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Intermediate Gods

    Kanto Starter Pokémon 
Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, Deified Starter Mons (Venusaur: Seed Pokémon, Bulbapedia, Tux, Fushigibana | Charizard: The Flame Pokémon, Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, Blazing Fury, Sch, Lizardon | Blastoise: Shellfish Pokémon, Shellock Holmes, Kamex)
Mega Venusaur
Mega Charizard X and Y
Mega Blastoise 

    The Lake Guardians 
Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, Triumvirate Deities of Captured Super Entities (The Lake Guardians, The Lake Trio, The Beings of Wisdom, Emotion and Knowledge | Uxie: Yuxie, The Knowledge Pokémon | Mesprit: Emrit, The Emotion Pokémon | Azelf: Agnome, The Willpower Pokémon)
Left to right-Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf
  • Intermediate Deities, can reach Greater level when working together.
  • Symbol: The gem on their forehead
  • Theme Song: Battle! (Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless (Uxie and Azelf identify as male, Mesprit identifies as female)
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Moveset:
    • Uxie: Memento, Extrasensory, Amnesia, Yawn
    • Mesprit: Healing Wish, Charm, Extrasensory, Swift
    • Azelf: Explosion, Nasty Plot, Uproar, Extrasensory
    • Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
  • Portfolio: Olympus Mons, Freudian Trio, Small In Stature, Mighty In Power, Can All Learn Sacrificial Moves, Captured Super-Entity, The Fair Folk (Though Pure Fairy), Embodying Spirit, Chromatic Arrangement
  • Domains: Spirit, Soul, Psychic Power, Lakes (all three), Knowledge, Memories (Uxie), Emotion, Freedom (Mesprit), Willpower, Inner Strength (Azelf)
  • Allies: Arceus (their creator), The Creation Trio, Ash Ketchum (primarily Azelf), Brock (primarily Uxie), Cynthia, Auriel, J'onn J'onnz, Chronoa, Rosalina, Samurai Jack
  • On good terms with: The House of Emotion, with a few exceptions (Mesprit), courageous gods (Azelf)
  • Enemies: Cyrus, HUNTER J, YHVH (especially Azelf), Hikawa (especially Mesprit) Ghetsis Harmonia, The C'Tan
  • Interested in and/or interests: The Admins (Uxie), Iroque, and the other Lantern Corps (Mesprit)
  • Fears: The Chaos Gods and their forces
  • Pities: Medusa (Uxie)
  • At the beginning of the universe, the Original One created an egg. Out of it emerged three beings, known as the Lake Guardians or Lake Trio. Known as Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, they embodied knowledge, emotion and willpower respectively and represented spirit. These Legendary Pokémon brought it into the universe, and have the power to counter-act one of the Creation Trio that guards dimensions. As such, they were a target of Cyrus, who captured them to create the Red Chain and bend Dialga and/or Palkia to his will.
  • Applies to all of them:
    • These triplet Pokémon represent spirit, and thus the soul. Because of this, they are well in tune with the more esoteric and soul-based side of the pantheon. They seem to be fond of J'onn J'onnz due to how he uses his psychic powers to help people, and Auriel for being a bastion of hope. They also work with Chronoa and Rosalina to help keep balance in space-time so Cyrus can never succeed.
    • There are a group of gods related to the soul that they seem completely horrified to, and for good reason-the Chaos Gods. Spawned from sentient thoughts and feelings, their complete insanity and what they've done to the galaxy is utterly terrifying to them. Arguably even worse for them are the C'Tan, who eat souls and wish to eternally harvest them in hopes of getting to devour the souls of every being in the Pokémon universe.
    • Naturally they loathe anyone who wants to stamp out the human soul. YHVH's rampant desire to destroy free will and smooth over people's souls for His worship has led Him to want to capture the Lake Trio so as to purge rebellious thoughts and feelings from the populace. Hikawa, like Cyrus, wishes to remove spirit as well. They are not happy about this. By contrast, the Lake Trio are perfectly happy to help people find spiritual refinement, such as Samurai Jack who underwent this to regain his sword. He can be found near their lakes meditating.
  • Applies to Uxie
    • The Wisdom Pokémon, Uxie is the Being of Knowledge who was said to have given humanity intelligence to improve their lives. In this regard, he is like Prometheus and Ganesha in giving wisdom to mankind. Naturally, they get along. He feels real bad for Prometheus for how he suffered centuries of torture for giving fire to man. and has chosen him as a partner as they both gave the gift of wisdom to man. Zamasu, like Prometheus and Ganesha, has a bone to pick with the Pokémon for giving man knowledge and enabling them to use it for evil in his deranged worldview.
    • Being the Pokémon of wisdom, Uxie is interested in the records the Admins have, fully admitting they have far more knowledge than even he does. He's shown a fondness to Matilda Wormwood for her smarts-based psychic powers as well. However Uxie doesn't like Vril Dox for trying to hijack him as part of his plan to hoard knowledge for himself, and especially the Brainspawn turning people stupid and destroying worlds because they can't stand the thoughts of others.
    • Doesn't open his eyes, as anyone who does will have their memory wiped. It's not like Uxie needs to see, given it can "see" using foreknowledge and telepathy. It would probably be a really bad idea for Uxie to look into a mirror, for that matter. He seems to pity Medusa somewhat, since she turns whoever looks at her or who she looks at to stone.
    • Reynard the Fox once attempted to outsmart Uxie, but ended up pushing his luck too far and Uxie punished him. Nobody knows exactly what Uxie, but Reynard really doesn't want to talk about it. Having heard that Reynard tricked Fox McCloud into surrendering one of his godly titles had already caused the Knowledge Pokémon to be wary around Reynard, but upon prying to his thoughts and finding out he was willing to humiliate Ash Ketchum made Uxie despise the fox even more.
  • Applies to Mesprit
    • The Emotion Pokémon, Mesprit is the Being of Emotion who taught humans the joy and sadness of living. She represents all emotions, both positive and negative and believes they are both necessary for human development. However, those who only wish to inflict negative emotions are considered abhorrent in her eyes. For this reason, she opposes the Dementors.
    • As the Legendary Pokémon of emotion, Mesprit feels the most comfortable in the House of Emotion. Her spirit can leave her body to fly on the surface of Lake Verity, allowing her to travel across the house so as to make sure emotions are in check. She found a kinship with the Emotions, and has become their partner in hopes of protecting the house. She is trying to help Raven with her empath powers as well.
    • Seems to be interested in the other Lantern Corps, as they are able to use different emotions to create constructs and wield one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Especially the Indigo Corps, as they're able to make people compassionate and get the power of another lantern corps/emotion. She's not that comfortable with their Heel–Face Brainwashing aspect, though.
    • Those who touch Mesprit will have their emotions removed, according to the legend. It's unclear why this didn't remove Cyrus' emotions, though it's probably something Mesprit needs to intend to do. The Cybermen were deeply intrigued by this and are trying to kidnap Mesprit so as to further perfect their emotional inhibitors and remove feeling from the rest of the universe.
  • Applies to Azelf
    • The Willpower Pokémon, Azelf is the Being of Willpower who gave humanity the determination to do things. He respects the courageous gods in the pantheon, and especially the Green Lantern Corps as they represent willpower itself. One can only wonder what a Legendary Pokémon of willpower could accomplish with a Green Lantern ring. He decided to choose Link as his partner, given his Triforce of courage correlates to Azelf's willpower.
    • Anyone who hurts Azelf will have their willpower stricken from them, leaving them in an And I Must Scream state. Naturally Azelf doesn't like anyone who wishes to stamp out free will, particularly the aforementioned YHVH or Maltheal.

    Mina Tepes, Akira Kaburagi, and Yuki Saegusa 
Wilhelmina Vlad 'Mina' Tepes, Akira Kaburagi Rēgendorf, and Yuki Saegusa, the Divine Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle
  • Intermediate Gods (Mina, Akira), Quasideity (Yuki)
  • Symbol: Mina's Vampire Bund, formerly Tokyo Land Reclamation #0
  • Theme Song: Friends or Tsumeato
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (with a Lawful Neutral facade) (Mina), Neutral Good (Akira, Yuki)
  • Portfolio: Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle, Interspecies Romance, Interspecies Friendship (Mina and Yuki)
  • Domain(s): Romance, Friendship, Vampires, Werewolves, Humanity
  • Heralds: the Vampire Bund
  • High Priests: the film version of the Twilight trio
  • Allies: Most non-evil vampires (such as Rachel Alucard, Adrian Alucard, Marceline, Gasper Vladi, etc.), Genn Greymane, [[Pantheon/FantasticRaces Bigby Wolf, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing]], Jon Talbain, Remus Lupin
  • Enemies: indiscriminate (werewolf and) vampire hunters, evil vampires such as Dracula, Mira Fallegeros, Vanilla Ice, etc., The Crimson Court (and Carmilla for maybe inviting them here), Fenrir Greyback
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Hoss Delgado (on his good days)
  • Oppose: Rasputin
  • The quest to find a suitable Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle candidate trinity was difficult, especially since the best known example is banished to Retconnian, and most other examples have since…violently resolved themselves. And with very few options, despite Yuki being not much of a love rival, her (unreqiuited) affections for Akira allowed the three to qualify and ascend to the Pantheon. That, and Mina vouched for her.
    • Another interesting tidbit regarding this romantic triangle is that it's not the human that is in the middle, but the werewolf.
  • Applies to the trio or two of them:
    • The first thing that was done after ascension but before the ascension ceremony was revive Yuki from her coma, which she had been in after suffering brain damage as a result of an attempt on her life. Both Akira and Mina were grateful for this act. That said, some people not familiar with them showed later concerns about their triangular relationship considering that in the Pantheon, Yuki is now as "immortal" as Mina, but the vampire queen has no problems with sharing.
    • During the ascension ceremony (with cries of relief from most in the Pantheon that they didn't need to ascend the Twilight trio, after all), the Bund was to be re-established in the Pantheon. But spacial limits forced Mina to limit it to just her mansion which got destroyed at some point in their story. As such, she could only bring up its residents (at least those still loyal to her) as heralds. With the Pantheon being comprised of all types of races and creatures, negotiating would be somewhat easier. It also helps that two temples have been provided for them, one in here and one in Couples Relationships.
      • Said negotiations eventually commenced at her mansion with the Pantheon's good-aligned werewolves and vampires and their allies on arranging terms with joining the GUAG. This meeting was shortly crashed by evil-aligned vampires and other undesirable that didn't wish to see this through and an all-out brawl ensued, with everybody keeping Yuki and the other defenseless ones safe. Thankfully for Mina, she didn't need to bust out her full-powered adult form. Once the dust has settled, after hearing of Cosmos' motives, Mina decided that her side would be most beneficial for her Bund, and Yuki and Akira agreed.
    • Some folks find it peculiar that some werewolves in their world are direct servants to vampires, given that in most other worlds, they're tense rivals at best and bitter enemies at worst. Of course, there are also a few where they are friends, but that's often in a Monster Mash kind of way, which includes Frankenstein's Monster, mummies, phantoms, etc.
    • If you still doubt there is a love trangle between them, you can look at it this way. Instead of Akira in the middle with Mina and Yuki, think of it as Mina loving both Akira and Yuki.
      • Why? Her relationship with her is only second to the one she has with Akira (and it just might be a separate-yet-equal thing). Mina has called Yuki her closest confidant after Akira, meaning that she trusts Yuki more than people she's known her entire life, and just slightly less than the man she loves. Mina has complimented Yuki's good looks on several occasions, and Yuki has been caught openly admiring Mina's adult form. She'd even risk an international incident just to spend time in the tub together with her in Yuki's apartment (though they all now share a "house" post-ascension). Yes, there was Skinship Grope involved. For her part, Yuki has a tendency to turn a lovely shade of red at all of these.
    • They distrust Rasputin, given that in their world, he's an alias of Lord Ivanovic, one of Mina's "suitors".
    • One ally they met during the negotiations was Rachel Alucard. Things were a bit tense at first due to Rachel abusing her familiars (though Gii deserves it for always prodding her Berserk Buttons and Nago seems to like taking pain) (though not Valkenhayn) and her snarky attitude, but having well-meaning intentions as well as everything she's done on behalf of the heroes in her world helped them see what she really is and a bond was forged.
  • Exclusive to Mina:
    • As an advocate for peace between vampires and humanity, Mina is naturally in the way of those who believe that vampires should keep asserting their superiority or are otherwise tyrannical towards humans and other "lesser races".
    • Mina's Bund has such unbelievable wealth that she can pay off Japan's entire national debt and still have more to spare.
      • The Lorenzo Corporation, a company in her Bund, developed "artificial blood" known as Stigma, which was how Mina has managed to sate the blood thirst of her kind, and lightblock gel to protect from sunlight. These commodities, of which she , don't come cheap, though, even if LC gas Instant Home Delivery services.
    • -something about (Remilia Scarlet)-
    • Due to her experiences with the Three Clans and their lords who serve as her official fiancés, Mina is adverse to Arranged Marriages. Given she's lost her mother to them (and who was possibly raped), she especially despises those like them. Oh, and calling her mother a whore is a very bad idea, as is harming Akira or Yuki, especially the latter (since the former can hold his own in a fight).
    • Having been a victim of an impostor plot before, she's made countermeasures against any repeats of that incident.
    • Has a small private cubbyhole that contains her true personal treasures; some old furniture, an antique gramaphone, a few other knicknacks, and many, many photos of Akira.
    • Her kind of vampires can't catch the same diseases humans do except for tooth decay. In fact, some of her kind even like drinking the blood of the diseased, because it alters the flavor.
  • Exclusive to Akira:
    • Thanks to his Beowulf Armor, Akira is no longer a Glass Cannon in the face of threats powerful enough to match his werewolf form.
    • Silver weaponry is the only thing that can really hurt him. Not even being impaled by a broken-off church steeple comes close, though that would apparently do more on Mina than him.
    • The easiest way to piss him off is to harm anybody he cares about. Even easier is to impersonate Mina.
    • Valkenhayn (servant to Rachel Alucard) has blessed Akira in his love for Mina and has even offered to train him some more if need be.
  • Exclusive to Yuki:
    • When she isn't tending to Akira or Mina's needs or attending at Elysium Academy with (or without) them, Yuki is often writing her novels and improving her writing skills, and thus sometimes visits the House of Narrative to polish up on that.
    • Her latest work is apparently a Boys' Love story, its protagonist based on Akira, and was apparently really good enough for Mina to personally translate it to Latin, have it published in the Bund, and even actively contribute to the writing process. Many heads were turned at this and she became a recognized potential writer as a result.
    • Is often (she does her damnedest to, at least) the one who make sure Mina and Akira talk to each other and not keep secrets that could be very dangerous when spilled at the wrong moment. This was because the impostor Mina exploited this tendency during her "reign" of the Bund, and doesn't want it to happen again.

    Volcanion and Magearna 
Volcanion and Magearna, Co-Gods of Oxymoronic Beings (Volcanion: The Steam Pokémon; Magearna: The Artificial Pokémon, The Mechanical Princess)
Magearna's original colors 
  • Intermediate Deities.
  • Symbol: The ring-like structure on its back for Volcanion; The Soul-Heart for Magearna
  • Theme Music: Soul-Heart
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless (Magearna identifies as female)
  • Ability:
    • Volcanion: Water Absorb
    • Magearna: Soul-Heart
  • Moveset:
    • Volcanion: Steam Eruption, Hydro Pump, Overheat, Sunny Day
      • Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive
    • Magearna: Fluer Cannon, Aurora Beam, Heart Swap, Flash Cannon
      • Z-Move: Twinkle Tackle
  • Portfolio: Oxymoronic Beings
  • Domains: Legends, Mythical Pokémon
    • Volcanion: Water And Fire(and thus Steam), Mistrust, Monsters
    • Magearna: Mechanical Lifeforms, Life Energy, Empaths, Flowers
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Lillie, N, Diancie and her Carbink servants, Leonardo Da Vinci, Shrek, Reubus Hagrid, Steve Irwin, Simba, Flame Princess, Hestia, RyuZu
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket (especially Lysandre), Prime Minister Honest, Jafar, Mard Geer Tartaros
  • Opposes: The Houses of Electricity and Earth and Rock (Volcanion); The Houses of Fire and Heat (Magearna)
  • Complicated Relationships: AZ
  • Volcanion and Magearna are two Mythical Pokémon that share a rather unique trait, basically being paradoxical beings whose individual traits don't get along. Volcanion is a Fire/Water-type, two elements that normally oppose each other, and fittingly represents geysers and steam. Magearna is a Steel/Fairy-type Pokémon, with the former element that's usually harmful to fairies. It's theorized that Volcanion has a unique organ that can turn water to steam, while Magearna was invented by human hands and runs on a Heart Drive fueled by life energy, essentially making her a Magical Mechanical Lifeform.
  • After they appeared together in the movie, Pokémon: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, the Court of the Gods took interest in the duo, and after hearing their case and looking at their Pokédex entries, the Court decided to the Mythical Pokémon represent the trope Oxymoronic Being together. The two agreed to enter, so long as the two stay together so Volcanion can protect Magearna, and so they can return to the mortal world. Seeing the Pantheon has made Magearna curious at it's many wonders, while Volcanion is willing to accompany her to see while keeping an eye out for any human who seeks to take her Heart Drive.
  • Both Volcanion have conflicted views regarding AZ, since he did use the ultimate weapon once to restore his Floette to life at the cost of countless others. However, they see that he has regretted what he's done and is doing his best to make atone for his actions, which earns him his Floette's forgiveness. Magearna, most likely because her Soul Heart is made from the life force of other Pokémon, shows a particular attachment to AZ, who decides to protect Magearna from those who would exploit her as part of his atonement.
  • Exclusive to Volcanion:
    • The Steam Pokémon is essentially a living steam engine. Given the inorganic design, it could actually be an engine. In the pantheon, Volcanion is willing to use its steam for practical purposes, like cooking, boiling or heating up water for hot spas. Its signature move, Steam Eruption, is a powerful burst of steam that can cause burns.
    • Studied under the House of Elemental Pairings, who the oxymoronic Volcanion can relate to as they often deal with opposing elements. There, Volcanion found its partner in the form of Zia Rashid, as she also represents Fire/Water Juxtaposition.
    • Volcanion is distrustful of humans because of how Pokémon it dwells within Nebel Plateau were harmed by people. It has learned to be more trustful of people thanks to Ash. Volcanion doesn't care for Mard Geer Tartaros due to how viciously he holds humanity in contempt.
    • When separated from Magearna, Volcanion would cross paths with Leonardo Da Vinci in its search for her, since he mistakingly thought he was his creator given the Pokémon's actual creator, Nikola/Eliphas, bears a resemblance to him. Also, Leonardo is an animal lover and treated the Pokémon with respect. This earns him Volcanion's respect, especially when he sees Magearna for himself and shows her admiration and kindness.
    • Volcanion soon met RyuZu during his search for Magearna. The Steam Pokémon came to be fond of her, as she shares a lot with Magearna. Volcanion also gets along with Simba, which is due to how the mythical creature he's based off, the Ryukyuan shisa or komainu, is partly a lion.
    • Among humans he opposes are Team Rainbow Rocket, Jafar and Prime Minister Honest. The latter two is due to how they've evil chancellors, much like Alva. Also, because of its typing the Pokémon doesn't like anything electricity, rock or ground related. As its steam can blast away an entire mountain, the latter two don't care for Volcanion either.
    • Humans it gets along with include Hagrid and Steve Irwin, due to their compassion to creatures no matter what they may be. Also both Ash and N, the latter because he too has had to deal with Pokémon being abused and shaping his worldview because of it. Volcanion also gets along with Heatran as they're both powerful Fire creatures.
    • Finds itself relating to Shrek as they generally want to be left in peace, and Volcanion has helped to make a relaxing steam bath for him. Naturally, the Steam Pokémon gets along with the House of Fire and Heat. Hestia believes that its steam can serve as very relaxing for others, and it can relate to Flame Princess's temper. She is puzzled with how someone could be fire and water elemental, however.
  • Exclusive to Magearna:
    • An man-made Mythical Pokémon made over 500 years ago by a lone genius, Magearna is powered by a Soul-Heart, it's "real body", made from the life-force of countless Pokémon. Even more paradoxical, despite being mechanical, Magearna is capable of producing flowers. It is pretty much living Magitek.
    • Lillie is absolutely thrilled to meet Magearna in the Pantheon. While she's not the same Magearna she knows (her Magearna is a Shiny), Magearna gets along absolutely well with Lillie to the point she's willing to let her command her in battle should the need arise. Magearna's ability to feel emotions resonates well with Lillie, and Lillie has often been compared to a princess, which Magearna was also called.
    • When searching for a partner of her own, Magearna would cross paths with the Tin Man, who once desired a heart after having his body parts replaced with tin. He is fascinated by Magearna and sees so much of himself in her that when she made an offer of friendship, he accepted right away. Ever since, the two have spoken about what it's like to have a Heart and actually feel for others.
    • Both the Autobots and the Decepticons showed interest in Magearna in their own way. They both found interest in her Soul-Heart, comparing it to a Spark and compare Magearna to a Mini-Con. The Decepticons plan to replicate the process that created Magearna's Soul-Heart by draining the life force of organic life forms to create new sparks to fill the ranks. Both the Autobots and the Decepticons are on guard immediately and promise to stop them from commiting these atrocities.
    • Diancie and Magearna became quick friends with each other, despite the latter having a type-advantage against the former. While this may be because they're both Fairy-type princesses, they're also kind-hearted Pokémon with loyal protectors and they both also met Serena too. Both of them eagerly hang out and explore the outside world together, wishing to see the sights.

Lesser Gods

    Double Trouble 
Double Trouble, Deified Liminal Being of Disharmony Spreading (Flutterina)
As Flutterina 
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Their eyes glowing in the darkness.
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Can switch to Lawful or Chaotic Neutral depending on who's hiring them.
  • Portfolio: Liminal Being, Spread Disharmony Where they Go, Green and Mean, Only in It for the Money, Lizard Folk, Blue-Colored Blood, I Fight for the Strongest Side!, Space Elves, Manipulative Bastard, Wild Card
  • Domains: Shapeshifting, Disharmony, Non-Binary
  • Allies: Izaya Orihara, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Jinx, Wade Wilson/Deadpool.
  • Employers: Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, Norman Osborn, Mammoth Mogul
  • Rivals: Queen Chrysalis, Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Envy, Felix, Deji, T-X
  • Enemies: Horde Prime, YHVH, Darkseid, The Antartic Research Crew, The Crewmates, Homelander, Jack from Jupiter, Ultraman Leo
  • Opposed by: Garfield Logan/Beast Boy, Discord, Adam/He-Man, Shadow Weaver, Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Uneasy Relationship: Adora/She-Ra and Catra
  • Double Trouble is a mysterious mercenary who works for whatever party gives them the most money. Proud of their shapeshifting ability and acting skills, they eventually wound up under the employment of the Horde under Catra's orders as she sought help to destroy the Rebellion with and Double Trouble's espionage skills were the perfect help for that. Though they initially helped out fine as long as they got paid, they would soon betray the Horde when the recently crowned Queen Glimmer gave them a higher pay in exchange for toppling the Horde and DT's observations of the collapsing Horde under Catra's lead. When Horde Prime invaded Etheria, Double Trouble initially thought of joining the ranks of his army, but soon decided against it due to such a position lacking any position for free will thinking, which led to Double Trouble instead gathering intel that way and eventually being forced by the Rebellion's members to not only provide that but also to help out themselves in any way possible to defeat the Galactic Horde.
  • Double Trouble came into the Pantheon unannounced and by the time deities figured out that they were in, Double Trouble had already gotten familiarized with the Pantheon's Halls and Houses by impersonating deities of all sizes, ages, shapes, genders and alignments; gaining varying amounts of intel in the process, both for their own entertainment and for any possible future jobs they may need to take. Adora and Catra were wary of their entry but have come to reluctantly tolerate them so as long as they don't do anything that might be too evil or cruel.
  • Adam/He-Man remembers that other versions of Double Trouble are actually good-aligned spies who work for the Rebellion. As such he did not take kindly to this DT's viler and amoral methods, seeing them as a jarring contrast to the more helpful DTs he's met elsewhere. DT at times has teased Adam/He-Man, usually pushing his buttons or outright flirting in antagonistic ways to rile him up for their amusement.
    • Shadow Weaver was another deity from their world who heavily distrusts them, seeing them as way too much of a Wild Card to be trusted with any secret, especially considering DT knows almost everything about Adora, Catra, Hordak, Entrapta, herself, Horde Prime and just about everyone else from their world. Weaver has at times advocated for the Pantheon to tighten security and have ways to pick Double Trouble apart from a crowd, fearing that they might expose weaknesses of hers or plans she makes therefore ruining her chances of executing them.
    • For what it's worth, there is only one being from DT's world that they straight-up hate: Horde Prime, unlike most others there's little DT can do to undermine him. At least on their own, DT once thought of joining the ranks of his troops before going against it due to perceiving a job where they acted as a mindless drone to be beneath them. Prime was insulted to hear that DT had snuck in among his troops without him noticing and has ordered his forces to kill the shapeshifter on sight, which is easier said than done thanks to DT's talents and ability to go undetected.
  • With no real interest in helping either the side of good or evil without being hired to do so, Double Trouble will happily work for anyone who wishes to employ their services. They've been very sought after by various deities of both good and evil, though the evil deities have been more consistent in employing them... With precaution, among their employers some of the more consistent ones have been Kingpin, Norman Osborn, Mammoth Mogul, and even Lex Luthor, though they've been making sure they have contingencies just in case that Double Trouble dares to betray them or to prevent them from learning too much about their operations and secrets, sometimes even putting chips on their shoulder to ensure the shapeshifter doesn't tries anything funny during or after their services.
  • They are not fond of Jack from Jupiter, who has a massive sexual fetish for transgender, intersex and non-binary people. Jack has at times offered money for some sexual services but Double Trouble has turned those offers down each and every time, as they have with their advances. On a similar note, Homelander once hired a non-binary prostitute named Doppelganger but ended up killing them remorselessly in a fit of rage though Double Trouble's ability to manipulate people gives them some leverage through which to crawl out of trouble when dealing with the unhinged supe as Homelander's psyche is rather easy to crack in order to make him stop aggressions.
  • They've gained some rivals in shapeshifting and espionage with other shapeshifters in the Pantheon. One of these notable rivals was Raven Darkholme/Mystique, known for impersonating almost anyone she wants almost flawlessly not unlike Double Trouble themselves; that said they get along rather well outside of necessary competition in the espionage business. Raven admires Double Trouble's penchant for studying those they imitate in order to better get in-character and even know those who they impersonate better than they know themselves.
    • Another rival was Envy of the Seven Sins. Envy loves to guilt-trip others with their shapeshifting and also impersonation in general. Double Trouble themself thinks little of Envy beyond thinking of them being just as pathetic as Catra was, seeing straight through their pretenses how much they desire to be like humans in spite of how they act towards them, Envy does not appreciate how vocal DT is about it and as such has sworn to defeat and kill them one day.
    • Felix is another deceitful deity that became a rival of them. While they don't have much morals themself, DT finds little reason to associate full-time with Felix, given that Felix is far more destructive in scope and actions than they are. While DT will gladly join any cause to further themselves, they won't sink to the lows Felix does without good reason to do so. Felix does see DT as a worthy opponent, hoping to outperform them one day himself.
    • Queen Chrysalis is adept at shapeshifting and acting like those she impersonates to get around, she had little interest in getting friendly with Double Trouble due to her ego, and has even labeled them a serious rival due to how their shared capacity to infiltrate and destabilize everywhere they go. DT themself take her a little more seriously than most rivals thanks to her abilities, but can also see her biggest flaws of immaturity and impatience that hold her back from being a master impersonator like they are.
  • Spider-Man has clashed with the villainous Chameleon, who like Double Trouble impersonates others for either clients hiring him or for his own nefarious purposes of double-crossing and blackmail, as such he harbors little positive thoughts about Double Trouble, especially as he knows that they could be spying on him without his knowledge. Double Trouble doesn't thinks much of Spidey, but has thought of teasing him with his shapeshifting.
    • Their talents in deception got them the attention of Quentin Beck/Mysterio, an illusionist and enemy of Spider-Man who specializes in deception and mind games to get what he wants. The two have been meeting up lately for unknown reasons, though many suspect that they have stroke up an alliance to help each other in their tasks through their combination of impersonation, lying, illusions and general physical deception. This has had the secondary effect of making Spider-Man outright oppose Double Trouble now.
  • Their impersonation abilities earned them enemies in the Antartic Research Crew and the Crewmates who all have had to deal with impostors sabotaging them from the inside out. Double Trouble sees them as little more than pushovers that they could easily deceive and reduce to Unwitting Pawns for their own purposes, though their more aggressive approach to weeding out impostors resulted in particular instances where DT nearly got killed by the paranoid members of the crew. DT has resolved to take a more careful approach to their espionage when dealing with both groups.
  • They've gotten along surprisingly well with Wade Wilson/Deadpool, another amoral mercenary who will work for the highest bidder and change sides without much doubt if there is higher payment at hand. Deadpool's knowledge of the Fourth Wall was a bit lost to Double Trouble, but did make a connection on their ability to undermine those they work against. They occasionally are seen hanging out in the House of Crime to look for jobs or just to spend time together paling up.
  • Izaya Orihara is another troublemaker that loves to spread chaos and misfortune wherever they go, which was something that DT likes to see. Their status as supreme manipulators and players in the overall field of intellect also made them rather amicable to each other. Izaya has taken interest in DT's abilities to shapeshift and take the form of almost anything they want and compliment it with a masterful acting ability.
  • Garfield Logan/Beast Boy and the Crystal Gem, Amethyst are other shapeshifters who love to transform into different forms for fun. However, the way that DT carried out their transformations and the purposes they used them for wasn't something they liked, as they have issues with manipulators, especially those of the emotional kind. They oppose DT, though never do so to the point of outright antagonism thanks to DT being overall uninterested in actively causing trouble unless they're hired for it.
  • The Draconequus Discord at one point was a shameless cruel disharmony spreader who relished the suffering of others, nowadays he's reformed (mostly) from his rowdier days and has taken an honest effort to change as a whole, for the sake of his friends (especially Fluttershy) and as such views those times of his as an Old Shame, particularly the times where it backfired not only on him, but also on his friends. Discord heavily dislikes how DT has no real allies in the long run, happy to betray anyone as long as they get paid enough and opposes them for it.
  • The Goddess of Discord, Eris, finds Double Trouble to be a rather likable acquaintance in the Pantheon, she appreciates that DT enjoys to cause misery and ruin when possible or allowed to, and that they are experts at manipulating others into playing into their hands like pawns in a chess board. At times Eris has hired them to spread chaos across the Pantheon by using their shapeshifting abilities to get alliances to distrust one another and even try to get them to implode due to paranoia.

    The Klowns 
The Klowns,Notable Members  Divine Clown Species (Killer Klowns)
  • Lesser Gods, Jojo is an Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A cotton candy cocoon
  • Theme: Killer Klowns from Outer Space
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Always Chaotic Evil, Laughably Evil, Starfish Aliens, Monster Clowns, Have Guns That Fire Popcorn, Use Pies That Are Acidic, Own A Spaceship That Looks Like A Circus Tent, Can Be Killed By Popping Their Noses
  • Domains: Clowns, Aliens, Murder, Invasions
  • Followers: The Nightmaren, The Fools, Mr. Mimes and Mime Jrs, The Bozorians, The Subjuggulators
  • Allies: The Joker, Needles Kane, Pennywise, Gamzee Makara
  • Enemies: Any and all cops in the Pantheon, The Redfields, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, The Green Flu Survivors, Frank West, The other eleven Trolls, Major Jackson Briggs, Jacqueline Sonya Briggs, Takahashi Takeda
  • Feared By: Columbus, Nathan Drake, Ben Tennyson, Billy
  • On a hot summer night in 1988, the town of Crescent Cove was invaded by a gaggle of clowns from outer space. These clowns had come to capture the people of the town in cotton candy cocoons so that they could eat them. Eventually, the town’s deputy was able to destroy the Klowns’s spaceship and take them with it, putting an end to the menace from the stars.
  • One day, things were going as normal in the Pantheon until a shooting star was observed overhead. When someone went to investigate, they found a circus tent there. Soon enough, freakish alien clowns began exiting the tent and began trying several underhanded tricks to kill the gods in the Pantheon, only to find that they were smarter than the people they had tried their tricks on before. The Killer Klowns From Outer Space, as they would come to be known, were forced to retreat back to their ship and find other ways to kill their prey.
  • The Klowns usually try to take out gods who have recently ascended or are relatively weak. Of course, those are few and far between, and so the Klowns struggle to adapt to people being able to fight back against them.
  • The Klowns’ leader is named Jojo the Klownzilla, the largest and most powerful of the group. He often resides in their spaceship turned temple as he is too big to leave it on his own.
    • Apart from Jojo, there are eight major Klowns who do most of the killing. There are other Klowns (including two female ones) but they usually clean up the mess the eight ones leave behind. The eight major Klowns are as follows:
      • Jumbo, a large Klown with green hair wearing purple. He is one of the most serious Klowns, often trying to lure child gods into traps.
      • Rudy, a Klown with red hair who imitates animatronics and takes out gods who fall for it.
      • Spike, a Klown with spiky pink hair who tricks gods with puppet shows about love.
      • Bibbo, a Klown wearing orange and red who imitates pizza delivery men to get Klowns to targets.
      • Shorty, the smallest of the Klowns who wears yellow, who punches the heads off gods who get on his bad side.
      • Fatso, a rotund Klown with red hair, who gets people to drop their guard by giving them chocolate.
      • Slim, the thinnest of the Klowns who wears a purple outfit, who drives an invisible car and kills people with shadow puppets.
      • Chubby, an obese Klown who has no determined method of killing people and just joins in on what the other Klowns are doing.
  • The Klowns were sighted causing mischief at Universal Studios on Halloween. Also sighted were brothers Rich and Paul Terenzi, who had assisted in saving the world from the Klowns during their invasion. Here, however, the brothers could do little to stop the Klowns from causing trouble.
    • The Klowns returned the year afterward, having set up a haunted house which retold their invasion of Crescent Cove- all while they scared the people coming through.
  • One day, the Klowns were plastering Yamcha with some of their acidic pies (yes, really), when the Joker passed by. He thought that what the Klowns were doing was quite impressive and wanted to know how it was done. Through a nearby corpse, which was used as a dummy, one of the Klowns was able to communicate with the Joker about things. Thus, the Joker is one of the few people the Klowns trust, and he often buys weapons off of them- finding them to be very useful when committing crimes.
    • On a similar note, Sweet Tooth found a group of homicidal vampiric clowns to be quite amusing. Thus, he often helps the Klowns get around the Pantheon in his ice-cream truck. It helps that the Klowns seem to think of the ice-cream truck to be an idol of Jojo.
    • Seeing as how his Subjuggulators are followers of the Klowns, Gamzee was quick to make an alliance with the Klowns. The other eleven trolls don’t like the Klowns since they remind them of the purple-bloods of their home.
    • But perhaps the clown who finds them the most likeable is Pennywise. Not only is he an alien who takes the form of a clown, but he admires their hunger for humans. When the Klowns met him, he quickly offered to assist the Klowns in killing people, and the Klowns accepted the partnership without a second thought.
  • Both Nathan Drake and Columbus became absolutely horrified at the sight of the Klowns and are often easy pickings for them. Usually, however, they are rescued before the Klowns can do anything bad to them. It’s more common for the less experienced Columbus to be caught by the Klowns, but less uncommon for Nathan, seeing as how he’s really good with a gun.
  • The fact that Jojo was killed by a cop has rubbed off on the Klowns the wrong way, and they now hate all law enforcement in the Pantheon. Unfortunately for them, the fact that they have an easily hittable weak spot, as well as usable guns, makes trying to kill them out of the question.
  • One time, the Klowns tried to kidnap Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine, and though they did manage to bring them to their ship via putting them in balloons, they soon discovered these two had significant firearm training and knew where to shoot, and promptly escaped after taking out several Klowns, though Jojo did avoid them. When the Klowns regenerated from the House of Life and Death several hours later, they began to despise the two as well as their partners.
  • Having dealt with some clowns of their own, the Green Flu survivors were prepared for when the Klowns tried to abduct them. The Klowns tried their hardest, but none of them were able to capture any of the survivors and had to flee.
  • Frank West was not pleased to hear about another group of murderous clowns having dealt with a mad, chainsaw-wielding clown named Adam during his time stuck in the mall. The Klowns, for once, opted not to attack him seeing as how he’s able to make weapons out of pretty much anything.
  • The Klowns thought Ben Tennyson would be a difficult foe to capture- but to their suprise, he was paralyzed with fright when they came to capture him, and didn’t put up a fight. However, the time the Klowns had with Ben captured was short lived, as Gwen, who is not scared of clowns, easily rescued him from them.
  • When discussing the Klowns, some deities like to joke how Billy claiming clowns would "destroy us all" was coming true. Billy’s response was to tell them he told them so.
  • The Klowns attempted to abduct Jax and his daughter, but their plans came to a screeching halt when Jax uppercutted one of them right in the nose and took it out. During the ensuing fight, Takeda joined in as well. The end result was that the Klowns were left humiliated and didn’t capture a single one of them.
  • Their encounter with Erma went badly when she started tossing their pies back at them, seemingly unaware of their corrosive properties as she had her fun.

    Monster Rancher Crew 
The SearchersMembers , Divine Protectors of Mons (Courageous Seven; Tiger: Rygar, Tornado of Death; Hare: Ham)
Clockwise from upper left: Holly, Tiger, Golem, Genki, Suezo, Mochi, Hare
  • Lesser Gods (the monsters), Demideities (the humans)
  • Symbol: A Disc Stone
  • Theme Song: "Kaze ga Soyogu Basho"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Tiger and Hare used to be True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: True Companions
  • Domains: Mons, Parallel Worlds, Heroism, Adventure, Friendship
  • Allies: Many Pokémon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, The Bladebreakers, Nate Adams, Rei, Musashi and Ultraman Cosmos, Kirito and Asuna, Seven Samurai
  • Enemies: Fatalis, Nobuyuki Sugou, Death Gun, Quinella
  • Complicated Relations: Akihiko Kayaba
  • After winning a tournament, Monster Rancher fan Genki Sakura was rewarded with a beta version of "Monster 200X". The game played normally at first, but he shortly found himself summoned inside it, where he met Holly, a girl slightly older than him, and her companion Suezo. The two were the only survivors of a village razed by the evil Moo, who was turning all the monsters in the world into his minions and killing those who stood against him. Holly and Suezo were on a quest to find the Phoenix to defeat him and his army and Genki decided to join them. Soon they awakened a cute penguin-like monster called Mochi and found other companions in the pacifistic Golem, the proud Tiger of the Wind and cunning Hare. They became known as the Searchers because of their quest to find the Phoenix. In the end they discovered that Suezo, Mochi, Golem, Tiger and Hare harbored the Phoenix's soul inside them and so the five sacrificed themselves to form the legendary bird and defeat Moo, immediately after which Genki was thrown back into his world.
    • Having not even been allowed to say goodbye, Genki refused to accept his adventure's abrupt end. There wasn't much he could do about it until he found a Monster Rancher game he'd never seen before and what do you know, this one also transported Genki into the game world. He reunited with Holly and they set out to revive all their monster friends, and also save Holly's father, who had been used as the host for Moo's soul before. The gang competed in a tournament to obtain mystery Disc Stones that could possibly contain what they were looking for, while fighting against Durahan, a remnant of Moo's army. Everything turned out for the best as they managed to save Holly's father, revived every monster that was Moo's pawn, started rebuilding Holly's village, and Genki became able to travel between the two worlds as much as he wanted.
  • With peace restored to Pangaea (that's the world's name), the Searchers were finally allowed to settle down. Then one day, Genki and Mochi were playing some ways away from Holly's village when they found a mysterious Disc Stone that was all white and didn't have the usual monster figure on it. The Searchers had a meeting to decide what to do with it and they agreed they should see what it was about. They walked to the nearest shrine to unseal the Disc Stone and upon doing so, found themselves sucked into a vortex. Shortly they landed in a place that they thought somewhat resembled their world but at the same time not. Genki, having gone through this before, suggested that they explore the new place and see if they can make new friends while they're at it. Some time into it they met Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu; Ash and Genki were both fascinated with the monsters they had never seen before and quickly hit it off. At length Genki explained their situation to Ash, who decided to take them to the Main House. There, the Searchers were surprised to hear the explanation about the Pantheon and that the group was under consideration for deification. After being assured that they could go back to their world whenever they pleased, the Searchers accepted being deified.
  • One of the reasons they decided to have a presence in the Pantheon was because they heard of some Baddies in the same vein as Moo that could pose a threat to their world. Yeah, they tend to refer to villains as Baddies, which is very cringeworthy to most of the rest of the Pantheon, although at least Genki, Mochi and Golem get a pass for saying it. Anyway, the Elder Dragon Fatalis is probably the one they keep a watch on most, as not only is it a seemingly naturally malevolent monster much like Moo, it has also caused something called the Black Blight, which turns monsters who otherwise live happily with humans against them. As Pangaea is a world where humans and monsters are totally integrated with one another, the Black Blight reaching it could spell dire consequences, something the Searchers are determined to avert.
  • Being a huge fan of a mon game franchise, Genki was excited to learn about all the similar creatures present in the Pantheon and how they compared to his favorites. The rest of the gang was pretty interested as well to meet creatures that are like themselves yet different. While Genki became very good friends with Ash because of their similar personalities, Genki saw more parallels in the Digidestined's adventures to his own, since many of them also got transported into a different world. The Digidestined were rather more grim and less enthusiastic about it than Genki, though, not that they didn't have their share of happy times and they did come to see their Digimon as best friends and care for the Digital World. Among the Digidestined, the Searchers are probably closest to Takuto and Shiki, as their intensive Digimon training is most similar to how things work in Pangaea.
    • Genki's gregarious personality ensures that the Searchers have at least some connection with most other mon-wielders in the Pantheon, such as Nate Adams, whose yo-kai who dwell hidden in the human world are a source of curiosity to Mochi and the others. The Ultramen Rei, Musashi and Cosmos count the Searchers as their allies, much to Genki's fanboying and admiration for how they can control kaiju. Even more tangentially-related deities like the Duel Monsters duelists or the Bladebreakers are also included in the Searchers' list of friendships, as are demon-wielders Kazuya and Hibiki, even though the Searchers were rather shocked at the brutality of their particular "mons".
  • Kirito and Asuna are pretty impressed that a kid like Genki fearlessly faced so much danger, fought monsters with his bare hands and and came out psychologically unscathed. Genki was understandably freaked out to learn about Kirito and Asuna getting trapped in a game under threat of getting their brains fried if they lost, plus dealing with various abusive and evil humans who used game worlds to carry out their monstrous actions; a lot of those are ascended and the Searchers are determined never to let them use Pangaea for their ends. Sugou is especially offensive to Suezo, who may be a sex maniac but would never ever go as far as what Sugou tried doing to Asuna; knowing that Sugou remains perverse in the Pantheon, Suezo can't help but worry for Holly. Tiger takes special issue with Death Gun, seeing as how two of them are brothers, with the lousy older one drawing the younger into his activities. Quinella's megalomania likens her to Moo, so she is equally detestable to all the Searchers. They don't trust game master Kayaba much either given he trapped thousands of people in a deadly game against their will, although Kayaba doesn't antagonize them at all and shows interest in them and their game world where the stakes are real.
    • On a lighter note, Mochi's cuteness has made him pretty popular with all of Kirito's female friends; their fondness also extends to Tiger, Hare and Golem (in decreasing order), and definitely does not extend to Suezo, much to his dismay and jealousy of his teammates, as he was hoping Kirito, being taken by Asuna, could spare one or two of his lady acquaintances (you can see why they don't like him much). Mochi, having the most childish disposition among the Searchers, has also became a regular playmate for Kirito and Asuna's "daughter" Yui.
  • More than being an unusually malicious monster, Moo was actually created by scientists long ago, when Pangaea was engulfed in war. Moo was engineered to be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction that would win the war, but after realizing how powerful he was, he decided to strike out on his own and create his own army. This led to the creation of the Phoenix to counter Moo, which proved to be only a temporary solution until the Searchers destroyed Moo for good centuries later. This all being the consequence of war, the Searchers tend to be on the pacifist side of things and not get along too well with the various deified warhawks, especially those with a predilection for nukes and other such weapons. That doesn't mean they'll back down in a fight, but they worry lest the neverending war between the Pantheon's factions leads to another Moo and near-total annihilation.
  • They have forged an unusual yet rather strong bond with the similarly-numbered Seven Samurai. This probably comes from how these ragtag teams were thrown together at short notice to fight a much larger enemy and put an end to the injustices they put defenseless people through. They even lost most members of their team in the climactic battle, though at least the Seachers had ways to revive their fallen ones, while among the Seven Samurai, the deaths were final and a reunion wasn't possible until they ascended. At any rate, both heroic groups are more than willing to help each other root out evil in the Pantheon and Kambei thinks the variety of skills that the monsters bring to the table would be very interesting to strategize with. In terms of individual relations, Kambei seems to view Holly as the leader of the group on account of her maturity, so she is the one he talks the most with; Holly views him as a reassuring grandfatherly figure. The groups' best warriors, Kyuzo and Tiger, can often be seen discussing combat strategy. Heihachi, Gorobei and Kikuchiyo all enjoy the company of the monsters and all together they make things pretty lively; Heihachi gets along particularly with Suezo and Hare, seeing as how they all bring humor into the proceedings and take a pragmatic approach to battle.
  • One can guess that Holly experienced a lot of emotional turmoil upon learning that Moo was her father, which is somewhat misleading as it was more that her father was possessed by Moo until he found his true body, but Moo certainly tried to take advantage of the hold this gave him on Holly. All this caused Holly a lot of pain, so Luke Skywalker has a lot of sympathy for her, as he's well-aware of what it's like to find out one's father is evil. Fortunately, both Holly and Luke managed to bring their parents back to the side of good, with Holly feeling sorry that for Luke, that came at the cost of his father's death, meaning they could never truly spend time as family in life. At least, Luke has a group of good, if colorful, friends for comfort, much like Holly has in the rest of the Searchers.
  • For a rock giant, Golem's heart is very soft. Out of the group he is the one who hates fighting most, which doesn't mean he won't protect his friends under any circumstances. But he would much rather smell flowers and hear birds singing, which has led to other deities such as the Iron Giant and the BFG to welcome him into their "ranks" of nice giants. The Iron Giant definitely sympathizes with his hatred of war, as he himself does not like being used as a weapon even though he was created for that. Golem is somewhat simple-minded, but he understands the Iron Giant's feelings very well. Additionally, while lying in a flowered meadow, he met the bull Ferdinand, which while not quite the size of the other giants, is still considered one of them, and shares Golem's love for flowers. He is thus quite happy to show Golem other beautiful places with flowers, which Golem highly appreciates.
    • Later in the journeys, Golem decided he'd become a chef when things settled down. He's trying to reach that goal at the moment, spending a lot of time at the House of Food learning. Since he eats rocks, he often makes the mistake of making food out of that that he's supposed to serve to others, earning him no end of scoldings from Gordon Ramsey, a man who truly frightens the gentle Golem. Fortunately, Kirby can eat his rocky dishes, which is some comfort to Golem. Sometimes he does remember that others do not eat like he does and he comes out with some truly amazing pizzas, which have garnered a lot of popularity.

    Reinforce Zwei 
Reinforce Zwei, Goddess of Pure Magic Beings (Unison Device, Rein, The Blessed Wind, The Tome of the Night Sky)


    Pichu & Togepi 
Pichu and Togepi, Deities of Ridiculously Cute Critters (Pichu: The Tiny Mouse Pokémon, Shockingly Adorable | Togepi: The Spike Ball Pokémon)
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: A Pokemon egg
  • Theme Music: Pokemon Gold/Silver Medley
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female (both)
  • Ability: Static (Pichu); Super Luck (Togepi)
  • Moveset: Volt Tackle, Thunder, Iron Tail, Charge (Pichu); Dazzling Gleam, Wish, Metronome, Flamethrower (Togepi)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Adorability, Creatures
  • Allies: Pikachu, Plusle & Minun, Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Rena Ryuuguu, Schezo Wegey, S.A.T.8
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Giovanni, Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Kilian Experience (Pichu only)
  • Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes, be it large or small, looking like animals or objects, or just some sort of strange thing entirely. Cute Pokemon just happen to be among the many things that exist in that world, and Pichu and Togepi fit that category well. Pichu is the pre-evolved form of Pikachu, itself a creature that’s already adorable on its own merits, and Pichu can be seen as a much cuter version of such. Togepi is one of a handful of baby Pokemon alongside Pichu and is a walking creature still not fully hatched from its egg that eventually evolves into some stronger (but no less cute) forms that can detect true happiness.
  • One day, a group of explorers came across a couple of strange eggs and decided to take it to a bestiary for further examination. Both items happened to be Pokemon eggs and that they would both hatch soon. The following day, one of the eggs hatched into a Pichu, but the other egg had seemingly disappeared from the workstation. Concerns initially grew that the other egg had been stolen after a quick search across the place for it. A small noise was then heard outside, which turned out to be Togepi, the other Pokemon that came from the egg. Having expressed relief that a potential disaster was averted, the group has since welcomed the two Pokemon to the Pantheon, a place where many big adventures await them.
  • As is to be expected with small creatures like them, those who have a fondness for cute things such as Rena Ryuuguu, Schezo Wegey, and S.A.T.8 have taken a liking to them. Both Pokemon enjoy the company of the two, and whenever Pikachu itself and Plusle & Minun are also involved, there’s bound to be some Cuteness Overload coming from the three humans. In that case, the two wouldn’t pass out from literal electric shock, but from the cuteness shock of seeing five adorable Pokemon at the same time.
  • Both Pokemon have been involved with the Smash tournaments in some way. Pichu got involved with Smash since the second iteration by using a similar fighting style as that of Pikachu, but the most notable difference (aside from being a bit faster than Pikachu) is that its electric attacks can hurt itself in addition to its foes. By contrast, Togepi is among the handful of Pokemon that can be summoned via Pokeball, but rather than directly damage foes with one type of move, it’s able to use a randomized move thanks to Metronome that can hinder the summoner’s opponents (or obscure the battlefield much to the annoyance of anyone watching). By the time Pichu returned for the fifth iteration, it got caught in Galeem & Dharkon’s war, with Togepi being among several Pokemon turned into a Spirit. Since Pichu was part of a wide variety of participants who fought back against the two monstrosities, some wonder if Pichu (and Togepi) really is able to fight back against similarly stronger adversaries, though it’s not that likely in the grand scheme of things.
    • The Kilian Experience has his own unique problem with Pichu as a result of the former’s attempt to become The World’s Best Smash Bros. Player. In spite of trying to rig the tournament in his favor, he ended up losing to a Level 2 Pichu while playing as Master Hand. Kilian Experience would only later defeat that somehow evil Pichu in a separate tournament via a technique called Ultimate Tax Evasion. He believes that the Pichu in the Pantheon is the exact same one that had harassed him in the past, though his claims are, to put it mildly, very shaky and the Pokemon doesn’t seem to know who he is more likely than not.
  • Baby Bink crossed paths with the two baby Pokemon at one point, becoming very enamored with them and decided to play with them. The two Pokemon enjoyed their time with him, though Bink being who he is, he ended up wandering elsewhere as the two were sleeping. Pichu ended up noticing that Bink disappeared and went around the Pantheon looking for him and after traversing some construction sites, discovered some thugs looking to kidnap Bink. Pichu then decided to take matters in its own hands and electrocuted the would-be kidnappers, driving them out of the city. Bink then appeared next to Pichu, happy that one Pokemon decided to play with him again. Pichu has since taken to be a big sibling figure to Bink, filling in a role similar to Yoshi in making sure he doesn’t end up in extremely dangerous places, protecting him from harm, and making sure Bink returns home safely.
  • While both are baby Pokemon that can hatch from an egg, the egg imagery is much more apparent with Togepi. Deities who have a strong association with eggs became curious about Togepi. Billy Hatcher initially mistook Togepi for a living egg given its appearance, but quickly came to see the egg as a good partner for his adventures. Horton was a bit surprised to see a creature like Togepi due to having to take care of an egg before, but was willing to take his time and be a surrogate father figure to the Pokemon. As for a young girl and a soldier that wandered an abandoned world with an egg, with how Togepi and its evolutionary line is associated with happiness, the two have wondered how different things might have been if Togepi were involved in their world. Nevertheless, the two don’t mind Togepi being around them, with the Pokemon having a sense of awareness of the pain the two have gone through.
  • For Samus, seeing Pichu in the Pantheon brought back memories of her time teaming up with Pikachu. She could tell that Pichu had a lot in common with Pikachu by virtue of it being the pre-evolved form of her companion during The Subspace Emissary incident. Pichu can very much be a capable fighter if the Smash battles offer some indication, though it can be prone to getting in much more danger. Whenever she isn’t out on adventure, Samus will sometimes tend to Pichu as a sort of motherly figure, with Pikachu nearby helping out.
  • Togepi and the rest of its evolution line are known to adore kind-hearted and happy people. As Wander and his companion Sylvia were traveling somewhere, they came across it and Pichu, with Wander taking a liking to both and Togepi finding Wander’s goals of seeking happiness admirable. Wander has accepted Togepi as a guest companion for his journeys and things went well overall until the Pokemon got kidnapped one day. Wander and Sylvia found out that Dr. Screwball Jones was behind the deed, with Togepi already saddened by what the banana was about to do. Even if Screwball Jones wanted to spread happiness, it was clear to both Wander and Togepi that the “happiness” that Screwball wanted to spread was fake. Wander and Sylvia defeated Screwball once more and rescued Togepi from the banana’s clutches. The general idea of forced happiness as enacted by Screwball Jones and Nerose Satanael (the latter of whom is much more extreme in every regard compared to Screwball) was something that really frightened Togepi.
  • Misty’s Togepi temporarily ended up in the care of a kind-hearted princess who would later have her own Togepi. The Togepi in the Pantheon would encounter a different, but no less friendly, princess one day as Nausicaä would end up finding it wandering around a dark forest. After finding it and nursing it back to health, she took the Togepi back to civilization where she learned about it, its evolutions, and how greatly associated they are with happiness and finding peace at the end of strife. Nausicaä decided to take care of the Togepi and take it as a traveling partner, knowing of the hope that its evolutions can bring at the end of a devastated world.

    The Temmies 
The Temmies, Race of Childlike Creatures (tEMMIE!, Tem, Temmiy)
The most popular Temmies (art by dogbomber)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A box of Temmie Flakes, sat on top of one of their jumpers; alternatively, a graduation cap
  • Theme Song: Temmie Village, Tem Shop
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Author Avatar for Temmie Chang, Cat Smile, Cloud Cuckoolanders, Cute part-cat creatures, really love Humans, The Ditz, Love Temmie Flakes, Will buy literally anything
  • Domains: Monsters, Cuteness, Childishness, Commerce
  • Allies: Frisk, Ness, Lucas, Mr. Saturn, Rena Ryuugu, Tom Nook, Anna, Crazy Dave, Riki
  • Enemies: Flowey, Anyone who decides to not sell them what they want (Particularly Trolls).
  • Adore: Humans deities (Unless they're evil)
  • Temmies are a peculiar race of creatures that are Part-cat/Part-dog and are very peculiar amongst other monsters of the underground given that they live all in a village. They are rather childish creatures and have a particular way of speaking, making their ascension sort of a weird one. They just showed up one day and nobody questioned why they were there in the first place.
  • The members of the Temmie race are known as Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie and Bob. The latter is the one that had the decency to ask the court of gods about their stay in the pantheon, given that Bob is the most normal of them all.
  • Temmies love humans and they are known to freak out whenever they see one. There is a chance that you could be allergic to Temmies, so be careful.
  • The Temmies have trouble pronouncing words correctly, often pronouncing words in a bizzare way. Of course, others could say that this language makes them a lot cuter.
  • When Rena first caught a glimpse of a Temmie, she immediately took her home. What Rena did not expect was that all the Temmies followed her as well and started hugging and petting her. It's not rare to see a lot of Temmies hanging around her temple, as they became good friends after a while.
  • The Temmies are considered to be the more Ditzy counterpart to the Mr. Saturns, given their similarities. Often the Saturns and the Temmies like to hold meetings in the house of Food where the Temmies share their Tem Flakes with the Saturns, who surprisingly they enjoy. It also happens that the Temmies are fans of both Ness and Lucas, who are also similar to the Human Child (And of course, they are humans).
  • Temmies used to be followers of Riki and now that they share houses they tend to visit him very often. Others will say that when the Temmies are around, they make Riki look like the most normal of them all.
  • There is one particular Temmie that runs the Tem Shop in the House of Commerce, where they sell and buy pretty much anything. It's been a popular place to visit and Temmie is happy with it.
    • Temmie will sometimes ask for money so she can go to college. She did go once but she forgot what she learned. Thankfully, Frisk stepped up and pay her college again. Now Temmie proudly sports a graduation cap when she is in her shop.
    • This Temmie is also good friends with other vendors like Anna or Tom Nook. The one she likes the most is Crazy Dave, since they aren't too different (and because he's a human).
  • One thing worth pointing out is that they don't like being refused when they want to buy something, especially the Temmie who runs the Tem Shop. They actually take it very seriously and even drop the accent to scold you.
    Temmie: You will regret this.
  • There is one Temmie who is allergic to herself and when she realized this, her face erupted in hoIVS. No, no one knows how or why this is a thing.
    Temmie: hOIVS!
  • Many have noticed that Temmies' faces are in constant vibration, sometimes even moving away from their bodies alltogether. There is not an explanation of this strange phenomenon.
  • "hOI!!!!! i'm tEMMIE!!!!"


Prinnies, The Servant Race
  • Quasideities (Yellow: Quasi+)
  • Symbol: A fish, a sword and a Cartoon Bomb
  • Theme song: Prinny My Love, alternatively Red Moon
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Serving every other species imaginable against their will, Having to make up for crimes in their past lives, Looking like arctic birds, blowing up by being thrown, Rarely working when left alone, Always saying the word "Dood!"
  • Domains: Birds, Ghosts, Glavery
  • Allies (aka people who at the very least treat them somewhat better than Etna): Flonne, Fluttershy, Valvatorez, Bob-ombs, Asagi Asagiri, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, Yoko Littner, Sicily, Chuck, Bandana Dee, the Blue Slimes, Usalia, Ice King
  • Their Lord and number one enemy: ETNA!
  • Enemies (aka people who treat them like Etna does or even worse): Laharl, Baal, Ghazghkull
  • Pitied by: Boa Hancock.
  • At times, many people feel sorry for the constant abuse that they take from most of their owners. Then they remember that most Prinnies are in fact the souls of murderers, thieves and other various criminals/sinners, leading to most sympathy going out the window.
  • Now and then, Etna will "bless" one of her Prinnies to go on a somewhat important mission. And of course, those missions will always lead to that Prinny getting killed over and over again.
  • They stay as far away as possible from Ghazghkull, knowing how he is one of the few gods who actually treats his Prinnies WORSE than Etna does. Some Lost refugee Prinnies compare him to Demon Emperor Void Dark prior to Killia's attack.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar have made it their sworn duty to someday defeat Etna and liberate all the Prinnies as fellow "penguins". If nothing else, it does give the Prinnies a good laugh whenever Etna is on the receiving end of a well-done prank. Of course, only the idiotic ones let their merriment be known around her.
  • Every now and then, all the Prinnies—or at least those who have cleansed themselves of their sins—go to the highest point in the Pantheon under the light of the Red Moon to have their souls cleansed and reincarnated. Fluttershy comforts them as they move to the great beyond.
  • Every once in a while, strong Prinnies gather together to form Pringer X, a power robotic Prinny capable of defeating Baal and had once nearly taken Baal out of pantheon due to some nasty tricks like resisting attack used on it. However, when Baal came back more powerful than ever and turned Pringer X into a pincushion for his swords, the Prinnies have no longer attempted to become Pringer X.
  • Prinnies under the instruction of Valvatorez are notably more efficient and loyal than Prinnies under the watch of Etna. While not effective fighters, they are very effective scouts, being able to reliably gather information for Fenrich. This has caused many gods to be a little more cautious around Prinnies since Fenrich is very good at using information to his advantage.
    • Sicily sometimes likes to dote on the Prinnies, though Valvatorez will remind her not to spoil them, as they're still sinners who need to work off their sins.
  • As of late, a band of yellow Prinnies have been sighted around the Pantheon under the command of Usalia. The Pantheon is still reacting to this discovery.
    • Etna's sadism to her own prinnies kicked up a notch when but one of these new Prinnies stole her caramel mix, mistaking it for curry; this didn't anger her as much, given it was returned after the thief realized its mistake, but her entire prinny squad was obliterated trying to capture it. Etna's own attempt to capture these prinnies left her angrier still when she opened her bag and saw a single explosive carrot left inside.
    • Valvatorez bore witness to a squadron of these prinnies punching above their weight class and bringing down several Lesser Deities who thought them easy marks. He has been left confused, more on their Verbal Tic of "plip!" than their newfound competence. A discussion with Usalia has been planned for later in the month.
  • Hilarity ensued when a group of Prinnies accidentally sang "Red Sun" on the night of their redemption, rather than Red Moon. Sundowner had a chuckle when he found out.
  • Can also be found in Minions and Sidekicks.


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