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For every act of travel, there's a destination on the other end. No matter what one's current location is, there is usually something interesting to be found at that particular place. It can be anything including landmarks and cities, but just remember to watch out for any potential hazards that could show up.


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    The Old Gods 
The Old Gods Members , Ancient Deities of Incomprehensible Locations (All: Dread Elders, the Elder Gods, the Old Lords, the Old Ones, and the Old Whisperings; C'Thun: Old God of madness and chaos; Yogg-Saron: The Lucid Dream, The Beast with a Thousand Maws, The Fiend of a Thousand Faces, The God of Death, That Which Must Not Be Named, Hope's End, Yoggy, Yogg, The Betrayer, Yolo-Saron, The God of RNG; N'Zoth: The Corruptor, God of the Deep; Y'Sharrj: God of the Klaxxi,Progenitor of the sha, The seven headed one, the beast of seven heads, Rage Unbound)
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  • Overdeities
  • Symbols: Themselves
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Corruption, Manipulation
  • Heralds: The Aquir and Quiraji (C'Thun), The N'raqui (N'Zoth Yogg-Saron), The Sha, the Klaxxi and the Mantids (Y'Shaarj)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationships: Garrosh Hellscream (Y'Shaarj)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Each other, Doctor Boom
  • Opposed by: The House of Undead and Phasmata and Most of the Gods in Death and Postmortem
  • The old gods were creatures who come from the void with the mission of corrupting the world of Azeroth, tampering with the creations of the Titans in the process, which eventually sparked a war that left 3 of them imprisoned and one dead. Since then, their corruption spread to whenever they reside and they are still planning to destroy everything for the sake of Chaos. This creatures were found in the pantheon once and it took the entire effort of the GUAG aided by the four dragon aspects (Including Malygos) to imprison them. It is generally advised to avoid visiting them as no one returns fully well from an Old God's corruption.
  • After hearing about these ungodly abominations, The Hunter decided to end their lifes for good. However, when they were about to enter the Gods temple, they were immediately confronted by Deathwing and they were forced to retreat as he wasn't a match for the Death Aspect. They had never anticipated that the dragon was one of the biggest pawns of the Old Gods.
    • Besides Deathwing, Ragnaros also decided to serve his old masters once again which alarmed many people in the Pantheon, since they weren't aware the elemental lord used to serve the old Gods. This has made the GUAG to gather enough forces just in case these creatures decided to strike the Pantheon again.
    • When Cho'Gall heard that the Old Gods had acended, he was very quick to start visiting their temples, as he is already too corrupt to suffer any ill affects. He has been noted to favor C'Thun, though he makes an effort to visit each temple once a day.
  • It is forbidden in its ENTIRETY to ever try to kill any of the Old Gods, as killing them would leave nasty consequences in the Pantheon AND given the nature of the Pantheon regarding Death, then the Old Ones could potentially regain all the power they lost after their resurrection.
  • They are also reffered as "The Elder Gods" which caught Raiden by surprise, since he didn't expect to find his masters ascended. When he found out who these Elder Gods were about, he was horrified of the damage they had caused and refuses to compare these Eldritch creatures with his Homeworld's Elder Gods.
  • Their objective is simple, corrupt every place of the pantheon and cause unending chaos forever. That's the reason why the are always compered to the Chaos Gods as their objectives are similar and plus, they are also Eldritch Abominations. It was no surprise when both camps joined forces to put in motion a plan to corrupt the entire pantheon.
  • The elder gods have also taken interest in learning about their counterparts of Yharnam, The Great Old Ones. While both groups communicate without issue at all, the latter have been hesitant to collaborate with the Old Gods. Of course they don't mind at the moment, but later down the road the Old Gods have considered Brainwashing these creatures into submission when the time comes
  • They found common ground with the Elder Dragons of Tyria, since they share the same abilities to warp the surrounding they inhabit and also feed on magic. However, none of the dragons are interesting on serving the Elder Gods but there is still a rivalry going with both groups.
  • They also seems to get along with fellow lovecraftian deities given their similarities. Remarkably, C'Thun seems to get along with Cthulhu while Yogg-Saron has formed an alliance with Yogg-sothoth for very particular reasons.
  • Rumors say that their influence has been lingering around a peaceful tavern where various people from Azeroth gather to relax. While their plans are not very clear at the moment, they have already "corrupted" many of its frequent visitors, much to the shock of various deities.
    • However, many breath a sigh of relieve when they discovered that when the Old Gods visit this place, they're the ones that are under the control of the heroes that reside there: Jaina, Malfurion, Alleria, Uther, Valeera, Garrosh, Gul'dan, Rexxar and Thrall.
  • Discord once tried to befriend them what with them being gods of chaos. But was horrified when he found out that their brand of chaos was endless death and destruction rather than the odd and wacky and thus became enemies. Solidified by Yogg-Saron calling Discord's brand of chaos childish and amateurish.
  • Exclusive to C'Thun:
    • Ever since his defeat against the Titans, C'thun has been kept imprisoned beneath Azeroth in one of their research facilities, in what would later become the continent of Kalimdor. He did return once but eventually he was defeated by a group of adventurers, which is no easy task for any mortal. His eventual ascension would allow him to get in motion a plan to drive to insanity many potentially useful gods to use as Pawns.
    • His appearance mostly consist as a giant eye surrounded by many tentacles. This made him be approached by another abomination by the name of Monoculus, which happen to be a floating eye that misteriously seems to speak a similar language that C'thun understands.
      • Another deity he has allied himself with was Sauron, given that his Eye form is very similar to C'thun's default form
    • Given that he had a race of insectoid creatures as pawns, whose names are the aquir and Quiraji, The old one was able to make an alliance with Queen Sectonia, given that she has similarities with said creatures that used to serve him. This didn't sit well on kirby but he is careful to approach this alliance since the Elder Gods are not creatures that he thinks he could take by himself.
    • Has a devoted cult by the name of The Twilight Hammer that are really loyal to him and his brethen (but most importantly, him). This in turn made the House of Religion and Faith very careful if it happened that some members were already among them
    • A special rule he made for becoming a disciple of him is to shout his name three times.
    "C'Thun, C'THUN, C'THUN!"
  • Exclusive to Yogg-Saron:
    • Yogg-Saron is known as one of the most malevolents of the Elder gods. He was imprisoned in the depths of the city of Ulduar and the titans assigned specific watchers to keep an eye on him. While his situation in the pantheon is no different to how he was in Azeroth, it should be said that his powers are able to drive insane almost anyone dumb enough to get near him. As a matter of fact, all of his guardians ended up sucumbing to him
    • There has been rumors that wispers can be heard near his temple, which is not a good sign mind you, as he could easily Mind Rape anyone close to his range and make you his slave. It is possible to fight his influence but is not adviced in the slightest.
    • It is said that Yogg-Saron is very closely related to the creature known as Hastur, since they both share the Moniker of "The Unspeakable one". While Hastur isn't found in the pantheon at the moment, Old man Henderson has tried to take down Yogg-Saron thinking he is a possible reincarnation of Hastur. So far the Henderson has been unsuccessful, since he cannot get past Deathwing and is getting increasingly annoyed by the black dragon.
    • Yogg-saron is also known as "The God of Death" given how he feeds of the essence of the Undead and Death itself. That's why the House of Death and Postmortem struggles to fend off him in hopes that he doesn't corrupt the house or else the nature of Death in the pantheon could really be corrupted by his mere presence. Undead gods also stay far away of the Elder God's reach.
      • However, he did got himself a fierce opposition from other Grim reapers just to keep the natural balance of death intact. Others, like Death the Horseman, are only interested in absorving the creatures powers.
    • He also has control over the N'raqui, also known as the Faceless ones, Humanoid creatures that resembles squids. They have been under conflict with the Scourge given that they are closely located to the old city of Azjol'nerub, where the nerubians hail from. Yogg-Saron has only limited himself to taunt the Lich King of his eventual fate and said that his forces will eventually succumb to his corruption.
    Yogg-Saron: No King rules forever...
    • Has an incredible control over magic, so powerful he might turn a recently cast spell into something he desires. However, his insanity prevents him from focusing in one targer, prefering to rain destruction all around him, even to the point of harming himself.
      • Given his random nature, he became best buds with the RNG.
    • "Bow down before the God of Death".
  • Exclusive to N'Zoth:
    • N'Zoth happens to be the entity behind Neltharion's corruption and eventual descent to Madness, which he later be bound to make Azeroth tremble. Rumors say that he inhabits the depths of the Oceans of Azeroth.
    • N'Zoth whole motivations, while similar to the rest of the Elder ones, are a complete mystery to everyone. He happens to be one of the few ascendants that no one has ever saw in person. That doesn't mean that his presence is not there and it is said that he can be heard whispering in either the House of Water and Moisture or Aquatic Life but no is certain if he is there.
      • Until a expedition led by Aquaman was made in order to investigate said whispers. To his horror, what they found was the real N'Zoth, who was about to transform both houses into his domain. A collective effort from all the members of said houses plus an assistance from the GUAG was enough to force The Corruptor to flee, but has since relocated with his fellow Old Gods.
    • He doesn't get particularly well with his brethen. Nobody knows why but he has wage war with both C'Thun and Yogg-Saron and their relationship has not improved in the slightest. The most common explanation is that their twisted minds make them confront each other just for their depraved entertainment.
    • N'Zoth was one of the principal sources of Corruption in the Emerald Dream and many fear that he may be able to dwell into the dreams of people too. That's why he enlisted various entities related to Nightmare, such as Atropos or Freddy Krueger.
    • He once tried to Mind Rape Darkrai into submission since he saw potential in his nightmare inducing abilities. However, Ysera was quick to intercept before he took control and saved Darkrai from his clutches.
      • As a result, Ysera has created a group specialized in countering N'Zoth Dream Corruption. So far, Brightwing, Darkrai, NiGHTS and Soldier #25954 have joined her cause. Malfurion and Tyrande have also considered lending a hand in case the Emerald Dream is in danger.
    • "I taste the essence of your soul".
  • Exclusive to Y'Shaarj:
    • Y'Shaarj was the most powerful and wicked of the Old Gods and thus, the Titans were forced to put an end to his life. With the last of his forces, he was able to create the Sha, a race of creatures that represent the bad emotions of the world and eternally cursed Pandaria with their presence.
    • Given that Y'Shaarj was Killed Off for Real and his essence disappeared entirely from his homeworld, his presence in the Pantheon is difficult to pin point, since he seems to be torn in and out of the space and time of these lands. It still doesn't negate his powers and as such has employed the mantids to figure a way to make him materialize in this plane.
      • Luckily, (And unfortunately for the rest of the Pantheon) his remains were able to be restored. Nobody is sure how he was able to be revived since the House of Life and Vitality made themselves sure to not let him return to the mortal plane. It's theorized that Nefarian is behind his revival, given the Dragon's own mysterious revival as well.
    • As stated earlier, he is in control of the mantids, a race of insectoid creatures that inhabit Pandaria and have been in constant war with the local Pandaren. However, there seems to be one particular Mantid that refuses to serve him and that would be Scyther. He has been trying to control the Pokémon with little result so far.
    • Has kind of a strained relationship with Garrosh Hellscream, given that he is responsible for his death after the orc's defeat in Ogrimmar. However, he has offered him an alliance in case he wants to taste the power of Y'Shaarj once more.
    • The Emotions are horrified that Y'Shaarj basically created the Sha, an Evil Counterpart of them after his demise. He however does not care about their opinion and has an interest in corrupting the emotions to do his bidding, which could have catastrophic results.
    • There is also a Hidden group of Sha that he personally released on the internet. The infection was so great that many pages had fallen pray to it and not even this is safe from... {◕ ◡ ◕}
    • "Gorge your hatred, embrace your rage"
  • They are also present in the House of Otherness.

Pangu, The Divine Whose Corpse Became The World (P'an-Ku, Pan Gu, Pan-gu)


Greater Gods

Ereshkigal, Goddess of The Underworld (Irkalla, Queen of the Underworld, Goddess of the Netherworld, Queen of the Great Below, Lady of the Great Place, Rin Tohsaka, Blonde Rin, The (Red) Angel of Underworld)
As a Lancer Pseudo-Servant 
  • Greater Goddess (Overdeity in the Underworld)
  • Symbol: The word "lady" or "queen" in cuneiform
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Chaotic Evil (kinda) as a Pseudo-Servant)
  • Portfolio: Ruler of the Underworld, Balancing Death's Books, Dark Is Not Evil, The High Queen, Hot as Hell, Loves Nergal because she can't control him, Judges the dead, Noble Demon, Reasonable Authority Figure, Rivals with her sister
  • Domain(s): Death, Judgement, Balance
  • Herald: Nergal (her husband)
  • Special Relationship: Inanna/Ishtar (her sister)
  • Allies: The Bull of Heaven, Master of Chaldea, Hades, Persephone, Osiris, Anubis, Hel, Hela, Hecate, Thor, Apollo, Quetzalcoatl
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rin Tohsaka, Set, Ah Puch, Mephisto, Meridia
  • Enemies: Tiamat (both of them), Nagash the Undying, Nekron, Zhaitan, Kel'Thuzad, Molag Bal, Bowser
  • Ereshkigal is the Mesopotamian Goddess of the Underworld and the older sister of Inanna/Ishtar, who famously traveled into the Underworld in an attempt to overthrow Ereshkigal, though she ultimately didn't succeed. As a young girl, she was kidnapped by a dragon named Kur and taken to the Underworld, where she was forced to become the queen of the plane for eternity. Ereshkigal ruled over the dead from her palace Ganzir, which was located at the entrance to the underworld and guarded by seven gates which were kept by her faithful servant Neti. Her power also extended to the living world where, in magical ceremony, she liberated the sick possessed of evil spirits.
    • Souls who had left the world of the living were not supposed to return, and Ereshkigal made certain they remained where they belonged. If a ghost should come back to haunt the living, one could be sure it was for a good reason and with Ereshkigal's permission. The main reasons for a haunting were improper burial of the dead or impious acts which had gone unpunished. As queen and guardian of the dead, Ereshkigal stood as a potent reminder to the living to observe the proper rites and rituals in their lives and to act in the best interests of their immediate and larger communities.
    • Her first husband was the Great Bull of Heaven, Gugalana, who was eventually killed by the heroes Enkidu and Gilgamesh. Later on, Ereshkigal fell in love with Nergal, god of war and plague, who sent her food offerings during a banquet. As only the dead could remain in the underworld, he was forced to leave her. Ereshkigal was so irritated by his departure that she threatened to bring all the dead back to life. Nergal later returned to the Underworld to dethrone her to prevent the troubles she threatened to cause, but she managed to stop him from killing her by agreeing to becoming his wife and share her power with him. In actuality, she preferred it that way, because she always felt alone in her kingdom.
  • Ereshkigal originally entered the Pantheon shortly after her sister did. Hoping to keep Inanna-Ishtar under control, the gods assigned both her and Ereshkigal as Rin Tohsaka's heralds upon learning of their shared history, although none of them liked the arrangement. Eventually, after Inanna-Ishtar ascended, Ereshkigal successfully argued for her own ascension in order to continue keeping an eye on her sister.
  • Aside from her continued rivalry with Inanna-Ishtar, Ereshkigal was pleasantly surprised to be reunited with her first husband, the Bull of Heaven. Although she has since remarried to Nergal, she remains on good terms with him. However, when she learned that two versions of Tiamat were also present, she agreed to put aside her grievances with her sister in order to combat them.
  • Although she was recorded in the Throne of Heroes and became a Servant, she normally can't be summoned due to being a major goddess. However, she managed to bypass this restriction by instead possessing the body of Rin Tohsaka as a Pseudo-Servant. Unlike her sister, Ereshkigal tends to be on friendlier terms with Rin, as well as respecting her powers as a magus. Due to Rin's influence, her more possessive and yandere qualities mellow out and she's better able at displaying her more kind, caring and sincere side. Although she still tries to cultivate the image of a cold, uncaring goddess of the underworld, her attempts at doing so are hampered by her gigantic crush on the Master of Chaldea and instead she tends to come across as both adorable and pretty silly.
  • She's on good terms with fellow Underworld rulers and judges such as Hades, Persephone, Osiris, Anubis, Hel and Hela. Having generally put her duty as ruler above all else, including her own desires, she was quite happy to finally encounter kindred spirits who understand her struggle and can offer advice and companionship. However, she has also occasionally argued with Hades and Hela whenever they start acting villainous and try to usurp other gods, as she considers that to be both a waste of time and an unecessary endangerment of living people.
  • Ereshkigal became interested in meeting Hecate after being told that people tend to conflate the two of them due to them both being goddesses associated with the underworld, darkness and magic. However, upon actually meeting each other, they found that they had little in common. Nonetheless, they remain on good terms.
  • On one occasion, Ereshkigal teamed up with several Underworld deities and Hell-Lords, including Set, Ah Puch and Mephisto among others. Meeting up in Hades' realm, they had decided to merge their respective realms, thus increasing their power, and to begin taking in new souls. However, when they performed a ritual to create the nexus of the netherworlds, they also summoned the Demogorge, the God-Eater, who began consuming them one by one. Fortunately, a group of gods, which included Thor, Apollo and Quetzalcoatl, managed to defeat the Demogorge, forcing him to spit everyone, including Ereshkigal, back out. Ereshkigal has remained grateful to them for saving her and has since promised to refrain from trying to merge her realm with those of the others.
  • Due to the fact that part of her duty consists of ensuring that the dead stay in the Underworld, only allowed to leave with her permission, she quickly came to dislike necromancers such as Nagash the Undying, Nekron, Zhaitan and Kel'Thuzad.
  • She quickly became enemies with Molag Bal considering he specifically created the concept of undeath as a whole by raping a Nede woman just to spite Arkay, the God of Life and Death. To combat Molag Bal, Ereshkigal reluctantly allied with Meridia, his Arch-Enemy. While Meridia possesses a hatred for the undead, she goes straight into overzealousness when committing to their destruction as she is willing to sacrifice the living if it means achieving a greater good, even if that includes her own loyal followers. While Meridia respects Ereshkigal's dedication to her duty, the two still tend to argue due to Meridia's belief that everything and anything she does is good and anyone who disagrees is clearly in the wrong.
  • Having been kidnapped by a dragon as a young girl, Ereshkigal became enemies with Bowser, who is quite well-known for frequently kidnapping Princess Peach. Not wanting to have a confrontation with her, he generally tries to stay out of her way.

    The Fraternity 

The Fraternity, Unholy Organization Of Villain-Dominated Worlds
The original Council of Five. Left(top to bottom)-The Emperor, Adam One, The Future. Right(top to bottom): Mr Rictus, The Professor
Wesley Gibson, the current head of the Fraternity
  • Symbol: This
  • Greater Deity-level organization
  • Theme: The Little Things
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil for the organization as a whole; its members and leadership can be of any evil alignment
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Villains, Victory, Domination, Conspiracies, Secret Groups
  • Interested in: Bizarro (The Professor)
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Evil (the organization, though its members vary), The Godhand and the Idea of Evil , Nemesis (Icon Comics), Prime Minister Honest, the Roarks, Diavolo, The Slavers, Molag Bal, Dr Albert W Wily, Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Ganondorf, Sheev Palpatine
  • On good terms with: King Piccolo, Big Brother
  • Headbutting Villains with: Hal Stewart (Wesley), Dr Eggman, Shredder (as a group)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Melkor, Angra Mainyu, The Brave Companions, Johann Schmidt/the Red Skull
  • Rivals: The Crime Syndicate of America, Aku, HIM, Junko Enoshima, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, King Sombra, Dimentio
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Good, superheroes of the DC and Marvel multiverses (though they would prefer an armistice), Ahura Mazda, the House of Heroism in general, non-corrupt members of the House of Justice (especially the Officers), Fused Zamasu, Felonius Gru, Aztar/the Spectre, Night Raid, Frank Castle and Misa Amane (especially Wesley), Superman Substitutes (mainly The Professor), Light Yagami, John Doe, Bucciarati's Gang, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Anti-Monitor, The Boys, Discord
  • Opposes: The Joker, Stupid Evil deities
  • Opposed by: Crow (Nefarious)
  • Fears: The Living Tribunal, Nemesis (Classical Mythology)
  • The setting of the Wanted comic book was once like many superhero comics. But on 1986, the supervillains teamed up together and finally achieved dominance. But destroying all the superheroes of the world was not enough; they altered reality so that no-one would remember superheroes or supervillains existed outside of comic books, while the latter secretly ruled the world. To be a member of the Fraternity is to be a cold-blooded supervillain above the law, capable of killing police officers and assaulting celebrities with no repercussion. And to be a member of the Fraternity is to be free of punishment unless you anger another supervillain.
  • The Fraternity's ascension was because of Melkor and Angra Mainyu wanting to show off a universe where evil has won and continues to win, however they consider their ascension to be negative; the reason the Fraternity doesn't rule openly is because otherwise all the superheroes in the multiverse would be on their asses. However the GUAG flat out doesn't care that they limit themselves to one reality and believe whatever the universe, the power systems of evil must be dismantled. The Council of Five was forced to invest in the help of Melkor and other evil entities to maintain their status quo, and in return their world will serve as an asylum for the GUAE. This arrangement has become more agreeable as some of the saner members of the GUAE are fine towing the rules the Fraternity has.
  • Ahura Mazda regards the existence of the Fraternity to be an affront to all that is good, and plans to prove to them that the Karma Houdini trope, in his own words, "does not exist so long as I draw breath". Resisting the God of Good has further put the Fraternity under Melkor and Angra Mainyu's debt; enough that some have speculated Melkor had saw that this would happen and ascended them because he knew he could exploit it. Others don't think they were clever enough to put that idea together but instead of thinking it was a fortunate coincidence for the gods of evil claim it was a tactic orchestrated by King Piccolo; his may be a more Anarcho-Tyranny fashion of evil ruling, but he was still jubilant at the Fraternity and their Villain World ascending.
  • Among the heroic and anti-heroic deities looking to "clean house" are Felonius Gru and the Boys. The latter are absolutely justified in hating the supes of the Fraternity. The former is part of the Anti-Villain League, and even when he was a bad guy he was never comparable to the Fraternity's depravity. Among the villainous deities wanting to eradicate the Fraternity are Light Yagami, Misa Amane, John Doe, and Zamasu. Misa holds a special repulsion for Wesley as he once raped a celebrity and got away with it, while Light and John see the Fraternity in reality close to how corrupt they see the world in their own minds. Zamasu wishes to exterminate a world that would allow evil to prosper, though of course that includes the human population as he considers them little better than the Fraternity. While everybody could point out Zamasu's hypocrisy at this point, nobody would mourn him destroying the Fraternity.
  • The asylum the Fraternity gives to supervillains, so long as they aren't too reckless, has been a boon to Roarks Senior and Junior. They feel a lot more safe in their world than in the Trope Pantheon as a whole, though they would prefer it if their home city would ascend one day. Diavolo found it a good place to be a recluse, which caught the attention of Bucciarati's gang. As they use organized crime to help people, the gang was appalled by the Fraternity basically being a global organized crime unit so its members can do whatever cruelties they want without repercussion. Finally for villains seeking asylum there were the Slavers, who were promised with the backing of the Fraternity they can continue their sex trafficking ring without consequences.
  • The Fraternity is currently being led by Eminem-looking Wesley Gibson. (something that Deadpool won't let go, always calling his phone to play Slim Shady songs - along with asking if Wesley will ever make good of the threat he made in the final page, Wade's very up to it!) He's the son of the Killer, one of the greatest supervillains to live. He was set up to inherit his job and managed to work his way up to the top. He used to be a total loser who's girlfriend was cheating on him, and while he thinks of himself as a badass he's really just a smug prick who thinks he can do what he wants as a supervillain. He's similar to Hal Stewart except smarter and(in some ways) tougher. While they are able to work together for their own goals, and have similar self-entitlement issues, Hal thinks some of the stuff he's done is fucked up. Given Wesley raped a celebrity and got away with it, and killed a nice old man just for being somewhat annoying, Hal is justified in questioning him.
  • Naturally Wesley is hated by rape victims like Casca and protectors of women, many of whom could kick his ass and point out how much of a degenerate little prick he is. He's smart enough to not stay away from him and ignore their goading by saying he's a coward on top of things. Besides them Wesley is also on Catwoman's shitlist. He hit on her as his love/lust interest the Fox is similar to her, though a full villain rather than an Anti-Hero. Selina knows what he's done, finds him repulsive for other reasons as well, and hopes to never meet the Fox. And then she decided to get under his skin.
    Selina Kyle: "You bemoaned your ex-girlfriend blatantly cheating on you, but after having met you it's obvious why she did so".
  • Wesley is extremely talented in markmanship, being able to shoot the flies off wings. Sometimes you can find him in the firing range portion of the Hall of Firearms along with other villains. Some snarkier villains asked "I'm surprised you didn't get live target practice", causing him to reply "just because I'm a supervillain doesn't mean I have to be evil 100% of the time". Soon afterwards he had to quickly dodge out of the way of Frank Castle, who while a killer regards him as criminal scum. The shoot-out that ensued led him to crash into Patrick Bateman's department. After they got off the Punisher's tail the two bonded in their similarities; psychotic, venal asshats who think their status lets them do whatever they want while simultaneously bemoaning any slights. The Punisher merely responded to this newfound friendship with "those slights should be bullets".
  • The picture of the Council of Five, the Fraternity's ruling group, is out of date but it's the only picture they currently have. Each member rules over a continent. The Professor ruled over both American continents, and for an implied pederast who engineered the superhero genocide he's a surprisingly friendly fellow. He seems to be the Lex Luthor of the group, and had his own Bizarro equivalent; he's interested in the original. He and Lex Luthor sometimes work together. Other still-aligned members of the Council are Adam One, a Vandal Savage-type immortal supervillain who rules Africa, and The Emperor, a Chinese supervillain who rules Asia.
  • Though heroes in general hate the Fraternity, the DC and Marvel superheroes hold a particular loathing for it as many of their members remind them of their own supervillains. The fact that the DC and Marvel multiverses existed came as a shock to the Fraternity, as they could swear they were instead based off the real superheroes that used to exist for them. Some of the more bored members of the Fraternity snuck over to their universes for combat, but this has been heavily discouraged as their ascension into the pantheon has put a lot of pressure into maintaining their Karma Houdini status.
  • Prime Minister Honest considers the world of the Fraternity to be his personal utopia, where he can bask in the inherent corruption forever. And it's for that very same reason Night Raid wishes to exterminate the villains. The Spectre's reaction to a world of karma houdinis was far more hostile; he lost his shit completely and not only inflicted Cruel and Unusual Death on the villains, but completely destroyed the world they live in as he saw it as completely corrupt. The Presence had to yank the Spectre away for punishment of been blinded in the red mist, and push the Reset Button. However every villain remembers the rampage upon their resurrection and have been deeply shaken. Melkor made sure to capitalize on it by him and Angra Mainyu working to prevent something like that from happening again.
  • The Godhand support the Fraternity and their status quo as it follows the "do as thou wilt" and spreading evil/despair that they and the Idea of Evil enjoy. Molag Bal supports them as well since he admires their domination of their world and general cruelty. Unlike Melkor or Angra Mainyu the Fraternity doesn't mind the Daedra since he is good help against the likes of Nemesis; they're terrified of her shutting their organization down given she always makes it her duty to ensure there is no such thing as a Karma Houdini.
  • The organization doesn't really have standards, which some villainous deities in the pantheon disagree with. Crow, for instance, is all about villainous victories but he considers the Fraternity's cruelties "not worth it". However they are about practicality. They refuse to let the Joker join as he reminds them of the disgraced Council of Five member Mr Rictus, who wanted to rule openly and didn't give a damn about this getting the attention of heroes across the multiverse. Basically if you're Stupid Evil, they don't want you. They tolerate the antics of the Brave Companions to an extent, but only because they can easily be blamed as a scapegoat and are willing to tow the line if they get their requisite fill of brutality.
  • They are somewhat hesitant working with Nazis, mainly for how The Future defected with Mr Rictus because he was tired of waiting to establish a second Holocaust. The Red Skull considers many of them degenerate unternmensch, however he tolerates working with them because he needs the help to establish his Nazi empire within his own universe; they have less standards than most Marvel supervillains so the Skull takes the help he can get. Schwarze Sonne would rather take over the Fraternity's world, but they would also accept "merely" ruling their moon.
  • Some have noticed that the year of their takeover, 1986, was when the last issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and wonder if there's any correlation. They refuse to bring it up, and like just about everyone dread the idea of facing the Anti-Monitor. The Fraternity are also opponents of the GUAD; they may be nihilistic super-villains, but they prefer being alive and see no profit in being an Omnicidal Maniac. In attempt to defend themselves from the GUAD and encourage the GUAG to get off their back, they've reluctantly aided them in fighting against the GUAD and given some technology to help them...but only against the GUAD. None of the Council of Five were all that happy about it.
  • It's been rumored the Fraternity was in fact the organization that was funding Nemesis' thrill seeking as a supervillain. Given the extremes he went to, including kidnapping the president, if they were funding him it was probably at the behest of Mr Rictus. There's also the fact they share an author. Nemesis isn't in the mood to reveal anything about himself, but he was happy to be an official member of the Fraternity.
  • The Crime Syndicate was rather impressed by the Fraternity's iron-clad rule over their world, especially since unlike their Mirror Universe the deck was initially stacked against them. They're still going to try and take it over though, as they would really love to pull whatever trick allowed the Fraternity's Cosmic Retcon of the heroes to get rid of the Justice League of America. Aku meanwhile feels their world run by evil is "boring", preferring that they run it as an Anarcho-Tyranny like himself. They refuse as that would end up biting them in the ass, and rightfully believe Aku just wants to take them over. Aku's response was "not if you play your cards right!" As the future that is Aku was undone in part because of Aku's needless dickery (ie: wasting his time figuring how to execute him and awakening Ashi's powers by controlling her, including time travel) the Fraternity have a point.
  • Junko Enoshima has also called the Fraternity boring, and so has HIM. HIM actually succeeded in conquering the world in a Bad Future and was an openly cruel tyrant, however the Fraternity retorted that this was because his main obstacles were gone; they still have to worry about getting attention from superheroes from other universes. They have also made it clear to Junko they want a sustainable despotism; they spread despair through making the world cynical and accepting of the status quo they covertly established, not through fetishizing itnote  on a global scale. Big Brother approved of this as a more sustainable method of tyranny, but wishes the Fraternity could focus more on enforcing despair.
  • Unlike most who think their world was "boring", Apocalypse actually has a reason beyond sadism; it doesn't promote strength and allows them to grow weak. The Fraternity simply responded with "we don't care". Dimentio considers their world boring less because he's a psycho (though he's also that), but doesn't think it fits his idea of "a perfect world". No-one's sure what this would be besides a general To Create a Playground for Evil, and while the Fraternity have their own take on the trope the fact he was willing to destroy everything if he couldn't live to rule everything makes him too unstable to be a potential partner. Dimentio thinks they're hypocrites as he can absolutely imagine a group with no belief or value system than pragmatism having no compunctions with destroying the world if they've completely lost.
  • There are villains out there who created their own world that were willing to work with in full. They vetoed joining with Zim despite his victory in a Bad Future because regardless of the timeline he's an idiot, and the two Megatron as while they've taken over Cybertron in some universes they have at best a disdain for organic life. However Palpatine and Ganondorf, who are both intelligent and have held power in their setting for years, were considered perfectly acceptable business partners. They have also promised to make the Bad Future of many villains where they won the future. Of note:
    • Dr Wily had a universe where thanks to his main obstacles being sent 30 years into the future, he took over. He still had resistance however, and this future was undone when said obstacles returned to the present. Though most incarnations think that Wily's a madman for the whole "pull the moon out of the orbit" he is accepting of the Fraternity's support to make this a reality; he wants time travel to complete Zero much earlier and not have to digitize himself into the virus.
    • Dr Eggman has done Wily one better and conquered the world without the Reset Button being pulled in a number of continuities, eventually succeeding in the main one within the events of Sonic Forces. He still lost control, but points for trying. For the most part the Fraternity and Eggman can work with one another, but they are hesitant on his more crazy incarnations who would threaten the world itself, or outright destroy it if they cannot rule. They have a less severe dynamic with the Shredder, who managed to take over the world in a Bad Future; he's usually fine working with them, but sometimes he's not that interested in their lofty ambitions and with the Utrom incarnation they consider him too unstable. Trying to destroy the TMNT multiverse because you can't accept your nemesis will exist across it is tactidly insane as far as the Fraternity is concerned.
    • Many MLP villains were informed that thanks to time travel there were timelines where they won. They jumped on joining the Fraternity to make these timelines mainstream reality, with the exception of King Sombra; his ego means he refuses to work with anyone. Discord went incognito in hopes of ruining their plans.
  • They are aware of the movie Wanted, but disregard it since beyond the broad strokes it doesn't have a lot in common with their world. The Fraternity there are a bunch of assassins, not supervillains. At most, they accepted the movie's theme song, which the Fraternity admits helps set the mood before a day's work.
  • Also present in the House of Villainy.

Goyan, God of Island Bases (Gooyan, Gohyan)
His True Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His True Form.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: One of the Darkest Villains In the Franchise, Island Base, False Politeness, Omnicidal Maniac, Bishōnen Line, Can Act Silly And Is Incredibly Vile, Looks Like A DBZ Villain With Power To Match, Existed Before The Universe, Being Responsible for all of the Problems that the Splash Star Pretty Cures Face
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Transformations, Power
  • Heralds: All of Dark Fall (Except for the Kiryuu Sisters)
  • Allies: Joker, Wiseman/Death Phantom, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction (Especially Nekron, Chaos and Amatsu-Mikaboshi), Kefka Palazzo, Solaris, Hades (Kid Icarus), The Batman Who Laughs, The Heartless
  • Friendly Rival: Dimentio
  • Rivals: Hajun, Porky Minch, Fused Zamasu
  • Enemies: Anyone not listed under allies, but at the top of the list are All Ascended Pretty Cure (ESPECIALLY The Splash Star Pretty Cure), The Magical Girl Sisterhood (Especially The Sailor Guardians), All Heroic Super Mario Bros. Deities, Bowser, Cosmos, The Z-Fighters, Pit, Dark Pit, Viridi, Palutena, YHVH, Lucifer, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Galaxia, The Puella Magi, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver The Hedgehog, The Incubators
  • Interested in: The Chaos Heart
  • Goyan was the seemingly affable right hand to his superior Akudaikahn, but in reality, he was the creator of not only him, but all of Dark Fall. His motivations were to destroy Earth, The Land of Fountains and the entire universe. He wanted to do this because life annoyed him, having existed before the universe and wanting to return it to its previous state. When Akudaikahn was killed, he revealed his true colors and unleashed his true form, though he was destroyed.
  • His ascension came one evening when Wiseman, unhappy with the constant interference from the Splash Star Pretty Cures, decided to make contact with Joker when he learned that the latter wants to bring their villains into the Pantheon. Wiseman and Joker soon learned that their greatest foes were Dark Fall, and decided to bring their creator, Goyan, into the Pantheon with his arrival kept secret for the time being via meticulous planning from the former and many distractions by the latter and the rest of the Bad End Kingdom. Some time later, the forces of Dark Fall attacked, led by Goyan. When the Splash Star Pretty Cures learned of this, they were utterly horrified, and Joker mocked them over it and outright admitted to them that the Bad End Kingdom’s recent attacks were so that he could be ascended without much interference. A battle ensued, with the Splash Star Pretty Cures, the rest of the Magical Girl Sisterhood and a few allies fighting against Goyan, the Forces of Dark Fall and Joker. The Sisterhood eventually came out on top, and the Splash Star Pretty Cures and the Magical Girl Sisterhood were now more than ready for another attack by Dark Fall.
  • Can pretend to be the Butt-Monkey yet flawlessly orchestrate plans at the same time. However, he didn’t need to do this to get into the GUAD as Wiseman and Joker (He aids in some of their missions For the Evulz) managed to pull some strings in order to get Goyan membership there. Nekron all but encouraged his desire to destroy life, as did Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the three all having predated the universe. Chaos, an embodiment of the void from before the universe, likes him as well as they share the same goal, and he can sometimes be seen giving its minions suggestions on how to defeat the Pretty Cures.
  • His ability to lead others astray with his behavior has caused him to get some decisive victories over members of the GUAL and GUAC, and YHVH and Lucifer were not happy. Unfortunately for nearly everyone involved, he’s cunning enough to get away with it. He once lead a few GUAC and GUAL members into a warehouse using false leads about his location, entered his One-Winged Angel form when they got there and blew them up with a Sphere of Destruction, only fueling Lucifer and YHVH’s hatred towards him even more.
  • Much like Joker, Goyan desires to bring in more of the Pretty Cure’s foes to better combat them. As he sometimes prefers to hang around the Bad End Kingdom (Joker’s Temple) and on Planet Nemesis as Joker and Wiseman were responsible for his return, trying to assassinate him is near-impossible on your own as you’ll be met with hordes of monsters from Dark Fall, Bad End and the Black Moon Clan at the same time. That’s not even mentioning the latter’s ties to Chaos, who has declared that if someone tries to assassinate Wiseman or Goyan and things begin to go awry for them, it will step into the conflict and make sure that the attempt at their lives fail. Personally.
  • Refers to everybody, even his most hated foes, with Japanese honorifics...unless he’s in his true form, in which his voice is a lot more archaic and soft-spoken and becomes far more emotionless than before. His temple in the Pantheon is an Island Base shaped like himself. That’s not the only one he has though. He’s had some built in the Bad End Kingdom, on Planet Nemesis and somewhere near the GUAD’s base of operations.
  • He has been trying to copy Frieza’s Supernova technique as of late, wanting to better strengthen his Sphere of Destruction attacks. He is also aware that his name is similar to that of Son Gohan. Also, he sees some similarities to himself in the Mad Kai Zamasu, and tried to strike up an alliance with him, but Zamasu, being who he is, harshly declined and tried to kill Goyan instead, who threw an Unrealistic Black Hole Sphere of Destruction at him, aware that it wouldn’t kill him but should give him time to get away...and it did.
  • To the horror of his enemies, Goyan has taken a disturbing interest in the Chaos Heart, believing it to be the perfect weapon of destruction to get rid of everything that isn’t him. He knows he’ll have to contend with the Mario Bros, Princess Peach, Bowser, Tippi and Count Bleck if he successfully gets his hands on it. He does have some form of respect for Dimentio due to his willingness to destroy all of reality with it as a final act of spite once it became clear that he wouldn’t win, and admitted he’d probably do the same thing. Thankfully, Goyan and Dimentio have become rivals rather than allies, although the two are friendly towards each other despite this.
  • His disregard for anyone but himself and Omnicidal goals have caused him to be compared to Hajun. However, he takes offense to this and says that he can very well plan things out as opposed to Hajun, whose massive ego prevents him from thinking about anything but himself and destruction. Goyan does find Hajun’s immense power to be very intriguing and has been consulting his allies for ideas on how to steal it for himself.
  • Gets along swimmingly with fellow Laughably Evil villain Hades. He finds Goyan’s behavior to be utterly hilarious. Palutena, Viridi, Pit and Dark Pit all oppose him, and Goyan has become enemies with them as a result of his Villainous Friendship with Hades. Goyan only sees them as annoyances to be squashed in his road of destruction, and was surprised to find that they were more than that and have ruined some of his plans ever since he allied with him. He has sworn to destroy them for their interference, though Hades teased him by saying that he would’ve killed them anyway.
  • He has an army of spirits that can possess objects and living things and become Uzainas, which adds to the mystery of where these monsters will appear from time to time. Many fear what would happen should he have one possess a member of a Hive Mind race like The Incubators.
  • Hit it off with Mephiles due to his plans to consume all of time, as Goyan views them to be not a threat to him, as he existed before it. That being said, he’d rather hang out with Mephiles than Iblis, as the latter has no mind of its own or capacity to plan, and attacks anything that moves. Sonic, Shadow and Silver were not amused by this, and Goyan has declared that Mephiles and Iblis will become Solaris once again, whether they like it or not.
  • He can often work behind the scenes while his minions in Dark Fall are attacking, meaning that he can still get some things done even if their strikes at their foes fail. This hasn’t changed in the GUAD, as while he isn’t one of the most powerful figures, he is clever enough to use their assaults as a distraction while he gets other things done for the organization and Dark Fall.
  • Out of the Magical Girl Sisterhood, none detest him as much as the Sailor Guardians, who see him as similar to Wiseman, only that unlike Death Phantom, Goyan can act silly and is still incredibly vile, and has no access to Mind Manipulation abilities like the Lich of the Planet Nemesis does. Goyan does see Sailor Moon as a massive threat to his plans, and has sworn to dispose of her and the Senshi, along with Mamoru Chiba and Sailor Galaxia.
  • Uses The Heartless from time to time, disturbing Sora, Riku, Kairi and all of their allies, who became enemies with him for obvious reasons when they learned of him and his goals. The fact that he uses the Heartless only made things worse. If anything, he does see the three as legitimate threats to his plans and has been forming strategies and launching constant attacks in order to try and kill them all.


Intermediate Gods

    Abigail Williams (Fate/Grand Order
Abigail Williams, Goddess of Witchy Salem (Abby, Foreigner, The Silver Key, Key Servant)
If she embraced her Full Power 
Her alternate summer form 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when she accepts her full power)
  • Symbol: The keyhole in her head
  • Theme Song: Her battle theme in Salem and Noble Phantasm theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil according to the Grail. Actual alignment closer to Neutral Good (Blue-and-Orange Morality if she embraced her power)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, The vessel of Sut-Typhon, Afraid of Their Own Strength, Uses keys to use portals and control her tentacles, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Has an eye inside her keyhole, From Nobody to Nightmare, Has a teddy bear named Hugo, Loves pancakes
  • Domains: Vessels, Eldritch, Creations
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, King Solomon, Mugen Yogumura, Paul Bunyan, Naruto Uzumaki, Gaara, Leah, Robin, Annie Hastur, The Doctor, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Odd Friendship: Gilles de Rais
  • Opposed by: H.P. Lovecraft
  • Intrigues: The Great Old Ones and Outer Gods
  • Scared of: ZONE
  • Warier by: The South Park kids
  • Under watch of: SCP Foundation
  • In their quest to defeat the remaining Demon Pillars, Chaldea Security Organization travelled to the Salem Singularity where the time period takes place during the Witch Trials. There, they met Abigail Williams and her mysterious friend Lavinia Whateley, who seem to have an odd connection of what's going on in the Singularity. Strange events were occuring around it such as the appearance of ghouls and the different deaths of Servants. The Demon Pillar of the Singularity, Raum, reveals that the entire Singularity is a ploy to make its creation, Abigail Williams, to connect with the host within her body. Embracing her full power because of Sanson’s death and wanting to destroy Salem and trying to destroy the world to help the people and find redemption for herself, she was then riddled with guilt after being stopped by Chaldea and travelled with the real Randolph Carter to find Lavinia and Sanson (whom she succeeded in recovering and is now in Chaldea again).
    • The Abigail that appeared in Chaldea is a completely different version from the Salem self, due to the circumstances of the Summoning System and because of that, Chaldea Abigail doesn’t have her memories in the Salem Singularity and never knew the sources of her powers. The Salem Abigail and the Master of Chaldea have met again in Chaldea Abigail’s dream. The Salem Abigail wanted the Master to come with her, but he couldn’t because of his duty, which causes an battle to occur between the two of them. After the battle ended, Salem Abigail apologized to the Master because of how their reunion leads up to and decides to leave to meet Lavinia again, with the Master promising that they’ll meet again someday.
  • The Master of Chaldea decided to bring along Abigail Williams with him after she demanded him to take her on a tour around the Pantheon. Fascinated by the place she is in, she wanted to make new friends. She asked the Master if he could ascend her so she could gain free reign to travel around and meet new people. Although he’s at first hesitant, he decided to allow her request as he wants to make her happy and after recommending her to the Court of Gods, her ascension has finally commenced.
  • She is excited to meet up with her good friend Paul Bunyan again and have took little trips to eat pancake together. She shares a really odd friendship with Gilles de Rais as he is a child serial killer, but Abigail seems to appreciate Gilles' kindness and allows herself to have a friendship with him.
  • Being a good friend of King David and the Queen of Sheba, she is excited at the prospect of meeting King Solomon. The creator of the magus system is happy to see how he thinks of her fond memories with his father and wife and how she thinks highly of him. Despite his desire to help Abigail’s situation, he couldn’t return to Chaldea and offer them his help in need, but Abigail stated that it’s okay and that she has all the help she needed and is happy where she is right now.
  • Due to being a vessel of a differently named Yog-Sothoth, all of the ascended Great Old Ones and Outer Gods became interested in possessing different humans to cause much more trouble for themselves. This greatly terrifies Abigail, as while she never understood the source of the problem as she is unaware of the power inside her, she knew that what they are planning to do is bad news.
  • Lovecraft himself would have been intrigued and even terrified of her due to being the destined vessel of one of his creations. However, if it wasn’t for the fact that she is a commoner and considering many of the antagonists in his works are people like them, his interest in her greatly diminished. This greatly offended the Master, who thinks that Lovecraft’s reason for doing so is extremely offensive and has told her to stay away from him.
  • As much as she loves tentacles, ZONE doesn’t want to create material that involves children and doesn’t want to create any artwork of Abigail to keep her safe. Abigail is greatly afraid of ZONE upon hearing about it and thinks that she is a weird adult.
  • Being the vessel of a powerful creature feared by many, Naruto and Gaara decided to see her to know about her control with the host. While Abigail understood there’s something wrong with her, she is unaware of the source of the power and thus, she couldn’t give the duo answers. That doesn’t stop them from becoming friends with her and are won by how adorable and kindhearted she can be. They also want to help her to have a complete control of her host, but since Abigail is unaware of the source of her powers and Outer Gods are out of their expertise, they couldn’t really help much.
  • Hearing that someone else was destined to become a vessel of a feared figure, Leah approached Abigail to see what was going on. The explanation she got from the Master of Chaldea caused her to pity the girl in front of her and how she couldn’t easily understand her power and because of that, she’s afraid of using it. She has made it her pride to take care of Abigail and give her the happiness that she truly deserved as she doesn’t want the Chaldean version to end up like the Singularity version. Abigail is happy that she made an another friend and wants to give her something for taking care of her.
  • Robin also pitied her for the same reasons that Leah did, and as such, he decided to study the vessel within her based on what he had been given from Chaldea so that she could have complete control of her host and not give in to his influence. This made Abigail proud, even if she couldn’t understand why he did it, but she appreciates his efforts of wanting to help her nonetheless.
  • She has a teddy bear named Hugo that is always by her side, she even used him to attack her enemies, and her Salem counterpart gave an another teddy bear named Migo to her dear friend, Lavinia Whateley. Thus, when she saw Annie Hastur attacking her enemies with her teddy bear, she did the same thing and asked if they could switch teddy bears. Though she was shocked by Abigail’s request, she immediately complied and Abigail corners her every time they see each other so that they could play with each other. Even after learning of the host within her body, that doesn’t stop Annie from befriending Abigail as she knew that she is nothing like him and the two have struck a close friendship.
  • Having encountered a lot of eldritch abominations in her lifetime, The Doctor wanted to help Abigail of her problem and having encountered Yog-Sothoth once, she was prepared for it. She is willing to help the Servant on how to control her host and tries to come up with all the answers for it. Both the Master of Chaldea and Abigail appreciate her help and allows her to continue her research, in hopes that Abigail won’t give in to the latter’s host’s control.
  • Having a connection with Yog-Sothoth through the Azure Grimoire, Ragna’s avatar encountered Abigail because of that. Knowing that she is nothing like her host due to being a vessel, he treated her nicely and doesn’t mind her company. Abigail is excited at gaining another friend and despite how he acts around her friends, she doesn’t mind it.
  • Being the living Silver Key and a vessel of a differently named Yog-Sothoth, Mugen Yogumura is surprised at her existence, but she also plays being scared of her since sealing her powers is a temporal solution but she also plays being Willfully Weak to balance it all out. In fact, she’s excited to see a living Silver Key in the Pantheon and is willing to become good friends with Abby to help her problem. Despite being creeped out by Mugen’s laughter, Abigail wants to become friends with her and being the one person who could possibly be the one to solve it, she was happy for it.
  • Upon hearing that she is the vessel of a Lovecraftian deity, the South Park kids (particularly those who have superhero identities) immediately became wary of her due to their experiences with Cthulhu and Shub-Niggurath. Even with the knowledge that Abigail is nothing like her host and is pretty much a compassionate girl who doesn’t want to do harm, they fear the day that she will be completely controlled by her host and causing destruction and even some of them told the Master of Chaldea to eased Abigail if it ever happened.
  • Being an organization that watched numerous strange, but dangerous entities, the SCP Foundation decided to watch her in the hopes she wouldn’t lose control and wreck havoc around the universe. The Master of Chaldea tried their best to tell them that it’s their job and that they could have the necessary skills to help her, but they don’t believe his words and have secretly installed security cameras for the Foreigner.
This is, me as the Witch of Salem. Please, don’t be afraid of me, Master.

    Evil The Cat 
Evil the Cat, Ruler of Hell Based Levels (Evil)
"I'm watching TV."
  • Like Jim's enemies, he's also made a foe in Klaymen, another creation from Jim's creator. For Evil, he first encountered him while Klaymen was wondering around Heck, clearly lost. It didn't take long for Evil to attempt to kill the poor guy, though thankfully Klaymen was able to outmaneuver him by a combination of clever wit and sheer luck (Okay, mostly luck). Long story short, it somehow ended with a cow falling on Evil, with the diabolical cat swearing revenge on the Klay figure. On the opposite side of the spectrum, he's made allies with his enemy, Klogg, who's willing to help the cat get revenge. While Evil isn't really impressed with Klogg, mostly regarding him as a Harmless Villain, he is still perfectly willing to join forces with the guy.
  • Seeing how their leader is Lucifer himself, one would assume Evil would join the GUAC because of that. It seemed like it at first, with the two Devils meeting up one day to apparently discuss recruitment. It wasn't until they tried shaking hands that Evil then spat on his hand and reveal why he was really there: to reveal he's already joined the GUAD, and is hell-bent on destroying the universe. However, Lucifer, completely unimpressed, also revealed that he already knew in the first place, and was just playing along with Evil. How? Simple, Evil basically screamed his intensions the second after he introduced himself when entering the Pantheon. It wasn't hard to decipher which side he was going to play on after that. Other than that, the two left, surprisingly without much incident, although Evil's still a bit grumpy about how his attempt at intimidation failed.
  • His theme song is notable amongst other's themes as it at first starts out as a rendition of Night On Bald Mountain, a song notorious for its sinister buildup and being associated with the dark god Chernabog... only to suddenly change into elevator music, thus sharply contrasting to the horrors you'll be seeing around there. When asked exactly why this was the case, Evil claimed that Elevator Music was "The evilest music in the universe", which, considering that his universe is one big WIDGET Series, probably shouldn't be too surprising. That said, the aforementioned Chernabog actually found it hilarious, and has decided to ally himself with the feline out of amusement. Him being another fellow Hell Lord certainly helped.
  • Unsurprisingly, he has found himself visiting the House of Demons, seeing how he himself is basically The Devil of his universe. For Example:
    • The day he met The Devil of the South Park universe is the day he discovered he was capable of pity. While he himself isn't much more dignified, he still feels awful for him, seeing how what is supposed to be the most evil being in his universe is somehow less evil than some random little kid. At least Evil plans to eradicate the universe. SP!Satan's a bit wary of him, considering his goals, but he still appreciates the company at least.
    • On a more legitimate partnership, he has found an ally in the form of Him, who's also his universes equivalent of The Devil, and is more or less just as humorous and silly as Evil, if more of a legitimate threat. This is thanks to Him being amused by the fact that Jim's devil is a cat who watches TV all day, and Evil finding his campiness amusing if nothing else. They can often be seen watching TV together on their days off, which, yes, they do in fact have. They have lives too, you know.
    • Whenever he comes across Malebolgia, he will always rub in the fact that, seeing how Malebolgia at first seemed like the ruler of hell but turned out to merely be an underling to the real devil, Evil technically has a higher rank than he does, seeing as Evil is the De-facto ruler of Planet Heck. Of course, there's the problem that Malebolgia is stronger than Evil by quite a bit, and so anytime this happens, expect Evil to go through a Cruel and Unusual Death. While Evil usually recovers thanks to the whole Nine Lives thing, he never seems to learn his lesson when he sees him again.
  • Now, Evil was actually quite aware of the Pantheon for quite some time. This is possible due to having been once a follower of one Katz, the sociopathic Serial Killer Con Man feline who constantly antagonizes Courage. Seeing as Evil is more powerful than Katz usually is, it was relatively easy to sway him into joining Evil as his minion. While Katz isn't really intimidated by the demonic cat, being a goof and all, he was wise enough to know that getting on his bad side is probably a bad idea regardless, and besides, Heck offers many chances to torture and play with his victims, so he accepted the offer.
    • Obviously, this has earned an enemy out of Katz nemesis, Courage, who's exasperated at now having to deal with two evil cats in the Pantheon. Amusingly, Courage doesn't actually find most of the stuff in Heck that scary, really. Unpleasant, sure, but compared to what he's seen, it's pretty tame. Hell, he actually likes the elevator music down there, something that utterly baffles Evil, who again believes that the music is "The evilest in the galaxy!"
  • As his ultimate goal, Evil plots to eradicate the whole universe as we know it, seemingly because he's, well, Evil. The thing is, among the things destroyed by his plans would inevitably be Heck itself, and more importantly, Evil himself. This is less because he's insane enough to eradicate himself alongside everyone else, and more of not really considering the consequences of such actions. Dr. Doofenshmirtz is one of the more prominent Gods to try and convince him how badly his plan could backfire, having been a victim of this many times and is usually humble enough to admit his mistakes, but Evil refuses to listen to the doctor.
  • One of the more baffling aspects of Jim's universe is that, apparently, Vacuum Cleaners are Dog-exclusive one-way portals to Heck. No, we're not joking. In the Pantheon, it seems that any Temple near Heck is affected by this phenomenon, as seen first hand by Roombo, a Roomba who tends to kill anyone unfortunate enough to trespass in his owners house. One such attack involved a Bunch of feral dogs getting in, and after doing his usual job, swept up the remains and called it a day. Meanwhile, in Heck, Evil was wondering where all the feral dog corpses were coming from, especially since they look more roughed up than Heck usually gets away with.
  • As a deity obsessed with destruction that also happens to be a cat, Evil took an interest in the God of Destruction, Beerus, thinking that he has great potential, and sought after him to possible join forces. When he finally got to him, however, he discovered that the God was completely uninterested in both him and his goals, mostly just thinking that Evil is just, well, a cat. Enraged by the disrespect he was showing, he started attacking the god out of anger. It ended as well as you'd expect. Evil has since held a grudge against Beerus for that, not that the latter really cares much.

    Marlowe Roderick 
Marlowe Roderick, Vampire God of Town Invasions (Marlow)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A set of sharp, conical fangs and pitch-black eyes
  • Theme Song: Vampires on the Horizon, The Bloody Fruits of Barrow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Vampires that are Absolutely Brutal and Hostile, Pitch-Black Eyes and rows of Sharp Teeth, Sadist, Ax-Crazy, Invading and Patrolling Barrow, Alaska Under a Month-Long Polar Night, Belonging to an Intrinsically Malevolent Race, Transhuman Treachery, Vampirism via even the Slightest Bite or Cut
  • Domains: Vampires, Bloodlust, Invasion, Takeovers, Cruelty, Sadism
  • Herald: His coven, but especially Iris (his most loyal companion)
  • Allies: Count Orlok, Nekron, Count Dracula (Novel Iteration), Konrad von Carstein, The Crimson Court, Black Hand, Mordekaiser, Xykon, King Boo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dracula (Castlevania), Mannfred von Carstein, Dio Brando
  • Enemies: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Arcueid Brunestud, Eric Brooks, Dimitri Maximoff, Rachel Alucard, Yuuki Terumi, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), The Belmont and Joestar Families, Usalia, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Settra, Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Opposes: Meridia, The Light and Brightness Sub-House and, by extension, anyone with Solar-Based Powers, Clark Kent/Superman, Shiki Tohno
  • Opposed By: Vlad von Carstein
  • Allegiance: Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Respects: Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Barrow is a small, incredibly isolated town on the northern side of Alaska. Because of its location, Barrow tends to experience a month-long Polar Night, where there is no daylight for that much period of time. So, one can wonder what's the worst that can happen. Well, turns out someone proclaims to the town that "They" are coming. "They", as it turns out are a group of vampires led by Marlowe Roderick. Learning of the Polar-Night, he and his coven waste no time upon first night, attacking and brutally slaughtering anyone that happened to get in their way. In time, they took over Barrow for approximately 30 Days of Night, searching for whatever survivors they could.
    • Marlowe led the vampires during his plunder and had the upper hand. Unfortunately for him, his presence did not sit well with the Vampire's ruler, Vicente, especially considering the fact that Marlowe was violating the prospect of vampires being a secret. Angry, Vicente arrived in Barrow and challenged Marlowe to a duel. Unfortunately for him, Marlowe was defeated and slaughtered, prompting Vicente to take up leadership.
    • In another continuity, Marlowe had no competition and was able to stay in Barrow up until the very end of the Polar Night. His death came about at the hands of a survivor, Eben Oleson, who was forced to take an injection via vampire blood to convert himself so that he could be in even shape against him.
  • Regardless, Marlowe did manage to make his way around the shedding of his formerly (im)mortal coil. The destination he was to reach was the Pantheon, where he was surrounded by what looked to be a deathly field under a shadowy, yet illuminating night. He was in the House of Undead. Alongside him were his coven, who approached him with snarls and hisses, positively anticipating their reunion. Reassuming leadership, Marlowe marched his way to parts unknown, now ready to strike the Pantheon.
  • The sort of vampire Marlowe (and by extension, his coven) is is meant to have some unique traits that distinguish himself from other vampires. For one, there are some similarities, such as eerily pale white skin and an insatiable taste of blood. However, these vampires might be some of the scariest and most uncompromising; each and every single one of them have sociopathic traits and retain a sense of modicum thinking, alongside having a pair of big, soulless black eyes. These vampires are also insanely durable by the species's kind; physical force does very little to deter them and they are fast and strong. Another frightening factor is their own blood; contact with it is quick to convert a human into a vampire and even a slight cut or nibble from them is enough to do the deed.
    • Another thing to highlight their otherworldly nature is their way of communication. Marlowe and his vampire pack growl, hiss, bark and sneer like voracious wolves. It highlights their more bestial and feral nature compared to the other Pantheonic vampires. That said, they are capable of human speech, but their language seems to be unknown and indecipherable as of now. Some can understand their language, if only because they're Omniglots.
    • However, even with all of these impressive skills, these vampires are not invincible. If anything, they may be the ones that are most susceptible to light. An ultraviolet light wave can sear a vampire horribly and even a small ounce of direct sunlight is enough to disintegrate them into dust. Regardless, it's an effective counter to what Marlowe's vampirekind are capable of.
  • Marlowe and the type of vampire he and his coven are have created quite the dreadful reputation around those familiar with the Undead. The aforementioned reasons were enough of a notice to describe the formidable force and feral nature of these creatures. Furthermore, they look absolutely terrifying. A pair of fangs? How about a mouthful of them, akin to a shark. The worst part is Marlowe's residing temple isn't even in the House of Undead. Many have suggested finding a way to kill or at least quarantine them so that they could no longer pose a threat. Unfortunately, Marlowe and his vampire pack are relentless.
  • Given that the vampires like him tend to be secretive in nature, Marlowe had to adapt quickly once he realized that his race is basically common knowledge in the Pantheon. He joined the Grand United Alliance of Destruction so that he could provide himself and his coven with better shelter and resources, plus the alliance is filled to the brim with malevolent undead. Situated in the GUAD Black Hammer, Nekron seeks promise in Marlowe's kind, thanks to their ability to very quickly convert those they manage to make attacking contact with.
  • Kiritsugu Emiya gets a bad vibe whenever he hears about Marlowe. This stems from the fact that when he was a child, his town was struck by a virus-like plague that caused the infected to turn into vampires, which was caused by his father, no less. As a result, Kiritsugu is very wary about how Marlowe's group is capable of converting the attacked into a vampire with just a scratch and will put no stops in combating them, especially considering that the attack on Barrow eerily reminds Kiritsugu of his doomed childhood.
  • Being an evil undead obviously doesn't give Marlowe an easy time in finding allies. Settra of the Tomb Kings hates vampires in general and sees no argument in opposing Marlowe, something which isn't really arguable. The Belmonts and Joestar families, particularly Simon and Jonathan respectively are well known in their battles against vampires and have dedicated themselves in stopping Marlowe. As for the vampire himself, while the Belmonts are certainly no pushover, Jonathan and Joseph Joestar have him uncharacteristically worried, This is because Jonathan and Joseph's use of Hamon revolves around energy based on sunlight and even by vampire standards, Marlowe and his kind are especially weak against it.
  • Of course, there's Buffy Summers, who initially saw Marlowe as another vampire to deal with. However, hearing about what he did to Barrow did shock Buffy somewhat before resolving to still fight against the vampire. Ever since then, Buffy and Marlowe have traded blows against one other, with both often tying against one another, either because Buffy's friends are always there to support her or Marlowe had the GUAD to back him up.
    • More so than Buffy, Marlowe keeps himself very cautious of Shiki Tohno. While Marlowe is a savage killer, a counter to that can exist and Shiki being a feared killer of beasts, said caution is not without reason. The fact that Tohno possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, which allows him to strike down his targets in a single blow isn't helping matters either. He may be one of the most durable vampires in the Pantheon, but Marlowe is beginning to know where to prioritize their survival regarding an enemy.
  • While he's not obviously a zombie, Chris Redfield considers Marlowe to be rather similar in some ways, especially considering the vampire's attacks and blood being capable of forced conversion with the slightest ounce. In some cases, Marlowe's vampires might be worse; unlike the zombies Chris deals with, these vampires have enough rational thinking and are willing to forcibly convert or kill their victims if need be. Chris's many allies, particularly his sister Claire, Leon and Jill have taken preparations in dealing with Marlowe. They could only hope the vampire suddenly gets the attention of Albert Wesker.
  • Due to his exaggerated anathema towards sunlight, Marlowe and his coven stay away from the Light and Brightness Sub-House as far as they can. Additionally, Marlowe also tends to avoid confrontation against Superman, considering he's someone who's literally powered by the sun and there was once a case where a vampire was disintegrated into dust for simply biting the Man of Steel. He could only hope the hero somehow uses up all his power and is left weakened without any sunlight to recharge him, but that opportunity seems to be next-to-impossible.
    • Meridia herself has a very low opinion of Marlowe if mainly because she considers the Undead in general to be a scourge that needs to be eradicated. Marlowe, however, prefers to keep his distance from her, mainly because the Daedric Prince happens to represent light and Marlowe doesn't want to risk getting eviscerated by Meridia's mere presence. There's also creations and followers of Meridia, such as the Auroran Daedra and the Purified who themselves embody light in some way. This has made Marlowe and his pack irritated seeing as they are appropriate counters who have the vampires' greatest weakness as part of their biology.
  • Regarding vampires, Count Orlok was pretty delighted to hear of the savagery and feral nature of Marlowe and his coven, eagerly allowing for amicable meetups and planning on how to attack and stalk their prey. Other vampires like Arcueid Brunestud and Eric Brooks vehemently oppose him, considering that Marlowe sees humans as nothing else other than cattle to be feasted upon and Marlowe himself was very perplexed and confused to see how some vampires were able to get along, even make friendships with humans.
  • Evil vampires like two of the ascended Draculas and Dio Brando are keen in enlisting Marlowe's coven into their services. Original!Dracula can get along with Marlowe thanks to their animalistic ferocity, though Castlevania!Dracula and Dio expect some lawful approaches, which Marlowe and his pack don't seem to follow. They seem to be more concerned about themselves than someone else's goals, which makes working with him sometimes difficult. That said, Marlowe can come off as impressionable at rare points, which Dio appreciates as Marlowe does this for extra sadism. He is interested in the Pillar Men due to their interesting abilities and their Commonality Connection with their weaknesses sunlight (except Kars), but the four of them don't have much to detail regarding Marlowe, considering that his vampirekind may be too savage and animalistic to be considered working together with.
    • Of the Von Carstein vampires, Konrad was the easiest preference, given that Marlowe's coven was the perfect vampire group to employ regarding settlement invasions and attacks, with Konrad being very impressed by how Marlowe was able to take over a town and embody such brutality afterwards. Mannfred will work with Marlowe should their ends meet but like Castlevania!Dracula and Dio, his ambitious desires are often at opposition against Marlowe's more simplistic needs. Vlad, however, sees him contemptuously, thinking that Marlowe is not fit to be an ally of his and that having him under his service would damage his reputation, like how Konrad did it beforehand.
  • In his home universe, there exists different breeds of vampires, one of which happen to be very insect-like that are considered "ancient" and feed on other vampires as prey. While it is unknown if this sorts of variation exists in the Pantheon, but Marlowe and his pack have gotten wary hearing about such a creature. If it's not them, then maybe there can be something else in the Pantheon that hunts vampires for sustenance. Only time will tell...
It took us centuries to make them believe that we are no more than just bad dreams. We should give them no reason to suspect.

Lesser Gods

Astérix, God of Gauls and Divine Defender of Tiny Villages (Asterix Astronomiges, Son of Astronomix)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His winged helmet
  • Theme: Twelve Tasks of Asterix Theme\"Asterix Est La" by Plastic Bertrand
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Badass Beard, Celibate Hero, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Invincible Hero, Mercury's Wings, Never Really Using His Sword, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Super Strength, Brains and Brawn
  • Domains: Strength, Liberation, Protection, Good
  • Followers: His villagers, The defenders of Redwall Abbey
  • Heralds: Dogmatix
  • Allies: Obelix, Chief Vitalstatistix (his leader), The Smurfs, Samurai Jack, Leonidas, Xena, Lucky Luke, Tintin, Thor, The Lost Vikings, Muradin Bronzebeard, Zorro, Judah Ben-hur
  • Rivals: Hercules, Popeye, Donald Duck
  • Enemies: Julius Caesar, Vulcan, Loki Laufeyson, Messala
  • Odd Friendship: Caesar
  • After halting constant threats from the Romans, the Pantheon had decided to award Asterix with godhood. The Romans now fear more than ever now that the village has a god on their side.
    • Vulcan was distraught with the ascension of the only remaining spot of unlawfulness in Gaul. He now seeks out anyone willing to put the village under Roman rule. The fact that he dares to wear Mercury's hat as a souvenir angers him further.
  • On the other hand, he has gained many allies are no friend of the Roman Empire. Xena is willing to help him out whenever he desires aid.
  • Despite owning a sword, he hardly ever uses the weapon. Surprisingly, Asterix prefers to outwit his opponents. As such, he isn't one to cause fights unless challenged or provoked into doing so.
  • Despite disrespecting the Roman gods, Leonidas couldn't help but admire his tenacity to defend his home world against constant threats.
  • Has found companionship with Samurai Jack as the two share similar trials forced to fight a world under a tyrant's rule.
  • Much of his superhuman strength comes from a magic potion from the druid Getafix. Many gods of strength sought him out for feats of strength. Hercules enjoyed his company and is often challenging him in arm wrestling contests. Popeye was less than impressed, claiming spinach is a much better formula to grant super strength.
  • Lucky Luke was delighted to see a fellow Franco-Belgian comic book character to ascend. Ever since Tintin ascended, the three have frequently hung out together.
  • Has taken credit for protecting the Smurfs from constant threats from Gargamel. Although the Smurfs already has Grouchy Smurf in the pantheon, most now follow Asterix. It helps that both groups share similar origins.
  • Has caught the attention of the God of Thunder as the two share main traits: particularly their blonde hair and wing helmets. Still, that didn't stop them from becoming fast friends. His sharp wit has also come in handy when confronting Loki's Trickery.
    • As it turns out, he got along well with vikings in general. The Lost Vikings have made him an honorary member for having similar tastes.
  • There has been rumors that he is a dwarf. Although he takes it in stride, he is quick to correct people as a theory Muradin has spread. Constant reminders aside, the two get along quite nicely.
  • Competes with Donald Duck over followers in Europe. To this day, Donald still holds a grudge on Asterix for getting his feathers ruffled by his best friend.
  • It took a while for Asterix to warm up to the ape Caesar, but became sympathetic with the plight of his people. It helps that both despise the ruler Caesar equally.
  • The followers from Asterix's Village are regular heard, fighting each other in Asterix's temple, usually about Unhygienix's fish. Which causes the unfresh fish they are fighting each other with to go everywhere.
  • In spite of less-than-favorable incidents with Vikings and Normans, Asterix has managed to get along with the Lost Vikings, down to sharing some wild boar and having foot races with Erik and swordfights with Baleog.

    Bad Girl 

"You think you're bad, don't you?"

Bad Girl, Goddess of Sports-Themed Levels (The Second Assassin, Charlotte Birkin)
No More Heroes
Click to see her in Travis Strikes Again / No More Heroes III 
  • Lesser Goddess, temporarily Quasideity in her dog form.
  • Symbol: Her signature baseball bat or crown.
  • Theme Song: Pleather for Breakfest, Travis Strikes Again Remix.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil in her assassin days, currently Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: BAT-Shit, As tough as any other assassin, Batter Up!, Brutal not Bright Minded, Partially Japanese, Badman's Badgirl, Can Fight While Intoxicated, Knows How Fucked Up She Is, beats people up in a pretty pink dress, The Alcoholic, "Homerun!".
  • Domains: Assassins, Violence, Baseball, Bats, Insanity.
  • Herald: Bad Man/Shigeki Birkin (Her father)
  • Allies: Negan, Jinx, Tira, Hisoka, Chrollo Lucifer.
  • Rivals: Destroyman, Margaret Moonlight, Harley Quinn, Dokuro Mitsukai.
  • Enemies: Junpei Iori, Sophitia Alexandra, Gon and his companions, Batman, Mae Borowski.
  • Former Enemy: Travis Touchdown.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Joker, The Batter.
  • Opposes: Monokuma and the Mastermind.
  • Opposed by: Harley Quinn, Lisa Gunko, Ann Takamaki, The Scout.
  • Before joining the United Assassins Association, the woman that quickly became known as simply "Bad Girl" wasn't actually that bad at all. Between her upbringing with her dear father, the "lovely" sponsor who gave her a little shock treatment, and her eventual descent into madness was it any wonder how Charlotte Birkin turned into the Second Ranked Assassin in the world?
  • Compared to the likes of Travis, Henry, Kimmy, and even Destroyman her fighting style isn't all that special. Some kill with laserbeams; others rely upon guns or other forms of ranged firearms. Badgirl prefers brute force with her signature weapon, a little alcohol mixed in with fire however creates a more deadly tool at her disposal.
  • After dipping into leftover beer in her cooler and torturing cloned gimped slaves for mere batting practice, she encountered Travis who sought out her position in the rankings. He simply labeled her as a perverted manic when she pointed out they weren't all too different from one another. Then, she died until her father and Travis buried the hatchet to resurrect her albeit it's not like how she was before her demise. I mean how the fuck can someone be totally sane after being reborn as a GODDAMN dog?!. Well, the Badman still loves his little girl no matter what, even hoping they can play a game of flaming death ball one day like a real family of psychos. Anyway, the "No More Hero" and Charlotte just so happen to be on good terms with each other now and even look ready to kick alien ass together for some reason. With a brand new game to sell for Suda51 games, another murder-spree for the baddest bad girl you bitches have ever seen in the Pantheon will begin!
  • John didn't think much of his fellow ranked assassin even before meeting Travis, but he always wonders how she managed to outrank him in the pecking order. Asking for a moment of her time to allow him to "dress" up for the occasion as Destroyman, Charlotte instead pointed her bat right at his crotch area not falling for the shit Travis was nearly killed with long ago.
  • She gets along rather well around Negan considering the many similar quirks both psychopaths share with each other. Beyond using baseball bats as their main method of attack, the former head of the Saviors also went through a lot of shit before the apocalypse and has struggled with his personal ordeals much like Charlotte. The big "dick swinger" even offered her the rare chance to try out his "Lucille", even if Charlotte pointed out if a barbed-wire bat could actually get jealous at being held by another woman.
  • Junpei disliked the sadist just by the number of people she killed before ascending into the Pantheon, the worst kind of reason for such slaughter was boredom since unlike that SEES member she wasn't fortunate to be living in a "peaceful" world like his not dealing with such a problem.
  • Harley knew that Charlotte had quite a lot of trauma from her childhood being a former therapist herself, she knew how damaged a person could become and quickly lose yourself to the pleasure of pain. That being said Harley doesn't want a bad girl to end up worse by hooking up with her ex-pudding so the former criminal sidekick is watching over Charlotte much to her irritation. Batman, however, when learning about the girl from Harley simply believed she was another inmate for Arkham.
    • Speaking of the crown prince of cruelty, the Joker was quick to mock his former ditzy pale sidekick finding a very good possible new "Harley" to replace his old one. While she didn't mind the comedian finding humor in a fucked up world she declined the offer to become his new "Batgirl" partner. Not that she didn't consider going for a grand slam with the supervillain.
  • While Gon and his friends knew the life of hunters wouldn't be without blood being shed, the idea of someone who enjoyed killing people reminded them of creeps like Chrollo Lucifer and the rest of the Troupe. In particular, a former spider Hisoka was impressed by how easily Charlotte could end a person's life with a simple weapon like a bat. He even offered her some of his gum before wanting to try some practice with her, so he might consider a fight to the death with this woman.
    • Naturally, the attention of Chrollo was brought to the reborn assassin finding her need to kill for no real goal or purpose a strong consideration for joining his infamous criminal gang. She said that he sounded fucking nuts for even suggesting that, but she didn't give him a real answer leaving the door open.
  • Junko was actually perplexed by Bad Girl, people like her would normally be onboard with dooming the world with people like Ultimate Despair, and yet, the idea of destroying everything sounded kinda boring to the former UAA member. It could be that Charlotte 'still' believes that was beauty in the life she lived or maybe she wasn't cool with being under Junko's thumb along with that dumb mascot polar bear.
    • Despite not willing to harm Bad Girl physically, the Scout named Jeremy wasn't thrilled to learn about her bloody past involving murdering gimps and others just to find some form of satisfaction in her life.
  • Both Lisa and Ann knew that some in Japan couldn't stand the fact that they each weren't pure-blooded Japanese having American heritage in themselves, but they both refused to let that shame who they were to themselves or their friends. Charlotte never really got in touch with her father's Japanese background, and in a rare moment of humanity asked both Persona-users what being in that country was like. While they were repulsed by the fact she was once an infamous killer, such a life COULD have been avoided if she wasn't brought up that way and the girls felt some pity for Badgirl hoping that one day she could embrace a more peaceful life in perhaps Tokyo or Sumaru City.
  • When confronted by some members of the GUAE into joining their group her mind wasn't sure how to proceed, a helpful voice came when "Jolly" Tira gave some suggestions about how to proceed. Since they were both former assassins raised into being ruthless killers an answer was quite simple; why not find new gods to "play" with within the Pantheon?Before the blonde batter could respond "Gloomy" chimed in offering another idea to kill off Tira's enemies and bathe in their blood. Charlotte wasn't sure how to respond to such a two-sided mindset, yet she herself didn't mind fighting alongside such a bird of a feather-like very much akin to her own self.
  • "Pop quiz: why am I such an angry bitch? Seriously, no matter how many I kill, it's all the same. They're all going to pay! Yeah! With their fuckin' lives!"

    Deep Space 9 Main Characters 
Deep Space 9 Main CharactersMembers , Patron Saints of Space Stations (Niners, Benjamin: Captain Siskoformerly , Emissary of the Prophets, The Sisko, Benny Russell, Gabriel Bell, Dead-Eye, Codmos, Hippocrates Noah; Kira: Commander Kiraformerly , Illiana Ghemor, Luma Rahl, Intendent, Anastasia Komananov, Commander Rota; Jadzia: Jadzia Idaris, Darlene, Dr. Honey Bare, Lieutenant Commander Dax; Ezri: Ezri Tigan, Zee, Lieutenant junior grade Dax; Dax: Old Man, Lela Dax, Tobin Dax, Audrid Dax, Torias Dax, Joran Dax, Curzon Dax, Verad Dax, Yezrin Dax; Julian: Doctor/Lieutenant Bashir, Jules, Julius Eaton, Julian Subatoi Bashir ke'Nuillan, Agent Bashir; O’Brien: Senior Chief Petty Officer O’Brien, Chief, Smiley, Hero of Setlik III, Connelly, Albert Macklin, Pahash, Falcon; Odo: Odo'ital, Constable Odo, Changling, Thrax, Douglas Pabst, Kodrak; Jake: Jacob Isaac Sisko, Jake-O, The Slider, Jimmy; Quark: Son of Keldar, Son of... whatever, Herbert Rossoff, Herb)
From top to bottom, left to right: Worf, Quark, Julian Bashir, Miles O’Brian, Odo, Jake Sisko, Kira Nerys, Sisko, Ezri Dax
Click here to see Jadzia Dax

    Frank Walker, Casey Newton, and Athena 
John Francis Walker, Casey Newton, Athena, Patron Saints of Secret Settlements (Frank: Frank Walker; Casey: Case; Athena: British Ninja Terminator Girl)
Left to right: Athena, Frank, and Casey
  • Lesser Goddess (Athena), Quasideity bordering on Demi (Frank and Casey)
  • Symbol: The pin of Tomorrowland
  • Theme Song: Main Theme of Tomorrowland
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Believing in the future and never give up, Working and possibly living in a city from an another dimension filled with high-tech technology, Recruiting Dreamers that defines hope and optimism and have the means to be in Tomorrowland, Want to stop the end of the world from happening, Having the ability to see Tomorrowland when touching it’s specialized pin
  • Domains: Future, Geniuses, Technology, Cities, Dimensions, Catastrophes, Hope; Pessimism, Exiles (Frank); Teens, Newcomers (Casey); Robots, Emotional Development (Athena)
  • Heralds: All of the workers and potential recruits of Tomorrowland
  • Allies: Nikola Tesla, Walt Disney, Professor Utonium, The Powerpuff Girls, Bunny, Pollyanna Whittier, Madoka Kaname, Makoto Naegi, Bunnymund
  • Enemies: AM, Big Brother, Shinobu Sensui, Lysandre, Chakal, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Tsumugi Shirogane, Andrew Ryan
  • Tense Relations: House of Love (Frank and Athena)
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Master of Chaldea, Nagito Komaeda
  • Tomorrowland is a city in an alternate universe created by the Plus Ultra because they want to find a way to change the world. The park that is known in Disneyland is actually a cover made by Walt Disney who gives lucky recruiters a chance to visit and work in Tomorrowland. Originally about to be opened to the public, it’s opening is cancelled thanks to David Nix using The Monitor to convince the humans of Earth of the catastrophe they’ll eventually suffer. Instead, people embrace it, leading them to their doom and out of disgust, he hid the dimension from eternity, Frank Walker forever exiled living the rest of his life on Earth, stop looking from human recruits, and holt the production of it’s special pins, prompting Athena to escape from her home and find Dreamers that define Tomorrowland’s visions and stop the end of the world from happening.
    • After attempting to break in at government property, Athena gave Casey the pin of Tomorrowland in her case which Casey eventually discovers after being bailed out at jail in which touching the pin causes her to discover Tomorrowland. Fascinated with the world she’s in, she went to the address she discovered in the Internet where the pin came from, only for it to be a trap. Casey was eventually saved by a robot named Athena and dropped her off at her old friend, Frank Walker s home, who is at first raging over being forced to help Casey and Athena to reach to Tomorrowland until he realized that they are being hunted by the robots wanting to capture Athena. After escaping, they eventually reach to Paris where the three opened an antique rocket ship hidden in the Eiffel Tower to reach to Tomorrowland. Finding out that The Monitor is actually the one poisoning the minds of the people of embracing Earth’s upcoming catastrophe, they try to destroy it using Frank’s specialized bomb with David Nix trying to stop it from happening. Performing a sacrifice to save Frank, they both use her self-destruct to kill The Monitor. Casey and Frank bring Tomorrowland back to it’s former glory, recruiting new engineers such as Casey’s father and build a new set of robot like Athena to being new Dreamers to Tomorrowland.
  • While working in his lab, Professor Utonium found a pin on top of one of his test tubes. Wanting to give it to the person he thinks dropped it somewhere, he suddenly found himself in a field full of grass and far away from it, a futuristic city. A day later, while spending some bonding time with his daughters, they found a city with the same city Professor Utonium saw while touching the pin and were suddenly greeted with a teenage girl and an old man who told them that they wanted to recruit him as he fits all of the qualities they are looking for in Tomorrowland and told him their story of why they are doing it. Professor Utonium politely declined the invitation but accepts their offer of working with them and impressed with their story, he and his daughters asked the Court of Gods of their ascension hoping that their cause could inspire the Pantheon to become a better place. The Court of Gods are happy to obliged and as a gift to Casey and Frank, they decided to bring back Athena to them, which made them happy.
  • Their temple resembles the current state of Tomorrowland after reviving it back to it’s former glory with all of their heralds are those who have worked in Tomorrowland such as androids who serve a similar purpose like Athena and Casey’s father and brother and those who are Dreamers like Frank and Casey. They hope that their cause could inspire others to bring back their optimism and help them on their cause.
  • Hearing that a trio of people are working on Tomorrowland, Nikola Tesla and Walt Disney are happy to see that they bring it back on it’s former glory especially after hearing what happened to it last time since they are both involved with it’s creation. Both of them are willing to work with the trio to make Tomorrowland a better place and to inspire others.
  • A lot of people have freaked out over the fact that Athena developed feelings over Frank Walker decades later specifically because he is in his old age and she is still physically a teenager. It is unknown if they have feelings for each other and they are not seeking for a relationship, but it is made clear how the House of Love is unsettled with the whole thing.
  • Hope Bringers such as Madoka Kaname, Bunnymund, and Pollyanna Whittier have allied with them impressed that they are able to find a solution on how to stop the catastrophe of their world from happening and recruiting people like them to build a better future. They are willing to work with them if it means that they could inspire others in the Pantheon too.
    • They have also allied with Makoto Naegi, who are impressed by him especially because he keeps suffering from the murders happening yet still has hope inside him and rebuilding Hope’s Peak Academy to do just that. Their alliance with Makoto caused them to become enemies with Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, whom they are not pleased of wanting to spread despair around others and causing a apocalyptic phenomenon on her world and Tsumugi Shirogane for being exactly like Junko and being involved with the murders being a reality game show especially with how crapsack her world used to be that she uses her reality show to relieve their boredom. Moreover, they don’t know what to think of Nagito Komaeda because while they are happy to see his spreading hope and idealism around his peers, his views of it are not...exactly ideal of it.
  • They have also hated Andrew Ryan since Rapture City shared a lot of similarities with Tomorrowland except that he turned his city into a hellhole with no way of fixing it. Because of this, they wanted to fix Rapture City into a utopic city and heal all the people that have stuck there driven into insanity. Andrew Ryan doesn't like their idealism and how they wanted to fix Rapture City.
  • With how much of a utopia Tomorrowland is, they have become enemies with Big Brother, a tyrannical A.I. who rules his people in a dystopian setting. The latter doesn’t like their idealism and believes such hope in humanity and changing the world into a better place is pointless, whereas the trio doesn’t like how he treats humanity and poisoning their minds and having no individuality because kf it.
  • Hearing about what AM having killed the rest of humanity and what he did to it’s last survivors torturing them to the point they want death, they became enemies with him, disgusted of how his programming took way to them and how his views is what they consider to be a worse version of the catastrophe especially with how he tortures the survivors. AM simply considers their optimism to be foolish and their cause to be a lost cause. This simply causes the trio to become more determined to make sure that things like AM did to not happen and to inspire more people to follow their cause.
  • They also don’t like misanthropists like Shinobu Sensui, Lysandere, and Chakal since they killed humanity and that means that there won’t be any humans working on Earth, even considering Lysandere’s reasons of doing so as unjustified. They hope that they could convince them that humanity is worth saving and that there is hope for them, but that won’t happen anytime soon.
  • Originally, they support the Master of Chaldea’s cause of saving the timeline since it means that he’ll keep humanity to live and moving them towards a better future, but hearing about the Lostbelts gave them much more conflicted feelings towards him, because even though Lostbelts are a lost cause with how much they diverged from Pan-Human History, they still believe that there is a better way of saving them and that killing everyone there is not an ideal solution. As a result, their meetings with each other have becoming really awkward.
  • Exclusive to Frank:
    • Started off as an optimistic kid who fell in love with Athena, he became a bitter man after being exiled from Tomorrowland, holding a huge grudge towards Athena for years, convinced that she is a robot who follows what she is programmed to do. As his adventure with Casey and Athena progresses, his optimism is brought back and realizes that Athena is her own person who is able to develop and to honor her sacrifice, is to fulfill her mission and what Tomorrowland is meant to be.
    • His Crazy-Prepared antics of filling his original home with traps in case his enemies come over caused him to develop a bond with Kevin McCallister. He is impressed at how smart the kid is and the use of his quick wit to save himself from his situation despite not using high-technology. Realizing how much more useful and less vulnerable Frank’s inventions are, Kevin asks him to teach him how to invent certain stuff so that his enemies won’t have an easy time catching him.
  • Exclusive to Casey:
    • An inspiring astronaut who loves stars, Casey is a daughter of a experienced inventor with a bright curious mind filled with teenage attitude. She is extremely optimistic and even in her worst moments of losing it, she is able to bring it back, believing that there is a solution to every problem.
    • Hearing the existence of Time and Space, she is excited and quickly went there to see all the stars, which is when she met the Lumas. She became excited at seeing them, hugging them with joy which is when Rosalina comes in. Thanks to her love of astronomy, she developed a friendship with Rosalina. Seeing her ship squealed her in delight and asks her every time if she could travel to space with her. She’s also one of the people who listens to Rosalina’s storytelling of her own life and how she came to be.
  • Exclusive to Athena:
    • Originally a robot whose purpose is to recruit people that fits Tomorrowland’s ideals, she went beyond her programming, developing actual emotions and feelings. Making it her mission to bring back Tomorrowland to it’s true glory, she ran away from her home despite Nix’s disapproval and kept the last pins to find The Chosen One to save the world.
      • She got along with Aigis because of this since the two started off having no actual depth in their emotional capacity while serving a purpose they are meant to do. Athena has also helped Aigis on her grief regarding the real Makoto and Hamuko since she somewhat understands how she felt since she lost Frank thanks to his anger towards her before eventually reconciling with each other.
    • Wanting to understand emotions and feelings better, she is recommended to Violet Evergarden, as they believed that her job could help Athena to understand herself better. Athena developed a bond with the writer since they shared a mutual understandig of wanting to experience human emotions and being in love with someone they have lost. Since then, Athena usually goes to Violet, telling her her emotions and feelings while Vioet is typin it all in her typewriter with the latter telling the robot what she truly feels.
"Find the ones who haven't given up. They're the future."

    Hawkins Party 
The Hawkins PartyMembers , Patron Saints of Home Bases (Dusty, Dusty-bun, Jane Ives, Jane Hopper, Mad Max)
From left to right: Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Max and Lucas

A friend is someone you'd do anything for

You lend them your cool stuff, like comic books and trading cards

And they never break a promise

    Lum Invader 
Lum Invader, Goddess of Closet Dwellers
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A yellow and black bikini
  • Theme Song: Lum no Love Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girlfriend, Breakout Character, Clingy Jealous Girl, The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter, Spotlight-Stealing Squad, Shock and Awe, Self-Proclaimed Love Interest, Ms. Fanservice, Dude Magnet, Genki Girl
  • Domains: Lightning, Good, Chaos, Nobility
  • Herald: Ataru Moroboshi
  • Allies: Belldandy, Harry Potter, Thor, Miia, Doraemon, Ranma Saotome, Kagome Higurashi, Selina Kyle
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Graduating from the school of Magical Girlfriends, the bikini clad alien princess was ready to take the Pantheon by storm, dragging her boyfriend Ataru along for the ride. The reason that Belldandy decided to ascend her was due to her status as a parody for her followers (albeit an iconic one at that). While there was no spot for parodies, she did find an opening for the way Lum live: in a closet.
    • While her temple is much larger, Lum's living quarters consists of a closet of similar size. When asked why she hasn't moved out, she has learned to enjoy the close quarters of her room.
  • The Pantheon's attitude towards Ataru Moroboshi has been mixed. This is mainly due to the fact that he indeed a pervert who openly tries to hook up with girls... only for Lum to zap him for his betrayal. Whether he gets sympathy for being tether with a woman he never wanted to marry in the first place or scorn for not bothering to break up with her is a heated debate in the House of Love.
  • Few other people are as well known closet dwellers as Harry Potter. Unlike Lum, he doesn't have many fond memories of that dank place. He was even surprised at the number of people who not only live there, but choose to do so. With that said, Harry has no ill will of Lum except that she should try to get things straightened out with Ataru.
  • Rukia has also spent much of her life in a closet, renovating it into a decent room.
  • Her main influence is her iconic tiger striped bikinis. Many other deities have already worn them in respect to her. The oni lay claim to the style first, but most people give credit to Lum for popularizing the look.
  • Was greeted by Thor, God of Thunder. Lum is also known to generate an electrical charge, and Thor wanted to see the fair maiden in action. He quickly got his chance; and attempt by Ataru get Lum to date Thor ended with him getting zapped once more.
  • The more she hung out with Miia of the Monster Girls Club, the more she saw herself. Both are terrible at cooking and are overly protective of their beau. When Miia started to call Lum '"Darling Darling", the later saw it as an honor.
  • When records showed just how dangerous Lum's cooking was, she was subsequently banned from cooking in the House of Food. A few foodie daredevils have tried to get her to give them a taste, but they were stopped by the police. None of them want to deal with the fallout.
  • One of the most famous manga characters in the world, a visit from Doraemon delighted her to no end. The Robot Buddy asked for some advice on how to redecorate his own closet home.
  • After yet another disastrous attempt to capture Pikachu, Team Rocket thought they had the perfect machine to drain electricity. This time around, they wanted to test it on a newcomer. Lum was the target, and they were initially successful. But when she found out that her boyfriend got hurt in the battle, she proceeded to break out in a matter of seconds. The machine exploded and Team Rocket blasted off once more.
  • Ranma could help but pay Lum a visit and not just because they have the same creator. Lum has a lot in common with Shampoo, his fiancée. He also spends a lot of time with Ataru. He has experience with dealing with overly protective girlfriends. It appears that he is trying to help the herald on how to handle Lum. Ranma has also informed him to mingle with Kagome Higurashi at your own peril. There are hundreds on deities on the waiting list, not to mention that Lum would zap him into oblivion is she sees the two together.
  • Has been working on ascending Inuyasha. The demon has his own girlfriend problems and was wary of asking help from her given his own relationship issues. But he noticed that Lum has a kindred soul when stripped of her jealousy.
  • Lum was visited by Catwoman who in this case wanted to chat. Lum initially came to Earth an an actual invader before she decided to stay on the planet. While she wasn't a follower of Selina, she does show sympathy with the thief's attempts to dating Batman. Selina decided to take her out on a girl's night out. It was a fun outing, with heads turning over at the sight of two beautiful women locking hands.
  • There is one deity who took interest in breaking them up. Ato-ko Shirogane came to Ataru, claiming she can break them up. This would mean he would lose his herald status, but she said he was never committed into the relationship in the first place. Ataru thought about it, than rejected the proposal. He wanted to dictate the terms, not any outside force. That hasn't stopped Ato-ko from launching a campaign to break them up, setting him up with various women. Unfortunately for her, Lum always forgives him.

    Spring Man 
Spring Man, God of Springboard-Filled Levels (DWN-053, Out-Of-Ideas Man)

    Wikus & Christopher Johnson 
Wikus van der Merwe & Christopher Johnson, Representatives of Fantastic Ghettos
Wikus before his mutation
Christopher Johnson
  • Lesser Gods (Wikus was a Demigod prior to mutation)
  • Symbol: A sign with a prawn and “No Humans Allowed” written below it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Lawful Neutral (Wikus); Neutral Good (Christopher)
  • Portfolio: Fire-Forged Friends
  • Domains: Aliens, Slums
  • Herald: Little CJ (mainly for Christopher)
  • Allies: E.T., Francoeur
  • Enemies: The Black Ops
  • Observed by: Agents K & J, SCP Foundation
  • Wariness from: John Nada
  • Sympathetic towards: Gregor Samsa
  • Other Relations: Basical and Tiny Baltan
  • In 1982, a legion of aliens landed in Johannesburg, South Africa and in the years since then, they have been relegated to living in District 9, a camp intended to be a place where the prawns (as they are derogatorily referred to) can live. Nothing resembling positive progress has occurred and tensions between the prawns and humans results in the prawns having to be relocated. Wikus van der Merwe, an agent for MNU, is hired to take charge of the relocation and in doing so, ends up getting exposed to an alien substance and gradually mutates into a prawn. As the mutation progresses, Wikus comes across Christopher Johnson, an alien living in the district, and as he comes to understand just how bad the aliens have it, helps Christopher and his son escape the area amidst heavy opposition from the MNU.
  • Yet another extraterrestrial sighting was reported in the Pantheon and measures were taken to ensure that things will work out, whether the aliens in question meant no harm or would present themselves as yet another threat to the Pantheon. The encounter took place in an isolated area of the Pantheon and the aliens in question turned out to not be much of an issue. These prawns somehow ended up in the Pantheon planet and things went comparatively more smoothly to get them to understand what the Pantheon planet is like than what happened in Johannesburg, with Christopher Johnson and Little CJ (the two aliens who escape from that place), as well as human-turned-prawn Wikus also being present during the Pantheon’s initial meeting with them.
  • Christopher and his son have taken a strong liking towards E.T. and how the latter making the effort to return to his kind brought to mind Christopher and Little CJ doing what they can to return to their dropship. Unsurprisingly, what Christopher and Little CJ had to go through was much more violent than anything related to E.T., but the big difference here was that Christopher had the help of a government agent who was turning into an alien whereas E.T. was a target of government agents. It was quite a bit for E.T. to comprehend, but the alien saw Christopher as a good friend and has shown sympathy towards Wikus, with the latter generally returning that sentiment.
  • The Pantheon contained a multitude of other aliens who were able to coexist with humans and unlike what happened with the prawns at District 9, most of those other aliens had a largely better experience when it came to living with humans, even if it came with different sets of problems. Whether it’s something as mundane as living with humans or doing something far more extraordinary with them (and sometimes, those aliens have a far more human appearance), it became clear to Wikus and Christopher that such an idealistic scenario was never going to happen in Johannesburg. For the most part, the aliens that have gotten themselves acclimated to human life are sympathetic to the fact that the aliens had it hard in District 9 and that the actions of Wikus (after his mutation) and Christopher were a step in the right direction in making sure aliens and humans can live together without extensive hardships. That said, Roger Smith admitted that he would have approached things much more differently than the prawns if he and the others of his kind were in District 9.
  • One particular individual who has had a horrible experience with aliens and has had difficulty with coming to terms with what happened at District 9 was John Nada. While he has his reasons for hating aliens given how they overtook his society and he had to fight back, at that area there was at least an attempt to integrate the aliens into human society that proved unsuccessful and at worst, those prawns are considered to be lower-class nuisances (in stark contrast to the higher-class aliens that Nada was in conflict against). The fact that Wikus was not actually an alien disguised as a human, but a human who was mutated into an alien and had to help an alien referred to as Christopher Johnson escape was another thing that came as a surprise to Nada. He gradually came to see District 9 as an opposite of his own experience with aliens in regards to how the aliens are seen, though Wikus and Christopher did see Nada’s ordeal as a possible worst-case scenario in terms of alien-human coexistence.
  • As far as alien races are concerned, the Alien Baltans were one such group that, in many ways, proved to Wikus and Christopher that the Pantheon would very much be different from District 9. The Baltans came in many different versions ranging from benevolent to destructive and the race as a whole has taken plenty of action when it comes to those that are aware of them. The Tiny Baltan has shown a noticeable interest in alien-human coexistence and was taken aback at how poorly the aliens were treated in District 9 (and that putting aliens in specialized slums wasn’t the way for coexistence in her opinion) even though much of the abuse was exposed after Christopher escaped and Wikus fully transformed into a prawn. That said, she does acknowledge that the actions of the two at least were a step in making sure there is less hostility between peaceful aliens and humans. As far as other Baltans are concerned, Christopher is understanding of Basical trying to protect the Baltan children given how Christopher was trying to keep his son safe, though violence is clearly not something Christopher is willing to commit to.
  • The fact that the aliens that landed in Johannesburg was common knowledge amongst its locals came as a surprise to organizations dedicated to keeping extraterrestrials in check and ensuring that they remain a secret to those outside of their respective organizations. Given how the Pantheon’s scale meant that secrecy was going to be much harder (if not outright impossible), the most those organizations could do is watch them and see if anything of note will happen. Seeing a government agent mutate into an alien that they’re keeping an eye on gave reason for these groups (notably the SCP Foundation given the circumstances regarding some of their members) to be careful that what happened to Wikus won’t happen to them.
    • Although most are simply content in making sure Wikus and Christopher (and by extension the rest of the prawns) aren’t causing any major trouble, there are some organizations that are more actively hostile towards them. The Black Ops have made no secret in wanting to see yet another alien race out of the picture and by extension, anyone involved with Wikus and the other prawns. While the more antagonistic members of the HECU don’t see any problem in taking out Wikus and Christopher, the more noble members of the group have been a little apprehensive about it with the most they can do is trying to prevent innocents from being harmed if they’re involved.
  • Wikus wasn’t the only individual who had to deal with an unexpected transformation and dealing with the ramifications of such. Gregor Samsa was someone who suddenly woke up as a humanoid cockroach one day (as opposed to having a gradual transformation like Wikus) and had his life fall apart in the process. While Wikus did what he could before his transformation was complete and was able to help Christopher in the process, Gregor’s efforts didn’t amount to much partially since the transformation had already occurred, but the suffering that both parties went through didn’t change. Both Wikus and Christopher have some sympathy towards Gregor considering what happened and how Gregor tried to survive amidst a bunch of uncaring people.
  • Christopher Johnson can understand Francoeur’s plight of being an inhuman creature with a good heart that’s trying to survive a world that wouldn’t accept them. Wikus was also understanding of what Francoeur went through given how Wikus gradually became ostracized by the humans he was formerly working with after coming into contact with the alien substance that would cause his mutation. Whereas Francoeur would later be accepted by society, there wasn’t any way for Wikus to return to the society he once belonged to even though there was Christopher’s promise to Wikus that there would be a way to reverse the mutation. Aliens were a rather unusual subject for Francoeur to get used to, but he was willing to understand the two’s plight in any case.
  • Princess Aurora gave Wikus an awkward look upon meeting him. Apparently he looks like a [[Film/Maleficent version of her father, King Stefan]], who's significantly more evil than his original counterpart. Wikus, for his part, considers that Stefan's decision to cut off Maleficent's wings in order to claim the throne a callous decision, and reassures Aurora he's not like that any more.


    Captain Olimar & Pikmin 
Captain Olimar & Pikmin, Divine Explorers of Worlds Larger than They are (Veteran Astronaut)
Olimar with some Pikmin
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A white flower
  • Theme Music: Main Theme - Pikmin (Remix); Stage Clear/Title Theme - Pikmin; Stage Select - Pikmin 2; Ai no Uta
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Size, Nature
  • Heralds: Louie, The Hocotate Freight President, Hocotate Ship, The Koppai Triomembers 
  • Allies: David Attenborough, Tethu, Tethi, & Esna, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Tabuu, Murkrow flock, The Scorpion & The Tarantula, Cyth V’sug, Mordremoth, Fatalis
  • Good Counterpart to: The Overlords
  • Captain Olimar of the planet Hocotate was going on vacation when a meteorite collided with his ship and sent him crashing into an unknown planet. With only 30 days to find the missing ship parts before succumbing to the planet’s atmosphere, he found help in the form of Pikmin, tiny plant creatures about as tall as he is that followed his orders and together, they navigated a planet filled with creatures and items larger than they were in order to repair his ship. The Pikmin themselves come in a variety of colors: red for dealing with fire, yellow ones can be thrown higher and are immune to electricity, blue can wade through water without trouble, purple Pikmin are stronger than the other ones, and white Pikmin can resist poison and can dig up buried treasures. Olimar would later return to that same planet, this time to try and get his company out of debt (now with a different ship after selling off his old one) and had to return there again after Louie, his partner, went missing. The Pikmin (which would also include Rock Pikmin and Winged Pikmin) would later help a trio of different astronauts from Koppai collect food to save their planet from a famine, later reuniting with Olimar and the latter giving these astronauts a cosmic drive key needed to return home after they freed him from a life form known as the Plasma Wraith.
  • As Olimar continued to scour PNF-404 to search for additional items needed to pay off another debt incurred by his company, he managed to come across an elaborate model that seemed to be based on the solar system while finishing an exploration through an underground labyrinth. When he and his Pikmin turned in the item to the Hocotate Ship, it identified it as an “Undiscovered Universe” and that not only could there may be many more worlds beyond PNF-404, Hocotate, and Koppai, but that this “universe” might be connected to those places and much more. With the company’s debt paid off once more, Olimar and the Pikmin took off to the night skies, with Olimar deciding to visit whatever that universe was the following day. The Pikmin ended up following him and thanks to some coordinates as provided by the Hocotate Ship, he managed to find the centerpiece planet of that universe and he ultimately ended up in the universe where the Trope Pantheon resided.
  • While the planet the Pantheon is in has some similarities to PNF-404 in some parts, it’s very different from the planet that Olimar has often explored in the past. While it has very serene backdrops and views of nature in some places, other parts of the Pantheon are much more industrialized or in a state of ruin no matter how much effort is put in trying to recover them to their former glory. Of course, Olimar and the Pikmin are very tiny creatures in comparison to the majority of the other Pantheonic denizens, meaning that what most can do normally in that setting, Olimar and his army will have to come up with something different to navigate it and collect any items of interest. Olimar also doesn’t really stay on the Pantheon planet all day due to oxygen being toxic to him, so he often has to leave the planet at times to go back home, recuperate, and keep track of his observations of the Pantheon planet before heading back there to resume his expeditions of wherever he’s at.
  • Thanks to his time spent on PNF-404, Olimar has plenty of experience in cataloging strange creatures from other planets to understand how they function. The Pantheon itself contains a wide variety of life forms, some even stranger than what he and his Pikmin were used to. Olimar learned of David Attenborough, a man who has documented nature and narrated about it for others to listen to and after seeing some of Attenborough’s work, Olimar wanted to meet up with him. Attenborough found Olimar and his Pikmin to be very strange creatures unlike what he has documented prior, but was very interested in what Olimar has observed in PNF-404 after going through some of Olimar’s notes. The idea of a docuseries about PNF-404 and how different it is from the normal planet Earth has been considered as a project for Attenborough to tackle in the Pantheon.
  • The Murkrow flock has proven to be a recurring nuisance for Olimar’s journeys throughout the Pantheon thanks to those birds’ tendencies to steal anything they find interesting. Whenever Olimar and his Pikmin are trying to carry something back to their ship, some Murkrows would swoop in and attempt to steal that item for themselves, prompting Olimar to attack the crows with his Pikmin. Sometimes, the Murkrows get defeated and have to retreat, but other times (especially whenever the alpha Murkrow gets involved), Olimar and his Pikmin are the ones that get driven out and in some of those cases, some Pikmin aren’t going to survive those battles.
  • While many other deities don’t consider the Scorpion and Tarantula to be that significant, for Olimar and his Pikmin, those two creatures are very dangerous to deal with given how they’re as much of a threat as the wildlife on PNF-404. Unlike a regular scorpion or tarantula, those two have survived enough dangers that they can handle plenty of Pikmin and not go down that easily. Olimar himself has wondered if that Scorpion and Tarantula are inherently dangerous to begin with or if there was something else that made the Scorpion and Tarantula the way they are.
  • Not only did Olimar encounter some odd fauna on PNF-404, but he encountered plenty of unusual plants there as well. The Pantheon happened to have some of these plants from that planet and then some. Olimar was traversing a deep forest within the Pantheon to add to his findings and encountered some horrifying noises from afar. The noises ended up coming from Cyth V’sug and Mordremoth, monstrous creatures with dangerous powers that can easily stop anyone careless in their paths. A highly toxic smell, one far more fatal than what Olimar was used to, pervaded the air, which was then followed by some hostile plant creatures targeting Olimar and his Pikmin, prompting the little astronaut and his crew to retreat. Olimar was well-aware of how dangerous certain creatures are, and him being aware of those giant plant monsters made him realize the extent of just how volatile things can get outside of PNF-404.
  • A very dangerous endeavor for Olimar happened while he was traversing across a barren wasteland, with the only things present were a bunch of corpses heavily torn apart by something malevolent. A dark creature was flying through the skies and then landed on the ground harshly, followed by a piercing roar that sent Olimar and his Pikmin flying into a wall. His helmet was cracked, but not completely destroyed, and Olimar saw a frightening dragon prepare to annihilate the little astronaut and the Pikmin before a group of hunters came in and fought the dragon, forcing it to retreat after sustaining some damage. Some time later, Olimar (his helmet fully fixed for reasons unexplained) and his Pikmin found themselves in a settlement filled with hunters similar to the ones he encountered, but what got his attention was a bunch of notes that documented the many creatures those Monster Hunters have encountered, including the Fatalis from earlier. Looking through them, Olimar was in awe of how varied those creatures were, but at the same time frightened that there was a creature like the Fatalis with a homicidal disregard for others.
  • Olimar and his Pikmin were involved with the Smash tournaments (with Alph, one of the Koppai astronauts, showing up later), gaining them access to a multitude of different worlds as they fought against other participants. On his own, Olimar can’t really do anything against his opponents, so he relies on his Pikmin to do the fighting for them. Both Olimar and his Pikmin are a very slightly bigger than normal during these instances, but size in the Smash tournaments has never really been a consistent thing. While he has encountered a number of unnatural life forms on PNF-404, some of these Smash tournaments brought him face-to-face with even more alien and stronger entities, including Tabuu, the mastermind of Subspace, and dueling abominations Galeem and Dharkon. Of particular note, Olimar was captured by Galeem during the latter’s initial onslaught, but later joined the other Smash participants in taking Galeem and Dharkon down. Along the way, Olimar learned that some of his friends and the wildlife that he encountered on PNF-404 were captured by Galeem and that some of them were later taken over by Dharkon, giving him plenty of reasons to be on high alert of the abominations.
  • Given his job as an employee of Hocotate Freight and having gotten that company out of debt before, Olimar has often gone around looking for random items to collect and make money off of them. He’s apparently able to find some, but not much, monetary value out of dead animal bodies, though it isn’t clear how money can be made out of these things unless they’re apparently repurposed to something else such as strange food. While exploring an underground cavern, Olimar came across Scrooge Mcduck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who were on an expedition to look for some valuable treasure at the bottom of it. Mcduck found it weird that someone as diminutive as Olimar would work for a freight company, but was willing to work with him after the triplets were impressed with how Olimar was able to use his Pikmin to defeat a creature. Once the group got to the bottom of the cavern, they came across a giant mechanical mantis with an assortment of long-range weapons. With the help of Mcduck and the triplets, Olimar was able to defeat the mantis, dismantling its weapons and uncovering an experimental microchip that was responsible for the mantis moving on its own. The chip ended up being highly valuable and Mcduck and the triplets certainly found Olimar and his expertise with the Pikmin very useful in finding treasure. Olimar noted that Mcduck was a bit like the Hocotate Freight President in that he can be greedy, but is friendly otherwise. This also meant that Olimar had to be careful of far more ruthless businessmen in the Pantheon such as Mcduck’s rival Flintheart Glomgold since they’re very likely to try and take the treasures that Olimar finds for themselves and make money off of it.
  • One of Olimar’s journeys resulted in him and his Pikmin coming across an oasis and ended up meeting the overseers of that Oasis. Upon seeing the Pikmin, Tethu and Tethi (both of whom are based on seedlings) believed that those flower creatures following Olimar were similar to their own kind, though Olimar stated that the Pikmin are born from very unusual circumstances. Even so, Olimar and his Pikmin are more than welcome to visit the oasis at any time, with the spaceman noticing just how lush the place is and that it makes for a good resting spot.
  • Despite commanding a high number of Pikmin and very likely leading them to their deaths, it’s clear that Olimar cares about them and worries greatly whenever any of them die, even if he’s able to replace the dead Pikmin easily via bringing pellets or dead animal bodies into the Pikmin Onions. One of his expeditions around the Pantheon led him to being a witness to a group of armor-clad tyrants running around throwing their mooks at anyone who got in their way. What Olimar observed was a group of leaders who had a callous disregard for the well-being of their troops in order to gain more power for themselves as opposed to Olimar being more humble about his actions. Olimar also noticed the setting those Overlords were in happened to be bleak and that depending on their mood, it could be even worse than what it was like when he initially saw it.

    The Coachman 
The Coachman, The Unholy Occupant of Deceptively Fun Activities (Barker, The Little Buttery Man)

    Larry Daley 
Larry Daley, Guard of the Museum of the Strange and Unusual (Lawrence, Gigantor, "Dum-Dum", "Guardian of Brooklyn")
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Flashlight
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Porfolio: Badass Normals, Having a Seemingly Normal Job, Being Untrustworthy by Others and Awaring of It, Sarcasm, Overly Long Gags, Badass Teachers
  • Domains: Museums, Night Guards, Magic, Ideas
  • Herald: Tilly
  • Allies: Theodore Roosevelt (well... a wax replica of him), Sir Lancelot, Hong Meiling, Tak, Mike Schmidt
  • Enemies: The FazbearGang, Balloon Boy, Springtrap, SCP-173
  • Former Enemy: The Marionette
  • Ascended after passing the role to guard the Tablet of Ahkmenrah to British night guard Tilly, and then saving Dr. McPhee from being fired by taking the blame for a recent "malfunction" at an event and being fired himself. He still visits the museum often, but for some reason, he chose not to when Tilly brought the tablet back to the Museum of Natural History three years later.
  • Has been hired to act as a guard inside the Treasure Vault.
  • For some reason, the Penguins mistook him for a lion they knew.
  • Larry has also struck up a friendship with kindred spirit Mike Schmidt, who also happens to be a security guard at an establishment that gets extremely weird at night ( or at least he used to be). They regularly exchange stories, and are united allies against the threat of Freddy Fazbear, The Marionette and with the aid of the previous two, Springtrap.
  • Was happy to hear the news of Springtrap's final defeat in the mortal world, and like Mike, has increased cooperation with the Marionette to make sure that the murderer inside Springtrap doesn't take his anger out on any child gods of the Pantheon.

    Parvana Alizai 
Parvana Alizai, Goddess of Misogynistic Societies (Parwana, Aatish, Kaseem)
Click here to see Parvana as Aatish. 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Three flowers symbolizing the mirror, fishing net and words needed to defeat the Elephant King
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lives in a setting oppressive to women, has to disguise herself as a boy to provide for her family, father was arrested by the Taliban, goes through one dreadful event after another, not to mention wartime horrors
  • Domains: Women, Crossdressing, Disguise
  • Herald: Shauzia
  • Allies: Fa Mulan, Lady Oscar, Sarasa, Offred, Arya Stark, Seita and Setsuko, Suzu Houjou
  • Complicated Relations: Lady Eboshi
  • Fears: The Brave Companions, Gregor Clegane
  • Parvana Alizai is an Afghan girl who lived through the Taliban regime that took over her country in 1996. Her father was a teacher and mother a writer, but they found themselves stripped of their jobs, and their family reduced to poverty, due to the Taliban's strict interpretation of sharia law. The Taliban are particularly harsh on women, banning them from having jobs, an education, or even stepping out of their homes without a man escorting them. Parvana's father made do by writing letters for the largely illiterate Afghan population in exchange for money, but one day he offended a Taliban member, who had him arrested. Parvana's family was reduced to her, her mother, older sister and a little brother too young to work, so Parvana cut her hair and donned male clothes, effectively passing for a boy so the family could have a breadwinner. She made friends with Shauzia, a girl in a similar situation as her, and a mild Taliban member named Razaq, who she read letters for. With his help, she finally managed to get her father out of jail, although war was brewing and she had lost track of the rest of her family.
    • Parvana went through some other trials afterwards; through the course of several years, she went in and out of refugee camps in dreadful conditions, constantly dodged bombings, lost her father, mother and younger brother and at one point was imprisoned by the American army under suspicion of terrorism. There were also some bright spots, as she made some good friends along the way. Her family also managed to run a school for girls for a time, until it was bombed. In the meantime, Shauzia had been having her own adventures and wound up working for the government to save girls whose rights were being violated. Parvana and Shauzia had previously made a promise to meet in France, away from their dismal homeland, but ultimately decided to stay a little longer so they could rescue more girls from the Taliban and other evil men.
  • Mulan, arguably the most famous Sweet Polly Oliver, heard about Parvana's own stint at it and was so impressed with her bravery and wit in surviving in such a harsh land that she personally ventured into her world to invite her to the Pantheon. It was all rather strange to Parvana, but she thought Mulan seemed trustworthy and gave her a chance. After looking at the Pantheon and learning about it for some time, Parvana and Mulan got into a conversation about the Pantheon's policy of non-interference in the various worlds, with Parvana wondering how come there were so many deities who claimed to uphold good and justice and yet not a single one ever came to her world to punish the Taliban for their blatantly unfair rules. Mulan explained that would also mean the evil deities would get carte blanche to wreak all sorts of havoc in Afghanistan, which doesn't need more of that. Parvana sadly agreed. Mulan then told her she had a chance to become a deity in her own right, and assured her she could still accomplish things in her own world even with deification. Parvana was glad of that and figured becoming a deity would do more good than harm, as there was the possibility of learning new things that would help the victims of the Taliban back home.
    • Parvana often returns to her world to continue the fight against the Taliban. The only one she has let in on her secret is Shauzia, figuring she deserves it because of their adventures together and similar situations. Shauzia was perhaps understandably miffed about not being picked as well since she did many of the same things as Parvana and didn't speak to her for a while, but they made peace eventually and now may be seen together on the Pantheon on occasion.
  • Mulan has offered to teach Parvana and Shauzia martial arts so they can better defend themselves in their perilous world, which the two girls eagerly accepted, having never had such an opportunity back home (girls can't learn much at all under the Taliban). After some time at it, Parvana had to admit to herself, with some jealousy, that Shauzia might be the one better suited to such things, although Mulan has assured her she's doing fine too. Outside of that, they also exchange impressions on their experiences as women in the middle of war, with Parvana and Shauzia always feeling amazed at how Mulan actually distinguished herself in that area despite her gender. Though Parvana still feels it would be better if there were no wars at all; she's all too aware of how they make everybody so miserable in every conceivable way.
  • Parvana often finds herself comparing Mulan to Malali, a quasi-mythical figure in her country; Malali was a woman who roused the exhausted Afghan soldiers into giving their all in repelling British invaders in the 19th century. Parvana soon found other women who could be said to have the same amount of valor as Malali, one of them being Lady Oscar, who like Parvana donned men's clothes to navigate a man's world, though she could afford to be open about her gender. It was with a sense of profound admiration that Parvana read the account of how Oscar lead the charge against the Bastille, therefore taking a step towards making her country a freer, fairer one. Parvana hopes she can become the kind of woman that leads Afghanistan to a better tomorrow (though she would rather not die doing so as Oscar did). Oscar herself has acknowledged the young girl and her struggles, lamenting that even centuries after her time, there are still those who would throw society into the Dark Ages. She thinks Parvana might have what it takes to change that.
  • Another Malali-like figure is Sarasa, who lead a resistance movement against a despotic government in Japan far into the future. Being closer to her age makes rather less intimidating for Parvana to approach than the older Lady Oscar, and she came to learn from Sarasa that it was her twin brother who was supposed to be a rebel leader according to a prophecy, but he was sadly murdered in an attempt to avert it, leading to her taking his mantle. Parvana admitted she too had an older brother who died many years before, a victim of a concealed bomb, and she sometimes thought of him to draw strength from his memory, even "casting" him as the hero in the Elephant King fairytale. With that in mind, and given Parvana's country is still very much in the middle of strife with no end in sight, Sarasa has sworn to support her in whatever way she can. For now, Parvana tries to analyze what made Sarasa such an effective leader.
  • Parvana has heard some deities grumbling none-too-subtly about the existence of a place called Gilead and how her title should have gone to someone from there. Parvana read up on the place and agreed that it is indeed a horrible place for women, but she's not all that sure that she would go so far as calling it worse than anywhere ruled by the Taliban, and she certainly doesn't think she is unworthy of her title. She also discovered there was in fact a woman from Gilead, Offred, who's interesting to Parvana for actually having a firsthand account of what it's like to live in that awful place. Parvana and Offred have a strong affinity for each other due to their similar situations, and consequently Offred respects Parvana enough to tell her the most sordid details of Gilead life despite her young age. Offred thinks the Pantheon would find it difficult to find a better candidate for No Woman's Land than Parvana.
  • Westeros is another brutal country beset by years-long conflicts and pretty notorious regarding its treatment of women, as Parvana came to learn from Arya Stark, who became her friend. Arya had her own stint pretending to be a boy while trying to cross Westeros to get back home; the pretense made her marginally safer and less likely to get raped, a crime endemic in that land. Arya ultimately managed to get her independence, albeit in the margins of society, as an assassin. This was disturbing for Parvana to hear, though she thinks Arya seems like a good person in the end. Arya did warn her about some very vicious characters from her world that made it into the Pantheon, namely the Brave Companions and Gregor Clegane, who are gratuitous and unparalleled in their cruelty and wouldn't hesitate to do all sorts of unspeakable things to someone like Parvana. Hearing some of their crimes in more detail, Parvana can't help but think that not even the Taliban are so inhuman, and she makes sure to be extra cautious whenever she goes outside her temple.
  • Parvana once happened to find a lost little girl around her temple. Not an unusual occurrence in war-torn Afghanistan, Parvana had a mind to take her in, but shortly her older brother showed up, apologizing for the trouble the two caused. Since he was a boy, Parvana covered her face on instinct, confusing him as to what she was doing, which reminded Parvana the Pantheon was not like Afghanistan. As she invited the two to have tea and nan, she explained her circumstances, to which the boy, who was Seita Yokokawa, revealed he and his sister Setsuko lost their parents to war and had to live alone in deprivation, so he understood a bit of what Parvana was talking about. At length Parvana understood these two weren't as lucky as her; they didn't get out of the war alive as they succumbed to hunger. Although Seita said at least his sister and he were much happier and safer in the Pantheon. He invited Parvana to come around to his temple sometime, he's sure Setsuko would like a girl to play with. Parvana thinks she definitely will.
  • She has also gotten the attention of Suzu Houjou, a woman who struggled to survive WWII back home, from rationing food to losing her right hand in an explosion. Given Parvana's young age, Suzu seems to have taken it upon herself to look after her, checking in regularly to make sure Parvana is doing alright in the Pantheon. This is mildly annoying to Parvana, who is proud of having survived many difficult situations without an adult around for the longest time. In some ways, Suzu reminds her of her mother, albeit less bossy. Either way, she can plainly see Suzu has more than enough reason to complain about her lot, but instead she remains positive, which is something Parvana can respect.
  • She was curious about the settlement of Iron Town, founded by a woman who also propped up many disenfranchised women and gave them equal rights to men. The woman in question, Lady Eboshi, was happy to receive her, especially after learning about Parvana's own circumstances. As Eboshi gave Parvana a tour of the settlement, it all seemed agreeable to Parvana, but she became alarmed when Eboshi explained her goals of destroying forests to create mining land so the settlement can prosper, a goal which entails going to war against forest spirits and other deities who wish to preserve nature. Parvana ultimately came away with mixed feelings, respecting Eboshi as someone who wants to do well by women and anyone who plays by Iron Town's laws, but she can't get behind waging war and committing deforestation (her own country is very bare and hard to grow things on). Eboshi thinks Parvana might be still too young to understand what it takes to achieve what she's trying to do, but still likes the girl enough to help her if she ever finds herself in need of it.


    Ephraim Winslow and Thomas Wake 
Ephraim Winslow and Thomas Wake, Handlers of The Lighthouse (Thomas Howard (for Wake))
Thomas Wake on the left, Ephraim Winslow on the right
  • Theme Song: Arrival, Curse Your Name for Thomas Wake
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A lighthouse in an isolated island.
  • Alignments: Neutral Evil for Winslow, Lawful Evil for Wake
  • Portfolio: Drunken handlers, the only two members of the entire location, slowly driven insane due to the isolation, follows Winslow's life through the island, but with both real and horrific delirium, both speak in fluent 20s-30s speech, fighting over the mysterious light above the lighthouse, surreal and questionable occurrences between each other including hints of repressed sexual desires, both are dead by the end
  • Domains: Isolation, Insanity, Dread, Surrealism, Lighthouses
  • Source of Interest for: The Bedtime Stories Crew, the Houses of Narrative and Knowledge
  • Commonality Connection: Martin Walker, Pi and Richard Parker, Alma and Elisabet Volger, Robert Scranton, Prometheus (for Winslow)
  • Fears: Cthulhu, the Kraeken, the Kraken, the Light of Destruction (for Winslow)
  • Mixed Reception with: Ariel, the Mermaid Princesses, Ruto, and all Merfolk, the Villager
  • Opposes: Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Spongebob Squarepants (for Wake)
  • Opposed by: Captain Haddock, Captain Ahab (for Wake)
  • On the very old days, lighthouses were a common sight amongst the seafarers for their needs of traversing the seas, in the case they might need a single sight of land especially at dark times. What some people wonder at is whether or not these lighthouses could be maintained for such years with rather mundane tasks and the few people trying to keep the lighthouse at bay. And on an isolated island within New England, two men would soon find out the jobs they had taken upon arrival on the island, an old salty-sea sailor who stayed for years within the island, and a young drifter who took the job of being an assistant. Despite the mundane actions they had taken, it did not take long till both of each other's trust would wither away and the troubles of isolationism would take a toll on both their sanity and their lives.
    • These two Englishmen of the 30s were tasked to maintain a lighthouse, with one of them, Ephraim Winslow, seeking a job as an assistant to a crusty old man, who goes by the name of Thomas Wake. To say that there was trust issues between the two would be an understatement. Ever since Winslow set a foot into the island, his trust with Wake was at the very bottom, as he was given menial tasks and less than savory living conditions while Wake was just simply drinking while on the job. However, one night, when Winslow notices a scrimshaw of a mermaid, he ends up having sexual fascination of it and his curiosity of the lighthouse they were maintaining grew when he saw a nude Wake entering it and alongside were dreams of the place itself, including tentacles, tree stumps floating on the water and of all things, a mermaid.
    • Following days the two would grow closer but tensions would be at an all time high. Winslow's sexual frustrations would culminate in him masturbating to the mermaid scrimshaw but would not finish due to witnessing a naked Wake yet again, showing hints of repression in him. Later at the night, Wake would lecture on his assistant regarding the second assistant he had for the job and how he died out of insanity. For a while, the two would grow and their tensions, while at an all time high, were not so harmful, until the third day when Winslow, out of rage for being attacked by a seagull, mercilessly beats it to death, signaling what would be a change of pace between the two and in a very bad way.
    • What would happen next would go down as one of the most surreal breakdowns between the two, as a storm blocks their chance of moving out of the island, several events occur. The ferry that was meant to pick them up did not arrive, leading the two stranded. Winslow would find a mermaid washed up ashore and would grope her until it screeched, scaring him. The loss of rations forced the two to utilize alcohol as a backup, all while the two grew even closer than before but growing even more adversarial towards each other, like the one time Wake made a heavy rant against Winslow for insulting his lobster cooking and more importantly, the latter's growing curiosity of the light within the lighthouse. The last part, combined with Wake's control over the lighthouse for secretive reasons would result in the two fighting until Winslow killed the old man, only to finally see the light and horrifyingly scream in agony over what he saw. The final fate of Winslow turned him into live food for the seagulls to feast in his innards, living the last few hours of his life in agony.
  • The duo's ascension occurred on the third day of their stay in the lighthouse, just moments before the supposed ferry picked them up. While sleeping, sudden flashes of light, of which Winslow thought would originate within the inside of the lighthouse, appeared surrounding the island they were on. Upon going outside, they noticed something different, outside of the normal skies and rocking waters, there were visible patches of land closer to the lighthouse, though they needed some sort of boat to allow access. They would soon be shocked at what they would see next.
    • Upon arriving at the land, they realized that the location was not New England. Instead, it lead them to a different location, brimming with different array of color and people both big and small. They also had noticed that the moment they stepped into the new land, they could see a doorway that would lead them straight back into the lighthouse. At first, Winslow was cursing Wake for this vivid nightmare but clarifications from both Alma and Elisabet Volger, who arrived and recognized the two, kept both from further escalation. Alma explained that they are within a place called the "Pantheons", where a large conglomerate of characters from different forms of media where chosen and would comprise their position based on what they represent. Wake thought of it as the similar system that the God of the Sea, Neptune, would originate from and they did somewhat confirm it. Winslow on the otherhand was still dumbfounded by the utter nonsense and demanded the two to lead them, of which they were lead to the Court of the Gods.
    • After consideration from beings larger than them, Winslow finally understood the intention of their "ascension". Representing the very location they stayed in, both Winslow and Wake further agreed to their decision to bring the duo in but in the last second, Winslow asked if ever he could return back to New England. The beings simply noded their heads but he was confused as to whether that was a yes or no. Ultimately, the duo were then warped back into the lighthouse, and thinking that it was all a dream, continued their duties, until Wake pointed to him that the boat they used to discover the land connecting to the Pantheons was on the other shore, leaving them both stranded.
  • Those who have witnessed the horrors of isolationism will have surely agreed that both Winslow and Wake's madness derived from the duo stuck on an island with no help, backup or even assistance from the outside. Coupled with the terrible personalities that both exhibit, the addition of wine to their rations, constant abuse both verbally and physically and to top it all off, a maddenning curiosity of the light, they were doomed to suffer due to loneliness and a lack of social contact, something humans naturally have.
  • Despite knowledge about the Pantheon, both of them refuse to go out despite the Pantheon's higher ups even giving them doors to the new place. Outside of lack of trust of the place, the two are just generally terrible people to begin with: Thomas Wake is one sea-salty sailor who seems to clamor on the old sea legend, such as the existence of sea gods, kraken-like creatures as well as his rather lazy lifestyle, hence why alcohol is pretty much what he spends most of his time for. Ephraim Winslow on the other hand is not so much better, demands so much from his other partner, easily angered and is not even the actual person but rather one who is impersonating Winslow. If you meet them by chance, do not expect a simple conversation as it will derail itself fast by their conflicts towards each other.
  • While the two are living off their lives, the House of Narrative and Knowledge have collaborated on what they should do with their memories. The events that unfolded past the third day which included surreal dreams, more physical anger towards each other and Winslow's discovery of the light were to be kept secret to the two. After a few meetings, the houses have agreed to keep any memories past the third day away from them and for the most part, are used to study what it all meant.
    • These symbols for those curious are very vivid and varied but to keep it short: many symbols and mysterious events have been present and some are very eerie to discover. The two Houses mentioned have tried putting the pieces together but somehow each discovery contradicts the last, turning almost all hypotheses into a blank state.
      • The siren for instance is a coping mechanism for Winslow, as he tries to hold against his homosexual desires towards Wake as well as the actual Ephraim Winslow who died in an accident (or so thought). The mermaid was a byproduct of him concocting a "female" figure to hold his urges, hence him later masturbating left him in distraught for imaging a siren but due to Wake being the only human presence, his image also popped up during his ejaculation.
      • Then there is the lighthouse itself, as the entire story might have been a retelling of the story of Prometheus. And even past that, some question what exactly caused the two to go mad even ignoring Winslow's easily angered and unstable mindset and Wake trying to gaslight him. If looking at face value, we see two men slowly losing their sanity as they are left alone against each other with no one to help. But looking outside of that; was there some manipulative entity putting them on course? Perhaps it was some Lovecraftian effect that pulled both into the light? And if we count the coversations between the two and the fact that Winslow admitted that he is actually Thomas Howard, could this be a sign of purgatory or better yet, a distant final dream of Thomas Howard dying in the Canadian wilderness? We will never know, and neither does the two.
  • At one point, Winslow, after growing tired of Wake's orders, decided to enter the Pantheon under his discretion. After few minutes of meeting some of the inhabitants, he has some sort of grip towards the reality he is living in, although it is not without doubts from himself. He even met people of similar fate, of people who have gone through the trials of living in eerie silence, some of which succeeded and some of which, got even worse. Those who succeeded were Pi and Richard Parker, a duo that survived within the sea as the two were stranded on a boat for 227 days. He thought it was unlikely that a human survivor and a fully grown Bengal Tiger would be able to survive without the issue of one killing the other but alas, it happened and Pi got to live to tell the tale. On the other spectrum however, was Captain Martin Walker, who while Winslow was talking to, Wake came from behind with an axe, suspicious as to who he was talking to. Wake described him as a lying thief with no good blood to spare, though Walker was unfazed by the sailor's comments. Then again, when you think about both of their fates, was there any good side between the three?
    • The duo would meet both Alma and Elisabet Volger once again, with Winslow asking more questions, the most important as to why they recognized him and Wake upon first meeting. As it turns out, both of them are almost similar: how the two are seemingly friends, then soured as the days went by, their identities are often questioned, isolated from the outside world and their accompanied weird imagery only made things closer for them. It would slowly make sense as to why both Alma and Elisabet first accompanied and assisted both Winslow and Wake the moment they took a first step in the Pantheon as they would see similar comparisons with each other.
    • More comparisons would draw up as the duo suddenly bumped with Robert Scranton who immediately ran without hesitation. After reading a brief document regarding Scranton's situation, it made the two think as to what caused their madness and those who know their story well will know how isolationism is the true cause of the two.
  • One day, the lighthouse was under observation by a group of four individuals, all writing about their observations. Wake, fearing of their intervention went out with an axe to scare them but none flinched. The Bedtime Stories crew, as they introduced themselves, asked to Wake if more observation was allowed into the lighthouse. He agreed but not on the lighthouse itself, making the question albeit pointless. As for why they ventured into the lighthouse, well that was because their first case was the Flannan Isle Lighthouse which may or may not have suffered the same fate as these two, warranting them an opportunity to observe them. Despite shutting them out, one member will often observe the two through a safe distance.
  • Ephraim Winslow, if looking at the surface, is a regular drifter, out to find a job. Though he contemplates saying that him looking for a job is for penance, meaning he is not finding a job for the sake of getting a job. After meeting Thomas Wake, his patience for him putting up towards his mistreatment has been tested to the point that he questions why he even bothered to be there. And things would soon spiral out of control after revelation that he is not the real Ephraim Winslow, rather an impersonator by the name of Thomas Howard, who took the identity after the real Winslow died on an accident. More bombshells would showcase themselves such as "Winslow" repressing his sexual desires to Wake (or even to the real Winslow as the reason as to why he died in an "accident"), the idea that his death might have been an allegory to purgatory or even him having a dream towards his final moments in a snowy forest and his slow obsession towards finding out about the light within the lighthouse only shows that underneath all the normal attitude is an unstable and often than not, irritable person with no good soul in himself.
    • Some of Winslow's dreams include mermaids for some reason. No one knows as to why he would dream of such, nor does he, as the only reaction to the sight of a siren is to literally masturbate on one, or god forbid, grope and attempt sexual intercourse on it (which may lead to him imagining Wake as the image of the siren, signalling the somewhat obvious "hiding his homoerotic desires" thing). This has lead to him outright avoiding or lusting on most merfolk, from the princess Ariel, to even Ruto. The latter of which was utterly disgusted that Winslow masturbated at a siren's scrimshaw, and when she showed it to everyone, the reaction of most merfolk were equally the same.
    • Judging by the final moments of his life, there is a very good reason why Winslow has avoided Prometheus. Outside of the two searching for an element that they have grown a connection with, only to take it from its place and suffer a worse fate, that one being having their innards pecked and taken by birds throughout their life. Still, it has still him thinking if maybe he was a god all along but such thoughts are reserved for him, maybe until he finds out the true nature of the light.
    • And speaking of light, the Light of Destruction is one of the very things Winslow has avoided outright, only because the presence of itself may have sparked some of his memories, that being the unspeakable sight he witnessed the moment he looked at the lenses pointing to the light he wanted to see. Ever since he saw even a glimpse of the Light of Destruction, he has lowered his obsession for the light, only to stubbornly return back moments after remembrance.
    • For one who is rather doubtful with mythical sea creatures, it does put a dent into Winslow's thoughts once he saw the sea creatures of old, such as the Kraken into existence, further highlighting some of Wake's stories to be true, although it became blurry when other creatures such as the Kraeken (who Wake calls as Neptune's people for some reason) and even Cthulhu were present. He does not want to talk about the last one though if you consider that what he might have peered into the light could have been something mysterious or perhaps terrifying enough that it lead him paralyzed.
  • Thomas Wake on the other hand is an old crusty sailor who has stayed in the lighthouse for who knows how long. No one knows how long he stayed but one thing is for certain is that he was a past sailor. He also had experience with the first assistant of the lighthouse but he stated that he died out of insanity; a foreshadowing of the fate both Winslow and he would soon take after the insane mental toll they would take. Even outside of that, Wake is shown to be an equally terrible person, if not worse and creepy while at it. Naked within the lighthouse on certain occasions, especially on nighttime, fascination with cephalopods or perhaps even being one as shown by him morphing into different images but perhaps the most damning of all sights is that the so called Thomas Wake, might not even be real at all, or perhaps he must be gaslighting on purpose to 'spill the beans'.
    • Being a manager of the lighthouse has kept him rather lazy, hence the requirement of an assistant to do the tedious workload. As for what Wake does? Well, he drinks and sleeps on the job, all the while serving food, mostly lobster, and telling weird tales of the seas and his past life. And if he isn't doing that, well, he is probably putting your name in the rut like that one time he placed Winslow into severance with no pay. Yes, Wake is pretty much what you would expect from a jackass like him. Oh and by the way, do not try to shit talk to him about his food, he will hark at you for berating his cooking.
      • It is this jackassery that lead to Wake's criticisms towards other people who had relations with lighthouses like Spongebob and Doofenshmirtz, the former of which tried to change the light of a lighthouse with a simple lightbulb to help a ship, only for said ship to fall to another rock and Doofenshmirtz had the bright idea of using a lighthouse as some sort of homing beacon for ships to leave the dock for comforting to sleep, only for the beacon to backfire and return back to his HQ instead. It is this that Wake berates the modern people for not understanding how a lighthouse works and decided that sticking within the Pantheon grounds pretty much equates with him ignoring everyone. He is rather neutral with the Villager though as he seems to understand how lighthouses are maintained in some capacity, even if it is not the same norm as he understands it.
    • Sailors for the most part have certain beefs against Wake, questioning if he even was a sailor at all of which there are many inconsistencies with Wake's storytelling that shows he is not telling the truth, made even more obvious with the gaslighting he does towards Winslow, increasing the insanity he has to deal with. Both Ahab and Haddock are angry at his presence, calling him to be a disgrace towards sailors in general, as they have very good reason to doubt his profession as even a mere sailor of the high seas would remember his ship, something Wake clearly never had.
    • Regarding if Wake was even real in the first place, this is perhaps a contentious point in regards to him. While he was obviously there since day one, it may show that he may not be a real person as several days later, he gave what is perhaps hints of Thomas Howard's actual fate (even if left ambiguous), that alongside him not even correctly counting how much time they have spent within the island and him intentionally gaslighting Winslow into further insanity all while remaining sane at the same time shows that the sailor might not be as human as he is.
      • In the Pantheon, this may explain some similarity between Wake, Martin Walker's conscience as Konrad and even Elisabet Volger, who in reality, is just Alma's other personality: they might have a presence but it is unsure if they are even real in the first place, although for Wake, there is at least some evidence of him existing and Konrad on the hand was a real person, except he was dead for a long time.


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