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Greater Gods

     Zilla Jr. 

Godzilla/Zilla Jr., God of Being Raised by Humans (Godzilla, The Best Thing to Come Out of Godzilla '98, Duke of the Monsters)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Him standing atop a building
  • Theme Song: Stomp the World
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Raised by Humans, Superior Successor, Lightning Bruiser, Truer to the Text, Spin-Offspring, Gentle Giant, Destructive Savior, Breath Weapon, Happily Adopted, Last of His Kind, Nature vs. Nurture
  • Domains: Kaiju, Adoption, Power, Successors, Strength
  • Heralds:
    • The Members of HEAT: Dr. Niko "Nick" Tatopoulos (his adoptive father), Dr. Elsie Chapman, Dr. Mendel Craven, Randy Hernandez, Monique Dupre, N.I.G.E.L.
    • Others: Komodithrax (mate)
  • High Priest: King Clawthorne
  • Followers: Marco, Salera, Robert Smith, Tyler Blu Gunderson ("Blu" for short)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationship: The Original Zilla (its parent)
  • In 1998, a creature named Godzilla/Zilla attacked New York and caused lots of destruction before being finally killed, it also laid eggs in a nest that was destroyed to prevent the spread of its kind, but one egg survived and was found by Nick Tautopolos a scientist who had gotten previously involved with Zilla, the egg hatched and the baby ended imprinting in Tautopolos before being scared off by a military search, only to track down Tautopolos once he'd grown into a sub-adult. Out of compassion, and perhaps a bit of guilt due to its parent and siblings' death, Tautopolos took in the young Zilla and began taking care of it in hopes of it coming out friendlier than its parent and siblings, which it did and soon became an ally to him, helping the organization HEAT in a long fight against various evil Kaiju and alien that attacked Earth, including a resurrected Zilla, who put the loyalty of the young monster to the test, though his love for his adopted father won and allowed him to take down his resurrected parent and prove his true superiority.
  • Was received with praise once ascended, given his parent's infamy as a Godzilla In Name Only, as Zilla Jr. proved himself worthy of being called Godzilla, to test himself he fought Godzilla, and though he lost he put up a good fight that earned him respect from the King of the Monsters and his allies, as well as the entire Grand United Alliance of Good, ever since he's kept a respectful position among Godzilla's allies, and is eager to help out the forces of good against the many evils of the Pantheon. He ascended with HEAT as his heralds, as well as having Komodithrax brought back from her apparent death to serve him as company.
  • One of his first actions was to prove himself to Godzilla, after battling the King of Monsters and ultimately losing, Zilla Junior earned his respect and was soon accepted into the inner circle of Godzilla's allies and followers. Junior has taken up direct action to combat all enemies of Godzilla, usually alongside the king himself.
  • Having been Ultraman Zero's High Priest once, Zilla Jr. and Zero found a lot of common ground and were quick to become allies and friends, alongside Mothra Leo, the three ocasionally refer to each other as the Successor Three, though aren't really an organized group, as they more or less see it as a friendship circle between them. They'll usually scout the Pantheon looking for threats to combat.
  • As they both had to kill their parents and have really complicated feelings about them, Riku Asakura and Zilla Jr. became quick friends as well, the two can ocassionally be seen eating tuna and some instant noodles usually gourging enough portions to feed an entire country for a year, and leaving a mess in the House of Food. When not hanging out like this, they will usually talk about their experiences being raised by a different species and how they had to kill their parents as both of them still have psychological scars from the incidents.
  • He gets well along with deities raised by different species to them. Among these stand out the following:
    • Superman, who was raised by the humans John and Martha Kent after the planet of Krypton was destroyed. Superman himself respects that Zilla uses his powers to help humanity and Earth against various threats, in spite of being the son of a Kaiju that caused destruction. On a similar note was Goku, who was also raised by the human Gohan and became much nicer than most Saiyan warriors thanks to it, Goku has also fought him and respected him for his strength, even if he didn't match him in the end. Given that his father prevented him turning into a monster, Hellboy also found a good ally in Zilla
    • As he was a dragon raised by ponies, Spike also found common ground with the Kaiju, especially given the incidents where both had their loyalties challenged by the return of their parents, even if in Spike's case his "Father" turned out to be a liar who tried to take advantage of him. In spite of the incidents both ultimately chose the parents that raised them and thus have bonded over it.
    • Since Thrall and Blue the velociraptor were raised by humans despite not being close to humanoid, they shared a commonality with Zilla Junior, especially with how their kind are usually considered irrationally aggressive or dangerous, yet with their upbringing they came out much kinder and helpful. Blue herself also connects with Zilla's feelings of being the last one of his kind left, which she herself is too in regards to her sisters being dead and no other velociraptors being alive in her home universe.
    • Other deities that were raised by different species such as Po and Heinz Doofenshmirtz also befriended the Kaiju after they bonded over their shared similarities. Junior was particularly proud of Doofenshmirtz making a Heel–Face Turn for real after understanding that he never was really evil or bad.
  • In a bad future of his home universe, Zilla Junior perished at the hands of the DRAGMAs a race of Explosive Breeder Kaiju who also decimated the entire planet in the process, for this reason it hates the Gyaos, as the flying Kaiju are all too similar to the DRAGMA and even more dangerous given their capacity to evolve even after growing to adulthood and their unrestrained hunger especially since Gyaos are monsters without a soul, whose existence harms Earth itself. Since Gatanozoa commands legions of world-ending Zoigers and various other Kaiju, Zilla Jr. opposes it as well.
  • It doesn't likes evil militaries, especially some such as the HECU, who see all kaiju as threats to be destroyed and they're quite the ammoral organization even disregarding their desire to exterminate Zilla simply for being a Kaiju, rather than him being a threat to anyone.
  • Other Gentle Giants get along with Zilla, especially some such as The Iron Giant, who was pleased to see that Zilla was a mostly peaceful Kaiju who only fights to protect those he cares for or if forced to. Other examples that befriended it were those such as Insectosaur as well as the rest of her monster allies, who were glad to see another friendly Kaiju to fight alongside with against threats.
  • As he's a Friend to All Living Things, Ash Ketchum earned Zilla Jr.'s friendship pretty quickly. Junior was impressed to see that Ash was also a Determinator like him, unwilling to back down even against strong opponents and that he had saved the world multiple times. Ash himself likes to ocasionally watch Junior's friendly fights against some of its rivals and other Kaiju.
  • Given how Toothless and Hiccup are friends despite their differing species, Zilla Junior became their ally as well. Helped by him already being allies with Po, who was able to introduce him to his fellow Dreamworks deities, he was surprised to hear that Hiccup took mercy on Toothless when he could've killed him which was admirable since it reminded him of Tautopolos choosing to raise him instead of letting the military kill him like they did to his siblings and parent.
  • Since he's good with reptiles, Steve Irwin earned a friendship with Junior pretty easily, he was happy to see how tame the Kaiju was and gave him some nose pats to prove that he meant no harm to Junior and even invited him over at his temple if he ever had a need for a place to rest.
  • Striked up an Odd Friendship with Rose Quartz, she was quite intrigued by his nature as a benevolent Kaiju and began seeking him out to speak with him, given that she was an alien who fought for Earth and humans. Zilla Junior quickly befriended her when he saw how much she cared for Earth and the two at times hang out on the Hosue of Nature in order to have some peace of mind. He didn't take long to befriend her son, Steven Universe.
  • Since she was adopted by Shifu and despite complications, Tigress found a lot of common ground with Zilla Jr. on being adopted by a parent of a different species. Toriel also earned his friendship for similar reasons as did Asgore and Frisk, as the practically adopted family was very loving and reminded him a bit of how in spite of humans being considered their enemies, he and Toriel/Asgore were shown the better parts of humanity thanks to Frisk and Tautopolos.
  • Similarly for all these reasons, he showed a great understanding with Mighty Joe Young, as both were orphaned by humans, yet another human raised them and allowed them to live mostly in peace and made the public not fear them but instead consider them as heroes.
  • His relationship with his parent is complicated. While they fought when Zilla was Cyber-Zilla, the one in the Pantheon is once again fully organic and some rumor it has taken a level in Badass compared to his previous outings. The two are currently attempting to bond so they can patch things up, but so far it's proven to be a rather hard and long road for them to truly reach a point of complete friendliness and forgivance. Which has also reinforced his bond with Steven and Rose given the latter duo's own family issues.

Intermediate Gods

Atalanta, Goddess of Feral Children (Atalante, Chaste Huntress, Archer of Red, Atalanta Alter, Berserker, Sister, Missy, Atanyanta, Nyanta, Nyatanlanta, Evil Cat, Alterlanta Nyalter, Mad Cat, Angry Cat)
Atalanta Alter 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden apple with an arrow on it
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil when in a really bad mood; drifts to Chaotic as an Alter Servant with Mad Enhancement via Agrius Metamorphosis. In a good mood, she's more True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Focused Archery, Those Abandoned By Parents, Raised By Animals, Hyper Runner, Child Lover, Getting Distracted By Golden Apples, Cat Ears And Tails Without Being A Cat Girl, Virginity Oath, Phoebus Catastrophe, Agrius Metamorphosis, Nature Hero
  • Domains: Children, Archery, Combat
  • Herald: Hippomenes (her husband from mythology)
  • Allies: Artemis, Apollo, Achilles, Hercules, Medea, Karna, Saint Martha, Litchi Faye-Ling, Taokaka, Ash Ketchum, Yoshino, the Heroic Protectors of Family and Relatives, many of the Childhood and Adolescence house members (and lots of good children), residents of the Nature Preservers house and the House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Rivals: Jeanne D'Arc, Saint George, The Flash
  • Enemies: Child Abuse Supporters, every Abusive Parents in the pantheon, Jeanne D'Arc Alter, Zeus, Aphrodite, The Grineer, Jack the Ripper
  • Pitied by : Rex, Pyra, and Mythra.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Killua Zoldyck
  • The Chaste Huntress, former princess of Arcadia that for some reason got abandoned by her parents, left to die in the wilds until she was saved by outside forces and grew up in the wilds until some couple picked her up. Even so, Atalanta has adopted the ways of the wild throughout her life that it stuck, and became a reason why she ascended in the Pantheon.
  • Atalanta was known as one of the earlier cases of classic action heroines, in as much as the Greek myth allowed, which was quite a feat for a male-dominated society. She had the honors of joining the Argonauts, which made her friends with some of its followers, such as Hercules and especially Medea. As of the leader, Jason? Even Atalanta knows he's a jerk, and that was before he dumped Medea. So she's not a big fan.
  • Since she was abandoned as a child, she became a lover for children, wishing them happiness and love and fiercely protective of them. One of the ways to make her flip off in anger is to see children getting killed, that not even a saintly person like Jeanne D'Arc would be excused from her wrath; while she's fine when Jeanne was designated as her ally, if she crossed that line, all bets are off.
    • While the relations with Jeanne was tenuous, the same couldn't be said to her Alter self, who summoned her once and then forcefully put a Mad Enhancement on her. Short version: Atalanta hated her.
    • Thankfully, hanging around in Chaldea missions has been quite a boon to Atalanta that she has developed limits about flipping while protecting children, this is why she put the normal Jeanne as just 'rival'. This is proven when she, without bias for children, got rid of Jack the Ripper, at least on the female form... But when Jack revealed that he has many forms aside of the little girl, and just took that form to goad Atalanta into madness again for fun, he went straight to her actual black list. And henceforth, Atalanta became more selective on which children she would protect, mostly good ones.
    • And obviously, she hates the Child Abuse Supporters and anyone who has ever held that position. She has adopted a kill-on-sight policy on them. Same goes for the Twin Queens and their empire for their practice of immortality done on children.
  • When she was noted that Artemis was within the Pantheon, Atalanta was honestly nervous. The last time she saw her as a ditzy big-boobed Goddess against her image, she was so mortified... But when it turned out that the Artemis here was a more adjusted, no-nonsense archer that fought other Gods, Atalanta was much more relieved. Though she had to apologize that she grazed her Calydonian Boar Tusky for her other mate Meleager to kill.
    • Both Artemis and Apollo were also grateful for her constant prayers/'complaints' to them from her Phoebus Catasthope, which they claimed to empower their shenanigans in the Battleground of the Gods, and Artemis said Atalanta learned well from her Rain of Arrows skill she liked to call 'Surpress the Insolent'. Even Atalanta lent her bow to be used by any Hunting Gods there.
    • That said, she was quite pissed at Zeus for turning her into a lion. Aside of not being able to mate with Hippomenes, she's pissed that everyone around her often asked her to act like a Cat Girl. In case it turns out to be Aphrodite doing it, she's pissed as well, since she also had a hand in the footrace thing below.
    • She then became quite embarassed when she was informed that lions actually mate with lionesses, not leopards, meaning her "punishment" of a lack of intimacy was largely self-inflicted. Fortunately, her husband Hippomenes has now become her herald and they can chose their form at will, means they have been able to continue their relationship, though are now more careful not to... dirty up anyone else's temple.
  • She prefers hanging around in the wild and nature, thus making her appreciate those who protect nature and wild animals, in addition of children. In turn, she also lent her strength to protect the serene nature.
  • While she had a soft spot on St. Martha, perhaps due to sounding rather similar and also sharing the spot of being summoned as a berserk version of themselves by Jeanne Alter, Atalanta is not that thrilled with her partner George since he directly fought against her. So visiting their house can get rather awkward.
  • She's rather infamous for 'killing her would-be suitors that lost in the footrace to marry her'. Atalanta at first protested that she's just uninterested in marriage and set up the rules to scare off suitors, but some people seem to be morons. Regardless of that, eventually she gave up and let herself be labelled Neutral Evil, just like her friend Medea. Besides, she did find someone she's happily married to.
    • As such, she's one of the speediest people in the Pantheon. There are little to no Gods that can outrun her... though one notable exception is The Flash. Thankfully for Atalanta, Flash didn't beat her at running to marry her.
  • Though she'd rather not admit it much, putting up a cold shoulder instead, she actually was quite grateful on Achilles, namely, for releasing her from madness once she went apeshit on Jeanne d'Arc.
  • She found quite a surprising ally in both Litchi Faye-Ling and Taokaka, when the latter literally dragged her for a meal as fellow cat girls. And surprisingly, Atalanta found herself in similar wavelength with Litchi in terms of loving children and having regrets of having tunnel-visions of chasing one's personal dream without listening to reason. As a result, both of them became friends and cover each other whenever someone short-sightedly badmouthed their actions.
    • And because of this, Atalanta also developed interest in Carl Clover, whom she saw as a very much unloved children. What helps her case was that his father Relius Clover was an unabashed bastard, so much it tempted Atalanta to just go wild with Agreus Metamorphosis against him, but thankfully, her past experience and help from Litchi prevented her.
  • She once claimed that Hades was actually a giant alien robot in disguise, based on a past wacky adventure with Hercules and Jason (who was inexplicably turned into a black dude, but since he's less of a jerk there, Atalanta preferred that version). She took back her claims once she learned that the real Hades wouldn't be kidnapping Persephone, they love each other.
  • After hearing legends about a child with a history of befriending beasts worthy of divinity, Atalanta set out to the House of Commerce to investigate. Such child was Ash Ketchum, who had no trouble striking up a friendship with her. After hearing Atalanta's story, Ash couldn't help but feel sorry for her, as she had come from a world harsher and crueler than his own. Even so, he said that her desire to protect children was truly admirable and promised to do whatever he could to support her. He is also fond of patting her in the head the same way he does to Pikachu, and amazingly, Atalanta doesn't complain.
  • Unsurprisingly took pity on Yoshino after hearing her story and agreed to help Shido Itsuka in protecting her.
  • Atalanta became happy when she heard a familiar voice, that of her husband from mythology, Hippomenes. While he did beat her through the use of tha apples, Atalanta was mature enough to admit her loss. She is also looking to get their son as her second herald.

    Charles zi Britannia 
Charles zi Britannia, God of Knight Templar Parenting (98th Emperor of Britannia, Leader of the Geass Order, Leader of the Eden Vital Order, Charles di Britannia, The Emperor, Chuck)

    Josuke Higashikata 
Josuke Higashikata, God of Illegitimate Heroic Sons (The Fourth JoJo, Josuke Joestar, JoJo Higashikata)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand "Crazy Diamond"
  • Theme Music: Golden Spirit, Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town by THE DU, Chase (Eng. remix) by batta, I Want You by Savage Garden, Great Days (English version, Units Ver.) by Karen Aoki, and his theme from Eyes of Heaven; when pissed, Diamond is Unbreakable (Stand Activated Ver.)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Stand(s): Crazy Diamond
  • Portfolio: Stylish Pompadour, Thou Shall Not Kill, immobilization as a crueler substitution for death, crazy money-making plots that tend to end hilariously, Nice Guy (But don’t Piss him Off and/or Insult his Hair, Honor Before Reason, Restorative Abilities on Anyone Except Himself and The Deceased, addiction to games of chance
  • Domains: Healing, Kindness, Power, Rage, Fashion, Family
  • Followers: Hernan Guerra
  • Herald: Tomoko Higashikata (his mother)
  • High Priest: Adonis Johnson-Creed
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Rohan Kishibe
  • Enemies: Yoshikage Kira, Yoshihiro Kira, Dio Brando, SCP-542, Freaky Fred, Jack the Ripper, Carnage, Marcello
  • Distrusts: Dexter Morgan
  • Wary of: TMNT, Oogway, Gamera
  • The town of Morioh is home to a variety of bizarre individuals and a number of unusual secrets that hide within the seemingly quiet location. Josuke Higashikata is among those who live in this place and is the product of an affair the elderly Joseph Joestar had with a woman named Tomoko Higashikata. When his older nephew Jotaro Kujo visits Morioh in order to find a serial killer affected by the Stand Arrow, Josuke discovers just how crazy things are in Morioh and as he encounters other Stand Users in the place, he and his friends get involved in a murder mystery involving a different murderer who is literally able to blow up his victims to oblivion. Josuke himself is a friendly person that’s prone to getting angry whenever someone insults him (especially regarding his pompadour) and his Stand, Crazy Diamond, is able to repair various objects and people however he wants it in addition to delivering lightning-fast punches.
  • What started off as a normal day (in the loosest sense of the word given the characters) for Josuke took another turn for the unusual when he got a letter from Jotaro talking about a place the latter found that was even stranger than Morioh. Not only did the letter mention that Joseph Joestar was in that place, but so were the other members of Josuke’s lineage, both past and future. It even mentioned that some of the people that Josuke and co. fought in the past were likely to be at that place. Josuke suspected that what Jotaro was talking about was similar to some situations that involved them meeting up with others as a result of timeline shenanigans and headed out to find him. After an odd train ride, Josuke met up with Jotaro and found out about the Pantheon, that place Jotaro was referring to in the letter. Josuke surmised that the place would have plenty of characters to encounter, both good and evil, and mysteries to solve, much like what happened back at Morioh.
  • Josuke met a very old Joseph when the latter was visiting Morioh and while he didn’t think much of Joseph at first, he warmed up to him after a series of strange events in succession related to him happened. While he did encounter a younger Joseph and the old Joseph that Jotaro traveled with a couple times, the Pantheon was where Josuke got to know Joseph and his past adventures to a better degree than before. Seeing that Joseph has gone through a lot of crazy things both with Jotaro and before meeting with the latter, Josuke does have a bit of envy, but is aware of where he got some of his more oddball characteristics form.
  • As mentioned, one sure-fire way to anger Josuke is to insult his pompadour. As easy as it is to assume that this is a weird quirk for someone like him, it turns out that he really does value that hairstyle he has. Back when Josuke was a child and close to death, a stranger helped get the car that Josuke and Tomoko were in out of a rut. The hairstyle got the attention of the then-young Josuke and he copied it as a way to honor the man that saved his life. In his view, insulting that pompadour is the same as insulting Josuke’s savior. The idea of having his hair get changed as well was something that didn’t sit well with him at all, especially after he ended up meeting Freaky Fred, who has a compulsive desire to cut people’s hair. It was clear that Josuke would mangle him so bad that Fred opted to leave for his own sake or at least try to keep his impulses in check around Josuke. While Josuke did learn that Fred was less “evil” and more “unhinged”, he really has no interest in meeting someone like him again.
  • Josuke was surprised to learn that he and his friends weren’t the only ones embroiled in a supernatural murder mystery. Yu Narukami and the Investigation Team went through an adventure similar to what Josuke and co had gone through, mainly finding a murderer in the midst of various supernatural going-ons throughout the town they were in. While Josuke and co. never had to go inside any television to find clues, they did have access to a Fighting Spirit to fight off threats, something that the Investigation Team also had to do. Josuke later met Narukami and they’ve gotten along with each other fairly well given what they had to go through to find their town’s respective murderers. Both have decided to help each other and their teammates whenever a similar scenario hits the Pantheon.
  • As a Japanese delinquent, he ended up befriending Yusuke Urameshi and from him, he learned about Kazuma Kuwabara, whom Josuke noticed was similar to Okuyasu in a few ways. When Josuke and Okuyasu met up with Yusuke and Kazuma for a training session, the former two were surprised that Kazuma was able to see their stands as a result of having high spirit awareness. Both parties hang around with each other and engage in training exercises to hone their skills.
  • One particular activity that Josuke and Okuyasu get themselves involved in relates to money and schemes related to making more of such. Josuke often finds himself running short on money for various reasons and figured the Pantheon would have multiple ways of earning more cash easily. After going through a few buildings that focused on gambling, Josuke found his way to the House of Luck and Fortune, where he figured that easy money was on the way for him and Okuyasu if he planned things out accordingly. Plenty of hijinks ensued during his visit and he almost got caught, but was able to get out of trouble and came out of the house with plenty of money. Of course, that particular place (and other gambling establishments) isn’t going to be as forgiving to him the next time something like this is attempted.
    • Charlie Barkin ended up getting involved in one of the Josuke and Okuyasu’s money-making schemes one day while trying to plan out something similar. Anne-Marie decided to check on how he’s doing, though she ended up having to search through parts of the Pantheon to catch up to him. By the time she met up with him, Charlie was running with Josuke and Okuyasu from someone angry at the trio’s attempt to get more money. After noticing the young girl that Charlie knew very well, Josuke and Okuyasu decided to know the two better. Charlie’s attempt to use Anne-Marie as a means to make money was noted by Josuke to be similar to when he and Okuyasu used a student named Shigekiyo Yanguu to get more money from a lottery ticket. While Anne-Marie helped Charlie become a better dog, Shigechi, for all the problems that he gave Josuke and Okuyasu, gave Josuke and his friends a reason to go after Kira after the latter killed Shigechi. Even if Anne-Marie did find Josuke and Okuyasu and their handful of attempts to get more money to be funny, both parties have become good friends with each other, with Charlie finding himself in some of Josuke and Okuyasu’s subsequent money-making plots.
  • His ability to make anyone recover from any serious injuries (provided that it isn’t himself or the person he’s touching is still alive) has gotten the attention of some looking to find a quick way to recover their allies. While he is willing to help any good-hearted individual, the fact that there’s a handful of less-than-savory deities who want a sample of his power has made him wary of openly revealing that information to them. SCP-542 was one deity that was curious about Josuke’s healing powers, but Josuke made it clear that he had no interest in associating himself with someone who steals organs from others.
  • One particular deity that Josuke took a liking to was Asia Argento, a kind-hearted individual with healing powers similar to his own. Through Asia, he got to meet Issei Hyodo, another person who has had his share of strange adventures. While he does envy Issei a bit on how the latter has built up enough power overtime, he doesn’t hold anything against him given his devotion to keeping his friends safe. Josuke also noticed Asia’s personality was similar to that of Koichi and how she does her best amidst dangerous adversaries, and also how Issei himself sounds somewhat similar to Koichi.
  • Given the primary conflict that he was involved with, Josuke has plenty of reasons to hate serial killers. Of course, the fact that Yoshikage Kira is still around in the Pantheon has motivated Josuke and his friends to stop him once more, but the place having additional serial killers beyond Kira was a fact that wasn’t lost on Josuke. These additionals killers ranged from elusive murderers such as Jack the Ripper to those that have committed worse atrocities than Kira has ever done. While Josuke and his friends are more focused on stopping any additional chaos caused by Kira, he will provide a bit of help to those that are having trouble with those other serial killers, even if said killers have methods different from Kira.
    • While Josuke has a clear hatred of serial killers, he didn’t really expect one of them to have a habit of going after other serial killers. That person ended up being Dexter Morgan, a man that was unhinged in a few ways, but directs his murderers towards those who deserved it. Dexter is also enemies with most other serial killers in the Pantheon, including Yoshikage Kira. Even with the knowledge that there’s someone else outside his circle of allies who hates Kira, Josuke doesn’t trust Dexter enough due to the latter’s issues to consider asking him for help.
  • Josuke makes it a point not to kill anyone outright no matter how despicable they are, preferring to use his Stand to immobilize anyone that has seriously angered him. While a few incidents like that have occured with people that ended up angering Josuke deliberately (and after being able to move again, most have decided to try and avoid him to prevent a repeat), there’s plenty of deities that have given Josuke a difficult fight, regardless of if they get immobilized or not. One time, Josuke found himself caught in the middle of a rampage carried out by Carnage and had to defend himself. In the middle of their fight, Josuke learned that Carnage had no qualms about killing others just for fun, something that angered Josuke greatly. While Josuke landed a few good hits on Carnage, he then found out that Carnage was capable of regeneration and Josuke ended up getting injured badly as the fight continued. Eventually, Carnage turned his attention to Eddie Brock, who was searching for Carnage at that time and Josuke was taken to a hospital to recover from his injuries while Carnage and Venom clashed. It became clear that Josuke would have to be more careful when dealing with insane individuals like Carnage should they meet again.
  • For unclear reasons, Josuke has a phobia of terrapins (turtles and tortoises). For this reason, he tends to steer clear of the terrapins of the Pantheon, such as Gamera, Master Oogway, and the Ninja Turtles, despite their positive reputations.

Lennon, God of Resentful Mixed Children (Bucky)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The red-eyed skull mask worn by his puppets and visionary appearances
  • Theme Song: "Lennon"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil -> Chaotic Neutral -> Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Pirate "Girl" who's actually a boy, Feminine Boy to Arusu's Masculine Girl, Long-Lost Relative, Half-Human Hybrid Child of Forbidden Love, Does Not Like Magic despite having one himself and for tragic reasons, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Pirates, Illegitimacy, Mixed Children, Feminine Boys
  • Herald: Atelia (his mother).
  • Allies: Count Bleck and Tippi, Goro Akechi, Lotor, Bayonetta, Dante, Vergil, Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, Chihiro Fujisaki, Amane Nishiki, Mettaton
  • Enemies: Anti-Mage, Voldemort, Amon
  • Stumbled upon the Pantheon while sailing the Interdimensional Sea to the Human Realm, his father and half-sister's home dimension, after the finale of the series.
  • Separated from his parents at a young age, Lennon became a pirate to survive before his defeat by Arusu, the half-sister and "mirror" he summoned into the Magical Realm. Ultimately, he became an ally of the Magical Girl Squad and redeemed himself by using his piloting skills to rescue civilians from the destruction of Wizard Kingdom.
  • Atelia, one of the Three Sages, was a capable witch but still loved a human named Jidan, making Lennon's birth an insult to the tradition of his mother's people. This led him to hate magic despite having one himself and believe that she abandoned the family for political power. He tried to kill her in disbelief of the truth — his father fled with him to protect her — but her Zero-Approval Gambit for his release and Wil's account of her search for the family made him regret what he did and reconcile with her.
  • Has some complicated feelings for Count Bleck and Tippi. Like his parents, they're an aristocratic mage and an ordinary human that racism tragically separated, and his mother and Tippi met their husbands when rescuing them. While Lennon sympathizes with them, especially Bleck for their similarities, he feels both envious and relieved that they got back together because his father had another family and, after a brief reunion with his mother, seemingly died saving her. Bleck and Tippi can't help but feel bad at what happened to Lennon and his parents given how society failed them as badly, if not worse than, it did to themselves.
  • Relates to Goro Akechi and Lotor as the stigma of their birth (illegitimacy for Akechi; mixed heritage for Lennon and Lotor) made them villains.
    • Although they're all the sons of the politicians they hated, Akechi and Lotor point out that Lennon was lucky to have parents who cared about him, especially unlike Akechi with Masayoshi Shido, who did exactly what the pirate feared of his mother: abandoning his lover and child to suffer for political power. Furthermore, Akechi and Lotor feel relieved and envious that Lennon ended up redeemed and perfectly alive with his mother.
    • Lennon is ashamed of himself for trying to kill his mother in the false belief that she hated her human husband and mixed son. This makes him angry at Akechi for serving such a worthless man as Shido in a pointless attempt to be loved and acknowledged when he learns that Shido, to cover up a murder Akechi committed, fooled a girl into believing that her mother committed suicide resenting her birth. Even worse is that the girl, Futaba Sakura, suffered the same circumstances as Akechi as an illegitimate child.
    • Given his upbringing, Lennon is shocked that Lotor killed one of his generals for being Haggar's unwitting spy since both Lotor and his generals were marginalized for their half-Galra blood. It also doesn't help that Arusu and Sheila wanted nothing more than to save Eva from her Fate Worse than Death when Grande manipulated her into casting dark magic against not only the law of the witches but also her own will.
  • Bayonetta, Dante, and Vergil sympathize with his plight given the loss of their parents in general, their status as magical mixed children of forbidden love in the first one's case, and their heritage as the sons of a possibly magic-using human in the last two's case.
    • It astonishes him to find from Bayonetta and Dante — the former of whom derives her powers from her demonic contracts, while the latter of whom is half-demon — that dark magic can be used for good in their worlds, much unlike the all-destroying spell it was in his world.
    • He feels an affinity especially with Bayonetta not only because they lived as outcasts among their mothers' peoples but also because she shares her Japanese voice with his mother. He, however, wonders why she identifies purely as an Umbra Witch because racism made him identify as not belonging to either of the home dimensions of his parents.
    • He and Vergil were both the anti-villainous, soft-spoken older brothers of the loud-mouthed protagonists but started out with opposite values: Lennon hated magic and believed that some could only use it to bring misery, Vergil hated human weakness and believed that demonic power was the key to life. They eventually realized the errors of their values, and Vergil, having befriended Kat, decides training Lennon as a magic-user would be worth the time.
  • He had dressed as a witch since his time on the Interdimensional Sea because his mother's people live in an all-female society and only failed witches go to the Human Realm. This, along with the fact that his mother is a ladylike but capable leader and his half-sister an unashamed tomboy, makes him supportive of other deities who have crossdressed or otherwise don't conform to gender roles.
    • He especially relates to Chihiro Fujisaki over their physical weakness, though he's shocked to know the amount of bullying the latter suffered because he was called unmanly only once. Lennon feels bad for Chihiro because the latter was killed before he could leave a life built on a lie. Chihiro notes that, although he would've died if Eva hadn't cured him, Lennon must have been fortunate and tough enough to survive on such an eldritch location as the Interdimensional Sea for 13 years.
    • Not wanting to be a burden, he asks Amane Nishiki and Mettaton to help him catch up with his half-sister because they are effeminate and strong. They accept his request.
  • He gets along with Akko because, just like his half-sister, she's a boisterous Japanese muggle-born witch who believes magic creates miracles. Akko, on the other hand, is pleased that he moved on from his negative views on magic, and she thinks it's absurd for a magic-user to hate magic.
  • At first, Lennon being a Tragic Boomerang Bigot intrigued Anti-Mage, but the monk was disappointed when he moved on from his hatred of magic. Lennon doesn't think highly of Anti-Mage either because even he finds the monk's continued desire to kill all magic users, including even people like Akko, horrible.
  • He naturally despises Voldemort for believing in the superiority of pure blood and using magic to satisfy his lust for power, something his muggle-born half-sister would never do. Voldemort doesn't think highly of him either because the pirate used to hate magic instead of believing it to be all that matters.
  • He and Amon feel uncomfortable with each other because they're so different even though they're both magic users with lost younger siblings and tragic pasts who wanted magic to disappear from the world. While Amon didn't move on and ended up dying because of it, Lennon found redemption because of his mother and his half-sister's actions. Not helping their relationship is that Lennon's half-sister loves magic and wants to make people happy with it.
  • Can also be found in Causes of Sadness.

Marcello, God of Evil Illegitimate Children (Brother, Captain, Othello)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A single gold ring on a chain, which he wears around his neck
  • Leitmotif: Sanctuary (as a member of the Church of the Goddess' hierarchy)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Freudian Excuse, The Unfavorite, The Resenter, Pride, Happily Adopted, Church Militant, The Leader, Ambition Is Evil, Manipulative Bastard, Xanatos Speed Chess, Villain with Good Publicity, High Priest, Defector from Decadence, Dark Messiah, Sealed Evil in a Can, Heroic Willpower, Smug Snake, How the Mighty Have Fallen, Never My Fault, Ungrateful Bastard
  • Domains: Templars, Church, Leadership, Orphans
  • Allies: Corypheus
  • Enemies: Angelo, Prince Charmles, Henry the Eighth, Irresponsible Dad, Palutena, Granny Goodness, Artix von Krieger, Bowen, Josuke Higashikata
  • Interested in: Katniss Everdeen
  • Conflicted about: Moses, Pit, Edward Newgate, Geo Stelar, Lars Alexandersson
  • Sympathetic Towards: Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Marcello's entire life has been determined by his heritage — the bastard child of a nobleman's mistress, he was ousted from the Heir Club for Men when his father's wife became unexpectedly pregnant. Marcello found escape in the church's military order until who should show up but his half-brother Angelo, whose appearance inspired untold hatred in him. When his Good Shepherd Morality Chain died suddenly, Marcello found himself enveloped in a Corrupt Church that loved nobility as much as he despised it. Through politics, quick thinking, and likely a little murder, he had Angelo thrown in The Oubliette, seized an Artifact of Doom, and positioned himself to become the new Lord High Priest. Ironically enough, Angelo's band escaped and interrupted Marcello's inauguration — after losing their duel, Marcello was suddenly overtaken by the Artifact and unleashed a God of Evil. Following the catastrophe, Marcello was on the brink of a Disney Villain Death only for Angelo of all people to save his life; of course, Marcello was such an Ungrateful Bastard that this proved Cruel Mercy.
  • (It took over ten years following his fall from grace, but recently Marcello made a point of settling his debt to his hated half-brother, but has since struck out on his own and carries on Walking the Earth; he's also replaced his religious uniform with an all-black ensemble. Despite a brief moment of not-hatred between them, they're hardly friendly).
  • He still hates nobility to the point where he pretends he has no Royal Blood himself, so once he learned there was a House of Royalty, he resolved to see it crumble. Upon discovering the Divine Temple of Faith, he immediately began looking into any military orders that he might join... and take leadership of. He was quietly delighted to learn of the Temple's guard.
  • Keep him away from Artifacts of Doom; he'll take a chance on seizing such powers for his own personal use, and he's proven himself to have the willpower to make a good try of it. The last time he did it, he maintained a Sealed Evil in a Can even as he broke the last part of the actual seal. He's taken himself on more than one self-directed tour of The Great Treasury.
  • If there's one piece of his soul still left intact, it's his sympathy for orphans. As such, he was incensed to discover Granny Goodness and her terrible orphanage; within a month, he established a conspiracy to spirit orphan children away and into the Temple Guard, not only rescuing them from Granny, but making a long-term investment in the order's strength. Papers are forged en route.
  • Marcello's too wrapped up in resentment, ego, and pride to ever have real friends or allies, but there are a handful of useful alliances to be made. Corypheus with his hatred of useless gods is almost sympathetic.
  • While he's ambivalent about his own mother, Marcello found an interesting number of parallels and brought Kurei into his personal circle. Having been the father's unfavorite in his own time might have had something to do with it.
  • While always cool and only lightly impolite at worst in person, the very thought of his half-brother Angelo is enough to make him show a more cruel and vicious side.
  • Though he never met Prince Charmles in life, he has since made the fat little pest his personal stooge, to be exploited at every opportunity to raise anti-royal sentiment. That Charmles — an embodiment of so much vice inherent to nobility — makes it so damn easy is only icing on the cake; he can style himself a Bully Hunter simply by bringing up Charmles mistreating everyone around him.
  • He holds Palutena in absolute disdain for her habit of relying on foot soldiers like Pit to work her will and is perfectly willing to call her a do-nothing goddess to her face. "You may brawl for your own personal amusement, but what have you actually accomplished in life without the blood, sweat, and tears of an army?"
  • Marcello may be focused on the house of royalty, but he also takes special umbrage with Henry the 8th, who is everything he hated in his old world wrapped up in a neat and tidy package.
  • Marcello knows about Irresponsible Dads. Marcello had an Irresponsible Dad. Marcello hates Irresponsible Dad with the heat of a thousand Kafrizzle spells. It's on Marcello's To-Do List to consign Irresponsible Dad to Purgatory Island. He may need to convince some mage or deity to create a new Purgatory Island for the pantheon first, though.
  • Bowen of the Temple's Intermediate Gods has made Marcello a personal project of his (this may explain his recent behavior regarding Angelo), and has resolved not to rest until Marcello lets his resentment go, and, ideally, is reconciled with Angelo. The entire pantheon has been taking bets since.
  • Was initially interested in the Sacred Knights under Artix von Krieger, but that's a hierarchy so locked in stone he writes it off as a bad job and commits to the temple guard.
  • Took a keen interest in Katniss Everdeen when he heard of her role in the conflict with a corrupt government and has since tried to make an ally of her — he goes so far as to think of her as a kindred spirit. It's a personal project of his to make an ally of her, despite her trust issues.
  • Meeting Moses may have been one of the most uncomfortable experiences of his life. Both abandoned and adopted, both capable leaders of men, both suffering through terrible conflict with their brothers, and yet, despite an entire life spent justifying his own plays for power, Marcello walked away from that meeting, determined to convince himself he wasn't the evil brother in his own story.
  • Pit, the Captain of Palutena's guard, he respects, but only begrudgingly. He once semi-facetiously suggested Pit take over leadership of Palutena's domain, and offered his support for such an endeavor, maybe even teach him a few spells.
  • Doesn't know how to approach the matter of Edward Newgate, who's positively the opposite of everything he's ever known about fatherhood. He maintains a safe distance at all times.
  • He struggles to deal with Geo Stelar and his Undying Loyalty to his father. By rights, the Stelar boy SHOULD be angry! His father was off gallivanting around the cosmos and left him and his mother behind! How could he possibly be so loyal? Good Parents don't exist!
  • Once tried to make a connection with Lars Alexandersson, god of White Sheep, as Marcello considers himself a Defector from Decadence. Prolonged exposure to a legitimately Heroic Bastard, however, only makes Marcello uncomfortable.
  • He once heard the story of Heinz Doofenshmirtz and spent a week in a Heroic BSoD.

Lesser Gods

    Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz 
Heinz Doofenshmirtz, God of Tragic (Yet Funny) Backstories (Doof, Dr. D, Agent O, Professor Time)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An oddly shaped building, that almost looks like a stylized wrench
  • Theme Song: "Doofenshmirtz Evil In~cor~por~at~ed!" and its variations
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, (formerly Chaotic Evil, trying to become Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Affably Evil, Big Bad Wannabe, Bond Villain Stupidity, Born Unlucky, Card-Carrying Villain, Chaotic Stupid, Ditzy Genius, Even Evil Has Standards, For the Evulz, Freudian Excuse, Heel–Face Turn, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Kavorka Man, Large Ham, Motor Mouth, Multiple-Choice Past, Punch-Clock Villain, Raised By Ocelots, Sibling Rivalry, The Unfavorite
  • Domains: Tragic Backstories, Paradoxical Backstories, Chaos, Self-Destruct Buttons, Lab Coats, Time
  • Heralds: Norm the Robot Man (his Hypercompetent Sidekick), Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (his daughter).
  • Followers: Kafuka Fuura, Jimmy Chance, Harper
  • Allies: Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher (occasional), Dr. Evil, Dr. Drakken, The Professor
  • Rivals: Cave Johnson
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Superman, Balthier (one-sided), The Ghostbusters (on principle)
  • Odd Friendship: Stitch, Leopold "Butters" Stotch
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Enemy Mine: Crash Bandicoot
  • Respects: The Brain
  • Pitied by: Those with Abusive Parents, especially N
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dr. Cortex
  • Special Relationship: Perry the Platypus
  • Was actually seeking to ascend into either the House of Technology as the God of Inators or the House of Villains as God of Evil But Not Mad Scientists. Doof was as surprised as anyone when he ended in the position of God of Tragic Backstories. Despite the fact that he doesn't have the most tragic of backstories, many of the gods that do respect him, because he focuses on how to help gain strength from the tragedy.
    • His chances of gaining the former were dashed with Cave Johnson's disapproval, fearing that Doofenshmirtz would take too many followers away from him. The later responded by naming himself 'Unofficial God of Mad Scientists'. Not that it helped gain any more followers, even when he uses many of Johnson's methods himself.
    • If you want to know this backstory, here is a compilation.
  • Of course, the trope he reigns over makes him sympathize with those who suffered from more serious abuse as well as despising Abusive Parents, with Ghetsis on the top of his hate list.
    • To his surprise, he received aid from many others of his kind, treating it as seriously as their own. This is especially true for N, one who has received the most abuse from Ghetsis.
  • Has been temporarily banned from the House of Technology after he 'sabotaged' half of their inventions by adding self-destruct buttons.
  • Doofenshmirtz ran into Balthier shortly after Ascending, and Balthier had his typical reaction upon meeting a Mad Scientist, despite Doofenshmirtz insistence that he was an Evil Scientist, not a Mad Scientist. Afterwards, Doofenshmirtz expressed a kinship with Balthier, but when questioned further, he merely said that it was Balthier's backstory to tell.
  • Every single time Doofenshmirtz interacts with the House of Crime, he ends up helping foil whatever plan is being worked on while he is there. Most of those foilings were accidental (except when Lex Luthor is involved).
  • Once, Doofenshmirtz tried to host an 'intervention' and lock Lex Luthor and Superman in a box together to 'discuss being nemesises'. As this was after their respective ascensions, but before Doofenshmirtz's, it worked about as well as one might expect.
  • Doofenshmirtz has tremendous respect for the Brain, given how he continues to plot for world domination despite setbacks, and he considers him to be something of an inspiration. However, he does think that the Brain is a bit too ambitious with starting out taking over the world, and he has suggested several times that The Brain try breaking down his goal into steps, starting with a state-sized area. The Brain has thus far ignored his suggestions.
  • Every deities in the Pantheon are trying frantically to keep him and Phineas and Ferb separated from each other in order to prevent Doof from remembering the time they crossed another dimension and his counterpart successfully conquered the tri-states area.
    • Has recently had a change of heart in his last adventure with the boys. When he ended up saving the world, he decided to use his technology for good, even joining O.W.C.A..
    • His relationship with Crash's high priest, his former arch-nemesis Perry the Platypus changed once more. Once the bane of all of his plans to take over the Tri-State area, the two now managed to patch things up. By extension, he volunteered to patch up all the holes and destruction his gizmos caused in Crash's temple.
    • This latest development put a strain on his relationship with Neo Cortex. While Doofenshmirtz is more than willing to help out his former rival, the mad scientist never liked the times he teamed up with the bandicoot. The two constantly argue over their opposing philosophies, even when they make a damn good team.
    • And there are those in the GUAE who believe that even when he was a villain, he was still in a sense unwittingly "working" on OWCA's behalf as their unofficial R&D, given that Perry's fedora has an Autoscan Replication Device beneath it for copying all of Doofenshmirtz's -inators.
  • His change of heart also gained a new friendship. While Dr. Evil was already one of his greatest inspirations, his appreciation for the man grew even more when he formally left the GUAE. The two scientists reminisce on their past lives and what they plan to do with their lives in the future. Not to mention the fact that Dr. Evil may be the only other person in the Pantheon with a backstory as hilariously twisted as Doofenshmirtz's.

    Leah (Diablo
Leah, Goddess of Being Raised as a Vessel (Sewer Rat, Witch, Diablo's Vessel)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Journal
  • Theme Song: Leah's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Initially skeptic about Deckard Cain's stories, Apocalypse Maiden, Black Magician Girl, Break the Cutie, Guest-Star Party Member, Humble Goal, Nice Girl, Parental Abandonment, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Magic, Scholars, Royalty, Hosts, Demons, Witches
  • Allies: The Nephalems, Tyrael, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Yuuno Scrya, Li Li Stormstout, Jaina Proudmoore, Medivh, Agatha Heterodyne, Good Witches
  • Enemies: Diablo (Arguably her father), Adria (her mother), Baal, Azmodan, Gul'dan, Micolash, Evil Witches, Evil-aligned demons
  • Opposes: Any Abusive Parents. Especial mention goes to Medusa Gorgon
  • Pities: Those who have been abused by their parents.
  • Special/Complicated Relationships: Aidan (Her Biological Father), King Leoric (Her Grandfather)
  • Leah was known as Deckard's Cain adoptive daughter who helped him along his research while he took care of her. But her origins are for more sinister, as Leah was conceived by the union of the Witch Adria and Prince Aidan of Khanduras, who at the time was under the influence of Diablo. Her only reason to exist was so Diablo could become the Prime Evil by using her body and the combined souls of the other evils and he succeeded in it, Leah was gone for good after her mother betrayed her.
    • However, her ascension was a mean for liberating the young woman from such a terrible fate. After Aidan's ascension and him being unable to return to normal, the Nephalem took the matter into their hands and when Diablo intended to bring Leah along like he did with her father, he was intercepted by them and the Nephalem managed to rescue her soul and purify it in the House of Life and Vitality.
  • Shortly after ascending, Leah became aware of the presence of her father given that the Nephalem told her he was here as well. But she was disheartened to learn that Aidan was completely lost to the will of Diablo, a similar fate that could have befell Leah if the Nephalems weren't present to stop it.
    • However, motivated by the chance of finally getting to meet her biologically father, Leah promised that she will do everything she can to purify Aidan's soul and free him from Diablo's control. A difficult task but she is determined to succeed.
    • As for her grandfather? She doesn't think highly of him, though he pities what Leoric went through and and both can agree that Diablo has ruined their lives enough.
  • She bonded with Illya after learning that both she and her mother were created for the sole reason to hold the Holy Grail within them and became good friends. Although Leah is upset that at least she had a good relationship with her mother, something she herself can't say the same.
  • Many were surprised that Leah aspires to just open an inn and live a peaceful life. Too bad destiny had other plans for her
  • Having lived with Deckard Cain for most of her life, Leah has been a scholar since a really young age. Her affinity with Magic made her approach Yuuno Scrya who is very knowledgeable about magic and also a scholar himself, and Leah seeks to become a better spellcaster just so she can defend herself better.
    • Although she doesn't think highly of Micolash, reminding her of those cultist that kidnapped her and killed her uncle Deckard Cain, so she stays as far away from him as possible.
  • Leah abhors Abusive Parents since from personal experience, her mother never loved her and just used her as a tool to help Diablo become powerful. She has special disdain towards Medusa Gorgon since she shares a lot of similarities with Adria and is also a very bad mother.
  • Ever since she was young, she had a love for traveling and getting to know new places. This is what made her become good friends with Li Li, who is a spirited young girl like her who likes traveling. She also is very heart-warmed about her relationship with her uncle Chen, reminding their relationship to the one Leah had with Deckard Cain.
  • In the realm of magic, many are not exactly sure how powerful Leah's magic is. She is certainly the daughter of a witch and has an affinity for Dark Magic yet her control over is decent at best but she improved a lot after her mother taught her how to control it (Well...before the whole betrayal thing happened anyway).
    • Being interested in trying to expand her magical capabilities, Leah stumbled upon Jaina Proudmoore who was a brilliant mage from Azeroth. Jaina kindly agreed to teach the young girl the ins and outs of dark magic, but says that it's not going to be easy.
  • By pantheon standards, Leah is considered to be a Witch from her mother's side and so she has tried to meet up with the more benevolent witches of the pantheon since in her realm witches are not really seen in a good light. She however stays far away from the more evil witches.
  • Sometimes she likes to go to the House of Weapons to improve her aim with the bow. She got really helpful tips from the likes of Hawkeye and Green Arrow but so far she still need to practice a lot.
  • She has noticed that there are quite a few deities who sound like her. That's why she ended up befriending Scarlet Witch and Zatanna.

    Leona Heidern 
Leona Heidern, Goddess of Orphaning Oneself (Hakkeshu of Water, The Silent Soldier; as Wild Leona: Orochi Leona, Yami no naka Orochi no Chi ni Mezameru Reona/Awakened Orochi Blood from the Darkness Leona)

    Moses (The Prince of Egypt
Moses, High Prophet of Abandoned but Adopted Children (The Prince of Egypt, The Deliverer)
  • Lesser God (acts on an Overdeity's behalf)
  • Symbol: The shepherd's staff and the Ten Commandments
  • Theme Song: Deliver Us
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, formerly Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Chosen by God even though he wishes it was someone else's burden, red to Ramses' blue, the Abel to Ramses' Cain, the Shepherd, being thirty rather than 80 years old, added inner conflicts, Badass Pacifist, went through seeing the destruction of his old home and relationship with his adoptive brother, followed a lamb to find the Burning Bush, Hope Bringer, married with Tzipporah, raised by and mistaken believed as Egyptian royalty, once haughty prince turned noble savior of his people
  • Domains: Survivor, Prophet, Abandonment
  • Heralds: Tzipporah (his wife), Miriam & Aaron (his siblings), the Hebrew people that followed him into the Promised Land
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Eric Cartman, YHVH, those who commit genocide and practice slavery like The Combine, Lord Shen, Calvin Candie and Stephen, Darkseid, Pride, Ten Commandments.
  • Indifferent by: The Egyptian Pantheon except Sobek
  • Distrust: Sobek
  • Disapproves of: House of Pride and Egotism
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Azir
  • Odd Friendship: Batman
  • Complicated Relationship: Ramses
  • As a baby, he survived the genocide of Hebrew babies when his mother sent him in the river where he was found by the Pharaoh's wife (the same Pharaoh that ordered the genocide) and was adopted. Years later, he learned of his heritage and ran away after accidentally killing an Egyptian where he made a new life. He was visited by God through a burning bush where he was told he must lead his people to the Promised Land. He succeeded, at the cost of the destruction of his old home and his brother Ramses.
  • He noticed that some deities were sent away from destruction, much like him. He wondered if it was fate, divine intervention, or pure coincidence that helped them survive a great catastrophe. The most notable of these is Superman, in which he thinks that Moses' survival would have inspired him if he had known the story on Earth.
  • He sympathizes with those who had to deal with facing their own brothers—regardless of background or even blood relation—over their ideals as he had to deal with his adoptive brother, Ramses II, when he wanted to free his people and it shattered their relationship.
  • Apparently, some rumor said that he once rapped against Santa Claus himself over what Christmas is about. He doesn't even understand what that is or why he looks nothing like him.
  • He's uncertain of how he should react to the Egyptian Gods in the Pantheon, as he had brought the Plagues into their land when Ramses refused to free his people. Though at the time, he was likely around the time of the End of an Age where Egypt's power began to wane, in which the Egyptian gods predicted it would fall, and thus were indifferent with him as long as he kept his faith to himself.
    • Moses is a bit unpleased with the Crocodile god Sobek, however, since the animal associated with him have eaten the Hebrew babies, in which seeing the mural of the crocodiles devouring them haunts him.
  • Despite how hard the Plagues hit the Egypt and the fact he brought it there, he's never hated it or its people. He was raised by royalty and had spent much of his life happy at the time, which hurt him more when God brought the Plagues.
  • He once met Kyle Broflovski who he told that he's Jewish, descendant of his people, in which he showed some joy that his people have prospered. However, Kyle once told him that he looked completely different and how he looks like the MCP. He was a bit confused about it, and moreso how an anti-semitic Haman tried to seal him and Kenny saved him in which he smote the evil Haman. While Kenny wasn't Hebrew or Jewish, he's at least glad that he's willing to be part of it.
    • Needless to say, though he's a good person, he doesn't take kindly to Cartman's hateful and racist slurs against his people.
  • After hearing about His numerous atrocities all for the sake of being worshipped for eternity, Moses doesn't believe YHVH is his God, even when His Angels tried to sway him to His side.
  • With his staff that was given to him by his wife, Tzipporah, and was blessed by God, he can perform many of His wonders, including turning the staff into a snake, turning water into blood, and even splitting the Red Sea to create a pathway. Whether his rank should be higher since he was only able to do so because God blessed him with such powers is still up for debate.
  • Indiana Jones once told him of the adventure where he found The Ark of the Covenant, in which he gave directions on creating it during the Exodus, which contained the Ten Commandments inside. He was intrigued but at the same time frightened when he heard stories about what was inside it and what had happened to the Nazis when they opened it. Also, Indy freaked out when he heard that his staff can turn into a snake, though he assured that it's entirely up to Moses.
  • Ned Flanders was practically speechless that a major Biblical figure was in the Pantheon, in which he recalled him praying to him when he first saw him. He talked a lot about what he did during the Exodus, though he was rather confused when he said something about being stranded in the wasteland for 40 years and Moses himself never reaching the Promised Lands because he did something to make God mad.
  • He sympathizes with any slaves or former slaves since his people were enslaved by Egypt for many generations. At the same time, he will have the "Let my people go!" attitude against slave owners, because of the same reason he told Ramses, "Because no kingdoms should be made on the backs of slaves."
    • Although he is willing to be forgiving to those that repent from doing it or at least not proud of it, since he never cared about the Hebrew people and their status as slaves in his youth until he learned of his true heritage. Examples include Niko Bellic.
  • He clearly does not approve of arrogance and pride, which earned him the ire with the House of Pride. This was because that this was the flaw of his brother Ramses and that was what cost him their friendship.
  • Converted Christian Judah Ben-Hur had to go pay his respects. Both got together well, and Moses has since at times manifested himself in a live action version who looks similar to Judah.
  • Despite who he is, he managed to befriend Batman, because in one of his iterations, he almost sounded the same as him. Then, it went full circle when Batman tried to be Moses for one day.
  • It took him a bit of a long time for him to get used to meeting Professor Xavier and Jean-Luc Picard as their voice reminded him of his adoptive father, Pharaoh Seti I, who ordered the extermination of Hebrew male babies.
  • He learned that Ramses has ascended into the Pantheon as well. Moses was a bit more unenthusiastic than he should be, because while he was glad to see his brother again, he knew that there was no way to make amends since Ramses became too vengeful and prideful to change his ways.
  • Let my people go!


    Arnold Shortman 
Arnold Phillip Shortman, God of Those Raised by Grandparents (Football Head, Arnoldo, Hair Boy, Short man, Arnie)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His blue baseball cap
  • Theme Music: “Hey Arnold!” Theme Song, Traffic Jam, City Aquarium (the latter two shared with Helga)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Blue Is Heroic, Cheerful Child, Determinator, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Hairstyle Inertia, The Heart, Kid Hero, Nice Guy, hat was given to him by his parents, lives with his paternal grandparents, Oblivious to Helga’s crush on him but ultimately ends up with her
  • Domains: Children, Friendship, Kindness
  • Heralds: Gerald Johanssen (his best friend), Grandpa Phil and Grandma Pookie (his grandparents), Miles and Stella Shortman (his parents).
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Pollyanna Whittier, Harriet Welsch, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Heidi, Applejack and Applebloom, Fluttershy, Gentaro Kisaragi, Yugi Muto, Charlie Brown, Phineas Flynn
  • On good terms with: Flash Thompson
  • Enemies: Bullies in general, Commander Rourke
  • Pities: Asuka Langley Soryu
  • Special Relations: Helga Pataki (his girlfriend)
  • Arnold Shortman is a 4th-grade student with a head that’s shaped like a football. He lives with his grandparents in a boarding house in Hillwood. Most of the time, he would spend his time navigating big city life while dealing with problems that he and his friends have encountered. He has a desire of doing the right thing and wanting everyone to get along. His grandparents looking after him is what led him to ascend with the trope Raised by Grandparents.
  • His temple is pretty much a recreation of the Sunset Arms boarding house he lived in back in the mortal world. His grandparents also reside in the temple as heralds.
  • One of Arnold’s admired traits is his tendency to help anybody. Because of this, many other children deities look up to him as a role model. One such child that he gets along with is Steven Universe since he also likes helping out. Is also good friends with Pollyanna Whittier, who likes his optimism in spite of his hardships. Gets along with Phineas Flynn given that both of them are kids with weirdly-shaped heads.
  • One time, Arnold came across a young girl named Harriet who’s carrying her notebook and pencil. The two proceeded to discuss about their adventures as well as the eccentric people in their respective neighborhoods. They ended up getting along well as they are both kids living in big cities, although Arnold is concerned about Harriet’s spying actions.
  • In addition to his kindness, he was also known to drift off to his own imagination, if these three instances suggest anything. For some reason, however, this hasn’t been brought up that often.
  • Befriended Heidi after hearing about how she was brought to live with her paternal grandfather, which reminds him of living with his own paternal grandparents. The Apple sisters also have a similar upbringing with their grandmother. He appreciates Applejack for being a helpful pony and Applebloom for being a Crusader who helps others find their true calling. He also connects with Yugi Muto given that he was also raised by a grandfather who happens to be an archaeologist.
    • Gentaro Kisaragi seems to have a soft spot for Arnold given that he also lost his parents and was raised by his grandfather. He would also befriend anyone and help people out. Arnold appreciates this as well as the fact that he serves as one of the Avatars of Friendship.
  • Sympathizes with Charlie Brown as his bad luck reminds Arnold of his friend Eugene, and he would sometimes offers to join Charlie on baseball games, especially given that Arnold tends to be good at baseball while Charlie Brown isn’t. Charlie, for his part, appreciates Arnold’s help and since then, the two would hang out every now and then.
  • Is pretty fond of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft given that they both remind him of his parents in that they were both adventurers. On occasion, Arnold would tag along with either of them on one of their adventures.
  • While he’s usually a kind-hearted person, he isn’t fond of bullies, particularly Biff Tannen. Although he can make an exception with Flash Thompson, a former bully and a Spider-Man fanboy whose job in the army changes him so much so that he became one of Peter Parker's closest friends. He’s also against those who tried to rob a lost ancient civilization, such as what Commander Rourke did with Atlantis.
  • Arnold is also shown to be pretty compassionate to animals. Notably, he has a pet pig, he got attached to a parrot, and he became close to a racing donkey. Fluttershy is pleased with this and sometimes allows him to visit her temple to take care of several animals who reside there.
  • He was surprised to see what he calls “a lot of Helga types” in the Pantheon, such as Asuka Langley and Rin Tohsaka. He does feel sorry for the former since like Helga, her behavior is stemmed from family neglect and abuse, not to mention her also liking a boy but being unable to express it in a healthy way.

    Cream the Rabbit 
Cream the Rabbit, Goddess of Free-Range Children (Cream the Rabbi)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A silhouette of Cream's head with a slice of cheese nearby
  • Theme song: Follow Me (shared with Amy and Big)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bunnies for Cuteness, Righteous Rabbit, Badass Adorable, Game-Breaker, Action Girl, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Nice Girl, The Cutie, The Ingenue, Early-Bird Cameo, Flight, Prone to Tears, Cheerful Child, Humanoid Female Animal, Edible Theme Naming
  • Domains: Bunnies, Kindness, Children
  • Heralds: Cheese the Chao (her friend), Vanilla the Rabbit (her mother)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, The Rabbit of Caerbannog, Springtrap, Etna, all Sadists
  • Opposes: Most Blood Knights
  • Cream is a young rabbit girl who lived an idyllic if isolated life under the care of her single parent, Vanilla the Rabbit, who had raised Cream like a princess but did so with a strict yet fair discipline that resulted in Cream being as sweet as the food she's named for. However, Cream's world was changed forever when Dr. Eggman abducted the rabbit family for one of his many schemes. Cream was quickly saved by Sonic, and shortly after Cream rescued her mother from the mad scientist's clutches, and ever since Cream's quiet life had turned to one of adventure. Despite her inexperience in the adventuring business, Cream has been able to catch up with Sonic and his friends, with no small amount of help from her constant companion, Cheese the Chao.
  • The rabbit ascended after she and Cheese wandered into the Pantheon during one of their little adventures. Cream had heard about the Pantheon beforehand from her ascended friends and was proud to have come across the place itself on her own, without even intending to. Because of her adventuring across the world at just six-years-old with apparent approval from her mother, it was agreed that Cream would be the Deity for the Free-Range Children Trope. Cream's friends rejoiced at her ascension and Cream herself was overjoyed to join with them in the Pantheon, wherein she could meet tons of new potential friends. Though the joy was ruined for a moment when Cream was informed that, due to him being a separate character and didn't quite qualify for her trope, Cheese could not ascend with her. But this heartbreaking news was quickly remedied when Cheese was designated as Cream's Herald, allowing the two inseparable friends to remain together.
  • True to her trope, Cream spends much of her time wandering around the Pantheon instead of her home in the mortal plane or even her temple. When she isn't hanging out with her friends or having fun at a hangout, Cream is exploring parts of the Pantheon she's never been to before for the sake of experiencing new things and sating her curiosity. Of course, Cream makes sure to stay out of trouble by avoiding places that mainly contain villains and politely asking permission to an area that may be restricted. Cream also actively avoids the House of Combat and similarly violent domains, as per her pacifism.
  • On that note, Cream's temple is a recreation of her home in the mortal plane, as portrayed in Sonic X and Sonic Rush, wherein her mother resides. However, a large and vibrant Chao Garden was added in at Cream and Cheese's request to provide a home for many wild Chao, whom Cheese and his brother, Chocola, could socialize with. Being the welcoming little girl that she is, Cream allowed any non-evil Gods to enter her temple so they could care for and play with the many wild Chao, as well as have tea with her mother. Incidentally, this means that other Gods spend more time in Cream's temple than Cream herself.
  • Many deities find it jarring that Cream adventures across the world and had taken part in saving her planet on more than one occasion despite being an actual six-year-old girl, and often question why her mother and friends allow this. Of course, Sonic and his friends, especially Amy, are quick to point out that Cream is a lot stronger than she appears, not to mention a great deal more mature than most kids her age, and even then has great potential to be an incredible hero on becoming older.
  • She absolutely abhors unnecessary violence and always seeks a peaceful solution to any conflict. But should violence prove necessary, Cream will resort to it; she mainly fights by commanding Cheese to attack the opposition, but Cream won't hesitate to get physical herself via spin dashing and literal flying kicks. The combined efforts of Cream and Cheese in combat had proven to be very effective, allowing the two to take on gods twice their rank, and they gained a reputation in the Pantheon as all-powerful destroyers. Cream does not know how to feel about this reputation of hers.
    • As a result of her disdain for unnecessary violence, Cream does not take kindly to blood knights and especially those who inflict violence for cruelty's sake.
  • Some speculate that the source of Cream and Cheese's absurd success in most endeavors is from her being a rabbit, and thus having a Lucky Rabbit's Foot. Cream isn't too sure herself if that is the case, but doesn't rule it out.
  • Can often be seen in the House of Food, partaking in all the sweets and ice cream she could want, commonly in the cafe run by Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya, and Kirima Sharo (whom Cream relates to due to their Edible Theme Naming, much like herself and her family), and the House of Beasts and Nature, volunteering to help care for the animals and admiring the natural beauty of both houses. Cream also likes to hang out in the Sub-House of Non-Vehicular Travel due to her flight with ears; helps that two of her good friends, Tails and Knuckles, are of that house.
  • Just as Cream had hoped, she quickly many new friends upon ascending, starting with the many rabbit deities of the Pantheon. Of them, Cream is closest with Judy Hopps, Peppy Hare, Bunnymund, and Usagi, whom she considers surrogate older sister (behind Amy and Blaze), grandfather, and uncles respectively. Cream also extensively hangs out with Cream is also good friends with Bugs and Lola Bunny, particularly the latter due to her behavior reminding Cream of Amy, though she disapproves of their slapstick antics. Cream relates with Reisen in being seen as useless, though remains to see if the moon rabbit is simply a misunderstood badass like herself, and visits Reisen occasionally for her mochi. And Cream is determined to get Rabbit and Angel Bunny to mellow out from their grumpiness through her friendship with them, just as she did with Blaze.
  • Met Usalia one day in the House of Food, when they happened to be eating their favored foods next to each other, and the two became great friends after noticing the many similarities they share; being under the age of ten (Usalia being biologically eight), being inherently peaceful, sharing similar colors, and even being notorious game breakers of their respective worlds. Cream often visits Usalia's temple to play, wherein she's treated to Usalia's sweet curry, and Usalia sometimes accompanies Cream in her exploration of the Pantheon.
    • Witnessing Usalia's Overload Skill, otherwise known as her Berserker Mode, is always a scary sight for Cream: Usalia's pupils disappear, she goes on all fours, fangs and scythe-like talons pop out, and she begins shredding entire mobs of mooks at a speed that rivals Sonic, all while screaming with bestial fury. But Cream knew after the first time that Usalia would never harm her in that state, and was in fact safest when right next to her, which also allowed Usalia to strike enemies even harder.
  • Being in the Pantheon allowed Cream to befriend heroes of her world who she never got to meet before, Tikal, Maria, and Chaos. She and Tikal unsurprisingly got along great due to their similar personalities, beliefs, and love for Chao, as well as being raised by a positive maternal figure whose parenting made them who they are. Cream and Maria have much in common, even having close relations with dark-colored ultimate lifeforms in the form of Gemerl and Shadow respectively. And she and Chaos are friendly with each other due to their shared love and protectiveness over the Chao, and Cream acts as a Morality Chain for the water elemental to keep him from going on another destructive rampage when his anger is provoked.
  • Cream gets along well with Ventus and Yutaka for their purity and innocence respectively, given that she herself is the most pure and innocent of her world. Those two commonly visit Cream in her temple for tea and cookies, and raise their own Chao in Cream's Chao Garden: their respective Chao having become Hero Chaos Chao.
  • Cream first met Milla when Sash Lilac gathered her friends to meet up with Sonic and his friends for a friendly get-together. After the rabbit got the shy hound to trust her, Milla asked if she could touch Cream's ears. Seeing no problem with this, she permitted it, and they became fast friends, especially after Cream introduced Cheese, whom Milla found absolutely adorable.
  • It's not uncommon to see Cream with Yoko Littner, the two having initially bonded from having a similar voice with each other, and then further bonded from Yoko's fondness for children and particularly appreciating Cream's politeness, while Cream admires Yoko for her friendliness and badassery, soon viewing the sniper as another Cool Big Sister just behind Amy, Blaze, and Judy. Although Cream does think Yoko could stand to cover herself some more and wishes she didn't wield a weapon as lethal as a gun.
    • The same could not be said for Etna, who also has a similar voice, but is one of the very few deities Cream outright hates for her horrid treatment of the Prinnies, the species reminding Cream of the Chao of her world.
  • Being an adorable rabbit, and a child one at that, and always accompanied by a Ridiculously Cute Critter, Cream and Cheese overloaded Rena Ryuugu and Fuko Ibuki's Cuteness Proximity and were subsequently kidnapped by those two while wandering about. Although, Cream and Cheese didn't think they were being kidnapped, instead assuming they were being escorted to Rena and Fuko’s place for tea, like Cream had done with Blaze upon first meeting her. Regardless, this event nearly caused Rena and Fuko to face Amy, Blaze, and Sonic's wrath, only halted by Cream assuring them she was not harmed. And afterward, Cream and Cheese were to have at least one deity protecting them when traveling outside their temple from then on. Cream was conflicted by that, for she did enjoy the company of the deities who elected to protect her, but the protection made it seem like she couldn't defend herself and sometimes wants to explore the Pantheon with just Cheese by her side (not to mention went against her trope).
    • Eventually, this protection over Cream had lessened and halted altogether as she and Cheese reaffirmed their badass credentials to the Pantheon. Soon afterward, Cream paid Rena and Fuko a visit and formally befriended them, holding no negative feelings to them and knowing that they meant no harm or malicious intent (which they explained to several deities). Cream also soon understood that Rena needs to be in "cute mode", lest she succumbs to the Hinimizawa Syndrome.
  • Has a fondness for all good-aligned Pokemon, due to their similarities to Chao, and Cream gets along well with heroic Pokemon Trainer deities. For this reason, Cream earned the affectionate title of 'Chao Trainer' among the Pokemon deities she befriended. Although, when asked if she would ever partner with a Pokemon should one be viable, Cream decided that she wouldn't: as great as she thinks Pokemon are, there's only one Mon partner for her and his name is Cheese.
  • Gained the interest of Aerith after she had learned that, in an alternate timeline, Cream was an extremely powerful White Mage, and the rabbit accepted the healer's offer to mentor her in the ways of White Magic to meet or even surpass that potential.
  • Befriended Fluttershy after meeting the shy pony by chance in the House of Nature. Cream and Fluttershy bonded over their many similarities, particularly their politeness, immense kindness, desire to befriend many, and having fearsome reputations despite their normal demeanor.
  • Cream also became good friends of K.O. when she heard from Sonic and Tails, after their own little adventure with him, that he loved her (platonically). The rabbit girl was flattered that someone with such admiration for heroes also had a high opinion of her, and the two found common ground in being the only child of single mothers who aid their older allies with their positive influence.
    • Through K.O., Cream met and befriended Steven Universe, admiring his ability to successfully end conflicts through peace than violence and generally being an Actual Pacifist with a preference for defense and healing over direct combat.
  • Earned the everlasting respect of Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead after defiantly standing up to the Death Adder.

Eggs Trubshaw, God of Oblivious Adoption (Eggs, The Trubshaw Baby, Boxtroll Sewer-Rat, Box Boy, Boy-Troll, Eggsbert, Proper Boy. Possibly born Herbert Trubshaw Jr)

    Hilda (Cross Ange
Hilda, Goddess of Abandoned Children (Hildegard Schlievogt)
  • Demigoddess by default. Achieves Intermediate Goddess rank aboard the AW-CBR115 Glaive Hilda Custom, borderline Greater Goddess aboard the EM-CBX004 Teodora (Michael Mode).
  • Symbol: Zola's cybernetic eye (nasty...)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Broken Birds, Alpha Bitches Who Become Lovable, Parental Abandonment, Fiery Redhead With a Heart of Gold, Girlish Pigtails, Had to Be Sharp, Victim of Police Brutality, Paying Evil Unto Evil, Those Who Are Brutally Honest, Pragmatic Hero, Tsundere, Jerkass Woobie, Iron Woobie
  • Domains: Racism, Betrayal, Dragons, Abandonment
  • Allies: Ange, Tusk, Salamandinay, Coco Reeve and Miranda Campbell, Lelouch vi Britannia, The Inglourious Basterds, Hayate Ayasaki, Pacifica Elise Northwest, Uncle Howee, Zuko, Asura, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Ryuko Matoi, Murasame, Asami Sato, Jin Kazama, Issei Hyodo
  • Odd Friendship with: Nanoha Takamachi
  • Enemies: Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime
  • Opposes: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Yet another victim of child abandonment, she was forcibly taken from her mother after she was mysteriously revealed to be a Norma. Several years later, she broke out of Arzenal to see her mother again, only to find that her mother had moved on and had another child and being asked to leave. Poor girl.
  • Was met with a very welcoming hug by Ange, happy to see her in the Pantheon. It's only natural for someone to be happy to see their lover again.
  • Many have gotten vibes of seeing Nanoha Takamachi with Fate Testarossa kicking ass again when they see the duo pair up. Hilda can only wonder why.
  • No, she's not that monstrous Queen of Friege. When she learned about that, she was absolutely disgusted on what she did and how with that, the Queen is smearing the very name 'Hilda'.
  • Has become acquainted with Hayate and Pacifica, who have also been victimized by neglectful parents. Hilda for her part was horrified to hear that Pacifica's parents went as far as conditioning her and that Hayate's parents got him fired from his side job, stole his money, and sold his organs to the Yakuza. Both of them express their own sympathy over the way she was treated as well. She enjoys teasing Hayate and making him fluster.
  • Asami also expressed sympathy for Hilda over how her mother dropped the ball, as it was something similar to what her father did to her. Hilda admits that she's a little jealous of Asami since she managed to make peace with her father before he sacrificed his life to save her.
  • Uncle Howee would've done his typical routine with her mother, tricking her into a bet she couldn’t win and turning her into a marionette, but Hilda kept him from doing that. In the past, she would've approved but she isn't that girl anymore. Not to mention that the lack of Mana in the world she formerly called home is punishment enough.
  • Has become friends with Murasame, who was figuratively abandoned by his family due to not being cut out for being a shinobi and used to act like a dick for it as well. He thankfully has his adopted sister Ikaruga to keep him from feeling totally unloved. Murasame is apparently proud of Hilda for handling her predicament better than he did. He only wished that he could give her rotten excuse of a mother a piece of his mind.
  • Like Ange and Salamandinay, Hilda has allied with Issei Hyodo, to help him defeat Embryo. Like the other two, Hilda initially wasn't spared from his perverted tomfoolery, but she does respect him since he's Embryo's complete antithesis, and like the three girls, is utterly disgusted by his behavior.
  • Asura has taken quite a liking for her, strangely finding a lot of himself in her, and has offered her to spend sometime with him and his daughter whenever he isn't too busy.
  • Is utterly disgusted by the depravity of one Ragyo Kiryuin, and her abuse of her daughter and later daughters. She finds Ragyo to be far worse than her own mother, and her sidekick Nui Harime, who she swears sounds like an Ax-Crazy version of herself, isn't any better.
    • The unfortunate connection with Nui Harime almost landed her into a one-way beating courtesy of Ryuko Matoi, one of the bitch's daughters. Hilda managed to calm her down long enough to convince her that she wasn't Nui in disguise. After the misunderstanding was solved, they both got along very swimmingly.
  • Jin Kazama has also invited her to the Anti-Parental Abuse club.
  • Her opinions of Masato Kusaka and Ato-ko Shirogane are shared with Ange and Tusk. They're both bastards, plain and simple.
  • Speaking of bastards, as a fellow target of racism turned resistance member, she respects The Inglourious Basterds for slaughtering the Nazi army as payback. She also sympathizes with Shoshanna for having lost her family.
  • Not to be confused with Hildagarde.

    Lady Oscar 
Oscar François de Jarjayes, Goddess of Being Raised as the Opposite Gender
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Roses and her family crest (a blue lion holding a sword)
  • Theme Song: "Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A woman raised as a man, incredibly skilled and competent among her peers, snow-covered volcano, tragic rose imagery, so many roses, loves André, a commoner and childhood friend, contracted tuberculosis (though it's not what kills her)
  • Domains: Gender, Aristocracy, the Military, Revolution, Tragedy
  • Herald: André Grandier
  • Allies: Marie Antoinette, Jean Valjean, Jeanne d'Arc, Utena Tenjou, Sarasa, Mulan, Lucina, Artoria Pendragon/Saber, Naoto Shirogane, Charles-Henri Sanson, Isabeau, Souji Okita, Le Chevalier d'Eon
  • Enemies: Marie Antoinette's enemies, abusive nobles
  • Respected by: Emperor Calus
  • Oscar is a French noblewoman born in 1755 to the Jarjayes family. Her father only had daughters and was frustrated by the lack of a son to follow in his footsteps in the military, so he decided to raise his youngest as a man. Oscar proved herself talented with the sword, horse-riding and other masculine pursuits, and so was appointed to the Royal Guards at the age of 14. This was when Marie Antoinette arrived in France; Oscar soon became a favorite and confidante of the future queen. Nonetheless, these were the years leading up to the French Revolution. Oscar witnessed the Versailles court's shallowness and petty intrigues, as well as the commoners' abject misery and increasing rage. Despite her own noble birth, she found herself sympathizing more and more with the commoners' plight, culminating in her leading the French Guards in storming the Bastille, whereupon she succumbed to gunshot wounds one hour before its fall.
  • Her choice of Herald didn't require much thought at all; she practically demanded that it be André, the grandson of Oscar's nanny and an inseparable companion to Oscar. They grew up together and friendship turned to love as they became adults, though hampered by the fact that André was a commoner and Oscar was Oblivious to Love, not to mention her gender issues made romance into a complicated subject for her. Still, the two worked through those problems and proclaimed their love for each other... two days before the storming of the Bastille. André was killed the next day, and as Oscar lost her will to live, she followed shortly at the Bastille. But now that they're in the Pantheon, they can be happy and live as husband and wife without worrying about any societal norms, or Oscar's tuberculosis, or André's near-blindness (both were completely healed upon ascension).
  • Soon knew that Marie Antoinette was in the Pantheon, but hesitated to go see her due to her role in the French Revolution and their bitter final meeting. Marie herself had also heard of Oscar's ascension and was saddened that her closest and wisest confidante was avoiding her, and so made it a point to be the one to reach out to her (given she is technically no longer a queen and thus can't just send a summons to Oscar). Marie assured that she didn't blame Oscar for anything and both of them only did what they thought was right for France, and she only wanted to be friends with Oscar again. Oscar has always known that Marie is fundamentally a good person who was tethered by her position as queen. She affirmed that she has always been loyal to Marie as a friend and the two reconciled. Oscar hopes Marie has found the happiness in the Pantheon that she didn't have when she was queen. More than that, she seems determined to protect her and her family from those who would harrass them.
  • Reading up on the history of France post-1789 was a bittersweet experience for her as she came to learn of the intense bloodshed that ensued in the Reign of Terror and how in all the attempts to establish a republic, there were some occasions where progress just "walked back" with events like the First French Empire, the Bourbon Restoration or the July Monarchy. At the same time she also learned of some deities who were present for those troubled times. That is how she came to meet Jean Valjean, whose experiences she was interested in hearing about. Jean, who dislikes the police, was slightly suspicious of her due to her past as a French Guard, but thought she seemed like a very sharp yet honest person and she's close to Marie Antoinette, who has proved helpful to Jean. Oscar was outraged to hear about the heavy penalty he faced for stealing a loaf of bread and overall understood that things in Jean's time were about as terrible for the common folk as in hers.
  • When it comes to Charles-Henri Sanson, an executioner who was much feared before and during the Revolution, they are not exactly close. However Oscar seems to have a neutral-to-positive opinion on him, regarding him as a man who was just doing his job, regardless of how unsavory it was. Sanson may have a bad reputation as an "angel of death", but he was no sadist, and supported the guillotine as a quick and painless execution method. Ultimately, Oscar respects him, which is mutual on Sanson's end and given they are both on Marie Antoinette's side, they're more likely to be allies than not.
  • Oscar occasionally catches a glimpse of the mysterious Chevalier d'Eon, a spy and dragoon who mainly served Louis XV. Oscar and the Chevalier are easily compared, given the Chevalier was famous for their sexual ambiguity. Ironically, if one goes by the timeline, Oscar would have entered into service not too long after the Chevalier was sent into exile. For now, the Chevalier has pledged loyalty to Marie Antoinette, so they are at least nominal allies wth Oscar. There hasn't been an opportunity for much else given the Chevalier always seem to be on some secret mission or another, even though Oscar is curious to talk to them.
  • She was paid a visit by none other than Jeanne d'Arc, who had been eager to meet Oscar ever since hearing about her and tell her how proud she was of her for her contributions to their country. Oscar was, needless to say, pleasantly surprised and deeply honored to be bestowed such compliments by the Maid of Orleans herself. In the ensuing conversation, Oscar learned about the Holy Grail War, which Jeanne sometimes finds herself involved in as a Ruler after her death. Obviously it was all very strange, not to mention dangerous-sounding, to Oscar, though she supposes that in a place like the Pantheon, all manner of bizarre things that would've been impossible in her mortal life will become commonplace sights. She'll just make sure that she, André and her friends remain safe.
    • Jeanne also took the initiative to introduce her to her friend Artoria Pendragon. Oscar never would have guessed that England's mythical king was actually a woman (though it's more complicated than that, as Jeanne explained). Despite the frequent tensions between their respective countries, both Oscar and Artoria admire each other for being brave and noble warriors full of integrity, while also understanding each other's well-hidden grief at having to deny their more feminine inclinations.
  • Many, many women in the Pantheon look up to Oscar. She's an icon among LGBT deities and plenty of women find her attractive regardless of sexuality. Oscar is used to such attention and shrugs it off. Other women just admire her confidence in taking on a traditionally masculine role, especially at a time when such roles were very strictly divided. There are a lot of female deities who have had to behave like men, or even masquerade as them, for some reason or another; such deities include Sarasa, Mulan, Lucina and Naoto Shirogane. On some level, Oscar is held up as the "greatest" of them, given she pulled it off all her life, though Oscar is very humble about it.
  • Oscar's ascension ended the rumor that Utena Tenjou was supposedly her incarnation. Utena has never cared for that rumor either way, but still went to meet this woman she has been so often compared to and challenged her to a sword fight. As it turns out, Utena may have Implausible Fencing Powers, but Oscar has greater experience and a cooler head and so beat Utena. Despite Utena's relative immaturity, Oscar developed a good opinion of the girl from their fight and likes her spirit. Ever since then, Utena looks to Oscar as a Cool Big Sis, going to her for advice on various things and to train her swordfighting.
  • Utena also told Oscar about a girl who asked for her autograph back when Oscar wasn't ascended yet, so Utena ended up giving her own. She forgot the girl's name, though it was definitely something French-sounding. Oscar didn't have to think about it that long, as a samurai called Flynn soon showed up to politely ask her for an autograph for his friend Isabeau, who was a huge fan of The Rose of Versailles and Oscar. Utena remarked that this was just how it went last time, so Oscar instead refused and invited Flynn and Isabeau to a ball hosted by Marie Antoinette, to give Isabeau the opportunity to meet her in person (and frankly if she is going to give someone her signature, she'd like to know they are a good person first). Even though Isabeau was so nervous about metting her idol, she could die, she ended up having a good time, which was helped by the fact that Oscar danced with her, something she rarely does. In the end, Isabeau got her autograph and is pretty solidly one of her fangirls.
  • Oscar contracted tuberculosis later in life and would have died from it for certain, were it not for her involvement in the Revolution which cut her life even shorter. Souji Okita is likewise a samurai who fought for his country, but died at a young age from the same disease. The two appear to regard each other highly as warriors despite their wildly different cultural contexts (what with living on the other side of the world from each other). Souji seems both admiring and slightly jealous that Oscar was able to die in the middle of battle, whereas he couldn't do the same. He would like to duel her sometime.
  • Oscar's role in helping downtrodden commoners overthrow a tyrannical and exploitative regime has gotten her the approval from an alien known as Emperor Calus, who also started a rebellion that overthrew the dictatorial regime in his planet and encouraged the freed population to seek out happiness and pleasure. While Oscar sees the similarities, Calus is also known to do some things that are too ruthless for Oscar's taste, so she hasn't really approached him as a friend, though neither has she any reason to outright antagonize him, so she doesn't.


    Greg Heffley 
Gregory "Greg" Heffley, God of the Middle Child Syndrome (A Wimpy Kid, Bubby, Sweetie, Stupid, Ploopy)