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The undead aren't as easy to categorize as some in the living world might think. The House of Unliving Beings is host to a large variety of undead types, all whom retain whatever rationality they had in life. Nor do they feel particular hunger towards blood or flesh. It functions as a necrocracy, and is one of the more open and friendly realms in the House of the Undead. The residents live in polished mausoleums, and have hotels for any Mummy or lich to inhabit.


Temperature and air moisture is kept low since the dead are especially vulnerable to heat, and the undead with more flesh don't want to attract bugs. Or in Anakaris' case, kept hot and dry like the Egyptian desert.

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Greater Gods


Light! ... Give your will to me!

Oryx, Unholy Representative of Unconventional Liches (The God-King of the Hive, The Taken King, The First Navigator, The King of Shapes, Harrowed God, Carver of Tablets, Aurash, Auryx)
His base form
Echo of Oryx 
King's Fall Oryx 
  • Greater God, Overdeity in his Throne World
  • Symbol: His Hive emblem
  • Theme Song: Visage of Oryx, Regicide, Long Live the King, Last Stand
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with Chaotic Evil Goals
  • Portfolio: God King of the Hive, Born of the Deep, Believer of Sword Logic, Paracasual Powers, Magic Knight, Big Red Devil, Deeply cares for his Hive family and nearly tore apart the Solar System after the death of his son Crota, Once the idealistic heir of the Osmium Throne whose curiosity had led to his kingdom's betrayal where he dealt a deal with the Worm Gods which kickstarted his Start of Darkness, Was originally a girl before taking the King Morph
  • Domains: Paracasuality, Darkness, Liches, Corruption, Knowledge
  • Followers: The entirety of the Hive and Taken
  • Alliesnote : Kel'Thuzad, Steven Armstrong, Charles zi Britannia, All Ascended Noxus Deities (except Riven, though he respects her), Esdeath, GUAD
  • Enemies: The Guardians, The Vex, XCOM, Raiden, Lelouch vi Britannia, Anakaris, Nito, Gwyn, Akame, Night Raid, Good aligned Light-based deities, Those who believe in civilization, Pacifists and those who strive for Peace but especially The Human Child, YHVH, Yaldabaoth, the GUAL, Cosmos, GUAG, The Phantom Thieves of Heart
  • Heralds: Crota (son), Ir Halak and Ir Anuk (daughters), Alak-Hul the Darkblade (foster son), his respective Court, and the Taken Heirs.
  • Originally known by Aurash a millenia ago on a gas giant known as Fundament, the young girl (yes, girl) was a member of an alien race known as the Krill who were not only short lived but also quite weak. Aurash grew up with her sisters, Xi Ro and Sathona, as the heirs to the Osmium Throne. When the Osmium King was at his final days the mentor of three sisters, Taox, saw the three girls unfit to be the next rulers. With that, she betrayed her kind to to their many enemies and sought out the Throne for herself, killing the King but failing to kill the three Heirs. As they managed to escape, they decided to form a blood pact to take back what is rightfully theirs, with the only option was to dive beneath Fundament's gas giant sea. As they dove, they came across the Worm Gods. From there, they formed a deal with them, a deal in which they are granted power from the Deep so long as they killed for the Tithes of Violence lest they be consumed from the inside. As Aurash accpeted the Wyrm's offer she would take the King Morph and the name "Auryx", but later down the line he would be known as Oryx, The Taken King.
  • Oryx made his arrival in the Dreadnought escorted by several smaller Hive ships where it hovered over the House of Otherness. After a few psychics suffered Brown Notes trying to analyze it several Houses erupted in chaos as the inhabitants started turning against each other, some reported to be "consumed from the inside". After the battles turned to the defender's favor, the Pantheon's inhabitants decided to go on the offensive and try to lay seige on the Ominous Floating Castle. They were successful at first, breaking through the Hive's fleets... before the Dreadnought's superweapon activated and destroyed any remaining ships in the area. After that, Oryx decided to officially announce that he is in the Pantheon, revoking the Death Phantom's Trope to cement his ascension.
    • The first thing he did as a newly ascended deity was to demand that the Court of Gods make his Crota his Herald. Oryx was still burdened by the loss of his son, and when the two finally meet again it was a surprisingly reunion, even for Ascendant Hive like themselves. For this reason, it is an absolutely suicidal idea to kill Crota considering what happened the last time that happened. He'll personally rend you down as material for his ships (it's important to remember that some of the chitin on there frequently blink) or feed you to Eir (you'd be lucky if it was just Thrall). He sometimes ponders on the possibility of his sisters joining him, hearing his Final Death echo throughout the cosmos like when he came after Crota's death.
    • The Vex were livid and quite vexed upon hearing Oryx had ascended into the Pantheon, whom in one timeline took every single one of them. Oryx himself was irritated upon seeing the machines as he could not forgot the sheer embarrassment they caused upon his children when Crota accidentally let them into his Throne World.
  • Oryx's decided his temple would be his Throne World as he did not see the point of constructing a new one. In it, Oryx's rank is an Overdeity and the philosophy of Sword Logic is that of a law of physics. It's considered nigh-impossible to get to as it requires becoming an Ascendant Hive which you can become by killing another Ascendant Hive in their respective Throne World. If it wasn't hard enough, the portal to get to it is inside the Dreadnought which is filled to the brim with Hive and Taken, assuming you get past the Wave Motion Gun. To top it all off, Oryx is at his strongest in his Throne World, having the potential to become kaiju sized and has many Total Party Wipes (even as he dies in his Throne World if you're careless). Obviously no one is willing to go through such trouble considering how death is handled in the Pantheon unless if you're looking for one hell of a challenge.
  • Oryx commands two armies: The Hive, living yet zombie-like krill aliens that fanatically serve their gods and are as ancient as they are completely vicious. They continuously seed the Pantheon, building many Elaborate Underground Bases to move through quickly, attacking many of the inhabitants to get Tithes of Violence for themselves adn for their superiors. Then there's The Taken, Oryx's personal army that are completely loyal through his power in Taking (Being plucked from this dimension for the Darkness to pick at who they are whilst simultaneously Mind Raping them to the point where they 'willingly' serve Oryx). The Taken are a mix of many races with each one harboring powers specific to their flaws and weaknesses or what's needed to make them stronger, all of which are very bizarre and synergizes well with each other. It doesn't help that they are not bound by the terrain, being able to warp in wherever they want in the area. Do not mistake them as invincible, however, as the Taken in the area are connected to an Echo of Oryx (a shadowy extension of his will as he doesn't venture out his world that much) and if the Echo goes, so do the Taken. In addition, he can only taking living beings, in that they are not undead and are organic, but barring that Oryx could take whoever he wants so long as there isn't some outside force preventing him from doing so. Victims of brainwashing are heavily advised to avoid him at all costs and Deities who deal with Heel–Face Brainwashing are disgusted by his power.
    • He sighed in disappointment after finding out that deities who were Taken by him return back to normal eventually if they weren’t slain beforehand (though, the traumatizing memories gained from being Taken remains). Even more so when he found out that Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon thus prolonging the lives of those who have already proved their truth of weakness to the universe. You may think he would of been just simply disappointed that his enemies would simply come back to life after killing them, but if pain and death are what the Hive do to each other to show affection then what they do to their enemies is much, much worse.
    • His followers, however, along with his Worm are working towards the goal of making Oryx's Taking permanent, even if they die and get resurrected. Considering the former has technology that broke the Bekenstein Limit and the latter had one member of a race that is so powerful it can deny truths to turn them into lies, it's justified to worry. But regarding the Worm Gods, that shouldn't be the only reason to fear them, Oh Troper mine.
  • He soon realized how vast some deities are in terms of power and swallowed his pride to form allegiances with other deities if he wants to get somewhere here. They wouldn't be permanent, merely truces with those he considers worthy of his time before subjecting everything to Sword Logic. He first started out with Kel'Thuzad, a fellow lich in the more traditional sense. He finds his abilities noteworthy, though secretly is very distasteful of his necromancy. After all, if something has died then what good is it to bring back something that has proven it should no longer exist?
  • Next, he went to find those who shared in his ideology. A trip the House of Leadership as an Echo had Oryx run into Senator Steven Armstrong. At first he didn't think much of him, being a politician, but then sat down to listen his beliefs which gave a more positive opinion on the senator. Through him, Oryx also met up with Charles zi Britannia who also shares his views. This earned the animosity of Raiden and Lelouch, though he does not mind their feelings toward him.
    • He also gained allies from the ascended Noxus deities for similar reasons above. While Oryx is very iffy on civilization, their nature is more than welcome nonetheless. Riven is an exception, being that he falls into the category of despotism and did give into the power of the Worm Gods. Oryx was displeased, but still respects her regardless.
  • When asked on his opinions of the House he currently resides in, Oryx admitted that he doesn’t mind it. Many of the deities there have arose again which he looks down on, but he doesn’t pay them any mind for now. Though some deities like Anakaris (he's by all means not a benevolent leader) and Nito (civilization is a temporary solution in the right to exist) find the Taken King abominable. Though, the like minded omnicidal undead here are viewed as potential rivals should as Universe approaches its final, perfect state.
  • Deciding to stride in the Pantheon in his normal form he went to the House of War, hoping to polish his favorite tactic of making it even difficult for his enemies when it's bad enough. A short time in and Oryx was challenged by Esdeath, who frequents the House, as she sensed the killing intent of him. He agreed on the account that he wanted to sharpen his skills if he wanted to get back on the Guardians for killing him, his son, and most of his sect of the Hive. He underestimated how formidable she is with her ice powers, but he himself was still formidable thanks to his experience in razing civilizations, his Power of the Deep, and his sword "Willbreaker". After that, he discovered that they were pretty similar overall, to the point that she'd fit in should she suddenly become a Hive herself.
  • Has a very clear memory of the final battle in his Throne World, which determined who would eventually win in the Taken War and the state of the remnants of humanity. Six Guardians pushed through his Dreadnought, felling The Warpriest, Golgoroth, His Daughters, and finally him. What isn't mentioned frequently, however, is how three of the Guardians doing... the Carlton Dance. Oryx wasn't a fan, and respectfully gave his opinion. Some deities question his Hypocricy in taste of music. While he dislikes what the three Guardians played him, he also approves of the Hive Deathsingers.
  • Not long after Oryx's ascension did the House of Knowledge mysteriously received some notes on the lore of Oryx and the Hive. From the beginnings of the Hive to what they are now, the dark power behind their weapons and technology and how much they corrupt those with prolonged exposure, and their philosophy. Such notes are expansive, yet also so limited as they require some amount of careful analyzation. Luckily, there is also a voice accompanying those who seek out these notes, but their sanity is rather questionable.
  • Believing only the strong have the right to live in a universe where life itself is the eternal struggle to exist until it reaches its final, perfect state its no surprise that Oryx strives to rid the Pantheon of pacifism. It's a naive and foolish idea which will only lead to their destruction. His proof to the Pantheon is the war between the Grand United Alliances, which isn't showing any signs of letting up soon so long as death being a minor inconvenience alongside their leaders still being in the picture. His argument is reinforced by the many civilizations the Hive has destroyed and has recorded on the World's Grave. To prove his point even further, he sends out this to all those who disagreed with his philosophies and were killed by any of the Hive.
    • This eventually and inevitably lead him to The Human Child/Frisk. He caught wind of their presence through one of his Taken lieutenants who claimed that their an incredibly determined pacifist, one who's willing to use things like branches and sticks to smack some sense into others. Oryx brushed it off initially, citing they'll learn soon enough when the time comes... until his Worm pointed out how their determination can manipulate time and space and defy death itself which also meant they can resist their Taking, a revelation both of which are completely displeased with since it utterly defies Sword Logic. It got worse when they heard The freaking Vex are worried about them, and when they tried to correct such a reprehensible existence by leading a Hive Swarm and a Taken Blight they found that The Human Child lasted long enough for their allies to destroy their forces and weakening Oryx's presence in the House of Gaming. This only added more fuel to the fire for Oryx's hatred towards the Human Child.
    • Oryx has personally called out Gwyn's attempts to maintain the First Flame, claiming that the Age of Fire has outlived its purpose and that Gwyn's kingdom, like all forms of civilization, are ultimately a hindrance to his world's advancement to its final, perfected state. In a rare show of admiration for humanity, Oryx considers the Darkwraiths of New Londo to be an excellent example of what humans could become if they abandoned the failing Light and embraced Sword Logic (or something like it) as the Hive did. Gwyn's response to this was to call Oryx out as a massive Hypocrite: both for a) depending on power that's not his own (his Worm God parasite), and b) for using the Pantheon to cling to existence after his final defeat by the Guardians, who themselves wouldn't have been able to defeat him if they had followed Sword Logic (which would have demanded they fight each other for the right to fight and probably lose to Oryx rather than working together as a fireteam).
    • It was this mentality that lead to him offering services to the GUAC, believing Lucifer to be quite like his Worm Gods and the Darkness he worships so and agrees with his opposition to YHVH, whom is just another Traveler in his eyes. Oryx got turned down due to Lucifer having limits, which disappointed the Taken King. He had heard a lot of good things from the Lightbringer, most notability the Great Upheaval and the Pantheonic Rebellion which he approved of. Despite the difference in beliefs, Oryx still stated Lucifer's truth will get him farther than the Great Will's before turning to Nekron to join the GUAD. The contrast in ideals is still prevalent with the difference being they actually accepted him. He needed to get involved in this Forever War if he wants to sustain himself with Tithes of Violence as his power grows and become the one eternal truth in the universe.
  • "I considered returning to Fundament. Learning what became of the God-Wave, and the Tungsten Monoliths, and the continents which were all that remained of my people's primal home [...] I asked a question: how long can we live in the universe long enough to understand it? And I learned the answer, which is written here in this book. I learned I had to be the most ruthless of all [...] This is my inheritance, my estate: eternity, infinity, the whole universe beneath my sword. This is what I rule: forever and a blade."

Sindragosa, Goddess of Undead Dragons (The Frost Queen, Queen of the Frostbrood, Sindy, "Chillmaw")
  • Greater Goddess
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Theme Song: Her theme song
  • Portfolio: Frost Wyrm, Evil Is Deathly Cold, Large Ham, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Domains: Undeath, Dragons, Ice, Tragedy
  • Followers: SkullGreymon, Bonechill
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Tiamat
  • Enemies: Deathwing, Malygos, Nefarian, Sylvanas Windrunner, Kyurem, Ornstein, Elsa, Artix Von Krieger, Usalia
  • Unknown Connection: Jaina Proudmoore, Medivh
  • After the events following the discovery that Grima wasn't really an undead dragon, Arthas immediately saw an opportunity to bring forth one of his mightiest minions to the pantheon. Sindragosa immediately rose to the pantheon to join her master and immediately settled in the spots that Grima left behind.
    • This also helped Arthas strategically, as it allows him to keep a close eye in the Undead house and allow the Scourge to control an important spot of the same house. Of course, Stitches was already covering said position, but because he is not the sharpest tool in the garrison, Sindragosa's arrival was a huge advantage for the Lich King.
  • Malygos was shocked after he saw the former queen of his dragonflight in the state she is right now. Sindragosa despises him for leaving her for dead and is openly antagonistic towards the Blue aspect. Though she openly admits that if Deathwing is involved, he has no doubts in teaming up with him.
  • Most smiters of the Undead hadn't taken into account how powerful Sindragosa really is, with not even Artix being strong enough to take her down. Thankfully, she is now mounting guard in Arthas personal temple, but the GUAG fears if Arthas will eventually try to use her at some point.
  • She also bonds with the Skeleton King about their shared fates of betrayal and how they returned as undead monsters looking for Revenge. However, Leoric has expressed some form of disdain towards Arthas for what he did to his father, making both the Frost Wyrm and the fallen King to argue about Sindragosa's allegiance to the Lich King.
  • The Night's King has taken a special interest about the giant Frost Wyrm, who could prove a powerful force against the Dragons of Westeros. Although if he wants to use Sindragosa for his own schemes, he has to ask Arthas about it first. And given that the Lich King is interested in taking over Westeros, most of its resident are certainly horrified if this alliance does last.
  • Any god close to her temple reports that her roar is incredibly loud. And it gets increasily annoying as well.
  • Harth Stonebrew has claimed to have seen someone who resembles her a lot, going by the name of Chillmaw, attending to the Tavern from time to time. Although she has denied having any connection with said Frost Wyrm.
  • Often compared to Kyurem, who is said to resemble a non-dead version of a Dracolich. Neither Kyurem nor Sindragosa likes the comparison very much.
  • Sometimes joins her master in the Nexus whenever he requires her aid. She isn't a regular contender like most people from her world, but that doesn't mean she can't freeze the battlefield whenever she is summoned.
  • Has developed a fierce rivalry with Tiamat, who once used to be the sole evil female dragon of the pantheon. Sindragosa also doesn't like her given how she is also associated with Deathwing.
  • In an alternate timeline, Sindragosa decided to aid the mage Jaina Proudmoore or even the Magus Medivh whenever they required her aid. Of course she doesn't know why, but still respects them in a way.
  • "The icy winds of Northrend will consume your souls!"
  • Also present in the House of Dragons.


Intermediate Gods

Anakaris, Pharaoh-God of Mummies
  • Theme Song: His Vampire Hunter theme or Red Thirst
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sarcophagus.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Pharaohic mummy, sorcerous yet benevolent godly monarch who fights for his people, very slow movement offset by superior magic and physical abilities, Unpredictable combat, unique fighting style that is hard to control but lethal once understood, being reminded of his less-sane moments.
  • Domains: Mummies, Egypt, Leadership, Magic
  • Followers: Kan-Ra, Tutenstein, Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon, Nefer-Tina, Gibdos, Akmodan II
  • Allies: Anubis, Cosmos, God-Emperor of Mankind,Yugi Muto, all good deities from the Houses of Leadership and Royalty, Arceus, Amaterasu, Madoka Kaname
  • Enemies: Demitri Maximoff, Jedah Dohma, Lord Raptor, Melkor, YHVH, Lucifer, The Four Gods Of Chaos, All evil deities from the Houses of Leadership & Royalty, the Trollkaiger, Motonari Mori, Ahau Kin, Homura Akemi, Sekhmet (within the body of Eliza)
  • Rivals: Zeus, Kratos, Sobek, Thor, Ares, Guan Yu
  • In his mortal pharaoh life, Anakaris was a benevolent and just sorcerer-ruler who respected his people. He also didn't shy away from battle as countless kingdoms tried to conquer his lands and he personally led the charge in each encounter.
    • However, he had forseen his death and he eventually ordered for a pyramid to be built where he will resurrect. As predicted, he was killed in combat and his body entombed. He resurrected as a mummy with his magical powers greatly enhanced by undeath.
  • Even as a mummy, Anakaris is a very tall and powerful individual, but being dead has slowed his physical movements and jumping skills to a crawl. He overcame this obstacle by infusing his body with magic which allows him to not just dash for small distances, but also allows him to appear behind his opponents and being capable of floating/gliding in the air.
  • One of his best-known magic attacks is the Royal Judgement, a concentrated projectile of everything associated with a mummy's curse. Any deity hit with this attack is immediately transformed into a small helpless form unable to attack or defend itself. The curse usually dissipates in a short time but Anakaris can now make the curse last longer due to his ascension.
  • Finding himself lost during his first days in the Pantheon, he eventually wandered into the House of Gaming. He was immediately surprised when he saw Yugi Moto as he recognized Atem, the son of an ally of his father/Yami within him. Yami immediately came forth and the two rulers greeted each other in reveration. It was Yami who later helped Anakaris through his initial ascension to the Pantheon and discover the many houses within. Anakaris swore to help Yugi whenever he can and regretted not being in the Pantheon during the Friendship Asylum incident.
    • He was absolutely devastated to learn just what Yugi caused during the Asylum incident (unleashing the Egyptian Gods to wreak havoc in the Pantheon) and just how the Gaming God was even corrupted in the first place. He stormed toward Gentaro Kisaragi's Temple in the House of Friendship to demand answers, only to stop when Gentaro burst out sobbing in front of the great king. After Anakris learned about what the poor delinquent had gone through, he relented and the two became good friends.
  • He is no stranger towards many deities as he had faced many of them in combat on two separate occasions.
  • Being a just ruler, he finds himself having conversations with both Cosmos and the God-Emperor of Mankind, which he considers fellow benevolent rulers. He also gets along with many of the good ruler gods in the House of Royalty and Leadership such as Aragorn, Zelda and Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Being a ruler who would fight for his soldiers and his followers, he is disgusted by those who use followers or soldiers as expendable or as sacrifices. Thus, he has Motonari and Ahau Kin on the top of his list.
  • He finds himself at odds with other gods from classic mythology as he wished to test the might of the pharaohs against them. He mostly has fights with Zeus, Thor, Guan Yu, Ares and fellow Egyptian deity Sobek.
    • He also challenged Kratos to combat and found himself a worthy opponent with him. Kratos, however, would never live down when Anakaris "cursed" him into a small baby with his beard and markings. He swore he'd make the pharaoh pay.
  • He also found great respect for Madoka Kaname as she sacrificed herself to ensure the safety of her fellow magical girls from a fate worse than death. Anakaris was moved to near tears by the young one.
    • Those tears of sadness were immediately dried when he then heard about the Great Upheaval and the Pantheonic Rebellion. He immediately became furious hearing about YHWH, who tried to kill her in her depowered state. He originally considered him as an ally as he too upheld the power of Law. But upon hearing how his Law was absolute without any consideration for followers, he immediately severed ties with him. His only regret was his late ascension when he could have helped his allies more.
  • Do not remind him of an alternate reality in which he's that not just was a villain, but also an insane simpleton who peppered his speech with non sequiturs. He forever disavowed that event and being reminded of that will unleash the full brunt of his wrath.
    • In fact, the Trollkaiger sent him a gift of a tub of pudding and some lizards to, according to an accompanying card, "put in his pants". For several days, many deities witnessed a tiny chibiesque yellow snake, a Bernkastel doll that moves by itself, a chibiesque weasel with blue hair, a pup skag with a strange human mask placed over its head, a toony trumpet with a hat, a Senketsu-like clone with a pink bow and purple eyepatch, and a white- furred blue-eyed kitten with a large bang of blond hair around the Pantheon for many days. Naturally Ragna, Rika Furude, Shizuo Hewajima, Captain Marvelous, Ryuko and Senketsu, and the Hellsing Organization were smiling for a while.
  • Anakaris was shocked to learn that the parasite Sekhmet was in the pantheon as she was a scourge to his people. He immediately found her within the body of Eliza and naturally went on the attack. However, Anakaris found himself outnumbered by not only the parasite and her host, but also their bodyguards Albus and Horace. The pharaoh now bides his time waiting for the proper moment when he will exterminate the parasite once and for all.
  • As a mummy, Anakaris would often call the help of Anubis to fix some of his mummy wraps if it needs embalming.

    Bloody Marie (Skullgirls
Bloody Marie, Goddess of Undead Children (The Skullgirl, Marie Korbel)

Deathstorm, God of The Monstrous Undead (Black Lantern Firestorm, "Ronnie Raymond")

Leoric, God of Skeletons (The Skeleton King, King Leoric, CAPS LOCK LEORIC, THE MANLIEST HERO WITHOUT TESTICLES)

Spinal, God of the Crew of the Undead (Lich King, Warrior God)
  • Theme Song: Ya Ha Haa, Castle Rooftops, Warlord.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Shield, Sword and Mask of The Ancients.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, actually True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Skeletal Pirate Who Leads a Crew of Undead, Being Famous for an Evil Laugh, Ominous Swedish Chanting, Shield Bash, His Skeleport, Being Worshiped as a War God, Death Seeker
  • Domains: Laughing, Skeletons, Shipwrecks, Haunting, Searching Pirates.
  • Allies: Quan Chi, Shinnok, Zobek, Nito, Sadira, Davy Jones, The Kraken, Leoric, Zhaitan.
  • Enemies: Jack Sparrow, Monkey D. Luffy, Jago, B. Orchid.
  • The millennia-undead pirate Spinal travels in search of The Mask of Ancients, a relic that has him under the control of Ultratech. To find it he sails the seas on a large ship and a huge crew of fellow skeletons. When he comes across a wayward ship on his travels he kills all aboard in order to expand his crew. This Crew is the one who sings his song when going to battle.
  • His laugh has been known to disturb quite a few Gods due to the fact that it is creepy and that there should be no physical way from him to do so.
  • Once attempted to take The Throne of Barragan but was stopped by The Grand Alliance of Evil, as they see more use for The King of Hueco Mundo in the position of God of Skeletons; Spinal merely bides his time before he can make his move and take the throne for himself. There are rumors that Spinal was plotting alongside the newer Skeleton God, Leoric, to complete his revenge and oust Barragan, though he did not say anything about how Leoric instead lifted the King as his subordinate.
  • During his travels he has come across many good-aligned pirates and has attempted to slay them both to add to his crew and just on basic pirate principle.
  • The lucky few that make it to Shipwreck Shore, attempting to stop Spinal at the Source, quickly become the Unlucky few as they are attacked by The Kraken who has taken Spinal's port as his home.
  • Surprises many Gods that attempt to use energy attacks on Spinal as his shield can absorb the energy of the attack, increasing Spinal's life force and his ability to use curses on others.
  • Contrary to his appearance, Spinal appears to be a competent sorcerer, with his ability to absorb energy-based projectiles and turn the energy against his opponents, cursing them and sapping their strength to add to Spinal's own.

Lesser Gods

    The Headless Horseman 
The Headless Horseman, The Deified Head-Hunter (The Avenger of Shinjuku, Death, Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt note )
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Hecarim, God of Non-Human Undead (The Shadow of War)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His lance
  • Theme Music: Hecarim Login
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ghost Centaurs, Lances, Commands a Legion of Undead Riders, Highly Offensive Tactics, Relentless Pursuer, Harbinger of Fear, Lust for War, Most of His Body Is Made Out Of Fire, Hellish Horseman, Used to Be a Man (And a Horse)
  • Domains: Centaurs, Spears, Ghosts, Fear
  • Allies: Mordekaiser, Thresh, Sinestro, War the Horseman
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients
  • Enemies: All of the Equestrian Deities, Chiron, Baine Bloodhoof, Centoria, Ventari
  • Many say that there are really few things what can truly scare off the inhabitants of House of Otherness. That doesn't mean they can't experience fear. One fateful night, a black mist started to rise from the sea, heralded by an army of spectral horsemen. And leading the charge was Hecarim, the ghost centaur himself. After which it was only a matter of time until those below him would run in terror and those who would oppose him to be cut down, with the Shadow of War finally settling for a temple.
  • Besides what you might think, Hecarim wasn't a centaur when he was alive. He was a human who served under the long-fallen Iron Order of knights, during which he was unmatched on horseback. However, he was extremely ambitious and bloodthirsty, that he ended up doing many bad deeds like abandoning his Knight Commander to die for refusing to promote him, and backstabbing Kalista for trying to get between their king's ambition to bring back his wife. Ultimately, Hecarim's manipulation of the king lead to the event what corrupted the Blessed Isles into the place now known as Shadow Isles. However, the corruption eventually catch up to Hecarim, fusing him with his steed and turning him into the spectral knight he is now. However, he has no memories of these events and now is simply a rampaging spirit patrolling the shores of Shadow Isles, killing anyone who would try to reach it.
  • Due of him being extremely violent centaur, he has gained a lot of hate from other centaurs in the Pantheon. However, Hecarim isn't really interested in Lord Tirek. Even though Hecarim isn't really a magic-oriented fighter, he is still keeping his eyes on him.
    • While not a centaur himself, Baine thinks that Hecarim might be some of fusion of the dead spirits of all the centaurs he has faced before.
  • Sometimes when he feels like it, he likes to play ironic music. None of the Equestrian deities approve of it, as it is clear he is playing it as a mockery to them.
    Suffering is magic.
  • As someone who is known to spread fear by the mere mention of his name, Sinestro has grown interest on him. He would have potential to become a Yellow Lantern if he wasn't bound to the Shadow Isles.
  • War the Horseman has grown interest on him due of his moniker.
  • If Hecarim would ever decide to hunt you down, be afraid. He is fairly fast and actually gets stronger if he gets faster. He can keep on attacking one target for a long time as long as he keeps the momentum going, has a damaging field spell what can also heal with based on damage dealt within the field and can not only leap over obstacles, but phase through walls.
  • Break their ranks and ride them down without mercy. Crush the living and feast on their terror.

Hsien-Ko, Goddess of Jiang-Shi (Lei-Lei)


    The Dancing Skeletons 
The Dancing Skeletons, Deities of Dancing Undead and Xylobones
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Femurs hitting ribcages
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dem Bones, Mime and Music-Only Cartoon, Just Want To Have Fun Though Some Are Pricks, The Dead Can Dance, Xylophones for Walking Bones, Uses Their Bones As Instruments, Rubber Hose Bones, Mickey Mousing
  • Domains: Cartoons, Skeletons, Comedy, Dancing, Music, Bones
  • Allies: Jack Skellington, Sans and Papyrus, Lord Death, Death(Regular Show), Grim, Hector, Ember McClain, Brook, Karthus, Amigo, Lord Raptor, Marceline Abadeer
  • On good terms with: Night-related deities (Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Selene, Nox)
  • Enemies: Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Grand Duke of Owls, Dhuum, Chernabog
  • Avoids: Deities who control the day
  • During the day, the dead stay in their graves. But during the night, the skeletons get out of their grave and dance. They can use their bones in playful manners, most notably ribcages as makeshift xylophones. These spooky scary skeletons were the first of the Silly Symphonies.
  • Though they appeared in a short and never spoke, their charm and merriment was an iconic moment in animation. It's actually a reference to the danse macabre. They were very happy to learn there was another skeletal entertainer, Brook, in the House of Music. The skeletons now serve as Brook's back-up singers.
  • Stand up for the argument that "dead lives matter" and Dark Is Not Evil. They work to give the undead a better name, and perform for living deities that enter. Sans and Papyrus consider them to be really fun and have joined them in the dance. Only during the night however, as during the day they sleep.
  • As they are only active during the night, they avoid any day-related deity. Instead, they prefer to be under the cover of night and moon-related deities. The big exception to this is Chernabog, who's own views on ghoulish entertainment is corruption and acts of evil. He betrays the night, in their eyes.
  • They don't like Nekron, and Nekron doesn't like them. Nekron is of the belief that death is a silence and peace that all must undergo, and finds the Dancing Skeletons to be an insult to death. The Dancing Skeletons in turn see Nekron as a cosmic killjoy who gives the undead a bad name, and they don't want everyone to die. They are afraid his herald might control them with his Black Lantern powers, though even Black Hand sometimes joins in with their merriment. He actually seems to like them.
  • Some of the evil undead do get along with the Dancing Skeletons, such as Lord Raptor who loves rocking out with them. Of course, this could be because some of the skeletons are assholes like one who used a cat as a violin. Karthus' positive attributes are shown whenever he hangs out with them, treating them with the upmost respect. Sometimes they get to come to Pentakill concerts.
  • Jack Skellington was the exact kind of "skele-bro" they were fond of. He's an excellent host, and they feel at home in Halloweentown. Unlike Nekron, reapers Lord Death, Grim and the Death of Regular Show enjoyed them. Dhuum, on the other hand, hates the fact that they're undead and don't just stay in their graves like everyone who died is supposed to(according to him, of course).
  • Don't like owls, as they tend to spook them. One of them threw their skull at an owl to get it to quit hooing. The Grand Duke of Owls spooked many of them, and while they do like the idea of a night that never ends they don't like the idea of an evil owl bringing it forth.
  • Marceline has joined in their fun, and introduced rock and roll. Being from 1929 it wasn't something they knew about, but it was something that really caught on with them. As did Amigo, who livened up the place. Jack O'Lantern tried to get in, but they had already sided with Jack Skellington and opposed his efforts. Also, his pranks were pretty cruel, though some of them thought they were Actually Pretty Funny. Hector and Ember McClainget along with them as well.
  • Off duty Guardians, when given the opportunity in the dead of night, also join in with the Dancing Skeletons. Despite their looks, they're actually liches. Of course, the Guardians who wield Solar abilities are mindful to hide them when accompanying them.


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