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Intermediate Gods

Dunban, God of Fatherly Companions (Dundun, Beast, Dear Brother)

    Durkon Thundershield 
Durkon Thundershield, God of Token Religious Teammates
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Banner of Clan Mors.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (briefly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: A Typical Dwarven Combat Medic with a Funny Accent, Badass Beard with a Bald of Awesome, Uses a Hammer and Shoots Lightning, Was Barred from Returning Home, Momma's Boy, Fears Trees, Immune to Drugs, Never Gets Drunk, Straight Man, ultimately Makes the Case for Enduring Misery.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Lightning, Healing, Protection
  • Superior: Thor
  • Allies: The Order of the Stick, Gimli, Legolas, Hawkgirl, Tony Tony Chopper, Asia Argento, the subhouse of Alcohol
  • Enemies: Xykon, Redcloak, General Tarquin, The Colossi
  • Opposes: Hel, The House of the Undead and subhouse of Plants
  • Pities: Miko Miyazaki
  • Complicated Relationship: Loki Laufeyson, Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Some people say Misery Builds Character. One could say that Durkon has experienced this for much of his life. Even as a child, he had to experience his dad getting killed and his mom without an arm for much of her life. It was part of the reason why he decided to become a cleric of Thor. Yet when he was almost powerful enough to restore that lost arm, he was thrown out of his own home due to a prophecy. Still, he managed to find good company in the Order of the Stick and while they have their arguments, he helped the leader Roy turn the group into a competent party. It was during this time that he became the God of Dwarves, ironic as he has been rejected by his own people. That happiness was once again thwarted by outside forces. A lizardfolk cleric he befriended turned out to be an evil-aligned vampire. After a grisly brawl between the two, he ended up dying. Yet Valhalla wasn't given to him. Hel took over the vampire spawn and turned him into a vessel, even making him her high priest in an attempt to destroy his world, removing his deitic status in the process. But despite all of that trauma, he persevered. He managed to regain control for just enough time for his friends to destroy him. One resurrection later, and he was ready to return to the pantheon.
  • Naturally, he has joined the group in order to help the team leader Roy destroy the lich Xykon and his minion Redcloak. Unlike the others, he doesn't mind that the lich can't remember his name despite meeting up many times over. He merely sees it as an advantage.
  • Is probably the only member that doesn't have a deep hatred of Miko. Even after her loss of paladin powers, Durkon sees a misguided soul too caught up with upholding the law at all costs to the most severe of punishments. He has secretly tried to redeem her with regular visits. So far, the conversations have been fruitless.
  • As with quite a few clerics in the 3.5 version, Durkn built himself as a Combat Medic, capable of healing his allies as well as busting heads with his weapon. As such he holds a great amount of respect to Chopper, even though he lives life as a pirate.
    • With his Healing Hands ability, he also pays respect to Asia Argento for her help. The blonde was enamored with the Dungeon and Dragons deities in his world and asked him to describe ALL of them. That was a difficult task, as Knowledge (Religion) wasn't part of his skill ranks.
  • To his surprise, no one has claimed the prize of God of Hammers. Instead, much of those people have flocked to the worship of Hawkgirl. Durkon finds her hard to read given the superhero's many Retcons.
  • Holds a massive disdain for the undead and holds his holy symbol to his chest so that he could Turn Undead at a moment's notice. While his time as a vampire widened his perspective on the creatures, he remains unconvinced on the good some can do. Of course many of them bemused his high failure rate due his Dump Stat in Charisma. Dracula had hoped to have used the spawn for his own purposes, but Hel denied him the chance to do so. The God of Vampires considered it a pity they couldn't keep the cleric for long.
  • The God of Thunder welcomed the cleric back in the Pantheon. While he does give Durkon the wrong spells to use at times, he genuinely cares for the dwarf (and was understandably pissed when he found out about his vampire turn). This proved true when the two finally met in his world.
    • Loki laughed up a storm when he found out that Durkon and a cleric of his ended up going to bed with each other. The God of Mischief is uninterested in whether the two will hook up or not, only in the resulting schadenfreude that would likely happen with two people of diametrically opposed clerics.
    • At least Catwoman is a bit more sympathetic with the situation he's currently in, advising him on what to do.
  • He and V could be seen as a another inspiration of better relationships between dwarves and elves, like what eventually happened with Gimli and Legolas. Even then, he does have to deal with V's pride at times. Nevertheless, he was glad the two were able to handle their differences.
  • His zealous attacks on trees became an assault on all tree matter. He has a big help against Exdeath, God of Evil Trees, at first. He has since been banned from the subhouse of Plants as a result. Some deities such as Viridi and Poison Ivy believe Durkon should be punished for his transgressions.
  • As with all dwarves, he enjoys a good beer over at the subhouse of alcohol. But it's to be noted that he never gets drunk, no matter how many mugs of mead he drinks. Durkon chalks it up to his insanely high Constitution score. This has gain him both awe and jealousy amongst the heavy drinkers in the Pantheon.
  • Also like most dwarfs, he's been trained to avoid getting hit by giants. This has made him a top priority by the Colossi to destroy him.
  • His new mission, requested by Thor, is to gain an audience with Redcloak. The evil cleric's deity may hold the key to preventing the continuing cycle of destruction due to The Snarl. The GUAG has taken notice and has voiced their support if it leads to the goblin's redemption.
  • Also has a temple in the subhouse of People of Faith

Hiei, God of Aloof Allies
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His bandaged arm
  • Theme Song: Hiei's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with True Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolios: Ascended Extra, Breakout Character, Noble Demon, Starter Villain, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Blood Knight, Smug Super, Loner-Turned-Friend, The Comically Serious, Deadpan Snarker, Extra Eyes, Fragile Speedster, The Quiet One, Easily Forgiven
  • Domains: Evil, Solitude, Darkness, Demon, Fire
  • Allies: Vegeta, Ikki Phoenix, Shadow the Hedgehog, Lulu, Ikaruga, HK-47 (nominally)
  • Rivals: Raditz
  • Enemies: Toguro
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Kurama, Yusuke Urameshi
  • Not to be Confused with: Android 17
  • Yusuke was getting ready to take on Toguro after the later's recent ascension. He was training alongside Kurama when he heard someone stating he should be training with someone who never lost in the Dark Tournament. Yusuke immediately recognized the snark from Hiei, a Noble Demon who decided to help him out after a brief fight. Hiei dismissed his teammate with a huff. Kurama on the other hand gave his best friend a tight handshake of appreciation. Out of all the members of Yus uke's group, Kurama has always been his favorite. With the three of them ascending, they hope it would only be a matter of time before Kuwabara arrives as well.
    • Hiei never did get to fight Toguro before his death, but he now hopes to change that. Confident in his chances, he confronted the mass of muscle to a duel. Toguro proved to be stronger than he could have been prepared for. Hiei was forced to retreat, but he hopes to use that previous knowledge to defeat him in their next encounter.
  • He is the resident Token Evil Teammate that is often added to a squad to spice up the dynamic. As such, Hiei holds a nominal amount of respect to HK-47, the patron saint of such people. The feeling is mutual, as a meatbag is still a meatbag even with a demon sealed within him.
  • With their hair and attitude regarding the protagonists, one would easily mistaken Hiei as Vegeta's son. Competing egos aside, the two actually enjoy the other's company. Notably, they love to rib off how naive their allies can be (especially Yusuke and Goku respectively).
    • To add to things, one of his voices sounds like Android 17. While there is a bit of a resemblance between the two, Hiei doesn't talk nearly as much with him as he does with Vegeta.
    • As a Starter Villain, he does have some connection with Vegeta's former teammate Raditz. Yet Hiei only hung around the saiyan for convenience: he believes Raditz is a complete loser for failing to conquer the planet he was assigned. That has basically put the two at crosshairs towards each other.
  • Ikki paid him a visit, mainly to complain about The Power of Friendship that Seiya likes to talk about. Turns out they have a lot in common, mainly because of their Anti-Hero status compared to the rest of the groups. It wasn't long before others of their kind use the temple as a way to get some alone time.
  • Tired of dealing with Sonic all the time, Shadow goes to his temple once in a while for some solitude. He has a secret liking to Hiei as not everyone in the Pantheon is fond of the dark hedgehog. Hiei's popularity over the years gives him hope that he too can get universal admiration.
  • With his ascension, Ikaruga finally has someone where she can ferry her followers who are not women. There are many dark-haired women who fit Hiei's personality, but there has been plenty of men who were waiting for a patron. She is now at peace with someone worthy of that title.
  • A lot of people criticize Lulu for her excessive amount of belts. To Hiei, her abilities are a lifesaver. His assortment of belts keeps the Dragon of the Darkness Flame sealed within him. With out them, the entity would surely devour him. That and the fact that she too is an aloof lady has earned her his respect.
  • As with most Token Evil Teammates, he doesn't mind chatting with the enemy even if he has to put them down himself. With that said, he despises villains who discard their underlings at a whim, both because he was once a lesser ranked villain himself before making the big time and because wants the opportunity to take down the enemies himself.
  • If Hiei has any blind spot regarding his aloof nature, it is with his twin sister Yukina who he has been keeping things secret for both of their sakes. While she is a prime target for ransom, doing so would probably be a terrible move, only ensuring that Hiei would make your imminent death agonizing.

Lesser Gods

    Gardevoir and Gallade 
Gardevoir and Gallade, Twin Gods of Guardian Entities (Gardevoir: Sirnight | Gallade: Erureido, Psythe)
Click here to see Mega Gallade and Mega Gardevoir
  • Lesser Gods (Intermediate Gods when Mega-Evolved)
  • Symbol: Their Mega-Stones, the Gardevoirite and Galladite
  • Theme Songs: Battle! Diantha (Gardevoir); Battle! Wally (Gallade; shared with Wally)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Female (Gardevoir); Male (Gallade)
  • Abilities:
    • Gardevoir: Trace (Pixilate as Mega Gardevoir)
    • Gallade: Steadfast (Inner Focus as Mega Gallade)
  • Moves:
    • Gardevoir: Moonblast, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam (Z-Move: Shattered Psyche)
    • Gallade: Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance (Z-Move: All-Out Pummeling)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Guardians, Loyalty
  • Followers: the Spirit Dream Eaters
  • Allies: Wally, N, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Absol, Lucario, Aegislash, Chesnaught, Yubel, Arturia Pendragon, Rider, the other Gardevoir, Uesugi Kenshin, James Henry Trotter
  • Enemies: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Seymour Guado, Ghetsis, Lady Tremaine, Banette, Bisharp
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine
  • Both joined the pantheon out of the loyalties they've had towards the many trainers out there. Most of the time, they can be quite friendly towards others, but if you hurt their trainers, you better watch out, especially if they're Mega-Evolved.
    • They were especially happy to see that Wally had also made it to the pantheon. When the pantheon decided to assign Pokémon to other deities, Gallade went with Wally, while Gardevoir was assigned to Sora.
  • They both formed a special connection with Auron over their respective loyalties to protect those they truly care about.
  • The two are not fond of the Guardian Entity that serves Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (and Terra-Xehanort before that), and view it as their evil counterpart. However, when Riku took on Ansem's form and used this guardian to capture Roxas so that Sora would awaken from his sleep, they just let this incident slide, since it was for a good cause. Oddly enough, Gallade seems to have a special connection with Riku...
  • They also don't have any respect for Ghetsis or Lady Tremaine for being abusive (and in the latter's case, hateful) step-parents to N and Cinderella, respectively.
    • They also have disrespect towards Scar for the murder of his brother, Mufasa, and blaming Simba, for causing it. The fact that Scar later became a Heartless and retained his original appearance only furthered their distaste towards him.
    • They also show sympathy for James over how he lost his parents to a phantom rhinoceros and had to live with his evil aunts, who are described as "worse than Lady Tremaine". Fortunately, he has since been Happily Adopted.
    • However, at least they show some sort of respect towards Darth Vader for his atonement out of his son's love for him, even if it meant his death.
  • Despite having a very feminine appearance, especially while Mega-Evolved, Gardevoir can be a male. There is a reason why its Japanese name is the masculine-sounding Sirnight. However, the one in the pantheon is confirmed to be female.
  • If you are asking, this is not the same Gardevoir from Team Charm. The confusion between the two has gotten to the point where the other Gardevoir started to wear a scarf.
    • Surprisingly enough, the other Gardevoir's partner, Ventus, happens to be the predecessor of Sora. The fact that Ven's heart is currently sleeping within Sora's body only fueled the confusion.
    • Gardevoir has made encounters with Roxas, the Nobody of Sora. At first, she mistook him for Sora before he explained his side of the story. Legally, Gardevoir is also partnered with Roxas for this reason, but Sora's statements that Roxas deserves to be his own person defies this. Still, the two have become friends, and Gardevoir often hangs out with Roxas for some ice cream (sometimes, even with the other Gardevoir hanging out).
    • The events of "Diamond Adventure" caused Sora to temporary leave the pantheon to both recover and prepare for war against Master Xehanort. Ratchet, who is her original trainer by accident, has stepped in to be Gardevoir's temporary partner.
  • Gardevoir is fully aware that Wobbuffet has a crush on her; all of his attempts to impress her have so far been... politely shut down. He won't give up on her, though.
  • As ordered by Gallade, nobody is allowed to tell Gardevoir about the mountains of Rule 34 that people draw of her, or they risk getting slashed in the face.

    Kairi (Kingdom Hearts
Kairi, Goddess of Childhood Friends (Naminé, K, The Unknown Thief)
Click here  to see her and Nora's thief form

    Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword 
Makoto Kenzaki, Goddess of Loners Becoming Friends (Cure Sword, MakoPi, Mackenzie Mack, Glitter Spade)

    Marie (Persona
Marie, Goddess of Honorary True Companions (The Antisocial Poet of the Hollow Forest, Mariko Kusumi, Kusumi-no-Okami, Izanami-no-Mikoto)

    Riza Hawkeye 
Riza Hawkeye, Goddess of Consiglieres (Lieutenant Hawkeye, The Hawk's Eye, Elizabeth, My Queen, Margott Orange Peko)



    Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco 
Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco, Quartet Gods of Imaginary Friends (Bloo: Blooregard Q. Kazoo, El Blooderino, Blooey, Bloo Dude, Bloofus, Orlando Bloo)

    Patrick Star 
Patrick Star, God of Fat Best Friends (Mr. Superawesomeness, Pinhead Larry/Dirty Dan, The Elastic Waistband, Rick, Tubby)
  • Demigod (can reach Intermediate God status as Mr. Superawesomeness)
  • Symbol: His house (a big, round rock with an old antenna at the top). Alternatively, his shorts.
  • Theme Song: "I Wrote This Song".
  • Alignment: Stupid Good. Sometimes, Chaotic Stupid.
  • Portfolio: Ditzes With Genius Shades, Fat Best Friends, Species Surnames, Life Partners With SpongeBob, Spawning Multiple Memes, Being More Athletic Than He Looks, Strength Coupled With Stupidity, Stupid-sounding Voices, Weirdness, Childishness, Big Eaters, Big Funny Guys, Fat Idiots, Exposing His Bellybutton, Lazyness, Having No Apparent Goals In Life, Lacking a Nose, Inconsistent Intelligence.
  • Domains: Friendship, Stupidity, Lazyness, Eating, Fat, Water.
  • High Priest: Heffer.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Rufus and Bob.
  • Friendly Rivals: Undyne, Homer Simpson, Garfield.
  • Enemies: Anyone who calls him "Tubby", or "Rick".
  • Opposed by: Cthulhu, The Kraken, Blooper, Davy Jones, Ursula, Pearl, Benson, most deities at the Houses of Knowledge and Music.
  • Afraid of: Wii Fit Trainer, Mello.
  • Patrick Star ascended to the Pantheon for being... well, fat. And also for being SpongeBob's inseparable best friend, so the sponge couldn't just ascend without him.
  • Usually spends most of his time at the Pantheon doing... absolutely nothing. He is the literal champion of this and has to defend his title after all.
    • Sometimes, he is joined by Homer Simpson and Garfield, possibly the only other deities in the Pantheon who can contend against him for the title of doing absolutely nothing. However, it appears that the three of them don't care or even acknowledge that they're in a competition.
  • Like SpongeBob, his overall relationship with the cephalopod deities is a mixed bag. He is on good terms with Octodad (who Patrick refers as "Dad Squidward"), Ika Musume ("Little Squidward Girl") and The Inklings ("Rainbow Squidward Teens"). He also worships the magic conch shell fossil gift that he and SpongeBob received from Omastar ("Squidward That Looks Like Gary").
    • And just like SpongeBob, he is disliked by the more malevolent cephalopod deities: Cthulhu ("Giant Squidward"), The Kraken ("The Other Giant Squidward), Blooper ("Baby Squidward"), Ursula ("Fat Squidward Lady") and Davy Jones ("Dave"). All of them have been annoyed by Patrick and SpongeBob together at least once.
  • He met "Big" Earl while shopping for a new pair of shorts at the House of Costumes. Patrick told Earl "Nice shorts" and the alien replied "Yo, rad shorts". That was the start of a beautiful, funky friendship.
  • Like SpongeBob, Patrick is also a big fan of Aquaman and often asks him "where's Barnacle Boy?". Aquaman has no idea about what to say in this situation.
  • Like SpongeBob, he was randomly challenged by Undyne while strolling aimlessly around the Pantheon. Unlike SpongeBob, he actually put up a challenge and was very close to winning (achieved by actually just standing there and tanking Undyne's attacks like if they were mosquito bites for hours. (It was one of those days were he could break solid brick walls by just walking into them). Patrick still ended up losing when Undyne commanded him to fight back, which resulted in Patrick trying to throw a punch and somehow hitting his own face with it, knocking himself out.
  • Patrick once went to the House of Knowledge in order to publish his literary masterpiece, "The Ugly Barnacle". 2.58 seconds later, the whole House was up in flames, with Patrick being permanently banned from entering the House ever again.
    • Something similar once happened when he tried to play the song he wrote himself at the House of Music. The only difference is that he actually managed to bring chaos to the House even faster.
  • Once helped SpongeBob with his side job of selling chocolate around the Pantheon, but the two of them ran into some trouble when they met Mello.
    • Also occasionally helps SpongeBob with his other side job of restoring parts of the Pantheon, although he predictably ends up causing more trouble than actually helping, much to Benson's frustration.
    • And when he's not ruining everything, he just slacks off along with Mordecai and Rigby, drinking soda and having meaningless talks about random, useless topics with them.
  • He was once confused as a Mega Evolution for Starmie by Misty. Patrick had no idea what a "Mega Evolution" was, but he thought it sounded tasty.
  • He and SpongeBob are very close to Steven and they usually bring him along to have some crazy, dangerous fun. Patrick is also very close friends with Amethyst, as they do share a lot of traits (which is probably the reason Pearl dislikes him even more than SpongeBob).
  • Surprisingly, he has shown to be able to hold his own against both Rufus and Bob at the House of Combat (Rufus made the mistake of calling him "Fat Rick". Weirdly, Patrick took more offense at the latter word). Neither Rufus nor Bob were very happy that they had trouble against a "fat starfish".
    • Despite this apparent strength, Patrick has no interest in becoming fit. He has been chased a few times around the Pantheon by the Wii Fit Trainer, who wants to force him and several other unfit deities into an exercising program.
  • He often hangs out at the House of Food with Fat Buu, where they often eat chocolate, burgers and chocolate burgers.
  • Apparently, he's known for making a lot of memes. Including: "Is mayonnaise an instrument?", "No! This is Patrick!", "I love you.", to name few.

    Podrick Payne 
Podrick Payne, God of Loyal Rookie Allies (Pod)


    Jane Lane 
Jane Lane, Goddess of Sole Friends
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her red jacket
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Book Dumb, Cool Loser, Deadpan Snarker, Deuteragonist, Hates math, The responsible sibling to Trent’s foolish, Has hands-off parents, The Lancer, Living Emotional Crutch, Morality Pet, Nightmare Fetishist, Daria’s best (and only) friend, Only Sane Woman, Tall, Dark, and Snarky, The Trickster
  • Domains: High School, Friendship, Art, Sarcasm
  • Herald: Trent Lane, her older brother
  • Allies: Daria Morgendorffer, The House of Craft, Dr. John Watson, Leonardo da Vinci, Mafalda, Kyle Rayner, Yayoi Kise, Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Opposed by: Denzel Crocker, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Uneasy Relationship with: Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Odd Friendship with: Max Payne
  • Pities: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Ned Flanders
  • Jane is a sarcastic, antisocial, alternative kind of girl who goes through life with her own set of rules. As Daria's best friend, she spends a good part of her time swapping colorful commentary back and forth with her regarding the various absurdities of life in high school. She shares with Daria a fondness for pizza, Sick Sad World, and ridicule of those who deserve it.
  • Was glad that Daria is among one of the Pantheon’s residents. Upon first encountering her once again, the two were seen having a conversation over a slice of pizza in the House of Food.
    • One time, the two came across two familiar-looking boys. Turns out that they were Daria’s old “friends” Beavis and Butt-Head. While Jane never had any interaction with the two boys, she doesn’t believe that spending time with them and their antics are worthwhile.
  • She spends most of her time creating art, usually painting, though she often works in sculpture as well. Her work is usually grotesque and dark in nature. As such, she can be seen in the House of Craft.
    • Upon hearing that Leonardo da Vinci is among one of the residents of the Pantheon, she offered to pay a visit to his temple. After a brief conversation with the Renaissance man, the two left on respectful terms.
  • Sometimes hangs out with Dr. John Watson due to both of them being seen by their respective friends as their only friend.
  • She has also took a liking for Mafalda. For Jane, her sense of sarcasm reminded her a bit of Daria.
  • She and Daria have once been involved in a Love Triangle with Tom Sloane. Jane was the first of the two that he dated, but their relationship ended due to the controversy over Tom kissing Daria, a situation that caused a rift between the two girls’ friendship for a few months.
    • Some speculate that her relationship with Daria is more than just friends, to which she has yet to comment on.
  • For some reason, Max Payne was given odd looks towards Jane as her voice reminded him of Mona Sax.
  • She and her brother Trent had to raise themselves due to their parents mostly being absent in their household. As such, she has met up and sympathized with others who had a similar situation, such as Peter Parker and Ned Flanders (at least, before he was given a special treatment that involved being spanked continually for a whole year).
  • Jane may be insightful and artistic, but she had some frustration with her grades. Mostly because she simply doesn’t care about them. And although she currently attends college, she is wary of certain teachers like Denzel Crocker and Agatha Trunchbull.
  • Really doesn't mind being a Quasideity in the House of Friendship. To her, it's like having low self-esteem: "It makes me feel special."
  • Has learned that Daria is going to another round of her life in high school...but without her. She's been venting her frustration via drawing.


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