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    Living Tribunal 
The Living Tribunal, Guardian of the Multiverse (Vengeance, Necessity, Equity)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A gaffle with the sigils of Eternity, Galactus and Death
  • Theme: Living Tribunal Double D
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Guarding Reality, ordering around The Powers Cosmic, Multiple Head Case, Absolute Power that's rarely used
  • Domain: Law, Balance, Time and Space, Justice
  • Second in command to: The One Above All
  • Allies: Eiki Shiki, The Lord of Nightmares, Dr. Manhattan
  • Underlings: Eternity, Galactus
  • Pities: Spiderman
  • Enemies: The Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, YHVH
  • The Living Tribunal quickly became a co-worker with Eiki Shiki, who saw his massive power as a boon to the cause of justice. With their combined powers, almost no-one will dare try and rebel against the Court of the Gods.
  • Feels bad for Spiderman. After all, "with great power comes great responsibility and little happiness."
  • Is one of the most powerful members of the Pantheon. He is second only to his God (hinted to be Jack Kirby) in his multiverse, and is almost as powerful as the Four Alignment Overdeities. However he fails to reach anything above a Greater God because of a fatal weakness: his heads need to be in agreement with one another to act. And whenever he's involved personally, the Living Tribunal has a harder time for some reason.
  • YHVH has tried to get him to work for him, however he has declined. The reason? Asides from seeing YHVH as a flagrant abuser of power, he just doesn't see the point of micromanaging(read:what happens in a single universe). He and Eiki Shiki are working for a way of eliminating Him for power abuse, or at the very least make Him more manageable.
  • For whatever reason, he is a fan of the Oscars and has tried his hand at acting. Given how somber his role is, he keeps trying to hide it in order to keep his role as The Stoic. Yuuki Terumi is trying to capitalize this, but hasn't had much success.
  • As per his role of Multiversal Guardian, The Anti-Monitor has placed him high on his list of opponents. The Living Tribunal is preparing to slay him once and for all.

Tartarus, The Unholy Protogenoi Of The God's Prison (The Pit, Tartaros, Protogenos of the Abyss, The Pit of Evil, Father of the Gigantes, Stinking Pit, Erebus, Erebos, God of the Abyss, Grandfather of all Monsters)
One of the many forms Tartarus's terrain may take.
Tartarus's rarely seen mortal form 

Intermediate Gods

    Maiev Shadowsong 
Maiev Shadowsong, Goddess of Wardens (The Warden, Watcher, Hunter of the Betrayer, The Rogue)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Glaive
  • Theme Song: Maiev's theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Momentarily Lawful Evil in the past)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Badass Cape, Contralto of Danger, Disdain towards magic, Brief Face–Heel Turn, Hair-Trigger Temper, He Who Fights Monsters, Relentlessly hunting down Illidan, Knight Templar, Never My Fault, Rings of Death, Unscrupulous Hero,
  • Domains: Justice, Wardens, Teleportation, Assassination, Prison, Guarding
  • Allies: Tyrael, Ana Amari, Judge Dredd, Inspector Javert, Anti-Mage, Kiritsugu Emiya, The Warden, Valla, Harth Stonebrew
  • Rivals: Zeratul, Valeera Sanguinar, Batman
  • Enemies: Kael'thas Sunstrider, Lady Vashj, Gul'dan, Tychus Findlay, Demons, Thresh
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The more benevolent members of the House of Justice
  • Opposes: The House of Magic, as well as numerous mages, The House of Crime, Amanda Waller
  • Complicated Relationships: Illidan Stormrage, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind
  • Leader of the Night Elves Watchers, Maiev Shadowsong was the one that made sure to keep Illidan Stormrage imprisoned for his betrayal. But when she discovered that he was freed after she came back from a mission by none other than Tyrande Whisperwind, Maiev decided to pursue Illidan until he was brought to justice. But after the death of a few of her soldiers, including her right hand Naisha, recapturing Illidan became a personal matter for her.
  • Maiev's reason for ascending the pantheon after learning of its existence are quite simple. She wants to bring her brand of justice here and also to keep a very close eye to Illidan. Whenever he is and whatever plans he may have, Maiev will always be following shortly.
  • Maiev didn't leave a very good impression among the more benevolent gods in Justice, namely because of her questionable morality and how once she butchered unsuspecting Highborne and Worgen because of her own bigotry. In the latter case, she would rather you forget about that ever happened.
    • That said, Maiev and Judge Dredd seem to get along pretty well, even if he labelled her as a criminal given her rather morally questionable actions but he let's it slide since they have the same goals and objectives.
    • Doesn't seem to see eye to eye with Amanda Waller, mostly for her use of criminals to deal with highly dangerous missions, often reminding her of what Tyrande did to protect their home by liberating Illidan. Waller it's considerably disappointed since she would have been the perfect candidate to keep an eye on Task Force X.
  • Illidan isn't the only one who Maiev has a lot of contemp for, the same can be said for his brother Malfurion and Tyrande Whisperwind for releasing him. With Tyrande is even more personal since she murdered a number of her own soldiers to free the Betrayer and they already had a history of animosity in the past when Tyrande snatched Maiev the title of Priestess of the Moon.
  • She is very determined to catch whoever escapes her. In the case of Illidan, she even chased him all the way to Outland. However, at that point, it wasn't a matter of justice but instead she was seeking revenge because Illidan murdered her close friend and companion Naisha. She even earned the respect of Javert himself after learning of how dedicated she is to her mission, even if it had driven her over the edge.
  • Her job as a Warden is to watch over any pantheon dweller who has committed a crime and she will gladly watch over the convict until they are released. She from time to time receives the aid from the Warden who she is actually very amiable with.
    • She is very aware of Warden's reputations as being sadistic and cruel. She certainly can be when she is over the edge, but normally she is not like that. That same reason is why she has no respect for Thresh.
  • She also despises mages and always had a distaste for magic, particularly those who are addicted to it. This is partly the reason he hates Blood Elves and the Highborne, particularly Kael'thas Sunstrider since he dared to join forces with Illidan after she saved his and his people lives. Gul'dan is someone else she despises, although for very different reasons. She witnessed how he was mauled by demons and believes he totally deserves it.
    • She also seems to be on good terms with other anti-magic people. With Anti-Mage they had a rocky start, his similar appearance to Illidan made Maiev believe he was an Illidari but hopefully he was able to clear the misunderstanding. Likewise, she found Kiritsugu Emiya to be a valuable ally and it helps that both seem to be rather anti-heroic in their approach.
  • When you review their history, Illidan and Maiev are actually not that different from the other. But don't say that to her face, as she won't take the comparison lightly.
  • Others also like to interpret her obsession with Illidan as her being infatuated with him and being a combination of a Tsundere and a Yandere. Their banter in their Cathedral of Eternal Night didn't help matters, and when questioned about this once, Maiev just tried to brush aside all the claims.
    Maiev: What do you mean I'm obsessed with Illidan? It's not like I think about him every day. And every night. Picturing his smug grin as I sharpen my glaive, imagining how it would feel when I plunge into his chest, right between those big, disgusting tattoos, leaning in close to watch the light fade from his eyes— Oh, I'm sorry. What were you saying?
  • Seems to have some degree of respect for Batman, at least having quoted him several times and their fighting styles not being that different from the other.
  • When she found out that Illidan was also present in a world called the Nexus, she wasted no time in joining in. Of course, the first she did is keep an eye on Illidan, but this time she wouldn't hesitate in working alongside the Betrayer so long as she kept an eye on him. She also met with a fairly colorful cast of characters that caught her attention.
    • The first one was Zeratul, who could be said that his powers certainly emulated those of Maiev in certain ways. To test his skills, the Warden challenged the Dark Prelate to a duel and was surprised by how effective he was but she knew every trick he pulled. Ultimately, the fight was called off and there was no clear victor, but she does hold some deal of respect for the Protoss.
    • Surprisingly enough, she actually sympathizes with the role of Ana Amari and how both were always bound by their duties. Ana is mostly surprised by the night elves lifespan and how they never get to retire. Well, at least Maiev has clarified that her job is eternal and she won't ever leave it until she dies.
    • Find Tychus punishment to be pathetic and that he deserves worse. Whenever the time comes, she will gladly give him a taste of what Illidan had to go through.
    • Strangely enough, she does approve of Valla being a Demon Hunter. Besides hailing from different universes, at least she doesn't have to resort to Demon influence to combat them and that's ok in the Warden's book.
    • Admires Tyrael for being the embodiment of Justice and always is honored to fight alongside him whenever she is given the chance. She often likes to consult with him whenever her action went too far or not. Tyrael didn't hesitate to use some Brutal Honesty but believes that Maiev's intentions are well-meaning.
  • Maiev not always is an obsessive and dutiful Warden all the time. Sometimes, she decides to take a break in Harth Stonebrew's Tavern and just mess around. She is been labelled as a Rogue, something that doesn't bother her that much but when it comes to the other Rogue, Valeera Sanguinar, she does get a little worked up given her being a blood elf. But she is not as aggressive in the Tavern as she normally is and prefers to be more laid back.
  • "None can escape my fury, None shall flee my grasp!".


Lesser Gods

    Amanda Waller 
Amanda Waller, Goddess of Boxed Crooks and Strong Black Females ("The Wall")
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Belle Reve Prison.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with some Lawful Evil tendencies
  • Portfolio: Heroic Sociopaths, Black and Grey Morality, Sociopathic Soldiers, Anti Heroes, Doing What Must Be Done, Da Chief, Sassy Black Women, Black Boss Ladies, Magnificent Bastards, Evil vs. Evil, Working Alone
  • Domains: Criminals, Reformation
  • Allies: Ascended members that joined the Suicide Squad, namely Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn and Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (Not really. Deadshot, Harley and most of the squad dislike Amanda and in the comics, Deadshot said that he's planning to kill Waller himself someday. They only follow her because if they don't, they die. Amanda is aware of all of this, except for the part about Deadshot planning to kill her himself. In fact, Deadshot hates Waller so much that he killed other squad members who also planned to kill Amanda because he wants to kill her himself.)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Enemies: Every supervillain (they're afraid they'll be drafted into the Suicide Squad), many Lawful Good deities and many Chaotic Good deities
  • Opposed by: Most Lawful Good deities (the Squad is... controversial) and the Nostalgia Critic
  • Rivals: Nick Fury
  • She is especially hailed as being one of the few thinkers who vocally dared to comment "Maybe we shouldn't just keep murderers who can fire atomic blasts behind non-atomic-blast-proof walls". Amanda was named leader of the very seriously titled Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad, and immediately got the supervillains placed under her custody doing actual community work (destroying terrorist organizations, destabilizing controversial regimes, etc.). When she ascended, she took the Squad with her and convinced the Justice gods to let her deal with supervillain reformation duty. To this day, most supervillains sweat at the prospect at being left to Waller's mercies.
  • Amanda ascended by dint of being noted as one of the very few people who can take on the Batman and Lex Luthor and actually manage to defeat them in terms of planning. As mistress of the Suicide Squad, she is also by necessity tough enough to deal with most supervillains, regardless of power level. The Suicide Squad bombs implanted on most of her agents ensure their full compliance. For everything else, her Co-Dragons Bronze Tiger and Rick Flag are there for her. Most find preferable to annoy Batman than Waller, because the Bat is, whether he likes it or not, going to leave you alive. Waller gives no such guarantee.
  • She also draws power from being one of the very few goddesses of color, age, and size. As of late, some upstart young thing tried to impersonate Amanda. You Do NOT Want to Know what Amanda did to her...
  • Much to her annoyance, she occasionally is forced to visit Al Bundy, in his shoe shop. Both hate each other, but find the experience of trading barbs and belittling and spiting each other as highly therapeutic, especially now both have each other's measure and know exactly which buttons to push.
  • Despite her standards, her and Captain America have a... complicated relationship. Amanda's methods make Cap infuriated, considering what happened the last time there was a villain team fighting for good in his universe. He's also quite angry at her for abusing her power and killing innocent government officials for no reason in the movie. Amanda for her part considers Rodgers sentimental, and not willing to do what needs to be done fighting the GUAE. For that matter, that's probably why she has some good ties to the GUAL as well. In fact, she's considering switching full time there but is held back because she's loyal to a country, not to its leaders.
  • Annoyed by Nick Fury, who's not fully sold on the idea of using captured supervillains for underground wetwork tasks. When pressed, Waller snorted and responded that some tasks are better left to disposable operatives rather than valuable manpower, and chided Fury for his use and abuse of Life-Model Decoys. When Fury asked her to explain her dislike of the robots, Waller challenged him to name every incident in which his vaunted machines had gone rogue ever since the program started. He replied by saying that said robots saved his life countless times and that they helped him out of many problems, which more than made up for the possibility of them rebelling. However, he did acknowledge that said possibility could prove to be a big problem. He also said that the LMDs usually go rogue only via being hacked and reprogrammed, like most mass-produced robots.
  • Her past is quite surprising; few could have ever expected that Amanda Waller was once an ordinary housewife and homemaker. However, the loss of her husband and two of her children to crime, well into her forties, lit a fire in her. Too proud to accept help from extended family or from welfare, she clawed her way up to get her surviving children, and later herself, through college. Exploiting instincts she never imagined she had, she became first a congressional aide, setting her in the path to become the infamous Amanda Waller. An interview with her sister revealed that she is worried Amanda may be consumed by her dark side. It's not known how close Amanda is to the rest of her family, but at one point, she did get her daughter and son-in-law to resolve their differences during a squable through sheer attitude, so she at least continues to watch out for them.
  • A few deities, especially the Nostalgia Critic, seem to think of her as an incompetent moron, especially because in the movie, she caused more harm than good by creating the Suicide Squad. According to the Nostalgia Critic's review of the movie, if Waller hadn't tried to create the squad or if she took more precautions to prevent the Enchantress's escape (instead of just letting one guy guard her in a hotel room), then the world wouldn't have been endangered and the people who died during those events would still be alive. In other words, what happened in the movie is entirely her fault, according to them.
    • Waller has yet to respond to the criticism, but she did show legitimate surprise at the whole thing.
  • "I am fat, black, cranky and menopausal. You do NOT want to mess with me!"


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