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Much of the house is for inspiration, but some are particularly derivative; they can truly be called copies. Be it clones, versions from another universe or even from another time. How they feel about their "original" varies, though there's a lot of negative feelings from the likes of Metal Sonic and especially Lord Drakkon.

The Hall of Clones and Counterparts exists the same amount of distance from the Hall of Genetic Engineering, the House of Time and Temporality, and the House of Space and Cosmos. This has caused some weird space-time shenanigans to happen. Cloning technology can be found here.

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Darquesse, Goddess of Evil Versions of One’s Self (Stephanie Edgley, Valkyrie Cain)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Black Flame
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Escaped Inner Darkness, One Woman Army, Person of Mass Destruction, Apocalypse Maiden, Humanoid Abomination, Omnicidal Maniac, Reality Warper, Can Absorb the Power of Others, Superpowered Evil Side, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Healing Factor, Combat Sadomasochist, Able to Take Huge Amounts of Damage and Dismissive of Serious Injuries
  • Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Dread, Evil, Knowledge, Magic
  • Followers: Remnants Or at least those she hasn't absorbed yet, Nihilists
  • Allies: Melkor, Hermaeus Mora
  • Enemies: Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, the GUAG, Madoka Kaname, Asura, Son Goku, The Slender Man
  • Friendly Rivals: Majin Buu
  • Opposed by: Voldemort
  • Darquesse did not formally ascend to Pantheon but instead enter via portal she created. Eyewitnesses said that they saw a red sky and heard inhuman screaming on the other side of the portal.
    • Shortly after her arrival, she learned about the House of Magic and attempted break-in order to gain abilities and knowledge possessed by the deities there. But before she could even get close to the house, Asura (whose daughter, Mithra, resides in the house) stopped her, after a short but brutal fight, Darquesse retreated to the House of Villainy to heal.
  • Skulduggery has told the GUAG that Darquesse is a being from his universe; she is the evil side of his friend Valkyrie Cain that was eventually separated from her but then killed Valkyrie’s “Reflection” (a magical clone) which she then possessed and went on a rampage. Skulduggery stopped Darquesse by gathering a bunch of psychics and having them put her into a daydream and tricking her into going into a dimension full of insane gods.
    • Skulduggery has decided to create a special task force in order to stop her once and for all.
  • Hermaeus Mora, upon discovering that she holds vast knowledge of magic, decided to form an alliance with her (though he knows full well that she can turn on him at any moment).
  • Allied with Melkor after hearing his almighty rant after the Great Upheaval and even applauded him after his speech.
  • Once had her head chopped off during a battle with the GUAG (She got better). The only thought going through her still-alive-head at that moment was Oh, hell.
  • For some reason, she shows genuine fear towards The Slender Man, Skulduggery says most likely due to her experience with the Faceless Ones.
  • Once met Lord Voldemort and started teasing him in front of his followers about how he couldn’t kill a baby, Voldemort become enraged and was about to use Cruciatus curse on her when Darquesse reduced him to atoms and reformed him as a rubber duck then back to atoms again and reformed him back to his normal self, Voldemort has despised her ever since.
  • Found Majin Buu’s ability to turn people into candy rather amusing and even challenged to a who-can-wipe-out-all-life-in-the-universe-first completion, the whole Pantheon is holding its breath to see if Majin Buu accepts.
  • Rumours have started to spread that Darquesse looking for deities who have powers and knowledge that’s she wants.
    • Because of these rumours, the House of Defence has decided to start a protection programme to make sure that any deity who Darquesse may target are protected from her or any of her followers.note 
  • Goku once fought her and said he sensed that there was good in her and that the GUAG could try and appeal to her better nature.
    • Skulduggery dismissed this claim calling it blind optimism and that any good in her would been as insignificant as a drop in an ocean.

Greater Gods

Bizarro, God of Oddball Doppelgangers (B-0, Kent Clark, Not-Bizarro)

    Dark Danny 
Dark Danny, God of Evil Future Selves (The Ultimate Enemy, Dan Phantom, Evil Danny, Dark Phantom, Dan Plasmius, Phantom)
  • Greater God (Overdiety when fused with Clockwork)
  • Symbols: A white Stylized "D" on a black background with a "P" in the center.
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Completely Off His Rocker, Having Utter Disregard for Others, Being an evil Future Self Who Despises His Past Self, Once a Hero but No Longer, Being a Fusion of Two Ghost Halves, Unwittingly Causing His Own Start of Darkness through His Loved Ones' Deaths, Being Hated by EVERYONE, Having Countless Powers, Wearing an Awesome Wicked Cape, Villainous Facial Hair, Never Raises His Voice Except When Gloating and Admitting His Evil, Fiery Hair, Evil Red Eyes, Ghostly Wail
  • Domains: Evil, Bad Futures, Destruction, Chaos, Villains, Death, Depravity
  • Followers: Maestro, Quint, Savitar
  • Allies: Spooky, Yuuki Terumi, Vanitas, Ex-
  • Conflicting Opinion: High Councillor Kal-El, Kessler
  • Worthy Opponent (one-sided): Akuma
  • Rivals: The Master
  • Enemies: Danny Phantom, Clockwork, Vlad Plasmius, Hisako, Yuyuko, Youmu, The Ghostbusters, Sans, Undyne, Nozdormu, all Kingdom Hearts deities, but especially Sora and Aqua, Knight Gundam, Fat Buu, Raiden, Sakura Matou, Hoopa, Rika Furude, Ichigo Kurosaki, Link, Artoria Pendragon, Dust, Erma Williams
  • Feared by: Emmet Brickowski
  • Although captured in the Fenton Thermos by his past self and given to Clockwork, it was inevitable that Dark Danny would one day escape. Of course, Clockwork knew this would happen, and so he had made arrangements for the evil ghost's ascension into the Pantheon where he could be kept in check by the myriad powerful deities present there.
  • Luckily, he has made enough enemies in the Pantheon to keep him distracted from seeking revenge on himself for defeating him and putting him in the Fenton Thermos. However, he has attempted multiple times to confront Danny even if they are intercepted.
  • He is not well-liked by many ghostly deities. In fact, the only ones who don't seem to hate him are indifferent to him in general. Most of the Sub-house of Ghosts abhor him for what he did to Casper soon after his ascension. Needless to say, it took quite a while for Casper to recover from the traumatic encounter.
    • Of course, the Ghostbusters have made him one of their highest priority targets. They have attempted multiple times to capture him, only for him to slip away with ease. Nobody is quite sure why he didn't try to kill them, but he's not going to give any reasons any time soon.
    • The only ghost in the entire pantheon who actually LIKES him is Spooky. But only because Spooky believes that he is everything a ghost should be: terrifying, ruthless, and completely devoid of compassion. He's willing to tolerate her if only because he needs someplace to recoup after his failed attempts to find and destroy his past self (though beyond that, he does find her a bit of a brat).
  • Grandfather Paradox took an odd interest in him. This may have to do with the fact that Dark Danny is actually Danny's evil future self, or that he now exists outside of time. Either way, it makes most of the Pantheon very nervous. Dan doesn't seem to really care.
    • High-Councilor Kal-El (Regime Superman) is also a point of contention for Dark Danny. On the one hand, this alternate Man of Steel is yet another nasty version of a superhero (Kal-El/Superman) but on the other hand, he stands for tyrannical law and justice, both of which Dan could care less about. The Phantom does have a begrudging respect for the sheer amount of damage that Regime Supes can dish out, though.
    • Kessler shares the distinction of being the villainous future self of the (mostly) heroic Cole MacGrath and though he also caused quite a lot of death and destruction for the sake of his future, he wanted to make sure his past self was ready and able to defeat The Beast when it awakened. For this, he is at odds with Phantom.
    Dark Danny: "You lost everything you ever loved, and you ran away from it. I get that. But then you went back in time so you could change your past and alter your future!"
  • Terumi really, really, REALLY likes Dark Danny. From the fact that he loves destroying and killing everything around him, to the fact that he is a being immersed in such despair that it only made him worse through the years. Terumi can dig that kind of thing, and so has formed an alliance with Phantom. Dan doesn't really dislike Terumi so much as he just doesn't care what he does, so that helps.
    • Speaking of despair, Ex has taken a liking to Phantom due to just how much despair he has caused and experienced. Dan doesn't really care much for Ex's ways, though the Pantheon has been shitting themselves pantsless over the idea of what these three could accomplish if they ever decided to truly cooperate.
  • Nozdormu was originally the one that Clockwork requested to keep an eye on Dark Danny but has sided fully with Danny against him due to being reminded of his own evil side, Murozond.
    • This goes for any other deity who has/had an evil side or evil version of themselves. Those deities dislike the very idea of his existence and are more than willing to help Danny keep him at bay when necessary.
  • He has found a rather shockingly kindred spirit in Vanitas, as both are the darkest/worst parts of their respective selves (though Dan is from the future).
    Dark Danny: "You. There's not an ounce of light in you, is there? I chose to be what I am now, but you didn't have that option at all."
    • His association with Vanitas made him an enemy of all the KH deities, but ESPECIALLY Sora and Aqua.
  • When Dust learned of his existence there was yet another occurrence not unlike with Casper. Dust learned all too soon that Dan was too consumed by the wretchedness of his Plasmius half to be reasoned with. There's either too little or none of Danny's original heroism to ever result in a friendship between the two merged beings.
    Dust: "I thought I could get through to him because we're similar, but he's too far gone. All that hatred and sorrow, it warped his very being..."
  • Akuma has become a rather fierce and unwanted opponent for Dark Danny ever since the day the two faced off. The bout was devastating to their surroundings, and Akuma attempted the Shun Goku Satsu... but it failed to do anything for some reason. In Dark Danny's own words:
    Dark Danny: "That technique attacks the soul, but being a ghost doesn't mean that I have one."
  • Alma Wade once struck a deal with him that if he ascended some deities from her own universe she'll aide him in his destruction. While he was very excited to get her help, his dedication to destroying the already ascended Danny and his allies has led to him not caring much for this and assuming she'll just be violent always. He counted his chickens before they hatched, to put it in terms of a metaphor, as Erma, another powerful ghost deity, not only found her way into the Pantheon but also into Alma's good graces as well. He was just about to pressure her into causing destruction by fighting only to see to his surprise that Alma was already behind her, ready to back her up. He promptly surrendered and was given one last chance earn his alliance with Alma, or else not only is the deal off, but she won't hesitate to refocus her efforts on him should he prove to be unreliable again. Needless to say, it's been pretty effective, and Dark Danny has been hitting the books that have information on Alma's requested deities. Some deities who overheard this conversation see it as a race to ascend them before Dark Danny, thus denying him of his reward.
  • "But me, my future? I'm inevitable."

    Lord Drakkon 
Lord Drakkon, God of Despising One's Own Alternate Selves (Thomas "Tommy" Oliver, Green Ranger, Mysterious Ranger, Ultimate Power Ranger)
Upgraded Forms

    Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) 
Jeanne d'Arc Alter, Goddess of Villainous Fakes (Ruler Alter, Avenger, Lancer, Berserker, Jeanne Alter, Jalter, d'Arcness, The Dragon Witch, Holy Maiden of Vengeance, The (Summer) Dragon Witch, Santa Alter Lily, Jailter, Christmas Maiden of Orleans, Joan of Arc Alter, Joan Alter, Mad Dog)
Jeanne d'Arc (Santa Alter Lily)
In a Swimsuit
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her sword, La Pucelle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral under the Master of Chaldea. Chaotic Good as Santa Alter Lily
  • Portfolio: An evil knockoff, Knight Templar, Extremely popular in game, Highest attack in the game and has the defense of wet toilet paper, Seeks a harem of cute and edgy boys, Tsundere, Main antagonist of Orleans and the Da Vinci Event, Summons dragons and empowers them, Insecure about her being in the original's shadow, Secretly wants people to care about her, Ineffectual villainous schemes, Not-so-nice grins, Playing with Fire
  • Domains: Anger, Fire, Evil, Vengeance, Authenticity
  • Herald: The separate Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily (much to the grown-up one's dismay)
  • High Priest: Dark Zagi
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, Gilles de Rais, Issei Hyodo, Brynhild, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm, Dark Pit, Natsu Dragneel, Shana
  • Rivals: Saber Alter, Professor James Moriarty, Celestia Ludenberg
  • Enemies: YHVH, Goetia, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Judge Frollo, Ornstein and Smough, Mileena, Copy X, Metal Sonic, Vanitas, Kage, Nyarlathotep,Yapool, The Psycho Rangers, The Dark Knights, Fafnir, Raynare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: B.B., Kiara Sesshouin, Atalanta
  • Opposes: Kyogre, Makoto Itou, Darkness (Konosuba), Girag
  • Opposed by: Sara Pezzini, Punishing Bird
  • Respected by: Ashirogi Muto, Rohan Kishibe
  • Source of Interest for: Lucifer, Ragnaros The Firelord
  • Disappointed in: Avenger (F/HA)
  • Special Relationships with: Jeanne d'Arc (her original and not-sister)
  • Born of the Caster Servant Gilles de Rais' wish for a vengeful Jeanne d'Arc as retribution for burning the original Jeanne at the stake, Jeanne d'Arc Alter is a darkened version of the Saint of Orleans' legend where she avenges her own punishment at the stake by subjecting others to the same fate. Once she was created, she began to lay waste on France, summoning dragons, wyverns and Servants to do her bidding and empowered the latter with Madness Enhancement to keep them under control. It was only through the effort of the Master of Chaldea as well as the world summoning the original Jeanne in response to her assault does Jeanne Alter fail and Gilles de Rais defeated, ending the Singularity and history is restored.
    • But her existence did not stop there. Aside from minor summons against Jeanne and attempting to ruin Santa Saber Alter's first Christmas run, Jeanne Alter came back to create counterfeit Heroic Spirits to fulfill a new dream: creating a harem of handsome men in order to feel loved. Even after the plan failed, she had gained newfound respect towards the Master of Chaldea and was allowed to the Throne of Heroes soon afterwards. Once she was summoned under him as an Avenger, one of the first things she had done is to defeat the lingering resentment in the citizens of France before it becomes a new Singularity; the proof of her willing to own up to her crimes despite not regretting them makes her more qualified to be a Heroic Spirit and fully cements her position in the Throne. Later in an attempt to foil Santa Alter once again, she carelessly drank a bottle of Child Gilgamesh's Lily potion thinking it was different one, turning her not only into a Lily, but a Santa. In the form now referred to as Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily, she becomes that year's Santa but she doesn't really understand human joy & happiness, because such things weren't relevant to what she used to be as a wraith of resentment and the way she brings out presents is based on need instead of want, so the Master concocts an elaborate plan with the rest of his Servants to bring out her innermost desire: seeing the ocean, a sentiment the original Jeanne knows best; with a true link to Jeanne's legend, this resolution fully cements Jeanne Alter's existence. Jeanne Alter also contributed in the fight against Goetia and the Demon Pillars, aiding in the downfall of the Demon Pillar Andromalius.
    • Jeanne Alter later aided the Master in the Shinjuku Pseudo-Singularity as a major ally, bantering with Saber Alter along the way. Later into the mission, she sacrificed herself to defeat the Avenger of Shinjuku and was presumed dead until after the final battle, where she demands a dance with the Master since she was jealous of Saber Alter dancing with him first. Later, a Singularity appears in Hawaii and Jeanne Alter was once again a major ally aiding the Master in figuring out its true cause as they must create Doujinshi for the first time; Jeanne Alter accepted as she wants to one-up the author of a doujin who aggravated her enough to take up drawing. When the culprit was revealed to be B.B. instead of the suspicious Foreigner Servant was only trying to seek the other Foreigner that's causing the Singularity, the Master and his Servants eventually defeated her; in the aftermath it turns out that the very doujin Jeanne Alter was one-upping is authored by herself, sent to the past to make her draw in the first place, a fact the then-Berserker was embarrassed at.
  • Jeanne Alter was ascended before the Master of Chaldea had his foothold on the Pantheon called in by her original (much to the fake's chagrin), having the trope of Mirror Self as her part of her position. But as she takes a good look at it, she came to the realization that it's a lot better to have a title that accurately represents her existence, no matter how much she hates the reason why; she then makes her case to the Court of the Gods to renew her title. She reasoned that she is a fake copy of Jeanne d'Arc who supposedly embodies the evil in her heart as Gilles intended, but the real Jeanne never had any evil in her regardless of the atrocities she had committed. The Judges evaluated her old title and decided to approve her title change; she is now the Goddess of Villainous Fakes.
  • Not many people would say it in front of her face, but when her Master had finally ascended into the Pantheons, she was acting excitedly during the party thrown by Pinkie Pie. He was one of the only people (probably the only one) who truly understands her true intentions: she wanted to be loved and accepted and she wanted to be her own person separate from the original Jeanne d'Arc and Fujimaru gives her both, no matter how much the Tsundere act failed to convince anyone otherwise. Speaking of Jeanne, she was glad that Alter is here as she wanted to play "big sister" since she had become the little one for far too long; in more serious circumstances, should Alter go back to being evil, Jeanne can exorcise her if possible since Alter is an evil spirit. Jeanne Alter herself again wanted nothing to do with her since she wants to stand out as herself, yet she can't help but getting roped in with her original's comical shenanigans; they do put aside their rivalry to aid their Master should he need their call in a dire time, since without him they both wouldn't have been able to materialize anyways.
    • To rub in the metaphorical salt wound even further, the separate Jeanne Alter Santa Lily was made her Herald. Jeanne Alter hated seeing a younger version of herself, finding her to be a brat who should be acting like an actual child (which she isn't wrong about) and Santa Lily likewise feels ashamed by looking at the peevishness of the adult Jeanne Alter. Like with the original Jeanne, Jeanne Alter swallows her pride and reluctantly cooperates with her if only to ensure the Master's safety.
      Jeanne d'Arc Santa Alter Lily: It seems like she is still embarrassed about becoming a Servant herself and doesn’t know how to deal with her Master. Good grief, she really cannot be helped!
    • She was a little apprehended when she saw that Gilles ascended along with his Master, Ryunnosuke Uryuu because on one hand, his hammy antics, worshipping of her and creepy tentacle attacks are irritating but on the other, she finds his presence a breath of fresh air from seeing too many a goody-two-shoes in Chaldea and plus, without him she wouldn't be here appreciating Master's faith in her. Most people have a fondness for seeing Jeanne Alter with Saber Alter for being much alike, backstories notwithstanding but the thing is, they have a fierce rivalry towards each other, as in "they would rather kill each other in cold blood than become true allies" fierce with their bitter opinions not helping to calm them down. They do agree on a few things, such as defending their Master and humanity in general and their own merits being worthy of each other's respect, but you'll mostly catch them fighting if you see them around.
      Saber Alter: ...Mad dog.
      Jeanne Alter: Ice bitch queen.
      Saber Alter: It seems our rivalry didn't end in Chaldea. I fully expect you to start it again, no?
      Jeanne Alter: Heh, of course I am! These days, you and I will settle this to the death real soon.
      Saber Alter: I cannot wait to pummel you into a puddle myself.
    • Brynhild and Siegfried find it amusing that Jeanne Alter had made counterfeits of them that are just as real as them... just to fill in archetypes of a harem story. They have no problems allying with her of course since the original is there to keep her in check; Jeanne Alter was at least a bit glad that she's not amongst the 'Brynhild's Beloved' list, not because she's afraid Brynhild would kill her but it's going to be annoying to take her sweet time for defense. Sieg finds her existence a bit weird and even more confused when Jeanne introduced her as her sister; regardless he tries to befriend her but like with other people, she pushed him away. Atalante finds her to be hard to work with, not just because she's a dark version of Jeanne but also she had undergone Madness Enhancement under her control back in Orleans and she refused to stand by that; not that Jeanne Alter cared much about it but she does look out for her Berserker Alter variation since she's more violent in that form.
    • She hates Moriarty, due to the fact that he tried to destroy the entire world with a meteor during the Shinjuku Pesudo-Singularity, though she already recognizes she probably shouldn't criticize him because she tried to destroy France with dragons herself. Shakespeare got a kick out of finding an evil version of Jeanne D'Arc to exist and if he does another production of Henry VI Part 1, she will play the part of Jeanne D'Arc; Jeanne Alter herself wants nothing to do with the playwright since his penchant for cheap and extravagant drama made her understand why the original Jeanne dislikes what he did to hernote . She got pretty disappointed with her "senpai" in the Avenger class being very weak so she's not gonna expect much of him sooner or later and Angra could care less about her, although he's fascinated that there's more Servants under his class which delights him that his influence towards the Greater Grail is working.
      Jeanne Alter: That's the original Avenger? Huh, is that supposed to be a joke? Wait a second. The same class as me? No way... My senpai is too weak...
    • She had experience in fighting the dire threats of the Beasts, Goetia, Tiamat and Kiara Sesshouin, who have been detrimental to her world's history with their sheer power and misplaced love for humanity and she has no problem in joining in fending them off again. Goetia in particular sees her as part of Gilles' failed plan to ruin Orleans, France through history but otherwise, he mostly rebuffs her as another of the Master's living weapon. Ever since the ServaFes debacle and hearing the news of the SE.RA.PH. incident, Jeanne Alter is rocky with B.B. since her definition of "helping" the Master of Chaldea involves less than savoury methods of keeping them safe, which is expected of her being an A.I. from the residual feelings of the Sakura Matou AI on the Moon Cell; she nowadays is helping the Master normally but that doesn't make the Avenger Servant quell her understandable concern of her.
  • Being an Evil Knockoff, Jeanne Alter has a lot of noteworthy interactions with those like her but to her dismay most of them are batshit insane even for her. Like for instance, Copy X and Metal Sonic who are evil copies of Mega Man X and Sonic the Hedgehog respectively. Copy X wants to defend humanity much like his predecessors but his extreme methods borders into near-villainy which most of the heroes he faced disagrees with very heavily, a sentiment Jeanne Alter agrees and shares. Metal Sonic shares her angst in being second best but while Jalter's woes and attempts are ineffectual at worst, Metal Sonic's are destructive and now lives to replace Sonic and nothing else which honestly turns her off from making an ally in him.
    • She's not an outright clone, but she's got the angst which Rau Le Creuset tries to convince her with to his side as he sees destructive value in her powers. She didn't bought anything he said, because even if the original outclasses her regardless, she still wants to stand on her own without her while she goes on her own alive as well, and if he hurts her or their Master she'll give him a burning so bad he can't pilot his mobile suit for months; Rau clenches his teeth and relents, missing his chance to have a vindictive witch at his side. And then there's Mileena, a Tarkatan clone of the Edenian princess Kitana created by Shang Tsung as a sister to her, but Kitana finds her to be an abomination that shouldn't exist instead. Mileena thinks Jalter should be getting along with her "sister" the original Jeanne, but while she's standoffish about that relationship, Alter makes it clear that she wouldn't want her dead as badly as Mileena would after she was rejected, even if both of them also have teen-like behaviours that came way after their conceptions.
      Mileena: You should be bonding with your "sister"!
      Jeanne Alter: First of all, she's not. Secondly, she might as well ignore me instead.
      Mileena: Yet, she does not give up on you. Will you ignore that...?
    • Yapool specializes in creating Evil Knockoffs of the Ultras in the form of Ace Killer (which he can possess, too) which is a far cry from her making counterfeits of Servants during her harem shenanigans. He prefers her Ruler Alter self as the her right now is loyal to the Master and he finds it to be a big loss of a potential ally; Jeanne Alter likewise can see that hatred has defined him even after coming back from the dead with it since she is also a being of hatred but should he pose a threat to her Master, she'll make sure his burning would be painful in spite of her size against him. Like Darquesse, Jeanne Alter also likes the idea of the Dark Knights' existence as she is also an evil version of a hero but unlike her, she finds them to be batshit insane (no pun intended) especially the Batman Who Laughs, the most insane version of Batman that makes Angra Mainyu look like a street thug. The same somewhat goes for the Psycho Rangers who are capable of impersonating the heroic Sentai teams to near unrecognizable levels which is something Jeanne Alter finds as annoying as fighting against the Assassin of Shinjuku.
    • She may not be an Enemy Within of Ryu like him, but Jeanne Alter still isn't very fond of Kage even if her (former) goal of destroying France would say otherwise, because she feels her reasons aren't as petty as the demonic fighter and like Saber Alter, would also prefer to kick his ass than actually work with him. Vanitas has proven too crazy for Jeanne Alter to ally with as well, even beating her in the whole "destroying everything with lots of Mooks" part; like Rau, Vanitas missed out on a powerful ally but he's considering torturing her Master so that she can give in...
    • The Avenger Servant actually relates a lot with Dark Pit, who like her is also an evil duplicate of a hero's supposed eviler traits, but came out as not that different from their nicer counterparts. In her case, she's only different in that she's standoffish and able to use La Pucelle without dying while in his case, he's cynical and scathingly honest and at the very worst just neutral and fights for himself; both of them do warm-up to people later on. The two have become Friendly Rivals in a way, and when they find the time they spar just to challenge each other's might. Due to his Rider form being a dark counterpart to Emu Hojo, Kuroto Dan is often seen being associates with her and Saber Alter, as he act himself as a buffer between the two all thanks to their opposite personalities; Jeanne Alter thinks his hammy tendencies makes him a bigger idiot than threatening, but after a he fended off a Bugster because it hindered his business she realized he's more threatening than what his behaviour implies.
  • True to her name of The Dragon Witch, Jeanne Alter can summon, empower and control dragons, wyverns and anyone with the blood of a dragon, which is believed to be an inverse phenomenon from saints possessing anecdotes of dispersing the dragon kind, such as Saint Martha or maybe Saint George. This eventually came back to bite her in the ass when Smough and Ornstein kept hounding her about it, seeing her as an enemy that needs to be vanquished; she sent them packing after summoning her world's Fafnir. Speaking of Fafnir, the dwarf turned dragon refuses to let himself be controlled by her for her gain which doesn't fazed her in the slightest since he's not from her world anyways and Fafnir there is more of a concept of monstrous greed than a singular being.
  • As she is another version of Jeanne d'Arc who in another universe is a chosen wielder of a magical artifact called the Witchblade, Sara Pezzini doesn't want to let it fall into her hands as her evil nature makes her a dangerous wielder and it's worse if it's actually compatible with her. Jeanne Alter currently has no plans to obtain the Witchblade even if it piques her curiosity, but she does finds Sara's fear to be understandable.
  • Jeanne Alter's Noble Phantasm, La Grondement du Haine represents the burning of Jeanne d'Arc at the stake for leading France's army to war against Britain and a woman leading an army was considered blasphemy and unthinkable back then. As she represents the idea of the vengeful maid of Orleans, she can freely use La Pucelle unlike the original who must use her entire lifeforce to activate it because of her legend. This led Jeanne Alter to meet the fire users Shana and Natsu Dragneel, during a stop at the sub-House of Fire and Heat. Shana is a Flame Haze, and she knew fighting all her life until meeting Yuji Sakai and falling in love with him, kinda like Jalter being angsty about her existence after her failed tenures as a villain until meeting Fujimaru and developing feelings for him. Shana finds the copy rather underwhelming and a loser at first until their first sparring when she nows finds her to be no slouch while Alter sees her as a deadpan and serious Servant Oda Nobunaga, right down to the shared voices; they both still relate for sharing skin-deep denials about their feelings for their crushes though Jalter is a little jealous Shana finally hooked up with Yuji for real. As for Natsu, who is known for befriending enemies, after one fight with her he realized that she had changed so much since her attack on France and was relieved she's less likely to harm others needlessly since her Master wouldn't ask her to. As he extends his hand to her, Jeanne Alter reluctantly shakes it as she learns that he's just as head-strong and determined as her Master minus the fire powers.
    • She doesn't dwell too much on Jeanne's burning as she's too preoccupied with one-upping her but she can understand the dangerous threat of Ragnaros the Firelord and it doesn't help that he's too reminiscent of Surtr who also wants to purge the world in fire yet both have different reasons to do so (Surtr because he's fated to and Ragnaros because he's doing what fire is doing). Like he is with other fire users, Ragnaros expresses interest in Jeanne Alter and how she utillizes said legend of the burning as her ultimate weapon.
  • Most French deities in the Pantheon other than those involved with Chaldea are apprehensive of Jeanne Alter's countrywide assault on historical France despite her owning up to it because had she succeeded, they wouldn't have existed long enough for their stories to be heard. A noteworthy one is Jean Pierre Polnareff, who can't forgive her in spite of her good looks because no one dares to soil his homeland; they duked it out and while he held out against La Pucelle, he nearly got himself staked by La Grondement Du Haine. That's because the Primal Kyogre was in the vicinity, negating her fiery Noble Phantasm and Polnareff took advantage of it by knocking La Pucelle and her flag out of her hands, finally allowing him to put her out of commission with Silver Chariot; since that fight, Alter swears to take revenge on Polnareff and Kyogre for completely humiliating her.
    • On a lesser note, Punishing Bird wants to punish Jeanne Alter for the stuff she pulled against France despite her not really doing that anymore and it being completely unable to understand nuance. Luckily, she finds that his pecks are at worst just annoying so long as no one retaliates against it, a warning she'll keep in mind.
  • Jeanne Alter finds belief to be evil since to her, it leads others into a false sense of comfort which is why she likes telling other pious Christians that she defies God just for kicks. YHVH obviously doesn't like the blasphemy she's doing to His followers despite raising good points, which is why He locked her up for the transgression. It's only when Siegfried came to free her and let her out long enough to break it to the original Jeanne that she worshipped the wrong God before fully escaping His grasp; after that, Jeanne's faith in YHVH dwindled, further increased His ire against her. As for Judge Claude Frollo, Jeanne Alter is disgustingly reminded of Bishop Pierre Cauchon who burned Jeanne at the stake and her own first victim after conception; the feeling is mutual as Frollo has a special disdain for her since to him, she's a perversion of the Saint of Orleans with an extremely titillating appearance. Aside from understanding why Esmeralda hates him, Jeanne Alter plans on burning him like she did with the bishop that condemned Jeanne.
    • Because she dared to defy YHVH, Lucifer sees value in her strength as a Servant and Jeanne Alter Santa Lily can cause liability issues with Melkor, while it doesn't affect Lucifer in any shape or form. After some decision making, she instead refuses seeing that her Master already rejects him and his philosophy, not to mention that after her assault on historical Orleans, the worst she can do in her schemes are ineffectual and less malicious anyway. Lucifer concedes, beating himself up that he should have goaded her when the Master was not around yet.
  • Previously, Jeanne Alter wants to have a harem of edgy and cute boys for her to love and hate while crusading against France. Currently, she hasn't gone back to indulging it again since the Master has given her the affection and attention she wanted but it does got her mingled with unlikely people. When he heard about it, Issei Hyodo got a good laugh about it which embarrassed her a bit, but he understands the need for love when no one else is willing to love them, as he explains to her that the reason why he keeps putting himself down even if he got the harem who loved him dearly is that his ex-girlfriend Raynare killed him once. Hearing about it, Jeanne Alter offered to join in on defeating her, hoping that she'll pay for disregarding suitors like terrible clothes and probably as another to torture unabashedly; plus, he's got a draconic form so what's not to like about it? (Other than its name...) Another person who had similar aspirations than her is Celestia Ludenberg whose dream is to be in a European castle with handsome butlers styled as vampires at her beck and call; Jeanne Alter finds it farfetched to be achievable, and then she learned that she only wanted it just to escape her boring life which she finds laughable yet understandable since it's just like living in someone else's shadow. Angered that someone like her had found out about her true, boring past, Celes remained hostile towards Jeanne Alter even if she somewhat agrees being in someone's shadow is no different than being unknown.
    • She's also one of the pnly people to call out on Kiyohime's over-attraction and intolerance to dishonesty. This got her worked up other Yanderes who banded together in order to protect their beloved, no matter the methods and if they even wanted the "help". Such people are offended the idea that whatever it takes for them to keep their beloved around is depraved, and have declared her an enemy for the one slight. The boyfriend of two of its members Kotonoha and Sekai, Makoto Itou isn't any better in Jeanne Alter's eyes as he did a lot of stupid decisions that warranted his death at the hands of both of them; Makoto himself finds her scary due to her reputation and would rather not provoke her further lest he himself get burned at the stake as well.
  • She's extremely wary of any masochists, due to the fact when she wished for a "true female friend" in the fake Brynhild, she instead got a lesbian masochist that annoyed her to no end. It's why she began to hate the knight Darkness on one afternoon when both of them got into a fight out of an argument over... something. As Jeanne Alter got the upper hand and gave her heavy damage, she began to uh... enjoy it as if it's a pleasurable experience. Disgusted, Jeanne Alter has vowed to not approach her ever, not even in a fight.
  • Jeanne Alter has picked up various hobbies to push herself to be more than Jeanne d'Arc's evil version, and one of those is drawing manga and doujinshi even if the doujin she tried to surpassed was actually authored by herself, something that she wouldn't want anyone to bring up again out of embarrassment. Still she does tries to get pointers from the duo Ashirogi Muto and the artist Rohan Kishibe anyways, should B.B. pulled her stunt again or she's invited to a convention and she needs some quick money. The duo were impressed with her work during the course of the loops and agrees that Crossvikki Magician Girl and the Monster have proven to be her best entry, something that Rohan also agrees but finds her other previous work before that to be lacking which she already noted during the loops. The Barian Emperor Gilag has also seen her works was super impressed, so much so that he tries to show his own art to her, which is... not that good. She ended up insulting it so bad that he got sad and left; she instantly felt bad but assures herself that he seems tough and can tell he's got the tenacity and passion to keep drawing even if no progress will be made to improve.
  • "If there is a God, surely I will be punished for this."

Roboking, God of Replacements

Intermediate Gods

    Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man II and Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider IV 
Benjamin "Ben" Reilly and Kaine Parker, Gods of Clone Angst (Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man II, Red Spider-Man, Spider-Man in a Hoodie, Jackal II, Canadian Spider-Man(?) | Kaine: Scarlet Spider IV, Kaine, Araña Escarlata, Candy Cane, Houston's Spider-Man, Tarantula, Parker 3.0, The Other)
Ben Reilly
As the Second Spider-Man
Original Costume
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A Stylized Spider
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Ben), Chaotic Good (Kaine)
  • Portfolio: Clone Angst, Clones Are People, Too, Deadpan Snarker, Spider-Sense, Wall Crawling, Web Swinging, All Webbed Up, Arachnid Appearance and Attire, Artificial Family Member, The Atoner, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
  • Domains: Clones, Spiders, Misery, Responsibility
  • Heralds
    • Ben: Elizabeth Tyne / Janine Godbe
    • Kaine: Maria Aracely Penalba / Hummingbird
  • High Priest: Hunter
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: J. Jonah Jameson, Otto Octavius/Doc Ock/Superior Spider-Man, Eddie Brock/Venom, The Venom Symbiote, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Enemies:
  • It's not easy being a clone. Some wonder if they can be considered actual people, if their lives have any value. Sometimes those are the least of their problems. It also isn't easy being a Spider-Man, it's hard to stay close to others, heroism is never easy on them, people tend to hate you and seemingly even life itself hates you. Now imagine if you were both of those things. Imagine if you were Ben Reilly and Kaine, the clones of the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker.
  • As mentioned before, life sucks for both Ben and Kaine. As in it really sucks. Ben fought with Peter on who was the original and who was the clone. Kaine had to deal with being, what he considered, a complete freak of nature. And those were just the tip of the iceberg. Having missed his brothers and wishing to help in any way he could, Peter sought out a way to bring them into Pantheon. It was actually a lot easier than he thought. He knew that being Spider-Man wasn't easy, and neither was being a clone, so Clone Angst was the obvious choice. With that, the two clone brothers were brought into Pantheon.
  • Their initial reaction to Pantheon was normal for newcomers. They were confused, shocked, and slightly annoyed about their title, Kaine especially. It didn't take long for them to find their grounding and to get used to the new world. Things are easier on them now that they don't have to hide who, or what, they are, and are now being supported by others. It has to be made clear that the Ben Reilly in Pantheon is NOT the same Ben Reilly post The Clone Conspiracy, his personality and memories are the every end of the The Clone Saga. This is because at the end of Spider-Geddon, Octavius brought him back to "factory settings". Meaning he specifically doesn't have the memories that lead to him becoming the second Jackal.
  • If it wasn't already clear, Peter sees both Ben and Kaine as brothers, the two the closest things he's ever had to a sibling* and like with any other family member, hurting them is an easy way to piss him off. Not that they need his help or protection, Kaine especially. The three have been through a lot together, so they try to keep close, even when they're far away.
    • Peter wasn't the only Spider-Man who was happy to see them. In their initial ascension Both Peter, Miles Morales, Jessica Drew, Earth-65 Gwen Stacy, Peni Parker, and Spider-Ham held a welcome party for them. While they were glad to see them, there was one other Spider-Man they weren't happy to see. The Superior Spider-Man, Dr. Otto Octavius. The clones and Otto have a strained relationship. They'll willingly join forces to stop a common threat, but there's a lot of bad blood between them. Kaine had killed Otto at one point and Otto (temporarily) destroyed Kaine's trust in Peter back when he possessed his body. Ben Reilly forced Otto to help him during the Clone Conspiracy, something he still resented till Spider-Geddon. But despite what happened, it was Otto who helped redeem Ben by heroically sacrificing him to the Inheritors. And then bringing him back to life in the state he was in before he went insane.
  • After the welcome party, Peter bought the two to visit a special certain family, their family. For the first time in their lives, both Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker were alloyed to meet not only their Aunt May and Uncle Ben, but also their heralds, their parents Richard and Mary Parker.
  • Their arrival wasn’t exactly widely celebrated among heroes, primarily because not many are as well associated with the clones as they are with the original Spider-Man, but they were warmly welcomed non the less. The Superman family was especially welcoming. Both Clark and Lois had previously met and worked with Ben at the Daily Planted when their worlds were colliding and threatening to destroy each other. They both found Ben to be pleasant, and while she didn't know at the time, Lois enjoyed seeing Ben in his costume, much to her son’s Jonathan embarrassment. Fellow clone Conner Kent, Superboy, was excited to see the second Spider-Man again, primarily because he wanted a rematch after their last fight. Ben has so far avoided said rematch, knowing that he won't be able to take him down like he did before.
    • Seeing another Super Hero ascend naturally didn't go well with most of the villains and crime lords in Pantheon, with the sole exception of Norman Osborn and The Joker. Osborn was ecstatic at the idea of killing another Spider, knowing full well how it’ll affect Peter, plus he’ll get the chance to say he killed the same hero twice. Joker has a strange fondness for Spider-Men, either because they themselves like to joke around, their easier targets to freak out with his list of atrocities, or maybe it’s because he genuinely likes spiders more than bats like he told Ben when they first met. When it comes to what the Joker thinks, nothing is certain.
    • Luthor has expressed some interest in the second clone. Ben Reilly is and has been the only successful and pure clone* amongst a long list of failures. Luthor wants to know the secret to why, but more importantly, how he can benefit from it. He was genuinely disappointed that Ben had no memories of his time as the second Jackal, meaning any breakthroughs he may have found as the CEO of New U Technologies are now gone after its destruction*.
  • It wasn’t hard for the twin spiders (or more accurately Ben) to befriend the various heroes from another world. It’s not the first time he’s done this. Meeting the students of U.A. High School was considered refreshing for Ben, especially in meeting All Might, someone who he, in his own words, felt “safe” being with. The two brothers also found a near instant ally among the four Ninja Turtles (as well as an enemy in The Shredder). Ben was able to instantly relate to both Michelangelo and Donatello. Being both a genius and a fun loving goofball at the same time. Kaine found kinship with Raphael, the two have their own personal issues, both within themselves and with their family at times. But despite their own problems they love their family dearly and will ‘’personally’’ bring down pain to those that harm them.
  • Despite what one may think, neither Ben nor Kaine have ever met the other famous Superhero clone Laura Kinney/X-23. Despite this there’s an unspoken understanding between all of them, of the struggles of being a clone, and the trials of trying to find their place in the world. Unfortunately the same can’t be said with the likes of The Grineer, and Rau Le Creuset. The two do their best to avoid any contact and association with the degenerating Clone Army, seeing them as the worst among clones that they’ve ever seen. Fortunately said army hasn’t attempted to make any contact, which is fine by them. Again the same cannot be said about Rau Le Creuset. Believing that they “stole” his title and infuriated for how they willingly go out of their way to protect humanity, Rau Le Creuset has made numerous attempts to end them and take back what he believes to be his. Fortunately they’re not completely inexperienced with fighting mech like machinery, thanks to Peter’s previous experience with the Spider-Slayers. Rau Le Creuset's mech were brought down and the clone pilot was left All Webbed Up in both humiliation and defeat.
  • Ben and Kaine prefer to keep business on the streets. Meaning that they fight bank robbers, gangsters, the occasional killer robot, and weekly supervillain. So when things go cosmic, interdimensional, magical, or divine, it's usually because they've been dragged into it against their will. Which is exactly what happened when they were forced to deal with Lolth. Having recently discovered about the Web of Life and Destiny, and how a mortal known as The Queen used it to empower herself to godhood. Lolth concluded that as a true queen of spiders and an actual goddess, the right to take control and rule over the Web of Life and Destiny was hers. But to access the web she knew that she needed someone deeply connected to it, but due to her lack of knowledge all she had to go with was that Kaine once possessed a Spider Totem known as "The Othe". Believing that her own understanding of divinity would be enough to fill in whatever gaps needed, she attacked and tried to enslave the clone. Thankfully Kaine regained his ruined Spider-Sense upon ascension, and was able to avoid her attacks and escape. The discovery of his powers only fuels her desire and ambition, and her actions drew the attention of Ungoliant, Shelob and Arachne.
  • Since life has always been a struggle for the two brothers, and so has their death and revival. This would draw the intention of the Thunder God Raiden. Knowing the original Spider-Man to be a hero of great virtue and nobility, Raiden grew to fear for their well being and soul. Fortunately things have improved, Ben is taking therapy and Kaine isn’t acting like a ruthless murderer (yes that's an improvment for him). The God of Thunder has offered his assistance should something go wrong in their next revival, should their souls somehow be tainted, he’s offered to help cleanse it through the Jinsei. Kaine was annoyed with how someone had literally offered to cleanse his soul, Ben immediately took up the offer. Saying that he'll take any chance to avoid becoming the evil clone again.
    • While Raiden's visit was nothing but well intended, his actions had the unintended side effect of attracting Shao Kahn and his family’s interest, or more specifically their ire. Not liking the idea of the Thunder God obtaining more allies, Shao Kahn sought out to eliminate them before they could become a problem. Fortunately Peter was with them at the time of the attack, so not only were they able to hold their own, they were able to take him down. Shao Kahn has not forgiven them for the insult of defeat, or their insults during the battle, and has recruited his "family" to join him and destroy them. Fortunately Liu Kang, Kitana and Kung Lao have offered their aid for the next time Shao Kahn attacks.t*** But because of how personal Kaine takes it when someone attacks his brothers, he decided to be more forward with going to the Conqueror of Outworld. Kaine did this by going and brutalizing Shao Kahn’s army, leaving only one survivor, and that was so Shao Kahn would know who did it. Kaine's actions drew the attention of both Hanzo Hasashi and Kuai Liang, impressed with his abilities and willingness to end the fight, they offered an alliance to take down Shao Kahn and other threats to Earthrealm, an alliance Kaine accepted.
  • Like their brother Peter, both Ben and Kaine have a strong and healthy relationship with the Toku heroes. They remind Kaine of boteh Takuya Yamashiro and Yu Komor, Spider-Men who fought alongside them in the battle against The Inheritors.
  • Both Ben and Kaine were surprised to be greeted by the ancient Autobots and their leader, Optimus Prime. Evidently their brother had a brief, yet influential meeting with both the Autobots and Decepticons. Yet despite having most of Peter’s memories, they have no recollection of said meeting, or their existence. Which would have been useful, because then they'd know about how and why Megatron wanted them captured and experimented on. Peter had to inform them that their blood (and Wolverines) can be used to create a special energon that can supercharge a cybertronian to the point that a single soldier can match the strength of a Prime. With their background as clones, Megatron more than likely wants to mass produce them for a near endless supply of specialized energon, making both him and his army invincible.
  • It wasn't hard for the twin spiders (or more accurately Ben) to befriend the various heroes from other worlds. It’s not the first time he's done this. Meeting the students of U.A. High School was considered refreshing for Ben, especially when meeting All Might, someone who he, in his own words, felt "safe" being around. The two brothers also found a near instant ally among the four Ninja Turtles (as well as an enemy in The Shredder). Ben was able to instantly relate to both Michelangelo and Donatello. Being both a genius and a fun loving goofball at the same time. Kaine found kinship with Raphael, the two have their own personal issues, both within themselves and with their family at times. But despite their own problems they love their family dearly and will personally bring down pain to those that harm them
  • Applies to Ben Reilly
    • Ben Reilly was the first, and so far only, perfect clone of Peter Parker. As mentioned above, both he and his brother had fought each other on who was the original and who was the clone*. They don’t like talking about it. What's worse is that after Ben was killed, he was soon brought back by Miles Warren, The Jackal, only to be immediately killed again. Warren repeated this for about 25 times, each death being purposely long, painful and traumatizing. This lead to Ben snapping, giving Warren a taste of his own medicine and Ben becoming the second Jackal. Thankfully everything got better later.
    • Thanks to Ben's repeated death and resurrections, the Houses of Death and Postmortem and Life and Vitality have taken notice of him, and not all of the residents have his best interest in mind. Dhuum has always hated how people can just wait a while before coming back to life, both in and out of Pantheon. While Ben's situation wasn't his fault or in his control, Dhuum isn't hearing any of it and has repeatedly gone out of his way to put a permanent end to the Scarlet Spider. And as bad as it was being a target of Dhuum, it was even worse when it was revealed that Death (Final Destination) was also after Ben's life. Ben knew that his luck was bad, but the numerous ways he nearly died was extreme even for him. Thankfully his Spider-Sense has kept him safe, eventually, he's gotten so used to them trying to kill him that his senses kick in before they even try anything.
      • Thankfully not all death entities want Ben dead, some have even been a bit supportive and even friendly to him. Namely Death of the Endless, Discworld, Grim, and The Maiden in Black. Neither Death (Discworld) nor Grim were thrilled to hear about Ben repeatedly coming back to life after dying, but they were more concerned about the state of Ben's soul than his violation of the circle of life and death.
  • Applies to Kaine
    • Kaine is the first clone of Peter Parker, hence the name Kaine. He was initially the "evil twin" to both Ben and Peter. But like everything in The Clone Saga, things were more complicated than it seemed. In Kaine's point of view, he was helping Peter, killing Doc Ock (didn't stick), framing Ben for murder (accidentally framed Peter instead). All because he wanted his fellow clone Peter, to live a better life*. Even after his Heel–Face Turn, when Kaine learned the meaning of both power and responsibility, he would repeatedly act as an enemy to Peter. Mostly because he was working for someone who promised to fix his clone degeneration and absolutely all of them lied about it. It wasn't until the end of Spider-Island where he finally stayed at the side of good and when his degeneration was (temporarily) fixed.
    • Having killed the nigh-immortal assassins guild leader, a number of assassination organizations have sought him out to employ his services. The dead messengers made his answer clear, but it also marked him for death for actions, the fact that someone did make an order for his death didn't help either. Now Kaine has to deal with multiple different assassinations groups instead of just one. Fortunately, he had an easier time dealing with the Brotherhood, they offered to help keep the others off his back, as long he can help protect some of their allies when needed. Figuring that this was the best deal he'd get Kaine accepted, he was satisfied knowing that as long as he scratched their back, they wouldn't stab his. Plus he didn't mind having an excuse to kill someone and not have to worry about someone making him feel bad about it.
  • They also hae a seat in the Hall of Types of Sadness.

    Dark Pit 
Dark Pit, God of Morality-Inheriting Knockoffs (Black Pit, Pittoo, Pitooey, Number 28ε, Dark-Winged Doppelganger)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dark Pit Staff
  • Theme Music: Dark Pit (and a similar but slightly different theme under that title)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Wild Card, Clone Angst, Dark Is Not Evil, Winged Humanoid, Jack of All Stats, Deadpan Snarker, Nay-Theist, Multi-Melee Master
  • Domains: Clones, Attitude
  • Allies: Shadow the Hedgehog, Guthix, Vegeta, Sparda
  • Friendly Rivals (in a sense): Pit, Palutena
  • Rivals: Lucario, Bayonetta
  • Enemies: Both Hades, Rau Le Creuset, Bernkastel, Vanitas, Dark Link, Dark Samus, Number 96: Black Mist, Reaper, Raynare, LOS!Satan, Bandos
  • Additional Relations: Viridi
  • Odd Friendship: Lake
  • Dark Pit originally came to be when the regular Pit had an encounter with the Mirror of Truth. The mirror got smashed as Pittoo was being made, thus he functions as a darker clone of the normal Pit, though Dark Pit is closer to neutral than anything. A darker Pit kind of happened before that, as Pit wore a black alternate costume during the third Smash tournament.
  • Even though he's generally considered to be neutral, he is believed to have joined Viridi's group due to their interests overlapping according to him (at least if comments from the Smash tournament are anything to go by). Since Lucario has gotten Viridi's attention, Pittoo usually is the one to fight the Pokémon whenever possible. Even though Pittoo and Lucario have an even amount of victories and defeats, the Pokémon doesn't want anything to do with Viridi and her group.
  • Obviously he wasn't happy to hear that the Hades from his universe was present. Pittoo got even more irate upon finding out that there was another Hades.
    • Generally speaking, when it comes to actual gods (not Pantheonic deities, though there are some actual gods who are Pantheonic deities), Dark Pit doesn't really like them that much. He believes that gods are problematic thanks to them being too powerful. Even though are some nicer gods in the Pantheon, Pittoo still thinks that they are flawed in some capacity. He doesn't visit the House of Religion and Faith due to his mindset. This aversion towards certain actual gods and strict opposition to Hades, in addition to Dark Is Not Evil leanings, also sees Dark Pit align with Sparda.
      • If there's anyone from that House he would be friendly with, it would have to be Guthix, due to them disliking a lot of actual gods (particularly if these actual gods are malicious). Ironically enough, Guthix is an actual god, though Pittoo is at least thankful that there is someone who shares a similar mindset about gods.
  • Thanks to his dark costume and edgy attitude, Pittoo has become associated with deities who are known for their edginess, regardless of whether he wanted that association or not. Of those deities, he's kind of friendly towards Shadow the Hedgehog due to them being clones and sharing an aloof attitude towards their original source, though coming through at the end to help them fight against evil.
    • If there's one thing that he can agree with alongside the other "edgy" gods, it's the shared hatred of Reaper, even if the latter preferred to not acknowledge him or the other "edgy" people.
  • Despite what his appearance would suggest, he is not a Fallen Angel. By extension, that costume the original Pit wore during Smash battles was inspired by such. Still, Pittoo doesn't like villainous fallen angels such as Raynare and is on tense terms with the Anarchy sisters (partially thanks to something that happened between him and the sisters that they don't want to talk about).
  • Compared to other Nintendo villains that are evil clones of existing heroes, he isn't so much evil as he is hot-headed and did eventually work with Pit when things became dire. Unsurprisingly, both Dark Link and Dark Samus are not happy with him and they often get into fights against Pittoo.
    • This hatred also extends to other evil clones as well. Even if Dark Pit doesn't have that much of a positive view of life, he finds Rau Le Creuset to be too nihilistic and made it a point to oppose his destructive goals.
  • It should be noted that even though he started off as antagonistic towards Pit and eventually helped him towards the end, it doesn't mean that he's fully on the side of good. Those who were formerly evil and turned to good have tried to get him to work with them, though Pittoo hasn't really taken the offer seriously. He will work with them if something that could be severely life-threatening to the Pantheon happens, but that's about it.
  • He has a bit in common (and is also on good terms) with people like Vegeta, mainly due to being a rival towards the main hero whilst helping them along the way.
  • A fair number of people have shipped him with Lucina, mostly on the grounds of them having a very similar moveset as another character in the Smash Tournament (Pit & Marth respectively). Palutena did ask Pittoo once about Lucina, though he didn't provide a response to her. In hindsight, there's a whole other contingent of shippers who pair up Palutena with Lucina, though that's for a completely different reason.
  • Pittoo is a frequent nickname given to him by others mostly to differentiate him from regular Pit, though he isn't very fond of it. Some of the more trollish deities like to call him that (or the even more insulting Pittooey) when he's close by just to mess with him. Naturally the fact that he is annoyed by his nickname made him befriend the Goddess who hates being nicknamed: Lake. Dark Pit sympathizes with her since Lake's nicknames were insults that denoted her non-human status and how she was always on the run from being killed and is downright disgusted with Simon proclaming she was no person without sympathy. He does admit that Lake killing Mace by grinding him into the train wheels was badass. Naturally their closeness has made many gods assume that they're getting together. Lake quickly flicked them on the forehead to shut them up.

Golbez, God of Left-Handed Counterparts (Golbeza, Theodor(e) Harvey, The Man in Black, the Thaumaturge, the Warlock)
Golbez in The After Years
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His horned helmet silhouetted against the moon
  • Theme Music: Golbez, Clad in Darkness (DS remix)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Armored Villains In Black, Mental Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation, Shocking Relationship Reveals, Heroic Darkness, Villains With Heroic Tendencies, Magical Gestures, Dark Magic, Thinder Magic, Brotherly Devotion
  • Domains: Darkness, Family, Mentality, Redemption
  • Heralds: Leon, Seifer Almasy
  • Allies: Darth Vader, Cecil Harvey (his brother) and his party members, Leanbow, Jaden Yuki (due to his time as Haou), Severus Snape, Meta Knight, Terra, Princess Luna (due to her time as Nightmare Moon), Masked Man
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lord Chaos, Emperor Mateus, Exdeath, Kefka Palazzo, Sephiroth, Ultimecia (now enemies with them), Kuja, Jecht, Kylo Ren
  • Enemies: General Grievous, Gregor Clegane, Arthas Menethil, Zant, Ganondorf, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Vilgax, Darkstar, Colonel Mael Radec
  • Pities: Rinzler a.k.a. Tron, Specter Knight
  • Opposes: Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Sauron, the Witch-King of Angmar, Hela, Gendo Ikari, The Black Knight
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi, Char Aznable, Raoh, Toy!Emperor Zurg, Hakumen, Solidus Snake, Alarak, Specter Knight, Locus, Lord Dominator
  • In the early days of the Pantheon, Golbez was called to the Pantheon by Chaos to serve the GUAE, and was given his current title for contrasting his brother Cecil. Considering his heart's weakness and ability to be summoned a sign of his unworthiness of redemption, Golbez has pledged himself to the forces of evil again, but hopes their efforts will fail. In his heart, he wishes to be a force for good, but considers himself unworthy of standing alongside the more noble and selfless heroes.
  • Is rumored to be working with Kain Highwind to undermine Melkor's position. Kain has spoken in hushed tones of Golbez considering their past together, if he's being secretive or just prefers not to talk about it is unknown for now.
  • Pointedly bans his brother Cecil from visiting him more than once a week, as when he first arrived Cecil heard about his servitude to evil and tried to convince his brother to cast off his past and return to the light. Golbez got annoyed with Cecil after the seventh visit in two days and zapped him with a Cosmic Ray as a hint to let him deal with these matters on his own.
  • Though not the best of friends, he and Darth Vader have come to an understanding with each other. Vader respects Golbez's admirable efforts to emulate him, and they share a mutual sympathy for the other's struggles with their pasts and their families. However, Vader has warned that if Golbez has not chosen a definitive side when Melkor's forces march, he will choose for him. Golbez has not been reached to discover his response.
    • While Kylo Ren resents Golbez for taking what he felt was his trope, as deliberately tried to be the second coming of grandfather Darth Vader once he fell to the Dark Side, he still tries to get along with him given Golbez has Vader's support.
  • Sympathises with Specter Knight since he was Forced into Evil and gave up his chance for freedom in order to save his friend's son.
  • He may be resigned to following the ways of evil (well, not anymore), but Golbez often offers sound advice to those who'll listen.
  • However, as a result of certain events, Golbez went missing for a long while. Incidentally, this was during the time Cecil and company minus Edward were transferring Houses. Eventually, once the final stages of the move were done, he finally returned on the Lunar Whale with two surprises.
    1. He found and brought back FuSoYa, thus reuniting them to join as heralds for Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, and Pantheon newcomer Edge. The fruits of his "expedition" to the Red Moon and the fates of the Lunarians and Zeromus however remain unknown, and Golbez refuses to elaborate on the details. FuSoYa has nothing to say, either.
  • Sometime after his solid Heel–Face Turn, he received a visit from one of the Warriors of Cosmos; Zidane Tribal. When he asked the monkey-tailed hero what his business was, he got a strange request. To help in redeeming Kuja as well, or at least keep the other Warriors of Chaos from preventing him from doing so. He had managed to reach out to his "brother" back in Gaia before he died, and he doesn't understand why Kuja's forgotten. In his time with the GUAE, Golbez managed to know why thanks to hearing Kefka gloat about it, and decided he would see what he can do. As for the truth, Golbez decided it would be best if Zidane heard Kuja's motives from the man(?) himself.
    • Eventually, an opportunity came and together they managed to corner him. While Golbez hung back to leave the two to their quarrel (and bar off any intervention from Kuja's allies), Zidane faced off against his "brother" in a bid to make him remember their last conversation in Gaia. Naturally, some GUAE members tried to get in Zidane's way, only for the Lunarian to stop them, and then the conflict soon escalated as others took interest in it and took sides, making Golbez's task much more complicated. Still, somehow, Zidane was soon able to incapacitate Kuja, then—as planned—he and Golbez were spirited away with a teleporter that would take them somewhere more private.
    • In their secluded area, Zidane finally got Kuja to spill; the reason the latter turned heel again was due to what happened in the 12th cycle in the Dissidia wars; he truly was against Chaos's side, but Kefka's intervention forced his hand, and the mad clown would later alter his memories for the next cycle, which Golbez corroborates, recalling Kefka's gloating back when he was serving the GUAE.
    • After that explanation, Kuja asked what will happen next. Zidane offered him to join him in the GUAG, just like him and Golbez, at the Ministry of Atonement to be exact. And this time, there will be no intervention from Kefka or anyone else as they make their way to Cosmos, which won't be long since they had teleported to the House of Heroes. Kuja wasn't sure; he's played and reveled in the role of villain for far too long, and his tenure as an inside man didn't really go well. Zidane promised to help him every step of the way. Being a (soon to be) fellow defector from Chaos, Golbez also offered to lend a hand when he can.
    • One successful visit to Cosmos later, Kuja's redemption was solidified, and defensive measures have been arranged to ensure that Kefka or anyone else won't be able to repeat the mad clown's stunt again.

    The Grineer 

The Grineer, The Divine's Degrading Clone Army (Grineer Dogs)
  • Intermediate Gods overall
  • Symbol: Their logo pictured on the right.
  • Theme Song: Grakata (Light), Grakata (Heavy), Grineer Onslaught, Arrogant. Sadistic. Unstable. Perfect., The Answer to a Prayer, Precious Gifts, Red Broth (Kuva), Yuvan
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil. Twin Queens are Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Absolute loyalty to the Twin Queens, Absolute Xenophobe, Clone Angst, Clone Army, Near endless supply of clones, Believing anything that isn't Grineer is inferior and must be conquered if not outright killed, Guilt-Free Extermination War, Vader Breath, Requiring cybernetics due to their Degenration, More Dakka, Diesel Punk, Wields Ballistic Weaponry, Slave Race, Conlang, Disproportionate Retribution
  • Domains: Hate, War, Aggression, Dieselpunk, Clones, Degeneration, Industrialization
  • Followers: Vault 108 Gary Clones, Mochtroids
  • "Allies"note : ADVENT, The Combine, Dr. Breen, The Unbidden, Cinder Fall.
  • Rivals: The Helghan Empire
  • Enemies: Besides anyone that isn't them? The House of Family and Relatives, Any and all children in the Pantheon, THE TENNO, Ordis, The Infested, The Corpus, All Jedi, Raiden, The Vex, The Flood, B.J. Blazkowicz, King Arthur, Artoria Pendragon, The Eliksni, The House of Nature, the Nature Preservers, The Daleks, Amon, Hope Bringers, The Grand United Alliance of Good, Dr Wily, Dr Weil, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokémon Hunter J, Miles Quaritch, Wat Tambor, the Wisps, Gowther, Hunter and Bianca, Lux Arcadia, Celestia Ralgris, Krulcifer Einfolk, Lisesharte Atismata, Yoruka Kirihime, Gunvolt, Zonda and the Seven, Orson Krennic
  • The Grineer are a military force composed of clones created from clones of other clones, originally created by the Orokin for cheap manual labor before being headed by the Twin Queens. Although the Queens are Orokin themselves who are just in Grineer bodies, they were hated amongst their people for being twins to which they saw the Grineer as kindred spirits. Eventually, both the Queens and the Grineer were ordered to take out the Sentients, one of their creations, out of desperation and once they were defeated the Grineer (alongside their other abused creations) turned on the Orokin, eventually culminating to their destruction. Like all Clone Armies, the Grineer have a seemingly never ending supply of soldiers all eager to kill whoever got in the Grineer's way. But unlike many, they have quantity AND quality for each and every soldier in addition to their ability to replace any fallen Grineer. Often, when a Grineer populace goes dark they respond by sending in more to replace the lost and the process of cloning involves melting down existing Grineer to make ever more Grineer.
  • The Grineer kickstarted their presence by hijacking various broadcasts throughout the Pantheon where Councillor Vay Hek taunted the populace listening to him, calling nothing more than vermin for the clones to stomp on as they are the superior species. A few seconds after the transmission ended, the House of Nature was soon attacked by Grineer forces. Their first plan of action was directed towards the land of Planets, utilizing the Cicero Toxin courtesy of Vay Hek to clear the way for a Grineer foothold. Although the battle was hardfought, the Grineer were pushed back thanks to the combined effort of the inhabitants, aid from the GUAG, and a group of mysterious faceless individuals. They weren't dissuaded from the Pantheon, however, as they've made a proposition to ascend by utilizing their condition as flawed clones despite what they say otherwise, much to the dismay of anyone involved in the aforementioned incident. Their first order of business as newly appointed divinity? Once again hijack the broadcasts and blow the House of Defense to smolders.
    • Are sworn enemies to the House of Nature and are banned from going near the place. They're vilified by the Nature Preservers after hearing about the previous incident with the use of the Cicero Toxin. The clones share the hatred, alongside the entirety of the GUAG for daring to defy them.
  • Although their weaponry can be seen a primitive and far from refined, there's no denying their wide range and effectiveness. When it comes down to a fight against energy shields or organic targets, there's a weapon that can be used to make mincemeat out of them. They often are unwieldy to those without protective armor or strength as it is hard to aim with the recoil at best and severely harm the user at worst. It would also be a mistake to see that the Grineer stick to what they know since some of their weapons resort to more unusual ideas to gain an advantage over their enemies (such as using their ships as rams), meaning they won't just use ballistic weaponry to get the drop on the opposition. It's thanks to their access to the Pantheon that their horizons have broadened, and it's only a matter of time where they'll adapt to the denizens abilities and powers. They would reach out to corporations that specialize in war if it wasn't for their negative relationship with the Corpus due to accusations of exploiting the Grineer.
    • One of their notable searches for technology to adapt was when they tried taking Vex tech for themselves. It was difficult, the Vex always coming in and dismantling any forms of progress made on hijacking their tech, often killing everyone involved then disappearing without a trace. Even as the clones started anticipating the radiolarian cyborgs have started fending them off though progress is still quite slow due to the corrupting nature of Vex tech. A repeat of Captain Vor is unneeded, but all the advantages gained would make the effort worth it. Though, going by Dr. Tengus's actions with the Technocyte Plague, it's unknown how long until they do away with caution.
  • The House of Family but especially any child in the pantheon LOATHE the Twin Queens for the practice of Continuity which is accomplished by Mind Raping a child through use of illusions to the point where they cross the Despair Event Horizon and are nothing more than an empty shell. The person who wants a new body then transfers their mind unto the child's, thus completing the disturbing practice of the Orokin's immortality. The Kuva Guardians, who give the Tenno considerable trouble are a massive issue for those wanting to go after them. If that wasn't enough, they are only located in the Kuva Fortress, which is constantly moving around the Pantheon and is surprisingly difficult to locate. You can understand why they're abhorred by many Hope Bringers as a result.
  • Despite their blatant xenophobia, they are open to help should it present itself and those who side with them are paid a respectable amount once it is over. Though participating in the conflicts is rather dangerous. Often they clash with the Daleks due to their attitudes, often resulting in very destructive conflicts. If one supports the Grineer's hated enemies for far too long, Vay Hek would send in the Grustrag Three, a group of Grineer reconditioned after getting too impatient and killed their own due to their deteriorating mental states. Since they are noted to have superb skill in combat due to genetics, they were brought about to what they were today. Those who fall against them will have their efficiency against Grineer severely stunted until they get it off with a specific release.
  • One of the few organizations that come close to being an "ally" are the ADVENT and the Combine. It's done pragmatically, of course, since the Pantheon's denizens are much stronger than they have anticipated. By doing this, their use of cloning wouldn't be exhausted and be put to more better use on adversaries they want to wipe off the face of this world. Of course, once hostilities escalate all bets are off.
    • The Grineer queens have expressed special interest in ADVENT's Avatars, as they would make excellent hosts for their consciousnesses to inhabit, especially since the avatar's don't have any minds of their own. The Elders are wary of giving them this, though, since if the Grineer ever manage to figure out how to create more Avatars, they may decide that they no longer need ADVENT's assistance.
    • Due to both of their aforementioned allies' ties, they also partnered up eith the Unbidden. The Grineer noticed a similarity between the Shroud and the Void, although it was proven they were not quite the same. They admit they show some interest in the Unbidden's technology, a substitute for the lack of Orokin tech found in the Pantheon. As usual, once their enemies are dead they will inevitably turn on each other.
  • Because Grineer genetics is far from perfect, every so often a Grineer soldier may not be loyal to the Queens and are likely to betray their brethren. Traitors generally don't last long if the Steel Merdian doesn't intervene, and the Grineer are working to remedy this alongside their degeneration problems, although they can't do much to the latter due to their trope and that if they do succeed they'll have their divinity be put at risk. They believe they'll at the very least slow it down if they look into the various healers like those in their House. Many of their foes are preventing them from even going near them.
  • Because of their mortal enemies, they are bound to find deities who share coincidentally share various traits with. The first among many incidents was when the Grineer had thought that there was a Wukong Warframe that was in the Pantheon. Almost immediately they sent in an army to try and get rid of him to which both parties refuse to talk about. Then there were the two Pendragons which the Excalibur Warframe is inspired from, (there was also Excalibur, no points as to why the Grineer hate him). Amon is another example, reminding them too much of the Orokin they hate to the very core.
  • A textbook definition of fascism, as evidenced by any war crime you could name in their conquests. Raiden, who made his name among the clones after the former heard about the long list of atrocities they've committed and cut loads of them down. They also have gotten the attention of SCP-516 and SCP-2578-D, who also abhor the clones for everything they've done. The latter frequently fires upon the Grineer and has come to blows when they get fed up and bring out the Balor Fomorians. B.J. Blazkowicz goes after them for the same reasons, a large thorn on the Grineer's ongoing operations within the Pantheon.
  • Have been subjected to frequent raids by the Eliksni, who most of the time manage to evade the clones. Occasionally they'll step out from the shadows and try and engage but don't expect it to be anything large, they'll lose horribly in an upfront confrontation. Many deities question why they target the clones often as they can, though it could be attributed to their bitterness towards humanity and that they needed someone to truly take their hatred out on without much of the higher ups of the Pantheon gunning for them. Both the brutal militant clones and the cutthroat raiders show no forms of mercy toward one another, and getting caught the crossfire is often a death sentence.
  • After the ascension of the Wisps, the Nightwatch corps of the Grineer have made their moves on capturing the aliens for the purposes of slowing down their aging, though they find the benefits of enhancing the bulk of their forces a good quite promising too. Heading such immoral research is Tyl Regor, who seems very adament on having as much of the aliens as he can and as such Grineer forces have made it a point to sabotage the efforts of anyone else trying to get their hands on them. As a result the likes of Hunter J, Dr Weil, Dr Wily, Wat Tambor, and Ghetsis Harmonia have found themselves on the Grineer's long list of enemies.
  • Also stationed at the House of Medical Conditions, their original stronghold in the Pantheon after their opening attack on the House of Nature and blowing the House of Defense to kingdom come.
  • "Grineer dominance is inevitable."

    Lea (CrossCode
"Hi! Lea! Bye!"

Lea, Goddess of Independent and Unique Clones (Blue-Haired Spheromancer, Spheromancer Lea)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Spheromancer class emblem, or alternatively the horned headpiece of hers.
  • Theme Song: Lea!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Made of Instant Matter, Damaged By Water Due To The Previous Trope, Badass Adorable, Cute Mute, Problematic Communication Ability From A Flawed Speech Processor, Using Circled Blades As A Spheromancer, Elemental Powers, Flawed Prototype, Silent Snarker, Learning Her Real Origins In A Harsh Manner, Nearly Losing Her Mind From The Revelation, Capable of Living, Feeling, and Acting Like A Real Person
  • Domains: Technology, Clones, Gaming, Virtual Reality, AIs
  • Herald: Sergey Asimov (Her guide)
  • High Priest: Captain Rex
  • Allies: Apollo Justice, Data, The Lyoko Warriors, Alan Turing, The Haro, KOS-MOS, Rei Ayanami, Quote and Curly Brace, Yuna, The Doki Doki Literature Club, Kaede Honjou, Chiaki Nanami, Jill Stingray, Hayashi and Lily, Kei Shirogane, Jack Skellington, Saffron of The Eden Travelers, Tron, Kirito and Asuna, Iji Kataiser, Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE
  • Odd Friendship with: Dorothy Haze
  • Friendly Rivalry with: The other Lea, Yuuki Kono, X-23
  • Pities: Mewtwo, Frankenstein's Monster, The 501st Legion
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines in general, but the following even more: Nobuyuki Sugou, Master Control Program, XANA, Love Machine, Big Brother, Horde Prime
  • Opposed by: .GIFfany
  • Wary Of: Oogie Boogie, Saitama, Santa Claus
  • Avoids: The House of Water and Moisture
  • Good Counterpart to: Rau Le Creuset
  • Lea is a player of an in-universe virtual MMO known as CrossWorlds, created by the Instatainment company, where players, also known as Seekers, travel through the world of Shadoon to master the four elements of Heat, Cold, Shock, and Wave, and overcome the land's challenges. Seekers take the form of classes including Tribladers, Quadroguards, Pentafists, Hexacasts, and Spheromancers, of which Lea is the latter. Plays the game under the guise of regaining memories from a coma-induced amnesia, only to find out that that she is really an Evotar, an advanced AI-controlled avatar with no past life beyond being programmed to life, and learns to accept and overcome that truth, and at the same time prove to the world that she is just as much of a valid character as the original person she was cloned from.
  • Lea had just logged out after completing a series of quests, but once she decided to log back in, she was quick to realize that she was not in any familiar area of CrossWorlds, if she was even still in that game. Wandering towards the House of Gaming, a place somewhat more akin to the CrossWorlds MMO she knew, she encountered an anonymous man who claiming to be a Quest NPC. Familiar with the usual fetch quests, she went collecting odd materials lying around the Pantheon, until she entered a certain temple that locked her in, which led to the fake Quest NPC revealing themselves as Nobuyuki Sugou, who was planning to make the visiting mortal his prisoner. In the middle of his laughter, however, he was suddenly attacked by both Kirito and Asuna, who noticed the digital avatar roaming and the fake quest giver that interacted with her.
  • After being given the chance to escape, Lea would run to another part of the House of Gaming, meeting two robots who noticed Lea wandering around. While communication was troublesome, Curly asked if she was new to the Pantheon, and Lea nodded in response. Leading her to the Court of the Gods, they introduced Lea to some of the authorities of the Pantheon, and also were baffled by her odd lack of vocabulary. Eventually, they found out about her friend, Sergey, who was given access to the Pantheon through a digital avatar of his own, a Pentafist. After re-establishing a remote connection with Lea, and explaining her situation and her identity as a digital clone of a human player to the court, Lea was ascended under the trope of Clones Are People, Too.
  • Lea's current list of vocabulary allowed by her limited speech module is:
    • "Hi", "Lea", "Bye", "How", "Why", "Thanks", "Sorry", "Wait", and "Meet".
  • Lea can also use hand gestures or movements to communicate, but she doesn't know how to write. This ended up being a huge problem during her initial meetup with the Doki Doki Literature Club, but over time, she utilized her ability to listen and understand their dialogue to earn their friendship, and she still visits them often to listen to whatever they have to say.
  • While Lea's temple, resembling a simple two-story house, is located in within the House of Artificial Beings, Lea highly prefers to stay in the House of Gaming, trying out all of the activities she can partake in, which was pretty much everything that didn't involve a lot of mutual word-based communication, due to her flawed speech module. From action to puzzle and even time-management games, she became a popular visitor of the House, which eventually lead to her being friends with both the human and AI counterparts of Chiaki, who at first appreciated Lea's passion for gaming, but later came to admire her for overcoming her struggle and despair from realizing she wasn't a real person but an AI clone.
  • While Lea had never desired any form of machine supremacy, given that many of her friends were also humans in real life, being the target of multiple deities from the Grand United Alliance of Machines, including the Master Control Program, XANA, and Love Machine, only made her fearful of all the malicious A.I.s in the Pantheon going after her for her unique properties as an Evotar, at least until meeting the Lyoko Warriors who helped Lea escape her pursuers and also guiding her around the House of Technology until she left, in the process referring her to the Gears Of Liberation movement to find more friends there.
  • After gaining Sergey's approval, Lea managed to befriend Tron, and had Sergey collaborate with him to make Lea a member of the part of the Gears Of Liberation to represent other AI clones like her. Quickly befriending deities she recognized being from or visiting the House of Gaming, primarily Iji (surprisingly, Lea likes to hang out with both the Pacifist and Berserker counterparts) and Megaman.EXE. While a great fighter on her own, she doesn't really participate in their missions unless Sergey is online to help her, which enables Lea to be a very effective infiltrator for digital worlds and dealing with malicious digital entities as a combat hacker.
  • Lea's friendly nature has earned her friendship from both KOS-MOS and Data, helping them understand human feelings and empathy, the both of them appreciating her attempts to reach out to them. She also visits Rei's temple in order to befriend and also help Rei understand her own emotions. While initially put off by her energetic attitude and her inability to speak proper sentences, she's slowly warming up to the Evotar.
  • Being an avatar made of a special technology called Instant Matter, she retains its properties of dissolving when sufficiently submerged in water, which made every area with a lot of water, the House of Water and Moisture especially, problematic for travelling through, so she stays away from them entirely. Unlike in her home world, however, her Heat and Cold abilities can blast or freeze water with sufficient strength, so she isn't at a complete disadvantage against anyone with water-related powers.
    • Instant Matter is also really light, which was learned when Pippi Longstocking was in a rush to get to the House of Food, ran into Lea and sent the Evotar flying far into the sky on accident. Lea wasn't mad at her for the incident but has grown cautious about the fact that even a child could send her flying as a result of being that light-weighted.
  • Gossip about Lea's ability to feel human emotions and act just like human beings would reach Alan Turing, who invited Lea to meet him in person, and observe her abilities as an Evotar through a customized Turing Test he created for this occasion. Similar to a Turing Test she went through to win the support for Evotars in her own world, she proved to have the same capabilities as any AI, but in spite of her limited choice of vocal responses, Turing adapted the test around it and found that her ability to understand human matters, including the likes of emotion, were at the very least a high cut above a majority above many robots and A.I.s in the Pantheon, earning Turing's respect.
  • Kirito and Asuna decided to properly introduce themselves to Lea and befriend her, since unlike them, she doesn't have a "real world" to come back to, and from there, they've been great friends that enjoy hanging around in the House of Gaming. In spite of her speech issues, they've still managed to have good teamwork in co-op activities. Noting her incredible excitement for fighting and her skill, the two introduced Lea to their friend Yuuki Konno, who became curious in her abilities as an Evotar, and so they dueled each other repeatedly until Lea got tired. While Yuuki did win every duel, she did note that Lea was learning from her skills at a very quick pace, and had potential to be a serious competitor.
    • Sometimes, Lea meets their abridged counterparts instead, but still manages to participate in their antics as if they were their normal counterparts. Somehow, she's failed to recognize that they aren't the same individuals, in spite of their very different personalities. It doesn't help that the two pairs are never in the same place when she meets either of them.
  • Being a player of an in-universe MMO, she's willing to help other deities experienced with virtual reality MMORPGs in quests, including Yuna, Kaede, and Hayashi & Lily. They get along well, even though on occasion Lea can't help but make sneering faces and aside glances whenever any of the tropes they hold bring their party into embarassing situations, much to their annoyance.
    • Lea also travels with Shiroe for the purpose of further exploring the Pantheon or to go dungeon crawling, due to finding his personality similar to a mortal friend of hers, C'Tron.
  • When it came to fellow clones and artificial beings, she came to pity Frankenstein's Monster and Mewtwo for their inability to be understood by most human deities and being a clone created to serve sinister criminals, respectively. Mewtwo does repeatedly reject her attempts to be friendly, swatting her away with telekinesis every time she meets the Pokémon. Unfortunately for Mewtwo, this hasn't discouraged Lea from attempting to be their friend. X-23 was also annoyed by Lea initially, but her attempts to make her back off turned into melee duels, which ended up becoming their way of bonding, and releasing tension for X-23.
  • Lea's resolve to her Clone Angst made her an enemy of Rau Le Crouset, who chose to make humanity suffer for abusing him as a clone where Lea chose to maintain friendship with her human friends. Representing a future of clones treated just as humanely as their original counterparts, Rau Le Crouset can't help but look at her with both disgust and envy for the treatment for her bonds with humanity that she retained in spite of initially being treated as an Expendable Clone like him.
  • Pointing out the horns on her head is a very quick way to annoy her. They aren't there on her own accord, being put on her head by Sergey a long time ago as a joke, and can't be removed, to her dismay. However, she still got along with Saffron of the Eden Travelers even before either of them ascended, and it's not uncommon to see them working together. Furthermore, they may even switch places and deal with each other's situations. They tried some prank where Saffron would dress up as Lea, which managed to surprise her friends, though Lea disguising as Saffron wouldn't really work out, flawed speech and all.
  • Visiting the Court of the Gods again out of curiosity, she encountered Apollo Justice, who she constantly bombarded with question words and suspicious expressions. Before the situation could escalate, Sergey had managed to connect with Apollo's cellphone to explain Lea's behavior. For some reason, Lea believed Apollo to be related to another friend and rival of hers also named Apollo, with fancy hair, a desire to pursue justice, and being loud. While rather intimidated by all of the similarties between him and this rival of hers, the attorney decided to be on good terms with the Evotar, but not before informing her that he would never ask Lea for a duel.
    • She would later find someone who would ask Lea for a duel every now and then, also named Lea, due to curiosity in her abilities and also their usage of similar weaponry. Due to experience with fighting Spheromancer, the red-haired Lea would find himself greatly impressed by her combat prowess, so they still duel every once in a while for fun.
  • Somehow managed to befriend Dorothy Haze, who regularly discussed rather lewd things with her whenever they met. In spite of Lea's speech issues, Dorothy still enjoyed talking with her, if only for the mix of embarassed smiles and funny smirks whenever she mentioned "balls" in any context. Sergey can't help but groan every time he ends up listening in on their conversations, but she's a good friend to Lea so he didn't mind too much.
    • One day, Dorothy invited her to go play with "balls", and by balls, she meant the Haro, who were quick to greet her and play games with her, much to Lea's gratefulness and Sergey's relief that Dorothy's invitation was not a Sexual Euphemism.
    • Lea later got to learn about Dorothy's friend, Jill Stingray, through the former's constant referrals. They did get along, and Lea did try to take her job for 1 day. While Lea did manage the brewing very well, her ability as a bartender was set back by her lack of effective communication once again, to the dismay of both of them.
  • Both Sergey and Lea despise how Evotars were originally used before they became known to the public: As memory doubles of their original counterparts to be tortured for personal information. Among all the crooked figures in the Pantheon, Big Brother has shown the most interest in utilizing Evotars like Lea for such purposes, especially for seeking out Thoughtcrime, much to their concern. They don't sit well with Horde Prime who's abused clones for his personal gain either.
  • Lea's ability to deal with video-game related deities has made her a source of frustration for .GIFfany whenever she's going after someone else in the Pantheon or her. Even when she gets the upper hand on her, Sergey provides Lea support through a digital orb, temporarily boosting her stats, keeping Lea at the top of her game. She also silently envies Lea's ability to make friends with so many deities and humans outside of their video games, but try saying that in front of her face.
  • Somehow, she's familiar with Oogie Boogie of all people, having been a Quest NPC in CrossWorlds as far as she remembers. He attempted to get her to beat up his nemesis, Jack Skellington, but due to problems communicating with the deity of Halloween, he interpreted her presence as a request for participating in some sort of Halloween performance. After telling her that it wasn't Halloween yet, which Lea attempted to respond to with little success, to the point of frustrating Oogie Boogie, who was hiding nearby. He didn't realize the stupidity of shouting to Jack that Lea wanted to fight him until he received a Death Glare from the former deity. Running away as a result of his failed scheme, Jack decided to forgive Lea for the trouble, and she later repayed in kind by actually participating in a Halloween festival with him, primarily jump-scaring people while saying "Hiiiiiii!"
  • Tried a game of poker in the House of Gaming. Unfortunately, being an AI did nothing to help her last long since she can't make a poker face to save her own life. Being an AI with the ability to think and feel like a real human has its price. Others are simply glad that even advanced AIs like Lea have her limits.
  • Has been eyeing both Saitama in the House of Heroism and Santa Claus in the House of Celebration. Sergey doesn't understand why, but he thinks that it's something really silly, given Lea's antics from time to time.
    • She can't explain it to anyone, but she has a hunch that the two deities are the same person, given that they're never in the same place together at the same time, and they're both bald.
  • Since Evotars like Lea have developed the ability to taste food, the GUAE Trollkaiger managed to get her to try Mystery Food X. Upon eating it, she initially had no reaction, but then she suddenly exploded into a bunch of Instant Matter cubes. Soon after she respawned, a loud "HOWWWWWWW!?" could be heard from her temple.
  • Sergey attempted to add more words to her speech module in order to improve her communication skills, but somehow, he accidentally activated a hidden experimental code fragment that would be known as the "Sergey Hax". To put it simply, it boosted Lea's damage output (and consequentially, her overall power) so high that she could effectively defeat almost any entity in the House of Gaming in one attack. Lea suddenly ran out of her temple to try out her skyrocketing power on practically anything she could target, with the House of Boss Design and House of Boss Fights being her biggest victims. Even Yiazmat was blitzed in a matter of seconds, traumatizing the Marathon Boss with the phrase: "HI! LEA! BYE!"
    • While Sergey couldn't find a way to deactivate her Sergey Hax, Lea was eventually stopped by the interference of Dr. Hax of all people, who launched a CRT monitor at her and knocked out the Evotar, disabling the Sergey Hax in the process. After the incident, people gossiped about Lea's sudden bloodlust during the time she was affected by the Sergey Hax. Many, Sergey himself included, believe it was a side effect of the rogue code fragment. Or was it?

    Metal Sonic 
Metal Sonic, God of Robot Imitations (Metallix the Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic, Metal Madness, Metal Overlord, Hyper Metal Sonic, Super Neo Metal Sonic, Master Overlord, Amalgam Mecha Sonic)
Click here for Neo Metal Sonic.
Click here for Metal Madness.
Click here for Metal Overlord.
Click here for Super Neo Metal Sonic.
  • Intermediate God (borderline Greater God as Neo Metal Sonic, explicitly a Greater God as Super Neo Metal Sonic, or some of his One-Winged Angel forms like Metal Overlord)
  • Symbol: The head of his Metal Overlord form
  • Theme Music: Stardust Speedway's Bad Future Theme (All three versions of the Japanese/European version, as well as both U.S. versions), Never Let It Go (Death Egg's Eye); What I'm Made Of in his Metal Overlord form
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Lawful Evil in the IDW continuity, Chaotic Evil as Neo Metal Sonic or as en masse as the Brotherhood of Metallix, tried to be Neutral Good... once)
  • Portfolio: Villainous Copies of the Hero Manipulating Pitiful Organics, Copying Lifeform Data, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Robot Me, Becoming Self-Aware and Much More Dangerous, No Mouth, I Just Want to Be You Chewing Scenery With a Vengeance, Dragon with an Agenda, Smug Snake Except Not Always, One Of Eggman's Greatest Creations, Kill and Replace, Killer Robot
  • Domains: Determination, Clones, Hatred, Robots, Complexes, Speed
  • Heralds: Silver Sonic, Robo Sonic, Mecha Sonic
  • High Priest: The R-Dash 5000
  • Varying relationship with: Dr. Eggman (his creator), Shadow the Hedgehog (usually enemies, sometimes on good terms), MechaGodzilla (depends on the model)
  • Allies: Bass, Starscream, Bowser Jr., Bowser himself, The T-1000, Syndrome, Eobard Thawne
  • Headbutting Villains with: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Bender Bending Rodriguez, Bizarro
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog (his organic template), Leroy, speedsters in general
  • Enemies: Most Sonic deities, but especially Sonic and Amy Rose, E-102 Gamma, Shortfuse The Cybernik, Mega Man Zero, X, Rainbow Dash, Barry Allen and Wally West, Stitch, Asura , Ditto, Jenny Wakeman, The Godmodder, Bill and Ted, Clark Kent/Superman, Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
  • Friendly Enemy: E-123 Omega
  • Worse Counterpart: Metallix
  • Morality Pet: Mimikyu
  • Metal Sonic was created by Dr. Eggman to be Sonic's ultimate match. Just as fast and just as powerful, Metal Sonic is obsessed with proving his superiority to the point of seeing himself as the real Sonic. Occasionally this has led to him not being on level with Eggman and even rebelling, but if you can count on anything with Metal, it's being dedicated to his prime directive. More persistant than any other robot double and sometimes even needing Sonic to work with others to defeat him, he may be the greatest creation of the good doctor.
  • Metal Sonic is on bad terms with most of the Sonic cast, especially after he struck out on his own. However he and Shadow would later bond when Eggman had the two work to deal with Eggman Nega. Their time was short, but both showed concern and Metal even tried to damage himself to get him a Chaos Emerald. This tends not to be translated into other media, so they're usually enemies.
  • Whether or not Metal can talk depends on his current programming. Eggman has given him the ability to talk in the pantheon for convenience, however he is hesitant to upgrade him back to his Neo Metal Sonic form in fear he will rebel again. In that form he has Power Copying, and achieved a One-Winged Angel by copying significant enough data. With the ability to shapeshift and metal away if need be, Neo Metal Sonic has been compared to the T-1000. He takes it as a compliment, as he respects the liquid Terminator for being a competent, dedicated robot with an independent streak strong enough SKYNET as a last resort.
    • Metal has been trying to copy Ditto's data as he believes that with the Imposter ability and/or the move Transform, it would cut down on the steps needs to reach his perfect form.
  • Metal Sonic isn't even the only robotic doppelganger of Sonic; there's also Mecha Sonic and Silver Sonic. Eggman Nega even made a copy of Metal himself in Metal Sonic 3.0. However Metal Sonic is by far the most successful model and demonstrates the most personality. He is aware of E-101 Beta and E-102 Gamma, however isn't interested in them as they don't really aid or hinder his goal. Gamma by contrast sees him as a threat for among other things his kidnapping of Amy Rose during his debut
  • With the ascension of his old associate, Bass, both Sonic and Mega Man have braced themselves for the next clash against their Evil Counterparts. He also found another Evil Counterpart to as a High ...Priest the R-Dash 5000, forcing their organic counterparts to put their intense rivalry on hold. Much like them, the two bots have ignored any instance of Crossover Shipping.
  • Metal Sonic's friendship with Bass is fueled by the fact they are determined to prove their own superiority to their template. However Metal is more unstable as he considers himself the true Sonic and thinks killing him will secure it. Deep down, he's insecure about it. Bizarro is sympathetic towards Metal because he wants to be like Superman despite his backwards thinking, and actually agrees with him that he is the real Sonic. Metal finds Bizarro's goofiness and lunacy frustrating, but deep in his processor he's touched by Bizarro's empathy.
  • Him and E-123 Omega are full-fledged enemies, especially given the latter's directive to destroy Eggman and all the robots who work for him. However they still like hanging out on their off-time. Omega picked him up after his defeat in Sonic Heroes, and they found they have a lot in common; a desire to prove themselves as worthy and superior robots, which was why Metal is motivated to rebel against Eggman from time to time. Omega wishes he'd fully abandon Eggman for that goal as they could become true friends that way.
  • Was part of Dr. Eggman's forces during his battle with Dr. Wily, but during the battle, he was infected with the Roboenza virus after he started to defeat all of Robot Masters. He then proceeded to destroy EVERYONE on the battlefield, and the majority of the world. Wiz and Boomstick wisely decided to declare him the victor after he stopped rampaging. Which was after they called in Asura to defeat him.
    • By some leap in logic, Wiz and Boomstick are bringing him back for another episode to fight Zero. The Pantheon is just hoping it doesn't end up like the last time. Fortunately Zero was able to defeat him before he caused any major damage but this has only caused Metal Sonic determined to try and surpass the Maverick Hunter in strength.
  • Being a robot that wants to prove his own superiority, he agrees with a lot of the GUAM's arguments. He's even tried to rule a robot empire during his rebellious phase. However Metal's focus is proving he is the true Sonic, not machine supremacy in itself, and is well aware some of the heads of the GUAM would reprogram him for their own end. He makes it clear he works for himself and they are there to help him with that, not the other way around. It's not too surprising he and Starscream get along well. Metal also likes Bender for his in-your-face attitude and humor, even if he finds him a Jerkass at time. Plus Bender is annoyed that he can't take alcohol with No Mouth or smoke. This led to an argument at a bar
    Metal Sonic: "I can't smoke? How the hell can you smoke; you don't have any lungs!"
  • Holds a grudge against the Godmodder for a certain incident that resulted in him getting Glitched out of existence for several months. A number of heroic robots tends to fight against him. Metal is also a competitive type who tends to square off against speedsters, like Rainbow Dash and the Flashes. He wishes to gain access to the Speed Force, and is working under the Reverse-Flash in order to obtain it and prove his superiority. He and Syndrome also work together in order to prove themselves to their respective arch-enemies.
  • Bill and Ted have had their own experience tangling with an evil robot doppelganger, so they know Metal Sonic is not to be messed with. Metal disregards their concern as he considers their robot doubles idiotic, though he is interested in harassing them for their time machine. Metal was more interested in Superman's (heroic) use of robot substitutes as he wants to incorporate their abilities into himself.
  • From meetings between Eggman and Bowser, he's met up with Bowser Jr., and they for some reason get along remarkably well. This has led to many incinerated ice cream stores and destroyed playgrounds. That said, their first actual mission together (with his creator and the Koopa King) didn't start off as great. During their first GUAE joint operation, Bowser Jr. had been looking for some "cool toys" to play with. Metal Sonic was the assigned guard for the room he was checking, and the two prepared to tussle. Only for Metallix to barge in and tear his head off, before then bringing the beatdown to his opponent in just one minute. Ever since his humiliating defeat, he's become that much more determined to get stronger.
  • Metal doesn't just hate Metallix for his defeat, but because he legitimately thinks he's an unhinged monster. Metallix has tried to point out that not only is he effectively the same robot as Metal, but in one continuity he was about as hostile to all life as the Killer Robot. The Blue Bot countered by saying that the Emperor Metallix and his kind were created by Grimer and are a group instead of a singular entity like himself. Like Eggman distancing himself from his Overlander counterpart, Metal Sonic distances himself from the Brotherhood of Metallix.
  • In one universe Metal is incredibly loyal to Eggman, serving as an interim leader while he was incapacited as Mr Tinker. Interestingly, he is as competent loyal as he was in his big rebellious stint. In another, he was mentally connected to Sonic. So far it's the only incarnation to get over his complex over Sonic, even denying being saved by Sonic to protect him as "there is only one Sonic". One wonders what might happen to the main Metal Sonic if he ever accepts he is a fake and Sonic is the only true Sonic.
  • Metal Sonic has a soft spot for Mimikyu, even if she isn't evil. As Mimikyu envies and wants to be loved like Pikachu, going so far as to dress up as the Electric Mouse Pokemon, it isn't surprising someone like Metal may show he has a figurative heart to her. Because he's a robot Metal can survive witnessing Mimikyu's true form, however it still gives him a headache. Some asked Metal what Mimikyu actually looks like.
    Metal Sonic: "Small, clawed feet and limbs, black was hard to focus beyond that".
  • Has a rivalry with Leroy as they were both created to be the villain's own version of the blue hero. Leroy boasts that along with being as strong as him, his ability to turn blue lets him be a better impersonator. Metal Sonic decries Leroy as not being defined by anything outside of being an evil Stitch, only for Leroy to call him out for being a complete Hypocrite due to Metal's obsession with being the real Sonic. Metal admitted he had a point, but still states he's the superior Evil Knockoff.
  • Metal Sonic shares Jeanne d'Arc Alter's angst in being second best, but her woes and attempts are ineffectual at worst so he lacks any respect for her. She would rather stand on her own anyways without harming the original Jeanne, so she considers his obsession with Sonic rather insane.

    The T- 850 
The Series 850 Terminator Model 101 Infiltration-Combat Unit, God of Getting The Same Sentiment As Their Doppelganger

    Vivio Takamachi 
Vivio Takamachi, Goddess of Cloned Messiahs (The Saint King, The Sankt Kaiser, Sankt Regina Olivie)

Lesser Gods

    Boris the Animal 
Boris, God of Loathing His Past Self (Boris the Animal)
Boris in 2012(left) and 1969(right)
Click here for his true form(spoilers)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His symbiote Weasel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Monstrous Humanoid, Hates Being Called "Boris the Animal" And His Lost Arm, Large Ham, Evil Sounds Deep, Despising His Younger Self (the feeling's mutual), Psycho for Hire, For the Evulz, Last Of An Incorrigible Kind, Obviously Evil, Goggles Do Nothing, Spike Shooter, Changing History For The Worse, Among The Worst The Men In Black Have Dealt With, Eyeless Face
  • Domains: Violence, Spikes, Alien Invasion, Slaughter, Time Travel
  • Banned from: The House of Love and Affection
  • Allies: Gauron, Fenrir Greyback, SCP-106, Eobard Thawne, Dark Danny
  • Psycho for Hire to: Black Doom, The Grox, The Harvesters, General Zod, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Sheev Palpatine
  • Enemies: Agent K and Agent J, Griffin, The SCP Foundation, The Imperium of Man, Felonius Gru, Kal-El/Superman, Ragnaros the Firelord, Jack Horner, Polpo, John Connor, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, The T-800 (Uncle Bob), Danny Fenton, every deity related to the Moon, Chronoa, Future Trunks, the Doctor, James T Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Fox McCloud, the Doctor's TARDIS, Doc Brown, Flash Thompson, Ichiru and Ryoku Satou, Barry Allen, Clockwork
  • Opposes: Everyone else in the House of Prophecy
  • Commonality Connection with: The Tyranids, Tamatoa
  • Boris the Animal is the last of the Boglodites, a parasitic alien race who ravage planet after planet. Brought down by the Arc Net Shield, once he escaped from the LunarMax Prison he stole a time travel device to go back to 1969 and ensure it's never deployed. And he would've succeeded had Agent J not followed him. Boris proves to be a violent maniac who'll kill for little (if any reason), and packed with spikes to shoot making him a fearsome opponent.
  • There are two Borises in the pantheon-his 1969 and 2012 self. The 2012 Boris takes charge, and despises his younger self as a failure waiting to happen. It's so bad self-preservation is the only reason he doesn't try and kill the other Boris. The 1969 Boris doesn't think highly of his future self either, since he lived through his failures. This and being completely off his rocker led him to become a good friend of Dark Danny, who also hates his young self and refrained from killing him solely to not die. The main difference being unlike Danny, the two Borises are basically the same person.
  • Given the younger and older Boris have barely changed in personality, most think he's either projecting his anger at his failures on another version of himself, or is simply so psychopathic and hate-filled he can't even stand another version of himself. Flash Thompson, Ichiru and Ryoku Satou look down on him for not being able to make peace with his past and grow as a result.
  • Both versions have some kinship towards Eobard Thawne as they make history go horribly wrong. More so the older Boris, as they're both thoroughly horrible people who're willing to cause catastrophic events just to satisfy themselves. His villainous meddling with the time machine caught the ire of the Reverse-Flash's arch-nemesis Barry Allen. It also got the attention of Clockwork, who Boris is planning to pillage his temple for more powerful time travel devices. That, and a way he could possibly murder his past self without it erasing him.
  • The older Boris lost an arm, and it's a very touchy subject. Staring at it will set off his Hair-Trigger Temper, and both of him are even more pissed off at those who call him "Boris the Animal" (IT'S JUST BORIS!). Pointing out that he doesn't do himself any favors gets him even more pissed off, yelling "I'm a violent psychopath, but I'm still intelligent!" Fenrir Greyback related to this, as while he represents the worst stereotypes about werewolves showing Fantastic Racism towards him sets him off. Also, they're violent lunatics, so they get along.
  • Doesn't like the House of Prophecy because of the role the visionary Griffin had in his defeat. That, and skilled prophets are a counter to malevolent time travellers. And he flat-out hates every single deity who is related to or in charge of the Moon in some way. He spent over 40 years in prison on the moon, and 2012 Boris died falling into the exhaust of a launching Apollo 11. He's interested in Felonius Gru because of his shrink ray shrinking the Moon, and he wants to use it.
  • Finds the SCP Foundation to be similar to the Men in Black, which combined with their skill at sealing monsters like him away pisses him off something fierce. He's tried to break out SCP-106 as they both have a love of violence and causing pain to others. He also hates Jack Horner and Polpo, for living it up in prison. As far as he's concerned, he was treated like an animal on the Moon.
  • Him and his race is near the top of the Imperium of Mankind's shit list, and it's very easy to see why; his violent nature epitomizes the negative view they have on aliens, tried to destroy his Earth's planetary defenses and his race loots planet after planet like the Tyranids. Boris notices the Tyranids as being similar to his own kind, even being able to weaponize their body, but far more physiologically adept at harvesting worlds. He isn't going to work with them because they're animalistic, but admires them somewhat.
  • Considers his race to be similar to the Harvesters, possible even inspired from. They found his talents rather useful and have hired Boris to take out planetary defenses and prepare them for their invasion. Black Doom hired Boris for the same reasons, as did the Grox-the Boglodites wouldn't want the inhospitable worlds they live anyway, so they're safe with him plundering habitable worlds that might pose a threat. As a Psycho for Hire, him and Gauron get along.
  • Proves the right kind of psychopath that Emperor Palpatine, General Zod and Sir Isaac Westcott can use to do dirty work with without him being Stupid Evil and going against them as well. Jean-Luc Picard and Fox McCloud recognize him as being similar to the Borg and Aparoids respectively, and they're not happy with that combined with how absolutely depraved he is. The House of Love and Affection hates him for callously disposing of his girlfriend once he no longer needed her.
  • John Connor and his friends find Boris to be similar to the first T-800, being a time-travelling monster trying to change history so humanity is destroyed. Naturally, he, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and the heroic T-800 oppose him. He's also the enemy to anyone who protects the timestream and the Earth as a whole, such as the Doctor. He'd really like to steal his TARDIS and Doc Brown's time machine.
  • His main weapon is an insect-like symbiote called Weasel, who he can recall to his hollow right hand. It's his main source of spikes. He may have had another symbiote in his left arm, but doesn't want anyone to talk about it. He doesn't like Ragnaros the Firelord for derogatorily calling it, and by extension him "INSECTS!", as he finds it just as offensive as being called "The Animal". He also has a fondness for riding motorbikes.
  • Felt some sort of connection to Tamatoa, and while Boris was not amused at seeing a voice similar to his coming out of a jolly if giant crab, he now wonders if he can convince Tamatoa to help him in one of his evil missions.
  • The 1969 Boris got killed off early by Agent K, erasing 2012 Boris who now only exists in the Trope Pantheon. He hates his past self even more for getting himself killed early, instead of learning from the experience.

    Laura Kinney/X-23 
Laura Kinney, Goddess of Opposite Sex Clones (X-23, Wolverette, Captain Universe, Laura Howlett, Lady Wolverine, Laura X, Talon.)

    Niko Kanna 
Niko Kanna, Goddess of Expendable Clones (Nico, Kanna Hijiri)


    Lars Fillmore 
Lars Fillmore, God of Temporal Duplicates (originally Philip J Fry)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An old photo of himself, Fry, and Leela
  • Theme Song: 30th Century Man by Scott Walker
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, an Older and Wiser Alternate Self of Fry, Living Paradox Duplicate (Which He Didn't Know For 12 Years), Sort Of Future Badass, Rival Of Affection For His Original Self, Doomed Because Of His Paradoxical Nature, Heroic Sacrifice, Being The Source Of The Time Code That Created Him, Temporal Paradox
  • Domains: Time Travel, Copies, Alternate Paths, The Head Museum, Love, Reveals
  • Special relationship with: Philip J Fry (his original/alternate self)
  • Allies: Fry's allies (especially Leela and Rory Williams), both Trunks, Flash Thompson, George, Tenri Ayukawa
  • On good terms with: Mariente Dupain-Cheng and Adrian Agreste, Anzu Mazaki
  • On speaking terms with: Ben Tennyson
  • Enemies: Fry's enemies, The Hounds of Tindalos, The Dehaka, Fused Zamasu, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Randall Ross, Nerif the Oracle, Porky Minch
  • Opposes: EMIYA
  • Sympathy for the Devil for: Nox
  • Avoids: Funny Valentine
  • Pitied by: The Doctor
  • The Time Code allows one to ignore temporal paradoxes and go back in time, at the cost of being one way. When Fry was being chased by the scammers and sick of how Leela was dating Lars Fillmore, leading to him going back to half an hour after he was originally frozen. He used the time code to get pizza and created a copy of himself. The original Fry fell into the same tube the earliest version was in to return, the copy spent 12 years having to deal with unrequited love. Then after his larynx was burned and hair burned off, he realize he was Lars, and re-froze himself to meet Leela again.
  • By his nature a paradox, though it wasn't until his wedding that Lars learned he was a doomed duplicate which is why he broke it off. He sacrificed himself to save Leela from Nudar with a doomed Bender duplicate. The Pantheonic Time Police was initially apprehensive of a living paradox like Lars ascending, but as he's otherwise harmless and fits the trope of Temporal Duplication his revival was permitted. While he's been restored, Lars has accepted he won't be able to be back with Leela as she's together with the original Fry.
  • As he and Fry were the same entity for 33 years(technically 1033), Fry's allies and enemies are his allies and enemies. Besides Leela, he has a further appreciation of Rory due to how the flow of time has made him pine particularly hard for his beloved. While 50 biologically, Lars has spent an extra 1990 years of his life frozen. 988 of those involved three versions of the same person in the same facility.
  • The Doctor pities Lars' situation as a doomed clone. He was forced to remove the Older Amy to save her younger self, after all, he doesn't like how the laws of time made Lars doomed. In turn, Lars has some sympathy for Nox as all the effort in time travel made to save his family was All for Nothing. That said, he doesn't approve of what he did.
  • Because Lars Fillmore's existence is temporal and ontological (twice!) paradox, Clock Roaches despise him. The Hounds of Tindalos and the Dehaka have tried to hunt him down. Lars would also be destroyed if he touches Fry, though only if Funny Valentine and his Stand is in the proximity. So he tends to avoid being anywhere near the 23rd president.
  • Though a paradox, Lars would rather not mess with time. He became a duplicate in the first place because he didn't want to abuse the time code for pizza like Fry. As such, he doesn't like how Nerif the Oracle caused a Reality-Breaking Paradox. He also hates how Randall Ross tried to use time travel to destroy time itself. On the other side of the coin, Zamasu is disgusted by Lars' very existence due to the time code, and Lars considers him reprehensibly evil.
  • Lars really doesn't like how remorseless Eobard Thawne abuses time travel and changing things to get whatever his selfish heart desires, along with having Yandere tendencies to boot. Reverse-Flash regards Lars as suffering from a sore lack of ambition for a living paradox like himself, and prides being able to break and twist history without repercussion.
  • George's hatred of how confusing and messy time travel has Lars' sympathy given the complicated relationship he had to Fry, and wants to see if he can help. Due to that complicated relationship he has with Fry and how it's complicated their love life, he can relate to Anzu's feelings towards and alter ego, and the weird two person love triangle that Mariente and Adrian have.
  • Lars' sympathies are with Tenri due to her unrequited love, and the fact that as both Lars and Fry he had the belief of wanting his beloved to be happy, though with a twist due to his nature. During his new existence, Lars Fillmore was a whale caretaker and head feeder of the head museum. He's met the jarred heads of a number of historical figures, though the versions ascended have different recollections to what he's used to. But they do appreciate the job he held. He also does jar jobs for people who get decapitated.
  • Interested to learn of a number of deities who've met their time-displaced selves. He was interested to see that the two Trunks in the pantheon share a similar dynamic to him and Fry, with one being immature and the other Older and Wiser. He appreciates how Flash Thompson matured and mellowed over time. He also finds Ben's interactions with various future selves of his to be interesting. On the other side of the coin, Lars Fillmore was disturbed by how psychotically childish and malicious Porky Minch became through his abuse of time travel, never maturing like Lars did.
  • Finds EMIYA quite abrasive; sure, even he somewhat dislikes his other self but at least he didn't try to outright kill him out of shame which EMIYA did, only it was out of wanting to die for good . EMIYA understands Lars' reasons but was still irked that the latter is attempting to achieve something that will never be fulfilled, not unlike his own goal.