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Greater Gods

The Nihilanth, God of Giant Brains
The Nihilanth as he appears in Black Mesa
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His metal wristbands
  • Theme Song: Traveling Through Limbo
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Evil, Brain being his Weak Point, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Big Bad, Black Eyes of Crazy, Body Horror, Energy Ball, Flunky Boss, Looks Like a Fetus, Interim Villain, Load-Bearing Boss, Pivotal Boss, Power Floats, Psychic Powers, Last of His Kind, Straw Nihilist
  • Domains: Aliens, Brains, Psychic Powers, Planets, Invasion
  • Heralds: Xenian Wildlife, Alien Grunts and Alien Controllers
  • Followers: Vademon, Hector Hammond, Wayne "The Brain" McCain
  • Allies: The Headcrabs, Beheeyem, The Harvesters, Brainiac, Harbinger
  • Enemies: Gordon Freeman, Cpl. Adrian Shephard and the rest of the HECU, The Vortigaunts, The Combine, The G-Man, The Black Ops, ADVENT, Master Chief, Commander Shepard, Samus Aran
  • Pitied by: J'onn J'onns
  • The leader of the invading alien forces of the Xen dimension, who invaded Earth during the events of the Black Mesa incident in hopes of finding a new home to escape from the Combine. Ultimately the Nihilanth was slain by Gordon Freeman, which created an enormous portal storm on Earth that transported a large amount of Xenian wildlife all across the planet. These storms attracted the attention of the Combine, who subsequently conquered Earth in 7 hours. Now in the pantheon and with a new position, the Nihilanth wants nothing but to escape from the Combine and find a suitable place to live.
  • The reason for his ascension was because of his enormous brain which, according to Gordon, is said to contain an entire universe. While some believe he might have exaggerated a little, the Nihilant stores a lot of his power in there which can be devastating if he uses it on his foes. It also happens to be his weak point.
  • He is very angry with Gordon Freeman because he outright ignored his warnings and also was the one who killed him, made worse by the fact that he is employed by the G-Man, who the Nihilanth seems to be aware of and considers him a dangerous threat. It didn't help that the Combine is also present, and they intend on capturing the Nihilanth for their own nefarious purposes.
  • His temple is an enigma for those who visit him, first for the nonsensical structure and second because the place is infested with the Xen wildlife and Nihilanth's personal forces, so trespassing has been proven to be rather difficult. It's theorized that the temple is an exact replica of the Xen dimension.
  • The Nihilanth alien forces aren't that remarkable at first glance, considering most of the bulk of it only managed to invade the Black Mesa complex. But their overwhelming numbers were strong enough to force the US Military to nuke the Black Mesa complex. It's more surprising considering half of that army is just composed the extremely aggressive wildlife like the Headcrabs and Bullsquids. Shortly after his ascension, he managed to snatch a group of Headcrabs and Gonarchs from the Combine to start producing his own headcrab army, which has angered them.
  • While the intentions of the Nihilanth are understandable, a certain group of deities cannot forgive the enslavement of the Vortigaunts and force them to fight and work against their will just to escape the Combine. The Vortigaunts certainly don't intend to serve him once more and their combined might is enough to oppose him, even if his psychic powers can give them a lot of trouble.
  • Being a giant problematic alien, The Nihilant quickly became a target of those renowned to hunting down rogue aliens, namely Samus Aran, Commander Shepard, Master Chief and Isaac Clarke to say a few. Thankfully, his temple is guarded well enough by the Xenian wildlife, and the Xenian military has done well to protect their master.
  • He can telepathically communicate with anyone in the pantheon, which has scared some people who got too close to his temple. His cryptic messages and general mysterious nature has been thoroughly researched by the likes of the Men in Black and the SCP Foundation.
  • He is The Last of His Kind, something that keeps him depressed and would explain why he is so desperate in finding a suitable planet.
  • Being a telepathic alien got him to meet with Beheeyem, who he initially mistook for an Alien Controller given their similar shape. While it turned out to be something else entirely, the Nihilanth sometimes drafts the Cerebral Pokémon into his ranks, although others question if he forces it via telepathy.
    • Speaking of Telepathic Aliens, Martian Manhunter heard of the Nihilanth being The Last of His Kind and felt sympathy for that. However, he doesn't think that invading other planets is the way to go and would not hesitate to intervene if he goes too far.
    • The Protoss also feel pity for the Nihilanth (Except Alarak) but because of his enslavement of the Vortigaunts and being very close allies with them, they don't seem to on the best of terms with the alien overlord.
  • While he can be labelled as an alien invader, he usually doesn't ally himself with others of this kind. However, he seems to have a professional relationship with The Harvesters, Brainiac and even Harbinger. It's not that he is evil, but he has to be pragmatic if he wants to find a new place to live.

    The Pale King 
Higher beings, these words are for you alone.
Beyond this point you enter the land of King and Creator.
Step across this threshold and obey our laws.
Bear witness to the last and only civilisation, the eternal Kingdom.

The Pale King, God of Crown-Shaped Heads (King of Hallownest, Pale Wyrm, the King, the Wyrm, Pale Fork)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Symbol of Hallownest. Alternately, King's Idol.
  • Theme Songs: Pale Court, White Palace. Birthplace and Sealed Vessel (2nd Phase) would also suffice.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Crown-Shaped Head Featured in a Lot of Hallownestian Imagery, Physical God, God-Emperor, Craves Worship From His Subjects, Founder of Hallownest, Casted Off His Original Wyrm Shell to Match His Subjects' Shells, Light Is Not Evil, Power of the Void, Only Known by His Title, God Is Flawed, "No cost too great", Responsible for the Deaths of Thousands of His Own Children All for the Sake of Protecting Hallownest and Its People from the Infection, But All of His Plans Have Failed, Heavily Implied to be Posthumous Character
  • Domains: Light, Void, Monarchy, Filicide, Extremism
  • Heralds: The White Lady (his wife and Queen), Royal Retainers (loyal servants), Kingsmoulds and Wingmoulds (his creations and guardians)
  • Allies: Dung Defender, Settra the Imperishable
  • Enemies: The Radiance, YHVH, Darkseid, The Beast (Over The Garden Wall), Nagash the Undying, Aldia
  • Annoyed by: Zote the Mighty, people who compare him to Zeus for his habits
  • Feared by: Meat Boy
  • Respects: God-Emperor of Mankind, The SCP Foundation
  • Opposed by: House of Family and Relatives
  • Pities: Gwyn
  • Long ago, an ancient Wyrm came to an unknown land and met its death. But what is a death to a higher being like Wyrm? Transformation is the answer; the Wyrm shedded off its dying body in favor of a new bug-like form, the one that would be known as the Pale King. The land he ended up in was inhabited by primitive bugs, trapped in unity of the mind by the Radiance, operating on base instincts alone. The Pale King freed them from this fate, bestowing upon them the gift of sapience, and thus, Hallownest was founded, with the Pale King as the ruler, revered by people as a god, even by the Moth Tribe, who turned back on their former deity, the Radiance. The Wyrm proceeded to erase all traces of the old light's existence, and soon the Radiance was forgotten. But the bugs would eventually stumble upon her lone surviving statue, and the Infection spread across all of Hallownest, regressing bugs into their primitive, violent state. To combat this, the Pale King created Vessels, filled with void, hoping that the strongest of them all would become the Hollow Knight and seal the light that plagues everyone's dreams. For extra measure, three bugs were chosen to become the Dreamers to form the seals to contain the Vessel. Unfortunately, it was All for Nothing; the Vessel he chose was not as pure as he thought, and the plague spread itself once more. At this point, the Pale King went into hiding, and then, him and his palace had vanished without a trace into the dream realm. By the time he was found by a little Knight, he was already a corpse. But was it really the Pale King, or was it just a projection inside the lingering memory? So far, nobody knows the clear answer...
  • The deities all over the Pantheon were surprised when they noticed an entirely new temple materialize out of nowhere in the House of Facial Attributes. It took the form of a majestic white palace, covered in white-grey leaves, ferns and roots...and also full of buzzsaws, spikes and thorns. A group of airborne deities was disposed to make contact with the new deity residing inside the temple, only to be greeted with aggressive four-armed guardians in white armor with curved claw-blades in hands. The battle ended with the arrival of the temple's owner, a robed bug, bright and radiant in visage, with a horned head in shape of crown, who called off his guards and demanded the intruders to clarify their intentions. Once they explained themselves and asked the new deity about his arrival, the King told his tale — as he described, once he met with a fate in his realm (he refused to elaborate on what fate it was, though), he was sent across the multiverse, and eventually stumbled across the realm of the Pantheon. He thoroughly observed the new world and its structure, and upon securing himself with the title of the God of Crown-Shaped Heads, managed to ascend himself into the Pantheon, hoping to become revered and worshipped as a god once more. Though he was mildly confused by the fact that in Pantheon, many mortal beings were also labelled as "gods", that didn't deter him from his goal — the Wyrm will become the light to shine against the darkness, for others to worship and devote.
    • When the Pale King brought the White Palace into the Pantheon along, he didn't come alone; he also brought a set of heralds with him. Kingsmoulds, his constructs made of Void, serve as the palace's security, attacking the intruders with their curved claw-blades that really pack a punch. Wingmoulds are another constructs of his, built for unknown purpose. They constantly hover mid-air and disassemble when struck, only to reform several seconds later, allowing some deities to use them as platforms to bounce off of from. Royal Retainers are his loyal, devoted servants who serve as the palace's caretakers. Unlike the latter two, they are incapable of combat. And finally, the Wyrm managed to bring into the Pantheon his wife and the Queen of Hallownest, the White Lady, who was happy to reunite with her beloved Wyrm, even though her blindness prevents her from enjoying the beautiful views of the new realm she found herself in. She primarily resides in her own room, still preferring to keep herself chained to prevent further procreation.
  • He seeks to rebuild Hallownest in the Pantheon. Though he doesn't have much to work with, especially given that the Hall of Insects (the place where he initially tried to rebuild Hallownest) is where the Radiance resides, he still refuses to turn back on his goals. Speaking of the Radiance, when she learnt of the Wyrm's ascension, she was absolutely furious, immediately rallying up an army of those she managed to infect and then leading an assault on the Pale King's temple. The battle ended with the Knight's interference who managed to destroy the Radiance once more, clearing the assault (her death didn't stick, unfortunately). The discovery that his mortal enemy was also in the Pantheon angered the Wyrm, though unlike the Radiance, his reaction was much more subdued.
  • The Radiance wasn't the only entity from his home realm he had an interaction with. And fortunately, another being in the Pantheon to come from Hallownest was none other than one of his Five Great Knights — Ogrim, the Dung Defender. The Defender was incredibly overjoyed to reunite with his King, and the Pale King himself was also quite pleased to see one of his most loyal knights among the ranks of the Pantheon, and reinstated him as a Knight, with his newest duty being the guardian of the new Hallownest he seeks to build.
  • As of the little Knight? Well, the Pale King was surprised to discover that, of all beings to ascend into the Pantheon, it was one of the many rejected vessels who managed to do so. While he was initially disappointed, as it wasn't his chosen vessel, but when he learned of the tiny Knight's exploits, discovering that it was the one who actually destroyed the Radiance back in his home realm, as opposed to merely sealing it away, he had acknowledged the stray vessel as a very valuable asset in his war against his arch-nemesis. Yet at the same time, he's worried that, given the independance the Knight has displayed, it might turn on against him, given how the King had neglected it and left it behind in the Abyss to die in favor of his chosen vessel. Fortunately for the King, the Knight didn't display the desire to take revenge on its father so far. The Dung Defender, remembering his earlier promise to the Knight, asked the Pale King to officially make the vessel a Knight. Given that four other Great Knights are not ascended (and would most likely not be), the Pale King reluctantly accepted, much to the dung beetle's pleasure at the prospect of having many new adventures with the little vessel.
    • The Pale King also went on a record to say that, no matter what some unverified sources may claim, the Knight is NOT his post-mortem reincarnation. In fact, he was bewildered to think that people would assume that the vessel that was created back when he was still alive would somehow be himself reincarnated. The Pale King is also very annoyed by Zote the Mighty (then again, who isn't?). Besides the fact that Zote has the gall to call himself the Knight despite the fact that the King never officially deemed him one, and also mocked the Hallownest's downfall, he's also annoyed by the fact that some people believe that Zote is one of his rejected vessels, and denied all such claims. The deities can't tell whether the Pale King speaks the truth, or is he simply too ashamed to admit that he was responsible for Zote's existence.
  • Is despised by the House of Family and Relatives once they discovered the truth behind the creation of his Vessels (having his own children be thrown into the Abyss to die even before their proper birth, be filled with void, and then making sure only the strongest Vessel would come out alive while the rest would be permanently sealed off in the Abyss) and what he had done to his "favored child" (permanently sealing it off in the Temple of the Black Egg, with all the plague inside driving it to constant state of rage and agony). The Pale King admitted that he knows what he had done is unforgivable, but stated that he did what he had to do, since his only other option would be to allow the Radiance to infect the entirety of Hallownest, permanently turning all of its people into mindless monsters.
  • Many deities questioned his choice of architectural design, more specifically, why in the world he would fill his palace with tons of buzzsaws, spikes and thorns. The Pale King claimed that all of this is for the sake of security, which only raised further questions regarding why in the world would he put such extensive security measures. Some have theorized that the Radiance is the reason why, but the King has neither confirmed nor denied this. Due to his bizarre architectural choices, Meat Boy ends up avoiding the Pale King and his temple whenever he can.
  • Make no mistake, for all his good qualities, his primary desire, and the reason why he uplifted the bugs of Hallownest in the first place, was because he wanted them to yield and devote themselves to him, and worship him as a god. And the reason why he sealed the Radiance away was because he wanted people to follow his light, not hers. Then again, in spite of his selfish motives, he still cared enough about his people to ensure their survival and allow them to think independently, and is still merciful to those who don't want to follow him, as he was willing to coexist with Mantis and Spider tribes, and opposed the scholars of Soul Sanctum when they were killing the lower-caste citizens to harvest their souls and prolong their own lifespans.
    • This resulted in him finding an enemy in YHVH, as he disagrees with His view that everyone in the world must be devoid of free will and dedicate themselves to do nothing but worship Him. For similar reasons, he ended up becoming enemy to Darkseid, another god who desires to strip everyone of free will and turn them into mindless puppets for him to control. Both deities tried to call the Pale King out on his hypocrisy, claiming that the Wyrm also cares only about being worshipped, but the King pointed out that at least he gave the bugs freedom of choice on that matter, and, in the Great Will's case, he didn't try to destroy the world simply because some people didn't worship him.
    • Similarly, he also despises The Beast that comes from The Unknown, finding the way he harvests souls from people to prolong his own lifespan to be disturbingly similar to the Soul Sanctum's scholars' ways. And that's not even mentioning that, unlike the scholars, who were operating on the thoughts implanted on them by the Radiance's Infection, The Beast harvested the souls on his own will, without any outside influence. As such, he's made it his objective that, once he'll successfully rebuild the Hallownest and manage to create an army, he'll destroy The Beast and prevent more souls from being harvested.
  • The Pale King is quite sympathetic to Gwyn, finding a lot of parallels between himself and the Lord of Sunlight. Gwyn was also willing to sacrifice anything to ensure that the Age of Fire would last forever by trying to prevent the First Flame from dying, very similarly to how the Pale King tried to ensure that Hallownest would last eternal by preventing the Radiance from returning and attempting to use the perfect vessel to indefinitely stall her comeback. However, Gwyn himself vehemently despises the Wyrm for his experimentations with the Void, which he finds very similar to the Abyss which he fanatically hates.
  • Aldia HATES the Pale King. Seeing him as inept ruler who cares only about the worship and, by using Vessels to seal the Radiance away, only delayed the inevitable doom of Hallownest, and hid the truth behind the Vessels' existence from his people, making them live in obliviousness, the Scholar is more than willing to verbally tear into all of Wyrm's failures as a king. The feeling is actually quite mutual, as the Pale King is disgusted by him kidnapping innocent men, experimenting on them, discarding once they outlive their usefulness, and even experimented on enslaved giants to uncover the secrets of immortality; all of these crimes he finds to be very similar to the scholars of the Soul Sanctum, except, unlike the scholars, he doesn't even have an excuse of having these thoughts instilled on him by outside force.
  • He is quite respectful to the God-Emperor of Mankind and the SCP Foundation, as he understands their desire to ensure the safety of humanity no matter the cost. The God-Emperor, however, doesn't think too fondly of him, especially with his whole "uplift the species to get them to worship him" schtick, and the Foundation is suspicious of him and his ability to control Void, regarding the Wyrm as a potential anomaly to contain.
  • Sees a lot of himself in Settra the Imperishable, another fellow monarch who was willing to take drastic measures to preserve his own kingdom, complete with being willing to impose sacrifices on his own progeny, and thus, seeked him out to form an alliance, hoping to establish a diplomatic relationship that would grant him enough resources to rebuild Hallownest. Settra accepted, under condition that, once Hallownest would be rebuilt, the Wyrm will have to repay the favor should the time arrive. After hearing more of Settra's accomplishments, he also learned of Nagash the Undying, who not only killed his own family for the sake of usurping throne of Nehekhara, but also killed the entire nation of the kingdom out of spite after losing the battle against them, after he was exiled and became ruler of the Undead. Finding it to be all too similar to how the Radiance destroyed his kingdom out of spite with plague just because she was no longer worshipped or remembered, he agreed to work together with Settra to put an end to the Lord of Undeath.
    • The Wyrm also seeked out alliances with numerous other kings in the Pantheon, namely, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Artoria Pendragon, Hildegard von Krone, Aragorn, and Arthur Pendragon. Most of them displayed reluctance to accept the alliance, given what they've heard about his creation of the Vessels and the desire to be worshipped. However, they do acknowledge that the Pale King took great risks in protecting his kingdom and his only other option was to allow the Radiance to ravage his kingdom. While still feeling uneasy when dealing with him, they understand his desire to protect his kingdom and accepted the alliance. Arthur, however, was much more reluctant to form an alliance and is much more displeased by it. The reason, besides his displeasure with the atrocities the Wyrm had committed in the name of his kingdom's safety, is when he learned that the King had cheated on his wife with Herrah the Beast, the leader of Spider tribe, as a bargain to get her to become one of the Dreamers in exchange for giving birth to a child. The Pale King had reasoned that it was necessary to preserve Hallownest, and White Lady, his herald and the aforementioned wife, had stated that she never begrudged the Wyrm's dalliance and even felt affection for the child who came from the deal. Even then, it did little to change his opinion on the King, and he still feels uneasy about their deal.
  • Several deities and mortal worshippers have jokingly compared him to Zeus due to the fact that he birthed about hundreds or thousands of children, giving off the implications that he had tons of sex with White Lady, and also the whole "cheat on his wife with Herrah to give birth to a child" thing, finding it to be also similar to Zeus' habits. Both deities are annoyed by such comparisons, with Zeus personally striking down any unfortunate joker with the lightning from the sky. The Pale King, though not as extreme when it comes to such retributions, does not condemn the Greek God of Thunder and even feels slightly grateful for
  • "No cost too great."

Intermediate Gods

    Bête Noire 
Bête Noire, Goddess of the Nightmare Face (Betty, Black Beast)
Bête Noire and Akumu (Art by Camila Cuevas)
Her complete form
  • Intermediate Goddess.
  • Symbol: One of her many nightmare faces
  • Theme Songs: A Welcoming Smile, Bête Noire, Fearless Terror
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with Lawful Evil goals
  • Portfolio: Nightmare Face, Manipulative Bastard, Master of Illusion, Cute and Psycho, Fantastic Racism against Monsters, Ax-Crazy, Would Hurt a Child, The Chessmaster, using brainwashing in her plans a lot, proving that Anyone Can Die, wants to rule over humanity to prevent them from making the mistakes they did in the past
  • Domains: FEAR, Illusions, Manipulation, Power, Magic, Genocide
  • Herald: Akumu
  • Allies: Mina Loveberry, Baby Bonnie Hood, Colonel McCullough
  • Rivals: Nui Harime, Airy, Mysterio
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thaal Sinestro
  • Enemies: All Undertale deities, Omnicidal Maniacs, Toffee, Hoss Delgado, Rimuru Tempest, Isaac, Luka, The Monster Girls, Alice, Kimihito Kurusu, Lord Tirek, Alien Empera, Chaos, Queen Beryl, The Death Busters, The Dead Moon Circus, Joker, Shocker, Yapool, Nightmare, Cackletta, The Evil Entity, Grim, Mandy, Khorne, The House of Military and Warfare, The House of Otherness, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, The Maiden In Black, Abigail Williams, Xehanort's Incarnations, Vanitas, The Heartless, Akuma, Maleficent, Star Butterfly, Homura Akemi, Lucifer, Nekron, The Batter, The Lich, Monsters in general
  • Respects: Global Occult Coalition, The SCP Foundation (One-sided on her end), The Monster Hunters (Again, One-Sided on her end)
  • Betty was once a girl named Amber, the daughter of the original Kindness and Integrity wizards, Integrity died, and we have no idea what happened with Kindness. Afterwards, both the Lightvales adopted her as a sibling, but Agate had a massive argument with Copper, leading to her attempt to kill him. Copper lost his determination when Agate murdered Amber in cold blood, in an attempt to get to Copper. It worked. She dragged Amber's body away to turn her into the last remnant of Fear forever. Amber's soul is gone, so she will never return to her original self, and Bete Noire is all that is left. Her soul was created by Agate's own soul emptying into nothingness and being filled with Fear before storing her creation inside of it. So while Betty may be Amber in body and memories (that Agate retained), her soul is entirely different. Her purpose is to kill everyone, especially the Red Soul, and then get erased from existence with everyone else. When Betty and Akumu are later spawned into the world after the barrier goes down, they were both genuinely sweet and cheerful, looking to explore the world before the soul of Agate arrived and corrupted her now-terrified creation.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after her Rasputinian Death and her corpse was possessed by HATE. She soon did some sneaking around and learned from these actions that she was in a place where people from many worlds exist together. Learning that there were many types of monsters in the Pantheon, she decided to continue her quest to kill them all.
  • Upon ascension, the Undertale deities, having not come from her universe, were confused on who she was...until Sans made a visit to the House of Time and Temporality and learned about the many atrocities she had committed. After witnessing these events, he warned the rest of the deities from his home universe of her desire to kill all monsters and what she is capable of, including Flowey.
  • Has brought in Akumu as her herald and is almost never seen without him. He will always be present when she is in combat and the two will sometimes fuse to battle foes. She is against those that can manipulate souls like Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn and The Maiden In Black as Akumu happens to be the manifestation of her own soul. She also doesn’t like Akuma due to his raging demon having the power to destroy souls.
  • Having carried HATE in her body ever since she stole a vial of it and being terrified of what it would do if given the chance, she is very concerned about the disturbing amount of Omnicidal Maniacs in the Pantheon, much less an entire organization of them. However, she loathes Chaos above the other omnicidal maniacs due to its disturbing similarities to HATE and dislikes the idea of it ever getting her in its clutches.
  • Good friends with Mina Loveberry and the two will sometimes work together in trying to accomplish their goals of destroying all monsters. Both of them enjoy the company due to their major lack of allies while Star Butterfly is just unhappy that there are two of them now.
  • Given her hatred of monsters, it was no surprise that she would loathe the mere existence of the House of Otherness for being filled with many different kinds of monsters, and aims to kill them all as part of her plan. She feels her plans have become more justified as the House holds many genuinely dangerous and malevolent monsters, but on the other hand plenty of them are stronger than her, so she needs to take caution and get stronger before she can properly slay them. The denizens of the House are not pleased to know about her plans, and are willing to strike back should she try to make her assault on them.
    • On the topic of hating monsters, she's really peeved at how some monsters are living side-by-side with humans, and so is quite angry at Luka and Kimihito Kurusu for their efforts in building bridged between humanity and monsterkind in their worlds. Plus, them being in romantic relationships with monsters just aggrevates her more, especially Luka once she learned that the monsters in his world have hunted down humans for nourishment and amusement. The two and their monster companions dislike her in turn.
  • Once ran afoul of a group of Hot Rods while hunting for human souls and the people she was targeting were transformed into Heartless instead. Enraged, she killed them all and later learned that this was an attempt by Maleficent to increase the numbers of her forces. She has vowed to destroy the witch because of these events.
  • Hates war, having found the possibility of one between humans and monsters absolutely repulsive and horrifying. Because of this, she is enemies with Khorne, who doesn’t think much of her. Betty also opposes the House of War as well. The Forever War taking place in the Pantheon disgusts her as she fears the damage caused by the conflict will destroy everything. She wants to rule over humanity to keep them from making the mistakes they did in the past, not wipe them all out.
  • Actively opposes people who use Monsters of the Week. Because of this, Queen Beryl, The Death Busters, Joker, The Dead Moon Circus, Shocker, Yapool, The Alien Empera and Nightmare are all on her shitlist. However, a few of them stand out.
    • She once tried to strike at Queen Beryl’s temple and was driven off by some of her Youma. Queen Beryl doesn’t worry about Betty as she knows another one of her heralds, Kunzite, can just suffocate her to death.
    • She has actively gone after and thwarted multiple Death Buster plots. At one point, she was frozen in glass by one of their Daimons and only escaped because of Mina Loveberry and Baby Bonnie Hood.
    • Has also been opposing the Dead Moon Circus, putting a stop to many of their plans as well. Unfortunately for her, she made the mistake of attacking their leader during a time where she had been freed from her mirror. It went as well as you’d expect.
  • Became friends with Baby Bonnie Hood not only due to the role she played in saving her from the Death Busters, but also because they both desire to kill monsters. She, Mina Loveberry and Baby Bonnie Hood have dubbed themselves the “Monster Destroying Trio.”
  • The Batter once fought Betty with the intention of “Purifying” her. This was the result. Because of this, the two tend to clash every time they cross paths and neither is willing to say who the winner of their first fight was.
  • As Betty doesn’t have HATE within her in the Pantheon, she no longer has any of the abilities granted to her after a vial of it she stole was swallowed by Akumu in order to save her life. She plans on finding alternative ways to use these abilities, especially since she quite liked having the power to resurrect the dead and brainwash people.
  • Plans on stealing Grim’s Scythe due to the many powers it has access too. She has earned an enemy in Grim because it’s his scythe. Betty is also enemies with Mandy for these reasons as she doesn’t like it when Grim’s scythe is stolen by others. Not that Betty cares. She was surprised to learn that she successfully enslaved Grim, who is an aspect of death. She genuinely cares for Akumu, so she dislikes that Mandy is a Bad Boss to Grim. Mandy tried to intimidate her, only for Betty to make illusions of her worst fear.
  • Is supported by Colonel McCullough in her crusade to get rid of all monsters. She appreciates the thought, especially since she doesn’t have many allies and is trying to influence him into believing his own suspicions that Frisk is indeed a traitor to humanity.

Cho'gall, Dual Gods of Multiple Heads (Cho'Gall, Twilight Hammer's Chieftain, First of the Ogre-Magi, Avatar of C'Thun)
Cho (Left Head) and Gall (Right Head)
After being corrupted by C'Thun
  • Intermediate Gods (bordering on Greater Gods when infused with the remains of C'Thun)
  • Symbol: The Hammer of Twilight
  • Theme Song: Cho'gall
  • Alingment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Ogre, Suffers horrible mutations, The Dragon to both Gul'dan and Deathwing, Fat Bastards, The Biggest Ogre in charge of his Clan, Large Hams, Magic Knights, Power Born of Madness, Stout Strength
  • Domains: Chaos, Madness, Destruction, Ogres
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Intrigued by: Arthas Menethil
  • First and most powerful of all the Ogre-Magi, and head of the Twilight's Hammer, Cho'gall was certainly one of the most powerful of the Ogre race at the time. After the demise of Gul'dan, he went on to become a servant of the Old Gods, receiving a huge source of power in exchange for an horrific mutation and the loss of their mind.
    • The reason why they ascended is not very clear but it is said that Gul'dan was the one who pulled the strings. To the orc's surprise, Cho'gall was a little...different since the last time he saw the ogre and is a little annoyed that they pledged allegiance to the Old Gods.
    • Contrary to popular belief, the heads were there before they were even corrupted.
  • Don't understimate Cho'gall for being an Ogre. They are at least one of the most intelligent Ogres in all Azeroth (At least when it comes to Cho, Gall on the other hand)
  • The defenders of the ancient couldn't help but notice that they Closely resemble Their world's Ogre Magi, Aggron Stonebreak. This made Cho'gall interested in meeting said Ogre and test their abilities.
  • Gets along really well with the destructive Ghidorah, because one thing both share is the love for Destruction. The ogre was also amused by the fact he formerly had the seat of Multiple Heads
  • Cho'gall opinions on the ascended "ogres" is very low, considering them to not live to their standards. He considers Rexxar a mockery of nature for being a Half-Breed and he is disappointed in Shrek for abandoning his old days as a lone ogre.
    • However, he does stand the creature known as Ogre, mainly because he can actually live up to the strength of a true Ogre.
    • Is literally two minds about Tionishia. Cho absolutely loathes her because she's practically the complete opposite of what he thinks an ogre should be like while Gall has fallen in love with her for many reasons...two of which are very obvious. Therefore, whenever she's brought up, Cho and Gall tend to have heated arguments about her.
    • They are a bit curious about Eyedol. Cho doesn't like the fact that he was once human, but that's generally washed away by the fact that the Shadow Titan is now quite surprisingly similar to them. When they heard of his power, they started planning on one day challenging Eyedol to a battle, which sparked some concerns from a lot of the pantheon. After all, an Ogre-Magi blessed by an Old God and a beast who challenged a mad demi-god and almost won is sure to spark some problems.
  • Became best buddies with Diablo and Azmodan shortly after entering the nexus. They (And Murky) even teamed up as a Basketball team to bully some unlucky heroes
  • They often like to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with themeselves and the loser is usually Punched by the winner. Bystanders can't help but laugh whenever this happens and there have been some ocations where they done this for Hours!
  • There was one time when they felt the familiar presence of their Old Master Ner'zhul, but what they actually found was the Lich King himself, Arthas Menethil. Both are very curious of how did Ner'zhul ended up fused with the former young prince and leading the Scourge
  • The ogre considers Renekton a powerful rival and really like how he became a madman after being corrupted. Cho is weirded that he sounds suspiciously similar to him.
  • After hearing the potential destruction that the Black beast could cause if released, the ogre is planning to capture Ragna just for that. What makes Ragna hates the ogre more is the fact that one of them sounds like a mockery of his own voice.
  • Gall is very fond of "Knock-Knock" jokes, which greatly annoys his brother. Worse, he will persist that someone answers him, which usually results in Cho responding him anyways.
    Gall: Knock-Knock!
    Cho: Ugh...Who's there?
    Gall: Cho...
    Cho: ... Cho who?
    Gall: Cho Mama!
  • Sees William Birkin as a fellow comrade, mistakenly assuming that he was a spawn of C'Thun given that he has eyes all over his body, just like the ogre. Birkin is surprisingly not hostile toward Cho'gall, maybe given that he isn't nowhere near as strong as the ogre-magi.
  • They once tried to do a Pink and The Brain impression, with their own style thrown in for good measure:
    Gall: What shall we do today?
    Cho: The same thing we do every day, brother: try and destroy the world!
  • Given their intention of bringing complete destruction towards eveything, Nekron saw a potential huge recruit toward his forces. Cho'gall didn't think twice before joining and this could open the possibility of Nekron allying with the ogre's superiors, The old Gods.
    • He also shares the same objective of the Four Horsemen and Loki's Brood. Unsurprisingly, they ended up becoming good allies.
    • A surprise alliance came in the form of Gilgamesh, who finds the ogre to be the perfect minion for his plans in destroying the world. It's also a little weirded out that the dumb one sometimes sounds like him.
  • In the light of events that featured the Old Gods invading the Tavern were heroes from Azeroth go to relax, Cho'gall followed suit shortly. They decided to serve under Gul'dan once more, as one of his elite minions no less.
    • However, even since their time at the Old Horde, Gul'dan still makes Cho'gall go get donuts and coffee, much to their annoyance.
    • He also noted that Thrall managed to get his hands on the Twilight Hammer, which enraged the ogre. How the shaman got ahold of the weapon is a mystery to them but Cho blames Gall because he was the last one seen holding the Hammer.
  • Gall:"To His will all flesh succumbs. From His kingdom, chaos comes!"
    • Cho: "Uh... what he said!"

Ionasal.kkll.Preciel, Goddess of Unusual Ears (Ion, Lighthouse Keeper, Pink Demon, Nei Yuuki)
Ar nosurge design

Skeletor, God of Skull Faces (Keldor of the House of Miro, Lord of Destruction, Dark Master of Havoc, Skelegod, Cosmic Terror Skeletor)
With the Power of Greyskull (Spoiler Alert)
With the Power of Havoc
  • Intermediate God. Greater God (as Skelegod or with the Power of one universe's Greyskull). Borderline Overdeity (as Cosmic Terror Skeletor)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (slightly less so on Christmas). Chaotic Evil at his most efficient.
  • Portfolio: Big Bad Boss, Deadpan Snarker, Evil Laugh, Large Ham, Evil Uncle, Manipulative Bastard, Being Powerful While Wearing Purple, Obviously Evil, Glowing Eyelights of Undeath, Villainous Hijacking
  • Domains: Power, Rulers, Magic, Revenge
  • High Priest: Skullmageddon
  • Heralds: The Evil Warriors (primarily Evil-Lyn, Beast-Man, Trap-Jaw, Tri-Klops, Whiplash and Mer-Man; though they'd all betray him if given the chance)
  • Allies: Megatron, Cobra Commander, Eggman, Joel, Spinal, Leoric, Lord Hater
  • Former Ally: Tretij Rebenok/Psycho Mantis
  • Rivals: 80's Shredder
  • Enemies: HE-MAN, Catra and Adora, Hordak and Entrapta, Optimus Prime, Superman, Adol Christin, Sir Daniel Forteque, Conan the Barbarian
  • Wary of: Horde Prime
  • Skeletor is perhaps Eternia and Etheria's most infamous and dangerous fiend to ever have terrorized them. Initially he was described as an interdimensional demon from a dimension of evil who happened upon Eternia and Castle Grayskull by chance and aimed to bring the rest of his people through and conquer Eternia to then rule all dimensions with the power of the Castle's magic. However, this origin was but a mere farce resulting from Hordak forcefully merging his old self with an actual interdimensional demon, Demo-Man. In truth, he once went by the name of Keldor, the secret half-brother of King Randor who was cheated out of the throne of Eternia (despite being the firstborn) due to his Gar heritage, in one of his attempt at taking over Eternia from King Randor the whole fiasco ended in failure with his acid being spilled on his face (or something else mortally wounding him), melting it until he only had a skull, his life only being saved by making a deal with the imprisoned Hordak who in turn betrayed him to try and get freed by his unwitting pawn. Now, rechristening himself as Skeletor, he vowed to conquer Eternia and defeat He-Man only to fail time and time again and even enter conflicts with his former master and now-enemy, almost often coming out on top as the greatest villain of them all.
  • Considering that He-Man ascended, it was only time until Skeletor made his way into the pantheon.
  • Unlike most gods, Skeletor keeps his high priest as a soldier. It really comes in handy when two people try to attack him. It's also handy considering that his high priest has an entire army of Double Dragon enemies. Like his high priest, he treats Williams like crap.
    Skeletor: Williams, did you get into Castle Grayskull?
    Williams: No.
    Skeletor: You're sleeping in the pit tonight. Nyehehehe!
  • Adol once heard him talking and thought it was the voice of a familiar villain, Cain Fact/Demon King Darm, perhaps in a different form. Battle ensued and now Skeletor has one firm enemy. Adol was later told Skeletor ISN'T Cain Fact, but he's still a villain, so.
  • Loves to crack one-liners at the other gods.
  • Recently started to get along with Eggman. Eggman usually keeps Skeletor stocked with robots, while Skeletor can help with containing that pesky hedgehog. There is something about them that most deities do not know.
  • Really isn't a nice person, do to being an absolute dick to his allies. He's rather nice to his pets though.
  • He doesn't like driving cars at all, due to being stuck in a long-ass traffic jam. He prefers to use the jetski.
  • Don't ask about his trip to the dentist or his death at King Randor's party. The last person who brought that up got chucked down a pit.
  • Another time, Snake Mountain was hit by foreclosure and was forced to turn it into a duplex. He eventually tossed the residents out for partying too hard.
  • Once tried his hand at metal music. The results were... odd.
  • He was once a strong contender for Obviously Evil, but he withdrew since He-Man wasn't ascended at that time.
  • Skeletor has had to deal with his minions trying to betray him virtually all the time, especially whenever he shows the slightest weakness or they are out of his sights, he doesn't even cares at this point, believing that no matter how much they try and undermine him they'd be groveling back at his feet by Monday morning once they inevitably and miserably fail. For this he's been amused by other treacherous underlings such as Starscream, who he has mocked for repeatedly failing to kill Megatron and just as often running back to his boss for help whenever he runs out of resources; he does have some wariness of other more successful traitors such as Shang-Tsung and Sandaaru, who have actually gotten far in their betrayals and had mostly successful streaks until they were ultimately defeated.
  • 80's Shredder has a very personal rivalry with Skeletor, viewing the evil (and at times comical) sorcerer as one of his greatest worthy adversaries. Skeletor usually returns the sentiment, especially in his sillier moments, usually engaging in entertaining Evil Versus Evil matches to the amusement of their foes, the Turtles and He-Man. Nonetheless, outside of it they tend to get along well and will usually whine about their failures to one another while bragging about their accomplishments
  • Adora and Catra are enemies with Skeletor, not only due to him being enemies with Adam/He-Man, but also because of the many atrocities his various incarnations have committed. Occasionally, when Catra is in her "80's" form she'll reluctantly team up with Skeletor for the goal of taking down the twins, otherwise they are as antagonistic to each other as they usually would be. Their ascension bothered Skeletor as now he has more enemies to worry about, given how Horde Prime refuses to be his ally in any situation.
  • He has hung out with The Horned King on a frequent basis thanks to having similar goals in world conquest. While the Horned King has talked to Skeletor about the latter's powers and how the former can improve his methods, they sometimes just talk about how they want to lay waste towards any obstacle that approaches them. Skeletor has even considered having The Horned King aid him in defeating He-Man, though such a team-up is only going to happen if The Horned King becomes stronger.
  • In recent times, Skeletor has begun experimenting with a new cosmic power, a dark and corruptive force called Havoc. Believing its power could rival or even eclipse the power of Grayskull, Skeletor's become a more physical combatant with it at his desposal. He's even managed to combine it and the Power of Grayskull to become a God on an universal scale dwarfing the power of most of his other incarnations; while he ultimately lost this power to the Masters of the Universe's great efforts and now one world's Beast-Man has taken the Power of Havoc for himself, Skeletor is barely deterred and merely plans to reobtain his power and this time truly and finally reshaping all of existence into his twisted image.

Lesser Gods


Buggy, God of Funny-Looking Noses (Clown, Star Clown, Genius Jester, Buggyjiro, Anchor, Buggy D. Clown)
  • Lesser God (his followers believe he is a Greater God)
  • Symbol: Buggy Pirates jolly roger
  • Theme Song: Buggy the “CHERRY BOMB”
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with True Neutral and Stupid Evil bouts.
  • Domains: Clowns, Piracy, Splitting, Noses
  • Portfolio: Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance, Badass on Paper, Dirty Coward Circus of Fear, Detachment Combat, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Mistaken for Badass, Opportunistic Bastard, Villainous Harlequin
  • Herald: Alvida
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Trafalgar Law (he thinks so too)
  • Enemies:
  • Respected by: Edward Newgate (Buggy thinks so)
  • Feared by: Billy
  • Worthy Opponent: Monkey D. Luffy
  • Member of the Oro Jackson crew, Warlord of the Sea, Impel Down escapee—Buggy has been infamous due to all these apparent feats making him a Badass on Paper seen almost on par with an Emperor of the Sea. However, those who see past Buggy's accomplishment and see the man for what he is would be disappointed. Buggy has shown pure terror when faced with those who could harm him—to the point that several subordinates of his are feared by Buggy. It is his reputation that allowed Buggy to still have his crew after such a long time. Of course, there is a Berserk Button that can have Buggy jumping around to fight whoever crosses that line. It is making fun of his inexplicably clown-like nose that looks incredibly appropriate for the motif he has going on. One such mockery would get a Buggy Ball to the face. He was willing to nuke the Pantheon to shreds over his title but relented when people showered him with praises for ascending.
    Buggy: Well... if I'm a god then I ought to fulfill that role!
  • Ate the Chop-Chop Devil Fruit, allowing Buggy to separate parts of his body. He could use it to float or attach his body parts to different parts of his body. This makes his knife-based fighting still very unpredictable due to the several limbs he has trying to slice a person up without warning. The true power the Chop-Chop Devil Fruit gives was not its versatility, but giving complete immunity to things that can slice/piece himself as his body automatically splits when doing so. Buggy can be utterly wrecked by other means though many melee weapons cannot do anything. Buggy prides over this power and will not forgive Nadia Fortune for stealing the title as it would be much better than centering on his nose. Nadia told Buggy to beat it instead, infuriating the pirate further.
    Buggy: I tell you I should be the one who got your title! Now when people look me up, it's going to be all about my nose! I want you to resign for your title and hand it over to me!
    Nadia: Did I hear something? Ah. Just a clown.
  • Has a complex relationship to the Straw Hat pirates. He sees them all as rivals to his crew as they have amassed so much strength at the New World. He does not like them for taking away one of the mercenary crews he had under him as a Warlord joined their Straw Hats Grand Fleet, which he wants retribution for. Despite this, he does admire Luffy for helping him escape at Impel Down and the shocking actions he had taken during the Paramount War. Out of any Straw Hat, he treats Luffy more fondly than anybody else—though still hates his guts. The distaste stems from Luffy using Red-Hair Shanks's straw hat who Buggy despises for making him lose treasure by eating his Devil Fruit. Out of everybody in the Pantheon, Buggy has no fear against Shanks even though he logically should. He is still so hung up, he ignores common sense when speaking to an Emperor of the Sea. Another thing to note that Buggy declared he is an enemy of the Emperors as well. Perhaps the World Government urged him and Buggy already yelled at an Emperor by this point...
  • Hates Doflamingo for messing up his lavish life as a Warlord. Doflamingo's Dressrosa takeover becoming exposed was the final straw for the World Government to rid of the Seven Warlords system that allowed those like the Buggy Pirates to not face retributions. Ironically, only Buggy would be unscathed by Doflamingo's most dangerous attack where he slices everyone within his “Birdcage” technique. Doflamingo does not like Buggy or any other Warlord either, so this is not new to him. The mercenary businesses that Buggy ran also runs at risk of having its operations ceased now, so he is trying to keep it afloat through finding monetary gain at the Pantheon.
  • Has good relations to Portgas D. Ace, after having some good partying time with Ace against his will (ruffling up a Whitebeard pirate courts death). Though Buggy would not go as far as save Ace at Marineford, he was incredibly saddened by his death. Ace thanked Buggy for showing up regardless (albeit against his will) and wanted to party with him once again. Speaking on Whitebeard, a major reason for Buggy’s infamy was being acknowledged as a Worthy Opponent by the Emperor of the Sea himself. However, those who are skeptical assumed Whitebeard just happened to recognize Buggy and decided to appeal to Buggy’s stupidity through acknowledgment to get Buggy to fight for him. That is exactly what happened. Buggy’s still has managed to delusion himself over this, believing he can be on par with the greats as most say he is. That may seem like a positive that will make Buggy open to Character Development but he ended up going through the cycle of brave arrogance to becoming a coward constantly.
    • Also went to think that Crocodile is an ally of his after "bonding" over the Impel Down escape. Crocodile would like to scoff at Buggy for being a weak-minded fool who has his pride be his downfall, though secretly admits Buggy has a particular charisma that somehow lets those more powerful than him gravitate towards. Surely that sort of trait would have helped Crocodile when reforming Baroque Works at the New World. Aside from that relationship with another Warlord, Buggy wanted to go fight against Trafalgar Law. Why? Because Law could do what Buggy does to himself on other people with much more precision. This move would mostly not affect Buggy but the idea someone can have a similar power to his that is way more efficient does not sit well with the clown.
  • Though he does not like being compared to a clown, Buggy someone managed to be friends with several clowns at the Pantheon. The Joker and Needles Kane share Buggy's want for chaos and destruction against their targets. Joker and Buggy share that same interest with chemical weapons that utterly destroy their opponents while Sweet Tooth just likes to destroy. Both are fine by Buggy's book though their sadistic nature may displace his own if they joined the Buggy Pirates, so he had not asked them. Krusty the Clown also likes Buggy's time, drinking beer with him at the bar if they so happen to see each other. Buggy had not noticed yet the only reason Krusty had an interest was that he thought the pirate was a clown too. Adam MacIntyre by all accounts should have been approached with the same precaution as Sweet Tooth and Joker, but Buggy is sure that he could control the clown to do some dirt work compared to those other guys. He lets MacIntyre run around with the Buggy Pirates jolly roger secretly stitched onto his clothing for free advertisement. The only sadistic clown Buggy had stayed away from was the infamous Pennywise, who tried to eat Buggy when he tried to have Pennywise wear a Buggy Pirates shirt. Not one night was made for the rest of the week for Buggy afterward.
  • Jontron once dressed as a clown for a skit and decided to go join the Buggy Pirates. Though some there had a clown-motif, arriving dressed as such had Buggy believe that Jontron was mocking him. He was about to kill Jon until Jontron took a gun out and proceeded to shoot Buggy. Buggy who is surprisingly durable survived this encounter but thought it was an assassination attempt again and proceeded to piss himself whenever Jontron came upon his video recommended. Jontron now knows that clowns are not to feared and must be swiftly be taken care of, shooting them to showcase that such fears are trivialized.
  • Monsoon and Scaramouche are frequently hired by Buggy for mercenary work that the Buggy Pirates employ. They are not listed officially as members and could back out if they want to, but their relationship with the Buggy Pirates has been so lucrative, why would they not get hired? Why Buggy has a particular affinity for them is their detachability quirks which they use in conjunction with Buggy at certain points, making Buggy legitimately threatening due to enhancing his unpredictable combat style. The reason he is not mad over these two compared to Nadia is that they do not have titles that Buggy wanted. Either Memetic Badass, Detachment Combat, or even Opportunistic Bastard would have been much better titled for him, is what Buggy felt. Aside from those points, Buggy has not invited either Monsoon or Scaramouche to become Buggy Pirates for the same reason of being fearful that he would be upstaged. When asked for a higher wage, Buggy caves in so that they would make it apparent that he was too weak to have such a powerful force backing him.
    Buggy: Okay! Stop it with the flute and memes! Take your gold and get outta here!
  • Dimentio has been a strange valet to Buggy’s plans. He provides some “weird” magic to Buggy’s crew that empowered them against their foes. Dimentio also asked little from Buggy in return for his services, so the pirate jumped over such an opportunity. Though Buggy thinks Dimentio is a staunch ally he has under his thumb, Buggy is unsurprisingly being the one played. Dimentio is put his test to his abilities, experimenting on whether he can be more powerful within three-dimensional space and not just his two-dimensional one. The trick for Dimentio having an acre-wide effect on an area where between the strikes of the Buggy Pirates, they would have their missed attacks be placed in Dimension D where they hit the bosses he weakened himself, killing them in uncommonly one blow. The experience gained from killing them boosts the strength of those who helped kill the boss, even more to the one who finished it off. This boosted their strength immensely, resulting in a force that would be unstoppable... if the effects would stay afterward. The area’s connection to Dimension D after around five hours automatically closes itself, erasing whatever experience gained from Dimension D as a result. Moving the area around for even the slightest inch also achieved the same effect. Dimentio is working to counteract this and has the Buggy completely unaware that his men are being used as lab rats for something that could easily go wrong for them.
  • Hercules Satan who also has an infamous combat reputation despite being weak in actuality sought to fight Buggy. Buggy by all accounts should be worried a champion martial artist took attention towards him, though was confidant enough over fighting the “powerless” Satan who seemed to lack any special powers of his own. Plus, Buggy got to bring his knives to the fight which gave him a major advantage. They fought and Buggy was horrified to find that Satan got a fist to his face, shattering his hubris. Satan freaked out too after getting stabbed by Buggy, and the battle proceeded to devolve to both combatants screaming in pain while writhing on the floor. Both avoided each other ever since.
  • Buggy had an... odd fascination with trying to get Hisoka erect for him. Yes, it is exactly as bad as it sounds. Seeing as the sadist gets turned on whenever he sees something strong, Buggy thought he would make Hisoka be begging on his knees for him or at least something among those lines. Hisoka was not turned on at all. Hisoka can be said to have been turned off instead. Buggy was so upset over this and tried to beat up Hisoka’s most-watched subjects, Gon and Killua, to get something out of Hisoka. It resulted in Buggy getting beat up by some kids immediately afterward. It was there that Buggy had realized he would never gain Hisoka’s approval, so he hated the guy for making him believe that getting respect from him equaled acknowledgment of strength. Hisoka was just confused over that Buggy set those expectations himself, not him.
  • A curious Noodle Incident arose when Rayman was running away from Buggy, having the pirate's arms and legs as actual limbs. Buggy chased him via floating, screaming for Rayman to give back his appendages. Though Buggy got the arms back, people still do not know why Rayman was caught doing such an uncharacteristically drastic action. Perhaps Buggy's limbs gravitated towards Rayman and stuck onto him by accident is the most likely guess but some believe Rayman found the opportunity to give himself limbs and chopped Buggy's to do so. The latter seems very far-fetched, though Rayman himself has never answered...
  • Was kicked out a McDonald's for thinking the mascot was mocking him after showing up at the playground area. Police were more concerned over Buggy being at the playground in the first place. Buggy claimed it was a meeting place for his men as they could talk over fast food, which was given credence towards. Then a certain boy named Billy who is deathly afraid of clowns started screaming at Buggy’s presence, making people realize he was not Ronald. However, the reputation of clowns was sunk lower as a result—not pirates. A sad day for such entertainers.
  • Buggy had extreme regret for underestimating a person he thought stole his epithet. Tricky had "the Clown" under his title, making Buggy put his foot down for such a, “theft of his image,” he so puts it. This is despite Buggy despising any comparisons that even correlate him to a clown. Went to confront Tricky himself and Buggy was promptly hit in the face with a sign post. Bleeding already, Buggy attempted to get away but was chased down by Tricky who proceeded to try slicing Buggy with the scene. Tricky then learned using the flat side was the answer to a bunch of floating body pieces. It was then Buggy accidentally had one of his Buggy Balks fall off, blowing him and Tricky up spectacularly. Buggy survived the encounter and left Tricky incapacitated, with cheers over his victory being praised by his followers. However, Buggy removed “the Clown” part of his branding so that the psychopath would not go after him again. He made a very powerful enemy that day, one that he wishes to never confront again.
  • Is pretty sure that Zeus is after him. When he tried to execute Luffy at Loguetown, a quick save from lightning from the sky had Buggy completely fried and Luffy escaped. The only explanation Buggy thought of over this was that Zeus was angered and Buggy now had to find appeal. Zeus scoffed at that, saying he does not control weather phenomena. Though unknown to Buggy, he was probably stopped by Monkey D. Dragon himself with a weather-changing Devil Fruit power that still has not been explained. Buggy had been truthfully lucky that day.
  • To the sheer shock of everyone, Buggy Took a Level in Badass once the Warlord system was abolished. After the defeats of two the Emperors in Wano elevated Buggy to being an Emperor of the Sea alongside Luffy to replace them. Almost everybody now considers Buggy to be a legitimate threat which his pirates are… barring Crocodile and Mihawk whom took over his business and keep Buggy as a figurehead. He is terrified and happy at his new status.

"Listen and be in awe! I am the great, invincible pirate! The “Legendary Buggy”!"

CatDog, Gods of Heads as Tails (James Cat, Thomas Dog)

Earl of Lemongrab, God of the Sinister Schnoz (Lemongrab 3, formerly Lemongrab 1/Lemongrab Black/Lemongrab Prime and Lemongrab 2/Lemonwhite)
Lemongrab in his current form
Click here for Lemongrab and his clone, in their original state

    Momo Karuizawa 
Momo Karuizawa, Goddess of Visible Blushes

    Varian Wrynn 
King Varian Wrynn, God of Heroes With Large Chins (High King of the Alliance, King Varian Chynn, Lord Chynn, Lo'gosh)


    Candice White 
Candice "Candy" White, Goddess of Freckles (Candice White Andree/Andrew/Ardley, Freckled Girl, Freckled Tarzan)

Zordon, God of Huge Holographic Heads (Zoltar, Zordonicus)
Prior to his sealing
  • Demigod (with sealed Greater God powers)
  • Symbol: His floating head in a tube
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Oracular Head who's a Sealed Good in a Can, Mission Control, Big Good, Used to be a Warrior Hero in the Past, Team Dad, Can Appreciate Laughter
  • Domains: Mentorship, Empowerment
  • Heralds: Alpha 5, Dimitria, Gosei
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Good Counterpart to: The Great Leader of Shocker
  • Ascended after the events of Power Rangers in Space, where he told Andros to destroy him in an Heroic Sacrifice which not only purified Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and Divatox, but also turned the other non-human-esque villains like King Mondo and the Machine Empire into dust. As a result of this sacrifice, Zordon found a second chance in the Pantheon.
  • And then he was granted a place in the Pantheon proper as a deity for his iconic appearance. While he does have his old body now, his new temple shows his Oracular Head in a tube. This time, though, it's not because he's stuck in a different dimension; it's just a means of communicating with him while he's physically at the Toku Base. Unfortunately, he doesn't have access to his great powers like before, so he can't fight like the great mage he once was when he still clashed against Rita Repulsa millenia ago.
  • Back when he mentored the Power Rangers, there were three rules they had to followed lest they lose their powers.
    1) Never use their powers for personal gain.
    2) Never escalate a fight unless forced to (like when the Monster of the Week gets really big).
    • That said, given what the Pantheon is, the third rule pretty much can't apply anymore, and the rules are usually limited only for the Rangers under Zordon. Several other ranger teams after that are sometimes more lax with the first rule, especially when some of those teams are government-sanctioned like the Lightspeed Rangers and the S.P.D. Rangers.
  • Zordon twice mentioned that the destruction of the Rangers's Zords would also mean the destruction of their powers, as it happened with the Thunderzords. However, given that many subsequent generations have lost their Zords and their powers remained intact (even if temporary for some), this likely only applied for Zordon's generation.
  • While he isn't stuck as a floating head anymore, Zordon feels he's been detached too long to be comfortable with interacting outside what he has been doing for much of his time as the Power Rangers' mentor. There have only been a few that he's been able to talk with outside the tube, and among those are Jason, Tommy, the original team in the Hall of Color Combinations that he's directly guided, the ones who've seen his dying body during Ivan Ooze's attack, and Cosmos.
  • Has a different incarnation who's more bitter and even initially selfish, though ultimately sacrificed his chance to escape his dimensional prison to revive Billy.
    • In response to this incarnation, Walter White has his eye on him. However, he knows that going after Zordon will send the entire Toku Base coming for him, and given that they fight off the Demonic Legion, all of which can get in the way of his criminal enterprise, watching is all he's going to do.
  • When asked why he recruited teenagers to become Power Rangers instead of, say, experienced adults, Zordon says that it's easier (for him, at least) to train a group of close friends in the ways of combat than to teach strangers to come to trust one another (the fact that the team were teenagers was just a side factor). He learned this the hard way from trying the adults route before in 1969: all but two of them died on their first mission, and the surviving members called him out on this. It probably didn't help that he just threw them into the fray.
  • Zordon is often seen as the Good Counterpart to the Great Leader of SHOCKER since he act as a leader figure to the heroes in contrasts to the Great Leader's role as the Big Bad to the villains.
    • Alongside every single member of the Toku Base, Zordon is preparing to assemble various heroes in the pantheon in their upcoming war against SHOCKER, whom they successfully assembled various villains in their aspirations for world domination.
  • "May the Power protect you."


    Nixon's Head 
Richard Milhous Nixon's Head, God of Oracular Heads

    Todd In The Shadows 
Todd Nathanson, God of Unseen Faces (Todd In The Shadows, T.I.T.S., Toddstradamus)
Todd's normal set-up
Todd "out of the shadows"
Dressed as The Dread Pirate Roberts
As Robo Todd
  • Rank: Quasideity (usually), Demigod with his mask off, Lesser God as RoboTodd
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself, his mic and piano
  • Theme Song: None; the closest thing to that is his brief piano covers at the start of his reviews/retrospectives
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: The Face-Obscuring Online Reviewer of Ambiguous Ethnicity, Always wearing a gray hood jacket, Seen as The Blank in his thumbnail art, Used to be a Caustic Critic but has since mellowed out, Is passionate about pop music, Wears a Cool Mask in public, Shadowy guy with a nice persona, A Loser Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Formerly a Stalker with a Crush
  • Domains: Online Reviews, Music (especially Pop Music), Retrospectives, Hindsight, Shadows, Privacy
  • Herald: Amydog (his dog)
  • High Priestress: Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (former holder)
  • Allies: Linkara, RoboCop, The Nerd (Robot Chicken), Anton Ego, Yuno Gasai (doubles as Odd Friendship)
  • "Rivals": Beavis and Butt-Head, Patrick Bateman
  • Enemies: Eric Raymond, Terence Fletcher, Ember McLain, The Music Meister, The Dazzlings, Father (KND)
  • On Good Terms With: Scatman John, Jack Malik, Kayla Day, Neku Sakuraba, Héctor and Miguel Rivera
  • On Speaking Terms With: The Nostalgia Critic
  • On Poor Terms with: Evil-Aligned Musicians like The Pied Piper of Hamelin & The Great Mighty Poonote , Courtney Gears, I-No, Kimmy Love, Ernesto de la Cruz
  • Opposes: Bad pop music, games and movies, Yanderes, Villains who turn people into robots
  • Fan Of: The Angry Video Game Nerd, The Satellite of Love Crew
  • Complicated Relations: Every Musical Deity He's Reviewed (And Some He Hasn't Reviewed Yet)
  • "Todd Nathanson" (also known as his online persona, Todd In The Shadows) is an online music reviewer who specialized in the pop music of the past and present, often giving snarking observations and sincere retrospectives on why a song or album is good, bad and/or popular in the first place. Starting as a fan of other online reviewers in the late 00's, he became a music reviewer since he didn't see anyone doing music reviews in a video format at the time. His main gimmick is that he is always backlit, so he projects a dark silhouette of himself and his face is never publicly revealed to his audiencenote . It was done mostly for privacy reasons, but later kept the look to stand out against his other reviewers (and 'cause he liked that look in general). When he's "out of the shadows", he covers the upper half of his face with a black cloth. The 3 main series on his channel are: Todd's Pop Song Reviews, which reviews/commentates the current hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100; One Hit Wonderland, which gives a retrospective on One-Hit Wonders before and after their famous hit and if they deserve a more lasting career, and Trainwreckords, which analyses not-so well received album that ended their artist's mainstream relevancy. He also does the occasional movie musical related reviews and co-host the podcast Song vs Song where they compare two similar songs.
  • Todd first learn of the Trope Pantheon from other online reviewers, since fellow reviewer Linkara already had a position as a deity of hat-related stuff. After Todd got kicked out of his apartment yet again due to noise complaints (and having trouble finding a new place to stay), Todd reluctantly called Linkara if he can crash in on his "fancy god-place". The comic reviewer entertained Todd's request and joking suggested to apply for a position as a god to get a new temple himself. Todd took that advise seriously (as he was kinda desperate) and decided to get himself acquainted in this new realm, while staying in Linkara's temple for a while. During his stay (and as he tried to figure out which trope to apply for), he realized that while there are a ton of musical deities and a few reviewer deities of different fields, no music reviewers have ascended yet. Seeing an opportunity, he decided fully apply for godhood to fill that empty niche and hope to gain an additional audience in the Pantheon (since YouTube is still accessible in this strange realm). Luckily, he got an offer to represent Unseen Faces after its former holder vacated the temple to become a herald for someone else.
  • His temple looks like a normal apartment and has a video set set-up where he does his reviews. By design (and by his request) it is very difficult to locate, even within his own hall. Although he no longer has roommates in his new place, he still gets noise complaints from neighboring temples. He rarely goes out of his temple and little is known about what he does when not doing his reviews and side-projects (besides maybe watching movies and TV shows). He does go out to the Houses of Knowledge or Media and Connectivity for research purposes or when he's looking for rare concert or music clips for his videos. Due to his frequent trips to the House of Media and Connectivity, it caught the attention of the lewd artist ZONE-tan. Being an avatar for her reclusive creator and interested in his mysterious reclusiveness, she once offered to make some "art" with Todd as the subject. Unfazed by the offer, he respectfully declines as he's already gotten a lot of those from his fans. She also reminds him that his acronym spells out "TITS", wordplay Todd didn't intend to make when he made his reviewer name and is still feels embarrassed about it in hindsight.
  • Back they used to work on the same site, Todd would help Linkara out if the comic reviewer needs music related exposition. Linkara once requested to review KISS comics with Todd, only for the music reviewer to laugh at him for such a ridiculous offer before accepting the request anyway when the review is done. Linkara has also seen what Todd looks like (and Todd has threated the former if he shared that information to others). Overall, besides butting-heads from time to time, they are in good terms with each other.
    • Todd has also collaborated with the Nostalgia Critic before on a review. He's also assisted the Critic and fellow reviewers find a lost treasure and going to space, all the while (unwillingly) fending off villains along the way. The two haven't talked much lately since The Critic's return, as they both prefer to do their own thing these days. When he heard about Todd's ascension, The Critic has had trouble remembering that they actually did a collab together as he's still convinced Todd is still some sort of a masked burglar.
  • Besides the two reviewer deities, Todd doesn't have much connections to the other YouTubers. Surprisingly, one known viewer of his videos was the streamer Vinny, who commended on his stream about Todd's videos about one of the The Beach Boys' albums. Todd's level of maintaining a private persona can be compared to another YouTuber, H2O Delirious, who keeps his face in a mask at all times and refuses to do a face reveal, not even to his own friends. Having heard of each other, they have a mutual understanding for their need for privacy, but have no interest with hanging out together due to being different video genres and interest.
  • As YouTube is accessible in the Pantheon, deities can watch his videos as long as the copyright bots don't take them down. The more of his reviews get posted online and gets recommended in Pantheonic social media, the more his Pantheonic audience grows. Todd noticed one day that he had a sudden spike in viewership and and subs. As it turns out music lovers Jack Malik (the former Beatles "cover" artist), Kayla Day (the former motivational vlogger), and Neku Sakuraba (the formerly loner teen), who have been watching and sharing his videos to their friends and followers. In turn, his videos have been grown over various deified music and non-music fans/lovers alike. Todd is grateful for the free exposure; he's even met each of them in different occasions.
    • Todd was already aware about Jack's pop star past and was glad he stopped copying the Beatles. In addition to the two talking about their various music tastes and another non-music related media, Jack told Todd about how tiring it was to be in the music industry and gives some advise if Todd decides to be a recording artist. Todd doesn't intend to anyway, being an online personality is quite stressful enough. Speaking of which, as a former content creator, Kayla sometimes admires Todd's success but wonders if things would have been different had she continued making videos and become successful one day. But then she figures it would be better for her not to seek success online anyway and would be working on her self-confidence in the real world first.
  • To appeal and acknowledge his new deified audience, he decided to do a special One Hit Wonderland episode, especially after finding that the pop music scene in the Pantheon is weirder and more interesting that the ones currently on the charts back in his mortal world. He considered doing a One-Hit Wonder episode on Lonely Nights by Space☆Dandy and his band Dropkix (whose one song they played on a loop for two hours before breaking up). He then (reluctantly) deciding to tackle Gitchee Gitchee Goo by Phineas and the Ferb-Tones, due to the surprising number of requests he got for this one song.
    • "Before the Hit": In Todd's world, Phineas and Ferb was a show he didn't really watch as he's already past the show's intended age-demographic. He briefly talked about how this was one of the first songs written for the show. Although, it wasn't a huge breakout hit in his world, it was influential; as the song was so catchy that a Disney exec asked the show's creators to write a song for every episode since. He then talks about what happened in the band's own universe, how its founders, Phineas and Ferb, had a simple goal of creating a song, going big, and never making another hit ever again. Todd couldn't find much on how they were able to get big within one single day other than likely word of mouth (which was impressive for a local act in the days of pre-social media). This earns them...
    • "The Big Hit": He admits he didn't like the song that much. He thinks it's ear-worming catchy in a stupid way and he makes comparisons to the song "MMMBop" by the band Hanson, another band of young kids that had a one-hit wonder with Word Salad Lyrics. But like his retrospective video with Hanson, he understands why the non-sense lyrics make it so relatable to many listeners, the song is about being speechless and babbling like an idiot around your crush. Plus, the production, the vocals and the instruments sound really nice too, despite his complaints on the lyrics.
    • "The Failed Follow-up": Todd tells his viewers he got the band's information from their episode that chronicles their rise (and fall) of their fame and his own research in the Pantheon. Because of this, he knows that the founders' mother was Lindana, a Madonna/Cyndi Lauper-esque one-hit wonder in the 1980's who quit after throwing a diva tantrum and fated into obscurity after her hit. Since he observed that the band's career path is near identical to their mother's (only that it happened within one day), Todd speculates that it was a calculated move on their part to imitate what their mother had done so that they didn't want to be in the spotlight for a longer amount of time. This is something Todd can respect as he thinks it's better to quit while you are on top than to fate into obscurity making more hits nobody listens to.
    • "Did they ever do anything else?": Todd discovers that the fact that the boys are more known for being engineering genius as well as playing for other bands occasionally. However, they never reunited after their one-day reunion concert (except one other time where they played their song in full). | "Did they deserve better?'': Todd thinks they are doing they are doing just fine with their current life path. They knew exact when to quit at the right time and he doesn't feel sorry for them having no more hits.
  • Depending on who you asked, the presence of an actual music critic has either rocked the House of Musicality or barely affected it. After all, a music critic can affect the public perception of your music, help gauze general reception of your music and point out its flaws and strengths. But most musicians, especially the more famous ones in the Pantheon, tend to not acknowledge Todd. Perhaps, it's because they see him as another random person online among so many or they would rather just focus on improving their music in general than acknowledge their "haters". Todd doesn't seem surprised or undeterred by the indifference as he does view himself as some guy on the internet who talks about music a lot. Their respective fans in the Pantheon, who tend to be protective of their favorite artist, sometimes tend to react negatively when Todd gives out one of his usual unpopular opinions, which is not really different from what Todd experiences back in his world. It's not all bad though; when Todd does a positive review or a whole OHW retrospective, most musicians react positively to it. Scatman John, who passed away before seeing his retrospective on him, has thanked Todd for covering his career on when he finally watched his video. Regardless of what the artists thinks of Todd, his videos tend to boosts viewership of their music if he ever mentions it.
    • The music reviewer had a dilemma of reviewing music made by evil-aligned deities; as he was afraid that if he liked their music, he might be seen as pro-evil. He was contemplating that he was gonna skip reviewing their music, but then said screw it and just give his honest opinion because people would judge him for his opinions anyway. For example, while Todd is horrified upon learning the backstory of Ernesto's famous hit song "Remember Me", he admits the song kinda rules. He still acknowledges the original writer of the song Héctor and admits his version being the better one of the two writers/version, a compliment very much appreciated by the Riveras. Still, Todd trends careful on evil musicians that would kick his ass if he ever gives them a bad review (he cites the pop divas Courtney Gears & Kimmy Love and the punk rock witch I-No as examples). The only reason why they don't seem to attack him at the moment is because they see Todd as beneath them to reward him with an acknowledgment.
  • Hitori Gotoh, guitarist and lyricist of Kessoku Band who also has immense social anxiety and low self-esteem issues, has recently discovered Todd's videos and wishes that their music would be reviewed by him for the mass exposure. However, she grew to be more nervous of that prospect, fearing that if Todd criticizes their music, it would cause the band to be shunned and disliked. Upon hearing their music online, Todd (on social media) personally thinks that her band's music is "okay" and thinks it's not really that different from other J-Pop bands he's heard before. Hitori should have felt fine, but now she was just nervous that their music wasn't good enough for the music critic. Her heralds tried to help calm her nerves by helping her take the criticism and feedback with stride.
  • Some malicious deities have tried to unmask Todd out of their own sick curiosity, only for them to run for the hills upon seeing his face. According to a trusted source, it's because when one looks at Todd's actual face, they are actually looking into their own souls. The uglier your soul is, the more horrified you would be when looking at his face; the kinder souls just get to be fascinated with his face with no problems. Todd's face is also capable of breaking someone of their mind control if an unkind soul saw his horrifying face. Todd doesn't use the ability that often but it does come in handy in certain situations. He's also not interested in taking up being walking Karma Meter as a profession, despite some deities seeing a potential in his odd powers. On a side note, besides his face thing, Todd doesn't have another superpowers (as far as we know). He also doesn't like compared to other shadow people like the child-hating Father (KND). Sure, he's the type to think that kids are annoying but he hasn't considered hurting them, unlike Father.
  • In the past, there was the re-occurring love triangle between himself, and fellow reviewers Obscurus Lupa, and The Nostalgia Chick. Todd had a massive crush on Lupa and tried to flirt/ask her out with little success, which later turned into full-blown stalking behavior (like getting lock of her hair). Meanwhile, Todd himself get his own stalker-y admirer with NChick, who had one point kidnapped him to get his attention. This all came ahead when Todd was assimilated into a cyborg during a space mission (long story), and Lupa tried to snap Todd out of his programming by offering that she goes on a date with him. It works, and Todd even saved Lupa from an assimilate NChick by showing his face and snapping her out. They eventually went on a date after everything blows over. Although their relationship didn't go any further as the two found out they have nothing in common (and Todd never bring up his former crush since then). For these reasons, he doesn't like yanderes (as it would remind him of his and NChick's previous actions). He has sought the temple of Yuno Gasai, who represents Yanderes (and holds the memories of a former Yandere herself), to prevent any fangirls and creeps from stalking online an IRL. They later became good acquaintances as Yuno approves of Todd getting over his former stalker-y tendencies.
  • To elaborate on the cyborg incident, he was assimilated into a "mindless automaton" and brainwashed into helping the villains after he happened walked into their room and hearing their evil plans. He has since been turned back to normal after Lupa snapped him out and is currently no longer a cyborg (as far as we know). Still, due to a Pantheon quirk where some deities randomly shift into their various form, he is been in his RoboTodd form quite frequently and recently much to the music critic's annoyance. RoboTodd at least retains his free will but Linkara still has put some tech measures in place so that no one can hijack RoboTodd for their schemes. Plus, Linkara was able to convince Todd that his cyborg form could be useful for self-defense. Todd's also currently training with RoboCop (whom his cyborg form bears resemblance to) in order work with his aim, as he still unable to shoot (besides a single spot) without moving around.
  • As a former cyborg, Todd doesn't really like villains who turn people into robots. Groups like The Borg and The Cybermen first come into mind, although they don't see Todd as something other than another person they wanted to assimilate into one of their own. As a former brainwashed-victim, Todd has also developed a strong dislike for those who use Mind-Control Music ever since staying in the Pantheon. Speaking from experience, he thinks it's deplorable to brainwashed someone into doing their biding and also like your shitty music against their will. As such, he doesn't like the likes of Ember McLain, Music Meister or The Dazzlings, on top of finding their music shallow and annoying. The villainous musicians, meanwhile, saw Todd as a threat for their careers (as they fear their music would be given a bad review by him) and their powers (due to his mind-control breaking face). The best that they can do is to ignore Todd as attacking him directly might cause him to team up with their respective enemies for protection.
    • Other people in Todd's shit list include Eric Raymond, for being a shitty music executive and a shadier human being for his effort to sabotage another band to make the band he manages look good. Another is Terence Fletcher, while being a talented teacher, his teaching methods (which are clearly emotional abusive) make Todd really uncomfortable. On a side note, Todd also gets a lot of questions about his opinions of influential glee cover group, The New Directions Glee Club. He doesn't really like that their music tends to greatly influence the charts despite their mediocrity and he doesn't care about their personal drama either.
  • One of Linkara's allies, the nasally pop-culture loving Nerd, was visiting the comic reviewer's temple one when he happened to meet Todd, who was also waiting for Linkara to ask him some crossover-related favors from him. The two awkwardly just wait around in one of the rooms until Todd casually asks if The Nerd listens to any music. The Nerd admits he doesn't listen to music much except for when he's listening to soundtracks of his favorite movies or TV Shows. They ended up discussing about good and bad movie soundtracks to later just discussing about various movies and TV Shows. Todd reminds The Nerd of his reviewing peers, who they themselves are just as nerdy and knowledgeable (if not more so) as The Nerd. The nasally teen maybe a bit annoying with his fanboying but he seems like a good kid once you get to know him better.
  • Despite being known as a music-related content creator, Todd is always surprised that his videos are taken too seriously (in spite of his videos being informative on various music and real-world topics). He views himself as an online entertainer rather than a "real" critic. In his view, he's just commentating on the absurdities and wonders of modern pop music in a comedic fashion. After all, he was influenced by video reviewers like the Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerd, who commentate on absurd and bad movies and old games respectively. He also cites Jon Stewart and the crew of The Satellite of Love as a comedic influence. The former for the way the jokes and quips were put together in his program; the latter for being the forebears of commentating over filmed media. That said, he also respects serious critics such as Siskel and Ebert for their influence in film criticism and analysis for both himself and his content reviewing peers. The only reason why Todd hasn't visited the Hall of Critique and Parody to meet them is because he doesn't personally think he's that important or influential of a critic to join/enter the Big Boys Club.
  • Someone had informed Todd that he wasn't the first deity to be sitting around analyzing music; there are three deities people point to. The first one was Beavis and Butt-Head, who preceded him as the dit-witted duo would often watch and giving their opinions on random music videos (but they don't get payed for it). The duo and Todd don't have a lot of common ground with each other. Todd thinks they are both idiots while the heavy-metal loving duo (mostly Beavis) thinks he's a nerd and hasn't forgiven Todd for (what they perceive to be) insulting Metallica and Mötley Crüe. The other one is Patrick Bateman, in Todd's own words, is someone who is ahead of his time when it comes to taking music seriously. Still, Todd thinks of the Wall Street yuppie as a definite psychopath because he thinks "Fore!" is a better Huey Lewis album about than "Sports". Patrick, on the other hand, having seen Todd's reviews, thinks of the music critic as a fellow music connoisseur and is oddly interested in him. Bateman's tried in inviting Todd to his temple for a bit of a "chitchat" but Todd knows better than to accept an invitation from a possible serial killer. However, Todd likely wouldn't mind talk to him about music though if Patrick was less murder-y.
  • Another commenter pointed out in one of his videos that Todd was like the music critic version of Anton Ego, the infamous former food critic known for his scathing reviews. Both Todd and Ego started their careers due to their love for the things they are reviewing (music and food respectively), not being easy to make them like most stuff they review, is knowledgeable in their respective topics and their intentionally dark and gloomy aesthetics. Todd doesn't know who he is until he looked him up and became interested in his food reviews despite barely being a foodie. They eventually met in House of Food and Todd has gained an unlikely friendship with the food critic ever since. He's currently trying to see he can get Ego can do video reviews, but Ego's not interested at the moment as the internet and online reviewing is still a new concept for him.
  • Todd has a reoccurring thing of being confident and later being wrong about predicting future trends in pop music in hilarious fashion. It's to the point where his friends sarcastically call him Nostradamus or "Toddstradamus" and one mortal fan even made a compilation of the times he's been wrong. He's currently being studied by the House of Prophecy and Fate if he's got some sort of hidden reverse prediction powers, but he finds this a bit condescending. Still, Todd remains hopeful that his "faux pas" won't devalue his music reviews and opinions to his new audience, being confident at the only active music critic in the whole Pantheon (at least until a certain bald-headed music critic shows up). As Todd thought to himself: Surely, he's not going to ascended in the future, right? Right?

"Someone called me a hater the other day, but I'm not a hater. I don't make these videos because I hate pop music, I do it because I love pop music."

    The Waddle Dees 
The Waddle Dees, Deified Collective of Waddling Heads (The Hardest Boss In All of Existence, Waddle Dooters)
The Average Waddle Dee
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A Waddle Dee's face; alternatively, a red and white striped umbrella
  • Theme Music: Battle Among Friends: Waddle Dee (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Waddling Heads, First-Stage Mooks, Adorable Creatures, Can Wield Parasols, Undying Loyalty To Those Who Care For Them
  • Domains: Minions, Movement, Anatomy, Heads
  • Herald: Waddle Doo
  • Followers: The Metools, The Yukkuris, the Pookas, the Monstars
  • Superior: King Dedede
  • Allies: Bandana Dee, Bowser, The Koopa Troop (The Goombas, Lakitu and Spiny, The Koopa Troopas, Blooper, The Boos, The Bob-ombs), the Prinnies
  • Enemies: 02, Queen Sectonia, Mario, Luigi, King K. Rool, Jigglypuff
  • Opposes: Etna
  • Researched by: The House of Knowledge
  • Adored by: Rena Ryugu
  • Complicated Relationship: Kirby and Meta Knight (allies or enemies depending on the game)
  • Waddle Dees are a common species native to Planet Popstar. They're a carefree bunch, preferring to relax and take it easy. Many Waddle Dees native to Dream Land are loyal to King Dedede, and work hard for him despite their relatively weak bodies and lazy nature. The most striking part of their appearance is that their bodies completely lack a torso, only having a head with stubby limbs attached.
  • There used to be only one Waddle Dee holding the title of Waddling Heads, but one day, King Dedede made a request to the Court of the Gods to ascend the rest of his Waddle Dee minions. Shortly after, the lone Waddle Dee left the Pantheon and returned to the mortal plane. A few weeks later, a large population of Waddle Dees were spotted around Dedede's temple, with a very happy King Dedede celebrating their arrival.
  • A certain Waddle Dee is known for assisting Kirby and Ribbon in their adventure to collect crystal shards by transporting Kirby via boat or minecart. Some deities speculate that Bandanna Dee is that very same Dee, but these rumors have yet to be proven. He's sometimes used as the mouthpiece for the Waddle Dee population.
  • Some Waddle Dees are seen carrying a spear, and they know how to do simple combat moves like jabbing and throwing. When asked about how Bandana Waddle Dee got so skilled with his spear, Waddle Dee said he doesn't know but it probably has something to do with the bandana.
  • The Waddle Dees hate Zero and Queen Sectonia for having his Dark Matter minions possess Dedede multiple times and ordering Taranza to kidnap him to conquer Pop Star respectively. Both of them ignore the Waddle Dees, as they pose little threat to them.
  • The house of Knowledge has tried to study the Waddle Dees numerous times because they're very curious as to how they function as a head with feet. King Dedede wishes they would stop stealing his Mooks because nobody is allowed to abuse his Waddle Dees except him.
    • The only thing Waddle Dee has told them is Waddle Dees eat through osmosis. This only raised the house's curiosity even more, as now they're questioning how that is even possible.
  • Mario once mistook a Waddle Dee for a Goomba and was surprised to find that jumping on it hurt Mario instead. When he returned with a Fire Flower, the Waddle Dee was seen running at a speed thought impossible for something without legs or discernable organs (namely lungs).
    • This wasn't the first time a Mario brother had Waddle Dee related troubles; During the subspace incident, Luigi got startled by one, which lead to King Dedede turning him into a trophy. To this day, Luigi still gets a bit nervous when he's around them.
    • The Waddle Dees have made themselves enemies with King K. Rool after he smacked Dedede when makng his grand appearance in the fifth Smash tournament. K. Rool doesn't care about them, so he mostly just ignores them.
    • On the other hand, The Waddle Dees look up to Bowser as he cares deeply for his minions. They get along with the Koopa Troop very well, as they're weak, yet loyal minions who have strength in numbers. As such, they're occasionally seen assisting the Koopa Troop with tasks. Bowser appreciates their hard work, and considers them honorary Koopa Troop members.
  • Some Waddle Dees tend to feel uneasy and sometimes even flee at the sight of Jigglypuff because of how much she looks like Kirby. Jigglypuff is annoyed as that means they won't stay to listen to her singing.
  • Upon setting her eyes on them, Rena Ryugu became overwhelmed at their cuteness and tried to take some of them home with her. This lead to an enraged King Dedede chasing her around the Pantheon trying to clobber her with his hammer. She now keeps her distance and admires them from far away.
  • The Waddle Dees will happily serve anyone who treats them with kindness. Needless to say, they dislike anybody who are abusive and harsh to their minions. Of special note is Etna, who regularly abuses and kills her Prinny minions whenever she's angry, or just because she felt like it. Etna would rather punt them like her Prinnies, which often gets her into fights with a very angry Dedede. They and the Prinnies get along well, but they question why the Prinnies stick around such an abusive boss.
  • Can also be found in Enemies.