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One the Sub house of Firearms got too large, they created a new one dedicated to projectiles, shot or thrown, and desires specializing in them. It takes the form of a secondary, more varied firing range and ammunition factory/depot. Rumored to be the one place in the Pantheon, if not the multiverse, with enough dakka, or at least almost.

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Intermediate Gods

    Angry Birds 
The Angry Birds, Divine Flock of Using Oneself as Projectiles
The Angry Birds (Clockwise from the top, Terence, Bomb, Chuck, Jay, Stella, Red, Jake, Bubbles, Jim (the blues are interchangeable), Hal, Matilda

Eros, God of the Love Arrow (Cupid, God of Love, Cupidus, God of Love and Desire, God of Attraction and Affection, Amor)
Clockwise from top left: Eros/Cupid as depicted in Xena: Warrior Princess, Smite, The Camp Half-Blood Series, Lore Olympus, The Simpsons, The Fairly OddParents!, Disney's Hercules, and DC Comics. In the middle: A Real Life statue depiction.
  • Intermediate God or Overdeity, depending on who you ask
  • Symbol: A Heart-Shaped Arrow
  • Theme Music: the Greek/Roman theme of Smite (shared with other Classical Mythological figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Personifies Love or Procreation and Desire, Happily Married with Psyche Thanks To His Own Arrow, Beware the Nice Ones, Love God, Heart Beat-Down OR Hate Plague Depending On Which Arrow He Uses, Pretty Boy, The Power of Love, Winged Humanoid, Usually Naked
  • Domains: Love, Desire, Homosexuality, Archery, Lyre, Candles, Hearts, Wings, Kisses
  • Herald: Psyche (his wife)
  • High Priest: Kamadeva
  • Followers: Raymond Goodfellow, Trevor Hale, Trevor Pierce
  • Allies: Aphrodite (mother), Hercules (Cool Uncle), Kyu Sugardust (more of a Friendly Rival), Princess Cadance
  • Odd Friendship: Sobek
  • Enemies: Howard "Buckshot" Holmes, all enemies to Love itself.
  • Feared by: Most of the Olympian Gods, even Zeus and Hera, Nico di Angelo
  • Respected by: Shelyn
  • Opposed by: Wonder Woman
  • Conflicting Opinion: Elmer Fudd
  • The god of love, he was dainty and non-threatening, but still managed to best even the greatest of gods (usually by taking potshots from far away with his bow; love's not fair, so neither is he). The arrows he uses are what he's best known for, and it only recently that Aphrodite realized he wasn't around while absently watching one of Kyu's clients make the moves on someone. One arrangement with the Court of the Gods later and Eros was invited to the Pantheon.
  • Early sources thought of him as a Protogenos who emerged self-formed from an egg at the beginning of creation, but later ones saw him as the young son and/or servant of Aphrodite. As such, the Court was confused as to what rank he should be. For now, he's content with being Intermediate.
  • Despite being one of the most benevolent and good-natured gods towards mortals, Eros was known to be pretty coldly unforgiving against those who slighted and insulted him and he shows a darker side in these moments. See the myth of Apollo and Daphne for details.
  • Love is not the only thing he can shoot from his arrows; that's just for his golden ones. He also sometimes packs lead ones that induce hatred to the first person the target sees. Also, their effects aren't eternal, as Medea can attest to.
  • Given what things got screwed within their world, Eros is making absolutely sure that his arrows never fall into Timmy's or Cosmo's hands.
  • Has zero issues with any non-heterosexual kind of love; among other things, he made Narcissus (having already broken the hearts of several women he held no interest in) fall in love with his reflection, and was the one who coerced Nico di Angelo to confess his love for Percy Jackson.
    • Thanks to that universe, Eros has a few more abilities revealed: he can change his appearance at will, depending on the perception of beauty of the person he is in the presence of, can render himself invisible (except when he's asleep), can communicate with others as a disembodied spirit and is fluent in French. Also, if his arrows miss, they explode into a column or geyser of flame.
  • Despite now he does things, or maybe because they're both Love Gods, Princess Cadance holds Eros in somewhat high regard. At least he's better than Kyu and her Casanova-teaching ways.
    • Speaking of that love fairy, she liked her encounter with him and thinks he's someone she could get along with, but also sees him as a bit of a rival as not only are his arrows much more potent, they make things "clear" who he wants together (if he properly arranges it).
  • Has participated in the Battleground of the Gods under his Roman name. And in there, he appears as a precocious baby who's either adorable or annoying depending on which side you're on. With their skillsets, he found that he and Sobek make a surprisingly good team.
  • Due to the unpredictability of whom he shoots and what things have happened because of them, there is some manner of moral ambiguity in his actions.
  • Isn't sure how to regard Elmer. On one hand, in the short "The Stupid Cupid", he (in Cupid's role) is ensuring that (the already bitterly married in the short) Daffy Duck is getting into the romantic spirit of things. On the other, he takes several drastic steps to achieve this goal.
  • Has an incarnation in the DC Universe, where he trades in the bow and arrow for a pair of guns with bullets that have the same effect as his arrows. He's decided to take this form a few times whenever arrows don't cut it, but he makes sure to stay away from Wonder Woman if he does, since she doesn't like him using them as they remove free will, and he's sometimes unrepentant about shooting those whose partners don't want anything to do with them.
  • Doesn't want to talk about what he did to Medea, and she doesn't like him since it's his arrow that made her fall in love with Jason. On the other hand, though, that was under Hera's orders. As such, he stays away from her whenever possible.
  • Scrooge McDuck apparently found a stash of his arrows once in a sunken temple, and they apparently worked as they usually do, only for True Love to prove capable of dispelling its effects (family for Scrooge, the one thing he loves more than money, and flying for Launchpad).
  • Gets along with dolphins and occasionally rides them, even though his sacred animal was a hare.
  • Rolf hates his guts after the last time a pair of angels that did the same thing he does and wreaked havoc on the other Cul-de-sac Kids. After resisting their arrows, he had disposed of them and snapped everyone back to their senses with mop water. Eros meanwhile didn't appreciate the farmer trying the same solution on him.
  • After hearing about Eros' ascension and understanding who he is, Howard stormed off into his temple to yell at him for making him even cross paths with his ex-wife and proceeded to go over the list of reasons everything wrong in that relationship ranging from her complaining about "not getting any head" in eight years with her to his ex complaining about being treated like property and not leaving the toilet seat up. The God of Love only responded that Howard's "complete disaster" of a marriage wasn't his fault.

    James Rhodes/War Machine 
Colonel James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes, God of Escalating Weaponry Barrage (War Machine, Iron Man, Iron Patriot, Jim Rhodes, Commander Rhodes, Shellshock, The Mighty Atom, Whiskey Mike)
Iron Patriot
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A red-lighted Arc Reactor
  • Theme Song: K.O. Computer, War Machine in cinema-tier fights
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with doses of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Preferring to Fight Using Firearms and Escalating the Scope Constantly, Using a Modified Version of an Iron Man Suit, Ace Pilot, Popular Enough to Warrant his own Series, Colonel Badass, Flying Brick/Lightning Bruiser, Always with a Gatling Gun, Can Create an Endless Amount of Weapons and Ammunition, Military Superhero, Is Not Tony's Sidekick, Walking Armory
  • Domains: Weaponry, Military, Technology, Friendship, Flight, Navy
  • High Priest: Laguna Loire
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Nathaniel Adam/Captain Atom, Genos
  • Enemies: Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger, Thanos, Ultron, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Ali Al-Saachez, Muruta Azrael, Megatron, Starscream, Frank Underwood, The Grineer
  • Respected by: Josiah "Jed" Bartlet
  • Who says the Iron Man suits are exclusive to Tony Stark? Enter Colonel James Rhodes, a United States soldier who once served in the The Vietnam War, he first met Tony after he saved Rhodey from a helicopter crash. The results after were Rhodey and Stark becoming friends with the two of them defeating the Viet Cong and Rhodey taking up a job as Stark's personal pilot, being one of the few who knew of Tony's identity as Iron Man and becoming the chief aviation officer of Stark Industries. That is until Tony was dealing with alcoholism and battles against the Iron Monger when Rhodey took up the Iron Man mantle and soon established the West Coast Avengers.
    • Rhodes struggled mightily with the suit, as its helmet was calibrated specifically for Stark, hence causing Rhodey headaches. This culminated with him being heavily injured by a bomb attack from Stane, after which he soon gave up being Iron Man. However, he would return to duty shortly afterward upon receiving a modified Iron Man suit equipped with all sorts of weaponry ranging from gatling guns and missiles to flamethrowers and laser-firing tech, known as the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit. Designed for all-out battles, Rhodey took the suit for himself, christened himself War Machine and went on to become an incredibly formidable superhero in his own right.
  • Initially a follower of Roy Mustang, only to be moved to Tony's temple as one of his two heralds after a certain incident, Rhodey really made his mark in the Pantheon after displaying his abilities to its residents and how his time as a superhero and as Tony's friend has made him the man that he is now. Even more impressive was when he managed to stop an attack carried out by the Green Goblin who was intending to bomb a building in the House of Commerce. His most striking feature and what distinguishes him from Iron Man, his never-ending supplement of weaponry was what made War Machine eligible to join the Pantheonic ranks, representing More Dakka.
  • Being a part of the military and for his representing trope, War Machine is undoubtedly one of the more physically offensive and destructive superheroes in the Pantheon. Most of the House of Weapons are very intrigued by his armour and what he is capable of. Unfortunately, Rhodey doesn't take much time to flash his weapons to fans, instead spending more time in military services and preparing himself for future threats. Being a soldier means being prepared after all.
  • Given that he was an adept Ace Pilot, Rhodey made quick friends with Hal Jordan and Heero Yuy, considering they're all skilful pilots with adequate experiences in war. While not too phased about the Lantern Corps, Rhodey was nonetheless impressed about how Hal was able to utilize his and lead the Green Lanterns several times. Rhodey isn't interested in the rings, but he states he's more than willing to come help out Hal and the Green Lantern Corps at any time. As for Yuy, Rhodey was impressed to see him utilize Alpha Strikes on his opponents to get a situation done, alongside bombarding them with as many weapons as possible. He also sympathizes with Yuy's age during his battles, especially given that Heero accidentally killed a little girl, prompting him to become reserved and quiet.
    • He also has some sense of camaraderie with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. Being soldiers who persevered through dedicated teamwork and friendship, Rhodey has a measure of respect for the girls. He was thinking of having Stark present them Iron Man suits as a sign of goodwill, though the girls respectfully declined. Still, wherever the 501st JFW are fighting, Rhodey is more than welcome to tag along.
  • Generally speaking, Rhodey has been enlisted as a major asset for several good-aligned military operations, which Rhodey is content with provided that they continue getting support from truly good benefactors including helping Rhodey with weapon upgrades. The arrangement has gone well thus far thanks to Rhodey's dedication to justice and protection. Still, it wouldn't hurt if he could get some combat training from various expert deities.
    • It was also through these connections that Rhodey discovered to his surprise that there was someone who formerly held his trope in the form of Laguna Loire. Furthermore, Laguna had actually willingly passed on his title to allow Rhodey to come in full-time, feeling that Rhodey may be better suited to the title. Rhodey did, however, decide to keep Laguna by nominating him as his High Priest. Doing so meant that Laguna was still in the Pantheon, though he's not as prominent as he used to be. Still, Rhodey has the feeling that he and Laguna can be pretty good partners on the battlefield, and that this idea is shared by some of his allies.
  • On one occasion, Frank Castle took hold of an old War Machine suit and used to fight against crime, with predictable results given the fact that he's a vigilante who isn't hesitant to kill. Rhodey eventually showed up to convince Frank to give the suit up, which he does given the amount of respect Frank has for Rhodey who reciprocated. The two have been good allies since.
  • He was once killed by Thanos. Of course, Rhodey returned from the dead to carry on his superheroics as usual. That said, he's become more aware of cosmic deities, especially Darkseid, given that not only does he resemble Thanos, but is much more malicious to boot. He'll probably be upgrading his weapons further and reach out to advanced sciences for that if it means taking on the Lord of Apokolips and other similar foes. Oh, and Rhodey hasn't forgotten about Thanos either. Another thing to clarify was that he wasn't happy about the fact that there was another superhero civil war that was influenced by his death in some way. He does recall the last time that sort of thing happened and how disastrous it was for all combatants.
  • Has a sort of rivalry going on with Genos, though both remain on friendly terms with one another regardless. A battle simulation conducted by Wiz and Boomstick came out with the conclusion of Rhodey being able to near-effortlessly defeat Genos. Ever since then, Genos has been striving to become stronger and equip himself with better tech in the hopes of becoming a stronger and more capable hero.
  • He might be one of the more capable beings in the Pantheon to take on the Grineer. Rhodey was rather concerned about the fact that they're an invasive army who go out of their way to kill and plunder out of hatred and superiority. To top it off, they're no stranger to pulverizing their enemies with as much weaponry as possible. If anything, the Grineer is one of the reasons why Rhodey (With Stark's permission of course) would sometimes offer Iron Man suits to his allies and other military personnel to give them a fighting chance.
  • At some point, he rechristened himself into an All-American version of Iron Man, aptly named the Iron Patriot. However, that position was first taken by Norman Osborn when he was leading the Dark Avengers. Rhodey apparently went on a brief stint with this identity someplace else which is the reason why some remember him for having an Iron Man suit styled after the Star-Spangled Banner. Still, given what Norman really is, Rhodey is willing to strip the Iron Patriot identity from him. Not that Norman is bothered by it, as he prefers to be the Green Goblin instead.
Little late for that. If I were still... Human. I'd have lost count of how many I've killed. But I can't forget anything, now... And I can't stop seeing everything. Every woman they've raped... Every child they've shot... I hate them. God help me, I hate them. Maybe someday someone'll hate me just as much. But I don't care. All I know... Is that today... The world needs a War Machine.

    King David 
King David, God of Slings (The King of Israel, Archer)
King David Playing the Harp, Gerard van Honthorst (1622)

As a Servant

David by Michaelangelo (warning: nudity)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Star of David. Alternatively, his sling, lyre, or sword.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but trying to be Lawful Good nowadays
  • Portfolio: Badass Israelite, began as a humble shepard, Divinely anointed the new king of Israel, Killed Goliath with a sling, soothing harp player, Both the victim and perpetrator of Uriah Gambits, being punished by god for arranging Uriah's death, his (originally Goliath's) sword, led his mighty men against bandits, Had 8 wives, the messiah is prophesized to be from his bloodline, The Good King all things considered, Handsome Lech into Dirty Old Man, Tragic Hero, tries to make up for his sins, not a perfect parent
  • Allies: Solomon (his son), the Master of Chaldea, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Robin Hood, The Love That Moves the Stars, Brian Cohen, Wander (Shadow of the Colossus), Noah, Moses, any non-evil Jews in the Pantheon
  • On good terms with: Abel
  • On bad terms with: Altria Pendragon Alter, Galahad (maybe?)
  • Conflicted about: YHVH, SCP-073
  • Respects: Heroic Underdogs
  • Controversial with: The House of Family and Relatives, The House of Love and Affection
  • Ambiguous relationship with: SCP-001 (Dr.Clef's Proposal)
  • Enemies: Goetia, Cain, SCP-076-02, Dis, Satan (Paradise Lost), Ramses (Prince of Egypt)
  • After Saul, the first king of Israel, disobeyed God's order to kill all the Amalekites by sparing their king and some livestock, God ordered the prophet Samuel to ordain the shepherd David as Saul's successor. In a war against the Philistines, David would kill the giant Goliath with one shot from his sling, gaining him immense fame. Afraid of the threat to his rule, Saul branded David a fugitive and forced him to flee. After Saul and his successor both died in battles, David would return and be crowned as the third king of Israel. During his reign he was both beloved and successful, earning many victories in battle.
    • However, it was also during his time as king that he would commit his greatest sins. Coveting Bathsheba, the wife of his elite soldier Uriah, he impregnated her. In order to cover it up, he first tried getting Uriah to return home, and when that didn't work got Uriah killed in battle and married Bathsheba. But this would not go unjudged by god: Bathsheba and David's firstborn died young, and his son Absalom would then rise up in rebellion against him and die as a result of an accident. When he was old, he gave the kingship to Solomon, his and Bathsheba's second child.
  • In an effort to strengthen the forces of Good in the Pantheon, the Chaldea Security Organization has been trying to ascend its servants to divine positions. While thinking over who to select, Dr.Roman suddenly realized an incredibly obvious candidate. And so Chaldea summoned his father, King David to become the God of Slings as recognition of his famous feat.
  • Naturally, the first thing David did after ascending was visit his son, Solomon. While the two didn't have much time to connect in life as David was busy running the kingdom, he is proud of his son for his many achievements such as building a temple for the Ark of the Covenant, pioneering magic, and ruling as a just king, although he acknowledges that Solomon's weakness for beautiful women probably came from him. Solomon was just as glad to meet with his father, as he had to hide his identity during his time as Dr. Romani Archaman. David strongly suspected that Dr.Roman was his son, but didn't want to say anything because he trusted his plan to defeat Goetia, which ended in him being erased from the throne
    • While David considers himself a regular man who was chosen by god to be a king out of the blue, David saw that Solomon was fit to be a king from the moment he was born. Unfortunately, what he did not forsee was the role of being a "natural born king" and having to carry the responsibilities of his positions as well as his god-giving wisdom being incredibly restrictive and burdensome for Solomon. That is why David now takes out time to hang out with his son whenever he can. Additionally, David is trying to find a way to ascend the Queen of Sheba, a mysterious biblical character that may have married Solomon and been his greatest love in life.
    • Naturally, as a servant of Chaldea and Solomon's son David is a staunch enemy of Demon King Goetia. Geotia would normally ignore him for being a servant with much less power than his son, but David did play a major role in defeating Goetia by protecting the Master of Chaldea, which makes the Beast slightly wary. David is also enemies with more traditional evil Abrahamic demons such as Dis and the Satan who lost Paradise. While it's not clear how exactly he would really do anything against them in a fight given their incredible power, it is unwise to underestimate David's abilities. After all, he's great at fighting as the underdog.
  • Seeking to atone for his sins, David asked Solomon to put in a good word for him at the Ministry of Atonement, but Solomon told him that the ministry is for actual villains who turned good, not people who just made bad mistakes. Regardless, he still goes there and talks to the deities about the struggles of being good.
  • During his time in Chaldea and the Pantheon, David has become acquainted with a variety of heroes, mythological and historical alike. While he doesn't have the most overpowered abilities a servant can have, he has remained a reliable pick for any team thanks to being able to both fight and support his teammates. In the Pantheon, he checks up on them regularly to see how they're doing.
    • Robin Hood's actions with his Merry Men remind David of when he led his Mighty Men to defend villages against bandits and Philistine forces during his time as a fugitive. David will sometimes help Robin Hood as a sling specialist when bows won't cut it.
    • Altria Alter still isn't over the time David mistook her for Abishag and hit on her while she was doing her work as a Santa. David claims the whole thing was an accident, but she doesn't buy it. Regardless, the two will still work as teammates under Chaldea.
    • In the Middle Ages, David was seen as one of the Nine Worthies, personifications of chivalry. This made him interested in whether any medieval knights took after him in some way, to which he found Galahad, the pure-hearted knight, was using his sword. One day, David decided to check on Galahad to see how the knight was treating his sword and why he had taken his power away from Mash after the Incineration of Humanity was resolved. Galahad simply shut the door to his temple on him.
  • As both a biblical figure and an atoner, David is sometimes visited by the different versions of God in the Pantheon. he admires The Love The Moves The Stars for being a force for goodness and love, and the Love in turn recognizes that David is trying his best and gives him slack. The same can be said for the God who's friends with Bob, who thinks that David has already paid enough for the whole Uriah thing. However, David has mixed feelings about YHVH; while he sees in the deity the God that ordered the annihilation of the Amalekites, he does not seem to be the type of God who would appoint a replacement for Saul, or grant Solomon his wisdom. When Solomon told him that YHVH was definitely not the god that they knew, David agreed.
  • As it is prophesized that the Messiah would be born in David's bloodline, a jew named Brian Cohen once came to his temple to ask for a genetic sample. He said that he had been mistakenly been labeled the Messiah by people who would not be dissuaded, and hopes that a genetic test would show that the two were not related, proving once and for all that he was not the Messiah. However, because David had so many children and lived long before Brian, his genes were already spread widely in the Jewish population, leading to a partial match. Regardless, David hopes that Brian can one day get the crowds off his back. Besides Solomon and God, David has also learned of other Biblical figures in the Pantheon, many of which are his ancestors:
    • David reverses Moses for helping release the Jewish people from slavery, although he wonders is the magic that Moses uses is maybe a little too dangerous. He thinks that Ramses is despicable, but does not extend that animosity to the Egyptian Gods.
    • David is friendly with Abel, who he sees as a great example of a virtuous man. On the other hand, SCP-076-2 freaks him out due to his sociopathy and hatred for humanity. To that end, David is willing to give the SCP a taste of rock from his sling if necessary.
    • Likewise, David is not a fan of Cain, who reminds him of how his son Absalom killed his other son Amnon(for raping their sister Tamar, but still tragic). David doesn't dislike SCP-073, but is still a little weirded out by his Attack Reflector ability.
    • David feels honored to meet Noah, who preserved animal and human life during the Great Flood. Double points for being The Grand Rider.
  • Given his story of taking down Goliath, David is supportive of deities that take on much greater enemies, especially the heroic ones. One specific figure that has caught his interest is Wander, who climbed and slew 16 Collosi on the quest to revive his lover. While he doesn't think that releasing Dorman was a good idea, he does understand why Wander did it and is willing to lend if the young traveler ever needs it. Some deities have speculated that instead of having to climb them, David could just one-shot the weak points of the Collosi with his sling.
  • Slings are a very simple weapon with a range that can surpass longbows, but they require a lot of training to be able to use correctly. It is for this reason that David often receives requests from deities for him to teach them how to use slings. Unsurprisingly, the success rate is pretty slim, but those who do manage to get the hang of the ancient weapon often leave with a useful new ability.
  • Many times, many people have confused slings and slingshots when talking to him, which has slightly annoyed David, as in his history slings far predated slingshots. Whenever someone mixes them up, he now says, "Slings are Trebuchets and Slingshots and Catapults". This has only added to the confusion.
  • Even worse, deities from the House of Health and Diseases have assumed that he is proficient in Medical slings, even though he resides in the house of Weapons. In this case, David simply doesn't the heart to correct them and has begun studying medical slings.
  • Of course, his sling is not like any other sling: when used in his servant form as his Noble Phantasm, it becomes more akin to a Wave-Motion Gun that can ignore the enemy's evasive maneuvers and strike their weak point, killing them or knocking them out. It also has a secondary ability to grant an ally the gift of protected flight, although this is rarely used. Besides his sling, David also has other weapons:
    • His harp/lyre, which he used to soothe King Saul and play the secret chord. It can heal through Magic Music. However, its true power is the ability to exorcise evil spirits, which makes the evil members of the Hous of Ghosts wary.
    • His shield. The symbol on the front is actually the origin of the famous Star of David. He is very proud that the symbol is now on the flag of the modern state of Israel, but sad that it has been used by antisemites throughout history to identify and single out Jews.
    • His sword, The Sword of Strange Hangings, which he took from Goliath. Currently in the possession of Galahad, but David doesn't really mind. According to legend, it can only be wielded by proper knights, which begs the question of how David stole it from the defeated Goliath and cut off his head with it.
    • He also took care of the Ark of the Covenant and famously danced in front of the public as a way to thank God for the blessing, although it was Solomon who would build the temple that houses it. As a servant, it is one of his noble phantasms, which would be cool if it wasn't so dangerous and impractical. For that reason, he's fine with leaving it in the treasury where it can't be used for evil.
    • As a servant he has a noble phantasm that allows him to send a sacrifice to God in order to rain fire on his enemies. However, he prefers not to use it as it would be an abuse of divine power. Some speculate that these flames actually come from an angel's firey powers, such as SCP-001 (Dr.Clef's proposal).
  • The House of Family of Relatives has split opinions of David. While they view Absalom's death as tragic, they don't think it was warranted for David to let the Gibeonites kill all of Saul's descendants due to Saul's mistreatment of the city. Likewise, David is controversial at the House of Love and Affection for his relationship with Bathsheba. This is because it's ambiguous if Bathsheba consented to having sex with David. If she did, then it would make David a murderous home-wrecker; if not, he was also a rapist. No one has had the opportunity to ask David for his side of the story on this, so the debate remains unresolved. Either way, outside observers comment that see why David's god punished him so severely.
  • As a king of Israel who helped his people fight against foreign invaders, he despises any who try to destroy the Jewish people, especially the Nazis. He hates the Red Skull the most, as Johann Schmidt is possibly the most loyal to Nazism out of all of them. Of course, he hates all Nazis in the Pantheon and is willing to go to war against them at any time to stop their genocidal plans.

Lesser Gods

    Bette Noir 
Bette Noir, Goddess of Trick Bullets
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess if her power gets amplified)
  • Symbol: Her wax candle bullet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Trick Bullets, Improbable Aiming Skills, Was attracted to Plutonian's hidden dark side, Could have stopped Plutonian sooner, Felt guilty for letting millions die to cover her infidelity, Lost hope, Became a hedonist, And tried to kill herself, Was ultimately possessed by Modeus, Manipulates gravity to guide her bullets, Can drain power from stars to add momentum to objects
  • Domain(s): Bullets, Guns, Gravity, Stars, Infidelity, Despair
  • Allies: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary, Carter Hall/Hawkman, Virgil Hawkins/Static, Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, Jimmy Olsen, Nathan Summers/Cable, Neena Thurman/Domino, Vash the Stampede, Roland of Gilead, Lucky Luke, Rushuna Tendou, Gunvolt, Jesse McCree
  • Enemies: High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman, General Zod, Homelander, Black Noir, The Crime Syndicate of America, Lex Luthor, Lord Recluse, Dante of the Deep Forest, Zouken Matou, Orochimaru, Master Xehanort, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Lobo, Erron Black
  • Conflicting Opinion: Clark Kent/Superman, Asa Martin/Samaritan, Marcus Cole/Statesman, Metro Man, Toshinori Yagi/All Might
  • Complicated Relationship: Qubit
  • Opposes: The Plutonian
  • A member of the Paradigm and Gilgamos' wife, Bette Noir was one of the very first superheroes to reveal themselves to the world. With her uncanny aim and customized bullets, she used her guns to fight crime and defend the world. After the Plutonian snapped, Bette hid the fact that she had a wax candle bullet that could kill him, because doing so would have revealed her affair with him. Feeling guilty for having allowed millions to die to cover her infidelity, she attempted to redeem herself by engaging in a plan to restrain and kill the Plutonian. However, Qubit saved the Plutonian by teleporting the bullet away after Bette shot it, much to her and the Paradigm's shock and disapproval.
    • After the Plutonian was captured and taken away by an alien race called the Vespa, Bette gave up on heroics, shacked up in a Beverly Hills mansion and lived an extravagant and hedonistic lifestyle while awaiting death. When the Plutonian returned to Earth and found her, he unexpectedly spared her life and made her a reluctant member of his group. Having lost hope, she attempted to commit suicide, but was saved by the Plutonian.
    • When she attempted another suicide attempt by trying to fall off a building, Bette was ultimately possessed by the supervillain Modeus, who intended to use her body to seduce the Plutonian. After the Plutonian killed Bette's body and Qubit trapped Modeus within his mind, they used a gravity-warping remnant of Bette to scrub the Earth's atmosphere of radiation, thus saving all life on the planet and allowing Qubit to scatter Plutonian's Eleosan essence across the multiverse and parallel dimensions as a way of redeeming him.
  • Bette ascended at the request of Qubit, who was hoping that the Pantheon would provide her with another chance to be a hero. Bette's reaction upon seeing him again was incredibly mixed, especially when he informed her that the Plutonian was also present in the Pantheon. However, when he informed her of how he had used a remnant of her body to save humanity and subsequently scattered the Plutonian's essence, she felt a massive sense of relief at learning that she had posthumously helped save humanity, though she continued to feel guilty for not having killed the Plutonian sooner.
  • Due to their past history, Bette holds the distinction of being the only person that the Plutonian somewhat cares for. As a result, he tends to leave her alone unless she actively goes after him. Due to the presence of genuine heroes who are either as strong or even stronger than the Plutonian, Bette generally feels safe and secure in the knowledge that, if the Plutonian tries to go on a rampage again, he will be stopped with relative ease.
  • She quickly managed to befriend Green Arrow and Black Canary, as she noticed that she resembles them. Similarly, she became friends with Hawkman, Static, Black Lightning and Jimmy Olsen due to each of them reminding her of her teammates in the Paradigm.
  • She's on good terms with fellow gun-wielding superheroes Cable and Domino, though she's made it clear that she generally prefers to use non-lethal ammo against enemies. She's also friends with gunslingers such as Vash the Stampede, Roland of Gilead, Lucky Luke and Rushuna Tendou. She especially managed to bond with Vash, Luke and Rushuna due to their aversion to killing and preference for disarming their enemies instead. Every now and then, Bette has allowed them to try out some of her special non-lethal bullets to see how well they could perform with them. She also occasionally engages with all of them in friendly marksmanship competitions, although the fact that she manipulates gravity to guide her bullets, has resulted in them occasionally remarking that she's "cheating".
  • The revelation that she was capable of becoming a Physical Goddess with powers even greater than that of the Plutonian through only a few minor chemical adjustments to her frontal lobe came as a massive surprise to Bette, though she was also very disturbed to learn that Modeus had used her powers while possessing her body in order to restrain and have sex with the Plutonian. Because Qubit possesses all the knowledge of Modeus, he was able to help Bette unlock her full potential and learn how to use her powers. However, due to the fact that using her full power requires her to drain so much energy from distant stars that a star system dies with every punch she lands, she's understandably reluctant to use it and prefers to save it for emergencies.
  • Bette managed to befriend Gunvolt due to him similarly utilizing a variety of specialized darts to tag foes, serving as a conduit for his electrical powers. From standard rapid fire and travelling across the ground and ceiling to redirection and shooting all over the place. She was initially wary of him due to him being a hitman, but warmed to him upon learning that his heart is in the right place and he's willing to stand up against anyone who goes against what he believes in, as well as the fact that he doesn't really take any pleasure in what he does.
  • She's also in friendly terms with Jesse McCree, who saw that Bette had gone through a lot and tried to assure her that she could join him in providing more justice to atone herself, much like himself after his days in Blackwatch.
  • Unsurprisingly, she quickly became enemies with other tyrannical superhumans such as Regime Superman, General Zod, Homelander, Black Noir and the Crime Syndicate of America as a whole. She's somewhat sympathetic towards Regime Superman due to the fact that he's at least well-intentioned. On the other hand, she's particularly appalled by Black Noir, not only because he has a similar codename, but also because he's even more irredeemably depraved and crazy than the Plutonian.
  • She has a strong dislike of evil geniuses such as Lex Luthor and Lord Recluse, who unpleasantly remind her of Modeus. Similarly, her getting possessed by Modeus has resulted in her strongly opposing body snatchers such as Dante of the Deep Forest, Orochimaru and Zouken Matou.
  • She has occasionally battled against Mr. Mxyzptlk and Lobo, who remind her of Orian, a demonic alien hunter with a similarly dark and crude sense of humor. Mr. Mxyzptlk doesn't view her as a threat and typically spends most of their encounters playing pranks on her, while Lobo usually just flirts with her, which generally results in him having to spend some time healing up from her firing one of her high explosive bullets at him.
  • Despite being a fellow gunslinger who also has a few trick bullets of his own, Erron Black did not earn Bette's favour because of his "killing for pay" business model, not to mention that he also hit on her once just because she's a girl with a gun.
  • Bette is understandably uneasy around superheroes similar to the Plutonian, such as Superman, Samaritan, Statesman, Metro Man and All Might. She does, however, try her best to not judge them based on that and regards working with them to be her best chance at redemption.

    The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants 
The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants, Holy Garden of Pelting With Plant Matter
All the plants from the first game. You can find others over here.
  • Ranging from Quasideities to Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. seed packet
  • Theme Song: Zombies on Your Lawn (by the Sunflower) (Japanese and Spanish versions)
  • Alignment: All across the Good axis, though their worst are Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bullet Seed, Badass Army, Badass Adorable, Critical Existence Failure, Long-Range Fighter (most), Plant People, This Banana is Armed, Mostly Comprised of Males, Fire Plants And Ice Plants Don't Work Well Together, Friendly Fireproof
  • Herald: The player gardener
  • Domain(s): Plants, Defense
  • Allies: Crazy Dave, Insert Name Here (their potential owner), the Nature Uprising, Yuuka Kazami, Asgore Dreemurr, The Farmer, Brassica Prime, Viridi, The Cabbage Merchant, Cagney Carnation, The Piranha Plants, Flowey, most farmers and gardeners in general
  • Enemies: Dr. Zomboss, most Undead deities (with Nagash the Undying at the top), all violent plant-eaters, The Hag
  • Oppose: The Goose
  • Opposed by: The Courier
  • On good terms with: Killer Bean, Isomer Black, Isola and Crimm
  • Have you ever happened to have your own neighbourhood infested with undead zombies trying to eat your brain and invade your own house? This is where we introduce this rather unorthodox but highly effective defense tool: The Bloom and Doom plants! These little fellas will defend your lawn from any incoming invader that may want to enter to your house unannounced and it's particularly effective against the undead variety. Given that several of the plants can attack using their own fruits and seeds such as peas, they were chosen for the title of Bullet Seed via recommendation of Crazy Dave.
  • Plants come in different shape and forms, some aren't even exactly plants as the seeds also include Mushrooms who are more effective by defending the house at night (though they would later be able to be used in the day) and, for some reason, they also have non-plants such as Spikerocks (which used to need a Spikeweed to replace first), Flower Pots, Infi-Nuts (a hologram projector that shows a Hard Light Wall-Nut). The crew even expanded once Crazy Dave built a time machine and travelled all across history just to eat a taco again, with plants growing more specialized in certain areas that are only available to obtain in that specific timeline. That said, it's no issue in the Pantheon, and all plants from all eras are available here.
    • As plants, they usually need to be on soil to do their work, though they seem to be extremely adaptable to all sorts of ground/flooring. That said, the non-aquatic plants need Lily Pads (which are good in fresh- and saltwater) to survive over the water, and the aforementioned Flower Pots can make non-aquatic plants portable to an extent (since they tend to get pretty big).
  • One of their temples is a recreation of their owner's house that was attacked in the first game, suspected to belong to Insert Name Here. The plants can also be bought in this temple (which has essentially become a distributor) or in one of Crazy Dave's, and several can be seen guarding other temples but given their animosity towards the undead, they are not allowed in the House of Undead and Phasmata for fairly obvious reasons.
  • The plants can be divided in several groups, those that directly attack the zombies either by shooting something at them or by other means, those are a one time use that can harm a single or several zombies at once, support units dedicated to collecting sun (which is what powers the plants, allowing more to be planted and some that are able to take more bites that an standard plant would. Many can be found in the House of Plants, this is where their other temple resides, which is the Zen Garden where the plants can be watered and fed plant food in order to grow strong and ready to crush the undead.
  • They are very popular among those that are already gardeners or have farms as the plants can defend their crops and house if they are attacked by something (the Plants don't only attack zombies after all). Among the most notable deities that utilize the Bloom and Doom co plants are gardeners like Asgore Dreemurr and Yuuka Kazami, the latter notoriously hates having her garden be destroyed so she appreaciates some extra help in defending it.
  • Viridi at first was really excited to meet them, as a Goddess of Nature she can appreciate even if they are designed to protect the meat bags but in the end they are used against undead zombies. She is a bit conflicted on the ones that come from the Far Future, the Sky City, and the Neon Mixtape Tour timelines, have taken human-tech aesthetics and that's not ok with her plus several of the plans can use weapons but she has stayed on friendly terms with them.
  • Due to their experiences with Vault 22 and its killer plants, the Courier doesn't isn't exactly a huge fan of the plants, but is pragmatic with them considering their use and generally being more approachable than the Spore Carriers and other man-eating plants and he can understand that at least they tend to target undead (he has personally deal with a few of them on his own).
  • Isomer Black certainly got curious after learning about the Plants, she and her other Isomer went to check on them wondering if there was any plant similar to their flower their revere for their radioactive powers. Most of the plants didn't really interest her except the Sunflowers and the Marigold, believing to be sister versions of her flower and so she sought to bring a few of them home. Most deities are afraid on the flowers behalf consdiering Isomer isn't exactly sane to begin with but they will be happy as long as Isomer takes good care of them.
  • Given her corruption of the Weald in the Darkest Estate through the use of a special fungus, the Hag took an interest in these plants, particularly the mushrooms. They didn't appreciate her though, and made that clear. And to top it off, when she attempted to make off with a Doom-Shroom, it promptly blew her up.
  • Several deities from undead origins definitely have grown a dislike for the Plants because ever since of their ascension almost every house they tend to target has them. Though it became a problem once good-aligned undead deities got involved, since the Plants haven't really ever encountered a good zombie in their life and so have opened fire as usual. They had to be properly taught that some of the zombies aren't really that bad.
    • And one of their more staunch detractors for the plants is Undying, a necromancer capable of spawning more undead from Tombstones. His job got a lot harder after Grave Busters started to destroy his tombstones and prevent his undead from rising and has tried his best to put the plants and Crazy Dave out of business.
  • Cabbage Pult tends to be seen often alongside Brassica Prime, basically believed to be the Spawn of the deity given that their domains are cabbages (even though he comes from a family of pult-like plants and he is the youngest of three). The Cabbage Merchant also adores the Cabbage Pult even if he thinks throwing the cabbages towards the enemy is not a good idea in his opinion.
  • The flowers have gotten acquinted themselves with several of the deiteis in the House of Plants, finding an unlikely ally in Cagney Carnation, a huge flower that while not exactly a nice fella, he is willing to help the plants against unwanted visitors. The Sunflowers also are surprisingly friends with Flowey and are privy to his secret identity as Asriel, those same Sunflowers tend to be closely monitored so they don't spill the beans.
  • While having had a run-in with Dr. Zomboss several times, Killer Bean has never really been interested in helping the Plants out against the zombie problem and preferring to look out for himself. However, he does have a soft spot for the Coffee Bean and as a fellow coffee bean himself, he is willing to at least take down Zomboss in a potential exchange for protection against the Shadow Bean (even if he doesn't really quite need it).
    • Another unlikely pair of allies were Isola and Crimm from the Falcons. The former mostly, she really loves the Sunflowers and adores their singing, she is a bit of agriculturist herself so the fact this plants can sing is a plus for her. Her fellow Falcon Crimm also adores the plants but for a different reasons, he feels the explosions some of them cause are very amazing, he in particular really likes the Cherry Bomb, Doom-Shroom and Jalapeño (and even the Potato Mine, even if it's a tad too slow).
  • One day while guarding the Farmer's temple, the Plants were suddenly unearthed one by one and they weren't able to figure who was messing with them. Then a Squash noticed the Goose running away from the Farmer and caught wind that this silly looking bird was the one that was taking down the defenses one by one. Since then, they have kept their tabs on the Goose in case it wants to mess with them again.
  • The House of Commerce, one of the places Crazy Dave is housed in, has been interesting in harvesting Marigolds given their ability to produce coins and diamonds which could increase the profit of several deities. Dave hasn't disclosed the secret behind how Marigolds can do this and has stated that he would prefer if they could instead produce a tasty taco instead of money.
  • Can also be found in Miscellaneous Flora. That temple is modeled after the Zen Garden, where most of the plants are grown.

    Erron Black 
Erron Black, The God with the Marked Bullet (The Wandering Fool [by Kitana])
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: his hat and face mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with True Neutral leanings
  • Theme Song: Gunslinger
  • Portfolio: Showing an Almost Complete Lack of Emotions, Puts His Opponent's Names On a Bullet, Interested in Girls With Guns, Guns Akimbo, Possibly Way Older Than He Appears, Professional Killer, Proud Texan, Mercenary, Breaks Every Single Law of Gun Safety and Physics (But Looks Badass While Doing It)
  • Domains: Guns, Bounty Hunters, Stoicism
  • Current employer: Kotal Kahn
  • Allies: Shang Tsung, Zeref, Wario, Syzoth/Reptile, Ermac, Ogre, Revy, Revolver Ocelot
  • Rivals: Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, Kung Jin, Takeda Takahashi, Shinnok, John Marston, Cole Cassidy, Lucky Luke
  • Enemies: Johnny Cage, Jax, Noel Vermillion, Mileena, Baraka, Sonya Blade (though Erron is attracted to her), Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Scarface, Facehuggers, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Raiden, Shao Kahn, Kano
  • He was welcomed by his current employer, Kotal Khan, and his Praetorian Guard, Reptile and Ermac. He still however operates as a hired gun, though.
  • Whenever he's about to brutalize his targets, he shoots a bullet that has the name of the target. He is said in fact to have a named bullet for every single member of the Pantheon, including big names such as Lucifer, Majin Buu, and Asura themselves. For proof of having names of every gods in the Pantheon, he has a bullet marked for "Me."
  • He thanked Shang Tsung when he first ascended into the Pantheon, mostly for providing his service to Outworld and in exchange, having his age slowed by his magic. That way, he could very patient in any assignments where he could assassinate someone like the Kahn's enemies.
    • Because of his age slowing and the fact that the agreement with Shang Tsung took place 150 years ago, it is probable that Erron Black was in fact a cowboy from the old Wild West.
  • He is not impressed with the other resident cowboys in the Pantheon like John Marston and Cassidy. He warned them that they are messing with the real gunslinger and has a bullet just for them.
  • Revolver Ocelot is rather impressed by Black's shootings with his revolvers. From his shootings, he is reminded of the day when he was younger, even recalling how he almost sounded like Black.
  • He is not on good term with Kano, as when Kano retreated from the Red Dragon, he told Erron outright that he wasn't Black Dragon material for trying to help Cassie and Jacqui who were kidnapped by the Red Dragon at the time. Since then, he could barely stand one of them and, at some point, killed one of the members, Kobra.
  • Despite the fact that the two never met since the former died, Baraka doesn't like Erron Black because of his employment to Kotal Kahn. Also, he was furious when he saw that Erron Black has a Severed Tarkatan Blade, which came from an arm of one of his soldiers. However, the two did work together to free Kotal from Shao Kahn, but Baraka has made it clear to the gunslinger that their truce is temporary and he'll skin him alive if they cross each other's path again.
  • When Raiden was under the influence of the Blood Magik, he and Erron Black battle each other and he fried him during the influence. Though Raiden relented on harming him, he has very low opinion of mercenaries and the fact that he would desert Earthrealm for money.
  • Erron is less than thrilled about his ascension, him being a Hollywood Atheist and now being a god is a thing that he finds as an ironic twist of fate.
  • Is not too pleased to see that one of those creatures he dubbed "ugly mofos" are in the House of House of Otherness. To his surprise, this Predator was different from the one he came across in his quest.
    • He is also distasteful of Facehuggers and always shoot them on sight. Since he seems to know what they are and what they do, there are implication that Erron encountered the Xenomorphs before.
  • Has stated to have a small fascination with women who wield guns. This is exactly why he is rather enthralled by Revy herself, who thinks of her as his female cousin from another timeline. Revy seems to be OK with it, but did say to Erron that if he tries to do anything funny to her, she'll shoot him point-blank. This however didn't stop many deities from shipping the two of them.

    Hayato Kanzaki 
Hayato Kanzaki, God of Sword Beams (Black Hayato)
Click here to see Black Hayato.

    Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper 
Kardel Sharpeye, God of Impossible Ballistics (Sniper)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sniper rifle accompanied with his trademark goggle and the word bubble "HO HO HA HA" above
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Friendly Sniper, Taking Superb, Unhinderable Aim, Can make his bullets curve and even pull a 180 turn, "HO HO HA HA" And A Plethore Of Similar Laughs, Headshots, Taking On Supernatural Beings With Just A Rifle, Squishy Gunners, Long-Range Fighter, Unskilled, but Strong, Being More Known As 'Sniper'
  • Domain: Laughter, Sniping, Annoyance, Combat, Range, War
  • High Priest: Flint Beastwood
  • Allies: Most Most Radiant Heroes (just as long as they're not archers), Yoko Littner, Lockon Stratos, The Sniper/Mr. Mundy, Nova Terra, Muradin Bronzebeard, Thorgrim Grudgebearer
  • Rivals: Champions of Runeterra, Clinkz, Doctor Boom
  • It was a fine day at the Fields of the Ancients, when suddenly there was a LOUD gunshot, and surprisingly, only one victim, right on the head, even if there was one bullet blazing through four more opposing heroes in line... and Roshan itself. That shot was done by Kardel Sharpeye, the reknowned Sniper, with such aiming skill being his daily activity and the mark of his greatness and exile from his home. The aim was very improbable, and yet he made it anyway. Kardel actually planned that would be his claim to challenge the position of Vash The Stampede for Improbable Aiming Skills...
    • But instead, he committed a slight mistake: He laughed to boast his accomplishment, immediately catching the attention of the Gods in the Pantheon. Needless to say, they were very annoyed. But it was for that reason that they actually offered a place for him, while denying him the chance to immediately go gunbarrel-to-gunbarrel against Vash, seeing that people seem to recognize his laughter of terror more and claims say that he has a plethora of them, combined with the perfect obnoxious voice for such laughter. Sniper was more embarrassed about it, but he took it.
    • Though he did not ascend for aiming reasons, Kardel considered his ascension a new level of legend that when it's all done, the village that exiled him would recognize him.
    • However, his strong advantage in long range changed the mind of the Court and has since moved into the House of Combat. He still kept his laugh though.
  • The excerpt of just how 'dangerous' and 'annoying' his laughter is as such:
    None have yet to see the sun, the thunderous Shrapnel storms shower the landscape. Among the unrelenting din of raining bullets, another voice is heard... A phrase so evil that it frightens even the most farmed of carries... that they'd rather hear the laughter of Naga The Serpent... "HO HO! HA HA!"
  • He hates it when people get close to him and there wasn't his 'safety' item in tow: the Shadow Blade. But if allies can protect him and provide cover, he'll be more than happy to shoot things down from afar and... yes, things got shot down well. And don't worry, he'll laugh at that too.
  • Sniper's aiming skill is a class on its own that if he set his sights on someone, his bullet will reach his target. Doesn't matter if the target teleports to another side as the bullet flies, the bullet will make a turn straight to the spot, or if that someone hides behind a tall structure, the bullet will find a way to get through those structure. There were many who emulates this, but none can make such unhindered shot like Sniper. Except maybe Vash...
  • When meeting his Runeterran 'rival', Caitlyn, Sniper was quick to boast the aforementioned aiming skill and impressive aiming range, while Caitlyn explained about her various utility and all-rounder. Ultimately, Sniper's argument was shut down when he realized Caitlyn had one advantage that he can never counter: She has boobs.
  • He took the motto of his friend from a neighboring realm, Mr. Mundy (who he noted to sound like that stinky Pudge, while the Mundy thought Kardel sounded like a high pitched Heavy) very well: He's polite and efficient. Plans to kill everyone he meets? Well... he hasn't thought on that, but he's working on it.
  • As of current, he claims that he is of the Keen Folk. But in the past, rumors say that he's a Dwarf. He struck alliance with the Dwarf Muradin Bronzebeard, though the latter wondered why he traded his 'dwarven' accent into super high pitched voice that is capable of making such irritating laugh.
  • Recently he's been given requests to take care of a certain Dr. Boom as Kardel is noted to carry a certain 'Big Game Hunter''s spirit. It is usually on his Assassinate bullet, enough to take him out. Kardel proudly says that Boom's laugh may be annoying, but nothing beats his, the laughter that traumatizes a generation.
    • However, in the end, Kardel ended up victorious as one fatal shot sent Boom to a place where his movement were restricted that he cannot strike at other people willy nilly and ruining balance. In this one rare moment, instead of getting annoyed, people hailed "HO HO HA HA" as a sign of freedom from Boom's terror. Unfortunately, that's not the legendary shot Kardel needed to buy a ticket home.
    • It's also said that Kardel's victory against Dr. Boom was the impetus of his change of house, since getting close to Dr. Boom means death if subjected with his power and his bomb. Kardel made sure he kept his range long and shot Dr. Boom down. How his 'HO HO HA HA' was instead hailed made the Pantheon re-evaluate their views on him.
  • Dying is easy. Here, let me show you.note 

    Kung Jin 
Kung Jin, God of the Multishot

    Lynette Bishop 
Lynette Bishop, Goddess of Enchanted Bullets (Lynne)

    Needle Man 
Needle Man, God of Spike Shooters (DWN-017)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His spiked head
  • Theme Song: His stage theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Spike Shooter, Spikes of Villainy, Meant To Mine Asteroids, Based In-Universe On Air Man, Hopping Machine, Spikes of Doom, Having Trypanophobia (Except For Knitting And Sewing), Cephalothorax, Use Your Head
  • Domains: Spikes, Combat, Mining, Robots
  • Followers: Kimimaro, Quill, The Crites
  • Superior: Dr Wily (co-creator)
  • Allies: Robot Masters loyal to Dr Wily (particularly Gemini Man), The Yellow Devil
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Bender
  • Enemies: Mega Man, Dr Light (co-creator), Proto Man (sort-of former ally), Dr Weil, Sonic the Hedgehog, Agent 9
  • Opposes: Other spike-related deities and lasers, Eddy
  • Fears: SpaceGodzilla, Nergigante
  • Sympathy for the Hero for: Kirin Toudou
  • Needle Man was one of eight Robot Masters created by a team effort of Dr Light and Wily during the latter's fake redemption. Designed to mine, mainly asteroids, Needle Man uses his needles weapons to deal with rock. He joined his brethren in Wily's agenda of world domination and helping develop Gamma, but was defeated by Mega Man.
  • His weakness is the Gemini Laser, but despite that gets along with Gemini Man as they were made about the same time and for similar purposes. That being said, he doesn't like Agent 9 for being a heroic deity who uses reflecting lasers of which he is weak to.
  • Argued that he was a better example of the Spikes of Villainy trope than SpaceGodzilla, and wanted to take his place. Wily encouraged this with the intention of removing competition. SpaceGodzilla responded by stepping on Needle Man, then recoiling from the pain of stepping on Needle Man's spiky head. Needle Man remains afraid of the kaiju to this day.
  • Seems to get along with Bender of all people, despite apparently sharing nothing in common asides from being amoral robots. It was later revealed to relate to Needle Man's spiky personality or sharp tongue. It's a bad point, but this allows him to appreciate Bender's "in-your-face personality"... though mainly after he's had some liquor.
  • Ironically for a spike-themed robot and spike wielder, Needle Man has a fear of sharp objects like injections. As such, he avoids any other spike-related deities. Given his phobia, he has some sympathy towards Kirin Toudo due to her own major phobias.
  • Opposes Sonic not just out of Dr Wily's orders, but because of his fear of spikes, and Sonic is a spiky hedgehog after all. Learning that running into spikes or landing in spike pits was a common hazard for Sonic just as it was for the Blue Bomber led him to have some level of sympathy for Sonic, but only after some self-reflection.
  • On his off days, he enjoys sewing and knitting. And yes, he is well aware of the irony that his hobbies, abilities and phobias all share sharp pointy things in common. It doesn't stop him from helping sew and knit clothes for the House of Costumes, which Dr Wily uses to make warm and comfy sweaters for himself.
  • Eddy actually exploited someone's fear of shots to get revenge on him and by proxy he ended up terrifying the rest of the Cul-de-Sac kids. Course, he's long past these sorts of schemes now but Needle Man isn't taking this lying down. While on the topic of aichmophobia, he avoids as much as possible given the Elder Dragon's fighting ability revolves around the spikes growing on its body. The Elder Dragon itself, however, doesn't care about the robot master, but if it happened to get in the way of its prey, even if it's at the wrong place at the wrong time, Nergi would not hesitate to justify said avoidance.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Good believes that as a co-creation of Dr Light along with Dr Wily, he has the potential to serve the forces of good. Needle Man has other ideas, shown when talking to Mega Man about his and his generation's role in life.
    Needle Man: "You were built to "help people"- you get a nice fuzzy definition to work within. We weren't given that! 'Fight Mega Man, destroy Mega Man! IT'S ALL WE'RE GOOD FOR!"

    Oliver Queen/Green Arrow 
Oliver Jonas Queen, God of Trick Arrows (Green Arrow, Ollie, The Emerald Archer, The Vigilante, The Hood, The Arrow, Al Sah-him Warith Al Ghul, Kapiushon, Inmate 4587)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His emblem
  • Theme Music: Setting Up the Lair, Star City; Justice League Unlimited as part of the JLA
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Aloof Archer, Improbable Aiming Skills, Rain of Arrows, Badass Normals, Jerks with Hearts of Gold, Deadpan Snarkers, Kicking ass with their respective female partners, Honest Corporate Executive, Millionaire Playboy, Cooks a Mean Bowl of Chili That No One Can Finish
  • Domains: Heroism, Weapons, Combat, Chaos, Liberation
  • Heralds: Mia Dearden/Speedy II (his former protege), Emiko Queen/Red Arrow II (his half-sister), Connor Hawke/Green Arrow II (his son and successor)
  • Followers: Bow, the children of Apollo, Raven
  • Allies: Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary, Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, John Constantine, Ashe, Huang Zhong, Kung Jin, Shino Asada/Sinon, Akira Shinmei/Aorenger of the Gorengers, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin
  • Rivals: Clint Barton/Hawkeye (friendly), Artemis, Hanzo Shimada
  • Enemies: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Ra's al Ghul, Mr. Burns, Nekron
  • Headbutting Heroes: Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Special Relationship with: Roy Harper/Red Arrow/Arsenal/Speedy (his former sidekick)
  • Once an incredibly wild socialite and irresponsible playboy heir to Queen Industries, a billion dollar corporation, Oliver Queen's entire life was changed forever when he was stranded on an island and forced to fend for himself with nothing but the clothes on his back and a makeshift bow and arrow. When he finally returned to society, he had a new-found appreciation for the life he'd been fortunate to keep... just kidding. He actually began his Robin Hood-inspired vigilantism as a form of thrill-seeking, but after losing his company and fortune, Oliver was forced to endure the difficult life of the impoverished. This experience gave him a greater and more sincere drive to continue the Green Arrow's crusade for social justice.
  • Oliver already had a storied history in the House of Weapons. He initially came by to challenge Hawkeye, another superhero well-known for being an archer. Clint accepted and after one hell of an archery competition, the Gods decided that it would be a waste to lose any one of them and suggested giving both the title. After a period of bickering, they begrudgingly accepted.
    • It was a miracle that the two lasted as long, only doing so because they respected their skills with the bow and arrow. Wiz and Boomstick offered them to participate in a DEATH BATTLE! to finally determine who is the better man. When asked to comment, both replied: "Place your bets." In the end, they declared Hawkeye the victor. As a show of good sportsmanship, Oliver relinquished his title. But before he could leave the Pantheon, his allies gave him an out. Hawkeye will have his old title, while the Green Arrow will stay for his various trick arrows. In the end, there turned out to be room for two archer superheroes after all. Besides, he got payback in the following 1 Minute Melee.
  • Upon deification, Oliver went over to the House of Food and invited everyone to try his (in)famous chili. That day currently holds the record for the most amount of liquid consumption in the Pantheon ever.
    • On a lesser note, the chili has still not been finished by anyone (aside from Batman and himself).
  • Hawkeye may have an impressive list of trick arrows of his own, but it was the Green Arrow that that popularized the usage. One of his most (in)famous trick arrows is the Boxing Glove arrow. Nowadays, he saves that one for the ultimate humilation.
  • It's known by the members of the Justice League in the Pantheon that Ollie is able to keep everyone honest. Although that got him killed in the universe where Clark fell into tyranny.
  • Ever since the new Arrow series came out, Oliver's followers have been trying to get him to say "You have failed this Pantheon!" or some variant of the quote when apprehending a Deity in the Pantheonic Prison. So far, he's had no comment.
    • That series has earned him enemies in the name of Ra's al Ghul and Deathstroke, the former for successfully killing him and the latter for giving him a hell of a fight in their encounters.
  • Few relationships have been as much of a rollercoaster ride as that of him and the Black Canary. While the circumstances have changed, the two have always had their back through rough times. When she first ascended, the two maintained a break from their relationship. Quick a few from her camp disapprove other relationship, accusing Oliver of bring her down to make him look good. Both point out to bad writing as reason for those problems. The two are now looking to get back together. They hope to bring back the Arrow Family after it was devastated due to the Cry for Justice incident.
    • He still feels embarrassed that Dinah found out about his awkward encounter with Batgirl. He was hoping to brush that under the rug.
  • He along with the Flash, Green Arrow and Canary are often seen as the secondary group that form the Justice League. They all share closer connections with the Big Three. Green Lantern in particular was part of a long lasting duo during the 70s. They may have vast political differences and may come to blows on occasion, but they can rely on each other to watch their backs. He doesn't like Barry Allen very much because he's a cop, which goes against his social justice morality. Some deities are confused by this, as the dynamic in the show is starkly different, as the two are best friends, even with Oliver playing a meaner demeanor.
    • He does have a history with Batman, and it's not pretty. Followers of both accuse their rivals of copying the other's ideas. The two superheroes bicker over their ideologies.
  • Considers Black Lightning an honorary member of the Arrow Family. He even helped Pierce enter the Justice League after his tenure with the Outsiders. Nowadays any meeting between the two are awkward due to Ollie bedding Jefferson's niece.
  • He has heard enough comparisons with Robin Hood to declare he will put an arrow between the eyes of the next person to do so. With that said, they both enjoy the other's company. Robin Hood was especially impressed by the fact that a rich man would use his time to help the downtrodden.
    • Of course his actions have made him enemies of Mr. Burns who sponsors many rich people that Oliver swore to take down.
  • Has reached out to Kung Jin to help him cope with his resentment of Raiden. The Shaolin Monk has agreed to forgive him. He is also inspired by Arrow's superheroics.
  • Has yet to forgive Nektron for reanimating his body and controlling him. But he at least knows what he is capable of and can make countermeasures.
  • Back when he shared a temple with Clint, Ollie received a massive amount of scrutiny from Artemis, even more than Clint. That has mainly to due to his infamous role as a womanizer and his strained relationship with Canary. She was disappointed that Dinah has gotten back with him.
  • Has started to look into archery training with a creature known as Decidueye. After all, it's not the weirdest thing he's done.

    Sakuya Izayoi 

Sakuya Izayoi, Goddess of Flechette Flurries (Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion/Evening Storm/Vampire/(Scarlet) Devil, Perfect and Elegant Maid/Servant, Dangerous Illusionist, Lightning-Speed Maid, The Scarlet Devil Mansion's Kitchen Drinker, Buying Diligently Even When Time Is Stopped, PAD-chou, Dog of the Devil)
  • Theme Song: Lunar Clock - Luna Dial when serious, or Flowering Night otherwise
  • Lesser Goddess (but can go up to Greater Goddess while in battle)
  • Symbol: A silver pocket watch surrounded by knives
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Throwing Barrages of Knives, Apparent Mastery ofTime Manipulation (both in combat and in housework), Ninja Maid, Elegance In Battle, Mystical White Hair, Mysterious Age, Origins, and Humanity, Full Devotion To Remilia With The Exception of Immortality, Defrosting Ice Queen, The Ditz, Using Simple Weaponry In Danmaku Combat, Nay-Theist, The Izayoi, Head Maid of Fairy Maids, Theoretical Vampire Hunter, Supreme Chef
  • Domains: Knives, Time, Servtitude
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The Doom Slayer, Tsubame Kamoi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Youmu Konpaku (her relationship with her debatable due to the large and inconsistent fanon), Homura Akemi, Jack The Ripper
  • On the surface, Sakuya Izayoi just looks like your typical maid waifu; very plain, very natural, maybe a bit bland, but nonetheless, an excellent maid who strives for perfection. However, if you're in the world of Gensokyo, odds are, you are not normal at all, and Sakuya is an exemplary example of this- being a knife-slinging, time-stopping badass who has made more than a name for herself by being under the service of some of the land of fantasy's strongest- the Scarlet Sisters, immortal and powerful vampires who have lived for well over half a millennium. She also is one of the more well-known incident resolvers around, but compared to her contemporaries, she mainly does so under her mistress Remilia's commands, rarely doing things on her own.
  • Back in the old days of the Pantheon, she alongside the rest of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's main members have all ascended into their respective roles, but it wasn't known exactly how Sakuya herself came to be ascended. Most do believe that she was made a goddess for all of those knives she dished out ever since her first appearance and battle against Reimu. Whatever the case may be, she now is here, and will likely remain for a very long time.
    • Many inquiries and discussions have been procured about Sakuya's origins, with many theories having been thrown around, and while neither Sakuya herself nor her mistress Remilia gave out much, one unlikely source was much more reliable and talkative: One of Kosuzu Motoori's heralds, Hieda no Akyuu. Firstly, her humanity- many do know that Sakuya is indeed in fact human, or at least presents herself as such, but Akyuu suggested she may also be a foreigner, like the Scarlets. Akyuu also theorized that Sakuya had a previous life as a vampire hunter, until she made first contact with the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and that her current name isn't even her birth name. Quite a few deities took liking to Akyuu's ideas, who then used them as springboards for other possible theories, especially after ZUN confirmed Akyuu's proposal that Sakuya is a foreigner and that the maid's name isn't originally Sakuya Izayoi.
  • Sakuya's playability has very much fluctuated all over the place throughout the series. While she managed to get a shot at being usable during the first three main games after her debut, as well as the original fighting game trilogy, she essentially vanished ever since Kanako Yasaka's rather massive incident chain, only reappearing to take prominent roles during Seija's rebellion & the Lunar Rainbow Market incident. Inbetween Hisoutensoku & DDC, Sakuya had to make brief stints with the GUAE under the tutelage of Dio Brando; however, it is known that she had her own journeys to undergo before or after her long hiatus.
    • Firstly, an alternative retelling of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil & Perfect Cherry Blossom of sorts in the form of the Koumajou Densetsu series. The first game saw her reprisal as a boss, as usual, but the second game twists the formula and makes Sakuya the playable protagonist, setting out to investigate the Saigyou Ayakashi blooming within the Scarlet Devil Mansion... which is a result of Yukari fooling around again. It is also very notable that Koumajou Densetsu and its sequel had Voice Actors (actually good ones, mind you), so she finds herself surprised that she can sound like Toko Fukawa & Jolyne Cujoh (more on the latter later), Remilia has a similar range to Sayaka Miki, & Flandre is vocally similar to Sailor Mercury somehow.
    • And secondly, she makes a more pronounced appearance in Touhou Luna Nights as the main incident resolver of the case in question. Remilia, with Nitori Kawashiro's help, crafted a fully virtual world intended to be a place for her younger sister Flandre to freely let her powers loose, but used Flan's hoard of jewels to power it, which set her off immensely. Sakuya was then sent in to test out the world, but would find herself trapped alongside the rest of the SDM as well as Marisa, Reimu, & Cirno. Since then, Sakuya has had some questionability regarding being trapped in virtual realms even though it was orchestrated by her mistress, garnering a similarity to Kirito & Asuna, as well as Neo, for being trapped in something similar but far more deadly.
  • As one of the most prolific members of Gensokyo, Sakuya definitely has more than her fair share of allies and animosities. From those close to home all the way to across the Pantheon, she has made quite the web of connections for being just a simple head maid.
    • Is absolutely and unflinchingly loyal to her mistress Remilia, no matter what you damn well say to her- some people might even consider her a potential suitor for her, an assumption that Sakuya has tried to dispel. Assumptions that Sakuya didn't mind as much were relations with her and Remilia's herald, the SDM gatekeeper Hong Meiling, and does find the guardian a bit pretty. For Remilia's younger sister Flandre, she finds her to be very cute but wishes that she can control herself at times, and for Patchouli she has mainly neutrality and indifference towards the librarian, feelings that are mutual in return, though she does care for the ailing magician.
    • With Reimu & Marisa, she generally doesn't have much to say for the former beyond that they're friends, but does note for the latter that she does a bit of Trolling with her by keeping her out of Patchouli's sight when Marisa comes and steals the librarian's books. When it comes to Sanae, Alice, & Chimata, she also has very little to say about them, only citing that their company is soothing to her. In one specific case, after her and the very latter's conflict at the end of the Lunar Rainbow Market incident, Sakuya invited Chimata to hold her markets in the SDM.
      • However, one such person people theorize annoyingly alongside her is Youmu Konpaku, a fellow white-haired girl and stage 5 servant boss who also is a master of bladed-weaponry. Not only that, they also have been callbacks to JoJo deities such as Polnareff for Youmu & Dio Brando for Sakuya (more on Dio & Sakuya in a bit), as well as having alternate color palettes in the fighting games they appear in being complementary (Gold for Sakuya, Silver for Youmu). The amount of comparisons made between these two have been staggering enough that Sakuya is very much annoyed by it, but others say Youmu tends to act as a fangirl towards Sakuya via Onee-sama-style, which does further the maid's (and by extension, the gardener's) annoyance
    • Fellow servants, maid or butler, are generally also kindred spirits of Sakuya, and she in turn find a bit of herself in them. As a result, she along with six others came together to form the Seven Servants, a high-profile group of those indebted to their masters but can also kick some ass if need be, with Sakuya acting as The Lancer and second-in-command to The Leader, Elenore Baker (who can also assume the leader position in the event of something bad happening to Baker). Another pair of maids that Sakuya is acquainted with are Rem and Ram, especially after hearing the former's plight when it comes to her memories, a feeling that Sakuya can strangely attestto as she doesn't know much of her own childhood until her meeting with Remilia.
      • Remember what you read earlier about rumors involving romantic reltions between Sakuya and Remilia? Well, the Guest-Star Party Member of the Seven Servants, Tsubame Kamoi, assumedly got in by way of a mysterious third party blackmailing the timestopping maid with rather...risque photography of her and her mistress. This got Sakuya absolutely fuming with rage, and set off on a trip across the Pantheon to find the party responsible, but was unsuccessful. Since then, she is always skeptical and suspicious of Tsubame, as her induction to the group was at roughly at the same time as when she accepted the blackmail.
    • Now for some deities that aren't as high on Sakuya's respect pole. Lord Shen irritates her quite a significant bit, due to him constantly trying to break into the House of Weapons by way of the Ranged Weapons hall, where she is commonly stationed at. Of course, she starkly sees Yuuki Terumi as an enemy for his anti-vampire tirade, as well as what he did to Kosuzu Motoori's temple (and even towards what he did towards Seija Kijin). And a recent addition to those that Sakuya isn’t kind towards is Dyspear and Close, another master-servant relationship where the servant, Close, is deeply loyal to Dyspear, going as far as to let himself be consumed in order for Dyspear to gain more power. When Sakuya mentioned them to Remilia, the vampire found them very abhorrent and declared them enemies of the SDM, despite never meeting them, and that’s probably for the best.
    • There are also deities that, while Sakuya doesn’t consider enemies, aren’t the most friendly on her list, either. Homura Akemi, a fellow time manipulator like her with a similar loyalty to Madoka as Sakuya is to Remilia, also isn't fondly recalled by Sakuya, a common thing among many deities. And some of her Spell Cards do mention the infamous Jack The Ripper, an old design choice by Sakuya back when she made them that still unnerves her whenever it is mentioned, especially knowing that said serial killer is in the Pantheon proper.
  • Where in the absolute, honest-to-self, FUCK do I begin with Dio & Sakuya?
    • Back in the old days of the Pantheon, Sakuya was a member of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, being under Dio's tutelage. While they seemed amicable at first, it was clear from the onset that Sakuya wasn't thrilled to really be part of an evil group and preferred neutrality, only subservient to Remilia. And yet, she honed her skills with manipulating time as one of Dio's finest disciples, eventually coming to a point where her abilities began to exceed his, which eventually prompted a Public Service Announcement out of him that his powers were also limitless. This would be the start of one of the most daring rescue operations in Pantheon history.
    • It is soon revealed that in order for Dio to keep the ever-empowering Sakuya in line, he had raided the Scarlet Devil Mansion with the aid of Alucard, and held Remilia captive, all under the maid's nose somehow. At first, Sakuya seemed powerless to stop what Dio had done, especially knowing of the extent of his powers, so she continued to play along with it all. Behind the curtains however, was a scheme that would shake some things up for sure- the maid had begun recruiting the rest of the Mansion's members to launch a risky rescue operation, an operation that even enticed a certain amanojaku into tagging along with, given its implications. And the rest, as they say, is history, as it also marked both Sakuya & Seija's formal exits from the GUAE, albeit on a grander note.
    • Some time after her abandonment of GUAE, Dio, most likely bitter for her not only betraying him, but getting away with it, attacked Sakuya as she was passing by some ruins in the Pantheon, thinking that he would kill her in a minute. Unfortunately for him, the student overcame the master, as Sakuya had both learned enough of Dio to survive his attacks and had studied his defeat by the hands of Jotaro Kujo extensively, and the battle ended with Dio being covered with knives. This fight, as the Court of the Gods reviewed one day when there were no cases to cover, is what led them to actually considering ranking-up Sakuya into an Intermediate Goddess, an upgrade that Sakuya politely denied, however.
      • At some point after that fight, Joel, angry at the results of the battle, came after her with the begrudging help of the Doom Slayer, and managed to take her out, at least temporarily. Unsurprisingly, she's opposed to Joel as a result of this, but doesn't hold the Doom Slayer to that degree, as he was essentially bribed and forced to do it somehow. She was also thankful for one of Kasen Ibaraki's heralds, Yuugi Hoshiguma, for stopping Joel from going further.
    • After hearing of her rebellion against Dio and the battle that followed, Jolyne became interested in her, and the two have become steadfast allies, helped by the fact that they sound alike. This also makes her allies with the rest of the Joestar family, or at least those that directly had Dio at the top of their shitlists, especially Jotaro. As for another deity that all the Joestars seemed to have directly under Dio in their shitlists was Enrico Pucci, whom she's also rather irate at for what he did, erasing the Joestars and resetting the universe and all that. Pucci himself expressed disdain and contempt towards the maid for being able to manipulate time, perhaps much more effectively than his own master Dio could.
  • And for some rapid-fire facts about everyone's favorite head maid! Firstly, Do not bring up pads around her, not because she cares about her breasts, but because she is sick of people bringing them up. Next, some of the members of Occult Research Club note that she looks like Grayfia Lucifuge to them. Issei wonders in the back of his head what kind of person she is drunk. Finally, while she's usually very calm and collected, do NOT make her angry, as she will chase you as long as necessary, something that not even her mistress is exempt from on occasions.


Shuhrat Kessikbayev, Divine Operator of Cluster-Based Weaponry (Fuze, Team Rainbow's Hostage Killer, Fuze the Hostage, Pro Fuze)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A cluster of grenades with one having a smile
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, sort of. Leans more on Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Spetsnaz' expert explosive breacher, made his own Cluster Charges albeit too well both on his team and the enemy team, wields APM-6 "Matryoshka" charges identified by the "Donk" sound it makes, a strong moral compass with disregard for human life, prone to killing the hostage
  • Domains: Explosives, Cluster Bombs, Russians (Spetsnaz), Shields, Operators, Friendly Fire
  • Allies:
  • Commonality Connection with: Caboose
  • Enemies: The House of Crime and Transgressions, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Khaled Al-Asad, Imran Zakhaev, Colonel Volgin, Seryu Ubiquitous, The PAYDAY Crew
  • Opposed by: Most good-aligned police officers, XCOM, Batman, RoboCop, Maximillian Caxton, Conan Edogawa
  • Psychological Report: "To say that Specialist Shuhrat 'Fuze' Kessikbayev is restrained does not give the full picture. I was reminded of my grandmother's phrase: 'talking to him was like pulling teeth.' When other operators referred to him as mysterious I thought they were joking. I wouldn't say that he's difficult. He's quite pleasant and hospitable. But he is... contained. It took some work but we finally managed to have a revealing conversation."
    • "Kessikbayev is quiet except with Specialist Timur 'Glaz' Glazkov. When he does speak, people tend to hang off his every word. Field reports mention that Kessikbayev readily makes himself available in team planning but often falls into a cone of silence during operations. It's critical that he maintains communications with his team, otherwise there may be further altercations such as the one with Specialist Siu Mei 'Ying' Lin regarding civilian casualties. This is doubly critical given some of our operators come from units with 'zero casualty' rules."
    • "It was necessary to address past reports about Kessikbayev's recklessness, so I asked him to describe an operation from his point of view. His objective, he explained, is to break down the defense as efficiently as possible, but insists he isn't careless. It's clear that his creative engineering skills are a critical asset. He's highly intelligent and calculating. While hard-hitting, Kessikbayev does possess good situational awareness. I suggested that he concentrate on improving this during future ops."
    • "I was unable to ascertain any details about his brother who is allegedly MIA. That file remains classified. However, I did manage to get Kessikbayev to open up a bit about his personal life. He was engaged for two years but the wedding was called off after he decided it was 'not the road to take.' A proud Uzbek and a proud Russian, Kessikbayev said that growing up his parents encourage them to embrace all that was Russian, so it wasn't until his teens when he learned to embrace his Uzbek heritage. I asked him to elaborate on the experiences, but in his typical understated way he simply replied, 'It was interesting.'"
  • Weapons can come in all shapes and sizes. From small-arms weapons to larger-scale projectiles. Some would go to the point of putting weapons inside other weapons, forming the term of cluster weapons, notably used in explosives, such as cluster grenades, missiles (MIRVs) and so much more. One person thought it would be a great idea to put a bunch of grenades into one device and use it for counter-terrorism even if such methodology would be considered outright illegal. Just ask Spetsnaz operator Shuhrat Kessikbayev, known as Fuze, who built himself a device that would house grenades and launch them from the other side like a miniature grenade launcher. Questionable but deadly, this device is his form of breaching and clearing out of hostiles in one area, which may end up killing teammates and more infamously, killing the hostage.
  • His ascension came rather unexpected during in the middle of a siege where after a breaching gone wrong, he was suddenly blinded a a flash of light surrounding him. Thinking Team Rainbow sent reinforcements only met with confusion upon seeing a vista of golden colors and large fields on the landscape. Several members of the Court of the Gods enlightened him on the current situation and informed him of his ascension, stating his usage of the cluster charges warranted him a place into the "Pantheons". The last thing he requested after hours of explanation was a phone call to Team Rainbow if this entire ordeal was real or not, with no clear response.
  • On the subject of Team Rainbow, the organization has been slowly missing its members following odd disappearances from one of its rosters, utterly dazzled at such incidents or so that is what they think. There are rumors that the same organization is retrofitting its members into the Pantheon for a greater influence against forces it cannot control. Evidence may be lacking but the disappearance of Caveira and later Fuze, alongside other operators might bend to such idea, then again, the organization has been shadowy lately, so the situation has not solved nor reached a visible conclusion, and majority of the Pantheon are making bets to which side is Rainbow taking now that there may be potential evidence of their expansion, using their operators.
  • As a member of Team Rainbow, his allies are mostly soldiers or members of their own Counter-Terrorist Units that specialize on keeping world peace. Very few hail from the Spetsnaz, making it harder for him to socialize towards others, moreso as he is probably one of the very few who specialize in demolition and the rest aren't so much. This has put him tight-lipped on anything regarding his past life, as his bio already states his contained personality, ironic for an operator with a history of unconstrained problems regarding his lack of empathy for casualties.
    • He wasn't alone though, as he was suddenly greeted by Brazilian agent Caveira, who was one of the first operators to be reported MIA on the team only to be ascended on the same place Fuze is in. For one, she gets annoyed by his cluster charges, where being able to clear an room using explosives makes positioning and roaming quite harder to manage, though Fuze shares his slight frustration on her interrogation, as he can attest by the number of times she ambushed him with ease through the use of stealth. After her meeting came a few of her allies, among those was the legendary Sam Fisher, who was one of her stealth allies and if possible has a relation with Team Rainbow on some occasions.
  • "Commander, you may want to instruct your men to exercise restraint when using explosives." Such is the quote spoken by Dr. Vahlen of the XCOM Science Division when observing Fuze's history. Key emphasis for restraint, as his tendency to use his charges in any situation hampers any recovered tech/bodies the group wants to experiment on, and that he is the worst choice for a retrieval scenario, nevermind the fact that he already has a lack of care towards hostages in general, making him only suitable for demolition missions. That has not deterred his usefulness as his charges are potentially useful for their own modifications of such gadgetry.
  • If it has not been obvious, Fuze is a terrible operator to pick when in a situation of a hostage rescue. If anything, he is the very last thing a hostage would want to see when in such scenario as his cluster charges goes against everything to rescue, and the likelihood for him to kill an innocent when deploying such charges goes against the "zero casualties" rule Team Rainbow has emphasized on its members. So to see a (intentional or unintentional) hostage killer has him head butts against RoboCop, stating he should learn a thing or two when it comes to explosive control, especially for being a member of a CTU that is meant to protect lives, and him being either an exception or a contradiction to such.
    • Batman is highly against this as well, reasonable as the Dark Knight has been adept when it comes to rescuing innocents without them getting in harms way, whereas Fuze puts them directly at harm with his charges. When studying the nature of his gadget, he saw what the gadget was meant for and saw his purpose, problem is that saving innocents is not one of the key features him and his gadget fit on. That said, the idea of cluster-based weaponry is something he has been considering, just possibly replacing the grenades with some form of gas or any non-lethal agent for multiple targets. On the other hand however, Michael Bay approached him for more details on his Cluster Charges and after the meeting, Bay was found running with one charge with him, in the hopes of experimenting with it.
    • His notoriety of killing the hostage made him a topic to compare with Seryu Ubiquitous, also known for killing hostages. But there is a difference between a justice-obsessed knight and a counterterrorist operative, in that the former is completely unreasonable with her warped sense of justice and the latter knows what justice exactly is outside of her perspective. To him, the only way to make sense out of her is to shoot her in the head.
    • More police officers grew with discontent hearing that he has a disregard for human casualties in the face of danger and both Conan and Maximillian were one of the first to oppose him, with Conan's cases having at least one or two hostages and Maximillian being reminded that he was responsible for the death of Jack Cayman's daughter at the time of his police life. This lead to both unable to tolerate his mindset and with his profile stating his lack of care for the "zero casualties" rule does not help either.
  • When word spread that an operator with a disregard for innocent casualties popped up on their radar, the PAYDAY Crew shat their pants when they saw that someone was willing to breach with such tool, seeing that the Cluster Charges can kill the civilians and end their leverage. However, there is more to that than just criminal tactics, as their boss Bain, is against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during any heist. To see that someone is willing to go that far to give an open advantage for the police (even if they find it illegal) has him even disgusted as he has his standards for his crew. After all, there is a clear difference between bank robbers and serial killers, and his crew would like to fit the former.
  • Members of any CTU agency are always on the look out for possible incursions, especially terrorism. This was his primary concern when he entered the Pantheon, sensing that if anyone could potentially ascend, terrorists would be part and his senses were right, the moment Caveira gave dossiers to certain deities: Nikita Dragovich, Imran Zakhaev, Khaled Al-Asad and Vladimir Makarov. The latter and former have been primary targets, due to their status as wanted criminals for their Spetsnaz forces in their universe but for him, its better to take them neutralized that keeping them alive for capture. Of course this was easier said than done. Considering their team's lack of support and both Dragovich and Makarov's forces outnumbering them, he would have to plot a better plan that doesn't require the need to face both alone, or better yet, bring more allies to the front.
    • The Russian infamy gained thanks to the likes of Makarov spilled to even generals, one of which was General Volgin, who he was appalled at his actions of trying to cause another massive conflict. A disgraced general at that, and with the fact that he has connections with the former has place him at odds against him, but with his powers and even more connections with Skull Face, he will have to wait until it is time to apprehend him.
    • Thankfully there was someone who can help him in taking these terrorists down and he has lots of information especially on Dragovich. That man was Victor Reznov, who exposed many of Dragovich's objectives and weapons, among which was the Nova-6 Gas, a biochemical weapon that reminded him of the White Masks, placing him as top priority on his watchlist. Then came his reinforcements, Task Force 141, who also briefed him info on Makarov, thanks to Caveira, and that they also needed a demolition man on their team. Until many members of Team Rainbow are dispatched, he will have to be patient.
  • News of a Spetsnaz member brought Artyom's interest, as the Rangers of the Order are basically Spetsnaz but for the apocalypse. Hearing his role as the sole guardian of the Metro system, he volunteered seeing his skills can be of good use. The duo have also been slowly interacting but Artyom comments how he is at times very mysterious, not planning to socialize or share much details on himself. After reading his psychological profile, he now knows why but this hasn't changed on his constrained personality, remaining either silent or talking about current scenarios rather than his own personal life.
  • Bombs or in his case, cluster grenades, don't just inflict damage on hostiles or innocents in the field of battle, but including teammates, one of the more notorious cases of this is a Fuze Ace where both sides are inflicted thanks to his Cluster Charges. Such unfortunate outcome introduced him to Teamkiller Caboose, who, much like Fuze is notorious for the acts of killing his own teammates, both intentional and unintentional. The moment he met Fuze, he played with the charges to see what was inside, only for the grenades to explode upon impact from release. The two sides of Blue Team and his allies all pointed to Caboose, while he blamed Fuze for such a volatile tool.
  • Fuze's highlight as a counter-terrorist unit has been a question of debate to whether he is actually qualified to fit. Many argue that his sense of doing good is an admirable thing and should be a factor when considering to recruit potential CTU candidates, but others point out his recklessness when it comes to human lives, or more specifically, hostage situations, where his gadget becomes less a liability and more of an actual threat to the victim. This is further worsened by the fact that his character was based on the Moscow Theatre Hostage Crisis better known as 2002 Nord-Ost siegeExplanation This, along with the fact that his gadget reflects on the issue only fueled the flames further. What they will admit is that he is pretty damn good at the job, just not anything related to the hostage.
  • "Enough talk. Now we act."

    The Lone Ranger 
The Lone Ranger, Divine Wielder of the Silver Bullet (John Reid, Spirit Walker)
  • Theme Song: William Tell Overture
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silver bullet
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Big Damn Heroes, The Cape, Celibate Hero, Domino Mask, The Faceless, Horseback Heroism, Improbable Aiming Skills, Proto-Superhero, Sole Survivor, Superhero Packing Heat,
  • Followers: Numerous werewolf hunters
  • Heralds: His horse, Silver, and his sidekick, Tonto
  • Allies: Most superhero deities, especially Clark Kent/Superman The Phantom, Zorro, The Spirit, The Man With No Name, Chuck Norris, Theodore Roosevelt, Lucky Luke, the House of Law and Justice
  • Enemies: Yosemite Sam
  • Rivals: John Marston
  • Opposes: Jack Sparrow
  • Respects: Hana Isuzu
  • Odd Friendship: Applejack
  • Whenever a mortal fires a silver bullet, whether to kill werewolves and other supernatural foes or just to look like a badass, one can always look up to the mask vigilante known as the Lone Ranger. The circumstances of his ascension has been a mystery to this day, though reports found that he was a mortal Texas Ranger before he was killed and buried by bandits. Most deities only recount his arrival on horseback with his sidekick Tonto.
  • He had far more followers in the 1930s where millions heard his stories through the radio. There was an attempt to do the same to modern audience in the form of a new film. Sadly it received lukewarm reception and middling box office numbers. He isn't too upset with the result, seeing it as a decent popcorn film.
    • Those thoughts diminish whenever Jack Sparrow trolls him by wearing the film's costume for Tonto. It doesn't help that Jack's the God of Piracy. So far the pirate has eluded the Lone Ranger's attempts of capture.
  • Many gods agree that he may be the only other god that matches Superman on the ideal heroic archetype, only losing out by not wearing a cape himself. It's by no surprise that the two heroes get along extremely well. More chaotic heroes may grown at his teachings, but even they can't seem to dislike the masked man for long.
  • Although he uses Silver Bullets as his weapon of choice, he hardly uses them, urging his followers to only use them when necessary. Some deities suggests that he uses silver bullet to symbolize the value of a bullet as well as how shots should not be wasted so quickly. It's with that reason that he approves of Hana's methods of gun combat.
  • Was quickly greeted by various gods of the pulp era. Although he was one of the earliest examples of the Proto-Superhero, he declined the title to stick with the current one. He is willing to lend a hand in choosing a worthy mortal of the title.
  • It didn't take long afterwards to receive accolades from two more cowboys. John Wayne was the first to tip his hat to the latest deity. It was the other cowboy that caused the ranger to raise eyebrows. That one has no true name like the Lone Ranger. In fact, he doesn't even have a title for himself.
  • One of the more unexpected cowboy deities to welcome him was Applejack. The pony was also quick to greet his herald Silver. In fact, she manages to understand the horse even more than he could. The friendship has the blessing from the Lone Ranger.
  • Many of his followers urged him to challenge Lucky Luke to see who is the better sharpshooter. The Lone Ranger declined the request, not one to seek competition with a fellow cowboy. In fact, the two go out on horseback at times, helping each other out.
  • His arrival into the House of Justice was applauded by many deities. Many see him as what sheriffs should strive to be. In the end he decided to instead place his temple in the House of Weapons, hoping to quell down the unnecessary violence there. It was there that he met Caityn who was more than willing to help him out in cases.
  • Gained one thumb up of approval, courtesy of Chuck Norris. Rumor has it that he became a Texas Ranger himself among other personalities. The ass-kicking god sees the Lone Ranger as a role model for future generations.
  • One of his main tasks is to track down the outlaw Yosemite Sam who ascended not long before him. The ranger's confident he can handle the God of Mustaches, but he's wary that his toonforce will make him difficult to capture.
  • Was surprised to find a president in the Pantheon when he was face-to-face with Teddy Roosevelt. The badass president presented him with a gift: a book titled "The Lone Star Ranger." Teddy believed this was the story that inspired the Lone Ranger's creation. The former texas ranger thanked him for the gift, commending Teddy for his services as one of the Buffalo Soldiers during the Spanish-American War.
  • Things took an even more surprising turn when he was visited by an American legend. Johnny Appleseed arrived with a few barrels of apples to give thanks to the man.
  • Paid a visit to John Marston's temple one day. Surprisingly there was no confrontation. All the ranger wanted to do was to commend the former outlaw of turning a new leaf. That doesn't mean he won't stop keeping an eye on him, but the Lone Ranger is far more friendly to him than most other enforcers of the law.

    Mai (Avatar
Mai, Goddess of Outlining Knives
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A knife embedded in a wall.
  • Alignment: True Neutral when with Azula/the Fire Nation, leans towards Neutral Good later on.
  • Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives.
  • Portfolio: Victory Is Boring, Knife Outline, Badass Normal, Deadpan Snarker, The Stoic, Shipping Sacrifice, Emotionless Girl, Not So Stoic When her Boyfriend is threatened
  • Domains: Calm, Knives, Love
  • Allies: Ty Lee, Iroh, Rachel Roth/Raven, Kairi
  • Former Enemies: Avatar Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong
  • Enemies: Azula, Lester/Bullseye, Führer King Bradley
  • Complicated Relationship with: Zuko (currently on a "down", but time will tell what happens)
  • Opposed by: A portion of the Zutara fandom (she, for the most part, doesn't care about them unless they try to kill her off)
  • Didn't really care about her ascension, though she was surprised to discover several people from her world had already ascended.
    • Though to their credit, she was happily greeted by Ty Lee on her arrival, and despite their clashing personalities, the slightest of smiles played on her lips as she was given a bear hug.
  • Mai has been trying to avoid Azula since her ascension, and Azula has been trying to capture/kill Mai since her ascension.
  • While she will not comment on it, many believe that she has become friends with Temari and Raven due to their somewhat abrasive personalities towards those they don't care for and often those they do care for, as well as their ranged expertise.
  • Does care for her little brother Tom-Tom, but often pretends not to.
  • Sometimes confused for May and Mei, or vice-versa. All three are used to it by now, but are considering putting up signs in their temples with directions to the other temples.
  • Doesn't really care for followers, but won't dissuade them as long as they don't bug her. (Though those who bring her fruit tarts and leave her alone otherwise she often looks on somewhat favorably.)
  • Dislikes Bullseye, who says she was an amateur for not killing anybody with sharpened weapons, whereas he had killed hundreds with Noodle Implements.
    Mai: Sure, let's ignore the fact that I wasn't trying to kill anyone.
  • Stays away from the house of Emotion, due to her stoicism. Though rumors abound that she and Zuko have been seen together near the House of Love.
  • Some of the more compassionate Gods gave a coo of sympathy on hearing of how she almost had her individuality drained out of her due to her noble upbringing. She just rolled her eyes and them a bit, before letting a surge of anger out by shouting at the more…stalkerish gods, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"
  • Once, the Trollkaiger trolled her by showing her How I Became Yours and its sequel while she was in her temple. While nobody else knows what her reaction was, several of the team's members were found later in the hospital with knives in…certain locations.
    • Also, she went missing for several hours afterwards and was later found visibly smiling. When questioned what she had done, her response was to look at Katara and tell her to not do the same thing…or else. note 
  • On a similar note, several of the gods ask if she ever had a daughter named Izumi. Sadly, both Zuko and Mai have been very tight lipped about the whole thing.

    Sentry Turrets 
"Target acquired."

Sentry Turrets, Collective Deities of Fragile Turrets and Shooting the Entire Bullet (Aperture Turret)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Theme Song: Their choir routine
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil under Aperture Science, otherwise varies depending on their purchasers' morality
  • Portfolio: Weak Turret Gun, Nigh-Infinite Ammo Supply, Laser Sight, Shooting The Entire Bullet, "Dispensing Product", Adorable Evil Minions, Cute Machines, Helpless When Grabbed, Excellent In A Choir
  • Domain(s): Turrets, Bullets, Testing
  • Other Turrets: Defective Turrets, Oracle Turret, Animal King Turret
  • Superiors: Cave Johnson, GLaDOS
  • Couriers (all part-time): Derpy Hooves, The Courier, Cloud Strife, Kiki
  • Purchasers: Most of the House of Machinery and Technology, Peridot, Nitori Kawashiro, Tali'Zorah, Miles "Tails" Prower, Asroc, several evil armies like the Helghan Empire and the 501st Legion, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies: All Black Mesa personnel, the Spy
  • Punch-Clock Villain to: Chell, anyone who enters their sights
  • While Torbjörn and the Engineer were discussing sentry guns one day, and the topic eventually came to the Sentry Turrets of Aperture Science. Naturally, both had fun ridiculing its design flaws. The next day, a file from Cave Johnson with an attached video was delivered to the Court of the Gods. Turns out he had been listening in on that conversation in secret.
    • It showed the features of his Sentry Turrets, the very ones GLaDOS used in the tests she forced Chell through. After going through the file, they decided to "ascend" them for two titles: Weak Turret Gun for how easy it is to take them out, and Cartridges in Flight, since their firing system actually spring-launches the entire bullet.
    • The day after Cave delivered his file, his proposal to ascend his Sentry Turrets was approved, but there was a certain issue...
    • Given the nature of the trope and the deity, there was some debate on how to bring them up and how to represent them. It was one thing to ascend a squadron of unnamed human soldiers as can be seen in the House of War, but this was what was essentially a consumer product (with battle applications, admittedly) that just happened to never make it to the shipping stage. Eventually, a verdict was reached.
    • And so the Sentry Turrets' two temples (in Machinery and Firearms) were essentially turned into Aperture Facilities for manufacturing these things, and then actually shipping them all over the Pantheon. Due to their... "reliability", they come relatively cheap, despite Cave's protests. Shipping is handled both by on-site pick-ups and hired delivery services (though Derpy often gets them jostled, and the Courier either actually delivers on time, or his usual and they actually prove useful for the customer's situation).
    • That said, there's a chance that a Defective Turret might be manufactured instead, but the facilities actually have quality checks to make sure none of those actually get shipped. It's one of the actual competent things Aperture does, though it's done by having a Sentry Turret as a template for its quality checker; swap that with a Defective Turret and you'll get good Turrets being tossed out.
  • Here's an advertisement for the Turrets in case you wish to make a purchase.
  • Aperture Science advises to only use Aperture-brand Resolution Pellets when loading the Sentry. "Incident resolution" is not guaranteed if anything else is loaded. Also make sure the turret is in Non-Judgment Mode before doing so.
  • They don't just come in plain white chassis, one can request for different kinds of designs, like Forest Camo, Desert Camo, Wood (Table), Brick (Evening At The Improv), an orange-and-white design (What Idiot Picked This?), and more. And there's always the option to paint it afterwards.
  • As for why Turrets are able to sing, it's meant for soothing any babies it's protecting back to sleep after shooting any house intruders.
  • Due to how the Turrets fire their bullets, they're actually far weaker than if it had been fired by striking the primer hard and thus using the gunpowder to propel the bullet, which explains why Chell is able to survive their attacks despite lacking any sort of armor.
  • Naturally, with no one saying otherwise, most gods who order their turrets get theirs modified (either by themselves or someone else) in all sorts of ways, like clamps to keep from falling over, changing up the firing systems so that they actually shoot bullets like bullets, and so on. Thankfully, since the "vanilla" versions still fit their current tropes, these mods don't affect their divine positions in the Pantheon.
    • Those commonly known to mod these turrets are the Engineer and Torbjörn (only for purposes of study), Peridot, Cyborg, Tony Stark (same reasons as Torb and Dell), San Francisco DedSec, Lucca, Tali'Zorah, Nitori Kawashiro, Miles Prower, etc.
      • Symmetra looks down on these turrets not only for their "medieval" design despite their smooth aesthetic (the only positive quality she considers), but for actually being far weaker than Torbjörn's and Dell's (let alone her own). Still, she has had one purchased for modification purposes; perhaps she can come up with a far superior design than Aperture's.
      • Asroc, being his team's resident Gadgeteer Genius, would try his hand on making his own improvements on them with his Septima. Not only to further aid his comrades and their efforts, but also as an opportunity to showcase his superiority over others in his field of work. Heck, with his abilities he could even turn the Defective Turrets into something useful with just the right amount of parts of junk lying around.
  • Plenty of evil armies, such as the Helghan Empire and the 501st Legion purchase these en masse either for cheap security or as expendable mooks for their armies. After getting them all retrofitted to have more lethal shots, of course.
  • The two ascended Weyland-Yutani soldiers (Hicks and Vasquez) bought a few to see how they would fare against Xenomorphs. Let's just say the Turrets didn't make the cut, and the soldiers ceased to be customers.
  • The Spy finds them hilariously easy to thwart. He doesn't even need a Sapper to destroy them. They particularly don't like it when he uses am Ap-Sap on them, which looks like Wheatley.
  • "No Hard Feelings."