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The undead aren't as easy to categorize as some in the living world might think. The Hall of Unliving Beings is host to a large variety of undead types, all whom retain whatever rationality they had in life. Nor do they feel particular hunger towards blood or flesh. It functions as a necrocracy, and is one of the more open and friendly realms in the House of the Undead. The residents live in polished mausoleums, and have hotels for any Mummy or lich to inhabit.

Temperature and air moisture is kept low since the dead are especially vulnerable to heat, and the undead with more flesh don't want to attract bugs. Or in Anakaris' case, kept hot and dry like the Egyptian desert.

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Greater Gods

    The Night King 
The Night King, God of Cold Undead

Light! ... Give your will to me!

Oryx, Unholy Representative of Unconventional Liches (The God-King of the Hive, The Taken King, The First Navigator, The King of Shapes, Harrowed God, Carver of Tablets, Aurash, Auryx)
His base form
Echo of Oryx 
King's Fall Oryx 
  • Greater God, Overdeity in his Throne World
  • Symbol: His Hive emblem
  • Theme Song: Visage of Oryx, Regicide, Long Live the King, Last Stand
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with Chaotic Evil Goals
  • Portfolio: God-King of the Hive, Born of the Deep, Believer of Sword Logic, Paracasual Powers, Magic Knight, Big Red Devil, Deeply cares for his Hive family and nearly tore apart the Solar System after the death of his son Crota, Once the idealistic heir of the Osmium Throne whose curiosity had led to his kingdom's betrayal where he dealt a deal with the Worm Gods which kickstarted his Start of Darkness, Was originally a girl before taking the King Morph
  • Domains: Paracasuality, Darkness, Liches, Corruption, Knowledge
  • Heralds: Crota (son), Ir Halak and Ir Anuk (daughters), Alak-Hul the Darkblade (foster son), his respective Court, and the Taken Heirs.
  • Followers: The entirety of the Hive
  • Underlings: The Taken
  • Alliesnote : Kel'Thuzad, Steven Armstrong, Charles zi Britannia, All Ascended Noxus Deities (except Riven, though he respects her), Esdeath, the GUAD, Darth Nihilus
  • Enemies: The Guardians, Death Phantom, The Vex, XCOM, Raiden, Lelouch vi Britannia, Anakaris, Nito, Gwyn, Akame, Night Raid, Good-aligned Light deities, Those who believe in civilization, Pacifists and those who strive for Peace but especially Frisk, YHVH/Yaldabaoth, the GUAL, Cosmos, the GUAG, The Phantom Thieves of Heart
  • Respects: Akuma (as an enemy)
  • Originally known by Aurash a millennia ago on a gas giant known as Fundament, the young girl (yes, girl) was a member of an alien race known as the Krill who were not only short-lived but also quite weak. Aurash grew up with her sisters, Xi Ro and Sathona, as the heirs to the Osmium Throne. When the Osmium King was at his final days the mentor of three sisters, Taox, saw the three girls unfit to be the next rulers. With that, she betrayed her kind to their many enemies and sought out the Throne for herself, killing the King but failing to kill the three Heirs. As they managed to escape, they decided to form a blood pact to take back what is rightfully theirs, with the only option was to dive beneath Fundament's gas giant sea. As they dove, they came across the Worm Gods. From there, they formed a deal with them, a deal in which they are granted power from the Deep so long as they killed for the Tithes of Violence lest they be consumed from the inside. As Aurash accepted the Wyrm's offer she would take the King Morph and the name "Auryx", but later down the line, he would be known as Oryx, The Taken King.
  • Oryx made his arrival in the Dreadnought escorted by several smaller Hive ships where it hovered over the House of Otherness. After a few psychics suffered Brown Notes trying to analyze it several Houses erupted in chaos as the inhabitants started turning against each other, some reported to be "consumed from the inside". After the battles turned to the defender's favor, the Pantheon's inhabitants decided to go on the offensive and try to lay siege on the Ominous Floating Castle. They were successful at first, breaking through the Hive's fleets... before the Dreadnought's superweapon activated and destroyed any remaining ships in the area. After that, Oryx decided to officially announce that he is in the Pantheon, revoking the Death Phantom's Trope to cement his ascension.
    • The first thing he did as a newly ascended deity was to demand that the Court of Gods make his Crota his Herald. Oryx was still burdened by the loss of his son, and when the two finally meet again it was a surprising reunion, even for Ascendant Hive like themselves. For this reason, it is an absolutely suicidal idea to kill Crota considering what happened the last time that happened. He'll personally rend you down as material for his ships (it's important to remember that some of the chitin on there frequently blink) or feed you to Eir (you'd be lucky if it was just Thrall). He sometimes ponders on the possibility of his sisters joining him, hearing his Final Death echo throughout the cosmos like when he came after Crota's death.
    • The Vex were livid and quite vexed upon hearing Oryx had ascended into the Pantheon, who in one timeline took every single one of them. Oryx himself was irritated upon seeing the machines as he could not forget the sheer embarrassment they caused upon his children when Crota accidentally let them into his Throne World.
  • Oryx's decided his temple would be his Throne World as he did not see the point of constructing a new one. In it, Oryx's rank is an Overdeity and the philosophy of Sword Logic is that of a law of physics. It's considered nigh-impossible to get to as it requires becoming an Ascendant Hive which you can become by killing another Ascendant Hive in their respective Throne World. If it wasn't hard enough, the portal to get to it is inside the Dreadnought which is filled to the brim with Hive and Taken, assuming you get past the Wave-Motion Gun. To top it all off, Oryx is at his strongest in his Throne World, having the potential to become kaiju sized and has many Total Party Wipes (even as he dies in his Throne World if you're careless). Obviously no one is willing to go through such trouble considering how death is handled in the Pantheon unless if you're looking for one hell of a challenge.
  • Oryx commands two armies: The Hive, living yet zombie-like krill aliens that fanatically serve their gods and are as ancient as they are completely vicious. They continuously seed the Pantheon, building many Elaborate Underground Bases to move through quickly, attacking many of the inhabitants to get Tithes of Violence for themselves and for their superiors. Then there's The Taken, Oryx's personal army that are completely loyal through his power in Taking (Being plucked from this dimension for the Darkness to pick at who they are whilst simultaneously Mind Raping them to the point where they 'willingly' serve Oryx). The Taken are a mix of many races with each one harboring powers specific to their flaws and weaknesses or what's needed to make them stronger, all of which are very bizarre and synergizes well with each other. It doesn't help that they are not bound by the terrain, being able to warp in wherever they want in the area. Do not mistake them as invincible, however, as the Taken in the area are connected to an Echo of Oryx (a shadowy extension of his will as he doesn't venture out his world that much) and if the Echo goes, so do the Taken. In addition, he can only take living beings, in that they are not undead and are organic, but baring that Oryx could take whoever he wants so long as there isn't some outside force preventing him from doing so. Victims of brainwashing are heavily advised to avoid him at all costs and Deities who deal with Heel–Face Brainwashing are disgusted by his power.
    • He sighed in disappointment after finding out that deities who were Taken by him return back to normal eventually if they weren’t slain beforehand (though, the traumatizing memories gained from being Taken remains). Even more so when he found out that Death is Cheap in the Pantheon thus prolonging the lives of those who have already proved their truth of weakness to the universe. You may think he would have been just simply disappointed that his enemies would simply come back to life after killing them, but if pain and death are what the Hive do to each other to show affection then what they do to their enemies is much, much worse.
    • His followers, however, along with his Worm are working towards the goal of making Oryx's Taking permanent, even if they die and get resurrected. Considering the former has technology that broke the Bekenstein Limit and the latter had one member of a race that is so powerful it can deny truths to turn them into lies, it's justified to worry. But regarding the Worm Gods, that shouldn't be the only reason to fear them, Oh Troper mine.
  • He soon realized how vast some deities are in terms of power and swallowed his pride to form allegiances with other deities if he wants to get somewhere here. They wouldn't be permanent, merely truces with those he considers worthy of his time before subjecting everything to Sword Logic. He first started out with Kel'Thuzad, a fellow lich in the more traditional sense. He finds his abilities noteworthy, though secretly is very distasteful of his necromancy. After all, if something has died then what good is it to bring back something that has proven it should no longer exist?
  • Next, he went to find those who shared in his ideology. A trip to the House of Leadership as an Echo had Oryx run into Senator Steven Armstrong. At first, he didn't think much of him, being a politician, but then sat down to listen to his beliefs which gave a more positive opinion on the senator. Through him, Oryx also met up with Charles zi Britannia who also shares his views. This earned the animosity of Raiden and Lelouch, though he does not mind their feelings toward him.
    • He also gained allies from the ascended Noxus deities for similar reasons above. While Oryx is very iffy on civilization, their nature is more than welcome nonetheless. Riven is an exception, being that he falls into the category of despotism and did give into the power of the Worm Gods. Oryx was displeased, but still respects her regardless.
  • When asked on his opinions of the House he currently resides in, Oryx admitted that he doesn’t mind it. Many of the deities there have arisen again which he looks down on, but he doesn’t pay them any mind for now. Though some deities like Anakaris (he's by all means, not a benevolent leader) and Nito (civilization is a temporary solution in the right to exist) find the Taken King abominable. Though, the like-minded omnicidal undead here are viewed as potential rivals should as Universe approaches its final, perfect state.
  • Deciding to stride in the Pantheon in his normal form he went to the House of War, hoping to polish his favorite tactic of making it even difficult for his enemies when it's bad enough. A short time in and Oryx was challenged by Esdeath, who frequents the House, as she sensed the killing intent of him. He agreed on the account that he wanted to sharpen his skills if he wanted to get back on the Guardians for killing him, his son, and most of his sect of the Hive. He underestimated how formidable she is with her ice powers, but he himself was still formidable thanks to his experience in razing civilizations, his Power of the Deep, and his sword "Willbreaker". After that, he discovered that they were pretty similar overall, to the point that she'd fit in should she suddenly become a Hive herself.
  • Has a very clear memory of the final battle in his Throne World, which determined who would eventually win in the Taken War and the state of the remnants of humanity. Six Guardians pushed through his Dreadnought, felling The Warpriest, Golgoroth, His Daughters, and finally him. What isn't mentioned frequently, however, is how three of the Guardians doing... the Carlton Dance. Oryx wasn't a fan, and respectfully gave his opinion. Some deities question his Hypocricy in taste of music. While he dislikes what the three Guardians played him, he also approves of the Hive Deathsingers.
  • Not long after Oryx's ascension did the House of Knowledge mysteriously received some notes on the lore of Oryx and the Hive. From the beginnings of the Hive to what they are now, the dark power behind their weapons and technology and how much they corrupt those with prolonged exposure, and their philosophy. Such notes are expansive, yet also so limited as they require some amount of careful analysis. Luckily, there is also a voice accompanying those who seek out these notes, but their sanity is rather questionable.
  • Believing only the strong have the right to live in a universe where life itself is the eternal struggle to exist until it reaches its final, perfect state its no surprise that Oryx strives to rid the Pantheon of pacifism. It's a naive and foolish idea that will only lead to their destruction. His proof to the Pantheon is the war between the Grand United Alliances, which isn't showing any signs of letting up soon so long as death being a minor inconvenience alongside their leaders still being in the picture. His argument is reinforced by the many civilizations the Hive has destroyed and has recorded on the World's Grave. To prove his point even further, he sends out this to all those who disagreed with his philosophies and were killed by any of the Hive.
    • This eventually and inevitably lead him to Frisk. He caught wind of their presence through one of his Taken lieutenants who claimed that their an incredibly determined pacifist, one who's willing to use things like branches and sticks to smack some sense into others. Oryx brushed it off initially, citing they'll learn soon enough when the time comes... until his Worm pointed out how their determination can manipulate time and space and defy death itself which also meant they can resist their Taking, a revelation both of which are completely displeased with since it utterly defies Sword Logic. It got worse when they heard the freaking Vex are worried about them, and when they tried to correct such a reprehensible existence by leading a Hive Swarm and a Taken Blight they found that The Human Child lasted long enough for their allies to destroy their forces and weakening Oryx's presence in the House of Gaming. This only added more fuel to the fire for Oryx's hatred towards Frisk.
    • Oryx has personally called out Gwyn's attempts to maintain the First Flame, claiming that the Age of Fire has outlived its purpose and that Gwyn's kingdom, like all forms of civilization, are ultimately a hindrance to his world's advancement to its final, perfected state. In a rare show of admiration for humanity, Oryx considers the Darkwraiths of New Londo to be an excellent example of what humans could become if they abandoned the failing Light and embraced Sword Logic (or something like it) as the Hive did. Gwyn's response to this was to call Oryx out as a massive Hypocrite: both for a) depending on power that's not his own (his Worm God parasite), and b) for using the Pantheon to cling to existence after his final defeat by the Guardians, who themselves wouldn't have been able to defeat him if they had followed Sword Logic (which would have demanded they fight each other for the right to fight and probably lose to Oryx rather than working together as a fireteam).
    • It was this mentality that lead to him offering services to the GUAC, believing Lucifer to be quite like his Worm Gods and the Darkness he worships so and agrees with his opposition to YHVH, whom is just another Traveler in his eyes. Oryx got turned down due to Lucifer having limits, which disappointed the Taken King. He had heard a lot of good things from the Lightbringer, most notability the Great Upheaval and the Pantheonic Rebellion which he approved of. Despite the difference in beliefs, Oryx still stated Lucifer's truth will get him farther than the Great Will's before turning to Nekron to join the GUAD. The contrast in ideals is still prevalent with the difference being they actually accepted him. He needed to get involved in this Forever War if he wants to sustain himself with Tithes of Violence as his power grows and become the one eternal truth in the universe.
  • "I considered returning to Fundament. Learning what became of the God-Wave, and the Tungsten Monoliths, and the continents which were all that remained of my people's primal home [...] I asked a question: how long can we live in the universe long enough to understand it? And I learned the answer, which is written here in this book. I learned I had to be the most ruthless of all [...] This is my inheritance, my estate: eternity, infinity, the whole universe beneath my sword. This is what I rule: forever and a blade."

    The Scourge 
The Scourge, The Unholy Army of Fearless Undead (Undead Scourge, Scourge Army)
The Scourge Army
  • Greater Deities by sheer numbers.
  • Symbol: The Crest of the Scourge
  • Theme Song: Undead Theme (Warcraft III)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dem Bones, Evil Is Deathly Cold, Hive Mind, The Necrocracy, The Plague, Religion of Evil, The Undead, Zombie Apocalypse
  • Domains: Undeath, Corruption, Infestation, Evil, Fear, Decay
  • Leaders: Arthas Menethil (The Lich King), Bolvar Fordragon (The other former Lich King)
  • Notable Members: Kel'thuzad, Anub'arak, Stitches
  • Allies: Zhaitan, Undying, The Night's King, Zarok, Oryx
  • Enemies: All ascended deities from Azeroth (with special mention to Sylvanas Windrunner and Sargeras), The House of Demons, Every single Zombie Apocalypse Survivor, Every deity from Westeros, Artix Von Krieger, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Goliath, Gunvolt, Meridia
  • The fearless and chaotic Scourge was created by the Burning Legion in order to take control over Azeroth but eventually they broke free from their demonic masters. Perhaps considered one of the biggest threats in the world of azeroth, the ascension of the Scourge army was a catastrophic event in the pantheon were many pantheon residents were assaulted by the relentless undead, the GUAG had to use their best men to handle the bigger threats and the pantheon was thrown into a world of chaos for the ensuing days. It was all planned by Arthas, who now having his armies in the pantheon made him a lot more menacing and dangerous than before and though that he could finally take over the pantheon, until Bolvar stepped in and assumed control of half of the undead forces, who later started fighting each other until they were finally relocated to a temple. Arthas didn't expect that Bolvar would still have the Lich King influence and caused a huge unforeseen problem for him.
  • The temple they resides is a recreation of Northrend, complete with an Icecrown Citadel like castle in the middle. Because of the presence of two different Lich Kings, there has been some inner civil war between the undead, who are torn between following Arthas or Bolvar. The pantheon denizens are relieved that for now, the Scourge won't cause another problem as big as their initial ascension and a few theorize that Bolvar is causing the infighting to protect the rest of the pantheon from the wrath of the Scourge.
  • The Scourge has a wide array of creatures at their disposal. Ranging from reanimated corpses, Ghouls, Liches and Spirits to bigger and more dangerous creatures like reanimated Nerubians, Darkfallen, Abominations, Obsidian Destroyers and Frost Wyrms. The Scourge's influence even extended way before the whole faction was given a stronghold, as certain key figures like Kel'thuzad, Anub'arak and Sindragosa were all raised by Arthas.
  • Many of the resident of the House of Undead and Phasmata have mixed opinions on the Scourge. On one side, some welcome them with open arms, willing to join their ranks and bolster their strength. Others, mostly the good-aligned ones, want nothing to do with them and their everpresence in said house has become a recurring problem, since they tend to overrun the House. The one that took the most issue witht them was Sylvanas Windrunner, since she no longer is under the Lich King influence, she and the rest of the Forsaken have made an effort to vanquish all traces of scourge they find.
  • Sargeras was less than thrilled to see Kil'jaeden's puppet army ascend. The Scourge and the Burning Legion have been notoriously in conflict ever since Ner'zhul decided to betray the Deceiver after Archimonde suffered a defeat at Mount Hyjal and the undead's hatred for the Burning Legion also extends to demons, be it evil or even the good-aligned demons, the Scourge will spare none.
  • It was logical that deities that hail from a Zombie Apocalypse setting would be at odds with the Scourge, not to mention that a great part of them serve Arthas. The fact that their ranks extend far beyond the normal humanoid undead have made some hesitant to tackle the Scourge head on and would only engage them if they would attack them otherwise. One notable deity who came into conflict with the Scourge that wasn't tied to the aforementioned deities was Gunvolt, having been tasked to retrieve something from their temple that would prove valuable to several of his allies and having had his own experience fighting undead, he was up to the task but the mission was not a pleasant one to him. Since then he has remained a priority target for Arthas and the Scourge.
  • Seems like outside of the constant civil war between the side that obeys Arthas and the side that listens to Bolvar, a select few have seen a more unofficial leader in the form of Oryx. The Taken King, besides feeling a similar role as the Lich King (royal title aside) has also shown interest in the power of the Scourge's relentless forces and even considered trying to "take" a few of the more elite forces. Given his ties to Kel'thuzad, Oryx prefers to side with Arthas' Scourge and doing so alarmed the Guardians, who in a way act as liches for their faction and the Scourge have been interested in raising a few of them to their side, with the Scourge's alliance with the Taken King being the cherry on top for their emnity.
  • Several have noted similarities between the Scourge and the White Walkers, so it was only natural that the Night's King would also take interest in this undead army. And similarly to Oryx before, his connection with Arthas made him easier to side with him as the true Lich King and cast Bolvar out as a faker. Several deities from Westeros were horrified to learn that the Scourge not only allied themselves with the White Walkers, but they could be even more dangerous given that their ranks have creatures they have never encountered before.
  • It was only natural that an uncontrollable army of the dead would be the number one enemy of the deities that despise the undead, chief among them being Artix von Krieger who smites the undead without hesitation but even him was overwhelmed by the Scourge's sheer might and had to fall back and plan a counter-attack with his fellow comrades in the GUAG Sacred Knights in order to stand a chance. He even considered siding with Bolvar in order to bring down Arthas knowing that at the least, A Lighter Shade of Black would be preferable than Arthas taking full control again.
    • Things took an unexpected turn once Meridia entered the picture. As a Daedric Prince, she is an almighty force no different from the likes of Sargeras that enslaved the Scourge before. But her sheer hatred for the undead was enough for her to step up and try to destroy the Scourge herself. Although she made quick work of most the units, she lacked any means to put down the Lich King and the fact that she didn't care about Bolvar either (who held control of the other half of the Scourge) made it harder to erradicate the undead. While the Dawnbreaker almost did the trick and similar to the Ashbringer, managed to destroy Frostmourne momentarily, she had to retreat since that only made the Scourge even more relentless. She hasn't backed down on trying to end them but has stopped engaging them in combat by herself in order to find a more permanent solution.
  • One notable undead deity that has tried to defy the Scourge is Sir Daniel Fortesque, motivated by the fact that Zarok, his Arch-Enemy, has made a truce with the Scourge in order to gain more power and conquer the Pantheon. For how silly he looks, he proved to be quite effective at slaying several armies, even managing to take down a few Frost Wyrms by himself. In fact, Sir Dan was intrumental in Artix's Anti-Scourge team after they tried to invade the House of Heroism and since then the Scourge have tried to sway him to their side numerous times, only to fail every single time given Dan's heroic spirit.

Intermediate Gods

Abhorash, God of Undead Warriors (Abhorash the Great, the Wanderer, the Master, Dragon Slayer, Scourge of the Greenskins, Lord of Blood, the Blade Immortal)
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God
  • Symbol: The Blood Dragon Sigil.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with a Streak of Blue (often mistaken to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: First and Greatest of the Blood Dragons, Respresents one of Five Clades of Vampires, Overcoming his Dietary Need after Killing a Dragon and Drinking its Blood, Is Honorable and Duty-Bound, Resents his former Master, Neferata, Lightning Bruiser, Inspiring Fear and Dread, Stronger with Age, Was one of the Only Good Vampires in Lahmia and Abstains himself from Killing Innocents, Dark Is Not Evil, Master Swordsman
  • Domains: Vampires, Warriors, Honor, Discipline, Challenge
  • Heralds: The rest of the Blood Dragons
  • Allies: Alucard (Castlevania and Hellsing Iterations), Arcueid Brunestud, Rachel Alucard, Kenpachi Zaraki, Kisame Hoshikagi, Carrera
  • Enemies: Nagash, Konrad and Mannfred von Carstein, The Four Chaos Gods, Archaon, Grimgor Ironhide, Yuuki Terumi, Zamasu, Melkor, Count Orlok, Marlowe Roderick, Dio Brando, Alduin
  • Worthy Opponents: Arturia Pendragon, King Arthur, Gilgamesh, Buffy Summers, Settra, Abraham Lincoln, Elder Dragons, Deviljho, [[Undead and Phasmata} Dracula (Castlevania Iteration)]], The Belmont and Joestar Families, The Dovahkiin, The Monster Hunters, Clark Kent/Superman, Son Goku, Gunvolt, Link, Miraak
  • On Speaking Terms With: Vlad von Carstein, Strand von Zarovich
  • Opposes: Dirty Cowards
  • Opposed By: Meridia
  • Abhorash was once the sworn bodyguard and protector of Queen Neferata of Lahmia during the reign of Nehekhara. Then one day, a flawed elixir for immortality was made, which converted its drinkers into Vampires, Neferata being the first of them. His sense of honour and chivalry taking precedence, Abhorash tried to stay away from the elixir, prompting Neferata to trick him into taking a sip. From that day forth, he came to hate Neferata and despised the fact that he was a vampire; he cannot fathom the idea of drinking the blood of those he was sworn to protect. He couldn't resist his bloodlust and ended up killing 12 of Neferata's guards in blind hunger, which drove Abhorash into despair. Upon Lahmia being attacked by Nehekharian forces and being defeated, Abhorash chose to exile himself, taking along with him his vampire followers. He encouraged them to not seek domination towards other races or deepening the arts of magic, but to instead hone their swordsmanship and to only drink the blood of warriors who were strong and proposed a challenge. Thus, was the creation of the Blood Dragons, one of the five major clade of Vampires in the Warhammer World.
    • Abhorash proved himself to be one of the mightiest swordsmen in existence, with little-to-no equal regarding his swordsmanship. He finally faced a life-threatening challenge when he wandered into the World's Edge Mountains and fought against a giant red dragon. They fought for an entire night, culminating with Abhorash striking a fatal blow to the dragon's heart. Satisfied, he drank a copious amount of the dragon's blood and declared his victory. This was the last time he ever felt bloodlust, for the dragon's blood completely washed away the need to drink blood. He would also aid the legendary knight, Gilles le Breton and his Grail Companions in creating the La Maisontaal Abbey. courtesy of a life-debt on Abhorash's part. The last reported signs of Abhorash was when he decided to venture further north towards the Chaos Wastes. What became of him remained unknown, with some speculations stating he went to look for greater challenges or like Sigmar, he ascended into Godhood.
  • Abhorash would return during the End Times, fighting alongside Gilles in fending off the Forces of Chaos as the eponymous event was looming ever closer. This valiant action was proven admirable by many people's standards, though what became of the two of them remained unknown. Then, Abhorash suddenly appeared in the House of Power and Abilities, growling in anticipation. His declaration was what cemented his position in a whole new world.
    Abhorash: I am Abhorash! First of the Blood Dragons and greatest of them all. I demand a battle, first and foremost and I will look for anyone worthy to lock my blades against. I will wander endlessly in search, and should you come across me, be prepared.
  • Despite his ferocious reputation and looks, Abhorash makes it very clear that he has no intent on feeding on the innocent, especially if they're defenceless. Compared to a lot of other vampires, Abhorash seems to be a downright saint and spares none of this sympathy towards criminals and cowards, whom the Blood Dragons believe are the only ones that attack the innocent. Still, this doesn't mean heroes aren't excluded from the Blood Dragon's list on who to feed, as they meet the requirements of the strong opponents that they fight and feast upon.
  • While Abhorash isn't exactly evil, his fellow Blood Dragons that he bought along as his heralds are not as subservient as he is when it comes to morals. They're still bloodthirsty and sociopathic vampires at the end of the day, though they do take the code of their rules very seriously, so they aren't openly going to harm any defenceless individuals or children. Unlike his brethren, Abhorash has no need to drink blood; all he seeks is the prospect of a good challenge and the Pantheon seemed all too appropriate for him.
  • While not a popular figure for heroes, Abhorash and the Blood Dragons have established quite the feared reputation towards criminals, namely because Abhorash despises those that prey on the weak and the innocent and instructs his Blood Dragons to prey on them. While the intent seems to benefit many and render them safe, the execution is far from moral and pretty. Ever since their arrival, all but the most daring and courageous of criminal scum tend to stay clear of wastelands during nighttime, for the Blood Dragons will be wandering around, looking for them and strong fighters to drink blood from.
  • While normally solitary, Abhorash is content to have someone to spend time with. He gets along with Kenpachi, Kisame and Carera for being fellow warriors who demand a good fight every once in a while and while wishing he could turn them into a vampire, Abhorash abstains from it, likely because he doesn't want to mess up their partnership with them. More often than not, they'll spar against one another either for fun or to bolster their own skills.
  • Being a knight himself, Abhorash does consider establishing ties to the House of Royalty, though given what he is, most of the residents are too intimidated to really approach him. Still, unlike Konrad and Mannfred, Abhorash has genuine charisma and will keep his word. He's pledged Aragorn, King Arthur and Zelda that he is willing to defend the House in intense situations like he did with Gilles le Breton during the End Times. While the three representatives were uneasy about Abhorash, they accepted the terms and Abhorash was quick to alert his Blood Dragons that no harm should be dealt with the House of Royalty.
  • While he seems like an ideal individual to recruit for various pro-war gods like Khorne, Abhorash not only has no interest but is open to defy and oppose Khorne and the other Chaos Gods. The Blood God seethes with anger and disappointment about this, but Abhorash would like to underscore that if Neferata (someone that he hates) opposed dabbling into Chaos's magic, then why shouldn't he. While not the friendliest, the vampire will not mind in allying himself with those who would obviously be uncomfortable with his presence when it comes to allying against the Forces of Chaos and, by extension, the Grand United Alliance of Evil.
  • Would really like to test his skills towards the numerous Overdeities in the Pantheon, though Abhorash does concede that he'd very likely lose. Still, vampires do tend to get stronger with age and the Blood Dragons seek every minute of their life honing their skills and improving their combat experience, so there's a good chance that Abhorash may fight as much as he could for the sole intent of fighting an Overdeity. A long road to be sure, but like any Challenge Seeker, it's all the more worth it.
  • Was intrigued to learn of the Dovahkiin, especially considering the fact that not only does he slay dragons and absorb their souls on a constant basis, but has even dealt with a God of Destruction and even fought an army of vampires. He has clashed against the Dragonborn, enjoying every second of it and expressed a desire to turn him into a vampire. This is considered a rare sentiment as Blood Dragons normally kill their opponents. To convert one would mean that said opponent must be truly worthwhile.
    • From there, some spark of interest was also extended towards Alduin and Miraak. Instead of the respect that he was seeking for, Abhorash instead came to see the former in scathing contempt as Alduin was not only treacherous but far too craven for his race in spite of his immense power and being a legitimate god. Alduin himself doesn't hold up Abhorash in high regard either, instead just rebutting that the dragon Abhorash killed was weak and that he has no chance of going up against him. As for the latter, Miraak is sincere in seeing Abhorash as a legitimate threat and respects his fighting skill, though, given the nature of dragons in his universe, he doesn't consider Abhorash as much of a threat as the Dovahkiin.
  • As Bretonnia takes a lot of cues from Aurturian Myth, Abhorash seems to be rather fond of King Arthur. Their first confrontation, while sour on Arthur part, was rather complimentary for the vampire, for he saw how Gilles resembled the legendary king in demeanour and reputation. While they have fought, Abhorash will resort to working with Arthur regarding mutual foes, just like he does for Aragorn and Zelda.
    • Arturia Pendragon was another figure of interest due to how she's a gender-bent King Arthur. Like the original king beforehand, Arturia distrusted Abhorash on first glance and battled against him, with the Blood Dragon admitting to having a good time. That said, Abhorash was perplexed to see Arturia taking visits to Bretonnia ever since it mysteriously resurfaced and is seeking to defend the vacant lands until either Louen Leoncoueur or Gilles himself make their way to the Pantheon and approves of her actions. He also likes Arturia's sense of honour regarding battles and would like to ask for her consent before battle. That said, he's not above threatening to turn Arturia into a vampire, mainly because she's simply too impressive and chivalrous to pass over.
      • While Gilgamesh keeps up to his arrogant attitude by declaring that Abhorash is beneath him, he does concede that he does have guts and perseverance, which is, to him, a lot of credit to give towards what Gilgamesh would usually call "mongrels". Abhorash himself is intrigued by the kind of power the King of Heroes possesses and seeks to challenge and drink his blood one day as a sign of accomplishment.
  • When it comes to his own race, he is pretty cordial to the good-natured ones and would often visit them. He found himself bonding with Alucard as both of them would eventually resent and oppose their superiors at some point for personal reasons (Neferata for Abhorash and Dracula for Alucard) and was intrigued by the concept of the dhampir, given that such a concept doesn't exist in the Warhammer world. Of course, he sees Nagash in seething contempt, given that it was his machinations that led to Neferata's corruption. While he is aware that without the Great Necromancers, the Blood Dragons wouldn't have existed, Abhorash's hatred towards Nagash still persists; if it weren't for him, Lahmia wouldn't have become ruined and he wouldn't have gone through a series of alienation and tragedy, just like many others.
    • Does not see Marlowe Roderick in any sort of respect. It would have been a different story if the town of Barrow was occupied by strong warriors, but the populace had no idea that vampires existed, let alone were prepared and thus comes to see Marlowe as a weakling because of this. Additionally, Vlad's successors, Konrad and Mannfred aren't too impressive either; none of them had a sense of honour like their father did and both were not above killing those weaker than them without discrimination, not to mention Mannfred is a giant coward when things don't go his way. While not as strong as him, Abhorash will be willing to kill Konrad and Mannfred as he sees them as far too disgusting for him and the Blood Dragons to comprehend.

Anakaris, Pharaoh-God of Mummies
  • Theme Song: His Vampire Hunter theme or Red Thirst
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sarcophagus.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Pharaohic mummy, sorcerous yet benevolent godly monarch who fights for his people, very slow movement offset by superior magic and physical abilities, Unpredictable combat, unique fighting style that is hard to control but lethal once understood, being reminded of his less-sane moments.
  • Domains: Mummies, Egypt, Leadership, Magic
  • Followers: Kan-Ra, Tutenstein, Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon, Nefer-Tina, Gibdos, Akmodan II
  • Allies: Anubis, Cosmos, God-Emperor of Mankind,Yugi Muto, all good deities from the Houses of Leadership and Royalty, Arceus, Amaterasu, Madoka Kaname, Settra The Imperishable,
  • Enemies: Demitri Maximoff, Jedah Dohma, Lord Raptor, Melkor, YHVH, Lucifer, The Four Gods Of Chaos, All evil deities from the Houses of Leadership & Royalty, the Trollkaiger, Motonari Mori, Ahau Kin, Homura Akemi, Sekhmet (within the body of Eliza)
  • Rivals: Zeus, Kratos, Sobek, Thor, Ares, Guan Yu, Kuphulu
  • In his mortal pharaoh life, Anakaris was a benevolent and just sorcerer-ruler who respected his people. He also didn't shy away from battle as countless kingdoms tried to conquer his lands and he personally led the charge in each encounter.
    • However, he had forseen his death and he eventually ordered for a pyramid to be built where he will resurrect. As predicted, he was killed in combat and his body entombed. He resurrected as a mummy with his magical powers greatly enhanced by undeath.
  • Even as a mummy, Anakaris is a very tall and powerful individual, but being dead has slowed his physical movements and jumping skills to a crawl. He overcame this obstacle by infusing his body with magic which allows him to not just dash for small distances, but also allows him to appear behind his opponents and being capable of floating/gliding in the air.
  • One of his best-known magic attacks is the Royal Judgement, a concentrated projectile of everything associated with a mummy's curse. Any deity hit with this attack is immediately transformed into a small helpless form unable to attack or defend itself. The curse usually dissipates in a short time but Anakaris can now make the curse last longer due to his ascension.
  • He is no stranger towards many deities as he had faced many of them in combat on two separate occasions.
  • Being a just ruler, he finds himself having conversations with both Cosmos and the God-Emperor of Mankind, which he considers fellow benevolent rulers. He also gets along with many of the good ruler gods in the House of Royalty and Leadership such as Aragorn, Zelda and Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Being a ruler who would fight for his soldiers and his followers, he is disgusted by those who use followers or soldiers as expendable or as sacrifices. Thus, he has Motonari and Ahau Kin on the top of his list.
  • He finds himself at odds with other gods from classic mythology as he wished to test the might of the pharaohs against them. He mostly has fights with Zeus, Thor, Guan Yu, Ares and fellow Egyptian deity Sobek.
    • He also challenged Kratos to combat and found himself a worthy opponent with him. Kratos, however, would never live down when Anakaris "cursed" him into a small baby with his beard and markings. He swore he'd make the pharaoh pay.
    • Anakaris hates how the other two mummies of the Pantheon are Imhotep, an abomination whose Start of Darkness revolved around killing a pharaoh, and Kuphulu, who while not technically a mummy is still a very despicable being.
  • He also found great respect for Madoka Kaname as she sacrificed herself to ensure the safety of her fellow magical girls from a fate worse than death. Anakaris was moved to near tears by the young one.
    • Those tears of sadness were immediately dried when he then heard about the Great Upheaval and the Pantheonic Rebellion. He immediately became furious hearing about YHWH, who tried to kill her in her depowered state. He originally considered him as an ally as he too upheld the power of Law. But upon hearing how his Law was absolute without any consideration for followers, he immediately severed ties with him. His only regret was his late ascension when he could have helped his allies more.
  • Do not remind him of an alternate reality in which he's that not just was a villain, but also an insane simpleton who peppered his speech with non sequiturs. He forever disavowed that event and being reminded of that will unleash the full brunt of his wrath.
    • In fact, the Trollkaiger sent him a gift of a tub of pudding and some lizards to, according to an accompanying card, "put in his pants". For several days, many deities witnessed a tiny chibiesque yellow snake, a Bernkastel doll that moves by itself, a chibiesque weasel with blue hair, a pup skag with a strange human mask placed over its head, a toony trumpet with a hat, a Senketsu-like clone with a pink bow and purple eyepatch, and a white- furred blue-eyed kitten with a large bang of blond hair around the Pantheon for many days. Naturally Ragna, Rika Furude, Shizuo Hewajima, Captain Marvelous, Ryuko and Senketsu, and the Hellsing Organization were smiling for a while.
  • Anakaris was shocked to learn that the parasite Sekhmet was in the pantheon as she was a scourge to his people. He immediately found her within the body of Eliza and naturally went on the attack. However, Anakaris found himself outnumbered by not only the parasite and her host, but also their bodyguards Albus and Horace. The pharaoh now bides his time waiting for the proper moment when he will exterminate the parasite once and for all.
  • As a mummy, Anakaris would often call the help of Anubis to fix some of his mummy wraps if it needs embalming.

    Bloody Marie (Skullgirls
Marie Korbel, Goddess of Undead Children (Bloody Marie, The Skullgirl, Maid For Revenge, Marie 300%)

Leoric, God of Skeletons (The Skeleton King, King Leoric, CAPS LOCK LEORIC, THE MANLIEST HERO WITHOUT TESTICLES)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Crown
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Skeletons, From Good King Slipping To Crazy King, Mithril Weapons, Carry a Big Stick, The Undead
  • Domains: Skulls, Undeads, Royalty
  • High Priest: Barragan Luisenbarn (former holder of the title)
  • Allies: Spinal, Luca Blight, Gul'dan, the Revenants, Xykon, Skeletor, Merasmus the Magician
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Diablo, Arthas Menethil, Krul
  • Respected by: Papyrus and Sans
  • Rivals: Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Enemies: Adria, Hawkgirl, He-Man, The Majority of the House of Royalty, Brightwing, Murky, Uther the Lightbringer, Muradin Bronzebeard, Rexxar, Vincent Godfrey, Usalia, Reinhardt Wilhelm
  • Opposed By: Chen Stormstout
  • Pitied By: Auriel
  • Special Relationship: Aidan (his son), Leah (his granddaughter)
  • The throne used to belong to the skeleton with the ability to rot things, Barragan Luisenbarn. Let's just say that he met someone he couldn't rot away... Leoric. The Skeleton King ended up defeating Barragan, he has in command of an army of Skeletons, which has the boon of the Pantheon of a more solid representation of Skeletons, instead of Barragan's 'rotting things', which doesn't always equate Skeletons. Rather than obliterating him, he offers him a chance to serve him as a subordinate. With Barragan's dissatisfaction with Aizen, he decided to accept the position and allowed Leoric to rise.
  • Rumors has it that once upon a time, before Diablo awakened him the third time, Leoric participated in the Defense of the Ancients, gaining fame as 'The manliest hero without testicles'. Ostarion the Wraith King used to be his apprentice to take up his mantle of the Skeleton King before he went back to sleep. Then he's risen again to do battle against various Heroes from his home-verse. The first thing Leoric did after assuming the throne is contacting Ostarion and rekindling their Villainous Friendship.
  • He used to wield a big sword made out of Mithril. Lately however, he's content with an equally big mace. Hawkgirl takes offense on how he's using his mace for evil.
  • Thanks to his infamous "Darkening of Tristram", Leoric made himself enemies of the majority of Royalty house. There are some who do not possess this sentiment, such as Luca Blight, who proceeds to criticize that he should have expanded into 'Darkening of Sanctuary'. Still, they're kind of friends, sharing their hatred towards humanity overall.
  • Auriel feels some pity for the Skeleton King and the fate that befell him and his brethen. Of course, that doesn't mean she is happy that Leoric now goes draining hope from whoever dares stand in his path.
    Auriel: Leoric has made a habit of draining hope from Creation. I used to take pity on his ill fate, but he is significantly increasing my workload
  • His relationship with his son, Aidan, is complicated. First because Aidan slayed him once when he returned from the dead and second because Aidan refuses to accept him as his father. Although to Leoric's credit, it pains him that his son is completely gone and only a twisted individual remains.
    • As for his granddaughter, Leah? She doesn't think highly of Leoric, though she pities what Leoric went through and and agrees with Aidan that Diablo has ruined their lives enough.
  • One way or another, he will be preparing his army, for the battle called "Skeleton Wars" is at hand and they need to be prepared!
    • Meanwhile, he sees a potential threat in Ainz Ooal Gown due to his ability to instantly kill even that which cannot normally die, which makes him a potential threat to his unlife. However, the two have not come to hostilities yet. What's more, they are both taking an active role as allies in the "Skeleton War". Ainz has been quoted as saying, "The Fuckboys will not be winning this year."
  • "All shall suffer!"

    The Revenants 
The Revenants, Demonic Gods of Terrifying Skeletons (DOOT)
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portifolio: Monstrous Skeletons, Shoots Homing Rockets, Jet Packs capable of limited flight, Not Very Durable, But Hits Hard, The Mascot of the 2016 Reboot Series, Were Originally Human Test Subjects, DOOT
  • Allies: Its fellow Demons (Cacodemons, Archviles, The Cyberdemon), etc; as well as other demonic beings, such as Mephisto, The Violator, Trigon, and Malebolgia, Leoric
  • Enemies: THE DOOMSLAYER, Sans and Papyrus, Sir Daniel, Brook
  • Neutral About: Jack Skellinggton, The Dancing Skeletons
  • Fears: Godzilla
  • It goes without saying that living skeletons are inherently scary. After all, would you like it if a dried up corpse started shambling towards you with the intent of bloodshed? That being said, the many exploits of the Doomslayer would introduce the worst of the lot: The Revenant. Simply put it, while living skeletons are threatening enough, there's a lot to be said for giant demonic rocket launching jet-pack skeletons that screeches at you. It was this quality that got them into the Pantheon.
  • While the Demons being once human isn't much of a secret, Revenants are actually a bit more human than its other fellow demons. A bit ago, the UAC held testing that essentially exposed test subjects (Willing, if that makes it better) to demonic energy for weeks until they died from it, coming back as a demon. They then slapped some cybernetics on it, such as jet packs and rocket launchers, and had them as their own private army. Naturally, they didn't like it very much, if a later outbreak is any indication.
  • Normally, they get along pretty well with their fellow DOOM demons... unless they accidentally hit them. When that happens, the demon immediately starts attacking the one that hit them, which leads to them hitting back, and long story short they eventually kill each other. Revenants aren't the only ones that suffer from this, literally any of the other demons can suffer from this. The only exception is the Archvile, who can get angry at them, but not vice-versa. Obviously, the Slayer has weaponized this from time to time on the rare occasion that he's overwhelmed.
  • Oddly enough, while demons usually don't get along with any non-demonic entities, they seem to be quite friendly with Leoric. While Leoric himself isn't sure why either, chalking it up to his title, he's nonetheless willing to share them with hell, seeing how they have rocket launchers, and one generally doesn't turn down an opportunity like that.
  • The day they mistook Papyrus as one of their own was a day to behold. While Paps was intimidated by their frightening appearance, he still took it in stride, seeing how, to him, he finally got a whole group of friends. Unfortunately, they eventually figured out the accidental charade, and would've killed him if his brother Sans didn't bail him out. Hell, they would've eventually overwhelmed Sans thanks to the other demons joining in the fight if The Doomslayer didn't save them just in time.
  • Shockingly, there was one person who was able to tame them for a bit. That person was Jack Skellington, who encountered them in Halloween Town one day (Long Story) and, like he did to some Heartless, teach them how to spread cheer instead. So, he simply gave them some trumpets and taught them how to play them. The result? This.
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque naturally set out to slay a pack that was terrorizing a village, being a skeleton warrior himself. The next time anyone saw him, he was being chased by flying skeletons shooting homing rockets at him, with Dan clearly fearing for his life. He was eventually able to outsmart and defeat the demons, but he's not forgetting that anytime soon.
  • If there was one being that would terrify all Demons (not just Revenants, mind you) that wasn't the Doomslayer, it's the equally infamous Godzilla. You can thank trip to hell when he was sent there, utterly demolishing both demons and angels alike. While that won't stop them from trying to kill him, they sure as hell ain't gonna enjoy it. Stories of a hellish creature only marginally related to Godzilla do have them interested, however...
  • If you're wondering, yes, they can indeed be found replicating the famous dance that The Dancing Skeletons do. Once again, that was Jacks doing. While the Skeletons themselves would rather stay out of their way, they'll admit that it's quite an amusing sight.
  • Seeing how they're also immensely powerful demon lords, Revenants are naturally loyal to these powerhouses, of note including Mephisto, The Violator and Malebolgia, Trigon, ECT. The Violator in particular, being a Monster Clown, is amused by their more sillier antics listed above. Hell, he's probably responsible for the Trumpet Armor some of them have.

Spinal, God of the Crew of the Undead (Lich King, Warrior God)
  • Theme Song: Ya Ha Haa, Castle Rooftops, Warlord
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Shield, Sword and Mask of The Ancients.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, actually True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Skeletal Pirate Who Leads a Crew of Undead, Being Famous for an Evil Laugh, Ominous Swedish Chanting, Shield Bash, His Skeleport, Being Worshiped as a War God, Death Seeker
  • Domains: Laughing, Skeletons, Shipwrecks, Haunting, Searching Pirates.
  • Allies: Cervantes de Leon, Zobek, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Nito, Sadira, The Kraken, Leoric, Zhaitan.
  • Enemies: Jack Sparrow, Monkey D. Luffy, Jago, B. Orchid.
  • The millennia-undead pirate Spinal travels in search of The Mask of Ancients, a relic that has him under the control of Ultratech. To find it he sails the seas on a large ship and a huge crew of fellow skeletons. When he comes across a wayward ship on his travels he kills all aboard in order to expand his crew. This Crew is the one who sings his song when going to battle.
  • His laugh has been known to disturb quite a few Gods due to the fact that it is creepy and that there should be no physical way from him to do so.
  • Once attempted to take The Throne of Barragan but was stopped by The Grand Alliance of Evil, as they see more use for The King of Hueco Mundo in the position of God of Skeletons; Spinal merely bides his time before he can make his move and take the throne for himself. There are rumors that Spinal was plotting alongside Leoric, to complete his revenge and oust Barragan, though he did not say anything about how Leoric instead lifted the King as his subordinate.
  • During his travels he has come across many good-aligned pirates and has attempted to slay them both to add to his crew and just on basic pirate principle.
  • The lucky few that make it to Shipwreck Shore, attempting to stop Spinal at the Source, quickly become the Unlucky few as they are attacked by The Kraken who has taken Spinal's port as his home.
  • Surprises many Gods that attempt to use energy attacks on Spinal as his shield can absorb the energy of the attack, increasing Spinal's life force and his ability to use curses on others.
  • Contrary to his appearance, Spinal appears to be a competent sorcerer, with his ability to absorb energy-based projectiles and turn the energy against his opponents, cursing them and sapping their strength to add to Spinal's own.

Lesser Gods

    Chihiro Furuya & Rea Sanka 
Chihiro Furuya and Rea Sanka, Divine Duo of Romances Involving a Resurrected Person (Rea: The White Witch)
Chihiro on the left, Rea on the right
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Hydrangea Leaves
  • Theme Music: Esoragoto
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Rea, Chaotic Good for Chihiro
  • Portfolio: Love between the living and the undead
  • Domains: Zombies, Love
  • Allies: Rottytops, Emily, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Jack Skellington, Hsien-Ko, Sans and Papyrus, Daniel Fortesque, Héctor, Ragna the Bloodedge, Alice the 16th, Luigi, Mako Reizei, Ash Williams, Dr. Olivia Moore, Koume Shirasaki
  • Enemies: Evil deities in the House of Family and Relatives, especially Ouranos, Bonnie Hood
  • Complicated Relationship with: The Green Flu Survivors, The Ultimis Team, The School Life Club, Rei Miyamoto, Saeko Busujima, Mio Akiyama
  • Foils to: Captain Gregg and Lucy Muir
  • Avoids: The House of Ghosts
  • Chihiro Furuya is high school student with an obsession with zombies, buying zombie movies, video games, and merchandise. He even dreams of having a zombie girlfriend! A few days after his pet cat Babu dies in an accident, Chihiro looks into a manuscript that explains how to make a "Resurrection" (or more accurately, reanimation) potion, and works to create the potion to bring Babu back from the dead. During this period of time, Chihiro would meet and befriend a girl named Rea Sanka, a young girl from a wealthy and famous family who suffered from having her life controlled by her father and was even the object of his incestuous lust, who shows interest in Chihiro's reanimation potion and offers her aid in making it. After hearing his passion for zombies, Rea has Chihiro promised that if she ever became a zombie, he would take care of her, a promise that would end up coming true sooner than expected when Rea drinks the reanimation potion in a failed attempt to commit suicide, before her father accidently kills her by knocking her off a cliff and crashing onto a tree branch mid-fall. From that point onward, Chihiro vows to fulfill his promise to Rea when she comes back to life as a zombie while retaining her mind.
  • After going through many struggles, such as Chihiro attempting to preserve Rea's body and preventing her from succumbing to Horror Hunger (which incidentally gets his heart eaten by Rea, leading him to get an artificial replacement), Chihiro and Rea were offered an invitation to the Pantheon due to the gods showing in their love story and the circumstances behind it. Rea, interested in the offer, accepts immediately with Chihiro agreeing to accompany her. There, they became of the Divine Duo of Romances between the Living and the Dead.
  • To say Chihiro and Rea's relationship within the Pantheon is divisive is quite the understatement. Zombie Apocalypse survivors are disgusted with it, given how they came close to being mauled to death several times by zombies, something that almost happened to Chihiro at one point. Yet at the same time, there are also deities who believe that, even if they don't approve of the circumstances behind the relationship, it's certainly better than Rea's life living under her father's oppressive thumb, especially considering how he sexually abuses her and doesn't give her a normal life.
    • Emily notes that the relationship between the two was no different from how she fell in love with Victor, and also points out how people had wanted her to get married to Victor without actually considering the consequences. She nevertheless does support the two's relationship after seeing just how much Chihiro cares for Rea, being one of the few who does so.
    • Understandably, the pair aren't fond of Ouranus, who reminds them of Rea's father Dan'Ichiro, with the only difference being Ouranus bedded his mother. The fact that he was castrated also reminds the two how Dan'Ichiro tried to castrate him as well. Other deities were disgusted upon hearing Rea's life under her father, seeing him as one of worst parents to have. The fact that he's no longer antagonistic towards Chihiro and is accepting of the two's relationship does nothing to change their minds.
    • Ash Williams is so far the most accepting of the pair among Zombie Apocalypse survivors, though he is a little concerned about Rea's Horror Hunger every now and then after hearing about the incident between her and Chihiro. Dr. Olivia Moore, who is also a Friendly Zombie like Rea, has heard of how Rea can apparently regained her memories eating Chihiro's heart, has offered to teach Rea how gain memories from eating brains.
    • Bonnie Hood is absolutely disgusted with the pair, Rea for being a zombie and Chihiro for loving and protecting her. However, deities in the Pantheon have kept her from making attempts to kill them, including deities who don't like the relationship or are conflicted with it since even they don't like Bonnie Hood.
  • Currently, Rea is staying at a temple in the House of Unliving Beings, either accepting visits from her friends (especially Chihiro) or occasionally leaving to meet her caretaker, with Chihiro being her escort. Currently deities from the House of Plants are gathering Hydrangea Leaves to give to Rea, since the toxins in them are the best source of sustenance for her and deities in the Houses of Science, Magic and Sorcery, and Knowledge are currently researching methods to help Rea avoid succumbing to Horror Hunger again and attacking people, as well as to prevent her body from decaying.
    • There have been attempts from the Pantheon to restore Rea to a living girl again, from Nagato using the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, to other deities making a wish to Shenron or Prismo. Some of these attempts don't work at all, either because it's beyond their power or it can only work temporarily. Rea has already gotten used to being a zombie, though she does appreciate other people's efforts to give her a living body and hopes one day they can succeed, admitting she would like to be able to enjoy the sensations other people can experience (such as tasting human food, or feeling hot or cold).
    • During her off-days, Rea tends to scare people as the White Witch by demanding body parts for her to eat in exchange for granting wishes. Jack Skellington does praise her for this, offering to have her taken to Halloween Town and have her take part in the festivities.
    • Rea tends to speak with other undead characters in the Pantheon, such as Rottytops, Hsien-Ko, Sans and Papyrus, Daniel Fortesque, and Héctor. Rea gets along with Rottytops the most as a fellow zombie, since she is one of the few zombies who retains her sanity due to specific circumstances, in her case, by drinking coffee. Rottytops acts as a Cool Big Sis to Rea and promises to help her adapt to life as a zombie. Héctor, as a father, was outraged when he heard about how Rea was treated by her father, making it clear that if it were up to him, Dan'Ichiro would never have over Rea alive or dead again. He does show his support for Chihiro after how he was a good friend to Rea, promising to support him no matter what.
  • Chihiro tends to visit the House of Health and Diseases to check on his artificial heart and blood every now and then, since being bitten by Rea so many times had caused some of the zombie poison to enter his bloodstream and allow him to survive many things that would kill a normal human being, even keeping him alive long enough to get an artificial heart transplant.
  • The young zombie was fascinated by the Phantom Thieves of Hearts after hearing how they make criminal and corrupt authority figures feel remorse for their actions. The Phantom Thieves quickly befriended Rea and Chihiro, letting the former know how if they knew Dan'Ichiro was treating Rea and even threatend to castrate Chihiro just for coming near her, they would have changed his heart as well. Haru finds Rea's struggles similar to her own, but she finds Dan'Ichiro more horrifying due to his lust for his daughter, while Rea is horrified that Haru's father tried to force her to marry an obvious Domestic Abuser.
  • Ironically, despite his passion for zombies, Chihiro is afraid of ghosts and other things involving live horror such as haunted houses. Because of this, he avoids going to the House of Ghosts, though he admits his little sister would have loved to go there. Because of this, Chihiro has earned the friendship of Ragna, Alice, Mako, Luigi, and Mio for their shared fear of ghosts.
    • This irony even extends to Captain Gregg and Lucy Muir's relationship, considering how this couple can be considered a foil to Chihiro and Rea's relationship. Chihiro is among the living with a zombie love interest, while the initially living Lucy has a ghost love interest. While Chihiro does survive and live alongside Rea, Lucy ends up together in death with Gregg. Chihiro, still afraid of ghosts, finds it uncomfortable being near Gregg, even after being reassured he's friendly. Rea is far more accepting of their presence, while Lucy and Gregg feel sympathy for the zombie for the life she had to go through and are happy she at least found someone to care for her.
    • While Mio is willing to talk with Chihiro, she finds Rea absolutely scary, due to her fear of horror stuff. Seeing Rea as a zombie horrifies her and causes her to keep her distance, even after being told that she won't harm her.
  • Koume Shirasaka, as a horror enthusiast, loves Rea for being a zombie. Hearing about how Rea was raised by her father, who also threatened to castrate Chihiro just for being near her, reinforces Koume's discomfort with the living, stating without hesitation that Rea definitely deserves Chihiro far more than she does her father (and the fact that Rea's father is no longer antagonistic towards Chihiro does not change her mind at all). This made her fast friends with Chihiro as she promises to help him take care of Rea.

    Sir Daniel Fortesque 
Sir Daniel Wigginbottom Fortesque IV, God of Undead Eyes (Sir Dan, The Hero of Gallowmere, Target-Face, The Hero Searching for His Legend, A Knight in Search of His Legend)
  • Lesser God with moments of Intermediate
  • Symbol: The skull emblem on his shield.
  • Theme Song: Medievil Theme, Dan's Crypt and Return to the Graveyard
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being a skeleton, Lost an eye to an arrow, Coming Back from the Dead, Ripping off his own arm and beating you with it, Weaponizing Fried Chicken, Lots of Weapons, Being Unintelligible, Wielding Steampunk BFGs, Time Travel, Not being as heroic as originally thought until redeeming himself 100 years later.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Combat, Time Travel, Chivalry, Knighthood, Death (in a sense), Cowardice (before death), Courage (after)
  • Heralds: The Gargoyles, King Peregrine, Professor Kift, Kiya, Winston Chapelmount.
  • Allies: Sly Cooper, Bentley, Ratchet, Link, Mr. Satan, Sir Arthur, Artix von Krieger, PaRappa, Jak, Daxter, Sora, Riku, Jack Skellington, Sans and Papyrus, The Skull Knight, Skullomania, Quasimodo
  • Rivals: Colonel Mael Radec
  • Enemies: Zarok, Polygon Man, Jack the Ripper, Needles Kane, Melkor, Nekron, Arthas Menethil, Kel'thuzad, Zhaitan, The Helghast, Vaal Hazak, "Hero Killer" Stain, Them!, The Dahaka
  • Opposes: Caius Ballard
  • Avoids: The Freaks
  • Long ago, in the land of Gallowmere there existed the legend of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a brave knight who led the charge against the evil wizard Zarok and defeated his army at the cost of his own life. His legend would be sung all around the land of Gallowmere and Fortesque was hailed as the savior of the land but the reality was far more different. The truth is that Fortesque was the first to fall in battle, slain by a loose arrow that hit him in the eye and his death was such an embarrasment that King Peregrine had to make up the story to keep up morale. Zarok resurfaced a hundred years later, resurrecting the dead in an effort of enacting his revenge against Gallowmere but that also ended up resurrecting Dan, who then after being taunted for his past failures, set out to defeat Zarok and save Gallowmere. And he ended up succeeding and proving that he indeed was the Savior of Gallowmere
  • His ascension happened after he woke up in a museum displaying his corpse. He seemingly startled the present deities since they were not expecting the skeleton to rise up but to their relief, Fortesque meant no harm. The last thing Dan remembered before resurrecting again was that he was time travelling with his love interest Prince Kiyante but then the details got a bit fussy.
    • The reason he was awarded the title of undead eyes was because of his singular eye being the only flesh he has and the only indication that he is far more benevolent that most of the other undead that were resurrected by Zarok. Considering the similarities to the Hall of Heroes, Daniel was happy to be among several deities to be chosen but considering the very specific and broad nature of the pantheon, he feared that this place wasn't as secured as the Hall of Heroes he knew.
  • Dan is very ashamed of his past as a charlatan and has tried his best to demonstrate that he is indeed a hero. That's why he doesn't take kindly to insults about his actions or everything before his death but so far, the House of Heroism is willing to put aside those differences and hail Dan as the hero he is. Mr. Satan, being the divine Fake Ultimate Hero can certainly relate to the perils of lying about your accomplishments but praised Dan for actually saving the world with his own skills, something that he himself couldn't quite do with Cell. But then again, Fortesque reminded him that he really did indeed save his universe later and in Dan's eye that makes him a hero as well.
    • That said, that backstory did catch the attention of Stain who denounced Fortesque as someone unfit to be on the Hall of Heroes and the title of Sir Knight. He tried to attack and paralyze the skeleton but his lack of blood prevented Stain's quirk from working. Dan fended off the fiend and since then has been wary of Stain.
  • He may be undead, but he is still on the side of good. He actually was the first undead deity to join the GUAG Sacred Knights, which surprised everyone considering one of its leader's hatred for the undead. Artix von Krieger did try to smite Dan but he saw that unlike other undead, Dan was a pretty nice guy all around and accepted him, ironically becoming one of his best buddies in the pantheon believe it or not.
  • Dan was one of the several summoned to fight at Polygon's Man Tournament. There he met several other characters that ended up befriending once they met in a more relaxed enviroment. Together, they seek to take down Polygon Man after they learned of his ascension.
    • Dan ended up crossing paths with the Helghast Colonel Radec, who thought of Fortesque as just someone beneath him and challenged him to a duel. The first time Fortesque emerged victorious and ever since the two held a rather fierce rivalry, Radec having come to respect Fortesque even if he is very dissapointed about his past. That said, the Helghast have tried to eliminate Sir Dan several times since he tended to distract Radec from his duties and being reminded of Zarok's boiler guards, Dan dispatched them without a second thought and has kept at it everytime the Helghast ambush him.
  • He seems to get along with Link given their shared background as adventurers and heroes tasked with saving the world. Link was curious to learn some sword techniques from Dan but considering Fortesque is only able to pull those off thanks to him being a skeleton.
    • Sir Arthur almost tried to kill Dan on sight but too stopped when Fortesque didn't retaliate. He recognized Daniel as a worthy hero and humbly requested to spar with him as a sight of respect from one sir knight to another.
  • He doesn't take kindly to eye jokes, he still a bit sensitive about his missing eye. And please, don't tell him arrow to the knee joke.
  • Naturally opposed to the evil undead, with figures such as Nekron or the Lich King being at the top of the list. Necromancers also tick him off, being tired of always being raised to served them only for those same Necromancers to be slain by them. Kel'thuzad tried to sway Fortesque to his master's side but that ended up failing.
  • One of the tall tales he used to tell was about how he slained several dragons. Now as an undead, while he hasn't gotten himself in any beef with a dragon since he knocked some sense into that dragon from the crystal caves, the Pantheon was home to a wide array of evil dragons. He got involved into a fight with Zhaitan who caused an outbreak near his temple. Another one was Vaal Hazak, who attacked Dan to feast on his remains. The Dragon's abilities luckily didn't work on Fortesque given that, for a lack of a better word, was stripped to the bone and his eye didn't detach either. He narrowly defeated the dragon but as a result was trapped in the Rotten Vale for a while, a place that reminded Dan of the Pool of the Ancient Dead.
  • Frequently the victim of trolling and being made fun of, something he suffered a lot from Gargoyle statues but thankfully those are nowhere to be seen here. Dan could never understand how someone like Quasimodo can even stand to leave with them but the hunchback later explained to Fortesque that they aren't mean to him at all. Dan was also glad that Quasimodo was a friendly guy, considering he's been attacked by hunchback people numerous times and he has had a bad experience with them.
  • He never expected to encounter Jack the Ripper again in the pantheon. Fortesque absolutely despises him for being responsible for killing Kiya in one timeline and forcing Dan to travel back in time to save her. However, given that Jack's form is ever changing, the Ripper doesn't remember Fortesque at all and Dan recalls that he used to look like a Freddy Krueger-esque person that could summon meteors (don't ask).
  • Would rather stay away from ants and freakshows, having had some nasty experiences in places like that. For that reason, Them! had tried to eliminate the Sir Knight but failed given Dan's experience in the ant caves. Dan also heard from the Freaks but he rather avoid them altogether even if they pose no threat to him.
  • Given the aforementioned incident involving Kiya and the time travel machine he used to save her and return back to his time got him in trouble with the Time Police. Dan was let go after he proved to not have caused any big changes on the timeline other than getting an extremely rare golden armor. However, this did get him to get stalked by the Dahaka who reminds Dan of the Shadow Demons.
  • He befriended a lot of friendly skeleton deities after he ascended. He and Jack Skellinton found to have a lot in common and often invites Dan to his temple. Papyrus finds it really cool that there is another skelleton knight of justice in the pantheon and looks up to Fortesque as if he were a brother while Sans is just happy Papyrus is making more friends. Then there was the Skull Knight, who praised Fortesque mettle and even if he was aware of his rather embarrassing backstory, he has shown interest on taking Dan under his wing.
  • "I'll show you!"
  • Can also be found at Eye Appearances.

    The Headless Horseman 
The Headless Horseman, The Deified Head-Hunter (The Avenger of Shinjuku, Death, Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt note )
The Headless Rider atop the King of Currumpaw 

Hsien-Ko, Goddess of Jiang-Shi (Lei-Lei)

    Sans and Papyrus 
Sans and Papyrus, Patron Saints of Friendly Skeletons (Both: The Skeletons, The Skeleton Brothers, The Skelebros, The Font Brothers | Sans: Comic Sans, Lazybones, Sansy, Smiley Trashbag, The Easiest Enemy, The Ultimate Tumblr Sexyman | Papyrus: The Great Papyrus, CoolSkeleton95, Pap, Papy, That Very Famous Royal Guardsman, Unparalleled Spaghettore, Head of the Royal Guard)
art by dogbomber
  • Demigod (Sans), Lesser (Papyrus) Sans is actually an Lesser God who is capable of going toe-to-toe with deities far above his own rank, including Frisk at peak determination. He's just pretending to be a Demigod both for his brother's sake and because he doesn't want people to know how strong he really is.
  • Symbol: A plate of spaghetti (Papyrus), a bottle of ketchup (Sans); alternatively, their respective faces
  • Theme Music
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Sans), Neutral Good (Papyrus)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Both: Speech, Friendship, Skeletons
    • Sans: Comedy, Laziness, Science, Judgement, Karma, Punishment
    • Papyrus: Ego, Puzzles
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Deadpool, Nefarian (Sans only)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes:
  • Odd Relationships: Bloody Marie, W. D. Gaster
  • Respect: Leoric, Nito
  • Good Counterpart to: Skeletor (Papyrus)
  • Conflicting Opinions: Lord Hater and Commander Peepers (Papyrus is outright friendly with them, while Sans is VERY wary of them but will team up with them under specific circumstances)
  • Pitied by: ICEY (Sans Only)
  • The pair just showed up in the Pantheon one day and...asserted themselves. Nobody knows where they came from or what exactly they are, but they seem to spend most of their time in their temple.
  • Sans in particular likes to greet other deities by saying "You. Don't you know how to greet a new pal?" and proceeds to offer them his hand to shake… only to have them set off a whoopie cushion that he was holding. Nobody knows how he does that, nor do they really question it.
  • The only thing that Sans doesn't slack off on is practical jokes. He will play pranks on everyone and anyone he can. That said, due to the sheer number of meals that have been ruined by excess toppings on his part the House of Food is very wary of his presence.
  • Papyrus meanwhile has a great love for puzzles and spaghetti. Specifically, he loves creating puzzles for others to solve (even if they're not very difficult) and cooking spaghetti (even if it isn't very edible). He often invites Professor Layton to solve his puzzles, even if they are easy enough a child could solve them.
  • They get along quite well with other skeleton deities in the Pantheon, namely Clinkz and Sir Daniel (both of whom Papyrus sees as great - though not as great as him! - trainers).
    • Leoric approached them not long after their ascension and demanded their submission to his army. They clarifed that they weren't actually undead, merely magical beings (monsters) with a skeletal appearance. They still pay their respects to him as God of Skeletons, though they don't want any part of his goals.
  • Papyrus is GREAT friends with Kamina, as the two have bonded over boasting about how amazing the former is.
  • Due to his countless experiences in his homeplane, Sans holds a very special disdain for anyone who kills without consideration.
    • He hates Ex for this reason, as the AI uses his abilities to do just this.
  • Sans has been seen hanging out with The Doctor and Dr. Emmet Brown recently. He's actually had lunch at Grillby's with them and they genuinely enjoy each other's company. Rumors have spread about his intentions in spending time with two of the Pantheon's foremost experts of Time Travel, but none have been confirmed nor denied by the trio.
  • Sans knows that he is a game character, and so tends to get along with other deities who are also aware of their fictitious status. He sees Deadpool as a violent loonie and Nefarian as a wannabe conqueror. When it comes to Neptune, on the other hand, he's not quite sure what to think of her. On one hand, she kills monsters on a regular basis, but on the other hand, said monsters aren't like him or his brother and she does it to protect her followers from them, because they are truly vicious and malevolent creatures. Also, she has a lot in common with both him and his brother, wich makes Sans's opinion about her even more conflicted. Whenever they meet, they usually get along well and she doesn't do anything bad or malicious. They all get into contests to see who can stack the most 'dogs on other people's heads.
  • Sans is highly distrustful of any sentient and/or talking flowers due to what happened last time.
    • Papyrus, meanwhile, is willing to give everyone and everything a chance to be his friend. This puts him on good terms with Fluttershy, even though he startles her every time they meet.
  • Both are big fans of Skulduggery Pleasant, so when they finally got to meet him in-person, there was quite a bit of fan-boying (mostly from Papyrus).
  • Sans has found a kindred spirit in Yu Narukami, as both are very protective brothers, thus he asked him to treat Papyrus well.
    • Yu proceeded to not only befriend Papyrus but to quickly max his Social Link, ultimately culminating with with the latter misinterpreting something the former said as flirting and thus assuming that he wanted to date him. Yu cleared up the confusion, of course, but not before being told the following:
    Papyrus: "Human, I... I'm sorry. But I cannot return your feelings. I apologize for forcing you to fall deeper into your love for me!"
  • Sans has encountered Terumi. They don't see eye-to-eye-socket on the nature of trolling others. Papyrus still wants Sans to move his sock, though.
  • Bloody Marie has a weird relationship with the brothers. Their first meeting was awkward, at best. While she finds Papyrus endearing and is more than willing to be his friend, she hates Sans' tendency to make puns at her expense. At the very least, she's happy that neither of them are interested in the Skull Heart.
  • They also met Gravelord Nito. According to Sans, it was pretty nito. (Much to Papyrus's chagrin)
    • While they were in Lordran visiting Nito, the pair also happened to meet Solaire of Astora. He and Papyrus naturally became instant pals, and Papyrus is interested in sharing the benefits of JOLLY COOPERATION with everyone back home. Sans, meanwhile, quietly met with Gwyndolin and became an honorary Blade of the Darkmoon. Though he doesn't have any position on the cycle of Light and Dark, dunking on sinners is pretty much the only job he takes seriously, so he figured "why not?"
  • Many of the other deities in this House swear they can sometimes hear a cacophony originating from the Brothers' residence. When questioned, the pair just shrug and say that were bored.
  • According to some deities, there exists an alternate timeline where it was Papyrus who decided to confront the Fallen Human as a last obstacle instead of Sans.
    • When asked about it, Papyrus just shrugs and offers the questioner some spaghetti.
  • Both brothers are on good terms with Brook, Sans in particular often times has jam sessions with the skeletal pirate. He's really good at playing the trombone, as Papyrus can attest.
  • Many gods mistakenly assume their quirks mean they're not dangerous if forced into combat, but they'd be wrong. Papyrus is deceptively strong for his personality, can manipulate gravity and can beat less agile foes even if he's entirely distracted by something, and the less said about what happens if you get Sans to act, the better.
    • Sans may or may not be a greater god for a reason. He doesn't necessarily have to fight to win, he fights to make the other guy give up using cheap tricks, sneak attacks, and moves that break the fundamental "rules" of combat in his world (which those who engage him are forced to deal with), one of his strangest powers is his ability to weaponize negative karma to literally eat away at someone comparative to the sin they've committed. This is even moreso since he doesn't lose his memories after killing a god because they revive instead of LOAD, meaning he can keep catching them out instead of unknowingly recycling attacks. So in short, while beatable, Sans usually deters those who aren't determined enough to survive multiple frustrating deaths, something a lot of villains are not. At least not enough to bother with him for too long; there's determination, and there's plain old stubbornness to not see a very costly cause. Also, karma manipulation and his temporal-proof memory aren't his only powers. Like his brother, he can partially manipulate gravity. Plus, he can teleport, he can use magic, he has limited time-manipulation powers, he can use the fourth wall against you, ect...
  • They were both happy to hear that Toriel had ascended to the Pantheon, or at least Sans was, Papyrus was less than thrilled after they subjected him to ten straight minutes of puns. Sans isn't sure how to feel about the rumors that have sprung up about his relationship with Toriel, but assures with a shrug they're just friends. That said, someone threatening to tell Toriel the truth about Flowey is one of the few things that puts him on the fast track to giving them a bad time, even if they're not the kind of omnicidal loons he normally breaks his apathy for.
  • When they were informed that Frisk had ascended, Papyrus was quick to run to the house in which they had been assigned, excitedly "Nyeh heh heh"-ing throughout. Sans was more chill about it, but they have been happily reunited. The three went for Nice Cream to catch up on things.
    • And should any villain attempt to harm/torture the child or otherwise try and force them to abandon their ideals, they're gonna have a very, very bad time.
  • Upon hearing about Luffy and Ace, especially about their tale of how Ace died, Sans actually felt a good amount of pity for the duo, seeing as he also tries to keep his brother alive despite being in fear of a possible timeline reset. He has offered to join them (along with other brothers,) to help keep them all safe, which they all happily accepted. Luffy even picked up the habit of calling Akainu a "dirty brother killer."
    • Papyrus was thrilled to see Sans so passionate about protecting something, that he joined to show support for him. He was less excited when he found Sans and Ace sleeping in a standing position at random Pantheon points, but still hung over them to protect them himself.
      • Undyne, upon finding out about this, more or less went straight to Luffy and Ace and declared that she'll be the team mom who will protect them. They were more than happy to have her aboard.
  • One day, Isaac showed up at the exit to the Ruins instead of Frisk. While he was confused at first, he slowly but surely realized what happened to the Human Child. Cue Paranoia Fuel as Sans went straight into the Basement and saved Frisk. During this time, Papyrus helped keep Isaac company, and he, along with Sans, help Isaac navigate through his basement from time to time.
  • Papyrus ascended into the GUAG Sacred Knights after surviving the deadliest challenge there: surviving Artix von Krieger's unholy love to smite the undead. It took Papyrus's gravity powers to immobilize Artix, but he desire to not kill Artix is what proved his worth. It also helps that Sir Daniel Fortesque (another Undead Knight) is also in the ranks so Papyrus has company.
  • No, he's not related to Ness. The next person who brings it up will have a bad time.
    • The theory that he and Papyrus are two halves of Gaster, though? He's just keeping silent on the matter, and Papyrus is just (or perhaps feigns he is) oblivious.
  • Sans's Hidden Depths are so deep, it's thought that only the Main House knows the true extent of them. His past is a mystery to everyone, he seems to have at least associations with nearly every god who's not completely irredeemable (almost every conversation when Sans comes up involves a "you know him too?") And his knowledge of things well beyond the scope of even his true rank boggles the mind. It's often thought that despite not being a time traveler himself, he already knows how events will play out all the way to the final battle between good and evil, which is why he's still apathetic unless something really threatens to throw off the natural balance of what should happen.
  • Surprisingly, Papyrus gets along swimmingly with Lord Hater, citing him as the other cool looking skeleton. They are often seen dressing up and trying to out do each other in terms of looking stylish. However, Hater isn't interested in him constantly trying to say he could be a good person, but that isn't enough to keep him from hanging out with the eager to please the skeleton.
    • Sans, unsurprisingly, is keeping a watchful eye on Hater and promises that he will not enjoy what happens if he hurts Papyrus. He's willing to cut Peeper's SOME slack, as while he is still a villain, at least he doesn't want to have a body count in innocent lives or cause destruction (as that will leave nothing left to conquer later). He's also interested with the idea of teaming up with them in case they decide that Terumi has gone too far down a genocidal path in the Pantheon.
    • Wander, on the other hand, gets along swimmingly with the two of them, especially Papyrus as he reminds Wander a bit of Lord Hater.
  • Papyrus may or may not have the ability to use his brother's signature Gaster Blasters if what Papyrus has mentioned to others regarding his special attack is to be believed. Papyrus prefers not to comment further on the matter and his brother isn't saying anything either.
  • Many in the Pantheon were stunned to find what appeared to be Sans competing in the fifth Smash tournament. As it turned out, it was just a Mii wearing a costume of him. Sans apparently did get an invitation to join the tournament, but just couldn't be bothered to commit to the physical regiment the tournament required.


Ahkmenrah, God of Friendly Mummies (Fourth King of The Fourth King)
Ahkmenrah at night without his wrappings
Click here  for Ahkmenrah in his mummy wrap
Click here  for Ahkmenrah in a decayed/near-death state
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Tablet of Ahkmenrah that gives him life
  • Theme Song: The Tablet of Ahkmenrah
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Chummy Mummy, Nice Guy, A Pharaoh From About 4000 Years Ago, Was Stuck In His Sarcophagus For Over Fifty Years As a Sealed Good in a Can, Mature Younger Sibling, His Brother Is A Total Tool, One Of The Main Heroic Forces In The Series, Only Sane Man, Ascended Extra, Has An Elegant Golden Crown, Prone To Some Low-Key Sarcasm, Cunning Linguist
  • Domains: Pharaohs, Mummies, Resurrection, Cordiality, Museums, Magic
  • Heralds: His parents Merenkahre and Shepseheret
  • High Priest: Murray the Mummy
  • Venerates: The Egyptian pantheon
  • Interested in: Seto Kaiba, Pegasus J Crawford, Nabu/Doctor Fate, Lostbelt Qi Shi Huang
  • Allies: Larry Daley, Theodore Roosevelt, Altera, Jeanne d'Arc, Yugi, the other Yugi/the Nameless Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, Anakaris, Rishid, Marik Ishtar, Ryou Bakura, Indiana Jones, Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders/Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), Big Bird
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Linkara, Irwin
  • On speaking terms with: Moses, Settra the Imperishable, Mavis Dracula
  • Enemies: Ramses II, Nyarlathotep, Joffrey Baratheon, Scar, Dhuum, Nagash, Dark Marik, Dark Bakura, Zorc Necrophades, Fafnir, Lord Voldemort, Dio Brando, Charles zi Britannia, Darth Plagueis
  • Sitcom Archnemesis with: Ahkenaten
  • Opposes: Admiral General Aladeen
  • Fears: Apophis, AM, Ghatanathoa, Nekron, Lord Tirek
  • Wary of: Teth-Adam/Black Adam
  • Pities: Ramses II, Czeslaw Meyer, the Five Survivors
  • Second son and heir of Merenkahre and Shepseheret. Fourth King of Fourth King. Ahkmenrah was a pharaoh from an unclear dynasty circa 2000 BCE, who's patriarch sought to allow them to be a family even beyond death. So a tablet was created that at night would revive their mummies, and as a side-effect would bring museum exhibits to life. His remains were discovered in an archeological expedition in 1938 and he was made a permanent exhibit of the New York Museum of Natural History in 1952. For over fifty years the exhibits would come to life, but he would be stuck in his sarcophagus. Fortunately this'd change when Larry Daley became a night guard and he was finally able to be out and interact with people at night. Later on the tablet was at risk of dying and he went on a quest to find his father, as he knew how to heal. While the Tablet of Ahkmenrah is mainly at the British Museum so he can be with his parents, sometimes it is moved back to New York so he can hang out with the people and exhibits there.
  • Given life by the Tablet of Ahkmenrah, his ascension to the Trope Pantheon meant that the tablet had to join him as part of the Great Treasury. The suggestion to bring him to the Trope Pantheon came from his friend Larry Daley, who gave the low-don on who he was and why he applies for the Chummy Mummy trope. Unlike his older brother Ahkmenrah is a pleasant, sensible and down to earth guy. Initially the nature of the tablet meant he was unable to be too far from it or act during the daytime, which limited his interactions with the pantheon. However the House of Undead and Phasmata had ways around it. The pharaoh Anakaris saw a kindhearted pharaoh, one worth of teaching the secret of living (even further) beyond death. Studying under Anakaris, Ahkmenrah gained the ability to survive during the daytime while in the pantheon. However during the day he will be in a truly mummified, walking corpse state akin to when the tablet was about to lose its powers, even if he lacks any of the mortal weaknesses such a state would cause him. Unsurprisingly he still prefers the nighttime.
  • Ahkmenrah's first order of business was to request his parents become his heralds if they cannot be outright pantheon deities, and that request was granted. The second request was to get to see his friends...or more accurately, the historical figures his friends were based off. The New York Natural History Museum has replicas of Theodore Roosevelt, Atilla the Hun and more recently Joan of Arc. Much like Larry he had to accept that the ones in the pantheon aren't the same as the ones he made friends with, but he still tried to reach out and make friends with them. For the most part, the three are cordial with him since they recognize he's a Nice Guy. As a historian and an adventurer, T.R was fascinated to learn of this lost pharaoh and he'd love to visit the museum where exhibits came to life. But first, he wanted to show him off to the archeologist Indiana Jones. Jones has had a good deal of experience with ancient supernatural artifacts, though he insists there's some sort of scientific explanation for the Tablet of Ahkmenrah animating him.
    • Jeanne d'Arc and Altera are generally affable to Ahkmenrah, and intrigued by the tablet he has that gave him life a second time. He's a bit surprised by the latter, however, since she looks nothing like the wax Atilla he knows; he didn't know Atilla the Hun was actually an alien Living Weapon that also looks like a cute anime girl. Then again, he's (un?)living proof history is not what it seems.
  • His father is of the belief that the only gods that are real are the Egyptian gods. While Ahkmenrah is more respectful to other people's beliefs, it's easy to see where he's coming from since the family has risen from their grave thanks to magic from a very specific Egyptian deity; Khonshu. Who seems too busy being involved with Marc Spector to petition for a place in the Trope Pantheon. Ahkmenrah wonders how his dad is going to rationalize all the different pantheons with representatives in the Trope Pantheon, to say nothing of the fantasy ones, but that doesn't change the fact his faith is with the gods of his forefathers and the nation he once ruled over. That said, he and Set aren't on good terms. This is less because of Set's villainy since his Demonization started from an invasion after Ahkmenrah's time, and more because he became an ally of his evil brother. There's no personal beef between Set and Ahkmenrah though, with Set musing that Kamunrah would've been better off at a therapist than trying to take over the world; the latter just felt fun at the time.
  • Ahkmenrah can only imagine the arguments his father would get in with Akhenaten, who he considers very frustrating. Ahkmenrah pointed to the heretic that the Egyptian gods are there in the Trope Pantheon as walking disproof of his ridiculous "Atenism", only for Akhenaten to rationalize them as "aspects of Aten" or "aliens mistaken for gods". They get into a lot of religious arguments, leading to Akhenaten mocking how he died young, which made Ahkmenrah stand up and go "so did your son!". Akhenaten apologized afterwards and admitted he went too far. His son Tutankhamun wasn't too offended by this, and has mused he and Ahkmenrah are both young, obscurenote  pharaohs and wonders if together, they could be greater than the sum of their parts. They get along in part because the writers seem to have used King Tut as inspiration for Ahkmenrah.
  • During his time the Jews were still subjugated by the Egyptians, which his dad saw nothing wrong with it and justified it by Happiness in Slavery. He's embarrassed by this as asides from learning English during his stay at Cambridge, he also learned no, no they weren't. They made a big thing on how not-okay with it they were. And it makes his interactions with Moses...awkward. After apologizing for what his family and country has done Moses told him he doesn't need to apologize since he doesn't intend to continue the sins of the father. He did ask what he thought about his former adoptive brother, though. Ahkmenrah does understand and sympathize with his plight, mainly losing his firstborn given the reason his tablet was created, but believes his stubbornness and enforcing of a brutal system is an evil he wished he realized. Ramses II holds no real enmity to Ahkmenrah, but he is still an enemy since he seeks to take the Tablet of Ahkmenrah for himself; both as a means of waging war on the Israelites, and to resurrect his son.
  • Is currently petitioning for an honorary spot in the Hall of Forms of Immortality since he is to a degree a sort of immortal; the Tablet of Ahkmenrah brings him to life eternally youthful during the night. It's not a Soul Jar mind you, though it has similar purposes to one. And if it's destroyed (either conventionally or derived of moonlight for too long), he's Killed Off for Real along with all the exhibits it animates...not too different from a horcrux, actually. Ahkmenrah takes offense to that, as he may have a form of immortality but that doesn't mean he disregards humanity like Voldemort-he's appalled by the wizard murdering and splitting his own soul to anchor himself to the living world. The Dark Lord seeks his tablet to turn into a horcrux, as it'd probably have the unwanted side-effect of making everything the tablet animates come under his influence. Darth Plagueis also wants to abscond with the tablet, but he sees it as more of a step into gaining Complete Immortality and Ahkmenrah's death would be "collateral damage". He's saved it for later since he wants to observe its ability to give life first; there something to be gained from simple observation first.
  • He's somewhat interested in the Alternate History version of Qi Shi Huang, an Immortal Ruler who managed to transcend mortality. He can't say that he's all that fond of his means of maintaining what he calls utopia, though admits that he hasn't been all that political in a long time. More so, he holds a passive interest and has thought that had his father held more ambition, theirs could've been a dynasty that lasted forever. Ultimately, Merenkahre was more concerned with them as a family unit than them lording over Egypt (not that he didn't enjoy the latter). Voldemort mused that Ahkmenrah is "shockingly unambitious" and will begrudgingly point to this parallel Chinese emperor to make his point, to which the pharaoh felt "well, I think I have something better than any power and it's a shame you never understood given you'd clear be better off if you did".
  • For someone who spent over fifty years locked in a sarcophagus he's handled it remarkably well, acting as the Only Sane Man instead of a gibbering wreck. That said the whole experience was still awful and he spent much of that half-century screaming to get out. And then, he learned about AM, and it brought back some really bad memories. Like pretty much anyone with compassion he feels nothing but pity towards the Five Survivors for their sadistic Fate Worse than Death, and while he hates AM he fears him significantly more. Ghatanathoa and Apophis terrify him as well, seeing as how the latter is The Dreaded of his religion and for very good reasons, while the former will mummify anyone who sees it and keep them alive. He's scared of Nekron and Tirek too, as the former could turn him into a "sleeper agent" Black Lantern because of his resurrected status and the latter drains know, the only thing keeping him alive. On a similar note, he also feels bad for Czeslaw Meyer for the torture his immortality "afforded" him.
  • Despite being a lot younger than his brother his parents never made said brother the heir, and from the looks of things they were rather disappointed by his childish, vainglorious personality. This is pretty understandable since Kahmunrah aspires to Take Over the World and is comically, childishly evil. According to an early script of the second movie, he killed Ahkmenrah by poisoning him in his sleep, and while how he died is never brought up it wouldn't be out of character for that to become canon eventually. That said, despite his legendary hatred the two have never interacted in their revived status. Ahkmenrah believes should his brother claw his way out of the underworld a second time he'll ally with Scar and Joffrey Baratheon, being the entitled royal villains they are. Joffrey doesn't hit close to home given he hasn't tried offing any relatives to secure the thronenote , but he does remind him of his brother only much nastier and more pathetic. The illborn king wants Ahkmenrah to be smothered in his mummy wraps for calling him pathetic.
  • Feels that mummies get a bad rap, saying "we're not like zombies, mummies are just how the dead of Egypt were offense to any Friendly Zombie". To make a point, he made his High Priest Marcus the Mummy. This was also a favor to Dracula, of Hotel Transylvania fame..only that Dracula though. He wanted to show his respect to him for having hosted all sorts of monsters and ghoulies that'd be right at home at the New York Museum of Natural History. Mavis gets along with Ahkmenrah, but they don't have a lot in common so he wouldn't call her a friend just yet. When asked if he feels like her "nephew" Irwin would be a friend, Ahkmenrah was blunt and said he finds his obsession kind of creepy and he still has work to do in proving himself. But yes, he does see him as a friend to a certain extent since he recognizes his potential for good thanks to his "mumpire" status. Irwin's dad was pleasantly surprised to see his wife Judy return to full living status near the Tablet of Ahkmenrah. Worth noting that Ahkmenrah would rather not think of how Irwin came to be and tries not to think of it whenever he studies Irwin's supernatural powers.
  • Initially on poor terms with Linkara due to his deep mistrust of Ancient Egyptnote . Ahkmenrah has accused Linkara of "being timecist against Ancient Egypt", and insists he should show up in some of his skits to counteract the stereotype of the Nepharious Pharaoh. After all, he has a Robot Buddy and Boffo the Clown to counteract negative stereotypes. He also called Linkara a hypocrite given he loves Yu-Gi-Oh! where one of its original heroes was the spirit of an ancient pharaoh and Duel Monsters was based off Egyptian Shadow Games, before pointing out his sympathetic magic of making his toys real is similar to the Tablet of Ahkmenrah. Before Linkara could say "you better not imply my magic is Egyptian in origin", he decided "you know what, for an Ancient Egyptian you're actually kind of cool". He still hasn't let go of his prejudices but they're still able to get along in one room. They've become more agreeable by choosing to fight against evil Egyptians, chief of which is their opposition to Nyarlathotep. Seeing as how this is a being who could suplex Khonshu himself, he didn't take this seriously at all.
  • When it comes to the absolute worst of which Egypt has to feature, one can't get much worse than the Crawling Chaos and Nagash. OK, Nagash is from a Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Egypt, but that point remains. Among his seemingly infinite list of crimes is the fact he killed his younger brother Thutep who ascended to rule. Nagash is offended at the insinuation at being compared to Kahmunrah, mainly because he sees him as pathetic. And to be honest, that's the one point Ahkmenrah agrees on him on. When it comes to one of the only beings in existence Nagash even remotely respects, Settra, Ahkmenrah is more welcoming. Though he can't imagine doing some of the things he did, he admits Settra proved a worthy king in the incredibly harsh world he comes from. That said, he is still somewhat intimidated by him. At the end of the day Ahkmenrah is still pretty soft-spoken so he's still somewhat intimidated by Settra.
  • There are some other tyrants he has had the misfortune of knowing. Personally he takes offense at Charles zi Britannia because he can see some of his dad in him; as his father bent the rules of life and death so their family could live forever, Charles zi Britannia intends to usher in what amounts to an Assimilation Plot to make the world a safe one for his progeny. Not something the pharaoh agrees on, musing "for such a concerned father you make your kids' lives remarkably difficult", pointing out that his dad didn't act against his wishes in what he did. He's not a fan of East African tyrant Admiral General Aladeen, but more in seeing him as "a remarkable nuisance who'd make good friends with my brother". Aladeen seems to think that this means Kahmunrah would be a good Egypt-Wadiya diplomat. The 4000 year old pharaoh is more cautious than anything around Black Adam since while he's somewhat intimidated by his methods and feels holding onto his Bronze Age values is harmful in the long run, he doesn't mean to create any friction between him, or start an incident between Egypt and Kahandaq. Black Adam is comparably more "meh" on Ahkmenrah.
  • He'd heard about Black Adam before when one of the kids visiting the museum at night brought a Black Adam action figure, which true to form came to life...only to be frustrated that he was, you know, just an action figure. Kind of hilarious in his opinion. He learned of an obscure mummy superhero called N'Kantu the Living Mummy, who did petition for the Chummy Mummy trope but was considered too obscure. There were some superheroes that had ties to Ancient Egypt, though; Hawkman and Hawkgirl are reincarnations of pharaoh Khufu and his spouse. Their backstory was something Ahkmenrah admits to finding highly confusing, but he does seem to like them. He's also intrigued by Doctor Fate and the helmet of Nabu, though cautious given its power.
  • Ahkmenrah has been getting into Duel Monsters ever since he saw Kaiba and Pegasus respectively promote the game, quite aware of its connections to Ancient Egypt. Due to the effects of his tablet his cards and the holograms he uses come to life with him, which made Yugi Muto a little bit worried that some sort of Shadow Game might've accidentally been triggered. It wasn't, and he wasn't aware that Shadow Games were even a thing beforehand. Naturally, he doesn't want them to be a thing and was a bit freaked out learning about Zorc and the hybrid between the Thief King's spirit and part of Zorc's essence known as Dark/Yami Bakura. The other Yugi, having been a pharaoh about a thousand years after Ahkmenrah's time, decided to give him the ropes. The reformed Marik and Rishid were quite interested to learn about another benevolent pharaoh that's come back from the dead, and given their past they were definitely sympathetic to how he spent over fifty years locked in his tomb.
  • One of the most interesting gods he's come across is that of Big Bird after he heard rumors from the Egyptian deities from how Big Bird chewed out Osiris for his misjudgment on a ghostly boy pharaoh when trapped in an art museum. Big Bird thought nothing of it, stating that it was his duty as a good friend to help heal Prince Sahu's heart. Osiris sheepishly admitted that he was also a bit too hasty with the judgment as well. Big Bird is now a welcomed guest to Akmenrah's temple.

    The Dancing Skeletons 
The Dancing Skeletons, Deities of Dancing Undead and Xylobones
  • Theme Song: The Skeleton Dance, though they're usually associated with Spooky Scary Skeletons (Undead Tombstone Remix) by Andrew Gold
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Femurs hitting ribcages
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dem Bones, Mime and Music-Only Cartoon, Just Want To Have Fun Though Some Are Pricks, The Dead Can Dance, Xylophones for Walking Bones, Uses Their Bones As Instruments, Rubber Hose Bones, Mickey Mousing
  • Domains: Cartoons, Skeletons, Comedy, Dancing, Music, Bones
  • Allies: Jack Skellington, Sans and Papyrus, Death(Regular Show), Grim, Hector, Ember McClain, Brook, Karthus, Amigo, Lord Raptor, Marceline Abadeer, Erma Williams
  • On good terms with: Night-related deities (Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Selene, Nox)
  • Enemies: Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Grand Duke of Owls, Dhuum, Chernabog
  • Avoids: Deities who control the day
  • During the day, the dead stay in their graves. But during the night, the skeletons get out of their grave and dance. They can use their bones in playful manners, most notably ribcages as makeshift xylophones. These spooky scary skeletons were the first of the Silly Symphonies.
  • Though they appeared in a short and never spoke, their charm and merriment was an iconic moment in animation. It's actually a reference to the danse macabre. They were very happy to learn there was another skeletal entertainer, Brook, in the House of Music. The skeletons now serve as Brook's back-up singers.
  • Stand up for the argument that "dead lives matter" and Dark Is Not Evil. They work to give the undead a better name, and perform for living deities that enter. Sans and Papyrus consider them to be really fun and have joined them in the dance. Only during the night however, as during the day they sleep.
  • As they are only active during the night, they avoid any day-related deity. Instead, they prefer to be under the cover of night and moon-related deities. The big exception to this is Chernabog, who's own views on ghoulish entertainment is corruption and acts of evil. He betrays the night, in their eyes.
  • They don't like Nekron, and Nekron doesn't like them. Nekron is of the belief that death is a silence and peace that all must undergo, and finds the Dancing Skeletons to be an insult to death. The Dancing Skeletons in turn see Nekron as a cosmic killjoy who gives the undead a bad name, and they don't want everyone to die. They are afraid his herald might control them with his Black Lantern powers, though even Black Hand sometimes joins in with their merriment. He actually seems to like them.
  • Some of the evil undead do get along with the Dancing Skeletons, such as Lord Raptor who loves rocking out with them. Of course, this could be because some of the skeletons are assholes like one who used a cat as a violin. Karthus' positive attributes are shown whenever he hangs out with them, treating them with the upmost respect. Sometimes they get to come to Pentakill concerts.
  • Jack Skellington was the exact kind of "skele-bro" they were fond of. He's an excellent host, and they feel at home in Halloweentown. Unlike Nekron, reapers Lord Death, Grim and the Death of Regular Show enjoyed them. Dhuum, on the other hand, hates the fact that they're undead and don't just stay in their graves like everyone who died is supposed to(according to him, of course).
  • Don't like owls, as they tend to spook them. One of them threw their skull at an owl to get it to quit hooing. The Grand Duke of Owls spooked many of them, and while they do like the idea of a night that never ends they don't like the idea of an evil owl bringing it forth.
  • Marceline has joined in their fun, and introduced rock and roll. Being from 1929, it wasn't something they knew about, but it was something that really caught on with them. As did Amigo, who livened up the place. Jack O'Lantern tried to get in, but they had already sided with Jack Skellington and opposed his efforts. Also, his pranks were pretty cruel, though some of them thought they were Actually Pretty Funny. Hector and Ember McClain get along with them as well.
  • Off-duty Guardians, when given the opportunity in the dead of night, also join in with the Dancing Skeletons. Despite their looks, they're actually liches. Of course, the Guardians who wield Solar abilities are mindful to hide them when accompanying them.