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Theatre and Spectacle

The deities here have taken Shakespeare's famous words to heart, and shaped their entire world into the form of a stage. In addition to the most well engineered stage, the Theatre also boasts the best orchestra in the multiverse, seating that accommodate entire planetary populations, a high tech and efficient backstage management system, and the best stage ninjas. They also have a direct line with the library in the House of Knowledge, giving them access to every single play in existence. Most of the time, their performances are sold out on the first day and are forced to resort to standing room only to accommodate everyone.

The Theatre deities once attempted to do a full performance of The King in Yellow with "mixed" results. Suffice to say, the lead actor in that particular play now goes by the nickname "The Joker".

Due to the power of stories on the Pantheon as a whole, a disproportionate number of members are also members of the Main House. Tread lightly.

Please note the following, though:

The following house have been divided accordingly as well:

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The Heads of the House

    Charlie Chaplin 
Charlie Chaplin, God of Silent Movies (Charles Chaplin, Charlot, The Little Tramp, King of Comedy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself as The Tramp
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Auteur License, Silent Movies, His Iconic Bowler Hat, Eating Shoes, Making Movies for the Art, Directing Movies He Starred In, Poking Fun of Hitler in One of His Movies, Being a Spawn of Pop-Culture References, Tramps, Being Adorkable
  • Domains: Film, Comedy, Slapstick, Silence
  • Herald: His granddaughter Oona Chaplin
  • High Priest: Buster Keaton
  • Followers: Harold Lloyd, Sam
  • Allies: The Three Stooges, Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, Tom and Jerry, Albert Einstein, Jackie Chan
  • Enemies: All Nazi deities
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: The House of Technology
  • Commonality Connection: Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes
  • When Charlie Chaplin first arrived in the Pantheon wearing his Tramp outfit and twirling his cane, the gods offered him a position as the God of Silent Movies, to which he accepted.
  • Chaplin gets along well with Mickey Mouse, which isnít surprising considering the fact that Walt Disney cited him as an inspiration for the mouse himself.
    • The same can be said with Tom and Jerry, whose creators cited Chaplin as a big influence on the slapstick and mostly wordless comedy in their cartoons.
  • He was surprised to find Felix the Cat in the Pantheon, though not so much when he was being honored for his work in the Silent Movie genre. Charlie was impressed with Felix's impersonation during one of his visits in Los Angeles.
  • Chaplin is critical on the House of Technology, believing that it is dehumanizing.
    • At times, however, he can be seen hanging out with Tony Stark, due to one thing they have in common.
    • For that same reason, he can also be seen hanging out with Sherlock Holmes.
  • Several gods in the Pantheon noticed similarities between the physical appearances of Chaplin and Hitler of the Downfall Bunker (most notably the toothbrush moustache). While Hitler didn't particularly like Chaplin, whom he mistakenly believed to be Jewish, he apparently owned a private copy of The Great Dictator that he watched twice. Chaplin himself had regret for that film, as he said that he wouldn't have made it had he knew about Hitlerís story.
  • Being one of the most universally recognizable people of all time, itís no surprise that several gods in the Pantheon have paid tribute to him.
    • The aforementioned Mickey Mouse imitated Chaplin by dressing up like him in Mickey Plays Papa (1934).
    • Michael Jackson was a huge Chaplin fan and once dressed up like him for some publicity pictures. He also covered Chaplin's song "Smile".
    • Homer Simpson in one Couch Gag dressed up as Chaplin, imitating Chaplin in the process.
      • Grampa once tried to imitate Chaplin's bread roll dance from The Gold Rush, but was then forced to quit on order of a lawyer acting on behalf of Chaplin's estate.
    • Jackie Chan paid homage to Chaplin in Project A in which the clock stunt was inspired by Chaplin's Modern Times.
  • Chaplin was once pitted against fellow silent movie star, Buster Keaton, in a brutal fight to the death which ended with Chaplin being run over by a train. Despite this, he has great respect for Keaton, even giving him a cameo in Limelight.
  • Albert Einstein is glad to see Chaplin in the Pantheon and once recalled the time the comedian invited him as a guest of honor to attend the premiere of his film, City Lights.
  • It is claimed that a "time traveller" can be seen talking to a cell phone in his film, The Circus. The House of Time and Temporality denied the claim, suggesting that the mysterious individual is likely holding up an old-fashioned hearing aid.
  • Has a complicated relationship with Stan Laurel, currently one of the High Priests of Pieing with his friend Oliver Hardy. They went to school together, but Chaplin never forgave Laurel for impersonating him in his early days, before finding his own voice. Laurel still has incredible respect for Chaplin, however. When they meet in the pantheon Chaplin tends to ignore Laurel.

    Mickey Mouse 
Mickey Mouse, God of Toons (Michael Theodore Mouse, King Mickey, Mortimer Mouse, Stellar Sorcerer)
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    William Shakespeare 
William Shakespeare, God of Theater (He who did it First, The Troperus Maximus, The Bard of Avon, Caster of Red, the Immortal Bard, Our Will (by Jack and Annie))
Shakespeare as a Servant