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For those interested in looking at unusual going-ons, this is the house to be at. The investigation of strange events is not the only thing that's specialized in here; the psychology of a living being is also a focus for this place. This subhouse is connected to the House of Knowledge.

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Intermediate Gods

    Aya Shameimaru 
Aya Shameimaru, Goddess of Dubious Journalism (Traditional Reporter of Fantasy, Humble Tengu Newspaper Reporter, Tengu Closest to the Village/Home, Crow of the Tempest/Tengu Reporter, Fabricating Newspaper Reporter, The Tengu who Scatters Autumn Leaves, The Self-Serving Tengu, The Cocktail Party Where the Walls Have Ears, Third-Rate Newspaper Reporter, Reporter of Falsehoods and Self-Righteousness, Aya Syameimaru, SHAMEIMARU, ZUN's girlfriend, Fucking Gossip)
  • Intermediate Goddess (could be a Greater Goddess, actually)
  • Symbol: The Bunbunmaru Newspaper logo
  • Theme Music: Wind God Girl and/or Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tengu, Goes Out of Her Way to Make Articles, Will Turn Anything Interesting into an Article, Immoral Journalist, Commonly Fills Her Articles with Rumours, Exaggerations and Lies, Can Capture Bullets with Her Magical Camera, Manipulation of Wind, Fastest Person in Gensokyo, Acts Really Polite During Interviews, Iconic Sequel Character, Surprisingly Hard to Outdrink, Dangerous Despite Disposition, Jerkass, Politically Incorrect Hero
  • Domains: Tengus, News, Pictures, Wind, Speed
  • Heralds: Hatate Himekaidou (her journalism rival), Momiji Inubashiri (who has (maybe personal) beef with Aya), Megumu Iizunamaru (her boss)
  • Allies: Charlotte E. Yeager, Kosuzu Motoori, Kamen Rider Faiz
  • Respects: Barry Allen/The Flash, The Murkrow Flock, SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Pities: Setsuna Sakurazaki
  • Rivals: Nyotengu
  • Opposes: Diana Christensen, Eobard Thorne/Reverse Flash, Mr. Krabs
  • Opposed by: Tamie Nogi, J. Jonah Jameson, Lois Lane, April O'Neil, Clark Kent, Sakuya Izayoi
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Louis Bloom, Promestein
  • Comnplicated Relationship: ZUN (her creator)
  • Other Relationships: The Cutie Mark Crusaders (offering to be their journalism mentors)
  • Within the Youkai Mountain lays the home of the tengu. Tengu are known for many things, but most relevant thing is that they love to gossip and write articles about the goings of the world. One of the most vocal tengu is Aya Shameimaru, who in particular likes to scoop out any and all interesting articles around Gensokyo to write onto her newspaper called Bunbunmaru Newspaper- and she'll do just about anything to get a headline.
  • Was actually ascended in the past- but much like other Gensokyoan deities like Sumireko Usami, she was eventually taken out as one of the many that got removed during a massive reorganization effort. That's not to say that she left the Pantheon completely since then- she just lost access to juicier areas for her to spin a story. Smash Cut to Chimata Tenkyuu's ascension, however, and soon Aya found herself alongside most of Gensokyo in arms against Brand X for trying to profit off of their main culture- their Spell & Ability Cards. Aya's main role during the uprising was to spread the word as fast as she could, not just across Gensokyo, but also the Pantheon, delivering special editions of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper that had been written in multiple Pantheon-known languages courtesy of Kosuzu Motoori. However, when it came time to strike Brand X itself, Aya joined the fight, and with the rest of Gensokyo's top brass, they successfully take down the organization in a brilliant display of danmaku. And yet...she never accepted the reascension offer at first, unlike Keiki Haniyasushin & Kosuzu, as she felt content with what she had now- a great story to be told for years to come. But with enemies new and old cropping up for the land of fantasy since then, as well as exciting and horrifying new prosect, she finally pulled the trigger and returned to the Pantheon at large.
  • To say that Aya's got some weird quirks is quite the subject to touch upon. For some time prior during her first ascension, there were rumors going abut that she was a girlfriend of sort to her creator ZUN, explaining the weird amount of exposure she got across quite a few incidents (except that time when Toyosatomimi No Miko woke up from her slumber), as well as a certain outfit from his wardrobe. These rumors have died down quite significantly since then, especially now that ZUN has an actual wife. There are also theories about that she takes panty shots and other naughty pictures of many deities and sells them for money. No one has really proven either of these, but many have conspired to believe that Aya was the one that helped Tsubame Kayoi gain membership into a special club for servant deities- a theory that certainly had infuriated a certain Sakuya Izayoi.
  • Aya is classified within Gensokyo as a tengu- more specifically, a crow tengu, who generally are relegated to information gathering. So naturally, she would, when off the clock, go around to meet some of her feathered fellows, such as Nyotengu, who isn't the most talkative to her reporter when it comes to their respective origins and societies, and instead would often get into beef with her over trivial matters, a feat very few of Nyotengu's other rivals have seemingly accomplished. She feels pity forwards Setsuna, anther fellow tengu, due of her being an outcast from her clan due of having white wings instead of black ones, to which Aya says that she totally doesn't feel like she herself is an outcast, no way. She also has a certain attraction towards the Murkrow in the Pantheon as they happen to be crows as well...but agrees that they are much better off with Marisa Kirisame, since Aya's more busy with her job. Speaking of, given the seven's (1 Marisa + 6 Murkrow) kleptomaniac tendencies, Aya firmly thinks that they would make for great front-pagers for the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, just by doing what they do normally.
    • Her classification as a tengu has gotten the attention of a certain scientist known as Promestein. The scientist in question, who also happens to be someone dedicated to learning the truth of the world that they lived in, should’ve been an easy ally for Aya, right? Absolutely wrong- Aya has expressed a ton of disdain towards Promestein’s chimera research and practices, flames only further fanned when Promestein openly wished that she could include crow tengu in her research. It took her heralds a significant amount of effort from stopping Aya from slipping into a Blood Knight phase and going ham on the scientist (Granted, Hatate & Megumu were also rightfully pissed).
  • Charlotte E. Yeager, a member of the 501st (not that one), thinks rather highly of Aya, a position most don't normally take when it came to the tengu. Both happen to be speed freaks with a rather carefree attitude, and their dynamic usually is a Good Cop/Bad Cop one, with Charlotte being the good cop and Aya being the bad one. They also seem to just take life as it goes, feeling carefree about it, which has seemed to further root this strange friendship.
  • Aya's pedigree as a reporter put it lightly, very fluctuating. In general, her reports and headlines are generally in the range of mundane, to overexaggerated, embellished with inconsistencies and fallacies, apparently. However, this isn't always the case, really- it's just the norm for her.
    • She claims that she prides herself on only reporting the truth, but what she actually writes is not as honest. First of all, she will report on anything she thinks will make a good article- usually actual incidents that are mostly just mildly interesting happenings with different people. Secondly is that her articles are filled with rumors, exaggerations and some biased opinions, not helped by her admitting that most people only read the headlines and look at the pictures and rarely read the whole article. Due of these reasons, most people don't really read her newspaper that much unless they want to pass the time- some people even use her publications as fuel for fires.
    • She can be incredibly noisy and obnoxious when it comes to getting new stories, but she can change her behavior to be more polite to fit the situation when it comes to getting interviews. She doesn't really want to pick up fights, but don't let that excuse you from the fact that she's well over a millennium old, extremely fast, and unaware of just how strong she is. After all, despite where she stands in tengu society within Gensokyo, she is one that you do not want to mess with, regardless of your own strength. Unless you really don't want her to write articles about you, it is generally preferred to tolerate her presence than to try to drive her away.
    • Her career has had some high highs and very low lows. For instance, a high point would be a dedicated Human Village version of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, distributed through Suzunaan; however, this establishment was challenged when Kosuzu's herald, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, conducted a smear campaign to dissuade these. A low point in her career, and I mean low, was when she tried to turn her paper into a weekly tabloid paper filled with even more falsified stories (real-world political allusions, calling out "immigrants" like the members of Eientei & Sumireko, and even criticizing Gensokyo's incident resolvers) than the norm, something she admits to. It never actually got to the print as she cancelled whole thing in the fear that she was being used by Lunarians to possibly turn her lies into the truth- a suggestion heavily drilled into her by Hecatia Lapislazuli, among other things. However, a recent development involving Aya happens to involve one of her heralds- her boss Megumu, who caused a minor incident that Chimata took advantage of and hold a market at Reimu's shrine. Aya tried to expose her own boss's machinations with the coerced help of Geidontei's owner Miyoi Okunoda, but upon witnessing Megumu & Chimata's meeting afterward, though, she had a change of mind and proceeded to report it as just what it is- a minor incident.
      • The consequences of starting a rather unsavory publication has also been a feeling that other members of the Pantheon had shared. The Cutie Mark Crusaders, for instance, set one up as one of their many schemes to get their marks, which, naturally didn't end well. Spongebob also had to undergo reporting for a tabloid such by Mr. Krabs' command in an attempt by the entrepreneur to get more money; unlike Aya's attempt at trying to oust her boss Megumu for the red snow incident, Spongebob did turn the tables & exposed this shady business model of Krabs', shutting it down. Aya herself went to meet these fellow deities- she reminded the CMCs that the journalism business is tighter than it looks and offered to teach them the proper way to chase headlines, commended Spongebob for his brave efforts, and disapproved of Mr. Krabs' motivations for his paper- well, pot calling kettle black, no?
    • Other journalists in the Pantheon generally have a negative opinion of Aya, unsurprisingly, given her reputation in Gensokyo. Tamie Nogi for instance looks up to Aya as a symbol of going after headlines, but isn't as approving of her methods. Lois Lane & April O'Neil commend Aya's strength despite being a reporter, but like Tamie, aren't approving of some of Aya's attempts at getting news (oh, and speaking of Lois, her husband Clark also against her for that reason!). J. Jonah Jameson, who also generally has issues with bias (especially towards Spider-Man), is also disapproving of Aya for just how much she fabricates and exaggerates her own stories, so much more than him even on news regarding Spider-Man, despite acknowledging her prowess as a photographer. And finally, Diana Christensen is impressed by Aya's work, especially on the unpublished tabloid that would've made Bunbunmaru truly heinous, and was disappointed when she learned of this fact. The tengu herself, however, would rather go for a one-way nosedive into Misty Lake instead of working with Christensen.
      • You may have noticed that Aya has very few enemies, but generally dislikes and is disliked by others. However, there is one such reporter that gets Aya's blood boiling, however- that being Louis Bloom, whose own methods of hunting headlines even disgusted her, let alone how he rose to prominence, through extreme cutthroat tactics and resorting to violence. Even though she herself isn't much of a saint when it comes to journalism, comparing Louis to the tengu makes her absolutely holy, and she'd be more than willing to start a smear campaign on him if she could gather enough on what he does at the Pantheon.
  • As stated earlier, Aya is about 1000 years old, meaning that she is quite wise- though you may not know that from seeing her firsthand. She is also the fastest being in Gensokyo, able to have sustained flight that exceeds that of Remilia Scarlet- who has managed to circle the entire Moon really fast once, a claim that Marisa boldly made and has surprisingly been backed up by other Gensokyoan deities. She is freakishly strong and potentially stronger than she thinks she is, a topic that has put the Court of the Gods into quite a conundrum.
    Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu: The topic of Shameimaru's abilities has been one that has stymied us for a while. We have conclusively decided that her previous ascension rank of Lesser Goddess is unsuitable, but Overdeity is out of the question for her. A surprising amount of us in the Court believe she should be a Greater Goddess, but the rest, myself included, would see her more as an Intermediate Goddess.
    • Her abilities to control the wind are very, very strong, and could only be even stronger with that fan of hers. The wind, to her, could even carry the conversations and rumors that are spoken up. As such, deities in the Hall of Wind and Air, as well as other air users like Wendy Marvell, Artoria Pendragon, and even Gensokyo's own Kanako Yasaka are very keen on seeing just how powerful these abilities are. They would get their wish, though, when she flew right into Kamen Rider Faiz one day as she is, per usual, hunting for a scoop. The ensuing scrap forced out quite a bit from the two, a display that certainly made headlines later that day for Aya, but they soon realized their misunderstanding and have been friends since.
    • Aya Shameimaru, is, without question or even contest, the fastest person in Gensokyo. So fast, that, according to Barry Allen (aka. the Flash), she could potentially even make contact with the Speed Force if she really puts her mind into it. With that in mind, the duo decided on a money match- 10 laps around the Pantheon, running past the main entrance of every single House (that feasibly has such), loser has to work for the other for a week. And while Aya was incredibly fast and can definitely prove Barry's theory, she ended up having to serve as a janitor for a week at STAR Labs. She disliked the experience, but at least found respect for the speedster since then, which stemmed into a disliking of his archnemesis Eobard Thorne, a disliking paid in kind.
    • The camera that Aya carries has the ability to remove projectiles caught in its flash, especially danmaku. There are two other deities that have a camera with this kind of power- those being Seija Kijin & Sumireko Usami. Nowadays, Aya feels rather neutral abut both despite having slandered and reported on them in the past, an upgrade from her previous feelings towards them. She is, of course, one of many who were horrified to learn of Seija's fate at Yuuki Terumi's hands at Suzunaan, a headline that she reported with the utmost truth and precision. She still shudders whenever she sees the front-page picture for that article.
  • Can also be found in the Hall of Sources of Information.

"You don't seem related to the incident, so without further ado, allow me to blow you into the next week!"

Lesser Gods

    Candace Flynn 
Candace Gertrude Flynn, Goddess of Losing The Evidence While Collecting Witnesses

    Frank West 
Frank West, God of Freelance Photojournalism

G-Forcemembers , Divine Team of Animal Espionage
L-R: Juarez, Hurley, Blaster, Darwin
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A G inside an octagon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Talking Animals, Band of Brothers, Translator Collars
  • Domains: Animals, Technology
  • Heralds: Ben Kendell, Mooch the Fly
  • Allies: Secret Squirrel, Perry the Platypus, Hammond, Nick Fury, We3, Minsc & Boo
  • Enemies: Guinea Creatures, Dr. Hämsterviel, Dickson, The Spy, Samir Duran, Star Dream, Ra Moon, Ultron, SKYNET, The Corpus
  • Odd Relations: Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Susie
  • A special team of trained guinea pigs with collars to allow them to talk to humans, the G-Force is tasked with investigating corporate executive Leonard Saber to see if he’s been plotting anything suspicious. The team undergoes a lot of trouble to discover the truth, up to and including the fact that one of their members, Speckles the mole, has been plotting revenge from behind their backs. When it comes down to it, G-Force is able to make the most of their skills despite (or maybe because of) their small size.
  • Some villainous businessmen were holding a meeting to discuss a product that would ensure they would get more supporters and drive their shared competition out of business. Some of those members didn’t realize that they were being spied on and even after looking around, the other members couldn’t find the intruders. Some time after the meeting wrapped up, all that was left was a few guinea pigs, who relayed the information over to their boss, who in turn transferred the data over to their clients so that they were aware of what the evil businessmen were trying to do to get rid of them. G-Force, with their small size and technological prowess, have since continued to help out others following their initial mission in the Pantheon.
  • Word of G-Force and their skills reached Nick Fury, the man responsible for overseeing many of the heroic spies within the Pantheon. Whereas the team had encountered a lot of obstacles during their tenure with the FBI before becoming properly accepted, Nick Fury was more understanding of the team, especially after hearing of how they had to deal with a traitor within their ranks. Nick Fury has since welcomed G-Force to his network of spies and given how many animal spies he has working with him, he’s considered a special subunit dedicated to them.
  • It didn’t take long for G-Force to get themselves acquainted with other animal spies in the Pantheon. The team found themselves in the company of Secret Squirrel and Perry the Platypus and all of them have made for a good team when it comes to handling specific missions in the Pantheon. G-Force was intrigued with what Secret had stored in his trenchcoat and the squirrel was kind enough to allow G-Force to use some of his weaponry for missions. As for Perry, seeing as how the platypus doesn’t really talk and how G-Force is only able to talk as is thanks to translator collars, the team considered giving one to Perry, but the platypus insisted he was fine without one. It hasn’t prevented them from helping each other out when they’re in trouble though.
    • Their interactions with Secret and Perry also helped G-Force get to know Dr. Doofenshmirtz, a scientist who knew Perry very well. Doof ended up in a meeting room where Perry and the other animal spies were at and (after being a bit perplexed at seeing guinea pig spies) introduced himself to G-Force. Knowing about his former background as a mad scientist bent on taking over the Tri-State area and having moved past that, G-Force has agreed to help Perry in making sure Doofenshmirtz doesn’t end up causing more trouble than normal. This also meant having to reprimand him in case something he creates ends up going out of control.
  • Speckles, a mole who seemed to be a part of the team, turned out to be responsible for much of G-Force’s troubles for the sake of enacting revenge. While Darwin was able to talk Speckles out of it, the team knows that other traitors in the Pantheon aren’t going to back down as easily as Speckles did. Secret told the team about someone known as The Spy, a man who presents himself to others as an ally, only to backstab them when the time is right. Not only did G-Force make sure that they wouldn’t fall victim to whatever The Spy has in store, they also learned of other much more dangerous traitors. Both Dickson and Samir Duran presented themselves as an ally for someone, only to reveal themselves as working for malevolent entities that are far more powerful than G-Force could imagine. While the two couldn’t care less on what some measly guinea pigs think of them, it was clear that G-Force saw them as extremely dangerous and even if they don’t have much of a chance in fighting them and their respective higher-ups, the team is willing to spy on them from a distance and retrieve any important information related to their plans and give it to those that can fight them.
  • One of their assignments resulted in them encountering a round mecha and after wanting to know who was inside it, Hammond popped out and from there, he and his mecha Wrecking Ball engaged in a talk with G-Force. Seeing a hamster take control of a mecha very well surprised the team considering their own expertise (and that unlike Hammond, G-Force didn’t undergo any genetic alterations to become the spies that they are) and while they would like to travel with Hammond if asked, they have plenty of missions to go after. That said, if Hammond and Wrecking Ball do end up getting involved somehow, they’re more than willing to aid G-Force and the guinea pigs are more than welcoming of another the rodent’s skills.
  • At first, G-Force was excited to learn about other guinea pigs in the Pantheon, but it quickly turned into disgust after learning the full story behind the Guinea Creatures and their leader, Guinea Pirate. Them learning about the Guinea Creatures could not have happened at a worse possible time as another Guinea Creature invasion was about to unfold and G-Force had to spring into action to prevent a major disaster from unfolding. They eventually caught up with Michael Chertoff, who was plotting revenge for his previous loss and dismissed G-Force as complete failures of a guinea creature before transforming into Guinea Pirate. With the help of some reinforcements, G-Force was able to bring down Guinea Pirate and the rest of the invasion wound down elsewhere. Knowing first hand just how destructive the Guinea Creatures and their leader can be regardless of appearances, G-Force has sworn to play a role in containing them should any future break-out result.
  • Dr. Hämsterviel ended up being another antagonistic rodent G-Force has been keeping an eye on. For someone that (in Blaster’s own words) “looks like a mutant rabbit with a temper problem”, the team isn’t denying that Hämsterviel is planning something and that confronting alien life forms will be markedly different from the team’s normally technological-based adventures. His meetings with other scientists have been spied on by G-Force, with Hämsterviel himself annoyed that he’s being pestered by “costumed tiny guinea pig spies” that don’t even realize that he’s hamster-like.
  • Contrary to what many would assume about them and genetic alterations having any role in making them who they are, the team were actually ordinary guinea pigs that were found by Ben Kendell and trained to become spies. The amount of effort required to do this without changing the group’s DNA has confused some deities, but G-Force hasn’t let that get to them since they’ve accepted their background. The team later found out of a group of animals that was meant to be used as a weapon of war and had to run away in order to find freedom. G-Force very much understood what We3 had to go through and despite some initial reservations, the cybernetic trio was willing to be friends with G-Force, mainly because the four had a human friend that was willing to support them no matter what similar to a homeless man that empathized with We3 when the three met him.
  • The Pantheon contained plenty of technology much more advanced than what G-Force had previously seen. Some of those who made the technology were benevolent and others who created those items were a genuine threat. And then there are some deities who have access to advanced technology that wants nothing more than to enforce their own superiority and wipe out anyone that stands in their way. Deities who want to have machines take over the world such as Ra Moon, SKYNET, and Ultron, have proven to be dangerous for G-Force, given the amount of trouble that can happen and having to deal with killer machines before. That said, G-Force was notably terrified of what Star Dream is capable of and the fact that a number of ruthless businessmen are interested in using it for their own ends has made the team worried about what consequences are in store if such a businessman was able to successfully get their hands on it.
    • On the subject of Star Dream, Susie ended up encountering G-Force, mistaking them for partially mechanized rodents. The team then learned about how Susie came into opposition with Star Dream and her family issues. While the team can understand her troubles (especially since Darwin told Speckles about the team being a surrogate family by choice), her overall goals weren't something that they approved of. The fact that Susie was already working with The Corpus, a large-scale conglomerate that uses machines to profit off wars, made G-Force even more wary of her. On her end, Susie doesn’t hold any real grudge against the team, even if she’s aware that they’ll have to fight each other at some point.

    Jack Bauer 
Jack Bauer, God of Effective Torture Techniques
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The CTU Badge
  • Theme song: Either 24 Theme Song or this one, courtesy of Rikiya Koyama
  • Alignment: Formerly Lawful Good, currently Chaotic Good. Though he did border around Chaotic Neutral, and almost lost it once
  • Portfolio: A Hero with extreme methods, Broken Ace, Combat Pragmatist, Will take the heroic role, even when it isn't necessary, Modern Cowboy Cop, Full Born Badass, Great tactical skills, Crazy-Prepared, Still has to suffer no honourable reward despite his efforts, Marked a traitor despite his heroism, "Damn it!"
  • Domains: Heroism (mixed), Strength, Determination, Extremism, Tactics
  • Followers: Carter Blake, Hei, Walker and Erica, Spider Jerusalem, Marv, Captain Azarcon
  • Heralds: Teri Bauer (his wife), Kimberly 'Kim' Bauer (his daughter), Counter Terrorist Unit (specifically, the good ones and not the traitors)
  • Allies: Soldier: 76, Arthun Zala, Jon Snow, Aiden Pierce, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Kiritsugu Emiya, John Martson, Rick Blaine, Captain Price, Bryan Mills, Gene Hunt, Big Boss, Joel and Ellie, John McClane
  • Enemies: All terrorists in general especially Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Raul Menendez, Reaper, Widowmaker, Zoran Lazarević, Skull Face, Funny Valentine, Senator Armstrong, Agent 47, Cornelia li Britannia.
  • Opposed by: The Houses of Heroism, Leadership, and Law and Justice, as well as many torture victims, like Vulkan, Miyo Takano, Shion Sonozaki, Sakura Matou, Alma Wade, Homura Akemi, and fellow torture-related deities, like Asdrubael Vect
  • Opposes: All villains, regardless of alignment.
  • Once a simple federal agent, Jack Bauer retired from his job, with his family on his side after years of working as a serviceman. Then came the continuous assault of terrorists from around the globe, and he knew he wouldn't want to see the country he lived in to be ravaged nor would the citizens he dedicated to protect be harmed. And so, he volunteered to be head of the CTU, an organization meant to protect the American people. Let's just say that a few mishaps ended up (almost) killing Jack in numerous ways.
    • Numerous ways as in, lost his family, lost his friends, lost his job (and tarnishing his reputation), and even losing his freedom despite the efforts he did to save the world. And that's not to mention, that he got branded as a traitor at the end. Due to this, he wanted to leave his place, and that was how he found the Trope Pantheons.
    • Ideally, many gods chose him to be the God of Effective Torture Techniques especially since he has a large list of who he tortured. Not to mention, the effectiveness of each torture session that led him closer to his objectives.
  • With the frustration that he endured in his mortal life, his activity in the Pantheon is rather, small. He doesn't want to get way too involved in many conflicts around the Pantheon, seeing it as something even more daring than his actions before. Even then, if it will endanger innocents and/or his life, he'll take up arms and fight against terrorism if it needs to. Just don't expect Jack to do it clean.
  • Thanks to his rough experience with fighting crime and terrorism, this gave him the understanding side of both Arthun Zala and Soldier: 76. The former knows exactly how hard war is and the latter also has shared the same pain Bauer has felt ever since. One thing that places all three in the same category of cynical Anti Heroes are their actions in their worlds.
    • To put it simply: Athrun thinks of war as a hellhole, was forced to fight his friend Kira and had conflicts with ZAFT and its members, Soldier: 76 was Overwatch's former commander, who was celebrated by his actions, but said actions led to the betrayal of his friend and some of his actions went too far that attracted the authorities and led to the organization's downfall. Jack is in the merge of both, retired from work, joined CTU for the sake of protecting the people, and at the end, it costed his family, friends and his freedom altogether, to the point that the very government he protected went up against him.
    • Luckily, all three were able to connect their similarities and as a result have formed a group of cynical heroes meant for protecting the world, even if it means destroying their positions. The reaction was quite mixed to say the least.
    • Most of the reaction came hard to the Houses of Heroism, Leadership and Justice, with his record already shown to them. So far, they have seen all of Jack's extremism in almost all of his actions. Needless to say, this didn't even bother him so much, due to already having felt that many times in his life.
  • Despite having different positions, he has struck good friendships with Aiden Pierce and Captain Price, most especially the latter, since both have felt the pain of going through hell to take down terrorism, and the fact that both have been marked as traitors once. His opinion on Aiden is kind of mixed, as he still has a complaint regarding Aiden's still personality and his actions including being a petty criminal from the beginning. Still, as vigilantes, they are understandable at best.
    • Speaking of traitors, John Marston quickly heard this and gave him an invitation to the House of Anti-Heroism. Needless to say, he liked the tour.
    • Even more so during his visit to the House of Family, where he met Bryan Mills. Someone who has some weird similarities with each other. However, unlike Mills who didn't lose anything after his conflicts (well, unless you count his wife being dead), Jack lost everyone including the recent victim: Renee.
  • He's glad that there are many people who had sympathy towards his adventures since the people with him before did not have any. Kiritsugu Emiya and Rick Blaine are notable ones, especially Blaine, seeing that he had to give up his neutral retirement in exchange for saving the world. However, unlike Blaine who lived great after his adventure, Jack didn't.
    • Big Boss has felt even more sympathy towards him, seeing his pain as similar to the endurance he had to overcome with his allies betrayal, and him killing the Boss, which ended up saving America.
    • There are some theories regarding Jack and Big Boss' existence. Like how they say that Big Boss could be Jack Bauer in a video game incarnation or that they could be twins, in a sense of changing their identity. The first one unfortunately is further supported by the fact that a certain mortal not only voices the two but also recorded his moves into Big Boss. This makes conversations with the two very hilarious.
    Big Boss: I swear, I saw you somewhere in my mind. Did you see it?
    Jack: No shit, you move awkwardly like me for some reason. Any guesses?
  • When terrorism strikes, he'll join in and do whatever it takes to end it. Whether be it killing some friendlies or losing his respect, he'll make sure justice will be served. Just don't either be in the way, or even talk him out of it. And don't even try using emotional talk, as it will make his tactical plans worse.
    • Oh and for the love of God, DO NOT try to reason out terrorism, treason or cold-blooded murder, so does killing or harming innocents. Once he has you on his sights, he'll chase you no matter what, and once he catches you, expect long hours of torture and pain. Just ask his brother and numerous other villains he tried to apprehend during his ascension.
    • Assassinating good leaders such as the President are also ways to trigger Bauer into sheer anger. This is why he hates Widowmaker, since she killed Tektharta Mondatta in a similar fashion as those who would assassinate officials. This has gotten her on his shitlist.
    • Then there is the fact that with the world changing, he noticed an even worse threat, American extremists such as the likes of Funny Valentine and Senator Armstrong. He sees them much worse than the aformentioned terrorists. In fact, there is only one thing he'd like to say to them:
    Jack: "Change America for the better" you say? Your crusades to America are a bloody joke.
  • Numerous terrorists have been in the watch due to his presence, most especially Vladimir Makarov since his experience with Russian baddies (who are his followers) have him on the edge. On the other hand, Jack has been given warnings that the terrorists found in the Pantheon are more sophisticated than the average one, something that has been itching on his mind for a long time.
    • Then there is the fact that many of these terrorists have their eyes straight at him, because they know that he might be their end at first sight. So far, only Reaper and Raul Menendez have taken arms up to eliminate him.
    • As if things didn't get even more interesting, he somehow gained an ire to Frieza. He has no idea how an evil alien overlord managed to hate him, but that might be due to him being similar to Goku in terms of determination power.
  • With his torture technique being so damn popular, many people have done a lot of thanking to Jack. Gene Hunt has been a huge fan of his techniques. Though that did not stop many bad guys from adopting the skill he earned, which rather made him cringe.
    • Speaking of torturers, Renekton his dire hatred of him, as his torture techniques turned him into this. Jack was quick enough to disagree, only for the former to attempt to slash him down.
    Renekton: Soon, the torturers become the tortured. And you're not exempted.
    • Asdrubael Vect quickly pointed that his techniques where "pitiful" and "are used among the weak". He finds him nothing worthy about torture, and plans to prove him how torture works best.
    • Things got more grim when he saw many torture victims right behind his doorstep. Among the people outside where, Vulkan, Miyo Takano, Shion Sonozaki, Sakura Matou, Alma Wade and Homura Akemi, among all the people around. It clearly shows how much his technique is opposed by many.
  • I'm federal agent Jack Bauer. This is the longest day of my life.

    Solid Snake 
David, God of Stealth (Dave, Solid Snake, The Legendary Mercenary, Legendary Hero, Kasack, Mr. FOX-HOUND, Brother of Light, Iroquis Pliskin, ???, Old Snake, The Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible, Operation 747 Leader, Justin Halley, Number 31, Mr. Utility Belt, The Legendary Soldier from Metal Gear, Corn Pop, Rigid Dangerbitey Junglenoodle, Deflated Hippo, The Sneak Dude, The Mad Demon of Stealthy Snoopifacation, Old Snakey Baby Booties)
Click here to see Old Snake 

    Sterling Archer 
Sterling Mallory Archer, God of Overt Operatives
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Flask
  • Theme Song: Archer Theme Song and The Killer
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Alcoholic, Telling Everyone His Occupation, Pop-Cultured Badass, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Jerkass, but has his better moments, Manchild (to psychotic levels at times)
  • Domains: Alcohol, Espionage (poorly and no longer), Firearms
  • Herald: Lana Kane (His on-again, off-again girlfriend and mother to their child), Abbiejean "AJ" Malory Kane-Archer (his daughter).
  • Allies: Bender, Homer Simpson, Alucard (Hellsing), The entire Hall of Alcohol, Charlie Harper, Austin Powers
  • Superior: Nick Fury
  • Enemies: Ragyo Kiryuin, Lady Tremaine, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Lois Wilkerson, Imran Zakhaev, Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, HYDRA, Red Skull
  • Rivals: James Bond
  • Opposes: All cyborgs in the pantheon
  • Opposed by: Alfred Pennyworth
  • Fears: Sobek, Vector the Crocodile
  • Annoys: Brock Samson
  • Sterling Mallory Archer awoke in the Pantheon following a very painful experience in The Dreamland, claiming to have been in search of his partner. Once awoken, he was quick to get back to his old ways, starting with ordering a Peppermint Patty and then going to the House of Love and Affection for some quality time.
  • Surprisingly, Archer has a soft spot for the house of Beasts, especially the cute members. But there is one deity there that he avoids like the plague it's Sobek. Not only is he a crocodile, but a giant god of crocodiles.
  • Alfred Pennyworth is not a fan of him due to the way he treats his own butler Woodhouse.
  • Archer spends most of his time in the Hall of Alcohol drinking to his heart's content and he's actually one of the most impressive drinkers in the pantheon, able to drink multiple jars of Barbicide and only get drunk on it. Unsurprisingly this led to him becoming allies with Bender (despite being a robot) and Homer Simpson (who also drank Barbicide and didn't get poisoned), two other Fox deities (although Archer is from the FX Network).
  • Is referred as Sterling Archer in the Pantheon so not to be confused with the other Archers.
  • Archer actually has a pretty good reason behind him being a Jerkass, considering he was bullied in prep school (one incident almost killed him and left him with pneumonia for a whole semester) and was raised mostly by his heroin-doing butler until he was 5. It only got worse when his absent mother finally did come home — some of the things she did included: sending him off to 12 straight years of boarding school, abandoning him on Christmas Eve with no way to get home, taking all of his Halloween candy from him in a poker game, stealing his unattended bike to "teach" him about responsibility… without giving it back or mentioning it further afterwards, and giving him liquor at a young age (which may explain why he's such a large alcoholic). Most Deities agree that it explains a lot.
    • Because of that Archer is against all evil and abusive mothers in the Pantheon. He hates Ragyo Kiryuin the most, because despite being a Jerkass and one of the biggest manwhores in the Pantheon, Ragyo's molesting of her underaged biological daughters ("or whatever the hell that is") draws so many lines for him that it makes his own mother look tame (feeling that if she were here, she'd order him to kill Ragyo for the same reasons). He's also been very critical about Lady Tremaine's treatment of Cinderella and has even offered to being the princess's bodyguard in case her stepmother comes after her. Cinderella was touched by Archer's generosity but has politely declined.
  • Many deities are confused about when his adventures take place. When asked if Archer knows the years he replied, "I, uh— yeah, exactly. Good question."
  • Due to getting a mind control chip placed inside his head by the KGB, which tended to malfunction once in a while when the Soviet spy satellite aligns and his phone rings, thus leading to trying to kill his mother, he is enemies with all evil Russians in the Pantheon — even though his Establishing Character Moment was him getting an erection from the thought of his mother dying.
  • His rivalry with James Bond was expected in the Pantheon (considering that Archer makes what makes James Bond cool and turns them in character flaws) over who is the better spy. It was concluded that James Bond is the better spy, but Archer is the more dangerous one. He also previously gave his thoughts on his previous adventures.
  • Archer once somehow managed to survive in a heated ventilation system for more than a weekend. When he finally crashed down, one of his co-workers mentioned it was just like a "Happy Fourth of Ju Luau". Many deities wonder what that was and what happened there. It seems like the only thing they know is that a pig was involved and as such many gods make sure he's careful around Bebe.
  • It has been noted that he has the same voice as one named Bob Belcher. The two even met up on two occasions.

    Wei Shen 
Wei Shen, God of Infiltrations (The Serpent)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Hong Kong Police logo
  • Theme Song: Theme A, Sleepwalking by Photek
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Mole in Charge, Rabid Cop, Unstoppable Rage, Conflicting Loyalty, Unscrupulous Hero, Anti-Hero, Combat Pragmatist, Genius Bruiser, Revenge Before Reason, Beware the Nice Ones
  • Domains: Cops, Infiltrations, Triads, Violence, War
  • Herald: Inspector Jane Teng
  • Allies: Dirty Harry, Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding, Raymond Holt, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, Mikado Ryuugamine and Masaomi Kida
  • On neutral terms: Chun-Li, Lei Wulong, Giorno Giovanna, Kazuma Kiryu
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cole Phelps, RoboCop
  • Enemies: Brian Irons, The Slavers, The evil deities of the House of Demons and Ghosts
  • Respected by: House of Law and Justice
  • Opposed by: Inspector Valjean
  • Conflicted by: Fat Tony, Vito and Michael Cordalene, Huang Lee
  • Wei Shen is a Chinese police officer who is known for his tendencies to approach his job violently, which made him the perfect candidate to infiltrate the Sun On Yee, who were at war with the 18K. Rising through the ranks thanks to his dedication to complete his job and becoming a Red Pole when Uncle Po was sent to the hospital, his loyalty seemingly became conflicted as he seems to grown attach to his new comrades and is willing to take drastic measures to maintain his cover. Tortured by one of Sun On Yee’s Red Poles, “Big Smile” Lee, he killed him as he’s planning to kill Broken Nose Jiang’s forces and the votes against him to gain votes to become the leader of Sun On Yee and discovered that his boss, Superintendent Thomas Pendrew, is the one who killed Uncle Po in his hospital bed, which leads to the latter’s arrest. In the end, he returned to the police force and his complete loyalty to the Sun Oh Yee and choosing to help Broken Nose Jiang caused the former to leave Wei alone.
  • While a triad is planning to bomb the Pantheon, Lei Wulong and Chun-Li were the officers assigned with the task to take them down, but they are also assigned with a partner known as Wei Shen, whose job was to infiltrate the unknown triad to see if he is worth ascending. With his knowledge and experience of being a triad member as well as using Chinese magic (which he’ll promise to explain later), he was able to successfully take down the triad. While Lei and Chun-Li don’t like his violent tendencies and not following their rules, they respect his dedication of finishing the mission and is respectful enough that they nominate him for ascending even if the three are in neutral terms.
  • Having grown up in a neighborhood where majority of his neighbors are gang members and his deceased sister being one of them, he became an extremely violent cop who’s willing to do anything to finish his job necessary. Despite this, he is well-respected by the police force that they couldn’t bring themselves to fire him. This is not the case with the Pantheon, where some cops don’t like him because of it despite the fact he’s truly dedicated to his job. Cole Phelps and RoboCop opposed him in that matter being that they are the type of moral cops that tend to follow everything dictated by the law, though they’re willing to work with him if it’s necessary. Whereas Inspector Javerr is less willing to work with him, who believes that the law is so superior he doesn’t accept anything that contradicts his morality and his affiliation with the Sun On Yee as well as his supposed loyalty to them doesn’t help.
  • His proficiency at his job gave him a lot of respect of the House of Justice. Although they don’t like how he approaches his job violently, as long as he follows the rules and don’t use it way too much, they don’t have any problems with him and he’s so good at his job that he and his herald Jane Teng became one of the most requested cops to take on cases.
  • Originally wanting to get vengeance on triads because of his sister’s death of being involved with them, he became empathetic and attached to the Sun On Yee despite the fact they’re actual criminals, not to mention that they can be nice guys who hold a deep value on family and regard each member as one. Though uncomfortable with this revelation, Dirty Harry managed to struck an alliance with Wei Shen, not to mention they’re the type of cops who are both willing to break the law to kill their enemies and avenge their friends. Despite the fact Harry doesn’t want to work with people in his job, the two have managed to become good friends outside of it.
  • Axel, Adam, and Blaze being the type of cops who are rebellious cops who quit their jobs and became vigilantes, have get along with him, despite the fact it took them a while to get over the fact that he is in somewhat good terms with the Sun On Yee. Their combat skills gave a compliment with each other on making their jobs faster and have been regarded by many people as a great team because of it.
  • Having shared similarities with their fellow former cop teammate of theirs who has been an undercover cop, having violent tendencies, and having shown cases of mental disorders, Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago and their superior Raymond Holt took it rather easy on him and have established a good alliance with each other. It also helps that while they are the type of people who love to follow the law, they’re willing to break it and do their own things if it’s necessary even if what they do is less violent than his. Because of this, Wei is much more respectful to them and is even willing to listen to them.
  • He is a bit disgusted by Brian Irons being the worst kind of Dirty Cop in existence and using the apocalypse to serve his evil ways. The first thing Wei Shen did to him is burning his entire body to the incinerator before Brian was revived in the House of Life and Death. His animosity at the cop made him allies with Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Chris’s sister, Claire Redfield, who don’t mind his violent ways as long as he doesn’t overdo it and considering he has Chinese magic that could help him combat against demons and ghosts, both of whom are undead beings, they wonder if it could work the same way to zombies.
  • Due to his undercover cop status, a lot of mobsters like Fat Tony and Michael and Vito Corleone feel conflicted by him especially because he stayed loyal to the Sun On Yee to the very side even after deflecting from the triad. In Wei’s opinion, he respects Vito Corleone because of his family values but understood why people like them don’t know what to think of him and told them as long as they don’t piss him off, he won’t bother them.
    • Good-aligned mobsters such as Giorno Giovanna and Kazuma Kiryu think of him as an okay person because of his loyalty and kindness to others as long as you aren’t his family and his attachment to the Sun On Ye didn’t let him to arrest them despite the fact he has that advantage. They don’t think of him that much since they’re much more on neutral terms. Wei certainly likes them since they’re much more noble than a typical mafia member and could see himself getting along with them (especially Giorno) if he actually remained a triad member.
    • Before ascending to the Pantheon, he used to be the high priest of Huang Lee despite his infiltration mission. Huang Lee appears to be conflicted by Wei over the fact he is an undercover cop who chooses to stay with the end at the end and his attachment with Sun On Yee doesn’t help matters. The two decided to never speak with each other because of it.
  • Being former gang members who ultimately decided to deflect from it and wanting to live a normal, Mikado Ryuugamine and Masaomi Kida are glad to see that despite his attachment to the Sun On Yee, he decided to stay as a cop. The trio have become good friends and sympathize with each other over their sufferings and losses (specifically Masaomi) they have to endure when they used to be on the side of crime.
  • One of his friends, Ilyana, has a friend who’s been kidnapped by a man who wants to buy immigrant women and begs Wei for his help to help her friend and other girls like them. Being reminded by that man who managed to be much worse than him, he hates The Slavers so much so he asked his superiors of the Pantheon if he could personally handle them on his own, which really pissed off The Slavers for understandable reasons.
  • In an alternate universe, ghosts and demons exist in a world where they tend to lurk around the streets, and unfortunately, Wei has to face them since they kidnapped his supposed girlfriend and revive his enemies back from the dead. To counter this, he drinks a magical tea that gives him Chinese magic that made him able to be equal with them on power. Having received his memories from that universe as well as his ability to use Chinese magic, he has come to oppose the evil deities of the House of Demons and Ghosts.
You're a cop. I'm an undercover cop; The rules are different


    Dr. Angus Bumby 
Dr. Angus Bumby, God of Unstable Psychologists (The Dollmaker, Engineer and Conductor of The Infernal Train)
The Dollmaker 
  • Demigod (Regularly), Intermediate God (As The Dollmaker)
  • Symbol: Shining Glasses over a cracking doll head and The Infernal Train
  • Theme Song: Dr. Bumby (Regularly), Pulling Strings (As The Doll Maker), The Dollmaker, The Puppet Master (In Battle)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Blue-and-Orange Morality, What He Claims he is doing for the good of The Public, Turns his "Patients" into mindless Slaves for profit, Psychologically stripping kids down into mindless dolls. For "good" and profit, His Doll Maker form never loses his complete, unsettling calm
  • Domains: Psychology, Memory Wiping, Viciousness, Manipulation, Control, Brainwashing, Strings, Doll Making
  • Followers: Professor Frank, Dr. Harlan Fontaine
  • Allies: Hoyt Volker, Mr. Scratch, Ludwig Von Tokkentakker, David Zappa, Kun Lan, Skull Face, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Gideon Graves, Hugo Strange
  • Enemies: Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Alan Wake, Mondo Zappa
  • Opposed by: Fraiser Crane
  • At first glance he was simply a Psychologist trying to help Alice's darker side forget about her past and Wonderland, that was until something known as The Infernal Train tore through Wonderland to become a hellish landscape once more.
  • His work has been under threat by a more stable psychologist named Fraiser Crane. He even took Alice away from him as an insult to injury. The two now vie for influence in the industry.
  • It was later revealed that he is using his knowledge of the mind to mentally destroy the ones under his care to become "employees/ Dolls" to earn their keep by being forcing them into a certain type of "Service".
    • This has earned him an interest from The GUAE to break some of their younger enemies.
  • Hoyt usually give him some of his more disruptive "Products" so that he can make them more docile.
  • "Buck" also ganders more towards the Male "products" that Bumby has to offer and occasionally buys a few for himself.
  • Due to the stranger nature of the Pantheon and his "connection" to Alice, it allows him to tap into the Power of his Wonderland Avatar "The Doll Maker" and change into the stringed monstrosity.
  • This also allows him to use the "Infernal Train" slowly tearing through the Pantheon and turning into a Crapsack World through "The Ruin".
  • The Ruin has caught the eyes of Kun Lan and David so they can cultivate it and use it for themselves.
  • He has been willing to try and "treat" many in the Magical Girl Sisterhood, due to the Great Upheaval he has found that many are willing to forget the past. He has also discovered that many make great Dolls and that if need be The Doll Maker can deal with many witches.
  • Always seems to say a Nursery Rhyme when breaking those brought to him that he enforces into the mind of his "Dolls".
    The train is coming with its shiny cars
    With comfy seats and wheels of stars
    So hush my little ones, have no fear
    The man in the moon is the engineer

    April O'Neil 
April O'Neil, Goddess of Tagalong Reporters
Her 1987 continuity incarnation
Her Mirage continuity incarnation 
Her IDW continuity incarnation 
1990 film continuity incarnation 
Her 2007 film appearance 
Her 2003 continuity incarnation 
Her 2012 continuity incarnation 
Her Rise continuity incarnation 
Her Paramount continuity incarnation 
  • Demigoddess (Lesser Goddess for her 2012 incarnation and Intermediate Goddess for her Rise incarnation after fusing with Karai)
  • Symbol: The Channel 6 Icon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Music: April's Theme (2003), Rooftop Rumble (NASB2 vers.)
  • Portfolio: Tagalong Reporter, Cool Big Sis, Girl Next Door, Associated with the color yellow, The first human ally of the turtles, Tends to faint in shock when she first meets the turtles, Unfazed Everyman, Odd Friendship with Splinter, Either a Damsel in Distress or Becomes more capable over time
  • Domains: Reporters, Good, Girl Next Doors
  • Herald: Casey Jones
  • Allies: The Turtles, Splinter, Baron Draxum, Frank West, Lois Lane, Jade, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, The Masters of Spinjitzu, The Bat-Family, Spider-Man, Eddie Brock/Venom, Kipo Oak, Michiru Kagemori, Nazuna Hiwatashi, and Shirou Ogami, Beast Boy, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, and Ayane, Greninja, Elenore Baker, benevolent Senran Kagura deities, Mai Shinranui, benevolent Naruto deities, Bang Shishigami, J. Jonah Jameson, Black☆Star
  • Enemies: The Shredder, Louis Bloom, The Joker, Bane, Ra's al Ghul
  • Friendly Enemies: Bebop and Rocksteady
  • Fears: The Marked Ninja
  • Opposes: Aya Shameimaru
  • April O'Neil is one of the first humans to befriend the turtles, usually after being saved by them and having a rocky first impression of them due to the turtles being mutants and has since been one of their closest allies and companions. She could either be a Damsel in Distress, an emotional support, or become a fighter in her own right, but regardless she will always be at their side to help them when they need it. She's usually a reporter and an adult to make her a big sister figure to the turtles, but there have been cases of April being the turtles' age, making them closer as friends.
  • April was ascended into the Pantheon after the Courts did a background on multiple versions of her through TMNT multiverse. They agreed to have her represent the Tagalong Reporter trope after noticing how most versions of April tend to have the job of reporter. A version of April ascended to the Pantheon, having both her job as reporter as well as the Ninjutsu training she received to contribute to the Turtles' battle against evil. The Turtles eagerly welcomed April and she was given her own personal temple.
    • April was also happy to meet Master Splinter, who had trained her in Ninjutsu and also acted as an uncle figure to her. Her relationship with Baron Draxum was a bit complicated since he was previously enemies with her in another time, but since he became friends with that April, April was willing to become his friend, even going so far as to use the nickname her counterpart gave him, "Barry". When she crossed paths with Bebop and Rocksteady, April showed a particular friendly side towards them despite being enemies in most timelines due since they a nicer side at times, even to the point of reforming. The one figure from her universe that put her on-guard was the Shredder, the Arch-Enemy of both the Turtles and Master Splinter. No matter which universe she's in, the Shredder is always the biggest enemy to watch out for.
  • As a reporter most of the time, April spends most of her days talking with other reporters in the Hall of Jobs and Profession. She tends to hang out with Frank West and Lois Lane the most, Frank since he had also fought for his life against dangerous adversaries (in his case, zombies and psychopaths), and Lois Lane since April was once her High Priestess since they are also reporters who became close friends and allies with heroes. April became fast friends with Jade after hearing of how she took care of orphanage of children, since she tends to be a big sister figure to the turtles. April was conflicted about Jameson after hearing of how he antagonizes Spider-Man, getting annoyed with how he treats him as a menace no matter how much good he's done, but after learning about his change of heart, April has become a good ally to him.
    • Speaking of Spider-Man, April quickly became friends with the web-slinger after he learned about her ascension, having heard of her from the Turtles. April is willing to team-up with Spidey against several enemies, including those that directly threaten his loved ones. April was rather nervous around Venom at first due to his history of bad blood against Peter, but after hearing of how he's changed is willing to ally with him as well, though she's still unerved by Venom's hunger for brains.
    • Not all journalists seemed to have good graces with April, however. Of note are two other deities in this specific Hall (of Investigative Work), being tengu reporter Aya Shameimaru, and crime muckraker Louis Bloom, both of whom engaged in journalism practices far less moral than April’s. However, April would rather work with Aya instead of Louis, as at least with the tengu, she isn’t as devious and malicious with her headlines compared to whatever the fuck Louis has going on.
  • The Turtles have once crossed with the Power Rangers, with April even temporarily becoming the Pink Ranger, so April is naturally thrilled to see the Power Rangers in the Pantheon. The feeling is mutual, and they have invited April to come fight alongside them whenever they need her assitance. April is willing to accept at times, but prefers primarily to fight alongside her closest friends, only fighting as the Pink Ranger when the time to team-up with the Power Rangers comes.
  • The Turtles have worked alongside Batman, Robin, and Batgirl to fight against Ra's al Ghul and the Shredder, as well as the other members of Batman's Rogues Gallery after they were mutated by the mutagen. Naturally, April is honored to meet the Dark Knight and his disciples, and has joined forces with them on occasion. She has crossed paths with some of the villains the Turtles fought, such as Ra's al Ghul (who teamed up with the Shredder once), The Joker, Bane, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn (all of whom acted as a diversion to keep the Turtles and the Bat-Family's attention off of Ra's and the Shredder), and while there were some that earned her sympathy, there also those that became adversaries she was willing to fight for the sake of her friends.
  • April met the Masters of Spinjitzu in the Pantheon, showing surprise at their colored attire and their special powers. After they heard of how she was trained as a kunoichi and had Psychic Powers in one timeline, the Ninja thought she might have been that world's version of the Elemental Master of Mind, though they soon found out that wasn't the case. April tends to get along with Nya the most since they both started out as supporters for their friends before becoming more capable over time and started fighting on the front lines.
  • Got along with the likes of Kipo Oak, a mutant that could take an animal-like form. April was fond of Kipo after learning of how she strived to make peace between humans and mutes, something she hoped was possible between the Turtles and the outside world. April reminded Kipo of her human friends from her world, since she also supported mutated animals, and became great friends with her as a result. Kipo was glad that at least on some worlds, April's friends were finally able to co-exist with humans.
  • Michiru and Nazuna were former humans who were turned into Beastman, but they were able to not only able to save them from the Nyrvasyl Syndrome, but also from being driven to extinction by being turned into humans. April became a Cool Big Sis to the girls while showing how proud she was in their goal to establish peace. Shirou, while not exactly the most friendly to her since she's human, is still slowly accepting humans into his heart and is able to speak with her on cordial terms.
  • Beast Boy reminds April of Michelangelo due to his goofy nature as the clown to this friends. Because of this, she also acts as a supporting figure in his life, while allowing him to talk and hang out with Mikey during their spare time. She doesn't mind their antics, unlike Raphael, and is shown smiling at seeing how the two get along.
  • There were many ninjas in the Pantheon, though some aren't exactly known for being stealthy. April found it an honor to meet Ryu Hayabusa, one of the most famous ninja s of his world, while becoming good friends with Kasumi and Ayane. April sympathized with the two after hearing about what happened to their brother but was happy they got to reunite with him. She is tolerant of Black☆Star's antics to the point of considering him an ally, though she does get annoyed with his showboating tendencies to the point of forgetting stealth. She respects Bang Shinshigami and is saddened when she heard about his relationship with Litchi and Carl after they had gone their separate ways. April gets along well with Naruto and Asuka as well as their allies, even if they act more like supernatural fighters than ninja. April was happy that Naruto managed to earn his happy ending, and also shows approval for Asuka's tendency to find friends in other ninja clans. She is flabbergasted by Mai Shinranui's attire, noting that she would never be willing to show off so much skin, regardless of if it's used to hide how capable Mai is as a fighter.
    • April has heard of the Marked Ninja's exploits, mainly how he targets others from the shadows and how little is known about him. April notes that he is a lot more like a ninja than most shinobi in the Pantheon, usually assassinating his targets in covert ways, and that's what makes him so dangerous. April finds this Marked Ninja rather frightening and hopes she never has to cross his path.

    Carmen and Juni Cortez 
Carmen and Juni Cortez, Sibling Deities of Pre-Adult Superspies (Carmen: Carmen Elizabeth Juanita de Costa Echo Sky Brava Cortez | Juni: Juni Rocket Racer Rebel Cortez)
Left: Carmen, Right: Juni
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The OSS logo
  • Theme Song: Oye Como Spy
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Part of a Badass Family, Teen Superspies, Brother–Sister Team, Deadpan Snarkers On Occasion, Operatives of a Government Agency of Fiction, Telepathy
  • Domain(s): Pre-Adult, Secret Agents, Gadgets
  • Heralds: Their family (Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez, their parents, and Valentin and Helga Avellan, their maternal grandparents)
  • High Priest: Alex Fleming
  • Followers: Team White Pigeon (with the exception of Ange and Princess), Agent Cody Banks, Alex Rider, Nick Green, Princess Natasha
  • Allies: Isador "Machete" Cortez (their paternal uncle), Ange and Princess, Razputin Aquato, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Sam, Clover, and Alex, Kids Next Door Sector V, Zorro, Puss in Boots, Frodo Baggins, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Jenny Wakeman, Harry Potter
  • Rivals: Rouge the Bat
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Machines (especially XANA), Khan Noonien Singh, Nobuyuki Sugou, Lord Voldemort and the rest of the Death Eaters, Kevin
  • Fears: Michael Myers (Juni)
  • Oppose: Akihiko Kayaba, Goro Akechi (especially for Juni)
  • When it comes to underage superspies, there are several examples, but out of them all, by way of picking names from a grab bag, the Court of the Gods decided on the OSS Agents Carmen and Juni Cortez. Before you ask, the OSS they come from is a fictional spy agency, since the real one is a defunct organization that existed in the early 1940s and was a precursor to the CIA.
  • The first to greet the two was their uncle Machete, who was kind of happy to see them here. On one hand, there's family. On the other, they're now exposed to the dangers of the Pantheon as a whole. As a result however, he's resumed business as a gadget inventor, but only for the two Cortez kids, and the first thing he gifted them (among several other things) were another set of Machete Elastic Wonders (read:sturdy multi-purpose rubber bands).
  • Due to the… quality of the fourth film, these two are from prior to that. No one is to bring those up, and neither Carmen nor Juni (especially the latter) are proud of what's happened there.
  • Applies to both:
    • Are a big hit in the House of Childhood and Adolescence and all the non-evil kids in the House of Family.
      • They also have their eyes on Kevin McAllister, and plan on helping him become a Spy Kid just like them.
    • Thanks to their adventures in the Island of Lost Dreams, specifically a certain temple that removed all vocal audio, the two have gained telepathy powers, though it's only exclusive between the two, seems to have a very long range, and works even in a virtual world.
    • As secret agents, the Cortez siblings correspond with those of similar "careers" such as the WOOHP agents, KND Sector V, Raz, and Kim and Ron. In a similar vein, Team White Pidgeon can also be described as such, being spies in a Steampunk Victorian London. The siblings were glad to hear of the ascension of two of their most well-known members, Ange & Princess, and have teamed up with them to form their own intelligence-gathering network.
    • Plots that would negatively affect lots of children (be it robot replacements or mind control via video games) are a sore spot for them, given that they've had to stop such plot at least twice before.
      • Speaking of robots, because of the above, they naturally have particular reasons to oppose the Grand United Alliance of Machines, XANA most of all.
      • Of course, they know that not all robots are bad, which Jenny Wakeman quickly proved to them. And with her wide arsenal, she's proven to be a valuable ally.
    • They like Zorro not only for his sense of justice and how cool he is, but because he sometimes also looks like their father. And while it's only the voice that's familiar, the same sentiment also applies to Puss in Boots.
    • Don't like Khan due to not only his goals, but also because he looks like their Grandpa Valentin if he was younger.
    • Having been to an island full of genetically-modified animals (namely the mix-and-match kind), they've also checked out the sub-House of Genetic Engineering and have taken an interest in the world of Avatar (in addition to the bending arts).
    • They wondered why the Guy was much smaller than they remembered when they last met him. It turns out to just be Frodo, who's a more humble fellow, and is still grasping at the concept of advanced technology despite being in the Pantheon for far longer.
      • Less amusing was their run in with Kevin, especially after finding out just what he's done, and what he's continuing to do.
    • Having had to go through a video game to stop its creator from imposing his will on its players, it drew attention from the Sword Art Online deities, especially Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, who have been trapped inside a video game (and where death is just as real) by its creator Kayaba. Naturally, they oppose not only him, but Sugou as well since he's much worse. They also got acquainted with Neo and his Zion allies.
  • Exclusive to Carmen:
    • As newcomers to their current craft who quickly excelled at it, and are always taking care of the brother figures in their lives, Carmen gets along quite well with Hermione.
    • Found a kindred spirit in Helen Graham, who had similarly attempted to mend the ways of a man that she likes before eventually realizing it was pointless and ditching them. That said, Helen's husband Arthur Huntingdon died due to his alcoholism sometime after Helen left him, much to her relief, whereas Gary Giggles actually did change for the better after Carmen stopped chasing him.
  • Exclusive to Juni:
    • Has two "pets" in the form of a beetle-shaped Robot Buddy named Ralph and a little "spider-monkey" from one of his friends Dr. Romero.
    • Given the apparent corruption in the OSS's agents, some can see why Juni decided to leave at the end of the Ukata Assignment.
    • On occasion, Juni returns to his non-Agent career in being a private detective, and he's encountered other youths in the same line of work. As such, he's gotten to know others in this line of work such as Kirigiri, Detective Conan, the Milky Holmes group, etc. He also heard of the Detective Prince as well as her "Successor" and knows not to trust the latter given his deeds.
    • Given they're both insecure redheads who often don't have the best of luck, and must learn to outgrow their fears and feelings of worthlessness to become better, Juni hit it off really well with Ron, and sympathizes with how "disliked" he is.
    • For reasons he can't understand, he's frightened of Michael Myers, and not just because he's a nigh-unstoppable serial killer. Myers for his part sometimes takes the time to pursue the Spy Kid when the opportunity arises.
  • They can also be found in the Hall of Teenagers.

    Conan Edogawa 

The Culprit: Who are you?

I'm Conan Edogawa, a detective.

Shinichi Kudo, The Divine Mystery Magnet (Conan Edogawa, Conan-kun, Shinichi-niichan, Shin-chan, Kurou-kun, Kinichi, Jimmy Kudo, Cool Guy, Silver Bullet, Glasses Kid, Holmes' Apprentice, Tantei-kun, Kuroshiro-kun, Heisei Holmes, Detective Geek, Detective Of The East, Saviour Of The Japanese Police Force, The Wizard, KID Killer, Shinigami Conan, Shinigami Kudo, Sleeping Kogoro's Bag Of Wisdom, Arthur Hirai)
Click here to see Shinichi 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Iconic Outfit, a blue suit with voice-changing bowtie, and any other gadgets Professor Agasa created for him, such as his glasses with bulletproof and telescopic lenses, stun-gun wristwatch and the Detective Boys badgealso 
  • Theme Song: Any of these, but these are only the first 40
  • Leitmotif: "Detective Conan Main Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Brainpower, Crime, Detectives, Drugs, Identity, Innocence, Investigation, Morality, Murder, Tranquilizing, Youth
  • Portfolio: Wherever He Goes, A Murder Happens, The Ace, Amateur Sleuth, Dresses In a Snazzy Blue Suit and Bowtie, In Love With Ran Since Childhood, CANNOT Sing, Shrunk Down Into the Body of a Seven-Year-Old, Insufferable Genius, Born Detective in the Body of a Child, Masquerades as Conan To Hide From an Evil Organization, Teen Genius, Wise Beyond His Years
  • Heralds: Heiji Hattori (his Friendly Rival) and by extension his 'best friend' Kazuha, Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo (his parents), the Detective Boys (Ayumi Yoshida, Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya) come on occasion
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: The Doctor, the Dai-Gurren Brigade (especially Yoko Littner), the Milky Holmes
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang
  • Worthy Opponent: Kaito Kid
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: L, Near, Principal Krupp/Captain Underpants, any Neutral or ambiguously good heroes
  • Enemies:
  • Friendly Enemies: Vito and Michael Corleone
  • Admires: Sherlock Holmes (his idol), Captain America, Superman, Tatsuya Yuuki/Meijin Kawaguchi III
  • Opposes: Well-meaning criminals and pirates like Jack Sparrow or master thieves like Arsène Lupin, Carmen Sandiego, Catwoman and the Phantom Thieves, as well as Inspector Javert, Amanda Waller and Nick Fury
  • Opposed by: Those who hate being tranquilized or hate being one-upped by people younger than them
  • Pities: Jean Valjean, Killua Zoldyck
  • Fears: Ryuk
  • Wary Of: Oddly enough, Jane Marple
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kurapika
  • Uneasy Relations: Rei Furuya/Bourbon
  • Complicated Relationship with: The Men In Black, Conan the Barbarian
  • A renowned teenage detective, Shinichi Kudo was nicknamed the 'Heisei Holmes' by the press for his ability to solve cases that the police couldn't crack. He was in good with the police and all the girls wanted him! Life was good. However, a trip to the Tropical Land amusement park with his close friend Ran would cause his life to take a dramatic left turn. After solving a murder on a roller-coaster, Shinichi saw a mysterious man in black extorting money from a businessman. He was promptly knocked out from behind and force-fed a poison designed to leave no traces behind. Instead, it shrunk him down into a six-year old boy. He realised that he had to keep his identity secret lest the men in black return and finish him off for good. Conan came with his alias using the mystery author names Arthur Conan Doyle and Ranpo Edogawa, took up residence with Ran in her father Kogoro's detective agency and the rest is history.
    • The reason why Conan himself hasn't gained the Organization's attention is because he uses Kogoro in hopes that he will find a case involving the Organization so he can expose its crimes and acquire an antidote that will turn him back to normal. When he discovers who the culprit is, he uses his wrist-watch tranquillizer needle gun and a voice-altering bowtie to knock him out 'speak' as Kogoro. Hence, the legend of 'Sleeping Kogoro' was born, a hidden persona of Kogoro that manifests whenever he passes out from stress.
  • Professor Agasa received a letter instructing Conan to report to the Janus Checkpoints the following noon for ascension. Believing it was some besotted fanboy asking to meet Shinichi, Conan went with Heiji Hattori, who happened to be in Tokyo at the time as per the directions on the letter. They were admitted into the Pantheon rapidly under the trope Mystery Magnet with Heiji inadvertently being saddled as Conan's herald (initially).
  • He was ascended under this trope because wherever he goes, be it a party, a camping trip, or a visit to Osaka, there's a case to solve, usually accompanied by a dead body (or several). Every time. Many superstitious parent deities are wary of having their children around him, should something bad happen to them as well.
  • In the beginning, Conan's temple was a small detective's office with an adjoining playroom with small tools to match for him to conduct investigations. When Ai Haibara, a close friend of his and formerly a scientist for the Black Organization and Ran ascended, he was relieved that he was no longer alone. With Ran's herald being Kogoro, Conan's temple was renovated to look identical to the Mouri Detective Agency, Café Poirot and all, and the Sleeping Kogoro was back in business!
  • Considering Shinichi is in love with Ran, her status as his guardian and honorary big sister makes things very awkward for him: seeing her undress, bathing with her... Many snigger at how he nose-bleeds at the sight of it. Some deities keep pushing him to progress their relationship, blaming the plot and all its unnecessary complications for getting in the way of it. Houki & Lingyin were at first displeased, not for the fact that he doesn't tell her the truth (they understand that he worries about her safety) but the fact that he realized his feelings for Ran for a long time and still did not confess to her in addition to bragging about how he was beloved by other girls. However, they let out a loud cheer when they learned that he spilled out his feelings to Ran during a case in London and the two are now "dating". Suffice to say, a lot of bickering ensued.
  • Haibara probably counts as Conan's closest friend besides Ran. Conan has tried persuading her to use the many other antidotes in the Pantheon to more swiftly concoct a permanent one, even suggesting other experts that can work with her. Haibara refused, insisting that she prefers work alone using her own methods and would do anything to keep Conan from stealing her prototype antidotes. She doesn't want him worsening the effects and resistance to her antidotes every single time he uses one, even if he uses the antidotes for "important emergencies". Despite this, Conan visits her temple regularly to ensure her safety and that she has companionship. When he was informed that fans were shipping them for their many similarities and clamouring for Ran's death, he wasn't happy.
    Conan: All of you barous, knock it off. If you have such opinions, keep them to yourself. We're Just Friends. Me and Haibara. (grudging acknowledgement) You can ship me and Ran all you want, because it is true. But stop this toxic behaviour.
  • With Shinichi as Japan's 'Detective Of The East', the Osakan born-and-bred Heiji is 'Detective Of The West'. They got off on the wrong foot (i.e. Heiji intentionally made Conan drunk in his first appearance) but have since grown to become close friends. Every time they have a battle of wits to crack a case, Shinichi just barely detects clues better than Heiji does. He's a bit pissed that he got saddled as Conan's herald just because he went with him for his ascension. Some deities have pointed one thing he excels at: he speaks the best English on record in the entire English-speaking cast, surpassing Conan and even Vermouth, who is supposed to be an American actress! Heiji teases Conan about it constantly.
    • If you're asking, yes, Conan can also speak perfect English. That doesn't make him any less annoyed when Western deities call him Jimmy instead of Conan. He knows that referring to him by his dub name is to distinguish him from another Conan in the Pantheon, but he doesn't get how anyone can mistake a Japanese kid detective for a barbarian.
  • Shuichi Akai, Hidemi Hondou and Rei Furuya are somewhat allies of his but he doesn't contact them often for fear of compromising their identities (and in the case of the latter two, his own). He occasionally meets Shuichi as Subaru in passing in the House of School. At Conan's behest, Shuichi is the head of the security detail around Haibara's temple. Not that she knows it exists. The two are prone to keeping secrets from each other to prevent each other from taking risks where the Organization is concerned. In the case of Rei, his status as the BO operative tasked to ascertain Shinichi's death poses a clear and present danger. As Kogoro's apprentice in his homeworld, he is in extremely close proximity to him and Haibara. Rei aims to turn Shuichi over to the Organization to earn higher ranks and get closer to the Boss, so it's not impossible that he would do the same with Conan if he knew his true identity.
    • Thankfully, since the Black Organization's official ascension, the Boss has made the decision to re-assign Bourbon from his current mission, so he's no longer as much of a danger.
  • Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo, Shinichi's biological parents, frequently baby him when no one else is around, poking fun at his new youthful state. They have given him the independence he needs to track down the Black Organization, only stepping in to drop minor hints. Yusaku currently publishes mystery novels in their homeworld while Yukiko is a retired actress and also a former friend and colleague of Sharon Vineyard aka Vermouth. If given the right amount, she may consent to signing on productions in the House of Theatre and Spectacle.
  • For all his talk that Shinichi is on a big case with Interpol overseas, Conan has proven notoriously bad at concealing his identity. The whiplash between overly cute kid and serious prodigy shows everyone that he has something to hide. Two people have tricked Conan into admitting it out loud! The only reason Conan has weathered this storm is through sheer dumb luck. A lot of deities in the Pantheon seem to know his secret, given the access to the entire repository of fictional material in the Pantheon. Conan's stance on the matter is simply not to tell anyone, and if they know, just acknowledge it briefly and let live. As for the case of his loved ones finding out (especially Ran) and getting put in danger simultaneously, a mandate has been set by the Court as follows:
    • Under no circumstances must law enforcement overly defer to Conan in front of others who do not know his identity and are from his homeworld, specifically his legal guardians, Kogoro and Ran. They must follow along with the 'Sleeping Kogoro' act and not interfere with it unless absolutely necessary.
    • All information regarding Conan's true identity, the Black Organization, or anything related to them in the Pantheon's databases or archives shall be blocked or rendered inaccessible to Detective Conan deities who are not in the know regarding the secret.
    • Most importantly, Ran cannot be informed of Conan's true identity and current situation unless she finds out for herself without outside assistance from someone who knows. If this is violated under any circumstances in which it could have been prevented or if another choice was available, she will be given the Brain Bleach and/or expelled from the Pantheon (politely) along with the offender (not so politely). These rules are rendered null and void if the full revelation is done in-story by Gosho Aoyama.
    • Many think this mandate is absolutely stupid, since it's likely that the Black Organization would have sent followers ahead. They think that there should be some sort of middle ground as to what she knows of Conan that will stay in the Pantheon and not follow back to her homeworld. In Conan's view, even if Death is Cheap in the Pantheon, he remains paranoid even if a lot of deities already know who he really is without ending up in the Organization's sights especially since far worse villains exist. Most fans are also worried about how Shinichi's 'constant absence on a foreign case with Interpol' drive Conan and Ran apart, citing this as evidence. For more insight, see below.
    • Conan knows that Ran isn't stupid, but the one time Ran got in direct conflict with an Organization member (Vermouth), she used her body to shield Haibara from sniper fire. Nevertheless, he knows he'll have to fess up at some point. And get totally screwed for the number of times he was a Peeping Tom without any choice in the matter. For now, this mandate will remain in place, though it can be re-negotiated at a later time pending further developments.
  • One of the first people Conan ever met after ascending happened to be outside the House of Jobs and Profession cleaning up mess an alien exploding at the entrance. The Doctor (Eleventh at the time of Conan's ascension) was fretting about how the fashion designers from the House of Personal Appearance ought to be more careful in checking their dummies before having them delivered to the first-floor shops (i.e. Autons). Out of curiosity, Conan asked what he was referring to, and they took to each other at once due to their eccentric fashion sensibilities and their love for investigation (the Doctor's idea of that is very different from Conan's).
  • The allies Conan cooperates with the most on record are the Japanese detectives in his own sub-house. Before Ran and Haibara ascended, he and Heiji would hang out in the Narumi Detective Agency. Shotaro as of late has become one of Conan's closest confidants. While a bit of a braggart and a playboy, Shotaro has been good at keeping things close to the chest. When Conan brought up the question of the ethics surrounding his secrecy and how it was enforcing distance between him and Ran, Shotaro brought up a very good point about his former boss:
    Shotaro: Sokichi Narumi was like a father to me. Ever since the incident with the Spider Dopant, he couldn't go near his daughter again, because if he did, she would die. It was love that kept him away. He was always The Stoic, going about his life as per usual. Hard-boiled style. If he couldn't see his daughter, he would protect her world. Even if he couldn't be with her, Kamen Rider Skull would always be there for her.
    Conan: What about his death? (beat) Sorry.
    Shotaro: We rescued Philip. He died protecting him. He never got to see Akiko again. When she came to Futo, I couldn't tell her. That would an be an insult to the boss. I'm kind of glad Philip revealed it, but I told myself at the time that her finding out her father had died after so long would be too much. At least she actually acted like a woman for once when she found out... (weak laughter) Listen, Conan-kun. If you want to tell her, I'm not stopping you. You've chosen your path. You could have just gone with your parents to America, but you chose to stay and watch over her. Ultimately, you decide what's best. Ran wouldn't have lost faith in you if she knew you had a very good reason to disappear.
  • Conan respects Naoto Shirogane's skill as a detective, for being another teenage detective who can match his skill, and how she is continuing the Shirogane family line of detectives, which is something he respects. He feels bad for her situation for cross-dressing as a boy because of sexism in the police force and that being a teenager would make people ignore her. He is glad to hear that she started to express her femininity more often and became much more open to others. The two often discuss their favorite mystery literature as they read the genre growing up and try to recommend to each other similar books of the genre that they think they should have read. At Conan's urging, she has begun reading his father's mystery novels.
  • He was reduced to a babbling mess when he met Sherlock Holmes at a book-signing event in the House of Knowledge. The detective, pleased at having such an avid fanboy with a strong conviction against crime, invited him to his temple for some tea. A common topic of discussion is their proclivities to vanity and being full of themselves all the time. Conan was pleasantly surprised that a pair of mice named Basil and Dawson lived in his apartment and have similar characteristics. Dr. Watson, having had several run-ins with Vodka, has provided some insight to Conan which has proven invaluable. Doesn't know what to think about Sherlock's granddaughter Sherry and her friends the Milky Holmes. While he respects their abilities, he doesn't like how goofy they are when on their job.
  • Thought at first that Hercule Poirot's temple is the coffee shop in his world (before Ran's ascension) and decided to pay a visit to meet some of his non-ascended friends. Upon meeting Hercule Poirot in person, Conan was very excited and cited him as one of his favourite fictional characters. Has more recently become a sort of mentor to Conan, joining him in his fireside talks with Holmes. Psychology and the human element is Poirot's forte, and he is trying to get Conan to balance the logical side of investigation with sympathy and emotion.
    • Conan has a very big problem with this. His stance on murder is that no matter the reason or motive behind it, it is still wrong. As such, he treats any and all murder as blasphemous and is seemingly unsympathetic towards murderers. Having had cases where the criminal behind the murder was Driven to Suicide, Conan has made it his mission to prevent that from ever happening again. He believes that a detective who has cornered a killer and just lets him kill himself is no better than a murderer.
    • He's analyzed some of the Pantheon's worst offenders and agrees that his methods do not work on most of them. While Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger are par for the course, he has never met a killer on a level as extreme as Johan Liebert. A man who takes an odd sense of gratification from making people relive their worst traumas to drive them to suicide or turn them into 'monsters' like himself. He is especially proud of Kenzo Tenma for his fervent belief in all life being equal as compared to Johan's All Are Equal in Death philosophy, and his determination to bring Johan to justice instead of snapping and killing him. Knowing how good Johan is at being charismatic and personable, he makes sure that any of his friends who aren't aware of him stay away.
    • Conan has other choice words for the many other serial killers in the Pantheon, but that would take eons to run down...
  • He might also be wary of Jane Marple since he once fought an expy of her who turned out to be the culprit for that case.
  • He opposes every crime lord or mogul in the Pantheon. Is a bit more understanding of the Affably Evil Corleones who insist that their illegal operations and family lives are entirely separate. He, Ran, and Kogoro even had a meal in the Corleone turf in the House of Crime and Transgressions. Outside of their criminal enterprise, Conan is cool with people like them.
  • Has never met Gandalf, but has taken his words to heart whenever he gets mad at the atrocities of other villains that are beyond redemption:
    Gandalf: Pity? It's a pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play in it, for good or evil, before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many.
  • When he first ascended, Conan immediately investigated when heard about an organization called "The Men In Black" thinking they were the same ones that shrunk him. Not much is known about this investigation since all he remembers is waking up in his temple after someone asked him to look ahead into a flashlight... When approached for comment, Agent J suggested that it wasn't so much as him seeing the aliens (there's no need to neuralyze anyone in this absolute pile of bonkers), it was more of a case of getting him out of the facility as he was causing too much of a ruckus asking the scientific branch for an antidote.
    Agent J: He might be some teen in a kid's body, but that doesn't mean he wasn't immature, looking around everywhere as if there was a miracle serum that would change him back. Had a good long talk with him though, interesting guy. If I do run into him again, I'm actually looking forward to working with him.
  • On a routine visit to Ai Haibara's temple, she suddenly began cowering for no reason. When he realised this was this the symptom of her Black Organization senses, he scrambled all current cases he was looking into and questioned the Inspector for details. Discovering that the entire Black Organization had ascended for real, he immediately contacted James Black, the head of the FBI agents investigating the Organization (as Shinichi, obviously) to see if there had been any erratic movements by them lately. Sure enough, his fears were proven right. Worse, the Organization's ascension was brought on by them receiving concrete proof that Haibara (aka Sherry) was alive and well from ousted Chief Justice Johnson of the Big Five. Since then, Conan has upped his game to solve higher-grade crimes such as mid-level genocide to make sure the Black Organization doesn't get its grubby little fingers into every facet of life in the Pantheon.
    • Since Vermouth knows Conan's identity, she is at full liberty to ruin Conan's ruse right then and there, but she doesn't. The reasons as to why are still ambiguous. He hopes that she doesn't renege on her silent vow to stay away from him and Ran for saving her in that New York case. He can't do much to have her avoid Haibara though, because for some reason, Vermouth harbours irrational hatred towards her...
  • Conan despises Chrollo Lucilfer and his heralds the Phantom Troupe as their one of the most dangerous criminals in their world. They do have an excuse on why they murder people that aren't part of their group, people don't care about the city they live in because it's a literal garbage dump that they decided that if people don't care about them, why not murder them? In fact, murder is so routine for them that they don't even bother to remember the name of their victims, just like Gin. The members do love each other like a family and if one of them died, they will be replaced but they will avenge them for that. As Gon states, if they mourn and knew what it's like to lose someone especially if you consider them as family, why not murder the rest of the world who express the same feelings as them? It doesn't help that one of the members, Feitan has the same voice when Conan is Shinichi.
    • As a result, he has fallen in with Kurapika, another criminal hunter who he literally kicked in the head with a football while he was pursuing one of the Troupe. Kurapika has warned him of serial killer Hisoka, a deviant murdersexual who slaughters anyone who is boring or weak in his eyes. Let's not go further into that... Also pities Killua Zoldyck for being trained as an assassin from young and not coming out too great.
  • Unlike most detectives, he has a good working relationship with the law enforcement due to his form as a kid making it easier for him to collect clues and allowing him to get into their good graces easier. The law enforcement deities in the Pantheon have far more drama than the homicide division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
    • Jim Gordon already trusts the Dark Knight, a hero who he knows nothing about, and applies this same principle to Conan. He (usually) answers Conan's inquisitive queries with honesty, listening to and trusting in his judgement unless the aforementioned mandate comes into play. Conan doesn't like how corrupt Gordon's police department is, but he has to live with it. It's Gotham.
    • Soichiro Yagami is a bit more bristly at having to listen to a kid, but that's mostly brought on by him being tricked into trusting his own son who turned to be Kira all along. When L and Near meet him, they expect him to appear as Shinichi for...reasons. Shinichi himself isn't a fan of them prolonging cases for their own enjoyment, not to mention using barely legal methods to catch their quarry. That said, Light Yagami makes working with them the Lesser of Two Evils. In his opinion, Light is using the excuse of eliminating crime to assert his power over humanity. On a more humorous note, Ryuk once paid a visit to Conan in bed, asking for apples. Being awakened by a literal demigod of death made Conan wet himself.
    • Wasn't very pleased with John Hartigan for castrating a serial rapist not once but twice. This was before he read the Sin City comic book. Once he did, he realized that in such a hellhole of corruption and sadism, there was nothing else he could have done. The same goes for his suicide, seeing as that was the only way Hartigan could save Nancy from the wrath of Senator Roark who thrives on keeping his victims alive for keeps. The Roarks laughed themselves silly at the predicament Conan is in, with Roark Junior promising to 'pay that girl of his a visit'.
    • Is very interested in seeing the Sibyl System taken down for targeting latent criminals that haven't committed any crimes yet, since by definition they're still innocent people who may just be suffering from intense stress or depression. Liaises with Inspector Akane Tsunemori and Enforcer Shinya Kogami to bring about its demise.
    • A more recent addition to this retinue is FBI Agent Norman Jayden. He barely managed to escape unscathed when he discovered one of the Black Organization's Triptocaine warehouses, thanks to Shuichi Akai. Shinichi later approached him so they can get to the bottom of this and put an end to their operations. He fears that they may be using the Triptocaine to either fuel ARI equipment or supplement a new, experimental version of APTX 4869. Norman has kept in contact with Conan ever since, helping him whenever trouble arises.
  • While not ascended themselves, Conan is highly amused at the detective 'not-twins' Thomson and Thompson, especially their habit of finishing each other's sentences. Tintin's crowd is basically Conan's, same, same but different. Tintin has a very similar Black-and-White Morality-esque outlook on crime, and Captain Haddock is a bumbling buffoon of a drunkard like Kogoro is. The Captain, good fellow, invited Kogoro and company to a banquet at Marlinspike Hall with the rich clientele of the Pantheon. Conan was asked to sing by Bianca Castafiore, the Milanese Nightingale and constant pain in the Captain's neck. What she didn't know is that Conan cannot sing on key even in the slightest and is accused of being tone deaf, so it was a very painful five minutes. When Castafiore excused herself, Haddock guffawed at her getting a taste of her own medicine. She was found unconscious a few minutes later. She had been bludgeoned with a bottle of the Captain's Loch Lomond. After she was rushed to the House of Health and Diseases, a mass investigation of the house was taken. No fingerprints or biological samples were on the bottle, but a pair of small wet gloves was found.
    • Resolution: 'Sleeping Kogoro' used the marks left on a concrete pillar and the culprit's wet gloves to determine that Stewie Griffin, who was brought to the party by an unknown person, overdosed on Loch Lomond without anyone noticing, drenching his gloves and wandering off. Bianca had gone to use the restroom when she encountered a delirious Stewie ranting about his alleged sexuality to her. Stewie had thrown the bottle of Loch Lomond he was carrying on his person at her but it missed and hit the nearby pillar. The resultant shards scraped her head just above the ear and knocked her unconscious. No fingerprints were found because Stewie was wearing the gloves but had taken them off in paranoia of being convicted for murder. Stewie was absolved of all responsibility when Jolyon Wagg, the annoying insurance agent from Rock Bottom Insurance was revealed to have brought Stewie. Mr. Wagg was amused by Stewie's laser gun and darkly comedic dialogue and offered him an invitation thinking he was a dwarf. In the end, Jolyon was given a hefty fine by the 77th Precinct and a good scolding from Haddock and Tintin for bringing a minor to a grown-up's party (seeming to forget that Conan is physically a six or seven-year old). Don't worry, Lady Castafiore came out fine, if a bit ruffled.
  • If Conan had to pick one Pantheon deity of a similar age group that is most similar to him, he would pick Dipper Pines. Both enjoy reading mystery novels, are extremely into solving mysteries, have tangled love lives, and act like Insufferable Geniuses with their extra intelligence. When Dipper ascended, both of them met at yet another book-signing by Holmes. Enthused by Conan's intelligence which was unlike any other young kid he had met (keep in mind Dipper is thirteen years old),
  • Doesn't think too highly of George and Harold for their pranks but acknowledges that they need to light up their lives. The adults in their world are all selfish Jerkasses after all, especially their Principal. Also not a fan of how they hypnotized Mr. Krupp into thinking he was Captain Underpants, which backfired really badly. Doesn't stop him and the Detective Boys from suggesting ideas for their comics though.
  • Kiki was very surprised upon meeting him due to the fact that he sounds really similar to her while Conan is surprised that Kiki sounded like an actress he met on a case. Nevertheless, they bonded over their bizarre methods of transportation (Conan uses a turbocharged skateboard, but a motorized broom is a bit too much for him).
  • Conan has taken it upon himself to familiarize himself with the Gunpla Battle System since Plavsky Particles are likely a target of the Organization. He attends Sei and Reiji's Gunpla classes in the House of Craft, specifically building a custom MS-06E Zaku Reconnaisance Type with in-house Plavsky Particle backpack which he uses as a drone to spy out BO operations. So far he's only gotten warnings from sensitive temple owners.
  • Conan first met Kaito Kid on his heist on a cruise ship to steal the Black Star Gem, at least a year after bearing witness to him supposedly trying to 'steal' a clock tower as Shinichi. Even though he wasn't that surprised to hear about Conan being in the Pantheon considering that they have crossed paths a number of times in the past, Kaito finds the detective to be a worthy adversary given the skills established by such (and Conan has acknowledged Kaito's own skills). That said, they're pretty amicable with each other even if they're trying to outwit each other. Conan has at times stopped all investigations on a case when he hears that Kaito Kid has sent out one of his many advance notices. Most notably, he was the one who gave the Pantheon's law enforcement information on Kaito Kid after the ordeal with the Chaos Emeralds.
    • Many other thieves of his kind exist in the Pantheon, and Conan has opinions on most of them. He accepts that the Phantom Thieves are more accurately vigilantes rather than criminals, and Thou Shall Not Kill being their absolute rule, is willing to let them get away with their heists for the sake of curbing corruption. Their targets are basically “untouchable” due to law enforcement being unable or unwilling to take them down. It is ironic that they and Conan share a common motive of upholding justice and protecting the innocent (one of them being the daughter of a slain police officer).
    • Catwoman steals to re-distribute wealth to the poor, just like Robin Hood, so while Conan isn't on board with her rebellious streak, he looks the other way. Also hopeful that her marriage with Batman will still happen and that he gets to be a guest at the reception (with Kogoro). Batman for his part distances himself from the kid detective for fear of getting his loved ones in danger from his comparatively worse rogues gallery. He doubts that Conan will be able to handle the same horrors that Jim Gordon experienced at the hands of the Joker, which was intended to shatter Gordon's sanity and prove that 'one bad day' can turn the sanest man alive to lunacy.
  • Conan has a personal beef with the whole Status Quo Is God thing giving him scripted immunity from nearly everything the plot has to throw at him. It has its benefits, such as magically wiping all knowledge of his involvement in solving Kaito Kid's heists in the newspapers and having every Organization member who knows his identity being Ambiguously Evil or a mole in the ranks. It also has its weaknesses such as rendering every antidote for APTX 4869 in the Pantheon he has tried useless, since the narrative requires him to remain in his current body until the endgame comes.
  • In conclusion, being shrunk into a child has given Shinichi a new perspective on crime and punishment, the many lessons we see above. It will only grow as he meets new and more diverse villains in the Pantheon, from the Lawful Evil Knight Templars to the Chaotic Evil psychopaths. He hopes that this journey keeps going, even after he returns to normal, and then some!
  • "There can only be one truth!"

    Frasier Crane 
Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane, God of Psychologists
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Space Needle
  • Theme Song: Frasier Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Master of Freudian Psychology, Deadpan Snarker, Insufferable Genius Bad Liar, Camp Straight, Bunny Ears Psychiatrist, Sharp-Dressed Man, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Fan of Roussaeu,
  • Domains: Knowledge, Good, Psychology, Rune, Hubris
  • Followers: Ashley Kafka, Sean, Susan Stillman, Stanley Keyworth, Edward Roivas, Dr. Corraine, Dr. Bliss
  • Heralds: Dr. Niles Crane (his brother), Martin Crane (his father), Eddie (Martin's pet dog), Daphne Moon (Martin's caretaker and Niles's wife), Rosalinda "Roz" Doyle (his radio producer and close friend)
  • Allies: Sigmund Freud, Amy Rose, Adrian Monk, Josiah Bartlet, Hawkeye Pierce, Shinji Ikari, Takuto Maruki
  • Rivals: Sheldon Cooper
  • Special Relationship: Sam Malone and Diane Chambers
  • Fears: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Opposes: Dr. Angus Bumby, Barney Stinson, Hannibal Lecter, Sideshow Bob, Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Red Forman
  • Pities: Koichi Zenigata
  • There has been a surprisingly lack of psychiatrists in the Pantheon. That can be blamed on the fact that main characters had no need for therapists. That changed when a well-dressed man entered the Pantheon with a suitcase. Frasier Crane hopes to bring his services into the Pantheon mixed with a bit of his infamous dry humor.
  • One of the biggest reasons for ascending was to meet his idol: Sigmund Freud. Many geniuses have discredit a lot of his work, but Frasier remains a true believer, even applying for the role of high priest when a mortal
  • Things were tense when Sam and Frasier eventually met face to face. It was little wonder that Sam was on edge during the meeting, as Sam was responsible for his breakup with Diane. Frasier merely stated that he has made peace with that mistake, though he laments about having to deal with the two of them continue to deny their love for each other. It's safe to say that he will not become their therapist to sort things through.
  • He is not afraid to flout his Ivy League education. When Sheldon Cooper wanted to join in, Frasier questioned why Sheldon has yet to reveal the colleges he went to. Until then, he cannot complement him on his studies. The Californian took offense to that remark, stating that he is far smarter than the therapist at nearly every subject matter. That got Frasier to state Sheldon's relationship issues, which got the other man running.
  • While he admits that Barney is more clever than warranted, Frasier can't help but believe the man to be nothing more than a Paper Tiger gentleman in a suit. Barney proceeded to torment the therapist with a string of pranks until Frasier retracted the comment.
  • Before Crane, some psychiatrists tried their luck following Dr. Angus Bumby... only to discover that he was using their negative aspects to his benefit. One of the first things Frasier did was to discredit Bumby and draw good-aligned people to him. A confrontation between the two seems to be inevitable.
  • It was Bumby that scared Shinji Ikari out of seeking a therapist in the first place. Now that there is a proper god of the profession, he hopes that Dr. Crane can help prevent him from bringing an end to the Pantheon.
  • Made his best effort not to associate him with another psychiatrist named Dr. Crane. Only this one, Dr. Jonathan Crane, specializes in inducing fear inducing insanity with his infamous fear toxin. Frasier has since vetted potential followers to root out any Psycho Psychologists. Batman has begun to observe the man regardless.
    • As it seems to be a theme with him, the X-Men also confused him with another character. This time they claim his avatar looks like Henry McCoy, aka the Beast. This man also happens to work in the medical field. Frasier has wondered what was with all these coincidences.
    • It must have been a surprise to him when a woman calling herself Dr. Harleen Quinzel paid him a visit, wanting to do an examination on him. She revealed a lot of pent up anger, especially towards his dad Martin who never approved of what he became of. While she was a good psychiatrist, she asked for a whole lot of money courtesy of a gun to his face. It was only when he reported the robbery to Batman that he found out he was robbed by Harley Quinn, yet another psychiatrist he will have to blacklist.
  • It seems to be a running theme, as he has also distanced himself from Sideshow Bob. Made more difficult by the fact that both his brother and his father also sound like his avatar. Surprisingly enough, Bob offered to voice his grievances. After 30 minutes in his office, Bob left the scene, leaving the psychiatrist blanche faced. He wouldn't dare say all the evil things Bob told him.
  • Speaking of fathers, he holds a resentment of Red Forman due to being associated with his own father Martin. Made worse by Forman stating how wimpy of a work psychology is, much like Frasier's father.
  • It may not look as such given his personality, but Frasier is a firm believer in the idea that all men are capable of good in their heart. He was intrigued about the person currently holding the position: Amy Rose. He offered to help her deal with the crush with Sonic, namely not to overdo it as to scare him away.
  • Agreed to take up Adrian Monk as his psychiatrist in the Pantheon. The detective may well be his most puzzling yet. With so many disorders to tackle, Frasier is sure to have his hands full in dealing with them. For his part, Monk has done a better job taking care of his life compared to the beginning.
  • Former president Bartlet thanked Frasier for bringing one of his followers to handle Josh's PTSD and doing a pretty good job at it.
  • Hawkeye Pierce may not take a liking to Frasier himself, but he is glad to finally have someone to represent psychiatrists. Why? Because one of his followers is his good friend Sidney Freedman, who helped him overcome his sleepwalking habits. Hawkeye figured the two would have been great friends given Sidney was also a firm believer of Freud.
  • One of his top goals has been to have a talk with Hannibal Lecter. Fearsome reputation aside, Frasier hopes to find a way through that corrupted mind of his. Of course, he would have to go through many of his colleagues to do so as they did not want to see him die. Even Sam Malone pleaded with him not to take the challenge.
  • Misgivings with his father aside, he can admit he did a good job as a police officer. Which broke his heart when he found out the patron of such cops is the bumbling Koichi Zenigata. Nevertheless, he tries his best to help the inspector do a better job at his work.
  • Can't help but wonder if anyone in the House of Love has cursed him with a disastrous love life. It seems as if all of his relationships are doomed to fail. No one in that house has claimed responsibility, though a few have decided to help him out.

    Gracie Hart 
Agent Gracie Hart, Goddess of Undercover Models (Miss New Jersey, Gracie Lou Freebush, Miss Congeniality)

    Harriet M. Welsch 
Harriet M. Welsch, Goddess of Snooping Children (Harriet the Spy)
Harriet as depicted in the movie (top) and the book (bottom)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her private notebook
  • Theme Song: “The Secretive Life”
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Break the Haughty, Brutal Honesty (which is her Fatal Flaw), Deadpan Snarker, Free-Range Children, Humiliation Conga, It's Personal, Enacting Revenge on the meaner classmates bullying her, No Sympathy (after her notebook is read), Purely Aesthetic Glasses (though not in the movie adaptation), Writes down everything on her Secret Diary, Loves tomato-and-mayonnaise sandwiches and egg creams, Eventually getting her friends, her notebook, and her privacy back at the end
  • Domains: Children, Spying, Writing, Notebooks
  • High Priestess: Penny Gadget
  • Heralds: Janie Gibbs, Simon “Sport” Rocque, Beth Ellen Hansen
  • Allies: The Mystery Gang, Maxwell, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Inspector Gadget, Mary Poppins, Buffy Summers, Jo March, Clark Kent/Superman, Richard Castle, Lois Lane, L.B. Jefferies, Nancy Drew
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, Libby Chessler
  • Opposed by: Dr. Eggman
  • Harriet M. Welsch is a precocious eleven-year-old who wanted to be a writer when she grows up. As encouraged by her nanny Ole Golly, she follows a “spy route” every day after school where she slinks around people’s homes and workplaces and takes detailed notes in her composition book. One thing about her, though, is that she’s extremely secretive about the contents of her notebook. However, when her nanny leaves and her notebook is discovered, Harriet is forced to deal with major challenges to her formerly organized life.
  • She ended up encountering other people who also possess a notebook. She is good friends with Maxwell. She finds it amusing that Maxwell’s notebook can summon almost anything by writing into it, something that she isn’t used to in her world.
    • On the other hand, she was horrified with Light Yagami and his very dangerous notebook.
  • Libby Chessler is interested in Harriet’s notebook and wanted to use it against her. Harriet, knowing what happened the last time someone else read her notebook, didn’t take it well and she finds her to be a lot worse than Marion Hawthorne. She also doesn’t get why Dr. Eggman would accuse her for “snooping as usual, I see.”
  • Loves tomato-and-mayonnaise sandwiches, which she eats every day. Sometimes during her spy routes, she would also stop by the House of Food for a chocolate egg cream.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders can relate to Harriet’s situation as it reminded them of the time that they once told secrets in Ponyville, which resulted in them being shunned by their peers.
  • She was once visited by Inspector Gadget, who was grateful to see his niece Penny serving as her high priestess. The two are on good terms, although Harriet finds Gadget to be a little clumsy at times.
  • Sometimes hangs out with L.B. Jefferies due to their knack for spying on their neighbors. Occasionally helps out the Mystery Gang and Nancy Drew on their cases as well.
  • Seen in the company of Clark Kent and his wife Lois Lane as they respect the girl for her writing ambitions, as do Jo March and Richard Castle.
  • Harriet has also taken a liking for Mary Poppins due to her being an eccentric, whimsical nanny like her nanny Ole Golly.
  • One time, she was encountered by Buffy Summers because the latter thought she was her sister Dawn. After the confusion between the two was cleared, the two appear to get along well, though she’s concerned that Harriet gets attacked a lot like Dawn was.

    Jade (Beyond Good & Evil
Jade, Goddess of Intrepid Reporters (Shauni, Miss Thyrus)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A camera shutter
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Intrepid Reporter, Voice of the Resistance, Truth Seeker, Never Giving In, Not What She Appears to Be, Being Easily Persuaded
  • Domains: News, Stealth
  • Allies: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson
  • Rival: Aya Shameimaru
  • Followers: Ulala, Sarah Jane Smith, Kinue Crossroad, William De Worde, Irene Ellet-Koller, Kazumi Asakura, Chisato Madison, Ichiko Ohya
  • Ascended after forcibly beating pretenders Buck Williams and Rita Skeeter back in combat, armed with only a stick. With her followers, she produces the major Trope Pantheon newsletter, keeping the members of the house informed on the goings-on between the houses, and helps try and track what's happening in the Council of Shadows.
  • Despite belonging to the house of Knowledge, her supernatural abilities actually lie within the House of Life and Vitality. While she visits this house on occasion, she has yet to fully accept a place in that Pantheon. However, Jean Grey-Summers, Goddess of Rebirth, has her eye on this one...
  • Has a long-standing feud with Sally Floyd, who coveted this position but, thanks to her Head Trauma-Inducing Stupidity, was forced to accept a much lesser calling.
  • Was once challenged in position by Kinue Crossroad. Jade waited for her to come, but she never came. Later she found out that she really couldn't come because she ran into Ali Al-Saachez and got killed. In cooperation with the Pantheon of Life And Death, Jade allowed her soul to follow her.
  • She's started to notice that someone named Gary Hobson tends to appear before something goes wrong in the pantheon and rescue people as if he knew what was about to happen, carrying a copy of her newspaper with him, but he's proven to be very illusive. She knows there's a good story there somewhere (but for the moment she doesn't realize just how good).
  • Not to be confused with Jade Curtiss.

    Leroy Jethro Gibbs 
Leroy Jethro Gibbs, God of Making Perps Sweat and the Dope Slap (Gunnery Sergeant Alvin Thomas, Leland Robert Spears)
  • Theme Song: NCIS theme
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His badge
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Broken Bird Cowboy Cop with a Last-Name Basis, Experienced Protagonist, Deadpan Snarker, The Comically Serious, Dented Iron, Born in the Wrong Century, Silver Fox, Terse Talker, Military Maverick, ultimately and Papa Wolf and A Father to His Men
  • Domains: War, Law, Good
  • Heralds: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard
  • Followers: All current and former loyal agents of his unit, Elliot Stabler
  • Allies: Abigail "Abby" Sciuto, Litchi Faye-Ling, Gil Grissom, Gregory House, Jack Bauer, Gene Hunt, Bright Noa, Perry Mason, Ryotaro Dojima, Nanako Dojima, Hidemi Hondou
  • Enemies: All terrorist organizations, Professor Moriarty, Hoyt Volker, Raul Menendez
  • Uneasy Relationship: Afro Samurai
  • The Pantheon is home of many deities renowned for their interrogation techniques. Yet no one has obtained such a massive following for it as Gibbs. His mortal lancer Tony in particular was responsible for hyping up his boss for being an unstoppable hunting machine. He stated that bad guys would rather confess than be interrogated by him, that his steely gaze can cool a room by five degrees, and that he can only be killed by a silver bullet. (They're all true, except for the silver bullet part. Might give him indigestion or heartburn, but I don't think it would kill him.) It helps that Gibbs was also around to give Tony a Dope Slap when he went out of line. While most of the rumors were (likely to be) false, it was enough to give him a huge following. It didn't take long for him to gain a spot in the Pantheon.
  • There was a discussion whether to let Tony in as his herald. While he isn't known for his interrogation skills, Gibbs did acknowledge Tony handed himself a Dope Slap to avoid one himself. The Court of the Gods accepted that technicality and installed him as a herald. Tony still insists he can beat anyone in the Pantheon, even overdeities.
    • Was glad to see Abby become the first of his team to ascend into the Pantheon. The Perky Goth was glad to be proven right about his deification, though she would have never thought she would join in his ranks. The two hope to bring more of his teammates into the fold.
  • Both Jack Bauer and Gene Hunt have given their respects to the man over the years. Bauer himself has enjoyed renown on the internet and is happy to work with Gibbs' department every once in a while. Gene only gives his respect begrudgingly, but admits the man does good work.
  • Is the long-time friend of Gil Grisson, their partners from the same network. While the two never got to meet each other in person, both of their shows were instrumental in popularizing the Forensic Drama genre. In the Pantheon, Gibbs finds the evidence while Gil analyzes it in order to give Gibbs crucial date to find perps.
    • While performing the art of interrogation, Gibbs only has one rule: you never interrupt him during an interrogation. Ever. Many a poor deity-in-training has learned this the hard way.
  • It's been rumored if Gibbs and Bright were to exchange notes and learned each other's talent, the combined slap would permanently cure someone of all forms of folly, stupidity, cowardice, and stubbornness.
  • Dr. House isn't much of a pleasure to work with in any case, but Gibbs respects him for being one of the few people who won't put up with his shit. Gibbs even decided to assign the mean doctor as his personal doctor.
  • Terror groups have been nervous over the growing list of ruthless interrogators. HYDRA and COBRA have collaborated at times just to elude him. Others eagerly awaited the challenge of confronting him.
  • Criminal Mastermind Moriarty has taken little notice of him. He is one of the few deities that has refused to break under an interrogation, knowing it would be impossible to convict him without a confession. For that, Gibbs has turned to detective deities to help him out.
    • Often duels with Raul Menendez. While he has no problems with turning the man in, Gibbs felt that the man took a path he may have taken if he despaired a bit more. Yet that still doesn't justify running a drug cartel.
  • Makes for a great team with Perry Mason. If Gibbs' interrogation techniques wouldn't get someone to confess, Perry Mason is likely to get it himself. Gibbs had always been a fan of Mason's dedication to the job.
  • Took a more sympathetic approach to Litchi in regards to the GUAG civil war. He himself lost his first wife and daughter to the drug cartels and would have done anything to bring them back, a rare form of solidarity for The Stoic.
  • It appears that he had plenty of company in regards to lost loved ones. Ryotaro saw that Gibbs had a cooler reaction to her death. While Gibbs closed himself of any reactions, he was able to open up more even though it took a while for the detective to face his demons. Gibbs is willing to hang out with him, especially to see Nanako who he sees as the daughter he never got to see.
  • If he had ascended before his tenure at NCIS, he would have likely befriended the Afro Samurai. It had been rumored that Gibbs killed the person who killed his first family. It left him with mixed emotions of the outcome, but he no longer endorses that style of justice. When Afro Samurai first visited to gain his favor, Gibbs pushed him away, telling him that vengeance won't sait his soul. While a known criminal, Gibbs let him go that one time but promised he will take the samurai to the authorities the next time they meet.
  • The arrival of Hoyt made Gibbs rather uncomfortable. The drug dealer reminded him of Pedro Hernendez, the person who killed his first family, yet this man appears to be a worse version. It didn't help that Hoyt tried to gain sympathies from Gibbs on their first meeting, though a talk down from Jason Brody was enough to reject it. For now, Hoyt would be satisfied with either Vaas or Bambi bringing his head on a pike.

    Lois Lane 
Lois Lane, Goddess of Going for the Big Scoop (Lois Lane-Kent, Lois Kent, Lois Luthor, Lois Lane-Luthor (It's a Long Story), Lois Elliot, Superwoman, Red Tornado (It's Also A Long Story), Lois White)
  • Mostly Demigoddess but can change to Lesser or Intermediate when she is empowered
  • Symbol: The Daily Planet symbol
  • Theme Song: Lois & Clark
  • Alignment: Usually Neutral Good but can be Chaotic Good if that's what it took to get a good story
  • Portfolio: Intrepid Reporter, wavering between an unlikable Damsel in Distress to varying degrees of badass, (mostly) Brainy Brunette, one of the oldest and longest Interspecies Romance in narrative history, in love with Superman, being the Trope Codifier for Tsundere
  • Domains: Profession, Personality, Love, Knowledge
  • Followers: Fran Doll, Susan Rodriguez, Tae "Kichou" Asakura, Diana Allers
  • Herald: General Sam Lane (her father).
  • Allies: Clark Kent/Superman, Jor-El, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, most good DC Comics superheroes, Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Jade, Frank West, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Carly Nagisa/Carmine, any gods that received a lot of Die for Our Ship, Kotone Shiomi and Mitsuru Kirijo of S.E.E.S., Rena Mizunashi
  • Enemies: Any evil DC Comics supervillains, The Council Of Shadows, High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman, The Joker, Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi, Jack the Ripper, Louis Bloom
  • Conflicting Opinion: Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman, Kara Zor-L/Power Girl, Aya Shameimaru
  • Ascended because the gods are impressed when Lois decided to go undercover into the Pantheon with a pistol in hand and Superman on speed dial for a hot scoop despite knowing full well this is a place filled with powerful interdimensional beings. After her ascension, her husband / looooooooong-time boyfriend Superman decided to carry her off bridal style only for her to interrupt and tell him that she is still in her working hours.
  • The oldest childnote  of Sam and Ella Lane, Lois and her military family lived a volatile life relocating to and from various army bases all over the world where Sam was stationed. Over time, the life experience, as well as the training she received from her father, developed her into the tough, hard-working, Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist that she was long before the Man of Steel ever came into her life. Independent and competent to what may be a fault, it should come as no surprise that she was the first to secure an interview with the one she dubbed "Superman".
  • Quickly made friends with April O'Neil and Jade because of their similar profession and a desire for truth no matter the cost. All three of them made it their personal mission to report everything of note going on in the pantheon and quickly made enemies with the Council of Shadows as Lois frequently sticks her nose into their business.
    • Sympathizes with fellow reporter Carly Nagisa as both of their love interests are frequently away and what unfairly happened to them when their universe moves on.
    • Despises Sally Floyd and thinks she is a sorry excuse for a reporter, citing the fact that all of her arguments are completely idiotic and nonsensical. Besides that, Lois, along with Jade & April O’Neil, are disapproving of fellow reporter Aya Shameimaru for her semi-extreme actions to chase a headline, and Louis Bloom for being an extreme case of Aya herself. Compared to April & Jade though, Lois does admire Aya’s own tenacity, limits, and responsibilities that she does exercise when she has to, something that she cannot say about Bloom.
  • Has mixed feelings about Wonder Woman. While Lois herself doesn't have any personal grudge against the Amazon Princess, she avoids any kind of contact with Diana unless necessary after Lois found out from the House of Love and House of Life and Death that a disturbing number of alternative versions of her got killed or mistreated in order for Diana to "comfort" Clark.
    • After this revelation, she gained a lot of sympathy for Mary Jane Watson after she found out the whole "One More Day" incident. It helps that their followers are civil toward each other.
    • Then, she found out that this is because a group thinks she isn't "tough enough" as well as not being able to "handle" Clark so they prefer Clark with Diana instead. The entire Pantheon is still in a silent agreement to not mention this incident to Lois ever again because despite her facade, she is still using every resource she has to track down the group and is seething inside. People know better to anger the woman who once flipped off Brainiac.
      • Was absolutely FURIOUS when she found out about the New 52, grumbling that the heads at DC are "screwing around with me and Clark." She and Wonder Woman finally came to an understanding after Diana pointed out, "Well you still have Man of Steel and Smallville."
    • Has recently become a contact of Rena Mizunashi for Black Organization info. Rena is imploring Lois not to bring the matter to her husband.
  • Was conflicted when she learned that in an alternate universe, Clark is a tyrant because he accidentally killed her and their unborn child. While Lois was horrified and tried to corporate with other heroes to come up with back up plan to help Clark as well as took a few self-defense classes and hired a few bodyguards with superpowers, many people were flabbergasted when they learned that a very, very, VERY, small part deep, deep, DEEP inside of her felt oddly flattered over Regime Superman's motivation because this assured Lois how important their relationship is in her Clark's life. Of course, this caused her to avoid any kind of contact with the Joker as well as exasperated that in this universe, Clark tried to move on with Diana AGAIN.
  • Has mixed feelings about Supergirl, too. Although she treats her husband's cousin as family — and sometimes as a daughter — she has not forgotten than sometimes Supergirl thought her relationship with Clark was going nowhere and tried to hook him up with another woman. However, Kara Zor-El usually supports her cousin and Lois's relationship.
    • Their relationship got strained when Supergirl almost accidentally killed Lois's big sister Lucy, who had become the evil Superwoman. Though, because Lucy actually tried to kill Kara and aided and abetted General Lane in committing genocide, Lois sided with Kara.
    • Feeling disturbed about certain…rumors about Superman thinking his cousin would be the ideal woman and Supergirl feeling flattered by his interest, Lois confronted both Clark and Kara about it. Both cousins utterly refused to talk about the issue, though, and Lois had to eventually drop it.
    • Their relationship got better when Lois learned that Earth-149 Lex Luthor did manage to kill Superman and forced her to watch, but that universe's Supergirl ensured that Luthor would not get away with his crime.
  • Has a complicated relationship with Power Girl. On the one hand, both women haven't really got acquainted with each other. On the other hand, she knows Earth-2 Clark Kent and Lois Lane adopted her and her Earth-2 counterpart thought of Kara Zor-L as her daughter.
  • During her ascension, Lois was stunned into silence for the first time in her reporting life when Bernkastel and Terumi decided to troll her by forcing her to answer in public if, given her status as the famous example of Loves My Alterego and Two-Person Love Triangle, does she truly love Clark Kent — the awkward timid normal reporter — or Superman — the ultimate paragon of heroes and goodness. Thankfully, Clark flew in and saved the day by declaring that while Lois's feelings for him may have changed over the years and universe, she still loves him even after he revealed his secret to her, thus proving that her love for both sides of him is real in some capacity and that's all that matters. Cue the sound of "Awwwwwwww" from the House of Love and Manly Tears from everyone else.
  • Lois ended up with many look-a-likes, such as Princess Giselle or even between different versions of herself such as her own mother or as her husband's secretary.
  • The Houses of Heroes, Love and Family had a collective celebration when Clark and Lois revealed that, against all odds, they were able to conceive a child: a boy named Jonathan Samuel Kent. It happened when Clark and Lois were involved in an event simply known as the Convergence. Currently, Jon serves as a herald for both his parents.
    • Supergirl publicly vowing to mercilessly rip apart whoever threatens little Jonathan has helped strengthen both women's relationship.
  • Was approached by detective Shinnosuke Tomari about some oddities regarding two deities called "Minato" (actually Makoto Yuki) and "Minako Arisato". Their pseudonyms, powers, and histories dictated that they should have some connection to each other, but they had completely different hair and eyes, didn't know a thing about each other, and newspaper clippings of the car accident that had supposedly claimed both kids' mother and father only indicated one car had burned and one child had survived his/her parents. She'd initially presumed they were related and thought nothing of their likenesses, but was now just as curious as he was, so she helped out his investigation. They went straight to the police station in the deities' town to look through CCTV footage, and immediately caught sight of a few red-colored tapes, which they played over and discovered footage of the girl with her fellow S.E.E.S. members (except for Makoto) addressing her by the name of Kotone Shiomi.
    • Instantly they went straight to "Minako's" temple and asked why the fake name, and she revealed that since the Court of the Gods gave her that instead of her real name when she ascended, the others decided to go with it to see who could figure it out and when, as a possible clue into the cause of the mistake. Allowing Shinnosuke to leave and continue his fact-finding elsewhere, Lois joined Kotone's phone call to S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives leader Mitsuru Kirijo about the discovery, following which the three ladies went straight to the Court with the evidence to get her name officially changed and put an end to the "Minako" charade.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Personality.

    Louis Bloom 
Louis Bloom, God of Violence-Focused Journalism (Lou)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His company Video Production News' logo
  • Theme Song: "If It Bleeds, It Leads"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: If It Bleeds, It Leads, Villain Protagonist, Ambition Is Evil, Lack of Empathy, Faux Affably Evil, Misanthrope Supreme, Drives Like Crazy, achieving his goals and getting away with his crimes
  • Domains: Stringers, Journalism, Television, Sensationalism
  • Allies: Diana Christensen, Patrick Bateman, Lionel Starkweather
  • Enemies: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Frank West, Jade, Lois Lane, Aya Shameimaru, Scrooge McDuck, Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, Travis Bickle
  • Interested in: JJ Jameson
  • Louis Bloom is a driven but ruthless man who made a living by selling stolen goods while looking for a more reliable job. One night he chanced upon some stringers (freelance reporters) and was inspired to try it out. Having little in the way of morality or empathy, Louis manipulated crime scenes, such as moving bodies around for a better view, to make the footage more attractive to buyers, since violent and disturbing crimes sell well. He even set up schemes that'd result in multiple murders for him to film. Louis also cut down anyone who stood in his way, be they rival stringers or his own assistant, and got away with all his crimes, rising to the top of the LA freelance journalism world for it.
  • Became a god thanks to the ruthless television executive Diana Christensen, who needed a stringer who had enough guts to go out into the Pantheon and film all the crazy stuff going on, her Heralds at UBS being less than enthusiastic about it. After he spent some trial time as her High Priest, the Main House had Louis properly ascended for If It Bleeds, It Leads. Officially Louis isn't really Diana's minion, sorry, employee, as he ostensibly remains the boss of his own company who sells his material to the highest bidder. However no one else in the Pantheon has low enough standards (or they're just in a totally different area of work) to have any business with him. Louis doesn't mind only working for Diana, given she pays him well and their philosophies make them kindred spirits. Plus this godhood deal really satisfies his ambitious nature. He only laments that Diana won't be persuaded into a more personal relationship.
  • His methods, especially how he manipulates violent scenes for better-looking shots, earn him the contempt of pretty much every serious journalist in the Pantheon, such as Peter Parker, Frank West, Jade and Lois Lane. The first three especially, as they're also freelancers and Louis gives the occupation a bad rap with his amoral mercenary approach. Louis, for his part, wouldn't mind staging a few accidents for all of them to see if that got them off their high horses (and so he can film the results and give them to Diana; two birds with one stone, as the saying goes). Even the tengu Aya Shameimaru, who tends to straddle the line in what's acceptable in reporting, is disgusted by Bloom's methods- a fact that has made Bloom one of the most hated journalists in the Pantheon, as everyone mentioned before Aya also don’t really like Aya all that much, either.
  • He pretty much rose from nothing to become a valued footage provider known for high quality and with his own company and employees, making him something of a self-made man. While many think this makes Lou an admirable character, as it proves he has guts and drive, others despise that he achieved his position by underhanded means that included sabotaging the competition and indirect murder. Scrooge McDuck belongs to the category of those who despise Lou, as Scrooge takes pride in being living proof that it's possible to become as rich as he is through fair-and-square means.
  • As his job is also referred to as 'nightcrawling', he has garnered many jokey comparisons to X-Men member Nightcrawler. Given the way Louis has lived his life, he appreciates being compared to a slippery superhero, considering a more cliche power like super strength to be overrated and less relevant in the modern day. But Nightcrawler, despite his dark appearance, is a legitimately good guy, so he obviously doesn't return the sentiment.
  • Although he's comfortable working for Diana, he has sought out other people that he could possibly work for, if only to have something to fall back on in case something went awry with Diana. Louis thought JJ Jameson had potential given how obsessed he is with getting pictures of Spider-Man (Louis is in the videography area, but he does a lot of self-learning, so he could take up photography fine), and he certainly has qualities that would normally impress Da Editor. But Jameson also has some standards and after hearing from Peter how he and a lot of other reporters had almost been seriously hurt because of Louis' schemes, Jameson resolved not to be taken in by his sweet talk and told him he already had enough photographers on his payroll. Louis thinks he might change his mind if he can prove himself, but Spider-Man, being Peter, won't make life easy for him. (once Peter noticed Louis looks like Mysterio, his contempt for him doubled)
  • Patrick Bateman once tipped him off about his intentions to kill someone and that Louis was invited to film the results and have it aired on television. You'd think this was a remarkably stupid thing for a killer to do, but Bateman is a huge Attention Whore who wants people to know he's the one perpetrating such crimes. And because they're so grisly and sure to get people's attention, Louis is more than happy to film the bloody aftermath, and Diana is more than happy to show it on the news. Louis and Bateman have become associates of sorts, with Bateman always informing him of what he'll do next. They also have friendly meetings over drinks where they bond over their similarities, such as their misanthropic view of others.
  • He has a similar relationship with snuff film director Lionel Starkweather, who also provides Louis with footage to sell, believing that showing it on the news is like free publicity for his "art". Given the content is usually much more extreme than what Louis tends to bring in, it sees extensive editing before even an unscrupulous network like UBS dares to show it, and it actually made Diana concerned about just what kind of connections Louis has for a bit. But the footage draws high ratings as expected, so business goes on as usual.
  • Thinking it would be useful to hire an unflappable driver that could get him around the Pantheon with no problem, he tried approaching resident taxi-driving god Travis Bickle, promising him much better pay than what he got for his thankless job. Things didn't go over very well as Travis is also a bit of a vigilante with fairly solid morals and he considers Louis to be part of the scum that needs to be washed off the streets. Louis trying to appeal to Travis by saying they're not so different only made things worse for him. So for now Louis is going to have to get used to driving himself around the Pantheon in his inimitable style, and as long as that doesn't happen he often gets himself in trouble with the police.

    Mata Hari 
Margaretha Geertruida MacLeod, Goddess of Femme Fatale Spies (Mata Hari, Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, Margreet, Margarete Gertrude Zelle, Malkovich, Alluring Spy, Miss Spy Genius, Assassin, The Girl Who Has Sunny Eyes)
Mata Hari in Amsterdam, 1915
Mata Hari as she appears in Shadow Hearts 
Mata Hari as a Servant 
  • Demigoddess, Lesser Goddess as a Servant
  • Symbol: A piece of bejeweled lingerie
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stripperific, Worked as a spy for the French during World War I, Her family went bankrupt, Used to be married to an abusive husband, Gave up her living daughter to her divorced husband, One of the most desirable women sought after during her time period, Has multiple romantic affairs, Accused as a double agent for the Germans, Executed by the firing squad, Become much more beautiful in fiction and her spy life is greatly exaggerated
  • Domains: Exotic Dancers, Foreigners, Spies, Seduction
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, Indiana Jones, Yuri Hyuga, Alice Elliot, Rouge the Bat, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, The Heroic Protectors of Family, The Doctor, Koudelka Iasant
  • On good terms with: Peter Pan
  • Professional Allies: Nick Fury, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Rivals: Vermouth
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, The Joker, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Opposes: The Spy
  • Additional Character Relationships: James Bond
  • Admired by: Robert Baratheon
  • Respects: The good-aligned deities of the House of Love and Affection, Haru Okumura, Harley Quinn, Sterling Archer, Oberyn Martell
  • Pities/Pitied by: Kyu Sugardust, Misa Amane
  • Conflicting Opinion: Amanda Waller
  • Born Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, she used to live with a happy family until her father got bankrupt and her parents divorced. She then got married to a military colonial and moved to Indonesia together, however, he became abusive to her and blamed her for their son's death, which led to their divorce and him taking custody for their daughter. She then moved to Paris and became one of the most well-known exotic dancers around the world. During World War I, her foreigner status caused her to become bankrupt and returned to her country an unhappy woman. She returned to Paris again to renew her sexual acts when the French intelligence service approached her to become their spy believing her to be a valuable asset. After that, she was then accused of being a double agent even if there is no proof of it except for a German referring to her by her code name in a letter. Her lawyer being unsuccessful to defend her, she was then sentenced for treason and shot by the French firing squad.
  • The reason for her ascension for the trope is that while she's a spy whose information that she gained are ones that the French knew, the revelation of it to the public caused fictional portrayals of her to greatly exaggerated it to her being a much more beautiful and intelligent one. She also inspired a lot of lookalike Femme Fatale Spies because of it and is one of the most iconic examples that ever existed.
  • Like all the Servants that have ascended, she is very glad to see the Master of Chaldea and hopes to serve under him once more to aid him on his journey even if she knew how weak she is as a Heroic Spirit. They are of course glad to see her again and are happy that she will be at their side once more.
  • Being one of the most well-known historical spies that ever existed, she is approached by Nick Fury to aid on his missions that require seduction whenever people like the Black Widow are out of reach and how her Noble Phantasm can turn her targets into her puppets and that its effect could reach to one hundred people. She's also interested in the serum he took that made him ageless and how he needs to take it once in a while in order to keep his eternal youth going but strictly sticks on a professional relationship on him. 
  • Gets along with Rouge the Bat due to the fact they are both spies who use seduction to gain information they needed and at least works for a government agency that isn't evil and to protect their planet from all of its threats. It also helps that she gained jewels from the military officers she seduced and aren't even worth her time, something that Rouge praises her for. She also became friends with Natasha Romanoff for being Femme Fatale Spies and that the latter embraced her own goodness and become a superheroine in her own right.
  • Unsurprisingly, develops a bit of a rivalry with Vermouth. They are both seductive spies who exploit this skill to get what they want. Mata Hari is seemingly more hostile when she found out she is part of the Black Organization as she doesn't want to be part of an organization where they don't care about anyone, reminding her of how her husband regularly abuses her and has no care of her well-being. The spy actually seems interested upon hearing she doesn't age, which caused the spy to believe that she may actually have eternal youth. 
  • If there is one thing she wanted, that is to gain a partner that loved her for who she is and a happy life. She has given up on those wishes however because of how weak she is as a Heroic Spirit. Hearing about the House of Love, she praised a lot of the good-aligned deities there for being devoted to each other and hoped they'll have happiness forever, unlike for someone like her in that she has an abusive husband before their divorce and spends half of her life engaging in affairs with famous and political people. Hearing about her praise and what she wanted in life, even with her multiple affairs, they in return want to comfort her and wished that she'll get what she wanted as they think she has suffered enough that she deserves something like this, which caused her to be in tears.
    • It was because of this that Kyu Sugardust doesn't want her to be sought after by her clients. Even if she viewed her as someone that could potentially make her clients happy, she knew that she doesn't deserve this because of what she went through and that she really needs someone that truly loves her for who she is.
    • It makes sense for her to hate those that are bastards to their loved ones. She pitied Haru Okumura for being forced to marry someone that sees her as nothing more than a sexual plaything and gained more of her respect for breaking off their engagement upon discovering what he actually thinks of their arranged marriage. She hates Light Yagami for mostly dating girls that he believes are useful to their schemes and if they outlive their usefulness, will be killed in his own hands. She believes that Misa's attraction to Light is an unhealthy obsession that could possibly be cured and seeing that she became his follower due to her belief that he is the one who killed her parents' murderer, she couldn't help but feel pity for her and wanted to find a way for her to have a change of heart. The same case could be said to Joker who abuses Harley Quinn and only using her for his own gain. Speaking of Harley, she's proud that she finally broke up with Joker and is trying to her past as a supervillain behind and trying to do her own heroic ways. Because she pitied Harley, she became professional allies with Poison Ivy and Catwoman to keep her out of trouble.
  • Due to her relations with Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller approached her to see if she could be a useful contact for the Suicide Squad given her skills that she inherited from her fictional selves. She isn't sure what to think of it because of her manipulative schemes and wanting to be in power that reminded her of those of the greedy politicians that she hated in her time. However, hearing about her past of her own family being killed and that she was just a normal housewife at that time, she could see why she would do what she has to do and given that Mata Hari values family a lot, she pitied her a little bit. Because of this, she isn't willing to be involved with Amanda unless it's necessary.
  • As someone who desires to have a happy family, she hates the Child Abuse Supporters for the atrocities they committed to their own family members, but she is surprised to see that Heihachi used to be a loving husband but doesn't have any hope for him left as he literally his own father and Kazuya that one time before hid arrival. As such, she supports the Heroic Protectors of Family, seeing them as an inspiration and is willing to do anything to help them, but she doesn't approve Jin Kazama's genocidal plan even if he has a reasonable excuse for it and desperately hopes that he wouldn't lose the values his mother taught him. Hates the Spy for abandoning his wife and his son, the Scout and doesn't even bother telling the truth unless he is in a Tom Jones disguise but he couldn't care less about her. Isn't sure what to think of Sterling Archer when hearing about his Jerkass tendencies to the point where she once canned him the balls real hard, but he gained more of her respect after hearing how much he prioritizes his children's safety and is willing to become more serious on his job for them, but she doesn't want to be in the same room as him because of the aforementioned Jerkass attitude.
  • Being an exotic dancer, she is admired by Robert Baratheon and Oberyn Martell, as both of them really love sex and the latter wouldn't mind having her in his polyamorous relationship. She doesn't like the former, as he doesn't take time for his family and doesn't give any shit about ruling his kingdom and loving the limelight of it, reminding her of her hatred of greedy political people. She actually loves the latter because his polyamorous relationship at least has consent with it, loves his bastard children and took responsibility on taking care of them, and the fact he wanted to avenge his sister even if it will lead to his doom causes her to admire him even more. She even stated she wouldn't mind having sex with him multiple times if that's what he only desires.
  • The other thing she wanted in life is eternal youth....but she also has given up on it, however. Peter Pan ended up meeting her because of that wish and wondered if he could renew her interest in it. Mata Hari stated she doesn't want it as she did have second thoughts on it and doesn't like him for forcing children to stay on Neverland forever when they don't even want to in the first place. But she started to like him enough after he eventually returned the Darling siblings home and actually a bit nicer in most adaptational portrayals of him, occasionally asking him to be in those forms to be able to socialize with him.
  • Has briefly met the 11th Doctor when she was in Paris and stripped in front of him naked. When she met him again in his newest incarnation in the Pantheon, she still remembered that moment and didn't expect to meet him again....much less in a different body. Because his actions and ideals greatly remind her that of the Master of Chaldea in that they set time back to normal, wanting to save humanity and being genuinely nice people to a lot of people and wanting to help them, the two got acquainted pretty well.
  • Mata Bond is the illegitimate daughter of her and James Bond himself but whether or not it's actually a fact is not yet confirmed. They both don't want to have a say on any of this but Bond won't deny that he wants to seduce her if he had the chance.
  • She didn't expect to meet Indiana Jones again, the man whom she took his virginity to when he was younger. He is happy to meet her again as he painfully wept for her execution and she is glad he actually took her advice to transfer to Africa. The two decided to stay as friends as they have no interest in renewing their relationship and knew that it will only cause them more danger but do hang out with each other from time to time.
  • In an alternate universe, she led a different where she never became an exotic dancer and is a spy in her whole life. While she originally joined Yuri and Alice believing their powers would be valuable information for her own reasons, she eventually envied the bond they shared and then she became a loyal ally, helping them against monsters, gods. During her adventure, she previously met Koudelka Iasant. Even if the one the latter knew is a different version and is more or less the real one that everybody associated with, she's still happy to see her, that she is a nice and optimistic woman who doesn't just seduce men for her own merits, and proud that she wants to pursue her own happiness by wanting to be with someone that actually loves her and having a happy family, even if the spy believes that it wouldn't be achieved. The latter is touched by the spirit medium's words and hoped in return that her marriage with her husband wouldn't be a disaster.

    Nancy Drew 
Nancy Drew, Goddess of Amateur Sleuths
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A magnifying glass
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass in Distress, Bad Liar, Born Detective, Brutal Honesty, Constantly Curious, The Determinator, Good Is Not Nice, Guile Heroine, Janitor Impersonation Infiltration, Lethal Chef, Kleptomaniac Hero, Lack of Empathy
  • Domain: Good, Detectives, Heroism, Knowledge, Luck
  • High Priests: Frank and Joe Hardy
  • Followers: Heiji Hattori, Yakumo Saito, The Elongated Man, Flavia Gemina, Encyclopedia Brown, Freddi Fish
  • Allies: Veronica Mars, The Mystery Gang, Sherlock Holmes, Professor Layton, Shawn Spencer, Patrick Jane, Lois Lane, Batman, Buffy Summers, Kim Possible, Indiana Jones, Hercule Poirot, Shinichi Kudo, Miss Marple
  • Rivals: Lara Croft, Nathan Drake
  • Enemies: James Moriaty, Dr. Drakken
  • When Sherlock Holmes found a tip from an anonymous source that Professor Moriarty was up to no good, he jumped to the cause. When the detective arrived at the scene, his arch-enemy had already left. Only his beaten body guards and a single girl remained. Calling herself Nancy Drew, she told him that Moriarty was about to blackmail the entirety of the House of Knowledge to do his bidding. Nancy successfully destroyed the dirt, but she was captured in the process. Thankfully, she used her wit to break out of her bonds and defeated the henchmen. Moriarty left the scene before he could be uncovered. Holmes decided to reward the girl with godhood.
    • Many amateur sleuths vouched for the position of high priest. After a long thought, she decided on another teenager to take the title. Veronica Mars had a lot in common with the girl, all the way to where they try to outsnark each other. The two became a good fit for each other. Regarding the others, she hopes to find positions for many of her followers in the future.
    • Eventually, Veronica Mars grew popular to strike out on her own. This was for the best for the two detectives as Veronica Mars preferred to work alone. Nancy Drew replaced her with her good friends the Hardy Boys. The two have worked together on separate occasions and was a good fit for the spot.
  • As for the catalyst of her ascension, Moriarty did not take that slight lightly. It is likely he is planning for the girl's downfall. Time will tell if he succeeds.
  • Many detective gods applauded her ascension, impressed with a girl who doesn't officially have a license. She sees Patrick Jane as charming, while shaking her head at Shawn Spencer's antics even when she acknowledges his skills in deductive reasoning. However, she's most comfortable with Professor Layton. She adores solving the puzzles he hands over and admires his demeanor.
  • Of all the detectives in the Pantheon, she finds Hercule Poirot the least tolerable. His arrogant nature clashes fiercely with her sandpaper-like personality. But there's no denying that he's a highly skilled detective.
  • Is one of Lois Lane's closest allies. Whenever Nancy has juicy cases that need investigating, the reporter is more than happy to join her. Sure the two may get captured at times, but the two do manage to get out of their jams by themselves. Lois has proven to be the brawn to her brains in these team ups.
  • It can't be overstated just how massive her franchise is. She's appeared in stories as old as the 1930s and has records of her adventures to this day. She has also appeared in various other forms of media from movies to video games. She has more adventure games to her name than any other character to the point that a few gods consider her a candidate for the Adventure Game title. It came to a point that her ascension was only a matter of time.
  • Although Batman respects her skills, he's advised her not to go after his rogue's gallery. These are all deadly villains after all and won't hesitant to do many unspeakable acts to her. Nancy has complied for the time being.
  • Wonders how the Mystery Gang ever manages to solve their mysteries. Velma seemed to be the only one capable of doing to. With that said, she wouldn't dare call them bad detectives nor would she call them out for constant kidnapping (she herself has been a victim of this). Still, she only teams up with them when she has to.
  • Has grown fond of the Slayer Buffy Summers. Both love to snark as well as getting their hands dirty when solving cases. The supernatural may not be in Nancy's expertise, but she has provided invaluable detective skill to Buffy and her followers.
  • Also admires Kim Possible for her ability to beat any sort of challenge she faces. Kim herself turns to Nancy whenever her cases involve a mystery to solve. It's made her a target of Drakken's, though she manages to escape her captor before Kim needs to save her.
  • Turns out she and Indiana Jones shared similar adventures in search for Crystal Skulls. Most gods chalk it up to coincidence as both skulls were found in different locations. Neither one cares though, and both would probably be partners if the two ever meet.
  • The same can't be said for treasure seekers Nathan Drake or Lara Croft. The two may be as good at solving puzzles, but the would rather keep the riches to themselves.
  • It is advised not to try out Nancy's cooking. It's not that she's a Lethal Chef, it's just that her results vary widely due to her video game. One attempt could taste delicious; the next can send a god to the hospital.

    Neal Caffrey 
Neal George Caffrey/Bennett, God of Putting Himself In The Suspect's Shoes
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His old (deactivated) tracking anklet
  • Theme Song: White Collar Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Con Man, Figuring Out Criminal's Actions By PUtting Himself In Their Perspective, Boxed Crook, The Charmer, Full Of Parental Issues, Friend to All Children, Prefers Not To Use Guns, Gentleman Thief And A Scholar, Surprisingly Religious, Martial Pacifist, Master Actor, Sticky Fingers, Passive-Aggressive Kombat, Sharp-Dressed Man, Faking the Dead
  • Domain(s): Cons, Boxed Crook, Criminal Consultant
  • Herald: Mozzie a.k.a. Theodore "Teddy" Winters
  • Allies: Peter Burke, Chuck Bartowski, Sly Cooper, Leverage Consulting & Associates, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Giorno Giovanna, Kasumi Goto, Omar Little, Raphael/Phantom R
  • Rivals: Faye Valentine, Keiichi Maebara, Celestia Ludenberg
  • Enemies: All evil-aligned deities in the Houses of Justice and Crime and Transgressions, Light Yagami, Ryuk, Looten Plunder
  • Arrived in the Pantheon sometime after his faked death and a theft at the Louvre. That said, he was lurking around as Sly Cooper's follower, so it took a while before someone connected the dots and reported him to his former partner.
    • As soon as Peter found him, thanks to what he now knows about the Pantheon, he quickly got to work on getting Neal a position. And he found one based on how Neal deducts criminal motivations and how he helped the FBI as their criminal consultant; as a master criminal, he draws from his experiences from that life to deduct what the crooks under investigation would do. And that's the story of how Neal Caffrey became a Pantheon god.
  • Fortunately for Neal, the GUAG can see the goodness in him and won't treat him as a Token Evil Teammate (as a whole anyway; there are those few who won't see him that way).
  • Unlike his time at the White Collar Division, sometimes Neal's been asked to put his master criminal skills to use, which he's cool with doing. Stealing assets from villains' temples in order to make things easier for the GUAG is all well and good, though stealing from the likes Isaac Westcott and Lex Luthor (though he seems to be on the good side for the moment) could be a tall order.
  • He's amused with some of the friends Peter's made in the Pantheon, such as the Leverage crew, and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. And they all go after crooks with money and influence to hide from conventional law; the difference is that the White Collar division does its work legally, Leverage swindles a confession out of them, and the Phantoms have supernatural methods, though the last have been learning from the first two. Neal playfully prodded his partner about this (and of his title) for the first few weeks, and has befriended his fellow "criminals" too, even becoming yet another mentor for the Phantoms, to Peter's exasperation.
    • Another "criminal" he's gotten acquainted with was Catwoman, though he's careful around her given her career choices and her complex relationship with Batman. Speaking of him, the Caped Crusader wasn't as trusting of him at first until Peter eased things up between them and assured him that Neal was definitely a good guy.
  • For all his conning, he refuses to make untraceable fake identities, since the only way to make them needs a dead infant's birth certificate.
  • Another person who immediately approached Neal was Chuck, who thought his friend Bryce Larkin had arrived. Despite how different the two actually are (Bryce is a very competent fighter, Neal prefers his wits over combat every time), they managed to get along, and the ex-conman often finds himself being the mediator between his old partner and the INTERSECT bearer whenever they work together.
  • He's good enough with numbers to calculate sixty years of compound interest in two seconds.
  • Neal earned himself some rivals before long: there's Faye Valentine by competing in the confidence arts field, there's Keiichi Maebara for his charming skills and there's Celestia Ludenberg for her lying and acting skills; the last is also jealous of Neal being better than her at them, though that makes it more thrilling for the gambler.
  • Distrusts Amanda Waller due to how she keeps her crooks in line, but given what these crooks are capable of, he knows it's not his place to complain.
  • Hates using guns, but is really good at it when he does? How good? he shoots a man in the leg, through Peter's pants, without touching Peter.
  • He cooks, cracks safes, has extensive knowledge of antiquities, can paint, knows multiple languages, and sings old jazz.
  • As someone also having natural charisma, a compulsion to pickpocketing, and good intentions, Neal hit it off well with Giorno. This (minus the charisma) is also why he's also allies with Kasumi, despite (or maye because of) hearing how she messed with Peter once before.
  • He likes Omar Little for also stealing from bad guys who deserve to have karma dropped on them, and pities Omar's deceased status.
  • He commends Raphael/Phantom R for giving back museums their real art, who pities Neal's relationship with his father.

    Roger Thornhill 
Roger O. Thornhill, The God Who Was Mistaken for a Spy (George Kaplan)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Himself being chased by a crop duster
  • Theme: North by Northwest
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Butt-Monkey, Chased Halfway Across the U.S. by Enemy Spies, Wrongfully Accused for a Crime He Didn’t Commit, Deadpan Snarker, Adept at Making Escape Plans on the Fly, He Knows Too Much, Mistaken for Spies, Unwitting Pawn to the Professor’s and Vandamm’s plans
  • Domains: Espionage, Mistaken Identity, Fugitives, Survival
  • Herald: Eve Kendall
  • Allies: Alfred Hitchcock, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Rick Blaine, John McClane, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Adrian Monk, Archie Andrews, the House of Commerce
  • Enemies: The Spy, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
  • Pities: Marion Crane
  • Odd Friendship: Roger Rabbit
  • Roger Thornhill was a New York advertising executive who was one day abducted by a group of enemy agents, believing him to be government agent George Kaplan, which Roger insisted that he’s not. A murder of a U.N. official led Thornhill into being pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive and clear his name of a murder he didn’t commit.
  • Many have compared his exploits with those of James Bond. Like Bond, Thornhill had to rely on his wits and quickly form an uncertain alliance with a mysterious and seductive femme fatale. The two are sometimes seen together having a drink.
    • He also visit Rick Blaine’s bar to talk about their exploits as well as their love life over a drink. Roger especially felt pity towards Rick’s love life and when he was asked why he was divorced twice before ending up with Eve Kendall, he replied that “they said I led too dull a life.”
  • As they’re both adept at making escape plans on the fly, he managed to get along with Indiana Jones.
  • He has shown sympathy towards (and eventually made friends with) those who were once accused for a murder they did not commit and had to clear the situation, notably Adrian Monk and Bruce Wayne (especially the latter given the situation he once had to go through). He also struck an unlikely friendship in Roger Rabbit, given that he was surprised to see another Roger who was framed for a murder.
  • John McClane knows how it felt for someone like Roger to deal with charming, sophisticated villains and visits his temple to talk about their exploits.
  • He also felt sorry for Marion Crane, seeing how she didn’t survive her encounter with Norman Bates.
  • He isn’t on good terms with The Spy as he knows better than to trust a man who has a tendency to switch alignments. Not to mention that he also reminds him of the enemy agents that abducted him. He also doesn’t like the Penguin as he reminds him of Philip Vandamm.
  • Roger noted that the moment he was chased by a crop duster was imitated several times.
  • Spends his time working in the House of Commerce as an advertising executive.


    Bob Arctor 
Bob Arctor, God of Self-Targeted Investigations (Fred, Bruce)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The plant used to produce Substance D
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Deep Cover Agent, Scrambler Suit, Descent into Addiction, Sanity Slippage
  • Domains: Addiction, Identity, Drugs
  • Allies: Norman Jayden, Ash Lynx & Eiji Okumura
  • Enemies: C.R.A.S.H., Tony Montana, The Son, Walter White
  • Wary of: The Spy, The Crewmates
  • On relatively good terms with: Spider Jerusalem, Jesse Pinkman
  • The United States has lost the war on drugs and Substance D, a drug that causes bizarre hallucinations in those who take it, has taken the country by storm. In private, Bob Arctor lives with a couple of drug-addicted friends and has a series of misadventures with them. In public, Arctor not only wears a scrambler suit, which changes its physical appearance every second or so and alters his voice, but is an undercover agent known as “Fred” and works with others to find where Substance D is coming from. “Fred” is tasked with investigating Arctor and since “Fred” and Arctor are the same person, things start to get messy, not helped by Arctor taking Substance D and getting addicted to it. Eventually, he becomes severely mentally incapacitated and ends up sent to a rehab center that turns out to be the source of the plant used to make Substance D, all part of a gambit carried out by Audrey (who pretended to be drug dealer Donna while around Arctor and his friends and was also “Fred”’s boss “Hank”) and other officers to get someone to infiltrate New-Path and get evidence that the rehab center responsible for manufacturing the drug out of it.
  • During his stay at New-Path, Arctor was told that his break from work was coming up and that he would take a bus alongside the other rehab patients. Arctor followed those orders, but sometime later as the bus was driving, the vehicle ended up in a crash and Arctor blacked out. Much later following the accident, he regained consciousness, but found himself in a building and a place that was very different from what he was used to. He was told that this place was the Pantheon, a place much larger and different than his version of Orange County, California and that his mental state was back to normal, though not without a few issues every now and then involving drug relapses. Given how tumultuous his journey was and how it ended, Arctor was told that he can simply use the Pantheon and its benefits as place to wind down, though it wouldn’t be the end of Arctor’s problems for a number of reasons.
  • Arctor wasn’t the only officer that ended up using drugs during his time as such. He ended up having a conversation with Norman Jayden, who was investigating a series of murders and took a drug known as Triptocaine so that he can use ARI glasses for the investigations. Jayden was curious about the scrambler suit Arctor wore at times and hearing about how the latter succumbed to his addiction reminded Jayden of how he lost his own sanity after overdosing on Triptocaine. While Triptocaine at least had some use regarding the ARI glasses, Substance D is a more dangerous drug in terms of long-term effects and not having benefits aside from Arctor using it to get close enough to live with his drug-addicted friends. Jayden is still sympathetic to what Arctor has gone through and has offered him support, both in living a normal life and to get the latter’s career as an officer back on track.
  • One assignment during Arctor’s attempt at getting his officer career restored with Jayden’s help ended with them busting a drug operation that would have resulted in a number of other unforeseen drugs with dark side effects smuggled into the Pantheon. This ended up getting the attention of Spider Jerusalem, a drug-addicted reporter searching for truths who was curious to learn about Jayden partner on the force and was able to get an interview with Arctor. Being the drug junkie he is, Spider Jerusalem was more than willing to take a bit of Substance D, though he was also very interested in what Arctor went through, including wearing a suit to hide his identity and how his gradual addiction to Substance D led him to lose his grip on reality. Spider gave a few words to Arctor on how the scrambler suit is going to present some issues of its own in the Pantheon and how much more dangerous that place is in regards to what’s present. While Spider does have some Substance D he uses recreationally, he otherwise believes that Arctor can do a lot more in order to become as capable of a drug-addicted officer like Jayden is.
  • Substance D wasn’t the only unusual drug that Arctor found out about thanks to some investigations across various parts of the Pantheon, but one strange drug that ended up getting Arctor’s attention thanks to circumstances behind it was Banana Fish. Banana Fish is a drug intended to mind control others and some individuals were looking to use it to achieve their own goals, but was thwarted by Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura, a gangster and photographer respectively who developed a strong bond with each other over the course of their adventure. The two learned of Arctor’s story and what Substance D is and although disheartened to learn that Arctor succumbed to the drug’s effects, they were somewhat relieved to know that he still had some sort of mental conscience left to pick up a flower and keep it for himself, with implications that if shown to a wider group of people, would have exposed the company behind that drug’s creation. That story involving drugs struck a chord with Ash and Eiji and the two have befriended Arctor, with the latter noticing that the two’s friendship with each other being on a level that he never would have had during his investigation or even his former life outside of it.
  • Walter White ended up being a drug dealer that greatly unnerved Arctor for a number of reasons. The main reason for Arctor preferring not to get too involved with Walter’s actions was that the latter slowly built up an empire selling drugs and found himself embracing his darker side in the process. There was a lot of moral ambiguity that Arctor had to deal with back then, but the fact that someone as openly ruthless when it comes to the drug business as Walter exists wasn’t something Arctor took well. On Walter’s end, considering the gradual spread of Substance D in the Pantheon and the ingredients used to make it, he has been looking for ways to come out on top of the drug business, regardless of if he’s looking to make a variant of Substance D or not. On that note, Arctor came across Jesse Pinkman, a former student of Walter’s, and noticed how Jesse gradually developed a moral backbone and tried to distance himself from Walter. Jesse even had to deal with an addiction to drugs at one point and was able to get over it. He isn’t above pointing out how Arctor, who was supposed to be an officer, fell into drug addiction, but otherwise maintains some sense of amicability towards him given Arctor’s problems.
  • Arctor’s gradual addiction to drugs was what caused his downfall and although he has tried to not make the same mistake again during his time in the Pantheon, such relapses have happened every now and then and Arctor needs to undergo some sort of treatment to be mentally stable again. There have been a handful of deities whose addiction to drugs played a role in their fall from grace, but as Arctor later found out, some of those characters also happened to be drug dealers. Both Tony Montana and The Son have a criminal empire that includes selling drugs and them getting addicted to the drugs they were selling contributed to the fall of their criminal enterprise. While Arctor is somewhat aware of the irony present, it didn’t change the fact that in the Pantheon they are still violent gangsters who still have a prominent criminal empire. Although Substance D was seen as a curiosity by both Tony and The Son, it hasn’t changed the fact that regardless of if they’re selling that drug or not, they won’t be taken down easily and some of Arctor’s investigations into the pair’s respective enterprises tend to end with him escaping gunfire.
  • It wasn’t until after Arctor got accustomed to the Pantheon that he learned that the drugs he took were from an officer named Audrey, who pretended to be both Donna and “Hank”, as part of a larger plot for someone to infiltrate the source of where Substance D was coming from. While that particular action was a bit well-meaning when it came to trying to take down Substance D despite how drastic it was, Arctor learned of a couple other officers who were also drug dealers that were far more selfish and cruel than Aurdrey and Mike. Consisting of Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, C.R.A.S.H. is an organization supposedly dedicated to keeping the streets safe, but the truth was that they are responsible for many of the bad things going on in the city they’re supposed to be looking out for, not to mention Frank and Eddie’s general contempt for those they consider obstacles to their reputation. Arctor really doesn’t like the two and believes that things would have been much worse for him if the officers responsible for mentally ruining him were similar to Frank and Eddie. The two officers care little about what Arctor thinks of them and have been looking for ways to get Arctor in even more trouble if he is tasked with investigating what Frank and Eddie are up to.
  • The scrambler suit that “Fred” and other agents wore affects their voice and rapidly changes physical appearance as a means to keep their real identities a secret from each other. This intrigued The Spy greatly given his penchant for using disguises and backstabbing his victims when they least expect it after tricking them into a false sense of security. The Spy’s treacherous nature was worrisome for Arctor given the latter’s line of work and since rumors started to spread around the Pantheon that The Spy managed to get ahold of a scrambler suit to make it harder for him to be identified (not to mention that Arctor is the only other notable character in the Pantheon to utilize such a suit), Arctor has only gotten more wary of the possibility that the other person wearing another scrambler suit will be The Spy and not realize that he’s being used as a disposable pawn until it’s too late. That said, The Spy is still looking for ways around the scrambler suit’s practical weaknesses before fully going into action with it.
  • One particular group of deities that Arctor was wary of were The Crewmates. While the group tends to partake in games to amuse others at times, their general line of work involves traveling to places in need of fixing and snuffing out any Imposters in the group before the Crewmates get outnumbered or eliminated. What worried Arctor was how the role of those who sabotaged the other crewmates alternates on a regular basis, meaning that those who were acting normal before will try and hinder the others, psychological mind games are involved, and it’s very difficult to tell which Crewmate is an Imposter unless the other normal Crewmates can work together. The discussion the Crewmates and Imposters get themselves in when trying to throw out the Imposter from the group did remind Arctor of the conversations he had with “Hank” while wearing the scrambler suit as “Fred” when it comes to not knowing the true identity of those behind the metaphorical and literal mask. Arctor has already dealt with an identity crisis of his own and despite the Crewmates' relatively friendly attitude towards outsiders that aren’t trying to kill them via a disguise (they don’t seem to hold anything against Arctor), he isn’t all that willing to get that involved with the Crewmates.

V.F.D., Divine Conspiracy Involving Unassuming Organizations (Volunteer Fire Department)
  • Collectively, for what is known about the organization, Quasideity
  • Symbol: Their insignia, which is formed from the letters; V, F, and D.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Neutral Good, or True Neutral, depending on which side of the schism the member a person is dealing with is on.
  • Portfolio: Ancient Conspiracy (As a whole), Benevolent Conspiracy (If the member is part of the so-called fire-fighting side of the schism), Dark and Troubled Past (Concerning the individual backstories of each of its members), Grey-and-Gray Morality, Mysterious Past, The Omniscient Council of Vagueness, Paranoia Fuel, Spy Speak
  • Domains: Arson (Depends on which side of the schism a member is on), Codes, General knowledge, Mysteries
  • Allies: Anyone who is willing to provide a safe place for research and knowledge
  • (Only) Rival: The Black Organization (Fire-Starters only)
  • Enemies: Anyone who is willing to destroy all safe places for research and knowledge, the entirety of the good-aligned members of the House of Family, at least to those who are on the fire-starting side of the schism.
  • Unknown Relationship: The Men In Black, The SCP Foundation, Keel Lorenz, V.S.S.E., the entirety of the House of Investigative Work
  • Reading up on: All gods that do not come from Classical Literature, Film, and Theater
  • Heralds: The Baudelaire Orphans, Count Olaf, Lemony Snicket
  • Of the organizations known to exist, the ones that always seems to have a presence in some shape or form, yet seems to be so impotent in function, are known as Milkman Conspiracies. One such organization, made up of librarians, scholars, taxi cab drivers, waiters, or any other seemingly mundane occupation in life, is known as V.F.D., which has started to make its presence known in the Pantheon.
  • How V.F.D. came to light in the Pantheon arose from the increased appearance of phrases that shared the organization's acronym appearing in the records of the House of Knowledge. While suspicious in of itself, the alarms bells truly started to ring when a massive fire broke out and nearly burned the entire House to the ground. A melancholy man in shadows, who was using a typewriter, was initially held responsible, only for him to reveal that he had nothing to do with the fire, but did state that a certain society, divided in two due to a terrible schism, has begun to make its presence known in the Pantheon. The man then revealed, secretly, to the Main House, that the organization in question was named V.F.D...
    • Said melancholy man was Lemony Snicket, who had made it his life's work to document the depressing lives of the Baudelaire Orphans, who became involved with the organization's secrets after a terrible fire destroyed their home, and after meeting the Quagmire Triplets, who revealed to them the organization's existence in the first place.
  • At some point in V.F.D.'s history, there was a schism that the organization suffered, causing many of its members to turn on another, resulting in a World Gone Mad. While it has been confirmed that it happened while Lemony Snicket and his siblings were children, how and why the schism happened is completely unknown, even to Lemony Snicket himself.
    • The schism that V.F.D. suffered caused many of the organization's designated sanctuaries, which ranged from cafes to hotels, to be burned down by those who were on the so-called fire-starting side of the schism. As such, members of the Pantheon have been advised to be cautious. Both sides of the schism use the same unorthodox communication codes, and as such, it makes it even harder to not just tell whether or not a deity is dealing with a member of V.F.D., but whether or not that person is either a volunteer, or a deadly criminal.
  • Due to the secretive and nebulous nature of V.F.D. as a whole, the two sides of the organization are represented by the most well-known people who associated with the group. The fire-fighting side is represented by the Baudelaire Orphans and Lemony Snicket, while the fire-starting side is represented by Count Olaf. None of them have yet truly ascended to the Pantheon, though Olaf is determined to become a proper god so that he can have another chance to obtain the Baudelaire fortune at long last. The Baudelaires and Mr. Snicket on the other hand, are a bit wary about the nature of the Pantheon, though if Olaf does ascend, then the Baudelaires will be right on his trail to try to stop his schemes, and Mr. Snicket will follow in order to continue his research of the Baudelaires, and hope that this next chapter in their lives will be a bit less melancholy.
    • Olaf succeeded in ascending. As a result, plans have been made for Snicket to ascend, with his resume being looked over. The Baudelaires do not yet have a title picked out for them however...
      • Both Snicket and the orphans managed to ascend to counter Olaf. However, this now means that V.F.D. may become more active in the future as a result, placing many deities on edge and prompting more thorough investigation of the organization.
  • Overall, the schism has had drastic effects on the morality of V.F.D.'s members, as the Baudelaires can attest due to the trials they faced involving the deception present on both sides of the organization. A noble person can do something villainous, like how Gregor Anwhistle created the toxic Medusoid Mycelium fungus (Which started growing in the Pantheon after Olaf brought a sample with him), and a villain can do something noble, like Count Olaf using some of the last moments of his life to help the distraught and pregnant Kit Snicket to safety.
    • As such, when it comes to the Alliances, V.F.D.'s loyalties are rather muddled. While the fire-starting side has lent assistance to the GUAE, they have no loyalty to Melkor. At the same time, the fire-fighting side has lent help to the GUAG, but it is unknown if they are loyal to Cosmos. Both sides of the V.F.D. schism seem to be interested in assisting both the GUAC and the GUAL as they please, but for what purpose is unknown and they have no loyalty to Lucifer or YHVH either. It is unknown if they also desire to bolster Nekron's tactics for the GUAD, but it is possible, though why they would do so is a mystery...
  • V.F.D. is extremely secretive, even more so than the SCP Foundation, the Men In Black, SEELE, and the V.S.S.E. While those groups are enigmatic in their own right, they at least have well-defined goals (Keep reality safe from anomalies, keep aliens in check, initiate the Human Instrumentality Project, and stopping terrorist groups respectively), V.F.D.'s ultimate goal, if it even has one, is completely unknown. While the group was said to have started out to simply put out fires, V.F.D.'s activities (Which include building secret passageways, training animals for detective and transportation work, and building submarines for a start) seem to extend far beyond that, and the schism has only muddied the nature of its activities even more.
  • V.F.D. utilizes its acronym quite a bit when it comes to its procedures and items such as Verdant Flammable Device (A green tube that creates smoke signals), Verbal Fridge Dialogue (A code that utilizes items in fire-proof refrigerators), Vessel of Disaccharides (Sugar bowls that are used to hide crucial items and information, one of which was critical to the schism conflict before the Hotel Denouement incident), etc.
    • However, just because the acronym is present does not automatically mean that the organization is. V.F.D. has been used as a Red Herring on numerous occasions, such as Very Fancy Dollies (Used to distract the Baudelaires while Count Olaf had kidnapped the Quagmire Triplets, Isadora and Duncan), or Volunteers Fighting Disease (A group of people who just go around trying to cheer up hospital patients). For those in the Pantheon trying to learn more about the organization, this occurrence has proven to be quite annoying.
  • V.F.D.'s unknown history, as well as its enormous, and yet ill-defined presence has put many in the Pantheon (At least, those who know about the organization) on edge. The fact that any random person could turn out to be a V.F.D. agent means that any deity's friends, followers, or any random individual from their world wandering in the Pantheon could turn out to have completely unfathomable end goals in mind, is not the most pleasant train of thought.
    • To make matters even more unnerving, V.F.D. has been indicated to have had several real-life authors and ancient societies in its membership, so carrying that train of logic to its conclusion means that the organization could potentially possess an even higher degree of influence over the ENTIRE pantheon, regardless of which side of the schism is being dealt with.
      • At the same time however, as V.F.D. has its roots in classical literature, film, and theater, it is unknown how both sides of the schism plan to deal with the vast number of deities that come from anime, comic books, video games, cartoons, etc. Of course, given how willing the organization's members are when it comes to learning, it is easy to assume that V.F.D. members are already studying the profiles of these gods and their worlds in order to put their plans into action. At the very least, members of the organization on both sides of the schism have been reading up on the events occurring in the Pantheon to see if they can benefit from them in some way...
  • Due to the enigmatic nature of the organization, several gods who specialize in solving mysteries, such as Mystery Incorporated, the Pines Twins, and Batman, have been trying to uncover V.F.D.'s secrets. All of them were warned by Lemony Snicket of the treacherous world they were trying to breach, and that it was impossible to solve every mystery out there. The Baudelaires shared that sentiment, as even after everything they'd been through, they still have many questions of their own about V.F.D... Batman took this advice to heart, having been reminded of the Court of Owls, and intends to tread carefully regarding his investigations into V.F.D...
    • As a whole, the entire organization is under watch from the rest of the members of the House of Investigation. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the gods from this house in trying to unravel V.F.D.'s secrets, they haven't made much progress, as for each mystery about V.F.D. that they solve, more always seem to pop up.
  • As it has been revealed that V.F.D. takes in young children to hone their skills for investigation, various gods, particularly those in the House of Family, have been trying to make sure that the child deities in the Pantheon do NOT get involved with the organization, especially since many of them possess skills that would greatly benefit V.F.D.'s activities, or make them targets for their enemies.
    • Speaking of which, due to the declaration of the Man With a Beard but No Hair, and the Woman With Hair but No Beard, that they would burn down the homes and then enslave every child they targeted, the entirety of the good-aligned parents of the House of Family are completely opposed to the fire-starting side of the schism, declaring that they would not stand for such atrocious acts of injustice.