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There are some in the House of Health and Diseases who could not find a specific niche. As such, they can be found here. The Medical Miscellaneous sub-house is styled as a large recreation area covering the grounds of the giant hospital building, lacking much of the security of the other Hallsnote . Gods who want to apply for another sub-house start trying out here.

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Intermediate Gods

    Heather Mason 
Heather Mason, Patron Goddess of Mystical Pregnancies (born Alessa Gillespie, real name Cheryl Mason, Princess Heart, Known As Saint Alessa, Holy Mother of God, Daughter of God, The Bringer of The Apocalypse/Paradise To The Order, A young veteran of terror, Heather Morris, Helen Mason)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Open Pendant With The Aglaophotis. Alternatively, the Halo of the Sun and the Painting of Saint Alessa
  • Theme Music: You're Not Here, the Silent Hill menu theme from Dead by Daylight (the latter is reluctantly shared with Pyramid Head)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good normally, Chaotic Evil in her 'Possessed' Ending
  • Portfolio: An Action Girl Who Is Alessa Gillespie Reincarnated, Daddy's Girl, Deadpan Snarker, Fetus Terrible, Heroic BSoD, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Older Than They Look, Pregnant Apocalypse Maiden (Until She Consumes The Aglaophotis), Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Smoking Is Not Cool
  • Domains: Adopted Children, Survival Horror, Reincarnation, Revenge, Pregnancy
  • Herald: Douglas Cartland (her Parental Substitute), Sharon de Silva (her film counterpart)
  • Commonality Connection: with Alex Wesker and Nina Williams (under several aliases)
  • Opposes/Opposed By: The Evil Aligned Deities In Otherness Abominations, especially The Eldrazi, The Old Gods, and The Great Ones
  • Allies: 
  • Enemies: Alex Wesker, Leatherface, Alexander Anderson, Leopold Goenitz, Melissandre, Stannis Baratheon
  • Odd Friendship: with Pyramid Head (long story, just go with it) Joshua Graham, Kabal, and Anakin Skywalker
  • Heather Mason. Cheryl Mason. Alessa Gillespie. No matter the name she goes by, the adopted daughter of Harry Mason has earned her place in the Pantheon after foiling The Order's plans in forcing her to bring about the Apocalypse...or Paradise.
  • The Pantheon was on the lookout for a 17-year-old blonde girl in a white jacket, orange shirt, a miniskirt and a pair of boots. They didn't bat an eyelash to the blonde in a sleeveless white shirt, denim shorts and shoes. Only when they realized they had been tricked, did they have a good laugh about it.
    • Heather has a good reason why as to keep her ascension private, albeit it didn't do her any good. As Alessa, she was a part of The Order, a religious doomsday cult operating out of Silent Hill and Shepherd's Glen. She is "the one who will lead us to Paradise with blood stained hands." In other words, the God of The Order will bring about Paradise...after purging our world with hellfire.
    • Much to her annoyance, the surviving members of the The Order worship her as Saint Alessa, due to her ascension, and see her becoming a goddess due to providence.
  • Heather is in truth, Alessa Gillespie reincarnated. Long story made short, she was born as Alessa, but was burned alive when she was seven in an attempt to bring about the Order's God. Her soul split in two, her good half became Cheryl Mason while the dark half reogned over Silent Hill. Seven years after the fire, Cheryl returned to Silent Hill, where she was reborn once again. Heather Mason is an alias she uses to keep the Order off her back. For a while, it worked.
  • As Alessa, Heather had been burned alive by the order in order to fully awaken her powers and bring about the, Paradise. She still has memories of the event, which has led her to have a case of Pyrophobia. Such deities as Anakin Skywalker, Joshua Graham and Kabal understand her pain.
  • As she has ties to Silent Hill (due to being responsible for its current state as Alessa), she can venture into the town without being assaulted by the various monsters there. Even Pyramid Head gives her a wide berth. Fortunately, Heather rarely ventures into the cursed town.
  • Hates Stannis Baratheon and Melissandre for burning his daughter, Shireen Baratheon to death. Given how she was immolated as Alessa, it's not surprising.
  • Rosemary Woodhouse understands all too well what Heather is going through, since she herself had went through something similar. Only rather than having her heart filled with hatred to nuture her child, she was prescribed unknown drugs by her doctor, and found out too late that her son is the prophesied Antichrist. Even Heather had to admit that was seven shades of fucked up.
  • Luke Skywalker mistook Heather for a Jedi after seeing the Beam Saber on her person and using it to hack apart a giant Numb Body. While Heather is not tuned into the Force, he has been teaching her how to properly wield the Beam Saber more effectively.
  • Even Heather admits that she survived her ordeal by the skin of her teeth. This is where Claire Redfield comes in, acting as Heather's firearms instructor, as her brother had done to her. But if the guns aren't powerful enough, there's Heather's alter ego, Princess Heart, complete with a Sailor Moon-esque transformation sequence. Corny, yes, but the Heather Beam and its more powerful counterpart, the Sexy Beam, make up for it.
  • A former smoker, Heather had quit the habit, which earns her brownie points with Billy Kane.
  • Alexander Anderson knows full well of both Heather and The Order, as the Vatican's Iscariot Branch has detailed files of the apocalyptic cult. But the fact that Heather has friends in high places gives him pause, as even he can't take that kind of abuse, even with Helena's Nail.
  • Leatherface has a thing for blondes. Heather is not a natural blonde, which pisses him off plenty. It's also quite possibly the only time Heather is thankful to have Pyramid Head as an ally, as he was able to distract the cannibal long enough to blast him with the Sexy Beam.
  • While not all abominations are bad guys, Heather outright loathes the Old Gods, The Eldrazi, and The Great Ones. But the Old Gods top her list due to their goal of bringing forth more spawn at the cost of human lives. The evil abominations oppose her due to her rejecting what they saw as her destiny in birthing God.
  • It took a while, but Heather was finally able to reunite with her father, Harry Mason. The two stared at each other in disbelief before she rushed into his arms and cried for quite some time.
    • There was a bit of an awkward moment when Heather's herald, Douglas Cartland, arrived. Douglas apologized because he had been tricked by Claudia to investigate Heather, which indirectly led to Harry's death. Harry has forgiven him and is glad that his daughter is in good hands thanks to him.
  • Has a phobia of mirrors, and thus is terrified that Bloody Mary is in the Pantheon. Thankfully she's getting over it, albeit gradually.
  • Gets easily annoyed if anyone asks her the question, "They looked like monsters, to you?" She doesn't care whether or not if it's made in a joking matter because what happened to her was real and the less that she knows, the better.
    • She also has standards in regards sticking her hand into a dirty toilet.
    Heather: Who would even do something so disgusting?

Lesser Gods

    Ellen Ripley 
Ellen Ripley, Goddess of Justified Extermination (Lieutenant Ripley)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A flamethrower crossed with an M41A Pulse Rifle
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Action Heroine, Final Girl Survival Mantra, Killing Things with Fire, Action Mom. Friend of all Cats, Mama Bear, Only Sane Woman
  • Domains: Law, Good, Destruction, Protection, Honor
  • Followers: Dana, all non-ascended Resident Evil protagonists, The Forerunners
  • Allies: Dwayne Hicks, Jenette Vasquez, Lance Bishop, Samus Aran, Ciaphas Cain, The Metroid Hatchling, Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott, The House of Children, Kirito and Asuna, Yui, Bryan Mills, all cat deities, Cammy White, The Ghostbusters, Kenshiro, Demon King Piccolo, Indiana Jones, Rosemary Woodhouse, River Tam
  • Enemies: Xenomorphs, Facehuggers, Ash, Indominus Rex, Victor Frankenstein, Cell
  • Opposes: Red Skull, Voldemort, Kefka, Daleks, Gihren Zabi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Android 18
  • Conflicting Opinion: Frankenstein's Monster
  • One of the first Action Heroines in cinema as well as surviving countless hordes of one of the most ruthless alien beings in the pantheon was enough for the Pantheon to award Ellen Ripley with godhood.
  • One of the first gods to offer an alliance was Ciaphas Cain. He claimed he arrived to speak to Ellen about his approval in the handling of the Xenomorphs. Though she had a feeling it was actually due to his fear that they may one day walk about the Pantheon, a fear both share.
  • Shares a bond with Samus, keeping her company at times. The two have experienced many horrors of space, managing to overcome them all on their own multiple times. Samus is currently teaching that not all foreign organisms are evil; the Metroid Hatchling took a liking to her (with Ellen keeping a safe distance just to be sure). Eventually, Ellen did warm up to the hatchling.
  • Believes that Indominus Rex is an abomination and should be killed immediately. She shakes her head to the scientists who thought that creating such a creature was a good idea in the first place. It doesn't help that her most hated enemy is the high priest. She's keeping watch to make sure that the Xenomorph Queen doesn't ascend herself.
  • Despises Victor Frankenstein for trying to mess with forces she thinks no scientist will ever be able to understand. Is often accused of sabotaging his experiments. As for the monster he's most famous for... she's not sure what to make of him. Some versions are obviously evil, while others may actually be good. She's reserving judgement on him for now.
  • Is wary of all synthetic humans, as the first one she met tried to kill her. Although she has long since overcome those fears, she still keeps an eye out on even the heroic ones such as Android 18. However, she is more than willing to stamp out a more dangerous creation: Cell. She may not be able to back up her threats, but she at least has an ally that can.
  • Survived a summer camp with 5 other gods and a mortal. She gave credit to Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott for keeping her safe during the ordeal. The two final girls were sympathetic of Ripley's plight in her dealings with the Xenomorphs.
  • Her brave effort to save a young mortal by the name of Newt gained the admiration of the House of Children.
  • Is naturally a cat person, gaining the favor of all cat deities. Cammy White became close friends with her as a result. The two raise funds for downtroden cats.
  • Once met by Peter Venkman, who gave her a surprising embrace. Turns out he mistook her for Dana Barrett. Ellen had to let him down easy, telling him that just because the two shared the same actress doesn't make them one and the same. Although he was disappointed, he offered up the ghost-hunting service on the house.
  • With that said she does not condone those who exterminae friendly aliens or foreigners. Any follower who uses her divine powers on such will get their ass kicked by her personally followed by their immediate loss of cleric abilities. As such she opposes all gods who revel in such activities.
  • Often seen having beer and playing pool with one Commander Bryan Mills, Professor Henry Jones Junior, Kenshiro and Piccolo; the action heroes have taken a great liking to each other for ALL being parents who took on (and single-handedly) destroyed armies to protect their beloved children.
  • Ripley's valiant battle to save Newt from the clutches of The Alien Queen has earned the respect and admiration of Kirito and Asuna, themselves parents who would lay down their lives to protect their adoptive little girl Yui. As a result, she is recently invited to take the Team Mom position of The League of Adoptive Parents, which after some prodding from Yui (and Newt herself), the Lieutenant of the Nostromo graciously accepts.
  • Is on good terms with Rosemary Woodhouse, having felt sorry for her after hearing what happened to her in her story.
  • Is a good friend of the Ghostbusters, even if sometimes they get scared of her destructive methods.

    Joshua Graham 
Joshua Graham, God of Bandages (The Burned Man, The Malpais Legate)

    Mordin Solus 
Mordin Solus, God of Safe Sex and The Talk (The Professor)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The tattoo design upon his forehead
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Medics Lethally Skilled in Combat, Idiosyncratic Speech Patterns, Seekers of Redemption, Being the Very Model of a Scientist Salarian, Extraordinarily Blunt Givers of The Talk, Safe Sex, Necessary Ruthlessness
  • Domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, War, Song
  • Allies: Urdnot Wrex, Legion, Liara, Commander Shepard, Xenovia Quarta
  • Enemies: Davros, Admiral ZEX
  • Odd Friendship: Abathur
  • Followers: Anyone involved in an Interspecies Romance with desires to mate in a safe, fun manner.
  • Easy to underestimate. Frail frame provides advantages. Never see him coming.
  • Believes science should be used for good. Will not tolerate live experimentation. Senseless waste. All life precious.
  • Regretful of past work. Feels necessary yet unforgivable. Will fight for the lost.
  • Sees work with Tony Tony Chopper in House of Knowledge and development of cure for everything as suitable path to atonement.
  • Possesses vast archive on interspecies biology, including erogenous zones and positions comfortable for both species. Can be any combination. Will offer assistance freely. Don't even have to ask. Already knows about you and your spouse. Was STG for many years.
  • Can cure any STD, given time and motivation.
  • Opposes Admiral ZEX, worked to take Interspecies Romance portfolio from him, dangerous in wrong hands. Title ended up in control of "Monster Girls", good choice, fascinating creatures. Snake girl surprisingly dutiful student, though *sharp inhale* clearly not for knowledge's sake Not romantically inclined himself, but will help others.
  • Usually in the House of Knowledge. Comes over here since services in matters of "The Talk" are *sharp inhale* direly needed.
  • Friends with Xenovia. She talks with Issei about sex and condoms out loud. *sharp inhale* Good person to hang around with.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Urdnot Wrex, despite history.
  • Achieved redemption upon sacrificing self to cure Genophage. Truly is the very model of a Scientist Salarian.
    • Knows one scenario where not curing genophage good without Shepard needing to make shot. Unfortunately, requires Wrex to die in Virmire (where Shepard had to choose between Ashley or Kaidan), for Wreav to lead, and Eve to die later on. Would not prefer that.
  • Realized what Deadly Doctor truly meant. Did not approve of it. Gave position to Valentine.

SCP-542, God of Self-Surgery (Herr Chirurg)
  • Lesser God (Euclid by SCP standards)
  • Symbol: A sample of his fragmented DNA
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil to others, True Neutral in his own mind
  • Portfolio: Body Horror, Mad Doctor, Excellent Auto-Surgeons, Steals Organs, No Compatibility Issues, Herr Doctor, Morally Ambiguous Doctorate, Affable Lunatics, Worked With The Nazis, Obliviously Evil, Deadly Doctor
  • Domains: Surgery, Mad Science, Organ Donation, Medical Knowledge, Stitches
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: Nazi deities (to a certain extent), Jack the Ripper, The Medic, Fran Madaraki, Bondrewd, Vandar Adg
  • Headbutting Villains with: Cioccolata, Fabius Bile
  • Enemies: Dib Membrane, The Basterds, Jack Harkness, Czeslaw Meyer, Prometheus and most gods with a Healing Factor, Josuke Higashikata, Giorno Giovanna, Black Jack, the Elric brothers
  • Opposed by: Every sane and good physician in the pantheon
  • SCP-542, preferred name Herr Chirurg is one of the many human-like figures under watch by the SCP Foundation. Shown to have an IQ around 150, and has most likely was born in the late 19th century. This German surgeon is an expert at surgery, mainly on himself. He doesn't need or care about anesthetic, and infection doesn't seem a problem. Constantly stitching himself together, the result is a "Frankenstein's Monster"-looking doctor who doesn't look too human any more.
  • Herr Chirurg is usually a rather friendly individual fond of playing chess, but that all changes when he needs to repair himself. To keep himself alive he steals the organs of other people and replaces his own. A liver, kidneys, anything to fix himself. Compatibility is not an issue and his body doesn't reject the organs. Despite his creepiness, the SCP Foundation has kept him around to study this. The Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Slaughter are interested as well due to being an expert in organ theft.
  • Most physicians in the pantheon oppose him due to his Mad Doctor personality, particularly fellow surgeon Black Jack. He is connected to at least 45 deaths, perhaps 60 or even more. However like SCP-049 he isn't truly evil, just ignorant to the suffering he causes. The two are neutral towards each other, but like most Herr Chirurg doesn't believe the plague is an issue. Neither would like to admit their similarities.
  • There are doctors that get along with him, though that's because they're as crazy as him. The Medic and him soon became friends due to their twisted surgery, and together have "helped" many patients. He admires the surgical skills of Fran Madaraki as well. Avoiding an operating table from the three at all costs. SCP-542 will give some genuine medical advice however, and enjoys discussing science and biology.
  • Dib Membrane was utterly horrified to learn of SCP-542 as his organ theft reminded him of Zim's "Dark Harvest", where he stole kids' organs to make himself seem human. Herr Chirurg balked at the comparison, believing the Irken invader "mishandled" the transformation and has a lot to learn about human biology. A comparison by the Elric brothers to Shou Tucker due to his gruesome medical surgery came off as an insult to him. Not because he considered Tucker revolting, but because he thought the man was an amateur.
  • Very interested in gods with a Healing Factor since those organs will last longer. Due to how his immortality was abused Czeslaw suffered from some PTSD upon learning about him, and Jack Harkness is keeping the hell away from him since the good doctor is interested in his immortality. He is also interested in Josuke and Giorno's Stand since it can manipulate living matter.
  • Vandal Savage is one of the few who likes his skill in taking body parts, given that he cannibalizes his relatives to help maintain his immortality. Bondrewd appreciates his use of Human Resources. SCP-542 can be seen working with Jack the Ripper due to his serial killings having a surgical precision, making it easier to harvest the body parts he needs.
  • While a rather disturbed doctor, even he has second thoughts on Cioccolata and Fabius Bile. Not that he won't work with them, he's just reluctant. While he admires Cioccolata's skills and what he can use Green Day with, Cioccolata's extreme sadism comes off as somewhat disturbing for him. Fabius Bile's skills at medicine are in his eyes something to be admired, but some of the stuff he does with it even he couldn't do.
  • Described himself as "dreadfully normal" before World War 1, later joining the Nazis in World War 2. This wasn't out of any ideological reason, considering their goals to be "boringly simple", but they did give him a lot more opportunities. He is happy to continue medical research for them in the pantheon, and may have been involved in the same extra-normal field that Stroheim's German science was part of.
  • Rather critical towards the Think Tank for their bizarre views of human biology. Doesn't think highly of the Autodoc since when they use it to perform lobotomies it left many mindless. Yes, he's in a state of Body Horror but it is much more successful and humanoid for the progress and resources he has.


    Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson 
Let's begin the operation!

Dr. Derek Stiles and Nurse Angela "Angie" Thompson Co-Deities of Medical Games (Derek: Kousuke Tsukimori | Angie: Angela Blackwell, Ange Tonegawa Amou)
Left: Derek, Right: Angie
  • Demideities (Derek can reach borderline Lesser levels when using the Healing Touch)
  • Symbol: The Healing Touch star
  • Theme Song: Operation Briefing
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dressed to Heal, Belligerent Sexual Tension, Last-Minute Hookup
  • Domain(s): Medicine, Life, Surgery, Disease Combat
  • Heralds: Resurgam First Care (Trauma Team)
  • High Priest: The Life and Death surgeon (as the Ur-Example)
  • Followers: Daniil Dankovsky, Artemy Burakh, Alan Probe
  • Allies: Dr. Markus Vaughn and Dr. Valerie Blaylock (fellow Caduceus colleagues), most every benevolent doctor, nurse, and otherwise healer in the Pantheon (Dr. Black Jack, SCP-2295, Florence Nightingale, Mordin Solus, Osmosis Jones), the (Etrian Odyssey) Lagaard guild, Dr. Tenma, Navy Corpsmen James Broderick Sullivan and John Henry "Doc" Bradley, Ellen Ripley
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Nurgle, those who advocate death, Facehuggers, Thrax, Typhus, Albert Wesker
  • Oppose: Nigel Burke (especially Derek)
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Medic (Derek can tolerate him, Angie despises him)
  • Usually, in most games, healing is not a big issue, and can be solved with potions, food, sleep, or exiting combat. Sometimes, it takes a bit of effort, or it's just plain impossible to get sick or injured (though death is still an option). In a Medical Game, the treatment of illnesses/injuries/infections is the main point. Enter the Trauma Center games.
  • Derek Stiles grew up in Northridge, a suburb just outside Angeles Bay. After losing his father to an incurable disease (and losing his cat in a car accident before or after that), this started his resolve to become a doctor. His story begins as a surgeon at Hope Hospital in Angeles Bay, just about to complete his residency there and eager to start operating as a full time surgeon. He used to have the assistance of Nurse Mary Fulton before she had to transfer to another hospital, newcomer nurse Angela Thompson taking her place as Derek's aide. While mostly professional, Angie also tends to be moody and prone to outbursts, but is still just as dedicated to her job as Derek is.
    • Their story begins in full force upon the discovery of a series of bioweapons known as GUILT, designed with the intent to cause pain and death to those infected by it. It comes right after the discovery of something in Derek: the Healing Touch, a supernatural ability meant to help surgeons with their operations. The results vary, but for Derek, it slows down time for a few minutes. Partly in thanks to this gift, Derek was eventually invited to the international organization Caduceus (with Angie shortly following suit), which is at the forefront in combating Delphi, the terrorist group responsible for GUILT. Several operations later, all the strains of GUILT have been stopped, and Delphi is tracked down and its members arrested, putting an end to their threat to the world.
    • Another thing to note is that Angie has close ties to GUILT, so to speak, in that her father Dr. Kenneth Blackwell was blackmailed to create GUILT, and did so to keep Angie from becoming a living incubator of GUILT. While he has been rescued, she has not forgiven him for his actions, though he continues to atone after that.
    • That said, GUILT would surface once again three years later, though Derek and Angie would first deal with Post-GUILT Syndrome patients after coming back from Costigar, Africa with new "recruit" Dr. Adel Tulba. And then GUILT itself would resurface, thanks to Delphi remnants, and worse Derek would lose access to the Healing Touch for a while after failing to save a patient (out of four in succession), the pressure getting to him, just as his mentor Dr. Robert Hoffman feared years ago, having suffered that burden himself. He would take a break at Hope Hospital for about a month before Angie visits him and they visit her father who's under probation and helping clean up the mess Delphi made, but when he contracts PGS, Derek finally gets his Healing Touch back after getting his act together, and Derek and Angie eventually return to Caduceus, continuing the fight against GUILT, eventually putting a stop to Delphi for good, exposing that Acropolis and HOA has been utilizing GUILT (now called NEO-GUILT) in certain medicines of theirs as "ability enhancements" (to the point of mimicking the Healing Touch) thanks to Blackwell's espionage, arresting the implicit top brass, and eliminating NEO-GUILT for good as well.
  • Their ascension to the Pantheon came in the form of a Court envoy sent to Caduceus and requesting for the pair, who were just returning days after overseeing Dr. Markus Vaughn and Dr. Valerie Blaylock test out simulation operations against Stigma strains plus GUILT strains (they would get their own invitations later on). After a lengthy talk with the envoy, Director Hoffman decided that it would be best that Derek and Angie accompany the envoy Dr. Black Jack to their new assigned location: the Trope Pantheons. And there they were granted two temples; one in the expected House, and the other in the House of Gaming.
  • Applies to both:
    • Naturally, Derek and Angie were first acquainted with the doctors in the House of Health and Diseases, starting with Black Jack himself, given Caduceus has a few shrines dedicated to him. They're amazed at his speed, and that it's all from his body, no mystical Healing Touch necessary.
      • While a nurse, they revere Florence Nightingale for revolutionizing the profession and making sanitation mandatory.
      • Their first big step towards accepting the strange was the salarian doctor Mordin Solus, who was additionally a proficient fighter to boot, given the criminal environment Shepard first found him operating at.
      • SCP-2295 was a massive curiosity, being able to replace organs and patch up skin with plushie materials and they somehow work like the real thing.
      • While the Medic's tech and speed of healing is revolutionary, his practices, mercenary career, and (lack of) ethics prove problematic for them to deal with. Still, after one operation where Derek and Angie had to treat the Heavy after being infected by an anomalous parasite using the Medic's tools (and Angie being critical of their filth before cleaning them), and the fact that he considers his colleagues as friends, Derek can tolerate him at best, while Angie loathes him for his loss of his medical license on top of everything else he's done.
      • Fran Madaraki is another they found unsettling due to her skewed anti-death morality, despite her unparalleled surgery skills, and because of the mutations she's made thanks to those skills. But her rules are relatively easy to follow to keep her sort-of under control. That said, when it comes to heart operations, she sometimes offers to "modify" Derek, though he always turns her down.
      • And then there's Nigel Burke, a ... disgrace to the profession, so much that even Derek is close to being driven to a rage at the sight. The fact that several of Nigel's patients have also been delivered to Derek's operating table puts him really close to actually ranting about that guy's ineptitude.
    • Outside of the House of Health and Diseases, they were acquainted with Dr. Tenma, his skills as a neurosurgeon, his unending optimism, and his mission to stop Johan Liebert.
      • They were also acquainted with Navy Corpsmen Pacific Assault Squad member James Broderick Sullivan and Flag Raiser John Henry "Doc" Bradley, who have both treated battlefield casualties in the jungles and islands of the Pacific Theater. Derek and Angie are no strangers to medical operations in a warzone, given their time at Costigar.
      • And then there's SCP-049, who has a desire to "end the plague", but is oblivious to the fact that his actions aren't conducive, including his Touch of Death. 049 treats them with respect (and intrigue with Derek's Healing Touch), but this is not reciprocated by the surgeon or nurse.
    • They were once approached by the Lagaard guild and thanked for providing much needed medical supplies, but neither Derek nor Angie remember them or ever being in High Lagaard. Still, the aid is appreciated, and Derek has even considered teaching his art to their (and the other guilds') Medics.
    • As doctors, they oppose those who would promote death, especially death cults such as Delphi was, and those who specifically design diseases to bring that about, having stopped every strain of GUILT they encountered.
    • A surgeon is supposed to have as much of their attention as possible on a patient that needs saving. While turbulence, reckless driving, and darkness may be tolerated since those can't be helped, live media coverage with lighting and flashes will not be tolerated by Angie, even if Derek will try to persevere amidst it anyway. Reality TV with real operations isn't tolerated either, and two other Caduceus doctors eventually put a stop to one such show.
    • Medical malpractice of any kind is not something they'd want to repeat, having once been directed by the government to implant a pacemaker with a tracker in a Delphi mole, who would then be "set free" for him to return to his base.
    • They oppose those who would do unspeakable things for the sake of beauty/youth, just as President Reina Mayuzumi of Acropolis has.
    • The operations they've had to perform in the Pantheon has led to enemies and allies as well.
      • There was one operation on a patient who was infected with Thrax, and he proved more challenging to deal with than even the GUILT strains Savato and Aletheia since he's actually sapient. A timely arrival by Osmosis Jones helped turn the tide, though Thrax managed to escape entirely, leaving a huge mess for Derek to fix.
      • There was also another on a recently "impregnated" Facehugger victim when they were in the area. Usually, they're just written off as doomed, but Derek wanted to save the victim and the patient was taken to the operating room (and Ripley was already contacted). Not being given enough time to grow inside the victim, the to-be-Chest Burster was much weaker than it should've been, though still proved challenging for Derek to handle, especially since unlike GUILTnote , this infant Xenomorph even made to attack Derek himself, though his Healing Touch instincts kept him from getting hurt as it found itself decapitated by his scalpelnote  (the xenomorph infant was that weak). Angie swiftly gathered the "pieces" for future study.
      • He suffered a minor breakdown after the operation, given this was the first time he's killed a living thing that wasn't a virus/parasite/bioweapon (thinking back on Dr. Tulba's attempt to use the Healing Touch to kill Derek, only for the NEO-GUILT to kick in), but Ripley (who arrived near the end of the operation) assured him that he did the right thing. Also, "prequel" events have revealed that the Xenomorphs were indeed bioweapons that eventually Turned Against Their Masters and were on the loose ever since.

  • Exclusive to Derek:
    • The secret to Derek's success is the Healing Touch, which slows time to a crawl from his perspective as he operates on the patient in record time, though he's been recommended to make do without it as often as possible to conserve his mental stamina and only use it for critical diseases that are as dangerous as GUILT has been.
      • A Healing Touch used subconsciously out of desperation costs the doctor nothing and can last quite a while, while an intentional one exhausts the user and last for a brief time proportional to their focus. Two different Healing Touches can be used in concert without interfering with each other. Meanwhile, two of the same Healing Touch will stack. This includes those from the same doctor (a.k.a. Derek) using a desperation healing touch and an intentional one simultaneously.
    • If worse comes to worst, as long as there's an expert to instruct him, and he has his tools, he can even defuse a bomb, and disarm certain electronic locks.
    • Despite his expertise, he's just one surgeon, and can only operate on one patient at a time. Thankfully, in the Pantheon, there are several advanced healing methods to close up wounds fast when he has to operate in succession. It's one of the only reasons he tolerates the Medic.
    • Is slow at working out puzzles, and gets regularly mocked for it.
    • Despite the last time he had cameras and sensors wired up to him, Derek's willing to have his operations recorded if it can help other surgeons. He'd just prefer that they aren't artificially enhanced like Acropolis Pharmaceutical and the Hands of Asclepius have done with their doctors and Adel Tulba, and using NEO-GUILT as "ability enhancers". Time-related abilities should work just fine, though.

  • Exclusive to Angie:
    • Because she never got it back at Caduceus or Hope Hospital, several are unafraid to give her flak over the things she's done (including suggesting to a depressed patient that they should just die, even if that isn't actually unique to Angie), though they also state that she's tolerated because of Derek and because she pretty much keeps him in line in regards to non-surgeon matters, particularly to remind him to do his paperwork. Interestingly, in certain other matters, he's the more mature one compared to her.
    • Despite not looking the type who would have the discipline to study it, Angie is proficient in aikido.
    • Dislikes parents who do all sorts of atrocities just to spare their children, even if it's because of ransom, as her father had done. It took years before she could look at him again without too much hate.
    • Despises Nurse Ratched for how badly she treats her patients. Yes, Angie has had her moments too, but those were out of impulse and wild emotion, not calculated cruelty.
    • "Nice work, Dr. Stiles!"

    The Houyhnhnms 
But when a creature pretending to reason could be capable of such enormities, [the Master Horse, Gulliver's Houyhnhnm escort] dreaded lest the corruption of that faculty might be worse than savagery itself. He seemed therefore confident, that, instead of reason [humans] were only possessed of some quality fitted to increase [their] natural vices.

The Houyhnhnms, Deified Race of Castration Practitioners
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The map of Houyhnhnm Land
  • Alignment: Seemingly Lawful Neutral, but really leaning toward Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: (Non-anthropomorphic) Horses capable of speech, Enslave humans and view them as deplorable, Communicate in a spoken-only, neigh-like language, Unaffected by diseases or tumors, Leaning on the far order end of the Order vs Chaos spectrum, Promise not to engage in sexual activity unless they need to have children, See themselves as purer and more reasonable than humans in every way possible, Live on an island in complete seclusion from other societies
  • Domains: Horses, Order, Pacifism, Atheism, Misanthropy
  • Allies: The entire house of Weather except Tenshi Hinanawi, Rainbow Dash, and Kracko
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Most human or humanoid deities, especially horse-riders (Ie. Link, Megan Williams, and especially Hazel Levesque)
  • Opposes: Every deity in the houses of Betrayal and Treachery, Fighting and Combat, Commerce, Crime and Transgressions, Gaming, Power and Abilities, Royalty, Slaughter, Sports, Technology, Vengeance, Villainy, Military and Warfare, and Weapons, practically all deities hailing from Equestria
  • Opposed by: Osiris, Bambi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Captain Beatty, Emperor Calus, Zamasu, Hades, Viridi, Any of the domesticated or human-appreciating members of the house of Ungulates
  • Ignore: Every deity in the houses of Costumes, Extraterrestrials, Religion and Faith, Love and Affection, Luck and Fortune, Magic and Sorcery, Theatre and Spectacle, and Undead and Phasmata
  • Appalled by: Ludwig, The Accursed, BoJack Horseman
  • A race of abnormally intelligent equines largely against the concept of weapons and brutal murder who inhabit an island located a good distance south of Australia, the Houyhnhnms (Pronounced Hwih-nims) nevertheless believe that humans can be systemically killed by removing their sexual organs. Because castration is both a gradual and weaponless method of elimination, its approval would allow them to attain the societal purity they desired without having to abandon the strict moral code they stuck (And to this day, still stick) so tightly to.
  • Strangely enough, they knew nothing about castration until former English surgeon Lemuel Gulliver (At that point a captain) was mutinied and found himself on their island. Even though he was surprised to encounter a society where human-horse dynamics worked backward, the Houyhnhnms themselves were bewildered to see a Yahoo who was clothed, clean-shaven, and most shockingly, teachable. He proceeded to tell them dreadful things about the outside world. Although they eventually sent Gulliver away on a suspicion that he would cause the other Yahoos to become smarter and kill their cattle, his stay there affected him psychologically by the time he returned to Britain; he had become so dismissive of his fellow humans that he would spend several hours a day talking to his newly-purchased horses and not bother to leave their stable.
    • The castration system eventually proved so victorious that within the next 85 years, every last Yahoo on the island had either died of old age or succumbed to diseases or other natural conditions (They are in fact the only forms of life on the island who can suffer from any ailments, period) and never had any successors to continue their longevity. As a result, Houyhnhnm society has had far less of a burden on its back due to the absence of the Yahoos for the past two and a half centuries.
  • He made me observe, "that among the Houyhnhnms, the white, the sorrel, and the iron-gray, were not so exactly shaped as the bay, the dapple-gray, and the black; nor born with equal talents of mind, or a capacity to improve them"... wrote Lemuel in his journal, describing that the natives formed couples where both members were of the same color and thus discouraged any genetic intermixing. A Houyhnhnm individual's fur color also determines the class they belong to, and the society as a whole feels that blending phenotypes would lead to their social structure becoming needlessly complex.
  • Due to living in such a remote part of the world, the Houyhnhnms were neither aware that humans use other horses as steeds nor do they allege themselves to such human principles as wealth, ambition, vengeance, or war. While a small population of Yahoos does exist on the island, they do not possess the same level of intelligence as human outsiders, being unclad and prone to lobbing fecal matter at one another. It is traits like these that make the Houyhnhnms view Yahoos so condescendingly and enslave them (Since the Houyhnhnms do not believe in murdering or butchering).
  • Ever since Gulliver's voyage, the Houyhnhnms have become generally even more dismissive of humans or humanoids than they have in the past, believing that their presence on their island would cause a disruption to their way of life. They despise humans so much that they use the word "Yahoo" to describe anything that's bad or of inferior quality (As opposed to "houyhnhnm," which is both the word they use to describe themselves and to view something as good or of higher quality).
    • They can't stand the sight of Ludwig, The Accursed, appearing to them as a mix of the long-furred Yahoos that once roamed their nation and their own likeness via a horselike head and legs. Despite Ludwig not voluntarily attaining such a form (Having morphed into it unawares as a result of his repeated hunts with the Healing Church of Yharnam and experimenting with samples of Old Blood), the Houyhnhnms aren't convinced, believing that he had to have made himself look that way as a means of poking fun at their race.
    • For another set of rationale, they cannot tolerate hearing the name "BoJack Horseman." Readers, back when he was the star of Horsin' Around, he had visited Houyhnhnm Land. He heard that the inhabitants were still-quadrupedal ponies, and thus suggested to series creator Herb Kazzaz that he include a sketch where Horseman's character Horse tells Olivia, Ethan, and Sabrina that any horse who still walks on 4 legs ought to live in a mental ward. Suffice it to say, being an anthropomorphic equine and making himself look superior to them during production, that scene never came to be due to them wanting to make him a gelding if he went ahead with referencing them in the show. Even though he's since moved past his days of alcohol and depression, his ascension has greatly annoyed them.
  • When they learned that Bambi's mother met her fate at the hands of Man, they immediately considered letting the buck form good relations with them. What they did not know was that upon his ascension, Bambi opened up to humanity when he realized there were individuals who were more benevolent than the hunters who ravaged his habitat. Because he was told the Houyhnhnms wouldn't leave their island, he made sure never to come near them, apprehensive that they would capture him and convince the buck that Man was and always would be inherently evil.
  • If anything, the Weather Gods have promised to ensure their country is left untouched by the equine-loathing (But also human-hating in his own right) Napoleon. To worsen matters, he slowly started to act more like a human during the rebellion against the owner of the farm he lived in, the thought of it! For obvious reasons, the Houyhnhnms view as him as the nastiest non-Yahoo in all existence. It should also be mentioned that both wish to convert the aforementioned Bambi into a Yahoo-hater, but both have radically different approaches to that school of thought.
  • One would be surprised to learn that they are biased against the mane six. They certainly refuse to befriend Twilight Sparkle due to her love of books (A medium that includes written language, something the Houyhnhnms do not practice). Rarity, in their eyes, is far too materialistic as a result of her fashionista inclinations. Pinkie Pie represents excessive celebration, and Rainbow Dash is capable of generating sonic rainbooms, phenomena that are both extremely loud and therefore repulsive to the Houyhnhnms. Even Applejack (The most mundane of the group) is viewed unfavorably by them just on the basis of her being a representative in the House of Weapons.
    • This also applies somewhat to Fluttershy (The Mane 6 Member they least despise due to her tendency to not interfere in the way others run their lives out of respect) not only due to her being a Pegasus, but because she strongly disagrees with their bigotry unto humans. Not to mention, the fact they have seen her accompanied by Discord, the embodiment of Chaos, is more than reason enough to dissociate themselves from her. While Fluttershy herself does acknowledge their ability to respect their natural surroundings and not suffer from societal overexpansion, she nevertheless has distanced herself from their island since their worldview is not all gumdrops and daffodils.
    • Although not from Equestria, Crystal is also viewed with contempt in Houyhnhnm Land (Despite being reminiscent of a normal horse in almost every imaginable way), most likely because of her mane and body color suddenly changing every so often coming off as demeaning and ostentatious.
  • So you'd think they'd be at least a little less livid toward a horse-lover like Hazel Levesque? A big uh-uh to that one. In their minds, she'd be the kind of person to have been sent out by the other Yahoos so they could be emotionally weakened and left vulnerable to the aggressor. They don't even care if every other horse in the world opens up to her (Being the only animals who are generally welcoming to her due to her being the daughter of Hades and Persephone) because they understand she would want them to become obedient to her; it should be blatant by this point that they wouldn't accept any of that gobbledygook.
  • One of the most important aspects of Houyhnhnm life is to avoid starting competitions or challenges. Although the foals are encouraged to at least explore the island and befriend their neighbors, they are sternly taught never to play games with their friends. In any case, an adult must always be nearby when children frolic around so as to not become disobedient behind their backs. In their opinion, the concept of winning, losing, and tying will lead to disputes between players and therefore cause unnecessary conflict. It is for this fundamental reason that they do not care in the slightest for the Houses of Gaming and Sports, two topics built entirely around winning and losing.
  • It's worth noting that even though they have no law system (Since they're so based on reason and reality that they don't need any laws), they still view the House of Crime with much contempt. This belief likely stems from the fact that they view criminals as Yahoos at their bare-bones form: innately chaotic, driven by impulses and predilections, and only caring about themselves as opposed to their society as a whole.
  • Osiris does not like the Houyhnhnms one bit, the reason being their genital-removal procedures. After all, he was castrated years ago, and hearing of a race ascend that specializes in such a discipline has understandably ticked him off. As much as he would like to see them demoted or erased from existence, the Overdeities have pulled him back to ensure he can't disrupt the Houyhnhnms' orderly ways.
  • When it comes to Yahoos, the only ones they will even remotely acknowledge are the ones inhabiting the house of Weather, primarily because they are the ones responsible for ensuring nature can give the Houyhnhnms sustenance and vegetation. Even the other Nature houses do not receive the same honors because they do not provide the same benefits as Weather (The only reason they reject the house of Water & Moisture is because none of the representatives there control precipitation or the benefits of water on their livelihoods).
  • Due to their "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" views on the way their society runs, they are strongly against being around artificial items (Not counting anything the Houyhnhnms themselves construct), especially robots and other forms of artificial intelligence. This hatred stems from their belief that anything made by civilizations more advanced than theirs means their creators strive for more. In turn, that leads them to realize that humans are never truly satisfied with their way of life, and will continue to expand their societies even if it means genocide for other fauna standing in their way.
    • At the same time, they also look down on hunter-gatherer societies, citing their bloodlust and carnivorous leanings as unclean and the root of all Yahoo imperfections. While it is worth noting that the Houyhnhnms are almost entirely herbivorous and therefore reliant on the farming of milk and feeding of vegetation, it's not known whether they are aware that Yahoos have fewer limits as to what they're able to ingest.
  • While they are not against befriending Pokemon (Given that whatever species they encounter doesn't react aggressively toward them), they are certainly against the concept of Pokemon training. This is not exactly a surprise, given the violent nature of these competitions and their psychological effects on these entities. Consequently, they have advocated for the release of Pokemon from their owners, allowing them to think and provide for themselves once released into the wild. Speaking of which, legends say that a Yorkshire Terrier-esque specimen (Lillipup) was named by the previously-mentioned Gulliver, inspired by a diminutive country he visited a number of years before coming to Houyhnhnm Land.
  • To understand how far apart they keep themselves from conflict-inducing concepts, their vocabulary does not cover things undesirable to them. For example, since they don't have a specialized term for "lie" or "fabrication", they would describe it as "that which one says is really not". Or more prominently, they would call the concept of murder (And other brutality-related terms like "war" and "assassination") as, "that which we do not mention" and leave it there.
    • Strangely, they also do not have a word for "castration". This is likely because the idea was introduced to them by Gulliver, a Yahoo, and therefore do not want to give a proper term to an idea they themselves did not propose. They have resorted to using, "the method with which the Yahoos are controlled," as the safest option.
  • Ever since the Industrial Revolution, Houyhnhnm Land has been facing increasingly greater environmental dangers, prompting the Weather Gods to create an invisible shield around the country to ward off the adverse effects caused by the expulsion of fossil fuels. Although the Houyhnhnms have very little knowledge of the cosmos (Only observing the stars as part of a calendar system), they agree that if humans were to move away to another planet, the carbon footprint would decrease and the general presence of energy gases in the air would also lower over time.
  • No one in this society is allowed to form and address their own opinion on ANYTHING. After all, why bother making a statement if someone else disagrees with and therefore, no one truly knows about. For similar reasons, they do not have a religion, citing it as a way of relying on hypothetical factors without relying on empirical or physical evidence. After learning about the ways of humans living in England and their incorporation of beliefs and stances from Gulliver, the locals cannot even begin to comprehend why they would actively want disagreement in their lives.
  • Their education network (Which goes out of its way to emphasize behavioral control in order to create a conflict-free environment) tailors to every individual growing up, regardless of their gender or sex; if one gender were marginalized and excluded from being taught, they claim, then their utopia would neither be at its most productive nor promoting the standards of non-conflict that they abide by. Due to these collectivist standards, gender is largely a non-entity other than for reproductive purposes.
  • Even if they saw magic happen in front of them, the Houyhnhnms would back away from it under the belief that it would be used to make them appear inferior. When it comes to the aforementioned Twilight Sparkle and Rarity, for instance, they would resort to asking them to get away from their territory and forget they ever saw any incantations. Since they take their status of superiority in earnest, they would freak out if, say, unicorns moved in and made them look boring in comparison.
  • Undead, you say? Eh, just a living being that tries its hardest to look dead, they think whenever they see zombies or the like in their vicinity. Given their immunity to hexes and Demonic Possession, it comes as no surprise for them to view such threats as mundane and in turn force any paranormal entities to seek victims elsewhere.
    • Similarly for aliens, they simply view them as Earth-inhabitants who learned from the Yahoos (BLECH, they've been tainted!) how to build aircraft and float around in the sky, trying to look like they're hovering down to the ground for the first time. And if asked about E.T, they'll state that the so-called "levitation" he causes whenever his finger lights up is merely the wind lifting up material by sheer coincidence and that E.T himself is probably some advanced genetic experiment set up as part of an elaborate conspiracy.
  • Upon having learned of their existence, Chief fireman Captain Beatty praised the Houyhnhnms for their ability to restrict their feelings and impulses in favor of using logic and reasoning to drive their utopia. Although they view Beatty as one of the more decent Yahoos out there, they are wary of him regardless not just because of him being human, but due to his championing of the use of book-burning as a means of stripping people of information that might make them sad or angry (Fire is considered a bad omen in Houyhnhnm culture due to it representing the destruction of their infrastructure, and in a chaotic way).
  • According to them, there's a massive difference between their brand of castration and the type of genital-removal used by humans and other non-Houyhnhnms. Take the Cabal Emperor Calus: he once subjected a political opponent of his (The Consul, who served as an advisor to Red Legion superior Dominus Ghaul) to castration in order to take back his Emperor position. If that didn't sound, *cough*, unnecessary enough, the fact that Calus (Himself not human, but believed by the Houyhnhnms to have been influenced by humans) is morbidly hedonistic, extravagant, and self-centered are some of the aspects that the inhabitants of Houyhnhnm Land condemn Yahoos for. Oh, and the Emperor himself views their society as measly and a mere blip in the universe once it comes to an end, though he at least doesn't drag himself into their affairs because they do not pose an obstacle to his aspirations.
  • They are aware that a certain "Zamasu" figure shares the same kind of spite toward Yahoos as they. However, they refuse to ally himself with them because of their differing methods of genocide: whereas the Houyhnhnms simply intend on removing the Yahoos' sexual organs and watch them age, Zamasu wants to eradicate them in a far more barbarous and immediate fashion. As a consequence, the Weather Gods have ensured that Zamasu is never allowed to set foot near the Houyhnhnms' country for the remainder of eternity.
    • They refuse to get along with Viridi and the other Hades (Though moreso the latter, due to the former mellowing out on her stance against humans since her ascension) for similar reasons to Zamasu. Although Viridi, being a Nature Goddess, respects the Houyhnhnms for their misanthropic ideology and their society not being overly damaging to the surrounding ecosystem, the Weather Gods have prohibited her from coming near them just like Hades (Who, meanwhile, is critical of them because he thinks castration is too soft of a method to kill the humans with).

Sparx, God of Life Meters
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A butterfly in a jar
  • Theme Songs: Sparx Levels (Spyro 3, A Hero's Tail, Reignited Remix) and Sparx Mask (from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Life Meter, Dragonfly Companion, Powerup Magnet, Becomes More Capable Over Time, Underwater Bubble Travel, The Unintelligible, Suddenly Speaking
  • Domains: Health, Gaming, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Friendship
  • Allies: Spyro the Dragon, Ignitus, Hunter and Bianca, Crash Bandicoot, Miles Prower, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Agitha, Aku Aku, Globox, Gardevoir and Gallade, Ana Amari, Tony Tony Chopper, Cael Cynder
  • On good terms with: Good members of the Dragons sub-house
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Mothra
  • Enemies: Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, Malefor, Neo Cortex, Polygon Man, Acnologia, Bowser, Denzel Crocker, Smaug, Dovakhiin, Uka Uka
  • Distrusts: Moneybags
  • In many a video game, there is a Life Meter; a way of discerning the health of the player character. It can be a Hit Point bar, hearts, but it's very common. Sparx, however, is one of few who's both a Life Meter and a character. The blood brother to Spyro the Dragon, after Spyro rescued him they've been the best of friends. Together they've faced evil sorcerors, evil dragons and have been heroes to their universe time and time again.
  • Treasures the close friendship he has with Spyro the Dragon deeply, and is always looking out for him. He respects the likes of Gardevoir and Gallade for being guardian entities.
  • His color denotes the overall health of Spyro. Each hit drops from yellow to blue, blue to green and then leaving Spyro until he gets his health back. By attacking some of the animals like sheep it brings forth butterflies, which by eating restores a bit of health. Blue butterflies, in particular, are delicious for Sparx, adding a new life for Spyro. Mothra was a bit uncomfortable with him around, though the dragonfly's responsible enough to not hurt her.
  • Suspects that Spike is related to Spyro, due to how similar they are in appearance. He thought Sonic may be on good terms with Spyro as the latter took a lot from the former, however there doesn't seem to much of a relation between the two. The similarity in personality does lead the two to get along, and he also gets along with Tails the Fox due to being the brotherly sidekicks of a Mascot with Attitude.
  • Asides from determining Spyro's help, he also can collect nearby gems and jewels. Later games would allow him to retrieve them directly from boxes without Spyro needing the bust them open. This power has caused some trouble in the Trope Pantheon due to, on his way to seeing his friend in the Dragons sub-house, he ended up stumbling into Smaug's layer and taking some of his valuables. He did NOT take this lightly.
  • Was glad to see that an old ally of him and Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, had ascended. He was much less pleased to learn that in the time between Spyro and his own ascension, the Polygon Man had redeemed himself from The Fallen and wasn't happy with the two. Or that Neo Cortex had ascended after his arch-nemesis did.
  • Doesn't have too much to do with his own houses, though does seem to be friendly with Ana Amari and Tony Tony Chopper due to their healing position.
  • Shares close ties to the Dragons sub-house. Asides from his friendship with Spyro, he lives in a world of dragons so he's on good terms whenever he visits there. Plus he is a dragonfly after all. Naturally, he is utterly opposed to Acnologia's screaming hatred of dragons and overall depravity. Doesn't like the fact that a dragon-slayer, Dovakhiin, shares the same house his closest of friends does.
  • Became more capable over time, eventually being playable on his own right. He gets along with Globox due to them becoming tougher over time, and their roles as sidekicks.
  • Being a dragonfly, he isn't fond of anyone trying to capture him in nets or jars. Bowser has become an enemy for trying to bottle him up like he did with the Sprixies, believing there's potential power in him. Denzel Crocker meanwhile believes that catching him might be useful for his bigger schemes of capturing FAIRIES!!
  • Able to travel underwater in a bubble. This ended...poorly when visiting the houses of Commerce and Friendship, as it gave Spongebob and Patrick really bad memories about Wormy and caused them to panic.
  • When Spyro joined his friend Crash Bandicoot in the go-kart racing tournament that bears the name of the latter, Sparx didn't want to be left behind and so decided to act as the protective shield of Spyro, Hunter and, weirdly enough, Gnasty Gnorc; as well as every other racer in the Spyro Track since he felt it was his duty to act as the protective mask of everyone else, even if he isn't really a mask.
  • Can also be found at Game Design


    Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano 
Ai Haibara, Goddess of Finding The Cure (Shiho Miyano, Sherry, Princess, Evil-Eyed Yawny Girl, Anita Hailey, Vi Graythorn)
Click here to see her original form
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The drug she created, APTX 4869
  • Theme Song: Her own theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (former alignment is ambiguous)
  • Portfolio: Doesn't love to act like a child, The Atoner, Broken Ace, Child Prodigy, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Cower Power, The Cynic, Would rather stay as a child rather than her original form, Last-Name Basis, Despite being intregral to Shinichi's plan, she was constantly kept out of the dark about the BO, Secret-Keeper, The serious child to Agasa's wacky parenting, Might be related to Masumi Sera, Mary Sera, Shukichi Haneda, and Shuichi Akai
  • Domains: Scientists, Atonement, Cures, Prodigies
  • Herald: Dr. Hiroshi Agasa
  • Allies: Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo, Ran Mouri, Kogoro Mouri, Shuichi Akai, The Baudelaire Orphans (especially Klaus), Toriel, Frisk, the good-aligned deities of the House of Science, Cream the Rabbit, Atalanta, Fluttershy, Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, Alessi, the evil-aligned deities of the House of Science
  • Additional Character Relationships: Rarity, Daisuke Motomiya
  • Stays away from: House of Electricity
  • The resident scientist of the Black Organization, Shiho Miyano created a drug known as the APTX 4869. It is unknown what are the reasons why the drug is created, but it is meant to be a lethal poison without giving any traces to the person's body, something that Shiho disapproves as she feels that the drug is meant to serve an another purpose. After the death of her sister, Shiho wanted to escape the organization, but was cuffed inside it's hideouts. Wanting to commit suicide, she swallowed the drug she created, causing her to shrunk down to her childhood self, and escaped quickly. Heading down to the Kudo mansion, she was found by Hiroshi Agasa while unconscious and decided to take care of her even after he found out the truth. Now under the name Ai Haibara and wanting to stay that way, she promised herself create a permanent cure for the drug she created to find a way for Conan Edogawa to go back to his true self, but not before the Black Organization is taken down.
  • Hearing about her ascencion, Conan hopes that this means that Haibara will get him to use the temporary antidotes in the Pantheon and that she'll create more quickly and probably a permanent one soon by working with other people that could help her with her development on it. Hearing about this, Haibara stated that she would prefer to work alone, use her own methods of developing the antidote, and would do anything to keep Conan of stealing the antidotes as she doesn't want to risk the chances of him worsening the effects every single time he uses one, even if he used it for "important emergencies", causing him to groan in disappoinment and give up. Likewise, Ran wanted to go near her to ensure her safety at all cost, not wanting to see her get hurt like last time. While Haibara appreciates the gesture, she would rather be by herself and in her temple alone.
  • She gets along with the Baudelaire Orphans due to losing their parents at a young age and being connected to shadowy organizations their parents are members of (with Haibara also being a member). They feel bad for what happen to her being in that organization, causing her to be isolated before eventually gaining her own friends in her shrunken form, with Haibara also feeling the same sentiment and that them being constantly chased by Count Olaf reminds her of some of her experiences with the other BO members while in hiding, causing her to be enemies with Count Olaf. Out of all the siblings, she has the closest relationship with Klaus as they are both intelligent people with high vocabulary and knowledge in a lot of subjects.
  • While she's happy being a child and would rather stay that way, she wouldn't cherish Alessi's power to de-aging people to toddlers....or fetuses depending on how long they were effected. It also doesn't help that he is a crazy psycho who is okay with hitting children, causing her to stay away from him much more.
  • Hearing about what happened to her, Toriel wanted to give her comfort stating that evrrythibg is going to be okay. Just like with Ran, Toriel easily reminded her of her dead sister, which unsettles her at first, but this causes her to easily warm-up to her and forged a friendship with her. Likewise, Frisk wanted to befriend her, hopes that she'll live a happy, and tries to gey her to warm-up to others to gain more friends. While Haibara appreciates Frisk's request, she stated that she is contented with the friends she has.
  • The House of Science are interested to hear how Haibara developed a drug that could be a lethal poison and also served as a way for people to de-aged. The evil deities there think it's a waste that she doesn't want to be an evil person anymore because hearing of her capabilities, they believe she could achieve more than what she had developed, which Haibara doesn't want to be involved with. The good deities there are glad that she's now in the side of them with some of them lending a helping hand on helping her on developing the permanent antidote and wished that she could work with them in the future for future projects that could be for the greater good, which Haibara refused as she thinks that she works best using her own methods, something that they understood.
  • Ended up meeting Cream after she and Conan were solving a case together. Cream's naivety, curiousness, and kindness easily reminds her of that of her best friend, Ayumi Yoshida, which is why she is much more relaxed with her during their first meeting. Cream feels bad upon hearing that she is an orphan and has no biological family left, but is relieved upon hearing that Haibara is happier living her life as a child. Because of the personality resemblance, she allows Cream to call her by her first name, although she wishes that the latter would drop the "Mrs." act whenever they encounter each other.
  • Hearing about what happened to Haibara, Atalanta swore to her that she will protect her from any BO member if they ever ascended and wanted to give her a happy life like any children would now that Haibara desires to live as a child and wanting to live a normal, happy life. Haibara also feels bad for what happened to her life, feeling that her life is worse than her own, and respects her goal of wanting to protect any children, even if she thinks that her goal is just too much to the point she wouldn't listen to what people say to her.
  • While Haibara is a big fan of fashion, most of the time, she mostly focuses on accessories. She tends to visit the House of Accesories to see what kind of accessories they have. While Rarity respects this, she wishes that Haibara would focus on other fashion trends, stating that she could be a good model if she does focus on the fashion industry as a whole, which Haibara halted on as she would rather focus on what she wanted.
  • While she doesn't really play soccer, she is a big fan of the sport itself and although she accompanies the Detective Boys of the matches of Tokyo Spirits, she is rather a huge admirer of Big Osaka and obsessed over it's star, Hyusuke Rigo. While they don't mind about it, some of the deities are confused why someone who lives in Tokyo would support an opposing team in Osaka, but of course Haibara never listens and tells them to stop minding her business.
  • Haibara is a huge animal lover and doesn't like it if animals are being hurt. As such, she gets along with Fluttershy and occassionally visits her temple to take care of her animals. She is impressed with her ability to become friends with all living things in general and jokes that she could turn the BO into pacifistic people, even if saying it uneases her. Although she is a little bit put off by her apologetic demeanor, it doesn't strain their relationship.
  • Even though she knows the strategy of not being shocked by electricity thanks to Conan, she still stays away from the Electricity subhouse as she strongly dislikes being shocked. Considering the deities of the Pantheon's capabilities, it's much more reasonable why she stays away from them more often.
  • Has managed to acquire the services of Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build in helping with finding a cure to APTX 4869. Many deities were surprised and interested in seeing how far progress has been going ever since the two teamed up.

    Anna and Kate Fitzgerald 
Andromeda "Anna" and Katherine "Kate" Fitzgerald, Divine Sisters of Medical Transplant Struggles
Left: Kate. Right: Anna.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A Kidney Donor
  • Theme Song: Feels Like Home by Edwina Hayes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Anna), Neutral Good (Kate)
  • Portfolio: Complicated Medical Transplant Circumstances, Victims of Parental Favoritism on Both Ends, Living Emotional Crutches, Deeply Care and Prioritize One Another's Needs, Their Fates Depend on each Adaptation
  • Domains: Children, Cancer, Life, Death, Siblings
  • Heralds: Sara (their mother), Jesse (their older brother), Brian (their father), Campbell Alexander, Aunt Kelly, Taylor Ambrose
  • Allies: Edward and Alphonse Elric, Anna, Elsa, Mario, Luigi, Haruki Shiba, Sakura Yamauchi, Tomoya Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa, Yuzuru Otonashi, Kanade Tachibana, Maisie Farange, Shoto Todoroki
  • On Good Terms With: Jaime and Tyrion Lannister, House of Family and Relatives
  • Conflicted Thoughts: Brother Nier
  • Opposes: The Dursleysnote , Tywin Lannister
  • The Fitzgeralds are a struggling family, with the most frequent being that the mother, Sara is negligent and sometimes unempathetic towards two of her children, Jesse and Anna. The real reason behind the dysfunction is actually because the middle child and eldest daughter, Kate, was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia at a very early age, and out of desperation, Sara dedicated her entire time simply looking after Kate at the expense of Jesse and Anna's well-being. To further complicate the situation, Anna is a "savior child" which meant that her blood and organs were a match for Kate's and the former's umbilical cord was used upon birth, which helped to revitalize the latter for some time. However, with increasing medical donations throughout her life constantly burdening Anna's everyday life, this reaches a head when Kate suffers a kidney failure and Sara suggests that Anna have her own kidney donated, which she refused as this would compromise and cost Anna many of her own interests and potential future prospects. This leads to Anna suing her own parents for medical emancipation, with attorney Campbell Alexander chosen to represent her. This causes a much bigger rift to open up between Anna and her parents, whereas Kate's health considerably worsens and she eventually admits that she wants to die as she realizes that her needs are becoming an increasing burden towards Anna and her capability to enjoy and live life to her fullest.
  • The Pantheon became well aware of Anna and Kate's story, though they also didn't forget about the experience that Jesse went through during the commotion, namely that Sara and Brian's neglect caused their son to become a recluse, chain smoker, and a troublemaker in an attempt to ease out his internal stress and depression. However, the Pantheon was surprised to discover two very different resolutions to the whole ordeal between Anna and Kate; one of the routes showed that whilst in the middle of the trial, Anna was involved in a car accident and was taken to life-support, only to be shut down due to her becoming brain dead, whereas her kidneys would then be donated to Kate, who alongside her family, would struggle with the loss of the youngest child whilst she recovered and became a ballet teacher 8 years later. In the second direction, Kate dies peacefully in her family's presence, and while the family was devastated, there was a sense of closure to be had and Anna eventually got her wish for being happier, having a better relationship with her family, and generally being more open in her life, which was something that Kate wanted for her younger sister. The only thing consistent about the conclusion was that Anna won her court case, even if in one world, this proved fruitless due to her sudden death. Their tale proved poignant enough that the sisters were given an ascension and they had a heartfelt reunion with one another as well as the opportunity to spend another lifetime with each other. The sisters have made sure that they're going to do everything they can to make their experience in the Pantheon worthwhile.
    • For a time, Anna and Kate's ascension didn't really solve their question of just which iteration were they exactly. It took a few visits and some counseling meetups to provide a conclusion; the Anna and Kate in the Pantheon were revealed to be those in the version in which the latter ended up dying in her own terms, which allowed the family to quickly come to terms with the situation and eventually move on, though Kate's influence and memory would never truly be gone. Anna and Kate did eventually learn about the other conclusion, with which Kate was a mix of being upset and angry, mainly because Anna was the one that wound up dying, and it was not on her terms, meaning that her life eventually got wasted whilst while she lived, neither her nor her family were ever going to fully recover as well as blaming Sara for coddling up with her too much whilst indirectly being responsible for Anna and Jesse's troubles and angsting. Though for now, both sisters are simply glad that they're back together again and would be delighted to learn more about the Pantheon, maybe even explore it a bit, now that they have become recognized residents of it.
  • Anna and Kate's story tends to be held in a lot of regard in the House of Health and Diseases, where their main domain usually is. With Kate now completely fine, she doesn't really need any immediate medical attention, much to Anna and her family's joy and relief, which also means that Sara can properly focus and spend quality time with her son and youngest daughter without the missing presence of her oldest daughter. It should be noted that attempts to cure cancer have been done before in the Pantheon and not much luck has been coming out from thatnote , but Anna and Kate don't want to put in too much thought about the hard times in the past, though they do at least appreciate the efforts of some of the figures in the Pantheon for at least trying to create something that would be the definitive treatment regarding cancer.
    • The House of Family and Relatives, oddly enough, ended up becoming a more complicated matter. This isn't actually on Anna and Kate as they actually see them as a loving pair of sisters who are more than welcome to attend and have fun, but rather their distrust is focused on their mother, Sara, who happened to be one of the sisters' heralds. Many of the Good Parents in the House were not hesitant in criticizing Sara for her neglectful and dismissive relationship towards Anna and Jesse whilst not really understanding Kate's needs either, which was something that Sara eventually conceded in, now that she had to personally deal with Kate's death, though she did counter that she was taking steps into trying to be a better parent for Anna and Jesse than she was in the past. Anna and Kate have been pleading for the House of Family and Relatives to give their mother a chance to show that she is improving, which they were open to. Sara does admit that she has a lot of stake in the Pantheon regarding her own motherhood, but does make it clear that she is trying her best.
  • Speaking of family, the topics of favoritism and neglect is clearly a sensitive one for Kate and Anna as they were victims of them respectively; Kate was coddled by Sara, who prioritized her oldest daughter so much that she usually forgot to put in just as much focus on to her only son and her youngest daughter. Because of this, they find some kind of familiarity in the Hall of Family Dysfunctions where they would open up in their story about how Kate's battle against cancer propelled another tale of struggle and acknowledgment regarding Anna and Jesse, though, in spite of Kate getting all the attention, Anna and Jesse still loved her dearly and would have done anything to provide and care for her, even respecting Kate's wish to die so that Anna and Jesse can at least lead a fulfilling life. While they are not native to it, the sisters don't really like the Durselys, mainly due to their neglectful and hateful treatment towards their adopted son, Harry Potter, which was made worse in that he was taken in after his parents were murdered by a genocidal wizard who desired of world domination. That said, the youngest, Dudley, has since mellowed out of being a bullying cousin and maintains a positive relationship with Harry since. Anna and Kate are a little more hesitant, but for now, they don't hold Dudley in any ill will.
    • Anna and Kate found themselves become well associated with Maisie Farange and Shoto Todoroki during their time in the Hall of Family Dysfunctions and much of the reasons behind them were that what Maisie and Shoto went through were not too different from what the Fitzgerald Sisters had to endure. Maisie had to deal with the fact that she was facing neglect from her parents who usually saw her as a trophy and spend more time arguing against one another, leading Maisie to instead seek a parental figure from either Mrs. Wix or Margo and Lincoln. As for Shoto, he was a victim of favoritism as his father, Enjinote , who put him through a series of hellish training and verbal and emotional abuse, which mentally scarred Shoto. Enji also neglected Shoto's siblings, resulting in the death of one of them, Toyanote  and was mostly inconsiderate of the feelings of his wife, Rei. Anna and Kate would take turns in playing and hanging around with Maisie as well as getting to bond with Shoto, who can relate to both sisters over the topic of feeling stressed out because of their parents. Unlike most, Shoto is rather critical of Sara trying to be a better mother, but he refrains from emphasizing it for Anna and Kate's sake, while conversely, the Fitzgerald Sisters are not fond of Enji in any way and would rather stay away from him in case he ever appeared in the Pantheon, despite the fact that Endeavor has since taken steps to atone himself for his past actions, which he admits is a very hard thing to do.
    • To everyone's surprise, Anna and Kate struck an Odd Friendship with Jaime and Tyrion Lannister. While there was the connection in the fact that Tyrion had no one in his family who would look up to him other than Jaime and was otherwise left to his own devices by his father, Tywin, who couldn't be bothered to acknowledge him, there wasn't really anyone who expected the Lannister Brothers to be getting along with the Fitzgerald Sisters of all people. Tyrion personally came to respect Anna for standing up for herself whilst also never giving up for Kate, whom he too appreciates as really unlike most people in Westeros, she died maintaining a sense of dignity up until the end. Jaime himself thinks that Anna and Kate succeeded where his own sister, Cersei failed at, which was to be a presence of familial care and hope for one another, which Cersei failed at towards Tyrion. That said, Tyrion and Jaime decided it's best not to mention the circumstances and nature of Westeros towards the Fitzgerald Sisters, let alone inviting them there, though they do see to having some casual visits to Anna and Kate's domain from time to time.
  • Anna and Kate's circumstances bought about the attention of the Elric Brothers, Edward and Alphonse, a pair of alchemists who traveled the world to initially find a special material known as a Philosopher's Stone and later to stop a dark conspiracy that they had ties to. Ed and Al were not happy to learn of how Anna was meant to be someone who was born to provide organs and blood to allow Kate to survive, but for the sisters' goodwill, they decided not to antagonize Sara, though Al would personally never do such a thing. Instead, they opted to simply spend time and get along with Anna and Kate, which they did well enough and became fast friends thanks to the strong bond each sibling had towards one another. Oddly enough, Kate's dependency on Anna is not too different from Ed and Al, considering that the latter lost his body due to a botched attempt in human transmutation and had to have his soul bound into an armor by Ed. Ed and All have mused about the fact that a Philosopher's Stone could have potentially cured Kate's cancer, but that's irrelevant, considering the nature of them being created via human sacrifices, which they saw as unethical, not to mention that they'd rather prioritize simply being good friends with the Fitzgerald sisters instead.
  • One cancer patient that the sisters stumbled across was a girl named Sakura Yamauchi, who had made a plan to live her life to the fullest but was unable to do so as she was suddenly murdered by a random Serial Killer. However, her personality and actions did influence her friends, particularly one named Haruki Shiba, whom she spent a lot of time with prior to her death. Anna and Kate were despondent to learn of Sakura's abrupt and senseless death but soon found her to be an inspiring girl, given that she had written a diary detailing her emotional thoughts and plans as well as expressing how she saw life as, which is what prompted Haruki to become a different person than he was in the past. With neither sister being able to fulfill a decent childhood life, they quickly became well-acquainted with Haruki and Sakura and are eager to travel around the Pantheon together, much to Sakura's excitement. On one hand, Kate does express a thought on what if she had written a diary detailing her experience of being a leukemia patient.
  • Yuzuru Otonashi once had a kid sister who was severely ill and passed away whilst Otonashi took her out on a walk during Christmas Eve. She proved influential enough for Otonashi to become a medical student in the hopes of one day becoming a doctor so he could help save lives, but he was involved in a train accident and died only a few days later seconds after writing to have his kidney be donated to someone in need. As he passed away unfulfilled, Otonashi was led to a purgatory-of-sorts where he was thrust into a wacky adventure that led him to a girl named Kanade Tachibana, whom he developed feelings for. However, Kanade disappeared in the end, due to her physical world counterpart having received a kidney donor that coincidentally happened to be Otonashi's. It was a touching tale to hear from Anna and Kate, who quickly got in touch and became friends with Otonashi and Kanade. That said, they aren't as positive in talking about how Anna was meant to have her blood and organs be used for Kate's treatments, but Otonashi affirmed that they shouldn't worry about that in the Pantheon and told them to have a fulfilling and happy time in it, which the sisters took into heart.
  • The fact that Anna generally had to care for someone older than her, namely her own sister bought about the attention of Tomoya Ozaki and Nagisa Furukawa. Initially, Nagisa was a year ahead of Tomoya, but her generally poor health resulted in her dropping a year, which led to her meeting with Tomoya, who would take turns in looking after her, which eventually blossomed into romance and marriage, though Nagisa would pass away giving birth to their daughter, Ushio, who also, unfortunately, inherited the same poor health as Nagisa did and didn't live beyond the age of 5, which led to Tomoya dying via despair. While Nagisa didn't have cancer, the fact that she lived most of her having to be cared for due to not being physically healthy since infancy struck Kate emotionally, and saw a bit of herself whenever she was reminded of Nagisa. Nonetheless, the Fitzgerald sisters ended up enjoying Nagisa's company thanks to her being a kind and considerate girl and Tomoya was openly willing to help out Anna and Kate in cases of emergencies. It's not the first time Tomoya has been helping girls after all.
  • Given the theme of sisterly care and love, they also came to greatly admire the dual heirs of Arendalle. The fact that there are two Annas was obviously not lost for each sister, though having to identify each other came off as an annoyance at first. Eventually, they had to label themselves as Miss Fitzgerald and Princess Anna just to make sure they aren't confused. Regardless, Anna and Kate were really fond of the Arendalle sisters, particularly Elsa, who was open to using her ice powers to entertain the Fitzgerald Sisters in ways they never would have been able to do in their homeworld. Beyond that, they also bonded with Arendalle Heirs over being sheltered, something which Kate could relate to, whereas Princess Anna and Elsa were not happy to learn of the circumstances Anna and Kate endured due to the latter's cancer diagnosis. For now, they decided that the best thing to do is to maintain their newfound friendship.
  • While most of their interactions in the Pantheon ended up being positive, Anna and Kate are heavily conflicted about Brother Nier. Like them, he also had a sister, Yonah whom he cared deeply for and was determined to find a cure for her as Yonah was struggling with a fatal disease known as the Black Scrawl. However, the lengths that Brother Nier went through were heavily drastic and often ended up endangering others. Later on, he couldn't care less if the world was under threat so long as he was able to provide for his sister. What could have been an inspiring story instead became a cautionary tale; the Fitzgerald Sisters do sympathize with Brother Nier and would certainly want to bond with Yonah as well if given the chance, but his destructive and reckless nature has made things quite difficult for both parties. That said, Brother Nier doesn't have any negative thoughts on Anna and Kate, though he doesn't have a strong opinion about them either.
  • Anna has a strong interest in Hockey and would sometimes visit the House of Sports to see if there is a vacant venue regarding hockey. She honestly wishes she could be the Goddess of Hockey Players so that she could use her reputation to attract players and popularize the game, though she's aware that this is not going to happen. She's at least glad to see that there are Hockey stadiums in which she can play in, and she does make it clear that she doesn't want to let go of this passion anytime soon; she did sue her parents because donating her kidney would mean Anna would be unable to take part in a lot of activities that she could have easily done, Hockey included. After learning from her other counterpart, Kate is seeing to get herself in performing arts, particularly ballet. She takes visitations to the Hall of Dance because of this and seeks to find some sort of teaching facility when it comes to Ballet training. She hopes that she can someday become a Ballet Teacher in the Pantheon, even if it takes a long time.

    Osmosis Jones 
Osmosis Jones, Divine Seeker White Blood Cell (Ozzy)
  • Quasideity (From a "normal" view)/Lesser God (From a biological view, Intermediate God when using the Brain with a Manual Control)
  • Symbol: The Osmosis Jones Logo or the Ozzy and Drix Logo
  • Theme Music: Ozzy and Drix Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with shades of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Seeker White Blood Cells, Cowboy Cop, Never Giving Up, Always doing the Correct Thing in spite of Rules, Always Being Known as "Ozzy", Showy Shapeshifters
  • Domains: Health, Good, Police
  • Herald: Drixobenzo "Drix" Methapherdramine
  • Allies: The entire GUAG Medical Division, Raymond "Ray" Palmer/The Atom, Princess Luna, NiGHTS
  • Enemies: Thrax, NURGLE and all of his followers, Albert Wesker, Miyo Takano, Hexxus, most members from the GUAE Mutation Lair
  • Opposes: Jedah Dohma
  • He ascended to due being one of the few Seeker White Blood Cells with a mind of his own. He doesn't know if he should be happy or not about this since the Court Of Gods gave him the other white blood cells to lead, because while he does enjoy that he no longer has to suffer Pointy Haired Bosses, this is a legion we are talking about...
  • One of the (naturally) smallest additions to the Pantheon so far and will stay that way unless a actual molecule or atom ascends.
  • He was put to work with the GUAG Medical Division, something he likes, what with them being the few deities that can interact with him due to their use of very potent microscopes. He often aids them if everything else fails and if House still hasn't found the source of a disease yet (A very rare ocurrence but NOT an impossible one).
    • He also has found a friend in Raymond Palmer (Best known as The Atom) due to being able to shrink down to his size. Ozzy has asked if they could work together since his pal Drix is still not ascended, and Ray has accepted to help from time to time.
  • Almost went mad when he learned about Nurgle's existence. He would rather avoid him like the plague if he could, though he won't back down if a specific disease coming from him breaks out in the Pantheon.
    • Similarly, Jedah Dohma is the stuff of nightmares for him, though the demon himself is unaware of this unlike Nurgle.
    • And then there's his old enemy Thrax, which he is not happy to see present in the Pantheon.
  • Ozzy also works against cases of Hinamizawa Syndrome if there's someone with that. When asked out of curiosity by the Medical Division what the responsible pathogen of the syndrome looks like, he simply responded "It looks like some sort of demon".
  • He definitely hates Hexxus. Not only his pollution is extremely bad to the health of everyone in the Pantheon, he was disgusted to find out that he sounds like Scarlet Fever, the Starter Villain from his first time in another body.
  • He cannot survive that long outside a body. He often has to use a special suit that allows him to explore the outside when dealing with cases such as lice. Though he still needs a human body to stay when off the clock so the GUAG Medical Division, after a lot of research, have decided to send Osmosis to the body of one of the Ghostbusters, the scientist known as Peter Venkman. Ozzy himself was surprised when he found out, since he looks a lot like a more younger and healthier Frank, for some reason.
  • It has been discovered that if he goes to the subconscious of somebody, he can interact with them in dreams. Ozzy himself prefers to not get involved into the brain unless absolutely necessary, but he has made friends out of Princess Luna and NiGHTS, who can also enter into dreams and look after them.
  • The Madagascar Birds were weirded out by hearing his voice - when asked about it, they replied "where's the zebra?"