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These settings have been defined for their unique conditions and events that transpired in these locations. Most of the stories' plot occur in these settings and are often of heavy emphasis to some of the most memorable moments of a certain world's narrative. Without these, some stories would simply not work. These settings include certain states of places that would otherwise not be categorized to the other Halls.

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    The Abyss 
The Abyss, Unholy Death World (The Netherworld, Uncle Lovecraft's Fun Time Murder Hole)
  • Description: A subterranean location with seven layers of beautiful scenery and dangerous creatures
  • Symbol: A map of The Abyss
  • Theme Music: Made in Abyss; Hanazeve Caradhina
  • Alignment: An extreme shade of Chaotic Neutral for the first (and possibly second) layer; heads into Chaotic Evil for the deeper layers
  • Portfolio: Really Long Pit with Seven Layers, Eldritch Location with Eldritch Abominations, Distorted Time, Really Beautiful Scenery Regardless
  • Domains: Depths, Death
  • Similar Locations: Pandora, a different Pandora, The Dark Continent, Mira
  • Sacred to: Bondrewd
  • A long time ago, a really wide and deep pit was discovered near an ocean. This particular pit has its own ecosystem, home to plenty of unusual wildlife. Not only that, but plenty of treasures can be found throughout, prompting a town to be established near the Abyss. There are plenty of secrets to discover throughout the Abyss, but getting through its seven layers, let alone exploring them, is no easy task to say the least. The deeper one goes, the more dangerous things get. And then there's what happens when one tries to ascend from the depths, with fatal consequences ranging from mild dizziness to death. Needless to say, it's a long way down and getting back up is a challenge in and of itself.
  • The Edge of the Abyss makes up the first layer and although it's nowhere near as dangerous as later layers, there's still a few problems here and there to contend with. The second layer, the Forest of Temptation, where the trees are upside down and the winds are heavy, is when things start to get serious. The Great Fault found in the third layer is essentially a giant vertical shaft. The fourth layer, dubbed as the Goblet of Giants, features humid jungles and more dangerous creatures, but somewhere lies a beautiful field of flowers. The Sea of Corpses within the fifth layer is where Bondrewd resides. The Capital of the Unreturned, the sixth layer, gets its name from the fact that any attempt to ascend from it results in loss of life or humanity. The seventh layer is known as the Final Maelstrom, though there isn't much other information about it beyond that.
    • As for what the deepest point of the Abyss is, it's been believed that it's well over 200,000 meters deep. Given that no one was ever reached that part of the Abyss yet, it's hard to say what could be found there and it's only something the bravest of explorers want to find out.
  • The Strains of Ascension (or Curse of the Abyss) make for the greatest challenge for all who delve deep into the Abyss. These effects pile up the deeper one goes.
    • For the first layer, one would suffer light dizziness and nausea.
    • For the second, there's heavy nausea, headache, and numbness of limbs.
    • For the third, vertigo combined with visual and auditory hallucinations await.
    • For the fourth, there's intense full-body pain, dizziness from pain and varying amounts of internal and external bleeding across the body.
    • For the fifth, complete sensory deprivation, confusion and self-harming behavior crash onto any ascendants. This is the last layer of the Abyss where it is possible to bear the Curse and return alive and intact.
    • For the sixth layer, marking the Point of No Return, any who attempt to ascend will suffer loss of humanity (and deformed beyond recognition) or death, or under specific conditions, "The Blessing".
    • For the seventh layer, only certain death awaits those who try to ascend.
  • For some reason, there's a sense of compulsion that drives the people in the world where the Abyss resides to delve deep into it. And not a single Delver has ever decided to quit while they're ahead, no matter how close to death, torture, or mutation they've brushed against. It seems only the foreign nature of the Pantheon's residents keep them from succumbing to the same compulsions.
  • It has been speculated that the Abyss is actually the Warp, and the Curse is actually corruption by the daemons.
    • Others speculate that the Abyss has some connection to another location named the Abyss.
  • The treasures that can potentially be found here has caught the attention of archeologists and those looking to make money. The League of Explorers has already made preparations for them and their friends on how to get through The Abyss and not suffer too badly in the midst of it. And then there are the greedier deities who believe that the deeper one gets in The Abyss, the more likely that it will be to find highly valuable treasures there to make a profit of. Not that the first layer will have something potentially valuable, but it's not going to be easy and things will get harder beyond that layer.
  • With all the potential treasures that can be found there, it's no wonder that The Corpus is very interested in The Abyss to the point where they've tried to take ownership of at least part of it. There's even rumors going around that The Corpus is interested in a partnership with Bondrewd of some sort.
  • Not only are the treasures and locations subjects of interest regarding The Abyss, the curse that pervades the place has been something a number of deities are interested in. It'd be horrifying to imagine what could happen if someone were to take the Curse of The Abyss and spread it outside of it's normal location, especially with what happens in the deeper parts of The Abyss.
  • Throughout The Abyss, there is a forcefield known as The Lifeblood of The Abyss, functioning as the main source of energy across the domain. It is invisible for the most part, but psychics or extremely perceptive deities are able to tell where parts of the forcefield are weaker. In some cases, there are parts of The Abyss where the forcefield is very weak or even nonexistent. It's even been purported that piercing the forcefield will cause the symptoms of The Curse of The Abyss.
  • Even if it's to a far lesser extent compared to other parts of The Abyss, the wildlife that lives there has left some deities who like animals really intrigued. Progress on researching those creatures has been slow thus far, due to a combination of dangerous factors the place is known for. On the other hand, rumors have been going around of certain deities wanting to hunt down those creatures for reasons that could include money, but nothing concrete has emerged yet.
  • Despite those specific deities not having taken the plunge into The Abyss yet, a few really smart ones have made some comparisons between the layers of The Abyss to various aspects of the Inferno that Dante Alighieri went through way back then. Upon hearing about The Abyss, Alighieri really wasn't sure if it's even worse than the Inferno he went through, but it's clear he hasn't made any plans to go into The Abyss.
  • Robots are among the very few types of lifeforms that are unaffected by The Curse of The Abyss due to lacking a heart of flesh. This has inspired plenty of projects to make robots solely for the intent of exploring The Abyss with the hopes of finding anything interesting without risking any sort of human life.
  • It is not yet known how the symptoms of the Abyss would affect those with teleportation abilities. Will they be able to evade the effects, or will it crash on them all at once depending on the points of teleportation?

    Apokolips and New Genesis 
Apokolips and New Genesis, Divine Worlds of Villainous Dystopias and Heroic Utopias (together: The Fourth World)
Left, New Genesis; right, Apokolips
  • Description: A hellish ecumenopolis (Apokolips) and heavenly arcadia with a floating city of Supertown (New Genesis), both existing in a higher dimension
  • Symbol: Darkseid's Omega Symbol (Apokolips), The New God symbol for freedom (New Genesis). Both use a Boom Tube or Mother Box as a general symbol
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil and Chaotic Good respectively
  • Portfolio: Villainous Badland, Heroic Arcadia, Enforced Cold War (it didn't last), Dwells in the Sphere of the Gods, After the End of a Ragnarok (as a whole), Always Lawful Evil Dystopia, Polluted Wasteland and City Planet (Apokolips), Utopian Arcadia of Crystal Spires and Togas, Always Chaotic Good (New Genesis)
  • Domains: Divinity, Duality, Conflict (Both), Dystopia, Tyranny, Industrialization (Apokolips), Utopia, Freedom, Arcadia (New Genesis)
  • Ruled by: Darkseid (Apokolips), Highfather (New Genesis)
  • Sacred to
  • There came a time when the Old Gods died! A climatic battle erupted between these gods, the noble and brave died with the brutal and cunning. Their world was destroyed, but eventually life emerged again. The molten remains split into two, bringing forth the dystopian Apokolips and utopian New Genesis. Evil and good, forever locked in conflict. This is the Fourth World, home to the New Gods.
  • In general
    • The two worlds are a sort of archetype of evil and good. As such the inhabitants morally reflect this, though even the harsh world of Apokolips can produce good souls(Orion) or free themselves through The Power of Love (Big Barda). But if there's something both sides can agree on, it's the merits of Bold Inflation and Purple Prose. The Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Good had a lot of vested interest in these worlds. Both sides would also like to know how Metron, a New God who claims to be from neither worlds, fits into things.
    • Apokolips and New Genesis exist in a higher plane known as the Sphere of the Gods, along with other divine beings. There's only one true version in the multiverse, described by Batman as coming from a sort of "archetypal, platonic world". While the gods(Darkseid at the least) have a Fighting a Shadow situation, this has led many people to wonder just how to explain the various contradictory depictions, retcons despite it also being mentioned these worlds are beyond normal space-time. Or how mortals visiting it works. The House of Knowledge is trying to resolve this, with Jack Kirby aiding them.
    • Requires a Boom Tube to go to and from, though some beings like Libra managed without. It's advised not to, as the true size of the New Gods and their home worlds are so massive that the Earth would barely displace a small lake-the Boom Tubes also scale mortals/the New Gods to be relatively equal in size. The House of Space and Cosmos is working on making their own Boom Tubes and transportation devices separate from New God control.
    • A pact was made, exchanging sons for an Enforced Cold War. Everyone knows it's temporary, and it's prophesied Orion will kill Darkseid in a climatic war that sees the end of the Fourth World. Despite some attempts, Executive Meddling and the Status Quo prevents a permanent end. Darkseid is currently forming his own alliance, the Harbingers of Repression, for many reasons, but one of them is to ensure next time the end of the Fourth World comes he has an absolute advantage. And Highfather has encouraged further interaction with the pantheon, primarily the GUAG, for New Genesis to balance the scales in their favor. If anything, this'll make the next "final battle" even more apocalyptic.
  • Specific to Apokolips
    • Apokolips's most notable feature is its ever-burning fire pits. Its citizens are basically slaves to Darkseid, treated terribly yet so conditioned they worship him like some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. That said, they're often portrayed as a vicious lot and Darkseid is able to keep some sort of order. The GUAG has tried to take down Darkseid or at least try to better the citizen's spirit, but the fact it can't be changed from being a Crapsack World is an eternal thorn in the side of good. Nowadays they focus on making sure Darkseid doesn't try to turn the rest of creation into a new Apokolips.
    • Despite being the evil half of the Fourth World, Apokolips has cut all ties to Melkor and the GUAE. Darkseid doesn't play second fiddle, and Melkor reminds Darkseid of the one being he fears; his father and even worse God of Evil, Yuga Khan. YHVH hopes to usurp Darkseid's authority and take control of Apokolips, as it's firmly on the Law side of things, all in His eternal ambition to eliminate The Evils of Free Will and assert Himself as the one god.
    • Santa Claus has somehow managed to get his hand on a Mother Box or bypass the dimensional barriers, since he always manages to give Darkseid his yearly coal-a fact that infuriates him to no end. Further infuriating Darkseid and Apokolips as a whole is Rick Sanchez, who's skill at dimensional portals led him to take making his own Boom Tube as a challenge. After he accomplished that he mocked their technology and left a bunch of dick picks. He did that with New Genesis, but they didn't make a "torture and/or kill on sight" towards Rick.
  • Specific to New Genesis
    • A veritable paradise covered in lush forests and greenlands. To prevent nature being disrupted, the only urban center is the massive floating city of Supertown. This is something that those in the Nature Preservers respect.
    • Hexxus would love to change that, though he hasn't had any success so far. Unlike Melkor and Apokolips, Cosmos and the GUAG are totally welcome on New Genesis. Highfather has pledged support to them over the other alliances.
    • Lucifer has asked to form a potential alliance of convenience, given Apokolips's tyranny is a bane to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos and their goals. Highfather wanted to reject him outright as New Genesis does not approve of the GUAC's methods, however admits Lucifer would help against Darkseid. Lucifer was quick to point out that he has made some morally dubious actions such as trading his son for Darkseid's in The Pact, and one of his allies is Zeus. While he had a point, New Genesis has made it clear it's a non-aggression pact and will go against Lucifer the moment he goes out of line to stop the likes of Darkseid or YHVH.

Atlantica, Holy Seat of Underwater Destinations
  • An aquatic kingdom ruled by King Triton off the coast of Denmark.
  • Theme Song: Under the Sea; Isn't It Lovely (Kingdom Hearts II)
  • Symbol: King Triton's palace
  • Aligment: Lawful Good with shades of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aquatic Cities inhabited by merfolk
  • Domains: Oceans, Kingdoms, Cities, Merfolk, Aquatic Life
  • Sacred to: King Triton, Ariel, Melody
  • Unholy to: Ursula
  • Banned: Members of the Hall of Piracy, and all other pirates by principle, Captain Nemo, Commander Rourke, Kratos, Plankton, Tamatoa and other evil-aligned aquatic life in general
  • Sister Locations: Atlantis, Atlanta, Georgia, Planet Aquatos, the various Pearl Kingdoms, Maraqua
  • Atlantica is home to many merfolk and other friendly seafolk alike, ruled by the well-intentioned King Triton, who rules the place with a firm but merciful hand. Likewise, the place is also a sacred location to his seven daughters, including Ariel herself. However, since she prefers to be on land with her husband Prince Eric, it'd be more likely to run into her daughter, Melody here. While initially troubled by the death of King Triton's wife, Queen Athena, which led to a dreary time where music was forbidden to be played, Ariel managed to bring music back as a tradition in her late mother's honor.
  • When it came to underwater civilizations to ascend into the Pantheon, there were plenty of considerable candidates for the title of Under the Sea. Of all places, Atlantica was considered the most worthy dominion to take the spot, given that usually there's not much to say about Aquaman's or Namor's homes, and the former has to deal with Orm the Ocean Master at times. Them and other ocean-related deities found common ground in approving of King Triton's views on handling affairs, being very strict on gods that are allowed to enter Atlantica, and being very protective of his kingdom, though thanks to Ariel, he's not too harsh on humans, but not necessarily soft. The fact that Atlantica isn't in ruins attests to his effectiveness as a ruler, and made it stand out among the usual examples of underwater cities being ruins.
  • After some research of its own, Atlantica decided to start its own Blitzball team, since its sport was compatible with merfolk. Given the merfolks' aquatic advantages, Team Atlantica has be known to be the only team capable of beating the Besaid Aurochs. It's said that King Triton is very proud of the team, especially since his granddaughter, Melody, is the team captain! The fact her voice enables her to imitate Rikku, often confuses Tidus, which also tips their matches in her favor.
  • One of the most eventful parts of the merfolks' lifestyles is their music. Even during the ban of music, there were underground groups like the Catfish Club Band that kept the tradition alive. Through persistence and Ariel's assistance, music became a staple of Atlantica's culture once more. Once a year, a musical composed by Sebastian is held inside the palace. Ariel often was the star before she permanently became a human, even then she still visits once in a while. The most famous song performed so far was "A New Day Is Dawning" (with Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy being guest performers), which is about harmony with the aquatic and human worlds. It was also where Sora learned that he's a good singer, and thanks to this, he's now seen performing karaoke at the House of Musicality. The Mermaid Princesses have also been frequent guests to perform songs for the denizens of Atlantica, as well as Jabberjaw and the Neptunes, who are grateful that Jabberjaw can be accepted as a friendly and sociable shark.
  • Ursula despises the place, having wanted to take over Atlantica in one way or another. She's unsure of whether it would be better to conquer it directly or to destroy and rebuild a new one out of its ruins. It's not like it's ever happening with all of the merfolk guardians that revere the place dearly, but she can't help but try. Unfortunately for her, given her reputation, there are very few willing to make deals with her to contribute to such efforts that aren't already allies.
  • Plankton is banned to ensure that he can't try to pull something like he once did to King Neptune for his schemes of taking over the Krusty Krab. No one really wants to have King Triton pulled around through mind control, which would bring Atlantica into chaos in the process. Mr. Krabs, on the other hand, had interest in expanding Krusty Krab out of Bikini Bottom into Atlantica, but currently he has no luck since his restaurant's ethics don't meet Atlantica's standards, as much as the Krabby Patty impresses citizens. For now, Krabs is content with having more merfolk becoming visiting customers.
  • Rikuo and his family are welcomed in Atlantica, given that they're shown themselves to be responsible denizens and benevolent towards Triton's own people. Triton himself is saddened by the fact that Rikuo's people is in such a vulnerable state and hopes the best for them. Ruto is also a welcomed guest to represent the Zora of her world, seeing much good in connecting with similar seafolk. Some of Atlantica's native merfolk are curious about how Zora evolved into the Rito at one point.
  • There is no tolerance for any bloodthirsty or violent sea creatures in Atlantica. Bruce attempted to lurk around for finding a potential meal in Atlantica's merfolk, and found himself shrunken to the size of a piranha by Triton. Being much smaller, Bruce was chased away by Triton then by other fish in the ocean that wanted to eat Bruce themselves. By the time Bruce managed to revert the change, he learned his lesson dearly. Meg and other similar creatures have also taken the warning very seriously and keep out of this domain. Even Octogeddon knows better than to underestimate Triton's fury, not that Atlantica's people would lightly mock octopi, given that some live among them, including a member of the Catfish Club Band.
  • Milo Thatch, due to his admiration for the Atlantis in his world (on top of being married to its princess, Kida), and saving the place from further destruction, is dearly welcomed in Atlantica. He's one of the few surface-dwellers that can actively do research on Atlantica for this reason, which has made him popular in the House of Science. As for his enemy, Commander Rourke, keeping him out of Atlantica was a no-brainer for trying to doom Atlantis. While not as malicious as Rourke, Captain Nemo is also not allowed to hunt within Atlantica's waters, being seen as an underwater pirate. He doesn't appreciate having to deal with another government even when underwater, but he's stayed away with little trouble.
  • When it comes to treasure hunters, Triton has allowed the more well-intentioned ones like Scrooge McDuck and Dimitri Lousteau to search around near Atlantica, but even then he keeps a cautious eye on them. Triton isn't about to let any outsider come in and snatch an artifact too, reminding visitors that Atlantica is a thriving city that doesn't invite thieves, and not a ruins area to scavenge. Tamatoa didn't get the memo, and tried to raid Atlantica for some of its shiny treasures, and smashed away many of its guard, but against Triton himself, Tamatoa stood little chance, so Tamatoa was forcefully expelled from Atlantica empty-handed.
  • There are plenty of people speculating on how Atlantica came to be, with some wondering if Triton's people already came to be on their own or if they were perhaps split off from humanity at one point or another. The Sniper personally leans toward the latter due to a revelation that his true birthplace, New Zealand, was somehow turned into an Underwater City. Of course, that hypothesis doesn't answer the consequential question of how such humans would evolve into the mermaids we know and love today. Whether magic or divine creation are involved in said development of mermaids either way is something that King Triton is unable to reveal for unknown reasons.
  • Poseidon was one of the deities to approve of Atlantica's ascension, wanting to have a domain of people similar to humans to interact with. While Triton and Poseidon respect each other, not all merfolk necessarily worship Poseidon, but he's ok with that fact. Kratos, an enemy of Poseidon and the Greek gods in general, had his actions of sinking Atlantis known, as well as killing one of Poseidon's princesses. While Triton pities how Kratos lost his original family, he is most certainly no guest for Atlantica to accept, not wanting to deal with him any time soon.
  • While Triton along with Atlantica's people in general have begun to view humans a little more positively, they can't say the same for a particular group of humans: Pirates. Obviously, pirates in or outside of the Hall of Piracy are not welcome at all in Atlantica, especially not the evil-aligned pirates like Black Manta or Captain Hook. They were responsible for the death of Queen Athena, Triton's wife. They're still uncomfortable with even the good-aligned pirates as well, so they aren't excluded from the ban either. Jinbei of the Straw Hat Pirates attempted to appeal to Triton, showing the Straw Hats' achievements of saving Fishman Island, another underwater civilization of merfolk, as an example to show that they could get along. On the other hand, there's the prophecy of man in a straw hat destroying Fishman Island that works against their case. While Triton doesn't view the Straw Hats as negatively as other pirates, for the time being, they too are not allowed in Atlantica, but Triton may be willing to change his mind in the future.
  • It's common to see some Water-type Pokémon that have ascended to roam this place, save the Legendaries who prefer to stay within their own temples. Atlantica's denizens don't really see the appeal in capturing Pokémon nor using them in battles, so they prefer to simply co-exist with them like with the sealife they regularly live with. Misty is also a common guest that can be found in Atlantica, training with her Pokémon. It's the fact she can't continually breathe underwater that she hasn't made Atlantica a second home to her given how astonished she is by the kingdom.
  • There's plenty of unique ecosystems and geography in the ocean to explore, and Atlantica has its own culture to keep itself entertained. And yet only few writers emphasize on this when thinking about water-based civilizations, with the fact that terran creations don't hold well in water unappealing to many humans as well. Unfortunately, Triton's powers don't include giving people more creativity, but Triton has considered making expansions to Atlantica to show how fun life can be under the sea.

    Bolder's Ring 
Bolder's Ring, Divine Big Space Object (Ring, The Ring, The Xeelee Ring, The Great Attractor)
Note that the galaxy in the foreground is not to scale
  • Symbol: An impossibly large ring drawn in a single continuous line
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Really big plot device IN SPACE, Cool Gate, Negative Space Wedgie, Extradimensional Emergency Exit for the entire universe
  • Domains: Portals, Megastructures, Singularities, String Theory, Hard Science Fiction, Other Universes
  • Interests: The Doctor, Nicol Bolas, The Combine
  • Bolder's Ring is big. 10 million lightyears in diameter (100x the Milky Way's) big. So big that the rest of the Pantheon takes up only a few pixels on a wall poster of it, and that's being generous. It's formed from a single one-dimensional cosmic string of immeasurable length looped around itself countless times, and took the Xeelee over ten billion years to construct. And what was it constructed to do? Provide a gateway to another universe. While it was destroyed by the Photino Birds after having one too many black holes smashed into it, its ascension repaired it enough to function again. Now, the Ring provides a gateway to various 'verses, with the destination changing periodically.
  • The Xeelee moved Bolder's Ring to the (general vicinity of) the Trope Pantheon for a couple reasons. One was to serve as an out in case the Photino Birds should return. However the other reason was that they had realized the immense amount of conflict in the Trope Pantheon and had decided that the residents should have an out if a true Twilight of the Gods is to take place. The immensity of the structure means that it is considered a location along with an artifact, hence its position as part of the Dominions Expansion. It is in fact so large that it is the in-universe cause of the Great Attractor.
  • It's called Bolder's Ring because of the pilot who discovered it, Jim Bolder. Not really knowing what the Ring is for, they spent millennia attacking it in various ways like using a neutron star as a projectile at relativistic speeds but their attacks were thwarted. Their fears were that Bolder's Ring was some kind of alien weapon. Though the Xeelee have explained the purpose of the ring to the Trope Pantheon, some deities are still suspicious of it and think there's some sort of catch. A lot of those deities are distrustful of aliens like members of the Imperium of Mankind. Now that the Xeelee have individual beings in the Trope Pantheon comparable or even exceeding their civilization in power, they've become significantly more focused on protecting their Ring.
  • The Living Tribunal has currently been given the position of monitor and ward over the Ring, a position they will sometimes sub out to the Monitor himself. A great deal of security is in place to prevent anything that might threaten whatever universe is accessible beyond it, as that would kind of defeat the purpose of Bolder's Ring. Of course, anyone who uses it still needs some significant FTL to make full use of it. For example, the residents of the Spore Galaxy can't exceed 20 parsecs of travel without another gravitational body, so a wormhole was constructed to link them up with the Ring.
  • While they're both advanced ring-based structures, Bolder's Ring doesn't have anything in common with the Halo rings. Master Chief can certainly admire the craftsmanship and sheer scale of the Ring. Nicol Bolas admires it, but in a far more covetous fashion; he intends to co-opt it and be the only one allowed to access it, which has led to conflict between him and the Xeelee as the Ring is not to be used exclusively like that. Professor Farnsworth admits it's indeed impressive, but he still likes to flex with his universe box. The Xeelee were not impressed by this, though they were a bit surprised he was even able to do so at all.
  • There are other deities who have developed portals of interdimensional travel, but compared to Bolder's Ring they can come off as pocket change by comparison. In fairness, the Xeelee were thinking magnitudes bigger when it comes to using the Ring. Rick Sanchez definitely felt it was an affront to his ego and he has been attempting to hyper-upgrade his portal gun to beat them at their own game. The Xeelee are well-aware that this is an exercise in futility but they aren't going to stop him and he already gets the idea of escaping bad end universe with his portal. And since the Central Finite Curve is designed to separate universes where Rick is the smartest from ones where he isn't, it furthers the futility of him trying to best them. The New Alliance of Free Stars were more humble and admitting it was greater than even Quasispace, itself a faster means of transport than hyperspace.
  • There's been an ongoing effort to keep The Time Eater away from Bolder's Ring, lest it travel through and wreak havoc on other universes and 'verses. So far, efforts have been successful, but only time will tell if they stay that way. In addition, the Combine have been waging a pointless, failed war against the Xeelee to gain access to the Ring; for a trans-dimensional force of alien invaders they are surprisingly poor at galactic transportation and travel. A rule has been made that The Chaos Gods and their followers should never be allowed to be anywhere clear the Ring, in hopes to stopping their "infection" from spreading. The Xeelee are quite accepting to baryonic life but they still have limits. Because Sailor Chaos managed to merge with a Cosmic Keystone the Xeelee are trying to ensure it can't get its hands on the Ring; they do not want another universe to fall victim to a Vicious Cycle, especially when escaping from a doomed universe was the whole point of Bolder's Ring.
  • The Xeelee have personally put in the effort of preventing the Dark Multiverse and its denizens from reaching Bolder's Ring. They are aware this may be seen as unfair since many of the residents don't deserve being stuck in such a doomed part of creation, but they want to make sure the Photino Birds and their ilk do not spill into unprotected realities and if they must discriminate against other forces of dark matter, so be it. This view has only been reinforced by Barbatos who has sworn to personally tear apart the Ring so none can escape the devastation he desires to bring...but not before somehow convincing the Batman That Laughs to follow those that might flee. Mainly in hopes he can befoul some other portion of the omniverse and not indulge in Starscream tendencies.
  • Seeing as how Bolder's Ring is specifically designed to as a way to escape should the universe be doomed, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction has vested interest in preventing the Ring from being used for its intended purpose. Nekron has already been rooting for the Photino Birds because the victory of heat death they bring out would create the cold, dead void he desires above all else. They do not intend to destroy the Ring as it would allow them to expand their destruction to other realities, which the Lich was the first to bring up due to how he planned to use the Enchiridion. Davros plans to set up a second Reality Bomb near Bolder's Ring in order to achieve the "wave of destruction spreading to other realities" effect that he intended with the rift at the heart of Medusa's Cascade.
  • Rassilon wishes that he had thought up of Bolder's Ring as a means of escaping The Last Great Time War...well, that's what he says, given he wanted to sell ending time and space as "necessary". The Xeelee have noted the Time Lords as one of the only races even comparable to them in advancement and have mused they could've used the Ring to save the innocents in the conflicts, and have decided Rassilon certainly isn't worthy of using it in any fashion. By contrast, the Doctor was welcome to study it, and they've been quite fascinated by the gate.

    Dwemer Ruins 
Dwemer Ruins, Holy Seat of Hidden Advanced Civilizations
Bthardamz, a Dwemer ruin within Skyrim
  • Description: Ancient stone cities and strongholds defined by the Steampunk Magitek that has stood the tests of time itself.
  • Symbol: A Dwarven Centurion head
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Former homes to The Deep Elves aka the Dwarves, Eternal Engine, Advanced Ancient Acropolis, Elaborate Under Ground Bases/Underground Cities, Ragnarök Proofing, Magitek, Older Is Better, Precursors (Abusive Precursors for the Dwemer clans based within Skyrim)
  • Domains: Elves, Steampunk, Ancient Civilizations
  • Interests: The House of Knowledge, Cyrus Albright, and other scholars, Byleth, The House of Craft, various adventurers and treasure hunters such as The League of Explorers, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Captain Toad, Nathan Drake, Kaban and Serval, The Knight
  • Confuses: The more "traditional" Dwarves such as Thorgrim Grudgebearer and Muradin Bronzebeard, various elven races
  • The Dwemer were a particularly peculiar race that once walked the continent of Tamriel as there truly was no other race like them. Mistakenly called as Dwarves by giants long ago the Deep Elves were the most technologically sophisticated race to have ever lived, their intelligence only rivaled by a select few. While the races of Men and Mer fought and killed each other over their gods and deities the Dwemer had no time for such primitive nonsense. Though you wouldn't catch them denying their existence they hardly considered the Aedra and Daedra to be anything special, their skepticism of all things feeding the idea that they were alien and unfathomable as a people. After uncovering the Heart of Lorkhan in Red Mountain they supposedly attempted to use it to propel themselves into divinity. However, a war between them and the Chimer would ultimately result in the entire race disappearing off the surface of Nirn. Whether they succeeded in becoming gods, transported to some other plane of existence, or even flat out erased is left unclear. What is clear is that they left behind quite the legacy in the form of the various cities and strongholds across High Rock, Hammerfell, Skyrim, and Morrowind.
  • Wherever the hell they went, it's a place so far off that even the Pantheon's powers were completely unable to reach them. Instead, they ended up calling forth their ancient and often underground ruins. Considering it's enough to bring back those who ceased to be, this is by all means no simple claim to make. Just as they were a source of intrigue from back home, many deities across the Pantheon have showed interest in making their own expeditions in them. Some like those in the House of Knowledge wish to also study them, others want to seek out adventure and/or even some lost treasure within them. Whatever the reason, the Dovahkiin warns that not everyone can just simply barge right into the many Dwemer's ruins. Though their architects are long gone, there still lies the fully-functional deathtraps and other occupants. Barring the city of Markarth (a Nordic city based in what was once Nchuand-Zel) it's not just inhabited by opportunistic folk like bandits, vampire covens, or potential wildlife either...
  • When people say they were the most technologically advanced race to have ever graced their world they mean it. While their weapons and armor are nothing to scoff at their claim to fame goes well beyond that. The machinery that stretch across the corridors still function as well as they did a thousand years ago thanks to their use of Tonal Architecture. It's part of what makes their ruins so dangerous to explore as this includes all the security, mainly in the form of Animunculi from spiders and ballistae to soldiers and colossal golems. It is all too easy for a foolish explorer to lose their lives facing such things.
    • Even then, these simple constructs pale in comparison to their greatest inventions. There's the Karstangz-Bcharn; a Weather-Control Machine, a device that can safely read an Elder Scroll, and the Tools of Kagrenac known as Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder; A gauntlet, short-blade, and hammer respectively that can tap into the powers of a dead god's heart. The tools were not only responsible for the Dwemer going who-knows-what to begin with, but also the reason the Tribunal were able to attain divinity and bring together timelines in which they acquired it and always were gods themselves.
    • Most famous of them all is the Brass Tower, the Numidium: A Humongous Mecha that, when powered by the Heart of Lorkhan or a similar powerful item, could warp reality itself thanks to it apparently being a personification of the Dwemer's devil advocacy towards everything. It's activation alone causes Dragon Breaks. A weapon of mass destruction, Tiber Septim used such a machine to conquer all of Tamriel and unite them under the Third Empire but was soon destroyed when Tiber Septim started to misuse it. Later off into the Third Era a second Numidium named Akulakhan was under construction by the Physical God Dagoth Ur who wanted to turn it against the Empire for their occupation of Morrowind and later further his own plans of casting down the Tribunal and spread the Corprus disease everywhere. Akulakhan too was destroyed when the Nerevarine's prophecy was fulfilled.
  • To those exploring ruins originating from the land of Skyrim should take special care there. Monstrous humanoid creatures known as Falmer along with their tamed Chaurus also patrol the depths. They were once the Snow Elves but after the ancient Nordic people drove them to near extinction they turned to the Dwemer for refuge. Whether they were tricked or did so out of free will they consumed special mushrooms that mutated them into their current state. The Dwemer of Skyrim then tried to use them as a work force before they rebelled against their masters. Them disappearing made the now freed Falmer the winners by default and have gone to infest their once great cities and other underground networks where their numbers grow by the day. Their hatred for the surface meant that they've gone so far as to kidnap and torture the terrestrial races and are theorized by some to even plan an invasion.
    • The Falmer's kidnapping was brought to Byleth's attention when a couple students from the House of School disappeared one day and made the journey to one of the Dwemer ruins and luckily enough they were able to make it in time and save them. Initially, they mistook the Falmer and the Dwemer for being one and the same but after some time was spent investigating they realized their mistake. Still, both races unsettle to the professor. They both hold similar characteristics to "those who slither in the dark", an underground conspiracy consisting of the remnant Agarthans driven underground long-ago, the Falmer with their pale mutations and hatred for the surface and the Dwemer for their daunting advancements in technology and fearsome cruelty. While they admit they are no scholar to the races and histories of Tamriel they are concerned with the state of the Falmer and their activity along with the potential use of the Dwemer's Lost Technology for their own gain going by the stories they've read about.
  • To say that they utterly baffle many of the Pantheon's Dwarf populations would be underselling it. They're neither small, had the accents, or actual dwarves. Even their name of the "Deep Elves" referred more-so to philosophical depth than their size, which they were considered about average anyways. Yet they also play the stereotype straight. They did have underground cities, were known to have quite the beards, and are the most technologically advanced race with their mastery in craftsmanship is well known to many. They also really didn't get along with other races, in particular the Chimer (who are again an Elven race) even if they did make peace with them for a time thanks to Lord Nerevar when it came to them against the Nords. Thorgrim Grudgebearer in particular want to learn more about these "Dwarves", and have expressed some amount of curiosity of meeting a supposed last living Dwarf. Muradin Bronzebeard shares has the same feelings, more-so because of the fact that the Dwarves of his universe were once mechanical and stone constructs created by the Titans before being transformed into flesh and blood creatures by the Old Gods through the Curse of Flesh. He has a personal, albeit unfounded belief that they might be linked to why the animunculi still run even to this day. Other elven races express the same, puzzled sentiments.
  • Besides the House of Knowledge, the House of Craft naturally have shown a similar resolve in uncovering more about these mysterious precursors. Even the great Vulcan and Dyntos have shown pause when going over the Dwemer's crowning achievements, the latter expressing a morbid curiosity regarding the Numidium and its sheer power. Like the House of Knowledge, they've tasked the likes of the League of Explorers, Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Lora Croft, Captain Toad to do the work for them.
  • As far as more independent explorers go Kaban and Serval have accompanied other parties in exploring these mysterious structures having ventured around the abandoned Japari Park to figure out Kaban's true species as well as locate any other human remnants on the island. The Knight tends to make voyages in them too, though it often only travels between the expansive cave system of Blackreach predominantly illuminated by the ethereal blue glow of the many giant mushrooms growing there.

    Earth (200 myf) 
Earth (200 myf), Divine Setting of Once Humble Fauna Now Dominant (New World)
A map of the Earth
  • Description: The Earth with one single super-continent and a massive ocean
  • Symbol: The Future Is Wild logo with a squibbon grasping it
  • Theme Song: The series intro theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Speculative Documentary On Future Evolution, Arthropods And Cephalopods Will Rule The Earth, Fantastic Fauna Counterpart, Fish Have Gained Flight
  • Domains: Speculation, The Far Future, Evolution, Continental Drift, Deserts, Oceans
  • Counterparts: The Earth, the Planet of the Apes, Holy Terra (past Earths), PNF-404 (future Earths)
  • Of interest to: Cephalopod deities, the Arthropods and Aquatic Life sub-houses
  • Barred entry: Hunter J and all poachers
  • Imagine a world, millions of years in the future. A world where evolution has written a new chapter in the story of life. The world is inhabited by very strange creatures, like nothing the Earth has ever seen. The web of life has shifted drastically in the billions of years of evolution. Once meager creatures like the mammals came to fill evolutionary niches after a mass extinction. And some predict that eventually their time would come, and a mass extinction would wipe out most of the vertebrates. 200 million years in the future (or 200 myf), the void left by most vertebrates has been filled by arthropods and cephalopods. Some, like the squibbon, even show signs of becoming humanity's successor.
  • The New World is but one of many Earths, and has long since forgotten humanity's impact. It's basically the opposite of Holy Terra, which has been completely consumed by human cities and technology, and similar to PNF-404 in being a distant future Earth with a new super-continent. Said super-continent is shaped differently and simply dubbed Pangea II instead of Pangea Ultima. The House of Space and Cosmos has been making money from safari trips to the different environments, and biologists are investigating the new flora and fauna.
  • Captain Olimar and the Pikmin come even further in the future, as PNF-404(Earth) is 50 million years ahead of Earth 200 myf. Rumor has it that fossils of the fauna of 200 myf were found by Olimar, however people are skeptical that they're the same world and think someone is pranking Olimar with fake fossils.
  • Access to the Earth of 200 myf has to be authorized by the House of Time and Temporality. As per pantheon rules it is to be treated as a safari by tourists, and there are strict limits to what the Hunters are and are not permitted to hunt. Poachers too are banned.
  • Geb and Gaea are capable of manifesting as a future version of themselves with the New World. This ability is limited to certain Genius Loci so gods like Poseidon hold less power in this era than the present day. The Nature Uprising enjoys the area for been unspoiled by human habitation.
  • The massive, one world ocean, referred to simply as the Global Ocean causes enormous hurricanes. These hypercanes makes it hell for any seafarer in the Land and Sea Travel hell, but this doesn't stop Captain Nemo or Moana from trying to navigate it. Al'Akir has been experimenting with his power over storms there. The "birds" they've encountered are actually flishnote , which has become an interesting test of patience for "bird" hunters and fishermen. The sushi made by flish is still pretty good.
  • The Kraken is at home in the Global Ocean as giant squid are still a thing 200 myf, taking the form of the rainbow squid. Fortunately it's a Gentle Giant. When normally fishing you'll find silverswimmersnote , however sometimes sharkopaths are found. Bruce was gleeful to learn that his shark brethren have survived so far into the future, and they even have bioluminescence to aid.
  • As a consequence of all the continents being together, they have one absolutely huge desert. The most arid part of this is the Central Desert. Subterranean reservoirs help maintain a populace of insects and other bugs. Spiders were miffed to learn there weren't any spiders 200 myf, though they do exist 100 myf. Others in the Insects sub-house consider the results more pleasing.
  • Unfortunately The Radiance's visits to the Central Desert have proven that her Hate Plague works even on future bugs like the terabyte colony. On a brighter note, Shino Aburame and Agitha sometimes come over in desert-safe clothes to tend to the insects. Rumor even has it that Mr Burns still exists in the Central Desert, tending to the bugs. As he apparently survived to the year 1 million, living another 199 million years might not be completely implausible. Rumor also has it he lived on the prior super-continent.
  • The Rainshadow Desert borders a massive mountain range found predominantly on the south-east edge of Pangea II. As such while closer to the Global Ocean, it's a harsher environment as the mountains block moisture. Part of what sustains the ecosystem are flish and other animals being flung there. As such it is the least visited area of Earth, 200 myf. Some collectors have taken to desert hopper racing, a variation on snail racing which the desert hoppers are evolved from.
  • The most lush area is the Northern Forest, which is home to a new type of cephalopod; the terasquid. The largest is the elephant-like megasquid. Perhaps the most interesting organism is the squibbon, a gibbon-like cephalopod who's intelligence shows promise of becoming the successor to humanity. There was some speculation from the Splatoon crew that the squibbon may be an ancestor, however this has been Jossed as it takes a "mere" 12,000 years into the future due to global warming and World War V.
  • Joe was at first a bit upset to learn most fish were extinct, but he was intrigued by the flish and sharkopath. With most vertebrates gone he schemes to "evolve" the flish into being the new sentient race, with himself as their "dear and grateful leader". He is studying the flish's anatomy so he can take a flying form that is just as capable surviving in water as in air. However he has the terasquids to tend with, and as humans no longer exist in this world they have moved to being competition.
  • Someone decided to prank the SCP Foundation by getting some of the weirder fauna and trying to pass it off as anomalous. They quickly deduced it wasn't, though consider the squibbon a bit questionable.

Eindhoven, Site of Destroyed Product Placement
Top: Eindhoven being bombed by the German Luftwaffe. Middle: The destroyed Philips Electric Industrial Complex. Bottom: A burning Shell Gas Station found in Eindhoven.
  • Description: The Dutch city of Eindhoven, as it appeared in September 1944. Several districts of the city have been damaged by a combination of bombing from both sides and constant Urban Warfare in and around the city.
  • Symbol: The logos of the Philips Electric Industrial Complex and Shell gas station, the latter of which has its "S" fallen off, spelling out instead "Hell"
  • Theme: Eindhoven
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Having at least two prominent locations with real-life brand names getting destroyed, Becoming the site of constant city fighting between the Allies and the Germans, Becoming a flaming battlefield following a surprise German bombing raid
  • Domains: Cities, Product Placement, Destruction, Wars
  • Sacred to: SSgt. Matthew Baker and SSgt. Joseph Hartsock, Pfc. Gary Jasper and Pfc. Timothy Connor, Sgt. Franklin Paddock
  • During Operation Market-Garden in September 1944, the city of Eindhoven would become one of the main objectives of the 101st Airborne Division. With it being part of the greater Highway 69 system, it would the first major crossing point for the British 30th Corps on their way to the most important objective, the road bridge in the city of Arnhem.
  • Fighting in Eindhoven would commence on the 18th of September, with elements of the 101st Airborne's Recon Squads entering the city, tasked with neutralizing German resistance in the city's residential districts. The most notable action would be called the "Kloosterdreef Incident", where Baker and his squad were tasked with destroying two German 88mm artillery guns that ended up firing on several Dutch houses as they advanced. Ultimately, they were successful in taking out both guns.
  • Heavy fighting would also take place in the city's industrial area, particularly the massive Philips Electric Industrial Complex, the main factory of the company at the time. As a result of German artillery fire, Allied air and tank attacks as well as the constant Urban Warfare going on in and around the place, the factory ended up becoming heavily damaged, with several of its outer walls being destroyed. Ironically, the Philips logo located on the roof of the building remained largely intact.
  • The last major fighting in the area would occur on the night of the 18th and the wee hours of the 19th, following a surprise Luftwaffe bombing raid on the city that killed hundreds of Dutch civilians. Using the ensuing chaos and fires as a distraction, German infantry began launching counterattacks, occupying certain areas of the city. The British forces and 101st Airborne, knowing the threat they posed to the Operation, began defending and retaking these German-held areas.
    • Baker, Hartsock, and their respective squads in particular had a string of nasty experiences during this time. For one, they would end up losing two men, as well as two Dutch Resistance members who had been aiding them up until that point. Numerous Dutch civilians would also be killed, either by the bombing, the subsequent fires breaking out, or German patrols suspecting them of collaboration with the Allies.
  • With Hell's Highway already in the Pantheon, Eindhoven had similarly found its way in, no thanks to being connected to no less than five (seven if you count Winters and Spiers) deities who had fought there. Unlike Hell's Highway, which ascended due to its condition, Eindhoven ascended thanks to the damaged Philips Electric Industrial Complex and a destroyed Shell Gas Station.
  • Immediately, members of the 101st Airborne and the elements of the Nazi Forces in the Pantheon begin occupying different sectors of Eindhoven once more, with both factions vying for control of the city itself. Much like Hell's Highway, controlling the city and its river crossing would allow access to more Houses and the various Nazi and HYDRA factories and bases located further inside.
    • Unsurprisingly, the Nazis take control of the city's industrial sector, particularly the Philips Electic Industrial Complex. They hope to use the factory to manufacture vital components needed in many of their advanced weapons and munitions. They also end up restoring the Shell Gas Station found in the city, with the pumps once again being used to fuel trucks, tanks, and other vehicles. Destroying these facilities once again becomes a priority for the Allies, given their strategic importance.
    • The Allies, on other hand, capture the residential areas of the city as well as the city outskirts. These locations are being used by them as staging areas for recconaissance, offensives, target spotting, and artillery shelling of the German-held areas.
  • Many in the House of Commerce were distraught to see Eindhoven, particularly the two aforementioned locations, in its current state, no thanks to seeing photos of the destroyed locations that had surfaced thanks to the House of Knowledge.
    • C.C. in particular felt saddened seeing the Philips Electric Industrial Complex being occupied and used to manufacture weapons of war rather than electronics.
    • Evil deities such as Sundowner, however, see the city as an opportunity for a good business deal or two. He's particularly interested in negotiating with the Germans due to their aforementioned hold on the Philips complex.
  • Notably, unlike most cases of Product Placement where the product name is present strictly for the purpose of advertising, both the Philips Electric Industrial Complex and the Shell Gas Station are actually special in that they're there for being historical and actual locations, with several historical photographs depicting them during the German occupation of the Netherlands.

"It is the year 1939. The Germanian Empire launched a sudden invasion on its neighbor, Livonia. In response, the Kingdom of Britannia and the Republic of Thermydor declared war on Germania and opened hostilities against it. However, Germania's blitzkrieg tactics which combined air warfare with tank combat brought its smaller neighbors to their knees. And even after defeating Thermydor, which was thought to be a powerful threat, it bared its fangs against the tiny Alpine state to its south, the Principality of Eylstadt."

The Principality of Eylstadt, Divine Representation of Backwards Central and Eastern European Nations (The Duchy of Eylstadt, The Kingdom of Eylstadt)
Flag of Eylstadt
Landsbruck, capital city of Eylstadt, with Eylstadt Royal Palace in the center
  • National Anthem: Eylstadt Kokka
  • Description: A small landlocked country located in an alternate 1940s Europe, equivalent to Austria in most other worlds.
  • Symbol: The flag of Eylstadt, as shown on the right
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, formerly Lawful Neutral during the Middle Ages
  • Portfolio: A rather typical depiction of a backwards Central or Eastern European country, specifically a depiction of an alternate universe Austria, Being beseiged by the Germanian Empire once the rest of Europe falls, The capital Landsbruck being subject to multiple offensives
  • Sacred to: Archduchess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt (their leader), Izetta (their hero and protector)
  • Unholy to: Sophie, Lt. Colonel Arnold Berkman
  • During the middle ages, the small Alpine Kingdom of Eylstadt, being beseiged by a massive foreign invasion force, was saved when a White Witch singlehandedly repelled the invasion. While grateful for this action, the King of Eylstadt, who was at one point the witch's lover but ultimately chose to marry someone of noble blood, was forced to make the difficult decision to have her killed, for fear of the Church's reprisals against those considered heretics. And so, the witch was betrayed to the Inquisition, and she was tortured and eventually burned to death. Before she died, she swore revenge on the Eylstadt royal family and the country for betraying her, promising to burn it down or make them suffer. This betrayal was ultimately chosen to be covered up, with the royal family retelling the White Witch story with a much happier ending, with the Witch protecting the nation until the end of her life.
  • Cut to the year 1940. Despite hundreds of years of technological advancements, the Principality of Eylstadt, compared to it's European neighbors, remained backwards in terms of technology, industry, and infrastructure. While able to produce high-quality products such as watches, these were made mainly in small workshops, rather than in large and sophisticated factories. It's military was similarly just as dated, with many of their weapons and vehicles being some 10 to 20 years behind their counterparts. And so, in that same year, when the Germanian Empire invaded the Principality for its strategic location directly north of the Romulus Federation, the Germanian's closest ally in mainland Europe, both the Eylstadt leadership and its Army were caught woefully unprepared. Had it not been for Izetta's timely intervention and successful halting of the Germanian invasion forces, Eylstadt would have fallen much faster.
  • Eylstadt would ultimately end up falling to the Germanians a few months later, after they had successfully revived the vengeful Sophie through cloning, as well as develop wonderweapons based on crystallized Magical Energy. Sophie, thanks to the use of the Magic Stone, defeated Izetta easily, with the latter nearly getting captured in the process, only saved thanks to the Heroic Sacrifice of several of Eylstadt's military personnel and aircraft. Landsbruck, the capital, fell in only two hours, with the government forced to flee into the mountainous countryside. Landsbruck itself was nearly subject to nuclear attack by Sophie and the Germanians using a prototype rocket powered by Hexenium (as the crystallized magical energy was now called), but this, and Sophie's life, was cut short when Izetta made a Heroic Sacrifice and promptly drained Europe's, and possibly the world's leylines of magical energy, rendering the Germanian's latest investments All for Nothing. Eylstadt would end up being liberated a year later, with the collapse of the Germanian Empire on two fronts, and would end up rebuilding and recovering from the devastation.
  • Eylstadt's ascension into the Pantheon is a rather interesting case. Following Berkman's own ascension into the Pantheon and his recruitment into HYDRA, Johann Schmidt had made a deal with him: help him get the White Witch Sophie into the Pantheon, and have her fight for HYDRA's cause as their new "Champion". Berkman replied that in order to get Sophie to fight for them, they would have to ascend the Principality of Eylstadt as well, as her goal following her betrayal and resurrection in his timeline was to destroy the country and have its people suffer. Schmidt, seeing the opportunity for more occupied territories to control within the Pantheon, agreed. And so, when Sophie was successfully revived by the combined efforts of HYDRA, Millennium, and the LDO, with Berkman's help and supervision, the former Germanian Army Lt. Colonel was given a new assignment: to lead the operation to get the entire Principality of Eylstadt into the Pantheon.
  • While ascending a city such as War-Torn Berlin had been done in the past and was ultimately successful, ascending an entire nation, for the Nazis at least, was another story. It wasn't impossible, however, given that entire planets and even dimensions had made it into the Pantheon prior. And so, Berkman and the rest of his new Heer Special Unit began coordinating with Sophie, Milleneum, the LDO, and even Tanya von Degurechaff in getting the entire Principality of Eylstadt in, with Sophie and Berkman promising the other parties the use of various sectors of the country once it's under German occupation.
  • As it turns out, however, it wasn't just the Germans wanting Eylstadt in. The Allies, now with the help of several good-aligned magical girls and magical users and Lord Recluse, believe that the key to neutralizing the threat Sophie poses lies within Eylstadt. With Lt. Mike Powell's and Lt. Karl Fairburne's help, Allied intelligence was able to obtain valuable info regarding the layout of the Eylstadt royal palace, specifically of the presence of a Magic Stone similar to the one used by Sophie. The Magical Girls helping them believe that this stone could serve as a catalyst to ascend Izetta into the Pantheon, and give her the power boost necessary to match Sophie blow for blow in combat.
  • When the Pricipality of Eylstadt finally ascended into the Pantheon, its people, both civilian and military were brought along with it, unlike in the case of War-Torn Berlin. However, among those who weren't ascended were the members of the Eylstadt government, including the royal family and the close associates of the Archduchess. This was deliberate on the part of the Nazis and HYDRA, who wanted to make their invasion of the country much easier. And so, when the Germans and HYDRA invaded Eylstadt, they steamrolled the Eylstadt military, not helped by the fact that the invading German forces wielded far more advanced tech than their Germanian Empire counterparts. Sophie, immediately, took to the frontlines, wiping out entire garrisons of Eylstadt troops with Hexenium-powered flying bombs, as well as disabling any defenses present in Landsbruck, as she had done in the past. Ultimately, Landsbruck once again falls within two hours of the Nazi invasion, with Waffen-SS troops capturing the Eylstadt Royal Palace with little opposition. Pretty soon, HYDRA raises its banner over the once-again ruined Royal Palace, with Sophie overlooking the success of her troops below.
  • Knowing that this was an inevitability from the beginning, the Allies instead chose a more subtle approach to entering Eylstadt, sending in a handful of Airborne troops, Rangers, and OSS operatives to conduct reconaissance operations and assist the remnants of the Eylstadt Army, as well as provide training, weapons, and supplies to the Eylstadt Resistance. They soon begin conducting guerilla operations against the Nazis, destroying supply convoys, bombing German airbases, and harassing enemy patrols. This proves effective, as while Sophie could easily wipe them out in conventional warfare, their hit and run tactics force her into a hands-off approach, as the Allies and resistance coordinate attacks in areas where Sophie isn't.
  • Meanwhile, the Germans soon begin pillaging all of Eylstadt of anything valuable, including gold reserves, art, and resources. The Royal Palace in particular is stripped of everything that isn't bolted down, under orders from Schmidt, who wants all of the stuff brought back to War-Torn Berlin for display. Lt. Col. Berkman, meanwhile, is involved in taking back all of the artifacts relating to the White Witch back to Berlin, and is also searching for the other half of the Magic Stone that may very well have been ascended alongside Eylstadt itself. For this, he's recruited the help of Dr. Rene Belloq and HYDRA's Werner Reinhardt in finding the Magic Stone as well as other notable artifacts. Sophie, meanwhile, plans on levelling Landsbruck to the ground with a Hexenium-powered missile, intent on not leaving a single trace of the wretched city. Unfortunately for her, a recent raid by US Rangers had delayed production of the Hexenium missile by a month or two, temporarily putting a thorn in her plans. Using this narrow window of time, Lt. Karl Fairburne and Lt. Mike Powell, with help from Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, plan on infiltrating the Eylstadt Royal Palace in order to find and retrieve the fabled half of the Magic Stone, in order to have a way to finally beat back "HYDRA's new Champion"...
  • In the meantime, the German occuptation of Eylstadt is brutal, to say the least. Aside from depriving the population of food production by taking all of it for themselves, the Germans are also imposing strict curfews in the cities of Landsbruck and Cronenberg, and executing anyone suspected of being a supporter of the Allies, the Eylstadt Army, or the Resistance. Unsurprisingly, war crimes are rampant, especially considering that the one now in command of the occupation force is none other than Sophie herself. Not helping matters is that she's now enhanced by the same Super Soldier Serum used by The Winter Soldier, turning her already sadistic and vengeful tendencies even worse than they already were. Needless to say, Eylstadt's current situation makes even Eindhoven, itself devastated by the same Forever War, look pleasant to stay in by comparison.
  • News of the Germans' activity in occupied Eylstadt is soon leaked to the rest of the world, with many deities speaking out against the Nazis and HYDRA for their brutal treatment of Eylstadt and its civilian population. Unsurprisingly, the Germans deny any of these claims, saying that they are nothing more than Allied propaganda. No one buys any of it for even a second, with Sophie herself wondering why they would bother denying any of these crimes at all, given that she's already infamous in the Pantheon for being driven by her vengeance against the poor country.
  • Fortunately for the Allies and Eylstadt, help would soon arrive in the form of The Tenno, who had already considered intervening in the European War thanks to the threat HYDRA posed with their new Hexenium-powered wonderweapons. While mainly aiding them in the form of providing additional manpower, they're also one of the few deities capable of matching Sophie in combat. However, their aid is ultimately just a quick fix, due to having other engagements on other planets and star systems, but their distracting of the already-beleaguered Sophie has given both the Allies and their magical girl acquaintances more valuable time needed to begin their attempts to summon Izetta into the Pantheon in earnest.
"Ich bin tapfer und binfromm. (I am brave and I am pious.)"

    Green Hill Zone 
Green Hill Zone, Divine Scenic Grassland Introductory Level
  • Description: A serene grassland with checkered soil, loops and ramps
  • Symbol: A photo of the place with Sonic's signature written on the corner
  • Theme Song: The OST from the first Sonic game
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Green Hill Zone, Scenery Porn, Re-Used For Nostalgia, Mainly Found In Platforming Tiles
  • Domains: Starting Levels, Scenery, Greenery, Loop-de-loops
  • Sacred to: Sonic the Hedgehog and friends
  • Unholy to: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (more like he's unholy to it)
  • Ah, Green Hill Zone. Sonic the Hedgehog lives in a world with many lush and varied environments, and the first recorded fight he had with the notorious Dr. Eggman was in Green Hill Zone. It's a nice, quaint little grassland with different paths and wide-open areas for Sonic to first test his Super-Speed. Among its notable features include palm trees, crumbling cliffs, some spikes, and various ramps and loops. Be it nostalgia Sonic has revisited Green Hill Zone on a number of occasions. You can find it on the simply-named South Island.
  • Green Hill Zone's exact appearance varies depending on the game and era, and Sonic always loves revisiting it; there are at least 26 versions of it in the game canon alone. The House of Musicality has a fondness for Green Hill Zone because its theme song is popular to remix. They've been given permission to compose songs there, however they stubbornly refuse to let Team Chaotix feature in their concerts. Yes they're aware of the irony because they're from the same universe, but it has more to do with their horrible singing.
  • It's possible to recreate the Green Hill Zone in Minecraft as its grassy elements are easily mimicked by the blocks available in that world. Steve, Alex and (Insert Name Here) have proven capable of making replicas of the area, and eventually Green Hill Zone made an official appearance in their world via DLC. Sonic and Tails visited to see how close it was to the original, only to find Dr. Eggman there. Rather than fight, Eggman explained he's there for the same reason they are and not interested in a fight. He's a scientist after all; he wants to do some tests to compare and contrast the Minecraft version with the OG.
  • Normally the Green Hill Zone is a safe haven for the less aggressive members of the House of Beasts and Fauna. The wild critters there became Sonic's friends, however they also became target of Eggman's first known villainous schemes: turn the animals into power sources for his robots. On occasion he'll try to cause trouble again, so fair warning to any deity of the aforementioned House who wants to chill; do so right after Sonic and his friends have kicked Eggman out. Also, there's always a piece of music accommodating the area so if you don't want it stuck in your head don't stay for too long-it's really good.
  • Many of the gods who originate from video game universes found Green Hill Zone reminiscent of nice and peaceful grasslands they've visited before. Link has been in a number of grasslands like Hyrule Field, which recently functioned as a Hub Level. Mario might have had the most experience with Green Hill Zone-like locations, which given how long he's been in the business isn't surprising. It's enough that Mario can almost "play the game" in Green Hill Zone as well as Sonic despite being the latter's home turf. Wario felt that this was all wasting time because he wanted to make money by building ramps and stairs and bill slower deities to use them.
  • Eggman has sometimes messed with the environment of Green Hill Zone. During his six month takeover his factories led it to be part desert. That particular incident brought some environmental protectors to that zone due to it being in every bit of danger as other places and they have taken watch of it in case deities who like to cause environmental damage for fun and/or profit do anything to it. For example, while Captain Planet loves to vibe there after the Resistance cleaned up Eggman's damage, Hexxus absolutely hates how there's no urbanization or grime to be found.
  • Recently got some modification so LEGO deities like Emmet can take advantage of the area. In some corners of the multiverse it is a base of operation for the Freedom Fighters to fight against Robotnik. Upon the Green Hill Zone's re-installation into the Trope Pantheon, the House of Sports has commissioned more loop-de-loops and speed sections for bicycle rides, skating and skateboards. Dr. Eggman attempted to scam the Court of the Gods into buying his material to prep it for sports, but they know him and vetoed any outsourcing to him or evil-aligned deities in general.
  • Among other uses of this place, Sonic used it to race cars with others a few times, Amigo has used it as a dance zone on occasion and has been used as a fighting arena on separate instances. It's sort of understandable why Sonic would use it as an arena for battling Mario and other Nintendo characters, but why the hedgehog would let people he doesn't even know about loan Green Hill to fight on is anyone's guess. On an equally weird note, it might have been used as a golf course as well, and leased out for tennis.
  • The House of Sports managed to buy a spot of land in Green Hill Zone to be used as an all-purpose sports zone, and want to make money from it because they made the mistake of investing in the Green Hills in Montana by mistake; due to its prior usage in Smash Bros and over sports games, it was considered attractive locale. A lot of deities originating from videos games like Shantae, Gex and the Chosen Four are reminded of a similar area from their own setting when they play sports there.
  • Even if sympathetic any Knight of Cerebus villain is usually discouraged from entering Green Hill Zone because the Court of the Gods think it'd be "tonally inappropriate" for them to cause trouble in the first, easy-going level. More lighthearted and comedic villains can enjoy themselves in Green Hill Zone, such as Eggman himself who admits that he's grown nostalgic for the zone and will sometimes fight heroic deities there just for the sake of a fun fight. He invited Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner to continue their rivalry in Green Hill as they've raced across similar looped terrain; they might just enjoy a grassier version.

    Hell's Highway 
Hell's Highway, Unholy Flaming Battlefield of the Pantheon (Highway 69)
Top: A burning windmill found along the highway; Second: Just one of many destroyed convoys littering the highway; Third: A burning train station located near the highway; Bottom: The area surrounding the burning train station, with thick flames covering the entire area.
  • Description: A highway located in the Netherlands, turned into a smoldering battlefield littered with burning vehicles, dead soldiers, destroyed buildings, and smoke so thick it blots out the sun
  • Symbol: A burning windmill, with its blades burning bright orange
  • Theme: Hell's Highway - Main Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A flaming battlefield, with flames stretching from point to point, The once beautiful Dutch countryside turned into a scene straight out of a depiction of hell, Airborne troops being tasked with holding the highway at any cost, Both sides deploying tanks and using them against one another, Serving as the climactic and most difficult level in the game its from, Being the titular location of the game it's found in
  • Domains: Highways, Battlefields, Objectives, Levels
  • Sacred to: SSgt. Matthew Baker and SSgt. Joe Hartsock, Pfc. Gary Jasper and Pfc. Timothy Connor, Sgt. Franklin Paddock
  • During Operation Market-Garden in late September 1944, the British 30th Corps and 1st Allied Airborne Army were tasked with the capture of a number of vital bridges and towns over several Dutch rivers and canals. The objective was to secure a foothold over the Rhine River and advance quickly into Germany in order to, hopefully, end the War in Europe and be Home by Christmas.
  • Key to this whole plan was to hold the highway system that spanned through these towns and which said bridges were part of: Highway 69, which had to be held by men of the 101st and 82nd. To the men of the Allied Forces, however, it would be known under a different name: Hell's Highway. This was thanks to almost every single portion of the highway becoming littered with burning vehicles and buildings from the constant fighting taking place. The fires were so bad, in fact, that they blotted out the sun almost completely, turning daytime almost into pitch-black night.
  • Six days into Operation Market-Garden, SSgt. Matthew Baker and his Recon Squad were forced to fight their way through Hell's Highway in order to reopen it for Allied reinforcements. Facing Panzergrenadiers of the 10th SS Panzer Division, 88mm Flak 36 guns, and Panzer IV Ausf. J Medium tanks, Baker and the other paratroopers managed to capture and hold an important train station overlooking the highway. All the while, the flames engulfing the area continued to intensify, to the point that the aforementioned train station had been surrounded by nothing but bright red and orange flames.
  • Ultimately, Baker and his squad were relieved by elements of 30th Corps, who, with their Sherman Firefly tanks, were able to finally repel the 10th SS Panzer Division. Despite this defensive victory, however, this battle, and several others like it, were All for Nothing in the end. In Arnhem and the nearby village of Oosterbeek, the British 1st Airborne Division had failed to hold the important Arnhem bridge, and suffered heavy casualties as they were forced to pull out of the area. With the last and most important bridge beyond reach, Operation Market-Garden was stopped, and all remaining Allied Forces in the Netherlands were ordered to hold their positions instead.
  • On one particular day, Highway 69 as it looked in September 1944 somehow found its way into the Pantheon, following the ascensions of Baker, Hartsock, Jasper, Connor, and Paddock.
    • This is similar to how War-Torn Berlin had ended up in the Pantheon, being heavily connected to the stories of Barnes, Fairburne, Reznov, and Petrenko. Unlike that city, however, this version of Hell's Highway is confirmed to be the one found in the Brothers in Arms universe, complete with the burning windmill and damaged train station being in the exact same locations.
  • Realizing the strategic value the highway still has (no thanks to still housing several important river crossings that could allow for the movement of tanks and other vehicles into other Houses), the Pantheon's Nazis, particularly Rudolf von Sturmgeist and his Waffen Infantry, Waffen Officers, and Waffen Senior Troopers, elect to fortify and deny the Americans and their British allies the luxury of using the road to transport men, tanks, and materiel. Once again, the Germans begin laying anti-tank guns, deploying tanks, and placing machine gun nests all around the highway, waiting for the Allies to advance once more.
    • This is no thanks to Sturmgeist and his men already being familiar with the terrain of the Netherlands, having been part of the German occupation force there and part of the German defense there in their universe, respectively.
  • In response to the above, Baker, Hartsock, Jasper, Connor, and Paddock, now with the help of Cpl. Boyd Travers, Major Winters, and Capt. Spiers, are now tasked with once again clearing these German defenses in order to gain access to vital Nazi and HYDRA bases located deeper within the Pantheon. This is by no means an easy task, as the area is once again still littered with miles of thick flames, black smoke, and scattered debris. Only this time, the German forces now have a far more advanced arsenal of weapons.
  • Outside of deities from the World War II-era, this Highway has caught the interest of the Demons Subhouse, no thanks to its best-known name. Their reception to this area is...mixed, to say the least. While they do love the atmosphere of the place, they find the constant fighting between Allied and German forces to be an annoyance, to the point that they have intervened in firefights more than once.
  • Unsurprisingly, Beavis and Butt-Head found the Highway's original name to be funny, to say the least. Wrongly assuming the highway might finally get them a chance to score with the ladies, they instead end up nearly killed when a German artillery shell falls short of their position. After this, they decide to avoid the place altogether.

    Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna 
Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, Celestial Domain of Tropical Island Adventures (Isla Sorna: Site B)
Isla Nublar
Jurassic Park Map (Film) 
Jurassic Park Map (Novel) 
Jurassic World Map
Isla Sorna
Isla Sorna Map (Film)  
Isla Sorna Map (Novel)  
  • Description: A lush, tropical, and vibrant jungle biome with plentiful lakes and rivers, beaches, and a dormant volcano (for now). There are several buildings and human infrastructure in certain parts of the islands, courtesy of InGen's influence and work on them
  • Symbol: A silhouette of the islands and the InGen logo (both)
    • Isla Nublar: The Jurassic Park/World logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tropical Island Settings, The Centerpiece Spectacular, Filled with a Lot of Danger, Disasters Via Small Steps, Fantastic Nature Reserve, Occupied and Dominated by Dinosaurs who were Created by Scientists and Geneticists, Island of Mystery
  • Domains: Islands, Dinosaurs, Geneticism, Cloning, Nature Reserves, Theme Parks, Tourist Attraction
  • Sacred To: John Hammond, Rexie, The Raptor Pack
  • Unholy To: Spinosaurus, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Killian Experience, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Visitors: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Gaea, The Gang of Seven, The Dinobots, the Pteranodon family
  • Interests: David Attenborough, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Rexxar, Isuzu Sento, Harry, The Monster Hunters, Mewtwo, Kaban and Serval, Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee
  • Isla Nublar was a remote island 120 miles (190 km) west of Costa Rica. It was occupied by a geneticist company known as InGen, headed by John Parker Hammond, where they set up a facility in an attempt to construct and establish a revolutionary theme park. The main attracting point of it all; living, breathing dinosaurs, clones back to life via genome extracted from mosquitos trapped and preserved in prehistoric amber dating back in the Mesozoic. This was to be known as Jurassic Park and it was to blow away people's minds. Unfortunately, the plan failed; during a test tour for visitors Hammond had invited to measure the safety and legitimacy of Jurassic Park's success, the park's management was sabotaged by computer technician Dennis Nedry, who was collaborating with a rival company BioSyn and cut off the electrical power. This caused the contained dinosaurs to be set free, inciting an outbreak and trapped visitors and staff members fighting for their lives. At the end of it all, most occupants survived with around 4 deaths estimated and the cloned dinosaurs remained to take over Isla Nublar for themselves.
    • After John Hammond died of illness in 1997, InGen became a subsidiary of the Masrani Global Corporation upon purchase. Wanting to carry on from where Hammond left off, Masrani, under the leadership of Simon Masrani, took to creating a successor theme park in Isla Nublar known as Jurassic World, which was established in 2005 to great acclaim. However, the park only saw 10 years ahead as the planned exhibition for a hybrid dinosaur known as the Indominus Rex went haywire as the creature escaped, causing further mayhem, chaos, and the deaths of several, including Masrani. Although the Indominus was stopped, the damage was already done with Jurassic World being shut down and the dinosaurs once again taking over the island. Even this was short-lived due to a the island's native volcano, Mt. Sibo, erupting three years later, destroying the island. A rescue ship called the Arcadia did end up saving some of the dinosaurs from being killed, though them being bought to the mainland would present more future situations that most would likely not be prepared for.
  • The dinosaurs, as it turned out, weren't originally bred and recreated in Isla Nublar, but rather in a larger, more secretive island, known as Isla Sorna, codenamed "Site B" by InGen upon purchasing the island for use, which was 207 miles (333 km) west of Costa Rica and the largest of an archipelago chain known as The Five Deaths. It was in Isla Sorna where most of the cloning procedures took place and where the InGen workers spent time, where they scheduled mature dinosaurs to be shipped to Isla Nublar to become attractions for Jurassic Park. However, Hurricane Clarissa forced InGen to abandon their settlements and facilities, though they did release the captive dinosaurs they kept in their facility pens to allow them to thrive. In time, they quickly took over the island as its dominant animals.
    • Two separate expeditions were held on the island in 1997 and 2001. The former involved a hunter team sent by InGen, then led by Hammond's nephew, Peter Ludlow, to capture a group of dinosaurs to be taken to a proposed Jurassic Park in San Diego, California, with an opposing team sent by Hammond and led by Ian Malcolm, a renowned mathematician and a visitor to Isla Nublar, to stop InGen, though are then forced to work together to ensure each others' survival. The latter centered on a boy named Eric Kirby, who was lost in the island after a missing parasailing incident and a team composed of his parents, hired mercenaries, and two paleontologists, one of whom being Alan Grant, another visitor to Isla Nublar, being sent to find Eric and bring him back. And of course, everyone involved in both expeditions had to deal with several hostile dinosaurs and events along the way.
  • Both islands became infamous for simply showcasing just how flawed of a plan it was to recreate dinosaurs for a theme park. That said, Hammond did learn from his mistakes, though he did develop enough of an attachment to the beings that he bought back that he insisted that they remain intact and to lead their own lives without any sort of interference from humans. Unfortunately, with the existence of Jurassic World, that seemed to have gotten nowhere, much to his sadness and dismay. While Isla Nublar is destroyed, there aren't any recent documents regarding Isla Sorna, though some say that island, too, became deprived of dinosaurs, if mainly due to Masrani's work of having to capture them and take them to Isla Nublar for another theme park.
  • Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna were identified in the Pantheon by a group of explorers and to their surprise, both islands were still thriving with an ever-growing ecosystem that was dominated by dinosaurs. That said, Jurassic Park and Jurassic World remained dilapidated ruins in Isla Nublar and much of it has already been overtaken by nature and the very creatures the parks were supposed to house. Though electrical and geothermal power seems to be operational and can be used, that is if anyone is willing to enter the island's, either for an adventure or for some sort of motive regarding dinosaurs.
  • The Pantheon appears to be divided about the state of things in the two islands. Most do admit that Isla Nublar had the potential for housing a great theme park and the idea of having actual dinosaurs as an attraction would have worked due to how near-fantastical the idea was, and Jurassic World proved that correct for some time). Even so, they do acknowledge that the park was going to fail at some point, and the dinosaurs would be better off to their own devices. Under Hammond's word, which made up the most common and agreed with consensus, it was best decided that Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna remain a conservative area; the dinosaurs would be at their most capable if nobody entered the islands. Hence, they've become one of the most secluded and secretive places in the Pantheon.
    • The dinosaurs themselves are also a point of discussion, namely if they actually were dinosaurs or not. Alan Grant is negative about the stance; he thinks the dinosaurs cloned by InGen were "circus freaks" due to many of the genetic modifications originating from other animals, particularly amphibians. The fact that dinosaurs can be found elsewhere, mainly the House of Beasts and Fauna enforces this point in Dr. Grant's perspective. Strangely enough, the House isn't connected to the two islands, which furthers their isolated reputation as Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna are at a pretty unusual position in the House of Nature instead. It also doesn't help that the dinosaurs there are engineered to grow older quickly, which results in them having a shorter lifespan than they usually do (which says a lot as normal dinosaurs only tend to live for around 10-50 years, depending on the clade), they're dependent on lysine and some of their natural abilities are hampered or heightened (a Tyrannosaurus can only see an object when it moves and a Velociraptor exhibits more aggressive traits and is larger than the real animal). Some think that they are legitimate dinosaurs, if somewhat different.
  • While usually not allowed for visitations, the Gang of Seven were able to enter both islands on separate occasions and spent a day or two exploring them. While not wondrous as the Great Valley, they do find the islands to be an I retesting place to explore around in, especially Isla Nublar due to the many remains of its two theme parks. Littlefoot personally enjoys watching the sauropods there, as do Cera, Ducky, and Spike regarding ceratopsians, ornithopods, and stegosaurs respectively. On a similar note, the Dinobots have also visited the islands in case they want free time from all the fights between the Autobots and Decepticons, and it certainly helps that the islands are pretty isolated from the rest of the Pantheon. Grimlock's presence tends to scare away most dinosaurs, much to his dismay, though Sludge and Snarl feel accommodated by sauropods and stegosaurs and are open to defending them against threats if need be. In essence, the Dinobots treat Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna as if it's a second home for them and would like to keep it defended. Furthermore, they and the Gang of Seven can at least agree on something, in spite of their strained partnership.
  • According to some archives, Isla Sorna was initially the home of a human colony known as the Primos, who died out centuries before InGen owned the island. One rogue scientist, Dr. Irene Corts, devised a plan to Take Over the World and decided to clone three Primos back to existence, who were manipulated into working with her, whilst she created a device known as the DinoVoc, which could allow her to subject a cloned dinosaur into her submission and command them to attack and to battle. Of course, the plan was foiled by an InGen agent, who was initially sent to rescue a camping group of five kids, and Dr. Corts has not been heard ever since. The same thing could also be attributed to the three Primos who defected Dr. Corts upon learning of them being tricked, though for anyone's guess, they may have remained in Isla Sorna. So far, not many in the Pantheon are aware of the Primo's existence, if mainly due to how secluded Isla Sorna is.
  • Gaea took great interest in the two islands and has personally come to visit them on a lot of occasions. Despite the mandated rule of hardly anyone attending them, Gaea is an exception, being an embodiment of nature, in addition to wanting to keep them safe and secure. Gaea also doesn't care whether if the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals were cloned creatures of science, they're still animals bound to nature and she feels as if it's a duty to keep them thriving. It does seem respectable to an extent, though Gaea has a controversial opinion, namely that the dinosaurs should be given the opportunity to also occupy places outside the islands just in case they get overpopulated. While not many are keen on the idea, incurring Gaea's wrath isn't an advisable choice either, so it's a difficult stance to choose from.
    • Pokémon Hunter J has made occasions on trying to hunt and capture the island's native fauna, believing that their differences to the usual dinosaurs in the House of Beasts and Fauna can provide for a different bounty and profit. Unfortunately for her, she's been having to deal with Gaea, whose been incredibly snippy about the idea of harming nature. Not to mention the fact that the Nature Uprising has made things even harder for Hunter J to keep coming back hunting for specific dinosaurs. It's a challenge that she's come to resent and seeks to find a way to outsmart Gaea and her alliance, which isn't going to be happening anytime soon.
  • Isuzu Sento was a worker for the Amagi Brilliant Park, hence the idea of a similarly fantastical theme park did catch her attention. She personally doesn't see any problem with Jurassic Park/World by its core principles and was accepting of Hammond's dream. She did, however, find the idea of the Indominus to be a bad one, given that it's a deadly dinosaur being made more deadly just for public appeal when the park really should be aiming for a balance between security and entertainment. Isuzu would be happy to visit Isla Nublar, though she does can concede that maybe now wouldn't be the right time to go.
    • There is a giant zoo known as Japari Park, which is home to a wide assortment of wildlife that had been altered to resemble human girls with animal attributes due to a substance known as Sandstars making contact with them. Much like Jurassic Park, Japari Park was also abandoned to its wildlife due to the Ceruleans, a hostile sort of lifeform also created by Sandstars. One species, known as a Serval ended up finding and befriending a lost amnesiac girl who was dubbed Kaban and the two ended up traveling around Japari Park to learn more about themselves as well as defending one another against any Ceruleans. The idea of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World did catch the girls' interest, seeing as it heavily reminded them of Japari Park in more ways than one. They would like to visit Isla Nublar at least once, though so far, things have been difficult due to both the isolated nature of the island and being restricted from entry by much of the Pantheon. Not to mention many of the dinosaurs there are pretty dangerous and Kaban and Serval and learning to be warier of them.
    • The Killian Experience once tried to create a dinosaur theme park with Jurassic Park's template (he, however, refused to use that name as he believed it was bad branding) and calling it "Kilian's Park of Not Dying of Dinosaurs". However, he ended up failing more miserably and causing more damage than either the 1993 and 2015 Isla Nublar Incidents did with the dinosaurs running amok, destroying property, and killing visitors because Killian didn't bother to install security. Fed up, he tried to declare War on Humanity with the dinosaurs by misinterpreting Ian Malcolm's quote of "Life finds a way". However, the plan was foiled by a Brachiosaurus named Grongo! who wound up reversing the damage and creating a fully functional park before departing the island to become a Texas Sherrif. While Killian is more infamous for other things due to his ridiculously asinine mindset, he's barred entry from the two islands not just for obvious reasons, but also because no one trusts him to attempt building a park on either of them. Not that Killian's going to misinterpret that too...
  • David Attenborough and Steve Irwin are two of the few people who are given permitted access to the islands, and even then, both are expected to be prepared in regards to safety and awareness, given the hostility of many of the dinosaurs and the lack of proper communications and resources there. Attenborough simply seeks to record and document as much footage as he could to showcase to his audience that while Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna are undoubtedly dangerous places, they still have their sense of wonders, though any footage focusing on the remains of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and the scattered facilities and worker village in Isla Nublar tend to be somber in tone. Irwin has managed to get close to some dinosaurs, mostly herbivores, but has managed to get up close to a few carnivores, namely the Baryonyx and Ceratosaurus via understanding their natural behaviors and being as cautious as he can be. Still, Irwin is aware that some herbivores are risky and that's not even getting into some of the more dominant predators, especially the Velociraptors.
    • Similarly, Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee have also visited the two islands from time to time, if mainly to look after the creatures who dwell there as well as making sure there isn't any outside threat being spotted. Beyond that, the two are open to going there for an adventure, as well as admiring the islands in their own way, Jack for the dinosaurs and the scenery, and Hannah for how advanced and up-to-date InGen must have been for its time, though she does admit that their science could have been utilized better. It helps that they have a pet Allosaurus, Hermes, to look after the two from anything that attacks them. The Monster Hunters are also interested in wanting to study the islands and intend to set up a base there, namely where the worker village used to be in Isla Nublar and potentially close to a dock in Isla Nublar. So far, things are proving difficult as the Hunters are seeking to gain approval first.
  • The list of dinosaurs that have been cloned and to have thrived in both islands are documented in what can simply be known as InGen's List. The following is self-explanatory; Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus, Carnotaurus, Compsognathus, Corythosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Dimorphodonnote , Edmontosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Gallimimus, Geosternbergia, Herrerasaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Metriacanthosaurus, Microceratus, Pachycephalosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Proceratosaurus, Pteranodonnote , Segisaurus, Stegosaurus, Suchomimus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor.
    • Interestingly, many other dinosaurs were cloned that were actually not on InGen's list and those that were approved and supervised by Masrani. The following are as follows; Ceratosaurus, Spinosaurus, Coelurus, Deinonychus, Lesothosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Mosasaurus maximusnote , Nasutoceratops, Ouranosaurus, Parasaurolophus lux, Peloroplites, Sinoceratops, Stygimoloch, Styracosaurus, Teratophoneus, Troodon.

Mashaar, Holy Seat of Lands Defined by a Single Quirk
A map of Mashaar, with Eloi to the left
  • Symbol: A pterodactyl in flight
  • Theme Song: Lost Eden Main Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Adam and Eve Plot, Artistic License – Paleontology, Captain Ersatz of Dinotopia, Spiritual Successor to Cryo's first Dune game, World of human(oid) tribes wearing Cool Masks (including the Tammnians) and Dinosaurs (including stock dinosaurs, such as the Always Chaotic Evil Tyrann, who are weak to the Instruments of Fear, which are mere musical instruments; pterosaurs who act as transportation and messengers; and velociraptor mercs) of varying degrees of sentience who are still doomed to go extinct, home to two Lady Lands full of scantily-clad women and the Valley of Mists, Scenery Porn
  • Domains: Masks, Tribes, Dinosaurs, Fantasy, Architecture
  • Mashaar is an ancient land filled with human(oid)s and dinosaurs living together in relative peace. Of course, for a long time, there was a schism between the two kinds of creatures. One Prince Adam of Mo — heir to the throne of Mashaar — and his allies had managed to reunite the humanoid and dinosaur tribes and defeat the Tyrann once and for all. Sadly, the ending to this story was bittersweet. When a mystical relic called the Egg of Destiny hatched, it foretold that though humanity would live on, dinosaurs would still inevitably go extinct...
    • ...Or would they? Not long after this prophecy was revealed, Prince Adam — now King Adam — and his queen, Eve, were approached by a deity from the Pantheon of Tropes. This being had apparently noticed how each tribe of humanoids in this world wore unique masks, enough that they deemed it appropriate to ascend this land as a Dominion. After some thinking, Adam and his peers realized that perhaps what the egg was trying to tell them was that dinosaurs would no longer live Mashaar. Perhaps this Pantheon of Tropes was their new home, even though there would be new enemies to them there. Thus did Mashaar come to be a Dominion of the Pantheon.
  • Those who visit Mashaar are often told how the various dinosaurs and other beasts living there work.
    • Brontosaurs and Apatosaurs are different species in this world; Brontosaurs help build — and they will work for food (their favorite being non-poisonous mushrooms) and a song on a special kind of flute — while Apatosaurs serve as a mode of transportation. Triceratops have the knowledge to turn citadels into fortresses, provided they are given food — preferably in the form of an empty bird nest — and someone with the right kind of voice sings the right ancient song to them.
    • Velociraptors are mercenaries who would take on even the Tyrann if gifted with gold and a suitable weapon. Mosasaurs are very observant — despite spending most of their lives in lakes — and will give you information if you provide apples for them. During Prince Adam's adventures, they provided information on which weapons were effective against whichever group of Tyrann was nearby.
    • Pterodactyls — like Eloi — can be messengers and a mode of transportation alternative to the Apatosaurs, and live in a building called the White Arch. Paraphosaurs (that is, parasaurolophus) — like Dina, Tau, and Mungo — are able to understand those who "speak in strange tongues", even understanding those who have had their literal tongues cut out!
  • And that's not even getting into all the various tribes of human(oid)s.
    • There are the humans of Mo, who most resemble humans of other worlds/timelines. Among them are Adam, Monk, Shazia, and possibly Eve (we say possibly, because it hasn't been confirmed where exactly she came from).
    • The Chorrians are the people of Chamaar and Shandovra, identifiable by their heads, which resemble those of cotton-top tamarins. The Ulele live in Uluru, identifiable by their tall tribal masks; the Kobu are a tribe of human females who live in Koto; the Tammnians are tusked humanoids who live in Tamara (one of them, Thugg, works as Adam's captain of the guard) and were led by Eve, who — due to the unfortunately "old-fashioned" views of the Tammnians — had to disguise herself as a man for them to listen to her; and the Castra, the people of Cantura who look like they're made of shells (whether this is how they naturally look or are simply wearing some kind of outfit is not yet known).
  • The Prehistoric Beasts subhouse piqued the interest of Adam and his cohorts, thus, it was the first part of the Pantheon they visited. Their encounters with the dinosaur inhabitants bore mixed results. Of course, they soon discovered dinosaurs could be found in several other of the subhouses of the House of Beasts, and even in other Houses of the Pantheon.
    • The first faces to greet them were, fortunately, friendly ones: the Gang of Seven. It was a good thing, too, not only because there was no risk of getting eaten by them, but it was also their first exposure to a non-hostile T-Rex: Chomper. Now the group had a better idea of what to expect among the dinosaurs of the Pantheon; not all T-Rex were like the Tyrann. That said, Littlefoot did warn them about dinosaurs who very much were hostile. Either way, Dina and Mungo were charmed by little Ducky; she is what Dina and Mungo hope their future child will be like. Eloi, meanwhile, befriended Petrie, and was glad to hear the little Flyer overcame his fear of flight before he got too much older. "After all," said Eloi, "how strange it would be if an adult pterodactyl were afraid to fly!"
    • They encountered Owen Grady's raptor pack — fortunately, Owen himself was able to keep them from attacking the newcomers — and found it odd how different they were from the velociraptors in Mashaar. For one thing, since dinosaurs had been extinct for millions of years in their version of Earth, the scientists who resurrected their species had to use different DNA from modern animals, resulting in them being much larger and, overall, more resembling deinonychus than velociraptors. They also didn't seem interested in the gold Adam offered; unlike Mashaar's raptors, they were not mercenaries, only following Owen's orders.
    • They were dismayed to know of dinosaurs who were as fearsome and merciless as the Tyrann were; creatures like Gwangi, Sharptooth, Riptor, and Indominus Rex are among those they try to keep out of Mashaar. Of course, even if they manage to get in, there are fortresses strong enough to stand up to the larger ones' attacks, and raptor mercs fierce enough to take on the smaller ones.
    • The discovery of dinosaur Kaiju — such as Godzilla and Anguirus — was quite a shock to them. To think, something could change a dinosaur so drastically, to a point beyond recognition! Similarly, the Draconians were a surprise; a pantheon of dinosaurs (and two apes) was a fascinating thought to them. The ape-like Tammnians feel a kinship with the apes known as Blizzard and Chaos.
  • At one point, Loana and her tribe managed to wander into Mashaar by accident. Though initially wary of its inhabitants, they soon found themselves feeling welcome. They still weren't quite used to the sight of human(oid)s and dinosaurs living together peacefully (though when told stories of the Tyrann, they noted that that certainly sounded familiar). The Rock Tribe remnants have a harder time fitting into the now-relatively-peaceful Mashaar than their Shell Tribe fellows.
  • Fossil Pokémon — such as the Kanto Fossil trio — feel fairly at home here. The denizens of Mashaar find Pokemon a fascinating group of creatures, and some have even sought out instruction on how to be Trainers. Of course, they are understandably wary of Tyrantrum, who resembles the Tyrann a bit too much for their tastes.
  • Less welcome are several of the monsters from the Monster Hunter universe; the Deviljho and Glavenus, for example, also act too much like the Tyrann, aggressively — and seemingly without provocation — attacking dinosaurs and humanoids alike, and even eating them, at least in the Deviljho's case. Ahtal-Ka is a troublesome insectoid beast, who keeps trying to pry pieces off of their fortresses and citadels to add to the Empress's Throne. Finally, Shen Gaoren keeps trying to destroy said buildings in the hopes of expanding its territory.

    Moo Moo Farm 
Moo Moo Farm, Holy Seat of Joke Levels (The Cow Level)
The portal that leads to Moo Moo Farm
  • Description: A large pasture filled with hordes upon hordes of evil cows which walk on two legs
  • Symbol: The head of a cow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Joke Level, Green Hill Zone, Ascended Fanon
  • Domains: Cows, Demons, Portals
  • Similar Places: Whimsyshire and Whimsydale
  • Sacred To: Diablo, The Goat
  • Unholy To: Otis, Napoleon, Dag, The Farmer, Miltank, The Three Birds, Applejack, Steve, Earthworm Jim
  • The realm known as Moo Moo Farm, once thought to be an Urban Legend, became accessible through the merging of the peg leg of a dead man named Wirt, who was found washed up along a river one day, and a tome. Combining these two items caused a portal to appear near the entrance to the Pantheon. Upon entering, those who traveled through were assaulted by hordes of cows wielding polearms, lead by a larger cow known as the Cow King. It is said that killing the Cow King would close off the realm, and while that was considered at first, other deities protested that the cows dropped loot off of them when killed, and so it was decided that Moo Moo Farm would remain open for plundering.
  • Diablo claimed responsibility for turning all of the cows in the realm evil, hence why they attack anyone on sight. For their part, none of his lieutenants claimed they had anything to with Diablo’s bizarre idea. Still, Diablo has, on occasion, been speaking with the cows and ordering them around, but how he can communicate with them is a mystery to the ages.
  • Otis once traveled through the portal to see if he could reason with the cows to stop trying to kill people. However, the cows couldn’t talk like he could (only saying "Moo" and not even like a proper cow would) and thus they forced Otis out of the realm. Otis has since made sure none of his friends should try to get to Moo Moo Farm, for fear the cows will attack them.
    • Hearing of Otis's attempt to travel to Moo Moo Farm, Dag went there as well to see if he could try to have any of the cows for a meal. This backfired horribly, as soon enough he and his coyotes were overwhelmed by the cows and forced into a retreat. To add insult to injury, one of the coyotes did manage to kill and drag one of the cows back- and found that he tasted horrible due to being corrupted.
  • The Farmer foolishly believed that Moo Moo Farm was a legitimate business venture, and sent some supplies there and expected the cows to trade. The cows responded by having Diablo tell the Farmer himself that this was, in fact, not a legitimate farm and the cows handled themselves. The Farmer has never made that mistake again, and has stayed far away from the portal, noting that he has no combat skills with which he can fight the cows.
    • Miltank wandered into Moo Moo Farm one day and was quickly beset upon by the cows, who did not take very kindly to her intrusion. She was eventually rescued by some of the other Pokémon and their partners, and the incident has made the Farmer even more disliking of Moo Moo Farm. Not that any of the cows seem to care, since they attack anyone they can.
  • Napoleon learned about Moo Moo Farm, and was initially pleased that the cows stood on two legs instead of four. However, after he determined that the farm could produce nothing of value, he decided to leave it alone. He has, however, been considering asking Diablo to allow him to use some of the cows as guards for Animal Farm. Diablo has thus been forcing the cows to try to curb their instincts if they want to act as good guards.
  • The Goat is one of the deities who often comes to Moo Moo Farm to take loot from the cows. Deities found that it had encountered a similar level while taking part in an MMO, although the cows there shot lasers. Of course, seeing as how the Goat has gotten into some crazy shenanigans on its own, no one is really surprised, although Diablo's home realm is certainly not a MMO and thus the Goat has fewer grounds there.
    • Similarly, Steve has claimed that he also encountered a realm full of evil cows during one of his adventures. These cows were much different than the cows of Moo Moo Farm due to the fact that they looked more like normal cows that had been corrupted by mushrooms. He also claimed that instead of the Cow King, the final opponent of the area was a giant golem that shot mushrooms and summoned more cows.
  • The Three Birds firmly believe the farm is fully evil and have often periodically tried to make the farm peaceful by force. These usually result in many cows being killed, but they’re usually fought off before any of them can kill the Cow King. This hasn’t stopped them from continually trying, though, but they fail every single time they try.
  • On one occasion, Applejack wound up in Moo Moo Farm after mistaking the cows for helpful bovine. She did attempt to tie some of them up, but others cut her lasso and forced her into a retreat, adding her to the list of farmers who don’t like the domain of cows. It doesn’t help that there no one is attempting to harvest apples at Moo Moo Farm, which is the main crop of Sweet Apple Acres.
  • Occasionally, Earthworm Jim comes here to steal one of the cows. When asked why, he claims that a good deal of the events involving him involve a cow falling on someone at the end, and he thinks this is the best place to get cows from. It helps that he seems to be able to handle the hordes of cows much better than other deities can.
  • This is not to be confused with Moo Moo Meadows, a cattle farm occasionally used in Mario Kart events. The key difference is that Moo Moo Meadows is a much more idyllic farm and the cows there are certainly not murderous demons who enjoy attacking trespassers. The only issue the cows have at Moo Moo Meadows is that they cross the track while the race is ongoing, but they can at least be driven around.

    Mount Volbono 
Mount Volbono, the Weird Land of Weird Food

  • Description: A pastel-coloured, volcanic valley filled with low-poly vegetables and blocks of Swiss cheese.
  • Symbol: A cauldron on top of a volcano
  • Theme song: Mount Volbono
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Weird World, Weird Food, Level Ate and Lethal Lava Land, Convection, Schmonvection, Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Italy, inhabited by anthropomorphic forks, has cyan checkpoints and Power Moons, there's a Disconnected Side Area at the peak, its music was made using kitchen utensils
  • Domains: Cooking, volcanoes, low-poly pastel aesthetics
  • Sacred to: Mario, Cappy, the entire House of Food
  • Visitors: Yoshi, Anton Ego, Gordon Ramsay, Remy, Hercules, Teostra and Lunastra, Mung Daal Catering, many members of the Hall of Chefs and Establishments (such as Ignis Scientia and Sanji), King Dedede, Gourgeist
  • Banned from entering: Bowser, Obelix, Mr. Dark, Gohma Vlitra, Kirby, Deviljho, Jabba the Hutt, Nutty
  • Situated in the Luncheon Kingdom, Mount Volbono is famous for its food. The volcanic climate allows vegetables to grow to huge sizes, the ruins of the old town are covered in salt, and the foothills are covered with blocks of Swiss cheese that can be chiselled like rocks. The locals — anthropomorphic forks called Volbonans — use these ingredients to make soup, which they boil in cauldrons heated by the pink lava. This may sound like a fever dream, but their Stupendous Stew is so good that Bowser stole it to serve at his wedding with Princess Peach. Fortunately, Mario and Cappy put a stop to his plans.
  • The Volbonans were surprised to learn that their homeland had been connected to the Pantheon, but they're welcoming to most visitors. Most of them live in Peronza Plaza, which is just up the hill from the ruins of Old Town. In turn, they're interested in the House of Food and can be found visiting its many restaurants. However, a few gods are banned from entering. The Volbonans still haven't forgiven Bowser for stealing their stew; Kirby, Deviljho, Obelix, and Nutty would probably eat everything (and in Nutty's case, it could end messily); Mr. Dark might try to annex Mount Volbono into his kingdom of sweets; no-one wants to know how much havoc Gohma Vlitra could wreak using its unusual lava; and the Volbonans can't stomach Jabba's table manners. Obelix once tried to sneak in by disguising himself as a chef, but nobody was fooled.
  • Mario and Cappy have taken many of their friends to visit Mount Volbono. One of them was Yoshi, who'd been there before; Mario was surprised, so Cappy pointed out there's a portal to the Luncheon Kingdom in Yoshi's house. Despite Yoshi's huge appetite, he prefers to eat invading Koopas over vegetables, so his presence was welcome.
  • Unsurprisingly, many gods from the House of Food are interested in Mount Volbono. Gordon Ramsay and Anton Ego were both interested in trying the Stupendous Stew; the Volbonans were nervous that it wouldn't live up to their high standards, but breathed a collective sigh of relief when they both liked it. Remy isn't a connoisseur, but instead visited to get inspiration for new recipes. However, nobody expected Hercules to visit. He explained that Mount Volbono reminds him of Mount Vesuvius, which is sacred to him.
  • Teostra and Lunastra once visited, and everyone went quiet. They watched from a safe distance as the duo prowled around like they owned the place, completely impervious to the heat. In the end, the Volbonans contacted the Monster Hunters to relocate them before they could claim it as their territory. For weeks, the lava rivers were sectioned off while the hunters cleaned up all the leftover explosive powder.
  • The members of Mung Daal Catering feel right at home here. They also live in a colourful, whimsical world, and their livelihood is making weird food. On their first visit, Chowder helped himself to several cauldron's worth of stew before the Volbonans had to drag him away. In turn, many Volbonans have visited their restaurant.
  • Due to the large piles of salt that are constantly blown around by the wind, amphibians, earthworms, and land gastropods avoid Mount Volbono like the plague. Earthworm Jim has another reason to never visit: it reminds him of Level Ate, a dangerous place made of food, and filled with killer salt shakers and giant forks.
  • Once a year, the Volbonans hold a Cooking Carnival in Peronza Plaza. Ever since Mount Volbono was connected to the Pantheon, they've turned it into a competition where chefs from all over the Pantheon compete to create the best meals. The first year, Remy, Sanji, and Ignis were the top three.
  • The Volbonans were wary about letting King Dedede into Mount Volbono due to his history of stealing food, but he assured them he'd changed since then. The main reason he wanted to visit was so his army of Waddle Dees could try the stew. It was an adorable sight to see, and many tourists took photographs of Waddle Dees sleeping around Peronza Plaza.
  • Mount Volbono is also of interest to the House of Plants because of its fertile soil. The Volbonans have a trade agreement with the Hall of Miscellaneous Plants, which has a regular produce market. Gourgeist visited Mount Volbono night in hopes of pulling a prank, but despite being a ghostly jack-o-lantern, she was the one who got a fright; the Volbonans mistook her for a non-anthropomorphic pumpkin and tried to cook her. The Volbonans sent her a chef's hat as an apology, but she still hasn't returned.

    The Neverhood 
The Neverhood, Holy Seat of In-Game Extensive Lore (The Overhood, the Everhood (formerly))
  • Appearance: A floating landmass made of Klay
  • Symbol: Hoborg's head and shoulders
  • Theme Song: The Neverhood Theme; alternatively, Klaymen Shuffle or Southern Front Porch Whistler
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Beautiful Void, Bottomless Pits, Chekhov's Guns everywhere, Cloud Cuckoo Land, home to some REALLY difficult and even weird puzzles, Rule of Symbolism, Teleporters and Transporters
  • Domains: Clay (or rather, Klay), Puzzles, Strangeness
  • Sacred to: Klaymen
  • Years ago, a being named Hoborg created a world that he called The Overhood, then the Everhood. After that, when he realized how lonely he was, he created a living being to be a friend. Sadly, this creature, named Klogg, coveted Hoborg's crown, and some time and some time later — before Hoborg created a second being — Klogg stole the crown right off of his head. As a result, Klogg became a truly evil being, Hoborg fell into a state of suspended animation, and the Everhood became the Neverhood. One of Hoborg's friends that he didn't create, Willie Trombone, found a Life Seed, and planted it in a room far away from the castle that Klogg now called home. This seed grew into Klaymen, who would go on to save the Neverhood and Hoborg.
    • Some time after Klaymen saved the Neverhood, he ended up getting launched into space. Though he managed to save the planet Idznak — the planet of the Skullmonkeys — he would continue to float through space, and the Neverhood certainly noticed his absence. Hoborg used his divine powers to pilot the Neverhood like a ship in order to find Klaymen, the savior of the Neverhood. This resulted in the Neverhood encountering the Pantheon. Hoborg quickly realized what powerful beings existed there, and beseeched a member of the Court of the Gods to bring Klaymen home. The deity agreed on one condition; allow the Neverhood to stay close to the Pantheon, alongside the rest of the Dominions, for they found in the Hall of Records an excellent example of the trope Ingame Novel. Said hall contained miles and miles of lore, but according to some newly-added lore, it was important that Klaymen go through there to pick up an important disc
    • Hoborg agreed to the deity's terms, and in the blink of an eye, Klaymen was standing in the midst of them all. Well, technically, he was flat on his back, but regardless, the Neverhood welcomed him back with open arms. Thus, the entirety of the Neverhood celebrated with Hoborg's declaration, "It is now time to goof off!"
  • When the Skullmonkeys — led by Jerry-O — volunteered to be among Klaymen's heralds, he and the other residents of the Neverhood were initially wary of them, but once it was made clear that the Skullmonkeys meant no further harm, they were welcomed with open arms. They can even be found visiting the Neverhood, thanks to a portal Hoborg created for easy travel between his world and Idznak, and goofing off with any Neverhoodians.
  • Now that the Neverhood is a dominion of the Pantheon, its residents make frequent visits to its various houses.
    • Sometimes, one or more of the residents of the Neverhood will visit the House of Sports to play a bit of air hockey, or a different take on the game called "Gun Hockey", a game they came up with before Klaymen was taken to Idznak. Like a lot of things to come from the Neverhood, many deities find it very strange, but considering that the House of Sports has had versions of golf that include driving around and beating up weird creatures, it's something that many visitors would get used to.
    • Willie Trombone is often found pigging out at the House of Food. He even came to befriend other Big Eater types of characters, like Kirby, Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, and Monkey D. Luffy.
    • If Big Robot Bil's teddy bear is ever damaged, several deities in the House of Craft are happy to stitch it back up and replace any lost stuffing. He also finds kinship with robotic deities, most of whom enjoy his company, even though they regard him as "a bit simple". (That said, it's highly recommended that nobody messes with the Good/Bad switch inside Bil, and DEFINITELY don't mess with the teddy, unless you want a good pummeling!)
    • Hoborg gets along well with other good-aligned creation deities, even discussing new ideas for people, places, and things to create. He was initially a bit perturbed at the idea of deities of destructions — such as Beerus and Yveltal — but came to understand after some explanation. One thing he could say either way: the Omniverse was a fascinating place. He wondered when Father or Quater were going to tell him about all this...
  • Likewise, deities often visit the Neverhood for various reasons. Perhaps one of the more common reasons is the music, which several critics in the House of Music have described as "charmingly cartoonish and fun". Of course, there are also those that like to challenge their puzzle-solving skills — such as Professor Layton — and thus, like to try their hand at the various puzzles littering the Neverhood.
    • And of course, seeing as the Neverhood was ascended for its Hall of Records, more studious deities have visited that area, too. They love the wealth of knowledge they manage to glean from the writing on these walls, and as the Hall of Records updates itself automatically, these "bookworms" find themselves coming back regularly.

    New London 
New London, The Divine City Engulfed by Neverending Snow
New London in a bird's eye view
  • Description: A city surrounded by ice in a crater, with a large generator in the middle of it.
  • Symbol: A large steam generator.
  • Theme Songs: Main Theme, The Still, Cold World
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral at best, Lawful Evil at worst. Mostly at Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: A world faced with a catastrophe that leads to more than 90% of the world frozen, forcing remaining cities to be powered by steam-based technology, a world where technological process in the nineties are halted, tormented by many ice storms, governing shifts between Order and Discipline or resort to Faith and Spiritual Strength
  • Domains: Winter, Survival, Isolation, Sacrifices, Order and Faith
  • Neighboring Areas: Winterhome, Tesla City, The City of Sanctuary, City of New Manchester, Site 113/New Liverpool, and the Legacy Ark
  • Possible Links with: Insert Name Here
  • Interest with: The Weather Trio, most fire-based deities specifically those within the Hall of Fire and Heat.
  • Banned Deities: Anyone affiliated with the cold like Tenjian of The Seven, Jadis, the White Witch, Queen Elsa and everyone within the subhouse of Ice and Cold, Nikola Tesla, The Enclave
  • 1888. The world has changed into a post-apocalyptic state where more than a large portion of the Earth is a frozen wasteland. Storms that decrease the temperature up to the negative degrees ravage the world and few cities live, only to crumble at either the sight of an oncoming storm, or mismanagement of the governing people. Among those cities that are surviving through the ordeal is New London, one of the very few safe havens of the still, cold world. The objective is to survive amidst the chaotic environment whilst handling the rising demands and needs of the population. Due to changing leaders and various scenarios that pop up around the city, there is no shortage of breaks nor slight reprieve and coupled with various laws that can be implemented, the city is often in a changing landscape, either at the brink of death or struggling at the bare minimum of resources. Yet in these dark times, hope still permeates through the city by its inhabitants. For The City Must Survive.
  • Those who ponder how the city operates despite the bleak setting will be left with surprise with how resilient the people are when it comes to tenuous survival. The City's location is located underneath a large crater-like hole, otherwise known as the Pit, where people are transported from the surface into the steampunk driven city which houses survivors of the original frost. It is also powered by a large Heat Generator Tower that is within the center of the city, powering it until it runs out of fuel or in some cases, become unrepairable by engineers. Debates to whether the Pit is man-made or natural are supported by evidence that it may be both as the location of New London may have been within a forest and that an icey wall surrounds the city, giving it the crater-like appearance. With this in mind, it would make sense as to why this location was suitable to house what can only be the last vestige of human civilization.
  • Originally, the city's main objective is to survive the strong winter, lead by none other than the Captain of New London. As time progresses and more refugees arrive at the Pit, the city's own leader may opt to apply stringent laws to make sure that enough resources is distributed to the citizens and the generator that is supplying heat towards the populace. That is where the challenge starts to ramp up as simple chaotic scenarios may throw an upheaval and put the city in danger. To compensate, laws such as a totalitarian-esque system can be implemented to put order in place, but for the religious-oriented, may prefer a theocratic system that encourages worship to place devotion over hope. The setting, already dangerous enough as it is, is not without the possibility that both sides can go over the extreme, either putting the city into a system similar to dictatorship (with the possibility of a revolt) or putting the Captain as a icon of religious worship. Whatever the case is, the main idea remains: survive the harsh world, no matter the cost.
  • Entering the realm of New London will put the visitors to experience cases of frostbite or even severe cases of hypothermia for the uninitiated. The world has the warmest temperature of about -20 degrees Celsius, but beyond that is nearly impossible, as it will only get colder from then on. Dependence on heat will become a necessity and sometimes, a simple presence of fire will not be enough to calm the masses, which is why storms are heavily feared, as the massive drop in temperature will send everyone into a deep freeze. It is this reason why the Heat Generators are the key point to the city's survival, alongside a few sacrifices to some of the workers to stay behind and keep the generators open.
  • The city's populace often has disdain towards visitors or refugees, of those who were originally the first people to take refuge in the city beforehand. With resources at a mostly all-time low and the necessity to be active on jobs just to maintain the life they are living in, it would make sense. Still, the city has made several remarks against the prospect of adding other people in the city as having more people may result in short rations and low space for housing which in turn, will result into a revolt for not meeting the citizen's demands. Things will go downhill unless order will be restored by then.
  • Past the Pit of the city are various human locations, some of which have been maintained and independent while others were short lived, suffering gruesome fates due to poor leadership among the higher ranks. Cities such as Winterhome, Tesla City and even New Manchester all have the same issues with their leadership. Tesla City became desolated after a revolt broke out following Nikola Tesla choosing more inhumane methods for scientific progress, New Manchester was already collapsing prior to its discovery, but worst of all was Winterhome, a military outpost which was turned into a settlement following the great frost. With the rising population, one of the military captains took charge and turned it into an authoritarian state, with the damage to the generator being the final straw that resulted into rebellion and forced the next captain to evacuate as many people as possible before a storm would hit the already broken city. Despite the grim fates, other areas such as the Legacy Arks, a project meant to save the remaining vestige of plant life, New Liverpool, which was one of the first areas deployed following the slow cooling of the world, Sanctuary, a city that became a settlement for the poor, and Outpost 11, an outpost deployed by New London only to become independent later on, shows that other human areas are possible, it will however be an ardous task.
  • Pantheon visitations are few and far between, probably due to the harsh weather conditions and the strict guidelines when it comes to visiting the city as the people within are very harsh considering the world they live in. While few can visit the city, the other portions of the Pantheon, specifically the House of Nature has studied what really happened to the surrounding world past New London and how the winter came all of a sudden. Few evidences can be alluded to two theories: mass volcanic eruptions creating volcanic winter on a massive scale or perhaps a large meteor that place the Earth out of orbit. Even with all the evidence, these theories cannot be proven as the other factors such as carbon dating are out of the question due to the oncoming winter.
    • Speaking of Pantheon inhabitants, many people have beefs following the news that New London was given a new entrance. Outside the issue of too much population, the presence of ice-based deities have led the population into a revolt, forcing the Captain of the city to ban their presence. No one knows who first triggered this scenario but some may have noticed that Tenjian of The Seven went out of the door leading to New London few days ago and authorities found that one body was frozen to death alongisde a few houses being frozen to a small degree. He has denied all claims but with the actions of the City towards certain Pantheon deities, few are willing to agree that he had something to do with the ban.
    • On the other hand, totalitarian forces such as the Enclave have been scouting New London's presence through the use of visitor proxies who would disguise as regular visitors only to spy on the London population. However, one visitor was caught staying within the generator for too long and spilled the beans to the police, leading to the execution and discovery that the Enclave was spying on their place. Since the population hates the idea of a dictatorship, the city also banned other tyrannical leaders/forces into city premises following the Enclave's reveal.
    • As the banlist for the city grew, another outcry was heard, this time directing towards Nikola Tesla. Tesla at first was confused as to why a bunch of refugees were against his presence, that was until certain Pantheon scouts identified an abandoned city known as Tesla City and incriminating evidence showing that the Nikola Tesla in that world was far more evil than his original portrayal. Soon, Tesla remembered fragments of what was his progress on the city, even able to recount the development of the city's electrical dome that lead to frying the citizens inside. What he has trouble trying to remember was that Tesla's adherence to progress and sacrificing human lives for the city's technological progress grew increasingly bad, resulting to him executed by the remaining population in Tesla City.
  • With the ban in place, the discovery of other ice-based deities prompted another revolt that begged the removal of the city to connection to the Pantheon. Among those who were identified were Jadis and Elsa, both of which were of royalty who froze their respective lands. Queen Elsa in particular is most hated by the inhabitants, considering her role freezing Arendale almost similar to the great frost that has been inflicted upon their world.
    • On the other hand, some have made the idea of using fire-based deities to possibly fix the state of the world as their powers can hopefully melt most of the ice. What most do not know is the risk in doing so, as well as various conditions that are in place, such as the climate being heavily changed to the point that by melting the snow, it will eventually be frozen again due to constant freezing temperatures. Then the issue comes when melting the ice might destroy New London as the Pit will melt and the water will drown them instead and coupled with the situation mentioned earlier, makes permanent heating nearly impossible. The only thing good that can be used for such is to heat up the people on certain occasions.
  • Despite cynicism towards the Pantheon, the Captain was at one point, ordered by the Pantheon leaders to meet up at a leadership convention where certain people proposed new ideas to improve New London's environmental problem, which at first he was hesitant to follow. When one of the Pantheon leaders brought up the Weather Trio, the Captain then took interest as the Pantheon leaders described how the Pokemon can aid in fixing their city's hazards. After arriving back to New London, the Captain has reserved thoughts to use the Weather Trio but the people's lives matter first before fixing the environment.
  • Possible links between the City and Insert Name Here were thought out as the Captain is unnamed and without any facial/body descriptions. Some believe that the latter may be responsible for all the changes of the city, whether it be implementation of new laws, management of housing and rations or even changes to the local populace. Still, some people may use the opportunity to manage the city to their behest, but be prepared, as the weather and other scenarios may test even the most staunch of captains to a certain extent.

    Omaha Beach 
"It's called Operation Overlord. How we're breaching Hitler's Atlantic Wall through the Normandy coast. The Germans know we're coming, and coming soon. But we've got them thinking that the invasion will be at Calais, well north of the actual landing beaches. This will be the largest amphibious invasion in history, Lieutenant, and you're gonna be in the group that's leading the charge. Now, we may have numbers on our side, but we don't have the experience. Most of our troops are fresh out of basic training, and they need true combat veterans like you to help lead the attack. That's why I've reassigned you to the 2nd Ranger Battalion. The landings will take place across 5 beaches codenamed Gold, Juno, Sword, Omaha, and Utah. The British will land at Sword and Gold, the Canadians at Juno, and the Americans at Omaha and Utah. You'll be going ashore at Charlie Sector at Omaha Beach just west of the Dog One Exit. Although the beaches are not as fortified as they are at Calais, the Germans have left no spot undefended. Every inch of beach is covered by machine guns and artillery, and the place is surrounded by miles of barb wire and countless minefields. One more thing, Lieutenant. Try to keep in mind that this is the largest and most complicated Operation that we've ever attempted, and from my experience, whenever things get complicated, things go wrong. But no matter what happens, I believe that with soldiers like you leading the way, we will prevail with this Allied Assault. Good luck at Omaha Beach, Lieutenant, and godspeed."

Omaha Beach, Divine Site of Beach Landings
Map of Omaha Beach, as depicted in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Dog Green Sector of Omaha Beach, as depicted in Hell Let Loose
The American side of the beach, as depicted in Call Of Duty WWII 
The German side of the beach, as depicted in Saving Private Ryan 
  • Themes: Omaha Beach and Medal of Honor Allied Assault - Main Theme
  • Description: A heavily-fortified beach along part of the Normandy Coast, in Northern France
  • Symbol: A map of the beach detailing the German gun positions, obstacles, and defensive lines placed there
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: The site of a very famous beach landing and fierce battle between American and German forces, The beach and surrounding inland areas being destroyed by bombing, shelling, and gunfire from both sides, Having multiple machine gun, mortar, and artillery emplacements positioned in bunkers, sandbags, and trenches, as well as anti-tank guns placed in bunkers and trenches
  • Domains: Beaches, War, History
  • Sacred to: Lt. Mike Powell, Pvt. Robert Zussman
  • Related Locations: Utah Beach, Pointe du Hoc, Gold Beach, Juno Beach, Sword Beach
  • Omaha Beach was one of five designated landing beaches during Operation Overlord, the planned invasion of Western Europe. Specifically, it was part of Operation Neptune, the naval and seaborne component of the invasion. Alongside Utah Beach, it would be where American forces would land, with the other three, Gold, Juno, and Sword, being assigned to British and Canadian forces landing simultaneously.
  • Despite heavy naval shelling and intense aerial bombardment from hundreds of warships and bombers of all types, the German defenses on the beach remained largely intact, no thanks to the dust produced by the constant shelling and bombing as well as the cloud cover over the beach itself. Most shells and bombs thus fell either short of the German defenses on the beach itself, or well behind them, on the French countryside. Using this to their advantage, the German infantrymen stationed there were able to fully man their positions when the bombing and shelling stopped, and promptly prepared themselves for the inevitable landing. Not helping matters was that, unlike the other German divisions stationed on the Normandy beaches, the unit defending Omaha was the 352nd Infanterie Division, a veteran German infantry division that was comparatively better-equipped than the Static Divisions on its flanks.
  • As a result, when the first wave of American troops from the 29th and 1st Infantry Divisions landed on Omaha Beach, they were met with a hail of machine gun, mortar, and artillery fire from the German defenders. Worse still, the tank support that was intended to help them destroy the aforementioned defenses were either sunk by the high waves caused by the bad weather, or by the German artillery and anti-tank guns that were still intact on the beach. In the midst of this chaos, a number of US Army Rangers originally destined to land at Pointe Du Hoc instead ended up landing at Omaha thanks to the strong currents redirecting their landing craft.
  • Despite these initial setbacks, however, the Allies soon began making progress. For every American soldier the Germans cut down, they end up depleting their already limited ammunition reserves. What's more, a combination of Allied soldiers finding gaps in the German defenses, Allied destroyers moving in close to the shore and taking out several of the German positions, and the Germans' inability to reinforce and resupply their now dwindling troop numbers ultimately ensured that Omaha Beach would be taken.
  • Of the five D-Day landing beaches, Omaha would be the one where the most Allied casualties were suffered, where German opposition was the heaviest, and where the least amount of territory was initially gained. It was also the only landing beach where the invasion was at great risk of being repelled and turned back. Fortunately, a combination of poor German logistics, Allied troop numbers, and the soldiers improvising and pressing on despite massive casualties, ensured an Allied victory. Omaha Beach would then serve an important role as a staging point for the Allied advance further into Normandy, with the most notable being the US 2nd Armored Division being landed here to reinforce the 101st Airborne Division during the Battle of Carentan.
  • If one thinks of D-Day and the Normandy landings, the Omaha Beach landing is probably going to be one of the many Signature Scenes depicted in media, alongside the paratrooper landings of the 101st Airborne and the Glider landings of the British 6th Airborne.
  • Omaha Beach, as it appeared in June 1944, eventually found its way into the Pantheon, no thanks to several deities being closely associated with the location. It's particularly associated with Lt. Mike Powell of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, and Pvt. Robert Zussman of the 1st Infantry Division, who landed at different sectors of the beach on D-Day.
    • Powell's ordeal involved taking a German bunker singlehandedly at the beach's Dog Green Sector, no thanks to his entire platoon being virtually wiped out during the advance up the beach, save for himself, his superior officer, and at least 3 other US Rangers.
    • Zussman's experience, on the other hand, involved storming the German defenses further inland, with the beach defenses being much lighter by comparison. However, the inland defenses were much tougher to overcome, and Zussman himself got badly wounded while advancing further inland, leaving him confined in a military hospital for over a month.
  • Surprisingly, the Pantheon's Nazis elect not to send troops to defend the beach itself, thanks in part to lacking Heer Infanterie divisions that can man the beach's defenses full time. There's also the matter of the defenses themselves having been penetrated and outflanked in the past, even with sufficient troop strength. Instead, they decide to defend the areas beyond the beach, which are surrounded with thick vegetation, with several important and easily defendable crossroad towns and villages complementing them.
  • And so, when American forces land on the beach once more, they find nothing but empty and unmanned German bunkers, with empty gun positions, untouched German ammo depots, and intact artillery pieces left behind. The beach is subsequently used as a staging point and supply area by many Allied Forces present in the Pantheon, particularly those who are part of either a Ranger unit or a regular Infantry Division, with tons of American supplies being landed in every other hour. Several Allied paratroopers can also be seen frequently resting and resupplying here as well, before heading back into German territory to continue wreaking further havoc on the enemy forces there.
  • Quite a few deities also have a rather...complicated relationship regarding the location, despite not being WWII veterans.
"Clear the ramp! 30 seconds!"

"Alright, men! Spread fast, move out, and stay clear of open beach! Port side, you're with Powell! Starboard, with me! Head for cover and get to the shingle! I'll see you on the beach!"

    Raccoon City 
"It all began as an ordinary day in September. An ordinary day in Raccoon City, a city controlled by Umbrella..."

Raccoon City, Holy Domain Of Company Towns (RC - nickname attributed by Jill Valentine, Raccoon City, Colorado - fandom location, Raccoon City, Pennsylvania - novelization location)
Skyline of Raccoon City.
Raccoon City Destruction Incident, 1998
Map of Raccoon City
  • A town situated out in the American Midwest (or in Pennsylvania, according to the novels), financed by the Umbrella Corporation.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A Town Situated In The American Midwest At The Base Of The Arklay Mountains Financially Backed By The Umbrella Corporation, That Was The Location Of Several Outbreaks In 1998, Resulting In Its Nuclear Destruction To Stop The Outbreak
  • Domains: Mountain Towns, Outbreaks
  • Places Of Interest Include:
    • Raccoon Police Department
    • Gun Shop KENDO
    • Saint Michael's Clock Tower
    • The Various Umbrella Facilities and Laboratories (NEST and NEST-2, Umbrella Chemical Plant, the Umbrella Executive Training Facility and the Ecliptic Express, the Spencer Mansion, and the Dead Factory)
    • The Apple Inn
    • Bar Jack and J's Bar
    • Raccoon University
    • Raccoon General Hospital and Spencer Memorial Hospital
    • The Abandoned Hospital
    • Raccoon Zoo
    • Raccoon Sewers
    • Raccoon Subway
    • Raccoon Orphanage
    • Raccoon Park
  • Sacred To (an extent):
  • Hunting Grounds For: Franks West, The Green Flu Special Infected, The Zombieland Crew, John Rambo, Doom Slayer, B.J. Blazkowicz, Aloy, Deadpool, Negan Smith, Juliet Starling, The Ultimis Team
  • Bane Of: Lee Everett and Clementine, Rick Grimes, Vixen, Rocket Raccoon, Yoshi Joel and Ellie, Arthur Maxson
  • Place Of Interest For: House of Undead and Phasmata, The Enclave, The Think Tank, Father Elijah
  • Situated in Arklay County, Raccoon City was a nothing more than a small mountain town before the Umbrella Corporation moved in during the late 1960's. Among the things built was the revised electrical system devised by engineer Michael Warren, who was also responsible for developing Raccoon City's cable car system. Financially backed by Umbrella, Raccoon City became a company town, Umbrella having built several facilities that contributed to the town's transformation from mountain town to an industrialized city, along with several top-secret laboratories where they could conduct their illegal research into the Tyrant and Golgotha Viruses away from prying eyes. As Jill Valentine so famously put it, "No one dared to oppose them. And that lack of strength would ultimately lead to their destruction." For Raccoon City, the aforementioned destruction would come in the form of what is now known as the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. For those who survived Raccoon's last days, the incident would change their lives forever.
  • Ominous, dark, and foreboding, the town known as Raccoon City and the Arklay Forest appeared in the Pantheon. As with the RMS Titanic, the town is a perfect replica of the original Raccoon City, complete with Umbrella's bioweapons roaming the streets. Knowing full well of the events surrounding the destruction of Raccoon City following survival testimonies from Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin and the dissertations from Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy, contingency plans have been put in place to ensure that the bioweapons remain within the region. However, there are those brave, foolhardy or outright suicidal that wish to test their skills against Raccoon City's undead and its more monstrous denizens, a fortified safe zone has been created at Saint Michael Clock Tower, complete with medical staff and vials vaccine for anyone infected with the T or G-viruses. The safe zone was originally going to be located at the Raccoon Subway, but that was immediately vetoed due to the infestation of Mega Bytes (fleas mutated after ingesting T-virus infected blood, causing them to grow over a foot in size) in parts of the subway, which led to the clock tower as an alternative safe zone.
    • What is known as the Raccoon City Destruction Incident is known by many names, such as the Raccoon City Incident, Raccoon City Tragedy, Raccoon City Viral Outbreak and Raccoon's Destruction. The two main causes of the outbreak could be traced to the T-virus-infected sewer rats contaminating the sewer ecosystem following G-Birkin's massacre of HUNK's team, with the second cause being that of the T-virus contaminating Victory Lake, which serves as the town's water supply. This was where the Think Tank and the Enclave managed to get their samples of the T-virus. It was bad enough that the Think Tank had the bright idea of using their sample of the virus on a Alpha Deathclaw. If that was bad enough, then the Think Tank had restrained it within the confines of the Z-9 Crotalus DNA Preservation Lab. The same place where the Think Tank created the Night Stalkers. Thankfully, the outbreak was put down, and all remaining samples were confiscated. The Enclave was no better, infecting a Supermutant Behemoth, thus creating a Zombie Behemoth. As with the Think Tank, all T-viris samples were confiscated from the Enclave once the Zombie Behemoth was put down. Following this fiasco, all scientists visiting the various laboratories in Raccoon City are closely monitored and searched.
    • To ensure that the various Progenitor-based viruses do not spread from Raccoon City, contingency plans have been put in place. Jill claims that it's not enough. Some people say that she speaks from experience, as she was one of the last survivors who escaped by helicopter moments before Raccoon City was destroyed. How it was destroyed is left for debate. Some claimed that it was a single nuclear warhead. Others - Jill included - claim that the federal government used a single (or several) experimental thermobaric warhead to sterilize Raccoon City. Some experts claim that the (non) nuclear option is the best option should things get out of hand in containing Raccoon's undead citizens and the rampaging bioweapons. One such device was more than enough for the job. The Pantheon has at least five warheads aimed at Raccoon, in the event things go supercritical.
  • Jill Valentine returned to Raccoon City, if only to gain a measure of closure. Chris Redfield (who was in Europe investigating Umbrella at the time), Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Sherry Birkin (also Raccoon Survivors themselves), Frank West, and Rick Grimes accompanied her. For Jill, the wounds are more personal, as she herself was infected with the T-virus, but was later cured. However, it was during her years under Wesker's control that he used her dormant T-virus antibodies to perfect the Uroborous Virus. For Rick Grimes, he was horrified as to what Raccoon City had become, the T-virus reminding him of the Wildfire Virus from his own universe. Unlike the detailed notes of the T-Virus, what Rick knows about the Wildfire Virus is sporadic at best. Of course, Jill and company made sure to avoid most of the undead mob, but made time to visit such old haunts like the R.P.D. Once again, Rick was horrified as to the number of undead cops that roamed the halls. The first thing Claire did was to track down the traitorous police chief, Brian Irons, and began to wring his fat neck. However, Claire was stopped by Chris, claiming that "her hands were too weak," and proceeded to strangle Irons for hurting his sister. It took Jill, Rick and Frank to pull Chris off of Irons, regardless of how much he deserved it. Jill and Rick had to repeat the same thing with Sherry, pulling her off of Irons following her attempt to strangle the sanctimonious prick to death.
  • As a town populated with the walking dead, it has piqued the interest of various undead deities from the House of Undead and Phasmata. One major benefit is that they can roam the streets of Raccoon City without being attacked. For Nagash the Undying, he considers Raccoon City as a vacation spot for him to unwind and relax. As most of the denizens of the town are already undead, The Night's King has no power over them, much to his annoyance. Sylvanas Windrunner finds the undead to be rather interesting, a stark contrast to the undead from her universe, those being created by sorcery rather than Umbrella's meddling with science. That doesn't stop her from using Raccoon's undead population as target practice. Hisako is another who can venture Raccoon's streets without being attacked. The Ultimis Team, known for mowing down hordes upoon hordes of zombies, lend their zombie killing expertise in keeping the numbers of the undead down to safe numbers. Interestingly enough, Hanzo Hasashi and Kuai Liang can also venture into Raccoon City without being attacked, due to their past as undead revenants under Quan Chi's control. Jax Briggs doesn't even try, as he still has nightmares from his time as a revenant. Noob Saibot find Raccoon City to be quite interesting, as he too, can walk among the undead without being attacked. For those brave enough (or have a death wish) to venture into Raccoon City, it has a bit of something for everyone:
    • First up, is the Raccoon Police Department. Originally an art museum befire the R.P.D. bought the building, it is where the Raccoon Police made their final stand against the walking dead. It also didn't help matters that Chief Irons went off the deep end and killed any stragglers he came across during the Raccoon Outbreak. Not only is the police station is heavily populated with the undead still clad in the uniforms of the Raccooon police force, it is also home to a small number of Lickers, with most of them populating the lower levels of the police station. The zombified Brad Vickers and Marvin Branagh could be seen in the vicinity, Brad roaming the station's front gates and gun locker, while Marvin can be found in the main hall. It's also the main haunt of Mr. X, who has no qualms about chasing down his prey, knocking any undead aside in his pursuit of anything with a pulse. Negan Smith is a frequent visitor to the R.P.D., as are several members of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, if only to get their rocks off by butchering the zombie cops without consequence. Then, there's Brian Irons, the aforementioned crooked police chief. A notorious psychopath and rapist, Irons has a taste for blondes, which means that if you're a fair-haired female, the zombies and Mr. X will be the least of your concerns... unless you're Juliet Starling. Unlike Claire, Juliet comes from a family of zombie hunters, the last thing Irons want to experience is what a chainsaw-assisted enema feels like.
    • Next, is the Raccoon Zoo. A popular tourist attraction, it was home to Oscar, the bull elephant, Max the lion, and the three lionesses, Silfy, Angela and Jennifer. Pity that pesky T-virus has turned Raccoon Zoo into a deathtrap populated by the now-undead animals, with the aforementioned Oscar now a zombified elephant (the Titan) and Max and his three lionesses suffering the same fate, becoming even more deadlier undead (as the Stalkers). If you can survive such lethal attractions such as the zombie versions of the Hyena, the Hornbill, the Alligator, and the Flying Bugs, then an encounter with eithet Oscar or one of the four lions is in one's inevitable future. Upon traversing through the ruined zoo, Vixen was pissed. The T-virus had all but made a mockery out of the animals. Vixen notes that the Zombie Hyena is torn between running away from her and attacking. But upon seeing the undead bull elephant and the undead pride of lions, Mari was driven to tears.
    • Then, there is the place where Chris and Jill took their first steps into the world of Survival Horror: The Spencer Mansion. Built as a hideaway for Lord Spencer by renowned New York Architect George Trevor, it is a perfect front for the underground laboratory, where Albert Wesker and the other Umbrella scientists conducted T-virus experiments. To anyone venturing in the Spencer Mansion, incincerating the zombies is highly encouraged, lest they would revive as the highly-aggressive Crimson Heads. The Spencer Estate is also home to Lisa Trevor, who stalks the underground areas of the Mansion, and the zombified remains of Forest Speyer, who stalks the mansion identified by the sound of the numerous grenades that are bouncing on his person. In a weird form of familial bonding, Sparda, Dante, Nero and Vergil stalk the halls of the estate, hacking, slashing and blasting away at the undead and monstrous residents of the Spencer Estate, taking great care to avoid shooting at Forest.
    • The Abandoned Hospital is located deep within the Raccoon Forest. As a result of what is now known as the Mansion Incident which took place in May of 1998, the T-Virus had contaminated the area surrounding the abandoned hospital, mutating the plant life. For Joel and Ellie, the poisonous green zombies with pieces of plant life sticking out of them reminds them both of the Clickers. And if one doesn't think that things can't get worse, it does. Stalking the ruined halls of the hospital is the former director, Dr. Albert Lister, better known as the Axe Man. Yes, the abandoned hospital has its own stalker/serial killer, one that feeds its victims to the massive mutant plant that has grown within the hospital. If Vixen was enraged over the state of the Raccoon Zoo, then Poison Ivy was absolutely irate following her and Harley Quinn's visit to the hospital, Harley proving to be more than a match for the Axe Man with her assortment of weapons.
  • Raccoon City has also played host to some of the more adventurous (and suite possibly, suicidal) Gods in the Pantheon. Rocket Raccoon paid the town a visit after Chris and Jill told him that their hometown was Raccoon City. While Rocket had fun testing out his weapons on the walking dead, the first thing he did upon returning from the ruined town was to kick Chris' ass for leading him on, believing it to be a safe haven for raccoons, all the while calling Chris a wanker for "letting them mess up Raccoon City." Yoshi also avoids the city like the plague (pun intended), after a wrong turn found him within the city limits, and within reach of about a few dozen zombies who found dinosaur meat to be rather tasty. Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, and Mai Shiranui all claim that they did not step foot in Raccoon City, although Chris, Claire, Jill and Leon says otherwise. When not hunting down Nazis or Demons, the pair use this time to test out the more powerful weapons. B.J. gave his descendant a fist bump after seeing the Slayer use the BFG 9000 on a horde of zombies. As it turned out, Raccoon City is becoming a place for the gods to test out their more powerful (and destructive) weapons.

"It was Raccoon City's last chance. And my last chance. My last escape..."

    The Sierra Madre 

"Begin again. Let go."

The Sierra Madre Casino and Resort, Deadly Domain of Durable Deathtraps (City of the Dead, City of Ghosts)
Exterior Shot Of The Casino, from the Fountain.
The Villa.
Casino Interior
The Vault
  • Theme Song: "Begin Again" by Vera Keyes. Alternatively, "Saw Her Yesterday" by Dean Domino.
  • A pre-War casino and resort, its actual location unknown, surrounded by a poisonous, red Cloud.
  • Symbols: The logo of the Sierra Madre. Alternatively, the mural seen in the hotel's lobby
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: A Pre-War Casino and Resort Located Somewhere In The Southwest, Covered In A Poisonous Cloud Populated By The Ghost People, Loaded With Booby Traps, Killer Holograms, And A Hidden Vault That Contains 37 Gold Bars, And Can Become A Deathtrap Whem Triggered
  • Domains: Wealth, Gambling, Greed, Lust, Morality, Pre-War Establishments
  • Locations Include:
    • The Villa (Medical District, Residential District, Police Station, Puesta del Sol, and Salida del Sol)
    • The Resort (Casino, Cantina Madrid, The Tampico and Executive Suites)
    • The Vault
  • Point of Interest To: Arthur Maxson, The Patriots, The Enclave, The Think Tank, The Institute, Littlepip, The Etrian Odyssey Guilds
  • Sacred To: Father Elijah, The Think Tank (clandestine financial backers)
  • The Three Guardians: Christine Royce, Dog/God, and Dean Domino
  • Bane Of: The Courier, Issac Clarke
  • "Has your life taken a turn? Do troubles beset you? Has fortune left you behind? If so, the Sierra Madre Casino, in all its glory, is inviting you to begin again..." The sultry voice was that of a starlet, one from the Old World, who long since died, her haunting voice drifting from the Pantheon's radios, inviting any and all to the Sierra Madre Resort and Casino. As Father Elijah had so famously put it, the Sierra Madre "lies in the middle of a City of Dead, a city of ghosts buried beneath a blood-red cloud... a bright, shining monument luring treasure hunters to their doom." And the cursed city has laid claim to its fair share of those seeking the treasure of the Sierra Madre, only to fall victim to the numerous traps, the Ghost People that populated the streets, the deadly red Cloud that enveloped the area, or just plain greed. For the Courier, seeing the casino in all its deadly glory appear in the Pantheon, does they realize that things will become even more complicated from here on out. Given that they are the only person who made it out of that cursed casino alive, the Courier was heard making a cryptic statement in regards to the Sierra Madre: "As much as I hate to admit, that old fool was right. Getting to it is not the hard part. No, the hard part is letting go."
  • Through salvaged documents and testimony from Dean Domino, The Courier was able to get the story surrounding the origins of the Sierra Madre. It was the last project of Frederick Sinclar, a pre-War businessman. A fan of the Art Deco style, Sinclair built it in the same style. The Sierra Madre was Sinclair's magnum opus, dedicated to his lover, the starlet Vera Keyes. Sinclair would later find out about Vera's role in a plot to rob him blind, orchestrated by Dean Domino, which drove him into transforming the Vault below the Sierra Madre into a deathtrap. However, he had a change of heart once Vera confessed everything to him. But before he could revert the Vault back to its original purpose - which was to help his former lover survive the Great War - the bombs dropped. The casino was then sealed shut and the security holograms finished off those who survived. Sinclair's remains would later be found by the Courier some 200 years later, having succumbed to the toxic red Cloud. What Sinclair didn't know was that Vera was blackmailed into helping Dean when the singer threatened to expose Vera's drug habit to Sinclair. But what Dean didn't know was that Vera was using the Med-X and Super Stimpacks to cope with a terminal illness. Tragically, Vera herself did not make it to the Vault. Her own remains, still in her evening dress, were discovered by Christine Royce in her suite, along with her final words, scrawled onto the wall: LET GO.
  • If you thought the Spencer Mansion and Ramón Salazar's Castle was bad, the Sierra Madre makes those two look OSHA and FEMA-compliant. Before the war, Frederick Sinclair had cut corners in an attempt to save on construction costs. It had gotten so bad, Sinclair went as far as to cut a deal with the scientists at Big Mountain (later known as the Think Tank) for more funding in exchange for them running several experiments on the people. To say that things gotten worse in the years following the Great War is a complete Understatement. The most dangerous hazard is the airborne toxins engulfing the Sierra Madre as a deadly fog, simply known as The Cloud. The Cloud was one of the Think Tank's numerous experiments, a product of the Big Empty's Z-43 Innovative Toxins Plant, and it was exposure to the Cloud that also created the Ghost People. Originally the workers of the Sierra Madre, exposure to the Cloud whilst wearing the Darklight hazmat suits turned the employees into... something not entirely human or ghoul. And anyone caught by the Ghost People are dragged into the Cloud to create more Ghost People.
    • Speaking of Ghost People, the Pantheon found itself being assaulted by two groups of the aforementioned denizens of the Sierra Madre. Luck was obviously a lady, as The Courier knew exactly how to deal with the Ghost People: dismemberment of the limbs or destruction of the head. Issac Clarke was slightly freaked out after a Ghost People raid, upon seeing that the only way to stop the Ghost People was by dismemberment, reminding him of the Necromorphs he fought onboard the Ishimura and later, the Sprawl. Safe to say that that Issac hates the Ghost People as much as The Courier does. Good thing that his Kinesis could chuck back the gas bombs and those damned makeshift spears the Ghost People kept lobbing at him from a distance, while his Stasis made it easy for him and the Courier to dismember the attackers. The Cosmic Knives that make up the blades of the spar are yet, another thing that came out of Big Mountain. Made out of Saturnite and sharp to the point that it can sever a human thumb and cut through a cutting board, Cody Travers, Kano, Brock Samson and Ryuji Yamazaki are looking to upgrade their blades with Saturnite metal, given how much they're drooling over the weapons.
  • However, the Ghost People isn't the big threat. The major threat are the Security Holograms that patrol the Medical District and within the Sierra Madre proper. Just how powerful are the Holograms? A single Security Hologram was able to wipe out a squad of Ghost People. Imagine the carnage the Holograms could leave behind when dealing with either the Enclave or the Brotherhood of Steel in full power armor. The only way to stop a Security Hologram is to either disable or destroy the Hologram Emitter. Usually, they're placed at inaccessible locations that makes it impossible to destroy them. And the majority of them patrol the Casino, the Executive Suites, and down in the bowels of the Sierra Madre. Of course, some of the Pantheon's Rogues within the Grand United Alliance Of Evil have the idea of placing a couple of Emitters onto several drones and fly them overhead. A diabolical trick, but one that saves resources and lives.
    • Three separate expeditions have been made to the Sierra Madre by the Brotherhood of Steel (on the orders of Elder Arthur Maxson), the Enclave and the Institute. And all three ended in disaster. The Brotherhood expedition was the first to try and take a crack at the Sierra Madre, with the goal of retrieving any and all useful tech, including the Hologram technology. Unfortunately, their power armor could not protect them from the effects of the Cloud, which all but corroded the armor, leaving the Paladins vulnerable to the Cloud's effects. The Enclave was next, and they managed to break into the Casino proper. Pity that the Security Holograms mowed them down in the lobby and The Tampico, the Hologram's energy blasts destroying the Enclave armor like a hot knife through butter. The Institute sent in three squads of Synths, led by three Coursers. Not even the Institute's elite could withstand the effects of the Cloud, which made them easy pickings for the Ghost People and the Holograms.
  • For any treasure hunter (pre or post-apocalyptic), the Sierra Madre is the ultimate test. But for those with an explosive collar around their necks courtesy of Father Elijah, there is the added danger of the faulty speakers and active radios within the resort and casino. Destroying the radios and speakers are easy enough, but the shielded radios are a different story altogether. The Villa is pretty much a deathtrap. Aside from the Ghost People and the risk of one's collar exploding, there is the added danger of the various traps left behind by past treasure hunters. The Grenade Bouquets are popular, along with the pressure traps that can trigger a shotgun blast to the face if one is not careful. And of course, there are the bear traps. Be it out of curiosity (or out of sheer boredom), Littlepip explored the Sierra Madre's Villa, as the casino and resort reminded her of Canterlot, just not - according to her - as dangerous. Due to her light frame, Littlepip easily bypassed the numerous traps left behind by those who came before her. While the Cloud somewhat annoyed her, the Ghost People were of little importance, especially as she can use her telekinesis to fling them out of her path... or to clear the more difficult traps. The Ghost People gave her a wide berth after she impaled a couple of their number using several makeshift spears and used a superheated Cosmic Knife to de-leg and kill the impaled denizens of the Madre.
    • For those who survive the Cloud, and everything the Sierra Madre can throw at them, lies the ultimate prize. At the bottom of the Sierra Madre, accessible only from an elevator in the penthouse, is the vault. Inside is the mother lode: 37 gold bars. Each one weighs in at 35 pounds, for a total of 1,295 pounds. Each gold bar is worth 10,539 caps each, with the grand total being almost 390,000 caps, and is considered to be the greatest treasure in the Mojave. However, the Vault is also a deathtrap, if one accesses the computer and opens up a file addressed to Dean Domino. It is here, that the Courier's enigmatic statement is made clear. The hard part about the treasure isn't reaching it, but rather letting it go. Hence, the Courier taking a single gold bar with them.
  • Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are in agreement that the Cloud is a threat to the Pantheon. Hence, a joint Avengers-Justice League expedition to the Sierra Madre to find the source of the Cloud and stop it. But the Justice League and the Avengers are not the only party interested in the Sierra Madre. Helena Douglas is not only financing the Etrian Odyssey Guilds' expedition in mapping the spots in the Sierra Madre the Courier missed, but also a search-and-destroy mission spearheaded by Ryu Hayabusa, and accompanied by Kasumi, Ayane, Momiji, and Irene Lew. Interestingly enough, retrieving the gold isn't a priority for either party. Nathan Drake was tempted to lead a team to the Sierra Madre, but was vetoed by Elena. The gold in the Vault has also led to various criminals and hooligans in leading crews to the Sierra Madre in order to loot the place. This alarmed the more good-aligned deities like Sonya Blade, Soap MacTavish, and Captain Price, until Cammy and Johnny Cage pointed out one important detail: the bad guys will more than likely kill each other before they can get their hands on the gold, as it happened many times before. The Joker, on the other hand, wants to see if he can make his Joker Toxin more potent by combining it with the Cloud, is the wild card of this. Surprisingly enough, the Joker has a form of immunity against the Cloud. Harley Quinn has a mild resistance to the Cloud, but keeps her distance.
  • Vera Keyes: "Wait a moment. Before you go, I... we... hope you've enjoyed your stay. Farewells can be a time of sadness — letting go, difficult. As a guest of the Sierra Madre, you know that truth more than anyone. Frederick Sinclair believed that one's life could be made anew every day, that fortunes were more than the wealth in your hands. Love, life, family, those to care for and those who will care for you: to those who know these joys, the Sierra Madre holds little they don't already have. Out in the world, beyond these walls, that is your chance to begin again. I hope that you will return in happier times. Until then, the Sierra Madre, and I, will hold you in our hearts."

    Takeshi's Castle 
Takeshi's Castle, the Divine Palace of Obstacle Course-Based Challenges
The (one of many) Final Showdown(s) at Takeshi's Castle
  • Appearance: An old-styled Shiro with a lot of obstacles between the outer limits of the castle's grounds and the inner courtyards, with an ever-shifting array of tricks and traps to best protect the residential lord of the castle.
  • Theme Songs: The Original Japanese Takeshi's Castle it's UK Dub theme, "Firebrand" by Bumblefoot for "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge"
  • Symbol: The titular castle and its owner, Beat Takeshi
  • Alignment: Always Chaotic, usually Chaotic Evil
  • Domains: Traps, War, Obstacle Course
  • Owner: Takeshi Kitano/Beat Takeshi
  • Sacred to: The Keeper, Glitchy's Mario
  • Interest in: Dracula (Castlevania), Wario
  • Notable Participants: Ultraman (as both Tani's replacement as well as a contestant), Godzilla (as one of Takeshi's comedic skit performers), Astro Boy
  • Costing around $1M (around ¥168M in 1986) to build, it was home to its Shogun Takeshi. However, General Tani started his invasion of the castle with a bunch of peasants. Through Takeshi's right-hand men, the invasion force reduced from a hundred to only a handful, and the initial invasion ended with the Shogun's victory.
    • That being said, it turned into its own variant of Forever War, with Tani's forces bolstering itself after every failed invasion and Takeshi's traps swapping around to ensure that the challenge will be unique to Tani's forces. On rare occasions, Tani's men win, collecting the treasure from within the castle, usually worth around ¥1M.
  • The set's physical location back in the mortal plane was at Midoriyama Studio in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. Unfortunately, the set no longer exists, being repurposed for Ninja Warrior.
  • In the Pantheon proper, it took a little bit before the Keeper was introduced as the official coursemaster, and longer still before Takeshi allowed Glitchy's Mario to occasionally host his "Mario Challenges".
  • Over in the Americas, the recordings done instead have Takeshi and his entourage watch as "teams" compete for his amusement. This was the "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge", a major Gag Dub involving clips from archived Takeshi's Castle clips and a liberal usage of dubbing over everything. In a nutshell, it's the Super Sentai series turned into the Power Rangers, but with the off-the-wall dub of Ghost Stories, and the obstacle course challenge of Super Mario Bros thrown into a blender.
    • As for a proper Pantheonic version of the show? It started in the middle of Season Two, where keeping with the Hong Kong Dub style of the show, is dubbed with "Vic Romaro" and "Kenny Blankenship" note  hosting the show, with "Captain Tenneal"note  and "Guy LeDouche"note  reporting on the ground. The "objective" of MXC is, simply put, don't get eliminated by the obstacles and to participate in a team.
  • In the Pantheon, the mortal Takeshi Kitano is often the lord residing the castle, alongside with the Emerald Guard to protect him from the invasion. However, he now utilizes The Keeper as the person to compose his traps, and as a result, it is significantly harder due to the wide array of traps available at the Keeper's disposal. There's a significant reduction of both lethality and sadism in his disposal, and he can't use minions like the Horned Reaper or the Dark Mistress.
    • On the odd occasion, Glitchy's Mario takes residence in the castle, acting as its lord. Dubbed "Mario's Challenge", the theme changes from Japanese to Mario, switching the Japanese Castle to a Tower Castle, employing the "Spaghetti Squad" instead of the Emerald Guard, and allowing the use of significantly more dangerous traps. The Keeper's still not allowed to use his minions, however.
    • The prize within the castle itself varies wildly. The most common reward is to be immortalized on a plaque of those who've conquered the castle, followed by money (usually ¥1M in their currency) or food (usually a voucher for Chicken McNuggets valued at ¥1M with around 1898 uses for 20 Piece Boxes), depending on whose running the castle when it's conquered.
  • Before the Pantheon was graced with the Castle, there were some Gods who appeared on the show, most notable being Ultraman, who was a contestant, as well as a fill-in for General Tani. Astro Boy was a contestant, and Godzilla often performed comedic sketches for Takeshi's entourage. That being said, a good chunk of contestants often dress up like other characters, such as Goku and Master Roshi.
  • Dracula looked upon the Castle, and thought about how similar it's laid out compared to his castle. Though obviously less lethal than his own castle, he seeks to become its lord eventually, though neither the mortal Takeshi nor Glitchy's Mario will allow it. Though it won't take much to try to convince the Keeper to turn on their masters if Dracula can persuade them through bloodshed, the threat of expulsion and humiliation for doing so prevents the Keeper from acting.
  • Wario looked in interest to being a trap keeper, basing his traps off the myriad of Microgames that his company and he made. While Takeshi shows some interest, Glitchy Mario's rudeness keeps Wario from becoming a potential replacement in case The Keeper goes rogue and tries to take over the castle himself.
  • Owing to the presence of a lot of beings with powers that may allow them to circumvent the challenges entirely, there's a power nullification field surrounding the castle when the challenge is initiated. Gadgets are similarly not allowed, though certain ones (like a Portal Gun replica or a Rocket Jumper) may be used in certain challenges. It's so that beings like Kal-El would be equal to others, like Mario or Link.
    • Due to the challenges being made to accommodate human-sized participants, there's also a size limit mandated that prevents those too big (like Cybertronians) or too small (like rodents or insects appropriate for Mouse World) from taking part. Versions of his challenge for those sizes are still pending.
    • As for those closer but distinctly not human-sized (like pet-size folk like Pikachu or giant-size like Bowser or Donkey Kong), there are challenges modified to accommodate those sizes they're redirected to take.
  • Before participating in a Takeshi's Castle challenge, the contestents need to sign a waiver covering for injuries caused by trying the challenge. With an obstacle set that includes lethal traps or in any of Mario's Challenges, there's an additional waiver that'll cover for death and resurrection, as well as an overall looser restriction on gadgets. Takeshi's Final Showdown will never be lethal, while Glitchy's Mario's Final Showdown has a slight chance of death.
  • Here's a synopsis on the "episodes" done thus far.
    • Episode 1: Only Quasideities and Demigods were allowed to participate, since the power nullification field hadn't been considered/implemented yet. It ended with Takeshi's victory over nine entrants thanks to the Final Fall removing most of the more combat-experienced contestants. The show gained popular demand afterward.
    • Episode 2: Deities of all levels were permitted to participate, but in exchange were subjugated to the effects of the power nullification field. As a tribute of sorts, the 100 participants comprised of Smash Bros. fightersnote  plus Assist Trophy characters to fill in the blanks. The size-class separation system was also established here. 14 entrants reached the Showdown Stage, and beat Takeshi with only one survivor (Banjo).
    • Episode 3: The contestants comprised of Mon-users and summoners (without said Mons or summons, of course), with a majority being Demon Summoners, Digidestined, Persona-users, and Pokémon Trainers. 19 entrants reached the Showdown, and vanquished Takeshi with only four survivors (Jessie, Futaba, Hibiki, and Takeru).
    • Episode 4: The Showdown featured Takeshi's forces against a whopping 26 remaining entrants (the mortal run had a record of 20, and they all lost). Only 8 losses were suffered before the rest easily beat Takeshi.
    • Episode 5: By this time, Takeshi employed the Keeper as an official coursemaster, beating down the outrageous double-digit survivors back down to single digits. 8 in this episode, and all were defeated.
    • Episode 6: Lethal traps started to appear in the course mix from this point forward.
    • Episode 7: The first Mario's Challenge Special aired.

    The Unterzee 

The Unterzee, Celestial Seat of Strange Bodies of Water (The Neath)
  • Symbol: A zailing ship zailing across it, with terrors awaiting below
  • Alignment: All across the spectrum, with a strong leaning towards Chaos
  • Portfolio: Alien Sea, Alien Geometries, Undergoing Alterations, Nightmare Fuel, Ocean Madness, Ocean of Adventure, Beneath the Earth, Crapsack World, Denizens Are Weakened by the Light, World of Chaos
  • Domain(s): Zees (Seas), Zailing (Sailing), Eldritch
  • Similar Places: Sand Era world, The Amoebic Sea, Marinus, the Jade Sea, Mer
  • Notable Visitors: (Insert Name Here), The Etrian Odyssey Guilds (mainly the Armoroad and Tharsis Guilds), Edward Kenway, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Green Earth CO Drake, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, The KanColle ship girls, Captain Nemo, Black Manta
  • Unholy To: Sail-on-wind-dependent sailors, the Star Fleet
  • Banned From Entry: All deities with The Power of the Sun
  • When it comes to the sea, we're familiar with its blue hue as a result of reflecting the sky, its equal parts beauty and danger underwater and over it, as well as the unknown depths. When the sea you find is different from that, starting with the color or (non-water) composition, you get an Alien Sea. Enter the Unterzee, where it is colored a sinister dark green, with the main exception being the far south (where it mingles with the blood of an Eldritch Abomination and dissolves the hulls of ships). All the islands are strange in their own ways, and the laws of reality don't always apply. And under it is far stranger.
  • Access to the Unterzee was made available when a canal inexplicably appeared somewhere in a lake in the Dominions, which incidentally was close enough to Rapture. Being seafarers on the side and explorers to boot, the Armoroad Guild (with a few Court emissaries on board) was tasked with investigating it, and Edward Kenway was assigned as an escort, given his ship is more naval combat-capable while the Guild is more suited to on-foot engagements, even with Zodiacs and Arbalists able to fire from range.
    • On their side, the residents of the Neath underwent another Alteration. However, this would be markedly different, for the Cumaean Canal (which was the only way to reach the Surface and the rest of the world) and its Staging Area was inexplicably replaced by a strange location that would eventually be renamed to Janus Checkpoint (though much of the Staging Area population was still present), and the way through it was a much simpler gateway big enough for an Eschatologue-class dreadnought to pass through with ease, and its waterway deep enough for a zubmarine to zail beneath said dreadnought even if it was a dreadnought itself. It would reveal a straight tunnel, but would turn and leave what lies beyond a mystery to those not sailing down it. This was a serious concern given that some people in Fallen London have now lost contacts to the Surface.
    • That's when the "Trope Pantheons Emissaries" (TPEs) passed through the gateway and established contact. Word soon spread of these newcomers as an embassy was established. It's also discovered that there is no wind in the Neath, so the visitors were unable to go far. They would have to bring their own aerokinetics or vessels that don't rely on the wind to proceed further. But in the meantime, representatives from the "local" ruling territories reached out to them on separate occasions. A few days later, more visitors would arrive, including the Tharsis guild (their airship towed in through the entrance tunnel), Aquaman (who noted to his concern that his command over sea life is greatly contested by the native denizens), and a few modern naval deities like Green Earth CO Drake have set up a standing base.
    • These expedition parties would spread out to Fallen London and the Khanate, the main political parties in the Neath. More would reach out to Dahut, the Grand Geode, the Empire of Hands, the Fathomking's Hold, The Iron Republic, Irem, Saviour's Rocks, the Presbyterate, Varchas, and Wrack.
  • With so much territories of note, they are as follows.
    • First off is Fallen London, a place that (Insert Name Here) is familiar with, for some reason. However, Her Enduring Majesty was wary of these TPEs, and has banned them from entering London itself, restricting them to Wolfstack Docks for trading. But whenever INH happens to have a Zeeside Mansion, TPEs are able to dock near there too, so long as they stay in the mansion grounds.
      • Hunter's Keep is an island east of London. On that island is a mansion in smouldering ruins after a disaster of madness burned the place down. Since London wouldn't reclaim it, the Court of the Gods was able to negotiate a claim for it instead, turning it into another TPE embassy. Though the mansion ruins itself has been mostly cordoned off, native zailors are still allowed to explore it for artifacts.
      • Venderbight is a Tomb Colony, where Fallen London residents are shipped off to (TPEs can partake in this trade too) if they become too ill or too disfigured to be in a polite company, for death isn't permanent in the Neath, but that doesn't mean they're immune to illness or injury. The Tomb Colonists are an odd sort, who enjoy both extraordinarily quiet parties and vicious bloody duels.
    • Second is the Khanate, which is even more distrusting of TPEs, and have banned them from even entering the Copper Quarter in Khan's Heart (which even London zailors can access, albeit under heavy scrutiny), let alone Khan's Glory. This leaves Khan's Shadow as the only Khanate territory TPEs are allowed to visit.
    • Adam's Way in the South is a large inland waterway leading from the southern Unterzee into the Elder Continent, governed by the Presbyterate, one of the other large political parties in the Neath. All ships that approach are intercepted by the Gracious - the Presbyterate's splendidly head-dressed coastguards. Passage is granted by handing over one of three stories; A report on Mt. Palmerston, news from Fallen London, or an unread captain's log. A mandate by the Court of the Gods prohibits TPEs from talking about the Pantheon.
      • Once through, a seed will be planted in the town square, which will quickly grow into a sapling called a Tree of a Single Day, which will grow and eventually die over the course of two-thirds of a single day. Until that happens, visitors can explore the port town, but once time is up, The Gracious will usher them all back to their ships lest they suffer hysteria, rapture, and/or animescence (an endemic disease that sets souls on fire, culminating in spontaneous metaphysical combustion).
    • The Fathomking's Hold is the home and court of His Complexity the Fathomking, ruler of all the drowned. To gain passage to his Court, provide a "zee-ztory", of which there is no short supply to those proficient in zailing the Unterzee. A deal was made between the Fathomking and the Court of the Gods in regards to any TPEs who drown in the Unterzee so that they don't become Drownies under his domain. The details of this deal are unknown, but the Fathomking was accepting of the conditions.
    • The Iron Republic is a Hell-sponsored colony where there is freedom. Freedom from laws and tyrants. All laws and tyrants, no exception. TPEs heavily inclined to order will find themselves driven mad faster than those attuned to chaos. Only the really chaotic TPEs like Discord can make full sense of it all, but conveying it to less chaotic minds is another matter. There are four markets in the Republic, but they cycle and are as unpredictable as the Republic itself.
    • Irem is a land of mysteries and contradictions, right near Parabola. Technically it does not exist yet, but it will. As such, all actions here are in the future tense. Things can get kind of confusing, to say the least. Any who rest in the the House of the Amber Sky will be taken to a strange dream-esque world called the Mirror-Marches.
    • Visage is an island of masks, where the town seems permanently stuck in some sort of performance, and all visitors are expected to join in if they want passage to the island. One has to put on one of the many masks provided, and act the role expected of them, such as the ignorant, oafish frog, the greedy and selfish locust; or the universally disliked bat. Not acting your chosen role is punishable. Thankfully for all TPEs who wish to visit, (Insert Name Here) has compiled a comprehensive guide for each mask in Visage and their expected roles. These masks also seem to alter those who wear them to better match these roles, so shapeshifters like the Spy should exercise extreme caution.
    • Abbey Rock is an island that holds the fortress-convent (officially a military installation) of an order called the Sisterhood, which is an entire company of elite combat nuns, just about the most well-trained and well-disciplined fighting force in the Neath. There's also a winged beast known as the Sisters' Adversary that can be called over for very specific occasions.
    • Aestival is a Deserted Island rich in nature's bounty and the only place in the Unterzee where sunlight shines. Zailors who pass by or stop by for supplies find it baffling that TPEs visiting can gallivant around or even bask under the sun without dying (except when they aren't). Occasionally however, in place of a deserted island, Aestival might instead be a kingdom of its own under INH (named either Aestival, New London, Lastport, Freedom. Utopia Beneath, Sophia, Fiddler's Gold, Peachtree Isle, Bugger Off, Head Office, Sanctuary, or the Empire of Trees), allied either to the Presbyterate, the Khanate, London, or no one. Also, the sunlight is somehow rendered safe for Neath residents during this period.
    • The Avid Horizon is where one always ends up when trying to go North. It consists of a massive gate, guarded by two massive statues known as the Watchers, winged sculptures that represent something not totally known. Fallen London's Admiralty has sent criminals too vile even for the darkest reaches of New Newgate Prison to exile, and to beg for forgiveness, they have to go here. Given the (insert beast here) that patrols it, not to mention how awful it is here, that's a nigh insurmountable task for most zailors. There's also the fact that a zailor also has to come here to collect their names.
    • Port Carnelian, or the Carnelian Coast as some call it, is a colony on the shores of the Elder Continent, famed for its rich sapphire mines. Currently under the control of Fallen London, but bitterly contested by both the New Khanate and the local tigers (the Neath is a strange place, after all) and has all sorts of spies within. The Mountain Of Light has, as in all areas on the Elder Continent, bathed this port in its glow, and things have… changed… under its warm light.
    • The Chapel of Lights is an incongruously bright and welcoming church amid the darkness of Void's Approach. The priest there even offers free food to ship captains, but the Pantheon has been warned that human flesh is (sometimes) served during dinners there. Also, the church there worship the Drowned Man… better known to those in Fallen London as a certain Mr. Eaten.
    • The Chelonate is a city of hunters and cultists, built on the remains of a great turtle the size of a large island, slain ages ago. Actually, said turtle was long dead by the time the Chelonate's founders got there. Said to reek beyond belief, and that once you smell its stench some part of it will stick with you, burned into your nostrils. Refuse and carrion choke the waters. For all its dangers though, it's very profitable to do business there, both importing and exporting. The Eater of Names, an enormous battleship built from the bones of dead sailors and monsters and decked with one of the most powerful guns in the Neath, patrols its waters, and is hostile to all zailors.
    • Gant Pole is the heart of a colossal sea creature taken over by Chelonites. Like their fellows on the nearby turtle, their primary concerns are ritual, hunting and rancid meat. It also serves as an "Elephant Graveyard" equivalent for zee-monsters. Barrels of rotten Mystery Meat that's bought here can be turned over at the Chelonate for a profit. For some reason, Fallen London doesn't believe this place is real. The Irrepressible, a large, strange-looking submarine that packs a hell of a punch, patrols the waters here and is just as hostile as the Eater of Names.
    • Whither is a small fishing town on the northwest coast, notable for two things: a prominent temple to the Gods of the Zee (Stone, Salt, and Storm), and the locals' habit of answering every question with a question, no exceptions. This behaviour is considered extremely tiresome by visitors. Codex is an icy mountain off the coast of Whither, inhabited by that town's exiles (and an inexplicable colony of shivering, bad-tempered monkeys). No one speaks, because they dared to answer questions instead of answer them with questions back when they lived at Whither.
    • The Janus Checkpoint, which has replaced the Cumaean Canal, is the only entryway between the Unterzee and the rest of the Dominions in the Pantheon. Thanks to new treaties arranged between the Bazaar and the Great Game in Fallen London and the Pantheon's Court of the Gods, there's a surprising lack of political shenanigans, corruption, or red tape, aside from the occasional arrest for smuggling certain goods outside the Neath.
    • The Salt Lions are a pair of colossal sphinx statues lying in the middle of the Unterzee. A company of London stonecutters known as the Unmakers have set a camp on the top of the northern Lion to quarry precious Sphinxstone and send it back to London. Zailors can pick up shipments of these as long as their hold has room for them. Exporting Sphinxstone outside the Unterzee is banned, though naturally that means there are smugglers of it.
    • The Grand Geode is at the southwest edge of the Unterzee, therefore always directly south of London and the Janus Checkpoint. It is a naval base with the Royal Navy's emblems, and its inhabitants are happy, fulfilled, and with purpose. Because of the Dawn Machine's subtle brainwashing effects, TPEs are forbidden from going there unless they're selling Sphinxstone, which isn't as profitable. Somewhat adjacent to the Grand Geode is the Dawn Machine, an artificial sunrise built by a breakaway faction of the London Admiralty. It's extremely inadvisable for anyone to zail too close to it, let alone beneath it, since it can drive zailors mad and Terror can skyrocket.
    • Demeaux Island is rich in fungus, which is harvested and shipped to London by the Iron & Misery Company. Conditions are miserable here, with many workers being broken by the banality and isolation, and some others being reduced to little more than walking fungus from spore exposure. Harvesting some for kirralee is possible, but not recommended. That said, there are some that are tired of this place who are willing to join zailors who visit. And for two Strange Catches, one can get a Soothe & Cooper Long-Box.
    • The Empire of Hands is a handful of lush islands ruled by soul-stealing monkeys (though they prefer to be called apes). They build towns, give each other titles and ranks, and wear clothing, in some kind of perverted imitation of human society. A large zeppelin is chained on an island, though sometimes it's missing after its Emperor departed in it. Officially, there's a trade embargo on it for Londoners ("They know what they did."), though zailors rarely heed it. TPEs have no such restrictions, though the apes and their soul stealing are enough of a deterrent for some.
    • A colossal Eye on the zee floor that is usually in the southern part of the zee. It is a terror to behold, so keep your distance. "Falling in" via Zubmarine will take you to Eleutheria, in the High Wilderness, a thoroughly unpleasant alternative dimension where a Mr. Barleycorn applauds your bravery and rewards you by turning you into a "message" to the Neath from the Liberation of Night, accomplished by causing you to painfully grow an extra eye. Given this leads to some place in the Neath's future, all TPEs are ordered to stay away
    • Frostfound is twin castles of ice rising from the northern zee, in the shadow of which Witherns and Iremis meet to play their riddling-games. Their spires are pristine, never scarred by human habitation. But it stands alone in the Boreal Reach for a reason, and one should never enter Frostfound without a reason… and so TPEs are officially banned from entering, for there is nothing substantial to gain. Also, anyone who zails too far North end up here.
    • Gaider's Mourn is a town built on a series of rickety platforms, halfway up the stalagmites of Corsair's Forest. One has to be winched up from zee-level (or have an airship) to reach it. Piracy runs rampant here, and it is very much an unsafe place. Caution is greatly exercised for this reason, though the more nefarious pirate TPEs have managed to make themselves welcome.
    • Godfall is a monastery built on the side of an enormous stalactite that fell from the cavern roof. Its "monks" (who are more like pirates) are rabble-rousers who seem to spend most of their days drinking, fighting, and boasting plus great measures about evolving not just spiritually but physically, by using the Shapeling Arts the Rubbery Men are deft with, and very little time praying. While TPEs can choose to get into fights with them, the monks refuse to fight females, recommending Abbey's Rock for that.
      • Below is a system of tunnels leading to the Shattered Citadel where the Starved Men reside. It's mostly sealed off by the monks of Godfall, but it can be explored at great risk (and bets are made between the monks), and require plenty of foxfire candles or other sources of light, as well as plenty of fighters due to the dangerous monsters and cultists within. Close to the bottom is a way back down to the Unterzee, where one's ship can stop by to fetch their crew.
    • The Isle of Cats is an island of pirates and smugglers, where the single most highly controlled substance (red honey, a.k.a. Gaoler's honey) in the Neath is produced. Don't let the vast flower gardens confuse you, this is not a pleasant place… for red honey is harvested from the memories of prisoners, and ingesting it is excruciating for the victims while the consumer experiences the (pleasant) memories. As such, Red Honey is illegal in Fallen London (though native zailors can smuggle it anyway), and is another product banned from exporting outside the Unterzee. Naturally, this also means there are smugglers of it too.
    • Kingeater's Castle is a half-ruined stone citadel surrounded by vast, mostly-sunken statues. It's an extremely dangerous place and should not be interacted with without a very good reason. One can sacrifice three zailors to heal Wounds, and "sacrificing all of one's zee-stories" can take one either to Irem or Fallen London (at the cost of 1 to 3 crew and minor damage to their ship), but there are less damaging ways to do this.
    • Mangrove College is a centre of philosophical and scientific thought, inexplicably located amid the unnaturally lush jungles of the Autumn Isles. That said, all intellectuals are too absentminded to build more than a barely rudimentary village. A TPE project to do so in their stead is underway. The Wisp-Way swamps outside the village boundaries can be explored. It's teeming with manner of beasts, but persevere and one can find treasure, or even some Solacefruit, which is delightful and refreshing in small quantities, but too much will lead to peaceful death.
    • Mount Palmerston is a volcano-island where devils exiled from Hell plot their return to it. The volcano itself serves as home to the Brimstone Convention, which acts as a Government in Exile for the devils, and they mostly keep to themselves. The human dwellers at the volcano's base actually don't mind the devils for this reason.
    • Mutton Island is a fishing island that's known for its Rubbery Lumps (Lorn-Fluke meat). Seemingly a quiet, peaceful little hamlet known for its seafood, its apple orchards, and its country festivals, it's a popular resting spot for Zailors on their way back to London. It's also secretly in worship of the Drowned Man, it involved with the wrecking of ships, and its ritual human sacrifices. Depending on the Alteration, it has since either become forcibly annexed by London or the Dawn Machine, conquered by the Khanate, abandoned after a Fruits of the Zee Festival, or under permanent quarantine by London's Admiralty.
    • Nuncio is a postal office run by the Postal Rat that regularly receives undelivered mail washed up on its shores. It accepts zailors who take up temporary shifts to help with deliveries. TPEs have a maximum number of hours to do work here before they're required to leave and not return between a few days or forever in order to keep workaholics from obsessing over clearing out the queue. Depsite his experience with managing a post office, Moist von Lipwig is forbidden by Lord Vetinari from visiting Nuncio in fear of losing such a valuable asset. Visiting the back room is restricted to those in good favor with the Postal Rat, but what lays behind is maddening due to a Judgment's law regarding "messages".
    • Pigmote Isle is an island governed by, depending on the Alteration, the House of Cavy (talking guinea pigs, escaped from a wealthy eccentric's collection, seeking to establish a glorious kingdom of their own) or the Republic of Murinia (comprised of common Rattus Faber, often seen in London, looking for a land to practice their engineering arts in peace), after INH helped oust one of the other out (they can't remember which). Or maybe both territories are at peace after being in a feud for so long before INH's arrival (but with one being somewhat superior over the other, or as equals after fighting for independence against Visage and/or the Fathomking). Or it's closed off to INH. Or it's in complete ruins and ruled by neither. For some reason, Fallen London is skeptical of its existence despite how mundane it is compared to the rest of the Neath.
      • In terms of services and supplies, depending on who is/are in charge, the Republic is willing to fix one's ship, or/and the House is willing to trade Scintillack. Regardless of who's in charge, there may be a Fathomking's Ambassador who trades Drowning Pearls, or a Visage Ambassador who trades Secrets, or neither if independence was chosen. Due to the tumultuous state of affairs depending on the Alteration, TPEs are not recommended to visit.
    • Polythreme is the place where everything is alive, from the clothes you wear to the waters you drink, courtesy of the King with a Hundred Hearts, whose very dreams render them all animate. It's also home of the Clay Men, who either voluntarily get shipped to London (payment upon delivery) or can be hired as crew that require no sustenance. These Clay Men are content to serve, and are treated as second-class citizens in London. Some even get exported out of the Unterzee altogether either for similar purposes or to be "liberated". However, a word of warning: there are also variants of Clay Men called the Unfinished Men, who are more inclined to crime and are more free-willed. That said, not all of them are bad, and a few are even helpful. As for how they come to be, here's how.
    • Port Cecil/The Principles of Coral is a London colony built on an eerie blue coral reef, and home to the most fanatical chess tournaments in the Neath. Be careful not to play too much, as the games of chess played here are… quite different than what the average Londoner is used to, and far more damaging to sanity.
    • Saviour's Rocks is a charming series of islands, whose inhabitants are most certainly not held hostage by thousands upon thousands of enormous, intelligent spiders. TPEs are advised to stay away, unless they can tolerate the non-spiders' oppression and are willing to trade for their silk. Muffet has taken interest to the place and hopes to take a trip there one day.
    • 'Shepherd Isle's is a place with no sheep (they're illegal here, in fact). It does have a lot of tellers of tall tales, though. One can listen to these tales to pass the time, and to get stories for trading, maybe even a Tale of Terror! (which is a valuable resource). One might even find an Ambiguous Eolith, though that doesn't help much.
    • Station III is a land of machinery, warehouses and industry. The truth is The place's main operation is heartmetal production, for use in naval weapons. The metals can only be obtained in useful quantity from letting them grow in human hearts. This result in the Soothe & Cooper Tonics, which are pain tonics that have minute quantities of heartmetal in them. When people consume the Tonics, the heartmetal will start to grow and build up in their hearts. This will eventually kill the user, permanently. After that, their corpse will be locked into a longbox, then shipped to the Station for extraction. For that reason, TPEs are prohibited from prying into Soothe and Cooper Long-Boxes.
    • The Uttershroom is a giant mushroom, located in the Myceligaea sea, home of the blemmigans, and even gianter than the Neath's usual giant mushrooms. There's a tiny, isolated village square on the top of it, and the mushroom itself seems to possess both intelligence and a drive to nurture those living on it. Nothing exciting of note ever occurs there, though you wouldn't hear that from Meruru, who's over the moon as soon as she heard of this place.
    • Varchas is a city that still considers itself part of the kingdom of the sun, separate from the rest of the Neath. No shadows are permitted anywhere in the city — lamps and mirrors illuminate every single corner. However, because of INH's actions, it is in two separate states depending on the Alteration. In some Alterations, the city is barred to all visitors, though after one TPE demonstrated powers over light, they have permitted only those TPEs to visit.
      • According to those TPEs, its citizens are contemptuous of everyone else in the Unterzee for being tainted by shadows, and call them all Taamas. There were also three very important things they had to heed while in Varchas: 1) Don't touch the mirrors. 2) Don't even look into the mirrors. 3) Try very hard not to dream. In other Alterations, the city is in ruins, in darkness, full of broken mirrors, and haunted by certain malicious spirits that reside in mirrors and can prey on dreams.
    • Wisdom is a floating prison built by the Khanate on top of giant incongruous lilypads, but now it answers to a person called the Governor, and he answers to no one. Any TPE who somehow ends up locked here (with the sole exception of INH) will remain there until they die and get revived in the Pantheon, after which they're banned from entering the Unterzee ever again. However, should someone (another TPE, preferably) manage to free them either by breakout, ransom payment, or exchanging a Searing Enigma to the Governor, this ban won't take effect. If the imprisoned TPE is important enough to not be banned, the Court of the Gods will make sure there's enough Echoes to pay.
  • And those are the ones accessible by boat. There are far more locales (and dangers) under the Unterzee, but a zubmarine is required to get there, and they're more prone to Alterations than the Neath already is, not to mention the more threatening monsters there.
    • Aigul is a huge, stationary Lorn-Fluke upon which the vessel Fortas Kettle ran aground. Rather than attempt to extricate it, London turned the sunken vessel into an observation station also called Station VI. The crew have become… attached, addicted to getting prodded by Aigul's needles, which works like red honey in that it allows them to experience memories of others. Depending on what INH has done, either the entire crew is morose and really addicted to the spines and their Captain is dead, or the crew is cheerful, their Captain is alive, and they plan to leave Aigul one day.
    • Anthe is an austere, underwater city of crystal. It's beautiful, but also very sharp. Its inhabitants call it the city of flowers, but the flowers are crystals, spiral matrices grown on the walls of Anthean caves. The inhabitants of Anthe are at least partly crystal too: they call it "going sharp." Becoming more perfect, and clearer, and colder. Zailors can develop this condition called Sharpness as well, granting them deftness bordering on perfection, at the expense of their natural flaws and emotions pertaining to it. TPEs are not recommended to develop Sharpness for too long, since it requires a trip to Polythreme to lose that Sharpness.
    • Dahut is a ghostly, submerged mirror of London, populated by drownies. An air bubble surrounds it to enable air respiration, though some zailors have foolishly wandered away from the livable zone and drowned. There is a glamour in effect that makes the drownies appear beautiful and idyllic. Their "Bonfire" is warm, but doesn't burn or scald, because it isn't fire at all. Time may also feel wonky while inside the settlement. They've also got human prisoners in the cathedral, holding them there until they agree to go drownie as well. As a result, there have been occasional attempts by some TPEs to try and acquire these people, either for liberation or for themselves.
    • On the back of a gigantic beast named Temtum by Arik live exiles from every corner of the Neath. In Hideaway gather the traitors, heretics, artists, fools, and the too-honest. Despite possessing a range of radically different ideologies, these outcasts live together peacefully, mainly because the work required to keep everyone from drowning ensures there's never enough time to spare for old rivalries. When they aren't working maintenance, odds are they're participating in the nightly completely and utterly bizarre festivals. Temtum itself is content with carrying a city on its back, loves its trainer dearly, and has actually been fighting back against the urge to shed its shell to avoid destroying the city, though the call of biology means it's only a matter of time before Hideaway is destroyed anyway. Depending on the Alteration, it's either mostly abandoned after the truth of impending doom was revealed, or people decide to stay despite the truth.
    • Low Barnet is a stone's throw from London, and is the most well known underwater township, a sunken church where congregations gather to regale each other with tall stories. Not much is there in terms of trading, but the church bell has some manner of intelligence, and anyone who rings it loses their soul with no chance of getting it back unlike at the Empire of Hands or Mt. Palmerston. And that's if they're lucky; it could otherwise choose to eat them alive.
    • Nook is an anarchic semblance of civilisation, nestled within the throat of some unknown leviathan of the same as the Masters of the Bazaar. Most visitors need to have diving gear to visit, and it's not certain what effects there would be for those who can beathe underwater. While Nookwater does become breathable for air-breathers after an adjustment period (made easier when wine is imbibed, at least for residents of the Neath), breathing it for too long risks one forgetting air to the point of choosing to never leave. The residents speak in some form of sign language, and just seem to do whatever the hell they want to as long as they enjoy it, be it rob each other, sleep with each other, drug themselves into stupors, or all of the above. The teeth of the leviathan sometimes bear treasure, though of course competition from Nookfolk tooth miners may occur unless they're jewelry, pottery, or Echoes. Phosphorescent Nodules can be found there too and all over Nook, though this is coveted by Nookfolk. Down the Seerated Abyss are giant teeth, some of them even the size of manors in Fallen London, and TPEs are strongly advised not to imbibe on the Nookweed growing there. Deeper down the Bilious Cleft is more blurry and more dangerous to be in, though Phosphorous Nodules and Blemmigans that propagated after a previous zubmariner released one to the place can be found.
    • Rosegate is a cigar shop underneath the Reef of Roses, which should not be strange by now. The more vile TPEs find they get better cigars by doing vile acts there, and so the zumariners among them find it a wonderful place to trade. Or course the less vile can still make off with cigars; they'll just be of bitter quality, that's all. That said, there's also a third option for "luscious flavor" cigars. That said, depending on the Alteration, the known Proprietor is already gone, his life's work complete, and off to the Iron Republic (and his apprentice to the Grand Geode). But in those times, there's a Powdered Custodian a a stand-in whom one can have a smoke with to stave off Terror.
    • Scrimshander is a citadel carved out of bone, dedicated to the keeping of history. Do not overstay your welcome, or the scribes will come down on you like a ton of bricks if you do, and you will not be the same afterwards. Be prepared to hand over significantly valuable information (and sackfuls of coffee) in exchange for knowledge you acquire from Scrimshander. As such, any TPEs who aren't highly intellectual or academical are advised to not visit. The "price" for leaving can vary between admitting A Lost Pilgrim to take to Gant Pole (in exchange for Echoes and an Outlandish Artefact), admitting A Scholar of Lost Causes to area of academic interest (preferably to Hideaway in exchange for a number of Echoes), a number of Zee-ztories, a trophy of a past triumph (preferably from the Unterzee), Iron (skill in dealing damage), Hearts (skill of healing and morale), or even a number of fingers.
    • The Undercrow is a small underwater port where the keeper for the Ragged Crow lighthouse (which is visible from above, but is otherwise unnotable) resides. It, the overside, and the keeper himself are infested with various different types of moths, given they're a giant light in the dark. Depending on the Alteration, it may be abandoned completely and left darkened, and where supplies and fuel can be gathered if you're lucky (otherwise you'll be beset by the clouds of moths that threaten to extinguish your light by their mass alone). Otherwise, the Incomparable Aurelian will need to be found at Venderbright if some other zailor hasn't already escorted him here (in which case he won't be quite as accommodating).
    • Wrack is an arbour of shipwrecks, where the flesh of kelp brings intoxication. However, the local wreckers won't let any "Trespassers" in unless regaled with a Tale of Terror!! (which can be bought in Irem, acquired by observing autopsies in Station III, visiting the Iron Republic, etc.) or if the "Trespasser" successfully wrestles the entire welcoming committee. That said, only the most malicious of TPEs would have a fun time, leading more ships to crash there to further expand itspreimeter. At least there's the store Hull-harvest for everybody, though its wares depend on its prosperity, which varies depending on the Alteration.
  • As for the Dominions Neath zailors visit (which tend to be few in number), they tend to check out only a few places, preferably those that don't have the sun shining on them (which means only indoor places or nighttime places). Trade routes have been established between Andrew Ryan's Rapture, Los Angeles, the (Upper) Londons (but not UnLondon/SCP-1678 after an incident with the Bobbies), Eylstadt, Mashaar, and even Nuka-World, with Darkdrop Coffee trade being the most lucrative one just like before beyond the Cumaean Canal. Other locales they visit include the Yggdrasil Labyrinths (preferably Armoroad's), The Library of Babel, the Far, Far Range, the Succubus Instrict, the Supermarket, The Abyss (though they never go far since they always have to go back lest the Sun affect them aversely), and Mount Volbono. A few zubmarines even zailed close to Atlantica, though panic and Terror ensued for both merfolk and zailors alike that King Triton wanted them out of the territory. There was also an attempt to trade with the frozen New London, but their general distrust means there's barely any progress made. Surprisingly, they have also been invited a few times to participate in Takeshi's Castle's challenges for the chance of prizes.
  • Because of the fact that the sun in their world is one of many Judgments, eldritch beings that enforce the laws of reality and prove lethal to denizens of the Neath, for everyone's safety (both natives and visitors), all deities with The Power of the Sun (e.g. Helios, Ra, Amaterasu, Princess Celestia) are prohibited from entry since they could draw too much attention with their powers or possibly even fall under the control of the Judgments, probably in the case of Helios, which would wreak more havoc in the Pantheon than there already is. Those who merely channel the Sun's power are fair game, though, but are only permitted to freely exhibit their powers in Varchas. On the other hand, catching light with Mirrorcatch Boxes is more feasible for TPEs since most of them aren't affected by sunlight (unless they are) and thus suffer no addiction like Neath-dwellers, though the fact that TPEs are closed off from the Khanate means the boxes have to be acquired at Irem. But due to not knowing what foreign sunlight might do to Neath-dwellers, there's also an embargo on Mirrorcatch Boxes being brought out to the Pantheon (sunlight from sun-channeling TPEs is risky as it is). Naturally, as with all forbidden things, there are always smugglers.
  • While Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 don't sail in a ship, they are Naval aviators specializing in Air-and-Sea rescue, and are sometimes stationed at the Janus Checkpoint to help shipwrecked TPEs. The KanColle Shipgirls tend to go exploring on occasion as well, courtesy of missions taking them to the Unterzee sometimes. However, they are heavily advised to go with a conventional ship to hop onto, given the local creatures could hurt them enough to risk sinking, as well as potentially inciting Terror to non-hostile zailors by their very nature (as humanoid girls cruising over water like it was nothing). Captain Nemo has also made a few visits to the Unterzee aboard his Nautilus, and Black Manta is one of the unscrupulous folks who would want to plunder the Unterzee. He just has to watch out for the wildlife there, some of which are FAR more dangerous than anything Aquaman can call upon.
  • Among other things, the Bedtime Stories Crew have covered various disappearances of ships, planes, and people in the open ocean, ranging from shipwrecks and bodies to no trace of anything whatsoever over their last known location. The Unterzee would inevitably catch their interest immediately, and they'd make a video on this place one day. And ever since the Unterzee came to be, TPEs have reported sightings of little sentient mushrooms called Blemmigans stowing away in their ships, and eventually escaping to the rest of the Pantheon. They were eventually contained as followers of the fungal Pokémon quartet.
  • Despite her affinity for sailing, even Moana knows that traversing the Unterzee is a bad idea, given there's zero wind under there. As for the Star Fleet, who are boats that don't need wind to travel, while they do stand a better chance, fighting other zailing ships and zee creatures is not in their forte, and Grampus is already well beyond his prime to deal with the tougher ones.

    Warhammer World 
The Warhammer World, Divine Settlement of Fantasy Counterpart Cultures
Altdorf, Seat of the Empire 
Bretonnian Castle 
World's Edge Mountains 
  • Description: Varies depending on the settlements and landscapes shown. One thing that is for certain is that the presence of Chaos is high.
  • Symbol: Sigmar's warhammer, Ghal Maraz and Archaon's sword, the Slayer of Kings clashed together, a representation of the eternal battle against the Forces of Chaos.
  • Alignment: Depends on the location, but Chaotic Neutral seems to be the dominant alignment, given the amount of strife most of the population goes through.
  • Portfolio: Dark Fantasy with Several Inspirations from the Real World, Adventure-Friendly World that's Actually Bleak and Hostile for the Most Part, Badass Concept, Fictional Earth,
  • Domains: Order, Chaos, Strife, Struggle, Nuance, War, Battle, History, Grievances
  • Sacred to: The Human Race (The Empire and Bretonnia), Elves (Ulthuan and Naggaroth), Lizardmen (Lustria), Dwarfs (World's Edge Mountains), Vampires (Sylvania) Undead (Nehekhara)
  • Unholy to: The Four Chaos Gods, Archaon, The Beastmen, Nagash
  • Visitors: The Emperor of Mankind, Some Pokemon species, ascended or not, The Draconians, Link, Princess Zelda, Aragorn, King Arthur, Arturia Pendragon, Princess Sofia, Hogwarts Students and Teachers, Sauron, The Magical Girl Sisterhood
  • Intrigues: Hermaeus Mora, Darkseid, Father Elijah, Killian Experience
  • The history of the Warhammer World is highly detailed, given the several races, cultures and historical events that have transpired within it. However, its origins are still rather vague even with the amount of information known. The best claim as of now is that the Old Ones were responsible for forming and cultivating the world before departing someplace else, but not before inscribing a list of plans to ensure order and stability. This has been taken to heart by the Lizardmen who have made it a lifelong duty to ensure the success of the Old Ones' plans. Elsewhere are the Elves of Ulthuan who were able to stave off the Forces of Chaos, but soon enough, internal disagreements led to the Sundering, culminating in the separation of Elves into three sects. The High Elves remained in Ulthuan, the Wood Elves fled to the Old World and took shelter in the forests of Athel Loren and the rebelling elves led by Malekith, son of Aenerion retreated to the lands of Naggaroth where the Dark Elves would ultimately take control of. The Dwarfs of the Old World initially held great relations with the Elves... until Malekith scheduled a plan to cause a fissure between them and the High Elves, leading up the War of the Beard/War of Vengeance that irrevocably shattered the two races' friendship alongside severely weakening their overall power and influence over the world.
  • The Warhammer World was ultimately destroyed by Archaon and the Forces of Chaos despite the united alliance of all races that had no influence from Chaos. Still, it managed to somehow resurface in the Pantheonic multiverse, although much of the life it once had is now washed away, save for the heralds of certain beings who've managed to ascend in some way. Outside of them, the only living organisms in the Warhammer World in this Pantheonic Multiverse are common bestiaries.
    • However, due to a series of cosmic shenanigans, creatures from all sorts of different worlds have had reported sightings here. Diabo of the Draconians was apparently seen in Naggaroth, as was Celebi in Athel Loren and parts of Bretonnia. The ascended denizens of the Warhammer World have found these reports of migration rather fascinating.
  • The Warhammer World looks visibly very similar to Planet Earth, from the satellite view all the way to the very nature and concept of the races and their cultures. Visitors and historians have noted that the Empire is very heavily reminiscent of the Holy Roman Empire. Bretonnia seems to resemble Medieval England, the Lizardmen have an aesthetic that is very much Aztec-inspired, Ulthuan is an Elvish-idealized iteration of Atlantis with traces of Athens, Naggaroth has a system not too different from Sparta, Nehekhara is very clearly based on Ancient Egypt, Sylvania is obviously a fantastical iteration of Transylvania and there are various inspirations taken from Norse and Viking-based tales and historical records.
  • Following the aforementioned statement, the only way the races can make it to the Pantheon is if a prominent member manages to find a way to ascend and see if his entire race can be selected as his/her heralds. And even then, the damage done has been so catastrophic that new duplicate Warhammer World can only bring back a very small fraction that can barely hit 5,000 in total population. Regardless, they do have a home again, even if it's technically not the world they inhabited.
  • Mankind's most notable and strongest settlement is simply The Empire, currently ruled by Karl Franz. He ascended into the Pantheon sometime before the Warhammer World suddenly resurfaced, but once that occurred, Franz has made preparations to not only reestablish himself as Emperor but also seek out new allies to strengthen relationships and have a better fighting chance, especially considering that there's very few citizens of the Empire left. While he's gained some political rivals, Franz tries to make sure they can fight together against a common threat, but seems as if making new allies has been a success for the most part.
  • As mythical beings are highly coveted by the elves, some dragons do occasionally make their way to territories close to Ulthuan and Naggaroth. Bahamut is open to working with Tyrion and Teclis in making sure Ulthuan is protected alongside Alexstrasza. With Naggaroth finally being rebuilt, Tiamat and other evil dragons are open to visit, with the exceptions of King Ghidorah, Deathwing and Grima who are not only fully sentient but whose goals don't align with Malekith's at all.
  • No longer being the Eternity King did make Malekith very sullen and angry in general, prompting him to return to a recreated Naggaroth and reestablish the Dark Elf regime. Still, this breakdown was nothing compared to him failing to save the world. While this won't stop Malekith at all, he's become rather nicer to his subjects and Naggaroth has become somewhat softer compared to its previous iteration. Also helping is Malekith becoming more open to the prospect of working with other races, a psyche that is almost alien to the rest of the Dark Elves. The nature of the Pantheon has made Malekith realize that alliances are inevitable at this point.
    • Despite his evil stance and the nature of the Dark Elves, Malekith is never accepting an offer with the Grand United Alliance of Evil. The Chaos Gods are already leading members, so he can't see him and his races suddenly working together with the Forces of Chaos. Malekith wanted to become the ruler of Ulthuan partly because he believed he was the world's best chance of driving Chaos back. Malekith also doesn't have a high opinion about Cosmos or the other leaders of the Grand United Alliances. About the closest he could get to making a deal is the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers, and even then, Malekith doesn't trust Darkseid and Sauron all that much, in addition to them having Archaon as a member. However, Malekith has admitted on siding with Cosmos over Melkor. It's for purely pragmatic reasons, but he justifies it by saying he's trying to provide for the betterment of his race. The Dark Elves of Naggaroth have a very bitter Enemy Mine with the Grand United Alliance of Good and the High Elves of Ulthuan when it comes to fighting the GUAE.
    • Naggaroth is... unpleasant. As if the Dark Elves weren't enough, there's also harsh chilly weather conditions and ravenous beasts prowling around the fields. As aforementioned, there are some dragons and Cold Ones searching for prey. There are some Pokémon that have arrived due to the aforementioned cosmic matters with Golem, Gigalith, Durant and Aggron being uncommon sights. And unfortunately, Dark Elves are more than eager to be enslaving them.
  • The southern part of the New World continent and obviously south of Naggaroth is Lustria, filled with thick, dense forests and a massively thriving ecosystem. Lustria is one of the most bountiful places in the Warhammer World regarding fauna and flora, alongside several migrants that include the monsters in the likes of Glavenus, Rajang, Zinogre, Chameleos, Deviljho and Pokemon such as Parasect, Liligant, Tropius, Scizor, Carnivine and Haxorus. The indigenous species are usually clearly dinosaurs in anything but identification, such as the Cold Ones, Stegadon, Terradons, Thunderlizards, Arcanadon, Troglodon, Carnosaurs and the mightiest of all, the Dread Saurians.
    • The Lizardmen are usually in patrol of the forests, as indicated by the giant, wondrous cities that they developed as part of the Great Old One's plan. They are very territorial, especially with gold and ensure that their lands and te fauna are protected by any means. Despite this, Lord Kroak has accepted some outsiders as allies, such as Madoka Kaname, Kiritsugu Emiya, Doctor Fate, Eliza Thornberry and Rexxar as their goals somewhat align with the Lizardmen's, plus they don't display malicious intent as a whole. Still, despite Lord Kroak's acceptance, that doesn't make the Lizardmen any less suspicious. Kroq-Gar is open to working with other races, but he makes it clear that his race's survival and well-being comes first, though he will obey Lord Kroak without hesitation.
    • Because of the Lizardmen's territorial nature, the House of Commerce are very afraid of entering Lustria, especially when Mr. Burns tried to steal some gold, only to end up being chased around for days without end, forcing him to drop all the gold he stole to save his skin. Archaeologists and adventurers have given a thought about exploring the jungles and lost cities, but the Lizardmen's nature makes this difficult. Dr. Grant has plans for studying the numerous original fauna, but prefers to keep his distance, especially considering the circumstances he was in regarding Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.
    • The Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House is actually accepted by the Lizardmen when it comes to invitations. After all, they are dinosaurs and they fit right into the lush, tropical forests of Lustria. The Carnotaurs are often seen here as well, as are Rexie and the Raptor Pack. The Gang of Seven once travelled to Lustria for an adventure, but one too many Cold Ones, Carnosaurs, Troglodons and Dread Saurians made them very nervous and cautious. They did have fun going around city ruins and playing around. Still, they have dealt with threats like Sharptooth and the dangerous animals of Lustria are mainly just animals living out their natural life. They soon returned to the Great Valley, though obviously, they don't want any Lustrian inhabitants there. Not even the Stegodons, which Cera, Ducky and Spike kind of liked due to their omnivorous nature.
  • Nehekhara is arguably the most depressing setting in the Warhammer World. What once was a glorious and prosperous civilization is now a scorching, desolate desert wasteland with hardly any living inhabitant; the water system is poisoned without repair, cities and settlements lay in ruins and stories about it are chilling and melancholic. All of this was to do with Nagash, the first necromancer who decided to kill off the population after losing a battle against Nehekhara. Whatever living people are found are merely migrating to other areas from somewhere else. While the Tomb Kings are the primary residents, the only residents are currently Settra and his herald, Grand Hierophant Khatep, who now send thousands upon thousands of skeletal troops to patrol the desert in search of intruders.
    • Despite his very territorial nature, Settra has no problem with having allies and often seeks to have visitors every once in a while to alleviate his loneliness. While they don't always agree with one another, he's happy to invite Nagato and Darth Vader to his palace to discuss battle plans and trading exports for each other's benefit. An unexpected visitor also came in the form of Princess Sofia who once went to Nehekhara under the pretense of having an exciting adventure. While she was caught and initially intimidated, Sofia proved that she had no ill will and promised Settra to give him some company and relief. He appreciated her gesture, gave her some advice of healing magic for her to learn and allowed her to leave. She's not allowed to intrude the Tomb King's treasure though.
    • Somewhere in Nehekhara is the Black Pyramid, created by Nagash to be the main source of his power. To credit this, the pyramid is made from warpstone, a magical material that enhances one's magical affinity. Others have tried to claim the pyramid for themselves, but only Nagash, so far, has full control and authority over it. Nekron sees the Pyramid with gleeful interest; with enough power, it could potentially wipe out a world. Luckily for Nagash and the GUAD, the Black Pyramid made its way into the Pantheon, though Settra many many others have sought to not allow Nagash to get anywhere close to it.
  • Bretonnia, as of now, is functionally extinct whereas the Empire, under Karl Franz, is still struggling to maintain their forces and settlements. On a brighter note, they are now closer to the High Elves and Dwarfs than ever before, but with numbers so low, their main source of relief and resource is from Cosmos and the GUAG. The representing members of the House of Royalty are open to helping out, especially Aragorn and Princess Zelda. Aragorn is familiar with the threat the Orcs present and news of Grimgor Ironhide having made his way has ensured that Gondor will aid in fighting against the WAAAGH!!! armies.
  • Gaea and the Terra Restoration Squad wasted no time in finding and setting up base in Athel Loren. She was able to be make peace with its hostile residents due to their affinity in nature and has made it clear that it is to be protected in any way possible. Gaea's presence has been beneficial for the Warhammer World, for she did make nature stronger and more unified. This does, however, not stop the Beastmen from attacking anytime soon.
    • Alongside Athel Loren, Gaea has also made it very clear to spread her protection and influence towards Lustria as well, with permission granted by Lord Kroak. The Lizardmen are willing to accept Gaea mainly because of her power and her genuine concern when it comes to nature, which means Lustria will remain nurtured. Still, it's not changing the fact that the race as a whole will be prioritizing their survival first, though they do care about the other races, provided they're mentioned in the Great Old One's plan.
  • Darkseid has some interest in the Warhammer World, mainly because it has little life compared to its mortal cycle plus that small number meant an easy takeover. He was able to make an ally out of Archaon due to his disillusionment towards the Chaos God. He was intrigued by Naggaroth and wanted the Dark Elves on his side, which was all the more surprising when Malekith promptly rejected him. The Lord of Tyranny is also loathed by Settra due to their parallels as leaders in addition to Settra openly shouting to Darkseid's face that he will never bend a knee to a God, even the God of Apokolips.
    • Malekith does, however, have a very begrudging Enemy Mine with Darkseid. Again, like the GUAG, this is for purely pragmatic reasons; Malekith wants Darkseid to kill the Chaos Gods and overthrow the GUAE. Once this is done, Malekith will waste no time betraying him. But even then, he may feel that this is not enough, but only time will tell. Unsurprisingly, GUAG forces and the Harbingers of Repression are both very cautious of the Witch-King.
    • Sauron notes that Naggaroth and Mordor are somewhat similar in the sense that they are total opposites of another land of settlement, namely Rivendell/Lothlorian and Ulthuan. Malekith himself was surprised to see the similarities but notes that unlike Morder, the citizens of Naggaroth are less static and more prone to invading lands, a fact that Sauron decides that he's to make changes quickly. The Dark Lord and the Witch King have a rivalry with one another for being talented members of their own race and for simply looking pretty alike. A fight against one another proved that Sauron was a better manipulator and schemer whereas Malekith excelled Sauron in terms of his fighting skills and strength.
  • While Nehekhara is a depressing view, Sylvania ends up becoming horrifying. Vampires are easily among the most terrifying races in the world which is no idle claim. However, while vampires are bloodthirsty creatures with a savage reputation, not all of them are evil and some can come to a moral understanding. Currently, with the return of Vlad von Carstein, Konrad and Mannfred have retreated to the Houses of Madness and Insanity and Betrayal and Treachery respectively. Due to their very nature, Sylvania and Nehekhara are known for having portals that lead to the House of Undead and Phasmata. While Konrad and Mannfred desperately try to go back to their original homeland, Nagash has manipulated their situation where they're embroiled in a civil war against one another. They'll only team up either if Nagash wills it or of if Vlad is involved.
  • The Warhammer World received attention from Father Elijah who saw it's very destruction and it's mysterious return as a delight. Delightful in the sense that it was in a very incomplete state as very little of the population returned and most of it is just bestiary animals. Elijah seeks to establish a base of operations here as the general feeling of the Warhammer World is an improvement to the previous one and is further motivated to do the same to the Pantheon.
  • Obviously enough, the world's residential Hope Bringer, Sigmar is currently nowhere with many still believing that he is stuck in a Chaos Warp. Though Archaon has since appeared in the Pantheon, there's the chance that Sigmar has as well. Even then, there are other Hope Bringers in the Pantheon that the Orderly Races can seek to ask aid from.
    • Link has become a good ally to the Empire and seeks for the Hyrulean royalty to provide benefit at some point. Kings Arthur and Arturia Pendragon was intrigued by Bretonnia and often visit it as a sign of respect. As Bretonnia currently has nobody for residents, Arturia is content with staying there on occasion as she feels she can defend the lands and the deserted settlements from further harm until a Bretonnian comes to ascend into the Pantheon.
  • The Dwarfs make themselves at home in the Worlds Edge Mountains, which is very reminiscent of the Himalayas in Asia. And true to typical Dwarfen archetypes, they have underground temples and monuments where they house gold and weapon creation. The return of High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer bought along a few new things, most notably that he is finally aware of the true circumstances of the War of Vengeance. Although it's too late to forgive the High Elves at this point, Thorgrim will team up with Tyrion and Teclis when it comes to Malekith and Archaon.
    • That said, many of the Dwarfs are still not over the past incidents regarding Ulthuan and the war. However, many, even those outside of the Warhammer World are urging the two races to stop their conflict and seek a union, especially considering the dire situation that the Warhammer World is under. Maybe Thorgrim will consider something about it, but the Dwarf's addiction to settling grudges and their stubborn nature makes this difficult.
  • There is a school of magic in Ulthuan known as the Imperial Colleges of Magic that was founded by Teclis in an effort to provide High Elves magical knowledge and training. Trying to make compensation for the lack of Elves, Teclis has thought about bringing along Magical Girls and other sorts of wizards and practitioners of magic as teachers and students. He urges that the Elves must let go of their superiority complex and aim to work with other races more tightly. With the results of the Pantheonic Rebellion and the disillusionment of the Magical Girl Sisterhood, Teclis offered solace and shelter in the Imperial Colleges. Some of the Sisterhood members sometimes settle in Ulthuan for protection and to provide themselves with a home, which they can thank Teclis for.
    • The students and teachers of Hogwarts were interested to see the Imperial Colleges that Teclis had established. While they respect the High Elf for establishing a magical education system built to provide protection and further knowledge, they were also somewhat displeased to learn that it was initially only reserved for High Elves. Teclis has stated that he is attempting to make changes, thanks to his efforts of inviting magical girls and the Sisterhood. Dumbledore and Harry Potter often visit the Imperial Colleges as a way to establish working relations with Hogwarts. Tyrion and Teclis have made it clear that they're willing to have them as allies.
  • The Killian Experience was giddy to discover the Warhammer World. He was surprised to see that he was actually banned from entering the place. It's mainly because he came up with an abridged version of the End Times where Archaon was replaced by Melvin, a generic mook who became the sixth Everchosen and even bought down the Chaos Gods in his take of the End Times. The supposedly "disorganization" that is the Warriors of Chaos do not take kindly to Killian's viewpoint, especially Archaon who wishes to butcher Killian and mount him on a pike for defiling his reputation.
  • Hermaeus Mora was also impressed by the mostly barren world that was once prosper, although very chaotic in nature and tone. Hermaeus seeks to take over the Warhammer World one day to add into his realm of Apocrypha so that he could syphon off as much knowledge as he possibly could. Naturally, the Elder Races, especially the Lizardmen haven't taken too kindly to his intentions.
  • The Emperor of Mankind expressed sympathy and concern about the Warhammer World, given that the strife and conflict inside of it is very similar to his home universe, albeit less cynical. Due to the absence of Sigmar, The Emperor has sought to have Karl Franz has an ally and seeks to induct him into his Imperium of Man, given that Sigmar was the ultimate personification of unity and endurance towards men.
  • There are also other continents and cultures, such as Araby, Kislev, Cathay and Nippon, which are all based on Saudi Arabia, Northern Russia, China and Japan respectively. Unfortunately, with the destruction of the Warhammer World, plus it's resurfacing in a very incomplete state, their population is extinct, with settlements being empty and nothing approaching it. There are some deities who have shared the interest of visiting and potentially protecting these lands out of preservation, but only time will tell.

    Yggdrasil Labyrinths 
The Yggdrasil Labyrinths, Celestial Mega Dungeons
The Yggdrasil tree at the bottom of Etria
Lagaard's Yggdrasil Labyrinth behind the city
Armoraoad's (and the Deep City's) Yggdrasil Labyrinth
Arcania's Yggdrasil Labyrinth
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: World Tree, Leading Upwards (for Lagaard's and Arcania's) Or Downwards (for Etria's and Armoroad's), Scenery Porn, Early Game Hell, Very Violent And Lethal Wildlife (Marine Life Included (And Not Just In Armoroad's)) Of All Strange Sorts That Drop Body Parts As Loot, Backtracking Shortcuts, Cosmic Horror Reveal, Engineered To Restore Earth But Is Going Berserk, Postgame Content
  • Domain(s): Trees, Dungeons, Restoration
  • Similar Places: Maure Castle, Tartarus, Tristram's Cathedral, Mazes of Menace
  • Related Dominions: The Abyss
  • Sacred To: The Etrian Odyssey Guilds, all explorers of all stripes
  • Unholy To:
  • When it comes to dungeons in video or tabletop games, they're usually sized just right for a short-ish segment of it. However, there are those that span the entire game. Those are the Mega Dungeons.
  • The Yggdrasil Labyrinths in Etrian Odyssey are a set of labyrinths across the games that its nearby cities live nearby and from which its economy is run off of. As for how they came to be, it's thanks to something called the Yggdrasil Project.
    • The world prior to what it is now in the setting used to be Earth, but pollution was bringing it to ruin, not to mention the arrival of the Abyssal God. The Yggdrasil Trees (two of which are at Etria and Lagaard) that now hold the titular Labyrinths were made to clean the planet's atmosphere and restore its climate, making it once again a place suited for life. However, the process would take too long for mankind, and billions died during it. However, life did flourish again, but technology know-how had been lost and was pushed back to medieval times, in addition to magic becoming available.
  • Unlike the above two, Armoroad's Yggdrasil Labyrinth has a different story, and has no involvement with the Yggdrasil Project. The tree it was from was actually a great, powerful sentient being that has traveled the outer space for eons seeking to destroy the Abyssal God, an alien creature that travels the universe conquering worlds. It had fled to Earth, and found refuge on its vast oceans. But the tree soon followed, landing on the planet's surface and quickly growing roots, sealing its nemesis within what is now known as Armoroad's Yggdrasil labyrinth. Years later, however, the god had created a new race, the Deep Ones, and sought to wage war against humankind. Also, humans eventually settled on the land where the tree had landed, and there founded the city of Armoroad.
  • The one for Arcania also holds a different story, since it's not situated on Earth at all, but a terraformed Mars courtesy of a forest born from the Yggdrasil Tree that somehow landed there. It's not known how the races that reside in Arcania eventually came to be, though.
  • While there are seven known Yggdrasil Labyrinths in the setting (if you also count Etrian Mystery Dungeon and its sequel), only four count for this trope: Etria's, Lagaard's, Armoroad's (and the Deep City's by extension), and Arcania's. Tharsis instead has lands between itself and the tree which all have their own series of dungeons, and the same roughly applies for Maginia, due to ancient Lemuria borrowing power from many Yggdrasil trees across the world.
  • The dominion entrance takes the form of a giant tree with four giant portals on its sides that will take travelers to each city. For the sake of protecting the world order, the Court of the Gods has assigned checkpoint guards (overseen by some of the ascended guild members) tasked with screening anyone who wishes to enter, and the following rules have been mandated.
    1. All loot acquired from the labyrinths has to be sold in the native city in order to support its economy. This especially applies for Etria, which is allegedly at risk of becoming a ghost town with all its mystery gone. The House of Commerce has a conversion system for Ental, the world's local currency.
    2. Store-bought commodities and equipment are allowed to be brought out into the Pantheon.
    3. Special permission must be requested to acquire any specific item(s) from the Labyrinths. And only those items may be brought out.
  • As for what exactly the Yggdrasil Labyrinths look like, they are divided between strata.
    • Etria's starts off with following:
      • The 1st Stratum is the Emerald Grove, a "standard" deciduous forest.
      • The 2nd Stratum is the Primitive Jungle, where even the plants start trying to kill adventurers.
      • The 3rd Stratum is the Azure Rainforest, which was never reached until Etria's guild covered it. A giant ant nest (both in scale and in ants) is also found here.
      • The 4th Stratum is the Sandy Barrens, a desert with dead trees and was once home to the Forest Folk before Etria's guild put as many of them as possible to the sword under the orders of Visil, though thankfully there were survivors as far as Armoroad, as well as another tribe at Maginia.
      • The 5th Stratum is the ruins of Lost Shinjuku, a destroyed modern Earth city. So far, only two linked skyscrapers have been explored by the Etria guild. The base of Etria's Yggdrasil tree can be found here.
      • The 6th Stratum is the Claret Hollows. A disturbing cavern system, with walls made of flesh and skeletons around the floor, is home to the strongest monsters of the labyrinth.
    • Lagaard's labyrinth Strata are as follows:
      • The 1st Stratum is the Ancient Forest, set in an eternal state of summer, and home to a diverse ecosystem.
      • The 2nd Stratum is the Auburn Thicker, set in an eternal state of autumn, and mainly home to fire-elemental monsters.
      • The 3rd Stratum is the Frozen Grounds, set in an eternal state of winter, and mainly home to ice-elemental monsters as well as a great number of flying creatures.
      • The 4th Stratum is the Petal Bridge, set in an eternal state of spring, and unlike the previous strata is not mainly a forest. It's more like a high-hanging garden, with plenty of stone bridges, moving platforms, and a huge risk of falling off and all the way to the ground (and a few FOEs that actually do). Regular pruning of the tree's many extensive branches is done in order to ensure that sunlight continues shining on Lagaard. There's also a tribe of Bird Folk who keep their distance from most except the Lagaard guild and a select few from High Lagaard itself.
      • The 5th Stratum is the Heavenly Keep, the famed flying fortress of the legends, which seemed to be akin to a Noah's Ark for people of the world before. High-tech machines can be found all over, as replenishment (read:vending machines) and as perimeter defense. There's also a combat simulator that may or may not have been broken.
      • The 6th Stratum is the Forbidden Wood, a group of floating islands far above the Heavenly Keep, a place never meant for humans, and served as a prison for the late Overlord's most powerful creations. Thankfully for Lagaard, the most powerful one there, the Ur-Child, has been vanquished by the Lagaard guild. That said, accessing the portal on foot is impossible without the approval of the Bird Folk's chief Canaan, and so far only the Lagaard guild has access.
    • This is for Armoroad's:
      • The 1st Stratum is the Waterfall Wood, located on the outskirts of Armoroad. Located beneath the Yggdrasil tree, these tropical woodlands contain many cataracts and waterfalls surrounding a deep chasm.
      • The 2nd Stratum is the Undersea Grotto, an underwater designed for sea life to swim free yet also allow terrestrial explorers to breathe air. At the bottom of this maze is the Deep City, a section of Armoroad that fell into the ocean during a Calamity long ago. Relations between it and Armoroad are still building up, so Pantheon explorers cannot use its services (except the Napier's Firm branch office run by Edie's sister) and must return to Armoroad for resting.
      • The 3rd Stratum is the Molten Caves, which are located in deep sea volcanic rifts, requiring the utmost caution for adventurers to navigate safely.
      • The 4th Stratum is the Abyssal Shrine, which also used to be part of Armoroad before sinking to the ocean. This temple is overrun by the Deep Ones, piscine horrors that dwell in the oceans.
      • The 5th Stratum is the Porcelain Forest, the sacred grove of the Armoroad royal family, also known once as the Mirror Forest. Access is restricted to Armoroad and Deep City soldiers, their royal family, as well as the Armoroad guild itself.
      • The 6th Stratum is the Cyclopean Haunt, a forest seemingly themed after the Abyssal God (rumored to be this world's Cthulhu) that used to dwell in the bottom, sealed there by the Yggdrasil tree itself until the Armoroad guild discovered it there and vanquished the deity once and for all. As the only way in is through a portal deep in the Porcelain Forest, access to this place is generally prohibited as well by extension.
    • Arcania's has the following:
      • The 1st Stratum is the Tutelary Forest, an ordinary deciduous forest with a calm atmosphere, despite being filled with a variety of vicious monsters eager to end an overconfident explorer's life.
      • The 2nd Stratum is the Jagged Reach, an almost barren land with sheer cliffs and stone spires, and is prone to rockfalls.
      • The 3rd Stratum is the Fetid Necropolis, a large graveyard, crawling with undead and filled with poisonous tiles. When the sun is up, its poison becomes active but the sunlight provides some solace against its denizens. When night falls, the poison becomes inert but the monsters turn more aggressive.
      • The 4th Stratum is the Lucent Hollows, a cave rife with giant crystals, both as harvestables for money, and enchanted ones that can teleport those who touch it to different parts of the labyrinth.
      • The 5th Stratum is the Untamed Garden, which is found in a Torus-shaped biodome situated in the stratosphere above Arcania, and accessed via a large elevator in the Lucent Hollows. Scattered around the stratum are devices that can toggle gravity, altering the movement of both the party and FOEs.
      • The 6th Stratum is the Empyreal Bridge, which is outright set in outer space. Teleportation devices that move the party a set distance (depending on their colour) litter the area, and act as a means of progress (and reverse of it). Escape Rope items are extremely recommended here. It's also a possibility that some of the enemies encountered here are actually alien races from different planets.
  • Every city has a "starter mission" where the burgeoning guild needs to retrieve an item from the labyrinth, and learning how to map it out is extremely recommended. Borrowing maps of others is not allowed for this mission.
  • Parties who have been braving (or sending forces to) The Abyss have taken an interest in the Yggdrasil Labyrinths as well, seeing them as being comparatively easier, which is helped by the fact that the Labyrinths have been technically conquered already while the Abyss has yet to as far as anybody knows.
  • Kirito and his friends, upon checking out Arcania's Yggdrasil Labyrinth, were reminded of the World Tree, the centerpiece of the VR game ALfheim Online. As for becoming semi-regular explorers of the Labyrinth, that's yet to be seen, though it's unlikely.

Zootopia, Holy City of Mammals (Zootropolis)
Savanna Central 
Little Rodentia 
Sahara Square 
Rainforest District 

  • Description: A vast city surrounded by a lake. It's separated into four biomes, connected by road tunnels and train lines.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme music: Suite From Zootopia
  • Portfolio: Absurdly Cool City, Premiseville, Flintstone Theming, justified Patchwork Map, The Place, Solar Punk, Punny Name, home to a lot of Fantastic Racism, the Rainforest District has Zeppelins from Another World
  • Domains: Multiculturalism, anthropomorphic animals
  • Sacred to: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Dawn Bellwether
  • Visitors: The Pteranodon family, Cindy Cimolestes, Michiru Kagemori, Nazuna Hiwatashi, and Shirou Oogami, Nabi and Doki, many other anthropomorphic animal deities such as... 
  • Banned from entering: Keiki Haniyasushin, Dr. Eggman, Flippy and Splendid
  • In a world of anthropomorphic mammals, the city of Zootopia stands on the site where predators and prey first learned to live in peace. Designed to accommodate species of all shapes and sizes, each of its districts is an artificially-maintained biome, including Savanna Central, Tundratown, Sahara Square, Little Rodentia, and the Rainforest District. 90% of the population are prey, and 10% are predators. In theory, they all live together in harmony, but Zootopia is far from being a utopia
  • When Judy Hopps became the first bunny to join the Zootopia Police Department, they were dealing with fourteen missing mammal cases — all predators. With the help of Nick Wilde, a Con Fox, she discovered that the missing mammals had become savage and aggressive. At first, she blamed their biology in a disastrous press conference that turned the populace against each other. A few months later, Judy and Nick figured out that Dawn Bellweather, who went from the mayor's assistant to the actual mayor, was drugging them in a conspiracy to make predators look bad. Fortunately, they were able to put a stop to it before it was too late.
  • Zootopia became part of the Pantheon because Judy, Nick, and even Bellwether all vouched to the Court of the Gods that it's the best representation of worlds where only mammals are anthropomorphic. Many carnivores were hesitant to visit it because they were afraid of being infected by Night Howlers, so the authorities put out a statement assuring everyone that an antidote was widely available and the perpetrators had all been caught. As a side-effect, Zootopia now has very strict security checks (i.e.: teams of sniffer wolves) at all of its entrances to make sure visitors aren't carrying any dangerous and/or illegal substances.
  • Descriptions of each district:
    • Savanna Central is the heart of Zootopia. Trains from elsewhere arrive at its station, and Zootopia Police Department is located here. It has a temperate climate and is filled with colourful, high-rise buildings.
    • Not far from Savanna Central is Little Rodentia. As its name suggests, it's inhabited by rodents and other small mammals. Its buildings' higher floors are connected by coloured, plastic tubes. The houses evidently don't have foundations, because Judy accidentally knocked some over while pursuing a weasel.
    • Sahara Square is the desert biome. Many of its buildings are shaped like tropical plants, such as cacti and palm trees. It's home to the Mystic Spring Oasis, a "naturalist" (i.e.: nudist) yoga club. It's warmed by excess heat discharged from Tundratown's cooling system.
    • Tundratown is the arctic biome. It's always covered in snow, and is home to several restaurants that seem to serve fish. While mammals don't eat other mammals anymore, obligate carnivores have to eat some kind of meat. It's also home to a shrew mob boss whose bodyguards are all polar bears.
    • Finally, the Rainforest District is filled with sprinklers to simulate rainfall. Its buildings are built into trees, with entrances on different levels, so there's a sky tram for easy travel between platforms. It's home to the asylum where former Mayor Lionheart detained the savage predators.
  • Visitors to Zootopia include:
    • The Pantheon has plenty of anthropomorphic mammals, so they feel right at home in Zootopia. However, most of them are acquainted with non-mammals as well — Sonic knows Team Chaotix and the Babylon Rogues; Mickey Mouse is friends with the Duck family; the Jungle Book cast know Kaa the snake; and so on. Their visits to Zootopia were... awkward, to say the least, as the locals tried too hard to not offend them. The Happy Tree Friends are all mammals, and the citizens have learned to keep them out of harm's way whenever they visit so they don't have to spend hours cleaning up blood. Smaller gods — such as Chip, Dale, and Mrs. Brisby — like to visit Little Rodentia.
    • The Pteranodon family are the city's least anthropomorphic visitors. On their quest to meet all the creatures in the Pantheon, the kids begged their parents to take them there. They mostly eat fish, which turned out to be a problem when the only fish-serving restaurants they could find were in Tundratown, which is too cold for them. Later, they visited the Natural History Museum... and were pleasantly surprised to meet Cindy, who wanted to learn what this world's Mesozoic mammals were like.
    • Michiru was excited to learn about Zootopia, and she asked Nazuna and Shirou to come with her. At first they assumed it was a place where beastmen could freely walk around in their animal forms, so Michiru in particular felt silly when she realised the anthropomorphic mammals don't have human forms. Regardless, they love it because it's a vision of what Anima-City could be: far from perfect, but at least it isn't ruled by crime syndicates. Nazuna is considering holding a concert with the famous singer, Gazelle.
    • Nabi and Doki are a cat and rabbit, respectively, who fell in love in a world where Interspecies Romance is forbidden. They were pleased to learn of a city where even more species live side-by-side. Plus, they befriended Judy and Nick shortly after their ascension, and the former was outraged to discover how much discrimination Nabi and Doki faced in their world.
  • While Zootopia is welcoming to most, a few gods are banned for everyone's safety:
    • Keiki has a complicated relationship with anthropomorphic animals. Born from the prayers of humanity during dire times, she led a rebellion against the animal spirits in her home universe. As a result, she's opposed to nearly every animal deity; while she's not shown any hostility towards Zootopia yet, she's a Persona Non Grata just to be safe. (Of course, humans are mammals too, but they tend to consider themselves separate from the animal kingdom.)
    • Dr. Eggman is infamous for using cute animals as batteries for his robots, and in some continuities he turns those cute animals into robots directly. Sonic the Hedgehog warned Nick and Judy that he was interested in conquering Zootopia. Horrified, they warned the rest of the ZPD, who put up extra security measures to make sure Dr. Eggman couldn't get in.
    • Flippy and Splendid are the two most destructive Happy Tree Friends. Flippy is a war veteran whose split personality, Fliqpy, feels compelled to kill everyone on sight, so Flippy takes great care to stay away from others. Splendid's reckless superheroics cause incalculable property damage and countless deaths as collateral damage.