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The Hall of Japanese Spirits is a rather dark and spooky place, with some commenting that it would be more at home in the House of Undead and Phasmata. The Hall resembles a dilapidated, abandoned Shinto shrine in the middle of a dark, dense woodland, where the main source of light comes from the hitodama either floating around the area or serving as fiery blue torches, giving the place an eerie, otherwordly feel. It is where fantastical beings characteristic of Japanese folklore known as Youkai reside in the Pantheon. Visitors are warned to be aware of their surroundings, as the many youkai who reside here are mischievous at best and malevolent at worst; toying with unsuspecting victims is a pasttime for them, and angering one will bring the oft-deadly wrath of a youkai down upon you.

Reimu Hakurei and Nate Adams have styled themselves as the unofficial guardians, wardens and guides of the Hall, monitoring the area to make sure the youkai don't cause too much trouble and destruction. On a side note, many kinds of Yo-Kai are seen within this Hall ever since Nate's ascension. While generally more playful than regular youkai, their Inspirits can still cause quite a lot of trouble and harm, so one must beware of those sneaky spirits while traversing the Hall.

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Intermediate Gods

Dunsparce, God of Tsuchinoko (The Land Snake Pokémon, Nokocchi)
  • Intermediate God. Greater God when Dynamaxed.
  • Symbol: Its tail
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Serene Grace
  • Moveset: Hyper Drill, Body Slam, Dragon Rush, Roost
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz
  • Portfolio: Our Monsters Are Weird (specifically the Tsuchinoko), Butt-Monkey, Crutch Character With A Really Good Ability and a Strong Evolution as of Gen IX, Non-Elemental With A Buttload Of Varied Moves, Wings Do Nothing, Eyes Always Shut
  • Domains: Youkai, Snakes, Cryptids, Monsters, Oddness, Caves
  • Herald: Dudunsparce, its evolution
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Rubeus Hagrid, Steve Irwin, Quetzacoatl, Piglet, Karin Maaka
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, The Killer Rabbit, Apophis, Ragior Stonehoof
  • Envies: Salamence
  • Admires: Simon the Digger
  • Dunsparce is an odd-looking Pokémon, to say the least. The Land Snake Pokémon is based on the Japanese Youkai and cryptid known as the tsuchinko, a fat snake-like creature with a stinger. While it's stats aren't that impressive, it is useful early on and can get Serene Grace, which boosts the likelihood of moves having additional effects. And it can learn a number of moves to exploit this.
  • It's easy to think Dunsparce has a complex about it's odd appearance given it lives in caves and in darkness. This Dunsparce certainly does, and doesn't like people gawking at him. For this reason, he soon found himself getting along with Betty Suarez due to her own body-conscious issues and became her partner. They look after each other and complement each other's appearances.
  • Because of how timid and self-conscious Dunsparce is, he found himself relating to Karin Maaka due to how often she got herself in embarrassing situations. He also found himself relating to Piglet given that Piglet's a Lovable Coward, similar to the Dunsparce in the pantheon.
  • Sometimes tries to pass off as a dragon or bug, only for most there to laugh it off. The Land Snake Pokémon soon found himself jealous of Salamence. Dunsparce can merely float a bit with his wings, while Salamence has glorious red wings and is an effective flyer. And Salamence likes to remind Dunsparce of this. Amusingly the two Pokémon are the same size, being 4 foot 11.
  • Being mostly serpentine, Dunsparce is accepted in the House of Reptiles. He was pretty terrified of Apophis, which is was pretty justified. However Quetzalcoatl was a friendly serpent who the Land Snake Pokémon felt comfortable near. Quetzalcoatl pitied how the fellow winged serpent could barely fly, and let Dunsparce ride on his back to make him feel better.
  • As mention, Dunsparce prefers darkness and caves. If spotted, it flees by digging underground and travels in tunnels. One of these ended up intersecting the same burrow as the Killer Rabbit, who reacted violently to its territory being disturbed. Dunsparce's next tunneling ended up with him being underneath Ragior Stonehoof while pulling an earthquake off, which is seriously deadly to any underground Pokémon.
  • Both Rubeus Hagrid and Steve Irwin were fond of Dunsparce despite, or perhaps because of the Pokémon's odd appearance. This really helped out his self-conscious personality. As did meeting Perry the Platypus, given that platypi are rather strange animals and as such make Dunsparce feel more normal.
  • For whatever reason, people like to utter the phrase "Dunsparce Real" whenever they see it around. After hearing of a chubby-snake creature coming into the Pantheon, some Monster Hunters from the New World made a mad dash to catch Dunsparce under the premise that it wouldn't be here long. Others tend to scold these individuals while also looking out for a giant Elder Dragon wreathed in gold.
  • Its tendency to burrow underground in order to flee also had it run into Taikun Zamuza by bumping into it while it was camouflaged as rock. Luckily unlike its previous encounters with the Killer Rabbit and Ragior Stonehoof the Carapaceon let it scamper off. Aside from showing signs to back off, it let the Land Snake Pokémon scamper off with little trouble while it went back to hiding.
  • A fan game posits a possible evolution called Dunseraph, a Dragon/Flying Pokémon. Sometimes it wishes this evolution was part of the official Pokémon universe but it can summon it from time to time, only for it to return back to its home universe. Speaking of which, the evolved form of Dunsparce had been discovered in the Paldean region...which is essentially just a bigger Dunsparce, albeit one with more moves and a lot better bulk on him. One of them, specifically a three-segment Dudunsparce, would become this Dunsparce's herald.

    Hatsune Hirasaka 
Hatsune Hirasaka, Goddess of Jorogumo (The Spinner in Darkness, Atlach Nacha, The Girl with Red Eyes, Hirasaka-Sama)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess at her full strength and true form.
  • Symbol: A Spider Web coiling around a naked, half-eaten corpse.
  • Theme Song: Going On (All one hundred versions)
  • Alignment: Pure Chaotic, has none, and no longer comprehends human ethics. Does many Chaotic, and Neutral Evil acts, as well as some selfless Chaotic Good acts. On the best of days, would be considered Chaotic Neutral. On the worst, Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Tends to Target Other Rapists, Surprisingly Polite, Is the "Heroine" of Her Game, Spider Webbing, Prefers Girls Over Men, Who She Usually Eat, Glowing, Crimson Eyes, Better Than Her Arc-Nemesis, Genuinely Loves Kanako, Is Willing To Result to Rape, But Is Capable of Seducing Them With Normal Means, Chose to Become a Monster After Being Gang-Raped, Tortured, And Sacrificed by Her Village In the Muromachi Period
  • Domains: Darkness, Spiders, Cunning, Spider Webs
  • Herald: Miyama Kanako
  • Allies: Skull Face, Gabriel Belmont, Sebastian Michaelis, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Friendly Enemies: Spider-Man
  • Enemies: Satan, Other rapists, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, many other demons, Slannesh, Coraline Jones and Chihiro Ogino
  • Ignores: Lucifer
  • Feeds off the flesh of humans, or their sexual energy with humans, very much needing celestial energy to survive. As a Jorogumo, Hastune takes the form of a young schoolgirl (Which is offshot by her blazing red eyes) to blend in better with society. Unlike most of her species, Hatsune is attracted to the same gender, though she's willing to have sex with a male if she must. In actuality, her true form is a huge, rather hideous Giant Spider.
  • While Hatsune seems physically un-intimidating in her human form, don't let that fool you, she's still a killing machine. Possessing super strength and speed, along with the ability to manifest huge-spider like limbs from her back and hands, fighting her unless prepared is a bad idea. That's not even going into her true spider form.
  • Pissing her off is a very very horrible idea, as she will literally tear you apart, and devour you with a grin. Hurt Kanako, and she will add raping your corpse to that list.
  • While Hatsune doesn't care at all for her demonic brethren in the Pantheon, she at least has respect for Sebastian due to his class. While Sebastian doesn't care for her appetite, he readily acknowledges her politeness, loyalty to Kanako, and has made remarks that she would make a tolerable maid.
    • Doesn't get along with Morrigan and Lilith though. Despite the similarities between Succubi and Jorogumo, the duo doesn't like Hatsune's tendency to devour human flesh and how she forces herself upon others.
  • After hearing about her apparent disdain in humans, Satan went to welcome his fellow demonic sister into the Patheon and was greeted to the scene of Hatsune, rather tenderly, making love with her human lover/servant Kanako. Satan flew into a rage, demanding what she was doing by having sex with a human and taking human shape. Hatsune, in turn, dropped her normal politeness and demanded the Fallen Angel to leave, or she would kill him slowly, before devouring his corpse. Satan merely scoffed muttering under his breath about how "monkey lovers" aren't worthy of his attention.
    • Later, Lucifer himself, knowing her power, connection to chaos, and demonic nature offered her a moderately high position in the GUAC. Curiously, Hatsune turned him down, telling him she stands alone. Lucifer, chuckled, casually telling her her view on humanity is rather hypocritical, considering she views her lover, Kanako in very high regard. The two haven't talked since.
  • Despite being invited to join the GUAE, and GUAC, Hatsune chose to align with neither of them, disliking the GUAE for there status of being evil for the sake of it (While Hatsune does evil acts to survive), and thinks the GUAC doesn't embody the true spirit of chaos, which is doing whatever needs to be done for herself to "Keep going on".
  • Doesn't get many visitors, more to do with the fact both heroes and villains keep a safe distance away from her. Heroes, because of her willingness to use depraved tactics, and villains, because more often then not, she preys on them, then the fact that she keeps her nest very... messy, leaving around the cocooned remains of her victims everywhere.
    • Though Skull Face of all people, has been seen visiting her, apparently relating to her backstory, due to the fate of him and his own village. He knows a thing or two about using horrific methods to fight against a greater evil.
  • Has common ground with Gabriel, who sympathizes with the fact she was forced into being a monster just like him, and shares similar views about humanity.
  • Ultimately, the thing that she hates most in the world is herself.
  • To the entire Pantheons shock Hatsune and... Spider-Man, appear to be on friendly terms. When asked by his fellow Superheroes, Peter claimed they hang out on the occasion. Despite this, knowing her rather... unusual eating habits, Spidey will stop her if she goes too far, but has no problem hanging out with her on one of her good days, knowing how lonely the spider-demon is. Hey, web-crawlers need to stick together.

    Nyotengu no Miyama 
Nyotengu no Miyama, Goddess of Tengus (Naughty Tengu Princess)

    Sadako Yamamura 
Sadako Yamamura, Goddess of Stringy Haired Ghost Girls
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Either a stone well, or an ordinary looking video cassette.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Stringy Haired Ghost Girls, Haunted Technology, The Faceless, Psychic Powers, Tragic Villains, Sealed Evil in a Can, Unsettling Gender-Reveal, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Xanatos Gambits
  • Domains: Ghosts, Water, Darkness, Revenge, Curses
  • Herald: Towel Man
  • High Priest: Samara Morgan
  • Followers: Mitsuko, Natre
  • Allies: Mononobe no Futo
  • Enemies: Hisako, the entire House of Machinery and Technology.
  • Complicated Relationship: Erma Williams, Pinkie Pie.
  • Sadako was formerly the high priest for Samara, but ascended herself after Kayako Saeki attacked her. It was suggested that Sadako and Samara act as co-goddesses. Inspector Zenigata received two cursed videotapes in the post, which were removed by the SCP Foundation. In the end, Sadako was voted into the position, and Samara demoted to high priestess.
  • A lot of the Pantheon freaked out when it was revealed that Sadako is genetically male. She found odd comfort in Princess Ozma, who had been in a similar position but vice versa, who told her "I know how you feel".
  • Due to Sadako's Divine Parentage, there has been mass speculation who her anonymous, supernatural father is. Aquaman, Davy Jones and most gods with psychic powers have denied it. It is suspected that her father also conceived Samara at some point due to their near identical simularities.
  • Banned from the House of Technology for good reason.
  • Approached Manny Calavera to ask him how to escape her eternal damnation, but all he said was to find a hole to hide in. Sadako then chucked him down her well and haunted him for a week.
  • Horrified when all of her cursed videotapes were recorded over with episodes of The Clangers. Samara offered several of her own until she made new copies.
  • Attempted to invade Teletubbyland but that backfired when she knocked Tinky Winky into a brief coma when attempting to crawl out of his stomach telly.
  • A pretty skilled user of the Xanatos Gambit, telekinetically creating a DNA-copying virus that can either kill victims or impregnate them with clones of her to ensure she survives.
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz and Rainbow Dash tricked Mario, Luigi and Fix It Felix to venture down into Sadako's well to make it more hospitable, but were chased out by Sadako.
  • Sees YouTube as a possible source to spread her curse, only to receive copyright messages from Viacom every time she has tried. Sadako intends on sending a videotape to Viacom's bosses at some point.
  • Secretly likes the House of Theatre due to her past hobbies and would like to restart her acting career if not for her condition.
  • To her surprise, was once approached by (read: tackle hugged into the ground,) a ghost girl whom believed her to be her mother. However, shortly after, she realized her mistake and quickly got off her. Upon learning of the fact that Erma's own mother looks like her, Sadako has eased up on her, and will try to act friendly to her whenever she seems her. Sadako does wish that Erma would stop pulling her back through TVs of those that watched her tape. Her chances of succeeding in her plans have greatly diminished due to how the other ghost girl is willing to step up and personally intervene with her whenever she tries to kill her victims.
  • She has a complex relationship with the Ponies of Equestria, possessing a hatred for horses. However, an encounter with Pinkie Pie changed all that. She discovered the strange peppy pony apparently possessed similar powers, could emerge from TVs, and even had a Superpowered Evil Side nicknamed "Pinkamena", complete with long, stringy hair. While Samara shunned Pinkie (and all other horses), Sadako was drawn to her. Pinkie now makes unannounced visits to her well, often by cannonball.

    Tamamo-no-Mae (Fate/EXTRA
Tamamo-no-Mae, Goddess of Kitsune (Caster, Tamamo, Fox Waifu, Amaterasu, Kojinki-Hakumen, Miko of Amaterasu, Cas-ko, Mikon, Mizukume Summer Lancer, Summer Tamamo-chan, Tamamo Shark)
As a Summer Lancer 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in Moon Crux mode)
  • Symbol: The emblem of her party in Fate/Extella.
  • Theme Song: Caster, An Extra Life With Anyone She Wants
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, True Neutral under Hakuno or Ritsuka.
  • Portfolio: Kitsune, Magic Mirror, Seeking to atone for her crimes in her own way, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Retired Monster, Loveable Sex Maniac, Pretty Nice for a Bad Guy, Realized her actions through Hakuno's kindness, Kimono Fanservice, Very attached to Hakuno, Feminine Fighting, Leaning on the Fourth Wall, Cut off her other eight tails to remain weaker, Squishy Wizard, Flirty dialogue
  • Domains: Magic, Beast, Love, Sadness
  • Heralds: The Tamamo Nine (especially Tamamo Cat), whether she likes it or not.
  • High Priest: Kyouka
  • Followers: Kyubi, Kitsune Sura, Tamamo Fushimi, Kunou, Yasaka, Kaden, Selkie, Senko
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Nero Claudius/Red Saber, Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho), Mamizou Futatsuiwa
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Kurama (Naruto)
  • Pitied by: Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion
  • Opposed by: Amaterasu, Princess Cadence, Anubis, Renamon, Hakumen, Jin Kisaragi, Susano'o
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Gilgamesh (F/SN), Jeanne d'Arc, Vlad III, Gilles de Rais & Ryuunosuke Uryuu, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Angra Mainyu (F/HA), Xiaomu
  • In the universe of Kinoko Nasu's fantasies, the goddess Amaterasu became curious about the lives of her worshippers, which were a source of fascination to her due to their perseverance. Soon, she desired to become a human herself to experience these emotions, she then relinquished her divinity and memories to reincarnate as a young human girl in the old province of Izumo, with the childhood name of Mizukume who was said to be the human form of a white-faced, gold-furred nine-tailed fox. At the age of eighteen, she started serving the court of Emperor Toba, who had fallen in love with her at first sight so he appointed her as his favourite lady-in-waiting on top of possessing great beauty and knowledge. With that, she then called herself with the name everybody has known her for: Tamamo-no-Mae.
    • But one morning, her head had sprouted fox ears; she managed to conceal them for a month, before she was exposed as a fox by Abe no Seimei, who had been investigating the cause of Toba's mysterious illness. She fled from the inner sanctum of the Imperial Court so they sent hounds after her, and it was the first time in Japan that a fox had been hunted by the hounds. She fled and cried in the fields of Nasu where a skulk of foxes gathered around and comforted her, recognizing that she had a rough time. Later on, Tamamo-no-Mae confronts an eighty-thousand-men army that was dispatched at the behest of the retired emperor to kill her; she tried to apologize and reason with them but nobody listened so instead she fought back, and killed them in retaliation a few times for three days and nights which eventually culminated into her end by a shot of an enchanted arrow. Her corpse was said to have become the Killing Stone, or Sessho-seki which released a problematic cursed poison that killed approaching people and animals until the monk Gennou Shinshou shattered it for good and had the fragments dispersed to three separate locations. Those very fragments became her world's Osaki kitsunes and inukami who are said to have been turned into familiars of magi but her very spirit instead ascended into the Throne of Heroes.
    • In the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, she manifested as a Caster-class Servant, ready to serve Hakuno Kishinami throughout its events and along the way, she began to treasure Hakuno when they treated her with kindness as they represent the lost love she had for Toba and his people back then; she also developed a rivalry with Nero Claudius AKA Red Saber for Hakuno's affection. Later on, it is revealed that Twice H. Piecemann was actually her first Master but he eventually lost her due to his repeated losses and he compensates by summoning Saver as his next Servant. In another timeline for the Moon Cell War, Tamamo served Hakuno to help them escape from the Sakura Labyrinth. In a different timeline, Tamamo clashed against Altera along with Nero once again before they team up with Hakuno to defend the Moon Cell from Sefar and later helped Charlemagne defeat Karl der Große.
    • In the timeline of the Grand Order, Tamamo encounters Ritsuka Fujimaru in the London Singularity and helped them defeat Nikola Tesla and the Lancer Servant Artoria Pendragon Alter, before being defeated by Goetia the first time. After being summoned to serve Ritsuka, she aided them defeat the Demon God Pillar Barbatos and later, Goetia for good in the final Singularity.
  • As part of the Master of Chaldea's call to other Servants for more help, Tamamo-no-Mae entered into the Pantheons' Courtroom of the Gods to stand trial for her pending position: becoming the Goddess of Kitsune. Her Master, along with Nero, Altera and Nameless (EMIYA's counterpart and Herald) reasoned that she is the most powerful among those in her world and an obvious example at that with accompanying behaviour of cunning and playfulness of a fox. Seeing as there are far too numerous candidates to choose from, the Court decided to choose her regardless and her position was cemented.
  • After her ascension, Tamamo was invited to a party organized by Pinkie Pie and her said current Master Ritsuka Fujimaru, who is glad that another of his Servants has ascended and she responded by glomping onto him affectionately. Pinkie Pie herself proved to be a fun presence when she'd gone as wacky as Tamamo did, but luckily Ritsuka stopped from condemning the reader for wasting time on this website; they nevertheless became friends afterwards. Also part of that party is Nero and Altera, who along with her and Hakuno were a cohesive adoptive family unit back when it was after they defeated Velber and their forces; they reunited and already, Tamamo and Nero restart their usual bickering but Altera stopped them, both because she wanted to try all of the buffet food in peace and she knows that it's better to work together to bring Hakuno into the Pantheons with no scuffle. The duo reluctantly called their bickering off for now but that doesn't stop them for chasing after the affections of their two current Masters.
    • Tamamo also reunited with Rider Medusa, Elizabeth Bathory, Lu Bu and Karna; she admits that she wasn't the best leader to them back when Velber's forces invaded SE.RA.PH and hopes they will forgive her for that. Speaking on their behalf, Medusa and Karna assures her that it's all good and she did her best to take them on. Medusa in particular felt some kinship with Tamamo for being similar Anti-Heroes that struggled with their innate monstrosity and would have opposed her had she caused chaos without Hakuno on a leash; Tamamo herself finds Elizabeth hopeless for validation and keeps advising Ritsuka to take care of her even if he had to sit through another of her concerts. They all along with Nero and Altera also agreed to help Ritsuka take on Tiamat and Goetia yet again once they heard of their presences; they refuse to let their world's Human History be extinguished, let alone the Pantheon's history as well.
    • Tamamo got acquainted with the Caster Medea and her husband Souichirou Kuzuki after the three met at a grocery store. Both Casters relate to one another by being evil mages who managed to find happiness with a person they fell in love with (Hakuno for Tamamo and Kuzuki for Medea) and vow to each other to be good wives to their beloved as well as telling Kuzuki to keep on cherishing his wife. Medusa was a little apprehensive at introducing Sakura Matou to Tamamo until Sakura became curious and demanded to meet her; they did and they got off pretty well. They are able to relate over being very attached to their beloved even to an unhealthy degree and they both have nasty evil sides underneath their nice and harmless exteriors which can potentially be very powerful and destructive; Sakura herself is unnerved should Tamamo ever be restored to her full power but she and Rider will have to make sure that won't happen for everybody's sake.
    • Also since the invasion at SE.RA.PH, Tamamo doesn't get along very well with Jeanne d'Arc or Vlad III starting back when they were in opposing sides, but occasionally they'll work together if they have a common enemy. The same goes for the Avenger Angra Mainyu, the Caster Gilles de Rais, his Master Ryunnosuke Uryuu and the Ruler Amakusa Shirou to which she admits that it'll take Ritsuka for her to even work with them without a violent scuffle.
    • As they were threats to SE.RA.PH, Tamamo distrusts Kiara Sesshouin and B.B. even after they were contracted into Chaldea and her grudges with them come from the fact that the former trapped her and Hakuno in the Moon Cell and the latter into the Sakura Labyrinth. The Master With No Name from a zany universe also earns her distrust as she treats her own powerful yet low-leveled Servants horribly and the Master likewise doesn't remember her being less wacky the last time. Tamamo prefers the child Jack in comparison to the legendary killer Jack who assassinates mages and eating their hearts, but she is not stupid enough to see that both are dangerous, especially the latter given that he goes after vulnerable women (not that she's totally helpless anyway). And of course, Gilgamesh had to be here and even she is tired of his megalomaniac attitudes; the feeling is mutual as he dreads the moment she used her "Polygamous Castration Fist" onto him again, which deals extra damage on men.
    • Other villains from her multiverse she looks out for are Kirei Kotomine and the Matous, Shinji and Zouken. Sakura and Medusa warned her about them and how they are among the sources that caused them and their friends misery and suffering and Tamamo heeded them even more that the Matous are depraved enough to induce sexual abuse onto Sakura, real family or no. And also Kotomine's Moon Cell counterpart tricked her into eating extremely pricey and spicy mapo tofu. Kotomine paid no heed to Tamamo as of now but is preparing in case and the Matous became scared shitless once they heard about her and her "Polygamous Castration Fist" move; it didn't have to be inflicted onto just cheaters...
  • There are other kitsune that Tamamo has decided to meet out of curiosity, or at least those similar to them like gumihos. The vastaya Ahri found a lot of common ground with her like wanting to be human in some way, being ruthless to their enemies and seducing others or being flirty with their beauty, though Ahri is more capable of that on a wider scale. Ahri once tried to seduce Tamamo into a one-night stand and while she's tempted, she declines as she wants to train herself to be a "good wife"; as Ahri learns this is how Tamamo wants to be good, she respectfully backs out but lets the offer open in case. Tamamo also wished the best to Yomi and Holo (even though the latter is a wolf girl) and their romances/marriages, and hopes to learn from them on how to treat her potential husband right; Yomi also likes Tamamo as much as Ahri did, and so the three have been seen together a lot since then and Holo hopes Tamamo is pretty serious with the marriage thing. Ran is glad that another kitsune had ascended as she wants another to talk to and even better that Tamamo is willing to make fried tofu at times; she hopes that Tamamo doesn't remember that time where she became her subordinate which so far she hasn't. Tamamo meanwhile, is a little disturbed that Ran is okay with Yukari abusing her and treating her like a computer as she previously had a bad Master in Twice (though Twice isn't really that abusive).
    • Tamamo also got along with Tails and Stella Hoshii since they share intelligence and beauty respectively even though Tails is a mechanic and Stella is a "Cat Boomer" (a person with decorative cat ears), and it helps that Stella is good with kids as much as Tamamo is attempting to be. Nate Adams, Luka and his wife Alice the 16th also got acquainted with Tamamo on the grounds that she reminded of their own world's kitsune the knew (Kyubi and the similarly-named Tamamo) once Tamamo got over accidentally being attracted to Luka by his scent at first and even better that Kyubi is already a follower of Tamamo; he couldn't ask for a more better position but he'll settle for that as of now as long as Nate is around. Another reason she likes Luka and Alice is that Luka reminds her a lot about Hakuno (which made her even more determined to get them ascended) and she and Alice are also royal animal hybrids who fell in love with humans (though, Hakuno is actually an AI but shush...).
    • Renamon felt conflicted towards her; on one hand, she is an avatar of her world's Amaterasu who is a goddess but on the other, Tamamo has taken away countless lives and her usual demeanour hiding her meanness isn't helping and that's not getting into Tamamo being irked at the fact that Renamon's Sakuyamon form gave her bad flashbacks to her world's Abe no Seimei who exposed her true identity. Xiaomu is also hesitant to get close with Tamamo due to her being too reminiscent of Saya who is also a ruthless kitsune that caused trouble to her and Reiji; Tamamo was bummed when she heard that because she found Xiaomu fun to hang out with which reminds her of her world's Osakabe-hime who became an Otaku much like how Xiaomu likes anime and cosplay.
    • It's a given and an Understatement that Tamamo DESPISES SCP-953 and Daji, as they represent the inhumanity of the original Amaterasu of her world and also her unrestrained evil side before meeting Hakuno, so whenever she passed by either of them she'll make sure they get more than a stink eye, especially Daji who she vehemently denies being. The evil and petty gumiho in turn is offended that she constantly gets compared to Tamamo who's a kitsune, to the point that her mere presence bothers her and the huli jing finds it amusing that Tamamo denies her evil past. On a lesser degree, Tamamo also antagonizes the Tails Clan for also sullying the kitsune name even though they already have a "always evil" preconception that is hard to shake off; the Clan themselves also distanced themselves from her like they did with the Rebellion back in their homeworld and the GUAE.
    • Before you ask, yes she has gotten in contact with the two Kuramas. Oddly enough, the Kurama within Naruto found some footing with Tamamo like finally founding a person to truly protect out of care, but that said the fox demon claims to go as far as that. The same can be said with the plant-controlling Kurama who decided that they both be Friendly Rivals everytime they meet because she comes across as a fun opponent to fight; Tamamo doesn't oppose the offer since she's also curious on how strong he can be.
  • Tamamo-no-Mae is the Bunrei (like, a divine avatar) of her world's Amaterasu, who is inhumanely evil and powerful enough to qualify for the Beast-class and it took a Servant Arcueid Brunestud to even make her beatable. The ascended Amaterasu is fortunately not the case, but she did express some pity for Tamamo who had to escape and even kill the humans who hunted her out of fear when she was exposed, but nevertheless still opposes her for her having no qualms being heartless to enemies. The feeling is mutual, though Tamamo is also jealous that Amaterasu gets along better with humans than her as no human is ever intimidated by her these days.
    • On the subject of her past, Tamamo is still not over Abe no Seimei exposing her and her fox ears which caused her to escape Emperor Toba's palace and ruined her (in her eyes) perfect life there. While it's not really the Abe no Seimei of her world, he nonetheless is both fascinated and glad that her bond with her well-known two Masters made her more of a better person, even if he's weirded out by the fact that she's different than the Tamamo-no-Mae he knows was just crossdressing; this enmity is purely one-sided though so expect him to brush her off too easily.
    • Because of her connection to Amaterasu, there are deities hailing from the world with the Azure who has stuff to say about it. Terumi hates anything and everything connected to his sister since he himself is that world's Takehaya Susano'o and thus he hates her, finding her past to be something to laugh at which offends Tamamo as he's trying to minimize her pain back then. Hakumen and Jin Kisaragi, along with the actual Susano'o would oppose her (at best) due to her potential of becoming a Beast; otherwise, they usually disregard her though she did say Jin is rather unhinged and obsessed with his brother Ragna, which reminds her of Kiyohime and her unhealthy attachment to Fujimaru. Speaking of Ragna, he and Noel Vermillion sympathized with Tamamo as they had gone through a similar, if far more problematic and complex, situation like her; she returned the sentiments, especially Noel given the ordeals she had to go through.
  • Tamamo vows to be a "good wife" in order to atone for her sins, hence her determination to protect and defend Hakuno (and maybe Ritsuka as well). Princess Cadence hopes that this is the actual case, as she found her past crimes horrible even if she only wanted to serve Emperor Toba. As Tamamo also talks dirty, Kyu Sugardust and Mad Moxxi admires her for that and even better that she did so while talking politely; Kyu even respects Tamamo's wishes to be a good wife, hence she doesn't hire her into her service.
  • Pinkie Pie then introduced Tamamo to Deadpool, Peacock and Ibuki Mioda, who can also reference the mechanics of their homeworld on a regular basis and even to an extreme extent. She got along with them just fine, even having a comedy group dynamic with them and Ibuki even reminded Tamamo of Elizabeth and her concerts though at least Eli-chan's singing is at least more bearable.
  • Tamamo also has a demon counterpart in the world where order and chaos are at war that can be summonable by any of the heroes from there. Still, she does hate YHVH like everybody else, as He's too much of a dictator that made him no better than Velber; she does prefer the company of Aleph who goes after evil gods like YHVH to kill them and Aleph knows she's different than Amaterasu so he lets her know that he'll be there if she decided to go against her originator.
    • On the subject of deities, it should be noted that Tamamo is actually a Yakan, or jackal being. The only other notable jackal being is Anubis but he doesn't have a high opinion of her even if he's assured of the Master of Chaldea keeping her on a metaphorical leash. Mamizou distrusts her anyways since she's a kitsune who are fox spirits and Tamamo herself finds this dislike rather petty for a tanuki.
  • To say she was pleased upon word of what became of her orginal prison would be an understatment. The Houses of Religion and Faith plus Magic and sorcery have been scrambling to see what can be done but for now the Fox Maiden is content to bask in the victory.
  • Once trolled Aldo by imitating him and pulling off a pranking spree after he heard that one time Aldo had a "No Good, Very Bad Day" due to a tanuki imitating him and causing trouble.
  • "If there is an order, I will come immediately! Your dependable Fox Shrine Maiden! Caster has des~cended~♡"

Weavile, Goddess of Kamaitachi (The Sharp Claw Pokémon, Manyula)
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess when Dynamaxed.
  • Symbol: Both of her claws, with the red feather crest behind it.
  • Theme: "Snowpoint City (Daytime)"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Pickpocket note 
  • Moveset: Night Slash, Beat Up, Icicle Crash, False Swipe
    • Z-Move: Black Hole Eclipse
  • Portfolio: Inspired by the Kamaitachi, A Dark/Ice type Pokémon, Wicked Weasel, Meaningful Names, Being Powerful Yet Weak, A master thief, Mostly active at night, Appears very late in the games, Cute Little Fangs, Adorable Badassery, Wolverine Claws, Loves to fight dirty, Takes quadruple damage from Fighting type moves
  • Domains: Ice, Darkness, Youkai, Weasels
  • Heralds: A pair of male Sneasel note , Sneasler note 
  • High Priestess: Whirlweasel
  • Allies: Koneko Toujou (and by extension, Kuroka), Dunsparce, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Hareta, Lapras, Cryogonal, Mei-Ling Zhou, Articuno, Katara, Sokka, Midna, Umbreon, Absol, Jon Snow, Riku, Ren Amamiya/Joker
  • On good terms with: Mr. Freeze, Cyrus, Sora
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket (especially Giovanni and Ghetsis Harmonia), Kaldr, The Night King, Arthas Menethil, The Toon Patrol, Zamtrios
  • Complicated Relationship: Sadako Yamamura, Jessie, James, and Meowth, Mew
  • Opposes: The Incubators, The Sub-House of Fire and Heat
  • Opposed by: The House of Food, Foghorn Leghorn, The Sub-Houses of Birds & Rabbits and Rodents, The Chocobos, Murkrow
  • Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon, is a form of Yōkai known as a Kamaitachi; weasel-like spirits who ride in on cold winds and slice through unsuspecting victims with their scythe-like claws. The final evolution of Sneasel, these Pokémon are a rare occurrence throughout Sinnoh, Johto, Kanto, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar, only emerging at night to prey on everything from bird eggs, to Vulpix and Sandshrews. The individual seen in the Pantheon, a female with shortened head feathers, was caught raiding the chicken pens in the House of Food, slicing through several gods before being captured. Team Rocket's Meowth was called in to translate, and it was through him that the reason for her thievery became clear. The Weavile was simply trying to feed her offspring, two Sneasel kits who were just reaching maturity. The Court of the Gods realized the Dark/Ice Type wasn't being malicious, and decided to let Weavile stay, giving her a temple and position in the Pantheon. She instantly took the job, but was a little disappointed by the single condition; not to steal anymore eggs. That part was more difficult than assumed but she's tried to keep that promise.
  • Her temple leads to the Sinnoh region. More specifically, the northern portion of the region, along Routes 216 & 217. It consists of a vast and snowy mountain range, covered with thick forests and home to a variety of Ice, Grass and even Fighting type Pokémon. It's also a great place to ski... provided you don't collide with a Snorunt or Abomasnow.
  • Weavile's entrance caught the eye of several other Yokai-based deities, including one Erma Williams. The little girl was intrigued by the Pokémon's unique appearance and powers, and even brought it and the Sneasel Brothers home for tea parties. After that, they became partners, with Erma occasionally bringing her new companion to show to her extended Yokai family.
    • It has made things awkward when Weavile met the onryō, Sadako Yamamura, mistakenly under the impression she was Erma's mother. The ghost woman quickly corrected the Pokémon but ever since they've kept their distance from each other, mostly due to Dark type attacks being strong against Ghost types.
  • Despite her Kamaitachi heritage, Weavile has had a difficult time befriending the other weasels in the Pantheon, probably because, well... Most of them aren't friendly. The Toon Patrol wants nothing to do with what they consider a "stay at home mom" - which she hates being called - and Kyubey? Well there's a reason she stays away from that gremlin.
  • Due to her Dark and Ice typing, Weavile was quick to attract the attention of the Pantheon's many cryo and necromancers, with some encounters more positive than negative. It was a given that she would get along with most of the Pantheon's Ice and Dark-type Pokémon, with Lapras, Cryogonal, Umbreon, and Absol being high on the list. Absol in particular relates with Weavile as both have to deal with the negative stereotypes surrounding Dark Type Pokémon on a regular basis.
    • On the side of ice-wielders, Mei-Ling Zhou and Sub-Zero sympathize with the Sharp Claw Pokémon's need to protect her family and have offered to help her in whatever way they can. As well, Waterbending master Katara and her brother Sokka also have become allies with Weavile, with the former carrying a chunk of NeverMeltIce to boost the weasel's Ice type attacks. Mister Freeze, while a little on the cold side, is on good terms with, and has come to his defense when Batman came knocking on one occasion.
    • In regards to Dark magic wielders, Weavile gets along well enough with the Twilight Princess Midna and Absol's human partner, Riku. Having been corrupted by Xehanort in the past, Riku is all too familiar with people viewing the darkness as simply evil, as light and darkness are both essential to life. Both Midna and Riku vouched for Weavile's ascension and for that, Weavile was thankful for it.
  • She's friends with Ash and Pikachu after hearing they helped another Weavile reclaim his place in a pack. This came as a surprise, as the first time the pair encountered a Weavile of any kind, it was under the ownership of Kidd Summers, a researcher they had assumed was evil. It's lead to some awkward meetings with Mew but, much to her relief, it doesn't hold any grudges.
  • Being a Dark/Ice type, Weavile possesses a plethora of weaknesses, including Fire, Rock, Bug, Fairy, Steel, and especially Fighting. As such, she avoids all Fighting-type Pokémon in the Pantheon like the plague, mostly due to them being able to easily defeat her...
  • Despite her Ice typing, Weavile stays the hell away from the likes of Kaldr, Arthas and the Night King, all of whom desire to plunge the Pantheon into eternal winter. It's gotten to the point where she's allied herself with Jon Snow and the Night's Watch in an attempt to stop the White Walkers and other undead armies.
  • The Alpha of the trio, it is Weavile's duty to protect her Sneasel offspring from villain groups such as Team Rocket, who wish to exploit them for their own evil deeds. Lately, she's noticed that several Rocket grunts have been hijacking Poke Stops around the Pantheon, and several Pokémon have been corrupted. She's teamed up with Ash and Pikachu to put an end to this mayhem.
    • Surprisingly, Weavile was quick to befriend Team Galactic's leader Cyrus, despite his universe-altering ambitions. It may have something to do with him owning a Weavile of his own, and also because of his friend Hareta, who took to training her Sneasel twins to prepare them for the future.
  • During a food-gathering heist, Weavile heard rumours of another red and black figure going around attacking prey with some backup. Assuming this was another pack of Sneasel and Weavile, she decided to investigate and offer an alliance. She was disappointed to find out that was a human named Sora, but understood that he's mainly fighting to keep her pack's prey from being corrupted by members of Team GO Rocket. They agree to perform a team-up should they strike again.
  • Despite her promise to not steal from the House of Food, Weavile will still go after the nests and eggs of other birds, sometimes even dining on rodents and lagomorphs like real world weasels. As such, she's become the subject of scorn from the Pantheon's resident birds, rodents and rabbits. Mrs. Brisby gets plenty of unwanted flashbacks of Dragon, whilst the Chocobos and Foghorn Leghorn keep an eye on her, the latter being reminded of a weasel he knew back in his home world. Interestingly, the Pantheon's local Murkrow gang have grown to become enemies/rivals to Weavile's group, due to their eggs being periodically stolen by her.
  • One time while foraging for food, Weavile came into contact with a gigantic, shark-like amphibian called Zamtrios. A fearsome predator with the ability to forge ice-armour on its body and inflate itself to crush its opponents, it nearly killed the poor Pokémon before she could escape. Ever since, she's kept her distance.
  • Weavile took part in the third Smash tournament, using False Swipe to cut down opponents. Sadly, she wasn't invited to the later tournaments but at the very least, it meant she didn't have to contend with Galeem and Dharkon transforming her into a bodiless spirit.

    Yuyuko Saigyouji & Youmu Konpaku 
Youmu: "The things that cannot be cut by my Roukanken, forged by youkai... are next to none!"
Yuyuko Saigyouji & Youmu Konpaku, Co-Goddesses of Cute Ghost Girls & Hitodama Light (Yuyuko: Yuyuko Saigyouzi | Youmu: The Half-Ghost Gardener, Myon, Ghost 2B)
Yuyuko on the left, Youmu on the right
  • Intermediate Goddess (Yuyuko; has Greater Goddess potential, especially with the Saigyou Ayakashi), Lesser Goddess (Youmu)
  • Symbols:
    • Yuyuko: Butterfly danmaku flying around her fan; alternatively, the symbol on her headdress
    • Youmu: Her two swords, Roukanken and Hakurouken, crossed together; alternatively, her ghost half
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Cute Ghost Girls with Accompanying Spirits
  • Domains: Ghosts
    • Yuyuko: Otherness, Death, Afterlife
    • Youmu: Swords, Hybrids, Gardeners
  • High Priest (Yuyuko only): Sayo Aisaka
  • Allies: Each other, Yukari Yakumo (and Ran Yakumo, in Youmu's case), Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, Gengar
  • Rivals (Youmu only): Kisuke Uzuki, Vergil Sparda, Sephiroth
  • Opposes: Vlad Masters, Dark Danny (Both)
  • Annoyed by:
  • Complicated Relationship: Kasen Ibaraki, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Conflicting Opinion:
  • Within the netherworld, also known as Meikai, there lies the White Jade Tower, Hakugyokurou, and there reside the realm's overseer, Yuyuko Saigyouji. She has the ability to, besides being able to manipulate and manage the spirits of the dead, inflict a guaranteed death upon anyone- and I mean anyone- barring specific cases. Accompanying Yuyuko in Meikai is her trusty loyal, and admittedly too-serious-at-times aide, Youmu Konpaku, a half-human half-phantom. Hailing from her father Youki, who has also been Yuyuko's servant, Youmu is an exceptional swordswoman, even able to convert Sword Beams that she swings out into danmaku. Not only do both of them happen t have ghost lights by their sides by all times, with Yuyuko having small ones around her while Youmu has a single large phantom, they are rather...cute, too.
  • For a while, they have been ascended together, but it is rather inconvenient at times for them to be apart, especially since Youmu had two temples compared to Yuyuko's one. So after some time mulling it over, Yuyuko decided that she would personally take this up with the Court of the Gods to fix this inconsistency by requesting to also represent Hitodama Light. However...things went smoother than expected, as she barely got to the Court when Eiki Shiki just so happened to be walking out, presumably after the retrial & ascension of Ange & Princess.
    Eiki: Why didn't you ask me earlier, Yuyuko? A change like that is extremely easy to handle. It won't take even an afternoon, so follow me and we'll get it sorted.
  • The aforementioned Eiki is very much an esteemed individual to both Yuyuko & Youmu, albeit for varied reasons. For instance, Yuyuko's place in Gensokyo's Netherworld as its overseer was appointed by Eiki herself, and the judge would be a frequent visitor of the princess, sharing tea and stories together. Youmu, being Yuyuko's servant, also respects Eiki as her superior, and is sometimes chided by the yama to make sure that Yuyuko gets her sword practice in. Komachi, Eiki's main subordinate and Pantheonic herald, is also rather friendly with Youmu, due to them having similar functions with their roles in their afterlives, giving each other tips whenever they cross paths, which is somewhat rare.
  • Speaking of those who are friends with Yuyuko & Youmu, one of Gensokyo's known Sages, Yukari Yakumo, is also seen as such to them. To Yuyuko, Yukari is someone very special to her, as they had even been together well before her (Yuyuko's) death, and ever since. In fact, some people have differing theories on what they do when Yukari & Yuyuko get together for tea, but many have a very popular idea of what that may be. Of course, a friend of Yuyuko's is a friend of Youmu's as well, and such, Yukari is one, despite understanding her inner thought processes and outputs with the same capacity as her own mistress's. Youmu is also respectful of Yukari's own servant Ran (and her servant Chen), despite the gap youkai telling her that it's fine not to; but given that they both serve powerful masters, it does make sense.
  • Applies To Yuyuko:
    • Yuyuko has two known powers, and both are extremely powerful on their own. She firstly has the ability to manipulate the souls of the dead, a power that she had even before she exited her mortal body, and the power that allowed her to be in control of the Netherworld. And the second, and quite possibly even more powerful, ability is to inflict death (or rather the concept of it) to anyone and even sending them to Hakugyokurou rather than their intended afterlife (in which case her first ability comes into play again), but it doesn't work on immortals (Fujiwara no Mokou once coerced Yuyuko into using it on her, and that didn't work) and other such specific cases. This power to guarantee anyone's death, even those in the Pantheon where Death Is Cheap, is what led to her suicide at the base of the Saigyou Ayakashi.
      • Death bringers such as the Old Man of the Mountain & Ainz Ooal Gown have expressed respect towards Yuyuko for being being responsible with her power to inflict death upon others. While they need to put in some extra effort (Old Man) or suffer drawbacks (Ainz) when using their death-invoking powers, Yuyuko has neither issue and can simply just wish someone into a grave without much drawback. The ghost princess, however, doesn't hold either deity in high regard despite her also respecting them for not exerting similar powers. For the Old Man, it's that he emanates maliciousness despite being more benign than he looks. The same can apply to Ainz Ooal Gown as well, but for him specifically, it's that he's just as good of an intellectual as she is. She does at least tolerate the Shikis in the Hall of Murder & Assassination more, as while they have an extreme form of death-invoking, they're much more kind and would rather exercise it on less-than-good deities.
    • Word of ZUN says that Yuyuko is a rather loud-and-proud Sega Dreamcast fangirl. After being deified, she didn't pay much heed to its predecessor, the Sega Saturn, until notable Saturn enthusiast Segata Sanshiro challenged her to an honest battle of danmaku and judo. After losing this battle (she held her own at danmaku, it was the judo part that threw her off), Yuyuko became a lot more appreciative of what the Saturn has to offer, and simply settled on being fond of both consoles. And yes, she did eventually get Youmu to try it out, as well.
    • Hsien-ko warmed up to Yuyuko rather quickly, though this carried its own set of baggage. For one, while having tea with Yuyuko one day, she learned of anther jiang-shi in Gensokyo known as Yoshika Miyako, and wanted to meet her; at first, this sounded innocent, but that faded as their meeting would be upturned when Yoshika attacked like usual, with Seiga Kaku hoping to usurp Hsien-ko's poisition for Yoshika. As jiang-shi were vampires or zombies of some sort, when they were seen together one time by Yuuki Terumi, he more than definitely expressed disdain of yet another "shitty vampire, just Chinese", a remark that nearly got Yuyuko to use her death-invoking abilities on him, which forced him to back off. Despite this, both Yuyuko and Hsien-ko are relatively calm & elegant girls who definitely can fight if they need to, possessing powerful arsenals and strong mindsets, and thus are still friends.
    • Except by name, Yuyuko definitely is an exemplary representative of Cherry Blossom Girls, and there's quite a bit to back that up. She has pink hair and is quite the sweetie, is associated with cherry blossoms, having a pink (and blue) color motif, is associated with death, is hypothesized as a Love Interest of Yukari's, and being a Yamato Nadeshiko. Such comparisons has gotten the attention of the trope's current holder, Sakura Haruno, who noted how they are rather opposite of each other despite filling the trope nicely. Sakura is named, well, Sakura, a living person who practices medicine and is associated with ninjas, whereas Yuyuko is not named Sakura, is dead, and has powers that work with the dead & the afterlife, and is a cunning lady with the facade of cuteness & clumsiness. Despite these differences, the two got along very well, and Sakura is one of Hakugyokurou's most frequent guests.
    • The House of Food usually has three problems to deal with- and no, I don't mean problems like with fights breaking out and such. Those three problems are instead Pac-Man, Kirby, and Yuyuko, and by extension, the House's storage pantries needing to restock after one or more of them go through the House. And woe be upon the House if all three get together for a run-and-chew through, a gathering that has happened at least once every few weeks much to this House's dismay. To add salt to the wound, just recently, when Kirby was banned from the recently ascended locale of Mount Volbono as a precaution among other deities, they didn't account for Yuyuko, which became a rather terrifying prospect despite her not actually visiting it yet.
  • Applies To Youmu:
    • Her ghost-half tends to provoke phasmophobia on others who suffer it. She doesn't intend it in any way, but whenever she gets near those with the ailment, they tend to get a a chill down their spine, and she isn't quite immune to it herself. One time, Yayoi Kise, upon meeting her, started telling a ghost story (hint: imaginary) she once heard. Youmu was out faster than Yayoi can remember her friend Nao going.
    • Small parts of fanon give her a bit of a strange affinity to Sakuya Izayoi, another fellow white-haired girl (Youmu's is arguably more paler however) and stage 5 servant boss who also is a master of bladed-weaponry. Very few but strong parallels & connections have been drawn between the two, such as Sakuya's coolheadedness & elegance contrasting Youmu's outspoken affection towards Yuyuko. Another is that their masters may look one way on the surface, but they're just as clever and calculative as the rest of Gensokyo's elite if need be. Another suggestion is that both of them are made to be notable JoJo's Bizarre Adventure references; in Youmu's case, many people parallel her with Jean Pierre Polnareff in terms of being white-haired and a knack for swift swordsmanship, in contrast to Sakuya being an analog for Dio Brando as they both knives, stop time, and are related to vampires.
      • Also tends to be someone annoyed in that people have some rather devious pairings of her and Reisen Udongein Inaba in some rather....notable relationships. Youmu states outright she does not roll that way, so it seems, as their only commonality is, like Sakuya & Youmu, Reisen is a stage 5 boss who happens to serve a higher power (that being Eirin & Kaguya). Reisen reciprocates these feelings, stating that they are a bit too insane, even for her.
    • Speaking of half-ghosts, Youmu has been keeping touch with fellow semi-phantom Daniel Fenton, aka. Danny Phantom. Though Danny's case had been more-or-less a scientific accident and his approach to being a half-ghost is different compared to Youmu's the duo have been able to hit it off fairly well. Sometimes, though, his Ghost Sense triggers at completely random intervals when the gardener's with him, which in turn causes Youmu to flinch just as randomly, an issue they've decided to just work with as part of their friendship. As per usual, this would make her enemies with both Vlad Masters & Dark Danny as well, and in the latter's case, she would begrudgingly have to team up with Vlad to take down Dark Danny, who's seen as the greater of two evils; her master Yuyuko is also rather disapproving of Dark Danny in particular and won't hesitate to exert masses of danmaku at him.
    • Is baffled when people say that she sounds like Madoka, having no idea where they get that from. But it seems to also tie into sounding like another skilled swordswoman by the name of Yuuki Konno. Funny enough, she also became friends with another ghost by the name of Reimi Sugimoto as a result of this similarity, and in one other instance, Reimi (along with another individual by the name of Miles "Tails" Prower) has had the same voice as Youmu as well. From there, there are small inside gags amongst some gods in that while Youmu seems to be Tails' parallel, people may be wondering if Sakuya's her Sonic…?
    • Got together with Vergil, Raiden, & 2B for an epic photoshoot together, courtesy of Aya Shameimaru. According to the four, it was a flash-in-the-pan idea that came up to Aya's mind to take a photo of some of the most badass whitehaired swordsmen in the Pantheon. However, it was clear that she had missed quite a few- notably Polnareff, Sephiroth, and Ragna, who all cursed her out for not including them in. While Polnareff is neutral to the four, and we already talked about Ragna earlier, Sephiroth and Vergil were more than interested in learning of Youmu's technique and weaponry. They each invited her to spar against each of them, one-on-one, and while she was able to match up to them in terms of swordsmanship, she fell short when they each tapped into other powers; those defeats led her to start training more rigorously with fellow swordfighters with auxiliary tactics and/or skills, like 2B.
      • Boasts that things her signature sword Roukanken, forged by the youkai, cannot cut are close to none ("close to none" being soccer balls and bad jokes). This did draw the attention of Kisuke, who mistook the "forged by the youkai" part meaning that it is a Demon Blade, and has tried to destroy the blade. However, Youmu seems to be oblivious of Kisuke's intentions and thinks he simply wants to fight her. This also got the attention of the Champions of Runeterra, who Youmu wishes would just stop stealing the sword for themselves. One time, she tried to trick one of them, Yasuo, into taking her other sword Hakurouken, but quickly stopped herself when she realised that he might accidentally purify a ghost with it. At the very least, she hoped that they'd stop calling her "Youmuu" (especially via incorrect romaji).
      • Is supposed to be Yuyuko's gardener, but behaves more as her bodyguard/servant. In fact, she was supposed to be Yuyuko's swordsmanship tutor to fill in for her missing father, but the ghost harbored no interest. Ironically, Youmu has since drawn a few other sword-users and those aspiring to learn, as she looked for teachers to learn from as well. Negi Springfield, who graduated as a young boy from his Magic Academy in Wales only to become a teacher in an all-girls class in Japan, also feels the same way as Youmu as being an Enthusiastic Newbie Teacher in the Pantheon, and helps her with her training as both an instructor and a fighter, as well.
  • They can also be found in the Hall of Ghosts.
Yuyuko: "Just a little longer. A little longer and the Saigyou Ayakashi will be in full bloom..."

Lesser Gods

    Yasaburou Shimogamo 
Yasaburou Shimogamo, God of Tanuki
His favorite human form, dubbed "The Unkempt Undergrad"
His tanuki form
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Tanuki, daruma dolls
  • Theme Song: "Uchouten Jinsei"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Trickster, Voluntary Shapeshifting, though prone to Glamour Failure under stress, has a Disappeared Dad, Brilliant, but Lazy, Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, Urban Fantasy
  • Domains: Tanuki, Trickery, Family
  • Heralds: Yaichirou, Yajirou, Yashirou (siblings), Tousen (mother), Kaisei Ebisugawa (fiancee), Professor Akadama/Yakushibou Nyoigatake (mentor), Benten (frenemy)
  • High Priests: Yuki Nonohara and Koganemaru
  • Allies: Pom Poko Tanuki, Simba, Mufasa, Michiru Kagemori, Nazuna Hiwatashi, and Shirou Ogami, Charlie Barkin, Jeffrey Lebowski, Umetaro Nozaki, Tom Nook, Mario
  • Enemies: Scar
  • Interested in: Dunsparce, Aya Shameimaru
  • Yasaburou Shimogamo is a member of a prominent tanuki family living in Kyoto. He's the third son of the highly respected Souichirou Shimogamo, the former leader of the Kyoto tanuki. Tragically, Souichirou was captured by a cabal known as the Friday Fellows and turned into the main ingredient for their traditional year-end stew. Despite the loss of their patriarch, the remaining Shimogamo members remain tight-knit and soldier on with an overall positive outlook on life. Yasaburou himself is carefree and lazy, yet also cultured and probably the most talented at the tanuki art of shapeshifting; many would say he's the most like his late father. His daily life consists of helping his family, dealing with the antagonism of the rival Ebisugawa clan and getting involved in tengu affairs, namely attending to the needs of the fallen tengu Professor Akadama, who in turn pines for his most prized student, the beautiful, wayward Benten. She is someone Yasaburou can't help but feel attracted to, even while knowing she's a member of the Friday Fellows who killed his father. He says it's part of his "fool's blood" that runs through every tanuki, the same one that drives him to get involved in all sorts of ill-advised adventures for his own amusement. After all, "the only thing a tanuki ought to do is have fun."
  • His first contact with the Pantheon was with the tanuki of Tama Hill, who decided to come to the city to party it up and ended up raising quite the ruckus, eventually annoying the local tengu. Finding this all very entertaining, Yasaburou didn't raise a finger until Benten made threats to capture some of them for the Friday Fellows' infamous yearly feast. Yasaburou gathered the foreign tanuki up to explain the situation to them and how shapeshifting would not save them in the worst case scenario, as the leader of the Friday Fellows has an uncanny ability to terrify tanuki to the point of making them lose their faculties. The Tama Hill tanuki groused a bit about how this world seemed so fun with its prosperous tanuki population, but even then they weren't safe from humans. Still, they agreed to leave without making waves, but their talk about "this world" piqued Yasaburou's interest. The tanuki casually said he could come with them to the Pantheon if he wanted to, making Yasaburou wonder if it's really okay to extend an invitation to a hallowed-sounding place just like that... but he figured that was proof of their shared fool's blood, and he was getting really curious, so he went and had a ball getting up to all sorts of mischief there along with his new friends. Eventually he was invited to become a god, which he accepted once it was explained godhood wasn't actually that demanding, and he thought it promised to be interesting.
  • Yasaburou tries to be at least on friendly terms with all the tanuki present in the Pantheon, if only to make sure his family doesn't get dragged into more inter-tanuki drama like with the Ebisugawas. For the most part, it's been a success, with him being especially fond of Michiru Kagemori's company; though technically a beastman tanuki and actually born as a full human, Yasaburou has no interest in holding any of that against the cheerful, energetic and well-meaning girl; he also can't help but admire what a talented shapeshifter she is under the circumstances, being seemingly full of clever applications for her powers despite only acquiring them relatively recently. Having never met any kitsune, Nazuna is a pretty interesting person to him as well, if not as entertaining as Michiru; Nazuna feels like a more benign version of Benten. And of course, Yasaburou has a sort of fearful respect for Shirou, given canines' much-vaunted ability to sniff through tanuki trickery, the fact that he can turn into a giant wolf and his tortured background.
    • Yasaburou is rather amused if not a bit confounded by Tom Nook's business of buying virtually any random thing that comes by him. Seeing that Tom Nook is a tanuki as well, Yasaburou thinks his questionable business model might not be so surprising, seeing as it's probably an expression of Tom's own fool's blood. In any case, Yasaburou keeps in mind that there's a sure-fire way of making some spare change by bringing Tom Nook whatever interesting-looking but useless-to-himself junk he can find.
    • Some may have assumed that as a tanuki of a noble lineage, Yasaburou might be offended by the notion of certain deities donning tanuki outfits to temporarily acquire their powers, as Mario the plumber as been known to do. Instead, Yasaburou, in his usual laidback way, just thought it was funny and it made him curious to get better acquainted with the plumber, since he seemed like an interesting guy who went on fun adventures. The two hit it off right away and sometimes Yasaburou joins him on his adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom for kicks.
  • Yasaburou got into reading the manga by Umetaro Nozaki after being told it features tanuki a lot. As it happens, it's more like tanuki are featured in random panels with little reason for being there, so Yasaburou went to meet the mangaka to ask what's the deal with that. Nozaki annoyedly said his editor is a tanuki fanatic who forces the creatures to be in his work. Yasaburou found himself reminded of his friend Professor Yodogawa, a former member of the Friday Fellows with a weird, but loving fixation on tanuki, who could be just as annoying on occasion. He told Nozaki so, and then revealed he was a tanuki himself, surprising Nozaki, who hoped he hadn't offended Yasaburou in the meanwhile, but Yasaburou said it was cool and that he could understand Nozaki feeling stifled by his editor's affection for tanuki. Then he said that two should go get wasted and rant about the tanuki fanboys in their lives some more, during which the two bonded and came away as good friends.
  • Although he has a relaxed demeanor and strives to enjoy life to the fullest, Yasaburou would be lying if he said he doesn't miss his father sometimes. That's why Yasaburou can relate to Simba, the lion king who suffered from losing his father at a young age. Yasaburou feels as if he and his older brothers reflect Simba's different reactions to his father's death; Yasaburou himself thinks he has a very Hakuna Matata kind of life, having no worries (not entirely true) and just enjoying himself; his eldest brother Yaichirou is the one trying to fill Souichirou's shoes by applying to become leader of the tanuki, like Simba became obsessed with being a king worthy of following in Mufasa's pawsteps; and second brother Yajirou blamed himself for their father's death, much like Simba once did. Because of these parallels, and despite being very different species, Yasaburou and Simba were able to become very good friends; it probably helps that Yasaburou can shapeshift into a lion for both their comforts.
    • The Shimogamo family is therefore allied to the royal lion family of the Pride Lands, which conversely means they have an enmity with Scar. Even without that, they would still have a personal beef with the usurping lion, as Scar went as far as murdering his brother Mufasa and exiling Simba so he could be the one crowned king. As it happens, Souichirou's demise also came at the hands of his own brother, Soun Ebisugawa, who may not have directly killed him but might as well have, since he was the one to deliver Souichirou to the Friday Fellows. And Soun's motivation was simply that he was tired of being overshadowed by his brother, with the tipping point being their fighting over Souichirou's wife. With all this in mind, it's obvious why the Shimogamos can't forgive someone like Scar, who much like Soun refuses to repent for his crimes and remains determined to cause as much grief as he can to his blood relatives.
  • Yasaburou can appreciate the company of likeminded people who just want life to be interesting and entertaining. That's why he could become friends with an unlikely fellow like Charlie Barkin, the dog who died and went to heaven, but ultimately came back to an earthly life because he thought heaven was too safe, boring and predictable. Because of their shared predilection for a life full of excitement and peril, the two could bond easily and can often be seen partying it up and getting wasted in some seedy part of the Pantheon. Incidentally, Yasaburou got his own first-hand glimpse of the afterlife by falling into a painting depicting a vision of hell, though he fortunately came back unscathed from that.
  • Some more unlikely company came to Yasaburou in the form of Jeffrey Lebowski, aka The Dude, with the two fortuitously meeting each other at a bar. The Dude being an extremely laidback sort of guy made him someone Yasaburou could immediately sympathize with, though The Dude lacks Yasaburou's penchant for willfully getting himself into trouble for the entertainment value. Though trouble has a way of finding The Dude anyway, as his whole adventure with getting confused for a millionaire and beaten up by hoodlums targeting him, then trying to get compensation from said millionaire for his ruined rug, leading to him getting involved into a bizarre criminal plot. Even for the adventurous Yasaburou, what happened to The Dude is really out there, and it inspires the tanuki to sitck close to him in hopes that he's just the kind of guy that unwittingly but constantly attracts trouble. Of course, he'll help him out of it if necessary.
  • Yasaburou can't help but be fascinated with the affairs of humans and tengu, and philosophically believes that those two races, plus tanuki, are what spins the wheel of life in Kyoto. Despite the fact that tengu are extremely proud and haughty beings that usually think of everybody else (even members of their own species) as below them, Yasaburou throws caution to the wind and gets involved in their business anyway, sometimes making himself a target for them. By that same token, he likes to know what tengu such as Aya Shameimaru are up to, and finds himself very entertained by her journalistic ventures and how her headlines are usually about nonsensical topics most people would not find worthy of discussion, not to mention the lengths she'll go for a scoop. Aya, for her part, senses that he doesn't take her seriously and is annoyed by him.
  • Yasaburou likes to go hunting for tsuchinoko once in a while, despite them not being confirmed to exist in his world (odd, what with all the tanuki and tengu). After learning about Dunsparce, he thought their very confirmed existence kind of took the fun out of searching for the creatures, though he figured he'd go hunting for one just for the heck of it, and so he could see for himself what it looked like. As it turned out, not only are they elusive, but when he did find one, it body-slammed him and paralyzed him, getting the better of the tanuki and making its escape. Yasaburou's reaction was essentially "That's more like it." He's more determined than ever to catch one now, making sure to know all its tricks and developing strategies to counter it. Dunsparce would much rather be left alone.