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Greater Gods

    Scylla & Charybdis 
Scylla and Charybdis, Goddesses of Negative Choices (Scylla: Horror of the Sea | Charybdis: The Ceaseless Whirlpool, Terror of Tartarus Deep)
Charybdis in the Battleground of the Gods
  • Greater Goddess (Scylla) and Intermediate Goddess (Charybdis)
  • Symbol: Her four wolf-head tentacles: Ajax, Achilles, Cyril, and Zoey (Scylla); A whirlpool with a light sticking out or her Wanted poster (Charybdis)
  • Theme Music: the Greek/Roman theme of Smite (shared with other Classical Mythological figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignments: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Seas, Monsters, Shapeshifting (Scylla), Whirlpools (Charybdis)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • A rock and a hard place. That's the simplest way of saying what these two deadly Greek beings are. Once making their home in a strait that was frequented by many sailors, the unlucky crew had to choose which of two equally bad choices: Lose a few men to the ravenous wolf tentacles of the Horror of the Sea's cave abode or risk losing their entire lives and ship to a powerful whirlpool caused by the Terror of Tartarus Deep. As it was the only route, there was no way to avoid them.
    • Their terrorizing ended when Scylla, bored of eating "seafood", rose up from her cave using her tentacle and moved to greener pastures. Charybdis, finding herself hungry as ships now sailed past Scylla's empty home to avoid her, eventually wandered off. She would have remained a terror to mankind if it wasn't for the kindness of her old friend Scylla who eventually found and brought her to the Pantheon where the two now make their home, terrorizing both the waters and land.
  • Scylla is the more versatile of the two, as she is able to walk on land by slithering on her wolves and use them to attack and catch prey. Charybdis, however, is completely waterborne, but is able to attack by inhaling water through her massive mouth. When fully on water, she can suck-in all manners of creatures into her waiting jaws. When just below the surface of the water, she sucks in water from below to create whirlpools.
  • Even though they are known for wrecking ships, they are completely against destroying the ships of the Abyssal Fleet. Scylla was curious about a certain battleship that has been said to be related to her. That's when she met Battleship Re-Class. Upon seeing her and feeling her intense maliciousness, she doted on her as though she was a baby sister and Re-Class enjoyed the attention. Charybdis, on the other hand, has a soft spot for Re-Class as she considers her a ship-version of an anglerfish as she lures unsuspecting ships close to her to later attack with her tail guns.
  • For some strange reason, they are quite attached to two thirds of Loki's Brood. Scylla enjoys Fenrir's company (even though he mostly have eyes for her female wolf head), while Charybdis has a major crush on Jörmungandr. Hel, on the other hand, is not one to trust on the times she is her light self. Their progenitor, Loki, is currently scheming with the two in a secret plot. No surprise it will end up with Ragnarok.
  • The Horror of the Sea, Scylla has had many poets try and give her a bit of humanity to her monstrosity. Some say she was a former nymph who was cursed by a vengeful priestess, while others say she was the daughter of a lesser water god and was transformed by his jealous mistress who was also a potent sorceress, and yet others say she was simply born this way and dropped into the world to terrorize man. No matter what is said, one thing is for certain: She is pure evil.
  • Scylla hates the greek gods as she blames them for her current state. In fact, she has been seen forming an alliance of other maidens that have been cursed by the jerkass gods of Olympus like Medusa and Arachne. Whatever comes out of this group has yet to be seen.
    • Another greek deity she despises is Medea. Many believe this is due to the fact that she is the niece of the great mythological sorceress, Circe, who turned out to be the mistress of the water god mentioned in one of her origin tales. Considering Circe's specialty, this is not too far-fetched.
  • Many brave deities have asked about her wolf tentacles' names with three having the name of strong warriors, and then there's Zoey. She smiles wickedly saying she specifically picked that name as it comes from the greek word for life. Life, unfortunately, is something she never respects.
    • Achilles is not happy at learning one of Scylla's tentacles is named after both him and his friend and rival, Ajax, and swears he'll personally mount both wolf heads on his temple wall. Scylla relishes meeting him and instructs her pets to go for his heel if and when he shows up.
  • Despite preferring to live on land, she never forgets her oceanic roots. Some evil deities that pay her respect have been Davy Jones and Ursula. Jones has proven to be such a gentleman with her despite her appearance that she chose to ascend her friend Charybdis and placed her at his beck and call. Now Davy Jones has the power to summon a creature that can create deadly whirlpools through a different Capstan Hammer. Start panicking.
    • The sea witch has proven to be a reliable ally as they both seek revenge on those who wronged them. Ursula has been plotting some schemes and Scylla is all too happy to be a part of them once everything is set.
  • Although she has been mostly seen as a evil little girl, she sometimes take the appearance of a older adult version of herself and adds eel-like tentacles alongside her traditional lupine ones. Dracula considers her a nice girl (as much as evil can be nice any way) but with problems keeping her pets in line. At least when in the child form, she has less tentacles to deal with. Alucard, on the other hand, detests her no matter what form she takes.
  • Being able to travel on land, she has changed tactics in order to get her meals. She tricks people to approach her with her sweet voice asking for help or by crying. Once the unlucky individual comes close, the wolves burst out of the ground and tear the victim to shreds.
    • One of the most despicable acts she has done was tricking the de-powered Madoka Kaname from leaving the safety of her well-guarded temple by imitating the voice of her mother. She would have been eaten if it wasn't for the arrival of her Puella Magi heralds in the Sisterhood who fought her and her wolves off to later retreat. Since then, Madoka has been strictly told not to leave unless escorted.
  • There has been unusual sightings of a cute bunny witch that has Scylla's voice and four pillow-like rabbit familiars. Some say she's an alternate Scylla from a different dimension and others say it's an experiment on behalf of Rukia Kuchiki with pointers from Fluttershy to Heel–Face Turn the monster to a more cuddly form with the help of the House of Magic. In any case, she is a far more favorable sight than the monstrous girl, though it drives the GUAE and, most importantly, her temple roommate mad when in this form since she's always decorating her side of the temple with bunnies, magical appliances and rabbit motifs. Unfortunately for the rest of the Pantheon (and fortunately for the aforementioned two), this phase doesn't last long and she's back to her old evil monster girl form...for a while.
  • Nobody knew just what Charybdis looked like below the water as all attempts to get physical evidence ended with the poor soul sucked into a whirlpool. Dimitri Lousteau agreed to take some underwater recon photos on behalf of Bentley and other curious deities. The skin-diving iguana eventually returned worse for wear, but was successful in obtaining photos of Charybdis in combat against him. Developed photos showed what appeared to be a very large anglerfish with an abnormally large mouth and fangs. Bentley theorized Charybdis developed an abnormally powerful inhaling ability through the large maw which allows her to create whirlpools by sucking in water from below the surface. All Dimitri said she was "the baddest mother-jamster he had the uncoolness to boogie down with" who reminded him of Dr. M's fish mutant.
  • As she is able to create whirlpools in any large body of water, many ship-sailing deities are extra cautious when they sail the Pantheon's open waters since Charybdis will strike at any moment. The threat of the Terror of Tartarus Deep has formed marginal alliances of Prince Eric, Popeye and the Kantai ship girls with the Straw Hats, Gangplank and other pirates deities.
  • She is not just a threat to watercraft above the water for she also an underwater predator. Once I-401 and I-19 has the misfortune of navigating close to Charybdis' current location and the angler attacked them. To their surprise, she was able command schools of deadly lanternfish (which some say are her babies), while employing hit-and-run attacks. The two subs tried to retreat only for Charybdis to use her suction ability in the water to pull them into her waiting Maw. Only by firing a lucky torpedo shot to her bioluminescent esca was she stunned long enough for Iona and Iku to get away.
  • As a Sea Monster and Scylla's main ally, she too has allies among the Pantheon's evil water deities. As mentioned before, she is now under service to Davy Jones whenever he needs whirlpools to wreck ships. This has many deities worried as a force as powerful as a whirlpool under Jones' command is not a toy.
  • She completely loathes Lurerre the Abysroid for having taken the temple of anglerfish before her. She is currently meeting with the Deep Blue Trio to take the spot Lurerre wanted as the representative for underwater in the group. The trio is very impressed by her legendary feats and her massive whirlpools and soon the Deep Blue Trio changed to the Deep Blue Quartet. The Pseudoroid was livid over this turn of events and prepares to challenge Charybdis to a duel.
  • She and the Kraken go back a long way as both were under the service of an Eldritch Abomination ocean deity known as Rahab. At the same time, she's upset that Lapras managed to ascend to a position more worthy of her ally Ahuizotl.
    • She also thought the Leviathan in the Pantheon was the same great shark she was also allies with but wasn't. Still, she enjoys what company the Tidehunter can give her. That and she, alongside Davy Jones, can help convince both him and the Kraken to work together.
  • What many don't know is that she used to be one of Poseidon's many daughters until she was cursed by Zeus himself. To the horror of many, word soon quickly spread that Charybdis was able to regain her original non-cursed human form thanks to the efforts of the GUAE, much to her partner Scylla's dismay who still keeps her wolf tentacles as her curse was not by Zeus. However, she is still able to revert to her anglerfish monster form or even call upon it to fight side by side, making her an even bigger threat both in and out of the water.

Intermediate Gods

    Cayden Cailean 
Cayden Cailean, God of Blackouts from Intoxication (The Accidental God, The Drunken God, The Drunken Hero, The Lucky Drunk)

Lesser Gods

Annabelle, Goddess of Wishfulness
Click here to see Annabelle's younger self
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A big red bow
  • Theme Song: The World From Way Up Here
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born on Christmas Eve, wanted to make a wish to Santa so that she could fly, but instead gave up her wish AND her voice so that her friend Billy could talk again
  • Domains: Wishes, Flight, Selflessness
  • Herald: Billy
  • Allies: Nicholas Saint North, Hijiri Mochizuki, the Ghosts of Christmas, Rudolph, Cosmo and Wanda, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Paulie, the Love that Moves the Stars
  • Enemies: Robot Santa Claus
  • Conflicting Opinion: Timmy Turner
  • One would never know it by looking at her now, but Annabelle was once a cow. As a calf, she met Santa and his reindeer. From then on out, Annabelle decided that she wanted to Make a Wish to Santa so that she could fly like them. Instead, however, she gave up her wish AND her voice so that her friend Billy (who she had also been a Christmas present for) could talk again. If he had not been able to speak, his Aunt Agnes would have taken him away from his grandfather. Eventually, as Annabelle was dying, Santa granted her original wish to fly by turning her into a reindeer as a means to repay her for her selflessness. He even gave her voice back.
  • Annabelle agreed to ascend, provided that the higher-ups of the Pantheon allowed her to bring Billy with her as her harald. Of course, they were perfectly willing to oblige her. To this day, Annabelle and Billy are pretty much inseparable.
  • Nicholas Saint North played a big part in Annabelle's ascension. He was more than happy to vouch for the former cow. Annabelle, understandably, was elated to join him among the ranks of the Pantheon.
  • The Ghosts of Christmas are very fond of Annabelle. They consider her to be a model example of what Christmas is all about.
  • Her partnership with Salamence confused and astounded many deities of the Pantheon. Against all odds, the dragon seems to really have a soft spot for her due to their shared love of flight. Reportedly, she is one of the few deities that he will gladly listen to.
  • Reportedly, Annabelle is actually on Robot Santa's nice list. This is a fact that upsets her greatly. To her, his existence alone is an insult to the actual Santa that she knows and loves.
  • Annabelle was really excited to meet Rudolph when she ascended. She had always heard about him in Christmas carols, so meeting him was like meeting a celebrity to her. The both of them have become fairly close since their first meeting.
  • Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are a major inspiration for Annabelle. She greatly admires them because their willingness to give up their magic to protect Princess Aurora reminds her of her own decision to give up her wish and voice for Billy.
  • Annabelle is also a major fan of Cosmo and Wanda. She appreciates their mission, shared by all fairies, to serve as companions for miserable children. Having witnessed Billy being bullied as a child, she realizes just how much some children could use fairies.
    • That being said, Annabelle isn't sure how she feels about their godchild, Timmy Turner. She feels that he can be selfish with his wishing, and often doesn't think things through. Annabelle also worries that he might take them for granted at times.
  • Annabelle admires Paulie as well. The fact that he helped his owner and herald overcome a stutter as a child really struck a chord with her since her own herald, Billy, was mute before she gave up her wish and voice for him. She was also very touched by the great lengths he went to in order to reunite with her.
  • Annabelle and Hijiri Mochizuki get along really well. They've been known to bond over their shared love of Christmas time and really close birthdays, Annabelle having been born on Christmas Eve and Hijiri on Christmas Day.
  • Pleased with Annabelle's selflessness and love for Billy which ultimately led her to earn her happy ending, the Love that Moves the Stars gave her His blessing.

    Ethan Mars 
Ethan Mars, God of Stern Chases (The Origami Killer)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A shoebox containing five origami figures in the shapes of animals, a gun and a cell phone
  • Theme Song: Ethan Mars Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Stern Chases, Action Dad, Action Survivor, Beard of Sorrow, Classical Anti-Hero, Determinator, Fugitive Arc, Hero with Bad Publicity, Willing to do anything to save his son, Made of Iron, Papa Wolf, Trauma Conga Line
  • Domain(s): Chases, Trials, Fatherhood, Rescues
  • Herald: Shaun Mars (his son)
  • Allies: Norman Jayden, Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti, Tyler Miles, Jodie Holmes, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Harry Mason, Bryan Mills, Sophitia Alexandra, Nier, Beat, Bayek, Aya, Maisie, Batman
  • Conflicted opinion: Medea
  • Enemies: Scott Shelby, The Child Abuse Supporters, Ultraman Belial, Dr. Sofia Lamb, 456 Ambassador
  • Ethan Mars once lived an idyllic and happy life as a successful architect alongside his loving wife Grace and his two sons, Jason and Shaun Mars. However, Ethan's life took a tragic turn when Jason was hit by a car and killed. Having also been hit by the car while trying to save Jason, Ethan plunged into a 6-month coma. After recovering from his coma, Ethan and Grace divorced and Ethan began suffering strange blackouts during which he lost consciousness, presumably as a result of the accident. Two years after Jason's death, Ethan's younger son Shaun was kidnapped by the Origami Killer during one of Ethan's blackouts. Afterwards, Ethan was tasked by the killer to complete five trials, which upon completion would gradually reveal the address where Shaun was being held. With limited time and on the run from the police due to them suspecting him of being the killer, Ethan embarked on the trials to save his son.
  • Having engaged in several chases with the police over the course of taking the trials, Ethan was aknowledged by the Court of Gods as worthy of ascension with the title God of Stern Chases. Upon his arrival, he was greeted by Agent Norman Jayden, who helped Ethan settle into his temple and gave him a tour throughout the Pantheon. Ethan also appointed his son Shaun as his herald in order to keep a better eye on him.
  • Much to his dismay, Ethan quickly discovered that Scott Shelby had also ascended into the Pantheon. After a brief standoff, Shelby stated that he wouldn't go after Shaun again, as he declared that Ethan had proven himself to be a father capable of saving his son, which is what Shelby had been looking for all along. Despite Shelby's promise to leave him alone, Ethan nonetheless asked his allies to help him better secure his temple and keeps an eye on Shelby in case he ever intends to try something again.
  • He managed to befriend Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti, Tyler Miles and Jodie Holmes, as he suspects that they originate from the same world as himself. This suspicion mainly stems from Lucas remarking that Ethan's new condominium strongly resembles Lucas' apartment, making Ethan suspect that Lucas is the "friend of a friend" who let Ethan get the apartment, and Jodie mentioning that she had once seen a newspaper of the Origami Killer during her travels. Although he doesn't have any powers, Ethan nevertheless managed to bond with Lucas and Jodie over their similar past traumas.
  • Ethan is overwhelmingly supported by all good-aligned members of the House of Family, especially by the Heroic Protectors of Family, Harry Mason, Bryan Mills and Sophitia Alexandra. Ethan and Harry in particular managed to get along very quickly, with many noting that Ethan is very similar to Harry in both appearance and personality.
  • Ethan is on good terms with Nier, specifically Father!Nier, who similarly did everything he could to save his daughter Yonah from the Black Scraw illness, though it didn't end well thanks to his rather violent means and general misfortune.
  • There were those who wondered just how he survived a car collision while the one he was trying to protect it from died from it anyway. Usually, it's only the protector who dies, or both of them, as Beat can attest to when he tried that with Rhyme. Ethan himself is unsure of what exactly happened, as he lost consciousness afterwards, and he generally prefers to not be reminded of his son's death anyway. Regardless, he's earned the respect of Beat and Rhyme because of it.
  • He's managed to befriend Bayek and Aya by bonding with them over how they had similarly lost their own son. They strongly respect him for what he went through in order to save Shaun. He's also on good terms with Maisie, as her parents' neglect of her reminds him of his own troubled relationship with Shaun after Ethan and Grace divorced following Jason's death. He was happy to learn that Maisie was eventually Happily Adopted. Surprisingly, Ethan even managed to strike up a friendship with Batman, who related to Ethan's struggles due to the Robins being Bruce's adopted sons and him being similarly concerned for their safety.
  • Ethan is rather conflicted about what to think of Medea. On one hand, he condems her murder of her children, but, on the other hand, he also understands that she only killed her children to protect them from a life of slavery and that she generally doesn't condone such actions from others. In general, he prefers to just let her be.
  • His ordeals with the Origami Killer have resulted in him strongly disliking Abusive Parents and anyone who would harm children. As such, he opposes the Child Abuse Supporters, Ultraman Belial, Dr. Sofia Lamb and the 456 Ambassador, although none of them view him as a serious threat.

    Ethan and Mia Winters 
Ethan and Mia Winters, Divine Couple of Being Alone with Psychopaths (Michael [for Ethan])
Ethan Winters
Mia Winters
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A wristwatch and a collection of different weapons.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Mia used to be True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Happily Married, Zombie Infectee
  • Domains: Survivals, Infection, Couples, Psychopaths
  • Herald: Rosemary "Rose" Winters (their daughter).
  • Allies: Chris Redfield, Joe Baker, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Ash Williams, The Point Man
  • Enemies: Eveline, Lucas Baker, Albert Wesker, Ozwell E. Spencer, Evan Machillan, Leatherface
  • Pity: Jack and Marguerite Baker
  • Conflicting Opinion: Alma Wade
  • Ethan and Mia were a seemingly normal and happy couple living a quiet life where Ethan worked as a systems engineer. Unbeknownst to him, Mia was actually a trained agent of a secret organization by the name of "The Connections" and around 2014 she was tasked with carrying a secret weapon towards the Connections' secret base in Central America, but the weapon, "E-001", broke free and stranded the ship somewhere in the state of Lousiana. E-001, also known as Eveline, grew fond of Mia and brainwashed her to become her mother. After Mia had been missing for 3 years and believed to be dead, Ethan received an e-mail from his supposedly dead wife that she was alive and being held in the south of the country at a place called the Baker Estate. That's when Ethan ventured there to rescue his wife, unprepared for the horrors that awaited him.
    • Both Ethan and Mia had to survive a huge mansion where an insane family lived: the Bakers. Ethan's arrival put an end to the Bakers' depraved activities, which had been beyond their control as they too had fallen victim to Eveline's infection. Having almost lost his wife to the mold infection, Ethan confronted Eveline, now rapidly aged to the body of an old woman. She refused to go down without a fight, but Ethan put an end to her. Having managed to overcome not only the Bakers but also the traps, Molded, and even Eveline's mind control and powers, Ethan was awarded with godhood. He was also joined by Mia, who also managed to survive the Bakers and the obstacles for three years straight.
  • Ever since escaping the Baker Estate, the two wanted to live a more quiet life away from any monster or biological monstrosity that their universe is always full of and get a second chance at their marriage. The Winters definitely never expected to be in the pantheon but they don't mind being here, save for a handful of dangerous folks being present in certain sections. Chris Redfield saw the need to welcome both Ethan and Mia to the Pantheon and inform them of how the Pantheon operates.
  • They were shocked when Eveline appeared before them with the intention of infecting them once again, but her attempts were cut short by a timely intervention from GUAG. Eveline was naturally upset that Ethan killed her and Mia kept rejecting her, and the Winters were also horrified to learn that the Bakers were alive and still under the control of Evie. They felt sorry for Jack and Marguerite (whenever they weren't trying to kill Ethan and Mia, considering they remembered what Ethan did to them) but for Lucas they felt nothing but disgust.
  • Through Chris Redfield, they managed to meet a handful of his allies and partners like his sister Claire, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine, who all had several encounters with bioweapons and other creatures. Jill and Chris could certainly relate to being stuck in a mansion full of monsters and strange puzzles. When they heard of the owner of said home, Lord Ozwell Spencer, being a deity, the Winters decided to stay as far away from him and any place he frequents as possible.
    • Another deity Chris told the two to try to avoid is Albert Wesker, considering the fact that he is usually keeping tabs with anything related to bioweapons and viruses, and the incident in the Baker Estate would be another thing Wesker would gladly want to know more about. It seems Mia knew about him beforehand as the Connections she worked for had ties to Wesker, but so far she has decided to stay as far away from her old life as possible.
  • Joe Baker went to thank Ethan for sending help for his niece Zoe and helping her survive the ordeal with her family. Both Ethan and Mia were happy to know that thanks to Joe she managed to survive, and they were surprised that Jack managed to survive long after Eveline was killed.
  • It's worth noting that the relationship between Ethan and Mia was a bit strained during the whole Baker Estate incident, due to Mia's infection and the fact that she lied to Ethan and even tried to kill him several times (unwillingly, of course). In one potential timeline, Ethan did end up killing Mia after Eveline forced the two to fight. However, after surviving, both have been seeking counseling by several deities in the house of Love and Affection and making considerable progress. Some detractors of the couple have wondered how Ethan would still be with someone like Mia after all that happened, but Ethan hardly pays attention to those comments.
  • Understandably, they were a bit wary of Alma Wade, not only because of her being very similar to Eveline but because she was even more powerful and dangerous. Not helping matters was the fact that Eveline was on friendly terms with her. However, learning of Alma's troubled upbringing and horrible treatment made the Winters somewhat pity her, and they were horrified upon learning that she was a mother. By chance they met the Pointman, one of Alma's sons and someone with a lot of experience with supernatural beings, who befriended the couple after several run-ins with Eveline.
  • Ethan has stated that he has seen enough chainsaws for a lifetime and would rather avoid anyone wielding one if possible. Naturally, he encountered Leatherface, another scary hilbilly with a chainsaw that would make the Bakers look sane by comparison. Ethan, having some combat experience from his "trip" to Louisiana, could keep up with the masked man and one point almost challenged him to a chainsaw showdown similar to his fight with Jack, but decided to turn in the psychopath to the authorities after defeating him.
    • Having heard of their adventures, Ash Williams has come to respect both Ethan and Mia for their skills. Ethan received an unwanted reminder of when Jack quoted him before trying to murder Ethan with a chainsaw, and Ash's arm didn't really do him any favours for getting on Ethan's good side. However, his skill in zombie slaying has made him a perfect ally for the couple.
  • Some have wondered how tough Ethan is, considering that he reacted to Mia chainsawing his hand off and, potentially, Jack or a Molded severing his leg with mild shock. He declared it was thanks to the herbs and Zoe's help that he managed to survive the amputation(s), also attributing his quick and full recovery to the mold. Most people don't buy his claims.
  • They and Chris currently refuse to disclose what happened when Chris apparently kidnapped them to a European village and apologetically shot Mia in front of Ethan, saying that they'll get to it eventually.
  • For some odd reason, no one has ever been able to get a good close of Ethan's face. Every time he's been seen, it's either at a distance, or someone/something conveniently is placed so no one can get a proper look at him. The closest estimate gods can get is his profile picture that was sent to the Court of the Gods before his and Mia's ascension. Even after his ascension, the gag has persisted.

    Group 1 
Group 1note , Divine Representatives of Destroyed Innocence
From Left-to-Right: Shun, Mamoru, Maria, Satori and Saki
  • Lesser Gods with the Potential to become Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Number 1 Emblem as Marked on their Uniforms
  • Theme Songs: Wareta Ringo and Yuki ni Saku Hana by Risa Taneda
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Idealistic Teens who Become Embittered and Broken, Childhood Friends, Thinning Out Overtime, Possessing Telekinetic Powers, Cannot Use their powers to Kill Others of their own Kind without Killing Themselves, Possessing Great Destructive Potential, Badass Adorable, Everyone Is Bi (Except Mamoru), True Companions
  • Domains: Telekinesis, Society, Love, Friendship, Loss, Tragedy
  • Heralds: Reiko Amano, Tomiko Asahina, Mizuho Watanabe & Takashi Sugiura (Saki's parents), Inui, Kiroumaru
  • Allies: Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, Lucas, Matilda Wormwood, Winston, Julia, Mickey Mouse, Carrie White, Shigeo Kageyama, Matt Garetty, Steve Montgomery, Gaara, Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Ahsoka Tano, Steven Universe, Izuku Midoriya, Eleven, Gunvolt, Blade, Mrs. Brisby, Nicodemus, Basil and Dawson, Fujino Asagami, XCOM
  • Enemies: Big Brother, O'Brien, Khazrak, Gorthor, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Beatty, William Stryker, Ratigan, Zonda and the Seven, Psycho Mantis, Robert the Tire, ADVENT
  • Respected and Pitied By: Houses of Love and Affection, Friendship and Camaraderie and Childhood and Adolescence
  • Intrigues: Magneto
  • Pities: Andrew Detmer, Alma Wade
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Rat Clan (Armello)
  • In a future, after Humanity began to decline due to the rise of a series of humans who possessed the power of psychokinesis, an order was established to overlook and monitor the well-being of those who possess such abilities. They were capable of manipulating matter and bending objects to their will near-effortlessly, but there was a catch; there came a modification in the human genome that prevented psychokinetic beings from killing one another, lest they were killed themselves by immediate retaliation. And even then to properly learn and control said powers was a difficult task as well due to its destructive capabilities. Despite this, humanity kept on persisting in its struggles, even after society had greatly regressed and after several horrific events, normal citizens and those with powers came to live in harmony, despite keeping away dark secrets.
    • One of the settlements in this dystopian world was Kamisu 66 in Japan. There, a sextet of students in-training of their psychokinetic powers resided which formed into Group 1. At first, their lives happen to be idealistic... until one of them, Reiko Amano, dies and is never bought up again, followed by the remaining five teens deciding to explore beyond their village boundaries. There, they discover much about historical events that led to the engineering of psychokinetic beings and the old age, alongside stumbling across the humanoid "Monster Rats", particular the noble, commandeering Kiroumaru and the sly, ambitious Squealer. Alongside those, the five teens were horrified and perplexed to discover and realize what they had not known and began questioning the motives of their village. Though the five make it through to late teenhood, one of them, Shun Aonuma, mysteriously departs. Though Saki Watanabe managed to find where he was hiding, it turned out that Shun had been turning into a karma demon and that he had accidentally killed his parents and destroyed his home village during his transitioning. Due to his powers becoming too swollen to control, he fatally imploded, though not before telling Saki he always loved her. Following this, the remaining members forgot about Shun ever existing, as it turned out that Kamisu 66 played a role in removing the acknowledgement of someone upon death, especially if they happened to be weak. More tragedy struck when Mamoru Itō suddenly vanished. Upon finding him, it was revealed that Mamoru was afraid to return to his village, considering that his abilities being weaker compared to his peers meant that his village was to execute him and erase Mamoru from their records. Maria Akizuki volunteered to stay with Mamoru and be looked after by the Monster Rats while Saki and Satoru Asahina departed back to the village, both pairs never seeing each other again...
    • In the following years, Saki became a worker for the "Department of Mutant Management" and Satoru decided to enlist in genetics on the Lotus Farm, specialising in light-based psychokinesis. There, the two receive confirmation that Maria and Mamoru had died a decade ago and that the Monster Rat alliances of Squealer, who was now referred to as Yakomaru, and Kiroumaru were in warring conflict against one another. During the investigation, Saki and Satoru discovered that Yakomaru was secretly grooming an "Akki", a psychokinetic being who was apparently immune to being killed off by killing one's own kind and exhibiting psychotic and murderous tendencies. To their horror, Saki and Satoru discovered the Akki to be the child of Maria and Mamoru, who was immediately taken in by Yakomaru upon immediately killing the child's parents and raising it to be a weapon against humanity, in addition to seeking revenge against how the Monster Rats were poorly treated and disregarded. After seeing the Akki utterly demolish Kamisu 66, with Saki's parents being among the casualties, Saki and Satoru decided to work with Kiroumaru in combating Yakomaru and his Akki alongside fellow psychokinetic user Inui, to travel to the submerged ruins of Tokyo and find the "Psychobuster" a weapon of mass-destruction creates by Americans to kill psychokinetic beings. Though the weapon was found and Saki was able to remember her deceased friends, Inui was killed in the quest and the Psychobuster was destroyed by Satoru to protect Saki in a battle against the Akki, prompting Kiroumaru to sacrifice himself once confronted by Yakomaru's Akki. Upon killing him, the Akki shortly died later, having thought of itself as a Monster Rat and cornering Yakomaru. Though Yakomaro was to be subjected to a Fate Worse than Death due to his actions, Saki opted to kill him out of pity and mercy privately. Later on, Saki and Satoru discovered the true origins behind the existence of Monster Rats but eventually decided that it was best to focus on the future and to improve society from here on out. They got married and continue on with their professional work and dreams whilst expecting a child.
  • A letter was delivered to Saki and Satoru, which spoke of their story and how they would potentially get a chance to reunite with their friends. This immediately caught the two's attention and decided to respond back with reading the letter further, looking at instructions for what to do. Saki and Satoru wasted no time in attending a location called the Court of the Gods. There, they were personally introduced by a bald man in a wheelchair and a green-looking humanoid, who introduced themselves respectively as Charles Xavier and the Martian Manhunter. Both stated that they personally decided to ask the Court to allow Saki and Satoru to enter a realm known as the Pantheon, which surprised the two as they were more focused on wanting to see their friends again. The two older psychics then proceeded to tell them how their story was an interesting, yet heartbreaking take, yet they also said that they were fine examples of good-hearted beings with a responsibility to their powers, which made Saki and Satoru smile. Finally, as a gift, Saki and Satoru were led into the Pantheon proper, with Maria, Mamoru and Shun eagerly awaiting them. Obviously enough, a tearful and happy reunion ensued with the five of them promising to always look after each other, whilst Professor X and J'onn J'onzz mused how they will be taking it upon themselves to look after and train the five of them.
  • When the five reunited, Saki and Satoru took their time to explain what they had gone through and what had happened ever since. While all of them were happy to see each other again, it was bittersweet to an extent. Shun, Mamoru and Maria expressed some form of emotional shock, due to their deaths. The situation regarding the latter two's child was nauseating and tragic, given that Maria and Mamoru wept considerably when they were told about it. Saki reaffirmed that Maria and Mamoru would have made great parents, which made them a little comfortable. And of course, there's an obvious age difference; Saki and Satoru are adults whereas Maria, Mamoru and Shun are still in their late-teen years as that was their age when their mortal coils were shed. Regardless, that difference means nothing to Group 1, who instead want to make sure they're always there for one another.
  • The members of Group 1 possess formidable telekinetic powers that can become better over time in regards to usage, creativity and damage output. And of the members, it is Shun who is the most proficient and talented of the group. That said, due to the dangerous nature of their powers, the Ethics Committee back in their world had to tamper the usage of power to never attack one's kind as doing so will result in killing one's self. Being raised pacifists, Group 1 are okay with leading a simple idyllic life, only using their powers under training or to defend themselves and their loved ones.
  • They were awed to discover the Pantheon, in a sense because many of the settlements, landmarks and locations were just like before the Old World disaster ever occurred and that it was a totally unique feeling and a sight to experience for them. Some of them, Maria, in particular, took to try flying around buildings for fun and some decided to display their powers to the public, who were surprisingly amicable with the sight. While it's likely because the population is used to see superpowers, it still made Group 1 comfortable enough to be seen as being accepted.
  • Unusual for any community, Kamisu 66 was encouraging towards teens to express their sexual desires as a way to exert as much stress as they could and to express it towards anyone around their age, regardless of their gender, and to find a way to control said stress and sexual urges. It should be noted that while Maria had romantic feelings with Saki and the same for Satoru and Shun, circumstances are different in the Pantheon. For one, Saki has a stable marriage with Satoru, not to mention Maria conceived a child with Mamoru, even if the end results were catastrophic. Shun decided it was for the best that they remain with their beloved, acknowledging Saki and Satoru's marriage and seeking to be there for them, alongside Maria and Mamoru who are understandably shaken up by how their mortal coils were shed.
  • Given that their powers are very familiar with a lot of deities, Group 1 quickly became friends with other telekinetic users like Ness and Lucas, two boys who took it upon themselves to save the world from evil forces, albeit like Group 1 themselves, Lucas went through more dire and tragic situations. Lucas's story, in particular, did upset Group 1 and left Mamoru in tears, but it still allowed them to strengthen their friendship with one another.
    • A trio of teenage boys were also a manner of interest for Group 1. That said, their issues contrasted in the sense that they had to deal with increasing peer pressure and one of the boys, Andrew Detmer, to suddenly snap and become a psychotic madman. Matt Garrety and Steve Montgomery got along quickly with the group, Matt especially with Saki as she respected Matt's desire to help others and his caring nature while Steve would often try to engage in a few sporty activities with Satoru and Shun. That said, Group 1 holds no animosity towards Andrew, even if he's a dangerous threat. After all, the guy has been through a lot of mental and physical trauma and is someone who needs help.
    • Another pair of psychics with tragic pasts included Fujino Asagari and Alma Wade. The former was a victim of rape and the experience of the event was what awakened her psychic powers, which she uses to target and kill other rapists. The latter was a child that seen as nothing other than an experiment, which resulted in Alma not having any care, love or attention given to her, all while being subjected to terrible experimentations and being killed off via pulling her out of life-support. As a result, she returned as a vengeful spirit hellbent on destroying the world in return. Group 1 sympathized with both, with Fujino being accepting of their company and seeing that they are willing to try helping her out regarding her personal issues. As much as they would like to help Alma, they've kept a good distance away, given that Alma herself is too reminiscent of an Akki.
  • Due to their affiliation with Professor X, Magneto also found some kind of intrigue with Group 1. In a sense, they're technically mutants, according to Magento as all of them have powers, though he's taken aback by how the inability to kill one's own species would render them helpless if their attacker was human. Magneto seeks to absolve this problem at some point and treats the group with respect and dignity. Group 1 themselves can tolerate Magneto and can sympathize with his tragic background as there is some similarity towards Squealer in that regard, but given his villainous actions, they privately admit to treading a thin line, not sure if what Magneto desires is for the best or not.
    • On a darker note, there is the superpowers beast, Gorilla Grodd, who also possesses potent telekinetic powers. Unlike Magneto, Grodd is a sadistic, merciless beast who has a deep, irrational hate for humankind and seeks to destroy it so apes can take over. While he acknowledges the powers of Group 1, he also makes it clear that he has no respect for them and that their powers pale compared to theirs. Due to Grodd technically not being a human, the group are willing to lethally battle against him, especially after Grodd mused that he would like to take a bite out of their brains, thinking it would make him stronger. In a sense, Grodd is essentially Squealer without any tragic background or a sense of sympathy going for him, even if the latter himself was responsible for the deaths of Maria and Mamoru.
    • On the subject of mutants, Group 1 immediately earned the fear and hate of William Stryker. Regardless of them coming from a different setting and universe, Trulyker remains glued to his perspective that Group 1 are mutants just for being engineered superhuman and they deserve punishment and death for those reasons. Obviously enough, they've come to despite Stryker due to his insane bigotry and willingness to kill child superbeings who mean no harm and even normal people who sympathize with those possessing superpowers.
  • Despite living in a seemingly peaceful setting, they were shocked to realize that upon learning and hearing from a Fallen Minoshiro, they were actually living in a wracked, depressing and dangerous setting years after the engineering of powered beings bought about the fall of civilization. Additionally, parts of information were to also be kept away in fear of them being discovered and used against them. This serves as a reason why the Pantheon, so far, has been seen as a far kinder world for them.
  • They immediately took to opposing against Big Brother and O'Brien. At least with Kamisu 66, while their methods were brutal and restrictive, they did much of their terrible actions because they genuinely believed that it was for the best. Meanwhile, Big Brother wants to preserve its own power for power's sake and sees severe human punishment and breaking their spirits as an example of keeping its goal preserved. Group 1 also took offence to O'Brien callously acknowledging that he tortures other solely to make a point and that a group of people who can "push and throw things with their minds" isn't going to be enough to stop either him or Big Brother.
  • On the topic of disarrayed world's, there was one where powered being known as Adepts quickly took over the world and had to be fended off by human survivors. Among them was Gunvolt, a feared, but ultimately well-meaning hitman who clashed against both ill-intentioned humans and his fellow Adepts from time-to-time. Meanwhile, there was Zonda, an Adept who took to establishing the Seven as a means to retaliate back against mankind for using them as experimentation and for being disregarded at. Group 1 became friends with Gunvolt due to their similar premises of having to survive in an unforgiving world and while sorry for Zonda and the Seven, do feel the need to fend her off as they are in no mood for negotiations.
  • To their utter surprise, Group 1 caught the interest of numerous anthropomorphic rodents, though fortunately, most of them turned out to be benevolent and only wanted to either befriend or pay condolences with the group. They were surprised to see how one of them, Mickey Mouse, is seen as a global icon and has saved his world a few times and played a role in the Keyblade Wars. Mrs. Brisby simply appreciates the five for their friendship and loyalty to one another and is eager to attend their services. Basil and Dawson are willing to record their entire story and compile it into a collection of notes, though the numerous depressing and harrowing events collected is rather intimidating for the two. Still, Basil and Dawson are committed to their task and have gained Saki's permission in getting to work. All in all, Group 1 found it a little hard to believe that they became well-acquainted with some rodents in the Pantheon.
  • In a darkly odd situation, Group 1 were simply having an ordinary, yet fun day, when Mamoru suddenly spotted a lone tire drifting along the pavement. At first, they decided to ignore it... until the tire became closer and suddenly stopped. Before any of them could check on what was going on, the tire suddenly rushed in high-speed, attempting to attack the five. Group 1 quickly took to pushing the tire back, but it wouldn't stop and eventually, Satoru decided to use up a good deal of his strength to swing and fling the tire as far as he could. That was their first time encountering Robert the Tire... and to the latter, it's not going to be the last time they meet either.
  • Regarding their thoughts on the other Houses and Domains, they are generally respected by the Houses of Friendship and Camaraderie, Love and Affection and Power and Abilities, the latter in which the Martian Manhunter personally looks after and trains them to be more proficient in their powers. That said, Maria and Mamoru are rather hesitant to attend the House of Family and Relatives. Not that they have anything against the place, but they feel uncomfortable about bringing up their child as a conversational topic, let alone bringing them along as their herald. Seeing how uneasy they feel about it, Saki, Satoru and Shun also prefer not to mention the child either, though the House of Family have congratulated Saki and Satoru for bringing in their child for the future.
  • While the Monster Rats were a controversial topic for the group to talk about, they do feel some ounce of pity for them, given that they were test subjects when humans were seeking to create telekinetic beings and thus, were ostracised and mocked for it. While the Monster Rats had a cynical and tragic reason for why it opposes Mankind, the Beastmen of Chaos are nowhere near sympathy, essentially just hating humans and civilizations as a whole due to their tainted hatred and influence by Chaos. The threat of the Beastmen was dire for they intended to spare no one in their attacks, so Group 1 feels rather justified whenever they express their right to oppose them, especially Gorthor, who wants to wipe out as many people as he could to please the Chaos Gods. Khazrak, on the other hand, sees Group 1 as Worthy Opponents to fight against, a feeling that they don't reciprocate.
    • The Rat clan are an aggressive, but well-meaning race of humanoid rodents that are not above using espionage, trading and infiltrating into politics if it means preserving their kind and one of their leaders, Mercutio is very ambitious in his goal of one day, surpassing the King of Armello. Group 1, not really having gotten over with their ordeal with Squealer and the Monster Rats tend to ignore the Rat Clan, while the latter usually decide not to bother with the former as they have their personal matters to settle. That said, they do have a few mutual enemies, namely the Beastmen, due to their desire to destroy anything resembling civilization, where Group 1 and the Rat Clan have little choice but to form a temporary alliance.
"We have to change our way of thinking if we really want to change the future."
Saki Watanabe
"We can't allow them to control our thoughts and memories forever."
Satoru Asahina
"I think there are many things in this world we are better off not knowing. Sometimes the truth is the cruelest thing of all. Not everyone can bear it."
Maria Akizuki
"We ultimately fear what spawns from within us."
Shun Aounuma


    Mae Borowski 
Margaret "Mae" Borowski, Goddess of the Unpleasantness of Growing Up (Mayday, Killer, Nightmare Eyes, Queen/Mayor of Possum Springs, Trash Mammal, Kitten, Hermit, Key Master, Bandit Queen, Duder)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Constellation of Mundy, the World Fish
  • Theme Song: Die Anywhere Else or Weird Autumn
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Woman Children with no Jobs or Educational Prospects, Sarcastic Felines, Nice Jerks, Tomboys, Insensitivity, Kleptomania, Alcohol-Induced Idiocy, Lead Bassists, Constant Electrocutions, Bat Users, Existentialism, Astral Projections
  • Allies: Misato Katsuragi, Yuu Haruna, Mordecai and Rigby, Sora and Shiro, Tulip Olsen
  • Enemies: Shub-Niggurath, Freddy Fazbear, Badgirl.
  • Opposes: Anyone associated with Cults, H.P. Lovecraft (One-sided on her part)
  • Fears: The Batter
  • Conflicting Opinions with: Remy, Peter Pan
  • An 20-year old anthropomorphic cat (maybe...), Mae Borowski was a college dropout who had just moved back to her hometown of Possum Springs when College proved to be too much for her to handle. At Possum Springs, she would reunite and reconnect with either her former friend-turned acquaintance Beatrice "Bea" Santello or her best friend/partner in crime Greggory "Gregg" Lee. While she struggled with her newfound situation brought on by age and the ominous dreams that infested her sleep, she would soon stumble upon a hooded figure abducting a child for reasons unknown. From there, Mae would find herself delving more and more into the mystery that lies within the woods.
  • Being a childish adult who suffers from a sizeable chunk of emotional issues, Mae quickly gained an ally in Misato Katsuragi, with the two hanging out every so often. Misato doesn't seem to mind much, especially since Mae's intolerance of alcohol gives her a good excuse to switch from beer to coffee after Kaji's death. That and the last time she shared a beer with Mae, it ended with Mae running around the Pantheon naked.
    • Mae also managed to befriend Yuu Haruna, who was relieved to hear that another Lead Bassist had successfully ascended to the Pantheon, even if said bassist had never actually performed in front of a live audience before.
    • Given that she is an anthropomorphic animal who found herself stuck in a paranormal yet dangerous situation, Mae can sometimes be seen in the company of Mordecai and Rigby. Ironically, hanging out with the pair has made Mae more appreciative of her situation in Possum Springs since when compared to events like a black hole caused by rock-paper-scissors and a time crash caused by microwaving clocks, a mental issues and an encounter with a cult seem downright normal.
    • As a NEET, it was only a matter of time until she found herself with the likes of 『  』, who have taken an interest in a Roguelike game she plays called Demontower. While Mae finds the two fun to be around, she is concerned that 『  』's constant game-playing might cause them to experience dissociation as well.
  • Since she and her friends were almost killed by cultists, Mae doesn't exactly have the greatest relationship with the cults of the Pantheon.
    • Not a fan of Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod due to their worship of Tiberium, green crystalline rocks that are slowly destroying the earth. While she is currently powerless to do anything against them, she has been thinking of plan to convince Kane and his followers that there is a Tiberium deposit inside an abandoned mine outside Possum Springs.
    • Mae hates Cho'gall and the Twilight Hammer due to the very fact that they're an Apocalypse Cult, noting that at least the cult in Possum Springs didn't want to bring about the apocalypse. And had only one head.
    • Mae does not like Melisandre of Asshai since she has a tendency to burn anyone who doesn't align with her religion. That said, she doesn't hate her as much as she hates other cultists since unlike them, Melisandre seems to be focusing more of her energy on fighting White Walkers. Not to mention that Melisandre has at least been practicing religious tolerance as of lately.
  • As a child, Mae, having suffered from disassociation, hospitalized a boy with a baseball bat after a mental breakdown caused her to see nothing but "shapes." This incident effectively alienated her from the rest of Possum Springs, who have nicknamed her "Killer as a reminder of the incident. As a result, Mae has come to fear the Batter, and sees his attempts to "purge" his world of evil as a grim reflection of Mae's own issues with disassociation and how said issues may cause life to lose all meaning to her. The fact that the final enemy he faced in his game of origin was a cat-like judge has done nothing to assuage these fears.
  • Mae accidentally stumbled Freddy Fazbear's temple whilst scavenging for animatronic parts for her friend Gregg. Convinced that the temple was the abandoned Food Donkey, Mae decided to head inside to look for parts, inadvertently awakening the animatronic bear. When the bear approached her, Mae, convinced that this a prank by Steve Scriggins yelled at Freddy to quote unquote, "go legally brain dead from lack of oxygen due to choking on [Mae's] entire ass." Fazbear was reportedly so confused by the strange insult that he simply stood there trying to comprehend what Mae had just told him to do while she continued her search none the wiser.
  • Has accidentally gained the affection of H.P. Lovecraft, who believes that Mae is a descendant of a cat Lovecraft owned that had vanished when he was eight years old. Given what the cat was called, Mae was understandably not amused.
    • She was even less amused when one of Lovecraft's creations, Shub-Niggurath, turned out to be an inspiration for the Black Goat that plagued Possum Springs. While Mae so far remains unafraid, as she has called out the Black Goat in her dreams, the fact that Shub-Niggurath can actually affect her outside her dreams has convinced her to remain cautious while she navigates the Pantheon.
  • Has a complicated relationship with Remy. On one hand, the rat is grateful that Mae had taken time out of her day to feed a Swarm of Rats that she found in Mallard's tomb. On the other hand, he is displeased that Mae had been feeding the rats with stolen food... which he had only found out about after he had caught her trying to steal food from his own pantry. Still, the two have managed to maintain an unspoken agreement; i.e. he won't lecture her on stealing food if she won't steal from his restaurant again.
    • Also holds conflicted view of Peter Pan as well. Upon hearing about the boy who never grew up, she was initially thrilled to have found a way out of aging, and subsequently sought him out so she can avoid growing up as well. Said thrill immediately wore off when she realized that the immortality Peter Pan was offering would eventually lead to her forgetting about her friends and family. The last sentence Peter heard from her as she walked away from him was a dejected "Everything sucks forever."

    Timmy Turner 
Timothy Tiberius Turner, God of Dangerous Wishing and Loser Protagonists (Timmy, Twerp, Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, Gah!)


    Princess Kaguya 
Princess Kaguya, Goddess of Impossible Tasks (Takenoko/Li'l Bamboo)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Bamboo shoots
  • Theme Song: "Warabe Uta", "Inochi no Kioku"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born from a bamboo shoot, happily raised in the country as One of the Boys until she is made a princess, which makes her unhappy, gave impossible tasks to stave off her suitors, actually comes from the moon and wanted to experience life on Earth, can't avoid going back to the moon against her wishes
  • Domains: Women, The Country, The Moon, Happiness
  • Heralds: The bamboo cutter and his wife
  • Allies: Many Studio Ghibli deities, Amaterasu, Thumbelina, Momotaro, Merida, other Disney princesses, Charlotte LaBouff, Kubo, Chang'e, Magnolia Arch
  • An elderly bamboo cutter found a tiny girl in a bamboo shoot. Thinking her to be a gift from the heavens, he treated her as a princess and brought her home to be raised by him and his wife. Her incredibly rapid growth got her named Takenoko by the village children, who she grew up happily with. Her adoptive father, however, had grandiose plans for her and amassed enough of a fortune to move his family to the city and become part of the aristocracy. Kaguya, as she came to be christened, was unhappy in this new world of ranks, ceremonies and restrictions, and dreamed of her home in the mountains. Adding to her sadness, she had many suitors, who all proclaimed their love for her in overwrought terms without having even met her, so she gave them impossible tasks, based on their proclamations, to drive them away. Eventually, word of her reached the Emperor, who tried taking her for himself; the traumatic event summoned her memories of when she lived on the moon and yearned to live on Earth. She also knew that the people on the moon were about to come and take her back, which she didn't want as she loved her time on Earth and her family. But they did come and, whether she wanted it or not, took her, erasing her Earth memories.
  • Although Kaguya's memories were erased, the sensation that she had lost something remained. Eventually, spurred on by a conversation with the other resident who had once gone to Earth, she rebelled against the moon people by running away to the dark side of the moon. From there, she stumbled into the Pantheon. At some point she got tired from all the running and fell asleep on a rather fluffy pile of grass, which was really the nature spirit Totoro, who didn't mind. She was then found by the Kusakabe sisters, who brought her to their temple (which, being in the country, rang a bell for Kaguya as it was similar to her childhood home on Earth). Introductions were made and the sisters explained the Pantheon to Kaguya (as well as they could, considering their young age). Kaguya found it fascinating and wished to stay as long as she could, but she thought her people might come for her soon. The Kusakabes spread the word about their new friend and soon enough, all the Ghibli deities and some others knew about her and were willing to help her. When the moon people came, everybody who sympathized with Kaguya teamed up to drive them away. None of the tricks the moon people had used before worked, so they were forced to retreat. In the aftermath, Kaguya was instated in the Pantheon as a goddess.
  • Kaguya was thus set up at her own temple with little to no danger of the moon people coming to take her away. Still, her missing memories gave her a sort of emotional hole and she felt sad much of the time. One day she was visited by the wolf goddess Amaterasu. Kaguya was rather happy to have a pretty white dog to play with, but Amaterasu had other ideas; she had Kaguya climb on her back and together they went off to her world, more specifically her adoptive parents' home. Seeing her home and parents again, not to mention their tearful reactions to her return, did the trick for jogging her memory and a heartwarming reunion was had. Then they were all brought into the Pantheon and Kaguya's parents were installed as her Heralds, with her temple turning into a replica of their home in the mountains for extra comfort. Kaguya is forever grateful to Amaterasu for helping her remember and reunite with her beloved parents. Amaterasu is only too glad to help and likes to visit and play with her once in a while.
    • One might wonder why Kaguya hasn't brought in her best friend/possible love interest Sutemaru as well. Kaguya certainly misses him very much and likely felt tempted, but Sutemaru has a wife and child and it would be all kinds of wrong to talk him into tearing himself away from his family, who surely need him much more than Kaguya does. Kaguya contents herself with her memories of him.
  • She was quickly welcomed by Thumbelina and Momotaro, who share the circumstances of their birth with her, being all born from some kind of plant. Kaguya was additionally surprised to learn about Thumbelina's own troubles with having had many prospective suitors for marriage she did not want. Fortunately, she found her happy ending when she married a fairy prince well-suited to her. Kaguya supposes it's fine then, though remains a bit mystified at how that worked out when they still barely knew each other. When it comes to Momotaro, Kaguya likes hearing about all the adventures he has gone on and play with his animal friends, who all seem fond of her. Kaguya is tomboyish enough that she feels slightly jealous that she never got to go on some great adventure, but reasons that now that she's in the Pantheon, there will surely be all kinds of opportunities.
  • Kaguya is a strong-willed girl, but she respected her parents' wishes, which is why she didn't protest too strongly when her father decided to bring her to the city and make themselves into aristocrats, despite Kaguya hating the stifling lifestyle. Still, she rebelled in some ways, as shown with how she dealt with the five men who asked for her hand in marriage. This incident in particular got her the respect of the Scottish princess Merida, who likewise got the idea of letting her three suitors try to win her hand through an archery contest, and then she proceeded to best them all with her skills. Otherwise, Merida was a lot more rebellious towards her parents than Kaguya, which got her into a lot of trouble. But even if they don't entirely agree on the subject of filial piety, they still have a lot of fun with each other since they are both big fans of the outdoors.
    • She has also come to befriend many of the other Disney princesses, as they generally have histories of conflicts with their parents and being misunderstood as to what they really want or makes them happy. The Disney princesses are glad to welcome Princess Kaguya into their social circle as an honorary member, especially after feeling sorry hearing about how she couldn't achieve her wishes in life, which is a rather rare thing to happen among them. Someone who was downright enthusiastic about her was the princess-fangirl/wannabe Charlotte LaBouff, who seemingly can never get enough of princesses. While Kaguya thinks she is a nice girl (if spoiled), she would like her to know that the princess lifestyle is really not all that, but the other princesses have assured Kaguya that deterring Charlotte on the matter is virtually impossible.
  • Kaguya and the origami master Kubo were perhaps naturally drawn to each other as fellow lunarians of semi-divine origin. Much like Kaguya, Kubo lived his life happily on Earth, but he was sought after by his evil grandfather, the Moon King, who wished to remove every trace of humanity from Kubo. Kaguya thinks that's not much different from when the moon people made her forget her time on Earth upon retrieving her. Kubo feels sad that in Kaguya's case, the moon people ultimately prevailed; he wonders if he would still feel something for Earth if his grandfather had succeeded in his goals. The two remain good friends because of their similar origins and stories. They also greatly admire each other's musical skills and are sometimes seen performing together, with Kaguya being as proficient with a koto as Kubo is with a shamisen. Some deities would say they are the best there is in the Pantheon in terms of performing traditional Japanese music.
  • There is a fair amount of other deities who originate from/live in the moon, as Kaguya came to discover when she was paid a visit by the moon goddess Chang'e. She can be said to have a similar fate as Kaguya, as she came to live in the moon by drinking an elixir that granted her with immortality, only to regret it eventually. Kaguya understands her regrets and they've come to be good friends. A lunarian with a happier story to tell is Magnolia Arch, who descended to Luxendarc from the moon to kill a monster that had destroyed her home; she ultimately decided to stay in her new home. Kaguya thinks she is very fortunate, not only for that, but also for getting to stay with the one she loves, Yew. She felt a pang of sadness about her tragic relationship with Sutemaru upon hearing that.
  • The character of Kaguya is one with many alternate universe equivalents, and it is for that reason that she was initially bullied by Fujiwara no Mokou, as the immortal girl thought she was her sworn rival Kaguya Houraisan. However, Fujiwara realized soon enough that this Kaguya wasn't her Kaguya, mainly because she wouldn't fight back in the way Fujiwara expected, so she lost interest in her. There's another Kaguya, who's part of the so-called Blood Team; this one is best-known for being rather lazy and preferring to hole up in her room to sleep. As Ghibli!Kaguya is a much more active, outdoorsy type, they don't really hang out or relate to each other, but there's certainly no hostility between them either. Even Amaterasu ran into a Kaguya in her world, where the goddess helped her reunite with the bamboo cutter before departing for the moon in a bamboo rocket, which Ghibli!Kaguya thought was kind of hilarious. It occurs to her that that's probably the reason Amaterasu decided to help her reunite with her parents, though.

    Wilbur Wonka 
Dr. Wilbur Wonka, Divine Herald of Malignant Plot Tumors
  • Quasideity.
  • Symbol: His house in the middle of nowhere during a snowy day.
  • Theme Song: Dr. Wilbur Wonka - D.D.S.
  • Alignment: True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Heralds a Plot Problem that Persists even After the Main Story is Over, Abusive Parent before a Heel Realization, Downplayed Depraved Dentist, Grew Proud of His Son's Accomplishments, Evil-Sounding British But Good Deep Down.
  • Domains: Parents, Plot Points, Dentists.
  • Allies: Charlie Bucket, Joe Bucket, Chip Skylark, Matilda Wormwood
  • Enemies: Lady Tremaine Fire Lord Ozai, Ultraman Belial, Ghetsis, Agatha Trunchbull.
  • Opposed by: Roald Dahl, The Kids Next Door (less so in their case).
  • Ignores: The Four Bratty Children
  • Dr. Wilbur Wonka was a very serious strict dentist and the father of the legendary candy maker, Willy Wonka. For years Wilbur disproved of his son's interest in candies and sweets out of concern for his helth, going as far as forbidding any and all pieces of confiture in his house and even burning down any Willy obtained in Halloween. Eventually, Willy moved out to start his candy factory and apparently his father moved far away to the cold regions and seemed to not want to see him for choosing that career. However after Charlie inherited the factory and initially turned it down because he didn't want to leave his family behind, Willy eventually was convinced to see his father and solve his lingering issues with him. It was then that both father and son reconciled when Willy found out that his father was actually proud of what he had accomplished and really wanted to see his son again which allowed for everyone to get a happy ending.
  • Wilbur Wonka ascended following Charlie's inheritance of the Factory and his own reunion with his son, Willy. Wilbur had something of a rough start in the Pantheon due to his lack of any familiarity with the many concepts o the place but over time made some adjustments to at least have a semblance of direction in the Pantheon. For now he mostly stays in his temple recounting his old times and reminscing about his glory days and his reconciliation with his son.
  • The KND at first heavily opposed him for his hatred and confiscation of candy, especially that which his son took, as they had fought lots of adult villains who kept children from having fun with one of them being a dentist supervillain known as Knightbrace who hated candy enough to try and force children to have clean teeth and never eat candy again. Though the fact that Wilbur's mellowed out and no longer imposes his candy-hating ways has managed to prevent hostilities from raising, though the KND still won't consider him an ally given his past.
  • Wilbur has something of a one-sided loathing from Roald Dahl, who is technically his superior but finds Wilbur's past actions to be rather denouncable and is baffled that he was forgiven in spite of abandoning his son, even if he deep down did feel proud of him. At the least, Wilbur has accepted that he does deserve the disdain and would rather not fight it back due to his aforementioned perception of it being well-deserved. Thanks to his link with Roald, he learned of another rather abusive adult from the author's works: Agatha Trunchbull, a nasty teacher who likes to torment children and is even willing to kill them out of frustration with their sole existence.
  • Has at times been called a "Dentist Sith" for his rather harsh and strict behavior regarding any and all confiture pieces, at least in the past. For what its worth he's mostly let these comments slide as a result of not quite knowing what they mean. On the other hand, those who do got to know him better have praised him as a dentist, one of these people was Chip Skylark, a deity who in his world is a human pop star who prides himself on his shiny white pearly teeth. He's been a few times for some checks with Wilbur and has come out satisfied with the service in those ocassions.
  • Wilbur loathes legitimately despicable abusive parents, while he acted strict to his son and even grew distant out of disdain for his chosen career, he eventually saw the error of his ways and got better while many he's met in the Pantheon have not. One of these parents was Ghetsis, who tried to use his son as means of getting control over the Pokemon world and manipulated his son, N, through emotional manipulation and gaslighting into unwittingly helping him out in his goals as a figurehead.
  • Similarly, Fire Lord Ozai, who scarred his own son for daring to defy him was another deity he came to heavily dislike due to his treatment of his son. Ozai himself couldn't care less about Wilbur's hatred of him, however, but Wilbur himself is disgusted that such a depraved parent exists, especially one willing to harm or maim his own son for extremely petty and selfish reasons. In this boat was also Ultraman Belial, who like Ozai also treats his own son like crap and tried to use him for his goals, as well as being disappointed in him not following in his footsteps.
  • Timmy Turner had a run-in with the depraved dentist, Dr. Bender, who on many times antagonized him and Chip Skylark thanks to the dentist's clean teeth obsessive ways and his general apathy at the harshness of his actions and harm it brought to kids. Timmy was quite uneasy to be around Wilbur at first, fearing he might not be too far off Bender himself, but loosened up once he did meet Wilbur in person and the doctor turned out strict but reasonable in the end.
  • Lady Tremaine is someone he also heavily dislikes for her disdainful and cruel attitude towards not only her adopted daughter, Cinderella, but also even her own biological daughters Anastasia and Drizella; especially the former. Wilbur in particular sees in Tremaine a lot of his unresolved and worst flaws, which he can't forgive himself for and only furthers his disdain for the mean stepmother.
  • Matilda was strangely an ally he made, the young girl scolded him on his abandonment of his son but also was happy to hear that he ultimately became a better person in the end as she didn't have such luck with her own family and ultimately had to go with her teacher, Ms. Honey, so as to have a proper parental figure in her life after years of neglect in her early childhood. Matilda has at least scolded him about his refusal to make his actual pride in Willy Wonka's successful candy business clear since it made his and Willy's relationship to remain hurt and strained for years in a completely avoidable fashion, something that Wilbur himself agrees on.
  • Because of their unpleasant behavior, he had little positive things to say about the Four Bratty Children that visited his son's chocolate factory, he very much sees them as the people that made his aversion to sweets stronger with their disgusting and deplorable lifestyles, furthermore their continued antagonism against his son, Wonka, made him rather unwilling to pay any attention to their presence and as such he prefers not to acknowledge their existence while in the Pantheon..