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Greater Gods

    Alex Mercer 
Alexander J. Mercer, God of Psycho Prototypes (Alex, ZEUS)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A featureless icon of his face, depicting only his hood, his eyes, and the collar of his shirt.
  • Theme Song: Alex's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral for Virus!Alex, falling into Chaotic Evil for Real!Alex
  • Portfolio: Lightning Bruisers, Nigh-Invulnerability, Very Technically Heroic Sociopaths, Nightmare Fuel, Eating People And Gaining Their Knowlege, Lovecraftian Superpowers, Shapeshifter Hammerspace, Being The Virus, Phlebotinum Rebels, Voluntary Shapeshifters, Knight Templar Big Brothers, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope
  • Domains: War, Death, Destruction, Revenge
  • Followers: Hidan, Valentine Romanov, Genesis Raphsodos
  • Unwitting Pawn to: Pestilence the Horseman
  • "Allies" (or those who think they are allies with him): Mana Ouma, Albert Wesker, Shiro Tagachi, The Gravemind, William Birkin/"G"
  • Rivals: Cole MacGrath, Molly Hayes, Alma Wade
  • Enemies: EVERYONE in the Pantheon can be his target, especially Human deities.
  • Opposed by: Hell, anyone who opposes him directly goes to his enemies list, but Ken Kaneki and Eren Yeager are the most notable mentions. Labrys, Asura and the real Zeus may also count.
  • Commonality Connection with: Ermac
  • Annoyed with: Faster deities who can outrun him.
  • Pitied by: Mithra
  • When Pestilence the Horseman wanted to acquire the Viruses of fiction and place it in his collection at the Pantheon (and splice it for better results), he had the idea of including Umbrella's Viruses, Hinamizawa Syndrome, and lastly, the Blacklight Virus merged along with the Croatoan Virus to spread the most dangerous disease around the Pantheon. While he got the first two easily with the help of Albert Wesker and his other allies, the acquiring of the Blacklight Virus was a very long story he wished should never be reminded about.
    • The "long story" of acquiring said virus actually was hard for him, not because of the virus itself, but the fact that when he got the sample, he was chased by an "unknown entity" of various powers. When he reached the Pantheon, the entity itself caused a Curb-Stomp Battle to the Horseman and ended up ripping him apart. The entity, who was revealed as a progenitor of the virus decided to return back to its realm but Pestilence, as a last act of "kindness" bargained him a position in the Pantheon in exchange for the virus itself. In other words, Pestilence indirectly brought Alex Mercer into Pantheon proper.
  • Many human deities were dreadfully horrified when they heard of his ascension. Almost everyone was told about his tale even before his ascension and even then, no one wanted him to ascend so badly due to well, his powers. To say that everyone was scared as hell is actually an understatement.
    • Demigods, Quasideities and Lesser Gods are warned NEVER to have an encounter with Alex, unless you are Molly Hayes, who can somehow go toe to toe with him. Others who are on any of those levels are told to stay away from him because once he absorbs them, he will utilize their strengths (even if you are weak, his virus will find the inner strength of it) and intelligence to the point where he can have Einstein-like intelligence. It doesn't help that his power feeds on organic matter, which unfortunately is the majority of the entire Pantheon.
    • While he can overpower most Intermediate Gods, there are just some who are too skilled that they can escape without suffering an inch. The Soldier and Demoman just proved how skilled they were by using their rocket-jumping and sticky-jumping skills to escape Alex. He's pretty much infuriated about this.
    • The House of Mentalism has seen some odd strings going on at Alex's body. It turns out, the "ruthless" Alex is actually the real Alex Mercer (who was dead the whole time), a person who is willing to end the human race and replace it with his kind. The other personality is the Blacklight Virus, the one that utilizes Mercer's likeness as his default appearance. After all, Mercer's body to be the closest thing to a real face and form for the virus. At least it has a sentient mind unlike the real one.
    • Luckily, with more research, there are weaknesses to Mercer's mutant abilities. This includes, Magic, Kratos and Spawn. Kratos is the best one especially since the Blade of Olympus is a lethal counter weapon to the Prototype himself.
  • There was a one-time event where Yahtzee had somehow made a scenario where he and Cole ended up wearing bras while in close proximity to unicorns. It was an event everyone wished to forget, especially Mercer, who now has the voices of a million dead men on his brain laughing at him.
    • Speaking of people inside his brain, Ermac has seen Alex's mind and has admitted that for someone who just started becoming different, he has rivaled him in terms of consciences in their brains. Ermac might see him as a threat though since his powers allows him to not only consume him but including the souls trapped inside of him.
  • He may have allies, but in actuality, he doesn't see them worthy of the Blacklight Virus and only sees them as minor nuisances. Many gods have pointed that he might consume them at any point. It doesn't help that Alex has a catalog of his reactions (or plans) towards these deities, each with specified transformation plans:
    • Mana Ouma: Take the Void Genome, consume.
    • Albert Wesker: Absorb all Umbrella Viruses, transform him into a Supreme Hunter or consume.
    • Shiro Tagachi: Learn about the Affliction, turn him into a Leader Hunter or consume.
    • The Gravemind: Keep for long term plans, transform into a Mother or consume.
    • William Birkin: Learn more about the G-Virus, turn into a Leader Hunter.
  • Labrys dreads him so much, as a person who wants to kill off the human race and replace it with Evolved, he has seen how Shadow Labrys work and is interested to use said form to further end his goal. Even worse since the same form can't greatly harm Alex. In fact, he wants her to "accept" her true form, of course this only goes to the real Alex Mercer, not the virus personality itself.
    Alex: No more hiding. Its time for you to embrace your true self. It is your only gift. Embrace it.
  • He might be the most powerful deity of the sub-house itself, but many of the other deities are opposing his position given how his attitude is. He hates Ken Kaneki particularly for not only attempting to protect humanity despite being a ghoul, he still doesn't want to embrace his ghoul self. He calls him a "complete disgrace" to the world he is going to create.
    Alex: You think you will live like that? Why are there people, like you, who still does not want to accept your own inner monster? Are you scared? Delusional? Infuriated? If that is the case, let me show you how a real monster works.
    • After a brutal fight took place, not only was Ken badly injured, Alex almost absorbed three-fourths of his body and even gloated on his corpse. This has gotten him the ire of Eren Yeager, who feels the same pain as the former. Eren, who was very pissed at Alex's actions decided to go full Titan mode and storm against his temple. The result: Alex still won and tossed his Titan body while shouting this:
    • As of recent, his power has been decreased heavily thanks to Discord, who is the other most powerful deity of the House of Otherness. Discord, who is a friend of Fluttershy, was given permission by her since she no longer considers Alex as a living thing. The Spirit of Chaos was proud enough to do the deed. You know you're a really despicable thing when Fluttershy doesn't even regard you as living anymore.
  • Absolutely HATES Rick Taylor, for one of his followers being the same person who killed him at the grand finale. This news wasn't taken lightly by the Terror Mask, who sees Mercer as a "larger threat than anything he has faced".
    • Master Chief, Isaac Clarke, Commander Shepard, The Doomguy and Serious Sam are currently placing him on their shitlist for fulfilling their criteria of "evil aliens". Isaac, in particular, is disgusted at how he was a "person" before, but changed and decided that the human race should be replaced with his Evolved. Pretty much that his personality already gave him a headache about Jacob Danik. Alex, interested in Isaac's intelligence about the Necromorphs decided to give him a brawl. Let's just say that Isaac lost an arm while fighting him.
      • For Master Chief, it has become more personal since his "allies" is The Gravemind. The only that's bothering him is that he might absorb the Gravemind and utilize the Flood as a source of his Evolved. He's now calling everyone on the House of War to prepare if the scenario will happen. Even worse, since he knows his relation with Homura Akemi, he might as well kill Chief and take advantage of Homura's power when he kills her.
  • When Cole MacGrath ascended into the pantheon, they have been attempting to settle their rivalry. However, their fights keep getting interrupted by waves of enemies. The two soon begrudgingly moved on after they discovered they would never finish the battle they started.
    • However, he has gotten sick of calling him "rivals" and as a warm-up, decided to clash on him unexpectedly, by barging on his temple and beating him up. It took the powers of Thor, Ragnaros, and even Aang just to at least kick him out. He's now glad that Cole got what he did not expect.
    • When he met Kessler, he immediately thought that Cole wanted a rematch. Despite both sides having formidable powers, it was a tie. After the incident, Kessler has seen some interest with him and has speculated what would happen if he merges with Cole, though that won't happen since Alex greatly antagonizes Cole. It also has been rumored that Kessler might be one of the people who knew Alex's change of personality for the worse.
  • Despite many people avoiding him, Mithra, however, pities him for hearing how he got the virus in the first place. Virus!Alex, on the other hand, has seen some similarities of her with his sister, Dana Mercer. This actually became his first Pet the Dog moment and sees her as someone to protect with and somewhat of a Berserk Button if anyone tries to hurt her.
    • Asura however, DISAPPROVES of Alex's actions towards his daughter and is warned that he will taste the power of the Anger Incarnate if he dares to hurt her. Though he's actually surprised that he also reacts violently if Mithra is hurt, much to his dismay.
  • He might be on his own, but in actuality the deal he accepted by Pestilence actually bound him to be in control with the Horseman. When he stated that he wanted a sample of the virus, he actually meant Alex's body to be the virus sample. Now that he can control Alex at any point, he has a new solution against the Winchesters and anyone who opposes him, something that neither Alex nor other gods know, except his brothers.
  • Left the Pantheon for some time to go on a journey of self-discovery. Though he had hoped to find a way to reconnect with his humanity, these efforts were all in vain, and only served to develop and strengthen a hatred for mankind. No one knows what he's been planning since his return, but there can be little doubt that whatever it is, the human race is in for a reckoning.
  • "My name is Alex Mercer. I'm the reason for all this. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist... I'm all of these things."

Cell, God of Molecular Healing and Ultimate Lifeforms (The Perfect Being, [False] Android 21, Mr. Perfect Cell, Ultimate Perfection)
Perfect Cell
Imperfect Cell 
Semi-Perfect Cell 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Red Ribbon Army insignia on a green background with black spots.
  • Theme Music: Cell's Slow Theme, Perfect Cell's Theme II, Perfect Cell Runs, Perfection, Cell Returns, The Man Called 'C', News of the Cell Games, Cell Games Arena, 'P' is for Perfect
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Being a Perfect Organism, Healing Factor From a Single Cell, Fully Organic Android, Blood Knight, LEGO Genetics, Mix-and-Match Man, Looks in His Forties, Only in His Twenties, Civil Psychopath, Nigh-Invulnerability, Power Copying, Would Kill Everyone to Satisfy His Hedonism, Lightning Bruiser, Strong and Skilled, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Bio-Clones, Absorption, Evolution, Perfection, Fighting and Destruction
  • Followers: The Chimera Ants, the Ultimate Being, Neo Organism/Doras
  • Heralds: the Cell Jrs. (his offsprings).
  • Possible Mentor to: Ace (emphasis on possible)
  • Allies: Dr. Gero (his creator), Frieza (genetic donor), Majin Buu, Cooler, Broly, Handsome Jack, Justice, Cioccolata, Dark Danny, The Indominus Rex
  • Rivals: Shadow the Hedgehog, Kars, Doomsday
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Dizzy, Yugi Muto
  • Evil Counterpart to: Android 21
  • Annoyed by: Ash Ketchum, Deadpool
  • Feared by: Noel Vermillion, Light Yagami
  • Cell was the last full creation of Dr. Gero. A bio-android with the genes of (at least) Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza and King Cold, he would be born the ultimate fighting machine. Waking up in the future, the androids he needed to absorb were dealt with by Trunks. To remedy this he killed his version of Trunks, stole his time machine and went back so he could absorb the androids. Possessing his genetic donors' techniques and strengths, he was one of the toughest foes the Z fighters ever faced.
    • Starts off as a bug-like humanoid who's devoured thousands of people for his development via a syringe-like tail. Absorbing Android 17 made him more humanoid but dip into the Uncanny Valley, though Akira Toriyama considers "Semi-Perfect Cell" his favorite form. Absorbing Android 18 made him perfect, looking like a well-built pale man in a bug costume. Since Perfect Cell is his most well-known form, he is delighted to know that he can maintain this form indefinitely in the Pantheon.
  • Responsible for the multiple timelines alongside Future Trunks. His timeline is the "original" (or at least earliest example). The Cell of the main timeline was killed in development by Future Trunks and Krillin, the former killing the Cell of his timeline. Interestingly, this means Cell and Trunks have killed each other twice. The heroic deities of the House of Time and Space oppose him for his evil use of time travel. His response was that he doesn't care about the other timelines or further time travel, as he's already reached his perfect state and the past's fighters amuse him more. His time there led him to meet and get along with Dark Danny, given they're both future beings with a love of death and destruction.
  • Seems to have some respect for his creator Dr. Gero, unlike Android 17 and 18. That doesn't make him subservient though, and has made it clear to his "father" he won't hesitate to kill him if he gets in the way. Either because of King Piccolo, Frieza or Gero's influence, Cell's goal upon becoming perfect is to see people's faces contort in terror while he hunts everyone down. Cioccolata was immediately interested in working with Cell because he desires the same thing.
  • Fused Zamasu despises him as Cell is a literal representation of humanity's abuse of knowledge and life in the universe in both his existence and his actions. However Zamasu shares a lot in common with Cell — they're both green arch-enemies of Goku and Future Trunks, both are involved with time travel, both killed Goku (Cell was a Heroic Sacrifice on Goku's part, Goku Black/Present Zamasu did in Goku in the unaltered main timeline), and they're both sociopathic narcissists. Zamasu takes the comparison a lot more poorly than Cell, something which Cell finds hilarious as it makes Zamasu easy to troll for being a ridiculous hypocrite. So at one point Cell was asked what he would do if Zamasu fought Goku and/or Trunks again in the Pantheon:
    Cell: Easy. I'll just grab some popcorn, enjoy the destruction, and maybe step in to dispose of all their carcasses if I feel like it.
  • He often hosts tournaments (sponsored by Hetap) in order to observe the fighting skills of the other gods, and to show off his own power. Ryu, Ken, Sonic, Knuckles, Yugi, Light, Genos all show up and with little success. Only Kenshiro, Saitama and Ash have had some success. When Light Yagami tried to enter and kill him with his Death Note, another discovery was made about Cell's LEGO Genetics: he has multiple hearts. Most likely, either that's one heart for each of at least four races he's comprised of or, worse, one tiny microscopic heart for each individual cell in his body.
  • Has once attempted to absorb Asura in order to obtain his powers. Asura proceeded to beat the ever-loving crap out of him. Cell DID obtain a power boost upon healing from that near-death experience, though. Considers Kenshiro both a threat and a great deal of help, due to being somehow able to find his pressure points and make him explode, which also happens to be a great way to get a Zenkai Boost out of regeneration, what with his Saiyan and Namekian genes.
  • Unsurprisingly, Alucard doesn't like Cell, since he sounds like the guy the former hates the most. At the same time, however, Anderson doesn't like him either and considers him "unholy" and has made him his largest target outside of Alucard. This hate has only increased when Cell started taking after Alucard's voice. Also, Cell has tried to absorb Alucard to gain his vampire powers and become godlike, only for the latter to absorb Cell instead. He did get out, though it took a while.
  • He has a bit of a rivalry with Shadow the Hedgehog, due to both laying claims to the title of Ultimate Life Form. There's a similar rivalry with Kars and Doomsday, though with the latter it's less pronounced as he dislikes how mindless the beast is and that he isn't as fun an opponent. He and the I.Rex got along because they're both genetic chimeras meant to be ultimate beings, and sadistic monsters.
  • Can go from acting like a master of swagger to full-on slasher psychopath in 0.1 seconds. This is one of the reasons Noel Vermillion is scared of him since it reminds her so much of Nu-13. As Imperfect Cell he was tactical like Piccolo, Semi-Perfect he's brash like Vegeta, Perfect he's laid-back like Goku and Super Perfect he's deranged. He's also a huge Troll, making his debut in television to reveal the Cell Games and terrorize the populace. Makes sure there's a camera on hand so he can film fights in the House of Combat.
  • Upon learning that Androids 17 and 18 were in the Pantheon, Cell tried to absorb them to increase his power, but he was defeated by the Androids with the help of Crash Bandicoot, a follower of theirs who had recently ascended himself. Another time he took a beating from 17, who had ascended to Super 17 using the Aghanim's Scepter instead of an Evil Knockoff and thus retained his own personality. Cell has vowed to kill the bandicoot and find a way around the Super form before trying again.
  • Cell was freaking nettled upon hearing of Tien Shinhan's ascension to the Pantheon. Repeatedly being put into the ground by his Kikoho can instil very strong desires of revenge in someone.
  • Has taken an interest in Lavos. He's realized that the two have some things in common; being drawn by Akira Toriyama, burrowing into the ground to mature for years, emerging to kill people, being characters in a plot that involves time travel, three different forms and having cells from other beings. Not to mention the fact that its humanoid core bears a great resemblance to Cell. Others are horrified at the prospect of Cell and Lavos joining forces, whether literally or figuratively...
    • But nowadays at the same time, Cell is personally deeming that Lavos may be too dangerous even for him…since Lavos' origins unlike Cell's are completely unknown even from within space. Cell is currently developing countermeasures as we speak.
  • When Frieza was brought back to life (twice), Cell was privately jealous that he's been Out of Focus compared to the other Z arc villains, but intrigued at Golden Frieza. He should have more potential than the tyrant, and if he ever trains "Golden Cell" would be a truly impressive foe. Dragon Ball Fighter Z would reveal that he had been brought back to life temporarily as well alongside Frieza and the Ginyu Force (incidentally bumping Frieza's new-era revival count up to three), and though he lacks a new super-form he makes it up for being really great at roasting "friend" and foe alike.
    • During this time he made his intention perfectly clear to pay Gohan back for killing him. However, he was unable to act on this due to becoming chow for the insatiable hunger of Android 21 in both the first and final timeline iterations of 21's story. 21's ascension to the Pantheon naturally pisses him off, and not just because she ate him back to Hell. She's a bio-android with a more advanced palette of powers and abilities than him, converted from a human base. Since this revelation has come out, his creation has been described so lowly as to be a testbed for hers.
    Cell: I REFUSE to ever entertain another taunt from that woman about how she is my Superior Successor. I am the Ultimate Life Form, I am the Perfect One, and no cute little guinea pig has any right to make a mere Super Prototype out of ME!
  • Is an Affably Evil Challenge Seeker around Ace, who arrived in the Pantheon alongside Tien, but his Brutal Honesty while mentoring him at times can get on Ace's nerves.
  • Has attempted to gobble up another female android in the Pantheon, designated 2B. Both she and her partner 9S, who ascended sometime after this, hate his guts now.
  • Is a very good singer in his free time. While he was in Hell, he kept himself entertained by posting mainly reactions on Youtube. Has hosted the Cell Games 2.0 many who have spectated have referred to it as the weirdest spectacle they have ever beheld.
    • Participants
    Snorlax (or it could've been Bork Lazer)
    Jigglypuff (with a Sharingan for some reason)
    Yoda carrying a bow, a bomb, a boomerang and an assortment of other weapons
    Cloud (surprisingly in his original form for some reason)
    The Hulknote 
  • Also has a place in the House of Life and Death.

Mewtwo, God of Modified Clones (The Genetic Pokémon, The World's Strongest Pokémon, A Legend Reawakened, DJ Fuckface)
Mega Mewtwo X and Y 

Intermediate Gods

    Aya Brea 
Aya Brea, Goddess of Mitochondrial Powers

Dehaka, God of Adapting to Hostile Enviroments (Primal Zerg, One-who-collects, Primal Pack Leader)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Essence.
  • Theme Song: Dehaka's theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Asskicking Equals Authority, The Big Guy, Bold Inflation, Genius Bruiser, Handicapped Badass, More Teeth than the Osmond Family, Proud Warrior Race Guy, The Social Darwinist
  • Domains: ESSENCE, Evolution, Adaptation, Hunting.
  • Allies: Sarah Kerrigan, Abathur, Zagara, Alexei Stukov, most Social Darwinists (To a certain extent)
  • Rivals: The Goliath
  • Enemies: Amon, Arcturus Mengsk, Doomsday, The Grox
  • Interested in: All ascended Pokémon
  • Opposed by: Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Dehaka is a primal zerg, which behave rather different than other Zerg. Instead of a Hive Mind they operate as a pack and constantly evolve in order to survive. After Kerrigan came to Zerus, Dehaka was quick to ally himself with her in order to survive. Now he serves as a key member of the swarm and played a key part in destroying the Psi Destroyer.
  • Dehaka was first found in the House of Nature eating a few animals that could be found there. He was quickly apprehended before he made a mess but later he was given his own temple after Zagara requested it, since he was part of the Zerg army. In reality, having Dehaka inside was a plan of the broodmother to extend the Zerg dominions in the pantheon, although the primal zerg is an unruly being and tends to not follow her orders.
    • However, Dehaka still respects Kerrigan even after she became a Xel'naga. That's why Zagara tends to ask Kerrigan out in how to control the Primal Zerg but Kerrigan herself doesn't know much besides being stronger than him.
  • Became notorious in the Nexus when he took out a few participants by surprise. Weeks passed before they realized that Dehaka was there and soon he became a participant himself for the Zerg side. Many who have fought Dehaka have stated that he is an unpredictable opponent and that he seems to be everywhere all the time.
  • Dehaka has the ability to burrow to almost anywhere in the pantheon be it the House of Family, Love and Affection, Weapons or even the Main House, he can always find a way by tunnelling to them. This has become a problem as he has a tendency to terrify a lot of deities who wouldn't expect him and since an incident that involved him chasing Murky through five different houses, the Court of Gods have left warnings about Dehaka possibly being present in almost any house.
  • Took an interest in Doomsday after hearing of his flawless adaptation system and how he has survived impossible odds. Dehaka wanted to absorb Doomsday's essence but was not prepared when the creature completely wasted him mere seconds after he saw him. Needless to say, the primal Zerg does not like Doomsday but is plotting to eventually get his essence.
  • The Grox were fascinated by Dehaka's genetics and sought to capture him for their evil purposes. But the primal zerg proved to be smarter than he seemed and the Grox were unsuccessful in capturing him while Dehaka has been able to harness the essence of some of the members he caught, a feat that none other deity has been able to do so far, and got stronger to the environments they inhabit. It's got to the point that he is able to enter their temple without repercussions and has done a lot of damage to them and has become a number 1 target to exterminate. This is one of the few reasons why the pantheon allows Dehaka to be anywhere he wants so long as he keeps harnessing the essence of the Grox.
    • However, many have been scared to thin that absorbing too much essence of the Grox would transform Dehaka into a being as toxic as them and so he is often submitted to a detoxification process in the House of Health and Diseases, even if he has refused half the time to do so. Although that has created a Vicious Cycle that Dehaka keeps targeting the Grox for more essence after every checkup he had, possibly making him addicted to their genetics.
  • Before his ascension he used to be a follower of the Goliath but after he got to meet the creature, they fought to see who was the strongest. They eventually tied and both retreated to fight another day, but Dehaka certainly finds the Goliath to be a Worthy Opponent.
  • Not a big fan of Technology and sometimes if triggered he will destroy most of it. There has been an attempt to ban him from the Technology house but it was proven futile when he can easily burrow into the House anyway so they just limit themselves to kick him out when he enters the House.
  • When the topic of evolution came up, Dehaka has taken a special interest in Pokemon, seeing those creatures having the ability to evolve at certain levels fascinates him. Of course, he has tried to consume some Pokemon with mild success, but their essence has been proven less than effective on him, which would indicate that he is in advance stage of evolution for the essence to have an effect.
  • Sylvanas hates Dehaka ever since he attacked her while she busy destroying his base. But to his credit, he was just doing his job.
  • Dehaka has the potential of growing and evolving to its full potential: in which he grows to a size that allows him to melee attack starships. If he could grow to such size, he could rival even Godzilla and grows his missing arm back. Of course, there have been many buffers that prevent Dehaka from growing out of control, so it is unlikely that he'll grow into a big problem.
    • It gets even sillier. As recently discovered, even at his base size, he has a very notable appetite, which can include reasonably small things to him like marines, zerglings and zealots... all the way up to Battlecruisers, Leviathans and even Stanks, things that should be far too large to reasonably fit into his mouth. The way he does it is also reminiscent of a certain green dinosaur...
  • And if you haven't noticed yet, yes, Dehaka is very obsessed with essence collection.
    Dehaka: "Must collect 'ESSENCE!"
  • "Change is upon us."

The EeveelutionsRoster , Goddesses of Unstable DNA (Eevee: The Evolution Pokémon, Eievui | Vaporeon: The Bubble Jet Pokémon, Fish Eevee, Showers | Jolteon: The Lightning Pokémon, Thunders | Flareon: The Flame Pokémon, Booster | Espeon: The Sun Pokémon, Eifie | Umbreon: The Moonlight Pokémon, Blacky (yes, seriously) | Leafeon: The Verdant Pokémon, Leafia | Glaceon: The Fresh Snow Pokémon, Glacia | Sylveon: The Intertwining Pokémon, Nymphia)
In clockwise order: Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Glaceon, Espeon and Vaporeon
  • Intermediate Goddesses. Greater Goddesses when Dynamaxed.
  • Symbol: An Eevium-Z Crystal shining with 8 different colors
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Anticipation (Eevee), Hydration (Vaporeon), Quick Feet (Jolteon), Guts (Flareon), Magic Bounce (Espeon), Inner Focus (Umbreon), Chlorophyll (Leafeon), Ice Body (Glaceon), Pixilate (Sylveon)
  • Moveset:
    • Eevee: Last Resort, Dig, Swift, Charm, Z-Move: Extreme Evoboost
    • Vaporeon: Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Scald, Toxic, Z-move: Hydro Vortex
    • Jolteon: Thunder, Double Team, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc
    • Flareon: Flare Blitz, Lava Plume, Sunny Day, Iron Tail, Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive
    • Espeon: Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Magic Room, Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
    • Umbreon: Foul Play, Moonlight, Hyper Voice, Mean Look, Z-Move: Black Hole Eclipse
    • Leafeon: Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, Sword Dance, Z-Move: Bloom Doom
    • Glaceon: Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse, Hail, Z-Move: Subzero Slammer
    • Sylveon: Moonblast, Swift, Psyschock, Calm Mind, Z-Move: Twinkle Tackle
  • Portfolio: Breakout Character, Badass Adorable, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Elemental Powers (all), Hollywood Evolution due to its DNA, Non-Elemental (Eevee), Making a Splash, Rain Dance (Vaporeon), Shock and Awe, Lightning Bruiser (Jolteon), Playing with Fire, Determinator (Flareon), Psychic Powers, Telepathy (Espeon), Casting a Shadow, Moon motifs, Death Glare (Umbreon), Green Thumb, Planimal (Leafeon), An Ice Person, Icy Blue Eyes (Glaceon), Our Fairies Are Different, Cuddle Bug (Sylveon)
  • Domains: Evolution, Foxes, Cats, Cuteness, Elements
  • Herald: Chloe Cerise
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, The Pokémon Rangers, Aang, Korra, Sir Hammerlock, Chaac, Sparky, Manabe Yoshihisa, Mifune Yoriko, Muroto Daichi, Eirin Yagokoro, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tewi Inaba, Viridi, The Lorax The Spring Sprite, Anna, Olaf, Houkago Tea Time, Ryuko & Senketsu, Satsuki Kiryuin, the Honnouji Elite Four
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Hunter J, Fujiwara no Mokou, The Lich, Hexxus, The Firebird, Prince Hans, Nui Harime
  • A very unique Pokémon, Eevee's DNA is able to turn them into other types depending on the situations. A Flareon when touched by a stone, Espeon when happy, Leafeon when near a special stone, and a Sylveon with strong love.
    • Originally, Eevee ascended on her own until her temple was reworked to include all of her different evolutions, thus her sister evolutions were soon allowed to enter as well. Eevee was overjoyed to have all her sisters with her so she wouldn't be alone.
  • The Eeveelution sisters are all unique Pokémon as they not only are all female (which is quite rare among Eevees as the gender ratio is more towards males) and have Hidden Abilities, but most have moves that current generations of the same species are unable to learn anymore. This makes them even more of a mystery.
  • Due to the various elements of each member, the Temple of Unstable DNA was remodeled exclusively by the architects responsible for the House of Shape. As such, each room within caters to each individual Pokémon's type from an endless pool of water for Vaporeon to a volcanic cavern for Flareon, and from a dark forest for Umbreon to a chilly snowfield for Glaceon among others. Visitors have to watch their step or they risk getting drowned, burned, shocked or frozen among other things.
    • The group was happy to find Ash Ketchum in the Pantheon, who proceeded to bring up how two of his friends — May and Serena — also had Eeveelutions of their own (Glaceon for the former and Sylveon for the latter). He also introduced them to a new friend of his — that friend happened to be Chloe Cerise, daughter of Profesor Cerise, who is on a journey to figure out what her Eevee will evolve into (as it was implied to be either she can't evolve at all or she's unsure what she wants to evolve into). She immediately became the herald for all 9 Eeveelutions who hope to give Chloe the encouragement to choose her own path.
  • It is considered a very bad idea to harm any of them as it will bring down the collective wrath of all nine upon the unlucky soul. Team Rocket attempted to captured them and instead got the receiving end of an unbelievable combination of nine Z-Moves.
    • The arrival of Hunter J, however, was far more difficult to defend against. J's superior tactics in poaching quickly neutralized them and all were ready to be captured and taken if it wasn't for the arrival of Ash, Pikachu and the Pokémon Rangers who quickly bested her defenses and safely rescued the Eeveelutions. All nine are eternally grateful for being saved and measures have been taken to prevent Hunter J from setting foot in their temple again.
  • As users of various elements, the sisters feel safe around the known Pantheon Avatars, Aang and Korra. The fact that a Flying evolution has yet to be discovered is not lost on the Air Nomad who hopes someday it comes to pass. The Water Tribesgirl, meanwhile, enjoys petting Vaporeon most as she is of her initial alignment, but lets Asami cuddle with the others whenever she visits her.
  • Sir Hammerlock has been interested in Eevee's unusual evolution line even back when only she was ascended. Now with all her sisters in, his interest in them has increased and tried to study them for his almanac. Of course, they also knew about his past as a hunter and would run if he approached in a good day or outright attack him in their worst. It was only by having the Pokémon Rangers vouch for him did the Eeveelutions finally open up to Hammerlock. By studying them, it has helped improve his notes on Pokémon in general. He is, however, wary of Leafeon as she is part plant.
  • Because of her unstable genetic code, people have theorized that Eevee could potentially evolve into every known elements of the Pokémon chart. Not only that, but it could also evolve into a second base evolution and also has a Mega Evolution. Many have illustrated or come up with their representation of these possible evolution but only Eevee herself knows which are possible.
  • Despite the fact she can evolve whenever she wants to, the Pantheon's Eevee is purely unable due to the strange magic that surrounds the Pantheon itself. After all, all her sisters are represented so she has no reason to be an extra one. Some say being kept an Eevee has made her very strong.
  • Azai Nagamasa, for some reason, finds a special bond to Eevee herself. It comes as no surprise to anyone that he eventually became partners with her. It sometimes helps that her inherent cuteness makes Oichi smile whenever Nagamasa brings Eevee to see her.
  • Vaporeon when not with the rest of her sisters can be spotted lounging around the Hall of Water & Ice. Many are impressed by her skill in becoming completely invisible when immersed in water. The only way anyone can find her is looking for her eyes whenever she opens them.
  • Aside from being a Water Pokémon, she has learned the Rain Dance move as it compliments her Hydration ability. Chaac was impressed by the rain she is able to summon but added he can help her improve it. The Bubble Jet Pokémon agreed despite already assigned partnership to fellow Water-user Sailor Mercury. With the help of the Mayan deity, her Rain Dance is just a few grades below from the potency and power of Primal Kyogre's Primordial Sea rain.
  • Jolteon is hard to open to due to her electronically-charged spiky fur but only among those she trusts does she allow to be petted by keeping the fur's voltage down enough to get a slight tingling sensation to the hands of those who caress it. She also spends time in the House of Technology where her electricity is safely drained to fill surplus batteries for the Pantheon's emergencies.
  • Jolteon spends her off-days running across the lightning storm plains of the Hall of Fire and Electricity, where getting struck by lightning is no major inconvenience for her. She welcomes anyone brave enough to run with her on her dangerous treks and eventually she found a Friendly Rival with Experiment 221. Even though Sparky tends to win most of the time as he uses the lightning bolts to ride, some brave spectators to these dangerous races under the electric sky has seen that he lets Jolteon win a few of these times. Why he lets her win is a mystery but a few shipping-based gods see a blossoming romance between them. 221 outright denies this...supposedly.
  • Perhaps due to her being a fire-type, Flareon can tend to be a bit Hot-Blooded and when she sets her mind on something, she will accomplish it no matter what. Gaining her respect is easy if you show her you have the same amount of determination as she does. As for gaining her enmity, there's one sure fire way of getting her angry: Call her a "false prophet" and you'll find yourself on the receiving end of a Flare Blitz if you're lucky. May Arceus have mercy on you if she instead goes straight to Inferno Overdrive.
  • Flareon wandered to the Main Gates one day as a new God was being ascended which always ended with a fireworks display of majestic proportions. The Eeveelution was absolutely enraptured by the colorful lights and explosions. Eventually, she was determined to meet the one who crafted the fireworks and was soon led to the Panda King. The stoic panda was adamant to have Flareon around his temple workshop since he was worried she could accidentally set off the volatile ingredients he worked. Flareon however wouldn't quit and tried to catch his attention. Panda King took note on her spirit and dedication to actually want to see him craft and decided to let her stay in the end, making her very happy. Soon, he became her partner and he started to train her in the art of Flame Fu which she relished at it made great exercise. It is said that thanks to his training, Flareon's already powerful Attack stat has reached levels that rival Greater Gods and can stand toe to toe with Legendaries with the power of her Flare Blitz alone.
  • Unlike the other Eeveelutions, it's very easy to know what Espeon says since she projects her thoughts unto others via Telepathy. This isn't completely good since she likes to read the minds of others in return, learning all their secrets in the process. Many are advised to use any way to keep her from focusing on reading their minds. Trying to literally poke her forehead gem, however, and she will respond with a powerful Psychic blast. She really hates being touched there.
  • It is no surprise a powerful telepath like her was immediately attracted to Kotoura Haruka. Haruka at first saw Espeon as a cute cat and was immediately reminded about the stray cat from her childhood which saddened her momentarily. What surprised her most of all was that she then could hear Espeon offer her apologies for not only being able to hear Haruka's thoughts but also capable of tapping into her mind and learning of her tragic childhood. This scared the young telepath as she was unable to read Espeon's thoughts but the opposite could. Nevertheless, the Sun Pokémon assured her that she will be "her kitty" and remain by her side whenever she needs her. This made Haruka very happy and gave Espeon a good long hug which the Eeveelution enjoyed.
    • Naturally, Haruka took her to meet her friends at the ESP Society. Immediately, Espeon didn't get along with Yoshihisa due to his perverted fantasies but tolerates him for Haruka's sake. Nevertheless, whenever he gets too perverted, she immediately uses her power to give him a slight headache until his dirty thoughts cease. Also, just like Osaka, she too knows the meaning behind his purple figure and all Espeon mentions is that she needs Brain Bleach after finding out. Yoriko, meanwhile, is more surprised over how an animal is able to develop psychic abilities and wants to learn more about her. Daichi, though, shows slight surprise over her but he is far more modest than Yoriko's exuberance and that suited Espeon just fine.
  • Umbreon by her nature has always been nocturnal, starting from when she first evolved from an Eevee. During the day, she's found sleeping within the unnaturally dark forest in her temple room. It's advised to not wake up during these times or the unlucky soul will be subjected to a Mean Look that would rival both The Stare and the Penance Stare respectively. While the rest of her sisters are sleeping away at night, she is most active during these times as she borrows more strength from the night. If anyone ever sees her awake and about during the daytime, it's a sign something very wrong has happened.
  • As her appearance borrows elements from mythical moon rabbits, Kaguya Houraisan was chosen as her partner. Eirin accepted the newcomer warmly and Tewi was ecstatic at having a new "subordinate to boss over". Reisen, however...was not happy. Fearing she would be replaced as Kaguya's pet, she challenged Umbreon to a staring contest with the intent purpose of driving her away with her Magical Eye powers. What happened instead was Umbreon easily overcoming the illusions and scaring Reisen so badly with her more-powerful Mean Look, she was found in a Troubled Fetal Position for days afterward. After seeing how Umbreon easily bested Reisen, Tewi thought twice about making her a subordinate. Eirin helped the rabbit youkai and Eeveelution patch things up but remained friendly rivals for Kaguya's attention.
  • Leafeon enjoys being around the many gardens located within the Pantheon, with special emphasis on the Hall of Plants. Not only can she produce clean oxygen by her internal photosynthesis process but she has stopped any signs of pollution dead in its tracks. Naturally, she has been seen alongside other protectors of nature such as Viridi, the Spring Sprite and the Lorax. Needless to say, those who defile nature such as the Lich, the Firebird and Hexxus want her stopped. Some GUA mooks loyal to these three attempted to capture her but instead were assailed by her sharp leaves and attacks, further amplified by Swords Dance. To say this flower has some sharp thorns is an understatement.
  • The entire Pantheon was shocked to learn who would be Leafeon's chosen partner: Poison Ivy. They were even more shocked to learn it was Batman himself who saw to it that the two would meet and bond. Before getting chewed out for this unusual decision, he simply said to allow nature to literally run its course. Selina and Harley, being two of the few deities that can safely visit Pamela, have noticed how she shows unnatural fondness for the Verdant Pokémon like a personal pet, more so since she is more plant than animal. Others have noticed how Ivy is very protective of her to the point that harming her would be like harming a flower in her presence. More cautious deities are worried over Leafeon's safety being close to a villain like her, but strangely enough the Eeveelution is noticed to keep Ivy's more savage eco-terrorist tendencies in line when near her. Batman's gambit in approving partnership of Leafeon in order to make her a literal Morality Pet to Pamela is apparently successful, but even he worries Leafeon will not be able to keep Ivy satisfied for long.
  • Glaceon's constant snow flurries and diamond dust clouds that surround her has been capitalized by some few hungry House of Food patrons who have found the snow she creates have a certain texture that makes it ideal snow-cone material. Glaceon herself doesn't mind it but finds it rather curious over how others would eat her snow. Then there was the time Nick Wilde attempted to do his old popsicle con back at Zootopia only using her own snow. What followed next was a near-frozen blue-furred fox shivering his way out of the Eeveelutions' temple. Judy merely face-pawed at the sight.
  • When Queen Elsa was selected to be Glaceon's partner, everyone immediately considered it a given. Still, Anna immediately had a Cuteness Proximity reaction upon seeing the Fresh Snow Pokémon and hugged her tightly (despite getting a slight chill) while Olaf was overjoyed to have a new friend to play with, especially one whose hugs were as cold as him. Elsa allows Glaceon to play with her sister and the snowman most of the time, but the rest of the time she spends actively training the Eeveelution. The reason she puts her heart into training her is two-fold: Glaceon is one of the few living creatures that actually thrive in icy climates so she doesn't have to worry about accidentally freezing her, and caring for the Eeveelution has allowed her to open her emotions in a different way compared to Anna. This makes the younger Arendelle princess happy to learn her older sister is opening her emotions to more than just her.
  • As the newest discovered Eeveelution (even more so of a brand new type), not much is known about Sylveon. What is known is that she enjoys being around others and touching them with her ribbon-like feelers on her "bows". As Hammerlock can attest while studying her, getting touched by the feelers produce a state of absolute calmness and serenity that can be simply described as heavenly. She is naturally one of the unofficial mascots of the House of Friendship as she loves to meet new people and intertwine her feelers around them.
  • An important breakthrough came to pass when Rena Ryuugu saw Sylveon up and about one day and went immediately into Omochikaeri-mode. As she happily scampered off with Sylveon in her hands, Judy Hopps was able to catch a glimpse of what she was doing from afar and feared for Sylveon's life as memories of her encounter with Rena's Hinamizawa personality resurfaced. She quickly gathered a group in hopes of saving Sylveon's life and rushed to her temple. What they found, however, was beyond their comprehension. They found Rena sitting on the floor, giggling and happily cuddling Sylveon as the Eeveelution nuzzled against her as her feelers held a vice-like grip on her arms and body. Upon analyzing Rena, the results were shocking to everyone present: Her Hinamizawa Syndrome has gone into recession as if she was never infected in the first place! They later tested this on Keiichi and the Sonozaki twins and they too had their syndrome signs dormant as they looked peaceful being intertwined. Unfortunately, after the effects of the feelers was gone for a lengthy period, their Hinamizawa symptoms resurfaced. After this, Sylveon was studied by scientists around the clock to figure out just what causes her feelers' Cooldown Hug effect and see if it can be applied to any deity with control issues.
  • Due to her Cuddle Bug nature, it was given that Hirasawa Yui would be chosen as her partner. The Houkago Tea Time guitarist has taken a shine to her and enjoys giving her hugs as much as Sylveon gives them back. Given her Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies, it's quite a shock to everyone that Yui is able to concentrate more in her music as she loves watches Sylveon's astounded reaction to her guitar playing. The rest of the band actually enjoy the Eeveelution's presence and effect on Yui that they consider her the band's mascot as well.
  • Of course, not everyone is happy at Yui being chosen as Sylveon's partner. Nui Harime was furious to not be chosen as Sylveon's partner saying that since both are associated with the color pink and they're both adorned with bows that they were destined to be partners. Being who she is, though, she has tried underhand tactics to get her away from Yui by imitating her voice perfectly among other tricks which tend to get more violent the more Nui gets frustrated. This does little to sway the Intertwining Pokémon to her side as she loves being with the Houkago Tea Time band more. Luckily for Yui and the rest of Houkago Tea Time, Ryuko, Satsuki and the rest of the Student Council make sure to keep Nui as far away from Sylveon as possible.

    The Goliath 
The Goliath, God of Evolutionary Levels (The Scourge of Shear, Godzilla Jr.)
Click here to see Meteor Golaith 
  • Intermediate God (can become Greater God if sufficiently evolved), his non-physical self is likely an Overdeity
  • Symbol: The silhouette of his footprint.
  • Theme Song: Here We Go
  • Alignment: True Neutral in its natural state, Neutral Evil when provoked into corporeal form
  • Portfolio: Health-Protecting Armor, Breath Weapons, Strength Through Consumption, Boulder Tossing, Evolutionary Levels, Foe Tossing Charges, Sudden Threats, Lightning Bruisers, Leaping Great Distances, Outsmarting Your Hunters, Debatable Origins, Painful Transformation, Fire-Infused Attacks, Glowing With Power, Being Red and Black and Evil All Over, Replenishable Armor But No Healing Factor, Shockwave Smash, Shows Damage, Spikes of Villainy, Creating a Corporeal Form, A Connection to All Other Monsters, Reincarnating After Death, Alien Morality
  • Domains: Aliens, Evolution, Hunting
  • Followers: The Forerunners, The Primal Zerg
  • Allies: Other than Indominus Rex, none actually.
  • Rivals: Zinogre, Akantor, Ukanlos and Odibatorasu, Barroth, Brachydios, Deviljho, Dehaka
  • Respects: Godzilla
  • Enemies: Every single Hunter in the Pantheon, but special mention goes to The Monster Hunters, Saxton Hale, B.B. Hood, teams RWBY and JNPR, The Hunter, Lady Maria, Dovahkiin, Ash Ketchum, Geralt of Rivia, Rexxar, Goliath the Gargoyle, most human or even humanoid beings, the vast majority of ascended Pokémon.
  • Target of Interest for: Abathur and Zagara
  • Heralds: Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth, Gorgon, and Host
  • Fears: Arceus
  • Goliath ascended on the wrong side of angry. In just a few days, he somehow managed to provoke, intrude upon the territory of, and attract all sorts of hunters within the Pantheon. A number of these misunderstandings might've been avoided had more gods known of Goliath's ascension, but few gods knew where he even came from, let alone his ascendance. Needless to say, it left him with a grudge toward the whole lot of them.
    • Following his ascension, Goliath unknowingly stumbled into the Monster Hunters' territory and interrupted an ongoing hunt. Figuring Goliath to be a new monster and acquainted with missions where unforeseen monsters just popped up without warning, the Hunters fought Goliath. The fight was quick and brutal, and the Hunters were forced to retreat after using up what remained of their supplies. They learned of Goliath's ascension into the Pantheon soon after and have kept their distance, though rumors circulate of the Hunters preparing fire-resistant gear in case Goliath gets out of hand.
    • Goliath first encountered Saxton Hale whilst prowling through a jungle. The lone unarmed man hardly seemed a threat, yet the brawny Australian proved himself stronger than expected. It was a rather sobering encounter for Goliath and taught him not to underestimate his new divine peers, regardless of their appearance.
    • Dovahkiin assumed he was a dragon after hearing tales of a new fire-breathing beast, The Hunter fended him off when he tried exploring a cityscape, Teams RWBY and JNPR learned quickly enough that he wasn't a creature of Grimm, and Ash Ketchum thought he was a Pokemon. That last one especially ticked Goliath off; he nearly brutalized Ash.
    • Of course, this particular action backfired on the Goliath, earning him the enmity of almost every single Pokémon in the Pantheon. The Goliath had badly underestimated Ash's connection to Pokémon, and because of his attack on Ash, they would be gunning for his head from now on. If there's one Pokémon Goliath will admit to fearing, however, is the almighty Arceus. The Alpha Pokémon did not take it kindly on the Goliath had attacked a human he was fond of and promised to destroy Goliath for this foul deed.
  • Shares a sort of kinship with the Indominus Rex. He recognizes a part of himself in her ferocity and hatred for humans, and views her as an equal predator, despite his capability to surpass her. And if the theory of Goliath and his fellow monsters on Shear are genetically-engineered weapons, he and Indominus would share similar origins.
  • Goliath loathes admitting that there are monsters that utterly outmatch him, but his opinion of Godzilla is a special case. As the original giant monster (and being far, far bigger), Godzilla is something of an idol to Goliath. Goliath resents him for sparing or even saving humanity so many times, yet holds him up as a standard too when it comes to destructive rampages.
  • Abathur has expressed interest in Goliath.
    Abathur: Goliath intriguing. Ability reminiscent of Primal Zerg. Must acquire biomass.
    • Zagara has an even bigger plan for the beast, citing to have huge similarities with the Primal Zerg Dehaka. She has been scheduling a test for him as an antithesis for the said Zerg if it ascends.
  • Since getting on the Monster Hunters' blacklist, Goliath has crossed paths with their typical quarries. Goliath feels no camaraderie with them, but he sees no point in not taking advantage of their presence and tag-teaming the Hunters if the opportunity arises... Deviljho is a special case though. Of all the monsters, only Deviljho's appetite matches Goliath's own. Naturally, that leaves little meat to go around, and neither of them like the taste of that notion.
  • Rexxar attempted to tame Goliath once he caught wind of him, but Goliath reacted violently on account of his willful intelligence and hatred of beings that look remotely human.
  • Learned soon after his ascension that another creature in the Pantheon bears his name. When he first investigated this creature's supposed lair, he slaughtered the Stormtroopers stationed there yet the creature was nowhere to be seen. But as the sun crept beneath the horizon, Goliath heard a crackling of stone and was abruptly tackled by a new assailant: the creature. The battle was an even one until a response force arrived and forced Goliath to flee. Humiliated, Goliath only grew more agitated when he learned this other Goliath protected humans.
  • Research by the House of Knowledge has turned up some rather disturbing information, primarily that the Goliath is not this creature's true form but a physical body created in order to interact with a material universe. If it is ever harmed to the point of death, the being will merely release the body and reform within a day. To make this worse, the being is not limited to the form of the Goliath but can become any of the other varieties of monster its species has created. In response to this discovery, a No-Kill order was issued on the Goliath, reasoning that a Goliath constantly increasing in power is better than giving the entity a chance to assume a new and potentially more dangerous form.

Megamix, Unholy Body Part Amalgamation (Mega-mix)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The "N" on their forehead and "M" on their back.
  • Theme Song: Boss Theme and Megamix Mania
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Advancing Boss of Doom, Body Horror, Comprised of Cortex, N. Gin, Tiny Tiger and Dingodile, Cyborg, Humanoid Abomination, Hybrid Monster, Mix-and-Match Critter, Nuclear Nasty, Split Personality, Voice of the Legion, Constantly bickering with each other
  • Domains: Accidents, Wasteland, Monsters, Bosses, Fusions
  • Components: Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. N Gin, Tiny Tiger, Dingodile
  • Allies: Uka Uka, Nina Cortex, Bizarro
  • Rivals: Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
  • Enemies:
  • Source of Interest for: The Think Tank, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Megamix is something that shouldn't exist in the first place, being the amalgamation of Dr. Cortex and a few of his henchmen into one. The hideous creature formed after Cortex's Planetary Minimizer malfunctioned and hit them instead, the creature then chased Crash Bandicoot throught the whole space station but Crash managed to escape the monster and soon it returned to normal. While that was the last time Megamix was ever heard from, the arrival of the Rustland Grand Pix brought them back to the spotlight, this time with their own separate origin story and somehow, that Megamix ended up becoming a deity given their particular appearance being an amalgamation of the four villains
  • You may be wondering, how is Megamix able to exist when his components are all separated to begin with. Turns out this Megamix comes from a timeline where the world succumbed to a nuclear devastation and ultimately created Megamix. This screamed bad news for the Bandicoots, as not only the creature held a grudge against Crash even if he never was responsible for the creation of that Megamix, but the monster even ended up siding with Cortex and Uka Uka.
  • Naturally, this version of Megamix is very adept to racing and often engages in races, particularly the go-kart ones. Their temple is even an amalgamation (no pun intended) of both Megamix Mania and the Space Station where they were originally created. Given the Desert Punk aesthetic and Megamix being a Nuclear Nasty type monster, they eventually developed an emnity with both Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa, feeling like Megamix was a dangerous monster to let loose.
  • Constantly suffers from Split Personality Disorder as the mind of all four villains are all concious and want to take control all the time, which manifest in a slight shock everytime a different personality takes control. It all gets even more confusing when you take into account that every single of their components are deities, who are understandably creeped out by Megamix loose nature. This eventually made the creature a bit of an odd rival to Dr. Jekyll, known for engaging in his darker desires when asuming his other identity but even Hyde is a bit horrified at the sight of Megamix.
  • Given their potential ties to nuclear waste, it was only natural that Megamix and Toxie would come to blows as the latter while a bit of hideous monster himself, he is a good guy nonetheless. Even with the combined strength of two of Cortex's best creations, Toxie was able to subdue and almost kill the abomination before Megamix ran away crying. Since then they have been planning to get revenge somehow.
  • A creature like Megamix wouldn't feel too out of place in the universe of Fallout. In fact, given their status as a mutant monster, Megamix has unfortunately become the target for extermination by various of the deities hailing from said world with the Enclave and Arthur Maxson at the top of the list. Not all of them want they dead however, the Think Tank was fascinated that Megamix was able to remain mostly with some semblance of sanity and cohesion and even if two of their components were scientist themselves, they are eager to study Megamix and further learn from its biology (Which they are understandably not very happy about).
  • By far the one scientist that flipped out the moment they saw Megamix was Dr. Alphys. Understandable, considering her hand in the creation of the Amalgamations and seeing the monster was only a reminder of her failures. However, she knows that the monster is formed by villainous folks and said people being deities in their own right just makes it easier for Alphys to not pity the monster.
  • Sadly for Megamix, they are not the type to make many friends as many are repelled by their appearance and mannerism. However, being an offshoot of another person (or people rather in Megamix case) made them form a rather strange friendship with Bizarro of all people, who expressed some form of appreciation (in his own Bizarro way)
  • Described as "Frankenstein's Monster if the doctor would have becomed part of his creation" and the good doctor himself is abhorred at the creature that is Megamix and wishes he would never become such a beast. His creation similarly feels both disgust and pity since it knows at least some of the ones involved in the creation of Megamix are in a similar situation as he was, perhaps both but neither the Monster nor Megamix dwells too much on it.
  • He is considered part-cyborg but hardly cares about anything mechanical. However, it was later discovered that there is a robotic replica of Megamix in the Rustland timeline and after hearing this, several of the deities from the GUAM took immediate interest since it's said to have the same properties but could potentially be easier to control with the proper reprogramming. Some have gone even as far to attempt capturing Megamix and turning him into a fully-mechanical beast using N. Gin's parts as a base.
  • "We are stronger TOGETHER!"
  • Can also be found in Body Parts.

    The Tenno 
The Tenno, The Gods and Goddess' who Were Experimented on to Make Technology Work (The Betrayers, Tenno Skoom [by Grinner], Fashion Victims)
  • Individually Intermediate Gods, as a whole Greater gods
  • Symbol: The Lotus Icon
  • Theme Song: This is what you are
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cyber Ninja, An army of one-man armies, Lightning Bruiser, Magical Cybernetic Space Ninja Samurai, Proud Warrior Race, Biomechaninically powered suits of armor, Samurai Motifs, Parrying Bullets, Master of All, Bling of War, Cool Guns, Having a wide variety of elemental and void based powers, Being young teenagers exposed to the void to be used as weapons against the Sentients
  • Domains: Biotechnology, Combat, Powers, Protection, Kinship
  • Allies: Ordis, Genji and the rest of Overwatch, John-117, Captain America, The House of Nature, Raiden, BJ Blazkowitz, Jack Ryan, Subject Delta
  • Enemies: THE GRINEER, The Infested, The Corpus, The Flood, The Vex, Sir Crocodile, The Eliksni, Deathshead, Red Skull and all fascist gods.
  • "Friendly" Rivalry: The Guardians
  • Sympathizes with: Sousuke Sagara
  • Opposes: Amon, Sundowner
  • Occasional Employer: Jonathan Irons, the GUAL, the GUAC
  • When the Grineer stormed the Pantheon, they attempted to storm the House of Nature, using Cicero toxin to clear the plants and wildlife to make settlements. A large army sized group of Tenno operators followed the Grineer into the Pantheon where they assisted the House of Nature in the defense, cutting down several armies of the clones. The remaining Grineer fled so they can create more soldiers to fill back the ranks. The House of Nature were forever in gratitude, and the Tenno felt welcomed there, especially since many of their Warframes have nature themed powers.
  • The Tenno are a group of ancient warriors that were created to combat the Sentients that invaded the system. After the fall of the Orokin empire, the Tenno were put in statis for several centuries. When they woke up, they found themselves in a war-ravaged Solar System with the Fascist Grineer and the Profit-Seeking Corpus fighting over the remains of civilization along with the Infested trying to kill everything. With guide from the mysterious Lotus, who communicates to each single Tenno, the set to free the System and protect the people living in the system.
  • Each Tenno controls a powerful suit of armor called the Warframe. There are many different types of warframes, each with different powers and different combat styles for each tactic.
  • The Tenno, in reality are young adolescents who were the sole survivors of the Zariman Ten-Zero incident, where a colony ship was trapped in the Void and eventually reemerged, with the kids receiving Void powers. After the Orokin experimented on the scared children, causing several deaths, an Orokin researcher named Margulis found that they could channel their newfound powers through dreams and became a surrogate mother for them. The Orokin murdered her, stole her works and used it to create the process of Transference, where the child could channel their consciousness and powers through a Warframe, a surrogate body using a device called the Somatic Link. The newly named Tenno were placed on Earth's moon where they were secure.
  • Shortly after ascension, one of the Warframes, Excalibur, happened across Genji. Seeing how alike Excalibur was with Genji, both being cybernetic ninjas with similar fighting styles, they managed to befriend each other. The Tenno also managed to ally with the rest of Overwatch.
  • Their official temple is a large space structure known as a Relay. The Tenno dont usually hang out at the Relay, preferring to stay in their personal Orbiter spacecraft which flies around the Pantheon, which they have all their belongings and serves as their mobile base. However, when they need to gather, the Relay is a good meeting place.
    • The Tenno can commonly be found honing their skills in the House of Combat, testing their equipment out or launching raids on the Grineer. Sometimes the Tenno like to heavily customize their frames and appear at fashion shows in the House of Costumes.
  • The Tenno find themselves frequently fighting the Flood, who are very similar to the Infested they fight and their history also remind them of the abusive Orokin. For that, the Tenno manages to ally with Master Chief John-117 to stop the Flood. The Tenno also oppose the Xel'naga Amon, who abused his creations like the Orokin did.
  • When The Guardians finally ascended into the Pantheon, The Tenno and the Guardians had a tense first meeting due to their games being dueling rivals and how they were so similar. Before events managed to oscillate, both sides shared some sort of truce and became allies. Despite their alliance and working together, it didn't stop them from trying to one up each other or boasting about themselves to each other.
  • When they came across the House of War, they met Sergeant Sosuke Sagara, who was also thrown into combat at a young age like them. The Tenno felt sympathetic towards him.
  • All Fascist gods in the pantheon like the Red Skull and Deathshead Strauss have been declared enemies of the Tenno for being predecessors to the Grineer. All Nazis have been declared enemies of the Tenno and thus the Tenno hunt down them all alongside the Grineer. They managed to come across Nazi hunter BJ Blazkowitz in one of their Grineer hunting missions and became allies. They also oppose Sundowner who bears similarities to the Corpus in their home setting, with the profiteering from war, and his usage of child soldiers.
  • Despite being on the side of good, they sometimes do mercenary work for the other pantheon factions, including even NGO Superpowers like Jonathon Irons' ATLAS Corpration, so they get paid with upgrades to their arsenal. Not that they support their goals or want to join them. They, however, refuse to work with their enemies the GUAE and the GUAD.
  • From the reveal in the Sacrifice, the Tenno formed a kinship with both Jack Ryan and Subject Delta, more pronounced with Excalibur Umbra. Umbra's nightmares of killing his son by the control of Ballas left him in constant mental anguish and driven to exact revenge on Ballas to no avail. Until the Operator reached out to help him overcome the pain and Restraining Bolt. Jack knows well on being conditioned to be without free will and Delta having his daughter taken away and used for another's ulterior motives. Both gladly support the Tenno in their continued efforts and help relate through the psychological struggles they go though.
  • They are also commonly found in the House of Internal Power Sources. Their affinity to the Void is something to behold there.

    Vivio Takamachi 
Vivio Takamachi, Goddess of Cloned Messiahs (The Saint King, The Sankt Kaiser, Sankt Regina Olivie)

Lesser Gods

    Desmond Miles 
Desmond Miles, God of Genetic Memory and Insanely International Ancestries (Subject 17, Sample 17)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Assassin Brotherhood insignia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Genetic Memory, Audience Surrogate, The Chosen One, Fled From the Call Before Abstergo Forced Him To Accept It, Superpowerful Genetics, Eagle Vision, Determinator, Instant Expert thanks to the Bleeding Effect (though at a cost, initially), Ambiguously Brown, Hidden Blade And A Small Dagger, Le Parkour, pudgy, barrel chested, and lacking musculature, yet becomes a badass really fast, Prodigal Hero
  • Domain(s): Assassins, Genetics, Memory, Ancestry, Freedom
  • Heralds: Subject 16 a.k.a. Clay Kaczmarek, Callum Lynch
  • High Priestess: Hieda no Akyu (Genetic aspect)
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: YHVH and most of the Grand United Alliance of Law, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Prime Minister Honest
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Night Raid
  • Pities: Shay Patrick Cormac
  • Desmond has actually been in the Pantheon for a long while now, but only as a follower of Ezio after he shed his mortal coil in December 21, 2012 in his world. Having already worked with ascending the Frye twins, the Il Mentore decided it was time to grant him a position as a deity as well and found two titles for the taking.
    • The first is Genetic Memory, as it's the Framing Device for the first five "games", and exploring those memories is why Desmond got involved in the first place.
    • The second is Insanely International Ancestry, as his genetics connect him to several different nationalities, like Arab (Altair), Italian (Ezio), Native American (Ratonhnhaké:ton/Connor), and Welsh (Edward, Connor's grandfather).
      • And according to a certain e-mail, other known ancestors include a Sage who lived in the Hunnic Empire at the height its power in the 5th century, and the Gallo-Roman Assassins Lucius and his son Aquilus, who lived in Roman Gaul in mid-3rd century.
  • Sometimes, when he isn't doing Asssassin work, he spends his free time helping as a bartender, having experience with that career. His specialty drink is the "Shirley Templar", a Shirley Temple cocktail with gin.
    • While he does visit other bars (like Moe's Tavern) for this, he more often than not moonlights inside King's bar/temple as a bartender. Turns out that his Shirley Templar drink is pretty popular. That and King swap drink recipes.
  • Unlike the rest of the Assassins, Desmond doesn't have (as much) contempt for Shay. The reason why is because what he discovered while he and his father's cell parsed through Ratonhnhaké:ton's memories; one of Those Who Came Before, Juno, has plans to conquer the world. He believed that in order to stop her, it would take both the Assassins and Templars working together to do so.
    • While it's too late for him to change things in his world as he's dead there and all, he thinks there's still a chance for such a unity in the Pantheon. Of course, he's not naive to think that it would be easy, but he thinks it's worth trying. And try he will.
    • Speaking of Juno, the events just prior to his death also made him worry. Minerva's alternative to setting Juno free…soured his opinions on being worshipped.
  • Like with all Assassins, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts disallow him from going into the Metaverse with them. While the others have decided to back away, being from roughly the same time period, Desmond decided to press the issue with its leader Ren in regards to them (or at least him) joining a Heist. He knows two of their members have lost family because of this, but that (and fear of this happening again) certainly can't be the end-all reason for barring access. Joker's counter-response is that as Assassins, it would be difficult not to… answer their calling when their target's Shadow has been sufficiently subdued and ready for a change of heart, a practice that Desmond… can't say is wrong given he's an Assassin. That, and the Phantoms' reputation took a nosedive last time that happened. However, Desmond counters that statement with the Phantoms' stance against Shadows (which in fact, some of them take glee in, such as Haru). Besides, being the ones in charge, the Phantoms should be able to assert their authority in this matter, and as long as the Assassins can follow them, then they should be a great asset in Palace Heists.
    • That said, another reason Desmond has been appealing to them is because he has a target in mind for this; Shay Patrick Cormac. He hopes to influence the ex-assassin into being more negotiable with him and forge an alliance, and given that they've managed to change Sae Niijima's heart without stealing her Treasure, he knows this is possible.
  • Like all of the Assassins, he thinks Night Raid's actions are a tad excessive, and he also thinks Seryu and Esdeath provide no benefit whatsoever to humanity. As for Honest… well, let's just say Desmond thinks he's exactly the kind of foe Assassins and Shay can consider working together to beat.
  • Made friends with Miharu, who also tried to run from his calling but get dragged in anyways. The Assassin's trying to get him to open up, who refused, yet this does not deter him.
  • He's noted that the Joestar family's ancestry are also insanely international, though he's more baffled about their mixed up familial roles.

    Nitrus Brio 
Doctor Nitrus Brio, God of Serums with Bad Side Effects (N. Brio)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God if transformed)
  • Symbol: His head as a skull.
  • Theme Song: His boss fight theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil. Sometimes Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Bald of Evil, Big Ol' Eyebrows, The Dragon, Evilutionary Biologist, Giggling Villain, Hulking Out, Hypercompetent Sidekick, The original lab assistant of Cortex, Mad Scientist, Power-Upgrading Deformation, N. Brio
  • Domains: Science, Experiments, Evolution, Ray guns, Potions, Transformations, Explosions
  • Allies: Ripper Roo, Frankenstein's Monster, Mesogog, Dr. Robotnik
  • Rivals: The Brain
  • Enemies: Crash Bandicoot, Aku Aku, Coco Bandicoot (Sometimes allies), The House of Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Neo Cortex, Uka Uka
  • Commonality Connection: Bruce Banner
  • Odd Friendship: Moe Szyslak and other bartenders
  • Dr. Nitrus Brio was originally a scientist that joined his partner Dr. Neo Cortex in his plot for world domination. He was the one that created the Evolvo-Ray that has transformed all of the animals of the series, including the titular hero Crash Bandicoot. In his fight with Crash Brio drank a chemical that turned him into a green monstrosity but thankfully he was defeated by Crash. Brio later decided to ditch Cortex given how he took credit for his creations and also mistreated him, with his alignment somewhat flunctuating between evil or neutral depending how he feels like.
  • Brio's alignment is a little complicated to narrow. Originally following the plans of Cortex would label him as evil but after Cortex failed and tried to use the Cortex Vortex on planet Earth, Brio sided with Crash and offered to blow it up, probably just to spite him. It's no secret that both doctors aren't in the best of terms at the moment, but if there is a common goal among the two, they are willing to put aside their differences and work together.
  • Of his minions, only Ripper Roo was present. He sees that Roo now behaves much better than his usual insane self and has tried to persuade him to stop getting near the TNT and Nitro crates to no avail. He is also a little mad that Tiny Tiger switched to Cortex side.
  • The Hulk has some form of respect on Brio given how he was able to revert from his monstrous form. Although he sometimes does transform depending his mood. Like the time he reminded everyone that he... was in the FIRST...GAME!
  • Sometimes sounds eerily similar to The Brain, although he acts more like his sidekick Pinky instead. Brio considers him a rival, although many would agree that the Brain isn't as threatening as the doctor, plus he already has dealt with evolved animals before.
  • Claims to have invented everything in existence. Except Lite-Brite. Burt Meyer did that.
  • Apparently his original dream was to become a bartender, which would explain why he constantly likes to mix his chemicals all the time. He even likes to hang out with the bartenders, particularly Moe, and even help them tend bars when he is off-duty. Of course, we advice not drinking anything from his chemicals unless you want to become a hulking monster.
  • He seems to strangely get along with Frankenstein's monster, given the little bolts he has in his head resemble the ones of the monster. The reason he wasn't probably attacked by it is maybe that he also was a monster once and he has actually treated him nicely.
  • While he might not be aligned with Cortex at the moment, he still uses evolved animals as minions, something that the House of Beast is disgusted by. He also is pretty chummy with both Mesogog and Robotnik. Although he considers the former's idea of going back to the prehistoric days to be a little too much for him.
  • Yes, he is aware that his name sounds like a fetus and would like that you don't make fun of it.

SCP-040, Goddess of Biomanipulation (Evolution's Child, real name-Emily)
Fan-art of SCP-040
  • Rank: Euclid (Lesser Goddess by Pantheon standards)
  • Symbol: Her pink hair
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Able To Modify Living Matter To Disturbing Degrees, Nice Girl, Performance Anxiety, Powerful But Sickly, Has Pink Hair, Pet Monstrosity, Genki Girl, Creations Include a Living Gasbag, Voluntary Shapeshifter and Wall Crawler
  • Domains: Anomalies, Genetic Alterations, Monsters, Modifications, Life
  • Followers: Josh Foley/Elixir, Panacea, Hara
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: Drifblim, Rynn, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Rubeus Hagrid, N, Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Xerneas, the Life Entity, We3, Eko, Baymax, Jimmy Livingston, Wally, Dr Mobius, the Eeevelutions, Laura Kenny/X-23
  • On good terms with: Mewtwo
  • Enemies: Cell, the Indomitus Rex, Dr Gero, Nurgle, Fabius Bile, Typhus, Thrax, Albert Wesker, Davros and anyone who would want to weaponize her talents
  • Opposes: Dr Borous
  • Fears: The House of the Undead, Fran Madaraki
  • SCP-040, also known as Evolution's Child, is an Euclid-class SCP that happens to be an eight year old girl. Though having a sweet personality, she has the somewhat disturbing ability to manipulate organic matter, capable of modifying living organisms or creating new life-forms. The result has been classified as instances of SCP-040-1, who show behavior similar to that of a household pet. It requires focus however, or else the results can get...ugly.
  • Currently allowed custody of three instances of SCP-040-1. The first being a symbiotic creature capable of shapeshifting and has cat DNA (SCP-040-1a), a spherical being who's capable of replicating musical patterns and floats with helium-filled bladders (SCP-040-1c) and a wall-crawling quadrupedal creature with colorful pink and blue fur (SCP-040-1j). 1c shares a lot in common with Drifblim, and to help her psychological health the SCP Foundation will let the Pokemon play with her and 1c. Given it's said that the Drifloon line kidnaps children they're keeping more of an eye on Drifblim.
  • She seems fond of Pokemon in general, given they're known for being exotic and powerful creatures like many of her creations. Due to his compassion towards other Pokemon, N appreciates this and has shown kindness and appreciation towards her creations. Admittedly some of them creep him out a bit. She feels bad for Bandit, Tinker and Pirate for the experimentation they went to. Sure, she modifies living beings, but treats the results with kindness and has no interest in weaponizing them.
  • Gets along with Reubus Hagrid as well, as the two are fond of some rather bizarre and dangerous creatures. She is fond of playing with the different animals in the House of Beast, and the more good-aligned members of the House of Otherness. It's given her a lot of ideas for what creatures she could create, though it's advised she keep it in check or her containment is going to have more security.
  • SCP-040 has pink hair and a black eye she can't see through. Despite her power she's rather frail, having brittle hair and gets sick easily. Unfortunately for her, she can't manipulation microscopic organisms. Being an ill girl, she can sympathize with Wally, and Jimmy Livingston for having to be in a bubble. Though he's been healthy for a while, she still feels bad. This makes her really vulnerable to Thrax, who wants to see what kind of havoc he can cause inside of her.
  • She is capable of resurrecting corpses, however since they are brought back with the mentality of a child she doesn't want to do it again. The House of Undead scare her, and doesn't want them to use or better hone her necromancy abilities. She's terrified of Frankenfran given her own experiments and complete inability to conceive of a fate that's worse than death.
  • Mewtwo was not sure what to think of her at first given he's the result of years of horrific gene splicing. Seeing she was a Nice Girl and thought it was "a big kitty" initially, the Genetic Pokemon decided to let her be. She is interested in Eevee because mutations cause various evolutions, and they seem to respond positively to her powers because of it.
  • Dr Gero and Davros are very interested in her ability to manipulate organic matter, as it would benefit their own plans of genetic modification. The SCP Foundation are doing their best to prevent her into falling into their hands. Anyone who wants to abuse her for their ill intent is an enemy of SCP-040.
  • Both Xerneas and the Life Entity have shown interest in her abilities, though rather than exploiting her simply want help her out with her powers. She finds Xerneas to be rather comforting as she does Pokemon in general, and the Life Entity believes she has a lot of potential as a White Lantern and safekeeping life.
  • Friendly towards Laura Kinney, feeling bad about how she was experimented on and treated in the Facility. Baymax is friendly towards her and concerned about her physical health.
  • Dr Borous is awed by her ability, which reminds him of his own achievements in the Nightstalkers and Cazadors. He isn't interested in using her ability for his own gains, seeing her instead as a rival in his field. SCP-040 is seriously creeped out by Dr Borous for the carelessness he shows when creating them For Science!, what he did to his pet dog(though he regrets it) and does stuff like lace his food with drugs. She has a better relationship with Dr Mobius, since he's the Token Good Teammate of the Think Tank and hopes to improve her powers believing she's an example of Science! not being presented as unethical or evil.

    Shokichi Komachi 
Shokichi Komachi, God of Bio-Augmentation
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Asian Giant Hornet
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Hornets, Poison Stingers, Human-Insect Hybrid, Heartbroken Badass, LEGO Genetics, Sole Survivor
  • Domains: Space, Mars, Cockroach Exterminator
  • Heralds: Akari Hizamaru, Michelle K. Davis, and the rest of the Annex I crew.
  • Allies: Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Guts, The 501st,
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Adam Jensen
  • Enemies: Terraformars
  • He ascended in response to the Terraformars entering into the Pantheon, and was the one who led the 501st and other Gods in the containment of the Terraformars.
  • When he went to Mars as a member of the Bugs II crew, he was the only one of two survivors to leave Mars after they were attacked by the Terraformars. His childhood friend, Nanao Akita, was also a member of the mission, but was the first killed by the Terraformars. Over twenty years later, he is Captain of the Annex I mission to find a cure for a virus afflicting his world that came from Mars.
    • Severe complications arose even before they touched down, and his team is currently in conflict with both the Terraformars and the Sino-Asian Squad.
  • His powers are derived from what is called the "Bugs Procedure", a term that evolved to be called the "Mosaic Organ Operation" by the time of Annex I's mission. This process is derived from the Mosaic Organ possessed by the Terraformars that governs their selective immune tolerance, which can be transplanted into a Human with a survival rate of 30%. Originally restricted to insects, it grew to encompass non-insect animals as well, earning it the name "Mosaic Organ Operation.
    • Because of the potential threat governed by scientists of the GUAE's Mutation Lair if they could replicate this process, Shokichi now finds himself making sure none of those mad scientists acquire any Terraformar samples, as the GUAG wants to avoid the GUAE acquiring a super-soldier army possessing the Mosaic Organ - or worse, cloning a Terraformar army.
  • Spider-Man and Guts are among the Gods who joined his side against the Terraformars in the containment of the Terraformars.
    • Spider-Man is much like Shokichi in terms of their abilities, having the strengths of the respective animal that is the basis for their powers, and Spider-Man can sympathize with Shokichi over the loss of Nanao, his childhood friend.
    • Guts has plenty of experience against inhuman opponents, and Shokichi informing him of the incident of Bugs II reminded him of the loss of all his allies in the Band of the Hawk during the Eclipse, except Casca and Rickert.
  • After swapping bodies with the Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, she began to like and respect Gwen as a friend and fellow crime-fighter of the Pantheon's more evil deities.
  • When he heard of Tzeentch, he wondered if the Chaos God had any role to play in the development of the Terraformars on Mars, specifically being associated with the Gods of Rahab. The Chaos God neither confirmed nor denied this theory.

    Sophie (Tales of Graces
Sophie, Goddess of Artificial Humans (Protos Heis, Sophie Lhant, Tiger Festival)


Claudandus, God of the Super Breeding Program (Pascal)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A portrait of Gregor Mendel
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Wants to return cats to their wild state through selective breeding, believes humans are pure evil due to being used as a guinea pig and wants to exterminate them, has stomach cancer, A Nazi by Any Other Name
  • Domains: Cats, Science, Eugenics, Murder, Gambits, Misanthropy
  • Allies: Shere Khan, Scar, Katz, Zaius, Koba
  • Enemies: Francis, all humans, Alfred Drevis, Hall of Felines in general, Warrior Cats, Rowf and Snitter, the Five Survivors, Napoleon
  • Admires: AM
  • Claudandus was originally a street cat before being adopted by a scientist called Preterius, who was trying to invent a glue that could heal wounds. To that end, he performed horrific experiments on cats, with no success. After Preterius went mad from his failures, Claudandus murdered him and was adopted by Preterius' assistant, at which point Claudandus started studying various scientific subjects. Consumed by hatred from his time with Preterius, he started concocting a plan to create the ultimate breed of cats that could displace humanity, starting a cult around his ideals and murdering any "impure" cats along the way. Fortunately, a "clever shit" named Francis figured out his schemes and killed him before he could do any more damage.
  • Alfred Drevis retrieved Claudandus' corpse and thought to add him to his collection. He figured since the cat died through no fault of his own, nobody would complain if he took the corpse for himself. However, Claudandus' gaping wound closed up and he regained life (this later turned out to be Bastet's doing; she's not sure she doesn't regret it), and seeing a man in a lab coat, the memories of Preterius' experiments surged up and Claudandus went for Drevis' throat on instinct, killing him. Only after finding his way out of Drevis' temple did he pause to contemplate the fact that he was alive again, and in a very strange place. He decided to make the best of it and find some place to settle, and in this regard, the House of Science attracted him most. After some time promoting his beliefs about how cats could become greater than humans through selective breeding, the Main House decided he could represent Super Breeding Program since he espoused it so much.
  • Francis didn't hear of Claudandus being in the Pantheon until his deification and didn't know what horrified him more: that such a grisly murderer made it in at all, or the awful things he might have done in the interim. Either way, Francis paid him a visit and made it clear he was watching and Claudandus wouldn't have it so easy. Claudandus for his part was as Affably Evil as ever to Francis, and said he was looking forward to their mind games. Francis then went to the House of Felines and beseeched the residents not to be drawn in by Claudandus, in the hope that he won't be able to establish his cult in the Pantheon. After hearing of some of Claudandus' more horrible crimes like killing a pregnant cat by ripping out her kits, the House has issued a statement that Claudandus is not welcome there.
  • His temple is the Big Fancy House he lived in as the pet of Preterius' assistant, complete with a computer and piles of books for his research. And yes, he fully knows how to operate a computer and read human writing. But while Claudandus is brilliant, he's somewhat weak physically (he's not exactly young anymore) and so largely sits in the comfort of his temple and leaves the fighting to his allies. Not that he won't bring out the claws if he's really pressed into it.
  • As a feline who utterly despises humans, he was able to become great friends with Shere Khan, who likewise loathes humans with a passion due to what they are capable of. They enjoy their conversations with each other as they are both very witty and cultured, and Shere Khan is more than willing to lend his strength to Claudandus whenever he needs it for his plans, making them a rather fearsome combination. Claudandus has also taken a liking to Scar, who's Shere Khan's friend as well. Scar's relative lack of strength makes him less useful to Claudandus, though he still has brains and charisma, which led him to become king for a while, and that's something Claudandus can respect and relate to.
  • Thanks to Shere Khan, Claudandus might be discovering that there are merits to allying with other human-hating creatures that aren't his fellow cats or close cousins. One such deity is Koba, with the violent ape acknowledging Claudandus as a comrade for their shared trauma from getting experimented on and abused by humans. Claudandus also appreciates another ape called Zaius for his views on how humans are inferior beings because they ultimately can't help but destroy themselves, though Zaius personally thinks applying a Final Solution like Claudandus wants to do isn't ideal and that they should be domesticated instead.
  • Claudandus thinks Katz is a somewhat odd sort, and wonders what mutation occurred in his genes that allowed him to gain many of the advantages of humans such as an upright posture and ability to use tools. Besides that, Claudandus thinks Katz is pleasant enough, as he too has the intellect for a high-level conversation like Shere Khan. Katz himself is not that interested in Claudandus' goals (and thinks he should consider exterminating dogs instead), but since they generally involve murder and Katz is a real sadist, the anthropomorphic cat is glad to help Claudandus out whenever he can.
  • He admires the Warrior Cats as he thinks they lead the lifestyle any proper cat should. For the most part this esteem is very one-sided; while it's true they have as little to do with humans as possible, the likes of Firestar, Bluestar and Jayfeather are not at all interested in joining Claudandus' crusade against humanity and fear that his actions might lead to an all-out war between felines and humanity, when the Warrior Cats, despite the name, just want to live out their lives peacefully. Firestar in particular was grateful to be kept by kind humans during his time as a kitten, so he doesn't buy Claudandus' talk about humans being monsters even a bit.
    • Claudandus thinks it's a pity the Warrior Cats don't see the truth; he attributes this to them living happily isolated in the forest. At any rate, if they do get in his way, he won't spare them. He thought he'd have better luck with the more unscrupulous Scourge, but after Claudandus went to meet him with a business proposition, Scourge just cut his belly open like he did with Tigerstar (and like Francis did to Claudandus), saying contemptuously that he if he didn't follow orders from the former leader of ShadowClan, neither would he take them from a sickly weakling who lived in luxury and had others do his dirty work. That brought Claudandus some bad memories when he was revived, and he's never gone anywhere near any of the Warrior Cats since.
  • Being a victim of Animal Testing would normally get him sympathy points from deities like Rowf and Snitter, and Rowf certainly sees where he's coming from with his hatred of humans. However, Claudandus' goals and methods to achieve them are way too much for the two dogs. Snitter honestly wonders how Claudandus can say all of humanity is bad when Preterius' assistant kept him and treated him well.
  • Has no respect for the pig Napoleon whatsoever, given the open secret that Napoleon consorts with humans who think nothing of abusing animals for his own selfish benefit, while claiming it is all necessary for the good of the animals. Napoleon has adopted so many of the characteristics of humans that he could no longer really be considered an animal, so Claudandus thinks he and the pigs siding with him can all just perish together with the humans when he sets his ultimate plan in motion, given he thinks nothing good will come of letting them live.
  • When Claudandus heard of the Five Survivors and the horrors they suffer at the hands of the super-computer AM, he thought it was all quite brilliant and entertaining. He admires AM for its power and how it used it to exterminate humanity except for those five, and enjoys hearing about the torture they are put through without ever being able to die; Claudandus likes to imagine himself subjecting Preterius to similar treatment. Unfortunately for him, Claudandus' fondness of AM is unlikely to ever be returned since the computer appears incapable of feeling anything but pure hatred at all times.

    Kipo Oak 
Kipo Oak, Goddess of Mutants (Burrow Girl, Aries, Summoner of the Mega Jaguar, Captain Jaguar, Paw Master)
Her incomplete Mega-Mute form 
Her Mega Jaguar form 
As an adult 
  • Demigoddess. Intermediate Goddess (in her incomplete Mega-Mute form). Greater Goddess (as the Mega Jaguar)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of her as the Mega Jaguar.
  • Theme Song: Age of Wonderbeasts. Purple Jaguar Eye.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Almost became Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Mutant, Action Girl, All-Loving Hero, Amazing Technicolor Population, Bio-Augmentation, Blithe Spirit, Chronic Hero Syndrome that is a Fatal Flaw, Half-Human Hybrid, Hulking Out, Nice Girl, Panthera Awesome, Shared Family Quirks, Super Strength.
  • Domains: Mutants, Hybrids, Peace
  • Heralds:
    • Her family: Lio and Song (her parents), Scarlemagne/Hugo (her older brother)
    • Her human friends: Benson, Wolf and Troy.
    • Her mute friends: Dave, Mandu, Jamack, Molly Yarnchopper, Cotton.
  • Allies: Caesar, The X-Men, Adora and Catra, The Undertale Deities, Steven Universe, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baron Draxum, Wander, Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi Haruno, Francoeur, Marcus, Finn, Leela, Star Butterfly, Godzilla, King Kong, The Bears, N, Beast Boy.
  • Enemies: Colonel Mccullough, Koba, Dr. Zaius, Gorilla Grodd, Mojo Jojo, Joe, William Stryker, Toffee, Mina Loveberry, The VUX, Eren Yeager.
  • Opposes: Magneto, Set, Big Mom.
  • Foil: Ellie
  • Kipo was a young human girl who was born in a burrow known as The Clover in a post-apocalyptic Earth, living alongside her father, Lio Oak, and many other humans. One day their burrow was attacked by a Mega-Mute (a giant mutant animal) Monkey, forcing Kipo to flee after her father got her to safety. Exposed to the surface, Kipo went on a quest to find her people again, meeting many friends along the way, after finding her father she soon found out that there were bigger forces at play in the world that she had no idea of, and was eventually caught up in the midst of a conflict between mutated humans and the remaining humans, which she eventually managed to end when she became a peacemaker between both mutekind and mankind eventually helping mutes and humans get along in the future as an adult.
  • Kipo ascended after the defeat of Dr. Emilia, her nemesis and the true villain of her story, who was responsible for all the conflict of modern day between humans and mutes directly and indirectly. Her temple was not too different from her burrow home, with some of her favorite music put on special devices for her to listen to.
  • As a mutant who fought for peace between humanity and the mutes of her world, she appreciates those who seek to make peace between humans and other species; for this reason she made allies with the X-Men, mutants who have fought and still fight to this day in their world to try and make the world a better place for mutants while making sure humans didn't see them as a threat to their existence. This alliance also led to her opposing the Brotherhood of Mutants, who fully embrace being seen as a threat to humanity and want to subjugate them through force to pave the way for a mutant supremacy; on the flip-side of this conflict there's William Stryker and the Sentinels, who both oppose mutants either for the superiority of humanity or for their own, respectively; as such Kipo has little goodwill about them, viewing them as no better than the worst mutes of her world or Dr. Emilia. That said, she did have major empathy for Magneto, who was once a victim of the Holocaust, which in turn inspired his entire movement; while she still does not condone what he does, she does feel bad for him in that regard and has tried reaching out to him over his past and has even seen that deep down he's not all bad and there's a chance he could abandon his extremist ways in the future.
  • Another deity who made an effort for peace that became an ally was Caesar, an evolved enhanced chimpanzee who after becoming the king of apes tried his best to ensure mankind and apekind would not have conflict and even went as far as helping pockets of human civilization left after the Simian Flu devastated society to recover and be safe from the wrath of Koba, an enhanced bonobo that once acted as his trusted lieutenant and brother in arms but went off the deep end due to resentment against humans and tried to kill all who he could see, breaking laws that Caesar and himself made to ensure apes never fell victim to in-fighting. For this reason, the psychotic bonobo became another of Kipo's enemies, as he was even worse than one of her former enemies, Scarlemagne, who also is her older adopted brother and in spite of his initial enmity against humans learnt to let it go and become good. Other 2 deities that earned Kipo's scorn were Colonel McCullough and Dr. Zaius, the former for having anti-non-humans views and seeking to put humanity at the top through violence and the latter for having a prejudiced disdain and hatred of humans that drives him to make efforts to treat them inhumanely.
  • She found herself having an odd relation with Ellie, who she found to have a lot of similarities with: as both are mutates with special genes that set them apart from other people in their world, both play the guitar, grew up desiring to see by themselves a world that was long gone and had dreams of being an astronaut since childhood along with an initial optimistic view of the world in spite of the situation of their worlds... But the similarities end there, as Ellie fell victim to shedding her own optimism and niceness in favor of dehumanizing other people that weren't her friends or family and was consumed by the desire of vengeance against those who wronged her without considering that they're people like her; while Kipo retained her optimism and even kept holding on to it when more enemies appeared and the situations kept increasing in danger. While Ellie ended up miserable and alone after her actions drove off her loved ones and destroyed families, Kipo was able to rise above her pain and was able to get her happy ending of mutes and humans co-existing, even if she lost her older brother in the process, both girls have an uneasy relationship due to their differing views on the world, with Kipo keeping herself at arm's length due to Ellie's many atrocities done during her Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • Joel himself has thought of taking more after Kipo himself especially as he can attest to that his actions having consequences is what ultimately led to his death, as well as allowing his cynicism to not view other humans as the people they were which led to many sociopathic acts that affected him and his loved ones in the long run. With his fatherly relationship with Ellie, he found himself talking to Kipo in order to better understand her optimism, and while he's still having issues reconciling his past sins and actions, he's nonetheless felt that talking things out with the young mute girl could eventually lead to him finally moving on from his past and improving his life and happiness. He was also curious to hear that Kipo nearly fell victim to a desire for revenge which she was able to overcome thanks to her friends, sparing her from ending like Ellie, which made him feel even worse about how his actions made Ellie's life hell, which he wanted to avoid doing.
  • As Star Butterfly also worked hard to improve relationships between two different races in her world, she earned a place among Kipo's allies. Kipo herself admired that Star in spite of meeting genuinely evil monsters never fell victim to the same prejudices and Fantastic Racism that a lot of other Mewmans fell victim to, and that to booth she succeeded in her goals at the end of the day, even if it took destroying all magic to do so, Star herself also congratulated Kipo on not only achieving peace between. On the flip-side of this alliance is an enmity with both Toffee of Septarsis and Mina Loveberry, who are both bigoted against humans/mewmans and monsters respectively, both of them tried to hinder Star's and her ancestor's efforts to make peace and were perfectly willing to tear up families and kill innocents for the sake of supremacy of their respective races as well as out of an egotistical feeling of superiority.
  • Gorilla Grodd is an evil gorilla who plots to enslave humanity for his own selfish purposes of conquest, his brutality and penchant for massive hipocrisy with his callous disregard of the lives of other apes only makes this hatred further increase, with the evil gorilla's self-interest into raising himself to power. Another ape who similarly ended up as her enemy was Mojo Jojo, who was enhanced through Chemical X and chose to go down a path of evil and conquer humanity and despite his initial goal being to bring World Peace he forgoed it in favor of cotinuing to be evil once he tired of world peace and got back to his evil ways, the fact that he's a complete opposite of Hugo/Scarlemagne in regards to motivations doesn't help.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are mutated turtles who grew into superheroes for both humans and benevolent mutants in all versions. The ones in the Pantheon took a liking to Kipo due to her mutant status and powers, as well as having established peace between mutant creatures and humans in her world which the turtles sort of seek as they wish to be accepted into human society for the most part, which they eventually succeeded at in most worlds. Another ally she made was Baron Draxum, as the yokai former warlord once hated humans before his time with the turtles changed his viewpoints and helped him become a better person overall and even helping to save humanity from the Shredder.
  • While Big Mom desires to make a world where humans and hybrids can co-exist, her way of doing so by kidnapping people is not at all something Kipo approves of; even more when Kipo herself was ordered kidnapped by her goons which nearly happened when they caught her off-guard and tried dragging her to Big Mom's temple, only for her to use her mute powers to break out and send her goons packing. While she's not outright enemies with the pirate woman, she nonetheless keeps her distance from her, and silently opposes her methods while trying to teach her a better and more civil way to reach their common goal of unity.
  • Set and Marcus are a pair of mutants with differing views on humanity, while Set has remained deadset on staying hateful of them, Marcus has taken a wiser path and instead has turned to respecting them and even allowing them to live alongside mutants and other oddities, Kipo has made allies with the latter over this but tends to avoid Set due to his unpleasantness and hatred of humans.
    • Similarly Eren Yeager who once had an idealist dream of saving humanity from the Titans ended up becoming an enemy despite their initial similarities, as he had eventually devolved into a genocidal maniac willing to kill most of humanity with the Rumbling of several titans at once to let the people of Paradis rule over the remains after years of oppression; while Kipo understands and agrees that the Paradisians have been mistreated, she does not approve of Eren's extremism and has pretty much made it clear that she will not ally with him ever.
  • Due to her role as an ambassador between humans and non-humans who brought peace to a warring age, she earned the favor of the Undertale Deities who lived in a world that was divided once between humans and monsters due to several conflicts that got the monsters sealed underground before Frisk's actions allowed the monsters to be free and eventually make peace with mankind leading to an age of prosperity for both species; they were happy to know that Kipo stayed true to her idealism in spite of the many problems that arose and at the end of the day achieved peace. For this reason Steven Universe and the other deities of his world became allies with Kipo, too, viewing her achievements as admirable especially in regards to standing her ground against an ever-challenging world and even helping redeem many villains from her world by reaching out to them and appealing to their inner goodness. Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi were other pacifist deities who enjoyed hearing about her work, with Kipo also growing interested in the Planet Juran that both had helped make as a sanctum for Kaiju and humans to live in harmony and without conflict after helping create bridges between both groups.
  • Unusual allies came in the form of Godzilla and King Kong, the "Kings" of the Kaiju, who once challenged her Mega-Mute form to a battle to test her strength; though Kipo was outmatched in the end, she nonetheless earned their respect and even was offered to be trained by them into becoming even stronger and more skilled in her mute abilities. A mutual respect was also held when she heard that both Kong and Godzilla have recently turned to peace-keeping between humanity and Kaiju in their own ways, keeping unruly and evil Kaiju in check and motivating benevolent ones to assist the world's environments without harming humans.
  • Finn is another fellow post-apocalyptic child who grew up in an unfamiliar world and has a rather tragic past from being separated from his birth family like Kipo was, though at a much younger age. Kipo was curious to see that Finn in spite of starting out as a Blood Knight with massive recklessness grew into a wise, kind-hearted hero who rarely resorted to violence unless there was no choice and even started becoming a voice of reason to his friends in dire times. Finn himself admired that Kipo managed to also grow as a person without losing her optimistic view of the world and was able to reunite with her family in many ways, as while he did "reunite" with both of his parents, neither encounter was particularly happy as circumstances beyond their control tore apart their lives and thus neither had a positive send-off with Finn until much later.


    Batty Koda 
Batty Koda, God of Escaped Laboratory Experiments (Batty)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: the antenna attached to his head
  • Theme Song: Batty Rap
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Profile: A large fruit bat, Has an antenna permanently attached to his head, Escaped from the Lab, Can get easily distracted, Distrusts humans after being experimented on, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Incredibly adorkable, Deadpan Snarker, Lyrical Dissonance, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, The only one to know how dangerous humans are, Tends to crash into trees, Suffered a near-death experience
  • Domains: Bats, Science, Abuse, Insanity, Environmentalism
  • Allies: Zubat, Rouge the Bat, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Cosmo and Wanda, Navi, Betilla, Tinker Bell, Lip, Peter Pan, The Genie, George of the Jungle, The Gang of Seven, Rowf and Snitter, N, Tippi and Count Bleck, The Nature Preservers, The Lorax, Celebi, The Spring Sprite, Viridi, Jake Sully, Neytiri, David Attenborough, Steve Irwin
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Antasma, The Sharptooth, Riptor, Indominus Rex, Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, Denzel Crocker, Captain Hook, Looten Plunder, Cruella DeVil, Pokemon Hunter J, Colonel Miles Quaritch, Mr. Burns
  • Wary: The House of Science
  • Opposed By: The Nostalgia Critic
  • Batty Koda is an Australian fruit bat, or as he puts it, "a nocturnal, placental, flying mammal of the family Pteropodidae." note  Originally experimented on by cruel human scientists, Batty had a large antenna screwed into his brain, which picks up electric charges and disrupts his mind, driving him into insanity. He later escaped into the wild, where he ended up in the idyllic rainforest known as Ferngully. There, he befriended the fairy Crysta, dealt with his prejudice to humans, and helped save the forest from the destructive force of Hexxus. One day, while traversing the jungle, Batty flew straight into an anomaly in time and space, landing him right in the middle of a battle between the Nature Preservers and the various poachers and polluters they oppose. His swooping and dodging of projectiles served as an unexpected form of distraction, as the N.P. was able to take advantage of the bat's arrival and push back, landing another victory against their foes. Once everything calmed down, they brought Batty to the Court of the Gods, who awarded him with a temple and a position in the Pantheon.
  • While he's more than capable of travelling from the Pantheon to Ferngully via his temple, Batty is more often than not seen hanging out in the Great Valley, where he's taken part in adventures with Littlefoot and his friends. Sometimes they get confused by his speech mannerisms but quickly found him to be a friendly fellow.
    • It's also led to an undeniable fear for the Sharptooth, Riptor and Indominus Rex, the latter two especially since they were both genetically modified organisms created by human scientists for their own ambitions. Just the thought of humans creating these two predators has made Batty very uncomfortable and he's made it a goal to keep away from them as much as possible.
  • Batty claims the tests done to him messed his sonar, or "radar" as he calls it, up, resulting in his less than stellar flying capabilities. The Pantheon's naturalists have questioned this, as fruit bats aren't completely reliant on echolocation to fly in the daytime, focusing more on sight to navigate. Still, he tends to crash into everything from trees, walls, boulders, other flying animals, power lines, more trees, and even other gods whilst flying around.
  • As it turned out, there were plenty of other bats residing in the Pantheon for Batty to interact with. The result though was mixed. While he has opposed to Antasma, mainly after seeing how completely dangerous he turned out to be, but got along well with the resident Zubat colony. Which is a miracle considering when they first met, the Zubats used Confuse Ray on him. It proved to be Super Effective on Batty, causing him to crash into even more trees than before.
    • He had better luck with Rouge the Bat and Tippi, who, despite their more unusual appearances, grew accustomed to Batty's wacky personality and even became acquaintances with him. They're more than happy to welcome him to their homeworlds, where Batty has been seen... crashing into objects as he always does. It did lead to him meeting and befriending George of the Jungle by, of course, running into each other.
  • Batty gets along incredibly well with the good-aligned fairies in the Pantheon, due to his previous friendship with Crysta, Pipps and the other residents of Ferngully. He's often seen flying alongside Betilla, Navi and Tinker Bell, but it was the fairy godparent Cosmo who Batty got along with the most. The two are considered wacky in their own right but together... they are both comedy gold. Same applies to the Genie, who not only can keep up with Batty's constantly changing dialogue but, on occasion, shares the same voice.
    • It was through Tinker Bell that Batty befriended Peter Pan, who welcomed the bat into Neverland and allowed him to join the Lost Boys on their many adventures. One time though, they ran into Captain Hook and his crew, leading to a scuffle which resulted in pirates opposing the fruit bat. After all, any friend of Peter Pan and the fairies is an enemy of Hook.
  • Unfortunately, Batty has never recovered from his traumatizing experience in the biology lab and has a difficult time trusting humans because of it. This has made adjusting to the Pantheon rather difficult due to the number of humans residing there. The Nature Preservers, in particular, San and Tarzan, have been trying to show the bat that not humans were all bad and while progress has been made, things have been slow. It doesn't help that many of the N.P.'s enemies, including Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Cruella DeVil, and Pokemon Hunter J, are not above capturing Endangered Species or destroying the environment... not to mention unleashing Hexxus upon the Pantheon.
    • His treatment by the scientists did lead Batty to befriend Rowf and Snitter, two dogs who were also the subjects of various experiments done to them and have - in Rowf's case - shown a disdain for humanity in general. Snitter though still considers some humans to be good, and has introduced Batty to their human friend N, who understood the plight of the three animals and has been aiding them, along with the Nature Preservers, in getting use to the people who lived in the Pantheon, and introducing them to those who both love and care for all animals, big and small.
  • Batty has managed to make a few friends in the form of Steve Irwin and David Attenborough, both prominent naturalists and incredibly passionate conservationists. The fruit bat was surprised to see how much they cared for restoring the environment, Irwin especially as he, in particular, cares deeply for Australia's unique wildlife. With Batty by their side, Irwin and Attenborough often go to the Elysium Academy to educate the students on the animals from the land Down Under, and what they can do to protect it for future generations.
    • Much to his surprise, Batty learned his friend Crysta was actually familiar with the Pantheon, having served as a Follower to the Lorax. The orange tree sprite has since become friends with the bat due to their shared love for the natural world, though he groaned at how many times Batty has crashed into the trees in the House of Nature.
  • If the opportunity presents itself, Batty will gladly sing to everyone and anyone about how he's been brain fried, electrified, infected and injectified, vivisectifed and fed pesticides. It can be annoying at times, especially to those who've been introduced to him before, and some have even described it as being like "Eminem, sung by M&M's while taking part in S&M." But most gods simply just rolled with it.
  • Whenever Batman comes to visit the House of Beast, Batty will instinctually fly in and perch on the Caped Crusader's shoulder, like a parrot to a pirate. The allies of both deities have been confused by this but they don't want to bring it up to either of them, as they don't want to ruin the photo opportunities. For his part, Batman doesn't seem to mind, or at least he doesn't show it.
  • While Batty's relationship with humans has been slowly adjusting, he has no interest with hanging out with the Nostalgia Critic, especially after he took a look at Batty's homeworld with the Nostalgia Chick. That, and calling Batty annoying without the funny charm of the Genie left a bad impression on the flying mammal.
  • Don't ask him if he's having funner than the funnest fun. You may end up contracting Australian Bat Lyssavirus.