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    The Evil Entity 
The Evil Entity, the Unholy Unexpected Eldritch Being (The Nibiru Entity)
The Entity's true form.
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His coffin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portifolio: The Cause of Everything Bad in The Series, Corrupts Anything Around It, Doing This While Still Sealed, Deep, Evil Voices, Hams It Up Like Nobody's Business, Omnicidal Maniac, Responsible For All The Costumed Weirdos, Completely Evil, One of The Darkest Villains In The Franchise
  • Domains: Elder Gods, Corruption, Destruction, Vileness
  • High Preist: S O U L
  • Herald: Professor Pericles, his top minion.
  • Allies: Molag Bal, The GUAD, Bill Cypher, The Dark Matter Horde, Solaris, Nyarlahotep, Shuma-Gorath, Yapool
  • Enemies: Mystery Inc. (Including Scrappy Doo), The Bedtime Stories Crew, The Investigation Team, The Ghost Stories Gang, H.P Lovecraft, Dr. Strange, The Good Ultraman Deities, Kirby
  • Unimpressed With: Dark Gaia
  • Crystal Cove was a weird place. As the Scooby Doo gang could attest to, the place was crawling with weirdos in costumes looking to make a quick buck, as well as useless adults too busy with their lives. It came to its natural climax, however, when the devious parrot Prof. Pericles aimed to release his "master" from the depths of the town. Eventually, he managed to free him, and the result was The Evil Entity (Often called The Nibiru Entity), an evil member of a race of benevolent Eldritch Abominations who seemed to destroy the universe, the thing responsible for the state of the town, and unlike the gang's previous costumed freaks, was far more powerful than anything they had faced so far, something that no-one could've seen coming. Eventually, after it destroys Crystal Cove and eats everyone there, the gang manages to destroy him, erasing him from existence and undoing any corruption he had done in the process.
  • One day, the gang had just busted a mystery caused by a mysterious villain, which was business as usual. The odd thing was, this particular villain was awfully ruthless by their standards, even nearly blowing up the House of Celebration out of spite. When they finally caught the villain, they were naturally shocked to find out that it was none other than Scrappy Doo of all people. Whats more, he seemed outright traumatized by what had transpired. While the gang was wondering what had come over him, seeing how he also had no memory of the crimes he committed, Fred suddenly had a worrying idea, one that they had to visit a certain Dr. Strange to confirm. And indeed, the doctor confirmed that the worst had happened: The Evil Entity had arrived. Thankfully, it seemed to be still sealed, but considering the damage he was capable of when he was before, it wasn't very comforting to them. The gang is now ready to take on anything that the Entity could throw at them, though Scooby and Shaggy would at least rather confront it with a tank than deal with it in person.
  • How is he in the Pantheon? You can thank Molag Bal for that. He was thoroughly impressed by the fact that a villain like him can be in such a lighthearted franchise, not to mention how unexpected he was, and thus, with the help of a few of his more powerful allies, managed to recreate the Evil Entity. However, there was a catch: he would ascend still being sealed in his sarcophagus, and would once again have to manipulate his way to freedom. To compensate, he gained a new power: the ability to manifest a hallucination of his true form, useful for more direct communication. The Entity, for the most part, accepted these conditions, as it had been able to free itself before, and surely it can do it again, especially with more evil deities around. And yes, he has considered that someone could put up a fight should he be freed, and is looking for a way to rectify that by making some allies.
  • While he's still technically allies with Bal, he would later find much more fitting allies in the form of the GUAD, an alliance of similarly omnicidal beings hell bent on destroying everything. While The Entity would rather ravage the universe by himself, he nonetheless realizes that having allies in a world where heroes are just as powerful as villains might be a good idea in the long run. The GUAD themselves were happy to accept him into their ranks for the most part, though the whole "Being sealed deep underground" thing showcases a problem with actually destroying things.
  • One such ally is Bill Cypher, a psychopathic being bent on turning the world into his own playground. Seeing how they were both currently incorporeal beings looking for a physical body, they decided that working together might be the best idea for now, though seeing how they have different goals, one could imagine that a huge fight would break out if they do succeed. Naturally, it has made enemies with Dipper and Mabel, and while corrupting their pig Waddles probably wouldn't help him too much, he senses great potential in Gompers of all people, stating that there's something strange about that goat, something Bill agrees about.
  • Its MO is basically that it corrupts whatever mystery solving team steps foot near it, starting with the Team Pet and going up from there. This has made the Pantheon's many mystery solving teams unite against him:
    • The Investigation Team has dealt with beings as powerful, if not more, as the Entity, so it was no surprise when they started opposing him. In particular, it has shown an interest in Teddie, seeing how it's the closest thing to a Team Pet that the team has. He figures that if he can get his perverted personality out of the way, he could be a powerful agent. Teddie, naturally, wanted nothing to do with him, even after the Entity tried bribing him with the promise of a "Beautiful Wife to call your own".
    • He has also gained the attention of the Bedtime Story Crew, who at first were thrilled at the opportunity to document a being like him, especially considering its past as the Token Evil Teammate to the Annunaki. However, the thing was counting on them to be thinking this, as he then proceeded to slowly corrupt them into coming further and further into his sealing location while hiding it as a simple documentary. It wasn't until Mystery Inc. intervened that they snapped out of it, and made them realize just how bad of an idea it was to even acknowledge the thing existing, destroying the remaining footage they made of the documentary.
    • It had an... interesting interaction with the Ghost Stories crew. Or, rather, their cat, who's mind he invaded in order to corrupt him directly. The Entity though that corrupting what seemed to be the most normal Team Pet of the bunch he's encountered would be an easy task. It wasn't until he actually got around to corrupting it that he learned the truth: the cat was already possessed by a incredibly snarky demon, and one who had no interest in joining him. Or at least, thats what The Entity managed to get out of the interaction, as it was mostly just the demon insulting him and flipping him off. To say that the Entity was genuinely baffled by the interaction was an understatement. Doesn't help that the cat later told the rest of the crew, meaning that he had to deal with them as well.
  • Managed to make allies with The Dark Matter Horde, a horde of similarly terrifying beings in an otherwise lighthearted setting. It has promised them that he'll let them rule and corrupt whats left of the universe after he destroys it, something the Horde agreed upon. That would be fine for him, if it wasn't for the fact that their arch-nemesis was Kirby, a small puffball who's known for basically killing Elder Gods before breakfast. With this in mind, helped out by one of his more recent adventures hinting that his origin is far more cosmic than one would assume, has made the Entity genuinely worried. It has since put the puffball near the top of his priority list, alongside Mystery Inc. themselves.
  • Another being he's gained the interest of is Solaris, a cosmic being that was split into two versions of itself, Mephilis and Iblis. This is thanks to the fact that they too were erased from existence upon being defeated. The Entity has since lended his hand to helping the two become one again. It is not, however, impressed with Dark Gaia, who he condescendingly considers to be "An oversized earthworm who was defeated by a mortal and minimal outside help". And no, this has not endeared him to Dark Gaia in the slightest, knowing when someone is insulting it when it hears it.
  • Any cosmic horror would inevitably be compared to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and The Entity was no exception, having been compared to a combination of Nyarlahotep and Yog-Sothoth. As expected, both of the entities have struck up an alliance, with Nyarly being fine with any way of devastating the universe, though he has entertained the idea of also freeing Yog, so that they, in his own words, "Tag-Team the universe with two elder gods, side by side!"
    • Because of this alliance, he has decided to visit their creator, Lovecraft himself, and thus manifested in his dreams one faithful night. In it, he boasts that the universe will be destroyed the second he's released, and promises that Lovecraft would be sparred if he pledges his allegiance to his cause, clearly not intending either following up on that promise, or taking no for an answer. To his alarm, however, Lovecraft was completely unimpressed with his threats, having heard that threat about a few hundred times already, and tore into the cosmic entity that it was nothing compared to his creations, or even the ones from the Pantheon, and is ultimately "An oversized earthworm who was defeated by some mortals and minimal outside help". It has never bothered the author ever again, although some gods could swear that rampant swearing could be heard underground that night.
  • While not quite dismissing him to the extent that Lovecraft did, Dr. Strange also doesn't consider The Evil Entity to be anything special, often taunting it with the nickname "Discount Shuma-Gorath". While he is perfectly willing to take action against the thing, expect Strange to be spewing out snarky insults in the process of fighting him.
    • What does have him concerned, however, is that the aforementioned nickname inspired him to seek out the aforementioned Shuma-Gorath, the extremely powerful (And somehow even hammier) elder god that's able to freak out Dormammu. Shuma, happy to discover new ways to screw over the universe, was delighted to help out The Entity with his plight. The Entity is a bit annoyed with Shuma constantly boasting about his power, but otherwise it's a worryingly stable alliance so far.
  • He has also made an alliance with the monster maker Yapool, who relishes in human despair and creates monstrous creatures out of said negative energy just to cause more misery. The Entity, who specializes in bringing the worst out of humans, has recently been lending a hand in creating a few of them, resulting In more dangerous creatures than ever before. As a result, this has gained the attention of Ultraman and his fellow deities, who are more than happy to lend a hand in stopping him, having faced threats of his scale before.
  • Can also be found in Horror Genres.

Greater Gods

    Baby and Dr. Myuu 
Baby and Dr. Myuu, Divine Duo of Plot Vortexes (Baby: Bebi, King Tuffle, Neo Machine Mutant, Super Baby, Baby Vegeta, Corroding Menace, The Ultimate Malign Being | Dr. Myuu: Mu, Dr. Myu)
Click here to see him when possessing Vegeta 
Click here to see his Golden Ape Form
Dr. Myuu
  • Greater God, Overdeity under a powerful host like Vegeta or when fused with Hatchiyack (Baby), Intermediate God (Dr. Myuu)
  • Symbol: The red lines that can manifest on his hosts (Baby)
  • Theme Song: Parasitic Evolution, Dark Half
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Dr. Myuu), Chaotic Evil (Baby, though he considers himself Chaotic Good with neutral methods)
  • Heralds: General Rilldo, The Sigma Force (Myuu's Dragon and Top Henchmen respectively), the Luud Cult and his machine armies.
  • Portfolio: Explanations That Raise More Questions Than They Answer, Mechanical Lifeforms
  • Domains: Mutants, Control, Villainy (both), Possession, Mutants, Revenge, Hatred, Control (Baby), Genius, Metal, Machines (Dr. Myuu)
  • Banned from: The House of Health and Diseases
  • Interested in: Star Dream (Dr. Myuu)
  • Allies: Cooler, Malware
  • Rivals: The Thing, Agent Smith (Baby), The D-Reaper (Dr. Myuu)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Gorilla Grodd, each other
  • Enemies: Every Saiyan, especially Goku and Vegeta (and by extension the rest of the Z-Fighters)
  • Opposes: Deities related to the sun (Baby)
  • During the Saiyan-Tuffle War, the Tuffles had an inkling they were doomed. To preserve their genetic code and get revenge against the Saiyans, a project would be made to create a bio-mechanical parasite based on Tuffle DNA, most prominently that of the Tuffle King himself, that could possess people through wounds and even alter them to become stronger. The parasite proceeded to mastermind the Machine Mutants' creation as part of his plan to get revenge against what's left of the Saiyans. Even if he'd become worse than the Saiyans to do it. One of those living machines, Dr. Myuu, was a scientist type created to oversee and maintain the development of the parasite's body, which over time caused him to see himself as the creator and the evolving parasite as his masterpiece, or his baby. However, once "Dr. Myuu's Baby" was released, he quickly and fatally reminded Myuu that he was the creator, not the other way around.
  • Applies to them both
    • The duo come from a separate continuity from the current Dragon Ball Super one, however they did notice a number of similar entities to Baby; the Commeson and Watagash parasite have similar abilities to the bio-mechanical being. Some have snarked that their Canon Discontinuity fate was because the explanation of Baby making Dr. Myuu makes no sense; he was still developing as a bio-fetus. Some believe that the Tuffles themselves made Dr. Myuu to ensure the parasite's creation, and the parasite simply claims credit for Myuu's creation due to inheriting the Tuffle lineage. One thing's for sure; the two do not like working together given Baby disposed of Dr. Myuu. However it's in their best interest to work together and ensure their goals come together.
    • Initially only Baby had ascended, and then re-ascended later on (long story). However rather than being deterred by the stigma of the Voodoo Shark, Dr. Myuu embraced it as a justification to join and watch over "his creation." Despite being killed by him, he does have some fondness as he is "his" masterpiece. Strings were pulled for this to happen, and it was eventually revealed the mastermind behind this was Gorilla Grodd. He felt Baby's abilities to possess people and Dr. Myuu's genius would aid him in "solving the human question" and played on their rage at their precursors' race being destroyed by savages. While they were indebted to the Killer Gorilla and Grodd considers Saiyans not much better than humans in his eyes, he is still a simian and they have difficulty working with that. Grodd feels they're letting their racism blind them from the bigger picture.
    Grodd: The Saiyans are monkeys, not gorillas or apes like myself; they have tails after all.
    • The two of them were able to make a more agreeable alliance with the rogue Galvanic Mechamorph; in his huge yet fragile ego, Malware found himself relating to Baby's plight against the Saiyans and ability to spread and infect other beings. Baby can't seem to do so with fully mechanical life, so the two of them working together helps a lot. Dr. Myuu was able to make some headway working with Malware as his genius could help improve Malware's capabilities and aid in their mutual domination schemes. Within their own universe they were able a proper alliance with Cooler. Cooler was almost killed by being thrown into the sun like how Baby was completely killed, and both have a score to settle with Goku and Vegeta. Dr. Myuu offered his services to improve his Meta-Cooler army with Machine Mutant technology, and the oldest son of Cold was all for it so long as it aids his empire and proving he's better than Frieza.
    • Baby hates his nickname, and since no-one knows his real namenote  prefers to go by "Tuffle", "King Tuffle" or just "Neo Machine Mutant". Mentioning the song "Baby" is a Berserk Button for him. Dr. Myuu meanwhile is perfectly fine being called Dr. Myuu, just as long as people don't mistake him for the Mythical Pokemon. He has cited some interested in his namesakenote  and would love to experiment on both the New Species Pokemon and its Modified Clone for his own takeover schemes. Naturally they both oppose this, but Dr. Myuu thinks he and his Machine Mutants have the upper hand as they should count as Steel type, which resists Psychic types. Key word being "think".
  • Applies to Baby
    • Initially held the role of Puppeteer Parasite, then Revenge Before Reason before fading into obscurity. Though bitter about being kicked out, he is not so petty as to resent the Headcrabs or Ren Hakuryuu over this. He spends a lot of time in the House of Vengeance plotting how to get back at the Saiyans despite being as bloodthirsty and power-hungry as them and the culprits being long dead.
    • He shares hypocrisy, deep hatred for the Saiyans and clouded good intentions with Zamasu, being close to his Goku Black aspect thanks to the Grand Theft Me element. So far, he is one of Zamasu's few genuine allies. He works well with Shinobu Sensui too; both want to get back at races they see as deeply evil. The alliance with Zamasu involves an interaction with a Goku Black who killed a version of Trunks, and went on to another timeline where he helped Baby kill Goku. After that, however, both Baby and Black had to fight Broly, who due to the high Zenkai boost during his fight against Gohan and Goten, managed to achieve a Super Saiyan 4 transformation. Baby and Black decided to fuse into a distorted version of Vegito and killed Broly once and for all. This also awakened the Beerus from that timeline, but time will tell what happened after that day...
    • Alters his hosts to be more like Tuffles, and isn't limited to just one person. All he needs is a scrape, and at his height possessed everyone on Earth. The ability to exploit even small wounds makes him a threat to the House of Health and Diseases, which led to his banishment. His assimilation prowess also led to him catching the attention to the Thing, however it regards Baby as a rival more than anything; given he can make his host bodies stronger, definitely a major threat. The two attempted to infect each other, but this failed as they found each other too similar to infect.
    • While it's a physical instead of spiritual possession, he has decided not to risk possessing Marona. He knows what she does to people to try and hijack her. He will however try to hijack Garfield Logan, as he considers his ability to transform into different animals combined with his own abilities extremely useful. Same with Ben Tennyson and his alien transformations, but there's a question of how it might work given Zs'skayr couldn't hijack his alien forms. There was also the time he managed to find a lone VUX Intruder and possessed the VUX captain piloting it, but it didn't take long for the possessed VUX to find a mirror. The VUX was so disgusted at their new appearance that they suddenly fought back against their possession and took out a ray gun, in order to shoot themselves to death, killing that VUX and Baby in the process, with the ship self-destructing.
    • Holds disdain for solar deities as the only way he was eventually put down for good was by being thrown into the Sun. As he is usually able to regenerate from almost nothing, it's believed that extreme temperature and force could replicate this...or at least seriously wound him. Ellen Ripley certainly believes in being thorough. Baby doesn't consider her a threat, but he did consider her mortal arch-nemesis the Xenomorphs as potential hosts. Ultimately he's decided against it as its refusal to obey anyone and incredibly acidic blood might make it incompatible.
    • He was interested by the superficial similarities he shares with Agent Smith; both of them have assimilated populations en masse, though Smith required the virtual nature of the Matrix to do it. However they differ in motives; Baby believes he's restoring the Tuffles and getting revenge on the Saiyans, while Smith is a Straw Nihilist wanting to tear the Matrix and the Real World apart out of resentment for everyone and everything. Smith isn't sure what might happen if someone he possesses in the Matrix is infected by Baby in the real world and how the two may mix, but he has his own goals. He was quick to point out despite claiming he's doing the right thing, Baby doesn't really show it and has failed to truly resurrect the Tuffles. This actually led Baby to realize he needed some better methods if he's truly to revive the Tuffles. His new goal is to try and infect the Life Entity and turn it into his host; if he succeeds he can not only truly revive the Tuffle race but potentially infect the entire DC universe.
    • Dr. Myuu muses on what might happen if Baby managed to infect certain characters. The Z Fighters hope that this never happens. Baby is hesitant for most because it might backfire. In hindsight Baby wishes he took more advantage of the time he spent infecting the Android twins as they have unlimited stamina.
  • Applies to Dr. Myuu
    • Dr. Myuu isn't passionate about revenge against the Saiyans like Baby, though he certainly doesn't like them. He simply wants to take over the universe through machine mutants like himself. As such, he feels right at home with the more immoral Machine Uprising movements, though as he's not that ideological it's more a matter of convenience due to his skill at creating machines. He was fascinated at Sigma's skill in recruiting and converting machines to his cause, along with his virus-based nature spreading his will. The Maverick eventually decided to recruit him as part of Rex Machina.
    • Sigma's concern about Dr. Myuu's scheming is well-founded; after he broke out of Hell with Dr. Gero and worked to turn Android 17 into Super Android 17, he broke their alliance and got 17 to kill Dr. Gero again so he would have sole control of the project. 17 soon gave him the same treatment; the "reunion" with Android 20 wasn't pleasant. Having somewhat learned his lesson Dr. Myuu has tried to conceal any ambitions about trying to take over the Machine Uprising movements, and to some extent has accepted that's beyond his capabilities. However he still wants to rise to the top and has been aiding arch-traitor Starscream in his schemes.
    • The only reasons why he didn't break out of Hell again are because Piccolo is there to actually keep some order there, and he needed to work with Dr. Gero to do so the first time. One of the reasons why Baby tolerates him is that when Dr. Gero got his revenge and offed him in the pantheon, he ended up in the South Park Hell, where he exploited that Satan's ineffective-ness and took over Hell, pressuring them to kick him out. He then informed Baby that he's here to stay and he better not kill him again or he's going to bring some friends. In Satan's defense he was absent at the time, having died and gone to Heaven.
    • Would absolutely love to take the Star Dream for himself to empower his creations and allow his Machine Mutants to dominate the cosmos. Dr. Myuu also wants to take control of D-Reaper for its mass-assmilative and consumptive capacities. Most think this is wishful thinking at best, and in the case of the D-Reaper even Dr. Myuu admits it probably is. Its omnicidal desire to eliminate all chaos, aka life is an upset for the doctor as he thinks its power should be used to make people obey, not wipe them out.

    The Valeyard 
The Valeyard, God of Accusing People They Caused Their Companion's Deaths (The Doctor, Doctor Of Law, Mr Popplewick, J.J Chambers, Zimmerman, Jack the Ripper, Tim Hope, Timothy Yardvale, Genesta)

    The White Witch and Shadar 
Cassiopeia and Shadar, Co-Gods of In-Universe Revelations (Cassiopeia: The White Witch, Pea, Her Radiance, Monster of Manna || Shadar: The Dark Djinn, The Executor, Lucien)
The White Witch
Click here to see Shadar's face 
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol:
    • Cassiopeia: Her mask as the White Witch, or her flowers.
    • Shadar: His hood silhouetting his face
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil for both; Lucien was originally Neutral Good before becoming Shadar and has most likely become True Neutral with good tendencies; Cassiopeia was Neutral Good before becoming the White Witch and has since returned to this alignment
  • Profile: Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Good people that fell into evil as a result of a horrible tragedy, Really 700 Years Old, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Magic, Tragic Villains, Despair
  • Herald:
    • Cassiopeia: The Kingdom of Nazcaa (excluding the original Council of Twelve (except for Horus))
  • Allies: Obito Uchiha, Nagato, Anakin Skywalker, Ben Solo, Golbez, Kuja, Megamind, Zeref, Nine the Phantom, Ash Ketchum, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Steven Universe, Naruto Uzumaki, Rey, Akko Kagari, Diana Cavendish, Shiny Chariot, Lana, Count Bleck And Tippi
  • Enemies: Lord Voldemort, Belatrix Lestrange, Peter Petigrew, Fenrir Greyback, Dementors, Slytherin's Monster, Sauron, The Witch-king of Angmar, Melkor, Sheev Palpatine, The Wicked Witch of the West, Jadis the White Witch, Prime Minister Honest, Mina Loveberry, Madara Uchiha, Horde Prime
  • Additional Relationships: Oliver
  • Sympathetic to: Odio, Cia
  • Complicated Relationship: Star Butterfly
  • Cassiopeia is the daughter of the Wizard King, succeeding her father as ruler of Nazcaa at a very young age when he passed away. Due to becoming queen at a very young age, she was kept sheltered as the corrupt council ran her kingdom to ground, all the while putting all the blame on her. Growing older and seeing the state of her kingdom, Cassiopeia tried to save her Kingdom with the spell of manna, only for the spell to turn everyone into monsters that killed each other, destroying everything and leaving her alone for 10,000 years. Slowly going insane from the loneliness and guilt of destroying her kingdom, Cassiopeia finally snapped when she manifested Pea, the embodiment of her childhood innocence. Lashing out and banishing Pea, and with her the last vestiges of her humanity, Cassiopeia became the White Witch, recreating the council and her pet bird Apus as figments of her imagination made real, vowing to destroy and recreate the world until it becomes flawless in her image.
    • Shadar was originally Lucien, a young and idealistic mage who wanted to bring peace and trained in the art of magic so he can protect the people of Belicosia. However, his kingdom showed its true colors when Lucien's superiors ordered an invasion of Rubicon, with the soldiers ordered to slaughter everyone in their path to kill a sage. Refusing to take part in the massacre, Lucien instead saved a young girl, only to be punished by his superiors by being Forced to Watch his village be burned to the ground. Filled with despair and grief, Lucien would meet the White Witch, who granted him power in exchange for becoming her executor, allowing him to destroy his former kingdom and vow to create a world without war through tyranny.
    • When Oliver eventually reached the other world, both the White Witch and Shadar attempted to destroy him to prevent him from intervening with their goals, with Shadar even revealing that Alicia is Oliver's mother and there was never a chance to save her. Despite this, Oliver is able to persevere and stop them with the aid of his friends, Pea, and the soul of the Wizard King. Shadar meets his end at the hands of Oliver, with the former impressed by his resolve as he decides to sever the link between their souls so Oliver would continue living, while also meeting the soul of Alicia and learning that she was the young girl he saved all those years ago, allowing him to pass on peacefully to the afterlife. Cassiopeia meanwhile is eventually restored to her original kind-hearted self as she helps Oliver's party defeat the last remnants of the Zodiarchs, the corrupt council she recreated from her memories, before vowing to atone for her sins, starting by planting flowers.
  • The Court of the Gods were interested in the duo's tale, especially since they somehow knew ahead of time they were working together while their enemies didn't know of the White Witch's existence and believed Shadar was the sole threat. Sending a messenger to Cassiopeia and informing her of the Pantheon, Cassiopeia agreed to come and represent a trope so long as she could plant flowers as her way of atonement. Upon arrival, Cassiopeia was shocked to find Lucien as well, who found his way to the Pantheon sometime after death. The Court of the Gods made them the representations of In-Universe Revelations since those who have heard of Oliver's tale knew of the White Witch's existence long before Oliver ever found out. The duo accepted and while making themselves at home, took the time to speak to each other, not as master and servant, but as friends.
    • While it's not clear if Shadar knew about Apus and the Zordiarch's true nature as figments of Cassiopeia's imagination, he admits that he did suspect there was more to Gallus than meets the eye. Lucien found it rather ironic how the both of them received help from someone who cared for them from beyond the grave (Alicia and the Wizard King), both of whom aided Oliver in stopping their evil plan and helping them become the kind people they once were. Even Cassiopeia found the irony amusing, but at the same time admits she's happy her father was still watching over her and wishes she would have been able to speak to him again.
  • Oliver is surprised to see the two in the Pantheon, but is nevertheless pleased to see them now, knowing of their tragedies and how they've become better people. The feeling is mutual on their end, with the two owing their change to him. Oliver has improved his magic in the Pantheon, impressing Cassiopeia and Lucien as they see his prowess as a wizard grow. Oliver has also asked Lucien if his mother managed to join him in the Pantheon, only for Lucien to sadly explain no, she was not able to follow him, much to the boy's disappointment. That being said, Lucien did tell Oliver his mother had said hello and that she's proud of him, something that makes Oliver happy very much, giving him hope that one day he'll see her again.
  • The duo would cross paths with other villains who fell into despair and became evil because of it, just like they did. Obito Uchiha, Nagato, Anakin Skywalker, and Ben Solo all fell into darkness due to tragic circumstances and wanted to enforce peace through their own methodsnote . All of them have since reformed and are working to atone for their sins, so Cassiopeia and Lucien became quick friends with them as they also seek atonement for their sins.
    • They would also cross paths with other villains who seek atonement for the sins they committed without the good intentions, namely Kuja and Golbez. In this case, both suffered from brainwashing from a truly vile villain (Kefka and Zemus respectively), reminding Cassiopeia of when she was manipulated by the Council of Twelve. Cassiopeia and Lucien would also become friends with the two, promising to help them with their atonement, with Kuja and Golbez accepting.
    • Megamind was a supervillain only because he grew up with people expecting him to, but once he finds love, he is able to redeem himself and become the new superhero of Metro City when Metro Man "retired". Megamind admits he's actually happier this way because he now has a real purpose, and he hopes to help Cassiopeia and Lucien find theirs during their atonement.
  • Understandably, the pair aren't fond of Dark Lords and Wizards, especially the likes of Lord Voldemort, Melkor, Palpatine, and Sauron. These evil beings were interested in the pair's powerful Dark Magic (The Ashes of Manna and the Power to Take Hearts), both wanting to weaponize these spells for their own uses. Neither Cassiopeia nor Lucien are willing to let them take their magic and use it for evil ever again, and show just powerful they've become with their new allies at their side.
  • Prime Minister Honest is easily the god the duo dislike the most, and for good reason. His manipulation and corruption of the young Emperor reminds Cassiopeia of how she was used by the Council, and his corrupt rule of the empire reminds Lucien of Belicosia's Warmongering tendencies and willingness to slaughter innocent civilians. Both are willing to kill Honest for his corruption, with Honest actually fearing their magic after seeing what they're capable of.
    • Lucien looks down of Esdeath's warmongering and Blood Knight tendencies. To him, Esdeath is a living reminder of the bloodshed he was forced to witness, leading to his Start of Darkness. Esdeath in turn doesn't really care about Lucien's views, still believing in survival of the fittest, but is eager to battle him and see his power close up. Lucien has absolutely nothing but contempt for her to the point that he quickly just goes for a swift and anticlimactic kill, unwilling to humor her. All this does is make Esdeath more eager to fight him.
  • The duo are conflicted about Star, since even though they understand why she did it, Star destroying all magic puts a bad taste in their mouth because it reminds them of the destruction of their homelands, not to mention how Cassiopeia had tried to destroy and remake her world so many times. That said, they're aren't exactly thrilled with Mina, who is actively seeking genocide and refuses to stop no matter what.
  • Cassiopeia and Lucien were very sympathetic with the likes of Zeref and Nine the Phantom, seeing how the two were driven to villainy by love just like Anakin and Obito were. Zeref and Nine in turn were also sympathetic towards the two for suffering from the tragedy that made them evil in the first place. They spent time discussing their magic and how they can use it improve other's lives.
    • Count Bleck and Tippi would also become friends with the duo after they learned of each other's tragic circumstances. Cassiopeia's former desire to destroy and remake the world reminds Count Bleck of Dimentio's Evil Plan, though unlike the latter, Cassiopeia was still capable of love and kindness, whereas Dimentio was a sociopath who only wanted to make a perfect world for himself. Cassiopeia and Lucien noted how they're tragic love for each other reminds them of Prince Ali and Princess Yasmina, who were also Star-Crossed Lovers separated as a result of an enemy's actions (Aapep in their case, and Blumiere's father in the case of Count Bleck and Tippi).
  • Odio has earned the pair's sympathy, considering how his life was ruined because one of his friends was jealous of his reputation and turned everyone against him so he can be the hero instead. Odio still has remained cynical, but admits that he does envy Cassiopeia managing to find someone to restore her faith. Odio also admits that he envies Lucien for having someone accompany him to the afterlife, whereas he died alone.
  • Though Madara did suffer through a lifetime of misery, most of it was self-inflicted, and he did cause Obito's Start of Darkness intentionally, giving Cassiopeia bad memories. Despite no longer causing trouble as he once did, neither Cassiopeia nor Lucien are as willing to reach out to him, considering he's still a Blood Knight (something that Shadar looks down on) and unsociable person.
  • Ash once dealt with living illusions once when his mother was kidnapped by an illusory Entei and he has to save her and Molly from the Unown when their power to grant Molly's wishes was threatening the outside world. Ash sympathizes with Cassiopeia greatly, remembering when Molly depended on illusions when her family disappeared, but is glad that she was finally able to let go of the past and start living in the present.
  • Cassiopeia quickly befriended Lana, who is the expelled goodness of another magic user from another world, similar to Pea. Cassiopeia felt sympathy for Cia since she also forced out her goodness, though she found her obsession with Link a little extreme. Lana in turn feels sympathy for the queen after learning how she expelled her kindness and innocence due to going insane from eons of loneliness after making a horrifying mistake, though she is at least glad that Cassiopeia reunited with Pea and became the kind-hearted queen she once was. Cassiopeia hopes that Cia and Lana can make up their differences one day and reunite.
  • Harry Potter, a good friend to Oliver, saw the two as the Good Counterpart to Lord Voldemort since they both have powerful magic and were immortal in a sense. However, Voldemort remained unrepentant to the very end, condemning his mutilated and fractured soul to limbo for eternity, whereas Cassiopeia and Lucien were able to find redemption in the end (Lucien gets to pass on to the afterlife peacefully, while Cassiopeia manages to live and regain her lost heart). Harry is proud that Oliver managed to succeed where he failed and is respectful to the two.
  • Akko is very sympathetic to the two after learning of their backstory, and is happy that Oliver was able to save them from their own torment. Akko has already forgiven Shiny Chariot for stealing her magic and is willing to give her the chance to atone. Since Akko and Chariot both want to bring smiles to people, they fully support Cassiopeia's desire to spread flowers and agree to help with this goal.
  • Luke, Rey, and Naruto had helped to redeem Anakin, Ben, Nagato, and Obito, and being the kind of heroes they are, were also able to extend a hand of friendship with Cassiopeia and Lucien. Lucien notes that Luke had lost himself when he failed Ben as a master, yet Rey helped to put him back on the right path, allowing him to return the favor later for her. Lucien sees a lot of himself in Luke after they both lost hope, though he still has yet to fully make peace with himself. Luke assures him that as long as there are people willing to give him a chance, and he continues making the effort to make things better, he will eventually.
  • Horde Prime detests the duo because magic is his Achilles' Heel, and their magic is incredibly powerful. Cassiopeia and Lucien in turn detest him for his tyranny and desire to conquer. Lucien dislikes him because his Mind Rape and desire to control remind him of the methods he used as Shadar to enforce order and prevent uprisings. That said, Prime does find Lucien's spells to turn people into the brokenhearted very interesting, and wants to take control of Lucien to put that spell to good use.
  • Jadis can be considered the Evil Counterpart of Cassiopeia for many reasons, besides the fact they share the title of the White Witch. They are both royalty, but whereas Cassiopeia started out as ruler who wanted the best for her people and was being misled by a corrupt council, Jadis fought a long and bloody war with her for claim of the throne. Cassiopeia destroyed her Kingdom entirely on accident, trying to make things better after her Kingdom was run to ground under the council's rule, while Jadis destroyed her entire universe during her battle with her sister. Cassiopeia became evil due to despair, but eventually saw the light again thanks to Oliver, while Jadis only got worse and tried to take over another world. Neither side like the other, though Jadis covets Cassiopeia's power and wants to take control of her world. Cassiopeia in turn vows to stop her if she ever tries to make a move on her.
  • Mischievous magic users were quite interested in Shadar's ability to take people's hearts, drastically changing their personality, and after learning an excess in any virtue that makes a person's heart can also lead to a personality change. After they manage to steal Oliver's spellbook, they used the Take and Give Heart spells to transfer different virtues between characters just to see what would happennote . Oliver and Lucien had to work together to fix the damage done, enlisting the aid of other sorcerers help them locate all those affected.

Z-ONE, God of False Foreshadowing (Almighty Ruler of the Infinite World, God of Destiny, The Divine One/The Ancient One, Robo-Shrimp, "Yusei Fudo", Best Yusei Cosplayer, Random Hobo Z-One)

Intermediate Gods

    Rolo Lamperouge/Haliburton 
Rolo Haliburton, God of Backstory Invaders (Rolo Lamperouge, Lord Kimmel, Nebiros)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (originally Neutral Evil)
  • Theme Song: Boku Wa, Tori Ni Naru
  • Portfolio: Backstory Invader through Fake Memories, An Unstable Psycho Supporter, Tyke Bomb and Obsessed With His "Brother" Though He Doesn't Care For People, Freezes People Like A Time-Stop, The Least Stable Member Of The Black Knights, One-Man Army, Kind Of Made Up For What He Did In The End
  • Domains: False Memories, Assassination, Obsession, Toxic Friendship, Time Stop, Madness
  • Followers: Yusuke Fujiwara/Honest, Lt. Tyler, Mest, Sakuya Kumashiro, Gata, Grinny, Ahni Jetal, The New Guy, Li'l Pequena
  • Special Relationship: Lelouch Lamperouge (his "brother")
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nunnally Vi Britannia (formerly a straight enemy), Akechi Mitsuhide, Marcus Junius Brutus, N, Jack the Ripper
  • Interests: Pride the Arrogant
  • Allies: Yuno Gasai, Lieselotte Achenbach, Nappa, Shukuro Tsukishima
  • Headbutting Anti-Heroes with: Belarus, River Song
  • On good terms with: Androids 17 and 18
  • On speaking terms with: The Killers and Assassins sub-house (notably Misa Amane)
  • Odd Friendship with: Scrappy Doo
  • Enemies: All of Lelouch's enemies, Peter Pettigrew, Rorge, Sundowner, Mannfred Von Carstein
  • Pities: Sniper Wolf, Biter
  • Pitied by: Hit, Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne, Lady Macbeth
  • Opposed by: Rick and Morty, Jack Harkness, Riza Hawkeye, Naminé
  • Not so different from: Dio Brando
  • Supposedly, Rolo Lamperouge is Lelouch's younger brother. He is unsociable and reserved, unlike his older brother, a trait which does not gain him many friends at school. His most prized possession is a locket given to him by Lelouch on his birthday. However, this is all a lie. Charles used his Geass of Fake Memories to make him think he was always part of the family as part of removing Nunnally from his memories. Rolo was a child assassin who had an obsession with his "brother" despite his purpose of keeping an eye on him and killing him if needed, and is only kept by Lelouch as a pawn.
  • His codename is Rolo Haliburton. His real name is unknown, and he's not telling anyone what it is. The homunculus Pride was intrigued by this seemingly innocent kid being an Ax-Crazy assassin, as it reminds him of his own role as the Bradley's little kid. Beyond that he's indifferent and can't see how Rolo would serve his Father's plans.
  • Lelouch wasn't happy to learn that Rolo had returned in his life, however Rolo did end up killing himself by overuse of his Geass to save him. Despite trying to remove Nunnally, he has promised not to go after her in the pantheon in order to try and get into his "brother's" good graces again. This doesn't change the fact he is still unstable. Naminé wasn't happy seeing him ascend, as her memory manipulation powers were used to replace Kairi with herself in Sora's memories, but she was forced to do so by Organization XIII and worked to fix Sora's memories. Rolo gives her bad memories.
  • Lelouch isn't the only god who had to deal with a Backstory Invader. Rick and Morty had to deal with memory parasites, only detecting them because they couldn't create bad memories. Jack's love interest with mind raped into thinking he was a serial killer by one. As such, they both would rather Rolo buzz off but don't have reason to truly hate them. Riza doesn't like Rolo much even if she doesn't hate him because his toxic influence is antithetical to her role as a Morality Chain to Roy Mustang.
  • Interestingly Nappa seems fond of the kid. After all, he was Vegeta's sidekick who ultimately crossed him, though more directly in his case and it was an example of You Have Failed Me. It was Rolo who was more sympathetic to Nappa because his failings were merely getting crippled after a Curb-Stomp Battle. However upon Nappa's ascension Vegeta is a bit more accepting and Nappa has become more chill. Oddly enough while there's a timeline where Nappa underwent Adaptational Heroism, the Nightmare of Nunnally timeline is one where Rolo underwent Adaptational Villainy. Sometimes they chat about it.
  • With other Dragonball deities, Rolo is on relative good terms with Android 17 and 18. Sure, they were never as evil as Rolo(at least in the present timeline), but like him they were turned into tyke bombs. Hit seems to feel bad for the kid given his status as a Tyke Bomb assassin, as despite his stoic personality he is a Hitman with a Heart. He also has a time-stop based ability, though more direct than the mental time stop of Rolo. Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne seem to sympathize with this background even if they rose above it more than Rolo. In turn, Rolo pities Sniper Wolf for her doomed love for her own target.
  • Rolo Haliburton's Geass is a time stop. It doesn't freeze time so much as it mentally freezes people; the Ward of Absolute Suspension. The weaknesss is that it stops his heart so he can only do it for short bursts, but it is very useful for assassination. Dio was amused by this, and while he is way too evil for Rolo to accept working with, they weren't completely dissimilar. Rolo's obsession with his "brother" reminds Dio of his own obsession with Jonathan despite being arch enemies, twisting into a paradoxical loathing of having to desecrate Jonathan's body through Brain Theft while also believing it is the only vessel worthy of him. They're also rather psychotic and have serious issues stemming from childhood. It's been argued that Dio doesn't have an excuse and was simply an Enfant Terrible, but oddly enough Rolo does believe he is a product of his upbringing; it's just he chose not to rise above it, which Rolo is starting to do following a case of Redemption Equals Death.
  • The toxic obsession with Lelouch has Rolo confused on historical betrayals by friends like Akechi Mitsuhide and Marcus Junius Brutus. Akechi's morality and how he views Oda Nobunaga is complicated by varying depictions, and though Rolo is quick to condemn treachery Akechi pointing out he wasn't exactly helping Lelouch and thus can't have much of a place to talk caused him to reconsider him and Brutus. Some may say Brutus had an Oedipus Complex, not helped by the rumors Julius Caesar had fathered him, and is usually only able to get along with Rolo on the "hero" side where he only killed his friend as a necessary evil.
  • While he is conflicted with the above, Rolo has nothing but seething contempt for Mannfred von Carstein and Peter Pettigrew. Sure, Rolo goes against Lelouch's best interests, but it's only partly selfishness and a lot motivated by his Mad Love. Both of them are pure It's All About Me. Pettigrew is in some ways worse; he had a good relationship with the Marauders even if they would sometimes neglect him, but he still betrayed them just because he was afraid of dying while Rolo eventually pulled a Heroic Sacrifice in part to redeem himself. Despite that, Wormtail doesn't actually dislike Rolo and some small part of him wishes he shared Rolo's bravery in the end given what treachery ultimately gave him. A lot of this relates to the likely reason why he of all people was sorted into Gryffindor; not his own bravery, but that he values bravery.
  • As mentioned, he was raised as a child assassin and it messed him up big time. N doesn't approve of his actions however he understands what it must have been like have been made a pawn. Also, while Jack the Ripper usually doesn't care about Rolo and the feeling is mutual, as a Servant she seems to get along with Rolo for the most part. Mainly because they are traumatized youths and this led them to murder, though Rolo considers her "kill prostitutes for their maternal warmth" weird even for him.
  • Naturally despises Sundowner, as he is willing to make Child Soldiers and raise them to be psychos like himself for war. Not just mentally, but taking their brains and turning them into cyborgs run on simulations. Naturally despises Rorge too. While there are many reasons to hate the Brave Companions, especially Rorge, his beef comes with how Rorge raised an orphan to be nothing more than an attack animal. Rolo sees Biter as himself with all humanity driven out of him, and though Biter is too animalistic to reciprocate Rolo is a lot more sympathetic to Biter than most.
  • Tends to hang out in the House of Killers and Assassins. Despite the deadly profession, there are a number of more well-adjusted deities there. But then there's also Misa Amane. Given how Light feels about murderers when they working for his cause or are him, most thought they'd be straight up enemies. However they found common ground in an obsession with a figure that regards them with apathy and/or antipathy(though Lelouch is more justified to do so than Light). Sure she would kill Rolo in a heart beat if Light requested it, but she pities the kid and sympathizes with his desire to be loved.
  • Finds kinship with Lieselotte Achenbach given their similar backgrounds and anti-hero traits. Less so with River Song, as she doesn't care for anything related to Fake Memories given her background with the Silents' Kovarian faction. However they were both raised to be assassins and have serious issues. River's just comparatively more matured than Rolo and wants him to follow up being a better ally to Lelouch and a better person as a whole, as the Doctor helped her.
  • If it hasn't been made clear by now, Rolo is a Yandere for Lelouch. Probably platonically, but still. So naturally he gets along with Yuno Gasai. He also seems to understand how Belarus must feel with her obsession for Russia, though he is weirded out by her wanting her biological father. When she pointed out that's kind of hypocritical given Lelouch is technically his foster brother, Rolo pointed out "yes, foster brother".
  • Weirdly enough, Rolo Haliburton and Scrappy-Doo are friends. At first they thought they didn't have any common ground, but after a fist fight came to the realization they do; estranged family, kind of annoying and are scrappy. Both in terms of personality, but also most don't like Scrappy-Doo and Rolo has a divisive reputation among the fans. The two came to understand each other and this further annoyed Lelouch when Rolo brought the pup.
  • Found a common bond with Shukuro Tsukishima once the former Xcution member was clear of the influence of Death Phantom. Both have invaded others' histories via false memory gambits, though Rolo's wasn't his own; as such, he's a bit miffed that Shukuro can insert himself into people's pasts but not anyone else normally. Likewise, Shu thinks his obsession with Lelouch is a bit much to deal with. Still, they both understand what it's like to fight, kill, and die for the cause of their First Friend—and ironically, Rolo has become Shu's first new solid friend in the Pantheon. Rolo is trying to convince Lelouch to help Shu whenever he's ready to take on Death Phantom.

    Sayaka Miki 
Sayaka Miki, Goddess of Surprising Reveals (Oktavia von Seckendorff)
Click here to see her normal attire 
Oktavia von Seckendorff 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A blue Soul Gem next to a Grief Seed.
  • Theme song: Decretum and I'm Such an Idiot (as Sayaka), She is a Witch (when summoning) Symposium Magarum (using Oktavia von Seckendorff).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Chaotic Evil as Oktavia, Chaotic Good if Oktavia is summoned as a Doppel)
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl Warriors, Committed and Determined but it Ends Up Damaging her Mentality, Knight Templar, The Power of Love, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Love Makes You Crazy, before Becoming a Witch, Coming Back from the Dead Even Stronger, Summon Magic
  • Domains: Good, Magic, Despair, Love, Idealism, Angst
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lucifer, Death Phantom, The Batman Who Laughs, "The Joker", "PreCure" Joker, Kefka Palazzo, Lord Tirek, Junko Enoshima, Yuuki Terumi, Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow, Pitch Black, The Plutonian, Zamasu, The Anti-Spiral, Ursula, Doctor Facilier, "Cuphead" Devil
  • Evil Counterparts: Arthas Menethil, Tai Lung
  • Opposes: Kyubey and the Incubators, Despair of the Endless (one-sided on Despair's part), Nurgle, The Dementors
  • Pities/Pitied By: The Knight of Despair, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, House of Love and Affection
  • Odd Friendship: Shinji Ikari, Shouya Ishida, Shouko Nishimiya
  • Respects: The Mane Six
  • On Speaking Terms With: Oriko Mikuni, Archer
  • Avoids: Ludwig the Accursed
  • Complicated Relationship: Homura Akeminote 
  • Sayaka Miki was once an ordinary teen girl who hung around with other girls her age and was eager to express her thoughts and feelings towards others, particularly her best friend, Madoka Kaname, and her crush, Kyosuke Kamijo. That is until Madoka and Sayaka stumble across a mysterious girl named Homura Akemi and an enigmatic cat-like creature known as Kyubey, both of whom end up dragging Madoka and Sayaka into a perpetual battle between Magical Girls and Witches. Despite a rocky start, Madoka and Sayaka find companionship and a mentor in a Magical Girl named Mami Tomoe, which is quickly cut abruptly when Mami is killed in a mission gone wrong. When told about the nature of Magical Girls, Sayaka asks Kyubey to wish for Kyosuke's injuries to be healed, with Sayaka being converted into a Magical Girl in the process and also forming a rivalry with another Magical Girl named Kyoko Sakura. Adamant about becoming a hero, Sayaka ends up stressed and mostly unsuccessful, becoming despondent and frustrated over the burden of becoming a Magical Girl. Worse, Sayaka's friend, Hitomi Shizuki ends up confessing her feelings for Kyosuke around the same time as her mental turmoil gradually worsened. Eventually, Sayaka succumbed to despair and transformed into a witch known as Oktavia von Seckendorff. Feeling guilty and responsible for not helping earlier, Kyoko took it upon herself to stop Sayaka from further hurting others and driving them to despair, ultimately choosing to sacrifice her life for a chance to be Together in Death.
    • Despite the tragic conclusion to her role, it seemed that Sayaka's story hadn't ended entirely. In one particular circumstance, Sayaka was revealed to have resurfaced just fine until it was uncovered that it was the result of Madoka's wish of erasing all witches and Homura's continued persistence in wanting to keep Madoka alive and happy. Furthermore, those actions resulted in Sayaka becoming a part of the Law of Cycles, with Oktavia becoming an extension that she could utilize during battle, a Doppel more specifically. In another set of events, Sayaka and her fellow sisters-in-arms became involved with the many mysterious and shadowy events occurring in the city of Kamihama and in a scuffle against the Wings of the Magius. Thanks to an alteration of fate, it seems as if Sayaka has managed to receive a more open and conclusive tale for herself, though the many tragedies and issues that she's had to deal with have not fully dissipated and she's since continued to be a committed and stalwart Magical Girl since.
  • Sayaka's ascension into the Pantheon came sometime after Madoka's, and it was here where Sayaka discovered what happened to Madoka after her own death. It was a lot to take in as Sayaka took to brooding and contemplating her decisions alone, but Kyoko's ascension soon after greatly benefitted as it allowed both girls to open up to their problems more healthily and decided to work on improving themselves just as much as they could looking after and helping Madoka. However, the Pantheon was a much more different world than the one Sayaka came from, and it didn't bode well when she and the ascended Magical Girls ended up being involved in an unexpected conflict. What came as most unexpected was when Homura herself allowed her unfettered desire of keeping Madoka safe to fall under the control and influence of Lucifer and played a role in depowering Madoka. In addition to the sudden shock of events, Sayaka has felt deeply angered and worried since, vowing to punish Homura for her actions and doing her best to look after Madoka in a new, unpredictable world. On a more positive note, her own re-evaluation of her life, actions, and decision-making, in addition to making new friends and some wise words on hope, focus, and mindfulness has staved her from falling into despair again, something that she's since been grateful of.
  • Of the core quintet, Sayaka is the closest equivalent to a Magical Girl Warrior; a steadfast, eager, and, dedicated team player who wields a cutlass conjured by the magic given to her by Kyubey and possessing a strong sense of justice that she wishes to instill into her actions and to her friends. Most of all, her dedication to Madoka is her defining trait, for Sayaka has made it clear that the well-being of her dear friend is her biggest priority in the Pantheon, a sentiment that has only strengthened since the depletion of Madoka's powers. Even when Madoka was able to regain a portion of her lost powers, Sayaka remained vigilant in remaining her closest protector, even when Madoka's experience opened up a growing list of friends and influence. She justifies her stance by claiming that the Pantheon has a number of threats that they're not really familiar with and they would have to better prepare themselves soon. Still, she hopes to find some time for relaxation and enjoyment in a whole new world, and Sayaka expresses excitement over that matter.
  • Her relationship with the House of Heroism, while overall positive, does have some awkward undertones to them. Sayaka is genuinely dedicated to helping others and making them happy and content, but the fact remains that she became a magical girl for a well-meaning, but deceptively selfish reason; to heal Kyosuke in the hopes that she could get him to appreciate and love her. As a result, Sayaka sometimes struggles with what makes an Ideal Hero, but since her ascension, her story has been a cautionary reminder of having to accept your faults soon as well as being open about one's own insecurities and inner turmoil. With Sayaka doing mentally better since her visit, she's happy to see that she is developing a good reputation and thanks Madoka for inspiring a new sense of hope and aspiration for the future. Of course, as the old saying states, You Are Better Than You Think You Are.
  • She also has a complicated relationship with the House of Love and Affection, and unlike Heroism where she was able to receive better mentoring and a more educated understanding of what makes a hero, Sayaka is a lot more reluctant and despondent here. Her failure to confess her love for Kyosuke still lingers, but others have noted that she's started to take a liking to fellow magical girl Kyoko, though neither of the two has discussed that matter too much. She visits the Hall of Romantic Loss as a way to connect with those who've had a similar experience as she did. She'll make the occasional boast about being a great magical girl as a way to make herself feel better, though she would stay quiet anytime Darth Vader would attend. Interestingly, Sayaka and Vader both noted that their love for someone was what caused them to have an emotional breakdown that culminated in them becoming monsters. While a redeemed soul, Sayaka was nonetheless stunned about Vader's tale and wondered how much worse he would have it compared to her, with the only solace being that at least Vader didn't get to become an eldrich monster, unlike her. Still, Sayaka remains somewhat fearful of Vader, given his reputation and authority whereas the former Sith Lord sees the magical girl from a more pitiful viewpoint.
    • While they don't have too much in common, Sayaka did end up getting along with Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya. That said, Sayaka did voice her disapproval towards Shouya for his days as a bully, but that was to be expected, and was more surprised to see how the two of them gradually developed romantic feelings for each other. Given Shouko's hearing disability, Sayaka can't help but be reminded by Kyousuke to a degree, but she is glad that in spite of their hardships, they are trying to go on strong and that is what matters. She also ended up getting associated with Lady Bug and Chat Noir in the sense that despite having romantic feelings for each other, both of them have trouble admitting it, not helped by the fact that they spend the majority of their time as back-to-back vigilantes. On one occasion, Sayaka decided to tag along with the duo in stopping a crime and that's how they became friends, although the trio ended up causing a bit of a ruckus as well as some bickering on Marinette and Adrien's part. Sayaka egging in on the two of them to confess their feelings only added more banter, but at least the duo has come to see Sayaka as a good friend and ally to hang out and fight alongside.
  • While she has a good deal of representation with the House of Despondency, Sayaka isn't really fond of it. It's not that she dislikes the House, but the fact that there's a constant reminder of tragedy and despair there means that she very easily feels uncomfortable there. For further discomfort, one of the House's representatives, the Knight of Despair, was someone that always made Sayaka quiver in shock because of just how eerily similar they are in their mortal circumstances; the Knight was a magical girl who wasn't able to live up to the expectations of being a hero, unable to save those that she cares for and succumbing to despair, with her individuality only being held on by her knightly valor and desire to protect others. As a result, Sayaka is too uneasy to properly confront the Knight of Despair, let alone speak with her, and chooses to keep some distance away from her, an act that the knight saw as a sign of pity and dejection, figuring that the girl might have suffered a similar tragedy as the knight itself did.
    • To her dismay, Sayaka also came to keep her distance from Dementors, vicious ghouls who prey upon those who are feeling immense despair and are relentless on whoever they will chase down to feed themselves. While a formidable fighter herself, Sayaka doesn't really have anything to combat herself them, especially in large hordes, so whenever she hears about the presence of Dementors, she just scuttles off in annoyance, hoping that someone else would get the job done if it means driving them away. She's also expressed discomfort at being reminded of Despair of the Endless for what she's supposed to represent as well as her association with already controversial and hated figures like Junko and the Chaos God, Nurgle, who just so happen to depend on despair. That said, this is one-sided on Sayaka's part; Despair is, at most, curious about Sayaka, given her own history of stress and mental trauma and while not malevolent about it, doesn't bear any ill will towards her either, just expressing some confusion for why Sayaka would want to stay away from Despair.
  • Since her experience with Kyubey and understanding how her species work, Sayaka is not only wary of the Incubators, but would actively oppose them at every opportunity, though the Incubators have ended up prioritizing their incomprehensible goals first, leading Sayaka and her peers to encounter other sorts of devious foes in the Pantheon. Lucifer is chief among those, with Sayaka having nothing but disdain for him due to his role in severing Madoka's influence and power, though the Lightbringer is considerably lax about Sayaka's presence and reputation, not seeing her as a major concern. The fact that he managed to sway Homura to her side is also a serious point of contention, with Sayaka also making sure Homura pays for her sudden turn to serve someone who is just as manipulative and shrewd as the Incubators. That said, while initially starting off as harsh enemies, their enmity has softened, as Homura did alter events in their world enough for Sayaka to survive her predestined demise as well as growing to become a more well-adjusted and capable magical girl, and Homura being rather remorseful of their broken friendship and not wishing to fight Sayaka for Madoka's sake. The two still clash with one another in case they can't find any moral agreement.
  • On the subject of those struggling with doubts, peer pressure, and uncertainty about their status as heroes, Says was surprised to see that there was a larger number of like-minded individuals than she expected. Arata Kagami, Riku, Kara Zor-El, and Wally West were among those heroes, and they ended up encountering Sayaka during a visit to the House of Heroism. She quickly related to Arata's tale of wanting to become a Kamen Rider and wanting to prove his worth by fighting Worms. He got his wish by becoming Kamen Rider Gatack, though it was by unfortunate circumstances by being deceived and betrayed. With Riku, Sayaka related to his former desire to prove himself a better hero than Sora while Kara and Wally, despite their fears and success, still struggle with tragedy as well as trying to uphold a legacy as Supergirl and The Flash, something that has mentally worn them down at times, sometimes to the point of snapping. While there were some tragic undertones, Sayaka, fortunately, found further inspiration and drive for being a hero thanks to Arata, Riku, Kara, and Wally, hearing that in spite of their struggles, they still managed to work their way through and fight for their loved ones and for what is right, which she saw as good enough. At the end of the day, Sayaka became good friends with all of them and keeps in contact with them, either as buddies to hang out with or as allies if she ever needs help, be it in a fight or in moral support, which has helped a lot for her as this newfound friendship has improved her confidence in the Pantheon.
    • She became friends with Izuku Midoriya and Shirou Emiya rather quickly after meeting them for the first time. While they all share a commitment to protecting others, they also confided to their own stresses of whether they could live up to their expectations of being heroes, with all of them facing tragic circumstances about it. They also struggled with self-esteem and self-sacrificing issues, though Sayaka tends to be withdrawn about the matter, especially in contrast to Emiya and Midoriya, who have since managed to overcome them. Despite feeling that she wasn't successful in properly dealing with her personal matters, Sayaka was happy to see that she could relate those circumstances with others and while they may be more successful about handling them, they are also willing to help Sayaka in getting to solve her personal problems that don't necessarily involve fighting witches, bad guys, and protecting Madoka. On the subject of Emiya, Sayaka would also come into contact with his future self who goes by Archer, who turned out to be gruffer than his past self. While not as nice about it, Archer recognizes Sayaka's commitment and dedication but states that she needs to steel and temper her mind properly and thus requires training. Initially, Sayaka didn't get along because of Archer's harsher outlook to the point of battling him a few times, but over time has since come to see what he meant and has since developed a measure of respect for him, seeing Archer as a teacher of sorts when it comes to her combat skill and keeping in check of her emotions during battle.
  • On unexpected terms, Sayaka ended up befriending Ariel in an unplanned event. The two met when Sayaka decided to visit the Hall of Water and Moisture, which is where Ariel resided, and the latter took particular notice of the former, feeling that something was "familiar" about Sayaka. It turned out that the two of them had more in common than they thought, with Ariel also making a deal with a shady individual, in her case the sea-witch Ursula for a chance to fall in love with a human and become a human herself. Fortunately, the Ariel in the Pantheon ended up with a happy ending, marrying Eric and having a daughter named Melody, which Sayaka felt relieved and happy about. She did become more aware of the original tale of Ariel, where her deal with Ursula meant that because of the nature of the deal is that she could never return to the oceans, she had to either marry Eric or die from the curse that Ursula gave him, and despite the temptation of being given the opportunity to kill Eric when he gets married, she couldn't bring herself to do it, causing her to become a spirit who is to help others for 300 years before ascending to Heaven. While saddened by the outcome, Sayaka noted that at least Ariel got a better ending than herself, and considering Ariel herself has become aware of Oktavia, the two don't talk about it. The two of them have been good friends with Ariel admiring Sayaka's loyalty to Madoka while the magical girl appreciates the mermaid's headstrong nature as well as doing her best to mature after suffering for one selfish act. Of course, this also meant that Sayaka would have to keep an eye out for Ursula in case they ever met her, with Sayaka noting that the sea witch's act of tempting Ariel is not too different from how Incubators bargain with girls about wishes and attaining power.
  • Because her emotional fragility did contribute to her downfall, Sayaka is being careful about her well-being and, while headstrong and sometimes stubborn, is open to being given something akin to mentoring and therapy as a way to keep her hopeful and determined. Still, the Pantheon has its fair share of villains who are more than willing to mentally and emotionally destroy those under the pretension of enjoying their evil acts and destroying hope. As a result, Sayaka despises Junko Enoshima, seeing her as a madwoman who was too far gone in reasoning due to her addictive desire to spread despair and hurt others to satiate her own sadistic thrills and while Junko is joyful about the idea of putting Sayaka in another wringer of misery just to see her transform into Oktavia again, she's too preoccupied with dealing with a whole other mob of people who hate her guts just as much as Sayaka does. She also hates both Jokers the Pantheon had to offer due to their habit of destroying and scarring others for the hell of it, though while the Bad End agent sees destroying the hopes of others as secondary to destroying the world, the Clown Prince of Crime is eager to approach Sayaka with the intent of toying and messing around with her. It doesn't help that "The Joker" infuriates Sayaka more than most of her newfound foes, resulting in them fighting against one another at times.
    • Despite her determined mindset, she admits that there are a few enemies that terrify her. One of them, Death Phantom, left her with the notable impression of Sayaka taking teamwork and friendship a lot more seriously than usual after barely making it out of being mentally broken again. At the very least, there was a good incentive in Sayaka to develop a stronger relationship with the Sailor Guardians and take some lessons in bettering herself in certain aspects, such as leadership with Usagi Tsukino and combat with Rei Hino. Another foe that scared Sayaka was The Batman Who Laughs, a corrupted version of Batman who combines his intellect and resources with the madness and unpredictability of "The Joker" to become an omnicidal nihilist who revels in torturing and breaking others out of amusement. That said, Sayaka was more infuriated than frightened when she learned that He Who Laughs attempted to mentally break Madoka and was nearly successful, all whilst she wasn't there for her friend's safety. While Madoka was ultimately protected by a collection of new friends, namely Guts, she criticized herself for being reckless, though Madoka assured that regardless of what happened, they should learn from their mistakes. Still, Sayaka has no pretensions to back down and decided to further the improvement of her skills and morale in the event she encounters and battles He Who Laughs.
  • On the subject of enemies, Sayaka initially saw Arthas Menethil and Tai Lung simply as that, but upon learning about them more, Sayaka's opinion towards them became more introspective and personal. Both started out as good-hearted figures who eventually worked their way to becoming well-respected heroes until an unfortunate event happened that broke their spirits and the two of them fell into despair. Only where Sayaka died whilst transforming into a witch, Arthas's desperation to save his people and kingdom and his own mental stress led to him becoming corrupted by Frostmourne and the spirit of Ner'zhul and turning into the Lich King while Tai Lung, unable to comprehend the idea of not being the Dragon Warrior, attempted to steal the Dragon Scroll for himself whilst throwing away any affection he had for his loved ones, including his mentor and adopted father, Shifu. Needless to say, Sayaka feels rather uncomfortable whilst talking about them, let alone dealing with them, though she's glad that this time, she's the one to control Oktavia as a Doppel and has firmly stayed a hero, dedicated to protecting her loved ones and helping others if she can manage it. On the other hand, Arthas has little to say about his thoughts on Sayaka other than just another adversary to potentially enslave to his bidding while Tai Lung also shares the same sentiments, that is until Sayaka unexpectedly became friends with Po, the actual Dragon Warrior due to their shared insecurities of being heroic figures and Po giving her some silly, but ultimately effective advice on being a samaritan, whereupon the Snow Leopard has since desired to hunt down Sayaka out of spite towards the Kung Fu Panda.
    • When it came to those who wanted to be a hero in their own tale, none terrifies Sayaka as much as the Plutonian does. There was a genuine desire for Plutonian to become a hero, but like Sayaka, there was a Secretly Selfish intent beneath it as he wanted universal adoration from everybody, which was unfortunately impossible. One too many failures and criticisms and Plutonian suddenly snapped and decided to become a villain, destroying a large portion of Earth and reveling in his atrocious acts. It would have been enough for Sayaka to be disgusted at his core motivations and his pitiful past doing little, if anything, to justify them, but the sheer destruction and malice Plutonian showed was too much for Sayaka to comprehend. She admitted that if she had enough power, she would kill Plutonian, but is disgruntled that she couldn't do much about it due to their massive difference in power, though she is on board with the idea of an alliance to take him down as at least it would give Sayaka a chance at truly proving herself a hero. The Plutonian, on the other hand, finds the similarities between him and Sayaka regarding their idea and desire for heroism to be rather amusing, but otherwise doesn't really care for her and sees Sayaka as an insignificant pest.
  • For very obvious reasons, Sayaka isn't fond of recalling her time in despair nor the fact that she became a witch, which marked the death of her personality. To her dismay and discomfort, there are those outside of magical girls who ended up in the same predicament. The most prominent of these was a hero named Ludwig, who tried to fight off a menace known as the Scourge of Beasts. Despite his valiant efforts, his lack of success and the loss of his friends and supporters began a downward spiral regarding Ludwig's mentality, which culminated with him gradually transforming into a monster no less different from the being he was bent on destroying. The other magical girls tend to avoid encountering Ludwig, not necessarily because of him being a threat, but because he's a reminder of their nature of being bound to a contract where they are to transform into an eldritch monster like Ludwig once their despair overtakes them, which is what happened with Sayaka. That said, her increased confidence has allowed her to better tolerate Ludwig, though she still keeps her distance for obvious reasons. Ludwig, on the other hand, pities Sayaka and the other magical girls for sharing the same predicaments as he does, though outside of that couldn't really do much about it.
    • On a more surprising note, Steven Universe also underwent a similar experience, where his desire to pursue heroism and being a samaritan to make up for his perceived lack of purpose caused him to transform into a monster after his grief and self-loathing ended up overtaking his thoughts in the future, which was not helped by the fact that he and the Crystal Gems fought against gem monsters who were also fellow gem people who were twisted and corrupted into monstrous beings by their leaders. Fortunately, Steven's friends managed to properly bring him back by assuring their trust and love for him. While there were a number of sad undertones, Sayaka saw Steven as a good person with a heartwarming attitude and story, eager to get along with him and often trying to find time to hang out with each other as good friends. The fact that Steven's mother, Rose Quartz, was a celebrated hero before her son's birth was interesting trivia for Sayaka to learn about and further her respect for Steven, seeing him as a good successor. Overall, in spite of their tragic circumstances, Sayaka and Steven's interactions have been positive and helpful to each other.
"I don't regret using my wish for another's sake. If I regret my decision now, the feelings upon which it was based will be for naught."

Lesser Gods

    General Shepherd 
???: Did you get the trope?

Tropers: We got it sir!

Shepherd: Good, that's one less loose end.

General Hershel von Shepherd, God of Plot Dramatic Lines (Gold Eagle, Hershel von Shepherd III, Shepard, Sephard, Sheperd)
Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2 Remastered
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His beret.
  • Theme Song: Loose Ends - Betrayal
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil by methods, ultimately Lawful Neutral concerning his goals
  • Portfolio: Fighting with his troops and almost killing Price after crawling out of an helicopter crash, Being the one behind Creating a war between the U.S.A. and Russia after losing 30 000 men to a nuke, Getting killed by a knife thrown into his eye and getting buried at Arlington and getting considered a national hero, Turning out to be nothing more than a pawn in Makarov's plans
  • Domains: War, Evil, Betrayal, Narrative.
  • Heralds: The Shadow Company
  • Allies: Apocalypse, War, Steven Armstrong, Big Boss, Kano, Solidus Snake, Miles Quaritch
  • Enemies:
  • General Shepherd was once the man that served as the supreme commander of the UMSC during their deployment in the Middle East in their efforts to overthrow Khaled Al-Asad and the Op-For following them overtaking the land and executing president Yasir Al-Fulani. Shepherd suffered a considerable loss after the nuke was detonated, killing around 30.000 U.S. Soldiers in an instant. This greatly affected the general who would later swear he would rebuilt the reputation of the US Army whatever mean necessary and for that he created Task Force 141 to be his guinea pig project and sparking a Third World War between the USA and Russia. With that, he sent a new recruit, Joseph Allen, undercover in Vladimir Makarov's inner circle to aid him in the infamous airport massacre, Makarov knowing full well Allen was just a mole and killed him to spark a war. But the true nature of Shepherd wouldn't be revealed until he sent half of the Task Force 141 to raid Makarov's hideout...
    • Following a narrow escape from Makarov's Estate, Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley and Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson were to rendezvous with Shepherd and the backup but Roach was injured in the process. The backup arrived on time, but neither man was prepared after Shepherd suddenly shot them both and disposed of their bodies, uttering the rather infamous "Good, that's one less loose end". For that, Shepherd was later ascended into the Pantheon with the Wham Line title.
  • Concerning the public of his world he died as a war hero, but in the Pantheon his dirty laundry was made public the second he was made a deity, mostly because both MacTavish and Price were already deities on their own right. His name became disgraced as a result, shattering any chance he could properly join the Grand United Alliance of Good or even other official military positions. In the end the general wasn't too bothered by this inconvenience, preferring to acts as a "vigilante" and crush whoever he sees as someone that would threaten the security of the United States. And he has plenty fish to fry, with not only the aforementioned TF 141 soldiers, but with both Makarov AND Zakhaev as threats he wants to personally put down in order to earn the glory of being the man to put a stop to them.
  • While GUAG quickly distanced themselves from Shepherd concerning his betrayal of several of his people and Shepherd himself found GUAE to be even too much for him, he ended up finding himself allied with the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. The main reason? Senator Steven Armstrong pulled some strings to have Shepherd be a member of GUAC, fully backing Shepherd in his attempt to make America a super power again. Although the General isn't exactly looking to throw the world into chaos, and ultimately the Senator is against war itself, they each see the alliance as advantageous for eliminating opposition.
  • While technically disohonorably discharged from being an official member of the Pantheonic military, Shepherd was wise enough to get his PMC, the Shadow Company, entry as his herald division. He is now a lot more open about his illegal activities, often bordering on being a full-blown terrorist to some, but he has numerous times clarified he is doing it for the good of America and to avenge all those soldiers he lost in the Middle East. This in turn caught the attention of Big Boss who found Shepherd to be quite similar to him, even if he is a lot more reckless and cares little for his own men. Big Boss decided to ally with him mostly to keep an eye on him and the Shadow Company and probably wouldn't have him be part of his group.
  • He knows there are others from his home franchise that hail from slightly different timelines. He caught wind of Alex Mason, who became a sleeper agent for the Russians and was implicated in the assassination of JFK, and neither are exactly on good terms with one another. Mason finds Shepherd to be deplorable and a disgrace to the US Military while the General finds Mason's friendship with Viktor Reznov and Tashkent to be foolish, but both recognize that Dragovich is as dangerous as Makarov and doesn't help the two are friends. Likewise, he will aid the GUAG if it can hinder Raul Menendez, who besides having a grudge against Mason has also paid a visit to Shepherd and warned him that he too would fall against Cordis Die.
  • It's no surprise that Shepherd is considered a Black Sheep among the deities who have ties to the military. Orchestrating World War III and disposing of his own Task Force like it was nothing is unforgivable in many eyes, with Jax Briggs, Sonya Blade (a general herself), and their respective daughters all finding the man to be the worst of the worst (which only got worse once word came that Shepherd was making a deal with Kano for an undisclossed reason). Commander Shepard is also disgusted that so many people keep confusing the two and stated they would never fall into the same pit that the General did in betraying his own soldiers.
    • His ties to Big Boss and his subsequent alliance with Solidus Snake (who similarly can appreciate what he tried to accomplish) made it so several of the former two's enemies would also considering targeting Shepherd, with Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki having taken action in their attempts to bring the General down.
  • His betrayal of his men and the use of Shadow Company granted him the disgust of Alexander the Great, Leonidas and many others within the House of War. Likewise, Martin Walker despise him for being too much like his former superior, Konrad, but Shepherd was quick to point out that Walker wasn't much better than him, citing the White Phosphorus incident as a much worse action that what Shepherd did (though it's hotly debated whether causing a war between America and Russia or bombing innocent civilians is worse).
  • Shepherd also faced a lot of backlash given his role in the war between Russia and America, the hunt for Makarov and getting the Task Force 141 disavowed. Several who think War Is Hell like Kiritsugu Emiya, siblings Seita and Setsuko and Obi-Wan Kenobi find his actions to be irredeemable in their eyes. He hardly cares for these but his betrayal is also VERY infamous among people both in and outside the Pantheon, mourning the loss of Ghost and Roach to this day. Only a select few members of the House of Betrayal have ever complimented Shepherd on it.
  • Nowadays Shepherd is mostly the leader of a PMC (the aforementioned Shadow Company) even if he would rather not acknowledge this. He isn't exactly beloved by other mercenaries or even groups for that matter, with the Tactical Dolls being one of his most constant detractors in the PMC department, mostly because they were betrayed by a renegade branch not unlike what Shepherd did to TF 141. He finds the girls to be rather amusing rather than a serious threat but recognizes they are a potential threat to the Shadow Company.
  • Joshua Graham found Shepherd to be a dark reflection what he used to be in the past, and is understanding of why Shepherd would go to become like that following a nuclear explosion; he knows from experience after all. However, he nonetheless managed to become a better person and has tried to urge the general to do the same, but Shepherd has chosen to ignore Graham and brush him off as a lunatic.
  • His connections in the pantheonic criminal underworld have been shaky to say the least, mostly given a deal gone wrong he once had with Yuri Orlov. The man being Ukranian was already a red flag for him but he could provide his group with firearms; instead, Orlov set Shepherd up and lured him and his men into a trap set up by Makarov. Luckily Shepherd was able to overcome them and has since tried to hunt down Orlov for this. But not everything has been problems. Miles Quaritch was a disgraced military man just like him and saw a kindred spirit in Shepherd, offering the man a partnership. Shepherd accepted after hearing that Quaritch had access to futuristic technology and some rare resources from an alien planet.

    Julio "Rictor" Richter and Gaveedra Seven/Shatterstar 
Julio Esteban Richter and Gaveedra Seven, Gods of Relationship Reveals (Julio: Rictor, Ric, Joaquin "Jake" Murrieta, Mutate #527, Unit #2347; Gaveedra: Shatterstar, Shatty-buns, Gaveedra 7, The Prince of Blades, Benjamin Russell, Star, Star Face)
Shatterstar (left) and Rictor (right)
  • Lesser Gods (Demigod for Rictor when he was depowered)
  • Symbol: A brown coat (for Rictor); a star marking around the left eye and a white jacket (for Shatterstar)
  • Alignment: Both are Neutral Good, but Shatterstar is formerly Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heterosexual Life-Partner turns lovers after nearly 20 years of hinting, Odd Friendship turned to an even odder couple
  • Domains: Love, Narrative, Family, Narrative
    • Rictor: Earth, Power
    • Shatterstar: Entertainment, Travel, Time and Space
  • Followers: Jenny Dolitte and Lyn Lambretta, Theo and Sleipnir, Kurenai and Asuma
  • Allies: Monet St. Croix / M, Sue Richards, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, The Doctor, Thor
  • Enemies: Victor von Doom
  • Opposed:
  • Rivalry with: Ben Grimm (because Shatterstar beats him up once for messing with his teammates)
  • Complicated Relationship:
    • Rictor: Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch
  • Pities:
  • Pitied by: Kraft Lawrence and Holo, James Howlett / Wolverine
  • Admires:
  • Received the position because their romantic relationship was hinted and told to have started 20 years before it was confirmed with a kiss after Shatterstar snapped out of a brainwash (It's a Long Story).
  • When heard that they ascended, their former X-Factor teammate Monet personally flew to their temple and gave them a hug, right after berating Rictor for accidentally seeing her naked that one time much to his annoyance.
  • Shatterstar's lineage is so complicated that it rivals with the infamous Summers-Maximoff branch: he is both his "father" Longshot's son and Longshot's genetic father travels through time. What's more shocking to everyone is that this miraculously somehow did NOT involve any Maximoff-Summers at all. When asked to give opinion about this revelation, Rictor just shrugs and said that they now both have the "screw-up family" aspect in common.
  • Hearing his reputation of kissing everyone he meets, the House of Love goes to great length to avoid letting Shatterstar enters the House of Lust as they fears that area wouldn't have as much restrain like the rest of the House which might lead to something more than kissing and thus would upset Rictor; especially now the latter had his power back meaning that he can turn the entire house into rubbles within minutes.
    • Having said that, his recent adventure in a time-displace Mojoworld and the discovery of his complicated parentage has Shatterstar softened this tendency somewhat as he is grateful that Rictor helped his mother delivering his younger self (Don't Ask).
  • Both of them have VERY mixed feeling about Scarlet Witch. While Rictor initially dislikes her for causing him to lose his power, the fact that she recently repowered him has made him soften his stance on her while Shatterstar just straight out dislikes her as she is the one that caused Rictor's depression because of his power loss to the point that he came close to commit suicide. It got to the point that Shatterstar once bluntly told Wanda that he won't hesitate to off her if she ever hurt Rictor again, be damn with the consequences.
  • Because he came from a criminal family, Rictor dislikes any and all ascended deities that has their entire family to involve with their dirty business. Most prominent example would be Vito Corleone and Walter White (for dragging his family to his drug dealing, endangered and ignored their plea to get out).
  • Get along really well with The Doctor as Shatterstar is also an alien that has multiple time-traveling adventures like the Time Lord and Rictor doesn't find the Doctor's story any weirder than the shit he encountered. Additionally, The Doctor's relationship with one of his companions Sarah Jane Smith and The Master is somewhat similar to theirs, only to be revealed even longer (after almost 30-40 YEARS).
  • Because of his past experienced of being brainwashed into almost killing his boyfriend, Shatterstar REALLY hates brainwashing like his teammate Monet. He and Monet are both discussing a plan to destroy the tech of the Mad Hatter so that he can't brainwashing anyone again without being affected by them. This led him to greatly sympathizes with Alex Mason as the soldier is constantly being brainwashed by a trigger word.
  • Hearing about Shatterstar's love for Earth's entertainment, Samara and Sadako both sent him two separate VHS tapes in order to trick him into playing and became their next victim. Fortunately, that night Shatterstar decided to spend time watching the tapes with Rictor, who immediately threw them out of their temple before Shatterstar can put them in and explains the effect of the tapes to the alien. Now Shatterstar hates both Samara and Sadako for turning entertainment that was meant for fun into a weapon to kill people, which he deemed as a cowardice move.
  • Shatterstar greatly sympathizes and gets along with Princess Giselle as they were both thrown into a world that perceived theirs as entertainment. He can sometimes be seen in his off days watching the elaborate dance routines that Giselle thrown using her temple's power and natural charisma.
  • Because of his past experience of being tortured by a terrorist group, Rictor came to despises every single terrorists in the Pantheon. This is especially intense with Jinx as he discovered that her actions are aimless and just to fuel her craziness. This led him to admires Jack Bauer as the man spent almost his entire life to stop terrorists and suffered many loss and sacrifices.
  • Because he took part in the dismantle of his family's drug business, Rictor made an alliance with Jin as both of them have fought their evil family. He even earned Jin's respect and sympathy given the fact that Rictor took down his family's entire business and thus was forced to face many more relatives than he did.
  • Shatterstar and Katniss also greatly sympathizes with each other as they were both forced to kill in an arena for entertainment from a young age. Both of them glad that they have found people who loved them, but Katniss is first displeased when heard that Shatterstar abandoned his allies on their world during the middle of their revolution. However, she decided to look past that when Katniss learned that the resistances are the ones that sent him to a strange land for help without telling him how to get back.
  • It was pointed out by various deities of the Pantheon is that because Shatterstar has healing power, he will eventually outlive Rictor and almost all of his friends. While both of them shrug this off as something to be worried about later in the future, this nonetheless earned them the sympathy of Wolverine, Kraft and Holo; all of which worried that their ascension won't change the matter.
  • Also have a spot in House of Love.

    M. Night Shyamalan 
M. Night Shyamalan, God of Mandatory Twist Endings (Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan, Ray Reddy, Vick Ran, Shyamalan, Fuck-up Lord Shyamalan)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: "WHAT A TWEEST!"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Enforcer of Twist Endings, Downplayed Tone, Creator Cameo, Director Showing Off His Style
  • Domains: Twist, Ending
  • Ascended underlings: Cole Sear and Malcolm Crowe
  • Allies: Vince Russo, Samuel L. Jackson, George Lucas
  • Rivals: Nostalgia Critic, Alfred Hitchcock
  • Enemies: Exdeath, Mordemoth, The Wicked Witch
  • Opposed by: Aang, the House of Plants
  • He was a director who became famed for the film The Sixth Sense known for its twist ending. However, as he directed Unbreakable which also has a twist ending, people begin sensing a pattern and Signs and every films afterward are ridiculed and their twist ending begins to be predictable.
  • Don't expect any twist endings in this profile. Just for your convenience.
  • It's safe to say that he was given a restraining order by Aang and his friend because of his horrendous portrayal of them. They watched it themselves and hated it. At least Sokka admits that the effects were decent.
  • He strongly dislike the Nostalgia Critic for his opinion of several of his films. He first appeared in his show dressed as Amon and with the power to "shyamalize" people, where he sucks out all the talent of any one he touch like Mark Wahlberg. Though, after watching the hilarity fest that was Lady in the Water, the Critic allowed him to speak his mind of his vision for the film.
    • He died twice in the show, the first time was killed by Aang and the second time was Satan who was incognito to reveal Shyamalan when he was disguised as Santa Christ so that he may return him back to hell. Though he escaped again from hell and disguise himself as Will Smith though the Critic already figured out the twist before it was revealed. How he managed to escape again, it's Shyamalan - nothing about him makes sense.
    • Amon himself is rather amused by this man, though he recalled that Shyamalan stole his clothes in order to make his presence to the Critic.
  • Despite the many criticism he received, some believed that he got better with Wayward Pines.
  • According to him and this movie, plants could release chemicals that cause humans into mass suicides. The House of Plants were rather insulted by such film with even idea that plants could even do that. Even the evil plant deities think that he was stretching it as even mind-manipulating plants are ridiculous.
    • Though Shyamalan believed that evil plants like Exdeath and Mordemoth were responsible for the suicidal gases they produced.
    • The Critic joked that he's labeling racial profiling with other plant people like Groot and Pocahontas' grandmother, Grandmother Willow.
  • After watching some of his films, Hitchcock was a bit disappointed with some of his thrillers not giving him the right amount of suspense. In fact, he and few other audience find it ridiculous at certain points.
    • The name of the creatures in Lady in the Water: Narfs, Scrunts, Tartutic in which the Critic couldn't hold his breath for a second, it was that ridiculous. The former is especially ridiculed since that's the sound that Pinky would make.
  • As he thought of water weakness for the aliens in Signs, despite the Fridge Logic, which caused the Wicked Witch to hold a grudge against him since she has the same weakness. Shyamalan was Crazy-Prepared with her with glasses of water and a bat ready to "swing away!"
    • In fact, if any aliens were to see how the Aliens from Signs, they would be facepalming when they realize that they were invading a planet FULL of water and their inability to open wooden doors.
  • He's a good friend of Samuel L. Jackson since he got him to appear in one of his movies as a man with easily-brittle skeleton.
  • He got along with George Lucas when they were almost alike. Movie directors who made some good films but were lauded for making some less than stellar films
  • Many Satan(s) in the Pantheon were headscratching when Shyamalan's method of detecting the Devil is throwing a toast to see if it lands jelly side down. Apparently, he got kicked out of the House of Food once when he's been tossing all the jelly-coated toast all day.
  • Whenever some twist of fate happen in the Pantheon, Shyamalan randomly shouting "WHAT A TWEEST!" and disappears.
  • Has been through a Career Resurrection of sorts ever since The Visit. Split in particular brought Shyamalan to Professor Xavier's attention, given it stars one of his avatars.

    Margaret/The Magic Gun 
Margaret, Goddess of Dark Retcons (The Magic Gun)
The Magic Gun held by Linkara
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her current form, the Magic Gun
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dark And Surprising Walking Spoiler (used to parody A Wizard Did It), Human Sacrifice By Her Own Parents Who Destroyed Them With Her Newfound Power, Spirit Advisor, Powered By A Girl's Soul, Not-So-Imaginary Friend
  • Domains: Magic, Guns, Sacrifice, Dark Rituals, Compassion
  • Allies: Linkara, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Leah, N, Satsuki Kiryuin, Sweet P, the Silent Hill protagonists, The Elric brothers, Casper, Seras Victoria
  • On speaking terms with: The Marionette, Altera
  • Enemies: Missingno/The Entity , Lord Vyce, The Child Abuse Supporters, Ragyo Kiryuin, Adrian, Diablo, Ghetsis Harmonia, Shou Tucker, Lord Tirek, The Incubators
  • Sympathy for the Devil for: Alma Wade
  • Wary of: The House of Otherness Abominations, The SCP Foundation
  • One of Linkara's most valued commodities is the Magic Gun. When asked how it works, he says "it's magic, I don't have to explain it" as a slight against Joe Quesada handwaving issues. In truth, it(or rather, she) was a child of cultists of the Entity, who tortured and killed her to forge her into a weapon. She used this newfound power to get back at her tormentors. Her name is Margaret.
  • Popped up missing from Linkara, in the House of Weapons. There she met Seras Victoria, who had her own tragic background(though involving her parents' suffering rather than them causing it) and love of guns, and who figured there was some intelligence within the gun. Margret found herself relating to Altera, being a Living Weapon.
  • Can manifest as a ghost, however only Linkara can see her. Despite the bloody ritual that made her the Magic Gun she has an optimistic outlook. The hate and pain of the experience manifested as Dolorem, who Mechkara used to gaslight Linkara into thinking he was the monster of her father, almost killing himself over it. Very much unlike Alma Wade, who remains consumed in her rage. She doesn't agree with her, but she can easily sympathize.
  • She is friendly with Casper as they are essentially ghosts of kids, but nice ones. She also likes to play with Sweet P. Sweet P is the reborn version of an entity arguably worse than the Entity, but wants to be a good boy. The Marionette, being a murdered child reborn, also relates to her. While Margaret appreciates this, she feels her methods are too much.
  • Her origin was something out of Silent Hill, with the cult leader Whately being involved. The protagonists of the Silent Hill series pity her condition. The SCP Foundation was more cold, as they initially wanted her to be contained as an SCP, however decided that it's best with Linkara. She doesn't like them, though. She also doesn't like the Abominations sub-house, mainly because of what the Entity is like and while they may not be interested in her, she fears their cultists are.
  • Because of how she became the Magic Gun, Margaret has nothing but contempt for the Child Abuse Supporters and those who would weaponize their offspring. She was horrified to learn of Shou Tucker due to how he turned his daughter into a chimeric abomination for a research grant. Linkara is all too happy to honor her wishes to blast him. The Elric brothers are working to make her current existence more comfortable.
  • Ghetsis is also on her hit list as much like how she was born only for her parents to later sacrifice, Ghetsis only adopted N to later use for his ambitions of power and planned to dispose of later. Or Ragyo Kiryuin for her atrocious treatment of her daughter/s. But Adrian is particularly high on her hit list since she raised her daughter as a host for ultimate evil, which hits home.
  • To prevent further abuse, she has sided with the Heroic Protectors of Family. Because of the situation with her own monstrous parents, she can easily relate to Leah, N and Satsuki Kiryuin. Margaret can be found in the House of Magic and Sorcery studying, and conversing on the different fields of magic. Naturally, she stays away from Lord Tirek. It's been discovered that she's holding back a lot of power, but mainly to make sure Linkara remains on the good side and stopped working at the time where he was about to turn evil. Now that he's more heroic, she can be expected to do more.

    Renée Montoya/The Question II 
Renée Maria Montoya, Goddess of Coming Out Stories (The Question II)
Renée as The Question
Renée, seen in Batman: Bad Blood 
  • Theme Song: Sinnerman by Nina Simone
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her GCPD Badge, The Question's Mask and Fedora and Her Gun
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Action Girl, The (Recovering) Alcoholic, Was a By-the-Book Cop, Disowned By Her Parents For Being A Lesbian, Both The Good And Bad Cop, Dominican And A Lesbian, Good Old Fisticuffs, Trained In Eight Fighting Styles, Police Brutality, Platonic Life-Partners With Harvey Bullock, She Who Fights Monsters
  • Domains: Dominican/Latin Women, Lesbians, Police Officers, Homosexuality, Disowned Children
  • Former Mentor: Charles Victor Szasz/The Question I (of which Renée once served as High Priestess)
  • Herald: Kate Kane/Batwoman (her lover)
  • Commonality Connection: Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Gamora, Wonder Woman, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Sarah Kerrigan, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy and Mary Jane Watson (due to one contributing factor)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: with Blaze Fielding (a fellow police officer and judoka), and Jessica Jones, Daniel Rand/Iron Fist
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Sandra Wusan/Lady Shiva
  • Odd Frienship: with Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Renée M. Montoya was originally the herald to her predecessor, the original Question. Her ascension to the Pantheon was a surprise devised by her mentor. But what sealed it was Batman's recommendation alongside with that from the Birds of Prey. So now, Renée has made the jump from High Priestess to Goddess, working with the Grand United Alliance Of Good as a freelance detective.
  • Before becoming The Question, Renée was a detective with the Gotham City Police Department, having been partnered up with Harvey Bullock. Due to a series of events thanks in part to Two-Face's obsession with her at the time which resulted in him outing her as a lesbian, Renée's deeply religious parents ended up disowning her. But one must take the bitter with the sweet, as she found support with her fellow police officers after the incident with Two-Face.
    • She then drew the attention of Charles Szasz, who began to mentor and train her to become his successor, as he was terminally ill. Following his mortal demise, Renée became the second person to assume the mantle of the Question.
    • Like Batman, Renée has a subscription to her mentor's newsletter (which had been a must given her former position as his Herald). Unlike Bats, who subscribes to the newsletter because it was a good source of information, Renée likes it because it's a good read...even if some of her mentor's claims are...well, insane. There's also a rumor that GLaDOS is a subscriber to the newsletter, as one of her random rantings is supported by Vic Sage: Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mount Everest, did so accidentally while chasing a bird.
  • Known to get rough with the perps back during her time with the GCPD. No wonder she gets along with Kurtis Stryker, who is known for the same thing, not the mention being the God of it. Occasionally, they team up to solve some of the Pantheon's most difficult cases, Stryker thankful that Renée isn't put off on him using a glamour to hide his Revenant appearance. It's through her friendship with Stryker that Renée is friends with some of the more prominent deities that were once - or currently - cops/detectives.
  • Hangs out at the House of Combat with Black Canary. Turns out that Renee is not only a crack shot with a pistol, but is skilled in several styles having been trained by both Charles Szasz and Richard Dragon, her styles include Boxing, Akido, Karate, three styles of Kung Fu (Dragon, Leopard and Snake), Jujitsu and Judo.
    • This gains the attention of Gen, who offers Renée the chance to add two more styles to her already-impressive skill-set: Mantis and Crane, with Gen being the teacher. Renée is considering the offer. When asked about whether she could control her emotions, Renée's answer surprised the old man: "I learned how to control my nervous system from both Ricard and Vic Sage, which allows me to control my emotions, deaden my body to physical pain, and even control my bleeding rate." Gen was actually impressed.
    • Also met Blaze Fielding, who is an ex-cop alongside Renée and a fellow judoka. Renée had stated that had she not been involved with Kate, then she would've made a move on Blaze. In Renée's defense, Blaze does look hot in leather.
  • Became friends with Kung Jin and Tracer, bonding over their sexual preferences. While Jin's teammates and their respective parents/mentors, Raiden, the Shaolin Temple, and Liu Kang know of Jin's homosexuality, Kung Lao doesn't. After seeing what had happened to Renée when her parents found out, Jin is afraid that Lao will reject him. Both Renée and Tracer are trying to convince Jin to have a sit-down with Lao.
    • Ironically enough, Renée has become the go-to person to talk to about their problems, Renée forming a bond with those who are estranged or disowned by their family, thus becoming a de facto counselor of sorts.
  • Despite her being a hero and her connections to Batman, Renée herself is a target, mainly because of the innocent-looking firearm she carries with her. But instead of spitting out hot lead, Renée's gun causes instant vaporization. No wonder Reaper, Kano, and the Wolfpack want that gun.
  • Not a fan of Superman's Injustice counterpart. And the deposed High Councilor doesn't think too highly if Renée as well. Granted that Injustice!Renée died of a heart attack that was the result of OD'ing on Kryptonian power pills after beating the crap out of him (even smacking him with the Washington Monument one good time), the feeling is reciprocated on Renée's end.
  • Hannibal Lecter finds Renée 'interesting,' and would like to invite her over to his temple 'to pick at her brain, to see how she think.' Given his cannibalistic tendencies, Renée keeps her distance from Lecter. Good thing that both Will Graham and Clarice Starling warned her ahead of time.
    • Her detective past has also caught the attention of the Jigsaw Killer, who wants to put her skills to the test. In a way, Renée kinda feel sorry for Jigsaw, seeing as how he was screwed over when searching for treatments regarding his illness. But she's one of the good guys, and has vowed to take Jigsaw down.
  • Some questions can only be answered with a mask.


    Fiora (Xenoblade
Fiora, Goddess of Early Plot Twists (Fiorun, Fiorung, Mecha Fiora, Face Nemesis, Seven)
As a Faced Mechon 
  • Demigoddess, Intermediate Goddess as a Mechon or as a Blade, Greater Goddess when she tapped into Mayneth's Power or used her Monado
  • Symbol: The symbol of Meyneth on her chest and Drones
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Girl Next Door, Dual-Wielding Blades, Disposable Woman (sorta), Resurrected as a Faced Mechon, Special Drones on her back, vessel of Meyneth, Seventh Ranger, Zero Gravity, Mag Storm, Final Cross, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Early Spoilers, Cyborg
  • Allies: Shulk, Reyn, Dunban, Sharla, Melia, Riki, Egil, KOS-MOS, Cyrax, Adam Jenson, Cyborg, Raiden, Chuggaaconroy, Genji, Liezerota, Orihime Inoue, Hinata Hyuuga
  • Enemies: Zanza, Metal Face, Dickson, Viktor, Eggman, Sektor, Nu-13
  • Fiora was supposedly killed by Metal Face during the invasion of Colony 9 but was instead taken and rebuilt as a Mechon. She reunited with Shulk and companions in Prison Island and encountered them in Valak Mountain and Galahad Fortress where she break Egil's control. She has made a heartful reunion with Shulk and joined his party.
  • Among the friends that she enjoy staying with are Shulk and Reyn, who she grew up with, and her older brother Dunban. She bonded with Melia despite her having unrequited feelings for Shulk but she has since put it aside.
  • She befriended several of the cyborg who were forcefully robotized against their will and use such cybernetic to fight against evil. Like the case with Cyrax, she could switch between Hom and Mechon form though she manage to restore herself by ancient High Entia technology.
    • Though she didn't like becoming a Mechon, she found some use with a metal body especially with death as the alternative. She additionally wanted to use the body so that she may be able to be with Shulk and even got her Hom body again.
    • With that said, she doesn't like those who believe that robotization is superior because she as well as several other Homs were likely forced to be Faced Mechons (except Metal Face, for obvious reasons).
  • Egil has made a formal apology to Fiora for what he did that made her into a cyborg, though Fiora considered it a blessing in disguise as she finds some advantages. He saw her kindness and mercy as if she truly was the reincarnation of Meyneth.
  • When worlds were merging, she was the one to answer it's call and partnered with an android, KOS-MOS.
  • She is not happy about Metal Face who made her into a Mechon after wounding her. She was going to give him a piece of her mind regarding his taunting to Shulk and Dunban before her ascension.
  • Zanza is rather bitter about Fiora as he believes that she still has a piece of Meyneth's soul in her which gives her her powers, like how Shulk may have pieces of his soul which gave him his powers.
  • She befriended Liezerota due to their status as Walking Spoiler (in fact, Fiora was such a spoiler that she was given a nickname Seven in order to hide the reveal). They also talk about how close they are to their loved ones sometimes.
  • Since she only has Shulk in her mind, she found some girls that only have one person in their mind and got together in the end. Especially since she and Shulk knew each other when they were younger.
  • Do not confuse with Fiora Laurent.

    Lemony Snicket 
Lemony Snicket, Divine Harbinger of Unfortunate Plot Twists
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself from the back.
  • Theme Song: "Look Away"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Alter-Ego Acting, Dark and Troubled Past, The Eeyore, Greek Chorus, Lemony Narrator, Lovable Coward, an aversion to showing his face in photographs, knowing when to make tough decisions believed to be dead, Stalker Without A Crush
  • Domains: Narration, Mysteries, Depression
  • Allies: Brock Samson, Mystery Incorporated, Cthulhu, HP Lovecraft, Iroh, Max Tennyson, Yukihara Soma, The Question
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, The rest of the fire-starting side of V.F.D. Pitch Black, Pennywise, Melkor, Grandma Stuffum, Junko Enoshima, Eric Cartman, The Narrator
  • Superior: The fire-fighting side of V.F.D.
  • Watching over: The Baudelaire Orphans
  • Avoided by: Snow White
  • Avoids: Arthur Read, the entirety of the House of Insects
  • Under suspicion by: Any god whose universe has had a Shout-Out in Snicket's writings.
  • A man shrouded in mystery and sadness, Lemony Snicket is an agent of V.F.D., who had taken it upon himself to chronicle the sad tale of the Baudelaire Orphans as a tribute to his deceased love Beatrice, the late mother of the children. He published 13 books that detailed their hardships, all of which warned the reader that there would not be a happy ending, and that the only thing awaiting them was sadness, telling the reader to put the book down so that they would not weep at the end.
  • When V.F.D. began to make its move into the Pantheon, Snicket was already a follower of the Narrator, but was rather inactive. When the House of Knowledge was attacked by an unknown arsonist, Snicket was held responsible, but revealed that he had nothing to do with the fire. As a V.F.D. agent, Snicket became more active, warning whomever would listen about the threat of the fire-starting side of the V.F.D. schism. When Count Olaf ascended by poisoning a good deal of the deities in the House of Family via the Medusoid Mycelium, a request was made for Snicket to ascend proper, though Snicket did not attempt to ascend until the Baudelaires had succeeded in doing so. As the Narrator already held one of the tropes Snicket named, Lemony was ascended via his second named trope: the Snicket Warning Label.
  • Count Olaf was in the House of Food harassing several of the gods there, when he was informed of Snicket's ascension. Eyes widening, Olaf hightailed it to his temple to plan on how to deal with one of his greatest enemies.
    • At first, Olaf tried to pin the blame of several acts of arson on Snicket, only to discover that just before the Hotel Denouement was burned down, Snicket had managed to retrieve a critical Vessel of Disaccharides that contained evidence proving that it was Olaf who set select fires so long ago, not Snicket, and that he was alive, not dead. With framing Snicket no longer an option, Olaf retreated once again, terrified at the idea of having to deal with Snicket.
  • When the Baudelaires heard about Snicket's ascension, they were actually surprised that the name of Jacques and Kit's brother was Lemony, as they, like other members of V.F.D., had thought Snicket dead. They did express surprise at how he had researched the events of their misfortunes, and now believe that he was the taxi cab driver who offered them a ride after the tragic death of Dewey Denouement. While they have not yet had a direct meeting, Snicket still watches over them out of dedication to Beatrice.
    • It is also unknown if Lemony plans on meeting his niece, named after the Baudelaires' mother, who has become a follower of the Baudelaires in hopes of figuring out their fates in the mortal realm.
  • Despite his name being cleared, which has allowed Snicket simple luxuries like renting out an office (Which he uses for a temple), Lemony continues to remain as an investigator and stays out of the Pantheon's public eye for the most part. He tends to visit the sites of battles between other deities and record what happened there.
  • While infamous for never revealing his face, as of recently, Snicket has finally unveiled his full appearance. This probably has to do with the fact that he's finally managed to clear his name.
    • Due to the recent reveal, he's been noted to sound very much like Brock Samson. Through researching what could be learned of Snicket's unknown history, Brock learned of the time Snicket and his siblings engaged in a knife fight against the waiters of Cafe Salmonella in the Snicket Snickersnee. He's since extended a poker offer to Snicket, though Lemony would rather discuss matters over a book rather than cards.
    • Likewise, having warned them of the schism of V.F.D. before his proper ascension, Mystery Incorporated finally figured out that Snicket sounded like Sheriff Stone from Crystal Cove. They're hoping that he can shed more light on V.F.D. now that he's in the Pantheon full-time.
    • Snicket has also been known to sound like Pitch due to a certain adaptation, as well as Pennywise while doing audio recording. Of course, even if he didn't sound like them, Snicket would've stayed clear out of their path.
  • The Narrator was pleased with his former follower ascending, though Snicket notes that he was the Trope Namer of the Narrator's title. Beyond that little spat, the two do not have a cordial relation, as while the Narrator finds the immutable nature of Snicket's tales to be gratifying, Snicket considers the Narrator to be far too sadistic for his tastes.
  • Being rather well-read, Snicket tends to spend a great deal of time in the House of Knowledge, reading up on whatever he can.
  • Snicket is unique among many gods in the pantheon in that he has been mistaken for his own creator, Daniel Handler, due to the fact that Handler uses Snicket's name as a pseudonym when publishing several of his works. In public, Handler claims to merely be Snicket's representative, even though he is the one who created Snicket's world to begin with. Quite obviously, many deities are confused when trying to distinguish the two.
  • He claims that Snow White was plunged into an incurable fever due to a horseback riding accident. While it is unknown how true the claim is, it has made the princess rather uneasy, and she thus tends to avoid Mr. Snicket.
  • He may have an alias known as Persimmony Glitchet. This came to Arthur's attention, as said person is admired as an author to his mortal friend, Fern, and the aardvark himself enjoys the man's works. Snicket has not been reached for correspondence however, due to fear that his enemies may try to harm the boy and his sister.
  • In his younger years, Snicket was notably more active as a V.F.D. trainee. Back then, he was still extremely cynical and tried to do his own thing due to how most adults in his world who are not a part of V.F.D. tend to be.
    • With this chapter of his life uncovered, many more dreadful facts were learned about Lemony Snicket. He views buttermilk as disgusting, has a thing for root-beer floats, and fed a man, though admittedly, Hangfire deserved it, to the Bombinating Beast, nowadays known as the Great Unknown. He also quit V.F.D. for an unknown amount of time before rejoining the organization.
  • Due to his experiences with the Great Unknown (AKA The Bombinating Beast), Snicket had an encounter with the author H.P. Lovecraft, whose works are among the few not documented by V.F.D. As both aren't exactly the happiest of people, they get along decently and agree on many points regarding humanity, though Snicket doubts the need for cosmic monsters when humans have been causing enough destruction and horror on their own.
    • Mr. Snicket would later have an encounter with Cthulhu, after pulling out the statue of the Bombinating Beast. His meeting with the Great Old One actually bore fruit, as Cthulhu is willing to work with Mr. Snicket...though that mainly has to do with the statue's ability to summon the Bombinating Beast, which the Great Old One is wary of.
  • As it turns out, Snicket is fully aware of Melkor and his schemes, having read all about his world as a child. Melkor was unnerved by how much a mere mortal knew about him, but is overall unconcerned about Mr. Snicket.
    • This also applies to any deity whose universe has shown up in some way, shape, or form in Snicket's world. Said deities are also a tad unnerved by this fact, with some wanting to, or are participating in, an investigation into V.F.D.
  • While Snicket prefers the company of quiet, well-read people, he knows fully well that the Trope Pantheon is filled with good people who prefer to spend their time fighting like maniacs or aren't the brightest knives in the drawer, and evil people who are just as well-read as Snicket is and have many long-term schemes planned.
  • While he enjoys visits to Iroh's tea shop, he has warned the firebender about how tea should be as bitter as wormwood and sharp as a two-edged sword, as it tends to be a good sign of noble people. Iroh has taken this advice with a grain of salt, as he has different values concerning tea. If one should enjoy sweeter tea, then who is he to judge? Also, considering how Iroh invented Bubble Tea in his world, he sees such advice as restricting. Beyond that though, the two get along well, especially since Iroh lends an ear whenever Snicket's depression gets to the point where he can only sob.
  • As a gourmand, Snicket frequents the House of Food quite a bit, describing the dishes there in his report in detail. He isn't a fan of those deities whose dishes are utterly repulsive, like the ones concocted by Grandma Stuffum, nor can he stomach Max Tennyson's alien foods, though he found Max's position as a Plumber admirable.
    • Snicket did however, become fast friends of Yukihara Soma, as he found the boy's dishes to intriguing. He isn't happy when sampling one of his failed dishes, but understands the need for such failures and doesn't hold it against him (He also set up events so that Sunny would meet Yukihara at some point). He's one of the few gods who will willingly sample such failures in order to ensure that Soma gets the feedback that he needs.
    • Overall, if your skill in the House of Food is that of a Supreme Chef, Snicket will likely be there to sample your cooking.
  • Before Snicket had properly ascended, he had been sneaking around the other houses gathering information. Much to his utter dread, Snicket spotted the Man with a Beard but No Hair, and the Woman with Hair but no Beard being present in the House of Justice. Snicket was horrified at their presence, especially once he heard of the Reformation being planned for the GUAL, and after ascending, warned the reformers about the two. Everyone present rolled their eyes at this, believing that the two villains do not pose a threat due to them not even being proper gods in the first place. The only one who took Snicket's warning seriously was Captain America due to the actions of one version of Zemo. He had no powers after all, and yet he managed to disband the Avengers through his manipulations. While the Captain offered a Snicket a role, Snicket declined, partly out of fear of the Man and the Woman, and also because he has suspicions of V.F.D. trying to get someone else into the Pantheon after him...
  • In an attempt to get rid of Snicket, Olaf sent Junko Enoshima after him. Junko was more than happy to oblige due to her fascination with the despair rampant in their world. She found Snicket in his flat, looking at the book that Beatrice wrote that told him why she could not marry him. Taking her chance, Junko proceeded to taunt Snicket about his failed relationship with Beatrice and the constant failings of the so-called 'noble side' of V.F.D. Unfortunately for Enoshima, Snicket didn't fall into despair, as he no longer has any hope of happiness to begin with and considered her speech to be nothing more than words that he repeats and writes himself everyday, meaning that there was nothing left for Junko to break. Not only that, but even with Count Olaf giving her information, not even Enoshima knew about every unfortunate event Snicket has suffered. Junko then proceeded to throw herself down on her knees and beg for the information, as she wanted every detail of Snicket's unfortunate life. Snicket refused however, and dragged her out of the flat.
    • This event has caused Junko to swear greater loyalty to Count Olaf, as she is now desperate to obtain every scrap of horrific information from the world of ASOUE. When hearing about this, Snicket just gave a heavy sigh, and continued with his research.
  • Like the Baudelaires, Snicket had an encounter with Eric Cartman, who reminded him of Stew Micchum, except a tad more immature. He just looked at Cartman in disgust and left. Cartman was furious at being ignored and now wants revenge on Mr. Snicket.
  • Eventually, Snicket was confronted by The Question, who had been laying low as he attempted to pry open the secrets of V.F.D. Surprisingly enough, Snicket did not confirm, nor deny, Question's theories, as he implied that they may all be correct, or incorrect, or a mix the two. In the end, the two have become allies...much to the worry of deities who distrust Mr. Snicket, as they fear that he may have recruited The Question into V.F.D...
  • Once entered the House of Insects...and immediately regretted it, finding the creatures there to be even more horrific than Snow Gnats. Of course, that became a moot point when Lemony learned that the House was capable of handling all environments...thus enabling the Snow Gnats to return and join in on attacking Mr. Snicket, who ran out of the house in a panic.
  • Ultimately, with all of the unfortunate experiences in Snicket's mortal life, moving to the Pantheon has not diminished Snicket's depression one bit. He fully believes that if or however the story within the Pantheon ends, there will not be a happy ending. He's since decided to start warning people who read over the records of each major event in the Pantheon of how these stories will turn out, imploring them to find some other page on TV Tropes.

    Kosuzu Motoori 
Kosuzu Motoori, Goddess of Shattered Worldviews (Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye, Kozu)
Kosuzu, as depicted in Strange Creators of Outer World / Who's Who of Humans & Youkai
  • Demigoddess (but can fluctuate up to Greater Goddess depending on what demon books she has)
  • Symbol: Her apron
  • Theme Song: Bibliophile With A Deciphering Eye.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attraction towards her demon books and finding them cool, her worldview being broken in the latter half of Forbidden Scrollery, Collector of the Strange, a friendly bookkeeper, Fearless Fool, Morality Pet (slightly) towards Reimu, Pro-Human Transhuman
  • Domains: Books, Reading, Collections, Knowledge
  • Heralds: Mamizou Futatsuiwa (shared with Nue Houjuu), Hieda no Akyuu
  • Allies: Most, if not all, Neutral/Good-aligned Touhou deities, but in particular Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame, Nine the Phantom, most of the House of Knowledge, Guy Montag, Adeleine, Magolor (to an extent), Twilight Sparkle, Makoto Nanaya (and by extension, Jin Kisaragi & Tsubaki Yayoi)
  • Enemies: Captain Beatty, The Dark Matter Horde, Bibliomania Alice, The Shadow Queen, The Death Busters, Relius Clover, Yuuki Terumi
  • Fears: Apophis
  • Respects: Grimoire Weiss, Zeref, Seija Kijin
  • Pities: Nier
  • Conflicting Opinion: Angela & Roland, Hazama
  • Growing up as an ordinary human in Gensokyo may be one of the toughest things to do- or the easiest, depending on who's being asked. When you ask Kosuzu Motoori, you'll find that...the answer lied more in the middle; living her life mostly in the outer areas of the Human Village, she works part-time at the quaint bookshop, Suzunaan. While there, she has amassed quite the crowd- from humans, to incident resolvers, to youkai, and perhaps much more, but she's gone through it all with a smile on her face. She also has the ability to learn about the contents of any book she touches regardless of language, as well as the ability to detect auras in script to filter out fakes from real books, as a result of prolonged exposure to demonic books.
  • A while back, the higher-ups in the Pantheon did a reorganization of all of Gensokyo's deities, resulting in about half of them leaving the Pantheon. One of these was Mamizou Futatsuiwa, the Goddess of Tanukis. The youkai's first visit to Suzunaan since then had been just a daylong conversation about Mamizou's exploits in the Pantheon, which left Kosuzu excited, hearing about all sorts of things of it. Smash Cut to 2 years later, during the events surrounding Chimata Tenkyuu's ascension, Marisa began rallying many from Gensokyo to aid them in the fight against Brand X. Kosuzu was among many that participated in the effort, but was indirectly relegated to helping spread the word of the injustice upon Chimata rather than actually fighting through publications sent forward by Aya Shameimaru & Hatate Himekaidou. Her ability to decipher foreign texts allowed her to instruct the writers of the tengu newspapers to use, to somewhat mixed success, said foreign languages to get the word out. Once this was all said and done, not only did the denizens of Gensokyo triumph, some of them, such as Kosuzu and Keiki Haniyasushin, were ascended for their efforts and actions, though in the former's case, it was more because of the research that was done on her after the fact, revealing that until recently, she hadn't known the full scale of the world she originally lived in.
  • Her temple can simply be described as...just a new branch of Suzunaan, the library she originally worked at for part-time purposes. In it contains many books from the Outside World, having slipped in due to them being forgotten- though, in the case of the Pantheon, this Suzunaan also contains books and codexes and other literature materials from different worlds. Sometimes, her parents would come to visit, other times, it'd be Reimu, Marisa, or some of the other Touhou deities. Occasionally, the Doki Doki Literature Club would stop by to pick up new material for their club meetings.
  • Her opinion on the Fahrenheit 451 deities are rather mixed, but the middle split is what'd you come to expect. She finds Beatty to be a distasteful, heartless human being for destroying books and restricting literature, seeing him as less than some of the worst youkai she can think of. As for Montag, she finds him to be quite the friend, both being avid about what you can learn and discover through books, and how their own personal worlds were flipped on their heads as a result of certain revelations. While Montag was quite to reciprocate positive feelings back towards Kosuzu, Beatty was more than definitely less so, calling her out as an example of why books & knowledge are dangerous due to what happens to her as a result of her constant reading of demon books. However, this is the extent that he goes to at least for her; he doesn't want the wrath of Gensokyo to befall upon him like what happened with Brand X.
  • Claims to have the largest collection of demon books in Gensokyo- and for a quick primer, demon books are essentially books for youkai, ranging from classic tales, to messages, to grimoires, and most common of all, history books. The attention of the cursed-artifact-collecting mummy Kan-Ra was piqued when he learned of what made up of the bibliophile's possessions, and so eventually tracked down her temple after some time. However, he just so happened upon Twilight Sparkle being there as well that day, and...uh, yeah, I shouldn't say more.
    • One of Kosuzu's books happens to be a version of the Necronomicon, specifically one written in kanji. While the House of Undead and Phasmata are a bit unnerved but overall not too concerned by this information, given that there's plenty of other books like it, Zeref took slight interest and sought out to meet Kosuzu, hping to procure more knowledge on the books her store carries. Thankfully, his somewhat-friend Fujiwara no Mokou showed him the way to Suzunaan, where the trio then got into a conversation about what they've done that day, leading to them being rather amicable with each other, even after Zeref & Mokou left later that evening.
  • Once had a fear of snakes, after hearing a rumor that they can eat humans whole (which, depending on circumstance, is actually true). So imagine you're Kosuzu, who got over her fear of snakes...and then you learned that a huge fucking snake called Apophis existed, who might actually eat not just humans, but literally everything. Needless to say, thank goodness Kosuzu was near the House of Health and Diseases when she learned of this, as she fainted really quickly as a result. She now shudders when Apophis' name is mentioned in any form.
  • Demonic Possession isn't Kosuzu's cup of tea, especially after her experiences with a ghost in some letters and the Night Parade Scroll. Though this is just simply a tick compared to what others in the Pantheon had experienced, she still sometimes has nightmares of those moments, particularly the latter. As a result, Kosuzu has made quite a few friends and foes due to this mentality.
    • Firstly, she relates quite a bit to Adeleine, who also had quite a bout of malevolent forces taking over her body. While Kosuzu herself wasn't too shaken up after knowing what possessed her, she soon found a taste of contempt for the Dark Matter Horde for what they represent and what they've done, particularly to Adeleine. Surprisingly, this kind of kindness, though not as much this time, also extends to Magolor once she learned of what happened to him with the Master Crown.
    • Another such victim of a malevolent force taking someone over happens to be Princess Peach. And said malevolent force for her happened to be the Shadow Queen, who also happened to be a Greater Goddess much like the Dark Matter Horde. As such, Kosuzu is very obviously not happy about the Shadow Queen, who finds the bookkeeper as such a simple, cute plaything that even her own herald Mamizou was able to toy with her. And clearly, that set both human and tanuki off, firmly planting their foot in the ground against her.
    • Woe be upon Kosuzu when she learned of Professor Souichi Tomoe and the Death Busters, and all of the nasty fracas they've caused. If she thought youkai hiding in books was a bit disturbing at times, she was completely scared straight when she was ambushed on the way back from the House of Knowledge by Daimons who had possessed people and objects along her path, intending to convert her into one of them. While her herald Mamizou was quick to fend them off, the trip to Suzunaan became a trip to the House of Health And Diseases after the tanuki took quite a few hits from that skirmish. Since then, some of the Touhou deites are in a complete uproar over the attempt on the bibliophile, and they vowed to deal with them like they did with Brand X, much to the delight of the Death Busters, eager to add more enemies to their Rogues Gallery.
  • As a bibliophile, Kosuzu is, above all else, obsessed with books and knowledge. So, uh, imagine that you're Kosuzu, and then you learn that the House of Knowledge exists. How do you react? Well, you'd faint in sheer excitement, and that's exactly when Kosuzu did when this fact was told to her, a moment that really does just, well, exemplify the trope that she's the goddess of, considering that she kind of just didn't know that until now for some reason. Much of the House in return kindly welcomes her with open arms, and even asks her to do some deciphering work at times because of her ability.
    • When it comes to the Library of Ruina, though, she feels peeved that it just is like, er, a much bigger Suzunaan, complete with the whole creatures-escaping-books thing. In particular, She doesn't hold the highest regard for Angela & Roland along with the Library, for how they managed it and what awaited within...that is, until after Chimata came along and practically upended their current model. While Kosuzu isn't the most fond of the place still, she's glad that the place has improved since then, and hopes that one day, the place becomes a just-as-lively and non-harmful area to be in, just like Suzunaan.
    • Was sickened to her stomach upon learning about Alice (not Margatroid; I mean, the one in the Hall of Analysis and Records), and how she handles information compared to herself. In a way, she strangely reminds Kosuzu of one of her heralds, Hieda no Akyuu, with how they each are tied to recording the history of their respective worlds, but their methods are vastly polar opposites. Alice (not Margatroid) herself seems to be intrigued by Kosuzu and her own collection, wanting to consume it all to learn more about Gensokyo and its deep-rooted history. This not only put the bibliophile off to no end, but also pissed off quite a lot of the land of fantasy's inhabitants and their ascended deities, especially Yukari Yakumo, who now sees Alice (not Margatroid) as a potential threat to Gensokyo as a result of Kosuzu's own ascension. Kosuzu herself considers it necessary to use the full power of her collection on Alice (not Margatroid) should a confrontation between them come up, a prospect that worries Reimu, unsure if the bibliophile can actually handle that kind of situation.
    • As for a few other informative folk, a brief mention goes to Kosuzu's first meeting with Grimoire Weiss, the book that accompanied the hero Nier on his journey, and well, the hero himself. The encounter was rather pleasant, as the duo were keenly surprised at what knowledge Kosuzu learned from simply running her fingers along Weiss' surface. This kind of surprise was echoed by Kosuzu as she learned of Nier's harrowing and sorrowful tales, as well as his very negative disposition towards abnormal beings- a contrast from her own views.
    • The SDM's librarian, Patchouli, was surprised to learn of Kosuzu's ascendance, as it did remind her of another bibliophile, one that she was rather acquainted with. That bibliophile, and the deity she eventually referred to Kosuzu when she visited the pigtailed bookshop owner by herself one day, was none other than Twilight Sparkle, who happened to have some history with some of Gensokyo's magic nerds. When the unicorn and human met up, both squealed at the fact that they've just met a fellow booklover, and both have now been seen together at their respective temples, chatting over the books they've read and have in their respective collections. They even help each other out, with Twilight being able to keep any youkai from flowing out of Kosuzu's books, and Kosuzu being able to process some of the more mysterious and foreign texts in Twilight's own library. The bond that the duo shared also helped reignite the bond that Twilight had with Patchouli herself, having been strained due to the librarian being a cosntant Shut In, and now all three are amicable book buddies.
  • Hoo boy...let's talk about Yuuki Terumi, one of the most despicable fucks in the Pantheon. When he learned of Kosuzu's ascension via way of the NOL learning of it as well, he got some brand new and damn good leverage to draw upon them. Jin Kisaragi & Tsubaki Yayoi were both rather concerned about the demon books in Kosuzu's collection, believing that they would attract some very unsavory individuals, despite Makoto Nanaya's protests to actually stop for a moment to consider if Suzunaan's books are like their own. However, the worst possible scenario occurs, and the aforementioned diabolic dirtbag in Yuuki raised eyebrows, deciding to check out the booklover's temple. He would've had his way with the place if not for the current Itazura Griefers leader, Seija Kijin, just so happening to arrive to playfully pester the girl. When Kosuzu and Twilight arrived at the former’s temple later that day, they found the whole of it in ruins, part of the collection destroyed, and Seija...killed, essentially.
    • This tragedy set the whole of Gensokyo and its allies in an uproar. I mean, thrashing a near-defenseless deity’s temple, dismantling a good amount of her livelihood, and even flat-out murdering an associated deity (despite her general unpopularity)? The event has put him on just about every Touhou deity’s shitlist, especially for Kosuzu & Seija, the latter now confined to the House of Health & Diseases for recovery. At time of writing, it is unknown of when Seija would be released, but given the damage done to her, a Lesser Goddess, by a Greater God, it will take a while.
    • Some of the other Blazblue deities have also expressed their respective thoughts on this incident. Makoto, as well as Jin & Tsubaki, expressed a deep apology to Kosuzu for what happened, as well as believing that her demon books are like theirs. Nine the Phantom was also particularly somber at the state of Kosuzu’s collection after the roughhousing, so she offered, and is currently, helping to restore the damage done to the books, interested in learning more about them once the deed is done. Relius Clover also gave his condolences, paltry and probably condescending if anything, and caught flak nonetheless for being associated with Terumi. Hazama, despite having Seija as one of his few confidants, didn't seem all too shaken up by it.
"Outside world books are really popular, aren't they? I wonder if I shouldn't get more? I can't get any more imports until they drift through though. But the ones I really like...are these!"

    Masayoshi Hazama & Hidenori Goto 
Masayoshi Hazama & Hidenori Goto, High Prophets of Mid-Season Twists (Masayoshi: Samurai Flamenco, Samuenco, Flamen Red | Hidenori: Samurai Policeman)
Masayoshi (left) & Hidenori (right)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Samurai Flamenco emblem
  • Theme Music: Just One Life; Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye; Samurai Flamenco
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Personality, Adventure
  • Heralds: MMMmembers , Joji Kaname, Jun Harazuka, Sumi Ishihara, Akira Konno, The Flamengersmembers 
  • Allies: Shinnosuke Tomari
  • Enemies: SHOCKER
  • Opposes: Annie Wilkes (moreso in Masayoshi's case)
  • The story of toku fanboy Masayoshi Hazama and policeman Hidenori Goto is weird to say the least. It all began when Goto encountered Masayoshi naked in an alleyway, the latter claiming to be a superhero known as Samurai Flamenco. From there, they get to know each other better and go up against increasingly bizarre threats that emerge from nowhere. Pretty telling how a tale of two men with differing personalities who become friends would take a turn for the bizarre after going up against a random guy that transformed himself into a gorilla with a built-in guillotine.
  • One of the first things that Masayoshi was told about the Pantheon was that the various toku heroes that he's a fan or are indeed real, somehing that made him very excited. While he is aware that the power gap between them and himself is significant (the fact that Masayoshi often has to rely on homemade weapons as opposed to most of the other toku heroes' fancier arsenal), he's willing to provide them help whenever possible.
    • Shinnosuke Tomari is among the few toku heroes that both Masayoshi and Goto work with on a regular basis given that Tomari is a police officer like Goto. The duo were surprised to hear that Tomari's ally Krim Steinbelt had significant contributions to the various items that Tomari uses in fighting crime. While Masayoshi appreciated Tomari's offer to have him and Goto use Steinbelt's items, Masayoshi told Tomari that he and Goto are fine for the time being, but they'll still consider the offer at some point.
  • Not only were the toku heroes that Masayoshi admires are present, but so are a number of their enemies as well. He and Goto were alarmed that many of them had congregated through SHOCKER, which established itself as a significant threat to many of Masayoshi's heroes. While Masayoshi and Goto had to deal with different oncoming threats, they never had to deal with a singular organization that was more or less responsible for these specific calamities in the past. The two are prepared to use whatever they can to stop SHOCKER from succeeding.
  • With how often they hang around with each other, it's really easy to believe that they could be a gay couple...and it actually kind of makes sense since Masayoshi made a marriage proposal to Goto (the circumstances behind that were less than ideal and Masayoshi didn't know what love was until then, but still). So far, the two are just really good friends, but with all that happened in their adventures, one has to wonder when they'll be more than friends.
  • Since he was a child, Masayoshi has been a fan of toku. To pay the bills, he works for a modeling agency. After his parents were murdered, he was taken in by his grandfather, who spearheaded the Samurai Flamenco project, of which Masayoshi got the name for his superhero identity. As Masayoshi went from fighting against ordinary criminals to supernatural organizations, he gradually became more mature, but still kept his ideals at heart.
    • It's pretty clear that Masayoshi admires many of the toku heroes, though there are a few of them that he really likes in particular. He's amazed at how the Gokaigers are able to use the powers of Super Sentai teams that came before them to fight evil and in particular, likes hanging out with Gai Ikari of that team, who happens to be a Sentai fanboy. It helps that Masayoshi led the Flamengers, a team that's very similar to Sentai in a number of ways, before.
    • He got himself acquainted with other admirers of heroes, such as Izuku Midoriya, who himself is a fan of heroes and became an actual hero thanks to his determination. Masayoshi really likes hanging out with Viewtiful Joe, another superhero fanboy that's also a real hero and Viewtiful Joe shares the same feeling when it comes to being with Masayoshi. Masayoshi is also interested in Phoenix Ranger Featherman R, Ken Amada's favorite show and it surprised the latter to find that someone else seems to like that show.
    • At one point, he somehow found himself with someone who appeared to be a female Henshin Hero in the midst of a battle against some mooks. After the mooks got defeated, the hero revealed herself to be Nyarko and that she had a Full Force form with moves that were taken by some Kamen Riders. Masayoshi was a bit surprised to find that out, but nevertheless remained on good terms with her after learning she was a toku fangirl.
  • Goto is a cop and appears to be more level-headed than Masayoshi...key word being appears. After meeting Masayoshi, Goto got to know him and his love of heroes better and gradually became an important partner for Masayoshi. Goto also sends texts to his girlfriend, but the truth about that is much more twisted than he'd be willing to admit.
    • Whenever he isn't with Masayoshi, Goto is often working with various other police officers cracking down on crimes of varying degrees of weirdness. While he gets along fine with a fair number of cops, he really wasn't thrilled to hear that there was a corrupt cop or two running around and sees those kinds of officers as a potential source of interference when dealing with something serious.
      • Of the various police officers he works with, Akane Tsunemori is someone he gets along with rather well. It may be due to her determination in the midst of situations that are arguably even worse than what he has gone through, including losing a friend of hers. It's also likely that it's her friendly personality is a factor in it.
    • Goto had a girlfriend when he was in high school, but she disappeared and never returned since then. He coped with it by sending texts to himself or more accurately, think about what his girlfriend would say about what he's doing at the moment and make texts based on that. He empathizes with a number of those that lost their loved ones, notably Tomoyo Okazaki, who arguably had it worse than Goto not just when it came to losing someone they loved, but also their life in general.
    • He managed to find plenty of common ground with Kyon not just due to sounding a little similar, but also how they found themselves involved with an energetic partner and getting themselves involved in a variety of crazy scenarios.
  • Of the different people in the Pantheon, both Masayoshi and Goto are really unnerved by Annie Wilkes, even if she clearly doesn't share the same line of interests as the two of them. Hearing about how she kidnapped a writer and caused psychological torture on him just to get something she wants in a story to happen brings back bad memories of how Haiji Sawada, a young man obsessed with Samurai Flamenco, and how he put Masayoshi's friends at risk (Goto included) just to give Masayoshi a "tragic backstory" and turn him into a dark anti-hero.
  • After fighting against an alien invasion, Masayoshi was told by the will of the universe (his universe more specifcally) that his imagination was responsible for all the crazy adventures he and his friends got themselves into. Regardless of if any sort of toku-related adventure that occurs is the result of Masayoshi wanting an adventure of some kind, the Pantheon has all sorts of crazy events happening by default, something that he and Goto were told of beforehand.


    Alfred Kralik and Klara Novak 
Alfred Kralik and Klara Novak, Divine Couple Who Didn't Know They Knew Each Other
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A cigarette box that plays "Ochi Chërnye"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Pen Pals Acquainted in Real Life, Belligerent Sexual Tension, Dramatic Irony
  • Domains: Love, Profession, Mail
  • High Priests: Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox
  • Heralds: The staff of Matuschek and Co.
  • Allies: Scrooge McDuck, Mary and Max, Violet Evergarden, Lag and Niche, Kiki, George and Lennie, Michael Scott
  • Enemies: Bill Lumbergh
  • Pity: The Snatcher, Hagen
  • During one Christmas season in Budapest, Hungary, tensions ran high at a leather goods store. Alfred Kralik was the top salesman, but his relationship with his once benevolent boss Mr. Matuschek was strained. In the midst of this, Klara Novak entered the store to ask for a job, which Matuschek gave her after she succeeded in selling a novelty cigarette box Kralik had disagreed on stocking. Kralik and Klara had an hostile relationship from then on. What they didn't realize was that they were each other's anonymous correspondents and were in fact very infatuated with each other in that context. Kralik soon discovered the truth when he arrived late to what would have been their official first meeting. Not knowing what to make of this, he kept the truth from Klara, but became more cordial to her and even something of a confidant as he listened to her fantasize about how wonderful her correspondent must be. After straightening out his issues with Matuschek (he thought his wife was cheating on him with Kralik), getting promoted to manager and weathering through the hectic Christmas shopping, Kralik finally admitted the truth to Klara and confessed his feelings, which were reciprocated as Klara had been hoping for a while it was him all along.
  • Kralik and Klara were contacted by the Pantheon with a business proposal. As it turns out, Christmas can be just as hectic in these mystical planes as in the mortal ones. Realizing this, Scrooge McDuck had the bright idea of summoning the couple and have them use their experience to help organize the House of Commerce so it had that much more of a chance to get out of the busiest season of the year with its reputation unscathed. Out of compassion for their fellow salespeople, Kralik and Klara decided to set aside their shock at seeing a place like the Pantheon and got right down to work, and as it turned out, their now old-fashioned way of handling things did come in handy. Once Christmas shopping winded down, Scrooge appealed to the Main House to make them into deities as a reward and also make room for the Matuschek and Co. store at the House of Commerce, requests that were granted.
  • The two started their relationship by being Pen Pals and the intimate connection they developed through this form of acquaintance makes them very special in the eyes of Mary and Max, two deities whose lifelong friendship was exclusively communicated through letters. Them having lived quite literally on opposite sides of the world, as well as their significant age difference, potentially means their friendship could not have happened any other way. Kralik and Klara muse that it's somewhat the case for them as well; they may not have gotten to know each other to the degree they have were it not for their correspondence, as they might have simply exchanged verbal blows the whole time they were working together, without bothering to learn more about one another. The two pairs have taken to corresponding between one another and make a joint effort to keep the art of letter writing, so meaningful to them all, alive.
  • Violet Evergarden is another notable letter writer who shares a mutual fascination with Kralik and Klara. Violet's quest to understand the meaning of love by writing letters for others makes her naturally very interested in how Kralik and Klara's correspondence played an important role in their forming a loving relationship for life. Kralik and Klara in turn think Violet's occupation and especially reason for choosing it are quite something, even if they personally cannot imagine relying on someone else to convey the true extent of their feelings on their behalf. Still, for Violet's sake, they hope her peculiar line of work can help her find the thing she is looking for.
  • The couple see enough of the deities who take it upon themselves to deliver the mail to become well-acquainted with them. Their enterprise that's all the more worthy of respect given the enormous dangers present in the Pantheon that need to be taken into consideration, so Kralik and Klara are always polite and pleasant to them out of gratitude for their services and the risks they take. This has resulted in the couple striking a friendship with Lag Seeing and Niche once Lag told them his belief that Kralik and Klara's letters carry a piece of their hearts, so he and his partner Niche would give it their all to protect and bring them to their destinations. Kralik and Klara both found this to be a romantic notion, if not a bit overwrought, at least until they learned that what Lag said was quite literally how his world functioned and were amazed at how he could shoulder such responsibility at his young age, especially with monsters constantly dogging him to get at the hearts. They've assured Lag that if he ever requires their services (getting a new satchel, for instance), they'd give him a big discount.
  • They've developed a friendly and symbiotic relationship with the witch-in-training Kiki as well, mainly after they opted to start a home delivery system to boost Matuschek's sales; Kiki was the first one they decided to do business with to get their leather goods delivered safe and sound to their destinations. Kralik and Klara find it gives their shop quite a bit of character to have a little witch in a flying broomstick associate with them in such a fashion. Though, they suppose they'll eventually need to find more people to make their deliveries so they can compete with the other shops. Not to mention eventually get hooked up to that Internet thing people are supposedly making all their shopping in.
  • Although they never explicitly talked about it, some of the pressure Kralik and Klara faced in their work comes from them having lived through the Great Depression, as can be seen in Kralik's dismay at getting fired and facing the prospects of looking for a new job, and Klara's own job search before succeeding in getting herself hired at Matuschek. Still, they had it rather easy and would even consider their coworkers at Matuschek to be their family (with Matuschek himself as the Team Dad). A pair of farm hands who lived through roughly the same period, George and Lennie, were not so lucky. They shared their story when they walked into the store to buy some goods: how often they had to travel to find work, the bullying coworkers they had to put up with, and their attempts to save money to build themselves their own rabbit farm, which proved futile. Only in the Pantheon they could live their dream. The couple tried giving them some goods for free out of sympathy, which George turned down as he and Lennie are capable of paying for themselves. Kralik and Klara insisted, saying they're familiar with the difficulties of the Depression, but George had his pride, though he did accept their offer of friendship instead.
  • While Klara's relationship with boss Matuschek was always pretty stellar, Kralik himself has had his ups and downs with him, though weathering Matuschek's irascibile temper paid off eventually as Matuschek now thinks of Kralik as his successor. Matuschek is quite the flawed but ultimately benevolent boss, which is much more than can be said for certain bosses in the Pantheon. Kralik, and Klara too, are just glad they had him and not someone as demotivating, uncaring and very possibly soulless as Bill Lumbergh for a boss. Bill himself rolls his eyes at the camaraderie displayed by the Matuschek workers, passive-aggressively declaring that it must have been nice to work in olden times when there was no hurry, which Kralik and Klara find really quite insulting.
  • Michael Scott is another type of boss who can be kind of unbearable to work with, partly due to his odd personality, partly because he's simply incompetent in a leadership role, though Kralik and Klara sympathize with him much more than Bill since Michael ultimately has good intentions and displays some true competency as long as he's given a job suited to his strengths. Michael's office is also a more lively and somewhat healthier (at least in Kralik and Klara's view) place to work in than the dull and soul-sucking Initech, with the quirky personal relationships between the workers being like a more madcap but still fun version than what Kralik and Klara are used to with their own coworkers.
  • Given Kralik almost lost his job and his honor because of Matuschek, who had the utmost confidence in him, suspecting he was having an affair with his wife, Kralik can't help but cringe in sympathy for other hapless fellows who were Mistaken for Cheating. The Snatcher was one victim of such a mistake, after his girlfriend, the Queen Vanessa, locked him in a dungeon. And he paid for it further, far more dearly than Kralik could imagine on his own, turning into a terrible monster who does awful things to those that fall into debt with it. Obviously, Kralik finds himself quite out of his depth with such things, and he's not sure that he would ever want to meet the Snatcher and risk falling into debt with him for some reason or another, nor does he wish to bring Vanessa's wrath upon him or the rest of Matuschek, so he steers well clear of all this. He and Klara hope that the two can find happiness some day, though.
  • There were quite some big things that happened in Budapest well after Kralik and Klara had their turbulent love story. One of the most memorable events was when a once lovable pet mutt called Hagen was abandoned and abused to such an extent that he led a revolt of all the dogs against the humans living in Hungary's capital city. Kralik and Klara find such a thing hard to imagine, but the story of Hagen's ascension into the Pantheon is there to prove them wrong. At any rate, while they're sure they wouldn't like to be caught up in such a thing (though they think they would have passed away already before ever seeing it happen), they do think it's a terrible thing that the government treated half-breed dogs, even friendly ones, the way they did, and do not condone their government at all on this. For what it's worth, Hagen has no intention to bother them; it's only dog abusers who incite his wrath.

    Charles Kane 
Charles Foster Kane, God of Long-Spoiled Spoilers (Citizen Kane)
  • Theme Song: Citizen Kane Suite
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A sled with the word 'Rosebud' on its top
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Classical Antihero Decoy Protagonist, Collector of the Strange, Powerful and Helpless, Broken Ace, Going after the Rich and Powerful Despite being as such, Arbitrarily Large Bank Account, narcissistic, ultimately Dying Alone because he wanted to be loved and gave no love in return, becoming the very thing he hated.
  • Domains: Nobility, Industry, Isolation, Love (Betrayed)
  • Followers: The Reapers
  • Allies: Vlad Masters, Norma Desmond
  • Enemies: Scrooge McDuck, Seto Kaiba, Sephiroth
  • Opposes: Mr. Burns, J. J. Jameson
  • Opposed by: The House of Love and Affection, various creators
  • Pitied by: Jay Gatsby, Lois Lane, Clark Kent/Superman
  • It's a story basically everyone knows by now; a man emerged as one of the richest people on the planet. Yet no matter what he did, he couldn't not express his love towards anyone. In the end, he ended up Dying Alone, where a reporter tried to figure out what motivated him. While he failed to find the answer, the audience was gifted with the answer; the sled "Rosebud" represented the love he so desperately sought and was taken away from him ever since he moved away from his mother and son. It was ironic that this world would be the only one that didn't know the secret origins of Charles Kane.
    • Kane at least managed to bring happiness to one person in the Pantheon. After languishing for her death at the hands of Sephiroth, Aeris no longer wanted to be remembered in that way. An opening was created for White Mages, but she needed someone to take her place. It just so happened that Kane was more than happy to take the burden if it means having a second chance at happiness.
    • This development did not please Sephiroth as he was robbed of one of his greatest pleasures in the Pantheon. He has since attacked Kane on several occasions.
  • His temple is the massive castle known as Xanadu. It houses a wide variety of objects, but holds very few people to maintain it. When he found out his beloved sled could still be in his castle, he frantically searched for it to no avail. It appears that the Powers That Be has cursed him. His sled is indeed there, but his is doomed to be unable to find it among his vast domain. Some prophets say he will be reunited with his sled when he able to express an act of true love towards someone.
    • To add insult to injury, none of his past lovers want any part of becoming his herald. Neither Emily nor Susan want to be with a man who cares more about himself than his own lovers. The only familiar person in his temple is Jedediah Leland and even he failed to achieve any sort of herald status. Still, Leland hopes that this new lease of life will help him out in the long run.
  • His biggest issue is that even with his ascension he has failed to gain any true allies. His first task in the House of Commerce was to attack the evil gods there to fight for the little man. Mr. Burns responded with a smear campaign that forced the House to severely limit his presence there. Not even Chester Bum could defend him with a straight face.
    • Scrooge and Kaiba promptly pointed out that while of railing against the rich despite being rich himself isn't a crime, the two believed he is only doing so to win the love of the people rather than actually giving a damn about their plight. Though it is likely the two are actually mad because Kane has been hurting their own fiances with his talk.
  • The House of Love was less forgiving. The deities were horrified with the fate of both his wives. As such, they advised their followers against having a relationship with him.
    • One of his few allies there is Vlad Masters. He dismisses criticism for his pursuit of Maddie as false, and sees a man who craves love as he does. As such, he gives Kane pointers on how to woo women... which will only likely to cause him to fail even more.
  • Authors both deified and mortal despise his name. Kane reminds them of how their stories are so well known, the surprise is robbed from the viewer. This also arrives in the form of Content Leaks that reveal the nature of works before their arrival.
  • He did manage to find someone as desperate to find adoration as he did. Norma Desmond arrived at his temple for a proposition; she would date him if he bankrolled her to more headline shows. Thus he helped Norma to attend a number of roles... all to a quiet crowd. Charles then proceeded to clap to the encores himself. Thus, he was pilloried by the press once more. When Kane went to Jameson's office to protest, the news editor showed him the door. The two still dream of jump-starting their fame despite the setbacks.
    • In response, Lois Lane did some research on the man. With the help of Clark Kent, she released an editorial describing Kane as someone who never learned how to love someone. This helped gain some sympathy from the general public.
  • One of his few true friends, Jay Gatsby tried to help Kane to better establish him in the Pantheon. He knows what it's like to be isolated despite having all the money in the world. It was a surprise to Jay how much more the common folk liked the two of them than their own peers and decided that the two should do more outreach work for those people. Unfortunately, Kane's own selfishness keeps getting in the way of gaining praise.
  • Was weirded out that a big-headed mouse named Brain sounds like someone doing an impression of Kane. While on that, he has ignored Yosemite Sam's requests to check out that time his herald Montana Max did a send-up of Kane's story.
  • He's also present in the House of Knowledge.

    Hina Sato 
Hina Sato, Goddess of Mundane Justifications Towards "Magic" (Odin)
Hina Post-Surgery 
  • Quasideity, formerly a Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her nun-esque headdress and a video game controller
  • Theme Song: Kimi to Iu Shinwanote , Goodbye Seven Seas, and Takaramono Ni Natta Hinote  by Jun Maeda and Yanagi Nagi
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Bratty Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Has the Ability of Precognition and Supposed Omniscience, Develops a Crush on Yota whilst Making Him more Open to his Affections for Izanami, Enjoys Playing Video Games, Gets Easily Annoyed when she Hears Others' Names are Based on Deities, Was Left Without Parents, Raised by Grandparents, Is Actually Diagnosed with Logos Syndrome and her Powers come from a Supercomputer Chip Implanted in her Brain, Regresses into a Toddler-Like State who Requires Extensive Care and Aid, Wheelchair Woobie
  • Domains: Visions, Deals, Love, Health, Friendship, Disabilities
  • Heralds: Yota Narukami, Sora Narukami, Tokiko and Daichi Narukami, Kyōko Izanami, Ashura Kokuhō, Hikari Jingūji, Kako Tengan
  • Allies: The Ozaki Family, Yuzuru Otonashi, Kanade Tachibana, Chiaki Nanami, Haruhi Suzumiya, Konata Izumi, Shulk, Garnetnote , Cassandra, Arnold Shortman, Hopediah, Sprig and Polly Plantar, Hanako Ikezawa, Konomi Yanase, Tenko Chabashira, Izetta, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Batty Koda, Nunnally Lamperouge, Star Butterfly
  • Sympathized By: Miguel and Tulio, Malina, Bran Stark, Griffin, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • Interests: Dr. Gregory House, Destiny of the Endless
  • Mixed Feelings From: Odinnote 
  • Wary Of: Anyone Who is Malenote , Oriko Mikuni, Bedman, Lucy
  • Fears: The SCP Foundation, HYDRA, William "Deathshead" Strasse, SHODAN
  • Hina Sato is a seemingly average girl who one day believes that she has awakened as a deity with the powers of precognition. Proclaiming herself as the Norse God, Odin, she encounters a boy named Yota Narukami and decides to spend time with him with the caveat that Yota receives Hina's help in winning the heart of his childhood friend, Kyouko Izanami, as well as getting some luck and success in other activities and events. As time goes on Hina becomes slowly integral in Yota's life emotionally and mentally and a person who was loved and relied on by a newfound group of friends in spite of her rambunctious and temperamental attitude. Unfortunately, Hina claims that the world would end in 30 days after her first meeting with Yota, which culminates in her being taken in by authorities due to her powers. It turned out that Hina was a girl whose powers of seeming omniscience stemmed from a supercomputer chip implanted in her brain to help her survive a fatal disease known as Logos Syndrome and was chip was removed due to the authorities believing that said power was too dangerous and incomprehensible for the world to currently deal with, causing the disease to take effect and render Hina to a mental state akin to that of a toddler's as well as a fear of men. Despite this, Yota made an effort to locate and visit the facility Hina was situated in, with attempts to restart their bond being much harder. Even with the severe hardships involved, Yota and Hina would re-establish their relationship and the latter would be sent to Yota's residence. Even if she's a different person from her past self, Hina's influence remained as well as the support and love she's gained with her new companions, with Yota aiming to become a doctor in the future to work on a potential cure for Logos Syndrome and improve Hina's life.
  • Although Hina's story seemingly ended on a bittersweet note, her tale still persisted in Pantheonic records and eventually, she was to be properly recognized in the divine realms. That said, there was the hurdle in that Hina's mentality was regressed to toddler-like levels, so it was Yota who would come to represent her position. He was stunned to learn that the girl she loved was to become a divine representative for something much bigger than he had anticipated. Furthermore, it was stated that Hina was to legitimately become a goddess in her own right, though he was a bit confused about how they are represented via their most notable traits and events. Because of her state of mind, Hina didn't know what make about becoming a deity in the Pantheon, but Yota was sure to make a party out of the event with the help of his family and friends, though they had to keep it quiet and simple as being loud and vibrant would likely rattle and scare her. Regardless, Hina's friends are happy and Yota believes that he may have a shot at learning from esteemed doctors and scientists about Logos Syndrome and curing Hina. Retrospectively, he also thinks that the old Hina would have certainly enjoyed becoming a deity in the Pantheon and bragging about her reputation.
  • While Hina's precognition and rambunctious attitude would have made her a vibrant, if contentious individual to stumble across for many, her current state is someone who is very childlike and quiet. And due to her mental and physical condition bought about by Logos Syndrome, she cannot take care of herself, such as struggling to walk, communicate, and only speaks in simple broken sentences, needing help in using the toilet, and needing a wheelchair to get around. Although her condition is tragic, Yota and his family and friends are doing what they can to give Hina a much-needed quality of life as much as they can and the Pantheon might be a step in the right direction as it means there likely would be others to pay interest to Hina and potentially help her and her loved ones out. Most people who've come across Hina generally pity her, though Yota would rebuke those sentiments and tell them that the girl is more capable and understanding than they'd give credit for, though there are those who do like Hina's overall character and nature in spite of her frail condition. It didn't take long for Yota and friends to realize the Pantheon is harder to deal with than they'd imagined, but if there is more help and support to be provided for Hina in the divine realms, then her ascension was worth it.
  • While there are diseases similar to Logos Syndrome, Hina's case is still unique as she's the first person in the Pantheon to be identified as such. Doctors and researchers in the House of Health and Diseases have made some studies and observations regarding the disease, though it seems only the best ones are in the know about being employed to work on a potential cure. Yota has expressed a desire to one day be mentored and tutored there, believing that the House would make a great place to practice his ambition in becoming a doctor, though he hasn't had much luck in finding anyone with a strong interest in Hina and Logos Syndrome, much to his annoyance. He would find one, but when said person is Gregory House, a point of contention on Yota's part was to be expected as House's caustic and sardonic attitude when talking to Yota, let alone Hina's condition, was a challenge in and of itself, and it didn't help when House grumbled upon looking at Hina and stated that she's not going to enjoy her experiences with him as well as butting heads with Yota on being in love with a disabled girl. Still, House's knowledge and experience in dealing with rare medical diseases was significant, mainly because of the lengths he would go to regarding a cure, and generally doesn't mind Yota being pissed off at him for his rude behavior. House does care about Hina in spite of his attitude, but would rather bite his own tongue than tell that to anybody. He does wonder how it would feel like to be confronted with a seemingly omniscient girl if he ever comes across one, a sentiment he's had since learning of Hina's story.
  • Even with the hardships that she's had to face for her medication condition, Hina was able to make friends and acquaintances both in her world and the Pantheon. Among the first of these in the latter was the Ozaki Family who were known for their tragic tale. Nagisa could relate to one's fragility, seeing as she was someone who was born weak and highly susceptible to illness, but the topic of Logos Syndrome was devastating enough that Nagisa couldn't help but cry about it. Tomoya was a man who had a good deal of experience in being involved with other people's turmoil and getting them resolved, but Hina proved challenging for him to deal with because of her fear of men. It took the help of Nagisa and her daughter, Ushio, to get Hina to steadily become more open to having Tomoya around, though she still feels a bit uneasy when it's just him and not his wife and child. Regardless, Tomoya expresses a good deal of sympathy for the girl and is willing to do what he can to help Hina and Yota. Ushio was initially confused about Hina's condition as she's not yet mature enough to fully comprehend what Logos Syndrome is but ultimately decided to try getting Hina to become more active and happy after being told by her parents that she's just a girl who needs friends and would appreciate some company, though to be careful as she is scared of loud noises. Since then, the Ozakis have been a recurring presence in Hina's time in the Pantheon and Yota has been glad of their help ever since.
    • In addition to the Ozaki Family, Hina and Yota would also come to be well-acquainted with Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, a pair of teenagers who died prematurely and were bought to a version of the afterlife due to not having moved on from their personal struggles and griefs where they had to earn their acceptance before they could truly move on, though, in Kanade's case, it was a bit complicated as she was actually a comatose heart patience in real life and moved on after being given a successful heart transfer, particularly Otonashi's. The story was a bit much to take in for Hina and Yota, but felt that their tale was fascinating, and in turn, Otonashi felt that he could probably get some help. Additionally, Otonashi knows how it feels to care for someone who was ill, though in his case, it was terminal cancer and the patient was his own sister, who passed during Christmas, serving as a reason for Otonashi to become a doctor to help others, at least before he himself died of injuries and malnourishment he sustained from a train accident, which served as a further reason for why he's open in wanting to be friends with Hina and Yota. On the other hand, Hima found it peculiar that Kanade went by "Angel/Tenshi" as an alias, not too different from herself using "Odin", though their reasons differed.
  • At one point, a strange phenomenon occurred when reports of a loudmouthed girl who was boasting about being a god, specifically Odin, and freaked out whenever she was pointed out that she wasn't as well as hearing her real name mentioned, though was able to mention events that were initially not thought of seriously until they really did occur. Having seen the events directly, Yota was delighted to see that Hina resurfaced with her old persona, complete with her ability to walk and talk properly regained, and cried out that he missed her old zeal and liveliness, to which Hina was touched by, but tried to cover with her snarks and being supposedly annoyed. The two spent time together with Yota being eager to show the Pantheon around to Hina again. She, in turn, was happy about being a goddess, yet befuddled that she was representing something about "magic being science", which she felt didn't make much sense. However these days were fleeting as in other days, Hina would revert back to her post-surgery self, which troubled Yota and her friends. He was told by doctors that there are times when an ascended deity has moments where they may revert to another version of themselves and it happens at random, with Hina being one such case. Yota was told to be careful as while the old Hina may return in some days, this doesn't mean the Logos Syndrome in her system has been cured. These ultimately factored with Yota doing whatever he could to make his days with Hina in the Pantheon all the more memorable and, although a bit pained, he is at least content that he could properly be in contact with his love again, even if for a fleeting amount of time.
  • Hina's ability of precognition is (or was, depending on how her personality and physicality shift) a remarkable one, being able to accurately pinpoint and predict events and outcomes with very little, if any error. That alone would have made her a Demigoddess as it's an incredibly potent ability, though there's no umbrage on her being a Quasideity either way. When someone like Destiny of the Endless deems her powers to be similar and interesting, it's a high note of respect, seeing as this is a primordial deity whose own powers of looking into the future are far greater than hers. However, aside from feeling pity for her current condition, he doesn't have much time to converse with Hina given his duties as an overseer of the greater universe, though during days when she's back to her old self, Hina would comment on how something like "Destiny" would be a name she'd enjoy, even if she'd rather be called Odin. Her bratty self has clashed with others with similar powers like Cassandra, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Bran Stark, with Hina being a bit peeved about the former as she has an ancient name. She's made some remarks about what they're going to do in the future and sometimes challenges them in a bunch of childish and immature games, not really too concerned with Bran being a cripple, which predictably makes Hina an annoying presence to deal with. However, when in her regressed state, Cassandra and Haruhi are a lot more sympathetic and the latter is willing to drop her own abrasive and zany personality to treat Hina with care and respect; after all, Haruhi has a soft spot for kids. Bran would also like to help Hina out, but her fear of men makes approaching her a challenge. Still, the young Stark isn't going to back out of supporting the young girl and would use his own powers to help out Hina in whatever way he could as well as earning her comfort and approval.
  • Her fear of men is something that only manifests when she's in her regressed state. That's not to say that this is permanent as Yota could attest, but it is a considerable challenge for Hina to tolerate a male in her presence, but on a fortunate note, there are some who've not only challenged this but have also earned her approval and become friends in an attempt to help her and Yota out. Still, there are a couple of women who, while being older than Hina, still hold on to having a distaste towards men, like Konomi Yanase, Tenko Chabashira, and even the supervillainess, Poison Ivy. The former two were very quick to make friends with Hina upon learning of her story and are very willing to help and support her. There were some tensions regarding Yota, but learning that he's the reason Hina is in a better place than being in an isolated facility earned some respect for the two girls, with Tenko stating that even if she's not fond of boys, she'll still protect them and would never take this disinterest to outright hatred. With the latter, Ivy cites Hina's surgery as a reason for her cynical distaste for humanity, calling the organization who took out her supercomputer chip a "bunch of cowards" and citing their reasons as "pathetic trite to justify their own superiority". As for Hina herself, Ivy is actually quite tender towards her and wouldn't harm her as she personally has a soft spot for kids, though Ivy admits that the only reason Yota and his family and friends are spared from her wrath is that Hina would need support from others, especially in her stunted state.
  • Given her nature of being in a state where she is likely to pass at an early age and a supercomputer chip was inserted via surgery in a way to save her life, Hina tends to be pitied by a lot of people, though she'd rather not hear such in case she's back to her old self. She finds some sort of amusement in Batty Koda having an antenna glued onto the left side of his cranium, thinking it makes him look "super weird", though when she found out that the reason he has an antenna in the first place wasn't funny, Hina rescinded her statement and treats him a little better, though still not above making fun of the bat at times for good fun. There was also an encounter with the superhero, Cyborg, who once encountered Hina while she was in her regressed state. Having the power to access cyberspace mentally as a way to scour through records and information, he discovered documents and archives relating to Hina and was shocked to discover her past and how her state came to be. He knew better than most, because when Victor Stone was an ordinary man, he was once mortally crippled and close to dying, so he had to be rebuilt with cutting-edge technology to save his life, a very harrowing event as he lost his mother in the event that almost killed him and further soured his relationship with his father. As a result, Cyborg found Hina to be quite relatable and gave a number of tries to get the girl to befriend him and win Yota's respect, eventually succeeding and being fully supportive of Yota's ambitions of becoming a doctor to find a cure for Logos Syndrome. Victor has also met with Hina's post-surgery self and the two had some banter that left the superhero pretty fatigued as Hina wouldn't let up about her bratty nature and insistency to tell Victor about whatever comical misfortune he would have in the future, even using his real name, much to his annoyance. Still, Victor wouldn't let this affect his friendship with Hina, believing that she has a right to life and condemning her post-power surgery as inhumane and unreasonable.
  • There are organizations in the Pantheon that have a particular focus on the supernatural, the unexplainable, the scientifically fantastical, or some combination of all three. However, most of them have very unscrupulous, if not, outright malicious reasons to pursue them and have rather unpopular reputations in the Pantheon, with Hina in her "godly state" being honest in how they rattle and upset her and her loved ones are very adamant in having to keep her safe from their sights. The SCP Foundation is the best-known of these organizations and is very much interested in the supercomputer chip that gave Hina her precognitive powers, and they're relentless in keeping this information classified and contained as much as possible, though their existence is a tightly kept secret from Hina and her loved ones. Despite their unfettered approach, they're not even the worst as the likes of HYDRA, Deathshead, and SHODAN are very adamant in researching such topics as brain-implanted chips and intend on capturing Hina at some point to study her "godly state". That said, the whereabouts of her former chip is unknown and there already are many deities who have their own reasons for opposing the three, meaning Hina is but a tertiary objective for them, to their frustration and to others' relief. Personally, Hina fears SHODAN the most as the malignant A.I. has a nasty habit of implanting chips onto others to force them into her compliance, and the idea of being in control of a vicious and cruel A.I. is one that Hina admits would terrify her, not to mention SHODAN herself musing about the idea of having precognition, which is a thought that nobody wants to really think about.
  • Given her circumstances, Hina's upbringing was a tumultuous one and one that many wouldn't want to think of being in. Regardless, it didn't stop Arnold Shortman from becoming friends with her, already when Hina is in her "god state"; after all, he was Raised by Grandparents and has a habit of trying to be a helpful and understanding boy towards anyone he comes across. Of course, their experiences with each other are pretty zany, as Hina's tendency to brag and be competitive have gotten Arnold involved in a couple of events that were more bizarre than he'd have expected, not to mention Hina questioning if Arnold has a secret bald spot over where his hat is placed. Despite their similar upbringing, Arnold knows that Hina's is a lot more depressing than he'd want to know and seeing the girl in her post-surgery state does make him depressed, but it isn't going to stop Arnold from helping Hina out whenever he can, even playing video games as a way to bond with her, like how Yota did during his attempt at reconnecting. Hanako Ikezawa may not have been Raised by Grandparents, but losing her parents in a house fire as well as being scarred with scorch marks on her face is an equally tragic past, and she was upset in hearing about Hina's predicament. Thankfully, the two girls got along well and Hanako is open to getting Hina to become friends with her fellow tragically disabled friends. Even in her "pre-surgery" state, Hina is taken aback by Hanako's past and treats her much friendlier than she usually does with others, but would still comically lash out at her over trivial matters if they go wrong yet she's willing to be careful as with her precognition, she knows what words and sentiments would truly harm Hanako and Hina is aware enough to no go for them, prioritizing her friendship with Hanako over whatever weird hijinks they'd go through.
  • She has some relationship with the House of Love and Affection, provided that she and Yota intended to be a couple, at least until Hina was taken by authorities to have her supercomputer chip removed. It's also to do with the fact that she was a matchmaker who decided to honor a deal with Yota to help her out in exchange for the boy winning over the affections of his then-crush, Izanami, at until Yota and Hina ended up developing said affection with one another. It's here where she met Star Butterfly, though it began as vitriolic amusement as Hina quickly figured that "Star Butterfly" felt like a godly title than a name and that she has to be stuck with a basic Japanese name, not helped by Star herself having rainbow-like magical powers, which Star herself found pretty funny and sometimes exhausting to deal with. Still, the two would eventually become friends, especially when Star decided to play along with Hina's precognitive powers via a deal to have some fun with others, namely Star's friends. It's meeting with Star's boyfriend, Marco Diaz, where Hina realized there was much to learn about regarding Star and was a bit surprised to hear that she and Marco were actually Childhood Friends and Star was willing to play the role of matchmaker to get Diaz to win his affections with another girl before things got complicated with Star falling love with him and their adventures becoming more perilous and cataclysmic soon after. Even with their issues and tragedies aside, Star admits that Hina is a better matchmaker than her on the grounds that Hina's power to look into the future and make accurate predictions would greatly help someone, though it's a bit of a cheat. Finally, Star has been meaning to try to find a way to help Hina in her regressed state, even getting to befriend Yota, but with the full extent of her powers having been sapped, she worries if she can do enough to help a friend struggling with a disease that very little have much knowledge about, let alone herself.
  • In her "godly state", she has a penchant for playing video games, with a particular favorite being JRPGs similar to those like Dragon Quest. This interest was one of the key factors in Yota getting to reconnect with Hina after her chip was taken out from her brain, though it was still a very challenging experience. It didn't take long for Hina to realize that there was a House of Gaming and wanted to go there to find and play a couple of games to satisfy her curiosity and wanted to probably encounter a few deities and creatures that looked similar to the characters from the game she's played. What interested her was challenging Chiaki Nanami due to her title as the "Ultimate Gamer" and the two of them competed in a fighting game to see who was the better gamer. Chiaki won out, much to Hina's annoyance, and demanded a rematch, claiming that she was "merely getting used to the controls". She also played against another gamer and an otaku nerd, Konata Izumi, where Hina had better luck. She claims Chiaki and Konata as gaming rivals from her perspective, but otherwise, thanks to Yota's presence, they found time to get along and try to help each other's troubles, with Chiaki being eager about the idea of mentoring Hina in the event she wants to play in her regressed state. It helps that Chiaki is a girl who cares about others and wants to make her friends happy no matter what, which affirmed her friendship with Hina and Yota, while Konata would rather want to participate in activities regarding Yota's sister, Sora, being more interested in her interest as a filmmaker and wanting to see her experiences in the Pantheon documented by Sora.
  • Hina was rather awestruck by the fact that she now lives alongside real gods, but still feels peeved about her name, feeling that it feels too underwhelming in spite of being an ordinary human with incredible powers, depending on what day determines her physical and mental state. She stated that if she wanted to be a patron for a particular House, it would be the one representing Religion and Faith as she pointed out that it's the closest place that represents gods for, well, being gods. She's taken notes on names, especially Asura, whose namesake he almost bears with Yota's friend, Ashura Kokuhō, as well as those like Izanami and Susano'o and all of them seem more amused by how Hina takes the names of gods really seriously. Perhaps there's some charm in appreciating them, but to the gods, a name is a name to them for the most part. The more arrogant and malicious gods are also humored for the most part, if mainly because the idea of Hina calling their names intimidating and fearsome seems more of a compliment to them, but they tend not to care much about the matter either way.
  • Given her story, it wasn't long before the Allfather caught on to Hina's time in the Pantheon. While a complicated situation was to be expected between the two by many who knew both, they didn't anticipate the fact that there are versions of Odin who contrasted one another in several ways and it didn't help that when the two met for the first time, Odin was in his Mr. Wednesday guise and Hina was in her post-surgery regressed state. Despite his civilities and showing a sharp sense of humor, Odin was dismayed when he saw Hina for the first time and was trying to wrap around what exactly was so special about a girl with Logos Syndrome. This ticked Yota and his family and friends, feeling that maybe he should be honored in some way as Hina honored him, even if her method was rather odd and bizarre. Mr. Wednesday kept his tone blunt and honest, he's not here to antagonize anyone, at least not intentionally, he's just disappointed and not worth his time before he left. This understandably left Yota angry about how Hina's first meeting with Odin felt disrespectful to her, though a second meeting from the Allfather, this time in a more benevolent form would arrive whilst Hina was in her precognitive state. This time, Odin was more "positively" amused and expressed interest in Hina's powers. She, in turn, was giddy and mischievous over the fact that the Allfather was likely some grandfatherly guy and played some pranks in an effort to gauge the older god's own precognitive powers. He lighthearted called Hina a "little devil", but decided to go along with them and admitted that Hina's powers were potent, even if his own were stronger. This time, Odin left on better terms, though Yota and his friends are still skeptical, given the knowledge that the Allfather can turn up a kind, benevolent figure one day and then a condescending jerk on the next day. Hina would be open to seeing the Allfather again and would like some words with any "villainous ones" in case she ever meets them in her "godly state.

    Laura Hunt 
Laura Hunt, Goddess of Supposedly Dead Characters
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her portrait and a grandfather clock
  • Theme Song: "Laura"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Was assumed dead but was only out of town, earns the affections of a detective before they even meet, Nice Girl, The Anti-Nihilist, Flashback, Film Noir
  • Domains: Murder, Mistakes, Mysteries, Advertising
  • Herald: Mark McPherson
  • Allies: Roger Thornhill, Captain Gregg and Lucy Muir, Subaru Mikazuki and Haru, Homer Simpson, Johnny Lawrence, Metro Man
  • Enemies: Uncle Charlie, Gaston, BOB
  • Opposes: Much of the Houses of Pride and Egotism and Tainted Love, John Kreese
  • Complicated Relations: Charles Kane, Don Draper
  • Laura Hunt was once thought to have been murdered. Mark McPherson was put in charge of the case; throughout his investigations he learned that Laura was a charismatic and genuinely kind person, which got her the rare attention of Waldo Lydecker, an amazingly egotistical yet sophisticated writer. Theirs was a platonic relationship, with Lydecker mentoring Laura and helping advance her career. However, he was jealous of any man who got near her and especially despised Shelby Carpenter, a "kept man" who Laura was interested in. McPherson's investigations on Laura led him to fall in love with the dead woman. Then she surprised everyone by appearing at her house, alive and well, and not at all aware of what had been going on in her absence. But even with this turn of events, someone had still been killed and it was urgent to find the culprit. The truth came soon enough: it was Lydecker who had attempted to murder Laura in a possessive fury, but instead killed one of her models by mistake. After Laura turned up alive, Lydecker tried again, but ended up dead himself, freeing Laura from him.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon some indefinite amount of time after the events described above, after some deities in the House of Reveals and Twists brought up her case to the higher-ups and argued that her falsely reported death made for a great twist that surely made her worthy of ascension. Charles Kane was her most adamant sponsor. Laura's first thoughts on the subject (beyond the usual disbelief at something so fantastical by her world's standards) were about how Lydecker would have surely jumped at such an offer. Either way, she accepted, out of curiosity if nothing else.
  • Laura's experiences with Lydecker have made her, at best, wary of deities who are known for their massive egos. For that reason, she generally stays away from the House of Pride. She is also distant towards Charles Kane even though he helped her ascend. Thus far he has been nothing less than a gentleman to her and she is likewise polite, but Laura thinks it's for the best not to get too close to him after hearing his history. Though, given his goal was to be loved and he ultimately failed at it and ended up dying alone, Laura supposes he is more worthy of pity than Lydecker, who was more self-assured.
  • Also has a few choice words regarding the House of Tainted Love and any deities who take their infatuations to dangerous extremes, again because of Lydecker, whose love for her led to his insanity, which in turn nearly led to her death. If there's one deity who combines an inflated opinion of themselves with a twisted way of pursuing their love interest, that would be Gaston, so one can see why Laura wouldn't like the man at all, especially after hearing about his relationship to Belle and the Beast.
  • Laura works as an advertising executive and as such is often called upon to do some sort of work or another at the House of Advertising. In such a capacity she finds herself often working with such deities as Roger Thornhill and Don Draper. Thornhill is pleasant enough, but as for Draper... besides the fact that he tends to be very self-centered, he is also a disagreeable cad in just about every other aspect, as far as Laura can see. Still, she has to give him that he is a competent advertiser who takes his job seriously, so Laura has long made peace with the idea of working with him. She just doesn't give him the time of day outside of work-related matters.
  • Laura is a generally friendly person with a strong moral fiber, so she can be considered to be fairly popular and good at making friends. She managed to break through Lydecker's ice, afterall. She thought it very funny when someone told her there was already another deity who looked just like her and thought it a good idea to make her acquaintance. That was the start of how she came to be good friends with Lucy Muir, and by extension the love of her life, Captain Gregg. Laura found their story very romantic and praised Gregg for not jealously clinging to Lucy, while finding some similarities between Lydecker and Lucy's other romantic option, Miles Fairley.
  • Lucy Muir is a published author, and together with Lydecker, it seems like Laura has a knack for attracting people in that area, considering she shortly got a visit from a timid, young Japanese man called Subaru Mikazuki, who as a mystery novel writer was very interested in talking to Laura about her experiences, finding her mistaken death to be an inspiring topic. Laura was more than happy to oblige, and afterwards has made a habit of making calls at a very flustered Subaru's own temple, thus widening his own social circle even more. Even Haru took a quick liking to Laura, a rarity for the cat.
  • Cases of Faking the Dead seem to be common in the Pantheon, but not many know of cases where the person manages to do so unintentionally as Laura did. Perhaps it's for that reason that she has piqued the interest of some deities known for Faking the Dead or otherwise involved in such a thing. For one, there is Metro Man, a superhero who got tired of saving the day and so let people think his archenemy Megamind killed him, but really he went into hiding to pursue his true passion: music. Laura finds it rather selfish of him to leave the city at Megamind's mercy, though since Megamind turned out to be a good guy deep down in the end, she reckons things worked out for the better, so Laura is friendly with the former superhero.
    • She doesn't have such a generous opinion of John Kreese, Johnny Lawrence's abusive father figure who at one point faked his death and managed to earn back Lawrence's trust through the ruse. Lawrence was rather suspicious of Laura at first for that reason, wondering if her faux death wasn't really evidence of her being just as duplicitous a person as Kreese. Laura was sorry that he felt that way, but being an altruist by nature, she couldn't quite bring herself to leave him alone after learning how downtrodden he has been in the past, and so eventually managed to earn his genuine trust by gradually and subtly including him in her social circle and supporting him however she can in his endeavors.
    • Laura's story brings painful memories to Homer Simpson of his mother perpetually Faking the Dead and therefore never being there for him for a great part of his life. Laura can't do much but feel sorry for how the whole thing tainted Homer's childhood and extend a friendly hand. Given Homer isn't the sort to mope around or hold resentment, he accepts this happily.
  • She has disturbingly attracted the attention of the alien abomination known as BOB. This is certainly because he once killed a woman also named Laura (Palmer), which led to a lot of hubbub surrounding her mysterious death. Considering Palmer was more-or-less designated as The Chosen One who would lead to BOB's downfall in the long term, he's probably wondering whether this Laura isn't meant to follow a similar fate. Either way, he seems pretty intent in tormenting her. Laura herself was horrified to hear about Palmer's murder, but seems intent in not falling to BOB and defying him in whatever ways she can.
  • Has also become a target of the Merry Widow Killer, also known as Uncle Charlie. This is because he considers Laura to be immensely ungrateful to Lydecker, an accomplished and cultured man who deigned to spend his time with her to teach her sophistication. Of course, Laura thinks Charlie's perspective is very skewed, but it's probably no use trying to reason with a man who seems to be even sicker than Lydecker and she finds him to be just abhorrent, not only for his crimes but also for his very cynical views of people and the world that are diametrically opposed to Laura's.

    Monika Drevis 
Monika Drevis, Goddess of the Rewatch Bonus (Mom)
As a ghost 
  • Quasideity (Intermediate Goddess as a vengeful spirit)
  • Symbol: A series of books
  • Alignment: Appears to be Neutral Good but is closer to Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Name only revealed in the gallery, One of the two Main Antagonists, Nightmare Fetishist, Loves her family despite her twisted nature, Fell in love with her husband because of the way he killed people and because he spared her, Lady Macbeth, Manipulated the events in order to make her daughter turn out like her father, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Mothers, Family, Murder, Manipulation, Undeath, Revenge
  • Herald: Robin
  • Allies: Aya Drevis (her daughter), Scarecrow, Lady Macbeth, Misa Amane
  • Enemies: Shou Tucker, Hisako, Kayako Saeki, The Batter, Doki Doki Literature Club, Kratos, Atreus
  • Complicated Relationships: Alfred Drevis (Her husband)
  • Conflicting opinions: Misao
  • Monika Drevis at first may seem like a nice and sweet woman and a loving wife and mother. But as a matter of fact, she happens to be married to a Mad Scientist that murders people for a living and yet nobody seemed to question her, at least her daughter didn't think of her as particularly dangerous. Having seemingly died of an Incurable Cough of Death, Monika returned from the dead one day to claim revenge on her husband for alleguedly cheating on her but the reality was different, as the real reason she died was because she found out that her husband wanted to turn their daughter into a doll and was murdered for trying to get in the doctors way. And yet, the fact that she wanted to save her daughter even from beyond the grave, her reasons were also far more sinister.
    • Turns out that Monika actually encouraged the doctors' activities as she indulged in the constant carnage he commited only because she was one of the rare few Alfred decided to spare one day. She fell hard for him after that and later invited him to the mansion that became the Drevis residence and Monika would start to see the same signs her husband showed as a kid on her daughter and she was delighted that she would become like him. One may wonder if the reason she wanted Aya to live was to keep her husband work continued by her daughter and even potentially spite her husband.
  • Her ascension was a pretty unremarkable event, as she wanted to keep a low profile and just keep an eye on her daughter Aya who quickly found out about her mother's ascension and the reunion was a heartwarming one with both in tears and cuddling one another. There were however some mixed feelings given that she almost got her killed when she brought the curse to the Drevis Residence and the fact that secretly Monika wants to see Aya become like her father, something Aya isn't really aware of, makes her a bit dissapointed that she is still the same innocent girl.
    • With Dr. Drevis on the other hand things where a bit more complicated as both are still on very bad terms. She is still sore that he actually murdered her but deep down she still loves him and would do everything to be with him but she can't forget about how he ended up betraying her, not to mention cheating on her with Maria. Alfred just tries to avoid her and not incur her wrath but admitted that she is as beautiful as ever and would not mind returning to her side if she didn't insist on tarnishing Aya's innocence.
  • It's believed that the one that masterminded her ascension was the mysterious salesman known as Ogre who is possibly the one that also granted her the curse to raise all the people Dr. Drevis kill and take him away for herself in order to protect Aya. It's also speculated that he also was able to keep most of Monika's darker aspects hidden from others until it was eventually exposed by some GUAG agents. Nowadays she tries to pretend she is the loving and caring mother figure even if several folks don't buy it but Aya still hasn't really noticed that her mother isn't that well intentioned either and it's unlikely Monika will cause any more trouble unless given the powers of the curse.
  • Speaking of the curse, it seems like she wasn't the only one that unleashed a terrible curse brought by a mysterious demonic figure. Turns out Misao, a shy and meek teenager haunted her school shortly after her gruesome death and there are hints that maybe Misao was given the same powers by the same entity. On her part she finds Monika particularly creepy and doesn't trust her at all while the latter is only trying to be friendly only to learn more about Library the clone of Aya that alfred ended up creating.
  • Found a lot of kinship with certain members of the pantheon like Lady Macbeth who shared the same role of being an accomplice to their respective husbands in their evil plots, although Monika was later replaced by Maria and later murdered. She also likes Misa Amane for her devotion to Light and also because she is mildly curious about the nature of the Shinigami Misa is associated with, which could prove useful for her and wonders if the mysterious ogre could be a Shinigami himself.
  • Many wonder how truly twisted is Monika behind her "caring mother" façade and there have been accounts where she manipulated most of the people she was around, the doctor included, and one particular even called her even more evil that the doctor (of course, that servant has been long dead by that point) and considering that she is not really motivated by her being cheated on (kinda) many assume the reason she wanted to save Aya from her fate as a doll is to spite her husband.
    • The sticking point in particular is how she met her husband and why he decided to stick with him, as the mansion belongs to her and it used to be used for torturing prisoners. Most of theories chalk it up as the woman being in love with murder, death and the fear of it as a particular nasty fetish of hers, which caught the attention of Dr. Jonathan Crane as he was very interested in the infamous history of the Drevis Household and approached Monika to really learn how evil she can be. Turns out they both share the same cunning nature and while he finds his whole scarecrow getup quite silly, it does suit her purposes.
  • Although her relationship with Aya is in a healthy state, in fact when she is with Aya is when she is not trying to do anything harmful to others, the grand majority of the pantheon doesn't consider her an stellar mother. Not to the extenct of "murdering her to preserve her innocence" but the fact that she has probably enabled most of Aya's questionable traits is something others can't easily ignore. In particular, sisters Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin despise her for reminding them of their own mother Ragyo and while they appreciate she doesn't physically abuse Aya, the above stated cannot be ignored and Ragyo has tried to make both of them follow in the path. Monika simply plays nice and doesn't try to get into conflict with the two since she knows she can't do anything if they decided to act but considers them way too bothersome for her own taste.
    • That said, even she has her limits and we aren't talking about her opposing Alfred because he wanted to make her daughter into a doll. Turns out there is an even worse father out there and it's Shou Tucker, an alchemist who while nice on the outside has revealed himself to be quite a monster given what he did to his daughter Nina. In fact, hating him is one of the only things she and the doctor Drevis can't agree on and that's saying something. The Batter is also someone Monika is conflicted on considering how he too ended up killing his own son (or creator, nobody is really sure) and also because Aya is scared of him, possibly something having to do with Aya not being "pure" as her parents would think, possibly taking a lot from her mother after the Batter personally met her and almost "purified" on the spot if she even dare to use her ghost form.
  • The story of Kratos and Atreus intrigues her as it mirrors the one of her family even in the part where the mother isn't as innocent as one may think. Neither like Monika and they wouldn't have even paid her attention had her not made comments about Atreus "future" and how he reminds her of her precious daughter, hinting that like Aya the boy could end up becoming someone far more sinister which Kratos certainly doesn't want.
  • Apparently she still has access to her ghostly powers but rarely uses them unless someone really pisses her off and considering it requires to make a deal with Ogre to actually have said powers it could prove more trouble than it's worth. She thought that Hisako would probably pity her but that was farther from the truth as not only did she calm down considerably but is aware of the true nature of the woman. Then there was Kayako Saeki, who had a similar situation like Monika with a husband that murdered her and some unfinished business but Saeki hardly cares about the similarities and would rather see her die than even work with her.
  • The name Monika has been a familiar one for a while to several deities and while the other Monika has been mostly trying to turn a new leaf, the fact that there was another Monika causing trouble definitely bothered her. In fact, most of her club mates aren't fond of Ms. Drevis either and worst of all, the two aren't that different with jealousy, obsession and murderous rage being common sticking points between the two. Even the books she reads are horrible works of literature (although Yuri is mildly interested in a few of them) and the fact that she reads it to her daughter makes matters worse. Drevis just laughs it off and has even encouraged the other Monika to make her love interest hers and hers only again, something that her friends have tried to prevent from happening again to avoid unnecessary suffering.