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Greater Gods

The Nihilanth, God of Giant Brains
The Nihilanth as he appears in Black Mesa
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His metal wristbands
  • Theme Song: Traveling Through Limbo
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Evil, Brain being his Weak Point, Authority Equals Asskicking, Big Bad, Black Eyes of Crazy, Body Horror, Energy Ball, Flunky Boss, Looks Like a Fetus, Interim Villain, Load-Bearing Boss, Pivotal Boss, Power Floats, Psychic Powers, Last of His Kind, Straw Nihilist
  • Domains: Aliens, Brains, Psychic Powers, Planets, Invasion
  • Heralds: Xenian Wildlife, Alien Grunts and Alien Controllers
  • Allies: The Headcrabs, Beheeyem, The Harvesters, Brainiac, Harbinger
  • Enemies: Gordon Freeman, Cpl. Adrian Shephard and the rest of the HECU, The Vortigaunts, The Combine, The G-Man, The Black Ops, ADVENT, Master Chief, Commander Shepard, Samus Aran
  • Pitied by: J'onn J'onns
  • The leader of the invading alien forces of the Xen dimension, who invaded Earth during the events of the Black Mesa incident in hopes of finding a new home to escape from the Combine. Ultimately the Nihilanth was slain by Gordon Freeman, which created an enormous portal storm on Earth that transported a large amount of Xenian wildlife all across the planet. These storms attracted the attention of the Combine, who subsequently conquered Earth in 7 hours. Now in the pantheon and with a new position, the Nihilanth wants nothing but to escape from the Combine and find a suitable place to live.
  • The reason for his ascension was because of his enormous brain which, according to Gordon, is said to contain an entire universe. While some believe he might have exaggerated a little, the Nihilant stores a lot of his power in there which can be devastating if he uses it on his foes. It also happens to be his weak point.
  • He is very angry with Gordon Freeman because he outright ignored his warnings and also was the one who killed him, made worse by the fact that he is employed by the G-Man, who the Nihilanth seems to be aware of and considers him a dangerous threat. It didn't help that the Combine is also present, and they intend on capturing the Nihilanth for their own nefarious purposes.
  • His temple is an enigma for those who visit him, first for the nonsensical structure and second because the place is infested with the Xen wildlife and Nihilanth's personal forces, so trespassing has been proven to be rather difficult. It's theorized that the temple is an exact replica of the Xen dimension.
  • The Nihilanth alien forces aren't that remarkable at first glance, considering most of the bulk of it only managed to invade the Black Mesa complex. But their overwhelming numbers were strong enough to force the US Military to nuke the Black Mesa complex. It's more surprising considering half of that army is just composed the extremely aggressive wildlife like the Headcrabs and Bullsquids. Shortly after his ascension, he managed to snatch a group of Headcrabs and Gonarchs from the Combine to start producing his own headcrab army, which has angered them.
  • While the intentions of the Nihilanth are understandable, a certain group of deities cannot forgive the enslavement of the Vortigaunts and force them to fight and work against their will just to escape the Combine. The Vortigaunts certainly don't intend to serve him once more and their combined might is enough to oppose him, even if his psychic powers can give them a lot of trouble.
  • Being a giant problematic alien, The Nihilant quickly became a target of those renowned to hunting down rogue aliens, namely Samus Aran, Commander Shepard, Master Chief and Isaac Clarke to say a few. Thankfully, his temple is guarded well enough by the Xenian wildlife, and the Xenian military has done well to protect their master.
  • He can telepathically communicate with anyone in the pantheon, which has scared some people who got too close to his temple. His cryptic messages and general mysterious nature has been thoroughly researched by the likes of the Men in Black and the SCP Foundation.
  • He is The Last of His Kind, something that keeps him depressed and would explain why he is so desperate in finding a suitable planet.
  • Being a telepathic alien got him to meet with Beheeyem, who he initially mistook for an Alien Controller given their similar shape. While it turned out to be something else entirely, the Nihilanth sometimes drafts the Cerebral Pokémon into his ranks, although others question if he forces it via telepathy.
    • Speaking of Telepathic Aliens, Martian Manhunter heard of the Nihilanth being The Last of His Kind and felt sympathy for that. However, he doesn't think that invading other planets is the way to go and would not hesitate to intervene if he goes too far.
    • The Protoss also feel pity for the Nihilanth (Except Alarak) but because of his enslavement of the Vortigaunts and being very close allies with them, they don't seem to on the best of terms with the alien overlord.
  • While he can be labelled as an alien invader, he usually doesn't ally himself with others of this kind. However, he seems to have a professional relationship with The Harvesters, Brainiac and even Harbinger. It's not that he is evil, but he has to be pragmatic if he wants to find a new place to live.

Intermediate Gods

    Bête Noire 

Bête Noire, Goddess of the Nightmare Face (Betty, Black Beast)
Bête Noire and Akumu (Art by Camila Cuevas)
Her complete form
  • Intermediate Goddess.
  • Symbol: One of her many nightmare faces
  • Theme Songs: A Welcoming Smile, Bête Noire, Fearless Terror
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with Lawful Evil goals
  • Portfolio: Nightmare Face, Manipulative Bitch, Master of Illusion, Cute and Psycho, Fantastic Racism against Monsters, Ax-Crazy, Would Hurt a Child, The Chessmaster, using brainwashing in her plans a lot, proving that Anyone Can Die, wants to rule over humanity to prevent them from making the mistakes they did in the past
  • Domains: FEAR, Illusions, Manipulation, Power, Magic, Genocide
  • Herald: Akumu
  • Allies: Mina Loveberry, Baby Bonnie Hood, Colonel McCullough
  • Rivals: Nui Harime, Airy, Mysterio
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thaal Sinestro
  • Enemies: All Undertale deities, Omnicidal Maniacs, Toffee, Hoss Delgado, Rimuru Tempest, Isaac, Luka, The Monster Girls, Alice, Kimihito Kurusu, Lord Tirek, Alien Empera, Chaos, Queen Beryl, The Death Busters, The Dead Moon Circus, Joker, Shocker, Yapool, Nightmare, Cackletta, The Evil Entity, Grim, Mandy, Khorne, The Hounds of War, The House of War, The House of Otherness, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, The Maiden In Black, Abigail Williams, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Xemnas, Master Xehanort, Vanitas, The Heartless, Akuma, Maleficent, Star Butterfly, Homura Akemi, Lucifer, Nekron, The Batter, The Lich, Monsters in general
  • Respects: Global Occult Coalition, The SCP Foundation (One-sided on her end), The Monster Hunters (Again, One-Sided on her end)
  • Betty was once a girl named Amber, the daughter of the original Kindness and Integrity wizards, Integrity died, and we have no idea what happened with Kindness. Afterwards, both the Lightvales adopted her as a sibling, but Agate had a massive argument with Copper, leading to her attempt to kill him. Copper lost his determination when Agate murdered Amber in cold blood, in an attempt to get to Copper. It worked. She dragged Amber's body away to turn her into the last remnant of Fear forever. Amber's soul is gone, so she will never return to her original self, and Bete Noire is all that is left. Her soul was created by Agate's own soul emptying into nothingness and being filled with Fear before storing her creation inside of it. So while Betty may be Amber in body and memories (that Agate retained), her soul is entirely different. Her purpose is to Kill 'Em All, especially the Red Soul, and then get erased from existence with everyone else. When Betty and Akumu are later spawned into the world after the barrier goes down, they were both genuinely sweet and cheerful, looking to explore the world before the soul of Agate arrived and corrupted her now-terrified creation.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after her Rasputinian Death and her corpse was possessed by HATE. She soon did some sneaking around and learned from these actions that she was in a place where people from many worlds exist together. Learning that there were many types of monsters in the Pantheon, she decided to continue her quest to kill them all.
  • Upon ascension, the Undertale deities, having not come from her universe, were confused on who she was...until Sans made a visit to the House of Time and Space and learned about the many atrocities she had committed. After witnessing these events, he warned the rest of the deities from his home universe of her desire to kill all monsters and what she is capable of, including Flowey.
  • Has brought in Akumu as her herald and is almost never seen without him. He will always be present when she is in combat and the two will sometimes fuse to battle foes. She is against those that can manipulate souls like Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn and The Maiden In Black as Akumu happens to be the manifestation of her own soul. She also doesn’t like Akuma due to his raging demon having the power to destroy souls.
  • Having carried HATE in her body ever since she stole a vial of it and being terrified of what it would do if given the chance, she is very concerned about the disturbing amount of Omnicidal Maniacs in the Pantheon, much less an entire organization of them. However, she loathes Chaos above the other omnicidal maniacs due to its disturbing similarities to HATE and dislikes the idea of it ever getting her in its clutches.
  • Good friends with Mina Loveberry and the two will sometimes work together in trying to accomplish their goals of destroying all monsters. Both of them enjoy the company due to their major lack of allies while Star Butterfly is just unhappy that there are two of them now.
  • Given her hatred of monsters, it was no surprise that she would loathe the mere existence of the House of Otherness for being filled with many different kinds of monsters, and aims to kill them all as part of her plan. She feels her plans have become more justified as the House holds many genuinely dangerous and malevolent monsters, but on the other hand plenty of them are stronger than her, so she needs to take caution and get stronger before she can properly slay them. The denizens of the House are not pleased to know about her plans, and are willing to strike back should she try to make her assault on them.
    • On the topic of hating monsters, she's really peeved at how some monsters are living side-by-side with humans, and so is quite angry at Luka and Kimihito Kurusu for their efforts in building bridged between humanity and monsterkind in their worlds. Plus, them being in romantic relationships with monsters just aggrevates her more, especially Luka once she learned that the monsters in his world have hunted down humans for nourishment and amusement. The two and their monster companions dislike her in turn.
  • Once ran afoul of a group of Hot Rods while hunting for human souls and the people she was targeting were transformed into Heartless instead. Enraged, she killed them all and later learned that this was an attempt by Maleficent to increase the numbers of her forces. She has vowed to destroy the witch because of these events.
  • Hates war, having found the possibility of one between humans and monsters absolutely repulsive and horrifying. Because of this, she is enemies with Khorne, who doesn’t think much of her. Betty also opposes both his Hounds of War as well as the House of War. The Forever War taking place in the Pantheon disgusts her as she fears the damage caused by the conflict will destroy everything. She wants to rule over humanity to keep them from making the mistakes they did in the past, not wipe them all out.
  • Actively opposes people who use Monsters of the Week. Because of this, Queen Beryl, The Death Busters, Joker, The Dead Moon Circus, Shocker, Yapool, The Alien Empera and Nightmare are all on her shitlist. However, a few of them stand out.
    • She once tried to strike at Queen Beryl’s temple and was driven off by some of her Youma. Queen Beryl doesn’t worry about Betty as she knows another one of her heralds, Kunzite, can just suffocate her to death.
    • She has actively gone after and thwarted multiple Death Buster plots. At one point, she was frozen in glass by one of their Daimons and only escaped because of Mina Loveberry and Baby Bonnie Hood.
    • Has also been opposing the Dead Moon Circus, putting a stop to many of their plans as well. Unfortunately for her, she made the mistake of attacking their leader during a time where she had been freed from her mirror. It went as well as you’d expect.
  • Became friends with Baby Bonnie Hood not only due to the role she played in saving her from the Death Busters, but also because they both desire to kill monsters. She, Mina Loveberry and Baby Bonnie Hood have dubbed themselves the “Monster Destroying Trio.”
  • The Batter once fought Betty with the intention of “Purifying” her. This was the result. Because of this, the two tend to clash every time they cross paths and neither is willing to say who the winner of their first fight was.
  • As Betty doesn’t have HATE within her in the Pantheon, she no longer has any of the abilities granted to her after a vial of it she stole was swallowed by Akumu in order to save her life. She plans on finding alternative ways to use these abilities, especially since she quite liked having the power to resurrect the dead and brainwash people.
  • Plans on stealing Grim’s Scythe due to the many powers it has access too. She has earned an enemy in Grim because it’s his scythe. Betty is also enemies with Mandy for these reasons as she doesn’t like it when Grim’s scythe is stolen by others. Not that Betty cares. She was surprised to learn that she successfully enslaved Grim, who is an aspect of death. She genuinely cares for Akumu, so she dislikes that Mandy is a Bad Boss to Grim. Mandy tried to intimidate her, only for Betty to make illusions of her worst fear.
  • Is supported by Colonel McCullough in her crusade to get rid of all monsters. She appreciates the thought, especially since she doesn’t have many allies and is trying to influence him into believing his own suspicions that Frisk is indeed a traitor to humanity.

Cho'gall, Dual Gods of Multiple Heads (Cho'Gall, Twilight Hammer's Chieftain, First of the Ogre-Magi, Avatar of C'Thun)
Cho (Left Head) and Gall (Right Head)
After being corrupted by C'Thun 
  • Intermediate Gods (bordering on Greater Gods when infused with the remains of C'Thun)
  • Symbol: The Hammer of Twilight
  • Theme Song: Cho'gall
  • Alingment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Ogre, Badass Beard and Moustache, Suffers horrible mutations, The Dragon to both Gul'dan and Deathwing, Fat Bastards, The Biggest Ogre in charge of his Clan, Large Hams, Magic Knights, Power Born of Madness, Stout Strength
  • Domains: Chaos, Madness, Destruction, Ogres
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Renekton
  • Enemies:
  • Intrigued by: Arthas Menethil
  • First and most powerful of all the Ogre-Magi, and head of the Twilight's Hammer, Cho'gall was certainly one of the most powerful of the Ogre race at the time. After the demise of Gul'dan, he went on to become a servant of the Old Gods, receiving a huge source of power in exchange for an horrific mutation and the loss of their mind.
    • The reason why they ascended is not very clear but it is said that Gul'dan was the one who pulled the strings. To the orc's surprise, Cho'gall was a little...different since the last time he saw the ogre and is a little annoyed that they pledged alligiance to the Old Gods.
    • Contrary to popular belief, the heads were there before they were even corrupted.
  • Don't understimate Cho'gall for being an Ogre. They are at least one of the most intelligent Ogres in all Azeroth (At least when it comes to Cho, Gall on the other hand)
  • The defenders of the ancient couldn't hel but notice that they Closely resemble Their world's Ogre Magi, Aggron Stonebreak. This made Cho'gall interested in meeting said Ogre and test their abilities.
  • Gets along really well with the destructive Ghidorah, because one thing both share is the love for Destruction. The ogre was also amused by the fact he formerly had the seat of Multiple Heads
  • Cho'gall opinions on the ascended "ogres" is very low, considering them to not live to their standards. He considers Rexxar a mockery of nature for being a Half-Breed and he is dissapointed in Shrek for abandoning his old days as a lone ogre.
    • However, he does stand the creature known as Ogre, mainly because he can actually live up to the strength of a true Ogre.
    • Is literally two minds about Tionishia. Cho absolutely loathes her because she's practically the complete opposite of what he thinks an ogre should be like while Gall has fallen in love with her for many reasons...two of which are very obvious. Therefore, whenever she's brought up, Cho and Gall tend to have heated arguments about her.
    • They are a bit curious about Eyedol. Cho doesn't like the fact that he was once human, but that's generally washed away by the fact that the Shadow Titan is now quite surprisingly similar to them. When they heard of his power, they started planning on one day challenging Eyedol to a battle, which sparked some concerns from a lot of the pantheon. After all, an Ogre-Magi blessed by an Old God and a beast who challenged a mad demi-god and almost won is sure to spark some problems.
  • Became best buddies with Diablo and Azmodan shortly after entering the nexus. They (And Murky) even teamed up as a Basketball team to bully some unlucky heroes
  • They often like to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with themeselves and the loser is usually Punched by the winner. Bystanders can't help but laugh whenever this happens and there have been some ocations where they done this for Hours!
  • There was one time when they felt the familiar presence of their Old Master Ner'zhul, but what they actually found was the Lich King himself, Arthas Menethil. Both are very curious of how did Ner'zhul ended up fused with the former young prince and leading the Scourge
  • The ogre considers Renekton a powerful rival and really like how he became a madman after being corrupted. Cho is weirded that he sounds suspiciously similar to him.
  • After hearing the potential destruction that the Black beast could cause if released, the ogre is planning to capture Ragna just for that. What makes Ragna hates the ogre more is the fact that one of them sounds like a mockery of his own voice.
  • Gall is very fond of "Knock-Knock" jokes, which greatly annoys his brother. Worse, he will persist that someone answers him, which usually results in Cho responding him anyways.
    Gall: Knock-Knock!
    Cho: Ugh...Who's there?
    Gall: Cho...
    Cho: ... Cho who?
    Gall: Cho Mama!
  • Sees William Birkin as a fellow comrade, mistakenly assuming that he was a spawn of C'Thun given that he has eyes all over his body, just like the ogre. Birkin is surprisingly not hostile toward Cho'gall, maybe given that he isn't nowhere near as strong as the ogre-magi.
  • They once tried to do a Pink and The Brain impression, with their own style thrown in for good measure:
    Gall: What shall we do today?
    Cho: The same thing we do every day, brother: try and destroy the world!
  • Given their intention of bringing complete destruction towards eveything, Nekron saw a potential huge recruit toward his forces. Cho'gall didn't think twice before joining and this could open the possibility of Nekron allying with the ogre's superiors, The old Gods.
    • He also shares the same objective of the Four Horsemen and Loki's Brood. Unsurprisingly, they ended up becoming good allies.
    • A surprise alliance came in the form of Gilgamesh, who finds the ogre to be the perfect minion for his plans in destroying the world. It's also a little weirded out that the dumb one sometimes sounds like him.
  • In the light of events that featured the Old Gods invading the Tavern were heroes from Azeroth go to relax, Cho'gall followed suit shortly. They decided to serve under Gul'dan once more, as one of his elite minions no less.
    • However, even since their time at the Old Horde, Gul'dan still makes Cho'gall go get donuts and coffee, much to their annoyance.
    • He also noted that Thrall managed to get his hands on the Twilight Hammer, which enraged the ogre. How the shaman got ahold of the weapon is a mystery to them but Cho blames Gall because he was the last one seen holding the Hammer.
  • Gall:"To His will all flesh succumbs. From His kingdom, chaos comes!"
    • Cho: "Uh... what he said!"

Ionasal.kkll.Preciel, Goddess of Unusual Ears (Ion, Lighthouse Keeper, Pink Demon, Nei Yuuki)
Ar nosurge design 

Thoth, Patron Of Non-Human Head Portrayals (Djehuti, A'an, A'ah-Djehuty, Arbiter of the Damned, The Old Bird, Professor Thoth, the Professor, Dr. Thoth, Ja-hooty, God of Knowledge, God of Wisdom, God of Writing, God of Magic, Patron of Magicians, Patron of Scribes, Thrice Great, Mr. Ibis, Thoth Caduceus, Hermes)
The Kane Chronicles Depiction 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Possesses many symbols, but the best know is probably the ibis.note 
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Archmage, Bookworm, God of the Moon, Maintaining Cosmic Balance, Badass Bookworm, Spell Book, Associated With Baboons And/Or Having An Ibis Head, The Smart Guy
  • Domains: Knowledge, the Moon, Measurement, Wisdom, the Alphabet, Records, Thought, Intelligence, Meditation, the Mind, Logic, Reason, Reading, Hieroglyphics, Magic, Secrets, Scribes, Writing
  • Heralds: Ma'at and Seshat
  • Allies: Ra, Osiris, Anubis, Bastet, Athena, Elvis Presley, Zia Rashid, Samantha Carter
  • Enemies: Apophis, Imhotep
  • On Speaking Terms With: The House of Knowledge
  • Supports: The House of Knowledge
  • Opposes: Hermes/Mercury
  • Disappointed In: Apollo
  • Of Conflicting Opinion To: Geb, Set
  • Thoth the Egyptian god of Knowledge, Wisdom, Magic, Writing and a bunch of other stuff was brought in the Pantheon upon the insistence of the other Egyptian Gods. After reviewing his history of preventing the forces of order & chaos from overthrowing each other, helping Isis resurrect Osiris, scribe of the gods, assisting Ra in his voyages across the sky, helping to judge the dead and even in some stories helped Nut and Geb bear their children. With all of this brought before them many in the Main House were force to concede to it. Thoth then quickly entered the temple of Non-Human Heads believing that as a Egyptian god he would best exemplify the Trope.
    • Despite the fact that the Ancient Egyptians portrayed many of their gods with animal heads Thoth would like to remind the pantheon that the Egyptians didn't really think they looked like that. This was done because the Egyptians had no idea what their true form was; in fact some text say you have to be dead in order to see their true form, so the Egyptians chose to portray many of their gods as humans with animal traits; typically the head, the human body showed the gods' close ties with their worshippers, while the animal traits were used because said animal is sacred to the god, to reflect the gods' domains or both. That said despite it not being their favorite form you do often use it to show people that they very much are a god and not some foolish imposter.
      • That said Thoth believes that he best exemplifies the trope due to not only having been famously portrayed with an ibis headnote , but also sometimes that of a baboon's headnote .
  • Despite what the Greeks think he is not Hermes.
    • In fact the confusion is very much unappreciated and has only soured after his sacred city was renamed to Hermopolis.
  • He is not a Goa'uld.
    • Much to his annoyance one Samantha Carter still mistook him for a Goa'uld, thankfully the confusion was cleared up and Thoth sometimes can be seen helping his fellow scientist.
  • Tries to keep several scholarly projects going at once and has several ibises working with him. One of his more recent works is A Short Treatise On The Evolution Of Yaks.
  • Hates reading his old work.
  • Has taken a liking to barbecue and corn.
  • Thinks Ammit The Devourer is such a cute little thing.
  • Though Geb's thankful for the his help that allowed him and his wife to have their children, he's furious to know that the two had an affair.
  • While in the Pantheon Thoth went looking for some other gods of knowledge to discuss various theories and work together. In his search he discovered the Greek/Roman god of knowledge Apollo and much to his disbelief he discovered that Apollo has done nothing with the domain and even appears to be quite dim.
    • His meeting with Apollo has; however, led him to meeting Athena, who he finds much more impressive.
  • Is apparently a fan of Elvis Presley and was thrilled to see him in the Pantheon.
    • This has; however, led to some confusion on whether or not the Elvis of that universe was also a magic using magician instead of just a musical one.
  • Is not happy with the former High Priest Imhotep for murdering the Pharaoh Seti.
  • Sometimes feels that both himself and the other Egyptian gods should have a little talk with a curtain pharaoh.
  • As the Egyptian god of knowledge, wisdom and scribes Thoth natural has a fairly descent relationship with the House of Knowledge, though he doesn't always approve of how said knowledge is used.
  • As stated earlier one of Thoth's duties is to prevent the forces of order & chaos from overthrowing each other and as such keeps the gods Horus (Order) and Set (Chaos) from killing each other. This has of course led to Thoth having a very complicated relationship with those gods.
    • He also used to do the same thing with Ra (Order) and Apophis (Chaos), but eventually decided that Apophis was to much of a threat towards Ma'atnote .

Lesser Gods

CatDog, Gods of Heads as Tails (James Cat, Thomas Dog)

Earl of Lemongrab, God of the Sinister Schnoz (Lemongrab 3, formerly Lemongrab 1/Lemongrab Black/Lemongrab Prime and Lemongrab 2/Lemonwhite)
Lemongrab in his current form
Click here  for Lemongrab and his clone, in their original state

    Momo Karuizawa 
Momo Karuizawa, Goddess of Visible Blushes

    Tali'Zorah nar Rayya 
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Goddess of Unseen Faces (Tali, Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, Sparks)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Her helmet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Pardon My Bosh'tet, Inspiring Urge To Hug Her, Gadgeteer Genius, Moe despite not having face shown, Having A Face, But Totally Unseen, DEM HIPS, Immune System-less Body
  • Domains: Technology, Appearance, War
  • Allies: Commander Shepard, Gadget Hackwrench, Garrus Vakarian, Kaywinnit Lee Frye (Kaylee), Legion, Liara T'Soni, Litchi Faye-Ling, Urdnot Wrex
  • It is said that in order to become a follower, one must hug her after being shown her mental breakdown pre-deification after seeing her dead father. Failure to do so means being kicked out of her temple by her priests and being labeled with the term 'You Have No Soul', until recently, whereas such practice offends Tali and is discontinued.
  • Used to be a follower of Gadget Hackwrench before being deified herself. Because of this, she occasionally drops by the Technology house to catch up on new technologies applied by the Pantheon.
  • Only Shepard has seen her face... and Shepard isn't even telling how Tali looked like.
    • Shepard finally gave a reveal. It's pretty. But the Pantheon has been casting doubts whether it's a genuine face or just some cheap manipulation.
  • Her portfolio says she has no immunity system, but don't be fooled, she does have an immune system... a shotgun.
  • Remarkably loyal to Shepard, provided s/he doesn't betray her trust.
  • Tali is somehow able to issue a Death Glare through her opaque helmet, a power she possessed as a mortal.
  • She's lately seen hanging around with Garrus. Rumors has it that they're building up some rapport... Although as of Garrus' bad case with Litchi, Tali didn't take Garrus' side and instead bets that Litchi would redeem herself instead of falling further in morality scale due to obsession. They're still friends regardless, as Garrus would say it...
    "You're so mean... and I like it that way."
    • As of late, no one knew what's going on, but Tali has been grinning under that helmet whenever she sees Litchi... because she's this close on winning the bet she made above with Garrus. Unless Litchi was in sorrow like as of recent, since Tali doesn't want to disrespect her.
    • The result was in... Tali won the bet (although narrowly, as Litchi was that close to not redeeming herself). She just wonders if Garrus can find a new favorite spot quick.
  • A lot has noted that she stored a lot of straws in her House in case she needs a drink. Tali insists that they be called "Emeeeergency induction port."
  • Was initially very uncomfortable and against the idea of allowing Legion in, due to the troubled history between her species and the geth. Thanks to both an attempt to try to understand it and Shepard's influence, she eventually warmed up to it, and accepted it as any other deity.
  • With the revelation of Shepard being the Avatar in a different universe, there have been talks of seeing if her/his other squadmates have potential to be benders. Tali in particular is reported to have some affinity to water

    Varian Wrynn 
King Varian Wrynn, God of Heroes With Large Chins (High King of the Alliance, King Varian Chynn, Lord Chynn, Lo'gosh)


Zordon, God of Huge Holographic Heads (Zoltar, Zordonicus)
Prior to his sealing 
  • Demigod (with sealed Greater God powers)
  • Symbol: His floating head in a tube
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Oracular Head who's a Sealed Good in a Can, Mission Control, Big Good, Used to be a Warrior Hero in the Past, Team Dad, Can Appreciate Laughter
  • Domains: Mentorship, Empowerment
  • Heralds: Alpha 5, Dimitria, Gosei
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Good Counterpart to: The Great Leader of Shocker
  • Ascended after the events of Power Rangers in Space, where he told Andros to destroy him in an Heroic Sacrifice which not only purified Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and Divatox, but also turned the other non-human-esque villains like King Mondo and the Machine Empire into dust. As a result of this sacrifice, Zordon found a second chance in the Toku Base.
  • And then he was granted a place in the Pantheon proper as a deity for his iconic appearance. While he does have his old body now, his new temple shows his Oracular Head in a tube. This time, though, it's not because he's stuck in a different dimension; it's just a means of communicating with him while he's physically at the Toku Base. Unfortunately, he doesn't have access to his great powers like before, so he can't fight like the great mage he once was when he still clashed against Rita Repulsa millenia ago.
  • Back when he mentored the Power Rangers, there were three rules they had to followed lest they lose their powers.
    1) Never use their powers for personal gain.
    2) Never escalate a fight unless forced to (like when the Monster of the Week gets really big).
    • That said, given what the Pantheon is, the third rule pretty much can't apply anymore, and the rules are usually limited only for the Rangers under Zordon. Several other ranger teams after that are sometimes more lax with the first rule, especially when some of those teams are government-sanctioned like the Lightspeed Rangers and the S.P.D. Rangers.
  • Zordon twice mentioned that the destruction of the Rangers's Zords would also mean the destruction of their powers, as it happened with the Thunderzords. However, given that many subsequent generations have lost their Zords and their powers remained intact (even if temporary for some), this likely only applied for Zordon's generation.
  • Isn't quite surprised that the Morphin Grid is in the Pantheon, but what did surprise him is that this one not only supplies the Power Rangers, but any Henshin Hero in general, like Kamen Riders, Sentai Heroes, and even Magical Girls.
  • While he isn't stuck as a floating head anymore, Zordon feels he's been detached too long to be comfortable with interacting outside what he has been doing for much of his time as the Power Rangers' mentor. There have only been a few that he's been able to talk with outside the tube, and among those are Jason, Tommy, the original team in the Toku Base that he's directly guided, the ones who've seen his dying body during Ivan Ooze's attack, and Cosmos.
  • Has a different incarnation who's more bitter and even initially selfish, though ultimately sacrificed his chance to escape his dimensional prison to revive Billy.
    • In response to this incarnation, Walter White has his eye on him. However, he knows that going after Zordon will send the entire Toku Base coming for him, and given that they fight off the Demonic Legion, all of which can get in the way of his criminal enterprise, watching is all he's going to do.
  • When asked why he recruited teenagers to become Power Rangers instead of, say, experienced adults, Zordon says that it's easier (for him, at least) to train a group of close friends in the ways of combat than to teach strangers to come to trust one another (the fact that the team were teenagers was just a side factor). He learned this the hard way from trying the adults route before in 1969: all but two of them died on their first mission, and the surviving members called him out on this. It probably didn't help that he just threw them into the fray.
  • Zordon is often seen as the Good Counterpart to the Great Leader of SHOCKER since he act as a leader figure to the heroes in contrasts to the Great Leader's role as the Big Bad to the villains.
    • Alongside every single member of the Toku Base, Zordon is preparing to assemble various heroes in the pantheon in their upcoming war against SHOCKER, whom they successfully assembled various villains in their aspirations for world domination.
  • "May the Power protect you."


    Nixon's Head 
Richard Milhous Nixon's Head, God of Oracular Heads

Pinocchio, God of Lying Tell-tale Signs and Patron Saint of Those Want to Become Human (Pinoke, Little Wooden Head, August Wayne Booth)
  • Quasideity (Unknown in his puppet form)
  • Symbol: His nose in his puppet form; alternatively his lederhosen and a hat with a feather
  • Theme Song: "I Have No Strings", "When You Wish Upon A Star" (shared with his conscience Jiminy) whenever Ultron is near his temples.
  • Tried to be Neutral Good, but can become True Neutral
  • Domains: Transformation, Lying, Nose
  • Portfolio: Constantly Curious, Horrible Judge of Character, wants to Become a Real Boy, much nicer than his less popular novel counterpart
  • Allies: His father Geppetto, The Blue Fairy (non-ascended), Jiminy Cricket, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric and the ascended heroic cast of Fullmetal Alchemist, any Avengers who fought against Ultron (especially Wanda Maximoff and Hank Pym), Laura Kinney / X-23, Shrek, Ariel, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sora, Goofy, Terra, Rapunzel, Quasimodo, Varric Tethras, Eru Chintanda, Curious George, Lamia Loveless, Astro Boy
  • Enemies: Ultron, The Coachman, Monstro, Father, Lust, Pride, Any gods who inflicted unwilling transformation onto others
  • Protected by: Any gods who loves their children
  • Complicated Relationship with: Bibgy Wolf, Snow White
  • Conflicting Opinion: Greed
  • Opposed by: Billy
  • Ascended when almost all of the ascended deities got sick of his novel counterpart's brattiness and decided that this much nicer version is more sympathetic, likable and, most importantly, this version story was told better, comparing to the novel.
  • While he has became a real boy, he sometimes appears as a marionette in the House of Personal Appearance as it is the form that he has the famous nose. In this form, he obviously Cannot Tell a Lie and Jiminy intends to keep it that way by always be his side as much as possible in order to retain his innocence.
  • Right after his ascension, Pinocchio gleefully plays a performance of his theme song to the Pantheon... only for the younger deities to cower in fear as it is eerily similar to Ultron's theme from an alternative universe. This angered Pinocchio as Ultron tries to destroy humanity AND his creator right after becoming sentinel. This led him to encountered and on friendly term with Ultron's arch-enemy the Avengers, especially with Hank Pym (Ultron's creator) as Pym reminds him of his own creator Geppetto and the Blue Fairy.
    • Wanda Maximoff is very protective of him, as she recognizes the fact that Pinocchio's history (created and came Back from the Dead by magic) is eerily similar to her own children. This only intensifies when Wanda learned that her ex-husband The Vision is one of his followers. This sentiment is also shared by Varric Tethras due to how much Pinocchio reminds the dwarf of his own friend Cole from his world, who he considers his little brother.
  • Got along well with Astro Boy, due to the fact that his story is basically his story WITH ROBOTS. However, sometime they have disagreement whether or not having human's emotion is worth the pain that it can cause. While Pinocchio holds different view with Astro (the former marionette thinks his emotion allows him to live a happy life with his creator and father Geppetto), he understands that Astro's job is to save people and thus cannot afford to have emotions like fear and hesitation.
  • He stumbles upon Eru and Curious George on one of his adventures in the Pantheon. The three of them now formed a group to explore things in order to satisfy their curiosity.
  • One day, when Pinocchio came back from school, he found a young woman with Wolverine Claws standing in front of his temple contemplating. When he approached her and asking what she is praying about, the woman only said that she is seeking guidance to whether or not she is deserved to be human or just better off a weapon. Pinocchio replied that while he doesn't know what a weapon is, he thinks that he personally prefers being human as he can now understand how much his father Geppetto loves and cares about him. After cracking a smile, the woman thanks him and told that she has to leave now. When Pinocchio asked what should he call her, she only utters the name "Laura" and disappeared. From then on, Pinocchio sometimes saw Laura at his temple and the two can be seen playing with each other.
  • Sympathizes with Ariel as he understands her desire to be human so badly. He just regrets that the cost of doing so in her universe involving a deal with Ursula and leaving her own family behind.
  • Because of how naive he is, Sora immediately allied with Jiminy to send Pinocchio into his class of "how to spot at ten feet the Obviously Evil person most people can spot from a mile". His progress is... improving, but at least he made friend with his classmate Terra.
  • Hates all of the ascended Homunculi deities due to how, in an alternative universe, they use such evil mean to achieving their goal of becoming human (although he gave Greed some leeway due to the latter Heel–Face Turn). This led to the ascended god from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe to discover his existence and immediately become protective of him. This is especially true for Ed and Alphonse as one of his temples is their main motivation to find (or create) the Philosopher Stone.
  • Rapunzel is very surprise to see him, as she remembers seeing him somewhere during her time at the Snuggly Ducklings. Regardless, the two get along very well due to their share love of crafting and their excitement to see the world.
    • From there, Rapunzel introduces him to Quasimodo. The two got along really well due to their love of carving wood and has been inviting Quasimodo to his house to learn about his father's works.
  • Due to the fact that Pleasure Island also has a place in the Pantheon, Jiminy has been working overtime to keep Pinocchio and the other kids as far away from that place as the cricket fears that Pinocchio might be tempted to go there again. His effort was unanimously helped by many fellow gods in the Pantheon who are caring parents and deities that love children (including those normally wouldn't get involve or those whose morality is less than upright themselves) as they witness how heartbreaking it was when his father Geppetto went out to the rain looking for him who hasn't return home from school and got eaten by Monstro.
  • Has a complicated relationship with Bigby Wolf. While the wolf felt protective of him due to the fact that one of his alternative versions is one of Fablestown residents, Pinocchio is extremely wary of Bibgy due to how the wolf constantly sneers and keeps a watchful eyes whenever his father Gepetto walks into the room. Not help the matter is that when hearing about his ascension, Bigby nearly destroyed their house when he turned into his wolf form to attack his father and sprouting something about The Adversary.
    • His relationship with Snow White is also in the same vein. While the two got along well enough, Jiminy and Gepetto are wary to meet her due to how, in an alternative universe, Gepetto and Jiminy lied about how many people his magic wardrobe can carry (It's a Long Story), thus separated Snow White's family for 28 years and this version of him failed in his duty to reunite them by running away, leaving said daughter down to a criminal path. (It's Also A Long Story). Not to mention that in that universe, Snow White punched Gepetto in the face after learning the truth.
    • Also has a weird relationship with Shrek. The ogre was overjoyed when seeing an alternative version of his friend ascended the Pantheon and wants to visit him daily. However, he was stopped by Jiminy as the cricket fears that Pinocchio would pick up some of his and that alternative version's bad habits.
  • When he ascended to the Pantheon, Billy just freaks out and starts to frantically to hide and saying something about not wanting to be eaten. Pinocchio just confused about this while Jiminy, after an investigation, starts to advice the marionette just avoiding Billy from now on.
  • Lamia frequently visits Pinocchio's temple as he is one of the most iconic example of becoming human. Jiminy only grants her entry into Pinocchio's place if she agrees to wear something more modest than her usual outfit.
  • He can be seen in the House of Theater to develop his entertainment skill, with supervising from Jiminy to avoid people taking advantage of him, of course.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Shape.

    The Waddle Dees 
The Waddle Dees, Deified Collective of Waddling Heads (The Hardest Boss In All of Existence, Waddle Dooters)
The Average Waddle Dee
  • Quasideities
  • Theme Song: Battle Among Friends: Waddle Dee (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
  • Symbol: Waddle Dee's face. Alternatively, a red and white striped umbrella
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Waddling Heads, First-Stage Mooks, Adorable Creatures, Can Wield Parasols and Spears, Undying Loyalty To Those Who Care For Them
  • Domains: Minions, Movement, Anatomy, Heads
  • Herald: Waddle Doo
  • Followers: The Metools, The Yukkuris, the Pookas, the Monstars
  • Superior: King Dedede
  • Allies: Bandana Dee, Bowser, The Koopa Troop (The Goombas, Lakitu and Spiny, The Koopa Troopas, Blooper, The Boos, The Bob-ombs), the Prinnies
  • Enemies: 02, Queen Sectonia, Mario, Luigi, King K. Rool, Jigglypuff
  • Opposes: Etna
  • Researched by: The House of Knowledge
  • Adored by: Rena Ryugu
  • Complicated Relationship: Kirby and Meta Knight (allies or enemies depending on the game)
  • Waddle Dees are a common species native to Planet Popstar. They're a carefree bunch, preferring to relax and take it easy. Many Waddle Dees native to Dream Land are loyal to King Dedede, and work hard for him despite their relatively weak bodies and lazy nature. The most striking part of their appearance is that their bodies completely lack a torso, only having a head with stubby limbs attached.
  • There used to be only one Waddle Dee holding the title of Waddling Heads, but one day, King Dedede made a request to the Court of the Gods to ascend the rest of his Waddle Dee minions. Shortly after, the lone Waddle Dee left the Pantheon and returned to the mortal plane. A few weeks later, a large population of Waddle Dees were spotted around Dedede's temple, with a very happy King Dedede celebrating their arrival.
  • A certain Waddle Dee is known for assisting Kirby and Ribbon in their adventure to collect crystal shards by transporting Kirby via boat or minecart. Some deities speculate that Bandanna Dee is that very same Dee, but these rumors have yet to be proven. He's sometimes used as the mouthpiece for the Waddle Dee population.
  • Some Waddle Dees are seen carrying a spear, and they know how to do simple combat moves like jabbing and throwing. When asked about how Bandana Waddle Dee got so skilled with his spear, Waddle Dee said he doesn't know but it probably has something to do with the bandana.
  • The Waddle Dees hate Zero and Queen Sectonia for having his Dark Matter minions possess Dedede multiple times and ordering Taranza to kidnap him to conquer Pop Star respectively. Both of them ignore the Waddle Dees, as they pose little threat to them.
  • The house of Knowledge has tried to study the Waddle Dees numerous times because they're very curious as to how they function as a head with feet. King Dedede wishes they would stop stealing his Mooks because nobody is allowed to abuse his Waddle Dees except him.
    • The only thing Waddle Dee has told them is Waddle Dees eat through osmosis. This only raised the house's curiosity even more, as now they're questioning how that is even possible.
  • Mario once mistook a Waddle Dee for a Goomba and was surprised to find that jumping on it hurt Mario instead. When he returned with a Fire Flower, the Waddle Dee was seen running at a speed thought impossible for something without legs or discernable organs (namely lungs).
    • This wasn't the first time a Mario brother had Waddle Dee related troubles; During the subspace incident, Luigi got startled by one, which lead to King Dedede turning him into a trophy. To this day, Luigi still gets a bit nervous when he's around them.
    • The Waddle Dees have made themselves enemies with King K. Rool after he smacked Dedede when makng his grand appearance in the fifth Smash tournament. K. Rool doesn't care about them, so he mostly just ignores them.
    • On the other hand, The Waddle Dees look up to Bowser as he cares deeply for his minions. They get along with the Koopa Troop very well, as they're weak, yet loyal minions who have strength in numbers. As such, they're occasionally seen assisting the Koopa Troop with tasks. Bowser appreciates their hard work, and considers them honorary Koopa Troop members.
  • Some Waddle Dees tend to feel uneasy and sometimes even flee at the sight of Jigglypuff because of how much she looks like Kirby. Jigglypuff is annoyed as that means they won't stay to listen to her singing.
  • Upon setting her eyes on them, Rena Ryugu became overwhelmed at their cuteness and tried to take some of them home with her. This lead to an enraged King Dedede chasing her around the Pantheon trying to clobber her with his hammer. She now keeps her distance and admires them from far away.
  • The Waddle Dees will happily serve anyone who treats them with kindness. Needless to say, they dislike anybody who are abusive and harsh to their minions. Of special note is Etna, who regularly abuses and kills her Prinny minions whenever she's angry, or just because she felt like it. Etna would rather punt them like her Prinnies, which often gets her into fights with a very angry Dedede. They and the Prinnies get along well, but they question why the Prinnies stick around such an abusive boss.
  • Can also be found in Enemies.


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