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    The Acolyte and the Radiant Goddess 
The Acolyte and The Radiant Goddess, Patron Couple of Mortal And Deity Romance (The Acolyte: Phoenix, Priestess; The Radiant Goddess: Her Radiance, False Goddess, All-Goddess)
The Acolyte
The Goddess
The Acolyte and Goddess in their current state 

  • Borderline-Lesser Goddess (Acolyte note ) and Overdeity (Radiant Goddess note )
  • Symbol: A crystalline shard and a white flower
  • Alignment: Lawful Good for the Radiant Goddess, Neutral Good with shades of Chaotic Good for the Acolyte
  • Portfolio: Romantic Relationship Between A Goddess And Their Worshipper, Solely Referred To By Titles, Physical Religion, Lovers That Both Took The Role Of Dedicated And Supportive Worshippers As Mortals
  • Domains: Romance, Love, Divinity, Acceptance, Religion
  • Followers: Alex and Luna, Jim and the Angel
  • Heralds: The Titans, The Elders and other Acolytes of the Goddess
  • Allies: Kraft and Holo, Belldandy, Kosmo and Nova, Pit, Palutena, Steven Universe, Ghaleon, The Master (ActRaiser), Jean Grey, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Yugi Muto, Judai Yuki, Yuma Tsukumo, Astral, Aang, Korra
  • On friendly terms with: Yubel, Zeno, The Helltaker Cast
  • Complicated Opinions toward: Aphrodite
  • Enmity & Pity towards: Eos
  • Oppose: YHVH
  • Enemies: Queen Beryl, Claude Frollo, Jervis Tetch, The Radiance, Slaanesh, Hades, The Chaos Kin, Zamasu
  • A religion of nameless acolytes worshiping their savior of a goddess simply known as Her Radiance, or the Radiant Goddess, beloved for her dedication of protecting humanity from the wrath of the Old God and promising them an era of peace. But one particular Acolyte's attachment toward the Goddess ended up growing beyond the typical definition of "beloved". Her dedication and peppy attitude in serving the Goddess, to the point of offering her animal-shaped pancakes (to her Elders' initial concern and anger), but once the Goddess accepted her food offering, the hapless Acolyte eventually found herself summoning the Radiant Goddess herself from an accidental ringing of a bell, and from there, a romance between the two would sprout, only to be interrupted by the arrival of a cursed denizen of one of the Distant Stars, marking the Old God's return for revenge. And from there, things grew bleaker and bleaker when not only did the Old God initially prove victorious, showing the Radiant Goddess as a originally a mortal, but making the Acolyte a high priestess of the Old God to force the latter into loving her. Despite the brainwashing, the Acolyte managed to persist and eventually save the former Radiant Goddess, despite the Old God's absolute power, due to the Acolyte unknowingly gaining immortality from a small shard of the Old God that gave Her Radiance divinity as well. After taking on the Old God together, and stopping her reign of destruction, the two chose to forgive the abusive but lonely Old God, who was too a lover of the Radiant Goddess back when she was a mortal. The Old God and the Radiant Goddess fusing to become the All-Goddess, and the Acolyte becoming her now immortal high priestess, they could continue their romance in full as the religion persisted in celebration.
  • Due to their wonderful love as a worshiper and her goddess, the Acolyte and Her Radiance were recognized by the Pantheon as worthy candidates for a place in the House of Love and Affection, due to the type of romance they were involved in. Sure, they were both immortal before and after ascension, but more importantly, their love toward each other began when the Acolyte was a mere mortal worshiper, and the Goddess herself unknowingly returning the favor, while she didn't want to admit it at first. It also helped even more that the Radiant Goddess herself was a mortal worshiper who developed a romance with the Old God, as tragically as theirs ended up, with the Old God growing jealousy of how the humans she created began to favor her human lover who she made a god through a shard of her own, over the true creator of the universe herself. Recognizing the genuine and powerful love between goddess and worshiper, the Radiant Goddess and her Acolyte were given a place for their other religious acolytes to stay (not minding the irony of The Acolyte becoming an actual goddess through ascension), continuing about their usual business, for the most part keeping to themselves.
  • A true, physical and independent religion in all its glory, and a benevolent one even, attracted many curious visitors from the House of Religion and Faith to witness how their religious practices and traditions worked. It was surprisingly rather simple, full of the usual prayers and menial tasks dedicated to Her Radiance, on top of the occasional offerings. The Acolyte herself ended up beginning a little trend of giving actual food offerings in the form of her cooking. She's excited to see other religious acolytes try doing the same, but with that said, she obviously isn't fond of those giving actual animal sacrifices, let alone human sacrifices, given the graceful and loving goddess that Her Radiance is.
  • Other deities have trying getting an actual name from the Acolyte, the Goddess, or any of the Heralds they brought along, but it turns out that none of them go by names at all. It turns out that one of the special traditions of the religion for the Radiant Goddess is that they forgo their original names completely, the Acolyte herself being no exception, and having already forgotten it a long time ago. Baffled by how used they all were to all being called by titles alone, investigative deities tried moving onto the Goddess herself about her true name, with permission of course. Then they found out that she too went only by a title for referral as "Temple Girl" while she was a regular mortal. It seemed that the tradition really did stick that long.
  • Surprisingly, while it's not necessarily her source of immortality, The Acolyte holds within her the inherited spirit of another lovely lady known as the Phoenix, who was the latest in a line of demigods blessed by the Goddess long ago, and had passed down the title to the Acolyte through a kiss before she eventually succumbed to the Old God's curse. Through the Phoenix's spirit, the Acolyte has an additional Spirit Advisor to help guide her to being an ideal high priestess to Her Radiance. For the sake of understanding how the ways of this spiritual inheritance worked, she got into friendly meetings with those with similar inheritances, including Aang and Korra, both having inherited all the spirits of the Avatars before them, as well as Yugi, Judai, and Yuma, who have all their own sorts of spiritually connected allies. Of all of them, both the Acolyte and her Radiant Goddess started being involved with the development of Yubel, who has Judai Yuki as their target of interest. They decided to help her understand how to "protect" Judai better, which has included being controlling and clingy of Judai unnecessarily.
    • Jean Grey, who seems to have the most similarities to the Acolyte's situation, being connected to the Phoenix Force, worries the Acolyte the most, though it hasn't stopped the Acolyte from making a friend out of her. She understands the powers it has given to Jean Grey, and more importantly its potency as a cosmic entity and the many hosts it has, with all the potential for disaster with it. Both the Acolyte and the Goddess take care to be ready for, if not prevent the rising of the Dark Phoenix when it comes to Jean Grey.
  • The Old God, the original creator of their universe and its mortals, created life due to her loneliness, which her vast and limitless power could not fix on their own. Creating humans to give her attention, one spectacular mortal, a dedicated temple girl, began to grow on the Old God, and she would grant that mortal a special shard to turn her into a goddess in order to establish a more permanent relationship. But yet, that romance would grow sour as the Old God grew envious of humanity's shifting in worship toward the Radiant Goddess for being a better goddess towards them. Ending the relationship violently, her attempt to take it all back would be stopped by not only Her Radiance's might, but by the Acolyte's understanding towards the otherwise invincible Old God, leading to the Radiant Goddess giving forgiveness to the Old God, and in turn, fusing with her to become a complete universe creator goddess. Such resolution gave them much respect for Steven Universe, himself the product of his human father and his Crystal Gem lover, Rose Quartz, also one of the Diamonds. From Steven's advice, the Goddess established relations with not only the Crystal Gems but with the Diamond Authority themselves to help with growing towards an era of peace.
  • The Radiant Goddess may have chosen to forgive the horrible manipulations and abuse that the Old God put her and her Acolyte through, due to her relatable situation of loneliness, but that doesn't mean they'll tolerate such abuses anywhere else. Whenever the Goddess steps in to deal with other deities, it's usually to deal with troublesome deities who represent more twisted and abusive forms of love that threaten her people or her little Acolyte. Among the worst of them is Queen Beryl, who is infamous herself for trying to force love from her target Mamoru towards no one but herself, to terrible lengths. They haven't let those who have tried to manipulate minds like Jervis Tetch to force other interests to become lovers, either. If there's any duty that they've dedicated to contributing toward the ever-growing Pantheon, it's putting down such twisted and corrupt forms of love and their supporters in their place.
  • While the Radiant Goddess would rather have kept to themselves, not letting themselves or their religion get in anyone else's business, she eventually complied to have her Priestess venture out in the Pantheon to establish friendships with other benevolent deities. Of the many friendly acquaintances she managed to make, both the Priestess and Goddess found themselves on closer terms with Palutena and Pit, who also handle protecting their humans from outside threats, or other gods, like the Hades from their world, or Viridi, the latter of whom is on peaceful terms with the Acolyte and Goddess couple since their human followers don't cause as much trouble to nature. Both Palutena and Pit warned the two about the Chaos Kin as well, due to its ability to take over even gods and control them, on top of stealing souls. While the Acolyte has managed to break out of a Brainwashing from the Old God, an Eldritch Abomination universe creator, they both know better than to take any chances.
    • While not necessarily a goddess representing only light, having gained the full power of the creator deity that the Old God was, the All-Goddess was seen as an unworthy holder of the title of "Her Radiance" by none other than The Radiance, a more tyrannical goddess of light who ruled bugkind until her subjects learned to gain individuality and rise against her. In response, she created a deadly plague to torment her former underlings, dooming them to become mindless husks of themselves, not too different from the curses that the Old God would unleash upon the now-physically-deceased Phoenix from the Radiant Goddess' world. Envying Her Radiance for her more grateful and welcoming worshipers in contrast to the bugs that rebelled against her, The Radiance has attempted to sow chaos and discord into the Acolyte and Goddess' religion, but the Acolyte has managed to help with stopping such conflict among her lesser acolytes, the Goddess herself ensuring that The Radiance herself doesn't intervene without dire consequences.
  • One of the couple's most supportive allies was Ghaleon, who once in his past, would have thought of their relationship as nothing but blasphemy back when he was the Magic Emperor, attempting to bring back his goddess, Althena, back to being the world under her control. However, the goddess, who reincarnated as the mortal Luna, and her new lover, Alex, proved the power of bonds and humanity to be able to overcome whatever Ghaleon could throw at them, and since his death and resurrection, has since changed ways to realize the true potential of those bonds. Having nothing but respect for the Goddess' benevolent rule of her people on top of her relationship with her high priestess, he helped introduce the two to other like-minded beings. There was Belldandy, a goddess who established a relationship with a mortal lover, Keiichi, due to how pure of a mortal he was, and both Kraft Lawrence & Holo, the latter being a wolf goddess. They've all kept in touch to give each other advice, and sometimes aid each other when another is in urgent need or distress, which has included Her Radiance providing shelter for their more helpless companions. Both the Radiant Goddess and the Acolyte also found the relationship of Kosmo and Nova adorable, with the former making a very rare snark about how her Titans could find some love themselves. The Titans had no comment, but they suspect that the Goddess wants to get back at them for embarassing her in regards to her developing feelings toward the Acolyte long ago.
  • Due to representing a much darker variation of their trope, on top of her unceasing lust, Eos is not allowed near the likes of them, with how the Goddess and Acolyte advocating for more genuine and consensual relationships. While they do have little reason to like her, they do understand and feel really bad for the fact that her actions are not exactly her fault. Given that Eos' irrational lust is an actual curse brought upon her by Aphrodite due to Eos trying to consort with Ares, they do recognize that Aphrodite is much to blame for their issues with Eos. Aphrodite may be a reputable goddess of love and romance, but neither can really say they're fond of her rather selfish character. Same goes with a good chunk of the Greek divinity, who they've decided to avoid conflict with as much as possible.
  • While welcomed by more benevolent religious figures, both the Acolyte and Radiant Goddess take heed to stay away from more selfish or discriminatory deities involved with religion. Frollo's immense disapproval of the Acolyte's romance with her Goddess was blatantly obvious, with Frollo trying to denounce them for being far too heretical in his eyes, though the Acolyte has ignored his verbal attacks. A major religion deity they more actively oppose is YHVH due to all of his attempts to forcefully instill his values of Law upon all of humanity, which the Goddess has shown much disapproval of, criticizing his incredibly selfish and intolerant attitude. The Acolyte even joked that YHVH's tyrannical ambitions could all be solved by some big hugs from a few of his supporters, noting that it hasn't been tried yet. YHVH in turn has much disdain for the Radiant Goddess, being a mortal who ended up rebelling against the very deity who gave her godhood, that said, YHVH knows better than to mess with the Radiant Goddess and her religion. As much as YHVH may dislike the goddess, the religion and community she has set up along with her precious Acolyte, as aloof as she may be, is still harmonic and respectful of their superiors and order in general, as YHVH would want his people to be. To harass let alone attack another orderly and benevolently lawful religion would be hypocritical to the agenda of The Great Will, so he'll let them be since they haven't tread upon his creations.
  • Zamasu has a very blatant hatred of mortals and deities who dare to advocate for them, but there hasn't been any deity outside of his usual arch-enemies that he holds special hatred for, until the Acolyte and Radiant Goddess ascended. The Goddess herself being a mortal who became a god, which Zamasu sees as an utter offense to divinity in general, and her very relationship with another mortal is nothing but utter depravity to him as well, as warped as his definition of "depravity" is. The very thought of them even just existing disgusts Zamasu so much that he's beginning to act in a similar manner to a VUX alien looking at humans, deeming both the Acolyte and Goddess alike along with everything they and their relationship represent as so repulsive that thinking about them for too long would make him gag or regurgitate. It was little surprise that Zamasu had attempted to eradicate the both of them in the past, but their continued existence here proves how well that went. As the All-Goddess, she harbors all of the power of the Old God that created their very universe, and against someone like Zamasu, she has no reason to hold any of it back. And with the addition of all of the support of her believers, the Acolyte included, the Radiant Goddess eventually defeated and sent Zamasu retreating. His subsequent assaults would be less and less successful (due to Her Radiance eventually just predicting the Mad Kai's arrival) to the point where she uses her powers to send him into a deep sleep and whisk him off to somewhere really far away the moment he shows up. Eventually Zamasu's allies convinced him to stop humiliating himself, but the Radiant Goddess has sent the Acolyte to get the Zenos on their side just in case, which managed to go rather well since a yummy breakfast was enough to appease them.
  • As a goddess whose responsibility is to protect and harbor her supporters and humanity in general, the Radiant Goddess is well respected by those who also take a role in protecting humans from invading or corrupting threats. The Master of ActRaiser was happy to see another benevolent protector of humanity, though unsure of what to think of her relationship with her high priestess, approves of her for taking her duties as a goddess well. The God-Emperor of Mankind, while initially worried that the romance between the Acolyte and the Goddess would be an obstacle to humanity's protection, learning that the Radiant Goddess chose her own people against her furious and destructive former love, the Old God, had the God-Emperor relieved. While they don't get into each other's duties, it's easy to tell that both the Acolyte and Goddess feel bad for what the God-Emperor has to go through. Her Radiance was also warned about a much more perverse and depraved deity of lust known as Slaanesh, more representative of the types of romances, indulgences, and passions she and the Acolyte would stay far away from, ready to deal with the Chaos God should the day arise.
  • One of the main catalyzing factors that sparked the relationship between the Acolyte and the Radiant Goddess was... pancakes. The Acolyte really wanted to give the Goddess something more than the usual offering in comparison to what her colleagues would give, and she decided to give the Goddess and offering of cute bear-shaped pancakes for a breakfast offering, which the Goddess actually accepted, to the others' surprise. As odd as the idea was, it was out of extensive dedication (and creativity) toward her Goddess, much as the Goddess was herself as a mortal giving worship to the Old God. On top of giving breakfast to friendly deities staying by, she also managed to run into the Helltaker and his "harem" of demon girls (and an angel), with some getting along with the Helltaker because he also makes pretty good pancakes, though not actually the same type of pancakes (not vegan for one). While the Helltaker's pancakes aren't compatible with the type of breakfast the Acolyte serves to the Goddess, they exchange other breakfast recipes. The Radiant Goddess herself tolerates them as well, despite the fact that nearly all the Helltaker's companions are demons, but warned them that any mayhem directed at her or her Acolyte will be not be taken lightly.

Intermediate Gods

    Mina Tepes, Akira Kaburagi, and Yuki Saegusa 
Wilhelmina Vlad 'Mina' Tepes, Akira Kaburagi Rēgendorf, and Yuki Saegusa, the Divine Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle
  • If you still doubt there is a love trangle between them, you can look at it this way. Instead of Akira in the middle with Mina and Yuki, think of it as Mina loving both Akira and Yuki.
    • Why? Her relationship with her is only second to the one she has with Akira (and it just might be a separate-yet-equal thing). Mina has called Yuki her closest confidant after Akira, meaning that she trusts Yuki more than people she's known her entire life, and just slightly less than the man she loves. Mina has complimented Yuki's good looks on several occasions, and Yuki has been caught openly admiring Mina's adult form. She'd even risk an international incident just to spend time in the tub together with her in Yuki's apartment (though they all now share a "house" post-ascension). Yes, there was Skinship Grope involved. For her part, Yuki has a tendency to turn a lovely shade of red at all of these.
  • They distrust Rasputin, given that in their world, he's an alias of Lord Ivanovic, one of Mina's "suitors".
  • One ally they met during the negotiations was Rachel Alucard. Things were a bit tense at first due to Rachel abusing her familiars (though Gii deserves it for always prodding her Berserk Buttons and Nago seems to like taking pain) (though not Valkenhayn) and her snarky attitude, but having well-meaning intentions as well as everything she's done on behalf of the heroes in her world helped them see what she really is and a bond was forged.
  • Exclusive to Mina:
    • As an advocate for peace between vampires and humanity, Mina is naturally in the way of those who believe that vampires should keep asserting their superiority or are otherwise tyrannical towards humans and other "lesser races".
    • Mina's Bund has such unbelievable wealth that she can pay off Japan's entire national debt and still have more to spare.
      • The Lorenzo Corporation, a company in her Bund, developed "artificial blood" known as Stigma, which was how Mina has managed to sate the blood thirst of her kind, and lightblock gel to protect from sunlight. These commodities, of which she , don't come cheap, though, even if LC gas Instant Home Delivery services.
    • -something about (Remilia Scarlet)-
    • Due to her experiences with the Three Clans and their lords who serve as her official fiancés, Mina is adverse to Arranged Marriages. Given she's lost her mother to them (and who was possibly raped), she especially despises those like them. Oh, and calling her mother a whore is a very bad idea, as is harming Akira or Yuki, especially the latter (since the former can hold his own in a fight).
    • Having been a victim of an impostor plot before, she's made countermeasures against any repeats of that incident.
    • Has a small private cubbyhole that contains her true personal treasures; some old furniture, an antique gramaphone, a few other knicknacks, and many, many photos of Akira.
    • Her kind of vampires can't catch the same diseases humans do except for tooth decay. In fact, some of her kind even like drinking the blood of the diseased, because it alters the flavor.
  • Exclusive to Akira:
    • Thanks to his Beowulf Armor, Akira is no longer a Glass Cannon in the face of threats powerful enough to match his werewolf form.
    • Silver weaponry is the only thing that can really hurt him. Not even being impaled by a broken-off church steeple comes close, though that would apparently do more on Mina than him.
    • The easiest way to piss him off is to harm anybody he cares about. Even easier is to impersonate Mina.
    • Valkenhayn (servant to Rachel Alucard) has blessed Akira in his love for Mina and has even offered to train him some more if need be.
  • Exclusive to Yuki:
    • When she isn't tending to Akira or Mina's needs or attending at Elysium Academy with (or without) them, Yuki is often writing her novels and improving her writing skills, and thus sometimes visits the House of Narrative to polish up on that.
    • Her latest work is apparently a Boys' Love story, its protagonist based on Akira, and was apparently really good enough for Mina to personally translate it to Latin, have it published in the Bund, and even actively contribute to the writing process. Many heads were turned at this and she became a recognized potential writer as a result.
    • Is often (she does her damnedest to, at least) the one who make sure Mina and Akira talk to each other and not keep secrets that could be very dangerous when spilled at the wrong moment. This was because the impostor Mina exploited this tendency during her "reign" of the Bund, and doesn't want it to happen again.


Lesser Gods

    Alana and Marko 
Alana and Marko, Co-Deities of Interspecies Romance
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A seed of their plant rocket ship
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy, Badass Family, Battle Couple, Maligned Mixed Marriage, Planetary Romance,
  • Domains: Love, Void, Family, Chaos, Good
  • Herald: Hazel, their child
  • Allies: Edward Scissorhands, Romeo and Juliet, Belle and Beast, Bryan Mills, Terra Branford, Kurama, Meryl and Johnny, Mary Poppins, Fuuka Yamagishi and Relena Darlian (Marko)
  • Enemies: Boba Fett, Deadshot, Lobo, Deathstroke, Lockdown, Gondar the Bounty Hunter
  • Opposes: The House of Hatred and Rancor
  • Uneasy Relationship: Mettaton
  • Not so different from: Romeo and Juliet
  • Relative newcomers to the Pantheon, the story of Alana and Marko have made a huge splash in the Pantheon regardless. It was only a matter of time until the House of Love moved forward with plans to ascend the couple. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary couple would become one of the most problematic deities the Pantheon has ever ascended.
    • It only took minutes before they came under fire from nearly every morally ambiguous Bounty Hunter in the Pantheon. Many of them were funded by Boba Fett himself and even he was interested in taking a whack at things himself. It was clear that the couple couldn't stick around for long.
  • Their temple rarely ever has them present. Their followers have taken over operations while Alana and Marko sort things out. Only a select few are able to actively meet up with them.
  • People and deities alike are wary of helping them, mostly due to the fact that many that do don't last long. Their long list of allies that have fallen even gives Joss Whedon and George R. R. Martin pause.
  • It goes without saying that you do not try to harm or kidnap Hazel. They have handled far worst threats before. It will likely won't end well for you. Specifically, use drugs near Hazel or perform senseless violence and Marko will remind you just why he refrains from fighting. Meanwhile, Alana won't take shit from anyone who thinks they can get away with domestic abuse.
    • Both Bryan Mills and Terra Branford have stated they are willing to defend the couple from any perceived threats. It goes to show how screwed a Bounty Hunter can be if they aren't Crazy-Prepared enough to take up the bounty.
  • Much of the heat the two have received stems from the intense feud between their native species. Their war has no signs of letting up, fueled primarily of hatred for each other. Both Marko and Alana have blamed the House of Hatred for fueling this hate.
  • Their base of operations is a space ship made entirely of plant matter. Many believe it to be a gift from Kurama who has expressed his sympathy for the group. It has has done a remarkable job of surviving thus far in their journeys.
  • There have already been deities calling it the Space Opera version of Romeo and Juliet. The two can only hope that their fate doesn't match those Star-Crossed Lovers.
    • Instead, they turn to Belle and the Beast over how to handle their relationship as well as other peoples' reactions. The Beast's response is that there will be people who just won't accept their romance. It's best to brush them aside.
    • The arrival of Edward Scissorhands took them by surprise. He was particularly eager to help them out, more than most in the Pantheon. They remind him of his relationship with Kim. Alana and Marko shrugged it off. They've met far more grotesque beings in the Pantheon than a man with scissors for hands.
  • Marko has tried to stick to a path of pacifism. Of course, trying to do so while on the run is extremely difficult. Still, he can be seen with Fuuka on quiet days to see how she was able to keep things in order.
    • Relena Darlian's pacifism is what he ultimately strives for, though even he is not sure if he will ever be able to reach that state of being.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Alana actually didn't mind her time as an actress. She can even be seen in minor roles in the House of Theater. With that said, the time she stays there is limited; mostly due to being on the run but also due to an incident that almost broke them apart. Staying there for too long brings up bad memories.
  • They have Mary Poppins to thanks for sending a rather unorthodox babysitter to look after Hazel. Izabel may well be the most suited being for the job. Not only can be scare the living daylights out of any organic being, she is also a ghost making her immune to most damage. Sadly, it wasn't enough as Boba Fett found a Bounty Hunter capable of permanently killing her spirit. Her temple spent a day mourning their loss.
  • Meryl and Johnny are third only to Romeo/Juliet and Belle/Beast in similarities in the subhouse of Couples. Alana may slightly object to be a ladette, she does admit to be far more aggressive than her spouse.
  • Both had a rather defensive stance when they first saw Mettaton, mostly due to the fact that humanoid televisions just happen to be among the many alien races after them. The TV host quickly revealed himself to be just another monster in the Undertale universe... which didn't really soothe their suspicions.

    Red and the Transistor 
Red and the Transistor, Deities of Relationships Between Humans and Inanimate Objects (The Transistor: Mr. Nobody, Blue, Breach(), Boxer, Auden)



    Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar 
Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, Dual Gods of Gay Cowboys
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their black and white cowboy hats over a male symbol.
  • Theme Song: "The Wings"
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Ennis), Neutral Good (Jack)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Sexuality, Cowboys, both got a passionless marriage, can't be together because of society, can't keep their hands off each other
  • Domains: Love, Family, Cowboys, Masculine Homosexuals
  • Allies: Any good cowboys in the Pantheon (who isn't homophobic), the kids from South Park except for Eric Cartman, Romeo and Juliet, Rose Bukater and Jack Dawson, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Dorothy Gale
  • Odd Friendship with: The Fantastic Four, the Mystery Gang
  • Enemies: All homophobes in the Pantheon, all Abusive Parents, all women who come between two men.
  • Complicated Relationship with: The rest of the House of Love
  • The couple who had a 20 years affair, Ennis and Jack were reunited and ascended when the Pantheon when the Council heard of their story and how much of a Tear Jerker it was because of Jack's mysterious death.
    • When the two were reunited, Ennis broke down to tears and run into Jack's arms, unable to believe that he is really standing here before him while repeatedly saying sorry and promise to never let his fear getting the better of him again. Everyone witness their reunion sheds a tear.
    • However, Jack's ascension met with some problem when some people points out that he doesn't fit the "cowboy" part of the temple because he became a tracker sellman. After much effort to restrain Ennis from punching them in the face at the possibility of being separated from Jack again, Phoenix Wright points out that Jack spent a significant portion of his life as a working cowboy and a rodeo rider, thus qualify him for the position.
  • Their temple is a barn filled with many different livestocks and located on the verge of the House of Love with a window view of Brokeback Mountain - the place the men met, fell in love and had their 20 years affair. When asked how they managed to move an entire mountain, the men said that they had help from the deities in the House of Travel and Magic who are touched by their love story.
  • Their theme song is popular among Yaoi Fangirls Pantheon members, followers or audience because they tend to play it over their videos that portray the male deities they ship together. Needless to say, Jack and Ennis are NOT amused by this.
    • The couple is also NOT amused when Hong Kong deities keep using the slang "playing Brokeback", citing that the mountain is a significant place for the both of them. They also not appreciate people insisting Jack to admit that he "don't know how to quit" Ennis, given that this is the last conversation the couple had with each other before Jack's death.
  • Ennis despises every homophobes in the Pantheon because he has a very traumatic childhood experience of being forced to witness the aftermath of a gay couple who were beaten to death with their genitals removed and left out in the field, as well as thinking that they are the ones that cost Jack's death. Any homophobe dare to approach their temple will be met with a shotgun to the head. Abusive parents also don't get off easy either given that both men grew up with one.
  • Their temple has made the men become friends with many fellow cowboys in the Pantheon, even though they never interact with actual cows in their work. Of course, those who are homophobic will be politely asked to leave by Jack and be... "convinced" by Ennis if they refused.
  • Being born in the 1960s American West, Ennis gets extremely uncomfortable and even sometimes aggressive when someone asked him about his exact sexuality. Jack usually has to step in and explains that the only important thing is that the two are in love and now can finally be with each other. The fact that their creator insists on being unclear doesn't help anyone.
  • Other Star-Crossed Lovers like Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose sympathized with their story and have been in contact with the cowboys. Jack and Rose as well as the cowboys had a big laugh when discovered that their most iconic posters are similar to each other.
  • The men are very controversial figures in the House of Love for their long affair. Some think that both of them are just unapologetical cheaters on their wives for 20 years. Some argue that the men wouldn't even have to cheat in the first place if not for their homophobic sociery. Some took the middle ground of sympathizing with them for their love and circumstances while condemning their action. This is one of the reasons the men opt to move their temple to the edge of the House of Love.
  • Being cowboys, they have been taking jobs here and there from the house of Beasts and from farmers in the Pantheon. They usually brush off concern that they can't keep their hands off each other to focus on the job by saying that they were just 19 years old when that happened.
  • The Joker once took advantage of his similarity to Ennis and kidnapped Jack in order to catch Batman's attention. After Bruce tracked the Joker down, Ennis beat up the clown within an inch of his live to the point that Joker only survive due to his immunity. The couple has been on friendly term with Batman ever since, especially since he is sympathetic with their story even though Jack is nervous at first when Batman introduced them to his on-and-off lover Selina Kyle given that she sometimes looks like his estranged wife Lureen.
  • Jack freaked out when a giant flesh eating plant nicknamed Audrey approached and called out to him with the sound "Feed me Seymour." during his trip to the House of Plants due to his similarity to the actual Seymour. Jack has been avoid the house's deeper areas ever since.
  • The boys from South Park had a laugh when heard about their story because it is suspiciously similar to the independent film about gay cowboys eating pudding in their world. Jack and Ennis took this in good spirit and made friend with the boys but ban Cartman from enter their temple for his homophobia and Jerkass behavior. Needless to say, Cartman is extremely angry about this.
  • Dorothy Gale likes to visit the cowboys temple because of her upbringing in Kansas. The fact that her movie has a rather large gay followers also helps the matter, even though Ennis is uncomfortable at first because one of Dorothy's allies, Glinda, looks similar to his ex-wife Alma.
  • The men were very surprised when they encountered the Fantastic Four in the Pantheon because Ennis thinks that Sue looks like one of his daughters Alma Jr. grew up. While Sue doesn't have any memory of this, the Fantastic Four still feels extremely sad when heard of the men's story and have been great friends with them, including using the cowboys to educate their kids to not be homophobic and what the harm that trait can bring.
  • The cowboys once ran across the Mystery Gang's Mystery Machine broke down near Brokeback Mountain which is located near their temple. After fixing the van, Ennis is surprised when discovered that Velma looks like one of his old flame Cassie.

    Kosmo and Nova 
Kosmo and Nova, the Co-Patron Saints of Human and Robot Love
Kosmo (Left) and Nova (Right)
  • Kosmo is a Demigod, while Nova is a Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A male hand holding an electronic metal heart.
  • Theme Song: The trailer music or Main Menu/Nova's Memories music
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral though Nova was created with the intention of being Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: A human falling in love with a robot, A Boy and his Fembot and is attracted to her at first glance, becoming a true couple despite Nova getting blown up at the start, being short yet adorable, Kosmo looking a tad similar to a certain Maxwell, Genuinely loving each other's company despite what the other may do, Speaking in faces
  • Domains: Robots, Love, Space Travel, Collection Missions
  • High Priests: Hideki Motosuwa and Chii
  • Allies: Ratchet and Clank, Wander and Sylvia, Doraemon, WALL-E and EVE, Bastion, Maxwell, Big Band, Captain Olimar, Zenyatta, Jenny Wakeman/XJ- 9
  • Worships: Lenneth Valkyrie and Virtuous
  • Enemies: Sombra, Reaper, Widowmaker, XANA, Love Machine, Jinx, Junkrat and Roadhog, Relius Clover
  • Nervous Around: Dr Alphys, Sadako Yamamura, The Slenderman, Vi, Peacock, Dhuum, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Conflicting opinions: The Immortal God-Emperor Of Mankind
  • Pities and pitied by: Carl Clover
  • The idea of a robot girlfriend sounds like it can lead into some, interesting times to say the least, but however there is always the chance of it leading to one cute romance; hence, Kosmo and Nova. Kosmo was a clumsy beginner space commander whom just happened to run into Nova after she escaped the lab of Dr. Eros, a evil dinosaur, and was used as a shield by her to help her get away with him driving the getaway ship. Kosmo immediately fell in love with her. While it did take some time, Nova did actually begin to return to feelings for him...just in time for Dr. Eros to track her down and blow up the ship they were on, causing Nova's body parts to scatter the universe. Due to Kosmo taking on the role of the Determinator, even with his clumsy style, he managed to not only fully repair her, but also stopped Dr. Eros plan of launching a robot attack on the galaxy. Because of this dedication for a robot he was in love with, the two were chosen to ascend.
    • However, their trip up here wasn't without problem. Some less kinder deities, namely Jinx, spot their ship and saw it as a moving target for them to shoot at, and sent a welcome present to them that she calls the Super Mega Death Rocket! As expected, it exploded on contact, and while Kosmo managed to escape unharmed from the explosion, Nova was once again shattered and destroyed across the Pantheon. While this was enough time for Peacock, Vi and Big Band to catch up with her and arrest her, Kosmo was brought to the verge of tears, but regardless, he picked himself back up and prepared to hunt for her pieces again...
  • Obviously, they tend to stay weary of those who have no problem with destroying or corrupting robots. Good news, they managed to get a restraining order on Junkrat, Roadhog and Jinx, especially the latter after their original encounter. Bad news, those three really don't care much about that restraining order, especially with them within a house they really would like to see blow up. Reasons like this was why they got another temple within the subhouse of Couples Relationships, as the three really don't give a care about what goes on in there, and don't feel like going out of their way just to catch them. They have became great friends with WALL-E and EVE based on their status of showing that robots can love. Also helps that they also are no strangers to space travel.
    • Other spacefarers they encountered were Wander and Sylvia, whom were greatly impressed with the lengths that Kosmo went to save his robotic girlfriend. Meanwhile, Sylvia and Nova found common ground on not only liking the excitement of fighting, with Nova managing to raze Dr. Eros facility to the ground before escaping right after he crafted her, but also for having similar fugitive pasts, with Sylvia being a cold hearted bounty hunter and with Nova being the bounty. Despite the fact Nova is open to the idea of people knowing of her wanted status to the point she proudly hung up wanted posters in her temple, they are rather close friends and can be brushing up on their fighting styles in the house of Combat. They also had a run in with Ratchet and Clank, whom were equally impressed at the lengths Kosmo went through. They can be seen talking about their space adventures with each other from time to time.
  • Obviously, the Immortal God-Emperor Of Mankind is VERY conflicted about these two, seeing mainly because he doesn't know whenever to say that Nova should be thankful for a human this loving, or to say that Kosmo is just wasting time with her. Sure he may have a speech communicator, but that doesn't count since it's non-sentient.
  • Dhuum has it out for them, seeing that not only has Nova cheated death by getting repaired after her original defeat, but Kosmo also got revived thanks to a kind skeleton magician helping him craft a spell to revive him. However, he does acknowledge WHY Kosmo went through all the trouble, and thus, settled on killing them at once so they don't have to bare the loss of each other. Coming from Dhuum, this is probably one of the nicer things he's willing to do.
  • Kosmo was requested by Captain Olimar, whom also once dealt with having to collect multiple metallic pieces, but for his ship to escape a planet, for assistance finding his last 4 ship parts. Having been told of the Murkrow den Olimar had trouble with, Kosmo decided to sneak over there while the Murkrows were out to try and get corn from The Farmer, Kosmo looked inside and did indeed find the remaining pieces to Olimar's ship. Unfortunately, before he could do anything about getting them out, the Murkrows came back, angry to see him them. However, upon seeing that he was interested in the ship parts, and that their latest raid failed once more thanks to Fiddlesticks, they decided to settle on a trade of 6 bags of fresh corn for the parts.
    • Kosmo, not having enough money at the time, quickly reported back to Olimar and told them of the deal. Fortunately, Olimar has been sending various treasures he encountered to his home planet for money and was more than willing to pay for it. Using the money and trading system the Pantheon had, Kosmo gained enough funds to buy the corn legally off the farmer and trade it with the Murkrows for the ship parts. Olimar is grateful for Kosmo helping him out, and was able to finally fully repair his ship and travel back to his home planet. He also took a teleporter some gods crafted for him that was connected to his two temples so he can traverse to and from the Pantheon without fear of his ship crashing and stranding him.
  • After a run in with Carl Clover trying to buy some robotic parts, Kosmo and Nova found out about his robotic sister, Ada, and how she was destroyed after the latest BlazBlue game. As crass and crude he was by the end of his adventure and towards them when he first met them, he was certainly interested and impressed by the lengths Kosmo went to in order to save his own robotic companion. As such, they are one of the few people he will at least try and curb his jerkish tendencies for, especially after they offered to help him out repairing her. He's thinking about giving them a list of parts he's gonna need if he ever figures out what he precisely needs to see how serious they are about helping him. Helps that they grew to dislike and find Relius Clover repulsive, having Carl view them more favorably.
  • For some reason, deities keep running up to Kosmo and ask him for outlandish requests, ranging from spawning rocket launchers and other weaponry out of thin out to getting challenged by Ed to sprout the wings of a bat and stomp like a zombie while whistling 'Row, Row, Row your Boat" through a carwash. He eventually discovered that they actually thought he was another deity called Maxwell due to similar looks. He actually met up with Maxwell, who was helping out Ed with just that desire, and became decent enough friends with him. Helps that Maxwell is willing to give Nova weapons to help defend herself in the Pantheon. Still, it's not uncommon for deities to keep confusing Kosmo with Maxwell.
  • Despite the fact that Alphys continuously insists she's not willing to cause trouble, Kosmo and Nova can't help but still feel anxious around her, since the Big Bad of their universe was also a scientist dinosaur called Dr. Eros. Their opinion of her only soured when they found out about her disastrous test subjects from her lab. To her credit though, she didn't actively tried to harm the test subjects that turned into the Amalgamates, and eventually confessed, but it still rubs them the wrong way.
    • They also tend to not stay around much whenever Peacock and Vi show up to try and help out, namely because they can only barely stop once they get started fighting, leading to collateral damage that some other chaotic deities could only dream about. They are much more appreciative of Big Band with his less violent approaches. Meanwhile, Big Band admitted that even when he came from, he wouldn't suspect a human and a robot to fall in love with each other.
  • Nova is rather popular with other robot deities, namely Bastion and Zenyatta, whom also Grew Beyond Their Programming and became peace loving robots. They also warned her of other deities that would like to hack her or destroy her, namely the ascended Talon members, Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra. She's also keeping a watchful eye out for Love Machine and XANA, but thankfully, they made it no secret that they have bigger fish to fry (or in this case, more powerful robots to deal with).
    • However, XANA did actually try to cause trouble for them once after he got reminded of a certain Jeremie Belpois and a supposed AI called Aelita, and sent some of his mooks their way as a way of relieving stress. Due to being a expert gunslinger, Nova managed to hold off his mooks for long enough before XANA's in universe enemies came in to deal with them for Kosmo and Nova. XANA is still interested in them, but realizes that the popularity they gained would keep have any more sequential attack he sends their way get intercepted and defeated quickly. As such, he's still thinking of what to do next with them.
  • Due to Kosmo and Nova watching a tape with a creepy girl coming out of a well, the two are beyond surprised to see that Sadako Yamamura actually not only exists, but are more than willing to try and off them, given that they watched a tape that an Expy of hers starred in, which is good enough for her to try and kill. Thankfully, they met another ghost girl by the name of Erma whom is willing to call off Sadako, even using force if she has to. For now, Sadako has taken the hint, and Kosmo and Nova are quite thankful for her helping them.
  • The Grand Ultimate Alliance Of Machines is...befuddled by them. On the one hand, they really don't care about machinae supremacy, their number one rule, but on the other hand, they find the idea of a human dating a machine, rather ideal for their dream world. As such, the Council Members, as suggested by Roboking, to just keep a watchful eye on them to see how dedicated Kosmo is to Nova.
  • They were actually quite surprised to find a ally in XJ-9 right within their own subtemple with Kosmo getting reminded of the robots whom helped him get Nova's heart back from Dr. Eros. Jenny is also equally shocked with delight at the idea of a Fembot and a human dating, given that she tried to date several humans within her own universe, given the whole teenage robot thing and all that. It's not uncommon to find Nova and Jenny trading tips and tricks about their own robot bodies.

    Mizuki Suzushiro and Takeru Ichimonji 
Mizuki Suzushiro and Takeru Ichimonji, Divine Couple of Romance After Gender Bending (Takeru: Mr. Gorilla)
Mizuki with middle length hair 
Mizuki's current appearance 
  • Rank: Demideities
  • Symbol: A superposed Mars and Venus sign with a heart in the middle.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Childhood Friends who became romantically involved after Mizuki's gender was switched, Large guy and small girl pairing, Formerly a manly guy and sensitive guy duo, Very nice people, Tends to have lewd fantasies , Strongly resembling their respective parents, Official Couple
  • Domains: Gender, Love, Change, Realization
  • Herald: Yumeko Fujiwara
  • Allies: Loki, Thor, Odin, Alm and Celica, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, Kanji Tatsumi and Naoto Shirogane, The Villager, Tippi, Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya,Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiragi, Chihiro Fujisaki
  • Enemies: The Terraformars, The Crimson Court, Stratos
  • Pities: Scarlett O'Hara, Robert I Baratheon (Mizuki only)
  • Opposed by: Segata Sanshiro (Takeru only)
  • Mizuki and Takeru were two male high school students who have been closer than brothers ever since they were kids. Things may have stayed that way forever if an utterly bored Loki, who bore the appearance of a young girl, didn't become interested in the very feminine Mizuki and messing with his life. The Norse deity transformed Mizuki into a girl. Takeru found himself attracted to his now female childhood friend, a fact which he was very conflicted about and did his best to suppress. Things became only more complicated when Mizuki began to also feel attracted to Takeru, causing her to outright go in denial. Several months of complicated teenage drama and self-discovery ensued, which concluded with Loki giving a choice to Mizuki: stay as a girl forever or go back to being a girl. Mizuki realized she was far happier as a girl, and so chose to stay that way. Soon after this, she confessed to Takeru and the two officially became a couple.
  • After returning to the Pantheon from this escapade, Loki actually found themselves missing the two, who they grew attached too. So when they left that world, they made sure to 'accidentally' leave the portal open between the Pantheon and it, ensuring that the couple would stumble into it. The confused teenagers were soon welcomed by some understanding deities who, after looking at their history, proposed to the court they ascend as representative of Romance After Gender Bending.
  • Naturally, Loki often hangs out with Mizuki and 'Mr. Gorilla' in female form, mostly to mess with the couple they kinda sorta set up. To say the two are conflicted about what she did would be an understatement (especially since Takeru didn't learn she was responsible for Mizuki's change until he entered the Pantheon) but they do see her as a friend if a really annoying one. Mizuki is even ultimately grateful to Loki for helping her realize what she wanted to be. The latter's response to that gratitude is typically to blush, avert eye contact and say that it's not like she did that for anything but to have fun. Nevertheless, the God of Trickery is very protective against anyone else who would mess with the two.
  • Odin and Thor went over to them to apologize for the trouble Loki put them trough. Again, Mizuki had to reassure them that while it was indeed a very harrowing experience at first, she's very happy with the change now. Though she was confused by the fact that Thor was much bigger than the first time she met him. The God of Thunder sheepishly replied that this was a 'slow day' for him. After this meeting, the two Norse gods decided to let Loki continue to have fun with Mizuki and Takeru because the couple seems to be a positive influence on her.
  • Tough their circumstances are a fair bit odder than most, they relate to and get along well with other pairs of childhood friends who became romantically involved, like Alm and Celica or Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. Takeru and Nora particularly empathize about being unable to confess their feelings for their respective best friends for a long time. They also get along well with another childhood friend couple, Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiiragi, who even though they themselves haven't gone past just friendship yet, do support Mizuki and Takeru in theirs.
  • Because of father's strict upbringing, Mizuki had for the longest time a complex about being seen as masculine, which led to her being ashamed of her more feminine interests like plushies and women's clothing. She formed a friendship with Kanji Tatsumi, who had to deal with similar problems. The latter is more than happy to make stuffed animals for her. Mizuki similarly gets along well with Naoto Shirogane since much like her, she felt ashamed of her feminine qualities due to her family heritage and upbringing. Takeru also likes hanging out with Kanjiand is trying to encourage him to confess his feelings to Naoto. As an aside, Mizuki finds Teddie absolutely adorable, but any attempt by the bear to 'score' with her has been met with a sharp glare from Takeru
  • Due to sharing their respective hobbies of bug catching and fishing, the Villager like hanging out and visiting the more nature-filled parts of the Pantheon with the couple. Some passerby deities have noted that it makes them look like a happy family, much t the embarrassment of the two teenagers.
  • They seem to have a strangely high tolerance for Aikuro Mikisugi's stripping antics. They explained that one of their friends back home also had a very infuriating tendency to strip down to his underwear, so they're used to this by now. They still made it clear that Mikisugi trying to be too touchy-feely would result in a beatdown.
  • On one of their first days in the House of Love, they happened to see a butterfly shining with all the colors of the rainbow. Immediately enamored, Mizuki proceeded to catch it. She and Takeru were of course very surprised when it began to shout in protest. It turned out that the butterfly was, in fact, Tippi, who didn't find being caught by an insect enthusiast again amusing at all. Thankfully, after she calmed down, she understood that Mizuki didn't mean any harm, and approve of her happy relationship with Takeru.
  • Upon hearing about Mizuki, the Military Academy students Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Makoto Nanaya were reminded of their good friend Mai Natsume, who was also forcefully changed into a girl but eventually embraced her new gender. So they went over to meet her and Takeru and quickly befriended them. Makoto's energetic behavior especially reminded them of Takeru's little sister. Noel thought about offering Mizuki a spot in the League of Flat Chests but quickly changed her mind when she learned that the former boy was still growing.
    • Mizuki is good friends with Chihiro Fujisaki, another feminine-looking boy who got severely bullied for it. She does feel happy that Chihiro is aiming to make himself feel stronger soon and proposed to teach him Aikido, but he replied he'd rather train under another boy. So she convinced Takeru to begin teaching him judo.
  • Mizuki Only:
    • After she learned that other deities in the pantheons had experience in gender-bending, Mizuki was interested in meeting them. Of course, people like Natsuru Senou, Souji Mitsuka and Souta Kishibe can switch genders at will and identify firmly as male, but she still easily befriended them. She's even thinking about wearing her hair in twin tails thanks to Souji's suggestion. By contrast, Ranma Saotome avoids her because a boy choosing to be a girl forever disturbs him a bit.
    • She gets along well with transpeople like Poison and the Chevalier D'Eon. As far as they're concerned, she's also a transgirl, it just took her body changing before she realized it. At first, she was a bit weirded out by the fact that Bowsette coexists with her 'male self' and that Yubel possesses both sexes, but she also quickly warmed up to them. Yubel, in particular, approve of Mizuki's relationship with her childhood friend.
    • She befriended another person who has to face a similar choice to her in Kuroumaru Tokisaka, whose race choose their gender at sixteen. She wholeheartedly supports their crush on Touta, no matter what their choice end up being.
    • Despite her frail appearance, Mizuki is actually a master in the Aikido style passed through her family. In the pantheon, she met with fellow aikido practitioner Tenko Chabashira. Surprisingly, the Ultimate Aikido Master doesn't really mind that she used to be a boy and readily spar with her. This has much to do with the fact that she's prone to gush over Mizuki's cuteness. Of course, she gives the stink eye to Takeru when he comes to see his girlfriend after their sparring sessions.
    • Mizuki adore bugs and one of her favorite hobbies is collecting them. As such, she rushed towards the House of Insects when she heard about its existence. She wasn't disappointed, to say the least, and quickly befriended the good and neutral-aligned members of the house. She particularly adores Mothra and often catches a ride on the Kaiju. Of course, she avoids going near the Evil-aligned insect deities, but she can't help but find their appearance cool. Except for the Terraformars, who looks nothing like actual bugs. She's just plain scared of them.
      • Other buglike deities she tries her best avoid are the Crimson Court, who has been hounding her out of interest in tasting the blood of a gender-bent person, and Stratos of the Sumeragi Swordsmen after she nearly got devoured by what she thought were ordinary flies.
      • Of course, this means that she became great friends with fellow bug-lovers Agitha, Sig, Dr. Grissom, and Shino Aburame, though she finds the latter raising insects in his body to be creepy. They talk at length about what kind of bugs they like and have been thinking about forming an entomology club.
    • Even when she was a boy, Mizuki was interested in wearing girl clothing, tough very much in denial about it. Now that she fully accepted who she is, she has been thinking about trying out more outfits and so went to visit the group known as Dressed for Divinity. She was very warmly received by the designers there, who love working on such a beautiful and petite lady. Of course, she's grateful for their services, but she still finds being doted upon so much to be embarrassing.
    • Mizuki used to have a crush on her classmate Yumeko Fujiwara. However, shortly before her final choice, she realized that rather than really loving Fujiwara, she admired and felt drawn to her femininity. Because of this, she feels sympathy towards others who loved what they saw in people and not the person themselves, like Scarlett O'Hara and Robert Baratheon. Despite that, she feels those two are too unpleasant for her liking. She gets along much better with Jay Gatsby, even tough his misguided affection had a much worse result than hers.
    • Cinderella was interested in meeting Mizuki after learning the latter played her in a school play. The two became fast friends owing to their shared kind personalities.
  • Takeru only:
    • Thanks to his dad being a fisherman, Takeru's favorite food is fish, which he likes to catch himself. He gets along well with fellow fisherman Big the Cat, and the two often relax together while fishing. Sometimes Link joins these fishing sessions.
    • He also grew interested in Gon after he learned that he actually fights with his fishing rod and once caught a huge fish that was called the "Master of the Lake". Tough Gon doesn't fish must these days, he still sometime join Takeru. Upon seeing Gon's friend Kurapika, he joked that he should be careful to not wake up as a girl.
    • One time he was fishing along with Mizuki, he happened to catch a clownfish. Unfortunately, it turned out that the fish was Marvin, who immediately screamed in fear. After the initial shock, Takeru released him and promptly asked for forgiveness. At least, until Mizuki remembered something she learned at an aquarium and tried to ask Marvin about the natural gender-switching of clownfishes. This made the fish promptly leave. Things went better when he met Dory under similar circumstances. The blue tang doesn't hold anything against him for his honest mistake, though it's probably partly because she completely forgot about it.
    • He's part of his high school's judo club, and so was interested in meeting another judo-practicing god by the name of Segata Sanshiro. The meeting quickly degenerated when Takeru admitted that he never even touched a Sega Saturn. He survived the explosive judo throw that ensued but has avoided Segata like the plaque since then.
  • "But now I realized, I can't be like you. You are you and I am me. Up until now, I've tried my best to ignore my own words and feelings. But it's time to stop, and I get that, so... I'll use my own words now. I like you too."