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Pantheon / Acts of Revenge

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Greater Gods

    Satan (Paradise Lost
Satan, God of Revenge Through Corruption (Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Data East)
Gustave Dore's "Depiction of Satan"

Intermediate Gods

Demise, God of Dying Curses (The Demon King, The Imprisoned)
His true form
The Imprisoned, his sealed form
  • Intermediate God, Greater God if his full power returned
  • Symbol: His demonic blade and his Imprisoned form
  • Theme Songs: Battlefield of Demise - Demise - Final Demise
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Cursed his enemies in an eternal cycle, starting the endless strife in Hyrule, Reincarnated through the manifestation of his hatred, The Demon King, Slaughter the people of the Surface, Sealed in the Sealed Ground as the Imprisoned
  • Domains: Curse, Reincarnation, Hatred, Demons
  • Allies: Ghirahim, Diablo, Baal, Fortinbras, Father Elijah
  • Worthy Opponent: Any "Strong" Humans, noteworthy includes Guts, Akuma
  • Enemies: Zelda and Link, Fi, Impa, Dante Sparda, Flynn, All "Weak" Humans
  • Special Relationship: Ganondorf
  • Demise led a demonic horde and slaughter the humans in the Surface on a conquest for the Triforce, but was sealed away by Hylia and her allies. He eventually was resurrected by Ghiraham but was defeated by Link in battle, in which he cursed "the Blood of the Goddess" and "the Spirit of the Hero" that his hatred will never rest and the three will forever be trapped in a cycle that will shape the fate of the world.
  • As one can guess, his main reincarnation is Ganondorf, the male Gerudo who wants to conquer the kingdom of Hyrule and the bearer of the Triforce of Power. It became a bit of a paradox with Demise and Ganondorf in one place as Ganondorf is his mortal reincarnation of himself. Though despite the two being the one and the same, they don't see eye-to-eye due to wanting the power of the Triforce for themselves, and since Ganondorf possesses the Triforce of Power, it would be inevitable for the two to fight for the piece of the Triforce.
  • Though he has reawakened in the Pantheon, he found that he can only assume his Imprisoned form as he appears to be much weaker in this realm. Of course, Ghirahim was pleased to see his master marking his demonic feet in the temple grounds so he has arranged many plans to restore Demise to his full strength to permanently remain in his true form so that he may lay claim on the Triforce.
  • He views humanity as pathetic insects waiting to be slaughter when they stand between him and the Triforce, prior to his fight against Link. In fact, it is only a big problem if Demise actually notices you rather than cutting you aside.
    • He traded blow with Guts once, when Demise wanted to test the mortal man who kills demons on a daily basis if he is truly strong to face the king of demons. He came to view Guts as a warrior equal to the Hero that defeated him.
    • He was intrigued with a man known as Akuma, who strongly resembles him, especially in his Oni form. He wishes to test the man who is capable of destroying one's soul with a single move. Rumors have been going around since that Akuma may be another of Demise's reincarnation due to his destructive power and similar appearance but it is likely just a coincidence.
  • As he leads a horde of demons in his onslaught for the Triforce, he showed respect to the demon lords within the Pantheon. He, especially, certainly respects Diablo and his brothers from the Burning Hell. Sure, they lost to humans before, but that doesn't stop them from coming back in one way or another, much like himself.
  • The Old Gods considered making a deal with him due to their similar agenda of damning their enemies upon death. If he agrees with destroying all life, then Demise may claim the Triforce without any opposition in his way. Of course, Demise won't make a deal if he is only a pawn in the plan.
  • Though he never saw any of his demons possessed or claimed by another, he would view them as weak if they allow the pathetic humans to control them. There is also the fact that he is not one to be given demands by others, in which he should be the one giving demands. So he doesn't like Gul'dan, who has summoned and controlled demons in his hand.
    • So the fact that there are three people: Aleph, the Demi-fiend, and Flynn, who are demon slayers and can control demons is quite a sport for the Demon King.
  • Angels and demons are known enemies, in which Demise know no demons in his world. As the Demon King, he is opposed by many angels that view him no different than other demon lords. Despite this, he doesn't care. As long as they bar his path for the Triforce, he'll just slay any angel that impedes his path.
  • Can also be found in Last Moments.

    Dokuro Mitsukai 
Dokuro Mitsukai, Goddess of Revenge Against Perverts (The Bludgeoning Angel, Assassin from the future)

Lesser Gods

    Viktor Reznov 
Viktor Reznov, God of Vengeance through Others (The Wolf, Hero of Berlin, Tricky Vik, The Russian, Victor)
Reznov in World at War
Reznov in Black Ops
  • Lesser God
  • Theme: Call of Duty: World at War Original Sountrack: Reznov's theme
  • Alignement: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Russian that suffers a lot, friendly communist, killing germans civilians in vengeance for Stalingrad, then using Alex to kill Dragovitch by brainwashing him, Being dead for the entierty of Black Ops 1
  • Domains: War, Revenge
  • Allies: Dimitri Petrenko (best friend), Alex Mason, Takeo Masaki, Nicolai Belinski, Tank Dempsey, Tashkent, Heavy Weapon Guy, Zangief, Zarya, Alexei Stukov.
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work with: Edward Richtofen, The Medic
  • Enemies: Nikita Dragovitch, Vladimir Makarov, Imran Zakhaev, Red Skull, HYDRA, Adenoid Hynkel, The Waffen Infantry, Nazi Storm Elite
  • Headbutting Heroes: Prinz Eugen, Bismarck
  • Opposes: The House of Betrayal and Treachery
  • Viktor Reznov was a sergeant of the Red Army that valiantly fought in WW2 against the Germans, mostly seeking revenge against the destruction they caused in his homeland. His brutality in the attacks on Berlin, where he said to kill a hundred for every victim of Stalingrad was a result of that, but what cemented his ascension was learning that he had managed to get revenge beyond death by brainwashing Alex Mason to kill the men responsible for Dmitri's fate.
  • Alex Mason was happy to see his old friend again, but he was hesitant at first, thinking he was hallucinating him again. Turns out this Reznov was the real deal and they finally can have a friendly conversation ever since Mason escaped Vorkuta.
  • He can sometimes be found reminiscing with Takeo Masaki, as while their countries were enemies during WW2, they were both betrayed by their leader they followed with blind loyalty. He is otherwise happy than Nikolaï got to be a hero of Russia, although he is kinda confused about his looks, being very similar to Chernov in his appearance.
  • Is at odds with the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, as while they appreciate the efforts he put into venging his friend, his methods to do so isn't to their tastes.
  • Was pissed when he learned Dragovich had ascended, and even more so when he discovered nobody can die for good inside the Pantheon, and worse, he got to meet other Russians that sided with him like Vladimir Makarov and Imran Zakhaev. He considers them traitorous scum that should be punished for their crimes.
  • Given his experience in Stalingrad and how the Germans murdered his father, Reznov hates Nazis with a passion. Of course he didn't waste time making enemies with big organizations like Hydra or Millenium, but they are wary of him since he is capable of taking great measures to get back at people.
    • This even extends to the heroic German soldiers like Prinz Eugen and Bismarck. Reznov is not willing to forgive them and only stays amicable with them because they haven't provoked him yet.
    • On the other hand, he can barely stand Edward Richtofen but does so because he respects his partner Nikolai. But if it was up to him he would kill the doctor himself.
  • Used to be a marksman before losing his right finger in Stalingrad. Dimitri then took over the marksman role from them, but he isn't half bad with a rifle, just not a good as before.
  • Was happy to meet other Russians in the pantheon. He did make a few friendships here and there.
    • Was surprised to learn that in the distant future, the eastern part of Russia would get invaded by robots. Hearing this story from Zarya reminded him of the time he fought the Germans, and since Zarya also has a disdain towards the one that ravaged her home, he can understand her stance. However, Zarya isn't particularly comfortable about Reznov's brutal methods.
    • He bonded with Alexei Stukov given their shared role and how both were betrayed by their higher ups. Reznov is horrified about Stukov's fate and how even in the pantheon he can't escape his infection, but since he managed to exact revenge on the person that made him like that in the first place, he earned Reznov's respect.
  • Considered the one person that the House of Betrayal and Treachery would avoid in his entirety. Reznov views traitors in the same way as the Nazis and would often hunt down members of said house because of their positions. However, they are second to exacting revenge against Dragovich, so the house isn't a huge priority for him at the moment.
  • Apparently saved Mason, Woods and Hudson from dying in the Afghan desert. However, Woods believes that Mason was just hallucinating him (Since he encountered Kravchenko beforehand, having not actually died with his encounter with Woods in Vietnam).


    Roberta (Black Lagoon
Rosarita "Roberta" Cisneros, Goddess of Extreme Revenge (The Bloodhound of Florencia, Evil Mary Poppins, Death Poppins, That Fucking Glasses Bitch, Fucking Four Eyes [the latter two by Revy])
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Crossed musket and flintlock
  • Theme Song: Red Fraction -IO drive mix-, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, This Moment (Prayer in the Light)
  • Alignment: True Neutral normally, Chaotic Evil during her Roaring Rampage of Revenge
  • Portfolio: Guns Akimbo, Umbrella of Pain, Ax-Crazy, Implacable Woman, Superhuman endurance and skills, Ninja Maid, Returning to her old ways to track down her master's killer before realizing the error of her own ways, Atonement
  • Domains: Destruction, Revenge, Suffering
  • Heralds: Garcia Lovelace, Fabiola Iglesias, Diego Lovelace
  • Follower: Ken Hayakawa/Kaiketsu Zubat
  • Interests: Atrocitus
  • Allies: Raiden, Mitsuzane Kureshima, Niko Bellic, Hildegarde, Lucy/Nyu, Sayo Samonji, Elenore Baker, Jeremiah Gottwald, Gen (Street Fighter), El Mariachi
  • Rivals: John Preston
  • Enemies: Revy, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, anyone that might harm her Young Master
  • Odd Friendship: Saeko Busujima
  • Respects: Alfred Pennyworth
  • Respected by: Marco and Leonel Salamanca (one-sided from the twins' end), Lucas Grey/The Shadow Client
  • Opposed by: Ophelia
  • Headbutting Heroes: Rose (Street Fighter)
  • Worthy Opponents: Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva
  • Roberta is the housemaid for the Lovelace family in Venezuela. Fiercely loyal to the Lovelaces underneath her shy and demure exterior and less than stellar domestic skills, she became an especially close friend to the young master Garcia. Naturally, she is in the Pantheon for reasons connected to her job. What those reasons are, however, is anything but typical.
    • Rosarita Cisneros was a notoriously skilled and vicious guerrilla for the communist terror group FARC in her home country of Columbia, trained as an assassin in Cuba. She gained such a reputation for her killing rampages that she became an internationally wanted criminal, nicknamed the Bloodhound of Florencia due to how absolutely relentless she was in taking out her targets. Even Balalaika feared her enough as a "hardcore terrorist" that she saw fit to deploy every single Hotel Moscow commando available to subdue her. At some point, however, Rosarita discovered that the organization she killed men, women, and children for was little more than a front for drug cartels, she became disillusioned with FARC's "revolution" and instead turned to the Lovelace family, clearing a debt of honor between her father and Diego Lovelace, the head of the family. She adopted the Roberta name and even put on a pair of glasses as part of her maid uniform in order to protect her identity and mask her terrifying Death Glare from untrained eyes.
    • Per the request of her young master, she promised to stop gunfighting. However, one day she watched helplessly as a bomb went off in the direction of where Diego had been, with the Lovelace patriarch confirmed as one of the casualties. Upon hearing Garcia ask why his father was a victim, she was set off the deep end, hell bent on taking revenge for Diego's murder. This marks the event that truly earned her ascension: she took out the whole army of Golden Triangle warlords and the US special forces with nothing but a musket and flintlocks, and then proceeded to take out all the American soldiers that were responsible for her master's death. Also, she once snapped a friggin kukri with her teeth.
  • Had an epic fight with Revy once. Unfortunately, a bunch of boxes blocked the view of any potential witnesses.
  • Is trying her best to kick off her addiction of anti-psychotics. Also takes lessons of actual skills a maid might need from fellow maids for the inevitable ascension of her young master.
  • Rose is credited with Cammy White's Heel–Face Turn (in the UDON comics, at least) and sees a lot of Cammy in Roberta. As Roberta seeks redemption from her blood-soaked past, she paid a visit to Rose's temple, receiving this intonation.
    Rose: You seek absolution from your past. Your future lies with the Lovelace family, and its young master. Protect him with your life, for your redemption lies with him.
  • Stumbled into Rarity and Spike on one occasion and had expressed surprise that the latter sounds just like her young master. The fact that she and Rarity's voices, while quite different from each other, do share the same base completely horrifies the purple-maned unicorn.
  • Her skill and high efficiency in combat and stealth are what leads The Shadow Client to seek her out as a potential recruit for his cause. But when he did and gave his offer, she refused. One is because she did not want to associate with people who were once allied with any drug cartel after learning that the revolution she killed for was once a front for them. She would also rather wait for her young master to ascend first than join Grey's cause.