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Intermediate Gods

    Kamen Rider Double 
Shotaro Hidari and Philip, Dual Gods of Private Detectives (Both: Kamen Rider Double, The Two-in-One Kamen Rider | Shotaro: Half-Boiled Detective, Kamen Rider Joker, Master of Meme Faces | Philip: Raito Sonozaki, Kamen Rider Cyclone)
Philip and Shotaro Hidari in Kamen Rider W
Philip and Shotaro Hidari in Fuuto P.I.
Kamen Rider Double 
Cyclone Joker Xtreme 
Cyclone Joker Gold Xtreme 

    Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive 
Shinnosuke Tomari, God of Great Detectives (Kamen Rider Drive, Kamen Driver, The True Reaper, Kamen Rider Super Dead Heat Drive)
Kamen Rider Drive 
Type Tridoron 
Type Special 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Type Tridoron or Type Special)
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider Drive Symbol, alternatively the Special Investigation Unit Logo
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Transforming Heroes, Great Detectives, Brilliant, but Lazy (not anymore), Badass Drivers in Nice Suits, The Kirk, Being the Successor of Proto-Drive, Cynical Heroes, Being Sarcastic, Being the "True" Reaper in the Eyes of the Roidmudes, Rides the Tridoron, "My Brain Cells are Now in Top Gear", "Let's Go For a Ride!", Happily Married, Milk Candies, Giving His Weapons Bad Names
  • Domains: Combat, Police, Cars, Law, Investigation, Heroism
  • Followers: Kyu Renjo, Ryu Amakusa, Megumi Minami, Kintaro Toyama, Azuma Narusawa, Morihiko Dan.
  • Heralds: The rest of the Special Investigation Unit (especially Kiriko Shijima (Go's older sister and his wife), Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser, Akira Hayase (his old partner), Eisuke Tomari (his father), and Eiji Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive Type Next (his son)
  • Allies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Heart Roidmude
  • Enemies: Tenjuro Banno, Shocker, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Ultron, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Nui Harime), Shogo Makishima, Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Joker, Lord Chaos, Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash
  • On the Hit List of: Rosco P. Coltrane
  • Ascended into the main pantheon due to his profession as a police detective and a Kamen Rider at the same time, Shinnosuke Tomari was a detective who was demoted from being an elite officer after the events of the Global Freeze for accidentally injured his partner Akira Hayase before he transferred into the Special Investigation Unit to specialize in solving every case related to the Roidmudes. With Kiriko Shijima as his aid, he was chosen by the Drive Driver to fight the Roidmudes as its second user of the Drive System as "Kamen Rider Drive" in order to prevent them from initiating the second Global Freeze.
  • Many of the Gods in the pantheon finds him very unique among the Kamen Riders since he is affiliated with the police force and his main transportation is not a motorcycle, but a supercar called the Tridoron. Because of this, many of his brethren Riders who had previously fought alongside the police force (like Kuuga, Agito, Double, and Wizard) or another Rider who possessed a supercar like Black RX, was amazed by his uniqueness.
    • However there are times that he can be lazy whenever he's off duty while eating his favorite milk candy in the House of Food.
    • His said profession also gained the respect of Dominic Toretto, a fellow Badass Driver, this is also because Toretto reminds the Kamen Rider of his close ally Brian O' Conner. Because of this, both men worked together on dealing with their criminal adversaries in the pantheon.
  • He is somewhat close allies with the Fresh Pretty Cures, especially with Love Momozono as he sympathizes with her past rivalry with Setsuna Higashi (who was once known as Eas), much like how he used to have a rivalry with Chase (who was known as Mashin Chaser back then). He has also had sympathy towards Setsuna since she reminds him of Chase due to them started out as villains who later became heroes while they're atoning their past sins.
  • Surprisingly, he also met several detectives in the pantheon, like Batman, Naoto Shirogane, Kyoko Kirigiri, and Akane Tsunemori. As they formed their friendship due to their shared profession, they help each other out alongside his fellow detective rider Shotaro Hidari and Philip on solving crime cases in the pantheon.
    • He also met another fellow detective in the form of Aru Akise. As the rider has seen his potential as a great detective, Shinnosuke decides to take Aru as his apprentice.
    • Was also gained an admiration of Sherlock Holmes as the private detective was proud of his job as a police detective after he saw all of his countless times of solving cases. He was also being looked up by the Milky Holmes because they were once Great Detectives like him and they wanted to be well known again. Shinnosuke assures to the girls that he will help them to make that happen.
    • He also gained an ire towards Shogo Makishima for committing various crimes while manipulating others to do his dirty work and The Joker due to his stint of being an Ax-Crazy Giggling Villain reminding him too much of Mitsuhide Nira. Because of this, Shinnosuke is often seen teaming up with Akane and Batman to stop their evil acts.
  • He is also being close allies with RoboCop, Kurtis Stryker, and Caitlyn, since both have the same moral conduct of being a police officer. They are often seen working together preventing any crime in the pantheon that they can.
  • He is also very close friends with Chun-Li while he also sympathized with her because she also became a police officer to investigate her father's apparent death at the hands of M. Bison, much like how he became a police detective to solve the case of his father's mysterious death.
  • He is also friends with Ryuko and Senketsu, probably due to her relations with Senketsu reminding of his relation with Mr. Belt. On the other hand, he harbors animosity towards Ryuko's mother Ragyo Kiryuin because of her brainwashing of Ryuko makes her no different from how Medic did the same treatment to Chase while he was under the Roidmude's control.
  • Most of the deities in the pantheon pointed out that his main form, "Type Speed", is often compared to The Flash because of their Super Speed abilities and both heroes have the same color schemes. Nevertheless, they were close allies and fighting their respective enemies.
  • He also became allies with Yusei Fudo because both of them had experienced tragedies involving the time paradox in their respective times, along with Future Trunks whose objective to save his family in the past reminds him of his future son Eiji.
    • He also gained disgust towards Lord Chaos because of his powers of creating a time paradox reminding him of Paradox Roidmude.
  • Like Shotaro, Philip, and Torin before, he is also close friends with Taiki Kudo since both had the same writer in their respective shows.
  • He has somewhat gained an animosity towards Ryoma Sengoku due to his stint as a Mad Scientist who was very cruel and has no empathy to everyone reminded him to the likes of Tenjuro Banno. Because of this, Shinnosuke is determined to stop his madness.
  • Has become rather sympathetic to Ange for her losing the respect of her kingdom for something as trivial as what type of human she is. He also seems to be proud of Tusk for doing his best to protect her and has since aligned with them to stop Embryo's goal to corrupt all women in the Pantheon. He notes that Ange has the potential to use the Drive Driver.
  • He also shared his opinion with Chase that Katsumi Daido was "Unworthy of the name Kamen Rider" because Eternal was once a hero who became a villain and committed unforgivable actions during NEVER's raid on Futo.
  • He became enemies with Ultron because of his similarities with the malevolent Roidmudes and his objective to destroy humanity as part of his programming. However, while he finally sympathizes with the Roidmudes after he learned more of them during his battles, he sees Ultron as their opposite since the robot never understands why he wants to eradicate the human race in the first place. Because of this, he is determined to stop Ultron if he dares to harm any humans in the pantheon.
  • Cannot stand the likes of the Trollkaiger after he heard of their actions of committing atrocities in the whole pantheon, especially with Nui Harime because of her antics of being a troll who killed Ryuko's father reminded him of Nira. This also applies to both Monokuma and Junko Enoshima due to their reputation for initiating the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy and both were responsible for bringing the world into chaos through despair, which reminds him of the horrors of the first Global Freeze. Because of this, Shinnosuke resolves to stop their evil actions in the pantheon.
  • Has formed a surprising friendship with Ruby Rose due to their similar personalities, color schemes, preference in powers and the same desire to live up to their parent's dream of protecting the people. They also share similar interests in mechanics, though cars don't necessarily intersect with weapons. Ruby expressed excitement and a small amount of envy that he could talk to the Shift Cars, leading to Shinnosuke laughing uneasily as she tries to introduce him to (the obviously unresponsive) Crescent Rose.
    • Similarly, he sympathizes with her sister Yang, due to her wanting to find out about her mother's disappearance and her interest in cars. He expressed interest in learning her berserker style of fighting to help better control Type Dead Heat.
  • Noticed an oddity about the connection between Persona users Minato and Minako Arisato. Their powers, general relationships (except for romantic options), and even histories with Aigis and Ryoji Mochizuki AKA Thanatos were almost entirely the same, yet every report from 1999 indicated only one car crashed and burned on the Moonlight Bridge on a certain day. Either they had to be related or one would have to be cloned or derived from the other somehow. Yet their hair and eyes were totally different, their personalities were superficially opposite, "Minato's" real name of Makoto Yuki was known yet whatever name "Minako" actually had wasn't, and no indication existed that they even knew each other. All of this represented an utter paradox unless alternate timelines are involved. He took his concerns to another trusted member of his house, Lois Lane, and she agreed to help him investigate the matter.
    • The detective-reporter duo traveled to Tatsumi Port Island to see if they could discover something, heading first for the police station. As soon as they headed to the film room where CCTV footage was being kept, they noticed some strange red tapes. Immediately looking through those, they saw clips of the female protagonist with other S.E.E.S. members…who addressed her by Kotone Shiomi, a completely different name. Leaving after this, they headed right to Kotone's temple for answers, and she revealed that S.E.E.S. had agreed to keep her real name hidden until someone else figured it out since it was odd that she had received a false name upon entry. Lois took the lead from there with both Kotone and S.E.E.S. leader Mitsuru Kirijo, while Shinnosuke continued on trying to get more information on his own. Well, until Tenjuro and Eobard Thawne came after him and Barry Allen again.
  • "You're coming along for the ride!"

    Skulduggery Pleasant 
Skulduggery Pleasant, God of Exotic Detectives, (Skeleton Detective, Skull-Man, Sammy Skeleton, Lord Vile)

Lesser Gods

    Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau 
Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau, God of Foolish Detectives and Heroic Inspectors

    John Luther 
John Luther, Holy Patron of Defective Detectives (Detective Chief Inspector Luther)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: His DCI badge
  • Theme Song: Paradise Circus by Massive Attack
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with a healthy dose of Knight Templar
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Skilled In The Batman Gambit, Has Used Questionable Methods To Get The Job Done, Fair Cop, Fearless Fool, Genius Bruiser, Guile Hero, Cop With Bad Publicity, Scary Black Man, You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Pissed Off
  • Domains: British Inspectors, Cops, Criminal Procedure, Personal Issues
  • High Priest: Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola
  • Allies In Law Enforcement: Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Aya Brea, Kurtis Stryker, Inspector Javert, Dirty Harry, Sherlock Holmes, Adrian Monk, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Akane Tsunemori, Lieutenant Columbo, Rei Furuya
  • Enemies: Any Crooked Cops and Most of the House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Worthy Opponents: (when it comes to a battle of wits) Bane, Hannibal Lecter, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Detective Chief Inspector John Luther didn't see this as an ascension. He instead saw this as a transfer, seeing as how no one in their right mind would dare to work with the guy. The deification was a bonus. Deciding that he needed a change in scenery, he accepted the offer.
  • Luther was welcomed into the Pantheon by fellow Brit Sherlock Holmes. Luther has nothing but the utmost respect towards the legendary detective and is humbled by Holmes' words of praise.
  • Both Raleigh Beckett and Mako Mori had mistaken Luther for Mako's mentor/father figure, Jaeger Commander Prescott, while Thor had thought that Heimdall had ascended to the Pantheon, while Omar Little thought Luther to be Russell 'Stringer' Bell, whom he had killed back when he was a mortal. After Luther saw photos of the men in question, it's pretty damn hard to deny the resemblance.
  • Luther himself had did a double take, as he thought his ex-wife, Zoe Luther, had joined the Pantheon. Nope, it was actually Ellaria Sand, the paramour/high priestess to Oberyn Martell. What can he say? They both look the same.
  • Luther isn't a dirty cop per se. He just has a rather nasty habit in breaking the many rules and regulations in order to get the job done. Plus, it's also pretty wise not to piss him off. He's a brilliant detective, his intensity matched by his skills in fisticuffs.
  • How did Luther become friends with Leroy Gibbs, you ask? Gibbs had looked in on Luther interrogating a perp, and was impressed as to how fast he made the crook crack. That and both men are divorced, with Gibbs being married more than Luther. The perps in the Pantheon shudder at the thought of Gibbs and Luther joining forces in the interrogation room. Cosmos is seriously considering that idea.
  • Met Lieutenant Columbo by chance on his third day in the Pantheon. The two men bonded by exchanging stories of their past cases.
  • Has something of an odd friendship with Bane. The two men are usually seen debating over a game of chess in regards to various subjects.


    Basil and Dawson 
Basil and Dawson, Dual Gods of Detective Animals (Basil: Basil of Baker Street, The Great Mouse Detective; Dawson: Major Dr. David Q. Dawson)

    Francis York Morgan 

It's quite interesting that we've become gods, right Zach?"

Francis York Morgan, God of Profiling (Agent York, Yorkie, Scarface, Francis Zach Morgan)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His FBI Badge
  • Theme Song: Life Is Beautiful
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Profile: The Profiler, Specialized in B-Movies While Still Being Tough, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Having an Imaginary Friend In Zach, Smoking, Strange Yet Efficient in his job, Blunt Attitude, Actually Being Zach While York Was His Guardian Entity, Defeating Unnaturally Strong Monsters
  • Domain: Law, Insanity, Perception, True Identity, Travel
  • High Priest: Dale Cooper
  • Heralds: Emily Wyatt (York) and Patricia Woods (Zach)
  • Allies: Most of the Good Gods from the House Of Law and Justice, Godot, Janet Marshall
  • Enemies: Monokuma and His Mastermind, most evil Crime and Transgressions deities
  • Opposes: Mr. Saturn
  • Ascended after uncovering the mystery behind the Red Tree and killing the one responsible for the murders with York becoming a god of the forest and letting Zach eventually to marry and starting a family. However, both York and Zach ascended; they don't mind, as long as they are together.
  • York and Zach are practically inseparable and will have conversations with each other by having York touching his temple with his pointer finger....much to everyone but the insane's confusion due to how Zach is an Imaginary Friend. In reality, it's quite the opposite as York is actually a personality Zach created/a guardian angel sent to help him cope through the mental trauma he went through as a child and Zach assumes that it's York addressing him and not really Zach himself. Due to this, everyone sees them as York unless Zach wills it.
    • The major differences between York and Zach is that Zach's hair is permanently white from the trauma, he has a massive scar over his right eye and he has both a blue and brown eye from the trauma he received.
  • Has been proven to be an extremely occupied and poor driver, comparable to Shepard's.
  • He gets strange looks from Omega and Superman for sharing a similar voice.
    • Similarly, he has a mistrust for Noriaki Kakyoin for sounding too close to Forrest Kaysen for his liking.
  • He is very peculiar about his coffee and has made friends with Godot on this basis. Although Godot is weirded out with York's premonitions through his coffee.
    York: See that Zach! Clear as a crisp spring day!
  • He's a huge movie fan, going as far as to find the info on the year the film was released and its director. He sometimes takes visits to the House of Theater to see the various film directors inside. He's also a fan of the punk rock genre, so he was happy to find various bands, like Green Day, ascended.
    • That said, he has a very...different perspective of movies. He was glad to see Michael Bay and praised how The Island was going to set a standard to arthouse films, whereas he proudly told the Ghostbusters that their adventures were filled with bonafide horror.
  • To every new god he meets, he introduces himself as FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan. But please, call him York. That's what everyone does.
  • He has made an analysis of Tom and Jerry being in some sort of masochistic relationship, weirding the cat and mouse duo.
  • For some odd reason, York has become friends with Dipper and Mabel Pines seeing as both of their adventures have a similar origin. Dipper has become quite interested with York's career and mysteries he's gotten involved in.
  • Is heading off for another case in New Orleans. Due to how they were separated, there's been discussion as to how to split the temple between the two. York intervened that Zach should mostly stay in the temple but will come if anything should happen. Zach doesn't mind — the two can still talk via chatroom — and was glad to see both Emily and Patricia as heralds.

    Jane Marple 
Jane Marple, Goddess of Old Lady Investigators (Miss Marple)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her hat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Amateur Sleuth, Celibate Hero, Maiden Aunt, The Matchmaker, Mystery Magnet, Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Domains: Good, Knowledge, Nobility, Mystery
  • High Priestess: Jessica Fletcher
  • Followers: Mrs. Pollifax, Hetty Wainthropp, Granny
  • Allies: Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Madame Foster, Uncle Iroh, Lt. Colombo, Subject Delta, Perry Mason, The Doctor
  • Enemies: Professor Moriarty, Springtrap
  • Opposes: Dr. Sofia Lamb, Jack The Ripper
  • Annoyed with: Hyacinth Bucket
  • A former follower of Nancy Drew, Miss Marple eventually drew a crowd of similarly-aged women. It didn't take long for her to gain enough followers to become a god herself. She chose Jessica Fletcher among her flock to become her high priest, one of her prolific followers.
  • This was the one detective Poirot doesn't see as a rival. Both share the same author and yet couldn't be more comfortable working together. Though this might be because Poirot is confident he is better known than his counterpart.
  • She also became quick friends with Holmes, much to Poirot's dismay. Both he and Watson agreed to investigate her town, hoping to explain the insanely high murder rate in St. Mary Mead.
  • Some sources claim that Miss Marple was actually inspired by an off comment of her by Donna Noble, one of the Doctor's many companions. She felt rather amused of the prospect more than anything.
  • As nearly all of her cases involved murders, she tasked herself with hunting down the followers of Jack the Ripper, God if Serial Killers. Jack doesn't see her as much of a physical threat, but he told his followers to be suspicious of any elderly individuals who start questioning them.
  • Is a natural enemy to Moriarty, who as added her to a list of detectives who could potentially foil his machinations. At least she's not a physical threat to him.
  • Madame Foster was more than happy to listen to Miss Marple's various mysteries over the years. The God of Cool Old Ladies was glad to find a similarly aged woman who is spry for her age. She agreed to share those stories to the imaginary friends who live in her temple.
  • She has been seen drinking tea with Uncle Iroh, God of Tea and Cool Old Guys. At first she was skeptical that a Brit didn't get the title. That opinion changed quickly when she found out his tea was magnificent. Rumors persist whether the two of them would become an item, an idea that was denied by both of them.
  • Describes Sofia as a sick woman, using amoral tactics to justify the "greater good". She volunteered to help discredit the woman.
  • Was one of Colombo's greatest students in the art of playing dumb. It works even better as most wouldn't expect and elderly lady like her would have a mind as sharp as hers. She helps him find evidence in cases as well as causing the guilty to slip up.
  • Once she finds sufficient evidence to solve the crime, she turns to Perry Mason to force a confession. Phoenix Wright may be the more prominent lawyer out there, but Perry has the stronger bond on her. The two were created only a few years apart after all.
  • Recently helped solve the mystery that plagued Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, opting to spend the night in Fazbear's Fright. It was there where she had a frightening encounter with Springtrap, the murderer. After harrowing nights, she managed to survive, gathering enough evidence to solve the case. Her encounters with Springtrap have not ended, though. He hopes to catch her in a vulnerable position to strike.
  • When her detective peers warned her against meeting up with Ms. Bucket in one of her parties, she scoffed them off, thinking they couldn't possibly be that bad. The arrangement was problematic from the start, with the host "correcting" Miss Marple's pronouncement of the word "Bouquet". One thing led to another, culmulating in an argument over whose hat was better. It was only her politeness sheer force of will that saw Miss Marple through the entire party. When asked by Holmes and Poirot what happen, she quietly told them never to speak of those events again.

    Richard Castle 
Richard Castle, God of Mystery Writer Detectives (Murder, He Wrote)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pen with a bloody tip
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Action Survivor, Beware the Nice Ones, The Charmer, The Dandy, Deadpan Snarker, Genre Savvy, Grammar Nazi, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lady Killer In Love, Momma's Boy, One of the Kids, Plucky Comic Relief, Sharp-Dressed Man, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Supporting Protagonist, Urban Legend Love Life
  • Domains: Mystery, Good, Knowledge, Language
  • Herald: Kate Beckett, his current wife
  • High Priest: Ellery Queen, the Trope Codifier
  • Allies: The House of Justice, Patrick Jane, Shawn Spencer, Malcolm Reynolds, River Tam, House of Childhood and Adolescence, Roger Thornhill, Shinichi Kudo, Rosemary Woodhouse, Bones and Booth
  • Enemies: Professor Moriarty, Jack the Ripper
  • Respects: William Shakespeare
  • The House of Justice has grown tired of the endless rivalry between Patrick Jane and Shawn Spencer. It has cost them one too many failed arrests. Judge Dredd ordered the two to find a mediator or be barred from helping out. The two reluctantly agreed. Luckily, the search didn't last long. A long-time writer received their interest. The only thing keeping him from ascending was an argument over who would do so. It was decided that Richard Castle would be their mediator, gaining a title for using his writing skills to solve crime.
    • Before the ascension, he asked for two things: one to add long-time partner Kate as his herald, and for Ellery Queen to be his high priest. He may be much more popular, but she had always inspired him to become a writer.
    • Has now formed a stable trio with himself, Patrick and Shawn, using their sleuthing skills to solve crime. Castle himself formed the glue that keeps the other two together. as well as one that can point out flaws in a criminal's plans. Becoming an official detective made him all the more useful for the group.
  • Has a long history with police officer and partner Kate Beckett. It becomes complicated when it turns out that the actors hated each others' guts. Their fate has been subject to debate: the two finally got married... only for the two of them to be shot. The consensus points to them surviving with two new kids, though alternative footage shows Kate dying at the hospital. Either way, most deities found the ending to be jarring.
  • When he heard that there was a certain smuggler that looked just like him, he couldn't help but check out the House of Heroes to find him. Turns out the opposite happened; he was held at gunpoint by Malcolm Reynolds. Once Castle proved he meant no harm, the two talked over a couple of whiskeys before shaking hands. It's likely that Castle made a valuable ally.
    • The same can be said with River Tam, though she initially tackled him to the ground believing he was an impostor. Turns out she was even more comfortable with the detective. Castle used his ability to get along with children to disarm her fears of the man, earning his trust. The writer himself takes pity in the woman for what she went through.
  • Is one of the most trusted adults in the House of Children, proving to be both a fun yet firm father figure. Is often chosen to babysit kids throughout the Pantheon.
  • Is naturally an enemy of Moriarty, joining a growing list of detectives seeking to thwart his machinations. The man's savviness poses a unique problem for the Diabolical Mastermind, though he has formed countermeasures in response. Nevertheless, Castle successfully linked Mortiarty to 3XK, his long time Arch-Enemy.
  • As Castle is responsible for locking up many of his followers behind bars, Jack the Ripper has sought out to silence the man once and for all.
  • Was an avid follower of Nancy Drew, the famous Amateur Sleuth before taking up an actual license. The two remain in good terms regardless, even when she remains immune her his charms.
    • It should be noted that Castle has managed to get on good terms with every other detective in the Pantheon, a remarkable feat in itself. It helps that his natural charisma rubs off well with many people as well as being able to keep his ego in check compared to most other detectives. As such, he has taken the role as The Face to the House of Justice. He also created a mystery book club with many of them. Of course, he has to go out of his way to entertain the best detectives in the business.
    • Has especially taken a liking to Conan Edogawa, learning a lot from him in the art of detective work. He was taken aback with the age-switch at first, then joked that about seeking such a power.
  • Not that many would think Castle would get involved in police work. That allowed him to share Roger Thornhill's sentiment of feeling like a fish out of water.
  • Was overly eager to show his mystery book to William Shakespeare, possibly the granddaddy of all western literature. The God of Poetry deemed it "passable at best." Undeterred, Castle seeks to improve his skills.
  • Has used his Genre Savvy skills to help Rosemary raise High Priest Damien. He hopes that with enough care, the child would not grow up as intended.
  • Was delighted to see his friendly rivals Bones and Booth finally grace themselves in the Pantheon. That did not sit well for some who hoped for a more explosive rivalry. Yet despite their similarities, the two groups work well with each other.

    Rust Cohle and Marty Hart 
Detective Rustin Spencer "Rust" Cohle and Detective Martin Eric "Marty" Hart, Gods of Hardboiled Detectives (Rust: Crash, The Taxman)
Left: Rust Cohle. Right: Marty Hart. (1995)
Marty and Cohle in 2012
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A Crown of Thorns surrounding a map of Louisiana.
  • Theme Song: "Far From Any Road" by The Handsome Family
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Rust), Neutral Good (Marty)
  • Portfolio: Hardboiled Detectives, Delve into Alcoholism at Times, Grow and Change over the Years, Have Killed Someone at Some Point, Abrasive, but Do Mean Well, Defective Detectives, Difficulty Working Together that eventually Develops into Odd Friendship
  • Domains: Police, Investigation, Family, Philosophy, The Occult, Dualism, Nihilism
  • Allies: Norman Jayden, Batman, Spawn, Kenzo Tenma, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, Commissioner Gordon, Matt Murdoch/Daredevil, The Investigation Team, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Giorno Giovanna and Passione, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Enemies: The Slavers, Nicky Cavella, Diavolo, Scott Shelby, C.R.A.S.H., Manny Pedro, The 456 Ambassador, Walter White, Gustavo Fring
  • Odd Friendship: Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive
  • Commonality Connection: Shotaro Hidari and Philip/Kamen Rider Double
  • Uneasy Relationship: Jesse Pinkman
  • A series of morbid killings begin to occur in 1990s Louisiana. The case taken into interest by detectives Martin Heart and Rustin Cohle in 1995 who establish an effective, but highly dysfunctional duo, with Marty's affair with another woman and Cohle's unadulterated nihilism clashing against each other greatly. Still, they were able to continue on with their investigation, with the murders being identified as being ritualistic with occult undertones. They tracked down a suspect, Reginald "Reggie" Ledoux, with Marty personally killing him after seeing what he did to kidnapped children. Unfortunately, killing Ledoux had consequences in that there was another suspect who was killing, thus the case went on. Despite their dedication, Marty and Cohle separated in 2002 after Marty had another affair and his wife Maggie went on to have sex with Cohle, the latter being disgusted by her impulsive action. It wasn't until 2012 when Marty and Cohle reunited, this time even more determined to stop the Louisiana killings after watching a series of horrific clips relating to a victim called Marie Fontenot. Researching and collecting evidence for the "Creature in the Tall Grass/Green-Eared Spaghetti Monster", They uncovered a place known as Carcosa where the real culprit, Errol Childress resided. The two worked hard to confront and battle Childress. Despite being greatly injured and worn out, Cohle was able to kill Childress and bring a sense of closure to the case, though there were other cultists like Childress who worked for him and are still at large. In the overall aftermath, Cohle had a sense of existentialism and concluded that his deceased father and daughter are waiting for him in death and that he should continue to live his life. Marty has since come to terms with his actions and seeks to make amends with Maggie and their daughters Audrey and Maisie. In the end, Marty and Cohle have reached a point where they positively acknowledge one another.
  • The Pantheon was a place that Marty and Cohle aren't too invested into. Their ascension was an end result of their investigative case and while it isn't fully concluded, the two have gone to try getting a rest and relieve themselves. They were called to investigate a series of murders that had similar undertones of occultism and organized crime. They've since taken up the case, though they've stated that they do need to recuperate after everything they've been through.
  • It should be made clear that unlike most buddy-cop relationships, Marty and Cohle initially did not get along. As in they outright hated each other upon their first conversation. This would eventually persist for years, with Marty becoming annoyed at Cohle's nihilism whereas Cohle himself would very often chastise Marty for being an unfaithful husband and for not keeping his emotions on check. Thanks to years of experience and understanding, they've become odd friends to some extent, with Marty eventually growing out of his negative characteristics and Cohle having a positive spiritual experience.
  • While they have been lauded as some of the best detectives working in the Pantheon, they are also one of the hardest to work on, especially given their personality traits. While Marty can be negotiated and reasoned with despite his impulsive nature, Cohle is so determined to a case he would breach the rules if it means getting it done. It's especially jarring since Cohle is an amazingly talented and experienced police detective, which means that in spite of his Cowboy Cop nature, the House of Justice do need him in some cases.
  • Both cops are currently recovering alcoholics, especially given the circumstances they had to go through regarding the Yellow King murders. Cohle had it a lot worse though, in addition to also being a recovering drug addict. The two sometimes seek rehabilitation and recovery, with Marty often trying to take therapy sessions on how he would like to deal with his wife and daughters.
  • To put it rather bluntly, Cohle's life sucked. His father raised him in a harsh landscape in Alaska, his daughter died in a car accident at age 2, he went through a harsh divorce almost immediately after said daughter's death, spent some time as an undercover cop where he developed his drug addiction and hung out at a mental institution. This has him being viewed in pity by the House of Family, although Cohle barely actually responds to their messages. That said, he hasn't reciprocated any sort of annoyance towards them.
  • Speaking of the House of Family, Marty is sometimes at odds with them. The House aren't really happy with the way Marty treated his wife Maggie and failing to properly looking after his older daughter Audrey. They did however tone down their distaste after Marty sincerely apologized with his family after he and Cohle completed their case, with Marty currently working hard to prove himself a decent family man in the Pantheon.
  • Both of them have struck a rather surprising partnership with Shinnosuke Tomari. They were once conducting a case together detailing to a series of systematic drug dealings led by the Slavers. While initially working on their two, they later bought Tomari along after learning that the Slavers were in cahoots with the 456 Ambassador. The overall experience led to Tomari becoming good friends with Cohle and Marty and Tomari asserted that he'll try to do his best in making sure they get some emotional support, a gesture which Cohle was surprisingly able to reciprocate with respect.
    • Speaking of the 456 Ambassador, one of the reasons for Cohle and Marty's fallout from the police? Once when as an undercover cop, Cohle killed a drug dealer who injected his daughter with crystal meth. Sometime after 2002, Marty discovered the corpse of a baby that was immolated by being put into a microwave, prompting him to quit being an officer for some time. And the video footage of Marie Fontenot being surrounded by cultists before she was horrifically tortured and killed in ways that couldn't be described? Cohle and Marty despise people who would harm and kill kids. The discovery of the 456 Ambassador's collaboration with the Slavers only further fueled Cohle and Marty to solve the case, but knowing the security and threat that they had possessed, Tomari was called in for assist as he had enough power and resources to provide offensive backup for Cohle and Marty. Given what they had experienced, Tomari doesn't talk much about it, knowing that children and crime are a sensitive topic. This is also extended to Scott Shelby due to his actions as the Origami Killer. During a confrontation, Cohle and Marty asserted Shelby that the next time he's out killing kids, there will be no arrest warrants.
      • This did, however, allow the two to strike a friendship with Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, a well-known orphanage defender, who respects Cohle and Marty's strict actions when it comes to protecting children and this is returned back with Marty asserting that he will help Julis out in providing for orphanage kids if he's given an assignment on it.
  • On detective work, Cohle and Marty have an obvious partnership with Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Gordon would often lay out information and resources for the duo to pick up, though Batman himself would only show up if the investigation proves to be far more illusive and deadly than anticipated. They've also struck an alliance with Matt Murdoch who covers up for them in trial and provides field support as Daredevil without revealing his identity. Spawn seems to like Marty and Cohle for reminding him of fellow detectives, Sam and Twitch who were reliable allies for Spawn during his cursade against the forces of Malebolgia.
  • Despite being mostly well-known for their appearance back in 1995, the iteration of Cohle and Marty that exists in the Pantheon is from the year 2012, after they had completed the case of Dora Lange, a signal to indicate that all the character development that they had been through is still intact. Hence, while Cohle does exhibit small nihilistic bouts, his existentialism is still active whereas Marty nowadays tries to employ some Simple-Minded Wisdom every once in a while.
  • Due to his undercover experiences and previous drug addiction, Cohle is staunch enemies against Walter White. Additionally, he doesn't care about Walt's original motivation for his crime and would rather have him arrested on the spot. The enmity is also extended to Gus Fring, though Cohle and Marty tend to tread much more lightly in Gus's regard given that his criminal empire was meticulous and well-organized.
    • Jesse Pinkman is more complicated. While Cohle isn't forgiving of Jesse being Walt's accomplice, he does express some degree of pity towards him given that much of his later crimes were not really under his control and that he actually wanted out of the drug industry later on. He'd still want Jesse trialed, but is willing to work with him against worse criminals.
  • Although he initially denied it, Marty is noted to not really be any more distant from Cohle regarding their characteristics. That said, Cohle is incredibly blunt about who he is whereas Marty covers it up repeatedly and doesn't like admitting to his darker impulses. Even if he's begun to acknowledge it overtime, he wouldn't talk about it all that much either.
  • Being hardboiled and later, private detectives much later down the line, Cohle and Marty easily bonded with Shotaro Hidari and Philip, who were also investigating a very mysterious and puzzling case in their home universe. Marty finds the idea of a Kamen Rider being shared by two individuals rather amusing, whereas Cohle doesn't anything to say on the matter. They do however, see Philip as a reliable worker, given his ability to collect information about everything to do with the world's knowledge. That said, his chatty demeanor can be droning, especially for Cohle, though Marty again finds this humorous, given that Philip's awkward and lighthearted demeanor is a blatant parallel to Cohle's nihilistic and bleak tone, which he himself is beginning to lessen on.
  • They have a difficult working relation with Giorno Giovanna. Being a gangster, Cohle and Marty are wary of him, but they don't actively oppose him, given that Giorno values his comrades and is affable towards those outside of his occupation. They will however work together in opposing Diavolo, especially given that he's a drug dealer with no scruples about selling them to kids.
    • They have a decent working relationship with the Investigation Team due to their efforts in sticking to their code of conduct. That said, their main focus of respect is towards Yu Narukami due to his his affection and protectiveness towards Nanako Dojima. Heck, even Cohle and Marty have taken steps to ensure that Nanako doesn't get tangled up with criminals, given how ruthless they themselves are in dealing with those who harm kids. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts on the other hand, is a similar situation to Giorno. At least the thieves act for benevolent reasons and are willing to work with Cohle and Marty when it comes to taking down criminals, but them being a lot more direct in being chaotic about their tasks can be obstructive for the cops. Still, there's a certain measure of respect for Makoto Niijima due to her aspirations of being a cop.
“I know who I am. And after all these years, there’s a victory in that.”
Rust Cohle
"A man's game charges a man's price. Take that away from this, if nothing else."
Marty Hart

    Shuichi Saihara 
Shuichi Saihara, God of Young Detectives (Super High School Level Detective, Ultimate Detective, Poo-ichi, Kaito's Sidekick)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Two bullets with the respective kanji for "Truth" and "Lie" crossing each other.
  • Theme Song: "Clair de Lune"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Possibly Neutral Evil pre-brainwashing.
  • Portfolio: Young Detective, Great Detective, Adorkable, Low self-esteem that gets better as the game advances, Idiot Hair, Awful Truth, Replacing the Initial Protagonist, Fake Memories, Rejecting both Hope and Despair
  • Domains: Truth, Youth, Investigations
  • Allies: Kaede Akamatsu; all ascended good-aligned Danganronpa deities, but especially Makoto Naegi and Hajime Hinata; Shotaro Hidari and Philip, Aru Akise, Milky Holmes, Conan Edogawa, Shuichi Akai, Ai Haibara, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Basil and Dawson, Cole Phelps, Norman Jayden, Anthony Chu, Simon the Digger, Kamina, Truman Burbank, Bulk and Skull, Stanley, ICEY, The Doki Doki Literature Club, The Barian Emperors
  • Mentors: Naoto Shirogane, Kyoko Kirigiri, and Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive
  • Enemies: Tsumugi Shirogane, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Manny Pardo, The Black Organization, Gleeman Vox, Nobuyuki Sugou, Masamune Dante, The Narrator,Bernkastel, Don Thousand, William Shakespeare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nagito Komaeda
  • Respected by: Old Man Henderson
  • Pities: James, Jessie and Meowth
  • Oppose: Goro Akechi, Andrew Hussie, The Author
  • Conflicting Opinion: Gowther, Gen Urobuchi, George R.R. Martin, Joss Whedon, Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Originally a follower of Kamen Rider Drive, Shuichi Saihara was given the title of Ultimate Detective for solving a murder case before the police despite his young age. One day, he was forced into participating in a killing game similar to the ones held by Junko Enoshima. After discovering that the game was in truth a twisted reality show based on Makoto Naegi's and Hajime Hinata's stories and that he and his friend's memories were fabricated by those behind it, he chose to reject its narrative of hope and despair and convinced the people of his world to end Danganronpa forever. Makoto Naegi, impressed by his exploits and horrified that people would copy Junko's Killing Game fifty times, requested with Drive's backing that Shuichi ascend as the god of Young Detectives.
  • Upon his ascension, Shuichi was welcomed by all of the good-aligned ascended Killing Game participants along with Shinnosuke. The young detective was very shocked at seeing them due to the first two Killing Game being fictional in his world and their likeness having been used by Tsumugi to psychologically torment him. While he was initially wary, Makoto managed to convince him that he and his friends are genuinely good people and that the hope that he brings is something that helps and encourages people unlike the empty catharsis that Team Danganronpa wanted to create. He now earnestly work with them to oppose Junko and Tsumugi. Other than Naegi, he particularly gets along with Hajime Hinata due to the self-esteem issues and the identity crises from revelations at the end of their Killing Games they both suffered trough.
    • That said, one Killing Game ex-participant he can't stand is Nagito Komaeda due to his blind worship of hope and horrific means to "help it become stronger"being way too similar to Danganronpa's audience. For his part, Nagito considers him to be just a nobody with a fake talent who had the gall to insult hope. They will work together to fight Junko, but it is a very strained relationship at best.
  • Was NOT happy to find that Tsumugi Shirogane, the mastermind of his Killing Game, had already ascended in the pantheon. He swore to stop whatever schemes she may have, especially if she ever think about reviving Danganronpa. For her part, Tsumugi loathes the detective for destroying the show she spent her life working on. That animosity naturally extends to Tsumugi's mentor Junko Enoshima.
  • At the start of his killing game, he had very poor self-esteem regarding his skills as a detective and dismissed the solving of the case that brought him fame as pure chance. It didn't help that the circumstance of the crimes gave Shuichi made him question the morality of his work. While his confidence and self-esteem got a lot better during his Killing Game, he still has some doubts about himself. Shinnosuke Tomari took it upon himself to help his former followers gain experience and confidence with the help of Kyoko Kirigiri and Naoto Shirogane. The other detective Kamen Riders, Shotaro and Philip, also do their best to help Drive look after him.
    • Kyoko sees it as her responsibility to help her fellow Ultimate and to make up for the mockery of her and Makoto's struggles that was the Danganronpa show. While Shuichi feels at time likes she's way more suited to the title of Ultimate Detective than him, but she makes sure to scold him whenever he does that and makes it clear that while their personalities may be different, his ways of reaching the truth are no less valid.
    • As for Naoto, she relates to Shuichi's lack of confidence in himself, having had similar feelings before the Inaba incident, though they were more related to her gender. The two also relate to each other due to their ordeals having taught them to seek and accept their truth, no matter how awful it is. Though neither of them is amused by some airheaded deities mistaking them for each other.
    • As a fellow apprentice of Shinnosuke who has far more experience working as a detective, Aru Akise sees him as a sort of honored upperclassman. Tough Shuichi doesn't quite agree on that, he still became friends with the other boy. He became downright embarrassed after Milky Holmes, hearing about how another Great Detective ascended, came to him to ask for advice. He does try his best to help them even if he can't help but be exasperated by the general incompetence of the girls.
    • During his early days in the house, Shuichi was surprised to see an even younger-looking boy here. Conan Edogawa introduced himself to the new Ultimate Detective, who figured out the boy's secret pretty early on. They bounded just as quickly both because of their shared jobs and the fact that their parents are both a writer and an actor respectively, so Shuichi swore to protect Shinichi's secret and to help him defeat the Black Organisation. Trough Conan, he was introduced to Shuichi Akai and Ai Haibara. While he did find it a bit odd that one of them shared his first name and that the other sounded like him, they nonetheless became steadfast allies against the Organisation.
    • He was very happy and a bit overwhelmed to meet Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, both famous characters from books he greatly enjoyed. Much like his official mentors, they gave him some advice on how to grow as a detective. He was surprised to meet the talking mice living in Holmes's apartment, but he quickly learned that Basil's species is in no way a hindrance. In fact, it may even be a boon considering Monokuma's phobia of mice.
    • Another detective he has been working with is Anthony Chu. Shuichi can't help but be disgusted by Chu's Cibopathy but fully get that this is his best way to reach the truth and sympathize with the sacrifices he had to commit to save people. He still prefer to look away when Chu works.
    • Other investigators he has been getting along with are the likewise flawed Cole Phelps and Norman Jayden. Both Shuichi and Cole understand the pain of losing friends in horrible ways and blaming themselves for it and they spend some time together talking about classic literature. While Norman's addiction doesn't have much to do with Shuichi's own problems, he can sympathize with having to struggle with one's inner weakness. Cole and Norman have both avoided giving advice to the young detective, feeling that he already had chosen role models far better than either of them.
    • One day, he was approached by another detective by the name of Manny Parko who claimed he wanted to work with Shuichi. The young boy was almost immediately suspicious of the arrogant way the older man was behaving and that suspicion was soon confirmed by Kirigiri revealing Manny's true nature to him. The latter, besides wanting to hurt an acquaintance of the former Ultimate Detective, resented how Shuichi became famous at such a young age and had the gall to shrug off his success at "chance", and so was looking for a way to ruin the younger man's reputation. Shuichi, seeing Manny as the exact kind of heartless detective he always feared of becoming, proclaimed that he would expose him if he ever committed crimes again.
    • Another corrupt detective he opposes is Goro Akechi, who used the cases he solved as just a way to get fame and cover-up his crimes. That said, Shuichi does sympathize with his horrible upbringing, especially since Shuichi also has experience with being neglected by his parents even as a legitimate son. For this reason, he doesn't outright hate Akechi like he does Manny.
  • While as a detective, Shuichi is dedicated to protecting people and seeking the truth, he bears little ill-will towards criminals that are not completely depraved. He understands that most of the time, people are pushed towards committing crimes because of their circumstances and because they think they have no better choices. He particularly pities the Team Rocket trio even as he works to stop their attempts to steal rare creatures because it's clear that the people they hurt most with their crimes are themselves. It doesn't help that he thinks Jessie sounds kinda like him.
  • When he first heard Kamina doing another one of his boisterous speeches, he at first thought his friend Kaito had ascended after his death. Though he was disappointed to learn that wasn't the case, his other numerous similarities with the Ultimate Astronaut made it easy for him to befriend the detective. Kamina and Simon both see a bit of the latter's past self in Shuichi and so decided to help his growth with hot-blooded speeches. Tough Shuichi firmly denied the offer to pilot a Gunmen.
  • Due to his experience in Danganronpa, he has a deep hatred for immoral reality shows. Naturally, the existence of Gleeman Vox greatly angered him. He decided to work to find a way to end DreadZone permanently. The alien businessman wasn't worried much until he learned that the detective almost single-handedly caused the ruin of a show that was beloved by an entire world. This, coupled with the fact that Shuichi would be a poor contestant due to his lack of fighting skills, convinced Vox to program his sentry bots to kill him on sight. Besides their horrible crimes, he also hates Masamune Dan and Nobuyuki Sugou because of their complete disregard of the supposed rules of their games which is to him no different from Tsumugi falsifying a case to execute Kaede.
    • Upon learning that Shuichi hated reality tv, Truman Burbank approached him. They became fast friends when they learned they both were the unwilling stars of tv shows whose entire lives were faked and who decided to leave the set for the great unknown. They meet regularly to help each other deal with their experiences.
  • During one of his earlier days in the pantheon, he suddenly heard the Narrator's voice, who tried to railroad him into visiting specific places. Unwilling to be forced into a story written by someone else again, Shuichi deliberately defied each of his instructions until the fed-up narrator teleported him into one of GLaDOS's unsolvable test chambers. He was saved by Drive before he could be incinerated, but he still hates the Narrator. While Shuichi acknowledges that The Narrator's not outright sadistic (most of the time) unlike Team Danganronpa, he still can't forgive him trying to force people into being part of his stories.
    • Him making his distaste for the Narrator known attracted the attention of some of the later's enemies. He quickly bonded with Stanley, ICEY and the Doki Doki Literature Club over being forced into following a story and choosing to defy it. While he can't condone Monika's previous actions, he understands that like most of the culprits in his Killing Game, it was desperation that drove her to act this way so he tries to not hold it against her. He even formally joined the club to talk about novels with other people who share that interest. He also won Old Man Henderson's respect for being willing to die to defy the creators of the Killing Game, but the elderly man's insanity creeps him out.
    • On the same note, he despises Bernkastel for the way she treat people as if they're part of her sick, twisted story and for being just as sadistic as Tsumugi and Team Danganronpa. Bernkastel is only looking forward to make the detective fall into despair and succeeding where Junko's pupil miserably failed.
  • While he was visiting the House of Music, he happened to hear the familiar melody of Clair de Lune coming from a concert room nearby. He went there to find Skull playing on his piano, with Bulk listening nearby. Shuichi picked a seat and listened to the entire melody, crying by the end. Noticing that it was more than him being touched by the melody, those two guys asked him what's wrong, only for Shuichi to reply he was just "remembering a friend". The other two gave him a comforting pat on the back and invited him to come to listen whenever Skull was playing. The detective never missed one session so far.
  • He's very uncomfortable around Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins due to the later's power of manipulating memories reminding him strongly of the way Tsumugi used the Flashback Lights to manipulate him. Gowther offered Shuichi to help him restore to his self before he was brainwashed, but the detective firmly denied it. The complete memory rewrite mean that he is now a completely different person and he is not willing to give up his identity, even if his old self wasn't a Danganronpa fanboy who was all too willing to participate in a Killing Game.
    • He grew to despise Don Thousand after he heard that he used Fake Memories to manipulate the Barian Emperors. He made friends with the group who related to him having his memories and emotions toyed with to control him, though he does find Vector's antics to be very annoying.
  • Despite his love for literature, his experience during his Killing Game makes it so that he can't help but resent writers whose works revolve around making their characters suffer. He gets that unlike Team Danganronpa, the characters they write aren't real in any way from their perspective, but it doesn't change that for him and those in the Pantheon, they are real.
    • He's much more sure about opposing Andrew Hussie along with The Author, due to them being able to interact with their character and still choosing to screw around with their lives, and William Shakespeare, for his Servant self choosing to screw over the real world for the sake of his stories. When he tried calling out Shakespeare on it, the playwright only replied that in his defiance, Shuichi created a far better climax than anything Team Danganronpa could ever make up. Shuichi wasn't amused, to say the least.
  • "...I need to answer! For her sake...I can't turn away from the truth!"

    Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth 
Dr. Temperance Brennan-Booth and Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth, Divine Representatives of Duos between Police Officers and Scientists (Brennan: Bones, Bren, Dr. B, Tempe, Joy Ruth Keenan | Booth: Bobby Kent, Cee-Lo Booth)
Left: Brennan, Right: Booth
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Jeffersonian Institute Medico-Legal Lab logo
  • Theme Song: Bones Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Forensic Scientist and FBI Agent, The Ace, Agents Dating, Quirky Yet Competent, It Never Gets Any Easier (despite literally working with corpses), Last-Name Basis, Odd Couple, From Strictly Professional Relationship To Happily Married, Parents as People
  • Domain(s): Investigation (both), Forensics, Bones, Analysis (Brennan), Addiction Recovery, Gut Instinct, Emotional Intelligence (Booth)
  • Heralds: Angela Montenegro, Jack Hodgins, Camille Saroyan, the rest of the Jeffersonian's interns, and Agent James Aubrey (their colleagues), Christine and Hank Booth II (their children)
  • Followers: Jim West and Artemis Gordon, Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles, Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme, Sheriff Jack Carter and Dr. Henry Deacon, Agent Olivia Dunham and Dr. Walter Bishop
  • Allies: Dr. Gilbert Grissom (whom Temperance used to work under prior to ascension), Peter Burke, The Mythbusters, Abby Sciuto, all their neighbors in their House except one, all in the sub-House of Detectives, Kurtis Stryker, Richard Castle
  • Enemies: All irredeemable criminals, all evil deities in the Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Slaughter, Dr. Angus Bumby, the Dark Judges, Scott Shelby, Head Pixie, Mann Pardo, Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin, Rosco P. Coltrane, the Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, Professor Hojo, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Ali al-Saachez,
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Neal Caffrey (both), Ronald McDonald (Booth only)
  • Pity: Sirius Black, Setsuna F. Seiei, Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Opposes: YHVH
  • During some idle chat with some friends in the House of Justice, when he realized that there were no representatives for a Cop and Scientist candidate, Dr. Grissom thought back to his Head Assistant Scientist Dr. Brennan and had an idea. The next day, he filed the requisite papers to promote Brennan as well as bring in her partner Agent Booth. Brennan was appreciative of Grissom's efforts, and her time in the Pantheon under his wing has helped her get used to all the supernatural things in it (after all, godhood in the Pantheon is more of a real estate paper to own their own place in there, anyway).
  • Applies to both:
    • Are on good terms with Peter Burke, a fellow FBI agent like Booth, though their jurisdictions rarely interest as white collar crimes very rarely leave dead bodies (they're more on stealing money, information, luxuries, etc.). As for his partner Neal Caffrey, not so much, but they trust that his partner can keep him in line (most of the time).
    • Have amiable relations with the Mythbusters, as one of their colleagues (and whoever "squintern" is on duty for the week) often performs some absurd "test" to help solve cases.
    • Have a very hard time trusting crackers, since one drained off one of their friends' entire fortune (despite the fact that not only would that be impossible without being noticed by the government, but banks would've reversed all that within an hour). Among several other things.
    • Brennan had no idea who Mulder and Scully are until she finally met them. Once she did, she admitted that she thought their jobs were preposterous to work on, despite their reputation and capability on solving paranormal cases, were it not for the fact that she has experienced the paranormal during her time under Dr. Grissom. Booth on the other hand thinks their jobs are awesome.
      • Mulder gets along with Booth the best and feels like Brennan is like a strawman Scully. As for Scully, she often feels like she is looking into a mirror whenever she works with Brennan. Nonetheless, they were among those who have helped get Brennan settled with the Pantheon's weirdness and have offered the same for Booth.
    • They have very good professional relationships with their neighbors (aside from aforementioned tenseness from Caffrey)… except for Dr. Angus Bumby. He's so psychotic and deranged to the point that Booth has to restrain himself from sniping him on sight, though he and Brennan got along better with Frasier Crane instead, who reminds them of their friend Dr. Lance Sweets.
    • As for the sub-house of Tainted Law, gods like The Dark Judges and Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin (for their unacceptable warped sense of justice), the Head Pixie (for being a Corrupt Bureaucrat), Manny Pardo (for being an unrepentant Killer Cop), Scott Shelby (for trying to get rid of evidence of his crimes while pretending to help authorities) and Rosco P. Coltrane (for being a Dirty Cop and throwing away his honest ways) are not their friends and they will not hesitate to stop them.
      • They have better times with Kurtis Stryker, sympathized with Sirius Black's predicament and are disappointed that Miko Miyazaki never thinks through her conduct of justice properly.
    • As parents to two children, they vehemently oppose the Child Abuse Supporters and swear to put a stop to their actions.
      • Evil fathers such as Relius Clover and Professor Hojo are also on their shitlist, given that they used their families to further their own goals and Brennan sees them as disgraces to the scientific field.
    • They sympathize with Setsuna Seiei for going through a horrible war and being forced to kill his own parents, leading to his own atheism; because of this, they hate the man that scarred his life, Ali al-Saachez and Booth vows to gun him down just like he did with Vincent Nigel-Murray's killer, Jacob Broadsky.
      • They have also given their sympathy towards Nunnally, who arguably has a worse disability than Hodgins, having been blind since birth in addition to being bound to a wheelchair. Nunnally tells them to not worry about her and she also sends her sympathy to Hodgins' situation as well.
    • The most mostly likely deity that the couple has been compared to were with Richard Castle and the mortal Kate Beckett. While the feud between Patrick Jane and Shawn Spencer has been rather nasty, these two are much more friendly about it. It helps that both of their followers happen to be a fan of both shows. Still, that hasn't stopped detractors from trying to pit the two couples against each other.
  • Exclusive to Brennan:
    • Once took on an armored knight (or at least one in a pretty period-accurate costume complete with chainmail) with a sword while barehanded and fresh out of a car crash. AND WON TO THE POINT OF HIM TURNING UP WITH HIS ARM IN A SLING. And appeared not to break a sweat.
    • Cruelty to animals or children (especially foster children) tends to press her Berserk Button.
    • Had a very, very bad time in the foster system.
      • As such, she has a soft spot for the Baudelaire Orphans, though they are constantly neglected, which was arguably worse than Brennan's. As such, she's decided to look after them while filing a restraining order against Count Olaf, who infamously have worsened their situation.
      • There's also the terrible foster care history of Goro Akechi, though she shows less pity to him for deciding to go along with his bastard of a father's plan while planning to pull the rug from beneath him in the end. If he had just opted for direct payback and/or truly sided with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts...
    • Many find her missing most every pop-culture reference made in her presence unbelievable given she's a successful writer of fiction novels and therefore should have some familiarity with them. Speaking of that, those books have found their way into the House of Knowledge.
    • She may not get violent over it, but even if true DO NOT refer to Dr. Brennan as average in anything, especially her intelligence or she will become very indignant about it and even vindictive trying to prove you wrong. Even direct evidence that it's true won't get her off your back most of the time. This also extends to anyone referring to her daughter Christine in such a way, especially teachers.
      • Despite what she thinks, she's actually not as intelligent as she claims to be. Sure, she is very knowledgeable but she finds it difficult to make connections when they are not obvious, something Booth does naturally. This is especially jarring in social situations.
    • Many think her mocking of psychology is hypocritical, especially since psychology is a considerably "harder", more lab/experiment-based social science than her field of anthropology. After the death of one psychologist friend she's come to know, she's the one who brings up psychological aspects of the cases because that's what he would've done.
    • Despite her opposition to Christianity and Judaism, she's not only knowledgeable but openly respectful of pretty much every other religion.
    • Mayuri Kurotsuchi finds it a shame that they are on opposite sides and says they could've been great colleagues. The forensic anthropologist refuses to consider it.
    • Lezard reminds her too much of Christopher Pelant, a tech-savvy serial killer who was obsessed with her. "Thankfully", he shows no interest in her. However, he has become interested in Pelant's capabilities.
    • Her first meeting with Symmetra was rocky, since they both have…subpar social skills, but they luckily managed to forge a good relationship. Brennan feels Symmetra can do a lot more if she quits Vishkar, but will have to wait and see if she can do so.
    • Has bonded with Spock, Yuki Nagato amd IF in finding knowledge for their allies and their penchant for logic and reasoning.
    • Got along with Nick and Nora for sharing their tendency to work on vacations. Sometimes, they (and Booth) go solving around the Pantheon even when officially on leave, even as Booth feels the three could really use the time to actually relax.
    • Surprisingly, she opposes Sheldon for being arguably more insufferable than she is. She also feels like looking into a mirror whenever they have debates. Him being rather childish at times doesn't help his case.
    • Shares a connection with Mitsuru over how they slowly opened up to their loved ones, though the whole deal with Shadows, Personas, and other Jungian aspects are things she's still trying to wrap her head around. The Shadow Operative hopes to patiently help the forensic anthropologist get accustomes to it, since if she and Booth are working with Agent Burke, who also sometimes works with the Phantoms, they might eventually need that know-how.
  • Exclusive to Booth:
    • It's a bad idea to mention that one of Booth's ancestors (John Wilkes) shot Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head. Not that the Trollkaiger need to worry too much about him.
      • As for Lincoln himself, he doesn't blame the agent for being related to his assassin; he's glad that Seeley gets to be better and tells him not to let the nepotism get to him too deep, which Seeley was grateful for.
    • He nearly had a breakdown when the Jeffersonian team found implications that there were two assassins involved in 0's death and there was a government cover-up to hide this. Given the number of people he's killed for his country, he saw it as a huge betrayal.
      • Kennedy himself assured Booth that America can still uphold its ideals as long as he is on the job. Although the former president is rather baffled on why would a group of strange men who claim to be from an office supplies company wanted to investigate his death with bones that weren't his in the first place by trapping his colleagues for such.
    • Apparently had seen Stewie Griffin during an anxiety-induced fantasy while donating sperm back in his world. And during a brain tumor-induced hallucination. When they incidentally crossed paths for real, Booth was almost worried he was hallucinating again, but he was assured by others after the fact that this was for real and that Stewie is a Pantheon deity just like him.
    • Has a bad case of coulrophobia, and folks like Needles Kane, Kefka Palazzo, Harley Quinn, Pennywise and SCP-993 top his shitlist and he swears to not let his children approach them ever.
      • The same goes for Basco ta Jolokia, and it doesn't help by his depraved Equivalent Exchange deals are too reminiscent of Pelant threatening Booth with his Sadistic Choice.
      • But nothing tops this list more than the Joker, who's a lot more fascinated with the duo's various archnemeses over the course of their story, and is finding a way to either emulate their crimes or ascend them himself, all just to screw them up for kicks.
      • He is more tolerant of Ronald McDonald despite Ronald insisting he means no harm. At least not all McDonalds have him around nowadays.
      • This phobia also helped him bond with Nathan Drake, though for Booth's safety Drake limits his meetings considering he's a he is a Walking Disaster Area.
    • Gets along with Dr. McCoy, who also has problems with expressing and controlling emotions, though he told Booth to not consult him for such; that honor should go to Frasier instead.
    • As a recovering gambling addict, he opposes Tsunade for enabling such behaviour, to which Brennan agrees. The former Hokage respects Booth's recovery since she's also recovering from her own bad experience caused by her own addiction.
      • Marge also congratulates Booth on getting over his addiction, though can be a bit too much when it comes to overseeing Christine and Hank's entertainment.
    • Also gets along with Columbo for knowing to pretend to be less smarter than they actually are. The lieutenant often aids the agent and Brennan in investigations.
    • Being a former sniper, he got along with the likes of Lockon Stratos and Yoko Littner, as well as various ascended soldiers of the Pantheon.
      • Widowmaker however is one sniper he can't tolerate since she might be arguably worse than Broadsky: he may kill other criminals for his twisted agenda while she will kill her targets with no consideration for their lives or who they are, only focusing on getting her job done. By extension, this animosity extends to the rest of Talon.

    Will Graham and Clarice Starling 
Will Graham and Clarice Starling, Co-Gods of Murderers Consulting
Will in Hannibal
Will in Red Dragon
Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Two figures sit on the opposite end of a criminal jail cell
  • Theme Song: "Clarice" (for Clarice), "Hannibal Season 2 Finale" (for Will)
  • Alignment: Both are Neutral Good, although Clarice's novel counterpart became Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Both: Consulting Hannibal Lecter (Trope Maker), staying Alone with the Psycho, REALLY complicated relationship with Hannibal
  • Domains: Consulting, Criminals
  • Allies: Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott
  • Enemies: ALL SERIAL KILLERS in the Pantheon,
  • Complicated Relationship with: Hannibal Lecter
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The House of Slaughter and the House of Crime
  • Pities: Marion Crane
  • Currently Investigating: Jack The Ripper
  • When heard that Hannibal has also ascended, the two of them reluctantly paid his place a visit as a gesture of thank you for helping with their case (although Will is much more reluctant to do so than Clarice and both of them brought weapons and atleast several other bodyguards).
    • However, Clarice was disgusted when found out that her novel counterpart made a Face–Heel Turn and became Hannibal's lover and on the run with him. This caused her to avoid the House of Mentalism as much as possible in fear of the place lapsed her into her novel counterpart. Will's relationship with Hannibal also deteriorated when he found out from the House of Love that one version of Hannibal is in love with him, which isn't a good combination with the fact that Hannibal framed him for murder and sent him to an asylum.
  • Despite came from the same universe, their ascension is the first time the two of them meet face-to-face. The two bond rather quickly for their shared experience with being smeared by the public for something they have no fault for and their unique working experience with Hannibal.
  • People have mistook him for Dr. Bruce Banner more than once due to the fact that one of Hulk's live-action counterpart looks like him. Will is rather annoyed by this as he doesn't appreciated being mistook for a giant green monster.
  • Ever since their ascension, the two of them have taken on the mission to track down any and all unsolved serial murder in the Pantheon. They are currently working non-stop in order to track down and identify Jack the Ripper - the ultimate serial killer.
    • However, this search led them to encountered and sometime reluctantly seeking advices from famous serial killers in the Pantheon, causing many other gods to be wary when visiting their temple.
  • Because of their working experience dealing with serial killers, they especially sympathize with those who were victims to one. This led them to greatly feel sorry for Marion Crane while respect Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott for being able to defend themselves and retaliate against their killers.
  • Clarice recently strikes up a friendship with Dana Scully due to both of them trained and worked for the FBI, as well as the fact that how similar Scully is to her. Scully is especially sympathetic to the fact that Clarice got the heat of a failed mission despite being the only one doing her job right.


     L. B. "Jeff" Jefferies and Lisa Fremont 
L. B. Jefferies and Lisa Carol Fremont, God and Goddess of Window Witnesses and Investigations (Jefferies: Jeff, Jason Kemp; Lisa: Claudia Henderson)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Two figure staring out of a window
  • Theme Song: "Lisa"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Investigating through window, change name between adaptations, frequently alluded to and parodied, Maybe Ever After
  • Domains: Window, Investigation, Spying, Love (for both); Injury, Photography (for Jeff); Fashion (for Lisa)
  • Allies: Alfred Hitchcock, Roger Thornhill, the entire House of Investigative Work (except for Angus Bumby), Bart Simpson, Coraline Jones, Nick and Nora Charles, Max Caulfield
  • Enemies: Those who killed their spouses for petty reasons, Bluebeard, Uncle Charlie
  • Opposes:
  • Pities: Marion Crane, Rosemary Woodhouse
  • Odd Friendship with: Gomez and Morticia Addams
  • Ascended because of Jeff's iconic effort to uncover the murder of one of their neighbors by her husband. However, he and the House of Love made a pleading case for Lisa to also ascend in order for them to be together and work out their relationship. After a discussion, the Pantheon finally decided to also ascend Lisa because she was crucial to the investigation and their relationship is also an important and well-liked aspect of their story.
  • It should be noted that because of how iconic his disability is to the movie, Jeff is usually seen in his wheelchair either as him during the time of the movie or as permanently disabled 1998 self Jason Kemp.
  • Their temple has a wide and varied array of windows with various shape and sizes as well as many pair of binoculars that allow the two of them to observe almost every single place with open windows in the Pantheon. Because of the power their temple possess, both Jeff and Lisa have swore on public the day they were ascended to only use this power for good. This of course, angered a lot of evil-aligned deities who want to abuse this power.
  • Because of their good nature and promise to not abuse their power, they are one of the most prominent source of information to help the House of Investigative Work. Of course, they absolutely refuse to offer any information for Angus Bumby for how insane he is.
  • They have incredible admiration for Alfred Hitchcock for not only making their story famous, but he also create Lisa during the time adapting the source material.
    • However, they feel incredibly sorry for their fellow "Hitchcock blonde" Marion Crane for not surviving her encounter with Norman despite has a much larger role and star power.
    • Fellow Hitchcock movie protagonist Roger Thornhill would sometimes stop by to visit their temple. The three can be seen discussing and sharing their exploits together. Lisa, at one point, even told Roger that she could see Jefferies “looking very handsome and successful in a dark blue flannel suit”, something like what Roger would wear.
    • Through Marion, the two of them met and befriend Rosemary Woodhouse after discovered that both of their story took place in a cramped New York building. The two of them can't help but feel sorry for what she had been through.
  • For their similar appearance and their character arc of realizing and appreciating love, Jeff quickly made friend with George Bailey.
  • Lisa was incredibly scared when seeing an animated skull approaching her to ask for information with dreamy eyes and responds with throwing her trusty handbag at him. Turns out that the skeleton was Det. Skulduggery Pleasant (who has a bit of a crush on her actress Grace Kelly) and, after clearing out misunderstanding and getting to know each other better, they became friends quickly after that.
  • Because of her day job as a model with Unlimited Wardrobe, Lisa is a frequent visitor and fascination of the House of Costumes, who all competes with each other to have their clothes wear by her. Of course, Lisa follows her promises and only wear modest clothes during her more intimate moments with Jeff.
  • Jeff made friend with Superman because his wife / love interest Lois Lane usually comes to his temple to get information. The two of them had a surprise of a lifetime when realize how similar they look to each other. From then, Jeff is honored to be posing for Superman in public whenever he is busy or needs to appear as both person.
  • Because of Lisa's Spoiled Sweet personality, her fashion glamour, her effort to bring forth justice and the fact that her actress is an actual princess in real life, Charlotte LaBouff admires Lisa to the point of almost fainting when the two met.
  • The two of them forged a surprise friendship with the Addams family after Wednesday and Pugsly once mistook Lisa for their mother Morticia because how similar they look when the former is Claudia. Jeff and Lisa admired how passionate and good parents Morticia and Gomez were with each other while the Addams love the power their temple possess. Jeff and Lisa refuses to look through their window, however, out of fear of what they will find.
    • However, Lisa's Claudia version has brought her trouble before when Beatrix Kiddo once stormed into her place with a katana and demands that the former will finally kill her for good after Kiddo mistook Lisa for her mortal enemy Elle Driver. Despite Beatrix has constantly apologized for her mistake ever since, Lisa is still uneasy around her.
  • Despite their relationship is still in the early stage and its outcome ambiguous, the two feel a kinship for Lisa and Bart Simpson because the two of them had went through a similar investigation
  • Hearing that there was a god in the House of Justice that looks like one of his close friend Lars, Jeff pays that house a visit. Turns out that person is Perry Mason, who he doesn't get along with for the latter's method.