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Figures of History, Influence, Inspiration and Infamy

The general idea of historical accounts and archives was an important factor to consider for the Pantheon, given that because of the never-ending merging and clashes of realms every once in a while, their pasts and events also tended to become known and recorded someplace in the Pantheon. However, outside of the Main House, very little of it was actually collected and stored for other deities to understand and realize, unless they took an initiative and decided to approach a deity about their world.

Hence, it was decided that to commemorate the numerous past events, moments and stories that have been going around, a new House was to be commissioned, dedicated to showcasing this information and consistently keeping track of and recording any new anomalies and worlds the Pantheon manages to identify as a means of preservation and to allow for history to not be forgotten and remembered for the future to learn from.


The layout of the House is remarkably similar to a museum, given that the primary basis is to record history and make sure whatever information is not only stored but also displayed for the public to see, speculate and take inspiration from. Unlike the Omniverse Museum, however, the House is more along the lines of showcasing murals, written scriptures and exhibitions of notable events in non-fiction, fiction and the Pantheon. The star landmark in the House are finely tuned, expertly crafted sculptures of the representing Guardians of each individual House, a feat that they (mostly) are pleased by. Two of each sculpture have currently been made; one for this House and the second set is transported to the Main House.

The House has two different groups of Guardians after figures showed that there is just as much bad as much as what is represented as good. One group of the Guardians are upheld as a symbol of hope, inspiration and are, hence, treated as paragons for the most part. The second set of guardians are a representation of malice, wrongdoings and, to heroes and the good-hearted, are examples of what must not be pursued or should be seen as a case study for one to improve themselves. Needless to say, the second group aren't exactly thrilled at this notion, but they'll pass for now, as they don't want to risk further tarnishing their reputation.


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The Quartet of Inspiration

    Abraham Lincoln 
Abraham Lincoln, God of Historical Badass Upgrades (16th President Of The United States of America, Honest Abe, the Great Emancipator, the Immortal, King of Mars)
A photo of the president

    Toshinori Yagi/All Might and Izuku Midoriya/Deku 
Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya, Co-Gods of Passing the Torch (Toshinori: All Might, The Number 1 Hero, The Symbol of Peace | Izuku: Deku, Stupid Nerd, Damned Nerd, The Absolute Madman, Broccoli, Baby Superman, Green Naruto)
Izuku (Left), All Might (Right)
  • Greater God, Quasideity in his depowered form (All Might); Lesser God, training to be a Greater God (now may be bordering on Intermediate God) (Izuku)
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Music: The Day, You Say Run (All Might) or Jet Set Run (Deku) plays when they get serious
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Not So Different, Passing the Torch, Super Strength, Empowered Badass Normal, Super Empowering, Explosive Overclocking, Game-Breaking Injury, The Paragon (All Might), Awesome, but Impractical, Hour of Power, Big Good,(Izuku) The Determinator, Awesome by Analysis, Nerd Action Hero, Take Up My Sword
  • Domains: Heroes, Legacies, Strength, Tutelage, Selflessness
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The super-villains of the House of Villains, Enrico Pucci, Number 96: Black Mist, Adam Taurus, Lord Tirek
  • Worthy Opponent: Stain (one-sided and only on his end.)
  • Although All Might still retains the scars that he sustained from battling the wielder of "All For One", he no longer has the time limit on "One For All" that the injury inflicted upon him in the mortal plane, and his strength was restored to its prime by the GUAG. They have even offered to give All Might a replica of "One For All" once Izuku fully comes into "One For All". All Might appreciated the sentiment, but he feels that Izuku should be allowed to fully come into his own.
  • Izuku was ecstatic to see many of the superheroes that once existed in his world's comic books actually existed in the Pantheon, and All Might feels that Izuku will further grow as he interacts with the super-heroes of the Pantheon.
  • All Might often visits the House of Heroes to strike up conversation with Superman, a fellow Paragon of Justice in his world, as All Might is in his own. One can always know when he is about to arrive by listening for his catch-phrase: "Fear not! Why you ask? Cuz I'm here!"
  • He is rarely seen when he reverts to his true form, and anyone who does is generally shocked that he's even the same person - he changes from a towering, buff super-hero to a scrawny, shriveled up man with sunken eyes. This is due to having wasted away from after-effects of injuries done to fix his wound.
  • All Might is a paragon of heroes, and he is himself the eighth wielder of "One For All", a successor to a long line of bearers of this unique Quirk. Izuku Midoriya is the ninth user of "One For All", and was chosen by All Might after putting his life on the line to save a friend when no one else could (or would).
  • While normally always with a smile on his face, All Might does not smile whenever he thinks of Enrico Pucci or Grahf. These two individuals remind All Might too much of "All For One"'s wielder, as they use their powers to either empower villains, take the powers of others, or worse
    • Enrico Pucci concerns All Might because of his Stand, Whitesnake, because he's worried whether or not it can steal powers other than Stands.
    • Grahf's ability to empower villains into new forms also reminds All Might of the artificially created Nomu and its creator, "All For One".
  • All Might is a firm believer in hard work, having trained Izuku until his body was strong enough to be able to handle the power of "One For All". This makes him appreciate the similar efforts that Uzumaki Naruto put forward to achieve his dreams.
  • Izuku is often daunted by the fact that he's standing alongside so many individuals who are great heroes and powerful indivdiuals in their own right, but he vows to continue working hard and honing "One For All" so he can one day become a great hero in his own right.
  • Izuku is happy to see many of his friends ascend onto the Pantheon and feels confident in what they can overcome.
  • Due to an alliance with Stain the Hero Killer, Izuku and Allmight are pitted against the likes of Adam Taurus from time to time.
  • Many in the Pantheon were shocked to see Izuku explode in black tendrils of energy. It's revealed that this is because One For All has grown strong enough to utilize the six Quirks of its previous users, now amplified by One For All's power. As such, Izuku has become a larger threat to the forces of villainy and many are debating that whether he can now be considered an Intermediate God.
  • Deku found out about Atsuko "Akko" Kagari's life and how it sort of mirrors his own. The two bonded over the fact they were fans of superheroes/witches, how they wanted to become one but faced harsh obstacles, looking up to and actually being mentored by their idols. The more cynical would point out the one major difference: while Deku gained his Quirks thanks to his idol, Akko's magic potential was accidently stolen by her idol.
  • While not magic users themselves, upon hearing about Lord Tirek's ability to drain magic, they immediately took him as an enemy. For All Might, it reminds him all too much about All for One's ability to steal power, while Midoriya was horrified since it reminded him of the Quirk-Removing Bullets that took out Lemillion's Quirk when they faced off against Overhaul and his goons.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi 
Obi-Wan Kenobi, God of Mentors (Ben Kenobi, Old Ben, OB-1)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God in his younger form)
  • Symbol: His blue lightsaber
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Force, Well-Intentioned Lies, Calmness In Death, Spirit Advisors
  • Domains: Force, Mind, Mysticism, Spirit, Wisdom
  • Followers: Splinter, Stick, Rufus
  • Allies: Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Vader (as Anakin), Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Yoda, Padmé Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, C-3PO and R2-D2, Jar Jar Binks, Albus Dumbledore, Celestia Ralgris, Gandalf, Kakashi Hatake... Except For That One Time...
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Count Dooku
  • Enemies: Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, General Grievous
  • Having lost a planet 30 years ago, Obi-Wan browses the shelves looking for it, as he tells anyone who asks.
  • He very rarely leaves this House these days, although once he was a very active member of the House of Defense. If asked, he might just say that he's looking for that planet. He has never confessed to simply waiting.
  • Frequently the God of Ascended Extras and the Rebellion will find him, talk to him, and eventually ask him to help out - he and his are up against Vader and Thrawn (sometimes) and the Death Star and the Imperial Missile Boat and the Emperor himself! Obi-Wan feels a little guilty about leaving them like this and not wanting to face Vader yet, so from time to time he does go out briefly.
  • Widely considered one of the most famous and respected mentor figures in modern fiction, alongside Gandalf, Albus Dumbledore and fellow Jedi Master Yoda, Obi-Wan has moved away from mentoring duties and acquired a more active role in military and diplomatic affairs in the GUAG, as the Pantheon had gifted him the ability to change into his younger appearance from the Clone Wars. Admittedly, Obi-Wan felt that he failed as a teacher to Anakin and only felt he truly redeem himself by guiding his son Luke to become a better version of his father. The other wise mentors, however, are not nearly as harsh on Obi-Wan as he is with himself, telling Obi-Wan that his wisdom ultimately helped save the galaxy and he should take pride in that. Obi-Wan and Gandalf bonded fairly quickly over their sense of humor and a few cups of tea in Gandalf's temple.
  • Befriended young pilot Celestia Ralgris, as he reminded her of her deceased mentor, and comforted over her guilt for indirectly causing Lux Arcadia's exile, telling her she only did what she thought was right, and ultimately gave Lux the opportunity to be the hero he was always meant to be. Accepting Obi-Wan's advice, Celestia felt her burden had become lighter. He also facilitated a friendship between Celestia and Ahsoka.
  • Said God of Ascended Extras and the Rebellion was played by the uncle of the actor who played young Obi-Wan. Both of them are aware of that. It's part of the reason Obi-Wan lets Wedge find him. When he does leave, it's in his younger form, which is ironically younger than Wedge. At those times he wears armor, hides his face, and tries to pass as just another pilot/commando. Since the pilots are based in the House of Defense, where Vader works, there have been many close calls.
  • Readily saves people who are threatened by the House's fauna, including the squinting degenerated descendants of those who got too caught up in their research. He can make an eerily realistic imitation of the threat-call of the greater thesauri. Scares smaller creatures right off.
  • Said to be unstoppable when on the high ground. Of course, his followers like to go further than that and say he's unstoppable in the presence of the high ground.
  • One of his allies decided to send him a video on what could've happened had he actually bought the death sticks from that dealer. Needless to say, the Jedi was more grateful than ever that he never took them.
  • When he learned of General Grievous' ascension, he snuck into the Kaleesh general's base and welcomed himself to Grievous with a snide "Hello There". Grievous didn't take it too kindly.
  • For the most part, Obi-Wan respects fellow mentor Kakashi Hatake, except for the fact that he's a porn addict. Which is why it shocked him recently to see doctored footage by Wiz and Boomstick of him engaging in a fight to the death with Kakashi after landing outside Konoha and trying to use a Jedi Mind Trick to make the ninja leave peacefully. Eventually, the battle ended with Obi-Wan cutting Kakashi in half, but not before the shinobi subjected him to 1000 Years of Death. "So uncivilised," indeed. Kakashi apologized to Obi-Wan, despite the battle being Wiz and Boomstick's doing, and the two are still good friends.

The Infamous Triumvirate

    John Kreese 
John Kreese, God of Harsh, Shady Senseis
Kreese during the 1980s 
Kreese during the Vietnam War 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Cobra Kai Logo with the Words, "No Mercy"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (may or may not be switching to Neutral Good with Koala Kai)
  • Portfolio: Sensei for Scoundrels, The Biggest Influence of Cobra Kai's Mentality, The Complete Opposite of Mr. Miyagi, Former Vietnam Veteran, Jerkass who turns out to be Even Worse, "Sweep The Leg" (Former Trope Namer), Cannot Tolerate being in any position other then First Place, Dirty Old Man, Johnny's former Sensei, Greater-Scope Villain, Believes Mercy is a Weakness, Sociopathy, Manipulative Bastard, Makes up Obviously Falsified Stories about his Wartime Experiences, Wants revenge on Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, Does not display Racial Standards
  • Domains: Karate, Sensei, Manipulation, Mentors, Scoundrels
  • Heralds: Terry Silver, Mike Barnes and his goons, Tory, Raymond/Stingray, Doug Rickenberger, Mikey Kyler, Robby Keene
  • High Priest: Master Li
  • Allies: Norman Osborne, Master Bison, Balrog, Vega, Lex Luthor, Madara Uchiha, Odio (Specifically Odi Wang Lee)
  • Rival: Odio (Specifically Odi Oldbright), Heihachi Mishima
  • Enemies: Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso, Jimmy Hopkins, Mikoto Mikasa, Matilda Wormwood, Ryu, Ken, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, The Hawkins Party
  • Opposes/Opposed By: Mr. Miyagi
  • Respects: Regime Superman
  • Disregards: Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, Sugou Nobuyuki
  • A veteran during the Vietnam War, John Kreese developed a fatalistic mindset that "Mercy is for the Weak", the world is cruel and is necessary to fight back and that winning was what mattered most. He met up with Terry Silver, whom together would form the dojo known as Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai would become a successful dojo attracting numerous students who became proficient karate fighters, however Kreese's philosophy and ethics were one of brutal pragmatism and general ruthlessness, which turned students into vicious bullies. He scored a star student in Johnny Lawrence who won the All-Valley Karate Tournament twice a year, until they encountered Daniel LaRusso and his sensei Nariyoshi Miyagi where they agreed that Daniel will participate in the 1985 All-Valley tournament lest Johnny and his group continue bullying Daniel.. When Johnny lost to Daniel in the finals, Kreese was furious, broke Johnny runner-up trophy and began to choke him once he started speaking out against him. This, alongside being defeated by a bypassing Mr. Miyagi caused the Cobra Kai students to suddenly defect after seeing how much of a scumbag Kreese really was. He tried to recreate Cobra Kai later on to no success.
    • He would later show up again 34 years later towards an older Johnny, who had managed to bring back Cobra Kai. The two fought before Johnny decided to let his former sensei reenter his life after Kreese decided to formally apologize. Unfortunately, while Johnny was inactive to spend time with his friends, one of which was dying, Kreese took advantage of Johnny's absence and decided to further corrupt the new generation of Cobra Kai students. Johnny caught wind of this and threw Kreese out, but realized too late that he had made a deal with Johnny's landlord to usurp Cobra Kai. After a series of horrifying and tragic events also involving Daniel and the new generation of Miyagi-Do, Kreese turned the tables and snatched Cobra Kai from Johnny, finally scoring a victory while Johnny was left to wander the streets.
  • After hearing about the Pantheon and how Johnny and Daniel were a part of it, Kreese decided to to take ride there in an attempt to take Cobra Kai to new ventures and spread its influence. Upon arrival, he was surprised to see that Mr. Miyagi was also present. Kreese was pleasantly surprised, knowing that he has another shot at personally humiliating Mr. Miyagi now that Kreese had also made his presence known.
    • Speaking of which, Daniel and Mr. Miyagi were not happy to learn that John Kreese was now in the Pantheon. John took their reactions with a smug approach and proceeded to establish a new Cobra Kai branch in the Pantheon, eager to preach and enforce the motto of "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy"
  • Its a known fact that Kreese is a vicious bully who is all too willing to manipulate and corrupt his students to become more aggressive and vindictive towards other people. However, many of his students are victims of bullying themselves, which paints a rather dark image for Cobra Kai. For one, while Kreese is undoubtedly a terrible person, he isn't exactly wrong about how the world tends to be a cruel and unforgiving place and that sometimes mercy is inapplicable in certain situations. This however does not help in his case of corrupting teenagers though.
    • Biff Tannen and Gary Smith expressed interested in learning karate from Kreese. Kreese promptly bloodied their noses and kicked them out of his dojo. He knows that Biff and Gary are exactly the kind of people who are responsible for bullying victims to attend Cobra Kai and sees their actions and personality as completely unfitting for his dojo's ethical code. Also because they would've been incompetent students anyway Due to lacking certain areas.
  • Being someone who fought during the Vietnam War, Kreese is very dismissive towards any ethnicity outside of his own. This has made him pretty unpopular with residents belonging to different races, but Kreese really doesn't seem to mind. He also finds newer generations of empowerment to be a joke and thinks its these kinds of values that are making the new generation mentally weak. He'd much rather break someone's nose than hear anything stating "The Future is Female".
  • Kreese is unsurprisingly hated by bully hunters like Jimmy Hopkins, Mikoto Mikasa and Matilda Wormwood, who do not like the fact that he mentors troubled teens and poisons their minds to become bullies themselves. They've since sided with Johnny and Daniel in opposing him and his actions. Similarly, the Hawkins Party, the Boys in particular despise Kreese for being an unrepentant asshole. He brushed them off before deciding to hurl his insults on the boys for being nerdy losers. He took to verbally harassing Will for being the most child-like out of the party. Naturally, he was thrown into a wall by Eleven who got sick and tired of hearing Kreese's insults.
    • Ryu and Ken were openly disgusted with the kind of mindset that Kreese was teaching and have made it clear that they will prevent him from putting in more influence. Kreese has scoffed, knowing that he has Balrog and Vega as allies to back him up.
  • Despite his unpopularity, Kreese finds company under Balrog and Vega, considering they're brutal fighters who won't hesitate to fighting using underhanded tactics. Kreese is willing to teach them karate to further refine their fighting skills, though he does want to find a way to discipline Balrog first. A chance meeting with Madara resulted in the two appreciating their pessimistic viewpoints on the world. Kreese will allow Madara to attend his dojo as speculation. Madara on the other hand gives Kreese credit for knowing how the world works and what needs to be undertaken when it comes to fighting.
  • Kreese surprisingly praises and holds high regard for Regime Superman. He liked the fact that the Fallen Man of Steel became more brutal and displayed no restraints when it comes to taking on his enemies. In a sense, Regime Superman manages to represent much of Cobra Kai's motto to which Kreese snickered with smug entitlement. Conversely, Regime Superman praises Kreese for teaching students on how to deal with the world, considering the two's similar pessimistic viewpoint of it.
  • Is pretty well known for his phrase "Sweep the Leg". This confirmed that Kreese was a dishonorable fighter who would do anything, even dirty tactics if it meant winning. Alas it blew up in his face when he instructed Johnny to do this to Daniel and lost, but Kreese isn't going to let it go. After all to him, there's "No Mercy" in the Pantheon, considering the Forever War between Cosmos, Melkor, YHVH and Lucifer.
  • Needing financial support to keep his dojo up and running, Kreese has made an alliance with Norman Osborne and Lex Luthor. Norman is impressed to see how Kreese is able to manipulate and corrupt vulnerable teens into becoming aggressive, vindictive bullies. Lex feels as if because Kreese's hatred towards Mr. Miyagi is similar to Lex's disdain towards "the alien", he has a degree of kinship with him.
  • Has a mixed relationship with two of Odio's personas. He gets along with Odi Wang Lee, with Wang Lee appreciating Kreese for toughening up troubled kids and warping them into vindictive bullies who will justify themselves for their actions. Odi Oldbright is more of a rivalry, with the two of them being combat practitioners in the 20th Century. Unlike the two of them however, Kreese isn't a killer, not counting the time he almost threatened to kill Johnny. His rivalry also extends to Heihachi, who thinks Kreese's training mindset is effective in making people stronger. Naturally, this also earned Kreese Jin's enmity.
  • Refuses to answer questions about another school he created called Koala Kai, where he practices the opposite of what Cobra Kai is known for. All he says is that it's a long story that they may or may not get to later. Besides, it's proven to be a successful business that's helped solved some of his problems and put him back on top.
Cobra Kai Never Dies...

    Thaal Sinestro 
Thaal Sinestro, God of Villainous Predecessors To The Hero
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when using Parallax)
  • Symbol: The Symbol of his own Corps
  • Alignment: Zigzags between Lawful Evil and Lawful Neutral (Currently Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Badasses With Mustaches, Well Intentioned Extremists, Human Aliens, Utopia Justifies the Means, Anti Villains, Magnificent Bastards, Crazy-Prepared, Feared Beings, Left-Handed Villains, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Family Revelations, Real Men Are Pink
  • Domains: Fear, Ambiguity, Order, Tyranny, Extremism
  • Followers: Hades, Nerissa, Gul Dukat
  • Heralds: His fellow Yellow Lanterns
  • Allies: Magneto, Doctor Doom, Captain Cold, Fiddlesticks, Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: High Councillor Kal-El
  • Potential candidates for the Yellow Lantern Ring: Batman, Valvatorez, Majority of the House of Fear with special mentions to Medivh, Doomguy, Freddy Krueger, Fiddlesticks and Diablo, Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin, Light Yagami, Pride, Galactus, Lord Brevon, The Pyro, Vladimir Makarov, Ornstein and Smough and in general anyone who is The Dreaded is considered
  • Disappointed in: Pitch
  • Friendly Enemies with: The other Lantern Corps and the rest of the Superheroic Gods in the Pantheon, especially Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.
  • Enemies: Nekron, the Anti-Monitor, Krona, Mongul, No Face, Lich, Daffy Duck, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Fear of the Emotions, Darkseid, Mongul
  • Opposes: The GUAD, The GUAC and the GUAL.
  • Thaal Sinestro started out as a mere archaeologist, fascinated by the more orderly and glorious ancient empires of Korugar. Chosen to be the Green Lantern of Sector 1417, he became a great friend to fellow lantern Abin Sur, a mentor and friend to future Green Lantern of 2814 Hal Jordan, and was regarded as the greatest Green Lantern of them all. Alas, this would not last. The secret to how he kept his sector in perfect order was discovered; he had become dictator of his homeworld through fear, all for "the greater good". Banished, he would rise to become one of the Green Lantern Corps greatest villains.
  • Was awarded the title of God of Fear after As Nodt was attacked by Fiddlesticks. Sinestro allowed Fiddlesticks to join the Sinestro Corps, to which Fiddlestick accepted. Later on he decided that "fear tropes" felt too general for him, gave up his position as "God of Fear" and managed to get to get Hero's Evil Predecessor instead...though the "evil" is for his own sake, and would prefer him being referred to as "Hal's Necessarily Harsh Predecessor."
  • Despite his renegade status, he still wants the Green Lantern Corps to be a force for peace and order (his order, mind you); the Sinestro Corps War was a gambit to make them abandon the no kill rule. Despite his villainous attributes, Sinestro doesn't want to join the GUAE, and since its current leader is a Control Freak worse than himself, he doesn't feel part of the GUAL yet. Instead he's become a GUAG Token Evil Teammate, working to make it less soft and increase the amount of evil teammates "for what needs to be done". Everyone is keeping an eye on him, but many believe his presence there may complete the Heel–Face Turn he's been playing with for a while.
  • The House of Fear may no longer be his home, but it is where he's comfortable in. Asides from Fiddlesticks, he has chosen the following gods, though they must first conquer their greatest fear.
    • Darkrai has been pressured into helping the Sinestro Corps, as the Korugarian seeks his power over nightmares. He has promised to help the Pitch Black Pokemon overcome its Power Incontinence by using the ring as focus. He sees potential in the homunculus Pride as well due to how he fights, but isn't quite ready to give him a ring as he's still undyingly loyal to Father, who might get in the way of the Sinestro Corps' ambitions.
    • Has complete disgust over Fear of the Emotions. He ponders how on earth is he the personification of fear, if all he does is ponder and be scared of anything around him. This makes him belittle the humans due to their fears being similar to the one in the Emotions.
    Sinestro: So, this is how humans perceive fear? Well no wonder they're weak-minded.
    • Has no idea how the hell is he supposed to give Giygas a Ring. Then again, considering he's the Almighty Idiot, this halted his progress on reinstating him to the Corps.
    • Freddy Kruger, like Romat-Ru, is fine being a Psycho for Hire. Sinestro is working to let him generate a Hard Light body with the yellow ring. Balanar has joined the Sinestro Corps for similar reasons.
    • Has also spoken with The Green Goblin, seeing his motives and theme to be a worthy successor to Jonathan Crane while he isn't around. This has given him greater power to finally kill Spiderman for good, but he has restrained him in such activity.
    • Has a good understanding and a Commonality Connection with Medivh for many reasons. For instance, they are actually Anti Heroes who have dealt with more evil entities (Medivh to Sargeras and Sinestro to Anti-Monitor). Followed by their turning to evil or Knight Templar motivation, and later on their legacies (Former had Karazhan's magic and the latter had the Corps). Thanks to this, Medivh has willingly accepted the Ring itself, most especially as a asset to defeat Sargeras once he ascends. Light Yagami has also been considered for the Sinestro Corps due to sharing a similar sense of justice and striking fear into the hearts of criminals.
    • And if that wasn't enough, the Ring also sensed and brought the Pyro among the ranks of the Corps. While Sinestro and the rest are glad to bring him in, the Mercernaries of Mann Co. on the other hand and their pals aren't glad one bit. And that wasn't the end of it, because Vladimir Makarov was also recruited into the ranks of Corps, seeing his usage of the Inner Circle and his fear factor from the world gave him an opportunity to join them. And oddly enough, Ornstein and Smough joined, not because of their fear in-universe, but because they are feared by many players for being that fucking annoying boss in their univese.
    • Despite being affiliated with fear, he's rather disappointed in Pitch, as he sees his fear overtaking himself as a disgrace to what true fear is. As a result, he hasn't given him a Yellow Lantern Ring and decided to give him a "Reason You Suck" Speech in front of the house to solidify his disappointment towards him.
    Sinestro: You know, fear is powered by ourselves being the fear. We show the people why we are feared. For you, what you have become, it baffles me. And you are affiliated to fear? Not a single chance will you have anything to do, with us and our Corps.
    • He has tried to convince Batman to join his corps, for obvious reasons. To quote himself during the "forever evil" incident of his universe: "What a wonderful yellow lantern you would make, Batman."
    • He has also tried to convince the Punisher to join his corps, but unfortunately for him, Atrocitus got to him first.
    • Upon learning about Valvatorez's successful conquest of the netherworld and his ambition to "become a symbol of fear itself", He has decided to give a Yellow ring to him as a sign of friendship. He sees the tyrant as being "cut from the same cloth", not unlike himself and Black Adam. Fenrich doesn't trust him one bit, but he appreciates the gesture nonetheless, because the ring's power may come in handy someday.
  • Some have pointed out that with the name and mustache, how anyone would trust him. He's quick to point out that his name refers to "sinistra", the Latin word for left. He is left-handed, after all. Besides, Sinestro's his last name. His first name is the rather innocuous "Thaal".
  • He was surprised that he has an Even Eviler Counterpart of himself in a world where Superman becomes a tyrant. This version is a lot more sadistic and selfish than him, and the mainstream Sinestro looks down on him. He also has no respect for the Hal Jordan of that reality, due to being a Dirty Coward. His Hal would rather die than serve under him. High Councillor Kal-El is a member of the Sinestro Corps in that universe, and while the main Sinestro is fine with him helping out he's keeping an eye on him as he doesn't trust his own alternate self.
  • Initially his yellow ring harnessed the impurity inside the Green Lantern Central Battery, yellow being the weakness to the Green Lantern rings. Having realized the truth behind this impurity, he's formed an entire corps based on its true power of fear (though the Green Lantern rings are no longer weak to yellow). Naturally half his corps is unstable, but for the most part they're loyal, especially Arkillo. Batman temporarily wielded a yellow ring, as did Mongul during his coup.
  • Once served the Anti-Monitor, who served as the powerhouse and official leader of the Sinestro Corps. In truth he was using Monty for his own purposes, and fully intended to dispose of him afterwards. Nowadays, he hopes to have Galactus help out as a more loyal and stable muscle, promising to find him worlds full of dissidents to devour. Galactus is considering this, though is so powerful already the yellow ring would more or less be a trinket, but it would at the very least give him a minor power boost.
  • Once worked with the super-villain Gods in the Pantheon, he leaves due to his status as a Well-Intentioned Extremist. He likes to work with fellow well-intentioned or order-seeking villains like Magneto and Doctor Doom. Grand Moff Tarkin was happy to work with him as well, as he believes fear to be an essential means of keeping order. Of course he's still works with psychopaths so long as they inspire fear and their psychosis can be diverted to ensuring his vision.
  • With Hal Jordan's announcement of godhood, Sinestro signed, since in the long run he knew this would happen. Regardless of what histories exist between the two, Sinestro intends to continue with his own ambitions, no matter how hard Jordan intends to prevent them.
  • He has a daughter in the form of Soranik Natu, who's mother gave her up to escape the persecution his actions would inevitably bring. She's had issues with her ring due to her father's abuse of it, and is currently serving as a Morality Chain for the Sinestro Corps as a whole.
  • When the First Lantern Volthoom was released, Sinestro took a key role in taking down the Reality Warper. He's managed to successfully bond with Parallax while retaining his mind and soul, finally getting back at the old Guardians of the Universe for all they've done. He's busy with trying to fix the situation with his race, given Volthoom destroyed his homeworld, and his experience with the emotion vampire leads him to detest No Face.
  • Once battled against Daffy Duck, who'd gained a Green Lantern ring and became the Green Lantoon.
  • He was disgusted to learn that the Lich shares his voice, seeing him as Adventure Time's answer to Nekron, and doesn't understand why Orion, Hellboy or the Hulk of all gods would also sound like him.
  • Has a rather huge beef with the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind as his mindset of "Greater Good" reminds him greatly of the Tau, a race he would rather not discuss.
    Emps: For one second, I thought I would be safe from the implications of the Tau. But now you brought them up, and I'm getting vibes all over me about that pathetic race. All because of some pink-colored lunatic.
  • "You will know the meaning of true fear."

Ultron, God of Villains Created by Good People, Councillor for the Grand United Alliance of Machines (The Crimson Cowl, Great Devil, Lord Ultron, Mark, Omega, Phalanx, Ulty, Platinum Bastard, Junior, The Ultron Program, Murder-Bot, SKYNET)
Ultron's Primary Body (as the Ruler of the Phalanx)
The Crimson Cowl 
Female Body (Mighty Avengers) 
Ultron Pym 


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