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Greater Gods

    Fecto Forgo 
Fecto Forgo, The God who Survived Without a Body (Specimen ID-F86, Invasive Species, Ultimate Life-Form, Fecto Elfilis, Psychic Beast, Soul Forgo, Species Born of Chaos, Chaos Elfilis, Fecto Forgor, Seethe Rat)
After assimilating the Beast Pack 
Fecto Elfilis 

  • Greater Deity as Fecto Forgo; Overdeity as Fecto Elfilis, and especially as Chaos Elfilis
  • Symbol: Their larva form inside the Eternal Capsule. Alternatively, a star-shaped dimensional rift with their eyes inside it.
  • Theme Song: Eternal Echo of the Thrilling Tour-our-our, Hunted by the Beast, Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil as Fecto Forgo, Chaotic Evil as Fecto/Chaos Elfilis
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Manipulation, Psychic Powers, Souls, Dreams
  • High Priest: Miranda Jahana
  • Missing piece: Elfilin
  • Allies: Vanitas, Mesogog, Sheev Palpatine, Ursula, Megatron, Octogeddon, Majin Buu, the Radiance, Wild Hunt (of which it was a former follower)
  • Rivals: Cell, Shadow the Hedgehog, Kars
  • Enemies: Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, the Waddle Dees, Morpho Knight, Optimus Prime, Future Trunks, Professor Hojo, the Anti-Monitor, Dr. Manhattan, Team Dai-Gurren, All-Might, Sonic and his friends, Eonar
  • Interests: The Lich, Dr. Kawashima
  • Fears: Giygas
  • Feared by: The entire House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Respects: Sir David Attenborough
  • Opposes: ZONE, the Interspecies Reviewers
  • Opposed by: Asuka Langley Soryu, Zygarde
  • Evil Counterpart to: Mewtwo
  • A highly aggressive life-form from a far-off planet, the creature once known as Fecto Elfilis used its mighty spear and powers over space to carry out destructive raids on defenseless worlds. That all changed when it mounted an invasion against "the New World", where its indiscriminate attacks on the wildlife spurred a team of researchers into capturing the beast. They studied it and its miraculous psychic abilities for thirty years, until a lab accident happened. A small shred of benevolence called Elfilin split away from Fecto Elfilis. As a result, what remained of the original creature — now called Fecto Forgo — was permanently sealed away, and it stayed in stasis long after the planet was abandoned. In a bid to return to its former body, Forgo committed a long list of atrocities: brainwashing King Leon, turning his followers into the militaristic Beast Pack, opening up dimensional vortices to abduct whomever it could find, ordering Waddle Dee Town to be razed, and using the Waddle Dees as slave labor. Unfortunately for Forgo, it failed to account for Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee, who were brought into the New World through one of its vortices. They confronted the creature, and even though it assimilated its "other half" to become Fecto Elfilis once again, Fecto Forgo was eventually defeated and turned into roadkill. However, that wasn't the end of it. Forgo's evil soul survived the battle inside Forgo Dreams, a strange archipelago created from its own dreams. It planned to take its revenge by creating an army of living thoughts and commanding them from inside Leon's body. Kirby and friends defeated its minions and freed Leon from possession, but before Fecto Forgo could strike back, its soul was spirited away by the phantasmal butterfly, Morpho Knight. In one last battle, Forgo and Morpho Knight combined to form the almighty Chaos Elfilis. Even this was destroyed, and Fecto Forgo's reign of terror seemingly ended for good.
  • In the aftermath of Kirby's battle with Chaos Elfilis, the primeval beasts that it assimilated were reincarnated as a harmless point of light, and Elfilin accepted that light into himself. Yet, in what can only be called a miracle, Fecto Forgo somehow survived. Clinging desperately to life, the psychic beast fled the New World entirely and searched for another planet to begin its conquests anew. What it found instead was the Pantheon. With so many powerful deities around every corner, Forgo has decided to lay low for now, at least until it can find a suitable vessel that will let it resume its invasion...
  • It gets along well with Vanitas, a fellow cunning mastermind with a love of violence and bloodshed. As a result, Vanitas's Unversed minions are frequent visitors to Forgo's temple. However, they are unable to breach the inner sanctum — for wherever Forgo goes, so too do the isolated isles of Forgo Dreams. Vanitas considers Forgo a potential ally to Organisation XIII, for their situations and temperaments are eerily similar. Only time will tell what plans they have in store for the rest of the Pantheon, but it's safe to say it will entail lots and lots of destruction.
  • Although Fecto Forgo typically shuns the house of Science for personal reasons, it developed an odd kinship with Mesogog after learning about his circumstances as an Enemy Without. Ever since then, Forgo has kept a vested interest in Mesogog's plans, for if the dinosaurs really are as powerful and terrifying as Mesogog says, Forgo would be happy to use one as a temporary body.
  • On one of its first reconnaissance missions in the Pantheon, Fecto Forgo encountered a fleet of TIE fighters and assimilated them into its body, using the energy to fly straight into the heart of the Galactic Empire. It soon found an audience with Sheev Palpatine. Though the Emperor's skill with the dark side of the Force pales in comparison to Forgo's powers, it wisely chose not to assimilate him, for it believes it can take advantage of Palpatine's connections in the Grand United Alliance of Evil to subtly influence the Pantheon toward its will.
  • Despite the warnings, Fecto Forgo was happy to strike a bargain with Ursula after learning she could turn mermaids into humans. In its melted state, Forgo oozed into Ursula's temple and made its demands: energy, souls, and possibly a glamour that could hold its body together. In exchange, it offered the sea witch the magic spear Fecto Elfilis wielded in battle, and even volunteered to teach her how to use it. No great loss to Forgo, though — it has many, many more copies of that spear, and now it can keep itself intact by feeding on Ursula's victims.
  • After hearing it on repeat for decades, Fecto Forgo has long associated itself with the phrase "Ultimate Life Form", and it will fight tooth and nail to keep the top spot. As such, anyone else in the Pantheon with that title — such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Cell, and Kars — will find a bitter rival in Forgo. It butts heads the most with Cell, since both of them are rather haughty and consider each other "fake" and unworthy of the moniker. Forgo simply cannot fathom how an artificially created bio-android even counts as a "life-form", since its origins are completely natural. Cell dismisses Forgo as little more than a psychic parasite who requires other life-forms to be truly "ultimate". Neither of them are willing to back down from their position, and the two of them are regularly seen sparring together. Should Cell relent, Forgo has vowed to assimilate him and scatter his essence across Forgo Dreams. One unfortunate side effect of their rivalry is a newfound enemy in Future Trunks, who sees many of Cell's worst traits in Forgo. It has decided to ignore Trunks for now, but the opposition only further fuels its determination to best Cell. On a much scarier note, their origin as a life-threateningly powerful alien being with the ability to assimilate other beings and their desire of chaos and destruction has led Forgo to find a kindred spirit in Majin Buu.
  • As one of the nastiest villains in the Kirby franchise, Fecto Forgo remains a bitter enemy of every deity it attacked, brainwashed, or enslaved during its first bid for power. The hate runs especially deep for Bandana Waddle Dee, who witnessed the destruction of Waddle Dee Town and helped Kirby rescue hundreds of his brethren from Forgo's clutches. Fecto may be a smooth operator, but after being trounced so badly by Kirby and friends in the past, it has decided to keep well out of the "irksome pink contaminant"'s path.
  • Fecto Forgo is dreaded by almost every deity in the House of Beasts and Fauna, due to it's personal enslavement of the entirety of the Beast Pack by means of Mind Rape upon it's leader Leon. Forgo was more than happy to facilitate this fear when it attempted to and very nearly succeeded in mind controlling every deity within the house with only the strongest willed beings managing to resist Forgo's psychic power. It then attempted to lead this new army in it's completed Elfilis form to ravage the rest of the Pantheon but was thankfully stopped by Kirby, with Elfilis's defeat releasing it's victims from it's mind control. Due to Forgo's enjoyment of enslaving animals, it has found itself near the top of the hate list for just about every heroic Sonic deity ever. Forgo welcomes the challenge, as it sees them, in particular the ones with Super States, as excellent candidates for assimilation, and is confident that the incredible Reality Warper powers of Fecto Elfilis or Chaos Elfilis will be able to bring Sonic and his friends to heel.
  • Fecto Forgo first lost its body in a head-on collision with Kirby's Big-Rig Mouth, a fact which embarrasses and annoys it if brought up. As such, it was not at all pleased to learn of Optimus Prime, who can also take the form of a truck, and it has nominally allied itself with the Decepticons should Prime ever take action against it.
  • On one of its visits to Ursula deep beneath the sea, Fecto Forgo crossed paths with a raging octopus that had tentacles shaped like all sorts of species. This piqued its interest, having taken a similar form after absorbing members of the Beast Pack, and so it possessed the body of an ordinary fish and followed the octopus. Forgo got a cathartic thrill watching Octogeddon's devastating attacks on countless human monuments. Impressed by its campaign of destruction, the psychic beast appeared to Octogeddon in a dream, inviting it to Forgo's temple to discuss all the havoc they could wreak together. The Pantheon is concerned about such an alliance, for while Octogeddon is normally quite peaceful unless provoked, Forgo seems all too happy to encourage the octopus's darker side.
  • A victim of decades of unwilling scientific experiments, Fecto Forgo takes issue with many a Mad Scientist in the Pantheon. It loathes Professor Hojo above all the others, though, for the sheer amount of lines the man has crossed in the name of science. Should it ever find itself targeted by Hojo, Forgo is prepared to expend as much of its energy as possible in order to escape, up to and including crashing Shinra into another planet.
  • Like many villains, Forgo is opposed to the Anti-Monitor's plans for omniversal omnicide, and finds the very idea repellent. It understands the need to consume, being The Assimilator, but it considers eating space-time itself several steps too far. Its objections are mostly for selfish reasons — Forgo has a healthy self-preservation instinct like most creatures, but it also reasons that without any other forms of life, it won't have any more chances to possess another organism, and it certainly won't get the opportunity to start invading again. Most of all, Forgo wants to be the one destroying planets, and it thinks of the Anti-Monitor's plans as little more than a permanent Kill Steal.
  • It takes quite a lot for Fecto Forgo to feel inferior to another being, but the legendary Dr. Manhattan and his reality-warping abilities have aroused a sense of profound envy in it. It seems that the more Forgo learns about him, the deeper its jealousy grows. When it found out Dr. Manhattan was once an ordinary human until a lab accident occurred, it became especially furious, for it was the Warp Experiment Incident at Lab Discovera that cost Forgo its existence as Fecto Elfilis. It also has trouble understanding why Dr. Manhattan is so detached from it all, for it reasons that if it had access to his level of power, the entire universe would be under its heel. Even though Forgo is capable of creating an entire universe all to its own in Forgo Dreams, it still felt eclipsed by Dr. Manhattan's power to alter things on a multiversal level.
  • Its apocalyptic powers as Fecto Elfilis have attracted attention from some of the vilest villains in the Pantheon, particularly the Lich. After witnessing its last-ditch attempt to destroy Kirby via Colony Drop, the Lich believes Forgo should strive to do such a thing on a regular basis instead of assimilating strong bodies into itself. Forgo agrees up to a point, but it much prefers the thrill of the hunt to simply obliterating everything in its path. While not opposed to the Lich, it would prefer that a few planets survive, if only so it can kill everything on them itself.
  • Dr. Ryuta Kawashima is keenly interested in Forgo's powerful mind. He was shocked to discover that Forgo's brain is actually quite damaged, with regions of its anterior cingulate and ventromedial prefrontal cortices outright missing. Further attempts at study sent Kawashima wandering into the isolated isles of Forgo Dreams, where he was promptly chased out by angry phantoms.
  • Though Fecto Forgo values having a strong body, it trusts in its mind and psychic abilities above all else. When it learned of Giygas, a psychic alien who lost its body and its mind to The Power of Hate, it reacted the way a human might to listening to The Caretaker, and was filled with terror. In a world where crowns are sentient and even Void, the essence of chaos, can become evil incarnate if exposed to too much hatred, the idea that Fecto Forgo might one day become an Almighty Idiot is deeply disturbing to it. If it ever finds itself losing its grip, Forgo has decided to reenact the incident that created Elfilin and willingly separate itself from such negative emotions.
  • One night, a mysterious light began to shine in the isolated isles of Forgo Dreams. Forgo's soul approached it, curious but cautious, and encountered the Radiance. One might expect Fecto Forgo to get along with her, thanks to their Dream Weaver powers and their similar modus operandi of mind-controlling their followers. While at first, Forgo was hesitant to anger her as long as it wasn't in it's Elfilis state, it soon found the Radiance to be a substantially more agreeable deity than the Fluttering Dream Eater Forgo initially thought she was. For her part, the Radiance greatly appreciates Forgo's help in forcing the inhabitants of her world to remember her. Both deities would soon become extremely anxious when the Butterfly Forgo was so fearful of fully ascended itself
  • Fecto Forgo can still hear the Dream Discoveries Tour guide wherever it goes. The woman's voice has haunted it ever since it was shut up in the Eternal Capsule and shown off to the public, to the point where the innermost reaches of Forgo Dreams are filled with distorted bits of her voice. Now that it's ascended into the Pantheon, Forgo has decided to put its enormous ears to good use and find a new voice to listen to, and it eventually settled on the warm tones of Sir David Attenborough. When it isn't scheming up plans to hijack someone's body, it's listening to his voice. As an added bonus, Attenborough typically narrates nature documentaries, so Forgo often sneers at lesser life-forms throughout each programme.
  • Fecto Forgo's incomplete form tends to use tendrils of goop to ensnare and assimilate its foes, so it was only inevitable that ZONE would gravitate towards it. It finds her fetishes bizarre and disgusting, and attempted to shoo her away from its temple in the shape of Fecto Elfilis. Sadly, that form is much more Popular with Furries, and so the Interspecies Reviewers came to its temple in her place in search of a review. A now-outraged Forgo repulsed them all with a huge explosion, and it has barred both ZONE and the Reviewers from ever coming near it again.
  • As a foul villain who plays with minds as it sees fit, Fecto Forgo has earned the much-deserved wrath of Asuka Langley Soryu. It doesn't help that Fecto Elfilis's Ear Wings give it an uncomfortably similar silhouette to Arael, the reason why she hates Forgo in the first place. Forgo doesn't seem to care, since it's much more powerful and has greater concerns. The first time she raised her voice to it, Forgo simply used its telepathy to read her mind and frighten her away. It expected to see the type of boring memories you'd expect from such a primitive species, but what it found instead were visions of the Angels. Forgo was intrigued, and now it seeks to learn what it can about them.
  • Fecto Forgo and Zygarde have never quite seen eye-to-eye, for Fecto Elfilis's invasions pose a threat to the biosphere of any planet it visits. The only thing keeping them from being outright enemies is their mutual disregard for Cell. Should the two of them ever fight, Forgo believes it will have the upper hand as long as it can avoid Zygarde's Thousand Arrows. For the most part, though, it stays out of the Order Pokemon's way. Not out of fear, but because it doesn't have it out for Earth specifically, so the two might never meet.
  • Fecto Forgo sees a lot of itself in Mewtwo, another extremely powerful, psychic Animalistic Abomination with no compassion, and was amused to learn that Mewtwo has its own "Elfilin" in the form of Mew. They were unable to bond over their similar backgrounds, however. Mewtwo is too asocial to speak to Forgo, and he considers it too cruel and aggressive to be truly trustworthy.
  • All-Might hates Forgo almost as much as he hates All For One. At one point Forgo was intrigued when it learned of a deity with a voice that was nigh identical to that of its foremost victim, Leon. It was especially delighted when it learned that All-Might was much stronger than Leon could be without Forgo's "help" and so it immediately went to possess him. While All-Might was able to resist for a great deal of time, Forgo got impatient and eventually decided to end his resistance by just shattering his soul and stealing the husk that was his body for its own purposes. Fortunately it was stopped by the timely arrival of another hated enemy of Forgo. Eonar the Life-Binder. Eonar held Forgo in complete contempt for how it had ravaged the Ecosystem of planets including the New World as Fecto Elfilis, and how it had enslaved the entirety of the Beast Pack to its will, not unlike the Old Gods, and she promptly kicked Forgo out of All-Might and did battle with its Elfilis state, eventually driving it off by trying to drop a planet on it.
  • Can also be found in Body Absence.

Kaido, God of Being Impossible to Execute (Kaido of the Beasts, Strongest Creature In The World, Lord Kaido, Koido)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Beast Pirate's flag
  • Theme Song: Hyakujuu no Kaido
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, The Man They Couldn't Hang, Seeking Death, Drinks All The Time, Horned Humanoid, The Dreaded, Wants The War To End All Wars, Eastern Dragon Motifs, Nigh-Invulnerable, No-Nonsense Nemesis, Being An Unpleasant Arrogant Fighter (and justifiably so), Badass Army, Functional Addict, Weredragon Kaiju, Being An Abusive Father
  • Domains: Strength, Invulnerability, Pirates, Alcoholism, Survival, Beasts, Dragons
  • High Priest: Devil Rebirth
  • Interests: Khorne, Hircine
  • Interested in: The House of Beast
  • Allies: Donquixote Doflamingo, Apollyon, Bellona, Ares, Lucifer, Charlotte Linlin
  • Employing: The Gold Toothed Doctor, Professor Hojo
  • Enemies: The Straw Hat Pirates (specifically Monkey D Luffy and Roronoa Zoro), Trafalgar Law, Edward Newgate, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, the House of Law and Justice, Diana/Wonder Woman, Barney Gumble, The Elric brothers, The Imperium of Mankind, SCP-040, the Eeveelutions, Dr Alphys, The Dovahkiin and all dragon slayers, Every draconic deity but most specifically Daeanerys Targaryen and Ryu
  • Annoyed by: Infinite
  • Kaido is one of the Yonko, or Four Emperors. One of the most feared and powerful pirates in the world, he has had 40 attempts to execute him. Hanging, decapitation, torture, everything and it has all failed to kill him. Feeling bored by all the power he has, Kaido wishes to start a war to end all wars to both cure his boredom and find a way to die.
  • Regarded as the strongest creature in the world. Bored with what he can already do, he's taken attempted suicide as a hobby. The Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon has made him majorly annoyed by this, given there are actual deities that could give him the death he wants. When it was pointed out that as a Devil Fruit user he could achieve death by drowning, Kaido responded with "that's boring!"
  • When asked if they can try to terminate them like they're attempting with SCP-682, The SCP Foundation responded with "no, eliminating SCP-682 is more important". Not that they don't want to know what Kaido is. The leader of the Beast Pirates doesn't care about them anyway.
  • He found the pantheon to not be as boring as the world he comes from, but not interesting enough. He wishes to stoke the flames of war and up the ante with the various alliances' Forever War. This has made him an enemy of those that side with peace, such as Wonder Woman. While YHVH is not above using war for His purposes, Kaido considers His ideal world to be the epitome of boring and YHVH finds his objectives to get in the way of order.
  • Kaido has chosen to side with Lucifer for the time being. He finds his ideal world where might makes right to be very interesting, and it will help him oppose the GUAL who already have it out for him due to being a war hungry pirate. Apollyon, Bellona and Ares are all for the war to end all wars and have sworn to help Kaido achieve this.
  • It is unclear if Kaido is even human. His Mythical Zoan form might actually just be his natural form. As One Piece blurs the line of what humans naturally have, the horns and giant size might be weird human traits, giant blood or something else. The Imperium of Mankind takes a stance he is a horrible mutant that must be exterminated. Against Kaido, it's not unjustified to feel so.
    • It's been revealed that his ability to transform into a dragon stems from his Fish-Fish Fruit, Model: Azure Dragon, which he received from Big Mom. While this rules out the possibility of him being born a dragon, whether or not his base form is human is still anyone's guess. He and his daughter were each born with horns and other Oni traits, but its not yet clear whether Oni exist as a distinct race or if Kaido and Yamato are just mutated humans.
  • Kaido's an alcoholic, and undergoes some serious mood swings whenever he's drunk. And it involves a massive amount of alcohol, much to Moe Syzlack's exhaustion. It's highly advised to let him be and don't get involved. Barney Gumble was drunk and stupid enough to try to both out-drink him(which he almost succeeded) and get in a bar fight, resulting in him becoming a yellow smear. It's really telling how dangerous he is when Luffy lost in a Curb Stomp Cushion battle with him, only because he was completely wasted.
  • Wants to find strong fighters, partly because they could be useful to his plans. Many a Blood Knight were excited by the prospect of fighting him, though wary that unless he really enjoyed it he is likely to try breaking or converting them to serve him. Adon's arrogance simply annoyed Kaido, as did Infinite. The jackal couldn't stand a being stronger than him and immediately tried to take Kaido down, only for him to soon get through his illusions and punch Infinite into a wall.
  • Both Son Goku and Vegeta were happy to fight Kaido, and for once actually gave Kaido difficulty. He had to resort to his dragon form, and the fight was ultimately called off because they realized their fight with him was causing unwanted destruction. Cell, seeing this, stated "I feel we've got some serious blue balls here" and asked Kaido if he wants to be part of the Cell Games. On the King of Beasts, Cell has said "he might be the strongest creature, but the strongest lifeform trumps creature. Personally, I feel he should take a little more pride in his power and not be bored of life all the time".
  • Leads the Beast Pirates, who are almost entirely Zoan Devil Fruit users. Naturally, he is very interested in the House of Beast and is trying to recruit members there. In turn, Khorne wants to recruit Kaido, to the absolute fear of every other One Piece deity.
  • Has artificial Devil Fruits, SMILE Devil Fruits, used to bolster his army. Both the Gold Toothed Doctor and Professor Hojo were immoral enough to work for him and help produce them. They have suggested SCP-040 be kidnapped to force her to create monsters to serve under him, and the Eevelutions experimented on to better understand their genetics and make more efficent ways of creating these SMILE Devil Fruits. The Elric brothers have taken major offense at this, as has Dr Alphys.
  • As his Devil Fruit allows him to turn into an dragon, he believes that the world doesn't need any other dragons. That being said, he has developed an interest in fighting others with the ability to turn into them. He has an interest in Daenerys' dragons in this form. He also find Acnologia someone he likes to fight, though the former's self-bigotry means he just despises Kaido.
  • Hircine took a great interest in Kaido what with his reputation for being really powerful and form given he is the progenitor of lycanthropy in his world. Though the Huntsman doesn't care about his goals for a war to end all wars, he can definitely relate to his bloodlust. Hircine even offered to challenge him as one of his aspects to truly test strength he really carries, win or lose, even if the former is still holding back considering the sheer power a Daedric Prince carries.

Intermediate Gods

Ban, God of Healing From Fatal Injuries (Fox's Sin of Greed, Bandit Ban, Undead Ban, Baan, Lord Ban, Fairy King Ban, The Man of Greed, Ban Jovi)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Fox's Sin Tattoo
  • Theme Song: Fairy and Ban
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Can heal from fatal injuries, Healing Factor, Heartbroken Badass, Hell-Bent for Leather, Frequently suffers the most brutal and fatal physical injuries in battle, Impossible Thief, Can pull objects to himself from great distances like a magnet, Can steal the physical abilities of his opponents, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Loveable Rogue, Desires to resurrect Elaine
  • Domain(s): Immortality, Theft, Love, Devotion
  • Heralds: Elaine and Jericho
  • Allies: Meliodas, Diane, Dante Sparda, Carmen Sandiego, Connor and Duncan MacLeod, Jack Harkness
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Michelangelo
  • Enemies: Ten Commandments, Alex Wesker
  • Annoys: Tallahassee
  • As a child in the town of Ravens in Britannia, Ban lived by stealing from others, constantly getting chased and beaten by those he stole from. Eventually, he was caught one day and sent to Aberdeen Prison, where he met a man called Zhivago. Later on, Ban escaped the prison with Zhivago and lived in his hideout, where Zhivago taught him how to properly steal. Years later, Ban made his way to the Fairy King's Forest in order to drink from the fountain of youth and become immortal, believing that if he lived long enough, something good might eventually happen to him. However, Ban ended up befriending the fountain's guardian, the Fairy Elaine, and promised her not to drink from the fountain. Over time, the two fell in love and Ban offered to take her outside the forest and travel the world together, which she refused because of her duty to protect the fountain in her brother's stead. Ban then promised to find her brother and bring him back to the forest, which would relieve Elaine of her duties. However, a demon appeared shortly afterwards, burning the forest and mortally wounding both of them. Despite Ban's insistence that Elaine drink the fountain's water, she made him drink it through a kiss, thus making him immortal and allowing him to kill the demon. Sometime later, Ban was put on death row for supposedly having destroyed the forest, drunk from the fountain and having killed Elaine himself out of greed. After surviving 33 executions, Ban was visited in his cell by Meliodas, who wanted him to join the Seven Deadly Sins. Although initially refusing the offer, Ban agreed to join after a brief fight with Meliodas, having decided to follow him because the latter was the only one besides Elaine to accept him.
  • Upon his ascension, Ban was surprised to discover that he had regained his immortality, as he had previously sacrificed it in order to fully revive Elaine. He was also happy to be reunited with Meliodas and Diane, which resulted in him and Meliodas having an arm wrestling competition that damaged a portion of Ban's temple, which he didn't mind.
  • When presented with the option of appointing people to positions within his temple, Ban chose to appoint Elaine and Jericho as his heralds. When the two are not busy fulfilling their duties, they often accompany him throughout the pantheon. Elaine in particular has developed a fondness for the House of Nature, as it reminds her of the Fairy King's Forest.
  • Ban is good friends with Dante Sparda, as the two share a similar appearance and taste in fashion, can heal from otherwise fatal injuries and have both lost loved ones to demons. The two are often seen either hanging out or slaying demons.
  • Ban has a strong respect for Carmen Sandiego, whose thieving skills far surpass his own. He occasionally accompanies her on her heists, although mostly just to have fun rather than to steal anything in particular.
  • He gets along well with Connor and Duncan MacLeod, who have both similarly lost loved ones over the course of their long lives. Although neither of them approve of his thieving habits, they know that he's a good guy deep down.
  • Ban occasionally visits the various immortals in the House of Life and Death. He's struck up a friendship with Jack Harkness, although he has also made it clear that he's not really interested in "dancing" with Jack, not that it stops Jack from trying to convince him otherwise. However, Ban has also become enemies with Alex Wesker, who wishes to capture him in order to splice his DNA in an attempt to become immortal.
  • Ban frequently engages in friendly sparring matches with Michelangelo, who similarly wields nunchucks. Although their first meeting initially consisted of Ban freaking out about Michelangelo being a talking turtle.
  • On occasion, Ban inexplicably becomes obsessed with Twinkies (claiming to have stolen and eaten his world's entire Twinkie supply), as well as a Cloud Cuckoo Lander and Combat Sadomasochist with a terrible singing voice. No one really knows why Ban sometimes acts like this, although many suspect that he's deliberately trolling them. Tallahassee is particularly annoyed by Ban's antics when he's like this, as Ban keeps stealing his Twinkies.

Dougen, God of Coming Back Unexplained
Yoma Dougen 
Puppet Dougen 
  • Intermediate God (Near Greater God as Puppet Dougen)
  • Symbol: A corrupted, upside-down cross
  • Theme Music: And To The Edge of Ambition
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Backer, Badass in a Nice Suit, Big Bad, Despicable Villain Alongside Reasonable Antagonists, Behind Most of the Yoma Actions, Mind Manipulation, Muscular Build, Super-Muscular Alternate Modes, Refusing To Just Die Somehow, Always Falling Back on Something
  • Domains: Villains, Hair, Mind Control, Demons
  • Heralds: The Yoma Generals
  • Followers: Hyatt, Hammerhead
  • Allies: Orochi, Mikami, Sosuke Aizen, Akio Ohtoni, The Psycho Rangers, Ragyo Kiryuin, Purple Eyes
  • Enemies: HOMURA, Asuka, practically everyone else from Senran Kagura universe, Yuma Tsukumo, Naruto Uzumaki, Jotaro Kujo
  • Dougen, to put it simply, is not a nice man. A former shinobi himself, he has been seeking ways to gain ultimate power and world conquest with any ways possible. His true ambitions came to light when Homura find out that he has been funding Hebijo Academy to simply raise enough elite shinobi to summon the yoma Orochi. And even after his initial failure, he has hatched many plans to fulfil his ambition.
  • One of the more ridiculous things about him is his utter resistance to either die or stay dead. Because he has survived; being sliced in vertically half; fatally wounded and then drag along Orochi's body; beaten up by Homura and Rin, crushed beneath a giant yoma what engulfed into nothingness, taking Dougen with it; and if one takes New Wave into account, sliced in half again by Crimson Homura. While he might be "dead" as far as we have seen, no one is surprised if he pops back. How he has pulled these stunts? No one knows, as he never bothers to explain it.
  • Homura was pissed when she heard that he ascended, practically screaming from top of her lungs "Why Won't You Die?". Dougen was amused by her claims.
    Dougen: It doesn't matter how many times I seem to die. I will keep on coming back, no matter what. And now that I am a god, there isn't any way you will be able to kill me. But there are other things what I can do to you than simply kill you.
    • ...Though him gloating at Homura almost got himself stabbed by Homura's Engetsuka. Though he was able to dodge the attack and leave the confrontation at that.
  • He is quite an important figure when it comes to training up the mooks of GUAE, as not only does he provide funding, but a lot of materials as well, even sometimes taking some direct approach to them.
    • However, the main reason he does it is because that allows him to have any sacrifices he has to provoke demons and such when he needs to. He is quite willing to do business with demons if they need any sacrifices to summon their comrades, if only for his own gain.
  • Sundowner once thought that he would be an ally of sort, due of thinking him as "demons dealer" as many have stated him trying to sell yoma for militaries for profit. However, Dougen quickly dismissed those claims straight at Sundowner's face, saying that he has much more grand schemes than just some pitiful profit.
  • Once had black hair, for whatever reason. However, while most Senran Kagura gods dismiss their anime counterparts, he is quite pleased with his anime counterpart's actions, like how he had practically everyone from Hebijo Academy on dead man's switch.
  • He is regarded as being one of more impressive mind manipulators in the Pantheon, able to trance people by merely talking to them, using the art of puppetry on those with similar powers and even using it on himself to make him stronger. This has impressed gods like Aizen and some gods wonder if he can even surpass him on art of Mind Manipulation.
  • His voice has given him a lot of bad rep from other gods like Jotaro, who sounds like him, and Yuma, who is reminded by Mr. Heartland. The only positive thing he can think of is that he is buddies with Akio... maybe.
  • Once tried to collaborate with GUAE's tech experts on a project he called "Orochi Rising" to spew as much hatred and conflict as possible using bots (inspired by the Yoma Generals), what would then fuse into a master program (called Orochi) to be the ultimate program to bringing everyone into chaos. It ultimately failed, but it did show him important data on manipulating human emotions, and whenever or not such conflict would catch the interest of yoma.
    • After the failure of the project, he did start to realize how great the Pantheon is for his plans. Since the Pantheon can be considered being in Forever War, all he needs to do is somehow let the yoma catch interest in the eternal conflict and they will come to him easily.
  • Has some sort of a business deal with Purple Eyes, interestingly enough. As Purple Eyes is interested on trying to expand the usability of the Control Gauntlet, Dougen's availability of yoma interests him for experiments. Dougen, on other hand, does find the Control Gauntlets interesting enough to work for him. Though he is not really on Purple Eyes' Misanthrope Supreme side of things.

    The Eden Travelers 
Saffron, Reva, Gunner, Selicy, Hazel, Terra, Shiso, Violette, and Shopkeeper, Divine Cast of Nobody Dying (Saffron: Saff | Selicy: Slicey, Irelia | Hazel: Hey-Zel | Terra: Terrable)
Clockwise spiral from the top left: Saffron, Reva, Gunner, Terra, Shopkeeper, Violette, Shiso, Selicy, and Hazel
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Eden itself.
  • Theme Songs: Main Theme (general) Drawing Dead (Saffron) White Knight (Reva) Garoad - Hot Blooded (Gunner) Fairfrozen (Selicy) Perpetual Motion (Hazel) Unbreakable (Terra) One Step From Eden (Terra as Terrable) Cloak and Revolver (Shiso) Neverending Song (Violette) Triggered (Shopkeeper)
  • Alignment: Generally on the neutral side of things. Saffron and Reva are Lawful Neutral. Gunner, Hazel, Violette, and Shopkeeper are True Neutral. Selicy, Terra, and Shiso are Chaotic Neutral. Terrable is outright Chaotic Evil. Reaching Eden has made them lean towards the good side.
  • Portfolio: Roguelike, Science Fantasy setting, Improbably Female Cast, Fight Like a Card Player, Shout Outs galore, Secret A.I. Moves, Dueling Player Characters, No Plot? No Problem!, Mercy Rewarded, Allied bosses save the chosen character in the Golden Ending
  • Domains: Roguelikes, Cards, Travel
  • Allies: Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE, Eugene Chaud, Iris.EXE, The Robed Figurenote , Madeline, Diogenes, Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, The Human Child/Frisk, Iji Kataiser (more-so pacifist version), Oboromaru
  • Odd Friendship:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Naofumi Iwatani (Reva)
  • Frequently employed by: Stella of the Falcons (Saffron and Hazel)
  • Rivals:
  • Unknown Rival: Dr. 0 (Saffron and Hazel)
  • Enemies: Zonda and the Seven, Deviljho
  • Disappointed in: Darkness (Reva)
  • Wary of: Bass.EXE
  • Saffron, Reva, Gunner, Selicy, Hazel, Terra, Shiso, Violette, and Shopkeeper. These nine travelers hail from a home torn apart by war and their only hope is reaching the promised land that is Eden. Yet the road to such a place is treacherous. Various monsters stand in their path, yet the most dangerous hurdles come from each other. Inevitably, they have to come to blows and best them to continue on but in order to truly make it to their destination each and every last one of them has to be spared, save for perhaps Terra after her brief stint as the final opponent on that routenote  If even one of them is executed on the way there none of the rest actually make it to the titular place all thanks to Serif, Eden's guardian, smiting them for trying to force their way in through the gate. Just one step from Eden, if you will. Worser still is the scenario in which one of them going out of their way to execute the rest there, which would include the Shopkeeper, as they end up being its very destroyer by way of actually taking down Serif herself. And that was just after fighting their way through Eden itself. In short, sparing people really has its boons here. It saves lives, yours included.
  • The nine travelers are as follows:
    • Saffron, the starting character and poster girl for the game. A military scientist before embarking on her journey, she's apparently had a hand in designing a number of spells and technologies and prefers to think through when it comes to her problems. One of the more friendlier faces and is open to cooperation, but was stated to have a hand in some pretty dangerous spells and isn't above using her foes as field testing. That, and she's still as much of a beast when it comes to combat like the rest of her comrades.
    • Reva, the veritable knight in shining armor. Even after escaping from a war-torn world her ideals remain stalwart as her shield, Eschaton: There are still people out there worth protecting from whatever dangers the world has to throw at everyone. She will not shy away from fighting if it's the sake of the defenseless, but that doesn't mean she'll particularly enjoy it, killing even less so. It's to the point that she expresses the most remorse out of the entire cast and of out of all the bosses she has the highest default spare ratio numbering at 21%. In fact, Reva outright calls out many of her fellow travelers for their actions in the past. Reva came to accept them, however, especially as they pretty much improved themselves after the whole journey in the end.
    • Gunner's a mercenary hot-shot with a preference towards firepower through guns and munitions to solve problems. Yeah, who knew, right? Apparently, he's got quite the reputation on his hands with hundreds of kills to his name before starting out his journey. Befitting his occupation he has quite the professional attitude, even treating the path to Eden as just another mission. This notably makes him one of the more unscrupulous members of this band despite being one of the youngest, at one point even telling Reva that whether she likes it or not everyone days sooner or later.
    • Selicy is a girl who proclaims herself as a queen of the North. She's fond of the simple things in life: She loves the cold, sharing what she loves, and getting up into enemies faces. She’s a cryomancer, if you couldn’t tell, but her demeanor is anything but chill. Definitely one of the rudest of the group, even for her young age, making her quite the bratty tomboy. Her attitude improved a bit after getting to Eden, but her love for ice puns remains.
    • Hazel’s her name, Hexawan engineering is her game. You can tell because she’s lugs around a person-sized wrench on her body at all times. Hazel knows her way through all sorts of machines, most notably more dangerous sorts of tech that serve as weapons. Skilled as she was, however, it wasn’t enough to prevent whatever kind of disaster that befell her old home. Nor was it ever enough to surpass Saffron in any achievements, something Hazel has greatly resented. Their rivalry continues but thankfully after making it to Eden they’ve pretty much made up and it’s more on the friendly, but heated kind of competitions.
    • The “leader of her new world”, Terra carries the elegant aura of such a figure and possesses great skill over black magic. As a result she gives off quite the menacing and sometimes even malicious aura, fitting as she ends up as the Pacifist route’s Final Boss under the form of “Terrable” despite being spared earlier. It’s unknown why she suddenly decided to turn on the group though there’s evidence of it being an Enemy Without type of deal. Might stem from some dark power and/or artifact, but who really knows at this point. What’s certain is that she genuinely has a change of heart after being spared yet again. Also, she likes to break things.
    • Face-obscuring scarf, jet-black shades, overall dark clothing, Shiso’s is the closest to your archetypal rogue. A selfish loner, he's perhaps the most remorseless with the lowest default spare ratio everyone with a measly 5%, tied wirh Terra. Of course, like everyone else he probably got a bit better at least after having traveled to Eden. Maybe sparing the rest/being spared himself done something good underneath. His decision to use the Lynchpin and low opinions on magic may also point to him being a bit old-fashioned too.
    • Keep to the beat when Violette is around. You may not even have a choice in the matter, anyways. This violinist has quite a dignified, charming air to her, and remains just as graceful even in battle. An older woman like herself might be a bit pompous, but she is always grateful to those who have the time to appreciate her music. It’s an exhausting art, sure, but it’s also what gives her life and nothing else even comes to making her happy besides it.
    • You’d think people would look to safer, stabler places to set up shop but when has business ever been truly halted by danger? Shopkeeper has wares if you have coin and they usually include artifacts, spells, upgrades, and even removals. Other than she can also refresh her stock, take blood in exchange for money, or form pacts for free that prove rewarding if one can take the heat for a while. On Dark routes, stock that costs money now takes health as well. Usually pleasant to talk to, until she isn’t if the attitude she shows in her character select and when encountered in Dark roads are anything to go off of. Then again, it’s probably a more stressful venture than looks so maybe it’s best to give her a break.
  • Following the outcome in which all of them make it to Eden and Terra is shown mercy, the nine heroes have since settled their differences to live peaceful lives there. And yet seems as though none of them could quite escape that call to adventure. At one point did someone among this band catch wind of yet another faraway place and out of curiosity (and maybe against one's better judgement too) decided to undertake yet another trip. Maybe Shopkeeper wanted to expand her business, maybe Gunner was tasked with a new job, maybe Reva was beckoned by the prospect of more people needing her help, or perhaps Saffron and Hazel wanted to prove something, it's quite unclear. What was clear was that they ended up incidentally galvanizing the rest of their compatriots to travel together once more. Good thing too, the road ahead of them was not only as long as the road to Eden but there was a great deal of dangers, some familiar and others none of them have ever seen before. Still, they made it and found themselves at the Pantheon's doorstop.
    • Stepping inside, they were congratulated for making the trip all the way out here. As per customs, all nine of them were offered a short trip around and were at one point offered placement within the place as Gods. The lot of them were pretty skeptical at the offer, as expansive and awe-inspiring as the Pantheon was they found it hard to give up Eden after everything they went through though lucky for them they didn't necessarily have to choose between the two. Should they accept, they're able to freely travel between the two worlds whenever they like. Weighing in their options, personal interests, and concern regarding some of the other gods and goddesses coming onto Eden, they ended up accepting the proposition.
  • Given that their game of deck-building combat in a tile-based battleground takes great inspiration from the Mega Man Battle Network series it shouldn't come off as that big of a surprise when many of the deities from said series took time out of their days to meet them. Lan Hikari, MegaMan.EXE, Eugene Chaud, and Iris.EXE had little trouble getting along with them, even including the more aloof members though hailing from the Pacifist route might have something to do with that. There was only one god absent from that day's line up and upon being asked out about Lan and Eugene explained to them about the existence of Bass.EXE. Since then they've been cautious of him given his disdain for humans and their perceived betrayal, even if he is more-so focused on MegaMan.EXE for besting him.
  • Given that the whole point of their adventure was to make it to Eden they've made friends with the likes of Madeline and Diogenes, even if their journey was more high stakes and dire. They're also friendly towards the robed figure, though with its views on conflict due to the state of the world it's most comfortable towards Reva. Counting its weakness to the cold it would rather not be within range of Selicy whenever possible. Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa's journey oasis by comparison in more in line with their experiences and they relate to that more easily.
  • As they follow the "Pacifist route" of their game they made friends with Iji Kataiser, Frisk, and Oborumaru. This is in spite of the fact that the former runs by indirect and technical killing while the latter two run by no deaths period. Then again, the "pacifism" only really refers towards each other as opponents after beating the crap out of one another and not the various monsters they run into on the way to Eden. Still, the travelers promise to have their backs if circumstances permit.
  • One day Saffron came into the temple bragging about she had acquired herself a new job. Not long after that Hazel came in doing the same and the two of them got into a lengthy back and forth conversation. It wasn't until that Dystnine came to their doorstep did they realize they were both hired by the Gargantua company run by Stella. That was awkward in of itself but then on the way home from the first day a floating brain in a jar named Dr. 0 ranted and raved about surpassing him in science before leaving in a huff. All in all, pretty weird day.
  • Through Stella, she warned them of an organization known as Eden that is comprised of Adepts like herself. Unlike her, they're quite hostile to mankind thanks to their past experiences and many of their actions have been working towards carving out a paradise for themselves, often at the cost of all humans. Knowing the threat they would probably pose to Eden they stand ready to guard it from them. With the members of the Seven there's quite the match-ups to be made. Selicy versus Tenjian, Hazel versus Asroc, and Violette versus Ghauri in particular would be interesting to see indeed.
  • During a slow day where Saffron, Reva, Terra, and Selicy were lounging around their temple they heard a bloodcurdling roar of a monstrous beast. Turning to the direction it came from none other than the Deviljho, a particularly voracious predator. While bigger, the four of them managed to make it turn the other direction. While the rest of them clapped their hands for a job well done, Reva was quite concerned where the giant monster was running to but Selicy assured her it probably wasn't anywhere important and that more-than-likely the House Guardians and Monster Hunters would take care of it soon enough but Reva would have none of that. The shieldmaiden's intuition would be correct as the Deviljho's path lead right towards the House of Health and Diseases. Thus, they were forced to finish it off lest it try and devour the various patients and visiting gods. The honor went to Selicy and the Brute Wyvern has resented them ever since.
    Chihiro Fujisaki: W-Well, a-a combination of a meteor and the long term eff-
    Selicy: The Ice Age!
  • Saffron only:
    • Perhaps fitting Saffron's brilliant mind she's a Jack of All Trades and her default loadout is not only a good mix of different spells but she's able to fit into any desired focus of spells she sees fit. Anima, Glimmer, Miseri, if you can name it she can probably fit into it. If she has to pick a favorite, though, she does favor Ragnarok. It's even her sole spell in one of her alternate loadouts, the aptly named Solo, which encourages the execution of hostages for extra max HPnote . And speaking of alternate loadouts, the other one has her trade out the Field Bracer for a wristwatch that slows down time. As an opposing boss, her patterns aren't all two different from spells acquirable by the player though she does gain a plushie of her likeness which can retaliate against attacks done to it. In both instances as a character and boss she's able to Auto-Revive by way of Second Soul.
    • Even though she is a mage, one who worked on her fair share of outright dangerous spells, the fact that she is also a scientist shouldn't be neglected. With that in mind she makes trips in both the Houses of Magic and Science in her pursuits. Doesn't really go on and making enemies left and right there, though she does harbor quite the distaste for Calypso and Lord Tirek. As far as colleagues go, she works well with Susie and Ciel, though Saffron admits she's more comfortable around the Neo Arcadia scientist than the Haltmann CEO. The fact that Saffron's appearance takes a lot of cues from Ciel might have played a part in that. This has lead to her doing some work for Liberion Arcadia here and there.
    • It's said that she's hit with quite the stupidity in her boss fight. While still a dangerous caster who is able to revive herself after being downed once she has the habit of attacking the plushies of her likeness. You know, the ones who's effectiveness crux on the fact that they retaliate against whoever damaged them? Not your finest moments, Saff. This was how she was able to befriend Draco Centauros, of all people, despite not nearly being bad at as her (although we're comparing combat to Puyo Puyo, so take that with a grain of salt). Seeing her interest in athletics, Draco sometimes trains her in martial arts even if Saffron is really confidant in her casting for her to consider other options.
    Saffron: Friendship!
    • Even though she's quite satisfied with what the House of Magic has to offer she does have one place she wants to look into one day: The Imperial Colleges of Magic, located in Ulthuan of the Warhammer World. The biggest hurdle when it comes to that place is the High Elves' superiority complex that pushes others away, something that Teclis (the very founder of the colleges) have been pushing towards overcoming following its introduction to the Pantheon. For her part, Saffron has been working on spells that would serve as milestones in her career.
    • "I guess you could call me a magical girl."
  • Reva only:
    • In both loadouts she's able to outright reflect oncoming attacks with her shield (self-damage included). While her default loadout focuses on building up as much shields as she possibly can through Phalanx spells, even through something as simple as moving, her alternate loadout of Beat conversely doubles down on retaliation with any hit (again, self-damage included) resulting in a attack of some sort. Fittingly as a boss she doesn't have much in the way of offense but besides obviously making up in defense the attack she does dish out will hurt. Oh, and she can summon Slashers to help her out. No biggie or anything.
    • The first ever deity to greet her after setting up shop in the Pantheon was Mash Kyrielight after helping her stand ground against the Marauders. After things settled down, Mash got Reva to meet up with other shield-wielders she managed to befriend in the Pantheon such as Captain America, Shield Knight, and Steven Universe. Getting along with them turned to be pretty easy thanks to Reva's desire to protect and her activism.
      Reva: The world could use more people like you.
      • As for other shield users, she didn't have that much problem getting along with Maple despite a) her power coming from a video game and not wanting to feel pain and b) using poison in her arsenal, Miseri spells exist, after all. Even if she's not quite a defender Reva has no problem with her being friends in the personal sense. Same goes for Brigitte, though it's more in line with her relationships with the other shield wielders and Reva respects the engineering talent she incorporates with her teachings from Reinhardt. As for Reinhardt himself she nods at his motivation and can see why Brigitte respects him so much. Kind of ironic, considering he's loves fighting but at least he's better about it than his younger self.
    • She doesn't get along with just everyone with and/or shields, though. Reva had a hard time partnering with Naofumi after hearing about the fact that he owned slaves and had trouble trusting women. It was only after hearing the circumstances that befell him that she decided to ease up on him. Still quite a shaky relationship, don't forget that, but Reva at least admits he's better than the other so-called heroes of his world. For his part, Naofumi respects the fact that she's at least true to herself and her ideals even after calamity struck civilization as she knew it before coming to Eden. As for Darkness, Reva could only be disappointed. Despite being a paladin, it's pretty obvious that she only takes up the role of defender to satisfy her masochism and for that Reva wants no part in that. At the end of the day, though, neither hold a candle to Gregor Clegane, whom she sees as a corruption what knights embody. On his part, he couldn't care less for what she thinks, though that only helps fuel the idea that she has absolutely zero qualms wasting him when given the chance.
    • Apparently, if Hazel's dialogue against her is anything to go off of, she has something against robots. Probably has something to do with whatever catastrophe that befell her home, or it may just be for the fact that they're often used as weapons of conflict. Either way, the Pantheon's various robots kinda complicates that mindset because you've got all sorts good and bad with them. To at least help adjust to the changes Hazel looked into some robots she could interact with and arranged for her to meet with S.A.T.8, AA-12, and Orisa. She at least figured they'd interact well. Getting past the former two's eccentricities, the engineer was right on the money and the meeting went well.
    • "We don't have to fight anymore."
  • Gunner only:
    • If you fond of gunplay then you've come to the right place with this guy. The Manafire loadout has him start out him some decent spells but with zero mana regen. Thus, his source of Mana would mainly come from hosing just about everything in your sights with M4 Manafire to bombard the enemy with his spell arsenal. Bullhell, however, strays from the use of spells (starting with only a Bomb Toss) in favor of riskier up-close and personal relationship with M3 Triwing. In both loadouts, shuffling the deck increases his attack so always be on the offensive when he's without spells and later on he's able. Later on, he's also able to trade in his gun for a M2 Hunter Seeker or a M1 Liofire. That big gun of his is powerful enough to boost himself and he takes it a step further in his boss fight to either get the high ground or ram himself right into his enemies.
    • Commonly stops by the House of Firearms to check on his armaments. Many of the users there use more lighter and more dated firearms than what he prefers, but at the very least he sees eye-to-eye with Seras Victoria and the Heavy Weapons Guy even if the latter remarked at how much of a baby he was. Not that he wasn't wrong, he is around Selicy's age, after all, so he just accepted it. It was through the Heavy that he meet his fellow mercenaries Mr. Jane Doe aka the Soldier and Tavish DeGroot aka the Demoman, who shared his preference towards explosives. Associating with them apparently earned the ire of the Classic Team, but he doesn't give it much thought. Perfect opportunity to wipe them out with his little friend. Ruby Rose, who like him also utilizes recoil boosts, was pretty interested in the various big guns he wielded being the designer of her own weapon.
    Ruby: You always blow me off by saying "Go ask Saffron" every time I come over to inquire about your guns, and she's always busy every time you say that. I get that she designed them, but you're their wielder! Would it be too much to ask a couple little questions at least?
    Gunner: I suppose wouldn't kill me to oblige. Go on, shoot.
    • Has aspirations about wielding the BFG 9000, he just isn't very vocal about it as many other people. It's not an uncommon sentiment, though. Any heavy weapon user worth their salt would be awed by such a tool of destruction such as it. In the meantime, Gunner has been retooling hit kits to prepare to deal with the Doom Slayer's various demonic foes on the possible chance that he crosses paths with them either on the job or by coincidence.
    • "Stand right there."
  • Selicy only:
    • What you see is what you get with Selicy: Slice and dice with some razor sharp ice. She's built around Frost Anima spells and her default loadout of Snow encourages her to zip around the battlefield and inflict Frost to lead into her Snowpiercer. Likewise, the Invade loadout encourages this tenfold with Fairfrozen allowing her to get right into the enemy's face and lane while moving as much as possible with Cool Shoes restoring her mana for each and every movement. As an opposing boss Selicy is incredibly mobile and really doubles down on getting up close and the giant icicle blades she sends out don't help.
    • Honestly, the existence of a House dedicated to the arctic temperatures was all that it took to get her hooked onto the Pantheon. So much so that she maybe, sort-of, flaked on her fellow travelers setting up their temple to go hang out at the House of Ice and Cold for a bit and stake her claim on some of the land as self-proclaimed queen. Wouldn't you know it, the House was everything she could have asked for and keeps in touch with many of its denizens. Outside of that House she managed to befriend Elsa, the Ice Climbers, and Glaceon. While Selicy is more friendly around these deities most agree on the fact that she's still a bit of a jerk.
      • Even as a jerk, she's not really evil. Even back then prior to reaching her destination. Contrast that with the likes of Lord Fredrik and Kaldr, two villainous individuals with affinities to ice. While she has no problems choosing to oppose them Selicy admits they're both admirable in a way. She'd really like to be able to summon ice dragons of her own one of these days and views Kaldr's control over the cold as something impressive. This respect is not something she shows to Frost or Ghiaccio, however. The former practically embodies the concept of arrogance and wastes no opportunity in putting down Selicy's own control over the cold while latter is a lowly drug dealer that's, ironically, quite easy to set off.
    • While walking around the Pantheon bored out of her mind she managed to catch wind of Teddie making some really lame bear puns. She was obligated to waltz up to him and call them out as such, admittedly also motivated by the fact she had nothing else better to do. It soon degenerated into a pun war and at some point Sans joined in on the action and it became a three-way. The only loser that day would be Papyrus, San's brother, for having to put up with all those puns in such a sitting.
    • "Ice to meet you."
  • Hazel only:
    • Hexawan spells are basically Hazel's thing. Build up structures with her initial loadout, starting off with turrets she is able to shield up and increase the firepower of to gain some protection herself. She's even able to redirect her creations and enemies alike to get them where it benefits her. Alternatively, the Teardown loadout encourages her to do the inverse with the dismantling things like Walls and Blast Crystals to gain Mana and Spellpower for herself as she launches the fragmentation right at her foes. As a boss, she brings the best of both worlds to the table. Flamethrower turrets, rows of giant missiles, or giant trash compactors that crush anything in their wake.
    • Wanted to make some friends with similar fields to trade some tips here and there. Her path ended up taking her to the likes of Dell Conagher, Vulcan, and Torbjörn, all capable machinists who just happen to also be well-versed in the art of turrets. She friendly to all of them, although she had to admit things are bit sour when regarding Torbjörn distrust for robots, even with the circumstances of his world it's completely understandable.
      Hazel: Machines are people too!
      • Speaking of Torb's world, Hazel found herself at a bit of contention between herself and Vishkar Corporation employee, Symmetra, when regarding her various "medieval" turrets due to their general lack of elegance. The ones involving crystals are a bit better, but they're far too behind in design compared to her constructs. Frankly, Hazel doesn't get all the fuss. If it works, it works. If there's one thing that they agree on it's the danger that the Eliksni (particularly the Devil Splicers) and Father Elijah represent in their technological pursuits. But other than that, nada. Hazel finds the fact they can't get along quite the waste, she really likes the hard-light technologies she brings to the table.
    • Came to know about Aperture Science's turret product line from the Engineer and Torbjörn one day and was curious on looking into the matter herself. Pretty soon Hazel found herself in a passion project that involves improving the Sentry Turrets in all sorts of ways. As far as she was concerned it seemed a bit bogus that they turned out pretty helpless thanks to Aperture Science's eccentricities. The singing is cute, though.
    • "I can make stuff for you too!"
  • Terra only:
    • Contrasting Saffron, Terra is a user of more traditional magic. Her name literally denotes her default element of manipulating the terrain for her benefit with Hearth spells. As such, controlling the battlefield and the space in which her opponents move is crucial to her success. The trend continues with Pyro where she's setting everything on fire instead. As an opposing boss, as either Terra or Terrable, she really only utilizes the former loadout as per her namesake, but she's formidable nonetheless if one isn't quick but methodical in moving around. Anything less would play right into her hands.
    • What do you know, Terra likes to visit the House of Earth and Rock. What a shock, or rather, what a rock? ... Anyways, she's usually there if she wants to test out some new spells and improve her craft. Generally people don't mind her despite her less than clean past and she doesn't mind them. The only exceptions to this are Medusa (cause of that stony gaze) and Sakazuki, who thinks she was let off easy by her fellow travelers as Terrable. Terra doesn't have anything to say to him that hasn't been said already: His so-called "justice" is just utter rubbish.
    • Aside from Earth and Rock Terra also frequents the House of Craft to satisfy her fix on breaking things since things pretty much always changing there. Built, torn down, built again, torn down, it's quite the busy place. She also helps out the House when it is periodically assaulted by the titanic Shen Gaoren and its various variants.
    Terra: I'm just here to break things.
    • Can get very easily confused for Terra Branford and the Keyblade Wielder, Terra, because there isn't a nice way to easily differentiate her from them that rolls off the tongue that she's also satisfied with. Surprisingly, she was able to get along with those Terras quite easily. Primarily, this stems from realizing that Terra means no ill-will anymore and that they were victims of becoming evil themselves.
    • "Dust do dust."
  • Shiso only:
    • For Shiso, the weapons he has on hand are more important than the spellpower dished out. For Execute, his revolver is Cast from Money with half of what he currently has determining the final damage dealt, and he is returned some when dealing a killing blow. Thus, one must hoard as much currency as one possibly can while getting things that either soffen up his targets or hold them still for a good chance to administer the killing blow. Kunai, by contrast, is more straightforward. His focus regards Slashfik spells, specifically starting out with the ones involving throwing knives. And speaking of being straightforward, it's a pretty apt description for his fight as a boss. Not too crazy on throwing stuff out, demanding reaction time instead to pull through lest one's offensive options get greatly diminished by the amount of jams and shuffles he induces.
    • Being a gunslinger himself it obviously wouldn't do for him to not interact with the Pantheon's other peerless pistol-users and has earned the respect of Jesse McCree, Rushuna Tendou, and Guido Mista. Though he reciprocates the sentiments he does tend to darkly joke at the fact that Mista is a bullet-sponge for his own bullets. Erron Black, meanwhile, sees Shiso as competition. He doesn't mind, however, being curious as to see what the Outworlder is capable of. The test of skill wouldn't hurt too badly.
    • Wasn't all sunshine and rainbows with the various gunmen, though. Yosemite Sam and Hol Horse wanted to square up against Shiso, thinking he's not all that tough if he has to rely on a little bit of magic to get his way. Alas, he really was quite the skilled marksman. Meanwhile, Shiso encountered the likes of Jude the Dude and Vincent Godfrey as hostiles during their aimless rampages. While he did deal with Jude quite easily, the match against Vincent left both combatants gravely wounded. Shiso doesn't look forward to meeting him again, but he'd be damned if he's just going to keel over when they do indeed have a rematch.
    Shiso: Some guns you got there.
    • Apparently, some gods and goddesses say he gives off an aura not too different from the likes of Neo and John Wick. With the way the three of them work Shiso hasn't had the chance to properly meet them, and it times it slips from his mind in favor of other things, but he has shown interest in doing so one day.
    • "I've been saving this one for you."
  • Violette only:
    • Dance and battle are both one and the same with Violette, as both player and opponent. In Doubletime, she's a Dance Battler where different moves after playing her violin grant different effects. Most of the time, she's building herself up as a Glass Cannon as every instance of being inflicted Fragile gives her more and more Spell Power in return. Combined with the ability to also restore Mana, stack up Trinity, and even Shield herself and Violette can dish out. Aria, by contrast, is something of the opposite. She remains still playing to refill her Mana but also poisons herself and in every single battle she starts off poisoned but also heal whatever damage was initially dealt. Ergo, Violette is to stave off the poison at any opportunity which can do by resetting the timer every time she plays but the Mana she generates should be used to end fights very quickly. Her fight as a boss takes the most liberties out of everyone, attacking to the flow of her own theme and at times forcing her opponents to dance to the music too. To say nothing of the pillars of light or the speakers she calls forth that really restrict any wriggle room.
    • Was glad to be given the opportunity to play with fellow violinists such as Kaori Miyazono, Yurika Kirishima, and Contender. Beyond that, she also had the pleasure of performing alongside Kousei Arima (Kaori's lover), Kaede Akamatsu, and Skull. She was visibly saddened when she heard that Kaori and Kaede both passed away in their respective universes, but wasn't that way for long. After all, they're both here now alive and well. Plus:
    Violette: Music never dies!
    • Holding music and performance in such a high regard, classical in particular, she doesn't like Maestro Forte and the Mad Piano for bringing a bad name with them. She particularly has it out for the piano for the sheer cacophonies it plays. And the eating people part, that's also pretty bad. James Marcus once came to one of her concerts one day and after it was over he went out of his way to complement her for her skill. At first, she was quite flattered but it wasn't until Violette discovered that "Marcus" was actually a leech monstrosity affiliated with the Umbrella Corporation was when the complement hit a little different. Just a bit. Then there was Scaramouche, who for whatever reason was hired to go after one of her fellow travelers. She intercepted him and was able to fend him off, and in such a melodious manner in their fight, but she doesn't look forward to clashing with him again.
    • "Lucky you! You get a free concert!"
  • Shopkeeper only:
    • Thus far, she holds the title to having one of the most unusual of playstyles out of the playable cast, revolving around money like Shiso but to an exaggerated degree. Her current amount of money dictates the maximum number of health she has with attacking and taking damage costing it. The upside to all of this is that Shopkeeper can access her own shop at any point with the spells and artifacts being free to buy. So what she may lack in durability she can certainly make up in offense. More than likely the very last character to be unlocked as doing so is only possible through defeating her as a boss. Now, as an opposing boss... good lord is she fond of screen filling attacks. Shopkeeper does not mess around. Picking a fight with her will certainly leave a lasting impression, figuratively and literally.
    • An enterprising merchant on the dangerous road to Eden, she got along swimmingly with the likes of Recette Lemongrass, Anna, and Tressa Colzione despite being technically business rivals, even getting past that... unpleasant side of the Shopkeeper. At times, the Shopkeeper has been known to quote Recette when dealing business. She also gets along with The Merchant and Crazy Dave, seeing past their eccentricities and instead looking at how they're quite successful businessmen. Getting along with the latter has set off Dr. Zomboss, although even he's cautious when planning against her.
    • Despite her strength, there are those in the Pantheon who still underestimate her for what she's truly capable of. One time while touring the House of Commerce for some new clients she was robbed by the Murkrow Flock and a bunch of other thieves. Normally, when someone tries to cross she'd give them the benefit of the doubt before pulling her sleeves but since they stole her products she threw away all sense of mercy by point: It's a cardinal sin to get personal, you know. Now, while Foul Play is indeed a fearsome attack, the Shopkeeper doesn't slack behind in terms of heavy hits herself. Thing is, she's also got them on quick succession. And we're also talking about a girl who for whatever reason possesses the Yami spell, which is integral to killing Serif on a Genocide run. With that said she had no hesitant in coming after the flock. On a totally unrelated note, the hospitalization rate involving falling ATMs has coincidentally skyrocketed.
      Shopkeeper: This is so sad. F.
      • Word of this incident eventually reached the Kecleon Brothers' ears and it immediately earned their respect given how they deal with thieves. Since then, she has kept in touch with the two dungeon merchants.
    • Used to carry a giant backpack with her when setting up shop but she has since dropped it and kinda just pulls out her wares out of the ether. When asked about why she made the change she just said it was heavy. That's it. It's not a philosophical question or one that deals in rocket science, it's just that simple.
    • "Check out my stuff!"

    Muradin Bronzebeard 
Muradin Bronzebeard, God of Unexpected Survival (Mountain King, Yorg Stormheart, Ground Muradin)

Sabo, God of Fake-Out Deaths (Flame Emperor)

    Trafalgar Law 
Trafalgar D. Water Law, God of Those Saved By Phlebotinum (Trafalgar Law, Surgeon of Death, Supernova, Torao, Tra-guy, Traffy)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God through Devil Fruit Awakening)
  • Symbol: Heart Pirates jolly roger
  • Theme Song: LOST IN Shinsekai
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dr. Jerk, Combat Medic, Anti-Hero, Beware the Nice Ones, Byronic Hero, Brutal Honesty, Mysterious Middle Initial, Tattooed Crook
  • Domains: Piracy, Space, Surgery, Disease
  • Heralds: the Heart Pirates (his pirate crew)
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Gregory House
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Martin Walker
  • Worthy Opponent: Smoker
  • Opposes: Ra’s Al Ghul
  • Opposed by: Patrick Star
  • Conflicting Opinion: Fran Madaraki
  • The Sole Survivor of the town of Flevance the "White City" which produced a lead that became poisonous to those exposed to it, Law had a pretty hard life once his entire city became scorned by the outside world. The young Law lost his entire family during the genocide against his people and he escaped his nation where he ended up with the Donquixote family who welcomed him. Infected with the disease that his friends and family died for, Law thought he would spend the rest of his short life as a Straw Nihilist who was hated by the world for his disease. However, Donquixote Rocinante, Doflamingo's brother traveled across the lands to search for a cure for Trafalgar Law. Rejected by doctors after doctors for his illness, Rocinante believed Law could be saved by the Op-Op Fruit that his brother and the World Government sought after for its immortality-giving capabilities. However, Rocinante would be killed by his brother after having Law eat the Devil Fruit, saving him at the cost of his life. Law eventually became a pirate and captained the Heart Pirates, being part of the notorious Worst Generation, and ascended to being a Warlord of the Sea. Ultimately, Law planned to destroy Doflamingo in revenge by first aligning himself Dofamingo's SMILE supplier, Caesar Clown. Then, of course, the Straw Hats came and Law had to lie through his teeth that it was part of an overall scheme to kill Kaido, one of the Four Emperors. At this point, Law is both grateful and extremely regretful that he concocted that lie as he is now in for the fight of his lifetime.
  • Law's Devil Fruit has been sought out especially by the World Governments for its capabilities of granting immortality to people, though that currently is a secret. The Devil Fruit cured Law's illness and also gave him the power to control anything within its "ROOM" and begin to manipulate the world around it. Swapping, removals, levitating, and scanning are what Law can do within this space and if a person lets their guard down for one second, the Op-Op Devil Fruit user would surely attain victory. Law is even capable of swapping the consciousnesses of people, separating limbs off cleanly, and removing organs (even his own) without any lethality behind it. The point is that if Haki was not a thing, then Law would practically be invincible if he became completely serious. This is further compounded with his Devil Fruit Awakening where he has objects be altered to defy space itself. It is no wonder why Law was picked as a Warlord or was so sought after.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo is one of the most ruthless pirates out there, something that Law can attest to. Law in his childhood knew how evil the crew of Donquixote are, but now all he sees is the misery they wrought onto the world. Law is glad that Luffy gave Donflamingo a one-way ticket to an Impel Down cell. If Doflamingo ever were to escape though by some freaky circumstance, Law is willing to cut Doflamingo to sausages himself, served on a silver platter. If Doflamingo heard that remark, he would assume he taught Law well.
  • He may not look like it, Law is a master surgeon as it was the profession of his parents. His Op-Op Fruit has only helped with that and allows Law to simply teleport what is needed to be removed. For this, Law is considered one of the if not the MOST skilled of the surgeons in the Pantheon. That includes Hiiro Kagami who had surgically removed a cancer tumor once. Dr. House though is not impressed by what Law can do, having cited that though he is a diagnostician and cannot speak for surgeons, his Devil Fruit must be carrying Law's surgical skills. Law would rebuttal that all doctors use everything at their disposal to save their patients, whether that be tools or technology. So it does not matter if he is skilled at all as the only thing that matters is saving the patient.
  • Due to what transpired with Caesar Clown, Law does not take human experimentation well after having to cure a bunch of gigantified children from their drug addictions. One of the leading persons in the Pantheon in unethical experimentation is Shinra and the man who runs that division is Professor Hojo. Law went off to destroy Hojo's research but one particular person in his way was Sephiroth. Sephiroth held no love for his "father" or Shinra but needed some breakthrough data Hojo collected. Needless to say, Law nearly died fighting Sephiroth, and even regarding his powerful abilities, Law can only do so much against such a strong foe. Law immediately then teleported the terminal where the data is stored in front of Sephiroth who sliced it up and then ran off with his bearings. Law still wondered what was Hojo researching that got Sephiroth interested, so he directly went to those who are against Shinra to find out. They do not know either, though they want to get to the bottom of something so concerning even more than Law is.
  • Considering that he witnessed the deaths of all his loved ones at the hands of neighboring nations who wanted to wipe out the citizens of Flevance for an assumption, Law does not take it kindly to those who committed genocide, especially on unjustified grounds. For this, he hates Father and King Bradley for their genocide of the Ishvalens, as it was perpetuated on their end to have the lives taken to fuel Father's plans. Law also has an extreme dislike for one of the highest murderers of the Ishvalen Genocide (which he is going to call a genocide as calling it war implies Ishvalens could sufficiently fight back), Solf J. Kimblee. Kimblee stated that he just did whatever his superiors told him and Law could not fault him for that. Law agreed, and instead damned all of the soldiers then.
    Law: I've seen a lot of death when I was a kid. I even got away from my town by being under a pile of rotting corpses that died to disease, bullets, and were charred beyond recognition. You can justify all these atrocities you want, but you're still shooting and bombing people who have done nothing. If being a heartless bastard is the quality that soldiers carry, then you military people can kiss my ass!
  • The remnants of Umbrella Corp have been keen on researching Law's Devil Fruit. The Weskers have pushed for this, having cited that the Op-Op Devil Fruit's capabilities would unify Umbrella once again and have the world forgive the company's past actions. However, many funders of the current Umbrella showcased skepticism toward the Weskers on their pursuit of the Op-Op Devil Fruit. They acknowledged that having it in their possession would skyrocket the company's popularity, they believe that they are doing it to grant themselves immortality, rather than for the company's interest. It does not help that Alex Wesker said the best solution for procurement of the Op-Op Devil Fruit was having Law grant immortality to a member of the board (her) and then search out the Devil Fruit that bloomed somewhere else. It would be harder to try to have Law cooperate with Umbrella, which in truth, is undeniable. Also, this would kill two birds with one stone as having a man who can cure anyone of mostly anything is frankly, not a person that the pharmaceutical industry would not want alive.
  • Voldemort has been searching most of his life for ways to live forever and it miffs him that the least painful way for him to get it belongs to a pirate trained as a surgeon of all things. For this, he wanted Law kidnapped and be forced to grant him immortality. Of course, Law will not throw his life for a noseless freak so there was a high activity of Death Eaters being sent to take people hostage and force him to give it. Before any Auror can show up, Law teleported all of the hostages there and switched the heads of the Death Eaters before any serious harm could be done. Harry Potter was impressed by Law's control over the situation and wanted his help when dealing with Voldemort. Law said no, much to Potter's disappointment though said that if Voldemort came after him again, he would deliver the Dark Lord's talking head to the Ministry of Magic.
    Harry Potter: Good lord.
  • Law once stumbled onto a medical emergency that needed his presence. A sentient starfish needed immediate surgical help after the starfish's entire scalp was chipped off which included the brain. Law instantly had the scalp be refitted back to the head of the starfish but the issue was that scalp he fitted back on was not the scalp at all. It was a piece of coral and needless to say, Patrick Star experienced the second lapse of intelligence as a result. The starfish immediately notified Spongebob and Law of this error and they all ended up scouring the beach and trying on every piece of coral on Patrick's head until they fixed him. Law had to deal with his patient acting like a psycho, spouting on the secrets of the universe, and a bunch of other things along those lines until they fitted back on what was Patrick Star's true scalp. With no memory of Law's efforts, Patrick stubbornly believed that Law experimented on him and swore that he would never trust doctors and will now believe pseudo-medicine that he finds online. Patrick had to be saved by Law a second time to have his stomach pumped from ingesting bleach, much to Spongebob's thankfulness.
  • A certain fish named Fred asked Law to have his legs replaced with legs that are far more durable and stronger than his current fins would allow. Law who has performed limb surgery granted Fred's wish by replacing Fred's legs with the legs of a kangaroo. Do not ask where Law had kangaroo legs from. From then on, Fed went about his days, leaping and kicking every living tard out of everything until the Bikini Bottom cops got on his case for littering. Being a wanted man, Fred begged Law to return to normal as the police only identified him as a "fish with muscular legs." Law changed him back, though had to whack Fred for thinking that no problems would arise from having kangaroo legs. Where did Law whack Fred? Obviously...
    Fred: MY HEAD!
  • Fran Madaraki has a mixed opinion from Law's end. It is not like Law himself is the most ethical doctor out there as he is a pirate on the run, though the medical educated side of his head is irked by the Harmful Healing from Fran's end, even if she has the best of intentions. Law had to go in and try to teach Fran that their patient should not be screaming in agony the entire time. Fran did not receive his message and Law could only pray for the poor soul who has her as the only doctor around.
  • Martin Walker sought to have his guilt conscious be "cured" by one of the greatest doctors out there, the Surgeon of Death. Law did not know why this soldier came to such a conclusion as he is a surgeon and barely has knowledge of psychology, though went to listen to delusional man. Walker went on about his murderous mission against the people of Dubai in graphic detail and Law who has terrible memories of soldiers, nearly decapitated Walker then and there. Seeing Walker break down though had Law realize his remorse was genuine, though he still ultimately could not find himself to help out Walker. As the psychology surgery for Walker, Law told him to spend the rest of his life to be The Atoner for all of his sins, until all those he killed will forgive him in the afterlife. It is a cruel statement, though Law said if this guy has to try to find an easy way out of his guilt, he does not deserve forgiveness from anybody.
  • Law hates the Medic as the Medic reminds him too much of Caesar Clown with the obsession of experimentation on living organisms. The Medic however, points out to Law that in his time, the Hippocratic Oath is nothing but a suggestion and in the name of science, he will disregard it. Even then, the Medic points out that Law himself never took the Hippocratic Oath and used his powers that saved him to send the hearts of over a hundred pirates as payment for a Warlord position. Law really hates that the Medic is right on that front.
  • Ra’s Al Ghul has expressed interest in Law being a potential backup in case the Lazarus Pits that he uses to prolong his life will one day be unavailable to himself. Considering that it took centuries for Ra’s Al Ghul to keep it hidden from people, he is Properly Paranoid in regards to people eventually trying to go after it. Seeing as Trafalgar Law's Devil Fruit can replace the Lazarus Pits, Ra’s Al Ghul is just waiting for the day when Law is needed. Even if Law somehow dies, the immortal assassin can just wait for the the Op-Op Devil Fruit to be reborn elsewhere and search for that, or whoever devoured it.
  • No, he is not a subordinate to Straw Hat Luffy. He is just... really overshadowed by Luffy. The Surgeon of Death is not miffed about that, no matter who asks.
  • "Weaklings can't choose how they die. You'd be wise to remember that."

Lesser Gods

    Jindrax and Toxica 
Jindrax and Toxica, Divine Duo of Life-Earning Redemptions
Toxica and Jindrax in their normal forms
  • Lesser Deities. Were briefly Intermediate Deities as Super Orgs and Toxica as Necronomica.
  • Symbol: Their head's helmets.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Life-Earning Redemption Out of Mistreatment, Adaptational Heroism, Ineffective Villain Duo, Minion Shipping, Survive Unlike their Counterparts, Briefly Gained Stronger Forms.
  • Domains: Redemption, Sparing, Comedic Villains.
  • High Priest: Yatsudenwani
  • Herald: Juggelo (Jindrax's brother).
  • Allies: The Power Rangers Deities (especially Taylor Earhardt), Team Rocket Trio, Bebop and Rocksteady, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Fluttershy, Entrapta and Hordak, Rose Quartz.
  • Rivals: Jessie, James and Meowth.
  • Enemies: The Evil Power Rangers Deities (especially Viktor Adler/The Master Org), The Lich, Hexxus, Horde Prime, Hedorah.
  • Jindrax and Toxica were once part of the Org race, who sought to destroy all life, when the first Human-Org War ended in the defeat and seeming destruction of the Master Org, leader of all Orgs, Jindrax and Toxica went into hiding for 3000 years until the Master resurfaced along with the appearance of the Wild Force Power Rangers who swore to defeat the Orgs; though soon they found out the "Master" was just a human in disguise, Viktor Adler, and betrayed him for it and his treatment of them. However the Master came back with a vengeance and tried to get both killed, succeeding at taking out Toxica but failing to kill Jindrax whose loyalty to the Orgs was shattered by this act. Eventually Jindrax would resurrect Toxica, who realizing she'd been fighting for the wrong side all along made a choice to have both herself and Jindrax aid the Wild Force team in thwarting the Master's plans before departing on peaceful terms once the Master was seemingly done for. With the Master Org fully defeated after their departure, the two were finally able to free themselves of the service to the Orgs.
  • Jindrax and Toxica came into the Pantheon rather casually, they were wandering around during their journey across the world and were suddenly into the place after being transported there without them realizing it. After settling down they opted to share a temple and continue their reformed path in the Pantheon.
  • Off the bat they were happy to see Taylor Earhardt, once Jindrax's rival, again and she too was glad to see them in the place, she helped them catch up to speed on what happened after their goodbyes, including how she and her teammates defeated the Master Org for good, something both were relieved to find out about; though they were quite disturbed when the Master resurfaced in the Pantheon roughly at the same time and have seen off to getting into a closer alliance with other Rangers to combat his threat. Simultaneously meeting the Sentai teams and befriending them in the process.
  • They also had a less than pleasant reencounter with Viktor Adler/The Master Org, their former leader, who wasn't pleased in turn to see them. The two still remembered all the pain and humiliation that Adler put them through and how he used them and their fellow Orgs for his own sake and without care. While Adler has been plotting to get his payback on them, he does maintain a relative pragmatism to his desires as he recognizes that there are bigger threats for now to take care of but will immediately end them once he gets the chance.
  • They found some similar villain duos that like them are bumbling and funny in addition to somewhat or completely ineffective at doing villainy.
    • Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket were the first to befriend them on the basis of their similar dynamics besides Jindrax and Toxica's lack of a "Meowth" equivalent. While Jindrax and Toxica find them decent people overall, they are disappointed to hear that the trio have not yet given up on their evil ways despite their utter ineptitude and unproductivity in Team Rocket.
    • The still-villainous duo of Shego and Dr. Drakken were quick to get along with the now-reformed villains on account of their niceness, and while thus far they've remained evil they don't really hold it against Jindrax and Toxica for quitting due to witnessing the sheer abuse they endured from their superiors. Occasionally they hang out during their free times to recount their past battles and other anecdotes of their past and present endeavors, Drakken has taken interest in Toxica's staff due to it being able to grow monsters giant when defeated, wondering what purposes he could use it for in his plans.
  • Jindrax and Toxica wandered the Earth after the defeat of Master Org, looking for their purpose for years. For the most part they've settled on doing their part on protecting Earth, some speculate they might've been helping animals and people during the Master Org's last stand beforehand and thus likely aided in other crises Earth faced. From the accounts of the Power Rangers and Super Sentai teams they have heard of various nefarious evils they never met which came before and after the Orgs, most notably is Venjix, a computer virus that almost destroyed all worlds in existence; as well as Lord Drakkon, an alternate Tommy Oliver who became a malevolent supervillain that wanted to conquer the Multiverse. They both have a lot of disdain for the villains thanks to their sheer number of atrocities.
  • They were an interesting sight to meet for Steven Universe, the young gem/human child had been instrumental in bringing peace to his universe by having the previously destructive and uncaring Gem race become more peaceful through the use of his empathy and good deeds. He's been relieved to know that both Jindrax and Toxica were among the few Orgs to turn good and seem to at least be trying to have the last Orgs stand down peacefully and co-exist with mankind.
  • While Jindrax and Toxica might have once sought to destroy all life as the rest of the Orgs did, they now aim to help life on Earth prosper as part of their genuine turn to a better life, as such they have taken to visiting the House of Nature to help out the place and ensure that everyone there can be ready to stand their ground against possible future threats such as a return of the Master Org's plans. Guardians like Aang, Amaterasu and Captain Planet were ready to receive them with open arms thanks to their genuine defection. Other nature guardians such as Viridi and Battra are far less receptive to the Org duo but nonetheless tolerate them since they have other beings they hate more than the two.
  • Jindrax and Toxica's antics got them in good graces with the likes of Bebop and Rocksteady, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, all four were known to be very silly minions to more serious masters and are quite more benevolent than said masters. Harley and Ivy's outright romance and Bebop and Rocksteady's occasional implications added fuel to this fire of friendship. Bebop and Rocksteady who in some universes turn over a new leaf, were happy for their own turn and wondered what they could get up to as joint heroes. As for Ivy and Harley they only occasionally help out the good fight but don't doubt in joining their fellow duos in some misadventure for fun.
  • They have been informed of places where to further develop their new lives in redemption, they mostly have opted for the House of Otherness as it has mostly monstruous folk for them to slowly get accustomed to the rest of the Pantheon's inhabitants. Though even there they found trouble in the form of Hedorah, a pollution-feeding kaiju who has acted as a troublesome foe to heroic kaiju in the past. Hedorah has ties to Master Org which they are afraid could help their former boss reach new heights in his threat level.
  • Toxica and Jindrax started out as mere partners in crime but developed into more over time to the point where their newfound love led partially to their redemptions, this got them a commonality with Hordak and Entrapta, who both once were villainous (albeit in Entrapta's case more out of oblivious amorality than malice) members of the Horde before both their mutual budding relationship and their genuine desire to change as people led to their redemption. Hordak has found common ground with the two Orgs in regard to the mistreatment suffered at the hands of their superior, as Hordak had been abused by his creator, Horde Prime, psychologically and physically not unlike how Master Org mistreated Jindrax and Toxica.
  • Jindrax has thought of joining circus troupes before, having had a team with his brother, Juggelo, within the Pantheon he found himself taking trips to the House of Theatre and Spectacle, more specifically in the House of Theatric Performers, where he met Krusty the Clown as a possible help for this, though Krusty himself turned out to be too cynical and vice-addicted for his comfort. He didn't have much luck besides Krusty when it came to finding that kind of performer, so he decided to move on and seek other hobbies to put his skills in. Regardless of his blunders, Toxica and even Taylor are supportive of his dreams.
  • Toxica grew the Orgs fallen in battle during her time in the Orgs' service, ever since she hasn't used her staff for anything other than self-defense but its powers have led to some evils looking for it to use in their goals, among these interested beings was Hexxus, a pollution spirit not unlike the Orgs who has thought of taking the power of her staff to strengthen himself. Toxica has tried to keep her weapon out of his reach and even asked for help from Taylor to do so.
  • Since they changed their ways about destroying life on Earth, Toxica and Jindrax got an ally in Fluttershy, a pony fine tuned with nature who liked to hear of their genuine change of Earth regarding their old allegiance and goals. Fluttershy has helped them appreciate further the beauty of Earth's nature. The other ponies were similarly willing to help the duo further develop their newfound care for the planet. As for enemies they were not kind to the foes the ponies faced, especially given some like Chrysalis are similarly abusive like the Master Org was to them.
  • Rose Quartz once aimed to have a colony on her universe's version of Earth but upon growing to care for the inhabitants of the planet, especially humans, she changed her mind and even organized a rebellion to save it from being destroyed by the Diamond Authority's terraforming, while their motives for changing sides are different from hers, Jindrax and Toxica's genuine change of tune and eventualy care for the lifeforms on Earth earned them Rose's friendship. Jindrax and Toxica also get along on the factoid that just like Rose they once lacked a strong moral compass so they don't hold her past against her.
  • Another great foe they made was the Lich, who desires to destroy all kinds of life, even attempting to destroy the natural cycle of life, rebirth and death to do so. Toxica and Jindrax are wary of a possible alliance between him and the Master Org and have sought out ways to help stop him should the Lich be on the move. Through this they met Finn the Human and his allies, who were willing to be friendly with them despite their past. As for the Lich himself, he finds the two beneath notice beyond a possible scheme they could use against him.

    Kyosuke Nanbu 
Kyosuke Nanbu, God of Improbable Death-Cheating (Assault 4, Assault 1, Beowulf)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Alteisen Riese's Revolving Bunker
  • Theme Song: Steel Beowulf
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Devil's Luck, Cheating Death, Tranquil Fury, Gambling
  • Domain: War, Luck, Death
  • High Priest: Patrick Colasour
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Anavel Gato, Master Asia, Jerid Messa
  • Complicated Relationship: Kratos
  • Kyosuke Nanbu, to use his own words, is very well-known to bet on tough odds. He has an infamous penchant for high stakes gambling, whether it's on money or his very life, yet oddly enough, seems to always come out with very minimal harm compared to what should be happening in the latter case. The earliest example of this otherworldly luck that stuck with him was a time in his youth when he was caught in a shuttle accident that killed nearly everyone on board, where he and a girl who he shielded from the flaming debris were the only survivors. While he walked away with only a few minor scratches and bruises, she got off much worse to where it wasn't certain if she would survive. Ever since then, he went on to gamble on his luck. A LOT. As in, all the way into becoming a test pilot for the Earth Federation Army, and eventually joining the ATX Team captained by Sanger Zonvolt, one of his teammates being Excellen Browning...the girl from the shuttle crash.
    • Being that he originates from the world of the Super Robot Wars, Kyosuke's life progressed through two distinctly different timelines that come with their own sets of details. In the standalone timeline, Kyosuke became the pilot of the Real Robot mech known as the Alteisen, and was later promoted to leader of the ATX Team after Sanger seemingly defected to the side of the Divine Crusaders, a seat that he turned out to wear just as well as the Sword that Cleaves Evil. In the crossover timeline he was about to test out the Alteisen before getting pulled along by the Gandor squad, Shiro Amada, and a number of Kamille Bidan's friends in their desire to aid Bright Noa despite Titan and Federation interference, as well as all sorts of evil forces along the way, becoming a key part of the overarching Londo Bell alliance as they recruited old allies and new. In either case, one of their frequent enemies was a girl named Alfimi, who not only desired Kyosuke, but resembled Excellen if her look and demeanor were suddenly turned stone cold. This became key to the truth about the shuttle crash, how they survived it, and ultimately what forces would become the most interested in them.
    • The whole shuttle incident was orchestrated by an alien species called the Einst as part of their Adam and Eve Plot to recreate humanity after destroying it, and using the pair as their means of repopulating the Earth with humans, but without emotion to stop them from becoming threats. The only real reason this plot failed was because while Excellen actually died and was revived and heavily modified by the Einst for their plan, Kyosuke legitimately survived the crash. Thus, Alfimi was created as a clone of Excellen meant to fulfill the "Eve" end of the plot. However, Kyosuke constantly rebuffing her advances caused her to go to desperate measures and try to coerce him into being with her by holding Excellen hostage. However, Kyosuke and Excellen managed to instead persuade Alfimi to turn against her creators, and they and their friends went on to put an end to the threat of the Einst.
  • In the early days of the Pantheon, Kyosuke was initially selected as a follower of Irresponsible Captain Tylor as they shared a commonality of Beating the Odds. He spent some time in that position before being suddenly deified with the more specific variation on the trope, Improbable Death-Cheating. Tylor has remarked on how easily it could've been the other way around both for the tropes and who ascended first, while Kyosuke maintains respect for his extraordinary luck. However, the first thing the graduated test pilot experienced after gaining his own temple was anything but welcoming, courtesy of Kratos. While running through the Pantheon trying to catch up to one of his friends, he ran into Kratos at a time when the Ghost of Sparta had already been angered by Zeus over some act of treachery. Naturally, Kratos chased after Kyosuke with the intention to brutally maul him, causing him to have to retreat to his mecha. This did not save him, as the Alteisen would be torn limb to limb, and the head was chopped off too, until Kratos got him in the cockpit. Then he was personally beaten to a pulp until he was rescued by his allies. Despite all that, Kyosuke only came out with some broken ribs, proving why he deserved his title.
  • Is very good at hiding his anger, especially when his lover Excellen is in danger. Do not think this means you can get away with endangering or harming Excellen, for this is a very quick way to get on his bad side and earn a one-way ticket to a severe beatdown that'll have you questioning whether the red you saw was from his mech, his clothes, or his fury. Some would say he invented the term "Poker Face", due to his gambling habits as well. Kyosuke has thus far denied this claim, and Excellen often backs him up in doing so by pointing out that the game of poker was created at least two centuries earlier than mobile suit space flight in pretty much every Earth-based universe including the latter.
  • Kyosuke's mecha is the Alteisen, a red-colored and heavily bulky Real Robot developed based on the original Gespenst which is built to approach quickly from a distance and deliver a devastating frontal assault in close-to-mid-range combat. It is equipped with heavy armor to protect its reckless offensive style (made even heavier with its upgrade into the Alteisen Riese) and extra-powerful thrusters (or in the Riese's case a goddamn Tesla Drive!) to move far and fast with said armor. This machine was initially supposed to be a prototype for Mark III series of Gespenst mobile suits, but was too impractical to be mass-produced; luckily, Kyosuke's tall, strong frame and stoic head-on fighting style serve as a near-perfect fit for its specs and properties. Maximizing these attributes with his skills and excellent sense of decision making in battle has made Kyosuke renowned amongst the Pantheon's Humongous Mecha riders. Despite the increasing number of robot war pilots entering the Pantheon, whenever a situation arises requiring a fleet of mechs, he is still more often than not deployed as the field leader due to his experience in leading the ATX Team, with Excellen often deployed as his number two. Notwithstanding his role, he doesn't hesitate to defer to his fellow pilots who have greater experience, particularly Chirico Cuvie and two of his Londo Bell allies Amuro Ray and Heero Yuy, who he's often seen with discussing about mecha assault strategies.
    • Even when piloting a simple Gespenst instead of his signature mech, it is advised not to get on his bad side; the last chap who did not only got his eardrums broken, but was also blown to bits. Unfortunately this also reflects a darker side to Kyosuke, in the form of his counterpart in the parallel dimension of the Shadow-Mirror. That version of Kyosuke pilots a Gespenst Mk-III that did not get upgraded and renamed Alteisen. And that's the kindest part of the very different turn he took in his life. Shadow Mirror Excellen did not survive the shuttle crash at all, not even in the "healed from mortal wounds via experimentation" way, because the Einst involved with the incident chose to make their mark on him instead. The combination of the lonesomeness and the inhuman influence would turn this other Kyosuke into a hypercompetent, somewhat twisted bounty hunter. Eschewing his own name and adopting his Beowulf nickname as a direct codename, some have even described this counterpart as demonic.
  • He's impressed at Kaguya Nanbu, that such a little girl legitimately lives up to the claim of being the Sword that Smites Evil like Sanger. So, when Excellen offered to have her as the 'third daughter' (after Alfimi and Ariel), Kyosuke responded with his gambler's Catchphrase.
  • Kyosuke declared that May 2016 will be the one month he will not gamble at all. It was at that time his Poker Face would often crack unpredictably and then people could see tears flowing from his eyes as much as he try to deny it, this was even worse than that time he thought he lost Lamia during the ODE Incident. People say it has something to do with what happened to Excellen, his girlfriend, in the aforementioned month. He knows that he will eventually come back for good, but the Trope Pantheons chose to respect his declared time.
"I don't mind betting on the tough odds."

    Lee Everett and Clementine 
Lee Everett and Clementine, Gods of Action Survivors (Lee, Clem)


    Carl Denham 
Carl Denham, God of Bringing Creatures Back Alive
Denham in the 1933 movie
Denham in the 2005 movie 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A wrecked film camera
  • Theme Song: Carl gets an Idea
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Formerly True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Brought Kong to New York, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, True Overall Protagonist of the Franchise, Makes Ammends for his Actions Later, Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Domains: Directors, Captures, Exploring.
  • Heralds: Hilda Petersen.
  • Allies: Kiko, Ed Wood, Joe Young.
  • Rivals: Stanley Kubrick
  • Enemies: Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Spinosaurus.
  • Uneasy Relationship: David Attenborough, King Kong, Nikki Grace.
  • Hated by: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Rexie, The Raptor Squad, The Brontosaurus, Gorgo and Ogra.
  • Opooses: Pokemon Hunter J.
  • The year was 1933, and as America struggled through The Great Depression, one man set out to make the movie of a lifetime. His name was Carl Denham, a filmmaker and director known for filming wild animals in exotic locations. In fact, he was so dedicated to the craft that many questioned his sanity but it didn't matter much. Denham had his eyes set on his latest project, a film set on a mysterious island in the Indian Ocean. With a crew assembled, and the lovely Ann Darrow cast as the leading lady, Denham set sailed to this "Skull Island". When they arrived though, that's when things got interesting. The island's indigenous population were discovered to worship a deity known as "Kong" and wished to offer the fair-skinned, golden-haired Ann as a sacrifice. Denham refused to give up his leading lady, but the natives kidnapped her and offered her up to Kong... who just so happened to be a gigantic, gorilla-like ape. Denham, alongside First mate Jack Driscoll, led an expedition to rescue Ann, only for most of them to be slaughtered by the island's many prehistoric inhabitants. While Jack pressed on to find Ann, the filmmaker went back to regroup with a new plan in mind. Using Jack and Ann as bait, Denham used a gas bomb to subdue Kong, before capturing and bringing the ape back to New York City, dubbing Kong, "The Eighth Wonder of The World." Unfortunately, Kong escaped his bindings and went on a rampage through the city, capturing Ann once more before scaling the Empire State Building. It would spell the end for the great ape, as he was gunned down by several airplanes. But as he looked upon the beast's fallen body with regret and sadness, all Carl Denham could say was... "It wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast."
  • Denham came into the Pantheon sometime after his last adventure in Skull Island, where he encountered the young offspring of Kong and came back to America to clear the many debts that Kong's rampage had caused for him. Upon reaching the place he mostly decided to stick to urban-oriented settings, being shaken up enough from his experiences on Skull Island to try anything else. He also avoids Kong, knowing fully well how guilty he is of the ape's death and suffering in New York and that of his victims.
  • Denham was happy to see his ape friend, Kiko, in the Pantheon having fond memories of their adventures beforehand and being saddened at his death. After some time spent together he makes regular visits to the young ape kaiju, often sharing his newer experiences in the Pantheon to him. Similarly, he's been quite interested in hearing more of King Kong through Kiko, given his own avoidance of the ape, particularly his latest scuffles with Godzilla. Another large friendly ape he encountered in the Pantheon (and with several similarities to Kiko to boot) was Joe Young, a gorilla who had grown surprisingly large and went through several adventures before gaining freedom in a protected area, mostly after a life of captivity after his mother was killed by poachers, regardless of what Denham did in he past, Joe Young was friendly to him thanks to hearing from Kiko how much kinder Denham got.
  • Denham's poaching activities with Kong got him some flack from the activist David Attenborough who dedicates his life to protecting wildlife and raising awareness about the damage humans can cause on the environment and thus wasn't too amused by what Denham did to King Kong, which resulted in the death of the great ape king. While Denham has made it clear that he severely regrets what he did, Attenborough would still rather not associate with him. As for creatures who have suffered from that kind of activity, Gorgo and Ogra took little amusement at what Denham did to Kong due to their experiences with Gorgo being captured and placed on captivity for people's amusement. Similarly, the Raptor Squad member, Blue and Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rexy, all were once captured by people trying to make money off them, leading to them also having disdain for Denham.
  • Denham's dedication to filmmaking and preference for making a film as authentic as possible even with dangerous stunts and locations led to disasters for his career, most notably getting almost all his crew killed trying to film the wonders of Skull Island and then getting many people killed when he brought Kong to the mainland in a vain attempt to make an authentic stageplay of the events, this got him rather hated by the likes of Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant and even John Hammond who all advised and were frustrated and helpless to see other humans in their world try to exploit the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park for their own ends without realizing the disaster that would come out of such things over and over; like most other hate towards him, Carl is not one to defend himself from it, as he recognizes how badly he screwed up with Kong.
  • Denham was interested to hear that Skull Island was in the Pantheon and that it was back in one piece, given that as far as he knew the Island sunk into the seas, never to be seen again. While interested in learning what is it currently like, he has mostly delegated that task to other Pantheon overseers who can see the events with much more caution and effectiveness than he could. Similarly, he got interested in the Islands of Sorna and Nublar, currently and formerly inhabited by dinosaurs recreated by humans, respectively, given their superficial similarities to Skull Island.
  • Hostile dinosaurs are enemies of his, particularly those who have a higher degree of intelligence and are willing to go after him beyond a need to feed, one of those creatures was the Indominus Rex, a hybrid dinosaur with a highly sadistic streak who wrecked havoc on Jurassic World in its world, as well as the Indoraptor, a successor to the Indominus who was equally sadistic in its killings of others. Likewise, One-Eye the T-Rex, known for being a regular yet sadistic tyrannosaurus, also got Denham's enmity for his actions and general way of being.
  • The Tropic Thunder Cast were a bit interested in Denham's work, given that they themselves were forced to film a very real dangerous situation that they got tangled up in accidentally and spent a lot of time trying to escape the dangers of the jungle and the criminal gangs they ran into, all while some of their companions died in the filming of the disaster, which nonetheless was convincingly edited into a film that catapulted them all back to fame after disastrous careers, all of which Denham had intended with his film on Skull Island, at least in regards to Ann who was a failing actress when Denham hired her. The group finds it morbidly amusing to compare how well their situation went compared to the dangers that Denham's crew faced on their first expedition.
  • Stanley Kubrick has something of a slight rivalry with Denham, at least on the regards to their perfectionism and desire for as much authenticity in filmmaking as possible, though Denham learned the hard way what happened when that perfectionism went too far. Regardless, Kubrick has thought of one-upping Denham with modern technology to safely make a film with footage from Skull Island and with enough control over the situation to prove his expertise in the craft of filmmaking to Denham, an action Denham has tried to talk him out of as he knows how much not worth it the trouble of surviving Skull Island is for a mere film.
  • Ed Wood had approached Denham to offer filming a new gig to get him some money back on account of how much money he lost paying for the repairs to New York and the Great Depression in general, while Denham's a bit wary of the offer due to Ed Wood's... well-known reputation of being bad at filming he nonetheless has thought up of taking it in order to film something that is neither dangerous nor daring for once, if only so he can try and reignite his passion without the irrationally dangerous reckless drive he had before. Ed Wood has given him grief for the deaths on his watch on Skull Island, however, but that didn't stop him too much once he learned of Denham's amends on those he hurt and screwed over.
  • Nikki Grace was subject to a curse from a film she was making and fought to end that curse and make the film to further her career, eventually succeeding at it. At first she loathed Denham for letting so many people die on his watch as a result of his poor decision-making and judgment on Skull Island, but did come to see that he felt remorse for that and even went on to correct his mistakes by using the treasures of Skull Island to pay his debts and compensations for those hurt by him, regardless the two don't really see eye-to-eye as a result of Denham's past actions. Denham is wary of the Phantom that cursed her film at the same time, being wary of it ever following him, even if unlikely.
  • Regardless of what he did to Kong, he does not support poachers or poaching in general and was disgusted to hear of Pokemon Hunter J, a highly ruthless and cruel poacher who captures innocent Pokemon in painful or horrific methods to then sell them on the Black Market, all while being willing to kill or seriously maim those who get in her way, even if they're children. While J ignores him as a non-threat to his plans, Denham is wary of what she could do to Kiko or Kong, though the latter taking several levels in badass has given him some comfort on the big ape being able to fend off the evil hunter from attacks.

    Zaeed Massani 
Zaeed Massani, God of Those Who Would Have Normally Been Dead (The Mercenary Veteran, The Veteran, Co-Founder of the Blue Suns, Mass Effect's "Chuck Norris")
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His old M-8 Avenger rifle, "Jessie", alongside a couple of Inferno Grenades. Alternatively, the Blue Suns logo tattooed on his neck.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Though he veers into Chaotic Good when working with Shepard.)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Cool Old Guy who ocassionally lets out Cluster F Bombs, Bad Boss who still has reservations on things, Determinator, Good Scars, Evil Scars coupled with a Glass Eye, Kills with Inferno Grenades, Iron Brit with Lack of Empathy, He who survived a point-blank headshot, Old Soldier, Optional Party Member, Shouting Shooter who cusses aplenty, Token Evil Teammate who Took a Level in Kindness
  • Domains: War, Death, Fire, Combat
  • Allies:
  • Headbutting Heroes (on very rare ocassions) with: Lobo and Buffy Summers
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Ali Al-Saachez, Gauron, All evil-aligned deities from the House of Betrayal
  • His ascension was spearheaded by Deities from the House of Life and Vitality, when they found out about his backstory (with consultation from Commander Shepard, of course.) According to official records, he survived a point-blank headshot from his fellow Blue Suns co-founder Vido Santiago, while he was held down by six of his own men. This also explains his abrasive attitude towards deities from the House of Betrayal, as he tends to recall the ordeal through the pain he feels on the side of the face where his Glass Eye is located.
    • Compared to Shepard, who was at least revived through intervention by Cerberus's Lazarus Project, he got back on his own with little to no help. When he was asked as to how he survived, he answered: "A stubborn enough person can survive just about anything; rage is a hell of an anasthetic."
  • Many deities were rather wary of his reputation for getting people around him killed, particularly those of equal and lower rank to him. While others are concerned about his ocassional swearing, especially his use of the word "Goddamn" (which to him is a massive Irony in itself when he ascended.)
    • His dossier has racked up a lot of very amusing facts about himself that some deities have made comparisons to Chuck Norris. Not helped by the fact that most of them did come from some of Zaeed's previous exploits during his Blue Suns days, and his time as a freelance bounty hunter. Among his favorites were his ability to interrupt a Renegade Interrupt, to which neither he nor Chuck wishes to comment on the matter.
  • Among the deities who have worked with Commander Shepard before, Zaeed is one of the least visible yet most oft-spoken of the bunch. His work relationship with the Human Specte is a bit sketchy at times, given his more "Renegade" alignment, and the fact that he is usually Only in It for the Money.
    • Nonetheless, he is as loyal to Shepard as the rest of the Normandy crew, as the latter helped him chase down his double-crossing Blue Suns co-founder. Reports of how the said mission ended vary, but there was no question that they both opened lots of flaming cans of whoop-ass against the Suns.
  • Has also been steady buddies with Garrus ever since that time when they plotted to rig Shepard's Apartment with Booby Traps. In particular, Zaeed once tried to rig Shep's bath tub for what he described as "Arma-Fucking-Geddon!" Ditto with Javik and Wrex, as they usually enjoy target practice involving bottles of beer in the very same apartment.
  • His relationship with Lobo is rather sketchy at best. Both have been together on a few missions across the galaxy, but both would claim to be the best Bounty Hunter therein. Though they are usually on good terms as long as some beer is involved.
  • As for his relationship with Buffy, he reminded her so much of Ethan Rayne, from his status as a (former) mercenary, to his Evil Brit behavior, and even down to having the same actor; though she is more appreciative of him since Ethan actually helped her back then, which led to his death. Zaeed kinda understood where she's coming from, but was quick to clarify that he's leagues different from Ethan.
  • Has been working alongside Mr. Bauer due to their similar choice in interrogation techniques; whenever Zaeed starts crunching his knuckles, they're bound to get the info they need, without even causing physical harm.
  • Thanks to developing some soft spots for the young after surviving the Suicide Mission with Shepard and his crew, Zaeed has been indirectly helping out in funding the church that Mana and Clarice were protecting. Conversely, he thinks allowing Child Soldiers are just as bad as when Vido allowed Batarians into the Blue Suns, which definitely put him at odds with Gauron and Ali (In his own words: "Cheaper labor, they said; goddamn terrorists, I said.")
  • Got pissed for a bit when he had a go with a crane booth in the House of Gaming. He does return to the same booth on ocassion, being an "all-in" kind of guy and all.