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Greater Gods

    Telethia, the Endbringer 
Telethia, the Endbringer, the Divine Docile Monster (The Ruler of Fates, The Guardian of Mira)
  • Greater god
  • Symbol: The planet of Mira.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Savage Setpiece, Adaptational Heroism, Token Heroic Orc, Telepathy, Gaia's Vengeance, Names to Run Away from Really Fast
  • Domains: Life, Monsters, Peace
  • Allies: Captain Planet
  • Enemies: Yiazmat, Dark Samus, YHVH
  • Uneasy relationship: Shulk, Dunban, Melia Antiqua, Riki
  • One of only two Telethia on Mira, Telethia, the Endbringer is the strongest creature on Mira and uses its strength to act as a guardian of Mira, purging the planet of tainted monsters that threaten the planet's ecosystems.
    • Telethia is enemies with Dark Samus due to her being able to use Phazon to corrupt others.
    • Many deities have seen Telethia to be on god terms with the ascended Crystal Gems as they would often poof Dark Gems.
  • Not long after Telethia's ascension, Shulk and his ascended friends quickly made their way to Telethia's temple to confront it as they expected it to be like every other Telethia they'd faced; extremely vicious, however, upon learning from other deities that Telethia displays more intelligence than the average Telethia, but they also learned that Zanza was not aware of its existence.
    • While Shulk and friends decided not to instigate violence against a non-malicious creature, they keep their guards up at all times in the event Telethia were to attack innocent lives.
  • Despite Telethia having a fearsome appearance and the power to go with it, Telethia is indifferent to 90% of life entering its temple, preferring to spend its time flying around.
  • Because Telethia protects Mira from anything that would harm it, Telethia has become enemies with YHVH and his followers due to them nuking several planets to oblivion.
    • On the flipside however, Telethia is on friendly terms with Captain Planet and the Planeteers as they protect the Earth from anything that will harm it.

Intermediate Gods

Moby-Dick, Divine Animal Nemesis (The White Whale)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white fin with spears in it
  • Theme Song: The Attack
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sea Monster, Ambiguously Evil, Shrouded in Myth
  • Domains: Whales, Legend
  • Rival: Monstro
  • Enemies: Captain Ahab, The Kraken, Bruce, Ika Musume
  • Irritated at: Aquaman
  • Avoided by: Pinocchio
  • Moby Dick is a fearsome whale that attacks anyone that dare cross its path. Captain Ahab, a former whaler, once encountered it and in the ensuing fight, lost a leg to the whale. Ever since that meeting, Ahab sought nothing more than to kill the whale no matter what. The whale itself is very powerful and has been described by many as something of a legend.
    • Contrary to what Ahab may say, Moby Dick might not actually be something that actively pursues others for the sake of it, but rather, a whale that will potentially attack others regardless of provocation. Even taking into account it's aggression, it still sees Ahab as nothing more than a recurring nuisance.
  • It was one of the stormier days in the Pantheon as a group of deities set out for a sea voyage in search of something potentially useful. As the storms raged on, some of the members encountered what appeared to be a white whale in the distance. As the crew members were attempting to make sense of what was happening, the ship they were on got attacked by the whale. Some backup had to arrive ensure the crew's safety and even then, the whale proved to be a lot of trouble for everyone involved. Eventually all the chaos had subsided with plenty of damage done to the ships and the whale having apparently gotten away. The whale had been identified as Moby Dick and there is plenty of apprehension by others about encountering it in the pantheonic seas given what had happened.
  • Even though it is quite a dangerous threat for seafarers, even Moby Dick has had to fight other sea monsters in the Pantheon. Fights between it and the Kraken have happened quite a bit and anyone who has witnessed a battle between them has more often than not got their ship heavily damaged in the process. This isn't even getting into the fact that there are a sea monster or two that's potentially even more dangerous than even Moby Dick or the Kraken.
    • Of the various other sea creatures in the Pantheon, few confrontations get as deadly as that of Moby Dick and Monstro, both whales and the latter of which is said to be similar to the former in a way or two.
  • Pinocchio, having had a very bad run-in with Monstro, really doesn't want anything to do with another whale, especially if Moby Dick is every bit as aggressive as Monstro. While the puppet hasn't really went through the sea since Monstro, he isn't taking any chances on encountering another whale at the worst possible time.
  • A few have pondered whether or not it's possible for someone to have a consistent alliance with Moby Dick given it's aggression and power. From there, Aquaman stepped in given his experience with getting sea animals on his side, including a time where he was in temporary control of the equally aggressive Monstro. After a bit of a struggle, Aquaman was able to control Moby Dick for a period of time. Some of these subsequent meetings had Moby Dick attack Aquaman before he could gain control of the whale, effectively meaning that an alliance between the two isn't really stable.
  • It being a powerful and almost mythical sea creature has led some to trying to go after it. Many of these attempts to hunt down Moby Dick are nowhere near as close to what Ahab was able to do. A few are stubborn enough to do repeat attempts, but the pantheon having a decent amount of dangerous sea monsters means that trying to reach Moby Dick would be hard...or worse yet, it'd be too late for some to realize that a fearsome white whale is swimming under their boat during their exploration.
  • While it is largely accepted that Moby Dick is an aggressive white whale, there are a few who believe that it is something much more than that. One of the most common guesses going around about Moby Dick is that it's actually the personification of something, be it either nature, fate, or even Satan. Some of these guesses haven't been taken into serious consideration, though its reputation as a myth or legend of some kind does make a few even more wary about not wanting to get into trouble should they encounter Moby Dick.

    Pet Shop 
Pet Shop, God of Attack Animals (Animal Shop)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand, Horus
  • Theme Music: His Heritage for the Future theme, Gatekeeper of Hell, his Eyes of Heaven theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Stand: Horus
  • Portfolio: Violently Deranged and Sadistic Attack Bird Of Prey, Knight of Cerebus, Determinator, Has a Stand that controls and generates ice, Intellectual Animal, Implacable Bird, Super-Persistent Predator
  • Domains: Ice, Birds, Cruelty
  • Allies: Dio Brando, The D'Arby Brothers, Vanilla Ice, Enrico Pucci, Shan-Yu
  • Enemies: The majority of benevolent JoJo deities, especially enemies of Dio such as Iggy, the entire Hall of Canines, Mushu, Eddy, All Fire, Rock, and Electric type Pokémon (despite not being a Pokémon), Deities in the Hall of Fire and Heat, Shoto Torodoki, Katsuki Bakugo, The Panda King, Mei-Ling Zhou
  • Fears: Sakazuki
  • Avoids: The Hall of Explosives
  • Pet Shop is a member of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, 9 Stand Users loyal to Dio Brando, and the only animal Stand user in the group. Wielding the ice-manipulating Stand Horus, Pet Shop guards Dio's mansion and kills off any intruders, undiscriminating between threats or innocent bystanders. When Iggy finds the mansion by mistake and witnesses him killing two other dogs and a beggar who was paid by Avdol to find the mansion, Iggy would fight Pet Shop to save the owner of the dogs killed by the cruel bird. Though the relentless Pet Shop comes close to killing Iggy several times, even forcing him bite off his own leg to save his life, Iggy would eventually kill Pet Shop in an all or nothing attack, barely surviving due to the owner of the dogs saving his life. Pet Shop's actions would motivate Iggy to lead the Joestar group to Dio's mansion, thus causing the circumstances leading to his master's death.
  • Pet Shop would ascend into the Pantheon not long after his death, taking on the title of Attack Animal due to his loyalty to Dio and ruthlessness in dealing with intruders. Pet Shop has nothing but rage and contempt for Iggy due to killing him and allowing Dio's enemies to kill him, even though the dog points out he already told the bird he would stay away from the mansion and his attempts to kill him are reason he lead the Joestar group to the mansion in the first place, making it his fault. This only serves to enrage Pet Shop further, and the only reason he's not trying to kill him now is because Dio is having him protect his personal temple. The vile bird only hopes to see Iggy and Dio's enemies again one day so he can finally kill them and avenge his failure.
  • Just like Dio, Pet Shop seems to despise dogs very much, as shown by how he gruesomely killed two dogs that trespassed onto his master's property, as well as Iggy for killing him. All canine deities, even the nicest of dogs, in turn fear and dislike Pet Shop for his brutality towards them. Dog lovers also despise Pet Shop, especially when he ate an eye from one of the dogs he killed in front of their owner. Even those who aren't dog lovers, with the exception of the most vile, downright dislike Pet Shop for this act of cruelty.
  • While Pet Shop's Stand is undeniably powerful, he's still a bird who can't take a lot of damage. Nevertheless, Pet Shop's speed as a falcon, his determination to see his enemies dead, and his resourcefulness make him a formidable opponent to the point where Iggy believes the Joestar Group might have some trouble if they had to fight him. They are some opponents who can inflict significant harm on Pet Shop if they can catch him off-guard, with the majority being able to burn the feathers off of a bird or knock him out of the air:
    • Mushu, having burned off the feathers of one falcon, is all too eager to do the same to Pet Shop after hearing just evil he is, though he admits he could never beat him in a straight fight. Pet Shop just saw him the same way he saw his other foes, though when Mushu did manage to make a surprise attack on him, Pet Shop grew to hate him just as much as Iggy.
    • Despite not being a Pokémon, Pet Shop is shown to hate Pokémon that can exploit his weakness, mainly Firenote , Rocknote , and Electricnote  types. Any Pokémon that can catch him off-guard and exploit these are the most dangerous.
      • Pet Shop seems to dislike, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres the most. Articuno is also an icy bird, while Zapdos and Moltres can respectively zap Pet Shop out of the air and melt the ice and burn his feathers off.
    • Shoto Torodoki can use both ice and fire, so he's immune to the cold. Knowing just how dangerous Pet Shop is with his power over ice, Shoto tends to use fire against him, having already overcome his refusal to rely on a power that can benefit him.
    • Katsuki Bakugo, as well as the entire Hall of Explosives, can use explosions to knock Pet Shop out of the air if they can catch him off-guard. Granted, Pet Shop is a fast flyer, and if he can freeze the air, explosive materials won't normally be a problem, though isn't willing to take any chances in the Hall, especially if they can off bombs beneath his notice.
      • The Panda King seems to be one of the most dangerous deities to Pet Shop, since he can fire off fireworks into the air and knock Pet Shop out of his flight path. Pet Shop always makes sure to target him first when fighting multiple enemies.
    • If there is one deity Pet Shop fears at all, it would definitely be Sakazuki. His power over magma makes Pet Shop's ice attacks useless, and his strength and skill over his Logia Powers makes him too formidable for even Pet Shop to take out. Pet Shop would rather stay away from him and hope his master Dio can take care of him.
  • When in the House of Nature, Pet Shop tends to avoid the Hall of Fire and Heat since pyrokinetic deities have an advantage over him with their power over fire. Not just because it can melt his ice, but because it can burn his feathers off. Pet Shop has the biggest advantage however in the Hall of Ice and Cold due to his ice powers. He can also dive underwater and hold his breath for a good period of time, so the Hall of Water and Moisture is at high alert when he's present.
  • Eddy says he hates birds very much, and the feeling is very much mutual. Pet Shop seems to be no exception to this rule, wanting to kill Eddy deeply for some reason. Eddy outright fears Pet Shop the most out of any bird he's ever faced, especially since this Feathered Fiend has power over ice.
  • Shan-Yu has a pet falcon serving as his Attack Animal, with the only difference that Hayabusa is a normal falcon. Nevertheless, Pet Shop has shown great interest in Shan-Yu's determination, strength, and fighting prowess, thinking he would be a worthy ally to Dio. Shan-Yu in turn is interested to have a falcon that can control ice on his side, especially since if it would mean returning the favor against his enemies by burying them in avalanches.

    Zangoose and Seviper 
Zangoose and Seviper, Dueling Deities of Conflict between Snakes and Mongooses (Zangoose: The Cat Ferret Pokémon, Ziggy Scardust | Seviper: The Fang Snake Pokémon, Seviper No Seviping, Habunake)
Zangoose (top) and Seviper (bottom)
  • Intermediate God and Goddess. Greater Deities when Dynamaxed.
  • Symbol: Zangoose's claws and Seviper's tail blade
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male (Zangoose), Female (Seviper)
  • Ability: Toxic Boost (Zangoose), Shed Skin (Seviper)
  • Moveset:
    • Zangoose: Crush Claw, Facade, Swords Dance, Close Combat
    • Seviper: Toxic, Crunch, Poison Jab, Venoshock
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz (Zangoose), Acid Downpour (Seviper)
  • Portfolio(both): Mongoose-Viper Antagonism, Patterns Resembling Bloody Wounds, The Rival, Status Buff, Will Work Together Under A Trainer, Foil
  • Domains: Rivalry, Blades (both), Mongooses, Claws (Zangoose), Snakes, Poisons (Seviper)
  • Allies (both): Steve Irwin, Reubus Hagrid, Ash Ketchum, Red, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, Calem and Serena
  • Enemies (both): Each other (except for opposing mutual enemies), Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J, Lysandre, Walder Frey, Apophis
    • Zangoose only: Jessie (again, of Team Rocket)
    • Seviper only: Scyther, Gregor Clegane
  • Opposes: The Hall of Reptiles (Zangoose), the Hall of Felines (Seviper)
  • Annoyed by: Hunter and Bianca, those who put their Animal Jingoism behind them (both)
  • Zangoose and Seviper are two version exclusive Pokémon first found in Hoenn. Zangoose is a mongoose/cat ferret with sharp claws, and Seviper a viper with a blade for a tail. As with real mongooses and snakes, the two despise each other. For generations the two Pokémon have feuded, scars from their battles etched into their very body. And now that they are gods, their conflict will prove even more climatic.
  • The hatred the two share towards each other is so intense that in a Horde Battle, they will immediately start attacking one another before attacking the opponent. However even they must follow Pokémon battle rules and will work together under a trainer. Both of them were happy to learn they'd have separate partners in the pantheon. Both despise Walder Frey for violating the rules of Sacred Hospitality and putting aside differences in important rites.
  • Zangoose is described as being a cat-ferret, but its hard to determine that from first glance. However, he still has a connection to the Hall of Felines, being fond of Bastet. He is primarily interested in sharpening his Wolverine-like claws, leading him to get along with Scyther. The two test their blades and claws in the House of Weapons. He has chosen Wolverine as a partner to better hone his claws.
  • Seviper immediately caught the interest of Jessie. Jessie has a Seviper of her own, who she fought directly and caught in a blind rage when it too a bite out of her hair. While not interested in Team Rocket's endeavors, she respects a fellow Seviper trainer. The fact that Seviper is friendly with Ash along with Zangoose, as are most Pokémon, makes this a bit awkward. She seems fond of Serperior and Quetzalcoatl due to being fellow snakes, even if the former is weak to Poison types.
  • Oberyn Martell was very interested in Seviper, due to his title as the Red Viper and Seviper being a literal poisonous viper. One with a poisoned knife as a tail, which fit his taste in weapons. The two met, and she agreed to be his partner so she can harness his various poisons in combat. This has given the Mountain even more to be angry about, and plans to add the Fang Snake Pokémon to his long list of victims.
  • Their intense speciesism led Zangoose to oppose the Hall of Reptiles and Seviper to oppose the Hall of Felines on principle alone. They allied with the Tarantula and Scorpion due to sharing this animal rivalry. It would've been an arbitrary choice which they allied with were it not due to the Scorpion's poison resonating more with Seviper. Zangoose allied with the other just to oppose her.
  • Due to their aforementioned speciesism, they are confused by those who put their Animal Jingoism aside. They consider Hunter and Bianca's relationship to be disgusting considering they are predator and prey, and never quite understand when canine and feline deities get along. None of it makes sense to them.
  • Despite their bitter hatred of one another, there are gods they hate enough to work together for a time. That being Ghetsis Harmonia for his cruel actions and disregard of Pokémon even being sentient making him near-universally loathed among Pokémon, Hunter J's poaching making her even more hated by Pokémon than Ghetsis, and Lysandre for his plans of mass genocide. They also equally despise Apophis. Seviper believes Apophis is an abomination who gives snakes a really bad name.
  • Conversely, both will stop fighting due to their shared respect and ethics surrounding Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. Both respect Ash, Red, Calem and Serena. Steve Irwin and Rubeus Hagrid are good enough handlers that they can take care of both of them together. Well, certainly Steve, but Hagrid tends to "let boys be boys" and isn't really able to stop the two from fighting each other.
  • No, Seviper is not an evolution of Arbok. She'll Poison Jab any idiot who believes otherwise. She'll do the same to anyone who makes a snide remark about how they can breed. Since the Zangoose is male and Seviper female, it's entirely possible they are capable of producing more Seviper with each other. She and Zangoose will slice up anyone who wants that to happen.

Lesser Gods

    The Dinosaur Planet Cast 
White Tip, Pod, Alpha, Dragonfly, Little Das, Buck, and Blaze, Revered Septet of Noisy Nature
Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Little Das, White Tip, Alpha, Pod, Buck, Blaze, and Dragonfly
  • Lesser Deities (Little Das, Alpha, and Dragonfly), Demideities (White Tip, Pod, Buck, and Blaze)
  • Symbol: Planet Earth with fossilized plates. Alternatively, each of the dinosaurs' skeletal silhouettes
  • Theme Songs:
    • White Tip: White Tip's Journey Suite (Mystic Odyssey, Ritual Gathering, Otherworldly Fog), Desert Run
    • Pod: Pod's Travels Suite (Clan in Peril, Carnival of Evil, Hour Glass, Sacred Lands)
    • Alpha: Alpha's Egg Suite (Crossing the Valley, Inception of the Dream, Primal Aggression, Lethal Measures, Uncertain Mission)
    • Little Das: Little Das's Hunt Suite (Behind Enemy Lines, Before the Battle, Geronimo, Foreboding Figure, Hunting for Souls, Enter the Nightmare, Predator's Return, Changing of the Guard)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Traditional Dinosaur Archetypes, Speculative Documentary, Constant Roars, Growls, and Screeches
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Prehistory, Survival, Nature, Documentaries
  • Heralds:
    • White Tip: Her newborn hatchlings
    • Pod: His pack, consisting of dwarf Pyroraptors and a dwarf Troodon
    • Alpha: A herd of Saltasaurus
    • Dragonfly: His mate
    • Little Das: His family, consisting of a mother and two older sisters
    • Buck and Blaze: A herd of Maiasaura
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Sharptooth, One Eye, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Deviljho, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Tolerates:
    • White Tip, Pod, and Little Das: Hall of Birds
  • Watched Over By: Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Alan Grant, John Hammond, Steve Irwin
  • Tolerated By: King Kong
  • Interests: Ian Malcolm, Harry, Eliza Thornberry, Kroq-Gar, House of Family and Relatives, Link
  • Opposed By: The Lilliputians (Pod)
  • Mixed Opinion From: Bix
  • Several animals tell a number of fascinating stories that are worth remembering. Of them all, dinosaurs prove to be among the most elusive and fantastical examples as because of their extinction millions of years before humans began to study them, our thoughts and ideas of their existence and how they were like have to be bought up mainly by fossil evidence and sometimes wild assumptions. Along the way, several stories of dinosaurs have been made and described, based on the findings and knowledge that paleontologists have cultivated for over a hundred years. And among these stories include a colorful cast of dinosaurs; White Tip the Velociraptor who struggles to find a mate and raise her hatchlings in the harsh Gobi Desert, Pod the Pyroraptor who finds himself washed ashore to an unfamiliar island with dwarf dinosaurs, Alpha the Saltasaurus who must keep up with her herd whilst struggling to reproduce to preserve her species and fend for herself against an Aucasaurus named Dragonfly, and Little Das the Daspletosaurus who after making a mistake that embarrassed his family, is determined to bring down a pair Maiasaura siblings, Buck and Blaze, as a way to get back into good graces with his mother and older sisters, unaware of a soon-to-be-active volcano that threatens its nearby ecosystem.
  • The tale of these particular seven dinosaurs was indeed fascinating, although all of them had bittersweet outcomes in some way or another, with them being irreparably separated from their kin and having to adapt to their new circumstances. The sole exception to this was Little Das, Buck, and Blaze, who were all killed in a pyroclastic flow alongside Dad's family and the Maiasaura pair's herd, though their lineage would continue on for another million years. The same can also be said for Dragonfly, who was killed in one last hunt for Alpha, which ended fatally for him. The Pantheon ended up being a new land for them to venture upon, with White Tip, Pod, and Alpha simply walking their way into these new realms whereas Little Das, Buck, Blaze, and Dragonfly simply reawakened here. All of the dinosaurs were welcomed into the Pantheon and saw themselves getting adjusted to new habitats and environments, which were largely similar to how their initial world looked during the Late Cretaceous. But of course, they would see new lands and new creatures, with some being friendly, and others being threats. It's a new story for these dinosaurs in the Pantheon.
  • These dinosaurs continue to live out their days in the Pantheon just like they did in their mortal lives, making them one of the more surprisingly well-adjusted beings in the new realms, with only Little Das and Dragonfly becoming more persistent in trying to hunt down Buck, Blaze, and Alpha respectively. In fact, the seven of them just mind their own business and compared to most creatures and critters, they don't really attract much attention, leading to the seven dinosaurs to have a very straightforward tale for themselves in the ascended realms. It hasn't stopped them from getting some attractions, namely from dinosaur enthusiasts and wildlife preservers, who want to observe them lead their tales and to ensure that they are content in the Pantheon without external threats endangering their circumstances. While not as notable as say, Rexie, The Gang of Seven, Indominus, or even Deviljho, they remain one of the more recognizable dinosaurs, if mainly due to their stories.
  • Their general interactions with humans mostly tend to be limited. That said, one such figure, Jack Tenrec, has proven himself to be one of the most persistent people in tracking down these dinosaurs, with his reasons being that before and during his adventures with Hannah Dundee, he's spent a lot of time looking after and protecting any dinosaurs he's stumbled across, even befriending an Allosaurus named Hermes, whom he's kept as a pet. As a result, it's common for Jack to park his car at a good distance and observe these animals grazing, herding, hunting, and resting. He's had a few altercations with Little Das and Dragonfly, though Hermes's presence lessens the chance of conflict. In one particular moment, Jack even managed to reach out to Buck and Blaze, even getting the chance to pet the hadrosaurs and feed them some berries, allowing for some tolerance between the two. Of course, Jack and Hannah do try to make sure there aren't any poachers who try to capture them, given their own experience of having to deal with them in their homeworld.
  • Upon meeting each other for the first time, White Tip and Pod immediately saw each other as a rival in regards to their food sources and territory, though they don't interact with each other as they ended up having different prey preferences as well as a habitat they would naturally stick to. Though the two of them have encountered the Raptor Pack at individual points and despite them also being Velociraptors, White Tip doesn't see it that waynote , considering they're bigger and hunt larger animals than she would. She and Pod tend to avoid the quartet as much as they can, choosing to prioritize their new pack's safety and upbringing. Owen Grady, the pack's caretaker and "alpha" instead felt endeared by White Tip and Pod and even made an effort to help them out in his own way. That said, they are more feral than his Raptor Pack, so Owen tends to be pretty careful about dealing with them.
    • They've also met other raptors like Red the Utahraptor and a wide number of Bird Wyverns, notably the Velocirdrome, Great Jaggi, and Great Maccao. Given her own experience with fighting a pack of Deinonychus, Red is wary of dealing with another smaller pack of raptors, though the fact that they live in different habitats and stick to hunting something closer to their size means Red, White Tip, and Pod could co-exist without much trouble, with Red instead having to be more alarmed about Das and Dragonfly. The Bird Wyverns were more troublesome because of their tendency toward mob mentality and often bullying and fighting against White Tip and Pod anytime they meet. Though the raptor they're most unnerved by is Riptor due to her savage nature and tendency to kill and maim, even if she's well-fed. Fortunately, Riptor has too many enemies to focus on White Tip and Pod, so their interactions are minimal at best.
    • Pod's adventures made him a rare example of a creature getting involved with dwarfism in some degree, though the Pyroraptor couldn't care less about the matter, especially when he isn't sentient enough to fully recognize the terminology. His story was, however, considered to be similar to the tale of Gulliver's Travels, though the Lilliputians themselves aren't appreciative of this fact. To them, Pod was a gigantic dragon who could lead swathes of destruction if he ever arrives at their settlement and he leads "smaller dragons" to aid in his invasions. That said, this information is kept strictly to themselves since the last time anyone else heard it, they laughed at the mere thought of a small dinosaur being seen as a terrifying dragon. Pod's tale of being washed ashore was also reminiscent of the Hylian Hero, Link, and while he was surprised by the similarity as well as their struggle to compete in a harsh adventure, he keeps some distance from the Pyroraptor, even if he treats it as an animal that simply wants to survive and live another day with his pack.
  • Alpha, despite being a herd traveler, isn't really a social dinosaur, instead of being an animal that's on a constant move from one place to another, eating leaves and reproducing offspring during mating season. As a result, she's one of the less popular sauropods in the Pantheon to come across, though she's not disliked by any means. A fellow sauropod, Bron, also happened to be a traveling dinosaur himself, leading a herd to new grounds, and his crossing paths with Alpha struck a rather interesting relationship. Alpha felt unsure of what to make of the Apatosaurus whereas Bron was interested to see a herding group of Saltasaurus who mainly minded their own business and decided to tolerate the unfamiliar sauropods as they seemingly didn't pose any threat to them. Luckily for them, the two managed to get on good terms one day when Alpha was threatened by One Eye and Bron decided to defend and fight alongside her. Though there's been an issue in the treatment of Saltasaur eggs and infants, which worried Bron as she bring it upon herself to look after them due to her migratory nature. All Bron can do is hope that the infants can somehow survive to lead good lives in the future.
  • Unlike Alpha, Buck, and Blaze, being juveniles, are not as well-equipped or brave enough to stand up for themselves in case they're hounded by a predator. That said, the two of them are welcoming of the idea of coexisting with other dinosaurs, considering that they've relied on a herd of Einiosaurus as a way of protection against Little Das and his family. Fortunately for the Maiasaura siblings, they found new companionship with Ducky, a fledgling Saurolophus and a Rampardos who enjoyed the two dinosaurs' presence. In fact, Ducky was willing to allow them into the Great Valley as a way to make them see her and, by proxy, the Gang of Seven, as friends, whereas Rampardos takes lookout duties for them at times, proving to be quite protective of Buck and Blaze, especially when the two of them came under attack by Riptor. That, and with Buck's injured leg soon making a full recovery, it seems as if their time in the Pantheon will be a better one than back in the Late Cretaceous.
  • Despite his rambunctious and reckless nature, Little Das is still eager to learn and become a more effective predator, which was helped by the presence of his mother and two sisters, who are still in the midst of mentoring him despite his problems. In the Pantheon, the four tyrannosaurids have had to contend with a series of new rivals, which included Rexie and Speckles, a Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus respectively who came after Daspletosaurus and were more fearsome apex predators. Das and his family were alarmed by the two tyrannosaurs' size and reputation as well as bringing down tougher prey, though Rexie and Speckles simply don't mind them too much, resulting in a minor rivalry between them. Speckles, in particular, is reminded by his family whenever he sees Little Das's pack, seeing as they were a close family and respects them for sticking and looking after each other. The Tarbosaurus would be open to helping the Daspletosaurus pack if he can, though the safety and survival of his own son, Speckles Jr. remains his biggest priority and he wants to make sure his offspring don't fall prey to other predators like many previous times.
    • Of course, they have other predators to look out for, such as Dragonfly himself, a Carnotaurus pair, and two Allosaurus, namely Gwangi and Big Al, though all of them ended up having their own dietary preferences. That said, it doesn't stop the two from competing against one another since as nature outlines it, a free meal is free meal. Dragonfly and his mate have quarreled against Big Al and Little Das a couple of times as their sizes are relatively close, though Gwangi and the Carnotaurs end up intimidating them enough to just default to smaller prey, though Little Das's family is assertive to stand their ground and fight. Even so, they all would avoid the likes of Sharptooth, One Eye, a genetically engineered Spinosaurus, and the Deviljho as they quickly realized that they were far too powerful and destructive to really consider fighting. Glavenus also applies, though the bladed Brute Wyvern is more amicable and tends to stick to hunting its own preferred prey, though not without challenging other dinosaurs for territory, prey, and resources.
  • Among other creatures, those most familiar with dinosaurs is the giant ape, King Kong, who had to deal with multiple dinosaur threats throughout his life. His opinion towards them largely remains the same, being apathetic to them, though he is willing to allow them in their territory, even Little Das and his family, seeing as they don't really pose a threat to him. As far as Kong is concerned, he's more content in leading a more serene and quiet life, with the exception of some figures that he can get along with. On the other hand, Alpha, Buck, and Blaze have encountered Kong on several occasions and although intimidated at first sight have eventually started to accept his presence. It also helps that Kong doesn't take kindly to predatory threats as they tend to be antagonistic whenever they see the giant ape. As for the raptors, Das, and Dragonfly, they prefer to put some distance from Kong after seeing him manhandle a pack of dinosaurs. Oddly enough, Kong would allow them to hunt other animals in his presence… unless they tick him off either willingly or not.
  • Much like every other ascended dinosaur in the Pantheon, they ended up catching the attention of John Hammond and Alan Grant. Of course, Hammond was intent on establishing a conservated zone for them to ensure that the dinosaur doesn't face any more danger from outside interference, something which Grant has expressed some support on. In addition to this, Grant also finds a lot of intrigue with the dinosaurs, especially White Tip and Pod, whom he saw as legitimate creatures in comparison to the raptors cloned by InGen. He doesn't personally meet them all that much, given his own paleontological endeavors, though he is open to observing the two raptors. It helps that they're less aggressive than the ones in Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, though there's still the chance for the raptors to see Grant as prey, hence he tries to be careful with them.
    • The dinosaurs also attracted notice from Steve Irwin and Eliza Thornberry and have played a decent role in keeping them protected from any outside interference whilst also publicizing the dinosaurs' presence in the Pantheon. Steve has undertaken some close calls with the raptors, Das and Dragonfly which helped to have Steve to admire the theropods for their tenacity and fierce demeanor. He's also managed to almost get close with Buck and Blaze and even got to feed Alpha a branch of leaves whilst hanging from a tree. On Eliza's side, she's been able to communicate and understand the dinosaurs' thoughts and needs and has even helped Steve out on this occasion. Though it does upset her that while she would like to help the theropods out, she can't do it without being complacent with someone's death, though Steve assures her that regardless, she's done a good job at learning to recognize them as well as keep them preserved in the Pantheon.
  • They generated a very mixed response from Bix. Due to her upbringing in Dinotopia and the values and ethics she was taught, she had various doubts about the dinosaurs due to how chaotic and unruly they were in nature. Alpha, Buck, and Blaze were easy to judge and accept, seeing as they were harmless herbivores for the most part, though the Protoceratops is careful of Alpha, given that Saltasaurs can be territorial and aggressive if provoked. Das, Dragonfly, White Tip, and Pod, on the other hand, were not in favor of Bix's mind as their predatory nature and instincts clashed against what Dinotopia stood for. She understands that this is natural and that they can't be condemned because of how they evolved to be that way, but Bix affirms that they're best left to fend for themselves and are not welcomed in her domain. That said, he is open to the idea of keeping them safe and protected and would work with others on that end, even if she would be seen as prey for the four of them.
  • They also have a spot i the Hall of Voices.

    One Eye 
One Eye, God of Super Persistent Predators
  • Lesser God, borderline Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A splintered T. rex skull
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Absolutely Depraved Tyrannosaurus rex, Torments and Hounds Speckles for Years on End, Evil Predators, Ax-Crazy, Red Is Violent, Is Unnaturally Intelligent, Is Missing an Eye, The Dreaded, Sadist, Appears more Impressive than the Actual Animal, Somehow lives in South Korea 80 Million Years Ago
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Tyrants, Cruelty, Sadism, Bloodlust, Usurption
  • Allies: The Sharptooth, Riptor, Spinosaurus, Gwangi, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Sabor, Dag
  • Enemies: Speckles, The Gang of Seven, Rexie, Rampardos, Dino, Hoppy, The Raptor Pack, The Carnotaurs, Yoshi, Mario, Cappy, Dawn Bellweather, Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Regina, H'aanit, Tarzan, Mowgli, Simba
  • Opposed By: House of Family and Relatives
  • Fears: Liopleurodon, The Meg, Lagiacrus, Ceadeus.
  • One Eye is not an animal. He is a monster, plain and simple, and being a Tyrannosaurus rex does nothing to hinder that reputation. For a predator, he was unusually sadistic and cruel, initiating a stampede to kill off a Tarbosaurus family partly to usurp their territory and partly because he genuinely enjoyed it. That very day, he created his Arch-Enemy: the sole survivor of the family named Speckles, whom One Eye would continuously hound and torment for years.
  • One Eye entered the pantheon through... embarrassing means on his part. The last thing he could recall was trying to catch up and devour Speckles Jr. right in front of his father during their final match. He ended up getting suddenly snatched up by a pair of Tylosaurs who they proceeded to drag him to the depths of the ocean to be devoured. His first days in this new world was when he became the High Priest for another malicious Tyrannosaurus, namely Sharptooth, namely to spite One Eye's Arch-Nemesis for daring to oppose him. That said, with the ever-increasing batch of dinosaurs that ended up disliking Sharptooth, One Eye decided that he would need a proper ascension if it meant properly taking them on and that was what occurred. Now fully recognized, he is seeking vengeance against Speckles, who now really wants nothing to do with him.
  • One Eye might just be the most repulsive dinosaur in the Pantheon. As bad as Sharptooth is, he sometimes does get different interpretations from different people and beasts and it's difficult to settle on whether he's Pure Evil or not because of that. One Eye, on the other hand, is diabolical from the get-go. While other evil dinosaurs like the Indominus and Indoraptor are savage and sociopathic, this can be attributed to their early life and abusive treatment, even if it doesn't excuse everything. One Eye has no such excuse (or one that we know of). Whether he is naturally this evil is up for debate, but it remains that One Eye is a monster just as figurative has is literal.
  • Him and Sharptooth have a mutual partnership and understanding, which was justified in the sense that One Eye was the latter's High Priest before becoming properly recognized. While there are villainous dinosaurs to consider, it is Sharptooth that One Eye would always favour and prefer working with at the end of the day. It's gotten to the point where whenever they're together, a lot of travellers in the House of Beasts and Fauna would exclaim "oh look, those two evil T. rexes".
  • To state that Speckles was unhappy about One Eye's ascension is a sore Understatement. He immediately took his family to a secure zone with help from Rexxar and told him not to allow One Eye to come anywhere near his family. It's not enough that he hates One Eye, as Speckles despises Sharptooth for his unnaturally brutal nature and for being chumps with his Arch-Enemy. When Speckles and One Eye met again at the House of Nature, a vicious fight broke out that forced Gaea and Captain Planet to step in and break it up. Gaea had to cause a small earthquake to separate the two predators from one another, after which Captain Planet decided to console and look after Speckles for some time.
  • He is permanently banned from the House of Family. It's really not surprising, given that while usurping Speckles's territory meant that he had to kill the matriarch and intimidate the others into exile, he instead slaughtered all of Speckles's family for nothing other than personal satisfaction. If that wasn't enough, he would also kill one of Speckles's children, right after Speckles had lost his mate and another child of theirs during an earlier volcanic eruption. Not that One Eye is too bothered about it as that place doesn't seem to fit his preferred environment, though he finds it annoying that Speckles is on good terms with the House.
    • The House of Childhood and Adolescence fear One Eye for fairly obvious reasons. This also extends to many of the other residential baby animals in the Pantheon, as One Eye doesn't discriminate from attacking immature creatures, regardless of species. One Eye himself is not hesitant on having his jaws clamp down onto any unlucky child he could reach upon, and safety protocols have been enforced in distancing One Eye away from kids.
  • While John Hammond is normally more sympathetic and caring for dinosaurs in general, One Eye is a glaring exception, provided how he has no compunctions about attacking humans either. Alan Grant personally sees him as an "abnormal freak" due to One Eye's savagery and normally keeps a safe distance from him. Tarzan and Mowgli, being jungle dwellers oppose One Eye for obvious reasons, though Tarzan has it out more personal given how he was orphaned by a vicious predator and pities Speckles for it. Lastly, H'annit has nothing but contempt, given that One Eye eerily reminds her of a similarly malicious beast that she had to deal with that killed only for fun.
  • Many of the dinosaurs are very open in their disdain for One Eye, Speckles included. The Gang of Seven are the most overt, as they were horrified and disapproving of the fact that he has allied himself with Sharptooth. One Eye takes the child dinosaurs rather seriously, given that he likely learned how they were able to defeat Sharptooth and that he might need to play out his wits and cunning to take the kids on.
    • Aside from them, Dino and Hoppy also don't like One Eye at all either for obvious reasons. Amusingly enough, the Carnotaurs, while normally animalistic keep wary of One Eye and actively dislike him for his constant interruptions on their hunts and trying to usurp their territory on a number of occasions. Yoshi normally stays away from One Eye, though he wouldn't hesitate to fight against him if necessary. Though the tyrannosaur shows some concern about Mario and Cappy, given that the latter can temporarily possess him, though One Eye's size and resilience would certainly dissuade Cappy from controlling him for long.
  • While his strength and stamina are intrinsic for any tyrannosaur, what does make One Eye stand out from them is that he's surprisingly a lot more clever and wary of his opponents and his environment than you'd expect. If it suits him, One Eye would not so much directly confront his opponents than find a way to outmanoeuvre them and use his surroundings to trap or disable them. This terrified the Gang of Seven and other beasts who would use their knowledge of using the environment as most tyrannosaurs are prone to being blunt and direct about attacking.
  • Rexie actually takes One Eye more seriously than Sharptooth, mainly because she personally doesn't regard Sharptooth as a threatening foe (he was defeated by 5 child dinosaurs via tossing a boulder onto him and into a lake), but also because One Eye's intellectual skills bring to mind the Indominus Rex (whom Rexie herself found difficulty fighting against). Still, Rexie does look to be larger and, being a good associate to Speckles, actively opposes One Eye. They've fought on a few occasions, with One Eye attempting to outsmart Rexie. Both tyrannosaurs have inflicted enough cuts and bruises to one another and One Eye is going to make sure he'll kill Rexie one day to prove who's a "true king". Rexie personally finds One Eye to be too disgusting and vile to consider any association.
  • Speaking of the Indominus, One Eye realized her ordeal of fighting against Rexie and Blue of the Raptor Pack, yet still being associated with Sharptooth and Riptor. He thought that making an alliance with her would benefit them both, which is what happened when they did. The Indoraptor, while a lot more elusive, is of interest for the tyrannosaur and likes how cunning and sadistic the engineered dinosaurs are, given that they all share some sort of intellectual advantage.
    • Though amusingly, One Eye is quite cautious about entering large bodies of water, much like the Indominus. It seemed his mortal death at the jaws of the Tylosaurs hasn't been let go and One Eye remains very rattled by the experience. He had a flashback of sorts after seeing the Liopleurodon and Meg occasionally breaking out of the sea's surface and One Eye would just wander off. Seems he's not thinking about the option of taking them on, after all, he's designed to hunt on land.
  • For all his evil, he does have a fan under the coyote, Dag, who was delighted to see just how depraved and brutal One Eye was. He was also impressed by how the tyrannosaur simply didn't give up in hounding Speckles for years on end, thinking of this as an "inspiration". To the dismay of many animals, Dag is taking steps in becoming just as determined and persistent in trying to target his prey and enemies, especially Otis.
    • Similarly, the lion, Scar was intrigued to learn of One Eye, namely that they had quite some similarities; they were both parts of a species that were considered "kings" of their habitat, have a scar across their eye which also is their namesake and both orchestrated a stampede to kill their rivals. They quickly bonded over this and while One Eye is apparently unintelligible vocally, Scar is able to deduct that he's a kindred spirit. Naturally, this also made the tyrannosaur enemies with Simba, who Scar had tried to kill and the younger lion being outright disgusted by how deranged and willing One Eye is to usurp someone else's land and psychologically tormenting a child for years to come.

    Polar, Pura and Baby T 
Polar, Pura and Baby T, Divine Trio of Domesticated Wild Animals
Baby T
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their faces
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Power Up Mount, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Team Pet
  • Domains: Wild Animals, Mounts, Pets
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Neo Cortex, N. Gin, Uka Uka, Cruella De Vil, Sharptooth
  • Odd Friendship: Heihachi Mishima, Kazumi Mishima
  • The World of Crash Bandicoot choke full of unusual animals with even more unusual behaviour, mostly thanks to evil scientists experimenting on the local fauna and creating evolved animals. But these three creatures are different, these wild animals aren't genetically altered nor would you see them living in an island with anthropomorphic bandicoots. Polar, Pura and Baby T are the pets that have helped both Crash and his sister Coco in their quest to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex, but for wild animals they certainly don't behave like one would expect and act more like domesticated dogs or cats. Their ascension was arranged by their owners, since the Bandicoots missed having them around.
    • To explain their behavior we need to go into detail. Polar is a Polar Bear cub that behaves like a dog, even to the point of barking like one. Pura, a South China Tiger and Polar's feline counterpart, meows like a cat and basically acts like one. Lastly is Baby T, the Baby T-Rex that Crash found in the Prehistoric Times, he is the weirdest of the three considering that he also acts like a dog and likes to eat grass, which is very unusual for his species.
  • Crash and Coco were the first to welcome the three to the Pantheon and explained to them that was mostly a reward for being their special mounts in certain missions and also having helped them in other ways too, like the time Pura fused his ship with Coco's to help her defeat N. Gin. Their bandicoot friends weren't the only ones around as later Crunch and the Nitro Squad came around to the pantheon and went to visit the trio of pets.
  • Polar and Pura know how to pilot go-karts and have competed in races before, mostly in an attempt to save the world from the evil Nitros Oxide who threatened to enslave planet Earth. Baby T never got around to participate until a retelling of the same tale finally gave him a chance to show his driving skills.
  • Their tour around the House of Beasts and Fauna was given by Yoshi, holder of the Power Up Mount title and famous for being Mario's mount. Yoshi is happy to welcome fellow deities who have a similar function as him and is a tad bit closer to Baby T than the other two, mostly given the latter's similarities to Yoshi and Crash's rivalry with the plumber.
  • As stated before, Polar's behavior is not that different from a dog and that characteristic made Avatar Korra think he was somewhat related to the Polar Bear Dogs of her universe. Korra found Polar adorable upon meeting him and later tried to bring him to Naga to see how would she reacts. While at first Naga was a bit perplexed, she took a liking to Polar having akin to a mother-son relationship.
  • Being a South China Tiger, Pura was glad to find another one of his kind in the form of Tigress of the Furious Five. She acts like a Cool Big Sister to him since he still a child and still learning the ins and outs of the pantheon, but is impressed but other things a regular animal like him could do. Pura also befriended Tigger after being introduced to him by Coco and often like to play together.
    • Princess Jasmine also found the little Pura adorable, reminding her of her own pet tiger. She wanted to adopt Pura but found out that he was already owned by Coco and so decided to just ask Coco to hang out and talk about their pets (and girly things)
  • Surprisingly, Damian Wayne is really fond of them as he has a soft spot for animals. He asked Bruce if he could adopt the three but unfortunately they already the pets of Crash and Coco, but he still visits them from time to time.
    • An even bigger surprise was Heihachi Mishima finding them adorable too, considering what he is. Being reminded of Kuma, he wants Polar to be trained in the same martial art as him and Pura reminds him of his late wife Kazumi's pet. The animals don't really mind him that much as long as he doesn't harm his friends, but Polar is interested in taking on his training, for personal reasons that he as off yet has to explain. Much later, when Kazumi eventually got to ascend, she heard of these pets and how Heihachi wanted to adopt them and wanted to do the same with Pura. Needless to say, while they are glad for the affection, they don't want to get involved in any sketchy family feud.
  • There is a lot of confusion about Pura's gender, since her name would indicate he is female. Well, he used to be female but things changed during the events of Crash Team Racing and he has been male ever since.
  • Polar befriended Bashmaster for being a fellow Polar Bear like him, even though he is actually evil. He doesn't mind the little cub though, some company won't hurt after all.
    • He also is willing to befriend Teddie, even if he isn't a polar bear.
  • Polar will often visit the Hall of Ice and Cold since it's the closest thing the pantheon has to resemble his home before Crash adopted him. A lot of deities that are present in there often play with him when he comes along. Sub-zero tends to be the one he approaches the most, since he does smell like a polar bear (which he used to transform during his animality).
  • Baby T is often seen hanging around the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts. For the most part he has a great time being there, he even managed to find a group of children from his species and the Gang of Seven consider him one of their own. Of the group he is the closest to Chomper, another baby T-Rex with a similar strange behavior and Chomper was glad that he wasn't the only one of his species to be like that. He warned Baby T and the other 2 to beware of the Sharptooth, who wouldn't hesitate to eat the three if they ever got in their way.
    • Even considering Chomper's warnings, Baby T still didn't bother to avoid other big dangerous dinosaurs. He came accross Rexie, who in a surprising display of affection took a liking to the little T-Rex. Similarly, Baby T seems to expend a lot of time with Tyrantrum, finding him really cool for a Dragon-dinosaur beast.
  • Considering their strange characteristics, the three were prime targets for Cruella De Vil. She wanted to see what kind of fur she could get of the Polar Bear and Tiger (And whatever Baby T was, she didn't really care about him but had to capture him anyway) and that only earned the collective ire of Team Bandicoot, who decided to pull a prank on Cruella by filling her temple with TNT and Nitro crates. Needless to say, after the temple exploded she decided that she would skin those bandicoots too if she was given the chance.
  • On their off-time, the three like to frequent the Polar Bear Café. Initially only Polar went because he was familiar with the owner, another Polar bear. But later he decided to bring along his two friends (And occasionally Penta Penguin) to the Café, which Polar Bear welcomed. Most of the temple residents were not really surprised with Pura but Baby T caught them off-guard considering they've never had a dinosaur in their temple. Still, he didn't cause any major damages and only wanted to eat grass, which wasn't really in the menu but they gave him some anyway.
  • Being one of the most involved humans in the House of Beasts and Fauna, the three took a liking to Steve Irwin. He often plays with all three and likes to take them to tours around other houses since he knows they are well behaved. He often asked them about his owners and wonder how evolved animals can technically have pets but doesn't really pay much attention to it.

Speckles, Dinosaur God of Natural Predators in Media
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Tarbosaur silhouette on the film logo
  • Theme: Life and Loss
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Tarbosaurus bataar, The Infant of his Original Family, Family was killed in a Stampede, Tragic Dinosaur who had to Survive on his Own, A Natural Predator Protagonist in a Child Oriented film, Adorable Infant to Apex Predator, Named after the spots on his snout, Tarbosaur in Korea, An incredibly strong dinosaur, Childhood friend and Mate of Blue Eyes, Still grieves over the loss of his Mate, Incredibly defensive of his son and it Shows, Earn Your Bittersweet Ending
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Predators, Depictions, Family
  • Herald: Blue Eyes (His childhood companion and mate), Speckles Jr. (his son) and his other two children
  • High Priest: Stinktooth
  • Allies: Rexie, The Gang of Seven, Dino, Hoppy, The Raptor Pack, Angurius, Grimlock, Dinobot, Yoshi, Crash Bandicoot, Baby T, Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Tommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Power Rangers, Simba, Mufasa, Jin Kazama, Bambi, The Monster Hunters, Mario, Rexxar, Thrall, Batman
  • Odd Friendship: Bowser, Kratos, Asura, John Wick
  • Rivals: Tyrantrum (Albeit a Friendly one), Gwangi
  • Enemies: The Sharptooth, Indominus rex, Riptor, Deviljho, Glavenus, Heihachi Mishima, Scar, Ozai, Sabor, Beast Wars Megatron, Mesogog, The Beastmen, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Respected By: The House of Family and Relatives, Mama Bear and Papa Wolf Deities, Nature Preservers
  • On Good Terms With: Orphan Deities in the Pantheon
  • Pities: Chirin
  • Born in Late Cretaceous Korea 80 Million Years Ago, Speckles lived a happy, triumphant life with his mother, sisters and brother.. until a Tyrannosaurus rex, One Eye, suddenly caused a stampede, killing Speckles's brother and sisters before personally challenging the mother, quickly defeating and killing her and stealing their territory. Orphaned, Speckles lived most of his life under One Eye's shadow, during which he met another Tarbosaurus, Blue Eyes. The two bonded and despite being hounded by One Eye, eventually reached adulthood. After Speckles finally defeated One Eye and reclaimed his childhood home life, he was able to settle down with Blue Eyes and three infants, one of which took a striking resemblance to Speckles, naming him after himself. Unfortunately, a volcanic eruption destroyed their territory and killed one of the infants, and later on, Blue Eyes herself. Later on in an attempt to find a new home, Speckles would soon fight One Eye one last time to defend Speckles Jr. after the tyrannosaur had killed the second infant. Ending with the tyrannosaur's demise at the jaws of a pair of tylosaurs, Speckles soon collapsed on a seashore. Waking up, he embarked to search a new home with Speckles Jr., wishing his son a happy life...
  • Speckles wandered into the Pantheon, searching for a new land to call home. Not just for himself, he wanted to ensure his son would grow up without going through the same suffering as he himself did. He registered that much of the Pantheon was home to numerous animals of differing dietary choices, which he was comfortable with. Oddly for his species, he isn't part of the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, although he very frequently visits it considering he is a dinosaur.
    • His high priest is a resident from Dinotopia, a Giganotosaurus named Stinktooth. Both of them are powerful and feared apex predators. Despite their predatory instincts, Speckles and Stinktooth are good hearted, with both of them having a close relationship with their respective sons. Stinktooth would defend Speckles's family fiercely should the latter be off to a different duty, which Stinktooth is respectful of. Stinktooth is also trying to get Speckles to interact and bond with Human residents like himself.
  • Don't be fooled just because he is in a good alignment. Speckles is a meat eating dinosaur, thus he has to kill animals in order to ensure his survival. That said, he is surprisingly able to form a positive relationship with herbivores, considering his next adventure had him befriend a Saichania. This might be the reason why he is able to easily get along with Angurius.
  • His goal surprisingly isn't to exact revenge against One Eye, but to simply survive to adulthood and live out a normal life as a predator and father, although he was hoping on taking back his former home. Given he has every reason to despise One Eye, it actually worked into his favor as some have speculated Speckles wanting revenge isn't something natural for a dinosaur, instead being something more akin to One Eye. As a result, the moment he learned about Chirin, Speckles took great pity, even resulting in him thinking how his life would have went if he decided to dedicate his life into killing One Eye for revenge.
  • Has formed a strong partnership with Rexie, despite the latter being the same species as One Eye. Rexie often allows Speckles to have company with her and the two are often seen together hunting and looking after the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts. The Gang of Seven, although initially nervous, quickly warmed up to Speckles, especially Littlefoot and Chomper, the former understanding how it felt losing a mother and the latter for introducing Speckles Jr. to the gang as an honorary member. Similarly, Dino and Hoppy don't mind him either, unlike most predators as Speckles is more cordial and ambivalent to the two. That said he is a scary animal if gotten to his wrong side.
  • HATES The Sharptooth and given how incredibly similar he is to One Eye (Both having killed the protagonist's parents, missing an eye and being sociopathic in nature), its easy to see why. Sharptooth is rather amused by how Speckles despises him, but at the same time, expresses disgust in that he is friends with Littlefoot. The two had a vicious battle that had to end up with Rexxar stepping in to break it up. Thankfully, Speckles is more focused on taking care of Jr. than fighting against Sharptooth just because he reminds him of his former Arch-Enemy.
    • This feeling would later extend towards Scar, whose actions involving the death of Mufasa and the exiling of Simba infuriated Speckles to no end. He considers Scar just as depraved as One Eye, if not, more so, considering he was Mufasa's brother and Simba's uncle. Although through all of this, Speckles did manage to make friends with Mufasa and Simba, the former praising him as a just and dedicated father and the latter finding a lot of common ground together. On a similar note, Speckles also finds a kindred spirit in Bambi for the loss of his mother.
    • Is very uncomfortable about the Indominus rex. Even more unsettling is that she has an alliance with Sharptooth, which had Speckles often meet up with Rexie when it comes to dealing with them. At the same time, Speckles has become allies with the Raptor Pack and respects Owen Grady in being able to discipline the four predators.
  • His species being a member of the tyrannosauridae, Speckles is seen in a high regard by the residing Power Rangers, particularly the Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Rangers, considering their zords are based on dinosaurs. Speckles would often ally himself with the rangers to combat against Mesogog.
  • Gets along with the Monster Hunters as Speckles finds himself fighting against Deviljho and Glavenus rather occasionally and on the losing side on that. He is grateful for the hunters' support and sometimes repays the favor by guiding them on different hunts, though with the deal that Speckles has to take a chunk of meat for himself, Blue Eyes, Speckles Jr. and his two other kids to feast on, much to the hunters' chagrin.
  • His protectiveness over his son has made him one of the most respected deities from the House of Family and Relatives. It also helps that Speckles frequents the House as he feels the company there is great for his family. Similarly, he also fiercely opposes the Child Abuse Supporters, especially Heihachi, Scar and Ozai for their horrible treatment towards children. He holds the most animosity towards Scar for obvious reasons.
  • Takes his time to interact with Eliza Thornberry and Steve Irwin. Turns out Speckles still carries a lot of grief in being unable to save all of his family except his son, despite them being his heralds in the Pantheon. Because of this, he has made acquaintances with Kratos, Asura and John Wick due to them grieving over the deaths of their spouse. Speckles also gets along with Bowser, the latter admitting to having a lot of respect for Speckles's dedication towards his son. Despite being a villain, Bowser remains cordial towards the Tarbosaur, treating him like a good friend. Speckles is aware of Bowser's villainy, but given how Mario treats him like a friend, he is willing to get along with the Koopa King.
  • Like most Beasts in the Pantheon, he's made enemies against Hunter J and has fought against her on some occasions, often trying to defend himself or the House of Beasts. He also took a stance with numerous heroic deities against the Beastmen led by Khazrak and Gorthor during their mass invasion under the orders of Melkor and the Chaos Gods, in addition to forming an alliance with Grimlock and Dinobot to fight against Beast Wars Megatron.
  • Would often compete against Gwangi for land and territory. They would be enemies if it were not for the fact that Speckles has other priorities to deal with. He also butts heads against Tyrantrum, although in the latter's case, the two are somewhat respectful for one another and would put aside their differences if the House of Beasts and Fauna was under threat.


Dag, God of Evil Carnivores (A Big Meanie, A Meaner)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A profile silhouette of his head, grinning.
  • Theme Songs: Dag Invades the Hen Coop and Dag's Deal by John Debney
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dark Villains in a Comedic Setting, Those Wily Coyotes, Predators Are Mean, Junkyard Lair, Big Bad of the movie, Pretending to be affable, Off his Rockers, Dirty Coward, Attacking Vulnerable Spots, Allowing His Fellow Coyotes To Overwhelm His Victims, Would Hurt a Child, Coyotes Flock to Him For Some Reason, Killed Ben after an intrusion of the chicken coop, Overall Monstrous
  • Domains: Carnivores, Hunger, Evil
  • Heralds: His own pack of coyotes.
  • Followers: Glut the Shark, Tyrannor, Red Claw, Screech, Thud, Krabnagel the Cat, Aardvark, Kirkor
  • Allies: Melkor, Napoleon, The Grand Duke of Owls, The Toon Patrol, Professor Ratigan, Scourge
  • Rivals: Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, Cruella De Vil, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog Twitch
  • Enemies: Nearly every animal deity with special mentions of Otis, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Chanticleer, Foghorn Leghorn, Chomper, Wile E. Coyote, Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog, Bigby Wolf, Gilda, Scrappy-Doo and The Angry Birds. Also Dr. Alfred Drevis and the Grox.
  • Dag the Coyote has quite the rap sheet. He has killed and eaten countless chickens then keeping their feet on a chain, killed Otis' father, Ben and guilts him for not being there when Ben needs him, tricks Otis with an offer just to get to the chicken coop and finally tries to eat a chick just because she called him 'a meaner'. He truly is monstrous and cruel in a setting where farm animals just wanted to goof off.
  • He actually arrived at the Pantheons shortly after Otis has ascended. Dag was caught when he was ransacking the chicken coop in the Hall of Birds for some prey. Impressed by his depravity and being the epitome of jerkass predators, Melkor allowed him to stay. Dag is flattered by his actions, but is unsettled by his size and aura; luckily Melkor got on his good graces by getting him and his pack livestock meat, yet Dag himself wanted the thrill of torturing his victims to which Melkor encourages.
    Melkor: Oh, go on and do as you wish. You have my full approval.
  • Otis is furious beyond belief that he snuck in without anyone's knowledge, let alone his and Dag will never forget his defeat at Otis' hands. For now, they are biding their time and once their paths cross, things will get ugly.
  • Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde caught him one day trying to steal some meat from the House of Food's pantry where Judy openly presumes that he must have ate too much Night Howler berries and considered giving him medical attention. Dag then said the following and ever since then, the duo learned that he is beyond saving.
    Dag: Ahhahahaha! You actually think I ate some berries that make me go wild and that I need help? That's where you're wrong, little bunny; THIS is who I am.
  • Dag is completely aware he needs allies fast, or else he can't last two seconds of this place. Napoleon and the Grand Duke of Owls approached him, and offered him asylum for him and his pack in exchange for their strength in numbers. He happily accepted, since he did admire Napoleon's willingness to turn against his fellow farm animals (making him better than Otis in his eyes) and the Grand Duke's ambition of destroying the day makes it easier for him and his pack to hunt for prey. He and Twitch have a little kinship between them though it is rocky at best and it could crumble at the worst moment; he has a better time with the Toon Patrol instead and they often invite him to poker games and whatnot. Ratigan finds his cruelty admirable and struck up a truce with Dag, who is okay with him though his only complaint is that Ratigan is not vile enough to be menacing.
    • Probably the alliance Dag never regret making is with the evil cat, Scourge because they both happen to enjoy inflicting evil unto their fellow animals. Together, they have became a Big Bad Duumvirate as they and their respective packs hunted for prey to torture and feast upon.
  • Has some rivalries with Sharptooth and the Indominus rex in terms of being evil predators. Dag is cautious of them (especially the I. rex) as they may eat him too if he crosses their paths. The actions of Cruella De Vil have impressed him, though he feels he calls dibs on the animal torture first rather than her.
  • His primary targets first and foremost are chickens since they are easy to catch and Dag's favourite meat. The ascended chicken deities, Chanticleer and Foghorn Leghorn are not pleased with Dag's presence, and the feeling's mutual since they allied themselves with Otis. He did try to expand his palate by stealing the eggs of the Angry Birds, but they were alerted by this attempt and blasted him out of sight and has sworn enmity since then.
    • Wile E. Coyote and Ralph Wolf were frightened that one of their species is ruthless to their prey and despite Ralph being a milder version of Dag, the two were quick to distance themselves from him. Sam Sheepdog hears about Dag from Ralph and Otis and resolves to fortify the sheep enclosure's defenses ASAP, preparing for his threat in case he plans to nab some sheep.
    • Bigby Wolf and Gilda the griffon were reminded of their respective pasts as mean predators whenever they hear about Dag; Bigby even more so, he has to be restrained (often with his wife's help) from tearing Dag apart and is waiting for a justifiable reason to do. Chomper is disappointed and angry that Dag's entire existence serve to keep perpetuating the belief that all predators are mean.
    • Scrappy-Doo shrinks whenever Dag is nearby. Because of this, it takes a lot of courage to fight back against Dag in a fight-or-flight situation. Dag has never ate a puppy before but since he finds Scrappy annoying, he'll consider eating him quick (of course after cooking him, he wouldn't want a bad taste in his mouth).
  • There is one human he fears and that is Dr. Alfred Drevis, who is looking to taxidermy a coyote and sees Dag as a challenge. Dag stays far away from him ever since because he refuses to die by the hands of a human, let alone a horrendous one. Similarly, the Grox is too much for his tastes seeing as they are the bane to all animals though most of his enemies feel that he has no place to complain about it when he himself is unlikable.
  • The animal deities ended up calling him 'the Devil's right-hand of the animal world' due to his cunning, ruthlessness and caring about only himself.
  • "Ohoho. This should be fun."

    Dawn Bellwether 
Dawn Bellwether, Goddess of Xenophobic Herbivores (Assistant Mayor of Zootopia, Smellwether)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The night howler plant
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with undertones of Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Supposedly A Sweet Sheep But Actually The Main Antagonist, Beleaguered Assistant, The Resenter, Well-Intentioned In Her Own Mind, False Flag Operation, Xenophobic Herbivore Big Time, Felt Pushed Around By Predators Which Is Why She Hates Them, Deputy Mayor Who?, Cute Is Evil, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon
  • Domains: Reveals, Prejudice, Prey, Sheep
  • Heralds: Her sheep goons (Doug Ramses, Jesse and Woolter)
  • High Priest: The Orb Piercer
  • Respects: Sam Sheepdog, Doctor Zaius
  • Enemies: Predators in general, especially DAG, those that eat sheep, like Spyro the Dragon and Ralph Wolf, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Speckles, The Tasmanian Devil, The Phantom Thieves, Fused Zamasu, Judge Doom and and Toon Patrol, Hunter and Bianca, The Killer Rabbit, Cruella De Vil, Isabelle, Otis
  • Wary of: Human deities in general
  • Dawn Bellwether is the Assistant Mayor of Zootopia, working under Mayor Leodore Lionheart. She comes off as shy and demure, but it turns out that this is a mask for a resentful sheep who despises predators. She is the mastermind of a night howler plot to drag their reputation into the mud, so she can push her anti-predator agenda. Not what you'd expect from a herbivorous sheep.
  • Buys into negative predator stereotypes, and claims she's doing what's necessary because predators are strong and loud. However, it's clear she's motivated by racism and she's more concerned with being in power. The Phantom Thieves feels she's similar to Masayoshi Shido in that she pulls a False Flag Operation so that she can "fix" the social problem she caused in secret.
  • The House of Leadership is keeping their eye on Bellwether, as she framed the mayor so as Assistant Mayor she could take over. It was a job she always hated, comparing it to a glorified secretary position. Since Isabelle is a dog — a predator animal — and doesn't like how she abused the position for evil ends, the prejudiced sheep is straight-up banned from any and all Animal Crossing towns.
  • Feels that prey animals need to stay together. Most anthropomorphized prey animals don't like her because of how she blames predators for crimes, though she doesn't have anything against them. Well, except for the Killer Rabbit, who Bellwether considers a terrifying being and antithesis to what rabbits should be. While it's somewhat hypocritical for her to tell another prey animal that they're misbehaving, given how trigger-happy the Killer Rabbit is most aren't going to blame her on that.
  • Has contempt for predators as a whole. Naturally, she hates predators who go after sheep most, such as Spyro. Spyro has pointed out that the sheep he takes for health aren't sentient like the residents of Zootopia, but Bellwether's racism prevents her from seeing it that way. Interestingly, while canines are carnivores she actually respects Sam Sheepdog, because he's a sheep-dog and keeps them safe from predators like Ralph Wolf.
  • More than even Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Bellwether hates Dag most of all than anyone else in the pantheon. As a truly despicable predator, he is everything she hates about predators personified. She hates and fears him so much she'll work with her prey and even predator enemies in order to stop him.
  • Otis does not like Bellwether for her evil actions, even if she is a staunch enemy of Dag. Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy is still another enemy. Similarly, even though Bellwether is as disturbed and disgusted as other animals and animal-lovers by Cruella and her desire to turn animals into fur coats, this doesn't make her friends with anyone else opposed to the wicked fashionista.
  • Has gotten into conflicts with other bigots. Zamasu initially felt that she has a point with predators being vicious, but soon pointed out he sees all mortal beings as violent creatures, including herbivores. Judge Doom hates her because she's a toon, despite being a toon himself, and she already hated him for associating with weasels. Upon examining how monstrous they were, she was disturbed at them for ethical standards as well.
  • Not quite sure what to think about humans. By Real Life standards, they're super-predators on top of the food chain which terrifies her. However in Real Life no other species is known to be on their level of intelligence, and her along with the rest of Zootopia are anthropomorphized aka take after them. Plus she's never met a human before entering the pantheon. She likes to discuss matters of humanity with Dr. Zaius, who she considers a wise figure even if they don't agree on many points when it comes to predators and prey.
  • Considers Hunter and Bianca's romance to be utterly disgusting, and has called them both abominations for being a prey and predator in a relationship. Still, as much as it revolts her she considers the I Will Survive fan comic talking about it patently absurd in its execution.
  • Never call her Smellwether, the nickname Mayor Lionheart gave her. And don't touch the wool either, it's apparently offensive in sheep culture.

Hagen, God of Escaped Animal Rampages (Max)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A large pack of dogs lying on a plaza in a semi-circle, listening to a girl playing a trumpet
  • Theme Song: Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2
  • Alignment: True Neutral —> Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Getting hell for being mixed breed, goes through a dog-fighting ring and a pound, from which he escapes to wreak havoc on Budapest and the humans who wronged him, is only calmed by his owner's music
  • Domains: Canines, Abused Animals, Revenge, Chaos, Allegories, Music
  • Herald: His former owner Lili and the dozens of dogs that form his pack
  • High Priest: White Dog
  • Allies: Buck, Rowf and Snitter, Nintendogs, Christiane Génessier, Caesar, Elliot Alderson, Moro-no-Kimi, S.A.T.8, Ordis
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil, Shere Khan, Koba, Claudandus, Dr. Borous (Think Tank)
  • Complicated Relations: Okkoto-nushi
  • Hagen used to be a Big Friendly Dog owned by 13-year-old Lili. Lili played the trumpet and Hagen loved to listen to her. Then one day, Lili was sent to live with her estranged father Dániel. Lili brought Hagen with her, much to the man's displeasure, as recently a law had been passed that mixed-breed dogs such as Hagen were subject to a large fee. Despite Lili's efforts to keep Hagen, Dániel eventually kicked him out into the streets on the other side of the city. Thus began a lonely journey for Hagen, as he ran into many cruel humans whose only interest in him was how they could profit off him. After avoiding some dog catchers, a homeless man sold Hagen into a dog-fighting ring where he was starved and beaten in order to make him more savage. When he managed to escape the ring, he was caught by the dog catchers and put in a pound, where he was set to be put down. But instead, Hagen broke out of his cage, released all the dogs there and led them in an uprising across the city in order to take revenge on the humans who abused them, causing many gruesome deaths in the process. Hagen and his pack were calmed only when he met Lili again and she played her trumpet.
  • Of course, such a peaceful end could hardly be it for Hagen and his pack, considering they had just gone on a killing spree and started a national crisis. After what they had done, death was certain if they didn't keep moving. And while it tore Hagen apart to leave Lili again, he felt he had a duty to his pack as well. Hagen and the pack ran and ran from the authorities, but with their size there was no way they could hide. And then they met a certain wolf-looking mixed-breed dog, one that went by the name of Buck, and he motioned for them to follow him. All the dogs just mysteriously disappeared under an overpass, as far as the government knew. In reality, Buck had brought them into the Pantheon, where they would be relatively safe and able to live freely without worrying about humans' arbitrary categories. The Main House decided to have Hagen represent Escaped Animal Rampage after the spectacular chaos he brought upon Hungary's capital city.
  • Hagen is at his leisure to go back to his world and see Lili again if he so desires. And you bet he takes complete advantage of this, even if his new status and the circumstances back home mean they can't be with each other all the time, the way they used to. Lili herself was quite overwhelmed with the news that her dog was now a god, but now just treats it like a secret only she and her beloved pet are in on. She makes her own visits to the Pantheon to be with Hagen sometimes, and anyone who would dare harm her is to be faced with the wrath of dozens of dogs.
  • Hagen remains close friends with Buck and will forever be grateful to him for saving his pack from certain doom. Buck was also the one to teach Hagen and his pack the basics of how to fend for themselves in the Pantheon, and what places and deities are good or bad. In general, Hagen has a lot of admiration for Buck due to him starting as a pampered house pet and still survived some very harsh circumstances comparable to what Hagen has been through (it's hard to say who had it worse), and winding up as the leader of a wolf pack on top of everything. Buck is of the opinion that Hagen isn't too shabby himself (of course, he probably wouldn't have helped him ascend if he thought otherwise).
  • Given his actions that got him his title, Hagen's not exactly what one would call an Heroic Dog, but he's not evil either. In the Pantheon, Hagen's kindness is most apparent when a fellow canine is in trouble. For instance, he met Rowf and Snitter for the first time while they were running away from some unscrupulous scientists trying to capture them for experimentation. Seeing that the two dogs were being troubled by humans, Hagen gathered some of his pack and frightened the humans off. While Rowf and Snitter stayed with Hagen for a little bit, they marvelled at how it was so much bigger than any other pack they had ever seen. They also exchanged stories with Hagen, explaining to him how they had been frequently subjected to painful experiments they did not understand and how "white coats" seemed to exist just to cause animals like them pain. Hagen took note of this form of abuse he hadn't run into yet, and he promised Rowf and Snitter that they'd be always welcome in his pack whenever they were in trouble.
  • The Nintendogs stand out as ones Hagen has a special soft spot for, most likely since they are puppies. He likes visiting them fairly often, probably because the soothing and loving atmosphere around them reminds him of his old days with Lili and brings him peace, if only momentarily. As expected from this, Hagen has developed a Big Brother Instinct for the puppies, and anyone foolish enough to try to harm them will be faced with the full extent of Hagen's viciousness.
  • He was not amused in the least when he heard about a certain unscrupulous human known as Cruella De Vil who tried to make coats out of the Nintendogs' skins. Even less so when he heard this wasn't new behavior from her and she had a long history of trying to kill animals for fashion, starting with 101 Dalmatian puppies she had attempted to kidnap. In short, Cruella is the sort of human Hagen hates with every fiber of his being. He paid her a visit in her temple and the results... weren't pretty. Good for her that's she's a goddess as well. But there will be more to come if she keeps threatening animals.
  • Despite the trauma he's gone through, Hagen seems to have a neutral opinion of humans, recognizing that there are good ones and bad ones. Though he's a lot more cautious now than when he was Lili's blissfully oblivious pet. One human deity in particular has caught Hagen's eye in a positive way. When he was wandering about, he saw a fairly large amount of unknown dogs guarding a temple and decided to investigate. He discovered that it belonged to Christiane Génessier and that the dogs around it stayed with her out of loyalty for having freed them from their cages. Hagen waited to see this intriguing human for himself. When Christiane showed up, Hagen was surprised and soothed by her gentle manners with him, which he doesn't remember getting from anyone but Lili. Despite thinking her unmoving face is odd, Hagen understood what the other dogs meant when they talked about her, and decided she was a human worth protecting and comforting in her frequent periods of melancholy.
  • Another human Hagen finds decent is the reclusive hacker Elliot Alderson, specifically because he once rescued an abused dog and adopted and cared for her as his own. Elliot also came to care for Hagen's well-being after hearing his sad story. In general, it can be relied on that if you are a person who is good to dogs, Hagen will leave you alone at worst.
  • Shere Khan and Koba, notable human-hating animals, have nothing but praise for his uprising and violence that he inflicted on humans for abusing him. Their associate Claudandus is more reserved in his praise, saying he's not bad, for a mongrel. However they also think his lingering attachment to Lili and friendship with certain human deities in the Pantheon aren't going to make him their comrade any time soon. Hagen himself has conflicted feelings on those three; hearing their stories made him realize they have their reasons to hate humans, but Hagen's feelings for the humans he likes leads him to take a more moderate stance that prevents him from supporting them.
    • Koba's former comrade Caesar, who some think Hagen is the canine counterpart of, turned out to be far more understanding of the dog. While he did lead a pretty bloody animal uprising himself, he ultimately did so with the best interests of his kind in mind and did not bear hatred for all of humanity. He praises Hagen for remembering the warmth of his owner Lili at a critical time and avoiding his complete fall to hatred and anger. Caesar would even be willing to help him make a more decisive revolution in his world, something that definitely piques Hagen's interest.
  • The Japanese gods Moro and Okkoto are pretty impressed with this house pet who managed to start something so big, those high-and-mighty humans quaked in their boots. Although, Okkoto thinks Hagen is still weak if he remains so attached to a mere girl, and that's what prevented him from seeing his revolt through. Moro is a lot more tolerant of that detail; if Lili makes Hagen happy, why not leave them be.
  • Hagen responds well to S.A.T.8, an android who's very fond of dogs even with her denying it. Her inconsistent behavior confuses Hagen. But she really does feel bad for the sheer hell he went through. Even if S.A.T.8 is a combat android whose contractors notably treat their Dolls better than many other places, she's all too familiar to the reality of how cruel humans and the world can be.
  • Ordis is a computer who somehow also has a fondness for dogs, Hagen being no exception. In fact, he has special praise for Hagen for taking vengeance upon the humans who wronged him and other dogs, as Ordis, in his time as a warrior, did something similar by siding with the lower class against gods. A less nice computer is Dr. Borous, who's notorious for abusing his dog Gabe despite his unwavering loyalty, among other crimes against animals. He regrets what he did to his dog at least, but Hagen still perceives him as bad.

    The Octonauts 
The Octonauts members , Divine Mixed Animal Species Team (Inkling: Professor Inkles; Dashi: Sauci)
The Octonauts From left to right 
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Octonauts Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mixed Animal Species Team, Underwater Base, Something-Nauts
  • Domains: Animals, Teams, Nature
  • Allies: Captain Planet, Pit, Palutena, Lucas, most Spongebob deities
  • Respect: Steve Irwin
  • On good terms with: All other good-and neutral-aligned deities, Mrs. Puff
  • Odd Friendship with: The Orca, Sobek (All), Ichigo Momomiya (Kwazii only)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Squidward (Inkling only)
  • Rivals: Bruce (Kwazii only)
  • Oppose: Hexxus (All), Spider deities, Muffet, Katz, Sabor, Scar (Kwazii)
  • Opposed by: Viridi, Bruce, Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Ramon, King K. Rool (All)
  • Fears: Flowey (Tunip only)
  • The Octonauts are a group of anthropomorphic animals that explores the seas to help sea creatures in need. They use their octopus-shaped ship called the Octopod as a way to travel through the vast oceans.
  • One day, they randomly show up in the Hall of Aquatic Life. While they do observe the animals living in it, the other deities think nothing of it. One day, however, a battle between many of the GUAG forces and the GUAE forces occured right on their territory, and while the GUAG won, many of the members are injured. They then save each and every member of that group, with the penguin treating the injuries they sustained. Witnessing this act, Cosmos and the other Main House members are impressed, and they decide to ascend this group (in turn giving Melkor another pain to deal with).
    • In the Pantheon, they start to turn their talents on helping any deity that is injured, or needs help rescuing, as a result of various mayhem and destruction that occurred in the Pantheon.
  • Despite being designated to the House of Beasts and Fauna, they actually spend their time traveling the Halls of Water and Moisture and Aquatic Life in the Octopod. They do ocassionally travel into other Houses to explore them and help deities in trouble.
  • Due to their helpful nature to the environment, they become fast friends with Captain Planet.
    • Speaking of him, they are aware of the terror Hexxus could potentially cause on nature, and, as they are essentially sitting ducks in the face of Hexxus, Captain Planet has strived to aid the group whenever possible.
  • When Viridi heard of an organization who help the environment, she zips into their location in order to find a way to recruit them. However, they deem Viridi's actions as too far and decline her offer, much to her anger.
  • Has a strained relationship with the Orca. While the Orca is very hostile outwardly, the Octonauts do their best to respect him like the other creatures. Indeed, the Orca seems to be somewhat more docile towards the group.
  • They, being nature lovers, no doubt respect Steve Irwin, with Shellington being outright ecstatic. They often exchange information about various species.
  • The Octonauts possess several ships called GUPs, which they use to help creatures under the sea. Most are useless on land, but some, such as the crocodile-like GUP-K, an unseen mudskipper-resembling GUP-M, and the helicopter-like GUP-H, could traverse land.
  • While they don't have much in terms of enemies, K. Rool has an odd rivalry with them, mainly because they are willing to help various deities, up to and including the Kongs, and their underestimation of aquatic life. Ditto with Lord Fredrik.
  • Their association with water has brought the attention of water-related deities such as Aqua. She offers to help the Octonauts, but her unpredictability and incompetence tend to do them more harm than good.
  • Exclusive to Barnacles:
    • He is on good terms with other bears in the Pantheon, notably Banjo and Winnie the Pooh.
    • He also gets along with Mario due to his experiences in various aquatic domains.
    • Barnacles, similarly, find an ally in Polar, another polar bear. This inevitably leads to an alliance with Crash Bandicoot and co.
    • Many GUAG members have became allies with him, particularly the leaders which all strive to care about their underlings as much as he does.
  • Exclusive to Kwazii:
    • Kwazii tends to believe tales about strange monsters terrorizing the oceans. While those are obviously not real, the Pantheon does have a lot of strange sea monsters.
    • Kwazii actually has a fear of spiders (though one that he thought was a spider is really a spider crab). Shelob are among the ones he will instantly run away from, as well as Muffet despite her friendliness towards him.
    • He is often seen driving the fast-moving GUP-B in the Hall of Aquatic Life. One day, he bumped into a very hungry Bruce, who then attempted to make a meal out of him. Thankfully, the GUP-B's speed allows him to zip away, leaving him to eat his dust.
    • It didn't take long for him to find other friendly cats in the Pantheon. Oggy, Mufasa and several others are just some examples. There are, however, some felinesque deities such as Ichigo Momomiya and Koneko Toujou who confuses him due to looking next to nothing like a cat. Nevertheless, they are on friendly terms.
      • That said, not all cats are friendly. He has encountered some truly vile cats such as Katz and Scar.
    • He has interacted with a cat lover named Sakaki, who he bonds with greatly.
  • Exclusive to Peso:
    • Being a medic, he naturally is an expert at helping anyone who is hurt or sick. He is commonly seen at the House of Health and Diseases, helping sick or injured deities recover, the most notable being GUAG members who are injured as a result of battles.
    • Naturally, he is on good terms with various penguins in the Pantheon such as Rocko and Hubie who he occasionally rescues from predators. During his trip to treat some of the House of Leadership members, he met King Dedede. While he is confused whether or not he really is a penguin, the king enjoys his presence regardless.
    • Has a younger brother named Pinto, who he occasionally invites into the Pantheon.
    • Peso also often ends up treating Fred many times due to the various injuries he had many times (and that he's a sea creature).
  • Exclusive to Tweak:
    • Tweak is known for making various gadgets and inventions to help fellow Octonauts.
    • She obviously is on good terms with the House of Machinery and Technology, inventing various inventions for them.
    • While Peso specialises in animals, Tweak specialises in technology. Because of this, she can sometimes be seen fixing up robot deities, such as Mega Man.
    • Tweak is on good terms with other inventors in the Pantheon, such as Dexter, often sharing inventions with each other.
  • Exclusive to Shellington:
    • A scientist who studies animals that they encounter. He spends much of his time studying the Pantheon's various species.
    • He is interested in Oshawott, a fellow sea otter, as well as a number of water-type Pokemon. He would visit many of their temples to study them.
    • He can also be found at the temples of other inhabitants of the Houses of Beasts and Nature to study them.
    • He's actually quite bad at driving certain GUPs. Mrs. Puff has taken pity on him and has been trying to offer him lessons.
  • Exclusive to Inkling:
    • Inkling is a Dumbo Octopus and the founder of the group. He doesn't join missions often (likely because he has little defense aside from his ink), but he is one of the smarter members of the group.
    • When some Nintendo deities first heard of him, they were confused as he brings to mind of squid-like beings known as Inklings. Once the confusion is cleared, he makes fast friends with them, though he is intrigued with their polar opposite views regarding water.
    • Inkling also finds the antics of Ika Musume amusing, though she is too incompetent to properly threaten him and his crew.
    • He also met another fellow octopus in Squidward, who despite the grouchy disposition, manages to have Inkling get into his good side.
    • Due to spending much of his time in a library he gets along with other librarians such as Blanc and Patchouli Knowledge, often sharing information.
  • Exclusive to Dashi:
    • Dashi spends most of her time photographing the more unusual creatures that take residence in the Pantheon. Sometimes, they can even be deities, and strong ones at that, which sometimes gets her in trouble.
    • She can often be seen photographing animals and deities in the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature.
    • Her photograph-loving nature causes her to sometimes be sought upon by the Villager, who sometimes requests her to send an image of an animal to.
  • Exclusive to Tunip:
    • Tunip is a Vegimal, strange vegetable-like creatures that serve the Octonauts. Found by Shellington, they spend their times making food such as Kelp Cakes.
    • When Kirby visited the Octopod, he encounters the Vegimals making a meal. When he tries some, he decides to grab some. He likes it, as is to be expected, and becomes friends with the Vegimals.
    • He and the other Vegimals have a kitchen in the House of Food where they sell their Kelp Cakes and Fish Biscuits to others. Can also be found in the House of Plants where they grow plants to cook.
    • Tunip and the other Vegimals ran into the Killer Tomatoes. Apparently thinking they were friendly, they decide to offer them Tunip's Fish Biscuits. Needless to say, that didn't end well.
    • Tunip also once visited Flowey's temple, thinking of him to be friendly. What he gets is being blasted by his "friendliness pellets", and he would've been stew if it weren't for fast reaction from Barnacles. (Incidentally, this caused Tunip to start hanging out with Undertale deities more, especially Undyne.)
    • They also have a part-time job as assistants for the Rabbit Cafe Crew, helping them cook and even coming up with new recipes.

Sabor, Divine Leopard of Incorrect Animal Noises
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A blood stained paw-print
  • Theme Song: "Tarzan Vs. Sabor"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Adaptation Species Change, Cats Are Mean, Predators Are Mean, Super-Persistent Predator, Starter Villain
  • Domains: Animal Sounds, Leopards, Predation
  • Allies: Scar, Shere Khan, Tai Lung
  • Rivals: Dag
  • Enemies: the Nature Preservers (especially TARZAN, Mowgli, and San), Baloo, Sora, Donald, and Goofy, Simba, Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed, Atalanta, Panda, The Furious Five the Hall of Anthropomorphic Animals (especially Hunter and Bianca) all ape or monkey-related deities (especially King Kong, Winston)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Bagheera
  • Annoyed by: Jiminy Cricket, Taiga Fujimura
  • Opposed by: the Heroic Protectors of Family and Relatives, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, the lions of the Pantheon
  • Feared by: Cream the Rabbit
  • Sabor is a large and incredibly dangerous female leopard note  who once prowled the jungles of Western Africa striking fear into the hearts of her unsuspecting prey with her distinctive roar, which doesn't exactly sound like that of other leopards. Her infamy reached a climax with three particular victims; the infant son of gorilla silverback Kerchak, and a human couple living in a large treehouse, the latter leaving behind something that would ultimately spell doom for the large cat. A baby, who would be adopted by the gorilla Kala and raised to become the ape-man known as Tarzan. The two would meet again in a rather climatic battle, with Sabor giving Tarzan the fight of his life. Ultimately though, it was for naught, as Tarzan managed to kill the murderer of his parents, earning the respect of his fellow apes.
    • The fact that she's an adversary of the Lord of the Apes makes her a natural enemy to the other apes and monkeys throughout the Pantheon. King Kong, being the God of Gorillas, is one of the more relevant mouthpieces in this affair, and Winston sees her wild mind as frighteningly savage. She also has an animosity for beings with a connection to animals similar to Tarzan's, including Mowgli, San, and Atalanta, who'd all been raised in a jungle, and Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who had a backstory that involved being raised by ocelots. Her animosity with Mowgli has also brought her into conflict with his friends Baloo and Bagheera. Some have noted the complements between Sabor and Bagheera, as the former is a feral leopard that spent her life trying to kill and eat someone who'd been raised in a jungle, while the latter is an intelligent leopardnote  that spent his time actively raising and protecting a similar person.
  • Death was not the end of her story. Following her fight against Tarzan, Sabor awoke to find herself in an unusual jungle. Standing before her were two unusual figures; a black-maned lion with a distinct scar over his left eye and a Bengal tiger carrying a regal air to him. The pair introduced themselves as Scar and Shere Khan, and explained how they, with a little bit of assistance, brought the leopard back to life to deal with a group known as the "Nature Preservers", whose ranks included several wild humans. At first Sabor merely brushed off the two larger cats and began on her way, but stopped when Khan mentioned that Tarzan was among them. At the mere mention of the Ape-Mans' name, she lowered her ears and let out a low growl. This meant only one thing. This wasn't about food or competition with another top predator. This time, it was personal, and she was going to enjoy tearing him apart with her claws.
  • Sabor has less than fond memories of its demise at the hands of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. She also didn't appreciate how Jiminy Cricket recorded her as being male, which was strange because they hadn't realized she was intelligent enough to be annoyed by that. Although no one really knows for sure whether she's male or female, it's generally inferred that she's female, as her name is the word for "lioness" in ape language. She has a similar antagonism with the Nostalgia Critic, who had the audacity to confuse her for a cheetah.
    • Because of her attempts at hunting Timon and Pumbaa as well as her name's meaning giving the lions of the Pantheon a bad name, they have a strict policy against her that Simba instated following some advice from his father.
  • If there's anything that should always be kept in mind when dealing with Sabor, it's that she's incredibly ruthless and absurdly single-minded. The second she gets a prey in her sights, she's been known to spend years pursuing it. She also has no problem making quick kills if necessary, holding the record for fastest onscreen death of any Disney Film for stalking and killing a baby gorilla in less than three minutes. This has given Sabor a preference for child deities that have been left alone and/or vulnerable. She likes to target Cream the Rabbit, who often fulfills both criteria due to her position.
    • Like real leopards, Sabor has been reported as swooping in and stealing kills from the hyenas, Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed. They understandably have some problems with this. As she much enjoys the actual act of killing over eating, she really only resorts to this tactic when absolutely necessary.
    • Sabor's nature as a predator has made her a rival to Dag, who she used to be a follower of. They don't compete as often as most rivals do, since Dag has a preference for chickens, while Sabor prefers to hunt more difficult prey, such as apes. However, like the hyenas, she's been known to steal Dag's meals from time to time, which irritates him to no end.
    • The fact that her actions tore apart not one, but two families, has caused those in the House of Family who value the concept to give Sabor a wide berth.
  • Has had a number of inconvenient encounters with Taiga Fujimura. While Taiga herself doesn't really have much of an opinion of Sabor beyond, "Ah! Scary leopard!" her alter ego, Jaguar Man, consistently mistakes her for a jaguar due to the fact that her sizable, scant rosettes (the type of spots common to jaguars and leopards) are more similar to those of jaguars than the smaller, more closely grouped together rosettes of leopards.
  • Since killing Tarzan's parents, Sabor has developed a fondness for hunting more challenging prey than the average leopard. While regular humans aren't very good for eating, being too much bone in comparison to their meat, the Hall of Anthropomorphic Animals provides Sabor with the best of both worlds, and she can often be found lurking there, waiting to strike when her victims least expect. One of her favorite quarries to hunt would be Bianca the rabbit, who is often under the protection of her boyfriend, Hunter.
    • Once tried to hunt down Po, since he's extremely fat for an anthropomorphic animal. Although Po was able to fight her off, her surprise attack did leave him open to an attack by Tai Lung. Poe was able to get away with the help of the Furious Five. Since then, Tai Lung has agreed to work with Sabor again, emphasizing that if anyone is going to kill Po, it's going to be him, but Sabor can do whatever she wants to Po's carcass after that.

    The Zoosters 
The Zoostersmembers , Divine Quartet of Escaped Captive Wild Animals (Alex: Alakay, King of New York | Marty: Stripes)
L-R: Gloria, Alex, Melman, Marty
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: An outline of Africa on Alex’s right paw
  • Theme Music: Zoosters Breakout; I Like to Move It ( version; Afro Circus remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Four-Temperament Ensemble, True Companions
  • Domains: Animals, Travel
  • Heralds: King Julien XIII, Maurice, Mort, Mason & Phil, Zuba, Florrie, Vitaly, Gia, Stefano, Sonya
  • Allies: Madagascar Penguins, Simba, Timon & Pumbaa, Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Dumbo, Baloo & Bagheera, Santa Claus, Nicholas Saint North, Dimitri Lousteau
  • Enemies: Shannon DuBois, Shere Khan, Scar, Zira, The Hyenas, Sabor, Koba, Dr. Facilier
  • A group of animals consisting of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippo are all living the good life in Central Park Zoo. Marty’s desire to explore outside the zoo, taking advantage of some penguins’ separate mission to go to Antarctica in the process, results in the others trying to get him back, only to end up getting shipped off to a Kenyan wildlife reserve as a result of some people who were against the animals being held captive in a zoo. The animals’ shipping containers go overboard and the group end up in Madagascar, where they had to learn to survive in the wilderness and, in Alex’s case, keep his predatory instincts in check. Things work out for the group and they, alongside some partying lemurs they befriended and the penguins (who realized that going to Antarctica wasn’t worth it), had some more crazy adventures which included meeting up with others of their kind (and a family reunion for Alex) and revitalizing a struggling circus while escaping the wrath of a deranged animal control officer.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar had gone missing for a few days, though many largely brushed it off as the group having gone on a ridiculous mission that’s gone wrong somehow. Some time later in a nature reserve in the Pantheon, some hunters were there illegally trying to shoot some rare animals when they noticed a rickety-looking plane in the sky that was on the verge of crash-landing. The hunters were driven out of the reserve to avoid getting hit by the plane and as for the plane itself, it managed to make a very rough landing that heavily damaged the plane to the point that it can’t be repaired, though the fact that the plane even managed to land was enough for the penguins to consider their mission a success. Also on that plane was the quartet from Central Park Zoo: Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman, who was merely just checking to make sure the penguins were OK and didn’t expect another wild flight into an unknown place. The Penguins gave the group the rundown on the Pantheon, which only ended up bewildering the Zoosters even further. Nevertheless, the quartet took this opportunity to get accustomed to the Pantheon, with them checking in on the Penguins every now and then.
  • One pair of jungle animals that the Zoosters were able to get along with was Timon and Pumbaa, whose laid-back attitude and fun-loving demeanor were reminiscent of King Julien and his lemur clan, though not nearly as eccentric as he is. It was through that duo that the Zoosters met up with another lion known as Simba who, in a marked contrast to Alex, was an actual leader of an African landscape and made sure things were running smoothly. Simba sees Alex as unusual given how the lion and his friends don’t act like animals much of the time even though they can survive living in the wild, but otherwise considers them good friends to be around.
    • The Zooster’s conversations with Simba also brought them awareness of other jungle animals that are much more dangerous than the group had been used to, chief among them being Scar. Alex has plenty of problems with Scar given what happened when Alex was chosen to be the leader of a wildlife reserve, only to be tricked by Makunga and getting exiled for it. Scar was much more extreme in trying to take the role of leader, essentially carrying out an assassination on Mufasa, with Simba running away until he was able to fight back as an adult. Zira is similarly problematic for the Zoosters given her dedication towards a heartless tyrant, though neither she nor Scar see the group as worth their time. On a slightly related note, Scar’s former hyena henchmen are a group of animals that are problematic for the Zoosters, given how hungry the trio are and being not that different from the fossa that the quartet had to contend with when they initially arrived on Madagascar.
  • Baloo and Bagheera were a pair of jungle animals who the Zoosters ended up encountering at one point. While the quartet was able to get along with Baloo fairly easily, Bagheera was wondering quite a bit about the group’s circumstances when he first met them. In a way, the Zoosters do have some understanding of modern human civilization thanks to living in a zoo prior to ending up in the wild, though Alex had to keep his predatory instincts in check for the sake of his friends and the group do perform actions that’s closer to humans than that of animals. Regardless, the group doesn’t mean any harm to Baloo and Bagheera, even if the panther does find them strange at any rate.
    • Some jungle animals that Baloo and Bagheera have warned the Zoosters about were Sabor, a vicious leopard that has proven to be a problem among the jungle denizens of the Pantheon and, more prominently, Shere Khan. The tiger was Baloo and Bagheera’s most prominent adversary when it came to Mowgli’s well-being and the tiger has been known to harbor hatred among humans. He personally thinks that the former zoo animals have wasted their strengths during their time in the wild instead of trying to attack humans for putting them in their former situation, even if the Zoosters ended up the way they were while trying and failing to get Marty back to the zoo. The Zoosters know that Shere Khan isn’t someone to take lightly and a potential fight against him is something that they’ll have to be ready for.
  • In case it wasn’t obvious by now, Alex and his friends from Central Park Zoo are all talking animals. While some humans in the Pantheon are able to understand them without anything extra, a few will simply see them as animals that act weird. There are a few deities such as Eliza Thornberry who are capable of talking to animals that decided to meet up with them to see what their life is like as animals living in the wild and were quite surprised to learn that not only are they able to talk like humans naturally, but that they used to live in a zoo. This ended up bringing to mind her chimpanzee Darwin, who was an animal known to live in the wild that is in the care of her. In any case, the Zoosters do have a good opinion of her and she sometimes serves as the group’s translator whenever they encounter someone that can’t understand what the Zoosters are saying.
  • Steve Irwin was another animal lover who was more than curious about how the Zoosters have survived much of what was thrown at them given how they were raised in a zoo and later ended up in the wild. As someone who cares about the well-being of animals (even if crocodiles are what he’s known for), Steve was relieved to know that the animals can fend for themselves, even if they don’t traditionally act like others of their respective kind in more ways than one.
  • Besides Shere Khan, there are a group of animals who want nothing more than to see humans suffer. Koba was among those who fit that category and he seems to have a more pronounced hatred towards the Zoosters than Shere Khan does, which could be chalked up to Koba being held captive in the past. That said, the Zoosters were treated fairly well during their time in Central Park Zoo while Koba was part of a lab experiment and abused during that time. Even with all that taken into account, Koba believes that any animal (primates or otherwise) that was held captive by humans should enact revenge on them, something that the Zoosters have no interest in whatsoever.
  • While trying to find a way to get back to New York, the group ended up coming across a circus, became members of that entourage, and helped get that circus back on track, even foregoing their original plans to return home to fully be part of that circus having realized that being free was quite an experience. The Zoosters still perform as part of that circus every now and then and it didn’t take long for them to find some other circus performers in the Pantheon. Dumbo was a circus performer who the Zoosters took a liking towards and the elephant has no problems working with them on their circus or the Zoosters being guest performers for Dumbo’s own circus, helped by the fact that Alex is a performer at heart. Of course, Dumbo is content with just hanging out with the group while on break from performing to a large crowd.
    • Despite being associated with a circus, the Zoosters aren’t all that keen in having ill-hearted entities involved with them in any capacity whatsoever. Among those mean-spirited circus performers that the group isn’t willing to put up with was Simon Keyes, who at first glance was simply an animal trainer. It turned out that he was much more devious than he appeared to be, but once his crimes were exposed, the animals that he trained with turned against him. If Simon’s former animals opted out against him for being a ruthless manipulator, then the Zoosters have made it a point not to get involved with anything related to him, especially taking into account how untrustworthy and paranoid he is.
  • Christmas is something that the Zoosters are well aware of thanks to one instance where they had to deliver presents for an amnesiac Santa Claus (or the “red night goblin” according to King Julien) with the penguins subbing for reindeer. The group had to return the sleigh to Santa, who recovered his memories after getting hit, though they didn’t realize that the sleigh had a reserve tank for magic dust before Santa took off. While the Zoosters expected another encounter with Santa, they didn’t expect to meet up with another version of him known as Nicholas Saint North, who had plenty of capabilities to function as a second Santa in the Pantheon. Even if the Zoosters’ delivery run with Santa’s sleigh came with some expected issues, both Santa and St. North don't have a problem with these animals serving as replacement Santas if something were to happen to the two.
  • Marty has a lot of strange slang to go with his African-American accent. One other deity known to use slang to go along with a strange personality was Dimitri L. Lousteau, who besides having ties with a gang of thieves, has some bizarre artistic sensibilities. While on break from his escapades, Dimitri ended up watching a performance from the circus that the Zoosters were a part of at the behest of Marty, who believed that someone who understands art and has an offbeat accent to go with it would be interested in circuses. After seeing what Trapeze Americano was, Dimitri believed that he found a form of acrobatics that managed to be just as weird, if not moreso, than painting while swinging from a rope. Dimitri will sometimes check in on the circus to see what kind of strangeness they’ll think of next and Marty has adopted some of Dimitri’s stranger lines to use as intermittent catch-phrases.
  • For a brief period of time, Melman served as a non-supernatural Witch Doctor for a group of giraffes after the previous one died (or rather went missing for a prolonged period of time). He initially believed that he was afflicted by some sort of illness, but it presumably wasn’t the case and his stint as witch doctor was closer to being a chiropractor for animals. The Pantheon had some places dedicated to ensuring that animals remain healthy and Melman is sometimes called in to help out with such. While no one can say for sure that Melman understands human biology, he’s been pretty effective at getting animals back to health whenever the usual veterinarians of the Pantheon (who do approve of Melman helping out even if an animal doctor was strange to them) aren’t available for the time being.
    • As far as an actual witch doctor is concerned, Melman (and to an extent the rest of the Zoosters) are not all that keen on meeting with Dr. Facilier. Not only does Facilier know quite a bit about voodoo magic, but he is known to take advantage of others for his own gain. Talking animals weren’t anything new to Facilier, but from what he could gather from Melman’s time as a witch doctor, he found it laughable that someone would even attempt to use the title of “witch doctor” for mundane purposes. He has even attempted to find ways to get the Zoosters involved as pawns of his schemes via trying to find something they want (their original goal of trying to go back home), but it became clear that the quartet and their closest friends are fine with what they have.


Applin, Deified Worm in an Apple (The Apple Core Pokémon, Kajicchu)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The apple Applin hides in
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Ripen
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Draco Meteor, Astonish, Withdraw, Grassy Glide
    • Z-Move: Devestating Drake
  • Portfolio: Wyrm In An Apple, Magikarp Power, Green Thumb, Has Two Different Evolutions, Ripen Doubles The Effect Of Held Berries, Mobile Shrubbery, Stealth Pun
  • Domains: Apples, Worms, Dragons, Reclusiveness
  • Interested in: Eris, the Hall of Draconic Beings
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Garchomp, Earthworm Jim, Lex the Bookworm, Satanichia, Satan (Puyo Puyo), Sig, Snow White, Jake Long, Falkor, Spyro, Sparx, Applejack, Jacuzzi Splot, Whispy Woods
  • Enemies: Pokémon Hunter J, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokemon "Trainer" Rusty, The Evil Queen, The Killer Tomatoes
  • Fears: The Halls of Birds and Ice and Cold, Pet Shop, Gluttony, William Tell, Holo, Ryuk, Kirby, deadly and mad doctors as a whole
  • Wary of: SCP-261, Muffet
  • Opposes: Vegeta, Annoying Orange
  • Not all Dragon-type Pokémon are strong. Applin is a weak little worm more akin to a Magikarp, which is why it seeks to hollow out an apple and live in it for protection; a "wyrm" in an apple, if you will. And like Magikarp it becomes much stronger through evolution. The Tart Apple has it become Flapple, who uses the apple skins as its wings, and the Sweet Apple has it become Appletun, a living apple pie. Shiny Applin use a green apple. The leaves on the top of the apple are actually its eye stalks.
  • The reclusive Applin ascended accidentally due to being mistaken for a standard apple until someone made the misfortune of biting into it. The worm hides in the apple to hide from bird Pokémon, so this was considered a slap in the face. He was further frustrated by the lack of Tart or Sweet Apples to induce evolution, and went to SCP-261 to order one. Since Applin didn't have any yen it went nowhere, but he was comforted in knowing his predicament made him a great fit for divinity under the Worm in an Apple trope. He still bemoaned the anomalous vending machine however, since one of the snacks it gave for a customer was another Applin.
  • Due to a double weakness to Ice-type moves, Applin is scared of the Hall of Ice and Cold. And as Pet Shop is both a bird and uses a cryokinetic Stand, he's the Pokémon's personal greatest fear. That, and Gluttony deciding to eat him. Granted Pet Shop doesn't think Applin is much of a meal, but he does like scaring Applin. The worm is cautious around Muffet too, mainly out of befuddled worry on how she bakes spiders to be eaten and how this isn't immoral like just killing spiders.
  • A lot of people were surprised to learn that Applin is in fact a dragon, if a puny one until evolving. He seems to be interested in the wide variety of cool dragon gods in their Hall, though he feels inadequate compared to them. Falkor, Spyro and Jake Long treated Applin with a lot of kindness, and their compassion and intrigue combined with other allies made Applin friendly enough to be taught Draco Meteor from a move tutor. The Apple Core Pokémon has found this a useful measure of self-defense, but prefers to just blend in with other apples instead of putting up a fight.
  • The worm looks up to Garchomp for being a badass and unorthodox dragon, and hopes to one day be like him. After meeting Earthworm Jim, it's possible he might not need to evolve; he was given five minutes to pilot his suit and proved capable of using it. Applin is considering being an apple-themed superhero one day, though this would require Jim and his allies to reverse engineer the proper suit for the Pokémon. One of the first things Applin wants to do with it is frighten the evil and aggressive members of the Hall of Birds. The second is to gather the courage to work with Chanticleer and Sgt.Byrd.
  • Being a fellow bug, Applin feels less intimidated by Sparx and is interested in the adventures he's had on his own. He later heard of the trouble Snow White got into with an apple, and wasn't happy to learn of the Evil Queen and her envious apple-poisoning scheme. Thanks to his time hanging out with Earthworm Jim Applin was in a heroic mood and chose to protect Snow White from the evils of the world. The Apple Core Pokémon was also encouraged to be more pro-active against the common rogues gallery of Pokémon as a whole. That said Applin is still a shy and nervous creature, which is why he'll sometimes live with Jacuzzi Splot since he can relate to him.
  • Applin eventually found a home in Isaac Newton's apple tree, and ended up re-enacting his famousnote  "Eureka!" Moment by falling on his head in a failed attempt to learn Grav Apple before evolving. Newton tried to find the Doctor for bothering him a second time before noticing the apple was moving. He was interested in the worm and how the move Grav Apple was a clear nod to said "Eureka!" Moment, eventually deciding to adopt the Apple Core Pokémon as a pet and partner; even he gets lonely sometimes. Applin has come to understand Newton's works better thanks to another worm, Lex the Bookworm, simplifying his long speeches for him.
  • Applin seems to take inspiration from the larvae of certain moths in how it buries itself into something, the mythical lindworm and possibly even the Biblical serpent given the association between apples and the Tree of Knowledge. This last part interested the Puyo Puyo version of Satan who treats him as a Morality Pet, and he and bug fan Sig like to play Pokemon Camp with Applin. Satanichia also noticed the last part, and Applin came to sympathize with her Butt-Monkey status considering how weak he is. Her mischief inspired the Apple Core Pokémon to one day bury into Eris' Apple of Discord and see what he can do, but the chances of actually succeeding at that are all but zero.
  • Given his timid nature the Dragon type is never seen during Halloween season, partly because he's afraid of apple bobbing. Partly it's because of a bad experience where he tried to make small talk with the produce Killer Tomatoes, only for them to try and kill him for not deciding if they were fruit or vegetables. Surprisingly Applin is on good terms with Applejack despite her apple farming since she recognizes he's a simple dragon-worm trying to live his life, and she's decided to help him out by giving him some sturdy apples to serve as protection. He likes the apple pies she cooks, which the pony finds a little weird given one of his evolutions is basically a living apple pie.
  • While he gets along with Applejack, those with a taste for apples tend to scare the worm more than anything. Both Ryuk and Holo show up in his nightmares, though with the former that's fair. Sure they don't want to eat him because he's a worm, but his disguise could trick them into thinking otherwise. Applin fears William Tell for another reason; mistaking him for target practice. Kirby frightens him too since Applin likes Whispy Woods for dropping apples so the worm can hide, but Kirby likes to swallow them up; one time this led to Kirby getting Applin's powers.
  • Applin usually doesn't try to bite off more than he could chew, but the Apple Core Pokémon has occasionally tried to intimidate doctors in the Trope Pantheon after hearing the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Being all bark and no bite most either ignored or just humored him for a lark, which was very fortunate. The only reason he didn't die doing this to Fabius Bile and Cioccolata of all people was because it was such an act of brazen stupidity they were too dumbfounded to attacknote . Even Billy thought that was stupid, and hearing that led Applin to curl up and cry.
  • After juggling the Idiot Ball Applin has come to be petrified of any Mad Doctor and Deadly Doctor. However Applin wasn't done juggling it completely and believed that he could spook Vegeta due to his alleged fear of worms. These attempts were met with Vegeta pointing out that a) those worms were huge and b) it happened in Filler. He then suggested he and Annoying Orange would make good friends. He was a bit frightened by the Dragon-type due to mistaking him as an actual worm, but soon started talking and Applin soon became very annoyed by the orange, declaring him insufferable. Applin has labeled Vegeta as almost insufferable since he knew this would happen and wanted to Troll him for thinking he could scare the Prince of All Saiyans.

    Polar Bear Café 
Polar Bear, Panda, Penguin and Sasako, Representatives of Animal/Human Co-Existence (Polar Bear: MC 469MA)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Polar Bear Café's logo
  • Theme Songs: "Boku Ni Invitation", "Rough & Laugh", "You & Me"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wild animals and humans living side-by-side, animals that are fully integrated in human society, named after species, Boke and Tsukkomi Routine
  • Domains: Animals, Humanity, Society, Cafés, Daily Life
  • Herald: Grizzly (Polar Bear's childhood friend)
  • Allies: Polar, Teddie, Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear, Po, The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang, Chen and Li Li Stormstout, The Panda King, May Chang and Xiao-Mei, Ling Xiaoyu, Madagascar Penguins, Sgt. Byrd, Hubie and Rocko, Misato Katsuragi
  • Friendly Rivalry: The Rabbit House staff
  • Tolerant of: Bashmaster
  • Not to be confused with: Oswald Cobblepot AKA The Penguin (Penguin)
  • In a world where all animals live their lives in harmony with humans, there was a young panda who'd rather laze around and eat bamboo all day than work. Forced by his mother to go job-searching, Panda chanced upon a cozy café run by a polar bear where he tried applying for a position as waiter. He didn't get it, of course, but he still became friends with the impossibly relaxed Polar Bear, his sarcastic regular client Penguin and a practical human woman called Sasako who got the job over Panda. Panda would soon find a job that was just perfect for him at a zoo exhibit where he only needed to be a stereotypical panda (i.e.: laze around and eat bamboo all day). With that settled, he went on to spend his off-work hours at the café hanging out with his friends.
  • Those who visit the House of Beasts to look at its very wide range of fauna may sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to see and just need to take a break. Since going all the way to the House of Food is kind of a bother, the Main House looked into opening an establishment that could fulfill that particular demand, and they heard of a café run by animals and humans that could just be what they were looking for. So they invited Polar Bear to open his café in the pantheon, and bring his employees and friends along. Polar Bear acquiesced in his usual relaxed way.
    • Polar Bear also decided to invite his childhood friend Grizzly along, and despite his ostensible protests he accepted becoming Herald to the group anyway. At night, the Polar Bear Café turns into Grizzly's bar, whose wilder atmosphere makes it more popular with the residents in the House of Beasts than visitors, not that there are a lot of those at night anyway.
  • Hearing of the opening of a new animal-themed foodservice establishment, the Rabbit House's staff had a mind to stake out the competition, so Cocoa and Chino were sent to look at it. However Cocoa quickly fell head over heels for all the cute animals, especially Panda, so she sort of forgot their goal while she was there. Chino kept a level head on her shoulders and couldn't help but snark at Cocoa and Panda with Penguin joining in, which caused her to bond with Penguin despite herself. She decided that the two cafes probably wouldn't step on each others' toes given one was more bear-based and the other rabbit-based (of course, one could argue the real appeal of the Rabbit House lies in its staff of moe girls). Either way, the Rabbit House staff is determined not to lose to the Polar Bear Café, although that doesn't stop Cocoa (and sometimes others like Rize) from visiting to hang out with Panda, which Chino thinks undermines their goal. Polar Bear seems oblivious to the rivalry (well, he's probably aware, he just doesn't take it to heart) and says they're always welcome there, and likes making rabbit-related puns when they visit.
  • Their temple, being a café that's open to the public, makes it very easy for them to get acquainted with all sorts of deities and to befriend some of them. A polar bear cub known only as Polar was fast drawn to the café due to him detecting its species' smell, and so the little tyke quickly became friends with Polar Bear, who seeing such a young cub quickly developed a brotherly instinct over him. It's a more or less frequent sight to see Polar on Polar Bear's head while the latter is going about his work. Teddie also visited the café upon hearing its name, and bonded with Polar Bear over their great love of puns; the rest of the Investigation Team now mostly avoid the place because the two bears together are an unstoppable pun machine. And Winnie the Pooh also made his own visit, to inquire, from a bear to another, if Polar Bear wouldn't serve a smackerel or two of honey. Much like Polar Bear added bamboo to the menu for Panda, he's also added honey for Pooh, maybe because Pooh's personality reminds him of Panda.
  • Polar Bear has been advised not to visit the Hall of Aquatic Life because it's known that seeing all the fish and seals swimming around makes his baser instincts as a predator itch. He's never given in to them, but he supposes he'd rather not scare its inhabitants in case they detect his unintentional Killing Intent. He might be a troll at times, but it's mostly to his friends and in a benign way, and he wouldn't want to make other animals seriously scared of him.
  • Due to their friendships with Polar, Polar Bear and Bashmaster have a relatively good understanding where Polar Bear treats him as any other customer despite being selfish, and Bashmaster won't attack Polar Bear out of nowhere. Neither of them wants to make Polar sad, after all. They aren't exactly friends, it should be noted, but Polar Bear quietly holds out hope that Polar can have enough of an influence on Bashmaster that'd cause the otherwise unkind bear to want to do something constructive with his life. As a fellow polar bear, he'd be willing to hire him and help him start anew if that were the case.
  • Panda goes on doing his job of acting adorable, which, even though it only consists of eating bamboo, rolling around and playing, and he only works one or two days out of the week, he still manages to find exhausting. On occasion he is joined by the significantly more energetic Po, who he's become friends with. Panda thinks his martial arts prowess is really cool, although his laziness means he has no desire to emulate him. Through Po, Panda became friends with Chen and Li Li, with the latter reminding him of his little sister Mei Mei. Panda was also sought out by the Panda King to judge whether he had potential as a suitor for his daughter; the Panda King thought that even though Panda seemed to come from a wealthy family, he didn't want his daughter to marry a lazy bum like him. He never voiced these thoughts to the friendly Panda though, and they're perfectly amiable when the Panda King comes to the cafe.
  • Upon hearing of Panda ascending, Ling Xiaoyu immediately came to see, thinking it was her own pet panda also only known as Panda. She saw for herself that it was definitely a different panda, as Panda can speak human fluently and froze up in panic when Ling challenged him to a fight. They may not be the same but Ling likes Panda for his cuteness anyway. May Chang, by her turn, visited so Xiao-Mei could meet another one of her kind. Xiao-Mei took a liking to Panda and likes to imitate his actions when they're together. Panda sees her as a reminder of his little sister, much like Li Li.
  • Penguin is the one who keeps the crew grounded by checking Polar Bear and Panda's silliness. He's not an employee but a regular customer and great friend of Polar Bear's. What he actually does for a living is a mystery, much like the matter of how he manages to sit on a high stool, although since entering the Pantheon he's been seen advertising for the café. Also has a penchant for taking up hobbies no one else cares about (like rakugo and ventriloquism) and is known for having terrible luck at love. Though initially disappointed at the lack of female penguins in the Pantheon, Penguin has come to think that it's for the best, to save him from further embarrassment. In the meantime, he sometimes hangs out with the Madagascar Penguins, who remind him of a trio of small penguins he knows back in his universe, who always got up to trouble with their fame-seeking schemes. While Penguin doesn't mind being friends, he prefers to remain as uninvolved with their ill-planned antics as possible, though he can't help playing the straight man to the Madagascar Penguins whenever they're scheming within his earshot, not that they listen.
  • Penguin has become pretty good friends with Sgt. Byrd and Rocko, alongside the latter's friend Hubie, from their visits to the café. He was surprised that a couple of penguins managed to achieve the ability to fly; for a while this put some odd ideas into his head that maybe he could do it as well, but he gave it up eventually after a few disastrous attempts. Out of all the penguins he's met, he gets along particularly well with Rocko, since Rocko also has little patience for nonsense and keeps things in perspective for a romantic dreamer like Hubie, which is similar to Penguin's own relationship with Panda. Hubie also developed a good rapport with Polar Bear due to their penchant for lame puns, which deeply annoys Penguin and Rocko.
  • If there's one penguin that Penguin hates... well, it's not actually a penguin, but a super-villain who goes by the codename The Penguin. He's been known to mind-control whole flocks of penguins to achieve his evil goals, so one can see that there is cause for Penguin to avoid him at all costs. Penguin is also annoyed that Oswald's choice of alias leads to much confusion among the deities, who wonder why Penguin only goes by his species name. Penguin dodges the question whenever it comes up.
  • Sasako is the lone human in this crew, a young adult woman who became Polar Bear's sole employee. She's down to earth much like Penguin, though more easygoing than him and more accepting of everyone's odd quirks. Interestingly, Misato Katsuragi ended up becoming more of a friend to her even though she started frequenting the café because of Penguin and the two used to enjoy getting hammered together, but something happened between the two and now it's awkward between them, so Misato gravitated to Sasako and the two often hang out after work, finding the company of someone their age, gender and (in Sasako's case) species refreshing.