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Greater Gods

    Ansem, Seeker of Darkness 
"Ansem", God of Late Arrival Spoilers (Seeker of Darkness, the fake Ansem, Xehanort's Heartless, Robed Figure)

Z-ONE, God of False Foreshadowing (Almighty Ruler of the Infinite World, God of Destiny, The Divine One/The Ancient One, Robo-Shrimp, "Yusei Fudo", Best Yusei Cosplayer, Random Hobo Z-One)

Intermediate Gods

    Thomas Mutton 
Thomas Mutton, God of Saying Too Much (Boss, Master, Dumuzid, the Shepherd, Consort of Ishtar)
Click here to see him without the shades 
His True form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Stray Sheep sign
  • Theme Song: Alsp Sprach Brooks, Chopin Revolutionary Etude (as a Nightmare boss)
  • Alignment: True Neutral overall (evil in actions, good in intentions)
  • Portfolio: Cool Shades Even At Night Hiding His Red Glowing Eyes of Doom, Dirty Old Man, Everyone Calls Him "Master" or "Boss", Service Sector Stereotypes, Physical God, Was Once a Man, Weeding Out Cheaters And Commitment-Incapable Men Despite Being A Cheater Himself, One-Winged Angel
  • Domain(s): Bartending, Nightmares, Population Growth
  • Allies: Vincent Brooks (kinda)
  • Consort of: Ishtar
  • Enemies: Akio Ohtori
  • Opposed by: Princess Cadance
  • Opposes: Kyu Sugardust, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • One day, while taking a drink at Moe's Tavern, Vincent mused about the Stray Sheep back home. One thing led to another, and an envoy of the Court decided to visit the bar. They found the barkeep to be a target of interest, and invited him to join the Pantheon. For reasons only he knows, Boss accepted offer.
    • That said, he shortly realized what he was ascended for: Saying Too Much, when he accidentally tipped his hand to Vincent about his schemes when the guy was just asking about Catherine's existence or what he did to Rin. This ended up tipping off Vincent to his plots as well.
    • Additionally, because he cannot be merely called Boss (due to how many others bear the same moniker), his given name Thomas Mutton was rendered public knowledge. Anything else about him is from hearsay, Vincent, or Thomas himself.
  • His temple takes the form of his Stray Sheep bar, and doubles as a pseudo-gateway for Vincent's friends to visit him, as it's "connected" to the one in his home realm.
  • As it turns out, the envoy who invited Thomas to the Pantheon in the first place had ulterior motives for ascending him; to let Princess Cadance "tear him a new one" as she had said she would do when she heard of Vincent's nightmares. And that's exactly what she did, after making sure her husband ensures that no one else would be intervening.
  • Despite what he's done, Thomas is not the mastermind behind the Nightmares; that honor goes to Astaroth. Still, he shares the same motives; maintaining population growth and weeding out cheaters, betrayers, the deceitful, the non-commited, and homosexuals.
    • Speaking of cheaters, he's in direct opposition to those who would not only turn people into Casanovas (such as Kyu) (as well as Casanovas themsleves like Akio Ohtori), but those who would ruin relationships (such as Ato-ko Shirogane). Maintaining population growth goes both ways.
    • As for harems, that's a pretty mixed bag that doesn't like dealing with, even if they have good reasons for forming them such as Shido Itsuka (actually volunteered into doing it by his sister Kotori, but he's continued going with it) or Naze Turbine, or even if it works out perfectly, like with Issei Hyodo or Touya Mochizuki.
    • But for those who try to be Casanovas but are unsuccessful, as long as they either don't succeed, or stick to one person once they found someone who reciprocates their feelings, Thomas finds them beneath his attention.
  • After hearing of what exactly his nightmares are like, a few folks are even asking him to send them those nightmares, too (it helps that Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon). Sometimes, that Rapunzel arcade game he has in the bar doesn't quite cut it.
    • That said, most folks actually have it against him for that given considering how large his criterias for targeting people are and that he's a homophobe on top of being a hypocrite. So he's made very few friends.
  • Was surprised to see Ishtar herself, who he was a consort of, in the Pantheon. And she is not happy to see him.
    • The other Ishtar, better known as Inanna, on the other hand, proved somewhat more appealing given they come from the same multiverse, but her single-minded desire to procreate has made him a mite concerned.
  • Ended up attending a Bartenders Anonymous one day, where he met the other bartenders of the Pantheon; Moe Szyslak (the representative god of the trope/career), Tapper, Sojiro Sakura (though he's more on coffee and curry than liquor), Shizuo Heiwajima, and Jill Stingray. For the most part, he regards them all as simple rivals in the trade. However, Jill dislikes him for his homophobia as she is bisexual and her world is accepting of homosexuality (save for a few older folks).
  • Apparently kind of looks like Stan Lee to some people.


Lesser Gods

    Julio "Rictor" Richter and Gaveedra Seven/Shatterstar 
Julio Esteban Richter and Gaveedra Seven, Gods of Relationship Reveals (Julio: Rictor, Ric, Joaquin "Jake" Murrieta, Mutate #527, Unit #2347; Gaveedra: Shatterstar, Shatty-buns, Gaveedra 7, The Prince of Blades, Benjamin Russell, Star, Star Face)
Shatterstar (left) and Rictor (right)

    M. Night Shyamalan 
M. Night Shyamalan, God of Mandatory Twist Endings (Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan, Ray Reddy, Vick Ran, Shyamalan, Fuck-up Lord Shyamalan)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: "WHAT A TWEEST!"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Enforcer of Twist Endings, Downplayed Tone, Creator Cameo, Director Showing Off His Style
  • Domains: Twist, Ending
  • Allies: Vince Russo, Samuel L. Jackson, George Lucas
  • Rivals: Nostalgia Critic, Alfred Hitchcock
  • Enemies: Exdeath, Mordemoth, The Wicked Witch
  • Opposed by: Aang, the House of Plants
  • He was a director who became famed for the film The Sixth Sense known for its twist ending. However, as he directed Unbreakable which also has a twist ending, people begin sensing a pattern and Signs and every films afterward are ridiculed and their twist ending begins to be predictable.
  • Don't expect any twist endings in this profile. Just for your convenience.
  • It's safe to say that he was given a restraining order by Aang and his friend because of his horrendous portrayal of them. They watched it themselves and hated it. At least Sokka admits that the effects were decent.
  • He strongly dislike the Nostalgia Critic for his opinion of several of his films. He first appeared in his show dressed as Amon and with the power to "shyamalize" people, where he sucks out all the talent of any one he touch like Mark Wahlberg. Though, after watching the hilarity fest that was Lady in the Water, the Critic allowed him to speak his mind of his vision for the film.
    • He died twice in the show, the first time was killed by Aang and the second time was Satan who was incognito to reveal Shyamalan when he was disguised as Santa Christ so that he may return him back to hell. Though he escaped again from hell and disguise himself as Will Smith though the Critic already figured out the twist before it was revealed. How he managed to escape again, it's Shyamalan - nothing about him makes sense.
    • Amon himself is rather amused by this man, though he recalled that Shyamalan stole his clothes in order to make his presence to the Critic.
  • Despite the many criticism he received, some believed that he got better with Wayward Pines.
  • According to him and this movie, plants could release chemicals that cause humans into mass suicides. The House of Plants were rather insulted by such film with even idea that plants could even do that. Even the evil plant deities think that he was stretching it as even mind-manipulating plants are ridiculous.
    • Though Shyamalan believed that evil plants like Exdeath and Mordemoth were responsible for the suicidal gases they produced.
    • The Critic joked that he's labeling racial profiling with other plant people like Groot and Pocahontas' grandmother, Grandmother Willow.
  • After watching some of his films, Hitchcock was a bit disappointed with some of his thrillers not giving him the right amount of suspense. In fact, he and few other audience find it ridiculous at certain points.
    • The name of the creatures in Lady in the Water: Narfs, Scrunts, Tartutic in which the Critic couldn't hold his breath for a second, it was that ridiculous. The former is especially ridiculed since that's the sound that Pinky would make.
  • As he thought of water weakness for the aliens in Signs, despite the Fridge Logic, which caused the Wicked Witch to hold a grudge against him since she has the same weakness. Shyamalan was Crazy-Prepared with her with glasses of water and a bat ready to "swing away!"
    • In fact, if any aliens were to see how the Aliens from Signs, they would be facepalming when they realize that they were invading a planet FULL of water and their inability to open wooden doors.
  • He's a good friend of Samuel L. Jackson since he got him to appear in one of his movies as a man with easily-brittle skeleton.
  • He got along with George Lucas when they were almost alike. Movie directors who made some good films but were lauded for making some less than stellar films
  • Many Satan(s) in the Pantheon were headscratching when Shyamalan's method of detecting the Devil is throwing a toast to see if it lands jelly side down. Apparently, he got kicked out of the House of Food once when he's been tossing all the jelly-coated toast all day.
  • Whenever some twist of fate happen in the Pantheon, Shyamalan randomly shouting "WHAT A TWEEST!" and disappears.
  • Has been through a Career Resurrection of sorts ever since The Visit. Split in particular brought Shyamalan to Professor Xavier's attention, given it stars one of his avatars.

    Margaret/The Magic Gun 
Margaret, Goddess of Dark Retcons (The Magic Gun)
The Magic Gun held by Linkara
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her current form, the Magic Gun
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dark And Surprising Walking Spoiler (used to parody A Wizard Did It), Human Sacrifice By Her Own Parents Who Destroyed Them With Her Newfound Power, Spirit Advisor, Powered By A Girl's Soul, Not-So-Imaginary Friend
  • Domains: Magic, Guns, Sacrifice, Dark Rituals, Compassion
  • Allies: Linkara, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Leah, N, Satsuki Kiryuin, Sweet P, the Silent Hill protagonists, The Elric brothers, Casper, Seras Victoria
  • On speaking terms with: The Marionette, Altera
  • Enemies: Missingno/The Entity , Lord Vyce, The Child Abuse Supporters, Ragyo Kiryuin, Adrian, Diablo, Ghetsis Harmonia, Shou Tucker, Lord Tirek, The Incubators
  • Sympathy for the Devil for: Alma Wade
  • Wary of: The House of Otherness Abominations, The SCP Foundation
  • One of Linkara's most valued commodities is the Magic Gun. When asked how it works, he says "it's magic, I don't have to explain it" as a slight against Joe Quesada handwaving issues. In truth, it(or rather, she) was a child of cultists of the Entity, who tortured and killed her to forge her into a weapon. She used this newfound power to get back at her tormentors. Her name is Margaret.
  • Popped up missing from Linkara, in the House of Weapons. There she met Seras Victoria, who had her own tragic background(though involving her parents' suffering rather than them causing it) and love of guns, and who figured there was some intelligence within the gun. Margret found herself relating to Altera, being a Living Weapon.
  • Can manifest as a ghost, however only Linkara can see her. Despite the bloody ritual that made her the Magic Gun she has an optimistic outlook. The hate and pain of the experience manifested as Dolorem, who Mechkara used to gaslight Linkara into thinking he was the monster of her father, almost killing himself over it. Very much unlike Alma Wade, who remains consumed in her rage. She doesn't agree with her, but she can easily sympathize.
  • She is friendly with Casper as they are essentially ghosts of kids, but nice ones. She also likes to play with Sweet P. Sweet P is the reborn version of an entity arguably worse than the Entity, but wants to be a good boy. The Marionette, being a murdered child reborn, also relates to her. While Margaret appreciates this, she feels her methods are too much.
  • Her origin was something out of Silent Hill, with the cult leader Whately being involved. The protagonists of the Silent Hill series pity her condition. The SCP Foundation was more cold, as they initially wanted her to be contained as an SCP, however decided that it's best with Linkara. She doesn't like them, though. She also doesn't like the Abominations sub-house, mainly because of what the Entity is like and while they may not be interested in her, she fears their cultists are.
  • Because of how she became the Magic Gun, Margaret has nothing but contempt for the Child Abuse Supporters and those who would weaponize their offspring. She was horrified to learn of Shou Tucker due to how he turned his daughter into a chimeric abomination for a research grant. Linkara is all too happy to honor her wishes to blast him. The Elric brothers are working to make her current existence more comfortable.
  • Ghetsis is also on her hit list as much like how she was born only for her parents to later sacrifice, Ghetsis only adopted N to later use for his ambitions of power and planned to dispose of later. Or Ragyo Kiryuin for her atrocious treatment of her daughter/s. But Adrian is particularly high on her hit list since she raised her daughter as a host for ultimate evil, which hits home.
  • To prevent further abuse, she has sided with the Heroic Protectors of Family. Because of the situation with her own monstrous parents, she can easily relate to Leah, N and Satsuki Kiryuin. Margaret can be found in the House of Magic studying, and conversing on the different fields of magic. Naturally, she stays away from Lord Tirek. It's been discovered that she's holding back a lot of power, but mainly to make sure Linkara remains on the good side and stopped working at the time where he was about to turn evil. Now that he's more heroic, she can be expected to do more.

    Renée Montoya/The Question II 
Renée Maria Montoya, Goddess of Coming Out Stories (The Question II)
Renée as The Question
Renée, seen in Batman: Bad Blood 
  • Theme Song: Sinnerman by Nina Simone
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her GCPD Badge, The Question's Mask and Fedora and Her Gun
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Action Girl, The (Recovering) Alcoholic, Was A, By-the-Book Cop, Disowned By Her Parents For Being A Lesbian, Both The Good And Bad Cop, Dominican And A Lesbian, Good Old Fisticuffs, Trained In Eight Fighting Styles, Police Brutality, Platonic Life-Partners With Harvey Bullock, She Who Fights Monsters
  • Domains: Dominican/Latin Women, Lesbians, Police Officers, Homosexuality, Disowned Children
  • Former Mentor: Charles Victor Szasz/The Question I (of which Renée once served as High Priestess)
  • Herald: Kate Kane/Batwoman (her lover)
  • Commonality Connection: Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Gamora, Wonder Woman, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Sarah Kerrigan, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy and Mary Jane Watson (due to one contributing factor)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: with Blaze Fielding (a fellow police officer and judoka), and Jessica Jones, Daniel Rand/Iron Fist
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Sandra Wusan/Lady Shiva
  • Odd Frienship: with Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Renée M. Montoya was originally the herald to her predecessor, the original Question. Her ascension to the Pantheon was a surprise devised by her mentor. But what sealed it was Batman's recommendation alongside with that from the Birds of Prey. So now, Renée has made the jump from High Priestess to Goddess, working with the Grand United Alliance Of Good as a freelance detective.
  • Before becoming The Question, Renée was a detective with the Gotham City Police Department, having been partnered up with Harvey Bullock. Due to a series of events thanks in part to Two-Face's obsession with her at the time which resulted in him outing her as a lesbian, Renée's deeply religious parents ended up disowning her. But one must take the bitter with the sweet, as she found support with her fellow police officers after the incident with Two-Face.
    • She then drew the attention of Charles Szasz, who began to mentor and train her to become his successor, as he was terminally ill. Following his mortal demise, Renée became the second person to assume the mantle of the Question.
    • Like Batman, Renée has a subscription to her mentor's newsletter (which had been a must given her former position as his Herald). Unlike Bats, who subscribes to the newsletter because it was a good source of information, Renée likes it because it's a good read...even if some of her mentor's claims are...well, insane. There's also a rumor that GLaDOS is a subscriber to the newsletter, as one of her random rantings is supported by Vic Sage: Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mount Everest, did so accidentally while chasing a bird.
  • Known to get rough with the perps back during her time with the GCPD. No wonder she gets along with Kurtis Stryker, who is known for the same thing, not the mention being the God of it. Occasionally, they team up to solve some of the Pantheon's most difficult cases, Stryker thankful that Renée isn't put off on him using a glamour to hide his Revenant appearance. It's through her friendship with Stryker that Renée is friends with some of the more prominent deities that were once - or currently - cops/detectives.
  • Hangs out at the House of Combat with Black Canary. Turns out that Renee is not only a crack shot with a pistol, but is skilled in several styles having been trained by both Charles Szasz and Richard Dragon, her styles include Boxing, Akido, Karate, three styles of Kung Fu (Dragon, Leopard and Snake), Jujitsu and Judo.
    • This gains the attention of Gen, who offers Renée the chance to add two more styles to her already-impressive skill-set: Mantis and Crane, with Gen being the teacher. Renée is considering the offer. When asked about whether she could control her emotions, Renée's answer surprised the old man: "I learned how to control my nervous system from both Ricard and Vic Sage, which allows me to control my emotions, deaden my body to physical pain, and even control my bleeding rate." Gen was actually impressed.
    • Also met Blaze Fielding, who is an ex-cop alongside Renée and a fellow judoka. Renée had stated that had she not been involved with Kate, then she would've made a move on Blaze. In Renée's defense, Blaze does look hot in leather.
  • Became friends with Kung Jin and Tracer, bonding over their sexual preferences. While Jin's teammates and their respective parents/mentors, Raiden, the Shaolin Temple, and Liu Kang know of Jin's homosexuality, Kung Lao doesn't. After seeing what had happened to Renée when her parents found out, Jin is afraid that Lao will reject him. Both Renée and Tracer are trying to convince Jin to have a sit-down with Lao.
    • Ironically enough, Renée has become the go-to person to talk to about their problems, Renée forming a bond with those who are estranged or disowned by their family, thus becoming a de facto counselor of sorts.
  • Despite her being a hero and her connections to Batman, Renée herself is a target, mainly because of the innocent-looking firearm she carries with her. But instead of spitting out hot lead, Renée's gun causes instant vaporization. No wonder Reaper, Kano, and the Wolfpack want that gun.
  • Not a fan of Superman's Injustice counterpart. And the deposed High Councilor doesn't think too highly if Renée as well. Granted that Injustice!Renée died of a heart attack that was the result of OD'ing on Kryptonian power pills after beating the crap out of him (even smacking him with the Washington Monument one good time), the feeling is reciprocated on Renée's end.
  • Hannibal Lecter finds Renée 'interesting,' and would like to invite her over to his temple 'to pick at her brain, to see how she think.' Given his cannibalistic tendencies, Renée keeps her distance from Lecter. Good thing that both Will Graham and Clarice Starling warned her ahead of time.
    • Her detective past has also caught the attention of the Jigsaw Killer, who wants to put her skills to the test. In a way, Renée kinda feel sorry for Jigsaw, seeing as how he was screwed over when searching for treatments regarding his illness. But she's one of the good guys, and has vowed to take Jigsaw down.
  • Some questions can only be answered with a mask.

Saria, Goddess of MacGuffin Person Reveals (Salia, Sage of Forest)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Forest Medallion
  • Theme Song: Saria's Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Normal People Which Turn Out to be the MacGuffin, Girls Next Door Who Are Fans of the "Loser" Who Are Implied to be Love Interests, Magical Songs Coming From Her Ocarina, Nice and Feminine Girls, Only Friend or Maybe More Than That, Refusing to Give Up, Having Green Hair and Not Afraid of Wearing Short Shorts, Having the Virtue of Charity
  • Domains: Narrative, Reveals
  • High Priestess: Luvbi
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Bass
  • Amused (or not) by: Tingle, Agitha, King Harkinian
  • Mentored by: Samos the Sage
  • A long time ago, there's a special place which the children never grew up and have a Fairy Companion. This place is named Kokiri Forest. Here, lives a girl named Saria which at first seems to be just Link's childhood friend which sometimes help him whenever Link plays his ocarina... But then, seven years later, turns out that Saria is actually one of the Seven Sages. She wasn't aware of this at first, but then she decided to help Link not only as a friend... but as a Sage. She was welcomed to the Pantheon with open arms.
  • Saria also noticed that her colleagues Darunia, Ruto, Impa and Zelda as well as Rauru (in the form of Kaepora Gaebora) are here too. She was amazed to discover that not only Link was ascended in the Pantheon either. In fact, many of the members from the Court of the Gods expected Saria's arrival some years ago.
    • Of course, she is not only friends with the sages from her timeline. Medli, another Sage that helped Link in an Alternate Timeline, is good friends with her as well. Saria even admires Medli's flying skills.
  • Is not amused to see that Ganondorf is in the Pantheon too, given that some years before her ascension, she sealed him with the help of the other Sages.
    • Ganondorf isn't the only one that gives Saria a headache. She still have to deal with another bad guys like Dark Link, Majora, Vaati, Zant, Ghirahim, Demise and Cia. Doesn't help that those same enemies are also in league with Ganondorf.
  • While she doesn't necessarily hate them, Saria is pretty much amused with Tingle, Agitha and King Harkinian. That being said, she seems to have a bit of respect with the latter two, given that Tingle is well... Tingle.
  • Going more into Link's social circle in the Pantheon, Saria is good friends which Navi, albeit she still calls the fairy out for being annoying, even thought Navi is much more nicer compared to Link's subsequent partners. Speaking of that, Saria thanks Midna and Fi for helping Link during his journeys.
  • When Saria was walking in the House of Narrative, she received the attention from Jak and Daxter, because once they mistake her for Keira. Likely because both have green hair. Doesn't help that Jak looks like Link with the Zora Tunic. Once Saria mets up with Keira, they became friends very fast. The fact that Keira is a daughter of a Sage implies that her father was someone important that saved their world. Saria isn't exactly wrong, as Samos (Keira's father) was, in fact, one of the people that saved his world.
    • There's a rumor that Samos is taking Saria under his wing, as she is training her skills against Ganondorf's future attacks on the Main House.
  • Is pretty surprised by the fact that Guy, one of the Gods from the House of Emotions sounds a lot like her best friend Link. There’s also the fact that he is one that knows about the power of courage, and given that Link is the wielder of the Triforce of Courage…
    • Saria also admires Batsu Ichimonji for the same reason.
    • While Saria admires determinators and she herself is one of them, she is not too found of Bass. In spite of his persistence in defeating Mega Man, Saria despise Bass' own pride and arrogance, thus making him no better than Ganondorf. And the less about her relationship with his .EXE counterpart, the better.
  • Jak, Keira and Samos aren't the only pointy-eared friends that she meet. Saria is also friends with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, given that they're their main inspiration for her friends Link and Navi. There's also the fact that Peter can't grow up, not unlike the Kokiris from Kokiri Forest. Naturally, Saria is also friends with Wendy, likely because she seems her as Peter's girlfriend, albeit he and Wendy are only Just Friends.
    • Due to her friendship with Peter, Saria doesn't like Captain Hook, especially considering that he tried to kill Peter, Tinker Bell and Wendy.
  • Is also friends of Cael Cynder, as they're also friends with fairy companions. Unsurprisingly, Cael is also friends with Link and the aforementioned Peter Pan.
  • Ange noticed that her name is pretty similar to Salia, her commander turned friend in Arzenal. However, aside of the similarities involving the names, Saria is pretty different, as she's a kind-hearted woman which cares for everyone, especially Link.
    • However, if there's a thing that Ange and Saria have in common, is that they despise Embryo. When the villain tried to have Saria in his harem, she seems to like him due to his kind nature, but when Ange and Link, alongside Hilda and Tusk showed up, they warned Saria about Embryo's true nature. The fight ended with Embryo losing to Ange again, but not before telling Saria that "they'll meet again" in the future.
  • Saria also goes to the House of Plants to see and walk in the forests, as she lived in a forest before. She also goes to the House of Music to play her ocarina. In fact, Saria was the one that teached Link her song, which is, in fact, the legendary song of the Lost Woods.

    Sayaka Miki 
Sayaka Miki, Patron Saint of the Shocking Revelation (Oktavia von Seckendorff)
  • Lesser Goddess, Intermediate Goddess as or when using Oktavia von Seckendorff
  • Symbol: A blue Soul Gem next to a Grief Seed.
  • Theme song: Decretum and I'm Such an Idiot (as Sayaka), She is a Witch (when summoning) Symposium Magarum (using Oktavia von Seckendorff).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (as Oktavia, Chaotic Evil (Chaotic Good if summoned as a Doppel))
  • Portfolio: Magical Girls, Determinator, Knight Templar, The Power of Love, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Love Makes You Evil, Becoming the Monster, Coming back from the dead even stronger, Summon Magic
  • Domains: Law, Good, Magic, Despair, Love, Idealism
  • Allies: Madoka Kaname, Shirou Emiya, Mami Tomoe, Kyoko Sakura (maybe more), Martin Walker, Miki Aono, Yu Narukami, Ip Man, Isaac Clarke, Nagisa Momoe, Homura of the Crimson Squad, Hiiro Kagami/Kamen Rider Brave, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Judai Yuki, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, The Hero Club (especially Karin), Luka, Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade, Shark, Tyrael, Aqua, Riku, Gabriel Belmont, the Gokaigers (especially Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue), Nonon Jakuzure, Peacock, Master Chief (Rebuilt Pedestal), Black★Rock Shooter, Mele, Juzo Sakakura
  • Rivals: Archer
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Slade, Vaas Montenegro, Tzeentch, Ninethe Phantom, the Incubators, Bernkastel, Lambadelta (one-sided), LUCIFER, Homura Akemi (post-Great Upheaval).
  • Conflicting Opinions: Sora (post-Diamond Adventure)
  • Opposed by: Mordred
  • Respected by: Elpizo, Bloody Marie
  • Watched with Interest By: The Gravemind
  • Mentor: Uther the Lightbringer.
  • Thought this was a profile for a cute girl? Too bad, it's Sayaka Miki.
  • Once the Avatar of Fallen Magical Girls, she was able to rise up from that status. But to make it up, she was given The Reveal for the fact that magical girls in her world will turn into Witches.
  • Archer tends to ask about her idol, Mami Tomoe, and her... Unlimited Musket Works. Wonders if he can add her flintlocks and Sayaka's Cutlasses to his collection. Sayaka, for her part, listens to his many stories with interest.... if she, Archer and Shirou happen to be in the same room, things get interesting.
  • Sayaka has a tendency to be Wrong Genre Savvy about the The Power of Love, this has been known to trigger transformations into Oktavia.
  • If not in this house, Sayaka can be found in the House of Music, listening to a violin recital of Ave Maria. Sayaka is known to cry while she enjoys the song, says it's her last memory of "him".
  • She has recently found a kindred spirit in the form of Captain Martin Walker, as both have gone through very similar trials, resulting in both forced to realize their foolish ideals of heroism.
  • Sayaka quickly became a good friends with Miki Aono, not just on the voice, but she was impressed on Miki's resolve and success as a Magical Girl, and occasionally wished that she might've been reborn in a similar universe like hers. The fact that Miki instead understood Sayaka's plight instead of flaunting her more fortunate life, and also not blaming her and knowing that it's the machinations of Kyubey that is to blame, made things even smoother.
  • At Sayaka's request, Yu Narukami brought her to the Midnight Channel, and by facing her Other Self she learned how to summon Oktavia von Seckendorff as a Persona of the Fortune Arcana, a skill that she put to good use during the "Great Upheaval". This, along with her getting over most of her problems has earned her entry into the GUAG magical girl sisterhood. She is forever grateful to Yu for this, bursting into tears as it sunk in that Oktavia had finally, finally been brought under control for good. Many gods and goddesses find it kind of ironic that Sayaka went from detesting Oktavia to wanting to use her in every fight.
    • As such, she is one of the few Magical Girls who trusted him even after the Great Upheaval, even pointing out that technically Yu doesn't summon Lucifer himself, but rather a figment of imagination given physical form that looks like him. The two have become sparring partners as well, Yu teaching her the best way to fight in tandem with her new Persona: the fact they both use swords helps in this regard.
    • Sayaka frightened more than a couple of people when they noticed her stumbling around with a very dark-looking Soul Gem for an extended period of time. Fearing the worst, Madoka confronted her: as it turned out, Sayaka and the Investigation Team were running an experiment of sorts to see if a Soul Gem's taint affected the use of a Persona, with Sayaka herself as the willing test subject. Results were conclusive: she couldn't even manifest her Persona, and ended up with a pounding headache for her trouble. She cleaned her Gem with a Grief Seed as soon as everything stopped spinning and apologized to Madoka for making her worry.
  • Recently accepted the tutelage of one Master Ip Man, who although admires and respects Sayaka's stuanch devotion to justice, constantly reminds his new student to not lose sight of family and friendship in her devotion to the good-fight.
  • She's also become close friends with Isaac Clarke. They've bonded over commonalities such as fighting horrific monsters, enduring Sanity Slippage, taking levels in badass, and finding a Second Love. Now, in addition to her powers and her ability to summon Oktavia as a persona, she also has the latest CEC weapons and tools. She and Kyouko also go on double dates with Isaac and Ellie whenever either couple aren't busy fighting off Necromorphs or Wraiths.
  • Despises Lucifer almost as much as Madoka does. That was her best friend whose life he ruined, after all. And thanks to his machinations, her earthly avatar doesn't even remember Madoka anymore.
  • While she doesn't hold any true antagonistic feelings for the knight, Mordred opposes her due to reminding her of the person she once was before learning a terrible truth, and is secretly jealous she managed to eventually move past her failings.
  • There was time when she didn't know what to think about Homura of the Crimson Squad, not only for her name, but her voice. However, once Homura heard that she became what she is out of broken love, something what isn't that far off what happened to her, they seemed to become nice to each other, and can be seen sometimes sparring together.
  • Used to despise Gabriel Belmont, due to her somewhat warped ideals of perfect Justice, she couldn't comprehend that his role as The Prince of Darkness, and the apex predator who keeps all the weaker, but more dangerous evils in check was positive in the long run. It didn't help that Gabriel is one of Homura's biggest supporters in the Pantheon, which infuriated her. Gabriel has on more then one occasion compared herself to him.
    • This changed upon several shocking revelations discovered when he personally went to the Sisterhood to apologize for his earlier actions, some of them told by Madoka. Gabriel had managed to find his redemption sometime after an attack she had led in the past, going as far as to cure people of a "demon virus" with no regard to his own beneift. Madoka is in many ways like his late wife/child hood friend Marie. Lastly, he intends to help the Sisterhood pull Homura back from the darkness, through any means necessary.
    • Riku was better able to explain "the apex predator", for he is like one as well, using the power of darkness to hunt lesser but more malicious entities of darkness. Riku also understands what its like to be taken by his inner darkness and come back from it.
  • Finds Aqua to be like a big sister to her, and since the second Keyblade War concluded, the two have formed a mentor-student bond.
  • Tyrael finds great promise in Sayaka, so long as she stays level headed. He has since taken her in as an apprentice.
  • Has become friends with Judai Yuki, due to both having gone through a fall from grace for the sake of a friend, but becoming a better person afterwards. Plus Sayaka finds his antics very funny, like when he did his "The Hour Is Upon Us" skit.
  • Has the dubious honor of being the only member of the Sisterhood who Bloody Marie doesn't have any real problem with. Apparently, the Skullgirl has something more akin to respect for her because she reminds her of her best friend Peacock at least, back when she was still Patricia both personality and voice-wise, and she too understands what it's like to become a monster because of wishing for another's sake. Sayaka's iffy on that subject, due to the former's ties with Homura, but she does still trust her more than another Mahou Shoujo thanks to Peacock's insistence.
  • Is respected by the usually human-hating Elpizo, who sees much of himself in her: Both of them were people who wanted to fight for what they believed was right, then fell into grief and self-loathing after a traumatic event while going insane and gaining a dark power in the process, except she rose again even stronger than before (eventually). She herself isn't entirely certain how to feel in return though, given his whole agenda of Kill All Humans while crazy, being a proud member of the GUAC and allied to Homura, yet also desiring to make amends for his sins. She usually responds when asked:
  • Good friends with Luka, due to their shared beliefs on being heroes, being in the service of Goddesses (though Sayaka does sympathize with him on how Ilias didn't quite turn out like Madoka), and angel motifs. While she was shocked to learn about his relations to Lucifer, she managed to push that aside upon realizing that Luka and he are not the same person, nor should a son have to inherit a father's...mother's sins.
    • She also has gone to him to learn new sword techniques. She's especially eager to try out Death Sword Chaos Star with Oktavia to back her up.
  • During sword training, an accidental thing was discovered about her weapons. Her cutlasses have triggers that can either turn them into Whip Swords or launch and detonate the blades. When asked why she hasn't been using those, she admits to not knowing about them until now.
  • Though formerly she respected the Master Chief for his selfless nature, devotion to good, and status as a "knight in shining armor" who has saved worlds, she has now come to despise him for one key reason: his stalwart defense and support of Homura Akemi. She also fears him, as she is quite aware of his superhuman abilities and decades of experience, and he drew his rifle on her when she attempted to attack Homura in the wake of the Great Upheaval, and threatened grievous harm upon her if she tried it again. When the Chief appeared to have turned traitor and attacked a peace conference, she was secretly elated that the fall of "the traitor's" guardian meant she had a legitimate reason to hate and fight him; when his name was cleared and the true circumstances of the situation were revealed to all, Sayaka actually seemed annoyed and disappointed that said reason was taken away with him revealed to still be as morally "clean" as ever. Unfortunately, this developing antagonism towards the Chief is being considered as yet another piece of evidence for the Gravemind that she would make a perfect new pawn for him...
    • Sayaka finaly confronted The Chief over the matter wanting answers. She got them, and her respect for him returned. Master Chief's net objective is to help the Sisterhood and Madoka, and the only way to do it right is to do it "Ma'am's Way", even if he has to get aggressive to do it. The person in charge of this clandestine operation couldn't trust Sayaka's hot headed nature enough to let her in on it. Rumors say that when she returned to her house, you could hear Sayaka screaming for hours, understandably upset with being Locked Out of the Loop on a critical detail.
    • Sayaka's increasingly-irrational hatred of Homura and all who support her has the Sisterhood's higher-ups increasingly worried, and has earned Sayaka the condemnation and warnings from some Good-aligned deities who see what kind of path she's walking and where it might lead.
  • Has great admiration for Lord Uther the Lightbringer, seeing him as a honorobable hero she aspires to be. She has decided to join in his training with other people to become Paladins but Uther has especially kept an eye on her, Because her backstory reminds him a little too much of Arthas, his old protégé that later killed him. She reasures him that she has long atoned for what happened to her.
    • However, she stays far away from Artix von Krigeger, whom Lord Uther was the Herald to long ago. She respects Artix's strength and the fact that he decided to Screw Destiny by not becoming the Anti Anti Christ in his homeworld but she's really frightened about his unholy love of killing the undead. She REALLY got freaked out when she heard of Artix going crazy during the Undead Uprising and gleefully smiting the undead and singing about it.
  • Sayaka doesn't seem to approve of Sora very much, on account that he forgave Homura for betraying Madoka. On the other hand, he refuses to pick a side in the conflict, and Sayaka admits that he's a bit like Madoka, in that both are hope bringers, and Sora even redeemed a handful of villains, among them Riku, Axel, and Rinzler.


    Fiora (Xenoblade
Fiora, Goddess of Early Plot Twists (Fiorun, Fiorung, Face Nemesis, Seven)
As a Faced Mechon 
  • Demigoddess, Intermediate Goddess as a Mechon or as a Blade, Greater Goddess when she tapped into Mayneth's Power or used her Monado
  • Symbol: The symbol of Meyneth on her chest and Drones
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Girl Next Door, Dual-Wielding Blades, Disposable Woman (sorta), Resurrected as a Faced Mechon, Special Drones on her back, vessel of Meyneth, Seventh Ranger, Zero Gravity, Mag Storm, Final Cross, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Early Spoilers, Cyborg
  • Allies: Shulk, Reyn, Dunban, Sharla, Melia, Riki, Egil, KOS-MOS, Cyrax, Adam Jenson, Cyborg, Raiden, Chuggaaconroy, Genji, Liezerota, Orihime Inoue, Hinata Hyuuga
  • Enemies: Zanza, Metal Face, Dickson, Viktor, Eggman, Sektor, Nu-13
  • Fiora was supposedly killed by Metal Face during the invasion of Colony 9 but was instead taken and rebuilt as a Mechon. She reunited with Shulk and companions in Prison Island and encountered them in Valak Mountain and Galahad Fortress where she break Egil's control. She has made a heartful reunion with Shulk and joined his party.
  • Among the friends that she enjoy staying with are Shulk and Reyn, who she grew up with, and her older brother Dunban. She bonded with Melia despite her having unrequited feelings for Shulk but she has since put it aside.
  • She befriended several of the cyborg who were forcefully robotized against their will and use such cybernetic to fight against evil. Like the case with Cyrax, she could switch between Hom and Mechon form though she manage to restore herself by ancient High Entia technology.
    • Though she didn't like becoming a Mechon, she found some use with a metal body especially with death as the alternative. She additionally wanted to use the body so that she may be able to be with Shulk and even got her Hom body again.
    • With that said, she doesn't like those who believe that robotization is superior because she as well as several other Homs were likely forced to be Faced Mechons (except Metal Face, for obvious reasons).
  • Egil has made a formal apology to Fiora for what he did that made her into a cyborg, though Fiora considered it a blessing in disguise as she finds some advantages. He saw her kindness and mercy as if she truly was the reincarnation of Meyneth.
  • When worlds were merging, she was the one to answer it's call and partnered with an android, KOS-MOS.
  • She is not happy about Metal Face who made her into a Mechon after wounding her. She was going to give him a piece of her mind regarding his taunting to Shulk and Dunban before her ascension.
  • Zanza is rather bitter about Fiora as he believes that she still has a piece of Meyneth's soul in her which gives her her powers, like how Shulk may have pieces of his soul which gave him his powers.
  • She befriended Liezerota due to their status as Walking Spoiler (in fact, Fiora was such a spoiler that she was given a nickname Seven in order to hide the reveal). They also talk about how close they are to their loved ones sometimes.
  • Since she only has Shulk in her mind, she found some girls that only have one person in their mind and got together in the end. Especially since she and Shulk knew each other when they were younger.
  • Do not confuse with Fiora Laurent.

    Lemony Snicket 
Lemony Snicket, Divine Harbinger of Unfortunate Plot Twists
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself from the back.
  • Theme Song: "Look Away"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Alter-Ego Acting, Dark and Troubled Past, The Eeyore, Greek Chorus, Lemony Narrator, Lovable Coward, an aversion to showing his face in photographs, knowing when to make tough decisions believed to be dead, Stalker Without a Crush
  • Domains: Narration, Mysteries, Depression
  • Allies: Brock Samson, Mystery Incorporated, Cthulhu, HP Lovecraft, Iroh, Max Tennyson, Yukihara Soma, The Question
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, The rest of the fire-starting side of V.F.D. Pitch, Pennywise, Melkor, Grandma Stuffum, Junko Enoshima, Eric Cartman, The Narrator
  • Superior: The fire-fighting side of V.F.D.
  • Watching over: The Baudelaire Orphans
  • Avoided by: Snow White
  • Avoids: Arthur Read, the entirety of the House of Insects
  • Under suspicion by: Any god whose universe has had a Shout-Out in Snicket's writings.
  • A man shrouded in mystery and sadness, Lemony Snicket is an agent of V.F.D., who had taken it upon himself to chronicle the sad tale of the Baudelaire Orphans as a tribute to his deceased love Beatrice, the late mother of the children. He published 13 books that detailed their hardships, all of which warned the reader that there would not be a happy ending, and that the only thing awaiting them was sadness, telling the reader to put the book down so that they would not weep at the end.
  • When V.F.D. began to make its move into the Pantheon, Snicket was already a follower of the Narrator, but was rather inactive. When the House of Knowledge was attacked by an unknown arsonist, Snicket was held responsible, but revealed that he had nothing to do with the fire. As a V.F.D. agent, Snicket became more active, warning whomever would listen about the threat of the fire-starting side of the V.F.D. schism. When Count Olaf ascended by poisoning a good deal of the deities in the House of Family via the Medusoid Mycelium, a request was made for Snicket to ascend proper, though Snicket did not attempt to ascend until the Baudelaires had succeeded in doing so. As the Narrator already held one of the tropes Snicket named, Lemony was ascended via his second named trope: the Snicket Warning Label.
  • Count Olaf was in the House of Food harassing several of the gods there, when he was informed of Snicket's ascension. Eyes widening, Olaf hightailed it to his temple to plan on how to deal with one of his greatest enemies.
    • At first, Olaf tried to pin the blame of several acts of arson on Snicket, only to discover that just before the Hotel Denouement was burned down, Snicket had managed to retrieve a critical Vessel of Disaccharides that contained evidence proving that it was Olaf who set select fires so long ago, not Snicket, and that he was alive, not dead. With framing Snicket no longer an option, Olaf retreated once again, terrified at the idea of having to deal with Snicket.
  • When the Baudelaires heard about Snicket's ascension, they were actually surprised that the name of Jacques and Kit's brother was Lemony, as they, like other members of V.F.D., had thought Snicket dead. They did express surprise at how he had researched the events of their misfortunes, and now believe that he was the taxi cab driver who offered them a ride after the tragic death of Dewey Denouement. While they have not yet had a direct meeting, Snicket still watches over them out of dedication to Beatrice.
    • It is also unknown if Lemony plans on meeting his niece, named after the Baudelaires' mother, who has become a follower of the Baudelaires in hopes of figuring out their fates in the mortal realm.
  • Despite his name being cleared, which has allowed Snicket simple luxuries like renting out an office (Which he uses for a temple), Lemony continues to remain as an investigator and stays out of the Pantheon's public eye for the most part. He tends to visit the sites of battles between other deities and record what happened there.
  • While infamous for never revealing his face, as of recently, Snicket has finally unveiled his full appearance. This probably has to do with the fact that he's finally managed to clear his name.
    • Due to the recent reveal, he's been noted to sound very much like Brock Samson. Through researching what could be learned of Snicket's unknown history, Brock learned of the time Snicket and his siblings engaged in a knife fight against the waiters of Cafe Salmonella in the Snicket Snickersnee. He's since extended a poker offer to Snicket, though Lemony would rather discuss matters over a book rather than cards.
    • Likewise, having warned them of the schism of V.F.D. before his proper ascension, Mystery Incorporated finally figured out that Snicket sounded like Sheriff Stone from Crystal Cove. They're hoping that he can shed more light on V.F.D. now that he's in the Pantheon full-time.
    • Snicket has also been known to sound like Pitch due to a certain adaptation, as well as Pennywise while doing audio recording. Of course, even if he didn't sound like them, Snicket would've stayed clear out of their path.
  • The Narrator was pleased with his former follower ascending, though Snicket notes that he was the Trope Namer of the Narrator's title. Beyond that little spat, the two do not have a cordial relation, as while the Narrator finds the immutable nature of Snicket's tales to be gratifying, Snicket considers the Narrator to be far too sadistic for his tastes.
  • Being rather well-read, Snicket tends to spend a great deal of time in the House of Knowledge, reading up on whatever he can.
  • Snicket is unique among many gods in the pantheon in that he has been mistaken for his own creator, Daniel Handler, due to the fact that Handler uses Snicket's name as a pseudonym when publishing several of his works. In public, Handler claims to merely be Snicket's representative, even though he is the one who created Snicket's world to begin with. Quite obviously, many deities are confused when trying to distinguish the two.
  • He claims that Snow White was plunged into an incurable fever due to a horseback riding accident. While it is unknown how true the claim is, it has made the princess rather uneasy, and she thus tends to avoid Mr. Snicket.
  • He may have an alias known as Persimmony Glitchet. This came to Arthur's attention, as said person is admired as an author to his mortal friend, Fern, and the aardvark himself enjoys the man's works. Snicket has not been reached for correspondence however, due to fear that his enemies may try to harm the boy and his sister.
  • In his younger years, Snicket was notably more active as a V.F.D. trainee. Back then, he was still extremely cynical and tried to do his own thing due to how most adults in his world who are not a part of V.F.D. tend to be.
    • With this chapter of his life uncovered, many more dreadful facts were learned about Lemony Snicket. He views buttermilk as disgusting, has a thing for root-beer floats, and fed a man, though admittedly, Hangfire deserved it, to the Bombinating Beast, nowadays known as the Great Unknown. He also quit V.F.D. for an unknown amount of time before rejoining the organization.
  • Due to his experiences with the Great Unknown (AKA The Bombinating Beast), Snicket had an encounter with the author H.P. Lovecraft, whose works are among the few not documented by V.F.D. As both aren't exactly the happiest of people, they get along decently and agree on many points regarding humanity, though Snicket doubts the need for cosmic monsters when humans have been causing enough destruction and horror on their own.
    • Mr. Snicket would later have an encounter with Cthulhu, after pulling out the statue of the Bombinating Beast. His meeting with the Great Old One actually bore fruit, as Cthulhu is willing to work with Mr. Snicket...though that mainly has to do with the statue's ability to summon the Bombinating Beast, which the Great Old One is wary of.
  • As it turns out, Snicket is fully aware of Melkor and his schemes, having read all about his world as a child. Melkor was unnerved by how much a mere mortal knew about him, but is overall unconcerned about Mr. Snicket.
    • This also applies to any deity whose universe has shown up in some way, shape, or form in Snicket's world. Said deities are also a tad unnerved by this fact, with some wanting to, or are participating in, an investigation into V.F.D.
  • While Snicket prefers the company of quiet, well-read people, he knows fully well that the Trope Pantheon is filled with good people who prefer to spend their time fighting like maniacs or aren't the brightest knives in the drawer, and evil people who are just as well-read as Snicket is and have many long-term schemes planned.
  • While he enjoys visits to Iroh's tea shop, he has warned the firebender about how tea should be as bitter as wormwood and sharp as a two-edged sword, as it tends to be a good sign of noble people. Iroh has taken this advice with a grain of salt, as he has different values concerning tea. If one should enjoy sweeter tea, then who is he to judge? Also, considering how Iroh invented Bubble Tea in his world, he sees such advice as restricting. Beyond that though, the two get along well, especially since Iroh lends an ear whenever Snicket's depression gets to the point where he can only sob.
  • As a gourmand, Snicket frequents the House of Food quite a bit, describing the dishes there in his report in detail. He isn't a fan of those deities whose dishes are utterly repulsive, like the ones concocted by Grandma Stuffum, nor can he stomach Max Tennyson's alien foods, though he found Max's position as a Plumber admirable.
    • Snicket did however, become fast friends of Yukihara Soma, as he found the boy's dishes to intriguing. He isn't happy when sampling one of his failed dishes, but understands the need for such failures and doesn't hold it against him (He also set up events so that Sunny would meet Yukihara at some point). He's one of the few gods who will willingly sample such failures in order to ensure that Soma gets the feedback that he needs.
    • Overall, if your skill in the House of Food is that of a Supreme Chef, Snicket will likely be there to sample your cooking.
  • Before Snicket had properly ascended, he had been sneaking around the other houses gathering information. Much to his utter dread, Snicket spotted the Man with a Beard but No Hair, and the Woman with Hair but no Beard being present in the House of Justice. Snicket was horrified at their presence, especially once he heard of the Reformation being planned for the GUAL, and after ascending, warned the reformers about the two. Everyone present rolled their eyes at this, believing that the two villains do not pose a threat due to them not even being proper gods in the first place. The only one who took Snicket's warning seriously was Captain America due to the actions of one version of Zemo. He had no powers after all, and yet he managed to disband the Avengers through his manipulations. While the Captain offered a Snicket a role, Snicket declined, partly out of fear of the Man and the Woman, and also because he has suspicions of V.F.D. trying to get someone else into the Pantheon after him...
  • In an attempt to get rid of Snicket, Olaf sent Junko Enoshima after him. Junko was more than happy to oblige due to her fascination with the despair rampant in their world. She found Snicket in his flat, looking at the book that Beatrice wrote that told him why she could not marry him. Taking her chance, Junko proceeded to taunt Snicket about his failed relationship with Beatrice and the constant failings of the so-called 'noble side' of V.F.D. Unfortunately for Enoshima, Snicket didn't fall into despair, as he no longer has any hope of happiness to begin with and considered her speech to be nothing more than words that he repeats and writes himself everyday, meaning that there was nothing left for Junko to break. Not only that, but even with Count Olaf giving her information, not even Enoshima knew about every unfortunate event Snicket has suffered. Junko then proceeded to throw herself down on her knees and beg for the information, as she wanted every detail of Snicket's unfortunate life. Snicket refused however, and dragged her out of the flat.
    • This event has caused Junko to swear greater loyalty to Count Olaf, as she is now desperate to obtain every scrap of horrific information from the world of ASOUE. When hearing about this, Snicket just gave a heavy sigh, and continued with his research.
  • Like the Baudelaires, Snicket had an encounter with Eric Cartman, who reminded him of Stew Micchum, except a tad more immature. He just looked at Cartman in disgust and left. Cartman was furious at being ignored and now wants revenge on Mr. Snicket.
  • Eventually, Snicket was confronted by The Question, who had been laying low as he attempted to pry open the secrets of V.F.D. Surprisingly enough, Snicket did not confirm, nor deny, Question's theories, as he implied that they may all be correct, or incorrect, or a mix the two. In the end, the two have become allies...much to the worry of deities who distrust Mr. Snicket, as they fear that he may have recruited The Question into V.F.D...
  • Once entered the House of Insects...and immediately regretted it, finding the creatures there to be even more horrific than Snow Gnats. Of course, that became a moot point when Lemony learned that the House was capable of handling all environments...thus enabling the Snow Gnats to return and join in on attacking Mr. Snicket, who ran out of the house in a panic.
  • Ultimately, with all of the unfortunate experiences in Snicket's mortal life, moving to the Pantheon has not diminished Snicket's depression one bit. He fully believes that if or however the story within the Pantheon ends, there will not be a happy ending. He's since decided to start warning people who read over the records of each major event in the Pantheon of how these stories will turn out, imploring them to find some other page on TV Tropes.

    Masayoshi Hazama & Hidenori Goto 
Masayoshi Hazama & Hidenori Goto, High Prophets of Mid-Season Twists (Masayoshi: Samurai Flamenco, Samuenco, Flamen Red | Hidenori: Samurai Policeman)
Masayoshi (left) & Hidenori (right)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Samurai Flamenco emblem
  • Theme Music: Just One Life; Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye; Samurai Flamenco
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Personality, Adventure
  • Heralds: MMMmembers , Joji Kaname, Jun Harazuka, Sumi Ishihara, Akira Konno, The Flamengersmembers 
  • Allies: Shinnosuke Tomari
  • Enemies: SHOCKER
  • Opposes: Annie Wilkes (moreso in Masayoshi's case)
  • The story of toku fanboy Masayoshi Hazama and policeman Hidenori Goto is weird to say the least. It all began when Goto encountered Masayoshi naked in an alleyway, the latter claiming to be a superhero known as Samurai Flamenco. From there, they get to know each other better and go up against increasingly bizarre threats that emerge from nowhere. Pretty telling how a tale of two men with differing personalities who become friends would take a turn for the bizarre after going up against a random guy that transformed himself into a gorilla with a built-in guillotine.
  • One of the first things that Masayoshi was told about the Pantheon was that the various toku heroes that he's a fan or are indeed real, somehing that made him very excited. While he is aware that the power gap between them and himself is significant (the fact that Masayoshi often has to rely on homemade weapons as opposed to most of the other toku heroes' fancier arsenal), he's willing to provide them help whenever possible.
    • Shinnosuke Tomari is among the few toku heroes that both Masayoshi and Goto work with on a regular basis given that Tomari is a police officer like Goto. The duo were surprised to hear that Tomari's ally Krim Steinbelt had significant contributions to the various items that Tomari uses in fighting crime. While Masayoshi appreciated Tomari's offer to have him and Goto use Steinbelt's items, Masayoshi told Tomari that he and Goto are fine for the time being, but they'll still consider the offer at some point.
  • Not only were the toku heroes that Masayoshi admires are present, but so are a number of their enemies as well. He and Goto were alarmed that many of them had congregated through SHOCKER, which established itself as a significant threat to many of Masayoshi's heroes. While Masayoshi and Goto had to deal with different oncoming threats, they never had to deal with a singular organization that was more or less responsible for these specific calamities in the past. The two are prepared to use whatever they can to stop SHOCKER from succeeding.
  • With how often they hang around with each other, it's really easy to believe that they could be a gay couple...and it actually kind of makes sense since Masayoshi made a marriage proposal to Goto (the circumstances behind that were less than ideal and Masayoshi didn't know what love was until then, but still). So far, the two are just really good friends, but with all that happened in their adventures, one has to wonder when they'll be more than friends.
  • Since he was a child, Masayoshi has been a fan of toku. To pay the bills, he works for a modeling agency. After his parents were murdered, he was taken in by his grandfather, who spearheaded the Samurai Flamenco project, of which Masayoshi got the name for his superhero identity. As Masayoshi went from fighting against ordinary criminals to supernatural organizations, he gradually became more mature, but still kept his ideals at heart.
    • It's pretty clear that Masayoshi admires many of the toku heroes, though there are a few of them that he really likes in particular. He's amazed at how the Gokaigers are able to use the powers of Super Sentai teams that came before them to fight evil and in particular, likes hanging out with Gai Ikari of that team, who happens to be a Sentai fanboy. It helps that Masayoshi led the Flamengers, a team that's very similar to Sentai in a number of ways, before.
    • He got himself acquainted with other admirers of heroes, such as Izuku Midoriya, who himself is a fan of heroes and became an actual hero thanks to his determination. Masayoshi really likes hanging out with Viewtiful Joe, another superhero fanboy that's also a real hero and Viewtiful Joe shares the same feeling when it comes to being with Masayoshi. Masayoshi is also interested in Phoenix Ranger Featherman R, Ken Amada's favorite show and it surprised the latter to find that someone else seems to like that show.
    • At one point, he somehow found himself with someone who appeared to be a female Henshin Hero in the midst of a battle against some mooks. After the mooks got defeated, the hero revealed herself to be Nyarko and that she had a Full Force form with moves that were taken by some Kamen Riders. Masayoshi was a bit surprised to find that out, but nevertheless remained on good terms with her after learning she was a toku fangirl.
  • Goto is a cop and appears to be more level-headed than Masayoshi...key word being appears. After meeting Masayoshi, Goto got to know him and his love of heroes better and gradually became an important partner for Masayoshi. Goto also sends texts to his girlfriend, but the truth about that is much more twisted than he'd be willing to admit.
    • Whenever he isn't with Masayoshi, Goto is often working with various other police officers cracking down on crimes of varying degrees of weirdness. While he gets along fine with a fair number of cops, he really wasn't thrilled to hear that there was a corrupt cop or two running around and sees those kinds of officers as a potential source of interference when dealing with something serious.
      • Of the various police officers he works with, Akane Tsunemori is someone he gets along with rather well. It may be due to her determination in the midst of situations that are arguably even worse than what he has gone through, including losing a friend of hers. It's also likely that it's her friendly personality is a factor in it.
    • Goto had a girlfriend when he was in high school, but she disappeared and never returned since then. He coped with it by sending texts to himself or more accurately, think about what his girlfriend would say about what he's doing at the moment and make texts based on that. He empathizes with a number of those that lost their loved ones, notably Tomoyo Okazaki, who arguably had it worse than Goto not just when it came to losing someone they loved, but also their life in general.
    • He managed to find plenty of common ground with Kyon not just due to sounding a little similar, but also how they found themselves involved with an energetic partner and getting themselves involved in a variety of crazy scenarios.
  • Of the different people in the Pantheon, both Masayoshi and Goto are really unnerved by Annie Wilkes, even if she clearly doesn't share the same line of interests as the two of them. Hearing about how she kidnapped a writer and caused psychological torture on him just to get something she wants in a story to happen brings back bad memories of how Haiji Sawada, a young man obsessed with Samurai Flamenco, and how he put Masayoshi's friends at risk (Goto included) just to give Masayoshi a "tragic backstory" and turn him into a dark anti-hero.
  • After fighting against an alien invasion, Masayoshi was told by the will of the universe (his universe more specifcally) that his imagination was responsible for all the crazy adventures he and his friends got themselves into. Regardless of if any sort of toku-related adventure that occurs is the result of Masayoshi wanting an adventure of some kind, the Pantheon has all sorts of crazy events happening by default, something that he and Goto were told of beforehand.


    Charles Kane 
Charles Foster Kane, God of Long-Spoiled Spoilers (Citizen Kane)
  • Theme Song: Citizen Kane Suite
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A sled with the word 'Rosebud' on its top
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Classical Antihero Decoy Protagonist, Collector of the Strange, Powerful and Helpless, Broken Ace, Going after the Rich and Powerful Despite being as such, Arbitrarily Large Bank Account, narcissistic, ultimately Dying Alone because he wanted to be loved and gave no love in return, becoming the very thing he hated.
  • Domains: Nobility, Industry, Isolation, Love (Betrayed)
  • Followers: The Reapers
  • Allies: Vlad Masters, Norma Desmond
  • Enemies: Scrooge McDuck, Seto Kaiba, Sephiroth
  • Opposes: Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, J. J. Jameson
  • Opposed by: The House of Love, various creators
  • Pitied by: Jay Gatsby, Lois Lane, Clark Kent/Superman
  • It's a story basically everyone knows by now; a man emerged as one of the richest people on the planet. Yet no matter what he did, he couldn't not express his love towards anyone. In the end, he ended up Dying Alone, where a reporter tried to figure out what motivated him. While he failed to find the answer, the audience was gifted with the answer; the sled "Rosebud" represented the love he so desperately sought and was taken away from him ever since he moved away from his mother and son. It was ironic that this world would be the only one that didn't know the secret origins of Charles Kane.
    • Kane at least managed to bring happiness to one person in the Pantheon. After languishing for her death at the hands of Sephiroth, Aeris no longer wanted to be remembered in that way. An opening was created for White Mages, but she needed someone to take her place. It just so happened that Kane was more than happy to take the burden if it means having a second chance at happiness.
    • This development did not please Sephiroth as he was robbed of one of his greatest pleasures in the Pantheon. He has since attacked Kane on several occasions.
  • His temple is the massive castle known as Xanadu. It houses a wide variety of objects, but holds very few people to maintain it. When he found out his beloved sled could still be in his castle, he frantically searched for it to no avail. It appears that the Powers That Be has cursed him. His sled is indeed there, but his is doomed to be unable to find it among his vast domain. Some prophets say he will be reunited with his sled when he able to express an act of true love towards someone.
    • To add insult to injury, none of his past lovers want any part of becoming his herald. Neither Emily nor Susan want to be with a man who cares more about himself than his own lovers. The only familiar person in his temple is Jedediah Leland and even he failed to achieve any sort of herald status. Still, Leland hopes that this new lease of life will help him out in the long run.
  • His biggest issue is that even with his ascension he has failed to gain any true allies. His first task in the House of Commerce was to attack the evil gods there to fight for the little man. Mr. Burns responded with a smear campaign that forced the House to severely limit his presence there. Not even Chester Bum could defend him with a straight face.
    • Scrooge and Kaiba promptly pointed out that while of railing against the rich despite being rich himself isn't a crime, the two believed he is only doing so to win the love of the people rather than actually giving a damn about their plight. Though it is likely the two are actually mad because Kane has been hurting their own fiances with his talk.
  • The House of Love was less forgiving. The deities were horrified with the fate of both his wives. As such, they advised their followers against having a relationship with him.
    • One of his few allies there is Vlad Masters. He dismisses criticism for his pursuit of Maddie as false, and sees a man who craves love as he does. As such, he gives Kane pointers on how to woo women... which will only likely to cause him to fail even more.
  • Authors both deified and mortal despise his name. Kane reminds them of how their stories are so well known, the surprise is robbed from the viewer. This also arrives in the form of Content Leaks that reveal the nature of works before their arrival.
  • He did manage to find someone as desperate to find adoration as he did. Norma Desmond arrived at his temple for a proposition; she would date him if he bankrolled her to more headline shows. Thus he helped Norma to attend a number of roles... all to a quiet crowd. Charles then proceeded to clap to the encores himself. Thus, he was pilloried by the press once more. When Kane went to Jameson's office to protest, the news editor showed him the door. The two still dream of jump-starting their fame despite the setbacks.
    • In response, Lois Lane did some research on the man. With the help of Clark Kent, she released an editorial describing Kane as someone who never learned how to love someone. This helped gain some sympathy from the general public.
  • One of his few true friends, Jay Gatsby tried to help Kane to better establish him in the Pantheon. He knows what it's like to be isolated despite having all the money in the world. It was a surprise to Jay how much more the common folk liked the two of them than their own peers and decided that the two should do more outreach work for those people. Unfortunately, Kane's own selfishness keeps getting in the way of gaining praise.
  • He's also present in the House of Knowledge.

    Monika Drevis 
Monika Drevis, Goddess of the Rewatch Bonus (Mom)
As a ghost 
  • Quasideity (Intermediate Goddess as a vengeful spirit)
  • Symbol: A series of books
  • Alignment: Appears to be Neutral Good but is closer to Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Name only revealed in the gallery, One of the two Main Antagonists, Nightmare Fetishist, Loves her family despite her twisted nature, Fell in love with her husband because of the way he killed people and because he spared her, Lady Macbeth, Manipulated the events in order to make her daughter turn out like her father, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Mothers, Family, Murder, Manipulation, Undeath, Revenge
  • Allies: Aya Drevis (her daughter), Scarecrow, Lady Macbeth, Misa Amane
  • Enemies: Shou Tucker, Hisako, Kayako Saeki, The Batter, Doki Doki Literature Club, Kratos, Atreus
  • Complicated Relationships: Alfred Drevis (Her husband)
  • Conflicting opinions: Misao
  • Monika Drevis at first may seem like a nice and sweet woman and a loving wife and mother. But as a matter of fact, she happens to be married to a Mad Scientist that murders people for a living and yet nobody seemed to question her, at least her daughter didn't think of her as particularly dangerous. Having seemingly died of an Incurable Cough of Death, Monika returned from the dead one day to claim revenge on her husband for alleguedly cheating on her but the reality was different, as the real reason she died was because she found out that her husband wanted to turn their daughter into a doll and was murdered for trying to get in the doctors way. And yet, the fact that she wanted to save her daughter even from beyond the grave, her reasons were also far more sinister.
    • Turns out that Monika actually encouraged the doctors' activities as she indulged in the constant carnage he commited only because she was one of the rare few Alfred decided to spare one day. She fell hard for him after that and later invited him to the mansion that became the Drevis residence and Monika would start to see the same signs her husband showed as a kid on her daughter and she was delighted that she would become like him. One may wonder if the reason she wanted Aya to live was to keep her husband work continued by her daughter and even potentially spite her husband.
  • Her ascension was a pretty unremarkable event, as she wanted to keep a low profile and just keep an eye on her daughter Aya who quickly found out about her mother's ascension and the reunion was a heartwarming one with both in tears and cuddling one another. There were however some mixed feelings given that she almost got her killed when she brought the curse to the Drevis Residence and the fact that secretly Monika wants to see Aya become like her father, something Aya isn't really aware of, makes her a bit dissapointed that she is still the same innocent girl.
    • With Dr. Drevis on the other hand things where a bit more complicated as both are still on very bad terms. She is still sore that he actually murdered her but deep down she still loves him and would do everything to be with him but she can't forget about how he ended up betraying her, not to mention cheating on her with Maria. Alfred just tries to avoid her and not incur her wrath but admitted that she is as beautiful as ever and would not mind returning to her side if she didn't insist on tarnishing Aya's innocence.
  • It's believed that the one that masterminded her ascension was the mysterious salesman known as Ogre who is possibly the one that also granted her the curse to raise all the people Dr. Drevis kill and take him away for herself in order to protect Aya. It's also speculated that he also was able to keep most of Monika's darker aspects hidden from others until it was eventually exposed by some GUAG agents. Nowadays she tries to pretend she is the loving and caring mother figure even if several folks don't buy it but Aya still hasn't really noticed that her mother isn't that well intentioned either and it's unlikely Monika will cause any more trouble unless given the powers of the curse.
  • Speaking of the curse, it seems like she wasn't the only one that unleashed a terrible curse brought by a mysterious demonic figure. Turns out Misao, a shy and meek teenager haunted her school shortly after her gruesome death and there are hints that maybe Misao was given the same powers by the same entity. On her part she finds Monika particularly creepy and doesn't trust her at all while the latter is only trying to be friendly only to learn more about Library the clone of Aya that alfred ended up creating.
  • Found a lot of kinship with certain members of the pantheon like Lady Macbeth who shared the same role of being an accomplice to their respective husbands in their evil plots, although Monika was later replaced by Maria and later murdered. She also likes Misa Amane for her devotion to Light and also because she is mildly curious about the nature of the Shinigami Misa is associated with, which could prove useful for her and wonders if the mysterious ogre could be a Shinigami himself.
  • Many wonder how truly twisted is Monika behind her "caring mother" façade and there have been accounts where she manipulated most of the people she was around, the doctor included, and one particular even called her even more evil that the doctor (of course, that servant has been long dead by that point) and considering that she is not really motivated by her being cheated on (kinda) many assume the reason she wanted to save Aya from her fate as a doll is to spite her husband.
    • The sticking point in particular is how she met her husband and why he decided to stick with him, as the mansion belongs to her and it used to be used for torturing prisoners. Most of theories chalk it up as the woman being in love with murder, death and the fear of it as a particular nasty fetish of hers, which caught the attention of Dr. Jonathan Crane as he was very interested in the infamous history of the Drevis Household and approached Monika to really learn how evil she can be. Turns out they both share the same cunning nature and while he finds his whole scarecrow getup quite silly, it does suit her purposes.
  • Although her relationship with Aya is in a healthy state, in fact when she is with Aya is when she is not trying to do anything harmful to others, the grand majority of the pantheon doesn't consider her an stellar mother. Not to the extenct of "murdering her to preserve her innocence" but the fact that she has probably enabled most of Aya's questionable traits is something others can't easily ignore. In particular, sisters Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin despise her for reminding them of their own mother Ragyo and while they appreciate she doesn't physically abuse Aya, the above stated cannot be ignored and Ragyo has tried to make both of them follow in the path. Monika simply plays nice and doesn't try to get into conflict with the two since she knows she can't do anything if they decided to act but considers them way too bothersome for her own taste.
    • That said, even she has her limits and we aren't talking about her opposing Alfred because he wanted to make her daughter into a doll. Turns out there is an even worse father out there and it's Shou Tucker, an alchemist who while nice on the outside has revealed himself to be quite a monster given what he did to his daughter Nina. In fact, hating him is one of the only things she and the doctor Drevis can't agree on and that's saying something. The Batter is also someone Monika is conflicted on considering how he too ended up killing his own son (or creator, nobody is really sure) and also because Aya is scared of him, possibly something having to do with Aya not being "pure" as her parents would think, possibly taking a lot from her mother after the Batter personally met her and almost "purified" on the spot if she even dare to use her ghost form.
  • The story of Kratos and Atreus intrigues her as it mirrors the one of her family even in the part where the mother isn't as innocent as one may think. Neither like Monika and they wouldn't have even paid her attention had her not made comments about Atreus "future" and how he reminds her of her precious daughter, hinting that like Aya the boy could end up becoming someone far more sinister which Kratos certainly doesn't want.
  • Apparently she still has access to her ghostly powers but rarely uses them unless someone really pisses her off and considering it requires to make a deal with Ogre to actually have said powers it could prove more trouble than it's worth. She thought that Hisako would probably pity her but that was farther from the truth as not only did she calm down considerably but is aware of the true nature of the woman. Then there was Kayako Saeki, who had a similar situation like Monika with a husband that murdered her and some unfinished business but Saeki hardly cares about the similarities and would rather see her die than even work with her.
  • The name Monika has been a familiar one for a while to several deities and while the other Monika has been mostly trying to turn a new leaf, the fact that there was another Monika causing trouble definitely bothered her. In fact, most of her club mates aren't fond of Ms. Drevis either and worst of all, the two aren't that different with jealousy, obssession and murderous rage being common sticking points between the two. Even the book she reads are horrible literature work (although Yuri is mildly interest in a few of them) and the fact that she reads it to her daughter makes matters worse. Drevis just laughs it off and has even encouraged the other Monika to make her love interest hers and hers only again, something that her friends have tried to prevent from happening again to avoid unnecessary suffering.

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