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For every act of travel, there's a destination on the other end. No matter what one's current location is, there is usually something interesting to be found at that particular place. It can be anything including landmarks and cities, but just remember to watch out for any potential hazards that could show up.

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Autochthon, God of Vast, Industrial Complexes (The Great Maker, The Machine God, The King of All Craftsmen, Autochthonia, Autobot, Auto-kun)
An altar of the Primordial

Greater Gods

    Black Cross King 
Black Cross King, God of Supervillain Lairs (Black Cross Führer, Black Cross Colossus, Mysterious Beauty)
Black Cross King
Black Cross Führer 
Black Cross Colossus 
  • Greater God. Borderline Overdeity (as the Black Cross Colossus).
  • Symbol: The Black Cross Army's Emblem
  • Theme Song: Black Cross King's Medley (Gokaiger) (0:40 to 7:06)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: The First Main Villain of Super Sentai, Being his Own Villainous Lair, Weakened by the Cassiopeia Constellation, Nazi and KKK-like, Devoid of Good, Dark Is Evil, It's All About Me, Came Back as the Main Antagonist of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, Decreased Role in Later Appearances.
  • Domains: First Villains, Villainous Lairs, Eternal Grudges
  • Heralds:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Lord Drakkon
  • Enemies:
  • Black Cross Führer was the leader of the Black Cross Organization, a nebulous crime syndicate that sought to conquer the world, to start this process he had the multiple bases of the EAGLE Organization, a peace-keeping military, destroyed so as to exterminate all opposition; but survivors of his assaults became the first Super Sentai team: Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, the five bravely opposed his forces and though they lost one of their members, the second Kirenger, they still managed to defeat all his forces and thwart his plans, in which his last one was to reveal his true form as the Black Cross Colossus, as he had been his own lair all along, to try and bombard Japan before the Gorenger made all the explosives within him detonate, ending his threat.
    • 35 years later, the countless enemies that the Sentai teams after Gorenger had defeated created an endless grudge which Führer was all happy to take advantage of in Hell to resurrect himself but now known as the Black Cross King, he allied with the Space Empire Zangyack to menace the new Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger team, as well as the 34th Sentai team: The Tensou Sentai Goseiger; taking all the Ranger Keys containing the powers of the Super Sentai lost in the Legendary War against Zangyack and trying to have them killed by his newly resurrected lieutenants: Dagon, Yogoshimacritein and Brajira. But all that failed and combining the powers of the 35 Sentai and the hopes of mankind, Black Cross King was defeated once again.
  • Black Cross King forced his way into the Pantheon, arriving as a black mist that killed anything trying to stop it in its tracks. After carving out a piece of land for his own use, he settled his lair for his Black Cross Organization to be reborn at last with its full might; but this time he not only brought back three past villains but all the villains not ascended into the Pantheon as his lackeys, as well as bringing those into the Pantheon as his underlings for good measure. He's promised his fellow villains that the age of evil is upon them and that soon their ultimate revenge shall be had against their foes that defeated them into the past.
  • From the start, Black Cross King found himself allied with the Great Leader of Shocker, given both are the first enemies of their respective universe's team of heroes and have joined their forces directly and indirectly in many occasions. The Great Leader was ready to welcome the Sentai's first evil along with the brunt of his forces into the Pantheon, rationalizing that a more permanent and steady alliance would be of great help in exterminating all their opposition that has plagued them for so long. While some believe that King would eventually try to betray the Leader, most things are so far just rumors, though the Black Cross' leader hasn't denied nor confirmed anything.
  • Another ally the King made was Dark Specter, leader of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, a collective of multiple villainous groups of the Power Rangers universe who in some ways considers himself King's counterpart in his universe, as well as sharing his ideals of conquest and ambition for destruction. Specter admires the power and threat level of the King, given that he proved to be the Super Sentai's toughest foe besides the likes of Ackdos Gill, Specter has taken to also seeing the Black Cross Organization and all other Sentai groups of evil to be valuable possible followers in a large alliance of evil. As for the Black Corss King himself, he is more than happy to join forces with another great evil to destroy their enemies, especially since many of the Power Rangers are counterparts to several teams of Super Sentai.
  • Black Cross King found other kindred souls in the likes of several Ultraman villains, as their eternal hatred of the Ultras has given some of them new life to enact their desires for revenge. Among these he made particularly good connections with the Yapool, viewing his ability to consistently return to the realm of the living no matter how many times or ways he's killed, due to his unending hatred for the Ultraman, as a favorable aspect to look out for and possible helpful tool against his own enemies. As for Yapool's boss, Alien Empera, the Black Cross King admires the sheer scope of his threat and forces as is his near-victory in covering the universe in eternal darkness. A lesser amicable alliance was made with Ultraman Belial, who understands the Black Cross' unending hatred for the heroes that bested him, given his own long history with the Ultras.
  • He still holds a grudge against the Sentai groups that have defeated him: the Himitsu Sentai Goranger and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. With the Goranger they share a very mutual enmity due to the Black Cross Organization's many crimes and atrocities; meanwhile the Gokaiger don't view him as that much worth having anything resembling a grudge against and prefer to just oppose him on the principle of having fought him before and protecting existence from his goals. His resurgence has given the two teams some unease as they fear that with the villainous being's ascension a possible Shocker/Black Cross alliance might be in the works, an alliance that perhaps not even every Sentai and Rider together could hope to overcome if other villains that have helped or know of either organization join in to assist them. Another Sentai group that came to oppose him equally were the Tensou Sentai Goseiger, who assisted the Gokaiger in defeating him during his grand return to menace Earth and still consider Black Cross their deadliest, most vile enemy.
  • The Black Cross King had crossed paths and fought various Kamen Riders during his outings teaming up with Shocker, chief among these Riders stood the original Double Riders, the Rider counterparts to his nemesis, Akaranger; Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, who teamed up from time to time with the Gokaigers, other hated enemies of his; Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid who fought a Game World copy of the King and finally Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade, who teamed up with the Gokaiger to bring down the Zangyack-Shocker Alliance which he was a commander of. While he might not have the same level of vitriol for the Riders as he does with the Super Sentai he nonetheless still views them as a big threat to him, particularly Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O, who he knows from reports has a power that could defeat even him at his strongest and thus has made him warier of confronting the Riders. By extension he also found himself in an enmity with the Space Sheriffs, allies to the Sentai and Riders alike who have also participated in various events where they fought the forces of evil.
  • Another ally the King found was the villainous kaiju, King Ghidorah, who like Black Cross King has had a long history of fighting various heroes in his pursuit of destruction and chaos, Ghidorah has seen value in allying with someone who has had experience having multiple plans thwarted by their world's heroes and developed an unending grudge as a result, Black Cross King himself sees Ghidorah's power as a useful tool in getting his vengeance on the Super Sentai and other heroes who have assisted them. As for Ghidorah's allies, they all also viewed allying with the Sentai villain as an interesting prospect, particularly Gigan who had already taken on the Carrangers in the past and is eager to get a chance at fighting them again and win, as well as having the chance to take out the other Sentai teams which have helped the Carrangers on occasions.
  • He made another alliance with the organization HYDRA, led most of the time by the Red Skull, as HYDRA has found the resources and powers wielded by the Black Cross to be of much interest and use for their goals. Red Skull himself views Black Cross' resources and connections to be quite interesting given the villain's connections to HYDRA's well-known allies in SHOCKER. This alliance brought the attention of Steve Rogers/Captain America who quickly came to view Black Cross King as a rather despicable foe due to his depravity and scope of his many schemes and goals.
  • Has made an enmity with the members of Team Voltron, who like the many Sentai employ robots to fight giant monsters with and have opposed an evil space empire known as the Galra; the Galra themselves have made allies with the Black Cross through their representatives in the Pantheon: Emperor Zarkon and Prince Lotor, who do have issues in that they both want the other dead for their own ends, but that hardly bothers the Black Cross King, who has given them a promise to each that he'll help in taking out the other if they help him defeat their shared enemies first. Team Voltron finds the Black Cross King quite depraved and even worse than the worst of the Galra Empire they fought and thus view him as quite the priority threat to take down. On a similar vein, mecha pilots Raleigh and Mako were also ones to join in the enmity against and from the Black Cross due to his terrorist actions and depraved goals and actions made to achieve them.
  • The villainous Nightmare in one world created monsters with his nefarious company, Holy Nightmare Co., to terrorize the universe with and did so for thousands of years until Kirby put an end to him and his organization forever. As such the Black Cross viewed Nightmare as a useful ally with relatable experiences of having a monster-creating organization thwarted by some goody two-shoes heroes, Nightmare particularly finds it respectable that the Black Cross King pulled himself out of Hell from nothing but his hatred of the Super Sentai, given his own immortality thanks to negative emotions fueling nightmares as long as life exists. For this reason, Kirby and his allies have all been made aware of the possibilities of the Black Cross Organization and Holy Nightmare Co. joining their forces to strengthen each other and thus gained the Black Cross as an enemy.
  • Has also made enemies with the Sailor Senshi for his role as a master of a villainous organization that employs kaijin and other threats in a bid to conquer the universe, not unlike their most hated foes such as Queen Beryl, who herself is an ally of the Black Cross. Other magical girls that instantly found themselves on his enemy list and vice-versa were the multiple Pretty Cure teams that resided in the Pantheon, all who view him as not too dissimilar from the many fiends and other creeps they've faced throughout their thousands of battles against evil. As for the Cures' enemies the likes of Goyan, Moebius and Joker all quickly became allies with the Black Cross King in a bid to strengthen their forces and join together to defeat their enemies; Joker in particular looks forward to working with the Black Cross' kaijin and his own bag of tricks to create despair by the hundreds.
  • Ganondorf has reincarnated from time to time and been a thorn across space-time to the heroes Link and Zelda, always seeking to obtain the Tri-Force and rule over existence to sate his ego; he found the Black Cross King a kindred soul in terms of being a never-ending evil who will not rest until he's conquered everything that he can. Black Cross King has offered help to the King of Darkness in his plans, arguing that his advanced technology and forces could help him thwart Link, an offer that Ganondorf wasn't hesitant to take if it meant strengthening his side. Link and Zelda didn't take much time to oppose the Black Cross for this reason, especially given the many evils that Ganondorf could unleash on their world if their alliance prospers.
  • Sauron didn't take much time to get acquaintanced with the Black Cross, who he viewed as a potential pawn to his plans and schemes thanks to his resources and as such has planned to sway him to his side as one of his followers, though the King himself has also been seeking an alliance with Morgoth to further establish the Black Cross Army's reputation and presence in the Pantheon which Sauron has found somewhat frustrating and possibly counter-productive to his goals if Morgoth catches wind of him, that said the Black Cross King himself couldn't care either way as long as he gets his due influence.
  • He has met a rival in the form of Lord Drakkon, an enemy of the Power Rangers who is an alternate Tommy Oliver that's amassed power through many years and battles enough to become a multiversal threat and almost succeeded in reshaping the world to his liking. Drakkon and the Black Cross quickly foregoed any possible chance for allying and were quick to swear to destroy the other when they got the chance to. Drakkon has also thought of perhaps just killing the Black Cross King and taking his organization's remnants for himself so as to gain more power. Regardless, many Sentai and Power Rangers fear what could come out of this enmity

Goyan, God of Island Bases (Gooyan, Gohyan)
His True Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His True Form.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: One of the Darkest Villains In the Franchise, Island Base, False Politeness, Omnicidal Maniac, Bishōnen Line, Can Act Silly And Is Incredibly Vile, Looks Like A DBZ Villain With Power To Match, Existed Before The Universe, Being Responsible for all of the Problems that the Splash Star Pretty Cures Face
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Transformations, Power
  • Heralds: All of Dark Fall (Except for the Kiryuu Sisters), consisting of Karehan, Moerumba, Dorodoron, Ms. Shitataare, Kintolesky, and Akudaikahn
  • Allies: Joker, Wiseman/Death Phantom, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction (Especially Nekron, Chaos and Amatsu-Mikaboshi), Kefka Palazzo, Solaris, Hades (Kid Icarus), The Batman Who Laughs, The Heartless
  • Friendly Rival: Dimentio
  • Rivals: Hajun, Porky Minch, Fused Zamasu
  • Enemies: Anyone not listed under allies, but at the top of the list are All Ascended Pretty Cure (ESPECIALLY The Splash Star Pretty Cure), The Magical Girl Sisterhood (Especially The Sailor Guardians), All Heroic Super Mario Bros. Deities, Bowser, Cosmos, The Z-Fighters, Pit, Dark Pit, Viridi, Palutena, YHVH, Lucifer, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Galaxia, The Puella Magi, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver The Hedgehog, The Incubators
  • Interested in: The Chaos Heart
  • Goyan was the seemingly affable right hand to his superior Akudaikahn, but in reality, he was the creator of not only him, but all of Dark Fall. His motivations were to destroy Earth, The Land of Fountains and the entire universe. He wanted to do this because life annoyed him, having existed before the universe and wanting to return it to its previous state. When Akudaikahn was killed, he revealed his true colors and unleashed his true form, though he was destroyed.
  • His ascension came one evening when Wiseman, unhappy with the constant interference from the Splash Star Pretty Cures, decided to make contact with Joker when he learned that the latter wants to bring their villains into the Pantheon. Wiseman and Joker soon learned that their greatest foes were Dark Fall, and decided to bring their creator, Goyan, into the Pantheon with his arrival kept secret for the time being via meticulous planning from the former and many distractions by the latter and the rest of the Bad End Kingdom. Some time later, the forces of Dark Fall attacked, led by Goyan. When the Splash Star Pretty Cures learned of this, they were utterly horrified, and Joker mocked them over it and outright admitted to them that the Bad End Kingdom’s recent attacks were so that he could be ascended without much interference. A battle ensued, with the Splash Star Pretty Cures, the rest of the Magical Girl Sisterhood and a few allies fighting against Goyan, the Forces of Dark Fall and Joker. The Sisterhood eventually came out on top, and the Splash Star Pretty Cures and the Magical Girl Sisterhood were now more than ready for another attack by Dark Fall.
  • Can pretend to be the Butt-Monkey yet flawlessly orchestrate plans at the same time. However, he didn’t need to do this to get into the GUAD as Wiseman and Joker (He aids in some of their missions For the Evulz) managed to pull some strings in order to get Goyan membership there. Nekron all but encouraged his desire to destroy life, as did Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the three all having predated the universe. Chaos, an embodiment of the void from before the universe, likes him as well as they share the same goal, and he can sometimes be seen giving its minions suggestions on how to defeat the Pretty Cures.
  • His ability to lead others astray with his behavior has caused him to get some decisive victories over members of the GUAL and GUAC, and YHVH and Lucifer were not happy. Unfortunately for nearly everyone involved, he’s cunning enough to get away with it. He once lead a few GUAC and GUAL members into a warehouse using false leads about his location, entered his One-Winged Angel form when they got there and blew them up with a Sphere of Destruction, only fueling Lucifer and YHVH’s hatred towards him even more.
  • Much like Joker, Goyan desires to bring in more of the Pretty Cure’s foes to better combat them. As he sometimes prefers to hang around the Bad End Kingdom (Joker’s Temple) and on Planet Nemesis as Joker and Wiseman were responsible for his return, trying to assassinate him is near-impossible on your own as you’ll be met with hordes of monsters from Dark Fall, Bad End and the Black Moon Clan at the same time. That’s not even mentioning the latter’s ties to Chaos, who has declared that if someone tries to assassinate Wiseman or Goyan and things begin to go awry for them, it will step into the conflict and make sure that the attempt at their lives fail. Personally.
  • Refers to everybody, even his most hated foes, with Japanese honorifics...unless he’s in his true form, in which his voice is a lot more archaic and soft-spoken and becomes far more emotionless than before. His temple in the Pantheon is an Island Base shaped like himself. That’s not the only one he has though. He’s had some built in the Bad End Kingdom, on Planet Nemesis and somewhere near the GUAD’s base of operations.
  • He has been trying to copy Frieza’s Supernova technique as of late, wanting to better strengthen his Sphere of Destruction attacks. He is also aware that his name is similar to that of Son Gohan. Also, he sees some similarities to himself in the Mad Kai Zamasu, and tried to strike up an alliance with him, but Zamasu, being who he is, harshly declined and tried to kill Goyan instead, who threw an Unrealistic Black Hole Sphere of Destruction at him, aware that it wouldn’t kill him but should give him time to get away...and it did.
  • To the horror of his enemies, Goyan has taken a disturbing interest in the Chaos Heart, believing it to be the perfect weapon of destruction to get rid of everything that isn’t him. He knows he’ll have to contend with the Mario Bros, Princess Peach, Bowser, Tippi and Count Bleck if he successfully gets his hands on it. He does have some form of respect for Dimentio due to his willingness to destroy all of reality with it as a final act of spite once it became clear that he wouldn’t win, and admitted he’d probably do the same thing. Thankfully, Goyan and Dimentio have become rivals rather than allies, although the two are friendly towards each other despite this.
  • His disregard for anyone but himself and Omnicidal goals have caused him to be compared to Hajun. However, he takes offense to this and says that he can very well plan things out as opposed to Hajun, whose massive ego prevents him from thinking about anything but himself and destruction. Goyan does find Hajun’s immense power to be very intriguing and has been consulting his allies for ideas on how to steal it for himself.
  • Gets along swimmingly with fellow Laughably Evil villain Hades. He finds Goyan’s behavior to be utterly hilarious. Palutena, Viridi, Pit and Dark Pit all oppose him, and Goyan has become enemies with them as a result of his Villainous Friendship with Hades. Goyan only sees them as annoyances to be squashed in his road of destruction, and was surprised to find that they were more than that and have ruined some of his plans ever since he allied with him. He has sworn to destroy them for their interference, though Hades teased him by saying that he would’ve killed them anyway.
  • He has an army of spirits that can possess objects and living things and become Uzainas, which adds to the mystery of where these monsters will appear from time to time. Many fear what would happen should he have one possess a member of a Hive Mind race like The Incubators.
  • Hit it off with Mephiles due to his plans to consume all of time, as Goyan views them to be not a threat to him, as he existed before it. That being said, he’d rather hang out with Mephiles than Iblis, as the latter has no mind of its own or capacity to plan, and attacks anything that moves. Sonic, Shadow and Silver were not amused by this, and Goyan has declared that Mephiles and Iblis will become Solaris once again, whether they like it or not.
  • He can often work behind the scenes while his minions in Dark Fall are attacking, meaning that he can still get some things done even if their strikes at their foes fail. This hasn’t changed in the GUAD, as while he isn’t one of the most powerful figures, he is clever enough to use their assaults as a distraction while he gets other things done for the organization and Dark Fall.
  • Out of the Magical Girl Sisterhood, none detest him as much as the Sailor Guardians, who see him as similar to Wiseman, only that unlike Death Phantom, Goyan can act silly and is still incredibly vile, and has no access to Mind Manipulation abilities like the Lich of the Planet Nemesis does. Goyan does see Sailor Moon as a massive threat to his plans, and has sworn to dispose of her and the Senshi, along with Mamoru Chiba and Sailor Galaxia.
  • Uses The Heartless from time to time, disturbing Sora, Riku, Kairi and all of their allies, who became enemies with him for obvious reasons when they learned of him and his goals. The fact that he uses the Heartless only made things worse. If anything, he does see the three as legitimate threats to his plans and has been forming strategies and launching constant attacks in order to try and kill them all.

Intermediate Gods

    Abigail Williams (Fate/Grand Order
Abigail Williams, Goddess of Witchy Salem (Abby, Foreigner, The Silver Key, Key Servant)
Click here to see her if she embraced her full power 
Her alternate summer form 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when she accepts her full power)
  • Symbol: The keyhole in her head
  • Theme Song: Her battle theme in Salem and Noble Phantasm theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil according to the Grail. Actual alignment closer to Neutral Good (Blue-and-Orange Morality if she embraced her power)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, The vessel of Sut-Typhon, Afraid of Their Own Strength, Uses keys to use portals and control her tentacles, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Has an eye inside her keyhole, From Nobody to Nightmare, Has a teddy bear named Hugo, Loves pancakes
  • Domains: Vessels, Eldritch, Creations
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, King Solomon, Mugen Yogumura, Paul Bunyan, Naruto Uzumaki, Gaara, Leah, Robin, Annie Hastur, The Doctor, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Enemies: The Shadow Queen
  • Odd Friendship: Gilles de Rais
  • Opposed by: H.P. Lovecraft
  • Intrigues: The Great Old Ones and Outer Gods
  • Scared of: ZONE
  • Warier by: The South Park kids
  • Under watch of: SCP Foundation
  • In their quest to defeat the remaining Demon Pillars, Chaldea Security Organization travelled to the Salem Singularity where the time period takes place during the Witch Trials. There, they met Abigail Williams and her mysterious friend Lavinia Whateley, who seem to have an odd connection of what's going on in the Singularity. Strange events were occuring around it such as the appearance of ghouls and the different deaths of Servants. The Demon Pillar of the Singularity, Raum, reveals that the entire Singularity is a ploy to make its creation, Abigail Williams, to connect with the host within her body. Embracing her full power because of Sanson’s death and wanting to destroy Salem and trying to destroy the world to help the people and find redemption for herself, she was then riddled with guilt after being stopped by Chaldea and travelled with the real Randolph Carter to find Lavinia and Sanson (whom she succeeded in recovering and is now in Chaldea again).
    • The Abigail that appeared in Chaldea is a completely different version from the Salem self, due to the circumstances of the Summoning System and because of that, Chaldea Abigail doesn’t have her memories in the Salem Singularity and never knew the sources of her powers. The Salem Abigail and the Master of Chaldea have met again in Chaldea Abigail’s dream. The Salem Abigail wanted the Master to come with her, but he couldn’t because of his duty, which causes an battle to occur between the two of them. After the battle ended, Salem Abigail apologized to the Master because of how their reunion leads up to and decides to leave to meet Lavinia again, with the Master promising that they’ll meet again someday.
  • The Master of Chaldea decided to bring along Abigail Williams with him after she demanded him to take her on a tour around the Pantheon. Fascinated by the place she is in, she wanted to make new friends. She asked the Master if he could ascend her so she could gain free reign to travel around and meet new people. Although he’s at first hesitant, he decided to allow her request as he wants to make her happy and after recommending her to the Court of Gods, her ascension has finally commenced.
  • She is excited to meet up with her good friend Paul Bunyan again and have took little trips to eat pancake together. She shares a really odd friendship with Gilles de Rais as he is a child serial killer, but Abigail seems to appreciate Gilles' kindness and allows herself to have a friendship with him.
  • Being a good friend of King David and the Queen of Sheba, she is excited at the prospect of meeting King Solomon. The creator of the magus system is happy to see how he thinks of her fond memories with his father and wife and how she thinks highly of him. Despite his desire to help Abigail’s situation, he couldn’t return to Chaldea and offer them his help in need, but Abigail stated that it’s okay and that she has all the help she needed and is happy where she is right now.
  • Due to being a vessel of a differently named Yog-Sothoth, all of the ascended Great Old Ones and Outer Gods became interested in possessing different humans to cause much more trouble for themselves. This greatly terrifies Abigail, as while she never understood the source of the problem as she is unaware of the power inside her, she knew that what they are planning to do is bad news.
  • Lovecraft himself would have been intrigued and even terrified of her due to being the destined vessel of one of his creations. However, if it wasn’t for the fact that she is a commoner and considering many of the antagonists in his works are people like them, his interest in her greatly diminished. This greatly offended the Master, who thinks that Lovecraft’s reason for doing so is extremely offensive and has told her to stay away from him.
  • As much as she loves tentacles, ZONE doesn’t want to create material that involves children and doesn’t want to create any artwork of Abigail to keep her safe. Abigail is greatly afraid of ZONE upon hearing about it and thinks that she is a weird adult.
  • Being the vessel of a powerful creature feared by many, Naruto and Gaara decided to see her to know about her control with the host. While Abigail understood there’s something wrong with her, she is unaware of the source of the power and thus, she couldn’t give the duo answers. That doesn’t stop them from becoming friends with her and are won by how adorable and kindhearted she can be. They also want to help her to have a complete control of her host, but since Abigail is unaware of the source of her powers and Outer Gods are out of their expertise, they couldn’t really help much.
  • Hearing that someone else was destined to become a vessel of a feared figure, Leah approached Abigail to see what was going on. The explanation she got from the Master of Chaldea caused her to pity the girl in front of her and how she couldn’t easily understand her power and because of that, she’s afraid of using it. She has made it her pride to take care of Abigail and give her the happiness that she truly deserved as she doesn’t want the Chaldean version to end up like the Singularity version. Abigail is happy that she made an another friend and wants to give her something for taking care of her.
  • Robin also pitied her for the same reasons that Leah did, and as such, he decided to study the vessel within her based on what he had been given from Chaldea so that she could have complete control of her host and not give in to his influence. This made Abigail proud, even if she couldn’t understand why he did it, but she appreciates his efforts of wanting to help her nonetheless.
  • She has a teddy bear named Hugo that is always by her side, she even used him to attack her enemies, and her Salem counterpart gave an another teddy bear named Migo to her dear friend, Lavinia Whateley. Thus, when she saw Annie Hastur attacking her enemies with her teddy bear, she did the same thing and asked if they could switch teddy bears. Though she was shocked by Abigail’s request, she immediately complied and Abigail corners her every time they see each other so that they could play with each other. Even after learning of the host within her body, that doesn’t stop Annie from befriending Abigail as she knew that she is nothing like him and the two have struck a close friendship.
  • Having encountered a lot of eldritch abominations in her lifetime, The Doctor wanted to help Abigail of her problem and having encountered Yog-Sothoth once, she was prepared for it. She is willing to help the Servant on how to control her host and tries to come up with all the answers for it. Both the Master of Chaldea and Abigail appreciate her help and allows her to continue her research, in hopes that Abigail won’t give in to the latter’s host’s control.
  • Having a connection with Yog-Sothoth through the Azure Grimoire, Ragna’s avatar encountered Abigail because of that. Knowing that she is nothing like her host due to being a vessel, he treated her nicely and doesn’t mind her company. Abigail is excited at gaining another friend and despite how he acts around her friends, she doesn’t mind it.
  • Being the living Silver Key and a vessel of a differently named Yog-Sothoth, Mugen Yogumura is surprised at her existence, but she also plays being scared of her since sealing her powers is a temporal solution but she also plays being Willfully Weak to balance it all out. In fact, she’s excited to see a living Silver Key in the Pantheon and is willing to become good friends with Abby to help her problem. Despite being creeped out by Mugen’s laughter, Abigail wants to become friends with her and being the one person who could possibly be the one to solve it, she was happy for it.
  • Upon hearing that she is the vessel of a Lovecraftian deity, the South Park kids (particularly those who have superhero identities) immediately became wary of her due to their experiences with Cthulhu and Shub-Niggurath. Even with the knowledge that Abigail is nothing like her host and is pretty much a compassionate girl who doesn’t want to do harm, they fear the day that she will be completely controlled by her host and causing destruction and even some of them told the Master of Chaldea to eased Abigail if it ever happened.
  • Being an organization that watched numerous strange, but dangerous entities, the SCP Foundation decided to watch her in the hopes she wouldn’t lose control and wreck havoc around the universe. The Master of Chaldea tried their best to tell them that it’s their job and that they could have the necessary skills to help her, but they don’t believe his words and have secretly installed security cameras for the Foreigner.
This is, me as the Witch of Salem. Please, don’t be afraid of me, Master.

Lesser Gods

    Bad Girl 

"You think you're bad, don't you?"

Bad Girl, Goddess of Sports-Themed Levels (The Second Assassin, Charlotte Birkin)
Bad Girl in the original No More Heroes.
Click to see her in No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again and No More Heroes III
  • Lesser Goddess, temporarily Quasideity in her dog form.
  • Symbol: Her signature baseball bat or crown.
  • Theme Song: Pleather for Breakfest, Travis Strikes Again Remix.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil in her assassin days, currently Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: BAT-Shit, As tough as any other assassin, Batter Up!, Brutal not Bright Minded, Partially Japanese, Badman's Badgirl, Can Fight While Intoxicated, Knows How Fucked Up She Is, beats people up in a pretty pink dress, The Alcoholic, "Homerun!".
  • Domains: Assassins, Violence, Baseball, Bats, Insanity.
  • Herald: Bad Man/Shigeki Birkin (Her father)
  • Allies: Negan, Tira, Hisoka, Chrollo Lucifer.
  • Rivals: Destroyman, Margaret Moonlight, Harley Quinn, Dokuro Mitsukai.
  • Enemies: Junpei Iori, Sophitia Alexandra, Gon and his companions, Batman, Mae Borowski.
  • Former Enemy: Travis Touchdown.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Joker, The Batter.
  • Opposes: Monokuma and the Mastermind.
  • Opposed by: Harley Quinn, Lisa Gunko, Ann Takamaki, The Scout.
  • Before joining the United Assassins Association, the woman that quickly became known as simply "Bad Girl" wasn't actually that bad at all. Between her upbringing with her dear father, the "lovely" sponsor who gave her a little shock treatment, and her eventual descent into madness was it any wonder how Charlotte Birkin turned into the Second Ranked Assassin in the world?
  • Compared to the likes of Travis, Henry, Kimmy, and even Destroyman her fighting style isn't all that special. Some kill with laserbeams; others rely upon guns or other forms of ranged firearms. Badgirl prefers brute force with her signature weapon, a little alcohol mixed in with fire however creates a more deadly tool at her disposal.
  • After dipping into leftover beer in her cooler and torturing cloned gimped slaves for mere batting practice, she encountered Travis who sought out her position in the rankings. He simply labeled her as a perverted manic when she pointed out they weren't all too different from one another. Then, she died until her father and Travis buried the hatchet to resurrect her albeit it's not like how she was before her demise. I mean how the fuck can someone be totally sane after being reborn as a GODDAMN dog?!. Well, the Badman still loves his little girl no matter what, even hoping they can play a game of flaming death ball one day like a real family of psychos. Anyway, the "No More Hero" and Charlotte just so happen to be on good terms with each other now and even look ready to kick alien ass together for some reason. With a brand new game to sell for Suda51 games, another murder-spree for the baddest bad girl you bitches have ever seen in the Pantheon will begin!
  • John didn't think much of his fellow ranked assassin even before meeting Travis, but he always wonders how she managed to outrank him in the pecking order. Asking for a moment of her time to allow him to "dress" up for the occasion as Destroyman, Charlotte instead pointed her bat right at his crotch area not falling for the shit Travis was nearly killed with long ago.
    "Sorry, but I've seen better and harder-looking parts than yours. BTW, so you can fucking hear it from a real woman please stop embarrassing virgin geeks with your shitty cosplay."
  • She gets along rather well around Negan considering the many similar quirks both psychopaths share with each other. Beyond using baseball bats as their main method of attack, the former head of the Saviors also went through a lot of shit before the apocalypse and has struggled with his personal ordeals much like Charlotte. The big "dick swinger" even offered her the rare chance to try out his "Lucille", even if Charlotte pointed out if a barbed-wire bat could actually get jealous at being held by another woman.
  • Junpei disliked the sadist just by the number of people she killed before ascending into the Pantheon, the worst kind of reason for such slaughter was boredom since unlike that SEES member she wasn't fortunate to be living in a "peaceful" world like his not dealing with such a problem.
  • Harley knew that Charlotte had quite a lot of trauma from her childhood being a former therapist herself, she knew how damaged a person could become and quickly lose yourself to the pleasure of pain. That being said Harley doesn't want a bad girl to end up worse by hooking up with her ex-pudding so the former criminal sidekick is watching over Charlotte much to her irritation. Batman, however, when learning about the girl from Harley simply believed she was another inmate for Arkham.
    • Speaking of the crown prince of cruelty, the Joker was quick to mock his former ditzy pale sidekick finding a very good possible new "Harley" to replace his old one. While she didn't mind the comedian finding humor in a fucked up world she declined the offer to become his new "Batgirl" partner. Not that she didn't consider going for a grand slam with the supervillain.
  • While Gon and his friends knew the life of hunters wouldn't be without blood being shed, the idea of someone who enjoyed killing people reminded them of creeps like Chrollo Lucifer and the rest of the Troupe. In particular, a former spider Hisoka was impressed by how easily Charlotte could end a person's life with a simple weapon like a bat. He even offered her some of his gum before wanting to try some practice with her, so he might consider a fight to the death with this woman.
    • Naturally, the attention of Chrollo was brought to the reborn assassin finding her need to kill for no real goal or purpose a strong consideration for joining his infamous criminal gang. She said that he sounded fucking nuts for even suggesting that, but she didn't give him a real answer leaving the door open.
  • Junko was actually perplexed by Bad Girl, people like her would normally be onboard with dooming the world with people like Ultimate Despair, and yet, the idea of destroying everything sounded kinda boring to the former UAA member. It could be that Charlotte 'still' believes that was beauty in the life she lived or maybe she wasn't cool with being under Junko's thumb along with that dumb mascot polar bear.
    • Despite not willing to harm Bad Girl physically, the Scout named Jeremy wasn't thrilled to learn about her bloody past involving murdering gimps and others just to find some form of satisfaction in her life.
  • Both Lisa and Ann knew that some in Japan couldn't stand the fact that they each weren't pure-blooded Japanese having American heritage in themselves, but they both refused to let that shame who they were to themselves or their friends. Charlotte never really got in touch with her father's Japanese background, and in a rare moment of humanity asked both Persona-users what being in that country was like. While they were repulsed by the fact she was once an infamous killer, such a life COULD have been avoided if she wasn't brought up that way and the girls felt some pity for Badgirl hoping that one day she could embrace a more peaceful life in perhaps Tokyo or Sumaru City.
  • When confronted by some members of the GUAE into joining their group her mind wasn't sure how to proceed, a helpful voice came when "Jolly" Tira gave some suggestions about how to proceed. Since they were both former assassins raised into being ruthless killers an answer was quite simple; why not find new gods to "play" with within the Pantheon?Before the blonde batter could respond "Gloomy" chimed in offering another idea to kill off Tira's enemies and bathe in their blood. Charlotte wasn't sure how to respond to such a two-sided mindset, yet she herself didn't mind fighting alongside such a bird of a feather-like very much akin to her own self.
  • Has an utter distaste for evil aliens since one of this is the reason her father, Bad Man, was killed. She ended up stuck in her temple for weeks, weakly muttering "Daddy"... over and over again. It took a bit of condolence from Travis, and some time beating the shit out of people with her bat before she got her shit back together.
  • "Pop quiz: why am I such an angry bitch? Seriously, no matter how many I kill, it's all the same. They're all going to pay! Yeah! With their fuckin' lives!"

    Lum Invader 
Lum Invader, Goddess of Closet Dwellers
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A yellow and black bikini
  • Theme Song: Lum no Love Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girlfriend, Breakout Character, Clingy Jealous Girl, The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter, Spotlight-Stealing Squad, Shock and Awe, Self-Proclaimed Love Interest, Ms. Fanservice, Dude Magnet, Genki Girl
  • Domains: Lightning, Good, Chaos, Nobility
  • Herald: Ataru Moroboshi
  • Allies: Belldandy, Harry Potter, Thor, Miia, Doraemon, Ranma Saotome, Kagome Higurashi, Selina Kyle, Starfire, Jeannie
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Graduating from the school of Magical Girlfriends, the bikini clad alien princess was ready to take the Pantheon by storm, dragging her boyfriend Ataru along for the ride. The reason that Belldandy decided to ascend her was due to her status as a parody for her followers (albeit an iconic one at that). While there was no spot for parodies, she did find an opening for the way Lum live: in a closet.
    • While her temple is much larger, Lum's living quarters consists of a closet of similar size. When asked why she hasn't moved out, she has learned to enjoy the close quarters of her room.
  • The Pantheon's attitude towards Ataru Moroboshi has been mixed. This is mainly due to the fact that he indeed a pervert who openly tries to hook up with girls... only for Lum to zap him for his betrayal. Whether he gets sympathy for being tether with a woman he never wanted to marry in the first place or scorn for not bothering to break up with her is a heated debate in the House of Love.
  • Few other people are as well known closet dwellers as Harry Potter. Unlike Lum, he doesn't have many fond memories of that dank place. He was even surprised at the number of people who not only live there, but choose to do so. With that said, Harry has no ill will of Lum except that she should try to get things straightened out with Ataru.
  • Rukia has also spent much of her life in a closet, renovating it into a decent room.
  • Her main influence is her iconic tiger striped bikinis. Many other deities have already worn them in respect to her. The oni lay claim to the style first, but most people give credit to Lum for popularizing the look.
  • Was greeted by Thor, God of Thunder. Lum is also known to generate an electrical charge, and Thor wanted to see the fair maiden in action. He quickly got his chance; and attempt by Ataru get Lum to date Thor ended with him getting zapped once more.
  • The more she hung out with Miia of the Monster Girls Club, the more she saw herself. Both are terrible at cooking and are overly protective of their beau. When Miia started to call Lum '"Darling Darling", the later saw it as an honor.
  • When records showed just how dangerous Lum's cooking was, she was subsequently banned from cooking in the House of Food. A few foodie daredevils have tried to get her to give them a taste, but they were stopped by the police. None of them want to deal with the fallout.
  • One of the most famous manga characters in the world, a visit from Doraemon delighted her to no end. The Robot Buddy asked for some advice on how to redecorate his own closet home.
  • After yet another disastrous attempt to capture Pikachu, Team Rocket thought they had the perfect machine to drain electricity. This time around, they wanted to test it on a newcomer. Lum was the target, and they were initially successful. But when she found out that her boyfriend got hurt in the battle, she proceeded to break out in a matter of seconds. The machine exploded and Team Rocket blasted off once more.
  • Ranma could help but pay Lum a visit and not just because they have the same creator. Lum has a lot in common with Shampoo, his fiancée. He also spends a lot of time with Ataru. He has experience with dealing with overly protective girlfriends. It appears that he is trying to help the herald on how to handle Lum. Ranma has also informed him to mingle with Kagome Higurashi at your own peril. There are hundreds on deities on the waiting list, not to mention that Lum would zap him into oblivion is she sees the two together.
  • Has been working on ascending Inuyasha. The demon has his own girlfriend problems and was wary of asking help from her given his own relationship issues. But he noticed that Lum has a kindred soul when stripped of her jealousy.
  • Lum was visited by Catwoman who in this case wanted to chat. Lum initially came to Earth an an actual invader before she decided to stay on the planet. While she wasn't a follower of Selina, she does show sympathy with the thief's attempts to dating Batman. Selina decided to take her out on a girl's night out. It was a fun outing, with heads turning over at the sight of two beautiful women locking hands.
  • There is one deity who took interest in breaking them up. Ato-ko Shirogane came to Ataru, claiming she can break them up. This would mean he would lose his herald status, but she said he was never committed into the relationship in the first place. Ataru thought about it, than rejected the proposal. He wanted to dictate the terms, not any outside force. That hasn't stopped Ato-ko from launching a campaign to break them up, setting him up with various women. Unfortunately for her, Lum always forgives him.

    Spring Man 
Spring Man, God of Springboard-Filled Levels (DWN-053, Out-Of-Ideas Man)


    Captain Olimar & Pikmin 
Captain Olimar & Pikmin, Divine Explorers of Worlds Larger than They are (Veteran Astronaut)
Olimar with some Pikmin
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A white flower
  • Theme Music: Main Theme - Pikmin (Remix); Stage Clear/Title Theme - Pikmin; Stage Select - Pikmin 2; Ai no Uta
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Size, Nature
  • Heralds: Louie, The Hocotate Freight President, Hocotate Ship, The Koppai Triomembers 
  • Allies: David Attenborough, Tethu, Tethi, & Esna, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Tabuu, Murkrow flock, The Scorpion & The Tarantula, Cyth V’sug, Mordremoth, Fatalis
  • Good Counterpart to: The Overlords
  • Captain Olimar of the planet Hocotate was going on vacation when a meteorite collided with his ship and sent him crashing into an unknown planet. With only 30 days to find the missing ship parts before succumbing to the planet’s atmosphere, he found help in the form of Pikmin, tiny plant creatures about as tall as he is that followed his orders and together, they navigated a planet filled with creatures and items larger than they were in order to repair his ship. The Pikmin themselves come in a variety of colors: red for dealing with fire, yellow ones can be thrown higher and are immune to electricity, blue can wade through water without trouble, purple Pikmin are stronger than the other ones, and white Pikmin can resist poison and can dig up buried treasures. Olimar would later return to that same planet, this time to try and get his company out of debt (now with a different ship after selling off his old one) and had to return there again after Louie, his partner, went missing. The Pikmin (which would also include Rock Pikmin and Winged Pikmin) would later help a trio of different astronauts from Koppai collect food to save their planet from a famine, later reuniting with Olimar and the latter giving these astronauts a cosmic drive key needed to return home after they freed him from a life form known as the Plasma Wraith.
  • As Olimar continued to scour PNF-404 to search for additional items needed to pay off another debt incurred by his company, he managed to come across an elaborate model that seemed to be based on the solar system while finishing an exploration through an underground labyrinth. When he and his Pikmin turned in the item to the Hocotate Ship, it identified it as an “Undiscovered Universe” and that not only could there may be many more worlds beyond PNF-404, Hocotate, and Koppai, but that this “universe” might be connected to those places and much more. With the company’s debt paid off once more, Olimar and the Pikmin took off to the night skies, with Olimar deciding to visit whatever that universe was the following day. The Pikmin ended up following him and thanks to some coordinates as provided by the Hocotate Ship, he managed to find the centerpiece planet of that universe and he ultimately ended up in the universe where the Trope Pantheon resided.
  • While the planet the Pantheon is in has some similarities to PNF-404 in some parts, it’s very different from the planet that Olimar has often explored in the past. While it has very serene backdrops and views of nature in some places, other parts of the Pantheon are much more industrialized or in a state of ruin no matter how much effort is put in trying to recover them to their former glory. Of course, Olimar and the Pikmin are very tiny creatures in comparison to the majority of the other Pantheonic denizens, meaning that what most can do normally in that setting, Olimar and his army will have to come up with something different to navigate it and collect any items of interest. Olimar also doesn’t really stay on the Pantheon planet all day due to oxygen being toxic to him, so he often has to leave the planet at times to go back home, recuperate, and keep track of his observations of the Pantheon planet before heading back there to resume his expeditions of wherever he’s at.
  • Thanks to his time spent on PNF-404, Olimar has plenty of experience in cataloging strange creatures from other planets to understand how they function. The Pantheon itself contains a wide variety of life forms, some even stranger than what he and his Pikmin were used to. Olimar learned of David Attenborough, a man who has documented nature and narrated about it for others to listen to and after seeing some of Attenborough’s work, Olimar wanted to meet up with him. Attenborough found Olimar and his Pikmin to be very strange creatures unlike what he has documented prior, but was very interested in what Olimar has observed in PNF-404 after going through some of Olimar’s notes. The idea of a docuseries about PNF-404 and how different it is from the normal planet Earth has been considered as a project for Attenborough to tackle in the Pantheon.
  • The Murkrow flock has proven to be a recurring nuisance for Olimar’s journeys throughout the Pantheon thanks to those birds’ tendencies to steal anything they find interesting. Whenever Olimar and his Pikmin are trying to carry something back to their ship, some Murkrows would swoop in and attempt to steal that item for themselves, prompting Olimar to attack the crows with his Pikmin. Sometimes, the Murkrows get defeated and have to retreat, but other times (especially whenever the alpha Murkrow gets involved), Olimar and his Pikmin are the ones that get driven out and in some of those cases, some Pikmin aren’t going to survive those battles.
  • While many other deities don’t consider the Scorpion and Tarantula to be that significant, for Olimar and his Pikmin, those two creatures are very dangerous to deal with given how they’re as much of a threat as the wildlife on PNF-404. Unlike a regular scorpion or tarantula, those two have survived enough dangers that they can handle plenty of Pikmin and not go down that easily. Olimar himself has wondered if that Scorpion and Tarantula are inherently dangerous to begin with or if there was something else that made the Scorpion and Tarantula the way they are.
  • Not only did Olimar encounter some odd fauna on PNF-404, but he encountered plenty of unusual plants there as well. The Pantheon happened to have some of these plants from that planet and then some. Olimar was traversing a deep forest within the Pantheon to add to his findings and encountered some horrifying noises from afar. The noises ended up coming from Cyth V’sug and Mordremoth, monstrous creatures with dangerous powers that can easily stop anyone careless in their paths. A highly toxic smell, one far more fatal than what Olimar was used to, pervaded the air, which was then followed by some hostile plant creatures targeting Olimar and his Pikmin, prompting the little astronaut and his crew to retreat. Olimar was well-aware of how dangerous certain creatures are, and him being aware of those giant plant monsters made him realize the extent of just how volatile things can get outside of PNF-404.
  • A very dangerous endeavor for Olimar happened while he was traversing across a barren wasteland, with the only things present were a bunch of corpses heavily torn apart by something malevolent. A dark creature was flying through the skies and then landed on the ground harshly, followed by a piercing roar that sent Olimar and his Pikmin flying into a wall. His helmet was cracked, but not completely destroyed, and Olimar saw a frightening dragon prepare to annihilate the little astronaut and the Pikmin before a group of hunters came in and fought the dragon, forcing it to retreat after sustaining some damage. Some time later, Olimar (his helmet fully fixed for reasons unexplained) and his Pikmin found themselves in a settlement filled with hunters similar to the ones he encountered, but what got his attention was a bunch of notes that documented the many creatures those Monster Hunters have encountered, including the Fatalis from earlier. Looking through them, Olimar was in awe of how varied those creatures were, but at the same time frightened that there was a creature like the Fatalis with a homicidal disregard for others.
  • Olimar and his Pikmin were involved with the Smash tournaments (with Alph, one of the Koppai astronauts, showing up later), gaining them access to a multitude of different worlds as they fought against other participants. On his own, Olimar can’t really do anything against his opponents, so he relies on his Pikmin to do the fighting for them. Both Olimar and his Pikmin are a very slightly bigger than normal during these instances, but size in the Smash tournaments has never really been a consistent thing. While he has encountered a number of unnatural life forms on PNF-404, some of these Smash tournaments brought him face-to-face with even more alien and stronger entities, including Tabuu, the mastermind of Subspace, and dueling abominations Galeem and Dharkon. Of particular note, Olimar was captured by Galeem during the latter’s initial onslaught, but later joined the other Smash participants in taking Galeem and Dharkon down. Along the way, Olimar learned that some of his friends and the wildlife that he encountered on PNF-404 were captured by Galeem and that some of them were later taken over by Dharkon, giving him plenty of reasons to be on high alert of the abominations.
  • Given his job as an employee of Hocotate Freight and having gotten that company out of debt before, Olimar has often gone around looking for random items to collect and make money off of them. He’s apparently able to find some, but not much, monetary value out of dead animal bodies, though it isn’t clear how money can be made out of these things unless they’re apparently repurposed to something else such as strange food. While exploring an underground cavern, Olimar came across Scrooge Mcduck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who were on an expedition to look for some valuable treasure at the bottom of it. Mcduck found it weird that someone as diminutive as Olimar would work for a freight company, but was willing to work with him after the triplets were impressed with how Olimar was able to use his Pikmin to defeat a creature. Once the group got to the bottom of the cavern, they came across a giant mechanical mantis with an assortment of long-range weapons. With the help of Mcduck and the triplets, Olimar was able to defeat the mantis, dismantling its weapons and uncovering an experimental microchip that was responsible for the mantis moving on its own. The chip ended up being highly valuable and Mcduck and the triplets certainly found Olimar and his expertise with the Pikmin very useful in finding treasure. Olimar noted that Mcduck was a bit like the Hocotate Freight President in that he can be greedy, but is friendly otherwise. This also meant that Olimar had to be careful of far more ruthless businessmen in the Pantheon such as Mcduck’s rival Flintheart Glomgold since they’re very likely to try and take the treasures that Olimar finds for themselves and make money off of it.
  • One of Olimar’s journeys resulted in him and his Pikmin coming across an oasis and ended up meeting the overseers of that Oasis. Upon seeing the Pikmin, Tethu and Tethi (both of whom are based on seedlings) believed that those flower creatures following Olimar were similar to their own kind, though Olimar stated that the Pikmin are born from very unusual circumstances. Even so, Olimar and his Pikmin are more than welcome to visit the oasis at any time, with the spaceman noticing just how lush the place is and that it makes for a good resting spot.
  • Despite commanding a high number of Pikmin and very likely leading them to their deaths, it’s clear that Olimar cares about them and worries greatly whenever any of them die, even if he’s able to replace the dead Pikmin easily via bringing pellets or dead animal bodies into the Pikmin Onions. One of his expeditions around the Pantheon led him to being a witness to a group of armor-clad tyrants running around throwing their mooks at anyone who got in their way. What Olimar observed was a group of leaders who had a callous disregard for the well-being of their troops in order to gain more power for themselves as opposed to Olimar being more humble about his actions. Olimar also noticed the setting those Overlords were in happened to be bleak and that depending on their mood, it could be even worse than what it was like when he initially saw it.

    Parvana Alizai 
Parvana Alizai, Goddess of Misogynistic Societies (Parwana, Aatish, Kaseem)
Click here to see Parvana as Aatish. 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Three flowers symbolizing the mirror, fishing net and words needed to defeat the Elephant King
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lives in a setting oppressive to women, has to disguise herself as a boy to provide for her family, father was arrested by the Taliban, goes through one dreadful event after another, not to mention wartime horrors
  • Domains: Women, Crossdressing, Disguise
  • Herald: Shauzia
  • Allies: Fa Mulan, Lady Oscar, Sarasa, Offred, Arya Stark, Seita and Setsuko, Suzu Houjou
  • Complicated Relations: Lady Eboshi
  • Fears: The Brave Companions, Gregor Clegane
  • Parvana Alizai is an Afghan girl who lived through the Taliban regime that took over her country in 1996. Her father was a teacher and mother a writer, but they found themselves stripped of their jobs, and their family reduced to poverty, due to the Taliban's strict interpretation of sharia law. The Taliban are particularly harsh on women, banning them from having jobs, an education, or even stepping out of their homes without a man escorting them. Parvana's father made do by writing letters for the largely illiterate Afghan population in exchange for money, but one day he offended a Taliban member, who had him arrested. Parvana's family was reduced to her, her mother, older sister and a little brother too young to work, so Parvana cut her hair and donned male clothes, effectively passing for a boy so the family could have a breadwinner. She made friends with Shauzia, a girl in a similar situation as her, and a mild Taliban member named Razaq, who she read letters for. With his help, she finally managed to get her father out of jail, although war was brewing and she had lost track of the rest of her family.
    • Parvana went through some other trials afterwards; through the course of several years, she went in and out of refugee camps in dreadful conditions, constantly dodged bombings, lost her father, mother and younger brother and at one point was imprisoned by the American army under suspicion of terrorism. There were also some bright spots, as she made some good friends along the way. Her family also managed to run a school for girls for a time, until it was bombed. In the meantime, Shauzia had been having her own adventures and wound up working for the government to save girls whose rights were being violated. Parvana and Shauzia had previously made a promise to meet in France, away from their dismal homeland, but ultimately decided to stay a little longer so they could rescue more girls from the Taliban and other evil men.
  • Mulan, arguably the most famous Sweet Polly Oliver, heard about Parvana's own stint at it and was so impressed with her bravery and wit in surviving in such a harsh land that she personally ventured into her world to invite her to the Pantheon. It was all rather strange to Parvana, but she thought Mulan seemed trustworthy and gave her a chance. After looking at the Pantheon and learning about it for some time, Parvana and Mulan got into a conversation about the Pantheon's policy of non-interference in the various worlds, with Parvana wondering how come there were so many deities who claimed to uphold good and justice and yet not a single one ever came to her world to punish the Taliban for their blatantly unfair rules. Mulan explained that would also mean the evil deities would get carte blanche to wreak all sorts of havoc in Afghanistan, which doesn't need more of that. Parvana sadly agreed. Mulan then told her she had a chance to become a deity in her own right, and assured her she could still accomplish things in her own world even with deification. Parvana was glad of that and figured becoming a deity would do more good than harm, as there was the possibility of learning new things that would help the victims of the Taliban back home.
    • Parvana often returns to her world to continue the fight against the Taliban. The only one she has let in on her secret is Shauzia, figuring she deserves it because of their adventures together and similar situations. Shauzia was perhaps understandably miffed about not being picked as well since she did many of the same things as Parvana and didn't speak to her for a while, but they made peace eventually and now may be seen together on the Pantheon on occasion.
  • Mulan has offered to teach Parvana and Shauzia martial arts so they can better defend themselves in their perilous world, which the two girls eagerly accepted, having never had such an opportunity back home (girls can't learn much at all under the Taliban). After some time at it, Parvana had to admit to herself, with some jealousy, that Shauzia might be the one better suited to such things, although Mulan has assured her she's doing fine too. Outside of that, they also exchange impressions on their experiences as women in the middle of war, with Parvana and Shauzia always feeling amazed at how Mulan actually distinguished herself in that area despite her gender. Though Parvana still feels it would be better if there were no wars at all; she's all too aware of how they make everybody so miserable in every conceivable way.
  • Parvana often finds herself comparing Mulan to Malali, a quasi-mythical figure in her country; Malali was a woman who roused the exhausted Afghan soldiers into giving their all in repelling British invaders in the 19th century. Parvana soon found other women who could be said to have the same amount of valor as Malali, one of them being Lady Oscar, who like Parvana donned men's clothes to navigate a man's world, though she could afford to be open about her gender. It was with a sense of profound admiration that Parvana read the account of how Oscar lead the charge against the Bastille, therefore taking a step towards making her country a freer, fairer one. Parvana hopes she can become the kind of woman that leads Afghanistan to a better tomorrow (though she would rather not die doing so as Oscar did). Oscar herself has acknowledged the young girl and her struggles, lamenting that even centuries after her time, there are still those who would throw society into the Dark Ages. She thinks Parvana might have what it takes to change that.
  • Another Malali-like figure is Sarasa, who lead a resistance movement against a despotic government in Japan far into the future. Being closer to her age makes rather less intimidating for Parvana to approach than the older Lady Oscar, and she came to learn from Sarasa that it was her twin brother who was supposed to be a rebel leader according to a prophecy, but he was sadly murdered in an attempt to avert it, leading to her taking his mantle. Parvana admitted she too had an older brother who died many years before, a victim of a concealed bomb, and she sometimes thought of him to draw strength from his memory, even "casting" him as the hero in the Elephant King fairytale. With that in mind, and given Parvana's country is still very much in the middle of strife with no end in sight, Sarasa has sworn to support her in whatever way she can. For now, Parvana tries to analyze what made Sarasa such an effective leader.
  • Parvana has heard some deities grumbling none-too-subtly about the existence of a place called Gilead and how her title should have gone to someone from there. Parvana read up on the place and agreed that it is indeed a horrible place for women, but she's not all that sure that she would go so far as calling it worse than anywhere ruled by the Taliban, and she certainly doesn't think she is unworthy of her title. She also discovered there was in fact a woman from Gilead, Offred, who's interesting to Parvana for actually having a firsthand account of what it's like to live in that awful place. Parvana and Offred have a strong affinity for each other due to their similar situations, and consequently Offred respects Parvana enough to tell her the most sordid details of Gilead life despite her young age. Offred thinks the Pantheon would find it difficult to find a better candidate for No Woman's Land than Parvana.
  • Westeros is another brutal country beset by years-long conflicts and pretty notorious regarding its treatment of women, as Parvana came to learn from Arya Stark, who became her friend. Arya had her own stint pretending to be a boy while trying to cross Westeros to get back home; the pretense made her marginally safer and less likely to get raped, a crime endemic in that land. Arya ultimately managed to get her independence, albeit in the margins of society, as an assassin. This was disturbing for Parvana to hear, though she thinks Arya seems like a good person in the end. Arya did warn her about some very vicious characters from her world that made it into the Pantheon, namely the Brave Companions and Gregor Clegane, who are gratuitous and unparalleled in their cruelty and wouldn't hesitate to do all sorts of unspeakable things to someone like Parvana. Hearing some of their crimes in more detail, Parvana can't help but think that not even the Taliban are so inhuman, and she makes sure to be extra cautious whenever she goes outside her temple.
  • Parvana once happened to find a lost little girl around her temple. Not an unusual occurrence in war-torn Afghanistan, Parvana had a mind to take her in, but shortly her older brother showed up, apologizing for the trouble the two caused. Since he was a boy, Parvana covered her face on instinct, confusing him as to what she was doing, which reminded Parvana the Pantheon was not like Afghanistan. As she invited the two to have tea and nan, she explained her circumstances, to which the boy, who was Seita Yokokawa, revealed he and his sister Setsuko lost their parents to war and had to live alone in deprivation, so he understood a bit of what Parvana was talking about. At length Parvana understood these two weren't as lucky as her; they didn't get out of the war alive as they succumbed to hunger. Although Seita said at least his sister and he were much happier and safer in the Pantheon. He invited Parvana to come around to his temple sometime, he's sure Setsuko would like a girl to play with. Parvana thinks she definitely will.
  • She has also gotten the attention of Suzu Houjou, a woman who struggled to survive WWII back home, from rationing food to losing her right hand in an explosion. Given Parvana's young age, Suzu seems to have taken it upon herself to look after her, checking in regularly to make sure Parvana is doing alright in the Pantheon. This is mildly annoying to Parvana, who is proud of having survived many difficult situations without an adult around for the longest time. In some ways, Suzu reminds her of her mother, albeit less bossy. Either way, she can plainly see Suzu has more than enough reason to complain about her lot, but instead she remains positive, which is something Parvana can respect.
  • She was curious about the settlement of Iron Town, founded by a woman who also propped up many disenfranchised women and gave them equal rights to men. The woman in question, Lady Eboshi, was happy to receive her, especially after learning about Parvana's own circumstances. As Eboshi gave Parvana a tour of the settlement, it all seemed agreeable to Parvana, but she became alarmed when Eboshi explained her goals of destroying forests to create mining land so the settlement can prosper, a goal which entails going to war against forest spirits and other deities who wish to preserve nature. Parvana ultimately came away with mixed feelings, respecting Eboshi as someone who wants to do well by women and anyone who plays by Iron Town's laws, but she can't get behind waging war and committing deforestation (her own country is very bare and hard to grow things on). Eboshi thinks Parvana might be still too young to understand what it takes to achieve what she's trying to do, but still likes the girl enough to help her if she ever finds herself in need of it.