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Intermediate Gods

    Durkon Thundershield 
Durkon Thundershield, God of Token Religious Teammates
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Banner of Clan Mors.
  • Alignment: Lawful Bland (briefly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: A Typical Dwarven Combat Medic with a Funny Accent, Uses a Hammer and Shoots Lightning, Was Barred from Returning Home, Momma's Boy, Fears Trees, Immune to Drugs, Never Gets Drunk, Straight Man, ultimately Makes the Case for Enduring Misery.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Lightning, Healing, Protection
  • Followers: Ibara Shiozaki, Thane Krios
  • Superior: Thor
  • Allies: The Order of the Stick, Gimli, Legolas, Hawkgirl, Tony Tony Chopper, Asia Argento, the subhouse of Alcohol
  • Enemies: Xykon, Redcloak, General Tarquin, The Colossi
  • Opposes: Hel, The House of the Undead and subhouse of Plants
  • Pities: Miko Miyazaki
  • Complicated Relationship: Loki Laufeyson, Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Some people say Misery Builds Character. One could say that Durkon has experienced this for much of his life. Even as a child, he had to experience his dad getting killed and his mom without an arm for much of her life. It was part of the reason why he decided to become a cleric of Thor. Yet when he was almost powerful enough to restore that lost arm, he was thrown out of his own home due to a prophecy. Still, he managed to find good company in the Order of the Stick and while they have their arguments, he helped the leader Roy turn the group into a competent party. It was during this time that he became the God of Dwarves, ironic as he has been rejected by his own people. That happiness was once again thwarted by outside forces. A lizardfolk cleric he befriended turned out to be an evil-aligned vampire. After a grisly brawl between the two, he ended up dying. Yet Valhalla wasn't given to him. Hel took over the vampire spawn and turned him into a vessel, even making him her high priest in an attempt to destroy his world, removing his deitic status in the process. But despite all of that trauma, he persevered. He managed to regain control for just enough time for his friends to destroy him. One resurrection later, and he was ready to return to the pantheon.
  • Naturally, he has joined the group in order to help the team leader Roy destroy the lich Xykon and his minion Redcloak. Unlike the others, he doesn't mind that the lich can't remember his name despite meeting up many times over. He merely sees it as an advantage.
  • Is probably the only member that doesn't have a deep hatred of Miko. Even after her loss of paladin powers, Durkon sees a misguided soul too caught up with upholding the law at all costs to the most severe of punishments. He has secretly tried to redeem her with regular visits. So far, the conversations have been fruitless.
  • As with quite a few clerics in the 3.5 version, Durkn built himself as a Combat Medic, capable of healing his allies as well as busting heads with his weapon. As such he holds a great amount of respect to Chopper, even though he lives life as a pirate.
    • With his Healing Hands ability, he also pays respect to Asia Argento for her help. The blonde was enamored with the Dungeon and Dragons deities in his world and asked him to describe ALL of them. That was a difficult task, as Knowledge (Religion) wasn't part of his skill ranks.
  • To his surprise, no one has claimed the prize of God of Hammers. Instead, much of those people have flocked to the worship of Hawkgirl. Durkon finds her hard to read given the superhero's many Retcons.
  • Holds a massive disdain for the undead and holds his holy symbol to his chest so that he could Turn Undead at a moment's notice. While his time as a vampire widened his perspective on the creatures, he remains unconvinced on the good some can do. Of course many of them bemused his high failure rate due his Dump Stat in Charisma. Dracula had hoped to have used the spawn for his own purposes, but Hel denied him the chance to do so. The God of Vampires considered it a pity they couldn't keep the cleric for long.
  • The God of Thunder welcomed the cleric back in the Pantheon. While he does give Durkon the wrong spells to use at times, he genuinely cares for the dwarf (and was understandably pissed when he found out about his vampire turn). This proved true when the two finally met in his world.
    • Loki laughed up a storm when he found out that Durkon and a cleric of his ended up going to bed with each other. The God of Mischief is uninterested in whether the two will hook up or not, only in the resulting schadenfreude that would likely happen with two people of diametrically opposed clerics.
    • At least Catwoman is a bit more sympathetic with the situation he's in, advising him on what to do.
  • He and V could be seen as a another inspiration of better relationships between dwarves and elves, like what eventually happened with Gimli and Legolas. Even then, he does have to deal with V's pride at times. Nevertheless, he was glad the two were able to handle their differences.
  • His zealous attacks on trees became an assault on all tree matter. He has a big help against Exdeath, God of Evil Trees, at first. He has since been banned from the subhouse of Plants as a result. Some deities such as Viridi and Poison Ivy believe Durkon should be punished for his transgressions.
  • As with all dwarves, he enjoys a good beer over at the subhouse of alcohol. But it's to be noted that he never gets drunk, no matter how many mugs of mead he drinks. Durkon chalks it up to his insanely high Constitution score. This has gain him both awe and jealousy amongst the heavy drinkers in the Pantheon.
  • Also like most dwarfs, he's been trained to avoid getting hit by giants. This has made him a top priority by the Colossi to destroy him.
  • His new mission, requested by Thor, is to gain an audience with Redcloak. The evil cleric's deity may hold the key to preventing the continuing cycle of destruction due to The Snarl. The GUAG has taken notice and has voiced their support if it leads to the goblin's redemption.
  • Also has a temple in the subhouse of People of Faith

    Sonia Strumm 
Sonia Strumm, Goddess of First Friends (Misora Hibiki, Harp Note, Sonia Sky, Lyra Note)
Sonia with her partner, Lyra
Click here to see Harp Note 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Guitar
  • Theme Music: Shooting Star (Version SF3) (Lyrics can be found here).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Becomes Geo's first friend and Brother, Action Girl, Alliterative Name, Lost her mother to illness a month or two before the events of the first game, Bonds with Geo over their lost parents, Big Eater, Heroic Host for the FM-ian Lyra, which allows her to become the Musical Assassin Harp Note, Nice Girl, The Tomboy to Luna's Girly Girl, A famous Idol Singer, The Lancer to Geo
  • Domains: Music, Friendship
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Wary of: Solo
  • Sonia Strumm was a originally a young girl who had composed songs for her ill mother. She even auditioned to become an Idol Singer to help make her mother happy, even receiving a guitar from the latter. Sonia's mother passed away 3 months before the events of the first game, and Sonia's exploitative manager started pressuring her to use her songs, intending to make her a cash cow and causing Sonia to run away. She would cross paths with Geo Stelar, a boy who had lost his father, and came to sympathize with her. When her manager manages to find her, Sonia would meet Lyra, an FM-ian who can control musical notes, who grants her the power to become Harp Note to take revenge on all who exploit her for her music. Geo Stelar, as Mega Man, is able to stop her rampage and explain how his father's disapperance left him too afraid to reach out to others in fear they will disappear as well. Sonia, touched, decides to temporarily retire from being an star to find her own strength and purpose. After becoming the first person to form a BrotherBand with Geo, she's become one of his greatest supporters ever since.
  • Sonia was offered a position in the Pantheon as the Goddess of First Friends, and was told Geo was in the Pantheon. Immediately she accepted the offer upon hearing that, and would greet Geo the same way she did during his third adventure fighting the noise (Sneaking up on him, covering his eyes, and teasing him with the guess who game, this time with Geo intentionally getting the wrong answer once or twice). Geo is happy to finally see his first Brother in the Pantheon at long last, while Sonia is glad to be join the Pantheon and be alongside her friend.
    • Geo would then give her a tour along the Pantheon, reuniting her with Luna Platz on the way, introducing her to other Idol Singers. Sonia is excited to see so many idols in the Pantheon and she's even more excited to be able to play her songs in the House of Music.
    • Of course, Sonia also learned that there are those who would use music to hurt other people, such as Courtney Gears, I-No, and Ember McLain. Sonia would come to view these two as her arch-enemies, because music is supposed to make people happy, not hurt them. She vowed that as long as she was standing, she will never let them enter the House of Music again.
    • Sonia is quite shocked to learn that Geo was not the first to bear the name of Mega Man. She would come to befriend the deities that originated from the alternate timeline (especially those she served as an Expy of, such as Roll), as well as Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE, the former being the inventor of the BrotherBand that she would use to bond with Geo. She also promised to join the fight against those who served as their enemies, like Dr. Wily, Sigma, Dr. Weil, and Sirius.
    • One of the gods she's most cautious of is a god from her universe, Geo's rival Solo. He did beat her down when she tried to protect Geo, not to mention how antisocial and hostile he is towards Geo. Solo doesn't see her as worth his concern.
  • Sonia is also opposed to Galactic Conquerers and Civilization Destroyers, since her partner Lyra was once part of the invading FM-ian forces send to help the king destroy Earth. Sonia would join Geo in opposing many tyrants that ascended into the Pantheon, such as Darkseid, Thanos, and Palpatine.
  • Sonia is considering forming a group with the other idols and musicians capable of fighting, such as the Suite Pretty Cures, Plasmagica, and Rise Kujikawa. Besides composing songs together, they can also fight against those who would abuse music for evil.
    • Plasmagica know what it's like for a bad person to exploit their songs for selfish reasons (Sonia being exploited by her manager for money, Dagger Morse for the sake of power).
    • Rise in turn also sympathizes with Sonia over how their fans originally didn't care for her as a person, and is glad she found friends to help her like she did.
  • Sonia would cross paths with Kass, who like her, wanted to use music to keep the memory of their loved ones alive (Kass and his mentor, Sonia and her mother). Both became very good friends as a result, and Sonia hopes she can create songs that would allow her to help just like Kass did with Link.
  • Sonia met Héctor, who could be described as the complete opposite of her. Héctor wrote a lullaby for his daughter to comfort her just like Sonia wrote songs for her mother for the exact same reason. The two formed a great friendship as a result, and Sonia sympathizes with Héctor when she learned of how Héctor's former friend Ernesto murdered him and stole his songs on the day he was going back to his family. Sonia compared that incident to how her manager intended to exploit her talent for profit.
  • Sonia shows a great dislike for Elizabeth Bathory, being downright horrified by the murders and torture she committed in life. She also doesn't like how she initially wanted to be a singer just for attention, treated non-nobles as inhuman beings, and for being a dreadful singer.
  • Sonia would soon meet Connie and Steven, and after getting to know them, notes how their friendship began the same way her bond with Geo did (Connie was shy and friendless until she met and befriended Steven, who helped her to come out of her shell and become more confident and assertive). Sonia is supportive of the two and hopes all three of them and Geo will be able to fight evil together.

Lesser Gods

    Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword 
Makoto Kenzaki, Goddess of Loners Becoming Friends (Cure Sword, MakoPi, Mackenzie Mack, Glitter Spade)



    Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco 
Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco, Quartet Gods of Imaginary Friends (Bloo: Blooregard Q. Kazoo, El Blooderino, Blooey, Bloo Dude, Bloofus, Orlando Bloo)
Left to right: Frankie, Wilt, Mac, Bloo, Coco, and Eduardo

    Patrick Star 
Patrick Star, God of Fat Best Friends (Mr. Superawesomeness, Pinhead Larry/Dirty Dan, The Elastic Waistband, Rick, Tubby)
  • Demigod (can reach Intermediate God status as Mr. Superawesomeness)
  • Symbol: His house (a big, round rock with an old antenna at the top). Alternatively, his shorts.
  • Theme Song: "I Wrote This Song".
  • Alignment: Stupid Good. Sometimes, Chaotic Stupid.
  • Portfolio: Ditzes With Genius Shades, Fat Best Friends, Species Surnames, Life Partners With SpongeBob, Spawning Multiple Memes, Being More Athletic Than He Looks, Strength Coupled With Stupidity, Stupid-sounding Voices, Weirdness, Childishness, Big Eaters, Big Funny Guys, Fat Idiots, Exposing His Bellybutton, Lazyness, Having No Apparent Goals In Life, Lacking a Nose, Inconsistent Intelligence.
  • Domains: Friendship, Stupidity, Lazyness, Eating, Fat, Water.
  • High Priest: Heffer.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Rufus and Bob
  • Friendly Rivals: Undyne, Homer Simpson, Garfield
  • Enemies: Anyone who calls him "Tubby", or "Rick".
  • Opposed by: Cthulhu, The Kraken, Blooper, Davy Jones, Ursula, Pearl, Benson, most deities at the Houses of Knowledge and Music.
  • Afraid of: Wii Fit Trainer, Mello
  • Patrick Star ascended to the Pantheon for being... well, fat. And also for being SpongeBob's inseparable best friend, so the sponge couldn't just ascend without him.
  • Usually spends most of his time at the Pantheon doing... absolutely nothing. He is the literal champion of this and has to defend his title after all.
    • Sometimes, he is joined by Homer Simpson and Garfield, possibly the only other deities in the Pantheon who can contend against him for the title of doing absolutely nothing. However, it appears that the three of them don't care or even acknowledge that they're in a competition.
  • Like SpongeBob, his overall relationship with the cephalopod deities is a mixed bag. He is on good terms with Octodad (who Patrick refers as "Dad Squidward"), Ika Musume ("Little Squidward Girl") and The Inklings ("Rainbow Squidward Teens"). He also worships the magic conch shell fossil gift that he and SpongeBob received from Omastar ("Squidward That Looks Like Gary").
    • And just like SpongeBob, he is disliked by the more malevolent cephalopod deities: Cthulhu ("Giant Squidward"), The Kraken ("The Other Giant Squidward), Blooper ("Baby Squidward"), Ursula ("Fat Squidward Lady") and Davy Jones ("Dave"). All of them have been annoyed by Patrick and SpongeBob together at least once.
  • He met "Big" Earl while shopping for a new pair of shorts at the House of Costumes. Patrick told Earl "Nice shorts" and the alien replied "Yo, rad shorts". That was the start of a beautiful, funky friendship.
  • Like SpongeBob, Patrick is also a big fan of Aquaman and often asks him "where's Barnacle Boy?". Aquaman has no idea about what to say in this situation.
  • Like SpongeBob, he was randomly challenged by Undyne while strolling aimlessly around the Pantheon. Unlike SpongeBob, he actually put up a challenge and was very close to winning (achieved by actually just standing there and tanking Undyne's attacks like if they were mosquito bites for hours. (It was one of those days were he could break solid brick walls by just walking into them). Patrick still ended up losing when Undyne commanded him to fight back, which resulted in Patrick trying to throw a punch and somehow hitting his own face with it, knocking himself out.
  • Patrick once went to the House of Knowledge in order to publish his literary masterpiece, "The Ugly Barnacle". 2.58 seconds later, the whole House was up in flames, with Patrick being permanently banned from entering the House ever again.
    • Something similar once happened when he tried to play the song he wrote himself at the House of Music. The only difference is that he actually managed to bring chaos to the House even faster.
  • Once helped SpongeBob with his side job of selling chocolate around the Pantheon, but the two of them ran into some trouble when they met Mello.
    • Also occasionally helps SpongeBob with his other side job of restoring parts of the Pantheon, although he predictably ends up causing more trouble than actually helping, much to Benson's frustration.
    • And when he's not ruining everything, he just slacks off along with Mordecai and Rigby, drinking soda and having meaningless talks about random, useless topics with them.
  • He was once confused as a Mega Evolution for Starmie by Misty. Patrick had no idea what a "Mega Evolution" was, but he thought it sounded tasty.
  • He and SpongeBob are very close to Steven and they usually bring him along to have some crazy, dangerous fun. Patrick is also very close friends with Amethyst, as they do share a lot of traits (which is probably the reason Pearl dislikes him even more than SpongeBob).
  • Surprisingly, he has shown to be able to hold his own against both Rufus and Bob at the House of Combat (Rufus made the mistake of calling him "Fat Rick". Weirdly, Patrick took more offense at the latter word). Neither Rufus nor Bob were very happy that they had trouble against a "fat starfish".
    • Despite this apparent strength, Patrick has no interest in becoming fit. He has been chased a few times around the Pantheon by the Wii Fit Trainer, who wants to force him and several other unfit deities into an exercising program.
  • He often hangs out at the House of Food with Fat Buu, where they often eat chocolate, burgers and chocolate burgers.
  • Apparently, he's known for making a lot of memes. Including: "Is mayonnaise an instrument?", "No! This is Patrick!", "I love you.", to name few.

    Podrick Payne 
Podrick Payne, God of Loyal Rookie Allies (Pod)



    Jane Lane 
Jane Lane, Goddess of Sole Friends
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her red jacket
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Book Dumb, Cool Loser, Deadpan Snarker, Deuteragonist, Hates math, The responsible sibling to Trent’s foolish, Has hands-off parents, The Lancer, Living Emotional Crutch, Morality Pet, Nightmare Fetishist, Daria’s best (and only) friend, Only Sane Woman, Tall, Dark, and Snarky, The Trickster
  • Domains: High School, Friendship, Art, Sarcasm
  • Herald: Trent Lane, her older brother
  • Allies: Daria Morgendorffer (Her best friend), House of Craft, Dr. John Watson, Leonardo da Vinci, Mafalda, Kyle Rayner, Yayoi Kise, Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Opposed by: Denzel Crocker, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Uneasy Relationship with: Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Odd Friendship with: Max Payne
  • Pities: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Ned Flanders
  • Jane is a sarcastic, antisocial, alternative kind of girl who goes through life with her own set of rules. As Daria's best friend, she spends a good part of her time swapping colorful commentary back and forth with her regarding the various absurdities of life in high school. She shares with Daria a fondness for pizza, Sick Sad World, and ridicule of those who deserve it.
  • Was glad that Daria is among one of the Pantheon’s residents. Upon first encountering her once again, the two were seen having a conversation over a slice of pizza in the House of Food.
    • One time, the two came across two familiar-looking boys. Turns out that they were Daria’s old “friends” Beavis and Butt-Head. While Jane never had any interaction with the two boys, she doesn’t believe that spending time with them and their antics are worthwhile.
  • She spends most of her time creating art, usually painting, though she often works in sculpture as well. Her work is usually grotesque and dark in nature. As such, she can be seen in the House of Craft.
    • Upon hearing that Leonardo da Vinci is among one of the residents of the Pantheon, she offered to pay a visit to his temple. After a brief conversation with the Renaissance man, the two left on respectful terms.
  • Sometimes hangs out with Dr. John Watson due to both of them being seen by their respective friends as their only friend.
  • She has also took a liking for Mafalda. For Jane, her sense of sarcasm reminded her a bit of Daria.
  • She and Daria have once been involved in a Love Triangle with Tom Sloane. Jane was the first of the two that he dated, but their relationship ended due to the controversy over Tom kissing Daria, a situation that caused a rift between the two girls’ friendship for a few months.
    • Some speculate that her relationship with Daria is more than just friends, to which she has yet to comment on.
  • For some reason, Max Payne was given odd looks towards Jane as her voice reminded him of Mona Sax.
  • She and her brother Trent had to raise themselves due to their parents mostly being absent in their household. As such, she has met up and sympathized with others who had a similar situation, such as Peter Parker and Ned Flanders (at least, before he was given a special treatment that involved being spanked continually for a whole year).
  • Jane may be insightful and artistic, but she had some frustration with her grades. Mostly because she simply doesn’t care about them. And although she attends college, she is wary of certain teachers like Denzel Crocker and Agatha Trunchbull.
  • Really doesn't mind being a Quasideity in the House of Friendship. To her, it's like having low self-esteem: "It makes me feel special."
  • Upon being asked what happened after the events of her series, she learned that she would eventually open her own art gallery in New York and she and Daria still hang out. She can't help but smile hat some things don't change.

    Robert (Company
Robert, Divine Patron of Third Wheels (Bob(by), Bobbie, Robby, Bubi, Angel, Honey, Darling, Sweetheart)
Clickhere to see Bobbie.
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The logo for Company
  • Theme Song: "Side by Side", alternatively, "Being Alive"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Playing third wheel to five married couples, avoiding marriage, having many dates, possibly bisexual, the only sane man, good with children, sometimes appearing as a woman called Bobbie
  • Domains: Third Wheeling, Friendship, Singleness
  • Heralds: His ten married friends
  • Allies: La Muerte and Xibalba, Gomez and Morticia, Harry Potter, Asgore, Toriel, The Friends Crew, Charlie and Nicole Birdman, Vincent Brooks
  • Enemies: Ato-ko Shirogane, Dr. Frank-n-Furter
  • Conflicting Opinion: Barney Stinson, Haruka and Sora Kasugano, Hallie Parker and Annie James
  • One day, La Muerte and Xibalba were having a big fight over another wager. To prevent their fight from escalating and potentially throwing the Pantheon into chaos, their friends Gomez and Morticia called upon the help of Bobby. They had heard of the man's reputation due to his starring role in a musical, much like a version of themselves. Though most gods doubted a mortal would be able to defuse the tension, Bobby spent some time just talking with the overdeities while throwing jokes and good-natured flirts. The couple warmed up to him so fast that they offered him a seat in the Pantheon. Due to his uncanny ability to keep god couples content and happy, the Court of Gods agreed to ascend him.
  • During his mortal life, Bobby was a 35-year-old man living in New York City. Even though he wasn't married (preferring casual romantic flings), he was best friends with five colorful married couples. He happily plays the third wheel to them — washing the dishes, taking the children to the zoo, and even ending marital squabbles. But on his birthday he was confronted by his friends regarding his fear of commitment, making him realize he actually did lead a lonely life, no matter how much he valued his friends and how much the sentiment was mutual on their end.
  • Since his ascension, various deified couples have taken to inviting him to spend time with them. Most of them enjoy Bobby's company so much that his schedule is now fully booked for years to come. Bobby doesn't seem to mind this, although he's still awed at the more fantastical gods as his world was a mundane one. In certain situations, he takes on the appearance of a woman called Bobbie. However, that doesn't seem to change his/her personality, so everyone just rolls with it.
  • His temple is his apartment: modern, sophisticated, and clean. When any visitor points out how clean and seemingly devoid of life it is, he admits to not spending much time in it at all, usually only staying to get some rest.
  • He is vehemently against Ato-ko due to her love of breaking couples up being the anti-thesis to his role. He has a special hotline for couples who are targeted by her and will prioritize helping them work out their troubles before the relationship is broken. Ato-ko takes this as a challenge. Also dislikes Dr. Frank-n-Furter for his tendency to sleep with anyone he fancies, which has led to break-ups. Unfortunately, Frank-n-Furter finds him attractive and repeatedly tries to sneak into his temple for some fun time, having even managed to make it inside his bed a couple of times while Bobby sleeps and surprising him awake. Bobby has to ask his more combat-capable friends to keep watch for him.
  • Although they were the ones who suggested to call for his help, Gomez and Morticia's Nightmare Fetishist tendencies sent a chill down Bobby's spine at first. But after seeing that their relationship is one of the healthiest and most stable in the Pantheon, Bobby finds himself enjoying the couple's unique way of life. For their part, Gomez and Morticia refer to him with the Affectionate Nickname of "Robber".
  • He can't quite make up his mind on Haruka and Sora. On one hand, they're a perfectly pleasant couple. On the other hand, their relationship is an incestuous one, which understandably makes him very uneasy, to say nothing of the fact that it doesn't seem to be very healthy since it all smacks of codependency. Sensing his uneasiness, the couple don't invite him to hang out with them much at all, but they still politely greet each other when their paths cross.
  • Surprisingly, he seems to get along well with the wizard Harry Potter, who himself has spent some time as a third wheel to his best friends Ron and Hermione and fretting about it. Harry has long gotten over it, especially as he married Ron's sister Ginny soon enough, but he's surprised that Bobby can stand still being a single man well into his thirties while virtually all his best friends are married. Bobby could do little else but chuckle self-deprecatingly when Harry pointed that out and once more be reminded of his loneliness. Outside of that, Harry provides a fascinating window into the world of magic for a muggle like Bobby.
  • One day, Asgore tried to enlist Bobby's help to mend his relationship with Toriel. But as the men visited her temple, she instantly read Asgore's intention and stared him down with a glare, forcing the two men to sheepishly excuse themselves and all but run away. Despite that, Bobby decided to visit Toriel again, without Asgore, and attempt to befriend her, explaining that what his relationship with couples usually is. Toriel was a lot more open to Bobby without Asgore around, though she still claimed she could never go back to him after what happened in the Underground. Bobby realized there was some heavy stuff going on there that was out of his league, but nonetheless he offered a friendly ear to Toriel if she ever wanted to unburden herself about her problems with Asgore. Despite evrything, Toriel accepted his friendship.
  • Has a particularly complicated relationship with Barney Stinson, due to sharing one of his avatars with him. Though they are both wealthy, liked hooking up with women, and wary of commitment, Bobby is irked by Barney's past of objectifying women as he treats his girlfriends with respect. Barney, meanwhile, thinks Bobby's a hypocrite. However, after learning that Barney did get married at one time and made a vow to take care of his daughter, Bobby's opinion of him has increased somewhat. For the same reason, he always assumes a different avatar when spending time with Ted and Tracy Mosby.
  • After finding a coffee house called Central Perk which he thought had a strong New York vibe to it, he became quickly acquainted with the gang of six quirky friends who generally hang out there. Since the friends are New Yorkers around his age who mainly concern themselves with their mundane and often comical lives, Bobby identified quite strongly with them, particularly Chandler who like Bobby had some pretty bad issues with commitment before finding his ideal partner in Monica and becoming Happily Married with her. That story gives Bobby hope that there might be someone out there for him after all. In the meanwhile, he enjoys stopping by Central Perk on occasion to take a break from all the fantastic goings-on of the rest of the Pantheon and hang out with the very entertaining friends, sometimes dropping some advice when things are strained between Rachel and Ross, or more rarely Monica and Chandler.
  • Was once sought out by the twins Hallie and Annie in one of their well-meaning but misguided attempts at getting divorced couple Charlie and Nicole back together. Bobby took the time to explain to the twins that divorce generally happens for good reasons and it wasn't their place to try to force a divorced couple back together even if that worked with their parents. He can't say he's terribly confident about their parents' future together, but he keeps that entirely to himself so as to not upset them or jinx anything. Meanwhile, despite what he said, he did pay a visit to the ex-Birdmans out of curiosity, as they are also New Yorkers. He could see for himself that the relationship was well and truly over and there was no room for his "meddling", but he still managed to make friends with both Charlie and Nicole.
  • Due to his commitment issues, Bobby was interested and disturbed to learn about one guy going by the name of Vincent Brooks who balked at the idea of marriage, then went and got himself trapped in a deadly series of nightmares because of his own indecision on settling on a partner (each of which meant a very different lifestyle for Vincent). On meeting Vincent, Bobby was glad to see that he seemed to be an overall decent guy who learned something from his experiences and the two have bonded over their views on romance. Now Bobby just hopes nothing like what Vincent went through happens to him.