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For every act of travel, there's a destination on the other end. No matter what one's current location is, there is usually something interesting to be found at that particular place. It can be anything including landmarks and cities, but just remember to watch out for any potential hazards that could show up.

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    The Old Gods 
The Old Gods Members , Ancient Deities of Incomprehensible Locations (All: Dread Elders, the Elder Gods, the Old Lords, the Old Ones, and the Old Whisperings; C'Thun: Old God of madness and chaos; Yogg-Saron: The Lucid Dream, The Beast with a Thousand Maws, The Fiend of a Thousand Faces, The God of Death, That Which Must Not Be Named, Hope's End, Yoggy, Yogg, The Betrayer, Yolo-Saron, The God of RNG; N'Zoth: The Corruptor, God of the Deep; Y'Sharrj: God of the Klaxxi,Progenitor of the sha, The seven headed one, the beast of seven heads, Rage Unbound)
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  • Overdeities
  • Symbols: Themselves
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Corruption, Manipulation
  • Heralds: The Aquir and Quiraji (C'Thun), The N'raqui (N'Zoth Yogg-Saron), The Sha, the Klaxxi and the Mantids (Y'Shaarj)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationships: Garrosh Hellscream (Y'Shaarj)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Each other, Doctor Boom
  • Opposed by: The House of Undead and Most of the Gods in Life and Death
  • The old gods were creatures who come from the void with the mission of corrupting the world of Azeroth, tampering with the creations of the Titans in the process, which eventually sparked a war that left 3 of them imprisoned and one dead. Since then, their corruption spread to whenever they reside and they are still planning to destroy everything for the sake of Chaos. This creatures were found in the pantheon once and it took the entire effort of the GUAG aided by the four dragon aspects (Including Malygos) to imprison them. It is generally advised to avoid visiting them as no one returns fully well from an Old God's corruption.
  • After hearing about these ungodly abominations, The Hunter decided to end their lifes for good. However, when they were about to enter the Gods temple, they were immediately confronted by Deathwing and they were forced to retreat as he wasn't a match for the Death Aspect. They had never anticipated that the dragon was one of the biggest pawns of the Old Gods.
    • Besides Deathwing, Ragnaros also decided to serve his old masters once again which alarmed many people in the Pantheon, since they weren't aware the elemental lord used to serve the old Gods. This has made the GUAG to gather enough forces just in case these creatures decided to strike the Pantheon again.
    • When Cho'Gall heard that the Old Gods had acended, he was very quick to start visiting their temples, as he is already too corrupt to suffer any ill affects. He has been noted to favor C'Thun, though he makes an effort to visit each temple once a day.
  • It is forbidden in its ENTIRETY to ever try to kill any of the Old Gods, as killing them would leave nasty consequences in the Pantheon AND given the nature of the Pantheon regarding Death, then the Old Ones could potentially regain all the power they lost after their resurrection.
  • They are also reffered as "The Elder Gods" which caught Raiden by surprise, since he didn't expect to find his masters ascended. When he found out who these Elder Gods were about, he was horrified of the damage they had caused and refuses to compare these Eldritch creatures with his Homeworld's Elder Gods.
  • Their objective is simple, corrupt every place of the pantheon and cause unending chaos forever. That's the reason why the are always compered to the Chaos Gods as their objectives are similar and plus, they are also Eldritch Abominations. It was no surprise when both camps joined forces to put in motion a plan to corrupt the entire pantheon.
  • The elder gods have also taken interest in learning about their counterparts of Yharnam, The Great Old Ones. While both groups communicate without issue at all, the latter have been hesitant to collaborate with the Old Gods. Of course they don't mind at the moment, but later down the road the Old Gods have considered Brainwashing these creatures into submission when the time comes
  • They found common ground with the Elder Dragons of Tyria, since they share the same abilities to warp the surrounding they inhabit and also feed on magic. However, none of the dragons are interesting on serving the Elder Gods but there is still a rivalry going with both groups.
  • They also seems to get along with fellow lovecraftian deities given their similarities. Remarkably, C'Thun seems to get along with Cthulhu while Yogg-Saron has formed an alliance with Yogg-sothoth for very particular reasons.
  • Rumors say that their influence has been lingering around a peaceful tavern where various people from Azeroth gather to relax. While their plans are not very clear at the moment, they have already "corrupted" many of its frequent visitors, much to the shock of various deities.
    • However, many breath a sigh of relieve when they discovered that when the Old Gods visit this place, they're the ones that are under the control of the heroes that reside there: Jaina, Malfurion, Alleria, Uther, Valeera, Garrosh, Gul'dan, Rexxar and Thrall.
  • Discord once tried to befriend them what with them being gods of chaos. But was horrified when he found out that their brand of chaos was endless death and destruction rather than the odd and wacky and thus became enemies. Solidified by Yogg-Saron calling Discord's brand of chaos childish and amateurish.
  • Exclusive to C'Thun:
    • Ever since his defeat against the Titans, C'thun has been kept imprisoned beneath Azeroth in one of their research facilities, in what would later become the continent of Kalimdor. He did return once but eventually he was defeated by a group of adventurers, which is no easy task for any mortal. His eventual ascension would allow him to get in motion a plan to drive to insanity many potentially useful gods to use as Pawns.
    • His appearance mostly consist as a giant eye surrounded by many tentacles. This made him be approached by another abomination by the name of Monoculus, which happen to be a floating eye that misteriously seems to speak a similar language that C'thun understands.
      • Another deity he has allied himself with was Sauron, given that his Eye form is very similar to C'thun's default form
    • Given that he had a race of insectoid creatures as pawns, whose names are the aquir and Quiraji, The old one was able to make an alliance with Queen Sectonia, given that she has similarities with said creatures that used to serve him. This didn't sit well on kirby but he is careful to approach this alliance since the Elder Gods are not creatures that he thinks he could take by himself.
    • Has a devoted cult by the name of The Twilight Hammer that are really loyal to him and his brethen (but most importantly, him). This in turn made the House of FAITH very careful if it happened that some members were already among them
    • A special rule he made for becoming a disciple of him is to shout his name three times.
    "C'Thun, C'THUN, C'THUN!"
  • Exclusive to Yogg-Saron:
    • Yogg-Saron is known as one of the most malevolents of the Elder gods. He was imprisoned in the depths of the city of Ulduar and the titans assigned specific watchers to keep an eye on him. While his situation in the pantheon is no different to how he was in Azeroth, it should be said that his powers are able to drive insane almost anyone dumb enough to get near him. As a matter of fact, all of his guardians ended up sucumbing to him
    • There has been rumors that wispers can be heard near his temple, which is not a good sign mind you, as he could easily Mind Rape anyone close to his range and make you his slave. It is possible to fight his influence but is not adviced in the slightest.
    • It is said that Yogg-Saron is very closely related to the creature known as Hastur, since they both share the Moniker of "The Unspeakable one". While Hastur isn't found in the pantheon at the moment, Old man Henderson has tried to take down Yogg-Saron thinking he is a possible reincarnation of Hastur. So far the Henderson has been unsuccessful, since he cannot get past Deathwing and is getting increasingly annoyed by the black dragon.
    • Yogg-saron is also known as "The God of Death" given how he feeds of the essence of the Undead and Death itself. That's why the House of Life and Death struggles to fend off him in hopes that he doesn't corrupt the house or else the nature of Death in the pantheon could really be corrupted by his mere presence. Undead gods also stay far away of the Elder God's reach.
      • However, he did got himself a fierce opposition from other Grim reapers just to keep the natural balance of death intact. Others, like Death the Horseman, are only interested in absorving the creatures powers.
    • He also has control over the N'raqui, also known as the Faceless ones, Humanoid creatures that resembles squids. They have been under conflict with the Scourge given that they are closely located to the old city of Azjol'nerub, where the nerubians hail from. Yogg-Saron has only limited himself to taunt the Lich King of his eventual fate and said that his forces will eventually succumb to his corruption.
    Yogg-Saron: No King rules forever...
    • Has an incredible control over magic, so powerful he might turn a recently cast spell into something he desires. However, his insanity prevents him from focusing in one targer, prefering to rain destruction all around him, even to the point of harming himself.
      • Given his random nature, he became best buds with the RNG.
    • "Bow down before the God of Death".
  • Exclusive to N'Zoth:
    • N'Zoth happens to be the entity behind Neltharion's corruption and eventual descent to Madness, which he later be bound to make Azeroth tremble. Rumors say that he inhabits the depths of the Oceans of Azeroth.
    • N'Zoth whole motivations, while similar to the rest of the Elder ones, are a complete mystery to everyone. He happens to be one of the few ascendants that no one has ever saw in person. That doesn't mean that his presence is not there and it is said that he can be heard whispering in either the House of Water & Moisture or Aquatic Life but no is certain if he is there.
      • Until a expedition led by Aquaman was made in order to investigate said whispers. To his horror, what they found was the real N'Zoth, who was about to transform both houses into his domain. A collective effort from all the members of said houses plus an assistance from the GUAG was enough to force The Corruptor to flee, but has since relocated with his fellow Old Gods.
    • He doesn't get particularly well with his brethen. Nobody knows why but he has wage war with both C'Thun and Yogg-Saron and their relationship has not improved in the slightest. The most common explanation is that their twisted minds make them confront each other just for their depraved entertainment.
    • N'Zoth was one of the principal sources of Corruption in the Emerald Dream and many fear that he may be able to dwell into the dreams of people too. That's why he enlisted various entities related to Nightmare, such as Atropos or Freddy Krueger.
    • He once tried to Mind Rape Darkrai into submission since he saw potential in his nightmare inducing abilities. However, Ysera was quick to intercept before he took control and saved Darkrai from his clutches.
      • As a result, Ysera has created a group specialized in countering N'Zoth Dream Corruption. So far, Brightwing, Darkrai, NiGHTS and Soldier #25954 have joined her cause. Malfurion and Tyrande have also considered lending a hand in case the Emerald Dream is in danger.
    • "I taste the essence of your soul".
  • Exclusive to Y'Shaarj:
    • Y'Shaarj was the most powerful and wicked of the Old Gods and thus, the Titans were forced to put an end to his life. With the last of his forces, he was able to create the Sha, a race of creatures that represent the bad emotions of the world and eternally cursed Pandaria with their presence.
    • Given that Y'Shaarj was Killed Off for Real and his essence disappeared entirely from his homeworld, his presence in the Pantheon is difficult to pin point, since he seems to be torn in and out of the space and time of these lands. It still doesn't negate his powers and as such has employed the mantids to figure a way to make him materialize in this plane.
      • Luckily, (And unfortunately for the rest of the Pantheon) his remains were able to be restored. Nobody is sure how he was able to be revived since the House of Life and Death made themselves sure to not let him return to the mortal plane. It's theorized that Nefarian is behind his revival, given the Dragon's own mysterious revival as well.
    • As stated earlier, he is in control of the mantids, a race of insectoid creatures that inhabit Pandaria and have been in constant war with the local Pandaren. However, there seems to be one particular Mantid that refuses to serve him and that would be Scyther. He has been trying to control the Pokémon with little result so far.
    • Has kind of a strained relationship with Garrosh Hellscream, given that he is responsible for his death after the orc's defeat in Ogrimmar. However, he has offered him an alliance in case he wants to taste the power of Y'Shaarj once more.
    • The Emotions are horrified that Y'Shaarj basically created the Sha, an Evil Counterpart of them after his demise. He however does not care about their opinion and has an interest in corrupting the emotions to do his bidding, which could have catastrophic results.
    • There is also a Hidden group of Sha that he personally released on the internet. The infection was so great that many pages had fallen pray to it and not even this is safe from... {◕ ◡ ◕}
    • "Gorge your hatred, embrace your rage"
  • They are also present in the House of Otherness.

    The Shadow Monster/The Mind Flayer 
The Shadow Monster, Unholy Being of the Dark World (The Mind Flayer, The Brain, "He")
An Avatar’s Physical Form 


Greater Gods

Jareth, King of the Living Labyrinth (Goblin King)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A crystal ball with his labyrinth inside it.
  • Theme Song: Underground and Magic Dance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Goblin King, grants wishes without question with less than desirable results, can transform himself into an owl, Unlimited Wardrobe, pants that highlight his package, has many songs in his head, Reality Warper, romantic interest in Sarah
  • Domains: Mazes, Goblins, Crystals, Wishes, Owls, Royalty
  • Heralds: His goblin army, the Fireys
  • Avatar: David Bowie
  • Allies: The Muppets, the Black Queen of Sogo, Tamatoa, Redcloak
  • Enemies: Sir Didymus, King Oberon AKA Nobuyuki Sugou, Kyubey
  • Circumstancial alliances: Balthier, Mickey Mouse
  • Annoyed by: The Nostalgia Critic
  • Opposed by: The Puella Magis
  • Respects: Skarsnik (one-sided)
  • Jareth is the magical ruler of a land of fairies who one day acceded to the reckless wish of a teenage girl called Sarah to take her baby brother Toby away from her. When Sarah tried to recant, Jareth brought her to his realm and challenged her to retrieve the baby herself by venturing through his city-labyrinth or else Toby would become one of his goblins. As he watched her progress, throwing all manner of obstacles in her way, he grew more and more infatuated with her. When he and Sarah had their final showdown, her growth as person throughout her journey allowed her to overcome Jareth's magic and return to her world with Toby despite the king's pleading for her to become his queen. And so Jareth lost and remained as a lonely Goblin King.
  • Being a much beloved villain in an iconic fantasy film made his ascension to the Pantheon pretty much guaranteed, and what else would he ascend for but the labyrinth he's so proud of? His temple couldn't be anything else but his castle surrounded by that very same labyrinth he's ascended for, which is sure to provide some fun for the more adventurous deities.
  • David Bowie lending his likeness to him is a big reason why Jareth is so remembered, and why he has a talent for catchy musical numbers, so Jareth is grateful to the man. Balthier is also noted for resembling Bowie, though it's a coincidence in his case. Sometimes Jareth's goblins mistakenly regard Bowie and Balthier as their masters. Jareth, to his credit, finds this amusing and doesn't hold it against them (both his lookalikes and his goblins).
    • Tamatoa is another noted Bowie-alike, not due to any physical similarities (Tamatoa is a giant crab), but because he also has a preference for glam rock and flamboyancy. The first time Jareth and Tamatoa met, Tamatoa was attracted to Jareth's shiny crystal balls and tried to kill him and take them, but Jareth easily overpowered him while singing a song at the same time. Tamatoa was actually impressed with how groovy and stylish Jareth was and joined him in a duet, and the crab decided he preferred having the Goblin King as a friend. Jareth sealed the deal by creating some crystal balls specifically to add to Tamatoa's treasure, convincing the crab he made the right decision.
  • He rarely leaves his castle without a purpose, but when he does he may be disguising himself as a random goblin so that people don't notice him. If he gets really ticked off, Jareth will reveal himself and summon the Cleaners to squish the offender.
  • Is on somewhat friendly but mostly distant terms with the Muppets, due to them having a shared creator in the form of the Jim Henson Company, and Jareth sees them as similar to his goblins. Being much more powerful than them, Jareth may help them out of some hassle sometimes, but it's not a common occurrence. Kermit would like to cultivate their relationship by inviting him to the show to perform his famous songs someday.
  • Played a part in taking down The Friendship Asylum. It was less out of the kindness of his heart and more the fact that he was insulted by how the Asylum was modeled after his labyrinth. He was even angrier when the Asylum took some of his goblins, which led to him forming a pact with Mickey Mouse so he could free them.
  • While a good number of deities love making jokes about his "package", which Jareth has learned to ignore, the Nostalgia Critic is particularly keen on cracking those jokes whenever they cross paths, to the point where he came up with a top ten. The knowledge that NC has a whole Internet full of dick jokes that'll never run out and will keep the meme alive depresses Jareth somewhat, considering those jokes sometimes eclipse his other characteristics.
  • Nobuyuki Sugou likes to compare himself to Jareth due to how they're both rulers over fairy lands. Although, Sugou is only a fairy land ruler in a video game, and he's been deposed by Kirito and forbidden from ever donning that persona again. Nevertheless, Sugou has tried to approach Jareth and paint himself as a victim of Kirito and Asuna in order to try and convince the Goblin King to help him regain his power in ALO. Jareth, however, isn't easily fooled and heard the other side of the story from Kirito and Asuna, and was disgusted at what a lying coward Sugou turned out to be, refusing any connection with him. Comparing Jareth's infatuation with Sarah and Sugou's obsession with Asuna also sets his teeth on edge, as Jareth never once attempted to force himself on Sarah and he's more than a little disgusted with Sugou's actions towards Asuna. When it was clear he wouldn't get any help from the Goblin King, Sugou threw another one of his screeching tantrums about being god and how Jareth was nothing, so they're definitely far from chummy.
  • Jareth got along much better with the Black Queen of Sogo, who has a lot in common with the Goblin King such as being flamboyant rulers of cities surrounded by labyrinths, and they also pine for their respective heroines while said heroines don't give them the time of day. At the same time the Black Queen isn't quite as pushy, cowardly or despicable as Sugou, which is a great comfort to Jareth, and he tries to help her in her method of wooing Barbarella. Jareth is considering trying it with Sarah, though it hasn't exactly been a success for the Black Queen.
  • Was left scratching his head at how Didymus managed to ascend and yet there's still no sign of his beloved Sarah. Jareth sometimes even goes down the list of tropes to see if there's anything available for her. As for Didymus, he doesn't pay him much mind despite his declared hostility, as there's little the fox-like goblin can do by himself against the power of the Goblin King.
  • The Puella Magis are no fans of him due to his penchant for granting questionable wishes to girls who might not be thinking things through, and justifying his actions as good because he was only giving Sarah what she desired. In short, he really reminds them of Kyubey, another seedy wish granter who preys on vulnerable girls. However, and as hypocritical as it may seem from him, Jareth doesn't like Kyubey, as he despises how deceptive the false mascot is, withholding information from the girls and giving them no chance to recant. Thus he also feels sorry for the girls due to what the Magical Girl lifestyle entails for them.
  • As far as interactions with other goblins go, Jareth has sympathy for Redcloak wanting to protect their shared kind from humans, especially paladins. The Goblin King has pledged to support Redcloak in his goal; if he didn't, he'd arguably be failing all of his subjects.
    • Jareth also has a lot of respect for Skarsnik on account of him being a rare smart goblin, not unlike him. However this respect is rather one-sided as Skarsnik doesn't consider a pretty, humanoid boy like Jareth to really be a goblin. The Warlord is even a bit offended that someone as un-goblin-like as Jareth claims to lead his kind.

    Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith 
Rick Sanchez and Mortimer "Morty" Smith, The Gods That Travel The Multiverse
Rick And Morty, respectively


Intermediate Gods

    Dante Alighieri 
Dante Alighieri, God of Those who go to Hell and Return (Durante degli Alighieri, il Sommo Poeta (The Surpeme Poet), The Father of the Italian language)
When he needs to whup some ass 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when invoking the powers of Divine Armor and Redemption)
  • Symbol: The Divine Comedy beside The Red Cross of The Crusaders
  • Theme Song: Battle with Adraman, Redemption
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with shades of Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Does not like Corrupt Priests, Badass Bookworm, Sees Beatrice as his muse, His Reaction to Virgil, The Atoner, Demon Slaying, Historical Badass Upgrade, Death's Scythe, his primary weapon, The sin that made him atone
  • Domains: Redemption, Forgiveness, Writing, Fighting, Traveling, Poets
  • Allies: The other Dante, Gabriel Belmont, Madoka Kaname, Asia Argento, Alexander Anderson, Simon Belmont, William Shakespeare, Kamijou Touma, Nasus, Ezio Auditore, Anyone that enjoys his poetry
  • Enemies: YHVH, Cerberus, Satan, Vergil, Zobek, Dante of the Deep Forrest and Father Homunculus, Allant, Kirei Kotomine, Enrico Pucci, Judge Frollo, the evil Demons in the House of Otherness
  • Opposes: Kratos, Alucard (Hellsing)
  • A very gifted poet that has written many works though his is often known for one of his greatest works is The Divine Comedy. Something that he written through experience. He has also proven to be a strong warrior with him starting in The Feditore a cavallo (a sect of Knights that go through the most dangerous tasks) and later The Crusaders.
    • He is also secretly an Assassin, helping Ezio's ancestor Domenico Auditore to survive and establish the Auditore family. As such, Ezio respects him and becomes his ally.
  • He has fought many powerful Demons, Spirits, Death and even The Devil himself and has shown that he would be quick to bring up arms to fight those that stand in his way.
  • When he first discovered that his writing hero Virgil was in the Pantheon he was happy and went to The House of Family only to find Vergil. Needless to say it ended in a fight that was eventually broken up, by Vergil's brother named Dante no less, and he later discovered where he truly was. The two Dantes got along much better as they talked, and though Alighieri viewed the Son of Sparda as being something of a careless showoff, they both agreed that evil monsters and demons had to be stopped where they were found.
  • When he first discovered Lucifer he readied himself for another battle with The Prince of Darkness only to find that he was nothing like the Fallen Angel that he fought before. Though Lucifer found Dante's skills extraordinary, and told him of YHVH's misdeeds in an attempt to sway him, Dante refused to join him.
    Dante: YHVH is a mockery of the god I serve, and your preaching of anarchy and chaos repulses me. Why would I choose between two evils when I can serve the side of good?
    • Then he met Satan, who in turn recognized him. The two engaged in a close battle but Satan escaped him. The two have become remained bitter enemies. Though it raises questions of Satan's connection with Dante it has earned him an ally in Gabriel.
  • Utterly disgusted by YHVH, who he sees as a black-hearted mockery of the Christian God, and like Gabriel he refuses to acknowledge the Lord of Order as such.
  • Has seen similarities between himself and Gabriel Belmont, he has offered to help further redeem him as he travels the earth.
  • Does understand what it is like to fight through hell and back for a loved one and has offered to help those that go through the same ordeal.
  • Is often disliked by some of the evil members in The House of Life and Death due to him defeating his version of Death and taking his scythe.
  • Does not like corrupt priests as to him they are a mockery of God's will and their deceptions nearly damned him to Hell itself.
  • Does not appreciate The God of War threatening his Advisor and has issued a warning that he will stop him if he harms any of his allies.
  • Will sometimes offer those that seek redemption to stand in the Presence of his Cross so that it will slowly absolve them of their sin. Those beyond redemption, however, will meet a Cruel and Unusual Death, first with him punching them viciously in the gut and then stabbing them in the face with his scythe.
  • Although he only invokes them when fighting, Dante is actually capable of very powerful magic. He can greatly increase his strength and power through what he considers as "Redemption", but his greatest power is the Divine Armor granted to him by God. Under the effects of this holy power, Dante not only becomes completely immune to the vast majority of what the GUAE can throw at him, but also regenerates any damage that he has taken to nearly full health, no matter how grievous his injuries. Although he cannot maintain both powers indefinitely, while they are active he can go toe-to-toe with Greater Gods and other beings supposedly much more powerful than himself. Melkor is wary of this combination, for it signifies when Dante is at his most powerful.
    • He supposedly has a similar power known as Lust Storm, but Dante prefers not to use this power as it is not only less practical than Divine Armor, but is also a reminder of one of his greatest sins.
  • Recently, he gave up his former title, God of Poetic Warriors to Nasus, as while Dante is both a Poet and a Warrior, he never really combined the two in practice. They're actually on incredibly good terms with each other though, and often spend time discussing literature and history.
  • He swears that he has never encountered the Eleventh Level of Hell, rumored to have "An obnoxious douchebag with unconvincing dreads who puts grapes in his nose and constantly shout 'Bloopity bloopity bloopity bloopity' and makes those who see him instantly wet themselves and cry in fear."
  • Has recently found himself interested in a trading card game as it depicts a significant part of his journey through Hell.
  • Another Dante has now entered the Pantheon, a female Alchemist who in her time was responsible for constructing several and commanding all of the Homunculi based around the Seven Deadly Sins, and is now one of the leaders in the organization containing the original progenitor of these sin-based abominations along with several of his spawn. He's made his feelings clear on her as well as the Homunculi's Father: he despises both of them.


Gertrude, The Goddess of Beings Trapped in Another World
Click here to see Dark Gert 
Click here to see Light Gert 
Click here to see Gertrude's Adult Form 
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess when tapping into her powers gifted from Darketh Deaddeath or the Heart Of Fairyland.
  • Symbol: Her ax through a cartoon mushroom.
  • Alignment: Bounced between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil. Tried to Lawful Good a couple times but settled for True Neutral in the end.
  • Portfolio: Fairyland's most dangerous person that they are stuck with, fighting off plenty of enemies as brutally as possible, an Ax-Crazy (in more ways than one) Blood Knight, casually winning fights and taunting those more powerful than her, able to take a beating and than some, swearing without using actual curse words, growing a conscious and heart by the end and even listening to Larry and thanking him in the end, eventually getting to go back home even if her adult life leaves more to be desired.
  • Domains: Foreign Worlds, Returning Home, Battling, Fairytales, Lost Children
  • Herald: Larrigon Wentsworth III, aka Larry the fly.
  • Allies: Peacock, Dokuro Mitsukai, the House Of Slaughter, namely Naughty Bear, the GUAG's Token Evil Teammates, Tiny Tina, Alice Liddell, Yuri the Fusion Duelist, Frisk
  • Respects: Those once Trapped in Another World, namely Chihiro Ogino, Coraline Jones, S.E.E.S. and the Investigation Team, Miaka Yuuki, Sora and Shiro, Eddie Riggs, Philip J. Fry
  • Respected by: Samurai Jack, Jiminy Cricket, Grimm
  • Rival: Mandy
  • Enemies: A majority of deities relating to Fairy Tales, Bloody Mary, The Narrator, The Liebertarian Movement for what they did to her.
  • Opposes: The House Of Happiness
  • Pities: Those still Trapped in Another World and hating it, namely Conker the Squirrel
  • Conflicting Opinions: Bigby Wolf, Snow White (Both from the Fables fame)
  • Once upon a girl, there was an 8-year-old girl by the name of Gertrude, who wished she could be taken away to a fantasy world full of joy and cheer. Thankfully, her wish came true and all she had to do was let go of her real life...
  • She first became aware of her ascension when during a day at work she received an e-mail detailing that she was approved for a place much more flexible with how long you want to stay and exciting than Fairyland and telling her how to get there by walking through her closet. Given how her current job was working in a cubicle for Mr. Keys and how annoying he and the other people there were to her, she decided to at least give it a shot, if only to find out how these people know about her and her long trip to Fairyland.
    • When first arriving into the Pantheon, she was shocked to find out that she was once more a kid surrounded by the Court Of the Gods, and quickly demanded to find out what was going on. The Gods there responded saying that they were watching over Gertrude’s adventure through Fairyland and were impressed with the fact that she managed to finally go back home after so long, that they decided to invite her into the Pantheon, which they assured her was very different and nicer than Fairyland, stating the differences being that Gertrude was able to change from her child or adult form at any time in the Pantheon, get actual help from other people without any hints or riddles blocking her way, and finally, and most importantly to her, that she can enter and leave the Pantheon as she pleases. While Gertrude was immensely grateful for the fact she actually had options for once, she did, however, request one final thing; that her pal Larry the Fly would be here to help her out. Sure enough, the Court Of The Gods helped her get him here as her herald. Their reunion was a mixture of genuine relief and joy seeing each other again and snark and banter saying that they just can’t get rid of each other.
  • While she was originally a battle-hungry powerhouse, she did mellow out a bit after meeting a Loony Fan of her who finally made her realize just how deranged she got after being stuck in Fairyland. Her efforts to improve only doubled after being stuck in and escaping a personal Hell of her reliving her trip to Fairyland to the point that after essentially getting Dark Cloudia on the ropes, she decided to spare her and apologize for everything she did during her stay in Fairyland.
    • A word to the wise; just because she is trying to live a better life doesn't mean she is growing soft. Her final act before leaving Fairyland was threatening to kill the entire Council Of Fairyland if they tried to back out of their promise to send her home after all. As such, extreme caution is still advised if one wants to antagonize here, especially after she and Larry found out that Death Is a Slap on the Wrist here, meaning that Gertrude is more likely to start a fight if she and Larry feel like it may be in their best interest. This isn't even mentioning the fact that she still has her light powers from having and never giving back the Heart Of Fairyland with the potential of getting back her dark powers from Darketh Deaddeath.
  • She was surprised to find that there were plenty of other people that got trapped in another realm against their will. She respects Chihiro and Coraline for not only escaping their other worlds but also becoming better people because of it. While also respecting what Miaka went through, she did have a good laugh upon hearing her incident with the emperor and how she felt like it mirrored how she went through Fairyland a bit. On the other hand, she shows respect for Eddie Riggs, Philip J. Fry, Sora, and Shiro for after getting trapped in another world making it work and enjoying their new home. She is also impressed with Frisk not only escaping the Underground but also freeing the other monsters as well. She is currently planning on creating a group dedicated to those that were Trapped in Another World and hated it like her.
    • Out of all the people though, she has the most respect for Yuri the fusion duelist for how they both went on a similar adventure, with Gertrude and Yuri axing off members of the universe they were a part of and being psychopathic about it and even mellowing out as their journey came to a close. They tend to hang out a lot while sometimes targeting those that they view as enemies and causing havoc with Yuri's Starve Venom Fusion Dragon.
  • Many a pacifist and honorable warriors were proud of Gertrude for this development, but surprisingly, none more than Samurai Jack. He knows just how it is to be stuck in a world you aren't familiar with and feel like someone is keeping you there against your will. There was also the fact that one of her attempts at reforming were acting like Samurai Jack while trying to return a baby to its mother. She did have to kill the army after they threw shurikens right at her and cut her body and the baby just got eaten by the mother they returned the baby to, but Jack can at least appreciate the effort. Even if she still insists on calling him a ninja (be it her just not understanding the difference between ninja and samurai even after Larry explained it to her, a force of habit or just for fun, and the fact that Jack may actually be a Ronin only complicates matters further), the two are on decent terms with each other, with Jack even pointing Gertrude towards the Grand United Alliance of Good's Token Evil Teammates if she wants to meet more people like her who tried to do good but failed in one way or another. She was thankful for his words but declined the invitation... for now.
  • As a troubled girl who became Crazy Awesome in return for her childhood torment, she ended up crossing paths with Peacock, who was immediately floored with how similar they are, even having their own flying friend, with Peacock having Avery while Gertrude has Larry. Through Peacock, she met up with Tiny Tina who quickly became friends with Gertrude, bonding over their past and how unique their vocabulary is. They can often be seen joining forces to try and take down whoever is bothering one of them, brushing up on their fighting with each other or just pulling pranks and messing around.
    • Dokuro seemed to be enthusiastic about Gertrude trying to turn her life around, and offered to show her a way she can help out. Said way was to bash Sakura's skull in whenever he did something that can be seen as even remotely sexual. Even if Gertrude thinks Dokuro is off her rocker she does respect how brutal and violent she can be.
      • Mandy quickly took notice of a little girl newcomer who could threaten her title as the Enfant Terrible. Gertrude responded by saying she has no plans for that but she won't hesitate to lob Mandy's head off she tries to cause trouble for her. The two have since been rivals after their encounter.
  • Even if she is trying to turn a new leaf, she still is awestruck by how violent some deities can be. As such, she has expressed admiration for the house of Slaughter and their ways of axing people off but has saved the most respect for Naughty Bear, a teddy bear who she viewed as unjustly mocked and made fun of for his whole life and rightfully took matters into his own hands. Given how Death Is a Slap on the Wrist for the citizens of Perfection Island, Larry can't really complain that much. Meanwhile Naughty is just happy to make another genuine friend, whom even had some experience of being hounded by narrators, reminding him of his Evil Brit narrator, not that he minds him; just thought that it was an interesting connection. Thankfully, Gertrude can't hear Naughty Bear's narrator.
    • She CAN, however, hear the Narrator from the house of Narrative. She tried to ignore him with Larry's advice to just leave him be for a bit, but after he started to verbally chew her out for not following his story, Larry decided to give Gertrude an ax to try and chop her way to him. A few minutes later, parts of the house came falling down as Gertrude loudly declared that she can't be controlled by any narrator. This resulted in her getting banned from the house; not that she minded. Any distance between her and any narrator was positive in her book.
  • The one person here that Gertrude openly pities is Conker The Squirrel. She knows just how awful it is to end up in an unfamiliar world while trying to leave only to be more and more stuck there. She even remembers being the queen of Fairyland for a bit even if that ended badly for everyone just as Conker is stuck as King of all the land. They can be seen sharing a drink with Gertrude giving Conker advice like doing a terrible job as the king to get fired or to be lucky as home may not be as great as he remembers, recalling her childhood once she came back home was wonderful until she became an adult stuck in a dead-end job. Conker still seems deadset on returning home and claims that throwing the job as the king would just end with him getting executed but appreciates her pity and advice regardless.
  • One night, after getting drunk with Conker, she woke up within the house of Happiness. Unfortunately, she forgot she ascended to the Pantheon and instantly thought she was back in Fairyland. This just caused her to freak out and start attacking anyone and anything on sight which cursing in her own unique way. Given how she was in her kid form, it took a bit of convincing for her newly found friends and Larry that she was okay and not in Fairyland. After coming through and suffering from her hangover, she sheepishly apologized to the house after being encouraged to do some from Larry, before banning herself from there. The members there hold no hard feelings but are sad that such a place that should be joyful ended up being a place where Gertrude is reminded of her painful past.
  • Due to how violent she was in a place called "Fairyland", she ended up being opposed by a good number of fairy tale deities. While Gertrude does her best to avoid being around a majority of them, she does make a effort to fight against Bloody Mary, due to how distasteful she finds her to be. Thanks to how vile Bloody Mary is, Larry has no qualms about Gertrude getting violent with her, but does prefer it when Bloody Mary ends up crossing their path and not the other way around.
    • Bigby Wolf and Snow White are well aware of her past, but otherwise, have actually followed a live and let live policy with her. The fact that Gertrude is more than willing and capable of tangling with Bloody Mary also scored a few points in their books. Even if Bigby seemed to parrot Larry's advice of waiting to strike against Bloody Mary instead of walking into something that may or may not be a trap she set up for her, he still ended their meeting by telling her that she is not as bad as she thinks she is.
    • Jiminy Cricket was happy to see Gertrude given how she finally realized she needed to follow her conscience, aka Larry. Even if she still has some trouble listening to him from time to time still, she is making a genuine effort to get his advice and listen to it and is quick to make him realize how thankful she is for his help.
    • One of the more curious people Gertrude met was Alice Liddell, given how she is kind of similar to her with how they both ended up in strange weird places by falling into holes. However, the most shocking thing to her was how Alice has two very different sides to her, with her normal reminding Gertrude of the time when she became a good girl after touching the balls of redemption (don't ask), while her dark form reminded Gertrude a bit of herself before her redemption, even if she isn't as bad as Gertrude was. Regardless, she still is on decent enough tabs with her.
    • Grimm quickly took notice of her presence, growing impressed with how much damage she did to Fairyland on her pursuit back home. Even if Gertrude decided the best course of action for her, in the end, was to tone down her violence, he still enjoys the fact that she still proudly declares she hasn't gone soft and is just as powerful as ever. While the once lost girl would like to distance herself from Grimm, if she ever gets stuck in Fairyland again with everyone there trying to keep her there, she won't hesitate to call him over.
  • While walking around the Pantheon, she ended up getting knocked out by a sneak attack and taken away. Thankfully, Larry the Fly managed to evade getting caught as he followed her kidnapper into the hideout for the Grand United Alliance of Evil, namely, The Liebertarian Movement, where he spied on Joker, Johan and Junko surrounding a barely conscious Gertrude as they tried to trick her into thinking she was still stuck in Fairyland, but Hansel and Gretel, who were also stuck there, know a violent way out. Larry quickly warned Gertrude's allies what was happening and quickly planned to intercept her. It took everyone of Gertrude's allies and the help of Kenzo to help free Gertrude of her corruption, but they were eventually able to do so, albeit with a couple casualties along the way. Upon realizing what was happening, Gertrude claimed her trusty axe from Larry's hat (who was more than willing to let her go kill crazy given what they did to her) and lobbed off Hansel and Gretel's heads, rallied a team of herself, Larry, Peacock, Dokuro, Tiny Tina and Naughty Bear before storming The Liebertarian Movement's headquarters and showing them just how dangerous corrupting people into being mindless killers can be with their fancy speech not affecting them.
  • Sick of her old job stuck in a cubicle, she is more than interested in all the jobs listed in the house of Profession, ready to try out any job she sees fit. Even if she did find a job however, she isn't interested in moving here permanently; she still wants to see her real world and still loves the freedom and choice the Pantheon gives her, but there is nothing wrong in her eyes in seeking out a much more fun job.

    Latios and Latias
Mega Latios and Mega Latias 
Latias's human disguise 
Latios and Latias, Patron Guardians of Venice Expys (Eon Duo, Eon Dragons, Eon Twins, Guardians of Alto Mare, Lati@s)
  • Intermediate Gods, Greater Gods if wielding the Soul Dew.
  • Symbol: The Soul Dew or the Eon Flute
  • Theme Songs: The Light of Latios (Latios), Search For the Girl (Latias), Soaring the Sky Day and Night (Both)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Latios), Neutral Good (Latias)
  • Gender: Male (Latios), Female (Latias)
  • Ability: Levitate (Both)
  • Moveset: Luster Purge, Draco Meteor, Calm Mind, Surf (Latios) Mist Ball, Defog, Wish, Ice Beam (Latias)
    • Z-Moves: Devastating Drake (Latios); Subzero Slammer (Latias)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Location, Water, Light, Death, Souls, Family, Dragon, and Psychic (types)
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Ash's Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Yu Narukami, Rincewind, The Mob (Latios only), Bianca (Latias only), Tate and Liza, Hoopa
  • Rivals: Mewtwo (Latios only)
  • Enemies: Pretty much any thief in the Pantheon for Latios: bad memories. Ghetsis, Acnologia, Neferian
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Xatu
  • Fears: Arachne
  • Odd Friendship with: Absol (Latias only)
  • Latios ascended due to his heroic actions during the Altomare Crisis, in which he put his life on the line and ultimately sacrificed it, in order to save the city, despite being horribly injured. Latios had only one condition: his sister comes with him. Needless to say, Latias was over the moon.
    • Due to the nature of the Soul Dew, Latios's resurrection into the Pantheon came with a few unforeseen factors for the dragon, chief among them the realization that he is now among the ranks of the undead: his body is a shell remotely animated by the Soul Dew locked safely away in the House of Treasures. Despite learning that he's a lich, Latios is only somewhat unnerved by it: as long as he can keep his city and his sister safe, that's all he really needs.
  • Latias acts... strangely around Ash. She's already cheerful and playful, but she gets quite affectionate and blushy around the trainer. Latios isn't sure what to think. Oh, sure, he has nothing but respect for Ash, but first of all, that's his little sister. Second of all, that's his little sister. Thirdly, he's a human, she's a Pokémon. Blurgh. Fourth, and most importantly, that's his little sister. He can't bring himself to talk to her about it, though. Neither can he bring himself to talk to Ash about it, largely because Ash doesn't even seem to notice Latias' amorous behavior, so any attempt to address the subject would get awkward very quickly.
  • Targeted by Ghetsis due to their legendary status. While Ash has done his part to fight Ghetsis off, Latios and Latias are still extremely wary of the man's presence, especially that Hydreigon. Dragon and Dark versus Dragon and Psychic CANNOT end well, and the guardians admittedly don't have a very good track record when it comes to combat. For the moment, they're content to flee whenever Ghetsis comes by.
  • Latios is rather uncomfortable around Amy Rose and Melona. While Melona is infamously a total jerkwad, people are curious as to what he has against Amy. Apparently, something about her seems uncomfortably familiar.
  • Recently revealed to be able to Mega Evolve (even though it wasn't much of a secret). Like Rayquaza and Diancie, they are capable of Mega Evolution without the need of stones.
  • Latios is considered one of most loyal Pokémon to serve The Mob. Because even after he was traded away, he would still respond to the sound of the Eon Flute to give them a lift.
  • They don't know what to make out of Kabutops and Aerodactyl as Alto Mare had endured attacks from giant malevolent ones.
  • The two try to stay away from the House of Insects and Arachne due to their weakness to Bug-types and their bad experiences with spiders.
  • They managed to get the Soul Dew into the Treasures in order to amp up protection on the sacred jewel. Considering they foiled an attempt by Annie and Oakley to steal it, they are confident in the Vault's security.
  • Acnologia took "interest" in them and because of their actions as saviors of Alto Mare, considers them both to be insults to dragon kind that will be worth the effort of killing. Their invisibility and super speed prevents a nasty fight with the Dragon King.
  • Mewtwo had showed desire in fighting Latios as it sees him as a threat to its title of the World's Strongest Pokémon and an opponent worth fighting and defeating after it learned that while holding the Soul Dew, he will have raw attack power greater than it in either of its Mega forms. Latios however doesn't want to battle Mewtwo for the sake of it due to his pacifistic nature, and possible complications if the Soul Dew gets damaged during the fight. Despite Latios' refusals, Mewtwo is determined to have a fight with him eventually, even making a few not-so-subtle hints that he may drag Latias into the picture if it means driving Latios to combat. Those nearly worked: Latios had to be physically restrained by Latias to keep him from attacking the Genetic Pokémon in his base form in a blind, seething rage.
  • Latias was surprised and happy upon learning that 'Bianca' was in the pantheon. Bianca was overjoyed at being able to meet a legendary, rushing to the Eon Siblings' temple to meet Latias and immediately knocking her into a fountain by accident. Despite this early hiccup, and Latias being a little disappointed that her best friend hadn't ascended, the two became friends.
  • Latias formed an unlikely friendship with Absol, who sensed the cataclysm of Latias' home before it happened, but but as she couldn't get to the island city, she couldn't do anything to stop it. Because of this, Absol tried to avoid Latias out of shame for some time, but she was pleasantly surprised that Latias bears no grudge against her; Latias even told her she's a true hero for doing whatever good she can even if it means being hated. She became one of Absol's closest friends ever since.
  • They show a bit of concern over a shiny Xatu owned by the Mob that knows Mist Ball, Latias' signature attack. When they asked her how she can pull off (and among other things over whether or not it's a scientist that built a Red Gyarados or is a hustler) Xatu just gives them a blank stare.
  • Since the third Smash Bros. Tournament, they can be summoned via Poké Ball to aid fighters in battle by attacking opponents with Steel Wing. However, most fighters stated that they don't dread their strikes as much as their high-pitched cooing. This probably a factor why they are starting to learn telepathy.
  • One day, a Gaming god entered their temple to fight. The Gaming God was Chuggaaconroy, who proceeded to battle and capture Latias with nothing more than a Nest Ball at full health. The chances of that successfully happening was a very low 0.4%. Naturally, the two are very afraid of him now, after they learned about his other "successful" captures of Legendary Pokémon.

Lesser Gods

    Freyja Wion 
Freyja Wion, the Goddess who Can't Return Home (Frey-Frey)

    Lum Invader 
Lum Invader, Goddess of Closet Dwellers
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A yellow and black bikini
  • Theme Song: Lum no Love Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girlfriend, Breakout Character, Clingy Jealous Girl, The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter, Spotlight-Stealing Squad, Shock and Awe, Self-Proclaimed Love Interest, Ms. Fanservice, Dude Magnet, Genki Girl
  • Domains: Lightning, Good, Chaos, Nobility
  • Herald: Ataru Moroboshi
  • Allies: Belldandy, Harry Potter, Thor, Miia, Doraemon, Ranma Saotome, Kagome Higurashi, Selina Kyle
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Graduating from the school of Magical Girlfriends, the bikini clad alien princess was ready to take the Pantheon by storm, dragging her boyfriend Ataru along for the ride. The reason that Belldandy decided to ascend her was due to her status as a parody for her followers (albeit an iconic one at that). While there was no spot for parodies, she did find an opening for the way Lum live: in a closet.
    • While her temple is much larger, Lum's living quarters consists of a closet of similar size. When asked why she hasn't moved out, she has learned to enjoy the close quarters of her room.
  • The Pantheon's attitude towards Ataru Moroboshi has been mixed. This is mainly due to the fact that he indeed a pervert who openly tries to hook up with girls... only for Lum to zap him for his betrayal. Whether he gets sympathy for being tether with a woman he never wanted to marry in the first place or scorn for not bothering to break up with her is a heated debate in the House of Love.
  • Few other people are as well known closet dwellers as Harry Potter. Unlike Lum, he doesn't have many fond memories of that dank place. He was even surprised at the number of people who not only live there, but choose to do so. With that said, Harry has no ill will of Lum except that she should try to get things straightened out with Ataru.
  • Rukia has also spent much of her life in a closet, renovating it into a decent room.
  • Her main influence is her iconic tiger striped bikinis. Many other deities have already worn them in respect to her. The oni lay claim to the style first, but most people give credit to Lum for popularizing the look.
  • Was greeted by Thor, God of Thunder. Lum is also known to generate an electrical charge, and Thor wanted to see the fair maiden in action. He quickly got his chance; and attempt by Ataru get Lum to date Thor ended with him getting zapped once more.
  • The more she hung out with Miia of the Monster Girls Club, the more she saw herself. Both are terrible at cooking and are overly protective of their beau. When Miia started to call Lum '"Darling Darling", the later saw it as an honor.
  • When records showed just how dangerous Lum's cooking was, she was subsequently banned from cooking in the House of Food. A few foodie daredevils have tried to get her to give them a taste, but they were stopped by the police. None of them want to deal with the fallout.
  • One of the most famous manga characters in the world, a visit from Doraemon delighted her to no end. The Robot Buddy asked for some advice on how to redecorate his own closet home.
  • After yet another disastrous attempt to capture Pikachu, Team Rocket thought they had the perfect machine to drain electricity. This time around, they wanted to test it on a newcomer. Lum was the target, and they were initially successful. But when she found out that her boyfriend got hurt in the battle, she proceeded to break out in a matter of seconds. The machine exploded and Team Rocket blasted off once more.
  • Ranma could help but pay Lum a visit and not just because they have the same creator. Lum has a lot in common with Shampoo, his fiancée. He also spends a lot of time with Ataru. He has experience with dealing with overly protective girlfriends. It appears that he is trying to help the herald on how to handle Lum. Ranma has also informed him to mingle with Kagome Higurashi at your own peril. There are hundreds on deities on the waiting list, not to mention that Lum would zap him into oblivion is she sees the two together.
  • Has been working on ascending Inuyasha. The demon has his own girlfriend problems and was wary of asking help from her given his own relationship issues. But he noticed that Lum has a kindred soul when stripped of her jealousy.
  • Lum was visited by Catwoman who in this case wanted to chat. Lum initially came to Earth an an actual invader before she decided to stay on the planet. While she wasn't a follower of Selina, she does show sympathy with the thief's attempts to dating Batman. Selina decided to take her out on a girl's night out. It was a fun outing, with heads turning over at the sight of two beautiful women locking hands.
  • There is one deity who took interest in breaking them up. Ato-ko Shirogane came to Ataru, claiming she can break them up. This would mean he would lose his herald status, but she said he was never committed into the relationship in the first place. Ataru thought about it, than rejected the proposal. He wanted to dictate the terms, not any outside force. That hasn't stopped Ato-ko from launching a campaign to break them up, setting him up with various women. Unfortunately for her, Lum always forgives him.

    Pom Poko Tanuki 
The Tanuki of Tama Hill, Gods of Supernatural Genitalia and Defenders of Uncorrupted Wilderness
  • Notable individuals: Shokichi, Tsurugame, Oroku, Gonta, Seizaemon, Ponkichi, Kincho, Hage, Gyobu
  • Lesser Gods (Intermediate for those that are disciplined and train their abilities)
  • Symbol: A tanuki statue
  • Theme Song: "Spirited Season"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tanuki, magical testicles, Ghibli Hills, Green Aesops, Master of Illusion, Shapeshifting, potentially more deadly than their behavior would suggest, Faux Documentaries
  • Domains: Beasts, the Supernatural, Tradition, Environmentalism, Genitalia
  • Allies: The other Studio Ghibli deities, the sub-House of Nature Preservers, the House of Celebration, especially Pinkie Pie, Amaterasu, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Sanada Yukimura, Tom Nook
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder
  • Oppose: Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Rivals: Renamon (one-sided)
  • Terrified of: Johnny Cage and his family
  • Annoy: The House of Food in general
  • Complicated Relations: Tanukichi Okuma
  • On good terms with: Mario
  • When urbanization struck the idyllic Tama Hill, the residing tanuki scrambled to stop their territory from shrinking. They attempted to organize themselves to better push back against the humans, but certain factors (namely, that tanuki are naturally easily distracted, them not being able to agree on anything, and humanity simply not believing in the supernatural as much anymore) meant that their enterprise was doomed. In the end, in order to survive, some used their illusion powers to mix in with humans, while others remained wild and soldiered on as well as they could.
  • One day, the "green" deities were doing battle with Mr. Burns and his allies to stop the latter group from using Green Hill Zone as a dump for toxic waste. Deciding that they needed reinforcements, San had an idea and excused herself for a moment. Some minutes later, Burns' forces were sky-bombed by suspiciously fleshy yet furry round objects, crushing quite a few of their number in a most undignified manner. When the tanuki made their next attack by swinging their scrotums like bludgeons, Burns and co. were too surprised, grossed out and legitimately wounded, so they decided to retreat to pollute another day. To reward such a memorable debut and for protecting one of the greenest places in the Pantheon, the Main House awarded the tanuki with godhood over Super Sex Organs and Ghibli Hills.
    • When San came to them requesting for their help, the tanuki were reluctant to give it since their confidence had been shot because of their failure to protect their own home, and thought their help wouldn't be any use. San replied that if the past weighs on their minds so much, they could seek to redeem themselves by protecting that which still exists in the present and is someone else's precious home. Shokichi, one of the younger tanuki, thought she was right and was the first to volunteer. Everyone else followed with a little rallying up from Oroku. During the battle, they were surprised and very happy to see Gonta and several other tanuki who'd died in the mortal world joining the fray.
    • They've promised to protect any natural place in the Pantheon so that such places do not suffer the same fate as their own home. The existence of people like Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder, who'll ruin green spaces without a thought simply becauses it suits them, aghasts the tanuki; at least the humans who took their home did so because they needed the space to live, not because of any malicious intention to wreck the environment.
  • Mamizou, being a tanuki herself, was joyful at receiving the news of the ascension of a whole community of them. She, more than anyone, can be credited with helping the tanuki get used to life in the Pantheon. These days she can often be found in their temple, enjoying being around her kind. The tanuki also welcome her warmly.
    • She's also taken care to inform them that Doraemon is not one of them before anyone made that mistake.
  • Most of the deities in the Pantheon who aren't Japanese find the tanuki's constantly exposed balls and their magical properties very disconcerting indeed. Well, that or hilarious. The tanuki and the Japanese deities don't understand what the big deal is. There have been some attempts from the more prudish deities to force the tanuki to wear more modest clothes, though the proposals have always been shot down by the Court of Gods, who've judged that such a thing would be a violation of the tanuki's nature and culture and that they'd been robbed of enough already.
  • Because their testicles are so essential to them, they were terrified to learn of Johnny Cage, a man who specializes in attacking that area. He has developed quite a reputation as a fearsome monster among the tanuki (so have his wife and daughters, especially as Cassie has shown a similar propensity). Johnny himself has nothing against them and just finds this amusing. He's pointed out that if they can use their balls as bludgeons, they can't be that much of a weak spot.
  • They don't like humans very much considering they're responsible for destroying their territory and forcing the tanuki to change their lifestyle. For this reason, they do not generally seek the company of humans. They prefer hiding away much more than attacking them, though, and as tanuki are nothing if not fun-loving, they sure enjoy the entertainment that humans create; they've made sure to furnish their temple with a big plasma TV and several gaming consoles. They were floored to learn about the wonders of laptops and video-on-demand, which weren't yet around in their time, and were quick to acquire those as well.
    • San is one of the few humans they like for reasons that should already be clear, but also because she was raised by wolf gods in a forest filled with spirits, so she understands the tanuki to some degree. She and Ashitaka have slowly made progress in getting them to interact with the other Ghibli deities, who're mostly human. Luckily, many of them are sensitive to the natural and spiritual world, so the tanuki like them well enough.
  • These tanuki have more or less three forms: a realistic one, an anthropomorphized one, and a comically cartoony one. Due to their isolationism, few other deities not trusted by them have seen them in any form besides the first one.
  • Something they struggled with back in the mortal world was the fact that humans didn't believe in their existence as they once used to. Amaterasu, who once had to run around all over Japan to get people to believe in her again, sympathizes with their plight. She also commends their efforts to protect nature both in the mortal world and in the Pantheon. The tanuki themselves were impressed that the sun goddess could take on the form of a wolf and think they prefer her like that.
  • Spend an inordinate amount of time at the House of Food, considering neither of their temples is located there. These tanuki are very gluttonous and particularly fond of human food, and they love nothing quite so much as stuffing themselves. Since they also love throwing rowdy parties while they're at it, Gordon Ramsay and other residents of the House have been seen running them all out plenty of times for making a mess.
  • Like any tanuki, they enjoy using their powers to prank the other deities. They find it hilarious seeing the others' scared reactions when they disguise themselves as haunts. Occasionally their powers are given more of a constructive use, such as when festivities are approaching and the House of Celebration asks them to participate by using their illusion powers to create thematically appropriate displays. Since the tanuki like to show off, they don't mind helping.
    • Even if it's not a day of celebration, they always manage to find a pretext to throw a party, no matter how unwarranted. They generally keep these to their community, but Pinkie Pie has managed to insert herself in these events with ease, claiming she wants to study their party-throwing ways to inspire her own. Due to her party-hard personality, which is much like theirs, the tanuki are quite accepting of her.
  • Tanuki historically don't really get along with kitsune, treating each other as rivals in the arts of shapeshifting and constantly challenging each other. Renamon is so far the only fox in the Pantheon to match the description of a kitsune, but while she'll engage the tanuki in shapeshifting contests if she has nothing else going on, it's not something she takes seriously.
  • Sanada Yukimura finds Gonta and his followers' Last Stand to be an admirable show of manliness. Gonta himself is over the moon that a legendary Sengoku general would compliment him so.
  • Their presence in the Pantheon is a bit of a sore spot for Tanukichi Okuma, as it gives the other deities ammo to make jokes about the tanuki's most infamous attribute at his expense, as he was named after them.
  • Mario has tried interacting with them through his special power of turning into a tanuki by eating a leaf. The tanuki aren't fooled (they aren't nearly as dumb as they look, really) but they're still impressed a human has some grasp on the art of shapeshifting, so they're okay with him and let him be around them (perhaps to show off how the pros do it). Now other deities keep asking them if it's true that Mario's package becomes larger in that form. They're not sure why that matters.
  • Apparently the Angry Video Game Nerd once rode a giant tanuki into battle. The tanuki would normally be indifferent to this, if it wasn't known that he had shot up Totoro. They weren't the least bit amused that a great nature spirit had gotten such a treatment.

    Sir Didymus 
Sir Didymus, God of Troll Bridges
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His bridge
  • Alightment: Borderline Lawful Good/Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Goblin, Bridge Guardian, Blood Knight, Knight in Shining Armor, Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe, Prone to major errors
  • Domains: Bridges, Permission, Bravery, Goblins
  • Allies: Sarah Williams, Hoggle, Ludo (all unascended)
  • Follower: The Bridge of Death Guardian
  • Enemies: Jareth, Parsee Mizuhashi
  • After nearly thirty years of guarding the remains of a 1000-year-old bridge in the Bog of Eternal Stench, Sir Didymus got bored, and decided to join the pantheon to get some real action. Nowadays, he guards the bridge in the House of Travel, and will only allow those to pass with his permission. Fortunately, he'd be happy to grant permission unless noted otherwise.
  • If someone proves themselves worthy, Sir Didymus might even be of assistance to them, as Sarah and Ludo once proved. However, don't expect his "help" to be much, since his "loyal steed", Ambrosius, tends to run away from battles. But he'll (reluctantly) follow orders if threatened to "never be fed again".
  • He doesn't get along with the pantheon's other bridge guardian, Parsee Mizuhashi, due to her jealousy towards him. Sir Didymus has even asked why she is jealous; Parsee won't tell him.
  • The House of Nature has been asking on how Sir Didymus could survive living in the Bog of Eternal Stench (a swamp that's infamous for it's foul smell and ability to make anyone who puts a foot in it smell bad for the rest of their lives). He just says that he "lives" by his sense of smell, and that the bog doesn't bother him one bit.

Snorlax, The Avatar of Blocking Traffic (Kabigon, The Sleeping Pokémon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself super deformed
  • Theme Song: The Poké Flute song
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Abilities: Thick Fat
  • Moves: Body Slam, Rest, Snore, Zen Headbutt
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitznote 
  • Portfolio: Big Eater, Blocking pathways, being a Heavy Sleeper, Stout Strength, Mighty Glacier, Extreme Omnivore
  • Allies: Ash, Pikachu, Yotsuba, Chiyo
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Beedrill, Vespiquen, anyone who disturbs his sleep.
  • Opposed by: Anyone whose paths he blocks.
  • Opposes: Any Martial Artist
  • The Sleeping Pokémon, Snorlax is a fat, even tempered Pokémon that loves to eat and sleep. However it's somewhat of a nuisance as it doesn't care where it sleeps, blocking bridges, traffic and wellsprings. Still, if you manage to capture the beast you'll have a powerful ally on your hands.
  • For the love of God, don't try to disturb his sleep unless you have a Poké Flute. There will be no mercy. Of course, it's trouble as is getting near him when he wants to roll over. Don't expect him to move any time soon, being one of the slowest Pokémon out there.
  • His partnership with Mako Reizei is an interesting one. At first, she thought he was a giant teddy bear shaped cat and slept on it's belly. Snorlax didn't mind, though. She tends to use his traffic blocking ability to get away from her responsibilities and hide in a forest. at is, unless he's blocking someplace else, in which she is dragged to that place in order to wake him up and free traffic.
  • He is, without a doubt, the bane of the house of Food as they know they when he comes there to eat, they have to prepare at least 880lb of food. At least, Kirby and Pac-Man were completely random with their food intake, now they have to add Snorlax on top of that. It's enough to drive them into a frenzy.
  • He is also one of the few gods who could eat the "Delicious Fruit", "Mystery Food X", Pitful egg, and Kei's cakes in one setting without suffering from any ill effects because that's how strong his stomach is. Despite eating just about anything, even Snorlax doesn't like Plankton's chum, though it simply finds it "bland and bitter" rather than "OH GOD MY STOMACH!" like most gods.
  • Beedrill and Vespiquen do not like him; the sleepy Pokémon keeps stealing their honey supply, and letting the Munchlax steal honey for them at trees. They've warned him to never visit the House of Insects, lest a Zerg Rush of angry bees sting him over and over.
  • After 20 years of sleeping, Snorlax is ready to use its Z-move in the form of Pulverizing Pancake. It will usually only reserve usage of such a move when really pissed off. Also capable of using Hyper Beam through his eyes.
  • Despite having to wake him up by Poké Flute, its low catch rate often makes it necessary to use sleep-inducing moves on the Pokémon during battle. Go figure.


    Chihiro Ogino 
Chihiro Ogino, Goddess of Adventures in Other Worlds (Sen)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A shoe, a bouquet and a hairband
  • Theme Music: "Always with You"
  • Alignment: True Neutral —> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Walked into another world through an out of the way tunnel, Kid Heroine, Took a Level in Kindness, Plucky Girl, Trapped in Another World, Spoiled Bratty Half-Pint (later a Nice Girl), Cute Clumsy Girl, Badass Pacifist, (Initially) Disliked by The Spirits, Expressive Hair, Magnetic Heroine, Made a Slave, Stating The Obvious, Dragon Motifs
  • Domains: Travel, Adventure, Development, Heroism, Slavery, Eastern Dragons
  • Herald: Haku
  • Allies: No Face, Kiki, Totoro, Satsuki and Mei Kasukabe, Alice Liddel/Kingsleigh, Coraline Jones, Dorothy Gale, Barbarella, Miyuki-chan, Kagome Higurashi, Miaka Yuuki, Sora, sub-House of Dragons (the nice ones), Daenerys Targaryen, Gertrude
  • Enemies: The Other Mother/The Beldam, Perfectio, Acnologia, Yuuki Terumi, Baba Yaga
  • On good terms with: San, Ashitaka
  • Conflicting Opinions: Yukari Yakumo
  • Fears: Dovahkiin
  • Chihiro is a young girl who once went through a tunnel, crossing over into the spirit realm where humans generally do not tread upon. There, she saw her parents turning into pigs due to eating the spirits' food. In order to survive and get her parents back to normal, she had to get a job in a bathhouse under a mean old witch and was almost stripped of her name, becoming Sen. With the help of Haku, a river spirit, and some other spirits sympathetic to her plight, Chihiro achieved her goals, became a better person in the process, and went back to the material world with her parents.
  • Seeing Chihiro's adventures and travails, as well as the classic status of her tale, the Main House determined that she was the best replacement for the position left vacant by Alice when she took up another trope. After approving her ascension, Chihiro was flown in by Haku.
  • Another deity who was strongly considered for Chihiro's position was Coraline. Coraline ultimately was given Curiosity Is a Crapshoot, which she's completely fine with as she doesn't feel strongly about having one over the other. She and Chihiro have become good friends due to their similar adventures giving them a lot to talk about. They even make a good Tomboy and Girly Girl duo (Chihiro isn't that girly but Coraline is clearly more tomboy than her) and a Town Girls trio with Alice.
    • Chihiro stands alongside Coraline in opposing the Beldam. Chihiro can't forgive how the spider monster imprisoned Coraline's parents to force her to stay with her forever, besides the fact that she gives a bad name to nice spiders like her friend Kamaji.
  • Haku himself isn't officially in the Pantheon but he could go in and out as he pleased even before Chihiro ascended due to already having a divine nature in the first place. Since her ascension, he's been made into her Herald.
  • Chihiro is strongly associated with Eastern dragons due to crossing paths with two of them and helping them when they were in need. This was pivotal in her journey since it helped prove her worth to the spirits and got her rewarded in ways that would prove very helpful in the long run. Also, Haku is actually one of these dragons. Because of this, she has a great affinity with the inhabitants of the sub-house of Dragons, who're grateful to her for helping some of their numbers. It's also secured her an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen due to her family being traditionally connected to dragons. Ironically the dragons that Chihiro helped are river spirits, which means they're associated with water instead of fire.
    • Chihiro also fears the dragons' common enemies Acnologia, not only because of his indiscriminate hatred of all dragons, but also because she can't stand to think of what might happen to her beloved Haku if they meet each other. She originally feared the Dovahkiin for the same reason, until he assured her he had no interest in slaying peaceful dragons. She still finds him kind of scary though.
    • She was surprised that there were few actual Eastern dragons in the Pantheon; instead of the benevolent spirits from her home, most dragons in the Pantheon are more along the lines of savage beasts. She found Mushu mostly a disappointment because of his unpleasant personality.
  • The entrance to her temple does indeed resemble the tunnel that brought her to the spirit world. Don't worry though; it won't cause visitors to cross over. Meanwhile the actual temple was built to look like the bathhouse she worked in, including the employees' accommodations where she sleeps in, but much smaller (it's only one story) since Chihiro doesn't require a lot of space.
  • Chihiro had the pleasant surprise of meeting with No Face, who ascended before her. She is happy that he is living a happy life in the Pantheon but the fact he is living in the House of Emotion worries her and she tries to keep him away from the House of Hatred at all costs. But as much as Chihiro keeps him away, that doesn't stop some of its inhabitants from seeking No Face out, such as Yuuki Terumi and the rest of the Trollkaiger, who love the idea of No Face going berserk because of being corrupted by bad emotions. Even though Chihiro's adventures gave her a lot of patience when faced with harrowing circumstances, Terumi is one of the few people to really try it with his trolling.
    • She also tries to keep No Face away from the House of Commerce lest the feeling of greed permeating the place corrupt him, exactly like what happened in the spirits' bathhouse when No Face gave gold to the workers.
  • Chihiro really dislikes Perfectio a lot, viewing him as an Evil Counterpart of No Face, sucking the despair from others and hopes her friend doesn't become like that.
  • Chihiro has some experience dealing with evil witches because of her employer Yubaba. However, Yubaba could be somewhat reasonable and wasn't all that bad. The same can't be said about the likes of Baba Yaga, who's very interested in making a meal out of Chihiro.
  • Is pretty good friends with all the other Ghibli deities, immediately liking Totoro for being a friendly spirit and relating to Satsuki and Mei's own adventures with him. She was at first worried when she heard that Kiki was a witch... worries that were forgotten the moment Kiki turned out to be a young girl trying to make her way through the world just like her.
  • Due to their adventures beginning through a random tunnel/hole/well/whatever, Chihiro relates to Dorothy Gale, Barbarella, Kagome Higurashi, Miaka Yuuki and Miyuki-chan but can't help but feel a little weirded out when she's around the latter. Sora is also included because of his adventures across many unknown worlds (which started in Alice's world, very appropriately). And since he sounds like Haku and has countless friends, Chihiro trusted him immediately. Gertrude also became an ally to her after hearing of her plight, becoming a in name only big sister of sorts to Chihiro, offering to deal with anyone trying to give her a hard time. While Chihiro really doesn't like the idea of her getting violent, she sometimes calls on her whenever some deities try to corrupt No Face, namely Trollkaiger.
  • Chihiro gets along with the Yokai in the Pantheon because of her experience with similar beings and the fact that they aren't as weird as them (perhaps because a good number adopts human forms and mannerisms) helps.
    • Though she is wary of Yukari Yakumo, who she has been told that she's kind of trollish and wonders if it was her that dragged her into that hotel (and the Pantheon) for shit-and-giggles.
  • Chihiro's parents turning into pigs due to overeating on spirit food was what forced Chihiro to slave away in a spirit bathhouse in the first place. This has lead to Chihiro thinking the House of Food too good to be true and she usually avoids it unless she really needs to eat. (Usually Kiki delivers food to her, so that's rarely a problem.)

    George of the Jungle 
George of the Jungle, God of High Speed Collisions With Idle Objects
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Him plastered into a tree
  • Theme Song: George of the Jungle Theme Song
  • Alignment: Stupid Good
  • Portfolio: Affectionate Parody of Tarzan, Three Types Of Hero (Nature, Idiot and Orphan), Vine Swinging, Phrase Catcher for "Watch Out for That Tree!", Lantern Jaw of Justice, Does Not Like Shoes, Hulk Speak, Malaproper, Charles Atlas Superpower, Literal-Minded
  • Domain(s): Jungle, Swinging, Collision, Idiocy
  • High Priest: Ugh
  • Allies: Tarzan, Mowgli, Daisuke Yamamoto/Kamen Rider Amazon, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Rainbow Dash, King Kong, Caesar, Donkey Kong, Hareta
  • Enemies: Dick Dastardly, Hexxus, Flint Marko\Sandman, Imhotep
  • Opposes: Pirates
  • Annoyed by Him: The House of Plants
  • It was a peaceful day in the House of Nature when suddenly a familiar yell rang out. It was supposed to sound like Tarzan's, except it wasn't quite, and the wild man himself was on the ground conversing (in private) with Sora and his friends about something. When the yell was abruptly stopped by a collision, which happened to be right above their location, Tarzan finished that his follower, George of the Jungle was going to be ascended. Donald Duck comments that he must have lost his way, and the four decide to help him to the Court of the Gods for his proper ascension process.
    • In the end, his new title means he must move out of the House of Nature and to the House of Travel. George bid goodbye to Tarzan with a goofy smile before taking off. He still visits from time to time, though.
  • Doesn't know why exactly Dick Dastardly rubs him the wrong way. Maybe it's because he looks like one of his old nemeses "Tiger" Titherage, who looks like Terry-Thomas, who was also the inspiration for Dastardly.
  • The House of Plants doesn't appreciate his shenanigans when he's around, as his constant collisions into trees are harming them (the trees, as some can feel their pain). There was even one time he swung so fast that when he inevitably slammed into a tree, he knocked off an impression of himself from the other side. Oh, and the tree fell down, too.
  • Not being a High Priest anymore enabled George to forge companionships of his own, though they did bring him back to his old place in the Pantheon; the Nature Preservers sub-house under Nature, where he forged kinships with Mowgli and Daisuke Yamamoto/Kamen Rider Amazon. As a matter of fact, he (one rendition, at least) and the latter have similar origins wherein they both got stranded in the jungle after a plane crash during their infancy. He does find some of Amazon's…retaliatory methods extremely disturbing though, and turns away and covers his ears the moment he sees it coming.
  • To his surprise, he once heard someone else crash into a tree, before looking up to see Hareta in nothing more than a pair of baggy shorts land on him. While startled at first, he has quickly grew fond of him and has a great deal of respect for his nature loving ways, trying to teach him how to swing from vine to vine more efficiently. Not that these training sessions tend to go anywhere, but it's the thought that counts.

    Jack and Annie 
Jack and Annie, Co-gods of Fun Treehouses (Jack the Clown [Jack, by Wolfie aka young Mozart])
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Magic Treehouse itself
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Learning, Adventure, History, Reading, Magic, Time
  • Portfolio: brother and sister working together, enjoying the outside (Annie), question boy and hyperactive girl, meeting up with famous people in the past, cool treehouses, having tons of adventures having fears of spiders (Annie), learning new things with each adventure they go through.
  • Heralds: Teddy, an apprentice mage and Kathleen, a selkie (their best friends)
  • High Priest: The Swiss Family
  • Allies: Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, most gods in the House of Knowledge (particularly The Pagemaster), Belle, King Arthur, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, Doctor Who, Ben and Saorise, Merlin (their teacher)
  • Enemies: The evil gods in the House of Time and Space and all gods who would abuse the Magic Treehouse's power and every Nazi-related god.
  • One day, the two went to their treehouse and found a book that showed the Pantheon. Annie touched it and said, "I wish we were there". The wind began to blow and then things became absolutely still. They found themselves crowned demigods in the House of Travel.
  • There was a lot of debate as to where these two were going to be placed. Their treehouse was enchanted by Morgan Le Fay and they engaged in magic spells, so some said they belonged to the House of Magic. They had books that could let them travel to different time periods, so some said they should go to the House of Time And Space. They were given riddles and Jack was known to write down facts in his notebook so a third party thought that the House of Knowledge would work. In the end, Jack and Annie stated that they wished to be part of the House of Travel and the Main House agreed.
    • Many gods wonder if it has any connection to the TARDIS. The Doctor hasn't said anything, for the most part.
  • Jack and Annie have met up with William Shakespeare and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on separate occasions. With Shakespeare, they played some fairies in a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and with Mozart, they met him as a young boy who would eventually write The Magic Flute thanks to them using the Wand of Dianthus to calm the wild animals that nearly mauled Wolfie. When the two reunited with these gods, there was such a magnificent and delightful time to behold (although Jack was slightly annoyed when Mozart remembered him as "Jack the Clown").
    • Jack cringed when he found Alexander the Great though, recalling the very snarky remarks he made to a younger version of him. Thankfully, Alexander had to admit it was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Annie loves to explore the House of Beast, but stays clear from the Insects sub-house since she's absolutely terrified by bugs (Jack finds it hypocritical, even stating that she has no fear of the likes of dinosaurs, knights, mummies, pirates or ninjas). She also tends to be with Fluttershy when it comes to taking care of some of the animals in the Pantheon.
  • Rainbow Dash has tried to use the tree house once or twice so she could venture into her collection of Daring Do books. Jack and Annie also followed, and the results of their adventure are only known to them.
    • Likewise, Twilight Sparkle comes every now and then to lend Jack and Annie some of her books. She also has gotten to some crazy adventures regarding the treehouse in general.
  • Many malicious Gods have wanted to use the power of the treehouse for their own twisted desires. However, Jack and Annie have stated that while inside the book, no history can be changed (they tried). The two have asked Merlin and Morgan le Fay to enchant the Treehouse so that only the pure of heart can use it.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders traveled here and admired that their tree house could do so much and wanted to replicate the ability to travel into books in their own treehouse. Jack and Annie have advised them that instead that they could have their meetings in their treehouse as long as they DO NOT venture into any of the books because they'd have no idea where they would be at any point in time. They have also politely refused any attempts to befriend the Crusaders' wrestling friends.
  • The Pagemaster once visited them and took great interest in how they were able to enter books with their treehouse. When they explained that it was enchanted by Merlin and Moran la Fey, he decided to apprentice them in his way of magic.
  • Belle comes to their treehouse often to reads stories to them, and to let them borrow her own stories so they could experience the tales that she loves.
  • The siblings are very popular with Japanese-based gods, going to the point that gods in the House of Knowledge have translated their stories and the House of Theater, directed by one Miyuki Hoshizora has made a film detailing their origins.
  • One of the most powerful wands in the Pantheon is the Wand of Dianthus, made from the horn of the legendary unicorn Dianthus that is capable of granting any wish they need and can transform into a musical instrument capable of Magic Music as long as the two create the lyrics for it. However, in wand form it has three drawbacks: the wand can only be used after the siblings have tried their best, it can only be used for the benefit of others, and the wish must be made with five words exactly. The instrument form's drawback is that it can only be used once before it becomes a regular musical instrument. Thus the two will not use the wand unless it is extreme circumstances, like the "Muse Hysteria" incidentnote 
  • The two were excited to find King Arthur in the Pantheon and rushed to his temple, since they helped save Christmas in one adventure, and helped retrieve Excalibur for him in another. Arthur was happy to find these two and has promised to be by their side should the need arise.
    • And the excitement doubled when they found Merlin too, as they are currently undergoing missions from him to spread magic and teaching lessons to many historical people. Merlin is now giving them extra training for the more dangerous parts of the Pantheon.
  • Upon finding three gods who once boarded the Titanic, they broke down in tears since they were there when the titular ship sank and only had a pocket watch stopped at the time the ship sank into the waters.
  • Various gods looked in shock at how the two once went back in time to bring hope to the British troops before D-Day without the use of their magic and many were shocked at how Jack (driving a bakery truck to get two Jewish children free, despite being way under-age) had the self-confidence to fool Nazi soldiers and let them be on their way. Needless to say, a brief history lesson about the Nazis has made the two really despise them.
  • Befriended Ben and Saoirse since the latter reminded the two of Kathleen (who is also a Selkie).


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