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The House of Family is literally a massive house that can accommodate the entire "family". Each member gets their own room, but due to a misunderstanding with the House of Craft, there is only one bathroom in the entire house which leads to monumental clashes that have left entire universes shattered. As a result, this family ranks among one of the most dysfunctional one would ever meet, and the other deities wonder what keeps them all together under the same roof. There have been so many claims of domestic abuse and other disturbances that the House of Defense has officially stopped taking calls related to this House. The few members of the 501st that are Darth Vader's personal guard try and keep everything intact, but it never works, which makes that job the most disliked in the entire Legion.


There are talks about filming a Reality Television series here.

Due to his decades-long gambit that involved feeding children demon blood, Azazel is permanently banned from the subhouses of Children and Offsprings. This only amuses him.

Similarly, the Grineer's Twin Queens have been blacklisted from coming even 100 ft from the Houses of Children and Offsprings and any sightings of their Grineer forces, especially those of the Nightwatch and Kuva corps, are to be reported to the authorities and lethal force is encouraged. The two in response told the House of Family not to be concerned since as far as the Witch Queen is concerned she's only after the more exotic individuals.

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The Heroic Protectors of Family

    Jin Kazama 
Jin Kazama, God of Those Who Fight Evil Parents (Child of Destiny, Pitch Black Wings, Devil Jin, DJ, Jin Mishima [call him this at your own peril])
Devil Jin 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Devil Jin)
  • Symbol: The mark of Devil Jin
  • Theme Music: Jin Kazama -Far East Mix-, Wings So Black; Snow Castle -Mundus Arrange- as Devil Jin; Blowin' Up the Enemy for Mishima Zaibatsu-related missions; Mid Boss Battle TK (shared with Xiaoyu) for more intense fights
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, acted as Neutral Evil during the events of Tekken 6, Chaotic Evil as Devil Jin
  • Portfolio: Anti Heroes, Hatred to Evil Parents, Heroic Illegitimate Sons, Inheriting the Devil Gene, Spiky Hair, Stoicness, Bishōnen Who Provide Fangirl Baits, Having a Cool Mother, Decoy Antagonists, Fake Defectors, Being Tall, Dark, and Handsome
  • Domains: Family, Combat, Good, Genetics
  • Allies: Jun Kazama (his mother), Ling Xiaoyu, N Harmonia, Kurei, Piccolo, Siegfried Schtauffen, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Hayate Ayasaki, Raven, Miranda Lawson, The Hulk, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, The Kids Next Door, Lars Alexandersson (his half-uncle, former enemy), Alisa Bosconovitch, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Cassie Cage (though Jin is admittedly jealous of her)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: King II (On King's part), Asuka Kazama (his cousin)
  • Rivals: Ryu (Street Fighter)
  • Enemies: Kazuya Mishima (his father), Heihachi Mishima (his grandfather), Ogre, Dio Brando, Kage, nearly every single evil parent in the Pantheon
  • Pities: Erina Nakiri
  • Keeping an Eye On: Giorno Giovanna
  • Born with a bad father and BAD grandfather, Jin Kazama is one who would actually consider it fortunate that he was raised instead by his mother. He would not meet any of his paternal clan until he reached the age of 19, seeking out Heihachi upon the counsel of his mother, who had just been attacked and seemingly killed by the fighting god Ogre. Heihachi taught him the Mishima Karate fighting style and brought him into the third King of Iron Fist tournament, where Ogre would be awaiting the victor. Jin faced Ogre, and defeated him... only to find himself gunned down by Heihachi and his Tekken Force. This clear attempt to kill him awoke the Devil Gene within him, and he proceeded to thrash Heihachi, before leaving in disgust.
    • Thanks to this event, as well as the Parental Abandonment of his father Kazuya, Jin has denounced the Mishima name out of sheer hatred, immediately declaring that his name is and will ever be Jin Kazama, the same as it's been throughout his years being raised by his mother Jun. Despite sharing the Devil Gene in common with his hated father, call him Jin Mishima at your own peril.
  • One must be wary on how to transcribe his name, otherwise they may end up calling in for Jin Kisaragi. The two don't really seem to mind each other, though.
  • Once awaited the day where he would team up with Ryu to fight his hated father Kazuya. The two were part of an alliance against a chaotic merging of worlds at one point, confronting Devil Kazuya along the way. Things became chilly between the two after this, though, after a Death Battle saw both combatants tap into their inner darkness, the Devil Gene and Satsui no Hado respectively. This is actually because Ryu stomped Jin with his opposite, the Power of Nothingness, reminding the Child of Destiny of what he has yet to overcome.
    • Later learned that Ryu expelling the Satsui no Hado caused it to manifest into a separate being, and his rejection of that being caused it to disappear from Ryu's world and enter the Pantheon instead. He has since marked Kage as a threat he needs to eliminate, much like the Devil Gene and the Mishima line.
  • After a meeting with Miranda Lawson, Jin expressed an idea about forming a group to oppose parental abuse, after seeing not just Kazuya and Heihachi and Henry Lawson, but also some like Ghetsis, Relius, etc. Miranda was quick enough to form that group after a meeting with Raven, and Jin was appointed the leader, not just for his title, but also the fact that he's calling out TWO generations of parental abuse.
    • This culminates in the realization that his grandpa, Heihachi, has made it to the Pantheon. The time was quicker than expected, but Jin decided that everything must come to an end that instant.
  • There are rumors about when exactly Lelouch vi Britannia became part of his group. Some say he was also at the meeting with Miranda Lawson and formed it alongside them, others say he helped give Jin the position because he actually has physical strength and not just mental capacity. There are even rumors that they had been borrowing off each other in terms of plans and/or outfits. Neither of them have said anything about it outside of acknowledging their similarities.
  • He felt very uncomfortable about how Dio Brando sounded like him at one point. Dio attempted to point out that he too had a horrible father that made him who he is, and even if Speedwagon's claims that he was evil since birth are true, then he too must have an accursed bloodline. Jin was not fooled by this. While he's heard that Dario Brando really was a terrible person, he doesn't find Dio to be any better. Almost similar to Kazuya if it weren't for his rather polite attitude towards his own son Giorno, Which really isn't much for a man like him.
    • He is wondering if Giorno has any interest in joining his cause and stopping Dio, given his own good nature.
  • Despite everything he's been through in his quest to get rid of the Devil Gene, including the dark turn he himself had undergone in the one takeover of the Mishima Zaibatsu in a dangerous gambit to destroy both the demon Azazel and his own Devil Gene, everyone knows he's still a Momma's Boy for his mom (wherever she is) Jun Kazama. And when she ascended, Jin... preferred to lock himself on his own room trying to hold off all the emotions he'd like to share for that.
    • Meanwhile, after hearing of Ogre's ascension, a very enraged Jin is preparing to get revenge on him for all the suffering he put him through in the mortal realm, thinking of a way to truly eliminate him for good. He knows Ogre didn't kill his mother now, but she did disappear and end up turning into Unknown after his attack, so that doesn't make things any better.

    Mary Poppins 
Mary Poppins, Goddess of Magical Nannies
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her outline holding aloft her flying umbrella
  • Leitmotif: "Feed the Birds"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Nanny, Bag of Holding, The Comically Serious, Crazy-Prepared, Dish Dash, Full-Name Basis, Reverse Psychology (via song), Inexplicably Awesome, Magical Guardian, Parasol of Prettiness, Proper Lady, Refuge in Audacity, Speaks Fluent Animal, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Younger Than They Look
  • Domain: Children, Magic, Kindness, Friendship, Music
  • Followers: Jo Frost, Izabel, Shary Bobbins (tragically, she flew into a jet plane turbine and died)
  • Herald: Bert the Chimney Sweep
  • High Priestess: Nanny McPhee
  • Superior: Walt Disney (even if her creator hated the man)
  • Allies: Fluttershy, just about every (good) parent in the Pantheon, Miss Frizzle, Willy Wonka, Felix The Cat, Maria Von Trapp (who look very similar), Yondu Udonta, Major William Cage
  • Enemies: Vicky, Lord Voldemort (as of 2012), The Professor, Neopolitan, any abusive parents.
  • The official nanny for the House of Family, and her talents and no-nonsense attitude have helped both good and evil family members.
  • Has used her mastery of reverse psychology, often via song, to outwit the greatest villains in the Pantheon.
  • No child, no matter how rambunctious, villainous or crazy they are, has ever got the best of Mary Poppins. This includes the likes of Hansel and Gretel, childhood-era Johan Liebert and Lucy, Yuno Gasai and Alice
  • Several people have attempted to discover the secrets of her magic carpet bag. Naruto crawled his way into the bag, followed by Hinata Hyuga to retrieve him. It took three days for Mary Poppins to find them and remove them from the bag. The SCP Foundation requested to examine the bag, but Mary Poppins refused to co-operate.
  • There has been some speculation that she is actually a Time Lord considering her bag's depth and some her powers and influence. The Doctor has made no comment on the rumours.
  • Ran into Felix the Cat and she was intrigued with the feline's Magic Bag of Tricks, a device that can rival her own portable bag. Felix agreed to see if he can improve on her bag. She also made enemies with Felix's longtime foe, The Professor, after he made an attempt to steal her own magic bag.
  • Mary Poppins made enemies of Lord Voldemort after she used clone magic and intercepted his invasion of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Voldemort has declared vengeance on her. Mary Poppins responded with "I wish you all the best of luck."
  • Along with Carl Fredricksen's leitmotif, no God in the House of Music is allowed to play "Feed the Birds" due to the last performance causing every god to not only cry a river that nearly caused the Pantheon to be flooded, but also because they began to give so much food to the Aviary-based Gods that many of them gained a few pounds.
  • The Warner Brothers deities don't want to be near her after a similar nanny annoyed them.
  • Is quite ashamed that her author, P.L. Travers, hated the film, and all gods in the pantheon that are either Disney or animatednote . In fact, she's even bonded with Willy Wonka over having their most famous adaptations being hated by their original authors.
    • Although it was later discovered that while it wasn't up to standards with the books, P. L. Travers stated that it was a good movie in its own right.
  • She usually just rolls her eyes whenever she heard The Nostalgia Critic parodies her song when it comes to shitty movies: "Iiiiit's Supercrapafuckarifficexpialibullshit!..."
  • Was amused at Yondu saying "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!", and decided to meet him. However, she gave him a false name because Yondu's friend\adoptive son Star-Lord paid her in order to keep the joke alive.
  • Disliked the fact that her name has been jokingly used to describe Neopolitan, a sociopath who just happens to use a weaponized umbrella.
  • Has made a grand return, whose new avatar brought Mary Poppins to the attention of William Cage. Bert, her herald is working on ascending his assistant Jack, the Lamplighter.

Mufasa, God of Absent Fathers (King Mufasa, Sire, King of Pride Rock, Mook, Great King of the Past)
Mufasa as a Spirit 
Mufasa in the 2019 film 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as a spirit)
  • Symbol: a silhouette of Pride Rock, with a large paw-print at its centre
  • Theme Music: Remember
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A True King of The Beasts, Reasonable Authority, Asskicking Equals Authority, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Red Is Heroic, Beware the Nice Ones, Beauty = Goodness, Showing Up At The Last Moment To Save The Day, Killed Off for Real, Addresses Carnivore Confusion, Sacrificial Lion, Gives advice from beyond the grave, Trusted his brother too much, Sought to pair Kiara and Kovu together to stop the pride war, Hates Hyenas
  • Domains: Nobility, Strength, Leadership, Cats, Death,
  • Heralds: Sarabi and Zazu (His queen and royal advisor respectively)
  • Allies: Simba (His son), Timon and Pumbaa, Miles Edgeworth, Sakaki, Ophelia, Romeo And Juliet, Tony and Maria, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, N Harmonia, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Eddard Stark, Aslan, Jin Kazama, Mary Poppins, Yu Narukami
  • Respects: Steve Irwin, David Attenborough, The Nature Preservers, Lisa Simpson
  • Enemies: Scar (His brother), Lady Tremaine, Heihachi Mishima, the Hyenas, Prince Hans, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pete, Maleficent, Master Xehanort, Lysandre, Tywin Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Manfred von Karma
  • Questionable Relationship: The Chosen One
  • Pities: Prince Hamlet
  • The son of Ahadi and Uru, and grandson of Mohatu, Mufasa ruled over the Pride Lands of East Africa, governing over the other animals residing there. His reign was a prosperous one, and he was loved by both his family and subjects... well, almost everyone. While trying to rescue his son Simba from a wildebeest stampede, Mufasa was murdered by his younger brother Scar, though all evidence pointed to it being "an accident". It was only when Simba returned years later and made the usurper confess to his crimes that the truth became clear. And with that, Mufasa's spirit truly found peace and drifted away to the Pantheon, where he created the Heroic Protectors of Family to keep watch over those deities who have had troubled family pasts.
  • His time as a Holy Protector of Family lead to Mufasa, and his fellow peers, to become enemies with the opposing Child Abuser Supporters, with him pointing out to Heiachi Mishima that no, male lions don't throw their cubs off of cliffs. Also didn't help that their close ally Ghetsis Harmonia was discovered to be a wannabe usurper, and had emotionally and psychologically abused his son N for his own use. Mufasa befriended the young Pokémon Trainer and has made it his goal to let none of the Abusers takes a step near him, but that's proven to be difficult.
    • Due to the circumstances surrounding his death, he also hates both Manfred von Karma and Hans, since the former did the same thing to Gregory as Scar did to him and the latter trying to murder the queen to take over her kingdom.
  • As a counterpart to King Hamlet, one would think Mufasa's relationship with the Prince of Denmark would be a friendly one... it was anything but. The old king was disappointed by what graced his presence; a young man who, in feigned madness, caused more death and misery to his loved ones than what was needed, all for the sake of confirming his uncle's treachery. Mufasa though came to pity Hamlet, as he was just as lost as Simba was, and lacked the companionship his son had. But because of what the princes' "madness" brought, Mufasa has chosen to aid the young Ophelia and befriend the duo Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who remind the old king and his son of Timon and Pumbaa.
    • Speaking of which, while he doesn't approve of their belief in Hakuna Matata, Mufasa was happy to meet Timon and Pumbaa at long last, thanking them for not only helping Simba reclaim his throne but for also raising him during his exile. Pumbaa was more than happy to meet Simba's father and while Timon tried to brush off the compliments, he admits raising Simba brought out his better nature and afterwards, the three became good friends.
  • As it turns out, Mufasa has two Heralds serving him. The first is Zazu, a blue-feathered hornbill who served as his Majordomo in the past and the second being Sarabi, his queen and leader of the Pride Land's lionesses. Both were ecstatic to reunite with Mufasa, Sarabi especially. In fact, the first thing the pair did was nuzzle and spend the night in each other's company, catching up on lost time. Nowadays, Sarabi spends a good deal of time in the Pantheon, while Zazu spends most of his time back in the Pride Lands helping Simba govern. He'll still make occasional stops to help his former king out with daily duties... provided it doesn't involved being used for pouncing practice.
  • Interestingly, Mufasa can been seen in two forms depending on where he is. In the Pantheon, he retains the body he had back in the Mortal Realm. But in the Pride Lands, he instead manifests for brief periods as a great spirit in the sky. He mainly appears in this form to encourage his son as well as give guidance to his two grandchildren Kiara and Kion.
  • While saddened that he couldn't save his homeworld from being destroyed by The Heartless, Mufasa was thankful Simba survived (as a spirit though) and aided Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy in saving the worlds from the consuming darkness. As a result, he considers both Maleficent and Master Xehanort extremely dangerous, and was not happy to learn Scar had made an alliance with the former, teaming up with Pete to secure control over the Pride Lands. When they met face to face, Mufasa wasted no time in ripping Pete's ass a new one.
    • On that topic, he was proud to see Simba continue to aid Sora in protecting the worlds... though Mufasa has questioned why his son is set on fire every time he is summoned. Some gods like to say it's how things work around Sora; but for Mufasa, he thinks it has to do with his son's fiery spirit and drive to protect others, which made the old king eve more proud.
  • Most in the Pantheon assumed Mufasa would immediately tear Scar limb from limb should they ever meet again. After all, Scar was responsible for killing him in the first place. But the pair did cross paths, Mufasa didn't lunge at his murderer... but instead closed his eyes, shook his head and turned the other way, leaving the black-maned lion behind. Later, he explained that while Scar did many terrible things to him and the Pride Lands, Mufasa still saw him as his little brother and felt shame for not being able to help him get past his dark desires. Scar didn't take it well, and has since kept his distance.
  • One day, Simba came to him and explained about The Chosen One, who claimed to have met Mufasa's spirit in a similar manner to the last time the pair spoke. Simba didn't believe the human's claims for a second... a feeling shared by his father too. Turned out The Chosen One had mixed things up and confused Mufasa for another being named Mu-Shu Fasa. The lions simply laughed it off.
  • There are many humans in the Pantheon who use the lion as their sigil representing its royal status or strong family bonds. Mufasa was curious about these people and went to meet them... only to be absolutely horrified by what he came across. First was Lysandre, who, despite using the lion-like Pyroar on his team, wanted to destroy his world with the Ultimate Weapon to preserve its beauty. He freaked Mufasa out quite a bit... but he was more concerned about Tywin Lannister and his use of his children as pawns in his ambitions. Mufasa quickly opposed the Lord of Casterly Rock, and his daughter Cersei as well, and allied himself with Eddard Stark, who often converses with the lion king about everything except for the Game of Thrones. He's also on good terms with Aslan, and no, they're not related. Trust us. We checked.
    • That said, he became friends with Tywin's two sons, Tyrion and Jaime, though the latter initially made Mufasa uncomfortable for the whole "king slaying" thing.
  • Mufasa doesn't like hyenas. Not one single bit. One may attribute this to the natural rivalry between lions and spotted hyenas as top predators, though some quickly pointed out he never let them into the Pride Lands during his reign. But to be fair, you'd be mad too if the same animals who were involved in your death and tried to devour your son were in the Pantheon with you... and sharing the same Sub-House as the aforementioned son.
  • Once while trying to contact Simba, Mufasa accidentally emerged in the skies above Springfield, speaking to Lisa Simpson alongside Darth Vader and James Earl Jones. They were quickly told off by Bleeding Gums Murphy and were all sent on their way. For his part, Mufasa doesn't want to reminded of that incident and has come to respect Lisa's love for nature.
    • Just don't bring the fact he said Kimba before Simba. You will be met with three-hundred and eighty six pounds of muscle, teeth, and claws.
  • Unfortunately things for lions have not been looking well since Mufasa's time, with the species becoming a vulnerable species in the span of twenty years. As such, he's allied himself with Steve Irwin and Sir David Attenborough, both prominent advocates for the natural world and its conservation. The Nature Preservers have also offered to protect the Pride Lands from human encroachment as well, knowing what could be lost in such a short amount of time. Mufasa has accepted their offer but asked them not to kill any strangers... only drive them off.
  • Mufasa is well aware of the impact his death had on millions across the Multiverse, especially on the Pantheon's children. As such, he and his fellow Heroic Protectors of Family will often comfort and speak with the children, giving them words of guidance as he once did with Simba long ago. All he can hope for is for modern audiences to be prepared to see it once more. A slim hope but it's still there, nevertheless.
  • Remember...

Piccolo, God of Parental Substitutes (The Namek, Mr. Piccolo, Piccolo Jr., The Great Demon King Piccolo, Kamiccolo, Super Namek(ian), Ma Junior, Big Green, Mean Green, Green Dad)
  • Greater God (after literally re-absorbing God Himself into his being)
  • Symbol: His weighted armor
  • Theme Music: Piccolo's Theme, his Super Butoden 2 theme, Super Namek, A Little Help From a Friend for wisdom, Piccolo and Nail Fuse for motivation
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Father Figures, Removing his weighted cape, Taking the Bullet, Big Damn Heroes, Overprotective Substitute Dads, Doting Parent, Papa Wolf, Intense Training Methods, Formerly Literal Split Personality
  • Domains: Sacrifice, Meditation, Solitude
  • Heralds: Kami and Nail (his fusees, usually converse with him in his head)
  • Allies: Every Good God in this house, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Krillin, Son Goten and Trunks, Androids 17 and 18, Vegeta, Asura, King, Sol Badguy, Kirito and Asuna, Yui Kirigaya, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, Commander Bryan Mills, Kenshiro, Nico Minoru, Yu Narukami
  • Enemies: Every evil God in this house, the Moon, Frieza, Cell, Raditz, Majin Buu, the Incubators, Broly, Quinella
  • The reincarnation of the Great Demon King Piccolo started out as a heated rival to Son Goku, relishing the opportunity to kill both the man that took down his father/previous life and the greater threat of Goku's evil brother Raditz. However, Piccolo oddly became a trusted ally after a year of training with Goku's son Gohan to prepare for the arrival of the Elite Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta. He'd intended to convert Gohan into a demon-minded warrior the same as he was, but the exact opposite happened; Gohan's earnest nature won him over to the point he stepped in front of a killer energy shot from Nappa to save the boy. Since then and a wish orb resurrection later, he's been Gohan's trusted mentor and secondary father/uncle figure, despite being almost the same age.
  • Spends some time into the House of Commerce to open an orphanage for kids. It's really hard to remember that he was once a Demon King who tried to take over the mortal world.
  • Became fast friends with Asura, who respected his ability to care for Gohan despite not being his real father. Piccolo in return heard his tale in how he saved his daughter Mithra from a serious threat.
  • Piccolo is very good friends with Mr. Koiwai because he sees him as a very good adoptive father, however, Piccolo is not very fond of Mr. Koiwai's occasional childish and immature behavior. He soon changed his mind on the matter after witnessing how his childish behavior makes Yotsuba so happy and full of joy.
  • Is known to meditate for hours or even several days at a time. His focus is strong enough that only a select few have been able to pester him out of it. Factoring his levitation with the charged aura he can produce, the House of Food once carefully relocated him to use him as a bug zapper for one of their picnics.
  • Piccolo has gone on to assimilate two other Namekians into his being to increase his strength in response to certain threats. One was a warrior called Nail who was injured against Frieza. The other, the once-nameless child of Katas that had split off his dark side to become Kami, an act which created the original Demon King Piccolo in the first place. This made Piccolo a man of three halves, cemented the Namekian's true name, and ultimately, gave him two head-mates. For the sake of the Pantheon, they function as his Heralds.
  • As a reformed abuser turned Papa Wolf, Piccolo holds a special hatred towards unrepentant abusers and deceivers of innocent children, and is hence presently hell bent on exterminating Kyubey's entire race. Yet he is frustrated to no end that there seems to be no end to their numbers no matter how many of the little bastards he guts and fries.
  • Is frequently seen playing pool and drinking beer with Commander Bryan Mills, Lieutentant Ellen Ripley and Kenshiro; the action heroes admire each other deeply for ALL being parents or parent figures who took on and destroyed armies to protect their beloved children.
  • Jin Kazama offers him a spot in the GUAG Anti-Parental Abuse Club; something of which Piccolo accepts.
  • Is really good friends with Sol Badguy for one reason: Both atone for their actions in their pasts.
  • Piccolo's Clothes Beam comes in very handy when there are too many clothes for everything to be washed on Laundry Day.
  • Anyone who comes to him for training should note that his methods are a bit...dodgy.
    Piccolo: DODGE!
  • Befriended fellow adoptive-parents Kirito and Asuna, and regularly has afternoon tea with them; their close relationship with their adoptive daughter Yui reminds him of his loving relationship with his surrogate child Son Gohan. The Demon King is particularly fond of Yui, as her kindness, wisdom and bravery is also very reminiscent of Gohan's.
    • The trio are in discussion with Pirate Captain Edward Newgate and Dominic Torretto on forming a League of Adoptive Parents, a harbor of safety where orphaned children may seek love and shelter.
      • The League deeply respects the bravery of Lieutenant Ripley, who single-handedly stormed, battled, and triumphed against an alien hive to protect her adopted daughter Newt, and invited her to take the position of the Team Mom. After some prodding from Yui (and Newt herself), the former Warrant Officer of The Nostromo graciously accepted.
    • On the note of Kirito and family, after hearing about Underworld Administrator Quinella thanks to an incident she had with Zamasu in which she displayed surprising depths of power, Piccolo is making sure that Gohan keeps up with his training. He wants to make sure that Gohan can take the goddess in combat if need be.
  • While Piccolo admires Nico Minoru for her dedication in taking care of Molly Hayes, he holds an opinion that, being a teenage orphan herself, she also deserves a parental figure. So upon discovering a version of her in another reality he arranged for her to be Happily Adopted by that world's version of Loki.
  • Piccolo often comes to the defense of Goku whenever the latter is questioned on his parenting habits. He settles the issue by pointing out what their superior said on the matter: Saiyans lack a brooding instinct unlike humans or other beings, such as Namekians. In fact, Piccolo pointed out that Saiyans rarely got together for love and thus raising families was very much the unusual thing there, which he attributed to the warrior-based culture. Goku and Vegeta's circumstances were rare; in fact, he surmised that Vegeta being raised by his father was in part because he was the Prince of Saiyans, but does not doubt the king loved his son.
    • Furthermore, he addresses that beyond Saiyans having different neurobiologies, that Goku was raised only for a while by Grandpa Gohan before his accidental death. Despite this, contrary to popular belief, Goku was a constant guiding presence in young Gohan's formative years with the exception of time apart due to training, injury, and/or death, all related to crisis situations they and their friends faced down. As such, it's unfair to accuse Goku of bad parenting since Gohan turned out fine thanks to both; being half-Saiyan, Gohan may have been more naturally inclined towards autonomy than a human child, and Goku's steadfast habit of rising to the occasion before his son's eyes while later encouraging him that he could do the same helped push Gohan forward.
    • Last but not least, Piccolo is irked at how often he gets brought up as the point of comparison to undermine Goku as a father. While he did sacrifice his life to save Gohan from Nappa, and the influence of the child as well as his fusion with Nail and re-merger with Kami later on did make him wiser and kinder than before, cementing his turn to good, the fact still remains that before all this he kidnapped Gohan at four years old and subjected him to an entire year of either surviving in the wilderness or being beaten down by the green demon slug man who killed his father, with full intent to mold the boy into the Demon King's image. That they would bond under those circumstances is a textbook cross-example of Stockholm and Lima Syndrome, and that their loyalty towards each other became relatively healthy quickly enough that Piccolo would legitimately serve as a secondary father figure was the kind of miracle that Goku would typically pull off with his enemies. In short, despite his title of ascension, Piccolo will not hear any denial that Gohan is Goku's son.
    • Another revelation Piccolo came across involved Goku and Vegeta's choices of wives. Like many, he was confused as to why Goku would put up with Chichi's stern and feisty attitude towards education and economics to the point of disregarding how important fighting has been over the years, or why Vegeta would tolerate mess from an heiress like Bulma who's simultaneously far weaker physically yet every bit as arrogant and strong-willed as he is. Then he heard Vegeta explain to Goku that Saiyans are naturally attracted to strong-willed woman.
    Piccolo: That. Explained. Everything.

The Child Abuse Supporters

    Heihachi Mishima 
Heihachi Mishima, Patron God of Killing One’s Family Members (The King of Iron Fist, Mishima Zaibatsu Mastermind)
Younger Heihachi 

    Lady Tremaine 
Lady Tremaine, Goddess of Evil Stepmothers (Mean Maiden)
Live-Action Form 
Mean Maiden 

Ozai, God of Abusive Parents (Fire Lord Ozai, The Phoenix King, Prince Ozai, The Fire Lord, Fatherlord, The Loser Lord, Phoenix King of Getting His Butt Whooped, King of the Guys Who Don't Winnote )
  • Intermediate God (Quasideity after having his bending removed)
  • Symbol: The emblem of the Fire Nation, Alternatively, the emblem of the Phoenix King
  • Theme: The Phoenix King
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Most Powerful Firebender in the World, Incredibly Abusive to Both His Children, Believes Right and Wrong are Meaningless, Intends on Finishing Sozin's War, A Total Egomaniac, Used Sozin's Comet to try and Burn Down the Earth Kingdom, Ax-Crazy, Bad Boss, Psychotic Smirk, Prince Charmless, Knight of Cerebus, Large and in Charge, Authority Equals Asskicking, Long-Range Fighter, Evil Is Burning Hot, Able to Bend Lightning, Willing to kill Zuko on Multiple Occasions, Over-reliance on Firebending, Had His Bending Removed by Aang, Ultimate Evil, Absolute Immorality
  • Domains: Parents, Abuse, Fire, Martial Arts, Royalty, Conquest, War
  • High Priestess: Malory Archer
  • Allies: Heihachi Mishima, Lady Tremaine, Scar, The Decepticons (Particularly Megatron), Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Aerys II Targaryen, Brand, Cinder, SCP-457, Eneru, Sakazuki, Cinder Fall
  • Enemies: From his home universe: Zuko (His son), Iroh (His brother), Avatar Aang, Appa, Momo, Naga and Pabu, Katara, Sokka, Toph Bei Fong, Mai, Ty Lee, Avatar Korra, Master Tenzin, Asami Sato, Mako, Bolin, Lin Beifong
  • Interested in: The Firebird, Surtr, Moltres & Groudon
  • Fears: Beerus, Zeus, Smaug, Asura
  • Opposes: Starscream, Deathwing
  • Opposed by: Azula (His daughter), Lord Tywin Lannister, Amon, Zaheer, Kuvira, Hestia
  • The grandson of Fire Lord Sozin, Ozai ruled over the Fire Nation with an iron fist, showing little to no empathy for anyone, even his own family. When his son Zuko spoke out of turn at a war meeting, Ozai challenged him to an Agni Kai, and when he didn't fight back? It got ugly fast. And though he treated his daughter Azula with a little more respect, Ozai still manipulated her into a pawn for his own conquest, treating her coldly and inducing psychological abuse upon her. He would have burnt the world to a crisp had it not been for Avatar Aang, who not only defeated the Fire Lord, but took his bending away as well. Ozai had lost the war, and was locked up in a small cell, left to rot away for the rest of his days... then three strangers came knocking. A woman with long magenta hair, a man with short blue hair, and a feline who could walk and talk like a human. The three introduced themselves as members of Team Rocket, and were sent by their boss Giovanni to free and bring Ozai to the Pantheon. Almost instantly, he accepted the offer.
    • Once back, Ozai soon met with Giovanni, who explained his ambition for multiversal conquest and made an offer the former Fire Lord couldn't refuse. Giovanni would restore his firebending and grant him a position in the Pantheon as a god. in return, Ozai would become a member of Team Rainbow Rocket, serving as an enforcer to the organization. It sickened the monarch to serve under a mere criminal thug... but some compromises had to be made. He accepted, and with some "assistance", Ozai had his bending abilities restored to their former glory. The Phoenix King had returned.
  • He was quickly placed into the House of Family as the newest member of the Child Abuse Supporters. At first, the other three members were hesitant to welcome the former Fire Lord. Then they learned of his backstory. Almost immediately, Heiachi and Lady Tremaine warmed up to Ozai, while the lion Scar took a little longer. He probably saw a bit of himself in Ozai, what with taking the throne after killing the previous King/Fire Lord. The Heroic Protectors of Family were horrified by their newest enemy, and intend on keeping every child in the Pantheon at least a good mile away from him. Two, just in case.
  • When word reached Aang that Ozai had returned, his blood ran cold. It was understandable, as the Fire Lord was considered the Ultimate Evil of his homeworld, and the atrocities committed by the Fire Nation under his rule were hard to forget. He quickly told his friends, who all shared his feelings of shock, anger and horror as they had been affected by Ozai in one way or another. But it was Fire Lord Zuko and his uncle Iroh who had the strongest reaction. The abuse Zuko had to endure was what drove him to switch sides and join with Aang, and Iroh... well it's pretty obvious. With this knowledge, Team Avatar is ready to face off against Ozai once more, and Aang will not hesitate to remove his bending once more.
  • Serving as his High Priestess is a woman who, in some ways, was different from him. Malory Archer is her name, and while she did negatively affected her son both emotionally and psychologically, she wouldn't go as far as to scar Sterling's face as Ozai did to Zuko. But she was willing to aid both Ozai and Giovanni for her own personal gain, which infuriated both Archer and Lana Kane to no end. To be fair, Malory was a secret agent once, so perhaps, in her own twisted way, she's getting back into the swing of things.
  • Using techniques similar to Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu, Ozai can bend and manipulate fire to devastating effect. So devastating in fact, that he's considered the most powerful firebender in the world. note  That said, he was surprised to see other beings who could wield fire just as well as him. One such being is Roy Mustang, who learned of Ozai's arrival from the Elric Brothers. The Flame Alchemist and Fire Lord traded a few choice words, along with showing their skills in both bending and alchemy, ending in a stalemate which nearly destroyed the House of War. It only stopped when Aang and Edward Elric arrived and drove Ozai off, but the Fire Lord is looking forward to the rematch.
  • Being allies with his daughter Azula, it was only natural that Cinder Fall would ally with Ozai, what with her fiery powers as the Fall Maiden. This is rather ironic, as Ozai has come to cut ties with Azula following the end of the war, refusing to speak to her afterwards... which has made things awkward since she's become a member of King Bradley's High Command.
  • The deities in the House of Fire & Heat had mixed feelings about Ozai, the majority of which was negative. Natsu Dragneel and the Flame Princess weren't happy with his ascension, the latter especially since he reminded her of her own abusive father - a father she usurped. As well, Hestia opposes him for the way he uses fire for destruction, rather than comfort, and as one of the most benevolent of Olympians, she also detests the Fire Lord's megalomaniac tendencies. Ozai thought about confronting her but quickly realized it was a bad idea. Nobody is stupid enough to go and invoke the wrath of the Greek and Roman gods, in particular Zeus/Jupiter who could and would easily tear Ozai apart.
    • He was surprised to learn of another Fire Lord in the Pantheon other than Zuko. At first, Ozai thought it was his father Azulon, or even Sozin himself... but it wasn't either. Instead, Ragnaros the Firelord was what greeted him, and at first, Ozai assumed he could sway the elemental to his side, giving his firebending a much-needed boost. Many feared of the potential destruction this alliance would bring... But things went south fast. Ragnaros found Ozai too arrogant for his liking and was not a fan of sharing the title of Fire Lord. He declared the human unworthy and drove him out of his temple.
  • One deity who took an interest in Ozai was Aerys II Targaryen, better known as "The Mad King". Aerys found the art of firebending too irresistible to pass up and seeing Ozai torch the Earth Kingdom made him giggle like a little girl with joy. After that, the two became friends, with the Mad King showing the Fire Lord his cache of wildfire, and has dared Ozai to bend it. Ozai has taken the challenge into consideration.
    • Tywin, Jaime, and Tyrion Lannister, despite their differences, immediately opposed Ozai, whom they viewed as being no better than Aerys himself, with the trio even going so far as to side with Avatar Aang in trying to stop the Fire Lord from controlling wildfire. Jaime was also reminded, after watching Ozai torch the Earth Kingdom, of what Cersei did to the Sept of Baelor, and has made it his goal to prevent her from meeting with the new god.
  • He's also enemies with Zonda and the Seven, most notably Gibril, Tenjian, and Zonda herself. While they primarily have grudges against Muggles, the three have a particular hatred against parents like him given the neglect and/or abuse they suffered in the past. While Zonda at least keeps her anger contained, Tenjian and Gibril do little to hide the scathing venom behind their words.
    Gibril: "Let's see how cocky you are when I drain your blood and turn you into another drooling zombie!"
    Tenjian: "Your flames burn brightly, that much I admit. But in the name of my sister and my new family my ice shall snuff out your cinders forever. It wouldn't be the first time, would it not?"
  • Sister Friede and Father Ariandel Don't really like Ozai much at all. Their beef comes from the fact that fire is able to burn the Painted World which resulted in their rebirth. Something the pair definitely don't want, as it would wipe away the last civilization on it, along with their efforts to propagate it even as the painting rots. That said, Friede's use of dark pyromancy has caught Ozai's attention, and he's looking into controlling it for his own gain.
  • As a member of the new Team Rainbow Rocket, Ozai has become intrigued by the Legendary Pokémon of Giovanni's home universe, especially the fire-elemental ones. Moltres and Ho-oh have been considered for capture, due to their connection with The Phoenix but they were quick to avoid capture... but it was the mighty Groudon who truly caught Ozai's eye. In his eyes, the Continent Pokémon's power over the weather could be used to power his firebending as Sozin's Comet once did, and so he went after it. He forced Team Magma leader and former Rainbow Rocket member Maxie to show the location of Groudon and, most importantly, what was needed to control it. Maxie reluctantly told Ozai of the Seafloor Cavern... and that he needed the Blue Orb to control it. Ozai got his ass handed to him hard. While he escaped with his life, Ozai has learned... and he will return.
    • Maxie's rival and co-god, Team Aqua's Archie, has vowed to take down Ozai himself should he try to control Groudon upon the Pantheon, even threatening to unleash Kyogre upon the former Fire Lord. Ozai merely laughed at the remark, calling Archie's boast for what it was... then Maxie spoke.
    Maxie: "That was no boast... He meant it."
  • Luke Skywalker was not happy to learn of Ozai's ascension, as he views the Fire Lord as being no different from the Emperor. It certainly pissed him off to learn the abusive, imperialistic asshole who moved in shares his voice actor, especially after seeing what happened to Zuko in his youth. This caught the attention of Darth Vader who noted the irony of the situation but considered Ozai to be a complete disgrace of a father, praising Zuko for standing up to the bastard.
  • Ozai was surprised to learn of an alternate universe where the Autobots and Decepticons made contact with the Avatar world, leading to the latter faction to join the Fire Nation and, with the coming of Sozin's comet, became his universe's Nemesis Prime. The Megatron in the Pantheon was dumbfounded by a human becoming a Transformer but did admire Ozai's ambitious nature and offered the Fire Lord his assistance in retaking his world. Ozai thanked Megatron for the aid and plans to use the Decepticons for future invasion purposes. He just won't use Starscream for them. The Seeker is just too treacherous.
  • Yes, Ozai is well aware of Voldemort quoting his exchange with the Avatar when confronting Harry Potter, albeit with some changed words. He just doesn't like to bring it up much.
  • There has been some debate over whether firebenders can manipulate the flames of other fire elementals, or if it's dependent on their will. Ozai hasn't thought about it but he's looking into it.
  • Just like his daughter, his ego and pride caused him to earn the anger and hatred of deities way above his league. Guess It Runs in the Family. For starters, he once saw a certain purple humanoid cat eating pudding and decided to flaunt his arrogance by calling himself the Phoenix King in public and claiming he had "all the power in the world", considering the feline alien "ridiculous and weak". The extraterrestrial who turned out to be none other than Beerus ignored him and resumed enjoying his food, prompting Ozai to insult him and burn his pudding to a crisp. The Destroyer Deity turned furious, accepted his challenge to a fight. You can rightfully guess how that turned out. Barely escaping with his life, Ozai has since then become terrified of Beerus and tries to stand away from the God of Destruction as metaphysically far as possible. This made him learn that there are beings far more powerful than himself. Plenty of other deities even joke that Ozai had to change his pants after that encounter, causing the beaten and humiliated Fire Lord to swear vengeance on all who dare mock him. Though thankfully, this won't be happening for a long time due to Beerus, who remembers this incident with a grin and replied with the following:
    Beerus: There are people who honestly thought a mortal human who's in over his head even in his own world would beat a true god who can destroy planets and galaxies? That annoying bug was put in his rightful place— the bottom of the food chain.
    • Asura has also added him to his shitlist after Aang and Zuko told him what a douchebag dad he is, as well as a power hungry iredeemable sociopath. The thought of challenging the angry god to a fight quickly crossed Ozai's brain, but after his experience with Beerus as well as learning that Asura is also a being easily capable of destroying and surviving celestial bodies, he decided to keep his distance since that would be a certified death wish. The Fire Lord having suffered one defeat too many, for the first time in his life made the right choice of escaping and retreating to hide in his headquarters.

    Scar (The Lion King
Scar, God of Evil Uncles and Evil Brothers (Askari, Taka, Groundshaker, Fiercest of the Pride Lands, Boss)
Scar as a spirit 
Scar in the 2019 film 
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God as Groundshaker, or a spirit
  • Symbol: His Scar
  • Theme Song: Be Prepared
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil as Groundshaker
  • Portfolio: Villain Songs, Manipulative Bastards, The Evil Prince, Evil Uncles, Evil Brothers, Taking Protagonist Deaths For Granted, Disproportionate Retribution
  • Domains: Evil, Nobility, Trickery, Stealth, Strength, Lions
  • Followers: Arthur Burns, Schniezel el Britannia, King Claudius
  • Herald: Zira
  • Allies: Vergil Sparda, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Ghetsis Harmonia, Relius Clover, Lady Tremaine, Napoleon, Manfred von Karma, Ardyn Izunia, Pride the Arrogant, Führer King Bradley, Euron Greyjoy
  • Enemies: Simba, Mufasa, Timon & Pumbaa, Miles Edgeworth, Bernkastel, Rika Furude, Shion Sonozaki, Terra Branford, Bryan Mills, Jak, Daxter, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Carmelita Fox, Aslan, Genjuro Kazanari, Arturia Pendragon, Caesar, Gardevoir & Gallade, Illidan Stormrage, James Henry Trotter, The Professor, Zonda and the Seven
  • The younger brother of king of Pride Rock Mufasa and uncle to his son Simba, Scar had always desired to be ruler of Pride Rock, as over time he had become filled with the idea that he should be king instead of his brother. By the time of Simba's coming of age he had been consumed with hatred for his brother and even cursed his nephew's existence for bypassing him as the successor to the throne. To remedy this, he killed Mufasa by dropping him into a wildebeest stampede and persuaded Simba to leave his home as 'punishment', after which he took Pride Rock with his army of hyenas enforcing his authority. When Simba returned to assume his birthright, a series of unfortunate events left Scar at the bottom of a chasm, where his treacherous (and hungry) former minions began devouring him and left him to die in the wildfire. However, fate would not be done with him just yet, as his actions cemented his place as a patron of evil uncles and brothers across the entirety of fiction.
  • Scar staged an Evil Plan to alienate Darth Vader from his worshipers and take control of much of Vader's power. However, he still hasn't learned to actually kill his enemies, so another reversal is possible. Luckily for him, Anakin settled into a different seat in the Pantheon, one based on an iconic moment that Scar's history has no version of.
  • Loves to lord over his fellow Disney villains that he's the most successful of them by hanging on to power for years before his gruesome death.
  • Scar is one of the few beings in the universe to turn into a Heartless and retain his original appearance, though it was vanquished not long afterwards by Sora and Simba. It was said that even Master Xehanort couldn't believe this.
    • Scar has heard rumors of Lady Tremaine and her daughters becoming Heartless after their deaths. While Scar hasn't commented on that, he has already allied with her.
  • Many animal gods in the pantheon are told to be cautious around Scar and his hyena army, due to their desire to eat them. They nearly succeeded with Daxter before, who was saved in time by Jak.
  • While Arturia Pendragon is known to have an affinity for lions, she finds Scar to be an absolutely terrible being due to him being murderous and self-centered.
  • There have been rumors that Vergil Sparda is taking the title of Evil Brothers from him. Scar himself has stated that Vergil isn't taking the title from him anytime soon, as Vergil is too busy training to be stronger. That said, the two have been on decent terms with each other.
  • He originally had The Evil Prince when the House of Royalty was first formed, but the title was revoked upon investigation that he was not an effective ruler to hold the title. Scar wasn't pleased to hear this.
  • Ghetsis has looked at how Scar emotionally abused Simba and is considering recruiting him for a group of Abusive Parents. Scar is looking at it with interest.
  • Do NOT mention Mufasa's name in front of Scar.
    Scar: I'm TEN times the king Mufasa was!
  • Caesar doesn't like Scar that much, as the lion's actions remind Caesar of Koba did to his own group.
  • He's had a growing dislike towards the Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage. Apparently Scar really likes his song, but whenever his song is about to blare and Illidan was nearby to hear it, he'll get disgusted about a certain 'hyena' incident, and tells him off about letting Simba loose on him and overpower him, then the hyenas attacking him, in other words, "Be Prepared? YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!" Scar prefers to think that Illidan was just being jealous that at least he could kill off his goody-two-shoes brother instead of being one-upped all the time.
  • He initially had a mutual relationship with The Professor, but when the scientist overheard the lion discussing how he nearly killed his nephew and killed his brother, and then drove said nephew away in order to conquer the Pridelands, the scientist (who is very close to his own nephew) immediately lost his composure and challenged Scar to a fight. Scar effortlessly trounced the scientist, but, aware of his reputation as a truly pitiful villain in the Pantheon, spared his life and moved on.
  • Three conflicting origins have been given of how he got his Scar, with at least two of them addressing the question of his true name.
    • The first account was that when he and Mufasa were younger, he recklessly engineered a buffalo stampede to try and make Mufasa look foolish so he'd be given the spot of king by looking better in comparison. It backfired, and he got his scar, as well as his name, as a result. According to this account, he asked to be called Scar so he'd never forget, and his original name was Taka. Unfortunately, in the source language of the Pride lions' names, that name means "trash". When questioned about this, Mufasa quickly insisted their father was a good king who would never set his two sons apart from birth by giving one of them a name like that, while Scar pointed out that the story couldn't decide whether their father carried traits from both of them or looked similar to Mufasa and later Simba. When it was learned that this story was actually told by Rafiki as a lesson to another young lion, it made perfect sense. The crazy old monkey was always against Scar's treacherous ambitions, and it's possible he thought the scar came from that incident.
    • The second account, given by Scar himself, was that back when he was younger, he was bitten by a mysterious cobra after being snared into a trap by a strange lion, and the snake's venom was what ultimately corrupted him. Simba and Mufasa called him out on this, saying he was always narcissistic and power-hungry, and the venom only unleashed his inhibitions. In addition, he was originally named after Askari, the founder of the Lion Guard. This appears far closer to the truth, as it accounts for his own history as one of the fiercest leaders the Lion Guard has ever had and demonstrates his capricious nature, taking it as disrespect that Mufasa responded to the incident by teasing him with the nickname Scar when it was a shorthand of his honorable true name.
    • The third and most recent account was that before Mufasa was king, he had also vied for Sarabi's paw in marriage, and he got the scar in a fight between him and Mufasa to decide who would get the privillege and position of king. This seems to come from an overall more dramatic retelling of events and doesn't address Scar's name at all, though, so most people take it as if the fight maybe did happen.
  • Forged an alliance with the homunculus King Bradley, who approached him about potentially working together to aid his conquest of the Pride Lands in return for some other help. Another of the Homunculi has decided to cut himself in on this alliance. Given that these two are associated with pride, wrath, and supremacy, this is not surprising, but he is keeping them at arm's length in case what they want is too steep.
  • My anger has grown for far too long!

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