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Aug 9th 2019 at 9:26:58 AM •••

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    Mata Hari 
Margaretha Geertruida MacLeod, Goddess of Femme Fatale Spies (Mata Hari, Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, Margreet, Margarete Gertrude Zelle, Malkovich, Alluring Spy, Miss Spy Genius, Assassin, The Girl Who Has Sunny Eyes)
Mata Hari in Amsterdam, 1915
Mata Hari as she appears in Shadow Hearts 
Mata Hari as a Servant 
  • Rank: Demigoddess, Lesser Goddess as a Servant
  • Symbol: A piece of bejeweled lingerie
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stripperific, Worked as a spy for the French during World War I, Her family went bankrupt, Used to be married to an abusive husband, Gave up her living daughter to her divorced husband, One of the most desirable women sought after during her time period, Has multiple romantic affairs, Accused as a double agent for the Germans, Executed by the firing squad, Become much more beautiful in fiction and her spy life is greatly exaggerated
  • Domains: Exotic Dancers, Foreigners, Spies, Seduction
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, Indiana Jones, Rouge the Bat, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, The Heroic Protectors of Family, The Doctor, Koudelka Iasant
  • On good terms with: Peter Pan
  • Professional Allies: Nick Fury, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Rivals: Vermouth
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, The Joker, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Opposes: The Spy
  • Additional Character Relationships: James Bond
  • Admired by: Robert Baratheon
  • Respects: The good-aligned deities of the House of Love, Haru Okumura, Harley Quinn, Sterling Archer, Oberyn Martell
  • Pities/Pitied by: Kyu Sugardust, Misa Amane
  • Conflicting Opinion: Amanda Waller
  • Born Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, she used to live with a happy family until her father got bankrupt and her parents have a divorce. She then got married to a military colonnial and moved to Indonesia together, however, he became abusive to her and blamed her for their son\'s death, which led to their divorce and him taking custody for their daughter. She then moved to Paris and became one of the most well-known exotic dancers around the world. During World War I, her foreigner status caused her to become bankrupt and returning to her country unhappily. She returned to Paris again to renew her sexual acts when the French intelligent service approached her to become their spy believing her to be a valuable asset. After that, she was then accused of being a double agent even if there is no proof of it except for a German reffering to her by her code name in a letter. Her lawyer having being unsuccessful to defend her, she was then sentenced for treason and shot by the French firing squad.
  • The reason for her ascencion for the trope is that while she\'s a spy whose information that she gained are ones that the French knew, the revelation of it to the public caused fictional portrayals of her to greatly exaggerated it to her being a much more beautiful and intelligent one. She also inspired a lot of Expy Femme Fatale Spies because of it and is one of the most iconic examples that ever existed.
  • Like all the Servants that have ascended, she is very glad to see the Master of Chaldea and hopes to serve under him once more to aid him on his journey even if she knew who weak she is as a Heroic Spirit. They are of course glad to see her again and are happy that she will be at their side once more.
  • Being one of the most well-known historical spies that ever existed, she is approached by Nick Fury to aid on his missions that require seduction whenever people like the Black Widow are out of reach and how her Noble Phantasm can turn her targets into her puppet and that it\'s effect could reach to one hundred people. She\'s also interested in the serum he took that made him ageless and how he needs to take it once in a while in order to keep his eternal youth going, but strictly sticks on a professional relationship on him.
  • Gets along with Rouge the Bat due to the fact they are both Spies who use seduction to gain information they needed and at least works for a government agency that isn\'t evil and to protect their planet from all of it\'s treats. It also helps that she gained jewels from the military officers she seduced and aren\'t even worth her time, something that Rouge praises her for. Became friends with Natasha Romanoff for being Femme Fatale Spies and that the latter performed a Face Heel Turn and being a superhero in her own right.
  • Unsurprisingly, develops a bit of a rivalry with Vermouth. They are both seductive spies who exploit this skill to get what they want. Mata Hari is seemingly more hostile when she found out she is part of the Black Organization as she doesn\'t want to be part of an organization where they don\'t care about anyone, reminding her of how her husband regularly abuses and has no care of her well-being. The spy actually seems interested upon hearing she doesn\'t age, which caused the spy to believe she may actually have eternal youth.
  • If there is one thing she wanted, that is to gain a partner that loved her for who she is and a happy life. She has given up on those wishes however because of how weak she is as a Heroic Spirit. Hearing about the House of Love, she praised a lot of the good-aligned deities there for being devoted to each other and hoped they\'ll have happiness forever, unlike for someone like her in that she has an abusive husband before their divorce and spends half of her life engaging in affairs with famous and political people. Hearing about her praise and what she wanted in life, even with her multiple affairs, they in return want to comfort her and wished that she\'ll get what she wanted as they think she have suffered enough that she deserves something like this, which caused her to be in tears.
    • It was because of this that Kyu Sugardust doesn\'t want her to be sought after by her clients. Even if she viewed her as someone that could potentially make her clients happy, she knew that she doesn\'t deserve this because of what she went through and that she really needs someone that truly loves her for who she is.
    • ** It makes sense for her to hate those that are bastards to their loved ones. She pitied Haru Okumura for being forced to marry someone that sees her as nothing more than a sexual plaything and gained more of her respect for breaking off their engagement upon discovering what he actually thinks of their arranged marriage. Hates Light Yagami for mostly dating girls that he believes are useful to their schemes and if they outlive their usefulness, will be killed in his own hands. She believes that Misa\'s attraction to Light is an unhealthy obsession that could possibly be cured and seeing that she became his follower due to her belief that he is the one who killed her parent\'s murderer, she couldn\'t help but feel pity for her and wanted to find a way for her to have a change of heart. The same case could be said to Joker who abuses Harley Quinn and only using her for his own gain. Speaking of Harley, she\'s proud that she finally broke up with Joker and is trying to her past as a supervillain behind and trying to do her own heroic ways. Because she pitied Harley, she became professional allies with Poison Ivy and Catwoman to keep her out of trouble.
  • Due to her relations with Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller approaches her to see if she could be an useful contact for the Suicide squad given her skills that she inherited from her fictional selves. She isn\'t sure what to think of it because of her manipulative schemes and wanting to be in power that reminds her of those of the greedy politicians that she hated in her time. However, hearing about her past of her own family being killed and that she was just a normal housewife at that time, she could see why she would do what she has to do and given that Mata Hari values family a lot, she pitied her a little bit. Because of this, she isn\'t willing to be involved with Amanda unless it\'s necessary.
  • As someone who desires to have a happy family, she hates the Child Abuse Supporters for the atrocities they committed to their own family members, but she is surprised to see that Heihachi used to be loving husband but doesn\'t have any hope for him left as he literally his own father and Kazuya that one time before hid arrival. As such, she supports the Heroic Protectors of Family, seeing them as an inspiration and is willing to do anything to help them, but she doesn\'t approve Jin Kazama\'s genocidal plan even if he has a reasonable excuse for it and desperately hopes that he wouldn\'t lose the values his mother taught him. Hates the Spy for abandoning his wife and his son, the Scout and doesn\'t even bother telling the truth unless he is in a Tom Jones disguise but he couldn\'t care less about her. Isn\'t sure what to think of Sterling Archer when hearing about his Jerkass tendencies but gains more of her respect after hearing how much he prioritizes his children\'s safety and is willing to become more serious on his job for them, but she doesn\'t want to be in the same room as him because of the aforementioned Jerkass attitude.
  • Being an exotic dancer, she is admired by Robert Baratheon and Oberyn Martell, as both of them really love sex and the latter wouldn\'t mind having her in his polyamorous relationship. She doesn\'t like the former, as he doesn\'t take time for his family and doesn\'t give any shit about ruling his kingdom and loving the limelightm of it, reminding her of her hatred of greedy political people. She actually loves the latter because his polyamorous relationship at least has consent with it, loves his bastard children and took responsibility on taking care of them, and the fact he wanted to avenge his sister even if it will lead to his doom causes her to admire him even more. She even stated she wouldn\'t mind having sex with him multiple times if that\'s what he only desires.
  • The other thing she wanted in life is eternal youth....but she also has gave up on it however. Peter Pan ended up meeting her because of that wish and wondered if he could renew her interest on it. Mata Hari stated she doesn\'t want it as she did have second thoughts on it and doesn\'t like him for forcing children to stay on Neverland forever when they don\'t even want to in the first place. But she started to like him enough after he eventually returned the Darling siblings home and actually a bit nicer in most adaptational portrayals of him, occasionally asking him to be in those forms to be able to socialize with him.
  • Has briefly met the 11th Doctor when she was in Paris and stripped in front of him naked. When she met him again in his newest incarnation in the Pantheon, she still remembered that moment and didn\'t expect to meet him again....much less in a different body. Because his actions and ideals greatly remind her that of the Master of Chaldea in that they set time back to normal, wanting to save humanity and being genuinely nice people to a lot of people and wanting to help them, the two got acquainted pretty well.
  • Mata Bond is the illegitimate daughter of her and James Bond himself but whether or not it\'s actually a fact is not yet confirmed. They both don\'t want to have a say on any of this but Bond won\'t deny that he want to seduce her if he had the chance.
  • She didn\'t expect to meet Indiana Jones again, the man whom she took his virginity to when he was younger. He is happy to meet her again as he painfully wept for her execution and she is glad he actually took her advice to transfer to Africa. The two decided to stay as friends as they have no interest on renewing their relationship and knew that it will only cause them more danger but do hang out with each other from time to time.
  • In an alternate universe, she led a different where she never became an exotic dancer and is a spy in her whole life. While she originally joined Yuri and Alice believing their powers would be valuable information for her own reasons, she eventually envied the bond they shared and eventually, a loyal ally. During her adventure, she previously met Koudelka Iasant. Even if the one the latter knew is a different version and is more or less the real one that everybody associated with, she\'s still happy to see her, that she is a nice and optimistic woman who doesn\'t just seduce men for her own merits, and proud that she wants to pursue her own happiness by wanting to be with someone that actually loves her and having a happy family, even if the spy believes that it wouldn\'t be achieved. The latter is touched by the spirit medium\'s words and hoped in return that her marriage with her husband wouldn\'t be a disaster.

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