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    Aesir, Loki, and Loptr 
Aesir, God of Chaos (Aesir: God of Chaos, The Overseer, Lord Aesir | Loki: The Sovereign One, God, Little One | Loptr: The Prophetic One, Prophet)
Loki, Aesir's good half 
Loptr, Aesir's evil half 
Loptr's child form 
  • Overdeity (Greater Gods as Loki and Loptr)
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, erring to good (Aesir), Chaotic Good (Loki), Lawful Evil (Loptr)
  • Portfolio: God of Chaos, Literal Split Personality
  • Domains: Chaos, Balance, Nothingness, Light, Darkness
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Eliphas (Aesir only)
  • Complicated Relationship: Jubileus and Queen Sheba
  • Good Counterpart to: Don Thousand
  • Aesir emerged from the cataclysmic events of the First Armageddon, which created the Trinity of Realities. He subsequently became the ruler of the World of Chaos, which eventually became known as the Human World. Watching over humanity, time, and space across infinite possibilities from the holy mountain Fimbulventr, he came to pity humanity for their naivety and lack of free will. Aesir would then choose to grant them free will and the power he wielded was split into two equal halves which he each entrusted to humanity's instincts: the Right Eye of Light and the Left Eye of Darkness. By dividing the power of the eyes of Aesir, humans gained free will and the ability to choose. With control of the Eyes of the World, the eyes that determine destiny, humans could choose their own paths. Because of this, Aesir's soul was split in two and created two embodiments of his personality and powers: Loki, his dark half, who was given the Sovereign Power, and Loptr, his light half, who was given the Prophetic Power. Eventually, humanity gave birth to the negative qualities and sins of the world, such as hatred, betrayal, jealousy, etc. This, in turn, gave rise to the evil within Loptr, who came to regret giving away the Eyes and sought to reclaim his former power.
  • Ultimately, Loptr succeeded in regaining Aesir's power without merging with Loki. However, he was defeated when Bayonetta and Balder, who Loptr himself had brought up from 500 years in the past, summoned Omne, who separated his soul from his body, and Jeanne summoned Gomorrah, who consumed his body. Loptr's soul survived and he attempted to escape to the spirit realm to be reborn in a different era, but Balder intervened and trapped his soul within his body. Afterwards, Balder was transported back into his time and, corrupted by Loptr's evil nature, came up with a plan to resurrect Jubileus. After his plot was foiled, Loptr attempted to escape from Balder's body, but Balder managed to stop him from doing so. As a result, Loptr, along with the Eyes of the World, permanently died along with Balder.
  • When it was discovered that Loptr was still possessing Balder within the Pantheon, Bayonetta went to the Main House to ask how it was possible for him to be present in the pantheon without anyone having noticed it earlier. It was then explained to her that Aesir had actually ascended into the pantheon in the distant past, thus allowing his halves to enter as well. Upon learning of this, Bayonetta asked for Loki to enter as well, which was allowed. Loki was rather surprised to discover that his ascension had restored the Sovereign Power to him. After adjusting to being in the pantheon, Loki and Bayonetta concocted a plan to free Balder and, to his reluctance, merge Loki and Loptr back together. Part of the plan required Loki to use his Sovereign Power to take the Left Eye from Bayonetta, which had similarly been restored to her upon her ascension. During a subsequent battle, Balder, under Loptr's influence, attempted to steal the Sovereign Power from Loki once again, but interference from Bayonetta and several other gods instead resulted in Loptr's soul being removed from Balder and subsequently merging, along with the Right Eye, with Loki, finally restoring Aesir once more.
  • Although he expressed his gratefulness towards Bayonetta and the others for stopping his evil half, Aesir explained that his continued existence in his true form would eventually result in humanity losing their free will once again. After consulting the gods of the Main House, it was decided that a spell would be put on Aesir that would periodically force his halves to fuse back into him, thus allowing him to split back into Loki and Loptr again and ensure humanity's free will.
  • Aesir, Loki and Loptr each have differing attitudes towards Jubileus and Queen Sheba. Aesir generally tends to remain neutral between the two, as he prefers to maintain balance. Loki is rather dismissive of both of them, preferring to generally just avoid them. Loptr, on the other hand, has actively allied himself with Jubileus and opposes Queen Sheba. However, his alliance with Jubileus is somewhat shaky due to her not fully trusting him, unsure as to whether or not he intends to give the Eyes of the World to her or keep them for himself.
  • Exclusive to Aesir:
    • As the God of Chaos, Aesir is incredibly powerful. Through his Sovereign Power, he can freely control the Eyes of the World. With the Eyes, he is capable of manipulation and control over all of reality. He can see the past, present, and future, the fate of any being, and see through "everything". Through the Remembrances of Time, Aesir can manipulate time by taking a "snapshot" of a given area or object. This allows him to later recreate an area/object and restore it to its past glory from any changes over time that happened to it since said "snapshot". It can also allow him to see the truth of events that had transpired. However, Aesir's true power is that of Nothingness: the power to erase anything and everything from existence, putting him directly on par with Grand Zeno.
    • Although he's benevolent, Aesir prefers to stay uninvolved in the various conflicts in the pantheon, as he wishes to preserve the balance between good and evil. When approached by Lucifer with an offer to join the GUAC, Aesir explained that, although he somewhat agrees with their end goal, he does not approve of their methods and, as such, rejected the offer.
    • Being a creator deity, Aesir gets along quite well with the other creator deities such Eru Ilúvatar, the Highest Joy, the Alpha and Omega, the God who talks to Bob, and Chuck Shurley, all of whom share his desire to preserve free will. All of them sympathize with the fact that he needs to split himself in order to ensure humanity's free will, allowing his evil half to run around free in the process. However, his interactions with Chuck have soured quite a bit after he learned about how Chuck treats the universe and humanity like his Cosmic Playthings and manipulated Sam and Dean for his own amusement.
    • Aesir is also on good terms with Amara, Raava and Ezalor. He was happy to hear of how Amara and Chuck had reconciled and chose to travel the universe together. However, although he gets along with Raava and Ezalor, he doesn't entirely approve of how they both wish to suppress and/or eliminate darkness, as he believes that it could cause an imbalance that could lead to more harm in the future.
    • In contrast to most chaos gods, Aesir serves as the overseer of the balance between good and evil, rather than as some kind of destructive force. As a result, he opposes the various other chaos gods in the pantheon. He regards Eliphas, Don Thousand, Galeem, Dharkon, Vaatu and the Chaos Knight as good examples of how order and chaos are both dangerous when not kept in balance. In particular, he regards Galeem and Dharkon as being especially dangerous due to how they nearly managed to wipe out all the Smash Fighters and how Dharkon managed to seize the puppet fighters from Galeem's control to his own, momentarily gaining a considerable advantage over his counterpart. Aesir is also especially wary of Amatsu-Mikaboshi and GOLB, both of whom represent the Primordial Chaos which predates the universe and wish to return all of existence back to that state.
    • Unsurprisingly, Aesir quickly came to oppose YHVH and the GUAL. Many have noted that Aesir is a good foil to gods such as YHVH and Kronika. Where YHVH is an evil God of Order and Kronika is a sadistic Keeper of Time, Aesir is a good God Of Chaos. Where YHVH and Kronika are huge believers in The Evils of Free Will, Aesir is the one that actually gave his world's humanity free will. Where YHVH and Kronika intentionally pit two factions against each other, Aesir oversees the Balance of Good and Evil.
    • "Where we only see reality and make it match our rules of the world, Aesir saw through reality, and those visions became our world. These observations became Aesir's power. Aesir's eyes were truly the eyes that created the world."
  • Exclusive to Loki:
    • Loki frequently spends time with Bayonetta, Jeanne and Father Balder. He's particularly happy that Balder has finally been freed from Loptr's influence. When not hanging out with them, he tends to play tricks on various deities throughout the pantheon.
    • He surprised to discover that there were other deities in the pantheon with whom he shared his name. He was once forced by Bayonetta to travel alongside her, Kratos and Atreus up a mountain. Although he disliked it at first, he eventually befriended Atreus, appreciating his kindness and compassion. He's also on good terms with the Archangel Gabriel, who similarly likes playing tricks on people and had passed himself off as the Asgardian Loki in the past. Speaking of which, however, Loki also became enemies with the Asgardian Loki, who strongly reminds him of Loptr.
    • Loki's use of Tarot cards drew the attention Madame Xanadu, who was initially annoyed by the youth's snarky attitude which, combined with his British accent, strongly reminded her of John Constantine. However, she came to respect Loki upon learning of his true identity.
    • Loki was quick to befriend Ryoji Mochizuki, who was similarly an amnesiac who was unaware of being a god. Loki sympathizes with how Ryoji was unwittingly the harbinger of the apocalypse in his own universe, and was glad to hear that things ultimately turned out well. Loki is similarly on friendly terms with Joshua, although Joshua's attitude typically results in Loki playing a prank on him.
    • Loki is also on good terms with Zen and Rei, a deity and human couple who were similarly amnesiacs. Loki particularly bonded with Zen over how they're both components of other gods. Loki also strongly sympathized with them over the circumstances that resulted in their amnesia as well as Rei finding out that she is a ghost and Dead All Along.
    • Loki gets along reasonably well with the Daedric Prince Sheogorath, who has a surprisingly decent grasp on Loki and Loptr's situation due to formerly having been Jyggalag, a deity of order, before being transformed into his diametric opposite and the two currently existing as separate beings.
    • "You don't need the Eyes of the World, love. I believe in your kind. You can create whatever future you desire."
  • Exclusive to Loptr:
    • Loptr is extremely annoyed by how he's forced to periodically merge back with Loki and, when not targeting Loki directly, spends extended periods of time looking for a way to once again regain his Aesir form without Loki. He's interested in the Fusion Program-enhanced tech of Mido, but is rather reluctant to try and use it due to how it tends to cause the resulting fusions to suffer from a severe case of violent madness and eventual breakdown of sanity. Similarly, Mao has expressed an interest in using Loptr and Loki as test subjects for his own fusion machine. However, Loptr declined the offer due to the fact that Mao has trouble building such a machine without it blowing up on him.
    • Despite his temporary betrayal of YHVH in order to ascend Jubileus, Loptr has continued to cooperate with him and the GUAL due to their shared goal. He's also on good terms with Chakravartin and Zanza, as he shares the former's manipulative nature and the latter's desire to recreate the world in his own image.
    • Surprisingly, he's willing to work with demons like Satan, Fortinbras and Mundus. Although Loptr himself tends to avoid directly answering why he works with them, it's generally accepted that he's just using them as a means to an end.
    • Due to his disdainful view of humanity, Loptr enjoys working with evil humans, especially those who forsook their humanity, as they reinforce his belief that humans don't deserve to have free will. As such, he occasionally works with the likes of Enrico Pucci, Sun Li, Ragyo Kiryuin and Relius Clover. However, his alliance with Ragyo resulted in him becoming enemies with her daughter Ryuko Matoi, although he generally doesn't view her as much of a threat to him.
    • Loptr strongly dislikes the GUAC and especially its leader Lucifer, as his desire to create a world with absolute freedom where all sentient beings are free to do as they please is something that Loptr finds abhorrent. Loptr has stated that when he fully regains the powers of Aesir, he intends his first action to be the elimination of Lucifer.
    • Aside from Bayonetta herself, Loptr has also become enemies with her various allies in the Pantheon, such as Gene and Akeno Himejima. Dante and Vergil Sparda also both oppose him, having been suspicious of him back when he was still controlling Balder. When Sparda himself ascended, his friendships with both the Umbra Witches and the liberated Balder would infuriate Loptr to no end, especially when Loki was quick to boast of it as a gain.
    • "Human free will is a joke; it is a worthless illusion. You need only obey me."

Ashera, Goddess of Order (Astarte, Order Incarnate)

    Don Thousand 
Don Thousand, God of Evil Chaos (The Evil God, Don 1000, Donny, Don K, DT, Perfect Thousand)
Don Thousand's True Form 
  • Overdeity (Greater God in his sealed form)
  • Symbol: The Barian Emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Literal God Of Evil Chaos, Evil(er) Counterpart, Large and in Charge, Corruption of others through hatred and amnesia, Evil Mentor, He Who Must Not Be Seen (until the climax, that is), Greater-Scope Villain, Typical Yu-Gi-Oh! final boss power, There Is No Kill like Overkill, Yin-Yang Bomb, Magic Poker Equation
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Space, Corruption, Power, Darkness, Light
  • Followers: Cthon, KAOS, Drakath
  • Allies: Number 96: Black Mist, The Trollkaiger (Especially Bernkastel and Yuuki Terumi), Vanitas, Melkor, Dharkon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Chaos Gods
  • Rivals: Lucifer, Zorc Necrophades
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The House of Gaming
  • Evil Counterpart to: Aesir
  • A God of Chaos and Anthropomorphic Personification of Astral World's Chaos after it was discarded to die, only to become a thriving world known as Barian. Don Thousand seeks vengeance against Astral World and all forms of Law for trying to destroy him and Barian World when it refused to die no matter the cost. Fusing Barian World with other realms, destroying everything in his way, brainwashing any who can help him further his goal, and even manipulating a situation so a person will end up on his side anyways. The Barian Emperors were his chosen champions, but all turned against him. He was defeated after absorbing all but one of his champions by his enemies Yuma Tsukumo, Astral, Kaito, and Nasch, but had ensured Nasch would fulfill his goal anyways. Despite this he had made sure to sneak a part of himself into Vector even should he be revived, using Vector's ascension into the pantheon as a chance to ascend himself.
  • Don Thousand is bitter enemies with Eliphas, his counterpart and a source of part of his chaos. This feeling is mutual. The same for Astral, who with the full power of the 100 Numbers was stalemated by Don Thousand's duelling skills and lost half of them in the past. He a part of Astral that contains his chaos Number 96: Black Mist as a minion, but Number 96 often ignores his calls to serve him. Don Thousand knows Black Mist is only using him until Number 96 can overthrow him, which amuses Don Thousand with his arrogance. He gets along well with Vanitas a fellow ally of Black Mist, due to being the embodiment of the negative side of an individual. Though Don is one on a far grander scale.
  • As Eliphas embodies the extremes of order, Don Thousand embodies the extremes of chaos. Chaos itself is not a malign force in his world as it's the source of life and helps with development, but he doesn't understand or care that there also needs to be order. Eliphas might be a Knight Templar, but Don Thousand is a lot worse. He represents the evils of chaos just as Yaldabaoth represents the evils of order. As such, they are diametrically opposed to one another.
  • Similar to the Chaos Gods in embodying chaos, but twisting it into something evil due to being an extreme. In both series Both Order and Chaos are Dangerous, but Chaos is generally seen as worse. Though while his verse is relatively optimistic, the 41st millennium is a miserable place which contributes to the Chaos Gods' evil. Though there is mutual understanding because of their nature, the more...unpredictable nature of the Chaos Gods and his own ambitions makes any alliance they have tenuous. Also, chaos in Zexal is able to be better than law than in Warhammer as life in Don Thousand's series can exist without order, but not without chaos.
  • Those who have suffered manipulation via brainwashing, corruption, and other such means have made him their personal enemies, with the last of Sora, Sartorius, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus seeing him as a poisonous existence that only brings suffering. Worse yet he is not just an embodiment of darkness, but light too. Though he prefers to manifest in his lesser form to hide his true divine appearance. Korra meanwhile sees him as the third coming of Vaatu, knowing his victory against Astral World would be worse for everyone else with no one to oppose him.
  • He shares a similar status in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe as Zorc Necrophades; malevolent god-monsters behind the evil of the series, corrupting others. While they share a similar dark aura, they differ in other ways. Zorc wishes to destroy the world and is Made of Evil, but Don Thousand wants the Earth to exist to merge with the Barian World and is more of a chaos extremist than a destroyer. Thus, they are rivals instead of allies.
  • Lucifer and the forces of Chaos are not his allies, however, as Lucifer knows that Don Thousand betrays and absorbs all those he can in their moment of weakness to make himself more powerful. Don plans to be the only one standing when he obtains his victory and Chaos refuses to allow such self-destructive chaos that benefits no one to reign. That being said, they both tend to embody chaos in its extreme, it's just that Lucifer's the more reasonable lord of Chaos.
    • Both agree that YHVH is one of their primary enemies, however, being an extreme Mad God of Law which equates to order in Don Thousand's mind.
  • His former puppet Vector loathes him both for one-upping him and for using him again to get into the pantheon. Though he has yet to exploit it Don has made it clear he can force Vector to serve him, unlike Nasch.
  • The House of Gaming dislikes him due to his cards being ridiculously overpowered, which can be detailed here. His strongest monster, Numeronius Numeronia, has 100,000 attack and defense pointsnote  that resists destruction and forces the opponent to attack it(which is practically suicide) or they'll lose the duel. Since Dartz is an enemy of his due to his own experience with brainwashing, he's able to challenge him with an equally broken deck.

    Galeem and Dharkon 
Galeem and Dharkon, Dueling Deities of Order vs. Chaos (Galeem: Kiira, The Lord of Light, The Ultimate Enemy | Dharkon: Darz, The Embodiment of Chaos and Darkness)
  • Overdeities
  • Symbol: Their respective cores: A ball of light (Galeem) and a purple eye (Dharkon)
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Galeem) and Chaotic Evil (Dharkon)
  • Portfolio: Big Bad Ensemble, Sworn Enemies with Each Other, Attack Its Weak Point, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Versus Evil, Unable to Cooperate to Take Down the Smash Fighters, Satanic Archetype
  • Domains: Order and Chaos, Creation and Destruction, Light and Darkness, Conflict, Crisis, Spirits
  • Underlings:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Havik and Hotaru (one-sided on their part), The Sleeper
  • Enemies: Cosmos, Melkor, Lucifer, Lord Chaos, the Grand United Alliance of Machines, Beerus, Lord Fuse, the Demi-Fiend, The Divine Powers, Nanashi and Dagda, Flynn, Howard and Kreese, The EVA Pilots, Devola and Popola, The Monster Hunters
  • Opposed by: Thanos
  • Order and Chaos have always been two fundamental forces that have been at odds since the dawn of time and it all culminated in the arrival of two powerful entities that nearly destroyed the whole pantheon. At first, it was reported that both Master Hand and Crazy Hand were missing, followed by an alarming number of deities, not only most of whom happened to be participants, assists, and/or spectators in the Super Smash Bros. Tournaments, but those even just related to them as well. Thankfully, they all eventually returned, but they had worried looks in their faces. Then, one particular day, a huge army of floating white hands were spotted, revealed to be several Master and Crazy Hand clones led by two unrecognizable creatures. That's when Galeem, the Lord of Light, and Dharkon, the Embodiment of Chaos and Darkness, engaged in a long, drawn-out war that forced several deities, even the GUAG and GUAE, to step in.
    • Despite having been powerful enough to instantly destroy Greater Gods (as Rosalina, Palutena, and Bayonetta can attest to) and Overdeities (as Mr. Game and Watch and even Tabuu learned as well), there are far more than enough of those in the Pantheon, as well as other Overdeities who can potentially match or even surpass Galeem and Dharkon, the two were eventually defeated and their cores captured in order to prevent them from doing more damage. It was later discovered that entities gained a foothold in the Pantheon and became deities in their own right; the problem was that they shared a temple and that enraged the two since they can hardly stand each other.
  • Galeem made a big impression in the Pantheon after it was revealed that he was the one responsible for imprisoning not just all the fighters in the Super Smash Bros. universe, but also every single other denizen in it and turning them all into Spirits that would go to possess copies of the imprisoned fighters that it made and force the spirits to inhabit and fight in them. However, there was one he didn't manage to catch, that fighter being Kirby thanks to his Warp Star. He would later end up freeing as many fighters and Spirits as he can, and directly taking to the fight to Galeem. That's when Dharkon entered the picture, taking over part of the World of Light and turning it into a World of Darkness, which the fighters forged through and continued freeing more fellows and Spirits. Later, after Dharkon was beaten back, he and Galeem were able to get their acts together and started fighting each other in earnest in spite of the Smash Fighters also in the mix, which ultimately ended in both entities defeated, and all the Spirits released. Both entities heavily resent Kirby above all other fighters for foiling their plans and they have taken note to target him first in the future.
    • That said, there are a lot more deities in the Pantheon capable of escaping such an all-encompassing attack, so Galeem's taken a note of every single one of them as well.
    • However, Galeem's ultimate beam attack takes a lot of preparation and the sacrifice of his Master Hand army to pull it off. Not to mention that it has to catch every single target at once or else it would leave the light lord vulnerable and the added fact that he cannot risk doing it if an equally powerful entity is around (unless they are severely weakened). Both can, however, perform their universe-ending attack even without the Hands to absorb as long as they aren’t interrupted, which is why the Court of Gods decided to keep the cores of Galeem and Dharkon in the same temple, recreating the World of Light and the Dark Realm for each entity to reside in. Nevertheless, it's not 100% secure and both tend to get out of their temple but their rampages haven't been as severe as their first appearance.
  • Cosmos and Melkor were very alarmed once Galeem and Dharkon came. Melkor is quite fearful of the two, seeing as they annihilated almost anyone in their way. Cosmos is disturbed to discover how similar their dynamic is with her and Chaos. Both sides had a unanimous agreement to take shifts keeping watch over the two’s temple.
    • Meanwhile, Lucifer loathes the two as their actions go against his ideals and had the GUAC help take measures against them. The entire GUAM had built the security and surveillance systems for the two’s temple out of worry due to R.O.B. being captured as well, showing machines are just as vulnerable to everyone else. On the other hand...
    • Instead of treating them with fear and caution like everyone else, YHVH and Nekron outright accepted and appreciated Galeem and Dharkon’s actions. YHVH sees Galeem as a fellow being of order while Nekron and Dharkon’s goals line up with each other. Both managed to get into contact with their intended ally and offered commanding positions for their own alliances. Both accepted much to the horror to those who found out and even though they prefer to stay around their domains and are more likely to take potshots at each other than actually engage in any Grand Alliance matters, Galeem and Dharkon are to know at least powerful allies await for them.
  • On the rare occasion, they can work together against a common foe. The reality is, their teamwork is so bad that they are more likely to kill each other first than actually deal with whoever tries to oppose them. One day while both were seeking to capture more deities and make them spirits, they both stumbled upon one another and decided to focus on the opposition that had come to send them back to their temples. However, while one was knocked down the other proceed to stab them in the back and it escalated into a fight that ultimately ended in both Dharkon and Galeem having a Mutual Kill, which almost made the witnessing deities burst out in laughter.
  • Each one has a series of "lieutenants" that are powerful enough to manifest in their respective realms instead of being relegated to being simple spirits. Galeem commands Master Hand, and through him, he also has the aid of Galleom (a warmonger stolen from Tabuu's army), Giga Bowser (A more feral and ruthless Bowser) and a Rathalos, the latter's presence immediately alarming the Monster Hunters and made them join the rest of the GUAG in opposing the light being. Dharkon on the hand commands Crazy Hand, has a dedicated realm for Ganon to roam free and has even allowed Dracula to have his castle as his own domain. He also convinced Marx to rejoin him when the latter ascended.
    • That said, both entities are very aware of the betrayal of the Hands, being instrumental in allowing the Smash Fighters to reach both of them and defeat them at once. These particular Master and Crazy Hand were the originals, and much stronger than the hundred of clones Galeem and Dharkon command and so they have been able to fend off the continuous onslaught but fear the two alone won't be able to deter Galeem and Dharkon so they have asked the respective alliance they are acquaintances with for help.
  • Lorien and John Sheridan are used to the Order vs. Chaos conflict, comparing the conflict of these two to the Vorlons and the Shadows. Galeem did try to "indoctrinate" Kosh to his side after finding out of his existence but the Vorlon refused, stating his race had good intentions which angered the Lord of Light. The Ambassador was lucky enough to escape his wrath because Dharkon interfered, otherwise he would have become another of Galeem's countless victims.
  • Galeem's complete annihilation over the fighters has been compared to Thanos' wiping out half the universe. Thanos would like to retort that at least kept the other half alive, not kill everyone in general. If it was for Death, on the other hand, he would have definitely done it but he hardly relates to Lord of Light. Others have compared the attack to Majin Buu's Human Extinction Attack, who also ended up killing the entire population of a planet sans a few survivors, but Galeem refuses to ally with a being of pure chaos like Majin Buu. That said, Dharkon fully welcomes the Majin with open arms as both share the desire to destroy.
  • Beerus is one of the people assigned to stop the two if they ever emerge from their temple. Despite it being easier said and done, it is one of the few times Beerus has to give a good percentage of effort as they are formidable opponents even by his standards. Doesn't help that both have allied with dangerous deities from his own universe like Zamasu or Majin Buu, making it a lot more personal for the Destroyer Deity.
  • Fuse is absolutely afraid of them and is another reason why he stays far away from the pantheon at the moment. The Sleeper is a fellow Eldritch Abomination who can create copies of other people but is too aloof to both Galeem and Dharkon to become an ally. Likely its aloofness is because it has its own goals for the world, though adding on to that is the Sleeper is currently an infant and it's already busy with its own conflicts with the Heart of Darkness. Though it does not care for them at the moment, it does recognize the similarities and after maturing and breaking containment it will meet them as rivals one day.
  • Zamasu loves Galeem. According to the Kai, Galeem’s universe is a paradise, controlling those who dare defy the will of the gods and is the one of the few acceptable ways he would tolerate mortals. Never mind Galeem captured actual divine beings as well, Zamasu likes to say they all deserved it.
  • Xehanort and his Heartless incarnation are one of the few people Dharkon does not wish to destroy due to their association with darkness. Xehanort sees Galeem as a prime example of the quote-on-quote “Tyranny of Light” and is rooting for Dharkon to be the victor.
  • Kreese originally didn't care for Galeem and Dharkon, brushing them off as more Overdeities that the Pantheon make up mountains over molehills over... until he heard that one of the beings that turned into spirits are a Labrador Retriver and a Poodle (albeit a toy one). After that, he started avocating for their destruction, though is only able to talk smack about them as people fight the two. Howard joins him, but for a different reason. He thinks that Galeem, given his angelic appearance, is possibly out to judge him for... everything.
  • Many have compared Galeem to the Angels for being a monstrous angelic entity. It was no surprise when it found common ground with Arael, which quickly put him in the EVA pilots' shitlist. Although unlike the angels they have faced before, they don't think they can take down Galeem unless they get help from GUAG.
  • On the other side, the wide array of Eldritch Abominations welcomed Dharkon to their ranks. The Lovecraftian beings consider him one of their own with only Azatoth being arguably stronger than him, the Old Gods and Shadow Monster are ecstatic that another powerful agent of darkness has arrived and the most welcoming of all the Eldritch Horrors was Shuma-Gorath. Apparently, besides the fight that they are both giant eyeball monsters (Size may vary for the latter), Shuma-Gorath believes that maybe Dharkon is an extension of him in a different universe.
  • While aware of the previous existance of Havik and Hotaru for a similarly named title, both care little for their debacle. Each are welcome to join their ranks if they want to.
  • Tabuu has very heavy resentment towards Galeem, not only because he was turned into a spirit by him, but also that he stole one of the more powerful assets of his army, that being Galleom, to serve as one of its lieutenants. While not as bad as with Galeem, he doesn't thinks high of Dharkon either, since he was one of the many spirits that fell to the dark god's control after Galeem was forced to do his first retreat.
  • Galeem later suddenly laid siege to the Super Smash Bros. universe a second time around with the intent of complete victory. Though before he could annihilate the opposition with his One-Hit Kill attack, His invasion was violently interrupted after the Lord of Light was sliced in half by Sephiroth. Impressed and amused by this display, Dharkon is currently working on attempting to recruit Sephiroth as one of his lieutenants to gain a large advantage on his counterpart; however, just like the rest of the Smash fighters, he has replied by attacking him, not wanting intervention from either when it comes to fighting Cloud.

Greater Gods

    Death the Kid 
Death the Kid, God of Absolute (Symmetric) Order Obsession (Kid)
  • Greater God, formerly an Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: The Thompson Sisters in gun form, positioned symmetrically.
  • Theme Music: Bang Bang Have a Nice Dream
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral initially. Now shifting between Lawful Good and Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Perfectionists Played for Laughs, Obsession with Symmetry, Hover Board Riders, Gunslinging With Two Guns, Holding Those Guns Upside Down, Asymmetric Hair, Grim Reapers
  • Domains: Obsession, Philosophy, Combat, Death.
  • Heralds: His Weapon partners, Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson
  • Allies: Miki Aono, Black☆Star (his partner-in-crime), Maka Albarn, Soul Eater Evans, Crona, Revy, Coyote, Starrk, Satya Vaswani/Symmetra
  • Enemies: Kishin Ashura, Medusa Gorgon, anything asymmetric.
  • Opposes: Excalibur (Of course. (ﺧ益ﺨ) Disgusting...), Kaori Kanzaki (Her clothes aren't symmetrical), Milla Basset (Her bracelets and anklets aren't symmetrical), Nue Houjuu (Her wings aren't symmetrical), Esmeralda (need you ask?)
  • On being deified and granted a house, the very thing Death the Kid did was to renovate the house and ensuring that everything is in perfect symmetry. He is capable of analyzing whether something is symmetric or not, to the smallest detail.
  • Death the Kid appreciates anything that looks symmetric, to the point of tolerating someone like Revy. However, that didn't extend to Roronoa Zoro, who excels in dual wielding swords, as he carries a lot of swords at once, they often make him look asymmetric.
  • Whenever he realizes that he did something asymmetric or destroyed something of perfect symmetry, he'd fall down to his knees and continue beating the ground, sobbing that he's a trash heap and hideous swine for his the asymmetrical act, so hopeless he could just die. It's hilarious, kinda.
    • Miki Aono has been telling him that it's okay to look a little off, asymmetric and still be perfect... Sometimes succeeding, sometimes Kid just didn't listen and continues to drown in his BSOD. Though he does learn to appreciate her friendship.
  • Is rather miffed that amongst the Deaths residing in the House of Death and Postmortem, his father is not counted amongst them. Some of these "Deaths" disgust him.
    • He thought he heard his father within the Pantheon. When he went to investigate, he instead found it to be Coyote Starrk. After a brief misunderstanding, the two get along rather well nowadays, particularly in matters pertaining to handguns... whenever Kid isn't pointing out the asymmetrical-ness of his outfit.
    "If you just lost the eyepatch, it would be perfect!"
  • Is currently taking notes on the Pantheon's "Boobie Trio", after realizing that he has to investigate a phenomenon he referred to as "The Madness of Boobs".
    • Unexpectedly, his investigation led to the discovery that Paio, the "founder" of the group turned out to be flat-chested. As he considered such odd one out to be "completely unsymmetrical" for the group, even more so than the breast size differences of his guns Patty and Liz, Death the Kid eventually arranged it that she is to be booted from the group. However, he would recommend her to start out the inversion being a group of flat chested ladies. He hoped the new group would be symmetrical this time.
  • Was delighted to hear that his father, Lord Death ascended as the Greater God of Friendly Grim Reapers, leading to a touching reunion between father and son. Lord Death has also taken to help train his son now that he has fully ascended and expresses how proud he is of him.
  • He has been working on getting his partners, Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson ascended onto the Pantheon. While he has made some steps by making them his heralds, he proclaimed they deserved proper places here to be with their friends.
  • He once deduced that Jennifer Lawrence plus Chris Pratt equals big money, but he was proven wrong due to recent events.

Discord, God of Topsy-Turvyness (The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, Captain Wuzz, Discord P. Sullivan, Accord, The Spirit of Order, Grogar)
As Accord 
As Grogar 
  • Greater God (Overdeity in Chaosville)
  • Symbol: A cotton-candy cloud raining chocolate milk, or a tornado
  • Theme Songs: Don Discord (or this theme)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, bordering on Chaotic Good (formerly Chaotic Evil) (Lawful Neutral as Accord)
  • Portfolio: Mix-and-Match Crittersnote , Insane Entities of Godlike Power (Sealed Inside Stone For A Time), Heel Face Turns Brought About by Friendship, Mind Games and Trickery, Friendship With the Most Unlikely of Beings, Not THAT Reformed (until going into another Heel–Face Turn), Incapable of Keeping Secrets, Fatal Flaw: Pride, Psychopathic Man Child, Limited Only by His Imagination, Not Thinking Things Through, God of Chaos
  • Domains: Chaos, Madness, Manipulation, Trickery
  • Followers: ILoveKimPossibleAlot
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis (for kidnapping Fluttershy), King Sombra, Lord Brevon, Alex Mercer, Chaos, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Commonality Connection with: Alarak
  • Discord used to hold a title in the House of Villainy as the God of Disproportionately Evil Villains in Light-Hearted Shows, but his massive power level associated to a tendency to wreak chaos led to his replacement and yet another petrification by means of the Elements of Harmony. Discord's position was taken by Zero, who Discord himself admits is much better suited for the role.
  • Shortly after his second imprisonment, Princess Celestia convinced the Court of the Gods to release Discord on strict probation, claiming that Fluttershy could possibly reform his ways. Sure enough, the pegasus was able to successfully forge an odd friendship with Discord and is currently acting his Morality Pet. The other gods still exercise extreme caution when dealing with him, as without Fluttershy Discord would likely go back to his old ways, and many are not convinced that his reformation is not simply another trick.
    • Has made frequent visits to meet up with Fluttershy in the newly formed House of Friendship. Many of the gods there have asked Fluttershy how it would be best to approach Discord, but Fluttershy just responds, "Sometimes, we just need to be shown a little kindness." In fact, many gods are amazed to find how deep this friendship goes, to the point that Discord even found himself worried that Fluttershy would hate him for what he was: a being that thrived on chaos. Fluttershy doesn't care though; they are friends and it's because of Discord's chaotic nature that attracted her to him.
  • A certain story has suggested Discord may have been far worse than previously thought. Thus far, neither the princesses nor the Spirits of Harmony have commented on this.
  • Rumor has it that he has personally toyed with Jean-Luc Picard on multiple occasions in the past. Picard has so far declined to comment.
    • When Q himself ascended to the Pantheon, thus (perhaps) proving they're separate entities, he entered the draconequus's temple on his own terms... and did not lose his bearings on the World of Chaos. Once an evil Reality Warper, Discord has tried his best to clean up his image. He accepted Q's invitation and has dedicated himself to reform Q. By which that meant hanging out with lesser deities against their will and trying to help out, with insane results. Cosmos is wary of the pairing, but Princess Celestia has convinced her to let things be. The two coincidentally share the same voice, something that they liked even more. That makes pretending to be each other to Picard and Twilight even easier.
    • Speaking of Cosmos, the first time Discord heard her name, it dredged up bad memories of a body-stealing star-sailing monster that even before his reform, he was willing to work with Luna and Celestia and other leaders to take her down because even before his Heel–Face Turn, he drew the line at wanton murder. Of course, when he met her face-to-face, his fears were quickly unfounded. And when he was convinced one day to talk about that, many don't believe it, and for good reason.
  • Shares a highly antagonistic relationship with Chaos, the God of Discord due the similarities in their names and titles. Chaos thinks Discord is an immature brat, and Discord thinks Chaos is too boring and serious.
    • His relationship with the Chaos from Sailor Moon’s world is much worse though. He is absolutely disgusted by that creature being an Omnicidal Maniac and the very fact that it describes the destruction of everything as creating a new world. He was horrified to learn of it returning in the far future as Sailor Chaos, who was so powerful Sailor Cosmos was only able to force it into an endless battle with her, which quite possibly lasts indefinitely, and it still managed to kill everyone and destroy everything else. It often mocks him for giving in to The Power of Friendship, its interest in Tirek having only furthered their hatred for each other.
  • The Spirit of Chaos shares a rivalry with fellow fan favorite and Spirit of Destruction, Hexxus. Discord thinks of Hexxus that his "parking lots and shiny shopping malls" are too boring, Hexxus thinks Discord's methods are immature and juvenile. The tension between the two has gotten more heated, considering that the only person Discord currently calls his friend, Fluttershy, values trees and wildlife dearly.
  • As a chaotic entity, he also has a Complexity Addiction, which prevents him from solving things the simple way (like teleporting them away or something), which can easily be exploited against him.
  • For all his power, as proven by Tirek and Chrysalis, his chaos magic is still magic, which means it can be drained, or be nullified by an Anti-Magic field. He can't even fly with his mismatched wings. That said, one has to know how to work his magic to utilize it at his level, as Cozy Glow can attest to after she, Tirek, and Chrysalis drained his magic with the Bewitching Bell.
  • Upon hearing about Jack Skellington's plans for Halloween, Discord decided to pop in and have his own little fun with them. Jack, for the most part, was excited to see Discord make his plans for Halloween greater than he ever imagined and has asked Discord for his help for preparations, and asks that he brings Fluttershy to help out with some of the animals there (and to ensure that Discord doesn't go too far with the preparations).
  • When it comes to dreams, while one would think Discord's still just as powerful given that his magic is powered by his imagination, those whose domain are dreams (such as Princess Luna) actually trump over him. After all, he's a warper of Reality, and dreams don't tend to be in the same scope.
  • Alongside Kefka, one Yayoi Ulshade has gotten a whammy in finding out that Discord also sounds just like her grandfather. Fortunately, thanks to Fluttershy, Discord isn't as malicious to her as Kefka is, and they're adversaries as a result.
  • If Discord gets sick, he'll ask for a glass of water. And then it will escalate into this.
  • After a certain incident inflicted on him by Lord Tirek, Discord declares he now now permanently on the side of good after the things the latter did to him. And he further solidified it with his Heroes' Frontier Step during Queen Chrysalis's takeover of Equestria.
  • His followers like to play a song regarding his exploits in the past, and, needless to say, he finds it catchy. He has yet to find out about the original.
  • Several witnesses have claimed to have seen him with R-Dash 5000 units. Discord, however, says he's behind those kinds of things, and eventually got the robot scrapped and removed from the Pantheon.
  • Giratina is utterly confused as to why the Mob has compared it to Discord, and would rather not associate with him. The draconequus, on the other hand, has no comment aside from stifled laughter.
  • His hatred for Lord Brevon comes from when the warlord once kidnapped Fluttershy (though she wasn't the only one he was after) and mutated her into a monster. He was quick to storm the Dreadnought, undo the changes, and turn the warlord into a non-reproducing parasprite for a week as punishment.
  • After Queen Chrysalis captured Fluttershy for her nefarious plans, Discord has flat-out stated that his anger against her is now absolutely personal.
  • He's also been tasked to keep Alex Mercer in check back when they shared the same House before the virus moved to the House of Science. It's a task he takes with pride especially when Fluttershy has given him approval. It also concerned him a bit that there was actually something she expresses contempt for, but he's aware of Mercer's threat potential to think about it much.
  • Has gotten interested in something called "Ogres and Oubliettes" and has used his reality warping powers to recreate the game in the House of Gaming. It's an amazing hit. His character is an archer by the name of "Captain Wuzz".
  • Never thought of Matt Hardy to be a threat until the day Matt became BROKEN and sent the Cutie Mark Crusaders to Limbo. That got his attention, and he's now teaming up with Fluttershy and the other Equestrian gods to put an end to Matt's BROKEN schemes.
  • A word of advice: it is ill-advised to NOT normalize Discord. Since his entire existence revolves around chaos, trying to make him "normal" would cause him to, as Jeff Hardy likes to quote, "Fade away and classify himself as obsolete!" Discord learned this the hard way when he tried to normalize his temple for a tea-party for him and Fluttershy, only for Fluttershy to bring his temple back to a chaotic state just before he disappeared forever. This, unfortunately, has garnered the attention of the Grand United Alliance of Law, who plan to repeat this in a bid to remove him permanently.
    • Then there was the time he turned himself into the Spirit of Order, Accord. He essentially became Equestria's version of YHVH and has promised to not do that ever again.
    • As it turns out, his Chaosville dimension is the source of his powers. And with a chaotic enough mindset, someone can even take over it, too, as Pinkie Pie once did. Measures are being made to ensure that no other Chaos-minded folks stay in there too long without him, especially the really nasty types like the Joker. Pinkie wasn't even trying when she became the Princess of Chaos there; who knows what may happen when someone has a clear goal and intent in overthrowing him.
  • Upon hearing of two wrestlers living "Gothic lifestyles" moving to the Sub-House of Vampires, Discord decided to see them and was amazed how Gangrel ended up like Discord: a chaotic person who found friendship with ponies and found himself opening up even more. It also helps that the three hate Queen Chrysalis for harming their dear pony friends.
  • Someone asked if he can bring people back from the dead like he did King Sombra. His response: "How did you know that?!" and that Sombra was already a supernatural being by the time the Crystal Heart destroyed him, evading the question as a result.
  • Was asked where the hell he was During the Storm King's invasion of Canterlot, as he could've easily stopped it all from happening. He's evasive on answering this for some reason.
  • After his scheme to stage a Final Battle comprised of a Legion of Doom of previous villains to defeat in the final season blew up in his face, Cosmos came to him personally to plead that if he ever feels he has to do such a plot like that again, he should at the very least let her know about it first; The whole Manikin mess in the twelfth cycle is not something she wants so see happen again.
  • Has a spot on Locations and Settings, under Dimensional Areas.

Intermediate Gods

    CM Punk 
Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks, God of the Straight Edge (The Voice of the Voiceless, The Straight Edge Savior, The Second City Saint, The Best in The World, CM Punkrock)
  • Theme Song: Cult of Personality, This Fire Burns
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A bandaged arm with an X drawn across the back of the hand grabbing a lightning bolt, or a red six-pointed star of the Chicago flag
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Smug Straight Edge Fundamentalist (sometimes), Lover of Competition (and of Women), Pipe Bombs, Habitual Line-Stepper, Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Domain: Liberation, Healing, Weather, Competition.
  • Followers: Smarks, Recovering Addicts, Straightedge, The City of Chicago.
  • Allies: AJ Lee (his wife), Colt Cabana, Daniel Bryan, Cyclops, Dr. Tommy Oliver, Setsuna F. Seiei, AJ Styles
  • Rivals: John Cena (more like a Worthy Opponent), Rey Mysterio (more like a Friendly Enemy), The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Christian, The Wyatt Family, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose
  • Worthy Opponent: Billy Kane
  • On speaking terms with: Mai Shiranui
  • Enemies
  • Seeks to replace one of the many wrestling gods, preferably Steve Austin; he's a noted drinker, which makes Punk "better than him!"
  • Also takes issue with Batman's claim that "Punk is nothing but death and ]]crime and the ]]rage of a ]]beast."]]
  • His only two addictions are fighting and Diet Pepsi. It is STRONGLY advised not to spill his Diet Pepsi unless you want to have your face caved in by his GTS or have your neck broken by the Anaconda Vice.
  • Has received many letters from members of the House of Love, eagerly requesting his presence. The many rumors surrounding his love life with many female wrestlers has made them quite intrigued to see what he can do.
    • Then it was revealed that he got engaged and later got married to AJ "who pushed him into a table" LEE of all people, shocking the whole pantheon in the process.
  • Whenever CM Punk has used a microphone, it is carefully taken care of by the bomb experts of the Pantheon. To say that his mic skills can cause some noise would be a great understatement.
  • In the mortal realms, he is worshipped by three cults: The Straight Edge Society, The New Nexus and The Voiceless. Both of the two first mentioned cults sees him as a divine and demanding king who must be served and obeyed at any cost, but while the SES believes that pledging your never-ending loyalty to Punk, shaving your head and living the Straight Edge life is enough to enter the Pantheon, the New Nexus believes that this path also has to be paved by self-torture. In recent time many followers have left both the SES and the New Nexus in order to join the Voiceless, a group who believes that CM Punk is a divine hero who is fighting for his worshippers as well as the people in the mortal realms who are held back by those who wish to silence them. He is also one of the preferred deities of the We Hate Cena Coalition, as they have anointed him as the most likely candidate to destroy John Cena.
  • Despite being the complete opposite of fellow god John Cena, Punk has admitted that he respects him enough, despite hating the idea that he was once billed as the world's greatest wrestler. In fact, it was due to their epic clash in Money in the Bank 2011 that cemented his seat in the Pantheon...not that he'll ever admit that last part.
  • For the record the "CM" in "CM Punk" can be anything you want it to be but officially it started as Chick Magnet.
  • Called out the Undertaker at Paul Bearer's tribute event... by interrupting the ceremony and replacing the image of Paul with that of his own. This ended badly as The Undertaker truly decimated him at the following Wrestlemania. He's backed away from the Deadman since.
  • Is currently seeking the ascension of his ally Bryan Danielson, aka Daniel Bryan. Was happy to find Bryan in the House of Quirks, chanting "YES! YES! YES!" when he arrived.
  • Is a self-proclaimed fan of superhero deities such as Wolverine, Captain America and Spider-Man. Also likes to shout "It's CLOBBERING TIME!!!" when he makes an entrance.
    • He recently met Cyclops, of all people, and they found themselves a "Cult of Personality".
  • Wasn't happy to find Rey Mysterio in the Pantheon for two reasons. First, was the reason that Rey is still partially mad over how Punk sang to his daughter at her birthday (and Punk got his ass kicked in the process at Wrestlemania 26). The second was how Rey shaved his hair bald during Punk's Straight-Edge Society's days. He has since apologized for his behavior.
    • And when he found that Jeff Hardy got to the Pantheon... let's just say that Punk being unhappy about the development would be a serious understatement.
      • Then he found out about Chris Jericho's ascension and EXPLODED with rage.
  • Doesn't see eye to eye with Christian, since unlike Christian, Punk doesn't go out every night, bitching and moaning, and bitching, and bitching (ad infinitum)...
  • Absolutely doesn't like the idea of both Hardy Brothers being "Broken" and would honestly like to give them a good slap across the head.
  • Many think he's against scantily clad women because one of the codes of straightedge is the rejection of promiscuous sex. So they were surprised to discover that he and Mai Shiranui can actually hold a friendly conversation. The truth is he cares a lot more about the drugs and alcohol aspects of straightedge and actually really loves women, having had a string of relationships in the wrestling business before his wife. In fact, it turns out he respects both the Honey Trap tactic involved and the dedication to her clan's discipline.
  • When things such as the classification status of the Pantheon's wrestlers started being assessed more seriously, Punk demanded that he be counted as an alumnus of Ring of Honor rather than WWE. Despite becoming a mainstream name through Vince's promotion, Punk feels the best traits that propelled him to that point came from his time in ROH when he got tired of holding back in accordance with Vince's corporate desires.
  • An urban legend exists that Punk has secretly returned to wrestling through masked appearances at shows in lodges the Midwest United States. For a long time he kept quiet, refusing to address this. And then Punk blew all of this out of the water by making his long-rumored debut appearance at All Elite Wrestling, serenaded by his hometown fans chanting his name as he described coming to AEW as rekindling his lost passion for professional wrestling.

Lesser Gods

    Anna Nishikinomiya 
Anna Nishikinomiya, Goddess of The Dangers of Political Correctness
  • Lesser Goddess, though she can jump to Intermediate when motivated or angered
  • Symbol: Her personalized neckband and bracelet. Alternatively, a bottle of her "Love Nectar"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good but can become Chaotic Neutral if Tanukichi Okuma is involved.
  • Portfolio: Obsessed with Okuma, Action Girl, All Women Are Lustful, Beware the Nice Ones, Boobs of Steel, Broken Ace, Charles Atlas Superpower, Clingy Jealous Girl, Cute and Psycho, Hopeless Suitor, The Immodest Orgasm, Large and in Charge, Lecherous Licking, Love Makes You Crazy, Sheltered Aristocrat, Statuesque Stunner, Weak to things related to Okuma, Yandere
  • Domains: Purity, Politics, Love, Obsession, Sex
  • High Priests: Fluffy and Uranus
  • Allies: Tanukichi Okuma, Ayame Kajou, Ikaruga, Makoto Niijima, Hinagiku Katsura, Cuuko, Satsuki Kiryuin, Misaki Ayuzawa
  • Rivals: Junko
  • Enemies: Judge Claude Frollo, Tsukuyomi, Evil Terrorists and Tyrants
  • Acquainted with: The GUAC Yandere Squad, Esdeath
  • Conflicting Opinions: Kotonoha Katsura
  • Anna Nishikinomiya is the perfect embodiment of the laws and values of the society she lives in, she is pure and good in almost every sense. However, that didn't last long, because of an Accidental Kiss with Tanukichi Okuma, Anna started to develop strong feeling for him and because of her sheltered upbringing, she became obsessed with him to the point of almost assaulting him numerous times. That and many reasons involving the law that her parents created that outlawed the use of profanity and other lewd material is why she was given the position she holds in the pantheon.
  • Was glad to learn that Ayame was part of the pantheon and she mostly gave Anna a rundown of how the pantheon works. Nowadays she has come to understand that her love for Okuma wasn't as good as she thought and eventually stopped pursuing him. That said, some people are still wary about her considering what she did in the past, namely the events involving her cookies and her "Love Nectar".
  • Compared to other Yanderes, Anna isn't that bad but she nonetheless is terrifying for some. She has threatened other girls that have shown interest in Okuma but nothing bad ended up happening. But the pantheon authorities will recommend you that you should be careful when mentioning him in front of Anna.
  • For someone who look like a regular and peaceful student, Anna is surprisingly strong and agile and she could give some of the pantheon's best fighters a run for their money. And when it Okuma-kun is involved, she gets even stronger.
  • She was sought by the Yandere Squad considered her strong feelings for Okuma and how determined she was to be with him. Anna turned down their offer of joining them as she has stopped pursuing him and doesn't think that she should be allied with the GUAC, but nonetheless keeps a friendly relationship with the group.
    • That said, Kotonoha is one of the few members that has conflicting views on Anna, mostly given how she almost raped Okuma once but Anna has also told her that she considers those event an Old Shame of hers.
  • Given her role as her school's Student Council President, Anna wanted to be part of the House of School before she was assigned a title. Even considering her shaky track record, people like Makoto Niijima or Hinagiku Katsura who share similar positions welcome her with open arms.
    • Speaking of school representatives, the one that understands her situation is Ikaruga, who at times also failed to hold public decency and often ended being naked thanks to special circumstances.
  • Of all people that ended up on good terms with her, no one expected Esdeath to take an interest in Anna. She values her leadership and her strength, especially considering that she also is smitten by a boy who won't return her feelings. Anna appreciates the General's compliment, but prefers to just keep it casual with her as she heard very nasty things about Esdeath's employers. Ironic considering that Anna had a similar position like Esdeath.
  • Purity is one of the defining traits of Anna, before the Accidental Kiss that drove her to love Okuma. Even if some of things she did to try and win Okuma's affection were rather immoral, she personally believed that to be ok just because she was driven by pure love. As such, Anna was once considered a very strong candidate for Pure Is Not Good until Junko ended up taking it. They have a low key rivalry but otherwise don't much for the other.
  • Part of the House of Leadership have a hard time believing that Anna has changed her views for good, considering that she was pretty much The Dragon of her parents in spreading their ideologies, even if she personally believed them to be for the greater good.
  • Quickly noticed that Cuuko sounded somewhat similar and became friends instantly. Helps that they also obsessed with someone else and tried to forcefully win their affection, which ultimately failed for both.

    Double Trouble 
Double Trouble, Deified Liminal Being of Disharmony Spreading (Flutterina, Loki Variant S 4 SS)
As Flutterina 
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Their eyes glowing in the darkness.
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Can switch to Lawful or Chaotic Neutral depending on who's hiring them.
  • Portfolio: Liminal Being, Spread Disharmony Where they Go, Green and Mean, Only in It for the Money, Lizard Folk, Blue-Colored Blood, I Fight for the Strongest Side!, Space Elves, Manipulative Bastard, Wild Card.
  • Domains: Shapeshifting, Disharmony, Non-Binary.
  • Allies: Izaya Orihara, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Jinx, Wade Wilson/Deadpool.
  • Employers: Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, Norman Osborn, Mammoth Mogul,
  • Rivals: Queen Chrysalis, Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Envy, Felix, Deji, T-X,
  • Enemies: Horde Prime, YHVH, Darkseid, The Antartic Research Crew, The Crewmates, Homelander, Jack from Jupiter, Ultraman Leo.
  • Opposed by: Garfield Logan/Beast Boy, Discord, Adam/He-Man, Shadow Weaver, Peter Parker/Spider-Man.
  • Uneasy Relationship: Adora/She-Ra and Catra.
  • Double Trouble is a mysterious mercenary who works for whatever party gives them the most money. Proud of their shapeshifting ability and acting skills, they eventually wound up under the employment of the Horde under Catra's orders as she sought help to destroy the Rebellion with and Double Trouble's espionage skills were the perfect help for that. Though they initially helped out fine as long as they got paid, they would soon betray the Horde when the recently crowned Queen Glimmer gave them a higher pay in exchange for toppling the Horde and DT's observations of the collapsing Horde under Catra's lead. When Horde Prime invaded Etheria, Double Trouble initially thought of joining the ranks of his army, but soon decided against it due to such a position lacking any position for free will thinking, which led to Double Trouble instead gathering intel that way and eventually being forced by the Rebellion's members to not only provide that but also to help out themselves in any way possible to defeat the Galactic Horde.
  • Double Trouble came into the Pantheon unannounced and by the time deities figured out that they were in, Double Trouble had already gotten familiarized with the Pantheon's Halls and Houses by impersonating deities of all sizes, ages, shapes, genders and alignments; gaining varying amounts of intel in the process, both for their own entertainment and for any possible future jobs they may need to take. Adora and Catra were wary of their entry but have come to reluctantly tolerate them so as long as they don't do anything that might be too evil or cruel.
  • Adam/He-Man remembers that other versions of Double Trouble are actually good-aligned spies who work for the Rebellion. As such he did not take kindly to this DT's viler and amoral methods, seeing them as a jarring contrast to the more helpful DTs he's met elsewhere. DT at times has teased Adam/He-Man, usually pushing his buttons or outright flirting in antagonistic ways to rile him up for their amusement.
    • Shadow Weaver was another deity from their world who heavily distrusts them, seeing them as way too much of a Wild Card to be trusted with any secret, especially considering DT knows almost everything about Adora, Catra, Hordak, Entrapta, herself, Horde Prime and just about everyone else from their world. Weaver has at times advocated for the Pantheon to tighten security and have ways to pick Double Trouble apart from a crowd, fearing that they might expose weaknesses of hers or plans she makes therefore ruining her chances of executing them.
    • For what it's worth, there is only one being from DT's world that they straight-up hate: Horde Prime, unlike most others there's little DT can do to undermine him. At least on their own, DT once thought of joining the ranks of his troops before going against it due to perceiving a job where they acted as a mindless drone to be beneath them. Prime was insulted to hear that DT had snuck in among his troops without him noticing and has ordered his forces to kill the shapeshifter on sight, which is easier said than done thanks to DT's talents and ability to go undetected.
  • With no real interest in helping either the side of good or evil without being hired to do so, Double Trouble will happily work for anyone who wishes to employ their services. They've been very sought after by various deities of both good and evil, though the evil deities have been more consistent in employing them... With precaution, among their employers some of the more consistent ones have been Kingpin, Norman Osborn, Mammoth Mogul, and even Lex Luthor, though they've been making sure they have contingencies just in case that Double Trouble dares to betray them or to prevent them from learning too much about their operations and secrets, sometimes even putting chips on their shoulder to ensure the shapeshifter doesn't tries anything funny during or after their services.
  • They are not fond of Jack from Jupiter, who has a massive sexual fetish for transgender, intersex and non-binary people. Jack has at times offered money for some sexual services but Double Trouble has turned those offers down each and every time, as they have with their advances. On a similar note, Homelander once hired a non-binary prostitute named Doppelganger but ended up killing them remorselessly in a fit of rage though Double Trouble's ability to manipulate people gives them some leverage through which to crawl out of trouble when dealing with the unhinged supe as Homelander's psyche is rather easy to crack in order to make him stop aggressions.
  • They've gained some rivals in shapeshifting and espionage with other shapeshifters in the Pantheon. One of these notable rivals was Raven Darkholme/Mystique, known for impersonating almost anyone she wants almost flawlessly not unlike Double Trouble themselves; that said they get along rather well outside of necessary competition in the espionage business. Raven admires Double Trouble's penchant for studying those they imitate in order to better get in-character and even know those who they impersonate better than they know themselves.
    • Another rival was Envy of the Seven Sins. Envy loves to guilt-trip others with their shapeshifting and also impersonation in general. Double Trouble themself thinks little of Envy beyond thinking of them being just as pathetic as Catra was, seeing straight through their pretenses how much they desire to be like humans in spite of how they act towards them, Envy does not appreciate how vocal DT is about it and as such has sworn to defeat and kill them one day.
    • Felix is another deceitful deity that became a rival of them. While they don't have much morals themself, DT finds little reason to associate full-time with Felix, given that Felix is far more destructive in scope and actions than they are. While DT will gladly join any cause to further themselves, they won't sink to the lows Felix does without good reason to do so. Felix does see DT as a worthy opponent, hoping to outperform them one day himself.
    • Queen Chrysalis is adept at shapeshifting and acting like those she impersonates to get around, she had little interest in getting friendly with Double Trouble due to her ego, and has even labeled them a serious rival due to how their shared capacity to infiltrate and destabilize everywhere they go. DT themself take her a little more seriously than most rivals thanks to her abilities, but can also see her biggest flaws of immaturity and impatience that hold her back from being a master impersonator like they are.
  • Spider-Man has clashed with the villainous Chameleon, who like Double Trouble impersonates others for either clients hiring him or for his own nefarious purposes of double-crossing and blackmail, as such he harbors little positive thoughts about Double Trouble, especially as he knows that they could be spying on him without his knowledge. Double Trouble doesn't thinks much of Spidey, but has thought of teasing him with his shapeshifting.
    • Their talents in deception got them the attention of Quentin Beck/Mysterio, an illusionist and enemy of Spider-Man who specializes in deception and mind games to get what he wants. The two have been meeting up lately for unknown reasons, though many suspect that they have stroke up an alliance to help each other in their tasks through their combination of impersonation, lying, illusions and general physical deception. This has had the secondary effect of making Spider-Man outright oppose Double Trouble now.
  • Their impersonation abilities earned them enemies in the Antartic Research Crew and the Crewmates who all have had to deal with impostors sabotaging them from the inside out. Double Trouble sees them as little more than pushovers that they could easily deceive and reduce to Unwitting Pawns for their own purposes, though their more aggressive approach to weeding out impostors resulted in particular instances where DT nearly got killed by the paranoid members of the crew. DT has resolved to take a more careful approach to their espionage when dealing with both groups.
  • They've gotten along surprisingly well with Wade Wilson/Deadpool, another amoral mercenary who will work for the highest bidder and change sides without much doubt if there is higher payment at hand. Deadpool's knowledge of the Fourth Wall was a bit lost to Double Trouble, but did make a connection on their ability to undermine those they work against. They occasionally are seen hanging out in the House of Crime and Transgressions to look for jobs or just to spend time together paling up.
  • Izaya Orihara is another troublemaker that loves to spread chaos and misfortune wherever they go, which was something that DT likes to see. Their status as supreme manipulators and players in the overall field of intellect also made them rather amicable to each other. Izaya has taken interest in DT's abilities to shapeshift and take the form of almost anything they want and compliment it with a masterful acting ability.
  • Garfield Logan/Beast Boy and the Crystal Gem, Amethyst are other shapeshifters who love to transform into different forms for fun. However, the way that DT carried out their transformations and the purposes they used them for wasn't something they liked, as they have issues with manipulators, especially those of the emotional kind. They oppose DT, though never do so to the point of outright antagonism thanks to DT being overall uninterested in actively causing trouble unless they're hired for it.
  • The Draconequus Discord at one point was a shameless cruel disharmony spreader who relished the suffering of others, nowadays he's reformed (mostly) from his rowdier days and has taken an honest effort to change as a whole, for the sake of his friends (especially Fluttershy) and as such views those times of his as an Old Shame, particularly the times where it backfired not only on him, but also on his friends. Discord heavily dislikes how DT has no real allies in the long run, happy to betray anyone as long as they get paid enough and opposes them for it.
  • The Goddess of Discord, Eris, finds Double Trouble to be a rather likable acquaintance in the Pantheon, she appreciates that DT enjoys to cause misery and ruin when possible or allowed to, and that they are experts at manipulating others into playing into their hands like pawns in a chess board. At times Eris has hired them to spread chaos across the Pantheon by using their shapeshifting abilities to get alliances to distrust one another and even try to get them to implode due to paranoia.

    Havik and Hotaru 
Havik and Hotaru, Feuding Representatives of The Dangers of Chaos and Order (Havik: The Cleric of Chaos)
Left, Havik; Right, Hotaru
  • Lesser Gods (Intermediate for Havik if in possession of Shinnok's amulet)
  • Symbols:
    • Havik: The Chaosrealm Kamidogu, Tainted With The Blood Code
    • Hotaru: The Orderrealm Kamidogu, Purged Of The Blood Code
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains:
    • Havik: Chaos, Blood Magik, Water.
    • Hotaru: Law and Order (no pun intended), Fanaticism.
  • Ascended Kombatants Corrupted Under The Blood Code (Havik only): Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, Mileena, Raiden, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Kotal Kahn
  • Herald: Shujinko (for both)
  • High Priests: Zephyr (for Havik) and F-8 (for Hotaru)
  • Potential Recruits: Avatar Korra, Kratos (for Havik), Black Orchid (for Hotaru)
  • Followers: Chaosrealm for Havik; Orderrealm for Hotaru
  • Allies
  • Opposes:
  • Opposed By:
  • Enemies: Each other.
    • Havik Only: The Cage Family, Jacqui Briggs, Mileena, Raiden (due to corrupting them all with the Blood Code), Takeda Takahashi (for maiming Scorpion), Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion (due to said maiming and Hanzo ripping his head off), Onaga (for wishing to bring his brand of order to the realms) Skarlet (for killing Reiko in order to gain Shinnok's amulet), Ermac (for attempting to use his souls to break through the Netherrealm's cosmic barriers), Quan Chi (for killing him in regards to said amulet), Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kitana
    • Hotaru Only: Kenshi Takahashi, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero (for opposing Onaga), Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion (due to being allies to Kenshi and Sub-Zero and betraying Onaga), Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, Kung Jin, Takeda Takahashi (for the crimes of their parents), Gill, Urien
  • In General:
    • Havik and Hotaru. The Cleric of Chaos and the Commander of the Seidan Guard. They both can't stand one another, and yet, they both found themselves having not only ascended to the Pantheon, but also they both share a title. Whether this was intentional or for the amusement of the other gods, one can't say.
    • Both men also met violent ends. For Havik, his dismembered head had been crushed into paste by Quan Chi. As it turned out, it had been Quan Chi who was the architect behind the Blood Code Incident during the 25-Year-Prophecy in an attempt to retrieve Shinnok's amulet, and Havik had been given the task to reclaim it for the Netherrealm. Havik was successful in his task, but decided to use it to invade the Netherrealm instead, backed by the aforementioned enslaved Kombatants (save for Sub-Zero). He was ultimately thwarted by Hanzo Hasashi, who ripped his head off and hand-delivered it to the Netherrealm.
    • Hotaru's demise came at the hands of Kuai Liang. Acting on orders of the Dragon King, Onaga, Hotaru was tasked to hunt down both Sub-Zero and Kenshi Takahashi, following their decimating several Tarkatan hordes that had failed to kill them. Hotaru had came across the pair and attempted to blind both men with a sneak attack. While he was successful with Sub-Zero, Kenshi was unaffected, as he was blind. Kenshi then proceeded to split Hotaru from groin to gullet.
    • It had been Khorne and Tzeentch who were being both Havik's ascension and resurrection. The Cleric of Chaos had been revived and told of his place among the Pantheon. Havik now sees the Pantheon as a new place to spread Chaos and anarchy. Then Khorne and Tzeentch told him that he is a co-deity with his most hated rival. To seal the deal, Tzeentch presents Havik with the Kamidogu of Chaosrealm, which contains the Blood Code.
    • For Hotaru, It had been Onaga, the Dragon King, who had successfully petitioned the ascension for his most loyal subordinate, the Seidan Guard Commander Hotaru. However, Hotaru has been dead since the Battle Of Armageddon. Onaga rectified that problem by reviving Hotaru himself, and telling him of his new status. Hotaru is humbled and swears his loyalty to Onaga once more. The downside is that he shares godhood with his most hated enemy. To counter Havik, Onaga presents him with the Orderrealm Kamidogu.
    • Both gods have immediately taken sides in the GUAC-GUAL War, Havik joining Lucifer, while Hotaru signing on with YHVH. While Hotaru is the more disciplined of the duo, Havik is very unpredictable.
    • Both Havik and Hotaru have been actively recruiting Avatar Korra to their respective sides, due to her facing both extremities of Order (in the form of Kuvira, the master metalbender and military commander of the Earth Kingdom), and Chaos (in the form of Zaheer, the leader of the Red Lotus). Of course, the Avatar would much rather prefer it that they leave her alone, as she finds both men to be nuts.
  • Exclusive To Havik:
    • Havik is a Cleric of Chaos, his home being that of the Realm of Chaos. It is a place where chaos is practiced by its denizens as a religion. There is no form of government, and the Chaosrealmers hold absolute freedom and change in the highest of regards. Simply put, Chaosrealm is an anarchist's wet dream. They are at war with Seido, the Realm of Order, due to its vast reserves of water, of which Chaosrealmers also worship due to its formless nature.
    • Just how twisted are the Chaosrealmers? Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade provided a demonstration by cold-cocking two of Havik's followers, Johnny punching out a female Chaosrealmer, while it had been a male Chaosrealmer for Sonya. The former's response to Johnny: "You know how to treat a lady," while the latter's response to Sonya was, "Thanks. I needed that."
    • Speaking of the Cage Family, they along with those who had been corrupted by the Blood Code were not too happy upon finding out that Havik had ascended to the Pantheon, as the aforementioned incident is still a sore spot for all parties involved, be it good or bad. But what worries them is the fact that he still can corrupt any God with the Blood Code. And there are some serious powerhouses in the Pantheon, and should they end up being inflicted...
    • Havik has found a worthy ally in Chaos in the form of Gul'dan. Gul'dan is intrigued by the Chaosrealm Kamidogu and of the blood magik Havik used to enslave the Kombatants.
    • Quan Chi was not very happy to find out not only that Havik has ascended to the Pantheon, but also that he is in possession of the corrupted Kamidogu. Quan Chi knows that Havik could just as well corrupt him with the Blood Code.
    • Havik is on the shit-list of most of the parents in the Pantheon. This stems from having Skarlet corrupt Cassie Cage (Johnny and Sonya's daughter) and Jacqui Briggs (Jax's daughter) with the Blood Code, right before unleashing the enslaved girls onto Johnny and Sonya. It had also been both Cassie and Jacqui who in turn, inflicted the Blood Code onto Johnny and Sonya respectively.
    • For some reason, if Havik takes a leap from a high place against his will, he could be heard saying "This Is Gonna Suck!"
  • Exclusive To Hotaru:
    • "There is an order to the universe — laws that all of nature must obey. For centuries I have imposed order on those who would wreak havoc." Hotaru is the commander of the Seidan Guard, Seido's police force. Seido, or Orderrealm, is the diametric opposite of Chaosrealm, where they value law over freedom. As Hotaru puts it, "Freedom leads to anarchy, anarchy leads to Chaos, Chaos leads to suffering." So harsh are Seido's laws, that one can be stuck in jail for years just for breaking curfew, as Shujinko found out the hard way.
    • Johnny Cage had trained under Hotaru in order to get his warrior bloodline under control when it started to go haywire in the past. However, due to Johnny's friendship with Kuai Liang and Kenshi, (not to mention mentoring Kenshi's son), Hotaru now sees Johnny as an enemy.
    • It also extends to Johnny's ex-wife and their daughter, as well as the other ascended members of Team S-F. For Hotaru, it doesn't matter if Cassie and her team had saved the realms from Shinnok. It's the fact that they are united against Onaga. Of course, Hotaru was told that Onaga had revived the older Kombatants slain at the hands of the Deadly Alliance and enslaved them to his will, but that does not excuse them in his eyes. To Hotaru, those revived had squandered his master's gift of life.
    • Hotaru was willing to forgive Johnny and the others for their violation of Onaga's will provided that they turn over the ascended members of Team S-F for training. After talking it over with her team, Cassie told Hotaru to "go fuck yourself," as her team refuses to train under a man whose master not only had enslaved Cassie's parents, Kung Jin's cousin and Jacqui's dad, but had made his intentions clear of doing the same to them.
    • While Kim Kaphwan and his sons are obsessed with justice, they draw the line at killing, as they believe in reforming criminals, not killing them.
    • Hotaru has also shown disdain towards Gill and Urien, as their goals, while the same, differ from Onaga's own. It's also probably the only time that the brothers are unified against the Dragon King. Gill believes that his Utopia can be forged through peace, while Onaga wants peace through conquest. Urien just despises Onaga right off the bat.
    • Hotaru also has an intense hatred of ninjas, stemming from his past encounters with Sub-Zero (technically, Sub-Zero is Lin Kuei, not a ninja, although Hotaru could care about the difference). His solution in regards to ninjas is extermination. That doesn't sit very well with the Pantheon's ninja hierarchy, especially with the ascended members from the Gessen School. Hotaru's declaration of 'open-season-on-ninjas', along with his ties to Onaga did not sit well with them, given their own Knight Templar pasts. This also extends to Jago, despite being a monk and not a ninja.

    Lonnie Machin/Anarky 
"Greetings, Gotham City. My name is Anarky. I believe in the absolute freedom of the individual. I believe that the present order must be abolished. I believe that the voice of the people must be heard... listened to... and obeyed! ...I would like to extend this warning to the whole city: you are either part of the solution, or part of the problem. Look into your own hearts. Decide which you are and choose well— for if you are an enemy of the people — Anarky will seek you out... and destroy you!"

Lonnie Machin, God of Anarchism (Anarky, Moneyspider)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Anarchy Symbol with a Scepter/Staff in the Background
  • Theme Song: His Theme in Beware the Batman
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (wants to be Chaotic Good, but his unscrupulous actions make this front difficult)
  • Portfolio: A Strong Believer of Anarchism and its Ethics, Legitimately Wants to Help Others with his Philosophy, Anti-Villain and Hero Antagonist, Denounces Democracy, Expressive Mask, Becomes More Promiment and Impactful after some time of Absence, Uses a Rod that Acts as a Taser and as a Melee Weapon, Awesome Anachronistic Apparel, Really Cannot Succeed in his Goals, Is Usually more Villified and/or made more Stereotypically Anarchistic in Adaptations
  • Domains: Anarchism, Freedom, Rebellion, Intelligence, Uprising
  • Allies: V, The Boys, Chester A. Bum
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Walter Kovacs/Rorschach
  • Enemies: The Joker (possibly his father?) Frank Underwood, Bill Williamson, Nemesis, Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow, Judge Dredd, Shogo Makishima, O'Brien, Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias, Raul Mendenez
  • Friendly Enemies: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Clark Kent/Superman, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, The Earth Green Lanterns, Barry Allen/The Flash, Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami, Izuku Midoriya, All Might
  • Opposes: Darkseid, YHVH, Prime Monister Honest, Esdeath, The Sibyl System, Big Brother, The Dark Army, Vought International, Corrupt Politicians, Governments, and Officials in General
  • On Speaking Terms With: Lelouch vi Britannia, Zaheer
  • Pities: Winston Smith, Julia
  • Respects: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Elliot Alderson, Night Raid, Akame, Ochaco Uraraka
  • Respected By: Lucifer
  • Lonnie Machin was originally a young boy in Gotham City with a strong and passionate interest in science as well as philosophy and politics, in addition to being academically gifted. However, in his pursuit of a career, he developed a disdain towards democracy and the modern world's government and politics, thinking that they oppressed free-thinkers and those who worked hard for their income and well-being and sought to confront this front himself. To that end, Lonnie devoted himself to fighting against democracy and took on vigilantism as Anarky, sincerely believing that Anarchism was the best way to freedom. Despite his well-meaning goals and intentions, his profession and actions led him to butt heads against other heroes, namely Batman. He would also don the mantle of Moneyspider, a computer hacker that stole money from banks and donated them to developing countries in the hopes that it can be used for their development and benefit. Despite not being a notable member of Batman's rogues gallery, Lonnie would go on his own odyssey, encountering the Justice League, Darkseid, the Titans, and the Young Justice whilst trying to find different ways to promote anarchy and help others in his own unscrupulous ways.
  • The Pantheon was unsure of whether the philosophy and belief of Anarchism could be well-represented, given its controversial nature. For a long time, there didn't seem to be any viable candidate due to most well-known examples exemplifying negative stereotypes... until Lonnie became a topic of discussion. This led to Anarky finding his way into these new realms, though he had been following clues and evidence of the Pantheon's existence, namely the Batfamily and many of their allies, and their foes being ascended members. When he was recognized and appointed to represent the philosophy that he preached, Lonnie had a moment of amusement, namely that he was given official recognition from what he saw as a governmental body, namely the Court of the Gods, and the fact that his alias is literally his belief and his representing title in the Pantheon. Regardless, Lonnie managed to find a new outlet to spread his philosophy and is eager to further his pursuits, starting with new allies and a new base of operations.
  • Usually, Anarchy is a political belief that is depicted as heavy violence, loud declaration of going against right-leaning beliefs, and generally being as antagonistic to government and politics as he could. Generally, anarchy is associated with terrorists who want to dismantle and kill to promote their thoughts and mischief-makers who mess around political spaces for their amusement. Lonnie personally seeks to defy and avert as many of these stereotypes as he can and while he takes pride in Anarchy, he wants to use it as a tool for hope and aid towards others, though being a vigilante, he will fight if he must. Being in the Pantheon and having his ascension title be based on his core beliefs makes him more validated to commit to his goals. He's happy to learn that the House of Philosophy don't have a negative opinion on him for the most part, plus his helpful nature towards the poor and needy has netted him some appeal. He does try to be careful, knowing that the Pantheon is filled with immensely powerful beings and avoids unnecessary confrontations.
  • Because of his political beliefs, Lonnie didn't find himself getting many allies or supporters, much to his dismay. That said, he was satisfied to see that he did gain one valuable alliance in a fellow anarchist known only as V. It turns out that outside of their universes, Anarky was inspired by V and they were able to identify their similarities, such as opposing a larger party that they felt was oppressing their populace and that they felt compelled to oppose them and fight for freedom and for they think was for the populace's best. There was a clear difference in that V was more unscrupulous than Lonnie was, even being willing to kill, something that Lonnie usually tries to avert unless he has no other choice. V sees Lonnie as talented and determined, if a little reckless, given that he's still a teenager, something which Lonnie took as a sign to be better than before.
    • While both are willing to dismantle corruption, he cannot find himself getting along with Rorschach in any way. Both are dedicated and they do have a mutual enemy in Ozymandias, seeing as his approach to bringing peace was to destroy New York City with an engineered bomb, but aside from that, they can only team up for a brief amount of time and while Anarky was at least willing to try to socialize with Rorschach, the latter is too impulsive and aggressive to properly work with the former. Of course, the two dislikes each other, with Rorschach thinking that Anarky is annoying and his political beliefs are dangerous whereas Anarky thinks that even if both act unlawfully, Rorschach's deluded thoughts on morality and refusing any attempt to even properly communicate, let alone work together properly, makes him an incredibly loose partner. Their alliance tends to be very rare and specific, and they've made it clear that they don't like each other.
    • When asked about corporatizing superheroes, Lonnie stated that it was an immature and morally exploitative way of making business. Then he found out about Vought International and he wasn't pleased to say the least, especially considering that said "superheroes" were genetically engineered by Vought via an injection with Compound V and were excessively commercialized from their public appearances all the way to their "heroic actions". He did find some kinship with The Boys, especially considering that they banded together to end Vought's tyranny and take down the company. That said, Lonnie generally gets along with most members, barring Billy Butcher, thinking that while what happened in Butcher's past is tragic, it doesn't excuse him having to hate all superhumans, though Butcher has remained largely silent on this matter. Lonnie does, however, intend on bringing down Vought a second time, even if it means having to butt heads against The Seven.
    • He's expressed interest in Lelouch vi Britannia, even thinking that his desire to create a better world for his beloved sister, Nunnally was rather cutenote . When the two met, they both saw a lot of differences in one another, with Lelouch commanding a large, loyal band of rebels as opposed to Anarky's small, yet devoted group of followers, as well as Lelouch having far more resources than Anarky does. Even then, Lonnie still found his leadership skills and his intellect to be complimentary and thinks that he's a decent role model, even citing his Zero Requiem Plan as pretty impressive, if really risky, given that Lelouch had to die and be seen as a hated tyrant for the plan to work. Lelouch, on the other hand, thinks that Lonnie is rather rowdy and a bit preachy, but still a boy who's willing to fight for a good cause, even if his way is underhanded, and respects Lonnie's diligence for his cause. The two maintain their relationship on amicable terms for now.
    • Anarky's exploits and personal odyssey caught the eyes and interest of Zaheer, a member of the Red Lotus Society who believed that in his world, The Five Nations and the Avatar were top authority figures who imposed control and unfair dominance over the poor and oppressed and seek to change that, becoming an anarchist and using violent means to dismantle the nations' governments, which he wants to culminate by killing Korra, the current Avatar. Lonnie can relate to having similar goals and ideals, but he cannot buy into the idea of working with Zaheer; for one, he's too destructive and Anarky mainly seeks to avoid as much collateral damage as possible in his lawless acts. The second is that he wants to bridge the physical and spirit world together so that everyone has a chance to access it, as opposed to only a select few people, and Lonnie, being an Atheist, didn't feel any interest in it. They can speak to each other just fine and Lonnie even pays condolences to Zaheer's lost loved ones, but beyond that, they have very different means of accomplishing things that Lonnie feels would just contradict how he wants to settle and solve things.
  • While a member of Batman's rogues gallery, Lonnie isn't just one of the more sympathetic and well-meaning ones, he actually respects the Caped Crusader and cites him as an influence for his career as a vigilante. The two have fought against one another, but there isn't really any genuine enmity with one another; Batman himself thinks that Anarky wants to contribute to making Gotham better, but given he's a kid who believes in a rather destructive philosophy, he is impulsive and reckless to a fault. With both of them being in the Pantheon, their affably opposing relationship still persists, though both agree that they have mutual enemies that they'd have to fight together at some points. Speaking of Batman, Lonnie has encountered the Justice League, though prefers not to meddle with them, even if their mostly lawful stance on heroism clashes against what Anarky aims for.
  • While he is proud to be an Anarchist, Lonnie would like to remind others that he does not represent the terroristic, chaos-spreading kind; he despises those stereotypes and makes as much effort as possible to not just distance himself, but to also actively oppose those who embrace them nor does he want to be compared to them either. Learning about fellow Anarchist, Bill Williamson, Lonnie condemned him for giving his political stance a bad name whilst also proclaiming that his attempt to stop overpopulation is a cover for him actually enjoying the bloodshed and mayhem Bill causes. While they agree on opposing governments, the same is also true for Nemesis, a rich Spree Killer who committed his massacres just for amusement, as Bill did. Even if Lonnie wasn't a fan of cops or presidents, he felt that Nemesis's attempts at tormenting a cop to the extent that he would attack his children and him playing a role in the United States's President's death were incredibly low and with Nemesis in the Pantheon, Anarky states that he'll not hesitate to off him if they ever meet. Bill and Nemesis, on the other hand, think Lonnie is too sentimental about his beliefs and would gladly want to shut him up with a bullet to his head.
    • Shogo Makishima is another anarchist with an interest in wanting to create a social outcry, much like Lonnie does. However, while they have similar political beliefs and they can come up with valid rationales about the flaws of society, their means to an end is completely different and Shogo is not only willing to commit mass murders and riots, but also mess with others and take responsibility in property damage if it means furthering his own causes. Needless to say, Lonnie was disturbed by the depths that Shogo would go to and the fact that he reminds him of what Anarky could be without any moral restraints. Shogo, interested by Lonnie's commitment to his cause, offered the teenage vigilante the chance to work on spreading anarchy together, but Lonnie, upholding his better judgment, immediately opposed and declared Shogo an enemy, citing their different means and how unlike himself who wants to help the poor in standing up for themselves and give the lower-class a chance, Shogo wants to spread violent anarchy for what could be considered a sick social experiment. Shogo simply expressed disappointment in Anarky, calling him naive and foolish in his pursuit of Anarchism.
  • Hates Darkseid with every fiber of his being; to Lonnie, the Dread Lord of Apokolips represents everything about why authoritarian control is a problem that needs to be dealt with. He also shares this sentiment towards YHVH, thinking that his attempt at wanting to strip away free will and impose absolute law in the universe basically amounts to robbing free will and enforcing slavery to everyone as a way to direct all worship to himself. YHVH finds Lonnie to be an annoying brat and feels that he, as a teenager who has little in support, is in no position to challenge his authority as The Great Will. Darkseid is, if anything else, just amused by Lonnie's opposition towards him; once Anarky tried to list out everything bad about him, only for the Lord of Tyranny to finish his statement regarding the "E word". It's since rubbed Lonnie the hard way.
    Darkseid: Evil? Yes. I am.
    • Regarding normal politics, he holds a large amount of disdain for Frank Underwood. While Lonnie admits that the other United States presidents don't really interest him, Frank's criminal actions are practically horrendous by the eyes of the law and he's baffled to know just how he was able to maintain his position despite the several red flags that he's left behind in his bloodied political career from a simple politician all the way to presidency. Lonnie sees Frank as the worst kind of president and the worst that democracy can offer, being someone that only cares about his own self-interests and who would sacrifice anyone if it suits his needs, they've become a liability and can give him an advantage. While Frank is unaware of Lonnie and Anarky being the same person, he's quite perceptive of the young vigilante, being able to annoy and scare him due to his position of authority and his heartless sociopathy...
    Frank Underwood: So I've heard about a lad who goes by Anarky. He claims to be fighting for the poor and wants to fight against what he thinks is democracy. Well, I'm afraid to tell you that he doesn't know me, but I know him. He's just a delusional boy who will screw himself over for a cause that is nonsensical and will achieve nothing. He thinks that having a "K" over a "C" and "H" would make him distinctive, but it only shows how young and immature he is. And as America's political history shows, Anarchy never wins, but neither does democracy. After all, Democracy is so Overrated after all...
    • He has a similar sentiment towards a certain empire that was plagued with corruption, crime, and political indecency, all set up by its prime minister, Honest, whereas his top officials were more interested in satisfying their own debauchery than helping the nation out, especially General Esdeath. Lonnie was quick to accuse Honest as one of the worst prime ministers he's come across and is willing to kill him if he can. By extension, he developed a measure of appreciation for Night Raid, given that they did dismantle Honest's regime and exposed him for the repugnant influence to the Empire that he is. While their priorities are too different to consider an alliance, not helped by Anarky's own spotty reputation, he does pay condolences to the Night Raid members who lost their lives fighting against the Empire. Night Raid has accepted Lonnie's statement, provided that he doesn't try to antagonize them, something that he's not going to do of course.
  • It's no surprise that he despises large authoritarian bodies, such as Big Brother and the Sibyl System and even many of the more lawful denizens of the Pantheon don't disagree with him on that matter. Having been a political enthusiast, Lonnie believes that while Big Brother's system will inevitably fail, he also feels as if it's done too much to torment others and seeks to fight against O'Brien and the other leading members of Big Brother in the hopes that he could begin an uprise. Learning of the tale and fate of Winston and Julia served as further motivation for Anarky to fight against Big Brother and he's willing to try helping the two of them out if an opportunity presents itself. As for the Sibyl System, Lonnie is bewildered at how it's not only really repressive but actually accepted by Japan's populace in the future and the fact that its leadership is based on the psychological profile of those that are considered "Criminally Asymptomatic", as in sociopaths, meaning that the entire system is controlled by a being that determines thing in an unfettered fashion, unwilling to be obscured by moral judgments. That, and Lonnie thinks the Dominators are too destructive and must be destroyed at all costs, and them considering having the aforementioned Makishima as a psychological template only further Anarky's disdain for the Sibyl System.
    • While Lonnie hates Big Brother and the Sibyl System, this doesn't extend to those who are employed by the latter to be police officers and detectives, given that they either chose that profession out of a desire to help others or were drafted in for having "Criminally Asymptomatic" traits. If anything, Lonnie has a measure of respect for Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kogami, given that while Akane remained in the system, even after learning of its true nature, she was still willing to do things her own way and find more non-lethal and empathetic ways to solve a problem and Kogami does act on his own sense of justice, even if it meant he was exiled from working in the Sibyl System. While Akane and Kogami oppose Anarky, it's only due to their professions as in a casual chat, Akane and Lonnie can have a civil chat and Kogami thinks that he does want to do good, though his means aren't exactly acceptable.
    • Another large body that Lonnie opposes is the Dark Army, a collective of hackers from around the globe that secretly have their influence asserted towards most world governments, businesses, and home defense, practically giving them an iron grip on the world. He's also one of the few to learn of the Dark Army's existence, given their incredibly elusive and shadowy nature and he's appalled to learn of the amount of terrorism and fear they would spread to achieve the goals of their leader, Whiterose. On a more positive note, the Dark Army's presence did let Lonnie learn of Elliot Alderson, a hacker who grow out of his cynicism and eventually worked with his friends and sister to dismantle the Dark Army, something that earned Lonnie a lot of appreciation for Elliot. If possible, Lonnie might think of teaching Elliot on hacking banks in a more defensive fashion and donating them to developing countries, though Elliot has been silent about the matter.
    • It's safe to say that he's not really on good terms with Judge Dredd, primarily because as Anarky, he's a vigilante who constantly breaks the law, even if he means well and Dredd not only takes to priding his lawful disposition but is quite harsh on dealing with lawbreakers. Lonnie personally doesn't want to fight Dredd, let alone be enemies, so he tries to find ways to avoid any conflict with Dredd, knowing that he wouldn't stand a chance in a fight. If anything Lonnie thinks that Dredd has a lot of other issues to attend to, given that his list of enemies are far worse than he himself can ever hope to be. Dredd acknowledges this, but it doesn't change his stance on Anarky anyway. After all, he is "THE LAW!" and he has to uphold it.
  • He's very popular for the lower-class sector of the House of Commerce, provided that he's made several efforts in rallying up the poor and motivating them into joining his cause and to fight for themselves. He's even managed to make a friend in Chester A. Bum, who thinks Anarky is "the greatest Anarchist he has ever seen", given his whole costume setup and his aim to help and liberate the poor. Then again, weird things do happen to him, and Lonnie's presence helps Chester become pretty excited. Lonnie himself has noted to have some strange experiences with Chester anytime they meet and he wants to make sure that Chester doesn't get into his schemes. It's partly because while enthusiastic, Chester is pretty dim-witted and partly because Lonnie genuinely doesn't want to see him get hurt.
  • In line with preventing a corrupt official from gaining complete control and domination over the populace, Anarky professes that he likes the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and would entertain the idea of meeting them. He was intrigued to learn that the group was mostly a band of teenagers themselves and while they all came from different, sometimes tragic, backgrounds and were skilled thieves, they've also had a hand in saving their world and fighting an insidious politician from taking over Japan. In regards to specific members, Lonnie respects Ren Amamiya's leadership and could learn and refine his hacking skills from Futaba Sakura, who would rather just try to get along with Lonnie. He is somewhat perplexed by Makoto Nijima due to her desire to become a policewoman in the future, though Makoto is self-aware about the irony of her current occupation and her future endeavor, something that humoured Lonnie. Again, they have differing priorities, though Lonnie would entertain the idea of working with the Phantom Thieves if there ever came an occasion.
  • His pursuit of Anarchism caught the eyes of a certain Lucifer, who expressed interest in the teenage vigilante as Lonnie's aim was to provide the poor with enough confidence and assurance so that they could stand up for themselves and fight against oppression, something that aligned with Lucifer's personal belief of freedom being a championing virtue and a desire to create a world where anybody is free to partake in whatever they wished to pursue. The Lightbringer thought that Anarky was a standout individual, despite the odds having stacked against him, and felt that he could use some form of support and encouragement. Lonnie initially expressed some skepticism on the matter, but eventually came to an agreement, so long as Lucifer didn't interfere with his matters too much, mainly as a way to make the Lightbringer appease his request through some irony. Lucifer accepted the deal and has since been Anarky's hidden backer for quite some time. That said, he's kept to his word that while he and Lucifer's goals are similar, Lonnie seeks to find his own way to promote his brand of freedom.
  • No, he's not a Complete Monster. And he's certainly not a Bomb Throwing Anarchist who believes that Anarchy Is Chaos. Lonnie is told these by anonymous sources, which annoy him to no end. It didn't take long before he realized that there are other versions of him... who are far more villainous and/or stereotypically more anarchistic than he is. There are two big offenders in this case, and he's not happy to learn that they just want to cause Anarchy for the hell of it. While it's pissed him off, it's also made him more determined to prove to himself that he's seeking a good cause and sincerely wants to help the oppressed. Though it doesn't stop The Joker from making jokes about the matter. That, and teasing the idea that he might be Lonnie's father, as unlikely as that is.
  • Lonnie is glad that the Pantheon does not have a democratic process that grants the leadership role to a group. He cites that doing so will bring tyranny to a place. Those in power will ostracize those who do not align with the thoughts of their rules and will snuff out all other beliefs like the despots they are. Being an American, Lonnie has seen the constant power struggle that the democratic system brings and sees it always tetter to Civil War nearly being an outcome. He only hopes that the Pantheon does not have an absolute power besides the Court of the Gods for the sake of all Pantheon residence.
"Society is rotten. It will only be changed when the people see the greed, arrogance and brutality of those who rule them! ...Democracy is a sham!"

    Lúcio Correia dos Santos 
Lúcio Correia dos Santos, The God who Values Freedom over Prosperity (Freedom Fighting DJ, Lúcio, Audio Medic, BOOSTIO!, Dat Boi)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Frog Logo (Featured in his album Synaesthesia Auditiva)
  • Theme Song: "We move together as one" and "Rejuvenescência"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Blown Across the Room, Combat Medic, Disco Tech, Heal Thyself, Keet, Musical Assassin, Nice Guy, Rags to Riches, Rollerblade Good, Soul Brotha, Wall Run
  • Domains: Music, Techno, Celebrities, Freedom, Fun
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Tracer, The Scout (Albeit a friendly one on both accounts)
  • Enemies: Symmetra, Soundwave, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Ragyo Kiryuin, Mordekaiser
  • Odd Friendship: Frog deities
  • Born in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Lúcio Correia dos Santos grew up in a Favela that was hit hard financially after the Omnic Crisis happened. But Lúcio found his call in music, often preferring to lift the spirits of his friends, make them forget about the troubles they were facing and just overall have fun. Until a fateful day when the multinational Vishkar corporation got ahold of his city, who then decided to apply their rules to the "Lawless" community and even use them as labor force. Lúcio, outraged by such behaviour, stole one of the Sonic weapons that Vishkar developed and modified it into a tool that eventually drove the corporation out of his town. This event would mark an important point in Lúcio's life, as he became a worldwide celebrity when his music skyrocketed to popularity. But he won't waste his fame for nothing, he will use it to change the world in a better way.
  • He used to reign over dreadlocks, but eventually realized that this new house is his true calling. People's freedom is a sacred treasure that cannot be substituted by any form of prosperity, no amount of prosperity is worth suffering and having freedom snuffed, and he'll fight with every last bits of his strength to preserve it.
  • Lúcio is incredibly cheerful and energetic and for a time was considered to be the perfect member that the House of Happiness has been clamoring for a while. While he was assigned to another house, he does keep a good relation with the deities from said house and he even praises them whenever he visits them.
    Lúcio: Look at these people! We're going to do great!
    • Whenever Lúcio involves himself into a team effort, he made it a habit to say this phrase, no matter how not-getting-along his team goes. Usually, at his word (or maybe looking at how his dreadlocks have some... effects by just looking at it), they usually stop bickering and instead perform better.
    • Or sometimes, people thinks Lúcio is being utterly sarcastic. Seriously, can you imagine a horribly messed up team with horrible compositions to win against a coordinated team (like two snipers, all Offense and no Tanks, or in a MOBA arena, all squishy ADC's)? Even people know that sometimes, even Lúcio has his limits...
  • Being a DJ, Lúcio quickly became acquaintanced with various deities related to music, especially other DJs. He already plans to make collaborations with Vinyl Scratch, Napstablook and Daft Punk.
  • While the two are definitely on the same side, Lúcio often butt heads with Reinhardt over their musical tastes. There is a clear age gap between the two and Lúcio often doesn't take the Crusader seriously.
    Lúcio: Reinhardt, we need to find you some new tunes.
    Reinhardt: What's wrong with the classics? I love Hasselhoff! Have you heard "Night Rocker"?
    Lúcio: ... I can't even take you seriously right now.
  • Lúcio believes that freedom should be something that everyone deserves and ever since he became famous, he has made it his mission to take down any evil corporation or government, primarily with his music. He has received support from a lot of deities such as Sonic, Tails or even Kallen Kozuki.
    • Though in a weird turn of events, he never expected someone like the Guy to support him. But Lúcio being the Nice Guy he is just accepted him as another peer.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executives are the kinds of people that Lúcio despises, given his previous experience with the Vishkar corporation. One of the many activities he involves himself with is tampering with their incomes, with one his biggest targets being Mr. Burns.
    • Until of course, the rise of his rival, Symmetra, a representative of Vishkar itself. It doesn't quite matter for Lúcio, though, his mind is still set: Vishkar started the fire first, so stealing from them is fine, he's doing the poor a favor! As far as he's concerned, she's no different than those Vishkar employees that terrorized his home, so Lúcio resumes his tampering. Oh and for the record, he never fell for that "misplaced" Teleporter plot she had. What do you think his rollerblades are for?
  • Seems to be into playing videogames and he is actually a big fan of D.Va. She also happens to be a big fan of his music and when they finally got to meet each other, they got incredibly excited.
    Lúcio: D.Va in the flesh! Wooh, can I get your autograph?
    D.Va: Only if I can get yours, too. I love your new album!
    • When Lúcio and D.Va met once again in the battlefield of the Nexus, it's through their interactions that everyone saw that they became close friends.
    D.Va: Lúcio! How's my favorite international DJ?
    Lúcio: I play a lotta music, but you're still my favourite Song.
  • Lúcio originally auditioned to become the God of Sonic Weaponry, but he was told that the place was already held by the Symphogears. After finding an alternative place for ascension, he went to the House of Music to meet them personally and he was amazed at how their tech allowed them to transform into Magical Girl Warriors. They also all share the same philosophy of being close together and he even considered collaborating with them to make a new album.
    • He also got to meet the F.I.S. children and after hearing their story, he is really glad that they decided to fight for good. Lúcio is especially fond of Shirabe given that she sings for electronic tunes, which happen to be Lúcio's jam and he is considered to use her for some of his tunes.
  • Lúcio is known to always use rollerblades in the battlefield, and he is pretty good at them to boot. This caught the attention of Beat, another Freedom Fighter who is a fan of techno. Beat was quick to offer him a place as a GG, but Lúcio stepped up the offer by saying that he would promote them through his music. Since then they have been the best of friends.
  • Given his ability with the rollerblades, Lúcio ended up befriending Subaru Nakajima and Lan Hikari given how they also use them. It's not uncommon to see the three of them competing to see who is the fastest, often joined by Beat from time to time.
    • Has actually raced against the Scout after his race against Tracer. Due to being at his fastest capacity with a fully boosted Baby-Face blaster, Scout managed to best him. Lucio was impressed he managed to run at such speeds even without rollerblades and has since been inviting Scout out to race against other rollerblade users, which he happily accepted.
  • Surprisingly fond of frogs, to the point that he made one to be his logo. He also made a special costume just to look like the one from it.
  • Being from Brazil, Lúcio was eager to know if there were more Brazilian deities around. Eventually, he met Laura Matsuda and Raymundo Pedrosa, who quickly became fans of his tunes. They all also happen to be from Rio, so it was a given that they would end up being really good friends.
    • He did not, however, expect to meet another Brazilian in the form of Jetstream Sam. However, Lúcio and Sam happen to share a lot of opinions and ideas, so they ended up on good terms. Although Lúcio hopes that Sam abandons the life of a mercenary for good.
  • Lúcio is a really big fan of ice hockey, often going to the House of Sports in order to see some matches. He also likes to play it from time to time.
    • He also invented a sport he calls "Lúcioball", which basically is him playing football with his sonic equipment. Some people who got around to play with him say it's actually a really fun experience.
  • He's not a Hamon user, but when he slams his fist into the ground, Jonathan Joestar can't help but smile.
  • Lúcio is so good at skating in the wall that people has asked him how to do it while shooting down enemies. Lúcio admitted of having doing that only once in his whole lifetime, so that's not something he thinks he can teach to others.
  • As he takes really good care of his locks, he has always made it clear that never once in his lifetime he has cheered people up by putting grapes on his nose and constantly shout "Bloopity bloopity bloopity bloopity". That's just stupid and might traumatize others instead of cheering them up.
  • Don't ask him to say "Huehuehuehue" or "GIBE MONI PLEASE" or "Es numero uno". It's not just because Lúcio thinks that it's not a good stereotype for Brazilians, it's also because he had a run-in with Mordekaiser and when he told him that his tendencies to spew that gives bad names to Brazilian, Mordekaiser replied that he does want Lúcio to give him something, practically, his soul to be toyed around by him. He's kind of traumatized afterwards. "And I thought that Reaper dude was creepy about souls!"
  • One fateful day, Lúcio has received the invitation to enter the battlefield of the Nexus. In preparation and on the recommendation of D.Va, he paid a visit to Jim Raynor and the two became fast friends with Raynor being impressed with his rebellion against Vishkar. However, Raynor gave him friendly advice that he might want to re-evaluate his further crusade against Vishkar, as Lúcio listened Raynor's tale on how the Terran Dominion was reformed by eliminating its source of evil, the leader Arcturus Mengsk, that perhaps having Vishkar reform is a possibility and a non-violent solution that will win him more fans. While Lúcio still kept up his antagonism against Vishkar and especially Symmetra like nothing happened, he actually kept Raynor's advice at heart: He should try to find out who's the CEO of Vishkar and hopefully render them powerless. At the same time,Lúcio sympathizes with Raynor during the time his jukebox was broken, which Raynor appreciated.
    • Upon his arrival in the Nexus, Lúcio has also befriended a lot of deities that can be found there. One of them was E.T.C., which Lúcio expresses his desire to remix some of E.T.C.'s albums. Lúcio also befriended Chromie, as he respect her time manipulation powers.
    • During his battles in the Nexus, Lúcio managed to induce Reverse Polarity on his tracks, which he dubbed Reverse Amp. Opponents under the effect of Reverse Amp suffer either continuous damage or have their movement massively slowed. And before you ask, no, the aforementioned "Bloopity bloopity bloopity bloopity" is not involved.
  • He's currently having an eye to the Phantom Thieves led by Ren Amamiya in order to expose to the world the corruption within Vishkar, but then got hit with several obstacles: First, the Phantom Thieves have yet to find anything about the Vishkar Corporate even amongst the Metaverse, nor a Palace towards the only representative he knew (Symmetra). Second, he butted head with Yusuke Kitagawa, who admonishes his condemnation towards Vishkar and Symmetra. While Lúcio insisted that Vishkar's actions towards his home are despicable and almost like Masayoshi Shido's in a smaller case, Yusuke countered with how he's not seeing the big picture and sounding like driven with a biased hate that Vishkar ruined his home, especially with how he treated Symmetra to be no different than other Vishkar employees, nothing but evil soulless monsters, before even seeing her side of story. Even Lúcio is at loss of words, but Yusuke still assures him that when the CEO of Vishkar reveal themselves, they will still try to steal that CEO's heart, and Lúcio gets the privilege to suggest how their calling card works.
  • Also you can bet that he does not trust the resident Mega-Corp of the Pantheon, BnL. But he always had a soft spot on WALL•E and EVE, they have proven to him good qualities to be trusted despite being from a corporate. And hey, that robo-speak thing he used on Bastion could be pretty good on them if all three are in the mood.
  • P.S: He actually likes Hasselhoff music. But he prefers that no one tells Reinhardt about this.
  • "Ooh, this is my jam! Come on, let's bring it together!"

Marzipan, Self-Proclaimed Official Goddess of Political Correctness (Marzy, Fox's mother)
  • Lesser Goddess (although she's protesting that it should be higher)
  • Symbol: The East Marzistar Flag. Alternatively her guitar, Carol.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good according to her, but opinion varies
  • Portfolio: Parodies of Extreme Leftism, Dirty Hippies Without The Dirt, Being The Only Girl of the Cast, Tsunderes, Beware the Nice Ones.
  • Domains: Earth, Growth, Healing, Politics.
  • Followers: None. Marzipan feels that having followers would reinforce the hierarchical, patriarchal, tacky system she fights against.
  • Allies: Homestar Runner (sometimes), Bubs, Lisa Simpson, Sam Manson, Steve Small, The Lorax, Mafalda
  • Enemies: Though she doesn't believe in using the word "hate", Marzipan chonks Strong Bad with the passion of a thousand exploding whales, Cruella De Vil
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia, Amon, Hexxus
  • Has not invited Strong Bad to her parties after a disaster involving him jumping off of her roof and into a cake.
  • She's managed to become good friends with other politically correct deities such as Sam Manson, Lisa Simpson, and Steve Small. The four often get together at her temple to discuss issues such as politics and the environment (much to the annoyance of her neighboring deities).
  • While the Lorax does appreciate Marzipan's efforts to protect the environment, even he thinks she can be too preachy about the dangers of pollution.
  • She has a very dysfunctional, on-again, off-again relationship with Homestar, to the point where the House of Love can't understand how or why they ever got together to begin with.
  • Considers the likes of Ghetsis and Amon to be "really not very nice"; Ghetsis for lying to and manipulating his followers into believing they were fighting for a good cause, and Amon for presenting his warped ideals as politically correct and for his utter hypocrisy.
  • She absolutely cannot stand Hexxus, not just because his entire MO is to destroy the environment, but because of how much pleasure he seems to get from it. When confronting Hexxus on the matter and asked him to stop his polluting, he simply laughed at her and went about his business, finding her efforts to save the environment to be utterly hilarious.


    Leeroy Jenkins 
Leeroy Jenkins, The Destroyer of Philosophies and Official God of Chaotic Stupidity