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    Aztar/The Spectre 
Aztar, The God With an Omniscient Morality License (The Spectre, The Wrath of God, The Spirit of Vengeance)

Magsarion, God of Utter Relentlessness (Muzan, Second Heaven, Wicked Warrior, The Remorseless, God of Daten-Naraku, The Tyranical King, The God of all Evils, The Faceless Monster)
Magsarion as Muzan, the second Hadou God.
Click here for his appearance pre-ascension

A new hand touches the folder. Listen. Hear me and obey! A foul darkness has seeped into the Pantheon. A darkness you will destroy.

Meridia, Daedric Prince of Lives Weighted Against the Greater Good (Merid-Nunda, Lady of Infinite Energies, Lady of Light, The Solar Daughter, The Glister Witch, Shining Bitch, The Groundskeeper, Daedra Lady of Greed)
Meridia by Radishez
  • Overdeity
  • Symbols: Her emblem, her realm of the Colored Rooms, Dawnbreaker, the Ring of Khajiit, and her various shrines, statues, and temples
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral at her best, can veer straight towards Lawful Evil at worst
  • Portfolio: Banished from Aetherius and seen as a trespasser by Daedra, Fallen Magna Ge turned Daedric Prince, Divinely Appearing Demons, Supposed Friend to All Living Things (emphasis on living), Tautological Knight Templar, Light Is Not Good, Disproportionate Retribution, Greater-Scope Villain of Knights of the Nine, Big Good of Online, Villain with Good Publicity/Hero with Bad Publicity, Compliment Fishing
  • Domains: Obscured Spheres, Life Energy, Beauty, Light, Narcissism
  • Followers: Aurorans, Golden Saints, her Ayleid worshipers and other followers, The Meridian Purified
  • Allies: Galeem, Lumine, The Angels of Paradiso
  • Connected to: The House of Light and Brightness
  • Rivals: Cosmos, YHVH, Light of Destruction, The Radiance, Kronika
  • On speaking terms with: Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, Sheogorath, Vaermina, Peryite
  • Arch-Enemy: Molag Bal
  • Enemies: Nekron, Nagash, The entire House of Undead and any other unliving being or practitioner of necromancy, Galakrond, Dharkon, The Terraformars, "Hunter" Series, The House of Darkness and Shadow, Zs'Skayr, The Ancestor, The Hag, The Crimson Court, The Sleeper, Malthael
  • Interested in: Necrozma
  • Conflicting Opinion: Imperius
  • Today was quiet one with the air a still and frigid chill even with the sun in the middle of the sky. Yet all would not be quite well for long on this fine, fine day. It was at this time the GUAE had secretly set up a large encampment somewhere off in the House of Nature. A dispatch team from the Grand United Alliance of Good eventually got word and were sent to scout out such a place, though they could never of anticipated what happens next. Beings and creatures like the Terraformars and "Hunter" Series BOWs have suddenly appeared out of the blue to assault the place, yet something is off about them. They aren't hostile to them and made way to the encampment, seemingly driven by an unknown single-minded purpose through it all. Patches of their bodies glow a golden hue, their eyes an amber yellow, their clustered veins now opaque by it all. Accompanying them are figures covered head to toe in golden armor, some utilizing powers of electricity and the spectra of light itself. As these mysterious forces drove out the GUAE in numberless hordes the base was soon assaulted by lightning from the sky before soon being buried by roots.
    • The team bore witness to the entire thing, even as the forces disappeared quick as they came, and were left speechless. Soon after trying to process what just happened a voice from above spoke to them. The voice revealed herself as the Daedric Prince, Meridia, and admitted responsibility to the base's annihilation as well as tipping the GUAG off of such a movement. "But for what purpose?" They asked, and Meridia responded that it was a way to reveal herself. She cited that they intended to practice actions most profane on the House and opted to stop their defilement. The GUAG's presence here serve as additional witnesses to her entrance to the Pantheon, which they were. The same also goes for them seeing the sheer collateral damage wrought by her attack.
  • An unusual member among the many Daedric Princes, Meridia did not actually start out as one herself. Once, there was a time in which she was better known as Merid-Nunda, a Magne-Ge or Star-Orphan. As a Child of Magnus she joined with him in fleeing from partaking in the creation of Nirn to Aetherius when he realized the sheer cost of such a project. Merid-Nunda, however, would at some point be cast out from Aetherius for consulting with "illicit spectra" and when the Daedra chided her for trespassing in Oblivion she willed a realm of her own thus and out of necessity she took on the mantle of Daedric Prince for herself. This once-Magna-Ge would be now from then on as Meridia, and the mortal races of Nirn will know of her light. The Pantheon, too, will bear witness the same having ascended under the domain of What Is One Man's Life In Comparison?, of which she is a thoroughly believer in. If people, even including her own loyal followers, have to perish to achieve what she views as a greater good then so be it.
  • If there's one fact that's very well known about Meridia would be her absolute hatred of undeath itself. Be it from the dead that walk once more to those who actively practice in such a thing Meridia will see to it that they be destroyed. It is why she is one of Molag Bal's Arch Enemies as the Lord of Brutality was responsible for the conception of undeath itself, among many other things. This belief of hers persists in the Pantheon, declaring herself to any of the undead and necromancers present and vowing to see the House of Undead and Phasmata be obliterated someday. Theories arose in that the House's existence may of drawn Meridia to the Pantheon in the first place. There stands two individuals at the pinnacle of such animosity, Nekron and Nagash, for not only their actions in their home universes but also the ones done to spite her. Galakrond is also quite high on that list, being a dragon returned to the living and who's sheer gluttony has him devour just about anything, his victims themselves turning into undead. A force of nature, so to speak. The tipping point came when after when in one of his rampages he demolished an entire temple dedicated to her. Meridia, very calmly, assaulted him with a Pillar of Light aimed straight at the Ur-Dragon's eyes. She only ceased when other Overdeities stepped in to drive him off and stop her wrath, concerned that she'll take out her anger on the surroundings as well and escalating the damages.
    The undead are foul, unnatural things. Some of my rivals take pleasure in these abominations. Not Meridia. I wish these creatures destroyed.
    • We could not stress the absolute part of her hatred towards undead enough. Meridia is indiscriminate in her drive to wipe them off the face of the world itself. It matters not if they aren't evil or have done a lot of good things in the end like with Talion or Squigly nor does it matter if they are only partially so like if they are a Dhampyr. She even scoffs at the existence of The Guardians, viewing them as mere puppets brought from their tombs by their so-called light.
    • It also comes as a given that she is a fierce opponent to the entire House of Darkness and Shadow along with any deity associated with the shade. As far as Meridia is concerned, the "good" ones are too afraid to walk with her in the light.
  • Her hatred of the unliving, along with her divinely depictions and presence and acting as the Big Good during Molag Bal's Planemeld often leads to attributions that she is a "benevolent" Daedric Prince by many. This is a very big mistake and you should not mistake her actions or her words as genuine altruism. What good she does is simply a consequence of her self-interests. This is the same Daedric Prince who had zero problems supporting her Ayleid followers, a race who were notorious for their cruelty to humanity of which they enslaved. The most notable of her assistance to them would be the time she gave help to Umaril the Unfeathered, saving his life where upon he would come back to try and overthrow the Nine Divines in revenge for the Wild Elves' downfall. To say nothing of her tendency to manipulate people and sacrifice them and her tendencies to inflict Disproportionate Retribution if displeased or crossed.
    • It for this reason that, after the GUAG reported Meridia's entrance in the Pantheon, Cosmos and by extension many in the GUAG would rather not associate themselves with the Lady of Infinite Energies and as such frequently butt heads with eachother should the situation allow them to cross paths. Cosmos and the Alliance are firmly for prioritizing all life whereas Meridia would only look out for the select few. And the few are perfectly liable to be culled if she deems it necessary in some way, shape, or form. Both Cosmos and Meridia have since been common opponents of one another.
  • In a bid to gather up allies to counter the ones Molag Bal had formed in the Pantheon alongside other entities and beings she deemed despicable, Meridia had manifested her to other entities in a bid to form an alliance of her own. Her first outing was... not quite successful, to say the least. While she had seen success in enticing Galeem after appealing to his perpetual conflict with Dharkon and sympathizing with it along with the Angels of Paradiso having no problem in following the Daedric Prince, her meeting YHVH went considerably less well. The two ended up being bothered by each-other more than anything else in the end. The Light of Destruction, due to its desire for the destruction of all things, was more so that and the relationship with it was even more strained with Meridia stating it's as simple-minded as Mehrunes Dagon. They're on somewhat better terms when it's seeking to be worshiped as a deity though not by much. And The Radiance immediately began on bad terms as she is paranoid that Meridia's presence is yet another way in which she will eventually be eclipsed and forgotten. Not helping things was the Glister Witch's response to that which to this day has stuck with the infection that once plagued Hallownest:
    Save yourself your delusions. A campfire could never hope to outshine a star, much less the break of dawn.
    • Her presence was not well received in the House of Light and Brightness received either. Setting aside her willingness to ally with the Light of Destruction, just about everyone in that House were put off by Meridia's demeanor and though Ezalor, being the head of the sub-House itself, does try to keep her at bay it is undeniable she has a stake there due to her domains. Not helping things is her singling out Zs'Skayr, viewing him as an intruder, and Necrozma's, whom she expressed disgust towards its exploitation in the past by humanity and has continuously offered to her service to restore it to its glory days. Zs'Skayr both hates and is scared shitless by her while Necrozma is visibly disturbed by her, especially after its Heel–Face Turn.
    • Lumine, surprisingly, came up to her to offer an alliance. Emphasizing his similar associations with light and associations with angels Meridia deemed him worthy of an ally. It can be assumed Lumine did so to gain not only a very powerful ally but also Aurorans at his command to further his goals of both enslaving and/or destroying the older gen Reploids and other inferior robots. Serving Meridia for such benefits in no way really goes against such wishes.
  • As a being heavily associated with light and its spectra it would only come natural that the realm she carved from the chaos of the Void would reflect that. The Colored Rooms are a place of coral reefs and floating rock underneath a starry night sky, the floor holding it all together being the realm's solid luminescent waters. Aurorans roam the place. Mankar Camoran, the leader of the Mythic Dawn cult, once incorrectly attributed in his speech that Meridia's realm was that of the ever-dour and bleak Coldharbour... The realm of Molag Bal, her fiercest enemy. Suffice it to say, don't try to play off this piece of misinformation as fact. It's not as bad as messing with her shrines, but don't test your luck.
  • Has had a few notable relationships about two members of the Angiris Council, or in the case of Imperius and Malthael one member and one former member, respectively. In the case of the latter it is quite easy to boil down the relationship between the two as mutual opposition despite both being Fallen Angels. For Malthael it involves his status as the Archangel of Death versus her associations with life energies and thus partially styles herself and partially depicted as a Friend to All Living Things (as much as that is put into debate countless times), so it would only come as natural that they'd clash. His motivations to Kill All Humans has also dampened the situation between the two given there are humans who do worship her.
    • Imperius is a more complicated matter, however. Though both Meridia and Imperius work to maintain their ideal visions order, are cordial should it stay that way, and are willing to go through extreme lengths be it the Glister Witch working through her agents, manipulation, and sacrifices while Archangel of Valor while without hesitation be in the thick of it, they actually tend to clash quite a lot. While there's Meridia's nature as a Daedra, though connect demon to Daedroth is pretty loose, there's the difference in attitude. The Archangel is, at his core, utterly uptight and arrogant. Meanwhile Meridia, for as much as she is very manipulative and narcissistic, is comparatively less strict and is able to be nice and is able sincerely reward those who serve her well.
  • She has a few artifact to her name as a Daedric Prince with her most famous Daedric artifact being Dawnbreaker, a golden ebony sword forged in holy light. With the ever-radiant Dawnstar Gem in its crossguard it is a weapon tailed to destroy the walking dead, burning them upon contact and even reportedly causing them to explode upon death. Simply put, it is their bane though there have been accounts of it also being effective against werewolves and even Daedra themselves. It is not an infallible weapon of divine judgement, however. Through the machinations of the Daedric Prince, Nocturnal, it had one point been corrupted into a sword known as Duskbringer though it would soon be restored to its original form through the sacrifice of her champion, Darien Gautier. There are some who seek to return the blade to Duskbringer once more though Meridia has made it clear that anyone who attempts so will get suffer for their troubles.
    • While it's not as well known she is also associated with the Ring of Khajiit, an artifact that grants its wearer silence in movement, enhanced speed, and even invisibility. It was once stolen by Rajhin, a famous Khajiit thief, who used such a ring to pull off grand heists and earned his infamy that persists even today. Eventually, his overuse of its powers made the artifact abandon him to his doom. now, the ring is an odd artifact to Meridia name, however, in that it is also the property of the Daedric Prince, Mephala, and it seems fitting to her considering her associations with lies and secrets. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they're the only Daedric Princes who's spheres are obscured to mortal eyes? Who knows.
    • During the events of Skyrim's civil war and the return of the dragons a necromancer defiled a temple in the providence, exploiting the lives lost to raise them as shades. Thus, the Prince sent out the Beacon of Meridia in an undisclosed location for an adventurer to find and be prompted to expel said necromancer, of which The Dragonborn accomplished and was granted Dawnbreaker. Others who stumble upon her Beacon are apprehensive at touching it, mainly so for the fact that they know that the moment they do so they'll be assaulted by the Daedric Prince's lack of indoor voice.
  • Few individuals in the Pantheon could earn a special kind of enmity from Meridia. Included in this particular list is The Ancestor, who's actions brought ruin to not only to his family and blood but also the world around him. Necromancy, demon summoning which then created the Swinefolk and Formless Flesh, an old colleague's witchery, deals with the Pelagic, and calling upon the cosmos' unholiness are all damning evidence. To Meridia, the Darkest Estate and its surrounding lands corruption in the air and earth itself are waiting to be burned by her light. With the existence of the Darkest Dungeon and by extension the presence of the Heart of Darkness is it any wonder why she hates the place so much? And that's not even going over the Heart's rival, The Sleeper, which awaits it as soon as it breaks free from its comet prison.
  • If a partially surviving Ayleid manuscript is anything to go by, Meridia has the ability to alter the rate at which time flows forward through the prismatic refraction of light. This piece of information has alarmed many deities in the House of Time and Temporality, in particular setting the Dahaka in motion to watch Meridia's actions. In that same manuscript it also mentions that her "real" role in history was lost, muddying the waters of what kind of entity she truly is. Meanwhile, Cetrion caught wind of the claim and came to Meridia seeking an alliance on Kronika's behalf. Meridia bluntly refused, being unable to tolerate Cetrion and Kronika's familial connection to Shinnok, nor does she have any desire for the supposed balance Kronika seeks. For the Prince's part, she believes the Hourglass is belonging for more fitting hands in the end.
The light of Meridia cleanses and purifies. There is nothing to fear from its brilliant embrace.

Greater Gods

    The God-Emperor of Mankind 
The God-Emperor of Mankind, God of Humanity and Grim Necessity (Master of Mankind, Emperor, All-Father, Primogenitor, Him on Earth, Omnissiah, The Emprah, Big E., the Corpse Emperor, the Corpse on the Throne, The Anathema, Revelation, The Motherfucking Emperor, The Man-Emperor of Mankind)

The Emperor, in his prime before the Horus Heresy

The Emperor after the Heresy
The Emperasque
  • Greater God, potential Overdeity at full strength (Overdeity as The Emperasque)
  • Symbol: The Imperial Aquila.
  • Theme Song: We Are One
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (his followers see him as Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Being the Strongest Psyker in the Imperium, Humanity Is Superior, Humans Are Warriors, Humans Are Special, Humans Are Survivors, Black-and-Gray Morality, Darker and Edgier, Rule of Cool, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Dramatic Irony, Twist Endings, Only Mostly Dead, Super-Soldier, Space Marines, The Chosen One, Reluctant Retiree, Reluctant Hero, Humans Are Bastards
  • Domain: Humanity
  • Heralds: The Adeptus Custodes
  • Allies
  • Enemies: The Four Chaos Gods, Angron, Typhus, Perturabo, Konrad Curze, Abaddon the Despoiler, Asdrubael Vect, Ghazghkull, The Tyranids, Trazyn the Infinite, Mag'ladroth, Nagash the Undying, The Flood, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Charles zi Britannia, The Vex, Keel Lorenz, Father Homunculus, Nyarlathotep, Yaldabaoth/YHVH, Dr. Gero, Merged Zamasu, Frieza, Boros, SCP-682, The Combine, Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, and any enemy to humanity
  • Conflicting Opinion
  • Opposes: Present and Future Zeno (for the most part)
  • Respects: Sparda, the Doom Slayer
  • The personification of the human race. Spent 40,000 years manipulating humanity from the shadows before events forced him to take a more active role. Did not want to be worshiped, but humanity needed a god and he was the only one up to it. That said, he has had some success in convincing them he's not really one... just better.
  • Ironically, while he is himself a rather "glass half-full" kind of guy, his power is proportional to the grimdarkness of the dimension he is in at the time. In Bokurano-land he is mightier than YHVH, and in Teletubby-land he wields less than half his usual might, though still possessing great power. It's probably because he doesn't really need much power in worlds like the latter anyway, where things tend to be going fine.
  • Would like to note he does not want to exterminate xeno life wherever it is, and wouldn't mind living in peace with other alien races. He'd just prefer they accept his idea of peace (mainly the aliens under his rule) and not the aliens' idea of peace (like exterminating all life in the galaxy or keeping humans like zoo animals). Furthermore, he thinks the current Imperium's goal of trying to exterminate all aliens in the galaxy is not only impossible but also impractical, and is working day and night to fix this problem.
  • For some reason, many of his followers have an intense hatred of ponies, especially the divine ones in the Pantheon. The same thing goes for furries or anyone from the Starcraft universe. What his own views of these species are, well, that's one of the many questions about him that nobody knows.
  • He learned of an Expy of his that is the Big Bad in Strike Legion, and after looking at her rule over her own Imperium, he is ready to confront her for her crimes against Humanity should she ever ascend to the Pantheon, though is also pulling some strings in the Celestial Bureaucracy to ensure that she never ascends at all.
    • His actions in his own universe were made out of necessity and the current state of his Imperium was beyond his control but his expy's actions are needlessly cruel and evil, plus her insistence on forcing Humanity to worship her as God is anathema to him.
    • Has somewhat mixed feelings on the Empress' greatest enemies the Strike Legion. He respects them fighting against overwhelming odd, but dislikes how some of them remind him of the hostile aliens of his universe. They both agree against exterminating all alien life but the Strike Legion is not as much a supporter of the belief in subjating all alien life, though the Emperor has pointed out that the aliens of their universe aren't any better.
  • The God Emperor is the only being the Chaos Gods ever truly feared. He is the greatest embodiment of Order in their home universe and their eternal enemy, so much so that the Dark Gods have dubbed him as the Anathema.
    • The God Emperor does not oppose the Chaos Gods for petty reasons such as power or influence, but because of his love and dedication to all Humanity. Without the Emperor to oppose them, the Chaos Gods would taint Mankind with their corruption, twisting and defiling all Humankind by their dark powers. His love for Mankind is so great that even on the brink of death, he chose to be eternally preserved upon the Golden Throne for all time, neither living nor dead. His will is constantly challenging the Dark Gods even as his body decays, trapping him in eternal torment as his soul suffers agony beyond measure lighting the Astronomicon to light the way for the Imperium.
      • What makes his sacrifice even greater is that he could have let himself die and be reborn in a new body but a single moment of lapse in concentration would result in Terra being overwhelmed by legions of Daemons, that would mercilessly butcher the hundreds of billions of people living on the planet and turn the homeworld of Mankind itself into an abominable Daemon World.
  • Now and then, he will have enough of sitting on the Golden Throne and transfer his soul into a Tarrasque in order to REALLY shake things up. A healthy body to inhabit allows him to perform feats greater than what he can in the mummified remnants of his original body. Said feats include freeing the Eldar goddess Isha and Eldrad Ulthran from the clutches of Nurgle and Slaanesh respectively, rescuing his son Jaghatai Khan from a chronovortex, curb-stomping the armies of Chaos, etc. Slaanesh and Khorne are fuming in rage for this, Tzeentch offered no comment, and Nurgle was mad, but surprisingly got over it quickly.
  • Now and then he gives Asura questioning looks. Some speculate that this is because he thinks that Asura may be one of his erased Primarchs, which would explain how he managed to create The Angry Marines. Only the most pissed off being in the universe would suffice for such a Chapter.
    • On a similar note, he gains a sad but proud look whenever he sees Gimli. This may be because of the grievous losses and near extinction the Squats suffered through in their continued existence in the galaxy. He is also pissed off at the massive amount of stupidity that ensued when the Imperium realized the Squats survived. Seeing the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Inquisition, and the Administratum argue about who to blame for losing the Squats really didn't make him happy.
  • Though he is fully capable of interacting with the other gods in the immortal planes, he is unable to do much in the mortal realms, due to his avatar still being a dying corpse on the Golden Throne. Nobody wants to unplug it, uncertain of what will happen if they do.
    • However, he did later get a Text-To-Speech Device installed into the Golden Throne. He has become a lot more chatty since then.
    About fucking time! I have so many things to complain about.
  • Despite the bitter and caustic manner he voices himself, the God-Emperor is genuinely sorrowful at what has become of his Imperium; his intended paradise of reason and science has been twisted into a despotic and bureaucratic mess, but with the installation of the Text to Speech device, he has begun restoring the Imperium to what it was meant to be.
  • He's not too happy about Kars convincing The Adeptus Custodes to dress up like the Pillar Men in order to show him tribute.
  • Upon learning that the traitor Primarch Magnus had ascended to the Pantheon he ordered Marneus Calgar and the Ultramarines to capture and bring him before the Golden Throne for judgement.
    • A binary encoded message from the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes has revealed that Calgar has somehow succeeded in his mission and is now returning with Magnus. However, the Emperor's response to this development is not what anyone would have expected…
    • After a long heart to heart and revelation of previously unknown secrets the Emperor and Magnus have begun overcoming their mutual issues with each other. To prove his goodwill, the Emperor overpowered the Chaos God Tzeentch to restore Magnus's soul. Afterwards, the Emperor revealed that he intended to recover the Primarchs once more and fulfill Mankind's birthright as the masters of the Galaxy.
    • To that intent he has since ordered the Ultramarines to discreetly recover Vulkan's artifacts for the Salamanders to find and bring him along. Apparently, he thinks only they can get the job done.
    My reason says "FUCK NO, GET RID OF THAT BLUE BLOB OF NAMBY-PAMBY FECAL MATTER." But my institution says "SEND THEM TO DO SHIT AND STUFF WILL GO FORWARD." I will go with the latter because I have like prophetic powers and stuff.
  • The Emperor is both a high-ranking member of the Grand United Alliance of Good. While he and Cosmos have certain disagreements over what direction humanity should take as a race, they are both allies in the end. Because Cosmos has done much good for humanity across the multiverse, especially through the GUAG, the deified members of the Imperium of Man in the Pantheon respect her as a friend and equal to their Emperor.
  • There are not many things that can bring a smile to his face. But one of those things that can are a Centurion from The Imperial Fists. Who, as it turned out to even the Emperor's amazement, is his supposedly-dead son, Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists.
  • He also appears to have a very weird father-son relationship with the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, calling him son and getting called Dad in return.
  • His alliance with Madoka Kaname is because she represents the hope humanity both needs and deserves. Not only that, but he would then extend his alliance with her to the Magical Girl Sisterhood in general, by allying with its founder, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino, as well as another of the Sailor Senshi, Hotaru Tomoe, by the existence of an alternate universe wherein the Senshi were resurrected as the Emperor's daughters.
    • One magical girl in particular, Homura Akemi, reminds the Emperor too much of his fallen son, Horus. Both so filled with passion and drive, only to be twisted and broken. With the existence of a universe where Homura became the temporary host to the Emperor's soul while he acted as a replacement father to her, creating a bond between them to the extent that she called him dad, the Emperor has decided to try and convince her to abandon Lucifer.
    • The Chaos Gods fear the possibility of this alliance occurring elsewhere in the Multiverse and within the Pantheon. Such an alliance would likely result in their destruction and as such, they act with all their powers to prevent this from happening.
  • Has begun having humanity's history from before the Age of Strife written down and sent throughout the House of Knowledge for mass copying and distribution, angry at the fact that most of it is currently censored for some reason.
  • The God Emperor is furious and greatly disappointed at the result of the End Times. To see a world that has withstood multiple Chaos incursions destroyed because of idiocy and treachery and the lives of billions of human lives lost as a result, has greatly infuriated Him.
    • The Lord of Mankind has begun to consolidate His forces and made motions to ascend the remaining loyalist Primarchs and other champions of Mankind. His servants have shown an increased preparation for conflict and the other Gods fear the potential beginnings of the Second War in Heaven.
  • After learning the end results of the End Times, the God Emperor has ordered His servants to apprehend the necromancer Nagash and bring the lich to justice, for both his crimes against Humanity and his actions during the End Times.
    • He also sought the ascension of the Warrior-God Sigmar Heldenhammer. A legendary Champion of Mankind that defeated the first Everchosen of the Chaos Gods and banished Nagash for more than two thousand years, Sigmar's arrival was a welcome sight within the Pantheon for the God Emperor.
  • The Emperor has low views of Social Darwinism, regarding it as a badly disguised Realpolitik underneath false science that has often been used as poor justification for cruel and inhumane actions. He is often found calling those who hold to this philosophy:
    Brutish asscracks with a survival-of-the-fittest mindset that think all "weaknesses" within the human species needs to be destroyed. Which would be all fine and dandy if that's what these fuckers were really doing, but usually they're too busy being pretentious pricks and trying to tear down everyone who's weaker than them, so they're actually accomplishing the opposite of what they claim to stand for.
    • He has come to conflict with En Sabah Nur and Charles zi Britannia over their philosophies and disregard for the lives and well-being of Humans.
  • Odin and the God Emperor of Mankind met one another after several correspondences through their sons. The two came to instantly respect one another from their mutual struggle against great enemies of their peoples. The determination to overcome seemingly impossible odds and unbeatable foes in order to preserve one's people was resound in both figures. Odin's ages old struggle against Ragnarok and strings of fate was well known to the Emperor while the King of Asgard learned about the Master of Mankind's millennia of warfare against the foul Gods of Chaos. The two forged a powerful alliance with one another. Much to their mutual amusement, they both possessed the title of Allfather.
  • May or may have not been a certain Cimmerian in a past life.
  • Despite maintaining a presence within the Pantheon, being the God of Humanity and worshiped as a God-Emperor by his many worshipers, the Emperor still holds many reservations about the title of God. Many would go as far as to say that referring to Him as a God is actually demeaning, since as a Human being, He is so much more. The Emperor prefers to be called The Man Emperor of Mankind.
    • The God-Emperor did realize that religion is a huge function for human life in general, as it would give hope & courage to those that express faith in order to keep fighting, as well as being a tangible concept that his foes can use to manipulate others into battling against him. But again, he himself would prefer not to be the one called the God of Humanity, so he turned to the rest of the Pantheon to find someone who can shore up on that end. Enter the haniwa goddess Keiki Haniyasushin, whose ideals and purpose are all humanity-favorable much to the Emperor’s delight, as well as her vast & powerful Haniwa Army Corps, capable of easily rebuilding after sustaining damage and overwhelming foes with their unexpected tactics. They would eventually settle on a deal that would make Keiki one of the God-Emperor’s most trusted non-humans, a deal that has unsurprisingly shook the Pantheon given his own opinions on gods.
  • As a proud proponent of HUMANITY FUCK YEAH, the Emperor wishes that Humanity would stop doing stupid shit such as worshiping obviously evil and malevolent entities (especially if they do so for the petty promises of power and fame), get their act together and finally achieve their birthright.
    • For this reason, Rem sees the Emperor as one of the few humans she can stand. He spends his time with her trying to see the potential humanity can achieve, but every time he gets close to convincing her, some human in the Pantheon does something stupid and evil, and they're back at step one.
    • This is also the reason he first began to take a look at the Elric brothers' journey, as one of their first landmark achievements as State Alchemists was to expose a false religion based around a sun god designed to convince the townspeople to get themselves murdered in a coup. Everything he saw after that proved them to be great champions of humanity's potential, to the point they even managed to impress The Truth, an entity whose entire design centered around punishing humans for thinking they could play God with transmutation knowledge. Needless to say, the Emperor approves.
    • He's also offered his full support to Philemon and Igor for their service in guiding the Persona-using human youths of the Pantheon into fighting back divine entities to protect humanity. Their most recent Wild Cards, Yu Narukami and Ren Amamiya, are particularly impressive, as Yu is proof that humans can seek and handle the truth even when it's uncomfortable or inconvenient to do so, while Ren is proof that humans can reject mundane nihilism and strive to achieve more in their lives than serving prisoner to corrupt systems.
      • As Nyarlathotep and Yaldabaoth are both proponents of humanity's hopelessness who refuse to let up even after being shown they're wrong, the Emperor considers them to be a danger akin to the Chaos Gods themselves. Once said Chaos Gods are finished being dealt with, they're next.
    • With Android 17 rising past his artificial programming from Dr. Gero's experiments to become the ultimate human, not only surviving near-elimination and self-destruction to win the Tournament of Power but also using his wish selflessly to restore the erased universes, the Emperor approves of the MVP chants 17 has gotten since his return from the planet-wide cruise he earned for himself and his family. The Emperor even had a trophy created to commemorate 17's victory and valor. The old doc can suck it.
  • Zamasu's plan to exterminate all mortals "for godly justice" makes the Emperor sick to his goddamn stomach. Aside from the fact that the brutal species he observed at two points a thousand years apart was closer to Xeno than human, Zamasu refused to understand the concept of the Kais serving as guides to humanity when it was taught to him. While he applauds Gowasu for trying his best to get through to the prick, Zamasu was hellbent on judging and destroying those he could've instead facilitated towards greatness. For the Emperor, This Is Unforgivable!.
    • He laughs at how blatantly the Tournament of Power proves not only just how dead wrong Zamasu was about how hopelessly destructive humans were, but also that Zeno, the childish Top God who eliminated Zamasu from his multiverse, knew he was wrong the entire time.
  • Despises fellow "Emperor" Frieza for trying to destroy his Earth at least twice and callously destroying countless lives, including wasting one Earth city with a single beam as a way to say hello. Upon hearing that he's found the sudden interest of helping other despotic Social Darwinists achieve rule over their Earths, the Emperor of Mankind is not mincing words.
    I want that motherfucker eliminated. And I. Want it. Now. Oh, and his fucking one-eyed blond friend can get rekt too.
  • He has a fondness for Duel Monsters, though he was a little disappointed that he couldn't use broken cards in the Pantheon. To compensate, he's constructed a deck based around powerful LIGHT monsters.
    • Despite their enmity, he hosts regular Duel Monster tournaments with Tzeentch.
  • He hates when people mention that one time he was being choked to death by, of all things, an Ork. Odin sympathizes with him for this; he is still getting shit for having been enslaved by space ants once.
  • Few alien species love humanity as much as the Doctor. So it is rather conflicting for him to side with its patron who thinks little of him or any other aliens. The Emperor hopes that the humans in that world will learn not to rely on the Time Lord's help all the damn time.
  • Is not a big fan of Zeno for being so childish with ultimate divine power. That Secret Test of Character with the Tournament of Power did impress him, though.
  • Has the absolute loyalty of Father Balder and Bayonetta after hearing of Balder's tale through Sanguinius and responding by raising the case to the Court of the Gods to have Rosa, Balder's wife and Bayonetta's mother, resurrected as her husband's herald.
    • Conversely, the Emperor lauded the demon Sparda as an honorable figure, and had called that he would reach the Pantheon well before he actually did.* When asked why, he told his son about the legend of the Dark Knight from the other side of Balder's world who woke up to justice and singlehandedly sealed his demon brethren to stop them from enslaving all of humanity. Sanguinius and other human-proponent angels would welcome Sparda openly to the Pantheon.
  • He also highly approves of the Doom Slayer, who, funnily enough, also receives the approval of Khorne. While his staunch and unwavering defense of mankind earned him the Emperor's favor, the Slayer's brutal, hatred-fueled methods of dispatching the demonic hordes please Khorne. The Slayer doesn't mind either way.

The Emperor protects.

Intermediate Gods

    Night Raid 
Night Raidmembers, Assassin Deities of Necessary Evil (Najenda: Boss, The Hunk of the Rebellion (call her that at your own risk); Bulat: the Hundred Man Slayer; Susanoo: the Speed of Lightning)
All members of Night Raid, and Incursio

    Raven Beak 
”Power... is everything.”

Ashkar Behek, God of Sparing Foes out of Necessity (Raven Beak, Chozo General, Ashgar Behek, Raven Beak X, ADAM)
Click here to see him without his helmet.
  • Intermediate God, bordering on Greater.
  • Symbol: His helmet.
  • Theme Song: His Battle Themes
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Can't Kill You, Still Need You, Ambition is Evil, Complete Monster, Always Someone Better to Samus, Galactic Conqueror, Fallen Hero, Everything in the Franchise except for Phazon can be traced back to him, Near-Villain Victory, Evil Is Bigger, Might Makes Right
  • Domains: Evil, Conquest, Ambition, Pragmatism, Power, Intelligence
  • Heralds: All of his forces and his EMMI Robots.
  • Allies: Mother Brain, Lord Brevon, Emperor Palpatine, The Shroobs, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Gravemind, The Starmen, Andross
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Amon, Davros
  • Rivals: Ridley, General Zod, Ackdos Gill
  • Enemies: Samus Aran, The Chozo, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Illusive Man, Night Raid and Akame, The New Alliance Of Free Stars, Lelouch, The Heroes of the World of Balance, The Green Lanterns, Mogo, The Space Sheriffs, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Doctor, Team Star Fox
  • Respected By: Thanos, Nicol Bolas
  • Evil Counterpart to: Sailor Galaxia
  • Interested in: The Sa-X, SKYNET, Cell, The Xenomorphs, The Dark Matter Horde
  • Raven Beak is the leader of the Mawkin Tribe, a clan of Chozo who refused to accept their race’s new peaceful ways of living. He was once on the side of good, having helped the peaceful Thoha tribe seal away the Metroids on the planet SR388. However, he grew to desire the Metroids for their power upon learning that the planet they trapped them on was to be destroyed. He desired to weaponize them and use them in his plans to rule the Galaxy. Slaughtering the entire Thoha tribe, he spared Quiet Robe so that he can act as his personal scientist to help him better control the Metroids. As a result, the Metroids on SR388 would be discovered by the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirates, who were under the rulership of Mother Brain. To make matters worse, the X Parasites, who the Metroids were created by the Thoha tribe to combat, were able to multiply, inadvertently causing many problems ranging from that of Mother Brain and Ridley, to the SA-X and even the Metroid Prime, who would later become Dark Samus, all due to his lust for power. In the present, he would encounter and effortlessly best Samus Aran, only letting her live when she awakens her Metroid Powers during their fight to test her strength, pretending to be ADAM and guiding her throughout her journey to find and defeat him. Later deeming her no longer useful during their final confrontation, now planning to make clones of her with her Metroid Powers that would be completely loyal to him using the E.M.M.Is, Raven Beak defeats her again and prepares to end her life...only for her Metroid Powers to awaken as she was nearly strangled to death, Samus using them to furiously drain his energy. Against the odds, Raven Beak survived, though he was pretty wounded. An X Parasite infected Raven Beak, and the new Raven Beak X tried to kill Samus and was destroyed.
  • It happened to be an early morning when he arrived. Multiple settlements of some of the Pantheon’s Chozo had been found slaughtered by an unknown enemy, their villages having been burned to the ground. Reports afterwards detailing a flying ship that had been spotted hovering through some of these locations. While most people didn’t know what the flying ship was, Samus Aran immediately realized that it was Itorash, the base of Raven Beak. Quickly using the House of Space and Cosmos to reach it via a rocket, she traversed through it once again, finding Raven Beak once more. This ended with Samus defeating him once again, and he managed to escape. Lord Brevon later revealed that he was the reason Ashkar Behek was even in the Pantheon in the first place, having ascended him closely after his demise beneath the notice of most. Now, Ashkar has decided to do what he does best and begin attempting to take advantage of this second chance given to him by Brevon.
  • One of Samus Aran’s most personal foes, rivaling only Ridley in terms of the sheer disdain and hatred he has managed to obtain from her. Raven Beak pays this no mind, having recovered from his Villainous Breakdown that occurred as she first defeated him. He is now planning on something disturbing. While initially disappointed about the lack of X Parasites in the Pantheon, there was one who caught his attention. The SA-X. Raven Beak now plans to clone an entire army of the SA-X under his control with the complete intention to genetically modify them in order to give the creatures Samus’ Metroid powers.
  • Perfectly capable of tearing apart and mangling things that are Made of Indestructium. There’s a mangled EMMI Robot on display in the House of Machinery and Technology as a grim reminder of what he can and will do to any deities there that oppose him, though the Starmen have buddied up to him. He’s been working on repairing the crack in his helmet given that it’s what lead to his downfall, and Raven Beak is also trying to find ways to better handle creatures like the X Parasites considering one of them infected him after he was defeated by Samus Aran, and he happens to be smart enough to know to remove such weaknesses despite his Pride. He once successfully pillaged a few places in the House of Machinery and Technology to gather plenty more technology to add to both his armor and the Itorash.
  • An Ironic Echo is that the true leader of the Space Pirates, Mother Brain, also wanted to control Metroids to rule the galaxy. Ashkar was quite amused about her considering that Mother Brain was a computer created by the Chozo that defected to the Space Pirates upon their invasion of Zebes. He stays far away from Phazon however as he doesn’t feel like fighting with the headache it, or Dark Samus for that matter, would cause him until he has a good idea on a counter against her and the blue corruption. Also, Ashkar Behek has been competing with Ridley over who is Samus Aran’s most personal foe.
  • To say Samus Aran was pissed about Raven Beak’s arrival to the Pantheon would be an absolutely massive Understatement. Given that he caused most of the things that happened to her, she feels pretty justified. While he cannot take credit for Ridley killing her parents as that happened well before he went rogue, there’s a part of him that wishes he could. Also, the Chozo were outright terrified to see this malicious member of their race ascend, knowing that he’ll want to finish the job and wipe them all out from the face of the Pantheon. The Metroid Hatchling was something that interested him, as a benevolent Metroid was something that caught him by surprise. He has begun making plans for it involving abducting and controlling it to make it fight Samus.
  • Cruelly mocked Sash Lilac and her friends over their inability and failure to keep Brevon from ascending him to the Pantheon and granting him another chance to realize his plans of conquest. He has been working on plans of invading their home, and knows not to take them lightly at all, as he had heard from Brevon of how dangerous they can be. He does respect his stunt of transforming Milla into a mutant, and plans on doing the same with them, including Lilac and Carol, using X Parasites. His sheer brutality and ruthlessness also reminds them of Brevon, and this has only enforced their determination to oppose Ashkar Behek.
  • Cares for nobody but himself, and the fact that he wiped out all of the other Chozo in his quest for power actually earned him the respect of none other than Davros, the creator of and person behind the birth of the Dalek race. Raven Beak, however, isn’t on board with Davros’ plans, but is pragmatic enough to sustain a mutual partnership at the moment, and knows that he’d be called out as a hypocrite if he voiced his opinion given that he had little hesitation in unleashing the X Parasites to further his goals. The Doctor is one of the people opposing Raven Beak, who plans on giving him a Fate Worse than Death that makes what he did to The Family Of Blood look tame, as he knows how dangerous the Time Lord can be.
  • Similarly to his relationship with Davros above, he has become a good ally of Amon, but his Omnicidal Maniac tendencies left a bad taste in Ashkar Behek’s mouth. After all, if everything is gone, what’s left for him to rule? That being said, Raven Beak is planning on getting close to Amon and disposing of him once he has what he wants from him, knows that he can and the Omnicidal Maniac is no longer useful to him. Hilariously enough, while nobody knows of Raven Beak’s plans for Amon, this is likely a case where people would actually support Raven Beak in taking him down.
  • Enemies with a multitude of Space-Based Heroes in the Pantheon, especially the Green Lantern Corps and the Space Sheriffs. Not that Ashkar cares, though he wants to unleash X Parasites across Mogo to eliminate one of the Green Lantern Corps’ most powerful members. The Space Sheriffs have been combatting Ashkar’s robotic forces, and the sheer depravity of this new foe disgusted both parties to a massive degree. Samus honestly replied that “This isn’t the worst he can be” towards them, and they’ve been discussing ways to combat Raven Beak now that he has Pantheonic resources.
    • As for other Lanterns, Atrocitus absolutely despises Behek due to his thirst for power trampling over civilizations and planets, and vicious he may be, he has limits and knows the consequences of that kind of destruction. Larfleeze knows he might try to take the Orange Light for himself and is waiting for that day, while Sinestro has been scouting him out, curious if he would be a good candidate for a Yellow Lantern Ring or if he is too much of a Sociopath for it. He loathes the Indigo Lantern Corps due to their Heel–Face Brainwashing mentality, and has sworn to tear them all apart and torture them to death slowly. Nekron hasn’t commented on him, but this is probably because it is obvious how the Lord of the Unliving feels towards him.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Gamora, despise him due to some similarities to Thanos, an insult that Raven Beak decided to take as a compliment, considering that he knows of the Mad Titan’s reputation as The Dreaded. The Mad Titan himself thinks little of him, but has enough respect towards him for damn near succeeding to comment that “He has potential.” Ashkar has been trying to form an alliance with The Mad Titan ever since, also earning the enmity of the Avengers. Nicol Bolas holds a similar opinion towards Raven Beak as Thanos, and unlike the Mad Titan, has gotten back to Ashkar and the two have formed an alliance, much to the horror of many.
  • Has taken an interest in creatures with similarities to the X Parasites. First and foremost, he took a look at the Gravemind and has been speaking with it about an alliance. He is also very interested in the Xenomorphs due to the possibility of using them as mindless attack drones, and knows he’s strong enough to get rid of them if things go south. He’s also interested in the Mind Control properties that Life Fibers hold, and has been conversing with Ragyo Kiryuin about working together. It helped with the latter that they both absolutely loathe their biggest foes, who are all related to them.
  • Plans on subverting the universe to his will, which earned him the opposition of Night Raid and Lelouch. Lelouch’s Geass, Ashkar noted, could be a threat to him, which is why he is trying to overrun him with Mecha-Mooks until he’s subdued so he can neutralize a threat by building a counter based on what he finds. He was a bit disappointed in Night Raid due to their inability to cut through his armor with the exception of Mine, who Raven Beak decided to take care of first. Both parties have made assaults towards the Itorash, which serves as his temple, much to Raven Beak’s amusement.
  • “Did you truly believe you could defeat me? You overestimate yourself. You no longer serve any purpose. Even your Metroid DNA is no longer necessary. Do you want to know why? It is now because I can clone an army of the most powerful Metroid of all...Samus Aran. No one can stand in my way, not even you. Foolish daughter...Leave the galaxy to me. Close your eyes and rest. Hadar...sen olmen.”

Lesser Gods

    Horace Slughorn 
Horace Slughorn, God of Enlightened Self-Interest

    Klaus Wulfenbach 
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, God of Validated Extremists (Baron of Europa, Greatest of Sparks, Lord of the Pax Transylvania)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A rook chess piece with wings.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, teetering on Lawful Evil if he deems it necessary
  • Portfolio: Mad Science, Much-Needed Sanity, The Unfettered Well-Intentioned Extremist That Was Validated, Dark Messiah, Anti-Villiany or Anti-Heroism, Übermensch, I Did What I Had to Do, He Who Fights Monsters, Stitched together out of three Wulfenbach sons, Reluctant And Reasonable Emperor Scientist But Still Calls Himself "Baron" (Despite being considered a dictator), Peace Through Superior Firepower, Moral Ambiguity, Screw the Rules, I Make Them!, Cool Old Guy, Large and in Charge, Genius Bruiser, Perpetual Frowner (Rarely Smiles), really loves waffles
  • Domains: Super-Technology, Law, War, Fear, Science
  • Followers: An entire Badass Army of Super Soldiers, Humongous Mecha, and Sparks (some of who qualify as demigods in their own right).
  • Allies: Kiritsugu Emiya, Raiden (Metal Gear), Martin Walker, Deus, Eliphas the Radiant, Amanda Waller, Valvatorez
  • Respects: Steven Armstrong (possibly), Lordgenome, Ozymandias, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Kane, The Illusive Man, Flynn, Yuji Sakai, Commander Shepard, Castiel
  • Enemies: Lucrezia Mongfish, Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, anyone who endangers people under his protection, even inadvertently, all Well Intentioned Extremists who actually aren't such, The Dahaka, Incubators
  • Pities: Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor, Magneto, High Councilor Kal-El, Mojo Jojo
  • Opposes: Agatha Heterodyne, Charles Zi Britannia, Light Yagami, Tywin Lannister
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Klaus first ascended upon uniting a war-ridden Europa by crushing all opposition with an iron fist. Some say that was excessive, but with the rampant Sparks with their crazy inventions, he was the nation's only hope at that time. In all fairness, he has his empire is not a Byzantine clusterfuck like most; the only demand he makes of the nations he conquers is "Don't Make Me Come Over There", Which covers only two things: starting wars, and possessing the Lost Technology left behind by The Other. Otherwise, his empire is mostly peaceful. At least before his…removal, after which war has resumed in his empire, showing that dictatorships, regardless of intent, only last as long as they have a strong leader to keep everyone in line.
  • Upon ascension, the first thing Klaus did (after getting his empire set up) was finally get the time to look at the advances of science humanity can make without the need of Sparks (and was told that it was precisely the fact that they had no Sparks that these advances can be made in the first place). Without Sparks, theoretical study was developed, which eventually led to atomic energy, computers, and decent aircraft (like airplanes, helicopters, and up to spacecraft).
    • Also, without Sparks running rampant, societal progress was able to advance (more than just getting past the role of women and racism), leading to things like democracy and a working-class consumer society. Due to his cynicism as a result of ruling, he has difficulty comprehending the former and altruistic actions in general.
  • You won't find his temple on the ground like most. You'll have to look to the skies just above the House of Personality instead, because Castle Wulfenbach is a fleet of airships.
  • Don't make him come over to the battlefield. If you do, you'll regret it. Unfortunately, given all the other powerful deities in the Pantheon, this threat is mostly hollow here, at least to the Greater Gods and stronger.
  • Klaus's Spark manifests in his analytical prowess, like dismantling and improve the designs of other Sparks, "finding the right monster for the right job" (i.e. making good use out of horrific monsters), and figuring out secrets his people try to hide from him in an attempt to undermine him or break his rules.
  • Has an ambiguous amount of respect for Steven Armstrong. Reasons for this are unknown.
  • His respect for Kiritsugu, Raiden, and Martin Walker is more certain, citing their mutual hatred of war as his reason. He agrees entirely.
    • For Walker in particular, he also expresses pity for the versions that didn't make it out of Dubai.
  • Used to respect Charles zi Britannia, but then he discovered what he was really going for. The fact that Charles promotes war to create social progress also goes against what Klaus had to do (rule ruthlessly to stop and discourage war).
    • As for Lelouch's final Genghis Gambit, he thinks the kid's too reckless and overly reliant on how people will behave in a future without Lelouch.
  • Regarding Homura's actions to protect Madoka by depowering her, he believes the Puella Magi is being unreasonably selfish, even though it protected her from Kyubey's machinations (and he hates them just as much as anybody else). However, upon discovering that there may have been severe communication issues on top of Kyubey's manipulations behind her decision, he's at a loss on what he should think of her.
  • Valvatorez hates warmongers, and sympathizes with Klaus on what he had to do to stop the war on his world.
  • Because of the threat of "the Other", Klaus has been trying time and again to get the GUAG to surrender Agatha over to him due to the threat she can pose in the Pantheon. Even after "the Other" was removed from her he still doesn't fully trust her. That said, with all the other threats that make her comparatively small beans, Agatha's presently a medium priority.
  • When he heard news that slaver wasps had been found in the Pantheon, he figured Lucrezia Mongfish had ascended and promptly sent as many frantic letters as he could to whoever would listen. Turns out he was correct in his worry, and when the GUAL (his own alliance) found Klaus, he was in such a fuming rage they had to tranquillize him. From that point on fighting Lucrezia has become such an obsession he almost stopped caring about Agatha. He detected almsot a million slaver wasps in his own army, he claims to have killed 3 of Lucrezia's copies with his bare hands, and whenever giving a speech at a GUAL meeting, he ends every speech by saying "furthermore, I consider that Lucrezia must be destroyed".
    • One morning, Klaus woke up to a karaoke cover "Lucretia MacEvil" sung by his archenemy. Someone (he's 99.9% sure it's Lucrezia herself) messed with his morning alarm to play the cover. Klaus was so furious at this that the GUAL had to tranquillize him ... again. He also recieved an invitation letter from the Angry Marines a few days latter for being just that pissed off, which he is yet to respond to.
  • Ever since his meddling with time by sealing away Mechanicsburg in a temporal stasis field with himself inside it, something not even the Heterodynes of old were willing to (let anyone) do, Klaus got the Dahaka's attention (and not the positive kind), especially in revelation of what's coming to his world. And it's only recently that Agatha's come to realize the ramifications of his actions.
  • Has joined the GUAL after the Pantheonic Rebellion to prevent whatever chaos Lucifer and his minions are causing.
    • The arrival of Eliphas the Radiant has made him question his loyalty to YHVH due to the large number of atrocities the latter has committed against His own followers. He is considering taking Eiki Shiki's side in the GUAL Reformation, realizing he might have to "come over there". He has thanked Eliphas for helping him see the truth.
  • While not really allies with the GUAG, after an attempt was made on Sora's life by Lucifer, Klaus and his men were tasked in sending the Keyblade bearer and his friends to Alola to hide there for the time being. Thanks to him, they're back in their own world to get stronger and prepare for the clash with Xehanort.
  • He can also be found in the Hall of Personality Misc..
  • "I was away for a few years and I came back to a world in ruins. Death, destruction, chaos, the endless fighting—it was like the Heterodyne Boys had never existed. Things were worse than ever. So I stopped it. And I did it my way this time. No more negotiating. No more promises. No more second chances. And I did it alone. Because I had to."
    • "And it worked."


    Raven Reyes 
Raven Reyes, Goddess of Cold Equations (Little Bird, Reyes, Spacewalker)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her pendant; a metal origami crane.
  • Theme: Raven's Plight
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Youngest and brightest zero-G mechanic on the Ark in 52 years, Alliterative Name, Lost feeling in her left leg and has to wear a brace but it doesn't inhibit her genius The Smart Girl of the bunch, Chief Mechanic of the 100 and makes most of the gadgets for them, Wrench Wench, Possesses exceptional hacking skills, Serves as Mission Control from time to time, Butt-Monkey, Iron Woobie, taken over by A.L.I.E. Figured Out How Many People Would Survive Primafiya, Put into cryosleep along with the remainder of mankind, Did not exist in the original novel
  • Domain: Mechanics, Space, Statistics, Love
  • Herald: Jacapo Sinclair
  • Followers: The survivors of Wonkru and the Eligius IV
  • Allies: Luke Skywalker, Killua Zoldyck, Tony Stark/Iron Man, The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, The Fantastic Four, Bentley Turtle, Otacon, Spock, Spike Spiegel, Radical Ed, Winry Rockbell, N, Maxie and Archie, The Toa Mata (Especially Toa Lewa)
    • Non-Ascended: Clarke Griffin, Alpha 5 *
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lexa
  • Wary Around: Lan Hikari and Mega Man.EXE, TRON, Kevin Flynn, Cyrus
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, CLU, Giovanni, Lysandre, The MCP, AM, Ramsay Bolton, SHOCKER
  • Fears: Godzilla
  • Pitied By: Tyrion Lannister
  • Opposes: The Halls of Mind Control and Mind Games
  • Opposed By: Lugia, The Legendary Birds
  • Raven Reyes, along with the rest of the crew aboard the Eligus IV, was brought to the Pantheon during the Team Rainbow Rocket Crisis, where she was awoken from her cryosleep by Ghetsis Harmonia, who forced her to not only reconfigure the DNA splicers to work on the Legendary Birds, but also decipher the files needed to convert Lugia into its Shadowed form. She didn't have much choice in the matter; either she did what the Team Plasma Sage said or else the others on board would die. Luckily, when the Plasma's guard was down, Raven took the opportunity to briefly escape and send a Distress Call to the Pantheon. This allowed for several surviving deities to come up, defeat the Team Plasma grunts, capture Ghetsis, and secure Raven and the other passengers aboard the Eligus IV. She would later lend a hand in helping the resistance reach an Ultra Universe and aid in the defeat of Giovanni and Team Rainbow Rocket as a whole. For aiding in the victory against the criminal syndicate, Raven was given a temple and position as a Goddess in the Pantheon.
    • When she was being shown around her Temple, which was a near perfect replica of her workshop back in Arkadia, Raven was given the biggest shock of her life. Standing by the desk side was a middle aged man, with brown eyes and frizzy black and grey hair adorning a neutral yet formal face. At first, Raven assumed that it was another hallucination, a leftover from the destroyed A.L.I.E. chip. That all changed when he came over and pulled her into a hug, speaking in a soft voice.
    Sinclair: "Hey, Spacewalker. What took you so long?"
    • That was when Raven realized her mentor and Parental Substitute Jacapo Sinclair had been selected as her Herald, and after so many years apart, was reduced to tears and returned the hug in turn.
  • Raven's new home gave her plenty of interesting neighbours to hang out with, with Luke Skywalker and Killua Zoldyck becoming her first allies in the Sub-House. Killua has questioned why Raven, as well as the rest of the 100, would have to kill so many people, to which Luke correctly noted that it was to save many other lives in the process. While Raven was saddened by the thought of what she and the others had to do, The last Jedi Knight reassured her that it was for the greater good. The Vulcan Spock, who was also in attendance, agreed with Luke's statement. After all, the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few.
  • Raven has found herself making friends with some of the Pantheon's mechanics and technical geniuses, many of them praising her own work as mechanic for the 100. Tony Stark and Reed Richards have had their gear fixed up by her and Bentley the Turtle and Otacon have approached Raven with an offer to join the White Hat Hackers. She has yet to confirm the offer but she has been considering it. But more often than not, Raven is seen working with both Sinclair and Alpha 5, with the little robot giving her special access to the Zords to work on and study their inner workings. It was like a dream come true for her and has been making modifications to them to help with against the Demonic Legion and SHOCKER's ever-growing arsenal of monsters.
  • During her rescue, Raven was more than shocked to see the former Commander of the 12 Clans, Lexa, alive and well. In fact, it was a total surprise due to not only Lexa being killed in their home world, but also the Flame being passed on to Clarke's adoptive daughter Madi, making her the new Commander. Now while Raven has plenty of reasons to hate Lexa - with the execution of her first boyfriend Finn being high on that list - she only has to deal with her from time to time and even then she's on MUCH better terms with Clarke Griffin, even if they get on each other's nerves.
  • The death of Finn, coupled with several other tragedies in her life, is the reason Raven stays away from the House of Love and Affection, as she doesn't want to be reminded of what she had lost. However, every now and again she'll meet up with Spike Spiegel and discuss their past relationships together, usually over drinks at the Stray Dog Bar. Spike is always welcomed company, and when they're together, the pair go on talking their many adventures, sharing a couple of laughs along the way. It was through Spike that Raven became friends with Radical Ed, whose technological expertise surprised even the Spacewalker in spite of her age. The pair have also been seen working with Ed's neighbour Winry Rockbell, often making comparisons between their work and helping one another improve upon their skills.
  • Considering what Team Rainbow Rocket did to the Pantheon, her friends and to herself, Raven opposes the evil members of the organization for varying reasons; Giovanni for wanting to take over the world and the Multiverse, Lysandre for destroying his homeworld using the Ultimate Weapon, and Ghetsis... For simply existing and giving her hell. That said, she's cool with the leaders who have reformed such as Maxie, Archie and N. Cyrus is still on the fence, as he did aid in corrupting Dialga and Palkia as part of the plan, but he's been true to his word about reforming himself.
  • Having been possessed by the A.I. program A.L.I.E and seeing what it has been capable of when multiple individuals are under her control, Raven is in extreme opposition to all forms of artificial intelligence in the Pantheon, even if they're good natured. She's wary around Lan Hikari and Mega Man.EXE, TRON and Kevin Flynn, with TRON especially seeing as he was corrupted before as Rinzler. But CLU and the Master Computer Program are even more dangerous, and when push comes to shove she will work with TRON to stop them, even if she doesn't like it.
    • Though Clarke was able to destroy A.L.I.E., a small remnant remained. It gave Raven an increase to her already incredible intelligence but it threatened to kill her unless permanently removed, which she did... by drowning herself and remaining braindead for fifteen minutes. The House of Health and Diseases was fascinated by this, and wanted to bring Raven in to examine her brain more closely but to that, she gave a flip of the bird and went straight back to work.
  • Having been through more than her fair share of torture, Raven steers clear of the House of Slaughter, more specifically the Sub-House of Torture and Mutilation. That didn't stop her from doing research on the deities residing there and, as a result, it's made her completely stand against the likes of Ramsay Bolton, who is well known for his sheer brutality, and the Allied Mastercomputer, whose cruelty and sadism reminded Raven way too much of how A.L.I.E. not only possessed her but also for playing horrible mental games in a manner to gain control. Despite this, she gets along with Lewa, as the Toa of Air once was possessed in the past by the Bohrok swarm.
    • It's because of her time being possessed that Raven opposed the two neighbouring Sub-Houses; Mind Control and Mind Games, much to the frustration of the good-aligned deities there. She still doesn't want to take her chances with them.
  • Raven does not like to be helped when it comes to her crippled leg. she would rather take care of things herself. Still, she did get some sympathy from Tyrion Lannister, who is rather fond of bastards, cripples and broken things.
  • Much like Lexa, Raven is absolutely terrified of Godzilla and the immense power he possesses. Avatar Korra has tried to reassure her that the King of Monsters won't unleash Primafiya upon the Pantheon, but the Spacewalker's worries haven't been eased whatsoever.
  • Even though Raven was the only one granted with godhood, she has been looking for a way to ascend her friends so they can share the position with her. Progress has been slow, and with so many people to choose from she has to be careful.
  • Not to be confused with the other "Ravens" in the Pantheon. This one is neither a a cyborg, a mutant shapeshifter, or the daughter of a powerful demon bent on world domination. There's been rumours about a team forming with all the Raven's involved but only time will tell.
  • She can also be found in the Hall of Mentalities.

"Vincent", God of Pragmatic Villainy (Albert Richardo)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His H&K USP Pistol
  • Theme Song: Ready Steady Go (Korean Version) by Paul Oakenfold, Shadow on the Sun by Audioslave, Requiem
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Professional Hitman and Former US Special Forces, Sharp and Focused on Achieving his Goals and Employs any Techniques Necessary in a Fight, Has a Bleak and Hopeless Outlook on the World, Feels Emotionally and Socially Detached, Can be Honestly Polite or Make a Convincing Facade, Man of Wealth and Taste, Mainly Uses the Mozambique Drill, Punch-Clock Villain, Villain Protagonist, Bait the Dog, Insanely Determined in his Job, Face Death with Dignity, Sympathetic Villain Death, Epic Bastardry
  • Domains: Hitmen, Nihilism, Professionalism, Cynicism, Taxi
  • Working Contract With: Professor Moriarty, The Dark Brotherhood, The Black Organization
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: John Donovannote 
  • Foils: Anton Chigurh, Roland
  • Rivals: Agent 47, John Wick, Revy, Floyd Lawton/Deadshot, Binah, Duke Togo/Golgo 13, Jimmy
  • Enemies: Gunvolt, Maki Harukawa, Victor Zsasz, Gen, Richter Berg, Takuto Mauki
  • Opposes: The Brave Companions
  • Opposed By: The Assassins Brotherhood, The West Coast Cabbies, Niko Bellic
  • Additional Relationship: Travis Bickle, Vito Scaletta
  • Max Durocher is your average taxi driver in Los Angeles, California, who is struggling to make ends meet with his job. His monotonous job suddenly becomes eventful when he picks up a passenger known only as "Vincent" who initially gets along and earns Max's approval during their drive. However, as their conversation went on, Vincent revealed himself to be a nihilistic sociopath who didn't back away from musing about the ugliness of the world, much to Max's discomfort. In truth, he was a hitman sent by a drug lord, Felix Reyes-Torrena, to assassinate four witnesses and their prosecutor. With Max having learned of the plot, what was once supposed to be a pickup and departure turned into a fight for his life as Vincent used Max as leverage to take him to the witnesses and kill them off and then manipulated and threatened him if he dared to rebel against Vincent. His final target, prosecutor Annie Farrell, whom Max earlier picked up before Vincent, proved to be the point where Max fought back. Their struggle culminated in a train where Max was able to land a fatal shot at Vincent, who decided to forfeit and accept his death, though not before sharing one last conversation with Max as he expired, concluding whether "anyone will notice", referencing an earlier talk about the death of someone in the MTA.
  • Despite having accepted his death, Vincent woke up from a train seat, only to see his surroundings devoid of anybody as well as the train doors open at a station that didn't look like any in Los Angeles, Confused and curious, Vincent ventured out, also expressing surprise that he didn't have the bullet wound that ended his life and giving him the thought that he may as well be in the afterlife, Hell even. Along the way, he found himself in a city and decided to blend in with the crowd, now wanting to figure out his predicament. He found a slogan that spoke about promoting better taxes and job opportunities in "The Pantheon". Vincent then realized that he was being followed by some goons with metal pipes, so he decided to lure them to an alleyway where he promptly killed them. After further exploration, he saw that he was in a House of Crime and Transgressions, whereupon he was confronted by a man who called himself Moriarty. Vincent expressed further surprise, identifying him as the Arch-Enemy of Sherlock Holmes and asked him about what was going on. Upon being told about the Pantheon, its nature, and its inhabitants, Vincent was amused about the idea of being a "God", despite being just a title of ascension. Moriarty told him that according to notes he received, Vincent was ascended for being a commendable antagonist as well as his sharp wit and pragmatism in getting his work accomplished as a hitman. Vincent was further amused but stated that he's only willing to do his job if one pays him pretty well before leaving off to his own terms. Moriarty has since been keeping tabs on Vincent in case he's needed.
  • Vincent is one of the more elusive individuals in the Pantheon, let alone hitmen, based on what is known of him. For one, "Vincent" might as well not be his real name, though there is some background; his mother died in childbirth giving birth to him and his father was an alcoholic who didn't nurture him and died of liver failure when Vincent was a teenager. At some point in the future, he joined the United States Army, becoming a Green Beret, though he left, feeling that he wasn't making much progress. That's when later on, he decided to join a private military company, taking up contracts as a hitman, which he greatly excelled at. Though a man, Vincent is more dangerous and unscrupulous than he lets on, being a successful assassin and one who is not willing to give up on his tasks and will carry them out in the quickest and most effective way possible. And the Pantheon has plenty of opportunities and targets that he can fetch, as well as a couple of potential clients who would be eager to enlist him for his effectiveness.
  • Being one of the more amoral and uncompromising killers in the Pantheon whilst maintaining a strict sense of discipline and approach to his occupation. His clients and those who are lucky to survive him note that Vincent's defining trait is not his skills as a killer, but his approach to doing his tasks. He will do anything and everything that involves lowering someone's guard, be it comforting them, having friendly conversations, sending them and their relatives and friends gifts, and even helping and saving them when they're in danger. All in a calculative ploy to get on their good graces, only to manipulate and coerce them into being submissive to his whims. As a result, Vincent has earned quite the reputation as someone to be feared and one is desired for hiring when it comes to getting someone killed. Aware of just how much he'd be requested, Vincent decided to up his own cost of payment, ensuring that he's not an easy man to hire as well as making sure that he isn't caught up by too many tasks and that his contracts are more challenging.
    • But above all else, regarding his personality, Vincent is a nihilist; he thinks the world and life, in general, are chaotic and randomized, he kills without a hint of hesitation, and he has no capacity to feel or think for others in any meaningful way. While all these are key reasons why he's one of the most capable hitmen in the Pantheon, there's a distinct detachment he feels from any conversation he elicits with people. Whether it was in his mortal life or in the Pantheon, he sees himself as someone who, in his words, "improvises" and "rolls with" whatever he takes initiative in. While he has a twisted belief and ethical code, he finds it baffling that he had a position in the House of Philosophy; his days in the place were, in his perspective, dull, uneventful, and a waste of his time, preferring to instead be on his work schedule. And despite being a criminal, he's not a big fan of the House of Crime and Transgressions either as he finds no interest in anything that regards illegal pleasures and only visits it because it's one of those places where he can comfortably find contracts without arousing suspicion from the law.
  • Despite being rather infamous in his profession, Vincent hardly cares about his career nor others who have taken the same direction. At the end of the day, he just does what he does and justifies it as his way to get by in life, though he found himself a bit perplexed to see that his reputation as compared to that of Anton Chigurh, another amoral hitman with an unusual viewpoint on life. The two happened to meet one day when they were signing up a contract to kill a businessman in the House of Jobs and Profession for having eavesdropped on one of Moriarty's schemes. Neither knew of each other's involvement until Vincent ended up killing the businessman just when Chigurh was about to make his move. Despite the fact that Vincent committed a kill-steal, Chigurh didn't seem to mind, only that he was more curious as to how Vincent became involved, something that confused the latter. The two had a tense conversation, which ended with a statement about faith, and a coin-toss, which Vincent found patronizing. Nevertheless, he voted heads and the coin landed in the desired position. Chigurh simply stated that it would be interesting to see him again before departing, but Vincent felt that Chigurh's morality felt puzzling to him and that it clashes against his own, expressing his personal distaste towards him for being peachy and consequential, despite his actions not making him a good man by any means. Vincent, at best, sees Chigurh as a rival to his business, though avoids any confrontation as much as he could to avert the chances of his future contracts not being hampered by a sudden fight.
    • He had a surprising encounter with Roland, who was similarly nihilistic due to his experience in the Smoke War and seeing just how bad his residing city was. To top it off, his wife and unborn child were killed, creating a desire for revenge and furthering his ruthless nature. Like Vincent, he was a fixer who killed his targets as quickly and viciously as he can. For a moment, Vincent saw him as rather interesting and even had some talks with Roland during their off-time, but beyond that and with Roland finding a way to become a better, or at least more scrupulous person, their interactions have lessened, not to mention Roland was not comfortable with Vincent's own talks on nihilism and destiny, seeing them as a reminder of his past, vengeful self that he would rather put distance on. Vincent also learned about Binah, who was an Arbiter before death and is only a slightly better individual as a Librarian. Despite their shared profession, Vincent avoids Binah for the most part, thinking that provoking her would not be a good move. He would, however, accept a contract to kill Binah, and while he's aware of just how absurd it sounds, it's like he said, "he may as well roll with it" and give it a shot, even if it means dying for it. A similar case also occurred with Niko Bellic, though he's more hostile towards Vincent, given that he once used to have a negative outlook on life, that was before he left his life of crime behind, and he sees Vincent as someone who follows a nonsensical approach on just sticking to said outlook withot any change.
  • Alongside Moriarty, Vincent also received the notice of some assassination-based organizations, namely The Dark Brotherhood and The Black Organization, who saw his potential and effectiveness in pursuing his targets and finishing them off. Given their own vast wealth of resources, they were open to inviting Vincent and offering him a wide list of targets that he can assassinate for a good paycheck, with some of them even including ascended deities. However, despite this, Vincent has no interest in wanting to learn or understanding the Dark Brotherhood's desire to honor their patron god, Sithis, and while he will contact The Night Mother for any potential hits he can carry out, he affirms that their relationship is purely business at the end of the day, a stark contrast to the rest of the brotherhood's perspective of killing out of excitement and coming to revere Sithis. On another note, Vincent has proven to be quite useful in clearing out potential aggressors and roadblocks for both assassin organizations, though even if he doesn't know what the Black Organization wants to achieve, he personally doesn't care, so long as he can get his job done and he can satisfy his client.
    • One individual he somehow managed to find a sort-of kinship with was Vito Scaletta, a US Army Paratrooper turned Mafia Caporegime who saw a good opportunity to hire Vincent for any assassination targets in case he needed them ordered. The two can actually hold out a decent conversation with one another, and although Vincent can't exactly call himself a friend of Scaletta, he does appreciate his company. It's also through Scaletta that he learned about and met Jimmy and John Donovan. Vincent sees the former as a rival, though he doesn't hold any animosities against Jimmy. The latter is concerned about Vincent's tendencies to switch from being smooth, generous, and talkative to being utterly brutal, destructive, and borderline-sociopathic if a situation presents itself. Oddly enough, Vincent doesn't mind Donovan's company, though he thinks he would only contact Vincent as a hitman if either he has no other option, or if his hits are really hard to take down with regular hitmen.
  • He found himself butting heads against several assassins in the Pantheon, and while Vincent can begrudgingly respect their tenacity and efficiency in their skills, he is also more than willing to engage in conversations that he would spin in a cynical, nihilistic take. Such was the case with John Wick when they were once in the Continental. As usual, Vincent respected John's reputation, tenacity, and ruthlessness, but then asked why he would marry someone and why would he risk so much to avenge the death of a dog. Their conversation was such that John almost felt like swiping a pencil at Vincent, but he kept his composure out of respect for the Continental's rules, though this didn't stop Vincent from wanting to deconstruct John's married life and his rampage against the ones who killed his dog because as fat as Vincent is concerned, they're now inconsequential and John should just fight for the rest of his life. Given that John himself has been excommunicated from the Continental and is on the run, Vincent was amused by the turn of events that led to this and yet also entertained the idea of confronting Baba Yaga in a fight.
    Vincent: So you wound up marrying a good girl. Must have been sweet until he suddenly fell ill and died, not being able to spend enough time with you.
    John Wick: Yeah? What does it mean to you?
    Vincent: She buys you a dog. She doesn't last long either, being killed by a bunch of lowlifes. So naturally, you get your ass back into killing and you make everyone shit their pants again.
    John: I said what does it mean to you?
    Vincent: I mean exactly why bother with a wife and dog when you were going to get back into the game.
    John: (Tenses up in quiet anger)
    Vincent: Your wife and dog were just one of billions of that type. You ever wondered what about anyone else who lost their wives and their dogs? You think they were so special, because if they truly were, they'd be revered all around the globe, yet they weren't. They're dead, never coming back, and they won't be remembered in the next couple of years. That's how things work for everyone.
    John: (Places his hand onto a pistol and grips it, rage steadily growing)
    Vincent: (Notices the pistol on John's hand) You pull that trigger, and everyone will be hounding your back until you're a bloody smear on the ground. Might want to reconsider.
    John: (Slowly rises up from his seat, pistol still held on his hand) I have work to do. That's it for our talk. (Turns and leaves with a seemingly stoic expression whilst his clenched hand trembles with sheer anger)
  • On a lighter note, his rivalry towards Agent 47 is a lot more professional and straightforward in comparison to how disillusioned and contemptuous he felt towards Wick. While Vincent doesn't care about whether Agent 47's assassinations may have benefitted the world in some way or another, he does respect the latter's intuitiveness, craft, dedication, and lethality in his actions to the point where he thinks it would be a shame if he were somehow given a contract to kill Agent 47. This also somewhat applies to other assassins and mercenaries like Revy, Deadshot, and Duke Togo. On a good day, Vincent may even try to accommodate their spare time with a good drink and talk, but he doesn't expect himself to be genuinely bonding with them at all. At the end of the day, he just sees them as business competition, if a notable one. He does express some surprise at Deadshot being open to the idea of dying as well as wanting to make sure his daughter, Zoe, is kept safe and leading a normal life. Vincent would unfailingly kill him as a twisted way to fulfill his desire of dying, though he couldn't care less about Zoe, much to Floyd's frustration.
  • Despite his nihilistic view towards life, he aims to look at it in a professional fashion, even if it's in a more twisted, chaotic perspective as far as how he sees it. He doesn't prefer to enforce his philosophy by killing others and proclaiming the worthlessness of life immediately after, which is one of the reasons why he came to oppose Victor Zsasz, a notorious Serial Killer whose nihilistic desire to kill others is only matched by his self-mutilation as a way to mark a tally for the number of his kills. Despite a similar viewpoint in their philosophy, Vincent is disgusted by Zsasz's maddening nature and thinks that he isn't worth his time, though Zsasz sees things differently, preferring to indoctrinate Vincent to follow his brand of nihilism. Initially an opinion of dislike on Vincent's part, the two are now enemies due to Zsasz's repeated desires to lull Vincent to his side as well as the hitman getting to a point where he wants to kill Zsasz for being a threat to his livelihood, a rare exception to Vincent's hits as Zsasz has proven to be a more personal one for him. That, and Vincent finds the idea of being in a gladiatorial game to further emphasize nihilism and bloodshed to be utterly ridiculous by his standards.
  • Like Wick, not every hitman or assassin is willing to absolve or even ignore Vincent for his acts and his general demeanor. Of course, with those like Gunvolt and Maki Harukawa, they've displayed several moments of being considerate and protective, with the former even being a former terrorist who chose to defect from his old organization in favor of battling against his former superiors and even save the world on occasion and the latter having the title of "Ultimate Assassin" despite her being affectionate for kids and having to make an effort to survive a School Killing Game with her skills... by helping and working alongside the other players. Vincent doesn't cross paths with them often, but it's noted that he doesn't talk well with them and GV and Maki aren't on good terms with him either. That, and Vincent is aware that GV is stronger than him and while compassionate and being willing to negotiate a way to avert a fight, they wouldn't really get along because Vincent believes that there's not much in life and he'd rather roll with what's given, even thinking that GV is doing the same thing with the circumstances involving him, Joule, Asimov, QUILL, and the Sumeragi Group, something that GV himself denies and thinks that Vincent is just trying to justify his own nihilism by criticizing GV's. Maki personally thinks Vincent is being pretentious with his beliefs whereas while he doesn't approve of the School Killing Game, he's too apathetic to really care about the lives of those who participated.
    • Like Gunvolt and Maki, he's not on good terms with the Assassins' Brotherhood either, given that both of them have very conflicting thoughts and perspectives on life, not to mention that the Assassins represent order, which Vincent sees as not making much sense as, to him, the Brotherhood are just a bunch of rebels wo oppose the Templars for enforcing their own corrupted law and order upon the world. While Vincent is more than capable of being an exceptional assassin or a feared templar, he personally couldn't care less about their beliefs or their constant battles against each other. If anything, the only interesting thing about the assassins for Vincent is that some members, particularly Altair, Ezio, Connor, and Edward, are admittedly some of the best assassins he's seen and feels that he can take a note from them regarding their skills, much to their dismay, given how they're quick to admonish Vincent for his lack of care and sociopathy.
    • Surprisingly, Vincent actually hates the Brave Companions, especially Rorge. It actually doesn't have much to do with standards and morality, with Vincent himself being a sociopath, but he finds the Brave Companions to be some of the most inexperienced and incompetent figures he's known who are into the assassination/hitmen business, and he ended up using Vargo Hoat and Rorge as examples for why he doesn't have a positive perspective on life. Vincent's contempt for them is such that not only would he call them out for how pathetic they are at their job, especially Rorge who would prioritize sexually assaulting women and girls over getting his work done, but would even kill them on the spot. Once, when Rorge approached Vincent with the idea of teaming up to go on a killing spree, Vincent seemingly obliged with a handshake... before shooting his balls and performing a Mozambique Drill on him. Needless to say, the Brave Companions tread cautiously toward him.
  • While not inherently a notable feature for him, he's nevertheless become one of the most notable taxi passengers in the Pantheon. Vincent could hardly care less about this fact and only takes taxis as a convenient way to reach his destinations and targets, though he did find a strong interest in Travis Bickle, a taxi driver whose talks with Wizard convinced him to become a vigilante and use his skills as a former US Marine to kill the "wicked" of New York. Seeing as both of them have a military background, Vincent had a decent conversation with Travis, though he would rather encourage him to kill himself once his job is done and tell Travis that he should just dedicate his life to doing what he believes in. Beyond this, their relationship is more ambiguous with Travis being mostly silent about his thoughts on Vincent. On another note, the West Coast Cabbies try to do their best to not encounter him, partly because they think that Vincent would threaten them and partly because he could make them accessories of murder. And Vincent is open to exploiting this if it means achieving his means, and it doesn't for the Cabbies that they don't really know what Vincent looks like.
  • Also has a spot in the Hall of Evil Actions.
"Take comfort in knowing you never had a choice."


    Old Yeller and Travis Coates 
Old Yeller and Travis Coates, Representation of Reprehensible Actions For The Greater Good
Left to Right: Travis, Old Yeller
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Old Yeller's face
  • Theme Music: Old Yeller Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: A Classic Tale of a Boy and his Dog, ultimately the victims of Young Adult Tragedy Books with a Downer Ending
  • Domains: Good, Community, Animal, Death
  • Heralds: Travis's family
  • Allies: Dorothy Gale, Ken Amada and Koromaru, Kiba and Akamaru, Jonathan Joestar, Krypto the Superdog Jack Bauer, Malcolm Reynolds, Lilo and Stitch, Ash Ketchum, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Mystery Gang
  • Opposes: Zinogre, Bashmaster
  • Opposed by: Mr. Burns, Mr. Smithers
  • Annoyed by: Garfield
  • Observed by: John Wick
  • Pitied by: The House of Despondency, especially Korra, George and Lennie, Simba, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Conflicting Opinion: The House of Heroism
  • This is a tragic tale of a boy and his dog that ended up becoming one of the saddest endings in the Multiverse. What was merely a stray meeting an adolescent became one of the greatest friendships between a human and his Canine Companion. Sadly, a bout with rabies forced Travis to make the difficult decision of shooting his companion to save his family. Few in the Pantheon do not know of the tale, yet there has been much debate over how to handle the ascension. Two camps emerged: one who wanted Old Yeller to stay dead and the other group wanted both owner and pet to be brought up. It was the House of Despondency that decided to side with the later, citing various other characters who have previously died yet have ascended. Thus, the boy and his dog was reunited in the Pantheon. Needless to say, much tears were shed from Travis.
    • Travis wasn't the only one who had to perform such a tough decision. George Milton was there to comfort the boy shortly after the ascension. He also helped the boy on how to cope with the return of the very thing he had to kill. Meanwhile, Lennie loves to hang out with Old Yeller. After the meet, George suggests to continue any adventures they may have done together. It turns out the Pantheon many places to explore. The two can often be seen having the time of their lives in the Houses of Nature and Beasts.
    • Besides the obvious tragic fate of Old Yeller, Travis also lost his father early in life and probably would have lost his brother if not for Old Yeller. Long story short, his entire life has been a Trauma Conga Line. As such, he's a sympathetic figure in the Hall of Sadness. Yet the Avatar Korra believes that that life of his was what helped him become a man. Still, she made herself available for him in rough times.
  • His story was met with great pain from various dog-owning deities in the Pantheon. None of them hope to be put in such a situation and were all supportive of Travis upon his ascension:
    • Dorothy attributed much of her success in Oz to her dog Toto. Both kids were at similar age during their adventures and sometimes continue to meet up with their respective dogs.
    • Ken is even younger than Travis, yet he seemed to take the ascension more maturely than most. His own dog Koromaru has helped him cope with the death of his own mother at an early age. Travis wants Ken to check his own mind in case it is in need of a checkup.
    • Kiba offered to teach Travis in the ways of the Inuzuka clan. The farm boy simply declined, preferring to rely on his weapon for protection.
    • There is one more deity to discuss. Though he has yet to make his presence known to the boy, he suspects that the man has been keeping watch. Whenever it seems like he has run into danger from thieves, they seem to back off or get hit with a stray bullet. Travis believes that John Wick has been observing him from a distance. While John Wick has his misgivings with the shooting, he understood that the kid had no other choice on the matter. Many believe that John Wick has made it known to the criminal world that the boy is off limits, lest they want to deal with him as well. That threat alone would be enough for most people in the House of Crime not to rob him.
  • It's no surprise that the two still hold grudges against bears and wolves. The former can be somewhat forgiven since his brother was messing with a bear cub. That hasn't stopped Bashmaster to send bears after the two on occasion. Their disdain of wolves is far greater since it led to Old Yeller's death. Zinogre has yet to notice them, but it seems a confrontation between the two is inevitable.
  • Travis was visited by the billionaire Bruce Wayne, who handed him a cash donation. He later conversed with the boy, talking about how he lost both of his parents to a robber. He told Travis to send his mother Bruce's regards before leaving. He was grateful for the money, but figured he was used to this since he housed orphans such as Richard Grayson and Jason Todd.
  • Krypto wanted to give the two a present for making it into the Pantheon: a flight through the area in a wagon. It was harrowing at first, but the screams quickly turned into laughs as they went faster than they have ever gone before.
    • Despite sympathy for the boy among the superhero community, his placement has been highly contended when it comes to killing human lives. One of the biggest examples was when Wonder Woman snapped the neck of Maxwell Lord to break Superman out of his mind-controlled rampage. It was a hotly debated subject that nearly tore the DC Pantheon in two. Travis' ascension brought up old wounds. Superman and Wonder Woman both came to his temple to discuss the subject. While the two still disagree on the decision, they decided not to let that force them to come to blows.
  • The first Jojo made sure to honor one of the few animals on his list of those who went through heroic deaths. He handed a medal to Old Yeller for saving Travis from various animals in its mortal life.
  • While hunting in the House of Beasts, the two were confronted by a large cat with a red mane. Travis pointed his gun at the creature, but Old Yeller stepped forward instead. After a brief stare, the dog allowed the lion to walk up to Travis. To the boy's surprise, the lion nudged against him in support instead. Turns out the lion was Simba, who understood what it was like to lose a father.
  • Was visited by Ash Ketchum who had one question in mind; how long did it take for the two of them to get along? He asked this because his relation with his Pikachu was extremely fraught at first. Turns out Travis had a similar experience. The dog had a habit of stealing meat from their house. He even thought Old Yeller was a pest until the dog saved his little brother. Ash was relieved that even those two had issues getting along at first.
  • As a federal agent, Jack Bauer has come across such circumstances multiple times over his career. He was surprised that such a title would be handed to such a young man, but he was impressed with how Travis handled the situation and the aftermath. As such, Jack sees Travis as worthy of the title.
  • Unlike other protagonists in the Pantheon, Malcolm has no qualms about blasting foes for the safety of his crew. Often times, it happens because Malcolm has simply run out of patients and thought offing the problem would be an easier solution. Malcolm has misgivings with handing the title to a boy who had suffered enough as it is but is glad Travis at least gets to see his dog again.
  • Stitch once pretended to be a pet for Lilo as a cover for escaping his captures yet the two managed to be True Companions. The two paid the boy a visit and had fun afterwards. Stitch did scare Old Yeller at first, but the dog recognized that Stitch meant no harm in the end.
  • Courage has done all he could to protect his owners from all manners of evil. While many would say that his trials were more difficult that Old Yeller's, he commends the Labrador Retriever for performing what was essentially a Heroic Sacrifice. That and Old Yeller is far braver than he ever could be.
  • The same can be said for Scooby-Doo. After Travis and Old Yeller stumbled upon a haunted forest, they bumped into Mystery Incorporated. After some scares from some ghosts, the gang managed to capture them. In typical fashion it turned out to be humans Mr. Burns and Smithers. The two were trying to keep people out of public land so they could mine some gold without anyone noticing it.
  • Garfield is one of the few deities in the Pantheon who finished the story without a single tear shed. In fact, he claimed that getting rid of that 'mangy dog' made it a happy ending. Many in the Pantheon was shocked by the claim, though it isn't that surprising given his disdain towards dogs. Needless to say, Old Yeller's displeasure of Garfield is mutual.
  • They can also be found in the Hall of Anti-Heroism.

    Satine and Christian 
Satine and Christian James, Divine Duo of Selfless Breakups (Satine: Sparkling Diamond)
From left to right: Satine, Christian
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Moulin Rogue sign
  • Theme Song: Come What May
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Chaotic Neutral (Satine), Neutral Good (Christian)
  • Portfolios: Starving Artist, Both Serve as Fanservice, Follows The Plot of Dramedies, ultimately she died in his arms
  • Domains: Good, Love, Song, Death
  • Allies: Aphrodite, Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, Tony and Maria, Jack Dawson
  • Enemies: Ato-ko Shirogane, Dr. Frank-n-Furter
  • Opposes: Lezard Valeth, Cal Hockley, Inspector Javert
  • Pities: Rose Bukater, Jean Valjean
  • Not so different from: Romeo and Juliet
  • The House of Love turned to the streets of 19th century France to the story of Christian, who told the story of a Dramedy through the means of a flashback. It told of the time when he entered Paris as a naive poet striving to make it big. It was there that he was drawn to the Moulin Rouge, a nightclub/brothel that was the hottest sell in the city. There, he met the star attraction, a High-Class Call Girl named Satine. He was instantly smitten. What followed was a tale of wonderful and tragic woe, ultimately ending in her death due to tuberculosis. The house took interest in the story, particularly when she rejected his proposition so that her jealous suitor Duke wouldn't go after him. With that story in mind, the deities there decided to bring not only Christian but also Satine. Finally together, the couple settled down to have their happy ending.
  • The couple draw a big crowd from the House of Music as well. The movie is believed to have helped revive the Musical film genre. It didn't matter that many of their songs were a mix-mash of cover songs fro the modern era, it was the way it was depicted that made the songs enjoyable.
  • The Greek Goddess of Love took a liking to the couple, especially how Christian was able to wrest her from the Duke, even if it didn't work out well for them in the end. The couple has been sprinkled with gifts of wine and flowers in the hopes of rekindling their relationship.
  • Now that they can be together, Satine set up a cabaret of her own filled with dancers from all over the Pantheon. Their temple quickly became the new Moulin Rogue for all to attend. Within is a memorial of Zidler, her former boss. Sure, he was the one who propositioned her to the Duke, but she knew he was doing so for the best of the Moulin Rogue.
    • There was one time when she invited a group of people claiming to be from the Transsexual, Transylvania. Little did they know that their leader, the infamous Dr. Frank-n-Furter had plans of his own. It didn't take long before he took over the temple for himself, transforming all the dancers to his own troupe for his entertainment. Thankfully, others received word of the takeover and drove him out. Frank was subsequently slapped with a restraining order from both the couple and the building.
  • As with many couples in the Pantheon, a lot of comparisons have been made between the two and Romeo and Juliet. This is especially true as the two couldn't have been more different from each other. At least one of them survived in the end. Still, both are happy to have their happy ending in the Pantheon.
    • In that regard, the two have more in common with Tony and Maria. In Maria's case, he comforted Christian for the loss of his love in a gender reversal. In fact, Maria suspected she had similar misgivings against the wilder suitor at first until they found out there was a soft side under that exterior. One can often see the two couples go on double dates with each other in classic diners. The two aren't that too far off in terms of timelines.
  • Ichiro and Ryoko watched the couple's relationship flow and ebb throughout their lifetimes in the hope that they complete the loop that many of their followers go through. Which made it more tragic to them when the two made up when she was already about to die. Thus they were excited to see the two have arrived in the Pantheon. Both were willing to help them sort out their new leash of life as well as where to go from there.
  • Much of their problems in their story stemmed from a wealthy suitor code-named the Duke of Monroth. The Duke was to invest in the cabaret to keep it flowing and he would receive Satine as his prize. Christian's arrival threatened those plans and he raged war against the man. This infatuation with her was the cause of many of their problems and was openly sponsored by none other than Lezard Valeth. The couple have made great pains to make sure he doesn't decide to bring the Duke over to bring them more misery.
    • Christian's ascension means that another of Jack Dawson's followers have made the big time. Jack and Cal share deistic powers between rich and poor suitors to love interests. Of course, Cal wasn't too happy about getting one-upped and has banked rolled multiple suitors towards Satine in the hopes of breaking the two apart.
    • The two brought the attention of Rose Bukater, survivor of the ill-fated Titanic... and also the love interest of Jack Dawson. Christian felt that he had a similar pain to that of Rose when both of their love interests died. She proved to be the perfect person in handling their reunion. At least on their part, the couple do not have to worry about their rich suitor ruining things between them.
  • Apparently, tragic figures compliment the French, so the couple thought when they came upon the case of Jean Valjean. Satine in particular took the fate of him and Fantine to heart. She understands the dangers of prostitution and wanted to speak her mind about Valjean abandoning her at her time of need. Yet it was is care of Cosette that won her over. In the end, the three French people threw their anger at Javert for his pointless pursuits. Their temple has become a popular hiding place for the runaway when escaping the officer.
  • As with all other couples Ato-ko Shirogane has sought them out in order to break up their relationship. In this case, she has an easy line of attack: focusing on Christian's insecurities in dating a call girl along with Satine's suspicions that her lover will never accept her for who she is.
  • They can also be found in the Hall of Couples Relationships.