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Intermediate Gods

    Happy Tree Friends 
The Happy Tree Friends, The Bloody Hilarious Godly Collective
From left to right, bottom to top:
1st car: Toothy, Giggles, Cuddles, Lammy
2nd car: The Mole, Flippy, Russell, Flaky (and Mr. Pickels in the air)
3rd car: Sniffles, Mime, Lumpy, Handy
4th car: Lifty, Disco Bear, Pop, Shifty, Cro-Marmot (with Cub in the air, and Truffles obscured)
Fallen off: Nutty

  • Exclusive to Disco Bear:
    • True to his name, Disco Bear can occasionally be seen in the Dance Hall reliving his glory days. He's even made friends with Elvis Presley because he likes his style despite them being in different music genres (also, Elvis likes food and is a bit on the chubby side). Besides disco dancing, which was how he made most of his wealth back in the day, he is also talented at roller skating, downhill skiing, throwing frisbees long distances, and partaking in these activities at the House of Sports. He's also regularly seen trying to pick up various females in the Pantheon, particularly at the House of Love and Affection, to no success and sometimes even ending in his own death, though he has made a friend there by the name of Johnny Bravo. That said, Disco Bear is able to act professionally, but only if there are zero (perceived) females in range.
    • Was asked once if he knew if Flaky was actually male, given he never flirts with the porcupine as much as he does with Giggles and Petunia. Then again, he has yet to interact with Lammy in canon, though given Mr. Pickels kills any extra friends she tries to make, romance would be out the window from the get-go. As for his response, Disco Bear excuses that he has some high standards that Flaky doesn't meet but Giggles and Petunia do.
    • Eating deep-fried food can be bad enough, but nobody's giving him a stick of butter or letting him near a deep fryer ever again after the last time he stuck one into deep fry. The House of Food has noted this and ensured he does not get anything like that.

  • Exclusive to Cro-Marmot:
    • Allegedly, he's an accomplished writer, painter, and pianist. Also, he has his own brand of foot powder, held a tour on Broadway, is known for his loud antics and energetic performances, and had been titled "Sexiest Happy Tree Friend" in 1992. The last part definitely has some merit, as Giggles and Petunia have dated him at least once. And like Handy, when not focused on, Cro-Marmot is capable of doing stuff, and his main job is as an ice cream truck driver.
    • His ice cube is able to freeze the water around him. He can probably even freeze fire in a room he's in (in addition to the room itself). And when that melts, it becomes a burning fire again. It's been theorized that Cro-Marmot might be a cryokinetic, and that his ice cube is his protection against the outside world. That said, there are threats in the Pantheon capable of melting his ice block. It's not known what would actually happen to him, but in the Pantheon, if whatever melts/goes through his ice doesn't also definitively kill him as well, Cro-Marmot will emerge no worse for wear and be like he was during the Dino-Sore Days. And not only will he exhibit his caveman skills, he'll still be packing his cryokinesis, though usually just to encase himself in ice again.
    • Being a caveman, he's been approached by Fred Flintstone and Loana on separate occasions, the former when he decided to order some ice cream, and the latter during some unknown shenanigans that led to his ice cube at her tribe's location. The Shell and Rock Tribes Loana tried to break him out of his ice, and it ended with Cro-Marmot coming out of it no worse for wear and immediately fleeing, causing a short chase before the tribes decided he wasn't worth the effort. As for the Flintstone, Fred reminisced on the time he was encased in ice before the idiot kid Billy broke him out, then went ahead and purchased the cold dish in an edible cone.

  • Exclusive to Flippy and Fliqpy:
    • The reason for Flippy's condition comes from his days at W.A.R. (Weaponized Animal Regiment). He screwed up one mission that ended with his comrades killed (by disasters of his own doing) and him hiding inside one of their worm-filled bodies. This is where Fliqpy was born and who accomplished the mission in an extremely bloody fashion. Now fully aware of his condition of being two personalities in a single body, Flippy takes great care to stay away from everybody else (especially Lumpy, whom Fliqpy seems more obsessed with killing out of everyone else, though the moose visits anyway and has proven able to handle himself better than everyone else other than Splendid), given there are very few in the civilian sector readily able to take on Fliqpy before he takes over and starts killing everyone in sight. Somewhat paradoxically, he's decided to sign up for battle again and to get dropped in places where he can do a lot of mayhem as Fliqpy. Given his condition, some people have compared his dynamic with Bruce Banner and the Hulk, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
    • Unfortunately, trying to avoid his Berserk Buttons is like trying to navigate a minefield, where even the slightest gust can set off a chain reaction. So far, his triggers have been: gunfire "sounds" (a woodpecker, backfiring vehicles, bursting balloons, bursting stress relief toy, popping a champagne bottle, a starting pistol), fire (campfires or fire-breathing), ketchup (though blood itself isn't a trigger, as he didn't flip out when Flaky got wounded once, and he was driven to try and treat her), flashing lights akin to muzzle flashes, being tied up (reminiscent of enemy capture), airplanes (if reminiscent of Air Force planes), explosion images (even Rorschach ink blots thereof), dreaming of Fliqpy killing him, fire alarms (akin to bomb warning sirens), and smoke (reminder of a lost comrade dead from war chemicals melting his face). With many of these things being common, he's all but guaranteed to flip out at some point.
      • And upon ascension to the Pantheon, one can include tigers in the list, given the Tiger Army and the Tiger General he fought during the WAR. And naturally, any form of evil scum is more likely to trigger Flippy's "berserk minefield" and make him Flip Out on them… and everyone else in the area once he's through with them unless Fliqpy himself is dead by then. In contrast, the only known method to revert Fliqpy to Flippy is to surprise him, such as something bursting/exploding, a scream of distress (though that may sometimes not work), splashing water on him, or seeing a butterfly close up.
    • Apart from a Bowie knife and grenades, Fliqpy often uses improvised weapons out of anything nearby (he can even slash throats with his Christmas cookies) and is highly proficient at making Viet Cong-style traps. While he hasn't used any firearms in the show, he will not hesitate to use them in the Pantheon now that they're available. He also once stopped the blades of a (carnival ride) biplane with his bare hands during a flip-out.
    • Despite his regular killing sprees, for some reason, Fliqpy explicitly ignores the disabled and those suffering allergic reactions. It's been assumed that he maintains some form of soldier moral code, though some with Shipping Goggles have also chalked it up to an attraction towards Flaky (who once suffered a peanut allergy and was at his mercy, but Fliqpy ignored her [and the Mole] for other targets). He also avoids killing very young children, at the very least, having once merely pushed Cub out of a tricycle he intended to use himself. Speaking of that tricycle, if Fliqpy ever dies by lightning while holding something, his soul will transfer to that object, and he can move it around. And he (probably) Would Hurt a Child in this state. Given most of the Tree Friends are civilians, very few can put up a good fight against Fliqpy. One of them is Lumpy (the only one with more kills than him), and the other is Splendid (hence why they never clashed in show canon).
    • Has an allergy to peanuts, or perhaps it's an allergy to venison since he got swollen lips only after drinking blended Mime (who is a deer), who had peanuts before dying to Fliqpy. He also loves chocolate chip cookies. Besides collecting weapons in his bunker house, he likes flowers, tea parties, pink penguins, and unicorns/alicorns. According to the "Collect Them All" section (From the "First Blood" DVD), Flippy also knits sweaters.
    • Apparently, Fliqpy is acting under the delusion that he is still in the war and does not realize that he is killing innocent people. In light of this, after Ren Amamiya barely managed to survive a Fliqpy Flip-Out, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are contemplating giving Flippy a Calling Card... as soon as they can determine if Fliqpy's psyche is accessible from Flippy's potential Palace. Raz has also contemplated entering Flippy's mind after his own run-in with Fliqpy, though he will ask for Flippy's consent first, of course. Flippy himself has also decided to take more therapy sessions to get his Fliqpy side under control since his previous one was Lumpy. This naturally leads him to Frasier Crane, even though Flippy is afraid of Flipping Out in front of him, killing the psychologist, and rendering Crane unwilling to work with him. Bruce Banner has considered helping in his stead since at least he can handle Fliqpy as the Hulk.
    • Has a complicated relationship with Rambo, as the old soldier both pities and has tried to help Flippy, yet at the same time, has had to fight him when he Flips Out into Fliqpy. Rambo is perhaps the one deity Flippy can relate to the most, and always finds his company comforting, though the old soldier just prefers to remain quiet as he himself wants some peace. Flippy's relationship with Steven Universe is a bit better, as he's also been through massive trauma even without being in a traditional war, but still gets a bit violent sometimes. There are no worries, however, thanks to being easily subdued with a bubble around himself (Steven or Fliqpy? Yes, either by the half-Gem keeping himself safe or by keeping the bear trapped). While he has never been to a war himself, Steven has been into so many traumatic experiences that he developed PTSD and that he once corrupted into kaiju. He gets better, though, and wants to help Flippy with his PTSD; progress is slow though. It helps that he has fighting experience, so he could likely handle himself or call on the Crystal Gems for backup should Flippy flip out.

  • Exclusive to Splendid:
    • Splendid's superpowers include levitation, flight, heat vision, super strength, super speed, supersonic hearing, super durability, a large lung capacity, shock wave-inducing voice, an ice breath, telescopic vision, unlimited stamina, and extremely large farts. Splendid's freezing breath and heat vision also have a unique property: rather than melt the ice, victims frozen by his breath, then struck by his lasers, are shattered into cube-shaped pieces. While not doing superhero work, he works as a newspaper reporter, disguising himself with a pair of eyeglasses, a necktie, and a fedora, even though he still wears his red mask behind his glasses. But even without it, he's recognized just for being a blue flying squirrel. There are those who think he should just stick to this job. Still, he was signed up at the Superhero Division anyway, where he can be guided more properly in regards to being a superhero, especially by Superman, whom Splendid is based on, including specific mineral weaknesses. Splendid, for his part, finds them tiring and hopes to just leave it all to them; the only reason he felt he had to do hero work was that there was no one else who can, even if it doesn't excuse his half-assed efforts in doing that.
    • With stronger villains than Lifty, Shifty, and Fliqpy in the Pantheon, as well as Word of God stating that the Krypto-Nut isn't his only weakness, Splendid has started suffering more deaths, especially from those who don't need to kill his body from the outside (such as psychic powers, inducing sickness, mind control, magic curses, etc.). Naturally, as a colossal failure of a hero, Stain holds him with extreme contempt for even trying. As far as he's concerned, Splendid should always give his 100% into the job. If only he could find something more than just the Krypto-Nut to make Splendid bleed and dance to his tune… Despite his being a disgrace as a hero, despite all the damage and gore he causes, he is still a hero, and that means being in opposition to villains such as the Plutonian, Homelander, and Regime Superman.
    • Even despite his faults, Toothy idolizes Splendid more than anyone else, and Sniffles is a close second, enough to be paired with him even. For some inexplicable reason, he outright hates the Mole. Not only is he impatient with him for several reasons, he's also the only innocent that the super squirrel deliberately murdered. And ever since he killed a Santa Claus (even if it was just Lumpy), not to mention just how many deaths he's caused by not doing so, Splendid has been required to always watch where he's going, and Santas come with directional speakers to alert him if he's being inattentive.

  • Applies to Lammy and/or Mr. Pickels:
    • Due to the existence of Mr. Pickels, Lammy has been forced into isolation, though she doesn't mind as long as Mr. Pickels is by her side. The absolute safest anyone can interact with her is online, where Mr. Pickels has to go really out of his way to frame Lammy, and he prefers to still be interpreted as Lammy's imaginary friend. That said, given he was chomped off by a vampire (portrayed by Lumpy) and once killed Flaky without Lammy being present in the area, Mr. Pickels might be more than just a figment of Lammy's delusions. This, however, means that Lammy is deliberately keeping him around, even knowing what he does, for reasons unknown, even if she justifiably throws him under the bus whenever she catches him committing murder.
    • Being fellow imaginary friends (if Mr. Pickels even is), Bloo and his pals disapprove of the pickle's actions and want Lammy to just dump him. This usually ends with Mr. Pickels trying to kill them, though with less success, as they are nowhere near as fragile as the Tree Friends. As for other sheep in the Pantheon, Shaun the Sheep tried to be friends but had to stop after getting murdered a few times by Mr. Pickels, Dawn Bellwether tried to curry favor with Lammy as well over on online chat, but the former assistant mayor ended up dead the next day for "mysterious reasons," and Lammy trying to deny it wasn't her even with the other sheep's blood on her.

    Samantha and Darrin Stephens 
Samantha and Darrin Stephens, Co-Deities of the Fantastic Comedy
Samantha to the left, Darrin to the right
  • Intermediate Goddess (Samantha); Quasideity (Darrin)
  • Symbol: Their show's logo
  • Theme Song: Bewitched Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Neutral tendencies (Samantha) Lawful Good (Darrin)
  • Portfolios: Muggle–Mage Romance, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Good, Magic, Community, Travel
  • Followers: The Librarian, Ned, Lisa
  • Allies: Jeannie, Scarlet Witch
  • Enemies: Evil witches, especially Bellatrix Lestrange, Maleficent,
  • Opposed by: Lisa Simpson, Cersei Lannister, The Dursleys
  • After a bit of convincing, Jeannie was finally successful in bringing an old friend into the Pantheon. The oldest version of Hot Witch in the known Multiverse, Samantha won hearts over in her show Bewitched. The idea of a Pantheon intrigued her, and she decided to gain godhood herself. Darrin obliged to join her. There's no telling what kind of trouble his wife can get into. Somebody has to watch over her.
    • There were some detractors. Lisa argued that her show promoted that powerful women should submit and be mere housewives. While many agreed she had a point, their series was thought to be to iconic for the negatives to bring her down.
    • Cersei joins the list of detractors, but for completely different reasons. She bemoans the fact that a powerful wizard would be subordinate to her husband. Both Samantha and Darrin objected to that reasoning.
  • Othe than his romance with Samantha, many know Darrin for being the subject of the most prominent actor switch in the history of fiction. There is at least one person that's on the same boat as him. Asagi goes through many voice actresses in the search for her own game Darrin wished her the best.
  • There were no shortage of evil witches that disapproved of the couple's ascension. There are a few that are of particular note.
    • Maleficent was one of the main detractors who wanted to keep her out of the Pantheon. She commented that it was only her looks that managed to land her a spot. Samantha shot back, stating if Maleficent was a better guest she would have been invited. Tensions have only continued to simmer.
    • There was a time when Darrin got kidnapped. Seeking help in the House of Magic, the Three Magicians managed to track him down. It turns out he was being tortured by Bellatrix. It was no surprise that she saw any romance between a muggle and a witch as an insult to her kind. Together they were able to defeat her, forcing her to flee. Darrin was able to make a full recovery, but remains on edge.
  • Is held to a particularly high regard among Magical Girls. It is said that the creator of the first magical girl drew his inspiration from Samantha. Thus why Sailor Moon and Madoka were so excited to finally meet with her in person.
  • Sabrina refers to her as a "cool aunt" in contrast to her real aunts. She liked that Samantha was more lenient in expressing her magic. That does get the two into trouble, with Hilda, Zelda and Darrin scolding them for their actions. It's not that it will hold them back for long.
  • It was her that inspired many other witches and wizards to use broomsticks as a means of travel. One of which ascended as one of the most iconic examples. Kiki was glad that Samantha made it into the Pantheon. While delivering mail seems like a bore to Samantha, she does enjoy racing the girl at times.
  • Poor Darrin has been transformed into so many things one wonders if he developed a superpower of it. As it turns out, Lois Lane can attest of one of her colleagues who went through as many transformations. Jimmy Olsen used to fool around Superman's alien tech during the Silver Age and turned into all sorts of monstrosities. She herself even turned into a black girl. While she won't delve too much into the matter, she is at least glad there's someone she can talk to that has been through the same ordeal.
  • As an advertiser, he is well versed in working with Don Draper. While Darrin knows the man has a knack for the stuff, he has called Don's behavior somewhat troubling. He also outright refused to have Samantha star in a commercial. Not because of the risk of prying eyes, but due to her unpredictable abilities.
    • Gets along better with Roger who understood what being thrust into the limelight could be like for an ordinary advertiser. The fake spy also showed Darrin the benefits of being in the Pantheon, which includes meeting all sorts of new people to converse with.
  • It is a hard find, but some mortals were able to find a movie version of their adventures, with actors playing the roles of the co-deities. But don't expect to be able to watch it for long without incurring their wrath. Samantha has done away with most of them with a spell, but copies do exist.
  • His arrival in the Pantheon revealed a long-kept secret. Darrin was a secret part of the Dursleys clergy. The foster parents had hoped that he could contain Samantha and force into a normal life. Yet he has long since accepted her for who she was, which angered the Dursleys greatly. Yet they wouldn't dare go up against a which that could turn them all into toads with a wiggle of her nose.
  • Ever since they learned about Wanda Maximoff being a fan of their show, the Stephenses decided to get closer to the Scarlet Witch. Samantha in particular welcomed having another fellow witch as a friend, while also pitying the hardships Wanda went through.

Lesser Gods

Gudako, God of Publisher Mocking Humor (The Nameless Master, Beast VII)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Learning with Manga!FGO logo (and a broken phone)
  • Theme Song: Learning with Manga! FGO Opening
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (borderline Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, Complains about Fate/Grand Order mechanics, Abusive Master, Psycho Lesbian, Gacha-Addict
  • Domains: Humor, Gacha, Self-Publisher Bashing
  • Allies: Quagmire, Nobuyuki Sugou, Ethan Roark Jr., Katsuragi, Tsunade, Christy Plunkett, Popoku and Pipimi, Howard and Kreese
  • Rivals: Angry Birds, the Monkeys, Fire Emblem deities, Puella Magi deities
  • Enemy: Master of Chaldea, Paul Bunyan, Goetia, any female deities
  • Opposed by: The Servants, The Idols
  • A very unstable girl who was assigned as a Master of Chaldea, but rather than actually saving the world, she decided to spent time gambling away to get Servants that she'll never get and harass those that she did get for her own amusement. Apparently, this is all humanity depends on.
  • Gudako emerges from the depths of the phone containing an app for Fate/Grand Order and now wants to cause havoc. One problem... she doesn't have her Servants with her, and nobody wants to make a contract with her because they find her creepy. At best, Artoria, Jeanne, Altera, and Elizabeth Bathory find her pitiable to hang out with except the part about Gudako making fun of Altria.
  • For some reason, she is incredibly uninterested on Astolfo. Maybe because there was someone like her named Gudao who has a massive hard-on for Astolfo.
  • Gudako is... obsessed with servants. But because of her terrible luck, she never get what she wants from the gacha. It was so terrible that she tried to create her servant made of udon dough and Grail Mud, one that has the power of the creator god without actually being a Divine Spirit to avoid dealing with the summoning issue and loss of power. However, when she found out that "Paul Bunyan" has the power of a 1-star servant, she abandons it until Bunyan was founded and contracted with the Master of Chaldea. The Master does not respect Gudako's obsession for rarity rather than the strength of the servants themselves.
  • She is not very thrifty, considering that she's willing to spend countless amount of money for servants that she will almost certainly never get. Long story, short, she has a gambling addiction. She often go gambling with Tsunade to get more money so that she could spend more money for Fate/Grand Order but will probably lose more money and the vicious cycle continue. At least she knows that there is another sucker suffering from the pain of never getting what they want through sheer bad luck.
    • She refuses to attend Gamblers Anonymous alongside fellow gambler Christy Plunkett, saying that she will not stop until she gets every last waifu in the game.
  • Many of the Masters in the Pantheon are very skeptical of Gudako's status because of how unprofessional and uncaring of her servants, even by some standards of Masters. She doesn't care because none of them mean anything to her. For all she cares, they are just people she sees in Craft Essense.
  • Because she often sexually harasses many of her female associates, many of the women are very distant toward her, especially with the heroic spirits. Strangely, she seems to be hanging with other sexual harassers, probably because it'll get her closer to other girls.
  • Her constants ranting toward Type-Moon and Delightwork for the quality of their game caught the attention of Popoku and Pipimi, who has a tons of beef with Takeshobo, their publisher. Their crude humor despite their chibi appearance gave them something to bond over.
  • Much of the House of Gaming find her to be an annoyance as they find her outside, ranting about the game's lack of an Noble Phantasm animation skip button or the severely low summon rates in banners.
    • She seems to only be in interested in Fate/Grand Order. Anything other mobile games often go past her, so she neglects the gods of Kantai Collection. She also refuses to play Fire Emblem Heroes or Magia Record out of belief that they are taking ideas from Fate/Grand Order.
    • Even other mobile games are out of the question for her, with none of them has the flair as F/GO.
    • In the past, she used to play THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, another gacha. She hasn't touched it for a while since getting into Fate/Grand Order, but it doesn't stop her from getting more idols to suit her unwanted desires.

    Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist 
Chicken and Fritz Huhnmörder, Holy Heralds of Rapid-Fire Comedy (Chicken: Robot Chicken, RC | Fritz: Mad Scientist, Fritz Hühnermörder, Robot Man, Cyborg Scientist, Rick Sanchez)
Robot Chicken
Mad Scientist
As A Cyborg 
  • Lesser Gods (Chicken is formerly a Quasideity while The Mad Scientist is formerly a Demigod)
  • Symbol: Glowing Red and Blue Robotic Eyes for Both, Himself in Silhouette for Chicken, A Wall of TVs and A Restraint Chair for Mad Scientist
  • Theme Song: RC's Opening and Closing Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral (With Good Leanings For Chicken, With Evil Leanings For The Scientist)
  • Portfolio: Rapid-Fire Comedy, Stop Motion, Deconstructive And Affectionate Parodies, Innocent and Mature Mash-ups, Crossing The Line Twice, Sugar Apocalypse
  • Domain: Comedy, Cyborgs, Poultry, Experimentation
  • Herald: Seth Green and Matthew Senreich (The Show's Creators Who Appear Within The Show)
  • Frenemies: Each Other
  • Allies: Chris Griffin, Santa Claus (Both)
  • Enemies: Dr. Robotnik/Eggman (Chicken) The Henpire (Mad Scientist)
  • Opposes: Those Who Use Unwilling Cyborgs For Crimes (Both) Animal Abusers, Evil Cyborgs (Chicken)
  • Opposed by: Most Avian, Non-Avian, Cyborg and/or Undead Deities, All of Chicken's Allies (Mad Scientist)
  • On Good Terms with: Star Wars, DC Comics, Walking Dead Deities, Archie, Betty and Veronica
  • Previously Met: Peter Griffin, Space Ghost, Master Shake (Both) The Simpson Family (Chicken)
  • Banned From Entering: Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Life and Vitality, Halls of Unliving Beings, Zombies and Cybernetics and Enhancements (Mad Scientist)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Alex DeLarge (Chicken)
  • Varied Relations: The Nerd
  • Long ago, the Robot Chicken was an ordinary chicken that ended up dead on a highway. His dying remains were found by a Mad Scientist, who used cybernetics to restore him, strap him up to a chair, and tortured the chicken by forcing him to watch a random selection of TV shows clips, the sketches that make up the body of each episode. The subject of these skits is usually Dark Parodies or mash-ups of innocent media with adult themes, although they sometimes contain original sketches too. He would be stuck in that chair for "five seasons" until he was finally freed from his shackles by a passing maid.
    • Sometime later, The Mad Scientist abducted Chicken's wife Cluckerella to lure Chicken back into his lair. Chicken returns to the lair and tries to rescue her, killing his way through the Mad Scientist's defenses. When the Chicken confronts the Mad Scientist, the two fought each other until the latter accidentally gets his hand strapped to the chair Chicken was previously on. The Robot Chicken uses the opportunity to crush him with his TVS, rescues his wife, rebuilds ''him'' into a cyborg to force him to watch those skits as torturous karma. Despite his efforts, Chicken's wife broke up with him two seasons later. Around the same time, the Mad Scientist's son comes to his lair and steals his father's cyborg-making technology, and makes his own cyborg minions. He uses this to take all the living US presidents hostage and torture them by watching the skits for ransom. As a result, the two enemies were forced to team up to take down the Mad Scientist's son and his band of cyborg animals (and one cyborg homeless man). After they kill his son's minions and save the presidents, the Mad Scientist punishes his son by subjecting him to the same sketch-watching torture, and he and Chicken part ways on peaceful terms.
    • Alongside serving as the show's Framing Device, the two also sometimes appear as Animated Actors within their own show (which take the form of a live Sketch Comedy), and helping the show's creators to not get their show canceled at the end of the season.
  • In General:
    • Despite its ups and downs in quality, [adult swim]'s Robot Chicken has remained one of the longest-running and most recognized shows in their line-up. Due to the show's popularity in the mortal realm, the Court of Gods decided to award the title Gods of Rapid-Fire Comedy... to the show's creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich. However, since they were busy planning ways to convince the [as] executives to renew the show for the Nth time, they decided to decline the Court's offer and nominate a replacement to take the title; their mascot and loyal friend Chicken. The Court approved the replacement and Chicken felt honored to take the title. With the titular Chicken ascending to the Pantheon, his show also premiered on the Pantheonic small screen through syndication. What the Court didn't anticipate is how much the show would distress some of the deities featured in this show due to their dark and crass depictions of them, which they took offense to. Due to the show being named after him, Chicken was often blamed by other deities and/or used as a scapegoat for their questionable portrayals, to which Chicken had to explain multiple times that he was not the maker of the skits in question. After some time, he decided to ask his old enemy the Mad Scientist to share his title with him (partly because they are on many good terms lately, partly to share the burden of being the scapegoat and partly to add legitimacy to the Chicken's past as a tortured experiment). The Mad Scientist agrees to take the title as it would allow him to further his mysterious research in this more technologically advanced realm.
    • As actors, Chicken and Fritz are good friends with The Unicorn and The Nerd. As their within-the-show characters, The Unicorn is mostly allied with the Scientist as the former was seen protecting the latter's lair during Chicken's first rescue mission. After the lair fight, The Unicorn has no hard feelings towards Chicken especially after Chicken shoved his horn up his butt, liking it before getting tossed to a window; Chicken still finds him kinda creepy. The Nerd was also seen protecting the Scientist's lair but lately has more mixed feelings towards both of them; after getting killed in a motorcycle stunt to renew the show, the two (who were working together) were seen stealing his corpse, turned him into a cyborg, and strapped to a chair to watch sketches like they were previously. Not a pleasant experience to say the least. The two are also happy to meet Santa again; they treat Santa Claus with the utmost respect, both was frequent contributor to the show and also something to be feared as one of Santa's more violent incarnations.
    • When it comes to fighting: Chicken is shown to be able to take down an army of people, able to change his mechanical wing into weapons, has increased strength and intelligence, and be skilled in hand-to-wing combat. However, he is not immune to shotgun shots or fall damage. The Mad Scientist is no slouch when it comes to fighting either as he's shown to be equal to Chicken in combat even before he became a cyborg, and can pilot a power suit after he became one. The other US Presidents in the Pantheon have appreciated their efforts to rescue the living presidents but both cyborgs have turned down the opportunity to work as part of their Service Service team or anything of the sort.
    • While Chicken and the Mad Scientist are fine with subjecting undead cyborgs to the skit-watching experiment (as seen with The Nerd), they are not fine with using the Scientist's cybernetic tech for criminal uses. Due to how seemingly easy the technology is to use that even a simple chicken can use it, some deities would want to use especially if they are not as technologically smart. The two have added extra security features to the lair temple to ensure no trespassers can enter the place. (To clarify: Their shared temple is a huge forest with the Mad Scientist's mountain castle lair on the east and Chicken's house in the west.) They are also not fine with subjecting living people to watch the show as torture considering they have first-hand experience of being subjected to it.
    • The two, their show and The Griffins have quite a history with each other. Stewie and Brian once visited their world when they were traveling universes. Chris is an avid watcher of the show, while Peter has never watched the show (he's only read part of the reviews), thinks it's an obscure irreverent show that only gets views of the double digits, and doesn't like it that much. Chris was quick to befriend Chicken and Fritz as he felt a strange close connection to them. Peter still doesn't like the show but he is familiar with both of them; remembering the time he, along with Space Ghost and Master Shake, sentence them and Matt to be trapped in the Phantom Zone after show's first cancellation.
    • The presence of the show in the Pantheon caused more rumors to spread causing Chicken to do his best to quell them. Mrs. Pteranodon was initially cross at Chicken, thinking he was the one spreading rumors that her adoptive son Buddy was a result of infidelity, which resulted in her and her kids being kicked out of their house and forced to be a sex worker on the train to make ends meet. After Chicken clarified the whole situation to her, she took it quite well but makes sure to not let her kids see the program while they are still young. There were also rumors that Mario and Chicken were squabbling as Mario and Luigi in RC's parodies usually end badly for them, such as when they ended up in Vice City; the rumors were disproved after a surprise collab with Nintendo and Robot Chicken at E3 2014. The Krusty Krab initially declared Robot Chicken an enemy after the show made claims that Krabby Patties are made out of crabs. However, in an unexpected twist, the Krusty Krab got double the amount of customers and profits despite (or due to) the controversy; prompting the much happier Mr. Krabs to put up a sign near the restaurant that says: "As seen in Robot Chicken" to enticed more customers.
    • Despite backlash from other gods, the show is rather popular with the Star Wars, DC Comics, Walking Dead, and Archie deities. Sure they've parodied plenty of works, however, those are the only universes so far that got specials for them. While some gods like Superman got a bit annoyed at his Superdickery treatment, he was still happy to see the affection put into it. Anakin/Vader and Palpatine have been noted to really appreciate Chicken and Fritz's portrayal of them respectively. Rick and Negan agreed to act as themselves in their specials. The Archies have even performed for the show for their special intro.
    • In Robot Chicken's universe, the people there resemble toy figures as the whole show is mostly animated with action figures and real-life toys. As such, the Toys from Toy Story can get behind Robot Chicken (the show and Chicken), due to finding a great way to play with toys for adults and keeping them loved. That being said they still get annoyed with the writers' crassness and didn't find their parody funny. Taking the feedback to heart, Chicken relayed the feedback to the writers who later responded with this skit, which the Toys found a big improvement. Also due to being stop-motion, they are good acquaintances with other stop-motion deities like Jack Skellington; so far, Chicken managed to help Jack plan a Halloween for adults. They are also known to be good acquaintances of the Gods from the He-Man and G.I. Joe universes after the two told them how much the writers are fans of their shows and figures.
  • Exclusive to The Robot Chicken:
    • Was at the mercy of the Mad Scientist for a while, so he naturally detests those who experiment, exploit or weaponize animals like Ghetsis Harmonia or Cruella DeVil. He's very good friends with Bandit, Tinker & Pirate due to suffering a similar fate, being ordinary animals who were cybernetically enhanced by The Government to be used for wars. Chicken also respects Sonic for rescuing animals from Dr. Eggman and his Badniks. He's also friends with Sonic's friends and made enemies with Dr. Eggman, viewing him as much worse than the Scientist or his son.
    • He initially pities Alex DeLarge, considering their similar situation of being forced to watch disturbing images, although in his case it was part of a reformation experiment. His opinion of him then soured greatly when the cyborg fowl learned of his extensive violent rap sheet and return to crime, to the point he was open to the idea of Alex being in a restraining chair to force-watch skits as he did. He's more pitiful towards Rowf & Snitter, two dogs who were subjected to harsh lab experiments by humans. The dogs also pity him for his experiences; Snitter likes RC quite a bit while Rowf respects that he was able to take down his abuser but then was confused after hearing that RC also is on good terms with said enemy nowadays. Batty Koda, a fruit bat with an antenna on his head due to being experimented by humans, nearly had a heart-attack after seeing Chicken and his cybernetic body; he started to believed that he could have been a cyborg too if he hadn't escaped the lab. Chicken tried to calmed his nerves and later befriended him.
    • As noted previously, while he's against animal abuse, he's not above subjecting someone else to force-watch skits. Whether it's because of the Scientist's unintended influence on him or Rule of Funny, we don't know for sure. Still, many deities are surprised when Chicken decided to torture the Simpson family by strapping them to their couch and forcing the family to watch their own show despite having no prior beef with them. In his defense, Chicken was a last-minute filling in for the Scientist as the latter wasn't available at the time for the brief cameo. At least he's merciful enough to not subject them to his show.
    • Despite his name, The Robot Chicken is closer to a cyborg than an actual robot. As such, he's more acquainted with the various cyborgs within the Pantheon, especially fellow resurrected cyborgs Victor Stone and Alex J. Murphy (aka Cyborg and RoboCop respectively). Unlike Cyborg and RoboCop, Chicken doesn't seem to have any angst regarding his cybernetics; he embraces his new abilities as he finds them quite handy during fights. He's still in touch with his chicken side though, he reassured the two of them. On a related note, he's also friends with Frankenstein's Monster (especially his more sympathetic incarnations) due to both of them being reanimated beings; Chicken pities him after being misjudged by his creator and the people he tried to help. Although murdering Victor's loved ones as revenge is a bit much for Chicken, he understands where The Creature coming from.
    • The first time Chicken met Ernie the Giant Chicken was when he was trying to gather information regarding the Mad Scientist and any possible ties to the cloning program that created him. Instead, they found a mutual respect for each other's fighting skills, with Ernie being impressed with Chicken's dedication to saving his wife (and pity when he later found that she had left him). The two decided to form "The Coop D'etat" note , a non-political alliance to protect fellow birds from harassment. So far, they've asked their fellow chickens to join their group: there's Chanticleer who joined after Ernie has shown his bravery against The Grand Duke of Owls, Panchito whose firearms expertise (with the parrot José joining the group at Panchito's behest), Foghorn Leghorn who joined after his friend Chanticleer joined, and their newest members The Cuccos, Chicken-like birds would retaliate if anyone tries to provoke and attack them. When not defending other avian deities, the group can be seen hanging out casually.
      • Little known fact: Chicken once saved KFC founder Colonel Sanders from a bunch of aliens; this story was dramatized in a series of promotional ads. They remain good friends in the Pantheon and Chicken even ate their famous seasoned chicken in his restaurant, which makes him a cannibal but, in his defense, the dish was too delirious to resist. His feathery friends, who oppose Sanders and his fried-chicken restaurant, are disappointed with Chicken's collaboration with Colonel Sanders. However, his friends respect Chicken a lot that they let this questionable friendship slide for now. To make up for his friends doubting him, Chicken used his friendship with Sanders to ensure that no sapient chickens would be cooked at his restaurant, or else Sanders would personally face his feathery wrath again.
    • Chicken was once sent a clip of an out-of-context quote from Ironhide saying "Optimus ol' buddy, this is what separates the Autobots from the robot chickens!" as a prank just because he happened to say "robot chicken". When they were able to meet, Ironhide later clarified to Chicken that he meant "cowards who happen to be robots" and told him the context of that conversation; Chicken decided to give him a pass on this awkward incident for now. Another awkward incident was when he once casually cross paths with Princess Celestia, who ran away and hide at the sight of Chicken. As it turns out she suffers from alektorophobia (fear of chickens) and Chicken being a cyborg gives her extra reasons to be scared of him; he has since taken note to avoid her presence for her convenience.
    • Sometime in the future, Chicken would be encased in ice, thawed out by the Mad Scientist's distant descendant, and forced again into watching Robot Chicken sketches. He's currently consulting with the fate-breakers at House of Prophecy and Fate to prevent this future from happening. He's also consulting the Houses of Time and Temporality & Space and Cosmos to make sense of what he saw during his space mission. Some deities noted the similarities between his visions and what scientist Dr. Dave Bowman had witnessed at the end of his mission; no word what Stanley Kubrick thinks of the whole thing.
    • "Bawk Bawk!"
  • Exclusive to The Mad Scientist:
    • Ever wondered why The Mad Scientist created Robot Chicken and force him to watch endless hours of sketches in the first place? Sometime after 10 seasons, he broke his silence and revealed that the whole project was to research "10 seasons of injecting pure streams of pop culture into a captive viewer" and its effects to that viewer's brain and mind, so that its data would be put into a computer to create the perfect joke: La La Land. As to why he put this much effort into this project and how he came up with it? Well, we don't know for sure but considering he's called "Mad Scientist", that reason probably isn't a sane one.
    • Despite the Scientist's claims that his seasons-long research had come to an end, many deities are understandably still skeptical about the announcement. As a precaution, he was pre-emptively banned from entering the House of Beasts and Fauna (especially its Birds subhouse); which he finds odd as he never uses live animal subjects for his experiments. The ones who requested this ban are anti-animal testing deities, animal-loving advocates who are sickened by his lack of respect for animal corpses, and paranoid animals who fear that the Scientist might kidnap them out of nowhere (dead or alive); Fritz' thinks they are overreacting. He's also incurred the wrath of many Cyborg deities, arguing that their kind shouldn't be used as guinea pigs; and with the Scientist now being a Cyborg, they won't give him any special privileges either. This led to another ban from the Hall of Cybernetics And Enhancements, spearheaded by its good members (who wish to prevent him from accessing more cybernetic tech or potential victims) and evil members (who consider him inferior or irrelevant). Fritz can only shrug indifferently as he feels confident he can find what he needs elsewhere.
    • Despite the bans, the Mad Scientist is considering using corpses again to turn them into cyborgs for future experiments. Due to the Pantheon's resurrection policy, it's rare for corpses to remain dead within this realm. Sure, there's the House of Life And Vitality where the dead would respawn or the corpses would be bought for resurrection; but he was also pre-emptively banned there to prevent him from stealing corpses. Given that most corpse-like beings reside or commune in Halls of Unliving Beings and Zombies, most of those deities there don't wish to be turned into cyborgs and subjected to his experiments. Therefore, he was given their harshest ban and the stronger deities are tasked to attack them on sight. He finally gave up and is instead going to resorting to stealing road-kills and corpses in his original universe.
    • Is surprisingly not banned in the House of Science as he's not considered a threat to Science as a whole. Still, the other deified scientists there don't like or don't care for him or his research, even though he's still considered brilliant for his knowledge in resurrections, cybernetics, and pop culture. Good deities think he's despicable for subjecting resurrected beings to torture for what they perceived as pointless or irrelevant study; evil deities think while he is evil and sadistic, they felt like he's wasting his talents when he could potentially use them for more world-ruling or money-making goals like his son would. Fritz doesn't seem fazed by their opinions (or doesn't seem sad about it); he would rather do his own thing.
      • Is ecstatic when the Scientist met Victor Frankenstein as the former considers the latter a big inspiration for his research. Victor initially viewed Fritz with disdain, having heard of his "work" which was based on one of his more eccentric incarnations. But over time Victor later came to respect the Scientist after realizing that the latter did a better job at handling his creation better than he ever could (since RC didn't become a resentful monster who killed his family). Fritz's frequent visits to the Hall of Scientists And Geniuses (where Victor resides) lead him to meet Dr. XXX, a fellow mad scientist with a history of experimenting with an animal for his bizarre research. As Dr. XXX is a robot who desires to be a Toon again, he's been working with Fritz to see if it's possible to turn him into a cybernetic toon. Another "eccentric" scientist he met was Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson; being the deity of pointless scientific pursuits due to leading his reckless research in portal tech, Cave is one of the few deities that respects Fritz's "10 season" research and his efforts in the name of Science.
      • Living up to his nickname, Fritz bears a slight resemblance to theoretical physicist Albert Einstein; the latter doesn't even want to acknowledge the former's existence though. He also resembles (and therefore mistaken quite frequently with) Rick Sanchez; to the point he's even credited as such in one of RC's intros as an in-joke. Fritz has met Rick a few times; the latter initially thought the former was an uninteresting weirdo until the former starts talking about various pop culture topics with him. They've been occasional drinking pals ever since and also talked about their family troubles sometimes.
    • Despite the Scientist's crimes against corpses and cyborgs, he was not considered a major threat by most deities; except of course for The Henpire, a race of space chickens with an intense hatred for humankind for their mistreatment of chicken-kind. They wanted to put Fritz' head on a platter for what he did to their earthly brethren, viewing it as inhumane (inchickene?). So much so that they organized an assault on Fritz's temple and drop their eggs to destroy it. However, the Scientist came crazy-prepare as not only did he place targeting missiles near his lair for such aerial attacks but also outfitted his spaceship with weapons that can take out these space avians. The Henpire's forces had to retreat temporarily after suffering the loss of a number of their troops but their grudge against the Mad Scientist remains. The Scientist wasn't able to use their troop's corpses to create new Robot Chickens as they are too fried.
    • Sure, he did beat up his son and strapped him to a chair to be forced to watch skits but don't mistake him for a fellow Child-Abuse Supporter. He harshly punished him because his son gouged his remaining organic eye out to unlock his optical door and steal cyborg-making tech for his schemes. He's not sure where things had gotten wrong with that boy quite honestly. He also refuses to say whether his son is still currently under his "care" or not as he disappeared the next season. He's also aware (and proud) of his distant descendant who would carry on his tradition of torturing Chicken just like his ancestor before him.
    • "It's Alive!"

    Sylvester, Tweety, Coyote & Road Runner 
Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird & Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Patron Saints of One-Sided Pursuits (Sylvester: Thomas, Sylvester J. Cat, Bad ol’ Puddy Tat; Tweety: Tweety Pie; Coyote & Road Runner: insert fake scientific name here)
Tweety in his cage, with Sylvester on top of it
Coyote on a rocket chasing the Road Runner
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A birdcage next to some birdseed
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Chases, Comedy
  • Heralds:
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny (less so in Wile E.s’ case), Tom & Jerry
  • Enemies: Judge Doom
  • Frequently Involved with: The Rock of Ages (Wile E. only)
  • Chases are a common occurrence in the wacky world of Looney Tunes, with Bugs Bunny commonly being pursued by and outwitting those who are targeting him. Among the various chases that happen feature two pairs of animals: a cat and a canary, and a coyote and a road runner. Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird are the pets of Granny, with the Puddy Tat frequently trying to find ways to eat Tweety, but to no avail, be it as a result of Tweety’s wits, Granny’s protectiveness, Hector the bulldog’s brutality, or some other unfortunate circumstance. In a far off desert, the perpetually hungry Wile E. Coyote devises a bunch of ideas to catch the Road Runner, but fate is especially cruel to him as no matter what he does, everything that the coyote comes up with backfires on him in some way.
  • Inside a house, Sylvester was chasing Tweety around in yet another bid to eat the bird, but nothing would work out for him. A bungled attempt resulted in Sylvester crashing into a box full of papers, with one of those papers positing a good vacation spot. In a desert elsewhere, Wile E. Coyote was trying to blow up the Road Runner with some dynamite, only to be blown far away and onto an airplane. The Coyote was desperately trying to hang on for his dear life, sometimes crashing head first into a bunch of hawks that clawed at him, all while he was holding up a sign signaling how painful things would get for him. Eventually, the Coyote and the plane landed and Wile E. got off, hoping that the worst was over only to be run over by a separate airplane. The Road Runner managed to reach the Coyote and proceeded to mock him before speeding off, much to Wile E.’s irritation. As for Sylvester and Tweety, they ended up getting off the airplane and making their way to a much larger home alongside Granny, with Sylvester biding his time until he can eat Tweety for good.
  • Generally speaking, conflicts that happen between both parties don’t intersect all that often, but when they do, things get chaotic mainly for Sylvester and the Coyote. The two have previously worked together in an unsuccessful endeavor at trying to catch Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner when the latter two were competing in a race. Both Tweety and the Road Runner find it amusing just how hard their respective enemies fail at their goals, even if teaming up with each other was an option. That and how Sylvester and Wile E. sometimes blame the other for certain attempts that backfired on each other.
  • Many of Tom and Jerry’s antics have reached both Sylvester & Tweety and The Coyote & The Road Runner. While most of Tom and Jerry’s spats have intersected with that of Sylvester and Tweety given how both pairs tend to fight at home often and various other locations at times, not to mention how they’re frenemies overall (even if the latter part isn’t as apparent with Sylvester and Tweety), the cat and mouse sometimes end up in the desert, where Wile E.’s contraptions sometimes end up cartoonishly maiming Tom alongside the Coyote. Tom has helped out Sylvester from time to time and in turn, Jerry and Tweety have taken to helping each other out, be it from their respective frenemies or from some other threat. Sylvester is a bit jealous of Tom scoring a few victories against Jerry whereas Sylvester never won against that bird (and even if Sylvester was victorious, it was during instances where he isn’t up against Tweety or Speedy Gonzales).
  • Whenever Sylvester isn’t trying to make a meal out of Tweety or Speedy, he’ll get caught up in some other hijinx (at one point, he got into a spat with Foghorn Leghorn over what a chicken is and lost). Sometimes, he’ll travel with Porky Pig and try without much luck to convince him that the place they’re staying at for a couple of nights is haunted. Other times, he’ll act like a good, if dimwitted, father to his son. And then there’s the instances in the Pantheon where he’ll join some other stray cats in harassing some sleepyhead and things during that time turn out a lot better than what one would assume from Sylvester.
  • As far as most people are aware of, Tweety is a cute little bird that doesn’t warrant being eaten by anyone. That said, he has shown to have a surprisingly cruel streak beneath that cute look towards his would-be tormentors (including Sylvester). Unlike other fake cuties who are just doing it for their own gain, Tweety has stated that it’s for self-defense given how often he’s targeted. Tweety’s hidden sadism is mostly reserved towards those in the Pantheon that have attempted to target him enough times to the point of trying to kill him.
  • Having gotten tired of his constant failures at eating Tweety, Sylvester learned of Katz Motel and met with the owner, Katz. Sylvester explained his dilemma to Katz and the latter agreed to take care of Tweety. The puddy tat later realized that this was a bad idea after learning just how much more ruthless Katz is and after learning that Katz was going to try and kill Tweety instead of eating him, returned to where Tweety’s birdcage was at and got into a fight with Katz. While Sylvester initially succeeded at driving out Katz, the latter made another attempt to kill Tweety a couple days later, only to be thwarted by the latter’s craftiness, with Katz swearing vengeance on Tweety and Sylvester while being chased by armed aircraft. Having recalled his rivalries with other cats that wanted Tweety for themselves, Sylvester grew to hate Katz and Tweety shared that opinion, calling Katz a “worse puddy tat” than what he was used to.
  • Thanks to Granny’s numerous stints as a sleuth, Sylvester & Tweety have gotten themselves involved in a handful of mysteries that strike the Pantheon. Even in those times where the two are working together, the puddy tat still can’t resist the opportunity to eat Tweety for himself much to the latter’s annoyance. Even if Sylvester does manage to play a role in providing closure to a mystery, he never gets the credit for it to his frustration. Detective Pikachu, Basil, and Dawson, all of them animal detectives, have sometimes gotten involved with Sylvester and Tweety whenever the two are sleuthing around (loosely speaking), though the three often have to tell Sylvester to (at the very least during these instances) seriously keep his desire to eat Tweety in check.
  • As part of a bet to save a park from closing, Tweety traveled around the world in 80 days to collect pawprints from 80 different cats. He succeeded in that goal, with the 80th pawprint being from Sylvester himself. Phileas Fogg & Jean Passepartout, both of whom have already taken on an 80-day journey of their own, have given Tweety their approval for the bird’s own journey and berated Sylvester for repeatedly getting in the way of such just for having a snack.
  • One of Wile E.’s frequent attempts to catch the Road Runner involves using a boulder and putting it on different kinds of contraptions, with these attempts ending with a flattened coyote. Not one to really learn his lesson in spite of being a so-called “super genius”, Wile E. has taken to getting The Rock of Ages and its heralds involved in his various schemes, with those particular attempts ending in even more humiliating ways than if he tried to do this with a regular rock. While The Rock of Ages doesn’t hold anything against both the Coyote and the Road Runner, it really doesn’t want to be constantly involved with them, especially after seeing just how badly the Coyote’s plans backfire, with or without specialized boulders.
  • The Coyote sees a lot of himself in The Professor, highly intelligent individuals who are always trying to thwart their respective enemies and constantly failing no matter what. The Professor, already suffering from a bad losing streak from Felix the Cat and hearing from Wile E. about how sometimes The Road Runner ends up getting caught by someone else, was willing to help the Coyote out in not just capturing the Road Runner, but so that The Professor can at least win in something. As with just about everything from both parties, their joint effort in capturing The Road Runner ended in failure. Despite this, The Professor and The Coyote have met each other on a regular basis since then, with Wile E. sometimes giving The Professor advice on how to make sure the latter’s next attempt to defeat Felix doesn’t go badly.
  • With how much suffering both Sylvester and Wile E. endure in trying to capture their respective prey (and Sylvester still suffering outside of his normal chase routines), the two have managed to find solace knowing that there’s plenty in the Pantheon who have suffered a lot of comedic abuse, but still keep on going. Both have regularly hanged out with Chuck and Pluto, with the Coyote understanding Chuck’s pain very well and is hoping to at least have some of that hidden power Chuck has. Sylvester is a bit jealous of how Pluto has an owner that at least treats him better than how Sylvester normally is, but the puddy tat has at least tried to be open to meeting Pluto, even if the cat’s various encounters with other dogs have ended badly.
  • The many speedsters in the Pantheon have proven to be a source of irritation for the Coyote (and to a lesser extent, Sylvester thanks to his conflicts with Speedy Gonzales). To him, seeing those speed demons run around freely and get the upper hand against their adversaries is like a cruel reflection of the Coyote repeatedly trying and failing to snatch the Road Runner. As for the Road Runner itself, that bird seems to enjoy the company of other speedsters (except Eobard Thawne apparently) and has sometimes raced with them across the Pantheon for fun.
    • Speaking of Thawne, the Coyote did try to get ahold of the latter for a plan, but ended up being on the receiving end of a scathing speech about how futile the Coyote’s efforts are at being a “super-genius” and just wasting his time overall on something unachievable when Eobard himself has proven much more effective in just about everything. This ended up only angering the Coyote further to the point of begrudgingly agreeing with the Road Runner about how twisted Eobard is.
  • Both Wile E. and Sylvester see the Houses of Science and Machinery and Technology as good places to cook up a good plan that would enable them to capture their respective enemies. The Coyote has used those places more often than Sylvester has given the former’s self-serving claim of “super genius”, but even with access to some highly advanced parts that would theoretically give the Coyote a better chance at catching his prey, those devices somehow always find a way to blow up or crush the Coyote, with the ideas that Sylvester got from those places not faring any better either. Adding insult to injury for the Coyote is how many actual geniuses and technicians see him as a wannabe that doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  • Given the numerous similarities between Wile E. Coyote and Ralph Wolf (mainly in how they are focused in capturing a certain animal and failing at it, as well as their visual similarities to the point where Ralph is Wile E.’s cousin), the two have gotten along with each other very well. Wile E. has even asked Ralph for some help in trying to catch the Road Runner, but the results have proven to be obviously fatal for both Ralph and Wile E.
  • If there is one deity that all four share a hatred towards, it would be Judge Doom. It’s not just his goal of wanting to destroy all toons that unnerve them, but his creation, The Dip, would prove fatal if it somehow ended up getting involved in the regular chases. Sylvester and Wile E. both agreed to never use The Dip in any of their schemes no matter what, with Tweety sharing a similar sentiment and the Road Runner just flat out runs from that substance should he see it. If anything, taking down Judge Doom would be one of the very few, if not only, instances that both parties would work together to stop a justified danger. Wile E. and Sylvester are also frightened of the possibility that any of their failed plans that fall into Judge Doom’s hands could become a lot more dangerous if used against them and other toons.
  • Wil E has been thinking what kind of silly Latin name he could assign to Sylvester and Tweety. So far, the ones he could come up with were respectively "Chasius Puddytatus" and "Punius Littlebirdus"

    Tom and Jerry 
Tom and Jerry, Gods of Slapstick (Tom: Tommy, Thomas, Thomas Jasper “Tom” Cat, Sr. | Jerry: Gerald Jinx “Jerry” Mouse)


    Ayame Kajou 
Ayame Kajou, Goddess of Dirty Jokes (Blue Snow, Vice President, SOX President)
As Blue Snow 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The white flag of SOX note 
  • Theme Song: B-chiku Sentai SOX
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Dirty Jokes, Obscenity Terrorist For Better Good, Good Bad Girl, Shameless Fanservice Girl, More Talk, Less Walk
  • Domains: Jokes, Lewdness, "Terrorism"
  • Followers: The cast of Seitokai Yakuindomo
  • Allies: Panty Anarchy, Katsuragi, Lelouch vi Britannia, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, Shino Amakusa
  • Enemies: Those who take perversion way too far, Arcturus Mengsk, Actual Terrorists
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ato-ko Shirogane, Eric Cartman
  • Odd Friendship: Stella Vermillion
  • Admires: The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • In a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn't exist (or to be specific, in a world where Japan has banned anything obscene), there exists a girl called Ayame Kajou who loves dirty jokes. Being frustrated by how the world is, she takes the identity of Blue Snow in hopes to spread the knowledge of anything dirty to break the system and return the world to how it was before.
  • Even though she theoretically can sprout out dirty jokes as much she likes due to her Peace Maker being useless in the Pantheon, she decides to limit herself so as to keep her jokes from getting old fast.
  • She is allies with some obscene people, especially those who really have no shame like Panty, Katsuragi and Sonozaki twins. She is especially chummy with Panty, as they also share a vaguely similar English accent. She also likes those who like to write "adult literature" to keep that art alive.
    • However, she is bit disgusted by anyone who really have no moral concern about the perverted stuff they do. Sex Is Good and seeing those people ruin that good name is not something she approves of.
  • Lelouch is impressed by how she is rebelling against the government and does approves of her actions, sort of. On other hand, Ayame herself is annoyed by people like Arcturus, who sought to rebel for their selfish cause, which remind her of Gathered Fabric.
  • She and Ato-ko have a bit of a mixed relation. On one hand, Ayame is bit disgusted by her man-stealing habits. On other hand, Ato-ko definitely approves of Ayame's actions, as she would never live in a world where dirty jokes are forbidden and where love doesn't bloom. Though she has a morbid curiosity on how her and Okuma's relationship will develop.
  • Besides all the talk she makes, she is bit squicked by the act of sex in action. She does admit that she like dirty jokes, and maybe not that much of the actions behind it.
  • She sees the South Park kids as potential recruits for SOX given their tendency to spout dirty jokes. So far, Kenny seems to be the only one interested in helping her out.
  • Seems to be a fan of the videos done by the Angry Video Game Nerd. However, she doesn't watch them for the games but because the nerds tendencies to swear might actually give Ayame some material to mess with the authorities of her world.
  • She is surprisingly friendly with Stella Vermillion, for the fact that both sound similar. Ayame is curious to know about the princess' sex life and constantly teased her until Stella revealed that she actually had sex with Ikki. While this made Ayame uncomfortable, they nonetheless are good friends.
  • Even if she calls herself a "Obscenity Terrorist", she doesn't condone anyone who is involved in actual terrorism. She wouldn't harm people just to make a point.

    Boys from South Park 
The Boys from South Park Members , Gods of Shocking Comedy Cartoons (Broship, Fighters of Zaron, Coon and Friends, Moop, Fingerbang, Ninjas of Tokugawa, Wrestling Takedown Federation, W.T.F., Llama Brothers [-Craig], Kommunity Kidz; Stan: Billy, Ranger Stan Marshwalker, Toolshed, Shadow Hachi, Stan The Man, Stan Darsh, Boy in the Red Poofball Hat, LUVS2SPWGE, Staniscool, Raven, Heroin Hero, Stan of Many Moons, Stan the Great; Kyle: Paladin Kyle, High Jew Elf King, Human Kite, Bunraku, Juggernaut, Kyle 2, Kyley-B, Brad, Uncle Kyle, Kyle of the DeVry Institute, Fart Boy, Master Ninjew, Kyle of the Drow Elves; Cartman: Fatass, Grand Wizard King, The Coon, Bulrog, Rad Russian, Bad Irene, Dawg the Hall Monitor, A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000, Time Child, Ming Lee, Cupid-Me, Lil’ Danny Pocket, bigboNed3, Mr. Cartmanez, Erica, CartmanBrah; Kenny: Lady McCormick, Princess Kenny, Mysterion, Ninja Master Kenny, El Pollo Loco, Dennis)
L to R: Stan Marsh, Kyle Brovfloski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick
Fighters of Zaron 
Coon and Friends 
Ninjas of Tokugawa 

    Harry and Sally 
Harry Burns and Sally Albright, Co-deities of the Romantic Comedy
Left: Harry. Right: Sally
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A photo frame with a picture of the two of them
  • Theme Song: It Had To Be You
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Harry), Neutral Good (Sally)
  • Portfolios: A Second Love with plenty of gender comparisons and yet were attracted to each other, Deadpan Snarkers, Tried not get love in the way of their friendship, broke up but made up later, Fate drew them together in the end
  • Domains: Trickery, Repose, Good, Love (eventually)
  • Followers: Too many to count.
  • Allies: The House of Love in general, especially Sam Malone and Diane Chambers as well as Peter Warne and Ellie Andrews, The Ricardos, Samantha and Darrin Stephens, Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki, Maeda Keiji, Mike, (Harry), Kasuga (Sally)
  • Opposes: Brynhild, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Annoys: The entire subhouse of Chefs And Establishments (Sally)
  • Special Relationship: Rick Blaine
  • There are some couples who met for the first time, knowing that they will be together for the rest of their lives. And then there's these two. Harry and Sally met in their college years and it took ten years just for them to become friends and a couple more after that to become loves. Even then, that relationship didn't last long. All in all, it took a long-winding adventure for the two to stick in the end. Despite all of that, it is considered one of the most enduring love stories in The Multiverse. For that, the House of Love decided to officially recognize the two by helping them ascend into the Pantheon.
  • As a crucial aspect of comedy, they were given dues from both the Ricardos and the Stephens for their story. Harry and Sally were amused that the patrons tended to be just as chaotic as they were (and still are).
  • It's clear that the two have plenty of fans in the House of Love, but there are a couple of people of note. They were highly valued by Sam and Diane, who also had to go through a rough and tumble relationship that included love. While the later weren't able to stick together, they wish the newest couple the best.
    • It is noted that their first meetup happened in a road trip. To their surprise, there was a temple dedicated to romances that started with a road trip. Peter and Ellie hoped that their first road trip would get them together. While that wasn't the case, the couple took credit for eventually getting the two hooked.
  • Given that the Pantheon has many people some may have thought to be fiction, Harry and Sally had a unique opportunity to settle a Seinfeldian Conversation. They both went to see Rick Blaine in order to ask if he truly wanted his former lover to leave on that plane. Rick merely stated that he didn't want her involved in the war, especially after he decided to abandon his neutrality. Unfortunately, he doesn't know where Ilsa is at the moment, so he can't answer truthfully whether she wanted to stay or not. Nevertheless, the couple noticed how much his film influenced their own.
  • Few couples have had to suffer as much as those two. Much of the blame was set on Brynhild, though the Valkyrie is sympathetic with their complaints. The two groups have agreed to move on from the kerfuffle.
  • Unlike Brynhild, Ato-ko Shirogane has no such qualms when it comes to breaking up potential couples. She is one of the biggest reasons many of their rank are kicked out of their temple. Hell, she nearly succeeded in derailing their relationship until they fixed their communication problems and got honest with each other.
  • Maeda Keiji recognized them as pretty good matchmakers... just not to each other. When they tried to find someone the other would like, the two matches ended up dating each other. Surprisingly, the two married and has been together ever since.
  • Sally once got Harry to go to the residence of Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki. She thought that they could use some Intimate Healing in order to improve their relationship. Naturally, Harry was against this from the start, claiming it wasn't natural for males to want such healing. That won't stop Kaito from convincing him otherwise.
  • Exclusive to Harry:
    • Is quite popular in the House of Philosophy, much to Sally's disbelief. Many of his theories and phrases are used to this day. Of course that doesn't mean that he is right all the time. He could not have predicted that the two would fall in love with each other in the end.
    • Mike from Monster's Inc saw the perfect joke to plan on the couple. He impersonated Harry to trick Sally into letting him. That was when he planned to scare her. Unfortunately, she reacted by spraying pepper spray on his eye, causing him to go in spasms. When Harry found out about that... he decided to help the monster out by buying him a drink. Turns out they have the same voice.
  • Exclusive to Sally
    • What most people remember from her is not her romance with Harry, but her uncanny ability to fake orgasms. Sally insisted it was only to prove a point, but she has been asked to repeat the process various times. Even Kasuga, Goddess of The Immodest Orgasm came by for a demonstration.
    • May well be one of the most hated customers in the House of Food. Sally is notoriously picky with how different foods touch each other. Harry jokingly called her the "Berlin Wall of gourmets". Even worse, when a waitress complains about it she denies ever being that picky. As Harry claims, she is high maintenance that claims to be low maintenance. As such, only the most patient of chefs are able to tolerate her. If there is one bot of solace, people often say they'll "...have what she's having" for seemingly having so much pleasure with her food.

    Mr. Bean 
Mr. Bean, God of Comedic Sociopaths (Bean, Rowan Bean)

    The Nichijou Main Cast 
Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, Mai Minakami, Professor Shinonome, Nano Shinonome, and Sakamoto, Patron Saints of Joke-Heavy Stories (Yuuko: Yukko | Mio: Daisuke Naganohara | Professor: Hakase | Sakamoto: Taisho)
L to R: Mai, Yuuko, Mio
L to R: Nano, Sakamoto, Hakase
  • Demideities (are capable of up to Greater-level feats on certain occasions)
  • Symbol: The kanji for "Nichijou" (日常)
  • Theme Song: Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi-C
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Yuuko, Nano, Sakamoto), Chaotic Good (Mio, Mai, Hakase)
  • Portfolio: Joke-Heavy Stories, Ordinary Day-to-Day Life, Mundane Made Awesome, Bizarre Japanese Works
  • Domains: School, Slice of Life, Absurdity, Comedy
  • Heralds: The Inhabitants of Tokisadame
  • Allies: The Azumanga Daioh girls, the SOS Brigade, Yui Ichii, Yuzuko Nonohara and Yukari Hinata, Houkago Tea Time, Konata Izumi, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, the Teekyuu Club, Sakamoto
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Garfield (Sakamoto)
  • Friendly Rivals : Pinkie Pie, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Bart Simpson (Mai)
  • Admires: Bruce, Tim Shepard (Hakase)
  • Enemies: Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, Kira Daidouji, Stewie Griffin (Hakase)
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Joe (Help! I'm a Fish) (Nano), Claudandus (Sakamoto)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Popuko and Pipimi (All), Team Rocket's Meowth, Odie, Brian Griffin (Sakamoto)
  • Fears: The Hall of Canines (Hakase), Rusty (Sakamoto)
  • Annoys: Papyrus, Ghiaccio (Yuuko)
  • Avoids: Laetitia (Mai)
  • In the Japanese town of Tokisadame, life goes on as normally as it does in every other town. Adults go to work, students go to school, young children play games, a robot tries to hide her Wind-Up Key... wait, what? While life seems normal in this town, it is apparent that the denizens living there are the definition of quirky. From a teen girl who wrestles anyone who sees her yaoi doujinshi, a young girl who's an absolute prodigy in robotics, a high school principal who wrestles deer, to a Tsundere teen girl who whips out an entire arsenal of weapons when she sees her crush, life in the town seems exciting and bizarre. And even when things look relatively normal, even the most mundane even are treated as the most important, extreme event in their lives. These extraordinary events permeate the lives of schoolgirls Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara and Mai Minakami, as well as child prodigy Professor Shinonome aka "Hakase", Robot Girl Nano Shinonome, and talking cat Sakamoto as they go through their everyday lives.
  • It was a relatively calm day in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, as the Deities there were on a break from their theatric work. Suddenly, a portal materialized atop of an empty stage, prompting many deities to pause and look at the odd occurence. Then, four teen girls (one with a Wind-Up Key on her back), a young child wearing a labcoat, and a cat fell out of the portal and onto the ground. The group was sent into a panic once they rose up and realized their unfamiliar location, which quickly caused a hysteric ruckus within the room. It took the hard work and effort of the House's security to calm down the situation, which was tough considering that Mio was wrestling those who tried to apprehend her, Nano was going haywire, and Yuuko was inexplicably tripping and flipping around while screaming. When they told the girls of the Trope Pantheon, they then explained how they got into the Pantheon; Hakase was demonstrating her newest invention, a portal to other worlds to Nano and Sakamoto, which Yuuko, Mio and Mai noticed and wanted to look closer. However, Yuuko tripped and crashed into the others, sending them tumbling into the portal. The group was given the title of Patron Saints of Joke-Heavy Stories due to the quirky, insane events that transpire in their world, all the while the group were still dumbfounded by the events that erupted.
  • Their temple is divided into four parts; three houses for Yuuko, Mio, and Mai, and one for the Shinonome family. Yuuko, Mio, Mai, and Nano have been enrolled in the Elysium Academy as students, where they met up with other schoolgirls of the Pantheon. They first bumped into the Azumanga Daioh girls, where friendships quickly bloomed. Chiyo and Hakase bonded over being intelligent child prodigies while Sakaki was enamoured by Sakamoto and tried to pet him, which made him squirm in embarrassment. They stumbled onto a jam session by Houkago Tea Time, in which tensions were quickly resolved with the girls listening to their performance. Haruhi Suzumiya dragged the rest of the SOS Brigade to inspect Robot Girl Nano due to her interest in the extraordinary, much to Nano's confusion and Kyon's exhaustion. They also quickly bonded with Konata, the Kagami sisters, and the YuYu trio, with them often talking about odd topics. Konata in particular wanted to see some of Mio's manga, of which Mio allowed her, but prevents her from reading certain manga for flimsy reasons Konata is confused by.
  • It seems that whatever weirdness transpired in their world was carried over to the Pantheons; freaking out over minor things? Chasing each other down hallways at incredible speeds? Firing powerful lazers out of their mouths by screaming? People around them acting in exaggerated ways? It seems the six attract strange events to and around them, making their ordinary lives much more chaotic than expected. Given how the denizens of the Pantheon are used to chaotic and absurd events happening on a daily basis, their reactions to their antics is rather subdued. With time, they have encountered other teens who are surrounded by bizarre happenings; Sakamoto, a teen boy so stylish and skilled he can do the impossible, and the Teekyuu club, who also get into bizarre antics on a daily basis. The group was amazed by schoolboy Sakamoto's tricks, while the bizarreness around them inflates a dozenfold when they hang around the Teekyuu club. There's never a dull moment whenever those students are close together. Bizarre antics also tend to erupt whenever Popuko and Pipimi are around, but their relationship is is far more heated, with arguments and fights often erupting between Popuko and Mio.
  • At first glance, there's not much to talk about Yuuko Aioi. What there is to talk about her is her incredibly bad luck. From items falling on her head, to missing the train, to being late for events, to tripping and being harmed by anything, it seems that she always get the short end of the stick regarding things. It was inevitable that she would meet up with much of the members of the House of Misfortune, where all of the deities there either suffer from bad luck, or bring bad luck to others. Of those in that house, she gets along with Eizen, Qrow Branwen, Arthur of Nohr, Rincewind, and Anne Hanakoizumi, with her being quite shocked at how Arthur's and Anne's luck seem to be even worse than hers yet they still keep up a positive attitude. She sees Qrow as a cool uncle-figure, is interested in hearing about any magic knowledge from Rincewind, and would like to know more about Eizen even if he keeps his distance from her a bit. They aren't allowed to hang out for long though, as some deities try to drag them away from each other fearing that all of their bad luck could end up combining exponentially and cause a catastrophic event to occur, though misfortunes sometimes do occur anyway when they try to split them up. Outside of the house, she got along with Charlie Brown, who also often gets the short end of the stick like her, especially when he tries to kick a football. When she tried her hand at kicking the football, she tripped and fell on her back as the football lay completely undisturbed. Her subsequent attempts weren't much better, prompting much griping from the both of them. She also got along with Touma Kamijou, as his Imagine Breaker also gave him supernaturally bad luck, though it's common for their meetings to have something unfortunate happen.
    • Yuuko has a habit of coming up with jokes and puns and telling them to others. Usually they're not very good and make others cringe than laugh, but this doesn't deter her much from trying anyways. She even once tried her hand at stand-up comedy at the Hall of Jokes and Comedy, which resulted in her being pelted by tomatoes and booed off the stage. Pun-extraordinaire Sans took her under his wing to improve on her pun skills, to the exasperation of Papyrus as he now has to endure both his brother's and Yuuko's terrible puns. On one occasion, she cracked a joke when Ghiaccio was within earshot, which resulted with him chasing her across the Pantheon while ranting how nonsensical her joke was.
    • Yuuko is not someone you can consider to be a diligient student. She slacks off a lot, sleeps in class, fails tests on the regular, and often procrastinates on her homework. Add in her scatterbrained nature and difficulty to concentrate, and you get a very underachieving student. Calvin is another student who would rather have fun and slack off rather than study and finish his homework, so he and Hobbes felt some kindred spirit to her, regardless if she is a "gross girl" or not.
    • Yuuko has a habit of falling asleep in class and daydreaming about her friends. The scenarios she comes up can be utterly ridiculous, with farfetched tales unfolding in her mind as she hypothesizes on the mysteries of her friends. The topics of her daydreams have expanded greatly ever since her arrival to the Pantheon, as know she speculates on the mysteries of the bizarre inhabitants of the realm. Her daydream often bleed into the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares, where the inhabitants of the Hall and other Deities can observe how she sees them, of which the most common reaction is "bafflement".
  • Don't be fooled by Mio Naganohara's small figure; while she may be relatively well-mannered most of the time, she can get angered pretty easily, and it is NOT pretty when she gets mad. Anyone who is unlucky to provoke her will most likely be on the receiving end of a beatdown, as she is very skilled in wrestling people and can bring them down in one move. This has made some people compare her to two similarly "strong-when-angry" Deities; Shizuo Heiwajima, who can effortlessly destroy and throw heavy objects whenever he's enraged, and Bruce Banner, who turns into the fearsome Hulk when sufficiently pissed. Mio did end up meeting both and got along with both of them. Unfortunately, being allies with Shizuo made her another target for Izaya Orihara's antics, which usually result in her trying to pummel him.
    • One of Mio's hobbies is drawing manga, which she is incredibly good at. She sometimes publishes her manga under the pseudonym "Daisuke Naganohara". Her hobby led her to meet up with other professional magaka like Osamu Tezuka, Rohan Kishibe, and Muto Ashirogi (dual pseudonym of Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi), and sometimes uses their manga as drawing references, with them supporting her to advance her hobby into a career. However, there is one type of manga that she'd prefer that no one knows; her yaoi manga. One of her pieces involved her crush Koujirou Sasahara in salacious events, and she has already drew doujins of actual gay couples in the Pantheon like Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar and Tooru and Long Long Man as well as other male Deities being intimite with each other, and god forbid if anyone discovers her yaoi papers, lest they'll be quickly be taken down by Mio and receive a few broken bones in the process.
    • Mio's most notable physical characteristic is the brown cubes that keep her pigtails in place. They would be utterly mundane if it were not for the mystery of how exactly they tie her hair, as there doesn't seem to be any tie attached, prompting much speculation among the Pantheon's gossip circles. While there is knowledge of where she got the cubes (she got them from her sister Yoshino), the backstory unfortunately kept the method of application vague, disappointing many who were curious. Plus, Mio ignores those who egg her on how those cubes keep her hair up, continuing the spread of absurd, farfetched rumors. One of the most popular rumors are those detailing that they are powerful artifacts from a land known as the Fey Kingdom that are the key to unlocking an ancient weapon and becoming king of the kingdom as well as gifting those who hold them great power. While these rumors have yet to be confirmed, some have noted that Mio has accomplished destructive feats on rare occasions like forming holes in steel walls and blowing people away by flicking at them, which may be an indication of that story holding some water.
  • Mai Minakami may look like a stoic, serious individual, but that's a beguiling facade to her more mischievous side. She loves to toy around with her friends and other people, whether by following the Exact Words of an instruction, to doing seemingly random, yet frustrating actions, to telling absurd nonsense, all without changing her expression and tone of voice. She has entered a sort-of friendly competition with other pranksters of the Pantheon like Pinkie Pie, the Sonozaki sisters, and Bart Simpson, often trying to one-up each other in increasingly baffling pranks and tricks. The stunts and lengths they go to to be the winner can be absolutely shocking, especially since they aren't above dragging others to their pranks, usually as victims. However, when she tried to have a pranking competition with Laetitia, it ended with one of Laetitia's spider friends bursting out of some poor sap, making her wary of the doll-like girl ever since. Laetitia's just happy to meet a new friend in the Pantheon's, and is planning to make her a gift so grand that'll break her stoic expression.
    • When not pranking people, Mai is often seen reading books. There's not many moments where she isn't seen staring intently at a book in her hand, though eagle-eyed observers can see that she sometimes reads comics and manga over a book. One of her favorite works to read is "Helvetica Standard", a surreal comic strip series. Mai has made a few trips to the House of Knowledge to check out some books, which is where she bumped into Twilight Sparkle. They soon got along due to their shared bookishness, though Mai isn't above playing a few pranks on the violet pony, much to her annoyance.
    • Mai owns and cares for two dogs named Pyon and Oguri, who she often takes for walks outside. Sometimes, she lets them off their leashes, and they tend to cause some trouble like blocking pathways and biting people who approach them. Aside from Chiyo and Tadakichi-san, she also befriended fellow dog owners Dorothy Gale and Travis Coates, whose dogs (Toto and Old Yeller respectively) get chased by Pyon and Oguri on occasion. Mai's quite receptive to Dorothy and Toto's bond, and even she felt a pange of sadness when she heard of Old Yeller's unfortunate fate in the mortal world. She also got along with Jonathan Joestar for once having a pet dog named Danny, and after hearing of how Danny was killed by Dio Brando just to spite Jonathan, Mai's been wary of the vampire in case he decides to target her dogs.
  • Professor Shinonome, "Hakase" for short, is an ordinary little girl in all but one aspect; she's an utterly genius inventor, being able to create fully functional and sapient robots as well as create gadgets for everyday use, like a scarf that allows Sakamoto to speak human languages. Of course, she's not the only child inventor in the Pantheons; Dexter, Jimmy Neutron, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher are also young geniuses who spend much of their time inventing all sorts of gadgets for a variety of purposes. It didn't take long for them to meet up and become good friends, and they sometimes collaborate on projects, leading to some outstanding and outlandish inventions that have made them the center of a few incidents. While not an inventor by any stretch, Mary Adler is a genius when it comes to numbers and mathematical equations, a fact that Hakase sometimes takes advantage of as she enlists her help with some projects as Mary looks in awe at her creations. On the other hand, she does not get along with Kira Daidouji and Stewie Griffin, who have managed to ruin some of her inventions on separate occasions while mocking her. Hakase has been crafting new inventions made specifically to counter them should they try to sabotage her again.
    • As stated, Hakase is an absolute genius in the art of robotics, being able to create fully functioning robots capable of sapience, as well as tools ranging from incredibly useful to more overly specialized to just impractical. She and Lucca Ashtear got along very quickly due to their shared knack of robotics and technology, with them collaborating on occasions to create some mighty inventions. She sometimes helps Mei Hatsume with tinkering and advertising her creations, though Hakase tends to hawk her own inventions to passerby, which gets on Mei's nerves. She managed to successfully obtain a Robobot mech from Susie and has a lot of fun riding around in the Mini-Mecha. She and Marina of Off the Hook also quickly bonded over being prodigies in technology, and after being introduced to Pearl, Hakase became a regular fan of them, often attending Splatfests to cheer the duo on. Flint Lockwood also became a good friend of hers, and she expressed wonder when she heard of the FLDSMDFR, which quickly became sadness and disappointment when she heard of it's ultimate fate due to the destruction it caused. Dr. Light is proud of the little girl for creating a fully sapient robot in her young age, something he only fully achieved posthumously with X. Hakase sees him as a father figure with all sorts of cool robots. However, she ends up butting heads a lot with Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman, who ended up destroying some of her inventions on separate occasions, leading her to make more inventions to strike back at them, which end up being annoying pranks and traps.
    • If there's any animal that Hakase loves, it's sharks. She likes to draw sharks when not inventing and likes eating "Shark Chocolate", and always becomes happy when presented with anything shark-related. Her eyes lit up when she heard of a shark named Bruce residing in the Pantheon, and quickly became his biggest fan. She really wants to see him in action with her own eyes, baffling those who have been attacked by him. She was amazed to hear of the Sharknado, a tornado filled with sharks inside the twister, and eggs Tim Shepard to take her so she can see the bizarre phenomenon, to which he's confused and baffled by; why'd he take a small child to see a dangerous disaster that killed many? On the other hand, she's absolutely afraid of dogs, fearing that they'll bite her, and will freeze if she sees any blocking her path. Needless to say, she avoids the House of Canines like the plague, especially since it's home to many genuinely dangerous dogs which would make her faint if she ever got near them.
  • Nano Shinonome is a Robot Girl created by Hakase and is responsible for the chores within their household. The most obvious indicator of her robotic nature is the mostly useless Wind-Up Key on her back, which rotates when she feels strong emotions. She tries to go to great lengths to hide her robot nature from everybody else as she wants to be treated as a human, but her anxiety has lessened in the Pantheon as androids are far from the strangest beings that inhabit the realm, and indeed there are more androids like her who coexist with humans. Some of her first friends in the Pantheon were Jenny Wakeman and Labrys, who like Nano would rather live out the life of an ordinary teen girls rather than fulfill their purposes of fending off hostile threats. Nano is glad to confide to others who share her struggles, and relieved that she doesn't have to deal with dangerous threats everyday. Labrys introduced Nano to fellow Anti-Shadow Weapon Aigis, who slowly grew to be more human during her journey with S.E.E.S., and the Robot Girl was pleasantly surprised to see Nano's own hand machine gun. For the Tactical Dolls, she was saddened to hear about the many hardships they went through in their world as soldiers, though she is glad they're taking their situation mostly in stride. She was intrigued when she found out that RyuZU is made out of million of gears, something that's very uncommon in her world, plus was initially spooked on how protective she is when it comes to Naoto Miura. She was really shocked on Dorothy Haze's crude tongue and career as a prostitute as well as her openess about it, but warmed up to her as she learned more about her kindhearted side. She forged a kinship with Astro Boy, who also lives happily with his human family, though she is saddened by how his creator mistreated him for not being a perfect copy of his dead son. She pities Sean for his terrible circumstances being caught between two unstable people during a death game. She makes regular visits to all of them whenever she can, and considers them close confidants.
    • Being a robot, it was inevitable that she would hear about the Grand United Alliance of Machines, an entire organization dedicated to machine supremacy. Unsurprisingly, she is heavily opposed to such a group, as she prefers to live out her own regular life with her friends and family, with the fact they're willing to exterminate all organic beings for their goals horrifying her. On their side, they find Hakase's skills to be a potentially useful asset and desire to reprogram Nano into a more compliant, combat-ready robot with new functions designed for combat and espionage. All of their attempts to abduct her end in failure though, as she keeps tripping and triggering an explosion whenever their agents get near her.
    • Nano's greatest desire was to live a normal life as a human, and resented her robotic nature on some level. She feared that others will scorn her if they learn about her true nature, and went to great lengths to hide any signs of being a robot, the hardest being hiding the obvious wind-up key on her back. She eventually becomes comfortable with her robotic nature as her newfound friends reassure her that they like her no matter who she is. This angst is something that Pinocchio can relate to, as he was born a puppet who yearned to become a real boy, which he can only achieve by being a virtuous and noble good boy, and he eventually achieved his goal after much suffering and hardship. Both are relieved to hear that the other has managed to achieve what they wanted in different ways, with Nano admiring him for not being completely consumed by his vices and Pinocchio being happy that Nano became comfortable with herself. She is not so approving towards Joe, who aimed to uplift himself and other fishes to overthrow humanity.
    • Nano has many different functions built into her by Hakase, which she only discovers by chance. Functions include a literal wristwatch, rollcake, toast, fish cake and sweetbun dispensers, removable toes, a rocket punch, a machine gun in her right arm, and an explosion that triggers when she trips. This isn't the full extent of her capabilities, as she keeps encountering new and strange functions built into her every so often, prompting some deities to try anything to her to see how she'd react. Nano's just annoyed by Hakase modifying her without her knowing over and over, not that she's stopping anytime soon.
  • Sakamoto is a black cat that was found and taken in by Hakase and Nano and kept as a pet. He used to be owned by high school teacher Kana Nakamura and was named "Taisho", but ran away due to her bad pet ownership skills. He wears a red scarf made by Hakase that allows him to speak in human languages. The day he met Sissel was a baffling one, as he was convinced that he was looking at a mirror until Sissel displayed his ghost abilities. They got along soon enough, though the two do get mixed up for each other sometimes. He was surprised to learn that Salem Saberhagen can naturally speak due to being a warlock sealed in the form of a cat, though they bonded over snarking at their owners. He's quite appreciative of the calm atmosphere that Subaru Mikazuki and Haru bring, which is a reprieve from the chaotic antics of Hakase. He and Garfield tend to argue a lot, mostly being Sakamoto complaining about Garfield's slothfulness, though they do unite over their shared annoyance of Odie, whose licking irritates Sakamoto to no end. Speaking of dogs, he and Brian Griffin end up facing off in petty squabbles whenever they meet, as they are rather irked by the other. Ichimatsu Matsunu quickly grew fond of Sakamoto and pets him whenever they meet. Sakamoto doesn't mind him much, though does get annoyed whenever he tries to mooch off of Nano and Hakase. He grew interested in Detective Pikachu and Francis for their detective and mystery solving work, of which he quickly grew to be disgusted with Claudandus' "breeding cult" scheme, not willing to take part in such grotesque plans. He was impressed to hear of Team Rocket's Meowth learning to speak human languages by himself, though their relationship is rather heated in practice, with claws flying whenever they get ticked off.
    • Sakamoto acts like a typical middle-aged man and is quite haughty, expecting youngsters to give him his due respects. While Nano does try to behave respectfully around him, the same couldn't be said for Hakase, who make him a victim of her childish booby traps and often blames him whenever something goes wrong. This easily makes him break composure and flail around helplessly, begging for mercy. Cranky Kong can relate to his struggles, as he too is often ignored and/or disrespected by the younger Kongs despite him constantly nagging them about giving him respect. Together, the two grumble about the terrible attitude of modern day youth and struggle as said youth ignore their attempts to get them to behave. Hakase in particular turned out to be quite the annoyance for Cranky, as her inventions often end up making a fool of him.
    • The kind of people that Sakamoto opposes the most are those who don't take care of their pets well. He knows this from experience, as his original owner, Kana Nakamura was a pretty terrible pet owner, so he fled away from her, leading to Hakase and Nano discovering and adopting him. As such, he feels antsy over deities with bad pet caretaking skills, especially Rusty, whose ineptitude at Pokemon caretaking scares the hairballs out of Sakamoto. Even Rusty's impreccable sandwich-making skills failed to alter Sakamoto's opinion on him. He dreads the day Rusty takes an interest in him.

    Shino Amakusa 
Shino Amakusa, The Goddess of Dirty Comedies
  • Theme Song: Yamato Nadeshiko Education
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Red Armband of Leadership
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Student Council President, Loveable Sex Maniac, Snark Ball, A-Cup Angst, Says dirty things in lieu of normal ones, Yaoi Fangirl
  • Domains: School, Jokes, Lewdness
  • High Priest: Jim Levenstein
  • Heralds: Takatoshi Tsuda, Aria Shichijou and Suzu Hagimura
  • Allies: Rias Gremory, Hinagiku Katsura, Ayame Kajou, Akeno Himejima, Panty Anarchy
  • Fears: Insect gods
  • Odd Friendship with: Mio Akiyama, Jolyne Kujo, the Sonozaki sisters
  • A small Taiko drumbeat was heard followed by the blowing of a whistle in the house of Quirks intercom much to the confusion followed by this statement Pantheon divine rule NUMBER ONE the drum beat continues and matches the tempo of the whistles.
    You should always carry condoms for safety!
  • Panty's former high priestess, Shino apparently ascended after hearing about the pantheon. She later met her fellow goddess Ayame and the two quickly hit it off. As they both share the same sense of humor. Though occasionally she'll snark at her fellow goddess to fill in the gap that Tsuda and Tanukichi since they haven't ascended yet. While the latter tend to get creeped out with the former if she tries to playfully call her out on her experience with sexual things.
  • She is actually horrified after hearing about Ayame's world. She doesn't even know how Ayame could survive as she herself constantly blurt out perverted things. Of course she became an honorary member of SOX.
  • Shino has a habit of going to the house of quirks and announcing various rules in the pantheon most are rather perverted in nature though.
  • Shino is rather awkward around deer, as she was once molested by one but not the reasons one would think. However, some may think that she is secretly into that.
  • She doesn't like her average sized breasts and gets rather annoyed about. She is opposed by the League of Flat chests for this reason as they think she's a hypocrite.
    —Pantheon divine rule NUMBER TWO! NEVER TALK ABOUT BREASTS!
    The League Of Flat Chests: AT LEAST YOU HAVE BREASTS!!!'
    • Of course after this she hear that some gods sound similar to her. She first met Emilia and sigh in relief much to her irritation. Then met Houki, Rias, Maria Cadenza Eve, Mio, Laura a post shinobi transformed Ryobi and immediately decided to occasionally snark at them.
    • She was once caught by her fellow goddess massaging her breasts much to their embarrassment
  • She is also worried about her large posterior.
  • She once was scouted to by Maria to be an Idol Singer. She later declined for various reasons. Actually, she later found out it was just a dream.
  • It's heavily implied that more often than not she goes commando. She tends to subtly hint at the fact this seems to be her default state of dress.
  • She like Mio doesn't like blood as she and Mio panicked at Yui's papercut.
  • She also befriended fellow Ace Student Council President Hinagiku as they both hate heights and has trouble confessing with their Love Interest.
  • She doesn't like bugs even the little ones and unfortunately most of the bugs in the pantheon are huge. She hated to reminded of the time she met Beelzebub (the fly not the baby). She had a rather large freak out over the whole thing and doesn't want to be reminded of the terrifying incident.
  • She managed to befriend the Sonozaki sisters. Thanks to their shared humor.
  • Surprisingly, she gets along with Jolyne Kujo. She first meet the Jojo after finding her in the dirty section of the house of knowledge. Shino would start a conversation about how the latter forgot her panties and she forget hers too. Which would lead to the birth of a beautiful friendship.

    Sket Dan 
Yusuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka and Kazuyoshi Usui, Holy Trinity of Manzai (Yusuke: Bossun; Hime: Himeko, Onihime; Kazuyoshi: Switch)
T-B: Switch, Bossun, Himeko
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Sket Dan logo
  • Theme Song: "Kakkowarui I love you!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Interpersonal dynamic almost entirely based on manzai comedy, wisecracks, occasionally breaking the fourth wall, True Companions, Belligerent Sexual Tension (Bossun and Himeko)
  • Domains: Comedy, School Clubs, Assistance, Friendship
  • Heralds: Housuke (their Team Pet, an owl), Sasuke Tsubaki (Bossun's rival and long, lost twin brother)
  • Allies: SOS Brigade, Gentaro Kisaragi, Kamen Rider Club, Houkago Tea Time, Onizuka-sensei, Makoto Niijima, Ferris Bueller, other good and neutral deities with seats in or who attend the House of School, 02 Digidestined, Koichi Kimura, Hachiman Hikigaya, Calvin and Hobbes, Angry Video Game Nerd
    • Partner: Shoutmon (Bossun)note 
  • Enemies: GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Oppose: Evil members of the House of School, Makoto Itou
  • Opposed by: Professor Snape
  • Friendly Rivalry: Gintoki Sakata
  • Meet the Sket Dan, a club in Tokyo's Kaimei High School created with the purpose of assisting anybody who needs help. Consisting of Yusuke "Bossun" Fujisaki, an overly sensitive boy with a slew of arguably useless talents, Hime "Himeko" Onizuka, a violent ex-delinquent, and Kazuyoshi "Switch" Usui, a voluntarily mute otaku who only speaks through his computer, things can get quite silly when they are around (especially since they know a lot of eccentric folks), silliness which belies their issues from the past that led them to form such an altruistic club in the first place. From giving advice or finding lost objects (that's what they do most days) to exposing public figures as frauds, one can count on them going the extra mile for someone who's feeling troubled.
  • One random day the capricious goddess Haruhi felt suddenly very interested in comedy. She noticed there was no representation for the Japanese genre of comedy called manzai and so decided to put on a contest to choose the representative. She roped members of the Pantheon into this, with the idea that their strange logic would provide much fodder for retorts, and much entertainment for herself. In response, the Pantheon sent their strongest (no one's sure if they meant strangest) member Mako Mankanshoku, and among many contestants that included the fairies from Ni no Kuni, it was the Sket Dan that emerged victorious, as they were the only ones that weren't stunned stupid by Mako's Insane Troll Logic and kept the retorts coming. Thus they were awarded with godhood by a very entertained Haruhi, who expects they'll make the Pantheon even more interesting.
    Bossun: What a lame way to become a god!
  • Despite having their temple in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, they mostly spend their daytime hours at the Elysium Academy operating their club and helping out whoever has a request for them. But on Sundays and other free days, they operate from their assigned temple. They take on all sorts of customers, though non-students generally avoid bothering them if it's a school day.
  • The club had constantly been at odds with the student council in their school, since their objectives of supporting the student body tended to overlap, so there was a lot of competition between them. The trio were prepared to stand their ground when they met the student council president at the House of School. As it happens, Makoto Niijima turned out to be very accepting of the club after looking at their accomplishments, and thought they were just what the Academy needed as she is often too busy with the Phantom Thieves. She's particularly close to Bossun after hearing about his relationship with his brother Tsubaki, who was also student council president (and therefore one of Makoto's followers). Makoto can still get exasperated at them when she gets complaints about their antics, though.
  • Pretty much everyone they help ends up becoming their friend. The trio likely fall just a bit shy of Gentaro Kisaragi in sheer number of friends. In fact, the Kamen Rider often goes to them to ask for advice when a particular deity is being too stubborn about becoming his friend, or to share his concerns about someone else he feels is in trouble. They've also become close to the Kamen Rider Club as a result, especially as they are a group of very different people brought together by Gentaro's belief in them despite their flaws, not unlike how Himeko and Switch relate to Bossun. The trio think it's awesome that they're trusted so much by a Kamen Rider, though they still play the straight man when Gentaro is having his dumber moments.
  • One time they participated in their school's music festival; originally each of the trio was going to form their own bands, but they fell apart due to certain events and instead the trio came together under the name Sketchbook, and proceeded to put all their heart and soul into their performance to convince a classmate of theirs to pursue her dream of becoming a violinist. This story caught the interest of Houkago Tea Time of the light music school club, who think they should do it again whenever the House of School decides to put on such an event. In the meantime, the two clubs tend to visit each other in their school rooms to hang out and laze around.
  • They've had adventures involving Gintoki Sakata and the rest of the Yorozuya accidentaly coming to their universe, where they proceeded to irritate each other with their similar yet also different (the Sket Dan are more family friendly, the Yorozuya trade in more adult and gross jokes) senses of humor. The Sket Dan were also shocked to discover Gin-san shared his voice with Switch; the two call each other Sugita-san as a joke. When the Sket Dan went to Yorozuya's world, they competed to see who were the better odd jobbers (since that's what the Sket Dan is from a certain point of view). That competition ended in a tie, with each side promising they wouldn't lose next time. In the Pantheon this translated to the two groups competing to see who completes the most requests.
  • Trying to get Hachiman Hikigaya to join their club since he was part of the very similar Service Club in his universe. Being an Ineffectual Loner, Hachiman is ostensible about not wanting to get involved, but his conscience often drives him to work with the trio anyway, though he can get quickly annoyed at their antics.
  • Since their club opened in the Pantheon, they kept hearing from their schoolmates about how the coolest, most respected guy around is Ferris Bueller. This caused Bossun to daydream about how good for their image it'd be if Ferris were to ever rely on them, while Himeko's impression was that he must be really arrogant. So when Ferris visited the club to size up he new kids, Bossun acted a bit too obsequious, with Himeko retorting at every one of his actions as he was practically treating Ferris like a king. Ferris caught on fast though, and assured the Sket Dan that he was at their service, since he thought their goal as a club to help everyone to be a really cool one and he'd use his considerable influence in the academy to support them. In the end all the Sket Dan came to think favorably of Ferris. Bossun still grovels a lot around him, unfortunately.
  • One of their regular clients in their world was the geography teacher Yamanobe, who kept requesting to help him get some incredibly obscure sport or game to be better known. Hearing of this, Calvin went to them to help him set up a calvinball club in school. The Sket Dan was as bewildered at the sport as any of Yamanobe's, but eventually, somehow got the hang of it and they sometimes hold demonstrations to get people interested. No one's really stepped up to form a club with Calvin yet.
    • As a joke, Switch has also passed a copy of Yamanobe's video game Special Mariko Broken on to AVGN and requested that he make a review of it (LOL). AVGN ended up inviting Switch to his temple to guest-star in the episode. They wound up becoming friends as Switch is also quite a connoisseur of horrible video games, and he's promised to share any others he might find with the Nerd.
  • The Sket Dan are not normally the sort to have mortal enemies, but unfortunately the Trollkaiger seem intent on doing them harm since the club has great potential as a source of hope due to their goal. The Trollkaiger cannot tolerate this and are determined to eradicate them, forcing the trio to make use of their faculties to the maximum to escape them. It's in these occasions that Bossun's marksmanship and Himeko's skill with a hockey stick come out, at least long enough for Switch to contact more powerful help.
  • When Bossun turned 15, he discovered that he was actually adopted by who he thought was his mother, who claimed his father had run off. In truth, both his parents died the day he was born, his father having sacrificed himself to save a child from an incoming car, as he'd always had a strong impulse to help people. Bossun inherited this trait of his father's, and although he was in denial about it at first, he would end up devoting his life to help others as well. That was the day he decided to form the Sket Dan.
    • On top of that, he also had a twin brother, something he only found out on his 17th birthday (as his mother didn't know either, long story). That twin brother was Sasuke Tsubaki, the then vice president of the student council that Bossun always butted heads and couldn't get along with. Despite their initial claims that they could never see each other as brothers, as time went on they made a serious effort to have a good relationship, even as their rivalry at school continued. Such an amazing story of long lost brothers drew the interest of Koichi Kimura, who also didn't realize he had a twin brother until he met him in the digital world through a twist of fate. Bossun for his part had an indescribable feeling at the story of how they at first fought and then complemented each other as the warriors of light and darkness. In a way, he thinks he too is the darkness to Tsubaki's light.
  • Himeko used to be a delinquent known as Onihime (Ogre Princess) who was widely feared for being capable of beating up whole gangs by herself using only a hockey stick. Her classmates kept away from her because of this, so she moved to another city when she entered high school and resolved to not be friends with anyone for fear they'd discover her reputation. Then she met Bossun, who made her realize how contradictory she was being and got her to admit that she did want to be accepted and have friends. So Bossun, not minding her past, drafted her to join his club (then still in the planning stages) as he needed someone with her strength.
  • Himeko often goes into the House of Food to taste the next extremely strange flavor of Pelollipop, or Pelocan. The wide variety of flavors available has drawn comparisons to Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, but at least with Pelocan you always know what you're getting, be it blue cheese or Century Egg. Much like the Beans, it's become a popular party game among the deities to test one's endurance through eating Pelocan. The trio once went through a whole box of the Beans and Himeko was the only one to not tap out, and perhaps unsurprisingly she even enjoys them, though she still prefers Pelocan for the aesthetic. Bossun also uses Pelocan as ammo as the disgusting flavors put most enemies out of commission.
  • The club has the full approval of Great Teacher Onizuka since its members have proven several times over just how far they'll go to help someone, much like Onizuka does for his students. Aside from that, Onizuka shares a particular bond with Himeko due to their pasts as delinquents before turning a new leaf, and since Himeko decided to become a teacher, Onizuka has expressed interest in mentoring her. The fact that they share the same family name is cause for much suspicion among deities (including Bossun and Switch), given their many similarities.
  • While on the topic of shared names, Himeko is known to become weirdly excited if two people with the same name are in the same room, and since entering the Pantheon that has extended to deities sharing the same voice. She always tries to get such deities to say hello to each other, to which they tend to react with confusion at such misplaced enthusiasm. Rumor has it Himeko was the one who started the practice of keeping tabs on shared names. Bossun isn't surprised at all at the rumor, considering it to be the exact kind of thing someone crazy like Himeko would do (that comment earned him a megaton slap from her, as usual).
  • Switch has not always been a computer, anime and idol geek with a constant frown on his face and under a vow of silence. He used to be, in all respects, an average guy who felt jealous of his brilliant younger brother, Masafumi. Masafumi died from a knife wound he got from saving the brothers' childhood friend from a crazed stalker who had feelings for him. Switch felt responsible for his brother's death since it was an offhand comment of his that led to the stalker locating Masafumi. In his grief, Switch started dressing like Masafumi and became a shut-in. From there he started a vigilante website against bullies, until he met Bossun and Himeko, who stopped him and convinced him to put his skills to better use by helping people.
  • Being very good with computers, Switch often gets requests from the White Hats to help them out in some way. His frequent trips there have gotten him acquainted with several regulars there, and he was shocked to discover that the Digidestined Ken Ichijouji has a practically similar backstory to him; he also felt jealous of his prodigy brother and felt responsible for his untimely death, succumbing to darkness because of it. And like Switch, he was pulled out of that place thanks to his future friends giving him a reality check. The two boys have become friends over their similarities, especially as each reminds the other of his dead brother.
  • Switch did eventually set his computer aside and start speaking with his own voice again. However he's aware that the "computer voice" is part of his image, so he still uses a computer to speak with other deities most of the time. He doesn't do it if he's only with Bossun and Himeko. He naturally feels sympathy for those who've elected to remain mute in response to trauma in their lives.
  • Switch detests all yanderes, as Masafumi's fate was due to one who had become interested in him. Hearing there's an entire group of such people working together disgusted him and he's determined to undermine their operations as much as he can. He doesn't automatically side with all their victims though; he considers Makoto Itou to be a fool and utterly reprehensible for toying with women the way he did. Bossun, for his part, would still accept helping them as long as they had a legitimate problem, and Switch defers to Bossun in those occasions.
  • Switch kept files on all the student body back in Kaimei, which freaked people out with how detailed his knowledge about others could get. He's expanding his database to include every single deity in the Pantheon, and at some point he'll probably start including Heralds, High Priests and Followers as well. While disturbing to deities who like their privacy, it's certainly useful for the Sket Dan to get the background on who they're trying to help.
  • Switch has always been dismissive of the existence of the occult as impossible. Since their universe is mostly mundane, he always managed to prove his belief correct, but since entering the Pantheon he has had to come to terms with magic and things not explainable by science being indeed possible. He still staunchly believes science is superior, though, and he's always happy to expose false supernatural phenomena. Due to his beliefs he's often at odds with one of the heads of the House of School, the magic teacher Professor Snape, with them making snippy remarks at each other's preferred area whenever they chance to meet. Snape has a distaste for the whole Sket trio as he considers them undisciplined and crude, but it's more personal with Switch.

    Tsubame Kamoi 
Tsubame Kamoi, Goddess of Comedic Lolicons
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her rose-pattern eyepatch
  • Theme Song: Tokimeki☆Climax
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Unhealthy Obsession for Little Girls Played for Comedy, Meido, Actually Good at Her Job, Really Ripped, Doesn't Really Realize Why Her Behaviour Is Bad, Goes into Too Much Details, Sometimes Accompanied by "Psycho" Strings
  • Domains: Lolicons, Maids, Cooking, Sewing, Military
  • Herald: Misha Takahashi (her mistress).
  • Allies: Quetzalcoalt (as Lucoa), Edward Teach
  • Enemies: Champ
  • Opposed by: Chris Hansen, Dokuro Mitsukai, Rom and Ram
  • Tsubame is an ex-JSDF pilot who after leaving the special forces took the job of being a maid to the half-Russian girl Misha after her mother's death. The problem being that she is a hardcore lolicon, being obsessed with cute young girls, especially towards "Milady", who she wants to dress up, observe and even maybe marry in the future when she gets close to her. A lot of antics ensue.
  • Upon getting into the Pantheon, she was "dragged aside" by Chris Hansen. He knew that a day like this would come someday. What he didn't know was how absolutely oblivious Tsubame is towards her own lolicon tendencies. She really doesn't realize how creepy her actions are unless someone points individual ones at her (and even that might not help). Heck, she herself hates child predators, when she herself can easily be considered one. It got to the point that Hansen wanted to just give up and ban her from the Pantheon if it wasn't for the fact that much more depraved individuals were already here.
  • Due to potential Aesop Amnesia she could suffer due to her position, it was eventually decided that she should at the very least follow some guidelines:
    • 1.Do not lay your hands on little girls. This could apply to anyone underage, but she has said in the past that she has no interest on girls who have started menstruating, so it is a moot point.
    • 2. If you were to interact with young girls, she must do it under heavy supervision.
    • 3. No catfishing online. She may use young-looking avatars when playing games, but she cannot pretend she is actually young.
    • 4. No disguises. Most do admit that her "clever disguises" aren't really that great, but she can disguise herself rather well if she wants to.
    • 5. If she sees any pedophiles herself, she must report them immediately. This is kind of community service to her (alongside fixing doors).
    • 6. More of a courtesy thing, but she really should keep her fantasies to herself rather than spout them out.
  • She generally appears ditzy, but she has her serious side. When she was transferred to train guard dogs, she immediately caught their obedience due to her demanding aura. Nowadays she hardly shows that side. One of people who have caused her to become serious is Ryouna due to her reminding her of her former first lieutenant Ukai (mainly her masochism and Delusions of Doghood).
  • Is really good at sewing clothing for girls due of knowing what makes girls cute to her. She makes doll clothing as her main source of income to support her main job. Unfortunately she can't really approach Suigintou, Suiseiseki or Souseiseki. She once tried few things with Medicine Melancholy and got severely poisoned for touching her. Though that just made her think her as an unapproachable flower she can only observe from afar.
  • The reason why she joined the special forces in the first place was because after her military dad died, her mother told her that her father was in the skies now, making her want to become a pilot to hopefully meet him again. Of course that never happened, something which she did come to terms with, and eventually had to leave the special forces due to an eye disease. Pharah can relate to her since she wanted to follow her mother's footsteps in terms of joining the army (though it was before Ana "died").
    • Speaking about her dad, she thinks that the reason why she likes cute things so much is because she never had that many girly things or hobbies when she was young due of her dad. She doesn't really use it as a proper Freudian Excuse, though.
  • Is sort of a Guest-Star Party Member to Seven Servants due of her wanting to improve her skills as a maid, even if her skills are already really good, especially inn terms of cooking. There are rumours that the reason why she got approved is because some third party is blackmailing Sakuya with discriminating photos in regards to her feelings towards her two mistresses.
  • Miu Matsuoko has been using her to get free access to new cute clothing, as much as she dislikes interacting with her. Tsubame hasn't yet realize that she is being used.
  • Is just absolutely disgusted with Champ due of his raping and killing children. Even hearing his angel comparison with children does not spark her fairy comparison when it comes to girls. She simply wants the clown dead.
  • Dokuro is trying her best for her not to find out about the future where Sakura created a device that could halt women from aging past age 12. Dokuro has tried to kill Tsubame before, but has found her surprisingly hard to kill due of her army training. Dokuro is also joined by Rom and Ram who themselves have problems with lolicons.
  • Has particular interest with Illyasviel since she reminds her of Misha, and she is sort of curious if homunculi menstruate. That being said, she hasn't really tried anything when it comes to Illya, since she feels like she would be cheating on Milady. That, and there is the deal with Heracles being her bodyguard (who sort of reminds Tsubame of Misha's MMO avatar).
  • Seems to be trading notes with Lucoa in terms of how to get close to their significant ones (because who else will?). Tsubame finds Lucoa's methods bold, but she herself prefers more "subtle" methods. No words on what she thinks about how Lucoa operates in maid cafe.
  • On the internet she has come across someone who also has appreciation for cute girls like her and frequently chats with her. The person is none other than Edward Teach. She hasn't yet figured out that he's the legendary pirate Blackbeard himself and Teach realizes that Tsubame probably wouldn't react well if she found out who he was.
  • Has found herself to be "harassed" by Hammond for some reason. Maybe Misha's hamsters has talked to him about Tsubame's antics?


    Rupert Pupkin 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rupert Pupkin!

Rupert Pupkin, Master of Black Comedy (The King of Comedy, The King)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Joker card with his hands and face in front and a crown on his right arm.
  • Theme Song: Wonderful Remark by Van Morrison.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral but may be considered Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: A massive fan of comedian Jerry Langford who has aspirations of being a celebrity, has a tragic life, obsessed with Jerry and his fame, lives in his mom's basement and transformed it into a mockup comedy set, smart yet filled with delusion, most of his comedies comes from humiliations of his life, will do anything for Langford's acceptance regardless of the actual circumstances
  • Domains: Comedy, Narcissism, Ambition, Kidnapping, Stardom
  • Heralds: Jerry Langford (his "inspiration"), Rita (his "queen")
  • Allies: Likely none. His narcissism knows no bounds. Possibly Don Draper if he feels like it.
  • Commonality Connection: Norma Desmond, Annie Wilkes, The Joker (or specifically Arthur Fleck)
  • Mixed Reception with: The South Park boys, Pico, Nene and Darnell
  • Enemies: Every single comedian in the Pantheon, Woody and Rottweiler, the Ghost Planet Staff, Joe Gillis
  • Ever want to be a comedian to a large audience, with great fame and laughs to satisfy everyone? How about doing so in a way that involves actual celebrities harmed for amusement? Or, what about stalking and kidnapping the one person who you inspired to be, all for laughs? The answer lies in one sociopath within the streets of Manhattan, New York City, as fame and comedy go together like sweet pie, although for this person, that pie is filled with delusion and desire for stardom, even if the background is not as it was supposed to be. After meeting one Jerry Langford in person and having his approval to enter his show, the delusions would pick up and his reality would be bent not just on the comedian's approval, but his longing for his comedy. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Rupert Pupkin!
  • The idea of godhood for Rupert must be a dream come true for him as he has always wanted to be recognized in some way. His methods and eventual ideals however are something else. Some would be fine as they are but Rupert takes the cake for those who have gone too far, especially for trying to win the approval of one comedian and his desire to be famous. After his first debut in Jerry's show took off and the news of Rupert having his own comedy show was announced (or perhaps it is not what he seems to think), some say that a police officer was giving him parole and sent him to a door, a door that shocked him upon entry. All the jail garb was gone and what was left was his orange suit, free of shackles. With a replica of the Jerry Langford show set and and a building right in front of him, Pupkin was back in town, all thanks to the Pantheon finding his predicament bleak and comedic at the same time.
  • Funny looking on the outside, inside lies a deceptive and rather cunning man who would do anything to gain his stardom. His stalking tendencies with Jerry Langford shows this and his team up with another psychopath by the name of Masha only shows how far he will go. Looking at his history, he is one of the known few characters who actively lives on his mom's basement, leeching off her hospitality while having grand illusions of his comedy act, of which the most strict critics will bomb his act as being too unoriginal and self-harmful. To top it all off, he does not care about the outside world, or at least the view of others, and prefers the feeling of being a celebrity, the classic narcissist. Even after arrest, his delusions still pick him up, and his arrival to the Trope Pantheons have not lessened this at all, if anything being granted godhood made him even more narcissistic than ever.
  • The Pantheon is no stranger to such similar psychopaths, fans who are obsessed towards their idols to the point of harming their actual lives, and it seems Rupert is not alone in this regard. Deep in the annals of the Pantheon's temples, Rupert managed to find people of similar cases. First was Annie Wilkes, one of the most notorious deranged fans to have existed even before his arrival. Their cases are eerily similar, with the two kidnapping their inspirations, though Wilkes was more on the idea of killing Paul Sheldon while Rupert just kept Langford under Masha's watch, delusions of their life over someone they obsess over and their childish behaviour. Wilkes feeling over Rupert is only mutual however and she does admit that his form of comedy is terrible, a thing she has learned not to say right in front of him.
    • Then, after a meeting with her, rumors spread out of what seems to be a Rupert-wannabe on the streets, wearing a red jacket with clown face paint in. He was interested meeting this person and found him on the streets with a crowd following him. The crowd nearly attacked but a figure stopped them from doing any harm and was ecstatic to meet his main influence, going by the name of Arthur Fleck. While he did apologize for his followers to nearly hurt him, he had no problems and saw closer similarities, though like Wilkes, Fleck has the tendency to kill others compared to Rupert. In addition, some form of jealousy has formed between the two, likely due to the fact that the clown has drawn a bit too many notes from Rupert, with the latter calling him a hack in some cases.
  • Even beyond fans, the glamour of Hollywood has struck a few people down the road to insanity as many desire such lust over stardom, to the point of ruining other people's lives just for that one last sensational feeling. If Rupert, Wilkes and Fleck all represent fans going the hardest to achieve stardom, film stars can go down the same route, shown best with Norma Desmond. She has envied the other stars due to being considered as competition for her return, yet she has almost no problem with Rupert, almost. Her servant, Max senses a problematic observation with him due to his mannerisms and his terrible social life and she also admits that his form of comedy to be lacking. As for the other person connected with Norma, Joe Gillis is less than thrilled to see another person who is mentally deranged as her.
  • Comedians of all kind are considered to avoid Rupert at all costs as while he displays a ton of stupidity and lunacy, he shows a large amount of cunning schemes underneath all that dirt within him. He also shows very deterministic traits, willing to continuously harass and stalk people he idolizes and even team up with like-minded people of varying degrees. To him, as long as he pushes through that person's life, he can finally be recognized, even if he is viewed as a creep. Arguably, some would say that him doing that may have given him more stardom than he initially wanted, as even after being jailed, he was sought after and even given a chance to host his own show even if it may be a dream of his as he remains imprisoned.
    • The House of Theatre and Spectacle has been one of Rupert's most visited areas in the hopes he could have just one spot for Jerry Langford, though the latter refused and stated the closest thing to satisfy him would be to become his herald. To compensate for this, he would try to audition himself to other talk show hosts, one of which was him being a part of the Ghost Planet Staff. First days were fine but Space Ghost could not help but feel like something was brewing behind the scenes with him and Moltar and Zorak. On the fifth day, when he asked Rupert what superhero he would be, he simply responded by saying he would take Space Ghost's role, but with more skits and a less obnoxious face. The other two villains laughed in the background and S.G kicked him out on set but before he could kick him, he would stand on top of the table to showcase himself to the crowd. Some of the more astute deities have noticed the inflated ego both him and Rupert has on stage, which he would rather not talk about.
  • As it turns out, Rupert is not one of the only few people to have embraced the darker side of comedy, going even beyond Comedic Sociopathy levels. Most of his jokes and actions are funny on the surface but have darker intentions underneath all of that. However, he is one of the most popular practitioners for such and has become an inspiration for similar stunts. In the Pantheon however, his arrival was not the first, if anything, the South Park Boys are arguably the first to have arrived. When the kids came in to visit his show, many found his taste ranging from boring to outright brutal. None of the kids had a fun time, except for Cartman, who has a similar fondness for such crude jokes. Not surprising since he out of the entire boys is the most similar when it comes to attitude, as well as the latter's penchant for violence and absurd racism.
    • The internet is known to be a haven for such forms of comedy, to the point it overlaps with improvised and shocking variants. It would be no surprise that the mascots of the known realm of Newgrounds would find themselves okay with Rupert and his actions. They are also okay with his jokes and would laugh at his actions that lead to Jerry's kidnapping while also joking about him living within his mother's basement, a common joke that actually turned out to be real for the comedian. Seeing them to be worthy visitors, he will accompany them and even make them esteemed guests in his acts.
  • Some of the deities residing around the House of Theatre and Spectacle may not find him to be appealing, let alone tolerable with him being forbidden around most comedian hosts or even talk show hosts but the more observant deities do see him as someone that may take a shot towards Woody and Rottweiler, who have been known to create hilarious ruckus towards each other. What would have been a similar and understanding premise, turned to rivalry and avoidance as Woody finds Rupert to be very intimidating, especially with the support he had with his show and his increasingly sociopathic behaviour. Rottweiler, lazy as he is, could not care less but the prospect of the King of Comedy joining in to make his life miserable is both a funny and saddening result.
  • In what would seem to be the battle of narcissists, Rupert finally found someone of equal footing. Enter Don Draper, classy businessman with a mixed past. The two's portolios somewhat match but after evaluation, Don found him to be amusing, yet utterly repulsive, even by his own standards, coming as a man who had a terrible childhood, history of infidelity and wants to take everything while being unsatisfied of it all. He also feels the same towards Don, but more on a jealous side, seeing that he has the riches and remains unhappy. Maybe a few jokes would be enough to make him smile, but he digresses.
  • Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime!