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Greater Gods

    Archaon the Everchosen 
Archaon, The Godly Product of Violation (Archaon the Everchosen, The Anointed One, Lord of the End Times, The Favorite Son of Chaos, The Scourge of the World, The Three-Eyed King, Diederick Kastner [his birth name])
Archaon and his Steed, Dorghar
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity with the Six Treasures of Chaos
  • Symbol: The Eight Pointed Star of Chaos or the Eye of Sheerian
  • Theme: The Everchosen
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: The Everchosen, Bastard Child of a Varg Champion, Former Hero turned Chaos's Chosen One, Former Paragon of the Order of the Twin-Tailed Orb, Hates being the Everchosen, Viking Motif, Magic Black Knight, Tin Tyrant, Combat Clairvoyance, The Dreaded, Wants to Destroy the World, Isn't Interested in Establishing a Kingdom of Chaos, Straw Nihilist, Fond of his Steed Dorghar, Became the Everchosen due to his former followers hunting him and later finding out about his Prophecy, Successfully Carried Out the End Times
  • Domains: Prophecy, Eschatology, Antichrist Analogy, Paragons, Bastards
  • Heralds: Dorghar, Chaos's Champions (Vardek Crom, Sigvald the Magnificent, Wulfrik the Wanderer, Valkia the Bloody, Scyla Anfinngrim, Vilitch the Curseling, Festus the Leechlord, Valnir the Reaper and Kholek Suneater) and the Daemons of Chaos
  • Allies: Thanos, Saber Alter, Vanitas
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Khazrak and Gorthor, Arthas Menethil, Miraak, The Anti-Spiral
  • Enemy Mine: Darkseid, The Anti-Monitor, Sauron
  • Rivals: Nekron, Abbadon the Despoiler
  • Enemies: Nagash the Undying, Karl Franz, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Malekith, The Emperor of Mankind, The Killian Experience, Wonder Woman, Thor Odinson, Zeus, Melkor, Griffith, Medivh, Settra the Imperishable, Vlad von Carstein, Neo, Madoka Kaname, Clark Kent/Superman, Artix von Krieger, Mario, Raven, Revan, Gandalf, Aragorn, Talion, Guts, King Arthur, Arturia Pendragon, Mordred, Shulk, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Aqua, Terra, Roxas, Link, Princess Zelda, Lucina, Ike, Alm and Celica, Optimus Prime, Alexander the Great, Zamasu, Evolto
  • Opposes: THE FOUR CHAOS GODS, The Divine Powers
  • Opposed By: The House of Heroes and Justice
  • Pitied By: Colette Brunel, Goro Akechi, Ivy Valentine, Victims of Rape and those Conceived via Rape, The House of Opposing Fate
  • It has been established that there will come a time, when the world will become a battlefield that would result in its very destruction. The one who will destroy the world is a being chosen by the Chaos Gods to be their ultimate champion, The Everchosen. And ever since the first century, an Everchosen arises to carry out the duty of eradicating everything for Chaos to establish its own rule. The fifth Everchosen was a paragon who rebelled when he found about about his destiny. Journeying to collect the Six Treasures of Chaos and forsaking his original identity, the new Everchosen now terrorizes the world as Archaon.
    • Archaon was originally Diederick Kastner, a devout follower of the Order of the Twin-Tailed Orb, a ministry dedicated to Sigmar the God-Emperor. During his services, he came across the prophecy of Necrodomo the Insane that stated that a certain being would take up the helm of leading the Chaos Gods to their ultimate victory. The contents of the prophecy horrified Diederick as many of what was mentioned (born from a rape victim, had the ancestry of a Norscan, was a knight of The Empire) alluded to him. Terrified, he prayed and begged strenuously to Sigmar to aid him in his crisis of faith. Sadly, nothing seemed to come of it and soon, Diederick was hunted down by his fellow comrades. Having no choice, [[Diederick]] succumbed to the prophecy and began to scour around the world for the Six Treasures of Chaos, items empowered by the Chaos Gods and were said to be possessed by the Everchosen in the future during the End Times. He travelled and fought hard through inhumanly difficult to nigh-impossible acts and feats to claim the treasures. His quest complete, Diederick approached the Daemon prince Be'lakor who set up a coronation for the fifth Everchosen. Thus, Diederick Kastner threw away his original identity and embraced the name of Archaon, beginning his quest to bring about the End Times.
  • Archaon howled in vicious fury, accompanied by his steed Dorghar's demonic whinnying and the snarls and roars of numerous daemons as the Everchosen marched his way into the Pantheon. Archaon raised his sword, proclaiming his presence and intent on destroying the Pantheon out of the belief that what he lives in is utterly meaningless.
  • Melkor decided to openly present himself the day Archaon came into the Pantheon. The God of Evil presented the promise of alliance, stating that Archaon and his army will have more power and their goals of destruction sooner realized. To his shock however, the Everchosen swiftly rejected the claim, declaring that when he means to end everything, he doesn't intend to spare any gods either. Melkor snickered, deciding to label Archaon an enemy instead as he left.
    • Surprisingly opposes Griffith of all villains. For all his reputation and threat, Archaon is rather fair as a leader and has a few hidden virtues. And he isn't going to associate himself with someone who committed rape for a petty reason. Griffith was disappointed, wanting Archaon and his legion of Daemons to be implemented into the GUAE. Despite this, Archaon is rather neutral towards Apostles.
    • Evolto strongly opposes Archaon in the sense that the Everchosen eerily reminds Evolto of his brother Killbus, whose goals clearly match those of Archaon. Additionally, Evolto sees Archaon as a being whose powers he would really want to further his scope of causing misery and is devising a scheme to take the Six Treasures of Chaos. Archaon however couldn't care less about Evolto, stating that his brother is just as much of a nutjob as he is. Evolto was quick to respond that Archaon is working for Darkseid, so he wasn't any better either.
  • The Pantheon were horrified when they realized the fact that Archaon did indeed destroy his world, although unfortunately, it worked in the favor of the Chaos Gods, which infuriated Archaon to no end. Despite being appointed by them, Archaon has nothing but utter contempt and disdain towards the Chaos Gods and instead deserted them during his time in the Pantheon, seeking for someone else to work with. He came into contact with Darkseid and Sauron who offered them an alliance to oppose Melkor and other forces. Archaon immediately didn't like the two, but decided to establish a relationship of sorts, giving Darkseid a portion of his army of Daemons to use. Much later on, The Anti-Monitor also arrived, amazed by Archaon's accomplishments and struck an uneasy alliance. Archaeon is now torn between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor in regards to allegiance, both of which he isn't fond of. While his actions will benefit both of them, Archaon would much rather just focus on destroying the Pantheon, himself included. And the only reason he allied himself with Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor is because they themselves oppose the Chaos Gods just as much as he does.
    • Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor have further intensified their enmity towards each other ever since their involvement with Archaon. Both of them desire him for his incredible power, with the Anti-Monitor stating he can be an effective tool of destruction. Darkseid needs him for a new Grand United Alliance, in addition to having a collection of Daemons on his disposal. So far, Archaon is excluding himself from their squabbles. He isn't afraid of betraying the two of them at any given moment, though he knows better than to charge against those with Godly power without a plan. So far, he's more comfortable with Darkseid, with the Lord of Tyranny treating him better than the Anti-Monitor does and far better than any of his own forces. Though this may be because Archaon himself is a Wild Card and Darkseid is making sure he doesn't slip off at any moment.
  • With his reputation, Archaon became one of the most terrifying and powerful figures in the Pantheon. He himself doesn't have much regarding thoughts, but his presence is enough to get nearly everyone quaking in fear. The worst part is his restlessness in his goals, prompting much of the House of Heroes and Justice to monitor and track him. Archaon isn't deterred and he is more than willing to display his ferocity.
  • As befitting for his position, Archaon bought all of the Six Treasures of Chaos alongside him the moment he entered the Pantheon. These items were collected to signal Archaon's position as the Everchosen and provide him with a massive set of powers and abilities a mortal wouldn't dare to comprehend.
    • Eternally Burning Mark of Chaos - A mark that contained the blessings of all four Chaos Gods. Archaon travelled to Naggaroth and entered a citadel to obtain it. He was successful, despite the sacrifice of his horse which Archaon had since his days as a squire and the mark was embedded onto his forehead. The Mark of Chaos is said to contain powers from all four Chaos Gods.
    • Armour of Morkar - An ancient armour that was once worn by Morkar, the first Everchosen and provides the wearer incredible defence against all but the strongest attacks. Travelling to Morkar's tomb, Archaon battled against the armour after Morkar's spirit animated it. Archaon defeated it by speaking the ancient Unberogen language to curse the armour into becoming immobile whilst Archaon struck to banish Morkar's spirit away. He soon took the armour for himself.
    • Eye of Sheerian - A talisman said to provide the wearer with visions of the future and allow them to predict and avoid attacks. Archaon acquired the Eye by fighting against the Chaos dragon Flamefang and killing it thanks to the defence provided by the Armour of Morkar. The Eye reaches it's full power once it is inserted into the Crown of Domination.
    • Dorghar, Steed of the Apocalyse - A giant Daemonic horse which Archaon managed to steal from the Daemon prince Agrammon in the Realm of Chaos. Archaon was able to tame Dorghar after which it became his primary mount for the remainder of his campaign.
    • Slayer of Kings - A legendary sword once used by Vangel, the second Everchosen. The sword is said to house an ancient Daemon known as U'zuhl, whose imprisonment in it has driven it to rage and fury. Archaon gained ownership of the blade when he travelled to the Chimera Plateau where he and his army fought against the Dragon Ogre, Krakanrok the Black and the Slayer of Kings was embedded on his chest. With the help of his army, Archaon was able to rip the blade out of Krakanrok's chest and slay the Dragon Ogre.
    • Crown of Domination - An item said to be older than the age of men and is said to empower the user's allies and strike immense fear into the enemy. Archaon gained instructions from Be'lakor to track the Crown in the First Shrine to Chaos in the Worlds Edge Mountain. There, Archaon resisted diseases, used his instincts blindfolded and brushed off temptations before battling against a Bloodthirster and managing to kill it single-handedly before retrieving the crown and setting the stage for the Everchosen's coronation. The Crown is also said to amplify the abilities of the Eye of Sheerian to it's fullest potential.
  • Formed a friendship with Thanos, seeing him as a formidable, yet kindred spirit. Thanos sees Archaeon as an excellent being of power and might, alongside citing the Treasures of Chaos to be incredible items of destruction, just like the Infinity Gauntlet. Archaon also found a good ally under Saber Alter and Vanitas, the latter often wanting to participate in Archaeon's warfare.
  • Archaon soon became one of the Pantheon's most opposed Gods, mainly because his presence terrifies most and his actions are directed to killing everybody. This is a trait he shares with the Anti-Monitor and Zamasu, but there is a noteworthy difference in that Archaon is doing this out of frustration, anger and the fact that no matter what he does, even good, he will be oppressed due to a prophecy, alluding to the events leading up to his christening as the Everchosen.
    • Zamasu surprisingly doesn't despise him, and even openly praises him for the fact that he opposes the Chaos Gods, whose existence infuriate Zamasu to no end. Archaon however has no care for the Kai and will go out of his way to kill him, given his level of threat and his alliance with Nagash (Regardless if its strained at best). Nagash sees Archaon as his greatest rival for obvious reasons, given how the two competed against one another during the End Times. This enmity grew further considering Archaon won, blowing away all of Nagash's efforts to enslave the world as his own.
  • Is the only being in his world whose fear and ferocity can match up against Nagash, which says a lot. The two of them are THE MOST FEARED figures in the Old World, but there are distinct differences; Nagash wants to rule the world whereas Archaon wants to destroy it. Nagash built up his reputation and history by his own accord while Archaon was chosen by a prophecy. Nagash was a monster since his birth and Archaon was once a hero before the Everchosen's prophecy caught up on him. Both are considered a Physical God in their own right, but Nagash relishes and indulges on it whereas Archaon hates his destiny.
  • Because his fate is tied to the Chaos Gods, Archaon is forced to sometimes work with the Beastmen who in contrast, are highly devoted to the very gods that Archaon despises. He can tolerate Khazrak as long as he allows him to enter a good fight, but gets easily annoyed by Gorthor and his approach towards battles. Not helping matters is the Beastmens's severe stimulation of raping others for reproduction, which Archaon despises. Given he himself was child of a rape victim, he is understandably uncomfortable about it.
    • He gets to sometimes align himself with Arthas Menethil, Miraak and the Anti-Spiral. While all of them are uneasy at best, they do like Archaon for having notable similarities. Miraak would be perfect allies for their oppression towards higher beings were it not for his (very uneasy) allegiance to Darkseid. He secretly wishes he could remedy that, though it'll be a long effort on his part. The Anti-Spiral sees his goal of total destruction as a necessary asset for subjugation and Arthas sees him as a worthy rival who would occasionally Archaon in conquering lands when possible.
  • While not hated and even sympathized by some, Archaon made himself a bucket full of enemies in the Pantheon. His extreme magical affinity threatened the likes of Gandalf, Madoka Kaname and Medivh who were able to drive him away. Others like Superman, Neo, Mario, Optimus Prime and Revan have fought him several times to prevent casualties and to maintain hope towards the Pantheon lest Archaon really brings about its very destruction. Not helping is the backup support presented by Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor.
    • Magic users express major concern whenever Archaon is around as the Chaos Gods have bestowed him a great deal of resistance from magical attacks. Gandalf and Medivh are one of the very few who are able to challenge Archaon thanks to their vast power. Madoka Kaname seeks to find a way to redeem him, but Archaon isn't willing to listen, only fighting Madoka because in his opinion, her position as a former god hasn't really changed much in her favor.
    • Unsurprisingly, he's fought against knightly beings in the likes of King Arthur, Arturia Pendragon, Link, Alm, Celica, Lucina, Ike and many more. His greatest challenge comes from Artix von Krieger whose chivalry and reputation reminds Archaon a lot about Sigmar. He reciprocates by calling Artix a Worthy Opponent above all else. While he is understandably opposed by most Keyblade Wielders, Archaon respects Sora, Aqua and Roxas, stating that they are able to give him a difficult time, yet also remind him of the good old days at the same time. And due to his ability to oversee prophecies and the future, he sees Shulk as a noteworthy foe. That said, he is more than ready to kill any of them if need be.
    • The House of Opposing Fate take pity out of Archaon in the sense that he could have easily went against his destiny and carve his own history. Oddly enough, Archaon makes himself out to be this; he wants to kill EVERYTHING so that the Chaos Gods have no one left to gain sustenance from. Raven and Revan are two notable beings who went against their prophecies and despite being enemies, really want to help Archaon out. Unfortunately, his warped mindset, alliance with Darkseid and uncontrollable rage makes him nigh-impossible to approach.
  • He shows a lot of care and affection for his steed, Dorghar. He once had a horse companion beforehand and when said horse was killed in battle, Archaon flew into uncontrollable rage, slaughtering any that got in his way. He respects horses and is the reason why he feels amicable towards the House of Beast feeling that horses are good assets and companions. He is also sensitive about his birth, expressing enormous hate on his father. Colette Brunel feels sorry for Archaon, even trying to reach out to him despite warnings from Pantheon residents. Archaon hasn't made a comment about this.
    • His position as a bastard attracted Mordred who while sympathetic, is willing to oppose Archaon as the destruction of the Pantheon is something she definitely wouldn't want.
    • He is further pitied by Lucifer who wants to assert that he should expand on his views on the world and to better himself as an individual. Archaon is having none of it though and chooses to rebel, stating that his leadership of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos isn't really so different from the Chaos Gods. Not helping matters is Vlad von Carsein, himself a member of the alliance, in addition to the two of them having fought beforehand.
    • While not exactly company, he is pitied highly by those who've had negative experiences of rape. Ivy Valentine and Goro Akechi understand how he feels towards his father and Archaon often takes his time to offer sympathy towards them. His feelings towards them is rather neutral given their mutual relation to rape. Rape victims are one of the few individuals that Archaon doesn't outright try to kill, stating that he doesn't feel right about killing those who've been through a similar experience like him.
  • He took notice of an alternate timeline where he died of constipation and the title of the Everchosen was presented to a generic soldier named Melvin, whose only victory was against a mosquito, bringing about the End Times in a rather odd fashion that took the Chaos Gods with it and that he himself would die of constipation as well. Archaon flew into uncontrollable rage upon hearing of such an occurrence, further intensifying his hatred towards the Chaos Gods, especially Khorne who was the one who picked Melvin as his successor. Even further, in another timeline Archaon can be succeeded by Throgg or Wulfrik should he be defeated, with the former two being nominated and winning the Chaos Gods's favour. Archaon, realizing he himself was fed lies by the very gods who forced him into becoming their chosen one, has become further broken, depressed, and even more voracious and embittered. He will not stop until he has the entire Pantheon killed, most of all, the Chaos Gods.
    • During his breakdown, the one who penned the idea of Archaon's death by constipation, The Killian Experience was having a trial via the Court of the Gods. Since his ascension, Archaon has made it clear that he won't stop until he finds Killian and has his head mounted onto a pike to pay for him badly humiliating him. The Killian Experience responded by... sending him garlic bread. Archaon is not pleased.
  • Archaon found out at one point that there's a Black Metal guitarist who shares his name who plays for a band called 1349. There's also rumors that Archaon spends time in the House of Music playing Black Metal songs and headlining some kind of your. He personally finds it rather amusing, though he makes it clear that he is a destroyer of worlds foremost. That said, he doesn't have much to add onto 1349 or the guitarist who happens to share his moniker, albeit as a stage name.
I am the Anointed, the favoured Son of Chaos, the Scourge of the World.

Intermediate Gods

    Bowser Jr. 
Bowser Jr., God of Aspiring Overlord Sons (Junior, Prince Bowser Koopa Jr., Shadow Mario, the Prince of Koopas, Squirt, Small Bowser)
Bowser Jr. in his Koopa Car
Shadow Mario 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Junior Clown Car and Magic Paintbrush
  • Theme Music: Enter Bowser Jr.!
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Bratty Half-Pint, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, The Evil Prince, Junior Counterpart, Like Father, Like Son, Scarf Of Asskicking, The Dragon, Cool Clown Car, determined to impress his dad, Gadgeteer Genius
  • Domains: Airships, Children, Villainy, Ambition
  • Allies: Bowser, The Koopalings, Ganondorf, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Dr. Wily, Neo Cortex
  • Friendly Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, Yoshi
  • Enemies: Link, Kirby, Meta Knight, Mega Man, Inklings, Fawful
  • Rivals: Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia, Dr. Weil
  • GUAG was notified of several airships outside of the Pantheon and were brought in to investigate. An entire armada of them was at the front steps of the Main House and began to hold some of the deities there hostage, as well as some of GUAG's members. Peach was among those kidnapped...again.
    • Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and some of the other heroic gods made their way through the airships, rescuing the kidnapped gods in the process. Eventually, they made their way to the final airship where Peach was held captive. Bowser Jr., taking control of his Junior Clown Car, prepared for battle.
      • Things were in the Prince of Koopa's favor even before he summoned the Koopalings. However, Mario was able to summon a Power Star to defeat Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings and rescue Peach. Nevertheless, GUAE was impressed with Junior's efforts and was offered a place in the Pantheon, with the Koopalings as his heralds.
      • Later on, the Koopalings were able to get a proper position in the Pantheon.
  • Ever since it was confirmed that he is Bowser's only son prior to his ascension, Bowser Jr. has been believed to have played a role in finding the Koopalings.
  • Bowser has taken him to the meetings attended by fellow villains Ganondorf and Dr. Eggman. The two applaud Junior's efforts to be as good as his dad and he himself hopes to be as great of a villain as these two in addition to Bowser himself.
    • During those meetings, he's met up with Metal Sonic, and they for some reason get along remarkably well. This has led to many incinerated ice cream stores and destroyed playgrounds.
    • That said, their first actual mission together (with Pops and Metal Sonic's creator) didn't start off as great. During their first GUAE joint operation, Bowser Jr. had been looking for some "cool toys" to play with. Metal Sonic was the assigned guard for the room he was checking, and the two prepared to tussle. Only for an Alternate Universe Mecha Sonic to barge in, and tear his opponent in half before then bringing the beatdown to Bowser Jr. in just one minute. The last thing he remembers seeing before falling unconscious again was his father catching him as he fell before confronting Mecha Sonic… He was glad to hear that his pops put that intruder in its place after that.
    • This actually isn't the first time Junior met Eggman or Ganondorf.
  • Junior began his villainy by framing Mario for polluting Isle Delfino. During that time, he insisted that Peach was his mother. After that however, he stated that he was fine with Peach not being his official mother and that he really only wants to defeat Mario.
  • Bowser Jr., as well as the Koopalings, have participated in battles with other gods. Bowser Jr. can even transform into Shadow Mario temporarily under the right circumstances. No one is sure how the Koopalings are able to do this as well.
  • Much like his dad, Junior does additional activities outside of villainy. Among these activities include go-karting, tennis, and baseball.
    • Strangely enough, he wasn't present for one of the races. Rather, the Koopalings participated in them.
  • During one of the meetings with his dad's villainous partners, Junior stated that he is very good at machinery. After that meeting, Eggman decided to invite Junior to meet fellow Mad Scientist Dr. Wily. The three have struck up an alliance to boost GUAE's mechanical prowress.
    • Aside from that, the three are secretly planning to bring Dr. Weil down for good at the suggestion of Wily. Junior considers Weil too much even for him.
  • Has gotten in a bit of a rivalry with Tails, another child with mechanical skills. It isn't uncommon to see them competing to make plenty of machines to impress the rest of the House of Family.
  • His dad is opposed to Abusive Parents. Junior shares this sentiment and whenever a god not from this house that is also a bad parent such as Ragyo Kiyuin or Ren Gyokuen tries to visit, they are greeted with airships and are forced to leave. Ghetsis is annoyed at this as he sees the two to be conversational partners.
  • No one knows who his real mother is. This is something even the House of Knowledge has been struggling to figure out.
  • Has crashed a few parties held by Mario. Interestingly, during one such instance, Bowser has stated that Junior fantasizes about being a hero. If Junior decides that Melkor has crossed the line, then the Prince of Koopas just might be able to play the hero for once.
  • During an incident where a flood of Paper-based Gods ran wild through the Pantheon, it was revealed that Bowser Jr. was actually pretty lonely and just wanted friends. This lead to some of the kinder gods like Steven Universe and Gentaro Kisaragi to extend a hand out to the poor god. Bowser Jr. now has splendid playdates with Steven (with the Crystal Gems keeping an eye out) and Gentaro even took Bowser Jr. to the moon.
    • That said, Bowser Jr. knows better than to bring up the dark incident Gentaro went through. When Bowser Jr. learned about said stories from his father, he looked absolutely horrified and disgusted by that type of cruelty.

Corrin, God/dess of Children of Two Worlds (Kamui, the (other) Avatar, Crux of Fate, Blood of Dragons, Fateful Prince/Princess, Mamui, Femui, M!Corrin, Fem!Corrin, Corn, Corinne, Cory, Who?!, Yet Another Generic FE Animu Swordsman, Barefoot Dragon Waifu, Corrin in the House, King/Queen of Valla)
Corrin's Female default appearance
Corrin's Male default appearance

    Malus Darkblade 
Malus Darkblade, God of Unfavored Offsprings (The Tyrant of Hag Graef)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God should Tz'arkan take Influence)
  • Symbol: The Warpsword of Khaine
  • Theme Song: The Shadow & The Blade
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Power of Hate, Disowned by his Family, Is the Vessel of the Daemon Tz'arkan, Villain Protagonist, Rides and Battles Alongside his Cold One, Spite, Master Swordsman, Can be Genuinely Nice or Put up a Convincing Act, Will often Flay his Opponents and Victims, Never Gives Up on his Goals, Can give into Tz'arkan's Temptations, Malekith's Top Champion, Came from Family that was Beyond Dysfunctional, Combat Pragmatist, Is Willing to Go Against his Destiny
  • Domains: Dark Elves, Bastards, Family, Hate, Champions
  • Herald: Spite (his Cold One companion)
  • Superior: Malekith
  • Allies: Riptor, Dio Brando, Kurei, Vlad von Carstein, Orochimaru, The Sound Five, Dr. Cortex, Nina Cortex, Maul, Gwangi, Bowser Jr., Diego Brando, Goro Akechi, Hansel and Gretel
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ramsay Bolton
  • Rival: Velvet Crowe
  • Complicated relationships: Elric of Melnibone
  • Enemies: Tyrion, Teclis, Nagash, Archaon, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Sakura Kinomoto, Rexie, The Gang of Seven, The Child Abuse Supporters, Raven, Mother Gothel, Sayaka Miki
  • Unsure Of: Oryx
  • Malus Darkblade is a man of many words; cruel, despotic, manipulative, vengeful and vicious, all traits possessed by the Dark Elves. However, the more you know about Malus reveals a man bought up by unbelievable strife, suffering, hate and loneliness. Above all, however, was an insurmountable degree of determination, for Malus's dark and depressing childhood fueled his desire to one day be among the greatest of his race and to free himself from the Daemon, Tz'arkan, who has since been sealed inside of Malus due to the Dark Elf's avarice in search of treasure. Together with a few Dark Elf compatriots and his Cold One steed, Spite, Malus proved himself to be among the best of his race, eventually surpassing his father's influence and legacy by becoming the Tyrant of Hag Graef.
    • Among Malus's greatest griefs was his childhood upbringing. He was the bastard son of Lurhan Fellblade, the Vaulkhar (military commander) of Hag Graef, a Dark Elf settlement in Naggaroth. From the very day he was born, Malus was shunned and hated by his father and siblings simply due to his illegitimate status. Despite being appreciated by his mother, Eldire, she was not above manipulating him for her own ends, and even the one sibling who tolerated him, Nagaira, was more out of sexual desire. Malus was also forced to kill off his own kin either due to their wrongdoings towards him and because he had no other way of defending himself. The only survive prize he received in his quest for power was the Warpsword of Khaine, which blessed Malus with the power of Khaine, the Elven God of War and one of the five key items needed to extract Tz'arkan from his body.
  • The first reported sightings of Malus in the Pantheon were in the furthest north from the House of Nature. He was stated to be travelling someplace with his steed, Spite, and accompanying these rumours was traces of snowy footprints and the mutilated corpses of several animals surrounding by disgusting stench. They were poisoned shortly before death. It didn't actually take very long before Malus finally revealed himself in the House of Royalty, demanding a sanctuary of a sort. Unsurprisingly, his words were rejected, prompting the Dark Elf to seek base elsewhere. Hence, he was found by his former superior, Malekith who offered him a place in the House of Family. With Malus easily being able to represent The Unfavorite given his experiences with his family, he quickly took hold of the position. This also led to a swift victory for Malekith, who sought to have a Dark Elf ascended for easy access in the House. The Heroic Protectors of Family were not amused by this news, but Malekith has stated that he has no reason to attack the House of Family. Whether he's being genuine or him being pragmatic is up for anyone's guess.
  • Was Malus happy being in the Pantheon? Nope. Why? Because Tz'arkan is still sealed inside of his body. So by a series of complicated technicalities, Tz'arkan is also ascended into the Pantheon. Because of this, Malus is even more determined to find a way to finally extract the Daemon out of his body and live out the rest of his life like how he sees fit. Unfortunately for him, there's little friends to find around the Pantheon. He still has Malekith for the time being.
  • More often than not, Malus would find himself talking to Tz'arkan a lot. The Daemon pulls no punches as he belittles and mocks the Dark Elf and trying to convince him into embracing his strength. Given how much he hates Tz'arkan for further troubling his life, Malus makes no pretence by how he really feels about him.
    Malus: "Shut up, Daemon!"
    • All this considered, both of them do share one thing, the belief of hate being the most empowering thing. As much as Malus tries to resist Tz'arkan's influence towards him, even carrying with him battles of a magical elixir to keep those away, there are times where Malus will give in. Tz'arkan possessing his body turns Malus's hair white, cracks appear around his skin and his voice becomes more demonic, alongside a tremendous rise in strength, speed, stamina and the ability to induce fear to his enemy, already an impressive feat, given how Malus is one of the most feared Dreadlords of the Dark Elf race. That said, there's the risk of Malus becoming more murderously insane and prolonged usage would ultimately kill Malus and release Tz'arkan.
  • Malus's mount and one of his longest, most trustworthy allies is his Cold One, Spite, a creature resembling a maniraptoran dinosaur and a very savage animal by nature. Cold Ones are dangerous creatures with a durable body and surprising agility. Despite their effective weaponry and strength, they're also not exactly intelligent. That said, Malus is surprisingly very caring of his mount, which comes off as a surprise, given how treacherous Dark Elves tend to be.
    • Malus can sometimes ben seen riding Spite into the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House with Spite wandering around, looking for potential prey, especially the likes of hadrosaurs and other large herbivorous dinosaurs. This naturally got the two into enmity against the many dinosaur deities residing there. The Gang of Seven hate Malus for invading the Great Valley on a few occasions and Spite causing havoc among many dinosaur herds. Rexie and the Spinosaurus, on the other hand, see Malus and Spite are competition and Owen's Raptor Pack are usually rather cautious around them, given that while Spite is much dumber than them, Malus's commands and Spite being naturally larger means they can even the Raptor Pack out rather considerably.
  • Malus's main driving factor can be summed up in one word: Hate. It's not too surprising given the circumstances he was raised under. His father tried to kill him, his mother manipulated him, his siblings hate him for the most part, he's the vessel of a Daemon of Slannesh and his race is mainly driven by vengeance towards Ulthuan. He's honestly surprised he doesn't represent The Power of Hate, given his entire motto. Because of this, he has a rival against Velvet Crowe, with Malus wanting to prove to her that he's much better in being empowered by hate than she is. Velvet simply accepts the challenge, though she has warned Malus that Velvet will not hold back if he comes close to harming her loved ones.
  • Despite being evil, Malus is not without virtues. Yes, he can be callous, arrogant and even bloodthirsty, but he's fought hard to become one of the most inspiring members of his race. He's developed some sort of respect and care for his troops as the Tyrant of Hag Graef and has a sense of honour. Yes, the heroic deities are not going to stop from opposing him, but at least Malus isn't a Complete Monster. All things considered, he's taken up Malekith's approach in trying to make allies with non-Dark Elves, given the nature of the Pantheon.
  • On first note, Malus Darkblade might be the coolest name you'll ever hear. In Dark Elf tradition... not al all. If anything, Darkblade in the Druchii language is a derogatory term given to bastards. That said, Malus turned it around by creating a reputation of his own and turning his name into one of fear, awe and reverence for his race.
  • The Dark Elves are infamous for flaying their enemies and Malus is no exception. While the torturous methods employed by Ramsay Bolton did seem intriguing for Malus, the actual person still left a lot to be desired. Malus can work with Ramsay at times, but the latter seems to be more fixated on killing and torturing, alongside expressing revenge against the Starks. Malus has plans and goals beyond just torture and thus butts heads against Ramsay a lot. While Malus will never go down without a fight, Ramsay is quick to abandon a fight the moment he's at a disadvantage. Finally, despite belonging to a bloodthirsty and cruel race, Malus has enough standards for a bastard, which Ramsay doesn't.
  • While he doesn't have as many allies as he wish he does, Malus makes an effort to be as trustworthy and reliable as he possibly could. To that end, he's found himself in a tight partnership with Maul, who's taken to working with Malekith himself after the former Sith Apprentice found himself to be incapable of working with the GUAE, the GUAD or the Harbingers of Repression and that the Witch-King may well be the only evil leader he could seek solace for.
  • While the Heroic Protectors of Family are not fond of Malus in any way, the Dark Elf actually expresses more disgust towards the Child Abuse Supporters, due to his own upbringing and childhood experience. Malus is not sure whether he could enact on an Enemy Mine with the Heroic Protectors, but he's willing to team up with Kurei when it comes to Abusive Parents.
    • Similarly, he's formed an Odd Friendship of sorts with Goro Akechi. For the time being, both are alright with the notion that their own fathers aren't in the Pantheon, otherwise, Malus and Goro wouldn't waste any time trying to gun them down. That said, even Malus expressed disgust towards Goro's father, Masayoshi Shido. At least Malus gives a shit about his own troops and he thinks Shido may be worse than Malus's father.
  • As the Dark Elves are beginning to accept alliances with other races as a pragmatic measure, Malus has made partnerships like the Sound Five, Dr Cortex, Bowser Jr. and Riptor. He seems to be interested in the Sound Ninja's ability to work together and personally favours Sakon above the others. He also sees Dr Cortex as an adequate parental figure and thus has an easy time with Nina as well. The Cortexes and Bowser Jr. are willing to present Malus some tech if he feels like it, though Malus would rarely need them and prefers Spite as his means of travel. Riptor and Spite seem to get along fine, being fellow raptors and the two of them often going out on hunts.
  • Is pretty perplexed about Oryx. While he might feel more at home with the GUAD, Oryx himself is also amused by some of the similarities Malus has towards him. Mainly because Malus's surname reminded Oryx of his son, Alak-Hul the Darkblade and also because Oryx's race had a Might Makes Right mentality similar to the Dark Elves. That said, while Malus isn't okay with Oryx's abusive treatment towards his children, he still loved them enough and stated that everything he did was to toughen them up. Malus had no such luck with his own parents, despite being appreciated by his mother. Still, Oryx respects how Malus made a reputation for himself and the Dark Elf in turns reciprocates said respect. That and both of them had to kill their own loved ones at some point.
  • While he's okay being under Malekith's services, he's not so forgiving about Morathi, given how she cast a spell on him that caused Tz'arkan to suddenly rip out Malus from the inside and fully take over his body, outright killing his soul. Every now and then, Tz'arkan will make scathing remarks about how Malus died, alongside his mount when Spite was crushed by Tz'arkan's weight. As a result, Malus has gotten more vocal about voicing his disdain towards the Daemon.
  • Due to his troublesome relationship with his family, he also has a seat in the Unpopularity Sub-House.
Through hate all things are possible, and my hate is strong.

Micaiah, Patron Saint of the Secret Legacy (The Silver-Haired Maiden, Priestess of Dawn, 15th queen of Daein)
  • Intermediate Goddess.
  • Symbol: The flag of Daien with a small bird at the bottom of it.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Wielding light themed magic, Being a young woman who rallies the people as a symbol to them, Being a Branded, Being fiercely loyal to Daien, Possessing white hair and magical affinity, Having health issues, A mysterious past, Looking younger than she really is, Unnaturally golden eyes, Leading a revolution against a oppressive regime, Being able to sense emotions, Passing the chance to rule Bengion in favor of ruling Daien, Being the older sister of Sanaki, Marrying in the epilogue
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicted Opinion: The Black Knight, Lieutenant Mary Sue, Guts, Boudica.
  • Opposes: Teryn Loghain, Adam Taurus, any other Gods who practice Fantastic Racism, All those in the House of Tyrannical Figures.
  • A young woman living in Daien, Micaiah was a simple fortune teller prior to the Mad King Ashnard's war with the rest of Tellius. Adopting a young orphan named Sothe, Micaiah was aware she was a Branded but knew little else about her lineage. Years later, the Mad King was dead and the country under the tyrannical rule of the Bengion occupation force. Micaiah helped rally the people together to liberate the country, leading to a series of events involving a world war like event and the revival of the Goddess of Order, Ashera. Micaiah learned she was the descendant of the Heron Lehran, a discovery that would play a crucial role in redeeming him in one timeline. Her family lineage would allow her to be the host for the Goddess of Chaos Yune, enabling her to assist in defeating Ashera and saving the world.
  • Whenever great conflict arises in the Pantheon, Micaiah can often be seen visiting the House of Health and Diseases for a short time because of her Branded status causing her to feel weakened by the chaotic energies created by conflict and war. She dislikes doing so of course since she feels it makes her seem weak and would prefer to be helping if possible, though Retsu Unohana has reassured her that there is no shame in having to do so since it would be risky to charge into battle when a risk of passing out is likely.
    • During one of her visits to said house, she ran into The Medic. Although curious as to his background, when she discovered he practiced healing for the sake of science, without care for actually helping people, Micaiah was horrified by this realization and swore to one day stop him.
  • Very soon after joining the Pantheon, Micaiah received a vision of sorts guiding her to the House of Prophecy. There she would meet Bran Stark, Aladdin, and Nimue Inwudu, three people who had similar visions and fortune telling skills she did, and was overjoyed at meeting people who were like her.
    • Of the three, she found herself talking to Bran Stark the most, due to both being similar in many ways. The fact that they both became rulers when their journey ended, and fought a war against a God like being, made them very friendly to each other. Bran took keen interest in the fact she seemed to have the ability to tell the future, compared to his ability to see the past.
    • She can also be seen at times in said house offering to read the fortune's of those interested.
  • Upon learning the Black Knight had ascended, Micaiah was conflicted about seeing one of the people she respected before The Reveal back in Tellius. The fact he was a Branded like her made her sympathize with him, but his loyalty and willingness to fight under Ashera made it difficult to simply ignore that. The Black Knight, for his part, seems at least happy that she ascended and has informed her that if she ever needs his assistance, he will happily do so.
  • Her experiences with Ashera have made her firmly stand against the Grand United Alliance of Law, in particular its leader YHVH. The Grand United Alliance of Law are very interested swaying her to their side after seeing her Well-Intentioned Extremist phase during Daien's fight against the Laguz Alliance, something Micaiah is very bitter about for obvious reasons.
  • The fact she was able to be the vessel for the Dark Goddess Yune has made her a target of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, who hope that they can awaken Yune again and have her ally with them. Considering how much death would need to occur to do that, the Grand United Alliance of Good is very firmly against that and have warned Micaiah to avoid certain manipulators.
  • Gets along with both Arturia and Jeanne because she feels they are Not So Different, more so than many other members of the Pantheon.
    • For Arturia, Micaiah sympathizes with her struggle trying lead people despite the difficulties of doing so, as well as being older than people think they are. Both of them being rulers of a nation helps as well, with Arturia respecting Micaiah for her leadership and offering friendship for her.
    • For Jeanne, their experiences leading a conflict and being a figure of religious like devotion made Micaiah happy she had someone who understood the difficulties that came from it. Jeanne was happy Micaiah shared this with her and the two can be seen often discussing their pasts and interests at times.
  • Micaiah was not happy to have learned Galeem and Dharkon ascended after the stint they pulled which almost killed her for good. Alongside others afflicted with the same fate, she keeps a close eye to make sure they don't cause any more trouble.
  • Her Anti-Hero stint has made her very conflicted over those who walk a similar path due to not wanting them to fall into the same pitfall she nearly did.
    • She feels conflicted about Guts because of his past and motivations, but thinks his rage and anger will run the risk of him destroying him. Micaiah has avoided talking to Guts about his however, for fear of coming across as insensitive to his situation.
    • When it comes to Boudica, Micaiah understands and agrees with her fight to liberate her people after the horrible fates inflicted onto them, but the extremes Boudica went through to achieve them left her horrified, namely because it made her think of her own Well-Intentioned Extremist phase. To that end, Micaiah attempted to warn Boudica of the dangers she would be inflicting, but this fell on deaf ears.
    • Egil worries her the most however. She understands his devotion and desire to stop Zanza, but thinks he has gone too far in doing so. To that end, she agreed to fight alongside Shulk to stop him if he ever threatens the Pantheon again.

    Mordred/Saber of Red 
Mordred, Goddess of Antagonistic Offsprings (The Knight of Treachery, Saber of Red, Moedred, Londinium Knight, Rider, Surfer Knight of Treachery, Miss Surfer Mor, Modred, Medraut, Medrod)
Wearing her armor 
In a bikini 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her sword, Clarent, behind her helm
  • Theme Song: I Just cant wait to... Wait, that not your theme Mordred, Alternatively, her Lullaby,The Knight of Rebellion.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with moments of Good. Full-fledged Chaotic Good as Miss Surfer Mordred.
  • Portfoilo: Opposes her "father", Hates being called a woman despite being one and no problems showing off, Blood Knight, Calling the Old Man Out, Cloning Blues, Gender Flip, Believes she was meant to have the throne, Still a somewhat decent person after all that, Actually succeeding despite dying also, Knight in Shining Armor before becoming rejected, The Power of Hate, Scary Impractical Armor yet wears rather revealing clothing outside of it, "Well Done, Daughter!" Girl, Clarent Blood Arthur, Still a child mentally, Becoming Nicer during the Grand Order conflicts
  • Domains: Betrayal, Clones, Family, Swords
  • Allies: Karna, Achilles, Prometheus and Pandora, Lucifer, Grey, Carl and Ada Clover, N, Stewie Griffin, Robin, surprisingly enough
  • Enemies: Lancelot, Archer, Yuuki Terumi, Dracula, Relius Clover, Ghetsis Harmonia and several of the more noble members of the House of Family, Gilgamesh, Astolfo, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Jack the Ripper
  • Annoyed with: Excalibur
  • Conflicting Relationships With: Artoria Pendragon, Shino Asada/Sinon, Jon Snow, Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi
  • Commonality Connection: Ultron
  • Opposes: Sayaka Miki, Maes Hughes
  • Utterly Confused by: Shirou Emiya
  • The Knight who ended King Arthur's reign, Mordred rose one day and claimed this title for himself, stating that if he couldn't have the mortal throne of Camelot, he would settle for this. Challenging his father, Artoria, to battle, his helm was knocked off to reveal his greatest secret to all: Mordred is actually a girl.
  • Lucifer applauds her actions, calling it one of the most shining examples of how one should attempt seize and make their own destiny, rather than allow others to decide for them. Mordred has no real opinion of him, though she has joined with the GUAC, as it fits her tastes more than the GUAG or GUAE could.
  • Calling her a 'girl' is the most surefire way to make her mad and ready to kill you. As such, only refer to her as 'he' in her presence, or else risk a Clarent Blood Arthur to the face. This has been voted the tenth dumbest thing to do in the Pantheon.
  • Was pleased to see that her former teammates Karna and Achilles had ascended before, though she doesn't spend much time with them. Karna is still willing to work with her as necessary, though Achilles doesn't really care either way, as she can't hurt him.
    • She was also surprised when she heard there's a certain Siegfried in the Pantheon, only to feel a bit disappointed that this one goes with the surname Schtauffen. However, after a bit of an initiated scuffle, Mordred could feel the same ferocity of his namesake, the Saber of Black, thus afterwards left him be. She's also excited that the actual Saber of Black came to the Pantheon and she hoped that she could fight him full time, rather than some homunculus taking form of his body for just a few minutes.
  • Heard about an 'Excalibur' that resides in the House of Emotions. She thought it would finally be her time to claim it and prove that she was superior to her father. She couldn't last five minutes before getting annoyed with it (ﺧ益ﺨ).
  • While her position obviously has some of the more noble members of the House of Family wary of 'him', she despises Relius Clover and Ghetsis Harmonia, and this hatred is what forms the basis of her alliance with Carl, Ada and N. Hatred for their fathers is what also motivates 'his' alliance with Prometheus and Pandora, as well as Grey. In the case of Relius, Mordred has been known to exclaim, "I'm going to beat you into submission so bad that you'll be whimpering 'Sumanai' all day long, and even that wouldn't be enough, you pathetic excuse of a FATHEEEERRR!!!"
    • Also hates Terumi for constantly making jabs about how she's really a girl. As such, she's perfectly willing to join with any effort meant to take him down, although she herself can't deliver the finishing blow, as Terumi feeds on the Power Of Hate and his greatest attack is practically an all-you-can-eat buffet of hate.
  • Lancelot has sworn to never let her get close to Artoria again. Mordred just scoffs at this, though she is wary of Lancelot's newfound Berserker state.
    • During one such battle, Mordred removed her helm to use Clarent Blood Arthur, causing Lancelot to stop in his tracks as he saw her face and finally realised exactly why Mordred rebelled. He promptly retreated without a word, and has neglected to fight Mordred since. Most of the Pantheon wonders to this day, how he didn't work Mordred's relationship to Artoria out, especially since it's the entire reason Mordred's in the Pantheon.
  • Her relationship with Artoria herself is complicated. While on one hand she publicly claims to despise Artoria and always has an insult on hand whenever they meet, Mordred also, in her calmer moments, often shows a hidden desire to just be respected by her again, and will harshly defend Artoria's actions from any critic, stating that is reserved for her. Artoria herself has also expressed interest in at least trying to patch their relationship, so who knows...
    • Was utterly confused when she met Sonic The Hedgehog and learned he was once King Arthur.
    • Hates Gilgamesh after finding out that he once tried to force Artoria to marry him. Might be one of the few people that she and Lancelot both equally hate.
    • Mordred however gets extremely jealous when ever someone gets too familiar with Artoria that may look like a parent and children relationship. This goes to both Astolfo, who keeps on hugging her, and Illyasviel, who is a homunculus like herself but is treated more kindly then she was in the past.
  • Opposes Sayaka, as she sees in her a reflection of the knight she once was and secretly jealous she managed to move past her own failings.
  • Despite her normal behavior, she refuses to sacrifice the uninvolved and innocent in any sort of plans, showing she hasn't quite lost all of her honor. This is why she doesn't like Archer, even if he doesn't do it willingly sometimes.
  • Is somewhat at odds with Shirou Emiya. He refuses to let her carry out any revenge against the King of Knights, yet is perfectly willing to invite her to dinner on peaceful terms with Artoria present. She can't quite figure him out, and that just leaves her utterly confused.
    • She has made it clear though that while she doesn't approve of the relationship he has with her "father", she accepts it…though she warned him that he would suffer if she ever caught him being unfaithful to Artoria…or even hurting her in some fashion. That's her job.
  • Has a surprisingly familial relationship with Robin, of all people. S/he's one of the few people who can stand to be around her, and s/he knows what it's like to have a father who you oppose (though s/he doesn't quite agree with Mordred's choice). Artoria, for her part, is thankful that Mordred has at least one good family figure in his life now.
  • Due to her name and gender, she was at one point asked if she used to go by the moniker Phantom Assassin. Mordred has denied connection, saying that there is a vital difference between them... their names, Mordred has 2 'd's while that one has only one.
  • Thought she had an ally with Simba after hearing Can't Wait to be King, thinking it was about killing your kingly father and claiming the throne for yourself. She was disappointed that wasn't the case.
  • Has a complex relationship with Shino Asada due to her sounding just like her in Japanese, but occasionally sounding like Artoria in English. That said, Mordred is impressed with her archery and rifle skills and would love to challenge her or her allies to battle.
  • Once went to the House of Friendship believing that her old Master Kairi Shishigou had ascended. Instead, she met The Princess of Heart Kairi. While at first Mordred was disappointed, thinking she was just another Distressed Damsel after hearing some rumors, she was surprised to see the young Keyblader in actual combat and decided there might be something more to her after all.
  • Rumors have been spreading around that Mordred sometimes goes to the House of Music and perform as an Idol. She denies those rumors despite their being photos of her performing. When presented with these, she just says those are fakes with very few believing her.
  • Has made a good ally in her former High Priest, Stewie. The two spend their time together trying to kill their parents, though Mordred is a bit more restrained about it.
  • Has no idea what to think about Jon Snow, on the one hand they have enough similarities to strike a friendship (both being bastards, both having a less than desirable relationship with one of their parents, both being originally idealistic knights before life jaded them, both having a parent that was an outright villain or seen as such by their kingdom and both becoming Kings despite the fact that they were bastards) there's also the fact that she does find him easy on the eyes but on the other hand she is annoyed by the fact that Jon still admires Ned, she is also envious of the fact that Jon was loved by his family, with the exception of Catelyn, and unlike her reign, he is clearly seen with admiration and respect by his kingdom, whereas her kingdom ended in war and they labelled her as a villain, in the end encounters with between the two will either end with them fighting or flirting, with very little room in between.
  • The best way to get her to chill out is to bring her into the tropics in the summer months. During that time, she can be summoned as a Rider, generally puts aside her acrimony with her 'father', and is more interested in surfing than in killing anyone (though she is VERY capable at using the waves to drown her enemies). She still tries way too hard to get Artoria's attention, though, and ends up being brushed off.
    • Has a tough relationship with Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi due to being gender counterparts much like Ritsuka Fujimaru and his female counterpart, the protagonist(s) who first summoned her as Rider. She likes them and wants to bond with them, especially after seeing their personalities and degrees of heroic determination reminiscent of both Ritsuka and her 'father', but their friends don't entirely trust her and even the two of them slip up on calling her 'he'.
  • Although she would never admit it to anyone, what Mordred truly desires out of drawing Caliburn from the stone is not to become king for her own sake, but to spare her 'father' from the loneliness of such a duty and let her live as a human.
  • If she didn't get what she asked (as long as it's not that severe), she could be seen rolling on the ground whining.
  • Reportedly she has a notoriously bad luck when it comes to a certain Gacha game that had her and Artoria in it. She just wished to pull Artoria to finally end the nightmares of Lancelot yapping at how he got tons of Artorias in the same game… and she pulled HERSELF after wasting all of her monthly allowance.
  • Once joined Medea in making figures of her Father. The result was a horrible reminder of that bootleg figure, earning Mordred a beatdown from her chichi-ue, but it only made her redouble her efforts in making a figure her Father would be proud of.

    Sam Flynn 
Sam Flynn, God of Spin Offsprings (The Son of Flynn)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An Identity Disc
  • Theme Song: Son of Flynn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Son of Original Protagonist, Manchild, Nerds Are Sexy, Action Survivor, Playful Hacker, Rich Idiot with No Day Job, Unskilled, but Strong, Badass Normal, improvising on the spot
  • Domains: Cyberspace, Criminals, Offspring, Sequels
  • Herald: Quorra (shared with his father)
  • Followers: Kiara, Ceodore Harvey, Kinniku Mantarou, Natsume, Riley Matthews
  • Allies: Kevin Flynn (his father), Sora, Riku, Nathan Drake, Noah Kaiba, Melody.
  • Enemies: Clu, Rinzler, Raul Menendez.
  • Opposed by: Peter Pan
  • Overheard of the pantheon looking for a god for Spin-Offspring. Sam wanted to be reunited with his father, and challenged Melody (whose parents, Ariel and Eric, are in) for that spot. Sam won, though he's agreed to find a way to ascend Melody as a proper goddess one day.
    • He succeeded, as Melody ascended with Strong Family Resemblance as her trope. Even better is that they're in the same house, and in the same sub-section. Melody has thanked Sam for his help in getting her in, and often gives him some seashells, some of which are later given to Quorra to help her learn about ocean life.
      • Sadly, Walt Disney refuses to recognize both of them and Quorra as part of his "family". Sam is furious, going as far as to ask if other well-known characters from sequels such as Yoda, the T-1000, all Pokémon introduced from Johto onwards etc., should also be disowned. Sam does understand that not all sequels are generally accepted, however.
    • Sam is fully aware of other Disney offspring, but with few exceptions, they are all from alternate continuities.
  • Once met up with Nathan Drake during one Light Cycle race that the Naughty Dogs took part in, and is teaching the latter the tricks of the trades with racing.
  • Sam was happy to see that Sora and Riku were in the pantheon, and already friends with his father. Of course, Sam's not that pleased on Riku being in the same house as Clu, and constantly being forced to take part in Light Cycle tournaments.
    • When Sam first entered the pantheon, Sora was hospitalized in the GUAG Medical Division after being caught up in an explosion that nearly cost him his leg in the Friendship Asylum. He didn't take it very well that one of the perpetrators happened to be from The Grid, but also found it strange that Clu worked alongside the heroes to destroy such an abomination.
      • During the Limbo incident, he decided to take Tron's place to infiltrate the going-ons in the Mirror Universe.
  • Sam does resemble a young Captain Hook. Peter Pan didn't take this resemblance very well.
  • Just like Yui, he got the attention of Raul Menendez, who attempted to brainwash him in order to utilize the Grid under his control. Luckily, the Kirigaya Family helped Sam retreat just before he could start the brainwashing attempt.

    Ungalo, Rikiel and Donatello Versus 
Ungalo, Rikiel and Donatello Versus, Triumvirate Deities Of Being Just Like Their Parent (Ungaro, Rykiel and Donatello Versace)
Left to right-Ungalo, Rikiel and Donatello Versus
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A heart and the Joestar birthmark. Individually, their respective Stands of Bohemian Rhapsody (Ungalo), Sky High (Rikiel) and Under World (Donatello Versus)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Ungalo and Donatello Versus), Lawful Evil under Pucci, True Neutral normally (Rikiel)
  • Portfolio: Modeled After Their Villainous Father, Dhampyr, Bastard Bastard, Fighting Spirit, Questionable Tastes In Fashion, Being Both Joestar And Brando
  • Domains: Fate, Power, Weirdness, Family (all of them), Drugs, Cruelty, Fiction (Ungalo), Human Progression, Weirdness, Nervousness (Rikiel), Memories, Ambition, Resentment (Donatello)
  • Varying relationship with: Enrico Pucci (Donatello is The Starscream to), Dio Brando (their father), Giorno Giovanna (their half-brother-on good terms with Rikiel, rivals with Donatello, enemies with Ungalo)
  • Banned from: The Houses of Knowledge, Narrative and Theatre and Spectacle (Ungalo), the House of Memories (Donatello)
  • Respects: Good gods in the Houses of Knowledge and Science (Rikiel)
  • Interested in: The House of Prophecy (all three)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Jolyne Cujoh, her father and friends (more of a Friendly Enemy to Rikiel), The Child Abuse Supporters, Yuuki Terumi
  • Avoids: The House of Fire & Heat (Rikiel)
  • Using the body of Jonathan Joestar after transplanting his head on it and being freed from the bottom of the ocean, Dio Brando was able to sire many children with different women. Three of these offspring were driven due to the gravity of fate to Enrico Pucci, who hoped to use them to achieve "Heaven". Each represents certain qualities of their father's character, for better and worse.
  • Applies to all of them
    • It's not known where Giorno was when Pucci was getting his half-brothers, but now that they're all in the pantheon they're interested in the gangstar. Ungalo got on poorly given his vicious personality and drug addiction, and Dontaello Versus considers Giorno his rival for being Dio's best child. Rikiel is on better terms since he's the nicest besides Giorno himself and they have a mutual respect for their determination.
    • They do all share one trait with their more noble half-brother-they despise the Child Abuse Supporters given their own backgrounds and what their paternal grandfather was like. Their own father favors Giorno for proving himself the best. He sees Ungalo as an embarrassment, and while admires Donatello's desire to be just like him has told him not to interfere in Pucci's plans.
    • Technically they're half-vampire given Dio was, though they haven't inherited any vampire traits. The House of Vampires turned down their application for this reason. This still hasn't stopped Terumi from insulting them at every turn due to his Fantastic Racism towards vampires(asides from his general hatred of things that aren't him). Blade isn't impressed by them either. The House of Costumes doesn't think much of them either because of their poor fashion sense. Especially Rikiel.
  • Applies to Ungalo only
    • Ungalo represents his father's worst traits, that being sadism and the desire to get back at the world. He's one ugly son of a bitch, likely due to being a big-time junkie. Diavolo has taken advantage of that and his cruel nature so as to turn him against Giorno, whom they mutually loathe. Walter White is happy to supply him with drugs as well. He doesn't get along with law enforcement at all.
    • His Stand, Bohemian Rhapsody, can bring fictional characters depicted in images to life. If you see one you like or identify with, you're doomed to suffer their fate. It's range is infinite and without the trademarks of the original Stone Ocean manga, even more potent in the pantheon. He's been banned from the Knowledge, Narrative and Theater houses to keep him in check.
    • A lot of gods were creeped out by his rendition of characters, especially his take on Pinocchio. Whenever he tries to pull it off on those who can break the fourth wall(at least in the pantheon), it seems to backfire as they have enough Medium Awareness to rebel. Particularly the Crimson Chin as he's already used to being taken into the "real world", and White Face gave Ungalo a stroke. Ungalo hates Peter Pan as his distraction of a girl reading about him caused his powers to backfire and reduce him to a vegetative shape.
  • Applies to Rikiel only
    • If Ungalo represents Dio's worst traits, Rikiel represents his best traits-determination and respecting a Worthy Opponent. He's not really evil, just serving a villain because he was nice to him. He holds human progress in high regard, and respects the good-aligned deities in the House of Knowledge and Science, such as the Mythbusters.
    • Rikiel was a Nervous Wreck who suffered from panic attacks like his eyelids closing, sweaty palms and knees giving out. He couldn't finish school or learn to drive because of them, and learning how to control his Stand gave him a major confidence boost. As such, his sympathies go up to people like Rincewind who have suffered bad luck and are cosmic playthings, and gets along with those like James Henry Trotter who overcome their fear. Naturally gets along with Bertolt Hoover. Given his own poor luck, he considers Gladstone Gander to be utterly infuriating.
    • His Stand, Sky High, controls the Rod cryptids. They're optical illusions in the real world, but very real in the Jojo universe and what caused his numerous panic attacks. They feed on body heat, which can be potentially deadly. Because of this, they're borderline useless when he's close to the House of Fire & Heat and as such avoids the house at all costs. He stays the hell away from the SCP Foundation or the Men in Black because he's afraid they'll lock him up while suspecting he's some kind of SCP or has connections to aliens, though this is all in his head and they don't care about him.
  • Applies to Donatello only
    • Donatello inherited his father's more obvious personality traits, that being selfishness and ruthless. As such he wants to achieve happiness and "heaven" above everyone else, and thinks he deserves to be Dio's heir. This ambition is something he shares in common with Starscream, who also wants to usurp the Big Bad but is simply not in the right league for it. He gets along with Bowser Jr as well, since Donatello percieves himself to be Dio's Overlord Jr..
    • His bitterness and resentment towards the world comes from a backstory similar to Stanley from Holes. When he was 13 a pair of shoes fell out of the sky, he put them on but they turned out to be a gift to disabled children. He was accused of stealing them, sent to juvie and suffered there and even after he got out after being found innocent. As such, Donatello despises crooked law enforcement like Manfred Von Karma, and avoids the House of Justice in general.
    • Given Donatello's situation in prison, he is rather sympathetic towards Jean Valjean and Sirius Black. They weren't happy to see him go down the super-villain route and let his bitterness consume him, and will oppose him on moral principles, but there's not much animosity between the three. And there certainly wasn't any animosity between him and Imhotep due to sharing a villainous nature and Donatello being utterly horrified by the fate bestowed upon him. On the other hand, he detests Jack Horner for how he was able to live it up in prison.
    • His Stand, Under World, is capable of excavating memories. It can use the ground to extract a "memory", get any event from Orlando, Florida, and force the target to live through. If it's fatal, they're dead no matter what unless they manage to exploit some specific loopholes. Learning of the House of Memories, Donatello went there to try and increase his Stand's capabilities. Naturally they banned him outright. Szilard Quates has been venturing out of his temple and into the House of Family with hopes of somehow assimilating his Stand, so as to buff his own memory absorption to yet unparalleled heights.


Lesser Gods

    Catherine Rain Bilstein 
Catherine Rain Bilstein, Goddess of Daughters of Evil Scientists

    Chibiusa "Rini" Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon 
Chibiusa Tsukino, Kid Goddess From the Future (Sailor Chibi Moon, Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, Small Lady, Black Lady, Wicked Lady, Princess Lady Serenity, Rini, Sailor Mini Moon)
Click to see Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Small Lady Serenity 
  • Lesser Goddess (with the potential to become an Intermediate Goddess)
  • Symbol: Luna-P and her Pink Moon Crystal.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being Really 900 Years Old, Well Done Daughter Gals, All of the Other Reindeer, Little Miss Badasses, Precocious Troublemakers, Princesses Prefer Pink, Jerks With Gold Hearts, Not Growing Up Sucks, Immortal Immaturity
  • Domains: Children, Time Travel
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Lich, Lucifer, Lord Chaos, Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash
  • Opposes: Kratos
  • Caretakers: June Lin Milliam
  • Took over this position from Future Trunks, but the two don't hold any ill feelings towards each other.
  • Is the last of the main Sailor Senshi to ascend, but doesn't really mind that. In fact, it's kinda funny because everybody else existed before she did too. Anyway, she's waiting for the Amazoness Quartet and her lover Helios to join her.
    • She and Sailor Pluto became each other's first friends before either of them ever turned to the past. That loyalty is still alive, as even through Pluto's time banished to the outskirts of the Pantheon, Chibiusa has made it a point to frequently visit Pluto. When she found out Hotaru/Sailor Saturn did the same thanks to Setsuna being her adoptive peer mother, she was giddy with joy.
  • Is on good terms with most of the magical girls in the Pantheon, but is probably the closest to Hime Shirayuki, due to their similarities.
  • Gets along well with Rika Furude, due to both having experiences with time travel and feeling trapped in a child's body.
  • Once friends with Son Gohan but grew apart after he fell for Videl and had a child named Pan. Some think she might've had a crush on Gohan when he was still a kid but doesn't want to admit it. For her part, though, she's fixed on Helios. Speaking of which…
  • Absolutely hates Kratos for the fact that he killed her lover Helios in cold blood. Is not comforted by the notion that this happened in another world, nor that Kratos has never heard of her.
  • Once saw The Lich go after Finn and Jake and quickly transformed to attack it. Upon learning more about the Lich, she immediately declared him the most disgusting being alive, even comparing him to Death Phantom, a former enemy of her world who actually corrupted and brainwashed her to turn evil as Black Lady. She's even wondered if this ancient monster helped influence her captor into becoming what he was.note 
  • Is absolutely grateful towards Trunks, The Flash, and the Supreme Kai of Time for helping Sailor Pluto get back her rightful place in the Pantheon. She and Saturn have stepped in on occasion to help out Pluto and Time Patrol on shared missions since then.
  • After seeing Android 16 suddenly turn up around Setsuna, she was told about 16 being there as a favor to Trunks as well as the time Eobard Thawne tried to attack Setsuna as well as made a joke about Pluto not being a planet anymore only for 16 and The Flash to make the save. She's totally cool with 16 and even more glad now that she and Trunks remained on good terms.
  • While looking through the timestream in Pluto's Door of Time, Chibiusa noticed an aberration in the history of Dragon Ball which interfered with the vision of theTournament of Power. Investigating, she found a timeline where a newly awakened android numbered 21 had carried out a plan to revive, control, strengthen, and consume a set of strong villains for their power before doing the same to all of Universe 7 before the tournament was ever set. To investigate further, stop this from happening, and restore the main timeline, she decided to get some outside help from one Ajani Goldmane.
    • They figured out a plan where Chibiusa would magically conjure up an Earthling Soul and Ajani would imbue it with the necessary attributes to seamlessly enter and effect change through Dr. Gero's soul link system which 21 was using for her scheme, enlisting (Insert Name Here), Edward Elric, The Flash, She-Hulk, Bambina, Alice, and Mr. Rogers to provide said attributes. The Soul would discover that Android 21 was actually Good All Along and had tried to fight off a biologically-induced Horror Hunger Split Personality; they saw her death three times, the third coming after her good and evil sides split and the good sacrificed herself to help destroy the evil.
    • Not liking Goku's idea to have her reincarnated instead of revived, Chibiusa asked her mother to resurrect 21 instead, while Ajani petitioned for her ascension in the Pantheon based on her lack of memory of her human past. 21 was grateful but concerned, though they made sure she knew the Pantheon could handle cases like hers, even explaining everything about the created Soul. She then ventured out to thank everyone involved.note 
    • Setsuna wanted to lecture her for how reckless this plan was, but Ajani was able to assure the Guardian of Time that everything was thought through. Ultimately, all Pluto could manage was to make Chibiusa promise to tell her next time she wants to do something like this.
  • Upon hearing the news that Gohans lover Videl had died, she went over to him to pay her respects only to find he had a daughter named Pan. After spending time with Gohans daughter Pan grew to liking her in the same fashion she had with Setsuna or in Gohans case him with Piccolo.

    Cow and Chicken 
Cow and Chicken, Sibling Deities of Random Species Offspring

    Eggman Nega 
Doctor Eggman Nega, God of Doppelganger Descendants (Dr Nega)

    Nina Cortex 
Nina Cortex, Goddess of Villainous Daughters/Nieces
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The "n" in her forehead and her mechanical arms
  • Theme Song: Rooftop Rampage and Nina's Nightmare
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with shades of Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Grayish skin, Artificial Limbs, Big Bad in Crash of the Titans, Bratty Half-Pint, Cyborg, Cuteness Proximity, Dark Action Girl, Evil Foil to Coco, Skip of Innocence, Teen Genius, Used to Be a Sweet Kid
  • Domains: Evil, Nieces, Cyborgs, School, Intelligence
  • High Priestess: Fah Lo Suee
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Lennie
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jimmy Hopkins, Micolash
  • Opposes: Goths
  • Nina Cortex is the teenage niece of Dr. Neo Cortex. From a young age, Nina started to show signs of goodness amd liking cute things, so her uncle decided to replace her hands for mechanical ones and correct her into a more evil person. It worked a bit too well and Nina ended up being sent to Madame Amberly's Academy of Evil so she could learn to be a villain and since then she's been one of her uncle's dearest allies. Well, even if there have been times she has double-crossed him, her uncle Cortex wanted to bring her in to meet the pantheon and so assigned Nina for the title of Villainous Daughters (It was then brought up that the title was a bit non-indicative and so it was slightly rephrased later).
  • Nina usually minds her own business and for the most part rarely takes part of any supervillain scheme the member of the Grand United Alliance of Evil come up with. She does side with Uka Uka, the latter sometimes considering Nina to be superior than the other Cortex and she appreaciates the compliments but after overtaking her uncle once, she decided against becoming the Big Bad again, especially after she was sent to Evil Public School as punishment.
  • Regarding the Bandicoots, she is fairly antagonistic towards them but not to the same extent as the other from Team Cortex. Originally she and Crash were on fairly good terms but with Coco things were a lot more heated, the two often clashing because of their shared intellects. That said, she is still tends to do her own thing instead of actively bothering the bandicoots but a notable exception tends to be the to the other female bandicoots from the Nitro Squad, who Nina tends to pull pranks on for the hell of it.
  • Nina first debuted when her uncle teamed up with Ripto in order to eliminate both Crash and Spyro. Back then she was a lot more childish and though Spyro was just a purple puppy but now she is a bit embarassed by said event. She is still on somewhat good terms with Ripto given his ties to Cortex but she and Spyro aren't really getting along after the whole aforementioned incident.
  • She and Bowser Jr. are friends being the somewhat second-in-command to their uncle and father respectively and Nina has considered reverse engineering some of the Koopa King's vehicles. Rain and Talia Al Ghul also begrudgingly respect Nina for possibly being even more intelligent than Neo Cortex (someone they both think is a lousy villain) and that praise only made the already haughty Nina become a lot more self-centered.
  • While her looks and general demeanor might say otherwise, Nina is not actually a goth. In fact, she hates being called one and saying that to her face is a quick way to get you mangled by her mechanical hands. She even goes as far as hating other goths who have done nothing to her.
  • Back in her youth, Nina used to love cute animals and that's one of main reasons her hands were replaced, which have made others be concerned of how that process went. The hands are designed so everything she wants to hug would be crushed to death and that ended up working a little too well. Nowadays she usually find people like Rena Ryuugu annoying for her reminding Nina of her old self but it's also hinted that she is a bit jealous.
    • However, there is one deity that has managed to make Nina feel pity towards. Lennie Small also adores small and cute animals but he is unaware of his own strength and accidentally gets them killed. Other than that, she couldn't care less about him or his pal George.
  • Considered by her peers to be a bit of a nerd and a loner, and for that, she usually gets bullied as a result. Nina has grown to hate other bullies but they know better than to mess with someone who could give you a wedgie from afar (she is lucky, or rather unlucky, that most of her classmates are also supervillains). Gary Smith, while an evil douche, got in her bad side because he tends to call her "buck teeth" and Nina has gone as far as helping his Arch-Enemy Jimmy Hopkins whenever Gary sets foot in School just to get back at him.
  • A Freudian Slip from Cortex may suggest Nina is actually his daughter but nobody was able to confirm it. Nina neither has said anything on the matter, making things more difficult to figure out, although considering Neo's background as being from a circus family, it may suggest that either one of his siblings did too abandon that lifestyle or Nina is indeed Cortex's daughter.
  • Considering the shortage of evil schools, Nina ended up discovering that a neighbouring deity near her uncle's temple was leader of one. Micolash is willing to "enlighthen" Nina if she so desired but considering his overall insanity, she ended up abstaining.
  • She has taken an habit of racing ever since she joined her uncle and N. Gin in taking over Von Clutch's MotorWorld but that ultimately failed. It wouldn't be until the Grand Pix of Halloween where Nina would return with her own track to boot, based on her twisted mind and joined by fellow scientist N. Brio and the bumbling Komodo Moe.
  • Can also be found at Villainous Archetypes.

    Stannis Baratheon 
Stannis Baratheon, The First of His Name, God of Dutiful Members of Royal Families (The King in the Narrow Sea, The King of the Painted Table, The Dark Lord, The King of Dragonstone, Lord of Dragonstone, The King at the Wall, Azor Ahai reborn/come again, King in the Narrow Sea, The Rightful King, King of Westeros, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, (self-styled), Commander of the Nightfort, The Warrior of Light, The Lord's Chosen, Son of Fire, The Prince That Was Promised, Stannis the Mannis)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A crowned stag in a flaming heart
  • Theme Song: Don't die with a Clean Sword or Lord of Light.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but leaning toward Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Reluctant Ruler, Unpopular Popular Character, Hero with Bad Publicity, Middle Child Syndrome, No Social Skills, Rightful King Returns, Brutal Honesty
  • Domains: Offspring, Royalty
  • Heralds: Selyse Baratheon née Florent (his wife), Shireen Baratheon (surviving child), Renly Baratheon (younger brother and former God of Usurpers, shared with Robert)
  • Allies: Davos Seaworth (his Hand), Eddard "Ned" Stark, Melisandre, Aegon Targaryen, Jon Snow, Robert Baratheon, Aragorn, Judge Dredd, Tyrion Lannister The Jedi, Rebel Alliance, and the Resistance
  • Enemies: Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton, Varys, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, Daemon Blackfyre, Aerys II Targaryen, Scar, Macbeth, The Sith and Galactic Empire (By proxy of Kylo Ren and the First Order)
  • Stannis will get very angry if anyone claims he is not the rightful King, pointing out the law. However he also gets angry if people try to flatter or sugarcoat their words, preferring the truth.
  • Spends a lot of time complaining about certain people being in the Pantheon, thinking them unworthy and wanting to sweep it clean of all the untrustworthy figures. He criticized Tyrion and their role as an Honest Advisor, pointing out their honest advice helped keep a monstrous usurper on the throne. He is furious that Renly somehow got into the Pantheon before him, telling everyone they hardly did anything to deserve it. This lessened when he found Renly was the God of Usurpers but mentioned how sad he was that Renly couldn't be helping him. However Stannis showed some happiness at meeting his ancestor Aegon, idealizing them as a great figure.
  • When he heard of YHVH not certain what to think of them, considering he refuses to believe in benevolent Gods. Agreed that law must be followed... but felt they were too harsh as they weren't protecting their people. Stannis finds it rather odd that he is a God, considering he refuses to believe in a benevolent God, however strives to do his duty as a God. However when he met Inspector Javert and agreed with some of their views, feeling that breaking laws must be punished.
  • Found out about Eru and just felt... that they had genuine power, but still not sure whether they should be a God. However he wonders if Melkor is the Great Other.
  • Aragorn felt Stannis was the rightful King but was being a bit of a jerk. In response to this Stannis spent ages ranting about how he was never given any respect.
  • He is not happy at Brienne's actions in the TV series, considering Renly was so clearly a usurper, and is still wondering how Ramsay and 20 men somehow destroyed his army. However he reminded people the show is not the books and hints he'll be important in The Winds of Winter.
    • The TV show also ensure Stannis is a persona non grata in the Houses of Fathers and Children, given he sent his own daughter to be burned at the stake.
  • When he heard what had happened to the Tyrells pointed out the irony that their usurping ways led to them getting killed.
  • Ned fully supported Stannis getting into the Pantheon and was surprised this hadn't happened before. Melisandre was delighted he was finally in the Pantheon, saying he is the true savior. Varys made sure to keep out of Stannis' way, knowing that Stannis had always disliked him and thought he should lose his head.
  • Stannis is growing suspicious of Varys and Daemon Blackfyre and tries to draw the attention of the rest of the Pantheon towards them, suspecting they are working on something together. Robert responded by laughing and getting drunk, though Ned paid attention to Stannis.
  • Scar thought he had found a kindred spirit in Stannis, as they both killed their brothers and aspired to become Kings. Stannis was furious at this allegation, pointing out that Renly was a younger brother who planned to kill him, and that he had always followed his older brother. Scar slunk back to Renly.
  • Feels uncomfortable about the Houses of Lust and avoids its members, while his older brother frequents the place.
  • One possible future has him invading Winterfell, only to fall before Roose Bolton. In a frenzy, Selyse attacks Roose and despite being ran through by Bolton, stabs him repeatedly in the face while dying.
  • Is trying to get Davos Seaworth into the Pantheon, feeling he needs someone there he can trust.
  • Is under the protection of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa/Skywalker, and their allies in the Rebel Alliance and Resistance in case Kylo Ren ( Han and Leia's son and Luke's nephew) ever ascends into the Pantheon, due to somehow having an unhealthy obsession where he considers him his second sworn enemy next to Luke. It also doesn't help that his ally Captain Phasma also happens to sound a lot like Brienne of Tarth.

Tubal-Cain, God of Being Descended From The First Murderer
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (sees himself as Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Descended From Cain, Asskicking Equals Authority, believing A Real Man Is a Killer, Sharing Noah's Brutality, From The Bible, Real Men Eat Meat, Rape, Pillage, and Burn, Hates The Creator, Raising A Number Of Good Points, Royals Who Actually Do Something, You Killed My Father
  • Domains: The Cainites, War, Slaughter, Vengeance, Conflict, Cursed Legacies, Intelligence
  • Special relationship with: Cain (his ancestor)
  • Allies: Vandal Savage (possibly Cain), Lucifer, Bandos
  • Headbutting Villains with: Naoya
  • Enemies: Noah, Vampirella (fellow Cain descendant), Chaos(Sonic the Hedgehog), Lisa Simpson, Ned Flanders, Merged Zamasu
  • Opposes: Every single Top God and god with a capital-G (particularly both Gods)
  • Opposed by: SCP-073 (believed to be Cain), Christians in general, Kratos, Aleph, much of the House of Beast
  • Respects: Eddie Blake, Vergil, Shogo Makishima
  • Pitied by: The Love That Moves The Stars
  • It's said that the sins of the father are passed onto the son. In some Biblical beliefs, this led to a cursed lineage for Cain's descendants, being from the first murderer. As the time of the great flood came, Tubal-Cain led his fellow Cainites. Exhibiting a virtue of technological process, ruthlessness and the idea that the world is theirs for the taking. He hopes to take Noah's Ark for his people.
  • In the Bible, it is spoken that Tubal-Cain was the world's first blacksmith. He is very intelligent and has found himself skilled in the House of Technological Experts, but his primitive culture and belief in Rape, Pillage, and Burn makes him a bad influence on mankind. The Grand United Alliance of Evil was interested in him and the legacy he tried to shape mankind with.
  • Christians in general don't care for him. Interestingly, The Love That Moves The Stars has pity for having grown up and fostered in such a culture, cursed with the sins of the first murderer. Tubal-Cain absolutely does not return the sentiment. He has a hatred towards Chaos due to causing a great flood, one like that which washed away his clan.
  • Multiple deities claim to be Cain in the pantheon, which Tubal-Cain was interested in. SCP-073, having shed his original violence, wasn't pleased to see his descendant fall into that old path. Vandal Savage took a different view on him; he was proud to see his blood embrace and fight for a culture of violence, subjugation and domination. Of course like many of his historical alias Vandal's status as Cain is in doubt, but most think he's some version of the first murderer.
  • Sought out Naoya, the reincarnation of Cain, for the fact they seek a vengeance against God. Of course for Naoya it's more justified, and Tubal-Cain is motivated by feelings of abandonment and insecurity, not to mention that Naoya sees him as barbaric. However they are united in rage against their creator, and for what it's worth Tubal-Cain fights for his family and clan.
  • As mentioned, he has contempt for the Creator due to judging him as wicked despite only doing what comes naturally, being from a culture that treats brutality and domination as a way of life. He also hates how He doesn't interfere. For this, he dislikes all supreme beings. Zamasu was one deity who returned the hatred, dubbing him a premiere example of the inherent sinfulness of mankind. Of course, Zamasu equally hates Noah for not sticking to his misanthropic guns and ending his line after the Flood so mankind would stay extinct.
  • Asked Kratos and Aleph for help against the almighty, only to be rebuffed. While he understood Aleph's reasons to a point, he felt much of his rage and loathing in Kratos and wondered why the Ghost of Sparda does not help given his rage against the divine. Kratos has explained that he is trying to become a better person, and he hates himself for the violent man he used to be.
  • Tubal-Cain respects Shogo Makishima and Eddie Blake. After all, in his mind they expose the lies of the goodness and order that the Creator and descendants of Seth so love to claim as sacred, albeit in different ways and for different reasons than him. Of course, this means they won't accept him. Lucifer will, however, believing he's on the mark about the Creator, and Tubal-Cain respects humanity's free will even if it is free will to cause great chaos and devastation. Bandos has taken a shrine to his ways as well.
  • Partial to a rule of the strong and might making right, which is why he has a respect for Vergil. Tubal-Cain also believes that it is man's right to do what they will with beasts, as God had said that man had dominion over the animals. This puts him against much of the House of Beast, and Lisa Simpson has particular contempt for him. Vampirella really doesn't care for Tubal-Cain, of whom because she is Cain's daughter(and his distant great-aunt by extension), he tried to recruit her.


    The Baudelaire Orphans 
If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other profile. In this profile, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle. This is because not very many happy things happened in the lives of the three Baudelaire youngsters. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire were intelligent children, and they were charming, and resourceful, and had pleasant facial features, but they were extremely unlucky, and most everything that happened to them was rife with misfortune, misery, and despair. I’m sorry to tell you this, but that is how the story goes.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, Divine family of Boy, Girl, and Baby Siblings (The Baudelaire Orphans)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A hair ribbon (Violet), A pair of glasses (Klaus), and an assortment of bitten objects or, alternatively, a whisk (Sunny)
  • Theme Song: Look Away
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Inventions (Violet), Books (Klaus), Teeth (Sunny)
  • Followers: Kit Snicket's daughter, Beatrice, Alex Rider
  • Allies: Batman, Dipper and Mabel, Lucas, Mystery Incorporated, Sherlock Holmes, Charizard (Sunny only), Donatello of the Ninja Turtles (Violet only), Stewie Griffin
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, Montgomery Burns, Eugene Krabs, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Ragyo Kiryuin, Eric Cartman
  • Complicated Relation: V.F.D.
  • Avoid: The entire House of Toxicity, Squidward Tentacles, Glenn Quagmire
  • On a gray day at Briny Beach, these three children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, were informed that their parents had perished in a terrible fire that had destroyed their home. What followed was a maelstrom of misfortune, as the orphaned children had to contend with the villainous Count Olaf, who was determined to steal their fortune, and eventually began learning of dark secrets associated with their family, and in particular, V.F.D...
  • When V.F.D.'s presence began to spread into the Pantheon, the Baudelaires only appeared on occasion in the houses that interested them (Technology for Violet, Knowledge for Klaus, and Food for Sunny). Once Olaf ascended however, an appeal was made for the orphans to properly ascend, resulting in them being fully thrust into the strange and not-as-unfortunate place known as the Pantheon.
  • Count Olaf was pleased with their ascension, as it now means that their fortune is up for grabs. Surprisingly however, both parties seem a tad more respectful to one another (Though that does not mean for an instant that Olaf's ruthlessness has decreased). This can be chalked up to the finale of their mortal conflict where Olaf started showing a begrudging respect towards the Orphans and them dealing with the Grey-and-Grey Morality of their world. In addition, Olaf using his last moments to help Kit Snicket give birth to her daughter Beatrice seemed to have some effect on the trio, as they would occasionally visit the Count's grave, albeit they would just stand silent for a few moments.
    • Many gods believe that Olaf was the one who set fire to the Baudelaire mansion. The Orphans did pose the question to Olaf once, only for the Count to remain silent and reply that they knew nothing. To this day, it is unknown if the Baudelaires ever identified the perpetrator, though the events of one interpretation indicates that they have discovered the method of arson, a powerful magnifying lens.
  • Due to their constant moving around from household to household, it was unknown what their temple would be. Eventually, it was decided that it would be the island where their recorded ordeals came to an end. However, they do not spend much time there, due to feeling that it would be wrong to isolate one's self from the rest of the world, or in this case, the rest of the Pantheon.
  • To this day, the Baudelaires' fates in the mortal world remain rather uncertain, as their young charge, Beatrice Snicket, lost contact with them when she was ten years old. While it is likely that they are still alive, information on their status remains unknown.
  • As they began interacting with the other gods of the Pantheon, one of the first that they met was Batman, due to his investigation of V.F.D... He expressed his condolences for their misfortune, and shared the details of his own past. All three orphans have a cordial relationship with Batman, Violet in particular being interested in his equipment.
  • Due the mysterious nature of V.F.D., they had several encounters with deities specializing in solving mysteries, as the organization's nebulous presence has proven to be a headache for them. This is how those encounters went:
    • Dipper and Mabel were among the first that they met. All three got along with Dipper and gave him whatever scraps of information that they could, with Klaus even giving Dipper another commonplace notebook. However, the orphans found themselves to at first be annoyed by Mabel's personality and were disgusted at her selfish intentions that led to her helping to bring about Weirdmaggedon. They eventually warmed up to her after seeing that she did at least have good intentions, and unlike other people in their world who shared some of her more odious traits, she at least made a severe, and successful, effort to correct her mistakes. Her creativity also impressed them, though her designs, such as those for hair ribbons (Violet found them too gaudy), are not always to their tastes.
    • Mystery Incorporated was a doozy. While the orphans found themselves on good terms with Daphne, Fred, and Velma, it took them longer to get used to Scooby and Shaggy. Much like with Mabel however, learning of the duo's more heroic exploits helped them to get along with them. Sunny in particular found them to be good taste-testers for her dishes.
    • Sherlock Holmes proved to be rather interesting, as Klaus was quite pleased to see such a prominent literary character in the Pantheon. He and the orphans tend to keep a professional relationship, though Klaus has begun to study under his tutelage.
  • One day, a small blond-haired boy approached Klaus, only to react with confusion upon meeting with him. The orphans soon learned that the boy, Lucas, had confused the middle Baudelaire orphan for his older twin. Regardless, after the initial confusion was cleared up, the four soon formed a friendship, as Lucas and the orphans can sympathize with the others' plight. Sunny also made great friends with Lucas' Rope Snake, being reminded of the Incredibly Deadly Viper.
  • At this point in the story, I feel obliged to interrupt and give you one last warning. As I said at the very beginning, the profile that you are viewing on your device does not have a happy ending. It may appear now that Count Olaf is no longer as much of a threat and that the three Baudelaire youngsters will live happily ever after with their new friends in the pantheon, but it is not so. If you like, you may shut your device off this instant and not read the unhappy pieces of trivia that are to follow. You may spend the rest of your life believing that the Baudelaires triumphed over Count Olaf and lived perfect lives in the house of Offsprings, but that is not how the story goes.
  • Due to their experiences with the Medusoid Mycelium, all three Baudelaires keep far away from the House of Toxicity. They were horrified to learn that Olaf had managed to sneak the fungus into the Pantheon, but were glad that there was a plethora of horseradish and horseradish-hybrid plants to curb the deadly organism.
  • Remembering Prufrock Preparatory School's so-called 'advanced computer system' that would keep Olaf away (Spoiler alert, it did nothing), Violet tried to gain assistance from The Machine, wanting its help in keeping Olaf at bay. Unfortunately, the schemes of Olaf and his allies have only gotten on the "irrelevant" list, much to her frustration.
  • Sunny once visited the House of Reptiles, hoping to find the Incredibly Deadly Viper. Much to her disappointment however, she was unable to find Ink (As Kit Snicket called the serpent) and she instead ended up encountering creatures suck as Apophis, Sobek, and Orochi, much to her horror. She did however, meet several good-aligned reptiles, such as the Ninja Turtles and Charizard.
    • On that note however, while Sunny was able to get along somewhat well with Charizard, she isn't particularly close to the turtles, as is Klaus, due to once confusing them for their namesakes. Violet however, got along fine with Donatello thanks to their technological work.
      • And continuing from that, from meeting the turtles, the orphans met April O'Neal. They were at first wary of her due to their experience with Geraldine Julienne, a reporter who was responsible for the stories that pegged the orphans as murderers in their world. However, they were relieved to discover that she wasn't anything like the star reporter of the Daily Punctilio. Regardless, they have requested that she not write any stories about them, which she has respected.
    • Overall, the Orphans have a mixed opinion on the House of Reptiles, on the one hand, they are willing to research the organisms that live within it as a tribute to their Uncle Monty, but on the other hand, a good number of the ascended creatures are horrifically powerful monsters well out of the orphans' physical league and could easily devour them as a snack, and so the Baudelaires have to take special care in avoiding them.
  • After their experiences with Vice-Principal Nero's six-hour violin recitals, the Baudelaires hoped that they would never hear such horrific noises ever again. Those hopes were dashed after an encounter with Squidward Tentacles and his horrid clarinet playing. His personality, while more pleasant than Nero's (Which says a LOT about the Baudelaires' world), is still quite unpleasant, and the orphans takes great pains to avoid him.
    • Nero's actions have also caused the Baudelaires to take great pains to avoid the likes of Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge, since they, like him, are extremely sadistic teachers/administrators. Umbridge in particular horrifies the orphans, mainly because while Nero's violin playing could easily be substituted as a method of torture, Umbridge's usage of magic makes her a FAR worse enemy to deal with.
  • The three once investigated the House of Commerce, after hearing that someone was starting to make it big in the lumber business and was paying their employees in gum and coupons. The orphans feared that Sir had made his way into the Pantheon, only to discover that it was actually the work of Montgomery Burns, who was trying to implement Sir's business tactics into the House. Thankfully, Burns was forced to halt once the Baudelaires revealed the scheme. He has since sworn revenge on the orphans.
    • While investigating, the orphans ran into Eugene Krabs, and learned, that, somehow, he pays his employees even LESS than Sir! In fact, they pay him! The orphans were disgusted at Krabs' business practices, which increased when he tried to convince them to spend their entire fortune on Krabby Patties. The orphans chose instead to leave the Krusty Krab, especially since they were reminded, however briefly, of the Anxious Clown.
  • After having to deal with Esme Squalor, the Baudelaires hoped that they would never have to deal with her absurd fashion designs ever again. Those hopes were dashed after Ragyo Kiryuin heard of Esme's outfits, and proceeded to create Life Fiber replicas out of them. The Baudelaires were disgusted by this, especially after learning of Ragyo's actions, which make Esme look like a saint! Unfortunately, due to Ragyo's power level being well out of their league, Violet has had to content herself with learning about anti-Life Fiber technology and hope that it will be enough to protect her siblings from Ragyo if the Disco MILF or Nui should ever attempt an attack on them.
  • The orphans aren't on good terms with Eric Cartman. Partly because he's allied with Count Olaf, and also because he's an immature brat. They do agree that he at least has more artistic talent than Carmelita Spats though, despite his crude tastes. Cartman, curious about this fact, once located a recording of Carmelita's singing...and screamed aloud in horror.
  • One day, Sunny met Stewie Griffin, who was glad to find someone of at least comparable intelligence to himself and his age. She wasn't a fan of his desire to kill his mother though, for obvious reasons. Regardless, the two have a tenuous relationship, due to Stewie mellowing out over time and Sunny knowing that her own hands aren't clean, since she had the idea to burn down the Hotel Denouement, albeit it was to warn V.F.D volunteers that the last safe place was safe no more.
  • Upon hearing the name 'Quagmire', the Baudelaires thought that their friends, the Quagmire triplets, had made it into the Pantheon. Upon meeting the person who shared the triplets' last name, the orphans hightailed it out of there. Thankfully for her sanity, Quagmire isn't interested in Violet, though he found it amusing that two other people with his last name had the hots for her. Violet of course, found nothing amusing in this whatsoever.
  • Against all possible odds, Beatrice was able to find a way to contact the Baudelaires, and confirmed that, after all of the unfortunate events they suffered, they finally moved on and managed to have fulfilling lives.

    Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki 
Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki, Dual Deities of Mafia Children (Raku: Bean Sprout (by Chitoge); Chitoge: Gorilla Queen (by Raku))

    Shinji Matou 
Shinji Matou, God of Second Generation Losers (Wakame, The Living Seaweed)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Book of False Attendant
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Hate Sink, Second Generation Loser, Dirty Coward, Blames everyone but himself, Lacks circuits in a powerful magus bloodline, Harmless Gnat, Jerkass, Full of himself, Boisterous Weakling, Tragic Villain, Not liked by his family, Wants to be in control of everything, Hates pity, Cannot fight worth beans
  • Domains: Losers, Magic, Cowardice, Family
  • Allies: Argus Filch (sort of), Eric Cartman
  • Enemies: Sakura Matou (his step-sister), Rin Tohsaka, Gilgamesh, Archer, Shirou Emiya, Illya, Hercules, Medusa (Rider), Kenshiro, Toki, Raoh, Toxie, Voldemort, Guts, Shinji Ikari, Luigi, the House of Love, Princess Candace, Kyu Sugardust
  • Envies: Those at Hogwarts
  • Opposed by: Every female in the Pantheon
  • Special Relationship: Zouken Matou (his grandfather)
  • It's really hard being a loser, but imagine that not only your father is a loser, but you are also a loser. Shinji Matou is unfortunately(?) one of those people who has to deal with being a loser. A despicable prick, he likes to toot his own horn by saying that he is hot shit. This tends to end badly for him, since the only reason why he was even remotely threatening is because he had Medusa under his thrall. Even his grandfather, who isn't a shining beacon of morality, completely hates him, along with his father.
    Zouken: Fool. I didn't expect victory from a failure like you. What I expected was enough pride to challenge others in spite of your powerlessness... But you failed miserably. You disgraced the name of the Makiri. Hmph... you and your father are both disgraces to our family.
  • He is well known for raping Sakura Matou for three years straight, and this did not sit well with a lot of people, especially those who have been raped, or have loved ones who have been raped. This eventually bit him in the ass as he tried to rape Sakura, only for her to kill him in Heaven's Feel. He's in love with Rin Tohsaka, but she doesn't return his interest. No wonder he tried to rape her, and Lancer pricked him in the arm for doing that. At least he hasn't tried this stunt here, because if he did, someone else would be the one punishing him for it, and considering how the Pantheon is.... Stays far away from Illya and Hercules (regardless if he has Mad Enhancement or not), since both of them murdered him in another route.
  • He views consent as a quaint idea, and this view tends to get him screwed over in the long run. He's not afraid to hit a girl either, which Shirou and possibly many others despise about him. Many people are surprised that Sakura actually cares about Shinji, considering that he raped and abused her for three years straight. Then again, the only reason Sakura was abused in the first place was because she had pity on him. Shinji Ikari was disgusted that they shared a first name, but Shinji Matou called him out for hypocrisy given he masturbated to a comatose Asuka. Of course, Shinji Ikari pointed out "he was so fucked up" at the time and never tried to rape her. The House of Love has no respect for how he raped his step-sister, and both Princess Candace and Kyu Sugardust were revolted.
  • His wish for the holy grail is to acquire the ability to utilize magecraft, so he can be special. There was one incident where the holy grail was left in the middle of the open, and in a mad dash to fulfill his wish, he tried to grab the holy grail, but was beaten to the punch by someone else. Luigi beat him to it, and all Luigi did with it was to put it back where it belonged. Saying that Shinji was peeved is an understatement. One of his few allies is Argus Filch, since he's a pretty prickly figure and is deeply resentful of being a Muggle Born of Mages. Of course, Filch thinks Shinji can be creepy so they aren't that buddy-buddy.
  • Voldemort considers him an example of why he hates squibs so much, much like he hates half-bloods, muggleborns and muggles. The heroic Harry Potter deities don't like him for being such a slimy person and call him out for blaming his issues on his lack of power and magic. Shinji is just envious of them. The Dursleys don't pay much attention to him, thinking he's a creepy weirdo who wastes his time with "unnatural" magic.
  • His fighting skills are just as bad as his magic, and he got chased off by a broom wielding Shirou, and even when he did punch Shirou, it wasn't that much to faze Shirou at all. Due to the fact that the Pantheon is filled to the brim with badasses, it's likely that he would run away from a lot of deities. There was one incident where Shinji ran into Toxie, and he high tailed it to get away from him. Too bad it didn't work, since Toxie can detect evil, and Toxie eventually caught up to him. It didn't end well. He also ran away from the Hokuto trio, since all three of them have zero tolerance on abusing women, and the fact that all three of them completely tower of him. (Shinji's 167 cm, while the Hokuto trio are all above six feet tall, with Raoh being an inch shy of seven feet tall)
  • He despises unconditionally happy atmospheres, and the usually idealistic atmosphere of the Pantheon tends to make him sick. His brilliant deduction skills and searching skills aren't well known. Many people wonder why he doesn't use these skills more often. Others say that he prefers to think with his genitals and not with his brain. As soon as a situation is no longer in his favor, he will beg, flee and backstab to ensure his own safety.
  • Do not call him useless at all. Too bad everyone calls him that. And in case you can't tell, people really don't like him. One of the few exceptions was Eric Cartman, who is full of narcissistic contempt despite how he's really just a spoiled, cowardly and angry kid. He wants to give Shinji advice on how to be a better Jerkass and get back at people.


Anne-Marie, Goddess of Heartwarming Orphans (Squeaker)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her Toy Rabbit
  • Theme: Soon You'll Come Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Loving and Endearing Orphan, Really Sweet, The Cutie, Becomes Charlie's Moral Guidance and Eventually Redeems him, Keeps posession of a toy rabbit, Innocent Blue Eyes, Wears ragged clothing colored in Red, White, Blue and Yellow, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Has the Ability to Speak to Animals, Willing to befriend anyone (which tends to be exploitable), Happily Adopted, Ultimately gets what she wished for in the end, Somehow not mentioned at all in later instalments
  • Domains: Orphans, Innocence, Communication, Adoption
  • Heralds: Harold and Kate (Her adopted parents)
  • Superior: Don Bluth
  • Allies: In general, The Good-Aligned members of the House of Family and Canines
  • Additional Relationships: Goro Majima, John Wick, Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Opposes: Dag, Napoleon, Scar, 456 Ambassador, Basco ta Jolokia, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Conflicting Opinions: The House of Commerce
  • Anne-Marie was a little girl in 1939 New Orleans. Not much is known about her, but what was known was that she was orphaned and taken under by a collective gang of anthropomorphic dogs led by Carface Carruthers as a means to to earn money. She was broken out by Charlie Barkin (Who was dead and came back via a stolen watch) and Itchy Crawford, who also decided to use her to develop their own casino, despite Anne-Marie's wishes to be adopted by loving parents. However, her presence caused Charlie to soften up and grow past his rough demeanor, ultimately caring for the girl. After being kidnapped by Carface, Charlie set off to save her, ultimately dying again to do so. Adopted by Harold and Kate whom she met earlier, Anne-Marie saw Charlie one last time before the latter set off to Heaven, redeemed.
  • Anne-Marie initially served as a herald to Charlie Barkin, given how Charlie owes her for giving him a new perspective in life, sacrificing himself for her safety and redeeming his soul. Her ascension was signified by Anne-Marie tightly hugging Charlie with a big smile. King Gator looked on with, before erupting to loud singing as usual for him.
  • She and Charlie still hang out with one another, though Charlie tends to worry about Anne-Marie's naivety. He tries to be wary of which places and deities to avoid for Anne-Marie's sake and also has to make up by keeping her happy and safe. Fortunately, there's a lot of deities out there for support, which Charlie is glad of.
  • Being someone who is part of a collective of Don Bluth, Anne-Marie immediately grew accustomed with the rest of his ascended good deities. She is able to communicate well with Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tiger, and Chanticleer well enough and she became fast friends with the Gang of Seven too. Her best friend out of the bunch is Ducky, given her excitable, cheerful personality like Anne-Marie's and how similar they sound.
  • She also made a new friend on Yoshi, whose determination and loyalty makes Anne-Marie want to ride him. Charlie doesn't mind. She also became acquainted really well with Eliza Thornberry, as both are able to talk to and understand animals. The two have a lot of fun going around and talking to animals in the House of Beast.
  • Upon her ascension, Anne-Marie met up with four other orphans who went through different, but tough and tragic ordeals, just like her; Pollyanna Whittier, Anne Shirley, Heidi and Sara Crewe. Relating to each other and striking a close friendship, they formed a quintet in the hopes of trying to bring joy and happiness in the Pantheon. Considering the five of them are still little girls, they're seeking to ask and gain help from some of the older, more experienced Pantheon residents.
    • She also became fast friends with Madeline due to the two of them being endearing and playful orphans. Madeline is among the first to step up and help the Orphan Quintet in their goals and bonds. A similar encounter also came with Annie who's experiences with her dog Sandy and having a notable possession made her really relatable for Anne-Marie.
  • She gets along pretty well with anyone good in the House of Family and is a popular visitor in the House of Canines. Her favourites in the Pantheon (Besides Charlie) are Tetsuya Tsurugi, Leona Heidern and the Baudelaire Orphans, seeing as they are all orphans. They all return the favour, seeing how accustomed and gentle Anne-Marie's company tends to be. While they aren't on the canines's house, Lady, Tramp and Isabelle also enjoy being around Anne-Marie for similar reasons.
    • Dick Grayson and Tim Drake being orphans themselves have played a good influence on serving as Anne-Marie's guardians at some points and playing with her. That said, the two of them don't want her becoming a vigilante. Additionally, Naruto Uzumaki has tried to pay visits and supporting Anne-Marie, treating her like how would treat his own children, Boruto and Himawari.
    • Kazuma Kirya has expressed that he would actually like to enroll Anne-Marie into his orphanage if he was able to. He also thinks that she and Haruka would make good friends due to their sweet, innocent nature and wisdom. A similar sentiment came from King II, himself an orphan who understood what Anne-Marie had went through. Kiryu and King frequently pay her visits every now and then and have agreed to help out the Orphan Quintet on several occasions.
    • Developed a close relationship with N as he used to communicate with Pokemon during his childhood and was an orphan before his adoption. N is happy to see Anne-Marie be adopted by a loving couple, something which he never did. He told her about Ghetsis and his treatment towards people and Pokemon. Since then, Anne-Marie has stated she wants nothing to do with Ghetsis.
    • Anne-Marie tends to compare Charlie towards Josuke Higashikata, namely in the sense that Josuke tends to find ways to earn himself money. Josuke finds her a great company, just like the rest of the House of Family, though she tends to giggle whenever Josuke and Okuyasu try to enact a money-making scheme with bizarre results. His intimidating appearance aside, Anne-Marie gets along with Okuyasu all the same.
  • Her adopted parents, Harold and and Kate, serve as her herald. As they tend to look after Anne-Marie like any Good Parents, the latter has grown fond of those who look after and love their children, adopted or not. Harold and Kate themselves tend to talk spend a good time talking to good-aligned members of the House of Family, whilst also being wary of Abusive Parents which they do their best to ensure Anne-Marie doesn't have any contact with.
  • She and Anastasia often meet up with the Disney Princesses every once in a while. A lot of residents taker notice of how Anne-Marie and Snow White resemble each other a lot. Maybe that's how they became great acquaintances.
  • While she can be nice, Anne-Marie does have her moments of being serious and disappointed, such as the time when Charlie stole Harold and Kate's wallet. Goro Majima found that out when he decided to randomly start a fight against Kazuma Kiryu, right in front of Anne-Marie, much to her dismay. The Mad Dog has since decided not to make things more awkward, though he occasionally drops by to say hi to her and spend some time. John Wick and Jason Todd are much more wary, given they are aware of their violent tendencies. Jason relates to her in the sense that he was an orphan as well, whereas John's fondness for dogs makes him and Anne-Marie good company, given the latter adopted Itchy when she was adopted.
  • She might be among the nicest deities in the Pantheon, but that might not be the best thing. Anne-Marie tried to make friends with Dag at one point, only to end up with Dag chasing and wanting to eat her She was saved by a timely intervention from Kiryu and Majima who pounded the hell out of him. The overall experience still makes Anne-Marie nervous, something which others make sure not to talk about again.
  • Due to her experience was Carface and Charlie before the latter's redemption, Anne-Marie has rather mixed opinions about the House of Commerce. While she is aware that there are residents she can get along with, such as Scrooge [Mc=Duck], Sara Crewe, Charlie Bucket and even Seto Kaiba, the presence of those like Eliza and Neil Reagan and Mr. Burns leaves her nervous when she attends. Luckily her adopted parents and Charlie are there to help her out.
  • Charlie leaving her behind after redeeming himself was the last time the German Shepherd saw Anne-Marie. Considering she doesn't turn up in any of his future endeavours, it seems weird. Though, in a tragic sense, some speculate that her actress's death had something to do with it. Anne-Marie asserts that she had a happy life with her new parents after the event, though she gets saddened whenever her actress gets bought up.
"Then goodbye Charlie. I love you."


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