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Greater Gods

    Amane Nishiki 
Amane Nishiki, God of Chip Damage and Fabulousness
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His plumage on his emblem.
  • Theme Music: BUSHIN
  • Alignment: True Neutral?
  • Portfolio: Valuing Beauty And Youth Above All Else, Fighting to Prove His Philosophy, Overly Exaggerated Androgyny, Intentions of Recruiting Young Boys Into His "Acting Troupe"
  • Domains: Love, Dance, War, Music, Youth
  • High Priest: Fisheye
  • Followers: Nathan Seymour
  • Allies: Bridget, Might Guy, Vega, Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Leeron Littner, Zato-1 and Eddie, Ragna the Bloodedge, Max Blum and Penny Hartz, Will Truman, The Pink Panther, Byleth, Sun Ce, Lennon, Gaara, Kaworu Nagisa
  • Enemies: Kanji Tatsumi, Hayate Ayasaki
  • Opposed by: Carl Clover, Ben Tennyson, Sasuke Uchiha, Yuki Ashikaga, Chihiro Fujisaki, Bullet, Ash Lynx & Eiji Okumura
  • Annoys: Alice Margatroid
  • Said to have the power to reverse time and turn someone younger. He's got a list for the whole Gods here, and he's not revealing. This causes him to be on good terms with Might Guy.
  • Also once peeked into the Midnight Channel and accidentally viewed Shadow Kanji. Kanji himself is pissed off that Amane peeked on that side of him, and Amane was disappointed that Shadow Kanji isn't fabulous enough for his standards.
  • Scours through the Pantheon in search of a certain 'Young and handsome vigilante' called Carl Clover so he can add him to his fabulous troupe. When he found out that he was taking refuge in the House of Magic under Alice Margatroid, Amane appealed to get him transferred to his home. He got refused, there was a fight, both survived and so far... no ill wills.
  • His drills are known to be fearsome in a way that he can kill you with just Scratch Damage. Let all who think he's just one fruity fabulous harmless transvestite beware.
    • Not to mention he happens to be a bit manly in his way of speaking too. Expect a lot of Large Ham.
  • Rumors say he may actually be an immortal Observer. Rachel Alucard, herself an Observer, declines to comment on this matter. Even worse, Amane's minimal involvement during the Chronophantasma events further puts this thing into mystery.
  • His high priest is Fisheye, mostly due to them having the same personality and voice.
  • If there's one thing that both Sasuke Uchiha and Ben Tennyson can agree with, is that they shudder when they note how Amane has a similar voice than them. Yosuke Hanamura (who also has that similar voice problem), screamed in absolute terror when he heard Amane's voice.
    • Minato Arisato thinks he has it worse, as no matter which language they try to talk to each other, they sound the same. Hell, when the two met each other the first time, Amane had changed the color of his clothes and dyed his hair to match Minato's!
  • At one point, he tried to capture Hayate Ayasaki and dress him in drag, knowing full well on how he would look due to past experiences from the latter. Unfortunately, Hayate retaliated and kicked him out of his house.
  • Chihiro Fujisaki also avoids Amane Nishiki like the plague due to wanting more young boys like him for his dance troupe.
  • Upon meeting Amane, Sun Ce had a deja vu, not only on the similarity of their voices, he thought Amane was the second coming of his sworn brother Zhou Yu. Though Amane's not into strategy (especially the historical Sun Ce's way of thinking), Sun Ce still respects him.
  • Is still looking for more pretty boys for his troupe and he sees Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura as perfect for them to which the boys go "nope" on him and his advances; he does pity their past situations regarding the drug but it hasn't deterred him from continuing said advances.
  • Annoys Alice Margatroid by pestering her with handing Carl over to him. Not only her "Goliath Doll" is still in development, Alice has kind of grown fond to the boy. There's usually a battle that broke out with Amane's... whatever skills and Alice's Danmakus, but none of them are able to gain upper hand.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Gaming.

Intermediate Gods

    Eleanor Hume 
Eleanor Hume, Goddess of Ambiguous Bisexuality (Crybaby Exorcist, Shepherd)

    Jack Harkness 
Jack Harkness, God of Extreme Omnisexuals (Captain Jack, The Face of Boe)

    Miku Izayoi 
Miku Izayoi, Goddess of Sexuality Exceptions (Diva, Tsukino Yoimachi)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Herself standing in front of Gabriel
  • Theme Song: "My Treasure"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Fighting with Music, Magic Music, The Only Male She Loves is Shido, Idol Singer, Having her Career Ruined But Later Climbing Back to the Top, Lovable Sex Maniac, Very Powerful Voice That Can Control Minds, Teasing Others, Buxom Beauty Standard
  • Allies:
  • Watching Over: Elizabeth Bathory (the Lancer incarnation)
  • Friendly Rival: Miia
  • Enemies: Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, the Dazzlings, I-No, the House of Tainted Love, anyone who uses music for evil
  • Opposes: Black Bolt, Sheogorath
  • Pities: Natsuru Senou, Heinz Windermere
  • Miku was one of the best Idol Singers until her career was almost destroyed when she refused to sleep with a sleazy TV producer. Upon becoming a Spirit, she sought to regain her lost fame and developed for mankind, and the male gender in particular. Luckily, Shido Itsuka managed to reawakened the better woman within her and Miku allowed Shido to seal her powers, wanting to reestablish her career by her own merits.
  • Although Miku shed her hatred towards men, she only feels sexual attraction towards women, with the only male she feels even remotely attracted to being Shido himself. For that, the Court of the Gods allowed her ascension. Once she was accepted into the Pantheon, Miku began flirting with almost every woman she could find, including the Spirits already present in the Pantheon. She proudly proclaiming that Shido, her Darling, is the only man she could ever love.
    • Because of her bad experience with that producer, she really hates sexual abusers and anyone who distorts the idea of love, which is why she stays away from the House of Tainted Love as much as possible.
  • While Shido and the Spirits were happy to see Miku in the Pantheon, they admitted that Miku's sexual lust could be too much even for them. Shido felt nervous that he would have to cross-dress again if he ever dated Miku again, but luckily, no such thing happen. Tohka also feels she needs to put some distance from Miku, lest the Diva will attempt to touch her breasts again.
  • Met up with Celestia Ralgris after hearing rumors about her supposed hatred of men. Celestia had to clarify that she didn't hate men, that was just a rumor she didn't bother to address to hide both her insecurities around the male gender and her guilt for causing Lux Arcadia's exile. Once the mistake got cleared up, Miku and Celestia parted on good terms, with Miku complimenting the Drag-Knight on her soft face and her large chest.
  • Bringing her singing talents to the Pantheon was an obvious course of action for Miku. Ever since she set up her temple, she has hosted hundreds of concerts, often singing alongside legends like Fuuka Akitsuki and Sheryl Nome. She was particularly impressed that the latter used her singing to end an intergalactic war. Once in a while, she helps Black Canary fight crime, impressing the veteran superheroine.
  • Having moved past her misanthropy, Miku assists Cyclops in his efforts to protect mutantkind. She is aware of his more extremist actions, but considering what she has done, Miku feels she has no right to judge. Cyclops initially felt a bit nervous around Miku, as her magical voice brought bad memories of Black Bolt, he eventually came to see her as a friend and a surrogate daughter.
  • Speaking of Black Bolt, she doesn't hold him in high regard, especially after hearing of his confrontation with the X-Men. She had hoped the mutant-Inhuman hostilities would end with both sides reaching a mutual agreement, but she was horrified upon learning that the Inhumans were fiercely protective over the Terrigen mists, even after it was revealed the mists were killing mutants. She sees the X-Men's cultural renaissance and the Inhumans' depopulation crisis as a fitting rebalancing of the scales.
  • Competes with Miia of the Monster Girls over who has the better darling. Shido and Kimihito Kurusu just play along.
  • Takes pity on Natsuru Senou for his/her love problems. While she is totally crazy over his female form, like any other girl at school, she later found out about what Kaede Sakura had done to him. Feeling her own actions were not better than those performed by Kaede, Miku has done her best to ensure no one suffers what Natsuru suffered.
    • Heinz Windermere is another deity that has earned Miku's pity. Although she was naturally displeased when she heard about the Song of the Wind's effects, Miku has the opinion that Heinz was manipulated into that position by his chancellor, and if circumstances were different, Heinz could have used his song for more benevolent purposes. Since she herself has misused her music, Miku does her best to give Heinz the benefit of the doubt and hopes he can find peace one day.
  • She really hates the the Dazzlings for reminding of the days she used her music to enslave people. She was further horrified to learn that the Dazzlings don't really need to brainwash their victims, they only do so for their own amusement. The Dazzlings invaded Miku's temple, hoping they could corrupt her back into her villainous ways, but even they were no match for the power of Gabriel and they were forced to retreat.
  • Occassionally helps the doctors at the House of Health and Diseases in helping and curing patients, as Gabriel has proven to possess the power of healing.
  • Befriended the Bard over their shared passion for music. She is also impressed by his dedication to pacifism, a luxury she cannot afford due to Isaac Westcott's ambitions. On the other hand, she feels nothing but contempt towards I-No, considering her as the kind of person she could have become had her Darling not saved her. She holds no fondness for Sheogorath, either. Although she can appreciate his dedication to the arts, Sheogorath is a Mad God with no understanding towards basic human decency. For his part, Sheogorath has nothing but good things to say about Miku, praising her for her wonderful singing voice and has refrained from bringing harm upon her.
  • She was horrified when she learned of Elizabeth Bathory's crimes and wanted nothing to do with her, but when she got to know her Lancer incarnation, Miku decided to at least give her the benefit of the doubt after seeing she was trying to rise above her other selves' villainy and become a better person. Miku also agreed to give the young Elizabeth singing lessons after hearing how dreadful her singing voice was.
  • Despite having her darling, she sometimes sexually harasses the cute girls of the pantheon, especially fellow spirit Natsumi Kyouno, who she finds ridiculously adorable in both her forms. Natsumi, needless to say, is not amused in the least.

    Nico di Angelo 
Nico di Angelo, God of Forced Sexuality Reveals (Son of Hades, The Ghost King, Death Boy, Death Breath, Ambassador of Pluto)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Stygian iron sword
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Broken Cuties Turned Broken Badasses, Trauma, Aloof Allies, Socially-Awkward Heroes, Ineffectual and Informed Loners Turned Friends, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette That are Older than they Look,Emo Teenagers, Resentment, Can Summon the Dead, Black Swords, Ambadassadors, Self-Loathing Homosexuals, Gayngst, Unwanted Sexuality Reveals
  • Domains: Death, Trauma, Loneliness, Homosexuality
  • Herald: His zombie driver, Jules-Albert
  • High Priestess: Kate Kane/Batwoman
  • Allies: Annabeth Chase, Chiron, Apollo, Hestia, Pit, Juzo Sakakura
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Artemis
  • Enemies: Gaea, Tartarus, Cronus, Kratos, the Other Hades, Junko Enoshima, Father Elijah
  • Special Relationship: Percy Jackson (his former crush), Hades (his father), Persephone (his stepmother)
  • Nico di Angelo was initially a Cheerful Child who, along with his sister Bianca, was rescued by Percy Jackson and brought to Camp Half-Blood, but after the death of Bianca, Nico ran away, blaming Percy for her death. However, he eventually forgave Percy, and proceeded to help him during his fights against the Titans and the Giants, though he has remained aloof towards Percy ever since. While it was unknown as to why he acted this way, it was revealed that Nico was in love Percy, and was aloof due to the fact that he was raised in a time where homosexuality was considered a sin. The Court of the Gods, having reviewed his case, had decided to make Nico the official God of Forced Sexuality Reveals, as they believed Nico would serve as the ultimate example of the trope since Nico was forced to admit his feelings for Percy by Cupid, the God of Love himself.
    • Upon Nico's ascension, Percy and Annabeth Chase were the first to welcome the Son of Hades into the Pantheon, with Annabeth immediately giving Nico a high-five as soon as he walked through his temple's doors.
  • His interactions with the Olympic Gods within the Pantheon have been... mixed, to say the least.
    • He has expressed confusion upon encountering his father, Hades. While his confusion was partially because of how Nico was now the same rank as Hades when Hades wasn't in the Underworld or dawning his helmet, most of Nico's confusion was attributed to the fact that the Hades in the Pantheon was either a hooded figure who wore a robe made out of bones or a flaming-haired cartoon character voiced by James Woods. That said, the two have managed to maintain a relatively stable father/son relationship, even if Hades thought that Bianca should have ascended first.
      • Nico was even more confounded when he had discovered that there was a second Hades, one that was much more hostile and dangerous. Consequentially, Nico has found himself opposing this Hades at every turn, and has allied Pit to make sure of that. In return, Hades has occasionally taken time out of his schedule to mock Nico over his dead sister.
    • Persephone was not pleased upon hearing the news that her stepchild had ascended to the Pantheon. Likewise, Nico was disappointed that Persephone was in Pantheon, as he views her as a bad influence on Hades. In spite of (or because of) their antagonism towards each other, they mostly avoid one another, as Persephone does not want to be reminded of Maria di Angelo, and Nico does not want to be turned into a dandelion again.
    • Apollo was thrilled that his son's boyfriend had managed to make it into the Pantheon, and hopes that this means that his son will also ascend to the Pantheon in the near future. While Nico doesn't mind Apollo for the most part, he does have some qualms with Artemis, as his sister had died shortly after becoming one of Artemis's Hunters. He is able to work with Artemis and her Hunters should the situation call for it, though.
    • Hestia was quite glad to hear that the first person to have spoken to her in many years had finally ascended, and has opened her temple and hearth to Nico should he ever need it.
  • Has made enemies with Gaea for keeping him trapped in a bronze jar and used as a potential trap to kill off his friends. The hatred is mutual on Gaea's end, since Nico, along with Gleeson Hedge and Reyna Ramirez-Arellano, had delivered the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood, which stopped the war between the Greek and Roman demigods and allowed them to focus on Gaea's forces.
    • Also not a fan of Gaea's lover, Tartarus, since he had allowed Gaea to utilize the Doors of Death to allow Gaea's forces into the mortal world, in addition to driving Nico nearly insane and trying to kill Percy and Annabeth during their time trapped down in his domain.
  • Considering that he had ultimately sided with the Olympians during the Second Titan War, Nico has naturally become enemies with Cronus, who is exceedingly annoyed that the demigod who had convinced Hades to join the Second Titan War had managed to make it into the Pantheon. It is because of this that Cronus plans on dealing with Nico as soon as he finishes off Percy Jackson and Kratos.
    • Speaking of Kratos, Nico especially hates him for annihilating the Olympians, Hades included. Still, Nico couldn't help but smirk when he found out that one of Kratos' victims was Persophone.
  • Initially, he was put off by Juzo Sakakura, as his general unpleasantness and Bad Boss tendencies had given Nico the impression that Juzo was nothing more than a jackass. However, after learning about Juzo's unrequited feelings for Kyosuke Munakata and how Junko Enoshima had used said feelings to blackmail Juzo into silence, the next thing Nico knew was that he was outside Junko's temple summoning a horde of zombies to have overrun her temple. When asked by Juzo as to why Nico stood up for him like that, Nico simply stated that he too knew how hard it was to admit one's romantic feelings to their beloved.

Lesser Gods

    Adora/She-Ra and Catra 
Adora and Catra, Dual Goddesses of Adaptational Sexuality (Adora: She-Ra, Princess of Power, Princess Adora, (Adam's) Favorite Sister, Blondie, Adora Applesauce Meow Meow, Masters of the Multiverse (shared with Adam), Princess of Swords | Catra: Force Captain Catra, Wildcat, Cash Kitten, Catra Applesauce Meow Meow, Little Sister, (Adam's) Favorite Sister-In-Law, Princess Catra, Therapy!Asuka)
Adora and Catra's reboot designs
She-Ra (first form) 
She-Ra (second and true form)
Adora's and Catra's 80s incarnations
80s She-Ra 
80s Catra in her Cat Beast Form 
  • Lesser Goddesses (Adora and Catra); Intermediate Goddess (Adora in her first She-Ra form); Greater Goddess (Adora as the true She-Ra [potentially stronger with the Sword of Power] )
  • Symbol:
    • Adora: The Sword of Protection
    • Catra: Her mask; alternatively, her First Ones Sigil
  • Theme Songs: Promise. They have also accepted After The War as their unofficial theme song.
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Love, Orientation, Rebellion, Freedom
  • Heralds:
    • For Adora: The Best Friends Squad (Bow, Glimmer), the Princesses of Etheria (Perfuma, Mermista, Frosta, Scorpia, Netossa, Spinerella), the Rulers of Bright Moon (Queen Angella and King Micah), the Rebellion's other members (Swift Wind, Castaspella, Sea Hawk), Madame Razz, Light Hope.
    • For Catra: Melog (Her therapy cat/Living Mood Ring)
  • Followers: Etta Candy, Aunt Josephine, Sir Kay
  • Allies: Prince Adam/He-Man (Adora's Twin Brother), Hordak and Entrapta, The Good-Aligned Avatar: The Last Airbender Deities (especially Zuko), The Crystal Gems and their Allies, Wonder Woman, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Killia, Naruto Uzumaki, Lissa and Maribelle, Kamen Rider Bravo, Juzo Sazakura, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, The Powerpuff Girls, Finn, The Undertale Deities, Miguel Rivera
  • Enemies: Horde Prime, Skeletor, Any Abusive Parents in the Pantheon (especially The Child Abuse Supporters), Junko Enoshima, Darkseid, Big Brother, IT, Sauron, Emperor Palpatine, Ashera, Galeem, Dharkon, Don Thousand
  • Oppose: YHVH, The Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Pities:
  • Uneasy Opinion: Harley Quinn
  • Adora and Catra were raised by the Horde of Etheria, taken as infants by their soldiers and indoctrinated into their ideology with Shadow Weaver, the second in command of the Horde's leader, Hordak, serving as their adopted mother-of-sorts, the two were there for each other and developed feelings for one another, though their upbringing made them unable to realize these feelings in their youth, despite being reciprocated on both ends. Their paths would be separated when Adora discovered the truth of the Horde's actions. With Adora defecting to the Rebellion after becoming She-Ra, Catra grew bitter as her friend left her, but started climbing up the ranks thanks to her strategies. Meanwhile Adora struggled with learning many truths about her identity as She-Ra, her past and that of her powers, as well her desire to make up for the Horde's actions and save Etheria. Though things got hard, Adora was eventually able to reconcile with Catra, realize her true worth as a person and save Etheria from not just the Horde she grew in but the galactic Horde and Horde Prime; while Catra learned to be less selfish and cruel and grew a heart enough to become a better person and join the good side, which allowed her and Adora to finally confess their feelings and be together in peace.
  • When both were ascended it was made a decision that they became composite versions that switch back between their original designs and personality; and those they have in the reboot series. This means that how they get along depends on how they look. Normally they're a couple, but if they come out in their 80s designs they're instead bitter enemies with one another.
  • Have a great relationship with deities from both Undertale and Steven Universe, as Adora's means of saving the world through love and redemption rather than violence resonated well with the others. Her struggles with her own worth and self also made her great friends with Steven.
  • Exclusive to Adora:
    • The sole reason she is consistently known as Adam/He-Man's sister is due to her nature as a composite character. That said, the two get along well regardless and he is glad that Adora successfully thwarted the plans of Horde Prime in her home Universe in the "reboot" incarnation. Outside of it, the two are prone to tease each other, but remain caring siblings regardless. This has gained them popularity with other twin deities, such as Mabel and Dipper.
    • She is good friends with all other princesses of the Pantheon, particularly those capable of giving a good fight to her. That said, she gets along just fine with non-combatants too. Usually speaking she's at least taken aback by the actions of some such as Princess Bubblegum, who at times became very controlling and intrusive of her people, which brings her bad memories of Horde Prime's actions.
    • Having been once an Unwitting Pawn for the First Ones has given her allies in the form of Rei, The Barian Emperors and Serge, who've all had dealt with being manipulated for someone else's evil goals. Particularly she found herself empathizing a lot with the struggles of the Barians and Rei as their manipulator's ultimate goal required a moral sacrifice of some sort.
    • She's had a few friendly sparing matches with She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, Garnet, Pearl and Undyne. She's won most of them, but regardless holds her opponents in high esteem afterwards. They have rematches from time to time, but always in good spirit, regardless of one time Wonder Woman deprived her of her sword and her head. Particularly she enjoys a lot spending time with She-Hulk, due to her preference for muscular women.
  • Exclusive to Catra:
    • Having formerly been a villain that was ultimately able to redeem herself, she's found lots of common ground with various Deities such as Zuko, Peridot and Discord. All three could understand what her problems with redemption were from different angles each. Particularly Peridot, who also was raised in an abusive system that jaded her to the horrible repercussions of her actions, as well as Zuko who can understand growing up under an abusive parent and nearly repeating the cycle of abuse with others.
    • Has become friends with various other catgirls in the Pantheon, among them Ichigo Momomiya, Ireva Dubrona and Serval. In the same vein, she became enemies with evil-aligned cat deities such as Katz, Barbara Minerva/Cheetah (who is also an enemy of Wonder Woman). Particularly
    • Has been trying hard to atone for her crimes and actions, particularly for the action of almost indirectly causing Queen Angella to be trapped between dimensions to shut down a portal that she had pressed Hordak into activating. That action and the fact that she spent a long time refusing to feel bad about it, caused her to become rather unpopular with deities who had lost their mothers or were separated from them, though Catra doesn't holds it against them and ultimately understands why they would feel like not talking or being friendly to her.
    • Really pities Lotor for having not only destroyed his chances at redemption, but also having ruined his chances with Allura due to his actions as well. While she remains wary of him due to his actions, she hopes that one day he can turn around his life like she did and become a better person. Mainly because she sympathizes with his past and the things he's been through. Another Deity that earned her pity was Homura Akemi, as she was saddened to hear how much Homura's obsession with Madoka took her actions to various morally unsavory extremes, while she can at least understand why she'd grow so controlling, though hopes that she can grow out of it eventually. Similarly she feels pity for any Yandere/extremely love obsessed deity, as she herself knows that unhealthy obsessions will only lead to pain for everyone.
    • She's felt a connection with redeemed villains in the Pantheon who nonetheless caused a lot of harm, chief among them being Ben Solo and Anakin Skywalker. Their redemption over their love for someone (Rey (the woman he loves) for Ben and Luke (his son) for Anakin) has made said friendship tighter. Similarly she's gotten some common grounds with Bojack Horseman as the former 90s star had a rough battle against his inner demons and like Catra, lost a lot of friends and acquaintances along the way. Catra is not too afraid to getting to know him, as she can quite understand the harshness of trying to overcome one's hard-pressed flaws and how much their selfishness hurt their loved ones.
  • Both are enemies with Skeletor, not only due to him being enemies with Adam/He-Man, but also because of the many atrocities his various incarnations have committed. Occasionally, when Catra is in her "80s" form she'll reluctantly team up with Skeletor for the goal of taking down the twins, otherwise they are as antagonistic to each other as they usually would be. Their ascension bothered Skeletor as now he has more enemies to worry about, given how Horde Prime refuses to be his ally in any situation.
  • Neither of them like anyone who has mind-control powers or has given a Mind Rape to others, Not only because of what Horde Prime made them go through, but also because of the many traumas that Shadow Weaver's attempted Mind Rape on Adora caused. Likewise, that both fought hard to be free from an oppressive system made them opposed to all Lawful Evil and some Lawful Neutral deities, mostly those who seek to curb free will and establish absolute law. Standing out is the Grand United Alliance of Law and YHVH. Similarly that the Incubators employ despair as means of harvesting energy angers them greatly as do the fact that they lure girls to their doom and make them suffer beforehand.
    • Other enemies they made along the way were Big Brother, Sauron, IT, Palpatine due to their desire for oppression. Particularly standing out was Palpatine, as his inhibitor chips are not too dissimilar to the mind control chips of Horde Prime, not to mention having a similar ambition to the latter.
  • Adora and Catra usually hang out in dates around various Houses when off the clock or not fighting evils in the Pantheon. They hang out with other LGBT deities, such as Juzo Sakakura, Oren Pierre (whose food they enjoy a lot), Lexa and Nico Di Angelo. Though Adora and Catra's romance never really faced roadblocks in their world from society, they feel a lot of sympathy for how some of those deities have been ostracized for their orientations, recalling how Catra and Adora know what it's like to be alone and feeling unloved.
  • Both detest all Abusive Parent Deities in the Pantheon. The most notable out of them are Lady Tremaine, Ozai and Heihachi Mishima, whose detestable actions towards their children from manipulation, abuse, and even attempted/successful murder reminded them both of the things Shadow Weaver put them through in their childhoods and teen years.
  • Can also be found in Character Adaptations.

Catra: Hey Adora.

Adora: For the Honor of Grayskull!

    Bambi "Buck" Hughes 
Bambi Hughes, God of Depraved Homosexuals (Buck)

Cuuko, Goddess of Incompatible Orientation (Cthugha Yasaka, The Living Flame, the Burning One, The Ravening Chaos, Queen, Kuuko, Cthuko)
Cross Fire Sequence 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess in Cross Fire Sequence form)
  • Symbol: A large fireball surrounded by Attack Drones
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Having Fire Powers, Psycho Lesbian, which eventually turn into Two Target Sexuality, Harem Seeker, Gamer Chick, Vapor Wear, Attack Drones, Mad Love, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Fire, Gaming, Clothing (or lack whereof), Love
  • Allies: Nyarko, Mahiro Yasaka, Hasta, Yoriko Yasaka, Shantak-kun, Ato-ko Shirogane, Marida Cruz, The Console Patron Units, Chiaki Nanami
  • Enemies: whoever tries to harm or hit on Nyarko (and Mahiro to a lesser extent), whoever tries to mess with gaming industry, anyone who manipulates love (especially Raynare)
  • Commonality Connection with: Issei Hyodo
  • Cuuko originally acended into the Pantheon as the "Goddess of those Who Fight "Naked"" (she wanted to ascend for Girl Gamers, but the idea was scrapped), though then some gods felt like she was cheating a bit. Her new position was born when they noticed that not only is she madly in love with Nyarko, who is madly with Mahiro, but she also likes Mahiro for a threesome option, who would rather not have any part on it. And then there is her cousin Cuune, who loves Cuuko, but the feelings aren't mutual. Such, she got her new position.
    • Cuuko herself considers this being a challenge: she wishes to strip away this position by having Nyarko fall in love with her. Good luck.
  • Her original position was actually out of modesty: in her Cross Fire Sequence battle form, she wears nothing, while not showing nothing naughty due of her looking like "she is wearing body paint". Issei Hyodo thought that she was wearing something at first and used Dress Break on her to strip her naked, only to find out that she really was naked. He had to retreat really fast, as Cuuko was not only mad at him for attacking him, but because the only person who is allowed to undress her is Nyarko.
    • According to many gods, however, the two of them are not so different. Even so, the reconciliation between the two wasn't very easy. Some time later after the incident, Issei stumbled onto Cuuko watching hentai. He joined Cuuko - even though he wasn't willing at first, and while watching it, the two came to realize they are - all in all - not so different. Since, then, the two reconciled, and have a quite healthy friendship; now they can be seen goofing around from time to time - for example, they often play H-games together. The two would prefer not to speak about the incident, but before that event, Issei did develop a good friendship with both Nyarko (since Issei's girlfriend, Rias Gremory, is part of the Special Lovers Squad and all) and Mahiro (though he simply says that he made friends with Issei purely for reconciling him with Cuuko).
      • Of course, Cuuko was outright horrified when she heard from Issei's harem about Raynare's wrongdoings on him. To her, anyone who manipulates love like Raynare did deserves to be burnt to a crisp.
  • When Chiaki Nanami ascended, Cuuko went to her temple, gave her a tight handshake to show that she has no bad feelings torwards her getting the position she dreamed of and the two of them played videogames for the remainder of the day.
  • Some gods have wondered if she and Tsubaki would be good friends, with both being redheads with Single-Target Sexuality to the point of extreme. However, due of events what include Mahiro and Nyarko switching bodies and Mahiro and Cuuko pretending being a couple, she started to warm to Mahiro and in her own words, "I will carry Nyarko's child, the boy will carry mine."
    • Cuuko does think that Tsubaki thinking Jin as her love interest and as a brother reminds her of her cousin, Cuune, who she made a Childhood Marriage Promise with, which she didn't understand at first and regrets ever since.
  • Is really avid player. Thanks to her ascension, she has been able to play all sorts of games, and he has even offered herself to test any upcoming game consoles. However, her requests have been denied, considering how heartbroken she got when one particular game console was cancelled.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Patchouli Knowledge, due of both of them having that calm and stoic personality (even if Patchouli is bit more snakier than her) and due of apparent love for video games.
  • Might be one of gods what can access Senketsu's full power, mainly because it would actually be step up from her naked battle form. However, no one has tried to go with the experiment, since no one is sure how much heat Senketsu would endure.
  • Doesn't quite know what to think about Souji Mitsuka due the fact that Tail Red looks rather similar to her. Though she does admit that seeing Nyarko with twintails could be quite nice.
  • For some while, Cuuko was talking really little and has kept on staying in her temple more than she normally would. When people tried to ask about it, she just gave them a letter what read "I have no voice, and I must cry".

    Franklin Delano Donut 
Franklin Delano Donut, God of Questionable Sexual Preferences (Private Biscuit, Commander Poppin Fresh, Pinkie, Major Cinnamon Bun, Corporal Cor-Sandwich, Admiral Buttercrust, Princess Bubblegum)

Hasta, God of Young Homosexuals (Hastur Yasaka, The Unspeakable One, Deity of Wind, The King in Yellow, Hasuta)
Spoiler (2nd version) 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God in King in Yellow form)
  • Symbol: His two cowlicks and braid positioned like the Yellow Sign
  • Theme Music: Blast of Fate - Hayate no Yukue (only as King in Yellow)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Having Wind Powers, Hair Antennae, In the Hood, Nice Guy, Adorably Precocious Child, Boy Looks Like a Girl, Badass Adorable Homosexual, Young, Effeminate Gay, Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Wind, Hair, Homosexuality
  • Herald: Luhy Distone
  • Allies: Mahiro Yasaka, Nyarko, Cuuko, Yoriko Yasaka, Shantak-kun, Ato-ko Shirogane, Bridget, Laharl, Astolfo, Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Yuuki Ashikaga
  • Opposed by: Old Man Henderson
  • Fears: The Hounds of Tindalos
  • "Father": Hastur
  • Originally Hasta stood as the God of Hair Antennae, which he was fine with, but eventually wanted to be close to Mahiro as he could. So after others noted that he had the appearance what a twink would to a T (he is the King in Yellow, so the colour motive is clear) and only really realized his sexuality after meeting Mahiro, he was considered fitting for the spot.
  • To many, Hasta is the sweetest one of the three who are in love with Mahiro. While Hasta is not a slacker in combat, he is generally a Nice Guy, and probably the one Mahiro doesn't mind the most.
  • Even though the confusion isn't major, some people still mistake him as being a girl, especially since he is in love with Mahiro. This ended up causing them to have some connection to Bridget, and while she wasn't exactly pleased upon hearing that Hasta dressed like them once to gain attention, the two still get along well.
  • Believe or not, Hasta can actually powerful enough to stop both Nyarko and Cuuko. However, most of his powers are connected this King in Yellow form, which he normally refuses to take. He needs Nyarko' help to trigger Cyclone Effect in order to make him transform.
  • Likes to visit the House of Knowledge and do unofficial work there, due of him being a staff member of Celaeno Library.
  • Has absolutely no idea why a man calling himself Old Man Henderson is after him. The first time they met, he had summoned Hasta into Michael Bay's explosive storage in plans to blow him and Hasta up. However, Hasta quickly knocked Henderson out with a gust of wind and escaped the place with him, leaving him by the House of Heroes.
  • He was once given permission to read The King in Yellow to see if he could understand what was going on. He actually managed to do so... but had to stop reading it after seeing how his species was portrayed in the book.
  • Don't let his voice fool you, he is not a tsundere (Mahiro is). This has lead to a interesting situation where he normally sounds like Rise Kujikawa, and when he is The King in Yellow, he sounds like Kanji Tatsumi.

Lexa, Goddess of Tragic LGBT Representatives (Hedahere , Leksa kom Trikruhere , Heir to Becca Pramheda, The Last True Commander)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The sigil of the Heda. Alternatively, The Emblem of Trikru, mixed with the infinity sign of the Flame A.L.I.E. 2.0
  • Theme song: "Take A Life With Me"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Can fight with two swords, possesses Nightblood, fought to become Commander, ruthless by Grounder standards, Badass Robes, gets along well with kids, willing to make sacrifices, finds love to be a hindrance, regrets betraying Clarke and Skaikru at Mount Weather, attracted to and sleeps with Clarke Griffin, died from an accidental gunshot wound after sleeping with Clarke, will be reborn through the A.L.I.E. chip once the next Commander is chosen, took on an army by herself to give Clarke more time to stop A.L.I.E.
  • Domains: War, Leadership, Love, Swordsmanship, Combat, Stoicism, Death
  • High Priestess: Tara
  • Herald: Clarke Griffin
  • Allies: Avatar Korra & Asami Sato, Willow, Jack Harkness, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Oberyn Martell, Spike Spiegel, Aragorn, Sora, San, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Weiss Schnee Bentley Turtle, Xena, Gabrielle
  • Rivals: Jaime Lannister, Renly Baratheon, Zuko, Guts, Katniss Everdeen, Agent Texas
  • Enemies: Tywin Lannister, Gregor Clegane, Negan, Sigma, CLU, Starcream, Azula, House of Toxicity
  • Conflicting Opinion: Rick Grimes, most primate Gods in the Pantheon (Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Caesar, King Kong) Cortana
  • Fears: GODZILLA
  • Opposed by: The Northern houses of Westeros (House Stark & House Bolton especially)
  • One day, a mysterious cybernetic implanting chip was discovered in the Pantheon. It was taken to the House of Science, where Bentley examined it thoroughly and discovered it contained the spirits of fallen commanders, each one more skilled and powerful than the others. But the most of the Commanders caught the turtle's eye. He spoke to Cosmos about his discovery and with some help from his fellow scientists, was able to free the last Commander in the chip. Lexa had ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Lexa gets along well with several LGBT oriented characters in the Pantheon. She's Allies with Willow after recommending her friend Tara to the position of High Priestess, which Lexa agreed upon, and is friends with Jack Harkness due to his lover Ianto Jones being one of her followers.
    • Became quick friends with Avatar Korra and Asami Sato, due to their relationship. Every once and a while Lexa will invite the two for a dinner date, bringing her herald Clarke Griffin along.
  • One of the few Gods that can terrify Lexa is Godzilla. The very presence of the King of Monsters and his radioactive origins reminds Lexa of how humanity almost came to end in her world due to nuclear war. She also believes that Godzilla is capable of unleashing Praimfaya on to the Pantheon if not controlled. Korra has tried to reassure Lexa that the Kaiju is on their side, but that has done little to ease her fears.
  • Does not trust most machines following the war against A.L.I.E., which lead her to oppose Sigma and CLU. Lexa also despises Starscream, as the Decepticon reminds her of the many times her own people betrayed her trust, as well as Cortana, though in the latter's case it's more conflicting. Despite this, a rival has been found in the form of Agent Texas, and rumors have been lingering about a fight between the two.
    Tucker: Oh boy. Look out Pantheon, we're going to have ourselves a cat fight! Bow chicka wow wow!
  • Due to their experiences with wildling raiders, both Eddard Stark and Roose Bolton have become wary of Lexa, as the Grounders bring back some bitter memories. Jon Snow, on the other hand, became quick allies with the Heda, his own experiences helping him to be more open and tolerant of other groups. It was through Jon that Lexa met Arya Stark and, much to the chagrin of Ned and Catelyn, began to train the young wolf in the Grounder art of war.
    • On the other side of Westeros, Tyrion Lannister respects Lexa enough to give her counsel from time to time. However, Tyrion's father Tywin views her as possible competition and doesn't tolerate her presence. The feeling is mutual, and Lexa desires to test her blade on Tywin's eldest son Jaime to see what he's capable of.
      • On another note, Oberyn Martell is actually on good terms with Lexa, and has offered a "night together" with his paramour Ellaria Sand. The offer has yet to be taken.
  • Has considered Weiss Schnee as a possible successor due to her combat skills. Lexa also found a sparring partner in the form of Wonder Woman, both going all out in duels. The same applies to Guts too, and when they fight, everyone in the area clears out of the area.
  • When she heard there was a prince of the "Fire Nation" in the Pantheon, Lexa became curious. She only knew of Azgeda, the Ice Nation where her rival Roan came from. Sure enough, she found the former Prince Zuko and after dueling with one another gained a mutual respect. Once they got to know each other, Lexa came to realize that Zuko had a similar history to Roan, both being exiled sons to tyrannical rulers (Queen Nia and Fire Lord Ozai respectively).
  • Finds the eventual romance between Xena and Gabrielle a heartwarming tale of two women in love, one that she wished she had more time in life to have with Clarke. With that said, Xena is wary of the Grounder due to her morally ambiguous choices. Gabrielle on the other hand argued to add her to their dossier.
  • Doesn't trust most of the primates in the Pantheon, due to a run-in with a killer gorilla in her homeworld. However, she does respect Caesar's leadership and attempts to keep the peace between humans and apes.
  • Has mixed feelings about Rick Grimes, feeling that his leadership has wavered over the years. But Lexa knows he's doing his best... the same cannot be said for Negan, due to his actions against Rick's crew. When asked by Rick about his wariness Lexa simply said it was a sense of "deja vu".
  • Has learned about a convention dedicated to her and other LGBT characters. Lexa came to appreciate the love and support of fans the world over and has promised to attend with her allies in the Pantheon.
  • Whatever you do, do not bring up the circumstances of her death to Lexa's face. May the Gods have mercy on your soul.

    "Maximillion" Pegasus J. Crawford 
Pegasus J. Crawford, God of Dub Name Changes and Straight Camp (Maximillion Pegasus)

    Michael John Carter/Booster Gold and Ted Kord/Blue Beetle 
Michael John Carter and Theodore Stephen "Ted" Kord, The Gods Mistaken for Gay (Booster Gold and Blue Beetle II; Carter: Supernova, Booster, Goldstar, Waverider, Green Lantern)
Left: Booster Gold, Right: Blue Beetle
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A blue beetle or a gold star
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Those Two Guys, Butt Monkeys of the superhero world, Color Characters, Straight Man And Wiseguy (for both), Heterosexual Life-Partners
  • Domains: Good, Chaos, Time (Gold), Insects (Beetle)
  • Heralds: Skeets (Booster Gold's Robot Buddy), Rip Hunter (Booster's son), Dan Garrett/Blue Beetle I (Ted's Predecessor).
  • Protege: Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle III (for Ted)
  • Allies: Virtually all DC Comics superheroes, especially Bruce Wayne/Batman, Billy Batson/Shazam, Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary, Kara Zor-L/Power Girl, Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl and J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter, The Doctor, Professor Paradox, Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, Chandler and Joey, Spider-Man
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cable
  • Rivals: Bolvar Fordragon
  • Enemies: Maxwell Lord (It's Personal), other DC Comics villains, Nox, The Master
  • It wasn't too long ago that such a nominations would have been laughed out of the Pantheon. Ted Kord is a typical Gadgeteer Genius not uncommon on his world who has been around since The Silver Age of Comic Books. Booster Gold is a 25th Century Fish out of Temporal Water who hoped to make a name of himself at an earlier time period. Neither of them has had memorable storylines, but that changed when they entered the Justice League International. While some people complained at the two changing into Lighter and Softer versions of themselves, the two turned out to be a memorable pairing. The only reason that they haven't entered was they were not sure what position to take. With many of the more popular ones taken, they were left representing those who think their friendship is Ho Yay.
    • Their temple is marked at the front with a banner saying "We're Not Gay!" It only increased the speculation.
    • The pair share drinks with Chandler and Joey, two friends who have dealt with similar accusations. They enjoy their company, with Ted and Michael more than happy to show them around the Watchtower (while there is a minimal superhero presence of course).
  • Surprisingly enough, they have met an impressive list of superheroes thanks to the popularity of the book. Their excitement for their ascension on the other hand... has been mixed. The martian still holds a grudge over the two stealing his favorite cookies. Batman greeted them but has hidden his disdain for the two. And Black Canary handed over her outfit, stating that the two made it look uncool. Nite Owl in particular had to pay Ted a visit given his creation was an attempt at making a Blue Beetle expy.
  • Goofiness aside, they have amassed a huge fanbase, particularly because they bring about a lost sense of lightheartedness in superhero comics. They may not be the best superheros, but they sure are the funniest. So much so that Squirrel Girl herself was present in the ceremony to congratulate them.
    • Not everyone is a fan of their antics, and there are rumors that the higher-ups wanted them gone. It would explain the sudden Heel–Face Turn of Max Lord who proceeded to kill Blue Beetle. The death stuck all the way to New 52 where his popularity was enough to bring him back.
  • When the Doctor found out that there was another time traveler entering the Pantheon, he was delighted to meet them. That is until he did some research on Booster Gold... which caused him to sigh deeply. He proceeded to give the two a lengthy discussion on what they can and can't do with time travel in the Pantheon. Booster objected, stating he has done a good job with the future while accusing the Doctor of hypocrisy. After all, the Doctor stole the Tardis just like he stole a time machine. After which the Doctor decided to let the two go. It wasn't as if he could keep them out of trouble.
    • They are able to give the Master trouble from time to time, an impressive feat considering how dangerous the Time Lord is.
  • The two were approached by Nox, who stated he needed help him Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Not ones to dismiss a person in need, the duo obliged to help him. Once they showed him their time machine, Nox tossed them aside and took it for himself, hoping that he could save his family. Unfortunately, Gold accidentally told him the wrong button, and Vox was sent much further into the past than he anticipated. It took a quick trip from Hiro to get him back, but it's unlikely Nox would rely on those two to ever help him again.
  • Exclusive to Booster Gold:
    • DO NOT CALL HIM GREEN LANTERN!. He's not even green. That hasn't stopped Trollkaiger from plastering his image with the green superhero from time to time.
    • He was actually far worst at his job. He once entered the 20th century in order to come back home with fame and fortune. That changed when talked to many of the heroes there. He learned that most of them didn't care about the attention, only to do the right thing and help others. It was a concept he eventually learned to appreciate.
    • Thought he was a shoo in for The Greatest Story Never Told, one of the more memorable tales known by few. Unfortunately, someone has an even more well kept story: Bolvar Fordragon. As a former follower, he is still a bit peeved at the snub, though it would likely mean that his best friend would have never made it into the Pantheon with him.
    • Despite his silly behavior and appearance, Booster is actually pretty powerful and formidable. Wiz and Boomstick recently ran a simulation featuring him and Cable, in which both heroes engaged in a battle to the death. According to them, Booster won by resisting Cable's mind-control and crushing him within a transferred force field.
  • Exclusive to Blue Beetle:
    • Despite his aloof nature, he's actually a Ditzy Genius, with technology and wealth to rival that of Batman himself except with more wisecracking jokes. He has since mellowed down, though that is relative to Booster Gold. Nowadays, both of them play the Straight Man.
    • Furthermore, his experience with technology, wisecracking nature and strong moral code made him a natural friend to Spider-Man. In fact, many note Blue Beetle being Spidey's counterpart of DC.

Miyuki-chan, Goddess of Homoerotic Dreaming
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A fetishized chess piece
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Homoerotic Dream, often gets her clothes ruined, Cosplay, Chick Magnet, Naïve Everygirl, Naughty by Night, raped for black comedy, Deconstructed Proper Lady, Transparent Closet
  • Domains: Lust, Dreams (maybe), Temptation
  • Allies:
  • Avoids: All dominatrix Goddesses (and those who look like such)
  • Upon seeing her stranded in numerous Groundhog Day Loops, someone in the Court of the Gods looked for a trope she could ascend to, found Homoerotic Dream, and brought her up and set her up in the House of Love.
  • Never stays in one house for very long and has a tendency to inexplicably end up disappearing and then reappearing wherever there are large groups of attractive women. She's not even aware of her position in the pantheon, and nobody has been able to get her to stay in one place long enough to explain, or get her to become more open about her homosexuality, because she ends up disappearing whenever they do. Of course, this isn't much of an obstacle for more powerful deities in the Pantheon (if they think Miyuki-chan is worth spending their time on), and for those who can access her via the dreamscape.
    • In the case of dreams, because of their homoerotic nature, 'intruders' like Freddy Krueger and Princess Luna end up turning into sexy human women in erotic outfits while in her dreamscape. Both killer spirit and alicorn often spend a few seconds feeling confused, flustered (only this for Luna after the first few times; as a dream guardian in the Pantheon, this is no longer new to her), and furious (only this for Freddy after the first few times), and as always when the two are in the area, they duke it out, making for a very lethal Cat Fight.
    • As for teleporters, those who can track her location and get there can reach Miyuki-chan easily wherever she goes, though it can get tedious.
  • Has also been involved in the universe of Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-.
  • Her connection to Wonderland made her a target of two entities who were decidedly NOT pretty young girls trying to hit on her: Belial and Nebiros approached her, hoping she would be open to becoming friends with Alice. Miyuki was too terrified of the demon lords to so much as scream. Instead, she simply wobbled in place for a moment and then fainted dead away, vanishing down yet another rabbit hole that materialized beneath her before she hit the ground. Belial and Nebiros shrugged and went on their way.
  • As for actual Wonderland denizens, for some reason, they always turn into attractive human women around Miyuki. The Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat always show particular interest when this happens, the Queen of Hearts always gets confused and flustered for some reason, while Alice…doesn't change at all. As for Wonderland itself, unless Alice is in a dark mood, it will look like its cartoonish appearance, except with all of its deizens as attractive human women.
  • She had once wanted to watch Barbarella but missed it. Of course, she managed to watch it again much later during her time in the Pantheon, and she got excited and flustered upon meeting the woman herself in the flesh, but any memories she made with her she only remembers as dreams, much to Barbarella's mild disappointment.
  • Miyuki-chan once accidentaly dropped into the temple of the Black Queen of Sogo through a "rabbit hole" and was scared out of her mind at running into one of the people who once harrassed her in her dreams. She's avoided the temple ever since and prays that a rabbit hole won't transport her there again. The Queen doesn't really get it, but is happy to see that someone respects her as a villain. She does insist she never used whips in her life though.
  • She has a Shadow in the TV World that represents a secret she doesn't know of, yet is plain to see to everybody who's met her: she's a closeted lesbian with several kinky fetishes. But as long as she can't figure out what her dreams are trying to tell her (or admit it to herself), she'll never think of facing it. And the Investigation Team does not do interventions (though Yosuke keeps pushing for an exception in this particular case). There's still the possibility she might 'fall' her way there, though.
    • Having been pulled into screens/mirrors/books several times before, some think it's only a matter of time, and the Team has been given a notice of that.
  • Because she sounds like The Dominatrix Queen of Hearts she keeps seeing in her dreams, Miyuki-chan has mixed feelings around Belldandy, Princess Celestia, Scheherazade (in her Caster form), Lust, Nurse Joy, and Hibiki Kuze's (female) Tico.
  • In occasion, when playing video games, Miyuki-chan gets inexplicably pulled into it, and the game turns into a Hotter and Sexier variant (if it isn't so already). This often forces other people to try and keep her alive while trying to get her out, even though Death is Cheap and she has died last time only to be back for her next adventure.
  • Because of all the teleportations and shenanigans Miyuki-chan keeps getting into (especially with so many other women), Kyu Sugardust got a tad infuriated and wants to find a way to get the incredibly dense girl to give in to her desires and act on them to get this over with. She even asked Princess Cadance, as much as the alicorn hates the love fairy, for assistance in this regard. Seeing Miyuki-chan's situation, Cadance accepted, under the condition that should Miyuki-chan find a person she can love romantically, Kyu is not to introduce her to other potential love interests. Kyu decided those were acceptable terms.

    Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo 
Now, let us begin. The Pageant of Destruction and Violence!

Oren Pierre Alfonzo, God of Manly Homosexuals (Gennosuke Oren, Kamen Rider Bravo, Armored Rider Bravo, Charmant guy, Master Oren, Mr. Dangerous, Mr. Violence)
Kamen Rider Bravo 
King Durian Arms 

    Tsukuyomi (Negima!
Tsukuyomi, Goddess of Psycho Lesbians (Perverted four-eyed human slicer, Tsukuyomi Iwai)
Tsukuyomi After 75 Years 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess when using Hina Blade)
  • Symbol: A katana and a short sword crossed over
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Those Who Are Completely Batshit Crazy, Lovers With Issues, Psychos For Hire, Attempted Rape, Psycho Lesbians, Excited By Fighting Others, Shikigami Summoning, Four Eyes, Zero Soul, Black Eyes of Crazy, Wielder of Hina Blade
  • Domains: Love, Bloodlust, Swords, Craziness
  • High Priestess: Miharu Shimizu
  • Followers: Kosame, Shiori Tsuzuki, Wendy, Helen Hill, Purgatori
  • Allies: Yuuki Terumi, Shinnok, Izaya Orihara, Bullseye, Nu-13, Raynare, Nui Harime, Akechi Mitsuhide (Basara counterpart), The Joker
  • Enemies: Negi Springfield, Konoka Konoe, Yue Ayase, Anna Nishikinomiya, Hayate Ayasaki, Anri Sonohara, Belarus
  • Opposed By: Yubel, Haruka and Sora Kasugano, Lisa Williams and Allison "Ally" Carter, Kira Daidouji
  • Objects of Lust: Setsuna Sakurazaki, Yves of LOOΠΔ
  • Female Counterpart to: Bambi Hughes
  • A swordfighter under the Shinmeiryu school, she has some problems. At first she seemed like a Punch-Clock Villain mercenary with quite an interest on fighting her "senpai" Setsuna, she started to show her true colours later on, now being a mercenary who wants to kill to satisfy her desires and who really wants Setsuna to satisfy her borderline to outright sexual needs.
  • When both Setsuna and Konoka ascended, she was tailing them into the Pantheon. After all, she wouldn't let her precious senpai go away that easily. When she showed just how hungry she was to get Setsuna, GUAE was impressed by her and after the battle between the two, she got her own place in the Pantheon.
  • When she ascended proper, Terumi was impressed just how sadistic she can be. And as such, she alongside Yuno Gasai, Kotonoha Katsura and Nu-13 formed the group Yandere Quartet. However, as the times went, both Yuno and Kotonoha started to not really like her that much due of how creepy her obsession with Setsuna is to the point where she seemed to have wanted to rape her. Not even those two have gone that far. Eventually, when Yuno got her big personality reset and her disbanding the Yandere Quartet, Yuno swore that she will have nothing to do with Tsukuyomi in the future. This saddened her as she felt like she lost an idol.
    • While she kept connections with Nu-13 after the fall of Yandere Quartet, their connections were cut when Nu was royally beaten up by Hakumen to the point where she was bedridden and everyone's memories (including hers) of Ragna were wiped out. However, it isn't because Nu doesn't want to see Tsukuyomi, but because others are preventing them from meeting again. Especially since Tsukuyomi has all the intentions to make Nu remember Ragna to make her soul ignite to her past self.
  • Belarus tried to cut Tsukuyomi with her knives before the swordswoman counter-attacked with her Hina Blade. She did that after she finding out that Tsukuyomi is a would-be rapist.
    Belarus: Yes, I have thought about [censored]ing Russia and yes, I might have a wandering eye for Ukraine, but rape?! Really?! What the actual [censored], you c[censored]!!!
  • The fact that both her and Shana share the same voice is one thing that disturbs the Tsundere so much.
  • When Scahrlachrot was still under Terumi's control, the two girl were really close together as Scharlachrot had problems with Negi, causing them to form a dangerous duo. However, after she was freed from brainwashing, Tsukuyomi felt like she lost a great friend, especially since she feels like she is holding her true desires within just for Weiss' sake.
  • Tsukuyomi has formed a friendship (or maybe "friendship") with fellow Cute But Psycho frilly little blonde swords-girl Nui Harime, the two of them bonding over their shared cutesy attitudes, tastes in clothes, swordsmanship, as well as... other similarities... Naturally, many the people who know or know of both of them are terrified that they're getting along so well and hanging out together.
  • Since she's a mercenary, she is willing to work for about anyone as long as she gets to kill people. She doesn't even really care about money. As long as someone dies, she is fine with the job. Though she can restrain herself from killing people, even if she really wants to.
  • While she is obsessed with Setsuna, the main reason seems to be that she can match her skills in combat. Really, Tsukuyomi can be attracted to anyone who shows to be powerful enough. Which makes her rather creepy to fight against.
  • Besides her amazing swordsman skills, she can also use paper talismans to create shikigamis to help her. While they can be nothing more than nuisance as they are very toy-like, she can summon entire swarm of them to distract those who she doesn't want to fight. Mamizou has shown some interest on this, and ponders if she can become more dangerous if she learns to summon real youkai with her talismans.
  • She seems to have one particular weakness; having her glasses knocked from her head.
  • She is actually rather good at spotting when someone is somehow attracted to a foe and advices them to show them their true feelings. Of course, the main advice is to fight them with feelings.
  • One reason why she seemed to have had a radical personality change might be because she got her hands on the Hina Blade, a powerful sword what tries to eat away the wielder's soul and possess them. Of course, considering that she seems to have no problem of using the blade on her own will, she might have been corrupted from the very beginning.
    • Speaking of the Hina Blade, Kisuke Uzuki wants to destroy the blade no matter what due of what Tsukuyomi can do with it. Unfortunately for him, him trying that has caught Tsukuyomi's attention and she actually waits for the day he tries to do so, since she wants to fight someone with a demonic blade.
  • Somewhere in her own future, there seems to exist a cyborg called Tsukuyomi Iwai who not only uses Shinmeiryu style, but also has the Black Eyes of Crazy. And considering that she works under Fate like Tsukuyomi used to, one wonder if the two of them are the same. The fact that both of them sound alike suggests that they are the same person, with Tsukuyomi surviving through Brain Uploading, though Tsukuyomi herself hasn't said anything conclusive about it.
  • Not to be confused with the Japanese moon deity Tsukuyomi, as Amaterasu and Susano-o can attest.
  • It has been discovered that there are some universes where she is the biological daughter of The Joker. The Joker has issued no definite answer when asked about this, though he does seem to be rather fond of her.


    Juzo Sakakura 
Juzo Sakakura, God of Self-Hating Homosexuals (Ultimate/Super High-School Level Boxer, Future Foundation 6th Branch Leader)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The red crest on his jacket
  • Alignment: Tries to be Neutral Good, but comes across as Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being a violent and badass gay man, Tries to do good, but often screwsup,cutting off his own arm, Gets Angry Easily, Unrequited Tragic Lord,
  • Domains: Boxing, Homosexuality (hidden), Mistakes, Violence
  • Allies: Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo (former follower) Julio "Rictor" Richter and Gaveedra Seven/Shatterstar, Sayaka Miki, Yang Xiao Long, Bulat, Undyne and Alphys, Kung Jin
  • Rivals: Little Mac, Ippo Makunouchi, Dudley, Joe Yabuki, Akihiko Sanada
  • Enemies: Junko FUCKING Enoshima, the Incubators, every homophobic deity, Monaca Towa, Balrog, SHOCKER, Monika, Nicky Cavella
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The other good ascended Dangan Ronpa deities
  • Opposes: Those who blackmail others, Yosuke Hanamura
  • Pities: Kanji Tatsumi
  • At first he was hated by most of the pantheon, but slowly became more liked when more awful characters and his better side started to show. He then became pitied by a good portion of the pantheon when he stabbed by his best friend, which would later be revealed as the man he was in love with, which made him more popular among the deities. But what fully redeemed him in the eyes of most of the pantheon is when he saved Naegi from committing suicide, cutting his own hand off, and ending the killing game with his final breath.
  • Was relived to find out that he didn't die with Kyosuke Munakata hating him and was actually trying to apologize and save him in the end, but was saddened that he couldn't last a few more seconds to see it and his friend/crush got a Downer Ending after the killing game.
  • Oren was happy to see that one of his followers accessed to the pantheon and Juzo himself, despite being the polar opposite became one of Oren's most loyal customers (he has a Sweet Tooth).
  • Many deities from the house of love are impressed by just how far he was willing to go protect the man he loves, even if he felt abandoned by him.
  • Feels really weird around Space Dandy because they sound the same in Japanese and English.
  • Was surprised and confused when heard that many deities prefer that he went with Munakata, rather than his friend Chisa. When he asked why, one of the responses made him reach almost unprecedented amounts of rage toward Enoshima, that it impressed the house of anger. He's now started to get revenge (both personal and not) on her. Not many deities are trying to stop him.
  • Became friends with Yang after finding out that they have a lot in common, albeit they lost their arms for different reasons.
  • Surprisingly bonded with Sayaka Miki after finding out they gave everything up for a boy named Kyosuke.
  • Did manage to apologize to Hajime about the whole Breaking Speech and accidentally pushing him to become Izuru, he said that he didn't know about the project at the time and was trying to protect him from digging himself to deep and getting killed by the school. Hajime didn't forgive him, but a least came to an understanding and noticed that he gave up his talent and life to save the survivors of the killing game, however they still are not on good terms.
  • Shatterstar and Rictor allied with him when they heard that Junko inflicted both Cold-Blooded Torture and brainwashing on a bunch of high- school students, which both of them take personal offense to.
  • Some deities think that he may have survived and just passed out. He hasn't given any response to that.
  • Paniced when he saw Yu Narukami and thought that Munakata had gotten into the pantheon and he would have to come clean about his feelings. While it was cleared up, he can't say the same for Yosuke, whose jokes about Kanji's sexuality hit way too close to home. In that respect, he does pity Kanji for being so confused about his sexuality and how people will see him.
    • In another instance, he mistook Monika for Yukizome. At first he thought nothing of her, but then he found out what she did to the other girls and was completely disgusting for what she did to the other girls. For one it reminds him of Yukizome when she was brainwashed by Enoshima (the new biggest reason of why he hates her and wants revenge) and driving two of the girls into suicide (which reminds him of the killing game he participated in).
  • Still hates Monaca Towa for killing off one of the Future Foundation's branch leaders and hitting him with a Macross Missile Massacre.
  • Became allies with Alphys and Undyne because they are also against Junko due to their own lesbian relationship, and feeling that Junko cruelly mocked Juzo about his made it personal for them. That and she used anime to brainwash people into despair/committing suicide.
  • Is enemies with SHOCKER due to supplying Junko with Monokuma units, making his job harder than it already.
  • Also resides in the House of Categorism, and as such is a deity who resides in both the House of Love and Hatred.

    Yuuki Ashikaga 
Yuuki Ashikaga, God of Gay Options ("Yuu")


    Todd Chavez 
Todd Chavez, God of Romantic Asexuals (Toad Chavay, Emperor Fingerface, Todd Nguyen, Diane Chavez)
  • Quasideity.
  • Symbol: His beanie
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Brilliant, but Lazy, Hidden Depths, The Baby of the Bunch, Friend to All Children, Manchild and NEET before Character Development.
  • Domains: Asexuality, Smarts, Laziness
  • Herald: Maude (his girlfriend)
  • Allies: Bojack Horseman, Princess Carolyn, Robbie Rotten, Spongebob Squarepants, Monkey D. Luffy, Blair, Mordecai and Rigby, Benson, Tanaka-Kun, Sans and Papyrus, Slaking, Greg Universe.
  • Odd Friendship: Jessie Pinkman, The Pyro
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Opposes: Merak
  • Todd was a normal guy who had initially grown up as a brilliant and talented kid, unfortunately his laziness got the better of him ending with him growing up into a lazy bum who needed others to help carry him around in life. Eventually he would begin to pick up his life back up when he got an offer to show off a rock opera he had made, but Bojack Horseman ended up sabotaging his efforts, though ultimately they patched things up and managed to leave it behind. Another problem arose when Bojack had a one-night fling with Todd's girlfriend, Emily, behind his back, which caused Todd to chew out Bojack on his shitty attitude and seemingly end their friendship, however the fallout forced him to confront that his girlfriend was not satisfied with their relationship and that he himself had began to struggle with his sexuality, eventually discovering his asexuality and breaking up with her later on when things didn't work out anymore. After many failed dates and relationships, Todd was eventually able to find love in Maude, a rabbit and fellow asexual. He would eventually patch things up with Bojack, becoming friends once again even when the latter ended up sent to jail for his misdeeds and crimes and also ended up finally getting a stable job as the head of VIM Agency's daycare which he founded.
  • He ascended after patching things up with Bojack following Princess Carolyn's wedding, when looking for a temple design he settled on a simple two-story hut with a beach view, his job means that he rarely leaves his house outside of his free hours, but regardless he's been interested in the many houses of the Pantheon, particularly those with children or with people who went through similar experiences as him.
  • Although his relationship with Bojack was nearly damaged beyond repair, the two managed to eventually patch things up and went back to being good friends, Todd was glad to hear that Bojack's been improving his life even more after his ascension, including better therapy sessions and an honest-to-god effort to leave his vices behind, while Todd has reassured Bojack that he can always get back up from depression and alcohol, he nonetheless will keep on making sure Bojack stays in the right path of life.
  • Princess Carolyn was glad to see Todd ascend, especially given that he brought along a lot of awareness for asexual people, who she feels are wildly misunderstood. Carolyn and Todd have been on friendly terms since forever and she occasionally hires him to take care of her temple during her trips to the House of Theatre and Spectacle, where Todd continuously takes care of Ruthie whenever Carolyn has her in the temple. Carolyn has also made sure to keep tabs on Todd's own business.
  • As an out-and-out proud asexual he took his time to find fellow asexual people to talk with, among the first was Luffy D. Monkey, who has no sexual interest of any kind in anyone, just like Todd. Also in the same category was Spongebob Squarepants, who has all but outright stated publicly that he is asexual, in the latter's case, Spongebob still has shown romantic feelings for others such as Sandy... And a Krabby Patty, regardless of that last fact, Todd was glad to find a fellow romantic asexual especially one as nice as Spongebob, his hard-working attitude also rubbed off him well as Todd has abandoned his previous slacker ways in favor of becoming a proactive and hard-working CEO.
  • He formed a strange friendship with Jesse Pinkman, some thought it was because they sounded alike, when in reality Todd befriended Pinkman when he heard of how he used to be a lot like his friend, Bojack, a drug-addicted, alcoholic and unapologetic jerk; who eventually managed to conquer his demons and become a better person. Pinkman didn't know Bojack personally but regardless ended up becoming quick friends with Todd after a quick meeting and talk.
  • Another odd friendship was found with the Pyro. At first Todd was completely scared of the mercenary, though began warming up to them once he found out that the Pyro has a soft spot for children and will not hesitate to bring harm to those who want to hurt them. That Pyro has shown Hidden Depths of intellect when not burning down stuff, such as becoming a succesful CEO after their initial firing from Mann Co. during the Gray Mann crisis; also gave Pyro a more positive image in Todd's eyes, though some people do find their friendship questionable which has not deterred Todd at all.
  • Though he used to be Brilliant, but Lazy, never once did he let his laziness become an excuse to harm people or used it altogether to harm others, this made him enemies with Merak, another Brilliant, but Lazy deity who in spite of his hilarious moments is a complete jerk who cares nothing about others due to his apathy born from laziness. As such Todd has come to greatly oppose Merak, viewing him as a completely detestable individual who gets no sympathy from him.
  • Mordecai and Rigby were another pair of deities that used to be lazy despite their brilliance when they tried, after they developed as people and changed for the better they came to be friends with Todd, who was once like them albeit even less productive. Todd was curious about their many adventures, considering that they were supposedly just a regular pair of park workers. Benson, their boss, was also quick to befriend Todd for his change in laziness to a more hard-working personality and maturing from a slacker, just like Mordecai and Rigby did.
  • Ironically enough he ended up becoming friends with Robbie Rotten, who many expected him to hate for his laziness and desire to make others be lazy, too. Mainly because Todd can see that despite Robbie's laziness being said to be a major trait, he's actually very proactive and dedicated to his plans to the point that he can't truly be called lazy. That Robbie deep down just wants friends also gave him a lot of sympathy with Todd, mainly because he has already dealt with a similar issue in regards to Bojack, who while mean and hurtful at times, deep down did want good things.
  • Blair the Witch was another deity that Todd found himself on good terms with, while she IS a slacker and hasn't truly changed on that regard, her general friendliness (and her change from evil to good) means that there isn't much in regards to bad blood, if only a bit of exasperation with Todd wishing her to do more with her life than ride off the coattails of other people's resources and get a job for herself, as he believes her magic would give her a lot of opportunities for employment. Blair herself simply finds him amusing and has at times tried to crash into his Temple only to be kicked out every time.
  • Sans is another deity with laziness issues, although Todd initially believed it to be fueled by the resets and pain he endured at the hands of Flowey's attempts to gain ultimate power, but he later found out that Sans was almost always a slacker even before any resets or timeline changes. Regardless Todd respects him for knowing when to get out of his ass and take necessary action to help others, even if Sans only does so when all other options ran out and there's nothing to do but try and stop whatever catastrophe is at hand. Papyrus himself has praised Todd on "not being a lazybones anymore", and even telling Sans that he could learn a thing or two from the human.
  • Due to his care for children, he absolutely hates those who bring them harm and will no doubt oppose them when possible, the main targets of this hatred were the Child Abuse Supporters, a group dedicated specifically to spreading child abuse and keeping it going everywhere, with all its members being awful people who have harmed many children, be it their own or others from their families. Lady Tremaine stood out as she reminded Todd of Beatrice Horseman's accounts from Bojack, and seeing her up close has made him realize just how awful Bojack's childhood was (not that it makes him excuse Bojack's bad actions regardless).
  • Another friendship he made was Tanaka-Kun, a slacker and lazy person who regardless is brilliant when he tries and is nonetheless a friendly Nice Guy. In their first meeting, Todd reassured Tanaka that he can always improve his lot in life and that he is not bound to be forever a loser slacker, that one day he can outgrow his flaws and become a better person, Tanaka appreciates Todd's advice and the two have remained on friendly terms ever since.