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Sadness, Regret, Despair, Tragedy and Doubt

As the House of Emotion continued to expand, it was a matter of time before a few of its Halls had to be splintered off to eventually form their own Houses. So it was that the Hall of Sadness was separated due to its massive cast of deities. However, in a shocking display of events, the Hall of Regret also chose to join in as the concepts of Sadness and Regret are those that mingle with one another constantly and thus have a strong association. Henceforth, a new House was formed to represent the various perspectives of melancholy.

While it can be considered the most depressing House in the Pantheon for obvious reasons, it's not as miserable or dramatic as it is made out to be. As demonstrated, most of the deities in the House are capable of emoting a lot more than just sadness. Some of the deities here made it a point to showcase as much liveliness and determination as they could, so to the uninitiated, it can be an unexpected (and pleasant) surprise.

The House's architecture is rather simplistic and ordinary; just a collection of contemporary buildings and a good deal of open space to allow deities who reside here or from other Houses to attend and take some solitary time here. There are therapy services installed in various spots in the House and an ever-updating list has been established to document and find anyone, be it a deity, herald or mortal who is undergoing depression and anxiety and seek to help them out. Given the expanding numbers and the list of deities, it may be a lot more stressful than it seems.

This House is also considered to be a Sub-House for the House of Emotion, alongside fellow Houses of Love and Affection, Madness and Insanity and Hatred and Rancor as the four of them are considered to be notable and influential emotions in their own right. Even since the Halls of Sadness and Regret have merged, it seems that the other three Houses have begun to be further associated with the House of Emotion.

The Guardians are divided into two groups of three; the first one represents different aspects of depression and grief and the second one is an establishment of how one's sadness can push one into becoming forces of good. Both groups are in a solid partnership with one another as they've taken it upon themselves to make the House accommodating for the residents and a shelter for those who seek help.

Junko Enoshima expressed a desire to become a representative, but because she represented the desire to destroy and taint the hope of others and was native to the House of Villainy, she was considered ineligible. This declaration caused Junko immense despair and ended up killing herself which she highly enjoyed. While Junko would eventually earn membership to represent the House, she remains the most unliked and untrusted deity there for various reasons.

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The Melancholia Matrons

    Despair of the Endless 
Despair of the Endless, Goddess of Despair (Aponia)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A hooked ring she wears on her right hand. Alternatively, a wall with several mirrors on it.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Entity, Failure Is the Only Option, Anthropomorphic Personification of Despair, Destroying Hope, Being Ugly, Full-Frontal Assault, Being A Positive Entity Of Ennui, Cutting Herself, Magic Mirror, Surveillance as the Plot Demands, The Mirror Shows Your True Self
  • Domains: Despair, Mutilation, Tragedy, Failure, Mourning, Memory, Mirrors
  • Special Relationship with: The rest of the Endless (her siblings)
  • Allies: Destruction of the Endless (her brother), Nurgle, Sadness, Junko Enoshima, The Dementors
  • Tolerates: Most Hope Crushers in spite of their morality like AM, Big Brother, the Anti-Spiral and the Flood
  • On speaking terms with: Joshua Norton
  • Opposed by: Yuuki Terumi and Darkseid oddly enough, along with Tzeentch, Madoka Kaname, Team Dai-Gurren and Keel Lorenz (mostly one-sided), the White, the Auditors of Reality, Cyrus
  • Dislikes: Bloody Mary and anyone who travels through mirrors.
  • Complicated Relationship with: Hope Bringers like Saint Walker and Auriel
  • Respects: Emperor Norton
  • There are entities that are not gods, yet stronger than them. A family that represents the most basic patterns in the cosmos, they are the Endless. Out of them is Despair, said to be created from an aspect of another Endless (likely Desire). She is true to her name, embodying despair, dread, along with longing, mourning, grief and memory.
  • As the personification of despair, it is her purpose to spread and maintain such emotions for all it entails. That doesn't make her evil though, just having a different code. While she represents ennui and hopelessness, she also represents memory and mourning, and deeply cares for her siblings (especially Destruction). Because of her overwhelming presence, power and neutral stance, she was accepted by the House of Sadness, though few deities there like her.
  • Usually withdrawn, but has some straight-up allies. Because they represent the positive aspects of sadness and despair, she gets along with the emotion Sadness. Some say she is an aspect of herself. She also gets along with Nurgle, much to the discomfort of many, due to Nurgle's kind side and value of other people. This has further angered Tzeentch, who as the embodiment of hope and change hates Despair.
  • It is believed that she directly created the Dementors, given they are the living embodiments of depression. While the Dementors would feed on just about anyone, she is the only entity they show complete and absolute respect and have Undying Loyalty to her. Voldemort doesn't really care so long as they still work for him, and given how his attempts to escape Death went he's best not bothering with Despair.
  • Takes the form of a hideous and obese woman, not wearing clothes to expose her flabby grayish flesh. She takes this form with the explicit purpose of terrifying other women, showing them the exact appearance that would utterly smash them to smithereens forever if they ever were to look like her. She still doesn't bother wearing any, much to the discomfort of many. She is associated with rats and is known to inflict injuries on herself with her hooked ring. It is unknown what Twitch thinks of her.
  • Her domain is full of mirrors, which allow her to peer out into any mirror in the universe. She uses them as a tool to inflict dread, and it seems this includes mirrors in the Trope Pantheon. People are understandably paranoid, but she doesn't really interfere with much of the pantheon's business. Bloody Mary once made the mistake of intercepting Despair's usage of the mirrors, coming out utterly traumatized. She won't speak about what happened.
  • She has a complicated relationship with hope bringers. Most dislike her due to what she represents, though some recognize she has an important purpose. However, it's all one-sided due to the importance of her job, and as all Endless, she also defines her opposite-hope. There are those that actively want to get rid of her without understanding/caring about her purpose like Cyrus. The White has accused her of being the source of the hopeless, inescapable cycle the SMT multiverse is trapped in and the fact there's a Cosmic Entity of despair is further validation in their eyes to destroy all creation. And yet, the White's despair over the state of creation is under her domain as well.
  • Has a hand in many a Hope Crusher. She's one of the few non-evil hope crushers, but given how vile many of them are, it gives her a bad reputation. AM is rather close due to being incredibly skilled at both inflicting and being consumed by despair-it hates humanity and tries to make sure its victims can NEVER escape, yet is dominated by self-loathing and despair over its Creative Sterility and inability to be anything more than a destroyer. Big Brother, the Flood and the Anti-Spiral have made grand usage of despair as well.
  • While loving to crush hope, Yuuki Terumi has zero fondness for Despair of the Endless. He considers her "a shitty, terrible despair deity who's too soft for her own good". Also, he wants to inflict his own brand of despair and hers is not up to his tastes. Darkseid has similar reservations about the Cosmic Entity. His desire to break the spirit of the universe and replace meaning with "worship Darkseid" means he's not interested with what she's selling. That being said, he was at least courteous enough to tend to her brother's funeral. Junko Enoshima was much more positive, practically lusting at her despair and enjoying being given it. The latter fact confuses Despair somewhat.
  • She's the second Despair. The first Despair was responsible for Krypton developing life only to be doomed because of its unstable nature, resulting in a single survivor to mourn in utter despair. This failed miserably since the(more or less) sole survivor Kal-el was but an infant at the time, and has become one of the greatest sources of hope out there. How the first Despair died is unknown, however the culprit is doomed to suffer until the end of time. Many believe this is how the second Despair came to be.
  • Was surprised to hear of Emperor Norton being in the Pantheon, having tried to give him visions of despair to break him down again and again only for him to cling onto that dream of being an Emperor and avoiding not only her but also Desire and Delirium. She doesn't show that much respect to humans, but she did say this to him:
    "I hoped that you would come back to me, Joshua. But no. I would seem to have failed. You're a pitiful madman, a Tom O'Bedlam, dying in the gutter, in the rain. But you never despaired."

    The Knight of Despair 
The Knight of Despair, Goddess of Unusual Tears (Magical Girl, The Magical Girl of Justice, O-01-73)
Despair state 
  • Intermediate Goddesss (WAW-class).
  • Symbol: Her blade, The Sword of a Forgotten Knight
  • Theme Song: Abnormality Second Warning (LOR ver.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fallen Magical Girl, Two-Faced, Perpetual Despair Event Horizon, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, Black Tears of Remorse (becomes Berserker Tears once set off), Celestial Body, Teleportation, Mighty Glacier, Storm Of Soul Cutting Blades, Pale Damage, Human Pincushion, Guest-Star Party Member in Floor of Natural Sciences Realization
  • Domains: Magical Girls, Fallen Heroes, Despair, Swords, Stars
  • Allies: Isomer Black
  • On Good terms with: Broly (DBS)
  • Enemies: The Grineer, The Global Occult Coalition
  • Pitied by: Various Magical Girls in general with a particular regard to Sayaka Miki (also disturbs, the Knight pities her in turn) and Snow White/Koyuki Himekawa, Dr. Zalost
  • Pities: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Respects: Artoria Pendragon, Shirou Emiya
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Archaon the Everchosen
  • Conflicting Opinion: Malekith
  • Avoided by: The Mage of the Beginning
  • Under observation by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: Chaos Insurgency, Hope Crushers
  • There lived a knight who served as a protector of justice, once upon a time. She lived and fought for the virtues of valor and chivalry and dedicated her very existence to the kingdom and its people. The state, the city, the weak, and of course the king himself. Overtime, she'd bear witness hardship and conflict and in the end came to the awful realization that everything she fought for was all for naught and, like her friends, fell victim to corruption and retreated from the world. In the knight's case, her aspiration turned to despair though her pride as a knight was not totally lost and still seeks to protect others, but she was otherwise forgotten in memory. This desire of hers manifests as a blessing that shields the person in question from harms way but should this ever fail (through either death or Sanity Slippage) the knight will be driven into a manic despair that proves destructive to anyone unfortunate enough to be around her.
  • The fallen magical girl was first found lamenting by herself within an isolated part melancholic deepwoods of the House of Plants. Initially left alone, one god not native to the House somehow made their way to her presence. Lost, they tried to ask the tall ominous woman for directions but she remained silent, wanting to be left alone. After some more failed attempts at starting conversation the person left the knight alone to lament. As they left, however, they felt a peculiar aura envelop them and if acting on instinct they found a way out of the deepwoods safe and sound.
    • As they left, they had the misfortune of blundering into an attacked against the House of Plants conducted by the Grineer. They of course went to help repel them alongside the denizens. Despite their mysterious boost of strength they ended up being killed in the middle of battle by stray Grakata fire. As they died, their chest cavity torn asunder, wailing echoed throughout the House for the Knight of Despair had arrived, distraught from their blessed being slain. In a fit of rage she directed her blades against everyone in her path, turning all those within her wake into pincushions. She was eventually suppressed, but her rampage was a sight to wince at — all those slain by her hand shared in her sorrow, their leaking sockets equally dark as hers.
  • Once, she was one of the many Abnormalities contained and researched by the Lobotomy Corporation for the sake of utilizing the Enkephalin produced before the facility was shut down. Following those events, she became one of the many Abnormalities trapped within the Library of Ruina that must be suppressed to continue forward. The SCP Foundation, after having looked into her and the corporation, have decided to put the knight under observation as they do with the other SCPs. The decision was met with skepticism by those within the Court of Gods and other neighboring deities though after it was brought up that the Global Occult Coalition and Chaos Insurgency would also have taken interest in her they let the foundation have their way. Due to some long, legal circumstances the foundation doesn't have complete jurisdiction over the cases involving Abnormalities as it would be shared with other Pantheon authorities but they still have a strong enough claim for responsibility to intervene whenever possible.
  • With the ascension of Lobotomy Corporation itself, a new cell has been made for the Knight, and at least three Agents are always on standby every morning, with one of them to receive her Blessing before going to the main facility; circumstances are more controllable by X inside there.
    • The other two Agents are always on standby after the Knight is suppressed following a breach, and one of them is to receive the Blessing afterward, unless another deity desires it. If that's the case, one Agent will tail them to protect them from death/insanity and to warn if the Knight's breach is impending. The remaining Agent is always present to take over when that happens, and another agent is called over in case anything happens to the blessed one('s tail).
  • In regards to that protective boon the Knight of Despair conferred, it takes the form of a blue veil that halves any damage on the body and mind, but at the cost of being unable to do any meaningful work that isn't "Suppression-type", as well as being 50% more vulnerable to Percent Damage Attacks. It goes away at the end of the day or when the blessed one loses their life or loses their mind. Additionally, she will only confer the blessing to one person at a time, and is only able to confer it again when the blessing is lost for any reason.
    • Even if the blessed one is revived or brought to their senses just a second after (which was not possible in the Corporation), the veil will be gone, and the Knight will continue her rampage. So if one finds themselves blessed by the Knight after meeting with them, one should take care not to die or go insane even if the protection can make one particularly hardy, at least until the end of the day.
  • After someone visits the Knight of Despair, three percent of the time, they can end up with a black tear drop on their cheek just like the one on her. It confers a little more mental fortitude, as well as a significant increase in agility. It goes away when the gifted one dies, however.
    • With the new containment unit, there is now a way to acquire her E.G.O. Weapon and Suit as well, which consist of a thrusting sword that requires a strong sense of Justice to wield without losing your mind, and a blue-and-black protective Suit that also needs as much Justice to wear safely.
  • Being a magical girl, it come natural that she would interact with others of her kind. As a whole, the Knight of Despair's existence elicits pity for her situation and would like to help her if at all possible but they also won't shy away from stopping her. As for the knight herself she respects many of them but do to her nature she depressingly places them on a pedestal of glory and ideals that's no longer accessible for someone like her. Now, in the case of the Puella Magi it's something far more special. The knight's fall to despair is eerily reminiscent of the magical girls of their world and how they can be corrupted into becoming Witches. And among them her story greatly mirrors Sayaka Miki's when she was also unable to live up to her heroic ideals through many, many different ordeals with the first of which being her discovery of what magical girls really are. It didn't take long for Sayaka to put two and two together to be really rattled by that.
    • Koyuki Himekawa, otherwise known by the moniker of Snow White, is a magical girl dedicated to hunting down those who have gone rogue and is very good at that job of hers. While the Knight of Despair falls into that category and Snow White's ruthlessness means that the Magical Girl Hunter doesn't shy away from stopping her even she has to admit to finding considering she isn't really evil like the other one's she has fought. She's not willing to kill, but Snow White has to really wonder if leaving her like this is better for her. Of course, in the hypothetical event that a Mercy Kill absolutely, without any questions or doubts, had to be done that would be easier said than done. Setting aside the soul-shaving swords and the knight durability where she can be repeadidly impaled by them she, being an Abnormality, cannot perish for good no matter how badly she is destroyed.
  • While on the topic of heroes who fell from grace she shares this quality with Archaon and Malekith who lived through some tragic instances that shaped them to who they are in the present. Considering his goals, even if it is against the Chaos Gods themselves, the knight doesn't take kindly to the Everchosen though given her circumstances she hasn't taken a proactive role in opposing as others have, being too caught up in the past to do so beyond her enchantments. As for Malekith while she won't argue the fact that the Witch-King of Naggaroth has displayed some valor she's still lucid enough to not overlook the more unpleasant qualities he has.
  • She sees a lot of herself in both Artoria Pendragon and Shirou Emiya. For Artoria, archetypal Knight in Shining Armor she may be, had also went through similar ordeals regarding her chivalry and ideals through a combination of her own flaws and doubts alongside some external factors as well. As for Shirou, he also has a obsession with helping and protecting everyone that has caused him a lot of pain as a result. Even so, considering how they turned out in the end compared to herself she displays some reverence towards them, though like with the magical girls it's partly warped by her psyche. She also pities Shirou's father Kiritsugu (who was responsible for imparting said hero complex onto Shirou) for all the shit he went through that turned him into the cynic he is in the present.
  • Ever since she was relocated to the House of Sadness she hasn't tried to go out all that much. For someone like herself, she considers it only fitting. Considering how she goes berserk should those blessed by her protection be slain it's probably a good thing that she shuts herself out from everyone. Dr. Zalost, another denizen of the House, is a scientist that was once overcome with a depression who tried to weaponize such feelings to make everyone else feel as miserable as he was. Such a period would end when he ingested a plum recipe that cured his depression, to the point where he restored those who were affected by him. As a new man, he pitied the Knight of Despair for being in such a situation. At one point did he manage to nail her with a cannonball when she was once again rampaging in the Pantheon. Though it did not cure her of the abyss in her heart it did snap her out of her rampage and incapacitate her for a while before retreating back into her house.
    • While staying away House like that in Sadness has become a general rule of hers the Mage of the Beginning has payed special attention to not be in the general vicinity of the knight. As she's able to sense the feelings of just about everyone with her Infinite Empathy the misery stemming from those like the knight does little help to her already terrible psyche. Of course, given that her ultimate goal is to put an end to all misery forever it only encourages her to fight for that world even harder than before.
    • Rare are the times where she does venture out of her House, though given her nature they tend to be isolated areas. At point did she venture out back into the House of Plants this time walking out into a strange large field of flowers, their azure blue colors made especially mesmerizing under the moonlit sky. It was here the knight met a mysterious woman in a black and tattered dress who began to ask her what drew her to the place and when she replied that it was their appearance the woman began to explain their significance. There's no changing the fact that the knight prefers to be alone but even so she can make an exception for Isomer Black and the rest of the Isomer having sense a similar sadness in them.
  • Believe or not she's actually fairly amicable with Broly who, like her, has issues going berserk. For him, it stems from a mutation that while allowing his power to soar to astronomic heights at the cost of his self-control. He's actually quite the quiet and chill person when he isn't losing it otherwise (especially compared to his other self), and also doesn't enjoy fighting like other Saiyans. Plus, he can understand the kind of intense grief and anguish though it came from realizing his father had just died rather than just failing to serve one's king as he in fact was exiled by one. Neither of them are very verbal so don't expect any deep conversations when they're both around. At point, someone suggested that since they're on friendly terms Broly should be one of the people who could also deal with her should the knight go out of control. Said someone received a stern lectured and a bruised cheek for that suggestion.
  • The nature of the Knight of Despair perplexes the Pantheon's various hope crushers. The fallen magical girl is indeed quite in an ideal state, but they feel like more could be done with her than just simply screwing with those she enchants and watching the world burn. They'd try and experiment for themselves but doing so without a proper plan of attack would put them on the radar of the Foundation, the GOC, and' the Insurgency, and that's considerably less ideal.
  • Nothing was truly upheld on my watch... All of it has perished.

    Yuri Nakamura 
Yuri Nakamura, Goddess of Survivor's Guilt (Yurippe)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The SSS Logo
  • Theme: Brave Song, Theme of SSS
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly with Chaotic Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Leader of the SSS, Survivor Guilt Due to the Murder of her Three Siblings, Immensely Driven to her Goal, Action Girl, Rage Against the Heavens, Crazy-Prepared, Bitter Anti-Hero, (Presumably) Committed Suicide, Resentment towards God, Deeply Cares about her Organization members, Magnificent Bitch, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Rebellion, Leadership, Self-Acceptance, Determination
  • Heralds: The rest of the SSS Members.
  • Allies: Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, The Main Charlotte Cast, Joseph Joestar, Raiden, Houkago Tea Time, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Luke Skywalker, Akame, Night Raid, Naruto Uzumaki, Jim Raynor, Tomoya, Nagisa and Ushio, Shirou Emiya, The Killzone Squad
  • Odd Friendship: Scorpion, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Enemies: Big Brother, Arcturus Mengsk, Nyarlathotep, Madara Uchiha, Regime Superman, Napoleon, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Esdeath, The Helghan Empire (Scholar Visari, Colonel Mael Radec)
  • Opposes: Darkseid, YHVH, Qin Shi Huang
  • Pitied By: House of Siblings
  • Normally, the afterlife would diverge into three different pathways; Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Now in the case of the latter, its now a high school occupied and rub by teenagers who have died with regrets and failed expectations still strong in their minds. They can still die there, but would eventually come back completely intact. The students can move on from this afterlife once they accept their grievances and accept their struggles. In the case of one Yuri Nakamura, its a lot hardened. The eldest of four siblings in her life, Yuri was held by gangsters in a home invasion where they would kill her siblings one after another if Yuri didn't provide them with a valuable item on time. All of her siblings died. Now in Purgatory, settling her anger towards God for letting an event like this occur, Yuri sought retribution, forming the SSS Battlefront Afterlife.
  • Ascended into the pantheon with "Goddess" as an additional moniker, Yuri felt confused and went on to ask what to do with her situation. She was approached by Raiden, who empathized with her tragic past and admitted to his own struggles. He offered to be Yuri's mentor for the time being, citing her incredible leadership and planning skills. Yuri has since accepted and is taking strides to prepare for combat on behalf of the Grand United Alliance of Good.
  • Bruce Wayne took a good interest in Yuri and decided to help her out regarding loss and angst. He is advising Yuri to not succumb into the despair caused by her siblings's death and has given her access to some of his gadgets and weaponry for Yuri to use. Yuri sees Bruce as a good friend in need and is more than welcome to help him out, though she personally sees his Batman persona as rather weird.
  • She gets along well with the Charlotte Cast and seeks to fight alongside them, though they have their own issues to deal with. Yuri is also helping out with Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa and their struggles in maintaining their school activities. Although she is a Rebel Leader, Yuri also feels tempted to try sorting out issues with her friends.
  • Surprisingly found good company under Joseph Joestar. Joseph, in turn, likes her for being smart, talented and a capable fighter, but is also a goofball just like he is. Joseph is thinking about training Yuri to use Hamon, although she isn't really interested, instead wanting Joseph to use his own smarts more often rather than lacking out.
  • Formed an alliance with Akame due to their approach in leading their teams (Although Akame tends to be a leader regarding combat-based situations). As a result, Yuri found acquaintances with Night Raid and would often spend time with them. Night Raid enjoys Yuri's company, though she is not above teasing and belittling them for a quick gag. She also likes Naruto Uzumaki for his determination and for keeping true to his character.
  • Found good company under Jim Raynor with both of them leading a rebel team. Jim seeks to discipline and teach Yuri about improving her combat and leadership skills, which she is happy to accept. Yuri also takes the time to visit Luke Skywalker, becoming good friends with him. She wants a lightsaber partially for extra offense, but also how cool it is, though Luke suggests training with it first before going off to combat.
  • Yuri found someone to relate to with Shirou Emiya, the latter reciprocating the feeling. Both were motivated by the death of his loved ones, although Emiya was able to fight pass his grief and become a hero in his own right whereas Yuri (presumably) committed suicide due to said grief and later rebelled under that emotion. They do however agree in that their grief has made them a better person overtime, with Yuri expressing praise for the kind of person Emiya grew to be. That said, she finds his approach in heroism to be problematic and wishes to help him out on that.
  • Shockingly managed to become friends with Scorpion and Frank Castle. All three of them were driven by the loss of their loved ones and vengeance, although Scorpion and Yuri have since managed to move on from it, whereas Frank still feels the need to exert punishment on criminals. Scorpion and Yuri occasionally help each other out, with the former mentoring the latter. Frank is hesitant on allowing Yuri on borrowing some of his weaponry, but relented seeing how dedicated she is in her goals and her experience in combat.
  • As a proponent of freedom, Yuri normally opposes those who instill forced control and monitoring to their subjects. Regime Superman, Napoleon and Darth Sidious became noted enemies which Yuri continues to fight against. Esdeath and Madara Uchiha have been a thorn to Yuri, just like her other enemies, though they tend to be a lot more persistent. Nyarathotep is one being that Yuri tends to try ignoring as she's aware Nyarathotep would try corrupting her by tempting her mind about her siblings.
  • Opposes the Helghan Empire due to their aggressive approach on others and the very nature of their troops and their leaders Scholar Visari and Colonel Radec. Yuri has formed an alliance with the Killzone Squad to take them on. This culminated with a battle between Yuri and Radec, which ended in a stalemate with both retreating after wearing each other down. They've since sworn to take on each other again at some point.
  • Yuri's Arch-Enemy in the Pantheon, Arcturus Mengsk is someone who she would consider a total antithesis to a rebellious leader. Whereas Yuri earned the support and admiration of her followers and allies, Arcturus would backstab anyone if it meant furthering his goals. Yuri also treasured her loved ones and companions whereas Arcturus didn't care for anyone save for himself. As a result, Arcutus is the one being Yuri despises the most. Arcturus, seeing another rebellion leader like Jim, has decided to fight it out. The two have been battling ever since their first encounter and it's not going to die out soon.
  • Big Brother eerily reminds Yuri of the time students in the afterlife were assimilated by a supposed God and is quick to declare opposition. Big Brother, unlike Arcturus, sees Yuri as inconsequential, although it will not hesitate to eliminate her if it need be. Yuri always seeks out allies whenever she rebels against Big Brother.
  • Was not happy to learn of the actions of Qin Shi Huang. Yuri believes that everyone should live their life how they want it to be, and believes that Quin Shi Huang negates this by stripping away education and freedom. Yuri also finds its intentions of protecting humans to be counterproductive, given her experience with tragedy.
  • Yuri firmly opposes YHVH, seeing him as a clearly evil God, similar to Melkor and seeing him as someone who would want to put individuals in what she deems an "NCP" state. However, she finds Darkseid to be far worse, given the fact that slavery and forced reverence is part of his job and that he personally killed his brother for Godhood. While Darkseid doesn't have much to comment about Yuri other than simply being another threat, she is preparing a plan to take him on alongside her allies.
  • Fond of the Houkago Tea Time band and would occasionally rock out on their music. Yuri tells them that they remind her of a good friend, namely Masami Iwasawa and the Girls Dead Monster band back in her afterlife. The band members are planning on writing a song based on Yuri and her experiences in the afterlife.
  • Due to the incident regarding siblings, Yuri is rather hesitant to visit the House of Siblings. She couldn't even walk near it without getting nervous and often breaking down. While she has accepted their deaths and thus, able to move on, Yuri could never truly forget her siblings. Yuri is thinking about trying therapy in an effort to be more resilient, but also knows that her emotions are just as important as her leadership. The House of Siblings are highly sympathetic of Yuri and offer her condolences and support, especially those who wholly under how it feels to lose a close sibling.
We have no choice but to accept the one and only life we're given, no matter how cruel and heartless it might be.

The Mediators of Grief

    Elliot Alderson/Mr. Robot 
Elliot Alderson, The Broken Heroic God (Mr. Robot, The Mastermind)
Mr. Robot 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The fsociety logo
  • Theme: Mr. Robot Main Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Mr. Robot alternates between that and Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Depressed and flawed Hacker with Massive Emotional Baggage, Crusade Hacker in the Night, Founder of ''fsociety'', Wants to benefit and save the World, Often talks to the Viewer, Able to effectively understand People with his Words, Master Hacker, Excellent Liar (Can fail at times), Keeps Himself Socially Isolated, Not Good at Socializing but will Do the Right Thing Regardless, Puppy-Dog Eyes, Cynical but Well-Intentioned, Went through numerous critical and endangering situations, Surprisingly Cute
  • Domains: Hackers, Rebellion, Depression, Anxiety, Identity Crisis
  • Herald: Darlene Alderson (His sister)
  • Allies: Hackerman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi, Otacon, Neo, Morpheus, TRON, Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Pollyanna Whittier, Lisbeth Salander, Radical Ed, Frank Pritchard (All of them have trouble dealing with Mr. Robot)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Aiden Pearce, San Francisco DedSec (Both are allies under the Mr. Robot persona), Tony Stark/Iron Man, Norman Jayden, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Will Graham and Clarice Starling
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Lex Luthor, Eliza and Neil Reagan, The Corpus, The Sundowner, The Slavers, Handsome Jack, Patrick Bateman, Walter White, Gustavo Fring, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Penelope Mouse
  • Additional Relationship: Freddie Mercury
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Sombra
  • Visitor of: House of Canines
  • An unsocial security worker in day and a hacker at night, Elliot Alderson lived a life confined in struggling to communicate with others and battling severe depression and anxiety. Then one day, he encountered an enigmatic anarchist, Mr. Robot, who offered him a chance to join an organization called fsociety for a grand ambition; to Save the World from top global conglomerates, particularly E Corp. Elliot, a naturally gifted and skilled hacker, managed to commit 5/9, a hack that plunged much of the world into a Class-5 Societal Disruption, resulting in a grand economical depression around the world. Unfortunately, while E Corp was affected by the damage, what was to come later was far worse and drastic than Elliot hoped to be...
  • Mr. Robot; the enigmatic and caustic leader of fsociety is in truth, a darker, more extreme-driven persona of Elliot taking the guise of his deceased father, Edward Alderson. Whereas Elliot was restrained by his morality regarding his actions, Mr. Robot is far more willing to commit dangerous and life-ruining acts if it meant achieving his goals. They would often battle against each other for supremacy, neither of them fully triumphing over the other. Elliot sees Mr. Robot as insane, whereas the latter sees the former as too weak and frail to really push onto achieving their goal. Not helping matters is the fact that Elliot was once thrown out of his house window by his father when he announced Edward's leukemia diagnosis to their family. And with Mr. Robot being supposed an idealized version of his father, their situation gets even worse.
    • Ultimately, Elliot found out he flung himself out of the window after undergoing a psychotic breakdown, and Mr. Robot found out that his efforts regarding 5/9 Stage 2 would only benefit his opponents and that there was nothing he could do. Elliot came to terms with his Split Personality, with Mr. Robot reciprocating the feeling and deciding to work with Elliot in taking down the Dark Army.
  • No one is sure how Elliot managed to ascend into the Pantheon. There are rumours that Elliot hacked his way into it, whereas others have stated maybe Mr. Robot's influence had something to do with it. As of now, Elliot has remained quiet about this. His first signs in the Pantheon was simply him prodding around with his hoodie on before entering a building and working on his computer desk, presumably ready for a hack.
  • Elliot is really good at deducting and revealing a person's personality and feelings by the use of his own words. Unfortunately, because his beliefs in people tend to be pessimistic, he mainly talks about the negatives and causes himself to isolate. However, he is a good person in heart and likes the company of genuine and morally upstanding individuals.
  • Met up with Pollyanna Whittier, and immediately became friends due to Pollyanna's sweet nature and Elliot seeing her as a good soul, something which he expressed towards his late employer Gideon. Whenever Elliot seeks company, Pollyanna is among the first he visits, seeing her occupation as serene and optimistic. It also helps in that Pollyanna serves as a subversion to Elliot's views on people.
  • Is on good terms with the House of Canines. He blackmailed his therapist's ex-boyfriend, "Michael Hansen" (real name Lenny Shannon) who uses a fake profile to meet underage women to have sex with and abused his dog, Flipper. Elliot did this because "Hansen" was cheating behind behind his therapist's back and the idea of his having sex with underage prostitutes was disgusting on Elliot's mind. Alongside incriminating him, he also took Flipper from him, after which Elliot treated her a lot better than "Hansen" ever could. He occasionally takes visits to the House of Canines for Flipper to visit.
  • Hackerman was greatly intrigued by the amount of energy and skill Elliot has in hacking. Elliot sees Hackerman as a good soul and gets along with him pretty well, although his Mr. Robot persona would much rather prefer Hackerman to be more militant in his work. Elliot also found company under Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi and Otacon as all of them are skilled in hacking and technology. They would all want Elliot in the GUAG White Hats, although Mr. Robot seems to be making things difficult. Only time will tell if Elliot will be able to convince Mr. Robot to join the White Hats. Elliot also found friends with fellow hackers Radical Ed and Frank Pritchard, the two of them being keen on supporting Elliot out.
    • Managed to make friends out of Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix and Vanellope Von Schweetz. Not much is known about how they got along, though rumor has it that Vanellope thinks Elliot is cute. Bentley's experience with Penelope Mouse is not different to when Elliot himself was blackmailed and used by his closest friends for their own goals. Alongside opposing Penelope for an understandable reason, Elliot took pity towards Bentley and has the biggest relation with him in regards to the hackers.
    • He made contact Lisbeth Salander during a hacking session. Agreeing to meet in person under the plans of hacking their enemies, the two were surprised to learn they were pretty similar to one another. Despite working together, Elliot and Lisbeth tend to keep each other anonymous in an effort to keep up with their unpredictability in their work. Mr. Robot sees potential in her, thinking about bringing her into fsociety.
  • Sees Bruce Wayne as one of the more accepting rich people in his views. Hacking into his information was tough, though he hacked enough to uncover his identity as Batman. Seeing this, Bruce paid a visit as himself, sympathising with Elliot and offering him therapy and guidance. He was surprised to see Elliot's ambition in saving the world to be larger in scale compared to his goal in defending Gotham, although Bruce reprimanded that Elliot seeks company and allies should he proceed. He also became fast friends with Barbara Gordon as both of them are master hackers, although the two of them differ in their personalities. Barbara is willing to help out Elliot whenever possible, although Mr. Robot is a lot more problematic, seeing Bruce as another vigilante, although he does admit that his tech would be useful in regards to their skills.
  • Aiden Pearce took notice of Elliot and offered him an alliance to take down those who exploit people using money and technology. Elliot is respectful of Aiden, but the extremity of his methods and his willingness to sometimes have innocent people involved in his crusade makes Elliot rebound in doubt. Mr. Robot however is more than willing to join Aiden, believing that destruction and damage is inevitable when it comes to revolution. The same sentiments go for the San Francisco DedSec, although they are less morally ambiguous than Aiden for Elliot to only be slightly more comfortable working with.
  • Gets along with Neo, seeing as he was a hacker and ultimately built himself up to be a hero. Elliot also sees Morpheus as a good influence for Neo and has stated that he would like to help regarding the Matrix if possible. He also seems to be rather respectful about Tron, viewing him as benevolent for a program.
  • Elliot has a rather complicated history with the FBI. As a hacker who exploits personal information and scandals, he gets some degree of flak from FBI agents. To further this mess, Elliot's sister Darlene had a relationship with one, Dominique "Dom" DiPierro. Seeing as Elliot has good intentions, some of the agents get to sympathize with him, especially Norman Jayden as both of them undergo a drug issue that they try to overcome. Others, such as Will Graham, Clarice Starling and Peter Burke, while sympathetic are more hesitant to work with him due to Elliot's criminal history. And that's not even getting into his Mr. Robot persona, who can't bring himself up to trust FBI agents in any way. Neal Caffrey is more amicable and has befriended Elliot rather easily, though he himself would get into arguments should Mr. Robot ever show up.
  • Elliot normally tends to oppose giant corporations, seeing as them leeches that feed on other people, draining them off of their money and caring only for themselves. Its no wonder he dislikes Mr. Rogers for that aspect. Elliot also hates Eliza and Neil Reagan for being incredibly entitled and only caring about themselves. And while Elliot doesn't have much to say about Superman, he hates Lex Luthor because he is able to tell that Lex is fixated on a petty grudge against the Man of Steel and for someone with a vast amount of resources, wastes it only for himself. Mr. Robot agrees with Elliot about them, which says a lot.
    • Once met Patrick Bateman in his Mr. Robot persona. Patrick's egotism and pretentiousness were incredibly grating, escalating to the point where Mr. Robot prompted to punch him in the face just to shut him up. The two had a hard brawl, with Patrick driven to kill and Mr. Robot managing to knock him out for a time. Elliot sees Patrick as corporate scum, though doesn't recall the experience with him. Same thing goes for Handsome Jack, whom Elliot would like to hack one day just to drive him nuts, in addition to benefiting the Vault Hunters. Elliot and Mr. Robot also took notice of Norman Osborn and with a hack, figured out his Green Goblin identity. They've agreed on a reluctant alliance with Tony Stark in regards to combating him, with Tony thinking about training Elliot as a hacking protege of sorts, though he isn't interested.
    • Elliot however, does have one commerce-based individual in the Pantheon who he likes; Robert E.O Speedwagon. He is able to deduct that Speedwagon is a humble and caring person who invests his money on topics that matter and Speedwagon has decided to try helping Elliot out about his mental health issues. Its tough, but Speedwagon will try to manage.
  • Above all, Elliot hates massive corporations that benefit in the deaths of people, and it has been a major contributing factor in his views on people. The Corpus and the Sundowner are among those that Elliot despises with a passion, being individuals who seek war for the sole intent of profit, and he is willing to team up with anybody in the House of Justice if it means bringing them down. The Slavers are another group that Elliot loathes, to the point where upon hacking their tracks and their objectives of extorting a group of children, he immediately notified the House of Heroism about it, prompting an a quick and well-deserved beatdown. Also dislikes Walter White and Gustavo Fring for their pride and indulgence in crime, in addition to Elliot's struggles with drugs.
  • Was shocked upon hearing about the Grand United Alliance of Machines and their intentions to robotize the Pantheon for their own needs. He's been trying to convince Mr. Robot to join the GUAG White Hats solely to combat against them, thinking his hacking skills can be used to good use for the general public in this occasion. Mr. Robot, understanding the Machine Council being something way beyond even their minds and skills has agreed to join the GUAG in combating against them.
  • During a hacking session, he came across Sombra, who's hacking skills were beyond what Elliot and Mr. Robot are capable of. Elliot does sympathize with Sombra over their tragic pasts, but he can't bring himself to associate with her due to Sombra's allegiance and harming innocents. Mr. Robot has admitted to stating he needs help in dealing with Sombra, but his extreme methods make him difficult to trust in the wider Pantheon.
  • For all their tension and struggles, Mr. Robot does care for Elliot. Ever since finding out the true circumstances of Elliot's accident, they've been getting along much better, though its a long road before Elliot will begin to treat Mr. Robot like his father.
  • A lot of Pantheon residents think Elliot is adorable. He hasn't made a comment about this yet, though he feels relieved to see there are those who genuinely like him. Its thought Elliot's experiences and nature are what make him so endearing.
  • He is surprised to see he looks a lot like Freddie Mercury. And like everyone else, Elliot enjoys his music a lot. Freddie was initially surprised by his look-alike but accepts Elliot as a fan nonetheless.
This is the world we live in. People relying on each other's mistakes to manipulate one another and use one another, even relate to one another. A warm, messy circle of humanity.

Avatar Korra, Goddess of Harsh Personal Growth (Water Tribe Stallion)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The Silhouette of Raava
  • Theme Song: Fresh Air
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Chaotic Good).
  • Portfolio: Naïve Newcomer, Cute Bruiser, Instant Expert, Good With Kids, All-Loving Hero, Being a Tomboy, Elemental Powers, revealed to be bisexual, Amazonian Beauty, Big Sister Instinct, Heroic Blue, Boobs of Steel, Broken Ace to actual Ace, Becoming Kinder and More Cheerful
  • Domain: Nature, Combat, Balance
  • High Priest: Calvin's Dad (former holder, willingly stepped aside for her when she changed her position)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Amon, Zaheer, King Ghidorah, Melkor, Lucifer, YHVH, Gigan, Mecha-Godzilla, Number 96: Black Mist, Cho'gall, Megatron, SpaceGodzilla
  • Pities: Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon)
  • She was originally ascended alongside Touta Konoe due to being a practically polar opposite of her predecessor at first glance. They've since split as she was offered a seat of her own to acknowledge the growth of her person and legend through overcoming many brutal hardships in a short time span. Despite no longer being in the same house, Korra still gets along well with Touta and considers him a good friend.
  • Despite the reason she was called up initially, Aang was rather happy to hear of Korra's ascension since her connection with Raava was severed, leaving him stuck in the Pantheon and unable to reach her. Korra was surprised to see Aang in the Pantheon in his younger form, but adjusted quickly enough and shared how her story went after the link to Raava was severed. Upon hearing of her achievements in the mortal plane that exceeded even his, Aang couldn't be more proud of her. For this reason, he thinks her new placement in the Pantheon suits her much better than her old one.
  • Korra and Aang have been known to race one another on their Air Scooters.
  • Has been seen training with a much younger Toph to improve her metalbending. Toph remarks how her fighting has improved since that last time she whooped her butt. But only a little. She also has been battling with a much younger Katara just using their waterbending. She was amazed by how agile Katara was at her prime and has enjoyed their training.
  • Aside from her precedessors, Korra has furthered her training with other members of the Pantheon to better improve her fighting style. In particular, she has found great use of Jotaro Kujo's technique.
  • Was once mistaken by both Kamina and Simon to posses Spiral Energy after seeing her fight against Unalaq/Vaatu. Korra corrected them but did mention doing their signature ''Giga Drill Break'' once.
  • Korra has shown interest in the sport of Blitzball. Tidus was more than happy to teach her about the game. Of course, old habits die hard as Korra still showed her competitive streak and used her Waterbending in training, though she avoided using her bending in actual matches.
  • Even though Godzilla is a well known Chaotic being, Korra has befriended the Kaiju King and they have been seen relaxing with one another in the Spirit World.
  • Since allying herself with the King of Kaijus, she too opposes King Ghidorah, seeing the three-headed dragon as a destructive force just like Vaatu. It became personal when the Terror King and the ogre Cho'gall entered the Spirit World and Ghidorah proceeded to suck the souls out of some of its inhabitants. While she, Aang, Godzilla, and Mothra Leo were able to stop the two monsters from entering her world, she found out that they were used as a distraction while members of GUAE harvested Spirit Vines for their own use. She wasn't happy about this.
    • Megatron has found his way onto Korra's shit list for doing most of the vine cutting while shapeshifted into a drill tank. He still is despite ultimately joining the GUAM instead of GUAE, as neither is much better.
  • Along with Aang, Korra has been attempting to teach Commander Shepard and his/her crew the bending arts after discovering a universe where Shepard was the Avatar. So far, if any progress has been made it's been kept secret.
  • At one point the Court of the Gods had awarded her with a second seat in the House of Nature to honor her contributions to rebuilding the Air Nation and preserving/expanding the Spirit World. That seat was eventually decommissioned after members of the Court called it out as a retitled version of a pre-existing seat in the House of Power that had been filled by someone whose soul manipulation power was far stronger than Korra's own spirit-bending.
    • One day she visited this temple and found a sad maiden with wax-baked eyes and black hair and clothes in the midst of deadwood and leaves. She also happened to be surrounded by a strange assortment of demonic hordes; however she managed to lull every last one of them to sleep with her power. Amazed by this, Korra introduced herself and held a brief chat with the Maiden in Black, who was surprisingly easy to talk with as well. She left the dreary temple strangely at peace.
  • Korra's been hanging around with Ryuko Matoi. The two found common ground with the fact that they went through a bunch of crap before finally finding peace and happiness.
    • She's also been hanging with Ryuko's sister, Satsuki Kiryuin. After hearing about how she conquered every school in her area, it reminded Korra of Kuvira. Though, she realized that the two differed in approach and reason for their actions.
  • While she has long since moved past her bad experiences with both Amon and Zaheer, she still is very uneasy that the two have ascended. Zaheer in particular because even though he did help her reconnect with the Spirit World, she isn't a hundred percent trusting of him.
  • Tends to goof around with many of the younger kid deities, and they like the fact the she shows them respect. Except for Roanapur's Hansel and Gretel; she couldn't help but cry when she learned their tragic backstory after seeing the little monsters they had become.
  • Was absolutely happy when she learned that Asami ascended, welcoming her girlfriend with a big hug. The two still go on their trips to the Spirit World. When questioned about how was their vacation, the two only blush and look away.
    • They were also both among the welcoming parties to greet Chief Beifong and Tenzin when they later separately ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Was weirded out when she was told that there was an alternate version of herself that had the had the voice and personality of Tommy Wiseau.
  • Gets along fairly well with the Elric Brothers, who remind her somewhat of the Fabulous Bending Brothers back home in Republic City as well as herself and Aang. She and Ed will butt heads in the occasional disagreement or bout of competition, but ultimately have a healthy respect for one another; at times she goes back and forth whether she thinks he's more like Mako or herself. As for Al, he's precious and easygoing, which she liked about Bolin, but also a bit more serious and responsible than her earthbending friend, which also causes her to think of child Aang. All in all, she knows they have her back and vice versa if faced with any common enemies.
  • Asami has told her about the man called Greed who approached the heiress offering a connections deal in exchange for a stake in her future profits. Then she heard Lin Beifong talk about how the same man attempted to hit on her while she was working. She's since been anxious to meet the homunculus trying to encroach on her personal inner circle.
    • After training with Jotaro one day, she returned to Republic City only to find out that Raditz attacked the place…but was fended off thanks to the efforts of the police led by Beifong and Greed. Now it's a hat-trick and she knows she wants to see what this guy's all about.
  • Korra immensely sympathizes with Yang Xiao Long after Yang lost her arm and was abandoned by one of her best friends in an attack on her school, having faced a similar and also-depressing experience namely being paralyzed and almost killed by the Red Lotus' mercury poison.
  • As the female successor of her world's greatest hero, Korra naturally gets along well with Supergirl. It certainly helps that her experiences have mellowed her into further adopting many of Kara's traits.
  • Seeing how happy she was about her new seat transfer, Asami decided to throw a party to celebrate. Guests included the good Avatar-verse deities (with the Gaang in their adult prime forms), Touta and his ascended UQ Holder! buddies, Weiss and Nana, the Elric Brothers and their father, Asami's housemate and Lin's former high priestess Olivier Armstrong, Illya von Einzbern, Hercules, Teddie, and yes, Greed. Several small events occurred during this party:
    • Korra and Asami ended up talking with Kuroumaru about his gender and attraction issues, advising him not to try to force things with Touta but to make the best decision in his heart.
    • She was also one of the unfortunate "victims" of Teddie's lame attempts to "score", and kindly but firmly told him thanks but no thanks.
    • Korra finally met the chief's suitor for the first time. She liked his cool easygoing demeanor but was a bit leery when Greed declared he would be the "future King of the Pantheon" with Lin as "his Queen".
    • Ended up having a conversation with Winry when Ed tried to introduce Winry to Asami, unaware that they'd already met. She cleared up some things about her sexual orientation and relationship with Asami which Winry had been confused about at first. They get along just fine now.
    • When the party deduced that Hercules and Illya's black giant Berserker were one and the same, Korra, as well as Touta, decided they wanted to spar with him in that form in the future.
    • The Krew and Toph conversed with Greed and the Elric brothers after the party in order to learn more about him. In the process, they gained valuable information on his homunculus siblings and father, got a good laugh when Ed revealed that Greed was once fused into a prince with a similar name to Lin's, cooled him down as he got upset about learning that Amon had de-bended Lin and targeted Tenzin's family, and saw him look pleased that Lin had not only recovered from this with Korra's help, but also later reconciled her own family's issues. He even praised Toph as being "pretty cool", and speaking of whom, Toph found no lies in anything he said. Korra came away with enough good spirits to approve of giving Greed a chance.
  • Ling Yao was introduced to her and Aang through Zuko and Greed after he ascended. He's friendly and ambitious like Greed, but more openly dependable like the Elrics. They also really appreciate the concept of alkahestry and the Dragon's Pulse, being able to relate more to it through their Avatar duties and especially their travels in the Spirit World.
  • "No matter what happens, no matter how crazy things get, I'll always try to restore balance."

    Raiden (Mortal Kombat
Raiden, God of Guilt Complexes (Rayden, God of Thunder, Earthrealm's Protector, Haokah (by Nightwolf), Dark Raiden, Defender of Earthrealm, Broden, formerly God of Blunder, God of Useless, Raidude, One-Point-Twenty-One Gigawatts, ThunderCat)
Dark Raiden 
  • Intermediate God, bordering towards Greater God (Overdeity with all his godly authority unsealed) (Demigod as a mortal)
  • Symbol: His hat, covered with thunder, atop the White Lotus Society logo
  • Theme Songs: Raiden's Theme by 9th Wonder, Mortal Kombat Anthem (MK11 Trailer Mix); Techno Syndrome and Eternal Life were heard when he returned to the Pantheon; Sky Temple when meditating
  • Alignment: Neutral Good normally, Lawful Neutral with Evil leanings as Dark Raiden
  • Portfolio: Thunder, Gibberish Battle Cries (YOUR MOTHER IS IN LAAAA), Big Goods (and an arguable Deconstruction-Reconstruction of it), The Ace with a Broken Streak, Benevolent Physical Gods, Nice Guys, Hurting Heroes, Failure Knights, Mentor Figures, Guilt Complexes, Becomes More Cynical with Liu Kang's Death and Corruption, Suffering the Consequences for His Actions, Tries to Fix What He Caused (And Succeeds At the Cost of his Powers), The Woobie, Having Three Variations (Thunder God, Displacer, Master of Storms)
  • Domains: Thunder, Kombat, Guidance, Protection
  • Followers: Miranda Lotto, Zerocalcare, Professor Ozpin
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Zeus
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship With: Connor MacLeod, Joseph Joestar
  • On Good Terms: Baraka, Kotal Kahn
  • Raiden is the God of Thunder and the longtime Protector of Earthrealm, being a guiding figure to all the warriors from the realm and an active figure in saving it. Although his run has been far from perfect, starting with his attempt at preventing Armaggeddon getting many of his allies killed, Liu Kang even being a victim by his own hand, and later condemming them to a life as revenants. Things escalated when Raiden absorded the corrupted Jinsei, making him into a ruthless Knight Templar that, for a while, left the Pantheon to attend to Earthrealm matters. However, that all changed and Raiden resurfaced once again as the benevolent God of Thunder, seeking a second chance in the pantheon to right his wrongs.
  • The original reason he got the title of Guilt Complex was the regret he held after losing most of his warriors in the Outworld invasion, the death of Liu Kang and Kung Lao being the one that haunted him the most. However, after his dark self beheaded Shinnok and then Kronika showed up, said version got Ret-Gone from existence and so his past version stepped up. Having received the memories of the old Raiden that once resided here, he only saw fit to keep his title as a reminder of what he has done and his need to patch up some relationships that he broke in the process. At least after fusing with Liu Kang and becoming a mortal, the bad blood that he and the revenant Liu Kang had is gone completely.
  • Ever since his return, he took back his place as the Big Good of the MK-verse, a place that was held by Rachel Alucard after Dark Raiden took hold of his Pantheon position. While at odds at first, Raiden and Rachel are willing to work together and the Thunder God expressed gratitude for her taking care of the Earthrealm warriors while he succumbed to darkness and corruption. Now they both work together at GUAG to keep the pantheon evil forces in check and given that Terumi, one of Rachel's enemies, has time and time again mocked Raiden for his past failures and even considering a tentative alliance with Shinnok just to spite the Thunder God, he too decided to aid Rachel in defeating Terumi once and for all.
    • And to return the favour to Rachel, he too decided to check on one of Alucard's allies, Ragna the Bloodedge, having figured that Ragna was special to her (yes, even he is aware of her feelings for Ragna much to her chagrin). Being reminded a lot about Hanzo Hasashi in both his rashness and quick to anger attitude back as the time he was Scorpion to other uncanny similarities, Raiden decided to try and aid Ragna in whatever way he could. While he refused training, Ragna does value the wisdom that Raiden has and even sympathizes with what he had to go through in the new timeline. Raiden has also tried to get Ragna more closely acquainted to Scorpion, but to extremely mixed results: the Grim Reaper is fine with Hanzo Hasashi and his human form, but refuses to touch his Scorpion self with a ten-foot pole due to his crippling fear of ghosts.
  • Another consequence of his descent into Dark Raiden was that, for a time, several of the revenants took hold of the Pantheon temples, most notably Liu Kang and Kitana becoming the Netherrealm emperors thanks to the machinations of the Lich King, Arthas Menethil. Once the good Raiden returned, he made sure that Arthas and his followers would no longer corrupt the minds of his warriors and so arranged everyone of the past timeline to take over their temples from their revenants. Once that was taken care of, Raiden and the Earthrrealm Warriors took the fight to the Scourge in an effort to overthrow Arthas and give his seat to the other Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon.
  • Well versed in DC Universe, first when he alongside his fellow Kombatants, teamed up with the DC Superheroes in the very moment their worlds collide to defeat both Shao Kahn and Darkseid, after both merged into the entity known as Dark Kahn. Later Raiden, having heard stories about the darker alternate timeline where Regime Superman hails from, personally went there to help stop evil from succeeded. He wasn't the only stranger from other realms, even Sub-Zero was suck into the conflict and he joined Raiden in stopping Brainiac from taking over Earth.
    • Not amused that people keep comparing him to the Joker. He refuses to be put at the same level as an unrepentant murderer like him only because that one time he took on a similar voice base. It became worse when the clown decided to approach Kano just for the kicks and strike out a deal with him.
  • While he is an immortal, that's only because he is a god. For some reason, people keep confusing him for Connor MacLeod and think he is another immortal just like him, only that version of Raiden was a lot more of a Trickster Mentor. In any case, him and Connor have become unlikely allies for that reason, even aiding him in defeating Connor's Arch-nemesis the Kurgan, which some point out also has certain similarities with the Thunder God.
  • While he has always respected the position of the Elder Gods, their inaction and sometimes, in the case of Shinnok and Cetrion, evil nature is what made him lose faith in them. That's why Cosmos has been a breath of fresh air for him, because as the leader of GUAG, she is trying her best to ensure the Pantheon denizens can be safe, something Raiden respects from a divine being with a higher position. This is one of the many reasons he decided to join GUAG once more. Meeting Mata Nui also restored his faith in higher beings after he displayed some good qualities about leadership and heroism.
    • That said, he once met Kent Nelson during his trip to the Injustice Universe and his actions reminded Raiden of himself. Having heard of the presence in the Pantheon of Doctor Fate, he was disappointed that the entity in control was Nabu, someone who would enforce the rules that people like Shinnok and Kronika see as right. This instantly made Raiden decide to take him down.
  • As the Thunder God, he is able to manipulate lightning and electricity however he sees fit. For a while he and Thor had an ongoing rivalry to see who was the most worthy thunder god, culminating in a virtual fight to the death where Thor was victorious. There is no bad blood between the two as Raiden has learned to forgive those that are clearly more capable. That said, he and Zeus had also had a rather vitriolic relation, and unlike Thor, he has displayed very reprehensible actions but so far Raiden can do nothing about it.
    • Speaking of thunder, he ended up taking Raikou under his wing, mostly after the creature grew an affinity for Raiden. Similar namesakes asides, he is impressed about the nature of the Legendary Beasts and wonders if the Elder Gods from another universe are behind their creation.
  • It's no secret that Shao Kahn and Shinnok utterly despise Raiden given that he's been a huge thorn in their side for centuries. A tentative alliance was considered between the two but given their egos, they hardly can work together. Shinnok instead tried to enact a plan to steal the Boosted Gear from Issei Hyodo but that was foiled by Rachel Alucard and Issei's friends, earning him a place in their shit list. Curious, Raiden decided to meet the Occult Research Club and thanks to Rachel he was able to do so. While a bit lecherous for his taste, Raiden respects Issei's dedication to his close ones and so he had no issue becoming a friend of him, the O.R.C. and the Chick Magnet Quartet by proxy. That and he reminds him a lot of Johnny Cage.
  • After deciding to come to Sub-Zero to discuss the emergence of Frost he came across some members of the Tenno training under the Grandmaster. Like him, Raiden initially mistook them as apart of the Tekunin but the confusion was quickly cleared up and he soon came to acknowledge the warrior’s roles of protectors over the Origin System against its many different threats. Whether they’re against a brutish and militaristic clone race out to conquer and enslave the stars to a mercantile megacorporation who’s avarice and greed drives them to line their own pockets by any means necessary, the Tenno is working to protect the innocent no matter what. For that, they have a mutual respect for one another and the Tenno have offered to direct their efforts towards Earthrealm’s foes as well.
  • The role of Earthrealm's Protector has never been an easy one for him, even going as far as making huge mistakes along the way. In certain timelines, the success did allow him to become an Elder God but he quickly abandoned the position because it prevented from interfering and do what is right. That made him respect Tyrael a lot, shedding his wings and becoming a mortal to stop the Burning Hell from taking over was something he too would have done. Ironically, both have regained their godly powers in the pantheon but that didn't stop their dedication to protect life and do what's right.
  • His actions regarding the new timeline landed him squarely in the Pantheonic Time Police's sight. They understand that he did it because otherwise Shao Kahn would have won but they believe he could have gone about it better and have since kept an eye on him. Finding out about Kronika only improved their relationship with Raiden slightly but that doesn't mean that he is not responsible for what he did.
    • The Dahaka on the hand has been relentless in trying to bring justice towards Raiden for his actions against the timeline. At first it was thought because it was what the Dahaka does but it turns out that Revenant Kitana influenced the creature to target Raiden more frequently. Even after the latter was replaced by the real Kitana, the Dahaka has not deterred and is dead set on ending Raiden once and for all, caring little about any notion of mercy in light of Kronika's actions (even if he too plans to go after Kronika after having dealt with the Thunder God).
    • Said actions caught the attention of Zamasu. Initially thinking that Raiden would share his views, he was utterly dissapointed to find otherwise. Even Dark Raiden thinks Zamasu is too far gone and that the complete annihilation of mortals will not fix everything. The ensuing attempt to finish the Thunder God for good saw the Time Police intercept the encounter and aid Raiden in fending off Zamasu, which resulted in them improving their relationship with Raiden.
  • Contrary to popular belief, no, he is not that indecisive. He doesn't have to consult the Elder Gods all the time.
  • "Tremble before Earthrealm's Protector!"