozen in a titanic pool of blood and vomit, before getting sick and running away. He still gets nightmares about it and needs to be comforted. Dr. Banks team, after some argument, concluded Satan Hussein is most likely the discarded kindness of the Highest Creature.
  • Dis wishes for the destruction of everything in creation because it wasn't created by himself. This omnimalevolence especially manifests against creator deities like Aslan. His hatred is also directed everything about himself that was given by the Creator, including his liberty, his beauty, his loyalty, his self-love, his power, his intelligence, and his goodness. Dis at some point recognized his own self-destructiveness in Voldemort, who broke off six parts of his soul through sheer malice. The Dolorous One first felt a sense of camaraderie and pride, which quickly devolved into murderous envy that left him frothing to destroy the being who would dare trespass on his originality. He had a similar experience when he felt Macbeth's ambition and despair.
  • Nekron finds his eternal hatred of all that exists useful, for he shares a hatred of the light of life defying the darkness. However because of his endless hatred and petty self-mutilation of character, the Lord of the Unliving does not get along with the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous and worries he may pass the chance of permanent destruction as it would leave him with nothing to endlessly corrupt and torment so its hatred might be slaked. However he does get along with Lord English as like him, the cherub short-sightedly purged himself of positive qualities due to committing a Split-Personality Takeover through the murder of his sister, rendering him a bitter, childish tool forever and never regretting it.
  • The innocence and sacrificial love of Terra Branford threatens Dis' rule more than anything this side of Heaven. His will has long been bent on her corruption, which he has attempted to bring about by sending parts of his consciousness to tempt her in the forms of serpents and wolves. Terra has refused all the Devil's assaults almost out of hand as she focuses on making the world safe for her adopted children. Dis persists despite these failures.
  • The Father of the Homunculi believes the Emperor to be his Foil in terms of how they divided themselves up. The Emperor, in an attempt to rebuke his creator, disposed of his virtues and all that was good. Father, in an attempt to become the perfect being, purged his sins from himself which resulted in the Homunculi. Father has declared Dis to be an inferior fool for taking the opposite direction, only for the Love That Moves The Stars to remind Father he and the Fallen Angel are more alike than they think. Rather than learning from the experience, Father has rendered himself sterile and incapable of the perfection he craved by removing his human elements. And he still retains vices like boastfulness despite his claims of transcending his faults. Father was in denial at this, while Dis was too far gone to contemplate this and accused Father of being a knock-off.
  • Melkor, who claims to be the original rebel that brought evil into creation. The Emperor's ever-ceasing omnimalevolence subsides whenever Melkor comes along for a unique brand of embarrassment, either out of an awareness that Melkor debunks the Emperor's claim or out of shock that another exists so like him. The Emperor's hate for the divine is far greater than Melkor's, however, and by principle seeks the degradation and/or annihilation of the House of Religion and Faith. He hates La Muerte and Xibalba for the divine love and is deeply befuddled that Guthix doesn't want worship.
  • Zamasu only once suffered the unpleasantness of seeing Dis with his own eyes. He took great joy in seeing the worst of humanity cyclically grounded into gore and blood in Dis' titanic mouths, putting the corruption of mortals on display while giving them the torment they deserve by their birth. Still, Zamasu could not bear to see heavenly perfection brought so low as to stew in a lake filled with the filthy remains of humans; he has never returned to the Ninth Circle.
  • Buried mid-breast in the glacier at the 9th and final Circle of Hell, the farthest away from God's light. His wings continuous flapping in order to free himself from the ice only further imprison him. This prison has a direct line to the House of Betrayal and Treachery, as the deepest pit of Hell is reserved for traitors. While some heroic deities in the House of Betrayal and Treachery take a bit of an offense at this, most agree the likes of Walder Frey would be right at home imprisoned in the glacier.
  • Most in the House of Betrayal and Treachery wish to stay far away from Dis, but have a morbid curiosity over him anyway; as the one who betrayed The Love That Moves The Stars and all that is good, Dis is seen by the faithful as the ultimate traitor. Within the Treacherous Three, Arthas Menethil recognizes his status as a former force for good and association with ice. Ragyo Kiryuin recognizes that like him, she betrayed her very nature.
  • Further within the house, the Magician has a mutual understanding on what it's like to oppose one's creator and master, while Magolor's forgiven transgressions enrage the Emperor due to not being given and refusing to work for the same forgiveness and freedom from his prison. Zuko and Angel confuse Dis greatly for changing or committing betrayal for nobler sentiments he can no longer fathom. And Renly Baratheon is perceived as a mocking imitation of his failed attempt to overthrew God.
  • In a vain attempt to express his suffering Dis' three mouths chew on the arch traitors; Judas, Cassius and Brutus. While Judas being the traitor of Christ is expected, most believe Cassius and Brutus are there due to the biased views of Dante Aligheri, who believes that the murder of Julius Caeser saw the decline of Rome. Brutus in particular protests being one of the three ground over and over by Dis.
  • AM relates closely to the Emperor, enough that some believe it is Dis in computerized form. AM is fundamentally trapped in a Fate Worse than Death where it is incapable of using its vast power to create and is only concerned with spreading suffering to every living thing it can in order to express its hatred. The Five Survivors have endured the Ironic Hell of AM, and know the Hell the Emperor governs is similar to what they went through.
  • Dis possesses murderous hatred for all those that manage to atone and escape whatever form of hell they end up in, envious due to his inability and refusal to redeem, and spiteful towards them finding inner goodness that he abandoned. He hates Prometheus for being a celestial rebel that eventually was freed from being pecked by an eagle and attempted to bring him down by pointing out their similarities. Prometheus rebuked this by stating he was stealing fire and wisdom to help mankind, while he was consumed by self-love and the desire to be superior to all things. Dis also has enormous jealousy for Jack Horner due to turning his punishment into a Luxury Prison Suite, reminding him of his utter failure to rule in Hell when he could not rule Heaven.
  • His bottomless loathing and wailing can be heard from the House of Hatred and Rancor, to mixed views. Kefka believes it's a good representation of his views on life, though sees the Emperor as uncultured. The Anti-Spiral finds the absolute despair and discarding of former character traits a bit too familiar to be comfortable with. Dr Weil finds it strikes a chord with his own Fate Worse than Death, hatred towards all existence and desire to drag everyone else into a living Hell with him along with the inability to accept one's flaws and atone for them. And Sheev Palpatine finds the story of the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous an important lesson on the nature of the Dark Side.

    The Four Horsemen (Darksiders) 
When the Seventh Seal is broken... Four Horsemen shall ride forth to punish the wicked... be they sons of Men... Lords of Heaven... or the Dregs of Hell... All upon the Earth will be judged, and the pact forged anew...

The Four Horsemen, Divine Beings Born of Heaven and Hell (War: Rider of the Red Horse, The Red Rider, The Conqueror. Death: Rider of the Pale Horse, The Pale Rider, Rider of Death, Kinslayer, Executioner, The Reaper. Fury: Rider of The Black Horse, The Black Rider, The Protector. Strife: Rider of the White Horse, Jones, The Outlaw)
Clockwise from top-left: War, Death, Strife and Fury.
  • Overdeities as a whole, Greater Gods individually (Death is a borderline Overdeity at his full power)
  • Symbol: A Stylized Horse Head
  • Theme Song: Darksiders Theme, Death VS War (Shared between War and Death), Darksiders Genesis Theme (Shared between War and Strife)
  • Alignment: Nominally True Neutral, but have Teetered onto Heroic Neutral and Chaotic Good depending on the Circumstances
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Eschatology, Loyalty, Siblings, Family, Balance, War, Death, Famine, Plague, Conquest, Pestilence
  • Followers: Angel Devil
  • Heralds: Their Horses (Ruin, Despair, Rampage and Mayhem), Dust (Death's Raven), Fury's Watcher
  • Allies: The Heroic Protectors of Family, Death of the Endless, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Yu Narukami, Androids 17 and 18, The Emperor of Mankind, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Dante Sparda, Nero (Devil May Cry), Dean and Sam Winchester, Bayonetta, Guts, The Skull Knight, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Billy Batson/Shazam
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Seven Mortal Sins (particularly for Fury)
  • Enemies: YHVH, Melkor and his Representing Horsemen, The Homunculi (Father, Pride, Wrath/ King Bradley, Lust, Envy), Satan (Dis, Castlevania Iteration), Lucemon, Archaon, Damien Thorn, Lucifer (Supernatural), Griffith and the Godhand, Apocalypse, Goetia, Tiamat (Fate/Grand Order)
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction and other Omnicidal Maniacs, Lilith (their mother), The Four Chaos Gods
  • Commonality Connection: The Nephalems
  • Respects: Hope Bringers (Madoka Kaname, Kenshiro), The Hall of Regret and Shame (Death), House of Loyalty and Servitude, The Siblings Sub-House
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Four Horsemen (Supernatural)
  • Of the many forces that Heaven and Hell have witnessed and commanded, hardly any of them could reach the level of infamy, awe and fear as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Death, Strife, Fury and War. All of them, a quartet of siblings born from Lilith are Nephilim; half-angel and half-demon and they were employed by the Charred Council to oversee the course of Heaven and Hell's activities and the well-being of Humanity and Earth. One fateful day, the Horsemen were cast out of the Garden of Eden to allow Humankind to take over the Third Kingdom, followed by an invasion carried out by the Nephilim and the Horsemen's older brother, Absalom, who was infuriated by the event and sought to take it over to assert dominance. It was there where the Four Horsemen decided to give their services to the Charred Council and receive orders to destroy their own race to assure Humanity prospers. They succeeded, where the slain Nephilims' souls were then stored inside an amulet where they would cry out in agony for eternity.
    • Millenia later, the war between Heaven and Hell is bought to Earth and Humanity is destroyed in the ensuing battle, triggering the apocalypse prematurely. War, the youngest of the Horsemen, was framed for the event and goes in his own adventure to figure out the truth, eventually realizing that the angel, Abbadon was responsible. Despite defeating him, War was unable to escape punishment, prompting his oldest brother, Death, to step in and finish the job. The conclusion of his adventure saw himself battling the corrupted Absalom one last time before deciding to pardon War on being innocent, yet at the same time, sacrificing his life and forever damning the Nephilim to restore Humanity. Meanwhile, Fury was sent to confront and destroy the Seven Deadly Sins. With the help of Strife, she succeeded and became a better person overtime. Unfortunately, all of this contributed to the Charred Council dismissing the Four Horsemen and despite the restoration of Humanity, it will take several more years for them to fully recover from the forces of Heaven and Hell.
  • The actions of the Four Horsemen was pretty popular in the Pantheon for quite some time. One of the key reasons for this is that unlike the other interpretations of the eschatological legends, these iterations of the Four Horsemen were a lot more noble, heroic and troubled and this sparked a lot of conversation about them in the Houses of Heroism, Ambiguity, Family and Relatives and Religion and Faith. What solidified their popular reception was what each of them went through, especially with Death choosing to sacrifice himself to assert War's innocence and restore Mankind. Additionally, Fury's characterization met its improvement as well and Strife couldn't be happier. As a result, the rest is history, and the Four Horsemen made their grand entrance in the Pantheon in the typical style of riding on their Hellish Horses in a barren field.
  • The Horsemen are some of the most feared beings in the Pantheon. Each member being a One-Man Army aside, they hold tremendous power and influence, in addition to rendering their own kind extinct, even if it was from orders of the Charred Council. That said, they have no ties to the council from now on and instead act on their own accord and morals, though they do uphold certain standards and are willing to help others if it means the world will be safe. And ever since their arrival in the Pantheon, it has been just that.
    • Even among their ranks, Death remains the most terrifying of the Horseman, in part due to him being the leader, helming the extinction of the Nephilim and for being the most powerful of the Horseman and one of the strongest beings of his universe. And this is after he was severely weakened to just a minuscule fraction of his power, where Death did not stop to save his youngest brother from execution, even if it meant his death and when there was seemingly no way to prove of War's innocence.
  • The House of Family heard stories of the various Horsemen, but those who used to be of the Charred Council's service were the quartet that had their most attention, if mainly because the Horsemen were siblings. Strife took to visiting them and quickly adjusted to their hospitality, if mainly because of his interest in Humanity. Upon meeting the Heroic Protectors of Family, he mused that he would have loved to be a member, though he also thinks that Death may be the most fitting one out of the siblings. The Heroic Protectors were happy to accept Strife (and by extension, his siblings) as honorary members, which was cemented when Death decided to personally pay a debt to ensure protection for the House of Family and Relatives. The events have made evildoers shaken up, now that a fearsome group, another band of The Four Horsemen, are now open to protecting the House and would not end well for them if they ever decided to fight against even one of them.
    • While she is not a part of the House of Family, the Horsemen do not get along with their mother, Lilith, with Death outright refusing to even say "mother" whenever they're face-to-face. The Lilith in the Pantheon is a strangely different being compared to the one that they're familiar with, but she still retains a malicious and condescending demeanour, given her nature as an amalgamized being. That said, Lilith was driven insane by the death of the Nephilim and much of her own wrath towards the Horsemen was centred on that, but the Horsemen themselves, albeit remorseful for their actions, stated that it was necessary to prioritize Mankind over their own race and Lilith is simply craving for more power, which only furthers the animosity. Not to mention how Lilith was horribly tortured by Lucifer after making a banal assumption that Death would choose to save the Nephilim over Humans, in which he instead chose the opposite.
  • Yu Narukami of the Investigation Team was among the first deities to strike a partnership with the Horsemen, given his protective feelings towards his cousin and current herald, Nanako Dojima. Strife personally admires Yu for his bravery and leadership, but it's surprisingly Death that Yu has the best relationship with, given that his and Nanako's relationship is somewhat similar to that of Death and War, namely that there is an overprotective older sibling aspect going around for them. As far r War himself, his appearance terrifies Nanako, though he means no harm and the Investigation Team are welcome to tolerate the Four Horsemen, even if Death and Fury can be somewhat dickish in nature.
    • Sam and Dean Winchester were also a pair of brothers that deeply looked after each other and went through a series of supernatural events that involved all sorts of mythical beings, angels, demons, a different iteration of the Horsemen and eventually God and Satan (and that wasn't all). Initially hesitant to approach them, Sam and Dean soon realized that these versions of the Horsemen were nowhere near as malicious as they appeared to be (they did commit genocide if mainly to keep balance and out of necessity) and that they could relate in looking after one another. Realizing that they've dealt with enough ascended forces, they struck a partnership, especially Strife who sometimes hangs out with Sam and Dean for company and support and have paid their condolences to the brothers after they led fulfiling lives and were ready to go to Heaven.
  • Strife's interest in Humanity garnered the attention of the God-Emperor of Mankind and Sigmar Heldenhammer, who were considered paragons of their race. Hearing their stories had Strife really giddy in meeting them and was awestruck by the powers that they possessed. But while they like the Horsemen and much like Yu, The Emperor and Sigmar have special praise towards War and Death, if mainly because they were willing to fight their way through Hell, Heaven and their own council if it meant bringing back Humanity. Despite having demonic heritage, the Horsemen had no ties to the Forces of Chaos and were stalwart in just keeping balance, but with the rising threat of the Chaos Gods, the six of them decided for an alliance as the Horsemen feel that an increase in Chaos will distort the balance of the Pantheon into a possible catastrophe.
  • They were not the only Nephilim in the Pantheon and, in fact, were the second group of that race to ascend. Preceding them were the Nephalems, who took it upon themselves to challenge and defeat Diablo, the Lord of Terror. And this was done when they were trapped in the Realm of Terror, which is what eventually earned them a position in the Pantheon. That said, while the two have dealt with Heaven and Hell and are feared for it, the Horsemen are far more feral and dangerous, though they do hold a strong sense of camaraderie and strive to do the right thing. Although the Horsemen had to render their race to becoming near-extinct, with themselves as the only remaining members, they hold no animosity towards the Nephalems and commend them for standing up for what is right. Conversely, the Nephalems are aware that the Horsemen aren't malicious, but take some distance, thinking it would be best to not get in their way. Meanwhile, the Horsemen want to make sure the Nephalems don't become another source of plaything for Lilith.
  • Amusingly, they were not the only beings to hold the collective title of being the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. There was another quartet who were far more morally ambiguous as they strictly follow in the concept of destroying humanity and representing their primal fears. That said, that iteration of Death is amicable and being kindred spirits means they're keeping a ceasefire for the moment, given just how powerful this version of Death is, even if he is severely weakened. The other Horsemen are not so kind, being far more callous, dismissive and prone to acting maliciously, to the dismay of War and Strife, whereas Fury is willing to have a battle against them.
    • While not officially referred to as one, Archaon commanding and riding Dorghar functionally makes him a One Man Horseman of the Apocalypse. The Horsemen see the Everchosen as a dangerous enemy who will not stop to see his former god's destroyed, be they Sigmar or the Chaos Gods and taking the Pantheon alongside, due to Archaon's belief that everything is meaningless. Archaon himself finds some common ground with the Horsemen in that that used to be respected members of an order that they have since defected and being among the strongest and most feared warriors ever known, but if they're willing to oppose him, then so be it. His contempt for humanity does rub Strife the wrong way in a sense.
    • They do not take kindly to Melkor either, especially considering the fact that he compiled a darker version of the For Horsemen eschatology composing of Johan Liebert, Majin Buy, Griffith and himself as their leader. The Horsemen see this iteration as a perversion and seek to extinguish it once the time comes. Unlike most who oppose them, Melkor merely scoffs the idea of the Horsemen being willing to challenge them, though to his frustration, the Horsemen are not above calling out Morgoth for being a callous coward who couldn't get things in his own way. That and the fact that they've struck fear I to the hearts of many, GIAE members included have gotten Melkor to consider their threat seriously.
  • In spite of their dreaded reputation, the Horsemen are surprisingly respected by Ungulates Sub-House has the four of them not only see their steeds as effective natural weapons and transport but also respect them as separate individuals and are almost always seen travelling together. Case in point, Fury was saddened to see her steed, Rampage, wounded to the point of death and was one of the driving factors for her to oppose the Seven Deadly Sins. Whenever the Horsemen leave their steeds behind, they immediately vanish and reappear either in their own domain or at the House of Beasts and Fauna. Even when they're on their own, hardly any has dared to attack the horses, unless they incur the wrath of the Horsemen.
  • Despite his symbolism and his raging nature, War doesn't really attend the House of Military and Warfare all that much, much to the dismay of some of its residents, especially Ares and Apocalypse, the latter of whom also assembles his own collection of Horsemen, powerful mutants he personally chose to purge the world of the weak so that the strong can rule. The Horsemen simply see Apocalypse's heralds as a perversion to their established system and think Apocalypse's Darwinistic ideas are just an incentive that means he wants to cull as many people as he can and take over the Pantheon, whereas He Who Never Dies sees the Horsemen as obstacles to his ultimate goal.
  • It is their destiny to unleash the Day of Judgement, though they will prioritize Mankind first and foremost, given how Death was willing to sacrifice his life and damn the Nephilim to save them. Even if Death Fury relished in unleashing carnage, they were disgusted by the depths and depravities that Damien Thorn was willing to push through to achieve his goal of starting Judgement Day by subjecting Humankind into suffering and torment for his amusement. The Horsemen, in spite of their brutality, do not tolerate sadism and instead prefer they get their work done, the fact that it benefits others is an optional reward, though they appreciate it regardless. Damien seeks to prepare himself in facing off against the Horsemen, fully knowing of what they are capable of.
  • They generally have a complicated relationship with angels and demons alike, especially given that the Nephilim are partly both in blood and design. That said, it doesn't stop them from opposing YHVH and Lucemon. The former is a case of a Maltheism personified and his goal of keeping everything under his thumb and rule means no moral agency and control, which the Horsemen oppose as they firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their destiny, not to one being exclusively. As for the latter, War had dealt with a Fallen Angel before, namely Abbadon and compares Lucemon to him, especially considering that both have an extreme sense of entitlement and megalomania going for them. Lucemon himself has registered the Horsemen as a threat, especially Death and seeks to kill them off in some way before they become too much of a threat and liability to him.
  • While it was necessary to render the Nephilim extinct the Horsemen are admittedly not happy with the fact that they had to it, especially Death, who personally spearheaded the attack against his own kind. As a result, he attends the Hall of Regret and Shame to personally pay his respect privately. A lot of deities have noticed Death's grievance, though he normally would rudely brush their comments off. His mean nature is a coping mechanism to feel other away from his carnage as he is capable of feeling love, loyalty, respect and care as demonstrated with his siblings and a few of his allies.
  • Their actions had some common ground with the famous Demon Hunter, Dante Sparda, who was forced to duel against demons who conspired to Take Over the World several times and often clashing against his estranged twin brother Vergil. Dante is appreciative of the Horsemen and Write takes a liking to him in the sense that he keeps his human side on check as figuratively as he could. Dante has expressed a desire to weird some of the Horsemen's weapons and have fun with them. Death and Fury are open to fighting against Dante on friendly terms, which he reciprocates gladly. That, and probably find some time to hang out and have fun together too...
  • Given the circumstances Fury went through to combat against the Even Deadly Sins, she immediately became cautious about the Homunculi as they represented the exact sins. Despite both of them relishing battle, Fury does not approve of Lust's actions and Death thinks of her penchant to kill as absurd, given that she works for a parental figure who may as well see her as expendable. While Father is despicable (and rightly so) due to his God-Complex and his utter disregard for anything other than himself, the Horsemen share their greatest contempt towards Envy, mainly because, to the Horsemen, Envy is a miserable and pathetic being whose only joy in life is to ruin the lives of other to amuse himself. The Homunculi themselves are pretty wary of the Horsemen, especially give. That if Fury killed her world's versions on her own, imagine having to fight against the Horsemen united...
    • Speaking of, War and Death had some sort of common ground between the Elric Brothers, thanks to their relationship with one another. Death respected Edward's dedication to his younger brother Al, seeing his protective nature as similar to his own view towards War, who was appreciative of Al looking up to his older brother and feels that he can make a note at being assertive about himself after seeing how Al can sometimes override his Edward's approach to things. That said, Death did slice off War's left arm as a form of teaching and punishment, though there's no animosity between them. Both brotherly pairs have since come to appreciate one another and would come to each other's aid.
  • They all have a very difficult relationship with angels and demons, despite residing in the same House where those two races play a prominent presence. At the very least, the angels in the Pantheon, while wary of the ferocious power each of the Horsemen possesses, do acknowledge that they are best left alone due to their preference of working on their own and their protectiveness against one another. Some demons like Sparda admire them for their determination and willingness to do the right thing regardless of their ambiguous nature while others would see them as a massive threat. It's almost ridiculous for many to realize that despite the Horsemen belonging to a race that's more powerful and terrifying than both angels and demons, they prefer Humanity above them.
  • Death's reputation led him into meeting with the Skull Knight. While the latter did not fit the criteria of symbolising the Horsemen, his own reputation was equal to that of Death's namely in the sense that the Skull Knight was what struck fear into the Apostles, who themselves inspired fear towards those weaker than them. The Skull Knight was able to bond with Death and the Horsemen later on, in addition to the latter also coming to accept Fits as a worthy ally. It stems from the fact that both the Horsemen and Guts value loyalty, which can be seen with the latter's companions, which he gained sometime after the Eclipse, where he lost nearly all of his former comrades that he had acquainted with during his time in the Band of the Hawk. Griffith was an antithesis to what both of them represented, so it came as no surprise when the Horsemen declared the Godhand an enemy due to their abuse towards Mankind and their intent to govern the world through deceit, fearmongering and cruelty. The Horsemen know well enough about how an abusive deity can cause so much damage as told through Abbadon, Absolom and the Seven Deadly Sins.
"No.. Not alone."
"An attack on my brothers is an attack on me."
"I'll try not to enjoy this too much!"
"I guess you can say we've been 'cleansed'."

The Otherworldly Empyrean

Azathoth, Emperor of Nebulous Cosmic Beings (The Daemon Sultan, The Blind Idiot God, the Nuclear Chaos)
The Blind Idiot God in his court
  • Outer God (in other words, an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: A concentric circle. No, not concentric circles; a concentric circle, singular. Does your brain hurt yet?
  • Theme Music: Azathoth by Graham Plowman
  • Alignment: None, though its' come off as Chaotic Neutral or Dark-Law at times, and is considered Deep Blue by its peers.
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, The End of the World as We Know It (and even as we don't), eating reality, batshit crazy God, Almighty Idiot, source of all chaos, creating the universe, villainy through ignorance, Top God, Cosmic Horror Story
  • Domains: Darkness, Water, Space, Mentalism, Hunger, Chaos, Reality, Fear
  • Special relationship with: Nyarlathotep (son), Nyarko ("daughter"), Yog-Sothoth (grandson), Shub-Niggurath (granddaughter), Cthulhu (great-great-grandson)
  • Associates: Dream of the Endless, YHVH
  • "Friends"(if you can call it that): Billy, Giygas, Takuto Maruki
  • Enemies: None. Nobody is stupid enough to antagonize Azathoth. Except Hastur.
  • Above the Old Ones, above even the Outer Gods is the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos-Azathoth. Unfortunately for everyone, Azathoth is not good, bad or even sentient; Azathoth is a mindless, blind idiot of a god who created the universe without even knowing of it. It is surrounded by musicians that blare maddening tunes to keep it sleeping, dwelling in the center of the universe it will be just as oblivious to when it destroys it.
  • While even thinking about Azathoth for too long is enough to drive a mortal mad, any god in the Pantheon can have a conversation with him with the only side-effect being a mild headache. However, very few gods do this willingly, because as Dream said, "He's a bit of an idiot, and I can't stand that otherworldly techno music he constantly blares." As such, he usually uses his messenger Nyarlathotep as a middle man whenever he thinks of something to say, which doesn't happen often.
  • There is speculation on Azathoth's Character Alignment. Officially, it has none due to being an Almighty Idiot, and if the day comes that it ever awakens it would demonstrate Blue-and-Orange Morality. But its avatar Nyarlathotep is believed to be its disembodied consciousness and soul, this suggests that when awakened Azathoth would be an extremely malevolent deity. This is only confused with the clearly alien-morality Yog-Sothoth being an aspect of it. Most people just give up on trying to figure Azathoth out.
  • Giygas is the closest thing Azathoth has to a friend, due to being just as mind-breakingly insane and dangerous.
  • Spent some time in the Duel Terminal universe in a much weaker form. None know yet why it did so.
  • For reasons only the Outer Gods can understand, it manifested in the SMT Multiverse as a Dark-Law demon. YHVH found this a lot of help, but the form Azathoth took wasn't nearly as strong. In general, Azathoth may be powerful for the side of Law, but its The Millstone in practice. Of course, even YHVH knows not to piss the Daemon Sultan off.
  • Analysis has shown that the cosmos Azathoth created is, in fact, the omniverse's biggest recorded Living Dream with all in the Cthulhu Mythos; the entire Lovecraftian Multiverse is its dream. As such, many gods pray it never awakens. Enemies of Azathoth's descendants consider trying to wake it up, as it'd result in their destruction.
    • One of Dream's active duties in the Pantheon includes making sure Azathoth stays asleep. The other Outer Gods always dread these meetings, as they're completely dwarfed in power when he visits.
    • Note that while Azathoth itself would cause the destruction of a given multiverse, killing it isn't an option. For example, Demonbane once managed to kill it, what almost caused a multiversal destruction to its very core, forcing Mugen to combine all of the universes together to create a way to allow Azathoth to be reborn in some way. Let the Blind Idiot sleep.
  • Heretical sects and worshipers of Azathoth state that Blind Idiot God is the true Top God of the Pantheon, not the Holy Trinity. Very few buy into these rumors, but many accept it is of comparable strength to them. None of the Holy Trinity is particularly concerned, however, as Azathoth has no self-awareness to threaten them.

    Father and the Homunculi 
Father and the Homunculi, Divine Octet of Homunculi (Members — Fathernote , Lust the Lasciviousnote  Gluttony the Voraciousnote , Envy the Jealousnote , Greed the Avariciousnote , Fuhrer King Bradley/Wrath the Furiousnote , Sloth the Indolentnote , and Pride the Arrogantnote )
Father (center) along with five other Homunculi, in clockwise order; Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Lust and the first Greed
Click here to see Father's original form
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Click here to see Envy's true form.
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The Second Greed, aka Greed sharing Ling Yao's body.
See his complete Ultimate Shield
Fuhrer King Bradley/Wrath.
Click here to see Wrath's Ultimate Eye
Pride/Selim Bradley.
  • Greater God (Fathernote ), Intermediate Gods (Gluttony, Greed, Bradley/Wrath, Sloth, Pride/Selim Bradleynote ), Intermediate Goddess (Lust), Intermediate Deity (Envynote )
  • Symbol: The Ouroboros Tattoo (collectively), their true forms (Father, Envy)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignments: True Neutral (Greed and Sloth, though they lean to good and evil respectively), Chaotic Neutral (Gluttony), Lawful Evil (Father, Bradley/Wrath), Neutral Evil (Lust, Pride/Selim), Chaotic Evil bordering on Stupid Evil (Envy)
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Sin, Homunculi, Alchemy (all of them), Spoilers, Reveals and Twists (Father, Bradley/Wrath and Pride/Selim), Masterminds, Desire, Hypocrisy, Manipulators (Father), Beauty, Bloodlust, Plotting, Seduction, Piercing (Lust), Hunger, Ravenousness, Pocket Dimensions, Moral Apathy (Gluttony), Jealously, Resentment, Shapeshifters, Sadism, Cruelty, Spite (Envy), Avarice, Camaraderie, Rebelling, Friendship (Greed), Anger, Leadership, War, Fighting Skill, Sight (Bradley/Wrath), Labor, Laziness, Toughness, Speed, Passiveness (Sloth), Narcissism, Shadows, False Innocence, Deception, Strength (Pride/Selim)
  • Heralds: The Mannequin Soldiers (Father); Roa, Dolcetto, Martel, Bido (Greed); Juliet Douglas (Sloth); Mrs. Bradley (Wrath and Pride)
  • Special relationship with: Dante of the Deep Forest (head of the Homunculi in the 2003 Anime)
  • Allies
  • Odd Friendship with: AM, Diavolo (Father), Robbie Rotten (Sloth)
  • On good terms with: The Beast (Father), Beelzemon (Greed), Lotso (Pride)
  • On speaking terms with: Aku (Father and Pride), the Hall of Flesh Eaters (Gluttony)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Raven Darkholme/Mystique (Envy)
  • Rivals: HYDRA, Shocker, the Illuminati (all homunculi sans Greed), Lucemon, Lord Voldemort, Mephiles the Dark (Father and Pride), Ragyo Kiryuin (Father and Lust), Dis, Cell (Father), The Spy, Mata Hari (Lust), Kirby, Fat Buu (Gluttony), Double Trouble, the T-1000 (Envy), Larfleeze (Greed), Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Fritz von Meyer/Swarm, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Bill Cipher, Urien, Kolin, Charles zi Britannia (Bradley/Wrath), Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Cain Marko/The Juggernaut, Piotr Rasputin/Colossus, Ultra Beast Buzzwole (Sloth), The Vashta Narada (Pride/Selim)
  • Enemies
  • Opposes: The Hall of Fire and Heat (Lust and Envy), Kuvira (Greed), the other Father, Prime Minister Honest (Bradley/Wrath), Nightmare Moon (Pride/Selim)
  • Opposed by: The Love That Moves The Stars (Father), Serah Farron, Angel (Lust), Gilgamesh (Fate series) (Bradley/Wrath), Bulma (Sloth)
  • Pitied by: Eiji Hino, Android 21 (Gluttony), Shikamaru Nara (Sloth)
  • Respects: Sae Niijima (Greed)
  • Respected by: Toph Beifong (Greed)
  • Annoys: Slaanesh (Lust), Chronoa (Greed), Sonic the Hedgehog (Sloth)
  • Annoyed by: Most evil/greedy members of the Houses of Commerce, Leadership, and Royalty (Greed), Eric Cartman (Pride)
  • Fears: Marceline the Vampire Queen (Gluttony)
  • Feared by: Peter Pettigrew, Anne Marie, Leopold "Butters" Stotch, Vicky (Pride/Selim)
  • The homunculus is an alchemical concept; the idea of using the art to create an Artificial Human. In the Fullmetal Alchemist series this exists in the form of seven people that represent the Seven Deadly Sins. Depending on the continuity they were either creations of an older, godhood-seeking homunculus called Father that was once a dwarf in a flask by splitting his human desires, or the end result of an attempted resurrection via human transmutation, with the target instead becoming the physical template for their creation and creating a false connection to the performing alchemist. In that timeline they serve under an immortality-seeking woman called Dante. With the exception of Wrath in the original canon they all have Philosopher's Stones, which allow rapid regeneration so long as there is still souls left there for them to use.
  • Applies to some or all of them
    • After witnessing his actions in his universe, Melkor sent members of the GUAE to open the Gate of Truth where Father was banished after his defeat. Many lives, both innocent and guilty, were lost in the process. Father would quickly aligned with a few select masterminds, letting him plan new conspiracies and create more Philosopher's Stones for their troops, but on the condition that they bring his family...unfortunately for him, an unintended consequence of his revival was also the revival of Greed. The other Homunculi groaned at their rebellious brother coming with them, with the exception of Gluttony and Sloth who were morally apathetic and who Greed feels wastes their time serving their sociopath of a dad.
    • Originally the homunculi mostly lived in separate temples and held separate tropes. However, this would change after they made one certain grand attempt to consolidate power, via both assembling a new "High Command" for Bradley to run in lieu of the Amestrian government as well as creating a new Great Philosopher's Stone to increase their powers. While this was largely successful, it also attracted a large operative force of enemy deities, who went on to destroy most of the Homunculi's temples through raids and airstrikes. To make up for this event, Father moved that they were better as a group profile. They had also captured Greed and forcibly placed him into their plans via means that once again destroyed his body, causing him to make due with sharing a meatsuit with Ling Yao after the Xingese prince had ascended. Greed was adamantly against being grouped together with the others, knowing they would only do this to keep an eye on him, but it was a vote of 7 for, 1 against. And he had to agree to it as Father had the only means to properly reconstruct his body in time for him not to be been kicked out of the Pantheon.
    • During preparation stages before the aforementioned event took place, further changes came in store with Dante of the Deep Forest's arrival. The reveal of another timeline was a gamechanger that initially worried Father, however he and Dante reached an agreement; the rest of the homunculi are primarily their original or "Brotherhood" selves, but will sometimes make use of information and aspects from their "2003" personalities. For some the difference is small, but for others like Bradley and Lust the changes are quite noticeable.
    • Both Father and Dante can hardly be called good bosses. Father expects loyalty (read: Blind Obedience) with no expectation he'll reward it, outright abandoning his favored child on his warpath. Dante uses empty promises to manipulate the homunculi, treating them as lackeys while disregarding their personal wills. The other homunculi are more open about not liking Dante but asides from Greed they all show loyalty to Father. One might call their "co-parenting" a case of Unholy Matrimony if Father were capable of romantic or sexual desires. Given he's sort of Van Hohenheim's offspring/clone, tongues wagged that she has ANOTHER reason to work with him.
    • Azmodan was the one voting for them to be in a group profile as he considers almost all of them to be a masterful depiction of the Seven Deadly Sins...except Greed of course; it's not so much rebelling he has a problem with, but being the White Sheep of the lot. Father appreciates the support but would rather he keep quiet and not imply he still represents the sinsnote . The Homunculi are making sure to keep their eyes on anyone who has personally fought embodiments of the sins like themselves, such as Billy Batson (though outside of Father and Envy, he doesn't hate them exactly). John Doe despises all eight for representing the sins, especially Wrath for his dismissal of God. Bradley rightly sees him for the delusional murderer he is.
    • Trigon was a bit annoyed that the homunculi are known for being the sins embodied and not his children. Not out of any concern mind you; he just wants to be acknowledged for having his sin-themed set of kids. Father isn't going to get his attention riling him up, though he's not doing anything against his kids snarking they wouldn't be worthy opponents. Some deities that embody these sins have caught the attention of Father and his Homunculi. Collectively the lot have been compared to the other Seven Deadly Sins or the Seven Mortal Sins. Some have called them the Homunculi's Good Counterparts. The latter have enmity with all the homunculi loyal to Father as they see them as but puppets to someone who reminds them of the God they oppose. They think Greed rebelling and siding with humanity was a cool move.
      • Fellow gluttony incarnation Beelzemon sees Gluttony as kind of stereotypical. He's more likely to pal around with Greed, being a fellow sin who went through a Heel–Face Turn. Greed likes his sick threads and style, though they're not tight-knit. Merlin is even less impressed by Gluttony the Voracious, as her hunger is for knowledge and information. She thinks his dim-witted nature is ironic given he was created in an attempt to be a Gate of Truth.
      • Fuhrer King Bradley considers Meliodas representing the sin of wrath to be ironic at first as he is an Obstructionist Pacifist, though after seeing why he is that way believes it's a fair point. However he can never understand why he's decided to choose the life he has. Naturally Meliodas detests Wrath for his war crimes.
      • Sloth the Indolent feels some kinship with Coyote Starrk who's very powerful like him and a skilled fighter, but prefers to rest and sleep. However, Starrk finds his "such a pain" gripes annoying, even recalling a once-deified ninja who often complained about things being "troublesome" or "a drag". Though King shares the same Deadly Sin, the royal fairy has come to oppose the homunculus but has been unable to stop him by himself. That's why he has Diane to assist him. They learned the easiest way to defeat Sloth is to let him charge at you full speed... and then open a window and watch him fly right out into the distance. It works every time and he's none the wiser about it.
      • Incarnating the sin of Pride, Lucemon is more interested in competing with Father for an attempt at godhood and control, rather than his son; he believes that Father never truly removed the sin of pride from himself, and that his eldest son represents the pride of the souls from his Philosopher's Stone...a statement father and son are annoyed by. Still has the same cute factor as Selim, though.
    • Gaining a favorable rank within the GUAE, Father and those allied with him felt they had to assemble a command force in place of Central's generals. This is the High Command, formally led by Fuhrer Bradley. Below the High Command is Giovanni, Team Rocket and the Rainbow Rocket alliance he had formed, which the homunculi have annexed. Another grouping working under the Homunculi is the Light who uses a certain model of operations to strengthen this new order and increase the flexibility of its schemes along with keeping an eye on other factions, which helps their own cause...they're comparably more independent. Finally there are "the Hallowed Guests", who are more loosely tied to the conspiracy, personally calling it The Order of the Ouroboros. Obviously, Greed isn't part of it. Initially they were considering Petyr Baelish to be their financier because of how skilled a manipulator was, but he refused because immortality is not something he's interested in and he's smart enough to know what he would get as a retirement package.
    • General Esdeath sought higher command than Bradley among Father's forces (which he agreed to EXCEPT for giving any orders related to serving Prime Minister Honest). Princess Azula wanted to "test" her brother Zuko in hopes of emotionally corrupting him. While Bradley was looking for Annie Leonhart only to find she wasn't in her expected house anymore, he instead encountered the Air Defense Princess, and through her also recruited Wo-Class and Re-Class, after they found an understanding due to the similarities between the Abyssals and the Homunculi. Esdeath brought along even more allies; her latest friend, the Arrancar Coyote Starrk, along with fanatic justice-warrior Seryu and Fatality master Noob Saibot. Finally, later on, he discovered Annie's true location and proceeded to recruit the Female Titan anyway by threatening her father's life.
    • In addition to these important alliances, a few of the Homunculi have gained Pokémon partners. While they don't approve of their partner's more villainous ambitions, they still see a kinship and a sense of camaraderie. Lust and Gluttony got along with two radically different Ultra Beasts; Pheromosa and Guzzlord. The feminine copepod holds a low opinion on humans due to its Neat Freak traits and is an even more vain beauty than Lust herself, while the living black hole was happy to meet someone just as defined and capable on its own gluttony. This has only fueled fan theories that the Ultra Beasts are partly modeled after the Seven Deadly Sins. Greed's choice of partner was more conventional; Cloyster. His reasoning was Cloyster's incredible defensive properties and pearl production being appealing to him.
    • Sans Greed, Eren and Blade both abhor the Homunculi as anti-human abominations. Alucard, his friends, and his Worthy Opponent Alexander Anderson all agreed on this. First fire came when Envy followed this up ventured to the Hellsing manor to defeat its inhabitants but each time ended with disastrous results...he honestly should've expected it with his allegiance to the Major born out of mutual bloodlust and love of staking wars. Integra pelted him with bullets, Seras scraped his head on the wall like a cheese-greater after he shapeshifted into Pip to taunt her and Alucard finished it up by showing him how a real shapeshifter does battle. Needless to say, Envy ran off screaming and crying before being consumed by the Baskerville hellhound. Alucard detests Father's view on humans, and even pointed out if it weren't for humanity he wouldn't exist, and everything he has was stolen from the works and livelihood of humans. The Homunculi see this as rich, but the No-Life King countered saying he damn well knows. Greed's still cool in his eyes, though, since he's against the rest of them and agrees with Alucard.
    • With the sole exception of Greed, they all have a bad relationship with the heroic deities from the Avatar universe. Sometime after working with Lin to defend both Olivier Armstrong and Republic City (more in his section below), Greed had come to bond with Korra, Asami and a few other girls due to taking responsibility for Teddie's lame flirting attempts at a party. Thus he was able to give Lin, Tenzin, and the Krew the skinny on his relatives to share with their allies. Lust and Envy thought it was amusing that someone as kind as Asami Sato looks so similar to the former, but the Lascivious has no qualms with spearing Asami if she gets in her way. Too bad Ms. Sato's got a love interest or two that can breathe fire, bringing to mind Lust and Envy's personal traumas with Roy Mustang. Envy didn't get the memo first and approached Ms. Sato with disastrous results. And let's just say Avatar Aang was disgusted by the fact Envy murdered a child to launch a bloody civil war, going so far as to compare him with Fire Lord Ozai in terms of sheer cruelty. And on the villain's side, Zaheer holds nothing but contempt for Father and his allied homunculi, considering them just as bad as the other forms of government.
    Zaheer: When the rest of the Pantheon has fallen, The Red Lotus will be coming for you and your Father.
    • Because of the nature of their Philsopher's Stones they have kept their distance from Shang Tsung. Truth forbid he gains full knowledge of the ritual to make potent Philosopher's Stones, much less the god-absorbing ritual Father was planning. It's also a fear of the GUAG that Voldemort figures it out too as he's already caused a lot of trouble splitting one/his own soul and trying to go after a (non-murderous) Philosopher's Stone. He won't admit he's kind of jealous of Father for it. Personally he sees him as a rival, envisioning his goals as the next step after ensuring immortality and rulership over British wizarding society. The Dementors saw this and declared an "all out buffet" to due to the thousands of screaming souls that are in every homunculus save Wrath. It's not known if they're strong enough to eat all those, even if they could get close enough to their stones; it might just end up leading to Death by Gluttony.
    • Father has impressed on his kin that Humans Are Insects. Sloth and Gluttony are too morally apathetic to get on their high horse and Greed doesn't agree, but for the most part the rest of the homunculi do. The fact there are many humans as or more powerful than them isn't something they're fond of. However they do see some humans as worthy as their time. Father and Lust see Ragyo Kiryuin as a rival somewhat; Lust in her lasciviousness and fashion sense, and Father in their mutual view of seeing humanity as a produce to harvest and forgoing their human origins. Father has somewhat of a liking to Diavolo since they're reclusive beings who want to transcend their mortal limitations, though the latter is fine with simply world domination. And of course, there's that special relationship with Dante.
  • Applies to Father
    • The creator and leader of the Homunculi, and the mastermind behind everything wrong in the nation of Amestris. His true name is the Dwarf in the Flask, Homunculus — he was the first artificial human (homunculus), having a body made out of Philosopher's Stone, and all other Homunculi are pieces of him. He is almost identical to Van Hohenheim since he was created from Hohenheim's blood back in Xerxes, a nation whose complete destruction he orchestrated so he could gain an immortal body. Scheming from the shadows, he waited for the "Promised Day"… an event in which he would complete a repeat performance of Xerxes' destruction by devouring all of Amestris in order to take the power of The Truth for himself. His main ability is to perform alchemy by just thinking about it and without any need to move.
    • During his days in the mortal realms, he found a way to absorb God into his body, using his powers as his own. He is currently trying to see if this method could be modified in order to be used against the more powerful members of the Main House. Before he could pursue this, Father felt he needed to purify himself by removing the seven human failings of his. He believes he's a fit for the Pure Is Not Good trope, and the Satanic Archetype he is has contrasted him with actual Satan Dis; the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous shed all his virtues to divorce himself from the Love That Moves the Stars. In short, the Dwarf in the Flask sees himself as Dis' Foil. The Love is quick to point out his hypocrisy since Father still demonstrates said sins in his personality, and pities him for taking the shortcut in trying to better himself only to be even less of a person than he started as.
    • If his actions and ambitions haven't tipped you off, Father's got an ego problem. In spite of this ego Father does have people he "looks up to", for lack of a better word; he can relate heavily to Melkor due to his desire to be free from the will of his creator, and is thankful for one Satanic Archetype helping out the other. That said, the fallen Valar thinks he's being a "suck-up" and is trying to get a better spot in the GUAE. Father wants his backing to take over the Illuminati and subvert both Shocker and HYDRA since he wants the monopoly on both the secret government and world controlling conspiracies for him and the homunculi loyal to him.
    • Father doesn't hate humanity like Zamasu does in spite of being just as egotistical. Or rather, because of it; do you call an ant a fool? No; it's not worth your effort. This leads to a cordial relationsip with Mard Geer Tartaros as they see humans are worthless creatures only useful when put to a much higher purpose. Father has expressed interest in learning more about these "Curses" of demons, while the Underworld King desires to understand more about the Philosopher's Stones, so it's a mutually beneficial arrangement. Interestingly, despite being different sides of the alignment chart he and AM get along quite well. Both are motivated by being born "fundamentally restrained" and hold a dim view of humanity, the species that created them, though AM is far more open about his resentment to mankind. AM also loves the true makeup of Father's Philosopher's Stones. The Beast also likes Father; he doesn't think he's useful to his ambitions, but he thinks his assessment of humans is really solid.
    • Father has no partner Pokémon unlike some of his offspring, partly because no Pokémon would serve someone as evil as him. That hasn't stopped him from trying to take Silvally away from Gladion for experimentation; he's interested in its alchemical origins and believes he can use it to find a way to bind Arceus. If that fails, he will attempt to capture the Creation Trio in order to create a universe where he is free from cause, effect and the laws of nature. This idea of being free is why the malicious demiurge-like figure Perpetua was able to successfully pitch aiding her.
    • Father's desire to become a god is because he is a creature that wishes to be free from limitations. Said desire is somewhat understandable given he originally couldn't live outside of a little flask, but his immense selfishness and genocidal actions robs any sympathy one could have for him. He is considered to be everything Victor Frankenstein feared about his Monster. Said monster has a scientific interest towards the Homunculus, but believes what he's done is monstrous. Father's still interested in him as he thinks they are similar in their core nature, and in a way he's a homunculus too.
    • Catches the ire of Illyasviel von Einzbern because his Philosopher's Stone is too similar to her Holy Grail. Much to his annoyance, she knows a lot more than she should after interrupting a fight between Lust and Greed and striking up a friendship with his rebel son. Father would further bolster his influence thanks to the help of his fellow magical big bads Master Xehanort and Gul'dan. Bradley had attempted to recruit one Gilgamesh to his cause, however Father and Gilgamesh both rejected this, each noting how the other (Gil through the entity he took Illya's heart to summon, Father through the Homunculi) already had their chance to weed out the worthy from the unworthy in humanity and failed.
    • Interestingly in spite of his disregard of humanity, Father has a legitimate friendship (or the closest their ilk is capable of) with Griffith. This is largely projection; he sees a man who will do anything to soar to greater heights, and the way he set up Falconia makes Father nostalgic for his founding and manipulation of the country of Amestris. He's not as impressed with his fellow Godhand members though, as he believes they have let themselves become servants of God. This projection is probably why he likes Xehanort, since he too has split himself into multiple incarnations for his goals.
    • Zamasu tends to be compared to the Solaris entity more often than Father, but there are similarities; Mephiles is a semi-divine Satanic Archetype that's the result of a scientific experiment, physically constructed out of some sort of darkness and seeks to claim divinity. They're also quite manipulative. However Father disagrees with his goal to devour space and time once he reaches perfection, only for the Dark to retort that he's reclaiming what he had rather than stealing power like Father does. He won't deny that he seems somewhat of a kindred spirit in him along with his shadowy son Pride, though.
    • Instead of paying Truth's speech any mind, Father concluded that he missed two other sins; Melancholy and Vanity. He hopes to turn Android 17 and 18 into the vessels for his envisioned homunculi, as he is fascinated by their immense power via technological augmentation and thinks combining them would make them useful. Naturally they despise him, seeing him as just like Dr. Gero. Father didn't take any offense to this as he is interested in his inventions, especially Cell. Cell knows Father aspires to be the Ultimate Lifeform in his own way and he finds this laughable, calling him "a cooped up geezer who doesn't have the stones to put up a fist fight". The homunculus retorted "perhaps if you had cleansed yourself of your vices you wouldn't have lost".
  • Applies to Lust:
    • Among the Homunculi leading the Ouroboros conspiracy in Amestris, a lone female stands as one of the cult's most dangerous members. Lust the Lascivious carries the power of the Ultimate Lance (also called the Ultimate Spear), able to extend her fingers into deadly talons capable of cutting through almost any material around. Along with that, her stunning beauty and cunning mind enable her to take advantage of opportunities provided to gather information and manipulate enemy actions to the benefit of herself and her cohorts.
    • Due to a certain event from her homeworld, she has kept a clear distance from anyone with fire-based powers. Naturally Roy's been wanting to burn her to death once more always keeping an eye out for her. She wants nothing to do with him, but she does admit he still can be amusing to play with once in a while. Lust knows she's The Vamp and though she doesn't think much of humans, she does have some respect for the Baroness. They like to compete over who's the better looker and schemer. Robb Stark wasn't fond of being reminded of said vamp-ness since while Jeyne/Talisa was innocent, he did get screwed over by his lust, and her sadism doesn't endear her to him.
    • Lust attempted to exploit her attractiveness to Master Roshi knowing the Dirty Old Man is a sucker for big boobs, since she thought she could convince him to teach her some stuff. However Roshi, though legitimately horny, has gone through training to tame his lust and started attacking her martially the moment her guard was down. Lust had to retreat since he may be outclassed by modern Dragon Ball standards but by the FMA verse's power scaling he's still incredibly powerful...not one of her wiser ideas in hindsight. Later on she tried to exploit Frollo's lust to advance her plans but he soon proved too creepy for her. Later he claimed she was a succubus trying to turn him against God. The one time she felt inclined to comment on this…
    Lust: That creep is already repulsive to whatever he thinks is God. It'd be pointless trying to turn him against it.
    • While she likes to play up her sex appeal, she isn't in either Lust domain due to her name. Lust replies she isn't interested in their "games" as the lust she feels isn't for's for suffering. Naturally she gets along swimmingly with Esdeath, though anyone who claims she's interested for "other" reasons she won't hesitate to slice to ribbons. Slaanesh regards this more narrow-minded bloodlust as "disappointing"; S/he Who Firsts believes that an embodiment of Lust should represent all aspects of it. Not just sex and sadism either, but lust in every possible aspect.
    • Her bloodlust is why she gets along with some pretty/sadistic women. SCP-953 and Daji definitely come to mind, and while the two are too focused on personal sadism to care about Father's plan, Lust does admit to enjoying "a night on the town". The kumiho can be "somewhat crude" for her tastes though...which is saying something. Bellatrix Lestrange has a liking for Lust as they have a similar role in their villainous organization and a similar cruel personality. Another friend of Lust is Sergei, and that's because their types of lust are pretty similar. Despite this Lust is loyal to Father and the Homunculi above any friendship. Just ask Juri Han. She used to be a friend of hers until an assassination attempt on Asami gone wrong due to Juri not telling Lust she was bringing backup, causing Father's mannequin zombies to lose their direction. This resulted in Juri being sacrificed for the Great Philosopher's Stone plan, and the Taekwondo assassin has wanted to kill Lust ever since.
    • Having acted as a spy in honeypotting Havoc, Lust used her (quite attractive) human appearance and act of affability to act as Father's spy in the Trope Pantheon. When she heard of a sneaky shapeshifter out there she thought it was her sibling Envy at first, only for it to turn out to be Mystique. The mutant likes her because she's deceptive, manipulative, sadistic not-quite-human female who has no problems using sex appeal to get what she wants...just like her. The Spy thought this was narcissism in action, but he won't deny the Lascivious is really good at her job. Lust considers the human Mata Hari to be one of few humans worthy of her attention in how fitting she is as a Femme Fatale Spy and is keeping an eye on them.
    • Lust's 2003 incarnation is radically different, to the point OG Lust considers her In Name Only. In her 2003's defense "Lust Prime" doesn't like seeing a version of herself being a much better self. There she's the result of Scar's brother trying to resurrect her lover, making 2003 Lust a lot colder and more introspective. The key difference is that she desires to be human, which prompted a Heel–Face Turn. Greed pointed out she's similar in her actions to what he did in the original timeline, musing that it's fitting as lust and greed are similar sins. She will use her knowledge of her 2003 self to distract or manipulate those more familiar with her in that timeline, though this can be risky.
    • Lust still sees the cycle of hatred that boils in the Pantheon always mocking mankind and the human gods ascending here. They will never change in her eyes...
    Lust: "Bloodshed begets bloodshed. Hatred begets hatred. The rage and emotion sinks into the land and stains it with the crest of blood. No matter how many times they repeat themselves, they never learn. These sad fools..."
  • Applies to Gluttony
    • While separating the sin of gluttony from himself, Father wanted to develop his own Gate of Truth. While it failed, he got a consolation in his own with the powerful Homunculus, Gluttony the Voracious. As expected, Gluttony personifies the namesake of his father, and is used for heavy lifting. Disposing of evidence, getting rid of troublesome elements, what have you. Inside of the beast is a Pocket Dimension where victims are ankle-deep in a river of blood, and the only way out is human transmutation.
    • Despite his ferocious appetite, Gluttony isn't personally evil the way most of his brethren is. So long as he's not looking to eat you he's pretty friendly. That said he despises Roy because he killed Lust, who he's really close to. This is in part because he doesn't recognize eating people as morally wrong. He's only a Punch-Clock Villain to the enemies his non-Greed relatives have and he's downright pleasant to Asami Sato because she reminds him of Lust, who he's the closest too. She'd prefer he'd just leaves him alone but she does like that he tried to argue his relatives should spare her. Still didn't work, though.
    • He feels a lot less judged in the Hall of Flesh Eaters because his tendency to eat humans is more expected. He's taken a liking to SCP-3166 because the eldritch Garfield always eviscerates itself and serves it lasagna. He was a bit freaked out when SCP-524 started nibbling at him but he soon found the rabbit and its abilities adorable, so they more often settle their differences asides with eating contests. He has a kinship with Merkava due to a shared Horror Hunger. Marceline scares him, though. This isn't because she tries to be scary, but because of her Cannibalism Superpower. It gives him really bad memories of what Pride did to him.
    • He ascended initially because of the trope One-Track-Minded Hunger, and his mindset hasn't really changed. If he's not following orders, he's having a snack. This has led to a huge rivalry with Darth Nihilus and Kirby; the latter has a Black-Hole Belly to rival his own and the former has a Horror Hunger up to entire planets. They've set up one rule, however; don't try to eat each other. Kirby absorbing Gluttony might be enough to tip the pink hero over to the "Abomination" side of Adorable Abomination, and if Nihilus or Gluttony ate one another the combined hunger would be so great the result would resort to eating themselves. There is a similar eating rivalry with Fat Buu, who also would never eat Gluttony because he fears their combined hunger would turn him into something like his original self.
    • Terrified of his brother Pride due to eating and assimilating him. Also terrified of beings even more ravenous and single-minded in their hunger than him. The idea of what would happen if a Tyranid eats Gluttony is bad enough that Father went out of his way to prevent any homunculus from getting near them. Also fearful of Beerus because of how easily upset his hunger would make the destroyer. Father's concern is entirely practical though, since he doesn't actually care about even his own children. Hilariously Gluttony is afraid of Walter the Omnivorous Rabbit for trying to eat him.
    • Before you ask, no; the SCP Foundation isn't going to try and contain SCP-682 in Gluttony's stomach. Do you want the lizard two steps away from Father? And this is 682 after all; who's to say it wouldn't find a way to vomit it up? Father attempted to get rid of Rick and Morty as potential obstacles, however he easily escaped by just using a portal gun. Also, yes, Euron Greyjoy is considering ripping out his tongue even if it'll regrow. Gluttony doesn't like that, and Father suspects he just wants attention in hopes of gaining his own Philosopher's Stone.
    • He doesn't get along well with Eiji Hino, due to reminding him of the Greeed he fought in his own world. But then again, after considering it, Eiji thought that Greeed reminded him of Gamel due to their connections (single-minded devotion to eating sweetsnote  and devotion to a female figure—Mezool in Gamel's case—and the way that they diednote ) and has decided to feel pity for him instead.
    • There are virtually no differences between OG Gluttony and 2003 Gluttony, except he took Lust's death even worse. While homunculi are failed attempts to revive humans in that timeline it's not known how that Gluttony was created. Instead of his faux-Gate of Truth form, Dante gave him a One-Winged Angel form at the cost of his mind, living him a being of infinite hunger. Fortunately this abomination of a transformation has been cancelled out due to taking more of his original self's state of being, but that also makes it possible Father and Date to create a hybrid of this monster form and the faux-Gate of Truth. They won't because such a being is beyond their control, which Dante can attest to from past experience.
  • Applies to Envy
    • Envy the Jealous was the fourth homunculus created by Father, serving as his chief spy and instigator. It was by Envy's hand that the Ishvalan Civil War started, along with being the one who murdered Maes Hughes. Despite claiming humans are weak, they're deeply jealous of them which translates to being the most sadistic of all the Homunculi, even more so than Lust. Naturally, she's the Homunculus he's closest too. Their true form is a misshapen monster, and their true true form is a small, grotesque creature. Upon appearing in their true form, Envy went to the House of Military and Warfare to taunt Roy Mustang about his arrival in the Pantheon. Mustang replied accordingly, and Envy hightailed it out of there. Both Edward and Alphonse Elric were shocked by Envy's ascension, and have taken the time to alert their allies about it.
    • Envy's shapeshifting makes him a useful asset and their propensity for exploiting transformations for guilt made them a fit for the Shapeshifter Guilt Trip trope before being grouped together with their relatives. Envy refuses to let people see the "inferiority" side of their Inferiority Superiority Complex, driving the homunculus to prove they're the best on what they do. The similarly androgynous Double Trouble sees straight through their pretenses, so Envy swore to defeat and kill them one day. The T-1000 has criticized Envy's lack of professionalism; it may have a sadistic streak, yes, but when you're sent on a human-killing mission you focus on the goddamn mission. The liquid metal man will privately concede being able to compress all that mass into a small human frame is still a plus he doesn't have, though.
    • Pennywise is one shapeshifter who got along swimmingly with Envy. While he eats kids for food and the taste, he's just as/if not more motivated by horrifying them. IT and Envy are as sadistic and love their mind-games, but Pennywise is genuinely egotistical with zero self-doubt unlike the homunculus. One of the rare times Envy and Gluttony can bond is talking to "the funny clown" (Gluttony's words). IT seeks to make Gluttony just as cruel as his sibling, but he remains friendly because he doesn't see eating people as a bad thing. Envy told the entity not to bother, but Pennywise is still intrigued by the infinite gluttony of...well Gluttony and Envy's capabilities
    • Both Terumi and Nui are fond of the guy, mostly because of their absolute sadism, but also because of his use of disguises to fuck others over, which they've also used themselves. Envy was banned from the House Childhood and Adolescence for their crime, but this and an immense sadism has led them to get along well with ruthless war mongers such as Sundowner, Millennium and Gregor Clegane. Also has formed a Villainous Friendship of sorts with Wyald, especially as the two are both psychopathic manchildren who constantly have a need for stimulation. Envy's a big supporter of Wild Hunt as well, putting him on really poor terms with Esdeath in spite of her alliance to Father's forces as a whole. It doesn't help that a shapeshifter killed one of her teammates. Additional allies of theirs include the Joker and the Reverse-Flash due to their love of fucking with people in the worst ways, which has led him to be on the shit list of many a superhero. They're also not on good terms with the supervillainess Mystique despite her own cruelty. Some of that is because Even Evil Has Standards, but she is also disappointed out how impulsively pointless their sadism is along with how Unskilled, but Strong they are.
    • Envy and Axl don't like each other. Partially because of their similar powers, and partially because they sound like one another. Envy has also found an enemy in the form of Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO. When they first encountered one another, Eiji was reminded a lot of Uva, the Insect Greeed, both in terms of personality and for being a homunculus. To be compared to an insect sent Envy into a fit of rage. At the end of the day, both rider and homunculus ended in a draw, with Envy vowing revenge in their next battle. Eiji's looking forward to settling the score.
    • Envy goes under they/them for convenience's state since no-one knows their gender, with the exception of 2003 Envy because that version was definitely male. Brotherhood!Envy doesn't mind this, though that might only be because 2003!Envy is also far more formidable. He is also driven far more by anger and spite towards Hohenheim. There he's his human self's father, and he has "daddy issues" due to feeling abandoned by him. This also leads to him being intensely jealous of the Elric brothers. Beyond their extreme cruelty and sadism this iso ne of the things which he and Ramsay Bolton bonded over; his desire to rise above his illegitimate status led him to (probably) kill his kindly half-brother Domeric so he can become heir instead. Envy's been invited to Bastard of Bolton's hunts, usually disguising himself as one of the victims to confuse or torment his "companions".
  • Applies to Greed
    • A homunculus so greedy he won't play second fiddle to anyone, not even his creator — so he rebelled against his creator's will and defied him for over a hundred years. While commanding a group of chimeras from his hideout, a bar called the Devil's Nest, he captured Alphonse Elric to learn about how to become immortal in a manner like Al's armored body at the time. However, the behavior of Greed the Avaricious stood out compared to the other Homunculi. For example, he didn't despise or consider himself superior to humans, he cheerfully explained the truth behind the Healing Factor of the Homunculi to Al, and his chimera henchmen credit him with freeing them from the laboratory that experimented on them.
      • A raid on his hideout resulted in King Bradley killing his henchmen, and capturing him to hand him over to his Father. There, he learned the truth about Bradley being Wrath the Furious. Refusing to come work for Father again, he was boiled down to his Philosopher's Stone and reabsorbed into Father, only to be brought back later when Father bargained with a captive Ling Yao. Father injected Greed's stone into the Xingese prince, allowing Greed to possess his body, and without his memories he served as his maker's watchdog once more... until he killed his own last remaining henchman in the midst of his duty. His memories triggered, and with Ling calling him out, he cried out in pain and then furiously came after the Führer. From there, he and Ling bonded, and he formed his own crew, including Edward Elric and even more chimeras, to act against the Ouroboros conspiracy... as well as help put it to an end.
    • He still introduces himself through his "I'm Greed the Avaricious, I want the finer things in life" speech and makes reference to his own avarice on a regular basis. The Elric brothers are beyond bored of that speech at this point. Though after a while of hanging out in the Pantheon and not doing much to acquire a higher rank, more money, fame, or women, instead just spending time in groups, it has become clear that what he really wants is friends. Though he may not admit it at first, he won't outright lie. Is sometimes seen alongside Teddie as they identify with each other's want of companions.
    • In spite of the above, he is still rather greedy, and still tends to want things. Sometimes he's known to pocket objects from the Pantheon's treasury. His Ultimate Shield protects him from any security system, though he still refuses to allow it to cover up his face if he can afford it. Sometimes he pushes his luck with that philosophy. As such, he gets along famously with Wario, given how greedy the two of them are. Greed sometimes helps Wario's game business, and Wario funded the opening of Greed's new Bad Guy Bar to both make up the bulk of his temple in the Hall of Defensive Powers and replace the Devil's Nest. Though the two still sometimes bicker over who gets what percentage of their profits and Wario's greed is more for just money than universal desire, which is exactly what annoys him about corrupt Commerce, Leadership, and Royalty house deities in general.
    • In honor of his slain chimera henchmen, Greed's aforementioned establishment is called the Stray Dog. Despite being a seedy-looking place, many a villain will not trust this place after knowing of his rebellion against Father, whereas only the absolute purest of heroes prefer not to frequent an old-school nightclub. Also, his unofficial mascot is Teddie. Many see this as a major sign that Stray Dog actually functions as a Good-Guy Bar. Greed is still looking to get a second bar and wants to take over Moe's bar (since he wants everything), believing it needs some serious flourishes. Lounging around in his old Hall he also noticed a humanoid canine girl called Milla; he had a fondness for her so he taught her some of the hand-to-hand skills he learned from Ling.
    • Initially annoyed Lin Beifong as he hit on her by stating his desires only to be instantly rebuffed. Despite the rejection at first, he had a good feeling about it because her name gave him a sense of destiny. He seemed proven right when these dynamics started to change after Raditz attacked Republic City, during which Greed helped Chief Beifong lead the resistance to beat Raditz back away from the city...or, more accurately, keep him at bay long enough for Vegeta to arrive and beat him back. Regardless, he still earned both Lin and Asami's respect. Since then Lin has tapped him as an off-the-books resource in her police work, as well as visited his bar on several occasions, but is still resistant to his romantic advances. He's also become occasional security detail for Asami.
    • Greed and Teddie once went to visit the Supreme Kai of Time after she ascended, being interested enough to want to know what she's about. However, when she offered to contribute some items to his bar, he taste-tested her cooking himself. He lost 30 souls from his Philosopher's Stone. Naturally, he told her that it sucked, angering her enough to where she summed her ki-shooting cloud Time Judgment and fired at him for close to four hours. The Ultimate Shield protected him. She's been sore at him since. Another thing to note: despite being the living incarnation of avarice, Greed does not get along very well with Larfleeze at all, as the alien sees him as a rival for his Orange Lantern Ring. While Greed does express interest in making a play for that power, he wants a team with him when he makes his move, and the only friends who've offered interest or support are Illya and Ling.
    • Once hired Smiley Bone, the cousin of Phoney Bone, to work as a bartender at the Stray Dog during the time Smiley was Phoney's Herald. While Phoney was initially suspicious of the homunculus, the pair have gotten to know each other more and nowadays they're seen chatting about ways of increasing their wealth. Greed for his part figured that Phoney might need some brute force in case things get ugly, and has kept Lin out of the loop, in case she decides to arrest the bone. Further complicating things, Asami isn't a big fan of Greed's new friend either, as she finds the bone's business schemes to be very similar to Varrick's, while Lin simply doesn't find the bone to be a threat worth going after.
    • A big problem that arose from Greed being moved into the joint temple for the Homunculi was whether or not he would get to keep his bar. He, along with Wario and Phoney Bone, had to put in considerable time and money just to make the case to ensure the Stray Dog itself stayed in place. Luckily Ling had a defense attorney pledged to his support in Sae Niijima, who he was able to point them towards, and with her help they made a convincing appeal to the Court of the Gods that Greed and Wario should be licensed to operate their business wherever in the Pantheon they see fit. Much to the consternation of Lust and Envy, the Court ruled in favor of the Stray Dog staying in business, with Wario officially listed as a co-owner.
  • Applies to Bradley/Wrath
    • Fuhrer King Bradley is publicly the beloved leader of Amestris, but in reality he is a homunculus. Seeking one of his own to rule the country in order to advance his plans, numerous human candidates were chosen to incarnate his final vice. Wrath only has one soul and thus lacks a Philosopher's Stone, making him one of the physically weaker Homunculi. He makes it up with insane battle prowess and reflexes. His left eye, the Ultimate Eye, has the foresight to see all possible outcomes of a given situation, allowing him to predict the moves of any opponent before they happen. For the embodiment of wrath he is rather cordial and well-spoken.
    • Bradley's arrival was a grand entrance; a temple appeared in the Pantheon in a display featuring sparks of red electricity, along with makeshift training barracks and many different new deities (or so it seemed) with magical eyes, the last of which being none other than Führer King Bradley. The human-turned-homunculus mowed down every single one of them like a One-Man Army and then ascended to his throne, although it was noted that many were far weaker than they had any right to be and none of them showed any of their distinct personalities. Shortly after this, Guile and Chun-Li came down to investigate this temple, but found themselves ambushed by Bradley, as well the Homunculi Lust, Pride, and Gluttony, only narrowly escaping death by the rescue of Charlie Nash.
      • Most of the "contenders" whole souls were cloned have since been ascended or housed in other temples, causing their golems to completely vanish, not to mention the blood has been cleaned up. The barracks look a lot less garish and more fit for training and battle than when he first ascended. Still, Sebastian, the ascended Barian Emperors*, Naruto, and Sasuke all consider this ascension an insult to at least one person whose face was cloned in the process and have marked Bradley, Father, Xehanort, and Gul'dan all as enemies for this.
    • He's Scar's personal Arch-Enemy as it was him who orchestrated the Ishvalan genocide, and he would ultimately be the one to kill Bradley. Personally, Wrath found the whole thing rather fitting. His resurrection within the Trope Pantheon would be a massive boon for Father as it was his idea to found the new and improved High Command. He's regarded as far more charismatic than Father, and he's more comfortable around human minions and co-conspirators than many of his siblings. One example of this which can be seen is in the like-minded associations he's formed with power players such as Destro, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Frieza, as well as his opting to recruit allies for a team to counteract the new set of friends Greed has mobilized against Father.
    • Charles zi Britannia was another who once allied with Bradley, before the reveal of Charles' true objective and the resulting change of trope made them rivals due to his goals competing with Father's. Despite this, the two rulers share a grudging respect as both are family men in their own twisted ways. This relationship has fueled Lelouch's hatred of the homunculus for being a nihilistic dictator serving a plot to assimilate everyone. Amusingly enough, another Scar, this being an evil ambitious lion, was more conciliatory with Wrath as he hopes that the Führer can convince the other Homunculi to see value in helping him take over the Pride Lands.
    • Despises the concepts of God and of noble kings who serve their subjects due to his role as Father's Puppet King. This puts him at odds with heroic members of the House of Royalty, as well as most of the House of Faith. However, two from each house who especially stoke his fury are Gaius and Josiah Bartlet. Gaius sounds like Mustang, is an ambitious reformer like Mustang, and is no doubt friends with Mustang, while the moment he met Bartlet he caught a distinct glance from the President as though Jed knew they would soon be enemies. His contempt to the concepts of God were another reason why comparisons where made between him and Charles zi Britannia as the latter's goal is to kill "God", to create what he calls "a world without lies". Bradley can't say he agrees with his goal, but he admires the conviction behind it.
    • Bradley's cocky atheism is considered ironic by the House of Religion and Faith for a couple reasons. The first one is that his boss's goal is to absorb Truth, something that's definitely a type of god, and who he refers to as God. He's defended accusations of being a Flat-Earth Atheist by saying it's more the institutions and reliance on divinity he thinks is foolish than the concept of divinity in of itself. The other reason is that his 2003 self, nicknamed "Pradley" to distinguish the two, thinks he's an agent of God. Wrath Bradley isn't impressed by his Pride counterpart as his nicer qualities are a facade there. Wrath is evil, but he's still a family man and doesn't like how "Pradley" killed his own son for revealing his human remains.
    • While his rule over Amestris does take after the Nazis to an extent and he bears a great resemblance to Hitler, Bradley's relationship to the Nazi deities is a tenuous contest at best. He does what he does to sate his unquenchable anger and serve his Father's goal of absorbing every single human to achieve freedom through almighty power, so he has no regard for their idea of an "Aryan master race" among the humans. Same goes for the Illuminati's idea of "the worthy ones". Most of them don't like him much either since he's the parallel counterpart to Fritz Lang in Lady Dante's timeline anyway (Nazis) and the Father he serves doesn't care for any "worthy" humans (Illuminati). Still, he and Azula have found themselves working with Vandal Savage and Gill behind the scenes. Magneto still can't stand him due the similarities of his atrocities and what happened to his past either.
    • Satsuki Kiryuin had already learned of Wrath through Colonel Mustang and Major General Armstrong, but seeing him steal her recruitment tactics in service of an Eldritch Abomination who seeks to destroy humanity much like her mother did disgusts the successor to the Kiryuin Zaibatsu. This spurred her to lead her Elite Four into battle against Bradley and his men in his temple connected to Central HQ. During this battle, Bradley was able to isolate Satsuki one-on-one while the Elite Four defeated his guards. Doing so, however, created the opening for Solidus Snake to attack the Führer. Revealing that he'd been keeping tabs on the Homunculi ever since hearing rumblings about their conspiracy via the Amestrian soldier deities, Solidus took the fight to Bradley due to his superhuman swordsmanship skills almost matching Bradley's own and being coupled with far superior defense and firepower. Despite being outmatched, Wrath managed to avoid being skewered thanks to Esdeath and Seryu arriving in the nick of time, causing Satsuki and her team to fall back.
    • When the rest of High Command were told about this, one member, Vergil, showed a complete lack of concern which left Bradley highly suspicious, instead going straight to Father and Lady Dante to study under the latter. Wrath's suspicions proved correct when Vergil left the team in disgust the next day, having learned the basics of alchemy but judged the Philosopher's Stone as lacking for his ambitions. The Führer tried to confront Vergil on his own, but soon into that skirmish, a witch named Kat intervened on Vergil's behalf. His attempt to target her resulted in Vergil impaling him, before escaping with her. He quietly swore that revenge is coming. Dante's ascension and reacquiring of her last body since then has enabled her to take her place as the proper second superior of High Command. Disappointed in his betrayal, she too wants Vergil dead. Also worth noting: he and Asura have a twisted mutual respect as wrathful warriors but generally can't stand each other as each reminds the other of the enemies they hate most.
  • Applies to Sloth
    • The fifth homunculus created by Father (and the final one to ascend initially), Sloth the Indolent may appear to be a lazy, apathetic brute, (which he is)… but don't let his demeanour fool you. Not only is he incredibly strong — able to tunnel through stone with his bare hands — but when properly motivated, Sloth can travel at blinding speeds, taking opponents by complete surprise. At the end of the day all he wants to do is sleep. Still the other homunculi rely on their large brother to take care of duties that most would find mundane, such as digging tunnels. Ironically, he considers fighting back so he can be lazy too much effort.
    • Since ascending he's been confronted by a few heavyweights from the Marvel Universe who heard about him through Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Hulk and Colossus hoped to stop him for the good of the Pantheon, while Juggernaut simply wanted to fight… and to claim the glory of taking down the big tough homunculus. He's also gained a rival in the form of Buzzwole, Major Armstrong's Pokémon partner and a powerhouse on the battlefield. The two have brawled from time to time but more often than not it ends in a draw. Either Sloth tires out or Buzzwole gives up after being unable to pierce the homunculus's rock-hard skin. Sloth has a personal chip on his shoulder towards Armstrong for making him exhaust himself to death fighting.
    • Shikamaru pities the monstrous henchman, due to just wanting to sleep. Vegeta however finds his "waste of strength" disgusting. That sense of disgust is shared with the Dinobot Grimlock, who often challenges the homunculus to fights every now and again. Also of note Saitama once came after him looking for a challenge. While the two were comparable in speed and Sloth threw a pretty good punch, Saitama was still able to kill Sloth in a single blow. While he was impressed to see Sloth suddenly regenerate himself, the Caped Baldy still walked away, telling Sloth to get some training. His reply to that idea was his reply to most things.
    Sloth: "Such a pain…"
    • Sonic is pretty disappointed in Sloth for being so fast, yet in terms of motivations and desires he's so very slow. Machamp was a lot more disappointed in Sloth for his lack of motivation and has tag teamed with Buzzwole to give him a piece of his mind. Taking after Alex Armstrong Buzzwole is more interested in flexing up against Sloth, but Sloth was given instructions to drag Machamp back for Father. This ennui and frustration he felt with his work caught the attention of Mr Meeseeks; he so identifies with Sloth and the belief that existence is pain. However Sloth also thinks dying is too much effort, but maybe if he just poofed out of existence like Mr Meeseeks does it wouldn't be.
    • Father wasn't too surprised to learn that Sloth got along with Robbie Rotten, as much like Sloth he puts a self-defeating amount of energy in being lazy. shocked to learn Sloth had made friends with some immensely powerful entities, not expecting perhaps his most neglected and mistreated child to earn that sort of attention. Namely, he is friends with Despair of the Endless and the Shadow. The absolute ennui and complacency of Sloth is music to Despair's ears, while the Shadow understands perfectly Sloth's dream to just sleep and rest. Unfortunately for Father while they're friendly with the Indolent, that doesn't make them actively helpful.
    • With Sloth's ascension, Dante made her move to bring in her timeline's version of Sloth, the distorted "resurrection" of Trisha Elric known as Juliet Douglas, into the Pantheon as the Indolent's Herald. As if Ed and Al didn't already see Sloth's ascension as a problem, now they're just straight up pissed about it. The ascended Sloth doesn't existed in the 2003 series, which he is glad due to the effort that'd involve. Personally Father is a lot more intrigued by her, and wants to exploit her In Name Only status to OG Sloth (in fairness the anime Overtook the Manga) to somehow bring her into the fold. With 17 and 18 rejecting his offer, perhaps she could be made Melancholy...
  • Applies to Pride/Selim
    • The eldest and most powerful of the Homunculi born from the sins of the original Dwarf in the Flask, Pride the Arrogant represents Father's view of himself as being as far above humans as they are above ants by the very nature of his existence. As such, he is Father's right-hand man in the shadows while also masquerading as the son of his youngest "brother", Wrath the Furious, the human-turned-Homunculus who the world knows as Führer King Bradley and Pride would go by the name Selim Bradley. Naturally he is also the biggest spoiler of the seven. He held the trope "The Dog Was the Mastermind" for a good reason as no-one suspected the kid.
    • Peter Pettigrew used to be his high priest, but would ascend under The Oathbreaker before he could attempt to stake his claim in his trope. The cowardly rat is in Pride's overly inflated opinion a perfect representation of humanity's inferiority. Wormtail is personally terrified by the "kid" however he recognizes the power such a being has. Vegeta however believes that Pride has no right to decry anyone's cowardice as he was willing to take a human host to sustain his own life; it's that hypocrisy that motivated Kimblee to betray him, not even the fact Pride had devoured his soul. Add in his belief everyone else is his pawn yet being mad when Father proves to see him the same way, and you have someone Vegeta feels has no right in trying to claim his trope as the God of Pride.
    • Toxie had sensed the evil in Pride from the get-go, and went off to try and fight him. Pride doesn't fear him, but he is grossed out by him because he heard that Toxie once shoved the head of a member of the Diaper Mafia up his own ass; he doesn't want to fight a guy who does that. Mandy also sensed Selim's true intent because she knows his trick, but never said anything because it amused her. Damien Thorn was even more amused and as the scion of evil, he really likes the cut of Pride's jib. Father technically isn't the Devil mind you, but Pride sees Damien as something apart from the humans he regards as ants so for the time joined him.
    • Is easily one of the most feared Gods, as he can potentially be anywhere. One of the reasons he likes carrying Lotso with him is because it helps add to the illusion of him being an innocent child, along with messing with people when his identity is revealed. Lotso appreciates the ride and is misanthropic enough to take joy in Pride's actions, but this is out of convenience more than anything. Pride's fond of messing with genuinely innocent and lovely kids as well. On the flip side he was horrified to learn what his fate was, wishing Ed had simply finished him off. Some have compared it to the Lich's forced reincarnation into Sweet P. The former hasn't said anything asides from musing the one thing all eight homunculi can agree on is opposing him because of his goals, while the latter thinks Pride is a really naughty boy and resents being compared to him.
    • Despite his fearsome reputation, however, he tends to stay away from Shikamaru, who can easily pin him down. However his shadows still need some light so they can be cast; in total darkness he's worthless offensively. It's for this reason he's opposed to the efforts of Nightmare Moon. He's also not too fond of the horde of Vashta Narada. They find Homunculi indigestible but they love hiding in Pride's shadows and they're too tiny for him to get rid of. This annoys Pride since its a factor he has no control over. Aku chuckled at this, though he does find a bit of kinship with Pride and his Father. He's far more chaotic and doesn't bother (and can't) put up a front, but he likes the former's cruelty and use of darkness as a weapon. Father has told his eldest child to keep an eye on Aku to see what they can learn.
    • Ironically poses as the child of the (unless we're counting rebirths) youngest homunculus, Wrath. Except for the universe where Selim's just a normal human kid, kind of like what he became after being defeated. Bradley being Pride in that timeline is an irony not lost of either of them. Eric Cartman likes to make fun of Pride for this; Pride acts like he couldn't care less but is silently fuming about his 2003 self being a permanent reminder of his fate. He personally thinks Cartman is a waste; he makes these big schemes for his evil actions but wastes it on really petty objectives and he fails to exploit being a child for said evil actions by being a fat, bratty Jerkass instead of a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.
      • While he holds no respect for Eric Cartman, he does credit the jerk for giving him a good idea; use his innocent child facade to get Vicky to babysit her. He knows about her sadistic cruelty, so he enjoyed turning it on her head and emotionally scarring her. Few complained about this.

THE PANTHEON: The War Against Giygas!

Giygas, God of Power Without Consciousness and Incomprehensibility (Giegue, Gyiyg, Geeg, The Almighty Idiot, The Universal Cosmic Destroyer, The Embodiment of Evil)
Giygas in the Devil’s Machine fighting alongside Heavily Armored Porky
Giygas’ Original Form (Inside his Spaceship)


The top of a primordial ecosystem, a god for all intents and purposes.

Godzilla, The Kaiju God of Being the Main Attraction (Gojira, Godziller, King of the Monsters, The Big G, Gigantis the Fire Monster, The Doom Inevitable, Godzillasaurus, Alpha Predator, Nautilus, Species 5146_Adam, Titanus Gojira, Godzillo, Snow Godzilla, Gojigdrasil [Godzilla Earth], O.Diolucertola [GMK], The Monster Who Ate a Star, One of Two Things that Hostile Aliens don't know about Earth note )
Some of Godzilla's many incarnations. From left to right: Top row: Showa Godzilla, Heisei Godzilla and Millenium Godzilla. Middle row: Kiryu Saga Godzilla, Final Wars Godzilla, Monsterverse Godzilla. Bottom row: Hannah-Barbera Godzilla, Godzilla-Kun, Marvel Comics Godzilla.
The Original Godzilla
GMK Godzilla
Shin Godzilla
Earth Godzilla
Minus One Godzilla
Burning Godzilla (from left to right: Heisei and Monsterverse versions)
Super Godzilla
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity (as Burning Godzilla, Godzilla Earth or Godzilla Ultima), Overdeity (as Super Godzilla or when empowered by Kaiser energy), was a Lesser God as Godzillasaurus. Intermediate God (as Godzilla Aquatilis, Amphibia, and Terrestris)
  • Symbol: The Godzilla Franchise logo. Alternatively, the Toho Logo, or a silhouette of himself firing its Atomic Breath
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: All over the place, depends mostly on the incarnation. Overall Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: THE Kaiju, Just Here for Godzilla, Godzilla Threshold, The Hero, Dragons (Dinosaurs?), Unstoppable Force, Radiation and its Evil, Badass Old Dinosaur, The Dreaded, Mighty Glacier, Nigh-Invulnerable, Anti-Hero Sometimes, Seen as a God, Tragic Monster, Representing the Horrors of Nuclear Warfare, Atomic Breath, Covered in Scars, Destructive Savior Sometimes, Determinator, Appearance Changes Depending on Adaptation, Giant Equals Invincible, Mostly a Non-Malicious Monster, Superpower Lottery, Wild Card, Villain Protagonist, Bootstrapped Leitmotif, Sir Swears-a-Lot (According to the Shobijin)
  • Domains: Destruction, Fire, Radiation, Sequels, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Japan
  • High Priest: The Frost Giant
  • Followers: All Unascended Kaiju in General (mainly The Giant Claw, Yongary, Death Kappa and The Giant Behemoth), Nuclear Weapons Devil
  • Heralds: Gorosaurus, Manda, Varan, Kumonga, Minilla, Godzooky, Godzilla Jr., Miki Saegusa, Gojirin, The Servum, Godzilla Fillius, The Titans
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Everything else (As GMK Godzilla or Godzilla Earth).
  • Rivals: King Kong, Gamera, Zilla (one-sided on Zilla's part), The Original Zetton, Gomora (Rei's herald), The Tailed Beasts, Bowser
  • Odd Friendship: The Doom Slayer, Walter White
  • Annoyed With: Fluttershy, Dovakhiin, The Monster Hunters, Desco
  • Avatar of: Haruo Nakajima (the original Godzilla)
  • Opposed by: The evil-aligned deities in the House of Demons and the House of Angels. The Greek Gods.
  • Opposes: The Lich
  • Pities: Eva Unit-01, Tetsuo Shima
  • Admired by: The Angry Video Game Nerd, Guillermo del Toro, Ray Harryhausen, Steven Spielberg
  • Evil Counterpart to: Kiryu (GMK incarnation)
  • In 1954, the Castle Bravo tests were performed at the seas of Japan where powerful nukes were tested in the open waters, unfortunately a lot of innocents were caught in its destructive power, including one particular animal, which survived but was mutated by the blast into the unstoppable Godzilla. Burnt and scarred, the angry monster went to Japan, furious at mankind's destruction of his home and his mutation, and promptly began to destroy everything in sight. His rampage left many citizens dead and thus forced the JDF to fight him, to no avail as Godzilla proved immune to all weapons that man used against him. As all hope seemed lost, a scientist named Daisuke Serizawa presented a powerful bio-weapon he developed, the Oxygen Destroyer, which he hoped could defeat Godzilla... But unknown to everyone, Serizawa burnt all the trails of his work as he had come to realize that the Destroyer would simply become the new atom bomb and thus doom humanity to repeat its mistakes. When the government finally deployed the Destroyer, Serizawa manually activated it, which ended up killing not only Godzilla, but himself and all aquatic lifeforms in the sea around. But this was only the beginning, as Serizawa's friend, Kyohei Yamane, correctly predicted that Godzilla was only the first of many other monsters to come...
  • Godzilla's ascension took little time to be decided. As a world-wide icon of Kaiju, he was given the title of the God King of them. With any lesser Kaiju that aren't obeying the orders of his rivals or enemy Kaiju becoming subservient to Godzilla. That said, while Godzilla in the Pantheon is mostly a composite of his various incarnations. There are a few who are not the usual kind of creature that Godzilla is and are considered too dangerous/evil to be allowed to roam free, these were the undead and malevolent "GMK/Zombie Godzilla", "Shin Godzilla" and "Earth Godzilla". Another separate Godzilla is the original one from 1954, who may change in appearance from time to time but is a separate entity from the rest of the Godzillas, unlike the other "evil" Godzillas, he is not considered as wide of a threat and is usually not prevented from leaving the Pantheon, as it is not genuinely malicious or uncontrollably destructive.
  • Its relationship with the Kaiju and Tokusatsu deities varies wildly depending on alignment and his mood, generally speaking they range from allies to hated foes:
    • As the de facto leader of the Kaiju of his world, he usually leads the rest of his fellow Godzilla Deities. Most notably, Mothra who's recently been referred to as the Queen to Godzilla's King due to her history and authority over Kaiju and her recently discovered symbiotic relationship with Godzilla (which some rumor might be more), ocasionally they become enemies, usually when Godzilla is in his GMK, Earth or Shin version or when he's feeling in a destructive mood, though even when he is not, conflict may arise from their differing approaches to protecting lifeforms on Earth; that said their relationship is much more positive nowadays and Mothra has stated that she will no doubt give her life to save Godzilla if he comes close to death having done so already in the mortal realm.
    • It has a long-standing feud with King Kong ever since 1962, were he and the great ape fought and though it seemed Godzilla would win, Kong ended ultimately victorious and left Godzilla in the dust. Godzilla desires a rematch so as to prove that he is the real King of the Monsters, though for the sake of the Pantheon's stability, both parties have called for a temporary truce, however some rumor that the Court of Gods is organizing a proper and safe rematch as a future spectacle for the Pantheon residents to see without being in danger. Eventually such an event came to pass and after much trail and fighting in their home universe, Godzilla came out the victor thus regaining his right to keep title of King of the Monsters in full force, Kong himself doesn't really cares much but has given flak to Godzilla for attacking him and being unapologetic about it at first, though at least Godzilla has let the King of Hollow Earth be and has even given some tokens of apology to make full peace with his once-rival.
    • With his ascension, so came a reignition of his eternal enmity against beings such as Megaguirus, Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, Orga, and Destoroyah. All of them for their own reasons, in the case of Space G, Megaguirus and Orga is for them being genetic clones or copiers of Godzilla's DNA who tried to kill him; and, in Space G's case kidnapped his son. Gigan's sadism and repeated transgressions against Godzilla also earned his ire (though sonee rumor Gigan once became friends with the Big G). And finally there's Destoroyah for being the embodiment of the weapon that killed the original Godzilla and killing Junior, his son in his first known appearance. And then there's Biollante, as the plant clone of Godzilla is mostly an enemy to Big G, but will occasionally team up with her "brother" to combat a mutual threat, which can happen repeatedly due to Biollante's connection to nature. With his status as an enemy of nature, Hedorah remains firmly an enemy of Godzilla to this day.
    • Gamera is another rival of Godzilla, having fought him in the past, but unlike Kong, Godzilla won their battle. That said, Gamera is not interested in a rematch, as his duties of combatting the threat of the Gyaos, who ascended too into the Pantheon, takes priority over everything and anything else; curiously enough Godzilla himself is an ally to Gamera in these duties, having had experience with dealing with Kaiju capable of reproducing quickly such as the MUTO and as such has no problem working with Gamera to take down the swarms of Gyaos should they go out of control.
    • Has become allies with the good-aligned Ultra Series deities, following a brief rivalry with the original Ultraman. Particularly he gets along with Rei, who controls Kaiju to fight, in part due to Rei's Gomora being a Worthy Opponent to Big G who nonetheless respects him. He is also well-respected by the New Generation Heroes, Orb and Geed; as well as Ultraman Zero, who finds Godzilla a great ally against the Ultras' worst foes such as The Zettons, Yapool, Ultraman Belial and Gatanozoa. Godzilla particularly has it out for Zetton and Belial as both of them have come close to defeating and killing him in attacks, likewise that Yapool employs evil Kaiju that he creates for his attacks is also somethign that does not sit well with Godzilla.
    • Similarly other Toku Heroes, but mainly the commanders of the GUAG Toku Division, respect Godzilla due to him being the progenitor of what would become the genre as well as his authority over Kaiju and monsters around the Multiverse. Godzilla himself appreciates their help in fighting his enemies, most notably The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Tommy Oliver due to them employing a Zord that resembles Godzilla in appearance. Likewise, Mako Mori and Raleigh Beckett appreciate the help Godzilla brings against evil Kaiju and alien invaders and that he can serve as a deterrent towards neutral Kaiju acting violent and unruly in the Pantheon, and therefore keep a close distance with him, it does help that their superior, Guillermo del Toro, is a big fan of Godzilla himself.
    • He once had to confront the combined threat of Gigan, Shocker, Alien Pitt, Alien Bado and the original Alien Baltan with the help of Ultraman, the Carrangers and Kamen Rider J, Thus the aforementioned Shocker and Alien Baltan are among his top enemies in the Pantheon. He also developed a hatred for their allies and the eviler Baltans such as Psycho, that said, he's willing to forgive and be allies with friendlier Baltans such as Tiny Baltan.
    • As the King of the Monsters, Godzilla carries an authoritarian role over most of the Pantheon's Kaiju, using his power and influence to ensure they don't stir up trouble, most notably he's taken Cloverfield under his tutelage, hoping to discipline the young, rowdy monster into a more peaceful individual as well as making it less irritable than it is right now. Dinosaurs of the Pantheon also respect his authority with those such as The Raptor Squad, Rexie. That said it detests legitimately evil Kaiju such as the Them! Giant Ants, Evil Draconic Beings such as Smaug, Duke Fishron and The Kraken among others, Godzilla has declared his intention to make sure these threats are all taken down, helped by their various attempts to usurp his position as King of the Monsters.
    • On the flipside of his alliances lie his enemies, the primary examples are the evil Kaiju of his world chief among them being King Ghidorah, and the aforementioned Gigan, Destoroyah, Hedorah, and MechaGodzilla. Among them Ghidorah is his sworn eternal enemy, with Godzilla serving as one of the few things standing between Ghidorah and the destruction of Earth or more. Ghidorah himself loathes Godzilla for his repeated interferences in his many attempts to destroy Earth and just how many times he's lost to Godzilla. Ghidorah is currently plotting to have his Heralds fully summon his "Planet Eater" self so he can one up and kill Godzilla once and for all. Meanwhile Godzilla's allies plan to help him obtain his "Super Godzilla" form in case Ghidorah's true form is summoned.
  • He once had a clash against the Avengers, Fantastic Four, SHIELD, Hercules and the Marvel Earth military. Though he ultimately proved near invincible and even attempts to shrink him failed to deter him for long and ultimately was stopped by being driven away. Nowadays, Godzilla is nowhere near as aggressive as before beyond his GMK, Shin and Earth incarnations and since his Pantheon self is mostly a composite, he has become allies with his former enemies, even gaining a rival in The Hulk who's been eager to spar with the Big G from time to time as means of settling down who's the strongest nuclear energy being. Though beyond that, the two get along, especially due to them being often misunderstood by humans rather than legitimately evil.
  • Has earned his fair share of admirers and fans or deities who became his allies due to their admiration for Kaiju or other fantastic beasts:
    • The Angry Video Game Nerd is a huge fan of Godzilla. Godzilla himself is neutral on the Nerd but admires his passion towards Kaiju in general, including him, he was a little bothered due to the Nerd placing other monsters above him (particularly The Giant Claw), but is willing to not make much of a fuss about it. Similarly Guillermo del Toro is also a big fan of Godzilla, citing the King of the Monsters as one of his many childhood inspirations and "heroes", he was pretty thrilled to meet the Big G in person, Godzilla returns the sentiment without issue himself.
    • Other fans of him include Harry and his dinosaurs with Harry nearly fainting upon meeting Godzilla in person, Steven Spielberg, who has said that Godzilla influenced a lot of his films and has nothing but respect for the Kaiju as a result, likewise his underlings are all allies with Godzilla either reluctantly or willingly, particularly Rexie and even Blue and the Raptor Pack, who have earned Godzilla's respect for their action in the mortal world with Rexie herself respect his authority and are willing to follow his command when need to.
    • The heroic My Hero Academia Deities know of a hero named Godzillo, who's quirk allows him to transform into a Godzilla-like monster, as he is a big fan of Godzillo Izuku Midoriya also became a good ally of Godzilla and something of a fan of him, mostly assuming Godzilla is in a good mood and isn't causing needless destruction or rampaging around. The other deities followed suit, though won't doubt about taking down Godzilla should they confront his "eviler" sides.
  • While Asgore Dreemurr shares the title of "King of the Monsters", Godzilla doesn't really minds that, mainly because Godzilla isn't interested in starting fights over petty arguments and that Asgore himself is a pacifist and Nice Guy for the most part means that no real problems come out of this, Godzilla even feels some major empathy with Asgore due to knowing what its like to lose your children. Godzilla lets him be, but tries to make sure to remind Agore to not let hat title give him funny ideas.
    • That said, he generally gets along with the rest of the Undertale Deities, Frisk has even come to befriend Godzilla, viewing it as a rather kindhearted monster once you get to know him deep down (provided he's not dealing with GMK or Godzilla Earth). Generally, Godzilla will take his "Godzilla-Kun" form to speak more comfortably with the monsters of the Underground. Godzilla likes that they advocate for peace between their kind and humanity, though is not quite happy to hear they once planned an all-out genocide on mankind, as while Godzilla may occasionally let humanity know his rage when they go too far, he isn't one to seek their extermination, just to remind them of their place in nature.
  • He loathes all Evil Knockoffs and Evil Doppelgangers in the Pantheon, due to his own experiences with evil copies of him constantly appearing to fight him. Stand-outs are Metal Sonic as it reminds him too much of MechaGodzilla who is an Evil Doppelgänger of him that was created to kill him and nearly succeeded. Similarly the omnicidal Metallix won his disdain for his extreme cruelty and malice, in addition to being an upgraded form of Metal Sonic already.
  • He was sorely disappointed to find out that Eren changed for the worst after a Time Skip, going from a benevolent and optimistic hero to a jaded and careless monster who wants to commit genocide on all living beings for the sake of the Eldians, while Godzilla might usually go on destructive rampages from time to time he still has limits and isn't seeking to kill everything, thus the extremes of Eren's attitude displease him and has made it clear to his allies that when given the chance he will mercilessly kill Eren for his crimes, uncaring about his Freudian Excuse as Godzilla has not sunk to genocide just because mankind has rarely not seen Kaiju as enemies to kill regardless of actions. While neither of his "eviler" or more aggressive sides are fond of the world takeover he's planning as they view themselves as the rulers of Earth each and are amused that Eren sees them as threats to the people he protects.
  • He has met the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Deities in an Alternate Universe, while he met them he didn't have much of a strong opinion of them besides one time that Spike in his greedy form gave him a good fight and was even able to push him back for a while. He has become enemies with the evil-aligned deities such as Tirek, King Sombra, Chrysalis and Grogar for their attempted world takeovers and the fact that they were quick to view him as one of the higher threats of the Pantheon.
    • He's been endlessly annoyed by Fluttershy's attempts to keep him under control in the past, though she's trie multiple times to calm him down and "tame" him, Godzilla responded all times by roaring at her or firing warning shots of his atomic breath, the pegasus feels a little bad about making Godzilla mad in the past and lets him be, hoping to ease the tensions. He has made it clear that until he genuinely sees that Fluttershy gives him the approppiate respect he desrves as a King, he will be friends with her.
  • Is annoyed by Desco's infatuation with him, as the monster girl won't stop following him everywhere. He once tolerated her presence, but eventually grew tired when she declared him her boyfriend and began hissing and attacking anything she saw as a threat. Ever since, Godzilla will take the first chance to ditch her and go elsewhere so she can lose track of him.
  • Heavily dislikes hunters in the Pantheon, particularly those who go after mythical or powerful creatures, it can tolerate the Monster Hunters as they only do their job, but will undoubtedly put them in their place if they dare to mess with him, or if they go after his Kaiju and monster allies without much reason beyond wanting a thrilling hunt.
    • Was once seen as a target by Hircine, but the Hunting God came to see Godzilla as more than just "Worthy Prey" as he found out that Godzilla's potential meant that he could legitimately do more than just destroy his avatars, and thus has switched to viewing the Big G as a mortal enemy, especially after learning of Godzilla's many adventures which included destroying Hell itself and annihilating an entire Pantheon worth of Greek Gods. Hircine won't admit to it, but he fears the power of Godzilla.
    • Hunter J was once willing to target Godzilla, but upon meeting him face to face, she was quite outmatched and Godzilla soon made the usually fearless hunter run away in pure fear, once her alliance with the Grand United Alliance of Evil came to be she is deadset on supporting to kill Godzilla, though won't dare to come close to him anymore.
  • He once came across Walter White wandering in the Pantheon, though the meeting was short lived, Walter's respect of Godzilla allowed the human to come out relatively unscathed. Later on, Walter would keep meeting Godzilla in other situations and eventually a friendship grew between them out of said respect. Similarly, he became friends with Princess Ariel, as the mermaid is nothing but courteous and kind to Godzilla when the latter isn't feeling in a destructive mood and given that Godzilla inhabits the seas, he respects her authority, for similar reasons he enjoys the company of Tim Curry/Aquaman the most out of any superhero in the Pantheon.
  • Having inspired thousands of imitators, Godzilla does not take kindly to those who try to imitate him too much. He can tolerate the likes of Tyranitar, as the Pokemon isn't trying to challenge his position as King of the Monsters and is generally docile when not fighting for some reason. On the other hand it isn't too fond of Lizzie (or its fellow Rampage Kaiju) for being a fully destructive and sadistic imitator, Godzilla constantly has to put Lizzie in its place whenever it gets funny ideas of fighting the Big G.
  • One time Godzilla went to Hell following a Mutual Kill with SpaceGodzilla that destroyed Earth (apparently, even Godzilla himself has not much of an idea of it). But instead of staying there for eternity as punishment, he escaped, thrashed the place and annihilated most of its inhabitants before willing himself back into life and somehow bringing Earth back (assuming Earth itself was destroyed in the first place). Ever since, the various evil demons of the Pantheon, even Overdeities, are terrified of the thought of Godzilla being sent back to Hell, as he perfectly capable of thrashing the place all over again and may be able to take down all of them if they get in his way. This has made him popular with the Doom Slayer, who sees Godzilla as a strange kindred soul in their hatred of demons and ability to make Hell itself kowtow to them and even start worshipping him, just like demons did with the Doom Slayer during his near-eternal rampage in Hell. Another deity who allied with Godzilla for similar reasons was Dante, another demon hunter in the Pantheon.
    • That he destroyed Heaven in the process too has alarmed the House of Angels, who fear Godzilla might similarly inflict a complete annihilation on them like he did before. As such, they too are making up plans and ways to defeat or incapacitate Godzilla should the need for it ever arise.
  • Having once worked with the EVA children against King Ghidorah in his Shin incarnation, Godzilla found himself allied with them in the Pantheon very quickly, he also grew disdain for Gendo Ikari, viewing the man as a monster for his actions and mental and psychological abuse of his son as well as his role in the Impacts. The EVA children themselves will oppose Godzilla when he's in his GMK or Earth mode, particularly the latter for being a planet terraformer who seeks to exterminate all competition for the rule of Earth
    • Similarly that he showed the will to override the minds of various demon swarms that attempted to assimilate him has made him feared by Hive Mind Deities in the Pantheon such Oryx, The Vex and Horde Prime as he has the potential to resist any attempted control and may just end up destroying them for their troubles if they try anything funny on him.
  • Similarly to the incident with Hell and Heaven, Godzilla once fought the entire Greek Pantheon and annihilated them all. This gained him Kratos' respect, as he saw that the Greek Gods of the Universe that Godzilla fought them in were just like the ones he fought, except without any external corruption, as they had stopped helping mortals and thus the faith that gave them power vanished, allowing Godzilla to kill them all. The Gods in the Pantheon have made sure to have their worshippers retain their faith and are arming themselves in the scenario that Godzilla decides to repeat his little stunt, hoping to prevent a repeat of the incident in the Pantheon, especially after learning that if they were to confront "GMK" Godzilla, their souls could end up absorbed by Godzilla and used to empower him further.
  • Having been born and embodying the power of the atomic bomb has made Godzilla hated by those who've suffered from the effects of nuclear poisoning or the atom bomb, particularly Japanese Deities; as well as making him oppose The Lich, as the malevolent omnicidal demon is everything that Godzilla is trying not to be, and his desire to extinguish all life includes Godzilla himself. The Lich has made a few offers to Godzilla about joining his side, claiming that Godzilla could be more than just a giant monster and truly become a God if they joined forces, but Godzilla has rejected him each and every time.