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The Romance sub-house is the most populated of the subhouses. It is the same as the Passion sub-house, but it's filled with moonlight, some beautiful flowers, a collection of romance music, and a river. As a natural warning, don't hurt the ones they love dearly.

Due to this house being so overloaded, another split was in order, bringing forth two new sub-Houses: The House of Love Interests (for…Exactly What It Says on the Tin), and the House of Romantic Interest for deities with differing ways in how, what for, or who they love.

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Greater Gods

Escanor, God of Courtly Love (Lion's Sin of Pride, Master of the Sun, The One, Cursed child)
Escanor in his night form
Click here to see Escanor in his day form 
Click here to see Escanor as "The One" 
  • Quasideity in night form, Greater God in day form (Borderline Overdeity as "The One")
  • Symbol: His Lion's Sin Tattoo
  • Theme Song: Sunshine
  • Alignment: Neutral Good in night form, Chaotic Good in day form
  • Portfolio: Courtly Love, Loves Merlin because she was kind to him, Cursed with Awesome, Powered by the Sun, Power Incontinence, Hour of Power, Guile Hero, Hidden Depths, Inexplicably Awesome
  • Domain(s): Love, Sun, Destruction, Pride
  • Allies: Meliodas, Diane, Ban, King, Gowther, Merlin, Amaterasu, Helios, Ra, Sherlyn, Flonne, Heart Aino, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Utsuho Reiuji, Gawain, Django, Solaire of Astora
  • Enemies: Ten Commandments, Nightmare Moon, Yami, Balanar, Dracula, All evil vampires
  • Worthy Opponents: Superman, Vegeta
  • Complicated Relationship: Sekhmet/Hathor
  • Escanor was born as the prince of the Castellio Kingdom. When he was a child, his older brother Daymond used to pick on him until one day, his power, Sunshine, awakened and he accidentally broke his brother's arm. His parents disowned him because of what happened and his strange unexplained appearance and soon the Kingdom's forces mobilized to kill him. He was rescued by a kind woman named Rosa, who hid him in a barrel and set it adrift at sea. He survived, but wherever he went, people called him a monster even when he helped them. However, he eventually met Merlin and Meliodas, who asked him to join the Seven Deadly Sins. Although he was initially uninterested, he quickly fell in love with Merlin, who was the first person since Rosa to be kind to him, and accepted the offer.
    • Although the source of Escanor's power was unknown for a long time, it was eventually revealed that Sunshine is a Grace, a blessing created by the Supreme Goddess that was originally given to Mael of the Four Archangels, which had been passed down to Escanor because he was considered worthy.
  • When the gods heard of how Escanor's love for Merlin allowed him to not only overcome Gowther's Nightmare Teller but also to transform into his day form at night, it was unanimously decided to ascend him into the pantheon. Escanor's ascension occured while the Sins were fighting against the Ten Commandments. Wishing to help his friends, Escanor asked the various sun deities to provide him with sunlight on the battlefield. Although uncertain as to how that would help, Amaterasu, Helios and Ra agreed to help him. Everyone was surprised to see the meek and scrawny bartender transform into a boisterous and prideful fighter. Making his way to the battle, Escanor made his presence known by falling from above and striking the ground, which forced the Ten Commandments to retreat and ended the battle. Afterwards, his fellow Sins thanked him for his timely arrival and expressed their happiness at the fact that all seven of them had finally ascended into the pantheon.
  • Due to the nature of his power, Escanor frequently teams up with Amaterasu, Helios and Ra when going into battle. At the peak of his power at high noon, Escanor becomes "The One", described as an "invincible incarnation of power", for a minute. However, with the aid of the sun deities, he can remain as "The One" for a much longer period of time, although he requires extensive healing afterwards.
  • Escanor's love of Merlin has earned him the respect and support of Shelyn, Flonne and Heart Aino. All three encourage him to confess his feelings to Merlin, but his insecurity prevents him from doing so. Flonne and Heart have tried to set up Escanor and Merlin on a date on several occasions, but Shelyn generally tries to reel in their zany schemes as she understands that, although well-meaning, they generally only end up making Escanor nervous and uncomfortable.
  • Escanor gets along quite well with Princesses Celestia and Luna, which they found rather surprising given the nature of his power. Princess Luna in particular was very happy to make a friend. Through them, he also became allies with Utsuho Reiuji and the other Protectors of Night And Day and joined them in opposing Nightmare Moon and her plans to bring about Eternal Night.
  • Escanor was quick to befriend other deities who draw their power from the Sun, such as Gawain, Django, Leona, Solaire of Astora and Superman. Gawain was initially worried because he had previously fought against another sun-powered man named Escanor, whom he had previously killed in combat in order to rescue Arthur's female cupbearer. However, Gawain was pleasantly surprised to discover that Escanor was much friendlier and heroic, and the two became good friends. Both Django and Leona quickly embraced him as an ally and were amazed by his power when they first saw him in battle. Solaire was, unsurprisingly, thrilled to work alongside Escanor and frequently greets him with his trademarked PRAISE THE SUN gesture.
  • Escanor quickly became enemies with Yami, whose desire to spread evil and darkness and attempts to destroy Amaterasu resulted in Escanor developing a strong dislike of him. Similarly, Escanor regards Balanar as one of his most dangerous enemies not only due to Balanar's powers being the exact opposite of his own, but also due to his ability to make time swift from day to night immediately, albeit only temporarily. Having previously fought against the Demon Chandler, who had a similar ability, Escanor is wary of Balanar and makes sure to never underestimate him.
  • When it was revealed that Escanor was responsible for killing Vampire King Izraf and a large portion of the Vampire Clan that had taken over the Kingdom of Edinburgh, he quickly gained enmity of all evil vampires within the pantheon. Dracula in particular regards him as a large threat and is planning to find a way to kill him someday.
  • In his day form, Escanor has expressed a desire to challenge Superman to a fight, as he regards him as potentially being a Worthy Opponent. Superman remarked that Escanor's changing demeanor depending on his form is similar to how he himself behaves when switching between being Clark Kent and Superman. Similarly, the prideful nature of Escanor's day form resulted in him quickly forming a rivalry with the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. Vegeta tends to intimidate Escanor's night form, but has developed a strong respect for his day form's battle prowess, expressing a strong desire to fight Escanor when he's "The One" in order to fully test his strength.
  • Escanor's interactions with the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet are somewhat complicated. Whenever she's on a rampage, Escanor is typically one of the first to be sent to confront her, as her powers not only don't harm him but actively make him stronger. However, he gets along quite well with her whenever she is Hathor, particularly since she is a Hard-Drinking Party Girl and quickly developed a fondness for the alcohol that he serves in his bar within his temple.

Intermediate Gods

    Garnet (Steven Universe
Garnet, Goddess of Romantic Fusions ("Yeah, she's The Boss", Captain Square, G-Squad, Ruby and Sapphire, Leader of the Crystal Gems!, Square Mom, Death Cube, Mom Squared; Ruby: Rad Red, Eternal Flame, Ruby Rider; Sapphire: Baby Blue, Laughy Sapphy, Sophie)
Ruby  and Sapphire 

    RinJuken Warriors 
Rio and Mele, Dual Deities of Redemption Through Love (Both: The RinJuken Warriors. Rio: Black Lion Rio; Mele: Rin Juken Chameleon Fist User Mele, Master Rio`s Love Warrior)
Mele and Rio
Clickhere  to see their transformed state.

Shelyn, the Love Goddess (The Eternal Rose)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Multicolored songbird
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Air, Charm, Good, Luck, Protection
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Heroine, Even the Girls Want Her, Friend to All Living Things, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Believes in Love Redeeming All, The Power of Love
  • Herald: Spirit of Adoration
  • Allies: Honestly, it's easier to find deities who aren't allied with her. Special mention goes to Cayden Calien, Erastil, Steven Universe, Flonne
  • Rivals: Aphrodite, Calistria
  • Enemies: Felix (Red vs Blue), Penelope Mouse, Akasha the Queen of Pain, Dr. Frank-n-Furter, Ato-ko Shirogane, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Opposed by: the GUAD, Flowey, House of Hatred and Rancor
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Asmodeus
  • Pities: Vincent Brooks
  • Just as Calistria filled the role as the Goddess of Lust, the House of Love felt that they needed an equivalent for the more innocent version of such love. Aphrodite long considered herself to be the leading candidate for the roll, but she proved to be too petty to give away her Worlds Most Beautiful Goddess title, and her other title just didn't agree with the nature of the title. It ultimately went to the fifth Golarian deity to enter the Pantheon. That did not sit well with the Greek Goddess and the two have been rivals ever since. It's a one-sided affair, as Sheyln would rather have them work together.
    • While she doesn't mind the type of love formed between couples, she prefers relationships not fueled solely on lust. She's more than content to hand those responsibilities to Calistra, her long-time rival, and the rest of the subhouse of Lust.
    • Cayden has noted how much of a sight for sore eyes she is to him. Sheyln accepts his constant flirting, though she reminds him he would have to settle down for any long-term relationship to form.
    • Is more willing than any other Golarian deity to work with Asmodeus. Asshole aside, the archdevil does have a way of keeping things under wraps. She only hopes that she can convince him to be more generous with his contracts.
  • Her most supported friend is by far Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks. Together, they hope to spread the wonders of love throughout the Pantheon. Sheyln plays the role of rolling back some of Flonne's more eccentric schemes. Nevertheless, she is thankful for her unconditional devotion to love.
  • It's hard to find a deity that is more tolerated in the Pantheon. Even the GUAE tolerate her, as many have romances of their own. The only group that truly want her destroyed is the GUAD. They fear that her domain convinces many to have a will to live.
    • If there is one group of adoration that she doesn't reciprocate, it's her non-ascended core god Rovagug. The Rough Beast's definition of affection would be to trap her within its eye as she becomes the witness to the end of all realities. To say she fears its possible arrival into the Pantheon would be an Understatement.
  • As seen as the opposite of love, the House of Hatred oppose her on principle. The two factions battle over passionate followers to choose one over the other. Kefka gets special mention for specifically awaiting her destruction.
  • Is seen as a bringer of hope to those who had to deal with Abusive Parents as her dedication to love extends more than just romantic love. This has put her at odds with The Child Abuse Supporters in the House of Family.
  • Flowey sees her antics as a complete waste of time, goading her to see if she can get him to change his ways. Sheyln may be all-loving, but was not dumb enough to fall for that trap. She does hope that the Pantheon can find a way; there is hope with his true form... if only it can be maintained longer.
  • There have been many heated arguments between her and the Queen of Pain. Much of that comes from the fact that Sheyln's brother has all but embraced the demon's philosophy. The Eternal Rose hopes that she can break through and redeem him, but Akasha has sworn to carry on manipulating Zon-Kuthon and his followers.
  • Gains the approval of virtually all in the House of Friendship. Her philosophy resonates especially well with Steven Universe. The Love Goddess was impressed with Steven's determination to see the good in all.
    • There are a few exception to this case. Felix has proven to be a horrible 'friend' to all he's met and is likely to continue. Penelope Mouse isn't liked either among Sheyln's followers.
  • Can only shake her head over the utter insanity of Vincent's love life. She has taken up to the challenge, trying to help him mend his relationship with his girlfriend Katherine Mc-Bride.
  • Has a rather unorthodox stance on cheating on one's partners. She isn't truly opposed to them, as long as said relationship is out of true love. She hopes that said partners would eventually make it official. That doesn't mean she would let you cheat on others just for the sake up it. Those actions tend to ruin love for everyone. It's with that reason that the likes of Ato-ko and Dr. Frank-n-Furter are among the least liked among her followers.
  • When it comes to harems, she is nonchalant towards the concept as well, just as long as you have a loving relationship with all of them. She worries more about their consent than anything else.

Lesser Gods

Diaochan, Goddess of Manipulative Love (The Deceptive Dancer)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Several petal flowers that came out when she dances.
  • Theme Song: Cicada
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Manipulating Men With Sex, Great Beauty of Her Land, Dancing and Kicking Ass With It, 'Good Girl' In The Middle Of Scumbag Faction, Wounded Gazelle Gambit, Ms. Fanservice, Loving Bad Boys (like Lord Lu Bu)
  • Domains: Love, Mentalism, Manipulation, War
  • Allies: Lu Bu (her lover), Achilles, Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika.
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Henry VIII, Sun Shangxiang
  • Unknown Relationship: Lu Lingqi (her sort-of stepdaughter)
  • Ascended on the recommendation of Lu Bu himself. Although he was an ex-manipulation victim, Diaochan actually cares about him for real.
    • And just like the relationship between Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning, harming Diaochan in the earsight of Lu Bu is considered an extremely bad idea.
  • On a bad day, it was said that Diaochan would go around to find other men, and act quite teasing toward them, even making advances, which usually aroused Lu Bu's jealous ire and causes him to lay down the smack. When all's done, however, Diaochan would usually reveal that the victim was really bad news, so she felt like she had to somehow 'spur' Lu Bu in. Lu Bu never gets mad about this, because it usually leads him to either a stress-relieving curbstomp or a really interresting duel.
  • Due to impressing Achilles, he has sworn to protect Lu Bu's closest allies if it means being allies enough for them to constantly battle each other.
  • Is known as one of the greatest beauties amongst her land. Other Chinese Goddesses like Chun-Li or Litchi Faye-Ling usually agree, although Diaochan gets flustered when mentioned as such.
  • Somewhere along the realms, there is someone else with the same name... except this one's a constantly-naked bald, muscular, VERY GAY man, clad in naught but a pink thong, who insists that he is beautiful. Diaochan's reaction on learning this man's existence was nothing short of a terrified Jaw Drop with her face Blue with Shock. Well, who can blame her...
  • She heard that Lu Bu's daughter ascended, but she's never met her for some strange reason. Because of this, Diaochan wonders about Lu Bu's actual historical wife which is making her think about someone else she could be with in her life....
    • However, she still states that, while it seems she doesn't 'truly love' Lu Bu per say, she still finds him to be a companion to stick up for. Lu Bu seems to be confused about 'whatever she's talking about'.
  • Despite assisting him once, she has come to oppose Cao Cao and all those that serve him, due to him being responsible for Lu Bu's death in the mortal realm. Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei fall under this for the same reasons, though her bitterness toward the Shu front-men is mainly directed at Guan Yu, because she remembered about several timelines where he wouldn't even hesitate to kill her on sight, rather than risk her using her repertoire to drive a wedge into their brotherhood. So far, Guan Yu has stated he wouldn't do that if they have something in common to fight for. Like Orochi.
    • There was one timeline that Guan Yu actually hesitated... but then calls in the smith that created the Azure Dragon Weir Moon Blade to do the dirty job, so either way, Diaochan is still extra bitter at him, it wasn't her fault she thought he was a basketball player when she's just a little girl!
      • Also on the note of the fifth Dynasty Warriors installment via one cutscene at Xiapi, Xiahou Yuan is personally snickering at Guan Yu in the distance. "Now you know how it feels to deal with someone as difficult as her."
  • Diaochan has been very jealous of her IGS-counterpart from the Knights of Valour/Sanguo Zhanji games, especially with her having shades of being a skilled knife-wielder and being arguably even sexier in her outfits (very latter one is based off of this). Koei Diaochan hopes to cosplay her one day, but she's worried about not being able to handle knives very well...
    • However, ever since indulging in a bit of Aura Kingdom, Diaochan also points out that unlike her mage-portrayal in that game, she's not homosexual: she likes her man MANLY and BADASS.

    Fiona (Shrek
Princess Fiona, The Goddess Who Proves That True Love is Exceptional
Human form 

Hungary, Goddess of Aggresive Protective Instincts (Elisaveta Héderváry, Erzsébet, Elizabeta, Hun-chan.)

    Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki 
Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki, Divine Couple of Intimate Healing
Kaito on the left, Ichika on the right
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Kaito's camera
  • Theme Song: "Vidro Moyo"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Interspecies Romance, Intimate Healing, Unable to Confess Their Feelings Until Much Later
  • Domains: Love, Healing, Filming, High School
  • Herald: Maron (Ichika's pet)
  • Allies: Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, Superman/Clark Kent, Lois Lane, James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer, Agent K and Agent J, the Jedi, the Blorg
  • Respect: Sheryl Nome
  • Enemies: Harbinger, the Combine, Brainiac, Sheev Palpatine
  • Pity: Heinz Windermere
  • Avoid: Dr. Dala
  • Intimate Healing is a very complicated trope, subject to a lot of misrepresentation. The Pantheon's higher-ups decreed that for that trope to be accepted, it would require two representatives to provide proper context: one that does the healing and one that gets healed. Fortunately, Kaito and Ichika were the perfect candidates and their story provided a good justification for the trope: as an alien from a super-advanced civilization, Ichika possessed technology that saved Kaito from the brink of death, as well as unknowingly giving him the ability to have vision induced from such tehnology. Their ascension was performed without much issue.
  • Their ascension was a major boon to the young lovers. In the mortal plane, Ichika was forced to leave Earth as The Federation prohibited contact with underdeveloped species. Fortunately, no such limitation existed in the Pantheon, allowing Kaito and Ichika to happily reunite. The House of Narrative questioned whether or not it was still too early for them to ascend, as their story had an open ending that offered the possibility of a continuation. Kaito and Ichika replied that while that possibility still existed, they were happy enough with their ascension. Whether or not their story continues, only time will tell.
  • Happy to learn the Pantheon was more lax about Interspecies Romance than their homeworld. As they were young and still had much to learn about relationships, they visited Superman and Lois Lane, whose love famously produced their herald Jonathan. Seeing much of themselves in Kaito and Ichika, Clark and Lois offer comfort and solace whenever the young lovers need it.
  • Surprised to learn there was already a Federation in the Pantheon, just not the Federation Ichika came from. Instead, it was a Federation formed from the best and brightest of humanity, such as James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer. The four captains warmly welcomed the young lovers into their exploration missions, teaching them that in time, humanity would find a place in the stars. Understanding Kaito's desire to advance humanity into a spacefaring species, they have recommended him for Starfleet Academy.
  • Many non-human deities were baffled questioned Ichika about her culture, such as the fact that members of her species had human appearances and referred to themselves with human names. Ichika had kept mum on the matter.
  • Thanks to his love for filming and cameras, Kaito became good friends with Peter Parker and Yuu Haruna, often spending time with them filming documentaries about the happenings on the Pantheon. It's mostly for entertainment, but sometimes the House of School requests their help for educational purposes.
  • The best friends Kaito and Ichika have made in the Pantheon have been Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, who realized they weren't all that different from each other, except for one tiny detail on Ichika's part. They enjoy going on double dates, which involve exploring exotic places, eating fancy meals, watching movies and playing video games. Kaito and Ichiro also met Shido Itsuka, protector of the Spirits, and Haruto Tsukishiro, explorer of dreams. While their own adventures don't hold a candle compared to what Shido and Haruto experienced, Kaito and Ichiro nevertheless gained trusted friends and steadfast allies in them. Their similar voices further strengthened their bond.
    • Ichika became friends with Shido's haremettes: Tohka, Origami and Mayuri. The Spirits were very sympathetic to Ichika's ordeal and offer advice in how to improve her relationship with Kaito. Ichika had also heard of Fuuka and how her destined death was averted because enough people in the mortal plane wanted her to have a happy ending. Perhaps something like that would allow her to continue her story with Kaito.
  • Kaito and Ichika's presence in the Pantheon unfortunately brought some unwanted attention. Harbinger, the Combine and Brainiac seek to obtain Ichika's technology and extend their conquests. Kaito and Ichika were further dismayed to learn of a galactic empire controlled by a cruel and monstrous human, Sheev Palpatine, who had no qualms of torturing them if it meant gaining an advantage over his enemies.
  • Agents K and J have been tasked to protect Kaito and Ichika from alien threats by their friend and fellow MIB member Lemon. The agents do not reveal Lemon's status to Kaito and Ichika, partly because of MIB protocols and partly because it would put them in more danger than they already are.
    • The SCP Foundation was worried that Ichika would be a matter of concern for world security and considered holding her for interrogation, but K and J ultimately convinced them that Ichika was harmless. This all happened without Kaito and Ichika's knowledge, further protecting the secrecy of both agencies.
  • Ichika was a bit of afraid of ghosts, particularly after a visit to a shrine, but her experiences with the Jedi, who could commune with the Force to manifest as ghosts in the realm of the living, helped her get the better of it.
  • Both admire Sheryl Nome for using her music to bring peace between humanity and the Vajra, seeing it as a sign that humans and aliens can live together as equals. Unfortunately, the case of Heinz Windermere was a bit greyer. While they understand the circumstances he was forced into, they cannot ignore the lives his actions destroyed.
  • Kaito and Ichika visited the House of Extraterrestrials, hoping to find other Federation members that had ascended as well; instead, they came across a representative of the Blorg Commonality, who was excited at the possibility of making friends with the young lover. Although they were a bit weirded out by the Blorg's appearance, cooler heads prevailed and a friendship was born.
    Blorg: Friend?
    Kaito: Ummm... sure, we can be friends.
    Ichika: Yes; the more, the merrier.
  • Their interactions with Dr. Dala didn't go as smoothly, however. Dala, interested for a long time in the human form (specifically movement) tried to examine Ichika; her curiosity only increasing when she learned Ichika was an alien. Kaito and Ichika, having learned of Dala's actions thanks to Starfleet Intelligence, were disgusted and have kept away from her as much as possible. They have learned, however, that ultimately Dala has put her science to better use and the Pantheon has set precautions to ensure she doesn't fall back to old habits, a fitting rebalancing of the scales.
  • Also present in Healers.

    Laura Bodewig 
Laura Bodewig, Goddess of Wacky Marriage Proposals
  • Lesser Goddess (becomes Intermediate, when using the Schwarzer Regen; full-blown Greater Goddess while Fused with both her IS and Junketsu)
  • Symbol: Her black-and-red leg band (Schwarzer Regen's standby mode.) Alternatively, the Schwarzer Hase (Black Hares) emblem.
  • Theme Song: An Die Freude
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (was previously bordering on Chaotic Evil before defrosting)
  • Portfolio: Artificial Human, Super-Soldier, The Comically Serious, Taking everything seriously, Declaring Ichika as her wife, Rei Ayanami Expy, Is a massive fangirl of Chifuyu, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Electronic Eye which powers up her Infinite Stratos unit, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Comical seriousness, Romance, Mechas, Soldiers
  • De Facto High Priestess: Ui Wakana
  • Allies: Ichika Orimura (he's her wife, thank you very much), Charlotte Dunois, Satsuki Kiryuin, Chifuyu Orimura, Aikuro Mikisugi, Houki Shinonono, Lingyin Huang, Cecilia Alcott, Gertrud Barkhorn, Origami Tobiichi and ANYONE who is allies with Chifuyu.
  • Odd Friendship with: Yoko Littner, Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Langley Shikinami
  • Rival: Yoruka Kirihime
  • Enemies: None, although those who dare harm or woo Ichika are sure to gain her bitterness. Also, any Nazis in the Pantheon (Millennium and Deathshead in particular).
  • Quickly ascended after declaring Ichika as her wife in front of everybody after a heated IS battle.
  • The first thing she's done after entering the Pantheon is go greet her best friend Charlotte. When she heard of Chifuyu residing here in the Pantheon too, she squee'd. Being a huge fangirl of hers, that came as no surprise by many a god.
    • She makes no secrets of her shipping Chifuyu with Aikuro Mikisugi.
  • Lucifer is pondering if she should join the GUAC because of being a Super-Soldier, which he could definitely use to prevail against YHVH's GUAL. She is quite amused by this, as she could finally use her IS in a real battle like it was designed to instead of using it purely for sports.
  • Due to her voice actress having voiced two characters that have her traits, she is sometimes nicknamed "German captain sniper with an eyepatch".
  • Whatever you do, don't ever point out that Ichika should be her "husband". The last deity who did ended up at the receiving end of her Schwarzer Regen's rail cannon and got blasted into space.
  • Along with Charlotte, Rin, Houki, Cecilia and Chifuyu, she is trying to give Ichika and the IS Academy Student Council President Tatenashi Sarashiki a place in the Pantheon. Although they might have a big problem with the former's primary attribute. They're having a slightly easier time with Tatenashi, however, since she could get deified for a good primary attribute of hers.
    • Luckily, Ichika ascended later and all have been put to rests.
  • One time Satsuki lent Junketsu to Laura so she can use it in combination with her Schwarzer Regen, much how Ryuko lent Senketsu to Charlotte. The results were... Shall we say, "unbelievable power flown through her veins"?
    • After this event, Laura isn't very willing to wear a Kamui. She said her IS's strength was already more than enough for her.
  • Became friends with Origami Tobiichi, after hearing of the latter's childhood dream of becoming a beautiful bride. Getting past the awkwardness of Laura having the same voice as Tohka Yatogami, Origami gladly considers her a comrade in arms.
  • Ran afoul of Yoruka Kirihime after they watched Lux Arcadia defeat Ichika in a mock battle. After Ichika lost, Yoruka claimed it was the only logical conclusion. Of course, Laura didn't take it kindly to the implication of Ichika being called "weak," so she challenged Yoruka to a duel. Unfortunately, Yoruka's assassin skills and the Yato-no-kami's Divine Raiment took Laura by surprise, suffering a huge defeat. Bitter, Laura has decided to enhance her training regime should she fight Yoruka again.

    Renton Thurston and Eureka 
Renton Thurston and Eureka, Divine Couple of Free-Fall Romance
  • Lesser Gods; Intermediate Gods when piloting the Nirvash, can it make borderline Greater through their love for each other
  • Symbol: The Gekko State logo and the Nirvash
  • Theme Music: Rainbow
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sky Surfing, Interspecies Romance, Humongous Mecha, Empathic Weapons, High Speed Missile Dodges, The Power of Love, Badass Adorable, Ace Pilots, Adoptive Peer Parents, Good Parents
  • Domains: Travel, Air, Love, Liberation, Mechas
  • Herald: The entire Gekkostate, especially their children Maurice, Maeter, and Linck
  • Allies: Simon, Nia Teppelin, Kamina, Yoko Littner, Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki, Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure, Kirito and Asuna, Yui, Ichiro and Ryoko Sato, Superman, Lois Lane, Tidus, Yuna, Static, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter, Ben Tennyson, Leouch vi Britannia, Kallen Kozuki, Nunnally vi Britannia, C.C., Ichika Orimura, Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang, Cecilia Alcott, Charlotte Dunois, Laura Bodewig, Hayate Immelmann, Freyja Wion, Ange, Hilda, Salamandinay, Tusk, Lux Arcadia, Lisesharte Atismata, Krulcifer Einfolk, Yoruka Kirihime, Ico & Yorda
  • Enemies: The Anti-Spiral, Zamasu, Embyro, Nobuyuki Sugou, Death Gun, Quinella
  • Renton Thurston, the fourteen-year-old son of deceased military researcher, Adrock Thurston, once live in what he considered a boring life with his grandfather in a boring town. He enjoys Lifting, a sport where one surfs on trapar, a substance abundant throughout the air. He dreamed of joining the renegade group Gekkostate, led by the legendary Lifter, Holland Novak, with the opportunity to do so literally falling into his lap when Gekkostate member Eureka and her mecha the Nirvash type ZERO crash into his room. Renton's grandfather orders him to deliver a special part to the Nirvash called the "Amita Drive", which releases the immense power dormant within the type ZERO called the "Seven Swell Phenomenon". Afterwards, Renton is recruited into the Gekkostate, but quickly finds out the group wasn't what he's expecting, especially Holland, when they start taking advantage of him. Eureka becomes the only reason he stays with the Gekkostate, and while he does leave for a brief period of time, eventually returns due to his love for her. Throughout their adventures, the duo are able to change for the better through their experiences and growing love for each other, Renton becoming more confident and brave, Eureka becoming social and human. Even the revelation that Eureka is a Coralian in human form doesn't change their relationship in the slightest, and their love for each other is what allows them to fight effectively in the Nirvash and save the world.
    • The Court of the Gods reviewed their case, showing interest in their love story, especially all of their romantic moments while falling through the air. They invited Renton and Eureka into the Pantheon to represent Free-Fall Romance and they accepted.
  • The pair quickly got along with Simon and Nia, who also piloted a mecha and fell in love with each other on their journey. Renton and Eureka both felt sorry for the pair, since unlike them who got to live at the end of their journey and be together, Nia passes away after being saved from the Anit-Spiral by Simon, though she still lives long enough to wedded to her husband. Simon and Nia assure them they still were able to make their time together the happiest in their life, but admit they are happy for the two of them being able to be together.
    • Kamina and Yoko are also quite friendly with Renton and Eureka as well, both for their friendship with Simon and Nia, but also for Renton's determination and how his love for Eureka allowed him to save her. While the pair do sympathize with Kamina and Yoko when they heard the former perished, leaving his brother and the woman who loved him behind, Kamina tells him he still had a good life, and that he's proud of the people he cares for growing stronger and capable without him.
    • The Anti-Spiral, however, gives Eureka bad vibes, considering how his genocidal actions parallel Dewy's attempts to destroy the Scub Coral. The Anti-Spiral in turn sees Renton and Eureka's love and hope as a threat, vowing to destroy them along with his other enemies.
  • Renton and Eureka also met and befriended Kaito and Ichika, another Human-Alien romantic pairing just like them. Both pairings tend to go out on double dates together, sharing stories of their time together. Of course, Eureka is confused by just how similar Ichika is to a human being, considering how she had to learn to act human. Kaito and Ichika meanwhile are surprised by how Renton and Eureka became adopted parents at such a young age, and are also saddened they had to go through harsh times in a war.
  • The two quickly befriended Kirito and Asuna, who like them, also became adopted parents during their adolescence. Granted, Renton's relationship with Eureka's children was very rocky at first, not to mention that Eureka orphaned them in the first place and took them in to atone for it, but they still persevered and prove themselves to be wonderful parental figures. Kirito and Asuna tend to give advice to the two every now and then about raising children, while Yui likes to hang out and talk with Renton and Eureka to learn about their adventures.
    • By befriending Kirito and Asuna however, the duo crossed paths and made enemies with Nobuyuki Sugou, Death Gun, and Quinella. Sugou for using people's minds as test subjects for unethical experiments as well as molesting Asuna, Death Gun for being Serial Killers who take pleasure in killing, and Quinella for her unethical experiments and her desire to control people. Renton makes it very clear that if anyone had tried to molest Eureka, he would show no mercy at all. The two also disliked killing due to the trauma they suffered from killing in war, so they absolutely can't stand Death Gun for enjoying killing at all. They're also uncomfortable with the subject of mind control, considering how Dewy controlled Anemone through the use of sedatives. Even Kyouji, who is receiving some rehabilitation, is met with unease due to his actions.
  • Crossed paths with Hikaru and Lala, who like them are a human and alien duo who have a close relationship (albeit platonic). Hikaru gushes over Eureka, calling her winged appearance beautiful, which makes Eureka blush. The two, along with their fellow Pretty Cure, also support Renton and Eureka's relationship, and are quite excited that they were able to become a couple after so many struggles.
  • Superman and Lois Lane, just like with Kaito and Ichika, had a lot of advice for the young couple before. But seeing how they matured during their adventure also allowed them to improve their relationship, the two were actually happy for them.
  • Due to Renton and Eureka's skills Lifting, tons of deities with Hover Boards or those capable of Sky Surfing have challenged them to some friendly competition of racing across the skies of the Pantheon, with Renton eagerly accepting the challenges. These deities include Virgil Hawkins on his disc, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter on their hover boards, and Ben Tennyson on the hover board he received from Tetrax Shard.
  • The pair quickly met other deities involved in romance and mechas, though in their case, the males ended up attracting a lot of girls rather than just a single one. Lelouch, Ichika Orimura, and Lux all quickly got along with Renton (although Renton did take some time to form a bond with Lelouch after hearing of his actions in his mortal life, especially when he became a dictator setting himself up to die), and while they don't have a single official girlfriend as far as the Pantheon knows (not counting Lelouch's Relationship Upgrade with C.C. in another time), they did congratulate Renton on finding the girl of his dreams and help set them up on dates every now and then. The girls close to those three also approve of Eureka's relationship with Renton, giving her sincere advice with setting up dates with him and tend to watch those dates.
  • Renton and Eureka are downright horrified when they heard of what happened in an alternate timeline, namely how their first-born daughter died due to her human-coralian heritage causing her to turn to stone when exposed to high trapar, causing the two to go back on their word to protect the Scub Coral and leave their son in another world to protect him. This causes the two to think about how everything they did in that timeline ended up rendering their journey moot and only ended up proving Dewey Holland right. However, since this occurred in an alternate timeline, the couple can hope at least they can change their future to prevent this tragedy from ever occurring to their family, and perhaps raise a happy family when the day comes when they conceive Amber and Ao.
  • Tidus and Yuna had gone through a similar experience, when Yuna went on a longer journey to reunite with Tidus. Because of this, the two got along with Renton and Eureka, and even show their admiration with Renton's determination to save Eureka, when it looked she was about to disappear.
  • Ico and Yorda tend to meet with Renton and Eureka, seeing the similarities between their relationships. The latter pair sympathize greatly with the former after hearing their circumstances (Ico being sacrificed due to his horns, Yorda due to being abused by her mother and kept around just to be a vessel). The two hope to help Ico and Yorda feel much more comfortable around the Pantheon.
  • Ange and Tusk's relationship started... rather awkwardly to say the least. Yet despite that, the two pairs couldn't help but show pride in how Renton and Eureka were able advance in their relationship, with the latter two actually admiring their skill in combat together and hoping to learn from the best.
    • Embyro earned the duo's disgust when they heard of his genocide towards the Ancient People (reminding them of Dewey's to destroy the Scub Coral), as well as his behavior towards women in general. Their prepared to work alongside Ange and Tusk to stop Embyro if he ever dares to try another scheme to reset the world.
  • The two cannot stand Zamasu at all (which is unsurprising), seeing his genocidal desire to eliminate to be even worse than Dewy's plan. Zamasu, as usual doesn't care, and instead sees the two as more sinners for him to destroy, claiming their just like every other mortal who fight and kill each other, and their attempts to make things better don't change that.

    Syaoran Li 
Syaoran Li, God of Prolonged Confessions (Li Showron)
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Rashinban sensory device.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Cannot Spit It Out, Allergic to Love, The Rival, The Comically Serious, Defrosting Ice King, Dogged Nice Guy, Kung-Fu Wizard, Paper Talismans, Puppy Love, Wise Beyond His Years
  • Domains: Love, Friendship, Magic
  • Herald: Meiling Li (his cousin), Wei Wang (his butler), Li Yelan (his mother and head of the Li family), Li Xiehua, Li Huenli, Li Fuurie and Li Feimei (his older sisters).
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto, Kero, Tomoyo Daidouji, Yuko Ichihara, Indiana Jones, Miyuki-chan, Oliver, Takao Kinomiya, Helga G. Pataki, Vega Obscura
  • Enemies: Lucifer, anyone who threatens Sakura.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Ascended to the Pantheon following the events of the Great Upheaval in order to protect Sakura from Lucifer and some of the GUAC members who're willing to threaten her (save for Homura Akemi).
  • Aware of his alternate selves from other universes. But when he learnt of the full details of their existence, he spent four hours sitting quietly trying to register all he knew, though he was glad they shared their passion for archaeology.
  • When he first met Indiana Jones, Syaoran brought his sword with him as a mark of respect. He got the shock of his life when Dr. Jones shot it out of his hand. Learning Syaoran's intentions, Indy apologised and invited him to an archaeological dig.
  • Often butts heads with Kero, but when it comes to Sakura, both work together through Teeth-Clenched Teamwork.
  • Felt he was a good swordsman until he entered the House of Bladed Weapons, and was quickly intimidated by number of impressive users and weapons. Ended up getting into a fight with Roronoa Zoro which ended in a tie. By pure chance, Kenpachi Zaraki was wandering the House and was impressed by Syaoran's skills. As soon as Syaoran got a taste of Kenpachi's spiritual energy, he had to run for his life out of the building to escape the blood knight.
  • Just like Sakura, he's not really sure about the idea of having a child with her.


    King Claudius 
King Claudius, God of Comforting the Widow

    Keima Katsuragi 
Keima Katsuragi, God of Dating Sims (The Capturing God / The God of Conquest, Otamegane, Dweeb)


    Bianca Piper and Wesley Rush 
Bianca Piper and Wesley Rush, Co-Gods of Childhood Friend Romances
Left: Wesley. Right: Bianca.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A silhouette of Bianca's Thinking Rock
  • Theme Song: All Night by Icona Pop, Somebody to You by The Vamps and Demi Lovato
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Romantic Pairings who were Friends since Childhood, Belligerent Sexual Tension, Get Together in the Homecoming School Party
  • Domains: High School, Reputation, Labels, Opposites, Romance, Friendship
  • Heralds: Dottie Piper (Bianca's mother) Casey Cordero, Jess Harris, Principal Buchanan, Mr. Arthur, Amy Rush (Wesley's sister in the novel)
  • Allies: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Kousei Arima, Kaori Miyazono, John Keating, Eikichi Onizuka, Jimmy Hopkins, Marty McFly, Kayla Day, Yuzuki Shiraisi, Sabrina Spellman, James Potter
  • Opposes: Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, Peter Pettigrew, Gary Smith
  • Few in high school are notable as groups and cliques that most would recognize upon notice. The most notable, of course, is the "popular girls" clique, in which one particular student, Bianca Piper, happens to be a member, enjoying the moment of popularity and recognition that she can attain from it alongside her friends, Jess and Casey, whilst also having to write a paper on her school's upcoming Homecoming Day. Unbeknownst to her and to the amusement of her Childhood Friend, neighbor and popular school jock, Wesley Rush, Bianca is, in reality, the "Designated Ugly Fat Friend" or "DUFF" of the group, citing that while she isn't necessarily unattractive, she's essentially bait for unpopular students to talk to so that they could learn about her more attractive friends and slowly become acquainted with them through Bianca, much to her disbelief when Wesley tells her about this. After coming to grips with this and realizing that she is a DUFF, Bianca breaks her friendship with Jess and Casey and decides to collaborate with Wesley in that while he helps her with advice on trends and attractiveness and to become more confident and popular enough to attract her crush, Toby Tucker, she'll help Wesley to better his midterm grades so that he can maintain his football scholarship. Things initially started off well, until the two hit roadblocks, such as one of their improvement stints being caught on camera by a friend of Bianca's rival, Madison Morgan and her date with Toby fails as he was only "DUFFing" her to get close to Jess and Casey, on top of Bianca discovering her romantic affection with Wesley too late as he kisses Madison on her favorite place, her "Thinking Rock". She reunites with Jess and Casey who, alongside Bianca's mother, Dottie, help her create a dress for Homecoming Day and encourage her to reunite with Wesley. When the day arrives, Bianca presents her speech that everyone is a DUFF in some way and that they should try to be true to their identity. While Madison and Wesley become Prom Queen and Prom King respectively, the latter decides to kiss Bianca and affirm their relationship there. Having completed their high school goals, Bianca and Wesley decide to embark on their university of choices whilst staying close to maintain their relationship.
  • With an introspective take within a story told several times, Bianca and Wesley's tale proved to be quite memorable and heartwarming, provided that both of them were able to overcome their perspective peer-pressures and enroll themselves in newer pastures upon finishing off high school and promising to maintain their relationship despite their own differing priorities. On one particular day during their studies, Bianca recalled finding an envelope that was messaged to her as "The Representing DUFF", something that she chuckled at before reading. Learning about the Pantheon and how she and Wesley were to be invited as new representatives in a new world, she initially felt skeptical and told Wesley about it, which shocked her as he revealed that he, too, got a similar message about the Pantheon. They followed what looked to be coordinators to such once they had enough free time to do so, which led them to what was called the Elysium Academy, where they were perplexed by the amount of awe the place exuded. The two were worried about returning home, though those concerns were softened when it was told that their homeworld would be their domain and that they could go back there at any time. That, and they were told that they were to represent childhood friends that eventually become romantic, to Bianca and Wesley's surprise, if mainly because they don't see themselves as the prime example of such. Though they were open to the idea of exploring a new and unfamiliar place if it's proven to be welcoming for them.
  • The term DUFF actually wound up becoming a popular conversion in some parts of the Pantheon after Bianca and Wes's ascension, especially in the Houses of School, Physical Appearance, Communities and Solitude, and Popularity, where topics of appearances and friendship happen to be mainstay generally. Interestingly, despite the boom of the term, Bianca doesn't really seem to care about it much, personally thinking that having to involve herself too much would not allow her to really move on in her life. That and she really just thinks it's a label that doesn't help others from really expressing themselves. Wesley, however, does have some knowledge on why DUFF is a trending topic in the Pantheon as it allows others to be more aware of themselves physically and socially as well as some taking it as a note to challenge the popularity of others and their own. Bianca can at least concede that the second part is something she can agree on.
  • Bianca personally happens to have some unconventional interests compared to girls her age. Preferably, she prefers "old, obscure movies" and even has posters of them plastered on her room's walls. Obviously enough, she's even got to have some in her own space in the Pantheon and feels pretty proud of that. She was happy to learn that there was a Hall of Theatre and Spectacle, mainly because she felt that she could take the opportunity to explore and maybe even find something that isn't well-known in general for her to watch and appreciate in the future. The first few visits there were... uneventful, much to her annoyance, but she found some success later on by finding what she wanted. She takes Wes along on a number of occasions to have some time together, but sometimes he ends up dozing off, comically ruining much of their attempts.
  • Wesley's impressive physique made him a popular chick magnet (at least before he realized his affection for Bianca) and makes the most of it by enlisting himself in physical education activities, especially in football where he was able to score a scholarship. Unfortunately, he's not the most academically bright and his failing grade put his scholarship in jeopardy, which forced him into seeking Bianca's help. With that out of the way, the Houses of School and Sports were open to offering him an additional scholarship in participating in large-scaled football matches and events as a way to make his career and reputation more prestigious. While Bianca did warn him about a lot of risks that come with the offer, Wes accepted them, mainly to perform to his best. So far, he's learned to enjoy the latter House thanks to their encouragement and the opportunity to showcase more football players. Though Bianca and Wes do hope the latter isn't getting DUFFed, even if the former doesn't care much about the label.
  • Given her own experience with popularity and reputation, Bianca found herself getting along pretty well with Kayla Day once they met during a break in the House of School. Both have admitted to finding issues with how to showcase themselves and feeling like outcasts, though Kayla admitted that her own situation might be worse, given that, unlike Bianca who still had many friends, she didn't have much social support apart from her father, her friends were not as reliable, and she was socially inept, mostly resorting to social media and texting for much of her direct communication. Even so, Bianca respected Kayla's efforts in becoming more adamant about her choices and standing out for herself later on. Kayla herself felt like she might have been a DUFF, given that she was the unpopular one in her friend group, though Bianca told her to not think much about it and to be happy about the kind of person she is. That, and Bianca and Wes would try to give her some quality time if it makes Kayla happy.
    • They also got along pretty well with Marty McFly, seeing as, like Bianca, he seems to look pretty good and has a number of things going for him, including being friends with a time-traveler, having a girlfriend, and being skilled in playing guitar, and while academically decent, he's clumsy, is not on good terms with many of his teachers, and finds himself under an initially dysfunctional family. Marty discovered that Bianca and Marty came from the 2010s and was a bit disappointed, given that the version of 2015 that he went to was more futuristic than what occurred in reality. Wes feels skeptical on how despite someone who is probably cooler than him tends to hold low self-esteem in himself, given Marty's exploits in going to the past and future, though he does find having him for company to be pretty fun. Bianca jokes that Marty would probably need her mother's "self-helping wisdom", though it's best that this isn't pursued out of the fact that she feels it would make things awkward.
  • Having been childhood friends and developing romantic affections for one another is something that's been seen and told multiple times, with Bianca and Wes being aware of that even before being invited to the Pantheon. Of course, it didn't stop them from getting lumped in with other couples with precocious relationships like them, such as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, who were similarly friends with one another since childhood and had a similar dynamic as teenagers with Kim being a popular cheerleader and Ron being a geeky and socially meek boy, at least outside of their spy profession. Their demeanor and style felt similar to Bianca and Wes, who noticed those with Ron and Kim respectively, and Ron can be antsy about his confidence, Kim asserts that she's never given up on him as a person. It was inspiring enough for Bianca and Wes to reaffirm their own relationship and look out for one another, be it in their world, or in the Pantheon.
    • Kousei and Kaori were another pair of students who developed romantic affections with one another, though their complications had a more tragic outcome, which ended with the latter's death from osteosarcoma. It turned out that Kaori loved Kousei since primary school due to his pristine and eloquent skill in playing piano, though they would only properly meet in high school during spring, long after Kaori had been diagnosed. For Bianca and Wes, their story was filled with a lot of vitriol and melancholy, though Kaori insisted that it'd be better to simply live the moment and enjoy what they have. Much like Bianca and Wes, Kousei and Kaori also had differing romantic affections in Kousei's friends, Tsubaki and Watari respectively, though Kousei would only learn of Kaori's feelings for him sometime after her death. Even so, the two pairs remain good friends, with Bianca and Wes admitting to enjoying Kousai and Kaori's music as well as the latter two often joining in on the former two's spare time.
  • Both of them get along with their teachers in class, and with him heading off to college, Wes is relieved that he doesn't have to partake in doing heavy-handed subjects like Chemistry. Given their own stories and experiences, it didn't take long for Bianca and Wes to meet up with Eikichi Onizuka, a representing teacher who got himself into a lot of ruckuses, especially during his younger years as a high school delinquent, though, in spite of all this, decided to do whatever it takes to motivate and inspire others as a teacher, even if it meant using unscrupulous methods. Learning about stories involving DUFFs, Eikichi was thankful for Bianca and Wes's story and decided to try instilling others to believe in their own self-worth and to make the most of their efforts. And not only that, he'll even play football with Wes partly to make him a better player and partly out of being a friendly sport for him to compete against. While not too much in the field of electronics, Eikichi has made sure to let Bianca know that maybe too much social media can be dangerous, to which she replied with a deadpan "yeah, I know". Regardless, they remain on good terms with Eikichi being supportive of their relationship.
  • The idea of one being a DUFF was not too dissimilar to the predicament of Peter Pettigrew back when he was a member of the Marauders back when he was a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts. He himself was the most unpopular member of the group and was meek and reclusive, mainly relying on his friends, James, Sirius, and Remus, for company and protection and they didn't mind him generally… until Pettigrew decided to sell his group out, resulting in James being killed and Sirius falsely accused of Pettigrew's crimes and sentenced to Azkaban. What could have been a rather pitiful opinion is immediately turned into one of disgust. Even if Pettigrew was a DUFF, he still had friends, and to be as callous as betray them just to save his own skin was discomforting for Bianca to think about, not to mention he remained a DUFF to the Death Eaters, who simply found him annoying and contemptible themselves, essentially accomplishing nothing in accepting himself or proving himself to others. If anything, learning about Pettigrew only made Bianca appreciate Casey and Jess more, in addition to her and Wes reaching out to and befriending James, who wisened up to become a better person after his own troublesome days and told the two to be thankful for their friends as well as to be careful of who to befriend.
  • They're not obviously into the bullying clique for obvious reasons, and that's not getting into the one time Bianca was embarrassed by Madison when her friend caught footage of her playing around a mannequin, whom she envisioned as Toby, and posted it on YouTube out of petty humor. With that in mind, she and Wesley tend to avoid any contact with bullies like Biff Tannen and Gary Smith, who have proven themselves to be consistently vindictive and callous in their efforts to assert their bully status. While Biff is annoying and can be a threat, Bianca and Wes hate Gary more because of his inability to consider his actions, belittle 'anybody'', and then treat everybody as a DUFF and himself as a king in his school. Of course, Gary was open to insulting and mocking the pair for their past issues and insecurities, though at this point, nobody pays to give him any attention, considering his own popularity with nearly anyone near his age. On a silver lining though, the two did get along with Jimmy Hopkins, who oddly enough, started out as a DUFF for the bully clique in Bullworth Academy before working his way up to becoming more popular and respected and eventually defaming Gary for his petty actions. While abrasive, Jimmy is open to hanging out with Bianca and Wes, learning how to navigate and interact on social media from the former's guidance whilst also partaking in sports with the latter as a sign of showmanship.

    Madame Bovary 
Emma Bovary, Goddess of Unrealistic Romance Novel Logic
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A bottle of arsenic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wants to live life like a romance novel, but things don't work like that, drowns herself in luxuries she can't afford to distract herself from her piling debt, ultimately kills herself to escape her problems
  • Domains: Romance, Tragedy
  • Allies: Anna (Frozen), Charlotte LaBouff, Sayaka Miki
  • Enemies: Dr. Facilier, Ursula, Joe Goldberg
  • False Friend: Dorian Gray
  • Complicated Relations: Belle, Helen Graham, Elizabeth and Darcy
  • Emma lived a simple life in the French countryside as a reasonably well-off farmer's daughter. Ever since she was a teenager, she dreamt of her life being full of passion and glamour like in the romance novels she devoured when she was being educated at a convent. As an adult, she married a doctor named Charles Bovary, believing it might be a step to a more exciting life. Instead she found it dull, and Charles was mediocre and not the ambitious type, being content to live quietly in the village. Desperate to feel the strong emotions her favorite novels told her about, Emma made a series of bad decisions, namely getting involved with other men and borrowing more and more money to support a lavish lifestyle. She built up so much debt that she ruined her husband and daughter's lives besides her own, and as no one would help her, she committed suicide as she couldn't stand facing the consequences of her actions.
  • As a result of her obsession with living out her fantasies of being a heroine in a romance novel and the disastrous consequences thereof, she ascended to the Pantheon after her death under the domain of Thinks Like a Romance Novel, after the former holder, Anna of Arendelle, had left it vacant in order to take on a more presently relevant title for herself. Anna knows from firsthand experience how damaging such a mindset can be to one's entire life, so she was interested in meeting Emma and try to comfort her. But on the contrary, Anna was rather appalled to discover that Emma hadn't really learned anything from her mistakes, and was in fact absolutely enamoured with the idea of being a goddess (regardless of what she is goddess of), arriving at the conclusion that this meant her life had been remarkable after all (well, she is right in a sense). Despite the disappointment at this, Anna still keeps tabs on Emma, if only to make sure she doesn't end up in another unsustainable situation.
  • Right off the bat, she got tied up in the questionable-at-best company of Dorian Gray, becoming smitten with him due to his considerable good looks. Being a pathological hedonist, Dorian's interest in her is mainly what she can do for his own pleasure, but he does seem to feel some degree of sympathy for her frustrated attempts at seeking hers, especially how it led to both their undoings. Emma appears willfully unable to see Dorian for what he is, no matter how many deities warn her that his angelic face belies his rotten nature. Instead she has latched on to him as her very own Byronic Hero love interest, tormented by that horrid painting and misunderstood by all. It helps that he has become her most consistent access to the romantic life that she wishes for herself so badly, and he is very willing to maintain her impression of him by escorting her to balls and other such events like a gentleman.
  • Her destitute status at the time of her death is a subject of either pity or derision in the House of Commerce, depending on the deity. Someone who understands to some extent how Emma feels is Charlotte LaBouff, who constantly idealizes herself as a princess and dreams of one day becoming one for real, even though such fantasies would have been better off left behind once she passed a certain age. Despite that, Charlotte still keeps living a happy life; it probably helps that she is a naturally generous person with good friends, even though she is so spoiled. Charlotte happens to attend much the same social functions that Emma likes going to, so they've developed a rapport after some meetings, with Charlotte sometimes inviting Emma to tea parties in her own temple and playing at being princesses. Some hope that Charlotte's positivity and consideration for others will be a good influence on Emma to counter the hold Dorian has on her, though others feel like Charlotte's refusal to abandon her princess fantasies will just reinforce Emma's commitment to her own.
  • Emma could in fact be compared to many Disney princesses, given she shares with them a dissatisfaction for her current status and a wish for something more. But while those princesses got what they wanted after some trials, the same could not be said of Emma, obviously. One could be cynical and say that the Disney princesses had all the advantages thanks to being royalty, while Emma never stood a chance to make big changes to her life as a farmer's daughter married to a humble country doctor. As it happens, Belle does have similar origins to Emma as the daughter of a crackpot inventor. Belle even shares with Emma a passion for books, although Belle managed to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground even as she wished to go on great adventures. And just like that, she went on to break a curse assailing a castle and its inhabitants, ending up married to the once-monstrous prince. Hearing all this leaves Emma feeling more sorry for herself that she didn't have the luck to have extraordinary things happen in her life. Belle feels like perhaps that would not have been the case if Emma had kept aware of her reality instead of pretending it was something more glamorous than it actually was. Given Emma insists on feeding her delusions in the Pantheon even after everything that happened, she and the down-to-earth Belle don't exactly get along, though Belle does feel some concern for her.
  • Emma's unceasing hunger for a more romantic lifestyle leaves her vulnerable to certain disreputable types who would take advantage of her so they can profit. This was true in her mortal life as she fell prey to a Loan Shark, and is true in the Pantheon which has deities along the same lines, sometimes with a magical twist to it. This includes Dr. Facilier and Ursula, who both have the ability to make people's wildest dreams come true, but the price they charge for their services is higher than most imagine, even if they make themselves seem reasonable at first. Of course Emma, in her naivety, has come to think that magic is the easy solution to her woes, so she has a tendency to fall into their clutches and never quite learning her lesson when her allies rescue her (which is frankly quite exasperating to them), reasoning to herself that someday she'll be able to pay the price that they ask from her and she won't ever have to think about them again as she'll be too busy enjoying her new life. Facilier and Ursula are endlessly amused at what a willing patsy she is.
  • Helen Graham is someone who held some very romanticized notions, particularly pertaining to marriage, when she was younger. Unlike with Emma, these notions came from religious piety rather then novels. Also unlike Emma, she actually got a very rude awakening, showing how wrong her preconceived notions were and allowing her to do something to remedy her situation before it was too late, regardless of the fact that it went against what was acceptable at the time. Helen accepts that every girl has a time in her life where she's given to flights of fancy, but then comes a time when she must make crucial decisions with complete pragmatism. Emma probably missed the point, given Helen absconding in the country to escape her abusive husband and then finding a better partner was nothing short of romantic for her. On the other hand, working for her living as Helen did is decidedly not what she imagines for a more glamorous life. Helen finds this attitude unbelievable and wonders if Emma is beyond help already, especially considering how she totally disregarded her child's well-being (Helen's son was the biggest motivation behind her decisions).
  • Emma was sought by the Magical Girl Sayaka Miki, who felt the need to tell her not to let her romantic ideals cloud her rational judgement. This is certainly due to Sayaka's own tragic story, in which she used up her wish and gave up on her humanity to restore mobility to a boy she had a crush on, only to be very disappointed, to say the least, when this did not lead to him returning her feelings. Although Sayaka's wish was altruistic on paper, it was ultimately born out of a selfish, if unconscious desire to have that boy owe her his love, which is completely unrealistic. Ultimately, Sayaka's romanticized notions were what caused her downfall and death, rather like what happened to Emma. Unlike Emma though, Sayaka has learned her lesson, leading to her being able to see her shameful past self reflected in Emma's behavior, which is why she wants to caution Emma against it. She's had no more success than Anna or Belle, but she hopes Emma can see the light one day.
  • Has become a kidnapping victim of Joe Goldberg at some point or another. He is just very concerned about the way she keeps going through her life in a constant state of deluding herself and thinks she needs to be protected from herself and reeducated so she has a firmer grasp on reality. Which is, you know, very rich coming from a psycho like him, who has some very messed-up notions of what keeping someone captive really means, as a result of his twisted upbringing. Emma never enjoys it when Joe turns his attentions to her, as even she is not capable of viewing his kidnappings in a romantic light, nor can she bring herself to enjoy the books he gives to her in his reeducation attempts, as they are not her preferred subjects to be reading. Of course, her allies also bail her out of these situations, though not without lecturing her on how she is not so different from Joe since they both have deluded themselves about reality; Joe just happens to take it to a whole other, deadlier level.
  • Some joke that the best thing Emma can do in the Pantheon is to indulge in her reading hobby, because at least it means she's not going out and getting herself in trouble in her attempts to make her dream life a reality. The Pantheon's libraries possess a much wider variety of literature than what existed in her time, though the fact of the matter is that Emma is still primarily drawn to romance novels. Among the works she's had the chance to read is Pride and Prejudice, and she's become something of a fan of the lead couple, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, seeing much of herself in Lizzie as they're both dissatisfied with their situations, and looking up to Darcy as the ideal romantic partner, surly but kind deep down. Once again, she's probably missing the point, in that Lizzie kept herself grounded and dealt with her circumstances with wit instead of living in a fantasy land like Emma did. Also, Darcy's temperament is actually quite similar to Lizzie's, making it not that much of a fairytale romance, but more of a harmonious relationship based on shared interests and points of view. Lizzie and Darcy, for their part, find Emma quite annoying and rather similar to Lizzie's foolish younger sister Lydia, who wound up stuck in a bad marriage due to her own unrealistic ideas.

    Emma Woodhouse 
Emma Woodhouse, Goddess of the Matchmaker Failure
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Strawberries
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Spirited Young Lady, Spoiled Sweet, Brilliant, but Lazy, Too Clever by Half, Nice to the Waiter, Rich Boredom, Wealthy Philanthropist
  • Domains: Love, Class
  • Herald: George Knightley (husband)
  • Allies: Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Michael Scott, Mabel Pine, Gumball Watterson, Anne Shirley
  • Annoyed by: Oberon, Titania and Puck
  • Pities: Madame Bovary
  • Interested in: Belle and the Beast, Aladdin, Jasmine, Rose Bukater, Jack Dawson, Pongo and Perdita
  • Emma Woodhouse is a genteel woman in her early 20s living in Regency England. As a member of the landed gentry, she enjoys a privileged life. She is bright and energetic, but doesn't have much opportunity to exercise her faculties partly due to lack of self-discipline, and partly due to her sedentary, hypochondriac father, leading her to be frequently bored. For this reason, she befriended a girl below her station, Harriet Smith, and schemed to match her to a local vicar. For you see, Emma fancied herself a master matchmaker ever since she successfully matched her governess to a business man, even though all Emma really did was introduce them. Additionally, what motivated Emma to help Harriet was her own fantasy that Harriet was not as low-status as she seemed and that she was secretly the daughter of a gentleman, but with the society they lived in, all Emma was really accomplishing was jeopardizing Harriet's actual prospects. Her closest friend and neighbor, Mr. Knightley, acted as a voice of reason and tried to check Emma's antics. Emma further proved to lack perception in matters of love: her infatuation with the newly arrived Frank Churchill made her overlook his connection to Jane Fairfax, whom Emma disliked; and she somehow failed to notice her own feelings for Mr. Knightley or the fact that they were mutual. At length, Emma finally learned matchmaking was not her talent and stopped meddling, instead letting things take their natural course; she married Mr. Knightley, while Harriet also married a good man suited to her.
  • No big adventure preceded Emma's entry into the Pantheon; she was simply invited in by Elizabeth Bennet and her husband Mr. Darcy. While they certainly agree with Mr. Knightley that her misadventures in matchmaking were unwise, Emma showed a remarkable ability to learn from her mistakes and mature, in their opinion. Besides that, having some intelligent, witty company from their home period of Regency England is something both Elizabeth and Darcy greatly welcome. The entire notion of the Pantheon was obviously very surprising to Emma, but the Darcy couple would help her acclimatize. She also had many questions about their side occupation of slaying the undead and the two were obliged to sate her relentless curiosity even though they don't think it's a pleasant subject. Fortunately, Emma was not so disturbed as to abandon the Pantheon; she's wise to keep away from the creatures. At any rate, these new, exotic dwellings are really a refreshing change for her, who wasn't allowed to do much travel on account of her father.
  • Emma would discover that a few other deities also meddled in the love lives of those close to them and came away from the experience with the wise realization that they really shouldn't have. Emma can easily bond with these people, provided they had good intentions. One of them is Michael Scott, who once got emotional over two of his employees becoming parents, leading to him convincing himself he got them together and prompting him to try to set up more couples at his office. The first and only attempt, which was with Erin and Kevin, was a failure as Michael didn't realize at all that Erin already had a crush on Andy. And then Michael was rather rude to Kevin as he told him he wasn't good enough for Erin. Emma would think Michael completely silly if she hadn't engaed in enough silliness already, and much like her, Michael learned his lesson and eventually matured, if only a little.
  • Some other matchmaking attempts have involved the use of love potions, which Emma considers to not be real matchmaking since such potions manipulate and transform the feelings of the people involved; a real matchmaker seeks to understand the true feelings that are already there, not that Emma will proclaim to be an expert on the matter at this point. Mabel Pines is guilty of using a love potion, albeit with completely good intentions as it was an attempt to cheer up her friend Robbie by getting him together with Tambry, but it only succeeded in driving a wedge in their friend group and also invoked the wrath of the local Love God. Emma is certainly thankful not to have lived in a world where she could incite the wrath of any pagan deities with her antics. At any rate, Emma thinks Mabel is entirely forgivable, especially as she was young and naive. And Mabel wasn't entirely wrong in her matchmaking instincts as Robbie and Tambry eventually became an item; Emma had to congratulate Mabel for being more perceptive than her.
    • Gumball Watterson also has the dubious distinction of having tried his hand at matchmaking through the help of love potions. In his case, he administered the potion to his adopted brother Darwin and their classmate Teri, believing the former had a crush on the latter and it would help them get together. What Gumball failed to realize was that Darwin was really pining for Carrie, a ghost; as Carrie does not show up on film, Gumball mistook Darwin sighing over a picture of an invisible Carrie as him sighing over Teri, who also showed up in the picture. As far as Emma is concerned, that's a very understandable mistake; how was Gumball supposed to guess his brother was pining over someone invisible, anyway? It was still very wrong of him to try to force two people together, though. But, just like Mabel, Gumball realized how wrong he was and cleaned up the mess he made, allowing Darwin to be with Carrie, as it should be.
    • And what Mabel and Gumball did with love potions pales in the face of the chaotic Love Dodecahedron wrought by the manipulations of the fey Oberon and Puck; the former arguably had good intentions, being moved by pity for Helena's mistreatment at the hands of Demetrius, but the prank on his wife Titania was really very ill-advised and only added to the confusion. If there's one thing Emma can take away from this, it's that while humans are better off not intervening in each other's love lives, it's even more true that non-humans with an entirely different sense of morality should stay far away from them. At least, Emma can take comfort in everything having ended well for all the couples involved, if only due to sheer luck. Unfortunately, the fey still get up to similar antics in the Pantheon, which is really quite annoying for Emma to see as she worries about the potential outcome.
  • Emma can be accused of being someone who Thinks Like a Romance Novel. Or used to, anyway; her failed experiences in matchmaking helped her become a more grounded person. Another lady who held unrealistically romantic notions and tragically never learned to let go of them just so happens to share her first name with Emma; that is, Madame Emma Bovary. It's not that Bovary ever engaged in matchmaking; that was not among her interests. But she did get convinced that her life could be like one of the romantic novels she loved to lose herself in. So she tried to pursue her fantasies, and that ended in her destroying the lives of her husband and daughter, as well as her own death. Emma would find that contemptible if she didn't suspect that that could have been her own fate to some extent, had she not learned some very necessary life lessons and had the always reliable and assertive Mr. Knightley to check her in her fantasies. Ultimately, she can only feel compassion for Bovary even as she acts just as foolish in the Pantheon.
  • She holds to some ideas about social class and mobility that run straight into Values Dissonance nowadays, shown through her matchmaking ideas for Harriet and how they eventually drifted away from each other once Harriet got married within her class. This led to Emma being surprised that interclass pairings are a dime-a-dozen in the Pantheon and nobody blinks at their existence. Famous examples of this include Belle and the Beast (whom Emma became well acquainted with as they're also friends of the Darcy couple), Aladdin and Jasmine, and Rose and Jack Dawson. It took Emma some accustoming to, as she'd never questioned her era's notions of class, but quickly grew wise to the fact that many deities would frown upon her questioning the wisdom of such matches, so she decided "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". Furthermore, the aforementioned couples are extremely happy together, and it's certainly not the place of a failed matchmaker to criticize them, she thinks.
  • Anne Shirley is someone Emma can see a lot of herself in, for better or worse. Like Emma, Anne is very prone to fantasies and has some very romantic notions, and as she got older she had to deal with some reality checks. Her relationship with Gilbert also mirrors that of Emma and Mr. Knightley to some extent, in that it is very belligerent, but ultimately that only hides their affection for each other. And like Emma, Anne took some time to notice Gilbert's feelings for her, or indeed that she herself also returned those feelings. Oh, and apparently Anne also had a failed stint at matchmaking. Through all those silly coincidences, the two girls couldn't do much else but bond with each other over their shared foolishness.
  • There are beings in the Pantheon are much more talented matchmakers than herself, which is something Emma can live with. But she was surely not prepared to hear the story of how a Dalmatian dog called Pongo successfully set his owner up with the woman he eventually married. And it was all because Pongo was sweet on that woman's own Dalmatian, Perdita. Despite feeling a little frustrated that even an animal saw more success in that enterprise than herself, Emma had to admit it was a very amusing story, as well as romantic for both couples, be they human or animal.

    Gabe Burton and Rosemary Telesco 
Gabriel "Gabe" Burton and Rosemary Telesco, Co-God/dess of Childish Love
Left: Gabe. Right: Rosemary.
  • Quasideities, bordering on Demideities
  • Symbol: Two hands connecting each other with their pinkies. Alternatively, a silhouette of New York City.
  • Theme Song: In my Life
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Children in Love with One Another, Have Known Each Other since Childhood, First Love, Going through an Experience of Maturity, Karate Students, Realizing that Love can be Painful, Victorious Childhood Friend, Being Excessively Cute though it's Done Right, Are Ultimately Separated, but Maintain their Friendship and Never Forgotten One Another
  • Domains: Children, Love, Innocence, Understanding, Growth
  • Heralds: Adam and Leslie Burton (Gabe's Parents), Mickey and Jackie Telesco (Rosemary's Parents),
  • Allies: Daniel LaRusso, Mr. Miyagi, Marty McFly, Cassandra Cain, Damien Wayne, The Hawkins Party, Gentaro Kisaragi, The Kamen Rider Club, Jimmy Hopkins, Mikoto Mikasa, Stan Marsh, Butters Stotch
  • Enemies: Gary Smith, Biff Tannen, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Eric Cartman
  • On Good Terms With: The 501st Legion (for the most part)
  • Fears: Darth Vader
  • Pities: Johnny Lawrence,
  • Wary Of/Opposes: John Kreese
  • Love is a powerful emotion. Romantic Love however, while not inherently bad, should be tread with caution. Such is the case for Gabe Burton, who manages to get back into a contact with a girl name Rosemary Telesco, whom he last met a few years ago in kindergarten. Upon their reunion and meeting up with her on a few occasions, Gabe begins to develop feelings for Rosemary. She does reciprocate and they even date. Unfortunately, their First Kiss onward and both kids begin to undergo difficult life events, some to do with their relationship and others to do with other personal matters. Ultimately, the relationship doesn't last and Rosemary departs to camp and summer school and sharing one last dance with Gabe, though Gabe is able to find some comfort with his parents reuniting and being whole. He muses that Rosemary was his First Love and that ..I'm never gonna get another first love. That one's always gonna be her."
  • Gabe and Rosemary ascended into the Pantheon together, though their first experiences were admittedly very awkward. The two still reside in New York City, but they're surprised and in a mix of excitement and caution of several otherworldly beings also finding home and invasion there. And this wasn't even their first case of feeling uneasy as Gabe and Rosemary were elected to share the trope of Puppy Love. They were happy to see each other again, but Rosemary had admitted earlier that she wasn't ready for love. To manage their comfort zone and their own interests, Gabe and Rosemary have agreed on taking visitations with one another every once in a while, but, for now, would have to prioritize their own interests and life decisions for now.
  • While they're primarily based on the House of Love and Affection, Gabe and Rosemary actually spend more time outside of it than usual. They're often seen taking karate classes at the House of Fighting and Combat given that they've taken lessons beforehand and attend academic lessons in the House of School. Although the Pantheon has been a pretty big uproot in their lives, Gabe and Rosemary are doing their best to get accommodated.
  • They quickly became good friends with Daniel LaRusso who was eager to teach and refine their karate skills and to better defend themselves in their spare time. The two are somewhat wary of Johnny Lawrence due to his abrasive nature and the general tone of Cobra Kai's philosophy, but do sympathize with him given his hard childhood and struggling to come to terms with recent events.
    • Gabe and Rosemary heavily dislike John Kreese and prefer to stay away from him as much as they could. Not necessarily because they're scared, but because Kreese is a Manipulative Bastard who dwells in corrupting students and molding them into bullies. Kreese on the other hand, couldn't care less about Gabe and Rosemary, but has admitted that he is not afraid of beating them up if they ever provoke him. Conversely, Mr. Miyagi is polite and eager to take them in, in spite of his eccentric nature.
  • As school students, Gabe and Rosemary aren't top-class, but make the most of their time in their education. Despite this, they've made a few enemies there, with Biff Tannen and Gary Smith being the worst offenders; Biff due to never growing out of his bullying phase and Gary because of his sociopathic tendencies and crudely insulting anyone around him for the hell of it. Gabe and Rosemary also hate the Reagan siblings because of their petty nature towards most kids of their age, especially Candace White and flaunting on about their rich aristocratic nature.
  • Due to worrying his parents too much when he ventured too far from his home, Gabe has made a point to at least make a note and reassurance to them when he goes out someplace outside of his comfort zone. However, given that his new climate is home to several superhumans, especially from the DC and Marvel Universes, he's noticeably more anxious about it. The fact that the heroes are now spending more time fighting against the villains outside New York may be more comforting by some stretch, but Gabe is pretty aware that he needs to be cautious regardless.
  • Both kids have been asked if they want to dance with one another again. Whenever the question is said, they tend to blush red, especially Rosemary, who would normally say no. Some residents, on the other hand, think they actually want to, it's just that they're too hesitant to admit it.
    • There are plans for a dancing event to be hosted in the House of School. Gabe and Rosemary haven't said much about the matter, though they have a small smile about it. It seems as if their feelings toward each other are still strong. Conversely, they still have a lot of stuff in their way before they could even act on their desires.
  • Given that they're still children, Gabe and Rosemary are regular visitors in the House of Family and Relatives. Once Gabe has toyed around with a few members of the 501st Legion and nerded out seeing a resident from the Star Wars Universe. A few Legion members are actually pretty playful with the kids whereas the others, while somewhat irritated, do allow them to have company. That said, they've made no effort in trying to harm Gabe and Rosemary, lest they want to incur the wrath of Darth Vader.
    • While some of the Legion members do get along with, or tolerate Gabe and Rosemary, Darth Vader is a wholly different story. Sure Gabe is a Star Wars fan, but even he's terrified of what the fallen Sith Lord is capable of. Thankfully, Vader is a staunch protector of the House of Family as of now, so Gabe and Rosemary don't have to worry too much.
  • During a visit in Central Park, Rosemary was suddenly attacked by Eric Cartman with the intent if harming her for the hell of it. Rosemary was able to fight back, though the altercation only further frustrated Cartman. Gabe's arrival forced Cartman to retreat, stating that he'll get Rosemary next time. The whole commotion caused Rosemary to become pretty despondent and wondered how there can be child so violent and abrasive.
    • A short while later, Gabe and Rosemary would become friends with Stan Marsh and Butters Stotch, both of whom know Cartman personally. Stan and Butters then told Gabe and Rosemary about the kind of person Eric is, alongside highlighting the fact that he despises red-haired people, and this was arguably the main reason why he attacked Rosemary. Since then, the two have taken to further improving their karate skills the next time they come across Cartman. Gabe and Rosemary however do hang out with Stan and Butters every once in a while and the latter two have agreed to not really push the former two around, given their own experiences with love. On the flip-side, Gabe and Rosemary's animosity towards Cartman only increased the moment they found out about his abusive relationship with Heidi Turner.
  • The two became friends with Jimmy Hopkins and Mikoto Mikasa pretty quickly, given their good nature and the fact that they can stand up for themselves due to them being taught karate. Jimmy and Mikasa have offered them a position in being residential bully hunters, though Gabe and Rosemary are currently too focused on their own life choices to really consider a group like that. That said, they will fight back hard against bullies if need be. They're also well accommodated with Gentaro Kisaragi and the Kamen Rider Club, given their tight friendship and deep feelings with one another. Some members of the club, particularly Miu Kazashiro and Shun Daimonji have thought about luring Gabe and Rosemary into a situation where they start dating again, though the other club members and Gentaro have ruled them out of doing it.
  • Their overall thoughts in the House of Love is a pretty odd one, though Gabe and Rosemary don't really talk all that much about the concept of love, especially given their age and that they still have a lot left to learn. That said, they do respect most of the deities there, given how they had some sort of quality that bought them there. It's overall rather bittersweet, given that Gabe and Rosemary never got to fully complete their romantic feelings for one another... for now.
"I don't think I'm ready to be in love."
"I'm not ready, and I'm doing it."

    Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno 
Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno, Co-Revered Pair of Precocious Romantic Encounters (Kotaro: Curly-kun)
Kotaro (left) and Akane (right)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A Pink Sandbag Plushie
  • Theme Song: Imakoko and Tsukigakirei by Nao Tōyama
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Have an Awkward yet Precocious First Meeting with one Another, Puppy Love, Become a Couple during their Middle School Years, Struggle with Maintaining Contact and Communication with Each Other, Find it Better to Talk to Each Other by Phone, Love Makes You Dumb
  • Domains: Love, Precociousness, School, Promise, Friendship
  • Heralds: Takumi Hira, Chinatsu Nishio, Daichi Ogasawara, Setsuko Satou, Shou Nagahara, Hiroshi, Saori and Ayane Mizuno (Akane's parents and older sister), Ryuunosuke and Junko Azumi (Kotaro's parents), Daisuke Tachibana, Ryouko Sonoda, Aoi Takizawa, Sakura Tanaka, Miu Imazu, Yasuhito Inaba, Aira Miyamoto, Tsubasa Kaneko
  • Allies: Gabe Burton, Rosemary Telesco, Heidi, Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence, Kayla Day, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, Hanabi Yasuraoka, Mugi Awaya, Sanae Ebato, Noriko Kamomebata, Ferris Bueller, Zack Morris, Shizuku Tsukishima, Kagura, Steven Universe, Connie Maheswaran, Wishbone, Guy Montag
  • Complicated Opinion: Narumi Kanai, Akane Minagawa
  • Kotaro Azumi is a typical middle school student in Kawagoe Academy in Saitama with aspirations for what he wants to do based on his favorite subject and hobby, namely to become a writer and novelist whilst citing Osamu Dazai as an influence. His fellow classmate, Akane Mizuno, is a runner for the school track team and an academically gifted student, though both students have difficulties in expressing their thoughts and feeling towards others, which is especially the case when, after their first day in their third year, the two coincidentally meet with each other in their respective family functions in a restaurant. Kotaro and Akane decide to keep their meeting a secret and usually communicate through the LINE social media app. Over time, Kotaro and Akane start to become close, culminating in them starting a romantic relationship, which troubles their friends and peers, especially Takumi Hira, a fellow runner on the track team who had a crush on Akane and Chinatsu Nishio, one of Akane's closest friends who becomes attracted to Kotaro, especially when they are forced to confront the truth and accept it. Furthermore, Akane decides to apply for a school in Chiba with high-grade requirements and is accepted, forcing Kotaro to study harder, though, despite his best efforts and getting a good grade, is unable to meet the school's requirements and, as a result, worry that they might break up. They have a tearful farewell after their graduation ceremony, though by all odds, they managed to keep in contact via LINE. In the end, Kotaro and Akane manage to stay in touch, reunite, live together, get married and even have a child in the future.
  • Kotaro and Akane's tale of love, hopes, longing, and affection was deemed by many to be a heartwarming and sweet one, especially when despite their social troubles, they managed to hold on to their attachment with each other and keep in contact, even when they separated due to academic and familial differences. As a result of their story, the young couple was deemed worthy to be considered for ascension to the Pantheon, though in a series of odd circumstances, Kotaro and Akane were bought into a new realm by their younger selves, despite the Pantheon's Archives in the House of Knowledge knowing how the two would stay together, get married, and raise a family in the future. The two were happy to see each other again, though due to how they were separated, they found it rather hard to communicate with each other again after so long. Though even then, Kotaro vocally affirmed his love for Akane and promised that they'll make their time in the Pantheon all the more worthwhile, to which she accepted in grace and excitement. That said, many have made sure that Kotaro and Akane don't find out about their future out of fear of a possible time aberration that could occur in case their future starts to play out differently.
  • While the two are a well-known couple in the Pantheon and are undoubtedly nice people who are easy to get along with, Kotaro and Akane do have pretty distinct interests and hobbies and while friendly and supportive to those who get along with them, they tend to struggle socially when they're in a difficult situation, though they have been getting some help in communicating with others better thanks to their friends and family, whom they brought along as their heralds. Kotaro, being an aspiring writer and an avid reader, likes to frequently visit the House of Knowledge during spare time and tends to get himself invested in the library-like environment very quickly. Akane, on the other hand, goes to the House of Sports due to her position as a racer on her school's track team and engages in running competitions as scheduled by rules and events established by the House of School. Not that their differing priorities disturb or annoy Kotaro and Akane too much, as they still make the effort to visit each other out of moral support and encouragement, something that they're glad of.
  • The pair are aware that they weren't the only couple in the Pantheon to start their romantic bloom at an age as young as fourteen, but they rather earned their position and story for just how adorable and sweet it was to confess and maintain their love for each other, despite their troubles and issues. While they study separately in their home realm, Kotaro and Akane were overjoyed to learn that they could hang out in the House of School and they have one of the more healthy and stable relationships there in contrast to a number of students who either mess up themselves and damage their relationship with friends and family as well as their future endeavors whilst pursuing a love interest. Still, the pair did face the issue of having to keep their relationship a secret, but since their tale is too well-known in the Pantheon, that's not much of an issue. If anything, Kotaro and Akane, while not the most popular students are generally well-respected and easy to hang around with according to those who have approached them. Of course, both are eager to have their friends and family as support and company, alongside making new friends in the Pantheon, especially if they can relate or have similar interests.
  • While they deeply love each other, Kotaro and Akane's tendency of mainly using their mobile phones, namely with the LINE app to communicate with each other is something that wasn't initially well known until their separation for high school when that became their primary source of communication until they properly reunited. While this quirk isn't too well-known either way, the pair did get in touch with Kayla Day, a former middle school student herself who made YouTube videos about self-empowering as a way to cope with her social anxiety and struggles to integrate with school cliques and properly talk to others, hence she used her phone for communication. Kotaro and Akane quickly recognized Kayla's struggles as something they endured during their relationship, though it was clear that Kayla's circumstances were severe as unlike Kotaro and Akane, who had friends and could at least immerse themselves in school just fine, their romantic affection discounted, Kayla didn't have much luck, not to mention her father, Mark, had issues with moving on from separating from his wife and grew fearful of his daughter's well-being. Regardless, Mark and Kayla helped to better each others' confidence and hope for the future just in time for the latter's graduation and her story of growth was something that the pair liked, with Akane relating to their shared social anxiety and Kotaro feeling that Kayla's story can serve as an inspiration for his writing at some point. Since then, Kayla has remained a good friend to the pair and they often hang out with each as a sign of their friendship and as a way to improve their morale.
  • On the subject of young love, Kotaro and Akane were recommended by a few to see if they could meet up with Gabe Burton and Rosemary Telesco who became romantically involved with each other much younger than Kotaro and Akane were. Gabe and Rosemary were receptive to meeting with the two of them and it became clear that they could get along well with each other as they were generally good-natured kids and they usually got along with most people they got into contact with. Being a karate enthusiast, Gabe asked to invite Kotaro and Akane to practice sessions based on those and see if he could beat them in a friendly fight. Kotaro, being the bookish kind, shied away from that offer, though Akane, being the sporty type, stated that she could consider taking karate lessons and have a friendly duel with Gabe if she gets the time. On another note, both found it coincidental that they were separated, though, unlike Kotaro and Akane, Gabe and Rosemary's circumstances were a lot more grim and bittersweet, with the former having to use his loss as a way to mature himself emotionally. Regardless, Gabe and Rosemary were happy to learn of Kotaro and Akane's romantic success and state that they'll always remember their tale as a way to look for a brighter future. Since then, both couples have remained good friends. Furthermore, the couple also befriended Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence after seeing how their young romance paid off and that they were generally supportive people who were willing to give Kotaro and Akane their blessings for a hopeful time in the Pantheon, as was Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran. That said, Steven and Connie want to wait before marrying and want to focus on more serious matters regarding themselves, but regardless, they still held Kotaro and Akane on high regard and even give them occasional visits as a sign of their friendship.
  • While their story of love and their difficulties in communicating with each other and their friends and family about this is very well documented, their time in school is not so much, though that might be because of how their school life was relatively normal compared to most deities in the Pantheon. Nevertheless, the couple, thanks to their varying interests and generally being nice people to get along with, both found new friends like Ferris Bueller and Zack Morris, two students who were generally liked by others for their free-spirited nature, though Zack, being a troublemaker, has seen his fair share of troubles and issues, even if he doesn't mean harm. Kotaro and Akane generally appreciated their time and company as Ferris, being a habitual school skipper, used his spare time to arrange a restaurant dinner for the couple, much to their surprise as well as a ride with his Ferrari. On the other hand, Zack has been getting involved in a number of hustles and pranks involving Kotaro and Akane's friends, but always makes sure that they're okay and they've had a good time, not to mention whenever he meets the couple, he tries to offer them some company alongside his friends. That, and Zack has competed with Akane on race tracks on a couple of occasions and proves to be a good sport, regardless of who wins, and encourages Kotaro on his dream of becoming a good writer someday. Finally, Zack having his romantic affection for a fellow student, Kelly Kapowski, reciprocated helps him to better communicate and see if he can support Kotaro and Akane in their relationship.
    • As an avid runner and competitor for school race tracks, Akane stumbled across Kagura during one of her practice sessions, whereupon they found out that they were to compete against each other for an upcoming race in the House of School. Akane felt a bit hesitant in conversing with Kagura as, while she meant no harm, her overly boisterous and loud nature and antics made her a bit overbearing to stick around with. After having their race, in which Kagura won, she actually took the time to compliment Akane as well as noting her tendency to squeeze her sandbag plushie anytime she was stressing out or was nervous. This prompted Kagura to be a bit more careful towards Akane so as to not be antagonistic towards her and it's there where they started getting along. Shortly after, Akane got to meet with Kagura's friend group, whom she got along with as they participated in a bunch of activities as well as bringing in Kotaro on occasion, with his writing being checked by Chiyo and Yomi as a way to see how good his writing has been doing.
  • Of course, Kotaro's interest in storywriting meant that he would be seeing a lot of inspiration in the Pantheon for his work, and looks forward to noting that down when he gets the time. One day whilst roaming and reading in the House of Knowledge, Kotaro stumbled across Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, two mangakas who were similarly wanting to follow their passion for becoming known writers in the future, after Kotaro accepted a voluntary task to stack up and reorganize a few rows in the manga section of the House's library section, which was where met Muto Ashirogi lounging there looking for a few works to read to pass their time and to prepare themselves for a possible upcoming manga to draw and write. Initially, the two gave passing glances, though Kotaro treated the duo respectfully for being careful of the books they were looking at and reading at. The following day when Kotaro attended as a visitor, Muto Ashirogi were quick to recognize him from the previous day, and they decided to have a conversation about one another and their interests. Given the competitiveness and stress the manga industry demands, Kotaro expressed a lot of respect and appreciation for Mashiro and Takagi and congratulated them for getting their works published as well as having one of them adapted into an anime while Muto Ashirogi gave Kotaro their support one day getting his writing released someday. It also came as a surprise when they found out about their experience in romance as Mashiro and Takagi also went through that kind of affection during their teen years, though there was some friction between Mashiro and his love interest, Miho Azuki, due to having their relationship leaked out of spite, which caused difficulty for Azuki in becoming a voice actress, specifically for a role in Mashiro and Takagi's anime. Regardless, they've managed to persevere and they even got married years later, alongside Takagi and his girlfriend and fellow classmate, Kaya. With Kotaro bringing Akane along if he can, the couple has met up with Muto Ashirogi a number of times in the House of Knowledge and when not reading, they like to hang out in a more open sector where they can freely talk and express themselves, in whatever way they want.
    • Additionally, Kotaro also became acquainted with Wishbone, a Jack Russell Terrier who, oddly enough, was an avid book reader and even fantasized himself playing a role in the stories he read. Of course, Kotaro didn't expect that a dog, of all things, would have an interest in books, which obviously shocked the young boy when he saw the dog in the library sector that he frequented. When the two met, Wishbone was eager to meet up with a fellow book writer and tried to ask Kotaro about his works, or at least what influences does he take, in addition to wanting to read Osamu Dazai's works as a way for Wishbone to befriend someone via reading an author that he looks up to. With that said, Wishbone envisioned what Kotaro and Akane's story would have been like had he have been there too, to which Kotaro stated that he'd probably have been either his or Akane's pet and they would have looked at him as part of the family, to which Wishbone conceded, of course leading to a good friendship between the boy and the dog. On another note, Kotaro also met and got along with Guy Montag due to his similar interests in books, though there was a twinge of tragedy in that from where Guy comes from, books were outlawed and prohibited from reading as they caused dissent and unhappiness. Guy was interested to learn from Kotaro about all sorts of books and their types, eventually coming to see that, in addition to knowledge, books could also tell stories that would make others happy, which made Guy more reflective about them and thanked Kotaro for it.
  • They would soon come to meet up with a sextet of people from school who had a much more complex and complicated situation about than most people do, let alone with Kotaro and Akane, and as it turns out, it came off as pretty dysfunctional and problematic for nearly everyone involved. The first occurrence was when Akane met Noriko Kamomebata at the House of School, where the two had a civil chat about clothing due to Noriko's desire to become a fashion designer and they generally got along. Kotaro encountered Hanabi Yasuraoka during school recess and decided to help her out with a few extracurricular activities. It was here where Kotaro also met Mugi Awaya, and the former realized through Hanabi's flustered reaction that they must have had a lot of affection for each other, though he decided not to press Mugi or Hanabi about whether they were romantically involved. Sometime later, Kotaro and Akane recounted their school conversation and were rather surprised when Akane told Kotaro about Noriko, and as it turned out, she mentioned something about Mugi and Hanabi during her conversation with Hanabi. Eventually, Hanabi would meet Akane with Kotaro and figured that they were a couple. She was happy for them, though she couldn't bring herself to talk about Mugi at the time, given that they were struggling with love at that point. Kotaro assured that he suspected that she had feelings for Mugi, but kept quiet because he didn't want to embarrass or hurt her feelings. Hanabi told Kotaro that they still get along, but because their tale of romance was a big mess, they don't want to burden each other or others about it. Regardless, Kotaro and Akane chose to regard Hanabi as a good friend and this gesture was even extended to Mugi the next time they confronted him.
    • Speaking of which, the couple is a bit more conflicted about what to think of Narumi Kanai and his spouse, Minagawanote . Narumi is a pretty nice person and he generally treats Kotaro and Akane pretty well, but Minagawa, being a vamp who wanted Narumi for herself and antagonized Hanabi for having feelings for him was a point of contention, though Minagawa would eventually come to genuinely love Narumi and even have a child with him. Minagawa doesn't antagonize Kotaro and Akane and is actually affable about their relationship with each other, but beyond that doesn't much too much attention either, though she is amused that they're friends with Hanabi and Mugi and that's why they know about her and Narumi. That said, Kotaro and Akane were perplexed to hear that Hanabi had feelings for Narumi that were never noticed by him, let alone reciprocated, although they recognized there was a lack of proper communication due to their differing occupation with Narumi as a teacher and Hanabi being a student at that time. This was similar to how Kotaro and Akane found it hard to talk to each other about love and relationships, though it was still not as severe as Narumi's. Sanae Ebato also faced difficulties in trying to express her romantic affections towards Hanabi, and though angsty at first, she's since accepted that Hanabi's thoughts are towards Mugi first and foremost, and she can manage a good talk with Kotaro and Akane whenever they meet.

    Max Blum and Penny Hartz 
Max Blum and Penny Hartz, Co-Deities of His Last Het Romance
Left: Penny, Right: Max
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A dressed up shopping cart
  • Theme Song: Happy Endings intro
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Max has neutral tendencies)
  • Portfolios: Platonic Life-Partners
  • Domains: Friendship, Charm, Chaos, Good, Curse
  • Followers: Marjane and Enrique, Megan and Jared, Josh and Elena, Melissa and Justin
  • Allies: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Will and Grace, Jack Harkness, Leeron Littner and Amane Nishiki, Will and Grace, Amy Wong (Penny)
  • Enemies: Bambi Hughes (Max)
  • Complicated Relationship: George Costanza
  • This temple houses an odd group of followers. The circumstances are numerous. Some are brought together to try and deny their orientation until they quit. Others hide it until they decide to come out of the closet. Either way, it is rare to find a romance like that that ends with the two of them becoming best friends. And yet this is what Max and Penny has done. Thus, Max's Last Het Romance (or his first gay romance as he likes to call it) has landed the couple in the Pantheon.
    • Was welcomed into the Pantheon by fellow Sitcom members Lucky and Ricky Ricardo. The couple were amused with how the two first met each other and wished them the best. Max and Ricky quickly pointed out that both their partners had a tendency of falling head over feet all the time. Both women objected to that remark... but made sure not to stick around for too long lest either of them slip on something.
    • Had a short tenure as high priests to Will and Grace. There was not much to write about in this one. Will and Max tried to date each other, but Will felt the man to be too unrefined for his tastes. Grace reminded Penny of her friend Alex who was also a bit of a Tomboy though not as ditzy.
  • The main reason Penny sticks around with Max? It turns out she loves hanging out with gay guys, though not the type Max is. She prefers the stereotypical version as opposed to what Max is. Still, she hangs out with him more than any other member of their posse.
  • Both can be seen in the House of Love seeking relationships. Max used to be one who just wanted to have sex with the easiest guy out there, but he agreed with Penny to try and find a soul mate alongside her. The results so far... have been disappointing. Yet Penny has kept Max motivated in the chance they do find the perfect soulmate.
  • Once went on a double date with someone in the Pantheon... only it turns out it was the same person. To be fair, the person didn't know any better. Jack Harkness was looking for any newcomers to get into bed with, and it turns out it was two people who knew each other. Max and Penny rejected any idea of a threesome before awkwardly moving out.
  • George Costanza had a bone to pick with the two. He did not want be associated with one who drove a woman into lesbianism... only that didn't happen. Some credit Kramer for putting her back on the straight path, but George thanked the two for saving him the humiliation... but warned not to put him in such a situation again.
  • The two admire another group of friends that manage to take it a step further; Will and Grace not only managed to stay friends, but also became roommates towards each other. Penny has since tried her best to pair the two together. Unfortunately, Max and Will have gone without saying that neither are their respective types. Likewise, Grace has a hard time liking Penny's activities that don't involve drinking.
  • Exclusive to Max:
    • Lives in fear of the prospect of falling prey to Bambi Hughes, a serial killer and a tendency to go after men sexually. He may not have good luck when it comes to romance but he's not that desperate.
    • Lives for pranking others. When he isn't pranking his own friends, he set his eyes on the Pantheon itself. While pranking on him is fair play, be careful not to overdo it. If so, Max has a tendency to expand his pranks to ridiculous levels. And if you get him particularly badly, he will pay it back ten times over.
    • Visitors have been advised not to visit Max's temple during the winter. It is during that time that he does the most realistic bear impression he's ever done. He also won't hesitate to chase you out, even on all fours.
  • Exclusive to Penny:
    • While Max is fun to hang out with every now and then, Penny desired to hand out with others of the Camp Gay variety. Thankfully, she has plenty of options. Amane proved to be a fun person to hang out with and was even able to reverse time to make her younger (just don't tell her that she needed it). She also likes to hang out with Leeron who can not only can fix nearly anything she broke but can also tend to the various wounds the inflicts upon herself. Nevertheless, she makes her way back into Max's arms.
    • There was one time when Penny met up with Amy Wong. In need of some headache medicine, the two decided to work together to get the store. While both were known for getting into accidents, they didn't think much of it. The following disaster was one of the top 25 most costliest bouts of destruction in the Pantheon, with the two women arriving in the House of Health & Diseases in an ambulance. The doctors there begged them never to join forces again. With that said, the two can be seen together occasionally.
    • Can speak Italian when drunk for some odd reason. She wishes there's someone out there she test her Italian on a date in the Pantheon.

    Rose De Witt-Bukater 
Rose Dawson Calvert (née DeWitt-Bukater), The Goddess Whose Heart Will Go On (Angelica, Elizabeth)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Heart of the Ocean
  • Theme Song: "My Heart Will Go On"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Jack got killed off to show how strong she is, Spirited Young Lady, Action Survivor, Cool Old Lady, (almost) being Driven to Suicide, Together in Death, Uptown Girl
  • Domain: Love, Wealth, Disaster
  • Allies: Jack Dawson, Shinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa, Tiana, Charlotte LaBouff, Princess Jasmine, Anne Shirley, Jo March, Belle and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet
  • Enemies: Cal Hockley, any domestic abuser, Gaston, Calvin Candie
  • Opposes: Jay Gatsby, Scarlett O'Hara
  • After Rose's peaceful death in her sleep, she was immediately ascend the Pantheon because she is one of the most iconic example of the trope. And because her theme song keep repeating that phrase over again.
  • When heard about Rose's ascension, Jack immediately ran to her temple to reunite with her with a kiss. Cal, on the other hand, immediately throws a tantrum about how she cheated on him and he will make her pay for dropping the diamond into the sea. Protection has been granted to her temple by the House of Love so she and Jack don't have to get separated again.
  • Rose's song is so popular that it develops back its own Hatedom for how invasive it was during the time the film came out. Although her song wins back a lot of followers thanks to the re-release.
  • Jack and Rose hates Gaston's guts for his bad treatment of Belle and the Beast. This endears them to Belle and the Beast, who relates to his experience of loving from different social status.
  • With his ascension to the Pantheon, Rose can sometime be seen joining Jack through his drifting throughout the Pantheon. People know not to disturb the two of them whenever they are saying they are drawing like the French.
  • Shinichi Kudo is a strong supporter of Jack's relationship with Rose because they remind him of his friend from the police force Sato and Takagi.
  • Charlotte LaBouff is a big fan of Jack and Rose's relationship because she thinks their story is romantic and Jack's friendship with Tiana while dislikes Cal for how poorly he treats Rose.
  • Made a close friendship with Princess Jasmine because the two of them are in a relationship with someone they love with lesser status.
  • Has a good relationship with Jo March and Anne Shirley for their similar in personality. The three of them can sometimes be seen sharing their story together in a gathering take place in their temple.
    • However, Scarlett O'Hare is not invited to the meeting due to the three consider her an Evil Counterpart for everything they stood for. The fact that she is a proud slave owner does NOT help.
  • Stays away from Jay Gatsby due to how obsessive he is about Daisy and the fact that he looks like Jack.
  • Like Jack and Cal, she forbid anyone from calling her Angelica, Elizabeth or mentioning her with talking animals.
  • Jack and Rose got along well with Romeo and Juliet due to the tragic nature of their romance. The four of them congrats each other that they now reunite with the one they love. The fact that Romeo and Jack looks the same also helps.
  • Hates Calvin Candie with a passion because outside of being a slave owner, he once used likeness to Jack to kidnap her. Luckily, Jack and Cal put aside their difference to rescue her.