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Intermediate Gods

Etna, Goddess of Prepubescent Badassery (Demon Lord Etna, Beauty Queen Etna)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her skull earrings
  • Theme Songs: "Etna Rock" and "Etna Boogie"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cute Bruisers, Demons, Having a Complete Lack of Boobage, Being Immortally Prepubescent, Tsunderes, Killer Rabbits, Wearing Leather, Struggling to Contain Her Power
  • Domains: Chaos, Trickery, Darkness, Usurpers, Destruction, Youth
  • Allies: Laharl, Flonne, Toph Beifong, River Tam, Rachel Alucard, Lilith Aensland, Shion Sonozaki, Prinnies
  • Enemies: Adell (To a certain degree), Warboss Ghazghkull, Mikuru Asahina, Power Girl, Selena Recital, Morrigan Aensland (though they have been able to set aside their differences during important times), pretty much any Goddess who has bra size C and above (except Shion and Ryoubi, in a sense), Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, Yoko Littner, Gul'dan
  • Is very, very, sensitive over her lack of "maturity," and any mention of such within earshot is met with Horrible, Painful Death(TM). A good deal of the other Gods like it, mind you, but she won't hear any of it.
  • Hacked the Pantheon for the purposes of changing her ranking. Haruhi's been trying to change it back for some time, to no avail.
  • Is one of the few deities that has defeated Adell in fair combat. Though some suggest that it would not have happened if Rozalin (His girlfriend) didn't insult her chest size, thus pressing her biggest Berserk Button.
  • Her treatment of the Prinnies is strongly frowned upon by many members in the House of Beasts. Not that this makes any difference on her treatment of her beaked slaves, mind you...
  • Under normal circumstances (i.e. being an enemy of anyone with bra size C and above) she would be Shion's enemy. However, Shion's mischievous nature won her over. That and a certain prank Shion played on Laharl that she couldn't stop laughing at for days.
  • After ending a crisis in the Netherworld, Laharl and Flonne returned to the pantheon without Etna for reasons they refuse to explain. She was in a coma for weeks after a nearly fatal exposure to "The Artifact of Absolute Death". Etna eventually returned with a power boost, but has been seen struggling with it.
  • Ever since she managed to bring in the Prinnies into the Pantheon, she has begun to question this choice. Even though she gets to enjoy the luxury of having hundreds of servants at her disposal, she still has to deal with the constant attacks from Warboss Ghazghkull since he is always in need of a new batch of Prinnies along the need of a brutal battle. Though she has about as many victories as she has losses against him, she still has to sacrifice many Prinnies in the process due to the destruction that the fights cause.
  • Is taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" to back up Flonne.
  • When she heard about the formation of 'League of Flat Chest', Etna wasted no time to propose for leadership, hilariously threatening everyone that she can grind her levels to over nine thousand and make everyone still submit to her anyway. Even the proposer, Noel Vermillion, had to accept that proposal, despite her title. Etna was pleased.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar have declared her their sworn enemy, condemning her treatment of the Prinnies due to being "penguins" no matter how many times others try to tell them differently. Etna personally considers them a nuisance, though due to them actually getting the better of her on several occasions, even she has some level of respect for them.
    • "Some" meaning she puts them slightly above "annoying".

Kuroki Kaze, God of Conquering Threats With Bigger Ones (Kaze, Black Wind, Unlimited)
Kaze with the Magun in its inactive/'frozen' form
Click here  to see the Magun's activated/'thawed' form
  • Intermediate God
    • Phoenix, Typhoon, Shiva, Ixion, Bismark, Odin, and Atomos: Greater God
    • Ifrit, Titan, Meteor Master, Gun Dragon: Overdeity or capable of matching one
  • Symbol: The Magun's unsealed or 'thawed' form, as it appears in the title card at the beginning of an episode
  • Theme Songs: Enter Kaze and Silent Kaze for the man himself, The Magun Has Thawed for when...well...and Firing the Magun for the summoning sequences and the summons themselves
  • Alignment: Neutral Good in Sour Armor
  • Portfolio: Summon Bigger Fish, Depleted Phlebotinum Shells, Eyepatch of Power, All-Powerful Bystander until he steps in last-second to save the day, Doing so over and over again, Amnesiac Anti-Hero, Being abrasive and aloof but still caring about others, Resurrective Immortality, Largely referred to by his last name
  • Domains: Summoning, Heroes, Monsters, Amnesia, Wind, Order
  • Allies: All Final Fantasy heroes, Team Dai-Gurren, Rei
  • Enemies: Chaos (Final Fantasy), Chaos (Sailor Moon), Porky Minch, The Four Chaos Gods, Dharkon, Zamasu, the Grand United Alliance of Chaos and Grand United Alliance of Destruction as a whole
  • Opposed By: The Anti-Spiral
  • Mutual Interest: Jiren
  • Conflicting Opinion: Discord and benevolent chaotic beings in general
  • Kaze is a protagonist of Final Fantasy: Unlimited, a mysterious wanderer with an unnecessary eyepatch who stalked the world of Wonderland, saying little to the child protagonists Ai and Yu or their keeper Lisa. He only cared about opposing the tyrannical self-proclaimed ruler, Earl Tyrant, and the man he saw as his arch-enemy, Makenshi. However, he still has a caring side to him, as he has repeatedly gone out of his way to save Ai, Yu and Lisa, and when a werewolf girl named Lou developed a crush on him, he allowed her to get as clingy as she liked without making much of a fuss about it. He is said to be an Unlimited, or a mortal with power surpassing that of gods, who can come back from death. Also, he gets flashbacks to the last time he spoke to his sister from people grabbing him.
  • Kaze's primary claim to fame is the weapon attached to his right arm called the Magun. Normally it takes the form of a golden cylinder around his arm, but when it starts to move, Kaze is able to 'thaw' it into its true form - a three-barreled handgun with a loading chamber with three slots on one side and a drill on the other, as well as a beating black heart. Kaze has a bandolier of glass 'bullets' which are actually charges of Soil, a magical sand made from crystallized life force. By loading three different colors of Soil, Kaze can summon a variety of otherworldly monsters. Soil combinations seen in Unlimited and the resulting summons are listed below, in the forms of the speeches Kaze makes as he summons them.
    • Phoenix: "The origin of everything, Mother Black! That which burns everything, Fire Red! And the critical point of everything, Burning Gold!"
    • Typhoon: "More infinite than the open sky, Sky Blue! Perfection that pierces the earth, Grand Brown! And finally, a deception to twist reality, Magic Violet!"
    • Shiva: "The cry of the dark spirit, Dark Green! The one that does not forgive the creation of life, Virgin White! And finally, the one that freezes everything, Ice Blue!"
    • Ixion: "The deep sleep that envelops death, Steel Gray! The rising of boiling blood, Heat Crimson! And the brilliance that pierces the darkness, Lightning Yellow!"
    • Bismark: "The one who tears apart boulders with its teeth, Shark Gray! The one who envelops all thirst, Water Blue! Finally... the one who feeds on emptiness, Crusher White!"
    • Ifrit: "The grinding teeth of incandescence, Cardinal Red! The deep blood of the hurricane, Dark Crimson! Finally, the strength of steel! Burnt Sienna!"
    • Odin: "The light that tells of eternity, Bullet Silver! The darkness that tells of destruction, Destroy Black! The moment that tells of extinction, Steel Gray!"
    • Atomos: "The anger that cuts off everything, Storm Blue! That which absorbs all color, Ash Gray! Finally, that which falls into the infinite darkness, Silent Black!"
    • Titan: "The protecting earth that makes even the heavens cry, Gaia Brown! The hidden quiet passion, Deep Vermilion! Finally, the everlasting vitality of life, Ever Green!"
    • Meteor Master: "The cry that destroys the heavens, Horizon Gold! The anger that pours down, Aero Black! Finally, the light that pierces eternity, Auto Silver!"
    • Gun Dragon/Omega: "The light that fills your eyes, Tear Rainbow! The ultimate soul, Soul Gunmetal! Finally... my life's spiral, Endless White!"
  • In his left hand, Kaze additionally wields a strange shotgun that resembles Nero's Blue Rose in terms of having two vertical barrels. In the Pantheon, he reserves its use for things he knows aren't immune to bullets, because there's not much point when the alternative is the Magun.
  • After the final battle with Chaos in Unlimited After, Kaze awoke in the Pantheon in the middle of a war between the GUAG and the GUAE. In a twist of fate, he himself was summoned by Lucy Heartfilia, desperate to find someone who could defeat a rampaging Diablo. As he could not fire the Magun without Ai and Yu around, he silently shook his head, but then Vulcan, observing the commotion, fixed the Magun with a strike of his hammer and Kaze immediately sprang into action. Declaring "I've chosen the Soil for the likes of you!" he proceeded to summon Typhoon, which created a space cube around Diablo and shrank it further and further until the Lord of Terror had been excised from three-dimensional space. For defeating such a threat in no time flat with such an immensely powerful summon, and having many more where that came from, Kaze was granted the divine role of Summon Bigger Fish.
  • For Kaze's part, he's largely indifferent to the Pantheon itself, but after all he's been through to try and defeat Chaos, the existence of Chaos in the Pantheon, accompanied by yet more malevolent incarnations of chaos, has given him a new enemy. The only thing that's gotten a truly surprised reaction out of him so far is the Cids. He asked them if they knew about the Ghost Train, and was even more surprised when they said they knew the Cid who had made it in the first place.
  • When it was revealed that the drill on the Magun is there because Soil has to move in a spiral motion to activate its power, Kamina went out and dragged Kaze to meet the others of Team Dai-Gurren. Kaze was put off by their over-the-top attitude, but when he realized he, too, gets more Hot-Blooded when the drill starts spinning, he started to wonder if they weren't on to something with a connection between Soil and Spiral Power. He's sparked a budding friendship with Simon, who does his best to keep his voice down around Kaze.
    • The Anti-Spiral, fearing and hating Kaze's potential as an Unlimited, has taken very close note of this. It's said that a fight between Kaze and an equal would release more than enough power to destroy the world, so although they have not yet crossed paths in person, preparations are being made, for the day may yet come when they have a battle of typical Gurren Lagann proportions.
  • Jiren once sought out Kaze, curious about the so-called god-surpassing power of the Unlimited. When Kaze informed Jiren that most of the power belonged to the Magun as an extension of himself, and not his own combat prowess, the Pride Trooper was disappointed but still found a common point in the tragic backstories that led to their stoic demeanors and blunt approaches to combat.
    • This got Kaze on Zamasu's shitlist. Kaze was only able to scare Zamasu off by freezing part of his body with Shiva in such a way that the mad god could not regenerate, but he's aware that it wouldn't be enough, and is prepared to reach out to deities he would otherwise never interact with, like Goku, in order to stop Zamasu for good.
  • The first being of chaos that Kaze got to meet face-to-face was Discord, which left him... conflicted. He wants nothing more than to stop the rampant destruction and havoc caused by Chaos at all costs, but he's learned from the events of Unlimited Episode 19 and After that chaos and destruction can take benevolent form, as much as he may hate it. He had his shotgun in Discord's face up until Fluttershy stopped him, and left the Hall of Order & Chaos in a silent, confused huff.
  • Absolutely D E T E S T S Porky Minch for reminding him far too much of the Earl Tyrant. Both are immature brats with too much power and authority for their own good, who attempted to control an apocalyptic entity and also brainwashed a member of the Kid Hero's family into their loyal servant to help them with it. At any moment where the two are in the same area, bullets will fly.
  • He was once invited to join the Grand United Alliance of Law, under the assumption that his hatred of chaos stemmed from a desire for order. Upon learning about Yaldabaoth, however, he quickly grew disgusted and left. He doesn't hate the GUAL, but a being of order that is just as destructive and controlling as Chaos is just as vile in his eyes.
  • Remus Lupin once caught Kaze idly staring at him. It turned out that Kaze was remembering a werewolf from his own universe with a similarly blatant themed name, Lou Lupus. The first thing Kaze said about Lou was her obsessive crush on him, and Lupin was repulsed by the notion that he had somehow triggered those specific memories. Still, his curiosity was piqued by learning how Lou's brand of werewolf transformed by looking into another werewolf's eyes or a mirror, rather than a full moon, giving the process a more romantic flair. Bigby Wolf, on the other hand, immediately thought of Bloody Mary and refused to discuss Wonderland werewolves.
  • An encounter was once arranged between Kaze and the Pantheon's resident bigger fish, Liopleurodon. Nothing came of it, because Liopleurodon can't speak English and Kaze doesn't talk to giant monsters. He did not summon Bismark for fear of a fight that would result in catastrophic collateral damage.
  • During an attack by King Ghidorah, Rei's Gomora was sent out to try and stop it, but could only manage to hold back the mighty Titan. That was, until Kaze appeared on the scene and summoned Ifrit to attack the three-headed monster with a ball of fire bigger than its entire body. After Ghidorah was successfully routed, Rei invited Kaze to join the GUAG, but the wanderer refused, remaining a free agent. Still, when a giant monster attacks the Pantheon, these two can often be seen on the scene together.
  • Cosmos was disappointed to learn of Kaze's refusal to take a definite side in the war between good and evil, but she doesn't mind. Since he is part of the Final Fantasy multiverse, and he continues to oppose Chaos, he is an honorary member to her.

    Li Shuwen 
Li Shuwen, God of the Single-Stroke Battle and Grandmaster of Bajiquan (Assassin, Lancer)
As an Assassin 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A horizontal closed fist with an erupting volcano as a background
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, with moments of Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Old Master, Single-Stroke Battle, Blood Knight, Hair-Trigger Temper
  • Domains: Strength, Celerity, Martial Arts
  • Followers: Kenji Goh, Noriyasu Seta, Leo Kliesen, and Bajiquan practitioners everywhere
  • Allies: Kenshin Himura, Rin Tohsaka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Medusa (Fate)
  • Enemies: Nobody in particular, although his Blood Knight tendencies will net him many enemies from Good and Evil-aligned gods alike.
  • Opposes: Kirei Kotomine
  • Additional Relationships: His temper and lone wolf tendencies prevents him from having much relationships, although he is also new in the Pantheon.
  • He was credited of uttering the phrase "I have yet to encounter an adversary of mine needing a second strike."
  • He won the position from Saitama after the other showed little inclination for the position (and thus, was defeated with a single strike). That, and he has been doing single-strike battles everywhere he was depicted in.
    • To honor the previous holder of the position, when asked how he was able to defeat Servants with a single strike, he often replies with "20 embers, 20 skill gems, 20 pieces, 10km run, every single day" with the straightest of faces.
  • He has tremendous god-slaying potential now that he has godhood. Other gods are understandably wary of this.
  • He can be considered the polar opposite of Ip Man. While Ip Man hails from Southern China and is an affable Nice Guy with family, Shuwen hails from Northern China and is a hard-to-get-along loner until his death.
  • When not looking for a fight, he spends his spare time putting his martial arts to more practical use as a masseur in Beni-Enma's pavillion. His first famous client? Consort Yu.

    The Monkeys 
The Monkeys, Gods and Goddesses of Overkill
  • Range between Intermediate Gods and Quasideities depending on the monkey
  • Symbol: The Super Monkey’s emblem, or bananas
  • Theme Song: Party time
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Extreme Overkill, Super-Intelligence, coming in a variety of non realistic colors, games that don’t really have a plot, Skill Scores and Perks, Acid Attack, Wave-Motion Gun, Physical Gods, Nuke 'em, Playing with Fire, only having two females (well, there are three, but the last one is in the patch notes), and so much more.
  • Domains: Monkeys, Destruction
  • Herald: Max, Sai, Captain Classie, Sam, C4 Charlie
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Bounce Man, the House of Celebration, Frieza, Pokémon hunter J, the House of Water and Moisture (Gwen)
  • Terrifies: The houses of Ice and Cold and Plants (Gwen), Emmet
  • Before the rise of man brought the great rivalry between Pirate and Ninja, there was another natural feud between two animal species: Monkeys... and B[al]loons. No one knows how or why this epic war began, but both sides fight endlessly with ever greater wartime developments vying for domination of the world. All of the preceding is included absolutely nowhere in the game's design, and is merely a flavorful fantasy explaining why players seem to care so much about using monkeys to pop balloons.
  • A normal day in the pantheon was interrupted when a portal appeared in the sky and a bunch of balloons came out of it. They did little more than annoying most of the people near the portal and then a bunch of monkeys popped out of the portal and started mercilessly killing them with a ton of weapons. It was quite a scene.
    • After the very few surviving balloons fled, one monkey in a tank said that he and his teammates have been fighting Bloons for years. Their brutality against the Bloons earned them a place in the Combat Other sub-house for Overkill on the spot.
  • Once the temple for them was made, the monkey engineers swiftly got to work, building a monkey paradise, with plenty of places to make new weapons if need be.
  • Because of his round, balloon-like shape, Bounce Man quickly got attacked by these balloon popping monkeys (The fact that they share a sub house doesn’t help). Bounce Man quickly went to the Main House to kick them out. The results of this remain hidden to the public, but most assume he failed to do so. They also hate the house of celebration, because of... do we need to spell it out for you? Either way, they got banned multiple times, but every time they manage to sneak back in.
  • Most monkeys have hung out their temple from time to time; some good, some bad, but they liked the company. This, of course, led Spike to their temple wanting to know why there were so many monkeys in one place, suspecting they were up to no good. Gwen told him not to worry, and said that he could call on their help anytime.
  • When they first arrived, a lot of people who don’t know them thought that they were infected by the simian flu because they they came just after the first ever successful raid of it by the Murkrow. When they realized that they meant trouble, most of the monkeys sacrificed themselves to form the avatar of the vengeful monkey, who quickly incinerated the thieves... and a small chunk of the Main House. When they turned back to normal and the simian flu was put back in its place, they got rewarded handsomely... with parts to reconstruct the part of the Main House they destroyed. They reconstructed it flawlessly, impressing the house of Craft, especially Emmet. Despite this, he is still terrified of them because of their violence.
  • They made a quick enemy with Freeza, due to his hatred for “filthy monkeys”. They decided to do an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Between him and Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey. Mettaton, overhearing this decided to film this and broadcast it throughout the pantheon. Interestingly, the monkeys got more popular as a result of this. Unfortunately, this caused the Pokémon hunter J to put a bounty on their head....
    • Another person that made an enemy of them after MTT's broadcast is Sans, who is displeased at them for killing millions of bloons. They defended their decision because A) they have no emotion B) they are just sent by the truckload at them and C) they are infinitely coming. Sans calmed down after hearing this, but he is still suspicious.
  • Exclusive to Quincy:
  • Exclusive to Gwen:
    • Unsurprisingly, her first stop was the sub-house of Fire and Heat, where she quickly made a name of herself due to her popularity in her home game. She is apparently making club in secret here: the secret house of the elementals, where one low ranking member of each sub-house come to her clubhouse to pull pranks on people.
    • Regarding other houses, her Kill It with Fire motto keeps her away from the Plants house and Ice and Cold sub-house, she still wants one to be in her club, but she does not know who. She is annoyed by the Water and Moisture sub-house because they can put out her fires, but you know what they say: “With enough fuel and air everything burns!’’.
    • One incident was when she snuck onboard Moltres and tried (badly) to control it. The end result? The entirety of the Plants house being set on fire. Despite this Moltres still likes her and takes her flying every once and a while, as long as it doesn’t cost the house of Plants.
    • Calling herhotwill get you melted into a gooey pulp. Also, she is not interested in Quincy, regardless of what others say.
  • Exclusive to Striker Jones:
    • Being a military general, he was more than impressed with the fact that the pantheon has a Military and Warfare house, trying to get into it at least as a temporary member, he got accepted, so he often visits.
    • He also travels to the Gaming house every once and awhile. The worms are his primary target when he’s there and he loves to talk to them to see what’s new in their tech.
    • He gets along with most people who shoot things like the Inklings, the aforementioned worms and more, he often tries to get them to fight the Bloons with little success.
  • Exclusive to Obyn:
    • He often stops by the house of Plants, being a spirit of the forest after all. He talks to them about improving the house to its fullest potential. The leaders declined, but he keeps trying.
    • He also goes to the house of Ambiguity, due to his mysterious nature, he struts about, and he talks to the deities to learn the latest gossip. The house of Beast is another common stop due to his Attack Animal, though he doesn’t stay long.
  • Exclusive to Churchill:
    • He, like Jones, likes going around to the house of Military and Warfare and training there, but he is more respected than Jones due to his Tank and sharper military intellect, as in, able to make better decisions. Despite this, they are still good friends.
    • Being a secret fan of anime, he has a wide amount of knowledge about it, and he often talks to people from anime to learn more (he still hate Frieza, though).
  • Exclusive to Benjamin:
    • Him being a bank hacker he stays alone most of the time, only coming out to play or be the house of music’s DJ as his alter ego DJ Benjammin’.
    • A lot of people think that he is nothing but trouble, but he hacks for a good cause: getting extra money. This doesn’t stop someone like Roboking from getting worried about getting hacked. Ben simply told him to calm down and he couldn’t hack him even if he tried, and they are friends now... at least sort of.
    • Being named after slang for the $100 US dollar bill, Benjamin, he and the real Benjamin are good friends, but almost never see each other due to them doing their own thing.
  • Exclusive to Elizi:
    • Nothing much is known about her, other than she is a witch doctor who spends most of her days sacrificing various things. The house of Death and Postmortem welcome her to stop by anytime, she never got the memo, but she still considers them her friends.
    • Oddly, she loves small cats and wants more in the pantheon. It’s kind of heartwarming in a way to see how she takes care of them, with the pay of bloon deaths, that is. Oddly despite his combat prowess, she doesn’t Incineroar, as she thinks that he is a shallow Attention Whore.
  • Exclusive to Pat Fusty:
    • Not Being called “The big monkey” for nothing, he oftentimes is fighting big opponents in the combat house using his punches, his slaps, and his hugs. Him and his opponents often tie, with better understanding of each other.
    • Due to sounding similar, him and Patrick Star are often swimming with him an grabbing a bite with him. He is also a good friend to Spongebob for this reason.

    Noriaki Kakyoin 
Noriaki Kakyoin, God of Last Ditch Attacks (Kakyoin, Tenmei Kakyoin, "The Only Reason Women Watch This Show", Mr. K)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand, Hierophant Green
  • Theme Music
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A Follower of DIO Until He Was Defeated, Beware the Nice Ones, Emerald Splash, Friendless Background, The Heart, Using the Last of His Powers to Help His Allies
  • Domains: Power, Summoning, Emeralds
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • On generally good terms with: Phantom Thieves of Heart, Iroque
  • Not only is Noriaki Kakyoin one of the first Stand users that Jotaro encountered, but he was one of several individuals that was working for Dio. Unlike many of the other characters that Jotaro fought, Kakyoin was freed of his brainwashing and following this, became a member of Jotaro and Joseph’s team that was hunting down Dio to destroy him. His Stand, Hierophant Green, can crawl into people's bodies and control them (which saw very little use following his initial battle with Jotaro), stretch its limbs at great lengths, and shoot emerald projectiles. Once he eventually confronted Dio, Kakyoin ended up being overpowered by him and with no other options left, Kakyoin used one final Emerald Splash on a nearby clock tower before dying in order to give his surviving allies a clue on Dio’s time-stopping powers in order to defeat that menace for good.
  • Even though Kakyoin was among those who died during the final battle against Dio, Jotaro’s time in the Pantheon led him to believe that many of his friends and foes that he encountered would still be around in some capacity regardless of how they turned out the last time he saw them. Jotaro received a note from Joseph Joestar that Kakyoin was waiting for him at a far-off town, prompting Jotaro and Joseph to head off to where Kakyoin was at. As the two were getting close to their destination, they noticed a couple other vehicles parked to where they were at, suspecting that a few goons were aware of Kakyoin being in the Pantheon and whoever those threats were tried to eliminate Kakyoin. Once Joseph and Jotaro met up with Kakyoin properly, they noticed that Kakyoin was able to take care of these thugs with only a few minor injuries. Kakyoin was subsequently welcomed to the Pantheon by Joseph and Jotaro, and it was there that not only did Kakyoin’s adventures continue, but he would learn of what adventures Joseph and Jotaro took part in well after Dio was initially defeated.
  • While Kakyoin is well-aware of some of the past allies and adversaries that the Joestar line has encountered thanks to partaking in some event, it was in the Pantheon that Kakyoin got to know them better. There were some enemies outside of Dio that Kakyoin held in contempt, especially Enrico Pucci for being a supporter of Dio and pulling off extreme actions that essentially rendered Kakyoin’s sacrifice to ensure Dio’s demise pointless. Of the numerous allies that the Jojos have encountered, Kakyoin is very good friends with Okuyasu Nijimura. Despite the differences in intelligence and how their final fates turned out, both were influenced by Dio in some way (Okuyasu’s father had a Flesh Bud implanted and put the family in danger after being deformed from such and Kakyoin was directly brainwashed) and became staunch allies of their respective Jojo following a confrontation with them.
  • Of those who have had troubled pasts and a Friendless Background, Kakyoin was able to relate to Thunder quite a bit, with her understanding his personal problems as well. Thunder was someone who didn’t make much of an attempt to find any friends thanks to having an abusive past, with her only friend being M950A, who was the opposite of Thunder personality-wise. It was 950’s determination and optimism that helped Thunder open up and even accept her as a friend, akin to how Jotaro’s resolve helped Kakyoin grow as a person following their initial meeting.
  • Kakyoin wasn’t the only deity who had to make up for his friendless past and prior dubious actions. Starlight Glimmer was someone who was unable to have friends in the past, something that took a toll on her sanity and she performed some terrible actions before being told how much damage she would cause if acted on. This affected Starlight greatly that she abandoned her dark path and was willing to be a student to Twilight Sparkle (who herself didn’t have many friends prior to meeting others in Equestria) in order to better understand friendship. Starlight was able to relate to Kakyoin’s past and how he wanted to move on from it and both were able to find good friends in each other following their initial meeting.
    • On a fairly similar note, Kakyoin heard about two students, Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya, and how they have had troubled lives due to a lack of friends and how Shouya did his best to make up for his past transgressions against Shouko. He does have sympathy for the two, though Shouya’s bullying of Shouko and how that resulted in Shouya getting ostracized later on was something Kakyoin worried about even if the circumstances are far more grounded in comparison. More to the point, Kakyoin does wonder if his life would have been a lot worse than before had he been a servant of Dio for longer. The two don’t hold anything against Kakyoin and if anything, Shouya is worried about what it’s like to work for people who want to cause grief on a larger scale.
  • Despite their contrasting personalities, Kakyoin was able to get along with Shadow the Hedgehog. Aside from their use of Emerald-based powers (with Kakyoin having Emerald Splash and Shadow relying on a Chaos Emerald to perform Chaos Control), they had embarked on an adventure that had them confronting an individual that was tied to their questionable past. Chaos Control having the ability to stop (or at least slow down) time unnerved Kakyoin for a bit, though Shadow being on the side of good (if a bit distant in terms of character even as a member of a trio that Shadow considers his closest friends) mitigated those concerns.
  • Being brainwashed by Dio and made into a servant of his is something that Kakyoin is not proud of to say the least. That there were a multitude of deities dedicated to brainwashing others and forcing them to serve an evil cause was more than enough to earn them Kakyoin’s ire. Having a Flesh Bud embedded inside his own body was painful enough on its own and having to go through something similar to that through different means isn’t something Kakyoin wants to happen. He is more than willing to target deities dedicated to malicious brainwashing so that others won’t have to go through what he did back when he was a servant of Dio’s. Of those deities, Kakyoin has a pronounced hatred of M. Bison and King Sombra given how they’re focused on being tyrannical rulers who instill terror onto others and how they use brainwashing as a means to achieve that goal, akin to how Dio wanted to rule over others.
    • It came as a shock for Kakyoin to learn about those who brainwash people not to do evil, but to act like decent human beings. He didn’t have the best background before meeting Dio and it was only after he was freed of said brainwashing that Kakyoin really became a nice person, but he is still apprehensive of that particular idea. By his own admission, he doesn’t hold anything against The Phantom Thieves of Heart and Iroque as individuals given how they all had troubling pasts, how the Phantom Thieves grew together as a team, and that Iroque really did become a good person after she herself was subject to that brainwashing. He does understand what both parties want to achieve a better world for others to live in, but Kakyoin’s more inclined to be a good person by his own volition.
  • As far as being a pawn for a villain is concerned, Kakyoin managed to find kinship with Durbe (in addition to being loyal towards their respective group of friends), one of the Barian Emperors. Kakyoin was taken aback by how Don Thousand was willing to corrupt others to turn against their allies, something that happened to Durbe. That said, Durbe is sympathetic towards how Kakyoin didn’t have any friends and how that played a role in the latter becoming a brainwashed pawn of Dio.
  • Kakyoin wasn’t the only victim of brainwashing who broke out of it and used their abilities to fight back against their perpetrator. A girl named Blade ended up being used by the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution as their enforcer as a means to get closer to their goal, with her breaking free from her brainwashing thanks to Luminous Avenger iX and helping him take down Demerzel. There is a notable difference in how things turned out for them, with Kakyoin being freed of his brainwashing a lot quicker, but unable to live to see Dio truly defeated whereas it took longer for Blade to be freed from the Sumeragi Institute's control, but was able to move on once Demerzel was defeated. Blade and Kakyoin have managed to befriend each other, with both relating to each other in their determination in moving on from their past transgressions as a pawn for a villain they were fighting against.
  • One Stand user that ended up being a major problem for him was Mannish Boy, a baby who can use his Stand to invade the dreams of others and kill them there. Defeating Mannish Boy required Kakyoin to get around Death 13’s capabilities in order to save him and his teammates from potentially getting killed. There were a number of nightmare-inducing entities that gave Kakyoin bad memories of Mannish Boy such as Freddy Krueger, but it’s the more powerful ones such as Wizeman and Vaermina that he’s worried about. The two are able to create nightmarish worlds much more elaborate than what Death 13 could come up with and if he does end up getting trapped in them, getting out of them alive would be very difficult even with Hierophant Green and would more than likely require the help of specialized dream entities to escape those worlds.
  • Can also be found in Last Moments.

    The Ultra Beasts 

The Ultra Beastsmembers , Divine Representatives of Min-Maxing (Nihilego: UB-01: Symbiont, The Parasite Pokémon, Jelly Hugger, UB01 Parasite, Uturoid | Buzzwole: UB-02: Absorption, The Swollen Pokémon, -insert any number of Rated M for Manly people here-, UB02 Expansion, Massivoon | Pheromosa: UB-02: Beauty, The Lissome Pokémon, The Cluster, Pheroache | Xurkitree: UB-03: Lighting, The Glowing Pokémon, Plugs Ripley, Denjyumoku | Celesteela: UB-04: Blaster, The Launch Pokémon, Railgun, Tekkaguya | Kartana: UB-04: Blade, The Drawn Sword Pokémon, UB04 Slash, Kamiturugi | Guzzlord: UB-05: Gluttony, The Junkivore Pokémon, Mr. Glutton, UB05 Gluttony, Akuziking | Naganadel: UB: Stinger, The Poison Pin Pokémon, Agoyon | Stakataka: UB: Assembly, The Rampart Pokemon, UB: Lay, Tudentune | Blacephalon: The Fireworks Pokemon, UB: Burst, Zugadoon)
The numbered Ultra Beasts. Clockwise from center: Buzzwole, Kartana, Xurkitree, Guzzlord, Pheromosa, Nihilego, and Celesteela
Click here  for Naganadel
Click here  for Stakataka
Click here  for Blacephalon

    Valkenhayn R. Hellsing 
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, God of Submissive Badasses (Silver Wolf, Butter Man, Dog person)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God at his Prime)
  • Symbol: Valkenhayn's Emblem
  • Theme Music: Howling Moon I and II, SIX-HEROES (shares the latter theme with the rest of the Six Heroes)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Werewolf Beastkin, Legendary Hero, Only Hero to fight without Nox, Badass in a Nice Suit, Cool Old Guy, Battle Butler, Former Immortal Hunter, "I live to serve"
  • Domains: Werewolves, Butlers, Loyalty, Heroism, Time
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Enemies: Anyone who would harm Rachel Alucard, Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover, Hazama, Fenrir Greyback, Lord Voldemort, The Death Eaters, Hoss Delgado, Millennium, Alexander Anderson, B.B. Hood
  • Opposes: Buffy Summers
  • Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is the loyal servant of the Alucard family. A former member of the Immortal Breakers and one of the Six Heroes who helped lead humanity into defeating the Black Beast. Valkenhayn was a Former Teen Rebel (a lot like Ragna actually) until he and Relius Clover were contracted to kill Clavis Alucard, they failed. After multiple confrontations and assassination attempts, Valkenhayn would swear Undying Loyalty to his new master. Said loyalty would last even after Clavis's death and continue towards his daughter, Rachel Alucard. His greatest wish, is that Clavis returns from death, so he can continue to serve both members of the Alucard family.
  • Valkenhayn was once a follower of Hayate Ayasaki, God of Battle Butlers, and made a few appearances here and there at the behest of Rachel Alucard, for he shall always be available to tend to her ladyship. After amassing even more power after her deification, Rachel was finally able to fully manifest Valkenhayn within the Pantheon as the God of Cool Werewolves.
    • He would eventually give up his titles to Genn Greymane and Larry Talbot, believing them to be more worthy of it. Instead he chose a title that best represented his loyalty and servitude to his master, Rachel Alucard. Hence he is now the God of Submissive Badasses.
  • When Valkenhayn had ascended, the first thing he did was to greet his master, as well as prepare her some tea. Rachel was very pleased to see her faithful servant in pantheon, she even invited (read forcibly teleported) many gods from their home world to celebrate. Valkenhayn was happy to see both his old comrades Hakumen and Nine, alive and well.
    • He wasn't however happy to see Ragna, nor was Ragna very happy to see him. But he was even less happy to hear that both Relius and Terumi were here in pantheon. Knowing that they were still around has encouraged Valkenhayn to search and make new allies, along with the others that Rachel had made, to finally put an end to the two hated gods.
  • While not many werewolves in Pantheon are the same, Valkenhayn's kind tends to stand out. The reason is that his race was created with the use of sorcery. Therefore he, and by extension other lycanthropes, exist outside of "logic" or "reason". Not only do the natural laws mean nothing to him, but it allows Valkenhayn to do what would otherwise be considered impossible. One of them being how he has a natural high immunity to both temporal and dimensional manipulations. Only high level Intermediate Gods and above can get past this. Another is that he can tear apart a Pure Magic Being, immortals and Eldritch Abomination with his bare hands.
    • It should be said, the near hundred years since the Dark War have both greatly aged and weakened Valkenhayn. He isn't as strong as he used to be... but that doesn't mean he's weak. Even at his old age, he can still wipe the floor with One Man Armies and Persons Of Mass Destruction.
  • Being the loyal butler he is, Valkenhayn found new allies with others with a similar profession. He even became part of a team full of similar servant deities.
  • Valkenhayn is a bit popular with his fellow werewolves. One was with a werewolf by the name of Fenrich. The two see a lot in one another, both are deeply loyal to their vampiric masters, both are former mercenaries, and both wouldn't hesitate to kill one another if their respected masters were to order it. The two actually formed a pact with one another, said pact being that they would aid one another in returning their masters to their former glory. Valvatorez would retain his Tyrant status and Rachel would retain her powers as an Onlooker.
    • Of course Fenrich wasn't the only werewolf that Valkenhayn met. He also came in contact with Bigby Wolf, Darius Crowley, Jon Talbain, and Akira Kaburagi. Valkenhayn feels most comfortable and similar to Bigby, Darius and the previously mentioned Greymane, as werewolves that are capable of maintaining both their sanity and identity in their transformed state. He looks fondly over Jon Talbain and Akira Kaburagi, offering them training should they wish for it, as well as blessings and support over their respective relationships. Jon, while grateful for the training, is embarrassed about his "relationship" with Felicia. Akira, while grateful for his support with his relationship with Mina, has yet commented about the training proposal.
    • While there are a number of werewolves that Valkenhayn finds to be good company, the same can not be said with Fenrir Greyback. He views him with nothing but utter disgust, and has taken every opportunity to give him an absolute brutal beating. Letting Fenrir know that despite being The Dreaded in the wizard world, he's nothing when compared to someone who's power is recognized by even the Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto.
  • When Valkenhayn heard of a particular vampire who was known as Alucard, he initially didn't think much of it. Seeing as there were two others were also referred by the same name. At least until he heard more about him. How he had long black hair, crimson colored eyes, how he was the oldest of his kind, as well as one of their most powerful. How he believed that Humans Are Special, and finally how he's known far and wide as the "No Life King". With everything present, he believed that the Vampire may have been his former master, Clavis Alucard. Unfortunately, it was just as he previously thought, it was a completely different vampire. Interestingly enough, Alucard himself searched for Valkenhayn. Hearing a retired warrior by the name of Hellsing. A warrior famous for killing the unkillable, and for being well known about his ties to a Vampire Lord. The two surprisingly went on to became good friends, sharing many similarities, being incredibly loyal to their masters and having a strong hatred for traitors. Valkenhayn would eventually even show him to his master Rachel Alucard. Alucard (Hellsing) would actually be in proper behavior, and show genuine respect to the other vampire. Aclucar even introduced them to his young fledgling, Seras Victoria. Seras was the first one to point out the irony of how her master (Alucard) was a servant to the Hellsing Family, while Valkenhayn R. Hellsing was a servant to the Alucard Clan. Everyone actually laughed at said irony.
    • Of course when being allies with the Hellsings, Valkenhayn was made aware of Millennium. Just like many others, Valkenhayn is in complete disgust with them, he's frequently clashed with The Captain, who (seemly) views Valkenhayn as a worthy opponent. Valkenhayn on his part, only hates him a little less than the others.
  • While Valkenhayn considers Rachel's enemies as his enemies (and her allies as his allies), there are some that he's taken personal animosity towards. Like B.B. Hood, Hoss Delgado, the previously mentioned Fenrir Greyback, Lord Voldemort as well as his Death Eaters, and surprisingly enough, Buffy Summers. It's due to her status as the Goddess of Vampire Hunters, and how she against even the good and/or neutral ones.
  • Can also be found in Guardians and Protectors.
"Behold the power...of the full moon! Night has now fallen, the moon shines bright. The play is now through!"

    Zidane Tribal 
Zidane Tribal, God of Cultured Warriors (Angel of Death)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God during Trance
  • Symbol: His two knives crossing
  • Theme Songs: Zidane's Theme, Battle 1 (Dissidia Remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Anti Anti Christ, Artificial Human, Chivalrous Pervert Who Stops Acting Perverted Toward His Love Interest, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Doom Magnet, Dual Wielding, Double Weapon, Genre Savvy, Gentleman Thief, Keet, Little Bit Beastly, Lovable Rogue, Sixteen Years Old, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Theft, Culture, Acting, Combat
  • Heralds: Garnet "Dagger" Til Alexandros XVII (his Love Interest), and rest of Tantalus.
  • Allies:
  • Special Relationship: Kuja (his brother)
  • Enemies:
  • At first glance, it is easy enough to tell that Zidane is a warrior and a thief. What a lot of people don't expect him to be, however, is that he's also a theater actor. He also has knowledge of music and is generally Genre Savvy.
    • Following his ascension, Zidane was happily reunited with Vivi, as the latter passed away back on their home universe.
    • Thanks to the events in Dissidia, Zidane gets well along with Bartz Klauser as a duo.
    • His time there probably magnified his flirtations as well, given he's made such comments all the way to Cosmos and even the Cloud of Darkness. He's not even fazed that most of the women
  • Sometimes hangs out in the House of Theatre and Spectacle to participate in acting, as well as the House of Music.
    • With Weiss Schnee, they acted out a grand swordfight for an audience. To their dismay (and Zidane's chagrin) however, they learned that out of 100 gods watching, 99 were impressed. Encores did not change the outcome no matter what, so they gave up on impressing the 100th god. Zidane eventually figured out that the 100th watching god was in fact Statler and Waldorf. At that point, he was more concerned about the fact that the two apparently counted as a single god instead of two.
  • Has been pestered by the implications of what his future at the end of his game was; given his heartwarming reunion with Princess Garnet after vanishing on her when he wanted to make sure Kuja didn't die alone; did he continue life as a (hopefully non-thieving) performer after returning to Tantalus? Or did he become Alexandria's performer king (given they did get married at Conde Petie, and it's debatable as to whether it's actually legally binding). Zidane is being tight-lipped about that, unfortunately.
  • When the House of Gaming was set up, Zidane decided to introduce Tetra Master to it, and it became quite the sensation. Squall (who ascended around the same time as Zidane) would eventually introduce Triple Triad as well, under Rinoa's insistence.
  • Is skilled at tricking enemies to turn their attention away from him and his party members long enough for all of them to maneuver into a position for a Back Attack against the enemy.
  • As someone who was made to destroy but doesn't want to, Zidane has befriended other gods who're in a similar position. He has especially gotten quite chummy with Ryoji Mochizuki, though even he envies Ryoji's ability to automatically attract girls; however, Zidane is also annoyed in that Ryoji's much more dense about it somewhat, and isn't as much of an "expert".
  • Frieza was not too happy to see another "filthy monkey" in the Pantheon, especially when that "monkey" also has a Super Mode. Out of anger, Frieza attacked Zidane in an attempt to kill him, but Son Goku was able to save Zidane before anything bad happened and drove Frieza away. Since then, the "monkeys" have gotten friendly with each other. Though Zidane has to wonder if there's any connection between him and the Saiyans.
  • Formed a friendship with Ryuko, and happened to learn about Ragyo from that. Zidane was appalled to learn about what she did to her own daughters, and decided on the spot to offer his help to Ryuko the next time Ragyo would attempt anything. Not to mention that there's something about Ragyo's voice that bothers him...
    • Seems to also have gotten along with Naoto Shirogane as well, via a more comfortable voice proxy.
  • Once got into trouble by accidentally grabbing C.C.'s behind while delivering a stack of pizzas to her. Thankfully, the immortal witch believed him when he said it wasn't intentional (he was reaching his hand to return Lelouch's credit card).
  • He became fast friends with Aladdin as both happen to be acrobatic rogues. naturally, this put Zidane at odds with Jafar.
  • Went to visit Golbez after his solidified Heel–Face Turn. When he asked the monkey-tailed hero what his business was, he gave a strange request: To help in redeeming Kuja as well, or at least keep the other Warriors of Chaos from preventing him from doing so. He had managed to reach out to his "brother" back in Gaia before he died, and he doesn't understand why Kuja's forgotten. In his time with the GUAE, Golbez managed to know why thanks to hearing Kefka gloat about it, and decided he would see what he can do. As for the truth, Golbez decided it would be best if Zidane heard Kuja's motives from the man(?) himself.
    • Eventually, an opportunity came and together they managed to corner him. While Golbez hung back to leave the two to their quarrel (and bar off any intervention from Kuja's allies), Zidane faced off against his "brother" in a bid to make him remember their last conversation in Gaia. Naturally, some GUAE members tried to get in Zidane's way, only for the Lunarian to stop them, and then the conflict soon escalated as others took interest in it and took sides, making Golbez's task much more complicated. Still, somehow, Zidane was soon able to incapacitate Kuja, then—as planned—he and Golbez were spirited away with a teleporter that would take them somewhere more private.
    • In their secluded area, Zidane finally got Kuja to spill; the reason the latter turned heel again was due to what happened in the 12th cycle in the Dissidia wars; he truly was against Chaos's side, but Kefka's intervention forced his hand, and the mad clown would later alter his memories for the next cycle, which Golbez corroborates, recalling Kefka's gloating back when he was serving the GUAE.
    • After that explanation, Kuja asked what will happen next. Zidane offered him to join him in the GUAG, just like him and Golbez, at the Ministry of Atonement to be exact. And this time, there will be no intervention from Kefka or anyone else as they make their way to Cosmos, which won't be long since they had teleported to the House of Heroes. Kuja wasn't sure; he's played and revelled in the role of villain for far too long, and his tenure as an inside man didn't really go well. Zidane promised to help him every step of the way. Being a (soon to be) fellow defector from Chaos, Golbez also offered to lend a hand when he can.
    • One successful visit to Cosmos later, Kuja's redemption was solidified, and defensive measures have been arranged to ensure that Kefka or anyone else won't be able to repeat the mad clown's stunt again.

Lesser Gods

Atlanta, Goddess of Anti-Aircraft Warfare (CL-51, CLAA-51)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A model of the USS Atlanta
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A Light Cruiser specializing in anti-aircraft artillery, Having a weird taste in Japanese curry, Girlish Pigtails, Not being able to launch or handle seaplanes
  • Domains: Light Cruisers, Anti-Aircraft Guns, Ships
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Cole Phelps, Takeo Masaki
  • Pities: Suzu Hojou
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yukikaze, Akatsuki, Yuudachi
  • The USS Atlanta, the lead ship of an entire class of US light cruisers originally intended as flotilla leaders and scout cruisers, turned out to be excellent at shooting down attacking enemy aircraft, thanks in no part to her main armament of no less than 16 5-inch 38 dual-purpose guns. Atlanta, who is the personification of the ship of the same name, reflects the lethality of her historical counterpart, with a maximum anti-aircraft stat of 128. For comparison, Iowa, her compatriot and the ascended ship girl with the highest rated anti-aircraft stat before Atlanta's ascension, has a maximum anti-aircraft stat of 120.
  • The title of Goddess of Anti-Air was formerly held by Air Defense Princess, who had the ridiculously high anti-aircraft stat of 390. Thanks to being an Abyssal, however, she proved herself to be a major threat to not only the Fleet Girls and the Admiral who opposed her, but even to other parties, including paratroopers like Cpl. Boyd Travers, and even pilots and aircraft crews like Launchpad McQuack and Black Cat Mantaray 5-4.
    • Thanks to a series of efforts by several ascended deities, namely by the aforementioned crew of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, The Admiral, as well as the ascended WWII Marines, Atlanta was able to take her place, not helped by the former holder having proved to be a significant threat to all of their operations, having attacked several of their aircraft and ships whenever they traversed the Pantheon's vast oceans. However, this wasn't the end of this Abyssal monstrosity in the Pantheon, who had retreated into another House to escape potential destruction. For now, deities like the aforementioned Black Cats and paratroopers like Cpl. Boyd Travers, and many of the Pantheon's civilian pilots need not worry about being shot out of the sky by an Eldritch Abomination out for blood.
  • Following her ascension, during an attack by the Abyssal known as Wo-Class, Atlanta manages to save several of her fellow ship girls from being annihalated by the latter's Airborne Mooks by wiping out the Abyssal carrier's entire complement of Abyssal Fighters.
  • For all her lethality in downing aircraft, it doesn't come without cost. Her historical counterpart, in fact, was lacking in the armor department, both against enemy shells and torpedoes, making her, in surface combat terms, very much a Glass Cannon. Also, despite being a cruiser, she lacks the capability to launch or retrieve seaplanes.
  • Unlike her fellow US shipgirls in Johnston and Iowa, she is comparatively unluckier than both, thanks in no part to her historical counterpart's less-than-stellar combat record during the Guadalcanal campaign, specifically during the 1st Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. It's also the same reason why she's uneasy towards her former enemies-turned-allies Yukikaze, Yuudachi, and Akatsuki, the latter two whom had played a part in her historical counterpart's eventual scuttling, and whom she had also severely damaged herself.
  • Despite hailing from different universes, Atlanta bonds well with the likes of the ascended Enterprise and O'Bannon, who both originate from a universe where the Abyssals have been ravaging Earth since The '50s. It helps that both ship girls' historical counterparts have worked alongside Atlanta's own.
  • Outside of the Fleet Girls, Atlanta becomes quick allies with Sgt. Thomas Conlin and his squad, as well as Sgt. John Basilone. In this case, it's due to being a veteran of the Guadalcanal campaign like them, her historical counterpart having been tasked with protecting the Marines in November 1942, ultimately beating back a Japanese armada at the cost of being sunk. In exchange for being among the deities to arrange for her ascension into the Pantheon, and much like Iowa and Johnston before her, she agrees to aid them in their fight against the Imperial Japanese forces in the Pantheon led by Cmdr. Masataka Shima, mainly through providing shore bombardment as well as protecting any US ships and planes from the looming Abyssal threat.
  • Because of her ability to take down hostile airborne enemies, she's earned the ire of many a hostile deity capable of Flight.
    • Chief among these are The Neuroi, who are either driven off or destroyed by Atlanta's concentrated anti-aircraft fire. And it's thanks to her clashes against the flying aliens that she's become a close ally of the 501st JFW.
    • The Monster Hunters themselves value her ability to shoot down flying targets as well as her advanced weaponry, as they prove to be useful in downing many of the flying monsters they face, including many of the difficult to kill Elder Dragons.
    • Many hostile Kaiju end up on the receiving end of her 5-in /38 guns, with among her victims being dozens upon dozens of Gyaos. Even Rodan receives several severe wounds from her main battery.
    • Even villains like Dr. Robotnik aren't immune. Several of the evil scientist's flying machines are reduced to scrap during one such encounter with the Light Cruiser.
    • Several Kirov Airships under the command of Gen. Nikita Dragovich and Col. Yevgeny Volgin are wiped out of the sky by her as well. This one turned out to a good move, given that the Airships were loaded with experimental Nova-6 bombs, which were intended to be dropped on several major Houses.
  • Interestingly, Atlanta's original vessel form has made numerous appearances in other media.
    • In World of Warships, Atlanta is a Tier VII Premium US Navy Light Cruiser. Notably, her Defensive AA Fire consumable, in contrast to most other cruisers, has unlimited charges, allowing to shoot down planes mercilessly during an entire match. However, much like her historical counterpart, she is still very much a Glass Cannon.
    • In Battlestations: Pacific, she's one of the earliest American cruisers available, alongside the Northampton and Cleveland. Her vessel form proper makes a prominent appearance in the 2nd Naval Battle of Guadalcanal level of the American campaign, as part of the US task force.

Baiken, Goddess of Handicapped Badasses (Baiken the Killer, Samurai Slasher, The Lone Samurai, Unfaltering Awakened Samurai, The Time Exile)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Pink Circle with four Triangles
  • Theme Songs: "Momentary Life", ROKUMON, Ricochet, Smoking Hot, Mirror of the World
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly with shades of Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Handicapped Badasses, Parental Abandonment, Ladettes, Broken Cuties, Revenge Before Reason, Kimono Fanservice, Interrupting Conversations of the Others, Reverse Grip, Censored Bloodshedding, Evil fiery redheads, Dark Action Girls, Gakuran Over Kimono
  • Domains: Combat, Japan, Hatred, Chaos, Metal
  • Followers: Zach Gowen, Chris Melendez
  • Allies: Millia Rage, Litchi Faye-Ling, Bang Shishigami, Kokonoe, Kenshi Takahashi, Tyr, Piston Honda, The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Rivals: Samuel Rodrigues, Nathan Spencer
  • Enemies: I-No, Dizzy
  • Opposes: Sol Badguy
  • Opposed by: Kenshin Himura, Scorpion
  • Annoyed with: Dr. McNinja, Heishiro Mitsurugi
  • Respects: Imperator Furiosa
  • Ascended at petition of Anji Mito and May, two long-time friends from Japan. She's a full-blown badass without an eye and an arm and has proven that time and again in battle. No one who has challenged her for the title has come close to beating her yet.
  • Just like Carl Clover freed Litchi Faye-Ling from the GUAG Token Evil Teammates back into the GUAG proper, she's going to do so with Anji from the GUAE Re Education Facility. Perhaps that's why she chose not to pop her head off in Xrd SIGN?
    • However, some footage of certain events have her protecting a tuner named Kum Haehyun. With the help of this mortal, she hopes to cure a mysterious illness befalling her colony. May is there to help her out as usual.
  • Often confused to be Kenshin Himura, as she's considered as an Expy of him, though Kenshin himself doesn't like her insistence of revenge as well as her impulsiveness. The feelings mutual, with Baiken calling him a weak-minded fool. Neither would downplay their skills, believing the other to be formidable fighters.
  • Even Daredevil was impressed with her capabilities despite her disabilities. At least he has some form of vision. Anyone that can use a sword one-handed and with one eye with that efficiency deserves a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Her full-blown hatred against Gears is something to behold with and could drive her over the edge. However, when called out for it, Baiken just revealed how much she at one time brutalized I-No to death, and everyone shuts up in satisfaction.
    • She also pretty much hates Sol Badguy and would NEVER accept any of his atonement acts. It's Personal.
    • This is also why she pretty much tolerates Kokonoe in her unending vengeance spree against Terumi. The power of vengeance isn't one to be underestimated, as Baiken has attested.
  • Under Anji's advice, Baiken attends Kenshi's meditation sessions along with Takeda. She admits it has helped sooth her bitterness of her situation. With that said, Kenshi has had no such luck convincing her to give Sol a benefit of a doubt.
  • One would say that she and Furiosa would make a great pair. In truth, the two hardly ever meet each other and even if they did it's to acknowledge their loss as well as their determination. Baiken is at least happy that Furiosa managed to exact her own revenge on Immortan Joe.
  • Has a grappling hook that replaced her lost one. While she was a follower of Nathan Spencer, that didn't mean they got along that well. Spencer is well aware of unwarranted persecution of those with certain abilities and wishes Baiken would see she can't lump everyone into a single category.
  • While she doesn't wear her country on her sleeve, she does grow found of Japan. She was happy to find many others who live in that country, one she never got to experience thanks to the Gears.
    • Is a frequent costumer in the House of Food due to their wonderful sake collection. She's ready challenge anyone to a drinking contest.
  • Has often been a critic of the choice of Samuel as the God of Katanas, believing someone from Japan should have the title. She unsuccessfully challenged the Brazilian for many years now. Minuano eagerly awaits these challenges though, claiming her fights to be one of his favorites
  • Her need for vengeance makes her a frequent admirer of the Count of Monte Cristo. She even supported him during his brief exile from the Pantheon. In secret, Edmond hopes that Baikan can seek closure either by exactly revenge or by refusing to blame good-aligned Gears.
  • Would rather not be reminded of the existence of Dr. McNinja. His mere presence can cause her to rant on how much of a fake ninja he is.
  • Considers Mitsurugi to be nothing more than a lazy bum who wastes time on frivolous fights. She has refused the inevitable challenge from the Rōnin as a response.
  • Baiken has mellowed-out considerably and has toned down her vengeance against the Gears as there is a much greater threat: Ariels.

    The Gatherers 
The Gatherers, Deities of Tearing Down Doors (Grunt: Mr. Face, Mr. Flappyjaw, Mr. Struts; Brute: Mr. Tall, Anti-Struts, Moose Man, Machete Master)
The Grunt
The Brute
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A pair of large Claws and his Nightmare Face (Grunt), An Arm-blade (Brute)
  • Theme Songs: Grunt Theme and Brute theme, respectively; Monster Chase theme for both
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil/Chaotic Stupid
  • Portfolio: Body Horror, Humanoid Abominations, Lightning Bruisers, Was Once a Man
  • Domains: Monsters, Ugliness, Abominations, Chases, Tearing down Doors
  • Allies: Kaernk, Pyramid Head, Spooky, The Butcher, Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein's Monster, The Slenderman, Piggsy, Leatherface, Stitches
  • Enemies: The Hunter, Saya
  • Targeted by: SCP Foundation
  • These strange creatures were discovered after they were found wandering the darker halls of the pantheon, where they would procede to chase down any deity that stumbled upon them. Many of the more Lesser deities unfortunately fell prey of them, until the Court of Gods took care of them and contained them in a shared temple. These creatures became infamous given how terrifying they are and how they like to destroy doors.
  • The SCP were tasked to contain the terrible duo after they went on a killing spree. To nullify their overall damage, they installed indestructible doors so they would be unable to destroy them. However, there seems to be someone who likes to release them only to see the havoc they can cause, which forced the pantheon to amp the security of the temple.
  • It is said that staring at them for prolonged periods of time can actually drive you insane (provided you are not already crazy). Thankfully, the Court of Gods have taken extra measures to warn other deities about how to deal with them.
    • And whenever they get out, the Hunter is usually tasked with dealing with them since they are immune to the nightmare inducing effect that the creature have on everyone. Besides, they are pretty used to fight horrible creatures anyway.
  • Spooky has heard of the terrible reputation that these two creatures have and decided to recruit them so they can patrol her mansion. It was pretty easy to convince them since they can't harm ghosts.
  • Even though they are really dangerous, they can be very dumb sometimes. For example, covering your head with a box can potentially make either of them forget that you were even there.
  • Both creatures seem to be very close with the Frankenstein's Monster, as they can actually relate to being underlings of a madman. Although the main difference between these creatures is that the Gatherers used to normal people before becoming what they are today.
  • The Brute once stumbed upon Saya, and as always, tried to attack her. What surprised the monster was that Saya was more than she looks and completely mauled the creature in response. Both him and the Grunt had been avoiding her like a plague.
  • James Sunderland, being a Survival Horror protagonist, has a big irrational fear of these creatures, as they remind him a lot of the nurses.
    • On the other hand, they seem to be in good terms with Pyramid Head, provided they don't get in his way. The Brute sometimes is said to try mimicking the Sword Drag that Pyramid Head is known for.
  • Serial Killers like Leatherface or Piggsy seem to be fond of the gatherers, if only because they are also huge victims of Body Horror. On the other hand, the duo has also been seen interacting with the Slenderman, which could suggest that they are working for the Slenderman's mysterious cause.
  • The GUAC has expressed interest in using these monsters as potential foot soldiers, which the GUAG didn't take lightly. The Court hasn't decided what to do with these two, but they are considering increasing the security measures just to evade potential break outs from them.
  • One of them had an encounter with Erma, and would rather it not happen again.

    Genjuro Kazanari 
Genjuro Kazanari, God of Powerful Normal People (Old Man Genjuro, Commander, Genjuuro)

    Hana Song/D.Va 
Hana Song, Goddess of Acquired Skills Through Gaming (D.Va, MEKA Pilot, Gremlin!D.Va, Neon Pink Evangelion)
D.Va inside her MEKA
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A white bunny head in a pink circle
  • Theme Song: Her Heroes of the Storm theme song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gamer Chick, I Know Mortal Kombat, Mini-Mecha, Bunnies for Cuteness, Future Spandex, Glass Cannon, Badass Adorable, Blue Is Heroic, Bottomless Magazines, Facial Markings, The Knights Who Say "Squee!", Mechanically Unusual Fighter, Lightning Bruiser, Self-Destruct Mechanism, Shed Armor, Gain Speed
  • Domains: Gaming, War, Robots
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Widowmaker, Diablo, Sektor
  • Fangirl's over: The ascended Starcraft deities, especially Sarah Kerrigan; the only exception would be Arcturus Mengsk.
  • Professional Gamer Hana Song was recruited by the South Korean government to fight a giant omnic that rises out of the East Chinese sea periodically to attack South Korea and the surrounding areas.
    • Hana, as well as many other people, were recruited because as a professional Starcraft II player, Hana had the reflexes and instincts necessary to pilot her MEKA.
  • Hana is most well known among the gaming community as D.Va as that's the name she goes by online as while D.Va is a famous professional gamer, she also livestreams her fights for her fans. This has earned D.Va the ire of several deities who take fighting seriously and don't believe it should be viewed as a means of entertainment.
  • Despite being classed as a tank hero, D.Va fight or defend the team in the same sense as a normal tank, D.VA generally uses her MEKA's boosters in conjunction with her defense matrix so she can turn her enemies to swiss cheese at close range with her fusion cannons.
    • And if things are looking kinda dicey or if D.Va's MEKA takes too much damage, she can set it to boom, killing anybody in the vicinity, including (for the longest time) D.Va, if she didn't get the F outta D before it blew up. However thanks to new material in her bodysuit, D.Va is protected from the explosion.
    • Unfortunately for D.VA, blowing up her MEKA forces her to fight with much less defense, but she gains more speed and consistent damage. Because of this, D.Va has been seen getting along well with Samus Aran as she too gains agility at the cost of power without her Power Suit.
  • Anybody who's been to D.Va's temple has often been shocked at dirty her temple is as D.Va is often spending her time either gaming or in her MEKA so she usually doesn't have the time to clean up her many empty Dorito bags and Mountain Dew bottles.
    • Not everybody who goes to D.Va's temple has seen the Gremlin!D.Va running around her temple. No one's quite sure how the Gremlin!D.Va got into D.Va's temple but one thing that everyone knows about it that it loves the taste of Mountain Dew and Doritos. Because of the presence of this Gremlin!D.Va, D.Va has often been seen getting along well with Umaru Doma and the Puchidols.
  • Because she was drafted by the government to pilot a mecha to fight something threatening her country, D.Va is pretty good friends with the Eva pilots and D.Va's mental stability and cheerfulness has a kind of healing effect on the Eva pilots.
  • It's not uncommon to see D.Va being good friends with Rize Tedeza due in part to them sounding alike while speaking Japanese but also because Rize's father was in the military.
  • Because she's the youngest hero, compared to the other heroes of Overwatch whose age ranges from in their 20's to ''61'', Many deities see Soldier 76 and Mercy as being parental figures for her (When they're not being shipped together).
    • Due to being the oldest member of Overwatch and one of its Founding members, many deities see Reinhardt as being a surrogate grandpa for D.Va, this theory is supported by D.Va and Reinhardt being good friends with each other, sometimes meeting up to play Hearthstone together.
  • On one of her trips to the house of technology, D.Va became friends with Catherine Kyoubashi due to the both of them bringing a Mini-Mecha into battle and also because the both of them use bunnies as an Animal Motif.
  • Not long after her ascension, there was a loud Squee from the House of Gaming as D.Va learned that several StarCraft deities had ascended before her and promptly went around to several of the ascended characters and Fangirled at them, getting all up in their grills and thanking them for existing because, without them, the Korean government would never have selected D.Va to become a MEKA pilot. But especially Jim Raynor, because he looked like the protagonist of the game where she learned how to shoot things: 16-Bit Hero.
    • Not too long afterwards, D.Va got her invitation to enter the battlefield of the Nexus, courtesy of Jim Raynor himself. D.Va was really excited to battle alongside StarCraft deities in the Nexus, she said that Kerrigan is also her fave, and she ships her with Raynor, making the marshal scratch his head while blushing.
    • One exception to D.Va's fangirlyness however is Arcturus Mengsk due to overthrowing a revolution but getting even worse than that and proves to be an even worse one for selfish reasons. Nobody knew how Hana Song felt about being conscripted on defending her country, but she'd line up early if there's a 'conscription' to overthrow Arcturus.
    • When she actually entered the Nexus, it was actually to defend Hanamura on the behest of Genji, against Diablo. D.Va does remember accidentally stomping Diablo on the foot, which then inspires her to weaponize her bunny hop forevermore.
  • One thing that really annoys D.Va is when someone calls her a kid, as Widowmaker can attest to as she frequently tells D.Va that kids shouldn't be on a battlefield.
  • Ever since the time D.Va learned how deceptively voluptuous Mei's chest is, she's been very wary around around women who wear baggy or oversized clothes as she's frequently expecting them to have bigger boobs than at first glance.
  • D.Va doesn't like Sektor very much on the basis that while she was given the technology to fight the Omnics to protect people, Sektor uses his technology for evil and to further his clan's technology.
  • Many deities find it to be very ironic how despite D.Va yelling "Nerf this!" whenever she self destructs her MEKA, she got buffed, much to the dismay of Greninja who's been consistently nerfed.
  • Her close allies reveal that her upbeat personality is just a facade. As she doesn't really care for the spotlight and takes her job very seriously and is actually constantly working on Tokki to make sure it is in tip top shape for combat. She remembers when the Gwisin incapacitated most of her team. She knows the consequences of failing and doesn't want to lose her home.
  • "I play to win!"

    Kenichi Shirahama 
Kenichi Shirahama, God of Attracting Fights (History's Strongest Disciple, The Mightiest Disciple, Ryozanpaku Disciple, Katsujinken Disciple, Weak Legs, Bandaid)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God in the Epilogue)
  • Symbol: Bandaid on a punching bag
  • Theme Song: Be Strong
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Attracts Fights, Ideal Hero, Martial Arts Disciple, Katsujinken Disciple, Training from Hell, Resolving hostilities, self-discipline, Finding courage in the face of adversity, Defending the helpless, Standing up against evil
  • Domain(s): Learning, Martial Arts, Courage, Protection, Friendship, Loyalty, Good, Gardening
  • Heralds: Ikki Takeda (his friend), Ryozanpaku Dojo (Hayato Furinji, Akisame Kōetsuji, Shio Sakaki, Apachai Hopachai, Shigure Kōsaka and Kensei Ma)
  • Followers: Shinpaku Alliance, Katsujinken Disciples
  • Special Relationship: Miu Furinji (his wife)
  • Allies: Aphrodite, Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, Kurama, Gouken, Mr. Miyagi, Takuma Sakazaki, Kenshiro, Minsc and Boo, Ky Kiske, Makoto Naegi, Mr. Satan, Ip Man, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Kenshin Himura, Son Goku, Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken Masters, Guile, Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, Rock Howard, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki, Ultraman Leo, Rias Gremory, Issei Hyodo
  • Rivals: Ranma Saotome, Makoto, Son Gohan
  • Enemies: Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Adon, Vega, Shin, Souther, Mister Heart, John Kreese
  • Conflicting Opinion: Akuma
  • Opposes: Martial artists who abuse their power, the Satsujinken philosophy, the evil that others pretend not to see
  • Opposed by: The Vogons
  • Kenichi Shirahama was originally a good-natured but timid wimp, whom even the geeks picked on. That all changed when he met Miu Fūrinji after entering high school. Miu, eager to make friends, gladly helped Kenichi with his desire to become stronger. She introduced him to Ryōzanpaku, a dojo which housed some of the most powerful martial artists known to man. Though Kenichi only sought guidance to stop being bullied, his rapidly growing prowess attracted the attention of bigger and badder foes that he had to fight. He also became a member and the honorary "co-founder" of the Shinpaku Alliance, an organisation of Disciples created by Haruo Niijima in order to gain power and facilitate his goal of world domination.
  • Kenichi originally ascended into the Pantheon with the title of God of Martial Arts Disciples, Martial Arts Repository of the Gods and was granted seats in the Houses of Knowledge, Combat and Heroism. He ascended without Miu, but declared that if she wasn't allowed to join him in the Pantheon, he'd rather abdicate than be separated from her. That earned him the immediate and very vocal support of most of the House of Love, chiefly Aphrodite herself, Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, and many members of the Houses of Family, Combat and Heroism.
  • Unfortunately, in those early days, the Pantheon was a more chaotic and less organized place, and his attempts to get Miu into the Pantheon ran into numerous roadblocks. Members of the Court of the Gods reportedly claimed to feel for Kenichi's plight, but since it was an administrative problem it was still out of their hands, at least until the administration filed their decision, at which time Kenichi could enter an appeal. Captain America also claimed to be sympathetic, but agreed with the Court's legal position. On the other hand, the Celestial Bureaucracy claimed to have no vacancies for any of Miu's abilities, and that in any case Kenichi should forget about getting away from his duties, his three-Houses, twenty-seven-way paperwork was finally done, vetted, signed, stamped, audited and filed, and they just couldn't be bothered to change it any time soon.
  • After much pressure from Kenichi's shippers (including several Greater Gods), they called the Vogon Civil Servant, Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, who cheerfully promised to circulate a memo on Kenichi's dilemma; eventually he suggested that since all those lovemongering deities present had so much time on their hands, they could, perhaps, listen to his latest romantic poem...
  • Two days later Rias Gremory came indignantly to speak with Kenichi, said that there were motions to remove her positions, giving one of them to Miu, and declared that she wouldn't relinquish godhood no matter what; furthermore she had reasons to believe that the Council of Shadows was politically manipulating the whole affair.
  • Unfortunately, with the Pantheon's current troubles and its surfeit of smug snakes, tricksters, magnificent bastards and chessmasters, it was nigh impossible to know precisely who was behind it, whether the target was Rias herself, Kenichi, Issei, Miu, one of their supporters, someone else and/or aimed at achieving something completely different, and that whatever action they took to counter the situation without more information (or possibly even attempting to acquire such information) would almost certainly just benefit the plotters anyway.
  • Nevertheless, being a chessmaster herself, Rias felt insulted that such tricks would be tried on her - and somebody was going to pay. In the meanwhile, she suggested that Kenichi should have a talk with his friend Kurama.
  • Issei Hyodo, who had tagged along, commiserated with Kenichi's solitude but warned that in a worst case scenario he wouldn't allow Rias to be taken away from him either, and hoped that he wouldn't be forced to give their enemies the pleasure of having him destroy Kenichi in order to save Rias. Still, he declared his full confidence in Rias' abilities, and that he expected her to call in some favors.
  • Even before the whole ascension debacle blew open, Kenichi had already formed a friendship with Kurama, and was frequently seen tending Kurama's garden. When asked directly, Kurama admitted that while the blocks at Miu's ascension and the attack on Rias' divinity claim weren't of his doing, it was he who manipulated the Celestial Bureaucracy into keeping Kenichi's resignation at the bottom of their "to do" pile. According to him, the situation was extremely dangerous (but far too complicated to explain), he had precious few allies in the Council of Shadows, and had to manipulate Kenichi into being forced to create a ruckus, gaining the sympathy of powerful deities as he could make friends with such extreme ease... at which point Kenichi dazedly went off to water his orchids.
  • Finally, after all that hassle, Kenichi managed to get Miu ascended and the two had happy reunion. However, in an ironic twist, Kenichi's own position came under scrunity shortly afterwards, and he was ultimately removed from the Pantheon. Fortunately, Miu herself was similarly passionate in her appeals to the Main House and eventually managed to get Kenichi re-ascended as the God of Attracting Fights, as he has a habit of constantly being challenged by others to fights and sometimes even ends up stumbling into fights by accident.
  • Kenichi is on good terms with martial arts masters such as Gouken, Mr. Miyagi and Takuma Sakazaki, and regularly visits them for advice and training. He's remarked that, compared to what the Ryōzanpaku masters put him through, the Tough Love training regiments he receives from the other masters is a lot less intense by comparison.
  • Kenichi's strong sense of justice and dedication towards protecting the innocent has resulted in him becoming good friends with the likes of Minsc and Boo, Ky Kiske and Makoto Naegi. He also frequently hangs out and spars with fellow martial artists such as Kenshiro, Mr. Satan, Ip Man, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Kenshin Himura, Son Goku, Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken Masters, Guile, Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, Rock Howard, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Yuri Sakazaki. Although he tends to lose to them most of the time, Kenichi has nonetheless managed to impress them all with his skills and resolve.
  • He's also on good terms with Ultraman Leo, who similarly underwent harsh training in the past in order to protect the Earth and has a similar habit of attracting fights. Leo respects Kenichi for his values and the two can occasionally be seen sparring together.
  • Kenichi has a friendly rivalry going on with Ranma Saotome, Makoto and Son Gohan. His rivalry with Ranma is the most competitive of these three, and got started when the two competed in the Alternian Multiverse Tournament, in which Kenichi ultimately defeated Ranma. His rivalry with Makoto started when she challenged him to a fight in order to test his skills and improve her own. The two ultimately fought to a standstill, but quickly developed a mutual respect for one another and have regularly engaged in sparring sessions ever since. His rivalry with Gohan is a lot more casual due to Gohan's general disinterest in fighting. However, the occasions when Gohan agrees to a sparring session tend to get quite intense, as Kenichi frequently requests for him to not hold back too much.
  • Kenichi strongly opposes evil martial artists and senseis, which resulted in him becoming enemies with Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Adon, Vega, Shin, Souther, Mister Heart and John Kreese. Although most of them didn't initially view him as much of a threat, he soon proved himself capable of at least putting them on edge or inflict a few hits. As such, they've started taking him more seriously.
  • Kenichi is rather conflicted about Akuma, who sought him out and immediately challenged him to a fight. Although Kenichi eventually lost, he earned Akuma's respect for managing to put a decent fight and lasting as long as he did. Although Kenichi disapproves of Akuma's willingness to kill others, he also aknowledges that Akuma has virtuous traits and isn't really evil, but rather follows a morally indecipherable honor code.

    Makoto (Street Fighter
Makoto, Goddess of Martial Arts Dojo Heirs (A Bolt of Fighting Spirit, MaKOto)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her yellow hachimaki
  • Theme Music: Spunky (Arranged, Online Edition Remix, Pride of Tosa)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Glacier Waif Bokukko, Cute Bruiser Combat Pragmatist, Scarf of Asskicking, so Hot-Blooded she Turns Red, Perpetual Frowner, Tomboy
  • Domains: Good, Strength, Combat, Solitude
  • Allies: Elena, Makoto Nanaya, Akihiko Sanada, Chie Satonaka
  • Friendly Rival: Ibuki
  • Rivals: Yun Lee, Fiona Mayfield, Dan Hibiki
  • Enemies: Abigail, Adon
  • Admires: Ryu
  • It was at a young age that Makoto inherited her own dojo due to the death of her father. She has been hard at work promoting her dojo ever since. It just so happened that she got the attention of several deities in the Pantheon. Eventually, Makoto was allowed to set up a branch of her dojo in the Pantheon. Over time the dojo became her temple and Makoto became a goddess herself.
    • Her first order of business? Go straight to Ibuki and challenge her to a duel to settle their rivalry once and for all. The following battle destroyed a lot of property that day but did not decide a winner. Even then, the two are on friendly terms. Sure they love to fight each other, but they are just as likely to help each other when one needs help.
    • Did not forget about Fei Long, who has been at the Pantheon far longer than she has. She knows that having a karate and Jeet Kune Do practitioner fight it out would increase awareness for her. Fei Long has declined the offer, wanting to focus on her movie career. That hasn't stopped her from pursuing him.
    • Has not forgotten the time when she challenged Yun to a game of Roshambo. Both are known for using Groin Attacks on their opponents. It was only natural that this would lead to a confrontation. Both are looking forward to deciding the victor once and for all.
    • Dan saw her ascension as the perfect opportunity to get back at her for beating him the first time she demolished him in combat. This time he put himself on a training regiment to get stronger over time.
    • Much of her motivation about fighting comes from Ryu. She has come to adore the world warrior with a passion. She hopes to set up a match with him both to show him what she has learned as well as to promote her dojo.
    • If it was an earlier time, she would have groaned at the prospect of Elena in the Pantheon. The happy-go-lucky capoeira fighter seemed like the polar opposite to her hard-hitting no-nonsense fighting style. Yet the Kenyan charm grew on her, eventually letting Makoto call her a friend.
  • Many agree she is pound-for-pound the hardest hitting fighter in her world. What's worse, she has no qualms about where to land them. She is just at likely to punch you in the face as she is while you are on the ground or even in the groin.
    • Her immense striking power increases further when she gets angry. When that happens, her entire body turns red in rage. In this mode, she can turn any opponent into a pile of tenderized pulp in mere seconds. Yet there happened to be someone else who is even more feared in that regard. Makoto was surprised to find the title taken by none other than Mad Gear gang member Abigail. When Makoto challenged him to a fight, she was shocked to see him match her in strength if not more. Their first outing was a draw, but she is hopeful to get a second shot against the behemoth.
  • Is one of the smallest competitors in the Street Fighter tournament, yet always makes sure to take her sweet time when approaching her opponent. That's because she prefers to surprise her opponents with quick movements. She shares a lot in common with Fiona Mayfield in that regard and sees her as a rival to test her strength against.
  • Believe it or not… Makoto is actually a pretty good carpenter and can be seen in the House of Craft building wooden structures. It helps that her strength can bust through wood in order to break it down.
  • While she is by no means related to the squirrel beastly known as Makoto, no one can deny that they both love to punch people in the face. The karate master was disgusted that someone so strong had to deal with prejudice all the time. She subsequently invited her namesake for a charity bout. It was an all-out brawl that trashed the place and sent both flying through the roof at one point. Yet both were respectful towards each other afterwards.
  • Can also be seen training with the likes of Chie and Akihiko in their respective temples. Akihiko gave her a sample of his protein shakes for her to try out. Curious, she put it as part of her regiment to get even stronger.
  • The arrogant man that he is, Adon claimed that Makoto's dojo was an utter joke under her father, saying it was the only reason why so few people knew about it in the first place. That, of course, sent her in a fit of rage. To his credit, he did manage to hold his own before making his leave.

    Nina and Anna Williams 
Nina Williams and Anna Williams, Feuding Sister Goddesses of Bone-Breaking Grabs (Nina: Silent Assassin, The Cold-Blooded Killer | Anna: Scarlet Lightning)
Left: Nina Williams - Right: Anna Williams


Beadichinoa, Pantheon!

Reala, God of Pre-Battle Introductions (Reala Returns, #M4:THE-REALA, Bara Harley Quinn Mime Jester)
Click here to see his appearance in the original game 
"Coward? Moi? You're the puppet who can't do anything without borrowing power from the Visitors."

Sandbag, The Divine Training Dummy
  • Lesser Deity, but can take some punishment from even Overdeities
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Song: Home Run Contest
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animate Inanimate Object, Black Bead Eyes, The Chew Toy, Feel No Pain, Invincible Minor Minion, Ridiculously Cute Critter, sometimes "smiles" despite his regular pummeling
  • Domains: Training Dummies, Combat, Resistance, Games
  • Followers: Punchbag Bob, Gato, Mokujin, the Dummy, Skelly
  • Allies: All the ascended smashers, Master and Crazy Hand, The House of Fighting and Combat, Dan Hibiki, Blacker Baron, Sissel, Napstablook
  • Enemies: Galeem and Dharkon, Tabuu, The Batter
  • Dislikes: Sadists (ironically), Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage
  • This is Sandbag. His whole existance is dedicated to just be an object people can wail on during training and Sandbag is happy to fill that role. He's been part of the Smash Bros Tournament starting on Melee and many of the participants can either use him as an Item or can participate in the Home Run Contest, where people try to see who can launch Sandbag the farthest. Given his role as the Smashers Training Dummy, he was suggested to ascend as a Deity so other people can use him for training and he was swiftly ascended for that reason alone.
  • Used to be part of the Treasury, occassionally being brought over to the House of Fighting and Combat for training purposes. Then people noticed that Sandbag was an actual living being after seeing him smile — or whatever the eye equivalent of that is — during one training session and so he was relocated to a Temple, which is basically a recreation of the Home Run Contest.
  • While on friendly terms with most of the Smash-related character, Sandbag doesn't have a strong opinion over Galeem and Dharkon. It's not a surprise that he too got caught as a spirit and initially their involvement didn't allow for Home Run Contest to happen. Luckily for Sandbag, the mode was latter added and many have noticed he looks a lot happier than usual, even when being hit.
    • He also doesn't have the strongest opinion on Tabuu after he tried to turn everyone into a trophy, though Sandbag isn't exactly one to challenge his authority.
  • Outside of his usual role in the Super Smash Bros tournament, Sandbag has often found himself making friends with other deities. Dan Hibiki found him adorable after coming accross him one day during a training session and can relate to being used as a punching bag (though unlike Sandbag, Dan feels all the pain).
  • The true origins of the Sandbag are unknown but Napstablook believes that just like many of their cousins, Sandbag is just a ghost that possessed a Training Dummy. The ghost is fairly friendly towards the Sandbag, mostly because it doesn't talk and they even invite him from time to time to lay down in their house.
  • While he can be considered quite a masochist, in reality Sandbag is just happy to help others test their skills or even being a good sport in Home Run Contest. That said, he has encountered a fair amount of gods that just like to hurt him for the hell of it which technically doesn't bother him but the fact that they do that fairly often concerns him.
  • Baseball players are one of the most frequent participant of the Home Run Contest, usually the best when it comes to launching him far away though many lack the strenght to do so. To people like Junpei Iori or The Scout, Sandbag just smiles as he prepares for the imminent launch to orbit. There is one player that unnerves him though and that's the Batter. He has often come to just inspect the Sandbag and leaves after a while, believing to be a ghost that needs to be purified. Needless to say, even though he believes the Batter can't hurt him, Sandbag is understandably very scared of the man.
  • Another unlikely ally came in the form of Blacker Baron, a man that while definitely not a whimp at all, is often used to give an example of how games work in Deathwatch and the man has a lot of respect for the little bag of sand for at least taking it all on the chin. Deathwatch commentators Howard and Kreese wonder how the Sandbag would fare in the game, considering the thing can't die but know that the Sandbag won't do much damage in return. Also Kreese can understand what is like to be horribly maimed and is a little jealous that at least this thing doesn't get hurt.
  • His inability to feel pain is often the one thing that allows Sandbag to bear anything throw at him but sometimes wonder if actually feeling the pain for once would change how he views his role. However, he is not the only one that Feels No Pain, he ended up finding out another deity with the same condition and this one turned out to be Sissel, a small cat with a piece meteor encrusted into his body. The fact that he can also posses objects makes Sissel wonder if the Sandbag is similar to him in a way.
  • The Mythbuster think Sandbag would be the perfect guinea pig for their tests alongside their trusty crash test dummy Buster. In this case, Sandbag isn't very fond of them given how they treat the latter but he doesn't really care to be exploded all the time.
  • Lucas once wished for the Sandbag to be given a mouth. It was granted, but the second Sandbag opened his new mouth everything went wrong. The mouth was later removed by wizards in the House of Magic.


    Baker and Hartsock 
Baker: "I never asked to be squad leader. But I had no choice. Now I've got 13 soldiers under my command. 13 families relying on me to get their husbands and sons home. 13...13 is not a lucky number..."

Hartsock: "Sgt. Joe Hartsock, sir. Uh, well everyone calls me Red."

SSgt. Matthew Baker and SSgt. Joseph Hartsock, Dual Deities of Suppressing and Flanking (Baker, Matt, Matthew, Bulletproof Matt Baker; Hartsock, Joe, Red)
Baker and Hartsock as part of the 101st Airborne's reconnaissance squads, as they appear in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Baker and Hartsock as part of the 502nd PIR in Normandy, as they appeared in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 
  • Demigods
  • Symbols:
    • Both men: Their M1 Helmets with an "R" painted on the side and a "13" painted on the back
    • Exclusive to Baker: His silver M1911 pistol with "To Matthew" written on the side
    • Exclusive to Hartsock: An 82nd Airborne patch placed on his helmet
  • Themes:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Baker), Lawful Good (Hartsock)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Tactics, Soldiers, US Army, Airborne
  • Heralds: The other men of 2nd and 3rd squad
  • Allies:
  • Foils to: Squad 7
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose: Captain Martin Walker
  • Baker has an unknown relation with: Shaun The Sheep, Booker DeWitt, Yuri Lowell, Vincent Brooks, Erron Black, Shinnok, Talion, Greed
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Most of the 501st JFW save for Perrine Clostermann, Charlotte Yeager, and Lynette Bishop
  • Staff Sergeants Matthew Baker and Joseph Hartsock were paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division who had served in both Normandy and the Netherlands in 1944. Much like fellow 101st Airborne Division members Major Richard Winters, Capt. Ronald Spiers, and Sgt. Jack Barnes, they fought against forces of the German Heer, Fallschirmjager, and Waffen-SS while Trapped Behind Enemy Lines.
  • Unlike most of their fellow paratroopers, and by extension some of the other Allied deities in the Pantheon, Baker and Hartsock always fought as part of a team, usually with several other soldiers under their command. Their style of combat, in contrast to the run and gun style performed by most others, relied heavily on the "Four Fs". These were: finding an enemy, fixing them with their weapons, flanking them to the side and/or rear, and then finishing them off by getting close to them.
    • Said tactics relied heavily on their squads being in two teams: The Base of Fire Team, and the Assault Team. The Base of Fire Team, or Fire Team for short, were usually armed with light machine guns and heavy semi-automatic rifles, and were intended to suppress the enemy from afar. The Assault Team, as their name suggested, were intended to flank and assault the enemy up close. For this, they were typically armed with submachine guns, carbines, as well as light machine guns on occasion.
      • Of special note here is that, prior to becoming a Squad Leader himself, Hartsock was formerly Baker's Fire Team Leader.
    • On certain occasions, they would be assisted by tanks from either the US or British Armies, depending on their area of operations. These would range from the M5 Stuart Light tank, to the M4 Sherman tank and its British variant, the Firefly. and even on rare occasions, the M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer.
    • By Operation Market-Garden, Baker would add a third type of team to his squad, the Heavy Weapons Team, equipped with either a Bazooka or a Browning M1919 Light Machine Gun. Thanks to the harder hitting power of these weapons, they were capable of destroying emplacements, weak cover, supply trucks, or, in the case of the bazooka, tanks.
  • Initially getting scattered and separated during the D-Day drop in the early hours of June 6th, 1944, Baker and Hartsock were fortunately able to rally with friendly paratroopers such Staff Sergeant "Mac" Hassay and Cpl. Seamus Doyle. With the help of a few other paratroopers, they manage to separately wreak havoc on the poorly-trained Osttruppen sent to intrude on their drop zones, Baker and Red managed to rendezvous just behind Utah Beach. From then on they, with the eventual additions of Allen and Garnett, continued to wreak havoc on the Germans, this time directed at the Heer Infanterie of the German 91st Infanterie Division.
  • Following D-Day, both Baker and Red would continue achieving their increasingly difficult objectives at the cost of a number of their own men (including the aforementioned Allen and Garnett), including taking the towns of Vierville and St. Come du Mont. With the path now cleared, they were ordered to proceed to the 101st Airborne's ultimate objective in Normandy: the city of Carentan. What followed was a 2-day struggle between the 101st and the newly-arrived 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division, who made a heated defense in and around the city and launched at least two major counterattacks in an attempt to hold the city. At the cost of several more men, Baker, Hartsock, and the rest of 2nd and 3rd squad were able to repel the Germans.
    • Thanks to 2nd Squad and 1st Squad suffering heavy casualties on D-Day, including the loss of the former's original squad leader, one Sgt. Bixby, Hartsock was chosen to replace the fallen Sergeant, and was thus promoted himself. The members of 1st squad were also folded into 2nd, due to a shortage of manpower. It was following this Field Promotion that Hartsock and Baker would finally clear Carentan of German resistance for good, first by attacking the warehouse strongholds they held, and then finishing them off by cutting them off at the Carentan city plaza.
  • With Carentan secured, Hartsock and his squad would now fight their own battles. At Baupte, Hartsock would lose his BAR and part of his ring finger. Despite this setback, he and 2nd squad were able to capture and secure the town and its outskirts, disabling 4 German tanks, 3 half-tracks, and several artillery guns in the process. He would see meet Doyle once more, who, like Hartsock, was now a Sergeant himself.
  • During the clearing out of the hedgerow fields surrounding Baupte, Lt. Col. Patrick Cassidy, commander of the 1st battalion of the 502nd PIR, had discovered maps containing the location of several German artillery batteries surrounding St. Sauveur le Vicomte, the main objective of the 82nd Airborne. Under orders from Cassidy, Hartsock and his squad took the captured German maps to Sgt. Doyle, who was leading a push into St. Sauveur. It was following their successful delivery of these maps that Doyle requested Hartsock and his squad help the 82nd capture St. Sauveur, to which all of them volunteered to do. While Hartsock and his squad were ultimately successful in helping to capture both the outskirts of the city and the city itself, it came at the price of Doyle's and Pvt. Paige's lives.
  • Both Baker's and Hartsock's experiences in Normandy would then be documented by one Col. S.L.A. Marshall, who intended to use the notes he had gathered to help the US Army in future battles. Following this, the 101st Airborne would be sent back to England to rest and refit. During this interim period, both Sergeants were promoted to Staff Sergeant, and both 2nd and 3rd squad received replacements, both New Meat types and veterans from other units. Both 2nd and 3rd squad would also be reassigned to the 101st Airborne's reconnaissance units, with them switching to becoming Glider Infantry rather than paratroopers.
  • Baker's and Hartsock's last known combat jump together would be Operation Market-Garden. While initially successful in capturing and then holding most of their objectives, as the days passed, the situation became increasingly desperate for them. Mounting casualties including Hartsock himself getting paralyzed from the waist down, incessant German attacks, delays in the British advance, and Baker slowly losing it due to PTSD, to name a few.
  • Ultimately, Operation Market-Garden failed, becoming a strategic failure on the Allies' part due to the failure to capture the important Arnhem bridge. Despite this, however, the 101st were ordered to secure the German-held town of Koevering. Temporarily taking command of 2nd squad and merging it with 3rd, Baker and the men of both squads ended up destroying no less than five 88mm Flak guns protecting the town, and dropping artillery on the German positions, forcing them into a hasty retreat. With the help of British tanks, the German positions around Koevering were eliminated, with their remaining tanks and artillery pieces destroyed in the process.
  • Following this Final Battle to save the Allied bridgehead, Baker, now having to face a number of problems both personal and command-related, ultimately decided to deal with them then and there. He made a Rousing Speech in front of both 2nd and 3rd squads, and managed to regain the trust of most of his men sans Corrion, who had come to distrust Baker over being passed for promotion one too many times and finding out the truth regarding Allen's, Garnett's, and Leggett's deaths. Sadly, as of this writing, this would be the last of Baker's and Hartsock's story despite the hint that they would see combat in the Ardennes next.
  • With the ever increasing number of German troops in the Pantheon, the American Airborne commanders, namely Major Winters and Captain Spiers, decided it was time to request additional reinforcements once more. And so, with the approval of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and help from fellow paratroopers Sgt. Jack Barnes and Cpl. Boyd Travers, they were able to find the ideal deities: Staff Sergeants Matthew Baker and Joseph Hartsock, with both of their current squads as their High Priests.
  • On one sunny day, out in one of the Pantheon's wide open fields, a bunch of gliders drop out of the sky, having been released by their C-47 transport tugs. These men, all part of the 101st Airborne's recon units, all manage to land successfully in an open field, with no German patrols in sight. Not wasting any time, the men emerge out of the gliders, with jeeps and heavy weapons in tow. They then drive to their rendezvous point, where they meet their contact: one Sgt. Jack Barnes. He then briefs them about the Pantheon and their current situation. The squad leaders promptly introduce themselves to Barnes as Staff Sergeants Matthew Baker and Joseph Hartsock, to which Barnes is relieved, meaning that their efforts to get more men in succeeded.
    • Of special note is that despite having suffered a Career-Ending Injury in his universe, Hartsock is very much capable of leading men here in the Pantheon. Baker, on the other hand, still retains all the scars he had gotten from Normandy and Holland.
  • Wasting no time, Barnes tells them about the German patrols in the nearby Temples and Dominions, and tells them to look for Major Winters and Captain Spiers along the way. Immediately, the two squad leaders and their men get to work, splitting up in order to cover more ground and to increase chances of encountering the enemy. They end up making contact with elements of the Waffen-SS as well as the Valkyrie Jager. Using fire-and-maneuver tactics, they're able to counter the numerically superior and better-armed and equipped enemy, all without incurring any casualties.
    • Both Baker and Hartsock note that, despite the Waffen-SS Panzergrenadiers giving them absolute hell back in Normandy and the Netherlands, the ones they had encountered were noticeably less competent and overall weaker. And this is despite their enemies' arsenal being more lethal this time around.
    • With regards to the Valkyrie Jager, however, both squad leaders agree that these troops are far more competent than the men of the 6th Fallschirmjager Regiment that they had encountered in Normandy and the Netherlands.
  • Despite their experience against these German infantry types, nothing could have prepared the two Staff Sergeants for what they were about to face. While the Waffen Storm Leaders had about the same competence as the Panzergrenadiers that had given the paratroopers of the 101st hell in Normandy, the Nazi Storm Elites were a completely different story altogether. Expecting the MG 42-wielding soldiers to be either easy to pick off from a distance or suppress easily, they were shocked to find out that this was not the case. Fortunately for Baker and Hartsock, they had ascended into the Pantheon with a sizable amount of heavy weapons, including a bazooka and a light machine gun. Before they could get Jasper, their heavy weapons team leader, to fire either weapon, the Nazi Storm Elites are dispatched by unseen gunfire. Not long after, it's revealed that the Germans were dispatched by none other than Cpl. Boyd Travers, who then takes the two Staff Sergeants and their squads to meet with Winters and Spiers.
  • Now in the relative safety of Allied lines, the two 101st Airborne officers brief their recon counterparts, first about the current combat situation, and then about the Pantheon. To say that both men were surprised that there was more to this new place would be an Understatement. Among other things, they were both in disbelief when Winters tells them that Superman and Batman, two comic book characters in their universe, exist here as real people. Not only that, but they're also stunned for a moment when they're introduced to Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, which pretty much proves Winters' statement to them.
    • The Captain then briefs about the Nazi German presence in the Pantheon, namely about Johann Schmidt, HYDRA, and the former's plans of conquering the Pantheon and having it ruled under a military dictatorship in his image. Rogers continues that to achieve these goals, he's been looking for alternate universes and recruiting both officers and entire units from said universes. Among them included the German units they had just cleared out, complete with equipment and weaponry provided to them by Dr. Arnim Zola and SS General Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse.
  • Temporarily lending both of their squads to Major Winters for the time being, both Baker and Hartsock decide to take a tour of the Pantheon. Meeting up with other American soldiers from their time period, they decide to share combat experiences and stories with them. It's through them that they also learn more about the which deities are their allies and more details on who else composes the Axis Forces.
    • Amongst other things to surprise them was the existence of the 501st JFW, composed of girls at least 6 years their junior, with several being from alternate versions of the Axis countries. Thanks to being briefed ahead by Winters, Rogers, and the other American soldiers, no conflict happens between them. In fact, they decide to listen to what they have to say, which in this case about other threats outside of the Nazis, particularly The Neuroi, who at this point have a reputation for bringing down both Allied and Axis aircraft in the midst of the Pantheon's Forever War. Both Baker and Hartsock take their warnings seriously, especially considering that they've already been attacked by the German Luftwaffe twice. If two Stukas and a squadron of Heinkels were already problematic, what more for advanced alien aircraft?
  • Further into their tour of the Pantheon, they come across several deities who are of the Shell-Shocked Veteran variety, namely Joe Benham, Violet Evergarden, and Niko Bellic.
    • While both men respect and at the same time pity Benham for his service during the previous war, they do not respect his opposition to war. It doesn't help that both Baker and Hartsock are volunteers, meaning they chose to go In Harm's Way and fight for their country. Hartsock himself counted his blessings, knowing his near-death experience and paralysis back in Holland could have had him end up similarly to Benham. Thankfully, he had ascended still being able to walk.
    • Both of them were surprised that someone like Violet Evergarden had fought in a war just as brutal as the one they themselves had fought and survived. Hartsock especially sympathizes with her, given he almost lost an entire finger and himself had suffered a Career-Ending Injury in his own universe.
    • Baker gets along surprisingly well with Niko Bellic, despite the latter's criminal records. It helps that both he and Niko have been forced into making hard decisions, and have to cope with the loss of friends on the battlefield.
  • One deity both men have come to despise is Captain Martin Walker. Like Baker and Hartsock, he has gone through similar, horrifying experiences in battle, complete with trying to cope with said trauma. Unlike the two Staff Sergeants, however, Walker has the potential to become an outright villain, in contrast to Baker who ultimately chose to remain heroic, lead his men by example, and face his problems head-on.
  • Of interesting note is the contrast between Baker's and Hartsock's squads to Squad 7. Both their stories involve being caught in hellish wartime situations set in the 1940s (or in the case of Squad 7, a 1940s-esque time period) and relying on their respective squads to survive, achieve their objectives, and ultimately victory. However, while the former's story relies on The Power of Friendship and plays A Father to His Men straight, Baker's and Hartsock's case ultimately makes A Father to His Men a Deconstructed Trope over the course of the series, culminating in men getting killed or badly wounded, increasing distrust among the men in their squads, and one even leaving the squad outright.
  • Many deities have noted that Baker sounds a lot like several other, unrelated deities such as Booker DeWitt or even Vincent Brooks. Elizabeth, Booker's associate, theorizes that Baker, Booker, and Brooks are Alternate Universe versions of each other, to which Baker, Brooks, and DeWitt scoff the idea given their different backstories and time periods to one another. Not helping the girl's theory are Baker and Brooks having associations with sheep (albeit in two completely different ways).
  • There's a rumor going around the Pantheon that Baker actually has the ability to call in a squad of sheep and utilize them as suicide bombers. Other rumors even have him recruiting Shaun the Sheep into 3rd squad at one point (with Baker even giving the latter a US M1 Helmet), and having Shaun fight against a patrol of German soldiers. Baker himself denies any of this, while Hartsock finds this story to be incredibly funny.

Baker: "What is it that makes a great soldier? Is it his brain, or his heart?"

Hartsock: "Were any of us...worth it?"

    Connor and Jasper 
Baker: "Alright, we've got a twofold objective here. Secure the landing site for the incoming reinforcments. That's you, Sam, and Zano, too. And we have to get a report from Karl- somebody. He's OSS, near a farmhouse somehwhere around here."

Dawson: "Is it that farmhouse?"

Baker: "Yeah, that's it. That's me, Jasper, and Connor. We'll bring the MG and the bazooka. Hop to it!"

Pfc. Gary Jasper and Pfc. Timothy Connor, Dual Deities of Anti-Infantry Combat and Anti-Structure Combat (Machine Gun Team, MG Team, Bazooka Team; Jasper, Jas; Connor)
Jasper and Connor as the machine gun team.
Jasper and Connor as the bazooka team. 
  • Demigods
  • Symbols: Their Browning M1919A6 Light Machine Gun and M9 Bazooka, the latter with the name "Stella" written on the side. Alternatively, their 101st Airborne helmets with an "R" on their sides. Jasper's has a yellow triangle with a skull and crossbones in it, while Connor's has cigarettes and a strap on it.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Specializing in Anti-Infantry and Anti-Structure Combat, while also specializing in anti-tank combat when necessary, Their bazooka being one of the few means of destroying enemy supply trucks, Capable of suppressing large numbers of enemies with their machine gun
  • Domains: Heavy weapons, Soldiers, Tactics
  • Herald: Pfc. Jack Courtland
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Anglerfish Team, Maho Nishizumi
  • Pfc. Gary Jasper and Pfc. Timothy Connor are two soldiers from SSgt. Matthew Baker's reformed 1st Recon Squad. Jasper serves as The Leader, while Connor acts as the former's loader, ammunition bearer, Target Spotter, and assistant in battle. Like most of the new faces in 3rd squad, Jasper and Connor were originally from other veteran units in the 101st, and were heavily implied to have been veterans of the Normandy battles much like Baker, Hartsock, and the majority of 2nd and 3rd squad.
  • Unlike the Base of Fire Teams and Assault Teams, which were always armed with small arms such as rifles and submachine guns, Jasper and Connor were responsible for handling heavy weapons, namely the Browning M1919A6 Light Machine Gun and the M9 Bazooka. These weapons were unique in that they were able to take out enemies at ranges far beyond those achievable by the former two teams. Not to mention their capability to perform a One-Hit Kill on anything short of a tank. Their only downside, however, is that these weapons take much longer to reload, requiring someone to cover both men during this period of time.
    • Of special note is that Jasper named his bazooka "Stella" after his girlfriend back in the United States, painted in white cursive writing on the right side of the weapon.
  • During Operation Market-Garden, both Jasper and Connor, like the rest of 2nd and 3rd squad, were inserted into the Netherlands via Waco CG-4 Hadrian gliders. They were among the first men to work alongside Baker in combat, demonstrating their worth as both the Machine Gun and later the Bazooka Team on the first day of the Operation, by suppressing an entire German platoon attacking the drop zones and later taking out an 88mm gun at Son.
  • With support from both the Base of Fire Team and Assault Team, they would continue providing vital support for the recon squads in Eindhoven, Veghel, Hell's Highway, and Koevering, repelling a few German infantry attacks, destroying several more machine gun and artillery emplacements, and even two Panzer IV tanks. Both of them would ultimately survive Operation Market-Garden and the subsequent Battle of Koevering unscathed. They would be last seen among the men Baker addresses during his Rousing Speech following the Final Battle.
  • Having originally been inserted into the Pantheon via glider drop alongside Baker and Hartsock and the rest of 2nd and 3rd squad during the ascension of the two Staff Sergeants, Jasper and Connor were given their own Temple and shared deity title on the recommendation of Major Winters, who had seen the value of their heavy weapon support firsthand. Of special note is their High Priest, one Pfc. Jack Courtland. While he could easily have been promoted to full deity alongside his fellow heavy weapons team members, he ultimately settles with this alternative position instead, thanks in part to not being a full-time member of the team.
    • During their temporary reassignment under Winters and Capt. Ronald Speirs, Jasper and Connor had ended up clearing out several well-placed enemy fortifications, mainly machine gun nests and sandbag outposts. They had also proven their machine gun's worth when they helped the outnumbered Major and Captain repel a large German counterattack on their position, even tearing apart The Dreaded Nazi Storm Elites and Waffen Storm Leaders with several well-placed bursts, although for the former it took more ammunition than expected.
    • In essence, Jasper can be considered a Good Counterpart to the Nazi Storm Elites, in the sense that they're both soldiers of their respective faction who wield light machine guns as their primary weapons. Unlike the Storm Elites, though, Jasper can only fire his machine gun from the hip for brief periods of time, and is way less accurate when firing his machine gun this way.
  • Aside from the usual Panzer IV medium tanks, Sd Kfz 251 Half-Tracks, and Tiger I Heavy tanks, both men also encounter several more advanced German AFV designs, namely the HYDRA Mini Tank and the Waffentrager Auf. E-100, the latter of which is mostly impervious to any Bazooka rounds fired at it save for the gun barrel. It's for this reason that both men can frequently be seen at a firing range being briefed by Lt. Mike Powell, who has vital intel regarding the more advanced Nazi vehicles being deployed in battle. They're also often seen with Cpl. Boyd Travers on the range as well, due to him having better experience in Anti-Armor combat.
  • Despite this promotion to their own Temple, however, they still continue to, on occasion, assist Baker and Hartsock in their own missions, thanks in part to still technically remaining Privates and still technically serving under Baker's squad. It doesn't help that Baker and Hartsock still regularly encounter German fortifications and vehicles on their reconnaissance missions for Winters and Spiers, thus requiring the need for heavy firepower.
    • Thanks to this new development, both men can now also assist other American soldiers and units in their own fights against the Nazi war machine. In this capacity, they've assisted in securing the drop zone of Cpl. Boyd Travers and his squad.
    • To say that Jasper was impressed at Travers' track record of 7 Tiger tanks destroyed would be an understatement. He even asked Travers if he could also get an M18 Recoilless rifle as an alternative to his own M9 Bazooka.
  • During one patrol, Jasper and Connor, serving as the Bazooka Team at the time, encounter an Epic Tank-on-Tank Action between several tanks. Aiming their bazooka, they aim for the nearest German tanks, a Panzer IV and a Tiger I. One weird thing they notice regarding these tanks is that they're not in German markings, instead sporting weird paint schemes and unrecognizable logos. Nonetheless, Jasper fires, knocking out the tracks of both vehicles in 2 hits. Instead of Panzertruppen bailing out of the tanks, however, he notices that the crew members are all teenage girls, with a white flag popping out of the tanks. Taking it as a sign of surrender, Jasper and Connor ask them to step out. Thankfully, before they can interrogate the girls, they're stopped by a newly-arrived Staff Sergeant Baker, who tells Jasper and Connor to stand down. He then promptly reprimands the two men, and promptly apologizes to the two teams whose tanks were damaged.
  • Thanks to being glider infantry, they've also had their fair share of run-ins with several other hostile deities that weren't part of the Nazi war machine. Namely Air Defense Princess and The Neuroi. This is by no means unique solely to them, as the Abyssals and The Neuroi have been known to target anyone and everyone, regardless if they're Allied, Axis, or Neutral. This is how he eventually crosses paths with the 501st JFW at first, when they save him during a botched glider landing.
  • Outside of combat, Jasper has become close friends with at least 3 deities known for wielding launchers and machine guns like him. All of them are mercenaries working for Mann Co., namely The Soldier, The Demoman, and The Heavy Weapons Guy.
    • Of these mercs, he becomes the closest with Mr. "Jane Doe", due to their shared fascination for rocket launchers. The latter even tries to encourage Jasper into trying out a Rocket Jump, even lending the US paratrooper a Liberty Launcher, which heavily resembles his own Bazooka, for him to try out.
    • He also gets impressed at the Heavy Weapons Guy's miniguns, particularly the Tomislav, which is basically a scaled up version of the M1A1 Thompson used by Jasper's fellow paratroopers. Unfortunately, Jasper isn't as physically strong as his Russian friend, and is thus unable to lift, much less wield and fire, the Heavy's weapon.
    • While initially perplexed at the existence of a "Black Scottish Cyclops", Jasper soon befriends Tavish DeGroot as well, due to their shared fascination for blowing their enemies up with explosives and launchers. The Demoman even offers some alcohol to his new friend, with Jasper happily accepting.
  • Compared to their superior Baker, Jasper actually gets along better with members of the 501st JFW, particularly with Charlotte "Shirley" Yeager. It helps that the squadron's primary weapons are light machine guns not unlike the one used by Jasper himself. And, thanks to Yeager, any conflict between him and the Karlslandian and Fuso Empire members is avoided. In fact, he can often be seen with several of their members on a firing range, showing off his shooting skills with the M1919.

Jasper: "Germans!!!"

Baker: "Find cover now! Move! Jas! Suppressing Fire!"

Connor: "Oh, I've been waiting for this! Firing!"

    Daniel LaRusso 
Daniel LaRusso, God of Training Disguised As Menial Tasks (Daniel-San, Daniel LaRacist)
Daniel, age 17
Daniel, age 51

    Guybrush Threepwood 
Guybrush Threepwood, Patron Saint of Insult Sword Fighting (Mighty Pirate, Mr. Marley, Smith, Captain Loogie, Wanton Goodsoup, the Anti-LeChuck, the Dart Master)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Monkey Island itself
  • Theme Song(s): The Secret of Monkey Island theme (Remastered version)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: A very welcoming pirate with a ton of witty dialogue yet gains less respect from time to time, throws insults while swordfighting, tends to speak out to anyone controlling him, has the ability to talk to others, accomplishes things out of the box, plays dumb to his advantage, quite older from his young looks, has a phobia for porcelein for some reason, returns to the living four times
  • Domains: Piracy, Treasure, Banters, Sword-fighting, Point-and-Click Adventure
  • Herald: Elaine Marley (his wife)
  • Allies: Stan S. Stanman, Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats, Sam & Max
  • Rivals: Most pirates, most notably Jack Sparrow (leans to Unknown Rival), Edward Kenway, Adéwalé, Cervantes de León (sometimes leans to Enemies), Deadpool, Peter Parker/Spiderman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Respected by: The House of Gaming, Nathan Drake
  • Fears: Blackbeard
  • Enemies: Most undead especially by the likes of Spinal, Davy Jones, the Flying Dutchman, Wulfrik the Wanderer
  • In the mighty seas of old, the waters were sailed by various people, often those who want to travel to other places, at the same time it also became the home of a common profession at the time: piracy. Pirates from all over the corners of the world became the norm and turned the ocean into a wild west, where pirates loot and plunder various treasures. However, there are rules and one of which was to include insults in the middle of swordfighting. That is where Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate, comes in. Once a beginner who wanted to become a pirate, he resided in Mêlée Island where he would train to finish "The Three Trials" and become the pirate he wished to be. Destiny however would be on his side as he would discover the governor, Elaine Marley, and her history with a ghost pirate named LeChuck, who would become his staple arch-nemesis. After her kidnapping by the pirate, he would sail and save her, and from here on out, would become the staple of his adventure in Monkey Island™.
  • During one of his ventures outside of the Pantheon, a certain Jack Sparrow ended up stranded in a strange place where duels are decided on how witty one's insults are and it was not just on one island, even the seas also had this rule. Unaware of the rules, he kept losing despite dodging most hits and was mildly annoyed at such rule. Luckily, one of his followers was there to help him out, a man named Guybrush Threepwood who came along after sailing in the seas. Together, the two pirates managed to stop the plans of the undead pirate LeChuck, who planned on raising an army of zombies to rule all the seas as well as teaching some funny insults to use. Before departing however, the ship they were using was transported to the Pantheon docks and soon Guybrush was ordered for evaluation, leading to his deification. Before he would accept it however, he requested Elaine to join in but they could not find a spot for her and eventually became his herald. Unfortunately for him, Sparrow took all the credit of the entire story, even though it was he that did most of the work.
  • Throughout his history, Guybrush has always wanted to become a pirate and has aspirations ever since his introduction in Mêlée Island as he had trained for years to come, however his looks often becomes the sole reason as to why he is never taken seriously, even as a pirate. Some would mistake him for being 19 years old, but may come as older, though the Caribbean is known to employ young looking people in terms of the pirate life. In Pantheon standards, this seems to have carried on, some joking that even after years of sailing the high seas, he has yet to be recognized as a pirate, even after all the events and his many confrontations with that one ghastly pirate. He does have one thing other pirates envy him for: wits.
    • However, he was not the only one from his world to arrive. When he was finally instated in the Pantheon, talks of a ship selling business was made right beside his temple which would be odd since most pirates and sellers in the Pantheon are not ship sellers, which made him suspicious of who was bringing these products, and sure enough, Stan S. Stanman was right beside his entrance. That said, he bears no ill will towards him and enjoys his presence every once in a while though the seller's attempts to sucker his gold and treasures have little progress since Guybrush just simply outwits him in his deals.
  • The realm of piracy has given a wide variety of pirates of various sides, some notorious while others are cunning. Threepwood most certainly follows the latter. While he may not have the strength nor the respect of most captains, he is a clever speaker and can use insults in the middle of a swordfight, which is a staple in his time, not just around Monkey Island, even in the middle of the sea will he have to come up with clever ways to insinuate his opponents, this time with rhymes. He is also less brash and will even resort to more communicative efforts towards other pirates if they accept his offer. This has made him a smooth talker and quite a gentle guy as far as most pirates can go, if you want a less snarky version of Jack Sparrow.
    • Speaking of Jack Sparrow, he is waiting for some form of repayment from the Captain and even an apology for trying to take credit for his actions before. Comparing the two, they are amicable, if not more leaning towards Unknown Rival terms as while he's doing most of the heavy lifting, Sparrow's intervention either makes it harder or easier. The amount of luck he has makes swordfighting with him far hard. Yes, his insults and skills with swords makes him a quicker opponent but he has yet to land a hit on him. One thing is for sure is that he will not gladly hit on Elaine, as Jack has shown many times he has a hard time comprehending relationships if his past attempts are anything to go by.
    • Thankfully, he has found more pirate compatriots past Sparrow as his first meeting with Luffy ended with him being introduced in front of the Straw Hats. The Straw Hats, for being a bunch of pirates, are a very nice and caring bunch even so far as to congratulating his marriage with Elaine. They are also curious about the legend of the island known as Monkey Island, the home of his nemesis LeChuck. In fact, portions of the Tri-Island Area have been scouted by the Straw Hats and would love to visit the area from time to time, some even considering it as a sort of base-of-operations for most cooperative pirates. Noble idea but Threepwood has his doubts, afterall, why would pirates create a base in the first place if their profession prioritizes sailing around the seas? Rumor has it that they want to find that hidden secret within Monkey Island that not even the ghost captain knows.
    • Piracy has been the forefront of several conflicts, one of which was the conflict between the Templars and the Assassin Order thanks to the advancement of society at the time which emphasized naval travel and combat. With the advancements, the fight was also brought into that age, demonstrated by two members of the Assassins, Adéwalé and Edward Kenway. Both have taken their retirement as pirates well, maybe not for Kenway, but so far they watch his adventures with support and enthusiasm as they have heard his unique take on the life of a pirate.
    • It did not take long till the more hostile pirates joined in the surface as Cervantes showed up and made a terrifying appearance that would soon haunt the waters. Most pirates would see him as rivals but Guybrush seems to be a special case, partly because he is a pirate rival for the captain but on the other reminds him heavily of his nemesis. Cervantes has spoken he has no intention of kidnapping Elaine, not like the pirate he describes him as but that has not stopped his cautious meetings with him as any moment could be his last with someone as notorious as him. And it did not stop there, as the legends were indeed true about the presence of one Davy Jones, the fear of almost any pirate. Jones has seen him as another Sparrow but with less luck and a penchant for swordfighting. He has even come from time to time, offering entrance to the Black Pearl but he has mostly avoided him as well as angering him, or the last thing he'll see is a kraken sinking his ship.
  • Undead of any kind are not welcome in Guybrush's domain, as his experiences with LeChuck shows no stopping, even when the latter has killed him multiple times and even had an experience being an undead, which he recalls to being a horrifying moment for him. The moment a spot of a rotting flesh is seen approaching The Sea Monkey, chances are he will jump at a moment's notice with sword drawn. His hatred of undead has stopped a bit when he discovered that there are some undead with intelligence, but that moment stopped when someone as heavily dangerous as Sylvannas Windrunner appeared. He is planning some form of agreement with the Pantheon upper gods about undead entering his temple but has yet to receive a response. Out of most undead, Spinal and the Flying Dutchman seems to be the closest to being almost like LeChuck, being undead and a pirate, but something peculiar has piqued his sights, that being the Mask of the Ancients, which is a pretty cool treasure for him to take. However, to do so, he would have to fight him one-on-one and it would be risky, as his defeat could mean eternal damnation as he would become part of the crew if he is slain. The latter does see him with comedy in mind as while he does qualify to be even closer to his nemesis, he is a lot more soft-hearted than him and usually is harmless for the most part.
  • The House of Gaming has a soft spot for Guybrush for being one of the very few characters to have popularized the Point-and-Click Game in the past. Given the sudden changes in the world of video gaming, he must be one of the last of his own kind in the Pantheons, especially considering that for the most part, Monkey Island is pretty much finished. Sam & Max are another bunch that originated from LucasArts, and much like him, also sported unique personalities at that time. They would often meet and reminisce about the good old days. It seems that as time goes on, the generation they originated from will be a relic of the past, though thanks to the Pantheon's efforts, the two are able to interact freely.
  • Nathan Drake was happy to meet Guybrush since he had found the pirate's portrait on one of last foray into treasure hunting. Guybrush was delighted to hear that at some point in the future he would be a leader of a pirate community known as Libertalia, though history shows that such organization did not exist during his time with Elaine. Such information would be taken with a grain of salt, as Libertalia's founders, Captains Henry Avery and Thomas Tew, would then betray him by having him and his fellow captains poisoned at a feast, just to take his treasure for themselves. The news did break his heart and made him lose his cool but for the most part, he is fine. There are many cases of Guybrush actually dying but those were deemed non-canonical so he should not be worried of a few pirates stealing his loot, though the skeletal remains have spooked him to this day.
  • Beyond being a pirate and his unusual name that is prone to a ton of mispronounciations, Guybrush has some weird personality traits inside his talkative demeanour. Some of these includes his ability to talk to animals with the right books and for some odd reason, his fear of porcelein. Depending whether he got that right book, he can talk to animals with ease and has been a good communicator in the House of Beasts and Fauna, though to accomplish such, he may have to rely on the House of Knowledge to accomplish such feat. A God of Porcelain would have potentially freaked him out, because if there was, than he would high-tail it out of that house and possibly sailed out of the Pantheons. Some say he is preparing his temple for the day and because the closest thing to a house that supports such is within the House of Craft, he has become paranoid whenever he visits the place as a result.
  • No god in the Pantheon had challenged Threepwood's Insult Sword Fighting as much as Deadpool, who adored such traits from him and even would wish for the Pantheon to adopt such concept. The two often go at each other for hours on end, slinging insults at each other and for the most part, enojoying it. Thanks to the Merc With The Mouth's attention to fourth-wall breaking, there are times when he would try to cheat under amusement to his responses. Funny at first, it does become tiresome for him when done repeatedly. Elaine cannot help but see the two to be very similar but Deadpool seems to be more brash when it comes to his choice of words.
    Guybrush: How appropriate, you fight like a——-OWWWWW! I was using that!
    • Other than Deadpool, a few people have also taken the approach of quipping in the middle of a fight, whether it be those with drawn blades or even during gunfights. Spiderman and Nightwing can attest as their witty charm keeps them from being overly serious in most cases. Hell, one could argue that the two's tendency to be wisecracking even against the most serious villains kept their morale in check. On the other side however is Wulfrik the Wanderer, who has taken a harsher aspect of intimidation. Thanks to being empowered by Chaos Undivided, his insults, while crude, has the power to force combatants to become insulted and engage against him, often resulting to his victory. Guybrush has taken a liking for the two while he passes over Wulfrik and ignores him.
  • His temple has been expanded to the House of Quirks, under Speech (A to M).
  • I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate.

    Leon Montana and Mathilda Lando 
Leon Montana and Mathilda Lando, Representatives of Impromptu Trainers and Aspiring Fighters
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A potted plant
  • Theme Song: "Shape of My Heart"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral leaning Good
  • Portfolio: Teach Me How To Fight, Badass and Child Duo
  • Domains: Assassination, Family, Training
  • Allies: Arya Stark, Vito and Michael Corleone, Gunvolt, Amelie Poulain, Remy, Padmé Amidala, Leeloo
  • Enemies: Manny Pardo, Tony Montana, The Son, The Incubators
  • Leon Montana is an extremely competent hitman who nonetheless has a very humane side. One day he was compelled to take in a troubled child named Mathilda Lando after the rest of her family were massacred by DEA agents led by a corrupt and unhinged cop named Norman Stansfield, her father being involved in the illegal drug business. Most of her family was abusive, but Mathilda adored her little brother and she wanted revenge for his death. So she begged Leon to teach her how to be an assassin so she could do it herself. Leon was reluctant but gave in, also to protect Mathilda as the DEA agents were after her. Leon taught Mathilda the ropes of being an assassin and they gradually developed a peculiar father-and-daughter relationship. Eventually, they'd cross paths with Stansfield again and Leon sacrificed himself to save Mathilda, but not without taking Stansfield with him.
  • One of the big Mafia bosses, Vito Corleone, heard all about Leon and Mathilda's story and acknowledged Leon as a real man for protecting his family (even if a found one) the way he did. In addition, Vito thought Leon could be extremely useful to him with his skills and recommended that the Main House have him and Mathilda ascend. Because Leon served as a mentor to Mathilda in the art of killing at her request, they were given the trope Teach Me How To Fight. Upon ascension, Leon was immediately confronted with Vito and his son Michael, and the two explained the situation and about the Pantheon and that they expected him to take on any hits they requested until they considered the debt repaid. Leon wasn't really rattled by this, but he did have one caveat: "No women, no kids", which the Mafia dons accepted as reasonable enough. When they finally left Leon to his devices, the hitman proceeded to have a tearful reunion with Mathilda and he apologized for not keeping his promise to come back until now, making a new promise that this time they'd stay together and really be a family.
  • Leon keeps on teaching Mathilda various things about assassination and self-defense, but this is mainly because the Pantheon is a very dangerous place. Leon would highly prefer that Mathilda did not follow in his footsteps. He's quite happy to send her to Elysium Academy so she'll tag along with him on his business as little as possible, and so she can get what he didn't, which is an education, as well as find new interests. So far, though, Mathilda is rather bored at school and has some trouble making friends given how most kids are put off by her odd behavior for her age.
  • The first job Vito gave Leon was to take out Tony Montana, as the gangster was acting crazier than usual and causing some sort of drug-related trouble at the House of Quirks. Drugs are something that really sets off Vito, who decided that enough was enough and told Leon to take him out to see if that would calm him down in the next life. Tony was also feeling paranoid, so Leon had more trouble than usual getting inside his mansion/temple as Tony did his best to put up resistance, but ultimately Leon succeeded in taking him out. Now Tony is looking into hiring some powerful, willing people to kill Leon in revenge.
  • Leon didn't interact with much of anyone in the mortal world given his occupation, but in the Pantheon he has found a few like-minded people in his area of business. One of them is Gunvolt, who's also a hitman who chose to take in a defenseless, innocent girl. Leon isn't much of a conversationist, but both he and the Azure Striker can see that they each have a good heart despite having a profession most anyone would consider evil, and so they back each other up when their goals coincide.
  • Another one is Arya Stark, who surprised Leon with how she'd been training in the business of killing since she was even younger than Mathilda. Leon only hopes she can settle down into a more normal life once the multiple crises in her world have settled. Mathilda herself looks up to Arya, as the existence of someone like her gives her confidence that she can become an assassin too. This troubles Leon even further, but he takes comfort on the fact that Arya seems to have her heart in the right place and truly cares for her family.
  • Leon and Mathilda have been warned that, given Mathilda's problems, she might be targeted by the Incubators to make a contract with them and become a magical girl on their terms. Mathilda was all too ready to become an assassin for the sake of her little brother, so the Magical Girl Guardians tried to make it very clear why associating with the Incubators might seem alluring but is actually a very, very bad idea so she wouldn't be tempted. Mathilda's response was "Who'd be stupid enough?", but they're not sure that's not lip service. At any rate, Leon won't tolerate the Incubators for the danger that they pose to Mathilda and generally preying on young girls' weaknesses, so he kills them on sight.
  • Due to Mathilda's family getting massacred by Stansfield, who on top of that didn't like at all that she managed to escape that fate, Leon and Mathilda really despise Manny Pardo, a similarly crazy cop. Given Leon is an outlaw, Manny would personally enjoy gunning him and Mathilda down, both for the glory of taking down such a powerful assassin and his little apprentice and to avenge Stansfield, who'd be one of his followers.
    • Speaking of Stansfield, Mathilda was scared upon seeing Sirius Black in Pardo's House, thinking her nemesis had arrived in the Pantheon. Once she told Leon about it, he found out they just look alike. Still, both are always less than pleased when passing by Sirius. Or Rosencrantz.
  • Leon is surprisingly a big fan of classic cinema and he takes Mathilda with him to catch a movie at the House of Theater whenever he can. These outings, and Leon's habit of turning around to see other people's reactions (which Mathilda finds embarrassing), eventually got the two acquainted with Amelie Poulain, who's very fond of going to the cinema and watching people's reactions to it as well. They've taken to sitting next to each other, although Leon and Amelie don't talk much on account of his awkwardness and her shyness, but they seem to understand each other well even without words. And Mathilda can fill the silence for all three of them all by herself.
  • At one point, Amelie had to ask Leon to intervene in a problem her employer, a cook known as Remy, was going through. For some reason, an unhinged Russian mobster known only as The Son set his sights on Remy's restaurant La Ratatouille and was making a mess of the place for not being willing to pay him for his "protection". So Leon and Mathilda went to dine in the restaurant one night to see what's up, and while they were surprised that Remy was in fact a rat, that didn't change the fact that they'd help him and Amelie. When The Son came in and started making a disturbance and threatening the workers, Leon killed a few of his henchmen and told him he'd be next if he ever entered the restaurant again. Remy and Amelie are very grateful for this and he and Mathilda are always welcome in La Ratatouille since then.
  • While Padmé Amidala had lookalikes at her service, Mathilda being basically a younger version of herself still surprised her. Mathilda looks up to her, who even has good battle skills, and in turn Amidala has hired Leon's services whenever necessary (helps he is a hitman with moral standards).
  • The duo wound up being drawn to Leeloo due to a common origin. While Leeloo was a bit wary of Leon, given her idealism clashes with the idea of someone who lives by killing others, the three found common ground and have hung out together.