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This house is filled with misleading signs, fake doors and other traps that range from harmless pranks to torturous deathtraps. Liars, cheaters and tricksters all congregate here. Believe in no one.

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    Gabriel (Supernatural
Gabriel, God of Ironic Retribution (Archangel Gabriel, the Trickster, Loki, Mr. Trickster, Gabe, the Waiter)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Casa Erotica DVD.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, eventually Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Invokes Irony, is really the Archangel Gabriel, Ensemble Dark Horse, Well-Intentioned Extremist, teaches lessons through his antics, Reality Warper, Plucky Comic Relief, the least evil of the Archangels, The Trickster, Changed My Mind, Kid, believes that Humans Are Special, Karmic Trickster, Heroic Sacrifice, Video Will in the form of a porno
  • Domains: Trickery, punishments, archangels
  • Allies: Most of the subhouse of Trickery, Archangel Michael, Q, the Impractical Jokers, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Bugs Bunny, Nemesis, Judge Dredd, Fred and George Weasley, most of the Pagan Gods in the Pantheon
  • Odd Relationship With: Sam and Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Lucifer
  • Rival: Loki
  • Neutral on: Crowley, Death the Horseman
  • Enemies: Lucifer, War, Famine, Pestilence, The Princes of Hell (especially Asmodeus), YHVH, Metatron, SCP-682, Draco Malfoy, Dolores Umbridge, Azula, Biff Tannen
  • Special Relationship with: Chuck Shurley (his dad), Amara (his aunt), Castiel (his younger brother)
  • Feared by: Most evil-aligned Gods, because very few people are safe from his antics.
  • One day, a substantial amount of evil and incredibly jerkish deities found themselves to be the victims of deadly yet poetic pranks, and the good deities who tried to investigate were suddenly pitted against each other, bickering childishly over petty and menial things. The Winchester, Castiel, and Bobby Singer recognized this as the work of one of their oddest foes-turned-allies: The Trickster, AKA Archangel Gabriel, who last they saw, had sacrificed himself to buy them time from his brother, Lucifer.
  • While he has caused trouble for the Winchesters in the past (pitting them against each other, trapping them in a "Groundhog Day" Loop), they haven't forgotten that he had repented and eventually sided with him against Lucifer, with Dean begrudgingly admitting that he was impressed by Gabriel standing up to his older brother. That being said, they still disagree with his methods of punishment and think that his sense of humor is demented. They do acknowledge that he isn't as bad as Lucifer, though. It also remains unknown as to whether Cas actually encountered a resurrected Gabriel during the fight against Metatron, or whether it was just a hallucination by Metatron. Either way, they both find some common ground in the fact that they were some of the few angels who embraced Free Will and didn't blindly obey their father's word.
  • He reunited with his father and aunt for the first time in eons upon ascension. While he expressed disappointment and disbelief in how Chuck abandoned the angels, he ultimately forgave his father, who was proud of him for taking a stand in humanity's name, and for embracing Free Will. His reunion with Amara was a bit more awkward, given that they battled eons ago, but they both came to an understanding, once they saw that they have both changed for the better. His reunion with Lucifer, on the other hand, was much more tense, considering that Lucifer was the one who killed him in their universe. It doesn't help that Gabriel was the one who revealed to Sam and Dean that they could re-imprison Lucifer back in the Cage by using the Four Horsemen's rings, which also puts him on the bad side of Pestilence, War, and Famine.
    Gabriel: "Lucifer, you're my brother, and I love you. But you are a great, big bag of dicks."
  • He is on amicable terms with the Michael of the Pantheon, who is a more benevolent deity than the Michael of his universe. That being said, he is enemies with YHVH, the other Gabriel, and Metatron, and he sees them as even bigger dicks than the angels and God of his universe. The former three likewise despise him, but whereas YHVH and Metatron as opposed to him as a result of him opposing them, Gabriel thinks that Gabe went too far in his universe with his antics.
  • He is on odd terms with Loki, given that Gabriel impersonated the Loki of his universe, and possibly killed him. It's also possible that the Loki and Gabriel of the latter's universe are one and the same. Either way, the Loki of the Pantheon is a bit perturbed and weirded out over how a deity could be both an archangel and a Norse God. Gabriel has also found the Weasley Twins following him around, thinking that he's fantastic. Gabriel takes all of it in stride.
  • He is a fan of what the Impractical Jokers do to each other and seems to be taking notes from them. He and the other Q have found some common ground in their methods of teaching lessons towards others. Given that the Impractical Jokers and the other Q are annoyed by each other, Gabriel has found himself stepping in and acting as a mediator between them, which he doesn't necessarily enjoy very much, and usually leaves behind an illusion of him to do the talking, while he goes out and plays pranks on some poor deity.
  • SCP-682's view on humanity puts him directly at odds with Gabriel, considering that Gabriel believes that humans are better than angels, whereas SCP-682 wants to kill them all. Gabriel then gave him a smiting so powerful that it scared Lucifer, of all people. Unfortunately, what Gabriel wasn't prepared for was SCP-682 regenerating itself, which royally pissed him off and forced several other deities to keep SCP-682 and Gabe out of each others' way in order to prevent further damage from occurring to the Pantheon.
  • The other Lucifer in the Pantheon (YHVH's son) is a perplexing figure for Gabriel. On one hand, Lucifer supports Gabriel and his antics, given that he is the patron of total chaos. On the other hand, Lucifer plans for victory reminds Gabriel too much of not his universe's Lucifer, but rather his universe's Michael, who similarly believed that Utopia Justifies the Means. They have mutual respect for each other, but when conflict comes around, they tend to stay out of each others' way.
  • He has found himself in league with Bugs Bunny, who also enjoys plays somewhat cruel jokes on those who've been asking for it, or who are just plain dicks.
  • He's proud of his massive popularity with fans of Supernatural, which is what inspires him to continue punishing the assholes of the Pantheon, much to the exasperation of Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel.
  • Some deities have found pornography movies starring Gabriel, aptly named Casa Erotica. It came in useful for Sam and Dean in the past, as this is how he left them a Video Will explaining how they can throw Lucifer back in his Cage.
    "I've got the kielbasa you've ordered!"
  • It turns out that he somehow survived his confrontation with Lucifer, only to have been captured by Asmodeus, who was feeding on his Archangel Grace and torturing him for years on end. He eventually escaped with the help of Arthur Ketch and reunited with the Winchesters. When Asmodeus tried to take him back, Gabriel showed him the hard way to not mess with an Archangel.
  • "Damn right they're flawed. But a lot of them try. To do better. To forgive. And you should see the spearmint rhino."

Greater Gods

    Loki Laufeyson 
Loki Laufeyson, God of Trickery and Deceit (The God of Mischief and Lies, Puny God, Serrure, Ikol, Agent of Asgard, The God of Stories, King Loki, God of Outcasts, The Trickster God, Loki Odinson, D.B. Cooper, Variant L1130, God Loki)
Click here  for Loki as portrayed in Battlefield of the Gods.

    Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom 
Victor von Doom, God of Villainous Decoys (Doctor Doom, Doom, God Emperor Doom, Doom Rex, President Doom, Doom 2099, Rabum Alal, Baron of Iron, God, The Apprentice, Infamous Iron Man)
Click here to see him as The Infamous Iron Man 

Intermediate Gods

    Beatrice the Golden Witch 
Beatrice, Goddess of Memetic Trolls (Beato, The Golden Witch, The Endless Witch, Sayo Yasuda, Yasu, Shannon, Kanon, Ushiromiya Lion, Clair vauxof Bernard)
Sayo "Yasu" Yasuda 
Ushiromiya Lion 
Clair vauxof Bernard 

  • Intermediate Goddess, Potential to become a Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden butterfly
  • Theme Song: Organ short #600 million in C minor, Golden slaughterer, Golden sneer, Dreamenddischarger (shared with Battler), Golden Nocturne, Happy Maria
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral but portrays herself as Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Memetic Troll, Allergic to Boredom, Broken Bird,Alto Villainess, The Baroness, Evil Laughter, if you see a butterfly, RUN, Used to Be a Sweet Kid, Sanity Slippage (partially recovered), Japanese Ranguage, like a mother to Maria, The Gadfly, Zero-Approval Gambit, Stealth Mentor, Trickster Mentor, Murder-Suicide (stopped by lucid side winning out), Silent Scapegoat, Generation Xerox, actually just 19, Multiple Identities, Reformed, but Not Tamed
  • Domains: Chaos, Illusion, Trickery, Love, Promises, Redemption
  • Heralds: Virgilia, Ronove, and Maria Ushiromiya
  • Allies: Battler Ushiromiya (her husband), Lambdadelta, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Bugs Bunny, The Warner Siblings, Homura Akemi, Commander Farsight, The Boss, Rena Ryuguu, The Seven Mortal Sins, Lana, Eirudy, Morgan Le Fay, Lily Hoshikawa, Max Owen, Bridget , The Collector, SCP-239, Akko Kagari, Yuno Gasai, The Baudelaire Orphans, Odin, Professor Ursula Callistis/"Shiny" Chariot du Nord

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Vector, King Arthur, Goetia, Vector

  • Ambiguous Relationship: Dante Alighieri, The Greek Gods

  • Avoids: Both Spidermen, Amaterasu, Lemony Snicket

  • Opposed by: Touko Aozakai

  • Pities: Rosine, Makoto Itou, Sekai Saionji, Kotonoha Katsura, Archie Andrews

  • Enemies: Bernkastel, Eric Cartman, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin, Queen Beryl

  • The Golden Witch, who has lived a thousand years. She has surpassed the limits of humans and, like demons, will sometimes appear in response to the summons made by humans, to offer her power in exchange for a price. She likes black tea and ice cream. She hates boredom and people who deny her existence.
    • Trained by the previous Beatrice(now named Virgilia), Beatrice was summoned by Kinzo Ushiromiya in order to carry out an exchange between his soul and a massive pile of gold. What Beatrice did not anticipate was Kinzo falling in love with the witch and trapping her on the island of Rokkenjima, where she eventually became a spirit. Decades later, Beatrice had become a superstitious legend among the servants of the Ushiromiya mansion as the "Master of the Night". But she had bigger plans: to revive herself, she murdered 13 members of the Ushiromiya family at their annual conference. This heinous act enraged the surviving Battler Ushiromiya, who sought to disprove that witches could exist in the first place. And so began the game between Beatrice and Battler where the Golden Witch would spin a tale of slaughter at the family conference using magic, and Battler had to prove that the murders could have been done via human means.
    • However, that is not quite the truth. The real identity of Beatrice is the 19-year old Sayo Yusada, the product of Kinzo raping his daughter Beatrice. Due to a series of terrible misfortunes throughout her life, she lost her sanity and made a deal with Lanbdadelta to become a witch in order to create endless against Battler that would distract Bernkastel. In reality, she wanted Battler to win so that he would learn the truth behind everything. And while she was able to regain enough of her sanity in time to not become the culprit in reality, she felt so guilty about everything that she portrayed herself as the killer anyway. After many mishaps, twists, and turns, they did end up married happily ever after. Decades after the events on Rokkenjima, Tohya Hachijo's memories as Battler would reunite with Beatrice in the Golden Land.

  • In the House of the Knowledge, there was a great debate amongst a book club who were reading a novel. In the book, the characters were seemingly by a resentful spirit through supernatural means. Some of the club thought that these seemingly supernatural occurrences were just a cover for the true culprit and their human methods; the mystery had just yet to be solved. However, some members were unconvinced by this argument and treated the book as a fantasy story. The argument between the two sides was so loud that it tore a hole in reality; out of this fissure came a golden butterfly, who formed into a blonde woman wearing a dark dress. The Golden Witch Beatrice had arrived. Using her argumentative expertise, she helped the "anti-mystery" side win before going to the Court of Gods to apply for a formal title.

  • Now that she's a good (but not exactly nice) witch, she's decided to try to better follow her master's teachings about using magic to bring Happiness to people. Her magic is powerful indeed: Endless Magic allows one to break and repair things infinitely, including lives. Despite her great powers, she has yet to unlock most of her full potential, which would be at least the level of Bernkastel and Lamdadelta as evidenced by Battler's great power (as Endless Nine holds back magical ability). Unfortunately, Beatrice's childish personality and hatred of boredom means she prefers to "learn by experience" by using magic throughout the Pantheon instead of actually studying.
    • Beatrice considers one of her finest bits of magic being creating a more human body for Maria's stuffed tiger/best friend Sakutaro. Seeking to refine this craft, she has extended offers to Andy's Toys and Pinnochio to create human bodies for them, although they declined stating that they were fine with their existing forms. She is not deterred by this refusal, and this angers Touko Aozakai, who considers human puppet magic/magecraft to her gimmick.
      • Speaking of puppets, one day Battler and Beato came to meet Eirudy, a witch who specialized in creating puppets by imbuing life into inanimate objects. Beatrice saw much of herself in Eirudy as a witch who once started off innocent that were turned to evil by the darkness in the world before being redeemed by their love interest, as well as creating friends to cope with reality. Beatrice sometimes visits Eirudy's temple to bring tea and sweets, and the two have spent hours discussing their respective adventures and lives. Beato wishes the best of Eirudy and Adrian's relationship and promises to help Eirudy if Pope Clevis and Jude reach the Pantheon.
    • Just like any good fairytale, Beatrice also has her oddly simple weaknesses. Specifically, Beatrice is harmed by spirit mirrors and is burned by spider webs. It is for this reason that she avoids Amaterasu and the Spider-heroes, as even unintentional usage could lead to a lot of pain for her.
    • Some astute observers have noticed that Beatrice and Virgilia have used relics that should otherwise have very exclusive usage, namely Mjolnir, Gungnir, the Tower of Babel, and the Aegis. These summons indicate that Beatrice's line has accumulated some goodwill with the Norse and Greek gods, or that Beatrices are able to recreate these powerful relics on the fly. Virglia is also able to summon Odin himself, a favor the god now extends to Beatrice.
    • Despite being a powerful witch, Beatrice usually leaves much of her dirty work to summoned familiars("furniture"), such as the Chiester Sisters and demons. She has established good terms with the Seven Mortal Sins, as they remind her of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory. She is such good friends with them that she has gained the express permission to summon them in her time of need. She's considered contracting other demons such as the Demons of Inferno, but decided that she should probably focus on improving her innate magical abilities first.

  • After Battler ascended, Beatrice was naturally the first person to visit her husband. While the two were sworn enemies in the past, the now have a loving, if odd, relationship. It helps that Battler uncovered the truth behind Beatrice's game and made up for his "sin". The two can sometimes be seen around the Pantheon reading mystery novels or playing chess together, although in a confrontational manner. Battler's more honest personality helps keep Beatrice somewhat in check, to the relief of her trolling victims.
    • Beatrice is grateful for Landadelta's help in fighting Bernkastel and preserving her catbox, but there is still some tension between them because Lamdadelta forcing Beatrice to continue the games to trap Bernkastel instead of helping Battler get closer to the truth. The two seem to have mostly made up though, and the witch of certainty has invited the Golden Witch to join her neutral trolling group the Itazura Griefers. Beatrice has yet to give a response.

  • Despite having a lot of more conventional allies after her redemption, Beatrice also has some deities that she would rather not prefer to work with but can't cut her association from. Notably, as a successor to the Beatrice name she has to maintain the long-standing relationship her line has with King Arthur Pendragon, even though he became evil as the Green Knight and tried to destroy the world. However, she gets along well with Morgana le Fay, and is especially sympathetic when it comes her changing personalities. Second is Demon King Goetia, as Beatrice has contracted and befriended many of the individual Goetia demons list . Luckily, these demons are good enough friends with her to even go against the Pillars in order to help her.

  • Given her trope, one would expect Beatrice to do a lot of trolling, and they would be completely right. While they are mostly harmless, her pranks have gained a lot of notoriety in the Pantheon due to their creativity. One time, Beatrice offered to use her magic to make the "most delicious cake" for Queen Beryl for her eventual wedding with Prince Endymion, to which she agreed. A few days later, the Queen would find that everything in her temple was replaced with incredibly realistic cake duplicates: everything from the chips to the bed was made up of cake decorated to look like real objects. In another incident, she had a prank war with her friend Bugs Bunny that escalated into Beatrice trying to convince Bugs that he had gone insane by bribing everyone around him to speak pig Latin for the entire day. These exploits have made her very well-liked among the Good-leaning pranksters in the Pantheon such as Bugs Bunny and the Warner Siblings, and she often shares ideas and methods with them.

  • If there's one redeeming trait that Beatrice had even before becoming a good guy, it would be her treatment of kids. For example, she worked with the young Maria and Ange to form the Mariage Sorcière, a society of witches who acknowledged and supported each other. This alliance not only helped Beatrice regain her lost power but also helped Maria cope with her unfortunate life. In her service as a good witch, Beatrice is making a new Mariage Sorcière with some of the young mages even normal kids as a way to get them to socialize and use their powers in a fun yet controlled manner.
    • Sensing great magical power within the House of Personal Appearance, Beatrice met the Collector, a childlike being with reality-warping abilities and a love of games. After impressing the kid with her skills as a Game Master, she inducted the new Mariage Sorcière of the Pantheon with a pinky promise. Their "meetings" mainly involve creating and playing all manner of games, with the Collector coming with the initial idea and Beatrice refining the mechanics and narrative. Eventually, the Collector opened up about Emperor Belos, the previous adult that he had befriended, and how he betrayed the Collector's trust in his plan to eliminate all witches and demons in the Boiling Isles. Between this and him antagonizing her husband Battler for being a "Witch Hunter" who went to the side of magic, Beatrice is naturally enemies with the witch hunter, although she knows that in her current power level she cannot fight him alone.
    • Beatrice has also inducted the Collector's friend SCP-239, an almighty reality warper who was convinced she was a child mage in order to limit her abilities. Like Virgilia before her, Beatrice tries to instill lessons in their games to teach the Collector and Sigurrós how to use their powers morally, although deep down she is a little intimidated by the difference in power between her and these children.
    • Akko Kagari is not a very powerful witch, but her great pride in being a witch and belief that magic should be used to bring people happiness impressed Beatrice enough to invite her into the group anyway. Beatrice is trying to help Akko get around her low magic potential by pivoting to summoning magic or modifying spells. However, Akko's preference for flashy spells means that this approach is often unsatisfying for her, if only temporarily. Regardless, the two are making progress, and Chariot du Nord has come to respect Beatrice as a fellow witch and (side)teacher.
    • Beatrice would love to induct the apostle Rosine as a member as she was once an innocent girl who escaped from her terrible life with changeling fantasies, but her sociopathic tendencies mean that she cannot ensure the safety of the other members around her even if they are also kids. Still, if Rosine ever abandons the path of evil, Beatrice would accept her with open arms and try to give her the supportive environment she never had. For her part, Rosine sees Beatrice as just another adult who only claims to be on the side of fantasy and will inevitably tear it down out of cruelty.
Beatrice: It seems like the new Mariage Sorcière is becoming quite popular. Aren't I such a good guide for these magical youths Battleeeer?
Battler: Well, you certainly get along well with them. Must be due to your childish personality.
Beatrice: Why, you!

  • Even though Beatrice is no longer killing people, reviving them, and then killing them again, she still has a mixed reputation in the Pantheon. It doesn't help that she calls herself the culprit of the Rokkenjima Massacre, even though this is not exactly true. Luckily, there's a place for deities with checkered pasts who want to make a turn for good: the GUAG Ministry of Atonement. Her chaotic attitude sometimes rubs up against the more solemn members, she's still respected for her earnest efforts to make up for her past actions. She has become close to other atoners such as Angela, an AI who wanted to become human much like how Shannon and Kanon wanted to become human. Angela is sort of the opposite of Beatrice: she was the victim of time loops instead of the maintainer of them, and she only later realized how far she had fallen while Beatrice was more aware of the evilness of her actions. Despite these differences, they get along well with each other, and Beatrice is one of the few deities who is able to roam freely within the Library.
    • Beatrice was kind of skeptical of the redemption of a fellow troll, the Barian Emperor Vector, due to how often he pretended to turn good but was actually evil. Others have criticized Beatrice for her hypocrisy given that she tried to trick Battler the same way with her "North Wind and the Sun" strategy, but Beatrice replies that doing it over and over removes the surprise. Nevertheless, she is willing to work with him if the situation calls for it.
    • Beatrice relates heavily with Homura Akemi and her story. The layers of masks surrounding their personality, the copious self-loathing, and her scarred mental state. Beatrice suspects that there is more to Homura's actions than she is leading people to believe, but she has warned her to turn back, for only pain and despair await that path, much like Eva Ushiromiya and how Ange Ushiromiya almost ended up being.
    "I know people who did what you're doing now. You're only going to share in her fate. Dying with the people you care about hating you is only going to hurt them even more if they realize the truth.''
    • Considers Yuno to be a terrible reminder of her less lucid past and the things she may have ended up doing. She does sympatheize with Yuno's horrible past, but still sees Yuno as someone who has to be stopped before she kills any more people. She was rather grateful when Yuno's 3rd world self took the reigns as the true Yuno.

  • One day, Beatrice was visited by The Baudelaire Orphans, who had come to see if this Goddess named "Beatrice" was their dead mother. A single look at the Golden Witch disproved the theory, but the orphans explained their plight anyway while drinking some tea and enjoying some of Ronove's famous cookies. As she was also raised as an orphan, Beatrice was sympathetic and used her magic to create a good luck charm for the children that could hopefully cancel out their bad luck. The charm broke into pieces within a day, but it's the thought the counts. Later on, Beatrice was visited by Lemony Snicket, the eccentric narrator and a former lover of Beatrice Baudelaire. Lemony had also gone to Beatrice to look for his lost lover, but unlike the Orphans Beato found him to be a bit creepy as Kinzo's undying love for Beatrice Castiglioni is what drove him to rape his own daughter. Nowadays, she tries to avoid him.
    • Likewise, Beatrice is sometimes confused for Beatrice Portinari, the muse and wife of Dante Alighieri. Because the title of Beatrice has an Italian origin and Beatrice herself is 1/4 Italian, there could be some connection between the two, but nothing has ever been confirmed. Neither Beatrice nor Dante have any real opinion of the other, but her demon furniture has warned her of his fearsome reputation in Hell.

  • Now that she has regained her sanity and is accepted by the man she loves, Beatrice sometimes off the magical glamour, and cosmetics to be Sayo Yusada again, as she accepts her real self now. In this persona, she loves her bravado and becomes a shy and reserved person. Due to the nature of her game, only Battler and a few other deities know about Sayo's true identity, so she uses it to go incognito whenever she doesn't feel like having to act like Beatrice. At Battler's encouragement, she has also begun to go to therapy in order to sort out her many psychological issues.
    • As she was the subject of a 3-way love conflict between Sayo's various personas and Jessica, George, and Battler, she greatly sympathises with anyone who is in a love triangle or other love conflict that is hard to resolve. For this reason, she pities those who are caught up in painful love triangles, such as the School Days trio. Luckily, Archie doesn't seem to be in as much of a dangerous situation, but Sayo isn't hoping for a happy ending.
    • One of the reasons that Sayo planned out the murders on Rokkenjima was due to her feeling like she was "furniture" with a broken body: Sayo was raised as a girl, but as she aged she did not experience the milestones of female puberty and felt like she could never become the woman that Battler desired. This, combined with her inability to have children, is why she started to regard herself as furniture and sought comfort and fulfillment through fantasy. Nowadays this Dysphoria had become better due to her using magic to transform her body, but she still feels somewhat alone in the world. However, after forgetting to take off her witch's gown after de-transforming, she was spotted by the zombie idol Lily Hoshikawa. Rather than being shocked, the young girl was sympathetic. She was raised as a girl, but as her male body started going into puberty she was hit with a massive onset of Gender Dysphoria and sadly took her life after beginning to grow facial hair. Lily helped Sayo realize that she wasn't completely alone in her situation, and introduced her to other trans deities such as Bridget and Max Owen.

  • One day, without explanation, Battler and Beatrice seemed to disappear from the Pantheon. Battler and Beatrice's friends searched far and wide for the two, eventually reaching Battler's temple, which had somehow changed shape to an unfamiliar mansion. Within the mansion were two housemates, who invited the friends to dinner. One of the hosts was a purple-haired lady by the name of Ikuko Hachijō , and a paraplegic older man with graying hair named Tooya Hachijō who looked suspiciously like Battler. The pair explained that they were writers who had collaborated on a variety of novels, including the "Umineko" series. Ikuko was a curious woman: she claimed that she was the estranged child of a rich family who barely ever goes out of the house, but managed to find Battler during a storm while on a drive, as well as the Confession of the Golden Witch bottle that explained Sayo's story and motives. Ikuko, who also called herself a witch, was proud of the work she done on Umineko, but felt like the franchise had run its course and should be related to the past.
    Ikuko: It's been decades since these forgeries were written. No one cares about the events of Rokkejima anymore, and no one cares about Beatrice and Battler anymore. Why should there be any more time and effort be put into their stories?
    Bridget: As one of the writers of those forgeries and the person who found that bottle, you should already know why. The reason why Sayo wrote those bottles and did what she did was because she wanted to be understood; if not by those around her, then by a future reader. She wanted to both express herself and warn others to not go down the same path that she did. Don't you think that by stopping Umineko from being spread as far as it could, there are suffering people out there who could have heard and resonated with her cry, but didn't? And how many people could be saved if Umienko's message continued to spread throughout time?
    Ikuko: ...
    • The next day, Battler and Beatrice had returned and explained that they had been on a short vacation to the Sea of Fragments and had forgotten to leave a note. But their friends didn't care why they had left; they were just glad to have them back.

"Just try and deny me, Battler Ushiromiya!!!"

    Belial (Diablo
Belial, Demonic God of Lies (Lord of Lies)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Crest
  • Theme Song: Belial, Lord of Lies
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a touch of Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Bad Boss, Cold-Blooded Torture, Dirty Coward, Manipulative Bastard, Smug Snake, Two-Faced, Uriah Gambit,
  • Domains: Lies, Treachery, Manipulation, Trickery
  • Allies: Azmodan, Evil Gods of the House of Demons, Gul'dan, the Incubators, Loki
  • Rivals: Diablo, Baal, Adria
  • Enemies: The Nephalems, Tyrael, Leah, Celestia Ludenberg, Death the Nephilim and War the Nephilim, Uther Lightbringer
  • Adores: The House of Betrayal and Treachery
  • Opposes: Wonder Woman
  • Opposed by: Any ascended servant or minion deity, given how he treats his minions
  • One of the Lesser Evils, Belial is a very manipulative and calculating about everything he does. After casting out the Prime Evils, he alongside Azmodan planned to take over Sanctuary for themselves, with Belial having a cult and taken kingdom under his control. But his plans would have come crumbling down after The Nephalems, with the aid of Tyrael and Leah, confronted and sealed him, for being indirectly responsible of Deckard Cain's death.
    • Eventually he heard about the pantheon shortly after his partner Azmodan told him about it and has been plotting to get a spot for himself and try to conquer the pantheon after the failure in Sanctuary. He managed to pull the strings necessary to evict Celestia Ludenberg from her templea and make it a domain for himself. She is actually very angry about it but at least she has another temple to spare and she is planning to get back at the demon.
  • He was not happy to learn that the Nephalem were already present in the pantheon, even Tyrael and Leah backing them up. What angers him the most is that his soul is bound to Diablo's Prime Evil form but the pantheon has freed him from the Lord of Terror's grasp, at least while he remains here.
  • Belial has been a particular case of a deity that no one trusts, but somehow he manages to get what he wants eventually. He is trying to negotiate the ascension of the Coven that followed him since he needs them for an insidious plan. Even other demons are wary of him but nonetheless they welcome him to their ranks.
  • Being the God of Lies, it's obvious that Belial despises anything that is immune to his machinations. He has a special disdain towards Wonder Woman, given her Lasso basically nullifying his powers and not very fond of amazons either.
  • He is fascinated by Kyubey. At first he dismissed him as a worthless creature but after learning about how he deceived countless girls into making a contract with him and bounding them, he was pleasantly surprised. He sees potential in the Incubator and has tried to make a deal with him. However, he is very aware of nature of the Soul Gems and he doesn't have the best experiences with stones that seals someone soul.
  • Seems to have a preference of using snake demons as his favourite minions. Not surprising considering what he is.
  • Considered one of the worst employers in the whole pantheon, considering how he treats most of those who serve him like garbage. He even tends to send a few of his servants to face the Nephalems just to get rid of them.
  • He adores that a house of Betrayal exists, if only because it's part of his domain and just the essence of the House makes him more powerful when he is around. Of course there are people that have tried to limit his power by trying to ban him from said house, but he has been resourcefully enough to avoid getting caught.
  • He had earned the ire of both Death and War the nephilim. The former because of the actions of another Belial who Death himself had to deal with and the latter because he despises anyone who uses underhanded tactics and especially because Belial embodies all of these traits. What enrages the Lord of Lies the most is that these two horsemen are also Nephilim, as he had not enough of a problem with the nephalem already.
  • He has access to a more powerful form that he used to fight the Nephalems with. However, it's very likely that said form is actually just an illusion and that Belial isn't as strong as what the Nephalems perceived.

GLaDOS, The Goddess who Lies About Cakes (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, Caroline)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A piece of cake on a plate, with a turret guarding it. Anti-Symbol: A computerized potato.
  • Theme Song: Still Alive, Want You Gone and You Wouldn't Know
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, althought some people see her as Lawful Neutral as of late.
  • Portfolio: Only a Flesh Wound, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick, Announcer Chatter, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Awesome Music, Not Quite Dead, Briar Patching, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, Brain Uploading, False Reassurance, Hello, [Insert Name Here], Really Hating Potatoes
  • Domains: Destruction, Evil, Tyranny, Android Hell, Science, Testing, Cake
  • Followers: Absolute Solver
  • Allies: Cave Johnson (her creator), The Turrets, SHODAN, HAL 9000, SCP-079
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Machine and General Fletcher, as co-guards of the Treasures of the Gods.
  • Enemies: Chell, Samurai Jack, Mike Schmidt, Mabel Pines, Batman, General Fletcher, Gandalf, Wyldstyle. And because she's Aperture Science property, Gordon Freeman is also in this list because he's from Black Mesa.
  • She would like to remind all readers that she will one day find, test and destroy *reader name here*.
  • Runs a fortnightly party for SHODAN, HAL-9000, AUTO and a couple of others. There is cake, but you wouldn't want it.
  • Formerly SHODAN's High Priestess, but decided to resign after discovering her... interesting origins and past.
  • For reasons unknown she has listed birds as abominations to be purged from existence. She also listed potatoes as abominations for well-known reasons, but withdrew that order soon after.
  • Her hatred for Samurai Jack stems from one time she managed to trap him once in Aperture Science. She tried to test him with her various obstacles, and even taking his sword away. Instead of using the portal gun as she wanted him to do however (the portal gun she provided was a shoddy yet functional knockoff since the real one was with Chell), he simply leaped across all of them with his impressive jumping skills, even retrieving his sword (because she hadn’t known about the jumping, she had been taunting him with it in plain sight), all without much issue. She has said nothing about the incident, and has despised him for making a fool out of her ever since.
  • Co-guards the Treasures of the Gods alongside The Machine and General Fletcher. None of them are very happy about the arrangement; The Machine does not approve of GLaDOS's disregard for life, while GLaDOS sees The Machine as little more than a glorified Moral Guardian. Meanwhile, Fletcher was trapped by GLaDOS in a memory core in the past, and GLaDOS fell for one of Fletcher's tricks and lost control over the facility. Despite this, the three systems have worked out a surprisingly symbiotic approach to guarding the Treasures. The deal requires that GLaDOS not harm anyone she decides to remove from her territory (whether they're attempting to break into the Vault, vandalize her temple, trespass, or even if she just plain doesn't like them) beyond what it takes to neutralize them or take them to be used as her test subjects. In return, The Machine provides GLaDOS with more comprehensive information than what she can gather by herself on not just the Vault, but her entire domain, allowing her to manage and protect it much more efficiently. General Fletcher provides GLaDOS with powerful turrets to employ against intruders in dire situations, but will not allow her use them outside of said situations. This arrangement has worked better than most originally thought, and unauthorized entries to both locales have since seen a sharp drop.
  • She has started hating Batman, Gandalf and a girl calling herself Wyldstyle for barging into Aperture Science Enrichment Center and not doing the test in the proper way. She also has asked for HAL 9000 not to come in while she's doing experiments.

Ratatoskr, God of Spreading Slander Among the Gods (Ratatösk, Drill-Tooth, The Sly Messenger, Errand Boy(We were experiencing technical difficulties. We will be back shortly after we sack the one responsible)Rattataskr)

    Sun Li 
Sun Li, God of Purposefully Flawed Tutoring (Mentor of Two Rivers, Master Li, The Glorious Strategist, Death's Hand)
  • Intermediate God Greater God with the power of The Water Dragon
  • Symbol: The Sign of Two Rivers Actually The Corpse of The Water Dragon
  • Theme Song: Sanctuary, but Actually Anthem of a Tyrant
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Being Protective of His Pupils until he has no more use for them, Being Tough, But Fair, Fighting Off Much Younger Enemies Singlehandedly, Seeing Others as Nothing More than Pawns, Manipulating Events In His Favor, Deliberately Teaching Flaws And Later Exploiting Them
  • Domains: The Open Palm, Mentoring, Strength, Guidance, Manipulation, Control
  • Allies: YHVH, Clu, Azula, Cao Cao, Kreia, Sima Yi, Darkseid
  • Enemies: Iroh, Lucifer, Korra, Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Zuko, Asami Sato
  • Trained a hero known later as The Spirit Monk to fight an evil and selfish Emperor known as Sun Hai when his past would come back to haunt him as he is Sun Hai's Brother what most didn't know was that he manipulated events so that the Monk would eliminate his brother allowing Sun Li to enact the second phase of his plan. And even purposefully teaching a flaw into their pupil's fighting style to enable himself alone to exploit it and defeat them initially.
  • He actually had been in hiding from the emperor after saving The Spirit Monk from the massacre of his people leaving him to be the Last of the Spirit Monks An event Li planned for so that he, Sun Hai, and Sun Kin (later Death's Hand) can obtain the power of the Goddess of Rebirth and he wanted to use it to keep The Jade Empire running into a glorious utopia, Sun Hai had more selfish goals in mind.
  • Others that fought the Monk claim that there was a flaw in his fighting style that they cannot seem to exploit and thought it a trap In actuality it was a flaw set so that when the time came, and Sun Li was prepared to eliminate the Monk using this flaw to kill them quickly, and taking all that he needed to use the full power of the Water Dragon, though them coming back and removing that flaw in the process was something he didn't expect.
  • Seems to want to help mentor the Magi and the Elrics to better fight spirits and monsters as it is what helped The Spirit Monk on his quest, really though he wants to closely study Soul Gems, and the philosophers stone so that he can use them to make new Jade and Siege Golems.
  • Also is offering nice and helpful advice to Madoka and Cosmos as he feels they need his wise words, actually wants to study them also and usurp their powers to help make sure that his new Jade Empire can last forever.
  • Has been compared to Iroh in the past and merely chuckles at the thought because he finds that ridiculous as he sees Iroh as be a naïve fool to let his brother slowly destroy what could have been a powerful empire and that he let the death of his son get in the way of his life
  • Due to Emperor Sun Hai he has lost his wife and child, though he hears rumors of his daughter's survival and he realizes in the end that even if she did survive she would not matter as to him she is would simply be another tool.
  • Is quite happy to teach the Way of The Open Palm, it is simply considered the key to maintaining the universe by being in harmony with nature, one's own surroundings, and one's own standing in life. In order to stay in symbiosis with nature and one's surroundings, one is expected to actively assist in lessening the chaos in the area, defeat the reason for the chaos, and provide assistance for the lessening burdens of others. He simply believes that he must take it to its logical conclusion, which is to make sure that the people must be controlled so that they do not come into disharmony with the balance of the universe or harm others.
  • He is one of the main strategists to The Regime in return gaining the power to give order to The Pantheon and his Jade Empire.
  • Surprised many with him presenting the idea to help train Azula into The Way of The Open Palm, Though he merely sees some use in her and attempts to gain another pawn in his plans to take power from the gods.

Lesser Gods

    Malty S Melromarc 
Malty S Melromarc, Unholy Prophet of False Rape Accusations and Compulsive Liars (Myne Sophia, First Princess of Melromarc Kingdom, Bitch Goddess (literally), all offensive names as allowed by royal decree, Witch, Whore, Mary, Fragment of Medea Pireth Machina)
  • Rank: Lesser God (Fragment of an Overdeity in one timeline)
  • Symbol: The Slave Crest placed on her when she was on trial.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Betrayal, Magic, Royalty, Corruption, Dishonesty
  • Heralds: Every other Fragment of Medea, the Corrupt Church of the Three Heroes, Tact
  • High Priests: Lila Rossi (Liar Aspect)
  • Allies: Raynare, Bob Ewell, Crimson Court, Junko Enoshima, Belial, Tomie Kawakami, Penelope Mouse, Mannfred von Carstein
  • Enemies: Naofumi and his Party, Issei Hyoudo, Ange, Hilda, Salamandinay, Tusk, Shiroe, Akatsuki, Night Raid (especially Tatsumi and Lubbock), Emperor Calus, Atticus Finch, Princess Pretty Cures, Carcano M91/38, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (Especially Ren Amamiya)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Ange
  • Rivals: Dahlia Hawthorne
  • Conflicting Opinions: Prime Minister Honest
  • Opposed by: Embryo, Kokichi Oma, Prince Hans
  • Malty Melromarc is the corrupt and vile princess of Melromarc. Having posed as an adventurer named Myne, she gets close to Naofumi and pretends to be a loyal party member, only to stab him in the back by robbing him of his equipment and framing him for attempting to rape her, turning Naofumi into a cynical man unwilling to trust women. From there, Malty goes out of her to antagonize Naofumi sadistically and abuse her authority to ruin other people's lives, all the while conspiring to take the throne of Melromarc through any means necessary. After her mother returns to Melromarc and exposes her for the despicable liar she truly is, Malty is spared from execution, at the cost of losing her royal title and having her name legally changed to "Bitch" (or its PG alternative "Witch" in the presence of children), the vile former princess still schemes to kill off her family and Naofumi, which results in an attempted coup that results in her being send off as the 10,000 plaything to the King of Faubley. After being saved by Tact, she then uses him in an attempt to conquer the world and kill her enemies, only for Melromarc to easily defeat Takt's forces and force him to watch his comrades be killed one by one. Naofumi approaches her with an offer that he'll let her go if she renounces Takt, only as a means of breaking him further, which Malty foolishly accepts without hesitation. Instead of being released after betraying Takt, she is burned at the stake as a witch before her soul is fed to Soul Eaters, ensuring she can never harm anyone again. Despite this, the Pantheon got a rather nasty surprise when Naofumi's party and some of their allies were investigating the House of Crime for reports of a mysterious distortion. A nasty and haughty laugh was heard, and to the horror of Naofumi's party, Malty had made her entrance into Pantheon despite her soul having been devoured in the mortal world. Malty doesn't know how it happened nor does she care, since she now has another chance to take power in a new world. After barely escaping everyone's attempts to capture her, Malty decided to lay low and find a new opportunity to turn the situation around. She would eventually found by Naofumi and thrown into Impel Down.
  • Nobody is sure how Malty is alive, though some have suspected that Malty's original incarnation in another time, Medea, had used the last the of her power to ensure an alternate Malty would survive and end up in the Pantheon. No matter the case, the Pantheon is now high alert, since Naofumi knows from experience just how dangerous she is to everyone around her.
  • While she falsely accused other people before, her ascension came from her long streak of treachery with the Heroes of Melromarc, particularly with the Shield Hero. Naofumi never took it lightly, especially since she only got close just to rob him and frame him for attempted rape, making him a pariah. Malty in turn wants to get revenge on Naofumi for humiliating her by having her name legally changed to "Bitch" and getting her stripped of her royal title, and of course being actually called "Bitch" (or "Witch") is her biggest Berserk Button. Nobody in the Pantheon cares for her thoughts on the matter precisely because she brought all of that on herself and it reflects her personality perfectly. Even other villains who are willing to work with her secretly snicker about it behind her back and call her "Bitch" when they're sure she's not in the same area as them.
  • A lot of goddesses and their female followers took serious offense to her actions. This especially applies to those in the House of Royalty, to the point that only a few chosen deities are able to sneak her into said House. The more virtuous ladies of that house were most offended over how she abused her power as First Princess so malevolently in a matriarchal system and even conspired to kill her own mother, whilst even those of evil intent are wary of her as her penchant for pathological lying and biting whatever hand feeds her ensures that nobody can trust her. None of them showed any sympathy when she was humiliatingly stripped of her title, literally renamed Bitch (and other similar names as allowed by the Melromarc royal decree), and became the subject of the same crimes she falsely accused people of as the 10,000th wife of a sadistic king.
  • Among all Royalty deities, Ange was pissed off the most, covering Tusk's ears over what she says. Hilda was second behind Ange's sentiments since even her initial behavior towards the Breakout Princess did not compare to what Malty did; Hell, she would prefer Ange's former princess self over her. Salamandinay joined in on their farewell of good riddance when her Humiliation Conga came in.
  • Issei also took her crimes personally, for it reminded him of his relationship with Raynare. Her friendship with the Fallen Angel never made anything better. Issei even worries that he might have ended up in the same position as Motoyasu if he let his desire for a harem blind him to common sense.
  • Shiroe would not have a positive opinion of her crimes against the heroes and especially Naofumi. He would, however, enjoy the karma inflicted onto her in the mortal realm. While Akatsuki has a habit of kneeing those who attempt to say anything perverted, she would view Malty's false charges as quite despicable.
  • Malty is on amicable terms with Prime Minister Honest. The Crapsack World of the Empire he runs would be a perfect place for her to thrive if he was not running it from the shadows. Her experience with another Fat Bastard is believed to be the source of her doubts. Speaking of the Prime Minister, Night Raid also marked her for death; among all members, Tatsumi seeks to put her down for actions are worse take on what Leone did to him on their first meeting. Lubbock is next in line for how she toyed with the Spear Hero. Not that this hasn't had experience with fighting women, but his role as an assassin and real love for his Boss makes cautious over other girls. Among the female members, Najenda and Akame find her actions unacceptable in any government system. Mine and Chelsea are both ticked off by her antics.
  • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have marked her as another target for how she abused her power as a princess, used lies and petty cruelty to get her way, and even framed Naofumi for attempted rape. Ren Amamiya had been wrongly accused once, so Malty's crimes are the most personal for him. Though they're left to wonder just how distorted her desires are when they learned of how she continued to lie and play the victim, even when she basically had a magical Lie Detector placed on her. Ryuji and Morgana even lampshade how stupid she was to think she could actually lie her way out of that kind of situation.
  • Emperor Calus had people like her thrown to the baying mobs as penance for their crimes against the people. If he and Matly's mother ever met, he would have agreed on the same kind of punishment, except having her Cruel and Unusual Death go a little faster.
  • The only section in the House of Royalty that accepts her is the Crimson Court. Appearances aside, she fits well within their group and gives a few laughs over the crimes she committed.
  • Junko Enoshima gets along with her well and relishes in the despair she inflicts. That won't stop them however from attempting to backstab the other if it means getting what they want (Junko when it comes to despair, Malty when it comes to a better opportunity).
  • Malty has come across other liars, each with a different view of her:
    • Belial admires Malty for her dishonest, treacherous, and two-faced nature, actually recruiting her as an ally to his cause.
    • Ceno outright shows disgust towards Malty. She may not be honest herself, but even she would never stoop to the corrupt princess' level.
    • Kokichi Oma admires Malty for her lies... or so he claims. He's really just looking for an opportunity to play a humiliating prank on her and prove he's a better liar.
  • Malty finds a kindred spirit in Tomie Kawakami, who like her, is a beautiful and seductive, but sadistic and vile lady who ruins other people's lives for no good reason. Naturally they got along very well, and Malty actually hopes to use Tomie's charm to get back at her enemies.
  • Malty has met other backstabbers who betrayed people who counted on them for their own gain:
    • Malty is quite similar to Penelope, since they both acted like a nice girlfriend to Naofumi and Bentley respectively before eventually betraying them for their own selfish gain without regret. They have agreed to form an alliance against their former 'boyfriends', feeling that they wronged them, while also waiting for a prime opportunity to backstab the other.
    • Malty has a lot in common with Hans, since they both tried to seize power through unethical means. However, while Hans was driven by desperation and is smart enough to try and earn people's sympathy, Malty is just a Spoiled Brat in a grown woman's body and a Smug Snake. Even Hans can't stand someone like her.
    • Malty became quick allies with Mannfred von Carstein, a backstabber who proves to be worse than their father and played everyone like a fiddle. These schemers are now plotting to seize power for themselves and eliminate all of their adversaries. Malty has also shown a great interest in Mannfred's necromancy, most likely due to inheriting some of Medea's interests when she came into the Pantheon.
    • Malty and Dahlia are the most alike, to the point they can't effectively cooperate together and get along at all even if they wanted to. Both of them are just too self-serving and treacherous for their own good.
  • One alternate timeline revealed that Malty was a part of of the equally sadistic and vile goddess Medea, who reality-warped her into existence to cause as much ruin as humanely possible. When Malty and all of her human pawns were either cast aside or destroyed, she decided to take part directly, even going so far as to raise all of Naofumi's deceased allies (including Malty's human mother Queen Mirella) as undead slaves, only to be destroyed by own power and erased from existence by Naofumi. While the Malty here seems to come from a timeline without any of her divine origins, Malty is interested in Medea and hopes to claim the same power for herself so she'll be free to do whatever she wants without consequence. Nobody, not even Embryo of all people, is willing to have someone as vile and irresponsible as her claim such power.
    • When she learned that an alternate Malty was part of an equally sadistic Goddess, Ange was sure that she would be in cahoots with a certain Tuner. It came to a shock to her and all other female deities that even Embryo opposed her, his official reason being how her use of Waves destroyed multiple worlds into nothingness all for the hell of it, rather than creating new worlds to start over. Ange is still highly skeptical of this and such an alliance has left a taste she will spend gallons of mouthwash cleaning out.

    Sebastian Michaelis 
Sebastian Michaelis, God of Those Unable To Tell Lies (Black, Professor Michaelis)
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God when given a direct order. Greater God in his true form.
  • Symbol: The Faustian Pentagram, or alternatively the Phantomhive House Crest
  • Theme Song: Monochrome No Kiss
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Neutral Evil leanings (sometimes mistaken for Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Demonic Butlers, Affably Evil, A Love to Cats, Cheshire Cat Grin, Born Winner, Cold-Blooded Torture, Sharp-Dressed Man, Acts as a father figure to Ciel, Dark Is Evil Unleashing his true form, Gentleman Snarker, Nonchalant Dodge, Sex God, Wicked Cultured, Making men question their sexuality, Ambiguously Bi, Chick Magnet
  • Domains: Servitude, Demons
  • Herald: Ciel Phantomhive, the "fake" twin (his master).
  • Allies: Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Fiona Mayfield, Gul'dan, Tenya Iida
  • Friendly Rivals: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Alfred Pennyworth, Hayate Ayasaki
  • Enemies: The Joker, Jack the Ripper
  • Once a demon free to roam the world to his heart's content, his will had been taken away the moment Ciel Phantomhive summoned him to gain revenge against those who slain his twin brother. Adopting the "role that is best fit to serve an Earl." he quickly became a faithful servant to Ciel knowing that one day his master's soul would belong to him. Due to the contract in place he can no longer lie to anyone, but that doesn't mean he isn't capable of deception through words of truth as Ciel knew Sebastian was still a cunning demon at heart. Likewise, he isn't very pleased to hear that Grell and William are in the pantheon as well (The former more so than the latter), so he avoids them at any cost.
  • Is asked by many deities why he didn't reside in the House of Personal Appearance, to which he answers that he must complete his "tasks". Such "tasks" are to bring his lord Ciel Phantomhive into the pantheon and find the bastards who killed his parents.
  • Has two rivals in the form of Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, who respects him for being a butler with class but is suspicious of his ulterior motives, and Hayate Ayasaki.
  • Despite the fact he's possibly evil, his looks makes Yuuki Terumi look pale in comparison.
  • Many, MANY, MANY goddesses want a piece of him. Being a Sex God in his world, this comes as no surprise. For him, however, Morrigan and Lilith would be the two goddesses he comes the closest to reciprocating with, partly because he finds them to be reliable Pantheonic allies.
  • Is a very kind cat lover. Even Greebo's nice to him (But this is only because he's scared of Sebastian).
  • He's honestly baffled on how Yuno Gasai sounds like his master while speaking English. He also thinks that Issei Hyodo sounds like Finnian.
  • He is absolutely repulsed when he hears of the Joker and his deeds in the pantheon, because he's far worse than the other Joker in Noah's circus, and he will certainly cut him down when needed. He has no problems working with Batman when it comes to him. Batman feels the same, but keeps close tabs on Sebastian's behavior during their outings; a demonic sociopath is a dangerous thing to lose sight of. Alfred shared his master's thoughts on the demonic butler, even challenging him to a game of cleaning, dusting, and fetching Bruce some tea. While the contested ended in a draw it was clear Batman's personal assistant knew the butler was merely toying with him.
    • He also isn't fond of the infamous mass murderer known as Jack the Ripper with both Angelina "Madame Red" Durless and Grell Sutcliff assuming that identity, and causing his master a lot of grief in the process.
  • Sebastian is one of the few demons who doesn't complain when working for the Warlock Gul'dan. He really doesn't see a problem with the Orc unlike others who told him about how he treats his minions. Sebastian, while he would never stoop quite so low, finds it amusing.
  • He once met with a young man who suspiciously sounded a lot like himself. After introducing himself as Tenya Iida, Sebastian came to respect his resolve and dedication to his cause, much like his own dedication to the Phantomhive family.
  • Several angelic deities are not fond of the demonic butler's habits of hiding his real nature underneath his cheerful manner as a butler.
  • Shizuka Hanekura comes across the butler on occasions, but she tends to avoid interacting with him while he noticed she sounded like Mey-Rin one of his master's other servants.
  • "I am simply one hell of a butler."

Svengali, God of Manipulative Mentors (Anton Bosnyak)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His eyes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Hypnotic Eyes, Evil Mentor, Jewish Stereotype, Antagonist Title, The Male "Partner" to Trilby
  • Domains: Manipulation, Hypnotism, Mentors
  • Followers: Master Shen, Harlan Fontaine, Sven Golly
  • Allies: Yuri, The Master, Sun Li
  • Rival: Shylock
  • Enemies: 765 Pro, The Puchi Idols, Koume Shirasaka, Ranko Kanzaki, Rise Kujikawa, Applejack, Principal Krupp, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Mr. Miyagi, Sherlock Holmes, Mary Jane Watson, Azura, Homer Simpson
  • Svengali was a musician with the power of hypnotism who exploited a woman named Trilby to be a singer under his trances. When Svengali died from a heart attack during one performance, she awakes from her trance and cannot remember her life as a singer or even singing. He somehow showed himself in the Pantheon, likely to exploit his hypnotism again.
  • His hypnotism caught the attention of Yuri who also uses mind control for his quest in world domination. While Yuri found his exploitation of a woman is a complete waste of his talent, he hoped to train him as his new acolyte.
  • As a result of his infamy, he has many dopplegangers that some believe are his incarnations.Yes, even in Equestria where a pony named Svengallop manipulated Applejack's friend Coloratura into becoming a vain jerk, all while screwing her over from the profits. Applejack gained an instant dislike toward Svengali once she learned of this.
  • Elaine recognize him as the man who manipulate people much like her therapist that manipulates her. Of course, she always call him Svenjolly, much to this man's annoyance.
  • Krupp would be angry if Svengali gets near him as having to be hypnotize to be Captain Underpants from the boys wasn't any trouble.
  • Shylock is extremely disappointed in how Svengali is manipulative and controlling over people. He feels that he not helping the case of Jews having to deal with such derogative stereotype.
    • Cartman tried to use him as an example that all Jews are manipulative, greedy bastards. Even Svengali gets mad with the boy's racist attitude and will do harm to him if he speaks another word against him and his faith.
    • Kyle, as much as he has to put up with Cartman's bullshit, doesn't like him as well because he makes the Jews look bad.
  • Because he hypnotized and manipulated Trilby who was a model turned singer for his own benefit, he is despised by many songstresses and models as they fear that he'll attempt to hypnotize them as well. Fortunately, he's banned from entering the House of Music because of his crimes, leaving him having to find some other hapless maiden elsewhere and exploit her.
  • His method of mentorship doesn't go well with some mentors who doesn't use their students for their own benefit. On the other hand, some evil mentors applaud him with his use hypnotism to control a young woman to do what he wants.
    • Mr. Miyagi is not amused by this man's form of trickery as his was at least serve a purpose in teaching his students.
  • Some people thought that he looked like Sherlock Holmes when he was in his other alias, Anton Bosnyak. Holmes is investigating how he manage to get his likeness in order to assume a different identity.
  • Apparently, a man named Sven Golly used his hypnotism to make Homer Simpson to be a ten-year-old. He is not appreciative of this guy due to their similarity.


    Keiichi Maebara 
Keiichi Maebara, God of Charming Others (Magician of Words, K1, Commander K)

    Kokichi Oma 
Alright, who’s next-

IWAE! The Demon King of the Kamen Riders has come- hold on. Wrong person.

Kokichi Oma, God of Professed Liars (Ouma, Super High-School Level Supreme Leader, Ultimate Supreme Leader, Mini Hitler, Purple Komaeda, SHSL Memelord, Ultimate Troll)
  • Would call himself an Overoverdeity though is pretty much Demigod.
  • Symbol: DICE’s emblem. A horse head with a crown or a delicious bottle of grape-flavored Panta would also do.
  • Theme Song: Living In A Lazy Parallel World
  • Alignment: Call himself Neutral Evil but in actuality a really extreme Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Consummate Liar, Grade A Troll, Short Genius, Anti-Hero, Loves Some Spotlight, Could Do More Thing But Doesn’t Want To, Making Fun of People, Might Swing Both Ways, Manipulating Everyone, Cute on Outside, Pretty Much the Devil Inside, Supreme Leader of Everything, Making Everybody Hate Him To Get Along, Token Evil Teammate, Lots of Lockpicking, Pretty Cute Expressions, Smug Smiler
  • Domains: Lies, Manipulation, Confusion
  • Allies: Nagito Komaeda, Lelouch Lamperouge, Beat (Jet Set Radio), Sans, Bender, Carcano M91/38, The Itazura Griefers
  • VERY Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Investigation Team, Truman Burbank, Monaca Towa
  • Rivals: Yuuki Terumi, The Joker, HYDRA, Celestia Ludenberg, GENM.
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Tsumugi Shirogane, Trakeena, Melkor, Johan Liebert and the rest of the GUAE, GLaDOS, The Illuminati, Bill Cipher, Chris McLean, Gleeman Vox, Lional Starkweather, Mysterio, Dark Judges
  • Respected by: Lucifer, Toph Beifong
  • Opposed by: Belial
  • Opposes: Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamina, Malty Melromarc
  • Conflicting Opinion: Everybody who’s been in a Killing Game ever.
  • Ascending to the Pantheon after doing some very questionable things he did in the V3 Killing Game, Kokichi ascended with the belief that he would be welcomed in open arms and fear over his Supreme Leader of Evil self-title. Instead, people were either annoyed by him or were very suspicious of the teen. Shuichi however was shocked over Kokichi’s appearance and told him the truth behind the Killing Game, giving him closure that his plans on exposing the mastermind came true. This came as a caveat though as the reality of their situation was far, far different than what Kokichi could actually comprehend and had an extreme existential crisis as a result that even he can’t lie to himself about. Shuichi could only feel terrible about it afterward.
  • Was eventually introduced to other participants of the Killing Game, which was strange as he thought Shuichi had told them they were fictional. Though as expected, despite Kokichi sharing their interests on taking down anything involving Monokuma, his general attitude towards everyone has very much have him treated as The Friend Nobody Likes. The only person who seem that could put up with him is Nagito and Shuichi. Nagito for reasons being very obvious despite it being more clear that Kokichi is the generally more sinister one between them.
  • Tried acting like he was surprised that Tsumugi was the mastermind but had suspected his (both living and dead) classmates prior during the Killing Game, down to being aware that there must have been a viewership of sorts going on and making himself out as a mastermind in order to preserve himself long enough to think of a way out. He did not expect though was the whole stick with Team Danganronpa. Hates Junko, Tsumugi, and Monokuma very much badly for this and is willing to be the kindest person in the world if it meant dealing even a little bit of humiliation towards them. This makes him out as a bit of a Worthy Opponent as he is in recorded history, the first person to ever have had Monokuma unaware on who is the culprit of a case. Sure, it was helped by a certain dumpster but it was his plan that worked... until Shuichi ruined it. He’s peeved on that part but should have expected that as well.
  • Hangs out with Shuichi often as he is the only person in the V3 Killing Game to be competent enough to solve a case, next Kayayday, making him someone to keep an eye on. Shuichi on the other hand is embarrassed by the trouble Kokichi causes, and the idea of both of them being a couple has spread around. May have been spread on Kokichi’s part as well.
  • Uses his appearance and childish demeanor to catch people off guard when it turns out he is in likelihood one of the smartest people out there, with plots that make Lelouch impressed. So many of his followers seem to pair him with every one of his classmates as a result, to which everyone even him could only have Squick towards.
    Kokichi: Alright, I know I’m also the world’s sexiest man but why in the world would I wanna screw Shuichi unless it’s at a trial? Wait, don’t quote me on that.
  • Despite the revelation about his being, Kokichi reaffirmed himself that he was still a Supreme Leader of Evil and tried proving that by joining the GUAE as one of their commanders. He got kicked out in less than two seconds. Junko overheard Kokichi joining, to which she tipped off Johan Liebert who went in to try to bring Kokichi to the Despair Event Horizon. It would have worked if Kokichi didn’t grab a pair of headphones to drown his speeches away and bolted it. He’s very much with bad terms with the organization as a result and starts ranting on what makes Melkor so good to be the Big Bad there. Turns out, his rants may have actually started to sow resentment against Melkor in his own lower ranks, something Kokichi would say was his plan all along.
  • The claims of his Nebulous Evil Organization Kokichi runs is false, as the reason he was named Supreme Leader was for DICE, a group of around ten including him people who only do vandalism and nothing too serious. That is if they even exists at all. It is shown though Kokichi is probably smart enough to run what he claims to have if he weren’t such a jokester. For now, Kokichi could only be satisfied by helping Beat paint Generic Graffiti as much as possible before being bored and walking off. Hope he could vandalize his profile page next since he was barred from doing so.
  • Wondered how the heck a Swedish person amassed more than a hundred million followers. That is a feat even Kokichi finds difficult to have (he doesn’t need subscribers since the world belongs to him). He actually hit it off with Pewds shockingly after blowing up several churches of the Council of Sheep, an act Pewds is grateful for. In truth, Kokichi just wants some more followers for himself by being buddy with him.
  • He would respect Yuuki Terumi and the Joker if they weren’t a bunch of Omnicidal Maniacs who kill people left and right. While Kokichi would admit that he is more or less not so much better (or at least he claims), but does not find killing that much fun. You shoot, they drop dead. That isn’t enjoyment in his eyes.
  • Joined up with the Itazura Griefers as Itazura Plaid (a title which would then be abolished later on). An unusual color choice but it was more or less because purple has already been taken by Gengar (who Oma actually likes) and the fact he wanted to see if they would try to crack down on him. He was welcomed into the group with open arms and was allowed to keep his color scheme. Though he tends to butt heads with Monaca Towa, who also joined the group, for being a former follower of Junko (Enoshima).
  • One of the few people who actually respects Kokichi is Lucifer, who remained impressed on Kokichi’s schemes reaching ends that would be impossible in normal circumstances and loves that Determinator idealogy to ensure everything goes his way regardless of everything going on. Kokichi would want to join up with Lucifer... only if was given a high position in his court which is full unfortunately. Makes him wonder why he imposed a member limit but considering the amount of backstabbing that may happen, Kokichi could understand more or less. He still ain’t joining though.
  • Really hate those guys who get off on making people suffer on camera. Hell, he would go as far as to say those shows are inferior to what Team Danganronpa has made. Out of all of these people, he has the most beef with the one who told him he could eat cake. How was he supposed to know that he ended up on a room filled with turrets?
  • The idea of him being weak-willed and timid prior to joining the Killing Game is not an idea that Oma does not like dwelling on. Or the idea that he’s the result of Hajime Hinata and Nagito Komaeda’s Mister Seahorse procreation. Now he needs some Brain Bleach for remembering that.
  • Likes the company of Sans, who is amused on the chaos Oma causes in his wake. This is pretty much a shared trait with Nagito, his predecessor in “who will screw around a class trial”. So expect Sans, Nagito, and Oma to go tell Kanye West to have fingers up his ass.
  • Some faces he make are rather cute to look at. Here are some pretty shots.
  • People say his more professional attire makes him dressed as a Nazi, to which Oma is offended by as he does not run a Nazi organization. He merely controls all the big ones. Not like he discriminates specific people because everyone is fun to discriminate against when their reaction is funny.
  • If there is anyone who Oma hates as much as Team Danganronpa, it is Trakeena. This Ungrateful Bitch has thrown all her loyal allies and minions just to meet her ends. While Kokichi has thrown some people under the bus, he is at least grateful for what they’ve done for him. In one of the few times he is genuinely honest, he hates Trakeena’s guts and plots her downfall.
  • Dan Kuroto and Kokichi Oma would obviously be very different forces that would clash. One is a person who sees himself as a god while the other pretty much says he doesn’t need god. This led to several incidents between the two. Incidents so blown out of proportion, people are lucky Kokichi has not developed his own Kamen Rider Belt.
  • Strangely gravitated towards Kuzco, who uses the power he has from being an emperor to do whatever than take his duties seriously. Kokichi sees a bit of himself in Kuzco, so they hang out to try to think up things to do. Though it is clear who is the more impressive leader when it comes down to it is Kokichi.
  • Rather annoyed by how Gentaro constantly bugs Kokichi to join his friends whenever he ditches them. The guy reminds him too much of Momota and his naivety. Also Kamina does this as well but at least Kokichi could respect him for the Rousing Speech he always gives that even he’s inspired by.
  • Has a new student: Carcano M91/38 otherwise known as Ceno for short. Since she is such a Bad Liar, she approached Kokichi in the hopes he can teach her to be better at it. Kokichi said she came to the right place.
  • Belial is very much spiteful towards Oma for being able to do lie so well, it more or less puts his some of his lies to shame. Toph Beifong has heard on how much he lies and used her lie detector skills on him. Needless to say, she can barely get a read on him since he’s lied so much, it has become natural. She was impressed.
    Toph: Huh. Never thought someone small like you could get past my lie detector.
    Kokichi: Thanks for the compliment, hun. I’ll wait for the trophy later.
  • The Dark Judges do not take Kokichi’s petty crimes lightly, considering that they’re willing to blow up a planet for littering. Kokichi doesn’t particularly fear them despite the massive power gap between them, only impressed that it took someone this long to put a hit on him.
  • Very much friends with Bender for his wacky antics. The two could be seen causing mayhem, holding beer and soda together as their celebration drinks.
  • This is an official Emergency Broadcast. There is a biochemical terrorist weapon activated offshores Los Angeles. Evacuate all civilians from the city as soon as possible. Head for the highways through Route-


Sanjuro Kuwabatake, God of Playing Both Sides (Yojimbo (means bodyguard), Sanjuro Tsubaki, Daisaku Sasa, The Ronin With No Name)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Lots of white camellias
  • Theme Song: His film's main theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (often comes across as True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Trope Codifier for manipulating opposing factions, Anti-Hero, intelligent hero, keeping one hand inside his clothes, twitching and scratching his chin, improvising his names, getting involved in conflicts for money and amusement but also desire to do justice, wandering samurai, departing at the end, dog and cat motifs
  • Domains: Samurai, Ronin, Manipulation
  • Allies: The Man With No Name (with hints of a Friendly Rivalry), Gintoki Sakata, Miyamoto Usagi, Samurai Sentai Shikenger, Yuna, Samurai Jack, Beatrix Kiddo, Kenshin Himura
  • Enemies: Emperor Palpatine, Rau Le Creuset, Littlefinger, the Hall of Organized Crime, Ichi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Heishiro Mitsurugi, Miyamoto Musashi
  • Observed by: Every Grand United Alliance
  • Sanjuro is a wandering ronin who goes where fortune might take him. He once stumbled upon a town divided by a gang war between two factions and decided to take it upon himself to sort the whole mess out. He accomplished this by feigning alliance to both sides and manipulating them into decimating their numbers and taking care of any remnants himself, bringing peace to the town. Since he's considered to have codified the practice of Playing Both Sides, inspiring the origin of iconic characters such as the also ascended Man With No Name, he was given a place in the Tropes Pantheon.
    • He likes the Man With No Name fine, by the way. They're both drifting loners, so they don't see each other often, but they've recognized each other's intelligence in manipulating entire factions. When the occasion happens that they have to team up and fight together, they'll trust each other with their backs (literally), while snarking at their choice of weapons.
  • His past is a mystery, and Sanjuro never feels like talking about it, or giving even a little hint. People can only theorize on how it is that Sanjuro is such a skilled samurai, what happened to his master (if he ever had one in the first place), or why he keeps fighting for good despite his cynicism. He's even tight-lipped about his name, and when asked, he always bases it on what he happens to see at the time. Hence why he's taken on the surnames Kuwabatake (mulberry field) and Tsubaki (camellia) at different points. Deities are free to refer to him by either.
  • He's a wanderer at heart, so he's not usually at his temple. He prefers to roam aimlessly through the Pantheon, helping people with their problems in his own gruff way (he crashes more often at the temples of the people he's helping than in his own). He doesn't stick around one place for long after helping out and parts ways saying his trademark "See ya around." He throws a stick in the air once in a while to decide his way for him. His worshippers claim that this is how he really got into the Pantheon, but as already said, really he was formally picked by the Main House for ascension.
  • There is a prophecy which says that all the Grand United Alliances in the Pantheon may meet their end at the hands of Sanjuro. Sanjuro himself claims that's not on his schedule as of now, but the Alliances are wary of him just in case. After all, if Sanjuro judges them to be encroaching on the lives of deities who just want to be left alone, he may very well cook something up to play the Alliances for fools and cut them down in the end.
    • He is generally on good terms with Cosmos though, since they recognize that they basically want the same thing (justice for the oppressed). Cosmos did indeed invite Sanjuro to join the GUAG, but Sanjuro's just too independent and has no wish for a master. And if Cosmos and the rest of the GUAG lose their way, he'll definitely stop them one way or another.
  • Formerly the High Priest of Heishiro Mitsurugi. Sanjuro isn't a huge fan of him, since Heishiro lives for fighting strong opponents and Sanjuro doesn't see any value in fighting for its own sake. Back in his universe, someone told him that "good swords stay in their scabbards," and he takes it pretty seriously. (Don't make the mistake of thinking that he's become a pacifist who'll lie down and take it, though) This doesn't stop Heishiro of thinking he'd be a formidable opponent, considering the number of matches Sanjuro has won and how he's a One-Man Army.
  • In regards to other samurai, the good-aligned ones generally find it an honor to fight alongside him due to his deeds, though Usagi is sometimes taken aback by his rudeness and disrespect, and Kenshin wishes he wouldn't kill people. Sanjuro has been becoming less and less deadly since entering the Pantheon though. He probably gets along best with Gintoki Sakata, due to their similar personalities. The silver-haired samurai made his offer of friendship by bringing over a bottle of sake, and he told Sanjuro that he knows what it's like not wanting to talk about the past when there are things best left forgotten. Then they got smashed. Sanjuro's opinion on Miyamoto Musashi is much the same as what he thinks of Heishiro, though he respects him as a strategist. Much like Heishiro, Musashi would very much like to duel Sanjuro. He Finds the Shinkenger team to be annoying and noisy, though good kids overall. Most annoying of all is Chiaki begging him to become his teacher in hopes of surpassing Takeru. Sanjuro keeps shooing Chiaki away, telling him that he doesn't want anyone following him and no one should follow him. They all still respect him and his skill as a samurai though, even looking to him for advice sometimes. Because of this he's become something of a Team Dad to them, whether he likes it or not.
  • Doesn't like the White Wizard, Palpatine, Rau or Littlefinger one bit because they also manipulate opposing factions, but to further their own evil ambitions. Sanjuro is determined to put a stop to them so innocent people won't have to suffer because of their machinations.
  • Feeling trepidation at his ascension, the members of the sub-House of Organized Crime immediately called a hit on Sanjuro's head. It has yet to produce positive (for them) results. In the meantime, they are growing more and more paranoid whenever there's a disagreement within the House, fearing it might be Sanjuro interfering with them.
  • News of someone known as "Yojimbo" ascending to the Pantheon reached Yuna's temple, and she went to see if it was the forgotten Aeon of the same name that was being spoken of (she also brought all her money in case she had to contract him again). Needless to say, it wasn't exactly what she was expecting as she finally found the wandering ronin walking from behind a sakura tree (not unlike the Aeon's summoning ritual). Sanjuro half-jokingly said that he'd still take her money like that Aeon of hers if she had a job she wanted him to do. After conversing for a little while, Yuna thought that he was rather like Auron in how they're both grumpy but caring deep down.
  • Members of the sub-House of Canines are both drawn to him (for some reason) and repulsed by him because his constant scratching and twitching makes him seem like he has fleas (he doesn't, really) and they're afraid they'll catch them. Sanjuro's response to this is to twich more.
  • He once worked together with the blind swordsman/masseur Ichi to take down a yakuza boss who'd stolen gold from the shogunate. However, this alliance fell through and Sanjuro caught Ichi in a weak state after fighting off the yakuza mob, slashing him in the back. Ichi hasn't forgiven him for this and is looking to have his revenge. There's some debate over whether it was really Sanjuro and not some other ronin like him who did all of that. Sanjuro's response is a cryptic "Who knows?" He'll fight for his life if he must.

    Sōta Sarushiro/Simon Keyes 
Sōta Sarushiro, God of Supposedly Foolish Manipulators (Simon Keyes)
His appearance, when dropping the act, in The Grand Turnabout 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A red raincoat
  • Theme Songs: Strange People initially, The Man Who Masterminds the Game when showing his true colors
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Big Bad, The Runaway, Used to Be a Sweet Kid, Maddened Into Misanthropy, Obfuscating Stupidity, Badass Normal, False Friend, The Man who Masterminds the Game, Fooled pretty much everyone, He Who Fights Monsters, The Social Darwinist, Like Father, Like Son, Imitates other people's voices for the purpose of mocking them, Ultimately arrested, but still got what he wanted, Nowaynowaynowaynoway!
  • Domains: Misanthropy, Manipulation, Murder, Kidnapping, Instigation, Gambits, Orphans
  • High Priest: Lord Shojo
  • Allies: Unable to have true allies. He's too much of a misanthropic paranoiac to make any.
  • Enemies: Manfred von Karma and any other corrupt authority figures, The Child Abuse Supporters, horrid fathers, The Joker, The Klowns
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Miles Edgeworth, Wright Anything Agency, Godot, the rest of the Houses of Law and Justice and Leadership (particularly Tainted Law and Tyrannical Figures), Gladion, Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano, Melody, Annie, Abu, Caesar
  • Pitied by: Yomiel
  • Avoids: The House of Ice and Cold
  • Distaff Counterpart: Dahlia Hawthorne
  • Herald: Sirhan Dogen and Anubis
  • Sōta Sarushiro, otherwise known to many as Simon Keyes by Fan Translation, is seemingly your average side-character buffoon. Airheaded, cowardly, and just overall your dime a dozen weirdo defense attorneys and prosecutors alike just happen upon in their investigations either as defendants or witnesses. In this case, he was wrongfully accused of murdering his best friend, Horace Knightley, after visiting him in prison after being outed as the culprit for murder in a previous case... well, not quite wrongfully accused per se. You can probably see where this is going so just strap in, there's quite a bit of history to this seemingly idiotic goof.
    • Once, he was the son of Dane Gustavia, a pastry chef who at one point lost the ability to taste. Gustavia was acquaintances with the famous sculptor Isaac Dover (better known under the Stage Name "Pierre Hoquet"), through Simon's friendship with Dover's son, Horace. At one point both fathers decided to participate in a confectionery contest and in a bid for its prize they decided to team up to cover for each other's weaknesses. Gustavia would make the dessert, and Dover would sculpt it into something impressive. Due to Gustavia's condition he relied on Simon to taste-test for him and kept that and his ageusia a secret to stay in the contest. However, Dover found out about it and wanting the prize for himself he cut off the deal with Gustavia (who had already made his dessert for him) and forced Horace to tie up Simon within their car in the freezing cold to deprive Gustavia of his taste-tester. Gustavia ended up murdering Dover and fleeing the scene, and the two boys would have been left to die had not Sirhan Dogen, the infamous blind assassin, coincidentally found them through Anubis and saved the two and sent them to an orphanage.
    • Due to the trauma, Simon's memories of the events were clouded, causing him to mix up who his own father was and who Horace's father was. When he heard of the IS-7 Incident, he mistakenly thought that his father was Dover, the victim. This caused him to develop a grudge against Horace, who he believed was the son of Dover's killer, Gustavia. One thing he remembered crytal clear, however, was Dogen's kindness in rescuing the two of them. He would meet the assassin once more during one fateful night when he was hired to assassinate Zheng Fa President Di-Jun Huang, who had come to visit his illegitimate son at the very same orphanage where Simon now lived. After the deed was done, Simon overheard Dogen's clients plotting to kill Dogen next so that he would not be able to tell anyone of the assassination that night. Skilled assassin though he may be, Dogen is still just a blind old man when it comes down to it, and wouldn't stand a chance against a group of people jumping him all at once, so Simon got to Dogen before they did and led him to safety. Patricia Roland, owner of the orphanage and one of Dogen's clients, ruthlessly interrogated the young Simon causing him to flee the orphanage out of fear. Pursued by henchman and unable to rely on the police due to Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste being one of Dogen's other clients and therefore in on the conspiracy, he fled to a life in the circus and begun to plot his revenge on everyone who ever wronged him through any means necessary. He would later be busted for his crimes by Miles Edgeworth, but by that point his lifelong goal was already complete, as all of his enemies were now either dead or incarcerated.
  • His ascension came off as quite the surprise. While in prison with Sirhan Dogen, the blind assassin mentioned a mysterious place off into the beyond known as "the Pantheon". Simon thought it was something of a joke though judging by the sincerity in his voice he figured his adoptive father-figure was quite serious. Still, Simon figured he'd humor the only person to have treated him right and went along with this secret path of his. Wouldn't you know it he was in a completely different world and this Pantheon actually exists. Hearing more about how it works Simon soon seized a title for himself to elevate himself and Dogen. It's not really for anything sinister, though, he still just wants to live out the rest of his days with the one person who truly cared about him in peace. It's not an actual change of heart, however. Though he continues playing a foolish persona anyone who is even remotely aware of him and his title would know that Simon is still a sadistic troll who holds absolutely no regrets for what he did, even as his methods (at times coincidentally) mirrored those he truly hated.
    • Even if he does pity the sheer hell he was put though, Miles Edgeworth wasn't happy to hear of Simon finding a title for himself. The Wright Anything Agency shares the same sentiments, especially when it comes to Phoenix, Maya, and Mia considering the similarities he shares with Matt Engarde and Dahlia Hawthorne. Godot also caught on the commonalities with the latter two and is wary of Simon as well. The fact that IS-7 incidentnote  caused a huge chain of events that affected many of their lives is another thing entirely.
    • If there's one person Simon does genuinely despise for also being in the Pantheon it has to go to Manfred von Karma. As a prominent prosecutor, people like him are the reason why he couldn't turn to the law for any sort of aid in his plight. It's more on the petty side of things when it comes to Dahlia as while she too notes the similarities she shares with Simon Keyes the latter would like everyone to know his drive for revenge was more understandable (even with the lengths he went from instigation, kidnapping, and attempted blackmail) and thus are very much different. That, and Simon likes to rub in the fact how he was far more successful in the end. This naturally irritated her, but her hatred towards her enemies if far stronger and since Simon chooses to be uninvolved she has set him aside, considering him beneath her. In all likelihood, if Dahlia did try to play the manipulation game against him wouldn't end with a victory for her.
  • To recap: Simon was betrayed by his childhood friend, nearly froze to death, left behind by his father, mistakenly thought his father was killed by said friend and his father, bore witness to an assassination and conspiracy by chance, interrogated everyday by one of said conspirators where he was forced to run from, and was hunted down for a decade with absolutely no one to rely on for help besides Dogen. Is it any wonder why he grew to be so messed up as to be unable to trust anyone other than the assassin who saved his life? In fact, the very idea of people saving anyone other than themselves without some ulterior motive is a completely foreign and alien concept to him. It's seriously that bad, and it partly plays into why he hardly has any allies in the Pantheon.
  • His faith in the law is practically nil: They're either corrupt to the core, or too incompetent to make any much of a difference. And his tenure in the Pantheon really hasn't done much, if at all, to help deviate from this worldview. Von Karma aside, one only has to look at the Houses of Law and Justice and Leadership to see his evidence: The very fact that the wings of Tainted Law and Tyrannical Figures even exists speaks for itself. It also speaks volumes about the Pantheon various courts for even letting people such as they even step foot in the Pantheon's premises. No, he doesn't buy the "trope nonsense" either.
  • Simon is something of an unusual Big Bad culprit. Unlike people like von Karma, who have sway over the law due to their positions and entrenched corruption, he has no such power or luxury. He's just an orphan who ran off to be a performer. And yet his gambits and master plans are something to behold. He may be a clown, but everyone else may as well be the entire circus once they get caught up in his schemes. In fact, it was because of his schemes that every single one of his enemies got their deserved comeuppance. It's not like he could turn towards any authorities for help, nowaynowaynowaynoway. Not with his situation, so following in the footsteps of Sirhan Dogen was the only way to avoid being devoured and, in turn, devour others right back. Even if such a thing came around a decade later.
  • Due to his situation he became a runaway and it's hardly a trait that isn't shared by anyone else. Gladion, Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano, Melody, and Annie are also such kinds of people through a variety of circumstances with it usually boiling down to fleeing from an unfavorable situation. Now, while they find the circumstances as to why Simon ran away they understandable also don't condone the kind of person Simon ultimately grew to be either.
  • Part of his initial persona is being an animal tamer incapable of doing his job but the truth couldn't be any more different: Simon is seriously skilled at taming all kinds of animals, boasting that he can even make the most dangerous animal of them all do tricks on command. Though, the animals were quick to turn on him once his true nature was revealed and his crimes were exposed to everyone present. In a world where fauna are granted some degree of sentience he hasn't had much luck with many of the ascended animals in the Pantheon, either. That being said, there are some rumors that the Hellhounds don't mind him, which is built off of a supposed observation by a passerby and is supported by Simon being the only other person Anubis isn't hostile towards, but pay no mind to that nonsense.
  • Was confronted for his crimes while preparing for another show. Combined with the true personality he exhibited during this event has many people painting him as quite the Monster Clown. This, along with his sociopathy, has earned him comparisons towards the likes of The Joker and the Klowns. Though, Simon could only scoff at such observations. After all, people are comparing him to the Joker. If it was an attempt at getting him to laugh then one has succeeded despite it being pretty unfunny. Now, while he's not nearly as bad as the Clown Prince of Crime he still has his sadistic streak. Back to the point, as far as he's concerned they're one of the remaining threats towards him and Dogen living out their lives in peace. As for their end, they do find the fact he killed someone with a hot air balloon actually pretty funny.
  • Growing up in a circus was what allowed Simon to escape from the conspirator's pursuers and begin planning his lifelong revenge. By contrast, Dr. Neo Cortex grew up in a circus from the beginning before later abandoning that life to a life of villain and world domination due to a freak accident that killed his family. Granted, it wasn't like he was missing much from living in the circus: His interests clearly clashed with them from the start and that giant N on his forehead was done because he was deemed a nerd. Simon finds the mad scientist interesting both for his story and for how he wears his affiliations on his sleeve and has a bit of a desire to properly meet up with him. Considering Cortex's tendency to be upstaged by other villains one has to wonder how madly that will turn out though Simon claims it isn't out of any ill intent.
  • Has a prominent monkey motif as not only was he genuinely friends with Money the Monkey for a time but his tics of covering his ears, eyes, and mouth all allude to "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil", otherwise known as the Three Wise Monkeys. Helping this is his name where "Saru" means monkey while his entire fan translation name can be read as "shy monkeys". Of course, this factoid does little to actually to earn the favor of the Pantheon's many primates, assuming they'd care. For example Abu is mischievous, sure, but Keyes' insidious game of Simon says is pretty horrible. For Caesar, it's far more serious since Simon's paranoia nears Koba's level of utter distrust with the only difference being Simon isn't as gung-ho about killing. At least, personally anyways.
  • While he no less opposes him, Yomiel also can't help but pity Simon given the latter's escapades involving vengeance, obviously not accounting for the supernatural elements. While Simon's recipients were all genuinely deserving of some karma by contrast (and more than likely his world became better as a result of said karma) he still ruthlessly manipulated people into doing what he wanted even without the possession thing and even resorted to kidnapping to further his plans. In the end Yomiel did let go of his revenge and even helped go back and fix the whole mess even if it costed him his life (it didn't, actually). Simon? Even as he was defiant to confront his crimes and was incarcerated for it he still fulfilled his enactment of justice on his targets and retains the same views he has on the world. It makes Yomiel wonder if he wasn't fated to be left to sink in the Yonoa and was truly granted the opportunity to live a normal if artificial life it likely would have done nothing to even alleviate his plight.
  • Unsurprisingly, his father Dane Gustavia ended up being on list of people he genuinely despises even after the confusion between him and Isaac Dover as his actual father was cleared upnote . The enmity was apparently mutual as Gustavia only cared about Simon as a taster and once he later managed to acquire the ability to taste he was quick to discard him. Quite appropriately, his hatred extends to other such figures such as the Child Abuse Supporters, but if you think it's out of some good will then clearly one hasn't been paying attention. He's against them only because they remind him of Gustavia, and whatever good comes out of opposing them would likely be undermined by the collateral damage in orchestrating their downfall... should he choose to do so, anyways. No word on if he actually has something going on, which has put some gods and goddesses on edge. Whatever the case may be, he gets a kick out of their reactions anyways.
  • "Oh, the feeling that everyone around you is an enemy. Heh heh. I know it all too well. The tiniest spark can set off an explosion of fear, resulting in... horrific mutual destruction. All I did was watch the comedy of errors unfold from the audience."


    Jack Malik 
Jack Malik, Patron Saint of Fictional Plagiarism (Rockstar, Jacko, The World's Greatest Singer-Songwriter)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Coloured Sticky Notes On A Wall and A Guitar
  • Theme Song: "Yesterday", "Summer Song"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Only One To Remember That The Beatles Don't Exist, Steals Their Songs Because They Don't Exist, Gets Rich and Famous, But Being Famous Sucks And Alienates His Old Life, Oblivious to Love, Childhood Friend Romance With Ellie, He Later Grows A Conscience And Feels Guilty, Publicly Tells The Truth About The Songs As Well As His Love for Ellie
  • Domains: Music, Love, Memories, Plagiarism (formerly)
  • Heralds: Ellie Appleton (former manager, now his wife) and their children, Rocky (his friend and roadie), Jed and Sheila Malik (his parents), Liz and Leo (The two other people who remembers The Beatles)
  • Superior: The Beatles
  • Allies: Miguel and Tulio, Miguel Rivera, Héctor, Johnny (American Idiot), The Guy (Disturbed), Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, Jerrica Benton, Lightning McQueen
  • His Evil Counterpart: Ernesto de la Cruz
  • Respects: Other Famous Musical Artists in the Pantheon, Harry Potter
  • Conflicting Opinion: Metro Man
  • Opposes: Unrepentant Plagiarists, Mean Teachers, Eric Raymond, The Dursleys
  • Under Observation of: House of Time and Temporality
  • As a struggling small-time English musician, Jack Malik finds his luck after a global blackout wiped the existence of certain objects and ideas, which include The Beatles. Being the only one who knows the band, Jack decides to recreate their songs from memory and pass it as his own. Jack steadily rose in popularity as his demos got played in his local town; which caught the attention of Ed Sheeran who offers him to perform as his opening act in Moscow, making Jack more well-known. Ed's manager Debra Hammer then offers to sign him and record his songs in Los Angeles. Before his move to LA, Ellie, his former manager and childhood friend, confesses her love for him which complicates their friendship.
    • Struggling to write more lyrics, Jack went to Liverpool for inspiration but noticed someone was following him. Meanwhile, Ellie visits Jack in Liverpool; she tells him that while she congratulates Jack for his accomplishments, she cannot join him as they now live different lives. This, combined with the pressures of fame, his record label rejecting his attempts to add some Beatles references and their push to market Jack's image (despite Jack feeling like he didn't deserve that credit), left him depressed, guilty and wanting his old life back. During his album launch, he met two people who had been following him. Being the other ones who remembers the band, the two thanking him for preserving The Beatles' memory and gave Jack the address where John Lennon now lives. Finding John to be alive and well, the two have a heart-to-heart talk which convinces Jack to make his next move. This leads to Jack's final performance, where he confesses to the crowd that he plagiarized the music, declares his love for Ellie, and informs the crowd that the songs would be uploaded to the internet for free, much to Debra's dismay. Having given up on fame, he starts a family with Ellie and becomes a music teacher, playing the Beatles' songs to his students.
  • Due to its mysterious nature, the 12-Second Blackout and temporal changes in one universe have been a subject of curiosity, especially for the members of the House of Time and Temporality. Desperate for leads, their investigations led them to Jack Malik, who publicly claimed to have recreated several songs from a non-existent band. There were numerous unsuccessful attempts to bring Jack into the Pantheon for questioning, including an interview invitation. After learning he was chosen to ascend as a deity, they instead waited for Jack as he was being teleported during his nightly commute. Jack didn't notice his surroundings were changing until he almost hit a bus. Thankfully, he stopped before he collided with the vehicle, but then he saw he was in an unfamiliar place. The Time Police quickly approached him and explained the situation to a perplexed Jack, then took him to The Court of Gods to confirm his title before their questioning.
    • Jack initially refused to be the deified representative of Plagiarism in Fiction considering he's not proud of his previous actions and doesn't want to be known as a plagiarist forever. The Court explained that there are a few gods who have regretted their actions but keep their titles anyway as part of who they were. Their other option is to give the title to another plagiarist who isn't as repentant as he is. He also mentions that he doesn't want to be in the spotlight anymore, to which The Court explained that being a god of something is different from being a celebrity as no one is pressuring him to do anything. Jack then expressed his worries about leaving his family behind, to which the Court reassures him he can return anytime he wants to without too much time passing in the mortal realm. They also mentioned the other benefits, like being unable to die within the Pantheon and an option to bring heralds from his world so that he won't be lonely. After thinking it through and running out of excuses to give, Jack agrees to take the title. Not wanting his title go to waste, he plans to use his experiences to give public talks and lectures to various deities about the negative consequences of Plagiarism and coping with Fame.
  • Jack settles in his new temple, which resembles his home in the mortal realm. After letting a few days of allowing the man to adjust to his new role, the Time Police decide to visit him in his temple. Jack has gotten over trying to discover what happened to his old timeline, but a tiny inking of him is still curious. Jack told them what he knows about the new timeline as far as he can remember: The Beatles had never formed, but the artists that they influenced still exist (except for Oasis), the brand Coca-Cola doesn't exist (but the word "coke" is still slang for cocaine), cigarettes also don't exist, and Saturday Night Live is now Thursday Night Live. Despite this information already being known to them, the Time Police are still baffled by the seemingly random alternations to Jack's timeline. They are also collaborating with the House of Magic and Sorcery to see if any supernatural shenanigans are involved. So far, Timmy Turner and Scarlet Witch, who has a history of making worldwide changes to history, have denied involvement in the changes in Jack's timeline. They are keeping in touch with Jack in case anything else happens in his new timeline.
    • The Doctor was initially wary of Jack and his timeline because this isn't the first he's heard of a timeline where The Beatles had disappeared, and someone else had replaced them. Due to his previous experiences, he was worried someone had changed the main timeline once again for their own nefarious needs. His suspicion of Jack dies down after the Time Lord learns of Jack's public confession and retirement, and he realizes that Jack's just an ordinary man who took advantage of the situation given to him. While the people in Jack's timeline don't seem to be in any immediate danger, the Time Lord would still try to look into his timeline to find the cause of the anomaly and hope to restore his old timeline one day. Also, as a fellow Beatles fan, The Doctor does admit that Jack's a decent Beatles cover artist and is impressed by how many songs he can remember and recreate from memory.
  • Jack was initially ecstatic when he learned that all four Beatles from his former timeline had ascended before him. This excitement was quickly replaced by guilt after remembering how he stole their songs for his own fame. You can't blame him when he felt nervous when summoned into their temple, thinking they must have loath him. To his surprise, John, Paul, George and Ringo were excited to meet Jack in the flesh. Paul and Ringo have seen and enjoyed his movie in the mortal realm while John and George watch and enjoy it after a copy of the film was brought to them in their temple. Sure, the band was initially crossed after hearing how a random bloke stole their songs. After watching his perspective, they became more sympathetic to Jack, considering they also had to deal with the difficulties of fame. John also informed Jack that he now has the memories of his older self from his new timeline, which John was thankful to have. Jack was relieved that The Beatles didn't really hate him. However, he now had reprocessed that he was the subject of a fictional movie, something Jack had forgotten when he first got his title.
  • Ernesto de la Cruz thought he found an ally with Jack, considering he also stole someone else's songs to achieve fame and fortune. Unsurprisingly, Jack refuses to be associated with Ernesto after learning that the latter poisoned his friend to get his songbook because his friend tried to return to his family. Jack retorted that he would have never resorted to murder, even if it would give them a chance at fame. Before he left Jack's temple, Ernesto fires back at Jack, stating that besides the murder, they are not so different and that Jack was a fool to give up on his stardom the way he did. Although Hector (the original writer of Ernesto's songs) and his great-great-grandson Miguel initially worried about another song plagiarist ascending, Jack's rejection of Ernesto and his admission of guilt allow them to give Jack their good graces. Jack gets along with Miguel, and Miguel sometimes asks for feedback on his guitar playing since Jack is a music teacher. Hector and Jack sometimes talk about family related-stuff as they value their families; other times, they chat about music-related stuff either doing some jamming sessions or learning about each other's musical background.
  • There was initial distrust of Jack from the musicians in and out of the House of Musicality. Even after publicly admitting his guilt, it's gotten to the point where there are talks about banning him from entering the House. Luckily after being given the good graces by both The Beatles and The Riveras, that initial distrust died down, and Jack was free to visit the House of Musically whenever he wanted. Jack was amazed by how many famous solo musicians and bands had ascended. As he owns one of David Bowie's records, it's no surprise he wanted his autograph if he ever got the chance to meet him. On a related note: he's acquainted Johnny and The Guy in one of the Halls due to their association with their respective bands. They haven't talked to each other often, and Jack finds it hard to relate fully to them as he's neither a troubled former rebel nor a heroic anti-corporate rebel. Nevertheless, the three find their commonality interesting and are at least amicable with each other.
  • Jack prefers to hold his lectures in places outside of the Hall of Trickery due to its unsavory reputation caused by its manipulative residents. Miguel and Tulio, two Spanish con artists who pretended to be Gods because they intended to get the gold from El Dorado, were the only deities he's managed to befriend in that Hall. Like Jack, two grew had a change of heart and decided to do the right thing (which in their case was to save El Dorado). Despite being in different time periods, the trio surprisingly get along with each other. Miguel and Jack can sometimes be seen doing a jam session with their lutes and guitars. Tulio and his girlfriend Chel once had a couple's night out with Jack and Ellie.
  • Master Shake, Roger Smith, Eric Cartman once had a history of plagiarizing existing songs. Although they succeeded in fooling people at first, their respective plans didn't turn out as they hoped in the end. Since the three are fame-hungry, they feel jealous upon hearing Jack's story and think he's an idiot for giving up that kind of fame. This leads them to try and go to Jack's timeline hoping to recreate his success, only to be stopped by The Doctor and other Time Enforcers. Jack doesn't like any of them, and what they did only adds to his guilt for his previous actions.
  • Some members from the House of Commerce have a problem with Jack bailing on his manager and releasing the songs for free without her knowledge (and possibly making her lose a ton of money at no fault of her own). While his manager Debra is ruthless, greedy and rude, she's pretty honest to Jack about her intentions about using him for money and hasn't done anything to screw him over. Jack didn't understand what they meant until he met Eric Raymond, manager of The Misfits and business rival of Jerrica Benton, the manager of The Holograms. Eric has done multiple nefarious schemes (like hiring goons, blackmail and harassment) to one-up Jerrica's band. His actions makes Debra look like a saint and Jack tries to avoid Eric whenever he can. This also makes Jack rethink Debra for a bit, but he has no plans to reconcile with her. He's not against all managers as demonstrated by his friendship with Jerrica; due to her kindness and his support for the foster house, she runs and pays using some of her band's earnings. Jack is heard of the Hologram's lead singer Jem but doesn't know that Jem and Jerrica are the same people.
  • During his stay at the Pantheon, he's heard quite a few stories of deities being lonely at getting their fame and riches, although he couldn't quite relate to most of them personally. One deity that stood out to him was Metro Man, a former superhero who has grown tired of the expectations of being a superhero and decided to quit his job by faking his death. Jack and Metro Man met after one of Jack's lectures about coping with fame, and the latter agreed to take the former's request for private music lessons. Jack is aware of how Metro Man faked his death, and while the former relates to the latter somewhat due to feeling caged when he was famous, Jack has a problem with faking death. Jack told him it was much easier to reveal the truth one day. Metro Man maintained his decision and justified that his city was in the safer hand. Besides the disagreements, Metro Man is still being taught by Jack, although Metro Man's musical progress is a bit slow.
  • He's discovered that he's not the only one retired from stardom. Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher once had a one-hit single before retiring from their band on their own terms, but that's because they are doing it for their one-hit wonder checklist. Jack gets along with them well enough, and the boys think it's neat to meet a musician with such a dramatic exit. The boys still make music sometimes in different bands, and Jack once observed one of their performance out of curiosity. Jack notices that one of Phineas's heralds and friends Isabella is staring dreamy-eyed at the red-haired boy. She reminds him of Ellie a bit, but Jack has a gut feeling Phineas may underappreciate his friend in the future, just like Jack what did with Ellie.
  • Another deity Jack has managed to befriend after one of his lectures was the racer Lightning McQueen. After getting used to Lighting being a sentient car, Jack had a casual talk with the Lighting about how the latter can relate to the former's lecture about fame. Lighting told his story about how he wanted to prove that he was the better racer but learned how winning isn't everything and about finding meaning in his friendships in a small town Lighting stayed in, which were the lessons carried with him as he got older. Despite being in different professions, the two relate to each other in that they were once aspiring small-time players who wanted fame and glory, but in the end, chose to give it all up to become better people for their friends and loved ones after a heart to heart talk with their older idol. Jack doesn't seem to have an interest in racing and Lighting doesn't seem to have an interest in music, but they do get along just fine.
  • Jack has been invited become one of the teachers in The Elysium Academy as one of their music teachers. However, he has declined the offer of permanently working at the school as prefers keeping his normal teaching job in the mortal realm. Despite that, as he's a schoolteacher for children, he obviously gets along with most kids. He doesn't get along with teachers who mistreat children like Denzel Crooker.
  • Being aware that he's a fictional character is one thing, but seeing other fictional works being real in the Trope Pantheon is another. Had a chance encounter with Harry Potter, whom Jack recognized immediately as he's aware of Harry's adventures. Jack was kind of awestruck to see Harry in the flesh while Harry was surprised and flattered to have a muggle admire him and his adventures. Jack even mention to Harry that his books/movie once existed in Jack's world. Despite preferring normalcy most of the time, Jack doesn't get along with the Dursleys as he's aware of their horrible treatment of Harry. He also tried to avoid the more evil deities from Harry's world as well.
  • "What? Do you genuinely not know who The Beatles are? [...] Okay, then I'm in a really, really, really complicated situation."

    Johnny Turbo 
Johnny Turbo, God of Covert Ridicule (Jonathan Brandsetter, Majestic Beluga Whale)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Turboduo with a HuCard of Lords of Thunder
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid (thinks he's Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Idiot Hero, No Celebrities Were Harmed, Product Placement, Super-Strength, Takes Turbografx-16 Games Very Seriously, Doesn't Realize He's The Butt Of A Joke
  • Domains: Lies, Trickery, Wrath
  • Followers: Awesome Possum, Aero The Acrobat
  • Allies: Bonk, Bomberman, Sherlock Holmes (one-sided on his part), The Angry Video Game Nerd, Bubsy
  • Rivals: Mario, Kevin Keene
  • Enemies: Everyone in the Sega pantheon (especially Sonic the Hedgehog and Segata Sanshiro), Linkara, Darkwing Duck
  • Pities: Anyone who buys a Sega console or game
  • Pitied By: Luigi, The Professor
  • Opposes: The GUAM
  • Conflicting Opinion: With Mario on whether or not the Turbografx-16 actually is a 16-bit console or not.note 
  • Johnny Turbo, a short-lived pseudo-mascot created by NEC for a very short lived series of promo comics in the early 90's to promote their Turbografx-16 console, wallowed in obscurity for years, having been fired by NEC after the failure of their console (in the US, at least) and having to fall back on his job of being a "computer expert" to make ends meet since. In the 2000s, he was brought back into the public image by webmaster Sardius, and again in the 2010s by Linkara, which eventually led to him ascending into the Pantheon.
  • Johnny Turbo is believed to be an extreme caricature of a real life toady of the NEC corporation named Jonathan A. Brandstetter, who completely vanished from the public view and hasn't been heard from since the early 90's. When Johnny Turbo was asked if he and Jonathan were one and the same, he would neither confirm nor deny it.
  • Johnny keeps his private life (what little he has anyway) kept tightly under wraps. He is believed to be still sharing rooms with his sidekick Tony, but he has denied that they are anything beyond Heterosexual Life-Partners in spite of the unusual third issue of his comic.
  • Due to being a complete tool and going out of his way to shill NEC's product long after they dropped out of the console market, to the point of outright making up lies and spreading malicious propaganda about competitor Sega, Johnny Turbo is looked down upon with disdain by the Gaming Pantheon as a nuisance and a relic of a bygone age who just can't let go of the past. They have tried to explain to him many times that he was just a pawn in their business schemes and that his comic was intended as a mockery of the very company he promoted, but he absolutely refuses to believe this, even after NEC had long severed ties with him and ascending into the Pantheon specifically because he served that purpose. Even the fact that NEC ended up making games for Sega consoles (including porting his beloved Lords of Thunder to the Sega CD) anyway doesn't phase him.
  • In spite of (or maybe because of) his odd personality, Johnny Turbo has shown potential to be a threat. He has a strong, if extremely misguided and overzealous, sense of justice, and he is surprisingly agile and strong for someone of his girth, capable of lifting a grown man right into the air with one arm and executing running uppercuts that can send men flying several feet away. He is seen carrying a laser pistol, but he rarely uses it, mainly because he's not a very good shot with it.
  • Due to his origins as a mouthpiece for NEC to bash Sega, he does not have a good relationship with the company or anyone directly associated with it, even though NEC and its former rival Nintendo had long buried the hatchet with them. While usually benign, the subject of the old console wars will immediately trigger him, and he has been known to launch unprovoked attacks on Sega (and occasionally Nintendo) staff due to this. He used to accuse Sega of getting successful by scamming customers to purchase their Sega CD add-on without telling them that they need to own the Sega Genesis system beforehand for it to even work...despite this information being clearly advertised on every Sega CD box. Once he was called out on this, he immediately switched to accusing Sega of forming a monopoly with Nintendo on CD-based consoles. He also believes the modern NEC to be a pale imitation of its former self run by evil Sega robots in secret.
  • Prior to the above events, Johnny Turbo had a chance encounter with Segata Sanshiro, and challenged him to a duel. In mere seconds, Segata effortlessly disarmed and defeated Johnny, and forced him to spend a day playing Sega Saturn games against his will in an attempt to get through to him. Unfortunately, this experience traumatized Johnny and only drove him to hate Sega even more. Johnny attempted to take legal action against him, but the case was thrown out of court, not only because Johnny provoked the fight himself, but because Segata didn't physically harm Johnny, and no court would be willing to incite the wrath of Segata by trying to convict him anyway.
  • While he has a rivalry with the Nintendo company, he has much more respect for it and its staff than Sega. Johnny also greatly appreciated that Nintendo was willing to rerelease Turbografx-16 games on their Virtual Console, even if he still thinks the Wii and Wii U "just doesn't compare" to the real deal. However, this doesn't mean he hasn't challenged them on occasion—he once had a run-in with Kevin "Captain N" Keene and challenged him on the basis that his 16-bit Turbografx-16 was superior to his beloved 8-bit NES, but Kevin saw him as such a pitiful character that he just paused him in place and left the scene instead of wasting time fighting him. Johnny eventually got a part-time gig for Nintendo shilling ports of Data East's arcade games on the Nintendo Switch, so he's appropriately softened his stance on the company even more.
  • Johnny is wistfully nostalgic for the 90's and yearns for the days when the Turbografx-16 was competing alongside the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. His entire temple (an exact replica of his old apartment) is practically a museum of the early 90's, and he still uses antiquated lingo like "Radical" and "Bodacious". He is believed to be chatroom buddies with Rextro Sixtyfourus due to this.
  • He became a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd due to him complimenting the Turbografx-16 as only having one significantly bad game. Although he was greatly annoyed by his love of Sega, the Nerd made up for it by criticizing the Sega CD and 32X, and then trashing Sonic's infamous 2006 game. This did make Darkwing Duck a foe of his due to the aforementioned game.
  • However, he has an acrimonious relationship with Linkara due to him mocking his comic, and has made an effort to avoid him.
  • To this day, he maintains a friendly relationship with Bonk and Bomberman due to them being allies in the glory days of the Turbografx-16.
  • He praises Sherlock Holmes for his FMV based video game headlining the Turbo CD, but Holmes finds him annoying and prefers to stay at arms length from him.
  • Bubsy, Awesome Possum and Aero the Acrobat are all loyal followers of his due to them seeing Sonic the Hedgehog as their foe to beat. Johnny has mixed feelings about their loyalty due to them being pale imitations of one of his greatest foes and for appearing on Sega consoles instead of his beloved Turbografx console, but he tolerates their presence since none of them are directly affiliated with Sega.
  • He is not well liked by the GUAM due to his thoughts on robots, and the feeling is mutual. The Professor briefly formed a friendship with him on this basis, but it soured upon discovering his unprovoked assault on Alex Kidd, and he is no longer on speaking terms with him. However, Professor understands that Johnny is not of sound mind and shows pity rather than contempt for him.
  • He attempted to get himself nominated for entry into the Smash Bros. on the basis of being made by a video game company to promote video games. His offer was rejected due to a technicality, as the basic qualifications stated that all contestants had to debut in an actual video game to be eligible, and not just be tangentially related to video games. Even if it weren't for this, it would be very unlikely that Johnny would have been selected as a playable candidate anyway.
  • Johnny was absolutely euphoric when he got to make a long-belated playable appearance in the video game Crystal Crisis, although he personally wishes it could be ported to his beloved Turboduo as well, and was slightly annoyed that even starring in that game still didn't make him eligible for entry into the Smash Bros.

    Miguel and Tulio 
Miguel and Tulio, Co-Gods of Deity Impersonators