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    Dark Meta Knight, Galacta Knight, and Morpho Knight 

Dark Meta Knight, Galacta Knight, and Morpho Knight, Warring Triad of Similarly Designed Nemeses (Dark Meta Knight: Black Meta Knight, Darkest Shadow of the Strongest Warrior | Galacta Knight: Galactic Knight, The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy, Temporal Warrior, Aeon Hero, The Ancient Hero | Morpho Knight: The Butterfly, Reborn Butterfly, Fluttery Fiend, Butterfly of Judgement, Beta Knight, Butterfly of Paradise, Knight of the Underworld, Dark Winged Disaster [as Morpho Knight EX], Fluttering Dream Eater, Fluttering Fiend)
Dark Meta Knight
Galacta Knight
Click here to see his second form from Super Kirby Clash (SPOILERS) 
Click here to see his third form from Super Kirby Clash (SPOILERS)
Morpho Knight
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  • Overdeities as a whole (Dark Meta Knight is a Greater God, Galacta Knight is a Greater God bordering on Overdeity, as well as a full-on Overdeity as the Aeon Hero, and Morpho Knight is a full-on Overdeity by default, especially as Morpho Knight EX)
  • Symbol: Their respective wings and masks, with their swords in front
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Dark Meta Knight is between Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil, Galacta Knight is True Neutral, and Morpho Knight leans to True Neutral, though its exact alignment is impossible to ascertain
  • Portfolio: Repetitiously-Designed Antagonists, Unrivaled Blademasters, Appearing in the Post Game and being harder than the Final Boss
  • Domains: Combat, Swordfighting, Evil Counterparts, Other Dimensions, Ultra Powerful Warriors, Death (Morpho Knight only)
  • Allies: Collectively none, due to the Knight's clashing natures.
  • Enemies: Each other, Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, Rick, Kine, and Coo, Gooey, Adeline, Magolor, Susie Haltmann, Void Termina (Especially Galacta Knight as the Aeon Hero), and each other's allies
  • Feared by: Any Warrior who has died and come back to life or lived past when they were meant to die, but in particular, Son Goku, Puss in Boots, The Residents of Bikini Bottom (especially Spongebob and Patrick), Freddy Krueger (Morpho Knight only)
  • Interests: Madoka Kaname, Sora, Aang (Galacta Knight only, specifically as The Aeon Hero)
  • Interested in: The Dark Star, The Heartless (Dark Meta Knight only)
  • Opposed by: Galactus, Unicron, all living planets (Galacta Knight only)
  • Respected by: Nozdormu (Morpho Knight only)
  • Rivals: Son Goku, Vegeta, Vergil, SCP-076-2, Augus, Flandre Scarlet, Sailor Galaxia (Galacta Knight only)
  • Unwitting Pawn: Queen Sectonia (Dark Meta Knight only)
  • Throughout many of his adventures, Kirby met and fought a certain adversary named Meta Knight many times. A winged, masked spherical blob like him wielding a sword who's proven to be a difficult opponent to face off against. But over time, their relationship became friendlier, and outside of involuntary possessions or tournaments, they don't fight each other as often. Ever since, multiple beings very similar to Meta Knight have appeared to seemingly take his place as antagonistic masked knights. The first is Dark Meta Knight, Meta Knight's evil counterpart from the Mirror World, who sealed him away and split Kirby in four, and later corrupted Queen Sectonia after the death of Dark Mind. The second is Galacta Knight, the greatest warrior in the galaxy who was sealed away for his overwhelming power, capable of destroying planets, who was once renowned in days of yore for vanquishing a great void. The third is Morpho Knight, a psychopomp who takes the form of a butterfly to take the souls of warriors to the afterlife and assume its knightly form. All three have shown as enigmatic and powerful foes to beat every time they cross paths with Kirby and his friends.
  • One fateful day of Judgement, in the aftermath of an especially mighty battle between the warriors Son Goku, and Galacta Knight, an innocuous orange butterfly floated down and landed on Goku's hair. As the Saiyan looked in curiosity, he was surrounded by an orange light and vanished. In his place was a fearsome Knight of the Underworld. This butterfly knight promptly launched a relentless assault on Galacta Knight, as well as a nearby Vegeta, Thor, and Adora while Dark Meta Knight secretly spectated. Amazingly, the seemingly implacable knight was soon faced with only Galacta as Dark Meta Knight joined the fray. Before things could escalate, Kirby stepped in and pacified all three knights, with Dark retreating into a mirror, Galacta being returned to his crystal, and the butterfly knight vanishing, leaving a dazed Goku behind. The Court of the Gods had witnessed the whole battle and knew that Morpho Knight had just entered the pantheon.
  • Soon after this fateful clash it was decided that Dark Meta Knight and Galacta Knight should be moved from their independent seats into a shared seat with Morpho Knight much to the former's irritation. (Galacta Knight couldn't care either way as he was still sealed up inside his crystal) The exact reasons for this are unclear though some speculate that their powers keep each other in check, and sharing a house would make them much easier to keep track of, especially should one get out of hand and necessitate a visit from their arch-rival Kirby to shut them down.
  • Saying that the three warriors are adversarial would imply that their response to seeing each other or each other's allies is not to immediately attack them. Though Galacta Knight does this with virtually anyone anyways, his ferocity seems to increase whenever he's combating the other two knights, especially Morpho Knight, given how some say that Galacta Knight himself was and is a target of Morpho Knight to be escorted to the afterlife, whether he wants to leave or not. Fortunately for the Pantheon, Dark Meta Knight is the only true schemer and plotter amongst the three and Galacta and Morpho generally leave the rest of the Pantheon alone if left to their own devices.
  • Naturally, Kirby was less than impressed that yet another one of his adversaries had ascended, especially one as powerful as Morpho Knight. That said, after their first confirmed encounter, Kirby was actually able to secure remnants of Morpho's sword, make it his own and wield all of the Butterflies powers at a moment's notice. It was this ability that enabled the Super Tuff Pink Puff to pacify all three knights at once. The rest of Kirby's friends from Planet Popstar and beyond, namely King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Dee, the Animal Friends, Adeline, Magolor, and Susie were none to thrilled to see the triad all in one spot either, though they are less tense than they would be due to the triad being just as hostile to each other as they are to all of them. The knights have also singled out Void Termina as a common enemy given the God's incredible destructive power. Some in the Pantheon speculate that this opposition is quite personal for Galacta Knight in particular due to the possibility that he was one of the ancient heroes who defeated Void in times of yore.
  • Dark Meta Knight:
    • Dark Meta Knight is known to be a former lieutenant of the villain known as Dark Mind. It's speculated that Dark Mind is the Mirror World version of Zero, the Hive Master of the Dark Matter Horde, so few were surprised by the shadowy knight allying with the embodiment of Darkness and Corruption. Similarly, Dark Meta Knight associates with deities like Dark Matter such as The Shadow Queen. Dark Meta Knight's role in corrupting Queen Sectonia has drawn the eye of many villains in the Pantheon.
    • Dark Meta Knight is naturally drawn to various evil copies of heroic characters such as the likes of Dark Link. His alliance with Dark Link naturally led to him uniting with Ganondorf. The Demon King is notably quite interested in the Mirror World due to finding a notable degree of similarities to the Dark World that he once inhabited as Ganon. Link, Zelda, and the other heroes of Hyrule are naturally unnerved by this due to how dangerous the knight is.
    • Giorno Giovanna, Leone Abbachio, and Pannacotta Fugo really dislike Dark Meta Knight, as they had to deal with Illuso, a stand user whose stand, "Man in the Mirror", could make him and others travel between a mirror world and the real world, and Dark Meta Knight brings back bad memories of that encounter. They are loathe to fight him, as he happens to be a much more fearsome fighter that Illuso was. Dark Meta Knight’s relationship with Illuso is simply a rivalry over who is better with mirrors, and they are thankful the two aren’t working together.
    • The Sailor Guardians really don’t like this guy. Moon especially since he reminds her of that one time Queen Nehelenia captured all of the other Senshi in mirrors, brainwashed Mamoru and killed Chibiusa. He’s enough of a fighter to battle his way through most Senshi which actually attracted the attention of the Dead Moon Circus. Queen Nehelenia is interested in potentially finding a way to copy his cloning abilities and giving them to her Lemures given those monsters shatter into pieces upon being killed.
    • Dark Meta Knight has shown a great deal of interest in the Magic Mirror, wondering if he could corrupt it like he did the Dimension Mirror and thereby use it as a tool to create another Queen Sectonia. Given how the Magic Mirror is sentient, it doesn't particularly like this prospect.
    • He has also shown an interest in deities such as Jeanne D'Arc Alter due to how she is a version of the noble knight turned to evil by malice and hatred, much like how Dark Meta Knight tainted Sectonia. Other deities he is interested in include the Dark Star due to it's extreme power, which could enable Dark Meta Knight to cause untold levels of ruin, the likes of which even Dark Mind couldn't achieve.
    • Maleficent has grown to dislike Dark Meta Knight. Some speculate that the reason for this is because Dark Meta Knight has started using his influence to gather Heartless around him. Because of his nature and his previous alignment to Dark Mind, Dark Meta Knight is able to safely use the Heartless as much as he wants. Naturally Maleficent was threatened by this and has made clear her desire to destroy the Knight, which Keyblade Wielders are happy about given how it keeps both occupied with each other.
    • J. Geil has sought out an alliance with Dark Meta Knight due to the Knight's mirror related powers perfectly complimenting his Stand, Hanged Man. This would be troublesome enough for heroic Stand Users, but the possibility that this could lead Dark Meta Knight to forming an alliance with DIO made the likes of Jotaro and Polnareff immediately denounce the dark warrior.
    • It was recently discovered that every evil deed Queen Sectonia ever committed was because she was corrupted by Dark Meta Knight. By spending too long around the Dimension Mirror, Sectonia's heart became vulnerable to Dark Meta Knight's hate, just as he had intended. As a result of this, Dark Meta Knight has gained a whole new level of fearful respect as while some rumored that King Dedede gave the evil knight his just desserts, the formal account is that Dark Meta Knight got away with it completely unpunished. This level of successful planning and corruption has made the likes of Master Xehanort and Tzeentch seek out the Knight as a possible ally, worrying many.
  • Galacta Knight:
    • As the Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy, Galacta Knight unsurprisingly has a slew of rivals lining up to try and challenge him to a duel to see if he really lives up to his title. Deities like Son Goku, Vegeta, Vergil, Augus, and many more all champ at the bit to face the legendary knight in battle, and none have ever been disappointed with his power. It's recently been rumored that he hasn't even shown how strong he truly is, and these same deities are hoping that they get to see the Temporal Warrior at his absolute best some day.
    • Galactus and Unicron find Galacta Knight to be extremely irritating due to his capacity for destroying the planets they intend to devour at a rate that would put Kid Buu to shame. As such, they habitually stay as far away from the knight both out of a desire to not starve, as well as due respect for his immense power. While Mogo and Gaea would normally appreciate this, they are very much in the firing line of the mighty warrior's seemingly endless wrath and so they would just as soon avoid him as well.
    • SCP-076-2 has something of a camaraderie with the white knight. Both were massively powerful Blood Knights who were sealed away for how obscenely dangerous they are. That said Galacta Knight is ironically less violent than the SCP due to not going out of his way to harm others. He simply fights off anyone around him. The SCP's Resurrective Immortality has made him a sparring partner to keep the both warriors busy, much to the relief of the foundation.
    • Galacta Knight's status as a Temporal Warrior has gotten the attention of villainous deities displaced in time such as Eobard Thawne and Goku Black. They scoff at the knight and regard him as little more than a mindless brute, though they take care to avoid an unnecessary confrontation with him due to his immense power. This same status has become something of a point of interest to Chronoa who wonders if it would be possible to get Galacta Knight to fight Thawne and Black for her without consequence, given his own temporally displaced status, though as of yet she has made no attempt to reach out to the knight.
    • Summoning Galacta Knight is an unbelievably bad idea. Just ask Star Dream and Nightmare. Skeletor heard of their failures and chalked it up to them not doing it correctly and so he made his own attempt, hoping to use the knight against the Masters of the Universe and Castle Grayskull. This went about as well as you can imagine. The only reason Skeletor wasn't cleaved from existence by the knight's lance is due to the very enemies he wanted to destroy saving him, and even then Galacta Knight took the might of True She-Ra and He-Man to hold him at bay while the Princesses of Power pooled all of their magic to seal him back inside his crystal.
    • Other warriors associated with destruction such as Sailor Galaxia have a fierce rivalry with the knight, seeing him as a threatening challenge to their domain. Galaxia and Galacta once fought with the only results being a few galaxies worth of destroyed planets, as neither warrior was truly victorious. As a result of this, and especially after she became privy to the legends of the Aeon Hero, Galaxia has sought out Flandre Scarlet hoping for her advice on how to combat the knight as she once (barely) managed to pacify him before.
    • Of the three knights, Galacta arguably made the strongest first impression, due to the legends of his encounters with Kirby and his friends outnumbering both those of Dark Meta Knight and Morpho Knight combined. Ironically, Kirby has yet to ever independently verify these purported battles, unlike his first encounter with Dark Meta Knight, and his meeting with Morpho Knight in Forgo Land. Even so, Galacta arguably has had a greater impact due to his first appearance being the catalyst for the other two knights to follow the formula of being the gatekeepers to the True Final Boss, while themselves being Post Game exclusive bosses who easily surpass the Final Boss in difficulty.
    • Galacta Knight hasn't always been the near mindless force of destruction he is now. Once, in times of yore he was one of the mighty four heroes who defeated the Astral Birth Void, and locked the Omniversal manifestation of all matter within the Jamba Heart using the four legendary Heart Spears. In those days long past, Galacta was known as the Aeon Hero, and recent rumors abound that he has started to reveal that side of himself in battles with Kirby. Notably, the Aeon Hero is far, far, far more powerful than Galacta's base state. This news was naturally met with mixed reactions as while deities such as Madoka Kaname, Sora, and Aang brought up the possibility that he could be redeemed, the sheer powerhouse needed to calm his rage as Galacta Knight, much less the Aeon Hero has given many others a great deal of pause at the prospect of attempting this.
  • Morpho Knight:
    • The Butterfly of Paradise known as Morpho Knight is quite the oddball, even amongst it's two peers within the triad. Unlike the other two, Morpho is a Butterfly first and foremost, with it assuming its Knight of the Underworld form after assimilating an especially powerful soul and sending that soul to the afterlife. Further exploration of its nature made it clear that this Butterfly was in fact a Personification of Death. Naturally, this resulted in Death of The Endless taking an immediate liking to the Butterfly, especially since Morpho is one of the only Death Entities in the Pantheon that is actually on her level. Likewise, other Death entities took a liking to Morpho as well, seeing it as a prime way of disposing of particularly stubborn and powerful Death Dodgers. The Wolf in particular has become a close ally of the Butterfly thanks to having a similar outlook on resurrection and a similar no-nonsense disposition. It's rumored that the two like to spar when not busy, though few have ever seen it happen.
    • Outside of Kirby, Morpho is the deity in the Pantheon that Fecto Forgo reviles the most. The only time they met, Morpho landed on Soul Forgo and utterly annihilated it on contact, before taking it's powers for it's own and using them against Kirby. Surprisingly, the sentiment is seemingly mutual as Forgo was able to return the favor after Kirby defeated the knight and steal some of its powers, which the Butterfly of Paradise has not taken kindly too at all. Even with the knowledge that it can steal some of Morpho Knight's essence to become Chaos Elfilis, Forgo isn't in any hurry to try that again lest the Butterfly not be defeated and result in it's dogged soul truly going to the afterlife.
    • Due to its role of ferrying the souls of those who should have already passed into their final afterlife, Nekron utterly despises the Butterfly Knight. Just making contact with it, even in it's Butterfly state will instantly vaporize any Black Lantern he raises, no matter how powerful it is. Likewise, deities who benefit from undeath such as Dracula will avoid Morpho Knight like the plague do to just how effective it is at killing them permanently. The Lich in particular has found himself a target thanks to killing his world's grim reaper, and possessing his body. These factors have made him rightfully fearful of ever encountering the Butterfly of Paradise as a single touch will be fatal.
    • All deities who have been brought Back from the Dead, good or evil are absolutely terrified of the Butterfly, due to being on it's target list for being claimed. Goku and his friends in particular are frightened due to the possibility of Morpho's afterlife being a place that the Dragon Balls cannot bring them back from. Puss in Boots is likewise terrified due to his encounters with the Wolf, and is worried that his expenditure of eight of his nine lives will attract Morpho Knight's attention.
    • The inhabitants of Bikini Bottom once had a thoroughly unpleasant experience with a Butterfly that they mistook for a horrible monster, which resulted in the entire town being left in ruins. When the Butterfly manifested in the Pantheon and proved that it was not the harmless insect that "Wormy" was, they saw it as their fears being completely vindicated, and promptly put in a formal request to ban Morpho Knight from coming within a certain distance of any of their houses. Spongebob and Patrick in particular are terrified of the Butterfly due to both of them having not only been the first Bikini Bottomites to have met the Butterfly state of "Wormy", but they technically "died" while in Shell City. As a result, they immediately go running for Kirby as soon as they see any Butterfly nearby on principle.
    • Morpho's check list for people needing to be sent to the afterlife does not end at those who were resurrected. If you have become disconnected from time and passed the point in which you should have fallen to oblivion, Morpho Knight will come after you. This has made the likes of Lord English and Dark Danny very nervous as they know an encounter with the Butterfly could spell their utter end. English especially attracts Morpho Knight's ire thanks to his continuous destruction of parts of the afterlife. Clockwork has developed a strong appreciation for the Butterfly of Paradise as a result, even if he himself is technically undead.
    • Chronoa has taken a major liking to the Butterfly as a result of its ability to claim time breakers from wherever they manifest within the time stream, and greatly appreciates its role in combatting those who would violate the time stream to escape their own death. This same ability has made it the bane of the Puella Magi, with Homura in particular declaring all out war on the Knight to prevent it from claiming her beloved Madoka.
    • The Dragon Aspects of Azeroth have mixed opinions of the knight. While they respect it as a being doing its duty, Alextrasza and Ysera are worried that the fact that Ysera was revived from Death by a member of the Pantheon of Death will not be enough to dissuade the Butterfly from coming to claim her back. Nozdormu is aware that Morpho will be hunting him at some point after he becomes Murozond and he has accepted this due to forseeing the moment that the Butterfly will claim its draconic prize from the moment he became an Aspect.
    • Doc Scratch considers the Butterfly of Paradise to be a substantial threat to his plans due to its ability to send him directly to the afterlife from anywhere in time in relation to his own plans for releasing his master. Naturally the not so good doctor began crafting as many plans and plots as he could to try and keep the Butterfly off his tail until he was ready to be killed.
    • One other talent of Morpho's is infiltrating and devouring the dreams of the souls that it takes to the afterlife, as seen by it effortlessly journeying to the heart of Forgo Dreams to claim Soul Forgo. As such it has made many dream related deities very nervous, with speculation abounding that Morpho Knight was the one who claimed the Morpheus incarnation of Dream of The Endless, though no proof has been shown. Nevertheless, this ability has made it a hated enemy of the Dream Demon Bill Cipher, and the one being in the Pantheon that Freddy Krueger truly fears.
    • It turns out that Morpho Knight has an even more powerful form. This form is known as Morpho Knight EX, and no one has ever been confirmed to have met Morpho Knight EX. The Butterfly of Paradise only unleashes its true might when it has decided that you need to be eradicated now, meaning that the reason no one has seen it, is because no one has survived meeting it. Naturally all of Morpho's enemies dread the prospect of ever having to face Morpho Knight EX, and those that fear Morpho Knight will usually dismiss its EX form as being a tall tale meant to scare others, if only because they are already terrified of the knight.

Greater Gods

    Ah Puch 
Ah Puch, God of Being Obviously Evil (Horrific God of Decay, The Mightiest Lord of the Ninth Hell)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The demonic bone mask he wears
  • Theme Song: Ah Puch's Reveal
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Obviously Evil Terrifying Death God, Dark Is Evil, God of Evil, Delays...His...Lines, Scary Owl Imagery, Lean and Mean Necromancer, Hated By The Other Death Gods, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Mage Killer, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Divinity, Evil, Decay, Death, Terror, Darkness, Disaster
  • Allies: Melkor, Chernabog, Aza'gorod the Nightbringer, Dis, Hades(Kid Icarus), SCP-106, Oda Nobunaga (Sengoku Basara)
  • Drinking buddies with: Death (Final Destination)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nekron, The Grand Duke of Owls
  • Rivals: Apophis, Tartarus, Nagash, Zhaitan
  • Enemies: Chaac, Karthus, Kratos, YHVH, Osiris, Chanticleer, Decidueye, SCP-1440, Death(Discworld), Yveltal, Charon, Patsy Walker, Ezalor, Satan(South Park), The Tennysons, most in the Halls of Unliving Beings and Zombies
  • Opposed by: Every other death god, heroic darkness users
  • Feared by: Voldemort and those with Mortality Phobia
  • Ah Puch is the Mayan god of death and darkness. Deep in the afterlife of Xibalba, in the ninth Hell Ah Puch makes corpses and the death his playthings. He has every interest in filling the vacancy of his Hell, expanding his army and causing general dread. The only way to avoid Ah Puch's claim is to pretend that his servants got you first, by wailing loudly, moaning in agony, or just overall screaming.
  • The more malevolent Oda Nobunaga held Obviously Evil, but Ah Puch was considered as he also had Demon King Nobunaga. Not that there's any lost love, as Ah Puch likes how malevolent he is and his status as being a demon king and they can cause so much trouble together. As for why? Demonic bone mask, corpse-like body, glowing red eyes, gleeful sadism and tortured dead are extraordinarily malevolent.
  • While many death gods have been vilified for their occupation, Ah Puch is one death god who even in his original myth was portrayed as malevolent and the Mayans hated and feared him. He's a less Omnicidal Maniac equivalent of Apophis. Ah Puch can relate to their shared position as the dark god everyone hates, but considers the monstrous serpent to be competition as it would rather devour the souls that he wishes to torment.
  • The majority of death gods distant themselves from him, at best. Various lords of death take umbridge at how he torments the dead, devastates the living and is generally a nightmarish god. He considers friendly reapers to be "pansies", and has been seen directly hijacking Charon's boat to steal the souls away to the hells he rules over.
  • There are a couple of being involved with death that like him. The Nightbringer brought the fear of death by mind-raping ancient life simply because he felt like it, so he likes how overly sadistic a death god Ah Puch is, and the two work to make death and what lies beyond to surpass any Fate Worse than Death in horror. The Kid Icarus Hades likes to mess with mortals, so he enjoyed Ah Puch's sadism. The classical Hades would rather Ah Puch just keep his distance from him.
  • Given the Final Destination Death can be pretty damn sadistic, it likes some of Ah Puch's tricks but otherwise doesn't care much for him. Nekron, as cold-hearted a reaper as any, has suggested he could help the horrific god of decay by killing more, so more souls end up filling the Nine Hells. It's not like Nekron cares all that much on what happens to souls after death, he just wants the physical world to be quiet and lifeless. Of course, Ah Puch's sadism makes him a hard partner to work with, and Puch might just decide not to be an Omnicidal Maniac since if more people are born, there are more souls to potentially torment later down the line.
  • Wishes to have total dominion over corpses to make them his playthings. Because of this, he competes with every single necromancer, though he often admires their craft. This puts him against the undead. It also puts him against Karthus, who hates how he abuses the dead. The Deathsinger believes that as a death god, he should show much more compassion to the deceased.
  • Has a lot of owl symbolism, which interested the Grand Duke of Owls. As a god of darkness as well, Ah Puch helped his cause, but the Grand Duke still finds him too intense. This earned him the enmity of Chanticleer and Decidueye. Ah Puch is interested in the latter, since Decidueye is a Ghost Pokemon. What kind of a ghost is debatable.
  • Melkor liked to see a truly malevolent and sadistic god of death and darkness come about. After all, Melkor made people scared of death in Arda. Another evil darkness entity, Chernabog, finds Ah Puch to be very amusing. He too is want to play, degrade and warp those in his hands.
  • Voldemort considers Ah Puch to be the perfect embodiment of why death is so horrible. As he doesn't care about anyone else's death or anyone, really, nobody cares what he thinks. Of course, everyone else who fears death is petrified by Ah Puch. Fortunately, death in the pantheon amounts to a respawn, which enrages Ah Puch as he can't hold onto to anyone for long.
  • Likes the sadism of the Brothers Death in how they made SCP-1440 suffer for beating them in a game. He wants to see them arrives to advice more "creative" means of making him suffer, and likes what destruction 1440 can bring. He also likes the devastating rampages and decay that SCP-106 brings. Ah Puch has contempt for those who escape the afterlife as they could escape his hells, such as Patsy Walker.
  • Likes the torments found in Tartarus, but thinks he can make the Nine Hells better in torment. The Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous, also at the bottom of a nine-layered underworld, found his torments amusing given the pain he tries to spread and frustration within the Inferno. The Satan of South Park called party foul and disagrees with his Hell, given he only torments the truly evil and his damnation is A Hell of a Time. Ah Puch thinks he's wasting the opportunity that comes from all non-Mormons going to Hell in the South Park universe.
  • Ah Puch once fought against Ben, Gwen and Max Tennyson in one episode of Ben 10 where he's guarding the Sword of Ekchuah. He's angry at seeing them again, and this time, it will not be about guarding the sword; it'll be about settling the score

Aku, The God Made of Evil (The Shapeshifting Master of Darkness, The Master of Masters, The Deliverer of Darkness, The Shogun of Sorrow, Ikra, The Hermit)
  • Greater God (originally part of an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: A sole cherry blossom tree surrounded by black spikes.
  • Theme Music: Aku Theme, Aku Battle Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Is Hammy, Dark Is Evil, Made of Evil, World Conquering, Silly Villainy, Calling His Enemies Fools, Evil Laughter, Killing Heroes, GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS
  • Domains: Darkness, Evil, Shapeshifting
  • Heralds: Demongo
  • Allies: Melkor, The Ginyu Force, B.B. Hood, Hades, Most evil cartoon gods in the Pantheon, Most demons in the Pantheon, Gul'dan, Emperor Palpatine and Lord Voldemort.
  • Rivals: The Lich
  • Enemies: Samurai Jack, Ashi, Most Cartoon Network gods in the Pantheon, Uncle Iroh, Rama, Odin, Ra
  • Ascended to the pantheon by the fact that he, unlike most other evil gods, actually succeeded in his goals.
    • Along with that, through branching crossovers, some gods have found out that Aku pretty much killed most of the Cartoon Network gods.
  • He considers The Lich to be his rival, mostly due to the fact that The Lich also killed the dinosaurs. Besides that, The Lich is the exact opposite of Aku in terms of personality. The Lich, meanwhile, is more annoyed by him than anything else, due to his hamminess, as well as his attempts to Mind Rape Aku simply leaving the Shogun of Sorrow more confused than anything else.
  • Absolutely terrifies Iroh, due to sounding exactly like him.
  • Both The Ginyu Force and Hades like him, due to being just as hammy as all of them.
  • Due to one of his stories, he's actually made a good alliance with B.B. Hood.
  • Despite being a destructive villain, Aku never passes the line of trying to kill a child. This has made him, to his dismay, a major target of ridicule from other evil gods. Fortunately for him, all Aku has to do to shut them up is to point out that, unlike them, he actually succeeded in taking over his universe.
  • He has hired most of the bounty hunters in the pantheon to kill Jack.
  • He actually had a far stronger form, which had to be taken down by three gods to be defeated. While they have not all been ascended yet, he has plans to kill Odin.
    • He was NOT pleased to learn that Ra had ascended as well.
    • And when Rama ascended, Aku flipped his lid. All three gods responsible for creating the weapon that Jack killed him with.
  • Of late, Aku has been locked in his temple, not even venturing out when Melkor calls meetings. Although Aku claims that it's because he's turned over a new leaf to just enjoy the success he had, the various alliances finally figured out what was going on when Trollkaiger got a tip from Varys and released a damning video on a private conversation he had with himself.
    • The meaner inclined Gods laughed in amusement at Aku's cowardice and frustration. Melkor made killing Jack a new priority to give Aku a lift. The more naive gods sent emissaries to try and get Aku to see that being good would bring him peace of mind. But in the end, Aku barricaded his temple doors even more, saying he'll come out once he figures out a way to slaughter the samurai once and for all and finally get peace of mind.
  • Apparently, a viral video of him saying "extra thick" is circulating around the Internet. He's baffled on why everyone finds his pizza order funny, even more so when it's NOT the Trollkaiger who did it.
  • Then... the unthinkable, unimaginable happened. Aku lost. A fragment of himself given life in the form of Ashi sent Jack back to the past, where he crushed Aku for good. And as such, via the Butterfly Effect, his Bad Future never came to be. There was a great gasp from among all the gods, and then a cheer of triumph swelled from the forces of good. Samurai Jack had finally completed his quest.
    • But then a sinister laugh rose from the distance. And Melkor held up a slithering black goop in a vial he was holding. Much like his origin, a small fragment of the darkness Aku was born from had been preserved by Melkor so that Aku's evil would never permanently die. And as such, his new priority is to bring Aku back, though recreating him has proven... difficult.
  • Aku forms a Terrible Trio with fellow villains Lord Voldemort and Emperor Palpatine in the Trope Pantheon.
  • What many in the Pantheon dreaded had finally occurred, Aku had returned from the brink and declared to his allies and foes that He would settle his debt with Jack once and for all.

    Black Cross King 
Black Cross King, God of Supervillain Lairs (Black Cross Führer, Black Cross Colossus, Mysterious Beauty)
Black Cross King
Black Cross Führer 
Black Cross Colossus 
  • Greater God. Borderline Overdeity (as the Black Cross Colossus).
  • Symbol: The Black Cross Army's Emblem
  • Theme Song: Black Cross King's Medley (Gokaiger) (0:40 to 7:06)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: The First Main Villain of Super Sentai, Being his Own Villainous Lair, Weakened by the Cassiopeia Constellation, Nazi and KKK-like, Devoid of Good, Dark Is Evil, It's All About Me, Came Back as the Main Antagonist of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, Decreased Role in Later Appearances.
  • Domains: First Villains, Villainous Lairs, Eternal Grudges
  • Heralds:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Lord Drakkon
  • Enemies:
  • Black Cross Führer was the leader of the Black Cross Organization, a nebulous crime syndicate that sought to conquer the world, to start this process he had the multiple bases of the EAGLE Organization, a peace-keeping military, destroyed so as to exterminate all opposition; but survivors of his assaults became the first Super Sentai team: Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, the five bravely opposed his forces and though they lost one of their members, the second Kirenger, they still managed to defeat all his forces and thwart his plans, in which his last one was to reveal his true form as the Black Cross Colossus, as he had been his own lair all along, to try and bombard Japan before the Gorenger made all the explosives within him detonate, ending his threat.
    • 35 years later, the countless enemies that the Sentai teams after Gorenger had defeated created an endless grudge which Führer was all happy to take advantage of in Hell to resurrect himself but now known as the Black Cross King, he allied with the Space Empire Zangyack to menace the new Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger team, as well as the 34th Sentai team: The Tensou Sentai Goseiger; taking all the Ranger Keys containing the powers of the Super Sentai lost in the Legendary War against Zangyack and trying to have them killed by his newly resurrected lieutenants: Dagon, Yogoshimacritein and Brajira. But all that failed and combining the powers of the 35 Sentai and the hopes of mankind, Black Cross King was defeated once again.
  • Black Cross King forced his way into the Pantheon, arriving as a black mist that killed anything trying to stop it in its tracks. After carving out a piece of land for his own use, he settled his lair for his Black Cross Organization to be reborn at last with its full might; but this time he not only brought back three past villains but all the villains not ascended into the Pantheon as his lackeys, as well as bringing those into the Pantheon as his underlings for good measure. He's promised his fellow villains that the age of evil is upon them and that soon their ultimate revenge shall be had against their foes that defeated them into the past.
  • From the start, Black Cross King found himself allied with the Great Leader of Shocker, given both are the first enemies of their respective universe's team of heroes and have joined their forces directly and indirectly in many occasions. The Great Leader was ready to welcome the Sentai's first evil along with the brunt of his forces into the Pantheon, rationalizing that a more permanent and steady alliance would be of great help in exterminating all their opposition that has plagued them for so long. While some believe that King would eventually try to betray the Leader, most things are so far just rumors, though the Black Cross' leader hasn't denied nor confirmed anything.
  • Another ally the King made was Dark Specter, leader of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, a collective of multiple villainous groups of the Power Rangers universe who in some ways considers himself King's counterpart in his universe, as well as sharing his ideals of conquest and ambition for destruction. Specter admires the power and threat level of the King, given that he proved to be the Super Sentai's toughest foe besides the likes of Ackdos Gill, Specter has taken to also seeing the Black Cross Organization and all other Sentai groups of evil to be valuable possible followers in a large alliance of evil. As for the Black Corss King himself, he is more than happy to join forces with another great evil to destroy their enemies, especially since many of the Power Rangers are counterparts to several teams of Super Sentai.
  • Black Cross King found other kindred souls in the likes of several Ultraman villains, as their eternal hatred of the Ultras has given some of them new life to enact their desires for revenge. Among these he made particularly good connections with the Yapool, viewing his ability to consistently return to the realm of the living no matter how many times or ways he's killed, due to his unending hatred for the Ultraman, as a favorable aspect to look out for and possible helpful tool against his own enemies. As for Yapool's boss, Alien Empera, the Black Cross King admires the sheer scope of his threat and forces as is his near-victory in covering the universe in eternal darkness. A lesser amicable alliance was made with Ultraman Belial, who understands the Black Cross' unending hatred for the heroes that bested him, given his own long history with the Ultras.
  • He still holds a grudge against the Sentai groups that have defeated him: the Himitsu Sentai Goranger and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. With the Goranger they share a very mutual enmity due to the Black Cross Organization's many crimes and atrocities; meanwhile the Gokaiger don't view him as that much worth having anything resembling a grudge against and prefer to just oppose him on the principle of having fought him before and protecting existence from his goals. His resurgence has given the two teams some unease as they fear that with the villainous being's ascension a possible Shocker/Black Cross alliance might be in the works, an alliance that perhaps not even every Sentai and Rider together could hope to overcome if other villains that have helped or know of either organization join in to assist them. Another Sentai group that came to oppose him equally were the Tensou Sentai Goseiger, who assisted the Gokaiger in defeating him during his grand return to menace Earth and still consider Black Cross their deadliest, most vile enemy.
  • The Black Cross King had crossed paths and fought various Kamen Riders during his outings teaming up with Shocker, chief among these Riders stood the original Double Riders, the Rider counterparts to his nemesis, Akaranger; Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, who teamed up from time to time with the Gokaigers, other hated enemies of his; Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid who fought a Game World copy of the King and finally Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade, who teamed up with the Gokaiger to bring down the Zangyack-Shocker Alliance which he was a commander of. While he might not have the same level of vitriol for the Riders as he does with the Super Sentai he nonetheless still views them as a big threat to him, particularly Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O, who he knows from reports has a power that could defeat even him at his strongest and thus has made him warier of confronting the Riders. By extension he also found himself in an enmity with the Space Sheriffs, allies to the Sentai and Riders alike who have also participated in various events where they fought the forces of evil.
  • Another ally the King found was the villainous kaiju, King Ghidorah, who like Black Cross King has had a long history of fighting various heroes in his pursuit of destruction and chaos, Ghidorah has seen value in allying with someone who has had experience having multiple plans thwarted by their world's heroes and developed an unending grudge as a result, Black Cross King himself sees Ghidorah's power as a useful tool in getting his vengeance on the Super Sentai and other heroes who have assisted them. As for Ghidorah's allies, they all also viewed allying with the Sentai villain as an interesting prospect, particularly Gigan who had already taken on the Carrangers in the past and is eager to get a chance at fighting them again and win, as well as having the chance to take out the other Sentai teams which have helped the Carrangers on occasions.
  • He made another alliance with the organization HYDRA, led most of the time by the Red Skull, as HYDRA has found the resources and powers wielded by the Black Cross to be of much interest and use for their goals. Red Skull himself views Black Cross' resources and connections to be quite interesting given the villain's connections to HYDRA's well-known allies in SHOCKER. This alliance brought the attention of Steve Rogers/Captain America who quickly came to view Black Cross King as a rather despicable foe due to his depravity and scope of his many schemes and goals.
  • Has made an enmity with the members of Team Voltron, who like the many Sentai employ robots to fight giant monsters with and have opposed an evil space empire known as the Galra; the Galra themselves have made allies with the Black Cross through their representatives in the Pantheon: Emperor Zarkon and Prince Lotor, who do have issues in that they both want the other dead for their own ends, but that hardly bothers the Black Cross King, who has given them a promise to each that he'll help in taking out the other if they help him defeat their shared enemies first. Team Voltron finds the Black Cross King quite depraved and even worse than the worst of the Galra Empire they fought and thus view him as quite the priority threat to take down. On a similar vein, mecha pilots Raleigh and Mako were also ones to join in the enmity against and from the Black Cross due to his terrorist actions and depraved goals and actions made to achieve them.
  • The villainous Nightmare in one world created monsters with his nefarious company, Holy Nightmare Co., to terrorize the universe with and did so for thousands of years until Kirby put an end to him and his organization forever. As such the Black Cross viewed Nightmare as a useful ally with relatable experiences of having a monster-creating organization thwarted by some goody two-shoes heroes, Nightmare particularly finds it respectable that the Black Cross King pulled himself out of Hell from nothing but his hatred of the Super Sentai, given his own immortality thanks to negative emotions fueling nightmares as long as life exists. For this reason, Kirby and his allies have all been made aware of the possibilities of the Black Cross Organization and Holy Nightmare Co. joining their forces to strengthen each other and thus gained the Black Cross as an enemy.
  • Has also made enemies with the Sailor Senshi for his role as a master of a villainous organization that employs kaijin and other threats in a bid to conquer the universe, not unlike their most hated foes such as Queen Beryl, who herself is an ally of the Black Cross. Other magical girls that instantly found themselves on his enemy list and vice-versa were the multiple Pretty Cure teams that resided in the Pantheon, all who view him as not too dissimilar from the many fiends and other creeps they've faced throughout their thousands of battles against evil. As for the Cures' enemies the likes of Goyan, Moebius and Joker all quickly became allies with the Black Cross King in a bid to strengthen their forces and join together to defeat their enemies; Joker in particular looks forward to working with the Black Cross' kaijin and his own bag of tricks to create despair by the hundreds.
  • Ganondorf has reincarnated from time to time and been a thorn across space-time to the heroes Link and Zelda, always seeking to obtain the Tri-Force and rule over existence to sate his ego; he found the Black Cross King a kindred soul in terms of being a never-ending evil who will not rest until he's conquered everything that he can. Black Cross King has offered help to the King of Darkness in his plans, arguing that his advanced technology and forces could help him thwart Link, an offer that Ganondorf wasn't hesitant to take if it meant strengthening his side. Link and Zelda didn't take much time to oppose the Black Cross for this reason, especially given the many evils that Ganondorf could unleash on their world if their alliance prospers.
  • Sauron didn't take much time to get acquaintanced with the Black Cross, who he viewed as a potential pawn to his plans and schemes thanks to his resources and as such has planned to sway him to his side as one of his followers, though the King himself has also been seeking an alliance with Morgoth to further establish the Black Cross Army's reputation and presence in the Pantheon which Sauron has found somewhat frustrating and possibly counter-productive to his goals if Morgoth catches wind of him, that said the Black Cross King himself couldn't care either way as long as he gets his due influence.
  • He has met a rival in the form of Lord Drakkon, an enemy of the Power Rangers who is an alternate Tommy Oliver that's amassed power through many years and battles enough to become a multiversal threat and almost succeeded in reshaping the world to his liking. Drakkon and the Black Cross quickly foregoed any possible chance for allying and were quick to swear to destroy the other when they got the chance to. Drakkon has also thought of perhaps just killing the Black Cross King and taking his organization's remnants for himself so as to gain more power. Regardless, many Sentai and Power Rangers fear what could come out of this enmity


"And so I arrive like a sudden wind storm at a kindergarten picnic!"

Dimentio, God of Villainous Harlequins (Master of Dimensions, Pleaser of Crowds, Super Dimentio)
Click here to see Super Dimentio 
  • Greater God, Overdeity as Super Dimentio.
  • Symbol: His grin layered over the Chaos Heart with sparks of his magic behind it.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Theme Songs: Dimentio, Charming Magician, Its Showtime, The Ultimate Show, Destruction of All Worlds, End of the World
  • Portfolio: Extremely Evil Harlequins, Dimensional Traveler, Hero Killer, The Man in Front of the Man, The Chessmaster, Faux Affably Evil, Perpetual Smiler, Taking You with Me, Omnicidal Maniac when driven to a Villainous Breakdown, Monster Clown, Magical Clown, Very Similar to Kefka, Master of Illusion, Me's a Crowd, Near-Villain Victory, Reality Warper, Talks Like a Simile, Technopath, Villain Teleportation, Screwing with People, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, Evil Is Hammy, Evil Genius, Eviler than Thou to his former superior Count Bleck, Psychotic Smirk, Die Laughing, Bright Is Not Good, Utterly Insane, Pragmatic Villainy, Not-So-Harmless Villain, Beware the Silly Ones, Badass Fingersnap, Wants to Restart The Multiverse In Their Own Image
  • Domains: Magic, Jesters, Depravity, Evil, Planning, Intelligence, Power, Destruction
  • Allies: Yuuki Terumi, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Joker, Joker (Smile Precure), Kefka Palazzo, Bill Cipher, SCP 106, Krona, XANA
  • Rivals: Marx, Zanza, Nicol Bolas, Thanos
  • Friendly Rivalry: The Batman Who Laughs
  • Enemies: The Four Heroes (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser), Tippi and Count Bleck, The Heroes of the World of Balance, The SCP Foundation, The Smile Cures, Batman, The Living Tribunal, The Monitor, Madoka Kaname, The Sailor Guardians, Doctor Strange, Lucifer, YHVH, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Shulk, Ra’s Al Ghul, Cyrus, Hareta, Global Occult Coalition, All Lantern Corps except for Nekron and his Black Lanterns, Master Chief
  • Scares: Light Yagami of all people.
  • Interested in: The Hall of Mind Control, The Throne, The Chaos Heart
  • Avoids: SCP 682
  • Dimentio is the evil Jester of Count Bleck’s who at first appeared to be yet another of his minions. Yet, none knew that he had his own agenda, and tested the heroes throughout their journey to stop Bleck from annihilating the multiverse using the Chaos Heart. Upon Bleck’s defeat, Dimentio appeared, betrayed him and took control of the Chaos Heart, brainwashing Luigi back into his Mr. L persona and fused them and himself into forming an Eldritch Abomination called Super Dimentio. Revealing his plan to rule all worlds, Dimentio and the heroes fought, and ultimately they succeeded in defeating him thanks to the Pure Hearts being rejuvenated by Count Bleck, his loyal minions and Tippi’s love. As Dimentio perished, he decided to spite them by leaving a shadow of his power behind to ensure that the Chaos Heart destroys the multiverse, but with no chance of it coming back. The price of stopping this from happening was Tippi and Count Bleck.
  • After his death and the near-destruction of his home multiverse, Dimentio was thought dead. That would’ve been the case too had Terumi not taken notice. Terumi, who had been greatly opposed by the Heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom due to his sheer depravity, had found some of his plans easily thwarted by them (and Bowser). Research on their foes led him to discovering Dimentio, who Terumi promptly plucked from the Underwhere through the House of Death and Postmortem. The magician casually asked who he is. Terumi revealed a few things to Dimentio along with his name. That his former superior, his love and the four who defeated him are all in the Pantheon, along with the fact that the Chaos Heart and Pure Hearts are under lock and key in Maximum Security. Armed with this knowledge, Dimentio smiled, and the two shook hands, sealing their new alliance before parting ways for the time being. Knowing that the heroes would find out about his arrival eventually, he decided to attract their attention to try and kill them all at once. To this end, he teleported some of the SCPs in the Pantheon out of the Foundation and freed them for the exact purpose of causing attention to be drawn. Working with the Old Man, who he decided to work with as the breakout’s other mastermind. Dimentio, however, did not go near 682, though he expressed interest at first.
    • The SCPs that had been freed: 106, 035, 173 and 457, began to rampage on the orders of the Old Man (106) and Dimentio, who clapped as he watched the carnage as they approached the House of Popularity. 106 began mercilessly torturing others and dragging them to his dimension, while 173, 457 and 035 (once it got a host thanks to Dimentio subduing a poor bystander) started a killing spree. As Dimentio predicted, this got their attention. Announcing his presence with his usual Faux Affably Evil Large Ham attitude, he fought the four and was defeated, and teleported to Dimension D to recover and fight another day while the escaped SCPs were defeated and recontained, though they and the magician are still in touch.
    Dimentio: “And so I return, like an always-returning, obnoxiously annoying itch!”
  • Dimentio’s temple happens to not be located in the Pantheon at all, but rather a dimension of his own design. Dimension D. If you aren’t able to freely travel through dimensions, it can only be accessed through two places: A portal in the House of Villainy that is located inside of a small room with monochrome colors on the walls, floor...everything, which he specifically chose to mock Count Bleck. The other way in is through the Hall of Other Dimensions, where he likes to try and train himself and his dimensional-building skills to greater effect than ever before. Others are terrified at the idea of him mastering it to the point where he could potentially try to assimilate the Pantheon into his dimension in order to rule everything.
  • Dimentio proved himself to have no sense of empathy even in the Pantheon when he started taking an interest in Life Fibers, which he saw as similar tools of Mind Control as the Floro Sprouts were. What solidified his depravity and to the disgust of most of the Pantheon was forming an alliance with Ragyo Kiryuin to gain more information on them, with Dimentio revealing that he had information on the Koopa King, his Arch-Nemesis and his brother, as well as Princess Peach, who have been opposing her, that would be beneficial for her. They’ve joined forces, and while the two know they are using each other for their own gains, no attempts at backstabbing have occurred as of yet.
  • Dimentio believes Bill Cipher’s Weirdmageddon stunt to be a brilliant idea, but is confused as to why Bill wouldn’t take precautions to make his party eternal rather than risk the destruction of the universe after he’d already accomplished his goal. Bill simply responded by saying that at the time, he had no way of keeping it from happening, and the Weirdness Barrier around Gravity Falls kept him from exploring possible options. Dimentio noted that now that he’s in the Pantheon, a realm teeming with weirdness, there theoretically should not be a Weirdness Barrier even if Gravity Falls becomes part of it. Bill has realized this, and has been working with Dimentio to explore potential ways to create a true “Party that never ends.”
  • Nothing is off limits for this guy. Dimentio will go to any length he can to rule the multiverse, and this has included allying with the Joker, as he was impressed with his Emperor Joker stunt. Likewise, he somewhat respects Kefka Palazzo for succeeding in creating a new world even though he decided to try to destroy it a year later. The Spawn of Pierrot, who happens to share the name Joker with the Clown Prince of Crime, likes his potential to cause despair with his abilities, intelligence and access to Mind Control tools like Floro Sprouts. The fact that they have clown and harlequin themes has not been lost on any of them.
    • Due to his relative friendship and similarities with Kefka, The Heroes of The World of Balance have a hatred of him and his goals, who have regularly teamed up with Mario's friends to stop his evil plans from occuring.
    • However, there is another certain Monster Clown that impressed Dimentio, who, while not enemies with the jester, they are not allies with each other. The Batman Who Laughs. At first, He Who Laughs simply wanted to kill Dimentio and go on with his day, but the jester pointed out that usurping the literal Goddess of the Multiverse was a very impressive feat and liked some of his work, and let him know of the Pure Hearts, as well as a certain four heroes that have the very good potential to stop his plans. The two have ceased any attempts at fighting out of Pragmatism in order to kill Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach. They both know that they plan on backstabbing each other once they find a way to make sure the four are dealt with, but for now they pretty much have a truce. Tellingly enough, Dimentio didn’t point out the Chaos Heart to him, though Laughs will likely learn of it eventually.
  • Dimentio has a low opinion of Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi, believing the former to be a disgusting excuse for a woman, though this is because she reminds him of the Pure Hearts that led to his downfall. He also thinks Kyubey a fool for his actions later down the line, and believes Homura to be nothing but a little girl with too much power throwing a tantrum. This actually made Sayaka Miki uncomfortable as this deranged madman has a similar opinion of Homura that she does. Something that is not lost on Dimentio, who wants to kill them all cruelly, by finding some way to De-power Homura, crush Madoka’s soul gem in front of her and Sayaka before blowing them up. Given that he has his eyes set on Master Chief’s armor too, and with what the jester did to Fracktail...this has some disturbing implications. He’s been consulting with XANA for help in case he can’t pull it off alone.
  • An up and coming Multiversal Conqueror with Reality Warping abilities, it was only natural that he came into contact with others. First among them was Nicol Bolas, who has conquered countless worlds successfully. Bolas doesn’t believe him to be worth his time, something Dimentio intends to let him to continue to believe, and Bill Cipher introduced Dimentio to Krona, who desires knowledge on the Chaos Heart, what Dimentio’s new world would be like and Bill’s Weirdmageddon. They’ve joined forces, gaining Dimentio a very powerful ally. Thanos thinks he’s nuts even by his standards, and YHVH regards Dimentio’s world to be potentially too chaotic, and Lucifer hates him for obvious reasons and spoke up about it, only for the jester to point out that the Morningstar has the Demi-Fiend working for him, who in one timeline known as the True Demon Ending, wiped out his home multiverse. He even went further and said that the Great Will would always at least plan to leave something intact no matter what and how much destruction he caused. Needless to say, Lucifer hates him, and as much as YHVH disapproves of Dimentio’s chaos, admitted that what the jester said was satisfying in his eyes.
  • Most of the Lantern Corps despise him, with the Green Lanterns seeing him as just another threat to fight, but finding his plan to rule the Multiverse or destroy it while experiencing a Villainous Breakdown. Atrocitus sees him as an insane lunatic with no morals or standards, and he’s right. However, Dimentio has managed to outsmart him in each of their fights so far and win. Larfleeze is afraid that he’ll steal his Orange Lantern battery, which, honestly, he’s right to have that fear considering all he has to do is snap his fingers. The Indigo Tribe wants to induct him into their ranks, but this usually ends with rings getting destroyed or him making some of their members Brainwashed and Crazy. Sinestro sees him as too insane for a Yellow Lantern Ring, and the Blue Lanterns, much like the Green Lanterns, see him as yet another threat to fight.
  • Dimentio may or may not have been the one to write the Dark Prognosticus, which was a prophecy to end all worlds. This is supported by the fact that Dimension D, his own realm, was NOT being affected by the Void and the Chaos Heart, with Count Bleck having once described a figure in the book to be similar to the Master of Dimensions. There’s also been speculations on what Dimentio even is, but most seem to believe the jester to be some kind of Ancient Evil, though he isn’t saying anything about either subject. Worth noting is that the Light Prognosticus was created to counteract the Dark One, which means that the prophecy of the Chaos Heart was the true one. The House of Prophecy and Fate was very thankful that it was locked up in the treasury, and Dimentio’s plans were stopped, but there has been predictions of the Heart being stolen by someone. They don’t know if it’ll be Dimentio or someone else if such a thing occurs, but what this means for the Pantheon could potentially be catastrophic. That being said, Dimentio has plans for the Hall of Opposing Fate due to the Four Heroes deciding to Screw Destiny and defeat him using the Pure Hearts of the Light Prognosticus, and whatever he has planned can’t be good.
  • Dimentio has come into contact with others who want to Restart the World. His megalomania, insanity, cruelty and power, as well as his goals, led Dimentio to seek out other beings like himself.Of course, doing this gained him some more enemies, but Dimentio didn’t really care about that. Unfortunately for Dimentio, none were interested. Zanza’s pure Pride and egomania prevented him from allying even out of Pragmatism, which Dimentio flat out responded to him by telling him it would backfire. He’s had to contend with Shulk since. He sees Cyrus as a failure after meeting with him thanks to him viewing Hareta as the Morality Pet and undergoing what could be a Hazy-Feel Turn and wants to destroy them both. Cyrus and Hareta pretty much called him out for being off his rocker, and Ra’s Al Ghul, despite his villainy, is of a similar opinion towards him. Dimentio bluntly responded with a simple “I know.”
  • Dimentio plans to have a second go at his previous plot by breaking into the Great Treasury and stealing the Chaos Heart. Many, including the Living Tribunal, The Monitor and The Spectre, agree that this is something that should not happen. However, Dimentio has kept secret a different goal of his. He has contemplated also hijacking the Throne to rewrite existence to his whims, silently musing that despite his malevolence and depravity it’s better than letting someone like Hajun have it. On another note, Dimentio has taken a great interest in the Halls of Mind Control and Mind Games and wants to expand his methods of brainwashing outside of Floro Sprouts and the aforementioned interest he has in Life Fibers. He’s interested in brainwashing Light Yagami in particular due to his skills at planning, and he’s terrified of Dimentio after trying to write his name in the Death Note did nothing, making it clear that the Master of Illusions is extremely old. Dimentio was amused by Light’s attempt on his life, and simply told him that if the Death Note, Ryuk and his brain are all he has in his quest to become the God of the New World, then he isn’t getting anywhere.
  • The SCP Foundation loathes him for what he did during his ascension, freeing some of the anomalies, all Keter, For the Evulz and to draw out the Four Heroes. Dimentio tolled his eyes at this, pointing out that he didn’t let the worst ones out. Above all, the anomaly he always steers clear of is 682 due to its Adaptive Ability, with the Master of Dimensions outright saying that as long as he’d lived he has never seen something like that. Both him and the Foundation have idly wondered if the Void would be enough to kill it, and while the latter doesn’t want to risk it, Dimentio would be more than happy to try. The Global Occult Coalition is of a similar opinion to how the SCP Foundation feels, though Dimentio has been trying to play The Chessmaster towards them via Mind Control, with varying results.

Mundus, God of Large Villains (Master Mundus, The Darkness Mundus, The Demon Emperor, The Devil King, The Prince Of Darkness, Pluto, "Captain Blue", Dark Emperor King Mundus)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Three Glowing Red Orbs
  • Theme Song: Mundus, The Legendary Battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: His Favorite Power, Large and in Charge, Likes to invoke angelic Imagery, His Ordinary Form, What his true form may be, The Satan of His Universe, His other favorite power, What his statue form looks like
  • Domains: Light, Hell, Control, Largeness, Fire
  • Allies: Satan, The Beast, Father Balder, Jack of Blades, Nightmare, The Kurgan, Fortinbras, Allant, Corypheus
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dormammu
  • Enemies: Sparda, Dante, Vergil, Lady, Kat, Trish, Nero, Gabriel Belmont, Mondo Zappa, Bayonetta, Gene, Lucifer, YHVH, Ghost Rider, Viewtiful Joe, Dante Alighieri, The Maiden in Black
  • He is The Emperor of The Demon World in Dante's universe and as such is one of the more powerful beings in that universe, only being able to be defeated by the powers of Sparda but seemingly never killed.
  • He often appears as either a large angelic statue or three glowing red orbs to his allies and enemies, but will reveal his true form when he is forced to battle.
  • No, Kyle Ryder is NOT an acceptable incarnation or substitute. A suitable King of Hell enforces his will through true power, without need to score political clout in a human guise. As such, he is getting irritated and confused by The House of Commerce claiming that he is trying to control the Pantheon through debt, as he believes that such an act is petty and insignificant to his plans.
    • Though he has a large dislike for his alternate universe self he finds that he enjoys the "Me, A God" monologue from that Mundus. However, if the reveal about the alternate universes only applying to the human world is just as true for his franchise's side of the universe as it is for the Umbra Witches, it could be that he was lying all along about not being the same as the Kyle Ryder incarnation, covering his tracks about his return as well as the truth of Sparda's disappearance.
  • He was the reason that Vergil was turned into Nelo Angelo. Vergil has since tried to gain revenge for that act, even beating the hell out of him thanks to an unexpected surge of power when the ambitious man in blue first ascended to the Pantheon. Because of this, he is one of the few beings in the Pantheon that will get Dante and Vergil to work together.
    "Again I must face a Sparda. Strange fate, isn't it?"
  • Despite his angelic appearance, he is not an Angel — a point he is trying to make abundantly clear in his battles with Bayonetta.
  • Has found a similar-minded partnership with Satan though they both make it clear that they will betray each other when their plans achieve success and they will see who the true ruler of Hell is after they work together to take the Great Will's Throne.
  • Though they work together, he dislikes the claims of Dormammu being much more powerful then him.
    • He also laughs off Ghost Rider's claim of being able to take on "Demons like him".
  • He's also formed a partnership with Father Balder, leading some to try and claim that there is some connection between him and Jubileus, though he has so far given no comment.
  • Has a large orange blob form when his angelic statue form breaks down. The SCP Foundation is currently investigating if this form has any relation with SCP-999.
  • Is currently trying to manipulate others that have lost loved ones, as Mundus claims that he can recreate the ones they lost.
    "If you need them, I create them, as many as you want. Just like I created Trish."
  • Has occasionally sent a demonic horde after both another Dante and a certain wax-eyed maiden with soul powers. So far his attempts at attacking either have been unsuccessful.
  • The ascension of his hated enemy Sparda was something he was not happy about. After a confrontation/beating from Sparda and the rest of his family, he has since slowly trying to gather more power challenge them once more. That said, Sparda's absolute fury at recalling all the damage his attack on Eva had done to Dante and Vergil's brotherhood gave Mundus something to gloat about as his most glorious achievement.

SpaceGodzilla, God of Spiky Villains (AstroGodzilla, CrystalGodzilla)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A sihoulette of himself
  • Theme Music: The Descent of the God of Destruction, SpaceGodzilla Insanity, Mutants: SpaceGodzilla (Revised), GG11
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Genius Bruiser, Flying Brick, Animalistic Abomination, Aliens Are Bastards, Evil Twin, Spikes of Villainy, Lightning Bruiser, Power Crystals, Complete Monster, Evil Uncle to Junior
  • Domains: Spikes, Space, Clones
  • Heralds: Krystalaak and Obsidius
  • Followers: Ashnard, Genocide, Baron Ünderbheit, Legato Bluesummers
  • Allies: King Ghidorah, Gigan, Hedorah, Crystal Man, Boros, Dark Samus
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Anguirus, Baragon, Diancie, Rodan, Mothra Leo, Tyranitar, Korra, Raleigh Becket & Mako Mori, Simon the Digger, Rei Ayanami, Shadow the Hedgehog, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst
  • Unknown Connection: Biollante
  • If the first thing that comes to mind when seeing this monster is that he's a Godzilla from space, the assumption isn't wrong, but the actual explanation is not that simple. What is more or less accepted is that after some cells of Godzilla managed to end up in outer space (whether that was caused by the aftermath of Godzilla's battle against Biollante or Mothra trying to get rid of a meteor is still debated), they fell into a black hole only to emerge from a white hole as an alien monstrosity covered in white crystal spikes with plenty of power and some intelligence to go with it.
    • Those spiky shoulder crystals are actually how he channels his power; he can surround an area with more crystal spikes to become stronger, or turn his entire back into a wall of spikes to gain the ability to fly. Conversely, destroying those spikes makes him weaker.
  • Crystal Man immediately became interested in Spacegodzilla's crystals upon finding out and decided to take a closer look at them. The Robot Master was in for a surprise when he found out that the kaiju used the crystals not as a primary weapon, but as a power source. The two have managed to strike an alliance, if only to see if there is a way for Spacegodzilla to generate his powers from crystals that don't belong to him.
    • Diancie didn't take the news well that Crystal Man managed to find another villainous deity with control over crystals (and one that is very powerful) and has taken measures to ensure that she can survive a possible confrontation with the kaiju. She's rather worried about the project between Crystal Man and Spacegodzilla regarding the crystal power sources.
  • As a creature with differing genetic material (one of the material includes that of Godzilla himself, obviously), Spacegodzilla became the subject of great interest for Mesogog. That dinosaur scientist is impressed by Spacegodzilla's strength and is hoping that by using the kaiju's genetic material, he'll be able to create a more powerful army.
  • Many clones who are on the side of good really don't like Spacegodzilla simply because he attacked the original Godzilla for no justifiable reason and creating chaos and misery as a result. There is greater animosity coming from Rei Ayanami and Shadow the Hedgehog due to the two of them having confronted different threats from outer space before.
    • One clone that is on somewhat reasonable terms with the space kaiju is Dark Samus, even if there's not much going on between the two aside from their shared desire for conquest. The idea of a Phazon-infected Spacegodzilla due to her influence is frightening, but the fact that she and Spacegodzilla are only in an alliance of convenience at the moment has led to countermeasures by others in case their alliance gets stronger.
  • He really hates Simon the Digger given that the latter's preference for mecha with drills on them bring to mind the mecha M.O.G.U.E.R.A., of which the kaiju has fought against before. Considering that "spiral grenade missiles" played a role in Spacegodzilla's defeat and that Simon the Digger and his crew utilize something called Spiral Power (which likely isn't the same thing as the missiles, but still), the kaiju quickly saw that Digger as a threat.
  • Given that his apparent goal is to Take Over the World, the kaiju has managed to find a few other aliens with that same mindset as him. Boros is quite impressed with Spacegodzilla's power and is hoping to use that to further his goals of conquest. Spacegodzilla is more than willing to go along with it if it means defeating Godzilla for good (and Boros is very interested in seeing what the regular Godzilla is capable of).
    • Spacegodzilla actually had a history of working with other aliens before. He was part of a group known as the Vortaak, but turned on them and decided to do the world-conquering thing by himself. It's not clear at the moment as to whether or not he'll turn against any potential alien allies to fit his own needs, including who would turn against who first if Spacegodzilla and Lord Brevon were working for each other. That said, the two aren't working with each other and have fought each other a few times to get closer to their individual goals.
  • The Crystal Gems once confused Spacegodzilla for a corrupted Crystal Gem. After learning about just how destructive and malicious he can be, the Crystal Gems decided that they have to put a stop to his chaos.
  • Even though Mothra Leo never really met Spacegodzilla before, the butterfly is very disturbed with the possibility that the original Mothra played a role (albeit unintentionally) in bringing this space monster to life. Reportedly, Biollante dislikes Spacegodzilla, regardless of the different possibility that she was a factor in his existence.
  • A few deities noticed that Spacegodzilla sort of resembles a powered-up form the real Godzilla took on at some point in time prior to battling this monster. Whether Godzilla will take on that form to battle against Spacegodzilla again (or some other equally powerful threat) is unknown.

Intermediate Gods

    Black Shadow 
Black Shadow, God of Dark Villain Outfits (The Emperor of Brutality)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Black Bull (his F-Zero machine)
  • Theme Song: Theme of Black Shadow (F-Zero GX)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domains: Evil, Blackness, Shadows, Speed, Vehicles
  • Portfolio: Obvious Villain, Stereotypical Bad Guy Name, Black-Wearing Evildoer (Although the Black Looks More Like Purple), Infamously Cheating A.I.
  • Herald: Blood Falcon.
  • Allies: Several members of the Council of Shadows, Bowser, Ridley, Dark Link, Megatron, Xehanort's Incarnations
  • Enemies: Captain Falcon, Viewtiful Joe, Batman, most of Batman's Rogues Gallery, Ryu, Ghost Rider, all good-aligned Kamen Riders, most Autobots, several gamer deities and mortals.
  • Rivals: Beelzemon, Darth Vader, The Green Biker Dude.
  • It's not exactly clear how Black Shadow managed to ascend into the Pantheon, as he didn't appear to have been observed or under consideration for any seat. It's believed that the Council of Shadows may have pulled a few strings to allow it to happen, but the reasons behind that are still unknown. At the very least, he appears to know Ganondorf well.
    • He wants to kill Captain Falcon in front of several viewers, which is why he eagerly awaits for the next divine racing tournament in order to execute his evil plan.
  • Many deities recognize him as the guy who got Falcon Punched by Captain Falcon along with the whole galaxy. He claims that this event only happened in an alternate timeline, and that it wasn't even the Falcon Punch that ultimately defeated him, but no one seems to listen.
    • Due to both of them having the same name and voice, Black Shadow suspects that Ryu might be related to Ryu Suzaku, possibly even the same person.
  • Black Shadow didn't take much time to take over the racetracks of the Pantheon after ascending. He's a tough one to catch up, as his machine, the Black Bull, is known for being one of the fastest and strongest machines in F-Zero.
    • To make things worse, Black Shadow can be a scarily competent pilot, sometimes a bit too competent, with many suspecting that he might be cheating somehow (which wouldn't be surprising). Black Shadow credits his skill to the "Creators" of his universe, whatever those may be.
    • His skill has actually become infamous among mortals who attempt to challenge him, especially after leading one of them to a legendary rant.
    • He heard about Darth Vader's past as a pod-racing champion and thus challenged the Sith Lord to a race at the House of Travel in order to test the skill of one of the Pantheon's most famous deities. As they fiercely raced against each other, an "accident" that was definitely not intentional on Black Shadow's part caused both vehicles to crash, ending the race with no winner. Black Shadow admits that Vader is not a completely worthless racer and plans to crush him next time.
  • Black Shadow has shown interest in working with the Decepticons, believing that both him and Megatron can benefit from technology that the other possesses.
  • Sometimes confused with Batman due to looking a lot like him, which probably explains why he keeps getting attacked by The Joker and Co every now and then.
    • Batman himself has kept a close eye on Black Shadow, believing that the mysterious Black Shadow Group led by him might bring trouble to the Pantheon. The Dark Knight is already prepared for him though, having attached a Tracking Device to the Black Bull in order to monitor Black Shadow's movements and upgrading his Batmobile so that it may keep up with the Black Bull's power.
  • He is also sometimes confused with Satan, which is not strange at all as the Pantheon already has many Satans and Black Shadow wouldn't look out of place among them.
    • Not that Black Shadow doesn't have any ties with the literal underworld, as he is subservient to his universe's own version of Satan, Deathborn. This alone has put him on the sights of the Ghost Rider, one of the few able to keep up with him.
  • Suspected to have a connection with Master Xehanort due to his Heartless-like outfit and shared magical ability to create Evil Knockoffs of other heroes.
  • "WATASHI WA SHINEN. SHINENZUUU!" - Black Shadow about his undying self and dreams, circa 2003
    • "FARUCON PANCHI!" - Captain Falcon about the above sentence, circa 2003
  • Also has a seat in Colored Outfits.

    Darkdeath Evilman 
Demon General Darkdeath Evilman, The God With a Name to Run Away From Really Fast (Darkdeath Tanaka)
True appearance 

    Dr. Fetus 
Dr. Fetus, God of Evil Fetuses (Keith, Omega Alpha)

  • Intermediate God, borderline-Overdeity as Omega Alpha
  • Symbol: His suit and hat
  • Theme Song: Carmeaty Burana, Jerky, Wurst-Case Scenario
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Being An Unambiguously Evil Fetus, Ax-Crazy, Big Ol' Eyebrows, Dastardly Whiplash, Determinator, Evil and Petty Gadgeteer Genius, Expressive Monocle, Slaughtering Populations Of Forest Animals, Flipping Off Everyone, Jerkass, Not Being Loved By Anyone, Which Is Why Dr. Fetus Hates You, Mad Scientist, Not-So-Harmless Villain, Psychopathic Manchild, Sadistic Master of Kicking The Dog, Staying A Fetus For A Rather Long Time, Sharp-Dressed Man, Will Gladly Beat Up Women Or Children, Gaining A New Form As An Evil Cosmic Formation
  • Domains: Fetuses, Hatred, Villains, Kidnapping, Buzzsaws, Sadists
  • Allies: Melkor, Mr. Burns, Hexxus, Yuuki Terumi, The Creepers
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dr. Wily, Dr. Cortex, Tricky the Clown
  • Opposed By: The House of Nature, the House of Beast, and the House of Space and Cosmos
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jedah
  • Source of Interest for: SCP-1548
  • Enemies: Practically everyone else, but especially: MEAT BOY, Isaac, Mega Man and Dr. Light, Sans, Tony Stark, Squirrel Girl, Steve and Alex, Fancy Pants Man
  • If you believed that a normal fetus would be too innocent to be genuinely evil, Dr. Fetus will prove you wrong. A foul-tempered fetus in a mechanical suit, he happens to hate just about everyone, but especially Meat Boy, whose life he attempted to ruin by kidnapping his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, and made him go through many a Death Course just to spill his blood as often as possible. And he happens to cause a lot of horrific collateral damage that has devastated entire patches of wildlife, as well as siccing monsters on Meat Boy to take on. Even when Dr. Fetus was eventually stopped and defeated, his hatred didn't end there. Even whe Meat Boy and Bandage Girl began to start their own family, Dr. Fetus struck again, this time kidnapping their new daughter, Nugget. Pitting the couple through more torturous courses full of buzzsaws and dealing with vengeful wildlife, he had ended up growing an attachment toward Nugget, mainly due to her actually treating him with affection, some that proved integral when he ended becoming the powerful Omega Alpha being that nearly defeated Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, but his attachment to his newfound Morality Pet led him to being defeatable, and Meat Boy with his family stopping Dr. Fetus once again, though Dr. Fetus would turn to a newly made factory of Meat Boy clones...
  • Meat Boy's ascension would lead to others learning of his nemesis, Dr. Fetus, who had grown to not only despise everyone, but also becoming greatly determined to torment Meat Boy through many deadly obstacle courses and repeatedly kidnapping his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, and later their daughter, Nugget primarily to give him hell. Not to mention all of the mayhem and destruction that Dr. Fetus caused by ravaging a forest and killing many of its wildlife in the process. Indeed, such despicable disposition could only be loved by those like Melkor, who would soon ascend Dr. Fetus into the Pantheon under Fetus Terrible, since a fetus that caused evil through their sheer hatred and their drive to make Meat Boy's life miserable impressed the GUAE.
  • Very often, Dr. Fetus's works tend to destroy the environment in their wake, earning them the ire of the entire House of Nature and the Hall of Nature Preservers themselves. The House of Beast has also banned Dr. Fetus from being anywhere near as well. Mr. Burns himself finds Dr. Fetus to be a good hire for when he wants property cleared down into the ground, and also supports Dr. Fetus's own projects. And there's Hexxus who simply loves the ruination of nature that he causes, on top of a good amount of his own inventions causing pollution.
    • On the other hand, it's earned Dr. Fetus another enemy in the form of Sans, who despises his ruthlessly murderous nature, but currently, Dr. Fetus sees the skeleton as another harmless One-Hit-Point Wonder, though they've yet to get in a direct conflict for the time being.
    • Some of the animals he's ruined the lives of attempted to take revenge on Dr. Fetus, including a squirrel who managed to lead a group of vengeful forest critters, but their efforts for revenge have for the most part been All for Nothing. For this reason has Squirrel Girl become a genuine enemy of Dr. Fetus. For the most part, Dr. Fetus only wishes a horrible death for her just as he does for everyone else, for that matter.
  • Both Dr. Wily and Dr. Cortex dislike Dr. Fetus, and Dr. Fetus doesn't like anyone, but their love of deadly stages and contraptions let them get along just enough for them to work together and make courses and stages brutal enough for their enemies to cower in fear.
    • Being a fan of buzzsaws himself, Dr. Fetus has utilized the Metal Blade for his personal usage and assaults against Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, having somehow obtained it before his own ascension, so both Megaman and Dr. Light have been paying extra attention to Dr. Fetus whenever he wanders nearby.
  • Dr. Fetus and Yuuki Terumi find mutual delight in the suffering they cause to others, and Dr. Fetus has been interested in joining the GUAE Twisted Tormentors to further his own plans to make the lives of others miserable. While Terumi would be fond of the idea, but There's his situation with Nugget becoming a Morality Pet for Dr. Fetus, although Dr. Fetus is still willing to do his thing regardless of her presence, and he does fine whenever she isn't around.
  • Takes pleasure in the constant slaughtering caused by Tricky the Clown, and often gets him involved in his plans by basically siccing him on anyone he wants to kill repeatedly, usually Meat Boy. He likes to do so from a very safe distance, though, and when Dr. Fetus is sure Tricky won't decide to have the fetus' head, he spectates the violence happily.
  • According to Word of God, Dr. Fetus is a Closet Gay, although he's very unwilling to admit it, not that there's anyone interested in the villain. And don't even think about addressing this to him, lest you find your body shred apart by buzzsaws.
    • Despite this, he often tries to score a date with women on social media, although no one really wants to be in a relationship with a fetus, even those who like his detestable personality. Due to this, people like to refer to Dr. Fetus as the "incel counterpart of Tony Stark", which has angered him to the point of him sending an army of Lil' Sluggers to Iron Man's temple every now and then, to the latter's annoyance.
  • Isaac remembers Dr. Fetus, but as an equippable item. However, the two do not get along at all, with Dr. Fetus always attempting to kill Isaac on sight. However, Isaac's tears end up breaking down a majority of his machines, and is currently working to make his machines a little more tear-proof.
  • Is despised by Fancy Pants Man for his love of violence and generally un-friendliness to practically everyone, including children. It helps little that Dr. Fetus's debut and presence on Newgrounds furthers the tension between them.
  • Is very confused and conflicted about the Womb Level that Jedah likes to reside in. Dr. Fetus would like to take a closer look in Jedah's temple if it weren't for how intimidated he is by Jedah himself.
  • Steve and Alex, especially when in Creative Mode, tend to make a mockery of Dr. Fetus's death courses by breaking the whole stage to their liking, much to his anger. He's made friends out of the Creepers from their world just to see the Minecraft entities get blown into pieces, or anyone else really.
  • In the apex of his latest conflict against Meat Boy, Dr. Fetus had became a colossal and sentient cosmic formation known as Omega Alpha, due to a Time Crash he caused with some of his technology, big enough to have a galaxy for an eye and managed to almost successfully get rid of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl for good, but their child, Nugget, barely managed to stop Dr. Fetus due to being one of the few to show some kindness to him, giving her parents the opportunity to defeat Dr. Fetus when he willingly manifested outside of his One-Winged Angel form. The House of Time and Space has been closely watching Dr. Fetus to ensure that he never obtains this form within the Pantheon, since he would inevitably use his power to screw over almost anyone opposing him. For this reason, SCP-1548 has been very intrigued and willing to get Dr. Fetus, who seems to have a similar love for destruction of life, to achieve this form once again.
  • Meat Boy's daughter, Nugget, being one of the only individuals to be friendly towards Dr. Fetus, has became a Morality Pet to Dr. Fetus. That said, the GUAE don't think menacing Nugget or cutting her out of Dr. Fetus's life is worth it, since even with Nugget, Dr. Fetus is still willing to slaughter everyone else and to be a great asset to the GUAE, and hurting Nugget would obviously invoke the wrath of Dr. Fetus on the rest of the GUAE.

    Emperor Ganishka 
Emperor Ganishka, God of Villainous Facial Hair
Click here  to see his apostle form.
Click here  to see his Shiva form.

Kuja, God of Viewer Gender Confusion and Fashion Victim Villains (The Angel of Death, the Graceful Glider, Kuji-coo, Kuja-kun)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Silver Feather
  • Theme Music: Immoral Melody, The Dark Messenger
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil -> True Neutral trying to be Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Disturbingly Feminine Men, Viewer Gender Confusion, Questionable Fashion Sense, Overuse of Theatrical Metaphors, Raging Narcissism, Total Mental Collapse Followed By World-Endangering Suicide Attempts, Camp Straight, Xanatos Speed Chess, Based Off Of Every Final Fantasy Main Villain Before Him, Born as an Adult
  • Domains: Charm, Destruction, Magic, Pride, Theatrics, Defying Fate
  • (Former) Allies: Kefka, Sephiroth, Chaos, Vega The Evil Queen, Queen Sectoria, Ardyn Izunia
  • New Allies: Golbez (also Odd Friendship), Megamind
  • Special Relationship: Zidane
  • Unlike Bridget, nobody confuses him for a female... when they meet him in person face to face. View him remotely, and you'll be convinced he's female. The theory the House of Knowledge has proposed is that he has very masculine pheromones.
  • If asked, The Question would argue that once you notice the man-thong, you can't un-notice it.
  • After Dissidia 012, Kuja's Character Development since his original ascension caused him to consider approaching Cosmos to ask for a chance to change sides and become Neutral Good. Kefka heard of this and played what he referred to as "Mind Rape The Genome's Memories" while Kuja was sleeping one night, and those plans were quickly discarded as Kuja embraced his alignment anew.
  • Due to him being part of the Akira Ishida family, Yuno has placed him on her shit list.
  • Was part of a group known as "Rule of Beauty" consisting of him, Vega, The Evil Queen and Queen Sectoria. They do argue who is the prettiest of them all, but they can put away their differences to kill any one who think they are better than them. The rest of the team know that he can potentially be the most dangerous member of the team, so they treat him with care.
  • When not in his temple, he can be seen in the House of Theater viewing the latest creations of the gods there.
  • One day, Kuja found Zidane confronting him, and Golbez suspiciously keeping his distance while staying close by. Due to Kefka's brainwashing, he attacked his fellow Genome, who countered and battled hard with intent to take him down and in a bid to make him remember their last conversation in Gaia. Allies (or at least those who oppose Zidane) tried to come to his aid, only for Golbez to keep them out of this "quarrel between brothers". The battle shortly escalated as gods joined in and took sides in the conflict, making the Lunarian's task much more complicated. Still, somehow, Zidane was soon able to incapacitate Kuja, then—as planned—the two and Golbez were spirited away with a teleporter that would take them somewhere more private.
    • In their secluded area, Zidane finally got Kuja to spill; the reason the latter turned heel again was due to what happened in the 12th cycle in the Dissidia wars; he truly was against Chaos's side, but Kefka's intervention forced his hand, and the mad clown would later alter his memories for the next cycle, which Golbez corroborated, recalling Kefka's gloating back when he was serving the GUAE.
    • After that explanation, Kuja asked what will happen next. Zidane offered him to join him in the GUAG, just like him and Golbez, at the Ministry of Atonement to be exact. And this time, there will be no intervention from Kefka or anyone else as they make their way to Cosmos, which won't be long since they had teleported to the House of Heroes. Kuja wasn't sure; he's played and reveled in the role of villain for far too long, and his tenure as an inside man didn't really go well. Zidane promised to help him every step of the way. Being a (soon to be) fellow defector from Chaos, Golbez also offered to lend a hand when he can.
    • One successful visit to Cosmos later, Kuja's redemption was solidified, and defensive measures have been arranged to ensure that neither Kefka or anyone else will be able to repeat the mad clown's stunt again.
  • Naturally, trust is slow, especially given he underwent a Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum. So far, only Zidane and Golbez give him the time of day; Vivi's still afraid and won't stay around the ex-villain unless Zidane's by his side.
    • Given his flair for theatrics, Megamind is the first among those in the Ministry of Atonement besides Golbez to make an attempt to connect with Kuja. They managed to grow closer over a battle against the Plutonian, which Kuja found his reasons for villainy even more petty than his own.
  • Can also be found in Gender/Sex: Miscellaneous.

    Oda Nobunaga (Sengoku Basara
Oda Nobunaga, The Devil King (Dairoku Ten Ma Ou/Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, Feuding States Revolutionary, Archer, Bad Nobu)
Unfortunately for him, his counterpart from the house of philosophy has already allied himself with Zekrom and will NOT let him fall into this Nobunaga’s hands.
  • Reports said that he was responsible of the massacre of the ninja clan Hokage, in which Kurei demanded responsibility. On hearing that news, Nobunaga just took a sip on his skull glass and said such massacre was a daily, insignificant activity in his path of conquest.
  • Nobunaga is the only Sengoku period figure that actually renews his alliance with Fortinbras. But even Fortinbras is aware that Nobunaga has made it this way without his help, but with his own power and evilness.
  • Has received a stare from Riku over the report of the two sounding alike. Not only that, Ash Ketchum has even commented that Nobunaga somehow reminds him of Cilan.
  • His opinions at his 'eventual killer', Akechi Mitsuhide, was nothing but disappointment. He doesn't think highly of his psycho self, but he considers the 'good' self unnecessary, worthless and both forms aren't enough to take him down here in the Pantheon. Though he did enjoy a good chuckle when he heard that his evil self made his daughter Gracia cried in despair, something that Nobunaga claimed to be "Finally doing something useful for once..."
  • There were actually some people who believed that Nobunaga was actually a normal, more positive man (if eccentric) who did ruthless things because it was necessary. This Nobunaga, on the other hand, has quelled almost any denials with impunity, wanting to ensure that his only legacy would be the legacy of the evil demon king bent on subjugating humanity. Unfortunately, Nobunaga ended up becoming a victim of a revolutionary pragmatist version of Nobunaga closer to the historical account, when the latter ambushed his forces and took over a portion of his house, turning it into the more pragmatic Nobunaga's house.
    • Nobunaga was pissed, that he was put in the shoes of that buffoon warlord wannabe, Imagawa Yoshimoto, that he crushed at Okehazama. Koei Nobunaga merely scoffed at Capcom Nobunaga for his attitude, and while speaking out his historically-iconic "is that so?" Verbal Tic, the Capcom version tried to cut him down....only to be massively surprised that the other Nobunaga literally pulled off a Blade Lock against him with just his hand alone. Capcom Nobunaga will never forgive the Koei version for such a humiliation. Because no one pulls a 'prank' on Nobunaga and lives with it, he decided that he will crush this other Nobunaga, declaring that the Pantheon only needs one Oda Nobunaga. It cannot be helped. For his part, the Koei version has decided to call him Onio Nobunaga, finding him...amusing...
    • In addition to the Koei Nobunaga, the Devil King also encountered the Koei counterparts of his other retainers. He finds their more steadfast personalities annoying, as well as Nouhime's happening to be very cryptic.
    • It was also made clear that Capcom Nobunaga ruled over the practices of playing his demonic nature as straight as possible as a Card-Carrying Villain. It was still a big enough practice even when some has tried steering away from it or downplay it. Even Fortinbras allowed his version of Nobunaga to become this Nobunaga's High Priest as a response.

    The Trix 
Icy, Darcy and Stormy, Goddesses of Evil Eyeshadow (The Trix, the Mega Trix)
Stormy, Icy and Darcy

    Queen Vanessa 
"Who's there?! Who dares enter my home?!"

Queen Vanessa, Goddess of Sinister Silhouettes
Queen Vanessa
Her old self 
  • Intermediate Goddess, Quasideity as Princess Vanessa
  • Symbol: The silhouette of her manor
  • Theme Song: A Forsaken Place (when approaching her manor), and Vanessa Wants to Play
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Lawful Good as Princess Vanessa
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Go Mad from the Revelation, The Dreaded, Knight of Cerebus, An Ice Person, Ice Queen, God Save Us from the Queen!, Evil Is Deathly Cold, Evil Old Folks, Love Makes You Evil, Yandere, Would Hurt a Child
  • Domains: Ice, Fear, Hatred, Despair, Evil, Love, Obsession
  • Enemies: Hat Kid, The Snatcher, Mario, Luigi, Queen Elsa, Cuphead & Mugman
  • Opposed by: The good deities in the Houses of Royalty and Childhood and Adolescence
  • Respected by: Yuuki Terumi, Flowey, GUAC Yandere Squad
  • Feared by: Almost anyone in the Pantheon, Hat Kid, Mustache Girl, The Mafia of Cooks
  • Dislikes: The House of Fire and Heat, the House of Love and Affection, anyone who enters her manor.
  • Pitied by: Velvet Crowe
  • Queen Vanessa is the most feared denizen of Subcon Forest. So much so that, even the spirits that reside in the forest fear her. She is absolutely dangerous, and she'll freeze anyone who enters her manor, including children.
  • Before she was Queen Vanessa, she was once Princess Vanessa, who formerly ruled the forest village alongside her lover; the Prince (aka The Snatcher). She seemed like a nice girl at first glance, but deep down, she had a very unhealthy obsession with the Prince to the point that she banned bacon in the house because he loved it more than her, and was even considering to lock him up in the basement just to keep him from leaving. As the Prince went away for his studies, she would receive letters from him detailing about his progress, but more importantly, the letters mentioned a female tutor, which made Vanessa increasingly jealous over time as a result. At some point in her past, Vanessa was then crowned queen because her mother had an "accident". However, she didn't like becoming a queen because she thought she can no longer be a beautiful princess. Then, one day, Vanessa was strolling around town when she finds her Prince hanging out with another girl, and the girl in question was giving him flowers. Upon seeing this, Vanessa became heartbroken and immediately assumed that the Prince cheated on her to see another girl. She storms away crying, unaware that the Prince was actually buying flowers from the girl to give to Vanessa. When the Prince tried to give the flowers to Vanessa, it was already too late. Her emotions corrupted her, and she then locked the Prince up in her basement. Vanessa then transformed into a hideous shadow monster, and since then, it has been presumed that she was responsible for the creation of Subcon Forest. As for the Prince, he would eventually transform into The Snatcher.
  • Queen Vanessa was ascended into the Pantheon for being the living embodiment of Sinister Silhouettes. Upon her ascension, she became feared by the rest of the Pantheon because of her really dangerous nature, but especially Hat Kid, who knows full well how terrifying she really is. Most gods and goddesses keep their distances away from Queen Vanessa, lest they want to end up as an ice sculpture in her manor.
    • Because of her dangerous nature and ability over ice, Queen Elsa opposes Vanessa for unnecessarily freezing anyone she comes across. Elsa tried to confront Vanessa for her actions, but was immediately attacked on sight and narrowly escapes. Elsa has since considered Vanessa a very dangerous enemy.
    • Naturally, most good royals in the Pantheon fear and oppose Queen Vanessa, and have issued a warning to any deity should she come across their temples.
  • Yuuki Terumi has expressed interest in Queen Vanessa because she's brimming with a lot of hatred and despair of which he could feed off of. However, since he was unsuccessful in "negotiating" with her, Terumi would troll Vanessa occasionally by entering her manor and interrupting her when she least expects it. Terumi is hoping to get Queen Vanessa on his side one day so that he can use her despair to his advantage.
  • Flowey also respects Queen Vanessa for mercilessly killing anyone, including children, she comes by. However, he chooses to keep his distance from her, and just observes her killing spree from afar. It's also because since his ascension he has dropped his whole "kill or be killed" philosophy, and whenever he sees someone entering her home, he secretly pitches in to distract her by popping in random places in her house away from the poor soul who entered and causing noise to divert Queen Vanessa's attention.
  • Velvet Crowe pities Queen Vanessa because of her dark and tragic backstory, which almost reminds her of herself, and how she almost let all of her hatred and despair consume her for the sake of a loved one. Velvet still sees Vanessa as an enemy though, as she notes that Vanessa outputs a lot of Malevolence to the point that she could be considered a Lord of Calamity herself. She also reminds Velvet too much of Teresa Linares, and wonders if Vanessa is what Teresa would have been if she were to be consumed by Malevolence and become a Daemon.
  • Mustache Girl was also not happy to hear about her ascension, because she was the only "bad guy" she could not judge because of how terrifying she is.
  • Due to her tragic backstory, some speculate that Queen Vanessa still has remnants of her love for the Prince, aka The Snatcher, hidden within her. However, given how dangerous she is, no one wants to try and consult her about it.
  • The GUAC Yandere Squad was quite impressed at how far Queen Vanessa was willing to go just to keep her lover from leaving her, and is considering inviting her over to their house for discussion. Given her current state though, they fear that this could backfire and end up in them getting frozen into ice sculptures.
  • Given how she is surrounded by a lot of ice, she loathes deities with fire-based powers, given how they could make quick work of all the ice sculptures she "created". Whenever this would free them or permanently kill them is unknown. It also doesn't help that her hair is very long, making that a fire hazard as well.
  • The Snatcher was both pissed off seeing her within the Pantheon, but at the same time relieved. He's angry at her ascension because he wants absolutely nothing to do with her after her actions caused him to get changed into the Snatcher by being locked in the cellar. He's happy at her ascension because her temple is now in the house of Villainy, this meant that she was finally gone from Subcon Forest, at least within the Pantheon.
  • Professor E. Gadd sent Luigi out to Queen Vanessa's manor to try and place some radars within Queen Vanessa's manor in hidden locations to help keep track of her and any poor souls who wander in there. He reluctantly agreed if Mario would come and help him, considering just how unusual Queen Vanessa is from the usual ghouls and manors he is used to. With the two of them running around in the manor, Queen Vanessa found herself chasing one after the other as they keep evading her grasp. It doesn't help that they brought Ice Flowers with them so they were able to freeze her for brief periods of time, buying them precious seconds to finish their mission. Ever since then, Queen Vanessa is interested in making sure they stay out of her manor, or at the very least, turn them into new ice statues.
  • Given their experiences in dealing with devils, Cuphead and Mugman decided, after being dared by a couple of other pranksters, to last a full hour within Queen Vanessa's home. Using a combination of their invincibility Super Art, quick and rapid smoke bomb dashes, and using the fact that they have a cup and a mug for a head to hide by crouching on table in poorly lit rooms, they were able to survive and left behind a message within the manor saying how they outsmarted Queen Vanessa. Not that anyone would be able to find it now, as she ripped and tore it up after reading it.
  • The problem with anyone trying to either befriend or talk with Vanessa is that she is not really much for conversation, even in her regular queen form. She would not let her beloved prince try to explain to her that he was not cheating on her when he was buying her flowers, so the odds of her listening to a random stranger is incredibly low, if not, nonexistent.

Wyzen, God of Corpulent Villains (Vajra Wyzen, Gongen Wyzen, God of Violence, Wyzen of the Seven Deities/Eight Guardian Generals, Heavyset Man)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Vajra Wyzen and Gongen Wyzen)
  • Symbol: His giant right fist
  • Theme Song: The Gods Military Forces
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (believes himself to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Fat and Evil, Acrofatic, Boisterous Bruiser, Fifty-Foot Brute with a God Complex, Dumb Muscle, Hand Cannon, Hammy Starter Villain with a gigantic ego, Megaton Punches from his great fists, powerful Smugness
  • Domains: Big Size, Violence, Shouting, Idiocy
  • Allies: Deus, Augus
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yasha
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Yozakura, Whispy Woods
  • Enemies: Asura, Mithra, Chakravartin, Yuuki Terumi, Hades, Melkor, Team Dai-Gurren, Kratos, Raditz, Noriko Takaya, Sun Wukong, monkey deities in general, the entire House of Villainy (ironically enough)
  • Wyzen was originally one of the Eight Guardian Generals in service to the Emperor of Shinkoku to protect the Realm of Shinkoku and Gaea from those who wished to destroy it, his mantra affinity is Violence. However, Wyzen and six of the other generals participated in General Deus' coup d'etat, which culminated in the assassination of the Emperor and the banishment and death of General Asura, who was blamed as the cause. Afterwards, the Eight Guardian Generals were disbanded and transformed into the Seven Deities. 12,000 years later, Wyzen confronted Asura shortly after the latter's return. After transforming into Gongen Wyzen, his most powerful form, he attempted to destroy Asura using only his finger. However, Asura not only managed to stop Wyzen's finger but also, with his last punch, caused a chain reaction that completely destroyed Wyzen's body. Wyzen was later reincarnated in the modern world and was beaten up by a reincarnated Asura after angering him by accidentally pushing the reincarnated Mithra.
  • Wyzen was originally the last of the Seven Deities to be ascended as part of Deus's plans, he was made the God of Starter Villains. However, once further scrutiny had been given for each and every one of them, Wyzen was removed along with Kalrow, Olga and Sergei. Unperturbed by this setback, Deus attempted to ascend the remaining Seven Deities once again and managed to once again ascend Wyzen into the pantheon, this time as the God of Corpulent Villains.
  • Upon his arrival within the pantheon, Wyzen declared that he would "root out all evil with his great fists". Many gods, particularly Terumi and Hades, found this statement hilariously ironic, considering his position as the God of Corpulent Villains. Regardless, Wyzen insists that he's not a villain and has targeted both Terumi and Hades on several occasions, although both have managed to fend him off each time.
  • Wyzen was furious to discover that Asura was also present within the pantheon, but was convinced by Deus to avoid any confrontations with him or with Mithra for the time being. Wyzen was also outraged to hear about Yasha's betrayal and annoyed by the fact that Augus was similarly on amicable terms with Asura. Regardless, Wyzen is still willing to work alongside them when needed, such as whenever they end up battling against Chakravartin.
  • Although he's very boastful of his strength, Wyzen is actually the weakest of the Seven Deities. This has resulted in an unfortunate tendency for him to engage in numerous confrontations with deities much stronger than himself. On one occasion, he decided to wipe out the entire GUAE by targeting their leader, Melkor. The encounter ended with Wyzen getting sorely curb-stomped.
  • Surprisingly, Wyzen managed to somewhat befriend Yozakura and Whispy Woods. Yozakura respects him for his use of a massive power gauntlet and frequently challenges him into battle in order to improve her skills with her own power gauntlets. Whispy Woods, on the other hand, is considered by Wyzen to be a rival of sorts due to him similarly being seen by many as an easy Warm-Up Boss, which initially resulted in Whispy fearing him. However, due to Whispy's forgiving personality and willingness to gift those nice to him with health items and collectables, their rivarly is incredibly amicable.
  • Wyzen once had an unfortunate meeting with Kratos, which ended with Wyzen becoming Gongen Wyzen and trying to squash the God of War with his finger. It didn't work, and the House of Life and Death had to spend a few weeks collecting the various pieces of Wyzen that were scattered across the Pantheon.
  • He's also developed a dislike of Raditz, who had received Wyzen's previous title. The two frequently engage in battle, which Raditz is often eager to do in order to become stronger.
  • His tendency to call out his attacks drew the attention of Noriko Takaya, who disapproved of sharing a trait with a villain such as him. Wyzen initially didn't think much of her, but quickly learned that she was a formidable opponent after fighting her while she was in her GunBuster.
  • Due to his defeat at the hands of Asura, Wyzen has developed a dislike of monkeys in general. As such, he quickly became enemies with Sun Wukong after the latter made fun of him. The two had a brief fight that was quickly broken up when the temple they were in started collapsing. Wyzen has since indicated that he would very much like to have a rematch.

Lesser Gods

    Anastasia Cisnarova/The Baroness 
Anastasia Cisnarova, Goddess of Sexy Villainy and Baronesses (The Baroness, Anastasia de Cobray(-Lewis))

    B.B. Hood 
Baby Bonnie Hood, Goddess of Angelic Faces Masking Black Hearts (Bulleta, B.B. Hood)

Carrion, Unholy Visceral Villain
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A wall covered by the creature with its mouth in the center
  • Theme Music: Carrion
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonist, Eldritch Abomination, Discard and Draw, No Name Given
  • Domains: Monsters, Escape
  • Similar to: The Thing, The Blob
  • Rivals: Alex Mercer, The Magician, The Gyaos
  • Enemies: SCP Foundation, James Heller
  • Source of Interest for: Albert Wesker, Yapool, Double
  • A horrifying monster is being held in Relith Science for research and everything goes downhill as soon as the creature escapes containment to find a way out of there. In order for it to truly have its freedom, the creature will massacre everyone and everything in its path and absorb DNA containers to give it more abilities. In spite of the best of efforts of Relith to get the creature under control, the monster has caused plenty of damage to the facility in the ensuing rampage, eventually escaping it via disguising itself as a human (which happened to be one of the scientists that was tasked with studying the creature’s origins) and presumably continuing its mayhem elsewhere.
  • One day, a seemingly normal human entered the Pantheon and while no one really took notice at first, some time later, some researchers in the Pantheon were looking over some sort of undiscovered substance that they found not long after that human arrived. Things took a turn for the worse when the research facility was under attack by a tentacled creature and to the horror of the survivors, the creature was made out of the same substance they were trying to look over. News broke out that the facility was under attack and military forces were called in to stop the monster. A human (the same one that entered the Pantheon earlier) emerged from the burning facility and told the troops that the monster was still inside and after they went in, the human walked away from the chaos, but not before turning into that creature and making short work of the troops from earlier. To that monster, the Pantheon was looking to be another place to unleash hell and make a meal out of anyone unfortunate to be in its way like what happened back at Relith Science.
  • This particular monster has quite a bit in common with The Blob in that they’re both creatures that terrorize others and eat them in order to increase its size. That said, a lot of comparisons have been made between the monster from Relith Science and The Thing when it comes to what it can do (and The Thing itself is curious about the Relith Science monster because of those similarities). Both are unknowable monsters that are capable of taking the form of a human, but whereas The Thing is more inclined to use psychological warfare on its victims in addition to assimilating them, this creature has a lot more tools at its disposal to directly murder others (including possessing anyone that is still in one piece). If anything, some believed that this creature could be the end result of mixing The Blob and The Thing together and giving it more tools on top of what the two monsters already have.
  • It didn’t take long for the SCP Foundation to be on high alert for this monster given what it can do and it being a credible threat towards anyone close to it. In turn, the creature has nothing but pure disdain towards the Foundation for being a bit like Relith Science when it comes to keeping dangerous unknowable entities like itself in check. Whereas the creature was able to break out of Relith’s facility in spite of some difficulty involved, the Foundation is more likely to be prepared for when this creature will try to break out of containment and has more overall experience in studying and keeping in check various strange entities, essentially making things harder for it should the creature end up in a facility owned by the Foundation.
  • Perpetually hungry seems to describe this monster very well given that eating humans increases its biomass (and in turn, increases its strength and allows it to split off into smaller forms to accomplish certain tasks). While it would be a source of fear for any sane individual, it comes off as more of a nuisance for those that chow down on humans such as the various Gyaos. Like the monster that attacked Relith Science, the Gyaos are frightening abominations that care little about who they devour, but unlike that creature the Gyaos come in many different forms and can attack in high numbers. Normally this monster doesn’t present much of a problem for the Gyaos, but things could change if it were to get access to abilities that can let it fight the Gyaos more easily.
  • Upon learning of a series of attacks caused by a monster that is capable of taking on a human form, Alex Mercer decided to seek out the monster for his own ends. Similar to what attacked Relith Science, Alex Mercer can use a wide variety of attacks via his body and can devour others to gain access to their abilities and memories. While he is aware that the monster has some intelligence, he still saw it as beneath him in terms of raw power. James Heller, who fought against Alex and has a similar level of power as he does, finds this monster to be bad news given how it can take over others and have the capacity to spread mass destruction, especially if Alex himself is able to absorb the entire creature and gain what it already has. The idea of a shapeshifting abomination with the potential to reach Alex and James can do with enough time was enough for James to try and make sure this monster doesn’t get any stronger, let alone get close to Alex.
  • Although the Relith Science monster isn’t really born from a lab as far as anyone is aware of, it didn’t stop an entity known as The Magician from understanding it’s plight when it came to destroying a lab and taking revenge on those involved. That said, whereas The Magician has been able to build up alliances with other lab-created monsters (or something similar to that) as part of a plan for conquest, this creature is a far more independent entity and the only thing it cares about is unleashing destruction in its wake. While The Magician does believe that this creature has a lot of potential for destruction given its abilities, the creature thus far sees everything as an obstacle for it to destroy. The Magician does remain certain that there is a way for this creature to be under his control before he ends up a potential victim not just in terms of getting eaten, but also having his abilities absorbed by it.
  • In order to escape the facility that it was contained in, this creature absorbed a handful of DNA containers that allowed it to gain additional abilities. The Pantheon was home to a wide variety of genetic abnormalities and many buildings dedicated to science (including ones in the House of Science) had some DNA canisters that were a potential target for the creature. The monster is already considered to be a danger to others and it became clear that the creature getting access to more DNA containers to increase its powers would be problematic. While attempts to deter the creature from getting more DNA containers have largely been successful, the creature has been smart enough to bypass threats that are thrown its way a few times in order to absorb a few DNA canisters that it can gain access to.
  • Double is another fleshy abomination that takes on a preferred human form when circumstances call for it. Upon learning of a monster similar to it that was originally contained in a lab and escaped from it, Double surmised that this creature was interested in nothing more than revenge against the humans who imprisoned it back then. She very much has her own agenda that involves manipulating others for her own gain, but given what the monster that attacked Relith Science is like, she’s very much biding her time to make sure things go the way she likes it to, be it as a genuine kindred spirit given its background or yet another pawn for her to use.
  • The fact that it is an amorphous monster with numerous abilities at its disposal managed to get the attention of a handful of villains looking to find additional ways to create monsters for them to control. Among those looking to use its power was Albert Wesker, who was also looking into The Thing and was more than interested in seeing how to extract the various DNA samples from the Relith Science monster and put them into his creations. In general, a lot of deranged scientists have examined the creature’s capabilities for their own benefit and even other monstrous entities such as Yapool are curious about what happened at Relith Science and how that monster can be of use to them.

    The Horned King 
The Horned King, God of Horned Villains
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cauldron
  • Theme Music: The Horned King Appears, The Horned King, The Army of the Dead
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Obviously Evil, Guttural Growler, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, Skull for a Head, Our Liches Are Different, Evil Sounds Deep, Horned Humanoid, Necromancer, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Undead, Magic, Evil
  • Followers: The Lord of Darkness, Takeshi Onimaru
  • Allies: Gul'dan, Arthas Menethil, Nagash the Undying, Zhaitan, Skeletor, Ganondorf
  • Rivals: The Weird Sisters
  • Enemies: Link, Zelda, Conan, Xul, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Minsc & Boo
  • Commonality Connection with: The Lich
  • The Horned King has a straightforward goal in mind (straightforward for an undead sorcerer anyways) and it's to turn everyone else in the world into undead minions so that he can rule over them. To do so, he seeks out what is known as The Black Cauldron and relies on it to create an undead army. Looking at him, it's obvious why this villain is called the Horned King.
  • Despite his ambitions, he actually doesn't have a whole lot in the way of powers. He can apparently teleport some distance, but that's more or less the only magic ability anyone who's heard of him has known about and he mostly has to rely on the cauldron in order to fight back against those who confront him. He might have another magic ability or two, but even that doesn't seem likely.
  • Hoping to get a bit more power so that he could be more of a chance at being successful in his goals, The Horned King tried to see if there was another cauldron; one that was at the very least on par with what he has at the moment. After hearing about the cauldron that was used by The Weird Sisters, he decided to try and see if it was something that could be of use to him. Unfortunately for him, by the time he reached their cauldron, the sisters were within earshot of him when he attempted to use it and a fight ensued, followed by the sisters telling the king never to go near their cauldron again. The Horned King is quite bitter towards them as a result and the sisters share that contempt as well.
  • Of all the things that interested the Horned King, Gul'dan's cursed skull ranked highly in such. Gul'dan is aware that yet another being wants his skull, but seeing that the Horned King wants more power to achieve world domination, he was surprisingly willing to help the Horned King get some more power. That and Gul'dan actually saw a bit of potential in the Black Cauldron. Of course, Gul'dan is not the most trustworthy deity in the Pantheon and the Horned King is not really aware of it, so this particular alliance isn't going to stay permanent.
    • Speaking of the Black Cauldron, the Horned King is looking for a better alternative without effects that would screw him over. Given that a willing volunteer to enter the Cauldron is all it takes to destroy it, and there are either Unscrupulous Heroes or other villains who can dupe some dumb schmuck to do that, it's truly something that concerns him. One alternate scenario had Maleficent point out the superiority of the Heartless over the Cauldron-born, and seal the deal by duping a Shadow into believing there was a Heart inside it. And given that a Heartless was technically a living being in that instance…
  • Link and Zelda are two deities that The Horned King hates very much, likely due to the two being slightly similar to Taran and Eilonwy, who both defeated him back then. The Horned King has actually reached out to Ganondorf to try and look for ways to defeat the two. While Ganondorf was willing to aid The Horned King sometimes, he ultimately made it clear to the undead lich that if someone were to deliver the finishing blow to both Link and Zelda, then it would be The King of Darkness himself.
  • Comparisons have been made between him and The Lich, given who they are and their relatively similar appearance. The latter is several times more powerful and dangerous than The Horned King, especially since The Lich wants to destroy everything entirely. The Horned King sees The Lich as a problem, especially since if everything is destroyed, then there'll be nothing for The Horned King to rule over (or at the very least, use an undead army to rule the world).
  • While most evil undead beings (lichs in particular) are well-aware that The Horned King isn't quite as powerful as them, a few of them do acknowledge that he has potential if he put a bit more effort to his plans. A few of these undead menances have given him a taste of what true undead power is like. He is particularly impressed with Arthas' Scourge and Zhaitan's range in creating an undead army.
  • He has hanged out with Skeletor on a frequent basis thanks to having similar goals in world conquest. While the Horned King has talked to Skeletor about the latter's powers and how the former can improve his methods, they sometimes just talk about how they want to lay waste towards any obstacle that approaches them. Skeletor has even considered having The Horned King aid him in defeating He-Man, though such a team-up is only going to happen if The Horned King becomes stronger.
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque took an immediate dislike towards the Horned King, seeing him as no different from his Arch-Enemy Zarok (who just so happens to have a horned appearance as well) in terms of using an undead army to crush anyone that opposes them. In turn, The Horned King didn't take it well when he learned that there there was an undead hero trying to stop him.
  • Xul took plenty of issue to The Horned King's goals, seeing him as someone who could destroy the balance of the world if given enough time. The Horned King decided to use his cauldron to summon some undead mooks to attack Xul, but the Cryptic Necromancer was skilled enough to wipe out whatever was summoned against him. After this defeat, The Horned King has sworn that Xul won't be as lucky next time.
  • Even if he's an undead lich who wants to take over the world, he somehow has time to visit Mickey Mouse's nightclub to relax every now and then (though he doesn't visit as often compared to other Disney villains). It came as a surprise to some who expected a dead-serious villain, but then again, there exists villains far more deadly than he is (some of which include some of his own allies).

    Immortan Joe 
Immortan Joe, God of Aged Villains (Joseph Moore)

    Jason Voorhees 

There's a legend around here. A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse. Jason Voorhees' curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have even tried to stop him. No one can. People forget he's down there, waiting...

Jason Voorhees, Great Herald of the Slasher Genre and The Hockey Mask and Chainsaw Combination (The Crystal Lake Killer, Hockey Puck, PO'ed Goalie, Maggot Head, Jason X, Über-Jason)
Jason X 
Uber Jason 
  • Theme song: Friday the 13th, He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask), Relentless, XIII
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Über-Jason)
  • Symbol: A hockey mask with a bloody machete behind it.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Lawful Good in an alternate universe)
  • Portfolio: A kid who seeks revenge on him and his mother and turned into a slasher killer, a dedicated survivalist while he was human, rumored to appear every Friday the 13th, mentioned as a legend, then turned to life horror figure, absolutely does not die especially when he becomes a revenant, grows more sinister by age, from a poor child with a skull deformity to a killer of about 200+ in kills, uses the camp to his advantage, mentally retarded but can improvise, loves his mom throughout his life, not malicious but has a childlike mindset, has a general fear of water all around, has three variations (Slasher, Relentless, Unstoppable)
  • Domains: Fear, Legends, Killing, Masks, Slasher Villains
  • Herald: Pamela Voorhees (his mother)
  • Rivals: The Entity (alongside her own brand of killers: Herman Carter, Evan McMillan and Charlotte and Victor Deshayes), Leatherface (who shares a trope with him), Michael Myers, Amanda Young, Pyramid Head, Nemesis, Pinhead, the Ghostface Killers
  • Respects: Norman Bates (may lean in Rival territory at times), Michael Bay
  • Respected by: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Source of Interest: Sinestro
  • Opposed by: Anyone who lives in New York City, Roger Ebert (who, no joke, DOXXED HIS MOM)
  • Enemies: Anybody who steps foot at Camp Crystal Lake, Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott, Ash Williams, the Kombatants (especially Liu Kang)
  • Camp Crystal Lake. The lake was once occupied by many people back in the day and a playground for children, has been abandoned and left empty due to a few incidents. Legends say that a relentless man who was thought to be dead emerges in the camp every Friday the 13th, that those who encounter him in the camp disappear, never to be seen again and those that do escape, which is few and far between, live to tell the tale. A death curse, as some would say. This was known as Jason Voorhees' curse, the man that would terrorize anyone who visited the lake and then some. His legend would come true following an incident in the reopening of the camp in 1979 and it would all turn to hell after that, as the curse of the killer ravaged the teenager visitors to leave the camp alone. Despite the first incident leaving one person alive, the sequence of events after the first incident would become the precedent for the level of horror and killing the masked killer would pursue against his victims, thus the legend born.
    • The first event was not done by the real Jason, believe it or not. That was done by his mother, Pamela Voorhees, who harbored a great grudge against the counselors who were supposed to watch over her son, mind you Jason had a lot of mental issues when he was a kid. That same time was when Jason drowned in the lake, likely due to the supervisors' incompetence. This very act drove his mother on edge and murdered the people who were supposed to watch over her child as well as having a desire to close Camp Crystal Lake by any means necessary and rid of visitors while also fueling her paranoia, grief, and desire for revenge. The opening of the camp by 1979 made her return, this time with murderous intentions as the people have not learned from the camp's history. While the event marked another tragedy for those keeping up with the place, Pamela's death would all be in vain, as it turns out that Jason is living on the other side of the forest, safe and sound, well until his mother was confirmed dead. The death of the only person that cared for him would be the catalyst for the next series of killings, all of which would cement the killer himself: Jason Voorhees.
  • Jason's life was never a pleasant one, even when he was a child, due to his disabilities that made him different from the rest of the children. He was described back then having a skull deformity known as Hydrocephalus, thus having a larger shape on his head. This was also on top of the problem of him mentally retarded, hence his childlike behaviour even past his age. His mom brought him to Camp Crystal Lake due to her being hired as a cook and unable to find anyone to take care of a young Jason at home. That brought with it a host of other problems as the kids constantly bullied him for being dumb (more of him staying with his mom than with others), combined with the people supposed to watch over him instead leaving for casual sex, had the bullies leave him to drown in the lake. He did survive, but Pamela's mental state got worse and resulted to the first string of murders. It was only after her mother's death that Jason took the moniker of a masked killer and kill all to please her mother and protect Camp Crystal Lake.
    • A series of mass murders began on the summer of 1984; some would consider this to be Jason's debut as the eponymous killer after the death of his mother. It all started with the killing his mother's killer, the supposed Final Girl. Then 1984 rolls around and a new group of teenagers are hanging around the Camp, with him stalking them and determined to kill the trespassers. He kills a cop and a drunkard, as his second and third victim respectively, then murders the six-would be counselors as planned. Encountered by another teenager who discovered the shrine of Pamela Voorhees, she would discover Jason's first weakness: his dedication to his mother and was confused when said teenager wore his mother's clothes. After killing one of her friends, he disappeared and was nowhere to be found, until months later where he would be sighted once more on Higgins Haven, near Crystal Lake where another set of murders occurred. After the same killing spree, he was found supposedly "dead" in a morgue alongside his 10 victims where he arose for one last streak of bloody murders, meeting his end at the hands of Tommy Jarvis. 26 bloody murders were added to Jason's 10-body killing spree, totaling to 36 kills in the span of one year. That would however not be the last of his appearance.
    • With Tommy Jarvis under massive hallucinations of the already killed Jason as well as becoming a near copycat, he decided to face his fear and make peace with the already dead corpse of the killer but was suddenly resurrected when a lightning strike revived him, creating another series of murders within Camp Crystal Lake. With Tommy forced to find a way to kill him once more, he lured him into the lake and decided to drown him and succeed in doing so, making the lake a water prison for Jason while he brought with him 18 people to his body count and creating a string of resurrections. Years later, he would be brought back to life once again by a telepath by the name of Tina Williams who accidentally brought him back to life, triggering another series of murders until their eventual confrontation, leading to Jason bringing 15 more victims while brought back in the lake to drown once more, and was brought to life again by electricity, taking his killing spree to Manhattan of all places and adding 17 victims to his total kills. Even his death by chemical drowning did not stop him as he is later brought back to life, and his mask merged with his face, eventually gaining the power of possession and killed some more victims on the way to getting a new body. However, this time around, after his death he would be placed in hell and would stay in a perfect recreation of Camp Crystal Lake where he would kill his would be targets, had he not been interrupted by the claws of Freddy Krueger who used him for his new plan.
    • The rest of Jason's history can be described as "What if Jason Voorhees encountered Freddy Krueger and Ash Williams?" This is the best summary for the next events after being dragged to hell as Jason and Freddy would fight as the Springwood Slasher had plans to use Jason as a catalyst for his return. Despite his best efforts and his exploitation of Jason's weaknesses, he won and decapitated Freddy's head but not before the latter stayed in Jason's conscience, where he manipulated him to using the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and attracted Ash Williams, the hunter of the Deadites. With the combined efforts of the survivors of Jason's murders, the FBI and Ash, they stopped the now merged Freddy/Jason, empowered by the Necronomicon and the Deadites and freed all the souls accumulated by the two, including the depowered Freddy. As Jason is defeated, the voice of his mother confirms that Jason will never die and by 2008, the words bore fruit as his body was recovered and heavily experimented on for about 450 years, where he would make a resurgence on The Grendel. To put it simply, he was revived in the future, got more kills, and was thwarted, this time for good. And for those counting the kill count of Jason's history? The count could be about 200 victims, perhaps more by the time he was discovered years later in the future.
  • The ascension of such horror legend was inevitable. With all the various deities that represent all kinds of horror from ghosts, zombies and eldritch beings, slasher villains were among the missing bunch, though this may attribute to the lack of popularity for such an old genre. The Gates of the Pantheon was not even where Jason arrived, instead he came from hell, where the hellish lords proposed on bringing a menace to terrify the Pantheons. When the lords arrived at a throne made up of dead bodies, most of which could be the killer's victims, they found their perfect match, the old legend known as Jason Voorhees was the person the demonic entities sought, and a sight did they behold as the Pantheon was shook in fear of the curse coming back to life. In addition, his temple, Camp Crystal Lake, has been established in the Pantheon, making it a restricted area under the fear that several visitors and even some Pantheonic deities may enter the Camp, unaware that anyone who enters the place will become the next victims of Jason's long list of murders.
  • In the world of horror (or more specifically the film type), Jason stands among the brightest and well-known. His combination of a simplistic design and popular kills as well as a simple motivation made him instantly recognizable to many deities both in awe and in terror. Even past the film type, many can recognize the sight of a regular man with a machete and a hockey mask to see the legend take shape. The more Darwinist deities often sees Jason's kills as reasonable kills and sees him as a hero who weeds out the week and dumb. Most of the respect towards Jason can be seen with the House of Theatre and Spectacle and even has a special seat in the House, as he, Norman Bates and Michael Myers are noted to being the main figureheads of slasher horror films, with Bates being the cited origin and Voorhees and Myers being the ones that lead the genre to the mainstream. Roger Ebert says otherwise however, being the harshest critic to Jason in the entire Pantheon and giving most, if not all his films horrendous scores, even coining slasher films as "Dead Teenagers Films".
  • The popularity of the renowned killer also shares with its people's fear. After all, since the Pantheon brought who is essentially one of the most persistent killers, that would mean anyone could be fair game in his list. True to such, there are many reasons for people avoiding his wrath past his notability, for instance, being able to kill the first Final Girl, or at least the person responsible for killing his mother, his status of persistence against his victims, how newfound powers and resurrections cementing the former, and history from a man who wanted to keep the camp to himself, to becoming a slasher in a cyborg, oh yeah and do not forget his foray in New York, which frightened everyone how a well-known serial killer blazed through one of the most populated cities in the world. In short, there are many reasons for others to avoid Jason and it is mostly because they value their lives rather than watch as a machete beheads them in fear.
  • His temple is a recreation of Camp Crystal Lake, all the way down to how the grass is laid. Said temple is one of the least visited, both by visitors and Pantheon deities alike due to his tendencies of killing anyone who even tries to set foot in the camp, which is how most of his victims occur his presence anyway. Most mortals do not make it out alive and the ones that do usually have help from someone in the Pantheon with the possibility that both the poor mortal and the deity Samaritan might end up having their carcasses placed under a shrine. Oh yeah, since this is his perfect rendition of the camp, it includes the shrine of his mother, Pamela Voorhees, of which he constantly praises and visits every day. Not surprising since his past and his entire life was thanks to his mama, including his killings.
    • If anything, all those killings and his motivation boils down to two reasons: territory and revenge. Territory comes to anyone who enters Camp Crystal Lake, as well as being a Home Field Advantage due to being a local of the camp. Revenge comes to the death of his mom as her killings and her death would trigger the hatred Jason needed to pursue those who wronged his mama. That's right, despite all the killings and fear, Jason still loves his mom first and foremost, more so than anything and anyone who is stupid enough to either diss on her shrine or using her against him (demonstrated by Freddy of all people) will get a first-hand look at decapitation.
  • Impossibility to kill aside, it is said that Jason's persistence came at a price: sure, he knows the ins and outs of the camp and can track his prey easily, his mindset is still his childlike self, meaning he still has irrational fear over something, in his case water in all its forms. This also explains why it hinders him from killing anyone younger than 17 and tends to lash out at times. Being revived as a revenant did make him sturdier than a regular human, but it removes many of the intelligence he once had as a human and can just simply face tank anything in front of him. That said, he is technically not immortal, he just has strong regeneration and strength to back him up, and as one has shown in his last appearance in space, atmospheric heat is enough to burn the son of a bitch for good.
  • When it was revealed that he survived well into the future, he managed to get a hold of upgrades. Originally frozen multiple times, he was removed from his frozen shackles and attacked, proving to be still deadly in the already far future, though his old durability became no use after a cyborg rendered him near dead, until he entered a medical bed and received a new upgrade in the form of Über-Jason. Bulletproof, capable of teleportation and boasting an impressive weaponry, many survivors were utterly at dismay of his newfound form, though this would be his last appearance due to burning in the Earth's atmosphere. As compensation, Jason only unleashes this form under extreme circumstance.
  • The history of him killing the final survivor of his mother's rampage Alice Hardy was proof that Final Girls is not immune to Jason's presence, special mention to her since she killed his mother and became the killer he is known for. This reason is why Laurie and Sidney are most wary of Jason other than their own respective pursuers. The duo has been hard at work training their clergy on how to survive an encounter with him, but most attempts have come short unhelped by Jason's multitude of powers that renders death meaningless to him. Oh, and the Pantheon's status quo only makes things worse as he can just kill them again, again and again. The only thing they can do is warn other survivors about his presence, which was eventually heralded by Ash William's arrival, the only person who faced Jason and survived. Ash's shock to hear of Jason's return has him dedicated not just in taking down the Deadites and Freddy Krueger but him as well, killing him, however, will take a monumental effort.
  • One can deduce that he may have some animosity towards other serial killers of similar kind but that may not be the case. Other than his desire for revenge and territorial behaviour, he bears no evil towards others, which is different compared to the scale of other serial killers who directly feed on fear and relish in their victim's deaths. The exception to this rule is Norman Bates, due to his status as the one that gave birth to the genre, he is in. He has no reason to kill him and respects him to some degree. The other killers however treat him as a threat, mainly because Jason might end up killing their planned victims and most importantly, themselves. Freddy Krueger and Leatherface being the proof that such animosity does not exist.
    • Freddy Krueger is perhaps the closest to Jason in terms of an archnemesis. Being dragged in hell was bad enough but being a pawn to the Springwood Slasher ticked his boxes. Even the teenagers that saw Jason's fight with Freddy agree that he is the least malicious compared to Freddy. That said, Freddy has not forgiven him for failing his greater scheme for more souls, and most importantly, has not forgiven him for beheading his head, determining the winner of the two, as well as failing in their fight against Ash Williams. In return however, Freddy has laughed at the fact that some unknown Entity has brought him in a new playground for new potential victims, while Jason is left with nothing. He does not mind, at least he can put Freddy's decapitated head in front of the sign at Camp Crystal Lake for good measure.
    • Completing his lack of animosity towards the other slasher killers, Leatherface was on the fence when he saw him once again. They had a rivalry in the past when they thought that they would be likely allies until it was clear that Leatherface was more loyal to family than "friends" and fair enough since even he has more loyalty to his mom than to anyone. The normally emotionless Jason attacked Leatherface for his betrayal and has been in bad blood against him, all the worse when the two must share tropes related to them as slasher villains and eventually reached to its tipping point upon a visit to another realm.
    • Other serial killers have also harbored a grudge against Jason, as he has the fame, respect, and the largest number of kills by any other serial killer of his kind, with Michael Myers competing with him over who gets to kill certain people, likely due to Myers having the second highest kill count of around 120 and Jason eclipsing him by a large margin of 200+ kills (and then some by 2445). That said, he was very, very displeased when the Entity invited many horror figureheads in a new place where they can live out their killer fantasies, including his archnemesis Freddy, Leatherface, Myers and others including Amanda Young (taking the moniker of The Pig), Pyramid Head, Nemesis and Pinhead. In addition, the Entity also had a few killers of its own roam free in the Pantheon. Jason lashed very hard about the fact that he was not invited to a place that seemed right for the type he is and decided to install his own asymmetrical experience with positive to mixed results.
  • Jason is no stranger when it comes crossovers, as his experience with Freddy, Ash and Leatherface has shown. What most did not expect that he would be a visitor to Earthrealm and came across many interesting targets. They are a lot stronger than his usual marks, but he has shown to the gods of the universe that he is very capable of handling his own and even has replica heads of all the Kombatants he has personally faced, this also shows that Jason has the capability to fight against gods and win, making his fear even more present. In an alternate timeline, he caught the attention of Earthrealm's new emperor, Liu Kang, who wanted him to fight in his planned invasion of Earthrealm. Anyone who has seen his fight with Freddy can see where this will end at as he choked him to death with his own intestines, though it was not permanent due to being undead. The real Liu Kang is now far more wary of succumbing to his own hubris. He would thank Jason, but there is no way he will be getting anywhere near him without good reason. This realm however became the tipping point in his rivalry between him and Leatherface, making the two strong rivals for facing the Kombatants in different timelines.
  • Unlike Freddy and Leatherface, he has no problem with Michael Bay producing a reboot of his series. The film harkens back to Jason's human life but without all the zombie powers and regeneration, instead going to his old roots of being a territorial type but with a far more cunning strategy and resilience, even having a network of tunnels underneath Camp Crystal Lake. He is one of the few people he spares but is disgruntled when he realized that a planned sequel would never come out, meaning he still must wait for a 13th Friday the 13th. Bay had no comment and found the coincidence all too matching.
  • Fear is a powerful emotion, both in fear against your opponents and fears that the person has. Few people inspire fear among others and Jason's legend still brings a chill to anyone, bonus points if they have personally met him and lived to tell the tale. When he arrived in the Pantheon, a yellow ring came across camp and accepted him into a new corps, one that stuck fear among their opponents. Sinestro was notified of Jason's addition to the Yellow Lantern Corps and was heavily reminded when Scarecrow was added to the Corps. While Scarecrow may not be present, Jason can heavily fit as a worthy substitute but must deal with the fact that Jason is dormant unless someone steps in the Camp. The potentials of Jason being empowered by a Yellow Lantern Ring could be devastating but seeing that the Pantheon is filled with many forms of possibilities, such idea is not far-fetched and could be in the making.
  • His original temple is located within the House of Narrative, under Narrative Genres (A to M).

    Liquid Snake 
Eli, God of Diabolical British Men (Nyoka ya Mpembe, White Mamba, A Youth who Curses his Fate, Liquid Snake, Brother of Dark, "Master Miller", Eliquid)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A snake wrapped around a sword, with the words "Temptation Revelation" at the top of the sword behind The FOXHOUND Logo
  • Theme Song: Light Vs. Darkness
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Awesome Longcoat, Evil British Man, Accepts That He Lives to Fight, Over-the-top Villainy, Brotherly Rivalry, Lets Genetics Dictate His Actions, Despite Having No Idea How Genetics Work
  • Domains: War, Fighting, Destruction, Hatred, Genetics
  • Follower: Decoy Octopus
  • Allies: Mordred, Monsoon, Souther, Bryan Fury, Juri Han
  • Enemies: Solid Snake, Big Boss, Solidus Snake, Revolver Ocelot, The Patriots, Raiden, Simba, Arturia, Skull Face
  • When Liquid realized that his brother and father had ascended, he decided that they needed to be destroyed. The Pantheon took notice of his hilariously hammy British accent and allowed him to keep a seat.
  • Realized that the Pantheon had grown weak with all the hope bringers and heroes, so he decided to use the resources here to "bring chaos and honor to a Pantheon gone soft". Also believes that the Main House is only filled with liars and hypocrites and that they shouldn't be in charge. As a result, Liquid tries to push many nonviolent or pacifist members of the Pantheon to become killers, believing that they need the thrill of battle to snap them.
  • He somehow earned the hatred of Toph Beifong, though this maybe due to the fact that he sounds like her father. This also earned him strange looks from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo the most.
    • Also earned a few strange stares from Sora as he sounds like Simba, much to his confusion.
  • Works surprisingly well with Souther. Some say it is because they sound similar to each other.
  • Decided to get FOXHOUND into the Pantheon, even though he's their, C.O. and not their mother, starting with Psycho Mantis.
    • Has managed to ascend Psycho Mantis and gained his loyalty when Mantis realized this would be another chance to kill many people. With Mantis's help, they were able to ascend Sniper Wolf, but she decided not to work for Liquid again. The Main House also denied Decoy Octopus the chance to ascend, leaving Vulcan Raven as Liquid's last possible ally.
    • Now Vulcan Raven has ascended. Many in the Pantheon are awaiting Liquid's next move.
    • When questioned about his plans Liquid merely claimed, "We'll be able to bring Chaos and Honor back to this Pantheon gone soft!"
  • Extends an Alliance to Mordred as he sympathizes with him and knows what it's like to be the child/clone of a Legendary Warrior only for them to want nothing to do with their child. Though he congratulates Mordred on being able to have his revenge while Solid Snake stole Liquid's Chance.
  • Also present in the House of National Mentalities.

    Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin 
Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, God of Well-Dressed Villains (The Penguin, The King of Gotham)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God during the Death Metal Event)
  • Symbol: A Penguin holding an Umbrella.
  • Theme Music: The Penguin, Birth of a Penguin, Penguin Makes a Move
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Wicked Cultured, Gentleman Thieves, Only Sane Man, Fat Bastard, Jerk with a Heart of Gold (Emphasis on the jerk), Acrofatic, Parasol of Pain, Alternate Character Interpretation
  • Domains: Evil, Crime, Birds, Umbrellas
  • High Priest: Marty Scurll
  • Allies: The Joker, the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Ice King(?), Roman Torchwick, Sideshow Bob, Neopolitan, Prime Minister Honest
  • Rivals: Mirai, Yagyuu, The Black Organization
  • Enemies: Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Robin, Jason Todd, Catwoman, Tony Stark, Mystery Gang, Parasoul
  • The life of Oswald Cobblepot has not been an easy one. Despite having a wealthy family, Oswald was frequently bullied because of his appearance, which earned him the derogatory nickname, "The Penguin". Finding comfort only in the birds he kept as pets and his mother, who forced him to carry umbrellas everywhere he went out of fear that he would catch pneumonia the way his father had, Oswald began a life of crime, which he attempted to add an air of refinement and elegance to by wearing fancy penguin suits, reviving the old nickname. Before long, the name that had once plagued Oswald's youth became a name to be feared throughout Gotham's criminal underworld.
  • His birds serve as a courier service between the various houses.
  • No, he does not have Happy Feet, and No, he doesn't wombo combo Batman.
  • Penguin is indeed sane by all definitions, and thus treated different from a lot of Batman's other rogues. Indeed, it's often thought that if Batman had to let 1 villain survive and let all the others go, he'd choose Penguin, because he at least keeps things real.
    • As a sane villain, he does a lot of under the table dealings among the villains, and even sometimes to the other alliances. His main goal is to restore the Cobblepot name, so it matters less who he sells to, and more that someone's buying.
      • That being said, he typically doesn't do business with the GUAG on a matter of principle. The good guys always hurt his operations anyways.
  • Penguin's appearance can fluctuate, though typically he's seen as a well dressed man with black hair and a beak like nose. The other forms, while acceptable, don't quite fit his position in the pantheon, particularly his Batman Returns form.
  • Penguin, despite being quite the different cut from The Joker doesn't hold too much against his fellow gang man. After all, they did team up quite a bit in the 60's.
  • Another key component of Cobblepot's success is the Not So Harmless look he cultivates. Being nominally short and underfit, nobody would possibly expect his umbrella then to shoot bullets, blades or knockout gas.
  • While a criminal, some have shown sympathy of Oswald's abuse from his parents. Which include a mother who would beat him if he didn't carry his umbrella when going outside, or the sexual abuse from his father, in the form of having Oswald watch as his parents had sex in front of him.
  • He once ran for mayor, but lost to Batman.
  • Has made some business connection with Roman Torchwick. Each of them supplies the others with weapons that they may need.
  • Penguin sometimes likes to lord over the other villains that he was the king of Gotham long before most of the other posers were even contenders. As such, some of the villains admit that they rather enjoy the form he takes on in these days as it makes him a good judge of character and a Magnificent Bastard, which they could always use more of.

Waluigi, God of Lanky Villains (Evil Luigi, Wa Luigi, the Twerkpocalypse)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An "Γ" emblem (may or may not be emblazoned on a tennis racket)
  • Theme Music: Wario Stadium/Waluigi Pinball, Heeeere's Waluigi, Purple Spike, Thorn Barrier, Destruction Dance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Satellite Character, Butt-Monkey, Jerkass, Beware the Silly Ones, Cloudcuckoolander, Harmless Villain, The Trickster, Evil Counterparts with Small Villainous Crimes
  • Domains: Mischief, Mayhem
  • Allies: Wario, Dick Dastardly & Muttley, ProtonJon, Nayrman214, Eario, Vinny
  • Rivals: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, SMG4 & His Mario, Daffy Duck
  • Enemies: Bowser, Rafaam, Trollkaiger
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: The Spy
  • Waluigi is for Luigi what Wario is for Mario; a mean doppelganger with a penchant for causing mischief wherever he goes. Much like how Wario is twice as fat and much meaner than Mario, Waluigi is twice as thin and more devious than Luigi. The purple-clad prankster often goes around with Wario causing others trouble during recreational activities, especially if it's related to Luigi, Mario, and/or their friends. Waluigi may as well just be someone for Wario to hang out with whenever the latter isn't busy running a company or searching for gold.
  • A skinny purple-clad weirdo with a tennis racket barged into the Pantheon one day demanding that he be a part of it. Noticing that racket he had, some denizens figured that this man wanted to play some tennis and directed Waluigi to a tennis court where preparations were underway for a major tournament. Waluigi ended up performing fairly well in the tournament and when he got far ahead, his final opponent was none other than Luigi. The audience present noticed how much of a twisted caricature Waluigi is to Luigi appearance wise. While Waluigi certainly put up a good performance against Luigi during that tennis match, Luigi was able to best his strange counterpart and win that tennis tournament, much to Waluigi's frustration. Having already competed against Luigi prior to this, Waluigi has dedicated himself to trying to upstage the Mario Bros. with Wario’s help after getting accepted to the Pantheon despite his loss.
  • Waluigi found someone who had a similar sense of mischief and cunning in The Spy. Things went fairly smoothly for the two, but Waluigi had no clue about The Spy’s tendency to backstab anyone at random until he himself fell victim to one. He had gone through a lot worse prior to this, so Waluigi decided to set up a revenge prank on The Spy in response. The Spy ended up dodging Waluigi’s attempt and caught up to the weirdo. He didn’t hold anything against Waluigi following this and while the two still maintain an amicable relationship, they’re definitely not above pulling pranks on each other whenever they don’t have someone else falling victim to their antics.
  • ProtonJon is surprisingly a good ally of Waluigi's (which included participating in Mario Party contests), and even helped him invest in a bridal boutique enterprise. That hasn't stopped the rest of The Runaway Guys from discussing his Designated Villain status. The biggest debates they've had regarding him usually revolve around the question, "What evil thing has Waluigi ever done?" Among other random tidbits that the group has made up about him include claims that Waluigi is a Mexican Titan who runs a bridal boutique, is a gambling and drug addict, worships Lord Helix and his last name is Scapelli.
    • There have been other content creators in the Pantheon that enjoy Waluigi’s antics. Among them is Ryan Malis (aka Nayrman214) of Brainscratch Commentaries. Like Protonjon, Ryan has used Waluigi in a number of Mario Party games with his respective group and has done well with him despite (or maybe because of) the various shenanigans that have occurred in the game with Waluigi, much to the other members’ dismay. Ryan even considered inviting Waluigi over to BSC’s place for some fun, but that got shot down by the other members quickly. Vinny is another content creator that likes Waluigi and in addition to picking him for a number of games that he’s playable in, Vinny has made a number of jokes related to Waluigi, including one related to Waluigi being a genie.
  • Having participated in many activities held by Mario and co. with the intent of trying to upstage them with Wario’s help, Waluigi figured that the Smash tournament would help him get closer to the limelight. He only managed getting an Assist Trophy role there, running around with a tennis racket and stomping opponents to the ground before whacking them with his racket and appearing for a short period of time overall. While those who are also Assist Trophies are content with their role, Waluigi was the only one that was actively trying to find a way to become a proper participant in these tournaments, but those attempts always end in failure for him, much like a lot of his attempts to hog the spotlight for himself.
  • In the SMG4-verse, Waluigi became a god-like entity through the power of rejection (and not being liked by others was something the regular Waluigi had to put up with a lot), only to be brought back to normal because there was someone that cared about him: the Wario from that universe. In addition, there’s also an item known as the Waluigi Launcher, which is basically Waluigi turned into a functioning bazooka and was something that annoyed the real Waluigi when he found out about that. SMG4 and his Mario ended up encountering Waluigi at one point and thought it was the Waluigi they were used to, but found out otherwise. That didn’t prevent Waluigi from getting caught up in whatever hijinx the two find themselves in on occasion.
  • Dick Dastardly and Muttley, another pair of devious schemers, went to Wario and Waluigi for advice on how to successfully cheat their way to victory. The latter two pointed out that despite wanting to cheat, they end up doing fairly well and even had a few victories whenever they’re playing by the rules and not drastically change anything to their favor. Dastardly pointed out how much he wanted to win regardless of skill. In spite (or maybe because) of that flaw, Wario and Waluigi have become two of Dastardly and Muttley’s most notable supporters, cheering for them whenever they’re in a race, and have recommended to use their skills as much as possible before the need to cheat takes over.
  • Waluigi’s need to have the spotlight for himself has gotten himself in trouble with a few deities. He ended up setting up a massive stage event for himself to try and drum up attention, but was caught by Daffy Duck, who wasn’t all that amused to see someone set up an event and not have Daffy be a part of it. The duck responded by setting up an equally extravagant event for himself with the intent of trying to take Waluigi’s potential audience for himself. What followed was a ridiculous battle of trying to upstage the other and once all was said and done, their respective events not only didn’t go forward, but no one was there to watch them. The two have become sworn rivals since then and have tried to take the spotlight from each other whenever they meet again.
    • A worse incident occurred when Waluigi went out to play some tennis with Wario and by the time he was done, Waluigi discovered that his temple was taken from him. Some time later, he discovered that someone known as Rafaam took it and tried to take his temple back from him. Rafaam ended up being too strong for Waluigi to handle and the purple prankster was forced to retreat and find a replacement temple. Rafaam’s tendency to take the spotlight for himself has annoyed Waluigi to no end and has sworn to match Rafaam’s skill someday so that he can have the spotlight all to himself no matter what.
  • Being a prankster, Waluigi found himself involved with Trollkaiger’s shenanigans. At first, the group presented themselves as willing to welcome Waluigi’s brand of mayhem to the group, with Waluigi willing to join provided he gets most of the attention for himself. The group left him alone after their meeting to consider whether or not he can join the group and after some time, they decided to prepare something specifically for him. Waluigi was told to meet at a specific place, but was greeted with a nasty humiliation in the spotlight that ended with Trollkaiger rejecting his offer to join the group. Waluigi has remained bitter about the incident since then.
  • A small number of those in the Pantheon believe that Waluigi has some sort of familial connection despite no official evidence existing. The aforementioned SMG4-verse posits that Waluigi and Wario are brothers, though both have stated that they’re very close friends and nothing more. There have also been a few claims that Eario, janitor of the Mushroom Kingdom, is the father of Waluigi, but many just laughed it off. While Waluigi doesn’t really have anything to say about that claim, he does treat Eario a lot nicer since both have been considered outcasts for how strange they are.
  • Over time, Waluigi's constant rejections from the Super Smash Bros. tournaments became too much. He finally snapped and got his revenge on the other competitors, though it is unknown if he may still be considered some day.


Shan-Yu, God of Villains Without Theme Songs

    Tsuru Tsurulina IV/Czar Baldy Bald IV 
Tsuru Tsurulina IV, God of Evil Baldness (Czar Baldy Bald IV, Smoothie IV, His Czarness)
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: The symbol on his bald head, and Octopascal, his empire's Team Pet who sits on his shoulder and reads off his orders
  • Theme Song: Terrifying Margarita Empire
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Puppet King, Orcus on His Throne, Manipulative Bastard, The Unfought
  • Domains: Baldness, Evil, Evil Baldness
  • Herald: The Maruhage Empire (also known as the Margarita Empire, or the Chrome Dome Empire), especially his wife, the (literal) dragon Mako-chanBeauty , his (metaphorical) dragon, Giga, and the Four Heavenly Kings
  • High Priest: Dr. Sivana
  • Followers: Dr. Hugo Strange, Adrian Toomes/The Vulture, Mac Gargan/The Scorpion, The Man with a Beard but no Hair
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, Freaky Fred, Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Eggman, Ramses (Prince of Egypt)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Krillin
  • Enemies: the House of Hair Styles in general (especially Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Rapunzel, Merida, and the Twintail Warriors), Nigel Uno/Numbuh One, Faust Baldhead, Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Yang Xiao Long, Yukako Yamagishi, Millia Rage, Shantae, Bayonetta
  • Opposes: Kenshiro, Son Goku
  • Disrespected by: Thanos
  • Conflicting Opinion: Charles Xavier, Jean-Luc Picard, Desna, Eustace Bagge
  • Wavy. Straight. Curly. Coily. Long ago—but not really that long ago—the four hair types in the House of Hair Styles lived together in hairmony. Then, everything changed when Chrome Dome Empire attacked. There were many who could have stopped them, so when the House needed them most, they just, y'know... did. It wasn't even really that hard, actually. Nonetheless, it was still a very notable way for the Empire and its leader, the Czar Baldy Bald IVOctopascal , to announce their arrival into the Pantheon.
    • After having retired from being the leader of the Maruhage Empire with his wife and petOctopascal , Tsuru Tsurulina IVOctopascal  has decided to fulfill the vow he made to rebuild his empire—and now that he's in the Pantheon, he aims to make it stronger than it ever was before. How he plans to do that without ever getting up from his throne at all remains to be seen.
  • The fourth emperor of the Maruhage Empire (AKA the Margarita Empire or simply the Chrome Dome Empire), Tsuru Tsurulina IV was a cruel man who hated hair. Though he managed—with some inside help—to succeed where even his more ruthless predecessor failed by taking over the Hair Kingdom, his subsequent plan for the kingdom—to shave all the hair off its populace's heads—was opposed fiercely by his greatest enemy, the master of the Hanage Shinken (Fist of the Nose Hair), Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.
    • Despite being the leader of the Margarita Empire and secretly being a Hollywood CyborgOctopascal , he is easily one of the weakest members of his own empire, and relies almost entirely on deception and coercion to force his underlings to do his dirty work. On the occasion that someone—hero or villain—should confront him personally, it is very likely that he would run away like a complete wimp. Luckily, he's learned from his past experiences and has resolved to avoid being in that position again.
  • Having not abandoned his plans to "baldify" everyone, the Czar has recruited certain gods as brand new Hair Hunters. He encourages Freaky Fred's naaaaaaaaauuuuuuughty tendencies Octopascal , and frequently tries to employ Edward Scissorhands for his amazing haircuts. Edward is, however, much more reluctant to go along with his baldness ideals than Fred. Curiously, he doesn't seem to mind people in his empire having hair themselvesOctopascal .
    • By the same token, Lord Smoothie IV Octopascal  has declared war on the House of Hair Styles, the House that not only serves as the symbol of hair in the Pantheon, but also as the home of his hated nemesis. Obviously, Bo-bobo continues to oppose him at every turn, along with new allies like Rapunzel, MeridaOctopascal , and the Twintail WarriorsOctopascal . Though his forces are regularly repelled with only moderate difficulty, his invasions are considered daily annoyances to those dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of hair.
    • Some who can regularly be found the House of Hair Styles but are not native to it are sometimes known to take part in the defense against these invasions. Ironically, deities who would have otherwise been unlikely to ally with each other have done so—if only temporarily—in defense of their hair. These include deities who use their hair as part of their combat, such as Yukako Yamagishi, Millia Rage, Shantae, Bayonetta, and even Desna of the Seven (Zonda's). One of his invasions came to an abrupt end when one of his goons accidentally shaved off some of Yang Xiao Long's hair. Needless to say, his Czarness was literally on fire by the end of the battle.
  • As his stance in regards to hair is infamous, he has special relationships with deities that are bald. A good portion of them are evil like he is, but the rest are usually just awesome.
    • Sees Lex Luthor as being like the brother he never hadOctopascal , and often likes to go to him for good advice. He has no idea that Lex is planning to usurp him and take control of his empire (with full intent to change its name and mission)... just like his actual brother did.
    • He commissioned Dr. Eggman to build him his own special version of the Egg Mobile so that he can move around the Pantheon without having to leave his throne. Unfortunately, while Eggman did construct the vehicle for him as promised, Tsuru's aim hit a snag when he realized that using it on a casual basis would make it easier for someone to find him and attack him directly. He's opted to keep the "Maruhage Mobile" (also known as the Margarita Mobile and the Chrome Dome Mobile) in storage, prepared to use it to make quick escapes should his location be compromised. On that note, he thinks Sonic the Hedgehog is way too much like Don Patch (Poppa Rocks), his nemesis' sidekickBeauty , for his liking. Sonic himself isn't sure whether or not to be insulted by that comparison.
    • As someone determined to ensure that no kid ever has to go through the travesty that led to his own baldness; Nigel Uno, leader of Sector V of the Kids Next Door, fiercely leads his team in aiding the guardians of hair in the war against Czar Baldy Bald's baldness. Try saying that five times fast.
    • Respects the baldness of Sir Pat... I mean... Professor X and Jean-Luc Picard and considers his... their... baldness to be almost equal to his own. Of course, while neither of them obviously has any real problem with baldness in and of itself, they do think that literally forcing people to be bald is just a little bit crazy.
    • Used to be on good terms with Eustace Bagge (at least, as good as one can be with Eustace), as Eustace can respect a man who refuses to leave his chair even when it would be wise to do so. Unfortunately, that respect vanished when Tsuru Tsurulina IV left his throne (and in an clumsy way, too) after being usurped by his brotherOctopascal . On a separate note, he once tried to steal Thanos' throne... but as one can imagine it didn't end well. The only reason he's not dead is that Thanos just doesn't respect him enough to even try to kill him.
    • Considered allying with Dr. Faust Baldhead... but then he met the man. Be assured that it wasn't his status as a (former) serial killer or his strange appearance that drove him away—his bizarre personality and fighting style that reminded him of Bo-bobo is what did it.
  • As one of the many denizens of Bo-bobo's hairOctopascal , Yami Yugi—and, naturally, by extension, Yugi Muto—is as fiercely an opponent of Tsuru Tsurulina IV as Bo-bobo himself. Tsuru himself can't even stand to look at the crazy explosion that is Yugi Muto's hair. I for one bet it wouldn't look nearly as ridiculous if he just took off the purple hat. Wait... it's not a hat?!
  • Has an absurd amount of hatred for Kenshiro and Goku, even though he isn't really sure why. Goku can't stand the way that he runs away any time he's about to fight him, and Kenshiro just isn't really sure what to think of him at all...
    • Like Krillin, the Czar is a bald personOctopascal  who is the weakest of his allies and has to use his wits and tricks to try and even the playing field... even though it's rarely enough.

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