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Greater Gods

    Weeping Angels 
"Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good Luck.”

The Weeping Angels, Divine "Statues" (The Lonely Assassins, The Deadliest Assassins in the Universe, The Angels)
  • Greater Divine Beings
  • Symbol: A seemingly harmless angel statue that looks like it's crying...
  • Theme Music: This
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, often leaning to Stupid Evil when dealing with the Doctor
  • Portfolio: Breakout Villain, Angelic Abomination, Killing You Nicely, Feed Off Lost Timespans, Eldritch Abomination, Nobody Here but Us Statues, Turns to Stone When People Are Looking and Can Move Super Fast When They Look Away or Blink, Kill "For fun sir", Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, Nothing Is Scarier, As Old as Time Itself, Tricking Weeping Angels Into Looking at Each Other as Their Only Weakness, Always Chaotic Evil, Made of Iron, Counterproductive acts of evil
  • Domains: Aliens, Stone, Angels, Time, Stealth, Surprise
  • Interests: Babidi
  • Interested in: Ghatanothoa, Immortals and those with very long lifespans, Alessi
  • Allies: SCP-173 and The Heartless (somewhat). Other than them, they are too focused on feeding to be allies with anyone
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Hounds of Tindalos
  • Rivals: Ryuk and Rem, SCP-106
  • Enemies: Basically everyone else is regarded as food and/or a threat to the Weeping Angels. However they take special umbridge with the Doctor and all others from the House of Time and Space, Amelia Pond, River Song, Rory Williams, Clara Oswald, The SCP Foundation, Zamasu, YHVH, both Medusas, the Voices sub-house, The Boos, SCP-682, actual angels, anything mirror-related, most beings they're interested in
  • Fears: Those that can inflict Ret-Gone, Overdeities
  • Weeping Angels are among the most dangerous beings in existence. They look like harmless statues but if you blink or turn away just for a moment they'll be in your face before you realize it. They are fast, faster than you blink. The only thing you can do to keep them from killing you is look at them for as long as possible. If you do, they turn to stone and can't hurt you when they're like that. Most frightening of all is until they get you, you can never be sure if a Weeping Angel is just a statue, and you can't be sure if a statue is really a Weeping Angel. Any statue, however old, however broken, could be a Weeping Angel looking for its next kill.
  • They aren't interested in alliances, and merely wish to feed on the potential lifespan of anyone they come across. What's worse; they are almost completely unstoppable. You can't destroy them. If you do, they'll just reform back and snap your neck. One touch from a Weeping Angel sends you into the past. They consume the energy from the life you might've lead. Luckily, that's where the House of Time and Space comes in. They travel into the past and retrieve any Weeping Angel victims. This makes the Weeping Angels quite angry, as it doesn't really give them much to eat, especially since the House is aided by the Doctor.
  • The Weeping Angels' diet isn't too different from the Shinigami of the Death Note universe; they subsist off subtracting people's lifespans. However the way they do so is different; with the Death Note the victim is killed in 40 seconds to 23 days depending on what's written down, nullifying how long they live. The Weeping Angels send people back in time, not directly killing them but shortening/ending their lifespan from a linear perspective. Some have speculated this could be used in tandem, but Ryuk and Rem would prefer the Lonely Assassins don't intervene in their affairs and the stone angels agree.
  • Their killing through The Slow Path seems almost kind, however this is only how they feed. To the "man", all Weeping Angels are psychopaths who will kill brutally because they can. Whether they can or cannot be considered mortal, Zamasu still holds them up as an example of how mortals are evil, and the fact they abuse time travel to feed. While true with the last point, Zamasu is a bigger threat to time than they are. Unlike most they have no interest to point out the mad Kaioshin's failings and simply wish to continue their lives uninterrupted.
  • Weeping Angels can reproduce through manifesting from images of other Weeping Angels. As such, no visual representation of them is allowed in the pantheon, except for the apparently neutralized profile image. The SCP Foundation went to immediate action to establish ways of containing them, eliminating so much as a crude stick figure of the Lonely Assassins. As they can be stopped by their own reflection, mirrors and any mirror-related being is a useful way of neutralizing them. The Foundation has also increased sales of mirrored sunglasses.
  • Some angels are capable of turning people into angels, or at least being born from the image in one's eye from looking at them. Damned if you do.. As seen with Angel Bob, they are also capable of ripping part of someone's brain out to steal their voice. For that reason, they have been banned from entering the Voices sub-house.
  • During 1938 they used a hotel as a farm for feeding off people's lifespan. Killing you nicely means little when you spend your life there as a prisoner, and the Weeping Angels are trying to set up similar "farms" in the pantheon. They are interested in Alessi's Stand as they could theoretically send someone back in time, make them young again with Sethan, and repeat the process until paradoxes make it unfeasible. As they care nothing for money and Alessi would be made a captive for this to work, he panicked and ran. He may have actually been able to turn the table on them as Baby Angels are a thing, but with them it's a risky procedure.
  • Immortal beings and those with very long lives are of great interest to Weeping Angels. Unfortunately for them, it's of food. Some wonder if having an infinite potential lifespan, due to being The Ageless, having Complete Immortality or somewhere in between would mean they're too much, or if the Weeping Angels could just take off some of their immortal life instead of all at once. It is known that paradoxes make them sick. Walking time paradoxes like Lars Fillmore are completely indigestible and hungry angels will refuse going after them. Of course, this doesn't stop them from trying to kill such beings.
  • They have heard of Raul Menendez's actions against the Spy and thus decide that out of everyone, he could make excellent prey. This is bad news for the Old Cyclops because his skills as a manipulator are useless against them. There is no reasoning with the Weeping Angels. They do as they like. He has even lost many of his followers to them.
  • A lot of the other angels don't like the Weeping Angels at all. They are far too creepy to even be considered angels. To be fair, they aren't angels, but aliens that appear as such. Still very creepy though. Fortunately for the Angels Archangel Michael is there to guard them and make the Weeping Angels shit bricks. Despite their own power, any Overdeity-tier being is beyond their grasp. The Weeping Angels are particularly terrified of any being with the power to Ret-Gone, as this was an experience a number of angels suffered thanks to a time crack.
    • Despite not really being angels, this hasn't stopped YHVH from trying to make them submit out of principle. So far this has been met with failure.
  • As they are already made of stone, at least in their quantum-locked state, they are immune to petrification by either Medusa. If they can be petrified in a more permanent manner in their unobserved state, it's impossible for them to turn the tables on them. Ghatanathoa, however, only needs to be observed for mummification, but in their non-quantum locked state the Weeping Angels might be immune to that. They find the being useful to their cause as it can paralyze people, making them easy pickings for the Lonely Assassins. Fortunately the Great Old One isn't interested in them.
  • Weeping Angels are almost impossible to reason with, however not completely impossible even if the Doctor thought otherwise. SCP-173 is a very similar being to them, what with being a murderous and apparently indestructible angel who can only move when not being looked at. It tends to be the straight man, killing as soon as possible rather than reveling in pointless dickery. They share an enemy in the SCP Foundation as well. However they need to be very cautious in communications as if a Weeping Angel and SCP-173 were to ever see each other, they would be permanently contained unless something blocks their vision of one another.
  • Due to their similarity to SCP-173, the Weeping Angels are able to evoke fear from SCP-682. Well, it's more accurate to say they used to evoke fear. After keeping its eyes on them 682 noticed they aren't The Needless and still needed to feed, so all it had to do was play the waiting game. It's unknown if Weeping Angels capable of reproducing through the images in one's eye are capable of affecting it, however it is known that not being truly alive they are incapable of feeding on the Keter-class SCPs lifespan.
  • As of late, The Heartless have been appearing around these statues. For what purpose, nobody knows, and the angels rarely speak unless they have the voice of someone else like what they did to Bob. Whatever the reason is, it can't be good. Spooky has also managed to employ the Angels to act as Specimen 6s in her house. The Angels don't really complain about it at all. They're just happy that they can kill people. They're also happy that there are so many floors to the house. It is for that reason that they usually have one on each floor.
  • The Weeping Angels have a more conflicted alliance with the Hounds of Tindalos compared to 173. They prefer to stay out of each other's way, but the Hounds pick off time travelers which may try to inconvenience the Angels.
  • The Weeping Angels are completely uninterested in the House of the Undead. They feed off potential lifespans, and those who are technically dead are completely useless for them. And with rare exceptions such as Cybertronians, robots aren't seen as alive to them. While nobody is surprised the Boos don't count as living to them, the fact they can't move if anybody looks at them and can't be harmed, combined with not being useful for the Weeping Angels, means they don't like one another.
  • What? You're still here?! Close this folder and turn back now befo--
  • (neck snapped)

Intermediate Gods

    Agent Carolina 
Agent Carolina, Goddess of Chameleon Camouflage (Sis, Miss Fussy-Britches, Carolina(?) Church)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her helmet
  • Themes: Extraction, VelociROCKtor on her off days...
  • Alignment: True Neutral to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Armor Color Change Power, Close-Range Dance Battler, Tragic Hero, Not Taking Well Becoming Always Second Best, The Atoner, Big Good for the Blood Gulch Crew, Defrosting Ice Queen, Easily Forgiven, neglects her teammates in a competitive scenario, Fiery Redhead, Lightning Bruiser, became very much a jerk before becoming nicer, The Worf Effect, father is Dr. Leonard Church
  • Domain(s): Mercenaries, Camouflage, Tragedy, Determination
  • Heralds: Shatter Squad
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Epsilon, Agent Washington, Leonard Church, Dexter Grif, Lopez, Lavernius Tucker, Caboose, Simmons, Donut, Sarge, Pyrrha Nikos and the rest of Team RWBY and JNPR, Qrow Branwen, Master Chief, Commander Shepard, Solid Snake.
  • Complicated Relations: Agent Texas (AI based off of her mother), Locus
  • Enemies: The Meta, Felix, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Roman Torchwick, AM, Harley Quinn
  • As the Blood Gulch Crew campaigned to get the rest of their team ascended, the outstanding member of Project Freelancer who wound becoming a worthy leader and combatant had no problems getting to deity status, even with all her personality flaws.
  • Her ascension meant Epsilon could return to being Carolina's AI, a partnership that led to great results in Chorus. It's also a deeply symbolic relationship, as Epsilon is based on the memories of Carolina's father Leonard Church.
  • For her title, the Pantheon decided to recognize Carolina's Adaptive Camouflage, that allows her to disguise as both the environment and enemy soldiers. This drew the attention of Solid Snake, who had similar enhancements with the OctoCamo and bonded with Carolina for similar traumas and combat skills. Snake eventually learned she was a fan of his, but was surprised to learn that Carolina's also a fangirl of his enemy Revolver Ocelot.
  • Has become closer to many deities in the house of Family with parental conflicts, as her upbringing was tough: her mother died while in the military, and his father spent the rest of his days trying to revive her in some way, leading to Carolina becoming one of the best in the Project Freelancer he spearheaded just to make him notice her and approve what his daughter had become.
  • Another tragedy in her life regards York, a fellow Freelancer who she was quite close with possible Unresolved Sexual Tension, but the last time Carolina saw him they fought, and he died a few years later. Many hope this doesn't repeat with Washington, as their brotherly friendship seems to be going on a deeper level.
  • Wiz and Boomstick once answered the question of who would win in a fight between Carolina and The Meta. She didn't like the prospect of fighting a former friend (even if it's one who threw her off a cliff), but she's a little relieved to know that when it came down to it, she'll come out on top, as the research showed.
    • If you value your life, never talk about him in her presence, or worse, compare her to Tex. While Carolina had some revenge once by beating up drones that resembled Tex, her presence in the Pantheon still brings some bad memories.
    • On the other hand, she takes comparisons of between Pyrrha and her (as both look and sound rather alike) rather well and they occasionally spar. She also expresses pity for Pyrrha's departure from the mortal realm. Pyrrha's teammates and her friends from Team RWBY have grown to admire Carolina as well.
  • Seeing Felix already ascended made Carolina uneasy, as the mercenary is basically her Evil Counterpart. Her opinion about his former partner Locus has improved, on the other hand. And Roman, who makes her think of Locus without any morals whatsoever, has gotten her instant dislike. Roman's boss Cinder ascending was also terrible for Carolina, as she's the responsible for Pyrrha's death. Carolina also dislikes Adam Taurus, an extremist whose blade might be powerful enough to cup her armor, and Neo, as she's not pleased to see a killer good at disguises on the same house as Wash.
  • Master Chief said he considers her his female equivalent, something Carolina was deeply proud to hear.
  • Got closer to Commander Shepard due to equal battle skills and the fact Carolina resembles Shepard's female form.
  • The house of Music prefers not to comment on her singing skills, and not because Carolina could easily kill most of them. However, they managed to keep her away by saying she's only allowed to perform if this is played right before.
  • Harley Quinn was amused at how Carolina had a similar voice to hers and decided to approach her. While Carolina is getting used to living with quirky people, Harley was too crazy and morally reprehensible for her, and she has responds aggressively whenever Harley decides to pester her again.
  • Ever since Temple locked Carolina down in her suit for days, she's terrified of repeating such an ordeal, and became a fierce opposer to AM given the computer prefers this type of punishment.
  • Upon his ascension to the pantheon, Carolina was introduced to Qrow Branwen through her allies from the world of Remnant. They’ve formed a mutual appreciation of each other’s skills in combat. Qrow in particular respected her tactical knowledge, and Carolina in turn respected his weapon techniques.

    Nothing There 
Alright, who’s nex-

Hello? Hell-o. He… llo… Hello?

Um, hi? Who exactly are y-

Nothing There, Unholy Entity of Impersonating The Dead (O-06-20)
Nothing There's Encyclopedia Portrait
First Form 
Second Form 
Third Form 
  • Intermediate Deity, potential to quickly become Greater should it evolve (ALEPH-class).
  • Symbol: Itself in its various forms.
  • Alignment: Designated as Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Dreaded, The Assimilator that wears a Body of Bodies, Expy of The Thing, Humanoid Abomination at its Third Form (potentially more), True form never shown, Far from a “dumb scary monster”, Transformation grants a Healing Factor and Immunity to all physical damage on top of other dense resistances, Hell Is That Noise, Broken Record, Voice of the Legion, Goodbye., The Unfought in Library of Ruina though his E.G.O. is used in Floor of Language Realization
  • Domains: Flesh, Mimicry, Transformation
  • Herald: Nobody Is
  • Similar entities: The Thing, Carrion
  • Enemies: SCP Foundation, Global Occult Coalition, Fuminori Sakisaka, Saya, Lucina, Grima, Leatherface, James Heller, The HECU, The Black Ops, The Church of the Broken God
  • Interests: Chaos Insurgency, Alex Mercer, The Sarkic Cults
  • ZAYIN, TETH, HE, WAW, and ALEPH is the threat level classification L. Corp uses the Abnormalities they house in their facilities ordered from least to most dangerous. However, the higher the danger the greater output of results from the Positive Enkephalin produced to the quality of E.G.O. equipment and if managed properly they’ll be beneficial to not only the daily work quota but also the company’s long-term ambitions set by its founder. The event in which an ALEPH leaves containment is automatically a dire one. Case in point: Nothing There, an Abnormality that wears the deformed shells of its previous victims with the intention of imitating them. Difficult to keep contained and even more-so to put down, it has earned a rightfully feared reputation in the company and any notice of its escape is sure to spell hell.
  • The story of how exactly Nothing There came to the Pantheon is debated upon. Some say it ascended as a result of Chaos Insurgency being interested in a natural ALEPH class Abnormality and they sought to take it with the Foundation and/or Global Occult Coalition soon entering the picture not long after. Others say it was the GUAE who wanted to use it against the other alliances but ran into trouble with the GUAN. And those are just the popular theories. Either way, it’s commonly agreed upon that from there it killed a god and took their guise to escape its captors' clutches before the ruse fell apart and proceeded to wreak havoc on an entire House. In the end, Nothing There, even in its evolved state was eventually suppressed and isolated within a spacious temple. While the authorities have done their absolute best to keep it contained due to it being unhindered by Qliphoth Deterrence or the limitations that came following the White Nights and Dark Days and establishment of the Library Nothing There still proves to be a dangerous entity and still manages to escape its containment unit.
  • Imagine being an employee of Lobotomy Corporation. You’re surprisingly managing to work with all sorts of monstrosities born from human thought where one wrong move in procedure can spell death or fates much worse than it. There’s a coworker within the same department as you talk to every now and then. You’re not quite “friends” per se, but they’re good company to have in a place like a Wing. One day you’re assigned to work on an ALEPH such as Nothing There. That’s nerve-wracking enough, they can demolish entire departments on their own (not hyperbole), but to make matters worse the first time you step into the chamber you see that coworker from before: Limbs contorted, guts exposed, face deformed, now either gibbering and drooling like an animal or reciting their words as though it thinks itself as them. Really, is it any surprise that Nothing There drives people to madness by looks alone?
    • Managers of L. Corp have a Cognition Filter to help alleviate the gravity of what actually goes on in a workday which makes employees look like dolls and Abnormalities mere toys you’d see on shelves. Fuminori Sakisaka sees Nothing There differently, but it’s nothing like the actual filter. Due to his condition, the world around him is nothing less than a horrific landscape. Conversely, he perceives his lover Saya as an ordinary young woman. And in the case of Nothing There he sees it like a dog (breed varies every time he looks at it), clumps of random mundane objects that vaguely form a cocoon, and finally a human being with a case of gigantism. Despite being another abomination he and Saya aren’t fond of one another due to its destructive tendencies and Nothing There has attacked them as it does with everyone else.
  • Many deities have made the connection between it and The Thing and the Carrion monster that terrorized Relinth Science. The difference is that both monsters are much better at imitating humans than Nothing There even if one disregards that its disguise doesn’t last that long with it eventually deforming. It has been observed that Nothing There appears this ability of theirs. Where it ultimately fails at being human in the long-term, however, Nothing There more than makes up for its longevity and overall threat with its physical strength, unnaturally dense shell, ability to come back no matter what, and capacity to evolve at a very quick rate. Even its First Form is capable of tearing apart grown human beings with little to no effort while driving the remaining ones into insanity.
  • Lucina formerly held Nothing There’s current title in reference to when she masqueraded as her ancestor, Marth, while in the past. She was horrified to be notified about such a dangerous monster popping up in the Pantheon one day and being able to linger after taking her previous title. Luckily, she doesn’t have to worry about it aiding the Fell Dragon Grima after it went ahead and killed many Risen the moment it encountered out of anger. Not so much from them agitating Nothing There by attacking it or anything like that, but rather Nothing There found that imitating them would be irrelevant to its goals after learning they’re undead. Grima caught on from the incident, though he could only chuckle at the fact that, as an Abnormality, Nothing was pulled from the Well of human consciousness, therefore, making Nothing There a product of humanity.
  • Leatherface is a chainsaw-wielding maniac who assists his family of cannibals. As his name suggests, is famous for his masks made out of human skin. On one unlucky day he ended up coming face to face with the Abnormality and in a panic tried to run his chainsaw through its body and found that it harmlessly bounced off its flesh prompting Nothing There to retaliate and immediately kill the Sawyer cannibal and wear his shell. It soon found its way to the House of Slaughter where it caused havoc there.
  • Its ability to evolve and soon regenerate from all sorts of damage can be attributed to Nothing There’s power to fully manipulate the dead mass it wears. In its humanoid form, otherwise known as its Third Form (which is strongly hinted to not be its last), Nothing There gains a club-like arm allowing it to turn anyone caught by it into an unrecognizable mess at best while on its other hand it can launch spikes at blinding speeds. Said club-arm can also be morphed into a giant scythe-like blade that can tear through almost anything and serves as the basis for its Mimicry E.G.O. weapon. A prototype version of the said weapon was once the favored weapon of The Red Mist, a famous and powerful Fixer that operated in the City.
    • Alex Mercer eventually took notice of the ALEPH for this reason. He, or rather the virus taking on his form, has demonstrated similar abilities including the use of an arm blade. While he is planning on roping the Abnormality to his side, either as an asset or just assimilating it, Mercer has chosen the long game of simply observing for now. James Heller, having fought against Mercer and putting a wrench in his plans, eventually pieced together his nemesis’ interest in the Abnormality and has his sights on its movements. While he shows no fear in battling it, even he had to admit it’s one tough son of a bitch with its resistances.
  • Has an Aberration, or variation, in the form of Nothing Is. Where Nothing There seeks to imitate humanity in general, Nothing Is seeks to imitate a specific human identity for itself. It’s a minor difference in motivation, but it is no less dangerous than its original counterpart. Nothing Is was last seen breaking out and taking on the guise of an employee known as Alex and was in the company of Titania, an Abnormality that is the Aberration of Fairy Festival. Due to the severity of the scenario, the facility they were in was blown apart sealing everyone inside. Their status by that point and how L. Corp’s fall affected them is unknown.
  • Due to following a religious faith that worships flesh the various Sarkicism cults took an interest in the Abnormality. Much of their attention is directed towards its E.G.O., specifically in how they can acquire in bulk for their members. Without much intel from L. Corp’s knowledge on it, however, the plan will only be a fantasy with the rate they’re going. On the other hand their opponents, The Church of the Broken God, naturally didn’t take kindly to this.
    • At the very least though, those who have interacted with Nothing There have a 1% chance of acquiring its Gift: three of its eyes on their cheek, which boosts physical healing a little as well making them a little bit tougher. It goes away after dying, though, and given how dangerous Nothing There is, it's generally not worth vying for the Gift.
    • Now with the ascension of Lobotomy Corporation, a new cell has been made for Nothing There to keep it better contained, and given the strong interests in its E.G.O.s, they've decided for once not to enable any means of harvesting those Weapons or Suits; those interested parties will have to settle with trying to rob them from any Agents wearing/wielding them, and the Agents will not go down easily.
  • Owing to their experience in dealing with aliens and monsters both the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit and The Black Ops have marked Nothing There as their enemy. Likewise Nothing There may or may not have equated them to the Rabbit Team, a paramilitary group under R. Corp that L. Corp calls in to deal with situations that have spiraled out of control to wipe out anyone within the department they’re dispatched to. The difference was, the Rabbits were well-geared in dealing with the otherworldly and extraordinarily dangerous threats on top of being augmented like any combatant worth their salt and well as being clones that survived an extended battle royale scenario against their fellow copies. And this contrast was demonstrated all too well when Nothing There got the jump on the former. By the time their heavier armaments have arrived the ALEPH had already formed into its Second Form rendering any action they would moot due to its immunity to physical harm causing them to pull out while they still could before it moved on to its Third Form.
Al...right… alright… who’s... next? Who’s next?

SA-X, Deity of Different-Looking Doppelgängers
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: Purple version of Samus' helmet with blank eyes staring out of the visor
  • Theme Music: The SA-X Approaches, Escape From The SA-X, SA-X Boss Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mirror Boss, Big Bad, Humanoid Abomination, Implacable Man, Hopeless Boss Fight, Footsteps, Blank Eyes, Weaker Transformation, Self-Duplication
  • Domains: Appearance, Viruses, Hunters
  • Heralds: The X Parasites
  • Rivals: The Borg Queen, The Aparoids, Carrion, Alex Mercer
  • Enemies: Samus Aran, The Metroid Hatchling, Dark Samus, Mother Brain, The Chozo, Mega Man, The Crewmates, Antarctic Research Crew, Mogo, Lumas, Rosalina
  • Interests: Albert Wesker
  • The X Parasites are hostile lifeforms from SR388 that throw the planet out of balance and greatly endanger it via assimilating its victims and copying the DNA of such. The threat was big enough that the Chozo created Metroids, already a threat to the galaxy as is, to combat it, but once Samus wiped out the Metroids, the X Parasites returned with a vengeance. One particular X Parasite infected Samus and her Power Suit, resulting in parts of that suit being surgically removed and Samus getting injected with a vaccine that altered her DNA. Some of the removed suit parts that were infected combined themselves and thus, a monster wearing Samus’ standard Varia Suit known as SA-X was born. Not only does it have access to Samus’ arsenal and quite smart when dealing with its targets, it can make duplicates of itself and turn into a hulking monstrosity (and later Beam Core-X, with Core-X being something shared among other X Parasites alongside said intelligence) as a means to fight. With the use of the Fusion Suit, Samus put an end to the X Parasites’ attack, but during that time she wasn’t able to directly fight SA-X and had to run away from it until she had the capabilities to fight it head-on.
  • Samus was given another mission to go to a planet within the Pantheon in order to prevent whatever threats are there from reaching the wider parts of the Pantheon. A few days later, what appeared to be Samus’ starship arrived in the Pantheon, with whoever was there to witness it believing that Samus’ assignment was over. Some of the witnesses noticed that “Samus” wasn’t acting like herself, especially since she was wearing a different Power Suit when she left. Not long after the fake Samus left, the real one arrived, with whoever was still present telling her that someone like her ended up in the Pantheon while she was busy. Samus knew something was wrong and headed to where the imposter was at, but by the time she arrived, some X Parasites SA-X had in the spaceship it was on ended up assimilating with some unlucky victims. It was through Samus’ efforts that SA-X was driven out of the area and the victims recovered some time afterwards, but she was prepared for the fact that it wouldn’t be the only time that SA-X would end up causing problems for the Pantheon at large.
  • While SA-X has never encountered Samus’ main enemies during the time it pursued her, the Pantheon gave it a chance to learn more about them and SA-X has taken issue with them, but for completely different reasons than that of Samus. One part of Mother Brain’s aspirations for galactic domination involved using Metroids as bio-weapons, something that prompted SA-X to not get involved with her. Dark Samus was another of Samus’ adversaries who SA-X opted to avoid due to the former being the product of Metroid Prime, a heavily mutated Metroid, and even the possibility that Metroid Prime itself would ignore SA-X due to said mutations corrupting it did little to change SA-X’s opinion of it. As for The Chozo (who were the original caretakers of Samus) and the Metroid Hatchling, both of whom Samus was on good terms with, it’s clear that SA-X hates the two seeing as how the Chozo were responsible for the Metroids that destroy X Parasites (and the Chozo see SA-X as an aberration that needs to be destroyed before more X Parasites start to spread as a result of its influence) and the hatchling being capable of such thing (though an Ice Beam from SA-X will make it more likely that it can survive and encounter with the hatchling).
  • Mega Man was one denizen of the Pantheon that ended up having to fight off SA-X at one point. He ended up getting word that something was attacking various places and when rumors tried to pin the blame on Samus for such, Mega Man (knowing that someone as capable of using a multitude of powers for heroism like he can wouldn’t deliberately try to harm innocents) decided to investigate in order to put an end to the slander that was directed at Samus. What he ended up finding was something that resembled Samus who proceeded to attack him without giving him a chance to speak things out. While Mega Man put up a good effort, SA-X’s monstrous form gave him trouble and it was through the intervention of Samus (who later found out where SA-X was at) that it was defeated once more and those rumors put to rest. In general, the X Parasites were something that Mega Man had to be on the lookout for as if he ended up in contact with them, then a threat comparable to that of SA-X could emerge from that meeting and fighting a dangerous version of himself was something Mega Man doesn’t want to happen even if he’s prepared for it.
  • Having dealt with a shapeshifting monstrosity in The Thing and how it caused a lot of psychological and physical pain for each other, The Antarctic Research Crew have a lot of justified reasons to be afraid of SA-X and the X Parasites. While fire was able to put a stop to The Thing’s chaos, such an element isn’t as effective on the X Parasites and those affected by it, not to mention that truly getting rid of them requires the use of Metroids, already considered to be dangerous lifeforms created only as a last resort to stop the X Parasites. They already have to deal with the return of The Thing and similar entities such as the Carrion monster and even if SA-X and the X Parasites are in some sort of rivalry with these shapeshifting monsters when it comes to assimilating others and gaining abilities, it’s clear that as it stands, the Research Crew doesn’t have a lot on their own to deal with more dangerous threats. The most they can do is rely on outside help (provided that they aren’t actually a shapeshifting enemy in disguise) to fend off their worst enemies and ensure that none of their members end up assimilated by any of the X Parasites.
  • Other assimilators that have some galactic origin that the X Parasites and SA-X have come across included The Borg and the Aparoids. In a way akin to how The Borg Queen represents The Borg and The Aparoid Queen leads the Aparoids, SA-X serves as the main representative of the X Parasites, though it doesn’t seem to have a leadership role in contrast to the other two. Seeing as how the X Parasites and SA-X have a glaring weakness to Metroids, they are willing to try and assimilate someone to cover their weaknesses before the Borg or Aparoids can, though the latter two race of assimilators have their own weaknesses they are trying to cover as well. Regardless of apparent hostilities between the three over who gets to assimilate what (not to mention the possibility that the three aren’t above trying to assimilate one of the other races as a means to ensure their dominance over the other), it hasn’t prevented the respective enemies of The Borg and Aparoids from trying to stop the X Parasites from spreading, largely due to the Parasites’ said similarities to the aforementioned two species.
  • Alex Mercer, who served as the embodiment of the Blacklight Virus, ended up finding out about SA-X and the X Parasites while looking for other entities to absorb. Similar to how SA-X uses its wits to try and thwart its adversaries before finishing them off in a more direct manner, Alex opts to infiltrate different locations before absorbing some hapless victim to take over their appearance and possibly gain some useful ability from them. The X Parasites have their weakness to Metroids and Mercer doesn’t see much of a point in absorbing someone who was victim to another group of assimilators that have some kind of weakness that others will use against him if he ends up getting the X Parasite in him, though it hasn’t stopped him from fighting SA-X whenever they cross paths. As is the case regarding Alex and other assimilators, others fear what could happen if he ends up absorbing someone infected with an X Parasite or if a lot of those X Parasites end up infecting him.
  • The Crewmates sometimes get help from other deities at times to finish certain tasks, with Samus being one of those individuals that sometimes helps them when they can. The X Parasites in general have become problematic for the Crewmates as it could lead to the rise of more imposters like the ones they have to contend with on a regular basis if left unchecked. SA-X being what they referred to as “a Samus-shaped Imposter” only added to the Crewmates' concerns about the X Parasites. On their end, the Imposters are rather intrigued by what the X Parasites can do and since Samus does sometimes help the Crewmates with their tasks, the Imposters are willing to use SA-X, alongside the X Parasites as a possible means to sabotage the Crewmates.
  • On a larger scale, the X Parasites have been known to endanger many planets that they come across. While the Pantheon has made it easier for the threat to be mitigated, that hasn’t prevented others in the Pantheon from having some form of dislike towards them and SA-X. This included deities heavily tied to planets such as Rosalina and Mogo, especially since the planets and are born from Lumas could end up ruined by the X Parasites and SA-X should the Samus imposter end up there. Plenty of measures have been implemented to ensure that Mogo doesn’t fall victim to the X Parasites given how the latter are able to adapt to environments that are unfamiliar to them such as Mogo (and to an extent, the entire Pantheon itself).
  • SA-X is something that is more or less unstoppable when it comes to pursuing others it encounters and as Samus can attest, it isn’t possible to fight back unless one has sufficient levels of power to do so. While a good chunk of the Pantheon can defend themselves against SA-X, it’s those who don’t have access to combat and/or magic capabilities that need to run away from it. SA-X being a ruthless pursuer has brought to mind others such as Pyramid Head and Chris Walker, though SA-X hasn’t really interacted with them all that much, instead focused on its own plans. Unsurprisingly, one thing that many believe is worse than some deranged monster relentlessly pursuing them is some deranged monster pursuing them that is also infected by the X Parasites and if those kinds of characters end up being used by those parasites, then SA-X might truly work with them.
  • The X Parasites are seen as a burden by many in the Pantheon, but there are some such as Albert Wesker who have taken some interest in them. In particular, Wesker has observed some of SA-X’s actions to further understand what the X Parasites are capable of and has even considered using them to create a unique line of Tyrant creatures. SA-X having a form that some have had an easier time defeating wasn’t lost on Wesker since that trait was a recurring issue with some of Umbrella’s monsters. The X Parasites having their own weakness, not to mention the fact that others are willing to create other methods to make it easier to stop the X Parasites and SA-X, gave Wesker more of a reason to look further in his studies and find a way to make it harder for others to defeat his monsters that are infused with said parasite.

    Thel 'Vadam 
Thel 'Vadam, God of Invisibility Cloaks (The Arbiter)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Prophet's Blade
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolios: Asskicking Equals Authority, Badass Baritone, Four-Star Badass, Blue Blood, Cool Sword, Combat Pragmatist, Frontline General, Hero of Another Story, Laser Blade, Reasonable Authority Figure, Shameful Strip, The Strategist, Warrior Monk
  • Domains: War, Law, Good, Trickery, Alien
  • Allies: Isaac Clarke, Worf, Zeratul, Riku, Sarah Kerrigan, Zuko, Gabriel Belmont, Harry Potter
  • Rivals: Jago, B. Orchid, Spinal, Hisako, Riptor, Maya Fallegeros, Scarface
  • Opposes: The Flood, The Prophets
  • Opposed by: The Combine, Arthas Menethil
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Master Chief
  • Among the Covenant, there was once a revered warrior among their fold. That one was supposed to eliminate Master Chief. Instead he befriended the human, earning his banishment (To be fair, he was already disgraced when he first lost to the Chief). Yet the stories of his adventures did not end there. This warrior ended up to be one of the biggest thorns in the Covenant 's back. And it will be the same in the Pantheon, as he graces his way into the Pantheon due to his iconic invisibility cloak.
  • Master Chief was naturally the first to meet up with the Arbiter. The two have a rather… complicated history to say the least. Starting out as enemies, the two have now become crucial allies. Their followers work together to take down the Covenant.
  • The Arbiter remains one of the Covenant's greatest failures. There was a time where he was one of their most reliable strategists, stymying their human opponent with victories. The fact that he has ascended has further shaken their ranks. There are already talks of the Covenant breaking rank form a rival temple. Luckily, such efforts have been unsuccessful due to a lack of leadership as well as infighting within their group. Still, the Prophets' ascension made the Covenant join the Combine, ensuring Arbiter will continue his battle against the High Council who nearly caused the death of the galaxy if he and Master Chief hadn't stopped them.
  • On the other hand, Thel 'Vadam's redemption may be one of the greatest Heel–Face Turn stories of the known Omniverse. various other gods who went through the same process congratulated him on his ascension. Zuko especially was proud of the Arbiter for achieving this moment.
  • Although he hasn't played such an active role in fighting the Flood as Master Chief, he remains among their greatest enemies. Of course, this put him in opposition of Arthas Menethil.
  • He ultimately declined a spot as high priest of Adrian Shepard, God of Popular Mooks. He has long since outgrew that notion, thus initially disqualifying him from the role. Still, he maintains a tight friendship with the soldier.
  • There has been rumors suggesting that he took part in the latest Killer Instinct tournament. Only that proved to be false. As there were many before him that took the role as the Arbiter, this one is from another time. Thel 'Vadam is not yet sure which one it is though.
  • His race came from a long line of Proud Warrior Races called The Sangheili. They used to be one of the most prized forces for the Covenant as the Elites before the organization betrayed them. The humiliation prompted Wrex and Worf to fight bitterly against their benefactors. When the Arbiter ascended, both gods welcomed him with open arms. They can seen either kicking evil alien ass or their own for training.
  • He is well aware of another group of aliens known for their prowess, one who are interested in the hunt above all else. They are led by Scarface, the most well known of their kind. The two races respect each other, though they aren't exactly allies. The Predators are interested in putting the Arbiter to the test, of which the Arbiter declined to take up.
  • To his delight, he has earned the aid of Zeratul. The Void God holds the Combine with nothing but contempt and is glad to see another alien group fight against it.
  • One of the most famous practitioners of the Invisible Cloak, Harry Potter greeted him and have him thanks. The wizard helped develop formed the temple so that magical users would feel just as home as their technological counterparts.
  • In addition to his customized plasma sword, "Prophet's Bane", Arbiter Vadam's position as a Pantheon member allows him to call upon any weapon or vehicle made or used by his people, for use by him or his allies, in the event of trouble breaking out; more than once, when battle has broken out within the Pantheon, he has lent the forces of good various plasma weapons and versatile vehicles. And if some serious power is needed, he can even call in a Scarab, allowing him and his allies to easily turn the tide of a battle or break nearly any siege.

Lesser Gods

    Fa Mulan 
Fa Mulan, Goddess of Disguising Herself as the Opposite Gender (Ping, the Soldier from the Mountains)

Raphael, God of Obvious Alter Ego Outfits (Ralphie, Phantom R, Rhythm Thief)
Raphael (left) and Phantom R (right)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Nice Hat
  • Theme Song: Rhythm Thief
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A boy and his dog, having a Paper-Thin Disguise, a expert in several areas that he trained himself in, Phantom Thief by stealing fake artworks and replacing them with the rightful pieces, Gentleman Thief, missing his mom and father with only a coin to remember his dad by
  • Domains: Thieves, Rhythm Games, Style
  • Allies: Amigo, The Elite Beat Agents, Scrooge McDuck, Superman, Perry The Platypus, Mordecai, Ratchet, Sly Cooper, Ren Amamiya and the other Panthom Thieves, The Nerima Daikon Brothers, Aladdin, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel
  • On Good Terms with: The House Of Canines, The House of Craft
  • Enemies: The Riddler, The Spy, Penelope Mouse, Mother Gothel
  • Conflicting Opinion: Celestia Ludenberg
  • The Phantom Thief, Phantom R, is widely known and both feared and awed. Feared by the police force due to him seemingly easily stealing priceless artifacts and artworks of French history, and awed by the public for looking good while doing so. However, he isn't just Phantom R; at day, he's just an average looking lad with a dog named Fondue by the name of Raphael. The odd thing about this is that when looked side by side, Phantom R and Raphael really don't look that different; save for the hat and black suit. Despite this fact, he manages to trick the police force into thinking they are different people. While it is hinted some of his closest friends figured it out, the Court Of Gods were impressed by this feat and approved of his ascension.
  • Phantom R's ascension into the Pantheon was first widely known when there were reports of a deity running around in the shadows near the house of Craft, namely its art museum, which was proven true by the security there reviewing security footage and slowing it down to show him exiting with a painting alongside his dog. Despite their best efforts trying to track down the mysterious purloiner, he escaped into the night. Even weirder for the guards, he was later seen returning a painting later that same night and escaping again. The guards closed the museum down to examine if the new painting was forged and if anything else was tampered with.
    • Cue the next day with Raphael walking by the house to check on how it dealt with him, the authority figures there quickly realized that it was him and surrounded him for questioning. Despite being shocked at how competent they were, Raphael than explained that he was actually checking out the art museum yesterday with Mordecai to judge a work of art he put up, only for Mordecai to realize that someone replaced his painting with a forged copy alongside a calling card from the Riddler with a green question mark on the back of it. Raphael than pledged to help him track down the original copy the Riddler stole and return it. Mordecai was more than happy to verify not only the case, but the artwork that Raphael retrieved as his own, and the Riddler also testified (before getting arrested by Batman), pissed that Phantom R managed to succeed. Given that he technically didn't break any crimes, Raphael was cleared of all potential charges.
      • This incident wasn't the only time Raphael or Phantom R dealt with forgery. As a child, he was deadly ill, and he only survived thanks to his father painting fake copies of famous paintings and selling the real copies, up until he went missing. Now, Phantom R is trying to steal all the fake copies his father created and placed in museums, and return the original works of art to their rightful place. This revelation led to him being placed on much more friendly terms with the house despite their first encounter.
  • In terms of disguises, Raphael's Phantom R disguise surprisingly working is just as audacious as Superman's look or Perry The Platypus's fedora counting as a disguise. They sometimes have friendly banter between which disguise is the most obvious and which disguise could pass in certain circumstances. So far, it's mutually agreed that Perry is the most obvious case of Clark Kenting while Raphael and Clark Kent are neck to neck in how many situations their Phantom R and Superman costumes could be seen as normal.
  • Surprisingly, Scrooge seems to be rather amused by Phantom R. This stems from the fact that he is a Self-Made Man like Scrooge was, going from being a bit of an overconfident jerk to the suave, smooth thief he is today. He can definitely respect that, and even is ready to call on him should he need help trying to find someone who tries to steal from him.
  • Despite his incident with Fondue, make no mistake; they both greatly respect and look out for each other. No matter in his Phantom R clothes or his Raphael clothes, Fondue is always close by. The majority of dogs in the house of Canines seem to at least respect Raphael and Fondue's bond, especially when seeing them train for dog shows. Their impression of Fondue only grew after learning of how he tried to woo female dogs by eating meat in rhythm to music with the female dog he wanted to court.
  • One day while passing through the house of Music, he heard a familiar song by the name of "Samba Carnival" being played within the house, alongside a crowd jumping along to the music. Seeing some nearby maracas for sale, he decided to purchase them, put on his Phantom R outfit, and join in on the fun. Amigo quickly took noticed of how well he was doing and invited him onstage for a on the fly maracas duet. Despite his initial surprise at seeing Amigo as a smart monkey who can use the maracas well, he quickly got in the groove and danced amazingly with him. Amigo was more than pleased to have him perform with him and is more than willing to dance with him again.
    • As a lover of music if it wasn't obvious from his nickname of Rhythm Thief, he has befriended a good number of deities related to music besides Amigo. He has also got into the good graces of the Nerima Daikon Brothers, especially Mako for obvious reasons. While Hideki is peeved that Mako seems more interested in Raphael than him, Raphael's declinal of doing anything romantic with Mako is what keeps Hideki happy with him. He's willing to do missions with the group that interests him. He is also being scouted as a potential new member for the Elite Beat Agents.
  • During his attempt to successfully grow the list of people he successfully backstabbed, The Spy tried to take down Phantom R with his signature attack. Thankfully, Fondue managed to see him trying to backstab him and bit him on the rear, causing the Spy to scream in agony while dropping his knife. Before he could try and reclaim his knife, Phantom R took the knife first, forcing Spy to bring out another knife, forcing Raphael into a Knife Fight, lasting from the grounds of the house of Royalty all the way to the rooftops of the house of Religion and Faith. Surprisingly, he managed to fend off the Spy, having already performed a couple swordfights against someone who claimed to be Napoléon Bonaparte, even managing to backstab him to end the dual. The other mercenaries had a field day upon learning of Spy's defeat, and the French assassin has since sworn revenge on the Rhythm Thief.
  • Celestia seems interested in enrolling Raphael as one of her butlers, since he underwent training on how to be a waiter to get closer to Duchess Elisabeth. Raphael, not even taking into account the whole "killing to get out of a dangerous school thing", still declined, saying that he already has good connections with Duchess Elisabeth for helping her reunite with her daughter, Marie, who he is a friend of. Surprisingly, Celestia actually respects said wish, as even she can't really argue with the power of a French duchess, but claims she'll keep a spot open in case he changes his mind. He's on decent terms with her but still prefers Duchess Elisabeth.
  • As a Phantom Thief, he has gotten into the good graces of other thieves in the pantheon. He became fast friends with the deity who holds that title of Phantom Thief, Ren Amamiya, alongside his group of other Phantom Thieves. Phantom R is rather interested in their work and has offered his services to them should they need it. He is also friends with Aladdin, a fellow Lovable Rogue who is a fellow thief that he can trust. However, he has the fondest connection with fellow Gentleman Thief Sly Cooper, who commented on how it was nice to finally have another thief who knows how to be polite and virtuous while committing his crimes. The fact he also has some distaste for Penelope Mouse, being reminded of Jean-Francois betraying him and Marie, also scored him some goodwill with the raccoon. He plans on joining him and Lupin on their thieving competition, whenever it happens.
  • Managed to befriend another fellow criminal, or in this case, a ex-criminal, Fylnn Rider, in the middle of returning a golden crown. Despite the mix-up of him thinking he stole it from Rapunzel, considering how she lost it earlier that day, upon realizing that he was serious, quickly dropped suspicions and befriended him, thanking him for helping Rapunzel get her crown back. Upon trading stories, they were surprised with how many similarities they had; they both were thieves that managed to help a daughter of royal liniage (with Raphael, helping Marie reunite with her mother, Duchess Elisabeth, and with Flynn, reuniting Rapunzel with the king and queen), with the both of them being taken advantaged of thanks to their guardians that they thought they could trust (with Gothel for Rapunzel, and Jean-Francois for Marie). Since the incident, he has became a close ally to Flynn and Rapunzel, much to Gothel's annoyance, especially with Raphael backtalking her after yet another failed attempt to steal her hair.

    Thomas Elliot/Hush 
Thomas Elliot, God of Surgical Impersonation (Hush, Tommy)
Click here  for his natural appearance.
Click here  for one of his Bruce Wayne impersonations.


    Arsène Lupin 
Arsène Lupin, The Master of Disguise (Gentleman in Black, The Pillager of Twilight, Rupan, Wolf Full list of aliases. )

Patroclus, God of Impersonating Leaders (Patroklus)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Him wearing Achilles's armor
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Disguised as Achilles to join in the battle and got himself killed, The Lancer to Achilles, has a really close relationship with Achilles, reappeared to Achilles as a ghost, asked his ashes to be mixed with Achilles's
  • Domain: Disguises, Friendship, Love, War
  • Allies: Achilles, Odysseus, Alexander the Great, L, Dick Grayson, Sophitia Alexandra
  • Enemies: Any enemies of Achilles, especially Aphrodite, Light Yagami
  • Opposes: William Shakespeare, Peter Pan
  • Opposed by: Buffy Summers, Jeanne D'Arc
  • Pities: Penelope, Cassandra
  • Participant of the Trojan war famous for dressing up as Achilles and died, Patroclus's spirit hearing that Achilles has ascended to the Pantheon and decided to seek out a temple for himself. He was given this position the Pantheon has problems finding a fictional version of the Trope Namer El Cid that focusing on the trope while Patroclus is famous for his embodiment of the temple.
  • His reunion with Achilles is the stuff of legend. The sound of their... celebration can be heard all through out the Pantheon.
  • His relationship with Achilles have had many fans since the ancient time, both as comrades or as lovers. Some of the more famous admirers are Plato and Alexander the Great, both of which consider them to be a shinning example of love.
    • However, Patroclus is displeased when reading William Shakespeare's depiction of Achilles and Ajax and denounce the bard from visiting his temple.
    • Because of his relationship with Achilles, Patroclus is the only one that can snap him out of a bloodthirst rage or his moments of pride because Achilles doesn't want him to die again.
  • Feels great sorrow for the story of his fellow Greek Trojan after the Trojan war like Penelope, Odysseus and Cassandra. He has been meeting up with the first two to catch up while has been praying for Cassandra to get better.
  • Dislike Full Frontal as Patroclus considers memory implant to be cheating in combat and doesn't consider him to be worthy of using his temple's power.
  • Despite Light Yagami with a passion for his action and narcissism while respect L for his intelligence. The fact that L's allies employ the power of his temple after the latter's murder by Light is just a bonus.
  • Is a good friend with Dick Grayson as the latter asked to borrow the power of his temple for his run at Batman. The Pantheon is more surprised that two didn't end up sleeping together. The House of Love theorizes that this is because all versions of Patroclus only interested in either women or Achilles.
    • While visiting Dick, Patroclus discovered that his incarnation in the DC universe was actually reincarnated as Patrick Cleese, who ends up in a relationship with DC's version of Achilles, who was revived by Zeus to try and better humanity.
  • Buffy avoids visit his temple unless absolutely necessary because one of Patroclus's followers is the bot that her friends made during the time when she was dead.
    • A similar situation happened with Jeanne D'Arc because one of Patroclus's followers is her friend Liane who died after impersonating her.
  • Had an encounter with Peter Pan after the boy mistook him for Captain Hook. Even after clearing their misunderstanding, the two still not on good term to each other because of their different perspective on violence: Peter Pan consider them fun and game while Patroclus is a soldier up until his death.
  • Sophitia at first confused because she thinks her own son Patroklos has ascended to the Pantheon. After clearing the misunderstanding, the two bond over their shared experience of being soldiers.


    Helen Graham 
Helen Graham, Goddess of False Widows (Helen Huntingdon, Helen Lawrence)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Wildfell Hall
  • Theme Songs: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, "The New Tenant"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Savage deconstruction of marrying a cad in hopes of changing him, ran away from said cad using widowhood as a guise, traumatized from her experiences, but remains steadfast
  • Domains: Love, Marriage, Abused Women, Regency England
  • Herald: Gilbert Markham (her husband), Arthur Huntingdon (her son; definitely not his father who he's named after)
  • Allies: Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jill McBain, Suzu Houjou, Black Beauty, Belle and Beast, Anna of Arendelle, Elsa of Arendelle, Jill Stingray
  • Enemies: Gaston, Hans Westergard, Akio Ohtori, Embryo, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Opposes: House of Alcohol
  • Helen Graham was the long-suffering wife of the caddish Arthur Huntingdon, who she married out of a naive belief that it was her duty to help him mend his ways. Arthur had no interest in doing so and proved himself irredeemable, prompting Helen to take their young son (also named Arthur) and flee somewhere out of his reach. She settled at a manor called Wildfell Hall, claimed to be a widow and painted for a living, attracting much gossip, as well as the romantic attentions of Gilbert Markham, to whom she recounted her story to explain why she could not freely return his interest. However Huntingdon's dissolute lifestyle didn't take long to kill him, fully freeing Helen from his yoke and allowing her to start anew.
  • The Pantheon decided to have her ascended for False Widow, as that was her guise while running away from Huntingdon's abuse and toxic influence he had on their son Arthur. They were impressed that even when her dreams of "fixing" Huntingdon came crashing down, she remained strong-willed enough to want to escape such a horrible married life, despite it going against most rules of the time, and so thought she was worthy of godhood. They're also hoping her story will serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers of wanting to live out such a fantasy.
  • Elizabeth and Darcy were among the first to welcome her with open arms, knowing a place like the Pantheon would seem quite overwhelming to someone like her. Hearing her story made them interested in her, and they were disgusted at Huntingdon's caddish behavior, which reminded them of George Wickham, who they can only pray won't turn out so bad now that he's Elizabeth's youngest sister's husband. Besides that, and being a rather progressive couple, they approve of Helen's course of action in abandoning Huntingdon and making a living on her own, given Huntingdon was definitely not worth it. As Helen was scrutinized for being an independent woman, she finds the two to be people of sense and rather refreshing to talk to.
  • Helen's identity as a widow may have been a guise (even if it ended up becoming the real thing due to Huntingdon dying as a result of his own decadence), but that doesn't lessen the respect the Determined Widow goddess, Jill McBain, has for her for standing her ground and doing what she thought was best, despite all the odds being stacked against her. The sentiment is mutual, with Helen being shocked at how Jill's circumstances were a lot more extreme, including being targeted for assassination due to refusing to give up on fulfilling her dead's husband's dream.
  • Helen is a pretty talented painter, and she used that skill to make money for herself and her son while hiding from Huntingdon. The House of Craft is thus very welcoming to her and they're always willing to show her paintings. It was at such an exhibit that Helen came across Suzu Houjou, and both admired their skills. They also hit it off and became friends given the many difficulties they have gone through in their lives, even if they're of a pretty different nature, as Suzu's problems had more to do with surviving a war while her (loving) husband was off fighting. Either way, the two women still had to deal with surviving on their own, so they're pretty supportive of each other and are occasionally seen paiting together.
  • For a more unusual friendship, Helen found she felt some affinity for the horse Black Beauty when she hired him one day to help carry her painting supplies. This is because of her learning about all the abuse and mistreatments Black Beauty went through due to people who thought of him like a machine rather than a living being with needs. Helen was surprised she would see something of her situation in an animal of all things, but at the end of the day, they're both beings that were taken for granted and lorded over by cruel people, so they understand each other's feelings. It also helps that Black Beauty is quite the gentleman for a horse, and Helen always makes sure to treat him properly and reward him when he helps her.
  • The tale of Beauty and the Beast and its lesson that women should be virtuous to their husbands even if they seem monstrous would be the kind of thing that would make Helen roll her eyes, given she now spurns such fantasies. She was thus fairly skeptical about Belle and Beast, but after learning Belle made it clear she had no intention of putting up with the Beast's bad temper, and that he made efforts to improve on his own, Helen became much more sympathetic to them, recognizing that some people can change. And of course she detests their nemesis Gaston, who she has no doubt would be a boorish and abusive husband to Belle, possibly worse than Huntingdon.
  • Helen heard of Hans Westergard and how he succeeded in fooling Princess Anna into thinking he was a true Prince Charming, just to get at her older sister Elsa's throne. Helen is relieved that the whole matter failed to work in his favor and that he never managed to marry Anna before exposing his true colors, saving the princess from much misery and teaching her to be more sensible in matters of love.
  • There are many more abusers Helen despises. There's Akio Ohtori, whose status as the Prince Charming of his world made him entitled when it comes to women, Embryo, who has some very contradictory opinions of what strong women should be, and Nobuyuki Sugou, a pure slimeball who was perfectly willing to marry a comatose young girl without her consent. The things these men were capable of truly terrify Helen, and moreso the fact that they managed to get away with it for so long on the strength of a good reputation.
  • Despises alcohol, since both her father and Huntingdon were susceptible to alcoholism, making Helen's life even more miserable. She trained her son to dislike it with that in mind. You will never find her in the House themed around the substance; a lot of deities treat it as a cool place to party and being inhabited by some of the funniest gods, but Helen doesn't find it the least bit amusing and thinks they're trivializing the troubles alcohol can bring.
  • Although Helen won't put a foot in a pub, that didn't stop Jill Stingray, bartender of the VA-11 Hall-A, from visiting her herself. She had heard of Helen running away from her husband and it reminded her of how she had run away from her girlfriend Lenore herself, and was curious as to what Helen would make of that. Admittedly, Jill's circumstances were not as bad as Helen's, since Lenore wasn't actively abusive (but she was a tad controlling) and the whole thing was due to an argument gone awry. Helen, sensing that the two actually did love each other (and after taking a moment to accept the concept of two women in such a relationship), finds Jill's case to be pitiful, especially how she never saw Lenore again before she died, but still sympathizes with Jill's motives for running away if Lenore really was so overbearing.

Octodad, God of People Who Look Completely Normal (Cthulhudad)