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For those interested in looking at unusual going-ons, this is the house to be at. The investigation of strange events is not the only thing that's specialized here; the psychology of a living being is also a focus for this place. This subhouse is connected to the House of Knowledge.

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Intermediate Gods

    Kamen Rider Double 
Shotaro Hidari and Philip, Dual Gods of Private Detectives (Both: Kamen Rider Double. Shotaro: Half-Boiled Detective, Kamen Rider Joker. Philip: Raito Sonozaki, Kamen Rider Cyclone)
Philip and Shotaro Hidari
Kamen Rider Double 
  • Intermediate God as Double, Lesser God borders on Intermediate in their separate Rider forms (Greater God in CycloneJokerXtreme and CycloneJokerGoldXtreme)
  • Symbol: The W symbol, Sokichi Narumi's hat, and their respective Gaia Memories.
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Two Detectives in One Kamen Rider, Fusion Dance, Badass Bikers.
  • Domains: Combat, Investigations, Cyberpunk, Duality
  • Followers: Rin Asogi
  • Mentor: Sokichi Narumi/Kamen Rider Skull
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship With: Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Griffith, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Professor James Moriarity, most of Batman's ascended Rogues Gallery (The Joker chief among them)
  • Originally a Patron Saint of the Toku Base, Shotaro and Philip ascends into the main pantheon as Kamen Rider Double due to their professions of being private detectives and solving every cases including every crimes related to the Dopant phenomena.
  • In battle, whenever they fight as Double, they tend to say "Now, Count Up your Sins!", especially if they're facing the new foes in the pantheon while making enemies with them, such as Griffith for betraying his allies to commit the crimes to the point that he cannot redeemed his own sins, the Clown Prince of Crime Joker for commiting crimes in Gotham City, the white and black Teddy Bear of Despair Monokuma and his mastermind Junko Enoshima for initiating the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy and the Trollkaiger since both of them committing malicious acts in the pantheon, and Ryoma Sengoku since he is a mad scientist with his own goal of pursuing the Forbidden Fruit for his own research makes him no different to the likes of Foundation X.
  • Shotaro is always, first and foremost, a harboiled detective. Never say otherwise.
  • Philip can access knowledge to just about anything. However, once you make him interested in a topic he will not stop until he knows everything about it.
  • Shotaro and Philip is known good friends with fellow detectives like Naoto Shirogane and Kyoko Kirigiri due to the same profession of being detectives just like them. Much to their surprise, Naoto was a avid fan of Tokusatsu and she was glad that she can now fight side by side with the "Two-In-One Kamen Rider" while Kirigiri was very close to Philip due to them tends to talk whenever they are doing their investigations.
  • Nyarko was bit dubious of the two, as she had to deal with an alien what had similar powers to them. Still, due to the two being Toku heroes (and Nyarko's love of yelling "JOKER" in the hammiest way possible), she got over that quickly.
  • They were amused that Judai Yuki is a fan of the Kamen Riders due to his Masked HERO deck is based upon every Toku Heroes as well as Judai's new card "Contrast HERO Chaos" resembles that of their FangJoker form, much to their surprise.
  • The duo also gets along with Cliana Rimskaya, due to them tends to share souls in their own bodies, with Philip shared his soul to Shotaro's body as Double (although their role is reversed whenever they become FangJoker, and Cliana has two souls working together in her body treating each other like real sisters).
  • They were also known to fight side by side with Omnimon since both of them (especially, Double in CycloneJokerXtreme) are combined heroes composed of two individuals as they fight evil in the Pantheon.
  • They became friends with Yusei Fudo due the three of them had a conviction to protecting their respective cities that they love the most.
    • After Yusei found out that Shotaro and Philip transforms into Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker, Yusei reminds the "Two in One Kamen Rider" that of the "Splendid Rose", a Synchro Monster card that was used by his friend and fellow Signer Aki Izayoi.
    • Also became close allies with Aki Izayoi after her ascension, Shotaro also pointed out that her hairstyle kinda reminds of his own while Aki has the same reaction to him.
  • Recently, Shotaro and Philip had a Odd Friendship with Mitsuzane Kureshima, due to the Armored Rider possess a Rider Lockseed in their likeness. As Micchy becomes "Ryugen Double Arms", he reenact the exact same quote used by Kamen Rider Double, much to their amusement.
  • At one point, Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme happens to fight alongside Sonic while battling the combined forces of Dr. Eggman and the Demonic Legion before they finish them off with their finishing attacks. After the battle, both Double and Sonic wonder why their attack announcements were sounds similar.
    • The two Kamen Riders later encountered Team Chaotix, after hearing that Vector the Crocodile of that group used a similar colored and named bike as them one time. Despite Chaotix simply tagging along for money, the two appreciate the company of that trio when it comes to solving mysteries.
  • They were known to be close friends with Torin and Taiki Kudo since they have the same writer in their respective series.
  • After learning of Katsumi Daido's presence and his intentions in the Pantheon, Shotaro and Philip work together with Setsuna Higashi to protect every redeemed Deities from this dangerous threat.
  • Both of them, as well as Shinnosuke Tomari, considered to mentor Aru Akise, who wants to be a detective just like them. They are currently just tagging along in his adventures sometimes, though.

    Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive 
Shinnosuke Tomari, God of Great Detectives (Kamen Rider Drive, Kamen Driver, The True Reaper, Kamen Rider Super Dead Heat Drive)
Kamen Rider Drive 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Type Tridoron)
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider Drive Symbol, alternatively the Special Investigation Unit Logo.
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Transforming Heroes, Great Detectives, Brilliant, but Lazy (not anymore), Badass Drivers in Nice Suits, The Kirk, Being the Successor of Proto-Drive, Cynical Heroes, Being Sarcastic, Being the "True" Reaper in the Eyes of the Roidmudes, Rides the Tridoron, "My Brain Cells are Now in Top Gear", "Let's Go For a Ride!", Happily Married.
  • Domains: Combat, Police, Cars, Law, Investigation, Heroism
  • Followers: Kyu Renjo, Ryu Amakusa, Megumi Minami, Kintaro Toyama, Azuma Narusawa, Morihiko Dan, Shuichi Saihara.
  • Herald: Kiriko Shijima (Go's older sister and his wife)
  • Allies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Heart Roidmude
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Tenjuro Banno, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Ultron, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Nui Harime), Shogo Makishima, Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Joker, Lord Chaos, Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash
  • On the Hit List of: Rosco P. Coltrane
  • Ascended into the main pantheon due to his profession as a police detective and a Kamen Rider at the same time, Shinnosuke Tomari was a detective who was demoted from being an elite officer after the events of the Global Freeze for accidentally injured his partner Akira Hayase before he transferred into the Special Investigation Unit specialize in solving every cases related to the Roidmudes. With Kiriko Shijima as his aid, he was chosen by the Drive Driver to fight the Roidmudes as its second user of the Drive System as "Kamen Rider Drive" in order to prevent them from initiating the second Global Freeze.
  • Many of the Gods in the pantheon finds him very unique among the Kamen Riders since he is affiliated with the police force and his main transportation is not a motorcycle, but a super car called the Tridoron. Because of this, many of his brethren Riders who had previously fought alongside the police force (like Kuuga, Agito, Double, and Wizard) or another Rider who possessed a super car like Black RX, was amazed of his uniqueness.
    • However there are times that he can be lazy whenever he's off duty while eating his favorite milk candy in the House of Food.
    • His said profession also gained the respect of Dominic Toretto, a fellow Badass Driver, this is also because Toretto reminds the Kamen Rider of his close ally Brian O' Conner. Because of this both men worked together on dealing with their criminal adversaries in the pantheon.
  • He is somewhat close allies with the Fresh Pretty Cures, especially with Love Momozono as he sympathize with her past rivalry with Setsuna Higashi (who was once known as Eas), much like how he used to have a rivalry with Chase (who was known as Mashin Chaser back then). He is also had a sympathy towards Setsuna since she reminds him of Chase due to them started out as villains who later became heroes while they're atoning their past sins.
  • Surprisingly, he also met several detectives in the pantheon, like Batman, Naoto Shirogane, Kyoko Kirigiri, and Akane Tsunemori. As they formed their friendship due to their shared profession, they help each other out alongside his fellow detective rider Shotaro Hidari and Philip on solving crime cases in the pantheon.
    • He also met another fellow detective in the form of Aru Akise. As the rider has seen his potential as a great detective, Shinnosuke decides to take Aru as his apprentice.
    • Was also gained an admiration of Sherlock Holmes as the private detective was proud of his job as a police detective after he saw all of his countless times of solving cases. He was also being looked up by the Milky Holmes because they were once Great Detectives like him and they wanted to be well known again. Shinnosuke assures to the girls that he will help them to make that happen.
    • He also gained an ire towards Shogo Makishima for committing various crimes while manipulating others to do his dirty work and The Joker due to his stint of being an Ax-Crazy Giggling Villain reminding him too much of Mitsuhide Nira. Because of this, Shinnosuke often seen teaming up with Akane and Batman to stop their evil acts.
  • He is also being close allies with RoboCop, Kurtis Stryker, and Caitlyn, since both having the same moral conducts of being a police officer. They often seen working together on preventing every criminals in the pantheon.
  • He is also very close friends with Chun-Li while he also sympathized with her because she also became a police officer to investigate her father's apparent death at the hands of M. Bison, much like how he became a police detective to solve the case of his father's mysterious death.
  • He is also friends with Ryuko and Senketsu, probably due to her relations with Senketsu reminding of his relation with Mr. Belt. On the other hand, he has a animosity towards Ryuko's mother Ragyo Kiryuin because of her brainwashing on Ryuko makes her no different on how Medic did the same treatment to Chase while he was under the Roidmude's control.
  • Most of the deities in the pantheon pointed out that his main form, "Type Speed", is often compared to The Flash because of their Super Speed abilities and both heroes has the same color schemes. Nevertheless they were close allies and fighting their respective enemies.
  • He also became allies with Yusei Fudo because both of them had experienced tragedies involving the time paradox in their respective times, same thing with Future Trunks because his objective of saving his family from the past reminding him of his future son Eiji.
    • He also gained a disgust towards Lord Chaos because of his powers of creating a time paradox reminding him of Paradox Roidmude.
  • Like Shotaro, Philip, and Torin before, he is also close friends with Taiki Kudo since both had the same writer in their respective shows.
  • He has somewhat gained an animosity towards Ryoma Sengoku due to his stint as a Mad Scientist who was very cruel and has no empathy to everyone reminded him to the likes of Tenjuro Banno. Because of this, Shinnosuke is determine to stop his madness.
  • Has become rather sympathetic to Ange for her losing the respect of her kingdom for something as trivial as what type of human she is. He also seems to be proud of Tusk for doing his best to protect her, and has since aligned with them to stop Embryo's goal to corrupt all women in the Pantheon. He notes that Ange has the potential to use the Drive Driver.
  • He also shared his opinion with Chase that Katsumi Daido was "Unworthy of the name Kamen Rider" because Eternal was once a hero who became a villain and committed unforgivable actions during NEVER's raid on Futo.
  • He became enemies with Ultron because of his similarities with the malevolent Roidmudes and his objective to destroy humanity as part of his programming. However, while he finally sympathizes with the Roidmudes after he learned more of them during his battles, he sees Ultron as their opposite since the robot never understands why he wants to eradicate the human race in the first place. Because of this, he is determine to stop Ultron if he dares to harm any humans in the pantheon.
  • Cannot stand the likes of the Trollkaiger after he heard of their actions of committing atrocities in the whole pantheon, especially with Nui Harime because of her antics of being a troll who killed Ryuko's father reminded him of Nira. Same thing with both Monokuma and Junko Enoshima due to their reputation of initiating the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy and both were responsible of bringing the world into chaos through despair, which reminds him of the horrors of the first Global Freeze. Because of this, Shinnosuke resolves to stop their evil actions in the pantheon.
  • Has formed a surprising friendship with Ruby Rose due to their similar personalities, color schemes, preference in powers and the same desire to live up to their parent's dream of protecting the people. They also share similar interests in mechanics, though cars don't necessarily intersect with weapons. Ruby expressed excitement and a small amount of envy that he could talk to the Shift Cars, leading to Shinnosuke laughing uneasily as she tries to introduce him to (the obviously unresponsive) Crescent Rose.
    • Similarly, he sympathizes with her sister Yang, due to her wanting to find out about her mother's disappearance and her interest in cars. He expressed interest in learning her berserker style of fighting to help better control Type Dead Heat.
  • Noticed an oddity about the connection between Persona users "Minato and Minako Arisato". Their pseudonyms, powers, general relationships (except for romantic options), and even histories with Aigis and Ryoji Mochizuki AKA Thanatos were almost entirely the same, yet every report from 1999 indicated only one car crashed and burned on the Moonlight Bridge on a certain day. Either they had to be related or one would have to be cloned or derived from the other somehow. Yet their hair and eyes were totally different, their personalities were superficially opposite, "Minato's" real name of Makoto Yuki was known yet whatever name "Minako" actually had wasn't, and no indication existed that they even knew each other. All of this represented an utter paradox unless alternate timelines are involved. He took his concerns to another trusted member of his house, Lois Lane, and she agreed to help him investigate the matter.
    • The detective-reporter duo traveled to Tatsumi Port Island to see if they could discover something, heading first for the police station. As soon as they headed to the film room where CCTV footage was being kept, they noticed some strange red tapes. Immediately looking through those, they saw clips the female protagonist with other S.E.E.S. members…who addressed her by Kotone Shiomi, a completely other name. Leaving after this, they headed right to Kotone's temple for answers, and she revealed that S.E.E.S. had agreed to keep her real name hidden until someone else figured it out since it was odd that she had received a false name upon entry. Lois took the lead from there with both Kotone and S.E.E.S. leader Mitsuru Kirijo, while Shinnosuke continued on trying to get more information on his own. Well, until Tenjuro and Eobard Thawne came after him and Barry Allen again.


Lesser Gods

    Frank West 
Frank West, God of Freelance Photojournalism
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: His Camera, And A Shopping Cart Full Of Weapons
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Antihero, He's Covered Wars, Ya Know, Badass Normal, Batter Up!, Crazy Survivalist, Deadpan Snarker, Determinator, Freelance Photographer, Glory Hound combined with Glory Seeker, Zombie-Killing Intrepid Reporter, Zombie Infectee (averted due to his ascension)
  • Domains: Journalism, Zombie Killing, Covering Wars
  • Followers: Ran Hibiki, Alyssa Ashcroft, Rebecca Chang
  • Heralds: Chuck Greene and Jessie McCarney
  • Allies:
  • The Competition: Lois Lane, April O'Neil, Jade, Peter Parker
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendships: with Hsien-Ko, Mega Man, X, Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2, Tomoyo Daidouji, Kaguya Nanbu
  • Frank West was already familiar with the Pantheon, as he worked at the Pantheon's Elysium Academy as its Photojournalism teacher. While teaching his class, did Frank receive the invite to the Pantheon from Dumbeldore. Frank accepted, and his class celebrated their teacher's rise as a god with an impromptu party.
  • Cassie Cage has scrimped notes from Frank on how to take an awesome selfie. While Frank takes his shots with the undead, Cassie rather does hers with her defeated foes, with their jaws obliterated. Sonya blames Frank (and not her ex-husband, for once), while Frank loves the whole black comedy aspect of it.
  • He's covered wars, but his claim to fame was surviving what was now known as the Williamette Outbreak. There are conflicing reports about when he was in Fortune City, some say he was there for the duration of the outbreak, others say that he arrived at the tail end of it.
  • Frank's been getting around since Williamette and Fortune City. He was seen fighting in two tournaments that decided the fates of two worlds, and was seen among the likes of Kazuya Mishima, Akira Yuki and Kaguya Nanbu, having joined forces with the Chinese jiangshi Hsien-Ko. After she cleared up the difference between the hopping zombie and the undead he was used to, he came to see the Darkstalker as a formidable ally.
  • He does not get along with the other reporters of the Pantheon, especially Lois Lane. Seriously. We'll just leave it at that.
  • Despite having covered wars, he missed the Netherrealm War.
  • Frank is also famous (or infamous) for snapping the PERFECT EROTICA photo of Kaguya Nanbu. What most people don't know is that Kaguya was a willing participant, as Frank was considerate enough to ask her beforehand. Either way, the photo made Frank both friends and enemies within the Pantheon. But as it turns out, Kaguya is not the only busty deity in the Pantheon. So now, Frank is on a quest to snap the PERFECT EROTICA in the Pantheon.
  • Frank is also friends with Hayato Ichimonji (Kamen Rider 2). As both are reporters, they both got some wild stories to tell. Even more so, Hayato occasionally lectures at Frank's Photojournalism Class at Elysium Academy at Frank's invitation. Hayato soon becomes one of more popular visiting speakers at the academy.
  • Frank was less than thrilled to learn that Adam MacIntyre had reached the pantheon and prefers to avoid him. Adam hasn't forgotten about him and visits Frank from time-to-time for a "special show". It doesn't help that Frank considers him one of the toughest foes he ever faced.
  • Everyone has a story to tell. Frank's goal is to have a sit-down with some of the Pantheon's movers and shakers, good and bad, and get their side of the story. His willingness to listen to both sides has made him a popular deity in the Pantheon.

    Jack Bauer 
Jack Bauer, God of Effective Torture Techniques
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The CTU Badge
  • Theme song: Either 24 Theme Song or this one, courtesy of Rikiya Koyama
  • Alignment: Formerly Lawful Good, currently Chaotic Good. Though he did border around Chaotic Neutral, and almost lost it once
  • Portfolio: A Hero with extreme methods, Broken Ace, Combat Pragmatist, Will take the heroic role, even when it isn't necessary, Modern Cowboy Cop, Full Born Badass, Great tactical skills, Crazy-Prepared, Still has to suffer no honourable reward despite his efforts, Marked a traitor despite his heroism
  • Domains: Heroism (mixed), Strength, Determination, Extremism, Tactics
  • Followers: The Cerberus organization, Carter Blake, Hei, Walker and Erica, Spider Jerusalem, Marv, Captain Azarcon
  • Allies: Soldier: 76, Arthun Zala, Jon Snow, Aiden Pierce, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Kiritsugu Emiya, John Martson, Rick Blaine, Captain Price, Bryan Mills, Gene Hunt, Big Boss, Joel and Ellie, John McClane
  • Enemies: All terrorists in general especially Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Raul Menendez, Reaper, Widowmaker, Zoran Lazarević, Skull Face, Funny Valentine, Senator Armstrong, Agent 47, Cornelia li Britannia.
  • Opposed by: The House of Heroes, Leadership, and Justice, as well as many torture victims, like Vulkan, Miyo Takano, Shion Sonozaki, Sakura Matou, Alma Wade, Homura Akemi, and fellow torture-related deities, like Renekton and Asdrubael Vect
  • Opposes: All villains, regardless of alignment.
  • Once a simple federal agent, Jack Bauer retired from his job, with his family on his side after years of working as a serviceman. Then came the continuous assault of terrorists from around the globe, and he knew he wouldn't want to see the country he lived in to be ravaged nor would the citizens he dedicated to protect be harmed. And so, he volunteered to be head of the CTU, an organization meant to protect the American people. Let's just say that a few mishaps ended up (almost) killing Jack in numerous ways.
    • Numerous ways as in, lost his family, lost his friends, lost his job (and tarnishing his reputation), and even losing his freedom despite the efforts he did to save the world. And that's not to mention, that he got branded as a traitor at the end. Due to this, he wanted to leave his place, and that was how he found the Trope Pantheons.
    • Ideally, many gods chose him to be the God of Effective Torture Techniques especially since he has a large list of who he tortured. Not to mention, the effectiveness of each torture session that led him closer to his objectives.
  • With the frustration that he endured in his mortal life, his activity in the Pantheon is rather, small. He doesn't want to get way too involved in many conflicts around the Pantheon, seeing it as something even more daring than his actions before. Even then, if it will endanger innocents and/or his life, he'll take up arms and fight against terrorism if it needs to. Just don't expect Jack to do it clean.
  • Thanks to his rough experience with fighting crime and terrorism, this gave him the understanding side of both Arthun Zala and Soldier: 76. The former knows exactly how hard war is and the latter also has shared the same pain Bauer has felt ever since. One thing that places all three in the same category of cynical Anti Heroes are their actions in their worlds.
    • To put it simply: Arthun thinks of war as a hellhole, was forced to fight his friend Kira and had conflicts with ZAFT and its members, Soldier: 76 was Overwatch's former commander, who was celebrated by his actions, but said actions led to the betrayal of his friend and some of his actions went too far that attracted the authorities and led to the organization's downfall. Jack is in the merge of both, retired from work, joined CTU for the sake of protecting the people, and at the end, it costed his family, friends and his freedom altogether, to the point that the very government he protected went up against him.
    • Luckily, all three were able to connect their similarities and as a result have formed a group of cynical heroes meant for protecting the world, even if it means destroying their positions. The reaction was quite mixed to say the least.
    • Most of the reaction came hard to the Houses of Heroes, Leadership and Justice, with his record already shown to them. So far, they have seen all of Jack's extremism in almost all of his actions. Needless to say, this didn't even bother him so much, due to already having felt that many times in his life.
  • Despite having different positions, he has struck good friendships with Aiden Pierce and Captain Price, most especially the latter, since both have felt the pain of going through hell to take down terrorism, and the fact that both have been marked as traitors once. His opinion on Aiden is kind of mixed, as he still has a complaint regarding Aiden's still personality and his actions including being a petty criminal from the beginning. Still, as vigilantes, they are understandable at best.
    • Speaking of traitors, John Martson quickly heard this and gave him an invitation to the House of Anti-Heroes. Needless to say, he liked the tour.
    • Even moreso during his visit to the House of Family, where he met Bryan Mills. Someone who has some weird similarities with each other. However, unlike Mills who didn't lose anything after his conflicts (well, unless you count his wife being dead), Jack lost everyone including the recent victim: Renee.
  • He's glad that there are many people who had sympathy towards his adventures since the people with him before did not have any. Kiritsugu Emiya and Rick Blaine are notable ones, especially Blaine, seeing that he had to give up his neutral retirement in exchange for saving the world. However, unlike Blaine who lived great after his adventure, Jack didn't.
    • Big Boss has felt even more sympathy towards him, seeing his pain as similar to the endurance he had to overcome with his allies betrayal, and him killing the Boss, which ended up saving America.
    • There are some theories regarding Jack and Big Boss' existance. Like how they say that Big Boss could be Jack Bauer in a video game incarnation or that they could be twins, in a sense of changing their identity. The first one unfortunately is further supported by the fact that a cetain mortal not only voices the two but also recorded his moves into Big Boss. This makes conversations with the two very hilarious.
    Big Boss: I swear, I saw you somewhere in my mind. Did you see it?
    Jack: No shit, you move awkwardly like me for some reason. Any guesses?
  • When terrorism strikes, he'll join in and do whatever it takes to end it. Whether be it killing some friendlies or losing his respect, he'll make sure justice will be served. Just don't either be in the way, or even talk him out of it. And don't even try using emotional talk, as it will make his tactical plans worse.
    • Oh and for the love of God, DO NOT try to reason out terrorism, treason or cold-blooded murder, so does killing or harming innocents. Once he has you on his sights, he'll chase you no matter what, and once he catches you, expect long hours of torture and pain. Just ask his brother and numerous other villains he tried to apprehend during his ascension.
    • Assassinating good leaders such as the President are also ways to trigger Bauer into sheer anger. This is why he hates Widowmaker, since she killed Tektharta Mondatta in a similar fashion as those who would assassinate officials. This has gotten her on his shitlist.
    • Then there is the fact that with the world changing, he noticed an even worse threat, American extremists such as the likes of Funny Valentine and Senator Armstrong. He sees them much worse than the aformentioned terrorists. In fact, there is only one thing he'd like to say to them:
    Jack: "Change America for the better" you say? Your crusades to America are a bloody joke.
  • Numerous terrorists have been in the watch due to his presence, most especially Vladimir Makarov since his experience with Russian baddies (who are his followers) have him on the edge. On the other hand, Jack has been given warnings that the terrorists found in the Pantheon are more sophisticated than the average one, something that has been itching on his mind for a long time.
    • Then there is the fact that many of these terrorists have their eyes straight at him, because they know that he might be their end at first sight. So far, only Reaper and Raul Menendez have taken arms up to eliminate him.
    • As if things didn't get even more interesting, he somehow gained an ire to Frieza. He has no idea how an evil alien overlord managed to hate him, but that might be due to him being similar to Goku in terms of determination power.
  • With his torture technique being so damn popular, many people have done a lot of thanking to Jack. Gene Hunt has been a huge fan of his techniques. Though that did not stop many bad guys from adopting the skill he earned, which rather made him cringe.
    • Speaking of torturers, Renekton his dire hateed of him, as his torture techniques turned him into this. Jack was quick enough to disagree, only for the former to attempt to slash him down.
    Renekton: Soon, the torturers become the tortured. And you're not exempted.
    • Asdrubael Vect quickly pointed that his techniques where "pitiful" and "are used among the weak". He finds him nothing worthy about torture, and plans to prove him how torture works best.
    • Things got more grim when he saw many torture victims right behind his doorstep. Among the people outside where, Vulkan, Miyo Takano, Shion Sonozaki, Sakura Matou, Alma Wade and Homura Akemi, among all the people around. It clearly shows how much his technique is opposed by many.
  • I'm federal agent Jack Bauer. This is the longest day of my life.

    James Bond 
James Bond, God of Womanizers and Secret Agents (Mr. Bond, Agent 007, Problem Eliminator, Sexist Misogynist Dinosaur, Jimbo)

    Naoto Shirogane 
Naoto Shirogane, Goddess of Detective Talents Since Childhood (Detective Prince, Captain Pistol, The 2000 IQ Killjoy Detective)

    Nick Fury 
Nicholas Joseph Fury, Divine Spymaster of the Pantheon (Nick Fury, Doyle, Man in the Mystery Mask, Patch, Gemini, Sgt. Fury, Scorpio, Agent A-1, The Man on The Wall, Mr. Anger, Mr. Ollen)
The Earth-616 version
The Ultimate/MCU version
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The S.H.I.E.L.D. logo
  • Alignment: Switches between Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolios: Badass in Charge, Black and Grey Morality, Smoking Is Cool, Eyepatch of Power
  • Domains: Law, Cooperation, Espionage, Leadership, Defense
  • Followers: Paul Crocker, M, Jack Bristow, Mr. Waverly, Leliana, the Order of Whispers
  • High Priest: The Master of Whispers
  • Heralds: Phil Coulson, Maria Hill
  • Underling: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Amanda Waller
  • Enemies: H.Y.D.R.A, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Ultron, Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Destro
  • Opposed by: Amadeus Cho
  • Odd Friendship: Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Avatar: Samuel L. Jackson (MCU)
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Judge Dredd
  • Respects: Nico Yazawa
  • Classified Association: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns
  • His ascension was marked by the arrival of his helicarrier, a massive flying aircraft that can house thousands of personnel as well as various equipment. An aging man with grey hair and a bald black man use it as his temple as well as their base of operation for various shield agents.
  • In case you're wondering, there are two Nick Furies that share the temple: one as an aging white man with grey hair and the other a black bald man who just happens to look a lot like (A) Samuel L. Jackson, and (B) the aging white man's son. One or the other tends to appear depending on the company they're expecting. Some deities may prefer one over the other, and due to the hectic nature of the Pantheon both are likely to be needed at once, which is probably why both decided to ascend. Both brought a herald to help sort out the paperwork, though Coulson and Hill have started to work with both their bosses.
  • To the surprise of many, this is one spymaster that doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, in either incarnation. That puts him at an advantage over his followers. Tales of his adventures can be found in various comic books, only overshadowed due to the many, many other badasses that populate his universe.
  • Shortly after the ascension, the two met separately with various secret agents throughout the Pantheon. All agreed to work with him to a varying degree. Some like James Bond work completely under him. Others like Kim Possible are given assignments but are not completely under his wing, treating it as a freelance occupation.
  • Their relationship with superheroes varied wildly over the years. Sometimes they're willing to work hand in hand with them. Other times one Fury or the other gets chided for trying to coerce them to do his dirty work. Once in the Pantheon, most superheroes have complied to work with the man.
  • The comics Fury has still not forgiven Norman Osborn for the damage he had wrought during his time as Director of H.A.M.M.E.R. When criticised for his absence during that period, he scoffs it off, saying he was busy at the time.
  • The fact that HYDRA already has a presence in the Pantheon before they arrived was a troubling discovery. That puts the Furys at a disadvantage, as HYDRA has more experience exploiting the system. They hope to quickly close the gap, tracking their members down before exposing them.
  • HYDRA isn't the only evil organization Fury battles. S.H.I.E.L.D. also constantly butts heads with COBRA as well as former associates Baroness and Destro. They call for Duke whenever these villains are involved.
  • They were intrigued that there was a woman who had similar connections in the DC Universe. The only difference is that she sends criminals and villains to do the dirty work for her. It's not a tactic that they are comfortable with (Tony Stark pulled a similar stunt with disastrous results), but do acknowledge it has its advantages. Amanda Waller has no qualms over the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D.…just as long as they don't get in their way. Surprisingly, the trio work together more often they are comfortable with.
  • The Furys are on better terms with the mercenary Big Boss. S.H.I.E.L.D may be shady in its dealings with S.H.I.E.L.D, but he at least values his agents and the ideal of making the word a safer place. He's one of the first people to defend S.H.I.E.L.D on its actions. It took longer for Solid Snake to agree with this.
  • As a being who thinks no one should be above the law, Judge Dredd observes Fury's actions with disdain. The only reason he hasn't actively sought after the men is that they do just as good of a job catching bad guys as other members in the House of Justice.
  • Many were shocked to find out Fury wasn't even in consideration for the title God of Eyepatches. The Furys point out that as much of a badass as they are, they still don't compare to the historical feats Date Masamune has under his belt. The director may not be as excited for parties, but each is willing to hire Date for missions. As if that's scary enough, the three can be seen fighting together.
  • One of the oddest partnerships is the comic version's association with the Punisher. One would expect him to stay clear from such a loose cannon, but they have been able to set aside their differences. Few Badass Normal pairings put fear in villains' eyes than the duo of Nick Fury and the Punisher.
  • After his ascension, he called Xander not to call himself Sergeant Fury, just not to confuse anyone. A disappointed Xander complied, though he is still giddy about his ascension.
    • Neither does Nico on that matter. Still, rumors persist that the two spend their time watching the idol singers' dance routines.
  • Some have pointed out the similarities between movie Fury and comic Fury's black son Nick Fury Jr., speculating on whether movie Fury has a white father similar to comic Fury. Dean Ambrose has decided if that's the case, he's totally calling them father and son.
  • Speaking of Dean Ambrose, that brings up the elephant in the room about WWE's Shield: what connection do the Hounds of Justice have with the organization Fury runs? For what it's worth, movie Fury has told others to consider them a "rogue element", hinting that they are connected somehow but don't necessarily take orders from him.
    • After a recent series of incidents involving Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Hounds of Justice, and others stopping a human and drug trafficking cartel from rebooting its operations within the Pantheon, which led to Shield member Seth Rollins having one of his seats moved to a different house, the speculation regarding their association has only intensified.
    • With Reigns ailed by leukemia and Ambrose swiftly betraying Rollins, The Shield is considered disbanded. Fury's just glad to not be getting asked about them anymore.

    Solid Snake 
"Characters from different media are interacting with each other in some sort of stupid website forum game. Snake, get in there."


Solid Snake, God of Stealth (Old Snake, The Legendary Mercenary, David, Iroquis Pliskin)

    Sterling Archer 
Sterling Mallory Archer, God of Overt Operatives
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Flask
  • Theme Song: Archer Theme Song and The Killer
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Alcoholic, Telling Everyone His Occupation, Pop-Cultured Badass, May have a form of Autism, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Jerkass, but has his better moments, Manchild (to psychotic levels at times)
  • Domains: Alcohol, Espionage (poorly and no longer), Firearms
  • Herald: Lana Kane (His on-again, off-again girlfriend and and mother to their child)
  • Allies: Bender, Homer Simpson, Alucard (Hellsing), The entire House of Alcohol, Charlie Harper, Austin Powers
  • Superior: Nick Fury
  • Enemies: Ragyo Kiryuin , Lady Tremaine, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Lois Wilkerson, Imran Zakhaev, Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, HYDRA, Red Skull
  • Rivals: James Bond
  • Opposes: All cyborgs in the pantheon
  • Opposed by: Alfred Pennyworth
  • Fears: Sobek , Renekton, Vector the Crocodile
  • Annoys: Brock Samson
  • Sterling Mallory Archer awoke in the Pantheon following a very painful experience in The Dreamland, claiming to have been in search of his partner. Once awoken, he was quick to get back to his old ways, starting with ordering a Peppermint Patty and then going to the House of Love for some quality time.
  • Surprisingly, Archer has a soft spot for the house of Beasts, especially the cute members. But there is one deity there that he avoids like the plague it's Sobek. Not only is he a crocodile, but a giant god of crocodiles.
  • Alfred Pennyworth is not a fan of him due to the way he treats his own butler Woodhouse.
  • Archer spends most of his time in the House of Alcohol drinking to his heart's content and he's actually one of the most impressive drinkers in the pantheon, able to drink multiple jars of Barbicide and only get drunk on it. Unsurprisingly this led to him becoming allies with Bender (despite being a robot) and Homer Simpson ( who also drank Barbicide and didn't get poisoned), two other Fox deities (although Archer is from the FX Network).
  • Is referred as Sterling Archer in the Pantheon so not to be confused with the other Archers.
  • Archer actually has a pretty good reason behind him being a Jerkass, considering he was bullied in prep school (one incident almost killed him and left him with pneumonia for a whole semester) and was raised mostly by his heroin-doing butler until he was 5. It only got worse when his absent mother finally did come home — some of the things she did included: sending him off to 12 straight years of boarding school, abandoning him on Christmas Eve with no way to get home, taking all of his Halloween candy from him in a poker game, stealing his unattended bike to "teach" him about responsibility… without giving it back or mentioning it further afterwards, and giving him liquor at a young age (which may explain why he's such a large alcoholic). Most Deities agree that it explains a lot.
    • Because of that Archer is against all evil and abusive mothers in the Pantheon. He hates Ragyo Kiryuin the most, because despite being a Jerkass and one of the biggest manwhores in the Pantheon, Ragyo's molesting of her underaged biological daughters ("or whatever the hell that is") draws so many lines for him that it makes his own mother look tame (feeling that if she were here, she'd order him to kill Ragyo for the same reasons). He's also been very critical about Lady Tremaine's treatment of Cinderella and has even offered to being the princess's bodyguard in case her stepmother comes after her. Cinderella was touched by Archer's generosity but has politely declined.
  • Many deities are confused about when his adventures take place. When asked if Archer knows the years he replied, "I, uh— yeah, exactly. Good question."
  • Due to getting a mind control chip placed inside his head by the KGB, which tended to malfunction once in a while when the Soviet spy satellite aligns and his phone rings, thus leading to trying to kill his mother, he is enemies with all evil Russians in the Pantheon — even though his Establishing Character Moment was him getting an erection from the thought of his mother dying.
  • His rivalry with James Bond was expected in the Pantheon (considering that Archer makes what makes James Bond cool and turns them in character flaws) over who is the better spy. It was concluded that James Bond is the better spy, but Archer is the more dangerous one.
  • Archer once somehow managed to survive in a heated ventilation system for more than a weekend. When he finally crashed down, one of his co-workers mentioned it was just like a "Happy Fourth of Ju Luau". Many deities wonder what that was and what happened there. It seems like the only thing they know is that a pig was involved and as such many gods make sure he's careful around Bebe.


    Dr. Angus Bumby 
Dr. Angus Bumby, God of Unstable Psychologists (The Doll Maker, Engineer and Conductor of The Infernal Train)
Click here  to see the Doll Maker
  • Demigod (Regularly), Intermediate God (As The Doll Maker)
  • Symbol: Shining Glasses over a cracking doll head and The Infernal Train
  • Theme Song: Dr. Bumby (Regularly), Pulling Strings (As The Doll Maker), The Doll Maker, The Puppet Master (In Battle)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Blue and Orange Morality, What He Claims he is doing for the good of The Public, Turns his "Patients" into mindless Slaves for profit, Psychologically stripping kids down into mindless dolls. For "good" and profit, His Doll Maker form never loses his completely, unsettlingly calm
  • Domains: Psychology, Memory Wiping, Viciousness, Manipulation, Control, Brainwashing, Strings, Doll Making
  • Allies: Hoyt Volker, Mr. Scratch, Ludwig Von Tokkentakker, David Zappa, Kun Lan, Skull Face, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Gideon Graves
  • Enemies: Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Alan Wake, Mondo Zappa
  • At first glance he was simply a Psychologist trying to help Alice's darker side forget about her past and Wonderland, that was until something known as The Infernal Train tore through Wonderland to become a hellish landscape once more.
  • It was later revealed that he is using his knowledge of the mind to mentally destroy the ones under his care to become "employees/ Dolls" to earn their keep by being forcing them into a certain type of "Service".
    • This has earned him a interest from The GUAE to break some of their younger enemies.
  • Hoyt usually give him some of his more disruptive "Products" so that he can make them more docile.
  • "Buck" also ganders more towards the Male "products" that Bumby has to offer and occasionally buys a few for himself.
  • Due to the stranger nature of the Pantheon and his "connection" to Alice, it allows him to tap into the Power of his Wonderland Avatar "The Doll Maker" and change into the stringed monstrosity.
  • This also allows him to use the "Infernal Train" slowly tearing through the Pantheon and turning into a Crapsack World through "The Ruin".
  • The Ruin has caught the eyes of Kun Lan and David so they can cultivate it and use it for themselves.
  • He has been willing to try and "treat" many in the Magical Girl Sisterhood, due to the Great Upheaval he has found that many are willing to forget the past. He has also discovered that many make great Dolls and that if need be The Doll Maker can deal with many witches.
  • Always seems to say a Nursery Rhyme when breaking those brought to him that he enforces into the mind of his "Dolls".
    The train is coming with its shiny cars
    With comfy seats and wheels of stars
    So hush my little ones, have no fear
    The man in the moon is the engineer

    Basil and Dawson 
Basil and Dawson, Dual Gods of Detective Animals (Basil: Basil of Baker Street, The Great Mouse Detective; Dawson: Major Dr. David Q. Dawson)

    Frasier Crane 
Dr. Frasier Crane, God of Psychologists
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Space Needle
  • Theme Song: Frasier Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Master of Freudian Psychology, Deadpan Snarker, Insufferable Genius Bad Liar, The Chew Toy though a Cool Loser, Camp Straight, Bunny Ears Psychiatrist, Sharp-Dressed Man, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Fan of Roussaeu,
  • Domains: Knowledge, Good, Psychology, Rune, Hubris
  • Followers: Ashley Kafka, Sean, Billy Crystal, Susan Stillman, Stanley Keyworth, Tony Hill, Sidney Freedman, Edward Roivas, Dr. Corraine, Dr. Bliss
  • Allies: Sigmund Freud, Amy Rose, Adrian Monk, Josiah Bartlet, Hawkeye Pierce, Shinji Ikari
  • Rivals: Sheldon Cooper
  • Special Relationship: Sam Malone and Diane Chambers
  • Fears: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Opposes: Dr. Angus Bumby, Barney Stinson, Hannibal Lecture, Sideshow Bob, Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Red Forman
  • Pities: Koichi Zenigata
  • There has been a surprisingly lack of psychiatrists in the Pantheon. That can be blamed on the fact that main characters had no need for therapists. That changed when a well-dressed man entered the Pantheon with a suitcase. Fraiser Crane hopes to bring his services into the Pantheon mixed with a bit of his infamous dry humor.
  • One of the biggest reasons for ascending was to meet his idol: Sigmund Freud. Many geniuses have discredit a lot of his work, but Frasier remains a true believer, even applying for the role of high priest when a mortal
  • Things were tense when Sam and Frasier eventually met face to face. It was little wonder that Sam was on edge during the meeting, as Sam was responsible for his breakup with Diane. Frasier merely stated that he has made peace with that mistake, though he laments about having to deal with the two of them continue to deny their love for each other. It's safe to say that he will not become their therapist to sort things through.
  • He is not afraid to flout his Ivy League education. When Sheldon Cooper wanted to join in, Frasier questioned why Sheldon has yet to reveal the colleges he went to. Until then, he cannot complement him on his studies. The Californian took offense to that remark, stating that he is far smarter than the therapist at nearly every subject matter. That got Frasier to state Sheldon's relationship issues, which got the other man running.
  • While he admits that Barney is more clever than warranted, Frasier can't help but believe the man to be nothing more than a Paper Tiger gentleman in a suit. Barney proceeded to torment the therapist with a string of pranks until Frasier retracted the comment.
  • Before Crane, some psychiatrists tried their luck following Dr. Angus Bumby... only to discover that he was using their negative aspects to his benefit. One of the first things Frasier did was to discredit Bumby and draw good-aligned people to him. A confrontation between the two seems to be inevitable.
  • It was Bumby that scared Shinji Ikari out of seeking a therapist in the first place. Now that there is a proper god of the profession, he hopes that Dr. Crane can help prevent him from bringing an end to the Pantheon.
  • Made his best effort not to associate him with another psychiatrist named Dr. Crane. Only this one, Dr. Jonathan Crane, specializes in inducing fear inducing insanity with his infamous fear toxin. Frasier has since vetted potential followers to root out any Psycho Psychologists. Batman has begun to observe the man regardless.
    • As it seems to be a theme with him, the X-Men also confused him with another character. This time they claim his avatar looks like Henry McCoy, aka the Beast. This man also happens to work in the medical field. Frasier has wondered what was with all these coincidences.
    • It must have been a surprise to him when a woman calling herself Dr. Harleen Quinzel paid him a visit, wanting to do an examination on him. She revealed a lot of pent up anger, especially towards his dad Martin who never approved of what he became of. While she was a good psychiatrist, she asked for a whole lot of money courtesy of a gun to his face. It was only when he reported the robbery to Batman that he found out he was robbed by Harley Quinn, yet another psychiatrist he will have to blacklist.
  • It seems to be a running theme, as he has also distanced himself from Sideshow Bob. Made more difficult by the fact that both his brother and his father also sound like his avatar. Surprisingly enough, Bob offered to voice his grievances. After 30 minutes in his office, Bob left the scene, leaving the psychiatrist blanche faced. He wouldn't dare say all the evil things Bob told him.
  • Speaking of fathers, he holds a resentment of Red Forman due to being associated with his own father Martin. Made worse by Forman stating how wimpy of a work psychology is, much like Frasier's father.
  • It may not look as such given his personality, but Frasier is a firm believer in the idea that all men are capable of good in their heart. He was intrigued about the person currently holding the position: Amy Rose. He offered to help her deal with the crush with Sonic, namely not to overdo it as to scare him away.
  • Agreed to take up Adrian Monk as his psychiatrist in the Pantheon. The detective may well be his most puzzling yet. With so many disorders to tackle, Frasier is sure to have his hands full in dealing with them. For his part, Monk has done a better job taking care of his life compared to the beginning.
  • Former president Bartlet thanked Frasier for bringing one of his followers to handle Josh's PTSD and doing a pretty good job at it.
  • Hawkeye Pierce may not take a liking to Frasier himself, but he is glad to finally have someone to represent psychiatrists. Why? Because one of his followers is his good friend Sidney Freedman, who helped him overcome his sleepwalking habits. Hawkeye figured the two would have been great friends given Sidney was also a firm believer of Freud.
  • One of his top goals has been to have a talk with Hannibal Lecture. Fearsome reputation aside, Frasier hopes to find a way through that corrupted mind of his. Of course, he would have to go through many of his colleagues to do so as they did not want to see him die. Even Sam Malone pleaded with him not to take the challenge.
  • Misgivings with his father aside, he can admit he did a good job as a police officer. Which broke his heart when he found out the patron of such cops is the bumbling Koichi Zenigata. Nevertheless, he tries his best to help the inspector do a better job at his work.
  • Can't help but wonder if anyone in the House of Love has cursed him with a disastrous love life. It seems as if all of his relationships are doomed to fail. No one in that house has claimed responsibility, though a few have decided to help him out.

    Gracie Hart 
Agent Gracie Hart, Goddess of Undercover Models (Miss New Jersey, Gracie Lou Freebush, Miss Congeniality)

    Harriet M. Welsch 
Harriet M. Welsch, Goddess of Snooping Children (Harriet the Spy)
Harriet as depicted in the movie (top) and the book (bottom)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her private notebook
  • Theme Song: “The Secretive Life”
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Break the Haughty, Brutal Honesty (which is her Fatal Flaw), Deadpan Snarker, Free-Range Children, Humiliation Conga, It's Personal, Enacting Revenge on the meaner classmates bullying her, No Sympathy (after her notebook is read), Purely Aesthetic Glasses (though not in the movie adaptation), Writes down everything on her Secret Diary, Loves tomato-and-mayonnaise sandwiches and egg creams, Eventually getting her friends, her notebook, and her privacy back at the end
  • Domains: Children, Spying, Writing, Notebooks
  • High Priestess: Penny Gadget
  • Heralds: Janie Gibbs, Simon “Sport” Rocque, Beth Ellen Hansen
  • Allies: The Mystery Gang, Maxwell, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Inspector Gadget, Mary Poppins, Buffy Summers, Jo March, Clark Kent/Superman, Richard Castle, Lois Lane, L.B. Jefferies, Nancy Drew
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, Libby Chessler
  • Opposed by: Dr. Eggman
  • Harriet M. Welsch is a precocious eleven-year-old who wanted to be a writer when she grows up. As encouraged by her nanny Ole Golly, she follows a “spy route” every day after school where she slinks around people’s homes and workplaces and takes detailed notes in her composition book. One thing about her, though, is that she’s extremely secretive about the contents of her notebook. However, when her nanny leaves and her notebook is discovered, Harriet is forced to deal with major challenges to her formerly organized life.
  • She ended up encountering other people who also possess a notebook. She is good friends with Maxwell. She finds it amusing that Maxwell’s notebook can summon almost anything by writing into it, something that she isn’t used to in her world.
    • On the other hand, she was horrified with Light Yagami and his very dangerous notebook.
  • Libby Chessler is interested in Harriet’s notebook and wanted to use it against her. Harriet, knowing what happened the last time someone else read her notebook, didn’t take it well and she finds her to be a lot worse than Marion Hawthorne. She also doesn’t get why Dr. Eggman would accuse her for “snooping as usual, I see.”
  • Loves tomato-and-mayonnaise sandwiches, which she eats every day. Sometimes during her spy routes, she would also stop by the House of Food for a chocolate egg cream.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders can relate to Harriet’s situation as it reminded them of the time that they once told secrets in Ponyville, which resulted in them being shunned by their peers.
  • She was once visited by Inspector Gadget, who was grateful to see his niece Penny serving as her high priestess. The two are on good terms, although Harriet finds Gadget to be a little clumsy at times.
  • Sometimes hangs out with L.B. Jefferies due to their knack for spying on their neighbors. Occasionally helps out the Mystery Gang and Nancy Drew on their cases as well.
  • Seen in the company of Clark Kent and his wife Lois Lane as they respect the girl for her writing ambitions, as do Jo March and Richard Castle.
  • Harriet has also taken a liking for Mary Poppins due to her being an eccentric, whimsical nanny like her nanny Ole Golly.
  • One time, she was encountered by Buffy Summers because the latter thought she was her sister Dawn. After the confusion between the two was cleared, the two appear to get along well, though she’s concerned that Harriet gets attacked a lot like Dawn was.

    Jade (Beyond Good & Evil) 
Jade, Goddess of Intrepid Reporters (Shauni, Miss Thyrus)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A camera shutter
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Intrepid Reporters, Those Who Speak For The Resistance, Truth Seekers, Women Who Never Give In, Cute Girls Who are Not What They Appear To Be, Easily Persuaded Townspeople
  • Domains: News, Stealth
  • Allies: April O'Neil, Peter Parker
  • Rival: Aya Shameimaru
  • Followers: Ulala, Sarah Jane Smith, Kinue Crossroad, William De Worde, Irene Ellet-Koller, Kazumi Asakura, Chisato Madison
  • Ascended after forcibly beating pretenders Buck Williams and Rita Skeeter back in combat, armed with only a stick. With her followers, she produces the major Trope Pantheon newsletter, keeping the members of the house informed on the goings-on between the houses, and helps try and track what's happening in the Council of Shadows.
  • Despite belonging to the house of Knowledge, her supernatural abilities actually lie within the House of Life and Death. While she visits this house on occasion, she has yet to fully accept a place in that Pantheon. However, Jean Grey-Summers, Goddess of Rebirth, has her eye on this one...
  • Has a long-standing feud with Sally Floyd, who coveted this position but, thanks to her Head Trauma-Inducing Stupidity, was forced to accept a much lesser calling.
  • Was once challenged in position by Kinue Crossroad. Jade waited for her to come, but she never came. Later she found out that she really couldn't come because she ran into Ali Al-Saachez and got killed. In cooperation with the Pantheon of Life And Death, Jade allowed her soul to follow her.
  • She's started to notice that someone named Gary Hobson tends to appear before something goes wrong in the pantheon and rescue people as if he knew what was about to happen, carrying a copy of her newspaper with him, but he's proven to be very illusive. She knows there's a good story there somewhere (but for the moment she doesn't realize just how good).
  • Not to be confused with Jade Curtiss.

    Jane Marple 
Jane Marple, Goddess of Old Lady Investigators (Miss Marple)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her hat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Amateur Sleuth, Celibate Hero, Maiden Aunt, The Matchmaker, Mystery Magnet, Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Domains: Good, Knowledge, Nobility, Mystery
  • Followers: Mrs. Pollifax, Hetty Wainthropp, Granny
  • High Priestess: Jessica Fletcher
  • Allies: Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Madame Foster, Uncle Iroh, Lt. Colombo, Subject Delta, Perry Mason, The Doctor
  • Enemies: Professor Moriarty, Springtrap
  • Opposes: Dr. Sofia Lamb, Jack The Ripper
  • Annoyed with: Hyacinth Bucket
  • A former follower of Nancy Drew, Miss Marple eventually drew a crowd of similarly-aged women. It didn't take long for her to gain enough followers to become a god herself. She chose Jessica Fletcher among her flock to become her high priest, one of her prolific followers.
  • This was the one detective Poirot doesn't see as a rival. Both share the same author and yet couldn't be more comfortable working together. Though this might be because Poirot is confident he is better known than his counterpart.
  • She also became quick friends with Holmes, much to Poirot's dismay. Both he and Watson agreed to investigate her town, hoping to explain the insanely high murder rate in St. Mary Mead.
  • Some sources claim that Miss Marple was actually inspired by an off comment of her by Donna Noble, one of the Doctor's many companions. She felt rather amused of the prospect more than anything.
  • As nearly all of her cases involved murders, she tasked herself with hunting down the followers of Jack the Ripper, God if Serial Killers. Jack doesn't see her as much of a physical threat, but he told his followers to be suspicious of any elderly individuals who start questioning them.
  • Is a natural enemy to Moriarty, who as added her to a list of detectives who could potentially foil his machinations. At least she's not a physical threat to him.
  • Madame Foster was more than happy to listen to Miss Marple's various mysteries over the years. The God of Cool Old Ladies was glad to find a similarly aged woman who is spry for her age. She agreed to share those stories to the imaginary friends who live in her temple.
  • She has been seen drinking tea with Uncle Iroh, God of Tea and Cool Old Guys. At first she was skeptical that a Brit didn't get the title. That opinion changed quickly when she found out his tea was magnificent. Rumors persist whether the two of them would become an item, an idea that was denied by both of them.
  • Describes Sofia as a sick woman, using amoral tactics to justify the "greater good". She volunteered to help discredit the woman.
  • Was one of Colombo's greatest students in the art of playing dumb. It works even better as most wouldn't expect and elderly lady like her would have a mind as sharp as hers. She helps him find evidence in cases as well as causing the guilty to slip up.
  • Once she finds sufficient evidence to solve the crime, she turns to Perry Mason to force a confession. Phoenix Wright may be the more prominent lawyer out there, but Perry has the stronger bond on her. The two were created only a few years apart after all.
  • Recently helped solve the mystery that plagued Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, opting to spend the night in Fazbear's Fright. It was there where she had a frightening encounter with Springtrap, the murderer. After harrowing nights, she managed to survive, gathering enough evidence to solve the case. Her encounters with Springtrap have not ended, though. He hopes to catch her in a vulnerable position to strike.
  • When her detective peers warned her against meeting up with Ms. Bucket in one of her parties, she scoffed them off, thinking they couldn't possibly be that bad. The arrangement was problematic from the start, with the host "correcting" Miss Marple's pronouncement of the word "Bouquet". One thing led to another, culmulating in an argument over whose hat was better. It was only her politeness sheer force of will that saw Miss Marple through the entire party. When asked by Holmes and Poirot what happen, she quietly told them never to speak of those events again.

    Larry Daley 
Larry Daley, Guard of the Museum of the Strange and Unusual (Lawrence, Gigantor, "Dum-Dum", "Guardian of Brooklyn")
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Flashlight
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Porfolio: Badass Normals, Having a Seemingly Normal Job, Being Untrustworthy by Others and Awaring of It, Sarcasm, Overly Long Gags, Badass Teachers
  • Domains: Museums, Night Guards, Magic, Ideas
  • Allies
  • Enemies:
  • Former Enemy: The Marionette
  • High Priestess: Tilly
  • Ascended after passing the role to guard the Tablet of Ahkmenrah to British night guard Tilly, and then saving Dr. McPhee from being fired by taking the blame for a recent "malfunction" at an event and being fired himself. He still visits the museum often, but for some reason, he chose not to when Tilly brought the tablet back to the Museum of Natural History three years later.
  • Has been hired to act as a guard inside the Treasure Vault.
  • For some reason, the Penguins mistook him for a lion they knew.
  • Larry has also struck up a friendship with kindred spirit Mike Schmidt, who also happens to be a security guard at an establishment that gets extremely weird at night ( or at least he used to be). They regularly exchange stories, and are united allies against the threat of Freddy Fazbear, The Marionette and with the aid of the previous two, Springtrap.
  • Was happy to hear the news of Springtrap's final defeat in the mortal world, and like Mike, has increased cooperation with the Marionette to make sure that the murderer inside Springtrap doesn't take his anger out on any child gods of the Pantheon.

    Leroy Jethro Gibbs 
Leroy Jethro Gibbs, God of Making Perps Sweat and the Dope Slap (Gunnery Sergeant Alvin Thomas, Leland Robert Spears)
  • Theme Song: NCIS theme
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His badge
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Broken Bird Cowboy Cop with a Last-Name Basis, Experienced Protagonist, Badass Grandpa, Deadpan Snarker, The Comically Serious, Dented Iron, Born in the Wrong Century, Silver Fox, Terse Talker, Military Maverick, ultimately and Papa Wolf and A Father to His Men
  • Domains: War, Law, Good,
  • Followers: His unit, both current and former agents Elliot Stabler
  • Herald: Tony Di-Nozzo
  • Allies: Abby Sciuto, Litchi Faye-Ling, Gil Grissom, Gregory House, Jack Bauer, Gene Hunt, Bright Noa, Perry Mason, Ryotaro Dojima, Nanako Dojima
  • Enemies: All terrorist organizations, Professor Moriarty, Hoyt Volker, Raul Menendez
  • Uneasy Relationship: Afro Samurai
  • The Pantheon is home of many deities renowned for their interrogation techniques. Yet no one has obtained such a massive following for it as Gibbs. His mortal lancer Tony in particular was responsible for hyping up his boss for being an unstoppable hunting machine. He stated that bad guys would rather confess than be interrogated by him, that his steely gaze can cool a room by five degrees, and that he can only be killed by a silver bullet. (They're all true, except for the silver bullet part. Might give him indigestion or heartburn, but I don't think it would kill him.) It helps that Gibbs was also around to give Tony a Dope Slap when he went out of line. While most of the rumors were (likely to be) false, it was enough to give him a huge following. It didn't take long for him to gain a spot in the Pantheon.
  • There was a discussion whether to let Tony in as his herald. While he isn't known for his interrogation skills, Gibbs did acknowledge Tony handed himself a Dope Slap to avoid one himself. The Court of the Gods accepted that technicality and installed him as a herald. Tony still insists he can beat anyone in the Pantheon, even overdeities.
    • Was glad to see Abby become the first of his team to ascend into the Pantheon. The Perky Goth was glad to be proven right about his deification, though she would have never thought she would join in his ranks. The two hope to bring more of his teammates into the fold.
  • Both Jack Bauer and Gene Hunt have given their respects to the man over the years. Bauer himself has enjoyed renown on the internet and is happy to work with Gibbs' department every once in a while. Gene only gives his respect begrudgingly, but admits the man does good work.
  • Is the long-time friend of Gil Grisson, their partners from the same network. While the two never got to meet each other in person, both of their shows were instrumental in popularizing the Forensic Drama genre. In the Pantheon, Gibbs finds the evidence while Gil analyzes it in order to give Gibbs crucial date to find perps.
    • While performing the art of interrogation, Gibbs only has one rule: you never interrupt him during an interrogation. Ever. Many a poor deity-in-training has learned this the hard way.
  • It's been rumored if Gibbs and Bright were to exchange notes and learned each other's talent, the combined slap would permanently cure someone of all forms of folly, stupidity, cowardice, and stubbornness.
  • Dr. House isn't much of a pleasure to work with in any case, but Gibbs respects him for being one of the few people who won't put up with his shit. Gibbs even decided to assign the mean doctor as his personal doctor.
  • Terror groups have been nervous over the growing list of ruthless interrogators. HYDRA and COBRA have collaborated at times just to elude him. Others eagerly awaited the challenge of confronting him.
  • Criminal Mastermind Moriarty has taken little notice of him. He is one of the few deities that has refused to break under an interrogation, knowing it would be impossible to convict him without a confession. For that, Gibbs has turned to detective deities to help him out.
    • Often duels with Raul Menendez. While he has no problems with turning the man in, Gibbs felt that the man took a path he may have taken if he despaired a bit more. Yet that still doesn't justify running a drug cartel.
  • Makes for a great team with Perry Mason. If Gibbs' interrogation techniques wouldn't get someone to confess, Perry Mason is likely to get it himself. Gibbs had always been a fan of Mason's dedication to the job.
  • Took a more sympathetic approach to Litchi in regards to the GUAG civil war. He himself lost his first wife and daughter to the drug cartels and would have done anything to bring them back, a rare form of solidarity for The Stoic.
  • It appears that he had plenty of company in regards to lost loved ones. Ryotaro saw that Gibbs had a cooler reaction to her death. While Gibbs closed himself of any reactions, he was able to open up more even though it took a while for the detective to face his demons. Gibbs is willing to hang out with him, especially to see Nanako who he sees as the daughter he never got to see.
  • If he had ascended before his tenure at NCIS, he would have likely befriended the Afro Samurai. It had been rumored that Gibbs killed the person who killed his first family. It left him with mixed emotions of the outcome, but he no longer endorses that style of justice. When Afro Samurai first visited to gain his favor, Gibbs pushed him away, telling him that vengeance won't sait his soul. While a known criminal, Gibbs let him go that one time but promised he will take the samurai to the authorities the next time they meet.
  • The arrival of Hoyt made Gibbs rather uncomfortable. The drug dealer reminded him of Pedro Hernendez, the person who killed his first family, yet this man appears to be a worse version. It didn't help that Hoyt tried to gain sympathies from Gibbs on their first meeting, though a talk down from Jason Brody was enough to reject it. For now, Hoyt would be satisfied with either Vaas or Bambi bringing his head on a pike.

    Lois Lane 
Lois Lane, The Goddess That's Going for the Big Scoop (Lois Lane-Kent, Lois Kent, Lois Luthor, Lois Lane-Luthor (It's a Long Story), Lois Elliot, Superwoman, Red Tornado (It's Also A Long Story), Lois White)
  • Mostly Demigoddess but can change to Lesser or Intermediate when she is empowered
  • Symbol: The Daily Planet symbol
  • Theme Song: The Lois & Clark Main Title Theme
  • Alignment: Usually Neutral Good but can be Chaotic Good if that's what it took to get a good story
  • Portfolio: Intrepid Reporter, wavering between an unlikable Damsel in Distress to varying degree of badass, (mostly) Brainy Brunette, one of the oldest and longest Interspecies Romance in narrative history, in love with Superman, being the Trope Codifier for Tsundere, frequently suffered in Elseworld stories
  • Domains: Profession, Personality, Love, Knowledge
  • Allies: CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN, Jor-El, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, any good DC deities, Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, April O'Neil, Jade, Frank West, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Carly Nagisa/Carmine, any gods that received a lot of Die for Our Ship, Shana, Kotone Shiomi, Mitsuru Kirijo
  • Enemies: Any evil DC deities, The Council Of Shadows, High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman, The Joker, Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman, Kara Zor-L/Power Girl
  • Ascended because the gods are impressed when Lois decided to go undercover into the Pantheon with a pistol in hand and Superman on speed dial for a hot scoop despite knowing full well this is a place filled with powerful interdimensional beings. After her ascension, her husband / looooooooong-time boyfriend Superman decided to carry her off bridal style only for her to interrupt and tell him that she is still in her working hours.
  • Quickly made friends with April O'Neil and Jade because of their similar profession and a desire for truth no matter the cost. All three of them made it their personal mission to report everything of note going on in the pantheon and quickly made enemies with the Council of Shadows as Lois frequently sticks her nose into their business.
    • Sympathizes with fellow reporter Carly Nagisa as both of their love interests are frequently away and what unfairly happened to them when their universe moves on.
    • Despises Sally Floyd and thinks she is a sorry excuse for a reporter, citing the fact that all of her arguments are completely idiotic and nonsensical.
  • Has mixed feelings about Wonder Woman. While Lois herself doesn't have any personal grudge against the Amazon Princess, she avoids any kind of contact with Diana unless necessary after Lois found out from the House of Love and House of Life and Death that a disturbing number of alternative versions of her got killed or mistreated in order for Diana to "comfort" Clark.
    • After this revelation, she gained a lot of sympathy for Mary Jane Watson after she found out the whole "One More Day" incident. It helps that their followers are civil toward each other.
    • Then, she found out that this is because a group thinks she isn't "tough enough" as well as not being able to "handle" Clark so they prefer Clark with Diana instead. The entire Pantheon is still in a silent agreement to not mention this incident to Lois ever again because despite her facade, she is still using every resource she has to track down the group and is seething inside. People know better to anger the woman who once flipped off Brainiac.
      • Was absolutely FURIOUS when she found out about the New 52, grumbling that the heads at DC are "screwing around with me and Clark." She and Wonder Woman finally came to an understanding after Diana pointed out, "Well you still have Man of Steel and Smallville."
  • Was conflicted when she learned that in an alternate universe, Clark is a tyrant because he accidentally killed her and their unborn child. While Lois was horrified and tried to corporate with other heroes to come up with back up plan to help Clark as well as took a few self-defense classes and hired a few bodyguards with superpowers, many people were flabbergasted when they learned that a very, very, VERY, small part deep, deep, DEEP inside of her felt oddly flattered over Regime Superman's motivation because this assured Lois how important their relationship is in her Clark's life. Of course, this caused her to avoid any kind of contact with the Joker as well as exasperated that in this universe, Clark tried to move on with Diana AGAIN.
  • Has mixed feelings about Supergirl, too. Although she treats her husband's cousin as family — and sometimes as a daughter — she has not forgotten than sometimes Supergirl thought her relationship with Clark was going nowhere and tried to hook him up with another woman. However, Kara Zor-El usually supports her cousin and Lois's relationship.
    • Their relationship got strained when Supergirl almost accidentally killed Lois's big sister Lucy, who had become the evil Superwoman. Though, because Lucy actually tried to kill Kara and aided and abetted General Lane in committing genocide, Lois sided with Kara.
    • Feeling disturbed about certain…rumors about Superman thinking his cousin would be the ideal woman and Supergirl feeling flattered by his interest, Lois confronted both Clark and Kara about it. Both cousins utterly refused to talk about the issue, though, and Lois had to eventually drop it.
    • Their relationship got better when Lois learned that Earth-149 Lex Luthor did manage to kill Superman and forced her to watch, but that universe's Supergirl ensured that Luthor would not get away with his crime.
  • Has a complicated relationship with Power Girl. On the one hand, both women haven't really got acquainted with each other. On the other hand, she knows Earth-2 Clark Kent and Lois Lane adopted her and her Earth-2 counterpart thought of Kara Zor-L as her daughter.
  • Rumor has it that after her ascension, Shana requested a private meeting with Lois in order for her to became the goddess of the Tsundere temple while she herself became her high priest because Lois is the Trope Codifier for Tsundere, not because Shana is excited to work with her or anything! Shut up! Lois just laughed and declined the offer as she thinks being married to a Kryptonian superhero, running a temple of her own on top of being a reporter eats up enough of her time as it is. She did however offer to run an advice column with Shana during her off days in English and Japanese to help their young followers navigate their feelings. Clark mentions that the column is so successful that Lois got a raise from their boss Perry to not quit her job at the Daily Planet, which she doesn't plan to do anyway as Lois loves the thrill of being a field reporter.
  • During her ascension, Lois was stunned into silence for the first time in her reporting life when Bernkastel and Terumi decided to troll her by forcing her to answer in public if, given her status as the famous example of Loves My Alterego and Two-Person Love Triangle, does she truly love Clark Kent — the awkward timid normal reporter — or Superman — the ultimate paragon of heroes and goodness. Thankfully, Clark flew in and saved the day by declaring that while Lois's feelings for him may have changed over the years and universe, she still loves him even after he revealed his secret to her, thus proving that her love for both sides of him is real in some capacity and that's all that matters. Cue the sound of "Awwwwwwww" from the House of Love and Manly Tears from everyone else.
  • Lois ended up with many look-a-likes, such as Princess Giselle or even between different versions of herself such as her own mother or as her husband's secretary.
  • The Houses of Heroes, Love and Family had a collective celebration when Clark and Lois revealed that, against all odds, they were able to conceive a child: a boy named Jonathan Samuel Kent. It happened when Clark and Lois were involved in an event simply known as the Convergence. Currently, Jon serves as a herald for both his parents.
    • Supergirl publicly vowing to mercilessly rip apart whoever threatens little Jonathan has helped strengthen both women's relationship.
  • Was approached by detective Shinnosuke Tomari about some oddities regarding two deities called "Minato" (actually Makoto Yuki) and "Minako Arisato". Their pseudonyms, powers, and histories dictated that they should have some connection to each other, but they had completely different hair and eyes, didn't know a thing about each other, and newspaper clippings of the car accident that had supposedly claimed both kids' mother and father only indicated one car had burned and one child had survived his/her parents. She'd initially presumed they were related and thought nothing of their likenesses, but was now just as curious as he was, so she helped out his investigation. They went straight to the police station in the deities' town to look through CCTV footage, and immediately caught sight of a few red-colored tapes, which they played over and discovered footage of the girl with her fellow S.E.E.S. members (except for Makoto) addressing her by the name of Kotone Shiomi.
    • Instantly they went straight to "Minako's" temple and asked why the fake name, and she revealed that since the Court of the Gods gave her that instead of her real name when she ascended, the others decided to go with it to see who could figure it out and when, as a possible clue into the cause of the mistake. Allowing Shinnosuke to leave and continue his fact-finding elsewhere, Lois joined Kotone's phone call to S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives leader Mitsuru Kirijo about the discovery, following which the three ladies went straight to the Court with the evidence to get her name officially changed and put an end to the "Minako" charade.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Personality.

    Nancy Drew 
Nancy Drew, Goddess of Amateur Sleuths
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A magnifying glass
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Action Girl, Badass in Distress, Bad Liar, Born Detective, Brutal Honesty, Constantly Curious, The Determinator, Good Is Not Nice, Guile Heroine, Janitor Impersonation Infiltration, Lethal Chef, Kleptomaniac Hero, Lack of Empathy
  • Domain: Good, Detectives, Heroism, Knowledge, Luck
  • Followers: Ellery Queen, Frank and Joe Hardy, Heiji Hattori, Yakumo Saito, The Elongated Man, Jeffrey Beaumont, The North Avenue Irregulars, Flavia Gemina, Jack Reacher, Albert Campion, Encyclopedia Brown, Robert Cath, Jake and Jennifer Eagle, Freddi Fish, Peter R. De Vries
  • High Priestess: Veronica Mars
  • Allies: The Mystery Gang, Sherlock Holmes, Professor Layton, Shawn Spencer, Patrick Jane, Lois Lane, Batman, Buffy Summers, Kim Possible, Indiana Jones, Hercule Poirot, Shinichi Kudo, Miss Marple
  • Rivals: Lara Croft, Nathan Drake
  • Enemies: James Moriaty, Dr. Drakken
  • When Sherlock Holmes found a tip from an anonymous source that Professor Moriarty was up to no good, he jumped to the cause. When the detective arrived at the scene, his arch-enemy had already left. Only his beaten body guards and a single girl remained. Calling herself Nancy Drew, she told him that Moriarty was about to blackmail the entirety of the House of Knowledge to do his bidding. Nancy successfully destroyed the dirt, but she was captured in the process. Thankfully, she used her wit to break out of her bonds and defeated the henchmen. Moriarty left the scene before he could be uncovered. Holmes decided to reward the girl with godhood.
    • Many amateur sleuths vouched for the position of high priest. After a long thought, she decided on another teenager to take the title. Veronica Mars had a lot in common with the girl, all the way to where they try to outsnark each other. The two became a good fit for each other. Regarding the others, she hopes to find positions for many of her followers in the future.
  • As for the catalyst of her ascension, Moriarty did not take that slight lightly. It is likely he is planning for the girl's downfall. Time will tell if he succeeds.
  • Many detective gods applauded her ascension, impressed with a girl who doesn't officially have a license. She sees Patrick Jane as charming, while shaking her head at Shawn Spencer's antics even when she acknowledges his skills in deductive reasoning. However, she's most comfortable with Professor Layton. She adores solving the puzzles he hands over and admires his demeanor.
  • Of all the detectives in the Pantheon, she finds Hercule Poirot the least tolerable. His arrogant nature clashes fiercely with her sandpaper-like personality. But there's no denying that he's a highly skilled detective.
  • Is one of Lois Lane's closest allies. Whenever Nancy has juicy cases that need investigating, the reporter is more than happy to join her. Sure the two may get captured at times, but the two do manage to get out of their jams by themselves. Lois has proven to be the brawn to her brains in these team ups.
  • It can't be overstated just how massive her franchise is. She's appeared in stories as old as the 1930s and has records of her adventures to this day. She has also appeared in various other forms of media from movies to video games. She has more adventure games to her name than any other character to the point that a few gods consider her a candidate for the Adventure Game title. It came to a point that her ascension was only a matter of time.
  • Although Batman respects her skills, he's advised her not to go after his rogue's gallery. These are all deadly villains after all and won't hesitant to do many unspeakable acts to her. Nancy has complied for the time being.
  • Wonders how the Mystery Gang ever manages to solve their mysteries. Velma seemed to be the only one capable of doing to. With that said, she wouldn't dare call them bad detectives nor would she call them out for constant kidnapping (she herself has been a victim of this). Still, she only teams up with them when she has to.
  • Has grown fond of the Slayer Buffy Summers. Both love to snark as well as getting their hands dirty when solving cases. The supernatural may not be in Nancy's expertise, but she has provided invaluable detective skill to Buffy and her followers.
  • Also admires Kim Possible for her ability to beat any sort of challenge she faces. Kim herself turns to Nancy whenever her cases involve a mystery to solve. It's made her a target of Drakken's, though she manages to escape her captor before Kim needs to save her.
  • Turns out she and Indiana Jones shared similar adventures in search for Crystal Skulls. Most gods chalk it up to coincidence as both skulls were found in different locations. Neither one cares though, and both would probably be partners if the two ever meet.
  • The same can't be said for treasure seekers Nathan Drake or Lara Croft. The two may be as good at solving puzzles, but the would rather keep the riches to themselves.
  • It is advised not to try out Nancy's cooking. It's not that she's a Lethal Chef, it's just that her results vary widely due to her video game. One attempt could taste delicious; the next can send a god to the hospital.

    Neal Caffrey 
Neal George Caffrey/Bennett, God of Putting Himself In The Suspect's Shoes
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His old (deactivated) tracking anklet
  • Theme Song: White Collar Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Con Man, Figuring Out Criminal's Actions By PUtting Himself In Their Perspective, Boxed Crook, The Charmer, Full Of Daddy Issues (And Some Mommy Issues), Friend to All Children, Prefers Not To Use Guns, Gentleman Thief And A Scholar, Surprisingly Religious, Martial Pacifist, Master Actor, Sticky Fingers, Passive-Aggressive Kombat, Sharp-Dressed Man, Faking the Dead
  • Domain(s): Cons, Boxed Crook, Criminal Consultant
  • Herald: Mozzie a.k.a. Theodore "Teddy" Winters
  • Allies: Peter Burke, Chuck Bartowski, Sly Cooper, Leverage Consulting & Associates, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Giorno Giovanna, Kasumi Goto, Omar Little, Raphael/Phantom R
  • Rivals: Faye Valentine, Keiichi Maebara, Celestia Ludenberg
  • Enemies: All evil-aligned deities in the Houses of Justice and Crime, Light Yagami, Ryuk, Looten Plunder
  • Arrived in the Pantheon sometime after his faked death and a theft at the Louvre. That said, he was lurking around as Sly Cooper's follower, so it took a while before someone connected the dots and reported him to his former partner.
    • As soon as Peter found him, thanks to what he now knows about the Pantheon, he quickly got to work on getting Neal a position. And he found one based on how Neal deducts criminal motivations and how he helped the FBI as their criminal consultant; as a master criminal, he draws from his experiences from that life to deduct what the crooks under investigation would do. And that's the story of how Neal Caffrey became a Pantheon god.
  • Fortunately for Neal, the GUAG can see the goodness in him and won't treat him as a Token Evil Teammate (as a whole anyway; there are those few who won't see him that way).
  • Unlike his time at the White Collar Division, sometimes Neal's been asked to put his master criminal skills to use, which he's cool with doing. Stealing assets from villains' temples in order to make things easier for the GUAG is all well and good, though stealing from the likes Isaac Westcott and Lex Luthor (though he seems to be on the good side for the moment) could be a tall order.
  • He's amused with some of the friends Peter's made in the Pantheon, such as the Leverage crew, and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. And they all go after crooks with money and influence to hide from conventional law; the difference is that the White Collar division does its work legally, Leverage swindles a confession out of them, and the Phantoms have supernatural methods, though the last have been learning from the first two. Neal playfully prodded his partner about this (and of his title) for the first few weeks, and has befriended his fellow "criminals" too, even becoming yet another mentor for the Phantoms, to Peter's exasperation.
    • Another "criminal" he's gotten acquainted with was Catwoman, though he's careful around her given her career choices and her complex relationship with Batman. Speaking of him, the Caped Crusader wasn't as trusting of him at first until Peter eased things up between them and assured him that Neal was definitely a good guy.
  • For all his conning, he refuses to make untraceable fake identities, since the only way to make them needs a dead infant's birth certificate.
  • Another person who immediately approached Neal was Chuck, who thought his friend Bryce Larkin had arrived. Despite how different the two actually are (Bryce is a very competent fighter, Neal prefers his wits over combat every time), they managed to get along, and the ex-conman often finds himself being the mediator between his old partner and the INTERSECT bearer whenever they work together.
  • He's good enough with numbers to calculate sixty years of compound interest in two seconds.
  • Neal earned himself some rivals before long: there's Faye Valentine by competing in the confidence arts field, there's Keiichi Maebara for his charming skills and there's Celestia Ludenberg for her lying and acting skills; the last is also jealous of Neal being better than her at them, though that makes it more thrilling for the gambler.
  • Distrusts Amanda Waller due to how she keeps her crooks in line, but given what these crooks are capable of, he knows it's not his place to complain.
  • Hates using guns, but is really good at it when he does? How good? he shoots a man in the leg, through Peter's pants, without touching Peter.
  • He cooks, cracks safes, has extensive knowledge of antiquities, can paint, knows multiple languages, and sings old jazz.
  • As someone also having natural charisma, a compulsion to pickpocketing, and good intentions, Neal hit it off well with Giorno. This (minus the charisma) is also why he's also allies with Kasumi, despite (or maye because of) hearing how she messed with Peter once before.
  • He likes Omar Little for also stealing from bad guys who deserve to have karma dropped on them, and pities Omar's deceased status.
  • He commends Raphael/Phantom R for giving back museums their real art, who pities Neal's relationship with his father.

    Richard Castle 
Richard Castle, God of Mystery Writer Detectives (Murder, He Wrote)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pen with a bloody tip
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Action Survivor, Beware the Nice Ones, The Charmer, The Dandy, Deadpan Snarker, Genre Savvy, Grammar Nazi, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lady Killer In Love, Momma's Boy, One of the Kids, Plucky Comic Relief, Sharp-Dressed Man, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Supporting Protagonist, Urban Legend Love Life
  • Domains: Mystery, Good, Knowledge, Language
  • Herald: Kate Beckett, his current wife
  • High Priest: Ellery Queen, the Trope Codifier
  • Allies: The House of Justice, Patrick Jane, Shawn Spencer, Malcolm Reynolds, River Tam, House of Children, Roger Thornhill, Shinichi Kudo, Rosemary Woodhouse, Bones and Booth
  • Enemies: Professor Mortiarty, Jack the Ripper
  • Respects: William Shakespeare
  • The House of Justice has grown tired on the endless rivalry between Patrick Jane and Shawn Spencer. It has cost them one too many failed arrests. Judge Dredd ordered the two to find a mediator or be barred from helping out. The two reluctantly agreed. Luckily, the search didn't last long. A long-time writer received their interest. The only thing keeping him from ascending was an argument over who would do so. It was decided that Richard Castle would be their mediator, gaining a title for using his writing skills to solve crime.
    • Before the ascension, he asked for two things: one to add long-time partner Kate as his herald, and for Ellery Queen to be his high priest. He may be much more popular, but she had always inspired him to become a writer.
    • Has now formed a stable trio with himself, Patrick and Shawn, using their sleuthing skills to solve crime. Castle himself formed the glue that keeps the other two together. as well as one that can point out flaws in a criminal's plans. Becoming an official detective made him all the more useful for the group.
  • Has a long history with police officer and partner Kate Beckett. It becomes complicated when it turns out that the actors hated each others' guts. Their fate has been subject to debate: the two finally got married... only for the two of them to be shot. The consensus points to them surviving with two new kids, though alternative footage shows Kate dying at the hospital. Either way, most deities found the ending to be jarring.
  • When he heard that there was a certain smuggler that looked just like him, he couldn't help but check out the House of Heros to find him. Turns out the opposite happened; he was held at gunpoint by the one Malcolm Reynolds. Once Castle proved he meant no harm, the two talked over a couple of whiskey before shaking hands. It's likely that Castle made a valuable ally.
    • The same can be said with River Tam.. though she initially tackled him to the ground believing he was an imposter. Turns out she was even more comfortable with the detective. Castle used his ability to get along with children to disarm her fears of the man, earning his trust. The writer himself takes pity in the woman for what she went through.
  • Is one of the most trusted adults in the House of Children, proving to be both a fun yet firm father figure. Is often chosen to babysit kids throughout the Pantheon.
  • Is naturally an enemy of Moriarty, joining a growing list of detectives seeking to thwart his machinations. The man's savviness poses a unique problem for the Diabolical Mastermind, though he has formed countermeasures in response. Nevertheless, Castle successfully linked Mortiarty to 3XK, his long time Arch-Enemy.
  • As Castle is responsible for locking up many of his followers behind bars, Jack the Ripper has sought out to silence the man once and for all.
  • Was an avid follower of Nancy Drew, the famous Amateur Sleuth before taking up an actual license. The two remain in good terms regardless, even when she remains immune her his charms.
    • It should be noted that Castle has managed to get on good terms with every other detective in the Pantheon, a remarkable feat in itself. It helps that his natural charisma rubs off well with many people as well as being able to keep his ego in check compared to most other detectives. As such, he has taken the role as The Face to the House of Justice. He also created a mystery book club with many of them. Of course, he has to go out of his way to entertain the best detectives in the business.
    • Has especially taken a liking to Conan Edogawa, learning a lot from him in the art of detective work. He was taken aback with the age-switch at first, then joked that about seeking such a power.
  • Not that many would think Castle would get involved in police work. That allowed him to share Roger Thornhill's sentiment of feeling like a fish out of water.
  • Was overly eager to show his mystery book to William Shakespeare, possibly the granddaddy of all western literature. The God of Poetry deemed it "passable at best." Undeterred, Castle seeks to improve his skills.
  • Has used his Genre Savvy skills to help Rosemary raise High Priest Damien. He hopes that with enough care, the child would not grow up as intended.
  • Was delighted to see his friendly rivals Bones and Booth finally grace themselves in the Pantheon. That did not sit well for some who hoped for a more explosive rivalry. Yet despite their similarities, the two groups work well with each other.

    Roger Thornhill 
Roger O. Thornhill, The God Who Was Mistaken for a Spy (George Kaplan)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Himself being chased by a crop duster
  • Theme: North by Northwest
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Butt-Monkey, Chased Halfway Across the U.S. by Enemy Spies, Wrongfully Accused for a Crime He Didn’t Commit, Deadpan Snarker, Adept at Making Escape Plans on the Fly, He Knows Too Much, Mistaken for Spies, Unwitting Pawn to the Professor’s and Vandamm’s plans
  • Domains: Espionage, Mistaken Identity, Fugitives, Survival
  • Allies: Alfred Hitchcock, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Rick Blaine, John McClane, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Adrian Monk, Archie Andrews, the House of Commerce
  • Enemies: The Spy, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
  • Pities: Marion Crane
  • Odd Friendship: Roger Rabbit
  • Roger Thornhill was a New York advertising executive who was one day abducted by a group of enemy agents, believing him to be government agent George Kaplan, which Roger insisted that he’s not. A murder of a U.N. official led Thornhill into being pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive and clear his name of a murder he didn’t commit.
  • Many have compared his exploits with those of James Bond. Like Bond, Thornhill had to rely on his wits and quickly form an uncertain alliance with a mysterious and seductive femme fatale. The two are sometimes seen together having a drink.
    • He also visit Rick Blaine’s bar to talk about their exploits as well as their love life over a drink. Roger especially felt pity towards Rick’s love life and when he was asked why he was divorced twice before ending up with Eve Kendall, he replied that “they said I led too dull a life.”
  • As they’re both adept at making escape plans on the fly, he managed to get along with Indiana Jones.
  • He has shown sympathy towards (and eventually made friends with) those who were once accused for a murder they did not commit and had to clear the situation, notably Adrian Monk and Bruce Wayne (especially the latter given the situation he once had to go through). He also struck an unlikely friendship in Roger Rabbit, given that he was surprised to see another Roger who was framed for a murder.
  • John McClane knows how it felt for someone like Roger to deal with charming, sophisticated villains and visits his temple to talk about their exploits.
  • He also felt sorry for Marion Crane, seeing how she didn’t survive her encounter with Norman Bates.
  • He isn’t on good terms with The Spy as he knows better than to trust a man who has a tendency to switch alignments. Not to mention that he also reminds him of the enemy agents that abducted him. He also doesn’t like the Penguin as he reminds him of Philip Vandamm.
  • Roger noted that the moment he was chased by a crop duster was imitated several times.
  • Spends his time working in the House of Commerce as an advertising executive.

    Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa 
Shinichi Kudo, Divine Mystery Magnet (Conan Edogawa, Jimmy Kudo, Heisei Holmes, Shinigami Conan, Shinigami Kudo)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A voice-modulating bowtie and a pair of navigating glasses (It's a Long Story)
  • Theme Song: "Detective Conan Main Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Detective, Bowtie, De-Aging
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Amateur Sleuth, a high school student regressed to a first grader and has to live in constant disguise, wearing a bowtie with a voice modulator, Brutal Honesty, really bad at singing, Childhood Friend Romance with Ran
  • Allies: Many detectives in the Pantheon, including but not limited to Basil and Dawson, Nancy Drew, Naoto Shirogane, Kyoko Kirigiri, Shotaro Hidari and Philip, Shinnosuke Tomari, Nero Wolfe, Milky Holmes, Hercule Poirot many good-aligned law enforcers in the Pantheon, Kiki
  • Enemies: Every corrupt cop and serial killer
  • Opposed by: Those who hate being tranquilized
  • Special Relationship: Kaito Kid
  • Complicated Relationship with: The Men In Black, Conan the Barbarian
  • Admires: Sherlock Holmes (his idol)
  • Odd Friendship with: Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang, The Doctor
  • Ascended because wherever he goes, there's always a case to solve, usually accompanied by a dead body. Many deities want to make sure to keep their children away from him whenever possible in fear of them getting desensitized from corpses or getting abducted.
  • Immediately after ascending, he encountered a mysterious man who was standing near a phone booth and introduced himself as the Doctor. While suspicious at first, Shinichi and the Doctor hit it off due to the fact that both of them are famous for their bowties and various eccentric utilities.
  • Was once the follower of Hidari and Phillip because of his profession as Shinichi as a private detective. However, being shrunk put a damper in that position due to the fact that, as Conan, he isn't of legal age to operate as a detective yet.
  • His ascension marked a notable increase in visitation of deities originated in Hawaii due to the fact that Shinichi frequently quips that he learned various useful skills there.
  • When he first ascended, Shinichi immediately came to an investigation when heard about an organization called "The Men In Black" in hope that they're the same ones that shrunk him. Not much is known about this investigation, but he remembered waking up in his temple after someone asked him to look ahead into a flashlight...
  • Was reduced to a babbling mess when encountered Sherlock Holmes and openly admitted to being the detective's biggest fanboy.
    • Because of this, he was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that a pair of mice named Basil and Dawson lived in Sherlock's apartment and have similar characteristics.
    • Doesn't know what to think about Sherlock's granddaughter Sherry and her friends the Milky Holmes. While he respects their abilities, he doesn't like how goofy they are when on their job.
  • Thought at first that Hercule Poirot's temple is the coffee shop in his world and decided to pay a visit to meet his old friends. When meeting Hercule Poirot in person, Shinichi was very excited and cited him as one of his fictional favorite characters.
  • Contrary to many of his fellow detectives, Shinichi actually has a pretty good relationship with the law enforcement due to his form as a kid making it easier for him to collect clues and allowing him to get into their good graces easier.
    • That being said, he despises every single corrupt cop due to getting in trouble with them many times while solving cases.
  • Despite Shinnosuke Tomari being a detective in the police force, Shinichi doesn't particularly get along with him as he doesn't like Tomari's Brilliant, but Lazy personality and thinks that he is wasting his natural deductive talent. However, things got better for them after Shinnosuke grew out of his lazy traits due to his battles as a Kamen Rider and his promotion to elite detective status.
  • Really annoyed when Western gods called him Jimmy instead of Conan. He knows that this is to distinguish him from another Conan in the Pantheon, but he doesn't get how anyone can mistake a Japanese kid detective for a barbarian.
  • Kiki was very surprised upon meeting him due to the fact that he sounds really similar to her while Conan is surprised that Kiki sounded like an actress he met on a case. Nevertheless, they bonded over their bizarre methods of transportation.
  • Houki & Lingyin were at first displeased when learning about his relationship with Ran. Not for the fact that he doesn't tell her the truth (they understand that he worries about her safety) but the fact that he realized his feeling for Ran for a long time and still did not confess to her and bragging about how he was beloved by other girls. However, they let out a loud cheer when they learned that he spilled out his feelings to Ran during a case in London and the two have been (sort of) "dating".
  • Even though he wasn't that surprised to hear about Conan Edogawa being in the Pantheon considering that they have crossed paths a number of times in the past, Kaito finds the detective to be a worthy adversary given the skills established by such (and Conan has acknowledged Kaito's own skills). That said, they're pretty amicable towards each other even if they're trying to outwit each other.

    Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth 
Dr. Temperance Brennan-Booth and Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth, Divine Representatives of Duos between Police Officers and Scientists (Brennan: Bones, Bren, Dr. B, Tempe, Joy Ruth Keenan, Booth: Bobby Kent, Cee-Lo Booth)
Left: Brennan, Right: Booth
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Jeffersonian Institute Medico-Legal Lab logo
  • Theme Song: Bones Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Forensic Scientist and FBI Agent, The Ace, Agents Dating, Quirky Yet Competent, It Never Gets Any Easier (despite literally working with corpses), Last-Name Basis, Odd Couple, From Strictly Professional Relationship To Happily Married, Overprotective Parents
  • Domain(s): Investigation (both), Forensics, Bones, Analysis (Brennan), Addiction Recovery, Gut Instinct, Emotional Intelligence (Booth)
  • Heralds: Angela Montenegro, Jack Hodgins, Camille Saroyan, the rest of the Jeffersonian's interns, and Agent James Aubrey (their colleagues), Christine and Hank Booth II (their children)
  • Followers: Jim West and Artemis Gordon, Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles, Don and Charlie Eppes, Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme, Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Dr. Jacob Hood and Rachel Young, Sheriff Jack Carter and Dr. Henry Deacon, Agent Olivia Dunham and Dr. Walter Bishop, Dr. Henry Morgan and Jo Martinez
  • Allies: Dr. Gilbert Grissom (whom Temperance used to work under prior to ascension), Peter Burke, The Mythbusters, Abby Sciuto, all their neighbors in their House except one, all in the sub-House of Detectives, Kurtis Stryker, Richard Castle
  • Enemies: All irredeemable criminals, all evil deities in the Houses of Crime and Slaughter, Dr. Angus Bumby, the Dark Judges, Scott Shelby, Head Pixie, Mann Pardo, Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin, Rosco P. Coltrane, the Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, Professor Hojo, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Ali al-Saachez,
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Neal Caffrey (both), Ronald McDonald (Booth only)
  • Pity: Sirius Black, Setsuna F. Seiei, Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Opposes: YHVH
  • During some idle chat with some friends in the House of Justice, when he realized that there were no representatives for a Cop and Scientist candidate, Dr. Grissom thought back to his Head Assistant Scientist Dr. Brennan and had an idea. The next day, he filed the requisite papers to promote Brennan as well as bring in her partner Agent Booth. Brennan was appreciative of Grissom's efforts, and her time in the Pantheon under his wing has helped her get used to all the supernatural things in it (after all, godhood in the Pantheon is more of a real estate paper to own their own place in there, anyway).
  • Applies to both:
    • Are on good terms with Peter Burke, a fellow FBI agent like Booth, though their jurisdictions rarely interest as white collar crimes very rarely leave dead bodies (they're more on stealing money, information, luxuries, etc.). As for his partner Neal Caffrey, not so much, but they trust that his partner can keep him in line (most of the time).
    • Have amiable relations with the Mythbusters, as one of their colleagues (and whoever "squintern" is on duty for the week) often performs some absurd "test" to help solve cases.
    • Have a very hard time trusting crackers, since one drained off one of their friends' entire fortune (despite the fact that not only would that be impossible without being noticed by the government, but banks would've reversed all that within an hour). Among several other things.
    • Brennan had no idea who Mulder and Scully are until she finally met them. Once she did, she admitted that she thought their jobs were preposterous to work on, despite their reputation and capability on solving paranormal cases, were it not for the fact that she has experienced the paranormal during her time under Dr. Grissom. Booth on the other hand thinks their jobs are awesome.
      • Mulder gets along with Booth the best and feels like Brennan is like a strawman Scully. As for Scully, she often feels like she is looking into a mirror whenever she works with Brennan. Nonetheless, they were among those who have helped get Brennan settled with the Pantheon's weirdness and have offered the same for Booth.
    • They have very good professional relationships with their neighbors (aside from aforementioned tenseness from Caffrey)… except for Dr. Angus Bumby. He's so psychotic and deranged to the point that Booth has to restrain himself from sniping him on sight, though he and Brennan got along better with Frasier Crane instead, who reminds them of their friend Dr. Lance Sweets.
    • As for the sub-house of Tainted Law, gods like The Dark Judges and Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin (for their unacceptable warped sense of justice), the Head Pixie (for being a Corrupt Bureaucrat), Manny Pardo (for being an unrepentant Killer Cop), Scott Shelby (for trying to get rid of evidence of his crimes while pretending to help authorities) and Rosco P. Coltrane (for being a Dirty Cop and throwing away his honest ways) are not their friends and they will not hesitate to stop them.
      • They have better times with Kurtis Stryker, sympathized with Sirius Black's predicament and are disappointed that Miko Miyazaki never thinks through her conduct of justice properly.
    • As parents to two children, they vehemently oppose the Child Abuse Supporters and swear to put a stop to their actions.
      • Evil fathers such as Relius Clover and Professor Hojo are also on their shitlist, given that they used their families to further their own goals and Brennan sees them as disgraces to the scientific field.
    • They sympathize with Setsuna Seiei for going through a horrible war and being forced to kill his own parents, leading to his own atheism; because of this, they hate the man that scarred his life, Ali al-Saachez and Booth vows to gun him down just like he did with Vincent Nigel-Murray's killer, Jacob Broadsky.
      • They have also given their sympathy towards Nunnally, who arguably has a worse disability than Hodgins, having been blind since birth in addition to being bound to a wheelchair. Nunnally tells them to not worry about her and she also sends her sympathy to Hodgins' situation as well.
    • The most mostly likely deity that the couple has been compared to were with Richard Castle and the mortal Kate Beckett. While the feud between Patrick Jane and Shawn Spencer has been rather nasty, these two are much more friendly about it. It helps that both of their followers happen to be a fan of both shows. Still, that hasn't stopped detractors from trying to pit the two couples against each other.
  • Exclusive to Brennan:
    • Once took on an armored knight (or at least one in a pretty period-accurate costume complete with chainmail) with a sword while barehanded and fresh out of a car crash. AND WON TO THE POINT OF HIM TURNING UP WITH HIS ARM IN A SLING. And appeared not to break a sweat.
    • Cruelty to animals or children (especially foster children) tends to press her Berserk Button.
    • Had a very, very bad time in the foster system.
      • As such, she has a soft spot for the Baudelaire Orphans, though they are constantly neglected, which was arguably worse than Brennan's. As such, she's decided to look after them while filing a restraining order against Count Olaf, who infamously have worsened their situation.
      • There's also the terrible foster care history of Goro Akechi, though she shows less pity to him for deciding to go along with his bastard of a father's plan while planning to pull the rug from beneath him in the end. If he had just opted for direct payback and/or truly sided with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts…
    • Many find her missing most every pop-culture reference made in her presence unbelievable given she's a successful writer of fiction novels and therefore should have some familiarity with them. Speaking of that, those books have found their way into the House of Knowledge.
    • She may not get violent over it, but even if true DO NOT refer to Dr. Brennan as average in anything, especially her intelligence or she will become very indignant about it and even vindictive trying to prove you wrong. Even direct evidence that it's true won't get her off your back most of the time. This also extends to anyone referring to her daughter Christine in such a way, especially teachers.
      • Despite what she thinks, she's actually not as intelligent as she claims to be. Sure, she is very knowledgeable but she finds it difficult to make connections when they are not obvious, something Booth does naturally. This is especially jarring in social situations.
    • Many think her mocking of psychology is hypocritical, especially since psychology is a considerably "harder", more lab/experiment-based social science than her field of anthropology. After the death of one psychologist friend she's come to know, she's the one who brings up psychological aspects of the cases because that's what he would've done.
    • Despite her opposition to Christianity and Judaism, she's not only knowledgeable but openly respectful of pretty much every other religion.
    • Mayuri Kurotsuchi finds it a shame that they are on opposite sides and says they could've been great colleagues. The forensic anthropologist refuses to consider it.
    • Lezard reminds her too much of Christopher Pelant, a tech-savvy serial killer who was obsessed with her. "Thankfully", he shows no interest in her. However, he has become interested in Pelant's capabilities.
    • Her first meeting with Symmetra was rocky, since they both have…subpar social skills, but they luckily managed to forge a good relationship. Brennan feels Symmetra can do a lot more if she quits Vishkar, but will have to wait and see if she can do so.
    • Has bonded with Spock, Yuki Nagato amd IF in finding knowledge for their allies and their penchant for logic and reasoning.
    • Got along with Nick and Nora for sharing their tendency to work on vacations. Sometimes, they (and Booth) go solving around the Pantheon even when officially on leave, even as Booth feels the three could really use the time to actually relax.
    • Surprisingly, she opposes Sheldon for being arguably more insufferable than she is. She also feels like looking into a mirror whenever they have debates. Him being rather childish at times doesn't help his case.
    • Shares a connection with Mitsuru over how they [[Defrosting Ice Queen slowly opened up to their loved ones, though the whole deal with Shadows, Personas, and other Jungian aspects are things she's still trying to wrap her head around. The Shadow Operative hopes to patiently help the forensic anthropologist get accustomes to it, since if she and Booth are working with Agent Burke, who also sometimes works with the Phantoms, they might eventually need that know-how.
  • Exclusive to Booth:
    • It's a bad idea to mention that one of Booth's ancestors (John Wilkes) shot Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head. Not that the Trollkaiger need to worry too much about him.
      • As for Lincoln himself, he doesn't blame the agent for being related to his assassin; he's glad that Seeley gets to be better and tells him not to let the nepotism get to him too deep, which Seeley was grateful for.
    • He nearly had a breakdown when the Jeffersonian team found implications that there were two assassins involved in 0's death and there was a government cover-up to hide this. Given the number of people he's killed for his country, he saw it as a huge betrayal.
      • Kennedy himself assured Booth that America can still uphold its ideals as long as he is on the job. Although the former president is rather baffled on why would a group of strange men who claim to be from an office supplies company wanted to investigate his death with bones that weren't his in the first place by trapping his colleagues for such.
    • Apparently had seen Stewie Griffin during an anxiety-induced fantasy while donating sperm back in his world. And during a brain tumor-induced hallucination. When they incidentally crossed paths for real, Booth was almost worried he was hallucinating again, but he was assured by others after the fact that this was for real and that Stewie is a Pantheon deity just like him.
    • Has a bad case of coulrophobia, and folks like Needles Kane, Kefka Palazzo, Harley Quinn, Pennywise and SCP-993 top his shitlist and he swears to not let his children approach them ever.
      • The same goes for Basco ta Jolokia, and it doesn't help by his depraved Equivalent Exchange deals are too reminiscent of Pelant threatening Booth with his Sadistic Choice.
      • But nothing tops this list more than the Joker, who's a lot more fascinated with the duo's various archnemeses over the course of their story, and is finding a way to either emulate their crimes or ascend them himself, all just to screw them up for kicks.
      • He is more tolerant of Ronald McDonald despite Ronald insisting he means no harm. At least not all McDonalds have him around nowadays.
      • This phobia also helped him bond with Nathan Drake, though for Booth's safety Drake limits his meetings considering he's a he is a Walking Disaster Area.
    • Gets along with Dr. McCoy, who also has problems with expressing and controlling emotions, though he told Booth to not consult him for such; that honor should go to Frasier instead.
    • As a recovering gambling addict, he opposes Tsunade for enabling such behaviour, to which Brennan agrees. The former Hokage respects Booth's recovery since she's also recovering from her own bad experience caused by her own addiction.
      • Marge also congratulates Booth on getting over his addiction, though can be a bit too much when it comes to overseeing Christine and Hank's entertainment.
    • Also gets along with Columbo for knowing to pretend to be less smarter than they actually are. The lieutenant often aids the agent and Brennan in investigations.
    • Being a former sniper, he got along with the likes of Lockon Stratos and Yoko Littner, as well as various ascended soldiers of the Pantheon.
      • Widowmaker however is one sniper he can't tolerate since she might be arguably worse than Broadsky: he may kill other criminals for his twisted agenda while she will kill her targets with no consideration for their lives or who they are, only focusing on getting her job done. By extension, this animosity extends to the rest of Talon.


V.F.D., Divine Conspiracy Involving Unassuming Organizations (Volunteer Fire Department)
  • Collectively, for what is known about the organization, Quasideity
  • Symbol: Their insignia, which is formed from the letters; V, F, and D.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Neutral Good, or True Neutral, depending on which side of the schism the member a person is dealing with is on.
  • Portfolio: Ancient Conspiracy (As a whole), Benevolent Conspiracy (If the member is part of the so-called fire-fighting side of the schism), Dark and Troubled Past (Concerning the individual backstories of each of its members), Grey and Grey Morality, Mysterious Past, The Omniscient Council of Vagueness, Paranoia Fuel, Spy Speak
  • Domains: Arson (Depends on which side of the schism a member is on), Codes, General knowledge, Mysteries
  • Allies: Anyone who is willing to provide a safe place for research and knowledge
  • Enemies: Anyone who is willing to destroy all safe places for research and knowledge, the entirety of the good-aligned members of the House of Family, at least to those who are on the fire-starting side of the schism.
  • Unknown Relationship: The Men In Black, The SCP Foundation, Keel Lorenz, V.S.S.E., the entirety of the House of Investigative Work
  • Reading up on: All gods that do not come from Classical Literature, Film, and Theater
  • Heralds: The Baudelaire Orphans, Count Olaf, Lemony Snicket
  • Of the organizations known to exist, the ones that always seems to have a presence in some shape or form, yet seems to be so impotent in function, are known as Milkman Conspiracies. One such organization, made up of librarians, scholars, taxi cab drivers, waiters, or any other seemingly mundane occupation in life, is known as V.F.D., which has started to make its presence known in the Pantheon.
  • How V.F.D. came to light in the Pantheon arose from the increased appearance of phrases that shared the organization's acronym appearing in the records of the House of Knowledge. While suspicious in of itself, the alarms bells truly started to ring when a massive fire broke out and nearly burned the entire House to the ground. A melancholy man in shadows, who was using a typewriter, was initially held responsible, only for him to reveal that he had nothing to do with the fire, but did state that a certain society, divided in two due to a terrible schism, has begun to make its presence known in the Pantheon. The man then revealed, secretly, to the Main House, that the organization in question was named V.F.D...
    • Said melancholy man was Lemony Snicket, who had made it his life's work to document the depressing lives of the Baudelaire Orphans, who became involved with the organization's secrets after a terrible fire destroyed their home, and after meeting the Quagmire Triplets, who revealed to them the organization's existence in the first place.
  • At some point in V.F.D.'s history, there was a schism that the organization suffered, causing many of its members to turn on another, resulting in a World Gone Mad. While it has been confirmed that it happened while Lemony Snicket and his siblings were children, how and why the schism happened is completely unknown, even to Lemony Snicket himself.
    • The schism that V.F.D. suffered caused many of the organization's designated sanctuaries, which ranged from cafes to hotels, to be burned down by those who were on the so-called fire-starting side of the schism. As such, members of the Pantheon have been advised to be cautious. Both sides of the schism use the same unorthodox communication codes, and as such, it makes it even harder to not just tell whether or not a deity is dealing with a member of V.F.D., but whether or not that person is either a volunteer, or a deadly criminal.
  • Due to the secretive and nebulous nature of V.F.D. as a whole, the two sides of the organization are represented by the most well-known people who associated with the group. The fire-fighting side is represented by the Baudelaire Orphans and Lemony Snicket, while the fire-starting side is represented by Count Olaf. None of them have yet truly ascended to the Pantheon, though Olaf is determined to become a proper god so that he can have another chance to obtain the Baudelaire fortune at long last. The Baudelaires and Mr. Snicket on the other hand, are a bit wary about the nature of the Pantheon, though if Olaf does ascend, then the Baudelaires will be right on his trail to try to stop his schemes, and Mr. Snicket will follow in order to continue his research of the Baudelaires, and hope that this next chapter in their lives will be a bit less melancholy.
    • Olaf succeeded in ascending. As a result, plans have been made for Snicket to ascend, with his resume being looked over. The Baudelaires do not yet have a title picked out for them however...
      • Both Snicket and the orphans managed to ascend to counter Olaf. However, this now means that V.F.D. may become more active in the future as a result, placing many deities on edge and prompting more thorough investigation of the organization.
  • Overall, the schism has had drastic effects on the morality of V.F.D.'s members, as the Baudelaires can attest due to the trials they faced involving the deception present on both sides of the organization. A noble person can do something villainous, like how Gregor Anwhistle created the toxic Medusoid Mycelium fungus (Which started growing in the Pantheon after Olaf brought a sample with him), and a villain can do something noble, like Count Olaf using some of the last moments of his life to help the distraught and pregnant Kit Snicket to safety.
    • As such, when it comes to the Alliances, V.F.D.'s loyalties are rather muddled. While the fire-starting side has lent assistance to the GUAE, they have no loyalty to Melkor. At the same time, the fire-fighting side has lent help to the GUAG, but it is unknown if they are loyal to Cosmos. Both sides of the V.F.D. schism seem to be interested in assisting both the GUAC and the GUAL as they please, but for what purpose is unknown and they have no loyalty to Lucifer or YHVH either. It is unknown if they also desire to bolster Nekron's tactics for the GUAD, but it is possible, though why they would do so is a mystery...
  • V.F.D. is extremely secretive, even more so than the SCP Foundation, the Men In Black, SEELE, and the V.S.S.E. While those groups are enigmatic in their own right, they at least have well-defined goals (Keep reality safe from anomalies, keep aliens in check, initiate the Human Instrumentality Project, and stopping terrorist groups respectively), V.F.D.'s ultimate goal, if it even has one, is completely unknown. While the group was said to have started out to simply put out fires, V.F.D.'s activities (Which include building secret passageways, training animals for detective and transportation work, and building submarines for a start) seem to extend far beyond that, and the schism has only muddied the nature of its activities even more.
  • V.F.D. utilizes its acronym quite a bit when it comes to its procedures and items such as Verdant Flammable Device (A green tube that creates smoke signals), Verbal Fridge Dialogue (A code that utilizes items in fire-proof refrigerators), Vessel of Disaccharides (Sugar bowls that are used to hide crucial items and information, one of which was critical to the schism conflict before the Hotel Denouement incident), etc.
    • However, just because the acronym is present does not automatically mean that the organization is. V.F.D. has been used as a Red Herring on numerous occasions, such as Very Fancy Dollies (Used to distract the Baudelaires while Count Olaf had kidnapped the Quagmire Triplets, Isadora and Duncan), or Volunteers Fighting Disease (A group of people who just go around trying to cheer up hospital patients). For those in the Pantheon trying to learn more about the organization, this occurrence has proven to be quite annoying.
  • V.F.D.'s unknown history, as well as its enormous, and yet ill-defined presence has put many in the Pantheon (At least, those who know about the organization) on edge. The fact that any random person could turn out to be a V.F.D. agent means that any deity's friends, followers, or any random individual from their world wandering in the Pantheon could turn out to have completely unfathomable end goals in mind, is not the most pleasant train of thought.
    • To make matters even more unnerving, V.F.D. has been indicated to have had several real-life authors and ancient societies in its membership, so carrying that train of logic to its conclusion means that the organization could potentially possess an even higher degree of influence over the ENTIRE pantheon, regardless of which side of the schism is being dealt with.
      • At the same time however, as V.F.D. has its roots in classical literature, film, and theater, it is unknown how both sides of the schism plan to deal with the vast number of deities that come from anime, comic books, video games, cartoons, etc. Of course, given how willing the organization's members are when it comes to learning, it is easy to assume that V.F.D. members are already studying the profiles of these gods and their worlds in order to put their plans into action. At the very least, members of the organization on both sides of the schism have been reading up on the events occurring in the Pantheon to see if they can benefit from them in some way...
  • Due to the enigmatic nature of the organization, several gods who specialize in solving mysteries, such as Mystery Incorporated, the Pines Twins, and Batman, have been trying to uncover V.F.D.'s secrets. All of them were warned by Lemony Snicket of the treacherous world they were trying to breach, and that it was impossible to solve every mystery out there. The Baudelaires shared that sentiment, as even after everything they'd been through, they still have many questions of their own about V.F.D... Batman took this advice to heart, having been reminded of the Court of Owls, and intends to tread carefully regarding his investigations into V.F.D...
    • As a whole, the entire organization is under watch from the rest of the members of the House of Investigation. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the gods from this house in trying to unravel V.F.D.'s secrets, they haven't made much progress, as for each mystery about V.F.D. that they solve, more always seem to pop up.
  • As it has been revealed that V.F.D. takes in young children to hone their skills for investigation, various gods, particularly those in the House of Family, have been trying to make sure that the child deities in the Pantheon do NOT get involved with the organization, especially since many of them possess skills that would greatly benefit V.F.D.'s activities, or make them targets for their enemies.
    • Speaking of which, due to the declaration of the Man With a Beard but No Hair, and the Woman With Hair but No Beard, that they would burn down the homes and then enslave every child they targeted, the entirety of the good-aligned parents of the House of Family are completely opposed to the fire-starting side of the schism, declaring that they would not stand for such atrocious acts of injustice.