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The residence of deities who represent dialogue and speech patterns.

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Greater Gods

Romeo F. Neumann, God Who Speaks with Overly Long Words and Complex Sentences (Bedman)
  • Greater God, potential Overdeity in the Backyard
  • Symbol: His Bed
  • Theme Song: Does the Sheep Count the Sheep?
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with strong dips into Lawful Evil. Wants to be Neutral Good at heart.
  • Portfolio: Sheep Motif, Creepy Monotone, Dark and Troubled Past, Disability Superpower, Insufferable Genius, Motor Mouth, Loves Mocking Others, Psychic Powers That Include Being a Dream Walker and Mind Rape and Sending People to Their Worst Nightmares, Mechanically Unusual Fighter, Mini-Mecha, Hitman with a Heart, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Wouldn't Hurt a Child
  • Domains: Dreams, Intelligence, Speech
  • High Priest: Fither
  • Herald: Delilah Neumann (his sister and successor)
  • Allies: Hit, Madotsuki, Haruko Tsukishiro, Martin Walker, Kiritsugu Emiya, EMIYA, Alcor, Revolver Ocelot
  • Enemies: Zato-1 and Eddie, Millia Rage, Relius Clover, YHVH, Ashera, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare (Kirby), Vaermina, Ruvik, Hermaeus Mora
  • Respects: Charles Xavier
  • Fears: The Phantom Thieves of Heart
  • Opposed by: Everybody from the Guilty Gear universe, Riku
  • Opposes: Dexter, Jimmy Neutron, Stewie Griffin
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sora
  • There was once a hitman known as Bedman, a hitman who was feared as much as the Gears themselves. He and his sister were born with extreme intelligent so vast it actually threatened to kill them. They were put into slumber to stave off that fate but their consciousnesses were put into the Backyard, a dimension holding the information of the world. However, at some point Bedman’s sister’s body and mind delved deep into the Backyard’s depths, so Bedman swore he would use the power of the dimension to save his sister. This led him to becoming a hitman employed by the Universal Will, hoping to justify his killings by resurrecting his victims through the Backyard.
    • Bedman managed to ascend to the Pantheon thanks to his very... unique way of speech. Having not fulfilled any of his goals much to his despair especially when it turned out he was an Unwitting Pawn the entire time during his employment to the Universal Will. Is still trying to accomplish his goals, the entire process being easier thanks to having the entire Pantheon’s vast array of knowledge to aid him. Not that bothered going back to square one considering that he might not even got past even that.
    • His title is actually much more downplayed than most. Bedman can’t actually speak considering he’s sleeping. Even with immortality now, Bedman is under extreme pain and will likely perish should he be awake. He converses in the Backyard, where he’ll proceed to mock his opponents straight out of earshot across dimensions. It’s a good thing nobody hears his condescending attitude, since some of the things he says are pretty harsh.
    Bedman: If someone thinks they could go on an oppose me, I’ll show why such a ridiculous idea is the epitome of stupidity even without my abilities. The bed I wear is outfitted with latest technology of my universe, fit to be inputted with commands that can be reversed with any time, interjected with new movements of my choosing. Thanks to how puny your thought process is, you would have been too confused trying to wrap my head around my strategy. Are you still confused on what I’m saying? I just proved my point.
  • Being bedridden, Bedman appears to be sleeping in the physical world while his conscious remains in the Backyard. He’ll only converse in these and can apparently manifest as the dreams of others. Is considered extremely dangerous as he can assassinate people in their sleep as a result. He was a bane to everyone who was against the Universal Will due to always being there to meddle. Many of those he was against were quite peeved that he ascended don’t want to give Bedman a new reason to go after them.
    • Zato-1 seems to be the only one actively antagonizing Bedman as he had attacked Millia Rage, something Zato-1 can never let go of. Millia seems to oppose Bedman just as much but at least isn’t so vengeful about it.
  • Despite his really horrible flaws and actions, some do sympathize with Bedman for what he intended. Both Kiritsugu Emiya and EMIYA himself pity Bedman for sticking to his well-intentioned extremity when it turned out it was All for Nothing. Martin Walker can see a bit of himself in Bedman, a person who tries justifying all the horrible things he’s done too.
  • Is a Greater God thanks to his abilities, not his physical state. His bed was created as a way to do actions in the physical plane without fear of comprising his safety but even without it, Bedman is a force to be reckoned with. As long as his foes are sleeping, he can do almost Reality Warper-levels of in the Backyard, potentially inflicting Fate Worse than Death to them if he desires. Not that he has a reason unless he’s in the mood. He even has access to one of most powerful magical attacks ever, Absolute World, but in a condensed form. With it, he completely wiped the floor with That Man himself.
  • Made friends with Hit of all people, a fellow hitman. Conversed with each other on the opponents they fought, actually enjoying their fights. The difference between them really is that Hit doesn’t regret what he’s done while Bedman does.
  • Despite his actions, he made friends with Darkrai who has had previous incidents involving someone else’s dreams. Had to converse with the creature through a dream. The amount of irony could not be any more hilarious. Will not elaborate how talking with a Pokemon nonphysically.
    • This isn’t the first time Bedman met through the dream world. Wandering around some deity’s dream bored, he stumbled onto Haruko Tsukishiro. Talking with Haruko and wondering how the hell he got here, the Dream Walker wanted to be friends with Bedman but was dismissed initially. Bedman told of the horrific actions he’d done to him but Haruko didn’t care and just wanted to be friends. Bedman was intrigued by his nominalism and found it perhaps interesting to ally himself with him.
    • Curious on how the girl Madotsuki is more comfortable in the dream world than the real one. Bedman is quite impressed, as his conscious can only stay in that world as long as he has his intellect.
  • Since the Backyard is the place of all knowledge, Bedman earned the interest of Alcor. As one of Septentriones, Alcor has the power to use a similar place to essentially become a creator deity. Hearing of Bedman’s noble intentions, Alcor is willing to throw the guy a bone and help out.
    • Hermaeus Mora is particularly interested in the Backyard as well, believing that accessing it will satiate his hunger for knowledge indefinitely. Bedman is not willing to allow that to happen especially to a being as conniving as that Daedric Prince.
  • Somehow met Sora and Riku during one of Bedman’s jumps across dreams. They were in their Dream Eater forms and had to deal with an issue with a Sleeping World. Sora was quick to introduce himself but Riku has heard of Bedman and warned Sora not to act so friendly towards him. Bedman not wanting any trouble, just guided the two through the Sleeping World since there was nothing else to do. Riku still isn’t so trusting but managed to get a few good points with Sora even if he’s a bit cautious by what Riku told him.
  • Considers those who taint dreams with their evil are particularly horrid individuals. At least when he killed people in their dreams, he does it as fast and as painless as possible. Unless he really wants them to suffer, that’s where he gives them their primal nightmares.
  • Hates Relius Clover for his experiments against people. It doesn’t help that for some reason, he and Bedman share many similarities. Relius doesn’t particularly care, merely wanting to observe how Bedman’s abilities work.
  • Was offered to join the Forces of Law for his service to the Universal Will but Bedman harshly refused. He even wrote them a rage filled letter, pissing them off even more to such a degree that could be called “heaven-rending”.
    Bedman: Pathetic. After all the manipulation I have suffered from thanks to the insane machinations of the Universal Will, you think you can oppose the will of your concept of order onto me? I can see through all your promises of peace in exchange for faith are all just lies to fuel your high commanders’ insatiable egos. YHVH, Ashera, or whoever like them don’t have purposes for existing, so they made their own falsehood to give their sense of purpose. I want to save my sister, to save those I’be murdered in the name of saving them but I have no doubt the GUAL would believe they were just stepping stones in a supposed grander plan, just like the one who had manipulated me. I will not serve a group who believes lives and suffering are statistics. I have learned from my mistakes and I will not serve tyrants who have fetishes for worship for as long as my sanity is functional. So please, you may take your invitations and shove them down to whatever poor foolish idiot you find at Sunday church. Give a cookie while you’re at it to increase your recruitment numbers.
  • Bedman respects Professor X immensely, another disabled person who’s especially powerful with their mental abilities. Charles Xavier though wishes Bedman to join the forces of good to fully atone, likely being a ginormous boon to them for his intellect and even having the ultimate defense move, Absolute World. Bedman just doesn’t feel worthy to join them and believes that they’ll just impede his process.
  • Is envious on the extreme intelligent children in the Pantheon, as he and his sister suffered for being smart while they are somehow able to make the best of their situations. Hearing of Bedman’s plight, these children pity him though are really terrified at the same time, knowing what he can do if they set him off.
  • Absolute terrified of the Phantom Thieves upon hearing about them. He believes that they will take his heart one day and all the guilt that Bedman holds in him will drive him to death. The Phantom Thieves don’t intend on doing so, as Bedman is aware of all the sins he’s done. Doesn’t mean they particularly like him though.
  • Bedman’s High Priest is an Ascended Fanboy who loves gushing about his love for the hitman, even using his appearance to represent himself for the longest time. Bedman let him be High Priest thanks to ego-stroking though is waiting for when Fither gives his opinion on the Pantheon eventually.
  • Are you still here reading on my profile? Go do something more productive than wasting your time, skimming a pitiful profile that cannot hold the essence of my grandeur. Why are you even on this site in general? Go back to having an actual life if you even have one. How pitiful.

Intermediate Gods

    Grimgor Ironhide 
Grimgor Ironhide, God of Phonetic Dialogue Interpretations (Warchief Grimgor Ironhide, DA BEST)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An effigy of Gork or Mork
  • Theme Song: Almighty Grimgor Ironhide
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with Chaotic tendencies.
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Ax-Crazy, The Berserker, Arch-Enemy (To the Dwarves and Archaon), The Most Feared of the Warbosses, Genius Bruiser, Large and in Charge, once found out that Victory Is Boring, World’s Strongest Orc, Inexplicably Awesome, Asskicking Leads to Leadership, Screaming Warrior, Believes in Leadership through Strength, One-Man Army, Alien Sense of views towards Other Races, Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor
  • Domains: Orcs, Fighting, Speech, Conquest
  • Heralds: The WAAAGH-mongas of Greenskins (Gorbad Ironclaw, Gorfang Rotgut, Azhag the Slaughterer, Wurrzag da Great Green Prophet, Grom the Paunch, Snagla Grobspit, Gittlla da Hunter)
  • Followers: Any other Orcs he can find and get to work with him
  • Allies: Warboss Ghazghkull, Sauron, Shao Khan, Cell
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Skarsnik
  • Confused by: Waluigi, Thrall, Rexxar, Kilian Experience
  • Enemies: All other Warhammer deities, but especially Emperor Karl Franz, High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Archaon the Everchosen, and Malekith the Witch King, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, All ascended Autobots, Gul'dan
  • No one knows how or when Grimgor Ironhide came to be. But what is known is that Grimgor set out to work making the largest WAAAAGH he could, enlisting or subjugating every Orc he came across. His army, lead by him and his personal regime of Black Orcs called Da Immortulz, would win many battles and destroy many settlements in a brutal campaign. Eventually, during Archaon’s invasion, Grimgor would duel with the Everchosen. The Orc very nearly won, but Archaon, in desperation, would summon a mighty daemon which ended Grimgor’s life and forced his army to disband.
  • The Pantheon was very peaceful one day until deities heard a huge series of footfalls approaching. Before long, hordes upon hordes of Greenskins, lead by the most famous of their kind, would invade the Pantheon in one of the greatest WAAAAGHs their race had ever performed. Grimgor, flanked by Da Immortulz, picked out anyone he perceived to be a good fight and battled them in duels while his Orcs laid waste to any temples they could find. Grimgor’s invasion went quite well, but the Black Orc soon came across trouble as the various deities of the Old and New Worlds put aside their differences to fight Grimgor’s army. In a battle that lasted an entire month, the Orcs were finally defeated, but during that time, a cunning goblin had written papers adding Grimgor and his closest generals to the Pantheon under Funetik Aksent due to the way the Orcs speak and passed them under everyone’s noses. Thus, the deities in the Pantheon were left with no choice but to ascend Grimgor, who gloated that he had "fooled every'un".
  • Amid the many hordes of Greenskins who invaded the Pantheon were Squigs, small red creatures who are the simplest form of Orcish life. Grimgor and his troops often use the Squigs as pets to remain calm when things aren’t going their way, or, as was seen during the initial attack, war beasts who swallow anyone who oppose him whole.
  • Despite being a bloodthirsty warlord who enjoys fighting, Grimgor bears respect towards anyone who gives him a good fight. Thus, on occasion he praises a deity who manages to hold their own against him and his power, even if he loses. Granted, no Orc really likes to lose, especially repeatedly, but those who do beat Grimgor tend to be viewed as a Worthy Opponent.
  • The other races of the Warhammer universe all hate Grimgor and his barbaric ways, and thus usually are the first to challenge him when he tries to go on another WAAAAGH. Some of his most frequent opponents are as follows:
    • Emperor Franz and the Empire have long been assaulted by Orcs, including most famously by Gorbad Ironclaw, one of Grimgor’s heralds, who very nearly destroyed their capital of Altdorf had it not been for a series of stupid decisions by his Orcs.
    • High King Thorgrim is another foe for the Orcs. His Dwarves have written many grudges in their book due to the Orcs constantly attacking their holds, and Thorgrim is willing to battle the Orcs as many times as it requires to settle them all.
    • But perhaps the two biggest targets Grimgor has his eyes set upon are Archaon and Malekith. Though he briefly worked with the two, Archaon, as mentioned, was the one who managed to kill him (but just barely), while Malekith was the one who advised Archaon to attack his army in a plan to kill two birds with one stone. Grimgor seeks to get back at both for this scheme.
  • The scale of Grimgor’s initial invasion impressed Warboss Ghazghkull, under whom Grimgor had been serving as a Follower until making his move. Ghazghkull quickly began allying himself with Grimgor, placing his Orks to guard his temple of Black Crag and to assist him during any WAAAAGHs he might attempt. For the most part, Grimgor believes that though Ghazghkull has superior tech, he is just another WAAAAGH-monga, albeit a more valuable one.
  • Grimgor was surprised to see that Skarsnik had managed to ascend before he and the other Orcs could and set up a temple. While Grimgor treats the rest of his WAAAAGH-mongas as close henchmen, he has a complicated relationship with Skarsnik due to him being a Goblin. That being said, Skarsnik is quick to assist Grimgor during any of his invasions, as nothing gets Orcs together like a good WAAAAGH.
  • One day, Grimgor came across Waluigi practicing saying "WAAAAAH". Grimgor became agitated, saying, "Yoo ain’t doin’ it right, ya git!" and began showing him how to say "WAAAAGH". An all out shouting match on how the two perceived their words to be broke out, until, eventually, Grimgor became bored of arguing with Waluigi and left. As for his options on further WAAAAGHs towards Waluigi, Grimgor views him as not threatening to his armies at all, just calling him a "pointy eared humie".
  • Hearing of other Orcs in the Pantheon made Rexxar and Thrall decide to try to speak with Grimgor. However, all Grimgor cares about is fighting and conquering. Thus, when the two tried to bring up non-violent solutions to his problems, he had some Squigs chase them out of Black Crag, telling them that they "ain’t orky enuff". Grimgor is still baffled that these Orcs and their followers don’t want to go on WAAAAAGHs, believing that no Orc has an ounce of good in his heart.
    • Grimgor, however, did learn of Gul'dan, and began having goblins spy upon him. The goblins reported that Gul'dan did not consider Grimgor a threat, noting that he manipulated Blackhand the Destroyer during the First Great War and that Grimgor is nothing more than him but delusional. Grimgor simply determined Gul'dan to be a "scrawny Ork who ain't strong 'nuff" and decided to ignore him.
  • During one instance where Grimgor and Da Immortulz were out looking for a fight, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli began to attack them, recognizing Grimgor and his Orcs to be no better than the Uruk-Hai of Sauron’s army. However, Grimgor was a much tougher foe than your average Uruk, and thus fended them off, telling them, "Don’t come back, ya humie, stunty, n’ pointy eared gits!"
    • From them, Grimgor also learned of the presence of Sauron, who not only was on good terms with Ghazghkull, but also had Orcs as his underlings. Grimgor approached Sauron shortly thereafter, and though he was at first put off by his close resemblance to Malekith (including having an underling named the Witch-King), he soon got over it and vowed to help Sauron in exchange for more fighting and loot. His Orcs also became comrades to the Uruk-Hai, believing them to be just as bloodthirsty and powerful as "da bestest big ‘uns".
  • Kilian Experience began claiming that Grimgor once helped a new Everchosen named Melvin in battling the Dwarves- and by that he meant all the work as the Chaos armies stayed behind due to the cold weather of the mountains. This plan was successful, but at the afterparty the Orcs were given wine, which incited a class war between the Orcs and the Goblins. Grimgor’s reply to all of this was that he claimed it was rubbish, noting that Melvin is "a stoopid name for da Evachosen".
  • On occasions, Grimgor has taken part in tournaments hosted by Shao Khan and Cell. The Orc’s motivation is simply to have a good fight with the participants, seeing how strong they are. He does admire Shao Khan’s plans of conquest and has sworn to help him in any way he can, but is a little less admirable towards Cell, noting that "destroyin' da planet's goin' too far".
  • At one point, the Autobots assumed that hearing someone called "Ironhide" ascending was one of Optimus Prime’s heralds and traveled to Black Crag. However, the Orcs were very hostile to Optimus and his allies and began fighting them, not taking too kindly to the trespassing. The battle ended with Optimus forced to retreat after the WAAAAGH-mongas began appearing en masse and the Autobots were quick to not make the same mistake twice.

Lesser Gods

Subject Abathur, God of Terse Talkers (Evolution Master, Slapathur)

    The Engi 
The Engi, Sacred Race of Robo Speak
Engi Cruisers. Left to Right: Type A "The Torus", Type B "The Vortex", and Type C "Tetragon"
The Engi themselves
  • Lesser Deities generally
  • Symbol: Their ships
  • Theme Song: Engi (Explore), Engi (Battle)
  • Alignment: Generally True Neutral. Engi under the Federation are more-so Lawful Neutral. Will lean towards good.
  • Portfolio: Starfish Robots (Debatably so), Organic Technology, The Engineer, Robot Masters, Support Party Members as crewmates, Calm and fearless but can apparently feel embarrassment, Approachable forms, The least hostile of all the races
  • Domains: Machinery, Engineering, Drones, Nanomachines
  • Allies: Dell Conagher, Hazel, Robert Edwin House, Star Fox
  • On Good Terms with: Most of the House of Machinery and Technology, The Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Indifferent towards: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies: The Mantis, The Slugs, Sigma, SCP-633, XANA, Malware, Sombra, Teseo, The Infested, The Borg Queen, The Tyranids, The Aparoids, Andross, The Eliksni
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Lanius (generally), Rotom (edging towards enemies), Susie
  • It's unclear if the 'Engi' are partly organic or entirely mechanical, but it's well known that they make exceptional engineers.
  • In a setting like FTL: Faster Than Light your spaceship is everything, and actively maintaining it is crucial as one's own health. Every captain worth their salt understands this for it could mean the difference to actually getting from point A to B and being stranded out in the middle of nowhere and/or being blown to scrap for scavengers to pick upon. It's not a hundred percent guarantee, it is big and dangerous galaxy after all, but if you can't do something as simple as look after your vessel perhaps one should just stick to something else, at the very least be around captain who actually are worth their salt and scrap. Enter the Engi, a race of vaguely robotic aliens who are named after their immense understanding and know-how around machines. If one wants a repairman, technician, or some other technical occupation then an Engi is more often than not your best bet.
  • It was oddly bad week for the House of Machinery and Technology. Whether it was the work of some unsavory folk like evil luddites and/or malicious pranksters or just plain and plentiful bad luck nothing seemed to go well there during that time. Even with the Pantheon's many mechanical geniuses pitching it the project proved to be a daunting one. Thus, when many bands of Engi ships coincidentally entered the Pantheon they offered aid and the problems were a thing of the past. Thankful for their help, many of the House's members pitched in to grant them a Pantheonic title. To this day, the House as a whole have maintained a positive relationship with the race. In return for providing manpower the Engi get to further their understanding over other worlds' technologies.
  • As a whole, the Engi weren't happy to hear about the presence of the Lanius given that they're disaster scavengers and are all too familiar with them having hailed from the same universe. While the Pantheon's space is of a different beast and there are entities that don't tolerate the more hostile members of the Lanius the Engi still would rather not tread to their side of the cosmos whenever possible.
  • While it would be easy to simply label the Engi as just machines but the truth is far more complicated. Yes, they're composed of trillions and trillions of nanites but as it turns out they're just as susceptible to dying from suffocation as with any other race besides the Lanius. And being nanomachine beings they aren't really the humanoid forms others see them as. Biological viruses and pathogens don't affect them, but those of the digital variety do. And then there's the fact that their ships are involved in, well, "achieving a union". The fact that the origins behind the Engi are unknown has not helped investigations. Where the machinery ends and where the actual organics begins is anyone's guess.
    • The "achieving a union" part has inevitably drawn the Pantheon's more immature and perverted population into asking about the topic, usually from the House of Love's more lustful gods and goddesses. Supririse, surprise, it turned out the interest behind it wasn't anything academic. The Engi have since learned to not give these people the time of day and just continue working on whatever they were doing.
  • Calm and fearless are both apt words to describe the Engi for they feel no other emotion (besides embarrassment in certain cases, apparently). Because of this, they're considered the least hostile of the known races within their universe and Engi-controlled space is considered on the safer side of things even in the wake of galactic war. Do not mistake this for pacifism, however. If on the final frontier they are forced to fight they will do just that. And they will kill you. Not only are the likes of Sombra and Teseo are effectively blacklisted for their capabilities over hacking but the they consider those like Sigma, Malware, XANA, SCP-633, the Infested, and Borg Queen too dangerous to be left alive and have worked according to oppose them. The Borg as a whole is especially concerning for them as they're often liken to them, a comparison that goes unappreciated. Rotom would of been considered a threat as well although some have defended him as but a jokester at worst. While the Engi acknowledge its threat compared to the other previously listed deities one would be hard pressed to find an Engi who actually trusts Rotom.
  • Their ships are identified by their boxy design, primarily grey exteriors, and all around looking like heaps of junk loosely bolted together. Though they are quite lacking aesthetics-wise they're still very efficient in suiting the Engi's needs and are just as functional as any other ship in their side of the galaxy. Combat-wise, Engi favor the use of drones and Ion weaponry to disable and terminate their opponents.
  • While many of their kind have gone on to aid the GUAG as result of their close ties to the Federation many other Engi prefer to live in nomadic bands all around the Pantheon and haven't really participated in Alliance work, let alone an entire Forever War. And on that note, of them are actually interested in the GUAM's goals of subjugation against anything not robotic like themselves. One can't help but feel they see quite a lot of the Rebels' ideals in them.
  • Dell Conagher and Hazel have had the frequent privilege of being able to work with the Engi regarding some larger-scale projects and can attest to their skills. Mr. House, seeing the potential in their technological know-how, has managed to form a contract between one or two bands. Details on the project are scarce to anyone not privy to the fine print but considering the privacy of it has worried a number of people who are not on House's good side.
    • While they're fine with working with House, the same cannot be said for Susie Haltmann of Haltmann Works Company. The intergalactic corporation specializing in all things machinery and robotic has a history of invading planets and mechanizing them for their own purposes. They're most well known for the powerful wish-granting super computer, Star Dream, and during their venture in Pop Star the computer ended up trying to extinguish all life within the universe. While Susie would lend aid in its defeat the Engi still don't trust her.
  • They're a firm enemy of the Mantis as they have threatened their core worlds in search of slaves to help maintain their ships. While they wont immediately turn away other giant bugs simply for that fact, they (justifiably) aren't exactly fond of the Tyranids and the Aparoids. For the latter, they've begun aiding the paramilitary team Star Fox after hearing of their experience against such a threat on top of the crazed scientist Andross.
    • While not as dangerous to the scale of the Tyranids and Aparoids, many members of the Eliksni still prove to be a threat against the Engi having continously plundered their ships and stations. While piracy isn't uncommon in their world, the difference between members of a race turning to piracy and the entirety of a once-proud race turning to such a lifestyle to survive are of different ballparks and these Fallen have proven to be far more hardened bands of plunderers and killers.

    The Frye Twins 
Sir Jacob Frye and Dame Evie Frye, Divine Duumvirate of Twin Banter
The Frye Twins, Jacob (left) and Evie (right)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbols: The Insignia Of The The British Brotherhood of Assassins. Alternatively, their respective signature weapons - a Cane Sword for Evie and a pair of Brass Knuckles for Jacob
  • Theme Song: Family
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Assassination, Family, Gangs, Victorian London, Industrial Revolution
  • Heralds: Lydia Frye (Jacob's granddaughter and Evie's grand-niece) and Henry "The Ghost" Green (Evie's husband)
  • Followers: The Rooks and the British Assassins
  • Deified Mentors: Ezio Auditore, Ryu Hayabusa, Niccolo Machiavelli
  • Friendly Assassins Include: Arya Stark, Corvo Attano Black Widow, Gen, Kitana (sort of), Shadow Yamoto, Yoh Hinonura and Emu Hino
  • Rival Assassins Include: Golgo 13, Ra's al-Ghul, Talia al-Ghul, Lady Shiva, Widowmaker, Deadshot, Nina and Anna Williams
  • Allies:
  • Headbutting Heroes: with Batman
  • Unwanted Admirers: Mileena and Mitsuko Souma for Jacob; Erron Black, Euron Greyjoy, and Robert Baratheon for Evie
  • Opposes: Evil/Corrupt Businessmen and Aristocrats, such as Professor Moriarty, Lex Luthor, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Lord Voldemort
  • Targets For Assassination: Shay P. Cormac, Johan Liebert, Jack the Ripper, Tywin Lannister, Gregor Clegane, Cersei Lannister, Stannis Baratheon
  • Pities/Creeped Out By: Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon)
  • Ezio Auditore has heard good things about the Frye twins, stemming from freeing London from Templar control (technically, they went against orders to do so), which is why both he and Niccolo Machiavelli worked to get the pair into the Pantheon. Both Evie and Jacob arrived by train, hopping out of the freight cars and onto the station's platform, where they were greeted by Ezio and Machiavelli. The meeting was...priceless.
    Ezio: "Jacob and Evie Frye?"
    Jacob: "That's us. Who are you?"
    Ezio: (bows) "None other. Benvenuto nel Pantheon." (Welcome to the Pantheon)
    Jacob: "Who?"
    Machiavelli: (points to Jacob) "Not very book smart, isn't he?"
    Jacob: "OI!"
    Machiavelli: (chuckles) "I like her already, Ezio."
  • The Frye twins' ascension did not go unnoticed by the turncoat Assassin-turned-Templar, Shay Patrick Cormac. Thanks to them, not only did the Templars lose out on the Shroud of Eden, but also the Templars had lost control of London. So now, Jacob and Evie are the No.2 targets behind Ezio. For their part, both Jacob and Evie agree that while the Order has it's flaws, they are firm believers in free will. What really gets under the skin of Cormac is Evie showing the Templar's hypocrisy and their own failures.
  • How did the Fryes meet Cormac? Oh, when the traitorous Assassin-turned-Templar tried to assassinate Empress Emily Kaldwin during a ball held inside Emily's temple. At least this time around, Evie wasn't forced to wear a gown. Empress Kaldwin had refused to hand over an Isu relic in her possession and even refused an alliance between the Iron Isles and the Templars, resulting in the assassination orders on her person. Jacob and Evie crashed the party and despite still being outnumbered four-to-seven (Cormac and six Templar mooks against the Fryes, Corvo and Emily), forced Cormac to retreat. Cormac learned three lessons that day; the first being that Corvo took the assassination attempt on his daughter very badly, that Emily is just as dangerous as her father in combat, and that the Fryes are a credible threat. On the other hand, both Evie and Jacob made some new friends that day in the form of Corvo and his daughter, Jacob stating that this was "the best damn rowdydow" he been to in a while, and the Assassins now operate freely in Dunwall and the Isles.
  • Jacob and Evie noticed a street urchin loitering around their temple, making small talk with the Rooks and British Assassins. It was Jacob that noted that there was about the kid. Turns out that the street rat was none other than Arya Stark...and quite an infamous assassin in her own right. Arya was curious about the duo and decided to check them out. After hearing about how Arya avenged her family, the pair decide to take Arya under their wing as a de facto mentor much to the chagrin of her family.
  • If you decide to go toe-to-toe with the Fryes, do so at your own risk. Out of all the Assassins, they're by far the most brutal when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Even Cormac had to admit this when he squared off against the Fryes. Plus, their time spent learning from the Indian Assassins the art of fear makes the twins even more deadly. Whenever one of the Fryes show up in one of the Pantheon's fight clubs, whoever fights them is gonna have a really bad day.
    • Ironically enough, it was one of these fight clubs where Sherlock Holmes met Jacob and Evie. Holmes was there to blow off some steam after his lead on Moriarty was a total bust. Even more funny is that the Fryes thought Moriarty to be a Templar, which wasn't true...alothough he was given an invite. Holmes has done his homework on the Fryes, and there is a mutual respect between Holmes and the twins. Standing orders for the Rooks and British Assassins is not to harm Holmes or his assistant, Watson. In response, Holmes occasionally calls on the Fryes for aid on some of his cases.
  • Ezio and Machiavelli challenged the Fryes to break into two temples. They did, but were caught by the owners, Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji, with Yoruka Kirihime visiting the former, as it was a test orchestrated by Ezio and Hayabusa. Sure the twins know how to fight and learned the arts of fear from the Indian Assassins, now, Jacob and Evie learn the art of stealth from the deified ninjas.
  • The Fryes has a soft spot for children. Exploit and/or harm them at your peril.
  • As they rose through the ranks within Victorian London's underbelly, the Fryes understandably have a hatred for corrupt businessmen, mainly due to the aforementioned exploitation of children for a cheap source of labor. Lex Luthor tops the list not because of his business practices, but the fact that the man stole forty cakes. Both Jacob and Evie are more than happy to kill him just for that.
  • While more than willing to work with Batman, the twins are at odds with the Caped Crusader due to the both of them being trained killers. Killing an innocent goes against the Creed of the Assassins (Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent), but that doesn't make Bats feel any better. But he does recognize the Frye twins' effectiveness, including Evie's cunning.
  • As they champion the working class, the Fryes are open to work with like-minded individuals such as Spider-Man and Mario, who also favor the working class in their respective dominions. Plus, the homecooked meals from Aunt May and the Italian dishes from Mario are a nice bonus.
  • Jacob became friends with Will Turner when he stopped by his blacksmith's shop/temple to get some of his gear repaired. While Will and his wife are not Assassins, both Will and Jacob struck up a friendship, despite their different views. Nobody knows why but some can fathom a guess...
  • Yes, Jacob is bisexual. That little tidbit made Oberyn Martell's day, and just about every other gay deity in the Pantheon. Kung Jin was also seen giving Jacob side glances. And while Kanji Tatsumi denies it, he's also been checking Jacob out as well.
  • There is a connection of sorts between Evie and Princess Zelda. When the Fryes decide to head off to London, Evie had the secondary job of protecting London from her brother's antics. Evie glowed at the praise Zelda has given her in regards to keeping her brother in line and making him a more responsible person in general.
  • Evie is Happily Married to Henry Green, but that doesn't stop Robert Baratheon from trying to woo her, in both his younger, fit form and his fat form. Nine times out of ten, Robert gets booted out from their temple. The other time, it's Jacob who tosses Robert out.
    • Unfortunately, the second Westerosi deity who has evil designs on her is Euron Greyjoy. And he has no qualms about making the female Frye another salt wife. Evie promised to geld him should he try anything funny.
  • Not that Jacob is exempt from creepy admirers. Mitsuko Souma tops that list. As the Pantheon would look down on him shagging a girl in her mid-teens, it's the fact that she's batshit insane and tried to kill Evie with her harvesting sickle that got her a permanent ban from their temple.
  • Jacob: I'm no criminal. I just do as I please.
  • Evie: For every mission, there is a right way and a wrong way. Barging thoughtlessly into combat is, more often than not, the latter.
  • Disgusted by the then legal parctice of child labor, the twins formed a street gang called the Rooks, and with it waged a war to free the orphans of Northern London from a life of legalized slavery in Templar owned factories. This earned them the respect of Bryan Mills, another British warrior who is fiercely protective of children.
  • Jacob and Evie Frye get along splendidly with Kirito and Asuna, who besides sharing a love for English Afternoon Tea, are also hunters of bullies who are kind to children. Kirito and Jacob would engage in banters of sarcastic wit and trade tips on how to rile up girls with childish practical jokes, while Asuna and Evie, both being the elders in their families, sigh and Facepalm in unison at the immaturity of their younger respective husband and brother.
  • Also has a place in Twins.

Gex, God of Speaking in Shout-Outs
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A remote control
  • Theme Music: Gex 3 Boss/Bonus Stage Theme; alternatively, this
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Constantly spouting one-liners which reference pop culture, Tail Slap, Wall Crawl, Mascot with Attitude
  • Domains: Geckos, Television, Wisecracks
  • Allies: GEICO Gecko, Austin Powers, The MST3K Crew, Bubsy
  • Enemies: SCP-993
  • Opposes: Gleeman Vox, Lionel Starkweather, Tsumugi Shirogane
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis from: James Bond (one-sided)
  • Gex is a gecko with a primary interest in watching TV thanks to the fact his father died in a rocket explosion, though that last bit isn't brought up much. His days being a couch potato in Hawaii came to an end thanks to swallowing a fly that was actually a metallic transmitter and ending up inside the television thanks to Rez, an evil figure of the Media Dimension. Gex has since fought Rez a number of times for some reasons, including money or the fact that his lovely female human spy ally got kidnapped. One thing's for certain about Gex: he’ll never miss a chance to spout a pop culture related one liner about his current situation. Then again, that's what happens when someone hires a binge-watcher to fight crime.
    • Gex originally ascended under the trope of the Talkative Loon, but later asked for it be changed due to some people avoiding him due to the negative connotations of said trope alongside believing himself to be (mostly) sane. He was given the replacement trope of Speaks in Shout-Outs after the Court of the Gods due to the staggering amount of pop culture references he managed to slip in during said request to get it changed.
  • At first, he didn't know a whole lot about this Pantheon deal, but upon learning that the characters from the many TV shows he watches are real there, he seemed pretty excited about it. Of course, Gex is more content to watch TV to relax, but if the need arises to fight something that threatens his peace, then Gex will be up for the challenge.
  • Whenever he watches TV, there's a likely chance that he'll see ads featuring the GEICO gecko during commercial breaks. Gex decided to pay him a visit and while the GEICO gecko was a bit surprised at seeing another gecko at first, he was more than welcoming of Gex. The two have even considered working on an advertisement together whenever Gex has enough free time in his hands.
    • That said, Gex did find it a bit unbelievable that the GEICO gecko got into a fight against Segata Sanshiro over who has better commericals. This is despite the fact that Gex's first adventure did come out on the Sega Saturn. Gex did try to suggest that Segata and the GEICO gecko could at least be a bit less hostile with their rivalry, especially since Gex does see Segata's ads on TV sometimes and has no issue with those ads.
  • No one is really sure whether or not Gex is able to swim underwater for prolonged periods of time, even while using a body of water in Water and Moisture to test things out. People have claimed that they've seen Gex come up for air after diving underwater for a short period of time while others believe that they saw him able to swim underwater just fine for quite a while, even while exploring a shipwreck.
  • He heard about how Timmy Turner went inside the world of television as a means of escapism and then had to stop his evil babysitter Vicky from using it to take over the real world. Given that Timmy is the kind of person who often has to fix his mistakes upon realizing them a little too late, Gex did try to talk to him about his problems. The only reason why Gex decided not to at the last moment was because, from watching Timmy's other adventures on TV, he knew Timmy kept creating problems with his wishes no matter how many times he was told about the consequences of such.
  • Being a parodic spy figure that's known for making wisecracks at various moments, he gets along pretty well with Austin Powers. That however, didn't sit well with James Bond, who already had an issue with Austin Powers making a mockery out of the field of spies. With how much more of a jokester Gex is than Austin Powers could potentially be, Agent 007 seems to have a bigger dislike of Gex than he does towards Austin Powers. On his end, Gex doesn't really mind 007 too much and kind of admires him, likely due to Gex watching 007's adventures whenever they come on TV. Gex did say that 007 could loosen up a little, but that's more Gex's opinion on 007 in his more serious moods than anything serious.
  • He has a fondness for watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and how the crew there makes plenty of quips to go along with the movies they watch. Gex ended up on the Satellite of Love once and got along pretty well with Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. For short bit, Gex decided to make his own riffs alongside the robots and for the most part, the bots seemed to like what Gex had to say.
  • One time, Gex accidentally wound up in the TV World for an unexplained reason. Being who he is, Gex decided to just take a look around and see what's there. He ended up finding plenty of unusual things he hadn't seen before. And then, he ended up meeting Yu Narukami while there, who explained to Gex what the purpose of the TV World was. Gex simply mused that this wasn't exactly what he'd thought of when it comes to a place named "TV World". Yu escorted Gex out of the place, telling him that nothing significant is happening related to Gex, but will let him know if something comes up, whatever it may be..if it even happens.
  • Gex makes frequent trips to the House of Theater to see firsthand how the TV shows he watches get made. During one of his visits, he ended up being a contestant on Mettaton's game show and was a guest on Space Ghost's talk show. Both experiences ended up being pretty weird for him and it was just as weird for him to be watching himself on TV after those respective shows finished filming.
  • In one of their fights, Rez apparently claimed that he was Gex's father, a claim that Gex isn't certain about. There's also the fact that a battle of theirs took place in a setting similar to that of Star Wars. Gex's father isn't something the gecko is too interested talking about with others, but whenever he watches The Empire Strikes Back, it does somehow bring back memories of fighting against Rez.
  • Traveling through television programs is a recurring thing for Gex, alongside fighting against any antagonistic inhabitants of those programs. Gex was actually more than surprised when he found out that there was a deadly TV program through SCP-993. Since Gex couldn't even get past one episode of Bobble the Clown's program, he had to be explained by others about Bobble's intentions. Gex actually got upset that someone would be willing to use a TV program to harm others and has talked to some other deities on if there's a way to get Bobble's program cancelled, so to speak.
    • Anyone who likes to make live programming that involves murdering others is something that Gex hates as much as he hates someone who uses TV as a means for corrupting others. To Gex, TV and entertainment is just something to watch for fun and to use that to blatantly showcase live murders is unforgivable. Those particular deities in charge of live death games on TV don't care at all on what a talking gecko would think of them, especially since half the time Gex is watching TV (just not their programming).
  • What some deities find weird about Gex is that while he does speak English perfectly fine, it's that sometimes he has a British accent and sometimes he doesn't. And then there's what kinds of one-liners he says depending on what voice he has at the moment.

    The Girl (Nevaeh
The Girl, Goddess of Pictorial Speech Bubbles (Nevaeh)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Butterfly sitting on top of a coffin
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Nameless Narrative, Jumping on monsters' heads, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, Butterfly of Death and Rebirth, Regenerating Health while in Light, Taking Damage Over Time while in Darkness, Collecting Healing Herbs to heal the townsfolk, Implied daughter of the Queen of the Night, Deliberately Monochrome world until her Heroic Sacrifice to save the world like in the past
  • Domains: Light, Shadows, Butterflies
  • Allies: Sora, Niko, Danielle Baptiste, Aurora, Born, Koichi Kimura, Judai Yuki, Tippi
  • On Good Terms with: Count Bleck, Meat Boy, Rarity
  • Odd Friendship: Dropsy
  • Enemies: Malevolent darkness in general, Chernabog, the Dark Star, The Shadow Queen, Dark Matter Horde, The Heartless, Queen Umbra, Meridia, the Light of Destruction
  • Fears: The Presence
  • Avoids: Morpho Knight
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Pale King
  • A mysterious young woman who woke in the middle of the forest who is happened upon by a pair of siblings living within a Village that's by the sanctity of the light. When the lights begin to go out, the Girl is asked to help investigate the Tower to help fix their problem. In exploring its confines she frees Butterfly locked within a glass prison thinking it will help serve the Village. After narrowly escaping the Queen of the Night, she comes back to find the Village has been distorted and fallen into darkness. Recognizing the Butterfly's importance, she works to go back to the tower and put it back, restoring parts of the town and its people along the way. After being mortally wounded and being briefly separated from the Butterfly, the Girl still follows through with her plan to put it back despite it keeping her alive by that point and restores light to the entire world itself at the cost of her own life.
    • Due to the nature of her story the proper details of the world the Girl lived in are vague. The generally accepted version is as follows: The Village was beset by monsters in the dark and the Queen of the Night grew herbs that would help them in exchange for payment. They were unable to pay her and the Queen left the town to their fate, including the Brother and Sister. The Girl, who is heavily implied to be her daughter or at some important family member, stole their Butterfly and used it to illuminate the Village and banish the monsters. She does so at the cost of her life and the Village came to revere her as a deity while the Queen and her forces branded her as a traitor. Some time later the Girl is revived and goes through the Tower as mentioned before. She encounters the Queen a second time and gets cornered and has her underlings rip out the Butterfly by force. The Girl confronts the Queen once more and after beating her Brother comes back and murders the Queen for turning away from the Village and flees. The Girl follows him back out the Tower and into the now heavily distorted Village and after tracking him down he reveals his intentions of destroying the Butterfly to not only spite the Queen but also to liberate everyone in the Village. After beating him, the Brother and Sister begin to fade away and the Girl ultimately chooses to relinquish the Butterfly and illuminate the world. The Queen stands beside the Girl’s coffin while the siblings bring some flowers. This is also discounting the fact that the world might also be an afterlife of sorts, presumably a kind of purgatory.
  • The young lady once again found herself waking up on a forestbed after being stirred by the soft breeze and warm sunlight on her cheek. Upon getting her barrings she was beyond wonderstruck then to see the world in a kaleidoscope of colors, colors she had never seen in her world nor could she ever of experienced following her sacrifice. Awe turned turned to shock and subsequent panic when she was once again beset by a butterfly that bore an uncanny resemblence to the very same butterfly she let go of. After walking around the Girl would be informed of her place in the Pantheon and after confirming that her world is indeed safe after her sacrifice she accepted her position. Thus, she would be ascended over Pictorial Speech Bubbles due to how her story was told in her world.
  • Strictly speaking, the Girl has no name that can for sure be called her real one and if there was she isn’t telling anyone. More often than not she’s often referred to as simply “The Girl”, or variations thereof with some including a mention of the Butterfly. That being said, she does not being called Nevaeh, at least by those closest to her.
  • As she knows it, the darkness is physically harmful in that it slowly drains away vitality and monsters under its veil and rendered invincible. Conversely, the light slowly restores her health and makes monsters susceptible to damage. In the Pantheon its generally not as severe and can traverse it without as much trouble though in certain places, like the Halls of Light and Brightness and Darkness and Shadow for instance, its effects on her health still take hold and is perhaps more potent so she’s careful in this regard. And that’s not going over the many gods who are apart of and/or champion these two diametrically opposed forces.
  • The Girl’s journey through the Tower was an arduous one, and she could not have gotten far without the help of the Butterfly. With the Butterfly in her possession she can use it to cast light nearly wherever she wants to not only reveal things and make things disappear but light up switches and project shadows of other objects. Finally, she can also use utilize butterfly wings to safely glide down long falls.
  • Being someone who chose to restore light to her world she earned the attention of Danielle Baptiste and Niko, a host of the Angelus and a person tasked with restoring the light. The Girl was fascinated by Danielle’s role in her world while she and Niko bonded by how similar their adventures are. While by no means helpless, the two have promised to have her back in case she ever needs it. The Girl also by chance happened to cross paths with Sora, a Keyblade Wielder. The conversation between them was short but worthwhile starting off mundane but drifted to their respective journeys when Sora saw the Butterfly. Eventually the two parted ways on good terms and the young woman has not seen him again since but would not mind another meeting. Not all beings of light are good, however, as the Light of Destruction and Meridia have indiciated. One is a cosmic malevolent force that inspires similar levels of depravity, another a callous being that masquerades as a wholly benevolent. Meridia herself has gone on to denounce the Girl as a being of dark who selfishly does good for praise and acknowledge, something she and her newfound friends have gone on to refute. Seeing that there’s no convincing stubborn mortals who refuse the light, Meridia left that as it is.
  • As someone who has fought her way through the shadows of the Tower this young girl is no friend to the many malevolent beings of dark. The Heartless was of course a given what with having met Sora and some other Keyblade Wielders before and she had fended off some Heartless as well (and aslo partook in some minigames for others such as collecting flan, strangely enough) but there was also Chernabog, the Dark Star, the Dark Matter Horde, and the Shadow Queen. However, none of them could compare to the horror called the Presence who terrifies the Girl as she does not want to be swallowed up by the madness it brings. Of course, not all beings of dark are themselves evil, the Girl herself is proof of that even, and its for that reason she more amicable to them. Born is a creature of the void responsible for dooming many worlds into being consumed by it, but it came from him wanting to escape and be his own being and soon righted his wrongs. The Girl understood that feeling all too well herself. There was also Koichi Kimura and Judai Yuki, two people but are otherwise upstanding people as well.
  • Even in the Pantheon, she can’t help but help people. For her, though, it’s less so about dungeoneering and fighting monsters and whatnot but the more mundane and little things, closer to the many times she helped out the villagers after her revival. It’s not all work for her, however, as on her off times she likes to take in all the scenery around her. The forests are one thing, being among the first sights she say in both her awakenings in back home and here, but other views too. She truly cannot get sick of being in a world of so much color.
  • One day, while on a forest walk the young woman overheard music coming from a flute. After following the song, she came a girl much younger than herself playing a flute to. The Girl proceeded to compliment her for her song and the conversation continued from there as the two hit it off. The Girl then found out that the flute girl’s name was Aurora, Princess of Lemuria though she insists to not be called that. Upon unraveling their respective tales both were surprised by the commonality surrounding a “Queen of the Night” and wondered if they were related though this was quickly brushed off as an uncanny coincidence. Aurora however explains that the Queen of the Night she knows, her Wicked Stepmother Queen Umbra, is actually in the Pantheon herself who still plots to have Lemuria for herself and the Girl promises to lend Aurora her aid against the evil queen if needed.
  • If it wasn’t plainly evident enough she has strong ties to butterflies and when it comes to them two tend to stand out. There’s Tippi, a Pixl who looks like a butterfly and accompanied Mario’s journey to stop Count Bleck, her lost love, from destroying all of reality through the Void. And then there’s Morpho Knight, a mysterious butterfly that absorbs the souls and powerful of fallen warriors into its own knightly morph and is unfathomably powerful. To the surprise of no-one, the Girl likes the company of Tippi more than Morpho Knight. She was at first unsure of meeting with Tippi's one true love, Count Bleck, through her experience with the Brother and the extremes he went through for the sake of his Sister thought it was also this same reasoning she could never fault him for it either. Helping things is that the Count remains courteous, though being with his living love again helps.
  • Among the many traps and hazards the Girl came across in her joruney through the Tower were buzzsaws. Lots and lots of buzzsaws. Like every trap she would have to manipulate the world in such a way in order to navigate through them though occassionally she has been able to utilize them as weapons against her foes through casting shadows with the Butterfly. Meat Boy and the Knight have gone through. The Girl found the former alright but has not met the Knight and only has a vague surface level understanding of it and its relationship with the Pale King though she finds she isn't fond of the monarch from the little information she has gleamed and the extensive installation of saws has not helped.
  • Was once stopped by a purple haired pony with a white mane that was clearly agitated. The pony’s name was Rarity and was very distraught at the current state of the Girl’s dress and was very insistent. The Girl looked and begrudgingly agreed it has indeed seen much better days, and found herself dragged into her boutique. Rarity was curious as to how she managed to let it get to such a point, especially after hearing her murmur such damages weren’t that bad up until now. And so, while waiting for the pony to finish she recounted a story about about a pink mechanical magical girl accidentally slicing it up while fending off a titanic flightless wyvern of the snow Both the story and Rarity finished and the Girl thanked her for the trouble and went home while Rarity asked to try to not let it get that bad ever again and the butterfly girl complied. She ended up being a semi-frequent visitor thanks to this.
  • Perhaps you would surprised that the Girl became good friends with a strange clown named Dropsy. Sure, many people can be considered his friends after getting past his appearances and receiving a warm, damp hug from him but the Girl hangs out with him often either playing with his animal companions or casting many shadows with the butterfly. One reason for how they got along well is, aside from some similarities, Dropsy is very much in tune with her language.

    Jimmy Neutron 
James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron, God of TV Geniuses and Children Who Talk Like They're Older

    Juliet Starling 
Juliet Starling, Goddess of Teenager Talk
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her chainsaw
  • Theme Song: Lollipop
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, A Love to Dismember to Nick, Chainsaw Good, Bunny-Ears Spy, Blood Knight, Cloud Cuckoolander, The Ditz, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, She-Fu, The Pollyanna, Stripperific
  • Domains: Zombie Killing, Combat, Chaos, Good
  • Heralds: Nick Carlyle (her boyfriend), Cordelia Starling & Rosalind Starling (her sisters), Gideon & Elizabeth Starling (her parents), Junji Morikawa (her sensei).
  • Followers: The teens at Caprica, The Blackadders, Jack Carter
  • Allies: Sabrina Spellman, Saeko Busujima, Buffy Summers, Claire Bennet, Kim Possible, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Bubbles, Raven, Ben Tennyson, Twlight Sparkle, Betty Cooper, Charlotte LaBouffe, Sayaka Miki, Mio Akiyama, Ash Williams
  • Enemies: Libby Chessler, Albert Wesker
  • Rivals: Jack Cayman
  • Opposes: All zombie deities
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Odd Friendship: Magik
  • Initially a teacher in the now defunct Academy (as well as a follower of Tallahassee along with the rest of her family), Juliet hoped to gain the cheerleader title from her inspiration Buffy Summers, with support from both the Slayer and Claire Bennet. The gods decided to put Juliet and the other competitor, Kim Possible, to the test to see which one had the acrobatics to deserve the title. Just as a winner was about to be announced, one particular cheerleader denounced the contest; Libby declared neither of them fit the title because they do not match common cheerleader traits of shallow ruthless Alpha Bitches that Really Get Around. The Court of the Gods agreed with the ruling, but amid Buffy and Claire's protests, they compensated by giving the two other titles. Kim would get the Heroic Multitasking title.
    • Appreciated Saeko for giving her the high priest rank for Orgasmic Combat. Both share a Blood Knight personality when it comes to mowing down zombies. Oh, and Juliet has her uniform as an alternate look as well.
  • She was also considered as the God of Chainsaws, but Jack Cayman proved to be much more worthy of the title. She doesn't mind, but isn't afraid to throw down with him whenever he offers a challenge.
    • The title she actually did get was suggested by Buffy herself. Although Buffy would have taken the title for her own, she decided that Juliet would be the perfect candidate for the job. It helps that Juliet has some experience with the supernatural.
  • When she was denied the cheerleader spot, she was met with a surprising ally. Although wary of cheerleaders in general, Sabrina would have preferred her to whatever Libby and her posse would choose for the title. Afterwards she, Sabrina, and Kim egged Libby's temple in a fit of revenge.
  • Her ascension caused some of her fellow zombie hunters to scratch their heads. The survival horror trio of Chris Leon and Claire were initially skeptical with her skills. That changed immediately once she showed them what she's capable of.
    • She became especially sympathetic with Jill Valentine after she found out that she was brainwashed for a time. That quickly turned to scorn at Wesker, the man responsible for it all.
  • Many in the House of Love were inspired with her relationship with her boyfriend Nick. Any couple that can survive when one is left with a head has to have a strong bond between the two. Nick himself was more ambivalent, wishing his girlfriend would listen to him more. It's a request Juliet is attempting to follow.
  • Once went into the House of the Undead, with varying results…
    • Her first target was Nagash the Undying, god of the Undead. Unfortunately, his necromancy as well as endless amounts of undead quickly overwhelmed her. From then on out, she approached with more caution.
    • She decided that less powerful gods would be easier to slay. The other Undying God was inflicted with heavy losses as his army was mowed down. The bout between the two ended in a stalemate.
    • She was finally stopped by a the Goddess of Revenants. After subduing her, Sylvanas Windrunner decided to let her go, warning her against going back into the House on a suicide mission. The cheerleader has been unsure on the archer's alignment to this day, but she promises not to attack her immediately on site.
  • Having the same voice of Tara Strong, Juliet forged several unusual relationships with several like-minded deities:
    • Despite her darker tendencies, Juliet managed to form an alliance with the demon Magik. She sees enough potential in the Corrupted one in overcoming her troubled past.
    • It hard not to see Juliet having a strong bond with the kid superhero Bubbles. One could say that the Powerpuff Girl is a much younger version of the cheerleader. It got especially grating for Buttercup.
    • Raven has been doing her best to avoid the girl, not just due to the similarities. Juliet contains strong enough emotions to make her sick to her stomach after prolong exposure. That doesn't mean she's not willing to occasionally help her out.
    • Ben just can't help but feel uncomfortable around her. Besides her skimpy outfit, the fact that he has the same voice as a girl confuses him to no end, much to Gwen's amusement.
    • Was once surprised by Pinkie Pie, who though she had heard Twilight Sparkle. Turns out the two share the same actress as well, and the two quickly became friends as a result.
    • She gets along with her Japanese voice partners as well. While she's trying to give confidence to Mio on her fanservice, she's sympathizes with Sayaka with what she had to go through.
  • It was surprising for Betty to find a cheerleader that isn't a stuck-up Alpha Bitch. Thus, she eased herself to a steady friendship with the preppy blonde. This has not gone unnoticed with Veronica, who has grown distraught over the concept.
  • When Juliet met up with Charlotte, the squees could be heard throughout the House of Commerce. It's not to say how the two wouldn't be best friends due to being Spoiled Sweet. Charlotte promises to fund the cheerleader's campaigns as well as that of the other zombie-killing deities.
  • Due to their love of the song, "Cherry Bomb," and other old hits, Juliet is good alies with Peter Quill/Star-Lord and the other Guardians of the Galaxy. She absolutely thinks that Rocket Raccoon is the cutest thing ever (much to Rocket's annoyance) and has promised Groot that she'd never use her chainsaw on him.

    King Togwaggle 
King Togwaggle, God of Broken Speech (King of the Kobolds, The Big Cheese, Heistbaron Togwaggle)
Heistbaron Togwaggle
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Candle-Crown and a large miriad of treasures
  • Theme Song: Kobolds and Catacombs, Setting Out, Gather and Into the Catacombs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fat Bastard, Artificial Stupidity, Greed, Friendly Enemy, Final Boss
  • Domains: Kobolds, Catacombs, Broken Speech, Candles, Wax, Treasure
  • Heralds: Rakanishu, his flame elemental Familiar and his Kobolds Followers
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Smaug, The Ancestor, The Dungeon Keeper
  • Enemies: The League of Explorers, Kalecgos, Yomi and Ceri, Riki, Fafnir, Wario
  • Friendly Enemy to: The Ascended Heroes of the Tavern (He is a lot more chummier with the Rogues)
  • There are stories of fabled catacombs that contain unimaginable treasures as well as untold horrors deep within the clutches of the caverns. These Catacombs are inhabited by Kobolds, a race of rat-like humanoids that spend most of their time mining and living underground. Not very smart and prone to very strange activities and atop sits King Togwaggle, the biggest of all Kobolds and the one who runs the place. The King was found transported into an unfamiliar world beyond the caves he lives where people referred to others as "gods" and later he found out he was one of them. He and a handful of his Kobold followers were selected given their rather poor speech and the King found no issue with that. Little did he know that his ascension would usher the beginning of a new wave of adventurers looking to snatch the treasures located deep within the catacombs of his temple, but he welcomes the challenge of the new blood.
  • Anyone can dare enter the Catacombs of the Kobolds and try their best in collecting high amounts of treasure. However, the Catacombs are not a friendly place, as it is infested by traps, beasts, monsters, demons and other untold eldritch horrors that may drive anyone insane. Not to mention, the Kobolds themselves will try to steal your earnings once you are done collecting.
    • Concerning the latter, it would seem at first that Togwaggle and his Kobolds are uncharacteristically friendly to adventurers. Truth is, that's part of their master plan. They let the adventurers clean up all the horrors of the lower levels of the Catacombs and then steal the treasure they couldn't retrieve themselves and split it, the King usually taking the best stuff.
  • One thing to note: YOU NO TAKE CANDLE! Candles are sacred artifacts to Kobolds and touching any of the dozens of candles found in the catacombs is a quick way to get you swarmed by angry kobolds. They even have Waxmancers that use magic based on the components of a candle.
  • His temple is not the only place that adventurers can venture to. He heard of other places such as The Ancestor's Estate or The Keeper's Dungeon domains and not wanting to be undone has tried to get more adventurers to enter the Catacombs. He is also greedy enough to send a few of his Kobolds towards those places to gather loot. He has had a surprising success rate considering that Kobolds can pass off as denizens from said dungeons without any trouble and have been successful in acquiring new loot for their king, but their stupidity is prone to getting them killed.
    • The King also heard stories about The Abyss and how many valuables that can be obtained there, not unlike the catacombs he lives in. He has commanded a few of his followers to make settlements in that place and at least the Kobolds were lucky enough to construct a camp in the first layer. Their lack of intelligence and general quirkiness allowed them to bypass the Abyss curse (at least the insanity. They are already very insane usually) and get to the lower levels unscathed. Provided they don't run into the local wildlife.
  • Togwaggle is certainly not fond of Yomi and Ceri. The latter is a frequent visitor of the Kobolds dungeons and Togwaggle has tried to teach her the in and outs of the Catacombs with mixed success but Ceri has slowly gotten better at handling the denizens of the catacombs, but she tends to die in the lower levels a lot (or rather she rarely make it past those levels whenever she does adventure there) which has benefited Togwaggle a lot. That is, until her girlfriend gets involved when she's not managing her own dungeon (and his kobolds get a lot of eye candy whenever they visit to check for loot before getting their butts kicked by its Cute Monster Girls) and managed to make most of the catacombs challenged a breeze, which Togwaggle isn't very happy about. At least they struggle a lot in the lower levels versus entities like The Darkness or Xol the Unscathed.
    • However, should the two assemble an entire party (especially if it comprises of other monsters from Yomi's dungeon), they can actually succeed in clearing it, much to his ire. Given they've managed to thwart the dungeon lord who first overthrew Yomi, and even their world's Izanami, this way, that's something of note. Thankfully, this only happens once a month.
  • Many deities have compared the speech and mannerism of the Kobolds to the those of the Nopon Race, something that Riki didn't take kindly since unlike Kobolds, the Nopon are friendly creatures to others. The Kobold King also reminded Riki a lot of Bana considering the latter's shady deals and the animosity between him and Togwaggle got a lot worse.
  • Inside the King's candle crown resides Rakanishu, a flame elemental that acts as Togwaggle's Familiar and often likes to burn things down. The little elemental, of course, admires Ragnaros given he is Azeroth's prime fire elemental and wants to be like him but he also got to meet other fiery creatures that sparked his interest, like the Firebird, or Brand.
    • A few of the deities from Sanctuary found Rakanishu to sound like a familiar name. Indeed, there is a demon by the same name that was once fought by the heroes of Sanctuary and they don't fondly remember him.
  • The Kobolds have a lot of Dragons living in their caverns, most of those are Dragon Hoarders who are very protective of their treasures and can get very angry at thieves. The first thing that Togwaggle noticed is that the Pantheon also had one of those (Smaug, to be exact) and since they heard that his temple holds a lot of treasure like their caverns do, they have tried to steal from the dragon. Usually that ends up with a few squashed or burned Kobolds as a result but the little critters have been successful at snatching more treasure for the Kobold King, something that has caused Smaug himself to rain terror on their temples. Funnily enough, the Kobolds are pretty used to it.
  • The King was surprised that a deity who initially he thought was an adventurer was seen collecting gold and it turned out to be a monster. More egregiously, the King was bold enough to make a partnership with said creature, who turned out to be the Ahtal-Ka, and make them stay with a huge pile of gold with the condition that they act as another obstacle for adventurers. The monster has stayed believe it or not, but the Kobolds don't like to deal with her unless it's really necessary.
  • The king may be greedy, but he founds the greed of both Wario and Fafnir to be even greater than his and that bothers him. In his own words, "No one can be greedier than Kobold King!" and so those are one of the few deities that he nevers give indications and hints about the Catacombs obstacles. Not that they needed those in the first place.
  • Ultimately, adventurers completely emptied the golds that lied in the Kobold Catacombs, leaving Togwaggle sad and depressed. But he saw an opportunity when a mysterious troll fortune teller, Madame Lazul, sought him out and called him in for a special reunion. There, he and the others formed the League of E.V.I.L., with their first target being taking over the floating city of Dalaran for themselves.
    • Togwaggle, now going by Heistbaron Togwaggle, wanted to steal all the gold from the Dalaran Banks, enlisting the help of his candle friend Rakanishu and a few other henchmen. He did run into a faction of opposing Kobolds who also wanted to steal the gold too, led by his Distaff Counterpart, Queen Wagtoggle. He wasted no time in ordering his men to take her and her followers' candle (This is Serious Business in Kobold culture) and so after shortly disposing of her, the bank staff and Trade Prince Gallywix (who wanted to protect his "honest" investments) the bank fell into the League's hands and the Kobolds regained most of their gold, which he now proudly displays in his temple. Of course, that only prompted adventurers to start entering his temple once again.
  • "We be taking this now! Is kobold way!"


    Avery Bullock 
Deputy Director Avery Bullock, God of Classy Crassness

    Dimitri L. Lousteau 
Dimitri L. Lousteau, God of Jiving
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His "greasy sweet" suit
  • Theme song: Greasy Sweet (remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: jiving, crazy artistry, wielding harpoons, Let's Dance!, working for the good guys (even though no one asked him to)
  • Allies: Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray, Panda King, The Guru, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy
  • Enemies: Neyla, Penelope (ex-team member)
  • Like the Panda King, Dimitri started off as an enemy of the Cooper Gang as a member of the Klaww Gang, but was eventually betrayed by Neyla and thrown in jail. He got out, became a dance instructor on a cruse ship... and was tossed back in! But when Sly bailed him out, Dimitri offered to help him recruit Penelope (which eventually provided to be a big mistake) on the condition that Sly and his friends help Dimitri retrieve his grandfather's diving gear. They did so, and now he's a proud member of the Cooper Gang with no hard feelings between them for the Clockwork tail feathers.
  • When he's not with the ascended Cooper gang members, he's in his temple where he plays some of his "greasy sweet" music, or he's swimming in the dark waters of the House of Beasts and Nature, gathering sunken treasure to help promote his career as a professional skin diver. Amazingly enough, he's one of the few gods who managed to go toe-to-toe with both Bruce and the Kraken in several occassions and managed to come away unscathed every time, due both to his greasy sweet swimming and his skill with his harpoon gun.
  • There are only a few gods who actually understand what Dimitri is saying (mostly because Dimitri learned his English from hip-hop videos). And if there some who actually does and talks back to him with accurate jive talk, he just states that while they made good attempts, they just aren't to his level.
    • Shawn Michaels speaks jive apparently, and actually was able to get some sort of conversation going along. That and Dimitri knows that Shawn can pull out the Sweet Chin Music at any time.
  • Many of the Gods are wary about him turning good after they heard of that time he was counterfeiting his own money (which is frowned upon by all thieves in the Pantheon). Dimitri states that he's gone legit, though.
  • One of his favorite hangouts is Moe's Tavern, where he likes to unwind with a cool drink and show off his dancing. One particular day, he made the mistake of ordering the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (due to Moe not understanding the jivester's unique talk). Accounts differ depending on the alignment of the deity present, but Dimitri woke up the next day hanging from the rafters of the Academy's gigantic gym wearing one of Asuka's spare plugsuits and holding the Ore and the Anti-Life Equation taped to his face. Dimitri begged Haruhi to push her Reset Button to no avail as she found it too hilarious to retgone.
  • Another of his hobbies involves his life-long passion to his self-created artstyle, the "kinetic aesthetic". Despite showing off his painting skills to the other deities (which involve him swinging on a rope tied around his waist and painting with each pass), they all considered his art too strange for their tastes (or downright mocking it, in the case of the Trollkaiger and other evil aligned gods), much to the iguana's anger.
    • In another act of sweetness, Dimitri's strange art style actually won him the Million Dreams Award in Toon Town. Apparently, Mickey thought Dimitri should be recognized for his unique talents in art, causing many to question the views of toons.
  • Extremely fast when confronted in a battle on land, but never used this ability after his initial battle with Sly. He hasn't said anything either way, but it's presumably a result of taking his own product back when he was a dealer.

    Elmer Fudd 
Elmer Fudd, God of Rhotacism
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His double-barreled shotgun and his hat.
  • Theme Song: Grilled Cheese
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Harmless Villain, Too Dumb to Live, his famous Speech Impediment, Arch-Enemy of Bugs Bunny, Villainous Underdog
  • Domains: Speech Impediment, Hunting, Incompetence
  • Allies: Other hunter deities, Remy, Scarface, Yosemite Sam
  • Rivals: Most Disney deities
  • Enemies: Tarzan, Fluttershy, Cure Pine, Buddy Baker
  • Friendly Enemies: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck (depending on the work portrayed)
  • Annoyance to: Megaman
  • Pities: Monomi/Usami
  • Unsure Of: Batman
  • He has been hunting for Bugs Bunny for the past seven decades, but he has constantly failed, mainly from Bugs' trickery. Several times, Bugs would crossdress to trick him, he falls for it, many times.
    • There was one time the two were in the rivalry as an opera. He didn't take being tricked by Bugs dressed like a woman very well and was the angriest he has ever been. He actually killed him but ended up regretting it, though Bugs is alive, for obvious reasons.
    Bugs Bunny: Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?
    Ganesha: You do and I'll give you such a pinch!! (Elmer got flattened by a dharmic pillar)
    • There was a time when he stopped hunting Bugs so that he could get the inheritance money from his uncle's will. Of course, Bugs being Bugs decided to pull jokes on him, and he eventually got the inheritance... of $1.98. He was pissed to say the least and started hunting Bugs again. Though the House of Commerce actually examined it and found that he actually earned $902,982.04, though Elmer didn't care about it anymore.
  • It is thought that he was once a man named "Egghead" before he became what he is. However, he pointed out that he and Egghead are two different people.
  • When he speaks to Megaman or even near him, a lot of deities make fun of Doctor Light's voice, much to Megaman's annoyance.
  • He shows his love of grilled cheese sandwiches, though a lot of deities note that how he loves them seem very... sexual.
  • He dreads the one season in every year: Elmer Season.
    Elmer: Uh oh...
  • Upon hearing of how she was made fun of her childish way of speaking, Elmer Fudd has started talking with Usami about a potential idea of a support group about their speaking habits.
  • Surprisingly, Batman is somewhat cautious around him. When asked why, Bernkastel (who was passing by) showed a kakera in which Batman confronted Elmer Fudd where they fought toe to toe. Elmer himself isn’t to clear on what happened and made no comments on it.
  • "Shh. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits. Huhuhuhuhuh."

    Guybrush Threepwood 
Guybrush Threepwood, Patron Saint of Insult Sword Fighting (Mighty Pirate, Mr. Marley, Smith, Captain Loogie, Wanton Goodsoup, the Anti-LeChuck, the Dart Master)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Monkey Island itself
  • Theme Song(s): The Secret of Monkey Island theme (Remastered version)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: A very welcoming pirate with a ton of witty dialogue yet gains less respect from time to time, throws insults while swordfighting, tends to speak out to anyone controlling him, has the ability to talk to others, accomplishes things out of the box, plays dumb to his advantage, quite older from his young looks, has a phobia for porcelein for some reason, returns to the living four times
  • Domains: Piracy, Treasure, Banters, Sword-fighting, Point-and-Click Adventure
  • Herald: Elaine Marley
  • Allies: Stan S. Stanman, Monkey D. Luffy and members of the Straw Hats, Sam & Max
  • Rivals: Most pirates, most notably Jack Sparrow (leans to Unknown Rival), Edward Kenway, Adéwalé, Cervantes de León (sometimes leans to Enemies), Deadpool, Peter Parker/Spiderman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Respected by: The House of Gaming, Nathan Drake
  • Fears: Blackbeard
  • Enemies: Most undead especially by the likes of Spinal, Davy Jones, the Flying Dutchman, Wulfrik the Wanderer
  • In the mighty seas of old, the waters were sailed by various people, often those who want to travel to other places, at the same time it also became the home of a common profession at the time: piracy. Pirates from all over the corners of the world became the norm and turned the ocean into a wild west, where pirates loot and plunder various treasures. However, there are rules and one of which was to include insults in the middle of swordfighting. That is where Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate, comes in. Once a beginner who wanted to become a pirate, he resided in Mêlée Island where he would train to finish "The Three Trials" and become the pirate he wished to be. Destiny however would be on his side as he would discover the governor, Elaine Marley, and her history with a ghost pirate named LeChuck, who would become his staple arch-nemesis. After her kidnapping by the pirate, he would sail and save her, and from here on out, would become the staple of his adventure in Monkey Island™.
  • During one of his ventures outside of the Pantheon, a certain Jack Sparrow ended up stranded in a strange place where duels are decided on how witty one's insults are and it was not just on one island, even the seas also had this rule. Unaware of the rules, he kept losing despite dodging most hits and was mildly annoyed at such rule. Luckily, one of his followers was there to help him out, a man named Guybrush Threepwood who came along after sailing in the seas. Together, the two pirates managed to stop the plans of the undead pirate LeChuck, who planned on raising an army of zombies to rule all the seas as well as teaching some funny insults to use. Before departing however, the ship they were using was transported to the Pantheon docks and soon Guybrush was ordered for evaluation, leading to his deification. Before he would accept it however, he requested Elaine to join in but they could not find a spot for her and eventually became his herald. Unfortunately for him, Sparrow took all the credit of the entire story, even though it was he that did most of the work.
  • Throughout his history, Guybrush has always wanted to become a pirate and has aspirations ever since his introduction in Mêlée Island as he had trained for years to come, however his looks often becomes the sole reason as to why he is never taken seriously, even as a pirate. Some would mistake him for being 19 years old, but may come as older, though the Caribbean is known to employ young looking people in terms of the pirate life. In Pantheon standards, this seems to have carried on, some joking that even after years of sailing the high seas, he has yet to be recognized as a pirate, even after all the events and his many confrontations with that one ghastly pirate. He does have one thing other pirates envy him for: wits.
    • However, he was not the only one from his world to arrive. When he was finally instated in the Pantheon, talks of a ship selling business was made right beside his temple which would be odd since most pirates and sellers in the Pantheon are not ship sellers, which made him suspicious of who was bringing these products, and sure enough, Stan S. Stanman was right beside his entrance. That said, he bears no ill will towards him and enjoys his presence every once in a while though the seller's attempts to sucker his gold and treasures have little progress since Guybrush just simply outwits him in his deals.
  • The realm of piracy has given a wide variety of pirates of various sides, some notorious while others are cunning. Threepwood most certainly follows the latter. While he may not have the strength nor the respect of most captains, he is a clever speaker and can use insults in the middle of a swordfight, which is a staple in his time, not just around Monkey Island, even in the middle of the sea will he have to come up with clever ways to insinuate his opponents, this time with rhymes. He is also less brash and will even resort to more communicative efforts towards other pirates if they accept his offer. This has made him a smooth talker and quite a gentle guy as far as most pirates can go, if you want a less snarky version of Jack Sparrow.
    • Speaking of Jack Sparrow, he is waiting for some form of repayment from the Captain and even an apology for trying to take credit for his actions before. Comparing the two, they are amicable, if not more leaning towards Unknown Rival terms as while he's doing most of the heavy lifting, Sparrow's intervention either makes it harder or easier. The amount of luck he has makes swordfighting with him far hard. Yes, his insults and skills with swords makes him a quicker opponent but he has yet to land a hit on him. One thing is for sure is that he will not gladly hit on Elaine, as Jack has shown many times he has a hard time comprehending relationships if his past attempts are anything to go by.
    • Thankfully, he has found more pirate compatriots past Sparrow as his first meeting with Luffy ended with him being introduced in front of the Straw Hats. The Straw Hats, for being a bunch of pirates, are a very nice and caring bunch even so far as to congratulating his marriage with Elaine. They are also curious about the legend of the island known as Monkey Island, the home of his nemesis LeChuck. In fact, portions of the Tri-Island Area have been scouted by the Straw Hats and would love to visit the area from time to time, some even considering it as a sort of base-of-operations for most cooperative pirates. Noble idea but Threepwood has his doubts, afterall, why would pirates create a base in the first place if their profession prioritizes sailing around the seas? Rumor has it that they want to find that hidden secret within Monkey Island that not even the ghost captain knows.
    • Piracy has been the forefront of several conflicts, one of which was the conflict between the Templars and the Assassin Order thanks to the advancement of society at the time which emphasized naval travel and combat. With the advancements, the fight was also brought into that age, demonstrated by two members of the Assassins, Adéwalé and Edward Kenway. Both have taken their retirement as pirates well, maybe not for Kenway, but so far they watch his adventures with support and enthusiasm as they have heard his unique take on the life of a pirate.
    • It did not take long till the more hostile pirates joined in the surface as Cervantes showed up and made a terrifying appearance that would soon haunt the waters. Most pirates would see him as rivals but Guybrush seems to be a special case, partly because he is a pirate rival for the captain but on the other reminds him heavily of his nemesis. Cervantes has spoken he has no intention of kidnapping Elaine, not like the pirate he describes him as but that has not stopped his cautious meetings with him as any moment could be his last with someone as notorious as him. And it did not stop there, as the legends were indeed true about the presence of one Davy Jones, the fear of almost any pirate. Jones has seen him as another Sparrow but with less luck and a penchant for swordfighting. He has even come from time to time, offering entrance to the Black Pearl but he has mostly avoided him as well as angering him, or the last thing he'll see is a kraken sinking his ship.
  • Undead of any kind are not welcome in Guybrush's domain, as his experiences with LeChuck shows no stopping, even when the latter has killed him multiple times and even had an experience being an undead, which he recalls to being a horrifying moment for him. The moment a spot of a rotting flesh is seen approaching The Sea Monkey, chances are he will jump at a moment's notice with sword drawn. His hatred of undead has stopped a bit when he discovered that there are some undead with intelligence, but that moment stopped when someone as heavily dangerous as Sylvannas Windrunner appeared. He is planning some form of agreement with the Pantheon upper gods about undead entering his temple but has yet to receive a response. Out of most undead, Spinal and the Flying Dutchman seems to be the closest to being almost like LeChuck, being undead and a pirate, but something peculiar has piqued his sights, that being the Mask of the Ancients, which is a pretty cool treasure for him to take. However, to do so, he would have to fight him one-on-one and it would be risky, as his defeat could mean eternal damnation as he would become part of the crew if he is slain. The latter does see him with comedy in mind as while he does qualify to be even closer to his nemesis, he is a lot more soft-hearted than him and usually is harmless for the most part.
  • The House of Gaming has a soft spot for Guybrush for being one of the very few characters to have popularized the Point-and-Click Game in the past. Given the sudden changes in the world of video gaming, he must be one of the last of his own kind in the Pantheons, especially considering that for the most part, Monkey Island is pretty much finished. Sam & Max are another bunch that originated from LucasArts, and much like him, also sported unique personalities at that time. They would often meet and reminisce about the good old days. It seems that as time goes on, the generation they originated from will be a relic of the past, though thanks to the Pantheon's efforts, the two are able to interact freely.
  • Nathan Drake was happy to meet Guybrush since he had found the pirate's portrait on one of last foray into treasure hunting. Guybrush was delighted to hear that at some point in the future he would be a leader of a pirate community known as Libertalia, though history shows that such organization did not exist during his time with Elaine. Such information would be taken with a grain of salt, as Libertalia's founders, Captains Henry Avery and Thomas Tew, would then betray him by having him and his fellow captains poisoned at a feast, just to take his treasure for themselves. The news did break his heart and made him lose his cool but for the most part, he is fine. There are many cases of Guybrush actually dying but those were deemed non-canonical so he should not be worried of a few pirates stealing his loot, though the skeletal remains have spooked him to this day.
  • Beyond being a pirate and his unusual name that is prone to a ton of mispronounciations, Guybrush has some weird personality traits inside his talkative demeanour. Some of these includes his ability to talk to animals with the right books and for some odd reason, his fear of porcelein. Depending whether he got that right book, he can talk to animals with ease and has been a good communicator in the House of Beasts and Fauna, though to accomplish such, he may have to rely on the House of Knowledge to accomplish such feat. A God of Porcelain would have potentially freaked him out, because if there was, than he would high-tail it out of that house and possibly sailed out of the Pantheons. Some say he is preparing his temple for the day and because the closest thing to a house that supports such is within the House of Craft, he has become paranoid whenever he visits the place as a result.
  • No god in the Pantheon had challenged Threepwood's Insult Sword Fighting as much as Deadpool, who adored such traits from him and even would wish for the Pantheon to adopt such concept. The two often go at each other for hours on end, slinging insults at each other and for the most part, enojoying it. Thanks to the Merc With The Mouth's attention to fourth-wall breaking, there are times when he would try to cheat under amusement to his responses. Funny at first, it does become tiresome for him when done repeatedly. Elaine cannot help but see the two to be very similar but Deadpool seems to be more brash when it comes to his choice of words.
    Guybrush: How appropriate, you fight like a——-OWWWWW! I was using that!
    • Other than Deadpool, a few people have also taken the approach of quipping in the middle of a fight, whether it be those with drawn blades or even during gunfights. Spiderman and Nightwing can attest as their witty charm keeps them from being overly serious in most cases. Hell, one could argue that the two's tendency to be wisecracking even against the most serious villains kept their morale in check. On the other side however is Wulfrik the Wanderer, who has taken a harsher aspect of intimidation. Thanks to being empowered by Chaos Undivided, his insults, while crude, has the power to force combatants to become insulted and engage against him, often resulting to his victory. Guybrush has taken a liking for the two while he passes over Wulfrik and ignores him.
  • His original temple can be seen in the House of Fighting and Combat, under Combat: Other.
  • I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate.

    Hubert J. Farnsworth 
Hubert J. Farnsworth, God of "Good News" (The Professor, Great Wizard Greyfarn)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Planet Express logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Absent-Minded Professor, Bad News in a Good Way, Crazy Scientists, Opaque Nerd Glasses Covering Beautiful Eyes, Screw Politeness I'm a Super-Centenarian, Crusty Old Man With a Soft Heart, Identical Great-Nephew Back in the Day, Used to Be a Contender, Likes To Be Naked, Bad Boss, Robot Master
  • Domains: Mad Science, Delivery, Elders, Suicide Missions
  • Herald: His clone and son, Cubert Farnsworth
  • Followers: The Sheriff of Rottingham, Claudette
  • Allies: Philip J Fry (his distant granduncle), John A Zoidberg (confidant), Bender Bending Rodriguez (employee), Nibbler, Lex Luthor, Stewie Griffin, Cave Johnson, Jaime Hyneman and Adam Savage, Neo Cortex, Chester A Bum, Gandalf, Finn, Jake
  • On (somewhat) good terms with: The Simpsons family
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Complicated relationship with: Carol, better known as Mom
  • Enemies: Robot Santa Claus, Carl Fredrickson, Roscoe P Coltrane, Arfoire, White Metagross, Red Skull, Sauron
  • Opposed by: Ned Flanders
  • Professor Hubert J Farnsworth was born April 9, 2841 in New New York. A senile old crackpot, he is the founder and CEO of the delivery company Planet Express. Their slogan is "Our crew is replaceable, your package isn't!", and exists to help fund his research. Thanks to deliveries by his many greats-granduncle Philip J Fry, Farnsworth has managed to get into the pantheon as the God of "Good News".
  • Though a crusty old man who sends his crew on suicide missions, Hubert ultimately has a heart for his crew. His closest relationship is with his decades-long friend John Zoidberg, who has kept the human-unfriendly doctor around both out of companionship and to Mercy Kill him if he shows the signs of hypermalaria(turns out it was yetism, which Zoidberg cured). He has a complicated relationship with Carol, who is known to most as Mom. Long ago, the two used to be a pair and co-workers. However as Mom's more ruthless side was growing, it caused their relationship to dissolve. In spite of considering her evil and Mom being spiteful to him, there remains a bunch of Belligerent Sexual Tension between the two. They even had a child together, Igner. In his latest endeavor, he rescued Finn and Jake to get back at her, and so that he can study Jake's powers.
  • The Pantheon is not the only time Farnsworth has crossed to other canons. He once helped the Simpsons with a crisis involving mutant bunny gremlins, though at first believed he needed to kill Homer to stop it. Thanks to quantum weirdness, he once took the form of the Great Wizard Greyfarn, a Gandalf expy and fought against Momon, the Sauron equivalent. As such, he has an odd kinship with the wizard.
  • As the CEO of Planet Express, Professor Farnsworth has gotten a lot of heat from the House of Travel. Asides from the often suicidal conditions the crew are in, his deliveries aren't nearly as fast enough (it took 10 years to make 100 deliveries) and there have been issues with driving. He is on Carl Fredrickson's list for crashing the Planet Express ship through his house in flight, and Roscoe P Coltrane feels it's unsafe to let someone without depth perception pilot it (a lot of people seem to agree with that assessment). Not even the Professor would want his employees to go off and collect honey from giant bees. Not after the last time, or the time he tried again with Beedrill.
  • Due to experience with internet scammers, he'll try to shoot Arfoire on sight. He's also trying to get back at the White Metagross for crashing into his ship and beating him at a science convention.
  • Having spent 25 years in a mental institution, the Professor avoids the House of Insanity like the plague. A Mad Scientist, he can understand Neo Cortex as they were both called mad. He also likes conversing with Cave Johnson.
  • Has found Lex Luthor a valuable business partner, as Luthor does due to his inventions. Meanwhile, the similarly nutty Chester A Bum is one of the few people out there who willingly found employee as a delivery boy. He's experienced a number of crazy things, so it's not like having dangerous adventures across the universe is anything unusual for this. The professor likes to use his age to get what he wants, something that Stewie Griffin can get behind.
  • Has developed a number of inventions, such as Cool-O-Meter and the F-Ray. Probably his most popular inventions are the Smell-O-Scope(capable of smelling distances deep in space) and the What-If Machine (which can show almost any "what-if" scenario). The latter is a popular invention, though the Professor doesn't think it's worth the gold it's made of.
  • He also has an extensive collection of doomsday devices, mainly for posturing. The GUAD hasn't made such success in purchasing them (even Farnsworth isn't that crazy), but they are counting on him causing an accident. Meanwhile, the GUAE is trying to steal the "universe in a box" he has for ransom against the Futurama deities.
  • He insists that time travel is impossible. This is in spite of not only time-traveled himself, but owing his existence to it. He usually tries to avoid paradoxes when forced to confront time travel, though his reckless use of things like chronitons put him on their watchlist.
  • As a man of science, the Professor wishes to disprove a number of falsehoods, which has led him to work with the Mythbusters. He once got in a fierce argument against creaturism, and by extension creationism. This led to him butting heads with Ned Flanders, though he eventually accepted there may be some superior being after all; just not a robot.
  • Farnsworth once put Hitler's brain in a shark, however people thought he was going too far. When he learned how to time travel, he used the opportunity to blast the Fuhrer, either because he's Hitler or just to save himself the embarrassment of reviving his brain. Due to killing Hitler, he has been made the eternal enemy of the Red Skull. Millennium doesn't care much since they only followed Adolf For the Evulz, and consider his mad science fascinating.
  • He has always admired Leonardo Da Vinci, leading him to discover he was an alien. Unfortunately things went badly, and the two are trying to avoid each other because of it. It's become even more awkward when Farnsworth discovered his/her Servant form.
  • It's said that behind his thick glasses are beautiful whites. The House of Eyes has tried to take a picture, but something always obscures their vision of it.
  • He is the House of Commerce's watchlist due to devaluing dark matter in his universe, all to get back at Mom.
  • "Good news everyone, I'm a god now. Suck on it Wernstrom!"

    Ibuki Mioda 
Ibuki Mioda, Goddess of Speaking in Third Person (Super High-School Level Light Music Club Member, Ultimate Musician)

    Isaac Washington 

Okay, who's ne—

*gets decked in the face*

"Wassap, motherfucker!"

Detective Isaac Washington Jr., God of Excessive Swearing

    Jefferson Smith 
Jefferson Smith, God of Time-Stalling Speeches
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Capitol Building
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Spoke for a whole day to delay an appropriations bill, lovably awkward, honest, not stupid, unclear affilliation, Nature Lover, Scout leader
  • Domains: Honesty, Determination, Politics, Scouting
  • Heralds: Clarissa Saunders, Joseph Paine
  • Allies: Leslie Knope, Lisa Simpson, Lazlo, Raj and Clam, America, Superman, Captain America, Hank Hill, Nature Preservers, George Bailey
  • Enemies: Ethan Roark Senior and Junior, Kevin, Red Skull and assorted nazis and fascists
  • Complicated Relations: Ron Swanson
  • Jeff Smith could be considered the model American citizen. He's honest to a fault, deeply loves his country, believes in the government and is devoted to furthering the development of the American youth. Then one day he was appointed Junior Senator, not suspecting he had been selected by a bunch of crooked politicians who thought he'd be easily manipulated. Even after discovering the reality of politics, Jeff wasn't cowed and set out to propose a bill to buy land for a boys' camp, which turned out to conflict with an appropriations' bill that was really a graft scheme. Jeff's bill was thus glossed over and he was falsely accused of corruption himself so public opinion turned against him. Undeterred, Jeff resorted to filibustering as long as he could to postpone the bill and prove his innocence. His persistence paid off as it inspired one crooked Senator, Paine, to admit to the corruption going on.
  • After achieving his goal of building a new boys' camp, Jeff was offered a position in the Pantheon, based on his rather spectacular feat that managed to move even blackened hearts. The one who petitioned for him to ascend was none other than Leslie Knope, who finds his determination to get things done while completely abiding to the law inspiring, and hopes the two of them can work together to make the Pantheon a better place. Jeff felt embarrassed at all the praise Leslie heaped on him and thinks what he did was nothing special, but since she was so earnest about needing his help he accepted a position in the Pantheon. He is usually found working in the Court of Gods, proposing new bills and weighing in on any decisions that need to be made.
  • As for Leslie's boss Ron Swanson, Jeff finds him a bit hard to deal with, given Ron's blatant contempt for any form of government. Ron Swanson has no idea why Jeff doesn't just renounce the government after everything he went through. They do both espouse freedom as the most important American ideal and share a love for the outdoors that makes them get along well outside of work, though Ron is frustrated that Leslie has managed to "contaminate" Jeff's mind with the modern concepts of recycling and climate change.
  • Being in frequent contact with Leslie eventually led Jeff to meet her protégé Lisa Simpson, who was also confronted with the corruption going on in Washington, but instead of conforming she stood up for her beliefs by exposing it regardless of the risks to herself. Jeff feels kinship with Lisa for having a similar story as him and thinks it's admirable for a girl her age to have such strong convictions and thinks she'd make a great American president.
    • Possibly because Jeff's political leanings aren't super-well defined, he may be the one person in the Pantheon to make friends out of both Lisa Simpson and Hank Hill, who've been at odds with each other since they've known each other. Jeff thinks Hank is a good American in his own right, but also that both he and Lisa could stand to make an effort to understand each other's perspectives. For now, the Pantheon in general hopes that Jeff can serve as something of a bridge between the two political opponents.
  • It's not at all surprising that Jeff would bring in his girlfriend/secretary Clarissa Saunders as his Herald (she's good at keeping his expectation grounded while being supportive at the same time), but quite a few deities were bewildered when he appointed Joseph Paine as well, considering the terrible accusations the disgraced Senator levelled at him. Jeff explained that he just had to give his former idol a chance to repent after admitting to several Senators' corruption, including his own, and demanding that Jeff be cleared of all charges. Besides, Jeff thinks he might learn some good lessons from the veteran Paine yet. Paine for his part, seems disposed not to let Jeff down.
  • Jeff's occupation prior to getting drafted into politics was that of Scout Master. In fact he was so devoted to his job and beloved by the boys under him that that's how he got noticed in the first place. Even as a senator he still tries his hardest to do well by the youth. As it happens, the scouting gods Lazlo, Raj and Clam had been looking for a good Scout Master since their ascension, and it was decided that Jeff, with his experience and patience, was just perfect to ensure the three didn't get into trouble and actually did some scouting activities. Jeff appreciates the opportunity to go back to his old job, not least because it allows him not to lose touch with the youth.
  • After everything he saw in the Senate, he's become a bit wiser and less naive regarding the existence of flaws in the government. Of course, he still sticks to his ideals no matter how much some might try to bend them. That's why he hates the likes of Ethan Roark Senior, who uses his influence to get his way and let his equally despicable son commit all the vile crimes he wants with no repercussions, and neither of them care the least bit about improving Basin City. Since Jeff refuses to cave in to Roark, he's become a target of the family's hitman Kevin.
  • Was very surprised that America existed in the Pantheon as a person and immediately went to meet him to pledge his service to him. Honestly, Jeff expected America to be a more serious fellow, but his heart seems to be in the right place, so Jeff remains loyal. Jeff is also friends with Superman for defending the American way, with Superman thinks the world could use more upstanding people like him.
  • Due to his love of nature and believing it's important for the education of the young ones, Jeff is somewhat unexpectedly (considering the time he comes from wasn't exactly ecologically-conscious) affiliated with the Nature Preservers, supporting them in most of their measures to protect nature from those who'd want to harm it for whatever reason.
  • Ended up meeting with George Bailey after Saunders did some exploration of her own and was struck by how much the two were alike. The fact that they look the same is only the beginning of it; Bailey is also hard-working, honest and believes in helping his fellow man. Jeff in turn thinks it's inspiring how one good man's actions can change an entire town for the better. The two get along quite well.
  • Very much hated by nazis due to his story promoting free speech, to the point where it got banned from several countries. Jeff despises nazis right back, as he cannot tolerate anyone who'd try to shut down those with dissenting opinions, besides all the other atrocities they've committed. Red Skull has promised there'll be no trace of him or his story even having existed once he's accomplished his goal. This in turn has led to Jeff gaining the protection of Captain America.


    Eiji Niizuma 
Eiji Niizuma, God of Onomatopoeias and Surprisingly Accurate Loonies (Moneys)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A bubble speech with ANY Onomatopeia you can think of, above a stack of his mangas (Crow and Zombie Gun) and his feathers.
  • Theme Music: Crow's Opening
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (easily confused with Chaotic Good due to his personality).
  • Portfolio: Constantly Saying Sound Effects Out Loud and Gesturing, Being out there (And Often Being Right Too), Hammy and Quirky Hot-Blooded Mangaka, Almost never Leaving his Studio when working on a Manga Or Sleeping, Gorging on Food when he finishes, Supposed Jerks and often showing otherwise, Always Better Rivals, Stating the Obvious, Teen Genius, Performers, Fan Favorites
  • Domains: Manga and Anime, Quirks and Knowledge, Postmodernism and Narrative
  • High Priest: Ronaldo Fryman
  • Allies: Accelerator, L Lawliet, Mello, Bang Shishigami, Doraemon, Monkey D. Luffy, Kotetsu Kaburagi, Yuma Tsukumo Mad Howling "M. H." Murdock, Kamina, Simon, The Katawa Shoujo, Hisao Nakai
  • Rivals: Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi (ASHIROGIIIII!!!)
  • Admires: Everyone from Shonen Mangas, especially Shonen Jump. Actually, everyone who leaves a good impresion on him.
  • Admired by: Yayoi Kise, Murakumo, Nagi Sanzen'in
  • Enemies: None so far. He doesn't hate Taro Nanamine but is disppointed on him. Maybe Light Yagami.
  • Uneasy Around: Issei Hyodo and the ascended members of the Kuoh Academy's Occult Research Club
  • Rivals: Rohan Kishibe
  • Right after the ascension of Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, many in the Pantheon heard many weird noises coming from their temple and thought that something was broken there. When they checked out, it was noticed that no, nothing was broken. It was just their rival Eiji Niizuma working on his next manga. Hilarity and an ascension ensued.
    • Even after moving into his temple, the noises were still heard. They have been considering suggesting him making it soundproof.
  • Never leaves his temple if he's working on a manga. As a consequence, every ally and admirer of his usually have to go to his temple if they want to tell him something.
    • He can often be found in the House of Food the few times he is not there. However, almost everyone prefers to avoid him those times because of the mess he tends to make while eating.
  • Gets along very well with L Lawliet because both of them are genius in their fields of work, sharing creators and also because he reminds him of Mashiro. He also likes Mello for mostly the same reasons (he reminds him of Fukuda instead). Though Niizuma had to be restrained by Ashirogi when he met them for the first time since he was really surprised/excited to meet manga characters that he believed to be fictional.
    • Though he doesn't know what to make of Light Yagami, who looks like Takagi but is more similar to Nanamine, personality-wise.
  • The Lol Rangers once conspired to have him, Mashiro Moritaka, Accelerator and Touma Kamijou in the same room. No one except them knows what happened, but the Lol Rangers have promise that lots of hilary ensued.
  • There are some believe he is actually a lesser aspect of a real life mangaka called Eiichiro Oda. Nobody is sure about this but he does like his works and has become friends with Luffy.
    • The reason why this is believed is because of how both of them are similarly "quirky yet genius". Both of them started their career winning a contest, have same beliefs regarding their characters and both of them tend to make good use of information. In Oda's case, it's his ability to never forget anything. In Niizuma's case, it's because he is always right. In fact, Niizuma was given a second title because of it!
  • Is actually a little off-put by the Pantheon despite his initial enthusiasm about ascending and prefers to avoid going to the House of Technology, Travel or Love if he can help it. The former ones are because he is from a rural town (in comparison to Tokyo, at least) and he is not used to "big city things". The latter one is because of that embarassment he had that one time when he tried to create a love story manga and failed.
    • While his favorite genre is shonen, his favorite manga character is actually Doraemon. He was very pleased to be able to meet him so he made an exception just for him.
    • Also, even if he is very unexperienced with love, he is really emotional when he does understand the situation (But then again, when he isn't like that?). Tell him that your love situation, and he will tearfully blow his nose and give his blessing. He is a just chaste, not oblivious so he will also notice the romance if you are being too obvious about it.
  • He has been prophesied to be the one who will inmortalize how Simon pierces the firmament to carve out a space for the new universe and Kamina saves everyone from the orange goo dream world in the most GAR manga ever for the new Pantheon to enjoy. Niizuma was very confused after hearing this since the genre he writes about is Shonen Fighting Series, not Mecha but seems to be eager to try since those two left a good impression on him. Simon and Kamina themselves think he is up to the task and even wonder if his sheer Hot-Blooded wouldn't make him more like a Super Robot pilot than a Postmodernism manga character.
    • In the meantime, he has decided to work on another project. Since he empathizes with Bang Shishigami, who tends to be Wrong Genre Savvy at his own hamminess, he has started to make a new manga called Bang! that is about his ninja friend. Though it seems he will need his rival's help considering Litchi would be a major character and he can't write romance to save his life...
  • Due to him always being busy, he has decided to paste a "Help Wanted" poster outside his temple. Eventually Yayoi Kise, Murakumo and Nagi Sanzen'in came for the position of assistants and while he did notice they were a bit amateur, Niizuma was rather sympathetic towards them and often encourages them to improve so they can make their wish come true.
  • Likes to spend his very few spare time with fellow Onomatopeia-spewing Murdock, Kotetsu Kaburagi and Yuma Tsukumo.
  • Due to his position, he is often asked to say A CERTAIN ONOMATOPEIA. His refusal to follow this has made the Katawa Shoujo to like him a little but Niizuma has no idea of what's going on.

    Grampa Simpson 
Abraham Jedediah Simpson II, God of Rambling Old Men (Abe, Grampa, Grampa Simpson, Love Tester, Gorgeous Godfrey, Honest Abe, Lil' Grampa Simpson, Young Grampa Simpson, Abraham Jay Simpson, Abe Simpson II, Abe Simpson, Abraham Simpson, Sergeant Abraham Simpson, Grifty McGrift, "The Most Handsome Man in Albany, New York")

    Jimmy Valmer 
Jimmy Valmer, God of Speech Impediments (Jimmy Swanson, The Bard, Fastpass)
Click here for his alter-ego of Fastpass