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Despite the subject matter, the House of Methods of Killing is probably the sanest and least obscene part of the larger House of Slaughter. Accessed through a butcher's shop, there's a large collection of different blades, hammers and other weapons. Killing methods are tested on large slabs of meat kindly provided by the House of Food, and it has a cold, sterile interior. Though that doesn't stop some of the gods there from being brutally violent.

Directly connected to the House of Murder and Assassination for obvious reasons. Those with a weak constitution should steer clear, this is still part of the House of Slaughter after all. Gallows Humor is common here.

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"I have been expecting you."
Kronika, Holy Titaness of Repeatedly Killing And Reviving Fallen Foes (The Keeper of Time, The Guide to the Realms' Destinies, Architect of the Destiny of the Universe, The God of Gods)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Her Hourglass and Crown
  • Boss Leitmotif: Kronika's Hourglass
  • Alignment: Claims to be Lawful Neutral but is Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The First Female Big Bad of the Series Who Actually Achieved Her Goal of Resetting the Timeline, Bald of Evil, Been There, Shaped History, Benevolent Boss, Dark Action Girl, Gold and White Are Divine, It's All About Me, It Runs in the Family, Lack of Empathy, Light Is Not Good, Mad Goddess, Manipulative Bastard, No Nonsense Villainess, Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist, Order Is Not Good, Smug Super, Time Master
  • Domains: Godhood, Family, History, Time, The New Era
  • Followers: The Sisters of Fate
  • Special Relationships: Shinnok (her son), Cetrion (her daughter)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Caius Ballad
  • Rivals: YHVH, Mithra (Shinza Bansho)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The Pantheonic Time Police, including Sailor Pluto, The Doctor, Future Trunks, Lightning
  • Distaff Counterpart to: Chronos
  • Evil Counterpart to: Chronoa
  • Banned from Entering: The Great Treasury
  • Meet Kronika, the Keeper of Time, and the mother of Fallen Elder God Shinnok and the Elder Goddess Cetrion. She is is the entity in charge of overseeing the timelines. After Raiden managed to prevent Armageddon and later decapitating Shinnok, Kronika decided to take a more direct approach and merge the timelines to create a new one, where the thunder god no longer exists and her children dictate the balance of Good and Evil. 
  • She ascended after she got defeated by Liu Kang, not before she restarted the timeline. Her ascension heralded a new change for the deities of her universe, one because her manipulation of time and restarting of the timelines affected the deities and indirectly caused Raiden and Liu Kang to reconcile and right the wrongs they once commited. After hearing of this, she decided to take matters into her own hand and enter the pantheon on her own.
  • Following the Afermath of her defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, the kombatants she imprisoned in the void were released and among them was Shang Tsung, the one who designed her crown. After a long plan to retake the crown before Cetrion retrieved her and the resurrection of Queen Sindel, the final battle against Kronika ended differently, with the forces of Earthrrealm crushed by the sudden betrayal of Outworld led by both Shao Kahn and Sindel and the Sorcerer in turn backstabbing them in return after donning the crown. This time Kronika perished at the hands of Shang Tsung and her alliance with Shao Kahn and his side of Outworld was strained as a result. She only wishes to destroy the Sorcerer, a sentiment that both her and Shao Kahn share, but the arrogance on either side prevents both parties to agree on a truce against Shang Tsung.
  • With Kronika's ascension, her keep also serves as a temple. Thankfully, one does not have to cross the Sea of Blood in order to reach it. Inside the keep, is the Sands of Time, inside a massive hourglass. With the ability to control time at one's fingertips along with instant immortality, it is a tempting target for anyone wanting to change their destiny.
  • Kronika also has a rather bad habit of erasing and rebuilding the timeline as she sees fit. Whenever a timeline does not meet her standards, she destroys it and starts anew. After having met several members of GUAL, she decided that an universe without free will would definitely be the one that indeed meets her expectations. Her and YHVH have a form of back and forth and the fact that her versions of the universe she seeks has Shinnok as one of it's pillars is something that YHVH can't quite understand why would she support and that puts the two at odds with the other.
    • In a similar case, she and Mithra have a lot in common and her law and morality does certainly mirror Kronika's goals, with the difference Mithra's are a lot more Black and White. It helps that both parties are interested in the Hourglass and the Throne respectively and have made attempts to negotiate a partnership but the best either can achieve is a Friendly Rivalry.
  • Some say that Kronika is a Primordial, while others say she is a Titan. Either way, she is high up on the pecking order of gods, being above even the Elder Gods that oversee the realms. Two of her children are also Elder Gods; the goddess Cetrion and the fallen Elder God whom Raiden decapitated.
    • And if you are wondering, what is exactly a Titan? The role of them in her universe are vastly different. Kronika herself resembles the Greek Titans and Primordials like Gaea or Cronus while others have stated that there are much ancient titans resembleing alien gods or Eldritch Abominations. She's been often compared to Chronos, the Primordial of time and also known as the Keeper of Time, akin to a Spear Counterpart of her.
  • As for Shinnok, he was shocked to discover Kronika waiting for him inside his temple. Shinnok received her with all the honors of her station. Yes, even a genocidal Elder God such as Shinnok can have a soft spot for dear old Mom. Some wonder why she never even bothered to fix her son once he was decapitated, given that was the catalyst that made her decide to restart the timeline and both her children are instrumental to enacting her grand plan, but Shinnok believes she had her own reasons for holding off on his return at the time.
  • As usual, Zamasu was quick to tear apart Kronika's motivations and deem them below him, denouncing the Keeper of Time as another incompetent deity. But unlike others who would get on the Kai's bad side, she approached him with an offer that would realize Zamasu's world. Kronika promised that if he would aid her, he would become a third wheel in the New Era, where his law and justice are absolute and a force of it's own, where mortal cannot taint it with their foulness. In an uncharacteristic display of pragmatism, the Kai would accept Kronika's conditions, that way she could probably help him fend off the higher powers that have been wanting to take Zamasu down.
  • Kronika's ascension has gained the attention of the deities in the House of Time and Temporality, especially Setsuna Meioh. Even more so when Kronika's ascension meant that Setsuna's visions of Crystal Tokyo are now in jeporady.
    • Aside from Setsuna, the Pantheonic Time Police has been alerted and warned by Raiden of Kronika's actions regarding the timeline. Now, they watch Kronika's every move, planning on coming down on her hard if she steps out of line. Other than Setsuna, Trunks and Chronoa have been the ones that were the most bothered by Kronika's actions, not helping she allied herself with Zamasu. In turn, Kronika thinks Chronoa is a lame excuse of a timekeeper and that Trunks' defiance reminds her of Liu Kang.
    • Speaking of the House of Time and Temporality, Kronika's antics had gotten some unwanted attention in the form of The Dahaka. If there is one thing that pisses of The Dahaka, is when someone screws with the flow of time and it doesn't help that this was done by someone who knows full well how changing time can mess with the flow of things. Not only that, but the fact that this isn't the first she has messed with the timelines made her a prime target for the Dahaka, even if Kronika outranks him in power.
  • Kronika's goals is to have both Shinnok and Cetrion fight it out with their respective armies, thus in her mind, keeping the balance between the realms (or as Albert Wesker had infamously put it as "separating the chaff from the wheat."). This is also why she is so interested in Galeem and Dharkon, two beings of order and chaos who have kept waging war against each other, that is what a balanced universe would be to Kronika. She relates towards Galeem a bit than to his darker counterpart, mostly because his perfect world and goals lean closer to what Kronika has been trying to achieve and so he swayed the angelic being to her side with the posibility of freeing him from his temple. She did the same with Dharkon, by promising a world consumed by darkness and appointed Noob Saibot to Dharkon as proof of what she implied.
  • Kronika once attempted to reset the timelines of both the Marvel and DC Universes. Only with a joint intervention from the One Above All and The Presence stopped her from doing so. Last thing Kronika needs is to invoke the ire from the Main House.
    • Ironically enough, her successful attempt in resetting the timeline has earned her an admirer in Thanos. Her genocidal tendencies not only gave him a run for his money, but also made Kronika a rival to his Lady Death.
  • Kronika made enemies with Kitty Pryde due in part to Kitty being the current owner of The Black Vortex. Think about it for a second: a Titan who is a Time Master getting her hands on a relic that can instantly make a person into a cosmic being? One that could potentially threaten the entire Pantheon? It's one of the main reasons why Kronika is banned from entering the Treasury. Not to say that Cetrion or Geras can try once Kronika clears their ascension...
  • Even if she ultimately uses her children to further her own goals, she does still care for them. Having caught wind of what happened to Shinnok after he failed to acquire a device he was looking for thanks to being foiled by intervention of Rachel Alucard, Kronika made her goal to take revenge on those that wronged Shinnok. First by sending Geras after the Occult Research Club (Details suggest that, even if he was defeated, he did leave a strong impression on the group after he seriously injured a couple of the members) and personally introducing herself to Rachel. While at first unfazed, Kronika was definitely someone to not be messed with and so Rachel sought Raiden to tell him what happened.
  • The Vex are a race that both intrigue and disgust her. By nature, the can exist outside time, meaning some of her time manipulation doesn't work on them but their desire to rule over existence goes against the balance she wants to achieve. That and they barely care for anything that she can offer them, so instead of swaying them to her side she tried to get Frost, Sektor and the rest of the Tekunin to defeat them and bring some of their tech to her to see what can they use. Needless to say, the Vex were not thrilled after the Tekunin attempted to rob them.
  • While most of the primordials and titans are either antagonistic or indifferent towards them, she and Nox are actually on friendly terms. This stems mostly from both being the Truly Single Parent of gods, with their respective children having some similarities. However, Nox cares little for Kronika's goals and would rather not get involved, but outside of that she is not at all bothered by her.
  • Kronika even became a target for several people outside of her own universe thanks to her machinations or even the actions of her lackeys. For starters, Al Simmons, better known as Spawn, decided to personally put an end to her and he swiftly took care of the Titan even if she put more than a fight than he thought. She then was imprisoned with another of Spawn's nemesis, Malebolgia and the two shared a lifetime of torment until they were liberated by some of their respective followers in the Pantheon. While this only happened in one of the many possible timelines, Kronika has a vivid memory of the event and even proposed a formal alliance with Malebolgia to set the record straight with the hellspawn that wronged her.
  • "Your life, your name. They will be wiped from history! Come. It is time... to die!"

Intermediate Gods

    Brock Samson 
Brock Samson, The Mook Slaying God (The Walking Swedish Murder Machine, Super Kill-Guy, Franken-Mullet, Murderist Extraordinaire)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Bowie knife
  • Theme Songs: No Vacancy, Assclamp!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, barely
  • Portfolios: Terror Hero, Amazon Chaser, The Big Guy, Blood Knight, Disproportionate Retribution, Doesn't Like Guns, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, Hypercompetent Sidekick to Venture, Improbable Weapon User, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Papa Wolf to Venture Bros., One-Man Army, Testosterone Poisoning
  • Domains: War, Destruction, Protection, Good
  • Heralds: the Venture Family (Rusty, Hank and Dean)
  • Allies: Kratos, Oberyn Martell, Ash Williams, The Heavy Weapons Guy, Sam & Max, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Guy Shishioh
  • Enemies: Any evil god that relies on mooks, Kano, The Enforcers, Shiro Tagachi , David Bowie
  • Rivals: Anastasia Cisnarova/The Baroness, The Undertaker, Red Sonja
  • Annoyed by: Claptrap
  • Odd Friendship: GLaDOS
  • With his legendary exploits in killing and maining minions, it was only a matter of time before Brock Samson ascended into the Pantheon as a God, having began as a follower of Guy Shishioh. His ability to slaughter puts him an a particularly prestigious position, both renowned and feared.
  • The morale of every mook of evil gods took a nosedive when word of his ascension came through. Melkor himself was forced to give more leeway to mook unions just to slow the number of mooks who quit their jobs.
    • His mere presence is enough for Cobra Commander to call a retreat as none of his minions are willing to face him.
    • Hates the Minions as much as any other mook, but is at a loss in how to deal with them; killing them would put him in a bad light for the child gods as well as the GUAG. This development pleases Melkor… if only the Minions were more competent in their duties.
    • As a response to the massive losses of their followers, the Enforcers have proposed an early warning system for Brock's presence. This got the surprise backing of Jackie Chan, who abhors Brock's high body count.
    • SHOCKER and HYDRA keep their mooks well away from him, as if they didn't have to deal with enough from the Kamen Riders and the Avengers.
  • Even if one is not a mook, there are a couple of things to avoid pissing him off. Do not threaten anyone under his protection. And ''don't ever try to run him down with a truck. Optimus Prime has made sure to keep himself at least a mile away from him as a result.
  • Despite his vicious nature, he did gradually come to care for his charges, the Venture Brothers. Any poor fool who thought kidnapping them would be a good idea would be in for the most gruesome death possible.
  • Why hasn't Brock Lesnar ascended to the Pantheon yet after killing the Undertaker's Streak? Because Samson squashes mooks so hard even Lesnar refused to get booked in a bout against him. However, the Undertaker is interested in booking a match with him some time. The two gods have similarly scared their competition silly.
  • He has shown to have a soft spot with women, especially with The Baroness. He admits she may be the closest woman he's loved since Molotov Cocktease. Various villains have started employing more female mooks in response.
  • With Red Sonja's ascension, Brock potentially sees the one woman that could match his desires without being a villain. Of course, he would have to defeat her in order to start dating, but that's a challenge Brock is willing to take.
  • Despite his extensive training record, he refrains from using guns, citing that killing mooks that way would be too way. He is fond of knifes in particular and is often kills legions of mooks with a single Bowie Knife.
    • Kano has expressed interest in his knife wielding skills, hoping to take his knife for a spin after he rips Brock's heart out.
  • Is annoyed that he had to be the last poker player to obtain godhood. Is especially annoyed he got beat out by Claptrap of all beings. At least now he gets to rib on him in his own temple.
    • Got a bit of information from Ash Williams about his ancestry, finding out that he is actually from Poland instead of Sweden. Still doesn't stop Brock from calling Ash a moron at times.
    • Is amused that Sam, a dog, is playing poker at a familiar table. He also wonders if he's a man who looks like a dog or a dog who can talk and walk like a man. That aside, he respects him and his partner Max for saving the world various times.
    • Probably the only god in the Pantheon who can tolerate GLaDOS' sense of dark humor.
    • Got together with Moxxi shortly after his ascension.
  • Kratos is pleased to have an ally with almost as much bloodlust as he does. Is often not that far from Brock whenever he's mowing down minions.
  • Is admired by Oberyn, both by his mastery of combat… and by the size of his pecs as well. Brock hasn't caught on the flirtation just yet, but many gods are convinced that the outcome won't end well…
  • Gets along well with a fellow mercenary called the Heavy Weapons Guy, though he downplays his concerns with his blood lust. Brock points out that mercenaries can enjoy their job and not be complete psychopaths.
  • One of his most avid supporters has been Frank Castle, one of the few gods who can match his brutality to mooks. The two often team up to take down mobsters.
  • Has a largely antagonistic relationship with David Bowie due to an incident Bowie may have pulled back in Berlin some time ago. However, given that in Brock's world, the Sovereign is actually an alien who took on Bowie's form, it's not known if Bowie acually did anything.
  • "You don't want to shoot me, boys. You know me. You know what I'll do to you if you do."

    Cú Chulainn 
Cú Chulainn, Divine Lord of Lethal Strikes To The Heart (Setanta, The Hound of Culann, The Hound of Ulster, Blue Spearman of the Wind, Little Hound, Cucuc, Lancer, Caster, Ireland's Prince of Light, Saber, Prototype Lancer, John Lancer)
As Prototype Lancer 
As a Caster 
As a Saber 
As a summonable demon/Persona 
Younger self as a demon/Persona 
As depicted in the Battlefield of the Gods 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Ireland or as a vessel for Odin)
  • Theme Song: Final Dead Lancer, Blazing Ashes II, The Tale of Cú Chulainn
  • Symbol: His crimson spear, Gae Bolg
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though he actually leans more towards Chaotic Neutral at times.
  • Portfolio: Son of Lugh the Long-Handed, Can annihilate entire armies, Ruthless in Warp Spasms, Lives to fight, Hot-Blooded, Really promiscious due to being very handsome but has eyes for Emer, Smart and Poetic Warrior, Accidentally killed his own son, Chosen Heroes, Fated to die young
  • Domains: War, Combat, Order, Loyalty, Heroism, Weaponry
  • Heralds: Laeg, Ferdiad, Emer (his wife) and his separate Servant incarnations (Prototype, Caster and Alter)
  • High Priest: Nezha
  • Followers: Erio Mondial, Trull Sengar, Freya Crescent, Ryoji Hase/Kamen Rider Kurokage, Yukina Himeragi, Spear Man
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Enemies (at least that's how he sees it): Artoria Pendragon/Saber, Medea Kuzuki/Caster, Serph
  • Rivals: EMIYA, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Hercules, Wamuu, Namor the Sub-Mariner
  • Enemies: Queen Medb, Kirei Kotomine (his former second Master), The Morrigan, Gilgamesh, Avenger (F/HA), Goetia, Tiamat (FGO), Kiara Sesshouin, YHVH, Lucifer, the Child Abuse Supporters, Barbatos Goetia
  • On good terms with: Kyu Sugardust
  • Respects: Misaki Ayuzawa, Hinagiku Katsura, Super Sonico
  • Opposes: Hassan of the Cursed Arm
  • Opposed by: Princess Cadence, Marcus Cole/Statesman
  • Odd Friendship with: The heroic Adventure Time deities (mainly Finn and Jake)
  • The incarnation/son of Lugh the Long-Handed, the Hound of Culann started out as Setanta where he gained the name "Cú Chulainn" after killing a guard dog and substituting it. At the age of seven, he was prophesized to live gloriously at the cost of dying young. As he get older, Cú Chulainn trained under the warrior Scathach in order to make Emer's father let him marry her and Scathach was the one who taught him how to master the Gae Bolg, a deadly spear capable of turning his enemies' insides outwards. Since then, he became Ulster's mightiest hero as he decimate entire armies led by Queen Medb with his might and training and more so with his riastrad or warp-spasms which culminated into his fight with Ferdiad, his comrade during his training under Scathach. Cú Chulainn's final fate varies in some versions, either he succumbs to his injuries from fighting Ferdiad or he died after Medb & Lugaid (in some versions, the Morrigan) planned to kill him by making him break his Geas to weaken him. In the latter, after being severely injured Cú Chulainn straps himself to a rock so that his enemies are fooled that he's still alive, until a raven lands on his corpse that signals to his enemies his absolute deathnote .
  • The Hound of Culann ascended to the Trope Pantheons during its early days, mostly due to his infamous participation in the Fifth Holy Grail War and ascended under the title of Divine Lord of Lethal Strikes To The Heart as the Gae Bolg kills those by hitting the targets heart; if it means having more people to fight for fun, Cú Chulainn accepted it for that. To accompany him, the people close to him Laeg, Ferdiad and Emer have been appointed as Heralds along with his separate Servant incarnations; it's even heartwarming to see the Hound hugging his closest contacts since the last time he met them, he either witnessed them die (Laeg and Ferdiad) or they found out he did (Emer).
  • The first group of people he decided to reunite with is Shirou Emiya and the girls that loved him, specifically Saber and Rin Tohsaka. Lancer liked Shirou a lot since he's such a good guy, enough for him to be open about his past to Shirou when asked and while Shirou likewise is able to befriend a great hero like Lancer, he's very put off by how he can be chummy with those he was supposed to be enemies with. On that note, Saber is often threatened by his presence even if he's just there to eat Shirou's cooking and it took her a while to get used to him without fighting and that's because they last time they fought, they were both very hostile; Lancer himself thinks she's getting too worked up on it. As for Rin, Lancer resumed his teasing towards her and her displeasure is what amuses him a lot; some think this is his way of showing her his affections but Lancer denied those claims since he's not really romantically interested in her.
    • The moment Lancer and Archer saw each other again, they began to fight like before; it took Saber and Rin to stop them from causing too much damage and both parties know this won't be over anytime soon. Lancer and Archer's rivalry is so great it violated the idea that most Heroic Spirits cannot keep their memories of previous Holy Grail Wars and made some perverted deities think it might be something more; luckily for everyone, they are Vitriolic Best Buds on a good day though that doesn't stop them from being competitive. He and Caster also got off on the wrong foot since the war, but nowadays they're very civil with each other if a little snarky towards each other. For the Hassan of the Cursed Arm, Lancer was still sour that he killed him and hopes for a rematch while Cursed Arm insisted he needed to be intelligent that time and assassinating him per orders dealt two birds with one stone. As for Berserker AKA Hercules, whenever he's not a Servant the Hound finds him to be good company and sparring partner with similar life experiences to relate with but when he is, it's somewhat the same except he has to dread getting beaten up and also becoming Boome-Lancer since their previous comic escapades.
    • It's pretty obvious that Lancer is not happy to see his Master Kirei Kotomine, considering that he had to do his dirty work for him and the priest also forced him to hurt Rin at times, something he doesn't like. Kotomine hopes to have him under control again though that's easier said than done considering there are more people he's more loyal to and he is not willing to give them up anytime soon. Gilgamesh is also not pleased that Lancer's back, seeing him as just another mongrel to dominate over while Lancer is aiming to get him to fight fair and square for once while Avenger also got his ire since he made circumstances that forced him spoiler:to fight Bazett his supposed Master; Avenger himself couldn't care less but he does see how Bazett likes him so much for once.
    • Cú Chulainn is very ecstatic that the Master of Chaldea has finally arrived and is ready to serve him again, finding him to be a way better Master than Kotomine was; he would even ask him to join on boar hunts as well. A perk of serving under Fujimaru is that he is now able to use his survival skills to the max, making him near-invincible such as Protection from Arrows; when asked how can he avoid attacks which clearly aren't just arrows, Cú jokingly claims that to him, everything is an arrow he can dodge. Also, joining his Heralds are his separate Servant incarnations, including his Alter version created by Queen Medb who was able to barely tank Karna's Vasavi Shakti note . Cú can also switch into a Caster, but he loves using Gae Bolg a lot so he had his separate Caster self do that job, much to said self's chagrin.
    • The Hound of Culann is also glad that his old teacher Scáthach is in the Pantheon. The Witch of Dun Scáith noted her student needed a bit of a refresher, citing "performance issues" so she arranged a fight with Flynn and sealed him back into his younger self, Setanta. After a brutal fight, Scáthach declared herself satisfied and released Cú Chulainn to his true form and power; while the Lord of the Spear did gain some valuable experience, he's begged her not to repeat the lesson without some advance warning. Speaking of going through harsh training, Achilles also relates to Cú on that front as well as other common ground like having at least one male lover (Ferdiad and Patroclus) and loving a good fight; they love to spar every now and again if they are available and often times, their teachers butt in to keep them in ship-shape.
    • He has also reunited with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Vlad III (mostly his EXTRA incarnation), Karna and Fionn mac Cumhaill and together, they all form a group called "YARI-O" or as most other people call it, "The Backspear Boys" which they also accept. They are mostly seen doing farming work, but will accept singing in concerts though so far no one has booked them yet. Besides, they normally spar with each other and serve Fujimaru anyways so there's no need to get worked up on those endeavours.
    • Of course, he isn't happy to see Queen Medb of Connacht yet again as their enmity stems from the fact that she aims to steal Ulster's prized bull many times; she herself also hate his guts yet at times she lusts after him (which is why she created Cú Alter in the first place), something she questions quite often. But their bitter rivalry must take a backseat as they prioritize taking down the Beasts of Humanity as commanded by their Master, which he considers a good way to take his mind off of that.
  • Aside from Medb, Cú Chulainn is also not pleased at seeing the Morrigan yet again since she played a part in his death in some versions of his life and seeing her at the Battleground of the Gods. Some even speculate that the Morrigan is composited with Medb since the Morrigan has affections for Cú which explains why Medb is lusting after him but so far, no one can confirm this rumour yet. The Morrigan herself is also angry at Cú since she thinks he rejected her when she wants him in one telling which may play a part in his death; their meetings nowadays are very hostile.
  • The Hound of Culann had also appeared in the universe where total order and total chaos clashed and is able to be summoned both as a demon and as a Persona by Kazuya, the Demi-Fiend, Flynn, Raidou Kuzunoha and all of the Wild Card Persona Users; he'll obey them the same way he'll obey Fujimaru. The Demi-Fiend in particular managed to get him as one of his allies in a very rough fight to test the abilities of Serph who groaned at having to fight him yet again in the Pantheons and in return, Naoki suggested him to use an Axereaver spear to battle Barbatos Goetia which is something that Cú is considering since Barbatos is a very dangerous opponent, having killed many heroes in his world before though he would rather keep hanging on to Gae Bolg instead. Also ever since, Yu Narukami can say that the Velvet Room attendant named Margaret has also summoned him. He also doesn't like YHVH and Lucifer like everybody else, as he feels their tyranny and social darwinism respectively are philosophies he knows most people won't get behind.
  • Cú Chulainn appears to have different standards of heroism, as he feels heroes are defined by their legendary deeds, not virtue. Added to that fact are him having no problems killing innocents or guarding something while others are dying should his superior commands him to and disregarding those who are not someone he knows aside, often to their doom. This trait of his is heavily criticized by Marcus Cole AKA Statesman who sees him as rather unheroic for a demigod hero and demands him to shape it to modern times (or at least what Statesman expects a hero to be); Cú for his part ignores him and finding him rather ancy to be worked up over his values.
    • Of course, Cú Chulainn is not that heartless as he does respects the hard work of everyday people, he will even help them out whenever he's free and he won't hold anything against them, because this kind of virtue is hard to see in the Ulster of his time. It's why respects Misaki Ayuzawa, Hinagiku Katsura and Sonico for working hard to make their ends meet, so much so that he wouldn't hit on them if they meet to Misaki's relief.
  • Speaking of hitting on women, the Ulster warrior is ridiculously handsome that they flock to him instantly because of it and not even after getting together with Emer stopped that because she knows it's not love he's experiencing with other women and his heart is for her only. As such, he's a frequenter of the sub-Houses of Lustful Acts and Behavior where Kyu Sugardust enjoys his company, though she's a little baffled at Cú and Emer's kind of marriage and outlook on extramarital sex since she's used to respecting couples being together. Princess Cadence on the other hand is also baffled at Cú but also angry at him because to her, it's unfathomable for the wife to be okay with her husband sleeping around with other women even after Emer telling her he will always be faithful to her.
  • Cú Chulainn is a warrior who loved to fight and its thrills, but not to the point of bloodshed because he knows fair fights are supposed to prevent that. Still, notable Blood Knights like Kenpachi Zaraki, Eugene Gallardo and Undyne found him to be a worthwhile opponent. In Kenpachi's own words, "At least he lasts better than a certain clown Arrancar". Other fighters Cú enjoys sparring with are King and Wamuu, with King reminding him of Bazett Fraga McRemitz who is also a masculine-dressing woman that admired him and was supposed to be his Master and Wamuu also fights honorably to a fault, something Cú can totally get behind even if both of them can get dirty in their tactics.
  • Cú also has a soft spot for kids as evidenced by the fact that the Ulster Youth Corps. died while he was recovering and he avenged them by warp-spasming to slaughter their killers and regretting killing his son Connla when he didn't tell his dad his name out of tradition of not telling your opponent your name. This is why he hates the Child Abuse Supporters for hurting children without a second thought, and while they usually scoff at him they do become cautious since the Gae Bolg can either stop your heart or turn your internal organs inside out, in which neither are pleasant fates.
  • He's also got some ferocity/anger issues, as Zeus noted when he witnessed him back at the Battleground of the Gods as well as accounts of both his riastrad rampages and one time when he was young, he killed someone who was sent to wake him up because he was abruptly awoken; this might explain why he is usually very friendly and open especially as a Lancer, probably because it helps him cool down significantly. Two residents of the sub-house of Anger, Namor the Sub-Mariner and Natsu Dragneel relate to Cú in letting their anger overtake their judgement and while he's a lot more chummy with Natsu with relating over being nice to their enemies (enough for them to turn over a new leaf in Natsu's case), Namor is too prideful to ever hang out with Cú which he considers fine but he knows Namor can't really go anywhere with that kind of behaviour.
  • The Lancer Servant has a Luck stat with the rank of E, symbolising his fated early death. This abysmal luck ended up embodied in either painful deaths or constant beatings of humour, with the latter evidenced by his mishaps elsewhere.
    Person A: Lancer died again!
    Person B: You are not human!/You bastards!
    • This gained the attention of Kenny McCormick and Blacker Baron (stop starin'), the former constantly dying as a source of humour and the latter also constantly dying but at the hands of Mathilda while introducing Bloodbath Challenges, which allowed contestants to amass a greater amount of points through murderous minigames to demonstrate their lethality and had spent all of his lives by the time Jack Cayman met him in a boss battle. Kenny winced at his misfortune, finding his deaths comedic and dramatic, rather painful to experience and Cú in turn also feels bad for Kenny's own while for Blacker Baron (stop starin'), he found common ground in getting around with ladies and joy in fighting others with the Hound; they both have enjoyed their drinkings and sparrings together like bros, as Mathilda and Laeg can attest.
  • "You asked for a cursed, crimson spear?"

SCP-173, Deity of Neck Snapping (The Sculpture, Billy, Ted(?), Peanut)
  • Rank: Euclid. By Pantheon standards, probably Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: Itself.
  • Alignment: Unknown. Likely to be True Neutral or Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Implacable Man, The Dreaded, Living Statue, Murderous Mannequin, Moves very fast unless you are directly looking at it, Sickening "Crunch!"
  • Domains: Statues, Sight, Mystery, Murder
  • Allies: The Weeping Angels (somewhat), Spooky, The Slender Man, Ghatanothoa
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, The Protectors of Plot Continuum, The Doctor, Mike Schmidt, Larry Daley, SCP-682, AM
  • SCP-173 can be described as a docile statue and nothing particular stands out about it besides having a creepy appearance. However, should you take your eyes off it for just a moment, the creature will snap your neck. Maintaining eye-sight is the only way to control it and even then, it can move while you blink, and it's incredibly fast to boot.
  • The first time it entered the Pantheon (or to be more precise, when it was first successfully broken out by someone, GUAE being the most likely suspect after the last breakout), it just startled a few deities who were wandering around the main halls of the Pantheon and suddenly a crowd formed around it, wondering why such a strange statue found itself standing in such an unexpected location. It wasn't until people lost sight of the creature and then it suddenly snapped the neck of Kenny McCormick that people realized this creature wasn't harmless. The SCP Foundation quickly contained the creature and—because the Court of the Gods saw it fitting to ascend—delivered it to its new temple, where it's kept at bay with heavy camera surveillance.
  • SCP-173 is one of the few deities that has been capable of travelling almost anywhere in the Pantheon, even to the most unlikely of places. A warning has been displayed that SCP-173 can show up at any moment if it's broken from containment and should it be spotted, maintain eye contact and call for help if you need to.
  • It's relationship with the Weeping Angels is an interesting as they aren't really hostile towards SCP-173 and neither is it towards the angels. Although the only reason this may happen is because they can't move if both SCP-173 and the Angels are staring at each other. Both the Doctor and the SCP Foundation have taken this to their advantage when one of these creatures break free.
  • Spooky has taken an interest into inducting the statue to her collection of Specimens in her mansion but that has proven troublesome since she doesn't have the best relationship with the Foundation but she has broken out the creature from its temple numerous time to relocate it to her mansion. How? Well not having a physical neck might have helped her avoid the creatures most deadly attack, so she just allows it to follow her wherever she goes. She might have accidentally killed a few people when she lost sight of SCP-173 though.
  • The Protectors of Plot Continuum have been trying to fend off the creature since it has proven to be a troublesome annoyance for them thanks to 173's powers.
  • Some deities like to call it Billy, for no particular reason other than because it sounds funny for such an strange creature.
  • Of the few deities that were tasked to keep SCP-173 secure was Mike Schmidt, given his experience with the Animatronics. Mike has gone on record saying that dealing with 173 has been hard, since unlike the animatronics whose movement is erratic but predictable, given that he is not used to be constantly fearing that the sculpture moves every time he blinks. And even worse that it knows how to open doors.
    • Larry Daley is another who often is tasked with guarding it. Unlike Mike, Larry is very used to dealing with living sculptures, although he also has had his share of problems with SCP-173.
  • Said to have a similar MO as Slenderman, with the main difference that looking at Slenderman is actually harmful for the victim. It's not a strange occurrence that these two creature actually have come to an agreement and "hunt" together during very late hours of the pantheon. The pantheon has been unable to successfully capture the Slenderman yet, so the only solution they found was to keep an strict watch of SCP-173 in it's temple at all times.
  • Has an habit of creating a strange substance that may appear to be a combination of blood and feces. The pantheon has tasked a few deities to clean it with supervision so SCP-173 doesn't escape containment. At least the Court of Gods think this is a better idea than the Foundation use of D-Class Personnel.
  • It's one of the few beings to scare SCP-682, delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that's speculated to have killed it if not for their size discrepancy until SCP-682 grew extra eyes. Looking into this as way to pertinently neutralize SCP-682 has yielded an account of SCP-173 multiplying, with 150 of them successfully killing SCP-682. They continued to spread and wipe out humanity, so it's a scenario they are trying to prevent.
  • As all accounts suggest it's suffering And I Must Scream over its state, it's safely assumed to be against AM. This came to light after an account surfaced revealing SCP-173 was made into it's state by AM as one of its innumerable tortures, eventually escaping the dimension so mentally broken its reason for killing is is to force other to kill it. While the credibility of that account is anyone's guess, this has made it interaction with SCP-682, who the report alleges is AM, much more satisfying.

    Vlad III (Nasuverse
Vlad III, God of Impalement (Vlad the Impaler, Uncle Vlad, Lancer of Black, EXTRA Vlad, Berserker, The Lord Impaler, The Executioner of Blood, Dracula)
His EXTRA self 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A heart impaled with black spears from almost all directions
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, though could switch into Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Cold and Fair Rule, Impalement For Any Crimes, Kazikli Bey, 'Not Actually' A Vampire, Demonic Defender of the State, Madness, War Leaders, Legend of Dracula
  • Domains: Slaughter, War, Vampirism (kind of)
  • Allies: Siegfried, Astolfo, Chiron, Alucard/Adrian Fahrenheight Tepes, Carmilla
  • Worthy Opponent: Karna, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
  • Complicated Relations: Dracula, Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Grant Danasty, Gabriel Belmont
  • Enemies: Amakusa Shirou Tokisada
  • Vlad the Impaler, one of the more brutal warlords throughout the ages, ruling over the domain of Wallachia. A brutal, yet fair ruler that protects its people, but anyone who crosses his law was doomed to die by a brutal impalement with their bodies displayed as an example. Some say he's the son of a dragon... but regardless, his impalement technique was legendary that he rose to the Pantheon...
    • However, his other legend is that of being the archetypical vampire, Dracula. Vlad was noted to despise that legend that was considered blasphemous at him, but Dracula's power was too great for a moment. After being summoned into into Chaldea and two separate Holy Grail Wars with different not-so-vampire aspects of him, Vlad has managed to strike and separate himself from Dracula. He acknowledged that perhaps the legend would continue to persist within him, but he will have control now. This is why his relations with Drac himself is a bit complicated.
    • And to his surprise, the one who resided within his throne was Mumkhar. Vlad was disgusted that such a Dirty Coward was in because "He impales a few people and died impaled." With that, he proceeded to show how scary his impalement could be, by showing him the full extent of Kazikli Bey. Sure, Mumkhar was not slaughtered thoroughly since that wasn't the Monado, but it hurted like hell and was mind-scarring enough that he fled for his life and relocated to another house, as Vlad finally sat on the throne that belonged to his.
  • As shown in his picture, the visage of Vlad tends to be unstable. At one point, he may be a calm, composed war commander; but in another hand, he could end up being a nutty crusader. Both also tend to shit-talk about each other. But as his experience in Chaldea attested, he could learn to make the two sides unite for a common cause.
  • Despite 'a little bit' coming to terms with his Vampire legend, Vlad still hates people who tramples others' honor for their own purposes, like his old master Darnic Prestone Yggdmillenia did. He promises that anyone seen doing that will receive the worst kind of impalement ever from all sides.
  • Has complicated relationship with the Belmont clan. He appreciated their way of vampire hunting and opposing Dracula, but because he's 'kind of' a vampire, and Holy spells hurt him badly, he can't get near them a lot of times.
  • After awhile hanging out in the Pantheon, remembering his Moon Cell Master, Lil' Ronnie, Vlad became curious about this thing that has a mascot similar to her, McDonald's. He paid a visit, bought some fried chickens, ate them, and thought it was pretty good. But he knows the dangers of fast food, and usually just restrains himself from getting obsessed to keep himself in shape. (It's better than blood, at least!)
  • On certain days, Vlad can be seen utilizing a gigantic boulder to run over those who got on his bad side. Though some aren't really sure if it's him since he really is a vampire, even turning into a bat. Not that helped against being run over by Sisyphus' boulder.

Lesser Gods

    The Jigsaw Killer 
(wakes up groggily) Ughhhh, what's going -

Hello, troper. I expect you are wondering why you are here. You are about to play a game.

John Kramer, God of Death Traps (The Jigsaw Killer, Jigsaw)
John Kramer as seen in Jigsaw (2017)
John's puppet and Companion Cube, Billy
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The bloodstained head of Billy the Puppet, or a pig mask
  • Theme Song: "Hello, Zepp" or any variation thereof
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (That's not what he thinks, though...)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Anti-Villain, Believing Their Own Lies, Plans Down To The Last Detail, Cruel to Be Kind, Dark Messiah, Evil Genius, Fair-Play Villain, Humans Are Bastards, Jigsaw Plot, The Kindnapper, Moral Sociopathy, Noble Demon, Sadistic Choice, Serial Killer, To the Pain, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Darkness, Gore, Mentalism, Pigs, Preparation, Traps
  • Rumoured Mentor: Kevin McCallister (whom he also pities)
  • Heralds: His apprentices, Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman
  • Followers: Archibald Grims, Konrad Marburg
  • Allies: Death (Final Destination), Light Yagami, Scott Shelby, The Marionette, Ginosaji, Deathstroke, Boba Fett
  • Odd Friendship with: Freddy Krueger
  • Rivals: John Doe
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Most slasher villains, including but not limited to Pinhead, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface, as well as Vito Corleone, Lucas Baker, James Earl Cash, and Atrocitus
  • Enemies: Springtrap, Hannibal Lecter, Yuuki Terumi, Negi Springfield, L, Near, Zhuge Liang, the Punisher, Erma Williams, Death (The Seventh Seal)
  • Respects: The House of Health and Diseases, especially Retsu Unohana and Black Jack
  • Opposes: Deities that kill arbitrarily or For the Evulz, especially Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Esdeath, Ali al-Saachez, Asdrubael Vect, The Major, Ragyo Kiryuin, Carnage and Kamen Rider Ouja, corrupt cops like Rosco P. Coltrane, drug dealers like Walter White, the House of Crime and Transgressions in general
  • Opposed by: Most good-aligned police officers, justice-bringers and detectives, especially Robocop, Judge Dredd, Phoenix Wright, Shotaro Hidari and Philip/Kamen Rider Double, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Samuel Vimes, Cole Phelps, Jim Gordon and Inspector Javert as well as Apocalypse, Johan Liebert, Mike Schmidt and Jack Bauer
  • Pities: Most ghosts in the Pantheon who died tragic deaths, Misa Amane
  • Potential Targets: Any deity that wastes or is ungrateful for his or her life, currently Kano, Tanya, Shang Tsung, the Joker, Mr. Freeze, and Mr. Burns
  • Conflicting Opinion: Batman, Teru Mikami, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, Lois Lane, Tzeentch
  • John Kramer was once a successful civil engineer with a happy life. However, after his wife suffered a miscarriage at the hands of a drug addict and being diagnosed with a tumour and terminal colon cancer (and an attempt at suicide) he had an epiphany that people were wasting their lives and decided to change that. How? By putting them in traps that required them to hurt themselves one way or another to escape and hopefully learn something from the experience.
    • A disclaimer from the various information gatherers/scribes of the Tropes Pantheon, they have heavily simplified this biography on account of the massive amounts of lore and knowledge needed to comprehend the full story.
  • Once the God of Forcing People into Self-Mutilation, he petitioned for a change in his title as according to his ideology, his modus operandi was intended for his people to choose to hurt themselves in order to escape, not him forcing them to do so. Based on this, the Court decreed that he be given the more general trope of Death Trap to pacify him. He is relieved that this change of trope requires him to move out of the sub-house of Torture and Mutilation into the comparatively less messy Methods of Killing sub-house. Most of his old neighbours are glad to see the back of him.
  • Was originally ascended after his death at the hands of Jeff Denlon due to deliberately creating the situations where his victims would have to display the trope he represents. He oversaw the rest of the series unfold under his apprentice, Detective Mark Hoffman in the safety of his temple. From his monitoring room, he reluctantly concluded that he had failed in his objectives as Hoffman had tested his subjects with the clear intent of making them suffer arbitrarily and thus was relieved that Hoffman was left to die by his frequent collaborator, Dr. Lawrence Gordon. He laments that all his hard work and preparation for an untimely death turned out to be for nothing.
    • Has recently regained hope now that Logan Nelson, yet another apprentice of his has chosen to continue his work, and much more in line with his modus operandi of 'redeeming' his victims, though he expressed some disappointment that his first test involved the end result of revenge-killing the corrupt cop that had gotten his wife killed, the exact thing he learnt not to do from him. As Jigsaw's only link to the mortal plane, only time can tell.
    • With this in mind, he decided to give his wayward proteges a second chance and made Amanda and Hoffman his heralds. They now serve as his apprentices again but are planning to desert him at the earliest possible opportunity. Hoffman especially since he is a former follower of Misa Amane.
  • Most other gods are currently unsure if Jigsaw still has his brain tumour. No one wants to ask.
    • Jigsaw has since confirmed that his tumour and cancer have been cured post-ascension, but that he is still relatively frail. He is forever grateful to the House of Health and Diseases for doing him a favour, particularly Retsu Unohana herself, the nurse in charge of the ward, as well as Black Jack, the resident surgeon. He has promised not to test anyone there, acknowledging the House's continued operation as essential to the wellbeing of the good people in the Pantheon.
    • Given the above, he rarely steps out of his own sub-house, let alone his temple to pursue other matters, instead choosing to send out tapes relaying messages to his fellow deities when necessary. Amanda Young also remains as John's in-house caretaker and like him, is rarely seen.
    • Detective Hoffman is outside far more often, working at the 77th Precinct as an undercover officer in the homicide division, targeting sloppy and corrupt cops for John to test. At the top of his list currently are Clancy Wiggum and Rosco Purvis Coltrane. He may very well be the reason why all police raids on John's temple have so far ended in failure.
  • His temple is in the shape of the Nerve Gas House from his second film that Hoffman refurbished as a modern suburban home. It looks perfectly normal until you open the trapdoor in the bedroom, which leads to an underground labyrinth of trap rooms, most notably an industrial bathroom. If anyone were to get harassed by evil deities in his sub-house, John would kindly give them refuge. He's actually quite a nice man when he's not conducting his deadly games.
  • When John does exit his temple, he usually goes to the Villain Pub to talk shop, and he speaks through a mouthpiece in his ventriloquist dummy, Billy. He is so isolationist that most deities who don't know the Saw series in and out believe the puppet to be John's actual body. As such, he has made an ally of many a puppet-based deity, who claim to believe in his philosophy, such as The Marionette, whom he seems to understand. William Afton/Springtrap does not like him for this reason and has nursed ambitions to stuff him into a springlock-based trap of his own the next time they meet. Mike Schmidt similarly dislikes him, but for less personal reasons.
    • Erma Williams may or may not have used Billy for a tea party once.
  • Once visited the Dominion of Heavenly Host Elementary School after he received word that the ugly side of humanity was shown there a lot by the maddened students. It proved too bloody for him to handle given that the killings there were gorier than his usual standards, even those of his sadistic apprentice Hoffman.
  • His current plan is preparing games for deities more powerful than him, Greater Gods and Overdeities. His philosophy entails that all the Pantheon's deities have to be tested based on the corrupt lives they lead until they are 'cured' of this affliction. Based on this, he especially hates evil-aligned deities who kill For the Evulz.
    • Monokuma once got his hands on some of the more insane and impractical trap ideas that Jigsaw made for Greater Gods and Overdeities. Monokuma has made them work somehow and has them on standby for more ironic executions. Junko Enoshima on the other hand has begun stealing some of Jigsaw's more painful trap ideas, hoping to mix them all together into one big Despair-inducing monstrosity for herself. Jigsaw is not happy about this and has made a sworn enemy of her.
  • Some targets include Kano and Shang Tsung. Originally, Johnny Cage was to share this fate, but after seeing Johnny undergo his Character Development regarding Cassie, Jigsaw has relented. He has Deathstroke and Boba Fett on his payroll to capture them and harder-to-sedate subjects, given that Hoffman is undercover and Amanda is far too unstable at the moment to be fully trusted.
  • Has not yet replied to comments that he may have been mentored by trap master of Home Alone fame Kevin McCallister, or that he may even be a future version of the boy. He has however stated that the boy was likely only acting like this in fear of the burglars in his house more than anything else, despite visual evidence that he was intentionally causing hurt to them. He truly pities the boy for this and sees him as a potential apprentice, but given his age, hasn't acted on this yet. Rumours that the two play Battleships together are greatly exaggerated.
  • Has become a rare ally of a certain Death entity after it stalked him for a few weeks in the form of a dark shadow, believing his preparations for tests after his passing counted as cheating death. It was woefully unprepared for John to quickly discover it and agree with it's philosophy, and this version of Death has since become a regular visitor to his temple to discuss future games with him. He has become an enemy of the classic iteration of Death because of this. Further details are uncertain as no one knows how this dynamic works. Since this Death has no corporeal form, how?
  • Similarly, he has come to view Light Yagami, aka Kira, as a protege, having the dream of wiping out all crime by killing those who commit it with the Death Note. However, he has told Light that those he intends to purge ought to be given the opportunity to redeem themselves as all human souls that are corruptible can be cleansed. Is more divided on Teru Mikami, who is inclined to kill people for being lazy.
    • L and Near see this odd apprenticeship as a route to finally catch Kira, and have directed the Task Force to zero in on Jigsaw as a stepping stone to catching both killers. He merely grins at these words.
  • He has a healthy respect for his only rival, John Doe. They are both self-righteous murderers with a focus on exposing faults in people. Doe thinks they're Birds of a Feather, but in reality this is not the case; Jigsaw believes in improving people's lives through his death traps, Doe believes in cleansing society by killing sinners. Kramer would rather Doe not pester him about comparing notes, but Doe still appreciates the work he puts into his plans.
  • Does not like the House of Crime and Transgressions, but tolerates their presence as there are honourable people there. People like Vito Corleone, who he sees as a business partner and friend. Jigsaw is given free access to his Italian restaurants in the House, and he is off-limits there to the House of Justice.
    • His relationship with Lucas Baker isn't nearly as warm, given the man's tendency to off those who work for him and the fact that he is far more sociopathic than Jigsaw is. Considering Lucas is a complete sadist and deliberately rigs his death games so his victims would die anyway (i.e not giving them a chance), John does not think highly of him. Likewise, Lucas doesn't trust Jigsaw fully but plans to profit off this alliance for all it's worth.
  • His philosophy is so radical that he has been compared unfavourably to Apocalypse. He does not approve of the mutant's philosophy regarding how the only strongest will be allowed to survive, while Apocalypse sees his desire to make people appreciate life again through his tests as a half-baked attempt to make the inferior humans he represents worthy again to him.
  • His relationship with his fellow slasher killers is... complicated to say the least. On one hand, he can communicate with them all right, especially with wisecracker Freddy Krueger. But with most of them killing for the mere enjoyment or for their own selfish reasons (and Michael, who has no reason), he cannot and will not support their endeavours. As for paranormal-based killers like ghosts, he mostly takes pity on their lot and wishes he could help but it is beyond his abilities. Pinhead is a special case, as Jigsaw once shared a sub-house with him.
  • Once was a guest on Siskel & Ebert, in person, where Siskel reviewed the Saw series and criticised it as not worth the ordeal it puts the viewers through, as well as the convoluted plotline, similar to Ebert. John promptly explained that his tests were not intended for showing to an audience, and certainly not for entertainment. He left the show with mixed emotions as to how his tests were chronicled as a slasher movie series showcasing the many ways a human body could be eviscerated.
    • Lois Lane once made a scoop on him. Having encountered an unscrupulous reporter/journalist before, he was very sceptical but the resulting piece of journalism turned out to be remarkably fair and well-balanced. However, he worries about the attention it could receive from her husband...
  • Batman has placed Jigsaw on watch after discovering blueprints for future tests involving the Joker and Mr. Freeze. He as of yet has been unable to catch him, and has sorrowfully commented that had his wife never miscarried, he would have been a valuable member of society, helping the poor move forward with their lives. John once told Batman by tape that maybe they were not so different, as they both intended to punish criminals and end corruption and were Crazy-Prepared people. The Dark Knight has refuted this, saying that he never crossed the line and killed somebody in pursuit of this goal, while John simply sits back and lets his traps kill his victims messily. For this reason, John has never been a member of the Council of Shadows.
    • Attention from Batman has also put Jigsaw on Robocop's watchlist, as his philosophy is a violation of his third directive: to uphold the law as his methods of rehabilitation involve hurting not-so-innocent people but are in direct defiance of established law. He has acknowledged the failure of the justice system in putting away criminals properly, as in the case of Seth Baxter, but believes it can be improved and that Jigsaw need not work so hard against the law when people like him are trying to uphold it fairly. In fact, many other good-aligned detectives and police officers stand against him as well for this.
    • Then after that, Frank Castle aka the Punisher started giving Jigsaw the business as well, successfully breaking into his temple and knocking out Amanda believing his sworn enemy (the other Jigsaw) had ascended. Even after discovering the mix-up, he continued to beat him to a pulp for his death traps, Well-Intentioned Extremist be damned. Even as the 501st Legion was dragging a sedated Castle away, he was swearing to give the killer a gorier death than he could give to any of his victims.
  • The most prominent aspect of Jigsaw's presence is that he refuses to join any alliance or participate in a large-scale team project as he is on a personal crusade. Melkor himself once tried to offer him a position in the GUAE Corruption Agents. The fact that he came from an Alliance Of Evil put him off as John believes his actions are Above Good and Evil. As such, he is an enemy of Hannibal Lecter and Yuuki Terumi despite having never met them personally. The GUAL and GUAC have approached him with similar offers, but all have been turned down. Johan Liebert caught wind of him this way and gave him a message expressing dismay at his attempts to make the irredeemable help themselves and told John to just leave them to their fate.
  • He struck a rather peculiar pact with James Earl Cash. Rather than forcing him into one of his signature traps, Jigsaw saw that Cash for a criminal had some small virtues that could maybe allow the killer to catch even more dangerous and depraved individuals and politely asked the man that if Cash ever caught someone that deserved something worse than death and pissed him off, he should simply bring them to Jigsaw and act like one of his proxies in a way. Cash chose to ignore him but kept the suggestion in mind.
  • An analysis was made on the alleged benefits of his "games" to his participants. Verdict: there's certainly a degree of personal improvement for those who survived, but the trauma suffered and it's lingering effects far outweigh the benefits. Worse, Kramer should know this, having gone through three traumatic events himself before becoming the Jigsaw Killer he is today, but is possibly too warped to understand this for that exact reason.
Game over!

Kano, God of Heart Ripping (Captain Kangaroo - by Cassie, Rat Bastard, Citizen Kano)

    Legolas and Gimli 
Legolas and Gimli, Gods of Tension Between Elves and Dwarves and Body-Count Competitions (Legolas: Greenleaf, Prince of the Woodland Realm | Gimli: Son of Glóin, Lord of the Glittering Caves, Elf Friend, Lockbearer)

    The Sniper 
Mick Mundy, God of Headshots (The Sniper, Mr. Mundy, Mun-dee, Sniper Rifle Guy, Australian Long-Shoot Man, Bruce, Cuntspam, Lucksman, Creditsman, The Hunter)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A crosshair
  • Theme Music: Magnum Force by Lalo Schifrin.
  • Alignment: Originally Chaotic Neutral. Switches to Chaotic Good on your side, either cold-blooded or foul-mouthed Neutral Evil on the opposing side
  • Portfolio: Headshotting With A Sniper Rifle Or With A Bow, Mixture Of Cold Sniper And Friendly Sniper, Long-Range Fighter, Crazy-Prepared, Kukris, Prefers "Assassin" Than "Crazed Gunman", Throwing Piss At People, Hailing From Australia (Actually from New Zealand), Back from the Dead
  • Domains: Snipers, Rifles, Australians (subverted since he is from New Zealand)
  • High Priest: FPS Doug
  • Followers: Almost every single FPS character who relies on headshots.
  • Allies:
  • Odd Relationship with: Pudge the Butcher
  • Commonality Connection with: Clark Kent/Superman, Jack Ryan
  • "Professional Buddies" with: Nack/Fang the Sniper, Margaret Moonlight
  • Very Wary of: Shrek
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Pyro
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Shino Asada/Sinon (may border into Opposing or worse, Enemies), Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen and Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda
  • Enemies: Gray Mann, Merasmus, Monoculus and the HHH.
  • Opposed by: Dhuum
  • Rivals: Vash the Stampede, Caitlyn, Sniper Wolf, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Corvo Attano, Night Raid, Niko Bellic, Solid Snake, Gondar the Bounty Hunter, The Spy, Shay Patrick Cormac, Sylvanas Windunner.
  • Formerly a follower of Lockon Stratos, the Court of the Gods once looked at just what he can do. And when they found out just how many ways he can apply headshots on people (regular headshot from a Sniper Rifle, headshot from an arrow, headshotting multiple people with a single bullet, decapitation from a one, and blowing them to salsa with one), they realized just how good he was and ascended.
    • Is also the fourth of the mercs to ascend since he somehow spearheaded along with Pyro and Scout to search for Spy.
  • One of the first things he did after his ascension was obviously meet up with Lockon for a sniper session. Ever since the first time they did that, it has been a common sight for the two. They also met up with another duo: Yoko Littner and Garrus Vakarian. And lastly, they met up with archers Hawkeye and Green Arrow. Now all five (or six) of them are a team.
    • They, however, forgot one other sniper who ascended: Sniper Wolf. And for a good reason, she can't be befriended or reasoned with. Sniper did try to befriend her but he almost got himself killed when she tried choking him with her rifle. As a result, he isn't willing to let her join the group.
    • Ever since they met up, they started teaching or guiding new ascended archers and snipers around the Pantheon. Namely: Nack/Fang the Sniper, Mana Tatsumiya, Yukari Takeba, Lynette Bishop, Caitlyn, Kardel Sharpeye, Ryoubi, Sergeant Cyrus, Duke Togo, Nova Terra, Agent 47 and Frank Castle/The Punisher. As of recent, there are a lot of snipers, and Mundy is lucky to be recognized among them.
    • Out of all the snipers, he's actually glad that his Valve-follower Kardel Sharpeye has ascended, now the two are out sniping either Team RED or The Defenders of the Ancients. But there is one thing he complains about: his HO HO HA HA laugh is making him cringe.
    • He has also gained the approval of Margaret Moonlight. Despite this, she prefers not to remember their first time meeting when he threw his "Jarate" onto her... To his credit, he did apologize and is trying to make amends to her for the incident, though some other snipers are speculating there is something more to his desires. For now, they both have their lips shut tight on the matter.
  • He along with Nack might be in some sort of business partnership. Their professions match together and are also very viable with sniper rifles. However, the only reason why they aren't fully-fledged allies is because one of them will kill each other soon. Though they'll take their professional ideals while they can.
  • If anyone asks what this "jar-based karate" is, most gods suggest that they don't ask him further about that. No one wants more people throwing piss at others. On the other hand, he is willing to give anyone advice on acquiring said jar.
    • There was one time when he entered the House of Technology carrying a loaf of bread. Except that at that time there was a quarantine going on. Unaware of said quarantine, he got the bread mutated and seeing it mutate, he placed it on the jar and left it since. Many assassins are very wary when they see him with this not because of the green liquid in it, but the monster that lurks in it.
  • There is also another sniper that Mundy does not want to talk about, and that would be Shino Asada. He thinks that, since she acquired her sniper status in the gaming realm and not the real world, she does not deserve the title itself. This has gotten into a strained relationship for the two and it seems that Mundy himself is already making rants about her ascension too.
    Mundy: And why the hell would she receive a "sniper" helm. She isn't one for real and ought to teach that faker a damn lesson about sniping.
    • The only reason why he isn't placing her on the list of enemies is that everyone thinks that "Conflicting Opinion" fits better. Except that it doesn't actually fit his criteria. And it's even worse when Sinon found out about Mundy's Cold Sniper tendencies especially when they are training against each other. Now the two are becoming enemies.
    • And to further worsen the situation, Sinon's friend is actually an extreme target towards Tavish DeGroot a.k.a the Demoman (though this has lessened greatly but she hasn't forgiven him). And since Mundy is an ally to the drunken cyclops, this has finally placed a nail on their friendly terms.
  • Give him a clear shot, and the element of surprise against those who can either shoot, catch and/or dodge the bullet, and he can kill almost any human god in the Pantheon with a single shot. Other kinds of creatures might give him a slight problem, though.
    • However, the only human that can actually dodge his bullets and aiming skills is non other than The Humanoid Typhoon himself, Vash the Stampede. He really sees him as a good target, if he wasn't spraying bullets everywhere while he's aiming.
  • Unlike the other mercs, he is the only one who can tolerate The Spy. The duo have some extreme deals to finish each other with. Its also known throughout the Pantheon that he is the only sniper who can outsmart and outmaneuver the Spy, despite other attempts from other snipers. And to further finalize the fact, he created a shield meant to fend off his backstabs. Oh, and his "jar of piss" will further put his misery.
    • That didn't stop the Spy from mocking his life:
  • There was one time when he attempted to hunt down for a certain ogre. Instead of meeting him in style, it gave him the biggest mindfuck he has ever seen.
  • Once, in a timeline where Henry Stickmin tried to steal a diamond by scooter, Mr. Mundy was called upon to stop him. Henry used a Bubble Shield to block the bullets and escaped.
  • He seems to have an interesting thing going on with Clark Kent. Mainly because Clark's origins reminds him of his true origins, though without everyone being morons.
    • Things have gotten even grimmer when they discovered some similarities with him and Jack Ryan. New Zealand, which was Mundy's birthplace, went on the same fate as Rapture, sunken below the sea.
  • Really doesn't know what to say about Pudge the Butcher. Mainly because he sounds like someone trying to sound like him, Australian accent and all. Sniper does respect that his Meat Hook can be counted as a form of aim-and-snipe-at-long-range, though not enough to be called a Sniper.
  • However, a few days after his ascension and his return from his world, he has changed his attitude albeit. Then he unexpectedly snapped and as a result from being killed by Classic!Sniper he attempted to kill every single one of his sniper brethren. Almost everyone would have gotten insta-killed if Lockon didn't interfere with Sniper very quick.
    • After some observation from the House of Mentalism, they were able to see his memory, It seems that the Classic Sniper not only killed him, but double tapped him to further give him a taste of death. He's lucky that Medic was able to revive him as soon as he saw his body.
      • Regarding his temporary death, he somehow wasn't affected by it heavily unlike most deities who have felt death. He even called it the first 12 hours of break he has ever had in his life. With that news spread, Sylvanas had been watching him after that because unlike her who underwent a full change after her resurrection, Mundy's death was just a simple "holiday" and wasn't affected so much unlike her.
      • He's also a bit more relaxed. As for why, turns out that he saw his parents back in heaven (his adopted ones). While he initially wanted to stay and be with them, they expressed their newfound admiration in his work to sniping all the bad people left. It also removed his fear of death. He now knows what awaits him: a wonderful retirement. But professionals have standards, no downtime on the job just yet. While some try to point out this may have been a hallucination, the reveal of Scout also being temporarily dead amd seeing Heaven confirmed that Sniper did die and will go to heaven.
    • And much like the Medic himself, he has gotten into the hate-list of Dhuum himself. Mundy actually fears him for being a reminder of the Grim Reaper himself.
    • Implied to be one of the few who previously knew that Spy was Scout's father. Sniper withheld the info for professional reasons while also the fact it's something the Spy has to do. For the most part, Scout did not press him on the info, though both did talk about their shared experience in heaven.
  • "Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

    Naughty Bear 
Naughty Bear, God of Bloodless Carnages
  • Let's see, Naughty. Hmm, by yourself, I have to say you are a Lesser God. With your best equipment on, you're easily a intermediate god.
  • Symbol: HERE'S, NAUGHTY!!!
  • Theme: Naughty Bear's menu theme when not angered. The Intense Theme when he is. You better watch out for him when he IS angry though; chances are it won't end well for you, hee hee hee!
  • Alignment: Why Naughty, you are probably the most Lawful Good bear I have ever meant... Well, okay; judging from this chart you're grading on, you've been graded a-Chaotic Neutral?!? How DARE they insult you like tha-Oh hang on; they also added as a side note with good tendencies. Alright, I GUESS we can live with that...
  • Portfolio: All of the Other Reindeer, Bears Are Bad News, Being the poor dragon that was bullied leading to their deaths, Bloodless Carnage, Combat Pragmatist, Living on an unforgiving island, Improbable Weapon User, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Reformed, but Rejected, orchestrating many deaths by irony, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, and hearing a Lemony Narrator who is a Evil Brit who's pushing him to kill...Wait a minute, why was that there? Oh that was just probably a fluke; nothing more, nothing less!
  • Domains: Revenge, Bears, Irony, Bullied victims
  • High Priest: It would seem you have found someone to take your place in this seat of the Pantheon should they find a different one for you! This odd fellow's name is Fritz, and he is very armed to deal in bloodless carnage!
  • Allies: Thankfully, unlike that rude place called Perfection Island, you actually made some sincere friends here Naughty! Like Winnie The Pooh, Freddy Fazbear, Grouchy Smurf, Dan, some of the nicest people in the House of Friendship and just about the entire House of Vengeance loves you! Also, that nice lumberjack/boxer gent, Bear Hugger can give the most crushing yet loving hugs so it's a good thing your stitching is quite strong! And let's not forgot those dandy Excalibur and Deadpool fellows! Personally, I like The Narrator myself.
  • Pities: Poor Alma Wade, Naughty. Such a terrible life she lived, and she is feeling so much anger, it kind of makes your life look easier in comparison. And the GUAG calls themselves heroes after giving up on her?!? And on a similar note, Samantha Maxis has quite the sad life herself.
  • Conflicting Opinions: What a curious fellow that Sora Shiun'in is. He may be sweet to his allies, but if not, well...Lets just say not even we can agree with those actions.
  • Enemies: Oh, there's plenty of other enemies here, like Bruce Wayne and Freddy Krugeur after that costume incident, Springtrap, Trollkaiger after they pranked you, and of course Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, especially for trying to insist that we are not so different! That's not mentioning the list of all the sinners we see here that need to be punished...
  • We sure got lucky that one hitching a ride on that trip the bears back from Perfection Island used to get away from you, huh Naughty? They pooled their funds together to buy a one day tour here, and they didn't even invite you! You had to sneak onto the plane that was taken here by holding onto a safe spot on the landing gear to be taken here. Thankfully, there were PLENTY of creative and unique ways to kill those no good bears here, and upon finding out that not only were you the cause of all their deaths, but did so with only there being fluff to clean up, they decided to give you the title of Bloodless Carnage and let you stay, much to the other bears delight that you weren't be with them anymore. Good riddance to them; especially Daddles!
    • Of course, even with such a title doesn't mean that we can't put up one heck of a fight. That's a lesson the Trollkaiger learned the hard way, after trying to re-enact what was supposed to be your glorious moment after triumphing over the aliens, only to be cruelly mocked and humiliated by being splattered with cake. Just like before however, their temple really needed repairs after you shot the place with a powerful rocket launcher...
    • Speaking of payback, the pantheon is FILLED with people that need justice, like Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, who tried to get us to join their little despair crusade because they saw us as EVIL! Hopefully, all the dead Monokuma bodies and the destruction of one of their manufacturing machines where those robots come from should prove otherwise, and if not...we're always up for round two, right Naughty? Hee hee hee~!
  • How nice of the House of Friendship! After hearing that we have been tricked out of cake TWICE, some of the members there decided to try and recreate the cake and moment, and promised to not have it ruined by anyone mean! How incredibly selfless of them! Looks like you can make a lot of friends here!
    • Looks like there's a whole house dedicated to revenge Naughty, and they are more than welcome to have you join with them from time to time to help carry out revenge against some of the meanest and nastiest people here on the Pantheon! We're gonna be quite the busy bees, huh?
      • On the topic of revenge, Dan recently gotten some interest in us as we were able to go on a one man crusade for revenge multiple times. He may just be not only a good friend of us, but it could be interesting working with him for his own revenge schemes as well.
    • There's also people here who relate to our bleak outlook and experience here, like Grouchy Smurf and Grumpy Bear. While the atmosphere may be rather down around them, it's so relaxing to just lay back and relax with them after a day of punishing sinners, isn't it naughty?
    • Interestingly enough, that Freddy animatronic also took a liking to us! Not only do you took look like long lost brothers, but turns out that the two of you actually had a bit of a history with revenge, with the no good Purple-Guy being sent to an almost final death by his OWN personal killing device; how ironic! Reassuringly to him, we vowed to make sure he never harms a soul again, and help him keep Springtrap bottled up in his own temple.
      • By far, the sweetest friend we had made so far had to be Winnie the Pooh! That silly old bear doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and is just utterly one of the nicest people around! Of course, we should make sure that nobody hurts him in return, huh Naughty?
      • Wasn't it nice of Pooh to introduce you to the boxing lumberjack Bear Hugger, Naughty? The second he saw you, he picked you up and gave you a big loving hug that would have been strong enough to make your stuffing burst out! Now that was very nice of him and it's quite possibly the first time someone actually hugged you. It felt so warm and so nice, didn't it? It may have been a very forceful hug, but it's a good thing your stitching is stronger than that!
      • And hey, look at that! It's Bayley! and she's gonna give you a big hug just like Bear Hugger did. That just goes to prove that there are those who really do care about you, isn't that right Naughty? And she's even taking you to a party with her fellow Avatars of Friendship. They really know how to throw parties, now don't they?
  • Eh? Is that Excalibur fellow REALLY what the pantheon finds annoying? We already met a sword like him before by the name of Phil, who wouldn't shut up about singing every song known to man. Honestly, Excalibur is more favorable than Phil is...Hey, at least that means we can use him as well, huh?
    • Well, looks like one of our newer friends, Deadpool, not only enjoys the idea of punishing those that deserve it with ironic deaths, nor can he actually also use Excalibur, but he can also talk to ME! Yes Naughty; someone else can talk to me! Shame that he's a bit on the annoying side, but luckily, he introduced me to someone I FAR like more than him, the Narrator! He seems vastly impressed with how well we work together, and enjoys chatting with me on my down time!
  • Apparently, while dead for some time, your Twitter page did get a few eyebrow raises from the other gods in the Pantheon, Naughty. While some of them may be a bit hard to believe, the others can't really be disproven.
  • Rumors of your past have cropped up all around here; one source says you were like yourself since you were born, but made a half-hearted attempt at being good, and got rejected! Another one says that while you loved pranks, you didn't mean to be TOO violent towards them, and thus were looked down upon as a result. Heck, another one suggests that you were once a unibear before a incident with Daddles happened! Really; such rubbish!
  • Regardless of what they did and how they are viewed in their own world, you just can't help but pity poor young Alma Wade and Samatha Maxis, can you Naughty? It's certainly understandable, as they both have tragic pasts that makes your history back on Perfection Island look nicer by comparison. It also helps that Samatha seems to view you favorably for her love for teddy bears as well as taking pity on how your life was. It seems like a mutual, non-verbal agreement was reached between the three of you that you all will keep watch of each other. Isn't it just nice to be watched over by those that care for you?
  • While Sora Shiun'in can be a dangerous individual if he hates you, he thankfully doesn't hate you Naughty! He even offered to you a spot in his team with his other plush toys ready to kill. While we can say we approve of everything he stands for, I assume that it won't hurt to join him if he is targeting someone that we hate as well.

Pudge, God of Butchers (The Butcher)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Meat Hook in front of several meats in display. Human meats.
  • Theme song: "I Am Pudge" by Miracle of Sound
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Butcher Of Men, Pulling People In With His Meat Hook, Dead Fat Bastard, Damaging Self When Casting Something To The Point Of Suicide, Yelling Loud "FRESH MEATS!!!", Visceral Bad Guys, 'Australian' Accent
  • Domains: Hooks, Meat, Combat, War
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra
  • All was well in the Pantheon when suddenly there's someone pulling Kenny McCormick got caught in a meat hook and was heard screaming of being cleaved. Whatever attempts of people trying to yell "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" "You bastard!" was drowned with the scream "HA HA!! FRESH MEAT!!". Though the Radiants knew that Kenny would be okay, they know this can only mean one thing: Pudge the Butcher has entered the Pantheon and the Dires has gotten themselves one more member in the divine Pantheon.
    • in the Fields of Endless Carnage, where corpses cannot decompose or decay, Pudge had the important job of disemboweling and dismembering up corpses to ensure that the carrion birds could devour them. However, after a long time of butchering, Pudge himself wanted to try just one taste, which escalated quickly into a desire of devouring entire corpses, quickly turning him into the obese and rotting monster that he is. The Shopkeeper is willing to tell the story to those who're curious.
  • The fatter Pudge gets, the more dangerous and sturdy he becomes. Where do you think those fats came from? It's from any beings he butchered and consumed himself.
  • Despite his job, he's still pretty okay with butchering animals and serving food. It's just that everyone is too scared to invite him to any normal party.
  • His Meat Hook drag is one of the most feared thing in the Pantheon, with Scorpion himself saying it's a potent weapon based on his spear. However, Pudge can occasionally be seen pouting, because any time he missed, he's going to hear all those insulting "LOL NOOB PUDGE".
  • Don't ask why he's got this sudden Australian accent despite not knowing what this 'Australia' is. At the very least, it seems that The Spy seems to recognize that...
    • When The Sniper ascended, Pudge was confused as to why Mr. Mundy has a similar voice, down to the accent. Pudge does respect the Sniper's sniping skills, viewing it as some kind of "Hook immediately from any distance" kind of hooking, just without the actual hooking.
  • Naturally, due to his rotting body, his house is notorious to be amongst the stinkiest house in the Pantheon.
  • It was actually rumored that his high priest used to be a certain creature called Devourer. But when Pudge found out that all it did was just eating, not butchering, he ended up making the finest meat out of that creature and ate it.
  • In spite of his 'junior' status compared to Sanctuary's Butcher, who, right now, stay as his High Priest, Pudge held his throne for the fact that he's more lucid and having his own sentience instead of being a mindless beast.
    • And when said Demon ascended, people thought that said Butcher would try to take the title for himself. But it turned out that they became really good friends.
  • "Oh, a battlefield is truly a wonderland!"


    Charles-Henri Sanson 
Charles-Henri Sanson, God of Decapitation (Chevalier Charles-Henri Sanson de Longval, The Great Sanson, Monsieur de Paris, The High Executioner of France, The Angel of Death, The Grim Reaper, Assassin, Chopper)
  • Demigod (Lesser God as Assassin)
  • Symbol: Sanson Family's Crest
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil to many. (He considers himself to be Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Preference for Beheading for Execution Method, Comes From a Long Line of Executioners, Practitioner of Medicine, Skilful With A Sword, Prays for God for His Forgiveness, Hated and Feared by Others
  • Domains: Executioners, Guillotine, Medicine, Family, Fear
  • Allies: Eiki Shiki, Sonia Nevermind (?), Mami Tomoe, Ned Stark, Ikaruga, Murasame
  • Enemies: YHVH, The Pyramid Head, The Dark Judges, Konrad Curze, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, The Queen of Hearts
  • Dislikes: Draven
  • Opposed by: Chevalier d'Eon
  • The fourth head of Sanson family, Charles-Henri is one of history's most famous executioners, known for carrying nearly 3000 executions, including that of king Louis XVI. And while he was not the one who invented the guillotine, he was one of people who ensured that it would be put in use due of his preference to quick and painless death.
  • After he ascended to the Pantheon, the executioner who has already ascended to the Throne of Heroes got a delightful flood of memories from the times he was still alive, and his idealism during those times. He also wonders why he was so obsessed with Marie Antoinette since he was not the one who killed hernote . When he heard that Mozart was in the Pantheon, he told him that he doesn't need to think about him when it comes to Marie Antoinette. This is especially enforced with him stepping in when her sister started to have some touchy time with Marie, so her obsession with her would seem hypocritical.
    • Speaking of musicians, he is disappointed that neither Bach nor Christoph Willibald Gluck isn't in the Pantheon, as he adores their music. He himself is also a good violist and cello player.
  • He doesn't have that much praise forwards Darius, who considers his line of executions just too gruesome. He also says that Darius doesn't seem to realize what "guillotine" means due of his "Noxian Guillotine" technique. However, he thinks that Draven is even worse of an excuse of an executioner, saying that he is like his younger sister Marie if she was even more crazy.
    • He also really dislikes Pyramid Head as he thinks that he is manifestation of what the common folk thinks of executioners.
  • Generally put, he has a really bad reputations alongside other people, as they think he is some sort of sadistic angel of death who enjoys killing people. In reality, he is the polar opposite of that idea. Originally, he was a fragile boy didn't even want to become executioner, only accepting the role when it was the only option he had if he wants to be accepted in his family and only really became confident man when he ascended to "manhood" (as in, had sex with Marie-Jeanne Bécu), and honestly wished for a day when there were no need for further executions. And even then, he tried his best to end the lives of those he killed as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you really had to say he was evil, then think of him as Necessarily Evil, as if there are no executioners, then who will carry out people's punishments? He is no different from a soldier following the nation. He did have his slippery slopes, especially with her sister, though.
  • Besides his profession, he is a skilful swordsman, as he had to carry out executions with a sword, and is also a doctor, as his family studied human anatomy and pharmacy for their line of work. He is willing to help people free of charge, though he only has knowledge of 18th century French medicine.
    • Speaking of his swordsmanship, some deities wonder what is up with his T-shaped claymore thing. He says that it is an adaptive version of Executioner's Sword, and that the extra weight in it helps him delivering more decisive blows, even for tougher foes. He is also seen carrying a small sword, mainly when he is intending to duelling with someone. The said small sword might actually be a pistol sword, if he thinks he needs it.
  • As someone who commonly asks God for forgiveness and to send the dead to Heave, he detests YHVH, as there is no way he would give his prayers to someone who would most likely make him carry out executions on innocent people. He is more confrontable with Eiki, as he believes that she can make the right judgements. Eiki also sees the true nature of Sanson beyond the "Grim Reaper" reputation he has.
    • One thing to note is that he only really takes judgements through Eiki, and any executions orders need to be due of her judgement. He does not trust House of Justice due of how warped and conflicting the whole House can be. One of biggest examples he makes is Konrad Curze. While he can't completely disagree with him as the whole point of Public Executions is to make a point, mass slaughter will NOT do any good to anyone.
  • Besides what you might think, he got rather close to Mami Tomoe due of him sympathizing with what happened to her. Same can be said about Ned Stark.
  • For his surprise, he actually got some attention from Sonia Nevermind, as she for one thinks that his think is sort of creepily cool. He... appreciates the compliments, supposedly.
    • However, through her she learned quite a bit about Monokuma and the so-called Mastermind and their execution methods. Needless to say, he is less than amused of their outright ridiculous and cruel ways.
  • There was one time when Ryouna came to him and willingly asked him to bring her pain she couldn't imagine normal person would. He first refused the offer, as he will not harm innocent people, and he is no torturer. However, when Ryouna brought up "écartèlement", he actually got mad, saying she should never bring that event up.
  • Is really, really annoyed by Queen of Hearts, as her constant demand for decapitation gives him a headache. He has said to her that if she keeps that up, she's the one going onto the chopping board.
  • Rumoured to be hearing voices of all the people who have died by his hands, though it is bit of a deep secret he keeps to himself. Though his former master did convince him that what he has done was just and they are reminder of what would happen if his justice would waver.
  • Amusingly enough, he seemed to have gotten some help from a certain Assassin on putting the guillotine into use. Though he wonders why Animus seemed to have imagined him as a stereotypical executioner. Or if the whole Animus is inconsistent with his looks.
  • He has some regards forwards Ikaruga for picking up her adoptive family's line of duty, even if the line of duty is rather gruesome in his opinion. And while he has some pity forwards Murasame, he can't help but to be reminded of his sister for better or worse. At least he did accept his role and got a good position for himself rather than rebel to the very end.
  • Doesn't really want to be worshipped since he doesn't want to make a religion out of this.