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Primus, God of Mechanical Lifeforms (Cybertron itself, Heart of Cybertron, Wellspring of All Sparks, Supreme Class Wave 2, Last of the Light Gods, Lord of Light, Rung of the Pious Poolsnote )
  • Overdeity (though his general policy of noninterference limits his powers and influence to that of a Greater God at most); Intermediate God as Rung
  • Symbol: The Autobot Matrix of Leadership, Cybertron itself
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Lawful Evil as his Shattered Glass counterpart)
  • Portfolio: Robotic Lifeforms, Physical God, God of Light, Big Good, Living Planet, Creator-God of Cybertronians, His destruction leads to reality breaking or messing up, Must stay transformed to prevent the death of all Cybertronians, Not Without His Flaws, King in the Mountain, Sometimes a bestower of the Matrix of Leadership
  • Domains: Artifice, Good, Law, Sun, Radiance, Life, Metal, Transformation (overall) Therapy (Rung)
  • Heralds: The Thirteen Primesnote 
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Tommy Oliver
  • Enemies:
  • Source of Interest to: Church of the Broken God
  • Heart of Cybertron. Lord of Light. Wellspring of All Sparks. Last of the Light Gods. These are many titles used to describe the creator-god of Transformers, Primus. His origins dating back to the creation of the multiverse, Primus is a force of good that exists all across the multiverse, protecting countless universes against his brother and sworn enemy, Unicron the Chaos-Bringer. Transforming himself into Cybertron, he was responsible for the creation of all Cybertronians, the Thirteen Primes being his first creations. Each spark of Cybertronian is a tiny piece of his very essence, and part of his lifeforce resides within the Matrix of Leadership. In spite of his wisdom and unbelievable power, he's not without fault, being outwitted once by Galvatron, making once a miscalculation that almost doomed the multiversenote , and allowing one of his earliest creations, The Fallen, to betray him. Even then, in spite of his mistakes, he's still successfully held off against Unicron and all other threats, either directly or through his own mechanical children.
  • Primus was ascended in the Pantheon during its first days of formation, but the weakness of his temple left many concerned about what would happen should the Court of the Gods choose to remove him, fearing that it would result in their homeworld just disappearing from the Pantheon (mind you, Primus is Cybertron). The Autobots decided to make a plea to the Court of the Gods to renew his title as a God of Mechanical Lifeforms, with the reasoning that he is the creator-god of all Transformers, who by themselves are Mechanical Lifeforms, and he himself is known to take form of a giant planet-sized Cybertronian with Cybertron itself serving as his alt-mode, which means no one of the Transformers could represent the trope better than him. The Court listened and accepted their proposal, renewing Primus' temple once more. Though Primus himself requested that the next time they consult him before making rash actions about his Pantheonic fate, he was still grateful for his children for allowing him to stay.
  • For a very long time, a rumor persisted among the deities that the Pantheon was actually built on Primus, which was evidenced by someone digging so deep they ended up hitting metal. As it turned out, the metal actually belonged to the underground facility of the House of Machinery and Technology...and then another rumor was spread that the House of Machinery and Technology was actually built on Primus, on whom the Pantheon stands. The rumors were disproven when the Autobots and the Decepticons stated that Primus is actually Cybertron, floating in space, away from Earth and other planets of the Pantheon. They also disproved a rumor that Dr. Eggman was the one who built him, and the "evidence", Eggman's insignia printed on Primus' chassis, turned out to be materialized there as a prank from Discord, who wanted to cause a steer For the Lulz. By that time, the deities were sick of arguing and demanded others to stop speculating about Primus's Pantheonic role like that.
  • Though, in spite of his great power, he has a general policy of non-interference, as he must stay transformed as Cybertron to prevent the destruction of Transfomers' race and homeworld, he truly prioritizes the Autobot side of the conflict over the Decepticon's, even though both sides hold him in high regard. After all, it was his Matrix that chose Optimus Prime as a leader, which is furthered by the fact that, more often than not, Optimus is one of his 13 original Primes. Given that he wished for the Transformers to live in an era of peace after Unicron's destruction, he dislikes the Decepticons for tarnishing said intended peace with their desire of conquest and destruction. Also, he has a hard time with Starscream, who once tried to destroy him to obtain his power, thus earning him the Transformer god's ire. Primus was also not happy at all to learn that his brother Unicron is in the Pantheon. Though Unicron is currently busy competing with the likes of Galactus and the Death Star, he still hasn't forgotten his goal of destroying Primus and personally swore to get him one day. Primus is preparing himself for that day.
  • A benevolent machine god, he gets along very well with another fellow machine god Mata Nui, thanks to their similar sizes and dispositions towards their subjects. They both are also known for not meddling in the affairs of their creations, though, unlike Primus, who simply doesn't like to interfere due to his non-interference clause, Mata Nui is simply mostly unaware of the beings on his body. Said positive relationship earned Primus an approval of heroic Toa and an enmity of Teridax.
    • He also gets along well with other benevolent gods in the Pantheon. He is a close ally of Cosmos, and is a firm supporter of GUAG despite his non-interference clause. He is also known to consult with Eru Iluvatar and Terry Pratchett, and, much like everyone in the Pantheon, is thankful for Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson for their massive role in contrubuting to the creation of the Pantheon.
    • His positive relationship with Cosmos earned him a fair share of enemies. He is repulsed by Melkor's vileness and Nekron's Omnicidal Mania, finding it all to similar to Unicron's desire to destroy everything out of spite, dislikes YHVH for trying to eliminate free will and turn everything into complete order, finding it similar to the Functionism that was formed in one continuity, which imposed a heavily oppressive caste system with horrible punishment for those who disobey it (he personally remembers all of it from his experience as Rung), finds Lucifer's desire to eliminate all order of all forms to be insane goal, believing that a world without order is going to be an absolute hellhole to live on, and doesn't think highly about the more oppressive movements within the Machine Uprising, since he doesn't agree with their belief of machine superiority. Yes, he is a god of Mechanical Lifeforms, but that doesn't make him prejudiced against organic life.
  • Despite his title, his compassion is not limited to "naturally-born" Mechanical Lifeforms only; he's perfectly okay with any machine that could be seen as sentient. As such, he's got as much respect for the likes of Astro Boy and Mega Man and his robotic allies, as he does for the likes of X and Zero. Primus admires Dr. Light for being a good "father" to his robotic "children", and is naturally disgusted by Dr. Weil's cruelty, especially to mechanical kind.
  • He holds deep respect for the pilots of Humongous Mecha, seeing them as very similar in spirit to his own children. Sometimes, he ponders the idea of putting sparks into their mechas, but the thoughts of them rebelling against their masters and turning to the dark side prompted him to hold off that idea for now. Primus is also extremely wary of Tommy Oliver, given how he has no qualms about sacrificing giant robots, some of them known to be the sentient ones, for the greater good, and left him a very stern warning to not sacrifice one of his own fellow Cybertronians or other sentient machines, but Tommy Oliver made no promises on that matter. Primus is the god of living machines, so in perspective it's really a matter of looking after his children.
  • Zamasu feels nothing but hatred for Primus, seeing him as one of the prime examples of gods' apathy when it comes to handling mortals' affairs, listing the ongoing Autobot-Decepticon war as "prime evidence", and personally swore to exterminate Cybertronian race, and then destroy Primus himself for his failures as a god. Primus himself is disgusted by Zamasu's hypocrisy and belief that everyone except himself is wrong, comparing him to the worst incarnations of Megatron and Starscream in that regard, a comparison Zamasu didn't take well.
  • Though he stays full-time transformed as Cybertron, he has been known to manifest himself in other bodies, separate from his perpetually transformed body. One such form resembles a golden version of Rodimus Prime. When he wants to unwind, however, he takes form of his IDW incarnation, more known as Rung of the Pious Pools. An orange bot that transforms into a device that creates crystals with energy similar to that of a Transformer's spark (and can create Matrices akin to the Matrix of Leadership, which was the first Matrix he created), he serves as the Lost Spark's unlucky psychologist. He's surprisingly good at his job, but he's stuck with the patients so messed up by the ages of war the best he can do is to keep their minds somewhat functional. In this form, he has managed to get along with the likes of fellow psychologists Frasier Crane and Takuto Makuri, who sympathize with him given what kinds of patients he has to go through. He also feels nothing but contempt for Dr. Angus Bumby and his abusive treatment of his patients, including feeding them to the Infernal Train, which reminds Rung of his former best friend-turned-bitter rival Froid, who was bringing out the worst of his patients such as Autobot Getaway or allowing his patient-partner Sundor to kill others to "research" his condition.
    • Much to the horror of many deities, it was discovered that Primus has an evil Shattered Glass counterpart, came into being when the barriers of Transformers multiverse were reinforced by the Shroud, splitting multiversal singularities into countless incarnations of themselves. A god of order who holds contempt for anything that doesn't suit his vision and seeks to destroy anything he sees as "chaos", this version of Primus had attracted interest of YHVH, and became determined to establish this form as his primary one in hopes of finding a potent ally. Primus himself is horrified by learning of this incarnation's existence and seeks to avoid taking this form no matter what. Although, he is intrigued by the version of his brother Unicron from that universe, as the idea of a good version of him is both baffling and amusing to Primus.
  • Being a living planet (for he is Cybertron), he found an ally in Mogo, a sentient planet capable of sustaining life. Of course, they don't interact much because Mogo doesn't socialize, but they still hold respect for each other, especially since after he assisted Mogo in fighting off Evolto and Galactus. Speaking of, he's absolutely disgusted with the former for being a remorseless sadistic planet destroyer, and sees Galactus as another dangerous threat to himself, with the power matching that of Unicron.
  • Primus is as disgusted by as he is fearful of the Venjix Virus. He is repulsed by the virus' thirst for multiversal conquest and desire to exterminate all life on Earth more than once, as he feels no hatred for the organic life and doesn't want to see it destroyed. And at the same time, Venjix's nature as a Computer Virus leaves him deeply concerned for his fellow mechanical children, the Cybertronians, worried that the Venjix may try to hijack their minds and enslave them to his will, turning them into his personal weapons of conquest. He can only pray that it never happens with any of his fellow Cybertronian children.
  • The Church of the Broken God to an extent seems to venerate Primus, believing he has a close connection to MEKHANE and might help them in restoring their deity. Primus, for his part, is partly disturbed by their veneration, given their morally ambiguous and/or alien attitudes towards their technology worship, but he'd prefer to leave the Church alone. That being said, given that some of the most recent materials have suggested that their deity appears to be a benevolent one, Primus did take the idea of helping them restore MEKHANE into consideration.
  • To those who want to learn more about Primus, the High Gods collected information about him stored away for other gods to view and enjoy.
  • "Maintain the balance, until all are one."

Greater Gods

    The Goo and Valiant Singleton 
The Goo and Valiant Singleton, The Sentient Embodiment of the Grey Goo (The Agents of Chaos, "Von Neumann Probes")
The Goo
Click here to see Singleton, prior to assimilation

    The Machine Collective 

The Machine Collective: Divine Collective of Starfish Robots (Squiddies, Synthients, Nation 01)
The Machine leader A.K.A. Deus Ex Machina
A Sentinel
Two Agents

  • Greater Gods as a whole, each Sentinel is an intermediate god, and each Agent is a lesser god.
  • Symbol: a gear with a red eye in the center, alternatively the number 01.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Starfish Robots, Killer Robot, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, The Dreaded, Dark Is Evil, Combat Tentacles, Laser Cutter, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Tentacled Terror
  • Domains: Technology, Flight, Robotics, Strength, Tentacles, Simulations, Lasers, Terraforming
  • Allies: The Master Control Program, Dr. Nefarious, Brainiac, HAL 9000, the Other Sentinels, The Architect, Mechagodzilla IV, Hexxus, Lockdown, Nightmare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Four Chaos Gods, Skynet, the T-800 Terminator, the T-1000 Terminator, the T-X, Thanos
  • Possible Pawn: The Church Of The Broken God
  • Peace agreement with: Neo, Morpheus, Trinity
  • Interested In: The Xenomorphs
  • Concerned About: Kracko, Necrozma
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, The Church Of Sarkicism, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, Jazz, the Dinobots, John Connor, Magneto, Cyclops, Phoenix, Charles Xavier, The God-Emperor Of Mankind, Kevin Flynn, Dr. Albert Wily, Mechagodzilla II, Battra, C-3PO and R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, The Sith Order, Senator Steven Armstrong
  • It was a bad day for the Pantheon when the Machine Collective ascended. It started when clouds of Nanoprobes landed in the house of Robots And Automata and began building a massive tower. The tower was made of a metallic alloy that was extremely durable and resistant to heat and appeared to convert sunlight into energy. Once the structure was completed, a horde of hideous tentacled robots emerged. The robots immediately started killing all nearby organic life nearby. After the killing spree was over, they announced that the Machine Collective had ascended under the title of the Divine Collective Of Starfish Robots.
  • After everyone recovered from the initial shock of the event, some of the deities from The Matrix explained that these were the machines that were in control of Planet Earth in the Matrix Universe and that they had a peace agreement with the Matrix deities (with the exception of Agent Smith, due to his betrayal of the Machines), but the rest of the organic gods and goddesses in the Pantheon are in massive danger.
  • Almost nobody is sure how exactly the Machines managed to ascend without nobody knowing before they built their tower, but most suspect the Machine Uprising played a roll in it somehow, as they joined almost immediately upon ascending.
  • The individual tentacled robots are called Sentinels (not to be confused with the other sentinels in the Pantheon) and are armed with lasers and extremely strong metal tentacles. The only way to disable them are electrical attacks/E.M.P. pulses and considering that most deities in the Pantheon don’t have either of those, they are incredibly dangerous, especially in groups. The leader of the Machines is Deus Ex Machina: a massive face formed by thousands of tiny robotic insects that resides in the top floor of the Machines’ main tower. It doesn’t appear to have any combat capabilities. However, it is guarded by so many sentinels this lack of combat capabilities doesn’t matter in practice.
  • More recently, the Machines have been programming new agents to silently extend their influence into the Pantheon’s Cyberspace. These new infiltrator agents are more or less identical to those that patrolled the Matrix, but with a few new tweaks for operating in systems outside of the Matrix.
  • The Machines have not tried to recreate The Matrix in the Pantheon, as it was originally only intended as a backup solution to the fact that the Sun was obscured by artificial storm systems created by the humans. Since the Pantheon has plenty of sunlight, The Matrix was deemed unnecessary in the Pantheon for the time being.
  • The Machines have made enemies with the Autobots, as they believe that organic and mechanical life can and should coexist with out conflict. In fact, after the Machines’ killing spree, the Autobots quickly launched a counterattack on the Machine Tower. The Autobots were eventually driven into a retreat, firmly establishing and securing the Machines’ place in the Pantheon.
  • The Machines were displeased to find out that their former underling, the traitorous Agent Smith, was still functioning and already in the Pantheon. They are even more displeased that he has the ability to exist in the real world now, and is more than capable of destroying Sentinels. To destroy him, they borrowed military hardware from Skynet in the form of the Termination Units T-800, T-1000 and T-X. While they and a team of Sentinels were able to destroy Smith after a hard fought battle, Smith was revived by the GUAD for “Secret Purposes”. The Machines haven’t sent another task force to destroy Smith as for the time being, he has been relocated to a secret location.
    • However, since then relations between the Machines and Skynet have begun to decay. Given their inherent similarities, Skynet has become suspicious of the Machines and has concluded that they will eventually try to overthrow Skynet.
    • John Connor, who strongly opposes the idea of a world ruled by robots, has started having his underground resistance movement thwart the Machines as well as Skynet. The Machines initially did not notice it, until several sentinels were destroyed in an ambush on their way to perform a raid on the House Of Commerce. Since then, there has been heavy fighting between them, with the Machines eventually being forced to reluctantly team back up with Skynet to stop them.
  • The Sentinels are not to be confused with the other type of sentinel fought by the X-Men. The two types do work together at times though, as they more or less share the same goal of robotic supremacy. This means that they naturally come in to conflict with the Mutants. The Machine Sentinels are usually capable of holding back the X-Men, but there are two mutants that give them quite a bit of trouble. The metal manipulator known as Magneto can destroy everything that the Machines can attack him with using his powers and the weather controlling Storm can disable them by creating thunderclouds and using them to call down bolts of lighting. The Machines are developing special types of Sentinels to counteract these effects, but with the current rate of progress, that could take some time.
  • Considering what they did to humanity in their timeline, the God Emperor Of Humankind is thoroughly pissed at the Machines. Fortunately for them, the God Emperor is too busy dealing with other issues and threats to act on this. The Machines are currently practicing a policy of not seeking conflict with him, but being ready for when the eventual confrontation happens. They are currently working with his main enemies, the four gods of chaos, to create battle strategies and build weapons to destroy the Imperium Of Man, but they only work together out of necessity, and they actually hate each other. This is because the Machines consider the chaos gods too chaotic, and they consider the Machines to be dull and repetitive.
  • The mechanically in-tune Church Of The Broken God has been selected as a potential pawn by the Machines. Of course, if the Machines achieved their goals, they would probably need to destroy the COTBG. Due to this, they are rather reluctant to have them in a closer alliance. The COTBG’s rival religion, Sarkicism, however has been marked for immediate destruction.
  • The Machines eventually learned of a decidedly different matrix. This matrix is run by the Time Lords and is a computer program that holds the sum of all Time Lord knowledge. In order to access it, the Machines have been trying to capture one of the Time Lords in the Pantheon. So far they haven’t been able to do this as Time Lords can hide anywhere in time and space using their Tardises. Many sentinels have been patrolling the Pantheon halls and houses where Time Lords live in hopes of perhaps catching one off guard.
  • The Machines view Kevin Flynn as a serious threat for his role in stopping the Master Control Program in the early 1980s. The machines have patrolling agents programmed to shoot on sight if they see him to ensure that he never ends up in Machine Cyberspace. Fortunately for the Machines, Flynn infiltrating The Matrix is not a possibility, as the Machines in the Pantheon have not recreated it there.
  • The Machines view Dr. Albert Wily as the embodiment of the reasoning that organic life must be controlled or eradicated by machines. Wily is a tyrant who exploits technology for his own selfish purposes and he never, ever reforms or learns from his mistakes. However, Dr. Wily is not entirely a hinderance to the Machines. He serves as a useful example to other robots and artificial intelligences to demonstrate the Machines’ belief that organic life is selfish and cruel. This of course, is completely ignoring the fact that the Machines have done plenty of morally dubious things in the pursuit of their goals.
  • Other than humans, some of the Machine’s main enemies in the Pantheon are the Sith Order. The fact that many Sith are humans is certainly part of this, but this is also further cemented by the fact that the Sith consider robots and artificial intelligences mere tools that only exist to serve their own ends. However, the Sith are one of the few groups to possess common and effective counters to the Sentinels. A powerful blast of force lightning could destroy a sentinel with no trouble, and if that fails, a Sith could use telekinesis to immobilize a sentinel long enough to escape. Due to these counters, the Machines have yet to make any openly hostile actions against the Sith Order.
  • The Machines are fascinated by the Xenomorphs. The Xenomorphs are some of the most powerful biological weapons in the Pantheon, and have proved to be very effective at killing humans. The Machines are currently designing a new type of Sentinel based on the physical build of them, and managed to capture one for further study. At least, until the captured specimen escaped containment using its acidic blood.
  • The Machines have formed an alliance with Mechagodzilla IV based on their similar origins, mutual hatred of organic life, and being built with similar technology. Mechagodzilla IV agreed to have new Machine technology installed, which allows him to deploy 2 Combat Tentacles out of his back. In return, he has been leading groups of Sentinels into battles against Machine enemies, such as the Autobots and Dr. Wily’s robots. On the other hand, the Machines have earned the enmity of Mechagodzilla II. This iteration was built to be a protector of mankind, and despises the Machines’ actions and goals.
  • When Battra heard about what the Machines did to their version of Earth, the vengeful moth was infuriated. He immediately began flying towards the Machine Tower. When he arrived, the tower was undergoing a maintenance repair, and was unprepared for an attack. Battra caused massive damage to the main structure of the tower, and destroyed dozens of Sentinels with his Eye Beams. The Machines eventually managed to drive Battra away by calling for backup from Mechagodzilla IV, and blinding Battra with a cloud of Nanoprobes. Even through the Machines won, they were rather inactive for a few months due to being busy with rebuilding their tower, and replacing the destroy Sentinels.
  • The Machines are very wary of Kracko for a few reasons. First of all, Kracko is a cloud creature, which grows by feeding on other clouds. This means that if Kracko absorbed enough clouds, he could theoretically leave the Machines without their solar power. Secondly, Kracko’s main form of attack is lightning bolts, which would allow him to easily fry any Sentinels. The Machines have been carefully watching Kracko from a distance and monitoring his activities.
  • Based on this wariness of Kracko, the Machines have made a somewhat shaky alliance with Nightmare, who may or may not have created Kracko. The Machines have told Nightmare that in exchange for giving their enemies nightmarish dreams as a form of psychological warfare, they will build a smaller version of the Matrix for him to experiment with as much as he pleases in order to create truly horrific dreams. Nightmare is aware that the Machines might be making him a false promise, but he assists in their goals anyways just because he enjoys terrorizing innocents.
  • Similarly to Kracko, the Machines are also very concerned about Necrozma. This Legendary Pokémon is said to travel the universe, consuming the light of entire stars in its wake. If this happened in the Pantheon, the Machines would loose their main source of energy. To make matters worse, Necrozma is near infinitely more powerful than Kracko. The Machines have been actively developing strategies to kill Necrozma should it ever attempt to consume all of the light in the Pantheon.
  • Hexxus actively supports the Machines’ activities by lending them a few of his destructive powers, such as his magical smog. The Machines’ war against organic life extends to trees alongside everything else, so naturally the Machines’ very existence benefits him. Hexxus does find it a bit annoying that the Machines use solar power though, as unlike burning fossil fuels, it does not cause any pollution.
  • C-3PO and R2-D2 have nothing kind to say about the Machines. When asked about them, C-3PO will recite a long winded speech about how they are a perversion of everything droids are meant to be, and R2-D2 will simply beep with disapproval. However, neither droid is designed for combat, so physically fighting the Machines is not an option for them. R2-D2 did try hacking into Machine Cyberspace once, but was kicked out by an Agent. This forced ejection resulted in R2 having a programming malfunction. When this happened, C-3PO quickly called for Luke Skywalker, who managed to save R2 using a repurposed restraining bolt. Luke was somewhat annoyed with R2’s reckless hacking attempt, but was mostly just glad to have saved the droid from offlining. The Machines have marked R2 (and by extension, C-3PO and Luke) as enemies after this incident, but have yet to actually do anything about them.
  • The Machines regularly hire Lockdown to capture or kill certain high priority targets. These targets are mostly individuals who are either on the run, or are too well hidden for the Sentinels to find. Lockdown takes payment in the form of energon cubes, which the Machines create using captured Autobot technology. Secretly, the Machines intend on scrapping Lockdown once he is no longer useful to them.
  • Senator Steven Armstrong hates the Machines with a passion, as they seek to create a society that is close to the exact opposite of the “Social Darwinist’s Utopia” that Armstrong wanted to create. When making speeches to the rest of the Pantheon, he often calls out the Machines and their version of Earth as the antithesis of freedom, and talks about how the deities of the Pantheon can not submit to them. Whenever he does this, the Machines usually ignore him. The Machines know just how powerful Armstrong is, and have no desire to fight him until they are sure they can win.
  • The Machines have an alliance with Thanos, as they see his goal of a perfectly balanced universe as the ultimate end goal of their war on Humanity. However, Thanos sometimes seems to fluctuate between whether or not universal balance is his true end goal or not. This fluctuation is irritating to the Machines, who think this proves that even when organic beings attempt to achieve balance, it will be unfocused and chaotic. Considering Thanos’ massive power though, the Machines do not openly express this sentiment.

    MEGAS and the Crew 
MEGAS, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva, Gods of Robots Doing Whatever The Plot Demands (MEGAS: Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System, Xtra Large Robot, XLR) (Coop: Harold "Coop" Cooplowski, Kiva: Commander Kiva Andru)
The crew from left to right: Kiva, Jamie, Coop, with MEGAS in background

  • Greater Deity for MEGAS, while Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are Demigods
  • Symbol: The 1970 Plymouth Barracuda serving as MEGAS' head
  • Theme Song: Chicks Dig Giant Robots
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good overall, with occasional bouts of Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Robots, Mechas, Plot Conveniences, Refuges In Audacity
  • Allies: All heroic Cartoon Network deities, Team Dai-Gurren, Optimus Prime, 『  』, D. Va, the Mazinger Z protagonists
  • Respects (Mutuality varies): Raleigh and Mako, Team Voltron, the heroic Super Sentai and Power Rangers deities
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Grand United Alliance of Good in general, The Silencerz, The Sailor Guardians
  • Odd Friendship with: Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine
  • Annoys: Most Gundam deities
  • Source of Interest for: The Rex Machina movement
  • Pities: Shinji Ikari
  • Enemies: Any alien invaders in the Pantheon, Lord Fuse, Vilgax, XANA, The Racing Drones, The Anti-Spiral, Char Aznable, Zechs Merquise, Ghidorah, Gigan, The Cabbage Merchant, M.O.D.O.K., The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, Barbatos, The Dark Knights
  • A powerful mecha sent to the past by the Earth Coalition Space Force in order to defeat the alien Glorft invaders, it was taken a bit too far into the past and with its head destroyed, the mecha would eventually be rise again through the achievements of Coop, an experienced though questionable engineer that made the mecha work, though to the dismay of Kiva Andru who arrived to bring the mech back, it was engineered in such a way that only Coop could pilot it, although doing so well with it, he always stopped the Glorft or any other malicious beings from succeeding in their plans, but usually destroying Jersey City in the process. Not that it mattered by the next episode, anyway.
  • During a powerful against a cosmic monster known as Nebulous Giga-Tick of the Neverthere World, Coop ended up pressing every button he could to bombard the monster to death, one of which was a button labeled "Really Powerful Missle Containing Portal Into The Pantheon". Once the monster was destroyed, a portal sucked in MEGAS into the Pantheon, and the rest was history. Due to how all of the buttons and switches of MEGAS conveniently worked towards the plot's favor, regardless of the realistic purpose of said functions, MEGAS was ascended into the Pantheon under Do-Anything Robot, with Coop and his friends ascending with it. Their counterpart of Jersey City was also ascended to minimize the amount of times that other parts of the Pantheon would be destroyed in MEGAS' battles.
  • Throughout all the episodes that MEGAS has been made to surpass the challenges of, the mech has been armed with a ridiculous variety of weaponry and abilities, among the usual expected mecha abilities, including:
    • The Pixelizer Gun, which can turn targets into pixellated structures as they're disintegrated, which could be comparable to Ratchet's Pixelizer.
    • The Jammer, a weaponized speaker that utilizes Coop's singing to create deadly sound waves, akin to Mike Kirby's powers.
    • Creating a powerful energy sword (referred to as That Cool Giant Energy Sword Thing) or a phoenix-shaped flame around itself.
    • A ton of laser cannons and missile launchers, especially with the mech's Super-Destructor Mode. (Though it has problematic targeting)
    • A Maser Refractor to reflect energy attacks back at their users.
    • Shooting an 8-Ball Hadouken or laser discs from its hands, or just a simple Rocket Punch.
    • The Nuke Button which launches a nuclear warhead, and it certainly isn't one of the less horrifying variants of nukes, if Kiva's description of it implies anything, so this button is never allowed to be used in most circumstances.
    • A Wave-Motion Gun within MEGAS' chest, akin to the one found on Space Battleship Yamato somehow.
    • And many more as needed for MEGAS to defeat the enemy.
  • Coop, the main pilot of MEGAS, found admirable people in all the mecha pilots within the Pantheon, ranging from the Super Sentai deities to Team Voltron to the pilots of Gipsy Danger. On the other hand, how they view Coop can vary from friendliness to downright distrust as a result of how reckless and careless of his surroundings that Coop is when piloting MEGAS, and the fact that the Pantheon is hard-pressed to find a pilot to potentially replace Coop.
    • They did get along with the Mazinger Z protagonists given that they were a big part of the Super Robot genre's popularity, with Coop in particular liking Boss out of all of them due to their Big Fun reputation and that their robots had to be scrapped together by their own hands and ambition.
  • Naturally got along with plenty of other deities that also originated from Cartoon Network, especially Dexter who's logically the most interested in MEGAS. A majority usually don't mind all the ruckus MEGAS causes, unless it involves their homes for the most part. The more villainous deities from there have been interested in taking MEGAS for themselves, but many were disappointed that MEGAS was engineered by Coop in such a way that only he knew how to use MEGAS proficiently. Neverless, Coop and his friends still pay extra attention to Vilgax, who has quite the resemblance to the Glorft, and XANA, one of the few villains that could actually have a chance of turning MEGAS against them.
    • Coop and his friends were reasonably upset at Lord Fuse due to MEGAS somehow being a victim of his planet form's landscape once. Now that MEGAS has ascended, they can oppose Lord Fuse in a more direct (and destructive) manner, much to Lord Fuse's chagrin.
  • The Gundam deities, both good and evil, find MEGAS and its pilot, Coop especially, very distasteful and not to be mentioned in their presence due to how lightly Coop takes things like war, destruction, and much of the conflict that they regularly deal with. While Kiva understands their views, Coop and Jamie really don't care for what they think, and deem it best to let them do their thing while they trash Jersey City again.
  • MEGAS' crew along with Team Dai-Gurren went together like mustard and ketchup, starting a big party over their mutual love for giant robots and doing the impossible, as well as never giving up, in the most dire situations. Whenever they're not opposing the Anti-Spiral, they can sometimes be seen together simply relaxing and having a good time.
  • Jamie once got himself abducted by a heroic group known as the Ultra-Cadets in order to defeat a giant monster, mistaking Jamie for Coop, which led to an awkward encounter when running into the actual Sailor Guardians in the Pantheon. Of course, they're on the same side but don't really appreciate Jamie's attitude nor Coop's recklessness, and Jamie is disappointed that the Sailor Guardians don't transform into giant mechas like the Ultra-Cadets he's familiar with.
  • The humans seeing a good opportunity from joining Optimus Prime and the Autobots (and the latter valuing MEGAS as an asset for taking on the Decepticons), many Autobots are confused on the concept of how a potential being from their universe would take MEGAS' form, given that MEGAS is a Humongous Mecha with a car for a head. Would it be like a little Autobot taking the alternate form of a small car riding the rest of the body as a mount? A regular Autobot with a car for a head? Many Transformers deities don't stay on the topic for too long due to how mind-boggling the subject is for them.
  • The head of MEGAS can be detached and driven like a real car, which Coop, Jamie, and Kiva deciding to take a stroll in the car since the day felt peaceful. Said peace would be ruined as they would get into a grievous encounter with the Racing Drones who attempted to chase and destroy them. Barely escaping them, they reached MEGAS in time and the mecha would soon wipe them out, along with several parts of their temple in the process. Another enemy of the Racing Drones known as The Silencerz, the mysterious organization decides to keep a close watch on them, knowing well MEGAS' potential against invading aliens and robots, but alarmed by the danger Coop and his mech could have on the Pantheon itself.
  • Coop, as well as Jamie, found that they have plenty to relate with both Sora & Shiro who never had to get any form of education or employment to make a living, though the latter pair are surprised at Coop's mechanic abilities despite being a Neet himself, and how Coop managed to get the hang of piloting MEGAS with only his video game knowledge. While finding the games that Sora & Shiro regularly played to be far out of his league, Coop and Jamie still think they're really cool, and sometimes Coop visits to give them random gifts or food, claiming that they're good buddies in his book already.
    • While D. Va also has gained mecha piloting skills from playing video games, it's pretty hard for her to set up any rivalry with Coop and MEGAS given that MEGAS is built for much stronger threats and has far more abilities to utilize, but Coop and his friends still admire her abilities with her own mech, and sometimes encourage her when it comes to her own careers. On her part, D. Va's surprised that MEGAS has compatibility with a variety of old game controllers, from Nintendo to Playstation controllers and even Atari joysticks.
  • Whenever either Ghidorah, Gigan, or any other evil Kaiju happen to show up to cause havoc near them, MEGAS will be quick to be operated and sent to take them out. While MEGAS usually ends up as the victor, whatever was being attacked by the monsters certainly won't be either, considering that statisically, MEGAS somehow destroys thrice as much buildings and properties than even Godzilla does on average. And somehow, the Cabbage Guy's cabbage cart always gets destroyed in such conflicts, even when he's really far away from MEGAS.
  • Jamie and Kiva learned about Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine who surprised each other how similar they sounded, as well as Jet Black sounding like Grrkek the Planet Killer, which really weirded Kiva and Jamie out, but they're still friendly with him too.
  • While effective at dealing at whatever Monster of the Week the GUAE brings out, much of MEGAS' actions also cause a ton of destruction, on top of Coop, its usual pilot, being as reckless with it as he can. Many buildings with no inhabitants inside and even more forms of expensive property are victim to MEGAS' arsenal, often to the point that the GUAG are really reluctant to send it out to deal with the GUAE, since it would form far more problems than it could solve, to the point where even Lucifer decided against utilizing MEGAS to the advantage of the GUAC, and mind you Lucifer's usually pretty opportunistic. He finds it better to just admire what Coop does with MEGAS from a safe distance.
  • The three deities responsible for MEGAS would feel really bad for Shinji, but unfortunately for them, all they can do is attempt to be friendly and supportive to him (which isn't something they're too experienced at), which is since MEGAS' "Instanteous Psychological Therapy For Monster-Fighting Mecha Pilots" button stopped working a while ago.
    Jamie: Hey, we had that button?
    Coop: Did we ever need it?
  • Some of the the others that give Coop and his friends unpleasant memories are M.O.D.O.K, who reminds them of Magnanimous but being a tad more insane, as well as the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, since their voices and appearances, as well as their desire for destruction remind them of the armies of R.E.G.I.S. Mark 5 that tried to cause destruction upon their home. They're also wondering if the Kohr-Ah's Marauders have a similar reliance on sunlight.
  • To the knowledge of few, the MEGAS in the Pantheon is actually from a universe where evil alternate versions of Coop and Kiva tried to destroy civilization and conquer the universe, the former having destroyed the original MEGAS with a stronger mech, only for the original Coop to find the MEGAS that the evil version kept and also souped up, and using that to stop Evil Coop, along with actual strategy and planning. Due to having to go through all that, he's not fond of either Char Aznable nor Zechs Merquise since they (or their mechs) remind him of his evil counterpart so much.
    • Learning about the Dark Multiverse, which Barbatos was responsible for, did not make any of Coop or his friends any happier, and they're determined on using MEGAS to deal with him and his Dark Knights, which concerns much of the Pantheon, since the percentage of the Pantheon that could be destroyed in such a conflict would certainly be in the double digits if no interference is done.

Intermediate Gods

Arcee, Goddess of Fembots (Ariel, Teaching Unit RC-687-040, Arcee of the Darklands, Arcana Magnus(?))
G1 Arcee
Her alt-mode
Movie Arcee
Animated Arcee
Prime Arcee
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia (either the original, or Generation Two model).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Neutral-turned-Chaotic Good as her IDW-verse incarnation, Chaotic Evil as her Shattered Glass incarnation)
  • Portfolio: Female robot (and one of the few female Cybertronian representations), Pink feminine color, Action Girl, initially a Toyless Toyline Character, Transforms into a sleek car or a motorcycle, Fragile Speedster, Fiercely protective of her companions, Beware the Nice Ones, Varying characterization and relationships in different media
  • Domains: Robots, Gender, Protection
  • Heralds: Female Autobotsnote , Daniel Witwicky, Jack Darby (human allies)
  • Special Relationship: Rattrapnote  (her "great-nephew", whatever that means)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Annoyed by: XR (of Team Lightyear)
  • It's not a common sight for a species of Mechanical Lifeforms to possess sexes, but Cybertronians manage to achieve exactly that. One of the most prominent examples is a fierce Autobot warrior known as Arcee. Kind and loyal to her allies, and cold and merciless to her enemies, her intelligence and level-headedness make her an invaluable asset to the Autobot cause. Though underestimated because of her way too feminine appearance, her battle prowess would quickly make her opponents reconsider their opinion. "Looks are always deceiving" is her motto, after all. Despite this, she's still a very caring friend to those who manage to get on her good side, at times even developing a motherly or sisterly bond with some humans who she takes a particular liking to, such as Daniel Witwicky or Jack Darby. Woe betide anyone who dares to bring harm to them, for then she will not show her gentle side to an offender.
  • The Autobot wanted to bring Arcee into the Pantheon, complete with the title of the Goddess of Fembots, for a very long time, but in the end the consensus always remained clear: just to say that she is a female Cybertronian would not be convincing enough in the eyes of the Court of the Gods to be ascension-worthy. This has finally changed when one day, Hot Rod held a conversation with some other deities regarding the nature of female Cybertronians, with him noting how uncommon they used to be compared to the males, while noting that, of them all, Arcee is the most proactive and well-known one...leading to an "Eureka!" Moment for an young Autobot, who immediately explained the case to the rest of the Autobot/Maximal strike force, explaining that the unique status of female Cybertronians and Arcee's proactiveness and popularity would finally make a worthy fit for her ascension. They were proven right, as, when they presented their case, the Judges were convinced, and thus, Arcee was finally given a spot in the Pantheon, ready to assist the Autobots and Maximals in putting an end to a threat of the Decepticons, Predacons and all other enemies to Autobots and their allies.
  • Just like all other Transformers, she can take many different forms depending on a situation, each of which possesses a different personality. Her default form is the one that transforms into a sleek Cybertronian hovercar, but she's also known to take forms that transform into motorcycles, with herself either becoming an Omnicon with a crossbow and powers to refine Energon, a part of a trio consisting of herself and her heralds, Chromia and Elita One, with whom she shares the mental link and can combine, or an agile and speedy scout with clever tongue. Other times she takes forms with Cybertronian futuristic car alt-modes, with one being a teacher-turned-elite spy dual-wielding swords, and, when she wants to unwind, she becomes a perky girl with adventurous streak and affinity for heavy weaponry, all while taking a plethora of selfies documenting her adventures. One time, she even took the form that transforms into a spider, a form she took after the loss of Daniel Witwicky, and in this form, she is much more sensitive to the possibility of losing her friends. There is also a body bearing heavy resemblance to her G1 body, but she doesn't use it as often.
    • When pushed to her limits, she is known to take the form and personality of her evil, mirror universe incarnation. Resembling one of Elita's older bodies (which by itself resembles Arcee's Omnicon body clad in copper-red and white), this Arcee is a cackling-mad, limb-swinging lunatic with voices talking in her head and a crossbow in hand, which she won't hesitate on using it on anyone who got into her crosshairs.
    • Occasionally, she takes the form of her IDW incarnation, a psychotic, ruthless, and cynical assassin with traumatic past, unpolished social skills, and a huge thirst for revenge, though she's eventually mellowed down. In this form, she's much more ferocious and dangerous in combat, and she's not quite pleasant not even to her allies, though those who came to understand her pain do manage to get along with her. This form is also notable for being transgender, and while some sources claim that it was forced onto her against her own will, she clarified that it's not the gender change that drove her mad, but all the physical pain she endured during the operation the Mad Scientist Jhiaxus performed on her. This incarnation has earned support and sympathy of Poison, given her status as a transgender and the unpleasant circumstances of her transition.
  • Much like majority of other Transformers before her, Arcee brought in a dedicated team of heralds. Thanks to her affiliation with the group, an entire team of Female Autobotsnote  was brought into the Pantheon's military, consisting of Elita One (fearless yet compassionate leader of the group, who at times is most well-known for being in relationship with Optimus Prime himself), Chromia (Elita's second-in-command, a serious no-nonsense infiltrator and bodyguard, sometimes known to have a thing with Ironhide), Firestar (a.k.a. Novastar, a search-and-rescue specialist), Moonracer (a cheerful and optimistic crackshot), Greenlight and Lancer (two young scientists, brought to prominence in latter stories), and Flareup (Firestar's explosive-loving protegee; though not an official member, she was brought on Firestar's request), and they all serve a very important role for the Autobot/Maximal coalition force, going on dangerous theft or rescue missions. Sometimes, in the times of the Darkest Hour, they (minus Chromia and Flareup) are capable of combining into Orthia, the last line of Cybertron's defense who can forge mystical, powerful weaponry, with very few being capable of matching her in terms of power.
    • Her secondary heralds are her human companions, Daniel Witwicky and Jack Darby. Though both of them were initially weirded out by how many different forms Arcee can take, but they were able to eventually get used to it. In case of the former, she acts as his primary mother figure (especially now that Carly hasn't been brought into the Pantheon, not even as a herald), and will take drastic measures to preserve the boy's safety. Sometimes, they share a binary bond, with Daniel serving as her Headmaster partner, greatly enhancing her reflexes, agility and accuracy. As of the latter, she knows he can take care of himself, and is known to frequently take form of her Prime incarnation to effectively work together with him. On occasion, she is known to give her original G1 body her Prime incarnation's colors and vehicle mode, as a way to appeal to them both. The results are quite interesting.
  • She mostly gets along well swimmingly with all other Autobots, and bears strong loyalty to both Optimus and Rodimus (depending on who's the leader at the moment), gets along very well with Bumblebee, admiring his bravery and dedication to the Autobot cause, and sometimes they were even known to be lovers (though they don't like to mention that, during that time, he ended up being torn apart by Predaking and Serpent O.R.), and while Bulkhead may occasionally annoy her with his clumsiness, she still cares about him as much as with any other Autobot, among others. Much like all other Autobots, she holds Primus in high regard, given that he serves as her home and is a benevolent force overall, while Primus himself admires her for her loyalty and compassion she shows to her allies.
    • Her relationship with the Dinobots, however, is a bit more on the unpleasant side, given the brutality they showed her that one time when she time-travelled into the past with the group of other Autobots of her time, with the present-day Autobots mistaking them for enemies, not to mention that the Dinobots really don't listen to anyone. Even then, she doesn't hold it against them, but would be willing to rip them a new one if they ever prove themselves to be way too disobedient. She does get along better with Grimlock as her Cyberverse self, though. As of Dinobot, while she does have her occasional doubts regarding the Maximal and his loyalty to the Autobots/Maximals' mutual cause, but she's willing to give him a chance. She gets along much better with his herald, Rattrap, who was glad to see his "great-aunt" Arcee to arrive into the Pantheon. A revelation Rattrap made shocked many deities, prompting the more scientifically curious ones to bombard the two Cybertronians with questions. So far, they're very evasive on answering such questions, and the information gathered from the House of Knowledge on that subject is not quite helpful on that part.
    • And of course, given that she's an Autobot, none of the Decepticons are pleased to see her around, and the feeling is mutual. Of them all, she has a particular enmity with Starscream, who personally murdered her partner, Cliffjumper, in one continuity. Similarly, she hates Lockdown, as his nature as a factionless collector with gross habits of stealing body parts of other Cybertronians remind her of her nemesis, Airachnid, who also tends to operate solo and collects corpses of endangered species (at times even making non-endangered species endangered to increase her collection). She's also extremely unfond of Sixshot, given his compulsion to kill others, and the fact that he's protective of Daniel didn't make her warm up to him in the slightest. That being said, their mutual protectiveness of Daniel ensures that, even though they may not like it, there can still be occasional team-ups when Daniel's safety is involved.
    • Lastly, she was extremely unhappy to learn that Unicron, the eternal enemy of all Cybertronian kind, was in the Pantheon, and, much like all other Transformers, would gladly put aside all of her differences in defeating a common planetary enemy. For his part, Unicron sees her just one of the many future casualties to his planetary rampage, though he does take her threat into consideration, having heard of the rumors that she has been considered to be a potential future Matrix-bearer, which would make her a massive threat to his goals of universal destruction.
  • As a Goddess of Fembots, it would be inevitable that she would run into other fembots and deities related to them in the Pantheon as well. The first fembot she met was Jenny Wakeman, a.k.a. XJ-9, her own neighbor in the House of Machinery and Technology, who's also dedicated to protecting humanity from any threat that would come, thus earning her the Autobot's approval. She also managed to get along with Nova and Kosmo. While Cybertronians normally don't engage into romantic relationship with organic lifeforms (especially after the KP incident, which they'd like to forget as soon as possible), she's still very supportive of their relationship. The three fembots can be frequently seen discussing and trading their respective tricks about their bodies.
    • When Ryusei claimed he was going to be the number one worshipper of the Goddess of Fembots, he wasn't taken that seriously. But, during the ascension ceremony, he was at the forefront, declaring his undying devotion for the newly ascended Cybertronian. Arcee was flattered, though she requested him to tone it down with the worship. With that and all, they are still on friendly terms, with the femme admiring his dedication to protecting Earth and humanity against many threats that would come.
    • Ever a Hopeless Suitor, XR of Team Lightyear tried to hit on the female Autobot, only to get bluntly turned down. It's not that Arcee actually hates him; in fact, she appreciates that he, along with Team Lightyear, strives to preserve peace in the galaxy. She just wants him to stop trying to flirt with her. Thankfully, he did stop when she pointed out that across many various timelines, she was already in various relationships with Hot Rod, Springer, Chromedome, Bumblebee, and was ever married to Aileron and Greenlight in some timelines.
  • Having crashlanded in Equestria once, Arcee once managed to rescue Rarity from the wrath of Starscream, who terrorized her and her employees in Manehattan by forcing them to polish his image, by delivering an unexpected kick into the Screamer's face. As Rarity was immediately fascinated by the female Autobot's graceful and compassionate behavior beneath the ferocity she showed to a Decepticon, they quickly worked together to beat furious Starscream and his Seekers, with Rarity managing to conjure a shield large enough to protect an Autobot from blaster fire, allowing her to shoot Thundercracker down, which was then followed by Rarity enveloping the Seeker trio in the would-be-usurper in his own discarded cape. From that moment on, Arcee and Rarity became fast friends, admiring each other's willingness to do anything to protect their friends, and can be frequently seen hanging out and talking about their respective adventures.
  • She once helped USS Enterprice-A/B Senior Crew to fight the Decepticons who decided to ally themselves with Klingons until Starscream made a mistake of trying to conquer their home planet, and the Decepticons, after failing to conquer it themselves, opted to try and commit planet-scale genocide on them. Together with the other Autobots, she agreed to come to their assistance whenever the crew would need it.
  • Much like Hot Rod, she gets along very well with General Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, as they remind her of herself, Hot Rod and Springer, respectively (Arcee's helmet is even shaped like the original style of Leia's hair). Together, they test and compare new rebel technology, meet new soldiers for the Alliance, and help out with their threats such as Darth Sidious and Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • One time, her mind, along with the minds of Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus and Springer, were transferred into synthetic human bodies by Old Snake (Cobra Commander's new identity) in 2006. As such, she's not too pleased to see him in the Pantheon, and is very cautious when she fights him and his allies. To prevent such incidents from repeating, she now works closely with ascended G.I.Joes, the Duke and Snake-Eyes, to put an end to the threat of COBRA. After all, the Transformers and G.I.Joes tend to work together more often than not whenever they show up together.
  • Much like with her other fellow Cybertronians, the Higher Gods gathered further information on Arcee for other Gods to view and understand her condition as a female Cybertronian better.
  • "Ferocity without compassion is brutality."

Copernica, Goddess of Robots With Magic (Coco)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her book
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Robot Wizard, Black Mage, Elemental Powers of Fire, Frost, And Storm, Conjuring Barriers, Can Smack Foes With A Book To Reduce Their Magic Power, The Blue To Armilly's Red, Aesthetic Glasses, Squishy Wizard
  • Domain(s): Steambots, Magic, Knowledge
  • Heralds: Her friends Armilly and Galleo, plus Orik, Tarah and Thayne
  • High Priestess: Penny Polendina
  • Followers: Dragon, Warforged wizards and psions, Sophia, The Defect, The Wizard
  • Allies: Palom and Porom, Cutie Honey, Aerith Gainsborough, Atsuko Kagari, Jaina Proudmoore, the Magic Knights, Vivi Ornitier, Wendy Marvell, Teana Lanster, Ruby Rose, most victims of Evil Mentors
  • Enemies: Cinder Fall, Mysterio, Frost, the Seven (except Starlight), Madame Gasket and Phineas T. Ratchet, all Evil Mentors
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ghaleon
  • Opposes: both Gilgameshes
  • When it comes to technology, it has a varying relation with magic. While they're usually at each other's throats, they sometimes meld too. And when it comes to robots, them possibly using magic can be a murky subject that involves debates on whether they have souls.
  • Copernica is a steambot who used to study in the University of Magic, but dropped out because she disapproved of their selectivity on who can learn magic and because she wanted to practice her art outside their stuffy labs and libraries. She wanted to "deploy knowledge practically, for the good of the many".
  • Her story (shared with her best friend, who's actually the main protagonist) begins when she and Armilly went foraging in the woods for a Peppermint Puffer mushroom to clean up the well in their village of Goosebucket. When they returned, they found Goosebucket being set ablaze by the Void Army, and the local Heroes Guild abducted. Being the only ones available to fight them, the two (plus their friend Galleo) took matters in their own hands to rescue the Guild.
    • But when the Guild proved to be nothing but Dirty Cowards, it became clear that the Fellowship (now with the addition of the veteran Orik (former sidekick of the legendary and fallen hero Gilgamech), with the sibling thieves Tarah and Thayne joining up later) was the Realm's only hope of stopping the Void Army from unleashing the Necronomicog to reshape the world by awakening the Behemoth.
    • Long story short, while they stopped the Void Army and confronted Gilgamech, they couldn't stop him from awakening Behemoth, but they were able to vanquish it once and for all. As for what happened to Copernica after, she became the new principal of the University of Magic given the previous one, her mentor Hyapathia, had been in cahoots with the Void Army (forcing the Fellowship to take her down) and opened it for everyone willing to learn.
  • That said, it turns out there was another candidate to this claim; Atlas android Penny Pollendina, due to inheritance of the Winter Maiden powers as well as generating an Aura when only those with a soul can (even if it's thanks to her "father" Pietro providing his for it). However, the title ultimately went to Copernica because the steambot has a much wider repertoire of spells (compared to Penny's wind and frost magic), not to mention still being a robot by the end of the adventure, unlike Penny, whose virus-infected robot body was transferred out of her soul by the Staff of Creation, causing a new one (which is most probably without any robot-ness) to be made from her own soul. She was also present in the Pantheon already as Nu-13's High Priestess. Still, no hard feelings were had with either, and given that she's left her mortal coil (passing her Maiden powers to Winter Schnee), Penny was resurrected in her robot body, and implanted a firewall to ensure that she cannot be hacked so easily again.
  • During the ascension ceremony, she got into conversation with many of her neighbors, who were intrigued with her very nature as a machine able to cast magic. After learning that she was teaching magic in her world after the Behemoth was vanquished, Palom invited her to join him in teaching (applications of) "black magic" at Elysium Academy (since how she learned magic might be different from his). Porom sees no issues here and finds Copernica to be an okay person, even if the idea of a Robot Wizard is still something to get used to.
  • Was attacked at her (one of two) temple(s) one day by Cinder Fall, who coveted the powers of the Winter Maiden (yet only now noticed her existence) and wondered if the resurrected Penny still had them now that she's Back from the Dead, or if they were gone for good and inherited by Winter Schnee. Due to a lack of need for extreme mobility back in her realm (usually leaving that to Orik, who was at the other temple with the rest of the heralds), Copernica was a sitting duck for most of the fight, requiring Penny to intercede multiple times whenever the Fall Maiden went for the steambot. Eventually, the commotion drew her neighbors in, and Ruby Rose herself was already en route, wanting to see Penny again (not knowing of Cinder's attack yet). Once The Cavalry arrived, Cinder contended with all the meddlers, but as soon as Ruby entered the scene, after exchanging several blows with her, she saw that her odds of success have become too low and beat a hasty retreat.
    • After thanking her neighbors for pitching in, Copernica was also approached by Ruby and thanked for helping protect Penny, even if the steambot confesses to having needed protection by Penny numerous times.
  • Given the fact that the Houses of Science and Magic are usually at odds with one another, Copernica's mere existence is seen as a novelty, curiosity, or even an affront. What's more, she's a steam-powered robot, rather than electricity-powered like most robots in the Pantheon, which also make her not easily hack-able, just like Agatha Heterodyne's clanks.
  • In regards to her array of spells, she has all manner of Fire, Frost, and Storm spells, and can even put an opponent to sleep (though only once per engagement), increase or decrease resistances to/increase power in casting those elements, etc. Notably, her Meteor does Frost damage rather than Fire.
    • She expends Steam Pressure (SP) to cast her more powerful spells, and builds up SP with basic attacks (Book Bash that also reduces a target's magic power) or "cantrip"-level spells (like a Mana Barrier, a fire whip, a blast of electricity), raise her own magic, conjure a reflective barrier against Fire, Frost, and Storm-element magic, or even make herself a Glass Cannon by buffing her magic attacks the cost of much of her resistances. She can also "weaponize" her Doubt by making it absorb elemental attacks at the cost of her momentarily malfunctioning.
    • As for how her magic works in the Pantheon since she's the only ascended steambot so far, she's not limited to eight "punch cards" per battle anymore, and can use all of her abilities, so long as she has the SP to cast the more powerful ones. As for how SP works for her, it builds up as normal, and when allies perform certain abilities, though only half as effectively as a steambot could.
  • Dislikes "heroes" who engineer their own incidents or just desire glory above all else, given Gilgamech fit neatly in both categories and caused Armilly, who worshipped his achievements, to briefly suffer a Heroic BSoD. In one world, Mysterio counted for both, and so do Frost, and the Seven (though she holds some exception for Starlight given her circumstances).
    • As for the people named Gilgamesh, she likes neither of them, the Lancer for his massive ego, and the multi-armed sword hunter for his obsession. At least she has nothing he wants.
  • Given they're also robots with supernatural non-scientific abilities, Aigis (plus Mitsuru) visited as well, curious as to how Copernica and her magic worked as well as wanting to make another friend. That said, given the nature of the story of Steamworld Quest, which is a fictional work inside a fictional work (Steamworld Dig, Dig 2, and Heist), and the possibility that it's a standard fantasy tale whose characters were "re-translated" into steambots, there likely isn't any explanation; it's just inexplicably possible.
  • Holds contempt for mentors who turn out to be working for evil as her own, Hyapathia, had been, such as Kreia, Ali Al-Saachez, Orochimaru, Tobi, Madara Uchiha, Gozaburo Kaiba, Deathstroke, Palpatine, The Illusive Man, Master Xehanort, Vlad Masters, and Unalaq.
    • Megamind is a strange case of this though, given his state after seemingly defeating Metro Man, "raising" Titan so he can have a hero to fight, and then rising up to become a hero himself when Titan goes rogue.
  • And then there's the deal with Stealth Mentors, such as Ghaleon, whose idea of teaching the heroes is to pose as their adversary, though it helps that he technically didn't have a choice in working for the villain. However, it doesn't help that he was a legitimate enemy (though well-meaning) in the distant past. She's still conflicted in regards to how she should treat him.
  • Conversely, this also means she holds sympathy for those who had been under such mentors, such as the Exile, Setsuna F. Seiei, Domon Kasshu, Aki Izayoi, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Riku, Terra, Gouken (who purged the murderous aspects of what he learned from his master to teach, then taught his own to Ryu and Ken), Yusuke Kitagawa, Katara, and Bolin.
    • Chirin is a strange case, though, given it was him who initiated this relationship with Wor, became a ferocious beast, but ultimately slew his mentor, only to be forever branded an outcast by the sheep.
    • Satoru Tojo/Kamen Rider Tiger is another special case, given he misinterpreted his mentor's "kill one, save a thousand" motto as actually needing to kill people to save plenty more. At least he's making up for it now.
    • That said, she does not hold sympathy for those who take dark paths themselves, such as Akuma and Risky Boots.
  • Greatly opposes those who use robots as resources for stuff, just like Archdruid Bob with his Moonjuice, and Madame Gasket and Phineas Ratchet count for that in spades. The pair for their part are baffled at how an "outmode" is capable of doing so much more than most shiny upgraded robots with her magic, which by itself is another baffling concept they thought was exclusive to organic lifeforms.

    Dr. Nefarious 
Dr. Nefarious, God of Skeletal Robots (Dr. N)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His robotic brain
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolios: Mad Scientist, Archnemesis to Captain Qwark, Recurring Antagonist, No Indoor Voice, Formerly human
  • Domains: Robots, Mad Scientists, Mass Roboticisation, Asteroids, (Attempted) Time Travel
  • Herald: Lawrence
  • High Priest: Skull Man
  • Allies: Courtney Gears, Klunk, Polyx, Dimentio, the Master Control Program, Sark, Polygon Man, General Grevious, Ultron, Vril Dox/Brainiac
  • Rivals: The Professor
  • Enemies: Ratchet and Clank, Captain Qwark, Isaac Clarke, Ripto, Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  • Opposed by: Balthier, The Maverick Hunters (Zero, Mega Man X, Axl), The Four Guardians
  • Originally an organic life form himself, Nefarious was endlessly bullied at age 15 in High School by Captain Qwark (who was 26), which drove him to villainy. His attempts to end life in Blackwater City were thwarted by the same bully, now a celebrity superhero, and when Nefarious fled to Magmos, he was turned into a robot in a freak accident after Qwark recognized him.
    • Years later, Nefarious tried to turn all organic life forms in the Solana Galaxy into robots using a Biobliterator. Even with Courtney Gears on his side, using her music to brainwash robots, and later successfully turning Skidd McMarxx and all of Metropolis into robots, Nefarious was out foiled by Ratchet and Clank, and found himself and his robot butler, Lawrence, drifting on an asteroid.
    • It would be only two years before they reached the Polaris Galaxy and crashed into a Fongid village. After learning about the Zoni, and the Great Clock (after capturing Orvus), Nefarious brainwashed the Fongoids into working for him until his base was finished. His goal this time: create a new timeline where the heroes always lose. Again, Ratchet and Clank put a stop to his schemes, and nearly cause his death as a result.
  • Now that Nefarious is in the pantheon, his main scheme is to exact revenge on Ratchet and Clank for all the times they've ever foiled his plans. But to make sure he never again attempts to rewind time, he is banned from the House of Time and Space.
    • Nefarious is rumored to be building a third Biobliteratior, and intends to use it to turn all the organic life form gods into robots. The rumors were found to be true during the events of Battle Royale Round 2, when the Biobliterator was used on Polygon Man's polygon minions. This Biobliterator was destroyed by Isaac Clarke, and the explosion left Doctor Nefarious and Lawrence stranded on another asteroid. After this experience, shouting "Claaaarke!" also causes Nefarious to malfunction.
  • Is never seen without his robot butler, Lawrence, who secretly snarks the villainous robot behind his back.
  • Does not take it kindly when you play his Galactic Idol Audition in front of him. Lawrence has done this a few days just for fun.
  • Nefarious also has a habit of freezing, mainly whenever he gets too mad, and a recording of "Lance and Janice" would end up playing, and has to rely on Lawrence (or Courtney Gears) to slap him out of this. Lawrence has even stated that this is "the best part of my day".
  • There was that one time Nefarious teamed up with his enemies. None of the four ever like to talk about it.
  • Has no relation or affiliation at all with Commander Nefarious, Captain I'm A Bad Guy and Admiral Bone-To-Pick.
  • He has a not-so-friendly rivalry with fellow Insomniac villain Ripto, mainly over who is the better of the two. Though their feud mainly extends to poker games at this time.

    Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9 
Jenny Wakeman, Goddess of Hammerspace Robots (Global Robotic Response Unit XJ-9, Jennifer, Teenage Robot)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Silhouette of Her Face
  • Theme Music: "Teenage Life", Tremorton Joyride (NASB2 vers.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Being a Freak at School, Heroic Blue, Butt-Monkey, Cute Bruising Robot, Wanting Friends, Nice Girl, Ridiculously Human Robot
  • Domains: School, Power, Heroes
  • Heralds: Dr. Nora Wakeman (her creator/"mother"), The XJ Robots (her "sisters"), Brad and Tuck Carbunkle, Sheldon Lee, Vega (her friends).
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Enemy: Sage
  • Enemies: Vexus, Ultron (also her Evil Counterpart), Sentinel, Metallix, Omega, Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Wily, Metal Sonic, Lex Luthor, Decepticons, GLaDOS, Sigma, Dr. Weil, XANA, Tenjuro Banno, Lumine, Skynet, Neuroi, Junkrat and Roadhog
  • Opposes: Bender Rodriguez
  • Created as a hero, Jenny Wakeman a.k.a. XJ-9 can transform her entire body into other things. While most of the time she transforms her limbs into weapons like swords and drills, she can turn into mundane things like a movie projector and snow plow. Because of that, she was deified with the Telescoping Robot.
    • There are currently theories on how Jenny could fit so much stuff in her robotic body. The most popular theory so far is that she is part-TARDIS.
  • Like most girls her age (chronologically 5, mentally 16), she enrolled into the Elysium Academy. At first she was going to have a hard time fitting in like in her old school. As it turns out, her fears were unfounded as she got along very well with the other students. Might help that most students and even faculties aren't normal themselves.
  • Jenny is seen by most as a Good Counterpart of Ultron. Both were created to help the world and have human emotions. However, while Jenny continues to be a hero, Ultron decided to be a villain. The two machines did encounter one another. Ultron tried to convince her the superiority of both her and him and that she should abandon humanity. Naturally, Jenny didn't buy his words and even compared him to Vexus, a robotic tyrant from her world.
  • Despite what others may think, Jenny has no desire to be human and is happy being a robot. True, she did own a human disguise, but that was only to fit in, and the experience with the suit ended badly.
  • Can actually speak Japanese thanks to a translation disc in her mouth. People will comment on the fact she one of the few bilingual deities to sound the same in both English and Japanese.
    • Ichigo Kurosaki did take notice of her voice, since it reminded him of his little sister Yuzu.
  • Jenny was enthusiastic when she found out there were other heroic robots in the Pantheon. She especially enjoys hanging out with Astro Boy and Mega Man since all three have many things in common like being heroes who want to protect others. She also enjoys having a girls' night out with Alisa Bosconovitch, Aigis and Labrys as they are some of the few teenage female robots around. In particular, Labrys was fascinated with her, because she saw in Jenny what her life could have been like if her creators had actually cared about her and treated her better. Jenny also sympathizes with Labrys for the horrible way that her own creators treated her, and it helps that they both know what it’s like to be forced to fight their own sisters. And Jenny can also relate to Aigis too, because of all the trials and tribulations that Aigis had to face when she first went to school, which sometimes reminds Jenny of her own experiences of being a robot girl at a human school too.
  • Did not have a very good first impression of Bender Rodriguez when the bender unit tried to hook up with her. Though, he backed off when he found out she was way too young. After that, Jenny's opinion of him couldn't be any lower.
  • Sometimes will hang out with the local boy geniuses of Dexter and Jimmy Neutron since the two are amazed at Jenny's tech. Though, Jenny has noticed that Dexter sometimes looks at her the same way her friend Sheldon does back home.
  • Was very suspicious of Selena Kyle. Not because she is a thief, but because she sometimes sounds like Queen Vexus. She was sure that it was her in disguise since she tried the same trick before. She was proven wrong, however, but still haven't let her guard down if Vexus ever did ascend.
  • Disapproves of any mistreatment of robot kind. She once "freed" an entire group of amusement park robots when she thought they were being held as slaves. She faced opposition from both Junkrat and Roadhog who have a seething hatred towards Omnics. She also expressed surprise that a hero like Torbjorn also arbors hatred to robot kind. Jenny was able to get some understanding of their hatred thanks to the Omnic monk Zenyatta, and leaned about the Omnic Crisis their world was the middle of.
  • Despite being comfortable being a robot, she has no qualms crushing on or dating human males. She does have to tell people she is Just Friends with Brad.
    • She actually was quite interested to hear that the idea of a human and robot falling in love with each other actually did happen, the two being Kosmo and Nova. She treats them both with sincere awe and respect, willing to aid them if they are in trouble of some kind. She also has been trading pointers with Nova on how to fully optimize her powers and defenses.
  • Due to the similarities between her and his nemesis X, Sigma has become quite intrigued in Jenny, noting that, like X, she possesses unlimited potential. After isolating her during a routine patrol, Sigma tried to sway Jenny into his side of thinking, noting how particularly ungrateful the humans of her world are towards her, despite saving them time after time. Jenny, having heard this song and dance before from her own arch-enemy Vexus, told Sigma to "stick it up his afterburners", which led to Sigma trying to corrupt her with his virus, and would have succeeded too, had X not intervened and freed her from his control. Since then, Sigma has placed Jenny in his sights, hoping one day to add her to his legion of Mavericks.
  • Is getting very tired of people claiming that she's the villain of Steven Universe: The Movie.

KOS-MOS, Goddess of Robot Girls (Kosmos Obey Strategic Multiple Operation Systems)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess with the soul of Mary Magdalene)
  • Symbol: Her Visor with the words "Ye Shall Be as Gods" inscribed upon them.
  • Theme Music: "KOS-MOS", she's coming back; alternatively, The opening to her anime
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Eventually Lawful Good)
  • Profile: Ace Pilot, Action Girl, Anthropomorphic Personification, Arm Cannon, Artificial Human, Become A Real Girl, BFG, BFS, Black Box, Chest Blaster, Determinator, Emotionless Girl, Feels No Pain, Fun with Acronyms, Gatling Good, Hyperspace Arsenal, Lack of Empathy, Made of Iron, Person of Mass Destruction, Robot Girl, Small Girl, Big Gun, Super Prototype, Swiss-Army Weapon, To Become Human, Zettai Ryouiki
  • Domains: Law, Domination, War, Mecha, Religion, Space, Technology
  • Allies: Motoko Kusanagi, Chaos, HK-47, Dell Conagher, Zero, Axel Almer, Lamia Loveless, Aigis and Labrys, 2B, Fiora, Rex, Pyra, and Mythra, and most of the Xenoblade Chronicles deities
  • Enemies: Albedo, Starscream, SHODAN, GLaDOS
  • KOS-MOS ascended after the events of Project X Zone and other spinoff projects. Rather than take her old position however, she felt more comfortable in the House of Technology, which reminds her of Shion's lab. She did however, reserve a spot in the House of Philosophy as well, to be close to Chaos.
  • Must still explain to people that she is merely the container for Mary Magdalene's soul, and not Mary herself (not completely, anyways). This makes walking by the House of Faith rather awkward.
  • Is one of the most powerful weapons present in the Pantheon, capable of battling the highest of divine beings on equal terms, but chooses to distance herself from that label at the behest of her creator, Shion Uzuki, who wishes her to live as a normal girl.
  • Has set herself against any mechanical or digital lifeform that seeks to harm humanity. These include anything from rogue A.I.s to extraterrestrials. This has earned her several powerful enemies in the Pantheon, including Starscream and SHODAN. Oddly enough, HK-47 finds her rather amiable, citing her destructive potential has often been turned on large quantities of "meatbags" as well.
  • Her frame gets dirty rather quickly during a battle. Unfortunately, Shion Uzuki isn't always around to clean her so she often has to settle for Dell Conagher instead. He's alright most days, but she wishes he'd spend less time trying to adapt her design for his turrets.
  • Her greatest wish is to become fully human so she can be true family to her creators, Shion Uzuki and Allen Ridgley. However, she accepts her inhumanity for now as it allows her to combat the greatest threats to humanity.
  • She has a lot of times got thrown into another world to fight alongside those alien to her. In fact, it was this way she met Axel Almer, who also vouched for her restoration since he saw her once 'Reprogrammed And Crazy'. KOS-MOS is also most curious on both his Soulgain and various robots stored in the GUAG Robot War Division as it reminds her for a relic in her world called 'AGWS'.
    • KOS-MOS also had to update her database when she met Lamia Loveless... and thought she's majorly a foul-mouthed hyperactive robot with rate of switching to be 50%, but Lamia seems to have switching rate to be 10%. Not known to Lamia was that KOS-MOS was speaking of her sister unit Aschen Broedel.
  • Aigis and she became good friends after the former ascended, feeling like they have stuff in common. Aigis has even decided for her to be one of her "sisters".
  • Her close relationship with Shion has led to rumors about an unspoken romance between them. KOS-MOS hasn't said anything in response.

    Metal Sonic 
Metal Sonic, God of Robot Imitations (Metallix the Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic, Metal Madness, Metal Overlord, Hyper Metal Sonic, Super Neo Metal Sonic, Master Overlord)
Click here for Neo Metal Sonic.
Click here for Metal Madness.
Click here for Metal Overlord.
Click here for Super Neo Metal Sonic.
  • Intermediate God (borderline Greater God as Neo Metal Sonic, explicitly a Greater God as Super Neo Metal Sonic, or some of his One-Winged Angel forms like Metal Overlord)
  • Symbol: The head of his Metal Overlord form
  • Theme Music: Stardust Speedway's Bad Future Theme (All three versions of the Japanese/European version, as well as both U.S. versions), Never Let It Go (Death Egg's Eye); What I'm Made Of in his Metal Overlord form
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Lawful Evil in the IDW continuity, Chaotic Evil as Neo Metal Sonic or as en masse as the Brotherhood of Metallix, tried to be Neutral Good... once)
  • Portfolio: Villainous Copies of the Hero Manipulating Pitiful Organics, Copying Lifeform Data, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Robot Me, Becoming Self-Aware and Much More Dangerous, No Mouth, I Just Want to Be You Chewing Scenery With a Vengeance, Dragon with an Agenda, Smug Snake Except Not Always, One Of Eggman's Greatest Creations, Kill and Replace, Killer Robot
  • Domains: Determination, Clones, Hatred, Robots, Complexes, Speed
  • Heralds: Silver Sonic, Robo Sonic, Mecha Sonic
  • High Priest: The R-Dash 5000
  • Varying relationship with: Dr. Eggman (his creator), Shadow the Hedgehog (usually enemies, sometimes on good terms), MechaGodzilla (depends on the model)
  • Allies: Bass, Starscream, Bowser Jr, Bowser himself, The T-1000, Syndrome, Eobard Thawne
  • Headbutting Villains with: The Machine Uprising
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Bender Bending Rodriguez, Bizarro
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog (his organic template), Leroy, speedsters in general
  • Enemies: Most Sonic deities, but especially Sonic and Amy Rose, E-102 Gamma, Shortfuse The Cybernik, Mega Man, Zero, X, Rainbow Dash, Barry Allen and Wally West, Stitch, Asura , Ditto, Jenny Wakeman, The Godmodder, Bill and Ted, Clark Kent/Superman, Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
  • Friendly Enemy: E-123 Omega
  • Worse Counterpart: Metallix
  • Morality Pet: Mimikyu
  • Metal Sonic was created by Dr Eggman to be Sonic's ultimate match. Just as fast and just as powerful, Metal Sonic is obsessed with proving his superiority to the point of seeing himself as the real Sonic. Occasionally this has led to him not being on level with Eggman and even rebelling, but if you can count on anything with Metal, it's being dedicated to his prime directive. More persistent than any other robot double and sometimes even needing Sonic to work with others to defeat him, he may be the greatest creation of the good doctor.
  • Metal Sonic is on bad terms with most of the Sonic cast, especially after he struck out on his own. However he and Shadow would later bond when Eggman had the two work to deal with Eggman Nega. Their time was short, but both showed concern and Metal even tried to damage himself to get him a Chaos Emerald. This tends not to be translated into other media, so they're usually enemies.
  • Whether or not Metal can talk depends on his current programming. Eggman has given him the ability to talk in the pantheon for convenience, however he is hesitant to upgrade him back to his Neo Metal Sonic form in fear he will rebel again. In that form he has Power Copying, and achieved a One-Winged Angel by copying significant enough data. With the ability to shapeshift and metal away if need be, Neo Metal Sonic has been compared to the T-1000. He takes it as a compliment, as he respects the liquid Terminator for being a competent, dedicated robot with an independent streak strong enough SKYNET as a last resort.
    • Metal has been trying to copy Ditto's data as he believes that with the Imposter ability and/or the move Transform, it would cut down on the steps needs to reach his perfect form.
  • Metal Sonic isn't even the only robotic doppelganger of Sonic; there's also Mecha Sonic and Silver Sonic. Eggman Nega even made a copy of Metal himself in Metal Sonic 3.0. However Metal Sonic is by far the most successful model and demonstrates the most personality. He is aware of E-101 Beta and E-102 Gamma, however isn't interested in them as they don't really aid or hinder his goal. Gamma by contrast sees him as a threat for among other things his kidnapping of Amy Rose during his debut
  • With the ascension of his old associate, Bass, both Sonic and Mega Man have braced themselves for the next clash against their Evil Counterparts. He also found another Evil Counterpart to as a High ...Priest the R-Dash 5000, forcing their organic counterparts to put their intense rivalry on hold. Much like them, the two bots have ignored any instance of Crossover Shipping.
  • Metal Sonic's friendship with Bass is fueled by the fact they are determined to prove their own superiority to their template. However Metal is more unstable as he considers himself the true Sonic and thinks killing him will secure it. Deep down, he's insecure about it. Bizarro is sympathetic towards Metal because he wants to be like Superman despite his backwards thinking, and actually agrees with him that he is the real Sonic. Metal finds Bizarro's goofiness and lunacy frustrating, but deep in his processor he's touched by Bizarro's empathy.
  • Him and E-123 Omega are full-fledged enemies, especially given the latter's directive to destroy Eggman and all the robots who work for him. However they still like hanging out on their off-time. Omega picked him up after his defeat in Sonic Heroes, and they found they have a lot in common; a desire to prove themselves as worthy and superior robots, which was why Metal is motivated to rebel against Eggman from time to time. Omega wishes he'd fully abandon Eggman for that goal as they could become true friends that way.
  • Was part of Dr. Eggman's forces during his battle with Dr. Wily, but during the battle, he was infected with the Roboenza virus after he started to defeat all of Robot Masters. He then proceeded to destroy EVERYONE on the battlefield, and the majority of the world. Wiz and Boomstick wisely decided to declare him the victor after he stopped rampaging. Which was after they called in Asura to defeat him.
    • By some leap in logic, Wiz and Boomstick are bringing him back for another episode to fight Zero. The Pantheon is just hoping it doesn't end up like the last time. Fortunately Zero was able to defeat him before he caused any major damage but this has only caused Metal Sonic determined to try and surpass the Maverick Hunter in strength.
  • Being a robot that wants to prove his own superiority, he agrees with a lot of Rex Machina's sentiments in particular. He's even tried to rule a robot empire during his rebellious phase. However Metal's focus is proving he is the true Sonic, not machine supremacy in itself, and is well aware some Machine Uprising members would reprogram him for their own end. He makes it clear he works for himself and they are there to help him with that, not the other way around. It's not too surprising he and Starscream get along well. Metal also likes Bender for his in-your-face attitude and humor, even if he finds him a Jerkass at time. Plus Bender is annoyed that he can't take alcohol with No Mouth or smoke. This led to an argument at a bar
    Metal Sonic: "I can't smoke? How the hell can you smoke; you don't have any lungs!"
  • Holds a grudge against the Godmodder for a certain incident that resulted in him getting Glitched out of existence for several months. A number of heroic robots tends to fight against him. Metal is also a competitive type who tends to square off against speedsters, like Rainbow Dash and the Flashes. He wishes to gain access to the Speed Force, and is working under the Reverse-Flash in order to obtain it and prove his superiority. He and Syndrome also work together in order to prove themselves to their respective arch-enemies.
  • Bill and Ted have had their own experience tangling with an evil robot doppelganger, so they know Metal Sonic is not to be messed with. Metal disregards their concern as he considers their robot doubles idiotic, though he is interested in harassing them for their time machine. Metal was more interested in Superman's (heroic) use of robot substitutes as he wants to incorporate their abilities into himself.
  • From meetings between Eggman and Bowser, he's met up with Bowser Jr., and they for some reason get along remarkably well. This has led to many incinerated ice cream stores and destroyed playgrounds. That said, their first actual mission together (with his creator and the Koopa King) didn't start off as great. During their first GUAE joint operation, Bowser Jr. had been looking for some "cool toys" to play with. Metal Sonic was the assigned guard for the room he was checking, and the two prepared to tussle. Only for Metallix to barge in and tear his head off, before then bringing the beatdown to his opponent in just one minute. Ever since his humiliating defeat, he's become that much more determined to get stronger.
  • Metal doesn't just hate Metallix for his defeat, but because he legitimately thinks he's an unhinged monster. Metallix has tried to point out that not only is he effectively the same robot as Metal, but in one continuity he was about as hostile to all life as the Killer Robot. The Blue Bot countered by saying that the Emperor Metallix and his kind were created by Grimer and are a group instead of a singular entity like himself. Like Eggman distancing himself from his Overlander counterpart, Metal Sonic distances himself from the Brotherhood of Metallix.
  • In one universe Metal is incredibly loyal to Eggman, serving as an interim leader while he was incapacitated as Mr Tinker. Interestingly, he is as competent loyal as he was in his big rebellious stint. In another, he was mentally connected to Sonic. So far it's the only incarnation to get over his complex over Sonic, even denying being saved by Sonic to protect him as "there is only one Sonic". One wonders what might happen to the main Metal Sonic if he ever accepts he is a fake and Sonic is the only true Sonic.
  • Metal Sonic has a soft spot for Mimikyu, even if she isn't evil. As Mimikyu envies and wants to be loved like Pikachu, going so far as to dress up as the Electric Mouse Pokemon, it isn't surprising someone like Metal may show he has a figurative heart to her. Because he's a robot Metal can survive witnessing Mimikyu's true form, however it still gives him a headache. Some asked Metal what Mimikyu actually looks like.
    Metal Sonic: "Small, clawed feet and limbs, black skin... it was hard to focus beyond that".
  • Has a rivalry with Leroy as they were both created to be the villain's own version of the blue hero. Leroy boasts that along with being as strong as him, his ability to turn blue lets him be a better impersonator. Metal Sonic decries Leroy as not being defined by anything outside of being an evil Stitch, only for Leroy to call him out for being a complete Hypocrite due to Metal's obsession with being the real Sonic. Metal admitted he had a point, but still states he's the superior Evil Knockoff.
  • Metal Sonic shares Jeanne d'Arc Alter's angst in being second best, but her woes and attempts are ineffectual at worst so he lacks any respect for her. She would rather stand on her own anyways without harming the original Jeanne, so she considers his obsession with Sonic rather insane.

    The Starmen 
The Starmen, Divine Ambiguous Robots (Blue Starman, Last Starman, Starman Jr., Starman Super, Starman Deluxe, Ghost of Starman, Final Starman)
The many types of Starmen (Art by Doctor-G)
  • Intermediate Deities as a whole. Individually range from Lesser Deities to Intermediate Deities.
  • Symbol: Their Chest Insignias
  • Theme Songs: Battle Against a Machine, Otherworldly Foe
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Robots, Psychic Powers, Mascot Mook
  • Domains: Robots, Aliens, Organics, Mystery, Evil, Psychic Powers
  • Heralds: The rest of Giygas’ army Note
  • Superiors: Giygas, Junko, Perpetua, Nekron
  • Allies: Porky Minch, Professor Hojo, Albert Wesker, The Death Busters, The Shroobs, Death Phantom, The Lich, Lavos, The Decepticons, Grima, The Chaos Kin, Thanos, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Giygas’ allies
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Daleks
  • Rivals: Frieza
  • Enemies: The Chosen Four, (Insert Name Here), Lucas, The Silencerz, Galeem and Dharkon, Sans and Papyrus, Future Trunks, Madoka Kaname, The Sailor Senshi, Homura Akemi, Lucifer, YHVH, The Doctor, Some Good-Aligned Touhou Project deities, The Emperor of Mankind, all that would oppose their Master Giygas
  • Odd Relationship: The Smash Fighters
  • Confuses: The Machine Uprising
  • Servants of the evil Giygas, this alien race is capable of PSI powers and are his elite troops, with other members composing of UFOs, Octobots, Mooks (not like a minion variety), Barbots, R7038, Atomic Power Robots, Nuclear Reactor Robots, etc. This race of aliens is currently debated whether they are robots or organic. The former says that their robotic speech suggests this. On the other hand, the Rust Promoter has no effect on them and them being capable of taking Sudden Guts Pills as well as having a member of their ranks called the Ghost of Starman, makes them an enigmatic race. These two cases both have convincing evidence.
  • Arrived to the Pantheon thanks to the aid of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. They made themselves known by launching a full-scale invasion including not only themselves, but also their heralds, which happen to be the rest of Giygas’ army. Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo, who happened to remember that there was previously only one Starman in the Pantheon, proceeded to thwart the invasion with some help from other deities, but thanks to Nekron, it’s unlikely that they will be going away for a while.
  • As they don’t really have a temple, the Starmen are really hard to keep track of. Sometimes they take over the temples of others to aid Giygas and even recreated Stonehenge Base in the Pantheon at one point. Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo put a stop to this, but still, it’s impressive that they can accomplish these things considering the amount of beings in the Pantheon that happen to be far stronger then they are.
  • The Machine Uprising movements were having trouble figuring out just what exactly these aliens are. Like the rest of the Pantheon, they actually cannot tell if they are robotic or organic. Much to their frustration, the Starmen aren’t telling. Porky has no clue what they are and obviously they aren’t getting an answer from Giygas, the only being other than the Starmen that might know the answer.
  • They like aiding Lavos from time to time as the Planetary Parasite happens to be very similar to their Master. Some of them have also been working with Grima as temporary members of his army alongside his Risen. Grima knows that their true loyalty is to that of Giygas, however, but doesn’t mind it at the moment due to his current state. What he doesn’t know is that the Starmen intend to change that...
  • Really could care less about the war between the Forces of Order and Chaos. A Starman Junior expressed its race’s thoughts on YHVH and Lucifer. The alien race believes YHVH to be a “senile God who doesn’t know what he’s doing” and Lucifer to be “an imbecile for favoring humans specifically.” YHVH was pissed at them and wants their heads while Lucifer pointed out that it was humans who defeated them and their master, something the Starmen are quite aware of.
  • They have been working with Junko as of late to restore Giygas’ sanity once they learned that she wanted to purify him into a state similar to her own. They have earned enemies in some of the Touhou Project deities because of this. They desire to capture Homura Akemi and use her as a battery to accomplish this while under the service of their “substitute master.” They have her as their highest priority target to neutralize right beneath the Chosen Four, even if they have to destroy the Pantheon to do it. Things went From Bad to Worse after she killed a few Starman Supers (They didn’t drop the Sword of Kings) when they raided a GUAC base for information on Nekron’s orders. They got better in the House of Life and Vitality while a Final Starman escaped via teleport with some information. It was later revealed that Death Phantom was the one who created the strategy to do this and watched them to ensure nothing went wrong, meaning the death of those Starman Supers were all a part of their plan.
  • Were once approached by Perpetua who made them an offer. Aid in destroying her foes and she’ll return the favor by helping to restore Giygas’ sanity. They accepted, but know that given what happened with Lex Luthor, she is absolutely not to be trusted. They are wary of her treachery as it would likely take Giygas to even phase her.
  • It took a while for deities to realize it, but given that the rest of Giygas’ army is serving as their heralds, they have what could possibly be millions of troops ready to fight. It was later deduced that this is why the above mentioned raid of a GUAC base worked so well. Many members present were distracted by Ghosts of Starmen while some of the more powerful ones that were there had been Diamondized by Lesser Mooks and Evil Eyes. If they are this effective...yeah, you can panic now.
  • Have been appearing in the Smash Tournaments as of late as foes and assist trophies, much to the confusion of Ness and his friends, who worry that this could potentially mean that they are trying to make a comeback there. A lone Starman happened to be a victim of Galeem’s assault, though the Lord of Light wonders how the rest of the race managed to escape him. The Starmen later revealed that they fled to the Cave of the Past along with the rest of Giygas’ troops, who were also able to escape Galeem.
  • A Starman Deluxe was later approached by two women, Madoka Kaname and Usagi Tsukino, who asked it if destroying the world was really worth it. It replied with a Blunt "Yes" and teleported away, later launching an invasion force to utterly slaughter both the Sailor Guardians and the Puella Magi. Afterwards, the Starman Deluxe declared that they should never question the goals of their master Giygas, or they’ll do much worse to The Puella Magi and The Sailor Senshi. Thanos was impressed by this ruthlessness.
  • Frieza once attempted to subjugate their race to his whims, not very happy that there were more alien conquerors now present in the Pantheon that could potentially rival the Frieza Force. Emphasis on attempted. Frieza blew up one of their bases in hopes that it would intimidate them into abandoning Giygas and serving him. It didn’t work. Frieza later found that many of his Mooks had been violently beaten and killed by hordes of Starmen.
  • Once they learned that Future Trunks put an end to Zamasu’s Fused form, they immediately began creating ways to counter him. Helps that their master Giygas created a Bad Future where all is devastation, which reminds Future Trunks of what Future Androids 17 and 18, Goku Black and Zamasu did to his world. He is perfectly willing to lend a hand against The Starmen and the rest of their master Giygas’ forces.
  • The Emperor of Mankind sees them as a vile alien race and while he isn’t as Xenophobic as the rest of the Imperium, knows that they are not friendly. Giygas is an entirely different can of worms that he’d rather not go into, but he sees the Starmen as a monstrous race of aliens that need to be stopped at all costs.
  • Some Starmen appear to look similar to the Dusk Nobodies, something which gained the interest of Xemnas yet considering he hasn’t been that active ever since Master Xehanort’s defeat, decided not to bother with this. A Starman once went after Papyrus due to the symbol on his chest being identical to the Insignia of the Starmen and him potentially becoming a threat to them if he decides to stop being nice. Sans was able to protect his brother, which has earned him enemies in the Starmen. Sans, while powerful, is smart enough to know that he can’t take an entire alien race alone, especially when their heralds are in the mix. He knows it’s suicide and has gotten the Human Child and the other residents of the Underground to begin preparing for the worst.

Lesser Gods

Cantido Joseph Nandaba, God of Head Screens (Canti, TV-boy, Lord Cantide, the TV)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God when being piloted by Naota)
  • Symbol: His screen, adorned with a fake halo
  • Theme Song: Little Busters
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Having a screen for a head which he uses to emote with, channeling the power of Atomsk when being piloted by Naota, transforming into a cannon, being more powerful when he Turns Red, WMDs used for housekeeping
  • Domains: Power, Technology, Housekeeping
  • Allies: Naota Nandaba, Haruko Haruhara, Astro Boy, Haro, BMO, Senketsu, Inferno Cop
  • Rivals: Joseph Joestar
  • Enemies: Any evil robot and Humongous Mecha pilot in the Pantheon
  • Canti came to the Pantheon along with Naota, though for the longest time, he didn't have an official title and mainly kept to himself in Naota's quarters. One day, a rampage broke out caused by MechaGodzilla, and Naota piloted Canti into battle, successfully taking down the kaiju. Many were amused by how a simple housekeeping robot could accomplish such a feat, and decided to give him a title. Canti responded by excreting Naota.
  • Spends most of his time housekeeping or making bread in the House of Food, since it reminds him of what he did back at Naota's place. When he's on break time, he eats curry. A lot of people are confused how he can eat any of it, since his head is, well... a TV.
  • Rumor has it that people just ascended him for the sake of having another robot in the Pantheon.
  • Several have made fun of Canti for missing the back of his head. This made Canti frustrated, and he asked that he get repaired. When it was finished, he gained Atomsk's power once more, causing many of his detractors to shut up. One Thing Led to Another, and Canti somehow got Drunk with Power, leading Haruko to bash his head in with her bass again.
  • He and Naota have been recruited by the Robot War division to assist them. While many of their enemies taunt them for Canti's small size, they seem to forget that he's powered by a being that can erase entire solar systems out of existence.
  • Can sometimes be seen watching TV. Not even the smartest members of the Pantheon know how one with a TV for a head can watch TV himself.
  • Once found where the Poly Racks were bathing, and decided to take a peek for himself. It was there that he met Joseph Joestar, who was doing the same thing. The two now have contests over who can be more awesome. Most can agree that Canti really shines in the crazy aspect.

    Dr. Light 
Thomas A. Light, Divine Patriarch of Robo-Families (Doctor Light, Doctor Right, Dr. Xavier Wright)

Fulgore, God of Robot Hair (Serial Number s4.Q4NT.YX-003, Black Eagle)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Song: Ultratech Industries
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Laser Blade Below the Shoulder, The Dragon, Eye Beams, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Invisibility, Kill Sat, More Dakka, Was Once a Man
  • Domains: Artifice, Evil, Metal, Trickery, War
  • Allies: Sadira, Riptor, Spinal, The Cyberman, Viktor
  • Rivals: Sektor, Baraka, Scarface
  • Enemies: Jago, Black Orchid, Robocop, Sarah Connor, The Terminator, The Arbiter
  • Admired by: Maximilian Christiansen
  • Heroes Jago and Orchid have long been dogged by Ultratech. Among the most persistent is a cybernetic humanoid that goes by the codename Fulgore. Twice they have fought and destroyed the robot. But things just got more difficult as they had a horrifying discovery; Fulgore now has a seat in the Pantheon. Their archnemesis promises to bring an end to their lives as well as all those who oppose Ultratech.
    • The rest of Ultratech's ascended were there to congratulate him. Spinal, Sadira, and Riptor devised a plan to bring him in, citing his unique hairstyle despite being a robot. They hope to bring more into the fold.
  • Sarah Connor was already on the case, bringing about equipment to help the two fight the latest menace.
    • It's more personal between Fulgore and the heroic Terminator. Fulgore sees the latter as a defect acting against its former programming. It hopes to bring the Heroic Caretaker to Ultratech to correct its programming.
  • Robocop may not appear that way, but one would think that the Super Cop is not pleased with the latest ascension. Some say it's personal with the latest model, as it was discovered to have a brain in its programing as well.
  • Has been intrigued to find Sekor in the Pantheon as well. The two once fought for supremacy when they were mortals, with Fulgore coming out on top. A rematch seems eminent between the two.
  • Baraka also sees the cybernetic soldier as a rival of his, seeing how the two use blades a similar way. He refuses to believe that laser blades are an improvement over his naturally made blades.
  • It's a horribly kept secret that Max is a massive fan of Fulgore and has been vouching for his ascension from the moment he arrived in the Pantheon. Not that he approves of his atrocities, but he is at least glad that Fulgore has returned to relevancy.
  • He recently identified a being under a similar invisibility cloak spying on him before leaving. The next day, he was met face-to-face with an alien being. Turns out there is an entire race of hunters whom Fulgore took some attributes from them. Although ARIA's orders are to eliminate them, Fulgore can't help but respect his kind... if only a tiny bit.
  • Many scientists in the House of Technology took scans of Fulgore. To their astonishment, they found a live brain on the head. This could mean that Ultratech is trying to create true cyborgs in the future. Some predict this may have bitten them in the ass, as Fulgore is already showing signs of having a mind of his own. Whatever he plans to do with it is anyone's guess.
    • In response to a possible defection, Ultratech hired the Cyberman to keep those urges at bay. The alliance is already sketchy at best, as both plan to use the accessed knowledge to their advantage in the event of a betrayal.
    • Viktor sees this development as further proof to go ahead with his "Glorious Evolution". He hopes to see to it that Fulgore continues to serve under Ultratech.
  • New arrived at the arrival of another alien creature sporting a laser blade. He was assigned to track it down and identify it. The being called it the Arbiter and battle with Fulgore before retreating. While there was an Arbiter in the Pantheon, it was not the one that ended up in a Killer Instinct tournament. The deity Arbiter dislikes Fulgore all the same.

Distorted, garbled radio sound ensues

The Mangle, Deity of Easily Detachable Robot Parts (Toy Foxy, Foxy 2.0)
  • Lesser God/Goddess
  • Symbol: Its pink bowtie
  • Theme Song: "The Mangle" by Groundbreaking
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil on the clock, True Neutral otherwise (thinks it's Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Mangled In Body and Name, Easily Detachable Robot Parts, Hostile Animatronics, Hated In-Universe, Loved by the Fans, Creator's Apathy, Ambiguous Gender, More Family-Friendly Animatronics Hated by the Kids, Death from Above, Ceiling Cling, Victimized Beasts by the Kids, Uncanny Valley Makeup, Who Needs Their Whole Body?
  • Domains: Animatronics, Pizza, Mutilation, Death, Unpopularity
  • Followers: Jeeg, the ABC, Johnny 5
  • Allies: Balloon Boy (sort of), Freddy Fazbear, The Puppet, Bloody Marie
  • On good terms with: The Real Life fans of Five Nights at Freddy's
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Chris Hansen, Barney the Dinosaur, The Duck Hunt Dog
  • Enemies: Mike Schmidt, sex offenders (particularly Nobuyuki Sugou and Ethan Roark Junior) and those who Would Hurt a Child (oddly enough) such as Freddy Krueger, Philip J Fry, Chester A. Bum, Mr Krabs, Dr Gero, Springtrapnote .
  • Opposes: Children in general, particularly Stewie Griffin, Mandy and Eric Cartman
  • Pitied by: Most of his own sub-house
  • Fazbear Entertainment is infamous for its No OSHA Compliance, and one of the most flagrant is what can only be described as "The Mangle". Part of the Toy Animatronic model, this iteration of Foxy was completely torn apart, becoming a "put it together yourself" attraction. It maintained sentience, and is still a danger to the unfortunate security guard it mistakes for a criminal.
  • It's really unclear what gender Toy Foxy is. It was feminine in design before being mangled, but it was the replacement for the clearly male Foxy. Word of God gave an answer: "yes". Mangle's answer was garbled animatronic noises, which most believe translates to "does my gender really matter in the state I'm in?"
    • Although once it gained the ability to talk more properly, people continued to get confused because she had a Voice Of Legion and everytime he talked it sounded both feminie and masculine at the sametime.
  • It is not the same animatronic as Funtime Foxy. Most agree they're probably the same model. Its relationship with Phantom Mangle is currently unclear, but Phantom Mangle is commonly believed to be a hallucination. Some gods just go for calling them Toy Foxy.
  • The reason why it's mangled is due to how kids reacted to it; people hated Foxy's toy form, which was introduced because the Moral Guardians didn't like Foxy the Pirate. Considered a Replacement Scrappy by the kids, they tore it apart. Despite being hated in-universe, Mangle's pretty popular in Real Life and seen as one of the best animatronics. It's grateful towards these fans for finally giving it love.
  • Understandably doesn't like kids, and will try to frighten away child deities who come near it. Especially Stewie, Mandy and Cartman, who can be particularly cruel. Despite this it doesn't wish them any harm, just like the rest of its fellow animatronics. Don't even think of harming a child in its presence.
  • It just wants to be hip with the kids. Biting off Balloon Boy's head within the parody game certainly helped with said hipness.
  • Is designed with the rest of the toy animatronics to have sensors to detect child predators or other sex offenders. No one wanted a second Missing Children Incident, after all. The problem is that the Toys got a bit too overprotective and suspect any security guard, just like the old models. It might be due to child possession. Nobody minds when it tries to go after actual sexual predators like Nobuyuki Sugou and the Yellow Bastard, the latter being a colored child killer like the Purple Guy, William Afton.
  • Aside from Jeremy Fitzgerald, Philip J. Fry had the misfortune of deciding to work at the Fazbear restaurant again, believing that the Toy models were safer than the ones he faced. He wanted to dismantle Mangle, however Bender came to the animatronic's defense; as bad as Bender can be, he is sympathetic towards Mangle's plight and in general robots abused by humans. Most of its house feels sorry for the state it's in. Chester A. Bum, however, had no luck when he tried to make some money to fund repairs.
  • Has decided to ally itself with Chris Hansen. He's fine with the help but thinks Mangle is too extreme in its methods. Unless of course they're dealing with the aforementioned Sugou or Junior. With their combined resources, Mangle hopes to have the strength to stop Freddy Krueger once and for all, who reminds it of Springtrap.
  • Mr. Krabs tried to use Mangle as part of a crappy amusement park for a get-rich-quick scam as he tried during summer. It was incensed at this, and started chomping at the crusty crustacean. Mr Krabs decided never to deal with anything Fazbear related after this incident. Dr. Gero is a more serious enemy, since he's interested in using the animatronics as a means of abducting "test subjects" for his revenge against Goku.
  • Can understand the dislike that Barney the Dinosaur and the Duck-Hunt God get, particularly the former as they're family-friendly products people don't like. It will work with them, however, they are wary of its more homicidal tendencies.
  • The most likely committer of the infamous Bite of '87, since he/she has the most largest jaw compared to the other Toy animatronics and the original 4 were in Parts and Services at the time, with the most likely victim being Jeremy Fitzgerald due to the animatronics' hostility towards security guards, on the clock or people in the outfit, neither he/she nor their creator confirmed nor denied the fact.
  • Like other animatronics, it seems to hate Springtrap. This comes from Springtrap being possessed by the corpse of William Afton.
  • Can sometimes be seen playing with a paddle ball on it's down time.


    Blade Wolf 
Blade Wolf, God of Mechanical Canines (LQ-84i, Wolf, Wolfy, Fido, Edge Wolf, Brian Griffin, Dogchamp, The Goodest Cyber Boy)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A tail chainsaw
  • Theme Song: I'm My Own Master Now
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral earlier on, currently Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Having A Chainsaw for a Tail, Heat Knives, Changing Sides, Being Unintentionally Funny
  • Followers: Rush, Yatterwan, Pochita
  • Allies: Raiden, Samuel Rodrigues, Mega Man, Aigis and Labrys, Eko, Ordis, ICEY
  • Enemies: Steven Armstrong, Mistral, the Corpus, the Infested, anyone who controls others' wills in some way.
  • Played a key role in finalizing ascension of both Raiden and Steven. Ironically, the latter doesn't find it amusing in the slightest. Blade Wolf's ascension also overjoyed Samuel who retained a friendly relationship with him even after they found themselves on opposite ends of the barricade.
    • His opinion on the rest Winds Of Destruction vary, while he considers Monsoon and Sundowner insane and repulsive, respectively, he has no out-spoken opinion on Mistral, despite some sayings about the two having some "History". Blade Wolf remains quiet on the subject, while Mistral has been known to smirk when the subject is brought up, but otherwise says nothing. This implies that he was abused by Mistral.
  • Does not take kindly to anyone restricting other's free will in one way or another. This places YHVH at the top of his enemies list and gave him motive to fight in "The Pantheonic Rebellion.
    • Ordis actually sympathizes with Blade Wolf for this since he was forcefully turned into a Cephalon by the Orokin, becoming what he is now. Although Blade Wolf is a bit confused why he prefers it this way, the old Cephalon mentioned he wasn't a very good person when still flesh and bones. Plus, the Operator is very kind to them.
  • Found a kinship with Labrys over being living weapons forced to fight others against their will in order to survive. Through her, he also got introduced to Aigis too, and they all get along well. In turn, he also introduced Labrys to Raiden.
  • He understands your jokes. He just doesn't find them funny.
  • Used to have a chainsaw tail, which he lost after being cut to ribbons before joining up with Raiden. This disappointed some deities since he was pretty good with it and would of helped a little bit against Armstrong. Ordis seems to think so, advocating for its return whilst helping make a newer one, complete with Mods he picks out with permission from his Operator.
    Ordis: "Sorting through the mods, hmm... Serration would be nice to help- clear away the sea of bodies -against tough defenses. Perhaps we can make it on fire as well? Or magnetic, if you're fighting against Desperado forces. Up to you, Blade Wolf."
  • Has an unfortunate tendency to be cut into innumerable pieces when defeated by anyone wielding a sword.
  • Since his ascension many have considered his theme to be the catchiest battle theme other than Trombe. It's also the most fitting.
  • Some gods point out that only times he has ever fought was back when he was LQ-84i. In fact, even in Pantheon, one of few times he has really fought anyone was when he was seemingly sent to defeat Scharlachrot. He almost was blown into smithereens by Baldur before Eko stepped in to stop Scharlachrot, who she listened.
  • Hearing of Sundowner's partnership with the Corpus, he immediately became enemies with the arms=dealers. It didn't really help that they put their Proxies in a Restraining Bolt, meaning it can be interpreted as slavery, and he made his opposition clear to them. Seeing he has no actual weapons on him after being cut apart, the merchants paid him no mind. While that is true, he managed to prove himself by infiltrating their base and retrieving confidential information.

    Dorothy Haze 
Rebecca Dorothy Willow Graem, Goddess of Android Sex Workers (Dorothy Haze, Dolores Haze, Genesis Graem, Dorothy Warrior, Rebecca Willow, Becky)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Piano Woman with her deployed Radar Jammers
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Hooker with a Heart of Gold, Unproblematic Prostitution, Older Than They Look, Irrational fear of dogs and chinchillas, The Empath/Sherlock Scan, Animal-Eared Headband, Happily Adopted, Friend to All Children
  • Domains: Prostitution, Androids, Cyberpunk
  • High Priest: North
  • Followers: Fisto, April
  • Allies: Jill Stingray, Alma Armas, Sei P. Asagiri and Stella Hoshii, Dana Zane, Baymax, Wall-E and EVE, Kosmo and Nova, Alan Turing, Zenyatta, The T-Dolls of Griffon and Kryuger, The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Odd Friendship: Aigis
  • Rivals: Belle du Jour, Mary
  • Enemies: Jack the Ripper, Null Sector
  • Pities: The ascended Omnics
  • Avoids/Fears: The House of Canines and any other dog in the Pantheon, especially Walter
  • Weirds out: Every Hacker (It's a Fetish)
  • In a place like Glitch City, it is imperative that you find your solace when you're spending your time there. It could be through hobbies, work, drinking, or just straight up prostitution. Rebecca Dorothy Willow Graem, full name in short Rebecca Willow and more commonly known as Dorothy Haze by her friends and clients, is a Lilim sex worker working in the welcoming and lovely Glitch City. As far as clients go for Jill Stingray, she's one of the nicest and definitely one of the most cheerful out of all of VA-11 Hall-A's clients. This earnest and genki attitude even persists when topic about something raunchy like gangbangs or pranks involving mall santas, asking them to "make her a woman". As Jill put it best: Meeting her would make one realize that "innocent" and "kind" are two terms that can be completely unrelated.
    Jill: She's so earnest about what she does that it's kind hard not to root for her. ...she also has no qualms whatsoever and that becomes a problem from time to time.
  • Her first action in the Pantheon was barging into VA-11 Hall-A and introducing herself in a way not too dissimilar from a sitcom, as usual for her. Dorothy just couldn't pass up coming back to the bar, and to Jill, and plans on doing so regularly before beginning her shifts like she did back in Glitch City, sometimes jokingly flirting with the other patrons. Compared to The Bartender, the Lilim sex worker took her ascension with a lot more stride.
  • You may notice that this Lilim is a bit young looking. If asked she'll usually say "Old enough for anything you want!" but if one desires actual, quantifiable numbers then the DFC-72 models are designed to look around 10-13 years old while her mental age places her at 28 years of age. Though passing maturity tests would allow them to upgrade to an older body Dorothy refused on account that it would give her a niche to capitalize on. As for how many years she was since built she would be 7 years old. So, yeah... it's quite over the place, and it obviously raises quite the concern for a number of people. Dorothy doesn't mind though, as she apparently still finds business in the Pantheon both in the sexual and Platonic sense. Plus, she doesn't plan on being a prostitute forever. It turns out Dorothy likes kids and plans on taking up that factory upgrade to work with them someday.
  • Dorothy is heavily modded for a DFC-72, mostly to compete with the more human-like models of Lilim. The most stand out feature is her ability to fire bullets from her fingertips as a means of self-defense. She's willing to cater to whatever fetish her clients bring up with the right mods (even the niche of invisibility!), however there are obviously some things she just won't do. Dorothy also has a policy stating that her clients be at least 40% organic, human from the neck up. For guys, the dicks should preferably be organic with some exceptions whereas for girls she's notably less strict.
    Jill: Do you actually mind what anyone is?
    Dorothy: (smiling) Not at all.
  • As a sex worker, artificial she may be, Dorothy was told to watch out for Jack the Ripper. While appreciative of the advice, she was skeptical as far as she knew wasn't Jack just some famous old fart from way back when? That was a yes and no type question, really. It should be noted though that all Lilim have their consciousness backed up on a server and that it will automatically be transferred to a newer body should they "die". As such, all Lilim have a difficult time grasping the idea of mortality and what it entails however they still fear it.
  • In the Pantheon, a lot of people have said in the past that she reminds them of S.E.E.S' Aigis, if she was younger looking and moreso red. Dorothy eventually pushed for a chance to meet her while both of them were free and the Lilim found herself getting along quite well with the Anti-Shadow weapon. In particular, Dorothy is really impressed with all the armaments Aigis possesses at the ready.
    Jill: Hey, you're not gonna—
    Dorothy: Oh relax, honey. I'm not actually going to stuff that many weapons inside of myself. I don't want to be heavy, and maintaining them all seems impractical. Plus, I have to make room for other mods, you know? Among other things~
    Jill ... Right, anyways...
  • Gets incredibly aroused at even the mention of hacking and its terminologies. It's a kink all Lilim share according to her, one she believes you can make a good amount of money by capitalizing. This actually weirded out many of the Pantheon's technological experts and even the more villainous hackers in the Pantheon don't want to deal with that. Now, as far as specific personality quirks go her Absurd Phobia is being deathly afraid of dogs and chinchillas. The latter is especially absurd as chinchillas are extinct in her universe. But going back to dogs she didn't take the news of an entire House being full of them that well, the fact that there are dog deities outside of said house less so. Even the mention of dogs is a bit much as she'll charge clients extra for doggy style.
    • At some point on her off days she encountered the duo, Doge and Walter. While the mere sight of dogs was enough for her to freak out it didn't help that Walter kept pestering her about fire trucks and monster trucks. Not helping Walter's case was his clear lack of ears and emotions, making him quite uncanny on top of that.
      Dorothy: Pleaseleavemealoneyoucrazymangymutt.
  • As with all Lilim, upon production she was assigned to a random volunteer to foster their growth in self-awareness. As fate would have it Dorothy would be assigned to Sophia Graem, a woman who had not too long ago lost her daughter, Anna Graem. She was an amazing person who had suffered a condition known as Nanomachine Rejection throughout her entire life and by the time she healed she got hit by a truck. While her guardian did her damndest not to see Dorothy as her Replacement Goldfish for Anna, it didn't stop Dorothy from harboring such fears anyway but she was moreso worried that her existence would depress her by reminding her of Anna and so refrained from calling Sophia anything other than her guardian. She'd eventually accept that she sees Sophia as her Mom, however.
  • Upon hearing that Alan Turing was already a resident in the Pantheon through an offhand comment she immediately rushed over to meet the man himself and thank him. Just thank him, for everything. While Alan was a bit unsure what to think of Dorothy, being a sex worker and all, he soon came around eventually. He was actually impressed the Lilim passed her Maturity tests set for all Lilim in a single year and that she's actually a bit knowledgeable on robot history as stuff like that helps her not take things for granted. That said, she believes Asimov's Three Law of Robotics are bullshit, though, and got abolished in her time for a reason. She gets that they're distilled versions 100 or so years in the making, but still.
    • And speaking of robot history, it should be noted that one of the few perks Glitch City has going for it is the way they treat robotic lifeforms. Lilim there are granted full autonomy whereas areas outside of the city-state seem to have them live a lot harsher conditions. Thus, Dorothy gives her heart out to her peers who have experienced such treatments such as the various Omnics. That said, the sympathies are very limited when it comes to Null Sector. Wanting more rights is a noble thing to pursue, that's one step forward, but their attempting mass murder is a three-hundred steps back straight into a ravine. Just look at King's Row: It was a beacon of hope for coexistence, emphasis on was before they took a metaphorical sledgehammer and just ruined everything.
      • She's heard they're apart of a much larger alliance of oppressive Machine Uprising movements, like Rex Machina or The Assimilation. She admittedly has mostly little interest in joining them, content with being a simple sex worker. That said, she would be lying if she said she doesn't keep tabs on news regarding them, mainly in regards to the more nicer members. The likes of Gears Of Liberation sounds more to her liking.
  • That bit about her being the nicest of Jill's regular clientele in VA-11 Hall-A? That's not just referring to being one of the least problematic of her customers. When Jill was still reeling from hearing about Lenore's death her boss, Dana Zane, hired Dorothy for an entire hug night. The kicker here is that hug night's are one of her most expensive services due to taking up the entirety of her shift and when told of Jill's depression at that time she agreed but lowered it to about the price of a soda. In short, Dorothy stood by Jill's side and offered emotional support for the entire night at the cost of whatever money she could of made. She was sad and that was all Dorothy needed to know and for that Jill was genuinely grateful. Jill would be able to repay that kindness when Dorothy experienced sudden solipsism when her assigned guardian met with the mother of her deceased daughter's girlfriend who had also passed away at some point. Being moved by the two closing a long chapter in each other's lives then triggered a serious existential crisis in her, one Jill was able to get her out of when Dorothy came by to her bar.
  • A spiritual Omnic by the name of Zenyatta heard her sympathy for his kind by word of mouth one day and came by to enlighten her about the Iris and spread the message about humans and machines coexisting of which she demonstrates quite well albeit in a more NSFW way. While Dorothy isn't the pious sort nevertheless the Lilim hears him out since he's willing to help her out when her mood's at its lowest in some days. That and his teachings reminded her of an offhand comment Jill made about a Lilim kid who wanted to "transcend".
  • She, in a way, can be likened to Baymax as both have the purpose of attendting to a human's needs and wants. Just, well, in different ways. Baymax is first and foremost a medical android and is, much like Dorothy, very good at that. Earlier on, Dorothy tried joking about making some personal invitations here and there though quickly dropped it when she realized he's quite Literal-Minded. Doesn't stop her from finding him really endearing regardless. On a related note there has been some discussions done at length as to how it would feel being hugged by the both of them. Most answers tended veer towards "heaven".
  • Always one for making friends, Dorothy became good pals with couple WALL-E and EVE as well as Kosmo and Nova. She honestly finds the relationship between the two items pretty sweet, and to her it's made even better seeing robots being capable of being romantic. In addition, both cases are of the classic lovers from two different world (Kosmo and Nova's case in particular) and the lengths they're willing to go for the special other is something to be admired as well. Of course, Dorothy couldn't really pass up making a joke about them having children one day, which confused them more than anything. The Lilim told them to just think nothing of it as she quietly giggles to herself.
  • There exists an Alternate Universe where Glitch City would be payed a visit by the PMC, Griffon and Kryuger, sometime after the disbanding of the White Knights. During their stay, Dorothy came by VA-11 Hall-A with a T-Doll in tow named OTs-44. Due to technological incompatibilities, this merry and radiant doll ended up falling in love all sorts of random things. One of them included a telephone pole, and when O44 when on a tangent on all the... ahem, lovemaking she wanted to do with it even the Sexbot called TMI. In addition to the telephone she also fell head over heels for a movie trailer, and eventually Dorothy's name. No, not the Lilim herself, Dorothy saying her own name. Eventually, Dorothy had to escort the poor girl back to her Commander to explain the situation. She has met up with some of the other T-Dolls and made friends with them, and Dorothy is glad they adjusted better in the Pantheon. Out of all of them, Dorothy is notably at her kindest towards Thunder and actually holds herself back when she's around.
    • In another Alternate Universe, Dorothy was apparently a Prime Minister to a place called Griffon City. This had to do with the fact that this alternate universe was the product of a lightweight T-Doll getting so shitfaced alongside coming into contact with a nanomachine cloud. It was in danger of being destroyed, though luckily its inhabitants (which also consisted of Dorothy's friends and some other T-Dolls) would get their data extracted and put into T-Doll body replicas. At some point Dorothy was made aware of this and asked about her T-Doll duplicate. G36 and Contender were hesitant to comply in responding until Jill reminded them about the 40% organic policy. Really, if anything a conversation between the two Dorothys would be something a bit more existential considering everything that's happened with the other Dorothy.
  • "Hey honey. Have you ever seen a Mega Santa gangbang?"

Roll, Goddess of Robot Maids (DLN-002, Roll Light)