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Greater Gods

    Brajira of the Messiah 
Brajira of the Messiah, God of Compulsive Betrayals (Brazira, Brajil, Buredoran, Buredoran of the Chupacabra, Buredoran of the Comet, Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg, Buredoran of the Chimatsuri)
Brajira of the Messiah
His many disguised forms (from left to right: Buredoran of the Chupacabra, Buredoran of the Comet, Buredo-RUN and Buredoran of the Chimatsuri) 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Earth Salvation Plan's Emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (thinks of himself as Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Betrays (Almost) Everyone Who He Works With, Evil to the Core, Satanic Archetype, Used To Be A Guardian Gosei Angel, Cares Only About Himself, Plans to Reshape Earth, Bright Angellic Evil, Named after Blade Runner (Buredoran) and Brazil (Brajira), The Starscream, Manipulative Bastard, Not as Well-Intentioned as he Claims, Does Not Feel Gratitude For Any Kindness Towards Him, Tries To Destroy Earth Out Of Spite When Beaten
  • Domains: Betrayal, Selfishness, Angels
  • Heralds: His loyal Dark Headders (Namono-Gatari of the Ortaurus Headder, Bari-Boru-Dara of the Uniberus Headder and Lō-O-Zā-Ri of the Hydrapan Headder), King Bibi
  • High Priest: Seth
  • Followers: Benjamin Linus, Dr. Mann, Ysanne Isard
  • Superior: Black Cross King (tentatively)
  • Rivals: Lucemon, Sandaaru, Lord Vortech, Cyrus, Ultraman Belial, Galeem, Horde Prime, Zamasu, Malthael
  • Enemies: The Heroic Super Sentai Deities (especially Tensou Sentai Goseiger, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger), Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Phillip and Shotaro Hidari/Kamen Rider W, The Heroic Power Rangers Deities, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Geed, The Legendary Warriors, Palutena, Pit, Dark Pit, Master Xehanort, Adora/She-Ra and Catra, Bayonetta, Jeanne, The Demons of Inferno, Kratos, Deities in the Hall of Angels, Lucifer, The Creation Trio, Arceus, Ash Ketchum, Dawn, Brock, Cynthia
  • Opposes: All Gods in the Pantheon, especially YHVH and the Holy Trinity
  • Brajira was once part of a team of Gosei Angels, guardian angels that protected Earth, but he grew arrogant due to his role and believed that Earth deserved to be destroyed and remade akin to his vision of a perfect world. Murdering his teammates and taking their powers for himself before getting corrupted by his own evil, Brajira soon went on a warpath towards the perfect world he desired. Afterwards, he spent years under the alias Buredoran infiltrating various evil groups such as the invading insectoid force Warstar, the pollution demons Yuumaju and the technological empire Matrintis all in a bid to gather knowledge for his ultimate plan clashing with the heroic team of Gosei Angels, the Goseiger, along the way who he became personal enemies with. After he'd outlived and betrayed all three groups, Brajira put his own plans into motion as he attempted to use the Dark Needles, three special artifacts he developed in secret, to terraform Earth but was defeated by the Goseigers with his artifacts destroyed afterwards when he used the last of his lifeforce to destroy Earth, ending his threat for good.
  • Brajira came into the Pantheon quite orderly, arriving with evil intentions and new plans in his mind to achieve his goals, he started by seeking out those who share his vision of a "perfect" world and seeing what he could learn from them. He also went on the lookout for knowledge about the Pantheon and its system, rationalizing what he could gain from this new world and what he should look out for in his next journeys.
  • He reencountered his nemeses, the Goseiger, once he arrived with utmost "glee" at seeing them again in the flesh, the Goseigers were not happy in the slightest that their most personal foe had returned yet again after his seeming final defeat in the Rider/Sentai war. Brajira has thought of finding allies strong enough to help him overcome his foes once and for all. Due to this reencounter, he also got wind of the Gokaigers and Shinkengers' presence in the Pantheon, who he directly clashed with during their respective team-ups with the Goseigers and had both teams witness first-hand just how depraved he is, but particularly the Shinkenger hate him for his brainwashing of Takeru to make him his minion.
  • During the Black Cross King's grand return, Brajira found himself as one of the villain's right hands, becoming a member of the Black Cross Army. With the Black Cross once again established in the Pantheon, Brajira went on to become a member once again and seemingly has not tried his hand at betrayal; though most suspect he's only doing so out of pragmatism and a long-term patient wait for the Black Cross King to fall and leave a power vacuum ripe for him to fill.
  • Brajira has found rivals in his goals to create a new world fit to his visions of a "perfect" paradise. Particularly fallen angels like him who were similarly warped by their evil mindsets into monsters.
    • Lucemon was one of the first to form a rivalry with Brajira over their desire to destroy and reset the world, Lucemon views all other beings as "imperfect" and wants to destroy everything to start anew. Lucemon considers Brajira a mere pretender to the goal of rebuilding the world, and Brajira in turn sees Lucemon as that as well. Brajira has assessed that Lucemon could be a much bigger threat to him than even the Goseiger given what he could accomplish in his stronger forms Their similarities led to the Legendary Warriors of the Digiworld to develop an enmity with Brajira over it, particularly in regards to how Brajira murdered his own teammates as his first evil action.
    • The angelic being, Galeem, also sought to destroy all free will and create a world fit to its visions by turning everything into a motionless paradise of light where everything was compliant to its desires of an orderly universe, going as far as removing many entities' bodies and forcing them to fit into roles it chose for them afterwards. While Brajira admires the sheer scope of Galeem's initial success, he envies it as well; in addition to mocking its following swift defeat at the hands of the Smash fighters. As for Galeem's counterpart, Dharkon, Brajira feels nothing but disdain for it, seeing the demonic Lord of Darkness as one more aberration to remove from his perfect world. Brajira also found himself at odds with Lord Vortech, who like him desires a world more akin to his desires and not unlike Galeem threatened several universes in his outing, even some that are slightly connected to the Sentai Multiverse, as such Brajira has not taken much amusement to such a threat being within his sights.
    • Sandaaru is a fellow Sentai villain who had goals to remake the world in his image with the Evil Will even betraying his own group after manipulating them to get it, while they will occasionally team up to try and defeat the Super Sentai teams, the two don't really get along otherwise and even have disdain for the other regarding their methods and beings. Sandaaru has been interested in the needles that Brajira used for his plans, while Brajira has taken his own interest in the Evil Will and its power for his plans. Sandaaru's former teammates all detest Brajira for being not too dissimilar to their treacherous former leader and being quite the insufferable arrogant being himself.
    • Zamasu is another deity who grew arrogant and self-righteous enough to try and reshape the world in his image. Both of them also betrayed and killed fellow guardians to prevent them from standing in their way and to take from them valuable power for their goals. It's no secret that their rivalry stemmed from all these similarities. At the same time, Brajira indirectly learned from Zamasu about the Super Dragon Balls, which he now is seeking out alongside other powerful artifacts, believing that they too could be a key to creating the "perfect" world he so much desires.
    • Ultraman Belial could relate to Brajira's entire story, given that he himself was a powerful and prodigious Ultra who in his lust for power was deformed and cast out for his attempted take of power, however both their egos led to any possible alliance fizzling out instead both developing a fierce rivalry for their goals. Belial does admire how far Brajira got in his goals and thinks of him a little higher than other rivals due to the sheer atrocities and success the angel saw in his plans. Another thing they related to was their attempts to destroy everything once they were defeated, given that both know what it's like to try and try to succeed only to fail and lose over and over again.
    • Master Xehanort once sought to exterminate free will in a massively misguided attempt to remove evil from the universe and like Brajira betrayed and killed to get his goals moving forward. Brajira is heavily wary of Xehanort's schemes and capacities with the Heartless, given that his master scheming is one that even Brajira is reluctantly impressed with and could exploit his flaws to manipulate him. However, Xehanort's recent possible redemption has left Brajira rather disappointed in some ways as he feels like Xehanort gave up too easily on his goal.
    • Cyrus sought to destroy and remake the world once, hoping to create a perfect world without emotion as he believed that emotions were the source of all problems with the world and tried using the power of the Creation Trio Pokemon, who controlled space and time, for that goal. Brajira found his tenacity and resourcefulness admirable... If only because it gave him the idea to take control of the Creation Trio himself and use their power for his own ends; the Trio in turn took to seeing Brajira as a bigger threat than even Cyrus being even worse than him. Cynthia, Ash Ketchum, Brock and Dawn; Pokemon trainers who clashed with Cyrus in the past also found themselves wary of the fallen angel for that.
  • Bayonetta is no stranger to evil angels, she particularly loathe those who are high-and-mighty about themselves, she finds Brajira to be no different to the many evil angels she's fought in her adventures, though in particular loathes how he betrayed and murdered those on his own side multiple times for the sake of his own selfish goals. Brajira has found himself being wary of Bayonetta due to her reputation as a slayer of angels and other deities, more specifically due to the sheer experience she has at such fights. Bayonetta's allies such as Jeanne and Rodin also find Brajira highly despicable for his actions and have nothing but contempt for him as do the Demons of Inferno who Brajira also views as despicable monsters to be wiped from his perfect world.
  • Palutena and Pit find Brajira deplorable for his cruelty and treacherous ways towards his fellow angels, especially given his attempts to reset the world in a much worse way than even Viridi tried to, while Viridi agrees herself with his sentiment on mankind as an "imperfect" species, she does condemn how far he is willing to go with his actions, at least in regards to how he won't stop just at humans for destruction and on top of that would likely target her next along with any other deities that might threaten his rule.
  • During the great Rider/Sentai war, Brajira personally targeted Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO in order to kill him under Dai-Zangyack's orders, while the whole fiasco was planned by Marvelous and Decade from the start, Brajira was still willingly trying to kill Eiji and thus earned his enmity, furthermore Brajira's dark desire to conquer everything stood out rather nastily to Eiji who knows from experience how vile someone with a dark desire of conquest can be.
  • Brajira opposes all Gods in the Pantheon, as he believes they have done a bad job at handling existence and considers himself to be the only one who could "fix" their "mistakes", in turn Brajira is loathed by celestial and infernal deities alike who view him as either a nuisance or a completely depraved hypocrite depending on their morality. Deities like Yaldabaoth and Malthael both have expressed a degree of understanding with Brajira but clash due to the evil angel's ego and goals. Similarly, YHVH sees where Brajira is coming from but looks down on him as a mere wannabe God way over in his head.
  • While he's never met any of the Power Rangers teams himself, they know of his counterpart, Prince Vrak who is an alien and one of the princes of the Zangyack's counterparts, the Armada, but otherwise is just as vile as the original being, when meeting the teams for the first time, he even went on to say a familiar quote to the teams who heard it from the Megaforce rangers (the Goseigers' counterparts who fought Vrak).

The FriendIdentity , Deity of Villainous Friends (Tomadachi, Founder of the Friendship Democratic Party, President of the World, “King of Evil”, “Bad Guy” | Hattori: Fukubei, Fukube, First Friend, Child A | Katsumata: Copy of the Copy, Second Friend, Counterfeit Friend, 20th Century Boy)
Click here  to see him as Tetsuya “Fukubei” Hattori
Click here  to see him as Katsumata Tadanobu
  • Greater God as an identity. Friend may be a Lesser God or a Demigod.
  • Symbol: New Book of Prophecy or The Tower of The Sun
  • Theme Song: Be My Friend
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, though presented himself as Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Hidden Villain, Faux Affably Evil, Cool Mask, Dark Messiah, Manipulative Bastard, Villain with Good Publicity, Psychopathic Manchild, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Villainy, Manipulation, Cults, Politics
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Frank Underwood
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cosmos, Melkor
  • Enemies:
  • Respected by: Nekron
  • Opposed by: The Master
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Beatles
  • Some specific date is designated as the Pantheon's celebration for its founding. However, the parade went to hell just when most people were gathered to see it. Canisters containing gaseous chemicals were ignited into the crowds, causing people to hemorrhage from the lungs while panicking persons stampeded over others within the chaos. Meanwhile, several cargo ships were suddenly highjacked and workers within the ships were placed onto lifeboats when they were going to be rescued, the same canisters with chemicals ignited as these workers were being rescued, causing the trade routes to be closed off for hazardous material. This day would be labeled as the Red Jubilee considering how much blood was spilled from the toxins and injuries sustained. However, there was a person who arrived at the Pantheon with a treatment plan for those who were afflicted by the attack. Can you guess who this person heralded as a hero for his "generous" contribution to the Pantheon?
    Friend: Hello there. I am the Friend, the one who will guide us to a future of safety and peace.
  • How the Friend came to power was through being the masked enigmatic founder and leader of the Friendship Democratic Party, in a world that pleaded for safety after similar terrorist attacks happened across the world. Furthermore, despite the belief that the Friend was assassinated by what was considered a terrorist group, the Friend was miraculously brought back to life and proceeded to be crowned as President of the World for his heroics. Ruling the dilapidated world ravaged by a virus with an iron fist, the Friend eventually planned for his most loyal followers to go to Mars to escape humanity from extinction. Then, to the horror of absolutely everyone, the Friend revealed that he was the true orchestrator of those biological weapon attacks and initiated the virus that killed most of humanity before dying, making it clear that he played everyone as fools and they could only blame themselves for allowing him to power. Then the Friend proceeded to activate a world-ending bomb as one final gift to humanity. Thus, the Friend cemented himself as the greatest villain Earth has faced, just as he intended since he was a child. The few in the higher authority of the Pantheon know this truth about the Friend, but the Friend became so popular to the Gullible Lemmings of society, that this information is seen as a smear campaign against the Friend who everyone sees as a savior even if his title gives his true nature away.
  • As a consequence of the Red Jubilee, Melkor and his forces are seen as the instigators due to the perpetrators being orcs (which maybe is a big can of worms if you think about it), caught dropping the canisters in both the parade and the cargo hijacking. Of course, Melkor launched an investigation into this and discovered many of the grunts wholeheartedly admitted their role in the entire scenario. They were miffed from being at the lower levels, and some mysterious liaison of another person gave them an offer that they would be compensated in flesh for. Regardless, they did tell Melkor that it was the Friend who employed them and that the man paid a lot better than he ever did. After Melkor “rejected” his minions, it became clear to him that though he does not take pride in actions not his own, he did gain pedigree amongst malevolent circles over what was concerned a well-executed ballsy attack. It does not take a genius for Melkor to revel in such newfound respect especially when Melkor’s popularity dimmed a bit with more threatening villains arising. That does not mean he is not cautious of the Friend, as Melkor knows the Friend will use this tidbit for his gains. Thus, he keeps quiet about the Friend’s true nature (as if anyone will believe him about the Friend’s evil) as an unsaid mutual agreement.
  • Ruing the day she publicly thanked the Friend for his contributions to helping so many people, Cosmos is one of the leading people who investigated the Friend’s background his entire plot exposed her and her inner circle entirely. By then, it was too late for Cosmos to make a dent in the winning streak of the Friend as he was heralded as an untouchable hero. He was so popular, that Cosmos was critiqued even by her inner circle for not being as quick of a responder as he was when the Red Jubilee occurred. The number of misogynistic jokes about her effectiveness as a female leader was unending for a week. Knowing that her standing would dip if she tried exposing the Friend, Cosmos nominated to leak every detail of the Friend to the press and it became widespread. Despite this, it failed to be a significant blowback against the Friend or his party’s popularity as the Friend perpetuated a widespread “fake news” culture that has people reject objective evidence if it violates their worldview. Although she would have supported this under any normal circumstance, the Friend campaigning for democratic leadership for the entire Pantheon would essentially give him the highest authority there is. For short, Cosmos is highly concerned about how much of a grip the charismatic Friend has and she cannot move against him lest her authority becomes undermined as a result.
  • Overly dramatic on the dangers of ordering, Lucifer had to sit down with both Melkor and Cosmos to softly admit that the Friendship Democratic Party left him terrified in ways that he has felt few of. He pointed out to both of them that the Friend is not using elective tyranny against people to subtly take over the Pantheon. His good deeds are a farce meant to have people gravitate to his Cult of Personality that just echoes praise and praise towards the Friend’s goals and ambitions. A regular person can oppose a villain, but they cannot oppose a good friend after all. He told them that the Friend could get away with anything if there is no wrong in the eyes of his followers, which Lucifer believes will spell out the death of freedom within the Pantheon. He implored them that their groups should stand their ground against him unless they find themselves forced to sing the Friend’s song as well.
    Lucifer: I always wondered if the phrases along the lines of Mother Russia Makes You Strong were something ought to be proud about. Is it true strength that is derived from suffering or is it becoming numb to the constant boots of authoritarians being stamped on people’s faces over and over? Why am I on this random analogy, you ask? Because that is who Friend is. He is the boot that will stamp us over and over until we’re numb if he wins.
  • Keeping the answer to himself and himself alone apparently, not even the current supporters of the Friend know what he looks like underneath. The Friend never specified why he wore a Cool Mask, yet it was an accepted quirk of his from everybody. Back with his initial Friendship Democratic Party, his inner circle knew what he looked like underneath yet in the Pantheon, the Friend has never exposed it to anybody. There are two known identities of the Friend, both being Japanese men. There is Tetsuya “Fukubei” Hattori and Katsumata Tadanobu, two Childhood Friends that were unhinged mentally due to circumstances that are tragic though a bit overblown compared to what they do later in life. It is usually assumed that after Fukubei was killed, Katsumata took over as the identity of the Friend afterward through surgical alteration, which disillusioned those who knew Fukubei as the Friend. However, there are alternative facts (no, this is not part of the fake news bits) that entirely change this dynamic. Contradicting information brings up that Fukubei died when he was young, so Katsumata was always the Friend, meaning Katsumata was also a capable psychic like Fukubei. Not that this matters considering that somebody entirely different may be the Friend, even if their mannerisms, appearance, and voice match them. This became so contested for the Court of the Gods who could not discern his identity, so the Friend was ranked as Greater God by his sheer authority and freakishly elusive nature, rather than being Lesser God or a Demigod as they could be wrong on either or even both answers. The Friend felt more of a figure than a person to the masses anyhow, so the Greater status fits well.
  • Instead of his push for the Pantheon to be more democratic being rejected by the Court of the Gods, it only furthered the discussion on the placement of a democratic leader. Of course, the Court of the Gods is seen as the highest authority in the Pantheon, though they do not dictate how the economic plans, security plans, or creation laws or bills. They get around this by hearing every individual plea for parties, yet trying to make everyone happy is a balancing act. Left versus right, capitalist versus socialist, pedophile versus sane people are just some opposing ideologies they have to contend with. Having a concrete elected leader would help the Court of the Gods immensely, though what makes them highly concerned is the competitiveness to be the ruling party. The politics of the Pantheon are already zany without a positional race, so having an official election to be ruler might as well be inviting a potential war. What makes the Court of the Gods more confident in democracy working is the Friend, whose party gained popularity the likes unheard of in the Pantheon. Heroes believe he will bring a bright future, villains believe is a great benefactor, bidding citizens believe he will bring harmony, and autonomy supporters believe that he will grant more freedoms. Of course, the Court of the Gods is not surprised that the Friend has ulterior motives for this democratization (as all politicians do), though they are confident that they can stamp out whatever attempts the Friend may have that infringe upon the set harmony of the Pantheon that they enforce. That said, it is not unheard of institutions being dismantled from the inside despite believing that their authority is protected.
    Child: Can we please have a fair, uncorrupted election where everyone accepted the result?
    Reality: *laughs*
  • Relevant to the Friend’s character, he and Johan Liebert are obviously in cahoots with each other due to their similarities in regards to being frighteningly charismatic individuals who only want to harm the world around themselves. There is a bigger elephant in the room that connects them though that is rather lazy to state. Their similar traits are pronounced, though their differences are more underlined. Johan Liebert’s hatred for humans drove him to force people to experience the worst of humanity. On the other hand, the Friend strove to be labeled as the greatest of all villains, propped up by humanity as their oppressive savior. Of course, as much as Johan would like to say he was ambitious, being heralded as the Adolf Hitler falls short of being crowned President of the World. Johan keeps the Friend’s true nature to himself for the sake of wanting to see whatever chaos the Friend brings, though even he might be intimidated by the Friend after having one particular conversation with him.
    Johan: It’s strange. I can tell you are the man who stands above others, yet I cannot discern what your intentions are. If you are the Friend that is.
    Friend: I also noticed something, Johan Liebert. If I could call you that?
    Johan: What are you implying?
    Friend: Johan Liebert, the Serial Killer J, the Monster, whatever you call yourself is not the same person who killed all those people throughout Europe. The person who I am speaking with is an imposter.
    Johan: And how do you come to that conclusion?
  • Investigating the chemical attacks during Red Jubilee, Chris Redfield became incredibly suspicious that Umbrella Corp was involved with the incident upon finding chemicals that surprisingly matched with writings found within the Umbrella Archives that Chris had access to. Believing that Birkin and even Wesker were involved, Chris, his sister, and Leon Kennedy went to conduct their investigations against him. What they ended up finding was meetings between the Friend and Wesker, solidifying conduction between them. It does not necessarily implicate the Friend's involvement as Chris was unable to hear or record the conversation between them in its entirety. Jill and Leon overheard Birkin state that he is preparing what are likely more biological weapons to use, though that still does not connect Umbrella with the Friend. They want to bring the mastermind behind that terrorism to justice, though truly decisive evidence always slips from their fingers. They want to find that evidence fast before the Friend attained the power to suppress anything negative against him. As for why Umbrella went to create biological weapons meant to be used for terrorism, Chris could only theorize that Umbrella Corp would be bailed out by the Friendship Democratic Party so that the company may be reinstated as a legitimate enterprise again.
  • Many would assume that Friend’s popularity was only limited. If everybody attained a cultish following from a party taking swift action during a crisis, then you would get a lot of Character Shilling in the history books. However, what makes the Friend different was his push afterward that extended past chemical attack treatments. Though it was inevitable that the economy would have stagnated after ("Not Making This Up" Disclaimer), the Friendship Democratic Party managed to keep these reductions negligible since his party funded the continued protection of trade routes and trade cargo with minimum cost to other parties, thus delivering a confident message to everyone on the party's goodwill. The symbol of the Friendship Democratic Party is also plastered onto the equipment and security made sure even the most unknowledgeable person is aware of the Friend's influence. The Friendship Democratic Party eventually stopped doing the security details for free, yet their prices were so reasonable (and not price inflating-obnoxious) that their security stayed and managed to wipe off the debt of the party in only two months. The symbol of the Friend became a true meme in its own right, with the symbol being seen by everyone as both an ironic and unironic praise for them. Even architecture has the symbol of the Friend built onto them for the sake of it. Of course, people would be up in arms about it this and while some intellectuals (or simply, intelligent people) are, most people welcome him because the Friendship Democratic Party managed to keep gas prices down. As Cosmos put it, "Freedom is something willing to die for, but surprisingly easy to trade in."
  • An odd instance of doing something nonpolitical, the Friend invited the Beatles over to have them all under the same roof together. Those who know the Friend was alarmed, because Kenji Endou, the Arch-Enemy of the Friend whom he had hunted down him and his associates for more than a decade was into what is considered retro musicians like Marc Bolan or The Rolling Stones (Band). Having a nice meal with the now split band, Friend only asked one of them to at least say the lyrics of one of their songs, because having the Beatles there and not hearing them sing one song might as well be sacrilege. It was fortunate for the band that Paul McCartney had a guitar with him and started singing the requested song. Suddenly during the song, the Friend went to burst into tears over it. Saying their goodbyes, the Beatles were quite disturbed over their experience with the Friend, comparing it to a more ominous version of when they toured the Philippines when it was run by Ferdinand Marcos except something was more blatantly wrong on the surface.
    Friend: Gutalala, Sudalala...
  • Cultivating Friend's image be seen as a hero is what seems to be the overall goal of the Friendship Democratic Party. Similarly to how Friend ran his regime back when the Friendship Democratic Party took over the world, the Friend's heroic reputation pushed the population to acknowledge him as a God-Emperor in a sense. When the Friend eventually became President of the World, the history books were rewritten to demonize all of his enemies and present him as the apex of human goodness. Even when those in his inner circle knew of his mania, they were all caught in the Friend' charisma even if he ordered them to murder the citizens they were meant to protect. Aku who had taken over the world and also tried to push for a better image found the Friend to be a very brilliantly evil person which says a lot coming from himself. Then again, it was not as if Aku tried to hide that he was evil to people, it was just that those he hated had a higher reputation than he had which he wanted to fix. Aku knows that the Friend is promoting such an image so that he can repeat the same plan once more, as a way to what Aku surmises as "winning a game that he lost last time." That said, Aku is miffed that even kids saw through him when he tried playing off being a hero while the Friend whose title is a god of betraying others by presenting them as a friend is somehow swept under a rug by some brilliant propaganda. If the Friend were Aku's minion, he would have be in charge of the advertisement department. Instead, Aku is left wanting to see if what is probably labeled as the Pantheon Total Extinction plan pans out.
  • Running around the Pantheon to investigate the attack on the cargo ships, Solid Snake hoped to find whatever happened to the cargo. Though stealing goods in an organized attack is already a serious crime, the terror of the day would have been more felt if the public was disclosed what was stolen. The cargo ships attacked held transported munitions and materials for weapon development. Being the founder of anti-Metal Gear organization Philanthropy, Snake went to find out where it was. Snake would have personally interrogated those involved in the attack but Melkor shot down that action already. His investigation led him to a factory and he found several giant robots that looked awfully familiar to the giant robot that the Friend designed to spread his biological weapon around the world. Metal Gears or not, Snake went to grab as many explosives as he could and then proceeded to blow up the factory off the face of existence. That said, Snake noted that even with how expensive Metal Gear development is, those cargo ships held a lot more than what was seen in the factory. So in all likelihood, more of those robots are hiding around the Pantheon, with him racing to destroy all of them before they could be used against people.
  • Even though he does not interfere with these sorts of things usually, Professor Charles Xavier went to one of the Friend's rallies where he appeared and tried to read his mind as discreetly as possible. Even though the Friend is known to have decent if nothing extraordinary psychic power over himself, Xavier was especially suspicious of not feeling a hint of resistance when he entered the Friend's mind. When prying his mind, all that Professor X saw was a white room with only a mirror in it. When Xavier looked into the mirror, all he saw was that his reflection's face was replaced by a featureless sphere. When Xavier exited the mind, the rally was over. It was night and on the stage was the Friend, staring down at him in the same position. The Friend stated that despite the psychic infiltration, the rally went off without a hitch, and that Friend deployed his psychic field for most people to ignore their presence. Xavier demanded an answer as to how he could resist his psychic power as the Friend's psychic power is only reported to be about bending his spoons and having premonitions. It is even stated that the Friend's daughter was potentially more powerful than he was in this regard. The Friend laughed and only stated that the Pantheon opened his mind to many things. Then suddenly, Professor X woke up, back at the rally in the daytime as the Friend continued his speech as if nothing happened, much to the disturbance the man. Was the Friend being protected by another psychic party? Had the Friend acquired great psychic power than Professor X can fathom? There are so many questions, yet he can answer none with confidence.
  • An enduring rival against the Friend, Frank Underwood despises the fact that the Friendship Democratic Party had upstaged his own on nearly every front. He knows that the Friend never insinuated this himself, but so many supporters point to politicians like him as being decrepit and useless when the Friend acted too quickly, furthering his frustration against what he singled out as "the too educated youths" (although multiple generations support the Friend).
    Underwood: God, please give the Friend cancer so I can be president...
  • There is nobody who frustrates Nekron as of late than with the Friend as Nekron sees so much potentially within the politician. The man has the ambition and knowledge to kill everyone across the planet, yet what Nekron sees is this wannabe who only wants to hype himself up as the greatest villain ever to the populace after betraying them, thus giving him satisfaction as he is sent to hell. Nekron has no problem, and him leaving death and destruction behind to up his image is even less of a problem. Nekron is like an impatient parent who wants to see their child conform to be a college-level genius at elementary school in regards to his opinion over the Friend. He wants the Friend to kill many, yet that is taking forever for Nekron who only wants the results instead of waiting for them.
  • Evil folks who want dystopia like Wiseman and Moebius have tried their best to feed the Friend advice on how to bring the world to ruin through manipulations, though the Friend distances himself from them as much as he feels like they may be a "toxic influence." What he means by this is that their ideas might sway him so much, that the Friend might actually have him act as a villain instead of a hero that he has spent so much time building himself up as. If there is to be dystopia, it would be the "Friend way", which nobody knows what that means. Also, the final straw for the Friend may have been made when Wiseman and Moebius asked the Friendship Democratic Party to mint their own cryptocurrency and make a pyramid scheme with it. Even the Friend is not that villainous.
    Friend: Why are you telling me about bringing dystopia? You just want to kill everyone in existence.
  • Detractors against the Friend wondered if the Friend was a really good agent of Darkseid considering what the Friend stands for. It would not be so out of place considering that Darkseid's minions invaded Earth as friendly faces meant to secretly sow discord across the population. Of course, Darkseid replied to these theories as a no, even though he would really like someone like the Friend as an agent. That is not to say he is unconfirming that the Friend is a similar maniac like himself, though the Friend's supporters used it as an excuse that this proves that the Friend is ultimately, a benevolent individual.
  • One of the greatest supporters of the Friendship Democratic Party are the Glukkons have a pretty swell relationship with the political party upon seeing how the Friendship Democratic Party's policies have bettered the economy which led to greater profits for themselves. Plus, the benefits that the Friendship Democratic Party offered like security of shipments are too good to pass up. Despite them being intelligent enough to see that the Friend obviously has less than benevolent intentions underneath his Obviously Evil exterior, they do not care as long as he does not mess their profits up. They are just really crossing their fingers that the Friend does not backstab their companies, or worse: turn out to be one of those Dirty Communists. Capitalists like them surely hate such a horrific reality to happen.
  • Ubiquitously believe to only desire worship for himself, YHVH has given his support to the Friendship Democratic Party as he sees them as nothing but a boon for law. YHVH values law being established more than outright worship and was impressed how quick the Friend's actions brought order. That said, everyone sees that the Friendship Democratic Party are far away from what YHVH usually directly supports, separating him from what the Friend intends. The irony is that people can see this difference yet do not see the Friend as this obviously evil cult leading backstabber that he is literally titled as such. YHVH knows about this and does not mind as long as order persists.
  • Related to how they feel that they are the incarnations of revolution, Anarky and V believe that the Friend embodies the idea of invasive order that is sought out at any cost. Civilization is admittedly created from laws and order, yet it has been used time and again to oppress people instead of give them safety. Since the Friend has not shown his face, Anarky and V believe that the Friend is not a person but rather, an Anthropomorphic Personification that has used the Friend's infamous image to spread itself. They are sure that if they yank off that mask, all that people will see is a featureless head. Accordingly, Anarky and V have started to brew a revolution against the Friendship Democratic Party. It is starting slow, but ironically, the more power the Friend gains, the more the revolution against him grows.
  • From the moment he knew of him, the Master has been particularly jealous of the natural charisma of the Friend and all the benefits that came with it. The Master had to forge the identity of Harold Saxon and had to install an entire network of satellites so that people are inclined to vote for him as prime minister. The Master on a whim could try to expose the villainous connections that the Friendship Democratic Party has but relented when it was informed that if he tried to leak a single sentence, his wrongdoings would be made apparent to his very much vengeful allies.
    Melkor: You embezzled a fourth of the healthcare fund for whaling? So that we have more delectable sushi on the marketplace?
    The Master: Not exactly...
  • Regarding one of the strongest allies of the Friend, a person who helped him immensely as leader of his security detail, is Diego Brando. Diego Brando seems like a random addition to his party, yet Diego has a good reason as to why he works for the Friend. That reason is that Diego Brando would be promoted and would be supported by the Friend as a candidate for being governor of Manhattan once the Friendship Democratic Party takes over. Diego Brando was promised the island at one point in a treacherous deal, and he still wants to get what he was promised. His role is to provide security for him and his closest cronies, with Diego's Stand power being capable of providing hawkish security for them. Of course, Diego Brando agreed much to the dismay of Lucifer himself who is vehemently opposed to the Friend's tactics. However, it is not as if Lucifer can do anything about it as he actively encourages treachery, so he just gives a constant Death Glare at Diego whenever they see each other. On a lighter note, the Friendship Democratic Party made a pretty good mint of dinosaur merchandise due to dinosaur paraphilia being everywhere as a result of Diego's powers.
  • If many compare politicians to clowns, then there would hence be many special effects meant to dazzle audiences. A person who helps the Friend's campaign is Mysterio whose great effects enhance the Friend's already natural charisma. Mysterio's special effects even brought people to believe that the Friend can levitate and even survive being hanged. Yes, people are dumb. These tricks have even elevated Friend to a Messianic Archetype status that has brought nothing but good fortune for him and his associates like Mysterio. Mysterio even offers advice on what is wise for what the Friend may or may not say.
    Friend: Does mentioning the Five Nights at Freddy's series inspire the next generation or-
    Mysterio: Shut up about that.
  • Ending the world seems to be the endgame of the Friend at some point in time, yet it cannot be similar to what he deployed. Deadly pandemics are curable at some point and whatever lethality behind pandemics in the Pantheon is out the window. The Friend knows that making a bomb meant to annihilate the Pantheon will be undone too, so to make the true end of times, he has to find out every way to destroy existence. Going to Keel Lorenz, the Friend made it clear he wanted to end the world but lied over the intention of wanting to elevate the elite few beyond godhood. SEELE then gave the Friend information on the Third Impact and such and directed him towards Yui Ikari if he wanted to know how to bring the apocalypse. He was very upfront about his intentions, which initially led her to decline whatever research he wanted her to hand over, though relented when the Friend presented a compelling argument. Villains almost always never win in the end after all, and his plans would likely not phase out all the same. For that, she would only gets the benefits at the end. Yui Ikari agreed only if the Friend could excuse her if a connection was found.
  • Notable, the Friend requested multiple times to have the Patriots hacked to bring about a more safe era for the Pantheon. Considering how near-omniscient these AI are, most people would not be as okay with turning the entire Pantheon into a surveillance state though the Friend stated that it would not be used for that and it would be used to enhance the surveillance measures already in place. Plus, he presented the compelling argument that the Patriots would just run around literally funding wars if they do not do anything about it. A person who sees through the Friend's intentions is Steven Armstrong who believes that the Friend may be an even worst replacement for the Patriots if he gets his way. Instead of resorting to violence, Armstrong knows to be a politician is with politics of his own. So whenever the Friend tries to gain ground, Armstrong is there to impede his path. This would be a good thing... if Armstrong was not Armstrong to put it into the best of words.
    Friend: What is your source stating that kindergarteners beating each other is positive reinforcement?
  • Does the Friend have one regret in his political career? That would be bringing a certain Gul Dukat under his party, who is genuinely a charismatic man in his own right. He did run an occupied planet after all. However, the number of times that the Friend had to make sure that Gul Dukat's breakdowns and flirtatious attitude are kept under wraps is exhausting. The man may as well be a ticking time bomb that they cannot "banish" since Dukat is one of The Faces the Friendship Democratic Party as one of its faces. Additionally, the Friend has a Cardassian tailor who he is 100% sure was a spy but keeps being told by the tailor that he is just a simple tailor. The Cardassian at least can make a truly exceptional suit to wear.
  • "If you want to understand, then open your heart. If you want to understand, then it’s a hop, skip, and jump of the heart! If you want to understand, then bathe regularly. If you want to understand, then believe in “Friend”. Call it out, 10 times: “I’m dead”. Then close your eyes. Can you see anything? This world will soon be heading towards its end. You all will defiantly come to an end. I know this as I am your “Friend”."

Intermediate Gods

    Ash Crimson 
Ash Crimson, God of Fake Antagonists (Sneering Firelight, The Sneering Blaze, Mocking Firelight, Dark Ash, Ash Crazed by the Spiral Blood)
  • Intermediate God on a good day, Greater God on a bad day
  • Symbol: A joker card engulfed in green flames. Alternatively, his own emblem: A stylized fire.
  • Theme Songs: Splendid Evil, Joker, The Second Joker, Diabolosis, Slushy Road
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Joke's on you! More of a dark shade of Chaotic Good with Necessarily Evil tendencies, though he was forced into Chaotic Evil at one point)
  • Portfolio: Playing With Green Fire, A Pretty Boy Who Looks Like a Lady, Questionable Sexual Preferences, The Fighting Narcissist, Everything Sounds Sexier in French, Guile Hero, The Trickster, Teen Genius, Youthful Freckles, Wild Card, Lots of Zippers, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Exploration of the Author Favoritism, SNK Boss, Paint It Black, Heroic Sacrifice, Ret-Gone, Back from the Dead
  • Domains: Flames, Mischief, Combat, Trickery, Tragedy, Resurrection.
  • Herald: Elisabeth Blanctorche (his Childhood Friend)
  • Allies: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami (former enemies), Xion, Himeko Kurusugawa, Chikane Himemiya, Alucard (Lords of Shadow), Beatrice, Lambadelta, Asuka, Homura.
  • Enemies: Orochi, Vanitas, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially The Joker).
  • Unknown Rival: Kurt Hummel.
  • Not so different from: Homura Akemi and Oriko Mikuni.
  • Intentionally thought to be the Villain Protagonist of KOF, Ash caused a stir by targeting the powers of the Three Sacred Treasures team, stealing the powers of Chizuru and Iori, and seemingly planning to go after Kyo next. The truth was that he was fighting a lone war against the cult known as Those From the Distant Land led by his ancestor Saiki who piloted to revive Orochi. Saiki, unhappy with the betrayal of his grandson, overtook Ash's body and forced him to fight the winners of the 13th KOF championship. When the portal to the past began to close, Ash retook control of his body long enough to keep him and Saiki from leaving as the portal closed shut, consequently causing the both of them to be erased from existence. Thus, it's a surprise to find that he appeared in the Pantheon one day, looking no worse for wear.
  • As soon as he ascended, he encountered his old rivals Kyo and Iori. It was at that moment that their lost memories of him came flooding back. They would've tried kicking his ass, but they came to realize that he wasn't as bad as he made himself out to be.
  • Once encountered Elizabeth while snooping around the Pantheon. The only thing he said was, "Nope, you aren't Betty" and walked away.
  • Lambdadelta is thoroughly impressed by his efforts and planning, calling him the living embodiment of the Wild Card. Beatrice also expressed amazement in his ability to defy the impossible.
  • Made fast friends with Xion and is very present company for her. Not much of a surprise as he is her former High Priest.
  • Kurt Hummel doesn't seem to be happy that there is now another "ladyface" boy in the Pantheon. Ash doesn't pay much attention to him, though.
  • Was very unhappy to discover that there was a creature called Orochi in the Pantheon, even if this one looks like some kind of large deformed woman. He remembers all too well the pain and burden the Orochi of his world caused his Only Friend Elizabeth, which was what lead him to do what he did in the first place. He has since arranged for an alliance with Asuka, Homura, and their teams to ensure that Orochi will regain its power again.
  • Verily opposes the Trollkaiger, especially the Joker whom he ironically shares a namesake with. He doesn't find the Agent of Chaos' jokes to be funny at all.
  • When asked about Homura Akemi and Oriko Mikuni, his answer was:
    "Huh, it's a shame really. Under different circumstances they would've been friends. Too bad they both went over the edge to ensure their victory."
  • A few of the more feminine goddesses admire his nails art designs and would like to learn his secrets. Ash was more than happy to let them in on it.
  • Feels that Superboy Prime deserves better, due to the Earth-Prime Kryptonian's characterization being derailed and as a result, Superboy Prime curses the fanbase in the sense they abandoned him after the initial rescuing from the unlikability heap. He even said the following:
    "Poor guy; I wish I could sympathize with him, but ultimately, his rants wouldn't convince the audience to root for him."
  • Has also aligned himself with LOS!Alucard, which worries many considering what these two masterminds are capable of. Their first order of business is to undermine Vanitas' plans for Sailor Moon.

    Dr. Viktor 
Dr. Viktor, God of Obvious Traitors (King Viktor- formerly, Frankenfreak, Dr. Monster- by Ben Tennyson)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A purple lightning bolt
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Back from the Dead, Blood Knight, Conflicting Loyalty (with Zs'Skayr), Cyborg Alien, Developed an Austrian Accent as of Omniverse, Dropped a Bridge on Him (he got better, though), Enemy Mine (also with Zs'Skayr), Even Evil Has Standards, Former Dragon (again, to Zs'Skayr), Member of a Terrible Trio, Genius Bruiser, Mad Scientist, Shock and Awe, Super-Intelligence, Technopath, Transylians Can Breathe In Space and Speak English
  • Domains: Betrayal, Electric Powers, Mad Science
  • High Priest: Lysanderoth
  • Allies: Zs'Skayr, Penelope Mouse, Toriel
  • Enemies: Starscream, Ragyo Kiryuin, the Grox (one-sided)
  • Rivals: Vilgax
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Zs'Skayr, Kuphulu
  • Avoids: Michael Morningstar
  • Opposes: Charmcaster (somewhat) and occasionally Zs'Skayr
  • Opposed By: Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Frankenstein's Monster
  • Dr. Viktor earned his ascension into the Pantheon under the House of Betrayal due to an extreme lapse in judgment on his master, Zs'Skayr's part, as well as that of his colleagues. Viktor made it very clear that he was in opposition to Zs'Skayr's plan to resurrect the Vladats, which had formerly enslaved his people. It should have been no secret that Viktor was probably going to eventually be the Judas in the midst of Zs'Skayr's henchmen. He outright stated his disapproval, even going so far as to call the scheme "madness." But even then, everyone was somehow still surprised when Viktor went against orders and dropped Ben Tennyson at the last second before the newly-resurrected Lord Transyl could take control over him, like he had already done with the rest of Anur Transyl's populace. He proclaimed that Transyl and the other Vladats must never rule again, and because of his betrayal, Ben was able to defeat Zs'Skayr and weaken Transyl to a point where Viktor could deal with him himself.
  • Viktor is a member of the Transylian species from Anur Transyl, a planet in the Anur System. He served as the unwitting genetic donor for Ben Tennyson's Transylian form, Frankenstrike. His species bears a clear resemblance to Frankenstein's Monster. This has caused quite a bit of confusion between the two of them. The Monster is also somewhat afraid of Viktor, because not only does he share an eerily similar name to his creator, Victor Frankenstein, but he is coincidentally also a scientist.
  • At one point, Viktor was killed off-screen by Kevin Levin. King Xarion used one of Ben Tennyson's alien forms, Ampfibian, to transfer his mind into Viktor's deceased body. From this point on, Viktor/Xarion was known as "King Viktor." After he was defeated, Ben and the gang left him to be encased in molten metal. Eventually, Zs'Skayr was able to free Viktor by entering his body and destroying Xarion's soul. This allowed Viktor to regain control of his body. Viktor tries not to blame Kevin too much for this, especially seeing that he probably wasn't entirely in control of his actions at the time.
  • Despite everything, Viktor still considers himself loyal to Zs'Skayr. Their relationship, along with his and Kuphulu's, has been very complicated since their ascensions, though. Zs'Skayr especially is still angry over what happened, and Viktor is still wary of his master's plans from time to time, causing their alliance to be much more teeth-clenched than it used to be.
  • When Vilgax ascended, Dr. Viktor, along with Kuphulu, was inevitably dragged into Zs'Skayr's long-standing rivalry with him. Viktor isn't exactly sure how he feels about this, but he's willing to go along with it, at least for now.
  • Like with Zs'Skayr, Viktor's relationship with Ben, Gwen, and Kevin has been somewhat complicated. Though their relationship has improved somewhat because Viktor saved Ben's life, the group is still wary of him due to his dealings with Zs'Skayr. Max Tennyson, however, while still in opposition of him due to his current workings with Kuphulu, really believes that Dr. Viktor has the potential to be good if he wanted to.
  • Again, speaking of complicated relations, Viktor isn't sure how he feels about Charmcaster. Sure, she stole the Alpha Rune from Zs'Skayr, but this was the artifact whose power was needed to resurrect Lord Transyl, and said power had already been sufficiently drained by the time she got to it. In all honesty, after everything that transpired, he really wishes that she would've gotten to it sooner.
  • Dr. Viktor is wary of Michael Morningstar. He caught Morningstar looking his way once, and was not impressed. Morningstar, similarly to Kevin Levin, can drain the energy of others. This actually happened to Viktor once at the hands of Kevin, and it did not end well. As such, he is definitely not keen on the idea of it happening again.
  • Viktor is secretly kept under close watch by Agents K and J. They are uncertain of whether or not he can be considered a trustworthy alien. He is from the House of Betrayal, and his dealings with Zs'Skayr have also raised some concerns.
  • Viktor is one of the few deities in the pantheon who legitimately loves Toriel's snail pie. As such, the two of them often bond over said pie. Though their conflicting alignments can make things awkward (Neutral Evil and Neutral Good respectively), Toriel can do nothing less than nod and agree whenever Viktor goes on one his tirades about everything wrong with Ragyo.
  • Dr. Viktor is a frequenter of the Houses of Knowledge, Science, and Fighting and Combat. He often helps out in the House of Knowledge's labs and classrooms in hopes of possibly gaining access to its more restricted areas. He was there for the infamous Ugly Barnacle incident. Unlike most members of the House of Knowledge, though, Viktor can't help but give Patrick credit where it's due for being able to erupt the entire House into chaos so quickly with only three sentences. He also loves conducting experiments in the House of Science. The House of Combat, on the other hand, has thus far proved to be a very viable means of letting off steam for Viktor.
  • Dr. Viktor is somewhat resentful of Viktor for sharing a name with him. It's because of him that most members of the Pantheon have to call him Dr. Viktor to avoid confusion. At least everyone usually calls Dr. Frankenstein, whose first name is Victor, by his last name as opposed to his first name. Dr. Viktor still acknowledges that this isn't exactly Viktor's fault, though. He can't help his name, after all.
  • Dr. Viktor vows that one day he will wring Nines' neck. He's had enough of this whole "traitor" business every time the Stormtrooper walks by the House of Betrayal. So far, though, Viktor has not managed to get ahold of him.
  • Dr. Viktor absolutely despises Starscream, who he blames the most by far for the House of Betrayal's inability to elect Guardians. He also hates Ragyo for the abusive and incestuous tendencies toward her own daughters. Even Viktor has standards! He wouldn't have been able ascend in the first place if he didn't. Viktor often retreats to other houses, most usually the House of Knowledge, as a means to give himself a break from the frequent arguments with the two of them. When that doesn't do enough to calm his nerves, picking mostly friendly fights in the House of Combat usually works quite nicely. Viktor doesn't dislike everyone in the House of Betrayal, though. He and Penelope bond over their shared interest in gadgetry all the time.
  • Viktor has always harbored a strange fascination with the Grox. It most likely stems from select similarities that their species has with his species, namely their cyborg appearance. He attempted to approach them once, but any further attempts to get in with them were made practically impossible when he made an offhanded remark about how physically weak they seem to be despite their cybernetic implants. All attempts to explain himself only dug his grave deeper, and as a result he can no longer be in their general vicinity without violent retaliation. As such, Viktor has had to rely on archives in the House of Knowledge for any further information on the Grox.

    Frost (Mortal Kombat
Frost, Goddess of Deceptive Disciples (Cyber-Frost, Frosty, Elsa [By Cassie Cage])
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her detached head and the Cyber Lin Kuei cyborgs
  • Theme Song: Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly, Bullet Force
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: An Ice Person, Anime Hair (In her classic version), Sub-Zero's apprentice until she turned on him, arrogance, Distaff Counterpart to Sub-Zero, Has no patience, Nothing known about her past other than being an Orphan, Cyber Ninja
  • Domains: Ice, Pupils, Deceptions, Learning, Robots, Time, Arrogance
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Tenjian of the Seven
  • Enemies:
  • Headbutting Villains: Noob Saibot Hans Westergard (One-sided on Frost's part.)
  • Frost was the disciple of the Lin Kuei Grandmaster Sub-Zero and a powerful cryomancer on her own but her own arrogance and lust for power always made the two be at odds with each others. While Kuai Liang believed that Frost had potential for good, he was unaware that the only reason Frost joined his clan was because of personal gain and once she started to doubt him, everything went downhill. Having made peace with Grandmaster Hasashi and the Shirai Ryu, Frost challenged Kuai Liang for his position and lost, being vanished in the process. Angry and bitter, Frost looked for a way to enact revenge on her former master and she found that power when she pledged her loyalty to Kronika. Now the head of the Lin Kuei Cyber Initiative and having a brand new cybernetic body, Frost has all the tools necessary to kill Sub-Zero.
  • She was ascended on behalf of Kronika, the court of gods reviewed Frost's history as a disciple and found her fit for a trope, although not the one she expected. They knew that her true motives never aligned with that of Sub-Zero and she always had ulterior reasons for being his apprentice. Nevertheless, Frost has made it clear that she will kill Sub-Zero and prove the pantheon that she is someone to be respected and feared.
  • As the newest recruit of the Cyber Lin Kuei, she works with Sektor and intends to turn all the clan into cyborgs, often forcefully doing it herself. She was never made aware of the existence of Triborg nor it possessing the powers of Sektor, Cyrax, Smoke and even Sub-Zero, and while both work for common goals, the machine has taken interest in adopting the fighting style of Frost, something that she doesn't really accepts at all.
    • That's how she ended up being accepted as a member in GUAM, courtesy of Sektor. Frost cares little about the Alliance and only sees it as a means to an end and a good alternative to Kronika, that way she will get her revenge on Sub-Zero and the rest of the Lin Kuei. Many of the more radical members don't trust her, believing she still has a lot of flesh in her to count as a machine, but the higher ups lets her in just because she has proven useful.
  • People keep calling her Elsa and she doesn't understand why, which annoys her. She finally ended up finding why with the presence of Queen Elsa in the Hall of Ice and Cold and she initially brushed her off as another worthless cryomancer until she heard that Elsa was potentially more powerful than her and that Kuai-Liang was allied with her. Not wanting to be outdone, Frost and some of her cyber Lin Kuei minions invaded Elsa's temple with the intent of striking her down but both Sub-Zero and Scorpion caught wind of what she was trying to do and helped Elsa fend them off. When that failed, Frost was approached by Hans Westergard, someone who has a beef with both Elsa and her sister Anna and proposed the cyber-cryomancer an alliance so they could get rid of both sisters. Frost agreed, but she hardly cares about Hans and only wants to prove she is better than Elsa.
  • In a previous timeline, she and Sonya were sworn enemies but they hardly care for the other after Raiden changed the timeline. These rivalry carried over to Cassie Cage, Sonya's daughter who managed to defeat Frost once and a reason why the latter holds a grudge. She was also the one that keeps calling her Elsa.
  • After becoming a cyborg, Frost has made some attempts to acquire new tech found in the pantheon and improve her skill. The first potential target she saw was Victor Stone A.K.A. Cyborg but he quickly found out thanks to Cyrax warning him about what kind of person Frost was and easily swayed her away, clueing Frost that if she wanted to get stronger, she needed to make allies outside of Kronika's circle that could help her with her goals. And so that's when she came across ARIA, having heard of the Cyber Lin Kuei and considering them the next step in evolution, the AI convinced Frost that she would a good alternative should Kronika fail to meet Frost's demands.
    • Then she heard about S.H.I.E.L.D. and Stark Enterprises tech being really powerful and so with the aid of Ultratech she hit one of their pantheon facilities and stole a few of those for her own group. Even after the successful heist, both Nick Fury and Tony Stark think she is just an emo teenager with ice powers, which pisses her off.
  • Easily one of the most arrogant fighters in the whole pantheon, making others like past Johnny Cage look humble by comparison. She first aimed to take the title from Adon but considered not worthy after defeating him in Kombat and preferring to get a position where less people can foil her plans. She did end up executing Adon and shortly after reviving he hold grudge and decided to train even harder to one day kill her in return.
  • She in and Tai Lung on the surface wouldn't get along even with the high amount of similarities but surprisingly enough him and Frost ended up becoming allies. She knows how a poor mentor can squander someone's potential and seeing that Master Shifu, in her eyes, is no different from Sub-Zero, she decided to aid on Tai Lung's vengeance against him and his students and in turn Tai Lung would help her kill Kuai Liang.
  • A Self-Made Orphan at 12 years old, having murdered her parents under unknown circumstances. All ascended parents and even some children find that horrible but aren't that surprised about that in any way but some wonder how was she even taken under Sub-Zero's wing at all considering her background.
  • Having heard of her former master visiting a reality of the DC universe where Superman becomes a tyrant, she decided to approach him for an alliance and telling him all about both Sub-Zero and Raiden, who Kal-El personally encountered a few times as well. This did not sit well with a few of the pantheon's versions of certain heroes of the DC Universe, which prompted Batman to for the Virus designed to stop that could shut down Frost and the Cyber Lin Kuei under her command. He also enlisted the help of Kuai-Liang to deal with her in case things went south.
  • Many consider Frost a Foil to Sunset Shimmer. Both were pupils of someone who then they betrayed thanks to their recklessness, turning them into something else. However, Sunset eventually saw the error of her ways and changed for the better while Frost refuses to back down until Sub-Zero is dead and she is the new Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei. Never mind their contrasting elements of Fire and Ice.
  • While both share a common enemy, Frost and Noob Saibot cannot stand each other and both even have the same desire of becoming Grandmaster. It even reached the point where each would prefer Kuai Liang as Grandmaster over the other and they haven't killed each other yet because they work for Kronika. But once that's done, they wouldn't hesitate to rip each other apart.
  • Yes, her head can be removed and she does use it for Kombat. But no, don't ever think about doing that with her head or you will get your spine ripped off.

    Shiro Tagachi 
Shiro Tagachi, God of Treacherous Bodyguards (The Betrayer, Legendary Assassin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Harbinger of the Deceiver
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Assassin by Profession, Big Bad of Factions, Dual Wielding Cool Swords, Dying Curse, Fallen Hero, Marked With Scars, Master Swordsman, Melee Fighter With Magical Abilities, Meditation Powerup, One-Man Army, Usage of the Hate Plague and Animated Armors
  • Domains: Assassins, Death, Revenge, Combat
  • Followers: Raven, Vossler
  • Allies: Alex Mercer, Albert Wesker, Gul'dan
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore, Katarina du Couteau, Valeera Sanguinar, Lanaya the Templar Assassin
  • Enemies: Brock Samson, Kallen Kozuki, Peko Pekoyama, Ichigo Kurosaki, Undyne, Artoria Pendragon, Rider, Hercules, Corvo Attano
  • Chaotic Counterpart to: Shay Patrick Cormac
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mana Ouma
  • Opposed by: The House of Royalty (especially Jaime Lannister)
  • Nobody but Shiro Tagachi himself knew why the Emperor's most trusted bodyguard slew him. Did he want the throne? Did he seek revenge? No matter the motive, Shiro's act of betrayal became legendary in Tyria as one of the most significant events in Canthan history. Though Shiro died, he returned to Cantha after two hundred years as an Envoy. When he was meant to use his powers to guide the dead to the mists, he instead exploited it to create a powerful disease known as the Affliction and to enslave souls to seal inside armors known as the Shiro'ken with which he built an army to use for his plans to return to life. Though he succeeded with resurrection, he faced his second death by the hands of eight Tyrian heroes. As a punishment for his actions, he was sent to the worst prison in the afterlife, the Realm of Torment.
    • With his ascension, however, Shiro was freed from the prison, much to his relief. Now he looks for opportunities within the Pantheon for ways to be resurrected.
    • The story of Shiro Tagachi has become legendary to the point that Revenants are capable of channeling his power in the form of the Legendary Assassin Stance, granting them great strength and mobility like Shiro himself.
  • May have respect for other assassins; in timelines where the Tyrian heroes defeating him were all assassins, he bowed to them. Ezio Auditore in particular has earned respect from the Betrayer for earning the throne of Assassins, though Shiro wouldn't mind trying to take the throne himself if he desires.
  • His betrayal and murder of the Emperor made the House of Royalty ban him from the house in a public declaration of opposition. Shiro cares little for that, however, viewing the House of Royalty as "not worth his time" for the moment.
  • For his act of treason toward the Emperor, Shiro Tagachi has earned the ire of many good-aligned bodyguards throughout the Pantheon, especially by Auron.
    • While not a bodyguard per se, Undyne is still the head of a royal guard, and as such, has a low opinion of Shiro Tagachi. In fact, she considers him to be one of the worst humans for breaking the Emperor's trust in him.
  • Alex Mercer is quite interested in the Affliction disease, because of the similarities between that and the virus from his homeworld.
    • Albert Wesker has also expressed an interest in the disease, especially when he heard that it's incurable. The afflicted may not be zombies, but it's close enough in his eyes. While Shiro is unlikely to simply regain the powers of an Envoy and recreate the Affliction, Wesker believes that he is more than capable of helping the Legendary Assassin with that, and possibly become capable of creating a similar disease himself.
    • However, Shiro is not exactly fond of Mana Ouma. Her incestuous feelings for her brother creeps him out.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki is appalled that Shiro Tagachi abused his powers as an Envoy (a Psychopomp like the Soul Reapers) for his desire for revival and revenge. The assassin himself hates Ichigo for being a reminder that the other Envoys banished him to the Realm of Torment after his second death.
    • Ryuk, on the other hand, found Shiro Tagachi to be very interesting for basically ignoring his duty as Tyria's equivalent to Shinigami and getting away with it until his second death. For now, Ryuk is making sure to observe the assassin whenever possible for his own amusement.
  • Gets along with Gul'dan, someone who is also famed for betrayal. The Warlock is especially impressed by how Shiro executed his plan to return to life and the fact that he possess powerful magical abilities even as an assassin.

Lesser Gods

Adria, Goddess of Treacherous Quest Givers (The Witch)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Blood Slime
  • Alignment: Looked like True Neutral... but actually Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Reclusive Sorceress SENSING a SOUL in search of ANSWERS, Witchcraft, Sudden Betrayal (Parental one at that), In-Universe Moral Event Horizon, Dog-Kicking, Pretending To Be Good Guys While Manipulating And Giving Quests And Hints, Having Sex And Kid With Diablo (Or his vessel at least), Extra Powerful Combat Form
  • Domains: Villainy, Questing, Evil
  • Allies: Diablo, Arcturus Mengsk, Arthas Menethil, Gul'dan, Lady Tremaine, Sophia Lamb, Ghetsis Harmonia, Ragyo Kiryuin, Medusa Gorgon
  • Rivals: Azmodan, Belial
  • Enemies: Leah (her daughter), The Nephalems, Tyrael, Malthael, YHVH, Thrall, Malfurion Stormrage, Alexstrasza, Sarah Kerrigan, Jim Raynor, Tassadar, Leoric, Terra Branford, Freddy Fazbear, Satsuki Kiryuin, Raven, Good-aligned witches
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Opposed by: The Houses of Family and Religion and Faith
  • Adventuring souls in search of answers often find their answers from the seemingly generous Adria. What they don't know is that their quest turns out to be a horrible one that ends with their death, as Adria has been using them for more sacrifices to Diablo, her liege. With enough sacrifices achieved by tricking many questers, she ended up ascending. She doesn't mind, as right now she can be with her most beloved Lord of Terror.
  • Adventurers are warned whenever they try to seek the services of Adria since as her title implies, she is up to no good. She does have a settlement in the House of Commerce for those who are interested in the dark arts, and even perform some "special favours", but the Pantheon authorities have been monitoring her just in case.
  • Deities of good deeds are abhorred at her, especially the Nephalem and Tyrael, as her betrayal over her daughter Leah still ran fresh in their minds. The Nephalem think that this just means she wanted to become a punching bag to relieve their stress, and that still wouldn't be enough to absolve her sin of trickery. Adria usually dismissed that, as she saw children as nothing but pawns, and she especially kind of enjoys riling them up with mentioning how she casually betrayed Leah. Even Leoric, usually a mad king, got fed up with that, seeing that Leah was supposedly his granddaughter. It's also even implied that in her younger years, Adria murdered her father before becoming a witch.
    • This also earns the ire of many heroes hailing from neighboring realms, but special mentions go to Alexstrasza, who saw her as an utter disgrace to mothers everywhere (she's backed up with every mother, including those from the Hall of Mothers), as well as Sarah Kerrigan, who saw her past ruthless Queen Bitch of the Universe self in Adria…and her demon form just becomes a literal reminder of that. Conversely, the villains from that realm were instead impressed that Adria could generate such hatred from someone thought to be not so important.
  • In spite of serving a Prime Evil, Adria got along with neither Azmodan nor Belial. Her loyalty is reserved for Diablo only, like how she left off the latter. Azmodan himself is not amused; clearly, he's still annoyed with how she helped the Nephalem beat him in Bastion's Keep, even if it was for the cover of her betrayal.
  • She surprisingly got along well with Lady Tremaine, considering how much of horrible mothers they are, though Adria wished Tremaine could learn a little about subtlety, like tricking Cinderella to see her as a good stepmom, instead of acting like an Obviously Evil stepmom. It would make any betrayals towards Cinderella more painful and enjoyable, she thinks.
  • Being a witch who consorts with demons, it's no surprise that the more religious deities consider her an enemy. Most of the House of Religion and Faith has banned her as a result, although she has access to a few halls. The reason she rarely goes there is because of the presence of Azmodan, who also wants her dead.
  • One of her reasons for siding with Diablo is how she perceives the angels as being too rigid and strict with their rules. She views GUAL and YHVH in the same light and it's no secret that she wants to bring the organization down, even if said plans don't align with her master's. She also didn't like learning that Malthael was part of the inner circle of the GUAL, another reason for wanting to destroy the Grand Alliance once and for all.
  • Raven despises her, not only for understanding Leah's situation of being the vessel of a bigger evil but also because, unlike Raven's mother, Adria went along with the plan willingly. Worse, Adria has pondered the idea of working with Trigon for her own benefit.
  • Unsurprisingly, the sight of seeing her former lover Aidan doesn't upset her at all. Their days of intimacy were long ago and both have a higher purpose now. The same can be said for her daughter, who is independent of Diablo's influence and intends to exact her revenge against her mother, which Adria has anticipated.
  • Witches in general have mixed opinions about her. Some think of her as an opportunist with nothing better to do, others as a worthless pawn to demons, and a few aren't even aware of her. The only one who actually bonded with Adria was Medusa Gorgon, who also has a history of mistreating her child.

    Gunter Prozen 
Gunter Prozen, God of Treacherous Advisors (Gunther Proitzen, Dark Kaiser)
Spoiler from the second half of the anime 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Guylos Empire Symbol.
  • Theme Song: Prozen
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil later Chaotic Evil as Dark Kaiser
  • Portfolio: Treacherous Advisors, Regents for Life, Villainous Chancellors, Faux Affably Evil, Sociopathy, Big Bads Who Don't Fight During All the Anime, Disney Death, Body Horror, That Man Is Dead, The Man Behind the Man, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Betrayal, Evil, Manipulation
  • Followers: Zead, Alpha, Gil Graham, Korso, Shuji Ikutsuki, Professor Codex
  • Allies: Prime Minister Honest, Jafar, Orochimaru, Hades (Kid Icarus), Ali Al-Saachez, Deidara
  • Rivals: Gihren Zabi, Haman Khan, Cao Cao, Oda Nobunaga
  • Enemies: Van, Fiona, The Blitz Team, Rosso, Viola, Rudolph, Thomas, Hiltz, Most heroic mentors on the Pantheon as well as their students, Every single member from the GUAG mecha division, Jiraiya, Corvo Attano, Night Raid, Aladdin (Disney), Jasmine, The Genie, Pit, Palutena, Viridi.
  • Interested on: Heinz Windermere, The Backdraft Group
  • After the ascension of many heroic Zoids deities, and more recently the failures of Hiltz and The Backdraft Group, the most evil members from the Council of Shadows have an idea - Ascend another one of their worst enemies from Planet Zi. So they give Gunter Prozen, a former chancellor from Guylos Empire an offer: The godhood title of Treacherous Advisor. Prozen accepts.
  • Since the day that he was ascended into the Pantheon, he still hates Van and Fiona, given that they're the ones who ruined his plans. Twice, but especially in the Grand Finale, even though they weren't the ones who killed him.
    • Rosso and Viola still hates Prozen for his attempts to kill Rudolph. And the Emperor himself is no more fooled.
    • Prozen still found new enemies on the form of the Blitz Team. Thanks to Van and Fiona's previous advices, the members aren't fooled. Also, of all the members, Bit, Brad and Jamie are the most hated: Bit is a Liger-pilot similar to Van (and possibly his descendant), Brad's attitude is no different from Irvine and Jamie because the fact that he pilots aerial-type Zoids (Pteras and later Raynos) makes him no different from Rosso and Viola. Leena is sometimes also hated as she used to pilot a Dibison... the same as Thomas, one of the members from the Guardian Force.
    • And speaking of the guy himself, Thomas is not subtle on showing his hate for Prozen... independent if he's Dark Kaiser or not.
    • As for Hiltz, Prozen still hates him so much... Especially considering that he's the one that killed him in the last fight.
    • Less bad is his situation with The Backdraft Group, as while he doesn't hate them, Prozen is disapointed by the fact that they're mostly incompetent. That said, the fact that the organization's goals is to subvert the "Noble" concept of Zoids Battles makes them a possible pawn for his future plans. It helps that Vega, one of the members, is similar to Raven, one of Prozen's former soldiers, at least appearance-wise. He still hates Stoller, Sanders and Pierce through, not helped that the latter pilots a Storm Sworder.
    • Surprisingly, his view of Dr. Layon is neutral, likely because Prozen only sees him as an "incompetent ramen eater". On the other hand, he fully disapproves of Layon's "relationship" whit Leena, one of his enemies in the Blitz Team.
  • Prozen isn't much of a fighter, as he prefers to see his "allies" do the dirty work to him. Many gods compares him to Viridi, as both are pretty much The Unfought and relays on Mooks. However, this similarity is only superficial: While Viridi is not that heroic, she at least cares for the nature. Prozen, on the other hand, is a borderline sociopath which cares for no one but himself. It doesn't help that Viridi sounds similar to Fiona, especially considering that both are blond-haired girls and have the "power" to destroy the world.
  • Being also an Evil Chancellor himself, he allied with Prime Minister Honest and Jafar. Prozen also seems to have a rivalry with Gihren Zabi, Haman Khan, who also are villainous chancellors. Bonus points for Haman, who, like Prozen, is also a Regent for Life.
  • He is targeted by many assassin gods: Most notably, there's Night Raid, since Prozen is a corrupt nobleman who also have connections with the aforementioned Prime Minister Honest. There's also Corvo Attano, as Prozen's actions reminds him of Hiram Burrows.
  • Due to a certain incident involving Van and Fiona, Jiraiya also hates Prozen very much, due to their "similarities": Both are white-haired long-haired guys, have Facial Markings and shares the same japanese voice actor. But, there's a difference: While Jiraiya is a lovable pervert, Prozen is a dirty, rotten, and manipulative minister.
    • Many gods also comment that Prozen's theme song sounds a lot like Orochimaru. In fact, there's a rumor that Prozen has sided with Orochimaru: In exchange for the secrets of ninjutsu, Prozen will supply the former Sannin with some of the most powerful Zoids in existence to eradicate the Hidden Leaf Village. That said, there's also a good chance that he'll backstab Orochimaru after the invasion.
    • Because of that, Naruto sees Prozen as a legitimate threat in the Pantheon, especially concerning his alliance with Orochimaru.
  • The fact that he used to manipulate Prince Rudolph and trying to kill him earned the ire of many mentors in the Pantheon. Their pupils aren't too found of him, either.
  • He also gained a lot of enemies from the GUAG robot division, most notably Domon Kasshu. The hateful relationship is mutual, as Domon reminds Prozen of Irvine in a lot of things. Meanwhile, Prozen himself reminds Domon of Ulube Ishikawa, given that both believed power to be the ultimate deciding factor in life, and have used incredibly powerful and destructive machines to obtain said power.
  • Seems to have an interest on Heinz Windermere, given that he reminds him of Rudolph, the emperor from the Guylos Empire. This immediately gives Hayate (Which is also a member of the GUAG) another reason to put Prozen's name in his list of "enemies" - The other is that like Roid, Prozen is also a villainous chancellor with seeks domination.
  • Is also a rival of Cao Cao, given that he is the one with the official title of Regent for Life. As surprising as it is, Cao Cao is surprised by the fact that Prozen is one of the few people that nearly succeed in his plans of dominate Planet Zi, albeit he didn't counted with the fact that Van and Fiona defeated him. Still, the regent sees him as a enemy, rather than a rival and a Worthy Opponent.
    • Also has another rivalry with Oda Nobunaga. He's pretty impressed by the fact that he's the "Demon King Nobunaga", and that's one of the reasons why Prozen considers him his biggest rival. It helps that he's pretty much a Large Ham, not unlike Prozen himself.
  • After becoming Dark Kaiser, Prozen started recruiting some terrorists to help him further his plans. Two of them are confirmed to be Deidara and Ali Al-Saachez.

    Peter Pettigrew 
Peter Pettigrew, God of Oathbreakers (Wormtail, Wormy, Scabbers)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His animagus form (a rat), or his silver hand
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, with some True Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Slimeball, Walking Spoiler, Treacherous Secret Keepers, Dirty Coward, Alliterative Name, Rat Motives, All the Other Reindeer, The Resenter, Being Ungrateful, Sacrificing His Friends For His Own Safety, Animorphism
  • Domains: Magic, Rats, Betrayal, Cowardice, Animagi, Opportunism
  • Followers: The Wolkenritter, Hirom the Shamed, Cassiopeia
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Evil Counterpart to: Neville Longbottom
  • Opposes: The Hall of Felines
  • Opposed by: Most gods, particularly Jaime Lannister, and the rest of the House of Friendship and Camaraderie. Also Caboose
  • Fearsnote  Voldemort, Emperor Palpatine, Sauron, Orochimaru
  • Peter Pettigrew was the friend of Harry Potter's father James, and a member of the Marauders alongside Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. At first, people believed he was a victim of Sirius Black's betrayal when the truth was that he had turned traitor and become a spy for Voldemort. Despite being given the role of guarding the secret of the Potters' location (the task was originally meant for Sirius, but he suggested Peter under the pretense that nobody would expect him to be the oath-keeper, unaware of what he planned to do next), he would expose their location out of fear for his life, and later play a key role in the Dark Lord's revival.
  • Better known as Wormtail, he's a man defined by his cowardice, betraying his closest friends simply to stay alive. It's not quite clear why he was sorted into Gryffindor considering their main virtue is courage, though it's possible he had the potential but simply didn't live up to it. Even Voldemort looks down on him for it, though it's more because he was disappointed that Pettigrew, of all people, was necessary to bring him back; even Voldemort has standards.
    • Further analysis showed that he does harbor bravery, just for all the wrong reasons. After all, he was willing to go through the arduous ritual needed to become an Animagus alongside Sirius and James and being Voldemort's spy for at least a year warrants some guts.
  • The House of Friendship is disgusted at him for selling out his friends, especially Dunban. Pettigrew's actions remind him of when his companion Mumkhar turned traitor out of cowardice. As Metal Face, Mumkhar seems to get along with Wormtail, albeit in a Red Oni, Blue Oni way. As the treacherous friend, he's allied with Penelope Mouse, albeit more out of convenience than anything.
  • He was initially a follower of Pride the Arrogant. He tried to hide in Pride's shadow, but the homunculus wasn't impressed, and even now, he would rather not get involved in his plans or allow him to be involved in any plans made by the homonculi. Voldemort has other plans; he wants any Philosopher's Stones from the FMA universe in the hopes of achieving Complete Immortality and wants Wormtail to retrieve any he can find.
    • Also was a former follower of Vector, though they don't care for each other.
  • Has tried to get along with Caboose, but it had been pointed out to Pettigrew that while Caboose is a team-killer, it's mainly out of incompetence and never to the craven lengths Peter would lower himself. The three haven't seen Peter Pettigrew since.
  • Tries to justify his treachery by stating that he was the Butt-Monkey of the group, with Remus being the only one who was consistently nice to him. While not entirely false, the truth is that they did truly care for him and thus were all the more saddened and horrified when he turned traitor. Feeling like he's The Friend Nobody Likes, he can understand where Jah'Rakal is coming from. He believed he could find common ground with Jack Atlas, who had also betrayed his friends. This immediately angered him; Jack sincerely regrets turning on his friends and has already reconciled.
  • The Doctor is pretty revolted by him because he reminds him of Gibbis, who, like Pettigrew, was a rat-like Dirty Coward. Jaime Lannister considers him as contemptible as Walder Frey. Peter responded by saying that they're both oath-breakers, and thus not so different. Jaime's response?
    Jaime: So many men have looked down on me for what needed to be done. I killed a psychotic tyrant to save King's Landing, to save my family. You had your friends killed by a psychotic tyrant to save yourself, and only yourself. Never compare yourself to me, even for a second.
  • An opportunist, he tends to find a larger shadow to stick around. He was more of a hanger-on to the Marauders and continues to try and benefit under Voldemort's shadow. While Argus Filch may look like Walder Frey, most gods from Westeros agree that he's the Harry Potter character most like him in personality; cowards and oath-breakers who profit off opportunity. He and Walder get along, mainly because they don't have anyone else who likes them.
  • Has tried to get unicorn blood under Voldemort's orders, leading him to try and attack Amalthea, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna. It went as well as you'd imagine, and he has been banned from their Hall as a result.
  • Seen as a bit of a dunce, but he's not given nearly enough credit. Besides being able to make an impressive frame-up on Sirius Black whilst that man was confronting him, conspired with Barty Crouch Jr. for his impersonation as Alastor Moody (which means he'd helped overpower him), and successfully bring back Voldemort (and track him at all in Albania to get to returning him in the first place), he's one of only 11 known animagi in the 20th Century...even at the age of only 15, no less. He takes the form of a rat, which most agree is the perfect Animagus for him. He managed to hide away as the Weasley's pet rat Scabbers, who apparently didn't notice that his pet was over thrice the age any rat should live to. His skill in this subject led to him trying to find allies in the House of Shape, specifically in Beast Boy, but he earned the enmity of the young hero due to his craven nature.
  • Despite his rat form, none of the rodents in the pantheon particularly care for him. Chip and Dale caused him some problems when he tried to hide once, exposing some crimes he recently committed as Scabbers. Murkrow mistook him for an actual rat and tried to eat him. In his rat form, he naturally fears the Hall of Felines, and is especially worried what Len could do to him.
  • Mainly follows Voldemort out of fear than anything else. He fears those similar to him, such as Palpatine, Sauron and Orochimaru.
  • As treacherous as he is, Peter is not without some sliver of humanity. At one point he hesitated handing Harry over to Bellatrix because he was reminded of a life debt due to Harry sparing him. Ironically this'd do him in, as the silver hand Voldemort had gave him strangled him for this perceived treachery.

    Seth Rollins 
Seth Rollins, God of Finishing Stomps and Regretful Traitors (Tyler Black, Gixx, The Architect, The Kingslayer, Seth Freakin' Rollins, Seth Trollins, "Monday Night" Rollins, The Beast Slayer, The Monday Night Messiah, Colby Lopez)
  • Lesser God (borderline Intermediate God in "Monday Night Rollins" mode)
  • Symbol: The "SR" Initials, stylized to match with cross-hairs
  • Theme Songs: The Rising, previously The Second Coming or Redesign Rebuild Reclaim
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with shades of Chaotic Neutral, as a Face; currently takes on Lawful Neutral or Neutral Evil alliances as a Heel
  • Portfolio: Regretful Traitor, The Architect, Once Sold Out to Power and Knows it Wasn't Worth It, Blackout Curb Stomp, Embracing One's Dark Side and Coming to Regret It, Really Complicated Gambits, False Friend Who it Meant Something To, Long Haired Mr. Fanservice, More Skilled Than He is Strong, Secretly Mildly Insane, The Kingslayer
  • Domains: Law, Wrestling, Betrayal, Redemption.
  • Followers: Prince Devitt/Finn Bálor, Low Ki (both trying to usurp his other position)
  • Herald: Becky Lynch (his fiancée)
  • Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Complicated Relationship with: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley
  • Allies: Paige, Aran Ryan, Jason Brody
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: AJ Lee
  • Rivals: Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, The Undertaker, AJ Styles
  • Former Allies: YHVH, Braun Strowman {Wyatt Family}, Metatron, Charles Montgomery Burns, every Corrupt Corporate Executive in the Pantheon, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Enemies: Bray Wyatt/The Fiend, Rey Mysterio, Bayley (due to her own Face–Heel Turn), The Demon Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Hoyt Volker, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Vaas Montenegro
  • Opposed by: Bruno Sammartino, Christian, CM Punk, John Cena, Edge, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mokuba Kaiba (was once his Big Brother Mentor), Seto Kaiba
  • Distrusted by: Eric Brooks/Blade
  • Former Classified Association: Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Upon traveling from Iowa to Philadelphia, a young man called Tyler Black would take part in an infamous bloody upside-down hanging orchestrated by a pseudo-political crusade known as Age of the Fall. He remained the right-hand and project orchestrator of that crusade for awhile, before eventually defecting once his best friend went over the line and attacked his own girlfriend with a railroad spike. Continuing to wrestle and seek out change, he stepped out of Ring of Honor and signed a contract with Vince McMahon's enterprise, going down to Tampa to wrestle for Florida Championship Wrestling and later NXT at Full Sail in Orlando.
  • During his time in Florida, he was approached by someone with money, tactical gear, and a mission to infiltrate Vince's primary WWE Universe and bring it to justice; not by destroying the promotion, but by making it better and enforcing a true spirit of hungry competition worthy of the richest wrestling company there is. Instantly he realized he needed more teammates, and he knew just who to get; former gridiron footballer Roman Leakee and insane deathmatch king Jon Moxley, who he'd somehow formed a bond with through competing against one another. Recruiting them into his small army, they began using the call names of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose.
  • Their first task in raiding WWE was to protect CM Punk's world championship from an unearned challenge. Shortly thereafter, they became known as The Shield. A feared trio who overwhelm foes with military precision, creating a disjointed numbers game out of an even playing field, The Shield was almost unbeatable by any combination of WWE Superstars. By the time they finally did go down in defeat, they were already in the Pantheon residing in the House of Justice.
  • After almost two years of operation, smashing through WWE, and on the cusp of bringing down the McMahon family's latest "corrupt order" project in The Authority, Rollins shockingly betrayed both Ambrose and Reigns to join The Authority instead, which led many fans to chant "You Sold Out!". With The Shield disbanded and getting separate temples, he relocated here and in the House of Villains.
  • For the longest time he refused to accept Mitsuzane's redemption, knowing that one day, he will complete where Micchy started. This changed at a later point where he found himself teamed up with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns against a force of evil in the Pantheon, for the first time since breaking up The Shield. Though they still don't trust him at all to become a team again, he finally came to understand where Mitsuzane's coming from and bemused that he'd probably be heading on his own redemption quest after all is said and done. Since later events (see below) proved his new assessment correct, he and Micchy have bonded as allies while Takatora and Kouta are still careful around Seth, willing to give him a chance but not fully trusting him.
  • He spent a lot of time trying to get his bosses in The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, into the Pantheon. He complained so much that many gods wished he would shut up with his, as former ally CM Punk would call it, bitching and moaning and bitching and bitching…
    • Thankfully, this finally came to an end after Triple H betrayed Rollins by costing him the Universal Championship, and in his pissed-off hunt for revenge he eventually got himself shelved with an injury. He was forced to take a good look into himself as to what made him betray his former Shield members; realizing that he liked who he used to be before his treasonous acts, Seth finally dove full-on into his redemption quest, eventually defeating Triple H and ultimately putting an end to The Authority.
  • Both Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker are currently watching over him, due to Rollins being a fan of both of them, Harry specifically since Rollins has a Finishing Move he calls "Avada Kedava".
  • Many are surprised at seeing how different the "real" Seth Rollins is from the man who would sell himself out to corrupt law for power. He still has a sizeable ego about himself, but also a sense of rebellious honor and a desire to really do good through his wrestling. He's even partially repaired the wounds he left in his former Shield teammates and ultimately expressed remorse for selling out in the first place. Some wonder how this man could've ever had interest in the ways of the GUAL, while others are still watching to see what happens when the next Corrupt Corporate Executive gets into his ear.
  • Back during his time with the Authority, he was not amused when Dolph Ziggler temporarily dismantled their rule. Rollins swore that he would defeat the Show-Off once and for all. This reversed itself when Rollins fell out with his bosses whereas Dolph started trying to be yet another gatekeeper: the two still don't like each other but have effectively switched sides.
  • Since turning back face, The Shield hasn't been officially reforged and still doesn't look like it will anytime soon. Furthermore, the other wrestlers he called enemies before still have some share of antipathy towards him. Orton, Cena, and Bryan have now taken the place of the rivals, who each have at least cautiously begun to accept his reformation, but Kane and the aforementioned Ziggler still pretty much hate him completely. Likewise, Edge and Christian acknowledge his redemption but still haven't entirely forgiven Rollins for attacking Christian at least twice on The Authority's behalf leading into his retirement, let alone the second time also threatening to kill Edge with a Curb Stomp to blackmail John Cena into reinstating The Authority… and then trying to kill him even anyway even after Cena caved.
  • Despite the face turn, Seth is still cool with Aran Ryan, who he originally found entertaining for his blatant heelishness, dirty tactics, and insanely boisterous love of the fight. Oh, and Bruno Sammartino still thinks he's kind of a malcontent and thus doesn't like him very much.
  • As for former rivals accepting him now, he's fully rekindled an old unspoken bond he had with Paige, who's been on his side dating back to their days training together in Florida, but had to distance herself when he was with The Authority. He's also finally on the same page professionally with his Crossfit training partner Cesaro (although that didn't last too long).
    • And when Bayley ascended, she rushed to him and gave him a hug. Gods are wondering how the two are friends, but Bayley is just happy that he has a chance to atone and become good friends with Ambrose and Reigns again.
  • CM Punk and AJ Lee, on the other hand, remain uncertain about him; Punk had respect for him since they came from the same background, but it went downhill after Seth became a mercenary, first for Paul Heyman (whether it benefited Punk or not) and then for Triple H. They, like the Riders, are taking a cautious acceptance approach with the Architect.
  • While he hates every single Corrupt Corporate Executive god, he's not sure what to say about Seto Kaiba. He feels sorry for Kaiba having to be abused by his step-father, sympathizes with Kaiba's dream of making a chain of amusement parks "where all the orphans can go for free", and that he has a soft spot for his little brother. What he doesn't get is Kaiba's obsession to duel Yugi/Yami Yugi, going as far as letting himself go to the afterlife with no regard to his return for just one more duel.
  • After years of bad blood between the two, Rollins and Ambrose have buried the hatchet to become the new Tag Team Champions at Summerslam 2017 by pinning Cesaro and Sheamus. Bayley ecstatically celebrated this, but he became rivals with Cesaro again as a result. Now the two are on the radars of the WOKEN Hardy Brothers, and many gods are anticipating the feud that's to come. Shortly after this, Sheamus and Cesaro were convinced to try and go after Reigns, resulting in Rollins and Ambrose finding Reigns and reforming The Shield to take on their enemies.
    • They've had to recruit others to battle as The Shield for a short time while Reigns was down with an illness, and questions have arisen as to whether Nick Fury of the agency S.H.I.E.L.D. is involved with them. Fury has called The Shield a "rogue element", which most likely means they have some ties together but it's either classified or off-the-books and doesn't involve taking any specific orders. Could S.H.I.E.L.D. have been the ones who approached Rollins with the tac gear all that time ago?
  • Originally he maintained the seat of God of Sellouts in the House of Villains — more specifically, in the Hall of Villainous Attitude — as a reminder of his actions, but the villainous gods there kept looking for a way to oust him for not returning to their evil ways. This eventually hit a boiling point when he, with help from Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Jason Brody, discovered and foiled a shipment planned by Hoyt Volker's gang to bring in a bunch of pirates and sex slaves (each of both genders) under the pretense of them being Vaas Montenergo's heralds in order to pass their services around to Tainted Love and Villainous deities for a hefty payday.
    • Days later, Hoyt had both Vaas and Buck Hughes take Seth in his sleep to make an attempt on his life after torturing him, but Jason, along with Mitsuzane, Hawkeye, Widow, Ambrose, and Reigns all saved him before too much harm could be done. Micchy then appealed to the Court of the Gods to change out his seat based on his remorse for his previous betrayal of the Shield; Captain America rushed the acceptance of this request.
  • After several years of inactivity due to Authority politics, he finally brought back the Curb Stomp. And he did it to Prince Devitt, the man who had beaten him for the first Universal Championship and was making a bid to replace him as God of Finishing Stomps, right on the cusp of reuniting professionally with his Bullet Club buddies Anderson and Gallows. Devitt has been forced to settle for being a follower of the seat, much like Low Ki, formerly of the Beat Down Clan.
    • Rollins knows plans exist to ascend Devitt from two different angles; one being Bayley, who many have noted shares great chemistry with the Prince although the two insist they're Just Friends, and the other being AJ Styles, who shares a common bond with Devitt through their connections with The Club. For his part, Seth honestly hopes the ascension goes through Bayley's end, as The Club tend to be trouble when they ride together.
  • Rollins has recently made extremely impressive waves in the wrestling ring, putting on phenomenal efforts in high-stakes matches, including one night where he defeated Roman Reigns and John Cena cleanly back-to-back in the same hour, and acquiring and defending the Intercontinental Championship in highly-touted bouts, extending the revival of the championship's prestige past the efforts of a titleholder with Villainous Valor instead of letting it die like most who dethrone such a champion. Many are placing him in the "best wrestler in the world" discussion that has routinely played host to the likes of AJ Styles. This would eventually cause them to fight at Money in the Bank 2019 over the Universal Championship, which Rollins won, causing Styles to reluctantly shake his hand. Many fans were screaming "THIS IS AWESOME!" at the bout.
  • Just when it seemed they were riding high, The Shield was seemingly destroyed in a single night. Roman Reigns announced that he was relinquishing the Universal Championship he'd just won from Brock Lesnar due to the return of his secret illness, leukemia. Rollins and Ambrose went to compete for the Tag Team Championship in honor of their friend, and won the titles at the end of the night... only for Ambrose to turn around and betray Rollins with a vile assault, shocking everyone on the one night that no one could ever accept it happening on.
    • In later weeks, Dean made it clear that he had simply hit a breaking point with the corporate politics of Vince McMahon's system, gradually combing through a mile-long list of grievances, as well as expressed that he simply did not trust the idea of The Shield, or particularly, Seth, anymore, due to his reliance on Dean's "lunatic" reputation for humor as well as never calling him when he was injured. For his part, Rollins insists that he did call Ambrose, but Dean never answered the phone. What else incensed Seth was that Dean revealed the truth about their Shield call names in a moment of utter pique, abandoning his mission identity and returning to Jon Moxley. And when they fought for the Intercontinental title, which Seth held at the time, Mox went out and beat him for it.
    • During this time, Seth once encountered Mokuba Kaiba, who Ambrose had brought into the Pantheon prior to the turn. While glad for Ambrose's good deed, Seth was also prepared for Mokuba to take Mox's side on their current schism given what he'd done to him before. Instead, Mokuba made a curious observation about the past: Seth Rollins had never abandoned his call name after turning heel on his brothers. Reigns and Ambrose hadn't either, but that was a given, as the two were still loyal to each other, but why would the traitor continue to go by Rollins instead of reverting to Tyler Black or taking on some other mission identity? In fact, even while becoming The Authority's top man and using its resources to achieve world heavyweight champion status, he continued to maintain treacherous tendencies, almost breaking the organization down from the inside. That wasn't someone loyal to The Authority through and through, that was someone looking to make up for his guilt by protecting his own power. But Ambrose? He didn't seem guilty at all about taking everything out on Seth or abandoning The Shield's mission to reclaim his own name as Moxley. Because of this Mokuba sympathized with Seth instead of Jon. Impressed at Mokuba's deduction, Seth decided to take on the role of being the kid's Big Brother Mentor as Ambrose had prior.
    • When Roman finally returned just before WrestleMania 35 and the end of Mox's WWE tenure, he convinced Seth to give Mox a second chance so they could share one last ride together. Eventually they got through to Mox after saving him from an ambush, and he agreed to ride with them as well before taking off for other territories. At the same time, Seth had earned a chance to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, and was glad to have the support of both his brothers on the way to the event despite everything. He would beat Brock for the title, leading to the aforementioned fight with Styles around the same time Mox walked away on good terms. He also became romantically involved with Becky Lynch, a rebellious trendsetter in the female wrestling world who he met through Paige, after comically bickering with her on social media over who between them was "The Man" (as in the best in the industry), taking advantage of the changes in the PWF to bring her up as his Herald.
  • Made an alliance with Braun Strowman of the Wyatt Family to fight off against AJ Styles. The two of them would do their best to get along (considering their history) but both can agree that Bray Wyatt's "Firefly Fun House" is absolutely nuts, especially after Bray's frightening dark side of The Fiend attacked them both, mainly coming after Seth to pay him back for his mistakes. This resulted in The Fiend challenging Seth for his championship inside Hell in a Cell, the diabolical construct known historically as the definitive and violent end to any conflict that requires its presence, while Bray continued to send him ominous messages through the Firefly Fun House. The battle saw Seth hit The Fiend with so many Finishing Stomps and weapon shots to his dome piece that officials stopped the match thinking Seth had killed Bray, only for The Fiend to reveal after the bell that he'd absorbed it all and dig a Mandible Claw into Seth's jaw to the point the Universal Champion was bleeding from the mouth like a B-movie horror victim. Given Rollins' defensive tendencies on social media towards both himself and WWE putting some people off as well as Bray's eerie charm causing damn near every mortal spectator to become fascinated with The Fiend like hotcakes, seeing a Hell in a Cell match called off so that Seth could retain his title without actually winning the match infuriated the fans in attendance and led many to take the side of Moxley's prior accusations that Rollins had become "corporate" again.
    • Also related to Hell in a Cell (both the match type and the event), Becky Lynch, now his fiancée, would be targeted for her title as well by the returning and reinvigorated Sasha Banks. He was disappointed to see Bayley side with Sasha and mercilessly beat Becky with a steel chair, cementing a Face–Heel Turn, though he didn't show out about it too much. Becky needed to fight her own battles, Bayley and Sasha were best friends after all, and Seth had the challenge of The Fiend to contend with at the same time. Sasha proceeded to troll Seth to the point he bit back hard on Twitter, only to then be poked even harder and deactivating his account just to stay out of this. Finally, after being bloodied at the end of the aforementioned confusing clash with The Fiend, Seth got to see Bayley fully descend into her own bitterness after the end of a Villainous Breakdown. He was found in the arms of the Avatars of Friendship — who were also shocked to find their closest ally turning evil — wondering with a tear in his eye how much longer his sins would continue crawling on his back.
  • After the Raw brand put on a disastrous performance at the 2019 Survivor Series, Seth had hit his Despair Event Horizon and began telling his entire locker room how much they sucked. Two men in particular, the ruthless Blood Knight tag team known as the Authors of Pain, were able to coax him into another dangerous alliance where he would act as their figurehead. They ultimately founded a cult movement revolving around Rollins, as he started to demand praise as the Monday Night Messiah.
    • Mokuba Kaiba just looked on in total disgust at the depth of Rollins' ego and felt horrible that he sided with him in the first place. Seto now wants Rollins dead at his feet for disappointing his brother.
    • Naturally, he still keeps his name from The Shield and thinks himself to be the virtuous leader that WWE needs. Many disagree — especially after he responded to a WWE Championship loss by gouging Rey Mysterio's eye open via the point of a steel step and then moved on to trying to forcibly convert Rey's son to his cause. Punk saw this change coming, as he warned Rollins to get off social media earlier in the year, whereas Seth's Marvel connections have pretty much written him off. Harry, Luke, and Cena are disappointed in his descent from grace. Mitsuzane swears he'll find a way to bring Rollins back to the light again, while Seth insists he's already in the light and wants Micchy to follow him.
  • Gods are wondering how Rollins even entered the Firefly Fun House in the first place, especially after Bray stated that you had to be dead to enter it. No one knows how it happened, but people are theorizing that The Fiend might've corrupted Seth to return to his old ways back with The Authority or somehow reverted him back to a former iteration of himself (seeing as eco-warrior Daniel Bryan became the bearded underdog from 2014).
    • Finds it funny that Roman Reigns returned to action after months off as a changed man before fighting The Fiend, using opportunist tactics and employing the special counsel of Paul Heyman in order to claim the Universal Championship, right in the middle of Strowman and The Fiend fighting over said title. So his response to Reigns doing what he did is actually a very approving one:
    Rollins: Roman is doing the same thing for his cause as what I'm doing for mine. What he has to do.
  • Also present in the House of Combat — more specifically, in the Hall of Fighting Moves. Needless to say, it's the same House that Roman relocated to.

    Shay Patrick Cormac 
Shay Patrick Cormac, The God Who Switched Sides For Beneficial Reasons (The Assassin Hunter, Templar Enforcer, The Traitor)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A shattered Assassin Symbol, behind the Red Cross of the Templar Order
  • Theme Song: I Am Shay Patrick Cormac
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Lawful Good tendencies, but is considered Lawful Evil by the Assassin Brotherhood
  • Portfolio: Betrayed the Assassin Brotherhood, Purging It From North America, Slaughtered Countless Assassins In His Quest For Retribution, Betrayed The Assassins After They Unknowingly Slaughtered Thousands Of Innocents, Takes No Pleasure In Killing His Former Comrades, Decimated The Assassins In The North American Colonies Almost Singlehandedly, The Most Feared Assassin Hunter In History, Believes He Is -- and is in Fact Heavily Implied To Be -- Doing The Right Thing
  • Domains: Hunters, Turncoats, Order, Revenge
  • Heralds: Christopher Gist (Cormac's first mate), Haytham Kenway
  • Followers: A small group of Templars, at present
  • Allies: None at the moment. Potential ally might be Eiki Shiki
  • Person of Interest for: YHVH
  • Opposes: The Pyro
  • Target of Jealousy for: The House of Luck and Fortune
  • Enemies (Targets for Assassination): Esdeath, Corvo Attano, Niko Bellic, Solid Snake, Agent 47, The Spy, Valeera Sanguinar, Hit, Jack the Ripper
  • Lawful Counterpart to: Shiro Tagachi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid (one-sided)
  • Formerly a member of the Colonial/American branch of the Assassin Brotherhood, Shay devoted his Templar career to hunting down his prior associates. Aboard his ship, the Morrigan, Shay's travels brought him to New York and the Appalachian Mountains, among other locations. Reasons being the Assassins meddling with Precursor artifacts, resulting in the deaths of thousands. Shay’s attempts at changing this were all shot down, and after being betrayed and left for dead, decided to join the Assassins' sworn enemies.
    • Later on, when he discovered an unknown island, he thought it was an assassin hideout, only to be teleported to the Pantheon a few minutes after. There, he accepted a position in the House of Ambiguity, until he was kicked out due to his info being outdated, especially with the ever-changing requirements of the Trope Pantheons. The most disgusting part about this, according to him, is that he ended up in a Humiliation Conga that none dare to recount, and that ended with Ezio kicking him while he was down, as a "punishment" from the Brotherhood. Obviously, Shay was pissed.
    • It turns out, the Humiliation Conga was initiated by The Spy simply to troll the ex-assassin. He disguised himself as a non-ascended Connor Kenway just to validate it. With that misstep, the Pantheons re-assigned Cormac back to the same house.
  • Assassins of all alignments stay far away from Shay when he’s around. There is a reason why he got the moniker of The Assassin Hunter.
    • Even modern spies and assassins aren't going to be taken lightly. Shay still believes that even with the new years, modern spies are just the same, uncaring and ruthless. He's going to make his first strike on them, starting with Solid Snake.
    • Somehow, he can even sense the Spy through his disguises. He mocked him for being a useless spy compared to the other ones he fought. On the other hand, he has opposed the Pyro to being a bane of assassins; after all, he is still an assassin himself.
    • Out of all the assassins out there, there is one that he hates above all the others. That assassin would be Shiro Tagachi. The reasons he betrayed his emperor ( listening to a false warning from a fortune teller, saying that he would be killed by the emperor, which lead to his first attack) put Shay into a Heroic BSoD when he heard them. Not only that, he even heard how Tagachi's other actions worsened the situaton for his country's people. Since Shay kills for the good of the people, Shiro will be his first primary target.
  • Later made an enemy in Corvo Attano, who not only is an Assassin, but is angered by Shay’s betrayal of The Assassin Brotherhood, which he not only is allied with, but it reminded him of Admiral Havelock and the Loyalists betraying him. Shay has avoided contact with Corvo, knowing about his supernatural power.
  • When Eiki heard of Shay's intentions for his betrayal, she decided to recruit him as her herald in her "white" judgement times. While she is a bit wary of his killing motives, she actually understands Shay's situation, that the assassins in his time were causing more damage than good by using the Pieces of Eden the wrong way.
    • YHVH however, is not letting Eiki recruit Shay into her authority, his reason being that he can instead be a division leader for his Templar group. Too bad Shay's objective isn't gathering power but killing his former advocates for the good of the people, and is willing to defect from the Templars should the time arise. While this has given a limit for YHVH's criteria, he's not going to let the opportunity slip away.
  • The House of Luck and Fortune became envious when they heard that he can make his own luck. At first, many deities never bothered listening to it since it was almost impossible for a mere mortal to create his own luck, but after hefty evaluation and even surviving the odds of his adventures, it made it clear that Shay has indeed been lucky ever since.
  • It's weird that Haytham, Shay's superior in the Templar Order, is now a follower.
  • Ezio became enraged when he found out Shay Cormac ascended into the Pantheon (again), dropping his usual cheerful personality in place of Cold Fury which greatly disturbed many of his followers. Ezio’s hatred stems not only from the Assassin-Hunter’s status as a Turn Coat, or the fact that he personally butchered hundreds of his brothers, but because Shay is a constant, living reminder of all of the Order’s shortcomings and flaws. Shay himself is entertained by Ezio’s resentment, actually having a rather high opinion of the man (seeing many aspects of himself in the Assassin). Nonetheless, even with a heavy heart, Shay will not hesitate to kill the Mentor.
    • Part of his respect towards Ezio is the Mentor's willingness to help and provide for those around him, similar to a dear friend who helped him join the Templars. Shay bitterly mutters that if someone like Ezio was his mentor, perhaps he wouldn't have defected in the first place.
    • Weirdly, one thing they share in common is their contempt for Esdeath, whose Social Darwinism worldview (Strong oppress the Weak) conflicts with Shay's Templar beliefs (Strong shepherds the Weak). Another common trait between them is that they both have a Teeth-Clenched Teamwork status with Night Raid, whose…measures when dealing with their foes are more extreme than the Templars at their worst, insofar as Shay knows. The main reason why Shay has yet to go after them is that he's fully aware that one: they outnumber him, and two: as much he hates to admit it, their skills outweigh his own. The only solution he knows for his problem with Night Raid, as well as Esdeath, can only be solved by teaming up with the Assassin mentor, Ezio. Surprisingly enough, both Shay and Ezio are open to the idea, knowing the Assassins and Templars have both unified on occasions in history.
    • Also a note for both: Please do not mention a certain timeline in front of them. Shay has condemned its presence and its speaking that he is a Big Bad, despite being canon.
      Shay: Let us not talk of that. I'd rather keep my mouth shut.
  • Has gained another target in the form of Jack the Ripper, upon discovering that the serial killer is in fact a rogue assassin just like him. Shay is still trying to figure out how such a man went off the deep end.
  • "History may brand me traitor, rebel or renegade. But in the end, it doesn't matter how history remembers me... What matters is that I followed my own creed."


    Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman 
Amanda Young and Mark David Hoffman, Dual Representatives of Budding Apprentice Takeovers (Both: Jigsaw | Amanda: Mandy, The Pig | Mark: Detective Hoffman, Detective-Lieutenant Hoffman, Jigsaw II)
Amanda (left) and Mark (right)
Amanda as The Pig 
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A Reverse-Bear Trap
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Hoffman uses a Neutral Good front as a freelance detective)
  • Portfolio: Torture Technician-Serial Killers, Apprentices to John Kramer, but Desire of Supplant him in the Future and are Motivated by their Own Agenda, Deceptive Disciple, Expert Kidnappers with seemingly Sympathetic Purposes, Are Usually Demented in their Acts, Pig Motifs, Able to Get Whatever they wanted for their Death Traps, Prove Themselves to be more Dangerous and Deranged than John Kramer, Initially Appearing as Side Characters before becoming More Important Later On
  • Domains: Apprentices, Traps, Murder, Gore, Revenge
  • Former Superior: John Kramer/Jigsaw
  • Allies: None whom they share; they have individual allies of their own.
  • Enemies: Jack Bauer, Lois Lane, Louis Bloom, John Luther, Richard Castle, Rust Cohle, Marty Hart, Temperance Brennan, Seely Booth, Clarice Starling, Will Graham, Norman Jayden, Sidney Prescott, Laurie Strode, Ash Williams, Cheryl/Heather Mason, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine
  • Opposes: Desaad, Ramsay Bolton, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, Yoshikage Kira
  • Opposed By: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Commissioner James Gordon, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Shotaro Hidari and Philip/Kamen Rider Double, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive
  • Respected Bynote : Madara Uchiha, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious
  • Pitied By: Obito Uchiha, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • John Kramer, a former mechanic who had lost everything he cared for and developed cancer, became the infamous Serial Killer known as Jigsaw after a suicide attempt, coming to believe that people saw their lives as taking them for granted selfishly and wanted to impose them brutally torturous traps where their lives were put on the line. Kramer designed the traps to be incredibly horrific in nature and execution, but survivable, hoping that the experience the survivors endure would result in them re-evaluating their own lives for the better. However, Kramer's perspective of helping others was twisted and nonsensical, which was further proven by two of the trap survivors; Amanda Young, a woman who indulged in self-harm and morphine to cope with her emotional and psychological stress due to her history of being brought up in an abusive and neglectful childhood, and Mark David Hoffman, a police officer who became vengeful after the death of his sister, Angelina Acomb, who was killed by her abusive boyfriend, Seth Baxter, whom Hoffman killed later on vis replicating a Jigsaw trap and rigging it to be unavoidable. He was later caught by Kramer, who had evidence of Hoffman's role in Baxter's execution and was given a choice of whether to arrest Kramer with the risk of Hoffman losing his job or Hoffman taking up the role of becoming an apprentice to Kramer as Jigsaw and seeing how Jigsaw's "rehabilitation" works. Hoffman chose the latter.
    • Amanda and Hoffman eventually became well-versed in setting up and initiating traps as well as using a friendly guise on the outside as a means to lure unsuspecting victims into being kidnapped and setting them up for a drawn-out execution as well as giving them a chance to fight for their lives and escape, just as Kramer had planned. However, neither of the two actually adhered to Kramer's core philosophy; Amanda became a Straw Nihilist who condemned Kramer's beliefs as nonsensical and designed her traps to be unwinnable by design as she feels that killing her victims is better than having them survive with long-lasting emotional trauma as she did. Hoffman, on the other hand, has his traps designed to be survivable, but beyond that, he couldn't really give a damn about the lives of others and only carries on with being Jigsaw because he receives enjoyment in the suffering of others with the traps that he settled up whilst keeping up a masquerade of being a diligent police officer to blend in with society.
    • Eventually, both Amanda and Hoffman would face competition against those who wanted to stop the traps and killings Kramer had established. Amanda was initially more active as Jigsaw, killing Adam Stanheight out of mercy days after he had lost his chance of survival, being challenged by homicide detective Eric Matthews, who had only wanted to reunite with his son, though she ended up beating him. Amanda was eventually outmatched when she set up Lynn Denlon, a surgeon, to be executed, which prompted her husband, Jeff, to shoot Amanda in response. Amanda's last moments, prior to, and after being shot, were reading a letter that broke her emotionally and having to hear Jigsaw telling her that she had failed to be a proper successor with how she intended to kill off her victims, whether they were able to solve their puzzles and traps regardless.
    • After Amanda Young died, Hoffman became more active in his role as Jigsaw, eventually gaining an Arch-Enemy in the form of Special FBI Agent Peter Strahm. Hoffman was not interested in seeking an apprentice of his own and was simply content with carrying Kramer's legacy for his own benefit, kidnapping and sentencing others into his Jigsaw Game Executions whilst enlisting the aid of Kramer's wife, Jill Tuck. Hoffman was eventually able to outwit Strahm, who was crushed to death in a glass coffin, though he would then contend against Special Agent Lindsay Perez and her supervisor, Dan Erickson. Perez and Erickson were able to expose Hoffman as the Jigsaw Killer, prompting him to kill them both, but Jill would later turn against Hoffman later on, barely surviving a Reverse-Bear Trap that Jill had set up. He set up two traps before enacting a revenge scheme, where he infiltrated his way into a police morgue where Jill was hiding and promptly killed everyone before executing Jill with the Reverse-Bear Trap. Despite his success, Hoffman's luck ran out when he was subdued by a hidden accomplice in the form of Dr. Lawrence Gordon, who was sent as a backup, in case Jill Tuck was killed, to apprehend and punish her murderer, which he did. Dragging him to the same bathroom where he and Adam were trapped in, Gordon locked up Hoffman and denied him any possible attempt of escape before telling him "Game Over" as he locked the door shut, with Hoffman ranting and screaming at how he was going to be imprisoned and condemned in the dark before he eventually dies of either starvation or dehydration.
  • The Pantheon was well aware of Kramer's story, with Jigsaw being one of the most discussed and perplexing Serial Killers in this fantastic realm. However, the tales of Amanda and Hoffman were much lesser-known as while they were successful in their own sort of way, their methods and mindset ultimately diverged too much from what Kramer had envisioned, even if they were his personal heralds. Though eventually, they would find their way to gain themselves a proper position in the Pantheon with both of them representing an apprentice that secretly covets the position of their superior and plots a takeover at some point. This information did not go unnoticed. Kramer, who's since come to see Amanda and Hoffman as disappointments, even if they were adept in the way they set up their traps; the reasoning and philosophy of the traps were also just as important, if not more so, and Amanda and Hoffman failed at those.
    • Amanda was supposedly resurrected by something only known as "The Entity" and dons a large swine costume, reflective of pigs being a symbolic animal for Kramer and Jigsaw. Taking on the mantle of "The Pig", she is willing to follow The Entity's command of being offered sacrifices, though Amanda admits that this is the only way she could find some kind of purpose and direction in her life, outside of indulging in heroin and self-harming herself. Hoffman, on the other hand, seeks to wonder why The Entity hadn't noticed him yet, considering that he takes more pleasure in his time as Jigsaw than Amanda ever did, but nothing has come out from that. Even then, Hoffman himself isn't sure of whether he escaped from the toilet, or he really died, though the common consensus is on the latter. Hoffman is none too pleased with the likeliest way his mortal coil was shed.
  • Both are notorious murderers and have obviously been classified as being too mentally unstable and out-of-control to be wholly reasoned with. It's common to find both of them dwelling in the Hall of Methods of Killing to look into what sort of ideas they could have for traps, kidnappings, and ways to initiate executions, but are aware that they would have to commit their actions more covertly now that they're pretty much infamous in the Pantheon. That said, Amanda would much rather be left alone and sulk over her misfortunes, whereas Mark wants to kill more people, but the fact that he couldn't blend into crowds as well as he could have as well as his position of being a police officer being more-or-less revoked has proven to be a daunting challenge for him. Then again, he did massacre an entire precinct.
  • Amanda and Hoffman are not the only deities to desire a need to overtake and add their own spin into what their mentor had established, but being said concept's representatives in the Pantheon meant that encountering those who had been in a similar situation was inevitable. Two such individual collectives came in the form of Sith Lords and two individuals from a clan called the Uchiha. All three parties expressed some form of surprise towards each other, namely that they were motivated by an inner darkness of sorts that drove them into villainy, and this was what defined their purpose in life. For Kramer's apprentices, Amanda and Hoffman deferred from his core philosophies and carried on with the Jigsaw Games for their own reasons and designs. The Sith Lords had different motivations, with Darth Sidious wanting the galaxy under his tyrannical grip whereas his apprentices, Maul, Dooku, and Vader wanted revenge, misguided diplomacy, and galactic order respectively. And the Uchihas, namely Madara and Obito, wanted world peace, but Madara wanted to invalidate himself as a savior as well whereas Obito simply wanted to go back to similar times, in spite of the fact that both were deluded into becoming S-Class criminals in their own world.
    • Amanda and Hoffman had mixed opinions regarding the Sith and the Uchihas; Amanda was, surprisingly enough, able to establish an amicable relationship with Maul, as both could relate to being bought up in an abusive childhoodnote  and how they were motivated by a hateful desire. Maul's goal of revenge was similar to that of Hoffman, given that they both lost siblings at some point in time, but Hoffman thinks Maul is a madman too obsessed with revenge to consider working with. Dooku and Vader pity their circumstances, though they condemn Hoffman's more recent actions, and Sidious couldn't care less about them, though the idea of Amanda and Hoffman being Sith Apprentices isn't wholly impossible, given how deep their dark desires are. As for the Uchihas, Madara was impressed by the innate hatred and darkness that Amanda and Hoffman carry despite their incompatibility to be in a working relationship, whereas Obito pities their circumstances, though given their refusal to wanting help and support, there's not much to express them towards.
  • As the two of them are renowned practitioners of executions and torture tactics, Amanda and Hoffman are well-known in the House of Slaughter, though the two of them would much rather keep a clean profile than constantly involve themselves with blood and gore. That said, Hoffman does have one ally in Victor Zsasz, a prolific serial killer who, like Amanda, was also a nihilist, and, more like Hogan, enjoyed the thrill of killing others, though his reasoning bordered on something along the lines of "removing them from their meaningless lives". He was entertained by the idea of the Jigsaw Games and was able to strike a deal with Hoffman in finding and capturing victims to use under the deal that Zsasz would be given credit for his role in their deaths and to be given resources for a future plan to rack up his own personal victims in the future, which Hoffman accepted. Since then, Zsasz has maintained close contact with Hoffman, though the latter tends to be careful in case the former becomes a liability later down the line due to his unpredictability and the wanton destruction he causes, in contrast to Hoffman who, despite being chaotic internally, still likes to enact his plans in a structural and organized fashion.
    • Their penchant for torture caught the notice of Desaad, the New God of Sadism, who also happened to be a skilled Torture Technician who reveled in the miseries and torment that he caused. He found The Jigsaw Killer to be very fascinating in regards to the obscene amount of mental and psychological torment is involved, in addition to the horrifically graphic way the kills and physical torment are executed. However, there is no mutual respect either from Kramer, Amanda, or Hoffman, for they instead see Desaad as being far too crazy and demented to be given association, not to mention that all he does is weasel underneath a much higher authority figure whenever he's not spending his time planning out torture sessions, whereas Desaad sees the whole "torturous moment = changed perspective in life" prospect to be flat-out laughable, even though Amanda and Hoffman themselves don't believe in it either. That, and Amanda and Hoffman personally have no interest in getting themselves involved with Darkseid or the Pantheonic Forever War, as they felt that Desaad would want them to participate in them in some way or another. On another note, Ramsay Bolton had lent appreciation towards the many traps and methods of killing employed by The Jigsaw Killer, even though Amanda and Hoffman ended up seeing Ramsay as not only a waste of their time but also someone who was too deranged and short-sighted to properly work with, not to mention that Ramsay is a sort of person that Kramer would be aiming to kidnap as a means to put him in one of the traps.
  • Both of them are notorious killers with a very distinguishing feature to tell them apart from others. However, neither of them are too fond of actually aligning themselves with other serial killers all that much, and even if they do, it's to do with pragmatism and to ensure that they have as much aid as they possibly can. It's the reason why Amanda and Hoffman distance themselves from Cletus Kasady as much as they can; while he and Amanda can relate to being nihilists, the former cannot stomach the latter's rampant sadism and his obsessive desire to main and kill until there is nothing left, something which Kasady responds with a sigh of disappointment. Additionally, Amanda and Hoffman prefer to do their acts covertly and to instill their murders towards those who step out of line regarding the value of life and morality note , and they are not accepting of Kasady's idea of running around places in an attempt to, in his words, "paint the town red".
    • Yoshikage Kira, a serial killer with the ability to turn whatever he touches into a spontaneous explosive bomb, organic or inanimate, balks at the idea of having to set up traps and force others to value their own lives and mistakes lest they die. Considering that all he wants is a life of "tranquility", he finds whatever Jigsaw establishes to be of too much effort, which bored him. Amanda and Hoffman, in contrast, think Kira is a lowlife who deserves to die and that his callousness towards anything else that isn't himself is exactly the sort of victim Kramer would be aiming for. Though Hoffman is unwilling to admit that he and Kira enjoy killing and hates the comparison. Amanda, however, tries to put as much distance as she can; she does not, in any way, want her hands to be an item of fetish from Kira, not to mention his abilities via his Stand, Killer Queen, makes him too much of a risk to approach.
  • While they have a lot of enemies and oppositions to contend with, Amanda and Hoffman are aware that there are certain deities who oppose them that they have little luck in standing a chance against. As a result, they put some distance regarding figures like Batman and Daredevil due to their feared history towards criminals, and while they do not kill, they will ensure that their aggressors will not get away with their acts. Batman believes that Amanda could be transferred to Arkham Asylum due to her unstable mental health record whereas Hoffman's barbaric actions mean a proper jail time should suffice for him. Though it's Commissioner Jim Gordon who places a heavy emphasis on opposing Hoffman, given that he's had to deal with corrupt cops a lot of times and Hoffman's own track record in opposing and winning against honest cops means he's cannot be taken lightly in any way. They also tend to avoid confrontations against Kamen Riders Double and Drive as while they have taken on cops and detectives before, those with superpowers is an effort too much for Amanda and Hoffman to deal with and they can't risk having to deal with them, unless they can, by any luck, ambush them untransformed, choosing instead to avoid any confrontation against them, though Shotaro, Philip, and Shinnosuke are bit more sympathetic towards them due to their tragic pasts. That said, Hoffman's sadistic nature makes it a lot harder for the Riders to try reasoning with him, unfortunately.
  • Emphasis on Amanda
    • Amanda had a terrible childhood and admits that she feels very unnerved whenever she comes close to the House of Family and Relatives. She doesn't hate the place, but having been abused and neglected throughout her childhood has done a number on her emotional and mental psyche. The House of Family and Relatives' tend to pity her predicament and wish they could help her out, but Amanda, having been driven to insanity, insists that she couldn't be helped and that her villainous acts have made it impossible for her to be forgiven and accepted from that point on. Some, particularly those in the Hall of Family Dysfunctions and the House of Despondency have considered trying to reach out to Amanda, but there's been little if any progress that has been made. That said, a part of Amanda does wish that she could find some form of relief and understanding, but her nihilism has locked in a depressive, loathing mindset.
    • In addition to her upbringing, Amanda is also a heavy user of drugs, namely morphine, to keep herself mentally stimulated. During her spare time, she visits the House of Crime and Transgressions in an attempt to find a batch of morphine to keep for usage, and her generally unassuming nature means that she doesn't have to arouse a lot of suspicions whenever she is there, though she does attract the attention of a few figures who would like to do… unsavory acts upon her. Unfortunately for them, Amanda isn't a pushover at all, and is just as capable of killing her aggressors, let alone fighting back. It's one thing she's had to know how to strike back if she came from an abusive, unloved childhood after all. That said, Amanda wants to make sure her identity as The Pig isn't spread around lest it suddenly attracts more attention towards her, which means her identity and her Jigsaw Games would come under heavy jeopardy, something that she cannot risk.
    • Amanda is a Straw Nihilist to such a degree that she personally doesn't agree with the fact that people are capable of changing and learning from their past experiences. This is the main reason why she designed her Jigsaw Games to be unavoidable, thinking that if they're incapable of changing, then what is the point of surviving and trying to make an attempt to move on with your life, considering that when she survived, all she ended up with was being more of a wreck and coming to the conclusion of developing a nihilistic mindset. The Pantheon and its Forever War, to Amanda at least, affirms her beliefs; nobody wants to change and become better people because why else would the battle between the Grand United and Lesser Alliances be carrying on? She wants to make sure that she could find a way to find and kidnap any active participant in the Forever War in case they've become obsolete, particularly those in the side of Evil, as many of them would fit Amanda's beliefs that they are not willing to change.
      • Amanda's belief of hopelessness attracted the attention of Hunter Zolomon, a metahuman who possessed the ability to alter time based on his perception, making others seem immobile and himself faster than he appears. While Zolomon is a self-admitted supervillain, he came to find Amanda's ways of killing as nonsensical and insane as they were an opposite to Zolomon's modus operandi, which was to make others suffer as a means to make them better people, especially when it came down to his former friend Wally West. In contrast, Amanda found Zolomon to also not make as much sense as him supposedly trying to "inspire" others into becoming better people isn't exactly better than what Kramer did with his beliefs of being the Jigsaw Killer, not to mention that if he really wanted to inspire someone, why didn't Zolomon just become a hero instead, saying this to validate her own viewpoint that people don't change. The fact that Zolomon himself was an FBI Informant was a point of alarm, though he stated that he opposed Amanda for more personal reasons and that what she's doing isn't really going to give her any sort of closure or satisfaction, words that she's yet to reciprocate properly.
    • Her contact with The Entity has made Amanda become more accepting of her identity as The Pig and she would often try to appease him by hunting down chosen survivors The Entity has listed to be bought upon as sacrifices. Many of the targets Amanda chases are also survivors of horrific predicaments, though Amanda, rather than kidnapping and using traps, chooses to actively stalk and attack her victims head-on, even using her traps as weapons midway in her hunting sprees. She's made foes with various figures who are usually able to fight her off, though because of the circumstances they're in, none of the survivors are in favor of trying to reason with Amanda and her bleak past. Even then, Amanda's relentless nature has already made that choice nigh-impossible. When not working with The Entity during her spare time, Amanda usually conducts her criminal actions in the same way Kramer taught her to act, though Kramer, already not happy with Amanda (and Hoffman) perverting his teachings, usually keeps his distance from her out of disappointment and shame.
  • Emphasis on Hoffman
    • Despite Angelina's death being the catalyst for his villainy, Hoffman isn't actually pitied by the Hall of Siblings, but instead condemned for the many atrocities he committed as The Jigsaw Killer. Hoffman, however, doesn't hold any personal grudges against the Hall, and, if anything, being reminded of Angelina does strike a nerve with him. His sister being arguably the only individual that he cares for, Hoffman feels as if attacking the Hall of Siblings would be standing against his own love for Angelina, as twisted as his mind is, so he makes an attempt to put as much distance as he can from it. He's aware that he couldn't change their minds about him, so he's going to have to focus his thoughts elsewhere.
    • Having been a police officer, it didn't take long before Hoffman became very unpopular in the House of Law and Justice, and he's made an effort to at least try to be as affable as he can while he affirms himself back into police work via freelance. To his credit, Hoffman is an excellent officer when it comes to detective work and working on cases. He's also straightforward enough to not take bribes from others, which allows Hoffman to maintain a working relationship of sorts that isn't soured by personal desires. What does hamper this, however, is Hoffman's excessive brutality when it comes to delivering beatdowns on suspects. This would be a call of role examination, but as the Pantheon has been dealing with worse threats, even within the police force, Hoffman isn't too much of an issue at the moment, which has helped him for the time being. Though as an independent police officer, Hoffman is doing his best to make sure his public image isn't spoiled and that his kidnappings are done cleanly and without arousing much suspicion. That, and aiming mainly for those whom Kramer would have targeted as he thinks the Pantheon wouldn't think to miss them all that much.
      • Hoffman, to his surprise, was able to make an accomplice in Scott Shelby, another police officer who usually acted independent, but was secretly committing criminal actions as the Origami Killer, kidnapping young boys and imprisoning them in a narrow sewer space where heavy rain would eventually fill up and drown them. Shelby would also leave behind origami figures for the boys' fathers to use as a way to figure out a way to save their son's life. Shelby committed his acts because he wanted to find a father who would do anything to save his son, which came about because he himself came from an abusive father, who became the reason why his younger brother, John, died in a rainwater flood after being trapped, and their father, whilst highly drunk, refusing to help his youngest son out. This information did unnerve Hoffman, seeing as his own villainy was caused by the death of his sister, Angelina. It led to Hoffman and Shelby coming to an understanding and deciding that they can potentially work together, though covertly, to make sure their murderous acts aren't showcased as easily outside. Though Scott insists that he's better off with his criminal designs, not really being a fan of what Hoffman employs, not to mention that unlike him, Scott isn't a sadist.
    • Needless to say, experience with FBI Agents and his history of battling and killing them during his time as the Jigsaw Killer has earned him many enemies in the Pantheonnote . Clarice Starling and Will Graham have conducted a series of investigations regarding kidnappings and mutilated bodies and how many of them can be traced back to the Jigsaw Killer via a piece of flesh carved out in the shape of a jigsaw piece. Agents Temperance Bones, Seely Booth, and Norman Jayden have also followed suit, something which has gotten both Amanda and Hoffman to become a lot more cautious and paranoid in the Pantheon. Amanda would rather either ignore or avoid whatever FBI Agent is closing in on her, only resorting to killing them if she doesn't have many chances left, whereas Mark is willing to at least try to negotiate and help them out before biding his time to either kill or incapacitate them into partaking in a Jigsaw Game for his own amusement. That said, with the amount of evidence being put out with each investigative attempt, the chances of uncovering Amanda and Hoffman as killers are getting much closer to their worry and frustration.
"I know it's hard to concentrate when you're surrounded by so many things you could kill me with."
Amanda Young

"You told me the only way to truly offer enlightenment is by detaching emotionally."
Mark Hoffman

    Hans Westergard 
Prince Hans Westergard, God of Love Interest Traitors (13th Prince of the Southern Isles, Sköll)
Click here to see him as Sköll 

    Lance Bishop 
Lance Bishop, God of Red Herring Traitor Agents (Serial Number A17/TQ2.0.35100E2)

    Nom Anor 
Nom Anor, God of Inciting Sabotage (Pedric Cuf, Dr. Cree'Ar, Udelen, Yu'shaa, Ammorn)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A coomb spore
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Chessmaster, Manipulative Bastard, Covert Agents Inspiring Rebellion, Prioritizing His Survival, Never Found the Body, Faux Affably Evil, Considered Heretical For His Naked Ambition, One Of The More Lucid Yuuzhan Vong, I Have Many Names, The Heavy, Hates Technology, Though Not As Zealous As Most Of his Race, Full-Name Basis, Humanoid Aliens, Spikes of Villainy
  • Domains: Trickery, Planning, Plants, Nature Preservers, Genetic Engineering
  • Herald: Vua Rapuung
  • High Priest: Eric Cooper (or rather, the Undine who impersonated him)
  • Followers: Undine Infiltrators, Thomas Jerome Newton and his shapeshifters, Fauxlivia
  • Allies
  • Rivals: The Spy
  • Enemies: The heroic Star Wars deities, SHODAN, the CPUs, Bruce Wayne/Batman, SCP-079, Mojo Jojo and the Vex. Also, Nom Anor considers any member of the Houses of Machinery and Technology and Gaming or user of their services to be his enemy, along with The Church of the Broken God, the Transformers, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Respects: Alex Mercer, Velvet Crowe, SCP-040
  • Pities: Soldier #25954, Wilhuff Tarkin
  • Conflicting Opinions: Velvet Crowe, Alex Mercer, Orson Krennic, The Sarkic Cults
  • Nom Anor was responsible for causing chaos and softening invasion targets for his Yuuzhan Vong superiors when he was still an Executor in the Star Wars Legends continuity, as well as creating spore-based weapons and disguisers known as gablith masquers. He also formed a Les Collaborateurs organization to support the Yuuzhan Vong, which was successful in smashing what remained of the Yavin 4 rebel base. He made sure to mock Wilhuff Tarkin later for being able to do what he could not.
  • Nom Anor ascended to the Pantheon during the final battle of the Yuuzhan Vong War, shortly before the Supreme Overlord Citadel was destroyed. Upon arriving at the Pantheon, Nom Anor and several other ascended organics were attacked by SHODAN, a member of the Grand United Alliance of Machines. This event combined with the Yuuzhan Vong hatred of electrical and mechanical entities caused him to vow to bring down the Alliance once and for all.
  • His race's hatred of technology is somewhat understandable, given they were caught in a devastating conflict between two mechanical races. As such he considers the Church of the Broken God detestable and hates both sides of Cybertron. He seems intrigued by the Sarkic Cults, but isn't too sure of some of their more radical views. Still, Nom Anor is often derided by his kind for being secular by their standards.
  • When Nom Anor realized that he no longer possessed his ooglith masquer, he searched for a deity that could make him a replacement. Several scientific deities offered to make one for him, but he would not allow them to use their 'abominations' to do so. Eventually, he met SCP-040 - although she did not know how to generate an ooglith masquer, Nom Anor lent his knowledge on creating spores and the gablith masquer to help guide her in making one. Eventually, SCP-040 created a makeshift ooglith masquer, allowing him to disguise himself once again. It is rumored that SCP-040 continues to make living devices for Nom Anor to use to this very day.
  • Nom Anor, while disguised, has pledged his support to Orson Krennic. The two have exchanged some of their knowledge on biological weapons, although they have disagreed on the effectiveness of the Death Star. Nom Anor claimed that a single dovin basal could have the same effect while using considerably fewer resources, providing the destruction of Sernpidal as an example. The Death Star, in addition to being a 'technological abomination', required too much time and too many slaves to create and deploy. Nom Anor has offered to provide Director Krennic several prototypes of his dovin basals. Through all of this Krennic was pleased, but somewhat confused because he comes from another continuity. He heard something about a Bevel Lemelisk, though.
  • Nom Anor discovered that the Original Trilogy cast was present in the Pantheon and resolved to confront them while disguised.
    • When he met Leia, he dressed up as Darth Vader to agitate her. She and Nom Anor have not spoken to each other again.
    • When he met Han and Chewie, he was confused by his presence, telling Han that he had never seen the Wookie before. Han was briefly confused, before asking if Nom Anor had actually watched the original trilogy. Nom Anor replied that he would never watch 'that abominable filth'. Cue Bar Brawl.
    • When he found C-3PO and R2-D2, he tried to attack them. Luke stopped his attack and said he could have the droids if he won against Luke; if he lost, he would not try to harm the droids again. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • When Nom Anor heard of the Conquest Ending from other deities, he sought out Nepgear. Initially, he was repulsed by Nepgear and her love for machines, but he was certain he could turn her against the other CPUs. An alias of his currently works with her, seeking a way to usurp the other CPU shares and force a war between the CPU nations.
  • When Nom Anor met Velvet during a raid on the Vex, he noticed that she attacks with an extensible arm. He asked her if one of the shapers granted her the arm and where to find the shaper, and she angrily replied that Artorius gave it to her and she would kill him if she ever found him for killing her brother. He replied that killing would be too good a fate for him if true, recommending denouncement instead. Seeing an opportunity to gain an ally against the machine deities, he offered to give her access to his makeshift Yuuzhan Vong biotech in exchange for closer cooperation against the Vex.
  • When Nom Anor learned of what happened to Soldier #25954 and his/her fight against Corvus, he used his/her story as propaganda to encourage fighting against the machine deities.
  • Although Mojo Jojo is not a machine deity, Nom Anor has designated him as an enemy for making a great deal of 'disgusting abominations'. He actively encourages the Powerpuff Girls to focus on Mojo Jojo, but warns them to not rely on Professor Utonium and his inventions.
  • Nom Anor has attempted to destroy the Batcave multiple times in order to cripple its technology with help from Poison Ivy. Nom Anor had considered recruiting Poison Ivy as one of his suppliers, but decided otherwise when he learned of her mind control ability. He has settled with having her as an ally against Batman and his machines.
  • Nom Anor was intrigued when he learned of Mordin Solus and the Collectors. He was initially interested in finding Collector weapons with Mordin due to rumors that they are similar to Yuuzhan Vong weaponry, but decided otherwise when he learned that the Collectors take orders from mechanical entities. Despite this, Nom Anor and Mordin bonded over their knowledge of creating diseases during their search for Collector weaponry.
  • The Spy has attempted to steal ooglith masquers from Nom Anor on multiple occasions. Nom Anor offered to give the Spy one, but warned that putting it on and off hurts by design. The Spy scoffed at this, saying that no one would make a disguiser that hurts on purpose. Nom Anor told him that the Spy would be surprised, since members of Domain Shai actually used torture devices for meditation. He asked once more if the Spy would like to try to put on the ooglith masquer. The Spy refused the offer, certain that his own disguiser is superior.

    Penelope Mouse 
Penelope Mouse, Goddess of Evil Former Friends (Black Baron, Black Knight)

    The Spy 
OK, who's— (gets backstabbed)


The Spy, God of Double-Reverse-Quadruple Agents (SPAH, SHPEE, Detective Jacques Murnau, The Detective, Corporal Detective Mannix, The Smoker)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A butterfly knife in a circle
  • Theme Songs: "Right Behind You"; "Petite Chou-Fleur" when in a good mood
  • Alignment: As indeterminable as his loyalty
  • Portfolio: Paranoia Fuel, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Actual Back Stabs, Invisibility Cloak, French Jerk, Wicked Cultured, Magnificent Bastard, Your Mom, Superior Over Many Spies Around, Has A Paranoia Over Fire, Master of Disguise, Expert Assassin, Stealth Expert
  • Domains: Espionage, Paranoia, Invisibility
  • Followers: Ryoji Kaji
  • Allies: Revolver Ocelot, Nova Terra, Zeratul, Saxton Hale, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu. Other than that, the rest are temporary allies until they break his contract.
  • Commonality Connection with: Pepe Le Pew, Carl "CJ" Johnson
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Every single member of Mann Co's Mercenaries; most notably The Scout (his son)
  • Enemies: Gray Mann, Merasmus, Monoculus and the HHH, The Pyro and Dell Conagher/The Engineer (they never consider the Spy to be an ally, ever), Garfield Lynns/Firefly, Esdeath, Ada Wong, Ragyo Kiryuin, GLaDOS, and anyone who the Spy is ordered to kill or has interest in.
  • Worthy Opponent: Bruce Wayne/Batman, John Wick
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Sniper Wolf, Corvo Attano, Night Raid, Niko Bellic, Solid Snake, Mr. Mundy/The Sniper, Shay Patrick Cormac
  • Extremely Complicated Relationship with: Charlotte Dunois, Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Opposed by: Every robot deity in the Pantheon (hell, even Ultron hates him so much to his chargin).
  • Opposes: Every single Fire-user and Sniper in the Pantheon
  • Fears: Raul Menendez, The Slender Man, Dokuro
  • His ascension was actually a complicated one. He was actually the first of the Mercenaries to ascend within the Pantheon (the Court of the Gods didn't even know his presence), and after many years of new ascensions and tales, he disappeared later on. However, with all the Mercenaries being part of Pantheon proper, he decided to reveal himself and as a result, was placed as the God of Double-Reverse-Quadruple Agents.
    • His revelation to the Mercenaries was followed with a sound of a cloak and a phrase:
    "Hello again!"
  • Often in his free time, he goes in every temple around the Pantheon, without being caught. In fact, he is too well hidden, that the Main House doesn't notice him (he either stays invisible or goes in another disguise). Many gods have started to become very paranoid (especially Kane, who was among the now-defunct Desiccated Gods) due to his Paranoia factor.
    • His espionage did not last long though, due to him getting bored of being disguised as John Carmack for too long, he decided to use Haruhi instead. It only took fifty seconds for the real Haruhi to reveal the Spy's appearance. However, rather than to kick him out horribly, Haruhi decided to allow the Spy to enter the Main House, but under three conditions:
      • NEVER reveal any info to any god regardless of alignment.
      • When entering the House, stay invisible and check if anyone is following you.
      • Follow Haruhi.
    • As a result, he accepted such an ordeal, though he is still pretty embarrassed on how she found him out that quickly.
  • Is really annoyed by Batman's presence. Mainly due to him knowing what the Spy has on his sleeve. Here was one example of Spy's encounter.
  • He has a bit of a nasty habit of seducing the mothers of his enemies and sending the pictures to them in the act to the enemy in question, using it as mental warfare. Needless to say, this is an extremely effective tactic. Except for those who don't love their mamas, but the Spy has other methods or those people.
  • Widely regarded as one of the least trustworthy individuals of the Pantheons, as befitting of his position. His catch phrase of "I never really was on your side" is a completely justified one, as countless members of the Pantheon have noted.
    • He is also known as one of most annoying spies to take down in the Pantheon. If he is being chased, he can either turn invisible or disguise as another person. And if someone thinks they got him? He probably used the Dead Ringer to fool you.
    • His characteristics followed by his expertise in espionage (remarkably equal skill with Solid Snake) has gotten him the complete hate from every single robot deity due to being machines, in which his sapper can make short work of them, and that the information they have on their databases can be tampered or worse, spread around the Pantheon. Its not only that though, even snipers around hate him due to his habit of tricking, backstabbing and owning every sniper in existence.
      • Speaking of snipers, the only sniper that can outsmart and outmaneuver him is non-other than Mr. Mundy. He curses the Australian for creating a shield meant to fend off his backstabs. Due to this, many snipers and archers have bought said item and used it ever since. However, that doesn't stop bullets though.
  • He loves copying or stealing other people's weapons, more notably knives. A recent example of this is his replica of the Hidden Blade, which earned him a rivalry with Ezio, a very strange knife that Jafar owned, a kunai that he recently stole from Jiraya and an icicle that he modified from using Jaina's Ice Lance ability.
  • Has gained an "ally" of Nova Terra for many reasons: They are very well hidden from the Pantheon, they are very dangerous, and that their sides are a little confusing, though Nova has truly changed at the end. Ironically though, she complains that the Spy keeps on mocking her "Unreleased Projects". She also introduced him to Zeratul, who was also interested at the Spy due to his expertise in espionage.
    • The Spy is also accompanied by another Manipulative Bastard, Revolver Ocelot. They both love changing sides and how they are able to extract information without getting caught. Ocelot sees The Spy as a potential weakness to Snake, though the The Spy refuses to kill or even provoke him.
  • With CJ's recent ascension, the Spy has been seen hanging out with Carl a lot. Mainly due to the fact that they have a lot of customizable traits. The Spy however, is giving CJ some tips, regarding cosmetics, weapons, and hats.
  • While his present aspect's loyalty is extremely indeterminable, there is actually another Spy in the Pantheon who is actually loyal to his teammates (constant snark aside)…
    • However, the current Spy's behavior has made his relations with the Pyro and Dell Conagher difficult, with the former being the only weakness to him (and them being insane anyway) and the latter despises the Spy due to his constant sapping of his inventions (and because it's become impossible to differentiate the official aspect from the one he could trust). This got him immediately banned from the House of Technology, though that did not stop him. Which is probably the reason why Dell decided to employ the Pyro to keep watch of the House.
    • For the Scout however, he has a somewhat love-hate relationship with the Spy due to being a bigger Jerkass than him, spreading a rumor regarding him fearing rainbows and the fact that, since he seduced his mother, he is officially his dad.
      • This ended up reaching a boiling point once Scout found out one of the Spy's biggest secrets; that Spy is all but confirmed to be his actual biological dad, yet he didn't have the guts to tell him unless he was wearing a Tom Jones disguise (It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context). This has led Scout to barge into Spy's temple and brutally attack him with his bare hands, calling him out for being a coward who couldn't tell him the truth. It was only due to being reminded of his mother did he, if very reluctantly, spare him. The two have since rarely, if ever, been in the same room as each other.
      • Upon also finding out that God has called Scout his "Gift To Women" and has ascended into Intermediate godhood, his response was a resounding;
    Spy: You have got to be #$%^*@& kidding me.
  • While he does love to make a "visit" to every single temple in the Pantheon (hell, he's even glad when he visited Giygas's temple), the only gods that he will NEVER meet is The Slender Man and recently Raul Menendez. The former is just too bloody creepy to begin with and the latter brain-manipulated him into killing his teammates and invading the Main House. Due to the aforementioned reasons, he will never attempt to have contact ever with them.
    • Dokuro is also quickly racking her way up to this status as well, with her devotion to Scout, whom she calls "Big Bro", and just how bloody dangerous she can be if provoked. Doesn't stop her from taking his body to be glued up onto a piece of dry wood or head lobbed off for a makeshift baseball though.
  • Has given a few advisories to Pepe Le Pew if he wanted to help attract the ladies. Ironically though, the skunk thought that he was copying him, instead he became interested in the Spy's technique: the "Stalk, then Meet" method.
    • However, the Spy had a horrible memory of doing the same method to Charlotte Dunois, because he almost got caught. If he did get caught, he would have been turned into ashes. At the same time, Charlotte fears him as well due to his sapper being a weakness to her IS unit, and the fact that he can turn into anyone in a quick second.
  • Somehow recently, he likes to hide in a cardboard box and sneak around, much to the confusion of Snake.
    • He also seems to have an addiction to cigarettes. However, it should be noted that once he starts pilling up cigarettes, his face results into this.
  • In his free time, the Spy often call sessions with other gods to practice the art of "Spy-crabbing". Many gods however, saw the taunt to be very funny, to the point that they attempt to migrate literally.
  • He also got involved in a race with Sonic and other Sega characters. He wasn't alone though, Heavy and Pyro joined in as well. Many of them, especially Tails, were complaining at Spy for allowing a plane to be considered at the race.
  • "I never really was on your side."

"Now, if you will excuse me... (dollar bills tossed) Here; go buy yourself a hat."


    Eve Harrington 
Eve Harrington, Goddess of Seemingly Nice People Treated with Suspicion (Gertrude Slojinski)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Sarah Siddons Award for Distinguished Achievement
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, threatens to tell Margo how Karen helped her unless Karen convinces Lloyd to cast her in his play, The Chessmaster, Extreme Doormat towards Margo, envious towards Margo’s success, It's All About Me, Loony Fan, Manipulative Bastard, Naïve Newcomer (or at least what she pretends to be), Smug Snake
  • Domains: Theater, Ambition, Manipulation, Backstabbing
  • Allies: Mrs. Robinson, Count Olaf, Vermouth, Annie Wilkes
  • Rivals: Norma Desmond
  • Enemies: The Hall of Investigative Work, Cole Phelps
  • Opposed by: Lisa Simpson
  • Mixed relations with: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Object of Interest for: Charles Foster Kane, the Hall of Planning (particularly Petyr Baelish)
  • Eve Harrington is an aspiring actress, dreaming of herself becoming a wonderful Broadway star one day. She claimed to have followed her idol Margo Channing’s every performance, from San Francisco to New York City, and it isn’t long before she got to meet Margo and was eventually given the chance to be her understudy. This turned out to be a mistake as Eve is revealed to be a mistress of manipulation, who is not truly admiring of Margo, but rather envious. Over time, Eve more or less takes over Margo’s entire life, and as Eve’s power and fame rise, Margo’s falls rapidly. Ultimately, all of this resulted in Eve receiving the Sarah Siddons Award for being Broadway's best actress. It didn’t take long before the Main House read up on how a seemingly naïve person like Eve would turn out to be anything but that, and as such, she was given dominion over the trope Subverted Suspicion Aesop.
  • She is often seen acting in the House of Theatre and Spectacle. For the most part, the House seems to be okay with her as long as she is a good actress. However, many of the members condemn her for backstabbing Margo, whom they’d be concerned with if she ever ascends.
    • One of the house’s residents, Norma Desmond, has her own reasons for despising her as she is concerned that Eve’s star power would hinder on any possibility of her making a “return.” Eve herself finds Norma to be somewhat similar to Margo and has no problem with taking on certain roles that Norma is also interested in playing.
  • To an extent, she shares some common ground with Mrs. Robinson given that they are both manipulative bitches in sheep’s clothing who only care about themselves. It's just that Mrs. Robinson has talents more suited for seducing and controlling via love.
  • Count Olaf, upon hearing about another manipulative actor, has taken interest in Eve and has even considered performing with her in a stage play together. Eve also has a professional relationship with Vermouth if for both of them being stage actresses with shady backgrounds.
  • The Hall of Investigative Work is rather suspicious of Eve after finding out about her proficiency with blackmail. One particular person who is willing to bring Eve to justice is Cole Phelps given that he has dealt with shady Hollywood folks before. This all started when Eve tried to blackmail Phelps into silence about his affair, but he retorted that he has nothing to hide and told her that everyone knows about it anyway since he himself confessed to it.
  • Given that she is a Loony Fan towards Margo (and has ended up gaining one of her own), she ended up becoming friends with Annie Wilkes, who has this similar behaviour towards Paul Sheldon. Although Eve would sometimes be put off by Annie’s more insane antics.
  • For Lisa Simpson, Eve’s presence serves as a constant reminder of what Lisa did when she once upstaged Krusty the Clown in his own show, to which she felt deeply ashamed of. That, and she disapprove of Eve’s own actions toward Margo.
  • Charles Foster Kane is among one of several deities who have frequently attended nearly all of Eve’s performances. After the end of each play, he would attempt to court her in the hopes that her popularity would bring him some good fortune.
  • Besides Kane, several residents in the Hall of Planning, such as Petyr Baelish, have expressed interest in Eve and her goals in acting. They have been assisting her by offering her whatever roles in certain plays or films suit her.