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Hired Guns

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"Private military companies are best known for their bodyguard work. It's a big part of their business, but it's not the only part. For a big enough check, they'll rain hot lead down wherever you want. It's not work that attracts "service-with-a-smile" types."

Also known as mercenaries (mercs for short), soldiers of fortune, and a dozen other names. These characters can have a wide range of personalities, some with honor, or codes, or limitations, and others who will kill anybody to get the job done. The only common thread is that whatever they're into, it's a job, and they're getting paid. This is a Super-Trope of many, many tropes surrounding people who are hired to kill people or engage in other violent jobs in exchange for payment, from experienced Bounty Hunters and Professional Killers to lowly Mooks and anything else in between, as mentioned below:


Alternative Title(s): Guns For Hire